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Viewing Mixed Content CD with Windows XP

Q: Viewing Mixed Content CD with Windows XP

I am having difficulty viewing a mixed content CD. I have a CD that has audio and video on it that I have purchased. The problem is that when I put it in my drive it only shows the audio files. I have tested this with another computer and when I put in the disk it only shows the video files. What is the work around so that I can choose what files on the disk I want to access please? I am sure it is something simple, but I just cannot figure it out.



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Preferred Solution: Viewing Mixed Content CD with Windows XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Viewing Mixed Content CD with Windows XP

which drive(name & type) u and video files of which u refering to the autoplay feature.try right clk on drive on my computer and select"explore"
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When I am looking at certain websites I get a prompt that says - do you want to view mixed content. I got tired of the prompt so I changed it to "allow" under internet settings and it keeps switching back to prompt. ANy idea how to get it to stay put?
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The Firefox 23 release notes claim that mixed content pages are now blocked. The Mozilla Messaging Forum for Thunderbird support has mixed content, but it is not blocked. Why say that sites with mixed content are blocked if they are not? The URL:

A:Firefox 23 and mixed content

If you read this blog in its entirety, you'll get some ideas:
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I've had this problem since IE6, and just updated to IE8 and I still can't get rid of it and it really annoys me.

Main problem - my school mail is an Outlook HTTPS site, and half my emails contain pictures and stuff. Do not like having to click yes/no each time I update my inbox. I'd just use FF but stuff doesn't really show right, and I like the viewing pane.

I have set my webmail into my trusted sites, and I have changed the setting for both trusted sites and normal sites to enable mixed content. Still pops up every single time. Please help.
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I have a program that syncs files from your computer to your flash drive and vice versa I would like for it to automatically start when I plug in my flash drive But it's not on my AutoPlay list so I decided to add it First I tried using a program called AutoPlay Repair This allowed me to add the syncing program into AutoPlay but for some reason it worked on every object type Audio files video files blank CD etc BUT mixed content which is what my flash drive is Next I tried this suggestion to change the registry but it didn't work which is probably because it's suggested for XP Finally I tried another program Default Programs Editor and this once again only added the syncing program to the menus for everything BUT mixed content Does anyone know why Windows doesn't let you change the AutoPlay programs for mixed content Or does anyone know how to get the setting I want

A:AutoPlay Mixed Content problem

Oh... Wow. Way to go, Windows... Like I'd REALLY be worried about viruses. One of the downsides to 7... :/ This topic can be closed now.
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I'm posting this for a friend who is having trouble accessing web pages. They seem to be
having 2 general problems. One, they can't view any .jpegs on web sites. And most web
pages come up "white". I know this isn't all that much to go on, but any clues you
might have for me to help them would be appreciated.



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When attempting to view live TV, I receive a Restricted Content message and viewing is stopped. This has not been a problem in the past when watching movies. Could this have something to do with DRM? I am not attempting to record, merely watching.

My OS is Windows XP MCE 2005.

A:MCE 2005 Restricted Content when viewing TV

DRM shouldn't be stopping the viewing but if the V-chip type software is set for sexual or violent content restrictions that would certainly be causing the effect. If you're watching Mary Poppins on the Disney channel then I don't know.
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I am running internet explorer version on windows vista home premium -bit Specs of the laptop are quot AMD turion x Mobile technology TL- ghz x KM cache quot Gm DDR RAM ATI radeon Xpress hypermemory graphics card My internet connection is not an issue and i am not flash at usage viewing 100% when CPU content using wireless CPU usage at 100% when viewing flash content When i CPU usage at 100% when viewing flash content use any form of flash such as watching videos on youtube or playing flash games the flash content itself lags my computer slows and CPU usage rises to upto iexplore exe is shown to be causing this in processes I have tried relentlessly searching the internet for a solution unsuccesfully I have tried reinstalling flash player and am sure i have the latest version I have tried reinstalling internet explorer and have found the problem is the same when using firefox I have also tried updating video drivers The problem has been the case since i bought my laptop Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp
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I am running IE 7 and firefox 3.0.8 on windows XP. Specs for my pc is: intel P4 2.8 ghz, 2 gb DDR ram, ATI radeon x1950, Power 500W. My internet connection is not an issue and i am not using wireless.
When i use any form of flash such as watching videos on youtube or playing flash games the flash content itself lags, my computer slows and CPU usage rises to 100%, iexplore.exe or firefox.exe is shown to be causing this in processes.
I have tried relentlessly searching the internet for a solution, unsuccesfully. I have tried reinstalling flash player and i'm sure i have the latest version. I have tried reinstalling internet explorer and firefox.
I have also tried updating video drivers. I have even tried reinstalling XP and still no change. Could someone please help

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Back when Chrome first came out I didn't rush to use it I'm not an early adopter type when it comes to browsers I was a devoted Firefox and IE user favoring Firefox a little more But over time there began this period where Firefox started getting sluggish and couldn't handle streaming video very well Chrome worked better than Firefox and IE so I switched to it I've been using Chrome for years now mostly with good results until sometime during this past flash Chrome up Giving content viewing for any year I started to notice video in the embedded flash player getting choppy and also crashing a lot more than it used to previously it would happen maybe once a month--now it's like a few times per week I fired up IE Giving up Chrome for any flash content viewing and checked it out and video performance is much better The problems weren't limited to just running flash I found that responsiveness would get sluggish when navigating between tabs and some pages would stop responding to scrolling Also sometimes Chrome would fail to refresh the content--it would look like the same page was present on multiple tabs and I'd have to go back-and-forth to trigger the refresh So I don't know if there's some tweaking that can be done in Chrome to fix this I did find one suggestion on HowToGeek that shows one solution for crashes I tried it and it does seem to be working where Chrome is crashing less often but the other problems persist It's odd too because Adobe seems to provide flash updates rather frequently like one or two per month Anyone else here had Adobe Flash player problems with Chrome

A:Giving up Chrome for any flash content viewing

I've had a few, I'm pretty sure you replied to my thread with the youtube black screen.

After re-installing the newest version of chrome it all seemed to be better though.
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I m sorta confused here I don t know who to contact about this whether it be Linksys Microsoft Disconnected when WMP Internet viewing embedded from content or my ISP so I figure I d start here Whenever I view embedded quot Windows Media Player quot content for example the embedded video at http Disconnected from Internet when viewing embedded WMP content on net Blogs laura the-next-generation-of-wikipedia - my Internet wifi instantly disconnects This system is running Windows Vista Home Basic -bit with IE and I m using the Linksys WUSB v USB Network Adapter I m connected wirelessly to a Linksys BEFW S v router with up to date firmware from linksys com I have sometimes when the laptop is hooked up running Vista Home Basic bit and some other inegrated NIC other computers on this network one running XP Pro bit and wirelessly connected with the same WUSB NIC and then the other connected directly via modem router This disconnection does not occur when watching any sort of quot flash quot content Yahoo music videos Disconnected from Internet when viewing embedded WMP content youtube google video myspace videos myspace music players etc Any ideas Within this thread I m going to do some more tests from the other computers to see how they react when they encounter this embedded video link above but I figured I d lay it out here first to get it all sorted nbsp
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All of a sudden I'm getting new email messages in the listing of new and unread emails but there is nothing at times over in the right side main viewing area. Am I clear here? I show email arriving by subject and sender but NO message is shown in the right window. This sometimes goes away when I stop and restart the program and sometimes it does not go away...........but it comes and goes randomly. Why does this happen? My Live Mail program folders are loaded!

