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Q: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Check Box

Good afternoon,

I use a spread sheet which contains Check Boxes, that I manually tick to show a task has been fully completed. I have a basic formula that calculates returned items, and once it reaches 0 (all returned) I tick the box. I wish to have the Check Box auto-tick itself once the returned items count reaches 0. I'm damned certain this is possible, but beyond my abilities. I know you can have formulas to display text once a Check Box is ticked, I am kinda trying to do it the other way around.

Thanks for any help


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Preferred Solution: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Check Box

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Check Box

Darrenbilly said:

I'm damned certain this is possible, but beyond my abilities.Click to expand...

You are correct, it is possible.

What you need to do is learn the Visual Basic for Applications coding in Excel. Then you can add code that runs every time the sheet calculates (basically when something changes on the page). The code can check the status of a cell and change the status of another cell (or object in your case) based on criteria you have coded.

I'm not a programmer but playing with Excel Macros (VBA coding) and manipulating excel cells is a long time hobby of mine.

The easiest way to learn is to record Macro's and then study the code. It is easier learning the code if know first hand what it does. After you are familiar with how the code works, you will be surprised at how easy it is to code your own macros. Once you have the macro working for you, it is easy to move the code and have it run every time the sheet loads, calculates, closes, or several other possibilities.
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When I open excel, and go to the file tab, it hangs, and says it is trying to contact server1......which likely is my head office server, and I can't access that server...It also tries to access the server when I want to insert a do I stop these programs from trying to access the server. I am in another country and will be for quite a while this is a large Pain....
I have changed the library folders to be resident on my computer and I have also changed the default save location to be resident...
Can anyone help?

I am on Windows 7, on a Dell laptop....

A:Microsoft office 2010 excel and outlook

Quote: Originally Posted by moshezhang

When I open excel, and go to the file tab, it hangs, and says it is trying to contact server1......which likely is my head office server, and I can't access that server...It also tries to access the server when I want to insert a do I stop these programs from trying to access the server. I am in another country and will be for quite a while this is a large Pain....
I have changed the library folders to be resident on my computer and I have also changed the default save location to be resident...
Can anyone help?

I am on Windows 7, on a Dell laptop....

Are these files you are working on local to your machine or are they over some sort of network? If they are network files, it may be timing out trying to create temp/caches of the file you are working on as undo procedures. If it's a network file save a copy of it to somewhere local on your computer and try editing it.
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Well not really a problem with Excel, more of a memory problem with me. A few years back (in '03 Office) I collapsed the Excel file by way of a phone conversation. And now I forget nor find the way to un-collapse and get my lines 1 thru 95 back. Although I have used info on lines 96 and on. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 - Excel problem

Do you mean you hide them? Use the Unhide function:
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I'm hoping someone can help me with a small project I have.

Essentially, I want to create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Office Excel 2010 that would act as a time-sheet. It would have two columns - the first being a start time and the second being an end time.

So, a cell in the first column might say 8:30am, while a cell in the second column might say 5:30pm. What formula or method do I need to use to have a cell in the third column automatically tell me how many hours were spent in that time (9)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Working Out Hours Between Start And End Time In Microsoft Office Excel 2010
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It seems that there may be a problem in Office 2010. I just installed it to the standard MS default/recommended settings .........all looked good...used Word great..until I use Excel and each time I try to use excel it sets off an 'Office Configuration' screen which I can not take a few minutes and then loads OK. I tried to launch it from the installed prgrams icon but there is no files on 'start in' etc..I tied to create a shortcut to the desktop from the excel.exe file and get the same reconfigure seem that somehow I don't have either permissions or I have a corrupt install..all Office suite works eventually Anyone know how to fix it..please?

A:Office 2010 Pro Plus Win7 x 64 Excel reconfigures Office 2010

Have you ever had a previous version of Office on this copy of win7?

Do you have any component of a previous office suite installed still

I have seen this in the past with Viso that was due to remnents of an earlier trial remaining on disk and in the registry.

I also found that if I cancelled the configuration screen the Viso would load without problems without the need to wait for completion.

There are some rather involved solution stems on Microsoft website - cannot find them at the present but will try to look for them.

The problem was that I could never get the removal steps to actually cure the issue and I put up with the error until my next re-install of Win7, which was not to long in the case of that system
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I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 and Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business. I will be receiving Office 2010 Professional Plus. Do I have to uninstall Office 2007 Small Business or can I install Office 2010 over it. What is the best way to handle the upgrade. I have a lot of files on word and excell. Will they transfer over.

Thanks in advance for all your help and cooperation.


A:Microsoft Office 2010/ Replace Office 2010

Quote: Originally Posted by rottikid

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 and Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business. I will be receiving Office 2010 Professional Plus. Do I have to uninstall Office 2007 Small Business or can I install Office 2010 over it. What is the best way to handle the upgrade. I have a lot of files on word and excell. Will they transfer over.

Thanks in advance for all your help and cooperation.


Hi rottikid & welcome,

You are strongly advised to uninstall Office 2007 first.
Links below for you to peruse.

Make sure you have a copy of all that you wish to transfer / use on the new Office 2010.

If you require more help let us know.


How do I uninstall Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 suites if I cannot uninstall it from Control Panel?
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I have Office 2010 Standard Open License Version installed on 7 XP Pro machines. We discovered, when trying to open a .tif file, that Document Imaging has been removed from Office 2010. I found and followed instructions in KB982760 from the MS web site. I got lots of parts of Office 2007, including Word, but still no Document Imaging. I tried going through Add/Remove Programs to add the feature; still no luck. Has anyone been successful getting Document Imaging from a previous version of Office to run under 2010?

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I recently installed the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, but this morning its intro screen stays stuck at "Starting Microsoft Office Click-to-Run." Googling it resulted in only two threads, neither of them having the answer.

I'm back to using Office 2007, by simply setting my Word and Excel documents to open by Office 2007 by default, but now my Word and Excel icons have become much less pretty, such as my Word icons becoming a very plain "DOCX" icon instead of the normal "blue W" icon. I checked, and the file types are still regular Word documents. Is there a way to get the pretty icons back?

A:Office 2010 Problems: "Starting Microsoft Office Click-to-Run" & Unattractive DOCX icons for Word documents.

