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No more dead BIOS after updates!

Q: No more dead BIOS after updates!

I found this on it is a new product that they have. Not sure if any of you have seen anything like this but if not I would check it out. You can use this in case your bios update goes wrong. You just flip a switch and you can boot your system as normal. Sounds pretty neat.

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Preferred Solution: No more dead BIOS after updates!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No more dead BIOS after updates!

Most people don't know that on just about any board with an ISA slot (granted most newer boards do not have ISA slots) you can still boot even if your bios is trashed if you have an ISA video card, and then reflash it from there.
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Hi, last night XP had downloaded a bunch of updates and it said that a restart is required. I restarted it, and now it won't start up. It says something like:
File Not Found: C:\Windows\system32\config
That's it, as best I can remember. It says to boot to the recovery console, which I did but I can't do anything from there...except I activated my backup clone and that's what I'm running right now, but I'd like to get the original installation going if possible.
Is there any way to revert from those updates?

A:XP dead after updates

Hi kbalona

Well your registry is corrupted somehow.

Here's what to do:

A separate (maybe simpler for you) tutorial can be found here: HERE

You basically have to get into the Recovery Console and type those commands.

Let us know how it goes.
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Hi all, I need help I have a PC with Spacewalker MV42v1.3 mobo my sister just used it the other day (playing her usual game) and when I tried to use it today 3 long beeps occured, I tried to change my video card and the beeps gone but there is no display on my monitor and no light on my KB (num) as if the BIOS went dead, I also tried to reset it by removing the battery but nothing happens (dunno if this is right in resetting it), change the video card still nothing happens, no display (totally blackout) and no light on my KB (num). Dunno what to do now. Thanks in advance.

AMD Athlon
256MB Memory

A:not sure if the BIOS is dead/gone

If you are getting no activity at all I suspect the psu is at fault.
The only real easy way to tell is replace it with a known working one
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i have a epox 8rda+ mainboard with a dead bios.. how can i repair my bios?.

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I'm using toshiba tecra A8. I degraded the Operating System from windows vista to windows xp. Then i flashed the bios and now my machine can't boot, when i put it on, it gives me black screen, so i think my bios is corrupted.
Somebody should help me please, i really need help.

A:dead and corrupted bios

and welcome to the Forum

Where did you get the BIOS flash? . . what version didyou flash to? . . why did you flash the BIOS?

What is the Brand/Model of the PC?
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Hi during a foolish move or uninstalling the AMD sata drivers on the PC the machine rebooted several times and thenwent into the bios set up and subsequently what i believe was a recovery mode writing several new blocks nbsp eventually the machine shut down and ever since have not been able to get it to start nbsp when i push the power button the light does not come on but i hear the cd drive attempting to be accessed in addition to the processor fan building up to and remaining at full speed nbsp I have contacted Acer who have told me this model is a PC World Currys only warranty only so declined to help me Upon calling the retailer they said i needed to contact ACER nbsp i am now left a PC with what i think is a blank bios although reading some of the posts online there are suggestions that i can somehow copy bios files onto a cd as the machine may be looking for replacement bios files and as the USB ports are not active it must be awaiting a file via CD nbsp if anyone can offer any help or guidance i would be most appreciative as am at a total loss nbsp i believe in reading further online that the bios and motherboard for the tc- and tc- are the same but sold as variations so that PC World Currys have an exclusive model number nbsp Many thanks in advance nbsp Leon

A:Aspire TC-220 dead bios

in addition to the above, the machine is also less than 5 months old (just to add to the frustration)
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I recently installed the bios update sp70266 (BIOS Version 8.21 Rev.A) and on reboot my video card would no longer function (GeForce 650 Ti boost.  ) also with the card installed on boot I get 6 short beeps.  and no video at all, can't even get post screen up.  I can remove the card and hook up the built in video to get into the system but haven't been able to find a way to roll back the bios to something that will function with my card.   I find it unlikely the card went south at the exact moment I was doing a bois update.  I believe the  prior version of BIOS was 8.20 but can't be 100% positive. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  

A:new bios = video dead

The following HP Softpaq is BIOS v. 8.20  You should be able to rollback the BIOS by using Firmware management in the PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI. Prsss the power button and then immedioately begfin tapping the F2 key to invoke the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI.  At the first screen you should see Firmware Management. Click on it and look for the Rollback BIOS  option. Click on it.
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Hey guys New to the Forums and first post Bit of a noob so bear with me Hopefully someone here will be able to help me as google has failed lol Recently got a bargain deal on a second hand desktop with the idea to upgrade it myself into a mid range media gaming rig It has an ms- p m m motherboard and an intel celeron D processor After ascertaining that it was compatible with my motherboard i bought an intel Core duo E I plopped that bad boy into the mobo and fired up the computer Fans and heatsinks started whirring and it was all making lovely computery Dead Bios? Cpu....Upgrading noises But alas my monitor did sweet FA totally blank nada Dismayed isnt even the word i put my celeron processor back in to Dead Cpu....Upgrading Bios? see if it would work with the old cpu and here comes the good part i didnt istall the heatsink as i only intended to switch it on for a few seconds to see if the monitor would work which it did btw Unfortunately those few seconds were enough to decimate my poor celeron cpu After doing a bit of research i discovered i might to update my bios Now my celeron still boots windows and actually works but it runs slower than a a a insert witty pun about slow things here and when i hit quot ctrl shift esc quot my cpu usage is at a constant Now my question is this and i will forever love the person who can give me the solution aside from the usual quot haha noob take to a professional blah blah blah quot Because Dead Cpu....Upgrading Bios? yes i know i wish i had But im on a tight budget so couldnt really afford to fork out the cash so dont kick a man when he s down haha Have i forgotten something oh yes the question How do i update my bios with a dead cpu so my mobo will accept my new cpu Lengthy post i know Sorry i dont hold much hope beyond getting a new celeron cpu and upgrading the bios or getting a newer mobo but id really rather not But seriously if anyone can help i will be extremely grateful Thanks guys Ant nbsp

A:Dead Cpu....Upgrading Bios?

Axemanant said:

After ascertaining that it was compatible with my motherboard i bought an intel Core 2 duo E6750.
Click to expand...
How did you ascertain this...because there is no mention of E6750 support for that board on MSI's own site.
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When being in BIOS I did a hardware reset (the small hole besides the on-off switch) and the computer stopped running.Now I no longer can start the 600 E.With the AC power adapter connected, the rectangular led besides the IBM logo is green. When operating the power switch it starts to flicker yellow a few times and then returns to continuous green. Nothing more happens, no noise from hard disk or ventilator. Also switching-on with F1 pressed gives no result.Thinkpad 600 E is like dead.What are the causes and what can I do ?Thanks for any help.Hans
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My kids related a problem on the quot kids Dead BIOS power supply and computer quot eMachine T running XP They related the computer CPU seemed to get very hot and got a funny burning smell Oh well let s Dead power supply and BIOS keep using it and see what happens The power abruptly shut off and then they brought this to my attention I pulled out the power supply and found a fragged cooling fan and glue like substance oozing from one of the components Dead power supply and BIOS I bought a new powersupply and everything appeared to come back to life Except the built in sound card and CD Rom now longer work I rechecked the cord connections for data and power and they seem fine The device manager shows yellow exclamation points next to sound card and CD rom drivers Uninstalling them and re-installing them kills some time but has no resolution Question could the high temp and sudden shutdown adversely affected and damaged the BIOS chip where I presume the driver info Dead power supply and BIOS is stored Mark nbsp

A:Dead power supply and BIOS

The driver info is stored on the hard drive though.
You could check on the BIOS to make sure there is nothing disabling the devices, as the power supply failure could have caused problems.

