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I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

Q: I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

Please I can,t read my email in Arabic , I have message im my email from 2004 in arabic and it,s shown to me as langue I don't understand ????? please help me ?

it show like this " ÇäíÉ "

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Preferred Solution: I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

For starters, what operating system are you using?
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The Arabic text works fine but numbers do not in any program or browser. I have Windows 10 and its a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop 5000 series.
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I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remains

A:Arabic Arabic Transparent-Bold missing

namo said:

I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remainsClick to expand...

Here is a solution that I spotted on another forum and hopefully it will help you: Scroll down to Post #7

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My computer doesn’t support the Arabic language he on the soft ware although I have the Arabic feature on my computer

A:How I can support the Arabic language

Multilingual User Interface (MUI) are packages from Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications that allow for the installation of multiple interface languages on a single system.
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Im using adobe photoshop 7.0,but if i create a text in arabic font,text is movin from left to right (as english) so the whole text is reversed... its unreadable in arabic...Im using XP home edition...Plz suggest a solution...

A:Adobe photoshop arabic support

You might be able to get some advice from here:
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Maybe someone can help me out here
i installed the extra language modules in windows vista so i can type in arabic.
now, everything works fine, except for the numeric part of my keyboard. I
can't get it to type arabic numbers. It always gives me the western numbers.
It's very strange, cos a friend of mine actually did the same, and he actually CAN type arabic numbers.

I'm using English Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 on a laptop (no external keyboard).

Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be?

A:Arabic numeric support in Windows Vista

hi go to start control panel and in classic view regional and language and make the changes there
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Hi, Can anyone PLEASE, help me get my Hotmail E/Mail Account back from whom ever has got into it and changed it to ARABIC??? Need ENGLISH???
Thank you, everyone . . .

A:Hotmail E/Mail Account Stuck in Arabic??

Windows Live Hotmail Toolbar>Options or sign in to your Hotmail Account and select Options>Personal (on left)>Language>Choose and OK.
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Dear all,
As per attached file, I am using the select tool to copy the text from the pdf then paste it in word.
But the pasted text doesn't show in Arabic as per the .pdf file.
I've tried all the fonts available with no success.
Any help will be most appreciated.

A:Arabic PDF

It won't , unless you have the arabic fonts on your computer for word to use
That is why PDF is sused as it doesn't require the user to have the fonts on their computer
Think of a PDF as a photograph of a page and you will get the idea
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I have a form where two languages be entered at the same time, I have got the words and text entered in english and arabic , but when it comes to numbers and dates , it just stays as english . I tried through the control panel and change the neccassary but still the numbers stays english. If I completely in the control panel changed to arabic, all the english date and numbers are in arabic.

Is there a way that when pressing the ALT SHIFT the numerical also change to arabic ( text is fine in arabic ).

A:Arabic numbers

First, what program are you using?

it happens when you dont have an arabic font installed and selected as your text style. For example, if your default font is Times and you switch to arabic keyboard, it will let you type arabic but won't type the arabic numerals.

if you are typing in word, try to change over to an arabic font (not Adobe Arabic).

P.S. you will be able to type english numbers when you switch the keyboard to english and your font is an arabic font.
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is RC support Arabic keyboard input guys ... or not

can i read and write arabic in it just like beta

i'm using windows 7 build 7057 now and it support arabic ... pls. tel me

A:Arabic language

You can still change the keyboard to write in Arabic. Whether or not you can read Arabic, I dunno But the OS isn't available in Arabic per this statement

*Note: If you used the Hindi or Arabic language versions of the Beta, thank you for helping us test those languages. Because the RC is not available in Hindi or Arabic, we encourage you to either install Windows 7 RC in another language or reinstall a prior version of Windows before the Beta expires on August 1, 2009.
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I hope I am posting in the right place.

I need to transform my existing Logitech keyboard which has a German layout into one that can type into Arabic. Is there a way I can do so? I saw many stickers with Arabic alphabets for keyboards. Are these of use?

Looking forward to your help. Thank you.

A:Typing in Arabic

Hi this may also be of help just make sure you select the correct language How to change your keyboard layout
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the language bar in the taskbar is disappered although it's enabled on the regional settings and the arabic language is installed but I can't type or change the keyboard to any other languages

any advice....

A:Can't type in Arabic

Hi aysha,

Take a look at the following Tutorial (and its related links): Keyboard Input Language
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Dear Seven forums team,
greatings from cairo
how can i fix arabic system for windows 7 in my sony lab top on line ?

ali allam

A:arabic system

Please clarify your problem, and if possible post necessary screenshots.
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I finally recovered my E-mail address which was hacked. But the page is in Arabic. How can I change it to English?

A:Change from Arabic to English

Another issue is still there. I need to changa a phone number to receive security code because the number on file is out of date. There is no option for me to change it.
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Hello, I have a bit of a strange problem with my HP Pavilion notebook which I find a little irritating, Instead of surfing using my Administrator account, for security reasons I created a standard user account for run of the mill tasks, which would be fine, apart from the fact that any google listing that appears on my screen comes along with what seems to be some kind of Arabic translation, and also the listings are indented from the right hand side instead of the left, this problem does not occur with my administrator account, also when I switch between my administrator and user accounts I have to disconnect the USB mouse and re-connect it before it will work. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Arabic translations on web searches

OK, I've got an update on this problem: As far as the Arabic bit goes, it seems to be a Opera problem (does not occur using Firefox). As for the problem with the mouse locking up after changing users, I found a (Fix)!!! the fix goes: if it is an HP laptop/notebook this is caused by the hpqwmiex.exe service, if you disable the service from msconfig the problem disappears, this does not work, it is easier just to disconnect/reconnect the mouse when changing users, bye the way the track pad us unaffected by this problem!.
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Some times when I want to display any text in Arabic through the Internet like Email or to write a command on my calendar it displayed in a strange letters .Why this happened and how I can solve the problem
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today i was searching for a tv show on google and opened many sites for it and suddenly this came

now whenever i login this message comes,not able to load task manager.

plz help.

A:Arabic message at startup

Hello darknight99 and welcome to Seven Forums.

My first guess would be your computer picked up some malware. Update and run a full scan with your resident antivirus and antispyware. Then run a couple of on-demand scanners (all free) like Malwarebytes, HitmanPro, SuperAntispyware, Comodo Cleaning Essentials, etc. On-demand scanners offer another layer of security because there's no such thing as an antimalware product that's 100% effective 100% of the time. If there was such a thing we'd all be using it.

I looked up the IP address showing in your screen shot. It comes back to Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD in Punjab. Do you have any connection with that company like are they your internet provider?

IP Address:
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How i write arabic numbers (12345 in arabic style) in ms office 2007 with window 7

A:How i write arabic numbers

Hello Aali and welcome to Seven Forums.

If I understand your question, you'd like to use Hindi to display numbers and possibly text. This Microsoft article may help:

Microsoft Products and Arabic Support
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I am trying to get the Arabic Phonetic keyboard, but I was not able to find it. Is it pre-installed in Windows 7, or do I need to install it? If so, does anyone know of any links for installation?

A:Arabic Phonetic Keyboard?

Found a possible site that may help, If you use the Fontboard Arabic Keyboard

Hope this helps.

Still Learning, Learning Still

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I have sent 2 screen shots in the attachments. I have not changed (that I'm aware of) anything that would change the text to Arabic. I have tried to go in and change in the region and language but its not working. Last time I even looked at the zip files they were in English.
I run McAfee for my virus protection and come up with no viruses.
I run Win 7 ultimate 32 bit operating system
I just want the Arabic OFF my computer. Any help would be great!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!
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I just installed the Arabic keyboard through the Control Panel->Keyboard settings.

Arabic is written right to left unlike English. When writing on Microsoft word, the letters were written in the correct order, but the words are not being place in the correct order i.e. the next word is being placed to the right of the previous word when it should be on the left. The cursor is the correct type for right to left typing.

Any help to fix this would be appreciated.

