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Please, someone tell me how I can print horizontally, as opposed to vertically?, I have tried, but haven't fathomed it out, it would be useful for banners / car stickers. Yes, I know there are sites for car stickers, but I'd like to be able to do it on "Word"

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft Word

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft Word

Easy Peasy - Simply change the paper type from portrait to landscape in either:- file->print->setup or file->page layout

one of those two has the option, and then your paper should change in word (if you use layout view, if you use normal view you probably wouldn't notice)
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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor
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I have created in Word Setting View 2003 Microsoft Microsoft 97 Word To Microsoft Word on an XP Microsoft Word 2003 To Microsoft Word 97 View Setting OS some lengthy documents I created them using a view setting of I sent them to my employer who is using Windows and Microsoft Word My boss opened them with his system and they displayed on the screen at a view of He wants me to send him Word documents that he can open from the Microsoft Word 2003 To Microsoft Word 97 View Setting CD-R that I send that will automatically display at view on the screen so that Microsoft Word 2003 To Microsoft Word 97 View Setting he does not have to set the view for each document as it displays So what is the answer Is there a way that I can save my created documents so that when my boss gets them on a CD-R that they will open on his system at a view setting of Is there also a way that his system can be set to default to in reading from the CD-R My boss does not want to copy the documents to the system hard disk from my sent CD-R preferring to read and copy directly from the CD-R that I send so that the original documents will not accidentally be changed Any help would be appreciated

A:Microsoft Word 2003 To Microsoft Word 97 View Setting

Welcome to BCWhat if he were to download Word 2003 Viewer?Mark
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Does anyone noe weather vista Microsoft word support the old formated ones? Or is there any plug-in needed to support?

A:Does Vista Microsoft Word Support Old Format Microsoft Word?

I'm assuming you're talking about the new office 2007? meaning word 2007?

If that is the case, then yes it does run older versions of word. In the sense that if you have a word document that was made and saved in Word 2003 it would work in 2007.

Just like when you make something in word 2007 you are able to save it as a Word 03-07 document so it works on both versions of Microsoft Word.
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alright to tring Word install again is Microsoft microsoft word my problem is that i have already used microsoft word for awhile now and its been fine no problems whatsoever then Microsoft Word is tring to install microsoft word again about week ago it started doing a lot of crazy stuff when i opened it this happens every single time i open it and it states that it is preparing to install microsoft word i already have it installed then it states that it must gather the required information At first i thought it was an update so i decided to let it continue when it was finished it said that quot the feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not availible please insert the microsoft word disk and hit ok quot alright the thing was it wasn t an update and i couldn t find my word CD because it hasn t asked for one ever since i installed it I then hit cancel and everything went away and about a minute later my microsoft word came up and it had no updates and was functioning fine but it was going about half the speed it usually does Other than that there were no other problems and i continued with my work The only thing that really bugs me is that this entire process takes about minutes every time I start up so its kinda of a pain is there any way to get rid of this thx to all Peace Out nbsp

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I remember having deleted my Microsoft Office 2007 trial and now I can't find some of my previous word documents that I remember saving on my computer.

Is my suspicion true?

A:Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

saiz said:

Is my suspicion true?Click to expand...

I don't think so. Try installing 3.0 and you'll be able to open those files.
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I got the new version of word today on my brand new computer and I need a word processor for my job, and its not letting me pick it as my default one. When I go to the control panel and try to do it from there, it still doesn't pick it up. Why is this happening and how can I go through and change it?

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I have Microsoft Office 2003 installed and also the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack 2007. However, when I receive an e-mail with a Microsoft Word 2007 attachment, the document will not open even with the Compatibility Pack installed. I can not convert .docx to .doc. Any advice please?

A:Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Attachments in Microsoft Word 2007 will not open

Hi again,

Anybody able to help me with this please?
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Hard to explain but here goes:

When I have a sentence that I want to move to the middle of the page, I place the curser to the left of the word and try to push it right by hitting the space bar and nothing happens.

This is only when the word is all the way to the left of the page.

Is there some type of formatting that would allow this to be free so that I can push words forward??

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After recent full system recovery caused by one or more virus, I am unable to re-install Microsoft Word or Word Perfect on my Compaq Presario, which has Windows XP. Microsoft Word will sometimes start the process but then just stops, giving no indication of what steps to take next or what the problem is. Word Perfect seems to start the process each time but then gets hung up with updating what it describes as the SHFolder.dll. Have waited as long as 20 minutes for this update. The screen does show activity but it just never seems to get done. I cannot take the installation process past that point.

Any suggestions on how I can correct or cure this problem?

A:Unable to install either Microsoft Word or Word Perfect

Check here: for some help - probably the .dll is either corrupt or the path not recognized. Depending on whether or not this page helps, either fix it with that or lookup SHFolder.dll. on the net and download a new copy from somewhere like and install it.
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Hya everyone. I hope i am in the right forum. Could someone tell me how to change a letter in Microsoft Works processor into word format. My son is trying to email his c.v. to companies and agencies but got a letter from a couple stating unable to open file attachment please email in word format. We do not have microsoft word just microsoft works.

