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Good download manager or alternatives

Q: Good download manager or alternatives

Hi guys.

I'm looking for a good download manager that would integrate seamlessly with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 64 Bit.

When I was on XP I never required a download manager as I used Firefox and loved it. However, I haven't somehow felt too comfortable using it on Windows 7. Neither am I big fan of Chrome.

Hope you guys could suggest some alternatives. Else I'll have to look back at FireFox it seems.


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Preferred Solution: Good download manager or alternatives

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Good download manager or alternatives

Why aren't you comfortable using Firefox on Windows 64-bit (btw is that Vista or Windows 7) ? It might not (yet) be a 64-bit binary application but that doesn't stop from working very well in a 64-bit environment.
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I am having problems finding a good download manager. I tried internet download manager and it is awful. I see a lot of people on the internet recommending this problem, but it is constantly crashing my computer. My computer runs completely fine without the problem working.

Does anyone know of any good download managers?

A:What is a good download manager?

Depending on your browser choice my opinion is to stay clear of them. Is it because you feel you might get more speed or are you having drop outs that you cannot resume ?
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anyone know a good download manager that is free and doesn't have spyware?

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I'm currently using Free Download Manager. I like the program but it often crashes when I exit it. It also seems to cause problems in Vista itself, but I'm not certain about that.

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I'd like to get a good download manager program to be used primarily for music only. I don't need alot of fancy bells and whistles, just something so that I can line up 50-100 songs and walk away from the computer until they are finished. I've been downloading 2 songs at a time and that is beginning to get old.

A free download manager would be best, provided that it doesn't come with adware, spyware, or any other unpleasant surprises.

Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Good Download Manager

I use this free tool:

It is just great, the best speeds I ever get and is free.

Possibly the fastest download manager ever made.
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anyone know a good download manager that is free and doesn't have spyware?

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Hi all

My internet is very slow, and cuts out alot. So I want a program I can download anything with, and pause and restart a download at any point. Similar to bitcomet or free download manager. I am not going to use bitcomet as I've been told its illegal and free download manager is to confusing. Is their any program that can download all file types - wmv and mpeg most importantly that can pause them?

Thankyou all.
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looking for a good free manager that is able to resume a download if download isn't completed in 1 session.

any suggestions?

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Hey guys, do you have an advice for good download manager for VISTA x64. It'd be great if the 64 bit version of it exists and I need it be compatible with Firefox.

Thank you!

A:Good download manager for vista?

Hi Manca

My personal choice is Conceiva's 'Download Studio' v4.0.

Kind regards

Neil (Mr Smiley)
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need to find download manager.have some comments,suggestion?


A:Solved: Finding good and working download manager
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My daughter wants an Apple IPOD for Christmas. I know it plays digital music, but it seems pretty expensive (about $250) and I can't believe there aren't good alternatives, but I don't know much about it.

Any ideas?

A:Apple Ipod? Are there good alternatives?

Well sir there are

First off,

And then we gots the Zen Touch

And last you can try this site:
I know that they have some cheaper iPods

Hope this helped!
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I have been using the Windows 10 Mail App for about a year now. I have 5 different mail accounts that I access through it and I have been waiting for updates to make the whole thing better and I am fed up waiting.
Are there any good alternatives that are maintained that can allow me to have several different accounts, search on contents of emails, create sub folders and have more than one email open at a time so that I can reference it whilst writing a new one? The old Microsoft mails tools are so much better that I don't understand the reason they shipped this 'Mail App' as the new tool to use.

A:Windows 10 Mail App - any good alternatives?

WIndows Live Mail does all you asked for click here untick the other items in the windows essential download.
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I have backup setup in windows 7, but was curious if I should be using something else as well? I've yet to have to restore with it, so I'm not too trusting on it yet

A:Is Windows 7 backup any good? Are there better free alternatives?

A lot of folks on this Forum use only the Windows 7 backup/imaging tool and are perfectly satisfied with it. Other folks have nothing but bad things to say about the Windows 7 tool and use only Macrium Free. And others swear by (or at) Paragon, EaseUS Todo, and DriveImage XML. (There are several more free backup/imaging tools available. A small sampling can be found here.)

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

Imaging with free Macrium

Free Backup Software: Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition - Overview

Best free backup software. Hard drive backup and recovery, image and clone freeware - EaseUS Todo Backup Free

DriveImage XML Backup Software - Data Recovery Product

The nice thing about free products is you can use each for a while and make your own comparisons based on your own needs. Personally, I use the Windows 7 tool and Macrium. I've had the opportunity to restore individual files and the entire hard drive using both utilities. They both worked perfectly.
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Can someone suggest me for an alternative of iTunes for Win 8 please?
I don't want download iTunes because the memory space it takes on my hard drive.
I use Clementine but I didn't like how it doesn't allow me to disable the "song info" and "artist info". I don't want to waste my bandwitdh... And it has some bugs (sometime, it doesn't want to play song).
I'm seeking for an alternative that have the following criteria:
- Light (It means less memory on hard drive as possible; In short, not a heavy software)
- Not using bandwitdh/Internet Connection
- Fancy GUI (optional)
Thank you
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Since about two weeks ago, my Alienware X51 has been getting stuck at the "Welcome" screen pretty often. I suspect there's a hardware issue (as re-installing Windows didn't seem to help; I should probably start a different thread for this) but would like to rule out software problems first.

I've heard of a program called Soluto that thoroughly analyzes startup items, but it unfortunately doesn't support Windows anymore. Can anyone recommend a good alternative?


A:Any good alternatives to Soluto for troubleshooting startup problems?

How do you plan on installing it if you computer sticks at the Welcome screen
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Hello, I'm CrazyKilla

Are there any alternatives to RealTek HD Audio Manager?

No or Yes and specify the name of the alternative.

A:Are there any alternatives to RealTek HD Audio Manager?

