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Installing Microsoft works suite 2006

Q: Installing Microsoft works suite 2006

I have works suite on one computer, but I want to copy it and paste to my second machine. The problem is I don't have my disk anymore. Can anyone help?

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Preferred Solution: Installing Microsoft works suite 2006

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Installing Microsoft works suite 2006

How complex is your formatting? You could save it as a .rtf (rich text format) and that will be compatible with practically anything.

Also this is from Wikipedia:

A general C++ library, libwps,[15][16] can extract text from many different versions of Microsoft Works. variants such as Go-oo, LibreOffice, NeoOffice and OxygenOffice[17] have included libwps. libwps also provides a command line converter.Click to expand...

So if rtf isn't going to do it for you, installing one of those OpenOffice variants may work.
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I need help uninstalling an add-in to Microsoft Works Suite 2006. I downloaded a program that helped me remove the actual program, Microsoft Works, but the add-in is still stuck and I can not for the life of me get this add-in to unisnstall.. This hole thing has been causing me problems for sometime now, it keeps making my WIndows Installer pop up flashing on the screen about fifty percent of the time I'm on my laptop. I have windows 7 if you need that information, I realize now the program has compatible issues..I finally got the program gone someone please help!! It is call Microsoft Works Suite Add-In for Microsoft Word.

A:Help Uninstalling Microsoft Works Suite (2006) Add-In for Microsoft Word
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Happy 4th Of July (Independence Day)... Well Im back with another issue...

Yesterday I installed Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 for a graphic editor friend of mine to do some work. Everything installed with out an issue then Started getting BSODs one after the other after the other.

This machine was troubleshooted before but Im back again. Im attaching the *.DMPs for analysis. I removed the program and Still had about 6 additional BSODS. Please HELP.

Thank you for your assistance!
You Guys are awesome!

OS Win 7 Ultimate x64
CPU AMD Athlon II X3 Processor
Motherboard Gigabyte MA770T-UD3
Memory ADATA XPG Gaming Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)
Graphics Card(s) EVGA Geforce 8400GS
Sound Card TC Electronic Konnekt 8
Monitor(s) Displays Dell 15in
Cooling COOLER MASTER Hyper TX3 RR-910-HTX3-G1

A:BSOD after Installing Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006!

Your crash reports indicate a possible problem with your Windows installation. Please follow the Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions. Post the results in your next post; do not start a new thread.

Quote: Originally Posted by Brink

NOTE: The MGADIAG report does not contain any sensitive or personal information, and is best posted un-edited for us to be able to help.

7. Select (highlight) all of the MGADiag report that you just pasted, and click on the code box # toolbar icon to wrap the report in a code box when posted. (see screenshot below)

Attachment 219781
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I have a new computer with Windows XP as the operating system. I am unhappy with its Microsoft works. I really loved the Microsoft Suite which came with my old computer (Windows ME) and still have all the MIcrosoft disks for the Suite program.
Would unistalling the present Works program and installing the Suite program harm my computer?

A:Installing Microsoft Works Suite

Not at all.
It is even possible to have both on the same system, but it does get a little confused at times when starting Word.
I have both on this system, and at times it is nice to try out Works for some of the tools they have there.
But generally I prefer the Office Suite.
The problem I get, sometimes, deals with having to point to my installation CD when I need to startup the "other" Word when I had last been using the alternate.

A small issue, so I live with it for now. But when I tire of it, I will just remove Works.
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Works and Works Suite problem I Works Suite Works 2006 And 6.0 Ms now have MS Works Ms Works 6.0 And Works Suite 2006 and am thinking about buying and installing Works Suite The reason is that I have a few databases on Works with a number column and an item column I used to Ms Works 6.0 And Works Suite 2006 print off the database and get a printout with the columns side by side Now for some reason when I print out I get the items printed first with no numbers column and then the numbers column prints out with no item column I have no idea how to fix that If anyone happens to know how to fix that I will just keep Works and spend the money on wine women and song Otherwise I will get Works Suite and hope that it doesn't have that problem and also that I what I now have in Works will show up in Works Suite when I install it I also presume that I do not want to uninstall Works before installing Works Suite so that I won't lose what is on Works Is that right Thank you grandpaw

A:Ms Works 6.0 And Works Suite 2006

It appears that your problem may be caused by a change in your printer settings,especially if the spreadsheets appear normally when you view them. Have you tried to redo these? Upgrading Works (assuming the old spreadsheets will be compatible) seems an expensive way to fix a simple problem, and an upgrade may not fix it if the printing settings remain the same.
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I have an old Dell laptop with Windows 98. A friend's son needs something to practice keyboarding on so I thought I would let them have this old laptop if the word processing software was loaded. I have MS Works Suite 2006 which came with Word 2002. It loaded fine but says it has to be registered or will only work 40 more times. The laptop has never been connected to the internet and I don't want to figure that out now (this boy will NOT be connecting to the net at their home so no point). Unless there's no other way to get this to work. Any suggestions? Thanks - Lynn

A:Registering older Works Suite 2006 on Win98 Dell laptop

If he just needs to practice typing, he doesn't need a full Works suite. Abiword version 2.4.6 works on Windows 98 and is free.
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I recently purchased a new HP laptop with Vista basic I have a system at home that I have Windows Office Suite installed on XP - OS and it works fine I installed it on the laptop which by the way apparently upgraded itself to that's what it says on the task launcher screen and when prompted for the product key I CORRECTLY entered it and was immediately told it is in invalid code I still have the original box from when I purchased it with the key right on the box I uninstalled and re installed with no success MS wants to send me an email I Suite need MS 2006 Office installing help Vista on That's BS as far as I am concerned I can purchase a new Office for less than that Can someone help me shouldn't this program work I have only installed it on the one original machine here at home I thought the license was good for machines at I need help installing MS Office Suite 2006 on Vista a time at least according to the error message I keep getting - I will only be able to use the program for times w o registering it HELP me PLEASE my daughter at college is about to have a nervous breakdown and I can't get any work done here until I have this problem solved

A:I need help installing MS Office Suite 2006 on Vista


I dont think its a vista problem but an office problem. are you sure you are using the right letters and numbers. 0, and "O", l, and "I" can be confusing. if you are sure then it might be because of the upgrade.

One thing that might work is if you re-installed the OS, and then office. It might clear whatever incorreect info there might be in registry

Im not sure how I can help.

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Digital Image Suite is a basic image editing program sold by Microsoft until 2006. They have discontinued it, hence it is no longer available. I am searching for either a 'factory sealed' or an open/used copy. Thanks.
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I Microsoft 2006 suite 2 Image digital edition:disc wonder if anyone can help I want to create some personal address cards I have found just the thing in Microsoft Microsoft digital Image 2006 suite edition:disc 2 Works Sadly it won t play ball unless I insert the above disc which I don t have I took over my husband s new computer when he died earlier this year and a lot of his software is missing If you could see the chaos in his study - it s even worse than in mine - you would understand why i have given up looking I s there any other way of accessing the required elements of this disc Failing that is there another way of creating business personal cards I am hoping to move house in the near future that Microsoft digital Image 2006 suite edition:disc 2 s I and half the country it would seem and I don t want to go to the expense of having them printed They are only for personal use but I find them really useful I d me grateful for any help anyone can offer nbsp

A:Microsoft digital Image 2006 suite edition:disc 2

You have done a good question, it’s really interesting. If you get any good reply, so please let me know. So I’ll also get some good idea.
Thanks for your future help.
Digital Video Editing
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Hi Guys,

Ive been sent a file saved in Microsoft works and i cannot open it in word, notepad etc. is there a reader i can download that will enable me to read this?