Dave H

A:Microsoft works word processor to word format

Check this Microsoft page and see if helps.
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Hi Here is a strange one I have Microsoft Word on a computer running Windows XP SP I just began having a problem opening documents directly in Word The documents will open but they are not right For example I have a document that is passworded out Within Word the document will open but it does not ask for with - problem in Word docs Word Microsoft opening a password and the contents of the document Microsoft Word - problem with opening docs in Word come up scrambled Here is an excerpt of what it looks like k' p V q F t Uzjikvn nnU b g CAg t c B I sD l tL T O gt l C Ab hA gt S This goes on for Microsoft Word - problem with opening docs in Word pages However if I go into Windows Explorer and open the document by double clicking on it there it correctly asks for the password and opens fine Weird no I tried opening other documents from Word that do not have passwords They open but the documents include a bunch of formatting instructions that usually remain hidden But from Windows Explorer they Microsoft Word - problem with opening docs in Word open fine Here is an example Document opened with Windows Explorer Blaine Blair Brody Bryce EVAN English form of Welsh Iefan meaning quot God is gracious quot Lucas Quentin ---------------------------------------------- Same document opened from within Word Blaine Blair Brody Bryce EVAN English form of Welsh Iefan meaning quot God is gracious quot Lucas Quentin Normal Normal Default Paragraph Font Default Paragraph Font Hyperlink Hyperlink aC Documents and Settings Doug Application Data Microsoft Word AutoRecovery save of Document asd aC Documents and Settings Doug Application Data Microsoft Word AutoRecovery save of Document asd C Documents and Settings Doug My Documents Word Boys Names doc e Unknown Times New Roman Times New Roman Symbol Symbol Blaine Blaine Blaine Normal dot Microsoft Word Blaine Root Entry Table Table WordDocument WordDocument SummaryInformation SummaryInformation DocumentSummaryInformation DocumentSummaryInformation CompObj CompObj ObjectPool ObjectPool Microsoft Word Document MSWordDoc Word Document -------------------------------------------- Also once the document has been opened with Windows Explorer it opens correctly from the recent documents list under the File menu in Word as long as it stays on the list So it is only navigating to the document files from within Word that is a problem What may have changed recently to have caused this Over the past couple of days I have been working with one of the people at bleeping computer to try to eliminate some malware The situation with Word was NOT a symptom of the malware Word used to work fine even with malware in the computer But we ran a bunch of scans and virus fixers during the exercise Perhaps something we did screwed up Word I don't know If you think the answer is to uninstall and reinstall Word that is a simple enough remedy But I wanted to check with you before doing that in case you have heard of this and something else is actually the problem that re-installing Word won't fix Thank You

A:Microsoft Word - problem with opening docs in Word

I would be hard to tell with your infection
You have an open topic in the HJT forum. You really should not make any changes until you are done there
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Running Win XP on a home built Intel Core 2 duo platform. Just started within the last week or so. I can open the software from the CD, but not from my hard drive

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I need help uninstalling an add-in to Microsoft Works Suite 2006. I downloaded a program that helped me remove the actual program, Microsoft Works, but the add-in is still stuck and I can not for the life of me get this add-in to unisnstall.. This hole thing has been causing me problems for sometime now, it keeps making my WIndows Installer pop up flashing on the screen about fifty percent of the time I'm on my laptop. I have windows 7 if you need that information, I realize now the program has compatible issues..I finally got the program gone someone please help!! It is call Microsoft Works Suite Add-In for Microsoft Word.

A:Help Uninstalling Microsoft Works Suite (2006) Add-In for Microsoft Word
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Hi I have an access Database that has a form wich contains OLE Object fields in one I use it to paste in Microsoft Access Word a to Microsoft document Issue linking a link to an excel field and the other field I use it to paste a link to a word document This is running under windows and office Every was working fine I had to change my notebook harddisk and mother board After this I reinstall windows Issue linking to a Microsoft Word document in Microsoft Access and office The problem that I have is the following When I double click in the excel link it works fine an open my excel file When I do the same with the word link I got the following message translated because I have my notebook with spanish language quot Error during an operation over an Object Document It is possible the OLE Server is not registered To Register it reinstall it quot Its very extrange because my database worked fine before I reinstalled windows and office and the thing the it works fine with the excel link but not with the word link Please if anyone have and idea of what is going on Thanks a lot in advance for your help nbsp

A:Issue linking to a Microsoft Word document in Microsoft Access

Welcome to TSG jcantini,
Since no one is offering any thing here I'm going to suggest you save the document in the current version of word and reistablish/rebuild the link. I suspect this is an older version of access running with office 2010? mdb file type?

If you google "the ole server isn't registered access 2010" there are tons of confusing suggestions out there! Good luck..
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Here's the Microsoft Download of the utility that will prevent booby-trapped word [.rtf] files from infecting your computer.

A:Microsoft Fix It Tool for Disable opening RTF content in Microsoft Word

Applies to

Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft Office Word 2007
Microsoft Office Word 2003
Still no word from Microsoft regarding if it affect WordPad.
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I recently purchased an ASUS Windows bit computer I transferred my Microsoft Works Version word processor and spreadsheet files from my old computer onto the new computer I just purchased the Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition bit version from an online vendor and installed the software onto my new computer I have no problems opening my Works spreadsheet files in Excel However when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word I get gibberish I Microsoft Cannot Files Word in Works Microsoft Open 2013 did some research online and found out that there is a Microsoft tool called Works - Converter which allows Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013 one to open Works files in Word I downloaded the Works - Converter tool from the Microsoft Support website and installed it on my PC However when I subsequently attempted to open a Works word processor file in Word a dialog box appeared with the error message Word cannot start the converter Wks Pxy cnv and the file Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013 did not open properly i e I got gibberish I did a little more research online and found out that uninstalling the Works - Converter then downloading and installing the Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Package and finally reinstalling the Works - Converter may correct this problem I followed these steps but unfortunately when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word I get the same error message and the file does not open properly If someone can give me advice on a successful way to open Works spreadsheet files in Word I would greatly appreciate it

A:Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013
Reboot after any changes you make.
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Is there a way to count the number of occurrences of a word in MS Word?

If not, is there a downloadable text editor or something that can do such a thing?


A:Counting occurrence of a word in Microsoft Word?

Replace the Word with something like QQQ .. or the the original word .. And it will tell you how many.
Then you can replace it back to what it was ... or just don't save the edited file.
be sure to include the spaces before n after the search word.
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Can anyone help me out?

I click on microsoft word to try and open it and it doesn't even make an attempt to open. My word files also won't open. They are there, but just don't open.
Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!

A:Microsoft word and word doccuments won't open

May be virus problem
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I am a 3rd year university student studying Forensic Science and i have to admit im not much of a writer and these long essays absolutly kill me...i spend so much time bringing up the word count window (time i probably should be spending writing). my question there any way of having a word count always on the screen counting as i go?

does anyone know if this can be done...if so how?

please let me know if i need to download something (and where to get it) or what settings i need to change in word if that needs doing.

Many Thanks

A:Microsoft Word 2003 word counter....