You would have to have a sound card that would support a different manager.
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I'm sure there must be a discussion already in existence but I can't find it Please don't tell me off for being a reactionary but the fact that I am now landed with an OS is almost devastating to me I've made a start at making Manager? Explorer and Windows 8.1's to Alternatives Task it bearable to use by installing Start and did something else that can't remember what so that booting up lands me on desktop very quickly Also I discovered that Dell have reversed the default behaviour for the Fn keys they're set to 'multimedia' so that they cannot be used as shortcut keys by third-party software Fortunately that was easily changeable in Control Panel once you knew what had been done and where to find the setting I wonder if this is now common in touchscreen laptops Alternatives to 8.1's Windows Explorer and Task Manager? I need advice on these two issues My Windows Explorer's left panel is a complete mess with all sorts jumbled together under 'This PC' instead of merely expanding into the drives and partitions that are physically on 'This PC' with everything else like TVs PVRs and other networked gadgets Alternatives to 8.1's Windows Explorer and Task Manager? showing separately I also find the so-called quot ribbon quot navigation and settings less straightforward I don't want an Alternatives to 8.1's Windows Explorer and Task Manager? Explorer replacement with bells and whistles just one that looks organised and whose menus are easily accessible One exactly like 's would be perfect Task Manager in only shows running programs in its small interface and to see processes etc it has to become much larger therefore interfering with things on my screen that I don't want covered up Is there a compact replacement close to 's version Thanks for any advice

A:Alternatives to 8.1's Windows Explorer and Task Manager?

The only alternative to Task Manger is Process Explorer. But you end up loosing a lot of features. Windows Explorer is built into Internet Explorer, so you cannot just up and remove it or disable it.

As for the small interface for Task Manager, that is on if you leave it in "Show Fewer Details". Windows Explorer Left pane options are the same way as you handled them in Windows 7. The Ribbon will not go away. You can minimize it. The Ribbon is actually more efficient than the old way that Microsoft had their menu items. As for the Function Key behavior, they went to the old Mainframe way, that you had Function Keys and PF keys. So that you had the use of 24 Function keys. Basically when set to just press the Function key or go Fn and Function key, it is just a reversal of which is the primary order of use, by user's choice. That can be changed in the Bios for all OEM machines. It is a permanent part of the UEFI bios.

Really you are not going to get much pity on this, because the mass majority is soon to be moving away from 8 to 10.
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'Aero Snap' and Flip 3D - Cool features.

Unfortunately these are NOT included in Vista HB.

They look good and useful for a number of tasks. Saving a lot of mouse clicks and searching.

Is there anything similar, or even better, out there suitable for Vista Home Basic 32bit?

Please don't forget your poor relatives the HB Boys and Girls !!

Thank you in advance for any help and tips.

A:No 'Aero Snap' or 'Flip' 3D for Vista Home Basic -Any Good Alternatives?

Hi Again,

Could not find anything on Flip 3D, but here is someting on Aero Snap

AeroSnap Review - AeroSnap Download - Softpedia

Dont know the effects that this software will have, be sure to make a system restore point first.
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I don't care for windows default power settings setup Plain and simple alternatives? Are Settings" good there any "Power Right now I am using an application that came with Are there any good "Power Settings" alternatives? my asus called Power Gear Its better but not great It would be nice to be able to set a few more conditions that quot is plugged in quot or quot is using battery quot I am looking for something that is more like a performance driver I would like to be able to set profiles with individual conditions I E application specific battery life dependent time of day Also it wouldn't be horrible if it could let me assign hot keys for different profiles One of the larger redeeming factors of Power Gear in my opinion is its screen brightness controls within profiles I am hoping not to have to get ridof this feature I don't suppose anyone knows of any applications that might do any of this I know it might be a lot to expect an application to do all of these Still any good suggestions

A:Are there any good "Power Settings" alternatives?

Quote: Originally Posted by Thornton

Still, any good suggestions?

AFAIK, only Linux & by using several different programs / a lot of scripts, 4 HW control. ;-$ (Or a special, custom, app., like ASUS had made; which -actually- seems pretty amazing. )

*bc hardware is notoriously hard 2 control (all of it is entirely different, depending on motherboard, chips, etc., etc.). =)

P.S. As you can see, only apps that plug-in, or - are able to utilize that (Windblow$) API:
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Ok i have been downloading rapidshare links with flashget for years then about weeks ago My Acer Laptop Aspire vista home basic started to crash Now whenever i use flashget to download i have premium account paste all urls and press start then it downloads fine for maybe mins then my vista just freezes and crashes and restarts i have tried this on flashget and latest version all the same so i then tried internet download manager same thing happens finally i tried orbit downloader and it happens with that too wht the heck is hapened please help i rapidshare and files Vista try download download manager everytime i crashes with any am using an acer aspire Vista crashes everytime i try and download rapidshare files with any download manager laptop with windows vista home basic i could always download great until weeks ago no i can only get - mins tops and crash my downloads i pay for every month have just been wasted this month i have run every virus spy ware scanner there is including kaspersky spy bot and avg amp adware no infections i am at a loss please help I Have tried using your uninstaller and removed flashget and IDM and reinstalled but same issue ps vista and internet is fine only when i try and download i hope you can help many thanks in advance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acer Aspire AMD Turion GB Ram GB Hard drive NVIDIA Geforce m nforce m external usb GB Hard drive

A:Vista crashes everytime i try and download rapidshare files with any download manager

Any ideas anyone please, my mkonthly downloads i pay for are being wasted please help i am at a loss.......
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Hi guys, I've searched for this but couldn't find the solution. The problem is that after a few 20 or so. The download on my Windows 7 stops working...Take a look at the picture.
It says connecting and the lights on the modem start blinking as if it is downloading but it doesn't. I can still browse websites but can't download even in Opera, Mozilla or IE. I've been using Spybot and KIS [Kaspersky Internet Security] for 4 years now, so I don't think there is a problem of virus or malware. Please help!

