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[SOLVED] Unwanted icon on my taskbar

Q: [SOLVED] Unwanted icon on my taskbar

I have an unwanted icon on my taskbar, and when I open it its an ad for anti-spyware, I cant get rid of it. I know this is probably spyware.
Any Help, or Advice

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Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Unwanted icon on my taskbar

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Unwanted icon on my taskbar

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Please read this sticky:

If you cannot complete any of the 5 steps for whatever reason, just continue on with the next one until they are all completed, and post your logs in The HJT Help Forum; where an Analyst will assist you. However, it is very important to make mention of any of the steps that you were not able to complete.

After you?ve posted your logs, please be patient, as the Security Team Analysts are very busy.
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Here again since I have the most weird problem ever which I have never seen nor heard of before. I recently upgraded the OS on a friends computer, from Vista to 7. However now I can't seem to get the onboard ethernet adapter to work, it can't be seen in device manager nor anywhere else. I have tried to reset the bios (by removing the cmos battery) and I have also checked that the network adapter is set to 'Enabled'. Also, when I connect the cable to the ethernet port no lights go on, it doesn't give any sort of hope what so ever. The cable is ok, the "modem" is ok, and everything else seems to be in order and yet it doesn't work.

Computer in question:
HP Pavilion 6530sc
Non-default GPU and added 1Gb RAM

A:Solved: Computer doesn't recognize the network adapter

Whenever you install a new OS, always take note of the model of core system hardware like GPU, chipset, and ethernet/wifi (there are a few others that aren't as important, but nice to have updated) since those are critical to your computers core functionality.

However, a quick google search of your model yielded me with your PC's system specs. Your PC contains a Realtek RTL8201N ethernet adapter. So far I am unable to find a driver from Realtek itself and the HP driver is not Realtek, but instead nVidia nForce.

So after a bit of searching, I came across this: it seems to me that you have an old chipset from nVidia. I am not completely sure, but I think you have an ION chipset. Try installing this ION chipset driver (64 bit) ==OR== this ION chipset driver (32 bit) and tell me if it works. It should include the necessary component drivers and if it works, it means you have an ION chipset like I suspected.

Here are the specifications for your PC BTW.
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Hi , since I reinstalled windows 7, am not seeing the wifi icon anymore , all I see is the ethernet icon with a red cross , even though am connected to a wifi, here is a screenshot , I've tried a lot of tips ,posted in alot of forums , but none helped , I have the network icon enabled on the Notification Area Icons , but still doesnt work, I hope u'll give me a solution here , am already tired of this thing , annoying .
Thanks in advance
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It started a few days ago. To my knowledge,I've made no changes to sound settings. No caution/exclamation marks in Device manager under sound.I've run full scans,clean. Rebooted & even shut it down completely. It does not happen ALL the time, just sporadically. Any ideas? TIA.
W7 Home Premium
Sound Cards
ATI High Definition Audio Device
Realtek High Definition Audio
Microsoft LifeCam Cinema.
Playback Devices
Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) (default)
Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Recording Devices
Microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Desktop Microphone (13- Cinema - Microsoft LifeCam.) (default)

A:Unwanted static/sound from speakers

Im guessing you may need a ground loop isolator (, but am not sure... What speakers are you using?
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I was bored the other night so I No output reassembling parts video good solved after -- decided to assemble some parts I had laying around into a working system It was late and I d had a couple beers so I wasn t at my best I had some trouble installing the Hyper but finally had it all together and wired up It seemed to boot up fine all fans spinning both drives spinning but no output to video I knew that all parts came from a working system tried another No video output after reassembling good parts -- solved monitor tried a video card cleared CMOS reseated RAM no video Took it all apart and examined the mobo looking for shorted spots and cracks nothing I could see was wrong Went to bed had nightmares about electromagnetic pulse weapons testing randomly destroying computers all over the world Got up determined to fix a computer that shouldn t be broken installed the CPU and Hyper No video output after reassembling good parts -- solved again noticed that this time it lined up the screws much easier and didn t press the heatsink as tightly - looked at the instruction illustration again and realized I had the X bracket on wrong before quot breadboarded quot it and the video works Put it all back in the case testing at each step to make sure it was still getting VGA output It works fine now The extra mechanical force applied by the X bracket being wrong was enough to stress the CPU or the mobo to the point of throttling the video output somehow So for all you others who had the same problem no video after re-assembling good parts which Googled up in the hundreds this is one thing you might check When installed properly most coolers will twist a couple of degrees without too much trouble If it s rigidly immobile like mine was last night with X bracket installed wrong then something s wrong The lesson learned here is don t drink and attempt to build a computer even if it s only beers in hours nbsp

A:No video output after reassembling good parts -- solved

I guess you could say...
The shlt hit the fan.
ok, terrible pun, I'm sorry.
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hi - i was just playing music on my dell latitude e4300 via bluetooth to a belkin bluetooth receiver connected to stereo.

somehow the connection got dropped - during a phone call on a land line. may be irrelevant.

now, i cannot get bluetooth connection back. there is no bluetooth icon in the system tray.

i cannot find 'bluetooth' devices in start>control panel> devices
--i have 2, and both ought to be there.

i unplugged bluetooth receiver, and had win 7 search for devices to add - no luck.

sure, i can reboot, and everything will probably come back.
but i am hoping for a better answer. i don't want to have to reboot every time the bluetooth connection gets lost.

i searched the web for a little, but only found unrelated posts, or posts with no answer. THANKS!

A:Bluetooth connection lost, icon gone from system tray, not in device manager

bluetooth light/icon on laptop, not screen is on; no bt

ok, i rebooted, thinking the bluetooth icon would again be in system tray, with the red in the middle, showing i have bluetooth capability, but that sound is not currently being directed to bluetooth.

no icon.

the dell laptop does have bluetooth icon illuminated on the laptop, just above the function keys - not on the screen at all / not in sys tray.

the bluetooth receiver is on, is working.

'add a device' is not finding this bt thingie.
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I wasn't able to connect through my wireless router to the internet on any of my wireless devices until I plugged in my wireless usb stick. I plugged it into one laptop, and now I can use both. Why would this happen? My mother has the same connectivity issue, and do you think I should try the same thing? It seems as though that every wireless connection that I come across has this problem lately. Every single one. I am confused, is it just me?

Renewing your IP address. For assistance, contact the person who manages your network. I used to get that error every time I tried to repair connection.

A:I have solved my limited connectivity and need some answers

I think the lack of responses here may be the result of everyone else being confused as well.

Try explaining that a little better, its not exactly clear what your problem is.
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So, my mom brought home this computer and I started it up, and it was brand new, like, operating system still not installed. So, I popped in the cd that was in a case that came with it [everything matching the system settings, etc.] and installed the operating system. So, I'm thinking: Huh, what luck! ...Wrong. I plugged in the Ethernet chord to connect it to the internet, and it's not even pulling up an LAN Icon. So, I go into Device Managers, and the Network Adapter is missing. So, I'm lost. Any of you smart people got any advice?

A:Ethernet plugged in, but LAN icon missing?

After you installed the operating system, did you install all of the drivers including the LAN driver?
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Hi, the laptop i own is an Acer Aspire with Windows 7 and i have had it for about a year now. At first my microphone was perfectly fine and about 6months ago i realized that when my internet pages were loading my microphone would automatically turn on. Also when i watch Youtube videos or other types of videos it also activates itself. Yes, I have tried to right click on the sound button and I have disabled my microphone. Sadly the problem is still there. I'm not sure what the problem could be when it says my microphone is disable but somehow it still activates when i watch videos or my internet pages are loading. Is there a way to fix this problem or a way to disable compleatly my microphone without disableing my Realtek Speakers?

A:Realtek microphone automatically enabled when unwanted

Do you have Windows Live Messenger installed?
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Hi My system already had an Nvidia GT Gcard installed and running for about years now Yesterday i got a BOOTMGR error and had to repait that file using the Windows Disc This involved using the onboard video chip of my motherboard Manufacturer BIOSTAR Group - Model GF -M TE Upon resolving the BOOTMGR issue i was unable to resuse my graphics card I have tried reinstalling drivers motherboard drivers resetting CMOS etc The trouble is when i try disabling the onboard chip through device manager it still will not switch to the issue (not solved card Graphics threads) by other any Gcard There is also only an Graphics card issue (not solved by any other threads) option in BIOS to set the onboard chip to ON or Auto ON I do not have the driver CD for the graphics card and gave been using the Nvidia site for them Also what appears to be odd is that the computer does not detect the Gcard at all and only the onboard chip even if i uninstall the drivers for it and disable it Any help would be great nbsp

A:Graphics card issue (not solved by any other threads)

I suggest a clean reinstall of the OS and drivers from scratch. Clean out your PC, re-seat all the components and continue with a fresh install of OS, drivers, etc.

If that doesn't work, then it's an issue with your card or the PCI-E slot on the motherboard.
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When I boot up my computer the USB "remove hardware" icon loads in the tray, even though there isn't a devise plug in the USB port. I'm usually able to get rid of the USB icon by going thru the procedure as if there was something plugged in.
I believe this started months ago when I was having problems with a MP3 player.
The USB port still works fine, as I use it for my camera and memory stick all the time.
Any ideas on how to remedy this problem?
Thanks for your help.

