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Looking to upgrade processor, board Micro-Star MS-7184

Q: Looking to upgrade processor, board Micro-Star MS-7184

hello, ive had this desktop computer for years now and the processor is extremely outdated. I have been looking around trying to figure out how i can upgrade the processor speed but it seems the more i look up the less i know about computers...

anyways i have: Board: MICRO-STAR MS-7184
Serial Number: 5922655884

current proccessor: 2.00 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64
256 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Not hyper-threaded

I believe the socket is a 939? when i looked up these specs i found that the highest processor i can place is " AMD Athlon 64 X2 (up to 4800+) and Sempron (up to 3200+) processors".

Can anyone verify this?Or is it not worth investing in a new processor? i am looking to find the best upgrade rather then spending cash to buy a new computer. Any advice would be extremely appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Looking to upgrade processor, board Micro-Star MS-7184

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Looking to upgrade processor, board Micro-Star MS-7184

Hey Noctis,

Truth be told you are better off upgrading your Motherboard, RAM, and Processor if you want to see any substantial difference. A socket 939 is quite a bit old and since then they have move onto the AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, etc sockets for AMD Mobos and Processors.

Socket 939 processors are to the point where they are no longer just old enough to be cheap. Since they are no longer made they are old enough to be more expensive than modern counterparts in many cases.

When upgrading the MOBO and CPU you want to look into more than just the processor speed. Important factors are also the types and amount of cache for a processor, number of cores, and RAM that can be used with that CPU.

The newer Athlon II X2s as an example are a significant leap from the original Athlon 64s and a discerning buyer online can find them significantly cheap. AM2+ boards are currently somewhat inexpensive and so is DDR2 RAM. They are currently at the stage where they are old enough to be somewhat cheap but with the newest socket and processors being sold by AMD now it may change iwthin the next few years to start getting expensive again from being old enough.

You also have the route of a AM3 with DDR2 or DDR3 Ram option available which are also moderately priced.

If you check out the website you can look at pricing for several different mobos, cpus, etc from various websites easily. I just completed a full build including case, HDD, Mobo, CPU, DVD-RW, RAM, Graphics card, etc for just over $350.00
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I downloaded a program called MBProbe which gives M board are What with & 1 Athlon? a settings M'board correct Lite GHz temp. 6330 Micro-Star amp CPU temperatures voltages fan speeds It has settings for sensors but I don t know which ones to use Here s what MBProbe s default s say Temperatures Tab Motherboard Warning F Critical warning F CPU Warning F Critcal F Aux Warning F Critical F Aux Warning F F The choices of temperature sensors it gives are VT C A VT C A ASUS Cusl Tekram --- Adjustment of temperature offsets What are correct temp. settings with a Micro-Star 6330 Lite M'board & 1 GHz Athlon? Celsius for M board CPU Aux are all set at quot Voltage Divders quot setting is quot Normal quot but program gives settings choice for What are correct temp. settings with a Micro-Star 6330 Lite M'board & 1 GHz Athlon? Winbond Tekram ABit K FIC AZ- PC-Chips M PC-Chips M QDI BX -- And in the CPU Info tab it says AuthenticAMD Athlon TBird Family Model Stepping V SMBus Via VT C B port h Basically I would like to know what the correct settings would be for the MS- Board As I m typing this room temperature is F amp prog says cpu temp is F nbsp

A:What are correct temp. settings with a Micro-Star 6330 Lite M'board & 1 GHz Athlon?
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Shall I Upgrade My Processor/What Processors are CompatibleWith My Board?

Well as you can tell from the title, i'm wondering if I should upgrade my processor and what processors are compatible with my board.

I have a ASUS PDGT-LA [HP Goldfish3].

I currently have a Intel Pentium 4 519K 3.06Ghz 533 Mhz FSB 64-bit Processor.

Would upgrading to a 640 or a 630 be worth the $100?

What processors are compatible with my board?

Thanks in Advance,

A:Shall I Upgrade My Processor/What Processors are Compatible With My Board?

Socket: LGA775
Supports processor up to 3.4 GHz
Supports Intel Pentium 4 HT processors

Lots more info from here:
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I bought Dell Dimension 4600 with P4 2.4Ghz and wanted upgrade to 3.0Ghz or higher. I want to make sure that I am buying a right CPU.

The spec said I can upgrade to 3.0Ghz/800FSB, but according to user win2kpro on this thread, he said my motherboard is D865PESO, so I went to the Intel website and find this page.

The page says that it supports Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Extreme Edition supporting Hyper-Threading Technology† , so I follow the link which show that the motherboard supports 3.20 - 3.46Ghz/ 800FSB.

Since Dell said supports upto 3.0Ghz, my question is can I upgrade to P4 Extreme Edition 3.46Ghz?

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I have just found out that i cannot load my drivers for my star mirco point of sale tsp 650 printer becasue I am running a 64 bit machine...How do i get the 64bit drivers for this machine. I have been on the star micro web site and no luck there....

A:help with Star Micro POS TSP 650

STAR-ASIA TECHNOLOGY LTD. - Star TSP650 driver download

There is a driver here, however it does not say if it is 64bit. If it does not work let us know and I will have another search for it for you.
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..does anyone know where I can find them? I've been finding a lot of dead links. Even the Micro Star website claims no listing. Typical.
I need to know how much I can upgrade the video card for it.

A thousand thanks.

A:Micro Star 6156 BX7 specs (motherboard)

When in doubt, ebay...
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I need help.I dont have the drive for my mainboard.It is Micro-Star International Co.,LTD MS-7012

A:I need help.I dont have the drive for my mainboard.It is Micro-Star International Co.

Ingo said:

I need help.I dont have the drive for my mainboard.It is Micro-Star International Co.,LTD MS-7012Click to expand...

do you mean drivers?

look HERE for drivers
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hi i am trying to instal an very old mother board in a Computer Case but when i hav everything connected
i get nothing when pressing the powerbutton

PS: sorry for my bad english i cant typ very well in this language

A:Button Power Conection MSI micro star ms 7027 Motherboard

Let me just rub my magic ball and find out whats wrong for you

Im joking there could be a million things going wrong.

Please can you fill out your system specs to help us be able to help you
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Hey guys. im really pushing for a SLI motherboard that is compatible with my system. for instance i dont want to be replacing any thing from ram to processor. or Casing. but i dont know where to start. i brought my computer from Ebay so ill have to wait for deeper info on the comp. but i do have the URL for the computer.
(instead of the 512 mb of graphic's i replaced that with a Nvidia 9800GT (1gig) extra $100)

thank you for reading. much appreciated.

A:What Mother board should i replace mine with. (Micro ATX)

Do you know the manufacturer and model for the motherboard in the computer you are buying? It is conceivable we could recommend something that isn't as good as what you have.
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I need some help with this motherboard. I installed it and when I plug my monitor in the light never turns green. It stays an amber color. What do I need to do or any suggestion to try?

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I have a coworker who is trying to get a computer going for her kids. She was told by a IT guy at work that her MB was shot and the best thing to do was buy a whole new computer. I told her that if she could get the same motherboard, it could be a cheap fix and the kids would be up and running again without much delay. It is an old Compaq with a MS 7184 ver 1.0 MB. The only thing I see available is MS 7184 ver .8. Is the MB she has backwards compatible to this MB. Not sure of all the other stuff inside. Would you recommend doing this if it is compatible or sucking it up and buying a new kids computer?

Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Ms 7184 mb

It can be done, but it depends how comfortable you are with working on PC's

You can replace a motherboard on a PC, by uninstalling all the motherboard resources from the PC, shutting down, replacing the motherboard and installing new drivers.

However if she bought the PC with Windows pre-installed then this would make her license invalid and she would need to buy a new Windows license which isnt too cheap, this coupled with the new motherboard and the time taken to install, she may be better getting a new PC and then at least she has an up to date machine and the warranty that comes with it.
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I wouldn't mind upgrading towards a motherboard that'll have a available slot for a video card because mine does not have that capability so thus I'm stuck with a onboard video . If this helps here's my pro

Intel Celeron D Processor 325
2.53 GHz
256K L2 Cache

At least I hope I can get another board to use with my Processor because at this point in time I don't want to have to go out an buy the bundle

A:New board old processor

First of all is this a pre-built system ie dell, compaq, hp, etc? If so, you are pretty much stuck buying a board from them because the case is usually proprietary; that is it will not fit a standard atx board.

