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Packard Bell Easynote TK boot problem

Q: Packard Bell Easynote TK boot problem

Hi there I ve recently bought a second hand laptop because it was cheap and seemed to only have a minor problem which I hope to be able to fix So far problem TK Easynote boot Bell Packard I ve not been able to so I thought I d ask here for Packard Bell Easynote TK boot problem some help Specs Packard Bell Easynote TK CPU AMD Phenom II X N GHz Videochip AMD Radeon HD M GB VRAM RAM GB DDR orginal OS Windows Home Premium So the problem is that if I try to boot it Packard Bell Easynote TK boot problem about times it starts up I can hear the fan and HDD starting and see the lights turn on Then after a couple of seconds before seeing anything on screen I hear the fan stopping while the lights remain on The times it boots up properly and everything works What I ve Packard Bell Easynote TK boot problem done so far remove battery and power adapter reinstall RAM both at once and one by one hold down power button for a minute and try again with the power adapter connected This doesn t appear to do anything much I haven t removed the CMOS battery yet because it s embedded in a peculiar way and I m not familiar with how to remove it yet Then during one of the few sessions where I was able to boot successfully I installed the newest BIOS-version from the Packard Bell site This also didn t do anything Then since I wanted to do it anyway I started with the installation of Arch Linux where so far I ve only wiped the entire HDD and repartitioned it then I was too busy and couldn t complete it This doesn t matter much as long as I can get into the BIOS properly I ll be fine I m a Linux newbie but have successfully installed Arch Linux on a very old laptop So what I wanted to ask do you know any way to make the startup work everytime Do you have any ideas what it might be My theories so far - It s probably a hardware related problem since it still occurred after BIOS-update and full HDD-wipe without OS - broken powerbutton connection somehow -- gt replace powerbutton - broken fan overheating -- gt shutdown - broken fan cable sometimes does connect correctly I m curious if you have any theories on how to save the laptop Kind regards Ilja nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Packard Bell Easynote TK boot problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Packard Bell Easynote TK boot problem

The laptop may need its thermal pads or paste replaced. The motherboard may be detecting a false over-heating signal...
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hi,i have a problem with my notebook.i wanted to do a recovery program for my packard bell easynote, so upon power on,i pressed f12 and then selected IDE HDD.after that the screen went blank.i waited more than two hours but nothing happened.the screen remained blank.i turned off notebook,turned it back on but the same thing happened,just a blackscreen appeared.can you please help me fix the problem,thank you!

A:packard bell easynote laptop cannot boot

What you did with F12 and IDE HDD is select a boot device. If the OS on the hdd is damaged, nothing happens as you discovered.

The correct sequence to restore is to hold the ALT key while tapping F10.
Source: http://packard-bell-scandic.custhel...2LzEvdGltZS8xNDQwMTgyNjg5L3NpZC9zeWtGT3V1bQ==
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Hi everyone. How do i go about getting my laptop in use again?
I have found the mainboard battery, but can't get to any jumper to cut the power. It realy doesn't seem to be ment to be pulled out.
Does anyone know a masterpassword for my laptop?
Does anyone know of an instructionsmanual for realy disassembeling the laptop?
I hope you can help me

A:Packard Bell Easynote R1995. Lost boot and HDD passwords

Masterpassword does not exist. You or the previous owner set it . It is not something that Packard Bell does.
TechSpot does not help with password problems.
The Battery is on a cable that can be cut and redesigned to have plug-in wires.
There is no instruction manual, except at the Packard Bell site in England.

There is no way to recover a HDD password, that I know of...

In my opinion, the Packard Bell is one of the worst of all laptop investments, with several levels of bad technology and unreliability. I would start out by fixing up a better computer.
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Someone came to me with a laptop that wouldnt boot because of a boot password, i managed to get into the bios by doing a resetting the cmos (holding the power button for 30 seconds with no ac adapter) i got into the bios and disabled the password and then saved the changes exited it rebooted but it comes up with post screen which is a packard bell logo and says f2 for bios and f8 for boot menu. if i press them it will attempt to load but then instantly cut out. i tried the cmos reset and it comes up with a dos screen saying press f2 for bios or f1 to continue the boot. if i press either of these it instantly cuts out.

can anyone help me?

A:Packard bell easynote F7305/0 problem

Hmm, I wonder if you knocked the HardDrive cable out or something (like Ram cards)

Also here's a couple of master passwords for that computer: fi9h2up or hlypo33
That someone posted once
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Following a crash of my system I have got the dreaded 99, 99, 99' screen. I have the 3 reovery discs which I made when i first bought the computer. i place the CD's in the laptop and everything appears to go well up to the point when the screen prompts me to remove the last CD and press a key. i remove the CD but when i attempt to press a key i get no response. we are stuck at this point and no matter what we try we cannot get passed it. please help!!!

we use windows xp home edition.

A:Packard Bell EasyNote r1938 Recovery Problem
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Hi I have been asked by a friend to help him install a copy of xp on his new laptop he wants a dual boot xp bell problem easynote tj61 install packard so that he can use the xp system to run some systems at work At first I thought I would just install xp on a seperate partition on the HD as I have done a dozen times before on a dozen diferent systems however whilst everything runs fine for a while and the install looks as though it might work I get BSOD when the xp installer gets to the point where it says quot starting windows quot for the first time just after loading a load of drivers I can only think that there is an issue with the miniport or hard drive drivers but I am stuck being unable to find any listed for this model If anyone could suggest a work round or solution I would be most appreciative the BSOD stop error is x B xf d xc x x I have also considered installing xp in vm ware but after install I am unable to get the usb to work a vital component for my mates needs error message in vm quot is a supported host usb driver was not found if you have installed usb quot System is running Win bit
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A few days ago I had a problem with the screen on my notebook When I changed the power mode from Power Easynote Display SB88-P-007 problem Bell Packard with Saver to High Performance the system instantly froze a strange sound was playing on a loop through Display problem with Packard Bell Easynote SB88-P-007 the speakers and the display was very pixelated and full of random colours I rebooted everything seemed fine so I switched the power mode back to Power Saver and left it When I set it to High Performance again a little Display problem with Packard Bell Easynote SB88-P-007 while later the same thing happened and now it happens as soon as Display problem with Packard Bell Easynote SB88-P-007 Windows loads every time I start it up I booted it in safe mode updated the video drivers in case that was problem but this didn t help I then ran the error checking utility on the hard drive as I was running out of ideas but after that was finished it wouldn t even boot in safe mode any more Strangely enough in the time it s taken me to set up my old desktop and write this message it s decided to work again but I m now worried about putting it into High Performance mode in case the same thing happens again Can anyone suggest what might be causing the problem and how I can fix it nbsp

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I have just been installing Windows xp to my gf with SP3 in it.
I have fixed all drivers to it exept for one, Audio card.

The pc xp installed on is "Packard bell easynote SJ51.

I have tryid outs some diffrent drivers for it, without no luck, but i wont give up, because there must be driver for xp for this laptop, meen all other drivers worked.

I hope that there is anyone here that have had same problem or know how to fix it..

A:[SOLVED] Packard bell easynote sj51 Audio problem!!

Hello TMac_swe and welcome to TSF,

I would like you to go under Device Manager and find any devices with a yellow ! next to them.

Right click on each of them and choose properties, select the details tab, and choose hardware id's from the pull down menu.

Post the description and the hardware id's in your next post.
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I had to restore my laptop and now have no sound how do i get it back will i need to do restore again.

A:My packard bell easynote has no sound. can you help?

Assuming everything else was and is working OK that's usually a driver issue but a factory restore should have installed the necessary drivers. You can check in device manager and see if there's some problem showing there with any of the audio releated hardware. If you need the drivers they should be on the support page for your model.
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Hi I have a Packard bell easynote R1938, which the motherboard died I bought one from ebay and stripped down the laptop to install the new board.

It all went well Laptop back in a running state apart from the WIFI, the card is back in its original place and being detected by WIN XP. The problem is that the card status is 'WIFI is turned off use hardware switch to turn back on', now I know the hardware switch is tied into the keyboard under FN + F1 but it does not control the WIFI.

I am wondering if there is any other way of turning on the WIFI?? or if the problem is one of drivers needed for the hardware switch as I do know there is an unknown item in the device manager but I couldn't find any drivers for the unknown.