A:Download stops working in Windows7, Internet Download Manager, Everywhere
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Hi guys, I've searched for this but couldn't find the solution. The problem is that after a few 20 or so. The download on my Windows 7 stops working...Take a look at the picture.

It says connecting and the lights on the modem start blinking as if it is downloading but it doesn't. I can still browse websites but can't download even in Opera, Mozilla or IE. I've been using Spybot and KIS for 4 years now, so I don't think there is a problem of virus or malware. Please help!

A:Download stops working in Windows7, Internet Download Manager, Everywhere

Guys, I've updated KIS to 2010 and I think it is the problem as I exited the application and then started the download on IDMan. It started to work. But why KIS is doing this. Is there any settings problem with the firewall?? The problem still continues with KIS turned on.!!!!
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I Installed Explorer 10 on my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit yesterday everything seems fine with the exception of download manager. When downolading files it completes download then says running security scan after that says files has virus and deletes the file so I am now unable to download files. I checked known safe sites such as NVidia and get same issue onall sites. This did not exisit until installing IE 10

A:Explorer 10 Download Manager not allowing complete download

As a follow up I did a reeset and selected recommended settings still same result
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Hello, from several days I'm struggling with an annoying issue. So, while downloading different files over the Internet with download manager my downloading in the certain point suddenly going down without any concrete reason. I have tried everything without any effects (even format), but I have only managed to get rid of this problem while sitting on virutal machine running Windows XP Professional SP3 but that's not the way for me. I have attached some screens showing what I have mean, maybe someone could help me because it's driving me insane...

1. Before.
2. After.

A:Download issues: Internet Download Manager

It looks you have a problem in IDM's dynamic file segmentation. Try to download the IDM again from its site, make a fresh install and check if the problem persists.
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any idea ?..
My Free Download Manager can't download any EXE file. Every i clicked download the status always showed message that "*.exe - Stopped"

A:Download Manager can't download any application file

VIRUS REMOVAL / PROTECTION 1. Download MalwareBytes. Malwarebytes
2. Disconnect from the Internet.
3. Disable your present antivirus software.
4. Remove your present antivirus software.
5. Install and run the MalwareBytes Quick Scan (remove any bad guys)
6. Reconnect to Internet.
7. Update MalwareBytes.
8. Run malwarebytes quick scan again.(remove any bad guys)
9. Download and Install Microsoft Security Essentials.

Now I advise you disable MalwareBytes and only enable again when and if you need it..
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Ill cut a long story short. I need a video from youtube as i promised someone Id get it for them. FDL won't let me download them but it would a few days ago


A:Can't Download Videos With Free Download Manager

Try this one.
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Quote A free download manager designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows is now available from Microsoft Dubbed the Microsoft Download Manager the utility is Free Windows 7 Download Manager RTM Download designed as the label implies to help users administer their downloads beyond the boundaries of the browser More often than not downloading very large files can be problematic especially in the context of an unreliable connection It is precisely in scenarios like these that a download manager will carry out any download tasks to the end unlike browsers missing this functionality The Microsoft Download Manager enables Download Free Windows 7 RTM Download Manager you to download files from the Internet in a more reliable and faster way than Download Free Windows 7 RTM Download Manager using a browser alone Using the Download Manager makes it easier to download large files such as an application or multimedia files Microsoft explained According to the Redmond company the Microsoft Download Manager comes to the table with support not only for Windows but also for Windows Vista and Windows XP SP and SP Microsoft Download Manager was designed to work with Internet Explorer IE and IE but also with Firefox and Firefox Source - Download Free Windows RTM Download Manager - From Microsoft - Softpedia

A:Download Free Windows 7 RTM Download Manager

It's the worst download manager i have ever used.

The worst download manager-seven forums
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Hey guys i am trying to download windows 7 RC but everytime the computer crashes download manager restarts the download.Any workarounds or anyway i can restart the download without having to do it all over again again??I mean It's 2.3 GB and seems impossible to download.

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I have difficulty setting my free download manager to the default download program.

I did go to settings and set default download folder, but everything i start to download something it downloads on its own, slow, and without the help of DM

Any sugguestions?

Thanks a lot

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Just looking for recommendations on these two kinds off apps.
Download manager-I've used Flashget in the past. It's OK so I could go back to it. I'm just wondering if there are any others that are worth looking at and why.
Wallpaper manager-I've noticed that many of the wallpaper managers strictly work with photos from the hard drive. I'd be interested in something similar to Google Screensaver that pulls wallpaper from the web, even from news stories. It looks like there was a Google Wallpaper for a while but it closed. I used Eyetide several years ago but they became a spyware trojan so I guess that's the other thing. Spyware free, please. It's too bad. It used to be a good product. I noticed one called Cool Wallpaper but I dunno.

A:Download Manager, Wallpaper Manager

For some really neat Wallpaper, check out Visual Paradox Free 3D Wallpaper.
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Hey guys i am trying to download windows 7 RC but everytime the computer crashes download manager restarts the download.Any workarounds or anyway i can restart the download without having to do it all over again again??I mean It's 2.3 GB and seems impossible to download.

A:download manager breaks download

Download as a .torrent file. I will asume this is not illegal right?
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Hi all From the MS Store I bought a FULL VERSION Vista Home Premium DVD actual disc not the downloaded do burn download How I after Manager download iso using version With the right to a FULL How do I burn iso after download using download Manager VERSION Win when it releases on Oct nd I am thinking of getting it by downloading it from MS My question is really Simple How How do I burn iso after download using download Manager do I burn the iso to disk after Downloading it with the Download Manager to make it Bootable as if I got the actual disk A friend of mine said he downloaded his his was Vista without the Download Manager and there were - Separate files and couldn't figure out how to make it a bootable disk so he returned it for the actual media NOW if I download my Win Full Version disk to my Drive using the download manager WILL IT be a single iso file so that I can burn it as a bootable disk And if it is suppose to be - separate files then how do I go about combining them to make it bootable I'd hate to choose the download option and not be able to make use of it Only to have to pay FULL Price for an actual copy When I could just get my Free Copy for the price of Shipping and of coarse tax Any advice or Links I'd be most Grateful

A:How do I burn iso after download using download Manager

It should be a single ISO file.

