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Fake 128GB USB memory stick is really only 2GB - can it be altered?

Q: Fake 128GB USB memory stick is really only 2GB - can it be altered?


i bought a USB memory Stick from overseas, and it was supposed to be 128gb,

when i tested it with 'H2test' the realy stoarge of the USB is only 2GB.

Am i able to hide/delete/alter the portion of the memory stick that is faulty and useless.

thus changing the propoerties of the memory stick


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Preferred Solution: Fake 128GB USB memory stick is really only 2GB - can it be altered?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Fake 128GB USB memory stick is really only 2GB - can it be altered?

Change it to what? You can't make 2 gigs hold 128 gigs.

If you bought with Paypal or a credit card you may be able to dispute the purchase....
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I bought this 128GB USB3 flash drive because it was only $49.99 with a Promo Code. Now I ask myself what to do with it. It has a pretty impressive R/W speed. Any suggestions would be welcome.

A:High speed 128GB USB stick - what to do with it

It could be a great Windows To Go drive.

Windows To Go - Create in Windows 8 Enterprise


Windows 8 To Go - Setup on a USB Flash Drive or USB Disk
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I am running Windows XP in a Compaq Presario, with CD reader and CD/DVD burner.
My question: How do I get a DVD(with photos and sound) onto a Flash Memory stick or an SD card??

A:Transfer DVD to Memory Stick or Memory card

Simplest method:

Insert the Disc with photos and sound (close any autorun)
Go to My Computer
Right Click on the CD/DVD drive (with your photos and sound in) and select open
Click on Edit (in Toolbar) then Select all
Click on Edit (in Toolbar again) and select copy

Close the folder

Insert your Flash Memory stick and select Open folder to view the files
Click on Edit (in Toolbar again) and select paste

All done Copy and paste (some say I'm good at this !)
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Completely new to this so apologies if barking up the wrong tree .... !

Rather than buying a 32 gb memory stick to upload some important jpg pictures into for safety's sake, I'm wondering if it's possible to upload and store them in a spare and unused 32gb memory card that I've got lying around instead ? Equally if it's then possible to download them safely later on ?


A:Possible to save to a memory card rather than a memory stick ?

Short answer is Yes. An SD card is very similar to a flash drive as far as the technology goes and can be used like an SD card for storing files. I would format it Fat32. And you can download (Copy) the files from the card at any time.
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am experiening problems copying files from an Acer laptop with 08 vista to memory stick both media and word docs. Older docs transferred from work pc go to and from the Acer via memory stick without problem Others created or copied direct to (eg music) cannot be tranferred to memory stick, with message reading : error 0x800700052.

I would gretaly appreciate any advice.


A:dse memory stick 1gb

You may be trying to put too many files into the root directory of the memory stick, try creating a folder on the memory stick and then copying the files to that folder instead.
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I am having problems clearing my memory stick of unwanted data.

Does anyone know a way to delete all info. in one hit ? Thanks in advance

A:memory stick

If it shows up under 'My Computer' when you insert it into your card reader, you should be able to right-click on it, and select 'Format' to completely wipe the card clean.

If 'Format' it doesn't appear in the right-click menu, click on 'Properties' and see if it's in there.
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I have a USB flash drive
It worked fine as was seen when plugged in my old pc
But now on my new one it says its installed and lights up when I plug it into USB But does not appear in My Computer window to click on it to open it Any ideas please?
My card reader is the same.

A:USB Memory stick not seen

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- Use text after this line --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- Use text before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

NOTE: If you have a USB keyboard and/or mouse, you'll have to modify the instructions and leave enough parts for those to function. I don't have one yet, so I haven't had time to modify the instructions.
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I was using an Windows XP computer that didn't have a floppy drive so I used a USB memory stick to save things onto. XP has that auto read and it knew were it was so it was no problem to access the files on it. Now that computer and I'm stuck using a Windows 98 that doesn't have the auto find. How do I get the computer to read the USB so I can access the files?

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i have downloaded a few movies and put them all on my memory stick then deleted them off my computer. Now if i try and pay them in windows media player it says it cannot play it because of a missing codec that was used to suppress the file??

Can anyone help ive already tries using other media players but they don't work either!!

2 of the movies work but the other 5 dont . Dont understand why they are all normal mpeg files??
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How do i download photo's to memory stick. do i need a programme of some kind.? or is there something in xp that will do it for me .didnt think the cheap cd writer that came with it would do it .

A:memory stick

Barjay, welcome to TSF.

Insert your memory stick into an empty USB port.

Find the pictures you wish to transfer. Select the file you want and right click on it > Choose Send To > Removeable Drive.
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Hi all.I got a 128mbPC133 memory stick for x-mas.But the problem is, I have a PC2100 model.I was wondering if it will still work.I put it in but nothing is changed except that AIDA recognizes it as an extra memory.Can i manke it work or should i try and see if the manufacturer will exchange it??..Thank you

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I have an Packard Bell laptop, running XP. At the moment i am not able to accssess the internet. I have downloaded a program, MP3 Tools onto my memory stick from another computer, but for some reason when i try to put it onto my laptop i keep getting an error message. Can anyone help please. thank you.