View->Toolbars->Word Count

You still have to click the recount button though.
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just deleted micorosoft works and installed microsoft word(office) BUT now i cant open my old works documents? I have read alot about this but just wanted to check here before i did anything. Im sure i know what to do but just wanted to see what other methods are suggested? thanks!

A:microsoft works document to microsoft word?

What version are you using?

e.g. for 2003:

for 2010:
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Doing a fix for a friend, and this is a new one for me. Her primary concern was that all of a sudden, when she opens word, she can not type anything in a document. I tried it, and nothing happens. It opens like normal, and when you try to type, it is like the keyboard is locked out.

I found a few things on google that I tried to no avail. There was a .DLL patch I did, and I also removed so registry keys.

It is Win XP home, with 256 ram, and a P4 1.7 Proc. The version of word was installed with a software bundle that included Microsft Works.

I uninstalled Word, and reinstalled Office 2000 PRO, and the same thing is happening...

Any help would be awesome.


A:Microsoft Word..I cannot type anything on Word doc

Find and delete all occurrences of on the system.
It sounds like the one in use is corrupt.
A new one will be created when word next runs.

Do not have Word open when you search for and delete Enable the viewing of hidden and system files to see it.
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Dear Forum,

I'm just starting to learn about Microsoft Word 10, which was bundled within an Office 10 package. I'm noticing that as I type a document, the Word Count dialog box at the bottom left remains frozen at 0. When I right-click on it, it opens, but the Word Count is checked within it. So, it's not turned off or anything. I need to limit what I'm writing to a certain number of words. I have to complete this thing within the next day or so. Unexpected need for a troubleshooting solution.

Why isn't my word count going up? And the Characters seem stuck at 67. Maybe I clicked something I shouldn't have. Otherwise, I need some guidance here. Thanks. Steve

A:WORD COUNT IN Microsoft Word 10

try hitting 'save'....that should reset the word count.
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Hi guys first off I haven t been here for help in years literally this was the first place I thought of because a few years ago many generous people helped me solve my problem this place is awesome Please pardon me as I am only decently literate with computers but try my best Ok I am trying to solve an annoying problem for my parent s computer My dad was typing a normal document in Microsoft Word OS is XP with System Pack and it is Word and he said that just yesterday for the first time after typing for maybe a half hour a window would pop up with a quot runtime error quot and it would freeze untill he clicked ok on it and it would then shut down loosing all his work that he didn t save So I got on the computer and opened Microsoft Word and was able to duplicate the problem time after time but not every single time When I simply open word then click to close Word the box appears and he verified it is the same box he saw It says exactly as follows no more no less and every time reads the same - Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library Runtime Error Program C Program Files Microsoft Office Office WINWORD EXE abnormal program termination So I tried to research it and came across a fix on Microsoft s support site saying remove something called COM Add-ins I did so by following each step removing the one COM add in i found and it did not resolve the problem at all It still errors out SO I grabbed the master disk and uninstalled Microsoft Word NOT the whole Office set just Word and re-installed it figuring that would definitely fix it for him nope Today I got a phone call at work that it is doing it again So when I checked his computer it is erroring again for me just as it did last night Arghh I hope I provided enough information Please let me know if any more is needed I almost forgot to add that I updated and ran Full System scans of Norton and Spybot and found nothing Thanks a ton ahead of time for your help guys Mike nbsp

A:Solved: Microsoft Word keeps throwing up "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" Error, Arghh!

First, welcome back!!! (although, vaguely, it's like seeing your cousin after many years at a funeral...nice to see you, sorry about the circumstances....)
Well, this isn't fun - the more I looked, the more "answers" and causes I found...;en-us;835404
(I think you probably did what the above is about - COM add-ins)
and two that seem similar, but aren't the same (good ol' MS!)

Good luck and let us know if you get this fixed - and what did it!
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I have an index card in word that has cutoffs when i print on the start and at the end of the words.

A:Microsoft, Help on Microsoft Word Document

It sounds like your margins are too narrow for the printer. Try adjusting them.
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I have decided to try to fix a problem on my computer with the Microsoft Fix It thing that Microsoft lets us use. Unfortunately, it not only did nothing for my problem (Which I no longer care about), but it did something to Microsoft Works Word Processor, the one that comes with windows. I already tried a system restore, but I've had it for too long so my restore didn't go back far enough.

The error itself says, "Works cannot access one or more files it needs to run the Word Processor. The files may have been renamed, deleted, or moved. Try reinstalling Works, and then starting the program again." Unfortunately I don't know if it has actually been moved or deleted and I don't know how to reinstall it. Any help would be great.

A:Microsoft Fix It messed up Microsoft Word.

If it came with Vista, it may be in Control Panel>Programmes and Features with the Windows Components list opened. You might be able to repair it that way. Failing that, if you had a Vista DVD or made a recovery set of your own, see if that can help.
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I have an index card in word that has cutoffs when i print on the start and at the end of the words.
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I was trying to configure Word 2000 to send email, but I can't seem to find the means to configure the bloody thing. I have tried help files, but wasn't much help.

Anybody plz?


A:Microsoft Word 2000 aka MS Word 2000 - Sending Email - Need Help Configuring

Word itself does not send (or receive) e-mail messages. You may configure Word to be your e-mail editor, but it still requires an e-mail program (such as MS Outlook) to send messages.

You can send e-mails from within Word by using File, Send To, Mail Recipient (or Mail Recipient as Attachment), but this still uses Outlook to do the sending and receiving.

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Recently, I'm having slow file loading while opening ms word files and excel files directly from windows explorer. It takes a minute to load, however it opens immediately if I open .doc files or .xls files directly from their application software. It also take a minute for MS Word and Excel software to shut down.

I have run my antivirus (Symantec) and MBAM but they all show no virus was found. I'm not sure what should I do next, please advice.