How to burn an ISO image to disc..

Its simple really, download this, save it somewhere.

When its done downloading, go to the location you saved it, and extract the .zip file.

After that, open the folder it created and run 'IsoBurner'

Click on this;
Attachment 29934

Then locate the .iso file and select it.

Then burn it, you should also set the speed to the lowest possible to ensure their are no problems burning.

Sorry if its not that clear, I'm half awake about to go to sleep.
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Hey guys i am trying to download windows 7 RC but everytime the computer crashes download manager restarts the download.Any workarounds or anyway i can restart the download without having to do it all over again again??I mean It's 2.3 GB and seems impossible to download.

A:download breaks despite download manager

Your computer stats (all kind) are not very helpful. What OS are you using.? Is your download manager a 3rd party software prog or are you using the capability of resuming downloads on the MS site? Another point... Every time my computer crashes??? Does that happen a lot? if so, you may have a whole different kind of problem.

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I'm a freelance designer and have a insane mess of fonts that I need sorting out.
I need an application that will allow me to easily remove fonts from windows (7 64bit)
browse through the fonts fast and preview. also I need to be able to preview Hebrew fonts in Hebrew. and group fonts into categories.

Thanks in advance.

A:Looking for a good font manager

Hello. I just searched over the net and found this results. Maybe some of that tools will help you
25 Font Management Tools Reviewed - Smashing Magazine
Font organizer, manager and viewer
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I'm looking for a Task Manager with an option to highlight specific processes (regardless of category like Own, System etc), and a 'Start Time' column in the Processes tab.

Thank you.

A:Looking for a good Task Manager

This one has the start time in the processes tab.. Extensions for Windows - The Unofficial Windows Upgrade

There are many alternatives. I trust you have looked at each of these already?

Five Best Windows Task Manager Alternatives
The Best Free Alternatives to the Windows Task Manager
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I'm looking for a Task Manager with an option to highlight specific processes (regardless of category like Own, System etc), and a 'Start Time' column in the Processes tab.

Thank you.

A:Looking for a good Task Manager
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As a preventive measure I would like to know if Vista has a good built in Start Up Manager or if there is a good Freeware program to use.

A:Good Start up Manager ?

Hello Drew.

What exactly are you referring to?
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Can anybody recommend a good "shortcut manager" for Windows 7 ??????
Shortcuts to URL's, Folders, and Programs
Dosent have to be a freebee.


A:Need a good Shortcut Manager

Here's one they used for vista that may work for Windows 7.....
Shortcut Arrow - Vista Forums

Read the whole thread as you may find a solution for it.
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I'm looking for a good clipboard manager that is relatively easy on system resources and doesn't affect PC booting.Currently using Clipmagic but it seems to have an adverse effect on the time required to boot my PC .... os -> Win 7 64 bit, 6 GB ram and >320 HD space. It is easy to use so I've resisted changing but the waiting at boot is frustrating.

A:A Good Clipboard Manager (Freeware)?

The built in Clipboard should be all that you need.
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I downloaded many books to my Kindle, but I find the managing is a little messy. Does anyone find a good tool that helps us manage our Kindle collections easily?

I don't want to use Calibre because it told me to update my Kindle again and again.

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So sorry the ampersand and number A Good There Font Free Is Manager? symbol in the Topic title were an Is There A Good Free Font Manager? accident Anybody know a really good Is There A Good Free Font Manager? free Font Manager or even a commercial one that is SAFE to download I ve been burned lately on downloading stuff - I purchased a spyware program that crashed my system and was very difficult to get rid of thankfully I had the help of a malware expert here I recently did a system recovery and later copied some fonts I had a backup of from some time ago I didn t realize I was installing over fonts Now I need to compare and delete a lot of fonts It would take forever through the Fonts thing in Control Panel There has to be a better way but I didn t see anything in the Free Software section on this site I possibly could have missed it - there are so many I need to see the fonts together so I can compare them and be able to delete them from the same window I tried something called FontList recommended by Microsoft - but that was pretty much useless as I didn t see a way to delete fonts just view them Any ideas Thanks a bunch HomesickInTexas BTW I downloaded some free screensavers from a place called quot themeworld com quot that was recommended somewhere here in bleepingcomputer I think it was the Free Software section They re great but they brought A LOT of tracking cookies and MRUs with them - and a couple of things ZoneAlarm picked up called NOT-A-VIRUS adware win I ve seen variations of that with other downloads It isn t really a virus is it Plus one of the butterfly screeensavers had a trojan attached to its uninstall file Fortunately I ran adaware and ZoneAlarm anti-virus and anti-spyware right after downloading them

A:Is There A Good Free Font Manager?