A:Microsoft Works Suite

Perhaps if you tell us what the file extension is we can advise you.

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I have Microsoft Works Suite and I would like to make a backup CD but Works Suite is 2.8gb and the CD's that I want to copy to are only 750 mb. Is there any way that I can do this? How did they get 2.8gb on one CD?

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Good morning I hope that someone can assist me in my endeavour Some years ago maybe to be exact I had Microsoft Works Suite and I think the operating system was Windows or was it those in the know will know I am a genealogy buff and saved all my family history to with 6 Help Suite Microsoft Works CD using Works These CD s have not been used since I now have Vista and Microsoft Office Home and Student I recently found the CD s and put them into the drive to check out my quot old quot information and the error message I get Help with Microsoft Works 6 Suite is CD appears to be corrupted I cannot understand this - why did it happen So I thought I would try to convert them to my current program BUT they will still not Help with Microsoft Works 6 Suite open for me to do this I even downloaded a Works - conversion program Help with Microsoft Works 6 Suite MB but cannot open still Can anyone tell me if all my history is useless to me now It was many years researching Help Please Lahpoon nbsp
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Hello again Now here's my Suite Microsoft 8 Works little dilemma I am trying to install a new version of Microsoft Microsoft Works Suite 8 Works Suite on a laptop computer With the installation disc in situ ready Microsoft Works Suite 8 for installing a message appears on the screen stating that for the installation to continue all open programs should be closed and a list of these programs is shown When I say list it simply advises that - iexplorer exe - needs to close and that windows will close it for me by clicking on the relevant button However nothing happens and so I have to attempt to close it manually On entering the task manger and opening processes highlighting the -iexplorer exe - and giving the command end task it removes it's self from the list but immediately then replicates itself in a randomly selected place within the working process list Question how do I close this process to enable installation of the software As a post scipt the internet service provider is AOL By the way this is not my laptop but a friends Regards Tony

A:Microsoft Works Suite 8

Hi Tony.
It's most likely infected.
iexplorer.exe is associated with adware,spyware and trojans.
Better start there first.
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Where do I look for updates and patches for MS Works Suite2004? When I go to their page of updates, there haven't been any new ones for some time. When I perform the Office update, I get many updates, but none specifically lists Works Suite. Many are for Word, but do not list the suite?

A:Microsoft Works Suite 2004

Works updates:

There are no "security" updates as found for Office programs (Works is only a home application) Works "Suites" contain Word however which is supported for service pack updates as you mention.
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Hello, I am trying to reinstall my Microsoft works suite 2002.
It doesn't seem to let me install it. I'll put the disc in, and nothing happens at all. Can you please help me?

A:Microsoft Works suite 2002

What OS are you using?
CPU, RAM, HDD details?
Are you logged in as the Administrator?
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Reinstalling software on a new partitioned hard drive. Is there any way to install MS Works to a drive other than C: ? The automatic installer didn't even offer me a choice of where to install, just dumped it on the C: drive.

A:Installing MS Works Suite 2003

Is Works on a separate MS CD, or part of the PC "Recovery Disks"?

If its a separate CD it should not use an "Automated Installer" but if its part of the bundled software, then you probably have no choice.
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I would like to install works suite 2000. Will this install ok on vista? If not what would work best. Also do the antivirus companies have any problems with vista. Are the free versions ok to install? I bought a new vista computer for my 78 year old mother-in-law today and she wants to keep her works 2000. If I change software, she may have a hard time adjusting. Thanks in advance.

A:Can I Install Microsoft Works Suite 2000 ?

If it ran in XP it will almost certainly run in Vista. But I am running Office 2003 which runs flawlessly in Vista.
AvgFree and Avast both offer free Anti-virus programs for Vista. They work without problems.
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Hi this program was already installed on my old computer when I bought it new By the time I got rid of the computer it wouldn t save anything to a disk I had a word document that I wanted to save so I mailed it to a friend When I got the new computer set up she sent it back to me The new computer did not have Word on it Microsoft works suite 2000 Solved: so I installed microsoft word from the works suite disk I had that came with Solved: Microsoft works suite 2000 my old computer My problem is I didn t have the case with the CD number on it I have the works suite that word is included on product number but to open word on the new computer it says I need the CD number Does anyone know any way around this It is not a life or death situation but it is a book I have been working on Fortunately I had printed out most of it but I would really like to have it on the computer to make changes etc Thanks so much for any help nbsp

A:Solved: Microsoft works suite 2000

homeatrl said:

it says I need the CD number. Does anyone know any way around this? It is not a 'life or death' situation, but it is a book I have been working on. Fortunately, I had printed out most of it, but I would really like to have it on the computer to make changes, etc. Thanks so much for any help.Click to expand...

Couple things:
Open Office can read WORD files-- and is a free Office Suite--- download it, use it, give it away---- all legal, all Open Source. Suite includes a wor4d processor that will read and write .doc files (as well as many other formats), as well as including a spreadsheet, and presentation software.

Second option is AbiWord--- another free alterantive to WORD. This is not a full suite, but a great little word processor which can read and write .doc files (& a whole lot more)

good luck.
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After a major crash I lost all of the Works Suite and had to reinstall it. Now the database crashes everytime I try to use it. Norton intercepts the crash and gives me this message:
Everything else in the Suite works fine.
I need some help.
Thank you

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On bootup of my Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows XP Home Edition SP lately I have been getting this message box the title of the msg box is quot Microsoft Works Suite Setup Suite on Works msg bootup Microsoft Solved: 2002 quot and the msg reads quot Solved: Microsoft Works Suite 2002 msg on bootup To run the Works setup program double click Solved: Microsoft Works Suite 2002 msg on bootup the Setup icon on the Works CD quot There is a button below that reads quot Exit Setup quot which will get rid of the msg box This is annoying as it happens on every bootup I can t seem to find where this msg could be originating There is not anything in my startup files that pertains to Microsoft Works although a couple of months ago my Norton antivirus found a trogon infected file named quot WkDetect exe quot which said it was not needed so I deleted it Every time I remove it from my startup entries it always somehow re-appears there again If I could find out where I could download that file I would reinstall it in the Windows System folder where it originally was I don t know if this could be the cause of my getting the above msg on bootup or not Any help would be appreciated nbsp

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I have had Microsoft works 2001 working on my computer for a year now.Now it freezes and says wont respond so I uninstalled and reinstalled twice and it still says not responding. Can someone help me I have Vista windows Premium.

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I'm getting a new computer and wondered if I had to upgrade my "works suite" or if 2005 will work?

A:Will "microsoft works suite 2005" work with Vista?