Any ideas??

A:Packard Bell Easynote R1938

are you sure theres no physical switch at all - some have both key combinations and a physical switch

post back a device manager and xirrus screen shot
{run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector} Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Direct link to the program is here
Then run and install the program
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

Run the program

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here
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I have a new PackardBell Easynote, that turns on, but willl not open to Vista. I have tried Using Setup and Boot but nothing doing. Any help is appreciated.

A:Packard Bell Easynote will not start

You will probably have to reinstall Vista fresh
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I'm upgrading a packard bell easy note s4's memory. It has one easy access ram port (empty) and the ram its using is internal. I want to upgrade both slots. The easy access is, well easy.

However opening the laptop turned out to be problematic. I removed every screw I could find (carefully placing same on a paper diagram of the rear.) However the back still will not open, its comes away slightly from the front (opposite side to the screens connection to the laptop.) But something is definitely still holding it in place.

All help will be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.

Packard Bell EasyNote S4
MS-Model: ASD30 IN0009

A:How do you open a Packard Bell Easynote s4?

Have you removed the keyboard, there is probably a screw or two under it. I don't know this model but the RAM may be there as well.
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there is no sound from my laptop.
the device manager says the driver is fine, and the troubleshooter cannot resolve problem.
i ran a program: reg cure recently and i thought it might be that, so i restored the system back to before i ran registry cure, does this effect the sound.
the speakers are fine just no sound.
i'm lost.
i've downloaded the vinal97' sound driver as recomended on packard bell site but still no sound at all, just a little hiss @ startup.
The only things i downloaded were sky anytime and reg cure.
i also loaded nero, and a cd burner, i have simce uninstalled the nero software. could this have changed something?
any help = thanks
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This is really peculiar - I have a laptop as above, and it has recently taken to spontaneously switching itself off. At first I thought it was due to a battery failure, so took battery out for a few days and ran it solely on power cable.

Tried that again today but laptop still spontaneously switched itself off.

Can anyone give me any pointers as to what is going on? It has all relevant windows (XP) updates, I keep it virus free, cleaned up etc. etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone!!! I hope you'll help with my problem at my laptop...I'll do recovery factory setting at my laptop coz it was very very slow and when it finish its doesn't start up just on and off..I suspect it was in my hard drive or it was because the software doesnt load to my hardware...please help me solving my problem...thanks in advance!!!

A:My Packard Bell EasyNote won't start

There are other possible causes but start by running the hard drive diagnostics from the manufaturer.

Identify the make of your hard drive and then use one of the links below to get the manufacturers diagnostic for ISO CD. Burn the image file

to a CD, boot the PC with the disc in the drive and run the diagnostics. You first need to set the CD drive to 1st in the boot order in the

Bios setup.

If you do not have an image burner use this free software to make the CD.




Seagate, Maxtor & Quantum:

Western Digital:


Toshiba Fujitsu:

Please provide the model number of your drive if it is Toshiba Fujitsu for further instructions, this does not run on Windows 7. I would

suggest the use of the diagnostics from the Seagate link as this will work on all makes of drive and on any OS.Click to expand...
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I'm a newbie so bear with me please!

I have aquired a Parker Bell EasyNote laptop which jut has WndowsXp in it.

How do I go about getting whatever else is needed to get on line.

The one I am using for this has Xp plus whatever I need to go on line but, of course, that had all that was needed when I bought it.

I use a wireless link to my Broadband router.

Can anyone help or advise,please.


A:Getting on Line with Packard Bell EasyNote

You would start by identifing the wireless interface on the laptop.
Does it have a wireless interface?
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does anyone know where l could get some RAM for a packard bell Easynote TJ68? currently my laptop only has 4GB, and about a year ago it was giving off quite a few BSODs however when l reinstalled l had not experienced one in a while, however lve had another one and remembering the RAM tests l know there seem to be two different brands of RAM in there which is unusual.

suffice to say lm hoping to acquire a matched pair for my laptop ideally 8GB but lve had problems trying to find supported ram as lve looked in the past..

A:RAM for a packard bell Easynote TJ68?

Crucial - DRAM, solid state drive (SSD) memory upgrades for Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS
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I purchased a Packard Bell EasyNote laptop with Windows Vista loaded. Shift + 2 produced the " sign. Shift + ' produced the @ sign - all corresponding with the keys as set out on the keypad. I changed to Windows 7 and now the " and the @ are swopped around. Shift + ' produces " and Shift + 2 produces @ - contrary to the keys on the keypad. Changing the keyboard in Control Panel does not solve the problem. What am I missing?

A:Packard Bell EasyNote Keyboard

Hi and welcome to TSF try going to regional and languages and set the language and keyboard to english uk
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I have a packard bell easynote is not working on Wi-Fi Using xp operating system.
I have a Wi-Fi button that does light up but when I try to connect it tells me no wireless networks found in range.
Make sure the wireless switch on the computer is on.
The modem works as my other laptop works fine using the Wi-Fi. I have checked all my services are switched to started and automatic. And have Checked my device manager and in network adapters it says I have an Intel(R) Pro/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection. When I click on this is says it's working fine.
I have done Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and this picks up my network.

Any ideas??

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Can anyone tell me how to change my Packard Bell account email address? The edit screen excludes email updates or so it appears.
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Hi, I have a Packard Bell EasyNote TH and I get the following message when trying to use my webcam -

'Camera is not installed or camera is being operated by another user'

Can anyone help? The camera used to work and I am fairy sure I haven't done anything but I guess I must have as something is wrong!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Packard Bell EasyNote TH camera fault

can we see device manager screen shot
Device Manager
Post back the results in device manager
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the screen shot and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

how to access device manager for different windows versions

Hold the Windows key and press Pause key, should open to allow device manager to be seen, menu on the left hand side

on a laptop you may need to use Hold the Windows key and press FN key + the pause key

if the above does not work then -

Windows 7 or Vista
Click on the Start Orb > In the Start Search box type > device manager and then press enter
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

Windows 8
If you happen to be using a keyboard with Windows 8, the quickest way to open Device Manager is via its shortcut on the Power User Menu, accessible by pressing the WINDOW and the X keys together.
If on a touch screen - have a read here

once you are in device manager then

post a screen shot of the device manager - imaging devices

To post a screen shot of the active window.
1) hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
2) if you are using Vista/Windows 7 you can use the "snipping tool" which is found in Start> All programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool

To upload the screen shot to the forum, open the full reply window ("Go Advanced" button) and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
Full details are available here

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Hi there,

New to the forum. I just bought a Packard Bell EasyNote TS44-HR-034UK tonight and I think the volume is a bit low (I have adjusted to full). I read a bit about a driver update but it was posted back in 2009 and I'm sure there'll be a more recent one. It's for Windows 7 Home Edition 32bit.

Anyone know where I can download the latest driver for this issue?

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 - Low Sound - New Packard Bell EasyNote

Quote: Originally Posted by J381

Hi there,

New to the forum. I just bought a Packard Bell EasyNote TS44-HR-034UK tonight and I think the volume is a bit low (I have adjusted to full). I read a bit about a driver update but it was posted back in 2009 and I'm sure there'll be a more recent one. It's for Windows 7 Home Edition 32bit.

Anyone know where I can download the latest driver for this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Sister bought a Packard Bell laptop and had the same problem,its the speakers,they arent any good,ended up getting one of these and now the sounds great!

X-mini Capsule Speaker - Black 11.49 - Free Delivery
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I apologize for my bad English and thank in advance Advise me please My basic data are Laptop Packard Bell Easynote ENTG BM OS Windows SL -bit Packard Easynote Laptop can ENTG71BM. How I r... Bell Description of the problem I can use the F -F keys only while pressing on the Fn key That is inconvenient I did not find the Function key behavior point in my UEFI so could not re-configure the F keys there But I have read somewhere in the Internet that one can change the behavior of the F keys using the Launch Manager application My machine came with the application installed v yet there is no that APP in Start Menu so I am not able to launch it and manage those keys Tech support said it was necessary to reestablish OS Windows for this purpose still I am not Laptop Packard Bell Easynote ENTG71BM. How can I r... sure it would help Questions How could I configutate F -F keys in such way that to use them without pressing on the Fn key Should I use Launch Manager for it or do it in another way Igor Smetanin

A:Laptop Packard Bell Easynote ENTG71BM. How can I r...

have you tried to search Launch manager pressingwindows key logo + sthen typeacer launch manager if it appears, double click it and see if it appears, if not, check for any icon on the notification bar, near clock and date.
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Hi Can anyone please tell me where i can get the drivers for my Easy Note R3563?? I've tried everywhere and just cant find it. It is not even on Packard Bell's site?