Regarding changing the icon:
Go to either My Computer or Windows Explorer.
Click Tools, Folder Options, File Types tab.
Scroll down to the DOCX file type (file types are in alphabetical order), click on it one time to highlight it.
Click the Advanced button.
The "Edit File Type" screen appears.
There is a Change Icon button in the top right area.
Click the Change Icon button.
You should have other icon choices to pick from.
Side note: If you don't like any of those icons, you can always hit the Browse button,
and browse to where other icons are, (you can assign any icon to any file type that you want, it is a matter of personal preference).
Icons are found in .exe files (executables), some (not all) .dll (dynamic link library) files, and .ico files.
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Microsoft Office 2010 is installed on my PC (Dell Studio XPS8100, Windows 7). Another member of the household has asked whether she can install Microsoft Works 9.0 on my PC, now that her PC is on its last legs. (She greatly prefers Works over Office, for its simplicity and because of her long-term familiarity with Works.) If Works 9.0 is installed onto my PC, would this cause problems for Office 2010, Works 9.0, and/or my PC? If so, are there workarounds? Thanks.

A:Microsoft Works 9.0 and Microsoft Office 2010 compatibility

The official "word" from Microsoft (pun intended) is that Office & Works can co-exist on the same PC.

Provided you do not intend to share documents between Office & Works (ie both suites will be used separately), there are no "workarounds" or special procedures you need to remember when using them.
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I m using the Windows XP operating system and had Microsoft Office installed on it a while ago All the applications were working fine when I first got it Yesterday when I tried to open Microsoft Excel I get the message that the feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable Microsoft Premium' 'Microsoft Office help, 2000 disk for Excel asking keeps disk that is not available and it asks me to insert the Microsoft Office Microsoft Excel help, keeps asking for 'Microsoft Office 2000 Premium' disk Premium disk and click ok Unfortunately I don t have this disk because it was someone else that installed Office on my computer for me I don t understand why it s not letting me use Microsoft Excel and why I get this message from Windows Installer every time I try to use the application It was working fine not long ago and I ve used it to make several spreadsheet files all of a sudden for no apparent reason I m getting this message every time I try to use it Can anyone give me any advice and has anyone had a similiar problem I would appreciate any help nbsp

A:Microsoft Excel help, keeps asking for 'Microsoft Office 2000 Premium' disk

When it was installed, some aspects will be "installed on first use", and now it wants to install the function, for which you need the CD.

You really cannot use it successfully (not to mention legally) if you do not own and have the disks.
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I just got a day trial of MSO instead of using MS Works amp I know I m going to feel stupid after seeing a simple logical answer to this If I create a spreadsheet amp save it as a template Then open it later to use as the form I created for What happens to the template after I save my filled in form on it amp One of the problems is getting formulas messed up on L amp L after a Sort Which requires fixing amp dragging the handles all the way down each column again My remedy has been to mark L amp L unusable and not to highlight them for sorting Would be nice if someone knows shortcut to dragging handle down rows amp Is there a way to stop showing trailing total after the last row with a useful total Ex row sheet the total on L is and there is no need to have showing all the way down to L I ll try attaching a partial copy Thank you for your help nbsp

A:MS Office 2010 Excel

When working on a template, provided you give the finished document a different name when saving it, the template will still be available for later use and will remain unchanged.
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I have a data gathering spreadsheet which has a collecting table/array. The data is collected at minute intervals (rows) and gathers 6 successive values (between 0.1 & 0.99) at 10 second intervals in columns (x rows by 6 columns). I need a formula that allows me to find the latest occurrence (minute) of a specific value. I have tried INDEX/MATCH which works with an individual column but not across the whole array. Anyone have a solution or an idea? Thanks
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Any links to training material for excel 2010?


A:office 2010 excel training

Quote: Originally Posted by h2ofun

Any links to training material for excel 2010?


Follow this link:
"Microsoft Elevate America"
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Not embedded as it is a large image.

When trying to print from excel, I can see the dropdown menu normally and select a printer. Once I click one, I get an error saying no printers are installed. This happens no matter which printer I try to use. Default printer won't print either. Everything but excel prints fine to all printers.

The admin account on the same PC can print fine using excel.

A:[XP][Office 2010] Excel Won't Print

Since it works under the admin account...Try making another version of this printer under the user account. You may be prompted for admin pwd.
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I'm just wondering if the jump from 32-bit to 64-bit Office 2010 is worth the effort just like the jump from 32-bit OS's to 64-bit seems to be for the industry.

I read that Microsoft advised not to make the jump for Office 64-bit as it's too early and will give organisations some kind of compatability issues. They were saying to let 64-bit mature and consider it in the 2013 Office. What will you do?

A:Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit vs 64-bit?

Not sure why they'd make a 64 bit Office and then say don't jump on it.
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I have installed Office Home And Student, however when i attempt to open it, says enter Product Key which i have done many times. however some of the Office programs open but not all??

A:Microsoft Office 2010

Hi there

1) Can you post a screen shot -- the only time I've ever been asked for an Office product key is when you start the INSTALL process. After installation you will get an Activate Office screen the first time you run any office application.

2) what Office programs open ?. you should only basically have Powerpoint, EXCEL and WORD applications in the student and teacher office editions.

3) Although this should really be 1) - Did you INSTALL office 2010 correctly. It's possible also you had some other versions of office on the machine too --these should really be removed before installing Office 2010.

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Zukona reported that RTM will be released on April 15

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The installation of microsoft office 2010 requires that msxml version 6.10.1129.0 be installed on your computer. Install the component and re-run the setup.Correct the issue(s) and re-run the setup."

I downloaded MSXML but it won't install
Anyone got this issue??

Sorry> installing that on windows xp pro.. and i also have office 2007 and office 2003 installed on my pc..

A:Microsoft office 2010

might want to uninstall the other versions of office first. just save your .pst files etc and give it a whirl then, having more than one office is like having more than one anti-virus - they fight for who gets to open it.
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I am trying to edit an equation within a powerpoint slide and I get an error everytime when I try to edit.

Error : In order to complete setup, a system reboot is necessary. Would you like to reboot now?

I am running office 2010 , Windows 7

Any help is appreciated


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I can't install microsoft office 2010, it just keeps me error at the end... I have try to use windows install clean up, registry cleanup, etc. but it's not working for me... what do I have do to????

A:Microsoft Office 2010

What error are you getting?
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\\\When I first bought my laptop, it was running windows 7 and home and student 2010, I then upgraded to the win8 release preview,and i was still able to use word, powerpoint, etc. Now when i upgraded to windows 8, they are in the "windows.old " folder, when i try to open them, an error message pops up saying that the file is not installed. How to i get these programs back??? I paid money for this!!!

A:Microsoft Office 2010 gone?