Apparently it is according to a quick search on google. I have not tried it myself.
I have just got a pc with vista. I loaded a lot of older software which works with out problems.
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I am going to do a clean install of windows xp home. i have 98 now and all my notes are on microsoft works word processor. does xp home have works word processor, or does it just hav word??? THANX

A:(LOOK AT THIS) Installing XP, does it have microsoft works word processor???

Ah, neither....they are stand alone programs.
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I just bought a brand new Dell Inspirion, only had it 3 days. I decided to install Microsoft Works so I could get started on doing some work, but when I put the CD (that came with the computer) into the drive nothing happens. I have right cllcked "Run program", double clicked on the icon, tried every way to get the sucker up and running - you name it. The system is 100% free of viruses and malware and everything else is running perfectly. I know next to nothing about Vista so any tips would be gretaly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Vista giving me grief about installing Microsoft Works

If you are using Vista go to the setup file in CD right click and run as an administrator. I just build my new computer with Windows 7 (beta) and notice on old software have to do this to install it
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Digital Image Suite is a basic image editing program sold by Microsoft until 2006. They have discontinued it, hence it is no longer available. I am searching for either a 'factory sealed' or an open/used copy. Thanks.
(NB I am not looking for the Standard or Trial version)
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I ve been using this software to label our thousands of JPG photos for a couple months now and with good results Yesterday about dozen JPG photos can no longer be displayed in the browser window and in the viewer I get the message quot Your picture cannot be displayed The format cannot be recognized quot I cannot find why this is happening in my google searches In the explorer files I lost only of these files so far Also when I Suite displayed Image be JPG 2006 cannot Digital MS in m doing the labeling of the photos occasionally a windows ballon pops up in the JPG cannot be displayed in MS Digital Image Suite 2006 system tray saying that unable to write to file A previous problem of crashes I was able to resolve when I read that GOBACK was the culprit Appreciate any help with this thank you Here are JPG cannot be displayed in MS Digital Image Suite 2006 my system specs gigahertz AMD Athlon XP kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache ASUS A N X REV xx MB Memory Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack build NVIDIA GeForce FX Display adapter nbsp

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Hello First let me explain my problem I bought McAfee Internet Security Suite because my older one expired I installed MCAfee without Uninstalling the older version but then again it over-wrote the older one so everything is fine right Wrong I cant register my McAfee Products so now I cant get any DAT updates One of my friends suggested to re-install McAfee and I Removing Suite Security Internet Mcafee 2006 thoguht that might work but the worst possible thing can happen has happened I cant uninstall McAfee Directly because they dont have a uninstaller Add remove Programs ain't helkping because that stuffed up and currently get it fixed I searched google and BC and across a progam called MCAfee Uninstaller from Tg Thanks Mate But it did Removing Mcafee Internet Security Suite 2006 clean up some old files but didn t uninstall McAfee So does anyone know some good methods or even some good programs that would uninstall the whole McAfee lot for good so that I can reinstall it Thanking you in advance

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Trying to burn a disk in Microsoft Digital Image Suite Gets about half way through and get an error message quot Unable to finish burning disc An error has occurred while burning your files to disc Digital Image Library is unable to finish the burn process quot Googled this error and found nothing Running xp sp with enough memory and hard drive space to handle the job CD-RW drive works because I can in Digital Cannot burn Image disk 2006 Suite burn a disk any other way drag and drop send to CD-RW drive copy and paste etc Problem seems to be within the Imaging software Problem first appeared on a friend s computer After trying unsuccessfuly to sovle her problem I tried it on my computer and had the same problem We are both using the Microsoft Digital Image Suite It does not bother me but she really wants to burn disk using the software Now I m stumped and curious to find out it anyone else has this problem and what the solution is Have downloaded and ran Microsoft update for the software Did not help Any suggestions nbsp

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I installed microsoft suite 2000 on my new pc which is running xp. The installation went fine; however, I do not have the codes to make word, etc. work. I tried to uninstall suite 2000; however, I get errors every time and it will not uninstall all the way. It is currently in add/delete programs section but it will just not uninstall all the way. What I am attempting to do is add suite 2002 to my xp. When I try and install the suite 2002, it says "installing suite 2000" and then it messes up and I get some more errors stating its unable to install it. I found the program that uninstalls suite 2000; however, it does not work with the xp operating system. Is there any way I can manually remove suite 2000 and all of its contents so I can install suite 2002? I hope someone can help me with this. Thank you very much. (Email removed by Moderator.)

A:Removing suite 2000 and installing suite 2002

Hi, Airbag. I removed your email address 'cause you'll likely end up getting spam. There is software out there that searches the web for email-like strings... If you want to put your email on the web, you might try something like me-at-isp-com, so it's not recognized as an email string.


This is a task and a half. Start by going into Windows Explorer and deleting all Office stuff; probably C:\program files\microsoft office.

Then you need to delete it from the registry. Hit Start-Run and type regedit and hit enter.

Delete the 9.0 folder:


If you have any other numbers, like 8.0 or 10.0, delete them too.

Close ALL programs. Hit Start-Run and type %temp% and hit enter. Delete all the files in there. If you have Windows 2000, there may be some folders you cannot delete, and that's okay. If it says there's hidden files, delete them too.

Try the install of XP.
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I use Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 2006 to edit and catalog my photos. My system includes Windows Vista Business, 2G RAM, P4 w 3GHz, 160G HD.
Monitor 19" LCD

Today I imported 64 photos from my XD photo card into a folder in my Pictures. When the import was complete the screen with the thumbnails on it appeared in a small screen in the upper left of my monitor. I was unable to maximize to full screen. This has never happened before and I have not added any new programs or processes. Any ideas what may be going on here?
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Good Morning All Please excuse my ignorance but i am a bit of a noob to this net working stuff etc Ok i have a few problems that i would like to try and get some help with please Me and my flatmate have a wirless network at home the internet runs fine but niether of us can play games or share files with each other Example we fired up C amp C Generals to play networked we can see each other in the game room but when we try to start the game it wont I have a Dlink DSL- G ADSL Router and zone alarm security suite I am unsure of how to configure ports to be open or closed for various programs Eg i use Mirc but when it trys to connect it says Zone alarm has blocked the connection I Have a Gigabyte Wireless card model GN-WPKG and my flat mate has / W-less and 2006 Help Security Suite Zone Gigabyte ADSL Configuring Alarm Router a compaq notebook with a Broadcom wireless card Both of these cards can do mbps but we only connect at mbps any suggestions on how to speed Help Configuring ADSL Router / Gigabyte W-less and Zone Alarm Security Suite 2006 this up the pc s would be all of - meters apart at any given time and only one wall to seperate them between rooms Can some one please explain static ip and in my situation do i need to setup my network with this Sorry to Help Configuring ADSL Router / Gigabyte W-less and Zone Alarm Security Suite 2006 be such a nussance guys but thanks for your help its greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Help Configuring ADSL Router / Gigabyte W-less and Zone Alarm Security Suite 2006