A:Microsoft Word & Excel - problem with opening files in Word and Excel

What version of Word & Excel?
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hello every one

my sister done 10 pages for her course work and she alway save it on her memory stick.
but some how, when she try to save it this time it doesn't work and the the microsoft word file turn to notepad file and when she open it, it came up with lot of question marks, i hope there is a way to convert it back into words

thx for reading and help is needed

this is the corse work>>> Rescued document.txt

A:Microsoft word file turn to notepad file with non word text

any responses here?
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Learn about COM interoperability between Microsoft C# and large, complex COM servers. This article shows how to prepare the Office XP COM objects and how to use them in a C# program, and offers some tips on understanding why things have to be done in certain ways.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

To run the sample, you will need the following software installed on your computer:

Microsoft Windows® XP or Microsoft Windows 2000 and related service packs (SPs)
Microsoft Office XP and related SPs
Microsoft .NET Framework and related SPs
Microsoft Office XP Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs)
Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET


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I keep getting an error message and it will not open.

A:microsoft word

Could you be any more descriptive here? You're not giving anybody much to go by on this one.

What happened exactly?
What were you doing?
What is the exact error message?
What are you doing when the error message is generated?
What have you tried to fix this with (exactly)?
What has/not worked?

Try this link: Post back with more details please.
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When I want to view a document I've typed on Word, the view is black. I see the outline of the page but it is completely black. What's the scoop?

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When I save a file on Microsoft word, the sentences come out messed up, they are all moved and not in place, they are not where I typed them. How can I fix this on my own?

A:Microsoft word

Can you post a cleaned (no personal information) copy of one of these files?
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Is there anyway to save the desktop in Word 97, so that when you open Word, everything is the same as when you closed it, even if you turn your computer off? I haven't seen anything that will accomplish that feat. I have some other programs on my computer that will save the desktop. Sure would save a lot of time. Thanks.

A:Microsoft Word 97

do u mean the layout?

the menus should not change after a reboot and if u want to save the layout, word saves it in file

find where u hae it on HD, copy it to another folder u will remember for backup

set word the way u like it and save it as in the folder u found the original in

if desktop is something else then ignore what i said but do explain what u mean by it
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I have a part time job and I have several forms that I have to fill out and would like to be able to put them in Microsoft word and be able to bring the form up and fill in the blanks and then print it off. I have read the how to on forms in Microsoft help, and can't seem to get anything to work. Can anyone out there talk me through how to do my forms in word and be able to fill in blanks without everything moving around. Thanks Sid.,

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Is there any where you can download fonts kind of like a add in just to get more to select from. Im looking for a old english style font but Word doesnt have any that i like.

A:Microsoft Word

Here is a link to the step by step from MicroSoft. Fonts
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Anytime I try and open up a document in Microsoft Word 2003, it does not work. I have to physically open up the microsoft word program and then open the document from there. Why can I not open the document from just going to my documents or from an email attachment? It is very annoying. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

A:Microsoft Word

Maybe you should uninstall, then reinstall Word. See if that clears up the problem.
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A couple of days ago I posted the following question I have written several documents in Word from the Office Suite I want to burn these documents to some CD's which I would then mail to people who are interested in the subject I have written about One of these documents files is about pages in length My question is this Some of the people who receive my CD's may not have Word installed on their computers Will they be able to read the Word documents even though Word is not installed on their computers In reply to my question I with Help Microsoft Word was told that Notepad which comes with all versions Help with Microsoft Word of Windows will open most Word files but maybe not images and tables Several people recommended including a portable version of OpenOffice on my CD This is a free open-source Office suite http portableapps com apps office openoffice portable As suggested I did download OpenOffice Portable en-us paf exe to my CD but I m not sure what to do next How is this used to read the Word files that are also on the CD Should I open the file on the CD before mailing it Should I leave the unopened exe file on the CD and expect it to work automatically for the person receiving the CD Or should I instruct the recipient to download the exe file to a folder in his hard drive If the latter should it go under Program Files or where I m very sorry to have to ask all these questions but this project is very important to me and I m trying to make it work without any major problems

A:Help with Microsoft Word

Hi Robert

Have you considered using the PDF format. You can download free convertors, such as - this. Most people will have Adobe Acrobat reader on thier computer, if they don't a free download is available from Adobe - here
Using this format will also stop anyone editing your documents easily.

Alternatively just burn a copy of the Open Office .exe file to each CD and add a ReadMe First Note pad document explaining what to do if they don't have MS Word.
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Microsoft word keeps locking up. I try to paste something and it will not work.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76285 MB, Free - 44750 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0XG309
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Microsoft word

Don't know if I wil have a solution, but it might help somebody here to help you if you ...

1) Told us what version of MS-Word you are running.

2) If this happens no matter what you try to paste (text. image, link, etc.).

2) Told us what you were trying to paste and where you had copied it from.
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My microsoft word file is getting loaded with too many letters,etc. How do I seperate these files into seperate files by category.

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Okay. . .let's try posting again.
Am using MS Word and the more I use it the more my computer develops some major glitches. As in desk top folders not wanting to open up and let me get in!
Anyway, talked with Gateway Tech and they said MS Word develops its own virus which can be found by doing a search on "" and eliminating it. And sure enough I always find those little critters and eliminating them does keep the computer running smoothly.
You would think tho' that if this is a known virus there would be a more permanent solution?!?
Any suggestions?!?


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I open microsoft word but every time I do there is a small mark on the page that wont go away........

Its like a symbol of somekind I have tried deleting this but to no availe.

I would like my word back to default with nothing on the page as its quite annoying any ideas how I can do this..

A:Microsoft word

Uve probably got the show/ide thini button deppresed. Try cliking on the button circled in the attatched image

If not....

Find your installation CDs whack them in and tell the installation set up to repair word.

If you dont have office disks you may find a application recovery or somthing on your computer.

With more recent MS words just go to help and click detect and repair

If u have xp you can always try system restore. to before the problem.
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I tried using Word, but there is no menu bar. I tried right-clicking and all sorts of things, but couldn't find a way to find it. So i have no menu bar nor any toold bars. All i have is this thing that splits the screen into two.

A:Microsoft Word

You could try doing an ALT-T, then choose customise from the drop down menu that appears. Click on the Toolbars tab, and make sure the box beside the "menu bar" etc., is checked. Click on close, and see if that works.See also this MS Knowledgebase article for other ways to restore your menu and toolbars: this will help, Regards,John
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I am writing a program that opens up many "read only recommended" Word documents, makes changes to them and then saves them.
The part I am having difficulty with is "skipping" the read only recommended dialog box (and opening the document as read - write).