A:Typing in Arabic issues

Try this

1. Go to "Word Options"
2. Popular > Language Settings
3. Select your preferred language, click "Add" to add Arabic
4. Change your "Primary Editing Languge" to Arabic
5. Restart MS Word.

BTW, what version of Office you use?
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Where can I find vista SP1 for Arabic language ???
I read it will be available on April 9th .
But I can not find it!!!

A:vista SP1 for arabic language

Not yet released... I'm waiting for the Norwegian version

*Checking WU every 10minuttes for the last 2days*
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I m an American living in Saudi Arabia Recently when I type http www google com some filter automatically adds sa on the end and Google comes up in Arabic I m wondering if Google sees the quot provider quot has sa and is now trying to be helpful which is very UNhelpful by assuming I want Arabic I have English checked under PREFERENCES but my choice of English Arabic up Google in start is Google start up in Arabic only retained for that particular session In order to get English to start with I have to type http www google com webhp or http www google com intl en -- all very annoying when I m Google start up in Arabic used to simply typing the word quot google quot and pressing Ctrl-Enter It USED to be that if I had ENGLISH choosen as my Interface Language Google would Google start up in Arabic come up in English and then I would have a choice to quot Go to Google Saudi Arabia quot - which would give me Arabic I have to choose quot Google com in English quot now I have COOKIES enabled - so these preferences should be being saved I can t seem to find anything in the Google tech support to shed light on my problem Any ideas Thanks - Sandi nbsp

A:Google start up in Arabic

Sometimes just clearing out all your cookies and Temporary Internet Files helps clear things up. Give that a try. It certainly won't hurt.

You could also type and put it in your favorites. Then you don't have to type it out.
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i just bought a new laptop with windows 7. its the first time i use windows 7 and the new microsoft word.
i googled how to change the language to arabic, but for some reason when u go menu-> word options -> advanced-> show document content, the part that is supposed to change the language isnt there.
what do i do?

A:how to add arabic to microsoft word?

I hope this might help you..

You have to add additional editing language... as shown here
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Hi all you savvy experts,

I recently bought a Toshiba Laptop in Saudi Arabia. It came pre-installed with an Arabic version of windows 7.

I have managed to change most of the language options to English under the control panel, but the core of windows is still Arabic, I see this with the welcome message in the beginning and some install/uninstall and error messages.

After contacting Microsoft support, they said that I should contact the manufacturer (Toshiba) and ask for a new OS in English.

Can anyone help me?

Kind regards,

A:Arabic to English Windows 7


As far as I know you have two options:
1/try to order original recovery installation disc on
2/you must install own OS version using original Microsoft installation disc

If you use option 2 you must buy Microsoft disc and pay valid licence for it. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba download page
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how to enable numeric number in Arabic in outlook 2010.But alphabet is possible.
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I am currently having a problem entering Arabic names and numbers into my contact database on Salesforce. I have tried to solve it using Salesforce's suggestions but have not succeeded. Their suggestions included:

Unicode 8 and 16: Although I had originally used 16bit and the problem remained.

Any other suggestions still end up with an issue regarding unicode. However, I have tried using both 8 and 16 and nothing works. Thus far, Salesforce have not been helpful so I would greatly appreciate any help here.

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XP and vista had keyboard layouts for arabic + digits, so you could use the hindi digits.

It seems in w7, you can only choose arabic 101 without digits, no matter which country you choose, so there's no way for me to type the hindi digits like
٠ ٩ ٨ ٧ ٦ ٥ ٤ ٣ ٢ ١

what to do??? Where is this layout so I can have arabic characters and hindi digits?

A:Where is arabic keyboard layout with DIGITS in w7???

Quote: Originally Posted by tedtlogan

XP and vista had keyboard layouts for arabic + digits, so you could use the hindi digits.

It seems in w7, you can only choose arabic 101 without digits, no matter which country you choose, so there's no way for me to type the hindi digits like
٠ ٩ ٨ ٧ ٦ ٥ ٤ ٣ ٢ ١

what to do??? Where is this layout so I can have arabic characters and hindi digits?

Dont know if Hindi is included, but you can read our tutorial written by our Administrator Brink

Format Regional Language - Change
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Hey there, I was hoping you guys could help me out real quick. I just installed Windows 7 Professional yesterday and after enabling Arabic as a second language it only lets me type the characters "عربية" and not the letters "1234" I got it setup so it does allow typing of the numbers in Arabic in office as well, but if i copy it into another program such as firefox or IE, they turn back into English numbers.

Please help.

A:Arabic Typing.. but no numbers/non-office

here are some screen shots as to what happens: -- typing into word -- pasting into firefox
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A friend of mine has Windows XP SP2. But its in arabic. Is there anyway to convert it into English. We tried going to Control Panel and Language Options but no English was available there.

Is reintsalling XP the only option? Thanx in advance

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I'm running Windows 7 on a five-year old Dell Dimension E520. Because of my work I'm using MS Word 97-2003. (Don't ask!) I write in English, but have Italian and French installed to toggle occasionally. I never installed Arabic. BUT as soon as I type the keyboard flips to Arabic. I change it back, it flips again. I'm going insane. In Control Panel/Languages, etc. it only shows EN, IT, and FR as installed. BUT on the toolbar, lower right corner it shows EN, IT, FR, and AR. I can't get rid of it. I can't remove it from Control Panel/Languages, etc. because it isn't listed. I've run avast anti-virus, and two malware scans, malwarebytes and super-antispyware. Nothing shows up. Anyone, I would appreciate any help possible. Thanking you in advance

A:EN keyboard defaults to Arabic-but never installed

What is your Windows location?
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Hey everyone,

Working on an Inspiron 6000 laptop running WinXP MCE. It had over a hundred infections that have been taken care of. The remaining problem is that in some system screens, the text appears to be in arabic. I've checked the regional settings in control panel but find nothing wrong. Pics of what it looks like attached. Any ideas?

A:XP partially displaying text in Arabic?

Do you have Office installed? Do you have the Language tool bar near your system tray? If not Right click the Taskbar and choose Toolbar, and put a check in Language Bar. Here you will have other options to toggle between 2 languages or to set it to one language.
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Hello, When I change users on my HP Pavilion notebook and then do a google search, my listings comes along with an Arabic (or some other eastern language) translation, which I don't really want, also the google listings page is indented from the right instead of the left, this I have found seems to be an Opera problem as it does not occur using Firefox (see my post in the Vista forum! yes, I posted in the wrong place), this does not occur using my administrator account.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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please help me

i have xp sp3 i found that the fonts of the windows changed i tried but failed i reinstall xp as repair the fonts of the windows returned back
but in internet explorer still arabic words misconfigured i uninstall
the internet explorer and reinstall but still some arabic wors are misconfigured
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Hi there,

I am new ti the forum hope someone can help me out with my problem.
I have an application which will toggle between Arabic and English keyboard layouts as necessary.

Things are fine up to Windows 98. But with Windows2000 and with XP it is not switching from English to Arabic automatically but From Arabic it comes to English Automatically. Can you suggest any solutions ?

Note: When I install Hebrew Keyboard layout, the same application toggling between English and Hebrew

without any trouble. Please also note that the application doesn't use Windows API.


A:Solved: Problem with Arabic Switching

Hey guys, I got it done thru a short cut, dont worry about this anymore.
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after resetting my pc, text were all written in arabic, pls i want to change it back to english language

A:how to change from arabic to english language in my hp pro 3...

Watch the following video on changing the display language in Windows 8.  Pay particular attention to the icons. The icons are the one thing that does not change , regardless of the display language installed.
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Dear friends,

I have an application developed in vb 6.0 with ms access as back end. In a table itemmaster i am inserting item description both in english and arabic. The data is saved and retrieved in the textbox controls and grids of form. But when generating report using datareport that fields do not retrieve data in the arabic font. I have already done the font settings of text field in report to arial unicode MS and script to arabic.