A:Incoming Mail Message Content NOT Appearing in Viewing Window

Hi mendopaul, read my pdf first. WLM Option
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The problems I have are firstly that the clock in problems with windows mixed the system tray wont synchronize mixed problems with windows with the time windows com server I came to know of this when yday MSN went down and I got an error which said that I may need to check the system clock with the windows server It said that if it didnt synchronize I have to turn off my firewall and try it again This leads to my other problem Am i right to say that windows XP comes with its own firewall If so I cannot access it when I try to open it I get the message quot Due to an unidentified problem Windows cannot display Windows mixed problems with windows Firewall settings quot Secondly on top of this I have mcafee internet security installed which again comes with a firewall AND I have Microsoft s LiveOne Care software which is also a virus scanner and firewall While trying to sort out this problem I read somewhere that I may have some virus or something that is causing all these problems and that I should turn off System Restore points as the virus could be sitting in these locations reboot the machine and then do a scan Is that sensible Is this same virus not letting me into my Windows Firewall Settings And is it cos of this same virus that my computer freezes when I am on the internet every now and then I know this is a lot to ask for but these are all the problems I have and I am sure they are interlinked in some way Just for your information I thought Id try and do a complete scan in safe mode but they just wont start McAfee or LiveOne Care I have also included a HiJackThis report for you to snooze around in as its all waffle to me Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v BETA Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Microsoft Windows OneCare Live Antivirus MsMpEng exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software bin btwdins exe C Program Files Common Files McAfee HackerWatch HWAPI exe C PROGRA McAfee MSC mcmscsvc exe c program files common files mcafee mna mcnasvc exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcods exe C PROGRA McAfee MSC mcpromgr exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee redirsvc redirsvc exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcshield exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcsysmon exe c PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe C Program Files McAfee MPF MPFSrv exe C WINDOWS system HPZipm exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files HPQ Quick Launch Buttons EabServr exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe C WINDOWS system dla tfswctrl exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C Program Files hpq HP Wireless Assistant HP Wireless Assistant exe C Program Files SiteAdvisor SAService exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files SiteAdvisor SiteAdv exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Microsoft Windows OneCare Live winssnotify exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software BTTray exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Program Files Microsoft Windows OneCare Live Firewall msfwsvc exe C Program Files Microsoft Windows OneCare Live winss exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C PROGRA HEWLET Shared HPQTOA EXE C Program Files HPQ shared hpqwmi exe C PROGRA MOZILL FIREFOX EXE C Program Files HiJackThis HiJackThis v exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iesearch amp locale EN GB amp c Q amp bd pavilion amp pf laptop R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www google co uk R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Exp... Read more
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As some of you know I have mixed results with operating systems as with my adventures with Linux but that is enough of that Firstly with my PC sweet install with Windows from Windows to Windows smooth and easy no problems The only thing I have noticed is that some of the software is a bit clunky e g Windows Media player not as easy to rip CD s as it was to do on previous Windows OS but otherwise not a bad OS Now my wife s PC absolutely hell she was running Windows bit all seemed to be going OK Windows came up ok and on one of its reboots then I lost everything and the screen was searching results with 10 Windows Mixed with for a signal Analogue or Digital and Mixed results with with Windows 10 the PC has died ether it coincidental that the PC has blown a component on the motherboard but the little power lights on the Motherboard are on Mixed results with with Windows 10 and so are the fans Mixed results with with Windows 10 luckily I have a friend who is a Mirosoft technician is coming round this afternoon to have a look but have a gut feeling I will be looking for another PC for her nbsp

A:Mixed results with with Windows 10

I'd advise not upgrading from Win 7 to Win 10, 7 is not broken. On the other hand, if you are using Win 8-8.1, then you should benefit from the upgrade.

MS need to address the things they break from 7 to 10 ... hopefully, soon!
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I've been having this problem for some time now, where messages that I move to another mail folder have the body of the message mixed up with the header. Moving the message back to the inbox results in another switch. This hasn't happened with all messages moved, although it does appear to occur completely at random
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I have an issue that I can t seem to solve My work laptop is on our Windows domain I have both wireless and wired connections on it I also have shared files that I access quite often to and from my desktop machine The problem is that when the wireless is on and I am plugged in Windows Wireless/Wired XP Mixed Networking my desktop uses the IP address assigned to my wireless card Windows XP Wireless/Wired Mixed Networking That means my file transfers are going over the much slower wireless connection rather than the faster wired connection When I ping my laptop name from my desktop I get the wireless IP If I disconnect the wireless I get the wired IP I could just use the IP address to connect in but we have DHCP and I don t want to get into the whole quot what if my address changes quot deal I would like to be able to leave the wireless on even when I am plugged in just because I come and go so much that it is much easier for me Does anyone know why the network uses my wireless card over my wired card If so how do I change it or is it a policy on our domain nbsp

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Hi all

Have recently bought a new laptop in Holland and have updated it to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.

I have successfully changed all language options from Dutch to English in both control panel and PC settings, however my right click menu and the occasional page on the 8.1 interface are still in Dutch. Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Have attached 2 pictures to show what I mean.


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OS is windows xp sp3.
The characters on a Toshiba notebook keyboard have become all mixed up. Several or more letters are numbers. I don't know how to fix this. Steps taken to try to fix it have been to uninstall and re-install the keyboard driver. I then restarted the computer.
I could not find anything under language options.

Any advise to solve this would be appreciated.


A:Solved: windows keyboard characters mixed up

is it only certain keys - like the

u,i,o,p and are they 4,5,6,*
if so
its the numlock keys
you may have numlock set
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Hello !
I installed windows 8.1 pro preview successfully in English, and since I use French very often, I installed and changed the display language into French. I also checked two options concerning the welcome screen and account users to display them all in French and worked perfectly.

I noticed the watermark before changing the display language into French, then followed this method to remove it : How to Remove Windows 8.1 Preview Watermark | MyTechBlog
the method worked fine, but when I changed into French the watermark turned out again, then repeated the same method until I removed it.

when I finished I noticed that "My Computer" which appears as "This PC" + "Control Panel" + when I open Control Panel everything appear in English. but my display language now is French except the aforesaid.

Would you help solve this problem?

A:Mixed Language display in Windows 8.1 pro preview

any help or suggestion please?
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I have a Hyper-V virtual instance of Windows XP running under Windows 10. The network share from the Windows 10 side is failing to be usable under the XP instance due to a "you lack permission to access".

I have a few other XP machines on the network that are able to access the Windows 10 share without difficulty and the other Windows XP boxes can see and access the shared files on the XP instance on the Hyper V and the other direction too.

How do I get the Hyper V instance to see the share on it's own host box?

A:File sharing having trouble mixed XP, XP virtual, and Windows 10

I'm still looking for a suggestion on this one.

Originally Posted by Humblewizard

I have a Hyper-V virtual instance of Windows XP running under Windows 10. The network share from the Windows 10 side is failing to be usable under the XP instance due to a "you lack permission to access".

I have a few other XP machines on the network that are able to access the Windows 10 share without difficulty and the other Windows XP boxes can see and access the shared files on the XP instance on the Hyper V and the other direction too.

How do I get the Hyper V instance to see the share on it's own host box?
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Hey yo dudes, been having problems with Windows Live Messenger. It seems like I been hacked yesterday, I changed back my contact list back to normal for a few minutes and then I changed my password. I ask some people whether I online before and they said "yes, in the afternoon." but yesterday, the whole day I didn't online as I was playing Need For Speed, I just came online in the midnight. So today, i login MSN and then Oh my god, my contact list got mixed up, ONCE AGAIN! -__-. I scanned my computer for virus with Nod32 and I used HiJackThis and viewed, but I dont see any suspicious things. I hope someone can help me!!


A:Windows Live Messenger Contact List Mixed Up?!

There are fixes for 4 different infections of messenger in the link below. post a Hijack This log.Post a Hijack This log in the Hijack This Forum by following the directions in the link below. DO NOT post the log in this forum.
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Hi The data on the laptop isn't that sensitive it contains customer invoices data and some login information for some customer accounts which I've changed now anyway I'd just prefer it wasn't viewed Basically the laptop I had Bitlocker Used, Windows Case Crackable? - 10 Mixed Character Password died actually the screen backlight went so it was impossible to use without plugging into an external display and it had to be returned to the manufacturer for repair Obviously it could be ANYONE repairing Bitlocker Used, 10 Character Mixed Case Windows Password - Crackable? it at the other end The SSD is encrypted with BitLocker no startup PIN or USB key required in this instance unfortunately and there is a Windows password of or more characters I actually can't remember the Windows password now myself I changed it before it was collected to increase security there's no problem if I can't remember it once it's returned as I backed up the data already The Windows password is unique mixed case with numbers special characters and at least characters and won't be in any online password list I was just after a bit of reassurance that the data would be secure from a repair engineer that fancied taking a peek at what was on my laptop Pretty sure it would be a mammoth task to get at the data The laptop uses a TPM module and is on a Windows Pro x platform Thanks for reading I appreciate any replies
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Hello new to this forum but desperately need help I am running Windows -bit on an ASUS U E standard everything - no hardware changes ever bought from a store in the box brand new Had for about a year now About a week or two ago I started to get a black screen when turning on my computer that quot Windows Did Not Start Properly quot and it would automatically go into another sort of disk check menu and Not with mixed Properly Intermittent updat after Starting Windows BSOD it scans for a half hour and says it couldn't find anything I then continue and usually it boots up ok But in the last week I am now getting a BSOD mixed with the Intermittent BSOD mixed with Windows Not Starting Properly after updat black one and the Blue one has an IRQL Not Lesser Or Equal Than error at the top but it goes away quickly and I cannot copy down the error codes on the bottom I hard-shut down the computer every time this happens and about of the time I get a desktop with no issues and the other half I get the BSOD Intermittent BSOD mixed with Windows Not Starting Properly after updat again I feel this started happening with the last Windows update and I cannot figure out what to do I attached my information as stated in the forums rules - hopefully someone can help because I depend on my CPU for work and I'm getting scared that I may not ever get back on it if the frequency continues I wasn't sure if you recommended system restore or not because I didn't want to restore and then have the windows update come through again and have the same problem again assuming the new Win updates are vital which I read they are Thank you anyone and everyone for the help on this in advance

A:Intermittent BSOD mixed with Windows Not Starting Properly after updat

Welcome aboard.