I'm in the same boat as you, I found a couple of font utilities here. See what you think!
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basically what im trying to do is to have instances of windows with all the handy services and resident programs running need startup for manager good XP Solved: a so everything updates and i have full functionality then thats totally clean with no resource Solved: need a good startup manager for XP wasting extras for playing games that need as much of the PC s strength as possible also i d like to be able to switch between the without a reboot or too much trouble im reminded of Solved: need a good startup manager for XP the good old Dos days with boot disks then bootmenus later on anyway i tried using XP user profiles for this in conjuction with some startup managers but it didnt work out as i hoped the programs i used in this fashion Ace Utilites and Absolute Startup both supported user profiles and seemed to allow me to choose which services ran at startup for each profile however sometimes when i disabled or enabled a certain service for profile it would do the same for the other it seemed like no matter what i did i couldnt make unique user profiles and there d always be something trying to run at startup or not running at startup that was supposed to cause i had enabled disabled it in the other profile i wonder if winxp user profiles have some limitations that dont allow as many distinctions as i d like also if i logged on with the default profile then logged off then logged on with the clean profile there d still be some services left over from the default profile when you log off do all of the quot extra quot services shut down or just some program i tried had a different approach Ultimate startup manager had its own startup profiles so that even if i had only windows user profile i d still have multiple different startup profiles this seems like a better idea but this particular program gives no control over windows services just startup programs does anyone out there know of a program that meets my needs thanks in advance nbsp

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I have moderate, trial and error computer knowledge. Well, my Windows Task manager is chock full of processes, such as four svchost.exe processes. Well how do I find out why they are opening in the first place? They must be related to a program, and I'd like to know which in order to determine its usefulness, or harm, and whether and how to end it from initiating at startup. I would think that Windows knows, for example to actuate its End Process Tree command accessable through Task Manager. Does anyone know how to relate those processes to a particular program or file location?

A:What good is Windows Task Manager anyway

This tutorial might be of some help:
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When I manager, free? for Good start up start up I keep getting a couple of AOL instant messenger dialog windows I delete AOL instant messenger from start up but it returns every time I start up I Good start up manager, for free? also had this problem Good start up manager, for free? something called P P I uninstalled it but I might let my teenage granddaughter keep it installed if I can keep it off of start up Is there a simple good and free start up manager that would do the job for me I see that there are a lot of start up managers but I have no idea how they compare I can t tell if start up cop has a free version or not Also when I have tried to get to a place to download it I keep getting not a download window but a window for subscribing to the magazine PC something or other I opted out of Goolge pop up stopper but that didn t help If I should consider start up cop how can I get to a download window Thanks grandpaw nbsp

A:Good start up manager, for free?

Here is one i have used before .
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I have a friend who has Windows installed on a 4Gig partition on a 240Gig hard drive. He has FAT32 with the 4Gig Windows installed on part of the drive and the rest of the 240Gig is NTFS for all the rest of his files. He cleans out the 4Gig one too often because it gets overcrowded and he wants to give more space to that FAT32 4Gig partition. I know that partition magic would be able to do what he wants, but I was wondering if there was a good free partition manager program that could do what he wanted. If anyone knows of that program please let me know

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I have been using Outlook for years for management of my customers and contacts - phone, address, names, and some extensive notes about each. Since I've been working with the helpful people at Tech Support Guy I've realized there are other programs out there (Mozilla, AVG, Thunderbird, etc.) that do a better job than some of the old standard Microsoft and Norton ones. I'd like suggestions for a simple contact manager program to replace my aging Outlook. It would be a big advantage to be able to import my Outlook .pst files into the new database. I know about ACT, but it's probably more sophisticated than I need. Not interested in phone dialers (but that's probably standard on most), etc.

Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.


A:Suggest a good contact manager program?

ACT is a really robust one that has report writing, mail merge, fax blasts and quite a few other options. that is really the only other contact manager I have used out of the box and I have written one in Access that does a really good job as well.
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Not quite sure where this type of problem goes, so why not Windows's my operating system.

Problem: From one minute onto the other, my Task Manager decided to cut down on several options...such as...the bar on top. Additionally, it doesn't show running processes anymore. (see picture)
Any ideas how I can solve this?

A:Good Morning, Disfunctional Task Manager

Double click on the grey border of the Task Manager window & it should return to normal,
it's running in "kiosk" mode.
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I am given a Dell PC at work. I have full control over the pc, except when the pc fails and the technicians take it for repairs. What is a good offline password manager that can work with firefox and will not allow other people from snooping at the username and passwords?

Previously I used a combination of: truecrypt, password exporter (firefox extension) for offline storage. All passwords are stored with firefox.

A:Good password manager with Firefox for office pc

Relevancy 46.44%

Can anyone recommend a good freeware start up manager? Ideal would be one which gives info about what needs to be running, what doesn't, and perhaps what might be missing. Even better would be one which could do the same for background processes.


A:Good freeware start up manager recommendation?

That's an impossible mission. Since each configuration is unique, depending on the installed applications, hardware, etc., there is no standard.
Relevancy 46.44%

I'd like to try to find a better file manager than explorer. I dislike it under xp.

Anyone have any reccomendations?

A:Good Free (or cheap) File Manager
Relevancy 46.44%

I recently switched from cable internet to DSL, and the download times are now twice as long. I've tried Download Accelerator Plus but it hasn't done much. Any good software out there to help with this?

A:Any good Download Accelarators out there?

I have seen the advice from knowledgeable folks that so called download accelerators are a 'hoax.' "DAP" has a bad reputation for installing various malware.

Relevancy 46.44%

Can you tell me Download programs that are good

Maybe a free one or one that is pretty cheap with no spyware attached.


A:Need A Good Download Program

My favorite, hands down, is Getright.
Relevancy 46.44%

i was wondering if they made a program that keeps track of how much you download per day/month/week whichever and if so what and where do i get it.

A:good download tracker

are you looking for the amount in Hours or Bytes? There are quite a few internet counters out there that record the hours, minutes and seconds you have ben online. Google "online timer" and you will find a ton of these

However if you want to find a program to recoard how many bytes your computer receves in a week, I have never heard of one. May I ask why you need to keep track of it and I may be able to suggest differnt ways to go about retreving that kind of information without added programs
Relevancy 46.01%

I notice that Paragon have a 2-day giveaway (on their Facebook page, which you have to Like) for what is described as "Paragon Partition Manager 12 Home Special Edition".

Not sure what makes it "Special", apart from being free for a couple of days.

Is it any good/ worth downloading? I don't have a UEFI setup if that makes a difference.

A:Paragon Partition Manager Home freebie - is it any good?

Why not to try, it's for free !
Relevancy 46.01%

Is Adobe Active X a good download or not ?