Please help me..... to solve this problem... Pls tell me is it possible to display arabic data in datareport...
Urgently need...solution...

yours sincerely....
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Hi there My laptop seems to have some kind of malware Whenever I Arabic Strange like message in Explorer Internet load certain websites three or four messages pop up saying that IExplorer cannot find looks like Arabic or Urdu to me and then Strange Arabic like message in Internet Explorer when I close the pop up box it redirects to my homepage If I ignore the message it'll keep popping up So far my record is having messages by that time though my system is too slow and i have to shut it down Strange Arabic like message in Internet Explorer Thanks for listening and I'm sorry if I didn't post the log right This is my log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe C WINDOWS System wltrysvc exe C WINDOWS System bcmwltry exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C PROGRA COMMON AOL ACS AOLacsd exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus DefWatch exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C Program Files Dell NICCONFIGSVC NICCONFIGSVC exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Intel PROSetWired NCS PROSet PRONoMgr exe C WINDOWS system WLTRAY exe C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD DVDLauncher exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus Rtvscan exe C Program Files Real RealPlayer RealPlay exe C WINDOWS system dla tfswctrl exe C Program Files Common Files InstallShield UpdateService issch exe C Program Files Dell Photo AIO Printer dlbtbmgr exe C Program Files Dell Photo AIO Printer dlbtbmon exe C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C WINDOWS system igfxsrvc exe C Program Files QuickTime QTTask exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C PROGRA SYMANT VPTray exe C Program Files Viewpoint Common ViewpointService exe C Program Files Boingo Boingo Wi-Fi Boingo Wi-Fi exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Program Files AIM aim exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Digital Line Detect DLG exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files AIM aolsoftware exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Program Files Common Files AOL ee AOLHostManager exe C Program Files Common Files AOL ee AOLServiceHost exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local F - REG system ini UserInit C WINDOWS system userinit exe O - Hosts localhost O - Hosts browser-security microsoft com O - Hosts antiwareprotect com O - Hosts www antiwareprotect com O - Toolbar AIM Toolbar - DE C F- - A - B-AA ED D - C Program Files AOL AIM Toolbar aoltb dll O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run SynTPLpr C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exe O - HKLM Run SynTPEnh C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe O - HKLM Run PRONoMgrWired C Program Files Intel PROSetWired NCS PROSet PRONoMgr exe O - HKLM Run Dell Wireless Manager UI C WINDOWS system WLTRAY O - HKLM Run DVDLauncher quot C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD DVDLauncher... Read more

A:Strange Arabic like message in Internet Explorer


HijackThis no longer provides the information we require.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance.

If you have problems with any of the steps, simply move on to the next one and make a note of the problem in your reply.

Please note that the Security Forum is always busy, so I would ask for your patience while waiting for a reply - it may take a few days.

This thread will now be closed.
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I am trying to help a friend with his computer. Problem is he has a laptop that is set up in arabic, that is the filenames, the settings options and everything appears in arabic. It is not just the keyboard input, which is set up to use different languages through the regional and language settings in the control panel. I dont understand arabic, so is there a way to make the computer start displaying everything in english so that I can see what going on, and then have a way to set it back to being arabic?

A:Need to convert an arabic displaying computer to english

If it's Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate, you can get Multilingual User Interface Pack:
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I am trying to help a friend with his computer. Problem is he has a laptop running windows vista that is set up in arabic, that is the filenames, the settings options and everything appears in arabic. It is not just the keyboard input, which is set up to use different languages through the regional and language settings in the control panel. I dont understand arabic, so is there a way to make the computer start displaying everything in english so that I can see what going on, and then have a way to set it back to being arabic? When I say set it back to arabic, i mean the display language, the input language, the internet explorer window so that the x appears in the top left and not the top right.

how can i do that

A:Need to convert an arabic displaying computer to english

click the start button, go to "كونترول بانل" (which is the control panel), then navigate to "كلك، لانغواج اند "رجين(which is the Clock, Language, and region), then go to "ريجينال اند لانغواج أبتينس" (which is regional and language options), a new window opens. click on the "ادمنستراسيون" (which is the administrative tab-or the last tab, 4th tab over), then click on the شنج سيستم لكل (which is change system locale), then your presented with the a drop down box, scroll down to : انجلش ( English if its presented like this, or English).

Hope this helps,

كاستل روك
Castle Rock
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Now i have Windows 7 RC 7100 Installed on my Machine but i can't Read arabic when i used Paltalk or Yahoo or anyother Chatting Program so how can i enable arabic on my OS

NOTE: i have changed my location to egypt and my keyboard to arabic.. but nothing happened...

Help me please!!!

A:Change Language & Reading Arabic On Paltalk

I`ve the same problem i tried every thing i even changed the diplay lnaguage to arabic but i still can't read arabic on paltalk and many other programs.
if any one have an idea about how to resolve this, please help.
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when some one send me email in Arabic not all the text appears correctly especially in the title or in the attached file
it shows up as attached image " capture.png"
how can i solve it
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Hi All I ve got a weird one here - different connected problems on one PC that have only emerged since a virus was removed - AVG is telling me I have a quot potentially unwanted application quot that goes by the name of oolsv exe Places In ?oolsv.exe Virus? Arabic Text Odd + only when I search the folder it s supposedly located in sys it s not there As an aside I also have arabic text on the short cut to the control panel in the start menu plus if I try and download any software from the web the quot save open cancel quot option box that appears is also all in arabic or might be cyrillic or whatever - all I know is I cant read it and it runs right to left rather than left to right Any help MUCH appreciated currently Virus? Arabic Text In Odd Places + ?oolsv.exe pulling hair out and getting a tad frustrated Dont be afraid to reply as though I were an idiot think it would fit the bill right now BTW - this is on win xp pro sp

A:Virus? Arabic Text In Odd Places + ?oolsv.exe

Go to Start > Control Panels > Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the following programs if listed:PuritySCAN By OIN, OIN, OuterInfo or similar.Reboot and delete this folder if found:C:\Program Files\PurityScan\If you do not see any icon for "OIN" or "(program) by OIN" in Add/Remove Programs, please do this:Download and run the Purity Scan uninstaller.Alternate link for downloadGraphic instructions if needed.1. Save the Uninstaller to your desktop.2. Double click on the OiUninstaller.exe icon on your desktop.3. Click on "Run".4. Enter the four digit code that is displayed and click on "Uninstall".5. Click on "Ok" and reboot your computer.6. Then delete this folder if found:C:\Program Files\PurityScan\When done download and scan with Ewido Anti-Spyware v4.0 in "SAFE MODE".Print out the Ewido Install and Scan Instructions.
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After cleaning out several viruses, a rogue security program and a TDSS rootkit, I have a few Windows programs that are being displayed with an Arabic font - mainly the Windows security center and wireless networking applets. Screencap attached. I know I've come across this before and thought the problem lied in the registry, but can't seem to find the culprit.

If you've run into this before and can add some insight, I'd appreciate it. Win XP Media Center, SP2

A:Windows Security Center Displaying in Arabic

So, no one's ever come across this before?
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Is there a way to change the default font size of the Arabic font of choice in IE? I see where I can choose which font, but I don't see an option for its size, other than changing all fonts. Roman letters appear much larger than Arabic and to enlarge all to accomodate Arabic makes the Roman letters huge!

The alternative might be to locate an Arabic font that is inherently larger and add that to the list of options, but I don't know what font that would be nor how to add it to the list in IE8.

There has to be a way. Anyone have suggestions?

Thanks a million!
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Hi Friends
hope u all have good health

i have data in Arabic also Persian while copying both of them change text direction
even Arabic comes such

i opened both of text in Adobe reader its ok there but
when i m copying the text and pasting it on Facebook or program so it changes direction and first sentence come to end and end come to first
hope u get my problem

waiting for solution

A:Arabic, Persian Text Prob While Copying

Asalam, Kaifa
This is because the arab wirting starts from end to front, You need to change your keyboard setting to arab rather than english

Changing a Keyboard on a PC (Vista)

Click on your "Start" menu and choose "Control Panel." In "Control Panel," choose "Regional and Language Options."