My code for this part of the macro is

Dim PathToUse As String
Dim i As Long
Dim myDoc As Word.Document

PathToUse = "P:\My_Documents\"

On Error Resume Next
Dim Subfolders As Boolean

With Application.FileSearch
.LookIn = PathToUse
.SearchSubFolders = True
.FileName = "*.doc"
.MatchTextExactly = True
.FileType = msoFileTypeAllFiles

If .Execute() Then
For i = 1 To .FoundFiles.Count
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Set myDoc = Documents.Open(.FoundFiles(i), WritePasswordDocument:="xxxxxxxxxx")
Am I correct in thinking that the IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended cannot be used as an arguement in the last line?
And if so is there another method I can use?

Many thanks in advance,


A:Microsoft Word VBA Help

I set this up, I don't use Filesearch as it is not supported in Office watch out.

I was able to adapt some code I use to import Excel files...

Public Sub test()

Dim strFile As String 'Filename
Dim strFileList() As String 'File Array
Dim intFile As Integer 'File Number
Dim path As String
Dim myDoc As String '
Dim fileStr As String ' string to open file

path = "P:\My_Documents\"

strFile = Dir(path & "*.doc")

While strFile <> ""
'add files to the list if meeting Criteria

intFile = intFile + 1
ReDim Preserve strFileList(1 To intFile)
strFileList(intFile) = strFile

strFile = Dir()

'see if any files were found
If intFile = 0 Then
MsgBox "No files found"
Exit Sub
End If

'cycle through the list of files
For intFile = 1 To UBound(strFileList)

myDoc = strFileList(intFile)
fileStr = path & myDoc

If GetAttr(fileStr) And vbReadOnly Then

' sets attribute to normal prior to opening
SetAttr fileStr, vbNormal

Documents.Open filename:=fileStr, ConfirmConversions:=False, ReadOnly:= _
False, AddToRecentFiles:=False, PasswordDocument:="", PasswordTemplate:= _
"", Revert:=False, WritePasswordDocument:="", WritePasswordTemplate:="", _

' call a procedure to make changes..

'sets back to read only
SetAttr fileStr, vbReadOnly


Documents.Open filename:=fileStr, ConfirmConversions:=False, ReadOnly:= _
False, AddToRecentFiles:=False, PasswordDocument:="", PasswordTemplate:= _
"", Revert:=False, WritePasswordDocument:="", WritePasswordTemplate:="", _

' call a procedure to make changes..


End If
Next intFile

End Sub
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Whenever I go to download a file from online or open a file I have I get an error message from Microsoft Word saying. This product can't be opened, try repairing in the Control Panel. I have done this but it still doesn't work. I need this fixed ASAP.

Relevancy 43%

I have a HP Deskjet 722 printer, when I try to print from Microsoft Word, it takes much longer than usual.
Also when the print options pop up I can click properties it indents, when I click options it indents but when I click the ok it does not indents. It still prints but somthing is not right.
It still prints from word but somthing has changed to make it so slow.
I am operating Windows 98.
When I used Microsoft Word before it would pop right away, now it takes about thirty to forty seconds to finally come on the screen??
I believe that I might have a setting that is not right, and Microsoft Word is not going right to the printer?? I have checked all the printer options, they seem to be ok.
Hope this makes some sense.
I can use any help you may be able to give.
Ken Coulter
Sonora CA
[email protected]

A:Microsoft Word

If this is a problem specific with Word, you need help from the Business Applications forum experts
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I'm working with a Tablet PC (using Windows XP Professional) and when I try to select Open or Save and then select the area to search file locations, it takes an extremely long time for the list of network drives to display.

This doesn't happen with viewing file locations either through My Computer or Windows Explorer. It does this wether the Tablet is docked or free.

I ran the Word 2002 post-Service Pack 3 hotfix package, but this did not fix the problem.

Anyone have any other suggestions? HELP!!!!!
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I just formatted my drive, and realized I needed a word document that I didnt save.

I ran On Track, Easy Recovery software, and recovered my document.

The problem, is that its in some strange format, and I cant convert it to something I can see.

Ive tried Rich Text Format, Word, etc...

Isnt there some sort of way that I can convert the coding, to something I can read??

Ive attached a copy of the doc. Any help would be great.



A:Microsoft Word HELP!!

The header suggests it was an .rtf file, however I would suggest that the formatting of the drive has corrupted the file.

Thats hardly surprising as a format would seriously compromise any file, but the recovery software has obviously had a good try at recovering it.

The file is not recognised by my Word version, trying all the common Word file formats.
Relevancy 43%

When a Word 97 document is saved in the recommended manner but then recalled the format partially or totally has changed in format, that is it appears to be in ASKI or some other unreadable format. This also seems to happen when a document is sent to the Recycle Bin then recalled. Please HELP

A:Microsoft Word

What do you mean, "saved in the recommended format". If you don't save it as a Word document, and depending on what you save it as, it can lose some of it's formatting. If you are saving it in Word, and it is losing formating, I would be suspicious of a virus or a corrupted You can try renaming your to Normal.old and then trying it. If it works, then you know the was corrupted. If not, then delete the new one and rename the old one back since it has your personalized settings such as Macros and Auto Text.
Relevancy 43%

I am working in Microsoft Word and have the following problem:

I have an 18 page document of genealogy. I want to put a border on four sides of each page and page numbers.

I clicked on Format and selected a border. The border appeared on the four sides of all 18 pages as well as the page numbers.

However,when I clicked on Print Preview the page number was there but the bottom border was missing. When I print the document the page number is there but the bottom border does not print.

I have changed margins, changed point size of the border etc, but nothing has worked.

I would appreciate any remedy if there is one.

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Hello recently when my mom was on Microsoft word writing a letter, she completely messed up word. She clicked on many diffrent things not knowing what they were and now i get this, you cant really tell but the icons at the top are HUGE

and i cant get it back to normal any suggestions?

A:Microsoft word gone mad!

