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CPU upgrade question

Q: CPU upgrade question

Hello, I was recently given a Dell Dimension 2400 from a friend. It had absolutely no upgrades, however I had old parts sitting around and I gave it a bit of an upgrade. I put in 4gb of ram (however found out it had only supported up to 2gb, so I had to remove a card) and added a Visiontek Radeon 9200 graphics card in. Now, I have two processors here that look like the might fit, but I wasn't sure. So, I was hoping to get a second opinion from someone who has a bit more experience with this than I do. I have two spare processors

one of them is a Pentium 4 3.00Ghz (

the other is a Pentium 4 1.6Ghz (

Would either of them work? Also, would upgrading to windows 7/vista increase the support for ram? Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: CPU upgrade question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: CPU upgrade question

Socket details:

Pentium 4 3.00Ghz is LGA775
Pentium 4 1.6Ghz is PPGA478
That is two different architectures.

Specs for Dell Dimension 2400

Intel Pentium 4 that runs at 2.2 or 2.4 GHz
internally and 400 MHz externally, or 2.266, 2.4,
2.53, 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz internally and 533 MHz

Intel Celeron that runs at 2.0, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5,
2.6, or 2.7 GHz internally and 400 MHz externally.Click to expand...

Please note this would be PPGA478 architecture not LGA775.

What CPU is currently in the computer?

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FF 3 has been out for a few weeks now. Has anyone had any problems other than add-ons for older versions not being updated yet?

Seems to me I heard in a few places that the beta version had caused some problems, so I am curious as to how the full release has worked for people?

Are there any real security or functionality disadvantages to staying with the previous vesion (

I also read elsewhere that 3 comes with the Google toolbar - are you given the option to decline that during the install? I sure as Hell don't want any Google software installed on my computer without my consent...

A:Firefox 3: To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question

I am using firefox 3 now. its a bit disappointing to know that it does not work with the real player plug-ins for downloading movie clips and music videos especially from the youtube site.

if it suites that you seldom download clips nor music videos then you can install firefox 3 and wait for realplayer to upgrade its plug-ins for compatiblity with firefox, otherwise, stick to version 2.0 until all is well fixed with the compatibility issue.
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Sorry for my question if it is lame , but I'm a noob when it comes to hardware stuff (i'm a software guy myself).

I want to upgrade my CPU from the 1000Mhz Intel Celeron with 810 chipset that is to something newer (like better than Celeron). I have a Intel Corporation Whitney System CR Board on this pc and I don't understand how you know what CPUs are upgrade compatible with your motherboard. Can anyone tell me what CPUs I'm limited to in upgrading or where I can find this information. I looked it up a bit on the intel site but couldn't find quite what I was looking for, figured I'd be better off just asking somewhere. Thanks for any help guys/gals.

A:CPU upgrade question

- Its not a lame question

I don't know exactly, but I don't think that you'll be able to upgrade to get much more performance just be upgrading the CPU.

Although its the most expensive option, new CPU /mem/ mobo will probably be the only option that will give you a significant performance boost.

If you want a reasonably priced option, I would recommmed something vaguely along the lines of:

AMD XP 2500+/2400+
Abit NF7 - nForce2 - USB2+A133+Dual DDR400+AGP8x
512mb DDR

More experienced members may alter that slightly, but that's about right I think.

That should give you a serious performance boost for about 200 / $320
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Hi I have noticed a change in my computer and do not know why this change has come about After doing a ram upgrade from sticks of Mb to stick of Gb which went well I have noticed that when scrolling a text page on the internet the text gets very choppy and distorted as the screen scrolls up or down naturally it is quite clear as soon as the scrolling stops So I quess this isn Ram Question Upgrade t something that would cause me to go into too much effort to correct The point is it wasn t like this till the ram change upgrade I would almost think that something isn t being read as rapidly as Ram Upgrade Question before hence Ram Upgrade Question the jittery appearance of the text as it scrolls Has anyone ever noticed this change from a ram upgrade I have a older system not that I can see this point should be of mention I m running Win XP Home Ram Upgrade Question Athlon Gb Ultra DDR mem SB Audigy ATI Mb quot CRT x res Note My monitor is the famed Toshiba TIMM I love it Albeit the highest res is x I m not having any problems with anything that causes a great deal of concern It s just this change in the smoothness of the visual experience scrolling only sence I did the ram upgrade I have seen it written that sticks are preffered to stick Gb Of course I read this after I did the upgrade I do not know the brand of my original mem I do know it had chips on both sides of the stick in total per stick Mb each stick I don t know if that has relivance The new Ultra GB I installed is very common Non ECC Not registered not dual density Anyway thanks for any input I m just trying to get a handle on what has changed that could cause this slower refresh I guess is a good way to put it Thanks to all in advance nbsp

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Hello all, if I upgrade my xp home to xp pro can I use my xp home on another computer?? Thanks to all in advance>

A:upgrade question??

Grey area, If you are thinking of buying an upgrade disk then possibly not, because the upgrade disk is meant to be tied to the original license, as it checks against the old disk as to whether the upgrade is an official one, saying that XP home is no longer on that machine. Real legal eagle required on that one

If it were a full version of XP Pro, then yes , no probs
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Hi All I searched but didn't find anything Hopefully someone can tell me this I have an upgrade Question Upgrade for ultimate bit which I have used on my desktop From memory I put the serial in after the install - so given that My girlfriend has just bought a HP laptop that is eligible for the free upgrade to running Vista home Premium bit note my dvd is bit Rather than me paying USD to have the upgrade disc delivered can I use my disc to install then just use her vista serial to register Or do I need a serial so I have to wait for the disc to arrive I read that you can change files on the disc so I install Upgrade Question the correct version of to make sure it is all legal Just trying to save USD and the time it takes to deliever It's a bit of a shame to Upgrade Question get a new laptop then use it a month get it all working how you like it then upgrade I want to ensure at the end of the day it is legal I don't want to end up with an unusable copy Cheers Chris

A:Upgrade Question

I believe you would need a 32 bit disk

Edit: Take a look here
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Hey folks I was reading dobermans thread about upgrading his cpu I am thinking about doing the same thing I have an old gateway G - runs win se has mb ram sdram has original gb HD and an additonal int gb HD question cpu upgrade another that I installed has an internal DVD-rom and ext usb cdrw i ve been looking on the net and saw a slot cpu upgrade to gz from evergreen technologies for i can get an additional mb of sdram for i another cpu upgrade question was hoping that for around i would get enough of a boost to the system that it would be viable for a few more years i also want to use the machine to hook up a dvd burner so that i could convert old family vhs tapes to dvd and archive them before the deteriorate much further or am i better off applying the to a new pc one other question someone posted that the sdram would bottleneck the performance upgrade could some one explain why thanks for any help nbsp

A:another cpu upgrade question


There is simply only one answer for this question. Save you money and apply it on a newer unit.

The concerns I have are as follows:

The Gateway platform has so many proprietary items that they are tough to upgrade.

As a rule, their power supplies are working right at the edge a good bit of the time, so as you add things, there is not enough power to run the items you are looking at.

The Evergreen chip while it will do the job will not suffice for the gains you are looking for.

Many times the cases (don't know about yours) for Gateway, again are proprietay, so not everything new fits in them.

Sdram will work but can not compete with DDR when it comes to speed.

A suggestion:

Why not take that 200 bucks and buy a nice case with a good power supply.

Take the money left from that (100 plus bucks or so) and buy a newer motherboard (about 50 or so) that accepts both the Sdram and the DDR memory. (There are several that accept either)

That way you can use your present memory until you get enough money to buy the DDR.

Buy a used CPU on Ebay for about 50 and you are in business.

Use your other items in thh new unit (cards, modem, etc) and you have a much faster unit for the same price you would have put into the old gateway.