Click on the "Keyboards and Languages" tab at the top of the window. Click the "Change Keyboards..." button.


With the "General" tab highlighted, click "Add" button to add Arabic to your language choices.


Choose Arabic from any country, making sure that the keyboard feature is also selected. Click "OK." Keyboards vary in some countries, but generally are uniform. This can easily be changed if needed.


In the Text Services and Input Languages window, click the "Language Bar" tab. If using Vista, click the radio button next to "Docked in the taskbar." Click "OK." Click "OK" again to complete the change.


Language Bar on VistaNow there should be a section of your taskbar devoted to the language bar. To switch the keyboard to Arabic, click on "EN" (which stands for English) and then click on "Arabic." Your keyboard is now ready to type in Arabic.
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I have a user working on Word 2000 in Windows 98SE.

Her Word seems to have arabic options installed. These screw up her bullets and other symbols, as well as her dictionary and auto-correction. I don't know how the arabic stuff got there and she doesn't need them.

I haven't found any way to uninstall this option. I've looked in the menus and I've tried unistalling and reinstalling Word (but not Office), but it didn't work.

Does anyone have an idea for how I can get rid of this without reinstalling Office completely?

A:Uninstalling Arabic options in Word 2000

Hi, Albator99. Have you tried Start > Programs > Microsoft Office Tools > Language Settings?
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Just restored a clients machine to a previous restore point, cleaned everything up (virus/malware wise).Only problem I'm having now is some of the elements within windows are displayed in a different language.. I'm guessing Arabic. Already checked Regional/Lang settings, checked HKLM\Sys\CS001\Cont\Nls\Language tooOnly certain items in the CP and various dialogs are in Arabic:How do you fix this??? I believe its keeping me from installing SP3 on this machine as well...

A:Wrong language (Arabic?) in certain dialogs/windows

Hi kisk:

My gut reaction was 'lol' at that screen shot; I've never actually seen the Arabic language pack in use. This was from a malware infection?? But let's address your problem, shall we?

First, let's start off by going into detail about your 'Regional and Language Options'. Was the regional options set to English? In the 'Language' tab, is the 'Text Services and Input Languages' option set to English as well?

Also, are you able to use a Win XP installation CD to repair Windows? If I'm not mistaken, there is an option to select your default Regional Settings there as well. Post back here with more details! Good luck. =)
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and i have no idea why. she is trying to do year 12 assigments that are due and is angry so i need to find out how to fix this. please any help is appreciated.
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My Toshiba laptop appears to be stuck into some sort of arabic or symbol mode. I have no idea how to get it off of there. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a picture to better explain my situation. Note: This is NOT a picture of my desktop, but this is exactly how my desktop looks with all of the icons and everything in arabic/symbols.

One thing to note, I've gone into the control panel and then into "Region and Language" and set all of the settings to English and it hasn't changed anything.

Please help. It's impossible to navigate these symbols!

A:Toshiba laptop stuck in arabic mode?

Hello cbbi and welcome to TSF,

When you say you've set all languages to English, are you sure you've set the Display Language aswell? If you've done so, most likely your install is corrupted by a malware/virus.

Please try to boot the machine into Safemode (Press F8 during startup) and see if the problem persists in there.

If you can start an administrator Command prompt (Start > Search > type "cmd" > Rightclick "cmd.exe " > Run as administrator) you could try to run a system files check and see if that clears it up, simply type in:
sfc /scannow

Also try restoring the system to a previously known working restore point (Start > Search > type "rstrui" > Hit ENTER).

Let us know if any faults occur and how you get along.
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Hi I have a new computer with the following details:

With Windows 7

The layout of the keyboard is different and the usual place of key for the letter 'Thaal' (which used to be on the left of the number 1) is no longer there. On the keyboard the 'Thaal' is now printed on the other side beneath the 'Daal' but when I try to type it, I only get a backslash.

There are two keyboard layouts installed on the computer but neither of work, I only get a backslash.

Is there a keyboard layout available which is compatible with the key layout on this computer, that I can download?

Thank you for your help
Peta Stewart

A:NB510 Missing Arabic Letter 'Thaal'

Hello Peta

Notebooks are country specific products and offered keyboard is compatible with preinstalled OS for certain region. Described problem is pretty specific so maybe you should contact Toshiba service and ask for explanation.

I presume your notebook is designed for ?Middle east region?. Is this right?

Have you tried to change keyboard input language?
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I am looking for MS word 2007 tutorial in Arabic language, all links from google search were broken.

Please help.

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Hello. I'm an American living in Saudi Arabia. I just bought a Toshiba ultra book. It is very sleek and nice. But everything shows up in Arabic when I use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The default language in the control panel is already in English. The location is USA. The desktop is in English. But browsing is all in Arabic. I don't want it to translate...I want all the browsing to be in English. HELP!

A:Change Browser Language and Interface from Arabic to English

In chrome check Settings > Advanced Settings > Languages (or their Arabic equivalents).
In IE - Internet Options > General > Languages.
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Hi all, just 2 weeks back i've come across a new problem in Word2000. I've a friend try to change the font sizes in Word 2000 when using Arabic Fonts. But she is unable to do that. But if she were to try changing the Arabic Fonts size in Excel 2000, she will be able to do that. I've tried logging on as another user id (Windows 2000) but the problem persist.

Have also tried to repair office, un-install/re-install office, re-create a new profile for her, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?
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I have a lot of vocabulary translated from English to Arabic and saved in word files. Up until now I was using MS Office 2007 but after the update to version 2013 the arabic words became disordered. I will give you an example with an english word- instead "faction" it is displayed as "noitcaf". Can anyone tell me is it possible to rearrange the letters at once or I will have to do it manually one by one?

A:Arabic letters became disordered after updating to office 2013

Hi Usercloud, welcome to the Seven Forums.

For Arabic, Hebrew or any other language written from right to left to work in Office as they should, you need to add corresponding input language and enable its keyboard layout. In your case, have you added Arabic as input language and enabled Arabic layout?

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I clicked something and was greeted by malware that created https popups in Explorer.  Below are the my attempts to correct.
1. Deleted the new programs from the change and remove programs. 
2. Ran Mcafee - nothing noted
3. continued to get popups
4. deleted directories with same name "tool bars and extensions"
5. continued to get popups
6. downloaded Malwarebytes and found several pups and quarantined  all.
7. rebooted. 
8. No longer can i log in, language seems to be Arabic.
9. I tried to refresh but would not work- it made me log in. this is where i noticed that the language was set to ARABIC 2. 
The computer boots fine, I cant read the language and my password does not work. 
Would a restore to a restore point reset the langauge? Is there any way to recover this PC?
The computer is a Lenovo laptop, running windows 8.1. 

A:Win81 - Language Changed to Arabic, after Malware Attack.

What tool did you run prior to the change?
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I have win 7 Professional on the other PC & arabic works fine. I can read the text & type. But I am installing Home Premium on this other PC & I cannot get it to activate. "Region & language" appear the same but it ain't working. Lucida console is default font on both systems. I only want arabic as an optional language to read & type with 'on call'. English to remain as system language.

Does Premium lack arabic fonts? Appreciate some guidance please.

A:Cannot get arabic (xtra language) to work on home Premium

Here - gives you all the info/set up/links for language pack

How to Display Arabic Font On Windows 7 - Learn Arabic on
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I've just upgraded from IE7/Vista SP1, x86, ITA to IE8.
Everything works fine except one thing: IE8's Live Search accelerator to tranlsate text is in arabic-english as default instead of the expected english-italian. If I change to english-italian settings won't be saved.

If I use InPrivate browsing or disable Protected mode it's ok instead.