Your crashes are caused by Norton.

► First, Symantec Heuristics Driver.

fffff880`0324c358 fffff880`051752e0Unable to load image \??\C:\ProgramData\Norton\{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28-AAA2-85EF591126E7}\NAV_19.7.1.5\Definitions\BASHDefs\20120928.001\BHDrvx64.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for BHDrvx64.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for BHDrvx64.sys
► Again, Norton Internet Security itself.

fffff880`0324c678 fffff880`0478cfd8Unable to load image \??\C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\SYMEVENT64x86.SYS, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for SYMEVENT64x86.SYS
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for SYMEVENT64x86.SYS
Uninstall Norton, using Norton Removal Tool.

► At the same time, uninstall the following knows trouble causers.
Start Menu\Programs\ASUS
Start Menu\Programs\ASUS Utility
Start Menu\Programs\ASUS Utility\ASUS Splendid Utility
Start Menu\Programs\QuickTime - Use QuickTime alternative.
► Free up the startup.
Click on the Start button
Type “msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the “Startup” tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus.
Apply > OK
Accept the restart.
► Update your display driver from Intel Download Center

Name Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\igdkmd64.sys (, 11.69 MB (12,259,712 bytes), 7/28/2011 6:31 AM)
► Update your audio driver from Realtek

Name Realtek High Definition Audio
Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\rtkvhd64.sys (, 2.75 MB (2,886,888 bytes), 9/18/2011 4:48 AM)
► Update your Ethernet driver from ATHEROS drivers for Microsoft Windows (Atheros?????)

Adapter Type Not Available
Name [00000007] Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20)
Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\l1c62x64.sys (, 165.61 KB (169,584 bytes), 7/28/2011 6:32 AM)
Let us know the results.
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I'm trying to provide some desktop support for a co-worker who is using Windows on a laptop The heart of the problem as far as I can tell has to do with operating on a network with a lot of Apple machines all using OS X afaik The problem she's experiencing is cpu load and memory usage that climbs until it essentially causes the machine to be unusably slow load stable close to at memory usage typically at least - I believe it has to do with the mixed network because she does not have the same problems at home or on any other network she's used at which times I suspect a much higher ratio of Windows to Apple machines using the network involved than she has at work Also her machine is recently updated and is being updated again as I type this and I haven't found any probative entries in the event logs etc I've perused (with network high mixed X) OS usage on 7 Windows cpu load/memory and no Windows 7 high cpu load/memory usage on mixed network (with OS X) reports of hardware or driver issues It is possible that Skype enters this picture as not running it seems to help a little with the load problem However it can't be the root cause as she uses Skype at home on the same machine without problems I've searched extensively for some information that would illuminate this problem but have found very little and the most promising related questions I've found anywhere remain unanswered currently I've already followed several suggestions I've found that seemed promising such as disabling autotuning disabling RDC using Microsoft's online network diagnostics tool viewing performance and resource reports all to no apparent avail She has also replaced her original network card with a newer one Staple's told her it had to do with an old network card and or drivers which also turned out not to provide any lasting benefits she ultimately returned the new card when the problem returned Also note that this is not a file sharing issue as she isn't attempting to access files on any other local machine and vice versa afaik The OS X machines are not experiencing any networking problems either so the problem seems to be on the Windows side I'm primarily a Linux user left to my own devices though I use OS X at work and I'm pretty new to it and am rusty at Windows support and XP are the last versions I used with any frequency and it's been a few years I'm feeling a little out of my depth I'm hoping somebody here with more experience at Windows and or Mac networking can shed a little light on this

A:Windows 7 high cpu load/memory usage on mixed network (with OS X)

If you were to take (whilst the problems are occurring, of course) a screenshot of the task manager (sorted by CPU usage), showing the CPU load, and a second screenshot of resmon.exe (on the memory tab), showing the memory usage, and posting them here, that would be of great assistance in getting started.
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Is it possible with the non-W7 machine's shares set to something besides "guest access allowed"?

I've tried a few tweaks on my Windows 7 desktop and my Kubuntu 11.04 Linux-running laptop. Nothing has worked. Unless access to a shared directory is set to guest on the laptop, the Windows box keeps asking for a legitimate password, whenever I attempt to 'open' them.

Both machines have the same log-in strings for both basic log-on and Samba. Or do they? I'm presuming there's no separate logon/password required for Windows 7 Home Premium when it comes to file sharing, but as a late Windows XP Professional user (both SP2 and SP3), I'm not taking anything wholly for granted. Any Windows build since the dawn of XP that installs without gpedit.msc is bound to be lacking in other ways, imco.

So any help or advice someone could offer would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


A:Issue area: Mixed-network file sharing with Windows 7 Home Premium

Have a look at this. How to Share Printers and Files in Ubuntu and Windows 7
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Hi Everyone Does anyone know Windows Windows content Explorer and in font colour Column of a way to customise windows explorer columns to show folder size as well as file size and also change font colour dependent upon a category For example in my music folder I have artists that contain adult mp 's so just to remind myself I would like their names to be say red Also I have some empty folders as I have not yet obtained the albums and those would be say blue Example of what I am after Artist Album Size Auto Date Time Kevin Wilson MB PP MB Barefoot Man MB Barron Knights MB Benny Hill MB Dick Windows Explorer Column content and font colour in Windows Jonas MB Dos Gringos MB Houghton Weavers MB Irish MB Jenny Talia MB Lancashire Hotpots MB Oscar Brand MB deezer MB Laws of the Navy MB Cough Army Songs Out of the Barracks Bag MB Boating Songs MB empty Goes to College MB GI Windows Explorer Column content and font colour in Windows American Army Songs MB Folk Songs For fUN MB Military Songs Byte s Out of The Blue Byte s Roll Call Byte s Sings for Adults Byte s Tell it to the Marines Byte s If it can not be done in Explorer how do I replace Explorer with a replacement file manager Fingers toes etc crossed Keith

A:Windows Explorer Column content and font colour in Windows

Google is your best bet for this: replacement file managers windows 8
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Hello Bare with me I'm not a computer geek so I don't know to do I just purchase a new computer from OfficeDepot An HP Laptop g running Windows Home Prem Service pack My computer consistently freezes and locks up when searching online typing in notepad loading skype etc I get a quot NOT to Freezing do Where Content 7 Windows and .. first? to go what RESPONDING' on programs at random times causing my computer to literally freezes for up to a min then UNFREEZE and continue as normal In the past hour I'd say it has froze around times This is seriously annoying and I dont know what to do I figure I post this to get Windows 7 Content Freezing .. Where to go and what to do first? any lead on what I can do Windows 7 Content Freezing .. Where to go and what to do first? I though it was a browser issue but I've tried every browser IE Chrome and Firefox but also software such as Skype or just clicking on a file to open I content PROGRAM NOT RESPONDING in the top task bar I read earlier on searching for program errors which I found tons of but I can't understand what they mean I took a screen shot of this Can anyone give me the first step on what to do I know it's a general question but Windows 7 Content Freezing .. Where to go and what to do first? any direction will help I never had this issue with Windows vista on my older laptop I never though this would be an issue with a new computer

A:Windows 7 Content Freezing .. Where to go and what to do first?

If this was just recently purchased, I would take back to Office Depot and demand a replacement. There are a few things that can cause lockups:
From Easy fixes:

System Settings for power options
HDD settings
RAM Settings

To the serious:
Device Failures
Corrupted OS installation
CPU throttling due to heat

For the easy fixes, I would check the power settings and change them to disallow Harddrive (HDD) shutdown or change the min time to shut down HDD's

Also you can disallow Hibernate or sleep and turn off other things like turn off monitor

As for the RAM you can get CPU-Z to see what your CPU and RAM are running at: CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

The SPD tab will tell you your RAM settings that they should be. post Screenshots or compare to the Memory Tab to see what your RAM is currently set to

Before getting into to many things though, I would seriously try to get it replaced.
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I should direct this rant to Microsoft. I am bewildered by the lack of controls that windows xp (for example) allow the user. This is why there is a cottage industry of shareware for every little thing, such as controling shutdown and startup and controling the system tray. At every turn we are being asked to buy another little program to control memory or whatever for $29.95. If we were to actually purchase all that we need we would spend $1000! Why can't $$ get the message and blend these capibilities into the base product, - and I don't buy the agrument that they are wanting to remain lean and mean. The features I am talking about are well established as things everyone wants - they should be available without resorting to the shareware extortion.

nzmose now climbing down off of soapbox...