Okay here goes. First off do you have windows firewall on? If so then you need to turn it off because you are using Zone Alarm. I am not familiar with Zone Alarm but it should be pretty much this way. To open a port for playing games you have to use port forwarding on the router. Make sure you pick a port that is not used by other services. Here is a link to the ports to use.
Pick one that is unassigned. You may also have to set this in the game and in Zone Alarm.
Static Addresses are manually assigned to the pc. If you are not using Static then you are using DHCP and the router automaticly gives you the IP address, subnet mask address,default gateway address, and the DNS addresses. If there is only two of you I would go with Static. Your Default Gateway is the IP Address of your router. It is normally Then you would assign yourself an address of, and your friend Your Subnet Mask should be and DNS Addresses you have to get from your ISP or you can look in the router config page and see what they are.
If you have any question please fill free to ask. I hope this helps some what. No need to apologize for not knowing how to do this. Welcome to the networking world.
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I have been using Quicken for - years and purchased Quicken a few months ago and though one change in the way transactions were reconciled was an irritation it did the job Then I enabled a new feature called banking booster that shortened the trip to download transactions from the bank to quicken BUT it also meant i could not conduct any business at the bank s website as the feature just downloads and disconnects So I disabled the feature resulting in complete removal of the connection to the bank s download feature I have one email response from Quicken support that set out steps to follow want What dump 2006. to I works? Quicken that made no difference to the way the program operated and did not restore I want to dump Quicken 2006. What works? the web connect function I am frustrated and nedd to get a program that allows me to conduct banking business ASAP Quicken wants to I want to dump Quicken 2006. What works? exchange emails with me instead of fixing it If you know the fix let me know in the meantime What else is available and good nbsp

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I reinstalled MS Works 4 on my xp machine - it's an older version of ms works, but the newer one I have is so confusing I can't figure out how to print my labels.

I have a mail merge form that prints out a page of address labels from the table. One of the fields that prints is a date field.

I noticed that the dates are 1906 instead of 2006. What's with that? I have never seen this happen before. How can I fix it?

O crap! The dates have changed to 1906 in the table too. I already told it to save changes when I closed it out after printing. I have now no clue when these people expire.


A:MS Works 4.0 Dates 1906 instead of 2006

Pre- Y2K

The Y2K CD from Microsoft replaced 4.0 with 4.5 (FREE)

Apparently back then they thought that computers were "just a fad" and would not be needed after 1999.

Excuse my silliness--- the problem is, indeed, Y2K related & was fixed in the "Microsoft Year 2000 Resource CD"---- If a friend has one it will make the patches you need. (It will also make appropriate changes to many of Microsoft's programs and operating systems of that era). The real problem was more related to a combination of the cost of memory & shortsightedness in the industry.

I hope you can find one---- However, if not----- may I recommend downloading OpenOffice as a much superior replacement (FREE).

You will still have to read in your old files--- save them as .rtf (for word processing files), and whatever compatible file formats for any spreadsheet and database files. (I probably stayed with "Works" more for the simplicity of the spreadsheet as anything).

Making the change to OpenOffice will take a little learning- but it is a full-blown office suite of programs with no apologies to anyone.

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I bought Norton 2006 and installed it. everything was fine untill I tried to upgrade my virus. then I could not connect to the internet. I have cable so I am always connected, only all Norton or symantec sites were unavailabe. I have operating system XP. I have tried to uninstalll & reinstall, also disabled my firewall, also just installed the virus part of the program, nothing worked. Can you help me. naoj

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I let a friend use my computer and he downloaded a virus. {unknownlly} He bought me this Norton to take care of it. I am still having major problems. The scan will not complete, the computer shuts itself down before it finishes. There are tons of pop ups even though all my settings dis allow all popups. I also have ad aware and it scans and deletes all it finds and I still have the pop up problem and shut down problem. My home page keeps changing by itself. Any advice?

A:Norton system works 2006 problem

Hello and Welcome to TSF

You will not be able to install an anti-virus with a virus present in the system.

Follow the steps in this link
First Steps at Removing the Malware and Posting your Log
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I stupidly attempted to upgrade my Adobe Reader from 2006 standard System Norton Works to without removing the Adobe didn t tell me until it was too late Now I ve spent many hours attempting unsucessfully to get rid of both completely to start over again Meanwhile Norton System Works keep giving me the quot All Systems Go quot green light saying I have nothing to fix while Norton Utilities Win Doctor has a big red light -- not only telling me I have Norton System Works 2006 standard errors but when I try to repair them via Win Doctor it shouts quot Operation Failure quot for about fiiles The ones that can t be repaired are mainly Adobe dll or msi files that remain entrenched in the registry I ve tried repairing them in safe mode logging on as administrator but Norton Utilities simply Norton System Works 2006 standard won t let me repair or remove them For some of the files Win Doctor gives you a choice of going into the registry to repair them but I m not that experienced with making direct registry changes I ve also tried to get a solution from Adobe support and from Norton support but I ve received no help at all I need my Adobe Reader for pdf files but currently I can t install either the or because of the remaining junk in the registry I d very much appreciate advice on how to solve this problem Many thanks nbsp

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Apparently Norton System Works does not support RAID array I have recently assembled a new computer using an ASUS motherboard and the AMD Athlon X Dual-Core processor I m running Windows XP Pro Works & System RAID 2006 Norton gig memory SATA gig drives in mirror array plus DVD burner etc When I attempted to install Norton System Works it transferred the files from CD instructed me that I would need to install Norton GoBack as a separate installation and to remove the CD so the installation of System Works could continue I did so It attempted to restart by launching GoBack which has not been installed The only options I have are to disable or uninstall GoBack which isn t installed Anyone have any clues as Norton System Works 2006 & RAID to how I can correct this problem short of reinstalling drivers operating system and about gig of installed programs and data Fortunately I do have a backup All programs and data are also on another computer an AMD which I have kept up to date until everything was oprating properly on new machine nbsp
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Hi NSW Basic s WinDoctor Registry Scan keeps finding problems which it says should not be fixed automatically However the OneButtonCheckUp feature finds the same and fixes them automatically - only for them to show up on an immediate re-scan or a re-scan after re-boot The description for all the problems is quot Drive changed from C to C A removable drive has been inserted or removed or a directory was moved to a new drive causing drive C to appear as drive C quot I 2006 Problems Basic Works System Norton 2 - found another person in this forum who had in the range of Norton System Works 2006 Basic - 2 Problems problems with the same description of drive C to C but the thread was unresolved Is it o k to leave this I ve e-mailed Norton but no response Can t find logs anywhere Norton System Works 2006 Basic - 2 Problems but have included a pic which shows the first few entries anyhow Second Problem with NSW B Under the Norton Protection monitoring category Norton System Works 2006 Basic - 2 Problems it shows my very old Freedom Zero Knowledge AV as quot running quot when I m using Kaspersky and thought Freedom was long gone Again o k to ignore this Thanks nbsp

A:Norton System Works 2006 Basic - 2 Problems

Personally … I would ignore anything NSW would tell me.
Actually ... the only part of NSW that I would have installed would be the AV.
Anything else, is just asking for more problems … or a slower system.

As far as a Cleanup Routine … I use CCleaner … ... several times a day.
As far as a Registry Cleaner … I use Tweak Now … ... but not too often.