This problems has been already reported by other users some months ago with the betas: Microsoft Translator Official Team Blog : IE8 Beta 2 - Translation Accelerator

A:IE8 bug: default accelerator for translations Live Search in arabic-english

Have had to delete EVERYTHING from Tools/Delete Browsing History, EXcluding only first checkmark option!
Deleting cookies more and more times was not enough!
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Hi all I've been browsing this forum off and on hunting for solutions to my many troubles with Vista over the last several months and I've finally had one that no one else seems to be having or solving For background problem Premium 32bit Home Arabic installation in - language SP2 pack? I am SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack? running Home Premium bit on an HP laptop with SP currently installed When I SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack? try to install Vista SP from my primary account I am the system administrator it informs me that 'Installation was not successful' due to to a 'system error' It then instructs me to run the quot Check for System Update Readiness quot tool CheckSUR to attempt to solve the problem which I have tried several times Not counting the time I installed it back in April when it first was released The error code in question was TRUST E NOSIGNATURE x b I have run through the entire list of options to try on the Microsoft official help page and have begun to try a few other things in order to solve the problem Most recently I attempted to install the service pack from Safe Mode where it informed me that the REAL problem was that I have a language pack installed that is not supported This confuses me because I don't recall ever installing the Arabic language pack have certainly never been to Saudi Arabia and don't speak or read Arabic The only language pack that shows up in the list of installed language packs when I run LPKSETUP as suggested on another thread here is English Though this WOULD undoubtedly explain why I've been seeing an optional update in my Windows Update dialog for Arabic language support for the Windows Help Needless to say I hid the update but it hasn't changed anything either Out of desperation I have even attempted to remove all the folders marked ar-SA from the Windows folder but this hasn't seemed to affect anything - the service pack still won't install and still gives the same error So you know what I've tried and something of what the problem is The other issue I've been having which may or may not be related is that my quot Turn Windows Features on or off quot dialog shows up blank Much to my annoyance But that's likely an issue for another thread And as it does not appear in Windows Update I have been trying to install SP from the Standalone installer Any help would be greatly appreciated - and thank you in advance

A:SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack?

Is there anyone out there who can help me? I'm still struggling with the problem, and as Vista has been rather buggy for me lately I've started experimenting with Explorer alternatives. This has helped, amazingly, and quite a bit, but it's still only a stopgap measure. I need SP2, and the many fabled fixes it brings.

Still getting the same "due to a system error" message from my full boot. Should I try Safemode again, or is that just going to give me the same issue about the language pack? Does anyone know a way to get rid of one of those things?

Or should I just be waiting for the multi-language installation of SP2 in the hopes that that will work? Considering that I only have English listed as installed, though, that seems like a sad option. . .
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using Google translate I translated "Zekrom Black is in Kuwait" into Arabic because I am making a picture in photoshop about friend's archeology intern in Kuwait so the title was going to be that in Arabic. but Windows 7 is copying the translated text backwards, even in notepad, it goes right when I hit the left arrow until it hits the word "Zekrom" (Zekrom is at the wrong spot in the pasted text (different than Google)) then Windows 7 goes in the right direction.

how do I get Windows 7 to paste the text properly and go the right direction?

A:Windows 7 copies and pastes mixture of Arabic & English letters backwa

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Operating system Windows Ultimate x fully updated I believe the files in question came from the old Bioshock demo and thus SecuROM System specs Probably not relevant but just in case AMD Athlon X ASUS A N-SLI Premium nVidia GeForce x in SLi GB RAM for some reason Big ol' noisy-assed PSU The drive in question is my system drive hence trying to keep it clean a Files Securom Arabic/greek Hidden can't [SOLVED] = delete? + of characters Catch22 + SATA GB Western Digital Raptor Problem description I've got the common problem of having an undeletable Windows [SOLVED] Arabic/greek characters + Hidden Files + Securom = Catch22 of can't delete? old folder left over by evil SecuROM but I'm having an absolute Weston getting rid of this one A combination of corrupted non-standard filenames stuck attributes and the fact that MS-DOS [SOLVED] Arabic/greek characters + Hidden Files + Securom = Catch22 of can't delete? wildcard commands suck has left me tearing my hair out I have a horrible nagging suspicion that I'm in a Catch Attempted fixes All the below is being done as Administrator where applicable Using the official SecuROM Removal Tool Running in safe mode Using file unlockers such as Lockhunter Using third-party force-delete utilities such as Delete Doctor None of these work and I believe all for the same reason - Windows can't delete these files for some reason other than an already running process Here's where it gets a bit [SOLVED] Arabic/greek characters + Hidden Files + Securom = Catch22 of can't delete? more complex Going to town on this thing in the command prompt It felt like trying to get my AUTOEXEC BAT and CONFIG SYS working for the Eldar Scrolls Arena from back in the day The first problem was that the entire directory tree was hidden in the command prompt and Explorer ATTRIB -H didn't work However ATTRIB ActualDirectoryName -H did work strangely I'm told that this is because wildcards don't always work for some maddening reason As such I now have successfully unhidden all the nested directories Just blacking out the wife's name However the actual files which are causing the problems are still hidden The reason for this is that they have fruity non-standard filenames like the following little gem Terrific This means that in DOS they look like this I'm using DIR A H here because it's the only way to get any sign that the file exists at all Even the DIR X command doesn't seem to help here Trying to delete unhide or rename the file from here using the autocomplete version of the filename doesn't work resulting in the following cycle of joy So I can't unhide rename delete it in DOS because of its fruity filename and I can't rename it in Explorer because it's hidden beyond Explorer's ability to reveal DEL and similar also don't work - again apparantly because the wildcard function struggles to deal with such unusual filenames or something Even ICACLS doesn't seem to help although there may be helpful ways of using it I don't know about The only application which seemed to get anywhere was Disk Investigator v which at least successfully saw the files in question Even that couldn't actually open edit them though Thumbnail for size So - does anyone know some command prompt function or Really-Hardcore-See-And-Delete-The-File exe-type utility which may help me here Or am I being a doof and missing something really easy Pre-emptive big thanks to you guys for being around to help out with this nonsense

A:[SOLVED] Arabic/greek characters + Hidden Files + Securom = Catch22 of can't delete?

Hi -

Download/ install delinvfile -->

Run it at elevated admin level - RIGHT-click, "Run as Admin"

Also -->

Regards. . .


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I am a novice, but with some experience in Word, plus had help from a professional. So we downloaded and intalled the keyboard and complex script and right-to-left languages as described here We restarted when promted. Opened a Word doc, set the language and font to Arabic transparent, but it keeps switching back to Arial or New Times Roman as soon as I type. I can open Arabic documents without any problem and I can cut & paste and it all appears as it should on the page, justified to the right, etc.

Can someone please help? Thanks a million!

Oh - and I installed it on my other computer which also runs XP, but it's Office 2007. It didn't have any problems.

~ PyraPuppy
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I was doing a crossword puzzle online and all of the sudden a couple of windows flashed across the screen and the language changed from all English to a mixed English and Arabic (I believe). The menu bar at top of screen is gone too. HELP!