Open Word, on View> Toolbars> Customize: Options tab> uncheck Large icons under Other. While there you can remove any of the toolbar icons that you don't need.
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Hi, I can't open microsoft word I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but no luck anything else I can do. Thanks for help. Regards Gerry

A:Microsoft Word

You need to provide more details. What version of Word/Office are you using? Is this a legally purchased full program or just a trial version or downloaded copy?

Does the program not respond? Does the program give an error?

Relevancy 43%

I recently had a virus and restored my computer to a week ago. Now my Word document will not open. When i click on them it just goes to the starting up phase with the white and yellow screen but doesnt move past that.
It says "processing"

btw its Microsoft Word starter 2010..



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Hi guys; I tried to load Microsoft XP WORD from Microsoft Xp office. It's not working and I have to get back to my file fast could someone just tell me how I can Make Word 6.0 my default and get away from Xp word. It has changed all my file to word XP. Or do I have to reload word 6.0 .


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I cannot open a Word document on my computer. I've tried Repairing microsoft office and even deleted office and re-installed, but nothing seems to work. All other programs in office like Excel, Powerpoint, will open, but not Word. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Relevancy 43%


I have a problem that is I am doing a project work concerning my subject which I have to type mannually is there any software that can change PDF images into Ms Word including scientific equations also.

Please help me out in this problem.


A:PDF to Microsoft Word

Nitishbpo said:


I have a problem that is I am doing a project work concerning my subject which I have to type mannually is there any software that can change PDF images into Ms Word including scientific equations also.

Please help me out in this problem.

ThanksClick to expand...

click on the link below, and check on the replies to that thread. It looks to me like its what you're looking for
Good luck!
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Alright, my family just got a new computer, with all the bakery fresh software available. The problem is, Microsoft Word isn't backwards compatible, so the older files will not open. Some of these were files that they needed for work, so they're very important. I've searched online, and the only converters I can find are wps to doc, the exact opposite of what I actually need. Do these converters work the other way too? Or can someone point me in the direction of what I need? All help appreciated, thanks!

A:Microsoft Word

A .wps file is created by Microsoft Works, not by MS Word. You will need to open the .wps file and then save it as a Word document. The link below is to MS's Works to Word converter:;displaylang=enRegards,John
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Let's say I go to "My Documents" & click on a folder, say "Recipes" & there are 15 or 20 recipes listed there. They are all shown as "Tiles", while I prefer them to be shown as "List".

So, I hit the icon that displays all my choices & change to "List".

Works great, until I go out of "My Document" & come back in & find it has been changed back to "Tiles".

Can anyone tell me how to lock "List" in?

Thank you . . .

A:Microsoft Word

Welcome to TSG forums.
Open My Documents, click on view click on list. It should stay that way now.
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How can I get my word attachments on an email I receive to open in normal view and not in reading view? When they open in the reading view, flyers open up scrambled.

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I have a question about a problem with Microsoft word 2010. I know the fix is probably easy but I can not figure it out. Recently, when using word I must have clicked something without even knowing. Usually there is a little space at the top of the page and when I click on the page the curser is below the space, like with a header, even though I haven't added a header. It's just the way it is supposed to be. My problem is now when I go to new word page my cursor goes directly to the top of the page and the only way I can get the space back is to manually add a header every time. How do I get word to go back to its default settings?Thanks

A:Microsoft Word

You probably inadvertently changed the View so under the View tab select Print Layout and it should go back to the way you want it.
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I've just discovered that my dell latitude laptop doesn't have any document based programmes on it, and when I went on line to try and download it, they wanted me to pay £109.99 for it. Does this sound too much to anyone? Any ideas how to proceed?

Relevancy 43%

I know this might be a VERY stupid question, but; how the heck do you download Microsoft Word!!??

My computer, unfortunatly did not come with it.
Please tell me


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I am using word 98 at my University on a floppy disk and when I use it on XP it says it's not compatable and does not recognize it. I understand that word 98 is a 16bit program and word perfest on xp is a 32 bit program and is not compatable. I have tried downoading word 98 to xp but will not work. Is there any way around this problem? Any help is appreciated, thanks, Neesh

A:Microsoft word 98

I use Word 97 on XP without any problems.

Is your Word 98 a legal copy?

If so I recommend you install it under XP.
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Hi guys...

I've been having a hard time with MW2003 everytime I use tables. basically, i want the text to continue accross the page by rows instead of continuing to another page by column. is there a setting that allows me to do that? please help and let me know!

Relevancy 43%

I'm having an issue with MS Word 2007 when i try to access Thesaurus i get this message no thesaurus is available for english word 2007. What should i do?

A:Microsoft Word

Have you tried a repair using the original disk?
Relevancy 43%

I have microsoft word and it has stopped working It is saying not enough memory checked my memory and i have lots of it what is happening

Relevancy 43%

I have Office XP Pro. I can bring up a Word Doc but when I save them they get saved in Wordpad. I can't change them. This is what I've done.

Went to a Save Word Document
Put my mouse pointer over the Document
Right click the mouse
Click on Properties
Click on Change
Word is not there
Go to Browse
I don't know where to go from here

A:Microsoft Word

do you mean that your doc's get opened in wordpad? or they get saved with a wordpad icon?

right-click on a document >> open with... >> if you see word on the list, select it, and make sure the 'always use...' box is ticked

if you can't see word on the list, youy have to use the 'browse...' button, and navigate to the word program (winword.exe), probably somewhere in your c:\program files\microsoft office folder (or similar, i don't have it installed here right now).
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I have typed a 44 page document in Word. 3 columns. How do I evenly line up the text in columns 2 & 3?