Well, just my opinion anyway.
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Hi I built a RAM question upgrade cpu a few years back my first attempt It went extremely well was able to custom buy piece by piece online and the system has worked flawlessly I am currently looking to upgrade to gig of ram however as I currently only have gig I ve read in a few places not to match old and new RAM and just to buy a fresh gig however I am buying the exact same corsair RAM from amazon same latency etc and I figure it should work fine to just add the extra in RAM upgrade question Any advice here Here s a link to the RAM My amazon account is even indicating to me that I purchased this exact set of RAM two years ago Thanks RAM upgrade question http www amazon com Corsair-PC - ie UTF amp s electronics amp qid amp sr - Also I was thinking of cleaning the inside during the install Insert RAM then used canned air or vice versa Thanks again nbsp

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I'm not computer savvy but I do know a little bit, so excuse my ignorance.

I've recently purchased an intel wolfdale 3.0ghz chip, ddr2pc6400 4gb ram, and a new mobo that supports those two items. Right now I'm deciding on whether or not to upgrade from my current OS to Vista x32, or Vista x64. One huge element that contributes to that is whether or not this will format my computer. So my question is to all those Vista people out there, will my HD be formatted if I do upgrade?

A:Upgrade question

Hi wangbot, don?t need to format if you install Vista in another partition. Then you can try to learn about Vista and you have Xp if any problem appears. Other way format is absolutely necesary.
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Hey I m just wondering if I can get an informed reply to this question before I go ahead and purchase a new motherboard CPU amp memory I m currently using a X-Power GTX w PSU It s about a year old just over Very quiet and has never let PSU my question be Pre-upgrade enough? Will me down Link here http www compucase-hec co uk psu xpower light- - - htm Will my PSU be enough? Pre-upgrade question My current setup is as follows AMD Phenom X Ghz stock heatsink amp fan x GB VData memory Mhz stock XFX GT Green Edition MB No external power needed from PSU and not OC d Biostar MCP P-M Motherboard x mm LED Fans TB Samsung SpinPoint HD LG LightScribe Will my PSU be enough? Pre-upgrade question DVD drive I m in the process of putting my new rig together and was going to get it this coming weekend But I m concerned about my PSU and whether or not it will be enough to power what I want This is what I was intending on getting AMD Phenom X Black Edition Ghz stock speeds and won t be overclocking MSI -C AMD Socket AM GB LAN Channel Audio ATX Motherboard Kingston GB x GB DDR MHz HyperX Blu Memory Kit CL V Non-ECC Unbuffered I see no reason to upgrade my GT just yet so that will remain As will the TB SpinPoint and DVD drive I m just wondering if my X-Power GTX w PSU will be enough to handle that setup If anyone can shed some light on this for me I d be greatly appreciative Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Will my PSU be enough? Pre-upgrade question

It meets the min requirements however when you make something work at or near its max rating, it will not last long. Just think about it for a minute or two; how long would the engine in your car last if you ran it at or near full throttle all of the time???

Bottom line, I would be looking at a quality unit in the 600W range. Something like this corsair unit
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My lap top only has 2 gigs of ram in it. Because its DDR, the modules only come in sized up to a gig. As a result, no matter how much ram the motherboard/chipset will support, I can never have more than 2 gigs because there are only two ram slots on this board.

With that in mind, other than the ability to addres obsene amounts of ram, what other advantages are there to runing a 64 bit operating system.

I am going to put ulitmate x64 on my desk top as soon as I get time to get it done. the board it that machine can take up to 8 gigs.

so is it worth the effort to put a 64 bit os on my laptop.
thanks in advance.

A:upgrade question ( not what you think)

I would suggest you to stay with the 32bit OS. Main problem being that since you are on a laptop, it is not always easy finding 64bit drivers for the laptop's specific hardware. Unless you need the 64bit for specific applications to crunch some numbers, the fact that you only have 2Gb of RAM in there, I think it would be best just to stick with the 32bit. What laptop do you have btw?
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Can I upgrade (install) windows XP on my computer that I am using now and then install (from the same disc) windows xp on a new computer?

A:Upgrade question

No you have to have a differant cd key for each computer
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Hello I've been using windows XP Windows Beta Dual booting for a while now and i realize whether I decide to buy it as soon as it comes out or later i will need to buy windows to continue using it after May or whatever Doing my research ahead of time im given with alot of choices and i dont really understand what to get lol I figure someone can help explain this to me lol First I can upgrade or do the Question? Upgrade more expensive option lol Im not sure what the difference Upgrade Question? is i assume upgrade means i need windows already installed but im not sure if Upgrade Question? my windows XP OEM from Upgrade Question? ASUS counts though As well i switched over to SSD not to long ago and i would prefer to get the quot benefits quot windows apparently offers with SSDs ive been vaguely told upgrading would reconize the SSD on windows appairently Second I realize i have home edition thus using this webpage as reference Home Premium seems to be my best bet I assume there is no regular Home edition just fancy-named 'home premium ' but i wasnt sure what the difference was between the three versions Looking at the site Ultimate doesnt seem like it offers too much more than Pro but Professional and Ultimate appairely have quot XP Mode quot which would be usefull if i knew what it was lol I do currently run lot of programs that run slow on windows or need Windows XP combatability mode thus if its what i think it is i would prefer it but im not sure if i should spend more dollars on Pro versus Home Any help or advice Thanks

A:Upgrade Question?

Your questions bring up even more questions. If your processor doesn't support VT, XP Mode won't be an option for you. However, VirtualPC and VirtualBox both would work fine, and let you run XP in a VM. If you want to know what XP Mode is, just spend 5 mins reading about it.

Second, only you can decide if it is worth the cost for a different version. However, your XP edition will need to be installed and activated, in order to run the W7 Upgrade. It does qualify to be upgraded, though. None of this is set in stone, however, as Vista's upgrades could be used to do a clean install. No one will really know for sure, until we get real close to the released date. What you could do for now, is download the W7 Enterprise RTm 90 day trial.
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Dell 2400 2.4GHz Celeron. 1gig ram, XP Home SP3.

My sister gave me an old Dell 2400. I have 2 WOW accounts and when either my wife or I are on the main computer we use that Dell as a farming machine. The problem is that the machine can only be used to farm because even when idle the game maximizes CPU usage. So the question is about possibly upgrading the CPU.

The CPU is a Celeron 2.4GHz but the site says it came with either the Celeron or a Pentium 4 2.2 or 2.4. I called my local computer store and they have a few used CPU's in stock (Pentium 4's both the 2.2 and 2.4 GHz.) but they are saying that putting in a Pentium 4 would be a downgrade. Normaly I would take their advice but considering the elitist attitude they had, I'm a little less than convinced.

A:Upgrade (CPU) Question.

Was a good idea not to listen to them.
The celeron is the lower end CPU.
The max your computer can run is a pentium 4 3.06Ghz
at a 533Mhz front side bus.
Looks like it has a socket 478 type processor.
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Yesterday, I added a 168-pin PC100 SDRAM 128 MB module to the empty RAM slot in my Compaq Presario 5900T desktop, which already had a 64 MB module and another 128 MB module.

During startup, the screen showed that all 320 MB of RAM was recognized, then the words, "164 - memory size error", appeared for several seconds. Another message appeared very briefly after that and disappeared before I was able to read it. Windows then continued to load normally.

320 MB of RAM was recognized in the system properties window, in Belarc Advisor, and in Everest Home Edition. There have not been any further messages since, nor any problems.

What was the cause of the message during initial startup?

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I have a HP Pavilion a574n, I plan on replacing the hard drive "already gone through 2 HD provided by HP" and with help, hopefully be able to install XP Pro if i can. I have a "legal Copy w/receipt" that is going to waste on an old broke down computer of mine that i would like to install on this one, because XP Pro is better for gaming and thats what i am into. Have to make the best use of my 6800 ultra

Will there be issues with Bios? will i have to clear it and how?

What ever help anyone can give, thanks in advance.

Stan D

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Hey guys.

I am thinking of upgrading my ram.. now I wanted to be 100% sure I am buying the right type and for best preformance.

I already have 2 sticks of 512mb Kingston ram and have 2 more slots left.

I am thinking of buying 2 1GB ram, so I can boost my ram to 3GB total.

I was interested in OCZ ram... and the type I'm looking at is:

BTW, my board is an Intel D915GAV... I've tried to look up specs to be sure it uses PC3200 type ram...

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hello,Since I have a free license of Windows 8 ( Product Key: N8CCV-364RB-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX ). I want know when I upgrade, do I keep all my files?I hope someone can help me.