A:Memory stick

What's contained in the error message may help.
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I have purchased a 4GB Memory Stick.
Every time I try to save a file I get the message "Please insert a disc in Drive I" and can go no further with the save.
I am using Windows XP

A:Memory Stick

Doesn't sound like it's getting installed correctly - XP isn't liking the media. Do other flash drives work ok. Can you try it in another machine?
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Will this tactic work?
If I transfer all my harddrive to a memory stick (the size is 4 Gigabytes) can I then plug it into a PC with Norton installed and scan it that way?
I ask because I cannot scan my pc at the moment because a virus(or a trojan or I know not what) is effectively blocking my internet access .
Again would Norton Antivirus be up to the task as someone (my ISP) said they thought it might be a trojan to be redirecting my outgoing traffic in the way that it is.

A:using a memory stick

hi geordief

it might take a while depending on the size of your hard drive but this should work also try spybot search and destroy in google that should also be able to help.
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I have used my memory stick before to look at my pictures and copy to DVD. Now, all of sudden, it is telling me when I put the stick in, and try to open to insert the memory stick, the memory stick is blinking, like it is being read. I checked the profile, the auto play said music, I tried to change to photo would not change,the auto play thing keeps appearing like it is playing something. I am so frustrated. Get this where I bought this computer, their tech support is off until 1/5. Can you imagine what their phones will be like then, with all of Xmas stuff they probably sold. Does anyone have any ideas. I have tried to change the "J" drive to photo, mixed etc, it just goes back to music. I don't know if that is the problem. But I am not all that computer illiterate.
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It says that this memory stick is perfect for the PSP, but right now for me it isnt being perfect. It will not let me transfer any data onto it?? Im using the latest version of sonicstage, and none of the support sites for the card are helpful at all. Can anyone help me out please??

thnx, david

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I have plugged my memory stick into my pc and I cannot read from it. There is no data available on it. I plugged it into another pc and still nothing. Help. How do I retrieve the data?


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Hi all at TSG! Can you help? I'm purchasing a sony digital camera which uses a "Memory Stick" for storage. Does anyone know if a compact flash card or a SD memory card would be compatible, or will I only be able to use a memory stick? Thanx

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I?m using one of those memory sticks, I download a few episodes of something to it and then plug it into my DVD player. It plays fine but the episodes are not in order. No matter how I rename them they?re always out of order. Does anyone have a solution for this?

A:Using a memory stick - help please

What file format do you use please?
Do your file names start with numbers or words?
What make is your DVD player?
If you give me those details I will look into it for you.
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I'm trying to download Winzip Program to a memory stick,so that i can install on another computer that needs Winzip,but is not connected to I/Net.
Everytime i try an install,there seems to be missing files.
Any ideas ??
Many Thanks

A:Memory Stick

No ideas. I've often transferred WinZip via USB drive-never had any problem. Are you sure you're saving the downloaded file to the USB drive-if you try copying your installed version of WinZip you probably won't get it all. Other than that the only idea I have is that you have a problem with your download-have you tried re-downloading it? Maybe from a different PC?
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I wish to know how to use a memory stick to save files/back up files/transfer files.

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my memory stick is stuck in a laptop's card reader
i cannot take it out
please help

A:memory stick help

i own a pc with windows xp

my memory stick is stuck in a laptop's card reader
i cannot take it out
please help
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are all memory sticks compatible with all pcs?Or do i have to know stuff before i purchase one?This is my pc...what kind of card should i get?,if they are not all

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This probably sounds daft, but when you buy a PSP did a memory stick come with it, or did you have to buy one separately?

A:PSP memory stick

My PSP "fat" came with a 32MB memory stick.

I believe there are packages that come with up to 1 GB memory stick.
I bought my own 2GB memory stick and I use that exclusively.
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Hi there, i have two 256mb memory on my pc which has two more empty slots and capacity for 4gb. I bought a 2gb memory stick compatible with my system, my question is, do i have to take the 256mb memory sticks out, or just add the 2gb one, cause I'll have then 2 1/2gb of memory, is that all right??

A:Memory stick

Don't mix memory types. Remove the old memory sticks and use only the new memory
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What is the difference between a USB flash drive and a USB pen drive? There is a difference in price but that is all i can work out at the moment. Please can you help.

A:Memory stick

Hi helenb102,

Welcome to TSG!

According to when I searched for usb flash drive, a USB flash drive and USB pen drive are one and the same:
Known By Many Names

Also known as a "flash drive," "pen drive," "keychain drive," "key drive," "USB key," "USB stick" and "memory key," ...

I already knew that, but wondered if indeed there actually was some difference - so, none!

They are sold with or without bootable software (Windows) depending on mfg. I have bought 512kb, 2GB and 4GB USB flash drives. SanDisk cruzer (512KB, 2GB, 4GB) comes with Windows compatible FAT16 (I think) bootable software. On a PNY Technologies (2GB) USB flash drive which does not come with any bootable software, I partitioned and laid in a compatible file system for Linux Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon which has the property (now) of persistent storage, so that any changes I install to it are not lost after I boot it up and install the changes - i.e. between reboots from it onto my desktop from it.