Thank You

A:Packard Bell EasyNote R3563 Drivers

Is their an alternate model number on the bottom of the laptop?
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Well i tried opening up my computer to look at the fan but i cant seem to get it open.Any of you guys know how to open it up?

A:Solved: How do i open up my Packard Bell Easynote TM 87 to look at fan?

does anybody know
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Hi, I cant find out any information about how to use the built in webcam on this thing. There is no reference to it in the book, and can't find anything on the computer about how to access it or use it! help!
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So sitting in the office as normal and one of the guys from another department comes up with his home laptop and asks us to take a look at it as its not powering on. Low and behold no power, then for some reason we take a sniff through the vents and can tell right away something has blown and upon further inspection can see the Mainboard is damage.

So was wondering if anyone knows of any companies where we could get spares (replacement Mainboard to start with). I think its going to cost about 200 delivered to get a new board for this and then I would advise a new laptop. Details below;

Packard Bell Easynote H5535 (Pentium 4)

Can anyone help?

A:Looking for new mainboard Packard Bell Easynote H5535

i think it will be easy to repair it.. can you post the photos of damage?
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Hey everyone I'll try to make this short while giving as much info as possible I recently needed on EasyNote Vista Packard-Bell Trying restore to a simple laptop so I got my old PB EasyNote around out of the closet The reason I stopped using it was that it suffered a start-up error that back then I didn't bother enough to fix I Trying to restore Vista on Packard-Bell EasyNote used the standard restore procedure but - possibly for the worst - chose a total wipe and reinstall since I wanted factory settings back anyway While doing this the machine crashed From that point on it was unbootable and claimed there was no OS set up So I tried the old Vista restoration disks that cam with it That worked fine but again it keeps randomly crashing during the process - often at random times the furthest I have gotten was of the OS install - meaning that I could only Trying to restore Vista on Packard-Bell EasyNote reboot and start all over again and again and again I am at my wit's end Since it crashes randomly I can only assume it is a Trying to restore Vista on Packard-Bell EasyNote hardware problem or it's shutting down from slightly overheating However before I try another times I thought I'd ask whether there could be a software problem or workaround so I don't have to rely on luck Best wishes and thanks for any help

A:Trying to restore Vista on Packard-Bell EasyNote

Welcome to the forum. If you can get to a cmd prompt then type chkdsk c: /f to check the drive for any errors
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I have formatted a PB easynote E3242 , Model MIT-LYN01 , but obviously now i need the drivers etc for it , and havent got the cd that came with the laptop , i cannot find the drivers for it anywhere ? i have used the PB website but this model isnt listed ?

Any help much welcomed!


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I've been having this problem for about a year now, all of a sudden the WiFi on my Packardbell Easynote just STOPPED working!!?? i had to get a very unreliable wifi adapter, and now i just want it sorting once and for all! please can someone help. its a button that i press, and i press it, the light comes up, but it still doesnt work! (sometimes the light doesnt even come on at all!) please please can someone help!

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I have a problem when I turn on my laptop I get a no bootable device, hit any key prompt. There are no options in the boot manager. I am able to get into the BIOS by pressing the f2 key I think but I really have no idea what to do from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated,


A:Packard Bell Easynote TE No bootable device

Sounds as though your hard drive has went bad.. Once you get into bios see if it is reporting your hard drive. If not the its rather safe to say . Your hard drive is bad.
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Hi everybody! I'm using the PB EasyNote TE. I've installed Win7 x64, everything is fine but my touchpads vertical scroll doesn't work. I've tried different drivers, from PB support site and from Synaptics. But it still not working. In Synaptics software I have settings only form TouchPad buttons not for scrolls or for multitouch. Can somebody help me to resole this problem?
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Hi. I got a new packard bell easyNote ENTG71BM notebook. This one has 2 gb ram and windows 8.1 so ram is not enough. Can I remove the backcase and install another 2 gb ram? Is there a empty slot available?

Go to Solution.

A:Packard Bell EasyNote ENTG71BM Ram Upgrade

First delete your picture (full S/N and SNID stated). The PB ENTG71BM (Windows 8.1-64 bit) owns the same motherboards as the Acer Aspire ES1-512.Your laptop supports up to 8Gb - DDR3L - 1600MHz (1x8Gb). 1- The original memory modules are:Spoiler (Highlight to read)KN.2GB07.015SODIMM.2GB.DDR3L.1600.KINGSTONKN.4GB0B.029SODIMM.4GB.DDR3L-1600.SAMSUNGKN.4GB0G.029SODIMM.4GB.DDR3L-1600.HYNIXKN.8GB07.013SODIMM.8GB.DDR3L-1600.KINGSTONKN.2GB07.015SODIMM.2GB.DDR3L.1600.KINGSTONKN.4GB0B.029SODIMM.4GB.DDR3L-1600.SAMSUNGKN.4GB0G.029SODIMM.4GB.DDR3L-1600.HYNIXKN.8GB07.013SODIMM.8GB.DDR3L-1600.KINGSTON2- The compatible memory modules:Kingston
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I can r... Packard I ENTG71BM. Easynote How Laptop Bell apologize for my bad English and thank in advance Advise me please My basic data are Laptop Packard Bell Easynote ENTG BM OS Windows SL -bit Description of the problem I can Laptop Packard Bell Easynote ENTG71BM. How can I r... use the F -F keys only while pressing on the Fn key That is inconvenient I did not find the Function key behavior point in my UEFI so could not re-configure the F keys there But I have read somewhere in the Internet that one can change the behavior of the F keys using the Launch Manager application My machine came with the application installed v yet there is no that APP in Start Menu so I am not able to launch it and manage those keys Tech support said it was necessary to reestablish OS Windows for this purpose still I am not sure it would help Questions How could I configutate F -F keys in such way that to use them without pressing on the Fn key Should I use Launch Manager for it or do it in another way Igor Smetanin

A:Laptop Packard Bell Easynote ENTG71BM. How can I r...

have you tried to search Launch manager pressingwindows key logo + sthen typeacer launch manager if it appears, double click it and see if it appears, if not, check for any icon on the notification bar, near clock and date.
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Hi. I got a new packard bell easyNote ENTG71BM notebook. This one has 2 gb ram and windows 8.1 so ram is not enough. Can I remove the backcase and install another 2 gb ram? Is there a empty slot available?

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A:Packard Bell EasyNote ENTG71BM Ram Upgrade

First delete your picture (full S/N and SNID stated). The PB ENTG71BM (Windows 8.1-64 bit) owns the same motherboards as the Acer Aspire ES1-512.Your laptop supports up to 8Gb - DDR3L - 1600MHz (1x8Gb). 1- The original memory modules are:Spoiler (Highlight to read)KN.2GB07.015SODIMM.2GB.DDR3L.1600.KINGSTONKN.4GB0B.029SODIMM.4GB.DDR3L-1600.SAMSUNGKN.4GB0G.029SODIMM.4GB.DDR3L-1600.HYNIXKN.8GB07.013SODIMM.8GB.DDR3L-1600.KINGSTONKN.2GB07.015SODIMM.2GB.DDR3L.1600.KINGSTONKN.4GB0B.029SODIMM.4GB.DDR3L-1600.SAMSUNGKN.4GB0G.029SODIMM.4GB.DDR3L-1600.HYNIXKN.8GB07.013SODIMM.8GB.DDR3L-1600.KINGSTON2- The compatible memory modules:Kingston
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hi dont know if anyone can help i have a mesage on startup of my laptop. it sometime has intermitant startup problems. thanks Richie


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Hello i have a packard bell easynote S4 laptop and last night the
screen started flickering, (like darker and lighter) it's doing it now as i write this, i left it on overnight, but this morning it had gone very dark, although i could just still see the pages on the internet i left on overnight.
I restarted the laptop and it comes on ok as normal but still getting the flicker effect, could this be a backlight problem, or an
inverter, i've not added any new software, i disconnnected the inverter and re-connected, but still flickers, can anyone give me any advice. if it's backlight or inverter i can fit them myself, trouble is i cannot find any on the internet or ebay for the easynote s4
now it's gone dark again and having to shine a torch on screen to write this p.s. message

A:Packard Bell EasyNote s4 laptop screen flicker

You will likely need to replace the inverter on that model... they burn out way too quickly....
First, find the inverter model to buy... or disassemble the laptop to get to the screen. You will find the inverter behind the screen at the bottom. It is held in by clamps that are held by two screws.. but the inverter itself, simply unplugs. Read the model information off the old inverter, then find a better one.
If you plan on doing it yourself, it can take three hours for the first one.
The major difficulty is doing the job without causing cosmetic damage to the sides and top of your screen.
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I have an 32 bit Packard Bell EasyNote MZ35 (see attachement) and according my device manager everything is well installed.