A:USB "Remove Hardware Icon" loads when I boot up

What happends when you click the remove hardware icon? Does it bring up any devices at all?
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hey y all- i had a for undervolted PS modem Problem solved: modem connectivity problem that had an easy answer and I thought I would post a note just to keep us all thinking creatively -- My computer DSL connection was iff-y then died I figured out that the power supply for the wire modem Problem solved: undervolted PS for modem was dead - I did this by Problem solved: undervolted PS for modem process-of-elimination and by don t try this at home sticking my tongue on the power tip of the power supply - at volts you should feel a little buzz - no buzz dead power supply So I head of to Radio Shack Go Lance They don t have a volt ps They do have a multi-power adapter that includes volt in the range of selectable voltage by a switch It costs more than a plain volt power adapter should but I want to read Techspot so I Problem solved: undervolted PS for modem pay the extra money for a multi-adapter rather than find one off the web and wait for shipping Multi-adapter had wrong polarity and this was not switchable so I had to cut and reverse the wiring don t try this at home unless you know what you are doing - wrong polarity will smoke and kill whatever low -voltage thingie yo uplug in including DSL modem Prob Solved Months later I get modem problems I think it is a wireless connectivity problem because whenever I try to hit the web by wireless the modem freaks out Somehow days later it occurs to me power could be wrong sure enough one of my preschoolers had somehow pushed the power adapter voltage slector switch from volt to volt -- so when the desktop and the laptop were both trying to pull data through the wire modem it was just enough power drain to make the modem shut off So if you have connectivity problems as always check the classic quot is it plugged in Is it turned on quot intervention first - check for a dead power adapter on your modem And if you have to improvise and use a multi-voltage power supply adapter you might want to glue or tape the voltage selector button in place nbsp

A:Problem solved: undervolted PS for modem

This is called "Common Sense" troubleshooting
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I Logitech stopped Left wireless working click mouse on (Solved) m creating this post just fyi should it help anyone else with this problem Here s what I Left click on Logitech wireless mouse stopped working (Solved) tried and at least in my case how i solved a quot mouse left click doesn t work quot problem I have a Logitech wireless laser mouse and use rechargeable AA batteries The other morning i powered on my computer as usual and tried using my Logitech Left click on Logitech wireless mouse stopped working (Solved) wireless mouse but left click didn t work although Left click on Logitech wireless mouse stopped working (Solved) rt click and mouse movement continued working just fine Things i first tried that didn t help gt Reinstalling Logitech Setpoint and mouse drivers gt Reinstalling Logitech USB transceiver firmware gt Pressing the quot reconnect quot button on the USB transceiver to reconnect transceiver to wireless mouse gt Changed the mouse batteries a couple times and also tried recently recharged batteries Then i had a hunch well it was really more of a last ditch hopeful guess - but it seems to have worked I removed the batteries and let the mouse sit overnight without any battery inside it When i put batteries back in the next morning the mouse has been working fine again ever since Go figure stickout nbsp

A:Left click on Logitech wireless mouse stopped working (Solved)

Good stuff there J. I don't know anything about wireless mice but i am wondering if it "reset" itself. Just a thought and a small one at that.
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So I'm typing this post right now on the afflicted computer, so it is obvious that I have internet access. Likewise, Network and Sharing Center shows an active connection.

Yet, the tray icon, it shows that I am not connected to any networks. This might be because of a disconnected network that I THINK showed up after installing software for my bluetooth (NSC said it was in use...), and like an ***** I decided to merge it with my main network profile thinking the false notification would go away. Is there any way to completely reset the network location list, so I can essentially start from scratch for locations?
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Short version - I used DG45ID (solved) motherboard Intel dead a non compatible cpu which has the effect of leaving Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved) the board switched on Long version - I bought the DG ID off ebay and got a CPU to go in it I switched on the fan worked and HDD was active but no screen The USBs were active When I switched off at the mains When I switched on it powered up without the start button I realised I had a non compatible cpu I bought an E The first time I switched on at the mains it came on without the start button but subsequently I had to press start to power the board ie as normal CMOS jumper When I bought it the jumper connected pin with the LED pin I assume that is like a removed jumper ie BIOS flash mode Hence Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved) when I connected a DVD drive it Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved) crashed I assume it was looking for a bio file Nothing I could do would recover the board The green standby light came on but nothing else It was dead No USB power no fans nothing I remembered the wrong CPU that had left the board quot switched on quot I put it in and it behaved as before power but no monitor I then replaced the E and hey presto I was in but only on cmos recovery there was no bios But the USBs were active So I removed the jumper flashed the BIOS from a USB stick and it s up and running NB the intel manual is wrong regarding the CMOS pins It shows pin closest to the battery That is actually pin If you look I can t post the pdf link page the pin is clearly show closest to the battery I thought it was strange that all the images on Google show the jumper on pins furthest from the battery the manual says that is the recovery position nbsp
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After formatting mu computer my CDROM does not show up in My computer or on desktop. However it is working properly and shows up in the BIOS. There's no "!" or "?" in Device Manager and its there.

However in all the fixes that take me to the bit about lower and upper filter values, they do not appear in the line they are supposed to.

I run XP. I also tried that applicacion called dvdunhide and nothing happened.
Please help!

A:My CDROM icon is missing

1.) Did you install the drivers for your CD drive?
2.) Does it auto-play anything when you put a disk in?
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My internet works fines except it gets highjacked and overlayed with audio from news and other sources, which comes and goes. Even Japanese movies! Task Manager does not show additional programs running. Lastest Internet Explorer is installed; drivers up-to-date.

A:Unwanted double audio on Internet

Hi jamoster :wave:

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==== confused?
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If I made a mistake on that I apologize. You are now in the right place for your question.
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I've been getting signals coming through randomly, but I think it's some kind of malware. Does anybody have clue?

A:Ok, unwanted signal... I think it's some kind of malware that's installed. Anybody?

If you could give a little more specific information it would be helpful.
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i was on my laptop last night trying to get rid of av security suite it's a virus that blocks helpful things on your computer and tries to get you to buy it's product, i was on firefox and it said "this program seems to be unresponsive, end program?" and i clicked yes then my computer restarted and there was nothing but the wall paper on it and i can't get task manager up because the AV security suite is blocking it, anyone have a solution?

A:Laptop goes blank no taskbar no icons

Where we see this most frequently is in peculiar hard drive failures...
Did it work normally when you rebooted in <SAFE MODE>?
In <SAFE MODE> you should be able to remove AV, then see if it will boot normally, then defragment, and scan your system with a variety of antispyware and antivirus downloads.
You can always reinstall AV later.
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Hi I hope I m not reposting but as of yet I can t find any solution to either of my problems Firstly I recently got faster internet installed and replaced my router with and 20Mbps Internet 50Mbps icon trouble to limited persistent one that could utilise the faster 50Mbps Internet limited to 20Mbps and persistent icon trouble bandwidth The router is supposed to be capable of enabling up to Mbps whilst my wireless card 50Mbps Internet limited to 20Mbps and persistent icon trouble is supposed to receive up to Mbps The speed of my internet provided is Mbps which is the speed that I get when I connect to the router via ethernet but when I am in the same room with my laptop I only get Mbps tested using speedtest net Help pleaseee Also after tinkering a little my wireless icon in the bottom right corner has permanently become the logo that is attached i e the icon that pops up in windows when the ethernet connection is disabled not working Everything seems to work fine though so it s not a major issue but it s just really 50Mbps Internet limited to 20Mbps and persistent icon trouble annoying I keep thinking something is wrong and every time my internet cuts out I never know Anyway thanks in advance nbsp

A:50Mbps Internet limited to 20Mbps and persistent icon trouble

it could be a problem with your wireless card....u mention, does it work well via ethernet? if yes then u cant blame anything but your wireless card OR the wireless radio of the router itself....u can try tweaking the setting of the wireless radio in the router's config
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I did a fresh install of Linux Fedora and discovered that this new version of Fedora doesn t like my Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card I tried numerous installation techniques but they failed every time I scoured the forums for answers but no single answer would work Finally I rearranged the steps from a graphics Linux card Installation on of Nvidia SOLVED Fedora 12 couple of different forums and it worked If you re having trouble getting your Nvidia card installed in Fedora then give this a try Let me know if it works Nvidia Driver Install for Fedora Edit the boot grub grub conf file using Gedit Open a Terminal Window Login as Installation of Nvidia graphics card on Linux Fedora 12 SOLVED superuser enter quot su quot at the command prompt and press Enter You ll be prompted for your password Type it in and press Enter Paste Installation of Nvidia graphics card on Linux Fedora 12 SOLVED gedit boot grub grub conf into command prompt and then press Enter Find the kernel line in the grub conf file It will say something like kernel vmlinuz- - local fc x Installation of Nvidia graphics card on Linux Fedora 12 SOLVED ro root UUID XXX rhgb quiet After the word quiet paste nouveau modeset Save and close the grub conf file At the Terminal prompt paste setsebool -P allow execstack on and press enter At the Terminal prompt paste yum --enablerepo rp g install kmod-nvidia uname -m xorg-x -drv-nvidia-libs i xorg-x -drv-nvidia-libs x Exit all instances of Terminal Reboot Well that s what worked for me I m running Fedora in x screen resolution using my Nvidia GeForce GTX card It looks great Hope this works for you too Best of luck Stevizard nbsp
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I would just like to revisit one of the posts from yesteryear Entitled Raid Problems and Essential Data Recovery I had a major problem with my HD discs after my motherboard blew When I replaced my motherboard due to the bios not being configured Data Raid Essential Problems 0 solved Recovery and to know how my Raid drives operated I thought I d lost it all - and so did everyone on these forums and my friends BUT after a little use of common sense and hope I got it all back and I did it all by myself Here s the basics I got a cheap IDE HD disc drive I stuck it into my motherboard as the master drive with my Raid ones as they were in the raid slots didn t matter which way round I installed Windows on the IDE drive I bought some software like Runtime Raid Reconstructor I ran that software It detected the Raid drives even though windows couldn t I asked it to perform a configuration test It completed the test and opened my drives I used an external drive to remove Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved all stored data off the Raid drives I eventually removed the IDE drive and formatted the Raid drives ready for a standard configuration and Windows Install I put all my files back Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved on to the Raid drives from my external JOB DONE Now I ain t no tech head right BUT I understood that the concept of openning Raid drives in RAID requires two bits of information Block size Drive priority ie which is first second Any Raid reconstruction software will work out through trail and error what the configuration is of your drives so you can get your data off This isn t a tech heads version of what to do but I was stuck for months last year thinking I d lost it all I of course won the battle and punched the air a fair number of times Hope this helps any of you out there in the troblesome Raid land nbsp
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The flash drive icon on my computer is being shown as a file and when i double click it , it says that access is denied, i can only access it through explorer now, is this a virus?