A:Upgrade question

If you are coming from Windows 7, you keep programs, settings, and files. Coming from Vista you keep settings and files. Come from XP and you only get to keep your files.
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I got the Windows 7 upgrade for christams (I knew they would get it wrong). All I have installed right now is windows 7 RC. Will I be able to install XP with no key, then upgrade to win7 from there?

A:Upgrade kit question

You can go straight from RC to Win 7 . . choose the "Custom" upgrade
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Hi, I have a 10 gig hard drive and Windows XP. Since I previously has Me and then upgraded I have ran out of space especially since I have Office XP Professional on there too.
I don't know the best way to go about it because since I've got the upgrade edition I can't just remove my old disk and put a new one in and install XP fresh on that because it would have to have a previous version on it and I only have a serial number for Me on the side of my machine to prove I have that, no CD as it was preinstalled with my pc.
Whats the best way to go about getting a nice new disk with plenty of space without sacrificing my current set up. Please advise, thank you for any replies!

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Upgrade went smooth...if something bad happens and I have to format what steps can I take to go strait to 10?

A:Upgrade question

You might to read this:
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Ok wondering if I could get a few opinions here I am technically proficient and I am pretty sure of what route im gonna go here I have a Celeron GHZ plugged into an ASUS something motherboard MB of ram GB RPM HD and a GEforce FX w MB DDR AGP x The motherboard only supports AGP x Im running a fresh install of XP I assumed that just like back in the old days a video card upgrade would be enough to get my PC back up to speed Not quite Some games run like blazes at x but then others rainbow six for example run like crap even in x in some levels The performance is really inconsistant I ve already patched the game so thats not the problem but my real question is Is my bottleneck with my systemboard CPU and lack of ram or can I get away with just throwing in another MB for now I ve been shopping around and at the risk of wasting my money on more ram and then eventually upgrading anyways I have almost decided on getting a pentium - GHZ and a new ASUS motherboard that supports AGP x and throwing in Upgrade question PC GB of DDR ram Obviously getting a new PC is nice but it costs money and if my old PC is still enough to get me by then I wonder if I could by just buying a bit more ram Also when buying a P system whats the minimum wattage of power supply I should look for Anyone Thanks Frank nbsp

A:PC Upgrade question

I think the bottleneck is happening as a combination of the cpu speed as well as ram. Another 256 or 512 will help that system breath a little easier especially on xp.
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will upgrade install keep all my programs games data etc


A:upgrade question

yes it should do.

it's always a good idea to back up important data though
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First time poster looking for some upgrade advice Have a machine that s a little over a year old that I built myself CPU AMD ATHLON GB RAM ASUS A N-SLI DELUXE MB NVIDIA GT POWER SUPPLY WIN XP PRO It s been a great machine and is fast as hell for of what I do but for the other half games it s starting to lag Question? Upgrade TF is pushing Upgrade Question? it and Crysis is out of the question I m thinking of upgrading the vid card cpu or both I m not on a limitless budget but I could go high end if it would mean getting another couple of years out of it That being said I have two questions Video Cards Are super high end cards a waste on this architecture I I were to plunk down on a Nvidia Ultra would all that power be wasted when paired with my cpu or the vid card meant to carry the load regardless of the cpu Processors Is it worth upping to a heftier processor or would I only get a nominal performance bump As you can tell I know just enough to be ignorant so any and all opinions would be appreciated thanks nbsp

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HiI am having hp pavilion 15 ab035TX model in which I want to upgrade my graphics card from 940m 2 gb to higher like 950m/960m/970m/950m 4gb even also 950m it possible to upgrade and if possible then can it from service centre of hp help mePlease reply

A:an upgrade question please help

Hi, It is a no, no, and no; you can't. Uprading video card on a normal laptop is from hard to impossible. And in many cases cost more $$$ than buying a new machine. Regards.
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i have a xfx HD7850 1GB, i was reading reviews, and i was wondering if upgrading to a GTX 670 will be a reall upgrade ... i saw it was powerful than mi HD7850, but, will i see any improvement ?? like 10 ~ 15 fps ??
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Can I use this CPU on a T61 14.1 inch

A:T61 CPU Upgrade Question

No you can't.
What CPU do you currently have in there?
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Im not all that PC savvy so Id appreciate some advice Im considering either a PC upgrade or maybe just memory if that would be wiser Im currently running a Dell Dimension Intel Pent GHz MB RAM which I realize is low these days for memory I saw an ad Id include Upgrade Question PC the link to make it easier but I cant for a PowerSpec V Intel Dual Core E- Ghz w x MB level cache MHz frontside bus MB PC- DDR RAM Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Video Chipset x DVD R DL x DVD-R DL x x DVD RW x x DVD-RW x DVD-RAM x x CD-RW GB RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive Price after rebate So with that info would this PC be worth it I realize today s PC is out-of-date by tomorrow Would it be worth waiting a little while for a higher-tech PC to come down in price PC Upgrade Question Im in no immediate hurry other than my PC is running a bit PC Upgrade Question slow Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:PC Upgrade Question

make the post with link now, u can now.
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Hey guys I've been Upgrade CPU question... running an C D for about a year now Been a brilliant chip rediculous OC ability with rock solid stability I must say I have been CPU Upgrade question... very happy with it and to be honest it could go for another twelve months without any dramas But I'm giving some serious thought to upgrading to a quad chip Probably a Q or a Q I have my running at MHZ which is plenty enough for me I have it under a Thermalright with temps under full load around degrees I think that is pretty solid I've had it at stable but I wanted the whole thing to be a bit cooler I recently put it in an Antec case which has rediculous airflow I also have a GTX card that runs stock under rediculous load - degrees I am more than happy with those temps Especially on the GPU I multibox World of Warcraft I see the real benefit in moving to a quad is being able to set core affinity to create a better running experience when running five instances of the program Its a long story Is a worth the extra over the Granted you get an extra Mhz out of the box but is that worth the extra On top of that Under air say OC'd to or so with BOTH of those chips what could I expect the idle amp load temps to be Also any opinion on the performance of these quad CPU's would be appreciated I know the dual core chips are dead set OC demons I'll be upgrading an older box with my tried and tested Thats for sure Any assistance would be appreciated

A:CPU Upgrade question...

hm....... how much are you wanting to spend on the upgrade?....
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I'm preparing to upgrade to 7 Pro. My current system has drive C: with XP...and Drive D: with Win 2000. I want to wipe D: and copy/clone my existing XP Pro on C: to D:...and then install fresh 7 Pro upgrade on C:

Question is what's the best way to clone/copy my good XP installation on drive C: to D: and maintain a bootable XP Pro on the newly transferred to drive D: ?

For the time being I want to set up a dual boot between my new 7 installation on C: and my XP Pro bootable installation migrated/copied/cloned to drive D:

Reason of course is my current C: drive is a much larger/faster drive than my current D: so I'd rather have Windows 7 Pro on the current C: drive with XP Pro running now

What's the best way to copy/clone XP on C: to a bootable XP on drive D: ?

Thanks, Tim

A:Pre 7 upgrade XP question

Quote: Originally Posted by trinaz

I'm preparing to upgrade to 7 Pro. My current system has drive C: with XP...and Drive D: with Win 2000. I want to wipe D: and copy/clone my existing XP Pro on C: to D:...and then install fresh 7 Pro upgrade on C:

Question is what's the best way to clone/copy my good XP installation on drive C: to D: and maintain a bootable XP Pro on the newly transferred to drive D: ?

For the time being I want to set up a dual boot between my new 7 installation on C: and my XP Pro bootable installation migrated/copied/cloned to drive D:

Reason of course is my current C: drive is a much larger/faster drive than my current D: so I'd rather have Windows 7 Pro on the current C: drive with XP Pro running now

What's the best way to copy/clone XP on C: to a bootable XP on drive D: ?

Thanks, Tim

Hi tim and welcome

I would use Acronis for the clone. then when you install win 7 it will create the dual boot. If for some reason it doesnt you can ude bcdedit to do that

Good luck and let us know if you need help
Ken J+
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Right now, I have a PC with Win 7 Ultimate. So when I buy an upgrade of Win 8, it will work.