Relevancy 41.28%

I mistakingly turned on a content advisor program on my pc to keep my 4 YO from viewing sites, now I want to turn it off and do not remember where I found it I keep getting pop-ups asking for my passcode to allow a site. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

A:Content Advisor, Windows XP

Open IE at the top tools>internet options>content>content Advisor heading
Relevancy 41.28%

I have been trying to regain disc space on my SSD by using System Mechanic (SM). SM allows me to gain access to the hidden folder content.ie5 and I have been deleting a lot of junk from this folder.

So far I have removed all the HTML links and flash objects in this folder. However there are a lot of other things in this folder taking up a lot of space. After two days I recovered close to four GB of space but I believe if it were safe to delete the other files I could gain another five to eight GB of space.

Question is, can I delete everything in this folder (content.ie5) or are there files that must remain in the ie5 folder for Windows seven or ie8 to continue to work properly?

A:Windows 7 / IE 8 / Content.ie5 folder

See if you can gain more space by running TFC by Old Timer TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer - Geeks to Go Forums and save it to your desktop.
Save any unsaved work. TFC will close ALL open programs including your browser!
Double-click on TFC.exe to run it. If you are using Vista/Windows 7 right-click on the file and choose Run As Administrator.
Click the Start button to begin the cleaning process and let it run uninterrupted to completion.
Important! If TFC prompts you to reboot, please do so immediately. If not prompted, manually reboot the machine anyway to ensure a complete clean.

***TFC (Temp File Cleaner) will clear out all temp folders for all user accounts (temp, IE temp, java, FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari), including Administrator, All Users, LocalService, NetworkService, and any other accounts in the user folder. It also cleans out the %systemroot%\temp folder and checks for .tmp files in the %systemdrive% root folder, %systemroot%, and the system32 folder (both 32bit and 64bit on 64bit OSs). It shows the amount removed for each location found (in bytes) and the total removed (in MB). Before running, it will stop Explorer and all other running apps.
Relevancy 41.28%

I've been looking to see if there's a button, setting, feature, etc, to search files by content ONLY.

I found in Folder Options the radio button to include content in searches. But that's too broad.

Any one know?

I will share more information if needed. Thanks.

A:Windows 7 searching for content only.

I believe (and just tested) you can use the "content:" prefix, without the quotation marks (the colon is important).
Relevancy 41.28%

Hey guys, I was just checking out the C:\WINDOWS\Media folder, and I found all of the normal sounds for Win. XP, plus 3 midi files called flourish, onestop, and town... They appear to just be tunes and jingles put together in midi formats, and I've never heard them ever. What is the purpose of them?

A:C:\WINDOWS\Media Content

I think those are just some easter eggs Microsoft left there. They may have been part of some tour/demo features on previous versions of Windows (like the one you can find in start menu => all programs => accessories).
Relevancy 41.28%

Hello everyone! I have one qustion when I am choosing content view for the folders.. then after a time the view goes back to old one. How can i make to view everything in content view or choose so they stay like that and dosent change?

A:Windows 7 View (Content) help?

Hello Djinn,

After you have applied the "Content" view, you can use the tutorial below to apply it to all folders with the same folder template.

Hope this helps,
Relevancy 41.28%

Have a problem absolutely none of the local experts can help me with. On my PC running XP, if I have multiple windows open at once and the cursor/pointer happens to touch one of the windows in the background it immediatly brings it to the forefront. This used to only happen if I actually clicked on one of the background windows, but now just merely passing over it with the pointer brings it to the front. HELP, annoying as you imagine it is.Mod Edit: Duplicate topics have been merged into this one. Duplicate post was removed. ~tg

A:Viewing Windows

Seems like we've had this one before, or one like it, but I'm not coming up with much. Have you tried a different mouse? It seems reasonable that there may be a wiring short at the mouse end that simulates clicking when you move the mouse. Are you using any software like Intellimouse? Go to Mouse in the Control Panel and make sure you don't have Quicklock enabled, and check your double-clicking speed. Try changing the speed a bit slower or faster and see if the problem persists.
Relevancy 41.28%

I received a dvd that I am interesting watching and was advsd that I may need to install software to do this, my gateway computer component sheet indicates that there is a toshiba dvd installed, is there a software program that I need to download ? any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated !!! Thank You

A:viewing my dvd on windows 98 se

If your machine has a DVD player in it preinstalled, then you should have the software for it. Windows Media Player should also be able to play it.
Relevancy 40.85%

I have DVD-R disks with content documents graphics files etc NO VIDEO files that was backed up from a previous computer I cannot read or even see any of the content data DVD-R can read DVD-R content; video with with Cannot same read type content from these DVDs I have Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content an identical type DVD-R with video content and it opens and runs just fine I have a Toshiba Qosmio and its DVD drive reads DVD multi-recorder DVD rewritable CD rewritable When I insert any of these data DVDs the DVD drive F on my machine that usually says DVD-RAM next to the icon in Explorer now says CD drive although the icon itself says DVD-ROM at the bottom of the icon If I click on the F drive icon or attempt to open files from the F drive I get an error message that says F not accessible Incorrect function If I right Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content click on the drive and go to properties it shows that all the disk space is used which should be correct each of the DVDs should essentially be full of content but I cannot see any of the folders or files on this drive even when I click mixed media as the file type to open rather than video files Again inserting the exact same type DVD-R disk with video content into this drive works just fine I have attempted the same procedure on my Dell Latitude D DVD drive reads DVD-ROM CD rewritable The DVD drive in this computer shows up in Explorer as DVD CD-RW drive When I insert one of these data disks into this machine and double click on the CDC drive icon nothing shows up Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content but I get no error message If I right click on the drive icon under properties then settings the device shows up as CD-RW drive and under media type it says device not ready Again the identical type DVD-R disk with video content into this drive works just fine Please help nbsp

A:Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content

you may need the correct codecs. Also if the discs are +R, you will not be able to read them in a -r drive.
Relevancy 40.85%

HI, suddenly I have a problem with my explorer windows of any kind. Opening it there's the progress bar showing loading folder conent for infinite. The windows is empty. What might cause this problem, anybody could advise? See the screenshots.

A:Explorer windows won't show any content

Dear Anakunda,
Hi! This can be due to a "virus attack" OR a corrupted File system. You can try and navigate the steps given in the link. No folder options in Windows Explorer |

Relevancy 40.85%

The product is an e-learning course that is distributed on CD. It connects to a web site allowing the user to sign in online, but then is supposed to return to the CD to run through the content.

We have added the web site as a "Trusted Site" and that process works fine. The problem is that when we're on the web site and then try to access the local CD drive, the browser just doesn't respond. An example of the link would be:
[a href="D:\page.html"]Link[/a] ( where "D" is the CD drive and of course we're not using square brackets )

In our advanced internet settings we've enabled content to run from CD. The difference seems to be when you're already on a site to link back to the CD.

Also, this works fine on Win 2000, just not XP.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Relevancy 40.85%

hi people,got a small nagging problem,irratates me that i can't fix it,,,all i want 2 do is have my whole window move when i move it around desktop,,i have gone in2 "display" & "system" checked move windows content, but every time i turn my comp back on the system has reset back 2 the old way of just showing the dotted line when i move the window..the only thing i haven't tried is the right way 2 get it 2 stay the way i want.(what is the right way?) it's almost embarrassing 2 ask such a simple question..P.S. i"ve been working on this problem 4 over a yr. off & on..silly me!

Relevancy 40.85%

Anyone else having trouble with this, I've tried re-indexing, some of the XLS sheets are found, but not many, so I know the directories are included. Pretty sure it was all good on v8. I've switched the Bing search off, and if I let it search everywhere after a bit it gives up and says it's taking too long. It finds files based on the file name and seems to be fairly successful searching PDFs but XLS no good. I'm running Office 2003 so whether it's forgotten how to read old app stuff I don't know


A:Windows search 8.1 not finding XLS content

Check under the indexing options (control panel) and then advanced settings that the xls file type has not been unchecked under file types
Also if I'm not mistaken, the indexing by default does not index the entire C:\ or whatever so you may need to specify more areas if you do not leave your documents in one place
Relevancy 40.85%

Recently there was a power outage which caused an abrupt shut down. As a result a lot of things stopped working such as anything related to the task scheduler defrag and weid dll stuff. sfc /scannow didn't work but what did was a repair installation. I would really for the time being would not want to do a clean install. A bit long winded but here is the problem. I do not know what this feature is called but before if i created a folder and put in an acrobat file, in the folder where in the image it spreads there would and image of an acrobat file. If there were a lot of file the folder would show lots of sheet. I now longer have that. I get the same folder but it is more like the unanimated xp folders. Would anyone be able to suggest a fix? Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 Folders Content Images

Hi JukeboxJezabel,

I'm not sure why a power outage would have caused this, but I'm assuming a file has been corrupted. What I'd like for you to do, however, is to check to see if your folder settings have been altered.