If this is a custom build, then yes you can replace your board.
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I have a Pentium 4A 2400-MHz system here that will POST about one out of every eight to twelve attempts. When it does POST, it runs flawlessly for as long as I leave it on, even for days or weeks. However, if I turn it off or attempt to do a restart, I'm back to turning it on, waiting for it to POST and if it doesn't, turning it off and on again until it does POST.

I suspect the board or the processor; but, I'm at a loss as to which. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

The power supply is known good.

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I'm trying to do a little research here. It was recommended to replace my emachine T2825 motherboard with this: PC CHIPS M848A SOCKET A 462 SiS 746FX ATX AMD. My current CPU is AMD ATHLON XP 2800+. I believe I can upgrade to the AMD XP 3200+. Is this correct? Also I see this CPU listed in various sites as AMD ATHLON 64 3200+. Are these two the same? Would I see much of the difference going from the 2800+ to the 3200+?


A:Which processor is best for this board?

They are not the same at all. Athlon XP and Athlon 64 are two totally different architectures. Athlon XP uses Socket A (Socket 462), while Athlon 64 uses Sockets 754, 939, 940 (very rarely), and AM2.
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I have just changed the motherboard and processor on my second computer and when trying to boot up it starts but shuts down after a very short time. I have put in a 500watt atx power supply to replace the 300watt that was in the computer originally but it is still shutting down. Any ideas please.The motherboard is Asus A7S8X-MX and the Processor is AMD Sempron 2300+.

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the computer has a new board in it and all necessary hardware to boot and cruise the net perform few office tasks etc the processor is amd xp on a gigabyte k triton board the bios appears to all be right i even put in the cd to check to see if it needed fixes or overwritten but it said it needed neither when i install windows it runs processor 1700 bad? on or xp board amd xp sp2; fine and after maybe or reboots i start to get these just recovered from a serious error messages referring to a compapp txt file usually and a couple of other files in doc local temp write mem errors and corrupt file messages and the computer then reboots itself i ve used different install disks and all get the same results this is a new hard drive formatted using both xp and the software that came with it my only guess is that it is either the processor that is bad or maybe the board i m out of ideas amd xp 1700 on xp sp2; board or processor bad? on what to check so any help is appreciated if i can find someone to help me out i ll see what error messages will pop up next time i turn it on and post them here tia - Tag nbsp

A:amd xp 1700 on xp sp2; board or processor bad?

Have you tested the memory:
Make sure to run the extended test by pressing T.
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i have purchased a P4 3.0Ghz SL7J6 processor for a new build , having trouble finding a quality board for it .Does anyone have any suggestions or mabe have a particular board maker that you mite favor thanks in advance for your suggestion

A:Compatible board for P4 processor

I wonder... Why did you buy a P4 for a new build? How much did you pay for that? You can get a dual-core AMD CPU for 40-60$, and that beats P4 totally... Consider returning that P4, as it just isn't worth your money... :/
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Hi, I have a 2.4mhz computer which keeps dying, goes straight to black screen, no action. there has been problems with this machine for a while wont boot occasionally with ram error no floppy working, I think MB is dying. I use this for graphics, photoshop etc .Anyway I have no money at the moment but my old system with asus CUSL2 mb is sat here with decent ram but its only 933mhz,Can anyone tell me if I can get a faster processor for this MB so I can use the old system for now and ditch the 2.4mhz.My laptop which is a 1.6mhz runs photoshop etc fine, so if I can up the power a bit for a few quid on the old reliable tower that would be great for now .Thanks sam

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I have a BIOSTAR mother board with 200MHZ AMD K6 in it now.
What I was wondering is if I could put an AMD K6 450MGZ in there?

A:mother board and processor ?

Go to their web site with the make and model of the motherboard. All the docs are on their site. It's probably a Socket 7 board so there aren't too many upgrade options for that.
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Hey Ya'll,

I just bought:

Motherboard.. Intel D945Gnt
Processor.. Intel P4 2.80G
And 1 G of RAM

This was a drastic change from what I had, and was told that I would have to re-install XP.
OK, I figured it would be worth the trouble..

While running setup

Runs setup fine until the first reboot, then I get, with the DOS screen..

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

I don't know how to do that...or if it means something is configured wrong, or what?!?!



A:New Board, Processor, Won't Run Windows

Boot with your XP cd.
At the welcome screen press R for repair.
Press 1 to choose your installation.
Enter an admin password unless you're using xp home, then leave blank and just press enter.
Type bootcfg /list , you'll see the list of entries in your boot.ini file.
Next, type bootcgf /rebuild.
Pull the cd out, type exit and reboot
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power for Power disabled Collaborative Processor Controls after upgrade are Processor was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal I went into event viewer to see if there was any ACPI Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error's listed and this came up The exact Error that's provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Asustek N JN-MH Notebook Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Core Thread Ram GB MB Video Intel Onboard MB Nvidia GeForce m OS Windows Home Upgraded from Windows So is there anything that i can do or do i just have to wait for asus to publish a new Firmware Update even though it's probably likely they won't Thanks in advance guys

A:Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

See if this finds any new drivers:

Intel? Driver Update Utility
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal The exact Error that s provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last Collaborative are for Power Processor Controls disabled Processor upgrade after one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb NOTE my laptop has an Nvidia GeForce m Chip as well but it did not detect that for some reason Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC N JN Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled Have not had time to get antiviral software yet So is there Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade anything i can do or do i just have to wait and see if Asus pushes out an update thanks in advance nbsp
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This is my Entire system spec Im looking to upgrade my processor but I need help Operating System System Model Windows Home Premium x Service Pack build Install Language English United States System Locale English United States Installed AM Boot Mode BIOS Secure Boot not supported eMachines ET G System Serial Number PTNBA Enclosure Type Desktop Processor a Main Circuit Board b gigahertz AMD Athlon II X u kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache -bit ready Multi-core total Not hyper-threaded Board eMachines MCP PM-GM Bus Clock megahertz BIOS AMI P -A Drives Memory Modules c d Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH N SCSI im with AMD is board? to my What Processor mother compatible this And new CdRom Device Optical drive WD Virtual CD USB Device Optical drive Generic- Compact Flash USB Device Hard drive -- drive Generic- MS MS-Pro HG USB Device Hard drive -- drive What AMD Processor is compatible with my mother board? And im new to this Generic- SD MMC USB Device Hard drive -- drive Generic- SD MMC MS What AMD Processor is compatible with my mother board? And im new to this MSPRO USB Device Hard drive -- drive Generic- SM xD-Picture USB Device Hard drive -- drive WD My Book USB Device Hard drive GB -- drive s n WMAVY WDC WD AAKX- CA SCSI Disk Device GB -- drive s n WD-WMAYUL SMART Status Healthy Megabytes Usable Installed Memory Slot DIMM has MB serial number DE B Slot DIMM has MB serial number D B Slot DIMM is Empty Slot DIMM is Empty Local Drive Volumes c NTFS on drive GB GB free k FAT on drive GB GB free Operating System is installed on c Network Drives None discovered Users mouse over user name for details Printers local user accountslast logon Quentin PM admin UpdatusUser AM local system accounts Administrator AM admin Guest PM HomeGroupUser never Marks a disabled account Marks a locked account HP LaserJet Professional P w on IP Microsoft Shared Fax Driver on SHRFAX Microsoft XPS Document Writer on XPSPort Controllers Display ATA Channel Controller ATA Channel Controller NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller x Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller What AMD Processor is compatible with my mother board? And im new to this NVIDIA GeForce GTS Display adapter DELL WFP Monitor quot vis s n XX- JU -XXXXX- - S June Bus Adapters Multimedia Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller HP Webcam HD- Mobiola Wave Audio Device WDM Mobiola Web Camera Video Source NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device Wave Extensible WDM Realtek High Definition Audio Senstic PocketAudio Senstic PocketCam USB Audio Device Virus Protection Back to Top Group Policies No details available None discovered Communications Other Devices Hamachi Network Interface primary Auto IP Address Gateway Dhcp Server Physical Address A D Connection Speed Mbps Microsoft to Adapter Microsoft ISATAP Adapter NVIDIA nForce Mbps Ethernet Auto IP Address Gateway Dhcp Server Physical Address FC C AA Connection Speed Mbps Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Networking Dns Servers HID-compliant consumer control device x HID-compliant device x USB Input Device x HP Webcam HD- HID Keyboard Device x HID-compliant mouse Microsoft PS Mouse USB Composite Device x USB Mass Storage Device x USB Root Hub x Generic volume shadow copy WD SES Device E F G H I nbsp

A:What AMD Processor is compatible with my mother board? And im new to this

That is an AM3 socket CPU which means it should be compatible with the Phenom II series CPU's. I looked up the board and it should still support up to a 95 watt CPU so any Phenom II X4 CPU with a 95 watt TDP would work on it.