A:Mass storage device icon shown as a file

Probably not, but it is a flash drive that perhaps needs to be reformatted.
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I want to put this up just encase anyone had the same problem I did and if I remember correctly there were a few people that posted the same problem on other forums The problem When I ran anything very graphically intensive like crysis furmark or when I ran a game without vsync on my PC would crash and I would just see lines on the screen or just see blackness 4850 Crashing problem solved I even got a replacement for my card and they said it was faulty and sent me a new one but it still happened just less often Solution In your bios set the pcie frequency to not auto How came to this conclusion I had just helped my friend build a PC for the first time and he had done a lot of research and as we were overclocking his CPU he mentioned that he heard you should set the pcie frequency on your motherboard to not auto or it will overclock itself during intense graphics After I had a few more crashes I remembered him mentioning this 4850 Crashing problem solved so I tried it and no more crashing not even in furmark So thanks to him I don t have to worry about crysis cashing anymore and I can finally overclock nbsp

A:4850 Crashing problem solved

Hey thanks for posting this!
I have the same videocard 4850 and it gave the same problems and i didn't know why.
Thanks for posting this (I thought i was the only one).
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Hi I know a good amount about computers but i have almost no knowledge about audio cards I m currently running a Dell Inspiron and have full factory default hardware and settings its a dell many personal problems with dell so i don t mess with them anymore One day my volume controls quot disappeared quot so i rebooted my comp and they still weren t there so i uninstalled my audio driver and rebooted then reinstalled the driver with another problems Solved: Sigmatel audio Major card with reboot Nothing So i repeated this process times installing from the CD provided by Dell and times from dell com Still nothing I then decided to do an operating system repair Took over hours and got to the Windows XP Boot screen the one with the XP symbol right in the center durring pc boot up and it said quot Please Wait quot Sat like that for hours So I turned off my comp and rebooted it Everything works but the audio still After the Solved: Major problems with Sigmatel audio card quot repair quot i tried twice from the CD and twice from dell com and still nothing I don t know if its my sound card or just faulty downloads Please help nbsp

A:Solved: Major problems with Sigmatel audio card

Please confirm all your Dell drivers are updated from visiting this thread:
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Hi all I googled looking for solutions to problems recovering a Compaq Presario computer and found a link here so I thought I would post a possible solution I have stumbled across Make sure the system you are recovering has been restored to FACTORY SPECS That means removing anything that wasn t in it when it was new PC Name Recovery solved problems brand I just tried to restore a Name brand PC Recovery problems solved Compaq Presario SR AN with a new hard drive in it from a new set of HP supplied recovery disks I got one error after another with problems copying files to the Name brand PC Recovery problems solved hard drive I got as Name brand PC Recovery problems solved far as a reported of the installation before I was forced to stop It reported problems copying Driver CAB and Base INP I managed to get Driver Cab installed by putting in a recovery disk from a different set but no way could I get Base INP to work After suggestions from HP that the Motherboard wasn t plugged in WTF I tried dismantling the machine and reseating the CPU that I had previously removed in cleaning and reseating the undisturbed DVD IDE cable and the HDD IDE cable I also removed the extra MB of RAM that the customer had installed to take the system from the factory supplied up to I then re-ran the recovery process with absolutely no problems I believe there was no problem with the seating of the cables or CPU I believe the main problem with the system was that the recovery process baulked when it discovered more RAM than HP had installed and would not continue I know next time I have to recover an HP Compaq or other brand OEM system I will be ensuring that the system is COMPLETELY back to FACTORY SPEC nbsp

A:Name brand PC Recovery problems solved

I take it that the extra 256Meg of Ram did not originally come from HP
I'm not sure if that's relevant or not, but even same rating Ram (but different manufacture) has been known to cause issues (ie best to use exactly the same Ram cards always)

I was discussing a similar matter earlier on here: Windows will not boot with more than 2gb of ram (although the emphasis in that thread was the 2Gig max, before installing Windows, and strangeness of having increased ram in a system)

Either way, thanks for your post, it was interesting to note this issue (and likely cause)
Many times during a Setup fault, I have advised members to remove extra Ram cards and try again. It may be that the originally recorded Ram (under re-imaging) may be the answer (on some computers that may have Setup problems) Sadly you would need to test this issue on 10 similar, same spec, computers to really confirm. Or contact HP technical support, or possibly their tech forum, to ask of others experiences.
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Of late I found my desktop PC crashing now and then. The situation was getting worse by the day and it was becoming frustrating to use the PC.

I opened the box and got my fingers dirty, so before I looked further I decided to blow out all the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Loads of dust billowed out. I would recommend holding the CPU fan blades so that it does not spin uncontrollably.

After the dust clean up, the PC is working great and no unwanted crashes. I guess the dust was preventing the cooling of the CPU.

A:WinXP constant crashes solved

Thanks for the info

I stated similar fixes, and other common power up fixes here:Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)
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today i switched on my laptop and noticed that the wireless icon in the taskbar has disappeared. Although i can connect to the internet.

I have tried opening up taskbar properties to see if i can switch it on from there but the icon is not in any of the options.

the wireless netwok card i have got is Intel (r) pro/ wireless 3945AB

My OS is windows xp

A:Wireless icon in taskbar has disappeared


Chances are windows is managing the wireless and as such the icon wont be shown (they are usually shown if the wireless's own software is managing the connection.) i wouldnt worry as there is no need to do anything with it as long as the wifi is working
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I have had my gateway desktop computer for years now and recently had to have someone come fix some sticky issues with it It involved partially reinstalling the OS after are Media problems solved on troubles Keyboard OS Key PS/2 or something along the lines where Media Key troubles on PS/2 Keyboard after OS problems are solved the OS CD was involved It s XP by the way Everything seemed to be working fine except when I went to use my iTunes program The problem is with my keyboard a PS keyboard whose brand I am unsure of as it s the keyboard that originally came with the computer I ve been using iTunes for years now and the media keys on my keyboard play pause stop foward back ect have always functioned with it I could go through playlists just fine by simply hitting the keyboard buttons However after this issue that required messing with the OS I found that my media keys won t work with iTunes An error message pops up and says quot There is no CD in the drive Please insert an audio CD VCD or DVD and try again quot I have NEVER gotten this message before now Is there a way to adjust my settings for my keyboard to work with iTunes again either via iTunes itself or something else Thanks nbsp

A:Media Key troubles on PS/2 Keyboard after OS problems are solved

Try reinstalling iTunes!! Or get a USB keyboard, theres a link i will post you but your gonna hav to be a little patient as i cant send you that link until i have five posts here lol
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Hi there,
Can anyone help me? I'm quite desperate here.
I'm having problem with my keyboard/USB.
When I press any key on the keyboard, that instant all USB devices are disconnected. And soon after I unpress it, the system will detect all USB devices like they were just plugged in. I say all USB devices, cause it doesn't matter USB mouse or USB drive, they all get disconnected.
It's frustrating me cause I can't use a USB mouse.
Please help

I'm using a Lenovo 3000 N100 0689GRA.

A:Solved: Pressing key disconnects USB Lenovo 3000 N100 0689GRA

How many USB ports does that have? and what are connecting them. If you could also please look in your event viewer (Start>control panel>administrative tools>eventviewer, and check the "SYSTEM" area. double click any item in that list for a detailed description. You should see some errors.
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So i bought my new 2 sea gate drives,and as before like i said the previous hds was randomly getting dced etc,now when i bought the new drives worked great then started to do the same thing as the previous drives,not being picked up in bios etc,then i decided to change the plug in my ultra x3 800 watt psu to a molex to sata connection,that worked picking up the hds no problem,

so does it sound like a wire issue or the psu giving the issue?cause as soon as i switched it to the molex to sata instead of the other sata connect in the utra x3 which uses different wires and different ports it worked.

a waste of 184 but i got better hds and i can just sell the 2 500 gig wd drives i got

A:SATA problem solved but a bit concerned

Ok yes it does seem like a faulty Power Supply

Also you should have just replied to your original thread:
Instead of making this new one.

But oh well !

Anyway, if the molex do not cause any issue, then you could continue with them
I wish you had tried that before. I didn't suggest it, because it is uncommon (very uncommon), especially with two !
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I just set up my other monitor and I made it so I can put a different wallpaper on the other monitor. I went to Custimize Desktop and put a wallpaper on the webpages thing. and after that, all of my icons have a glow on them, like they're highlighted.

I also noticed in my Display Properties -> Desktop tab, the glow color is the same as the color on the right side. I was wondering if anybody knew how to turn it off?

A:Dual screen icon glow

Glow? Maybe post a screenshot showing the problem..
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OK, this is crazy.

I have been connected to my wireless internet for 2 years now, with no major issues. Then, two days ago, when i connected, the icon in the system tray states i am disconnected. (red cross) This the same for both desktop and Laptop

However i am in fact connected and surfing the net even though it says disconnected. Then every 9 minutes, sometimes more often, the desktop, laptop and mac all get disconnected. So i reconnect manually...still red cross in corner.