-- Tom
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I have a USB1.1 memory stick that is a few years old. It has worked faithfully up until now. Yesterday when I insert it into a USB port, the computer (XP) does not detect it. There is no error message, there is no yellow question mark in the Device Manager. It does not appear on in My Computer, it doesn't work on another computer (Vista) and I have another USB Memory stick that does work with the computer so I am guessing that there is problem with the older stick.

Is there anything I can do to access the data on the stick and back it up before I replace it?



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I am on Xp home

I have a memory stick, which I have had about 6 months.

I used it the morning to print from, when I come to use it, tonight I cannot get in it.
It says the memory stick needs formatting
I have tried PC Inspector File recovery but all I can get out of it is "Boot Error"
Does anyone know software that will get me into this memory stick?


A:Memory Stick

here are a couple for sitesroadkill's unstoppable copiersor try this oneroadkills raw copysee of either one of them helps
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Hi, I am running Windows XP SP3 and I have high speed satilite service provider. I live in a remote area and the only other provider is dialup. My nieghbor who also lives here has Windows Vista and she only has dialup. I am wondering if I can download Windows Defender onto my USB memory stick and then go install it onto her computer. It is a 12 hour download for her since she is only getting 17Kbps speed and also can't seem to download it. Hope someone can help since it is two different platforms and I don't know if it is the right thing to do. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:USB memory stick

Not sure about Windows defender , but most downloads give you a choice to save or run. Many times, I have saved to a cd and burned it for friends who have a slow connection.
I think your idea should work.
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I was wondering if someone can help me, i am having huge problems with memory sticks, im on my second one because stuff that i save into the stick disappears or when i open i file like a word document its opens with no text, just rows and rows of tiny boxes i would be so grateful if someone could help me. Im not a computer wizz, only know what i know which unfortunaly isnt why my memory stick is playing up. Perhaps someone know a great helpful website

Thank you Danni

A:8GB memory stick
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Hey all

I have do a project for school on the sony memory stick duo new release of the

4GB and 8GB cards and i cant find anything on the price

can someone plz help?

A:Memory stick duo

i'm not sure the 8's are available yet but, here are some prices on the 4's
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I plug in my memory stick into my computer but it does'nt work, do I need to download some type of software to my computer? please help.

A:Memory stick

Memory modules, if the correct size, and type, should work out of the box.
Be sure you have the right stuff by going to and entering your computer brand and model, or the motherboard brand and model... for a list of what should work.
Then if you install it correctly so that it is firmly seated, the motherboard BIOS and Windows should detect it and accept it automatically.
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Just a casual question. I have three memory sticks, equal in capacity, which are used for transmitting files across to other computer and daily backups. The computer has a hard disk with no partitions and the usual CD/DVD-ROM drive.

Why, when I insert two of the memory sticks are they each recognised as the E drive, whilst the third memory stick is always recognised as the F drive. The memory sticks are used one at a time.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.66GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 235131 MB, Free - 188679 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0WG864, , ..CN481116AB03B3.
Antivirus: Sunbelt VIPRE, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Memory on a Stick

Is each stick always recognized as the same drive, like the "f" is always "f" even if it is the only stick plugged in?

Might want to look at this:

You can name your sticks for ease of use.
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Hello all I ve been running Memtest version on my memory sticks lately I mainly started because I read a lot about it in the forums and wanted to try it out I m kind of new to the whole PC scene so I don t know exactly why or when to run memory tests or what all the numbers are supposed to tell me I ll start by Stick? Bad Memory listing my system specs Processor Intel P C GHz w MHz FSB Motherboard MSI G Neo -PLS Memory Kingston ValueRam GB x MB PC Hard Disk Western Digital GB RPM IDE I realize that my current memory is not optimum for my system but at the time I built my system it was what I had I plan on upgrading to PC in the future My motherboard has RAM slots each for Channel quot A quot and Channel quot B quot I ve run each stick in each slot individually for a minimum of hours per run The first stick has consistantly run without any errors the second stick has consistantly run with many errors My questions are these Bad Memory Stick? Have I run the tests properly Can I assume that ultimately there should be no errors My memory has a quot Lifetime Warranty quot how would I go about having Kingston replace the bad stick If I ve left out any pertinent information I apologize and please feel free to request it Any responses are greatly appreciated Thank you ahnadahodo nbsp

A:Bad Memory Stick?

There is really no way to run MemTest wrong and yes, there should be no errors whatsoever.

You can either take the memory back to where you bought it or RMA it directly to Kingston. You can find the RMA form on under support.
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Hey guys,

I have a question,

is there any way to recover a corrupted drive.

A while back i was formating my 2gb memory stick when the power went out.
The format did not complete and now the drive wont work at all.

is there any way to get it working again?

Thanks in advance.

A:USB memory stick help

Ok, did some googling.
Found this utility Low-Level Format Tool-HDDguru

It is currently working its magic.

More after the break.
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Please help, I accidentally formatted my wife’s memory stick, it contained about 4GB of work she had not backed up. Is there any way I can retrieve any of her work.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi,hopefully u can answer my question.I have 2 memory sticks installed in my pc,one 512mb Ram stick and one 256mb Ram, but on a recent visit to pc pitstop it said that i only had 512mb running.
Where can see how much is actually running?Is it possible that the 256 stick is broke?How can i find this out?

physical memory
Total 515568
in use 220624 so could anyone tell me from these figures how much Ram i have?