But my resolution is not ok, so looks like a problem with the chipset driver. Can someone help me find the chipset driver as I cannot find it on the packard bell site. My model number isnt?t there?

A:Packard Bell EasyNote MZ35 chipset driver?

It will be your Graphics driver you need to update not chipset.
Try from device manager, i cant find that lappy either.

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First post for me as a new member My wife has a Packard Bell Laptop running WinXP with Service Pack The laptop effectively WinXP running easynote Bell SP2 slow Packard seems to run permenantly slow when selecting progs to run and internet access etc I have WinXP SP2 Packard Bell easynote running slow tried various things - checked the task manager and CPU etc - there is little to no real drain on resources - cleared cookies cache etc - run virus checks and adaware etc - looked to see if any progs were resource greedy - nothing that I can WinXP SP2 Packard Bell easynote running slow see I did find one thing that may be of interest to others Packard Bell uses an IE style frontpage end when selecting outlook express to view the mailbox and to collect mail from her NTL account I didn t think this was relevant until attempting to remove a prog at start-up msconfig on my wife s computer because she didn t use it - MSN Messenger - that I found it stopped outlook express from connecting to the mailbox account Error messages came up the IP address or something couldn t connect to it I tried put MSN messenger back in the start-up but it seems to permanently break the link with the other progs - the error messages continued I went through System Restore to the previous day and restored settings that way The computer is back online for picking up emails but running SLOW still continues It was not that way when we bought it so we are blaming oursleves but we don t know what are blame is and how to solve it Apologies for the long post but thought if I mentioned what I have done it may help anyone who might have answer Grateful for any suggestions if nothing else Thanks nbsp

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Just completely reinstalled XP on my laptop, and I am now without wireless.

I have installed the wireless drivers from the packard bell website and have had no luck, i am still wireless-less.
Can anybody help?

Edit- I have searched on the forums and only found one issue which was not solved
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My Packard bell easynote tx86 is activated according to all the menus I follow but when I do a sound check with skype I am told that I need to turn the settings on on the computer. Any ideas anyone of how I can get the microphone going?

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Hi I'm new to this so I hope I'm posting on the write page I have a Packard Bell Easynote TM with windows 7. The problem I have is the touchpad is completely frozen and I'm having to use a usb mouse of my pc to use the laptop, which is annoying the kids because they can no longer use the pc so I have a dilemma with kids and laptop, please help

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The mouse moves around fine but i can't click on anything, i have to use a mouse, it's really annoying, can someone help me please? :(

A:The trackpad on my Packard Bell EasyNote wont click!

Unless it's a hardware issue (ie the touchpad buttons are actually broken) re-installing the touchpad driver may fix the problem. For UK Easynote laptop models you can download that from here: Support Download

As there are several different Easynote models you will need to know the specific model number.
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hi there my laptop does not detect my dvd drive was working till one day i did a system restore and ever since has not been able to detect . i have tried many option microsoft and stuff to no avail i have tried looking on this site hope yous can help thanks. ill load few pics up of my device manger.

it does not detect on start up in bios (no option in boot priority)
its not in device manger either

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I want to upgrade my laptop's DDR3 Memory from 4 GB to 8 GB. Does anybody have any experience with that? What kind of RAM chips can I use, how many slots does my laptop have? Any known problems?


Packard Bell EasyNote TS11-HR-203GE (LX.BRH02.016)
Core i7-2630QM 4x 2.00GHz
4096MB DDR3 Memory
NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 1024MB
3x USB (2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0)/Gb LAN/WLAN 802.11bgn
Webcam (1.3 Megapixel)
5in1 Card Reader
15.6" WXGA glare LED TFT (1366x768)

A:Modding Packard Bell EasyNote TS11-HR-203GE

It has 2 slots, 4GB max per slot. Just get laptop DDR3 RAM.

Here is a link. You certainly don't have to buy from them (although they are well respected), that link will give you all the details you need on what the RAM specs that will work are.
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Hi everyone first time posting here just need a bit of advice at the minute I charger Laptop Easynote Packard for TN36_440_UK ? Bell have had my laptop for about year and a half now and my first charger broke about months ago to which I bought a charger off of Amazon UK which I have never been totally happy with as I don t think the pin in the charger went well with the laptop and could only charge on a certain angle Anyway i think that has broke as i cannot get it to charge when i got home today but I m just abit worried as it just stopped working suddenly im Laptop charger for Packard Bell Easynote TN36_440_UK ? feeling abit anxious about it as im worried that the stuff inside it to do with charging has broke inside it if you get what I mean But anyway it cant be the stuff inside it can it If not can anyone reccomend a good charger for my laptop on a site like Amazon UK or play Laptop charger for Packard Bell Easynote TN36_440_UK ? com or somewhere preferably under Thanks for the help if this is all worded wrong just ask if you need more info thanks nbsp

A:Laptop charger for Packard Bell Easynote TN36_440_UK ?

It never pays in the long run to buy a cheap AC Adapter which is not directly equivalent to the original factory item, and 20 is definitely bargain basement for that item!. Cheap copies aren't made to the same standard, they may get too hot, generally have a short life, and have been known to damage the laptop.

The original equipment replacement AC Adapter for the TN36 is here:

It costs more than twice as much as that cheap "knock off" you bought, but it's the only one I would recommend and the only place I'd get one from if I needed a new battery for a Packard Bell laptop. I wouldn't trust a cheap copy.
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The built-in webcam in my laptop is no longer working and on Skype I'm receiving a message that there is no webcam detected. The laptop is only about a month old and I'm not aware of anything that would have affected it in that time.

This is a Packard Bell Easynote TK87, on Windows 7 OS. I checked Device Manager but don't see any 'Imaging Devices' listed there, and tried looking for the drivers on the Packard Bell site but couldn't see any listed for the webcam (maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing?). Any help would be appreciated.

A:Integral webcam not found - Packard Bell Easynote

Hello and welcome to TSG!!

With this being so new, your best bet might be to try to engage P-B's Tech Support. They would know their system best. If this route fails, I'm sure someone here could help, but Tech Support *should* be the experts. This may be a common issue that they are aware of and have a simple solution for.

It may be something simple, like the power management turning it off, or something Have you power-cycled it while connected to AC power?
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Recently i acquired a Packard Bell R1000 with the Atheros AR5005GS wireless network adapter

However, after installing drivers for the network adapter, it does not work. The Atheros Troubleshooter says that the radio is disabled.

So i tried pressing the Fn + F1 which is supposed to enable the radio. Nothing happened. Tried holding it down. Still nothing.

I'm sure there must be another switch on the laptop., but I cant find it.

Do any of you guys know how to fix this and enable the radio?

ps: What the hell is a radio doing on a computer?, I'm assuming radio refers to the wifi antenna. Maybe the antenna is not properly plugged in?

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Can anybody tell me the process or outline a tutorial for downgrading my operating system from Windows 8 to Windows 7 on my Packard Bell TS13 EasyNote Laptop. I have the recovery discs from when I first purchased the computer, but not really sure how to actually do the downgrade.


A:Packard Bell TS13 Easynote Windows 8 Downgrade

This PC was purchased with Windows 7 pre-installed and you have a set of Recovery DVDs? If so ...