Navigate to the 'Start Menu', and type in 'Folder Options'. Hit 'Enter'. Click on the button that says 'Restore Defaults'. Also, you can navigate to the 'View' tab and hit 'Restore Folders' and press 'Yes'. Check any boxes that you would like to have as your default settings. Then, reboot your computer and check to see if you're still experiencing this problem. If you are, let me know and we'll work on another fix.

Harvey Meale
Relevancy 40.85%

I have a directory full of hundreds of extracted Outlook 2010 .MSG files and I need to be able to search the contents of these files for certain keywords.

Office 2010 has installed the iFilter and I've confirmed the proper indexing filter is associated with the file, and I've made sure the directory is indexed, but Windows 7 search refuses to search the actual content WITHIN the .MSG files.

If I can't get the OS to work with searching the files in these directories, is there a free tool anyone would recommend I try?


A:Windows 7 won't search content of .MSG files

Download the Outlook Add in Download: Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Outlook saved mail (.msg file) indexing - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
Relevancy 40.85%

Yesterday I tried logging in with system rights to my computer. I went to cmd and typed:
at HH:MM \interactive cmd.exe
A new cmd opened. I went to task manager and ended the explorer task. Then in the new cmd, I typed:
start explorer.exe
Then the explorer had a different background and everything, and I was logged in as SYSTEM. The problem is, today when I logged in, it logged me in to my normal account but when I click My Documents, it goes to Systems documents, I have to go to mine through a different path, and it isn't my desktop or theme either. Do I have to manually fix everything or is there a quick way to undo what the system account screwed up?
Relevancy 40.85%

Hi all Long time away I seem to have a problem with the bar across the bottom of problem across of viewing bar windows btm windows I m never sure what its called Taskbar Toolbar etc etc But it is the space between the quick launch side and the right hand bottom toolbar quot Where the web pages and other open programs icons appear when open At the Moment I can only view them in a small box with just a letter in them IE for Bleeping computers web site it shows just a quot B quot for email it shows just a quot E quot quot and so on if yu follow my meaning The worst part is If I open problem viewing bar across btm of windows a series of browser windows they all stack on top of one another very hard to work out whats open and whats not anyway Guys I hope I have explained my prob properly as It has been driving me mad for agaes Thanks all Old Aussie nbsp ScreenHunter Jul gif nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads

A:problem viewing bar across btm of windows

Well it looks like people in here are as dumb as me ..No one Has even the slightest idea how to fix this problem ..

Have to look elsewhere ..
Relevancy 40.85%

I am familiar with this solution to view PDF thumbnails in Windows 7 64 bit but for some reason my new install of Windows 7 on a rip machine it will not work. After I used the installer it actually removed all the custom .iso files I set for icons on my desktop. No effect on the PDF thumbs. Any suggestions?? I really hoped it would work because I go through hundreds of PDFs for print everyday.

A:PDFs not viewing still in Windows 7 64 bit

did you have both the options check in the installer, for previews and the handler
if you still have issues with it
try this..
If you havent already, install adobe reader XI, go to edit / preferences then click the "set default handler"

then it should show thumbs.
Relevancy 40.85%

I have a laptop running Windows 8.1 and I want to share the media on my pc to my Samsung television.
I checked all the settings several times, but the laptop is not visible on my tv.
My second laptop, running Windows 7 is visible; I can share media to my tv without problems.
Has anyone got any experience with sharing media from a Windows 8.1 pc to a samsung tv?
Kind regards,

A:Viewing media from a Windows 8.1 pc on tv

Not to sure on this but the link may help. The comments section in the link gives more clues on how to set this up if you are having problems.

Connect dlna enabled Samsung Smart TV with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
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My folder for storing pictures is My pictures. However, whenever it opens up, I have to change it to viewing as thumbnails. How can I change it so that it will open as thumbnails by default please??? thanks!
I am using windows XP professional.

Relevancy 40.85%

I have a client I do blogging for who sent me a .jpeg image file. I can't view it on Windows 7. I've tried several different image viewers and nothing works. They all say the file is corrupted.

However, my client is on a MAC and sees the image just fine. So now she must think I'm a knucklehead.

Please help or advise if you can?


Relevancy 40.85%

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1499 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7520G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 453154 MB, Free - 413760 MB;
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

While trying to "View Internet Explorer on the desktop" I keep getting a popup on the desktop stating
"A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

Is there a solution?

A:Windows 8 Viewing IE on the desktop

Have you reset your browser settings:
Relevancy 40.85%

My current operating system is WIN XP i heard about Windows vista, which has advanced multimedia capabilities, i heard if you take a normal window instead of minimizing you can view it in 3 dimensional mode, is that true. And i want to know how many Cds for windows vista. I mean for installation.

Relevancy 40.42%

I recently began having an issue with my computer where websites do not fully load the content. Images are the main thing that I notice. Sometimes the full image will not load and sometimes the image looks garbled. I can refresh the page multiple times and sometimes it will load. This happens across all browsers. I have used multiple network adapters and through various troubleshooting, I have come to the determination that this is software related. I'd rather not format/re-install Windows, so I'm hoping there is a solution.
I am running Windows 7 64-bit and I mainly use Chrome for browsing.
Please help me resolve this. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

A:Websites do not fully load content (Windows 7 64-bit)

You abandoned this topic in the past:
Relevancy 40.42%

I am having serious trouble with my Windows Media Player. Almost every Windows Media Video (.wmv,.asf) file I try to play freezes my machine. At that point, I have no choice other than to pul the plug and reboot. I am using Windows 2000, and I have reinstalled WMP, have completely uninstalled it and then reinstalled, and at this point, it is driving me insane. PLEASE HELP!

A:Windows Media Content crashing computer

Read and follow.. At the end of the articla there are instructions about how to remove all excess codecs and reset your system media playback back to the factory default. Please read the article though, that way you'll never have the trouble again..
Relevancy 40.42%

Windows Should Ban Downloads of Pirated Content Organization Says Windows and Office are two of the most impacted software products when it comes to the high level of piracy around the world and this is exactly the reason Microsoft should introduce new methods of blocking the download of illegal content straight from the operating system level This is the conclusion of a report published Ban Windows of Content, Downloads Pirated 10 Organization Should Says by Black Market Watch and the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime regarding ways to tackle piracy in Sweden with hopes that similar measures could be adopted worldwide at some point in the future Specifically the organization claims that Windows 10 Should Ban Downloads of Pirated Content, Organization Says Microsoft Apple and Google can introduce piracy-blocking filters in their operating systems and thus make it impossible for users to download illegal content anyway This would make torrent trackers and other piracy content distribution channels obsolete because this way users wouldn t be allowed to download files no matter if these sources are available or not Furthermore the organization claims document in Swedish that these companies need to be encouraged and if this doesn t work regulated in order to block downloads of copyright infringement material according to a report from TorrentFreak Other players that possess the potential ability to limit piracy are the companies that own the major operating systems which control computers and mobile devices such as Apple Google and Microsoft it says The Windows example The aforementioned report uses Windows as the living proof that such a thing can be done although it s only based on pure speculation and no evidence is brought in this regard Specifically Windows is described as a possible way to block piracy at the operating system level citing older reports that suggested Microsoft planned to ban users from playing pirated games on their PCs Back in August updates that Microsoft made to its terms and services made everyone believe that the company wanted to block pirated software on Windows PCs using an automatic detection system similar to the one proposed by today s new report The terms pointed out that Microsoft might download software updates or configuration changes including those that prevent you from accessing the Services playing counterfeit games or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices Despite the fact that Redmond strongly denied these claims shortly after that pirate websites were quick to respond and blocked access for computers running Windows in an attempt to prevent additional risks that would have been caused by such a protection system Windows s spying claims didn t help either as many accused Microsoft of using the new operating system to collect data about users and the content on their computers For the moment an official statement from Microsoft and Apple isn t available to see how the two companies react to this proposal but we ve reached out to both and we ll update the article with more info when it becomes available Click to expand nbsp

A:Windows 10 Should Ban Downloads of Pirated Content, Organization Says

I agree 100% i am not a fan of pirates at all.
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Hey guys,
My dad has installed a internet content filter on my computer that filters any http access to the internet. The filter is set to allow Windows Live messenger, and it allows me to enter chat conversations, but I cannot transfer files, or hold voice or webcam conversations.
I contacted Windows Live Support and they sent me a email with a list of possible problems including NAT settings, Firewalls, and many other possibilities. however after going through all these things I was still unable to get the conversations to work.
I was looking around for a proxy solution and the best thing I found was, but I'm not willing to go that far just to get a video conversation.
Does anybody know of a way to configure the proxy settings in Windows Live Messenger that will let me open video conversations?