Is your Computer running OK ???
Relevancy 56.76%

Installed Norton System Works 2006 and then my Eudora email will only download email sporadically, 2-3 emails at a time. Sending email is fine. Disabiling NSW2006 inbound and outbound email scanning doesn't help. I ran NSW2005 previously without a problem. Before I use System Restore and back out NSW2006 does any one have any other suggestions? Thanks!
Relevancy 55.9%

If I have regular Works on my computer and want to change to Works Suite 2003 what do I have to do first. Uninstall Works or what? I am running Window xp home.

A:Works Suite

Last time I did a Works install it did find an old version already partially installed (long story...customer tried getting help from four or five friends before calling me, etc.) and required it be uninstalled first. So just start the install of the newer version and if it needs the older version uninstalled first, it'll tell you.

If you've saved all the documents, pictures, etc., that you created in the old Works program in the My Documents folder, they won't be disturbed. However, some of the older Works suites save by default to a subfolder of the Works folder, so make sure your documents are in a safe place (copy them to My Documents, for example) before uninstalling.

I recommend you copy rather than move them because if something goes wrong (power outage, for example) during a move process, you can lose the files being moved. If something goes wrong during a copy process, you just start over.
Relevancy 55.9%

I am a novice so bare with me I have a new Gateway computer using XP operating system I had Works Suite installed on my computer Yesterday while using Word I noticed that when I inserted some pictures that I couldn t view them in the document I didn t know what was wrong Suite Works so I decided to uninstall word and try to reinstall it to see if that Works Suite would take care of the problem Well it wouldn t install again I ended up calling Gateway and spending over hours on the phone with three different tech support people and after trying several things with them they finally told me that something was wrong with Works Suite the Works Suite disk that I got in Jan from them and that it was not under warranty So basically tough luck Well I was Works Suite going to buy another software package today but I brought the disk to work with me and tried to upload it on my work computer and it worked Now I don t know what to do Gateway did have me try other disks and they would upload Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong Thanks nbsp

A:Works Suite

While you say "it wouldn't install again", you have not said exactly what happens when you try.

Such information (exact error messages etc) is critical to any resolution.
Relevancy 55.9%

I am running Microsoft works on my computer but I would like to upgrade to Microsoft works Suite. How do I install "Suite"? I mean I know how to install Suite but, Do I need to uninstall regular "Works" first? And if so is all I need to do is uninstall from add and remove page?

I am running Window XP home

Relevancy 55.9%

Can anyone tell me where I find the Works Suite 2000 CD Key in the registry?


Relevancy 55.9%

Hello, I just recently installed microsoft works suite on my computer, I previously had regular works and uninstalled it first. Anyway now I can't open word , I get a message saying "Works cannot access one or more required files The files maybe renamed, deleted or moved. Try reinstalling Works and starting the program again." Also when I try to open "Works" I get a message saying " Wksss.exe- Entry point not found. the procedure entry point [email protected]@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic library WkWbl.dll. What is wrong? I have already tried to reinstall it once but nothing has changed. Does this mean that I have also lost my Regular Microsoft Works now as well?

A:Works to Suite

I don't know much about those programs, but if you recently got the program, isn't supported by Microsoft? Should be. If you contact them and find a solution, please post it here, so others will know how to deal with it. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Relevancy 55.47%

We have it on 2 of the 3 computers we have and it doesn't seem to be compatible with Word as it is said to be. When my daughter attaches her assignments to her professor it doesn't work.

It is on a refurbished Dell ( XP PRO Interl® Celeron® CPU: 2.40 GHZ, 2.39Ghz, RAM: 504 MB).

What might I try to get these programs to sync?

Thanks so much!

A:compatibility of "open office" suite and Microsoft Office Suite?

Hello alpad,

When she saves the document to send to the professor, which format is she saving it in? If she saves it as the default .odt, Word won't be able to open it. In the small window by "Save as Type" she needs to click the arrow to cause the drop down menu to come up, then select the proper Word version to save it as. My version of Open Office has the following MS Word options:

MS Word 97/2000/XP (.doc)
MS Word 95 (.doc)
MS Word 6.0 (.doc)

There is also an XML version. The latest version of Open Office, version 3, is also compatible with MS Word 2007; however, I don't know how that appears in the drop down menu as I don't yet have that version of Open Office.

Once she has chosen the proper Word format, then she needs to save the document. This is the version she should submit to the professor.

Orange Blossom
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Works Suite 6.0 Spreadsheet
If I want to enter an address in a cell, I would enter 123 Main St.
However when I enter 123 and press the spacebar, apparently nothing happens to indicate a space. If I then enter the word Main, the space will then show in that cell. Why does the space not appear at first.
Thank you

A:Spacebar Works Suite 6.0

Because 123 is a numeric value and you are using a spreadsheet, designed to perform calculations.

As soon as you enter a non numeric value (M), the spreadsheet determines that you are not wanting a number al all, and reverts to text formatting for the cell?
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Hi guys
i have a problem i have lost my code for my verision of works suites 2002 can any body help thanks
Joe 90

A:Works Suite 2002

You'll need to call the software maker support line and they should be able to get you a new code. I'm closing this before someone posts a key for you which we don't allow at this site. Sorry and good luck ....
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Hi, I tried to install Works Suite 2001 which includes Word 200 SR-1. When it was installing Word I got a error 1919 which read "Error configuring ODBC data source. MS access data base ODBC error 6. Component not found in the registry. Verify that the file MS Access Data Base exists and that you can access it. I have no clue what this means or how to correct it. Any ideas? Thanks....Candy
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Hi Everyone,
Two years ago me and a friend bought the same 8200 computer running windows xp.
We also have identical software cd's.
Now for the problem: Microsoft Suite 2000 came with 5 installation discs.
I have found all but 4 of mine.
My friend then made me a copy of the missing disc.
When I go to install it a box comes up saying: Please go to Ctrl Panel to install and configure system components.
Could someone please explain what this means.

Relevancy 55.47%

Could anybody direct me towards a site where as I could ask questions about some things that happened when I installed Works Suite 2002. I am running W/ME Greg & Grimm

A:Works Suite 2002

I did not know that this program WORKS SUITE 2002 was a business program. I am, not a business I am just good old greg & puppy dog Grimm working away here on my home computer just trying to keep track of my checking account and planning trips and searching ship model info, that's all. Must be somebody out there that can help me. Greg & Grimm
Relevancy 55.47%

i recently purchased works suite 2002.the disks only partly installed programmes but i am finding it increasingly irritating to constantly have to 'insert disk' when accessing 'word'features.
i note that i can 'fully install' the encyclopaedia(not needed).
is it possible,therefore, to 'fully install' word,in the same way, from the disk?

A:ms works suite 2002

Throw the disks in again and act like your'e installing.

Choose custom install.