But what will happen down the road when I need to resintall that machine ? Do I need to install Win 7 first, and then perform an upgrade to Win 8 again?

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Hi Every one,

I like to Upgrade my Desktop RAM to 1GB RAM from 256MB.
I need the help on followings.
What are the things to note before go to buy.?
How can i know weather the mother board is able to take 1GB RAM.?

Advance thanks for the your replies.

A:Question about RAM Upgrade

First, tell use what your computer is? Model number and make?
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I'm looking into getting Windows Vista when it comes out. I know there are two types of installations for people with XP, Upgrade and Clean Install. I have two hard drives, C: has the old XP OS and will be where I want to put Vista. The other HD is used mainly for storage of music, videos, and pictures. If I opt for a clean install, will the media on the other HD be safe from deletion? I expect C: to be wiped clean with a clean install, but I want to make sure my media is safe on the other hard drive.

A:Upgrade Question

Yes, the installation will only affect the drive that Vista is installed on and the boot drive (if it's different from the installation drive). I've done this several times without any problem.
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Hi guys. I can get a good deal on the Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade through my university. I can get it for 65 bucks, which is a steal in my book.

I have an MSI Wind netbook which I want to upgrade. It came shipped with XP and I have been running the Windows 7 RC since it's been out. I want to put a new big hard drive in it, and put Windows 7 on there.

Problem is, the installer now won't see a previous version. Does the upgrade-clean install over itself trick still work in this upgrade version? Or do I have to install XP again, format again and install 7 over that one? Some people have told me an upgrade version can do a clean install regardless if there's any previous Windows version on your computer.

A:Question about the upgrade

I'm personally not sure if an Upgrade disc does Clean installs as well, still waiting on the verdict, but i dont advise doing a upgrade, backup your important files, and do a clean install, will make it alot easier in the end.
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I am slightly confused about the upgrade and full versions of Vista. If I get the upgrade version it uses my key from my current windows and I won't be able to use it anymore, right? My question is, is the upgrade version exactly the same as the full version? If I change hardware in my computer or get a new computer in the future and get rid of this one I can move it over? So basically I am asking if it is exactly the same, but I just lose my current os. Thanks

A:Upgrade question

Upgrade will allow you to install Vista on any computer that has XP installed. Whereas the full version will let you install Vista on any type of computer.
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trying to upgrade my psu, i have a dell 4600 250wpsu. i would like to upgrade my psu to a 450w, but i dont really know how to buy one. my current psu vents out the rear of the pc and the plug is obviously in the rear as well. i dont know where the air is being vented, i suppose its inside the pc, then vented out right below from the pc's fan. so in buying a new psu, do i just look for one that only has one intake fan from the rear???? should i buy one that has multiple fans even though i dont know how its being vented (still assuming its from the pc fan below the psu) and do i absouletly have to buy one with a fan from the rear???? thank you

A:psu upgrade question

Make sure you buy a good power supply unit to avoid fluctuating current flow and system crashes. You will need this adapter to make it fir to the Dell PSU connectors , but any good ATX power supply will fit.
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i did a fresh install of win 7 64 bit i had 32 bit vista before. it made a file called windows old where im assuming everything on the computer was before the upgrade. im going to remove that from my computer to save space. i then looked at the new files and saw 2 program files, files. one was just program files and one was program files (x86). so my question is what the the diference between the two.

also in the plain program files folder i saw programs that i think came from the computer before the new install is this correct. example was windows defender file. i havent downloaded that yet so is it from the old vista os the dates on the folders were from several years ago. so can i just delete everything in there that looks old.

i guess i just want to delete everything i can to free up space on my hard drive.

A:after upgrade question

Program Files (x86) is the default location for 32-bit applications.

Program Files is the default location for 64-bit applications.

Windows.old contains stuff from your old installation so if there's nothing in there that you want, just delete the folder.
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Hello, I'm considering SSD upgrade on T510, but I wanted to something bit different - my wish is to keep the "mechanical" drive on his original place, and to place the SSD in CD tray with hard drive caddy (and then make it bootable from the caddy). I want to do this in order to preserve my Lenovo Airbag Protection on the mechanical drive. I'm completely aware if I cannot do this, I will loose my "airbag protection" if I move the mechanical one into the caddy. So, is it possible to make the SSD to boot from the caddy? Thanks in advance.I'm looking forward to your responses.

ThinkPad-ed [T510]
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hi guys,
i would like to get some advise what way is the best for upgrade.
right know i have an quadcore 8200 cpu and video card hd 4890 xxx
what would be better, to buy a second hd 4890 xxx or to buy a new cpu i7 920
and not a second card for now? i know i need a new board thats for sure.
what would be a better performance boost?
please let me know,

A:upgrade question

Depends on what you play. Some games rely more on CPU power, some on GPU power, some are pretty balanced. Neither of what you have is not significantly inferior.
In any case, you won't want a second 4890. When you next upgrade your graphics card, sell the 4890 and get a Radeon HD 5xxx series card, probably 5870... 5970 if you want to splash money around. Or if you now upgrade your CPU to i7 920 or i5 750, then you could see whether ATi comes with newer, better price/performance cards, or what nVidia's GT*300 series holds...
Relevancy 38.7%

Hi all I am looking for some advice on upgrading my CPU.

I currently have a P4 3ghz but was looking at this one on ebay:

Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.6GHz Socket 775 800FSB on eBay (end time 01-Apr-10 11:44:03 BST)

This is my motherboard: ASUS PTGD1-LA HP/Compaq name: Grouper-UL8E
and its says Socket LGA775

I was wondering if the CPU is any good and if it would fit in my mother board and also would i notice much diffrence?

Thanks in advance

A:CPU upgrade question

i think that would work for you, visit the asus site and have a look at your mobo,s cpu compatibility , there will be an improvement in performance
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My laptop can support a maximum of 2gb and has a 2 memory slots. Will a 2gb stick in 1 slot work, or must I get 2 1gb sticks?

A:RAM Upgrade Question

darkspym7 said:

My laptop can support a maximum of 2gb and has a 2 memory slots. Will a 2gb stick in 1 slot work, or must I get 2 1gb sticks?Click to expand...

got to and do a system scan, it should tell you exactly what you can put in what slots and what the max is. What is your laptop
Relevancy 38.7%

Hi gang My scenario is that I am a musician who is currently running WIN Pro and I have a studio with several software programs music creation and production - Cubase Reason FL Studio etc running along with tons of VST instruments and plug-ins that work with the software I have a decent system not great not terrible It looks something like this P GHz Processor Intel chipset MHz Upgrade Question XP FSB GB Dual Channel DDR RAM GB System SATA GB Media SATA I have just upgraded my main interface the mother ship of my studio if you will and recently discovered that I need XP I cannot run a dual boot because I need the Upgrade Question XP programs and plug-ins to all access each other My question is can I upgrade to XP without causing various other programs I have installed to stop working How can I know without learning the hard way Any experience Upgrade Question XP advise or just general thought on any Upgrade Question XP area of this quandary would be GREATLY appreciated marcus nbsp

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Hello- being new to the site I am hoping that someone might be able to give me some information. I just purchased a used HP Pavilion ZE5270 with 2.4GHz P4 socket 478, and I've read that some folks experienced an overheating problem because HP used a desktop P4 in this model. I have looked this up and that model runs at about 59W, whereas the P4 Mobile 478 socket runs about 35W.
My question is whether or not switching to the mobile processor would be possible- I think this would give the laptop a longer run on a battery charge, and alleviate or reduce the heating problem. The mobile processors are available for very little money on eBay, and I thought this might give the older machine a little longer lifespan.
If the FSB speed and cache specs are the same, shouldn't the processor be compatible?
Thanks for any help!

A:P4 Upgrade question...

i need an upgrade like that too

I am having the same problem persay

my cpu is the only thing i haven't upgraded yet
right now i got the p4 478 2.4ghz probably like u (mine is not an HP thou)
and i wouldn't mind getting the 3.0ghz

my mobo specs are
PCChips M925G (V9.1b)

CPU : Socket 478 for Intel Pentium 4, Prescott Celeron processor
FSB : 533/400 MHz
Chipset: P4M266A/8235

at newegg the 3.0s avaliable have a 800mhz FSB
so my question: is:

are the 3.0ghz 800mhz CPUs BACK-COMPATIBLE with a 533mhz Mobo?
does my chipset limit the processor vertion ergo limiting my upgrade?