Relevancy 43%

Ok I realize this may seem ignorant to some of you and it s true I am ignorant when it comes to Microsoft Word help anyone? these things I am just wondeing if any of you know a way to save a font and size in MS word So that I can automatically use the same font and size everytime without having to select them Is there such a thing If so could you please tell me how Also in word there is an address book I have saved Microsoft Word help anyone? the names and addresses of people in there numerous times Lets say I am going to print an envelope I select the name but only the name comes up the addresses won t save I have to re-type them every time If I look at the peoples info though their addresse are still listed but they will not come up in the preview box before I print Is that how it s supposed to be shouldn t I be able to click the name and the envelope just prints everything names and addresses too Well those are my Microsoft Word help anyone? questions how to save fonts etc and also how to save addresses along with names in the address book Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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i am using vista .i was using mycrosoft word .never had a problem till today with it .now even if i change the size to 36 the letters stay the same size .
cant not change letter size .color work ok .
now i did uninstall it and i do have the cd that came with my computer .so i did install it back [word] but it is not working .
so do you what is the problem with it .
or if you know were i cant find one to download free .
i have been using it since 2007 no problem .
thank you
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Is there anyway that you can download microsoft word to make different types of graphs on?? Or can you make them on Microsoft Word 97???

A:Microsoft Word 97

If you have Microsoft Excel you can. If you go to "insert" then to "Object" you can insert a graphic from excel or even Lotus if you have that. There is a way to create your own table in word. To do this go to "Table" then to "Draw Table." I recomend just either hyperlinking the graph from excel/Lotus or by inserting an object.
Relevancy 43%

what seems to be the problem when i try to open a saved document on my computer and it prompts to intall microsoft office xp? and everytime i save something or copy and paste into word it keeps popping up with installing microsoft office xp. its very annoying. what is causing this, am i missing a file or something? i dont have the program on cd so what should i do?

Relevancy 43%

Alright. I have just noticed this because i was (and need to be working on) a english project which, obviously, involves using a word processor. In my case Microsoft word.

But its being weird.

When typing it is slow, the letters not appearing on the page until i stop for a second. Then they appear, with volumes of mistakes.

Also when trying to use the tool bar menus (such as the spacing selector) the menu gives the pre-drop image (faint image JUST before it actually shows its self) and stops, no menu.

Any one know whats up with this? I would like to fix the problem without having to reinstall.

I dont remember having this problem in recent memory.

A:What is up with Microsoft Word?


I just did a BUNCH of defragmenting. and the computer is faster in general, and word works!
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My grandson somehow uninstalled the file or dll needed to install his Microsoft Word I think thats the version It was not installed on the computer it was there but not installed cause it was not needed until now Anyway He is into making his Mario game on the computer which he has downloaded several programs to do this and he is good at it He needs the Microsoft Word to add words to the game which he cannot do now Do not want to reinstall new system as there is no backup disk on the computer and besided it would remove everything on his computer now Is there any MIcrosoft site where I can word Microsoft ? just download Microsoft Word without paying freebee Don t want the whole Microsoft thing only word On Microsoft word ? the other hand could I not just find my Microsoft word on my computer send it to a pencil drive then install it on his computer Don t really want to buy the whole thing just for one program He is using Windows XP or is there another program out there that might work just as good don t know if only Word will work with the programs he has or not Any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 43%

I was typing a letter today in Microsoft Word 2000. All the letters in the left-hand margin were capitalized, even in the middle of a sentence. I typed them as lower case letters and as soon as I hit the space bar, they changed to caps. I had to go back and change all of them to lower case. My son and I checked all the settings, but could not find the problem. Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure we missed something.

Relevancy 43%

Each time I try to start Microsoft Word, I get the following message,"Word failed to start correctly last time. Starting Outlook in safe mode will help you correct or isolate a startup problem in order to successfully start the program".

I haven't added any new programs to my system. So post around the web suggest that it has something to do with McAfee virus scanner. I remove McAfee as instructed, but I still have the same problem. Can anyone help me????

A:Microsoft Word

Did you try the built-in repair tool?
Click "Help" - "Detect and Repair".
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My operating system is Windows 7 and I'm currently using an old version of Microsoft Office which I'm happy with.

However, today I've opened an attachment from my email which is in Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 and it has now converted all my existing Word files to this format!!!!

How can it do this and can I somehow revert back to my old version???

A:Microsoft Word

Pick a file you want to convert click it once so it's highlighted in blue right click it and pick open with. Pick the older version and check off the box at the bottom that says open all associated files with.
Relevancy 43%

Where do I search for the AutoRecovery document backups I see occurring every few minutes when the "floppy" appears briefly at the bottom of the page and then disappears.

I know this function is available but I would not know where to look to regain the temporary backup if I did need to do so.



A:Microsoft Word

It handles it automatically. If you have a lock-up or power failure, Word will open after you reboot with the saved file open.

It stores them in Windows>Temp with a .wbk extension, but I don’t think it even saves it as a temp file without an uncontrolled shutdown of Word without the opportunity to save the active document.
Relevancy 43%

Hi everyone first time poster here.

I am having a problem with Word documents in Microsoft Word XP - over the last few weeks with all my Word documents when i go to close one of them it asks me if i want to save the changes to the document and that is fine however it know keeps asking if i want to save the change to the letter.wiz.

I havent made any changes to the settings in Word but it is constantly asking about the change to letter.wiz. The OS on the pc is XP SP3.

Also i have copied some of the files to a pc that has O/S XP SP3 but Word 2003 and this message about letter.wiz does not appear.

Is there a setting that is causing the message to appear on the original pc?

If anyone can offer any tips or advice that would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

A:Microsoft Word XP

Welcome to TSG
Have you made any changes that are stored in your, maybe something 'runs' in the background?
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When uploading and attaching a Word document I receive an error message, however after clicking ok the error message goes away and the file attaches. Also, some file folders disappear when attempting to upload a Word document. I have noticed this problem does not occur right after restarting. After a few uploads the error message is back. I'm not sure what the problem is, if Word is corrupt, and/or if I should reinstall Microsoft Office. Any ideas would be great!

Relevancy 43%

For some reason the toolbar for microsoft word has disappeared. Not able to use any functions. please help!!!

A:microsoft word

Hey there, welcome to TSG.

Try the suggestions listed here. Thanks to Dreamboat for that link.

If that doesn't work for you, let us know.