Hit the top icon and choose "run all from my computer"

If that's not exact, it should be close enough to get you there.
Relevancy 55.47%

I have word 2000 installed on my pc, I have bought works suite 2003 but cannot get it to install. pc will not recognise that there is a cd in the 'D' drive. it should autorun , but even if i open 'my computor' and double click the 'd' drive I get ' please insert disk' .!!
I have tried putting the cd into another pc and it autoruns diectlly to install !
Any ideas ?
Cheers Tony
Relevancy 55.47%

I'm having a recurring error in Microsoft Works Suite, specifically under WORD and TASK LAUNCHER.
Making changes to certain task documents initially prompted error message and, "GLOBAL CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE TO THE TEMPLATE..." Trying to get back in, "THE DOCUMENT JOUWDUZ.WIZ CAUSED A SERIOUS PROBLEM THE LAST TIME IT WAS OPEN..." then again, with NORMAL.DOT and GROWDUS.WIZ.
I have reinstalled the program, that didn't work.
I used system restore, and the problem is \still there.
I'm at my wits end... Does anyone know anything about this?

A:Templates / Xp Works Suite

Try renaming NORMAL.DOT to NORMAL.old, which will be recreated automatically.
Relevancy 55.47%

I use microsoft works suite 2000. Now when i use parts of it , like word 2000 or Task launcher , it says i need to put the cd disk in. But when i do it does not work. It says files may be lost or corrupted. Other programs like database and spreadsheet work fine without putting the cd disk in. What is going on?

A:Works suite 2000

Sounds like something became corrupt. Try doing the repair install of the works first.
Relevancy 55.47%

Hi Guys. I have the above mentioned software on my Dell (OEM Versions).
When I launch Works Task Launcher and click on Programs, I can't find Word.
If I remember correctly, I used to have in the Launcher because I used it to address envelopes. Am I dreaming or am I thinking about a different version?
Relevancy 55.47%

We have installed Works Suite 2001 under XP. It opens up correctly under the admin log on. When we try to open it under Restricted or Power user it does not open correctly. We get error messages regarding word 2000 (error 1706). After resetting the error messages twice the program opens to Task Launcher.
Microsoft recommends installing under the restricted user log on also. We tried that and it did not correct the problem.
Relevancy 55.47%

I have works with my new computer and at the task launcher start page it says every time I start my computer welcome and our user name just as our start manu says and as our only user account name. Then after a while the task launcher welcome will change and say welcome owner but the start menu remains the same as before. Please help us get it just like the start menu.

A:Works Suite 2004

Hiya and welcome

I'm a little bit lost at this bit:

task launcher start page it says every time I start my computer welcome and our user name Click to expand...

Is that the part where you log onto Windows at the beginning, or is this the splash screen that appears when you run Works Suite?


Relevancy 55.47%

I can not install/reinstall or uninstall works suite 2003 or Word 2002. The Windows Installer is not working with it. I would like to know if anyone knows how to safely remove all the entries from the registry or if you know any tricks. I have spent a week trying to figure this out. Dell has not been able to help me with the problem.
Relevancy 55.47%

I normally have works suite 2003 installed in my computer. Well I had to uninstall it for other reasons and when it was OK to reinstall Everything worked except for Windows Word. I keep getting a message "The patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exist and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package." Now I know it a valid installer package because I have installed it, twice. I don't understand why everything else installed fine but not Word.
Also how do you remove Ad-aware 6.0? I can't seem to remove it at all. It says "could not open INSTALL.LOG file.

A:Works suite 2003

Regarding the Word error, it looks like the Windows Installer file may be corrupt.

A solution may be found here, in the nature of a clean-up program from MS.
Relevancy 55.47%

I got another computer and am trying to install Works Suite 2000. Actually everything is fine except the task launcher didn't install. Therefore I have no Database and I want it. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still no luck. I did it on my old computer and everything was fine. Thanks for any help.
Relevancy 55.04%

Is there really a Microsoft Office 2006 out? I have been seeing all these advertisments for it but I didn't know if it was true. When I searched for it on Mirosoft's site it didn't help any it gave me a whole bunch of links to Microsoft Office 2003. If there is a 2006 is it 64bit or 32bit?

Relevancy 55.04%

The tax man cometh to beat me in my dumb head with an idiot stick if I can t get that miserable Money program to cough up my data The program Money used to require a quot Passport ID quot to sign in to their online services then this Windows Live ID thing took over and for me has never worked right Now I can t get into my current or backup Money files with the Live ID the Passport ID or any other amp ID 2006 Money Microsoft I ve wasted January trading emails with Microsoft support with no progress other than it is a month closer to the April deadline Does anyone know if there is anyway to get my financial data from either a backup or the current file without the current Live ID password or a way to extract the data independent of the money program I know the Passport ID from awhile back and I have backup disks from the time that password was quot the one quot I would appreciate any help or guidance I really don t want to have to re-create a decade of financials or be on the quot audit for life quot list Thanks It just kills me that some hacker in Outer Mongolia can probably empty my bank account quicker than I can post Microsoft Money 2006 this message but I can t get my own data from that miserable program Urrrrr The IRS and Microsoft humm quot compassionate quot quot user-friendly quot OMG I m so Microsoft Money 2006 up the proverbial creek

A:Microsoft Money 2006

Quicken claims to be able to, but you gotta buy their program
Relevancy 55.04%

I used microsoft money sunset to add my microsoft 2006 files to my new windows 8.1 computer and have been using them for several months now but today I updated my checking account information and them closed the file without back logging the file. Upon trying to reopen the file it just disappears. When I view my documents I see the file and it was last updated as of today at 10:00 am but can not get the file to open. Any ideas?

A:Microsoft money 2006

Try this: How to Fix Microsoft Money When it Will Not Open a File | eHow
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alright i was just given this as a gift, and i would like to install it on both of my computers at home. I was just wondering a few things. Is it possible to install this software on 2 computers at the same time with one cd key? and also if i were to install it on one computer and use the cd key, if i uninstalled it on that computer and then installed it on another computer, would that cd key still be valid? Please let me know

thanks in advance!

Relevancy 55.04%

I have a two year old system: Asus P6x58D Premium, 24 gig Kingston Hyperix 1333 Ram, i7 930, Plextor SSD for drive C etc. Win 7 64 bit Prof.

I also have three Western Digital Black Caviars bought during the last 3 years - different models. The most recent is a 2tb SATA 6. All of these drives use the Microsoft drivers from 2006 and there don't seem to be any new ones on the WD site. Am I just not looking in the right place? It seems to me that these drives have got to be slowed down by such old/generic drivers.

The oldest drive did have a firmware upgrade available but I was afraid of losing data and I wasn't sure it was worth it.

Is everyone using the Microsoft drivers from long ago or are there better drivers available?



A:I'm still using Microsoft HD drivers from 2006?

Are you talking about driver or firmware?
A disk doesn't use a special driver! All IDE drives use a IDE driver, all SATA drives use a sata driver
Relevancy 54.61%

I don't know what I did but in my word I downloaded a template. There was no problem there. But I want to remove it now and don't know how. Also I keep getting a message that it is locked by me being the editor. Can you help me get rid of it thanks.

Relevancy 54.61%

I have MS Works Suite 2002 ... It has Streets & Trips 2002, Encarta Encyclopedia,Word 2002, Works 6.o, Works Clipart, Money 2002, Pocket Streets and Picture It!....on C D 's... It says in my Program list on computer that I have MS Office Tools with clip organizer...