Like This
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ok question is: I have a Compaq Presario tower with a 266mhz Intel P-II processor and factor Board. I am looking to speed things up to at least 800mhz and was wondering what is the better processor and board combo for the money?
and what price range am I looking at? was hoping to keep it under 300 bucks but want a faster comp too so if you have any info, I would love the help.


A:Mother board and processor upgrading

A word of warning, if you plan on using the compaq and just change the motherboard and processor it may not fit. Compaq uses proprietary everything. I maybe wrong but keep it in mind. If it where me, I would buy a new case with power supply, get the motherboard and cpu, and use the rest of the components from the compaq.
You can buy a half decent case and power supply for less than a hundred.

You can check compaq's site and see if you can get any dimension's on your current case but more than likely it is a proprietary design for them. Even if the motherboard will physically fit inside the case the i/o's probably won't line up(meaning the usb/paralell port/mouse/keyboard/ etc connectors)
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Hello Which processor... memory... board? Solved: Could someone please help me I am looking to upgrade my pc but have a conundrum I am torn between an Intel Q Core Quad Proccessor - GHz MB L Cache MHz and the AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Quad-Core Processor - GHz MB Cache Socket AM W nm Which is better do you Solved: Which processor... memory... board? think If I opt for the AMD the I have to revamp the memory to DDR to go with the AM motherboard gx has been recommended I have seen ddr advertised quot for i motherboards quot in the blurb Is it true that all ddr s will fit in any ddr compatible motherboard or are there specific types for specific boards and processors I know that the intel will need a new motherboard socket-ish but assuming that it will still use ddr mem - the memory i already have Though i know very little about the subject I am rather interested in your opinions and facts etc Thank you in advance nbsp

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I just purchased a new biostar P4m80-m4 motherboard and an intel celeron D325 2.53g socket478 256k processor. Biostars's manual and website indicate that this board supports this processor. However when I booted up the machine I got an error message to this effect: warning cpu has been changed or cpu ratio failed. I shut down the machine and when I tried to reboot I got nothing. The power supply does not even start. I have verified that the power supply has not failed. Anyone have any ideas what is going on?

A:mother board or processor problem

Clear the CMOS and try again.
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I've been spending several hours looking for onboard video and network drivers of an old Compaq processor board (1999-2000 compaq). msinfo32 gives the following:
OS Name: Windows 2000 Professional, System model: Compaq Deskpro, Bios Version: 686p2 v2.04. What I need now is the display driver. Help is much appreciated.

A:Drivers for Compaq Processor Board
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Hey all...I'm very new to this forum stuff so please bear with me..
Just got a new Asus A7N8X-X motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 2800+, and 512MB DDR Azenram.
First off I had a hell of a time setting up the advanced chipset features in the bios to get the performance I was supposed after that's all been done and XP PRO installed the computer keeps freezing..

Windows boots fine and very fast...once booted though and I start to run different applications...especially downloading the computer just locks up...after a few seconds I get a couple seconds where I can move the cursor and then it locks up again and so on. With performance monitor open the cpu usage spikes and drops and so on....I'm at my wits end with this machine....can anybody help????

A:New board and processor Windows Freezing

I found the same thing when I build this exact system in may 2004.

I found the problem to be lack of heat transfer from the cpu
to the heat sink. Added some more paste, not too much.
The original paste dried out.

It fixed the problem. The system runs great.
You need at least an antec 430 watt system power supply

good luck
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this is the first time i use this forum so plz help me

A:can i apply a p4 processor into a p3 mother board?

No, they use differant sockets, pentium 3 uses Slot1 and Socket370, pentium 4 uses Socket 423, 478, and 775.
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So I upgraded my motherboard and processor as well as my video card.
Here is all the new stuff i put in:
Intel DP35DPM Socket 775 Motherboard
Intel Core2 Duo E4500 2.2Ghz Socket 775 CPU
Corsair TWINX 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz E.P.P.
NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 512MB PCI-E x16 Video Card w/DVI/TV

So I load windows and it crashes right when XP loads up. (Right after the scroll bar screen)
I can safely boot in safe mode, I did that and installed the drivers.
I'm not that computer savvy so I could use a little help, my friend recommends reinstalling XP but I don't have a cd and would prefer not too.

I believe the error message is 0x0000004F.

I can double check and get back, but please let me know what I should do.

A:New Board + Processor cause XP to crash while loading

If you didn't re-install windows fresh after you got the new parts, that is the cause of your error message.

If you have windows installed on a hard-drive already and you change out computer parts such as motherboard, you will need to perform windows repair in order to get the computer running. If you don't have any important data on the hard-drive then I recommend you do a full format of your hard-drive and install windows fresh since you got new parts.

Overall, you will need to perform windows repair to get the computer going again.
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Hello, I want to upgrading my Star Wars Special Edition Signature Edition. I want to change the follow components: Memory Ram 8Gb to 16 GbHard drive to SSD 1 GbDvd drive to Blue ray drive battery 4 cell to 8 -10 or 12  cell please, you can recomend me references for to make this changes.In other words, I want that you tell me about diferents references. Thank regards   

A:Upgrade my Star Wars Hp

Here is the manual: Star Wars Edition Service Manual 8 gigs to 16 gigs is a go. Quote from the Manual: DDR3L-1600 Dual Channel Support Supports up to 16 GB of system RAM in the following con?gurations ? 16384-MB total system memory (8192×2) Memory module (DDR3L-1600): 8-GB 693374-005 For a 1 TB SSD I recommend a Samsung 850 Evo. OCZ also makes good ones as does Kingston. HP makes a Blu-Ray drive (see p. 27) but it is silver and not sure what color your laptop is. You can swap in a generic Blu-Ray reader or reader/burner using the existing caddy and faceplate. Post back if you need help with that.  Unfortunately the 4-cell is the only battery made for your laptop.  All of these upgrades will require removal of the back cover, which is not technically end user authorized. In other words it can jeopardize the warranty. It should be OK as long as no damage is done but you want to feel confident you can do it or find a technician who can. We will help as much as we can from a distance. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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After cleaning my computer free of dust, I reinstalled all the necessary parts to get the computer working again. When I was to put the processor back, I found that:

1) the pins were a little bit bent but I think they bent back in place when i put it back
2) In order to put back on motherboard, i had to remove the processor from the fan and that means the thermal paste was somewhat removed.

So the biggest question I have is: Is re-adding thermal paste necessary? and is this why its been shutting down?
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I plan to build my own computer since the DELL gx280 have given hard time to me. The i5 process would like to be my system in this time. Here is the list what I estimate on ebay (mostly)

CPU: Intel Core 2 q9400 - $190 OR i5 - $200
CPU Fan: ???
M/B: Asus P5KPL-CM - $60 OR Intel DP55WB - $100
Ram: Kingston 4gb DDR2 800mhz - $60 OR DD3 -$70
Video: ATI Radeon 4850 - $124
HDD: Western Digital 500GB 32mb, 7200 rpm - $56
CASE: standard ATX Tower with 500w power - $45

I have no idea about a CPU cooler. What I heard that the CPU cooler should be different ones depends on the M/B and case.
What kinds of cooler can I use for my system? Also how am I able to firgue that out?


A:Cooler for Core i5 processor with Intel board?

Fast Healthy Weight Loss

I plan to build my own computer since the DELL gx280 have given hard time to me.
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I'm not a gamer so extreme performance isn't a thing I just gotta' have; but, this dual processor board has two processors already installed and a Gig of RAM and it's only $99. It's used; but, I've had mostly good luck with used stuff. It also has all cables, fans, software, etc.

I would be using it as a desktop workstation.

For $99, what's your opinion? Are there any "gotchas" here?

There's also another different one here for only $60:

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Hey all, I'm going absolutely nuts. I'm building a new system up for my mom and the parts she bought are fubar! The old board wouldn't format the HDD when I tried to install windows XP pro on it, though the hard drive did fine loading in my PC. Bought a new board and it won't POST. I had the Bus set to 233MHz which is what AMD lists as the frequency for the AthalonXP 2800+, but when I put the processor back in the old board to make sure I didn't fry the processor it read it's bus speed as 100MHz. I upped the speed to 233 on that board and it stopped posting. Do I have a bunk chip? If so, is the old board actually ok?