Just boot to the first DVD and you should be able to "recover to factory defaults." You could also check on Packard Bell's web site or in documentation you may have received with the PC for specific instructions.
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I made another post about this but it was getting a bit confusing. Basically this is what happens whenever my laptop reaches the vista welcome screen. It started doing it a week or so ago, then seemed to fix itself for a while but now it's doing it every single time. Is the card done for?

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Hi everyone I hope someone can help cause this is doing my nut in and I am about to throw in the towel My nanny was given a laptop there a while back to mess around on and what not However the wireless seemed to not work on it either by the time she got Bell Packard on EasyNote manufactures drivers....not mv35-v-007 page! it or before I thought it might Packard Bell EasyNote mv35-v-007 drivers....not on manufactures page! be something that might be a quick fix and gave it a quick once over Couldn t fix it by having a look in the properties or Packard Bell EasyNote mv35-v-007 drivers....not on manufactures page! making sure the wireless was actually on Packard Bell EasyNote mv35-v-007 drivers....not on manufactures page! etc on the laptop So I said I would take it home wipe it and reinstall windows xp I did this for two reasons it was slow from the previous owners and thought if something had gone wrong in software a clean start might be a good idea Once xp was installed again I went to the Packard Bell site to look up the model number download the drivers and give it back This has been the usual process for me that happened when I did this for myself friends etc However can t seem to find the driver for this model at all I duno if it is known as another name but when I type in the model number I get a pic of the laptop that I am trying to fix I just can not seem to find the drivers anyway I have given it the guts of a day looking for it I will find the odd site that seems to have it but then goes to say ya can only download one file a day or some I found a forum post where a guy had a similar problem with a the exact same model of notebook http forums techguy org networking -solved-wireless-laptop html The links to packard bell site are obsolete as it looks like their hierarchy of files have been changed or generally just a site upgrade So whatever help was given in that post is hard to follow as I cant find the files But you gradually see that the guy solves his problems by installing all the drivers and then changing some settings in order to get the wireless working which he doesn t detail which I find odd So basically would or could anyone help me try find the drivers for this model of laptop Much appreciated if you could Thanks nbsp

A:Packard Bell EasyNote mv35-v-007 drivers....not on manufactures page!
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my pb easynote is in an infinite loop on startup repair the repair has been running for 2 days and nothing at all has happened i only get 2 options at start screen....start repair mode (recommended), and start windows normally, please can anyone help with this i have been reading hundreds of pages and cannot seem to find anything that is even an option. am seconds away from launchin the "bleeping" thing from the highest window in the house...please help lol

A:packard bell easynote tk infinite loop on startup repair

All launches of misbehaving computers has been cancelled for the next 24 hours due to bad weather.!!!
If you have the installation CD and can boot from that run the startup repair utility.
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I have a packard bell easynote te laptop on windows 8 64 bit and whenever i restart it I get an error message saying driver power state failure, your computer has encountered an error and has to restart. Thanks if anyone can help
Packard Bell EasyNote TE Laptop - (Intel Celeron B830 1.8GHz, 8GB RAM, Windows 8 64-bit)

A:Packard bell easynote Driver power state failure

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis:

For starters:

At work we start all repairs with a set of diagnostics. Often they find problems that weren't even expected. It's a waste of time to try to fix software on a system that has hardware problems.
Please try these free diagnostics for starters: Initial Hardware Diagnostics
Also, please ensure that you have ALL available Windows Updates (it may take several trips to get them all).
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i have got a packard bell easynote SJ51.It wont do a fresh install of windows 7 keep getting blue screen after install and with first start up ,not the hdd because i have tried 3 different hdd and was able to install windows 7 on one of these drives using a different laptop but it wouldnt start up as normal,looks to do a recovery and recovery hasn't worked.It used to have windows vista on it from default

AMD Turion 64x2
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I have a Packard Bell Easy Note, that has given me no major problems except for the upper kypad. It used to work well, but when I installed Windows 7 on it, it stopped working. The lights still react to digital stimulations, but it does not affect the functions of the system. The upper touchpad consists of 7 buttons and one volume adjust bar sensible to digital touch: Lock; Unuse; Silence; Volume Bar; WiFi antenna; Battery Energy; Cable Energy; and Bluetooth. I can activate them from the system, but no longer from the pad. Some one help me!
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I am fixing a Packard Bell 133MHZ, 16 MB RAM, 1 GB HDD. It used to work at the house, but now I took it to the office and now it boots to CD ROM installed and does a quick double POST beep. It has a Phoenix BIOS chip. Any help would be great. Thanks

A:Packard Bell won't boot

could be your cmos battery
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I m using EasyNote Tj65 model...last night i break the partition using Computer Management>shirnk Volume and i install Fedora on that partion....Notice that i have genunine windows7 and burn the recovery in disk...Now problem is when pc boot is shows two option Fedora or Other....when i choose other it directly goes to Packerd Bell Recovery window....when recover with recorey CD and reboot...After reboot when choose other again it goes to recovery management....Fedora is how can i retrieve my windwos 7??? I want dual boot smooth...Any help plssssssssss

A:Dual boot in Packard bell


Have you tried a Startup Repair?
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PACKARD BELL EASY NOTE M LAPTOP GB HD GB RAM O S WINDOWS VISTA HOME PRE LOADED Working on Computer yesterday there was a Power Failure however as I was working on dual Battery and AC Mains Supply I carried on and finished my task before closing down the Computer Normally Have not downloaded any strange files and apart from my E-Mails there is little possibility of a Virus Infection as Windows Security AV and Malkware is running full time Or should say Packard not bell m36 will laptop boot it was before PC gave up Today went to turn on the Computer and nothing happened in terms of there was no POST Indication and Windows Vista did not boot up The Screen remained Black indeed the Screen did not Packard bell m36 laptop will not boot show any light at all Have checked the AC Mains to DC Power Supply thats Packard bell m36 laptop will not boot showing V DC and V AC When the Computer is switchecd on I can observe the Power Light is on and then for perhaps seconds the Hard Disk Light comes on and then goes out Have tried restarting pressing F or F to get into the BIOS that did not work Have tried the recovers Console start up and pressing F that also did not work apart from the same lights as trying a normal start up A CD was inserted in the DVD CD rewriter it whirred into action and I could hear the Disk Running inside and I subsequently ejected that when nothing could be observed on the Display I have two Packard Bell DVD Master Disks for Recovery tried inserting one but again no POST no sign of any Boot Up so I ejected the Disk Grateful for any Technical Input that will get my PC up and running again Thank You Znord nbsp

A:Packard bell m36 laptop will not boot

Further to the above technical query,the following has been carried out:-

The Hard Disk drive was removed and inserted in a freezer compartment for 1 hour suitably wrapped up of course.

When reinserted after 1 hour and the computer started to boot the hard drive indicator light remained on for 2 - 3 minutes and went out again with still no display on the screen.

One of the memory sticks was removed and the computer started up, commenced to boot but no display on screen but hard disk indicator light lit and remained lit as if it is indicating something is happening on the hard disk, left running to see if any display will come up.

Anyone got any hints or pointers as to which avenues to now persue?

Thank You

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My PB Ixtreme x8540 refuses to boot in any way. The fans come on but no video, beeps from from the m/b or any lights on the keyboard. I have tried another compatible PSU, removed all the USB devices, tried with PS2 kb and mouse and another monitor but with no success. Plugging a USB memory stick into any USB socket causes the stick to light up momentarily so power is getting to the sockets. On power up you can hear the hard drive operating and the fan on the video card is working. Before I start replacing expensive components such as the video card, could it be that the m/b or chip are fried? The PC is only 3 years old and has always worked well. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hi A friend has a packard Bell Packard Boot Slow Bell bit utow-sun with Windows Xp He was unable to boot the PC and asked me to take a look He downloads several games from the Internet and i guess he got some infections His Anti-Virus expired long ago He doesn't have a XP disc After trying everything i know i Packard Bell Slow Boot suggested i install my old XP disc on his Computer I could get as far as the boot screen and that was it so i changed the boot mode to cd drive Formatting the drive took six hours so i thought the Hard drive may not be any good After it installed it took about minutes to boot up I updated all the drivers and all Microsoft updates were successful up to SP and newer The slow boot still remains After two Minutes a bar appears at the bottom of the screen and slowly loads This takes another eight Minutes to finnish and Windows starts I Googled the problem and several comments state in the Bios theres a part where you can skip memory checks and click fast boot I cant see this option anywhere in the Bios The only software i have installed is a driver checker and Anti-Virus so theres no Programs slowing it down I got a message to validate the xp to see if its genuine and it passed so i know the XP CD is ok When its running its as fast as i would expect it to be On a couple of occasions the date and times were wrong after booting and i have changed the battery This still happens now and then so perhaps its only good for scrap If anyone can help i would be graeful Thanks

A:Packard Bell Slow Boot


On a couple of occasions the date and times were wrong..... i have changed the battery.