A:Language on my computer changed from English to English and (I believe) Arabic

Press the Windows flag key + R and in the Run open field type: intl.cpl (press enter)
Check that the drop down box under “Format: English” is set to “Match Windows Display language (recommended)"

I would be a little leery that something malicious may have been installed on the computer to cause this unwanted change. You may want to update and run any AV and or anti-malware programs you may have installed.
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New pinned topic With XP ending what are your alternatives Should you give Linux Ubuntu a try nbsp REMINDER Support for Windows XP ends in Can Windows XP still be activated after April Windows XP can still be installed and activated after end of support Computers running Windows XP will still work but they won t receive any Microsoft Updates or be able to leverage technical support Activations will still be required for retail installations of Windows XP after this End 8, Support 2014 SP3 for Windows of April is XP date as well Will existing updates still be available via Windows Update after April Yes all existing Windows End of Support for Windows XP SP3 is April 8, 2014 XP updates and fixes will still be available via Windows Update and WSUS Will Microsoft Security Essentials be supported after April Microsoft Security Essentials will not be available for download on Windows XP after April If you already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed you will continue to receive anti-malware signature updates through July However please note that PCs running Windows XP after April should not be considered protected Which machines will receive the Windows XP End of Support notification The notification will be sent to users of Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional who have elected to receive updates via Windows Update Users in organizations using Windows Server Update Services WSUS System Center Configuration Manager or Windows Intune will not receive the Windows XP end of support notification nbsp Support for Windows XP is ending on April If you're running this version after support ends you won't get security updates for Windows Support is ending for Windows XPWindows XP SP and Office Support Ends April Microsoft Support Lifecycle for XPWindows lifecycle fact sheet all OS What does it mean if my version of Windows is no longer supported An unsupported version of Windows will no longer receive software updates from Windows Update These include security updates that can help protect your PC from harmful viruses spyware and other malicious software which can steal your personal information Also keep in mind that as with previous outdated operating systems many software programs will eventually become incompatible as vendors continue to update their products to work with newer Windows versions This includes major anti-virus and security vendors which at some point will stop providing support to older Windows operating systems Until such time however anti-virus definition updates will not do much to protect the system if the underlying OS is outdated and vulnerable to exploit Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Windows system requirements Windows Upgrade Advisor Download Windows Upgrade AdvisorMore reasons to update MCyber threats to Windows XP and guidance for Small Businesses and Individual Consumers Criminal hackers as you might imagine can't wait until April That's because most consumers are clueless about the true scope of security risks And thousands of companies for economic and operational reasons appear intent on continuing to use XP machines well after Microsoft officially stops supporting XP Security experts anticipate that cybercriminals will move to take advantage Windows XP users six times more likely to be hacked What is the risk of continuing to run Windows XP after its end of support date One risk is that attackers will have the advantage over defenders who choose to run Windows XP because attackers will likely have more information about vulnerabilities in Windows XP than defenders attackers will attempt to develop exploit code that can take advantage of those vulnerabilities on Windows XP Since a security update will never become available for Windows XP to address these vulnerabilities Windows XP will essentially have a zero day vulnerability forever The Risk of Running Windows XP After Support Ends April one key finding to surface from the analysis of platforms by encounter rate and infection rate duri... Read more

A:End of Support for Windows XP SP3 is April 8, 2014

Excellent reminder. I have too many friends who don't want to hear it, after all OS's are supposed to last forever. I believe this reminder will help members be ready on dealing with this reality. Actually from what I recall support for XP was extended so anyone who has had XP since it came out (I forgot the year but I think it was 2001) will have 13 years out of it. I suspect about $800.00 for the average consumer can be considered a typical price for a computer with proper specs is a good number to determine an ROI of about $62.00 year. Even for heavier duty systems, the ROI still sounds good.
--- Myself I have a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop with XP Pro SP3 and it still runs as good as new
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Windows XP -Service Pack 3

Microsoft will stop support and updates to Windows XP in April 2014. I understand I can upgrade to Windows 7 (I don't want Windows 8!), or another non-Windows operating system at that time.

I would prefer to keep XP even without support. What risks do I run by doing this? I have very good firewall (comodo) and antivirus software/malware software installed. Will that be sufficient to protect my system without support updates from Microsoft.

Please don't suggest I install another operating system! I just want to understand what the negative downside is if I do nothing!



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Microsoft on Wednesday extended support for its Windows XP Home and Windows XP Media Center operating systems through 2014...Previously, all support for Windows XP Home was slated to end two years after the release of Vista, in other words, at the end of January

A:Microsoft Extends Windows Xp Support To 2014

That is excellent news. I was not looking forward to having to acquire a completely new system just because of a forced change to VISTA.Orange Blossom
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When support for XP ends this April, I can understand that no further Security/Enhancement updates will be coming down the pipe. My question is this - If I have to reload my Windows XP SP1 system, will updates prior to April 2014 still be available to download & install. IE: Sp2, Sp3 etc.
Or does no support mean exactly that - zero updates available ever?
Regards all

A:Support for WINDOWS XP ending April 2014

I would think that April will be a great time for Macrium Reflect. That will be my security blanket.

Relevancy 61.49%

I just turned on my other computer with XP on it. I have automatic updates enabled. A notice came up that there are updates for my computer. Can I still download the updates after the support end date? I'm thinking this is a system generated message and the system doesn't know the termination date so if I attempt to download I'll probably get an error message. Thoughts? Advice?

A:XP Updates still available after support ended April 8, 2014

Yes you can download the updates.No NEW, after April 8 release date, updates will be released.message edited by DanJ
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I am seriously considering dropping this product How can a company ask purchasers of a product to start paying for support days after purchase Based on the responses received to queries about recovery issues which they do deign to support and some True 2014 More Image issues of support Acronis regarding other issues it is apparent that the various areas within the company development support help desk do not communicate More issues regarding Acronis support of True Image 2014 with each other and that support personnel do not appreciate garnering further information after an event is somewhat difficult and that recreating a recovery issue to garner such info is not a task one undertakes lightly Examples of these flaws - A reported issue regarding a function available in TI but missing in TI was in fact being look at by their development department but the support and help desk More issues regarding Acronis support of True Image 2014 personnel were unaware of this They repeatedly ask for more information despite being informed that none is available and then declare the issue closed resolved if they don't receive more info How much more info can one give for an issue such as quot system loops hangs in boot up after recovery quot It seems to me that their much vaunted quot nonstop backup quot is not all they claim it to be and the standard backup is just the same as the free version that comes with the tools for certain HDDs They are just about to lose a customer but I doubt that they care since they have my money

A:More issues regarding Acronis support of True Image 2014

Thanks for that heads up. Hopefully many will read your tale of woe and avoid the same issues.

Thanks for sharing,

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This is a very annoying problem.
I tried the Lang Selector, did a repair install, also uninstalled and re-installed, the problem does not go away (see attachment)

Has someone a solution ?

A:Windows Live Mail uses 2 languages

Welcome to Seven Forums arleetel. That is very odd indeed. You say you have tried the LangSelector App. Have you tried changing the Windows display language?

Display Language - Change

Changing it, rebooting, then changing it back may help. A Guy
Relevancy 58.48%

I frequently type in Italian and frequently have to use a stand alone lower case i. Live Mail automatically capitalizes it. Is there an auto correct setting somewhere to disable that?


A:foreign languages in windows live mail

Hi Jukeman, welcome to the Seven Forums.

You could try if installing Italian dictionary helps. Open Mail Options in WLM:

Install Italian dictionary:

Click OK to save settings.

That should work. If not you can completely disable auto correction from the same Spelling tab in Options dialog.

Relevancy 56.33%

Hi there.

Although I don't use the metro screen very often I sometimes use the Apps screen in W8.1 -- the Languages of some of the APPS tiles don't change after you've switched a language say back to English -- having changed all the settings back to display say in English again.

For example switching back from ISL to ENG you can see a load of the tiles haven't changed back to ENG.

A:Languages Hosed up - Apps Tiles don't switch languages

Hello Jimbo,

Double check to see if you have allowed apps to use your "location" and access your "name, picture, and other account info" to see if that may be the issue.