So i replaced the router, Netgear DG834Gv2 with the same model, and still same problem.

????? Why is this? Its madness i tell you.

A:Connected to internet, but icon says disconnected.

Its ok, I have fixed the problem.

I believe I have replicated this issue and found a solution.

In my testing, this issue was caused when a Win XP SP2 machine established
an automatic connection to a wireless network secured with WPA-PSK and the
security was then removed from the wireless network. Each time that the Win
XP SP2 machine connected to the wireless network after the WPA-PSK security
had been removed the symptoms I described in my post above were experienced.
This happened across various vendors machines, various vendors wireless
adapters and both with and without the vendor's wireless utility installed.

To resolve this issue (assumes you are using Windows to manage your wireless

1. Right click the windows wireless network in the system tray, click "View
Available Wireless Networks" and then click "Change Advanced Settings"
(bottom right corner of the Window).

2. Click the "Wireless Networks" tab and remove the wireless network from
the Preferred networks list and reboot the machine.

3. Re-connect to the wireless network.

After re-connecting the issue was resolved.

Thank you for reading guys.
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Hi I recently bought an dip switch with solved x700 problems Ati x and it ran fine for while but then artifacts and other garbage started to appear on screen Eventually it would not run any d d or hardware accellerated games This really got to me since Battlefield and Tron were two new games I bought and I couldn t play I tried changing drivers reinstalling windows and putting it into another computer In which it worked but eventually failed I was about to chuck it when we noticed dip switches on the underside of the card No idea what they Ati x700 problems solved with dip switch do Ati x700 problems solved with dip switch but switching them both to the opposite setting didn t work Then I put switch at position and switch at position This worked I have a watt psu gb generic ram and an AMD Barton ghz I don t know what those switches are for if anyone does please reply I d like to know what I did I have heard a lot of complaints about this card and vista so I m wondering if these switches could solve problems for those people I only changed them as a last resort Wow am I ever happy nbsp
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hello,i have a problem : my local area connection icon in notification bar apears slowely on starting up my windows (xp sp2) and until it apears i can't see my internet connections and connect to internet. i use an adsl modem is connected with ethernet (lan) cable to my can i fix this problem?

A:slow local area connection icon on startup

How slow?
Check NIC in the device manager for errors.
Check NIC properties and make sure it is all set to automatic.
Turn off the firewall pro tem.
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i m using Compaq presario 1800T ,pentium II , designe for win98.
but i m using WINXPpro sp2 version 2002. since last 2years.
i have DVD/CD rom,
form last 2 weeks i have seen that my laptop READS a CD but cant dispaly any data.
my CDrom icon , E: is missing suddenly.i have no access to my CD rom.
in device manager i can see IDE ATA/ATAPI contollers, with NO exclmatory mark.i cannt find my CD/DVD ROM drivers
it is detected by BIOS but fail to detect in windows.
i tried deleting Upper n Lower filter,but no joy.{}

i dont know..which CD rom i m using. i cant format my laptop.i tried syestm restore but no use.

i dont know wht to do help needed desperatly.tried lot of ways.

A:CD/DVD ROM icon missing

I'm not totally clear on your problem, but this MIGHT be of some help:
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Ever since my old motherboard died Biostar NF Socket and I bought a replacment board a MSI K MM -VH VIA Based should have seen it coming I ve been having blackout problems and lock-ups due to Infinite Loop problems however I think I solved it by disabling ATI Smart by going into services msc and ramping up my memory timings However now I m having Windows problems related to memory to another... my Loop just I I solved think go Infinite to Problem I think Event Type Error Event Source System Error Event Category Event ID Date Time AM User N A Computer CELERON-D Description Error code ea parameter fd b parameter c bc parameter f becb parameter For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Data I think I solved my Infinite Loop Problem to just go to another... d System E f rror Er f f ror code e d a Param eters c fd b c bc c f I think I solved my Infinite Loop Problem to just go to another... bec c b My Memory Timings that are in use when this happens is DRR Speed mhz CAS RAs to Cas Delay - T Command Rate is T And the black outs and lock-ups almost seem familar to the Infinite Loop Syndrome however I have no idea where to go from hear By the Way I have tried Multiple video cards on this system Both ATI and both have failed If I slow down my memory timings then windows tells me that the videocard hangs I ve tried registry fixes the beta patch by VIA turning off VPU recover turning off ATI Smart have updated drivers to everything didn t go to Cat though because then Invalid Display CRT errors appear I get anywhere between and errors of this when I boot up The strang thing is though once out of every or random boots the next boot up will go smoothly and I can play games for hours I have no idea what is going on nbsp

A:I think I solved my Infinite Loop Problem to just go to another...

(I hope you have access to a computer with a CD burner.)

I've found this tool very helpful at identifying bad memory. It's positively identified bad ram 100% of the time for me. Download this and follow the instructions to burn it to a blank CD-R. Then boot from the CD-R on your suspect computer. Run the Extended Diagnostics for at least one complete cycle. (Usually if it doesn't detect RAM pattern errors on the first cycle then the RAM is good and there isn't much need to run additional cycles.)

Post the results here.
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Running XP Pro. Computer reboots randomly. May be while using it or most often when idle. System Restore would not work until turned off and back on, but of course I lost all restore points.

Tried Spybot Seach&Destroy, Adware, ATF_Cleaner, AVG Anti-Spyware, SuperAntiSpyware, Panda Activescan. None found anything.

Attached is HJT log. I would really appreciate any help I can get.


A:Solved: Random rebooting.

Hi john760 and welcome to techspot. =)

I've checked you HijackThis log and it appears to be mostly clean. Fix these entries though.

O9 - Extra button: Linked Images - {D8980DE8-9D4C-4fb0-8FB4-95B1FA4125AD} - C:\Program Files\IEimage\IEimage.htm
O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: Linked Ima&ges - {D8980DE8-9D4C-4fb0-8FB4-95B1FA4125AD} - C:\Program Files\IEimage\IEimage.htm
O16 - DPF: {DBA230D1-8467-4e69-987E-5FAE815A3B45} -

I noticed an entry:
O4 - Startup: restart_vs.lnk = F:\Viewsonic.exe

Do you recognise this file or process, and why is something running from F:\ ?
Let me know in your next reply.

Your problem could be non-malware related.

Your friendly momok =)

This thread is for the use of john760 only. Please don't post your own virus/spyware problems in this thread. Instead, open a new thread in our security and the web forum.
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Can someone help me?

I download my photos from my digital camera to my computer via a memory card however for some reason, this card, or the drive, won't read if the "safely remove hardware" icon isn't present in my task bar and I can't get my photos!!!
Does anyone know HOW to get the icon back (is it conflicting with something??) or how else I can get my photos.
I have a few photo editing programs but I can't "acquire" the photos as it doesnt even show that drive exists!!!

Thanks for your help..

A:Safely Remove Hardware icon disappears!!

Welcome to TechSpot

What Windows version are you using? What sort of card-reader?
Go to Control Panel/System and check if there are any yellow or red signs in Device Manager.
Your USB-drivers might be corrupt.
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I clicked on the my computer icon yesterday and noticed that the icon for one of my hard drives had changed to a different icon. It is the one that is like a piece of paper with the corner folded slightly and has another picture of a screen or whatever. It is the one you get when your computer doesn't know how to read it. It still opens fine but how do I change it to its original icon? I have xp pro.

A:Hard drive icon has changed. How do I fix it?


This happens due to any of the following reasons:

1.Presence of the file named Autorun.inf in the Drive's root folder (say C:\ )

2.Uninstallation of a third-party theme or an icon library has failed to remove the drive icon settings in the registry


Enable Windows to Show all files(Tools/folder options/view/) and then locate the file Autorun.inf and delete it from the root folder.
Restart Windows.

If that does not help, try this:

Open Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) and navigate to the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion \Explorer \DriveIcons \<drive>


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer\DriveIcons \C

Backup the key by exporting it as a REG file (right click/export).

After backing up the key, delete the <drive> key from the registry.

Navigate to the following key, backup and delete the <drive> key:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \Applications \explorer.exe \ Drives\<drive>

Close Registry Editor and restart Windows.
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Everyone knows the situation, you plug in your USB flash disk, PC checks files contained therein, offers you a selection of options determined by what file types it found....? Yeah ok!

Well does anyone know what application/filetype this wierd icon I have highlighted represents?? Its suddely appeared on my flash disk. Is it something bad?
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hi, i wonder why does my other computer connected with my comp doesn't appear under the workgroup when i open my network-neighbourhood. but i can access the computer by typing its name on the address bar. both my comp is already located in the same workgroup.
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Sorry about the vague subject line but I Problems SP2 hardware tray. in and icon after Safely installing appears IE7. remove really have no clue what s going on here A couple of days ago I installed SP on my computer along with IE Then my computer started showing this weird icon in the area next to the clock that said safely remove hardware so I clicked on that and saw my USB printer and others that said quot USB mass storage device quot knowing that I didn t have any flash drive Problems after installing SP2 and IE7. Safely remove hardware icon appears in tray. connected I clicked the stop button for each of the devices except the printer Now I cannot get my USB drive or my internal card reader to be recognized by the computer I tried removing the card reader in the hardware profile and then disconnecting it from the motherboard rebooting and then powering down and re-connecting and it still won Problems after installing SP2 and IE7. Safely remove hardware icon appears in tray. t work What s worse it that the USB drive will not function in any of my USB ports Please help Just Problems after installing SP2 and IE7. Safely remove hardware icon appears in tray. a little add on to my previous post now when I try to take pics off my printer it says cannot access device If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it nbsp
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hi, being a beginner to computers i think i have made a mistake.

i have just bought a new laptop which came with a sp2 recovery disk.
i used this disk to reformat my old hp pavillion computer instead of using its disk and now im having problems booting.

when first installed the computer was running great untill i rebooted.
all i get now is the blue hp screen for a second and then the screen goes blank. no error messages or anything.
i have tried to reboot using the original xp disk(sp1). it tells me its checking disk and then itall goes blank again. i have also tried to boot from fdisk but it tells me to replace disk and try again. (made disk off another comp running xp sp1.

can anyone please help me.