You will need to re-install Office 2010. Sounds like to me when you did the upgrade you didn't upgrade with the apps setting.

Hope that helps. You should be able to use the Office Key you have for 2010 as long as it's on the same computer it was originally installed.

Hope that helps.
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I have been using Microsoft word 2003 updated to 2007 for a few years.I started getting the "Genuine" notice and found I needed to pay $99 for a legal copy.I then saw a download for Office 2010 with a ZWT KMS-Keygen mini activator supplied as Microsoft service.I have read some details on this and it appears it is due on the shelves in June.What is being released appears to be for "feed-back".
When I came to uninstall word 2007 I found a number of security updates for 2003 on my list of programs so I removed these as well.
Are these copies "pirated" if so will the activator be negated at a later time?

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Who has product key for microsoft office 2010...
can share it with me...plzz

A:MIcrosoft Office 2010

nobody can. Please read the rules at

Closing thread.
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I just installed Microsoft Office 2010. How do you create envelops? Thank You

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hey i just downloaded the beta for Microsoft office 2010..
i was wondering what you guys thought about it?
did you notice any major changes, because i didn't

A:microsoft office 2010

Quote: Originally Posted by GlobesStudios

hey i just downloaded the beta for Microsoft office 2010..
i was wondering what you guys thought about it?
did you notice any major changes, because i didn't

Depends what you mean, Major Changes from the Tech Preview to the Beta or from 2007 to the Beta?
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I purchased a used laptop without a CD Rom/DVD player. Though, it does have an SD slot. I want to install my Office 2010 on this computer but obviously, it's on a CD Disc. Is it possible to copy the Office disc to a SD card and install? Yes, I know I can purchase an external CD/DVD drive, but I rarely use it and wanted to avoid purchasing something I will rarely use. Though, if that's my only option, then I'll do so, but wanted to see if there were other options.
Thank you.

A:Microsoft office 2010

Having just "one" great pal with a clean computer and a DVD/CD writer will work for a start!
Next you would need to extract the ISO file and inject it into the SD card..this is where another BC member who has
knowledge of a program that works with ISO to SD cards can step in!
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I just installed Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus on my netbook, but whenever I close Microsoft Word, it doesn't close and leads to it being "not responsive". How do I fix this? Nothing else has the same effect...except for Microsoft Word.
I had Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus installed, but since this weekend the Microsoft Word just wasn't working properly. Thus, I gave it a go and tried to uninstall then reinstall it a few times. None of those times worked out.

A:Microsoft Office 2010

Whenever installations get borked, I always recommend uninstalling with Revo Uninstaller before attempting to reinstall. Be sure to do the "Advanced" search, and delete everything that is found (Office leaves a lot behind).While you're at it, Publish a Snapshot using Speccy. I could probably guess at what hardware your netbook has, but I'm still curious. Sometimes large programs freeze on netbooks due to a low-power processor like the Intel Atom. I'd blame Office first, but we'll check both options before making a conclusion.
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I really am not sure if anyone can help with this problem without restoring to factory settings or reinstalling windows because i don t want to do any of these Here s the problem my brother and i were using the computer for work stuff and this is a new laptop with Microsoft Office preinstalled so we installed it using Office Starter to use Word Basically i uninstalled it by mistake and had to do a system restore and since then it was saying there was a problem with licensing but because it was preinstalled there is no key and since then i ve been trying to sort things with system restore and made them a whole lot worse i can now not install Office starter at all it s saying is Office Microsoft 2010 quot There is a problem setting up Microsoft Office Starter quot quot Windows cannot find c program data Microsoft Office 2010 microsoft OEMoffice ostarter en-us welcomedocument dotx quot quot Unable to install Microsoft Office because of missing or corrupt files Contact your computer manufacturer quot So im thinking im a lost Microsoft Office 2010 cause unless anyone has suggestions but as i said i dont want to do any drastic measures like restoring to factory settings Thank you

A:Microsoft Office 2010

hello toria,

try these stets

Repair Office Click-to-Run products

IMPORTANT Repairing Office Click-to-Run products require an Internet connection to be available during the entire repair process.

The files you created by using Microsoft Office are not deleted. However, you can choose to save the Microsoft Office settings or customizations that you created in the Office programs.

In Control Panel, click Programs, and then click Programs and Features.
NOTE In Classic view, double-click Programs and Features.

Click Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, or Microsoft Office Starter 2010, and then click Change.
For the Remove Office user settings check box, do one of the following:
If you want to save Microsoft Office settings, such as Ribbon customizations, do not select the check box.
If you don't want to save the Office settings, such as Ribbon customizations, or if you are having a problem with settings that you want to fix, select the check box.
NOTE If you want to save the Ribbon customizations but not the other Office settings, export the Ribbon customizations first (Ribbon customizations are not available in Office Starter 2010).
Click Repair.

I dislike that when they preinstall office and you have the retail version on top of that.
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I am trying to uninstall Microsoft office professional plus 2010 from my comp and it won't uninstall, running win 7 home premium Dell Dimension E521, I have Office 2007 pro plus, I'm okay with that, I tried AVG uninstaller, still won't do it, suggestions? thank you

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My husband tried to email a word document and an excel spreadsheet from his office to his home laptop but is having problems.

The document from the office was created in MS Office 2010 32-bit but saved as a 97-2003 compatible document since not everyone is on 2010.

His new home laptop is set up with MS 2010 64-bit, but when tried to open the word document, it would not open until he saved it as a MS Word 2010 document, and Excel would not open.

Does it make any difference that the home pc is 64-bit MS Office for compatability problems?

A:Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit vs 64-bit?

When you have pressed 'Open' and get the list of files available, ensure that in the drop-down menu to the right of the 'file name' box', it says ALL Word Documents, not just Word Documents.
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I just got a new desktop computer that is running Windows 8. My old computer, which was hit by lightning and made inoperable, had Microsoft Office 2010 on it.

I bought the new computer, which has no Microsoft Office on it, other than an offer to buy Office 2013.

This may be a dumb question but can I download Office 2010 since I had it before or will I need to buy it again or buy a newer vesion ? I have no product key for it because it was pre-loaded onto my old computer.

If so, as an alternative, are there any free programs out there that operate like Microsoft Office ? I have a few thumb drives that I cannot get into now because they are requiring Office to open them.

A:Microsoft Office 2010?

It was probably an OEM license which means it died with your old computer. You would need a full office license for it to be transferable which would mean you would have disks and a box with a license key or you would have an MS store login where you could manage your purchased products.