The Date and Time being wrong are caused by the CMOS battery needing to be changed. since you have done that, that would not be the problem. You may have a failing Power Supply Unit.
As for the Slow Boot and the 6 hour format, this would be an old HDD that is on it's last legs.
Shut down the computer, clean out all the dust and blow out the fans with a can of compressed air. Look at the label for the PSU, and report the Make, Model# and Wattage.
Download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature, burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. Boot off of the newly created CD and run the short and long tests on the HDD. If either test fails the HDD needs to be replaced.
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got a packard bell tried to turn off the boot password in setup, typed my old password then under new password all i did was hit enter, and under confirm password all i hit was enter. now when you turn on the computer it asks for a password but nothing wil work. using any password don't work or just hitting enter won't work. someone told me that you could use a jumper on the motherboard to bypass this but do not know where to place the jumper. need help quickly..

A:boot password for packard bell

You'll need to ground yourself after unplugging and removing the case by touching the power supply to be safe against Eloctro-static Discharge (ESD), don't want to zap your mainboard, then remove the CMOS button battery for 5 minutes. Replace the battery and try again.

Some computers have a optional Bios reset jumper and procedure, consult the usders manual for your computer. But removing the battery always works. Just don't zap the inside of your computer, hold your feet still and ground yourself each time after moving your feet.
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I am trying to fix a friends pc. I need to boot into safe mode as there is a password to get into the user account and he doesn't know it. the problem is I can't get it to boot safe mode.

I have tried hitting F8 at start up, but it just gives me a screen asking me to select the first boot device, and no matter what I choose, it just boots up normally.

Anyone got any ideas?


A:can't boot safe mode on packard bell pc

when you select the first boot device virtually start tapping f8 at the same time,my system is the same and i have one finger on each key or you miss the entry point,if you are the minutest second late with the f8
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The problem im Bell stuck Packard Screen Up PC at Boot about to explain occured yesterday Ok first off my PC is a stationary Packard PC stuck at Packard Bell Boot Up Screen Bell AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor Ghz with GB RAM OS is Windows Vista bit Home Premium Service Pack installed The PC itself is PC stuck at Packard Bell Boot Up Screen about years old if I remember correctly Anyway so I installed this programme Xport an xbox HDD programme which allows you to go inside of it and in order to use it I had to deactivate UAC and ofc I had to reboot the PC in order for it to work However when I went to reboot the PC got stuck at the lovely Packard Bell Boot Up screen where you get several option to acces BIOS or BOOT etc The PC just got stuck there not freezing or anything just stopped loading so I decided to restart it switching the power off and I think I did this about times on the fifth try I decided to try and enter the BOOT but nothing happened tried to enter BIOS and nothing happened not a single sound from the pc as if it was dead I became frustrated and spammed f several times and ctrl alt delete dont ask me why but after about min the boot loaded and I got the HDD CD-ROM Boot up option so I went with the HDD The screen went black after that and after a few ctrl alt deletes the PC got to the sign in screen on vista and everything was perfect once the PC was logged in on my account However I have to repeat this everytime I want to turn on my PC So im wondering what the problem is should I buy a new PC or is it possible to fix this
Relevancy 84.71%

Hi all A friend has brought there computer round to me because when ever you turn it on it beeps a few times and then does nothing I boot wont Bell Beeping and Packard have checked that all the internal connections are secure and removed a lot of dust from the machine I have only plugged in the power and the screen to the pc to limit what might be causing the beeps The beeps consist of long beep and then short beeps I think the long beep is about or seconds and the short beeps are less than second I have attached a recording of the beeps because i might be hearing them wrong The owner of the computer says that the computer has been doing this on and off for a while now and normally turning off the power and turning it back on sorts the problem but now it does not work I removed the ram and it still beeped so i put stick in at a time in to different slots but it did not help All advice would be great Thank you for your help nbsp

Relevancy 84.71%

Hi all,

I have my inlaws Packard Bell Easynote E2560 which from the sounds of it has a virus. It had various graphic material appear and the switched off. However now it wont switch on and boot up to Windows XP.

Tried F2 which gives BIOS but no Safemode and tried F12 which gives Boot options. No idea if they had a recovery disk and looking for guidance to either find a download for recovery or how to boot into safemode. Where I can log it onto the internet and download a Virus scanner.

Any ideas on this one.

I just have a flashing cursor and nothing else
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When i switch on the notebook there is a bluescreen with an error telling me that the computer is unable to boot. The error i recieve is 0x0000007B (0Xf8950528, 0Xf0000034, 0X00000000, 0X0000000). I have surfed the internet and found that the problem is that there is a innaccessible disk drive. That could either mean virus infection, disk driver error or disk malfunction. So i conluded to the fact that the disk drive should be replaced. I installed a new samsung hdd. When i insert a windows installation CD into the disk drive and configure the first boot priority to be the cd rom. I recieve the error when the computer opens up that No Bootable CD In Atapi Cd rom. Does anyone have any ideas? Help please!

Information about the Notebook can be found in:

A:Cannot Boot and Format Packard Bell M7305

What version of windows are you using? znd are you certain that the windows disk you have is bootable?
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Hi I am currently reformatting my computer after a big virus has fully barred me out of the computer.

The problem is my Packard Bell IMedia 5094.

there is a packard bell website with legacy drivers although I need to find a Boot CD so that I can re-install XP SP2 Home onto it.

I have already noted down my windows product key and ID and my office product key and ID.

does anyone know where i can find them?

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Hi everyone I m new here Signed up thanks to my dysfunctional three year old Packard screens boot! won?t + Bell Packard iXtreme HELP: blue Bell iXtreme computer I really hope HELP: Packard Bell iXtreme won?t boot! + blue screens one of you can help although more than one of you would be great too I m going to list the problems I have HELP: Packard Bell iXtreme won?t boot! + blue screens had with it and include the spec at the bottom In terms of experience I m not very computer savvy and when I got the black and blue screens I didn t know what to do so Ididn t follow their instruction Also I wouldn t really like to open the thing up but would probably do so if required after a lot of deliberation CurrentProblem From March the computer hasn t been able to boot When I press the tower s on button the electricity kicks in straight away it beeps once the LCD screen stays on standby and al lthe lights in the keyboard light up Then the situation just hangs The toweris still running but there is nothing I don t even get an option to do system restore or view the BIOS I am waiting for recovery disks in the post but I know the machine also has a recovery partition which I can t access due to the BIOS not loading I imagine Black and Blue Screens Jan March the slide into oblivion st error message black screen early Jan quot windows failed to start File is possibly corrupt Its header Checksum does not match the computed Checksum quot see attached photo I did a system restore Everything was working again Mid Jan started receiving blue screens quot DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE quot plus long error codes see attached photo I restarted the computer and did asystem restore This worked but the computer got progressively slower and more unstable Up until mid Feb computer had a number of problems I kept getting the DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE message it would freeze for half an hour at a time at a click of the mouse whole system I would then restart and use system restore on many occasions The CPU memory usage would just spike around these freezes I had Norton alerts and everything would grind to a halt so I tried defragging the computer disk cleanup and virus scans with Norton but the problem persisted I was doing system restores often At times I had to manually restart the computer several times just to get a system restore screen as the quot Checksum quot message would loop everytime I pressed there start button and also sometimes another message I didn t write down like quot boot quot and some other letters Possible contributory factors Moved house months prior to probs comp survived ordeal by boat and van for a few days atthe hands of Spanish removal men The computer was working fine straight afterand for three months or so however Wouldn t wake up from sleep frequently Would have to unplug then restart to get it working SPECIFICATIONS Ixtreme X UK Intel Core Quad Q Processor GB DDR GB SATA Hard Disk GB allocated for recovery system nVidia GeForce GT MB to MB HDMI DVD RW R Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP updated to SP online I think Microsoft Office Norton Internet security I contacted PackardBell who just said it sounds like a hardware problem but didn t help any further than that Could anyone recommend me a solution to this problem I would be very grateful for some advice I hope that my computer isn t ready to go to silicon heaven yet Many thanks Jules

A:HELP: Packard Bell iXtreme wont boot! + blue screens

Sorry for the delay in responding, there's not a whole lot of people who do this sort of thing.