478's at newegg:

PS i do suffer from heat issues too, i got the stock intel cooler + Zalman grease so my temps are 41 Idle, 52 normal load, and 60 full load
(according to my research on a stock cooler those temps are fine)
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I have a question regarding a harddrive upgrade in my laptop The laptop is a HP Pavilion zd us bought in Feb It came with a Toshiba mk gas GB ATA- harddrive that recently died I m looking to upgrade to a Seagate ST A GB ATA- drive I would assume that an ATA- drive is backward compatable with a ATA- system but I m not that familiar with the ATA- standards I emailed HP support asking if the Upgrade Question HDD ATA- drive is compatable the laptop Here is their response quot the Mother board of the Notebook is configured in such a way that the maximum speed of Hard Drive that it can support is RPM However if you will use the RPM Hard drive it will run at a maximum speed of RPM only Since your Notebook goes with the ATA- Hard Drive you cannot use ATA- Hard drive with it Using ATA- Hard Drive will cause compatibility issue quot This just doesn t sound right to me Does the motherboard actually have control over the spindle speed in the HDD Can anybody offer any additional information regarding this issue Thanks nbsp

A:HDD Upgrade Question

I would think that it is backward compatable with the ATA-5. The only difference in the ATA standard is the data access speeds. ATA-5 is 66MBps and ATA-6 is 100MBps. As far as the RPM speed goes it will work but probably at the slower speed of 4200 like HP stated.
Relevancy 38.7%

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1 AMD E 300 with Radeon HD 6310 Graphics.
I would like to be able to play a few of the newer PC games but when I try they seem to stutter and do not run smoothly.
Do I need to install a better graphics card? If so can someone recommend what kind I could buy and install without a high cost?
Thank you for any advice.

A:Upgrade question

Hi, Welcome to Seven forums.

First of all I will like to talk about your current GPU (HD 6310). It is not meant for modern games and will sure stutter.

Now, if you can update your system specs. This way we will be able to understand what kind of CPU, motherboard, cabinet and PSU you are using. What is the budget you are planning to spend on the hardware. As just upgrading your GPU might not help you achieve what you are looking for.

Keep us posted.
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i have HP 15-AC138NIA CORE I5 6200U and i want to upgrade my ram from 4 gb which ddr3 to 8db dd4 and i want to know that wheather my laptop supports ddr4 laptop had the 6th gen intel i5 processor according to intel 6th gen processor supports the dd4 and ddr3 both rams 

A:Ram Upgrade Question

No the slot is keyed to DDR3 which means DDR4 modules will not fit.
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Hey all,

I am thinking about finally upgrading my HDD to a SSD I have my eye on this

Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5 inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive: Computers & Accessories

I have a few concerns/questions however since this my first time upgrading the HDD

1. The SSD come with cloning software, Does this clone the OS or would I need to re buy Windows

2. Does cloning windows to a new drive break any windows license policies

3. If these answers are no it wont clone windows and yes it does break rules, can I keep the HDD for the OS but run all of my games (and only my games) from the SSD to get better performance?

Thanks for any help


A:Question about HDD>SSD Upgrade

Hi there Phill3990!

Don't worry, there's nothing too complicated when using a SSD.

1. The cloning software basically copies your first storage device onto a second one, all with OS, settings, programs etc. The only condition here would be the capacity range, meaning that if your hard drive is larger than the SSD in capacity, you should delete as much as to the capacities should fit. You don't need a new OS.
2. Cloning softwares are legal, official and some of them even paid (this applies to proven softwares, of course). They shouldn't be breaking any windows license policies. Besides, if you are buying the SSD and it comes with the software, it then certainly shouldn't be a problem.
3. SSDs are faster than HDDs, but not that big in capacity most of the times. Usually for best overall performance, users using both, would load OS and all programs/games/software from the SSD (for speed) and use the HDD for storage purposes only (capacity).

Hope this helps!

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I have currently installed ONLY XP Pro. I used to have Vista Premium installed on a separate partition, But I uninstalled that. I purchased Windows 7 Upgrade disk.

Here's the question, Do I need to reinstall Vista to upgrade to 7 using the Vista key?

A:Another upgrade question

Quote: Originally Posted by Steven72555

I have currently installed ONLY XP Pro. I used to have Vista Premium installed on a separate partition, But I uninstalled that. I purchased Windows 7 Upgrade disk.

Here's the question, Do I need to reinstall Vista to upgrade to 7 using the Vista key?


here is a link to the offical upgrade paths.

hope this helps

Relevancy 38.7%

HI folks.
I recently purchased an oem system that came with Vista 64 and a promise of a free upgrade to 7. My question is, with the upgrade, will I be able to do a clean install or just upgrade?
Thanks in advance and Im sure Ill be seeing you around these forums soon

A:Upgrade question

Originally Posted by tideripper

HI folks.
I recently purchased an oem system that came with Vista 64 and a promise of a free upgrade to 7. My question is, with the upgrade, will I be able to do a clean install or just upgrade?
Thanks in advance and Im sure Ill be seeing you around these forums soon

Either. Clean is definetely preferred.

Good Luck and stop by if you need help

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i was thinking about upgrading my bother ram along with a new viedo card, the viedo card will be a ati 9600 pro and the ram will be pc2100 his specs can be found at the computer is a powerspec 6238 and i just want to make shore i know the correct ram to ger.


A:Ram upgrade question

PC2100 is DDR266, which is what that system uses.
Relevancy 38.7%

According to my Mobo specs My Mobo will support up to 4 gig of DDR2 800MHz RAM.
According to my SIW report .. I currently have 2GB of (333MHz ) Ram installed ..
(2 of .... )
Capacity 1024 MBytes
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Speed DDR2-666 (333 MHz)
Data Width 64 bits
Voltage SSTL 1.8V
Error Correction None
Refresh Reduced (.5x)...7.8 s
Manufacturing Date 2006, Week 39
Module Height 30.0 mm
EPP SPD Support No

Im thinking about upgrading to 3GB of 800MHz RAM.
Am I reading this right .. (comments) ??
Can you verify my conclusions and suggest some good (reasonably priced) Newegg RAM Modules ???

Relevancy 38.7%

Please is it possible to upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) to Windows 7 Professional?

Relevancy 38.7%

Good day all,

Is it possible to upgrade from Windows 7 Home to Windows 7 Ultimate?

Please Help


A:Upgrade Question ?

Yes, that is a valid upgrade path...

Upgrade Install with Windows 7
Relevancy 38.7%

I just upgraded my wife's Toshiba Satellite laptop from 256mb of RAM to 1 gb. The computer always runs a bit warm but it is very warm now and has shut down a couple times. Does the increased RAM have anything to do with that? I went through the memory guide with crucial memory and it said 1gb was fine. I don't think RAM has anything to do with heat right?

A:RAM Upgrade Question

Jeeze, it's hard to see what the connection might be there. I, too, would not expect RAM to affect the temp very much.

How are you measuring the temp? You aren't using it in bed while plugging the air holes with fluffy blanket, are you (This actually happened to a friend. We were on the phone working on the computer and all of a sudden the laptop started running all right. He had gotten out of bed.)?
Relevancy 38.7%

I am considering upgrading from my present vista home premium 32 bit to Windows 7 Ultimate,"being purchased from Microsoft". My question is when i boot off cd and clik custom install and reformat and wait for it do do its thing, and then reboot to i run cd again and clik upgrade? any links or comments greatly appreciated.

A:Upgrade question

"and then reboot "do" i run cd again and clik upgrade? any links or comments greatly appreciated.
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I have XP Home, but want to upgrade to XP Pro. However, I have a few issues.
Upon upgrading, I find a few problems. For one, during the installation process, I am informed that there is an rundll error loading setup.EAKDLL.dll, and that the specified module could not be found. This has to do with Easy Access Buttons on my Compaq Presario laptop. It is present however, since while using Home, it works fine.
Second, I have Microsoft Works, which came installed with XP Home. It works fine. Until I upgrade to XP Pro. Why would I have problems with Works working correctly under Pro. I am told stuff like tasks may not work since works couldn't be loaded or something. But, this was already working fine. I thought upgrading retains settings and apps still work.
Any ideas? I really would like to go to Pro, but, don't want to lose any functionality.