You have to consider that the power supply failure could have actually damaged the devices or the motherboard though, as a prime cause.
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hey all,
Im trying to fix this comp for this guy. All he said, that it wont really. Ok, this thing right now is beyond dead. It makes no sound, no fans turn the only sign of life is a green mobo led light, thats it. Ok, i say to myself lets check obvious PSU? I swap it for new one. Still nothing. Ok, i double check all connections. ok there. I use a different power switch. Still nothing. I swapped the memory sticks, thinking one of them is the culprit. Still nothing. Now im left with 2 difinte ideas...CPU or Motherboard?? Before i call this guy up and tell him what i think might be the problem. Does anyone else have any suggestion.????thanks.

btw..pc is> gatewayGT5014 with windows xp media ed. I hate gateway toooo..

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when running bios update from HP on hp g laptop the screen went white and hung had to take battery dead bios, need HP laptop reset help: to out to get help: need to reset bios, HP laptop dead machine to turn off since then machine wont boot power light and wireless light turn on via ac and or battery but it wont even present the boot screen have tried all the suggestions I could find win key B disconnecting cmos battery taking out hard drive hard resets plugging in external monitor etc nothing has worked My HP G laptop which was running fine before installing the bios update now wont even start up am VERY disappointed that a process and software provided by the manufacturer HP cause the machine to completely stop operating and that there is no way to get it back into operation By the way the reason for the bios update I installed win and it was up and running A problem then surfaced when the computer lid was closed and the laptop went to sleep it would not function once the lid was opened had to take battery out and disconnect power to get it to start up again going into sleep mode and awakening with keyboard mouse worked fine until the lid was closed the recommended solution was to update the BIOS which is what I did The BIOS update started up and began running fine but then hung with a white screen I am hoping someone will have a suggestion on how I can get my laptop running again I had hoped HP would stand behind their software support and what I thought was a quality laptop but they have said I was on my own and go find some local guru and hope they can fix it I haven t found one yet Help nbsp

A:help: need to reset bios, HP laptop dead

What's the complete model number of that HP G70?
There should be a dash and additional characters after G70 that comprises the complete model number.

What's the exact part/product number(P/N) on it?

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I restarted my computer yesterday and after it rebooted it must have activvated some malware or virus problem Pop-ups and the like I ran my anti-malware and indeed found some deleted all it could and then it by black screen a followed BIOS dead asked for a restart to delete the ones it couldn t and thats when BIOS followed by a black dead screen the big problem happened My computer begins to boot I get through the BIOS then nothing but a black screen and my computer just sits there with the fans running untill I press the powerkey and force it to shutdown It will not boot in safe mode and I have tried a windows repair and that too just resulted in the same black screen after BIOS I m not all the technical and can t seem to find what this might be called and now I m just hoping this problem is fixable without BIOS followed by a black dead screen wiping the harddrive Again computer was working BIOS followed by a black dead screen fine restarted found malware virus restarted a second time black screen after BIOS no safe mode repair didn t work I don t really know much about my comps specs of hand but it is running Windows XP media edition and thats about all the more I know without being able to access it nbsp

A:BIOS followed by a black dead screen

Has no one heard of such a problem?
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Hey all I have a generic computer that is dead right now Basically when I turn it on the power light comes beeps! computer! bios Dead No on the HDD light comes on and stays on fans come on but no beeps at all or ANY life on the monitor Me thinks the MB is dead but want to make sure I took out the cmos No bios beeps! Dead computer! battery for a few minutes and then put back in still dead I removed one by one and checked for life the cd-rom drive then HDD then floppy No life I removed the memory stick and got beeps yeah but when memory is installed in any of the slots I get NO beeps at all I removed the video card and got NO beeps hey wait a minute aren t you supposed to get an error beeps when the video card is quot unseated quot much less missing alltogether My guess is that the cpu and the memory are still good got beep when the memory was removed doesn t the processor have to process the code of the bios to recognize that there s no memory but the bios is toast or at least the video section Oh by the way for grins giggles and tried a different video card in the board Can anyone else think of anything I might be missing Was working the night before but now it s dead MB is a MSI K T -pro V AMD Athlon Palomino Crucial Technology mb nbsp

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my laptop thinkpad X250 dead boot no logo  no think ... just power 2min  affter that off ...   when i update the bios ... why this problem !!!!!! Lenovo 

A:After update my bios, my x250 dead!

Always make sure you flashed the right bios any wrong bios would cause the laptop becoming as bricked = dead so only solution to solve this is to send the laptop to Lenovo repair and they will either have tools to be able to reflash the bios for you or they will replace the motherboard with a new one.
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I have a dell studio one 1909, and upgraded the flash from A03 to A07. The computer rebooted, and now it's dead! It turns on, but it's just a black screen, and all you can hear is the fan going crazy running up and down. This tells me the flash was a bad idea . Is there another way to fix this vs getting a new motherboard? Can i download A03 on a usb flash drive and see if that works?
I'm not to computer smart, so please be detailed
Any help would be greatly appreciated


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My month old Toshiba Satellite P is now a very shiny doorstop thanks to my naivety in believeing I should keep my laptop as up to date as possible I have done BIOS flashes many times in the past on my Dells and Compaqs without any issues Not this time I downloaded the latest flash from Toshiba and started the program running Everything was OK until I got to sector out of however many and the system froze Mouse played up KB went dead Screen then went white and that was that Couldn t shut it down put it to sleep dead BIOS Satellite P200 nothing Had Satellite P200 BIOS dead to unplug the power just to let the juice run down as the power button was dead This morning I have a laptop that flickers its HDD light checks the CD Rom and then does nothing Blank screen the works I have the correct BIOS flash I just now need to get the flash to speak to the chip but I m stumped Tried it on a USB Satellite P200 BIOS dead stick and a CD Rom but nothing Any ideas Problem is that I am in Sarajevo right now so sending it back to the UK is really the last resort Thanks nbsp

A:Satellite P200 BIOS dead

If you had a critical error during BIOS update, your computer is indeed nothing more than a doorstop right now. You can try and send it in under warranty, as Toshiba has a 1 Year manufacturer warranty, just don't tell them you tried to reflash it - as that voids the warranty.

Unfortunately any error during writing of the BIOS typically renders the computer useless. No BIOS, no computer.
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Well, I went to Gateway support and typed in my serial number. Then, I downloaded a new BIOS. I ran the exe from the command line as per the instructions and then when my computer restarted it is dead.

I've tried putting the DOS files on a floppy so I can flash it, but I think the BIOS may be so screwed it won't even get to that point.

Are there any suggestions? And, if there aren't, do I have to buy a new mobo?

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Hey there.

I have a very very weird problem with my comp. It ran fine yesterday (playing diablo 2) for about 6 hours. Today, within seconds of starting d2 I see a wealth of artifacts and VPU recover (I have a Radeon 9800 pro) kicks in, effectivly causing me to re-boot. However when I try to re-boot, nothing happens. I get a power light on the case, and my drives spin up, however nothing else happens. If I remove the ram from my computer, it beeps at me with I assume is the "no ram" message. Any Ideas what could be causing this?