A:Windows live through internet content filter

You could try asking your Dad if the content filter is able to block/allow certain ports....also you may need to forward ports in your router (if using one).
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Something strange happend the other day. Everything was working fine computer was quick as usual. I clicked on 'My Computer' and instead of displaying it's content, is said "searching for items..." with a little flashlight. I've seen this before but not on My Computer. It took about 30 seconds to display all my drives.

The System:
WinXP Pro SP2
P4 2.8Ghz 512MB

What I've Tried:
I've uninstalled recently installed programs.
Defrag on all drives.
Ran AdAware, SpyBot, HijackThis.

I have not yet run a virus scan but will after posting this.

My computer still runs fast and if I open a folder it is displayed immediately. Only Windows Explorer is slow. It is very annoying to have to wait 30 sec. every time I open 'My Computer' or want to save a file. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.Windows Explorer slow in displaying content

A:Windows Explorer slow in displaying content

I've run a virus scan and found nothing.

If anyone knows anything about windows explorer please tell me. Maybe I can figure it out with a little more info. Thanks.
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for some reason, windows media player like packaged 12 of my mp3's... i burned them on to a cd format and then recopied them back into another computer.. and when i tried to use find album info, it tries to set the same album to all of the tracks. like track one is supposed to tbe marroon5- harder to breath, and track 2 is suposed to be missy elliot-work it.. but if i click just on maroon5, and select find album info, it finds the "songs about jane" album and tries renaming harder to breath to the first track in that, and work it the second track in that.

could i have possibly copy-protected the music or something like that while burning a cd? is there a way of getting around that?

Relevancy 40.42%

I have a Sony VAIO with XP Home and a purchased copy not the standard with the machine of McAfee Internet Security When opening SOME windows especially third party sites the window is blank and the bar at the bottom says done Something blocks the text from these windows even if I refresh until I disable the Privacy service When I registered for Tech Support Guy the email I received had me open another window to view the rules and get started The window opened but was blank until I disabled the Privacy service This also happens when I launch email hotmail from the start menu my McAfee ser. windows' priv. content blocks sometimes but then if I refresh it it comes up This is the only example that refreshing actually brings up the McAfee priv. ser. blocks my windows' content sometimes text all other windows remain blank I have adjusted everything I can imagine would be related to McAfee priv. ser. blocks my windows' content sometimes this in McAfee Privacy service and tried every possible configuration Is it possible that when I adjust and then apply a change it isnt effected until a reboot Your forum looks very nice thank you nbsp

A:McAfee priv. ser. blocks my windows' content sometimes

Hiya and welcome

go to , and download 'Hijack This!'.
Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, save the log somewhere, and please copy & paste its contents to the forum.

It will possibly show other issues deserving our attention, but most of what it lists will be harmless or even required, so do NOT fix anything yet.
Someone here will be happy to help you analyze the results.


Relevancy 40.42%

XP SP2, all latest updates.

Basically, the links on the left side of Explorer when viewing folders that are content-specific (ie. music folder, pictures folder) don't work at all. For example, in the My Music folder, clicking on "Play All" doesn't work (the cursor goes to an hourglass for a few seconds but WMP doesn't pop up or anything) and it behaves the same for every link on the left side. Any ideas?

Relevancy 40.42%

Lightroom Mac vs PC Speed Test | $4k iMac vs $4k Custom PC Performance Test



While we really appreciate Apple?s approach to their hardware quality and design, we can?t justify the price to performance difference at this time.

Speaking conservatively, a 25% difference in performance would turn an 8 hour wedding edit into 10 hours. Spread across 30 weddings a year (for a typical studio), this is a 60 hour time difference in the time spent editing weddings. For a studio like ours shooting nearly 400+ weddings, a 25% difference would require 800 more hours of editing or nearly 20 weeks of productivity.

In this Mac vs. PC test, our results showed that the Apple iMac was behind by 35% or more across the board, making the PC the clear victor.Click to expand...


A:Windows PC better than comparable Mac at content creation with Lightroom

My lightroom setup is super optimized... My catalog, cache, previews, camera raw cache, and photos all live on separate SSDs. Most of my SSDs are PCI-e at that with 2GB+/sec read speeds.

I can't add those kinds of things to most mac setups unfortunately...

I tried keeping everything on one fast SSD, but the disk queue depths and iowait would start to climb during large batches. Made it very slow to work on photos while Lightroom was exporting or importing anything else in the background.
Relevancy 40.42%

Hello everyone It's my first time posting a thread so I hope I'm being clear enough plenty of experience reading thought so I guess it's time to practice what I have seen so far content (Windows after missing sync Folder x64) 7 -D Folder content missing after sync (Windows 7 x64) I work on a roaming profile environment Windows R This is the issue I recently moved cut paste several folders from C to the desktop so their content could be saved as part of my profile not a big deal regular stuff Had to restart my device no errors involved and after logging Folder content missing after sync (Windows 7 x64) back I got a surprise all the content from one of the folders in question is missing Just to be more specific this is exactly what I did select cut and paste no more than folders just recalled that the one missing the content was renamed before restarting all the content was still there before this point I know important things should NEVER be located in the desktop my fault sorry but have anyone seen this case before I'll appreciate any help you could give me Regards from the Caribbean

A:Folder content missing after sync (Windows 7 x64)

Hi sysvatar and welcome to the Forum.
I have never used a roaming profile o may not be much help but your post was getting a little near to the bottom of th epage and then might get a bit lost!
Forgive me for being naive but are you sure you have the actual folders on the desktop and not just a link to them on the C drive? have you tried renaming the one with the lost contents to it's old name? If they are the actual folders did they get moved or just copied, have you checked to see if they are still on the C drive? If the contents have got deleted you would have surely got a message "Do you want to delete etc". Have you checked the recycle bit?
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I have a newborn son so I'm going crazy taking pictures on my phone and camera at the minute. I've just started using google drive to upload all my pictures so I have a backup and so our family can view them (if anyone has a better more reliable solution please let me know )

Anyway, when I view the pictures on my iphone it shows the gps information above the picture e.g "Stoke Mandeville Hospital 12 Feb 10:18" Is there any software that will do the same on Windows? If I view the image properties I can see the longitude, latitude and altitude but is there anyway to transform this into a place name like the iphone does?

I'm viewing the pictures in Windows Photo Viewer, to be honest I've never installed any other software to view images so I don't know where to begin.

Thank you for any help!
Relevancy 40.42%

I am connected to a network domain. When I go to My network places>Entire Network>Microsoft Windows Network>Domain I can see all networked computers when I am wired in but when I connect wirelessly I cannot. I use a "Wireless access point" connected to my firewall router. I have tried disabling the wireless firewall and assigning a static IP. I am logged into the domain but the only way to can view the other computers on the network is to connect through a wired connection. I'm thinking it has to be a setting in my Wireless router but I cannot figure it out.

A:Viewing Microsoft windows network


when you connect via the wire, and via wireless is the ip address,subnet and default gateway in the same range ?
Relevancy 40.42%

I have looked at many webpages and still unable to solve
this issue. Maybe someone here can help. My printer broke down but I kept the windows printer spool file (.spl) and need to view the data from it since this is all I have from the document. The spool (.spl) file has a EMF header and was created from pcl6.
I wish to view that file but all I get is garbled text if I open it with wordpad etc. Is there any program or way that I can view it because the data(only text not photos) is in that spool file(3 Megs in size) but the printer broke down and I have no way of viewing it.

I tried Ghost script and other PCL viewers with out much luck since my file is a .spl

Please help..

Thank you in advance,


A:Viewing a windows spool file (.spl)

this maybe a post that would get a good response if moved to the Hardware forum later on if need be.
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I have the windows xps2 system that was tampered with by a hacker in the midst of a new antiviral update process....

I am able to use my system, but somehow this person was able to screw up access to all of my system enhancement files.....degfrag...clean...etc.etc.
I now use the EZ sofware but what good is it if I am having problems accessing the internet???

I have IE 6( the Latest) but I have to continually restart my local connection just to be able to browse my web pages????
My internet is working great, but I am only allowed to view with the browser for short periods of time before the error page(page cannot be displayed) shows up and everything else(,msn messenger , and other internet applications) work just fine...

If this sounds like something someone can help me with ...???

Relevancy 40.42%

Good morning all..

How do i look at the actual images when i choose thumbnails in windows.

I used to be able to see the pictures when i chose the thumbnail options, but all i see now is the type of icon they are. for ex. the gif or jpeg icon.