I'll post all the specs of the boards when I get back, but any 1st thoughts would be appreciated.

A:new board won't POST, Processor not running at correct speed

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

The correct front side bus speed for your athlon 2800+ cpu is 166mhz. By setting it to 233mhz this constitutes a massive overclock, and that is why your system wont post.

If you look at the cpu specs below you will see that the Athlon xp 2800+ has an fsb of 333mhz which is means it should be set to 166mhz. 166mhz X the multiplier of 12.5 = 2083mhz clock speed.

See HERE for athlon specs.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
Relevancy 54.61%

can't find a thread about this,so i need advice of a good software to measure if my processor/board or hard drive is too hot.
a temp. reader that is to be exact for a pc.

Relevancy 54.61%

just installed a new motherboard and processor and now the hard drives not booting it appears in the bios but its not loading up any ideas would be much appreciated.
The motherboard is a ASUS P5LD2

Relevancy 54.18%

I would like to upgrade the 2GB RAM of my HP Notebook - 14-ac180nd (ENERGY STAR). Is it possible to replace the 2GB card for a larger RAM like 8GB?
Relevancy 53.75%

I've just installed a new mother board for an IBM netvista model 8311 63U
On startup it post and beeps twice and shows a message on 0167 no processor BIOS update.

If i ignore ...the system boots up to winxp home fine.
Using existing hard drive and away we go.

Concerns, on start up the fans (CPU and Case) start.. but then stop after the beeps. (They don't seem to start.. looking for a power shut off or something)...Sometimes the fans seem to kick in on their own much later

any direction appreciated

A:Solved: New mother board - error 00167 no processor update

Looks like I needed to do a Bios update.

Found this...
Followed instructions, downloaded a new Bios update, created an update diskette, rebooted and followed displayed instructions.

Appears to have solve my problem.

Did it again... solved it myself ....posting for others who may have similar problems.

Relevancy 53.75%

DP DP motherboard Q processor Quad core With Xp pro s end looming along with the fact that I Processor Intel - Board life & cycles Guesstimating Planning like to make images of the entire pc and clones Regardless will have to upgrade the OS and some of the Guesstimating Intel Board & Processor life cycles - Planning applications But with my system going on years old now wondering just how long the hardware behind this might keep plugging To boot they ve changed the sockets on the newer boards so if the processor alone goes out I ll probably still be into buying both Balancing costs with the amount of life left in this -- if I can get an extra years I would probably wait mainly because now is not the best time to be buying everything new software and OS is enough Then there is the idea that if something does go amiss between now and the expected breakdown I ll have to drop whatever it is that I m doing amp start from scratch yet again -- beginning with the system build -- gt clear to the new pc image Realizing this is not an easy question about all I can say is that the pc gets used several hours a day to days a week Personally I beleive the boards were better off years ago -- is it true Asus is involved with the newer Intels Win support is supposed to last to Jan -- if that s true a new OS and pc right before then would be timely Neopower has yet to be replaced All hard drives have nbsp

A:Guesstimating Intel Board & Processor life cycles - Planning

I see systems fail shortly out of the box and then I have clients running 20 year old systems for certain DOS based applications.
Relevancy 53.75%

I want to take my hard drive with the files (win98se) from a hp intel 500mhz celeron system and put it in a 1300mhz AMD board.
Before I do this should I remove most of the drivers etc before I switch over or should i leave it as is? I was just thinking that there would be a lot of conflicts if i don't prepare it for the move. What is the normal procedure? Thanks. Ed

Relevancy 53.75%

Any body recommend me a desktop board for following processor:-

Intel? Pentium? Processor E5200 (2M Cache, 2.50 GHz, 800 MHz FSB). Please prefer those board which easily available in any Indian E-commerce website.

A:Recommend Desktop Board for Intel® Pentium® Processor E5200

Hello avishnashrawat mate that is a fairly old CPU being a 775 socket and you will be looking at getting a used board unless you find something local new which I am doubting very much. Now I can only find the specs for the CPU and I cannot find anything of any use except it does support 64bit stuff but I cannot make out or see what memory is supported so.

Sorry but if it were me and I had this processor that is just what I would have to do. Now there are some good 1150 socket boards at a reasonable price out here at around $88 for the ASUS B85M-F Motherboard, and coupled with say a Pentium such as the Intel Pentium G3240 ($79) or Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition G3258 ($89) or even a Intel Celeron G1840 at $59 then you would have an up to date board and processor albeit they are quite basic but I would suggest they are superior to the CPU you have now. Plus you then just need the other components to suit ie RAM.

Now I understand you might be tied to a budget but truly I think you would be better off doing that than throwing good money after bad, because using used components is like playing Russian roulette - you just would not know what you are getting.

Anyway perhaps things might turn out and you find something that you are asking after - good luck
Relevancy 53.75%

Hello,I'm planning to buy Star Wars Special Edition 15-an000, that has 4 GB of RAM. I would like to add 8 GB more, but user guide says that it's NON customer accessible / upgradeable. What does it really mean, do you have some experience or photo of motherboard?And I want to change HDD for SSD, is it possible? Or can I change DVD for SSD?  Thanks a lot, Tomas

A:Star Wars Special Edition 15-an000 - upgrade RAM and SSD

@Jadro007? This should help explain a bit. REO
Relevancy 53.75%

This is the exat HP link for my particular laptop, the 4GB RAM version with 500 GB Hard Drive and WIndows 10: HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s120nr (ENERGY STAR) I need to upgrade the RAM from 4GB to 8 GB. Can I do it on this model?

A:HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s120nr (ENERGY STAR) RAM upgrade

It ain't easy but yes.  Memory 2 SODIMM slots DDR3L-1600 Support for DDR3L-1600 Support for dual channel Supports up to 16384-MB maximum on-board system memory Manual See p. 38 This is the 8 gig Module: 8-GB (PCL3, 12800, 1600) 693374-005 If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
Relevancy 53.75%

I'd like to upgrade the RAM in laptop (HP Notebook 15 r237ne)  (ENERGY STAR) (L5Y49EA),it is current 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM (1 x 8 GB), is it possible to upgrade it to 16 GB? and how many slots on the motherboard? thanks, 

A:Upgrade RAM HP Notebook - 15-r237ne (ENERGY STAR) (L5Y49EA)

Hi @SamAssi,  Welcome to the HP Forums!It is a terrific place to find answers and suggestions!For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide.Learn How to Post and More  I was unable to locate the necessary information to  answer your question.  Is there 2 slots or just the one? I suggest you contact HP support for assistance.  Please call our technical support at 800 474 6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get a support number for your region.World Wide Phone Support  To say thanks for replying please click the thumbs up icon below.  Best of Luck and have a great weekend!
Relevancy 53.75%

hey guys,
Hope there is someone who is able to help me.

i have a k7vat Lucky Star mobo.
BIOS is award modular v6.00PGN

i need to update it because it sees only 136 GB out of 320 GB of my new hard disk!!

i have xp pro sp2 and it sees the full 320 GBs (in disk management), but when i boot my pc in the bios screen it shows: 136 GB
"you could say where is the problem?? your xp sees it all..."
yes but when i try to create a new partition (whatever type), i cant access it.
so 90% it's bios limitation.

please help me.
i cant find the site of lucky star...

Relevancy 52.46%

I have recently wiped my Star Wars Edition Windows 10 Notebook and installed windows 7.  I have had many problems finding the windows 7 drivers for the laptop., and I was wondering if there was anyone that could help me out my main problem at the moment is that the onboard microphone is not being found or working and I am missing several other drivers when i search my laptop on the website i find the correct drivers for it but they are windows 10 which is how the laptop came, I was wondering if anyone had any information that would lead me to the exacet same drivers but for windows 7, it would be a massive help if somneone could.
Relevancy 50.74%

Just upgraded my hp pavilion to window 10 and an error comes up that app needs Windows .NET framework 3.5. (Includes . Net 2.0 and 3.0) everything seems ok other than I cannot get to Internet wired or wireless. Please help! Thank you

A:.NET framework 3.5 missing after micro 10 upgrade

Hi: If you need to install Net Framwork 3.5 you add it from the Programs menu in windows 10. Go to the control panel>programs>turn windows features on or off and check the Net Framework 3.5 box.
Relevancy 49.88%

I want to upgrade new graphic board around 250?. Which one I should buy?