A:xp booting problem not solved

The system disk is made for the system it came with. Recovery disks work mainly on the computers that they're designed for. For instance, my parents' Sony has a system recovery tool that reinstalls Windows and installs all of the systems programs in a specific way that would not work in any other machine.
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I recently installed a new theme to my computer. It was Windows Vista. Well, it didn't work, so I unistalled it, but now the icon to my C Drive is missing.
Pic of problem.

Is there anyway to fix this?

A:Missing Icon.

Can you access your hard drive without problems?
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I have a pc that is currently using win98. the windows I have open no longer appear on the taskbar, there is plenty of room but it only displays the current window I am working in. I have to close that window and the last active window is behind it. How do I get back to where all the open windows appear on the taskbar. Thanks

A:Taskbar Problems

I'm not sure if this will work or not, but anyway, here it is. Open task manager and end the process explorer (I'm not sure how you do it in Win98). then open explorer.exe from task manager. See if this clears it up, or if it's something else. Have you tried restarting?
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Hello! I am practically Desperate for help. I have read multiple Threads about similar problems with the radeon 9800 pro. But all of these "fixes" have had no effect on my situation.the problem isn't frame rate or even using my desktop it's when playing any 3d game. The card just decides it would be cool to put random polygons iinto my games. I have the Latest Via Chipset Drivers and i also just flashed my bios for my abit- kv8 pro to the newest version which would be version 24. I have turned fastwrite off i have under clocked it i have dont everything i can think of but the car will not budge. Does anyone know what the heck i can do to fix this annoying problem? Thank-you

A:Radeon 9800 Unwanted Polygons [I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING]

have you ran the directx diagnostic utility? also, try uninstalling/reinstalling your video card drivers, and uninstalling/reinstalling directx 9.1. if you dont know how to run directx diagnostics, go to start menu - run - type dxdiag and hit enter. go to the video tab and test direct3d.

also, after you uninstall your video card drivers, download driver cleaner pro and clean with the ati filter. this will make sure your drivers are completely gone and prevent conflicts when installing new drivers. get it here
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I hope someone can safely delete How unwanted boot partition? I an out there How can I safely delete an unwanted boot partition? can help me with my situation Here Goes Due to a recent mishap with my computer I had to reformat my hard drive and resinstall my OS and all my software from the ground up Everything seemed to work out okay in the end but in the process I somehow managed to unknowingly partition my hard drive I now have a good size Gig C drive and a tiny little Gig E drive Here s the kicker--my little E is drive is designated as my boot drive I desperately want to get rid of this partition because E is nearly full free disk space and my formerly fast computer has slowed to a crawl I realize I can t just delete the partition the quick and dirty way because it s my boot drive but there s got to be a way for me to fix this If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful nbsp

A:How can I safely delete an unwanted boot partition?

"boot drive" meaning that's where your Windows is installed? No, deleting that one is not a good idea You can use some partitioning utility like Partition Magic to resize your partitions so that C is small and E is big.
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I just completed a fresh installation of Windows XP on my pc, I now see no Network Adapter Icon in Device Manager, is this correct and if not, how do I get this icon back in my device manager?


A:Network Adapter Icon

Install the drivers for your motherboard and the network interface?
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First off my computer spec is AMD MSI XPRESS mobo MS- g of ram HIS X xl flashed to a X for no reason long story lol suspiciou Windows xp pro At xmas there i got a upgrade of stick? Unwanted Ram G of ram on top of the g i had bringing me up to g I figured this would help me on my gameing Anyways ive noticed some strange action on my system lately seems to be quot sticking quot at places Windows media player seems to be the most obvious I have always had problems with Unwanted Ram stick? getting dual channel to enable on my mobo and have never been able to find out why as i thought all the sticks were correct for it But i checked my timeings as i read up on dual channel and these need to be the same here is what everest said DIMM mb - mhz - - - DIMM mb - mhz - - - DIMM mb - mhz - - - DIMM mb has this one - mhz - - - - - - - - - As you can notice one of the sticks timeings is slower than the others DIMM And i was just wondering if it was possible this stick was slowing the others down or could this cause any problems And is it worth getting it replaced as that wouldnt be any trouble but i dont want to waste money on something i wont benifit from lol cheers nbsp

A:Unwanted Ram stick?

Its not making them slow i think...

make sure u read the MoBo Manual to see compatibility issues of your Ram and the propper way to set up 3Gigs...
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Help someone please!!!

I have lost the volume icon on the task bar. When I go to Multimedia and Sounds in Control panel, it says that I dont have any sound driver. When I go to Start, Accessories, Entertainment and Volume. When I click on volume it does nothing. I have tried to restore back to when I know I had sound and it still does not bring it back. I am running windows ME. What can I do?



A:No sound and volume icon has disappeared

Sounds like your soundcard driverh has been corrupted or is missing altogether.

look in device manager are there any devices that show a yellow question mark or yellow triangle next tot hem? if there is then you need to reinstall the drivers for your sound.
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im new to the site and dont know if this is in the right forum so bare with me,

ive just put in a new CD-Rom and when it booted it said it found it and was ready to use.

the only trouble is that theres no icon in my computer folder theres my hard drive and my dvd rom and floppy but no new CD-Rom ive been in disk management and its there as drive F ive been in the bios and its picked up there as well ive even changed the drive letters for the dvd and the cd rom and nothing therews still no icon for me to browse the contents of discs ive goto go to computer managemnet to let me view the contents of a disc ant help ?????.

thanks Tony.

A:CD- Rom icon

Did yuo make sure to set the jumper properly on the CD rom drive? if you have a DVD Rom allready installed it is probably set to master which means the CD rom should be set to slave. But you should check the jumper setting on the DVD rom to be sure what the setting is, then set the jumper on the cd rom accordingly.( this is assuming that your DVD Rom and CD Rom are on the same IDE cable)
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Hi, I'm new here. Thanks for your great site!

I think the specs are close to accurate:
I'm running XP Pro, P4 approx 1.8 ghz processor, 256 mb Ram

Anyway, when I type certain letters in my word processor (or any other program) they work fine, but other letters do some crazy things. Example, pressing 'm' will close the current window.

I recently formatted my hard drive and reinstalled XP and it STILL does this.

I also verified I am using the correct keyboard under Regional Settings (English: United States).

Any suggestions? I am desperate. Thanks.

A:Certain keys on keyboard cause unwanted actions. Please help.

Welcome to Techspot!
You don't mention if the Kb is Branded eg; IntelliType , these often have specialized software where you can change the keys functions. Check in Control Panel.
BTW if that is a Portable , they definitely have Kb setup software.
Let us know.
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we had to reformat the comp. and when i tried to reinstall the video card i have no taskbar or start menu everything else seems to work ok

A:no taskbar after installing gforce2mx400

Same thing happened to me with my ATI X700. Just restart and everything should go normal. This may happen again when you first install the latest drivers but once again restart and it will come to normal.
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After re-installing my HP 4070, the scanning software showed only TIFF and
Compressed TIFF options while earlier I had JPG and BMP.

To get back BMP and JPG options, I deleted the Registry entry under HKEY_USER....
Software\Hewlett-Packard\DigitalImaging\CUE Settings\0000_4070]
"ScanPreferencesSettings", and Run the HP Scanning software.
It will recreate the Key with default settings and the next time you start the
HP scanning software you will have all the four save options.

Backup registry before trying this! Modify the registry at your own risk!
You can highlight the Hewlett-Packard entry and export from file menu to a
desktop file for backup of just this entry. If something seems wrong, double
click on the exported file to restore the original settings in the registry.

Happy Scanning! - Raj

A:HP Scanjet 4070 save file option issues solved

I dont't see the options for file type


I just bought an HP Scanjet 4070. After I install it and HP Image Zone v.4.0 that comes with the scanner, I don't see the options for choosing save file type, such as TIFF, etc. It automatically saves the scanned photos to JEPG. How I can change the option, and saved location?

Are you using the HP Image Zone, or other software to support the different file types?

Thanks very much.