ChinaTech VNF350 mb
AMD 64 3300+
2x 512mb ddr400 ram
Radeon 9800pro (128 meg)
IBM Deskstar 7200 rpm ata133 HD 200gb

A:VPU recover leads to dead bios

your board (assuming it's a chaintech), coming from a maker known for thier low quality, would be a big suspect. and without ram the machine shouldn't work at all, taking it out is pointless.
attempt resetting the bios and/or taking the battery out for more than 10 minutes.
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I think my bios has become corrupted, I was half way through updating it and the utility just crashed. after half an hour of waiting i turned computer off and now when i turn it on again it just beeps with the fan going.

what should i do now? it doesnt have a floppy drive, which many guides require, so i'm not sure what to do..

also i dont have much money

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Hi! I have an E460 laptop, on which I'm dual booting Windows 10 Pro and Manjaro Linux (basically Arch Linux) with Linux kernel 4.5.2. Having the same problem that people discuss in the E460 Keys repeating when pressed for 3 seconds thread, I have been bumping my bios to 1.13, 1.16, and yesterday, to bios 1.17, to see if the problem had been resolved. With the 1.17 bios update, my touchpad and trackpoint stopped working in Linux (In Windows they work fine). They do not even show up in /dev/input, and there is no mention of either of them in dmesg, journalctl, /var/log/Xorg.0.log, or anywhere. The touchpad and stick worked fine in bios 1.13 and 1.16, so I'm thinking there is some regression in 1.17. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can Lenovo confirm whether there is a problem?
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Prompted by the Support Assistant, I updated the BIOS on my Pavilion 11 yesterday. It finished installing, went to restart and then completely died.  I have performed a hard reset, pressed windows and B keys while powering up and then releasing. Pressed windows and B keys while powering up and not releasing. Nothing. The screen is blank. It feels as if the fan is whirring, but no lights are apparent apart from the power button light itself. It seems the next step is to install a previous version of BIOS on a USB drive, but there are no BIOS updates available on the HP product page. I am now at a loss. The battery is not even accessible, so I can't take that out!  Any help gratefully received!
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Can I upgrade the BIOS on my T61 if it has a dead battery?

Go to Solution.

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I attempted a BIOS update using the Asus update on my computer. I have a P4S533 Motherboard. All seemed ok. Now the computer will not boot or do anything other than this; I hear one long beep followed by two short beeps. Then a 3 or 4 second pause and then steady short beeps that never stop.

I read about using AFLASH.exe... the only problem is I have my computer set to boot from the CDROM first and not the floppy A: drive. I cleared CMOS with the jumper, I reboot pressing F2, F8, Delete, anything....nothing seems to work.

Any ideas what happened and what I can do to get the computer working again?



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how and where can i do this for the O/S and software

A:driver updates and bios updates

If your computer is running well I would not try to fix something that isn't broke. Other than installing updates for Windows and anti-malware, newer sometimes isn't better.
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I've had a problem over the last couple weeks. My PC doesn't start easily. I have to hit the power sometimes once and it starts or I have to power down (6 secs on the power button) and repeat this several times before it posts to bios and starts. The PC power will start, the fan runs, but it doesn't consistently start. IF IT DOES START UP IT IS STABLE AND RUNS OK.
I have a Gig P35DS3R and am running Vista with current updates. Bios is version 12 beat (Award I think - Gigabyte's version). Today no matter how many times I've booted the PC does not post. HasaAnyone seen this before and can help with diagnosis? I'm thinking its the mobo, versus the PS.

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Hello I M a new member It all started when I was updating my I a update of because a failure Notebook BIOS dead have BIOS during the update something went wrong the laptop I have a dead Notebook because of a BIOS update failure has been turned off suddenly Now when I try to turn my Notebook on Igot the capsLock LED blinking twice then stop for a couple seconds then it blinks again twice The display is black and blank it shows absolutely nothing the wireless button LED stays orange searched that and found out that this is a BIOS failure problem - I tried to Recover the notebook BIOS using a key press combination but after several attempts No thing have changed - I tried to put a BIOS recovery on a USB flash drive by a HP BIOS update utility but using another laptob but in the prosses I got all options grayed out I m not sure if it s even going to work but it s the last thing I know to try My notebook Info HP G It is HP so the mother board is too I really appriciate and help and suggstion Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hey guys, So I got two problema actually with my laptop. The first one is that after my bios update of may 10 2016 my laptop wont reboot anymore. No bios screen or anything, only the logo lights up and the fans stop working after few seconds. The reason for my update was because i bought a new Wifi card the wimax 6250 which is actually whitelisted, didnt work at the begin so I thought updating the bios would help. But now I screwed my laptop which im using for my study. Can someone pls help me with suggestions? Also removing the mobo battery didnt help, after its says that it has been reseted it boots again without anything happeninng.
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First heres the specs of my brother s system Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce MX Won't Dead Motherboard? Get BIOS, Boot, Solved: Into Can't Mb Harddrive WD gb Caviar Blue Motherboard MSI MS- Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled His computer has been acting up recently and I thought that it was the Solved: Won't Boot, Can't Get Into BIOS, Dead Motherboard? harddrive so I replaced it with a brand new WD gb Caviar Blue His computer has been absolutely fine since I put in the new harddrive but just today all of a sudden his system slowed to a crawl I tried defragging but then it started to randomly reboot Now it won t go into windows at all will not go past POST and I cannot get into the BIOS What could be the problem Edit Rarely I can get into the BIOS sometimes it will even attempt to go into windows but then BSOD for a millisecond where I can t even read it and reboot I have tried booting into a linux cd once but Solved: Won't Boot, Can't Get Into BIOS, Dead Motherboard? it just said Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk And Press Enter Help Me Edit I forgot to say that it sounds like the harddrive keeps revving and unrevving I could post a sound file if you wanted it nbsp

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Two days ago I received a notification from HP Support Assistant with an update of BIOS. I did the update with notebook plugged at AC but when it restarted, it showed the following error: Boot device not foundPlease install an operating system on your hard diskHar disk (3F0) Now anything is working. I tried all methods suggested on your website but nothing happens. I tried to restore the original BIOS downloaded from your website but it didn't work with any version.  Please, help.

A:HP Envy 15 k113nl dead after BIOS update

Hello pietro!Have you try to BIOS SETUP?If haven't, try to get in to the BIOS Setup, then Load Setup Defaults.First, turn on your notebook, push the esc button until you get in to the pc setting.Second, choose BIOS Setup then in exit tab, choose Load Setup Defaults.If this helps, please give me a kudos. Thankyou!
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Is there a way to flash the BIOS with a dead main battery on a TP 1721 2627-721?   

A:Updating bios with a dead battery on a TP i Series...

Do you need the newer BIOS that bad that you'd risk bricking the laptop?
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The IBM Thinkpad won't let me flash the Bios without a fully charged batteyr. My battery has completely went to crap so i always have to plug it in. Ive been having some bad on and off memory dump blue screen problems and see that my Bios is way outta date. I want to know how I can flash it without having it run off of a battery, but while having it plugged in. any help would be greatly appreciated

A:How do I update BIOS on my ThinkPad with a dead Battery?

I have an about 3 y/o ThinkPad. It has been few times that I have called support center in my country and recieved professional help without any cost, despite they said in the machine voice that "any support after 30 of perchase will be charged"; they are nice when you have a short question like this.

Try them; call your local IBM or Lenovo support center!

Good luck,
R Jade
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First the specs its custombuilt Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce MX Mb Harddrive WD gb Caviar Blue Motherboard MSI MS- Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled So I Dead Solved: bios? flash Mobo, think I have a dead mobo on my hands It won t boot to xp and I cannot boot to cd or get into the recovery console It will start to boot from cd but as soon as it gets Solved: Dead Mobo, flash bios? to quot Setup is inspecting your current hardware configuration quot the screen goes black and nothing happens I have been battling with this computer for months first I thought that the harddrive was bad so I replaced it and it didn t really help the slowdowns Then it wouldn t boot so I replaced the psu and repaired xp and it worked for a few more weeks Now all of a sudden it won t even boot to cd If it helps any I was installing virutal clone drive to mount an ISO when I got a BSOD scsiport sys error so I tried again twice and the second time the computer wouldn t boot back up again I can t even boot from UBCD WIN or the XP installation cd So I think the motherboard is dead What I need to know is If flashing the BIOS would help any if at all And How do I flash the BIOS I pretty computer savvy but I ve never flashed a bios before and it looks confusing with this motherboard Another problem is that I disconnected the floppy drive because it was causing system problems a while back Is there a way to flash the BIOS without a floppy Thanks in advance ScienceGuy nbsp

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well the moo is an asus p4s800.. when it starts up all i get is a long beep(around 7 sec) and thats it... no video or anything... anyone got some ideas on what could be fux0red?

its a p4 2.4, geforce 4 TI, 256mb ddr, onboard everything else... any help greatly appreciated

A:Dead mobo perhaps? help needed with bios code...