My specs:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3340 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8138 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 610, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 653795 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., H61M-K
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

There are the game that i want to play:
Call of Duty Black Ops III
StarWars Battlefront

I have more 200? for others specs or something.

Relevancy 49.88%

I have a asus a7v333 mother board. I have a windows 7 disk .It needs 64 bit cpu. Is there a mother board that will support a 64 bit cpu that will take the memory and other parts from the a7v333?

A:upgrade mother board

What CPU do you have?
Relevancy 49.88%

I have a GA-71XE motherboard with a 750 AMD Athalon processor and would like to know if this can be updated. If so by how much and what else would be involved. Thanks, Maybe I should junk it and invesat in another machine?????????

A:GA-71XE board upgrade

You should be able to upgrade to an Athlon 1.4G 200mhz FSB processor. Make sure you get the 200mhz FSB one as the higher ones will not work with your motherboard.
Relevancy 49.88%

Hi. I have a question for someone. I want to upgrade the sound on my computer. I have a AMD K6-2 300mghz processor with onboard sound. I want to put in a soundblaster live sound card (pci). What am I getting into with the onboard sound card removal? Do I have to disable it in the BIOS settings or just remove the sound properties in the device manager? I appreciate anybody that can help. Thanks. Fred


Just disable the sound in the BIOS. Then, when it boots up - no sound. Then, install the PCI sound card. Windows should detect it and install the drivers. Simple and easy. Go for it!


Relevancy 49.45%

I had trend micro internet security 2009 on vista but had to uninstall it when I upgraded to 7. I tried re installing it but there's always messages about drivers and stuff missing or not compatible with this version of windows.
I was wondering if anyone knows, if I installed Trend Micros internet security 2009 and got the 2010 upgrade, would it all be fixed up or would it be better to buy the non upgrade 2010 one? Just that the upgrade can be AU$40 cheaper than the non upgrade. Anyone know if the upgrade can do a clean install like win 7 upgrade can??

A:Will Trend Micro net security pro 2010 upgrade work?

Quote: Originally Posted by vesh88

I had trend micro internet security 2009 on vista but had to uninstall it when I upgraded to 7. I tried re installing it but there's always messages about drivers and stuff missing or not compatible with this version of windows.
I was wondering if anyone knows, if I installed Trend Micros internet security 2009 and got the 2010 upgrade, would it all be fixed up or would it be better to buy the non upgrade 2010 one? Just that the upgrade can be AU$40 cheaper than the non upgrade. Anyone know if the upgrade can do a clean install like win 7 upgrade can??

2010 will work on windows 7.

If your looking for better security, try out theses: (payed)
SoftSphere Technologies, the official site of the DefenseWall HIPS - Host Intrusion Prevention System - sandbox your browser, e-mail, IM, IRC, P2P for secure Internet work. Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, Anti-Malware, Anti-Keylogger, Anti-Virus. Defence
Download Hitman Pro 3.5.3 Build 78 Free Trial - This software can help you find and remove new unknown threats. - Softpedia (Ignore the reviews, their all for old versions)
Relevancy 49.02%

Hi all.

Im new here so forgive me if i seem to be a dumb ***.

Also forgive me if this has been covered before else where.

I have a home brew PC set up.

The mother board is a ASUS A7V8X-MX SE. its currently fitted with a AMD 2600+ CPU.

What id like to know is can i get an upgrade CPU to make things a bit faster ??

I cant find my original hand book that came with the mother board.

I have read that AMD do a 3200+ chip , but I'm not sure if my mother board can take this.
Also there seems to be several versions too and I'm also unsure if the mother board is even supported any more .

My PSU is a LC-B350ATX not sure if this will cope with extra drain of a faster CPU ???

Can any one help me out with some info ??



A:A7V8X-MX SE mother board CPU upgrade SE
Relevancy 49.02%

Hey im thinking of upgrading my pc so i can just hook it up hdmi to my tv. Ive looked around and my mobo only supports pci cards, which when i checked the hdmi out cards were a bit pricey. It also has one agp 4x slot but cant find a decent card in that department.

Should i get a new MOBO instead with an integrated hdmi out because another benefit of that would be a better CPU and ram support (mine currently says max memory is 1 gig on crucial, but i looked up the serial and says it supports 2) I do want a faster and stronger rig but dont know if all my components would matche up with a new board.

What would i need to look for in terms of choosing either of these options. My case apparently supports uATX (micro).


A:Upgrade board or new video card?

Depends on your cash situation. Sounds like your PC is a bit old so a refresh would be in order. Particularly if you have a nice TV, you are probably going to want to use the PC for gaming/media.
Relevancy 49.02%

I have a Z820 with a Sandy Bridge E5-2643 processor. The boot block is 12/28/11 and Bios is 3.88. The motherboard is 618266-01 Rev 0E Can up upgrade to, say and E5-2680 or EF2690 Sandy Bridge? How about the V2 of these chips? I can't seem to find anything on-line and I don't want to replace my board. Just looking for more cores.Thanks.

A:CPU upgrade for Z820 and 618266-001 board?

Hi, There is the list of CPU's supported from the following link: Regards.
Relevancy 49.02%

Hello, I want to upgrade my 8560w (dual) system board (with cpu i7 2620M and 2 RAM slots) to a quadcore system board with 4 RAM slots and a quadcore i7. Is it possible from a technical point view? or is there some components that remain outside the system board and do not allow to make such an upgrade ? The manual mix all possible configurations together and does not precisely say the possible upgrades starting from a specific configuration.. Many thanks in advance, Yassine

View Solution.

A:system board upgrade 8560w

The system boards are a drop in replacement for each other. This is the one you want: For use with quad-core processors in all countries except China and Ukraine 652638-001 You will also obviously need a Quad Core processor. You can move all the add-ons over from the old board to the new. Memory, video card, wireless, display cable, etc. Even the processor heatsink is part of the video card cooling system. It is the same on dual core and quad core boards.  This is no easy task, by the way. There are lots of connecting daughterboards and subassemblies.  Your Service Manual System board on eBay If you can do the work yourself, it is $115 for the board and then about $200 for the CPU: $315 might be a working economic proposition on a $2000+ laptop. If you were paying me to do it I would not touch it for less than about $3-400 in labor. Looks like an all-day job. The Manual is not designed for upgraders. It is made for technicians who remove and replace like-kind parts only. Officially, there are no upgrades, it is a bit of a gray art. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I followed all directions I could to clean my computer before doing HiJack This Couldn't do Housecall the Trojan or Virus shut it down right in the middle of the scan I orginally got it when I typed in something on the address bar and some pop-up adds came up I closed them out and my Trend software signaled it was a high-risk site When I closed the page by clicking on the red X the whole computer rebooted itself When I tried to run my Trend Micro at that Trend Start 2007 Micro Upgrade -infected! Cant Software point a small box would flash in the upper left corner of my screen but Cant Start Trend Micro Software 2007 Upgrade -infected! not long enough for me to read what was in it Tried to download Trend Micro upgrade and now it says I must be an Administrator to allow the changes HELP Please Here is my HijJack This Log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system Ati evxx exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC WINDOWS system Ati evxx exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXEC WINDOWS ALCWZRD EXEC Program Files Digital Media Reader shwiconem exeC WINDOWS zHotkey exeC Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exeC Program Files Adobe Photoshop Elements PhotoshopElementsFileAgent exeC Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exeC PROGRA MUSICM MUSICM MMDiag exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exeC Program Files UPHClean uphclean exeC PROGRA Sony SONICS SsAAD exeC Program Files Viewpoint Common ViewpointService exeC Program Files MUSICMATCH MUSICMATCH Jukebox mim exeC Program Files Winamp winampa exeC Program Files Security Software Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exeC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exeC Program Files iPod bin iPodService exeC WINDOWS system wscntfy exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Manager ViewMgr exeC Program Files Common Files Softwin BitDefender Communicator xcommsvr exeC Program Files Common Files Softwin BitDefender Scan Server bdss exeC Program Files Softwin BitDefender bdmcon exeC Program Files Softwin BitDefender bdnagent exeC Program Files Softwin BitDefender bdswitch exeC Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exeC Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Program Files HijackThis HijackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www cnn com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www cnn comF - REG system ini UserInit userinit exeO - BHO no name - - E- D -A DE-E DA BE - no file O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dllO - BHO no name - B CA - A - D -A DF- BB - no file O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dllO - BHO no name - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - no file O - BHO no name - BDBD DAD-C - A -ADC - B B FF D - no file O - BHO no name - FDD B - D - ffb- - B AD ACC - no file O - Toolbar Easy-WebPrint - C -E D- c -AA D- AC BABA C - C Program Files Canon Easy-WebPrint Toolband dllO - HKLM Run NeroFilterCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exeO - HKLM Run SoundMan SOUNDMAN EXEO - HKLM Run AlcWzrd ALCWZRD EXEO - HKLM Run SunKistEM C Program Files Digital Media Reader shwiconem exeO - HKLM Run CHotkey zHotkey exeO - HKLM Run ATIPTA C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exeO - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Update Detection C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exeO - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Ru... Read more

A:Cant Start Trend Micro Software 2007 Upgrade -infected!