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Been following the posts concerning the Asus K NE-Deluxe mb and solved.... XP; Drives SATA & for and problem My K8NE-Deluxe now disappearing SATA drives In Oct I purchased from Newegg my Asus K NE-Deluxe motherboard with the Nvidia GForce chipset One morning not more than a month after purchasing the board I turned on the computer and it failed to find any of my SATA drives in the box During POST it appeared as if the onboard SATA controller had died as POST simply sat at the point where it was trying to identify the two SATA drives in my system After about a minute it simply moved on during POST and tried to bring up the system SATA Drives and K8NE-Deluxe & XP; My problem solved.... for now which obviously it failed to do because the SATA boot drive was no where to be seen Thinking that there had been a SATA controller failure I RMAed the board back to newegg which they promptly replaced After installing the replacement board everything worked fine until this morning when I discovered during POST that the exact same problem had occured again Instead of tearing down the system and RMAing the board again I unhooked the SATA cables from the onboard SATA connections and then tried configuring a standard EIDE hard drive to the Primary IDE controller on the board Well that worked as the board POSTED just fine except for the SATA drives so I knew that the board was at least salvageble with EIDE drives I thought about purchasing another mb from another vendor such as MSI but I noticed after searching the SATA issue on google that other folks with boards from other vendors using the Nvidia GForce chipset were having the same problem with SATA drives including a board from MSI Hmmmm So I figured that perhaps something was going on with SATA deep in the BIOS So before going and reinstalling XP and my complete system to the working EIDE drive on the primary controller I thought I monkey around in the BIOS of this Asus board I discovered in this AMI Bios Asus revision under Advanced Chipset a selection called Onboard Device This selection contains two options for SATA One is called Silicon Image Mode the other option is called Internal SATA IDE Interface The Asus mb book defines the selection Silicon Image Mode this way quot Allows you to disable or set the onboard Silicon Image RAID controller mode quot Since I am not running a RAID I decided to disable this setting The other setting I left enabled Internal SATA IDE Interface After saving the settings and restarting the computer I was amazed when the damned SATA drives were identified during POST and the system started normally It appears there is a problem with SATA and the Nvidia chipset when running a RAID and there very well may be a problem when implementing the Silicon Image driver with the chipset and XP Don t know But I hope my very simple solution can help others with this frustrating problem that I had nbsp

A:SATA Drives and K8NE-Deluxe & XP; My problem solved.... for now

Perfect, thanx I'm gonna give this a try. I've got a Gigabyte 7N400 pro mb but it's got Nvida onboard and the problem looks very familiar. Keep you posted!
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I am a NEW COMER here, and I do have a problem with my icons.

I have downloaded new icons and at first I can view them as they where in the web. But as soon as I rebooted the icons I set in my desktop seems to be distorted or something. I re-installed my driver for my 16MB shared video card S3 Pro Savage DDR but it seems that it has no effect on it.

I am using win2000 and I my display setting is set to true color 1280 x 1024 pixels.

I dont know what is wrong.

Any help would be most welcome,


A:Icon Help....

Could you post a screenshot showing the icons & the artefacts they have ?
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My games are crashing!!!

I have changed graphics cards from a fx5200, to a ati9500 (overclocked to a 9700) and have had the same problem on most of my games. I have the lastest Direct X drivers, and all my other hardware is up to date.

Most of my games just minimize and will not come back up, or if they do the computer crashes.
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After downloading an old dos game: One Must Fall 2097. I noticed that in My Computer when I go to access my C: drive by clicking the icon it opens up the install.exe for One Must Fall not C: drive. I have tried deleting the install program but then when I go to open the drive again it states that it can't locate the install.exe. I was wondering if anyone knew how to change the target path for this icon so that it will not open the install file but my hard drive.

A:Hard Drive Icon

Being an older dos game it just might have dumped the install.exe into the root directory of C:
Can you view the C: drive in Explorer instead of My computer? ?
And what OS are you running ? ?

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How do I get rid of this icon or whatever in the hell it is, I've tried rolling back, but it does not go away.

A:Safely Remove Hardware icon on my toolbar is really messing with HP 6110 All-in-one

It shows up as long as you have a non-standard USB-device plugged in.
Right-click it to open a window with more info, I think you can change the setting to show that icon or not.
Left-click it to STOP that usb-device.
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I used to dual boot with WIN2K and Win98. I removed the Win98 partition and consolidated it into WIN2K (with Partition Magic). Everything works fine, but the WIN2K boot selector screen shows 2 WIN2K partitions at startup. The second one won't boot, and it's only 8 meg. It's not really a big problem, but I would like to get rid of the 'choice' I need to make.

Any help appriciated.

A:Unwanted partition

Edit boot.ini and remove the line with the partition(s) you don't want
keep the line that looks like this:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Windows 2000 Pro" /fastdetect

where "rdisk(0)partition(1)" is in.
set the default to:
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sorry to be a dork but i have just installed a deskstar 120gb drive
according to the device manager its working ok but it does not
appear on the control panel.
Its on the same cable as the maxtor 30gb which is the master and the deskstar 120gb is a slave.
I am using XP professional

A:missing hard disc icon

You will need to format the drive

Right click on my computer and goto manage.

Once there go to Disk management. You should find that the new 120GB is unallocated. right click on the drive and choose format.

This should solve the problem

No need to worry about being a dork, there are things that evereyone doesn't know. Nothing wrong in asking questions

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Codec Blues Ok Phantazmm takes a small break from work with the partial purpose of catching up on some TV he hasn t had the time to get through Using Pack Blues with Codec solved Nimo Codec Kazaa IRC and so forth he collects well over GB of quot Friends quot Codec Blues solved with Nimo Codec Pack quot Enterprise quot quot Deep Space Nine quot episodes as well as a number of movies With crisps nuts donuts and milk shakes at the ready he settles down in from of the entertainment system that has his PC at its heart and fires up some stuff Most of the movies are fine being encoded with Divx for video and mp for audio But when he comes to lots of the series episodes there is a problem Often the video stream has been encoded with Divx but the audio stream is some other unknown codec When he tries to play it Windows Media Player cries out about contacting a codec server and even goes through the pretense of downloading the appropriate codec Which of course does not work This is made even more frustrating because when Phantazmm examines what the avi reckons its audio codec was its labelled quot Windows Media Audio V quot Now one would expect that to play in Windows Media Player under XP with pretty much no problems eh Well you would be surprised So does this spoil Phantazmm s holiday when he can t find out if Rachel has that baby in the final ep of friends season or whether the Dominion win in Deep Space Nine Of course not He has the fortune to find the quot Nimo Codec Pack quot http nimo everwicked com which offers nearly all of the video and audio codecs a chappie will ever need He did uninstall Divx and its Player bits and bobs first Nimo adds it again but Phantazmm redownloaded the latest version and reinstalled afterward He is now very happy to be able to report that indeed the Dominion are given a kicking at the end of Deep Space Nine http nimo everwicked com nbsp

A:Codec Blues solved with Nimo Codec Pack

I had such a problem with the Red Dwards episodes. Papa directed me to that pack, I didn't know about it before that.:grinthumb
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I recently had this error message pop up when I started some apps on my computer (including Teamviewer and Skype)

The procedure entry point NtAlpcSendWaitReceivePort could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll

I found a solution after some Googling. I thought I'd post what I found.

The problem may start after installing some Android related software on your PC (Samsung Kies or in, my case, I had installed the Android upgrade package for phone on my PC)

To fix the problem, I uninstalled the software and renamed C:\WINDOWS\system32\avrt.dll to avrt.dll.old. Life is good again

A:[solved] NtAlpcSendWaitReceivePort could not be located in library ntdll.dll

<-- for effort.
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I don't know what changed this but now the adobe acrobat icons I have on my desktop have changed to show the first page of the document. How can I change it back to the red and white default icon? I have Windows Vista..

And this is happening only on my desktop. The PDF files I have in my folders are still the default red and white.

A:Adobe Acrobat icon

Might be easiest/safest to simply uninstall/reinstall Adobe. (it would only uninstall / reinstall the software and icons. It won't touch any personal files)
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I have the AMD 64 processor in my computer. I also have Adobe's version 10 Shockwave plug-in. The processor doesn't seem to get along with the plug-in, and, especially after logging onto Facebook, Windows would not shut down. The plug-ins were the reason. Once I disabled them, shut down, and start up again; no problems...until the next time I use them.

Adobe hasn't resolved this issue with the AMD processor yet, but at least I can get my Windows to shut down by disabling the Shockwave plug-in through Mozilla Firefox.

A:Partly Solved: Windows won't shut down; AMD processor installed

Don't know about Shockwave, but there sure are a lot of programs that must be tweeked for 64 bit...
and Adobe has had so many problems lately with all those many upgrades to fix a problem here and a problem there.
Have you looked at the Adobe site ?
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When I picked one of the themes that is called Flash life it was ugly so I thought I could change back to the default one....But now when I changed it back when the icons were loading the icons were shields and one of the icons were still the theme called "Flash Life" How am I supposed to go to the normal default windows 8.1 icons?! I'm sooo freaked out I want to smash the computers monitor.
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Hi all,

I have an extra USB icon on my system tray in Win 7. I have the vmware installed on this machine. The USB icon shows my HDD drives!
I think it appeared when I uninstalled Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) app. I uninstalled it because I wouldn't think that IRST does anything useful on my desktop PC.
Now for getting rid of that extra icon do I need to reinstall that IRST!? What does it do actually in my PC please?
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After a Windows 7 "Update", (not sure which or when), my on-screen keyboard popped an error when I tried to use it: "A referral was returned from the server." After looking online for too long, I found Microsoft saying "Try to see (by trial and error) which update is causing it." ?? Not an answer. I was hoping for "Oh, uninstall this update." Neither was System Restore a good option. Finally found what worked after seeing ALL (on-screen keyboard, magnifier, narrator) had the same error. Finally found what worked, was shutting off User Access Control. That worked for me since I'm not a newbie, but may not work for others that are.
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Spent about 6 hours today trying to figure out why my zune software stopped working on start up. With constant errors I had to think back what I changed.

Changing some hardware can pose a drm issue with zune. In my case I turned hyperthreading off during some overclock testing and this fooled zune into thinking I had a different cpu.

Just wanted to log the issue here just in case anyone ever had a similar issue.

A:Zune software and Hyperthreading issue (solved)

This is why I still buy CDs.
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This is weird. In the last day or so the default icon for .htm files has disappeared. I use FF, so my .htm icon is the FF version.

There have been no FF updates in the last couple days, and the other FF icons (e.g. hyperlink files) are still normal. But the .htm icon has reverted to the Windows 'unknown file type' icon.

I opened the Folder Options/File Type settings and the icon still shows up there for the .htm file type settings. I have tried changing it to something else (thinking maybe some minor Windows Update setting blocked FF icons from being used for Windows files...because that totally sounds like something MS would do). But nothing shows up for that file type icon anymore.