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Hi all I have windows vista home premium and microsoft word student edition I am copy and pasting some various articles from the internet to use as quotes in an essay I have to complete The problem is when I copy and paste from the website the font stays the same as what it was when I got it from the website so I have to change the size and style every time in word Is their a way I can format the word please microsoft help word document so no matter what the font looks like before copying and pasting it will still look the same in microsoft word Basically I want to be able to copy and paste from specific websites without having to re change the size and style in word I want word to do it automatically I never used to have this problem I have a table that I copy and paste to so is their a way to format the table so all font that goes in is the same Thanks all

A:microsoft word help please

If im reading your problem correctly, when you copy and paste from a website it is not in the same format as the document you are writing. It is possible to only paste text without formatting by default by going to the office button in the top leftThen clicking word options.Then selecting advancedThen find the copy and paste section that looks like the picture below and change it to text only.hope that's what you wanted.
Relevancy 43%

i can't seem to get microsoft office platnium installed i have the 2003 version and it says
"Error executing file.

I:\Office11 - Disc 1 - Professional\SETUP.EXE

The requested operation requires elevation."

what does this mean? i am new to vista and i need word soo....

Relevancy 43%

Been using Word with no problems until today. Typed a couple of letters and envelopes. When I came back to do another envelope word would not launch. Tried everything and the only way I can get out is to control, alt, delete. Even tried to uninstall and re-install. No luck. I use this program all the time. Does anyone have an answer what may be wrong? Tried to get into it even through my documents. Please help.


A:Microsoft Word

Hi Rosie

Do a search for and delete it ... it will recreate itself when you launch Word

... also make sure your Windows TEMP folder has been emptied

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I would like to kno if there is a way that i can put pics in a table on microsoft word 97

A:Microsoft Word

using 0ff2000 now, but recall it was the same with Off97

create your table
click on the cell you want to have the picture in
main menu bar: insert, picture, from file (or clipart)

if you have the insert picture icon on the tool bar, just drag it into the cell you want

right clicking on the picture afterwards gives you sonme formating choices and you can change the size by dragging the corner towards th emiddle

hint: click on the corner, hold the shift button, then drag
- this will keep the proportions the same

note: publisher may be better than word in some cases for having pictures and text (newsletters, brochures, flyers), depends what the document is
Relevancy 43%

About a week ago I installed DivX to view movies. I uninstalled it within 10 minutes of installing it because I wanted to watch a movie but it was too large for what DivX I saw no point in keeping it. Along with DivX, a Google search box was installed and I suppose it's new since I've never seen the likes of it before. Anyways, I deleted it and now when I click a link on a word document it says "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions on this computer" but I don't remember messing with any operation that could have caused this. I have firefox and it works just fine...not one single problem with it. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this...pretty's really annoying to copy+paste the link into a tab then go back to my document etc. etc. etc....

Please help me

A:Microsoft Word

Hi -

See if Windows System Restore can help - choose a restore point prior to DivX installation -
START | type rstrui

Reset IE -

Regards. . .


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I just bought a new gateway computer and now realize that It came without Microsoft word. My spouse is furious.
I have priced it at several places and it starts at $40 up to $325 . What is the difference? I cannot seem to find out. There must be allot for the price difference.

A:microsoft word

Riskyb: Microsoft Works Suite runs about $100. It has Word, Works, Encarta, Money and Expedia Streets and Trips. Walmart has it. I have used it for 2years and have had no problems (That I didn't create myself) A $325 version is most likely for big time office work. I don't think a home user would need something like that. You Can also buy just MS Word but I think Works Suite is a better deal.
Relevancy 43%

my computer came with works suite 2001. Recently I had to reformat my computer and I used my factory disk to reload works suite, However word wich is part of it, opens, says installing, and then asks for key number. Since it came with the computer I have no key number. Dell wont talk to me because warrenty is out, microsoft wants an arm and a leg to talk to them and they say its dells problem any way. I sould be able to use the word program that came with my reinstall disk. all the other programs work.

A:microsoft word

Maybe have a look at
Unless you have better luck then I, Dell will not be very helpful and microsoft less so.
OpenOffice won't cost an arm and a leg (it's free), but will be a good replacement for works.
Relevancy 43%

When I save something in word, for instance on the desk top or anywhere and I go back to open it, word is blank. I have to click open on word and go to the saved place and open it that way, can this be fixed. It was working ok now this happened

Relevancy 43%

I am on limited income and cannot afford another computer Have a XP desktop Compaq-Presario Got it used from ex-choir director's wife last August It only came with gig There is no wordpad on here It came with Microsoft Works program which I have been using for writing my poetry and short stories None of my friends can open my documents however And I cannot open and view docs from them either I have the Microsoft Office on a cd-rom which I bought from my online school back in I cannot install it on here though for would need another gig on here There is an empty slot on my hard drive but being disabled and without a car cannot lug it on the bus to a store to get one Stores have told me I cannot just come in and buy another memory card and would have to bring the computer in with me I cannot order one online either for Microsoft Word with help Need only have AVAST anti-virus free on here and Windows firewall Have no protection for my bank Is there Need help with Microsoft Word any way to just install the Word aspect of the program without installing all of it If I could do that I could uninstall the Microsoft Works on here But then would I lose all of my poetry and writing I have saved in that program and not be able to open them again Here are the specs of this computer Product Specifications Compaq Presario SR NX Desktop PC HP Support Any help is greatly appreciated thanks

A:Need help with Microsoft Word

Hi whoever told you you cannot buy ram without taking in the pc has misinformed you.
This is the ram you need Crucial Technology 512MB 184-Pin PC2700 333Mhz DIMM DDR RAM at
As to being unable to use your bank that is probably reasonably wise.
But you can use a site like Amazon to buy the ram as it is secure.
you can also check the ram is compatible using the crucial Advisor tool here 512MB DDR PC2700 Unbuffered NON-ECC 2.5V 64Meg x 64 | Crucial USA Scroll down and it is in the left hand column you choose Compaq from the list, then all models, then Compaq Presario SR1111NX from the list use the scroll feature and it will be near the bottom of the list. The Crucial site can also be trusted, but Amazon will most likely will be cheaper.
Avast is fine as an antivirus but change the firewall, Comodo or Zonealarm are 2 you can look into, and keep your security programs updated.
Free Firewall Software: Personal Firewall by ZoneAlarm
Firewall | Download Free Firewall Software From Comodo
And one last thing is this Which is free and does most of the things MS office does.