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CPU: AMD Phenom x4 9950
RAM: DDR2 1066
Motherboard: ASUS M3A78
Video Card: ATI 4850


Thinking about upgrading, but only have about 160$ to play around with. IDK if i should go with a Phenom II x6 T1090 or an ATI 6850, which product do you think will give me the best bang for my gaming buck ?

A:Upgrade Question

Playing Battlefield 3 ATM.
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Hey guys here are my specs.
AMD 64 X2 4600+
WINDSOR AM2 socket
nforce 720a chipset.
xfx nvidia 9500gt
bios american megatrends inc.
my question is what cpu can I upgrade to that will give me a good boost on this computer?
im going to also be buying a new card in a few months as well.
how hard if this board will allow me is it to upgrade it to handle am3 cpu.

A:AM2+ to AM3 upgrade question

Who is the manufacture of your motherboard? You can not upgrade the CPU to AM3. If the board was designed for AM 2. You would have to replace the motherboard.
Relevancy 38.7%

Two years ago I upgraded to WIN-7 from WIN-XP OEM, using a retail version upgrade. The upgrade included both the 32bit and 64bit version. Unfortunately I missed the boat by installing the 32bit version.
The question here, would I be able to reinstall WIN-XP on a formatted HD. Once the WIN-XP is on the drive I would upgrade to the WIN-7 64bit version. I understand I will have to re-install all my software.
Do you see any problems with this, license keys for both WIN-XP OEM and WIN-7 are genuine.

Many thanks for your response

A:WIN-XP to WIN-7 upgrade question

Quote: Originally Posted by manne

Two years ago I upgraded to WIN-7 from WIN-XP OEM, using a retail version upgrade. The upgrade included both the 32bit and 64bit version. Unfortunately I missed the boat by installing the 32bit version.
The question here, would I be able to reinstall WIN-XP on a formatted HD. Once the WIN-XP is on the drive I would upgrade to the WIN-7 64bit version. I understand I will have to re-install all my software.
Do you see any problems with this, license keys for both WIN-XP OEM and WIN-7 are genuine.

Many thanks for your response

You don't have to reinstall XP. Just do a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version with your Win 7 64 bit and you are good. Just be sure you do not use the 32 bit on another PC. You can't use both at one time.
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Hi there,

I had/have the Microsoft Windows 8 Debug/Checked Build 64-bit (English

that I got from Microsoft's ELMS program (student software). My question is...if i try reinstalling will that automatically update me to the offcial release of Windows 8 64-bit? As i remember when it was still the preview there was no way under the sun..that i could revert back to Windows 7.
Relevancy 38.7%

Ok guys,

I Just finished DLing SoLoRs 7260iso (thanks man)

I want to try the upgrade option cause i cbf installing all my apps again.

So i was wondering, Whats the best way to upgrade?

A:Upgrade Question

Upgrade works, but it takes a looong time. Sort of like installing the Service packs for Vista (shrugs). And it kind of makes a mess on the hard drive too. I prefer to clean install and then reinstall my apps.
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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1 AMD E 300 with Radeon HD 6310 Graphics.
I would like to be able to play a few of the newer PC games but when I try they seem to stutter and do not run smoothly.
Do I need to install a better graphics card? If so can someone recommend what kind I could buy and install without a high cost?
Thank you for any advice.

A:Upgrade question

The AMD E-300 (codename Zacate) is a dual core processor for small notebooks and netbooks. It offers a relatively powerful integrated graphics card and a single ...Click to expand...

It appears you have a portable device that likely doesn't have upgrade options. If your device maker doesn't list upgrade options on their website, you can likely scratch this idea.

Portables (Phones, Tablets, Netbooks, and Notebooks) are not designed with upgrading in mind. They are small and very limited with cooling capabilities. And most of the time everything is integrated in small form factors and can not be replaced.
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Hi Im posting this here because I ve got a question that needs tending I need an answer first about formating a new HD upgrade Based on the fact that I m running Win Me that has been upgraded to Win Xp Home I ve never had any problems with HD Win question Me upgrade either OP System What I need to know is which way I should go with the formating of my new Hardrive due to having Win me installed I ve HD upgrade Win Me question read that Win Me isn t compatable with NTFS If in the future and I hope not I have to completely reinstall my OP System I think I d have to start with my quot Win Me quot edition first Then add the quot Win HD upgrade Win Me question Xp Home quot again then the SP etc etc etc Well If I go with the NTFS which will work just fine for now Then find that I have to do the mentioned reinstall won t that HD upgrade Win Me question be impossible if I m formatted to NTFS It would mean that I d then have to do a complete reformat for the purpose of getting back to the Fat system Then do the Win Me install correct All I know is I ve read that Win Me isn t compat with NTFS I just dont want to have a problem that could have been avoided if I hadn t formated my new HD to NTFS I m installing a new Seagate gb replacing my Gb WD The new HD will be a new Master stand alone I ll remove my old Gb The Seagate software that comes with the new HD is good By default thought if left in auto mode will format as NTFS I ll have to select the quot Manual Mode quot if I want to format to Fat NTFS sounds like a winner over Fat in some areas so I don t have any problem going that route Except for considering the facts mentioned above concerning Win Me This is obviously an older comp I ll sooner or later be buying a new comp However this one Athlon ATI SB Audigy will remain my internet comp I ve got about Gb of Stuff on here total So the Gb new HD will be way more than enough space I m saying this trying to domonstrate that top flight performance isn t a concern with the new HD install I just need more internal storage I ve been having to transfer files off to external storage for years now Ha Ha If things are as I suspect I d be fine with NTFS and just let the Seagate software do it s thing and hope I never had to reinstall Win Me Thanks for any help thoughts on this matter nbsp
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i just got my hands on a Cyrix MII PR i didn t buy it i wouldn t spend the money before knowing if my motherboard could handle it it question.... CPU upgrade came out of an emachine here at work during an upgrade and since no one likes Cyrix processors we were going to trash it anyway that s the scoop i have a Shuttle HOT ver motherboard at their web site it says that this motherboard will only support up to a mhz pentium chip i noticed last night on the motherboard that one of the CPU upgrade question.... jumper settings can be set at and another can be set at x i can t remember what they were labeled anyway shouldn t i just be able to move the jumpers to the max and get it to run that i know that it won t run at full speed but it should run faster than the mhz cpu that was in it right nbsp

A:CPU upgrade question....

I had a similar situation, AMD 100 system, and Motherboard could accept up to 200. I had a 233 chip from a friend's old computer and it ran sweet for a couple of days, and then death occurred. A friend determined that I had blown the Motherboard, and it could have been caused by the higher powered processor.

I'm not saying that it will happen to yours, but letting you know what happened when I tried it.
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Hey everyone, I've been wanting to upgrade my RAM for my laptop from 2GB to 4GB because I edit HD movies and need that extra performance boost.

Since I'm upgrading to 4GB, would it be okay for me to just buy a 2GB stick and use it with my current stick (or sticks, I've never looked to see what I have) of RAM? Or should I buy a pack of 2x2GB and replace the stick(s) altogether?

A:RAM upgrade question

A lot of folks recommend using matched sticks to avoid compatibility issues. I've successfully used mixed sticks before but only after verifying all of the specs on the original stick. You can do that by using a free memory advisor tool from Crucial (or pretty much any of the well known memory companies like Kingston, G.Skill, etc.)

RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, SSD at

Or you could get a free tool like Speccy that will give you the same RAM info as well as a lot more system info.

Speccy - System Information - Free Download

Once you have your installed RAM specs you can shop around for the best prices. But make sure the specs match before spending your money.
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I have a vista cd i used on an old computer i have. Is it possible that I could use this cd on my new pc, upgrade to windows seven immediately and have 2 working/geniune OSs?

A:Upgrade question

You want to keep Vista on the old computer, but also use it to qualify for Upgrade version on the new one?