Try this Apache OpenOffice - The Free and Open Productivity Suite

or this LibreOffice 4 is here!

They are free.
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Microsoft Office 2010

Yup it's out on Beta. Got the email notice on it the other day. Anyone else get it and try it yet before this post ??

Thoughts on it so far ??

For the ones who haven't and want it. here ya go.

Microsoft Office Online

A:Microsoft Office 2010

It's been out for quite awhile now. You can go to the Microsoft Office Forum here on the Sevens to got more information along with getting some great insight as to what has been added.
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My Power Point 2010 error when I open 2003 and got message. Open it in saft mode
Plez help me
Thank you

A:Microsoft Office 2010

Not sure that this will work, but maybe worth a try:
Office 2010 PowerPoint. Some 1997-2003 ppt files will not open. - Microsoft Community

I found this to be a patch to the problem...
Easier solution to the above problem. It would appear that when downloaded normally, the browsers are flagging the file as being potentially unsafe, whereas DownThemAll! is not. It would also appear the the PowerPoint 2010 programmers failed to handle this in the code. So, the easiest way to get around this error is to navigate to the file on your computer, right-click it and go down to properties. In the box that pops up, go down to the security section (at the bottom) and unblock the file. Open file.
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Up dated lately from windows 7 to windows 8.1 pro. Have my own copy of office 2010 would like to use it in my 8.1 pro. Any suggestions on how I might do that?

A:Microsoft office 2010

If you have the install disks, install it on your new system. Unless you have multiple licenses, uninstall from old system.
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I been trying to download office 2010, but when code is enter a valid code, it does not allowed me to work on documents, also I can not delete some software installed, I do this by using control panel

A:Microsoft office 2010

Where did you download Office 2010 from?
Do you have a MS Key code and did you activate it?
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i just tried to install the office 2010 beta software
but as my internet connection was lagging i disconnected that procedure
and then i deleted all related file to that set up
and cleaned the system with the microsoft install clean up
but now i have the click to run icon in my control panel which doesnt work
is there any way to remove that??????????????????
thanks for the reply in advance

A:microsoft office 2010

Try Ccleaner from piriform,a free program and small download,that should get rid of the rest of the registry entries that office 2010 has left behind.
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When ever I start a Microsoft Office 2010 application I always get an error. It's Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student.

Excel- "Not enough memory to start Excel. Please close other applications and try again"
Word- Crashes as soon as I start it
OneNote- "OneNote cannot start because the Microsoft Office installation is missing the required files. Run Office setup again to repair the installation"
PowerPoint- Splash screen flashes and nothing else happens

I have also tried going to install and clicking repair but it still doesn't work.

Can somebody please help me.

Thanks in advance

A:Can't use Microsoft Office 2010

How much drive space do you have available?

You can get this error if your hard drive is getting towards being full.

Also, how much RAM do you have?

Whenever you post a new thread it always helps if you also post your full computer specifications.
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What all comes with Microsoft Office 2010 Office ??? is it worthy of trying.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Office's currently just a Beta, but will be available for purchase in the Fall of this year.I use it on both my PC's, as I don't have a Office 2007 disc. It's free (for now). Works fine.The interface is slightly different than previous versions, but it's still pretty nice. Try it out and see if you like it. You've got nothing to lose.
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Please help me. I recently installed MS office 2010 on win 7, and I found out the spell and grammar checker doesnt work. When I entered a wrong spelled word on Powerpoint or Word, it doesnt recognize it as a wrong spelled word.
I looked up on the add and remove features of ms office 2010 and found that the proofing and spell and grammar check are all installed. What should I do? And one more question. How do I reset Ms office 2010 on its default preferences?

A:Spell and Grammar Check not Working office 2010

In one situation I accidentaly clicked on ignore all when some words are misspelled. Now, no words appear as misspelled(wobbly red line for spelling and green line for grammar doesnt appear anymore). Maybe it is the cause?
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I'm working on two MS Office 2010 Excel files one of which consists of unorganized text data (from a survey) typed on four separate worksheets each under a different question heading. The other file consists of the same text data on one worksheet organized under the same question headings in columns B, C, D and E - respondents' job titles, which they provided when they completed the survey, are in column A.

I'd like to be able to compare these two files but have yet to find anything that works for me. I've checked Microsoft support and other sites - the latter describe how to do this in earlier versions of Excel by activating the VBA Add-in but were short on details of how to do that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:MS Office 2010 Excel file comparison

how do you want to compare? Are you just looking for duplicates?
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I am running Office 2010 Pro on Windows 7 Home premium.
No problems for months. Now needed to hook on new network. Printing is fine in all programmes in Office and others (Thunderbird, Chrome, Foxit Reader, etc...). All except in Excel. The programme (Excel) does not see the printer, or when it does it does not let the printer be chosen. Printers are all Kyocera or Brother, but different models.

Any ideas?


A:Office 2010 nt in Excel, but will in other programs. Solutions?

If it's an existing worksheet created on your previous nw/printer then perhaps there could be something unique in the worksheet settings/attributes that the printer you are wanting to use can't handle.

Some things to try if you haven't done so already..

Can you select and print to another nw printer ok?
Can you create a new simple worksheet and print it ok to that printer?
Try deleting that printer and re-adding it.

Hope that helps
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Hey, i've recently formatted my laptop , it is windows xp and i tried to install microsoft office 2010 at first, but there was an error saying ''microsoft office enterprise 2010 encountered an error during setup'' so then i tried to install microsoft office 2007 and the same error appeared, could somebody tell me what causes this error? i have installed this on many over computers and there was no problem so there is nothing wrong with the installer.

A:Microsoft office 2007 and 2010

For Office 2007, Windows XP must have Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed.

For Office 2010, Windows XP must have Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed.

If you are sure your laptop already meets those requirements, go here:
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I installed a trial for Microsoft office 2010 when I was working on some college work to see if it would be worth upgrading. I have microsoft office 2003 already on my laptop. When the trial finished I unistalled the 2010 version but now when i try to open documents from e-mails it wont open up in the 2003 version. I have to then open up e.g word and find the file from there. Any ideas how i can change the settings to make Microsoft office 2003 the default for my documents.



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I am getting an error message when I use Office 2010 Word & Excel. The message is 'Offspon.exe has stopped working'. Any suggestions please?
I am using Windows 7
Many thanks
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I hope Microsoft can help me. a few days ago I reformatted my desktop PC which was running Vista and also ran Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. I installed Windows 7 on it plus my other software, but when I re-installed Office 2010 Professional and tried to activate it, I got the message "Product Key Invalid ."
My Office 2010 is a legal copy which I bought a few years back and has functioned perfectly up until I wanted to re-install it on my PC with Windows 7. I tried to activate it by phone with Microsoft in South Africa (where I live) but got the message that it was an "illegal copy", which it certainly is not. Can anyone help???