Any one else ever experience this?

A:File type icon disappeared?

Check these articles:

XP: Just refresh the icon cache by deleting the IconCache.db file from your profile directory (usually /Documents and Settings/Username/Local Settings/Application Data). It will be automatically recreated.

However, you may have to re-associate the file type you want to the program with which you it to open.

Vista: See these articles.
How to Associate a File Extension Type With a Program in Vista
How to Set Default Associations For a Program in Vista
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Something happened that really ticks me off. I borrowed my wife?s Zune since my iPod broke and I wanted to put some of my own music on it, so I installed the Zune software on my PC. After putting the music on the Zune I deleted the Zune software and just noticed yesterday that when I go into ?computer? my C drive is now named Zune Setup and had that ugly Zune icon next to it. How did that happen? Why did putting on the Zune software change the name and icon of my C drive? I can manually rename the drive but how do I get rid of the icon and put back the hard drive icon which was originally there? I?m running Windows 7.

Thanks in advance.
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Last night (02/19/14) I went to bed & left my Vista Home Premium laptop on which I've done several times before only this time ,next morning when I moved my mouse to start surfing, no taskbar. No, I don't have it set to auto-hide,either.
I used Ctrl-Alt- Del to bring up the Task Manager but was unable to see how to reboot it using the Task Manager. I now can't remember what I did, but I got to a blueish screen giving me options on whether I wanted it to hibernate,switch user,etc, etc. I clicked on one of them, clicked my name & it rebooted.
I don't know how to find the Event viewer if that is what I needed to look at, so , what could of caused this? I know his laptop aint the best, but I'm glad it works as good as it does.

A:Taskbar mysteriously disappeared

That resembles Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) crash. Though when I have seen them in the past Windows has always recovered or rebooted on its own. I've never been kicked out to the login screen. That could be due to the fact I never see the login screen, my PC boots straight to desktop.

If someone uses the login screen, an explorer.exe crash might recover and start back at the login screen. But I couldn't say for sure if this is what would happen.

I've even had instances where Explorer seemed to freeze. I still had mouse control but nothing worked from the taskbar. Starting task manager and killing explorer.exe, would manually initiate the recovery. The taskbar will disappear and then reappear. During these instances are the only time, I have been able to kill the explorer.exe process, without Windows shutting down.
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I used to be able to really easily change the icon of a particular file type in XP, but I can't remember how.
WinRAR files are showing up with this icon: (winrar icon inside a page)
but I would prefer this icon: (without the page)

How do I change default filetype icon in Win7?
I've looked around and I see all sorts of crazy junk with convoluted steps and registry edits, and I know that in XP there used to be an easy way to do it -- does it still exist?

A:Change file icon in Win7?

Try this:
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I'm talking about the bar that has the Start button at the far left & notification area & clock at the other?

If in fact it is the Taskbar, how do I keep my active browsers visible in it?
I'm tired of having to use the Alt/Tab keys to bring them back. Yes, I did right click the "taskbar" & put a check mark in Lock The Taskbar, but it don't help all the time. Help please & Thanks.

A:Open browser disappears from taskbar

learninmypc said:

I'm talking about the bar that has the Start button at the far left & notification area & clock at the other?

If in fact it is the Taskbar, how do I keep my active browsers visible in it?
I'm tired of having to use the Alt/Tab keys to bring them back. Yes, I did right click the "taskbar" & put a check mark in Lock The Taskbar, but it don't help all the time. Help please & Thanks.Click to expand...

This is how it sometimes looks with browser open
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This has been going on for three or four days and im scared that I might have Icon Problem to redo my operating system Can I please have a easy fix Icon Problem with no rd party programs needed Here is some screens I installed a game called open TTD it is a remake of transport tycoon It crashed quot it is only beta quot and I had to use task manager When I ended it this is what happend Every single folder is like this now except my music folder videos etc and look at this one The top folder icon is the right one and the bottom is the messed up one It added another icon and the messed up one is THE DEFAULT ONE I dont want a crappy -bit folder icon as my main one so can you tell me a way to change them all in one sitting to the right one so I dont have to do every folder manually Because windows has more than FOLDERS Please respond ASAP thanks nbsp

A:Icon Problem

Try clearing the icon cache with the tool ("Rebuild_Icon_Cache.bat") provided on this page (and follow the directions).
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I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit os installed recently from windows 7 proffesional 32 bit, ever since the reinstall of the os the drive icon for my external hard drive shows a poece of paper folded and a window in it, instead of the drive icon like the rest of the drives. when plugged into another computer it is displayed like should be. I have read on another post to check and make sure there is no autorun.inf in the root directory and have done so except can not find how to show hidden files. also in the other thread tried to follow going thru the reg editor and have no luck there either. Any one help please
Thanks in advance

A:Drive Icon in Windows 7

Mine shows a little picture of a desktop PC same as the other drives I have, but with a coloured windows icon (like a flag) above it as well to identify the system drive. But where that particular icon comes from I have no idea. It is probably embedded in IEXPLORE.EXE, but for it to have changed for you is odd.

Press the windows key and in the searchbox type 'show' without the quotes. Top of the instant list is 'show hidden files and folders', so click that. the option you want is 'show hidden folders and files'. Then look for an unwanted .ico or .inf file in the root of C:\

MS releases less and less information as to how the OS is bolted together, and to some extent this is understandable, as the less is generally known, the less can be easily interfered with by mischievous children all over the web, (and adults with childish minds), who can sit hugging themselves with glee whilst millions of the rest of us waste hours trying to repair what might or might not be damage.
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I have never encountered this issue and have no usually after PC gaming [Solved] freezes, idea what to do or think I have an ASUS DirectCU II R X card [Solved] PC freezes, after gaming usually I have it installed in [Solved] PC freezes, after gaming usually a Gateway DX motherboard with A - and GB RAM Everything is powered by a Watt cooler master PSU Everything has been running well until a couple of days ago Then I noticed the video wouldn t wake up from sleep I ve had that problem across many computers before so I wasn t all too worried Then my PSU died I had a thermaltake TR watt then So I exchanged it as I only bought it the of day before The other worked fine but I started getting freezes Usually after I put a strain on the video card like gaming for an hour or so I d finish the game and return to desktop and everything would freeze I thought that maybe the power supply was faulty again So I went and returned it and got the CM one But the problem is still the same I d play for a while exit and as soon as I reach the desktop everything freezes I know that it is possible that it s the video card that is faulty But I am also thinking that maybe fingers crossed that the mobo I got is just unable to handle this card Maybe it s just unable to deliver enough power through PCI-E that this card needs I have a spare HD that works just fine but it s not really the same power draw as r x so I don t think the results would be a proof of anything Another thing I did notice is that when I had installed and played Guild Wars I had no problem maintaining FPS but with this card on the same settings I dropp to mid s in many places Anyway What is the most likely cause Video card or just a crap of a mobo considering it s from a pre-built PC Sorry the pics are a bit fuzzy I have very shaky hands and this is the best I could do nbsp

A:[Solved] PC freezes, after gaming usually

Apparently if I play a game in windowed mode the computer does not freeze after I quit the game.
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I need help to remove unwanted links that keep showing up on the webpages I'm viewing. I already tried several antispyware programs(Ad-Adware SE, Spybot S&D and MS antispyware). So far nothing has worked, I keep seeing those unwanted links. I have Windows XP. I'm really desperate. Help!

A:need help to remove unwanted links

Welcome to Techspot
By "unwanted Links" are you referring to Pop up Ads, and things of that nature?
If yes , than you can buy/free download a Pop-up blocker , there are tons of those around, including a built in one in XP .
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i got this new sony vaio.

it great with no problem but there is an icon for the cd/dvd power status

its installed with the vaio power managment.

it runs just fine but i want to remove the icon from the notification tray area, but i can't find any option to hide its not shown anywhere.


A:Can't hide this icon from notification area

No right-click or left mouse click brings up options?
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I noticed in the Firefox (Ver3.6.16) Bookmark menu that most of them have a color "icon" next to them with the website logo etc. How does Firefox get this icon to display?

I have a club website and I would like our logo to display as described above in the bookmarks menu. Right now I don't get ANY icon for my club website bookmark. Not even a blank paper icon.

But how does Firefox do this? Where and how does it get this "icon" off the website? Is there some special HTML code that I have to include?

What's the secrete to the bookmark "Icon"?



A:Firefox bookmark icon question.