Welcome to BC FJM88 Viewpoint Manager is considered as foistware instead of malware since it is installed without users approval but doesn't spy or do anything "bad". This will change from what we know in 2006 read this article: are well advised to remove the program now. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and remove the following programs if present:ViewpointViewpoint ManagerViewpoint Media PlayerThen reboot.**************************Download ATF Cleaner by Atribune: ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.Click 'Select All' found at the bottom of the list.Click the 'Empty Selected' button.If you use Firefox browser, do this also:Click Firefox at the top and choose 'Select All' from the list.Click the 'Empty Selected' button.NOTE: If you would like to keep your saved passwords,please click 'No' at the prompt.If you use Opera browser,do this also:Click Opera at the top and choose 'Select All' from the list.Click the 'Empty Selected' button.NOTE: If you would like to keep your saved passwords,please click 'No' at the prompt.Click 'Exit' on the Main menu to close the program.**************************Download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri), to your desktop.Double click on Smitfraudfix.cmdSelect option #1 ? Search, by typing 1 and press "Enter"; a text file will appear, which lists infected files (if present).Please copy/paste the content of that report into your next reply.**************************Please download DrWeb-CureIt & save it to your desktop. DO NOT perform a scan yet.You should copy/print the following because you need to be in Safe Mode from here on.Reboot your computer into SAFE MODE" using the F8 method. To do this,restart your computer and after hearing your computer beep once during startup (but before the Windows icon appears) press the F8 key repeatedly. A menu will appear with several options. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate and select the option to run Windows in "Safe Mode".Scan with DrWeb-CureIt as follows:* Double-click on drweb-cureit.exe to start the program. An "Express Scan of your PC" notice will appear.* Under "Start the Express Scan Now", Click "OK" to start. This is a short scan that will scan the files currently running in memory and when something is found, click the Yes button when it asks you if you want to cure it.* Once the short scan has finished, Click Options > Change settings* Choose the "Scan tab" and UNcheck "Heuristic analysis"* Back at the main window, click "Select drives" (a red dot will show which drives have been chosen)* Then click the "Start/Stop Scanning" button (green arrow on the right) and the scan will start.* When done, a message will be displayed at the bottom advising if any viruses were found.* Click "Yes to all" if it asks if you want to cure/move the file.* When the scan has finished, look if you can see the icon next to the files found. If so, click it, then click the next icon right below and select "Move incurable". (This will move it to the C:\Documents and Settings\userprofile\DoctorWeb\Quarantine folder if it can't be cured)* Next, in the Dr.Web CureIt menu on top, click file and choose save report list.* Save the DrWeb.csv report to your desktop.* Exit Dr.Web Cureit when done.* Important! Reboot your computer because it could be possible that files in use will be moved/deleted during reboot.* After reboot, post the contents of the log from Dr.Web in your next reply. (You can use Notepad to open the DrWeb.cvs report)Reboot,post the SmitfraudFix report,the DrWeb.cvs report,and a new Hijackthis log into your next reply.
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I have a windows 7 system that I want to upgrade to Win10. The advisor says that the old on-board graphics card (built into the mobo) is not compatible. I went out and purchased a new PCI-e card that is compatible but the advisor continues to say that I can't upgrade. There appears to be no way for me to disable the old graphics chip in the BIOS.

I also tried to re-run the advisor analysis tool via the command line as mentioned in this post: Solved Cannot update to Windows 10 due to old video card - Windows 10 Forums

But the advisor still says that I can't update due to the old card.

Can I still upgrade to windows 10? If so what should I do?

A:How to upgrade despite incompatible on-board graphics card

Disable onboard video in BIOS.
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Greetings all! I have a probook 4530s with a i3 2310m processor, 4gb PC3 10600 DDR3 ram, 320gb HD, with Intel HD graphics. So far I've thrown in a extra 4gb of ram and a Samsung 850 250gb SSD. I want to upgrade the old motherboard (part number 646245-001) to the newer one with i7 quad core support and AMD Radeon HD 1gb card (part number 665116-001). My question is this. What other parts will I need for this swap out? I believe I will need a new heat sink because if the discrete graphics. And will my laptop base fit the new mobo? Just looking for a bit of guidance for the swap out. I will post a link for the laptop parts guide located on my Google Drive. Thanks for the advice and knowledge!

Relevancy 48.59%

I have an Intel desktop board DQ GF board rev D - BIOS v with an Intel Pentium D GHz CPU I DQ965GF Intel Board Upgrade For Desktop would like to upgrade the system with a faster CPU and I am not much of an expert on these things The PC is being used for Excel number crunching very large files and complex formulas that take a while to open refresh playing games and surfing the Internet The CPUs Upgrade For Intel Desktop Board DQ965GF compatible with my board are listed in these links http processormatch intel com COMPDB SearchResult aspx Boardname dq gf http www intel com support motherboards desktop dq gf sb CS- htm Here are my questions Based on the above-mentioned board revision and BIOS version do you agree with me that the fastest CPU that I can install is an Intel Core Duo Desktop Processor E SL ZF GHz Just out of curiosity of all the CPUs listed in the two links that I provided would the Intel Core Extreme Desktop Processor X SL S GHz be the fastest Do you know of a site that compares all the CPUs in existence and ranks them based on some sort of benchmark PS I know that there are other things that I could upgrade in order to make my PC faster such as the graphics card more memory etc but at this time I would like to restrict things only to the CPU upgrade issue Thanks -- tb nbsp

A:Upgrade For Intel Desktop Board DQ965GF


click on the Extreme X6800 in the list, it will load a page highlighting (space surrounding it) the processor compared to others in its range

It will smoke any Non extreme core 2 processor
PS, install the fastest memory the motherboard will support, 1gb for XP, 2~3gb for Vista/W7


Relevancy 48.59%

my specs are:
intel 845ebg2 with 2.4 pentium procesor
my current memory is two 256 sticks of pc-2100 266hz

my question is what is the fastest, best memory for that board
(intels states this board can handle 2 of 1gig sticks)
please be specific because i know next to nothing on memory (always took what the sales person gave me)

A:memory upgrade for intel 845 ebg2 board

Here is the manual for your motherboard:

Have a look at page 12, some very specific details on the ram you need.

DDR 266
2.5V only

So it looks like two sticks of these:
or these:

should work nicely in your system.
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I have a PC chips M572 motherboard with the following details
BIOS string:51-1216-001437-00111110-071595-I430TX-001_10_TX-H
BIOS release: 12/16/1997s, AMIBIOS Version 2.5
Main Processor: Pentium MMX
Processor Clock: 200MHz
Power supply type: AT
Iam having 2X16MB + 2X8MB EDO ram in the SIMM slots.

Below are my queries:
1) Can I use 128MB PC-100 or PC-133 SDRAM in the DIMM slots available? (what is the recommended speed i.e PC-100 or PC 133 or any other?)
2) If I upgrade the BIOS to 12/16/1997s release, what is the maximum HDD size that I can connect (20GB, 40GB etc)
3) Should the HDD speed also considered while connecting a new one?

If any additional information is needed kindly let me know.