Location - Turn App Access On or Off in Windows 8

Name and Account Picture - Turn Usage by Apps On or Off in Windows 8

Hope this helps.
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VIPRE Internet Security is packed with sophisticated computer internet security features that protect against viruses and other malware threats without slowing down your PC You won t notice it s running even during scans and updates http www vipreantivirus com VIPRE-Internet-Security http www vipreantivirus com VIPRE-antivirus Features NEW Social Watch Scans your Facebook page for bad links that could infect PCs with malware like viruses and Trojans or expose you and your friends 2014 Antivirus 2014 Vipre and Final Security Internet to other online threats NEW Search Guard Helps you browse the web safely by identifying links that could infect your PC with viruses Trojans or other online threats Auto Patch Defends against the most common cause of infections vulnerable software by automatically updating programs on your PC VIPRE Easy Install Ensures a smooth trouble-free installation Vipre Internet Security 2014 and Antivirus 2014 Final process by eliminating possible computer internet security software conflicts Two-way firewall Protects against incoming and outgoing Internet traffic quickly and easily with customizable settings for advanced users Spam filter Filters unwanted email from your inbox and safeguards against spam phishing scams and malicious URLs Bad website blocker Blocks access to malicious websites containing computer internet security threats to prevent you from inadvertently browsing to them and compromising your PC High-performance anti-malware engine Combines advanced antivirus and anti-spyware technologies to provide complete security that doesn t slow down your PC All-in-one PC security Detects and removes viruses spyware rootkits bots Trojans and all Vipre Internet Security 2014 and Antivirus 2014 Final other types of malware Real-time monitoring and protection Leverages multiple detection methods to monitor and protect against web threats including zero-day attacks in real time Removable device scanning Scans USB flash drives and other removable drives and files for threats automatically when connected to your PC Advanced anti-rootkit technology Finds and disables hard-to-remove malware that gains unauthorized access to and hides deep within your PC Email virus protection Protects against email viruses and computer internet security threats in Outlook Outlook Express Windows Mail and any email program using POP and SMTP Secure File Eraser Adds an quot Erase Files quot option to your Window s Explorer menu to permanently delete all traces of a file History Cleaner Removes browsing and search histories including the history stored by many popular applications PC Explorer Reveals settings on your computer that are normally hidden and enables you to add programs to the Always Allowed list VIPRE Search Guard is currently available to VIPRE Antivirus and VIPRE Internet Security customers using Microsoft Internet Explorer versions or later Support for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is coming soon nbsp

A:Vipre Internet Security 2014 and Antivirus 2014 Final

vipre has improved there antivirus engine. There web protection works great.

Also they provide lifetime license which can be used on a PC for 20 years.
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Microsoft is quot upgrading quot people s nbsp outlook com hotmail com live com nbsp and msn com accounts to a new Outlook com built upon nbsp the latest Office infrastructure which is INcompatible nbsp with Live Mail and presumably older versions e-mail 2012 Windows stop Mail Live of Microsoft-based to support as well nbsp Effective late June Windows Live Mail will no longer synchronize emails contacts and calendar events from these email accounts Windows Live Mail 2012 to stop support of Microsoft-based e-mail People who use Windows Live Mail to connect to other email services including Gmail Yahoo Mail or other services that use POP or IMAP protocols do not need to take action nbsp Is this another veiled attempt to force users to quot upgrade quot from Windows Users can still access their e-mail via their web browser s nbsp nbsp Or they can use the new Outlook com nbsp and or a Mail nbsp app on Windows nbsp https blogs office com using-windows-live-mail- -with-outlook-com-time-to-update-your-email-application https support office Windows Live Mail 2012 to stop support of Microsoft-based e-mail com en-us article Windows-Live-Mail- -will-not-connect-to-Outlook-com- b - b- bbb- ca-f ec f e fd
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These problems only happen to outlook98/2000 on windows98. I'm running Exchange server 5.5 SP3. When i open outlook or press F5 for checking new mail, all the read mail becomes unread and duple up. With large amount of mails, which creates problem that now I don't know whether I read or not and the amount of messages could become 4x- 5x larger than it should be. I suspect that it has some thing to do with the IMAP. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO RESOLVE THIS PLEASE HELP. THANKS IN ADVANCE

Relevancy 51.17%
Relevancy 51.17%

Hello everyone from a Newbie..  I hope this post is in the correct forum?                                                                                                                  
My current internet security will expire in 2 weeks. I currently have Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 and would like to upgrade to v2014, but unfortunately, I cannot properly install v2014 as the GUI will not load. I have tried various solutions offered from the Kaspersky forum, but no luck.I would like to know from you guys which Internet Security suite I should buy from these 2 AV's in terms of overall protection:  Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 or Norton Internet Security 2014.I have used a trial version of both of them for 2 weeks each,  and found both of them excellent, but unsure which one to go for. 
I use online banking, ebay, facebook and of course, general surfing  .Any thoughts and opinions will be appreciated.
My desktop specs are:
Win 7  64bit
4 GB Ram
3.20 GHz


A:Bitdender 2014 vs Norton 2014, which one should I buy?

I actually tried them all and i am in the IT field for 12 years, but for home use i chose GData.
Bitdefender is good, i was pleased but i tested Gdata and it detected many things the other ones i had did not so i chose it and bought a license last month for my home laptop.
I tested BitDefender for a few weeks and it was great until I had a weird bug with manual scan, it used to detect viruses on a n external usb drive but would not clean them, i mailed support and it got stuck somewhere in their pile of i decided not to purchase it.
With Norton for home i am not familiar but Symantec endpoint for business is super aggressive if you do not know how to set it up correctly....
Now that i think of it, my dad used to have Norton, he liked it. But for some reason he switched to Kaspersky....Maybe because he is Russian ;-))
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I currently have AVG 2014, but i actually wanted to try out a new antivirus program. I wanted to know which one offers the best protection against viruses. But so far i have only been seeing mixed reviews about both programs so i came here to get a better answer from the community !

(Note: I know i cannot have more than one Antivirus programs on my PC which is why i will be removing AVG if Avast is recommended the most. I also have Malwarebytes on my computer as well since that program is Standalone & causes zero conflict with AVG)

A:Which is Better: AVG Free 2014 or Avast 2014?

Good security combination,

Should of added to the poll None of the above
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Recently got the big update which successfully self-installed and I am running Vista Home Premium 32 bit and Windows Mail version 6.0.

I went to my inbox, read my mail, and got out of Windows Mail. When I went to check mail again, I launched Windows Mail again and discovered that the program now deletes all opened mail.

I cannot find a setting within the program that allows/denies this.

I run a business from home, and all the threads from my customer service efforts are gone. I am working blind. Every call now is a first time contact, and that makes me look very, very bad.

Please advise, how do I keep opened mail in my inbox (or elsewhere). Does anyone else have that problem and know a solution?

Also, I deleted a large quantity of emails from other folders in case it was a memory problem; it all started concurrently with that update.

A:Windows mail deleting read mail

I can't help you as I have recurring problems with Windows mail. I use windows live mail and Thunderbird. I find Thunderbird the most stable. My problems with windows mail is when I delete mail, it stays in the deleted mail folder and I can not empty it.
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Any hints on what's going on or how to fix?

A:Vista Mail is deleting my read mail

Hello Jgrootegoed, and welcome to Vista Forums.

In Windows Mail, open the mailbox folder that they are disappearing from and click on View, Current View, and Show all messages. You will need to repeat this for each mailbox folder that this is happening in.

Hope this helps,
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I've downloaded some stories in files *.aspx so when i use my IE to open these files,its look like files that were opened by notepad ,like this:
<td background="../img2/tan_trai.gif"></td>
<td valign="top" background="../img1/box_mtl_ctr.gif"><table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="177" rowspan="2" align="center" valign="top">
<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="6" height="7"><img src="../img3/mtt.gif" width="6" height="7"></td>
<td background="../img3/mt.gif"></td>