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I have a 4gb memory stick that I have used many times to install Linux etc on old laptops etc. Now that I want to use that stick to copy off some files from Win 7, I notice that Win 7 suggests its capacity is only 1gb.

I think I have seen this kind of thing happen before but cant remember how I resolved it.

Anyone got ideas on how to kick-start W7 into recognising its full capacity ?


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Is there any notable difference in performance between a 1600MHz rated memory stick compared to a 1333MHz rated stick?
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Long story short: My new computer that had Vista on it originally crashed two weeks ago. I downgraded to XP. Now the internet doesn't work. My Network Drivers are missing.

So I hooked up my old computer (Windows ME) I upgraded it to XP. I got onto the HP website and the tech sent me 3 drivers: chipset, sound, and modem.

The CD burner on the old computer won't work. So I couldn't burn the drivers onto a cd and transfer.

I bought a USB Memory Stick. The computer recognized it, installed it. But it's not under 'My Computer'.

I went into Admin Tools and tried adding a new drive. It wouldn't work/I may not have done it right.


A:USB Memory Stick

Try reinstalling the USB drivers or your motherboard chipset drivers.
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Does memorysticks suport only Fat32 file system?It is posible to format to Ntfs?

A:Memory stick problems

Nearly all support FAT32. It is possible to format some brands and models with NTFS, but I cannot think of any possible reasons why you would want to, or why this could be necessary... NTFS is better for complex file structure and security, but FAT32 works better with less memory, and is more reliable as a simple system.
Tell us what you have in mind, and why.
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Every time I plug my memory stick in anyone of my computers it turns everything into shortcuts and puts a video file named "x" this file does not run of actually play any video. I need to send a project to a teacher on this memory stick and I need this fixed. I have tried formating and also tried virus scanning neither have helped. I am not sure weather it is a sophisticated virus or just some error on my computers. Also recently I believe that I may have been infected by a RAT program. Well actually I'm sure of it. My computer started playing music and started speaking to me. I have virus scanned and to no avail. I am using Bullguard and well Im starting to doubt the effiency of this program.
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Hi guys, I purchased an 8 gig memory stick since I've upgraded to vista on my laptop so I could use the readyboost system. It worked great for a while but now it says that the drive is almost completely full, yet all that is shown is the actuall boot ex program. Any suggestions?

A:Memory Stick Issues

Hello, RvBFanatic147, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a look at the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

Guide to making a good post/thread

The Techspot FAQ

If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum
Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, check that vista is recognising the stick as 8gb, in Computer, right click on it and click properties and see what it says the size is
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I'm running XP Pro and recently installed a programme called PowerISO to extract a .daa file. As soon as I extracted and burned to disc using this programme, my E Drive was displayed as a CD Drive and no longer recognised my Buffalo 1GB memory stick (which always used to open on the E Drive).

I uninstalled PowerISO and the E Drive (CD Drive) went with it, but the PC still will not recognize the stick. I get a "bing" when I insert the stick in the USB port and the LED flashes green. Also the diagnostics in Device Manager tell me that both the USB Port and the Memory stick are working properly......and the stick works fine on the office computer.

What have I missed, please?

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My HP pavilion wants to format any memory stick I plug into its USB port if I try formatting I get Formatting error cannot format.
The memory stick/cards work ok in other PC's
This problem has just happened today.

A:Memory stick errors

Have you returned the memory stick to another computer and seen it work since the problem presented on the HP?
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I recently purchased a usb memory stick. Every time i transfer files to it they cannot be opened. If i unplug the memory stick and plug it back in again i get a message saying the memory stick needs to be formatted.Ive formatted it with FAT, FAT32 and NTFS, but the same thing happens.
Is there anything i can do to resolve this problem?

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I have a friend who needs halp with his PSP memory stick, he postd this on facebook, I won't be able to answer any quuestions about his situation b/c this message is all the info he gave me and relaying your questoins to him and his answers back to you will be impractical. here you go:
Hey, I have a technical question and I thought that one of you might be able to help me.
I recently got an 8GB memory stick for my PSP, but when I transferred my music on to it from my old memory stick, It all came up as corrupt data. Now, sonicstage (the sony itunes basically) wont recognize the card.
I tried updating the driver pertaining to the card, but there was no update avalable.
Any ideas?
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Just recently started using Windows 8 PRo.....I have a couple of usb keys that can no longer be used by Windows 8, however they work fine in a Windows 7 laptop.

They are detected in disk management, but are marked as unknown, I have tried to add them manually, but I get a Device Not Ready error....This is happening on a few different keys but not all of them.

Any suggestions folks?

A:USB Memory Stick/HDD Issues

my problem seems very similar to this
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i have a 256g memory stick that windows cant format. it gets a quarter of the way through then stops saying it cant format it. it then disconnects from the computer. ive tried chip genius to find out info of the stick and get the following
vid = 048D
pid = 1234
vendor = general
name = udisk
revision = 0100
any help appreciated
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Hello! I have a 16GB USB Memory Stick. It has been infected with some kind of virus that changed all my files in shortcuts and hid some other files. This way, it appeared like the device was fully occupied. I formatted it, but now i only have around 15 GB. Is it possible that the virus still remained? How can i know for sure?
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if i put some karaoke tracks onto a memory stick, will they play on another laptop if it is a different karaoke prog. thanks.