This may be what you need.
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XP sp latest Firefox Yahooo email PC Tools Firewall Plus Avira AV Haven t had any problems with Office apps for quite awhile Tonight I got emails with pps attachments that I can t open Usually when I click Got in that email I a can't type of open, icon pps new on attachment in the email to open it it will scan it with Norton AV must be a Yahoo thing then shows a box with quot Download quot as the only option which I have to click then another box that asks if it should Open or Save the Got a pps in email that I can't open, new type of icon file When I select Open then the file opens with the appropriate app Tonight these pps attachments would not open I downloaded them and tried to open them from there which is something I have to do once in a great while Tonight the downloaded files won t open either I did notice a different pps icon than I have seen before EDIT I sent the downloaded files to my wife s Mac and it told her it was a Keynote file I searched Keynote and it came up as a new Apple app for iPad etc When she clicked on it in the email it automatically downloaded She was able to open it by selecting Open With PPS then was able to Save As PPS When I click on the downloaded file in my pc it won t open When I right click and select Open With PPS it still won t open and it does not give me the option to Save As PPS She has Office for Mac My Office is a little older so suspect that may be the problem She has the current Mac OSC Snow Leopard but the Keynote in that isn t compatible with the Keynote version of this file She sent it back to me after she Saved As PPT apparently the Mac version of PPS and now I can open it I ve also emailed the person that sent it to me and asked what she used to open it I know she s running XP but I think she uses IE altho I wouldn t see that as making a difference Also - another continuing problem - I ve been unable to forward attachments with rec d emails since I went to the new Firefox - as recommended by Yahoo BTW It s the Yahoo Firefox version Any idea what s going on and what I could do I ve had one suggestion to try the email forwarding thing with IE to determine if it s Yahoo or Firefox - altho no suggestion was provided beyond that - but I have deleted IE because it kept interfering with Firefox and downloading amp browsing And I just plain don t like to use it or to have it on my machine Being this problem started with the new Firefox I would strongly suspect it has to do with that rather than with Yahoo anyway being I didn t change anything in Yahoo before the problem started If I do have to try another browser to see if it s Firefox or Yahoo I ll try Safari EDIT I went into my Yahoo email thru Safari and I am able to forward rec d emails and the attachments do go with them So it s definitely this quot wonderful quot new version of Firefox that Yahoo so strongly recommended While trying to figure the problem out I saw a number of posts in various places Yahoo and FF Help included that mentioned the same problem altho neither Yahoo nor FF gave any solutions I think I ll see if I can go back to an earlier version if I can find it Thanks nbsp

A:Got a pps in email that I can't open, new type of icon

You said you had an older office. Have you run: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats?
The following will allow you to open 2007 files
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Hi All...My problem is, after updating 'REGCURE' I find that when I startup the computer the program is started automatically, while I like the program I don't want to do a scan every time I start. I've looked in the 'MSCONFIG' but cannot see any connection and I'm wary of going into the 'REGISTRY' . Can anyone help?

My system := windows XP pro

A:Unwanted startup

just go to start menue and go to the folder called startup which you probobly never seen befour?

then delete that shortcut

or type msconfig and go to startup and mak sure it dosnt have a tick next to it.
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I'm trying to print a mail merged document of about 160 letters and MSWorks automatically inserts page numbers when I go to print or preview the document. How do I stop the insert of page numbers?

Message: You have added the Insert Page Number field to the merge document. Each entry in the merged document will be marked sequentially. Click OK to number each entry sequentially.

A:Printing unwanted automatic insert of page numbers in MS Works

instead of using works which is incompatible with most other word processors and not fully functional, use openoffice which is and is free and can save in MANY formats.
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A glitch has arisen during boot Running XP Pro fully patched the boot process has slowed considerably as if Windows is looking for something missing or some file in Area Icon Notification Missing it needs is Missing Icon in Notification Area damaged The manifestation of the problem is in the Icon Notification area e g containing the clock Hide inactive icons is not on Nonetheless several Icons do not now appear E g that for Eset Nod for Comodo for True Crypt etc Oddly some do appear as they should e g Spyware Doctor the network icons Sandboxie an HP Printer Icon and EPU- Engine All of the actual programs cited from the antivirus amp firewall to the Engine seem to have started ok during boot as evidenced by using task manager and identifying the related processes as being ok and running The issue is that they do not show in the Icon Notification area Another anomaly I looked to ensure that I had not turned on Hide Inactive Icons on the Task Bar and Start Menu Screen I clicked it out of interest and while scrolling the Customize Screen the icons associated with various programs are wrong Thus Where might I look to identify the problem Painter is offline Reply With Quote nbsp

A:Missing Icon in Notification Area

Painter7 said:

A glitch has arisen during boot. Running XP Pro 3, fully patched, the boot process has slowed considerably as if Windows is looking for something missing or some file it needs is damaged. The manifestation of the problem is in the Icon Notification area e.g. containing the clock. Hide inactive icons is not on. Nonetheless several Icons do not now appear. E.g. that for Eset Nod32, for Comodo, for True Crypt etc. Oddly some do appear, as they should, e.g. Spyware Doctor, the network icons, Sandboxie, an HP Printer Icon and EPU-6 Engine. All of the actual programs cited from the antivirus & firewall to the Engine seem to have started ok during boot as evidenced by using task manager and identifying the related processes as being ok and running. The issue is that they do not show in the Icon Notification area. Another anomaly: I looked to ensure that I had not turned on Hide Inactive Icons on the Task Bar and Start Menu Screen. I clicked it out of interest and while scrolling the Customize Screen the icons associated with various programs are wrong.
Thus ? Where might I look to identify the problem
Painter7 is offline Reply With QuoteClick to expand...

I have a similiar problem with my old Dell XP rig. Some service may now be slower (or even perhaps faster) to start and this corrupts the notification area icons. They only way I can get all icons EVERY TIME is to set a password for my user name in control panel and wait a few minutes before typing it in upon startup. Sometimes playing with the Services tab in Start->Run->Msconfig is an alternative, but I couldn't tell you which services are optional.
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The power supply died on my desktop pc asus board with amd hanging power No at after mup.sys dead supply and taskbar proc and windows xp home edition with sp Replaced power supply and eventually determined that even in safe mode it would boot as far as mup sys then reboot Running chkdsk from installation cd fixed it somewhat It boots ok now and makes it to the desktop with mouse and keyboard working but - no start menu or taskbar - wallpaper and desktop icons are present - during bootup several messages are displayed saying I don t have permission to change settings in catalyst control center software for ati onboard video - can access edit view desktop documents created with apps such as windows notepad openoffice and google sketchup - can view saved pdf No taskbar after dead power supply and hanging at mup.sys files - can access and view desktop folders - cannot access files mp mpeg that use windows media player - nothing happens - cannot access desktop shortcuts to websites or a saved webpage on desktop htm or mht This results in error message quot there was a problem sending the command to the program quot internet explorer No taskbar after dead power supply and hanging at mup.sys is the default browser - photo thumbnails appear ok but no viewer - can view edit jpgs with windows paint program - taskmanager runs ok and will run msconfig sfc etc - it says Windows Explorer is running Ending the task and restarting does not help - ran sfc - it ran for or minutes then ended without saying anything Would replacing mup sys by copying one from a known good system fix the problem Could it be a registry problem or corrupt user profile Any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:No taskbar after dead power supply and hanging at mup.sys

The failing power supply corrupted the hard drive's Windows installation. It would be best to format and install Windows fresh
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I have Windows XP professional w SP It s been won't appear and taskbar mode in unless Icons safe run hard every day since or so I suspect it has a deeply ingrained form of malware or virus or some deleted file or other horrible thing Recently when I boot up it takes over minutes to load and then the welcome chime never happens and the icons and taskbar will not load all I see is my background I hit ctrl alt del and there are only processes going and explorer exe IS actually one of them In the past I ve been able to boot up in Icons and taskbar won't appear unless in safe mode safemode and do a system restore to the day before and go on my merry way Not so this morning I tried a couple different system restore points and they wouldn t go through I had contacted microsoft and they suggested it was a corrupt user profile We went through the process of creating a new user profile and tried to copy the files over but got an error message saying that some of them could not be accessed and the dump was stopped So I deleted the attempted new user was told to reinstall windows by microsoft and have come here instead I am not computer savvy I know how to do what I m told and click the scan button on Bitdefender and Malwarebytes Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Icons and taskbar won't appear unless in safe mode

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from here. Install it. Make sure it is up to date with the latest definitions (it should be if you install it immediately after you download it). Run a full scan overnight. If no results come up, you may have to run a disk clean up and defragmentation. Download and run CCleaner. After that cleanup is complete, run a defragmentation using these directions:

If that doesnt work, you may have to reinstall the OS (clean install). My old XP machine took forever to load because I loaded it up with a bunch of junk and barely had any free space and RAM.
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So, pretty self explanatory, I have this super bizarre problem, whenever I have my taskbar set to small icons in the properties, the taskbar icons are all wrong, for example, the Windows Task Manager will show up as Google Chrome (application seem to take a fancy for that icon) or Adobe Lightroom will show up as the Windows Picture Viewer. I have searched everywhere, and all I can find are cases of missing icons, which is not my problem. Perhaps this is linked to the other problem I am having. (Half of monitor is out of sync.)

A:Bizarre: Windows taskbar shows improper icons in small icon mode

Don't know if I can help but will also try take a look at your problem.

First, just to be clear, note the 3 groups of icons along the bottom of screen image below. On left are Quick Launch icons, middle are open programs, on right are notification icons. Which group(s) are wrong when small? Also, can you right click a wrong icon and select Pin to Start Menu. Does it get pinned with the right or wrong icon?
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One of the most annoying things about vista for me is that icon selection area's are dramatically bigger and uniformly square. It used to be that icon selection area matched the size of the visible icon itself. Now there's a square of area around each icon that triggers selection.

Is there any way to get vista to treat icon selection area the same way that XP did?
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i am getting quite frustrated at the various BOTTOM RIGHT icons that keep coming up upon startup (next to the time), yet there is nothing in my startup list.
i only want my antivirus and firewall to come up, any other apps can wait till i open them.

how can i change this?

A:Unwanted icons popping up....

Check out StartUp

It's an innovative start-up items editor, which allows you to identify, add, edit, remove or disable items using an intuitive graphical user interface. Start-Up is a small standalone executable, so you can easily take it with you! The embedded help file explains everything you ever wanted to know about your computer's start-up.Click to expand...
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My taskbar is an ugly shade of gray & I'd love to change it to blue,pink or Emerald green. I saw this mentioned in a newsletter I get
& have tried it but I don't see the "change windows glass colors",

Any help is appreciated.

A:Change your Windows 7 taskbar and window color

Right-click on desktop, click 'Personalize'. Background, sounds, window color options are there.

Also, if you type in this instead, you'll find your option in the start menu: "change window gla"