A:Microsoft say my Office 2010 is Illegal!!!!!!

This can only be resolved through Microsoft so make haste and contact them directly.
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Hi guys, im hoping someone can help. For some reason i cannot open Microsoft office 2010, it is genuine, i downloaded it from the microsoft website. It has been working fone since i bought it and i use it on a regular basis for work, mostly for spreadsheets. I have just been away on holiday for ten days, i went to open a spread sheet and a message came up that said " Cannot open microsoft office, go to control panel to repair then try again" So i went to control panel i found the programme and i clicked repair, after a few minutes it said the programme had been repaired successfully but when i go to open it i get the same message. Any ideas will be much appreciated. Thanks
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Here are some recent Screenshot of office 2010 with more glass...

Microsoft Office 2010 Screenshots - More Glass ? {HACKS} Daily

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Screenshots

Quote: Originally Posted by addict

Here are some recent Screenshot of office 2010 with more glass...

Microsoft Office 2010 Screenshots - More Glass ? {HACKS} Daily

To me doesn't look nice at all.
My Favorite is actually Offfice 2003 which you can customize a lot to look exactly how you wanted.

Office 2007 has "Limited" customisation -- I prefer the BLACK toolbar etc

Done from the Big round file button in any application of 2007 . For example click the EXCEL options from the file button and you've got only 3 choices - Blue Silver or Black. Changing this in EXCEL (or other office app changes iot in the others as well).

Office 2003 had loads more options (but more complex to fiddle with of course).

I suppose there's always a trade off between "customiseability" and "Useability" -- but some times I think they just "Dumb it down" too much to keep it simple for the masses.

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how do i find my product key for microsoft office 2010 installation, it was mentioned that it was pre-installed already but when try run the office its always failed, i could not see it in the box and at the back of my laptop. please help

A:microsoft office 2010 installation

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Where is Office 2010 preinstalled ? What is your HP computer ?Please, provide as many details as possible >> Some general information>> Usually, some computers may have Microsoft Office trial version preinstalled. For the full version you will need to have/buy a licence from Microsoft or Microsoft partner/reseller.Office 2010 is somewhat old now. You can get a free 60 day trial edition for Office 2013 from Microsoft web site >>  (free MS account is needed to download) You can also buy a monthly subscription for Office 365 (Office 2016/2013) from Microsoft for as little as 6-7 $/month>> 365 also includes free call minutes, 1TB OneDrive cloud space + the Office software.
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Dear Sir/Madam

I installed a trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 a while ago but as of recent I have had problems with it. I have tried to uninstall it with windows uninstaller and Ashampoo Uninstaller but all attempts have just kept this program intact on my computer so I went onto the Microsoft site and downloaded a new trial version and tried installing it which just made it worse, I thought I would be able to ovewrite this program.

Using Ashampoo I deleted the log which removed the software or so I thought the problem still happens on start up I receive a Window message which I have made a screen snapshot so that you can see what I mean and maybe be able to help me with this situation or if I install a full version would this sort the problem out


Marc Rowlands

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i want to reinstall my microsoft office 2010 but it tells me setup cannot modify the file C:\programdata\microsoft\ windows\start menu\programs\microsoft office 2010 tools\microsoft office picture manager.lnk. verify that the file exists in your system and that you have a sufficient permissions to update it?

A:reinstalling microsoft office 2010


Are you logged in as administrator?
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My laptop is running windows 7 home premium and I am trying to activate Microsoft Home and Business 2010. However, when I click 'I want to activate the software over the Internet. (recommended)' It says Activation Wizard Connecting... Then it comes up with An unspecified error has occurred. Your request cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later. (0x80070005).
I looked on here and I am logged in to the administrator account, its the only account on my laptop and I have fully scanned my laptop with AVG as I do every month and there were no viruses or malware.
How do I fix this and activate the software. 
Thank you in advance. 

A:Microsoft office 2010 0x80070005? Please help.

Hello, is the copy a trial copy? Was it installed by your OEM manufacture? Did you purchase the copy? How did you get the office copy?
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Dear Friends I am trying to help a friend who has recently purchased Office which I have installed on her Windows Home Edition computer I should add that I have Office on a XP computer so I cannot practice at home on with some problems we Microsoft Office Solved: 2010 have met Firstly on both Word and Excel I wanted to remove some buttons from the toolbar and replace them with other buttons which are available On I was able to click and drag buttons off the toolbar and similarly from the Commands menu was able to simply drag and drop new buttons onto the toolbar I looked at the online Help Solved: Microsoft Office 2010 for and to add new buttons it steered me in this direction File Options Customize Ribbons Choose Commands All Commands Highlight required button At that point I came unstuck I tried clicking Add but nothing appeared on the toolbar I never found anything relating to removing buttons from the toolbar I assume by the way that the reference to Ribbon means Toolbar in old currency The second problem encountered was that on Word the Font size and Font style installed are not the ones my friend wishes to use by using the drop down menus I was able to change these for her but the next time you switch the computer on it defaults back to the earlier settings and I could not work out how to make the new choices the default setting The third and final item was that on the Word Toolbar Ribbon on the right hand side a lot of space was taken up by quot Styles quot my friend says she will not use these and wondered if there is any way of removing these or are they a permanent fixture Thank you for reading this and any help would be really appreciated Red Cloud nbsp

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If I upgrade from office 2007 to 2010 will my existing documents automatically be upgraded?

A:update to microsoft office 2010

Roxann, Welcome to the windows 7 forum.

Yes, if you upgrade, your documents will be available to your new office 2010.

Office 2010 is very very similar to 2007 in lots of areas.

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hey guys i'm just want to install microsoft office 2010 in my windoww 7 sp1...


but something say like this:


anyone know the solution?

A:something error with my microsoft office 2010

??? Whats the error message?

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32-bit: 361 MB

64-bit: 439 MB


A:Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 Released!