Relevancy 46.01%

I have cable and download is supposed to be 768kbs but am trying to download a huge file and it is downloading at 19.9kbs. Estimated time to download....28 hrs - 30 min. AARGH! What can I do to speed this up? Have called cable company... no help there.

Relevancy 46.01%

Obviously, if it is a popular enough product, I'm sure that the manufacturer's website will provide the driver. However, when I install Everest and it tells me that the chipset is a nForce 6100-405 and I can't find it on nVidia's website, is there a general driver website that I can use for those kind of situation?

A:A good website to download all drivers?

P.S. I just found the nForce 6100-405 on nVidia's site in the legacy section. Still, the question is still there. Is there a good website to find all drivers?
Relevancy 46.01%

Or does xp come with fax software, I cant seem to find it. Thanks

A:Does anyone know of a good free fax software download for win-xp?
Relevancy 46.01%

Specifically, what I'm looking for is a free download manager on par with Star Downloader that can get to PHP links. I've just re-realized just how hard the regular windows download sucks when SD can't kick in.

Thanks in advance...

Relevancy 46.01%

I'm sure y'all think I post too much on here and the Windows 8 forums as well. But, y'all are the only people available to help me, it seems like.

Anyhow, my question is. Is it a good idea to download the Windows 7 ISO to a disk or USB, just in case my computer ever fails?

A:Is it a good idea to download the Windows 7 ISO?

Y`all ????

Y`all ????

Of course it`s a good idea, how will you ever re install windows

I have 16 iso files of different OS on this computer alone.
Relevancy 46.01%

i need a good graphic designer to download to animate pictures with.Im so lost.But its got to be free to.
Relevancy 45.58%

I need a good FREE download manager. I'm having trouble finding one that's not riddled with spyware.

A:Download Manager

Hi aeuzent,

If you are using Firefox, go for the Free Download Manager from here: and get the extension FlashGot for Firefox.

SmartDownload is a plugin for Netscape.

-- Tom
Relevancy 45.58%

does any1 know a good download manager which is not a spyware and doesnt have popups?

Relevancy 45.58%


I dont know why Microsoft dont hear to customers .... maybe it's not in their DNA.

I have IE 8 and still it has same download window popping up everytime when user downloads something. I want to whether there is any plugin/add-on to manage downloads. I know there are few download manager softwares, but I dont want add another software in my already crowded system. (And thats why I havent installed Firefox)

Basically I am looking for a download manager to resume downloads after I have shut down the system or there is a breakage in internet connection. Firefox does have kind of DM ............ cant Microsoft atleast learn from them!?!

Thanks and regards,
Relevancy 45.58%

What do you guys think is a good download manager that is NOT a download accelerator?

Thanks for any help.

A:Download manager

Been using getright for years, and think it's great.
Relevancy 45.58%

Need a good download manager. Trying to help a small village set up their computer. low price or free would be nice as they have little money. Can anyone help? Thank You.

Relevancy 45.58%

I'm stuck in dialup h*ll. I'm having a hard time DL big files. I need a download manager that isn't full of spyware, and not a hog on the 'ol cpu's.
Is there such a thing? Can some one recommend one? I'm running Windows XP Home SP 2, Mozilla Firefox, & IE 7. Thanks in advance.

A:Looking For A Download Manager

Try this:Flashget
Relevancy 45.58%

I need a good FREE download manager. I'm having trouble finding one that's not riddled with spyware.

Relevancy 45.58%

What do you think is the best download manager and why?


A:Best download manager

Free Download Manager ( I've used it for quite a while. When I first found it it was the only one that I could find that was actually free and useful. Probably different now, but I dont really have a reason to switch other than just curiousity.

It's loaded with alot of features. I like the bandwidth controls and how it can organize your files.

Only one problem I have is on my Vista Desktop. It doesnt like IE8 very much, IE8 crashes when you attempt to close it. But works fine on my Vista Laptop with IE8.

It's open source, high traffic user forum are just a couple of other good reasons to trust and use it.

I'm open to alternatives though, so am looking forward to other opinions.
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I recently gave up my Direcway satellite broadband and returned to dial-up . My Dial-up ISP has an accelerator program (Propel) that works pretty good for browsing but is useless for downloads. I get about 2.7kbps. A simple definitions update from AVG takes almost 45 minutes for a 5Mb file. I looked on and found quite a number of utilities after searching on "Download Manager". Among them were Kazaa and a couple of other names I've seen associated with spyware.

So I'm looking for a recommendation on the best free download manager and also whether there are any gotchas associated with download managers in general.

I'm running Win98SE with a MyIE2 browser on a P2 Dell desktop. Any and all thoughts appreciated.


Relevancy 45.58%

Someone please help me get rid of this stupid thing called Download Studio. I downloaded the demo and now a i cant get rid of it. When i go to remeove it from the add or remove programs thing in control panel a window pops up and says that Setup has detected that Download Studio or Internet exploer is running and they are not someone please help me.

A:Download Manager

Try getting rid of it in Safe Mode.How to start Windows in Safe Mode
Relevancy 45.58%

Please could anyone recommend a free download manager - I used to use flashget but am sure I read somewhere that it comes with loads of spyware.

I need a download manger as I have a dialup connection and need to download a large file in stages.

Thanks for any help

Relevancy 45.58%

Was trying to download freeocr from their website (unsuccessfully), when I noticed an increase in pop ups. When checking the uninstall list of programs saw this one. Googled it and not happy with what I saw.

I uninstalled it, but what I found on internet suggested downloading other programs to be sure all aspects of it were deleted from system. As you can guess this is how I ended up with the problem to begin with.

Have you had experience with this before?


A:we download manager pro

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Hi forum readers,
I am looking for a Download Manager which I can store the Downloaded Data into my USB and plug it into another computer so that I can resume the paused download data into that computer.
So far the Download Manager that can do that is "Orbit Downloader".

Thanks a lot.