I don't know if i did something or not.


A:Viewing thumbnails in windows explorer
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I have a huge collection of very small (8x8 to 16x16) images that I need to look through. It would be nice if I could see each picture zoomed in to a larger size, since it is hard to make out the detail with the naked eye. However, when I try to zoom in using Windows Explorer, the displayed size of the images doesn't change at all, only the space between them. If I open the image with Windows Photo Viewer, which came with my computer, I can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel. However, the moment I move to the next or previous image, the zoom reverts back to the normal setting, forcing me to zoom in again. This quickly becomes unbearably tedious for thousands of images, and I was wondering if there's a better way to let me see the zoomed in images.

A:Viewing very small images using Windows

Would magnifier be of use?

If you have a Start burtton, click Start, type mag then click on magnifier at top left.
If using Start screen, type mag then press Enter.
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My windows live messenger IM feature is update and working fine. My web cam allows others to view me. However the other person that I want to view is having problems letting me view them. Every time they send an invite for me to view their web cam, a message appears under the invite immediately that they canceled the invite..they are saying that the install of their webcam is correct, however it ask them to update to the newest version of windows live messenger..when they did still didn't work and they couldn't even view themselves from their cam. Could it be a firewall problem for them of just a step they are missing? My friend is very frustrated..what advise can I give them?
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Hi. Someone restored my ipod and deleted all the info on it. Is it possible to view Windows Explorer history to see when the itunes program was accessed similar to viewing history in a browser. If I can view the history I may be able to tell who was using the computer at the time by comparing it to the browser history where i can see who loged in to their email adresses, etc.
Thanks in advance

A:Viewing Windows 7 explorer history

And what are you going to do if you find out who had this mishap ?  I know 'revenge is a dish best eaten cold' but also 'Vengeance is Mine, sayeth The Lord'
I don't think Explorer has such a history, it's purely for recent searches. I think you would be better just biting the bullet and re-installing your music, videos etc. to your iPod. Probably quicker as well !
Chris Cosgrove
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When I look for a file in windows 7's search, i get the file, but I don't get the file's actual location (like c:/desktop/documents/music... etc). I just get the file and it's kinda pointless if i need to search for a file every single time i need it. Someone told me that i should just click the file, then properties, then details, but that seems like needing to go too far for something simple.

this is a search result for example:

is there a way i can change the settings to produce the actual file with the location under it or something?

A:Need help with Windows 7 Search Results Viewing

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Right click on the folder/file and chose
Open folder location
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Hi there,
I am actually encountering a problem while viewing any photo on my windows 7 PC. My PC is equipped with 64 bit Windows Ultimate OS. Whenever I open any picture through windows photo viewer, an error message is displayed that :

C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Viewer\Photoviewer.dll is not a valid Win32 application.

I even downloaded a fresh dll and replaced it with the other one, but it displayed the same error as it was before. What possible reasons could be for this problem and how can it be configured ??
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Can anyone kindly let me have step-by-step directions how to view DVDs on my laptop in Windows 8.1?If you allow me to be a little more "daring", may I ask you to send me a list of step-by-step directions, not a video, as I am hard of hearing and my memory is a little faulty, unless I view written text which I can easily copy and print for reference.The method I was using until a few months ago won't work now, I have no idea why !Am outlining the method hereunder for your guidance:-1. Right-click on the COMPUTER icon.2. Right-click on the DVD icon.3. Click OPEN4. Click on VIEW > TILES5. Open the first file in the list that now pops up with WINDOWS PHOTO VIEWER. Many thanks in advance.GUZEPPI (aged 77)

A:Viewing DVDs on laptop with Windows 8.1

I'd suggest using the free VLC Player. Just be sure not to agree to bundleware check boxes when installing. I use this as my movie player for DVD Movies on Disc as well as digital media files.,152847.0.html
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I'll try and describe this as best I can - I often have a lot of MS Word windows open at the same time, and windows seems to vary between showing me them as small preview windows or a vertical list when hovering over them in the taskbar - I only want to show them as a list, but can't see how to do this?

Any replies most welcome as all these 'mini window' previews are annoying the hell out of me!


A:Viewing Open Windows From Taskbar?

Hello DekHog,

It depends on if you want all icons to never show thumbnails preview windows and only lists, or just have it set to show a list after so many windows are open instead.

If never, then you can use one of the options that you like best in the tutorial below to do this.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

If only after so many windows are open to have the list, then the tutorial below can help show you how to.

Taskbar List or Thumbnail Previews Mode - Change

Hope this helps,
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When I click on thumbnail view in windows explorer I don't see the pictures just the name of the file and a placeholder?

A:Viewing thumbnails in windows explorer

What OS?

See if the link to restore thumbnails on the right side of this page helps...

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I have about 83GB of useless data trapped in C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\Z1O6OK0R, DQ1O7FJH, etc. This is not to be confused with C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files. The only way I could examine them is by using the Glary Utilities Diskspace analyzer. Using Windows explorer I could not get past systemprofile. When I try to delete the files with the analyzer nothing happens. All the tips I have read seem to refer only to the C:\Users string. Double clicking on Z1O6OK0R, etc reveals all of the saved pages, many thousands of them. How do I get rid of them and reclaim the space again?

A:Deleting Content.IE5 content

You'll need to Show Hidden Folders to get AppData to show. Alternatively you could run CCleaner which should clear them out for you.
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i have a virus i've tried a bunch of stuff I've come across what seems to be the name of it which is Content ie virus What is happening is when i shut down my pc i get like - popup windows with Files (low/content.ie5) Virus Temporary folders Windows ads and what not nothing like pornography its stupid bleep like celebrity's and name brand shopping crap idk but they pop up and then my pc turns off my pc Windows Temporary Files Virus (low/content.ie5) folders is supposed to turn off that's normal and from what i've done so far i deleted a few suspicious Windows Temporary Files Virus (low/content.ie5) folders things and did some searching in the temp files folder and it seems to be in that area for a few reasons Randomly AVG gives me the virus pick up message Windows Temporary Files Virus (low/content.ie5) folders and it's always located in C Users Tony AppData Local Microsoft Windows Temporary Internet Files Low Content IE T STHUQ Now its not always the sub folder T STHUQ it always changes there have been s of them at this point When i looked into one of these sub folders it had a ton of stuff and was constantly filling with more junk while i wasn't using the internet I tried to delete everything but about would delete then everything else would keep telling me it was being used by another program in the task manager So i went into there and shut the stuff down However it kept starting back up and the temp files kept flooding back in i opened some of the pictures and its just stupid random bleep like food brochures and pictures of animals and owners completely random Well i'm hoping that's all the information you guys will need it's been a long night about AM here so i'm going to bed Hope to have some help to wake up to i really don't want to reformat my HD As i finish this up my folder is at files it was empty a minute ago idk what to do please helpPicture attached is one of these sub folders and one of the ones AVG detected

A:Windows Temporary Files Virus (low/content.ie5) folders

Sorry that image came out in potato quality this one should be good
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Windows Live Mail search is searching only email's subject and sender.
Is it possible to make WLM to search email's content as well?

A:Search email content in Windows Live Mail

Quote: Originally Posted by Winuser

...Windows Live Mail search is searching only email's subject and sender.
Is it possible to make WLM to search email's content as well?

Sounds like you may need "winlivemailfix.reg":
"This issue occurs because Windows Live Mail Version 3 does not install a 64-bit search filter and therefore cannot index the Windows Live Mail files for Windows 7 64-bit operating systems by default. The e-mail header will be searched and will produce results, but searching on the content of the e-mail message body will not produce the expected results. "

Using Windows Search to search for Windows Live Mail e-mail will return incomplete results on Windows 7 64-bit Operating Systems

More info: Full content search in Windows Live Mail?
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Executive Summary-----------------Windows Vista includes an extensive reworking of core OS elements in order toprovide content protection for so-called "premium content", typically HD datafrom Blu-Ray and HD-DVD sources. Providing this protection incursconsiderable costs in terms of system performance, system stability, technicalsupport overhead, and hardware and software cost. These issues affect notonly users of Vista but the entire PC industry, since the effects of theprotection measures extend to cover all hardware and software that will evercome into contact with Vista, even if it's not used directly with Vista (forexample hardware in a Macintosh computer or on a Linux server). This documentanalyses the cost involved in Vista's content protection, and the collateraldamage that this incurs throughout the computer industry.
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*Topic can be removed, I would do it myself but I can't, I have found my answer and it is in those two links I will leave here*

How to change the Charms bar hover timeout delay | Winaero
How to change the Switcher (top left corner) hover timeout delay in Windows 8.1 Update 1 | Winaero

A:Windows 8.1 Update slow appearance of content on corners

Originally Posted by EShirou

and I noticed that Update 1 (called just Windows 8.1 update) has been released...and it's bad >,<

According to what or who? Do you mean "bad for you"?