Under the EULA the XP or Vista qualifying for using Win7 Upgrade version cannot be used during the period it is qualifier. So you couldn't use it to qualify if you intent to use it on the old machine, too.

If you want to delete Vista off the old machine and it is full retail version, you can use it to qualify for Win7 Upgrade on the new machine. It isn't even necessary to install the qualifiying XP/Vista to use Win7 Upgrade version- you just need to have it on hand and not use it while qualifier.

Hope this answers your question.

You can directly install Win7 using one of the workarounds given in this tutorial to activate Upgrade version on a clean or wiped HD: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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I have WIndows 7 64 bit and I just wondering on something. If I ""upgrade" from Widnows 7 to Windows 8 Release preview, can I upgrade from the release preview to the full version of Windows 8 when it's released? Im getting my Windows 8 from So can I upgrade from release preview to the complete Windows 8 when it ahs been released in the end of October?

Relevancy 38.7%

Hi, I've got an HP a1034n desktop and want to upgrade the ram to 2 sticks of 2G PC2-6400. My understanding is that my chipset has an 800 MHz FSB, but when i go to the HP site, the specs say that the speed supported is a PC 3200.

I've copied the specs below. Thanks

Base processor
Pentium4 530 (P) HT 3.0 GHz:
800 MHz Front side bus
Socket LGA775
Intel 915GV
Manufacturer: Asus
Motherboard Name: PTGD-LA
HP motherboard name: Goldfish3-GL8E
Component Attributes
Memory Installed 1 GB (2 x 512)
Maximum allowed 4 GB* (4 x 1GB) requires the replacement of the installed 512 MB DIMMs

*Actual available memory may be less
Speed supported PC3200 MB/sec
Type 240 pin, DDR2 SDRAM
DIMM slots Four
Open DIMM slots Two

Relevancy 38.7%

Hi there,

Does anybody know if windows xp upgrade version will install and work on a blank hard drive (i.e not actually upgrading).

My friend bought an upgrade version, installed it over 98, which went fine, but some weeks later he had to format his hard drive and he says he re-installed XP on the blank drive and it installed and activated fine.

Anyone know anything or had any edxperience of this.

Opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Graham Utton

A:xp upgrade vs new question

You will need to fdisk and format with a Windows 98 startup disk.

Then boot up and select start computer with CD-Rom support.

Put the CD in the drive and select the drive by typing E: enter or whatever the drive turns out to be.

This is due to the fact that when booting with CD-Rom support it will move your CD-Rom up one letter because it creates a ramdrive during the install...............:D

You will also need a previous version of windows to show that you qualify for the upgrade during the install.
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Hey there,

I have a valid product key for windows 7 home premium and I activated and all.. then I found out that my school had a promotion so I got a legitimate professional product key.. question is can I upgrade my current version with the new product key?

Thanks a lot

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I have a pentium II 350mhz and i am wanting to upgrade to a faster cpu. how can i find out what kind of chip and how fast my motherboard will support. i tried to contact the maker (pionex) but have not heard back anything yet(2 weeks). the mainboard is an ATX BX2 and it also lists the number MS-6119 on the paperwork. if you need any other info please let me know. thank you very much!

A:cpu upgrade question

If the number is correct it is a micro-star mobo, check here, here
The server was having problems just now, hopefully up soon

Manual here
Relevancy 38.7%

I couldn't decide if this should go into mb/cpu or this thread, but it's mainly about the OS


I'm running Win2k sp4 on an AMD 1ghz thunderbird.

The question is, if I upgraded my motherboard/cpu/ram, would I have to format, refresh the OS or could win2k adapt to the new hardware?

A:Upgrade question.

It will not adapt unless you upgrade to a mobo very similar to your current one, which would be rather pointless.

You can remove all motherboard specific drivers from Device Manger, shut down, build the new system and start up. (And pray that it doesn't bluescreen)

You can also do a repair install of Windows. This will leave most of your programs intact.

A format would be the cleanest solution though.
Relevancy 38.7%

Hello all I have an issue and hope someone can offer some advice I am currently running an old Dell Dimension desktop and upgrade question was wondering if it would really be worth it to keep it on life support well actaully this is my primary idea as opposed to purchasing a new one that I just really can't swing right now anyway - the internal drive is GB and just about full I'm not able to keep deleting enough data every now and then and keep my fingers crossed I do however have an external drive with upgrade question about GB of free space So here's my question After upgrade question creating a back up on my external drive would I be able to replace the existing internal HD with a much larger say GB to be compatible with my existing pentium IV chip mother board I know that I can upgrade the RAM to GB from my current capacity of MB Then I would more than likely swithch to Windows as my OS If this all works I feel it would be a worthwhile temporary situation to keep my computer up and running but if anyone can definitely say that this won't work or has a better idea please let me know what you think much appreciated saturned

A:upgrade question

It's actually the BIOS that can limit drive size. That said, backing up critical stuff to your external drive and then installing a larger capacity drive should not be a problem. Since it appears that the Dimension 2400 was introduced in 2006, the BIOS should support larger hard drives. Maxing out the RAM will definitely help too.

I would advise against installing Win7 on that system. Stick with WinXP, but make sure it's up-to-date. You'd be better off waiting until you have a 64-bit system.
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I've been looking all over the internet, searching for a compatible 2x4 GB memory for my computer, without any luck yet, I checked the qualified vendors list, found only one type of RAM but that's 4x2 GB and it's a bit expensive. Currently I have 4GB of RAM while using a Windows 7 64-bit OS.

My system specs:

Mb: ASUS P7H55D-M Pro
CPU: Intel Core i5 760 (Lynnfield)
VGA: ASUS Radeon R9 270X
PSU: Cooler Master 700W

I'd be more than glad if someone helped me, thanks in advance!

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My old PIII g mb system served me faithfully for the past few years But now I m getting into digital photography professional DVD authoring video capture and editing and other stuff and really need to upgrade my system I will be using my current CD drives HDD etc Budget question(s) .... Upgrade is around - however of course I want the Upgrade question(s) .... best Upgrade question(s) .... value and I would hate to find out later that an additional or would buy more power I am not interested in a gaming system nor will I be overclocking My system is used for home office work Word Photoshop etc plus the digital photography DVD and video mentioned above and I multitask frequently I want to upgrade Upgrade question(s) .... to a P After searching this site and others it seems the best mobo s in my price range are from Abit Intel and ASUS I tend to lean toward Intel because it s the only mobo I have used in the past in my other three systems but I am open to suggestions Stability is a MUST for me My system is up and I use it in my business of photography and PC support programming Please review my wish list below and give me any comments or suggestions Current Hardware also to be used in new system Pioneer x DVD - RW Sony x CDRW DVD Combo g rpm internal HDD will upgrade later to gt g SATA g Maxtor external HDD Hauppauge WinTV-PVR Wish List Motherboard Intel D PERL -or- D GBFL ASUS P P E Delux -or- P P SE Abit AI -or- IS -E Video I m at a loss here I know nothing about video cards Currently using mobo video Unless it would help with video capture and editing I don t need anything fancy or high performance just a basic and again stable video card in the - range I ll use the on-board video if mobo offers I ll be using an Antec w power supply in either my current case or an Antec case One thing that concerns me is the CPU temp of the P If I buy the retail box with the CPU heatsink and fan will I be OK Or should I go for additional cooling I currently have a front and rear fan in my case What about the temp variations of the various motherboards Sorry to be so wordy but I wanted to give as much info as possible THANKS VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP nbsp

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My current system has XP Home and I would like to upgrade to XP Pro. My question is, does it take a special upgrade cd or can any OS cd work. My current cd is XP Pro w/SP2.


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I apologize if this has been answered already elsewhere the search didn't bear fruit I'm trying to hunt down an answer for a family member and haven't had much luck as of yet I even tried to call into Microsoft but their phone reps couldn't seem to understand the details of the question A Win Pro question upgrade Win 8 8 to OEM computer was purchased with OEM Windows The user wanted to upgrade to Win Pro but is old fashioned and prefers to have disks for this type of thing so they purchased item UR- from an online retailer Reading into the details I see that this will for sure complete the upgrade from Win XP Vista Consumer Preview and Release Preview However nowhere can I confirm one way or another if this item will bump us from OEM Win to Win Pro successfully I'm trying to locate a definitive answer before we open the package so it OEM Win 8 to Win 8 Pro upgrade question can be returned in case this will not do the job Any help would really be appreciated

A:OEM Win 8 to Win 8 Pro upgrade question

Welcome to EightForums.