With Regards
Krishna Kumar
Relevancy 48.16%

I just upgraded my Dell Inspiron One 19 from a Celeron E3300 to a Core 2 Duo E6700 (as I got it for basically £0 on ebay).  I'm now thinking that I could have maybe upgraded to a Core 2 Quad (perhaps a Q9650).
Without any kind of a manual for the motherboard I feel I'm just guessing or relying on possibly incorrect information... like here.  So I'm really looking for a list of the best possible performing CPU's for this board or the boards specification / documentation.  The board is reported as a 06390H via cpu-z.
Thanks for any advice.
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My sustem was running XP and I eventually successfully custom installed Windows by work won't Windows 7 on upgrade Board with ram 3GB A7n8x2.0 Asus removing GB memory stick I am now unable to reinstall back to GB of Ram I have ensured all slots and sticks work by swapping them around In another forum I found the following advice Find the quot NVIDIA nForce AGP Host to PCI Bridge quot in the device manager Right-click and choose quot Update Driver quot Browse my computer etc Let me pick from a list etc Select quot PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge quot You will now have listings of quot PCI Windows 7 upgrade won't work with 3GB ram on Asus A7n8x2.0 Board standard PCI-to-PCI bridge quot and no NVIDIA nForce AGP Host etc Click quot Finish quot and shutdown the computer Now install your RAM upgrade and power on After the reboot Win now recognises all GB of RAM quot This worked and I could use GB of ram with Windows but my Graphics Card Radeon Pro was stopped by windows with an error So I have undone this and am back to GB with the Graphic Card working again Is it possible to do something to run GB with my graphic card CPUZ text file attached re my system Thanks in hope of an answer Wynne

A:Windows 7 upgrade won't work with 3GB ram on Asus A7n8x2.0 Board

Welcome to Windows Seven Forms.

You might wanbt to consider a clean install of Windows 7 using your upgrade disc.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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I'd like to upgrade a PC which so far was running on WindowsXP to Windows7. The Microsoft Upgrade checker told me that the hardware is okay for Windows7 (2 GB RAM, CPU Intel Pentium4 2x3GHz).
To be on the safe side, I checked the Intel homepage regarding the mainboard D875PBZ and found out, that there seems to exist no driver for Windows7 (or 8/8.1).
What I am surprised about though is that the upgrade checker did not warn me in this regard.
I would assume that if there is no mainboard driver for Windows7 I definitely cannot upgrade this system from XP to Windows7, right?
On the other hand, what is the Microsoft Upgrade Checker good for if it does not recognize such essential things?
Any ideas as to what I can do?

A:XP Upgrade to Windows 7 - no driver for Intel board D875PBZ ?


Theoretically your board is capable of running "Windows 7" ( BIOS and chipset is okay ) and that is why "Upgrade Adviser" reported it to be compatible. I have successfully installed and managed to tun "Win7" on systems which has lower specifications than yours - such as one with 865 and 845 chipsets. However performance will be marginally low when compared to a modern system. SO i would highly recommend to upgrade your CPU (you can keep the old monitor and save cash )or buy a refurbished CPU which can run 7 fine.

However if you really want to check whether your system is capable of running 7, you can download genuine "Windows 7" install media from "Digitalriver" ( a Microsoft subsidiary ) and use that to do a test install on your system. Both download links and performance optimization tips are covered in the tutorial Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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Hi there I hope this is the correct place to put my post
I upgraded my one pc's mother board and chip to a Jetway Intel G31 series mother board and a 2.5 duel core chip set. I used my IDE hard drive that I used on the previous motherboard to boot up but as soon as my pc start to boot up and want to show the xp logo the computer reboots.
I only see the xp logo for about 3 second before it reboots.

Any assistance will be appriciated

Thank you

A:Solved: Dont Want To boot XP after mother board and Chip Upgrade

Moving a hard drive with XP already installed rarely works because the hardware is different, as you have found. You can do a repair install if you have your Windows installation CD. Are you able to boot XP in Safe Mode?
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I have an ECS H61H2-M2 mobo, and am looking to upgrade the cpu. I was looking at some ivy bridge and sandy bridge processors, and was wondering if I could drop an ivy bridge into this board. It says "for second generation chips" but its still the lga 1155 socket, right?

A:Can My Sandy Bridge Board Run An Ivy Bridge Processor?

Yup, they make Ivy Bridge processors in socket 1155 as well and your motherboard does support them with a BIOS update. You can check which processors are supported bu checking the manufacturer's CPU Support list whioch you can find here for your motherboard:
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hello, my system is HP Pavilion 15-e020sx Notebook PC. my current processor is Intel Dual Core i3-3110M 2.40-GHz processor (3.0-MB L3 cache, 1600-MHz FSB, 35 W). according to the manual, I can upgrade to Intel Quad Core i7-3632QM 2.20-GHz processor (SC turbo up to 3.2-GHz; 1600-MHz FSB, 6.0- MB L3 cache, 35 W)  but I have an Intel Quad Core i7-3630QM 2.40-GHz processor (SC turbo up to 3.40-GHz; 1600-MHz FSB, 6.0-MB L3 cache, 45 W)my concern is about the power difference between the two processors. what will happen if I installed this 45w processor in my system? I can see that the HM76 chipset support that CPU. I?ve upgraded the memory to 16GB, which according to the manual I?m only allowed up to 8GB. so maybe some fetchers are not documented.I can try But processor upgrade is not as easy as memory upgrade. regards 

A:processor upgrade from 35 to 45 w

Hi: I would be concerned with the higher wattage too, but the bigger concern would be that we have no idea if the BIOS in your PC has the microcode to support the 3630QM. Without the microcode to support the processor, it won't work at all. And since that processor is not listed as supported in the manual, I doubt it will work.
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I have a choice to make and I m unsure which way to go I can get one of the following upgrades Mhz AMD Duron with an Abit board for help upgrade Processor cdn with my celeron and board as a trade Mhz AMD Duron with an Abit board for with trade Celeron with a Houston Technologies Board with onboard sound K modem and a TNT Mb shared memory Processor upgrade help video card all built in trading in my processor board modem voodoo banshee mb video card for All of these options are installed and taxes in I m leaning towards the since it ll be easier to add better parts as I go than the board with all the built in s Also the only has a mhz bus and the and have mhz I assume that will make a big difference in speed Anyone care to offer an opinion I need to know if the Duron is more desireable than the Celeron and if I should stay away from built-in components Thanks This message has been edited by lavigne edited - - nbsp

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My laptop is a lenovo G480 (20149.). I3-2348M processor, I want to upgrade, I would like to know which processors are compatible with my mother board.
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I have an IBM Aptiva computer with an AMD-K6 500mhz computer and 120 mb of SDRAM. I'm not sure what type of motherboard it is nor do I know where to find out (no help from the Aptiva website). IBM gives no information as to whether a processor upgrade is possible or not. I know it only has 2 slots for RAM though.

I would like to upgrade the processor and the RAM. Is there an easy way I can change the amount of slots available for RAM? Can I upgrade the processor? If so am I limited to type? The current specs say max 256 RAM - will this change if I change the processor?



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I am building a new desktop and I got a motherboard from an old computer and I have no idea what kind of socket it accepts so is there a way to find out?

I have no idea what brand the motherboard is.

A:Processor upgrade

Search the mobo with a magnifying glass for any wording that might relate to make or brand. There should be a name some where on it. Can you take some pictures and post them, we might know just by looking at the board.
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I have a Toshiba 2615DVD laptop. It has an Intel Celeron 433 mhz. processer.

Is it possible to upgrade to a faster processer without replacing the motherboard or do I have to replace the works? And if so (Either way) where s the best place to buy the parts?

It has been a great computer but it is a bit slow by todays standards.


A:Processor upgrade

Contact Toshiba to find out if the Chip is soldered directly onto the Mobo. If it is an older unit, I bet it is.
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I have a Dell xps600, probably from 2005 or 6, with a Dell OXH241 mainboard, Intel Pentium D CPU 3.00GHz processor with Chipset : nVidia nForce4 SLI X16 Intel Edition. Also has a NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX video card. Just wondering if I can upgrade processor to be able to play Black Ops a little better. I don't play multiplayer, I just need it to run a little smoother. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:processor upgrade

You'll probably have to upgrade motherboard to if you want to upgrade your cpu. What kind of cpu are you thinking about upgrading too? If you want to play black ops then I would have to recommend at least a quad core to play it smoothly.
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I have a Biostar M7VIG PRO mobo and want to know if I can put a amd athlon (barton core) 3200+ processor on it( as in will it work) and if not whats a good not too expensive board that it will work with

A:Help With Processor Upgrade!

It wouldn't work at all? not even at reduced fsb?
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Hi evry1
i m new to this site
i just required to know about the performance of of intel quad core processor.
if any1 of u have used it plzz give feedbacks.

A:help me with my processor upgrade...