My grandson needs Powerpoint for school work....Can I buy it to add on to my Works or buy it separate ...will it work with what I have?
I tried to find something on it on MS page but its confusing..... I have IE , Win XP...
Any help on what to do or sellers would be greatly appreciated...

A:get Powerpoint for Works Suite 2002 ?

Buying a stand-alone version of PowerPoint would probably be extremely uneconomic, when you can buy Microsoft Office "Student and Teachers" edition.

It contains Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. It can be installed on up to 3 computers "in the same household" but should not be used for commercial purposes.
Relevancy 54.61%

I have new computer & would like to know if I can install parts of the MS Works suite (8 disks) that came with my older computer (Win98se) onto my new computer with WinXP Media Edition. I tried to do it but stopped when it was going to install IE5..I currently have IE6.

Mainly want to install MS Word & possibly Picture It Express


Relevancy 54.61%

I bought the 6 cd MS Works Suite on E-bay. All the programs loaded except MS Word 2000 SR1. It says "the 25-didgit cd key is needed to use Word in Works Suite 2001" but it never asked me what the key was. I tried to delete it & re-install it with no success. Anyone with any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob
Relevancy 54.61%

I have completed my database. I put one column in alphabetical order, and proceed to another, the column I just alphabetized goes back the way it was. They won't all stay alphabetical. What's the deal? Help?

A:works suite 2003 database

This happens in Excel too, putting a column in alphabetical order is assumed to mean that you want all the rows to still contain the original values.

In Excel, you can highlight the data in the column and this sorts only that column - Then move on to the next column, etc.

If that doesn't work in Works, you may want to
sort the first column,
cut and paste the remaining columns into separate worksheets (one column, one worksheet) and
then sort them,
then copy them all back...
Relevancy 54.61%

I realise this software is antique but so far for my purposes I find it simpler to use than Excel.
Question: is it possible to select randon rows or columns?
Relevancy 54.61%


I have had my computer formatted with Sp2 and I'm really please all previous problems appear to have gone, but I am trying to install Microsoft Works Suite 2003 and it tells me that NAV 2002 is running and to shut it down. I opened task manager and NAV does not appear to be running. How do I temporarily shut down NAV to install Works Suite?

Thank you

Pentium 4
2.4 ghz

Relevancy 54.61%

That's a screenshot of my error. I'm installing NHL '06 and it requires the new Direct-X Microsoft update and I get this error when installing.

Well damnit how hard is it to post a link on here.

Here's my screenshot...just unspace it between "com" and "/albums" /albums/v98/Hucko21/damnerror.jpg

A:Error when installing NHL 2006

It's actualy easy to post a link, but that's another story.

Seems like you need to get hold of your system disk, insert it into the cd-rom (close the welcome screen if it appears), then do Start>Run, type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes, and ensure the space is before the /. Let it run, it will take a while.

This will check your system files agaist those on the disk and replace any that do not match. HOWEVER, YOU MAY HAVE TO UPDATE AGAIN AFTER, AS IT OVERWRITES NEWER SYSTEM FILES! But you might not need to do it either, depends.

Once that is done, try the update again.

Relevancy 54.61%

I downloaded some Microsoft updates, rebooted, and now my Microsoft Works Calendar won't come up. I've been to MS website and tried their fix - it didn't work. Next option is to delete Works and reload. My question is - will this deletion get rid of all of my data files along with the program? Also, is Outlook Express part of Works? I've tried to find out, but can't. I'm really concerned about making a mess of things.

A:Solved: Microsoft Works Calendar -works cannot access one or more files.......

Outlook Express is not part of Works.

What version of Works do you have and is it supported by Windows XP?
Relevancy 54.61%

Foe all you Money users, I have 2 questions:

1. How can I go back and change the cost basis of a stock in my portfolio? I downloaded activity from a new account I had at Vanguard, but the program set the cost basis and the current market value as the same number. I want to change the cost basis only.

2. Money does not download directly from Merrill Lynch, but you can go to the Merrill Lynch website, and download your account information into Money. If money is open when you do this, a screen pops up telling you about the download. The problem I have is that I have 2 accounts at Merrill Lynch, and Money reads the entire download into one account. Is there any way in the program to have this downloaded file segregated into each of the proper accounts?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Relevancy 54.61%


i am having some issues with streets and trips 2006. Whenever I use it constantly freezes up. Does anyone else have such an issue? and if so how can i fix it?
Relevancy 54.61%

I have used MS-Money Canadian Version since the mid s I usually never use programs without having a copy of the software to reinstall if necessary every year I would 2006 Money (CANADIAN) Microsoft buy the upgrade just to keep my software current I bought a new HP computer that had Money pre-installed running on Windows XP Media Center Edition Since I had always upgraded Money on an annual basis I did not think it would be a problem using the pre-installed version without the disk I had planned to purchase Microsoft Money 2006 (CANADIAN) Money HOWEVER Money was the last version released for the Canadian markeplace We calculate several financial activities differently in Canada i e Capital Gains Mortgages Loans etc Now that Microsoft has stated that they will no longer support release Money I find myself unable to upgrade my PC since I will lose many years of history I do have a copy of Money that will still work on the newer operating systems BUT you cannot open a file in I even tried exporting the individual accounts from and importing them into but this did Microsoft Money 2006 (CANADIAN) not work Quicken advertises that the version will convert Money files but if you read the fine print they only do this from Money or Again the problem Microsoft Money 2006 (CANADIAN) is that the last version of Money for Canada was so the Quicken conversion will not work Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of Microsoft CANADIAN Edition I contacted both HP amp Microsoft but they were not helpful I even tried eBay without success As an alternative since I already own the legal OEM copy of Money is there a way I can copy this application from one machine to another Any help would be appreciated nbsp
Relevancy 54.18%

i am running vista premium and have works suite 2006. i want to install office pro 2007. will word 2007 integrate with works and upgrade word 2002 to 2007.

//Mod edit: Moved post to Vista forums as deemed the more appropriate at this time.

A:Will Office 2007 Pro Integrate With Works Suite

What do you mean by "integrate"? Are you referring to document conversion? Also, you refer to Works, and also to Word 2002 - are there issues with this also?
Relevancy 54.18%

I've had Works Suite Basic 2000 on my comp (Windows 98SE) for 3 years. The past few weeks, it takes forever for my .wps files to load! What could be causing this?
Relevancy 54.18%

I recently purchase a new lap top and I was trying to install Lotus Smart Suite 9.8 Millennium and I keep getting the error message: Error 1327 Invalid Drive H. I did find an article that had me delete the Works Suite registry keys from the Microsoft Windows Registry but this did not solve the problem. I called the manufacturer of the laptop and they tell me it is a software problem but I can download the program on my desktop. I can load other programs on my laptop with no problems. I'm lost as to where to go for help.
Relevancy 54.18%

I have installed Works Suite three Works install 2002 Suite problems times and am told it has been successfully Works Suite 2002 install problems installed I appear to have all the files but the Task Launcher doesn t work nor do most of the new features I have a Desktop icon for Works Suite which brings up a Works screen and when I select quot About Microsoft quot I get a small screen that says Microsoft Works which I had originally but the window below it lists the Microsoft Works I also have a Desktop icon for Money but when click I get the message quot This action is only valid for products that are currently installed quot If I go to Windows Explorer I can click on Microsoft Office Tools then Activation and I get the same message as above I don t know what to do at this point Do I need to delete all the MS Works files and Works Suite 2002 install problems reinstall Works Suite What I have seems to be a mixture of the old and the new I have looked for a Remove feature on the CD and there isn t any or I haven t found it so I can t directly uninstall from the CD s Can you help nbsp

Relevancy 54.18%

Hi, I have a question about using Norton System Works 2004- Im looking for a good utility suite and have been reading alot of negative reviews about System Works, especially with XP. Is it worth using, or am I setting myself up for more trouble by installing it?
Thanks for your feedback!