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Upgrading from Windows 8 Hp to Windows 8 Pro Pack use the Add features.
Add Features to Windows 8
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If I was to purchase an anytime upgrade to ultimate. I currently have professional installed. I found a good deal on amazon for a ""Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade (Home Premium to Ultimate) for 94.00$" can I up grade from Professional to Ultimate with this Key, or do I have to have Home Premium installed? Or do you just need to have any windows 7 below ultimate installed? May be a stupid question, I just don't want to waste the money

A:Question about an upgrade

You'll need to buy the Professional to Ultimate Anytime Upgrade: Windows 7 Upgrade Paths

In fact I would decide only based on features since performance is identical: Compare Windows - Microsoft Windows
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Looking to upgrade my motherboard to
CPU: Intel Pentium D 940 (3.20Ghz)(2x2Cache)
Cooling Fan: Intel H/D B/B Cooling Fan w/ Heat Sink
Motherboard: ECS (945P-A)(Intel 945P) 1066Mhz FSB (3-PCI/ 2-PCI-Ex16/ 1-PCI-Ex1/ 4-DDR2 667Mhz)
Audio: 8 Channel Audio (O.M.B.)
Memory: PC-4200 512MB DDR2 533
Video: None
Lan: 10-100-1000 Mbps (O.M.B.)
My question is will my 300w power supply be ok or should I go with a bigger one at the same time

A:Upgrade Question

You should go with a bigger and a quality power supply.
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I recently upgraded from ME to XP Home using the Windows XP Home Upgrade cd-rom. I installed XP using ME as the origonal OS and by doing so carried over much of the old clutter and junk from the old OS. I also selected FAT32 not knowing XP was made for the newer and more efficient NTFS. Now I would like to start over with a CLEAN install of XP using the NTFS file system this time. Can I use the same registered cd-rom again?(I have installed a new video card and power supply since upgrading) What particular problem's should I anticipate? Thank's

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I setup a PC for a friend a couple months ago and installed Windows 7 RC for the time being. He luckily pre-order Win7 during the half-off special Microsoft ran and he just got his disc in the mail.

Question...the disc he got is an upgrade and it says it's a Vista upgrade to Windows 7. Since his machine right now does not have Vista but Win7 RC, will this cause any problems?

I saw the posts regarding using an upgrade disc to do a clean install which is definitely what I would prefer to do, but for the sake of not having to backup all his docs and all that I might tell him to just do the upgrade himself...just wanted to make sure that there won't be any issues using an upgrade meant for Vista on a PC running Win7 RC.


A:Upgrade Question

Your friend can do a custom (clean) install using the upgrade version, if the RC is installed. I've done it.

The upgrade doesn't normally permit an upgrade-in-place of the RC. I have read that it can be hacked so that the upgrade-in-place would be possible, but I've not tried it.

I would recommend the clean install, even if your friend still had Vista installed.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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I currently own Vista Business, UPGRADE version.
I need to know if I can upgrade to Vista Business FULL version.

A:Upgrade question

If you have updated from XP or a different Vista then you have the full version...
The update is cheaper cuse it uses your current OS to modify to the full version.. They are both the same
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Hi, I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to help me out with my question.

A few months ago I bought the 'Windows 8 upgrade' disk to put on my daughters PC. She had a previous Win7 OEM installed so I upgraded to win8 on her PC and activated. However it soon became obvious that she preferred windows 7 so I did a clean install with the previous win 7 oem disk.

I was wondering if I could now use the same windows 8 upgrade disk to upgrade my own win7 oem installation to win8? I did activate the windows 8 upgrade on my daughters pc but its no longer installed or being used.


A:Win 8 upgrade question

Originally Posted by microsoft

Can I transfer the software to another computer or user? You may transfer the software to another computer that belongs to you. You may also transfer the software (together with the license) to a computer owned by someone else if a) you are the first licensed user of the software and b) the new user agrees to the terms of this agreement. To make that transfer, you must transfer the original media, the certificate of authenticity, the product key and the proof of purchase directly to that other person, without retaining any copies of the software. You may use the backup copy we allow you to make or the media that the software came on to transfer the software. Anytime you transfer the software to a new
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i have a custom built computer
motherbord is Asus P5W DH Delux
CPU is intel core2 6700.
Ram is 2X 1GB of Corsair XMS2 8500C5

i want to add more ram, so my questions :

- how much more ram can i add ? i can see that i have 2 empty slots.
-how big of ram can i add ? can i add 2X 2GB or only 2X 1GB.
-do i need to add only the same ram i already have or i can use other company/model of ram?


A:Ram upgrade question.....

According to Asus you can have up to 8gb of memory. They recommend all memory modules should equal each other in size and cas latency.
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I recently replaced the mother board on my E-Machine PC (T2642) with an Asus P4V8X-MX

Im now looking to upgrage the old 256 RAM with a 1GB RAM card. Im thinking about using this one as the upgrade:

My questions are would there be any campatablity issues or other issue with this?

Can I still use the old 256 Card in the second slot on the MB? (Im using the origianl RAM that came with the Emachines MB)

A:Looking to upgrade RAM, Question(s)

That will work fine with most setups.
Value Ram is not as fast as you might need for gaming or photo editing, but then the eMachines board is not very fast either.
The Kingston Value Ram is solid memory. We use it frequently in budget home based machines which are used for Microsoft Office, Internet, etc. and have never one had problems with perhaps hundreds of modules of DDR 333 PC2700.
It is not a good choice for gaming, but then neither is the T2642.
You are limited to two 1 gb modules.
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I just bought a computer from a guy. He has the windows 7 eval. copy 7100. He has just been put in jail, and does not look like he will be getting out any time soon. What do I need to do to upgrade this copy? I keep seeing that it will expire soon? Could somebody give me some basic info on what to do before I load all of my stuff into this computer. It will not let me even connect to my printer??


A:Upgrade question


Sorry to hear that. You will need to buy Windows 7 now. Head to here:

I believe you can get the Upgrade version for about $100.

The you will need to do a clean install with it: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Hope this helps,
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I have a friend that is having problems with WinMe and wants to Up-grade to XP. However she doesn't want to lose the data from WinMe. The question is about installing XP over Me rather than Formatting first. Is there a possibility that the original problems will remain?

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I have a laptop that came with 1Gb of DDR (Yes DDR 1 it's old) 333mhz memory. Recently I realized that both sticks were very corrupt, so I had to replace then with 256 MB of the same speed of memory scavenged from my broken Compaq, but my question is can I upgrade my ram to a higher speed? I know I can't upgrade to DDR 2 but will I be able to use 400 Mhz Ram? my computer is a Vaio FS 680W. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:RAM Upgrade Question

Each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700 with a maximum of 512MB per slot, or a total of 1 GB. You can try DDR PC3200, or ddr PC4000, but it likely will not work. If Sony has posted an approved upgrade, I have not seen it.
The Sony VAIO motherboards are very persnickety.
There isn't much noticable speed difference in actual use between the PC2700 and the PC4000 anyway due to the Front Side Bus, and other hardware limitations.
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i have a compaq presario SR1220NX and was wondering if i could upgrade a intel celeron d 340 processor with a intel celeron d 365 processor?

A:Upgrade question

Save your money for a new system
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I have Windows 8 Pro w/ Windows Media Center. Can I upgrade for free to Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center? I'll stay with Windows 8 Pro if it will cost me money.

A:Upgrade Question

Hello MJ, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you update through the Windows Store like in the tutorial below, then yes it will be a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center.
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I am currently using MS Office Basic Edition 2003. I need to start an extensive inventory and would like to have Access. Is it possible to upgrade 2003 Office Basic with 2007 Office Pro or would I have to buy the Full Version of Pro.Thanks for you help.(Moderator edit: added Topic Description and moved post to more appropriate forum. jgweed)

A:Upgrade Question

Better yet, try Open office. It's open source and it's free