Did you check the sticky Read: Beep code list at the top of this forum?

Sounds like a memory problem.
Did you just build this or what? Check every single connector and reseat cards and memory-stick(s).
Some more info is required.
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We bought our oldest son this http www amazon com Toshiba-Satel tBy bySubmissionDateDescending R VT MY GTRFQA laptop in December for his birthday He got it on purchased Cyber Monday from Toshiba after BIOS dead update Satellite Amazon and yesterday he told me Toshiba Satellite dead after BIOS update it was not working Asking he said it Toshiba Satellite dead after BIOS update turns on power light on front and fan comes on but won t boot up past there and nothing displays on the screen We tried putting in the restore DVD we made when he got it but nothing It powers on and off with the power button but nothing else I went to Amazon Toshiba Satellite dead after BIOS update to check and see about warranty and what my options might be and when I went to the page where I bought the laptop I see there are now about negative reviews by people who recieved a notice from Toshiba to update the BIOS and after the update the laptop is doing what my son s is Most say that neither Toshiba or Amazon is of any help So I asked my son if he tried to update the BIOS and he said yes Now I am wondering if I should try and contact Amazon since I ve had the machine under months Toshiba or try to repair it on my own or a computer repair place I am typing this question on a Toshiba laptop purchased years ago that I absolutely love and have never been prompted to update the BIOS Confused and looking for advice TIA nbsp

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Hi folks!

I have a question. Will BIOS gets corrupted if CMOS battery is left dead for a while? The reason I ask is because I bought a P4 mobo from vendor and it is an non-retailer box. Apparently when I receive the mobo, I tested the CMOS battery is dead and when I put everything together, there is no POST or beep at all coming from the mobo but power light and fan are on. Any idea?

I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct? Please advice. Thanks.

A:Will BIOS gone if CMOS battery is left till it's dead

"I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct?"...

I would say yes. This doesn't happen all the time, but in your case, after a new battery was installed, no POST is a bad sign... Did you try resetting the CMOS by moving a motherboard jumper? Is the CPU and memory supported by the motherboards model? Was the CMOS battery totally dead or did it show some DC voltage?

I just repaired a Compaq desktop computer that was built in September 1999. It had an AMD K6 550MHz CPU. The CMOS battery was bad, but it still showed 1.3 volts DC. It should have been 3.0 volts. A new battery brought this old baby back to life
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Ok so I m running an AMD athalon in an Asus A N X-X motherboard A little while ago my PS ports went bad which wasn t much of a problem PIcked up a USB keyboard Mouse and enjoyed myself for quite a while Then I had to change boot order in the or Ports...argh... so ISA drive Can't PS/2 Floppy bus get dead, no BIOS. is into BIOS Can't get into BIOS. ISA bus is dead, so no Floppy drive or PS/2 Ports...argh... and I realised that I couldn t hit DEL to enter setup I flashed the BIOS in hopes that it would somehow automagically enable USB boot support probably stupid When I restarted the computer I got an error that says quot No secondary ide cable inserted disk drive failure quot lt or whatever it says when there s no disk drive gt I then realised that with no way to hit F to skip disk checking and no way to get into the bios to enable USB keyboard support I was Can't get into BIOS. ISA bus is dead, so no Floppy drive or PS/2 Ports...argh... royaly F cked So the computer sits there waiting for me to hit the F key I guess I have to order a new mobo just to tell it never to use PS or floppy drives again nbsp

A:Can't get into BIOS. ISA bus is dead, so no Floppy drive or PS/2 Ports...argh...

You can order a new BIOS chip from Asus for $20. If your board is still under warranty you can get the chip for free.
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Hi there nbsp I was having an issue whereby the touchscreen wasn't working after upgrading to Windows nbsp Tried searching the HP Help site for solutions and after fruitlessly searching through Windows settings it seemed my next step was a BIOS upgrade nbsp upgrade dead Pavilion BIOS attempted x360 after I backed up the current BIOS to a USB flash drive then followed the procedure to upgrade nbsp It seemed to be successful but after the Pavilion x360 dead after attempted BIOS upgrade reboot nothing Pavilion x360 dead after attempted BIOS upgrade nbsp The power light comes on as does the charging light and I can hear a little drive activity but the screen stays off no beeps and no caps lock response nbsp Holding the power key for seconds powers it down nbsp Have tried restoring the bios from the USB drive by powering up holding the Win key B whilst booting - no response I seem to have bricked it nbsp Quite annoying as it's out of warranty and I was only following procedures read here on the HP help pages Any advice gratefully received Thanks Rupert
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Hello everybody;


My problem is now my laptop is dead : black screen with short bip (tnx to toshiba download support how show that the operation is easy)
I used Toshiba flash bios tool "phoenix flash 64", following the exact setup and at level 17 of 34 maybe he just frooz and nothing change for infinity time so i remove the battery with the sad knowledge that is maybe the end .

For the moment i don't wat to do, specially that i don't have a usb external floopy disk!!

is there any other solution withe usb flash memory?
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Hi nbsp I use a T to lab purposes after update client bios dead T610 thin and after upgrading the bios from the T610 thin client dead after bios update WES OS I can't T610 thin client dead after bios update boot the system nbsp I get a message with an error Real-Time clock blablabla regarding on a battery problem I changed the battery for a new one and same problem nbsp I play with the F F and F in order to reach the bios setup but when I reach the menu arrows works to change the options but enter in my keyboard won't work I tryed with an usb one and a wireless one No way nbsp I can press F to boot but I get a black screen with the text no option to boot to nbsp I tryed to reset the cmos and removiefor minutes the battery but same problem nbsp Trying also to reflash the bios with a usb and DOSFlash but no way nbsp Any idea about how reset the bios in a manual way nbsp Thanks
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I am working week vaio dead after keyboard vgc-rb40 and updates last mouse sony on a sony vaio vgc-rb in which the mouse and keyboard don't work I have tried the ps ports and the usb in both legacy and the computer sees the new device and installs it sony vaio vgc-rb40 mouse and keyboard dead after updates last week in usb but it still does not work no keyboard or mouse in safe mode but it does work in the bios and both the keyboard and mouse worked when in desperation a ran a bit defender rescue cd just to see if by chance is was malware The computer other wise boots and seems to run perfectly it just has no input devices what so ever The one strange thing it does is quick beeps at post but I cant figure out if that is normal for a vaio or not all the codes I see for a vaio are multiples of beeps so I think it is just the post beep but I am not sure Thank you for any help

A:sony vaio vgc-rb40 mouse and keyboard dead after updates last week

Since when do you have this problem? And what did you install/uninstall/change settings that can cause this?
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Hi my mothers laptop HP- Large Battery just stopped working There have happened a couple of things so I'll tell it one by one - My mother turned on From hibernation her laptop one day and the screen was green My BIOS! is dead! on Computer Afraid motherboard doesn't turn even thoughts I thought that it might be the graphics card that had some kind of error on start up so I just turned it Computer doesn't even turn on BIOS! Afraid motherboard is dead! off and on again Then it ran like it used to - A few hours later the laptop had these random freezes which made Computer doesn't even turn on BIOS! Afraid motherboard is dead! quot Force-shutdown quot the only possible way of rebooting My thoughts Computer doesn't even turn on BIOS! Afraid motherboard is dead! I thought that this was perhaps a virus but I never got the chance to run our Anti-virus Kaspersky Antivirus PRO - Now two days later when she I tries try to turn on the laptop nothing happens The laptop powers on but doesn't actually run the HDD or even the motherboard for that matter Doesn't run the BIOS My thoughts I noticed that the only light that's on is the power-light The HDD doesn't even blink I also noticed that the screen doesn't even turn on but the fans actually run Most likely because the laptop is powered on So I can imagine that the motherboard is dead and in these couple of days it's shown me that this is it's last days to live But before I rip it apart and save the value parts and scrap the rest I would like to ask you guys for your opinion Do you guys have any other suggestions Thanks in advance xD

A:Computer doesn't even turn on BIOS! Afraid motherboard is dead!