Hi Folks--After downloading the 64 bit Office SP1, I get this message when I try to install it:
"There are no products affected by this package installed on this system"
I have Win 7-64 bit with Office 2010 installed.
Relevancy 67.51% 2010, with Office Web Apps, is now available for download. You can use it until it expires in October 2010, when you can purchase the final product.You can upgrade your current version of Office to 2010, or have it co-exist with your current version.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Beta available changed the URL. Get it here, you need to log in with your Windows Live/Hotmail sign in and fill out an online form.
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I have an ACER laptop (2 years old) using windows7, came with a preloaded trial of Microsoft Office. Never used this as I purchased Office Home and Student 2010, downloaded ok. Any word docs i create or are sent as attachments on email are ok under my user name and was the same for my wifes usrname. somewhere along the line its gone wrong as any that my wife recieves as email attachments under her user name don't show the word symbol on the icon, says its a DOCX but will not open. She cannot create word docs or excel. If she forwards her emails to me then they are all ok.

A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2010

has she installed any new programs and perhaps change the association of the word and excel files - like another office suite

if you goto file manager and look at an excel or word document - does it have the word/excel icon next to it

I would reassociate the file extension to the program
have a read here
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Can anyone recommend where I can get good advice (might be a printer issue) for Word 2010?

I'm tearing my hair out with this problem:
I create a template that's 25.4cm by 12.7cm (5"x5" blank greeting card) with 2 columns, stick my photo in one column then print... only my printer insists on printing as if the photo is at the centre of an A4 paper.

Thanks for any advice, I'm in desperate need.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 forum?


Lets see if we can fix this. What type of printer are you using? Have you updated the drivers to the latest version?
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Hi everyone, I made a post yesterday about downgrading from windows 8 to 7 and got some fantastic feedback. Last night I downgraded and obviously did a clean install. Now I have a issue with microsoft Office 2010 or 2013.

I need to dowbload the software, I have my cd keys for either but I don't have the install disc's.

Where can I download the software? I tried the Microsoft website but it only has 2013 and its only for sale.

Thanks in advance.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 download?

Dell community has archived their links for office 2010. Make sure you downloaded the appropriate edition.

Dell Community
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I would like to find and downlaod the 2010 office starter edition. Anyone know where I can find it? I have microsoft office 2003 and I would like to keep that, can I have more then one office on my computer at the same time?

A:Microsoft Office Starter 2010

A possibility could be here, although it's Home & Student edition instead Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010 Key Card - 1PC/1User

Having multiple Office versions is totally possible and each one works flawlessly. But why would you want to keep the older ones?
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Hi guys first of all let me apologize if my english is not that good I'm from Argentina and it's Activation 2010 Office Microsoft not my native language So the thing is that I bought a new computer check my specs which came with Microsoft Office included I started using it like a month ago and a notification Microsoft Office 2010 Activation pop up appeared everytime I ran any of the office programs asking to activate it I tried once or twice to do it I couldn't but I was still able to use Word etc so I didn't try hard Since yesterday the activation is required mandatory in order to use Office And this is what happens Activate software via internet--- gt Connecting -- gt Error not specified Your petition cannot be processed right now Try again later XC C I translated it it may say something a bit different Well I tried using the Microsoft Fix It but when I try to install it it says quot This Microsoft Fix it does not apply to your operating system or application version quot Any ideas Thanks a lot

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Activation

Welcome to the forums.
Your english is (very) good.

I've also had an Office 2010 which came preinstalled and required activation. Same story: I wasn't able to activate it and it seemed to be a trial version, wasn't sure if I had a key...

Afterwards I bought a full version and I was able to activate it online each time after a reinstall of the system.

If you have the key inserted, that's good. You might also try the phone activation system if everything fails.

If you need to activate often on the same machine due to reinstalls, OS-testing:
Once you got it activated, you can backup the activation for later (can be used on same pc after a format/reinstall) by using Advanced Tokens Manager. This saves time and works even if you are offline when trying.

Links regarding the activation error:

Activation error 0xC004C032

Error 0xC004C032 When Activating Office 2010 Trial - Microsoft Community

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So I had an issue where I couldn't access Microsoft Office 2010. I had recently installed a trial version of 2013 to open some documents that I had put onto my USB; I think this may have had a problem with the other version. Microsoft 2010 wouldn't open, though I can't remember what the error said. This Microsoft 2010 was already installed on my laptop and I'm sure it wasn't a trial version. I was told to uninstall Microsoft 2010 so I went to control panel>uninstall program>Microsoft 2010 English (I was told to not uninstall the Microsoft 2010 click to run). After I uninstalled Microsoft 2010 English, I couldn't find Microsoft 2010 click to run but I could still see it as an option of a program to uninstall. How do I get Microsoft Office 2010 back?

A:Microsoft Office 2010 issue

Download the copy again from Microsoft.
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When I try to insert a clip art I get this error message.


A:Microsoft Office Professional 2010

Are you connected to the internet?
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Hi 2 all

I have problem in uninstaling my microsoft office program from my pc.
So ... once during the uninstling process the pc went freeze and i reboot it ( i got mad lol ) then i've tried to uninstal it again and then the pc was restarted by hiself.

*notes , the folder where is my microsoft office is half empty/deleted during the uninstalation and cant be deleter manualy or IN Computer/Uninstal or change a program
*I've instaled Microsoft Office 2010 Plus
*I have the instalation pack [ Micr.Office 2010 plus] but it didn't instaled it and aprove to uninstal the program Completly.

Any suggestions on that how to delete it ? Except reinstal pc ?


A:Cannot uninstal microsoft office 2010

See if this Microsoft article helps. There's also a "fix it" solution that might work for you.

How do I uninstall Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 suites if I cannot uninstall it from Control Panel?
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I am running windows 7 64 bit and I am trying to install 2010 beta office and it states my system is not compatable. Any help with this?

A:Microsoft Beta Office 2010

First thing to check is the version of the BETA you are trying to install - office 2010 is available in 32 and 64 bit versions which will only install on the correct architecture
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My wife, who is a school teacher, has been notified by her school they have an arrangement under which Microsoft are offering the school's staff a discount on Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus from c.£300 to £6.15, which is rather dramatic discount by the generous Mr Gates by anyone's standards. As we currently use Office in an earlier version, this is an attractive offer. My immediate reaction was to worry that we would need to upgrade to Windows 7 (we currently use Vista), but Microsoft have anticipated my concern by offering us copies of 7 as well, also at £6.15. I was wondering if anyone can see any problems with this offer. So is this a case of 'not looking a gift horse in the mouth' or are there hidden problems?

A:Microsoft Office Professional 2010

Sounds all fine to me. Companies are often generous with school systems. Future customers are among the users.

But is is not at all necessary to use Windows 7 to use the new office. On the other hand, it is a deal that you may not see again and an upgrade from Vista should proceed smoothly since they have the same kernel.