A:karaoke on memory stick

That would possibly be down to the file type that the different programs can handle, look at the file and see what is on the end of the file name for files that play in each program, if the same then they should play in either program.

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I can't open my memory stick. My operating system is Window XP
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I have two PC's one a Dell with "Dell XP Pro" installed and a Compaq witth "Compaq XP Pro instaled", and I have two memory sticks, (1gb and 4gb).

On the Dell I can see both sticks, pon the Compaq I can see neither and if I try and boot the Compaq with the 1GB stick in it won't let me.

Any one any ideas.

Ian Wallace

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Hello, maybe somebidy can help.
I just installed Norton 360 on my pc. When I inserted my memory stick the pc turns off. I repeated it with a differnt memory stick, the same result. Any idea what I have to do to resolve this problem?
Thank you
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Can I leave the memory stick (thumb drive) in the PC 24/7? Is there any problem that heat will contaminate the files?

A:memory stick question

The drive is only in use when accessed,so it shouldn't be a problem.
Newer versions of windows have ready boost,which require the
flashdive to be plugged in when it is used.
It is supposed to help speed up the computer but I didn't see a
In any case you don't need to use that function anyway.
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i have a 1 gb memory stick. Until now it works to my computer, but now i can`t read from him because it not appears. the computer say : the driver works propretly but i dont see him to click it.

A:problems with a memory stick

You may need a Windows XP update, see:

Also checkout "General USB troubleshooting in Windows XP" at:
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Hi everyone!
I managed to do it before, but i cant remember how. I got opera browser to work on a memory stick. does anyone know how to do it?
thanks everyone!

A:Opera On A Memory Stick

I remember downloading somthing...................................
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Due to some issues, I had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows 2000. I had a USB hub plugged into my pc with a memory stick in one of the slots. I had some files copied/backed up on the memory stick. Now when I try to retrieve the files using Windows Explorer, Explorer is acting like my files are gone and it says the stick needs to be formatted. I also tried retrieving the files by plugging the stick into my laptop and I got the same results. I'm afraid that somehow the files got wiped out while I was formatting and reinstalling Windows, but I don't know how it would have happened. Has anyone else ever experienced this or can someone offer me some suggestions.

Tom Woodworth
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I just purchased my computer yesterday. I removed my Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo from my digital camera and was going to download them to my computer. The slot came with a Dell piece. My memory stick is too small. It did not come with an adapter and I have no idea how to get it installed. Any ideas???

A:need help with memory stick slot

It is likely that the two aren't compatible.

What model Dell do you have? The type of adapter that you need depends on what slots your Dell has.

Also - most cameras come with a USB cable. Could you use that instead?
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I had this memory stick for quite some time now and for the past couple days I've been having problems.

Before, I used to plugin my stick and everything worked. I'd go to My Computer and would see SEBS_STICK and would access my documents.

Now when it plugs in, it is known as REMOVABLE DISK (F: ) (SHouldn't it be a G?

When I try to open it, I get an error saying "The disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"

I don't want to format it as I have many important documents... HELP!!!!!

Also this happends on every single computer I try it on.


A:USB Memory Stick Problems

It is possible the rewritability of the memory has degraded. This can happen with time and use. Sixth paragraph down.

If you can't write anything to it, either, then you might have a dead flash drive (which would be the first case I've come across, but they say it can happen).

Of course, that doesn't explain why it can't be read.

Drive letter assignment is random, but it sounds like yours was originally assigned as G:\

My apologies: Try here:
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I have a "Memorex Traveldrive" USB Memorystick of 4GB.
When I try it to format I can see only 1 GB, not 4GB. also in windows explorer I seen 1GB of disk capacity.
I know that in the past I tried out several security tools on that stick so it is probably my own fault.
Is there any kind of "low level format" that I can do to recover my full capacity of 4GB?

A:USB Memory Stick Format

What does it show as in disk management? From there delete all and any partitions on it and try again. Another option would be to use diskpart from a command prompt window.
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The 128GB USB MEMORY PEN STICK DRIVE I bought from eBay I don't think it works properly, because I have heard that it could be formatted to fat32 (only exFat) but apparently I have also heard that Fat32 formatting does not support anything over 64GB so I don't know how to format it or do anything with this. Is this possible, if so if anyone has any ideas on how to do this it would be great .


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I honestly don't know where to post this, hopefully it's okay where I post this question.

I bought a 16gb memory stick off of ebay, and I'm able to hook it up to a USB port to Win Xp or Vista. I was wondering if i plug it into my new notebook which has Windows 7 on it would I be able to use my memory stick with the notebook?



A:Memory Stick Question

Yes you should have no problems with using your memory stick on your notebook. If for some reason you do, just come back and IM me and I'll see why its not.