Quote: Originally Posted by suuunly

Hi, my mothers laptop (HP-2133 *Large Battery*) just stopped working.
There have happened a couple of things, so I'll tell it one by one:

- My mother turned on (From hibernation) her laptop one day, and the screen was green.
:My thoughts: I thought that it might be the graphics card that had some kind of error on start up, so I just turned it off and on again. Then it ran like it used to.

- A few hours later the laptop had these random freezes, which made "Force-shutdown" the only possible way of rebooting.
:My thoughts: I thought that this was perhaps a virus, but I never got the chance to run our Anti-virus (Kaspersky Antivirus PRO)

- Now (two days later), when she/I tries/try to turn on the laptop, nothing happens... The laptop powers on, but doesn't actually run the HDD, or even the motherboard for that matter (Doesn't run the BIOS).
:My thoughts: I noticed that the only light that's on, is the power-light, (The HDD doesn't even blink). I also noticed that the screen doesn't even turn on, but the fans actually run (Most likely because the laptop is powered on)

So I can imagine that the motherboard is dead, and in these couple of days, it's shown me that this is it's last days to live.

But before I rip it apart and save the value parts, and scrap the rest, I would like to ask you guys for your opinion.... Do you guys have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance xD

If it is a laptop there isnt much you can do. One thing you can do if you have some skills is to remove the cmos battery (its under the keyboard) and push and hold the power button (wile the battery is out and it is unplugged) for one minute
If you are at all unsure, or if it is under warranty dont do it.
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Hi everyone. There are several threads that are available for help with reseting a Dell D620's bios password here. And I understand they have all be closed b/c all the information has already been discussed. But within those threads all the links to the dstcd.iso are dead now. Would anyone have or could point me to a working download for that file? Google came back with shady links that I rather not use so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Dstcd.iso Link is dead, need help with Dell BIOS password rest

There really isn't a valid solution. The D620 is unusually difficult to impossible for password repair, and the idea was chewed for a year. Solutions that supposedly work are perhaps illegal and certainly dangerous. They turned out to be a good source for malware and infestations without being helpful. All the solutions are as expensive as replacing the system board or the computer.
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I have a laptop, something happened where the boot program, and drivers for the CD rom have been wiped from the hard drive. So even though I have a new copy of windows 7, I can not load it on to the laptop because the cd rom in the laptop will not read anything. There should be no reason any physical damage would make it not work.

The only thing i can access is the BIOS. In the BIOS there is an option to boot from LAN. Any idea of how I would do this? Can I somehow use the CD Rom on my computer to load windows on the laptop. I honestly have never seen anything like this before. If anyone has the slightest idea I would be willing to send pictures of the screens so you can see what it looks like.

A:wiped laptop, new install, cd rom drive dead, boot from LAN in bios?:banghead:

What model laptop do you have? When you're in bios and looking at the boot options, what options are you given?
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Product Pavilion dv - dxOS Dual boot Linux Mint and Windows Home -bit nbsp no HP recovery partition HP Recovery Disks I Pavilion [DEAD error CARD] HP corruption BIOS dv5 VIDEO code have them but can't use them because the DVD laser doesn't work CD only nbsp Symptoms While in normal use screen suddenly had black and grey vertical linesAfter restart computer turns on and fan runs but screen is blackCTRL button flashes white light flashes pause and repeat BIOS corruption Hello nbsp I am trying to recover from BIOS corruption hoping it's not a failing mobo nbsp I downloaded the latest BIOS update for my system but I can't nbsp get this file to install on an external USB using nbsp HP's nbsp instructions for restoring the BIOS At step I don't get the HP System BIOS Update Utility screen Instead I get this nbsp nbsp nbsp My questions nbsp Is there any nbsp easy way nbsp to nbsp get this exe on a USB I have tried computers and USB cards so WTH If not can I just unpack it and create a bootable USB in another program by copy pasting the BIOS file nbsp Is there anything else HP Pavilion dv5 BIOS corruption error code [DEAD VIDEO CARD] I should nbsp try before flashing the BIOS nbsp Thanks in advance for your assistance nbsp nbsp nbsp UPDATE nbsp The nbsp BIOS error was actually the nbsp video card that failed due to repeated overheating The repair shop replaced the video card HP Pavilion dv5 BIOS corruption error code [DEAD VIDEO CARD] and repaired the overheating problem I didn't ask how and my computer is as good as new Solved View Solution

A:HP Pavilion dv5 BIOS corruption error code [DEAD VIDEO CARD]

For anyone who has a similar problem with their computer, my "BIOS error" (as coded by my computer's flashing lights) turned out to be a failed video card. The repair shop said this happens when computers overheat frequently, which mine often did. So, they changed the video card and fixed the overheating problem, and my computer is back in working order.
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Dell D 800 Laptop running XP SP2
Internal AND external Keyboards and Mouse NOT working after boot to XP. Can't enter cntrl/Alt/Del or anything to log in. Keyboard DOES work in Bios mode but is lost as soon as xp is loaded. Does NOT work in SAFE mode either because can't log in..(no Cntrl/Alt Del)

I've tried repair and reinstall of xp but still does not recognize any keystrokes after boot to xp.


A:Solved: Keyboard and Mouse Access DEAD after boot to XP on Dell D800 laptop. BIOS wor
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Recently my computer had a power failure resulting in the corruption of my windows xp 2003 dark edition. I tried reinstalling windows xp (both dark and original), but it didn't work and had to install Windows 2000 service pack 3. I tried installing 2003 after that, but I get a message saying I need a BIOS update. Does anyone know where I can get a BIOS update for Windows 2000 sp3?

A:I need bios updates

"Does anyone know where I can get a BIOS update for Windows 2000 sp3?"BIOS updates are not for operating systems. They're for specific machines. And unless you have a compelling reason for one, then they're best left alone. Applied improperly, they can turn a machine in to a door-stop quickly."Channeling the spirit of jboy..."
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I have the Compaq Pro 6300 MT with Windows 10 V1607, My BIOS is K01 V02.90 16/07/2013, is there a BIOS update for this computer and O/S? 

A:Bios Updates

@Phoenix100?, welcome to the forum. Here is the Drivers and Software page for the computer.  You should check to see if there is a BIOS update for your motherboard.
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I was told by the person that I bought my new Mother board from that it wasn't a good idea to update the BIOS,more or less-if it ain't broke,don't fix it.
Is this a good idea?Is it important to update BIOS?
I'm asking this because I'm going to format and do a clean install of XP and SP2,and I read somewhere that updating BIOS should be the first thing I should do.Thanks for any answers I can get.