Please provide this info: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

While waiting for a reply, please start with these free, bootable hardware diagnostics: Initial Hardware Diagnostics . If you finish them, move onto the free diagnostics here: Additional Hardware Diagnostics
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Hi, I have just cleaned a whole load of dust from my PB computer, removing the processor fan carefully to clean it, and replaced just as conscientiously. After that, I upgraded my 2 x DDR2 512mb memory to 2 x DDR2 2gb, then slid the side back on and powered up. It then threw out two beeps then one continuous blare until I turned it off.

I switched back to the original RAM, but the same thing happens. Is this to do with the possibility that this machine can only take a certain amount of RAM? Or could I have maybe damaged something in the computer whilst cleaning (with canned air), despite my extreme care? Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Packard Bell Imedia 1559 failing to boot

Did you clean the old Thermal paste off the Processor and the Heatsink, then really fresh Thermal Compound when you put it back on?
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Hi i have a Packard bell easynote mb88 limited edition and i have reformated my laptop so many times and i keep getting blue screen i can not move my laptop because i get it and after about 10 mins i get it i cant do anything on my laptop

pleeaseeee help .....


A:Packard bell problem

You need to get the dump files and post em up.... Follow theses instructtions :Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

But as you've reformated many times i believe its hardware.

D/l and burn a boot cd of memtest86+ Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool It'll test the ram for errors, which is a very likely cause of your bsod
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I have an old Packard Bell which was a second hand computer it had Win and some other stuff on it when I problem!!!!! Old Packard Bell, got it I was able to install some of my games from a CD and was able to play on it While we were gone for a few days it appears that someone had messed with it It looked as if someone had tried to install a AOL CD it couldn t install because the old computer doesn t have a modem or phone line That information has disappeared anyway I can t find it again Now when I try to start it opens with PHOENIX BIOS version AGOURA release CPU Pentium Mhz K RAM Passed System BIOS shadowed Video BIOS shadowed Fixed Disk Conner peripherals MB - CFS A CD-ROM found Mouse initialized this thing blinks Press F to enter setup which I do and then I get Enter password Never had one but someone apparently has entered one and I have no idea what it is I don t have a WIN disk but tried my WIN and that won t work The floppy drive works The CD drive seems to be working What do I do now Is there a solution nbsp

A:Old Packard Bell, problem!!!!!

Waht you can do is remove the cmos battery for a while. Give it about a half hour on the older computers. That should clear the password and all the settings. What it sounds like is someone has either changed your boot sequence and removed the HDD from the boot sequence, or the OS is missing. Do you have a Bootable floppy you can insert before you start to see if it is recognize?
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amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp problem bell packard amp BlueScreen amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp packard bell problem amp BCCode a BCP D DCC BCP BCP BCP A D E OS Version Service packard bell problem Pack Product amp packard bell problem amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users atanaska AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml nbsp

A:packard bell problem

Сигнатура на проблем:BlueScreen
Име на проблемно събитие:

Signature of the problem: BlueScreen
Name of problem event

Версия на ОС: 6.1.7601.
ИД на езикова променлива: 1026

Version of the OS: 6.1.7601.
ID on ezikova promenliva: 1026

Допълнителна информация за проблема:

Additional information about the problem:

BCCode: a
BCP1: 4D769DCC
BCP2: 00000002
BCP3: 00000001
BCP4: 82A1D71E
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Файлове, които помагат проблемът да бъде описан:

Files that help to describe the problem:

C:\Users\atanaska\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-28828-0.sysdata.xmlClick to expand...

Welcome yancho086 to TSG. Please go to C:\Windows\Minidump compress with Winzip or Winrar and upload the files in there. Click and then To upload the files. Sorry! Just having a little fun with images.
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I have an ancient Packard Bell PC which has developed a start up problem. It is stuck in a loop of trying to boot then telling me that 'Windows did not start successfully' and to chose an option.

It doesn't matter which option I chose - safe mode, safemode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, last known good configuration or just let it count down to resart itself it just goes into a loop or restarting.

I do have the original (floppy!) recovery disc if I could only find out how to break the cycle to use it!

Any help gratefully received



A:Start up problem - XP Packard Bell

Enter the BIOS and boot from the Drive which has the Recovery.
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hi, my computer's hard disk broke down so I've just bought a new one. While I'm restoring my computer with my master dvd, there is an error with glue parts 5.
my serial number is 633901200233
my part number is pb51m00526
I don't know what should I do
Please help me...

A:packard bell recovery problem

"glue parts 5" I haven't any idea whatsoever what that is. Can you explain?
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Everything shows up in black until I roll my mouse over it and even then not everything appears, it just highlights it.

Before rolling my mouse over:
After rolling my mouse over:

Sometimes, it's white.

A:Packard Bell graphics problem

Just how old is this computer?
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I have a Packard Bell diamond 1200 plus scanner (using Windows XP).
On trying to use it I get the message "An error ocurred while setting scanner preferences"
Any ideas ?

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hi all, thanks for looking,
i have a packard bell easy note laptop that refuses to boot/start at all.
i was having problems anyway so i did a recovery/ formatt where it wiped off all software and restored it back to factory settings.via the start menu( cant remember which button!)
as these do not come with a recovery cd!
now when i press the start button i get the error recovery screen with safe mode etc
if i press anything i get the windows loading bar for about 3 seconds,screen flashes blue with some kind of message(which vanishes so fast you cant read it,very helpfull!) then turns off or restarts only for the same thing to happen,
please bear in mind that im really not to clever on the pc side so any help in pc thick /english please!
thanks for your time
ta gary

A:PACKARD BELL laptop just wont start/ boot !kidz r drivin me nuts!

Take the laptop to a repair center. They will sort it out for you... At minimum you will need an XP CD
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First sorry for my english!

I have a PB Easynote SB85. Initially with Vista, I decided to install Windows Seven. So I searched the pilot on the Packard Bell website. However, only the drivers for Vista are available. I installed some, but I have a problem with the driver of the graphics card (8600M GS), which gives me sometimes striated screens (see picture ). I also tried installing the driver from the Nvidia site, but I have the same problem. It happens after a certain time, rather random ...
Without the driver, I do not have that concern. I tried disabling Aero, using a theme of "basic" but without success. Without this driver in "device manager", my pc detects a "vga card"

Thank you for your help!

A:Problem Packard Bell SB85 with Seven & 8600M GS

Essayez d'installer le pilote vista en mode de compatibilit?
le lien
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Hi All I am new here and by the looks of it to pc s aswell My problem is I have a PB laptop C Spanish version with original Spanish xp AMD-M problem Reboot Bell C3300 Packard home installed when purchased I had English XP installed over or instead of the Spanish version paid some spiv to do it Now I want to restore to the original Spanish system I have the master boot discs no floppy when I try to reboot with disc after a while of installing stuff I get a red screen which tells me Invalid COMMAND COM Enter correct name of command interpreter eg C command com Also on the screen if it helps Image Name YAPIC H GHO Part Name WSA AB Destination WSE Packard Bell C3300 Reboot problem Path Q PARTS WSE AA XX Sourse drive Q Current folder volume in drive Q is RECOVERYMED Directory of Q PARTS WSE AB File not found bytes free Can anyone help or knows what to do or point me in the right direction please P S On the screen it states windows even with the Packard Bell C3300 Reboot problem xp boot Packard Bell C3300 Reboot problem disc in Regards
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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a Packard Bell Dot S2 from curry's, about 5months ago! I now have been experiencing many problems such as it crashing when loading, it sometimes displays a white text blue screen as well as white text and black screen many times, I have contacted customer support they told me to reset it by pressing f10 and hold on Alt but it not wworking also the other way isn't working via recovery management i need help can anyone help me please?

A:Problem with Packard Bell Dot S2 recovery management

Post the blue screen on the forum.