(Eventually, even gift horses may need dental work. It isn't really a "gift" if you need to shell out for new dentures.)
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Any opinions on Microsoft Office 2010? I have the beta, and hope it's free forever. Can anyone confirm that?

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Opinions

I didn't beta test it because I was happy with my Office 2007 Enteprise, but I will be buying a disc later on this month.

Microsoft haven't mentioned the giveaway of office 2010 for free to the beta testers, but I think that there is a good chance that they will. You can hope There have been rumours, they may have been confirmed but I don't know, that if you buy office 2007 before a certain date, Microsoft will issue a free upgrade to 2010.
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My Office suite Help screens have "died". Whether in Excel, Word or Access, clicking on the "?" icon, or pressing F1 produces a big fat nothing. Everything else within Office is working normally. Any ideas please?

A:Microsoft Office Pro 2010 Help Screens

Run Office Setup again and, from the three options, choose "Repair".

If that doesn't fix it, you'll have to re-install Office.
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New here, new to Win 7 Having been on XP all these years, I am at a loss with this new OS. I managed to get it to look like XP with the classic look...but that is where it ends. This netbook came with Office 2010 and yet i cannot find it. I do not even see it. I am looking for a search box and could not find one, so i can enter the name there. I'm sure someone here would know. The only knowledge that i have of knowing it must exist, i see it in a list of uninstall programs that i have, as i was uninstalling all games from this netbook.

A:Can't find microsoft's office 2010

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You should see it listed under Start>All Programs.

You might also want to check Start>Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a Program to see whether you inadvertently deleted Microsoft Office.

As a matter of interest, was it the starter version or the trial version that was installed?
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I have been using this software since it's inception, worked great. Recently I note that occasionally when I click to open a dialog box, ie: format, the box shows up with its border but nothing in the middle. If I do it a couple of times I can eventually get it to open properly? Should I reinstall the software (I do have the disc's) in order to correct this problem and if I do will it erase any of my data?

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I put MOP 2010 on my machine. Installation went well. Went to use it and am getting the following messages:

Microsoft Excel---Not enough system resources to display completely

Microsoft Word-- This document could not be registered. It will not be possible to create links from other documents to this document. There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display the requested font.

My hard drive is 250 and I have 4gb memory

Any suggestions before I remove and give up? Thanks Dorothy

A:Microsoft Office Professional 2010

Quote: Originally Posted by dotbowels

I put MOP 2010 on my machine. Installation went well. Went to use it and am getting the following messages:

Microsoft Excel---Not enough system resources to display completely

Microsoft Word-- This document could not be registered. It will not be possible to create links from other documents to this document. There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display the requested font.

My hard drive is 250 and I have 4gb memory

Any suggestions before I remove and give up? Thanks Dorothy

In search type memory and then take the memory diagnostic test.
Type event viewer in search and look for errors.
Go to the microsoft site and use the compatiblity center, make sure that your edition of the programs is comptatilbe with Win 7
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hello,im recently had installed microsoft office 2010 beta...although the product that i used now already been i would like to ask u that after october 2010, the product in my computer will not be valid and cant be use anymore??

because i saw a people asking that microsoft office 2010 will expire on although it had registed, still will expire??

A:microsoft office 2010 questions

Yes. It is only a beta and was designed to be used only for testing.

BTW, "Welcome to the Seven Forums."
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I purchased a new PC recently which came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system installed. I then installed Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 32-bit which I had installed on my old PC. When I tried to import contacts, which I had copied from Outlook Express on my old PC, into Microsoft Outlook I got this error message, “The operation failed because of a registry or installation problem. Restart Outlook and try again. If the problem persists, reinstall". Also when I tried to save an event in Microsoft Outlook Calendar I got the same error message. Is this a registry problem as indicated by the error message or is there something more sinister going on? Could I have a corrupted User profile, if so what is the simplest way to repair or fix it as I'm a novice at this kind of thing?

A:Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010 problem

Problem solved by creating a new email profile, who would have guessed?
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I just installed 2010 and use outlook for my e-mails. Somtimes when I try to delete or open an e-mail, it takes forever. Is this a problem with my e-mail provider?
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Trying to install Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student on a brand new computer, went through the process with no problems so when it finished it wanted me to restart, so I did and when it restarted absolutely nothing, no word, excel anything except the same installation startup software so I tried again and this time it came up with some starter version of word and excel...thats it, no proper programs just rubbish, no outlook, publisher or powerpoint. Decided to restart thinking it just a glitch and now all I've got is Onenote. Given up after 2 hours of being annoyed at every step trying to get it to work.

Any help is appreciative.


A:Microsoft Office 2010 not installing.

MS Office can be a bear.

If you have a failed install you probably have files and reg entries in your system which might prevent you from getting a good install.

I am not familiar with home and student but some flavors of Office have a repair option. You can go to programs and features in the control panel and right click on Office and see if it offers a repair. It may require inserting the install disk in the rom deck.

Another option is to insert the install disk and you may find a repair option.

Any way I found some good info from MS if you have to do an uninstall and cleanup before reinstalling.
How to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 suites
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i have office 2010. tried opening a excel document and wouldn't open. no error message. it showed for a split second and disappeared but never showed on the tool bar. i opened another excel document and opened the first document and it showed...anybody know why this may be happening?

A:microsoft excel 2010

Is the Excel program maximised when you open the document?
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There is a closed TSV Office files Excel - XP Windows Associating - 2010 to thread about this unresolved but I wanted to let you know that I had the same exact problem and figured it out I was trying to export date from Oracle who uses the TSV format although I can save the TSV file and open in Excel I wanted it to automatically open up using Excel At one point I had this set up correctly and then when my employer updated to Office the file associations were negated I tried many Associating TSV files to Excel - Windows XP - Office 2010 things Attempts to associate the Extension by selecting the program executive excel exe from the Program Files folder despite the logic were not successful After many tries this worked Control Panel Folder Options File Type Tab If there is an existing extension TSV click on it and delete it If there is no extension just go to next step Opt for quot New quot extension Name the File Extension quot TSV quot and click on the Advanced Button From the Associated File Type select quot Microsoft Excel Worksheet quot Hit the OK button Close Finally it works nbsp
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Big problem for me

I install Office 2013 about 2 months ago. Prior, I was using Office 2010 after Office 2007 etc.