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Hi, i've got a memory stick which i frequently use. I noticed soon after I started using it an autorun file had appeared, which I thought nothing of. Last week my teacher used my memory stick to get some of my coursework off it, and gave it back to me but said I had a trojan on there. When i got home I used anti virus software, but found nothing. I just wondered what this autorun file was and if it's this which could be setting off my teachers firewall or antivirus to detect a trojan. I tried deleting the autorun file, everything was fine, and worked properly, but it came back. Any ideas?? Thanks

A:Memory stick trojan

An infected .ini?
I wouldn't worry about it.

There is a website out there that you can upload files to to scan for virri.
I forget what it is called, but it uses like 10-15 different scanners to scan your files.
It's great for false-positives.
Oh ya, I think...give it a shot.

You can always open up the autorun in notepad and see if it isnt pointing to something naughty
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I currently have ONE 128mb memory stick in my pc.

Not plugged in i have a Samsun 128mb memory Stick (PC133U what ever that means, its on a sticker)

and a

SpecTek 128mb Memory Stick.

I have tried before to put them both in so they would upgrade my memory.

It seemed that only one of them worked but i dont think they would work properly because my computer sometimes had problems.

Is there a way i can use them to work ok and maybe find out which doesnt work and which does?

Im running Windows 98se with a Pentium 3.

Hope i can get help as my computer needs memory.

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Hi again,

I was also wondering if it is possible to transfer JPEGS and MPEGS onto a memory stick and then view them on my sony camcorder.. Is it possible?, Is there any special software???


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hey pls tell me how set a password on any memory stick or usb flash drive

A:how to set a password on memory stick

Check the software CD that came with the memory stick. It should include a 'locking' program that password protects the whole device or just certain folders.
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So i m trying to put pictures from my computer onto a memory stick Kingston is the brand of the stick and my computer isn t allowing me to I plug the stick in and i get a little pop-up that says This device could perform faster if you connect it to a hi-speed usb port For a list of available ports click here So i ve tried all of the available ports and it doesn t change so i m thinking alright it doesn t need to perform fast just perform So i open my computer and click on the removable disk drive and it says please insert a disk into drive GAH So i ve tried a few other things to no avail -my computer gt device manager gt changed path or wtv so it s now drive U -i ve installed run the HP drive key boot utility -i ve rebooted my computer -i ve used the safely remove hardware to remove it then replugged nothing is working PLEASE HELP nbsp

A:My usb memory stick won't work

put the stick in - check if you can access from my computer.
If not try accessing from disk management (rightclick my computer > manage > storage . disk management )
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I am unable to recognize my USB memory stick under certain conditions in My Computer window I am running Win Ultimate on a Dell computer I have an Stick Memory Visible USB Not internal Western Tb a Western external Tb hard drive and a Blue Ray DVD USB Memory Stick Not Visible CD burner My internal HD has partitions and my external HD also partitions My Computer window displays the HD USB Memory Stick Not Visible and all the partitions Under the Devises with Removable Storage the Blue Ray Burner is displayed along with removable disks labled E F G H J and N I also have a Home Network with other computer It has a single HD with partitions A B Q Y and Z My Dell Monitor has Card Reader Ports and USB Ports If I plug in my Camera HD memory card it appears as drive N under the Devices with Removable Storage If I plug in my USB Memory Device it appears as drive Q in the Network locations when the other network computer is not turned on If the network computer is turned on the USB card is not visable at all and the contents of network drive Q are visable When I go into the Device Manager the USB device is USB Memory Stick Not Visible visable I wish to delete the surplus Removable Disk locations and be able to display the USB Device as a Removable Disk when the network computer is turned on All help appreciated Thanks Sam

A:USB Memory Stick Not Visible

As far as I know, Windows has a maximum drive count of 26 (the # of letters in the alphabet). I believe this is why your USB Device isn't showing up when you connect it. If my count is correct, when connecting this device you already have 26 devices connected. As a workaround, you could simply make sure that you never connect all 27 devices at the same time, but I'd suggest that you merge a few of your partitions instead.

First, cut down your number of devices by a few so that you're not using all of the letters in the alphabet.

Next, I suggest that you manually assign drive letters to those devices so that they will connect properly at the same time. Here's how to do so:

Open the Computer Management program:
Start > Search for "Computer Management" > Enter

Click on the Disk Management option under Storage

Right click on the device(s) that are using the same drive letters and assign them to a new drive letter that isn't in use.
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Ok I m starting to lose the will to live here I m trying USB Memory not show stick will to connect my sony ericcson K i to my pc and everything is working fine apart from the one thing that should be working without any issues the SE memory stick duo Having used copious amounts of memory stick hardware USB Memory stick will not show in USB Memory stick will not show the past I know there was not an issue with my o s config and that it recognised OEM plug and play devices and installed without problem However now it will not install any new USB Mass storage devices whatsoever If they had been previously installed then they are identified and will work When the Hardware Wizard does it s thing it recognises that it s a Sony Erics Memory Stick but continually returns a message saying that it cannot be installed as the software cannot be found The memory stick itself does not require additional driver software and should be recognised as a removable storage device I ve been through various posts and have completed the following gt Installed patch in registry to prevent USB hibernation gt Checked key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services UsbStor to make sure USB storage devices are permitted set to gt Done a complete clean install of all USB devices gt Switched PC off and unplugged to allow residual current to escape from motherboard gt Updated usbstor inf gt System restored I don t know what else to do Personal opinion is that I must have a corrupt file somewhere which is impacting the Wizard s ability to associate the correct software to the memory stick I believe this because the wizard knows it s a memory stick but never finds any corresponding software Also whenever I try to update ANY driver for existing pre-installed devices it never finds software I would normally expect it to say that the driver used is most up to date Any suggestions O S XP SP nbsp
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I want to transfer some files from my old machine (XP) to my new one (Vista) using a brand new 1GB memory stick but I cant find where to locate it after I plug it in. I have no trouble finding it in XP in 'My Computer' but I don't see it anywhere in vista. I do hear a little bleep when I plug it in though. Would appreciate any guidance here.