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Is there any ware on the Dell website ware i can find updated bios for my dell XPS M1330 laptop

A:Bios updates

Hi Mikie19598
Thanks for writing to us. 
Please click on this link 
check the Operating system as per what is installed on your system, then go to bios option and install the same. 
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message

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Having tried both two driver update software/scan programmes, each failed miserably to find compatible drivers. So please would you advise how to update the following BIOS -5.1.2600.3311(xpsp.080212-0005)

Thank you.


A:BIOS updates

Would need to know the make and model of the computer or Make and Model of the motherboard.
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If there's a newer version of my BIOS available, should I update? Or is that something I should do only if there's a major system problem of some kind?

FYI, I run Vista Home Premium on a Dell Dimension C521. BIOS is Dell Inc 1.1.6 04/07/2007, and I found a more recent version on the Dell site.

(Don't know if this is the right forum for this post.)

A:Bios Updates

As you suggested, I would only update my BIOS if I encountered a major system problem. Do so at your own risk. Before installing a BIOS update make sure you have turned off the the virus warning feature as this may block attempts to update/change the BIOS.
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Where can i find a site to download updated BIOS???

A:BIOS Updates

Try this utility :

Its like Belarc Advisor / Sisoft Sandra - providing you with full details of your system spec, components, drivers, system temps, and info including info on Bios.

There are hotlinks from withing the programme to the manufacturers websites that should allow you to d/l any updates.

Failing that then perhaps indicate what Mobo you are currently using so someone else with the same can point you in the right direction.
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I see that Intel has a bios update for the mother board installed in my computer. Should I be updating the bios? Are there any down sides to updating?

Intel M/B D101GGC, Award Bios November 2005, available update March 2006.
Intel Processor P4-2.8GB.


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Been having some issues with the Bios only recognising 1GB of Ram from 2x1GB Spoke with Crucial who sold me them and they confirm they are Low density Rams.
I have found that my Motherboard has been phased out ,Its 2006 ,MotherBoard P4M800P7MB-RS2H
Pheonix Technologies : Been on there website esupport but am sent to Third Party Bios website to pay for an
update,but when i looked on a download site it put me off usuing them from their terrible reviews.
Would anyone be able to tell me if i can download these FREE bios updates in the link below
when i first started to download them i saw  the Security Notice The Publisher could not be Verified,
Just wondered if anyone else has used these  Free Bios updates before?
Thanks for any help Ben

A:Bios Updates

You should not be downloading BIOS's from Phoenix even though it's written by them. You need to download the BIOS from the link you provided, Foxconn's support site. I do not know if they have to be flashed in order of version because I see there are different sizes between versions both larger and smaller. What is the BIOS version on your MB? You should see it at either initial boot or in the BIOS settings. Keep in mind that a bad flash can brick the MB.
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I was wondering, is there a website or something where I could see the updates that every single new BIOS version has brought.

I've been looking for a list telling the new stuff they have and what they've fixed, but I haven't found anything.

I'm just interested to see, what updates is there in the new versions, compared to my current one. So if anyone would know where I can see those, I'd really appreciate that.

(Sorry, I couldn't find any better place to post this to )

A:BIOS Updates

Free MSI GX740 AMI BIOS 1.0B 1.0 Driver Download -

you can also look at the MSI site directly;

MSI Global ? Download Center

Regards....Mike Connor
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I just dowloaded (1) bios update onto my dv-7via HP, but am curious about all the other updates on the list that aren't bios.Do I update these as well?


Bios updates are dangerous, if the update fails for any reason at a crtitcal point it will break your laptop and you will have to send it to HP for repair, si my advice is to Never update the bios unless you are trying to fix a critical issue that cannot be solved any other way. The other updates may or may not be newer than what you have installed, you will have to check dates for each, my philosiphy is if my system is stable and has no issues I dont update drivers or bios.
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Is there somewhere that i can go to download updated bios for my etower 667ir i tried to go to e machine web site and they have nothing it has a celeron in it, what can i do i want to upgrade from windows me to xp is there any thing i can do the test that i have run says the bios my need to be upgraded

A:BIOS updates

I think your pretty much out of luck, apparently yours has a trigem motherboard, I found no indication of support for bios
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Hello,This is a pretty stupid question, so brace yourself.My machine has a program called Toshiba Service Station which I just discovered and updated this morning. I have included a screenshot below. It's telling me that I need to install two BIOS updates 1.7 and 1.8. Can I skip 1.7 or should I do what it's telling me and install them both?

A:How to Install BIOS Updates

You should be able to go straight to the newest release. If it wants the earlier update first though, it will let you know.
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Since I appear to be ignorant and incapable of locating the proper bios settings and/or drivers to update, I was hoping someone here could help me do so, and hopefully I am providing all the accurate information below:

OS Name - Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version - 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer - Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer - Compaq Presario 06
System Model - DA236A-ABA 6420NX NA910
System Type - X86-based PC
Processor - x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~1798 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date - Phoenix Technologies, LTD 3.01, 12/10/2002
SMBIOS Version - 2.2

Edit: If I am not in the proper forum and need to be moved to one such as Device Drivers, then I apologize and hope this thread will be moved.

A:Bios and system updates

whats the problem your having. if it ant broke dont fix it
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Hello nbsp I have an HP-Pavillion m e Media Center PC nbsp I've been experiencing some blue screens of death and thought updating my BIOS might solve the problem nbsp When I m8100e Updates BIOS realized my BIOS were years old bought the computer in I became even further interested in updating the BIOS in the interest of better overall performance nbsp I feel like finding an update because clearly there should be one after so many years should be a clear cut process but I've found the opposite to be true nbsp What I feel like complicates my quest is that my HP desktop has an ASUS M N -LA AKA HP Narra -GL E nbsp motherboard which in turn has Phoenix Technologies LTD BIOS version published nbsp The HP site says I have the most up to date BIOS which I frankly dont believe the ASUS support site for drivers and BIOS Updates m8100e BIOS nbsp has BIOS updates for the M N series though not the M N -LA and the BIOS they have seem to be completely different versions from the Phoenix nbsp In turn the Phoenix site sends me to a third party to download BIOSAgentPlus a pay for service BIOS and driver updater that based on reviews is a complete scam nbsp nbsp Anybody out there run into the same problem nbsp Or any tech experts have any thoughts nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp Thanks

A:BIOS Updates m8100e

Robbie, welcome to the forum. HP has their motherboards made to their specifications.  Therefore, retail versions of the BIOS will not work and HP doesn't develop new BIOS'es after a computer is over a year old. Please click the "Thumbs up + button" if I have helped you and click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved.
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Hi im new to this site so ill tell you a bit about myself Im currently at college studying software and hardware along with networking Ive been tinkering about with computers for a few years and i seem to be able to get my head around most things eventually Ive got hold of a few OLD computers and i need to start practicing playing around with the BIOS I know it can be dangerous to flash it but For Old Updates BIOS? Solved: i need this quot hands on quot experience I have searched high and low for updates etc but i always seem to hit a brick wall I just cant seem to find what i need Is it because the MB or BIOS version is too old Basically i Solved: Updates For Old BIOS? just need pointing in the right direction of where to look and maybe how to go about it although i think ive got the basics understood I have some details which i think may be right to search for the update BIOS Type Award BIOS Date December st BIOS ID - - - A LGJ CC- -None BIOS OEM V BN X B - - - PG Chipset VIA C rev SuperIO VIA rev at pci Manufacturer VIA Technologies Inc Motherboard VT C BX Windows XP Home Any help would be hugely appreciated as im absolutely stumped and have been going round in circles for god knows how long nbsp

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HelloI'm the CEO of HP request to provide a new BIOS for the laptop to SSD drives better support and better performance for Windows 8 and 7 with fingerprint reader
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Okay, so, I need to download my current version and an update, How do I do this?
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im just curious on if updating your system bios is worth it or what exactly it would do--
i was looking @ a few driver sites that have my manufacturer (phoenix technologies) but there is a huge list and im not sure how to find the one i need---if i need it---

just curious

A:bios updates install/point?