Plz, help me to fix that foul.Many thaxs!
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CryptoFortress Updated am A new ransomware variant has been discovered in-the-wild Kafeine posted about it after accidentally discovering it roughly hours ago a link to Kafeine's blog post regarding the CryptoFortress ransomware can be found below http malware dontneedcoffee com cryptofortress-teeraca-aka html While originally believed to be extremely similar to the TorrentLocker ransomware variant further analysis has determined that it likely has used source code for the ransom notes and other web pages from TorrentLocker but is actually a unique new variant of ransomware altogether TorrentLocker Ransom Note CryptoFortress Ransom Note TorrentLocker Payment Page CryptoFortress Payment Page Updated Information Tor Gateways Used connect tor org door tor org onion cab onion city tor web org Tor URLs Used lt systemIdentifier gt onion Referenced URLs torproject org deepdotweb com how-to-access-onion-sites Initial executable launches a bat file via Command Prompt cmd exe cmd c C lt random gt bat Creates the same mutex on all BACK.html READ IF FILES YOU WANT Ransomware - Topic YOUR Support CryptoFortress reviewed devices infected Sessions BaseNamedObjects Catawba Some Evasion Functionality Checks for kernel debuggers Checks the free space of the local hard drive Checks if a debugger is running Disables application error messages SetErrorMode Extensive use of GetProcAddress Process CryptoFortress Ransomware Support Topic - READ IF YOU WANT YOUR FILES BACK.html Tree lt initial CryptoFortress Ransomware Support Topic - READ IF YOU WANT YOUR FILES BACK.html executable gt exe - gt cmd exe - gt vssadmin exe VSSVC exe svchost exe Key Information CryptoFortress utilizes a bit RSA-AES key for encryption this key is generated on the client-side and therefore is briefly stored on the infected device itself The ransomware takes the bit RSA key and XORs it with an embededd key and appends bytes of the key to the end of eaach file It's unknown why the malware author implemented the functionality of appending bytes of the RSA key to the end of affected files Observed Network Behavior CryptoFortress has been observed to attempt to make network connections but often fails at initiating external connections It has also been found to exhibit a large quantity of malicious SMB traffic Functionality CryptoFortress has been found to enumerate network shares all logical drives and also deletes Volume Shadow Copies VSCs to prevent the easy recovery of affected files Mechanism of Action Launching of Payload File PE Upon launching CryptoFortress' initial payload PE file it will create a bat file and write the following code to it vssadmin delete shadows all quiet del f q It will then enumerate the file system for supported data files When a supported data file is found CryptoFortress will create a copy of the file as the original file name and extension with frtrss appended to the end It will then encrypt the data within this file and restore this file to the original name and extension I have not observed any explicit deletion of the original file at this time but it likely securely deletes originals if not the renaming - gt encryption - gt restoration of the file probably occurs fast enough lt s to overwrite the MFT record of the original file Timestomping activity the spoofing of file timestamps STANDARD INFORMATION SIA attribute has been observed but does not appear to occur on every single file affected or directory encountered It has been observed to monitor the following registry key HKLM SYSTEM ControlSet Control NetworkProvider HwOrder It has been found to create the same mutex on each infected device Sessions BaseNamedObjects Catawba A cmd exe command-line terminal process is launcehd by the initial executable and is launched to execute the created bat file The command-line arguments passed to cmd exe are cmd c C lt random gt bat Once the bat file is launched it will delete itself and then query the following directories with the respective masks to... Read more

A:CryptoFortress Ransomware Support Topic - READ IF YOU WANT YOUR FILES BACK.html

Malware spreaders are ready to anything to make money with these Cryptowares now, so sad. Will monitor this thread to see your updates and analysis. Let's see what we'll be facing this time. Was it tested against CryptoPrevent and HitmanPro.Alert yet?
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Windows is a god awful os MS had the gall and arrogance to tell the users and buyers how THEY expect for us to operate our computers MS eight is an arcade and for tinkers and as far as I'm concerned has no place in business and is suitable for those teeny boppers who play with their new terminology What's more is MS is telling us that after we buy MS that they no longer support POP servers Well support e-mail 8 win there are thousand of people who have POP servers e-mail support win 8 and I will not change just because MS made a decision And of course MS knows all and can't make a mistake they are infallible I have been a PC and MS user from the dawn of computing but I returned my pc with win I have several laptops that I searched wide and far for that had win on them No problems I got so thoroughly disgusted and took many hours of my time e-mail support win 8 to try and get around the e-mail problem that I just don't want to e-mail support win 8 deal with ms and win products I finally succumbed and bought an apple macbook air for travel It set up in an instant and has all the features that I want Goodbye ms and win Too bad that all the computer manufactures that put win on their new computers are going to regret that decision There are a lot of angry customers and I hope ms burns for this The salesman at stores like Best Buy tell me that there are a lot of returns for win computers Heads should roll at MS

A:e-mail support win 8

Windows Live Mail is still available (which supports POP3 accounts), it just doesn't come with Windows 8 as standard. Instead, it comes as part of the Windows Essentials 2012 package, which can be downloaded here:
Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials
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Look here y'all, I'm not the most computer savvy person on the blog but I would like to know why Windows Mail will not support my original MSN email address? Microsoft seems to know everything else. I had my email address for a very long time and I would think that Microsoft would have just rolled the addresses over to the new system. Am I kidding myself to think that I could possibly get my original address onto Windows Mail or am I simply screwed?

Mrs. Superman

A:Windows Mail will not support MSN account

Hello Mrs. Superman, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Windows Mail does not support website based email such as an MSN Live Hotmail email account, so you will not be able to with Windows Mail.

You can however use a Hotmail account with the free Windows Live Mail program instead.

Hope this helps,
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this is continuation of
this issue I am still not able to resolve. I have already tried Microsoft Answer Desk in "connect to with applications and devices" category without any success. The told me they don't support applications related issues.

Where can I get support for the server side of the Mail / Calendar / People apps ?

Short description of the issue: Windows 8.1 Mail app push notifications stopped working 20 Jan 2016 on
all my Windows PC/Tablet devices for my Microsoft account. The same behavior is with Windows clean install so it must be a
server side issue.

I have created Word document with detailed description of the issue (that nobody has read yet I think), the open public anonymized version for support team is here

Thanks for any constructive help, Petr
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While waiting for my laptop to be repaired under extended warranty, not sure what to make of an e-mail received today, after the service order status page delivery date suddenly slipped by nearly a month (to 11-2-2016): IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PROCESS OR THE INFORMATION IN THIS EMAIL, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR PROCESS LEAD.Arm Number XXXXX in queue QL1 has been resolved.System Reference Number: XXXXXXX,CSOResolve Date: 10/7/2016 (UTC)Resolve Comments:  ESCALATED TO TCO CM CASE #XXXXXXXXXfollowed by a link that does not work with any browser I've tried The service order summary page says "Please contact HP" but the service order detail makes no such mention of contacting anyone. Just the slipped delivery date. And who is my PROCESS LEAD?

A:weird e-mail from HP Support ([email protected])

Same here.  The encryption for the link is RC4, which is no longer supported by pretty much any current browser.  If you open it in IE, there are links to changing youe IE encryption settings, or modifying you registry to force a workaround...but none worked on mine (i10, both IE11 and Edge). No iformation available, other than my scheduled notebook return date moved from 10/5 to 12/1. Guess I have to call Monday and find if this is good news or bad news.
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Hi,I have not yet received order confirmation mail for my Redemption reference code -90238123  even after 2 days completed after registration  Please do the needful and update the claim status on priority basis Your immediate attention will be appreciated  Awaiting for your reply in this regard  Best regards Imran91333393638
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In my e-mails I have created folders and within each folder I have set the View to sort by Subject
I can have many different Subjects within the same folder
New incoming and outgoing e-mails are moved to a folder and automatically get filed under an existing Subject in that folder if one already exists.
If I want to change the Subject line on a new e-mail I just drag and drop that e-mail onto an existing Subject line and it merges
and the Subject line changes to the one I dropped it to.

Does anyone know if this feature is available in any later version of Outlook?

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I'm getting conflicting info from both sources. Outlook says that it does offer IMAP protocol and on Opera mails website it lists Outlook as not being able to work with Outlook via IMAP.
I can send receive emails using Outlook in Opera, but just can't receive them.
Click for Outlook's website
Click for Opera's website
Any ideas?  Thanks
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Hi there,

I need help relating to Mail Merge. I want to add data from excel which is comprising in different colors. File is attached for review. I need to pull data from excel to word with the same color. Can it be possible?

Kind Regards

A:Mail Merge Color Formatting Support

It is not possible for a mailmerge to directly replicate the Excel cell colouring. You would need to add another column to your worksheet with values to indicate what the colours should be, then use the Conditionally Shade Table Cells technique described in in the Mailmerge Tips and Tricks threads at:
Mailmerge Tips & Tricks
Word Mailmerge Tips & Tricks | Windows Secrets Lounge
The Excel cell values could be words, letters or numbers.