A:Using A Memory Stick With Vista

hi,,, if you dont get the auto play window, click on start then computer it should be in there,,, btw when you first pluged the flash drive in, did it go through the found new hardware procedure. To set auto play click on start orb then control pannel, then click on auto play, then put a check in the ( use auto play for all media devices ) then set all the devices to ( ask me every time ) and click save at the bottom of the window. Then when you plug anything in or put any media in the disc drive the auto play window will open with a set of options for you to choose from like view files etc,,,
good luck.
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I accidently deleted a wrong file on my memory stick, however it did not go to my recycle bin when I deleted it. Does anyone know whether it can be retrieved or is it completely gone?


A:Memory Stick file gone?

You may be able to recover the file using a data file recovery program. But these do cost money.
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Hi guys!

Before i upgraded to windows 7 (from vista), my Dell laptop (inspiron 1520) would automatically detect my Sony memory card when i inserted it with its adaptor...(memory stick duo adaptor MSAC-M2)

Now that i have windows 7 when i insert my memory card, nothing happens, it doesnt read it. I dont even know how to access it manually. Ive tried downloading drivers from sony website but it didnt help....anyone know what could be the problem or how to fix it?

thank you

A:Memory Stick adaptor...

Download them from "Dell" instead....

- Dell - Search - All
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I have a 1g Kensington Memory stick I use to transfer music files from my boyfriend's mac laptop to my desktop pc which every other day has worked fine but today I tried to transfer about 4 folders all about 60mb each and at first it would say it only had room for 1 folder at a time but after about two times of transfering the files one at a time now says there is no room for any of these files....

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

A:Memory Stick not responding

when you go to "my computer" and view the memory stick, does it show that the memory is full?
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Is it possible to turn a usb stick in to ram and then use that stick for a certain program

A:can i use a USB stick for dedicated memory

I'm not an expert in anything.

I don't believe it's possible to designate which memory modules a program should use. It would be kinda like telling a program, "OK, go ahead and use the memory in slots A and C but totally disregard the memory that's available in slots B and D."

It is possible to use a USB flash drive or memory card to speed up a computer. It's called ReadyBoost. But even that has limitations based on how much RAM is already installed in the computer.

ReadyBoost - Setup and Use
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hey guys,

i recently pluggd my memory stick into a laptop running ubuntu (friends computer). When i got home (i have windows) i get an I/O device error. I tried reformatting my drive through windows explorer as well DOS prompt. But, I get an error message saying that Windows was unable to format the device.

I can read from it, i cant write to it or format it

help asap ,

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computer running slow and wanted to know if I replaced the old memory sticks with new ones will it run any better ?

A:can you replace memory stick

Not very likely.... Likely your computer is full of assorted junk, etc., and needs a good clean out; and may also benefit from defragging.What make/model is your computer; and presumably it "is" windows-7?To start with: run win-7 Disk cleanup utility as per these links: will almost certainly be more to do..' assorted pests present; all of which slow down the system... So don't give up after disk cleanup.Also safeguard (as in copy) all "your" files to external storage; typically DVD but an external hard drive too is nice(r). Do this after disk cleanup. Check the copies can be accessed OK as well. Label the disks, and put in a safe place. These copies are purely to safeguard your personal files in event anything goes amiss whilst sorting out the slow system (unlikely - but always wise to take precautions). Ideally regularly copy/duplicate your personal files etc to external storage...
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Hi guys

In older versions of Windows one had to ask nicely before unplugging a memory stick.

This doesn't seem to be the case with W7 - or has the function moved? Currently I'm simply unplugging it when I've finished but I thought I'd best find out if I'm not doing it properly!

A:Removing a USB memory stick

I still have the "safely remove hardware and eject media" icon and use it when I remove USB memory sticks.

You may just be lucky. At some point there can be a corruption in the Windows status for the drive and at that point you will have uninstall it in the Device manager, restart Windows and start over to get it working.
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Dont no if anyone can help. I have a 4gig memory stick (well did have) that when i plug it in, all it says in properties is that the size of the memory is 0 bytes, used 0 bytes, free 0 bytes. I've tried to format it, but i get a message to insert disk I really haven't got a clue whats going on. Im running XP home, it worked fine for about two weeks, then this. Any advice would be great.

A:usb stick memory lost

USB flash drives are high failure items. Did you see if the manufacture has a web site. If the manufacturer is known, they will have USB flash drive setup tools.
If not, try some of the biggies like San Disk, Corsair, Kingston, Memorex setup or reformat drives.
Also, try formatting the drive in another computer.
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I just had a USB stick fail to be recognized.The Windows message balloon says it has malfunctioned. It has no moving parts and so I reason that the RAM is failing ? I'm no electrical engineer. Can somebody explain ?