You can upgrade the system BIOS for sure. But first of all you need to download the exact driver depending on the motherboard you've. The exact model or else it could cause a lot of problems for you. Might not be able to access even the HDD at bootup. So need to be very careful when you upgrade the BIOS driver.

Upgrading the BIOS is a good option but it has to be done very very carefully.

There was another thread where the person was having a few problems(a few fatal exceptions, blue screens) he was able to solve it by upgrading his BIOS, audio and may be also video drivers. So BIOS upgrade is OK.

Now this is the most important thing - If everything is working fine then let it be and no need to fix it.

Hope this helps...
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How do I update the BIOS on a Linux build of the M3800?  The downloads page only provides an exe file, which doesn't work on Linux.  I also found a page that describes loading the BIOS using a bootable thumb drive, but creating the thumb drive also requires Windows.
The M3800 has been very unstable, and I'm hoping a BIOS update will help.

A:BIOS Updates on Linux (M3800)

Hello!  So from everything I could quickly find on the Precision M3800, it came with Windows installed and is not "officially" supported with Linux as such there will not be any way to update the  BIOS without re-installing Windows to do so.  If you have access to a Windows installed computer, you could take the exe file or BIOS file and make a bootable flash drive.
I am not a linux expert by any means, but I have heard of programs like WINE that can emulate windows however since you are updating the BIOS I would highly recommend you use the above two options to update your BIOS less you brick the computer.
Its also possible someone has another idea.
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Hello all.Apparently im an extreme noob when it comes to this i have been searching for an easy way to find what mobo i have and any bios updates.All i kno wis its made by american megatrends 7B3P081G,5/5/2008 thats all the info im getting.its on a gateway GT5694.Im running vista home premium x64.Any help on how to find bios updates would be very appreciated.

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has anyone with the Asus A8N SLI deluxe updated their bios to the latest version (last i checked it was v1.015)? is it any good?

A:Asus A8N SLI Deluxe Bios Updates

Hello pkroks.

I can`t answer you question, but would like to offer you some advice.

If you system is running ok, I don`t advise you to update your bios.

The updating of a bios should not be done, unless there is a very good reason to do so.

Regards Howard
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Hello I have a potential question - yesterday night my Win x Home Premium installed new updates they were installed after shut down one after another after going to system shut down After that today morning I went to BIOS after turning on because I wanted to confirm my settings are default there besides RAM set to mhz and after looking there i exited BIOS to Going Windows updates? after installed via quot discard changes and exit quot did not change anything at all just want to see what are things set to be sure Next on the screen WINDOWS STARTING i had some path like Registry machine etc something like that then system rebooted and ended installing updates as usual saw this before after updates were installed Now onto my question - could potentially something might go wrong because of me going to BIOS on the next PC launch I know that BIOS is not related to system and general HDD content but this was first time I had situation like this so can you confirm - is going to BIOS like this after Win had installed updates with shutting Going to BIOS after Windows installed updates? down and after next boot go first to BIOS UEFI actually and then booting system and finishing update procedure is safe

A:Going to BIOS after Windows installed updates?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
First of all windows does not shut down to install updates it restarts or boots,
Interrupting that process is not a good idea,
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hi i have so many problems at the moment
cpu,hard drive/windows and graphics card issues would i bios update fix these things?

if unsure what errors problems can an update fix?

A:Bios risks and errors updates can fix?

Check on the website and see if cures effected by the upgrade match your problems.
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Hi All I have a Toshiba Portege R running -bit Windows SP enterprise for work - BIOS R830 USB Portege updates 3 & I also boot into Linux Mint -bit which I Portege R830 - USB 3 & BIOS updates have installed on a portable USB HDD outside work I recently bought a USB HDD but when I connect it to the USB port on my R it only gives me USB speeds MB s I checked with some diagnostic utilities usbdeview etc which say that the drive is connected in USB mode The drive reports itself as being USB the cable is USB SuperSpeed and the port I'm using on the R is I experience the same whether I boot into windows or linux I updated all drivers on both OSs to no avail next i tried to update the BIOS but I keep getting the following error quot An error occurred while preparing the update environment You have not given permission to execute the update quot For the record this is the BIOS I'm going from amp to BIOS Version Current Ver -- gt Updated Ver EC Version Current Ver -- gt Updated Ver Does anyone know why I would not be getting USB speeds which for my drive are expected to be around to MB s or why all diagnostics are saying USB Does anyone know how to overcome the BIOS update issue I've tried safe mode disabling AV disabling NX Cheers

A:Portege R830 - USB 3 & BIOS updates

Is this USB driver installed?

Please try to install it and check USB speed again.
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Where is the best place to download Bios updatesfor older computers? Thanks

A:bios updates for older computers

The company that made the computer or if no joy there the maker of the motherboard. Take care flashing the bios or you will have an unusable computer.
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I'm wondering if my computer has a motherboard update.  My specific machine is
Model #: HPE-410f
Product #: BM424AA#ABA
Serial #: [personal information removed]
Software Build #: 10NAFMRW603#SABA#DABA
Service ID #: 122-710
For the past year something in the machine shorts out and I lose video to the monitor and contols for my keyboard and mouse.  The machine continues to run but I am unable to do anything but a hard boot by physically turning it off.  Usually it returns to life normally, but sometimes it will not operate and requires numerious hard ons and offs.  Are there any upgrades to the motherboard for this machine?
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I have a Toshiba Satellite T135 (system specs listed), my question is: should I automatically update Bios Drivers furnished by Toshiba's Web? Being a firm believer in: "don't fix it if it "aint" broke" and since my laptop seems to be functioning well, should I leave these updates alone? There is only one that is dated after my laptops manufactured date.

Thanks for your advice.

A:Toshiba Bios Updates/Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by loboblanco

I have a Being a firm believer in: "don't fix it if it "aint" broke"

Thanks for your advice.

Be a believer. That is the way to go, with BIOS updates.
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when I click on search and type "check for updates", or "windows updates settings", I can't open the result. I click, and nothing happens.
But if I go to "settings", and then to "update and security", it opens just fine.
What is the matter with "check for updates", and "windows updates settings"?

A:"check for updates" is a dead link

I have just tried it via ask me anything
Think you have to type in as I did
Check for Windows 10 updates
It will then work
But I always use
Update and Security
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when I click on search and type "check for updates", or "windows updates settings", I can't open the result. I click, and nothing happens.
But if I go to "settings", and then to "update and security", it opens just fine.
What is the matter with "check for updates", and "windows updates settings"?

A:"check for updates" is a dead link

I have just tried it via ask me anything
Think you have to type in as I did
Check for Windows 10 updates
It will then work
But I always use
Update and Security
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I'm trying to find a BIOS update for this crate that will support an Intel Pentium D 3.4ghz. The aforementioned Pentium is new (it came to me in the manufacturer's original packaging), and my first attempt at upgrading was disastrous. I've gotten a lot of help from other forums as to exactly where I went wrong. Everything they've told me points to this being possible, and I've managed to corroborate this on my own, but I can't seem to find the right BIOS to make this happen. Can anyone here help?