Most issues pertaining to Windows 8, 8.1 etc end up being user fault or system specific. While I am not arguing that there may be a delay in opening charms etc (as I wouldn't know, I disabled it all) it would help people in here if you would complete your system specs via your profile in User CP. P.S. Notice the lack of profanities in my post.
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I have windows 7 home premium 32bit on a pretty fast AMD phenom II x4 with 4gb ram. The problem I ahve is with windows explorer. When I click on a drive, it takes about 5 seconds before it will show me the folders. Then when I click on a folder, I have to wait as a little hourglass-type slider goes across the top of the screen before it will show the contents. This can take anywhere from 2-15 seconds. I don't remember any other windows OS doing this.

Is there something I can change to help speed this up? Not sure that it matters, but I checked defrag and most of my drives are less than 5% fragmented - the most being 15%.


A:windows explorer takes forever to show content

It is some third-party application you have installed. Either security software or some extension in Explorer like one that adds something to the context menu.
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In Windows Mail one could do a full content search, inside the text of a group of messages. How does one do this in Windows Live Mail?

A:Full content search in Windows Live Mail?

Quote: Originally Posted by nigelmercier

In Windows Mail one could do a full content search, inside the text of a group of messages. How does one do this in Windows Live Mail?

It seems this is a known problem in Windows 7 x64, see:

Using Windows Search to search for Windows Live Mail e-mail will return incomplete results on Windows 7 64-bit Operating Systems

LiveMailFix.reg file attached.

Probably worth rebuilding the Index after rebooting: search for Indexing Options | Advanced | Rebuild
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Since Windows first came out I have had it Display Even and Windows, Issues After Reinstalling Connectivity Content installed with no issue However yesterday I started having random problems all related to connectivity and content display - Some pages will randomly not load correctly in Firefox IE or Chrome Sometimes only part of the page will load correctly sometimes I will get an error like quot cannot establish secure connection quot or some other form of error In some cases simply refreshing the page will solve the issue in other cases I have to browse the page in a different browser Some pages display correctly in one browser but not another - Origin will sometimes not display content in it's browser correctly - Downloads will sometimes fail to complete correctly - Sometimes I cannot search for extensions in Firefox Sometimes Firefox says no extensions are found other times I will try to install an extension and it will simply say it cannot be installed - I cannot run the Windows Media Creation tool I have even tried downloading it from another computer and transferring it over to my computer - Even the quot photo quot button on this post does not activate when I click it but some of the other Even After Reinstalling Windows, Content Display and Connectivity Issues buttons do--yet simply refreshing the page fixes it - Sometimes images or videos will not display correctly - ALL problems are completely random but very frequent sometimes pages display fine others not sometimes fine Even After Reinstalling Windows, Content Display and Connectivity Issues in one browser but not another Now here is the strange thing I have reinstalled Windows wiping all user data THREE times now In every case after Windows is installed all I download is my Nvidia display driver and Firefox with absolutely nothing else and even still I am having these problems Two of the reinstalls were using the Windows reset feature without retaining the old programs and features and in one case I was able to reinstall using the media creation tool on a USB drive I completely deleted the system partition to ensure no data was retained before reinstalling windows In addition to reinstalling Windows several times I have tried - Resetting my router - Switching from Ethernet to wireless for Internet - Swapping Ethernet cables - Reinstalling Firefox Chrome and Origin - Using display drivers from different download locations one from Nvidia's website one from Gigabyte This problem is extremely baffling as reinstalling Windows does not seem to solve the problem Here are some photos of various issues
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For work I create church bulletins on my new Win 8 laptop. When viewed on a windows 7 or xp computer, the document is too big, even though it is created with the same font. I spent hours on the phone with Microsoft and they walked me through Publisher 2013, but that didn't help. I really think it has to do with the operating system. I have tried everything. No matter what OS I create the document in, it appears fine on the screen, but when viewed in anything lower than win 8, it needs to be tweaked to fit properly. I have even tried saving the doc. in earlier versions of publisher and that doesn't work. Any advise?


A:creating in windows 8 and viewing in windows 7 problem

the document is too big for the screen? or too big for the printer and not printing correctly?
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I can view the website source via Mozilla Firefox but when I right click and view source in Internet Explorerer, I get the following error message:

Windows cannot axcess the specified path, devices, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.
This happens in every webpage using I.E.
Thanks for your time.

A:Viewing source on Windows XP Internet Explorer

What operating system? XP or 2000 and which version and which SP? Liz
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I've gotten a few BSOD's in the past week, usually (but not always) when viewing videos. I'm running Windows 10 and it has been stable for several months. The message comes up that Windows has encountered a system exception related to NETIO.sys. Here is the required log.
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Hi there, I love Windows Live and skydrive. I'm using both and trying to get my friends and family to sign up. Unfortunately, when I go to a page like all I see it text. It's like the html is turned off or something. I've tried firefox and it does the same thing. It's kinda hard to convince my friends that windows live is awesome when the web page is messed up. Any suggestions?

A:problem viewing windows live web page

I just updated my version of Java, but that didn't help. I'm using the beta version of the new IE, is that why?
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A couple of days ago I right clicked in windows live hot-mail and clicked on 'Block Images' or something similar.

Previously when I viewed an email with photos attached, they showed in the viewing pane. Now I have to open them to view them.

I want to get back to where I was.

Any ideas please?
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I remember reading sometime ago it was possible to view a clickable list of all my Windows 7 files through Internet Explorer.

Just wondered how to do it and if it was a good idea?

A lot of my files are also on 2 connected External Drives F Drive and G Drive.

A:Viewing windows files in Internet explorer?

I suspect you mean view all files on a computer using Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer.

Right click Computer and select Open. Expand the arrow in front of C.
Expand the arrow in front of Users.
If you click on your name (don't let the lock on your name scare you), you will see folders with your files in the right hand pane. Click on any of them to see what they contain.

For an external hard drive: be sure the drive is attached.
Click on computer and you should see the drives. Click on either drive to see the contents.
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Weird problem that I'm having. I can't download any apps from the Windows Store because it will close after a few seconds of loading an app page. Being on the actual store is fine, no problems there. But if I click on a specific app to view or download, it closes without error or anything.

Anyone else have this problem? Fixes?

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Hallo all..

I have 2 problems..

1 ) My JPEG icon is a windows generic Icon and I cant seem to change the JPEG images back to a original JPEG icon

Does any one know how I can change icon to a normal JPEG look icon ? I've right clicked on the Image / Properties / Change Icon but I cant find the JPEG icon..

2 ) I have a load of JPEG images on my system from holidays etc but unlike Windows XP windows 2000 doesnt have a Image view program that you can hit an arrow and go to the next image. Is their a way around this instead of closing and opening next image ?

Thx for any help..

A:windows 2000 , Image viewing problem ???

anyone ?
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Running Window XP Home Media Edition When I open certain file folders on my hard drive Windows Explorer will give me a message telling me quot it has encountered and error and needs to shut down file Viewing Windows Folders Down Shuts XP Certain When quot I have two external hard drives on which I capture and backup video files Most of the Windows XP Shuts Down When Viewing Certain file Folders file folders on the drives can be accessed by Windows Explorer with no problem but certain folders shut down immediately upon opening My hard drives mirror each other manually not in a RAID config and the problem folder shuts down Windows explorer on both drives I tried changing the column view applicable to all folders such tha only the file name comes up in the Explorer window and that actually helped Explorer will stay open and I can access many of the video files However eventually I ll get a notification and Explorer shuts down I searched this forum and based on my findings I ran Malwarebytes and Avast and found nothing Based on my very limited use of the Internet and lack of any other computing problems I didn t expect to find a virus or spyware I also ran cleanmgr and cleaned up everything I could including Temporary Internet Files and Recycle Bin Any idea why Windows Explorer is having trouble simply listing the files within certain file folders and not others

A:Windows XP Shuts Down When Viewing Certain file Folders

My guess would be possible bad sectors on the hard drive...the alternative would be to guess some sort of file corruption.I would try running the chkdsk /r command on each of the drives with this situation.Start/Run...type chkdsk /r X: (where X: represents the respective partition/drive) and hit Enter. Spacing must be exactly as shown.Alternative method of running same command: In Explorer or My Computer, right click on the drive, select Properties, select the tools tab, and click on the Check Now button. Check both of the available options and click Start button.Louis
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When I choose Thumbnails view in Windows Explorer I get a set of thumbnails as expected.

But when I click on a thumbnail the image opens in Internet Explorer. I'm sure it used to open in an image viewer that let me run a sort of slideshow.

How can I get things back the way they were? Hope you can help.