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sorry for my post...i mean thumb drive....brand name was kingston....when i plug it to my computer was recognise that thumb drive...but when i click the properties and check the disk space there was 0 byte use and 0 byte free space....and aslo i can format that drive...i also try disk drive manager and it also can't what should i do

A:kingston memory stick

I of course do not mean to sound rude by any stretch of the imagination but given the number of views without a response to a possibly easy problem to fix, I think members are confused about your question. By memory stick do you mean thumbdrive or RAM? If it's a thumbdrive and your computer recognizes it, what's causing you to not access it (an error message, etc). What do you mean the virus scan and file system was gone? Is there any way you can give a more concise version of what's happening?
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it seems that the memory stick slot doesnt work anymore. in the device manager there is a yellow question mark and it says that it it not working. i would try installing the drivers but i kinda lost the recovery cd or what not. well before when i bought this, VAIO PCV-RX580, it was using Windows XP Home and now i use Professional. not sure if that makes a difference. im just wondering is there anyway i can get the memory stick slot to work again?

A:MEMORY Stick SLot???

Try updating the drivers from here, search for your memory device.
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Hi There,

I have a 2GB Sony Memory Stick PRO-DUO which has worked fine for a long time, but now out of knowhere I am getting a message of format error when plugged into my Sony Cybershot camera!?

Can anyone help????


A:Memory stick problem

good luck with this, sony cameras are nice!
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I would like to know if there is a way to find out what size/speed of memory, if there are no labels on. Without installing them. I would like to do a visual inspection. Same applies to to various cards. If there are no markings, without installing, how can you tell the size/speed?


A:Read a memory stick

The only way is to determine the capacity of the memory chips and then count them.
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Hi!! I am new to 7Forum and very happy to have joined...

I have a weird problem - when my modem is connected and internet running, I cannot connect a Flash drive/ Memory stick to a USB - Windows then disconnects my modem?? Has anyone out there had anything similar ? Any views on this ?

A:Memory Stick vs Modem

Quote: Originally Posted by TheGene

Hi!! I am new to 7Forum and very happy to have joined...

I have a weird problem - when my modem is connected and internet running, I cannot connect a Flash drive/ Memory stick to a USB - Windows then disconnects my modem?? Has anyone out there had anything similar ? Any views on this ?

Any chance you can tell us the network setup and modem make and model?

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I have been using a USB stick without difficulty for over a year, however tonight my computer wouldn't recognise it...or my son's. I restarted the computer then it worked but when i put son's in it didn't appear, then mine wouldn't work either. I was browsing for a solution in the archives when my stick suddenly opened on the screen...then son's worked too.
Can anyone tell my why it is suddenly so inconsistent..and can i do anything to fix this.
i tried putting the driver disk in but it only has win 98 not XP and wouldn't work .
BTW: one stick is over 12mths old, other is about 3mths old and never had problem with them before.

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Can I load from my home computer a dvd onto a memory stick or my note book computer.

A:looading memory stick

Of course, a bit of a wierd and random question so that's pretty much all I can think of to say.
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I have an IBM Thinkpad 380D that came with built-in 16mb RAM, and an additional 16mb stick had been added. It runs Win98SE.

I recently purchased a 64mb stick (SODIMM EDO, although it doesn't specifically say "EDO" on it). I removed the 16 and installed the 64, but on bootup, the boot screen only shows "16000KB OK", and the machine is drastically slower than before. (Previously, the boot screen showed "31824KB OK".) Clearly, the 64mb stick isn't being recognized.

Is there something else I should have done in installing the new stick? Or is there something I need to do after installing to get it recognized? How can I determine whether the new stick actually is EDO?

Any help will be appreciated, and I thank you in advance.

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Dear Sir,
Thanks for reading my mail.
I have this USB stick for a while and has been working all along.
On one occasion when I try to access to it, a dialogue box opened up and prompt me to 'format' my memory stick.
I clicked 'No" and another box appeared saying 'the volume does not contain recognized system".
I don't understand why the USB port failed to read my memory stick, could there be a virus or the driver is missing or corrupted?
There are files and movie clips stored and I sincerely hope you can help me out?
Thanks for your precious time and hope to hear from you.
Have a nice day at work.

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I have a problem with my memory stick. I was downloading some files off the web onto the stick, but it seems that one of the files was corrupted. Now when I try to save anything to the stick, or delete anything, it tells me it is write protected. I've checked that it isn't, and flicked the write protection switch on and off several times.

Tried to reformat the stick, no luck, told me it was write protected.

Figuring its the corrupt file doing this so have tried to remove it with file removal software - Killer - (which has worked with stubborn undeletable files for me before) and have had no luck.

Really want to get the stick working again. Any suggestions?

Its a 256 mb stcik I bought off of play if that helps.


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When I go to use the media manager Memory Stick reader on my desktop I can only put the Memory Stick in once. When I attempt to put the memory stick in a second time or a different card the cpu will not read it, the cpu with do nothing no response. Could anyone help me out there?