A:A Download Manager

Hello,Try thisFor downloads, if you want to resume download later, important thing is does the server from which you download supports resumption!Not all servers supports this!Hope this help?Regards,Max
Relevancy 45.58%

I like and use Firefox, but to me that Download Manager
is nothing more than an annoyance.

Every time I download something that pops up and all I
do with it is stop what I'm doing and close it.

I searched and couldn't even find it on my computer

Appreciate any tips!

A:How to get rid of Download Manager?

the downloads box thing is part of firefox so you can't get rid of it.

however what you can do is go to the firefox extensions website and get Download Statusbar

instead of bringing up the downloads box it brings up a small bar at the bottom of the screen that hardly intude at all (plus there's a 'mini mode' which sends it to the status bar as an icon)

i use it myself and it's realy good plus it tells you more about the file bieng downloaded etc
Relevancy 45.58%

I've bought the Student 32-bit version of Win7. I received a confirmation email with my order number and Key.
Successfully downloaded both the .exe file and the ISO file. I don't want to run the ISO file if I can possibly avoid it BUT the .exe file doesn't run. The Digital River download manager opens, and then says that I need to be connected to the Internet for it to run...when i AM connected! So I don't even get as far as putting the key code in.
Found the Customer service button, which asked for Oder no or email address + last 5 digits of credit card details - it regognises neither of these. I'm pretty sure I bought it directly from the Microsoft website, so perhaps the exe. file is corrupted? Still doesn't explain why it doesn't recognise my order
Any ideas?
I've also tried rebooting but makes no difference


A:DR download manager won't run

Quote: Originally Posted by beaskies

I've bought the Student 32-bit version of Win7. I received a confirmation email with my order number and Key.
Successfully downloaded both the .exe file and the ISO file. I don't want to run the ISO file if I can possibly avoid it BUT the .exe file doesn't run. The Digital River download manager opens, and then says that I need to be connected to the Internet for it to run...when i AM connected! So I don't even get as far as putting the key code in.
Found the Customer service button, which asked for Oder no or email address + last 5 digits of credit card details - it regognises neither of these. I'm pretty sure I bought it directly from the Microsoft website, so perhaps the exe. file is corrupted? Still doesn't explain why it doesn't recognise my order
Any ideas?
I've also tried rebooting but makes no difference


Hi and welcome

Just curious, why dont you want to run the ISO? it is the prefered method of installation. Plus if you don twant to burn a dvd, and have a USB stick you could install from there.

Let us know if we can help

Ken J+
Relevancy 45.58%

I've bought the Student 32-bit version of Win7. I received a confirmation email with my order number and Key.
Successfully downloaded both the .exe file and the ISO file. I don't want to run the ISO file if I can possibly avoid it BUT the .exe file doesn't run. The Digital River download manager opens, and then says that I need to be connected to the Internet for it to run...when i AM connected! So I don't even get as far as putting the key code in.
Found the Customer service button, which asked for Oder no or email address + last 5 digits of credit card details - it regognises neither of these. I'm pretty sure I bought it directly from the Microsoft website, so perhaps the exe. file is corrupted? Still doesn't explain why it doesn't recognise my order
Any ideas?
I've also tried rebooting but makes no difference


A:DR download manager won't run

You need to make a DVD from the .ISO
Use ImgBurn ImgBurn - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
Burn the DVD at a slow rate.
Relevancy 45.58%

Can anyone recommend a good download manager?

I'm currently using Download Accelerator, which is mostly OK, occasional crashes/data loss, but I'm trying to get rid of all spyware from my PC so I'd like to trade up to something that isn't spyware. Preferably freeware, but there ain't no such thing as a free lunch...

Relevancy 45.58%

can anyone recommend one?

i dont like download managers when they automatically start up and want to download everything. i want to be able to right-click and choose to use the download manager when i want to download something big. i was using another download manager once and i didnt know how to get things to download WITHOUT it. because some things dont download right with them.
Relevancy 45.58%

I presently use Stardownloader with FlashGot as an addon in Firefox. I've been pretty happy with it but not particularly happy with the way it acts on some sites, particularly when I try to download financial data from a bank site.
I realize that some of these programs are loaded with spyware, so I guess I am just wondering if anybody has a favorite they like.
Preferably it'll be a free program.

A:Download Manager

Hello,I have been using freshdownload from it is quite fast, but has been known not to work on some sites. hope this helps
Relevancy 45.58%

Does anyone use download managers?

if so which is the best for:



A:download manager?

Please don't post the same query in multiple forums. Continue here:
Relevancy 45.58%

Forgive my ignorance but does anyone no of a good download manager without spyware?


Relevancy 45.58%

What is, in your oppinion, the best download manager?

Mine goes to GetRight 4.5c (but I also heard good words about Download Accelerator

A:Best download manager

I'm using download accelerator 5.0 I think, haven't had major issues with it, I only use it for getting better download rates for large files though, believe it or not, I'm still on dial up.
Relevancy 45.58%