Today, I saw the both version was install on My PC. Office 2013 and Office 2010. So I close all Excel sheet and proced to uninstall Office 2010 and Office 2010 language pack,

Since, all work done prior to the un-installation seem to be empty worksheet All work done in Excel

What can I do


A:Help!! Excel worksheet look empty after Office 2010 uninstall

You may be able to recover by doing a System Restore to a time before you did the Office 2010 uninstall.
To do that open Control Panel & select Recovery & follow through.

If that fixes the problem then you should back up all your Excel & other files that you wish to keep, then uninstall Office 2010 again & then copy your backed up files into Office 2013.
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Ive got probably a basic issue here, the program icons for OneNote and Excel are the generic file icons. Any ideas on how to fix?

A:Office 2010 OneNote and Excel Icons Missing

We have covered the missing icons already. Do a search in the forum you will see many posts with a few different ways to fix that. I will see if I can find a few and post back. -WS

Office Icons ? Change or Repair
My Office Icons are broken

Wow! one of my posts:
Microsoft office 2010 icons missing
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I uninstalled it previously because the icons were missing. So trying to reinstall it I keep getting a rather unspecific error just saying "an error has occurred".

screen shot :

I really need this to do homework n stuff.

A:Microsoft Office 2010 Re-Install issues


Try these,

1) Create a new administrator account.
2) Log on and launch the installer.

If things don't quite work perfectly now:

3) If you recieve errors accessing your ProgramData folder, use the TakeOwnership registry hack to take control of the entire ProgramData folder, and if needed, create a "Microsoft Office" folder with "Microsoft Office 2010 Tools" inside it under %programdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu.
4) Your error may return at the end of the installation, but don't worry, it's finished and Office is now installed. Switch user (don't log off!) and go back to your own user. Double-check that everything works. Now, to turn off your computer, press and hold the power button for ~five seconds. This will force the computer to shut down instantly, which will close the installer with the error without giving it the opportunity to roll back its changes.
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Not sure whether I have posted in the right forum, I having problems with outlook 2010 keeps on stopping.    

A:microsoft office outlook 2010 keeps stopping

 You could try doing a repair.  You'll find it in the Control Panel's Programs and Features applet.  Click on Microsoft Office, then click Change, then follow onscreen instructions.  I'm giving you directions for Windows 7 since you didn't say what version you have.  If you have a different version, it could be different.
Good luck.
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I have installed some months ago in Windows 8.1 the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus.

Now I want to unistall it however I can't make it with the traditional way. More specificallly I go to Programs and Utilities board and after that I go to the programs and I make right click to Unistall Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus in order to press unistall but nothing works in order to see the wizard for the unistallation process. However this way works in other programs.

What can I do?

A:Unistall Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus

One method of fixing this is to reinstall the program and then uninstall it after.
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I have been unable to use Microsoft word on my computer. It wouldn't let me create nor open any docs. So I uninstalled it and was downloading Microsoft home office 2010. However as it was downloading this message came up: A file required to set up Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 is corrupted. Try running setup again. If the problem continues, contact your computer manufacturer for support. I got this message before and after I uninstalled the previous version. What can I do?
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Hi All,

I am receiving a Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB2687455) 32-Bit Edition to install from Windows Update.

Yet, I have installed Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007. Do I install this Update or Hide it?

Operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Service Pack 1.

Thank you!

A:Why am I receiving Updates for Microsoft Office 2010?

you are suppose to update office so you can continue receiving important security updates for each application you have installed
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Microsoft Office Starter 2010 won't reinstall.  I keep getting "files required to set up Microsoft Office Starter 2010 cannot be loaded.  Check your internet connection, then try again." (even though I am obviously connected to the internet).  I also get a "click-2-run configuration error."

A:Microsoft Office Starter 2010 won't reinstall

@alandgeorge2?, welcome to the forum. This is a problem that will be best solved by Microsoft's Customer Support.  They are the experts on their products and should be able to help you easily solve your problem. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I use Microsoft Office Word 2010.

I have a document which contains header and footer.

It is enable the header and footer only in even pages.

I want to enable it for all pages but not for the first page.

How can I make it?
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I have windows 7 and I just tried to open a document in Microsoft Word Starter and got the message (attached) Microsoft Word Starter 2010 cannot be opened. Try again or repair the product in the Control Panel. I went to the control panel and uninstalled word starter but I don't know what to do now. Can anyone please help me?

Thank you

A:Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Won't Open

Hi jmrpjb,

Please double-check if the program that you uninstalled is 'Word Starter 2010' or 'Office Starter 2010'? Please share the exact steps that you performed to uninstall it.

You may also try the following steps to repair the 'Office Starter' in the mean while:
- Click 'Control Panel' > 'Programs' > 'Programs and Features' > Locate 'Microsoft Office Starter - English' > 'Right click' it and select 'Change' > Select 'Repair' > Follow through with the repair process

- If the issue persists, you may also try to uninstall 'Click to run' and configure 'Office Starter' again: "Cannot be opened" error when you start an Office Starter 2010 program.

'Office Starter 2010' is a 'factory installed' program that may not be re-installed. If any vital file has been accidentally deleted; or the program could not be repaired by the above mentioned steps, you may have to try to restore the system settings back to 'factory defaults'.

You may want to have a close look at the following article also:

Hope this helps. Please share the findings; will take it forward.
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I'm interested in buying Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. It says you can use it on 3 computers in the same household. What happens if you use the 3 installs and then reformat one of the computers and want to install it again? Do you have to buy a new copy or will it work again?


A:Solved: Microsoft Office 2010 Question

I have done this when I replaced a motherboard. You don't need to buy another copy, but you may need to activate it by phone and explain that is is installed on only three computers.
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I recently re-installed Office Pro 2010 and now Outlook configures the program each time I run it. I installed the latest Windows Updates and I have no problem with Word or Excel. They run like they should. I checked off the "run from my computer" box when I did the install. I even went back and loaded just Outlook from the Office Pro 2010 install disk, but it still configures before it opens. What should I do to correct this ridiculous behavior? TIA srloren

A:Microsoft Office Pro 2010 configures itself each time I run

There appears to be a Fix-It from MS here: let us know if that helps.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.
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Hello everyone, I purchased a Windows 7 upgrade disk to upgrade my old Windows XP laptop, the IBM ThinkPad T43P. When I purchased the laptop, it comes with Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. I do not have the installation media or the license key code for it any more. I would like to upgrade since Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP but I want to keep Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. Is there a way to do that? Thank you very much, -G

A:How to keep Microsoft Office 2010 after upgrade from XP to Windows 7

You can run Belarc advisor,

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.

To audit the Office key from your old machine.

Then download your version of Office from here,

Office 2010 Direct Download Links