All those using quad core processors are Intel fan boys! How can you trust a fan boy? Jusk kidding. I'm pretty sure the owners of quad core processors are going to tell you that they are "sweet".
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hello, right now I have Intel core 2 Duo CPU T7500which other better processors supported the "compag 6910p" ?
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Hi, this is my first post, so be gentle.
I have an Acer Aspire 5532 with an AMD Athlon 64 processor TF-20 (1.6 GHz)
I am trying to upgrade the cpu to a pentium 4 cpu with 2.26 GHz.

All i'm wondering is if this is actually an upgrade, and if so, is it an upgrade that my comp can handle. If it's not an upgrade or it doesn't work for my computer, would you have any suggestions.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

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Hi all,
I have a processor that is about 220megahurtz.
Should I upgrade it? :/

A:Should I Upgrade my Processor?

CPU upgrades usually aren't very cost effective. With an OEM computer even determining what CPUs are compatible can be difficult. In a laptop CPUs are often not user replaceable.

As your system specs are very vague only general information can be provided.
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Hi, can anyone tell me if I can upgrade my processor in my laptop? I have an emacines E625 with cpuTF20, 2gb Ram, 160 gb harddrive, Processor AMD Athlon(tm) Processor TF-20, 1600 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 1 Logical Processor(s)
If it matters I currently run windows Vista Home Basic. I would like to upgrade to a dual processor if possible? Very slow playing games. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

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I am using a
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+, ~2.0GHz
System Manufacturer: VIA Technologies, Inc.
System Model: KT400A-8235
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG

I want to updrade it !

what can i upgrade it to though?

A:What Processor can i upgrade to?

KT400A-8235 isn't a make, it's a chipset pair made by Via tech.

You need a Socket A (also known as Socket 462) CPU. I'm not familiar with them, but I think that the fastest CPU for it could be an Athlon XP 3200+. You'd need information on your particular motherboard to know whether its BIOS supports that. (Key feature: 400Hz FSB.)

You may not be able to buy a Socket A CPU at retail, because of the age of the platform. They seem to be readily available on eBay.

I can't say whether such an upgrade would be worth the effort.
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Upgrade Processor in my HP Pavillion G6 1250se Notebook What is TDP in my PC? It is possible to upgrade i5 to i7 in my Laptop? if yes, what are all processor model will support n my Laptop? Thank You

A:Upgrade Processor

Hi, The following link shows the specs of your machine: It uses:  2.4 GHz Intel Core i5-2430M processor now. You can upgrade to a processor above the red line: Intel Core i7-2620M processor (2.7 GHz, SC turbo up to 3.40 GHz, 4 MB L3 cache), Dual 35 W #631252-001Intel Core i5-2540M processor (2.6 GHz, SC turbo up to 3.3 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache), Dual 35 W #631255-001Intel Core i5-2520M processor (2.5 GHz, SC turbo up to 3.2 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache), Dual 35 W #631253-001Intel Core i5-2430M processor (2.4 GHz, SC turbo up to 3.0 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache), Dual 35 W #653341-001Intel Core i5-2410M processor (2.3 GHz, SC turbo up to 2.9 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache), Dual 35 W #638039-001Intel Core i3-2350M processor ( 2.3 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache) Dual 35 W #653340-001..... You have to order the right part from HP and the following manual (from page 88) shows you how to replace the CPU. Regards.
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Hi ya ll I m kinda new here so please be patient I have and older E-Machine W with a AMD Athalon XP processor And yes upgrade Processor AMD I had already upgraded the P S to a watt Everything works great Last week a friend of mine gave me his dead E-machine Model T It came with a AMD Athalon XP Processor Guess he didn t upgrade his P S soon enough So I said to myself quot Self Why don t I take the processor out of this dead machine and put it in my W machine as an upgrade quot So I did and it AMD Processor upgrade does run fine I put a Nvidia G-force MB videocard AMD Processor upgrade and wow this AMD Processor upgrade machine screams I then went into my device manager to check out the processor and I saw a quot Unknown Processor quot message in the sub-folder Now my W came with a AM board and this dead T came with a AM board Someone said to me I needed to upgrade the bios versions for the processor chip So My question is How can I do this Do I log on to E-Machine support and download the bios version for the AM board which came with the processor or do I download the bios for the AM which came with the processor Did E-Machine ever put a processor in it s older AM board Any solutions from you fine geeks Thanks nbsp

A:AMD Processor upgrade

Not sure what you mean by a screaming machine - if it goes like the clappers, leave it alone. Just watch the heat as AMDs run hotter than Intel.
If it makes a screaming noise, put it back to where you found it!
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My laptop type is dell inspiron 14 3421 celeron 1007u 1.5gHz socket BGA1023 ..... I'll dicided to upgrade my processor to core i3 ..... but I don't know about the processor type..... my question is, what type processor the same with my socket???

A:Upgrade processor

BGA isn't a socket type - it means ball-grid array.  These CPUs are not replaceable.
The processor in this model is soldered to the system board.  In order to upgrade, you'll need to replace the entire mainboard -- which will come with the new CPU soldered to it.  If you replace the board with one having nVidia graphics, note that you will also need to replace the heatsink assembly (the one for your existing Intel board won't fit the nVidia board) and you may need to replace your power adapter (the Intel GPU requires far less power than the nVidia, so you'll need an upgraded AC adapter).
The boards you're looking for are listed here:
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Hi, I'd like to ask if it is possible or worth it to upgrade the processor on my Toshiba p200-1ee.

My Laptop specs are below for viewing?



A:Processor Upgrade?

Scotty in a nutshell mate and after having quite few Toshibas I would not try the effort upgrading is quite involved and if you are not familiar with swapping out CPU's in laptops then it could need up you rendering it useless.

If it is a bit more performance you want the try this

The only other thing I can suggest is the first thing that Brink refers to in that tutorial - a SSD and dump the Toshiba bloatware by doing a clean install on the SSD Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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I started out thinking I needed more RAM and now I'm looking at swappin' CPU's. I am currently running a single core AMD Athelon.
There are a bunch of different CPUs that will work with my MOBO. I have an AM2+ socket and here are the processors I have to choose from.

•AMD Phenom II Quad-Core
•AMD Phenom II Triple-Core
•AMD Phenom Quad-Core (A) 9xxx series (AM2+)
•AMD Phenom Triple-Core (T) 8xxx series (AM2+)
•AMD Athlon X4
•AMD Athlon X3
•AMD Athlon X2 (B) (AM2+)

Is there a major difference in the Phenom and Athelon??? The "Black" series???
I went to Newegg and found only 3 different CPUs to choose from. Tiger Direct has about 15. am on a budget so I can't just pick the most expensive and figure I am getting what's best. So...I am looking for input!
I love this place!!!

A:Processor Upgrade ???

There are several good sites that let you compare CPUs,such as Tom's Hardware and Anandtech. What a "good" CPU is depends on what you want to do with it. If you are not doing things that can use multiple cores, they only add cost, not performance. Blacks have the CPU multiplier unlocked, if you want to play with overclocking.
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This laptop is so slow and I want to upgrade the processor. Is that possible?


No, you can not upgrade the CPU, it's soldered to the motherboard.
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I have moved this question to the Hardware Forum
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I currently have a Samsung R580 with an Intel Core i3 process which comes out for me as 2.13 GHz . I want to upgrade to an i5 which will give me anywhere from 2.66 GHz to 3.6 GHz with the i5. The total cost for the 3.66 GHz processor is just about $220.00 .

Is it worth it to upgrade my processor to play more demanding games without lag and choppiness.

Most importantly, is it compatible to remove my i3 Processor and replace it with an i5?

And, if I do so will it erase my data?

Thanks !

A:Can I upgrade my Processor ?

Quote: Originally Posted by michaelsp9

I currently have a Samsung R580 with an Intel Core i3 process which comes out for me as 2.13 GHz . I want to upgrade to an i5 which will give me anywhere from 2.66 GHz to 3.6 GHz with the i5. The total cost for the 3.66 GHz processor is just about $220.00 .

Is it worth it to upgrade my processor to play more demanding games without lag and choppiness.

Most importantly, is it compatible to remove my i3 Processor and replace it with an i5?

And, if I do so will it erase my data?

Thanks !

The quick answer is laptops CPU's are not upgradeable becasue the CPU is soldered in and not plugged into the motherboard.
If you are getting choppy video I would look into what else you may have running in the background. Seems you have a good video card and enough memory.

Whay software are you using to run your DVD movies? Are you sure you have the latest video drivers and software updates? These are just a few ideas I think you should check.