This is a two-part question that breaks down into the categories of freeware and software you have to pay for In specific I m looking for informed users of download managers About years BEST the Download What's Manager? ago I tried asking the Wikipedia editors of the comparative table of download What's the BEST Download Manager? managers to update it because it s woefully incomplete and the short answer was quot Do it yourself quot The long answer was a bit better but the excuse given for why most DMs weren t listed at all was because they only list DMs that have a page on Wikipedia When I searched Wikipedia What's the BEST Download Manager? and posted a list of all the DMs on Wikipedia that were NOT in the table that s when I got blown off Not being an expert on the topic although I ve tried a few from the very LONG list that are available of DMs and audio video DMs I wisely declined So here I am looking to BC members to see if I can get a good idea of which DMs are top of the heap Please keep in mind a few points I dumped Download Accelerator Plus because of the adware and some other issues I What's the BEST Download Manager? am dumping Free Download Manager because it doesn t allow me to pause my downloads I had problems with Go Zilla when I tried using it I ve used LeechGet and JDownloader but formed no opinion yet I m also dumping FlashGet because there is no way to completely disable P P connections with it and also because it s trying to get me to install the Simplified Chinese Language Pack when I haven t visited any sites that need it I find that worrisome and invasive Wikipedia reports it has Cydoor Pop-up ads and Chinese banners I am interested in the POTENTIAL of being able to use P P but I want TOTAL control over it I m not using it to get pirated quot warez quot - just for big downloads uploads I need to be able to pause resume downloads I know not all sites allow this as I often have to pause them due to sharing the computer I need a dropbox clipboard and browser monitoring all of which should be toggle-able and I need it to be able to watch IE FF and Chrome I want a program that is both flexible and relatively user-friendly Anything that looks as confusing as Shareaza is not my cup of tea sips some Earl Grey Clearly it should be as fast as possible using the download site and mirrors A real bonus would be that it can grab videos and stuff even if downloading is turned off As a teacher I find certain videos indispensable and I don t have a fast connection to the Internet so spending an hour to watch a -minute video is out of the question It should be free I know I m demanding and fussy Sorry I DO want recommendations for paid programs for the future when I actually have money but for now flat broke is my state At this point because of the functions I m aware of and some recommendations I m considering settling on Orbit It has Grab which allows me to get videos and such it has P P functionality with full control drop box clipboard and browser monitoring support for many downloading uploading websites uploading com etc and so on However some people have expressed concern that it may have some sort of bad software in it including the Comparison of download managers on Wikipedia which says quot mild browser hijack quot and it doesn t support Chrome according to the site
Relevancy 45.58%

Hey guys... i just cant get figured which is a good download help me out in choosing one.....and and it should be a free one !!

A:Best Download manager

I use Free Download Manager. I use it because I have to throttle my connection at work so as to not suck up all of the bandwidth.
Relevancy 45.58%

I have used GetRight for a while and liked how it can connect multiple times to a server and really increase the download speed, but I can never figure out how to schedule downloads or get things to download one after another.

I also used Flashget for a bit, but got sick of the ad's.

Basically, I am after a download manager that allows mulitple connections to the server, allows for scheduled downloads and will allow me to set things to download one after another.



Relevancy 45.58%

What download manager would you guys recommend?I used to use gozilla,any other recommendations?

A:Download Manager

You could try this one its free also another one here , another one here but its 60 days trial
Relevancy 45.58%

Does anyone know of a good free download manager. Or is it safer not to use one at all.

A:Download Manager

I recomend you to use " Download Accelerator"
it has the fast downloading performance and easy to use.


download iit from the
Relevancy 45.58%

I recently downloaded and installed one of those free download managers I had been using one called quot WellGet quot but it stopped working for some reason and the author no longer has a web site I know a lot of those things have spyware adware and malware I had been using WellGet for several years and had no indication of any infections from it or that it even contained any of those things itself I have a primitive archaic dial up which is why I Download Manager?? have Download Manager?? even considered and used a download manager The capability to resume downloads is critical when you ve been downloading something for hours and then it disconnects My virus defs are approaching MB now and the daily updates I do manually by the way just about require the ability to resume if there is a disconnect There is nothing quite as bothersome as having a large download interrupted and then having to start all over again I would switch to broadband and be done with the whole issue but I live in a rural area and broadband is just not that reliable I ve considered satellite but that seems like it would be just as much hassle as dial up In any case I Googled on download managers and came across a link for reviews by that Spybot S amp D guy He recommended quot LeechGet quot and quot Download Express quot as spware and adware free but I tried them and was not very satisfied with their GUI So I am currently trying quot Free Download Manager quot FDM I use McAfee SiteAdvisor MSA and they have rated the FDM web site quot yellow quot which means use with caution Apparently MSA at one time rated the FDM site as quot red quot meaning stay away from it but they quot upgraded quot to yellow based on a lot of user complaints that the FDM site was harmless I went to the MSA site and read some of the user reviews and the majority of users have said that the site should be rated quot green quot and that FDM does NOT contain any malware Quite a few of the user reviews commented that those that have reported malware were DOWNLOADING software containing malware with FDM NOT that FDM itself contains malware I myself try to only do downloads from trusted sites which is one of the reasons I m making this post They also mentioned that FDM is now open source and that FDM org has cleaned up any links the site contained to malware sites Now I know that open source and a org domain are not guarantees that there won t be any malware but that would seem to reduce the risk Additionally I ve noted that FDM also has an quot opinions quot tab which gives the user opinions that other users have written about the download being done It even has a setting to label the download as malware if a certain percentage of the opinions say that I ve been using FDM for a couple of days now and even have done a Spybot scan an Adaware scan and an antivirus scan and all have come up clean And FDM has a GUI that I like So I d like to hear some comments on this issue If the comments are overwhelmingly quot anti-FDM quot then I may go back and try LeechGet or Download Express and just deal with a GUI that I don t like Security is much more important than a bothersome GUI Thoughts nbsp

A:Download Manager??

Hi BobJam,

Stick with FDM, you won't get a better download manager - it's versatile, can resume downloads, and you can even tweak the number of download connections into which your download is split to do concurrent downloading on parts of a single file. Two thumbs up as the best download tool - only on Windows, however afaik.

-- Tom
Relevancy 45.58%

How do I access the download manager in Windows XP Media Center Edition?

A:Where is download manager in XP?

There is not a built-in "Download Manager" within any version of Windows. What are you trying to download?

I realized you might be trying to download media content for MCE. If so you need to setup the MCE portion of the OS.
Relevancy 45.58%

Im getting a weird message evrytime i try to download something. After the screen where I select which folder I want to put the file I get that box telling me that i need to go online to find the apropriate program. The file extension is also something ive never seen before. It says msn23.downloadhost. The number also changes everytime i try to get something new.