Check the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions thread near the top of this forum for instructions on how to do that.
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I have a Packard Bell GA-8SIMLNF Motherboard which is meant to have 256Mb or RAM but when you startup and check the RAM in the My Computer properties it only displays 192Mb and this is the same if you look in the BIOS also.

Anybody have any idea why this may be??


A:Problem with Packard Bell GA-8SIMLNF Motherboard

The motherboard likely has integrated video, right? In which case 64MB of RAM is allocated to the integrated video. You may be able to reduce that amount in the BIOS but if its slow and you are looking to improve its performance then you likely want to add more RAM.
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Hi Everyone

I poweron after 2 week my netbook Packard Bell DOTS and he says "No Found Boot Device" i enter in bios and in "System Information" the bios not detect the hard drive.

I plug off the hard drive of the netbook and i plug-in a other hard drive but the results it's not change.

So i Visit the site of packardbell and download latest version of bios and i flash it !!

I put in the original hard drive hitachi 250GB in a Netbook and poweon but is not change again.

So what can i do??


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hi there,

i dont have sound on my packard bell SJ51 and i follow this instrutions
but doesnt work for me, also i dont have any yellow signs on device manager window.
all drivers instaled and running except audio.
also doesnt apear the som icon on the start/task bar (next to the clock).

OS: Windows XP SP3
P/N: PB96F04510

sorry for my rusty english.

thx in adv,

A:packard bell SJ51 audio problem

Go to the Packard Bell site: Choose your country | Packard Bell
Choose your country, Choose Download center, find your model # and download the Audio driver for your model.
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Hi all I have a PB iMedia pc that will NOT power up I have read alot of other posts ref this prob and come to the conclusion PB pcs stink haha however I have also tried all manner of tests up ! problem Packard imedia Bell 2215 power for Packard Bell imedia 2215 power up problem ! the PSU and come to the result that the PSU must be ok because when I disconnected the CPU power lead then switched on the PC remained on would this be correct The amount of data etc on the PC is very important and I need to find a quick fix for this prob and as cheap as possible as I am looking to upgrade to another PC soon but have not backed up the data stored on the PB yet My question is also should I replace the Motherboard or just the CPU etc The CPU fan is running fine but when I try to power up with the CPU power jack plugged into MB then the pc switches off after seconds any help amp advice would be much appreciated Asgard nbsp

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hi ya guys gals basically i brought this laptop from a friend to give to my wife as a work laptop to help her Bell Problem MZ35-u005 T2060 Packard with Everything on it was working fine well as good as it can be and then the other afternoon Problem with Packard Bell MZ35-u005 T2060 i came to use it A black screen come up with the option to start windows normally or windows repair I selected start windows normally as i didn t believe there was anything wrong with the computer and it began to start up I have the windows moving slidebar come up on the screen showing somthing is happening with microsoft corp logo underneath Then the hard drive light stops flashing and the fan stops spinning but the power light stays on Nothing more happens just this moving slider on the screen Iv e tried going into safe mode and many various things but the same screen comes up I thought it was maybe the hard drive needing formatting so i removed it and placed it in my laptop but it works fine and no problems I have used a utility program to test memory and hdd but its all fine i then ran a recovery dvd and the same thing happened with the slidebar and hdd shutdown so i then formatted the hdd and loaded xp onto it it took a while and is very slow to use also wont shutdown without removing power so perhaps its not a hardware fault as such maybe a problem with the bios Does anyone know what the problem could be Any help would be appriciated I think its a new motherboard job but just wondering if anyone knew of anything else i could try the laptop is just over a year old Its a Packard Bell MZ -u T many thanks Si nbsp
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Hey guys My son s PB Packard 1408 startup problem Imedia Bell Imedia pc stopped working last week after he thought he had a trojan on his system after downloading it with some music To cut a long story short he tried to get rid of it by using Spyware Doctor at which point his system froze and then shut down Then he called for Dad s help dont they Packard Bell Imedia 1408 startup problem always once the horse had bolted Anyway now when you press the power on switch the power switch just flashes orange and the HDD light stays on There is a small beeping noise as the pc pulses but not the usual beep you normally get Inside the PC the fans are working but you can hear it struggle to get going as it is pulsing The PC can not boot I took out the Hard drive and checked it in my system and it appears good I have since formatted it as whatever trojan was on there seemed to be pretty nasty I have checked the CPU in my system and that works ok as does the RAM My only thought is that the motherboard is fried Are there viruses out there that can do that or is it something more innocuous that i am missing Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Packard Bell Imedia 1408 startup problem

Virus cannot hurt Hardware (well indirectly yes, like a "crash")

Sounds like a Power Supply fault
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This morning I was using my mum's notebook when several keys stopped working (O, W, R, T, U, ', C, V & BACKSPACE).
Although some keys work, they also jam when not being pressed (D & N). I have to hit another key to stop it and when I've not clicked a text box it makes the mouse freeze. I tried restarting and a Windows Diagnostic Memory Test was presented as an option upon start-up which I did, nothing was detected. Device manager shows the driver is working. I've tried cleaning. Help please. I am currently using On-Screen Keyboard.

A:Packard Bell notebook keyboard problem - certain keys not working.

Can you plug in an external keyboard? If an external keyboard works fine then it would indicate the laptop's keyboard is having a problem. Try searching ebay for a keyboard for it (make sure it's for the correct model). Laptop keyboards are extremely easy to replace.
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Hi guys I have a serious problem with my Packard Bell Easy Note V W Since a few days when I started the PC Windows would load then I recovery - running Bell ? my tool data Serious problem lost Packard after with would login and then the PC would freeze when loading the desktop etc I could see my desktop see the start menu etc But could not click on anything And the same Serious problem with my Packard Bell - data lost after running recovery tool ? situation would happen even with annother user So I tried different things First I wanted to restart in safe mode to run a chkdsk But when I tried starting safe mode it would just start the normal Windows So I saw on the Packard Bell docs that there was a recovery Serious problem with my Packard Bell - data lost after running recovery tool ? mode I could launch at startup by pressing F or F don t remember The doc mentionned that I would then be able to choose to backup my data and reinstall Windows I went ahead And then things got very wired After launching the tool told me no partition was found and that it was now creating one Ok Then I got a menu proposing me to backup my data and reinstall Windows Only problem this option was disabled radio button disabled The only option left was to restore at factory default Of course I didn t want to since I didn t want to loose my data Now what am I supposed to do When I restart the computer it automatically boots on the recovery partition I can t boot in any other mode I inserted a Windows Installation CD from annother computer tried running chkdsk but it only finds two partitions C MININT GB and annother one of GB My DD is GB in total I also used an Ultimate Boot CD to do a partition check and other utilities nothing would work I always find only the same two partitions How can I do to recover my usual Windows partition just to get my data back Did the recovery tool just erase it That would be incredible Of course when calling Packard Bell s hotline they tell me they cannot help me because they donc give support for PC s years and older Any help would be very appreciated Thanks Florian nbsp

A:Serious problem with my Packard Bell - data lost after running recovery tool ?

Hey there, Welcome to Tech Guy forums.

Personally I think the best way forward with this problem is to remove the hard drive out of your computer. If it is IDE (PATA) then you will have to switch the jumpers to make it a slave drive and install it into another working computer and attempt to recover your data off the drive. If it is a SATA drive then you will not have to set the jumpers and should be able to install the drive straight into another computer and be able to access it.

The drive will show up as the 2 partitions that you have mentioned and hopefully your data will be safe in one of those partitions. The other space that isn't accounted for I can only presume has been deleted and made ready to become a partition in which case you may need to use a data recovery program to get he files back or possibly send your hard drive to a professional company to get them to try and recover it for you.

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I would like to do a factory reset on my W 7 laptop, any ideas?
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I hope someone will be able to help me or point me in the right direction?

I have a friend's Packard Bell EasynNote R1938 that has a dead HDD - does anyone know the max size drive that I can replace it with? I can't find any info about the laptop/motherboard that helps at all. It was originally 80gb, a 120gb drive is cheaper....


A:Packard Bel EasyNote R1 HDD Size Limit?

If it can handle the 80GB drive,the controller is probably 24bit LBA,
so it should be fine with the 120.
It actually shows a 120GB drive option on the specs here.