Relevancy 54.18%

How do you stop the works suite 2003 installation for win98SE? When I first tried to install it, works installed fine but WORD would not install. Each time I go to the setup program it says that some other program is running in the background that is interfering so I disable/stop everything except Explorer but it still does not install. clean boot, does not work -
Relevancy 54.18%

I have works suite 2004. I want to copy Streets & trips to my hard drive. How can I do it.

Relevancy 54.18%

This is my first posting; so if my question is inappropriate, please tell me.

I came upon this program on ebay. If you are familiar with it, please share your experience and thoughts. What did you find to be it's strengths and weaknesses?

Relevancy 54.18%

I'm running Windows '98 and have Works Suite 2001. I'll be receiving a lot of Excel documents. Works has its own spreadsheet program and it isn't Excel. When I try to open an Excel document I get:

C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\8AB3AELD\Oct. 4 Daily Log.x......

The message is: The file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in My Computer by clicking View and then clicking Folder Options.

Great, except I don't know how to create it and I can't seem to find anything in Microsoft support. I did download their Alerts Info Button, but this situation isn't supported. Before you ask what I have tried, the answer is nothing because I don't know where to start.


A:can't open Excel in Works Suite 2001

To my knowledge, you cannot open Excel files with Works.

You may be able to use the viewer:
Relevancy 54.18%

I recently Purchased Works Suite 2001 and I would like to install it. I have had Office 97 for several years. Must I take Office 97 off before I install Works Suite 2001? If so, what happens to all the data files associated with Word Excell etc?
My concern stems from the fact that Works has Word 2000 as one of the installs.

Relevancy 53.75%

Before installing XP Pro used to use XP Home I never had a problem with the above software Now I am continually getting the Windows message that quot an error has occurred sorry for the inconvenience do you Microsoft Image Problem Digital with 2006 want to send a report quot and a checked prompt to restart the application When I click on the technical information for this error I can track it down Problem with Microsoft Digital Image 2006 to a file as follows lt xml version quot quot encoding quot utf- quot gt - lt WatsonData Build quot Release quot gt lt Lifetime StartTicks quot quot EndTicks quot quot gt lt MemoryUsage TotalPhysical quot quot AvailablePhysical quot quot gt lt OpenImages LastDriveType quot quot gt lt OpenImages gt lt ActiveDocSpriteCountAtLastActivation spriteTypeShape quot quot spriteTypePicture quot quot spriteTypeThreeD Problem with Microsoft Digital Image 2006 quot quot spriteTypeOle quot quot spriteTypeGroup quot quot spriteTypeText quot quot spriteTypePaint quot quot gt - lt Messages gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt msg id quot quot wParam quot quot lParam quot quot ticks quot quot gt lt Messages gt lt WatsonData gt I guess this goes to MS in the error report Basically the problem is that I simply can t open any normal old jpg pics anymore as this message appears every time If I reboot then now and then it works OK I have uninstalled it cleaned out any registry references to it reinstalled it but still no luck What should I do now nbsp

A:Problem with Microsoft Digital Image 2006

See if you can open them reliably in this Freeware ...
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While hopefully everyone has installed MS - Microsoft has just released two more critical security patches as part of their normal quot Patch Tuesday quot updates I ve updated both of my work PCs and in early testing no issues so farMicrosoft Security Bulletins - January http www microsoft com technet security n ms -jan mspxMicrosoft Security Bulletin MS - Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution http www microsoft com technet security n ms - mspxMaximum Severity Rating CriticalImpact of Vulnerability Remote Code ExecutionOverview This vulnerability is currently being exploited and was previously discussed by Microsoft Microsoft January 2006 - Bulletins Security in Microsoft Security Advisory If a user is logged on with administrative user rights an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system An attacker could then install programs view change or delete data or create new accounts with full user rights Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights Microsoft Security Bulletins - January 2006 on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative user rights Microsoft Security Bulletin MS - Vulnerability in Embedded Web Fonts Could Allow Remote Code Execution Microsoft Security Bulletins - January 2006 http www microsoft com technet security n ms - mspx Maximum Severity Rating CriticalImpact of Vulnerability Remote Code Execution Overview An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take control of an affected system If a user is logged on with administrative user rights an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take Microsoft Security Bulletins - January 2006 complete control of an affected system An attacker could then install programs view change or delete data or create new accounts with full user rights Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative user rights Microsoft Security Bulletin MS - Vulnerability in TNEF Decoding in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Could Allow Remote Code Execution http www microsoft com technet security n ms - mspx Impact of Vulnerability Remote Code ExecutionMaximum Severity Rating Critical Overview This update resolves a newly-discovered privately-reported vulnerability that could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code on the system The vulnerability is documented in the Vulnerability Details section of this bulletin On vulnerable versions of Outlook Office Language Interface Packs Office MultiLanguage Packs or Office Multilingual User Interface Packs if a user is logged on with administrative user rights an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of the client workstation
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The June updates required over 20MB of downloading to accomplish all the Windows, IE, and Office patches. There are several critical updates including a patch to Word where a zero day exploit had surfaced in the past couple of weeks.Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for June, 2006

A:Microsoft Security Bulletins - June, 2006

8 Critical:Cumulative Security Update for IE (KB916281)Security Update for PowerPoint 2003 (KB916518)Security Update for Word (KB917334)Secuirty Update for Media Player10 (KB917734)Security Update for XP (KB911280) - Routing and Remote AccessSecurity Update for XP (KB918439) - ART Image RenderingSecurity Update for XP (KB917344) - Microsoft JScriptWindows Malicious Software Removal Tool - June 2006 (KB890830)3 Important Bulletins:Vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Server Running Outlook Web Access Could Allow Script Injection (912442) for Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Pack 1-3 onlyVulnerability in Server Message Block Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (914389)Vulnerability in TCP/IP Could Allow Remote Code Execution (917953)1 Moderate Bulletin:Vulnerability in RPC Mutual Authentication Could Allow Spoofing (917736) for Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 only
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Microsoft has just issued critical security updates for November:Microsoft Security Updates - November 2006 - Vulnerabilities in Client Service for NetWare Could Allow Remote Code Execution (923980) - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (922760) - Vulnerability in Microsoft Agent Could Allow Remote CodeExecution (920213) - Vulnerabilities in Macromedia Flash Player from Adobe Could Allow Remote Code Execution (923789) - Vulnerability in Workstation Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution (924270) - Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution (928088)