A:Running into a brick wall with BIOS updates

The BIOS would have to be compatible with your board, if you could tell me what Motherboard you have i will take a look for you.
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After number of Windows 10 updates the BIOS has been corrupted. Can't boot off the hard drive or USB with Win10 on it (by Rufus). The hard drive pulled off the system and attached to another machine looks un-damaged. I saw number of advertisements by engineers which for about $70 "repair the mother board" in the situation describrd. I called one of them and he explained to me that TouchSmart 520-1070  was not created to run Windows 10 and Win10 will sooner or later damage the BIOS and/or hard drive.I read about the same problem on different laptops, but the fixing suggestions could not be use on my desktop system.Can someone suggest how to fix my problem?
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I built my own computer, used a USB to install windows 7 to it and everything, yet it still functions somewhat poorly. I have seen my fair share of driver update tools (most of them were either viruses or completely untrustworthy, as they asked for your credit card info, naturally). I need someone to point me towards a good tool I can use to update my BIOS, if there is such a thing. Thank you for your time.

A:Need a trustworthy application to check for BIOS updates.

You don't need anything but your browser. Just go to the motherboard manufacturer site and look for the latest drivers/BIOS versions. Any software other than the official ones is inherently unreliable.

BTW, unless you know for a fact that the BIOS is in fact a root cause of problems, it's better to leave it alone. Updating "just because it's the latest" is a sure way to problems.
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Hi, I am having trouble finding the newest stable version of bios uodate for the XFX 750a sli MB. Can anyone help me with this? The support on xfx website is just terrible and they do not offer bios updates.

Thanks in advance

A:XFX 750a SLI motherboard Bios Updates Needed

Would be helpful if we knew what Version you had already

I think 1.7 is latest, you can find all BIOS updates for your board here:

September ? 2011 ? Lambert on Tech

Hope this helps


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I have an HP p t that I use for an HTPC This PC was originally labled as a Vista PC with a free upgrade to W and then W came along and I went with that The bios is American Megatrends v revision Motherboard is HP and computer control Windows out of Old , 10, bios no updates.... Fan Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications IPIEL-LA Eureka HP Customer Support HP does not support this computer for W nor provide any drivers Their driver detection utility recognizes its not a supported OS and exits The CPU fan runs constantly I tried changing performance from high performance to balanced and set fan cooling to passive According to speccy temps look good While I may salvage this thing soon it still runs pretty good has a good processor and I'd hate to trash it over a fan I tried installing speedfan but it cant Old computer Windows 10, Fan out of control , no bios updates.... do anything but monitor Any suggestions I would like to find a later bios version however I think if I go from to xx I may have issues based on a random post I found on a similar machine

A:Old computer Windows 10, Fan out of control , no bios updates....

I came across the fan problem on an older computer the other day and cured it by opening the computer and blowing out the dust accumulation in the finned heatsink between the fan and the CPU, fan didn't have to work so hard providing cooling.
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I recently wiped my hard drive and installed Windows on my z m My BIOS was at so I tried to update to The instructions say to also update the Embedded Controller to and that you should do the BIOS update first I successfully updated the BIOS but the Embedded Controller fails repeatedly giving the DeviceIoControl returns error nbsp I've now seen varying suggestions on the and updates z60M Controller BIOS Embedded web that Lenovo's instructions are wrong and that you should do the Embedded z60M BIOS and Embedded Controller updates Controller update before the BIOS update Unfortunately it's too late for me I tried to downgrade back to so I could start over but I z60M BIOS and Embedded Controller updates got the same DeviceControl returns z60M BIOS and Embedded Controller updates error when I tried to do that nbsp So now I have BIOS and Embedded Controller with seemingly no way to change either of them Is there any other way I can update the Embedded Controller I don't have a floppy drive so that's out And if there is no way for me to do this what are the ramifications of sticking with this configuration
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Hi My question is How can I determine if a downloadable application offered by a Web site is indeed safe i e not malware or spam before I actually do download and install the program Here are the gory details I was curious about updates to my computer's BIOS and drivers so I searched Google and turned up a web-site that offers a download that scans your computer to determine the current BIOS and driver versions then provides a checklist showing which are up-to-date and which aren't I ran it and it looks pretty neat http driveragent com It also provides links to download the updates Unfortunately that costs about for a year's subscription It's not just driver Downloading updates safely update & BIOS that I'm broke it's also kind of scary My question may be Downloading BIOS update & driver updates safely foolish especially since I downloaded and installed the program that does the checking without knowing anything about it But I'd really like to know if there is a way to determine how Downloading BIOS update & driver updates safely safe a downloadable application is quot before quot actually downloading and installing it Many thanks I look forward to hearing your advice JimB

A:Downloading BIOS update & driver updates safely

hello & welcome to TSF ,

driveragent is a very safe place to get your drivers from .....

i have a standing subscription with them for i do alot of repairs on a daily basis and trust them greatly and it is so much quicker & easier for me !!

now the best way you can get your drivers for free is to go to the home site of the manufacturer of the pc you have or the for the hardware that you have installed & to know the types of software you are using that require specific drivers like (Realtek AC/97audio & nVidia video & ATI chipsets & Intel & AMD ) and so many more that are used to run certain applications on a pc / there is quite a few that Microsoft offers thru the update site/plus many other trusted sites that you can get them from

but you need to know the specific driver that you need for you can get a driver that may look like the one that you need but rather is for a diifernt application and then you are then going to create a driver conflict and then you have issues on your pc and have to trouble shoot to find the issue

for you see some drivers for one hp will work on a dell , but then they wont for certain hp computers /then you have some dell drivers that will work on a hp or many differnt hps

then you have the differnce of having a laptop from a desktop

so the need to know is very inportant & can be time comsuming

i hope that i have shed a little light on the subject for you

so what drivers are you wanting to update / well what type of pc do you have / is it a prebuild ( purchased from a store like a Dell or HP ) or is it a custom build (you built it yor self or had someone build it for you ) ?

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Yesterday I updated my BIOS because I noticed that the one loaded was considerably behind the latest releases the nd to last stating some added compatibility with Vista SP Since I have SP installed I figured it would be a good idea to update to the latest Usually firmware fixes scroll forward so the latest one would have all of the improvements and optimizations Well my boot up time increased significantly at least and perhaps up to I took the absolute latest BIOS for my machine and yes I verified that it is for Vista x So I figured perhaps I things, not them? worsen improve updates Shouldn't BIOS should roll back to the nd to last updated Shouldn't BIOS updates improve things, not worsen them? BIOS--same thing Now I'm thinking that maybe this wasn't such a good idea and that I should go back to the BIOS I had originally I'm just wondering if anybody else has run into this kind of symptom with a BIOS update Also even though a BIOS update has various fixes and improvements is it always best to wait until there's an obvious reason to upgrade such as support required for an added device

A:Shouldn't BIOS updates improve things, not worsen them?

isnt bios flashed rather than installed as an updated download.
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After putting it off for a couple weeks, I finally did my Dell system update which was supposedly a Bios update.  Upon restarting, ALL of my files were wiped (except the ones in my recycle bin- go figure!). I have Carbonite so I am restoring everything but it takes a long time and is very frustrating.  I wanted to put this here as a warning to anyone.  How could this have happened and how can I prevent it in the future, besides not doing any updates?

A:Dell System Updates- BIOS- Wiped ALL of my files

Thank you for writing to us !
BIOS updates should not erase data on the system.It possible with windows update .
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Other info to flashes reboot... Installs updates bios] [and only - Softpaq Model HP Z Tower Workstation Product D P AV personal information removed Software Build WWWDKA SABA DABA PCBRAND HP Despite installing the updates from softpaq and manually installing flashing the BIOS which was marked Critical and them saying installed or unknown in some cases - restart - open softpaq and again they say Not Installed same ones I just installed and the BIOS update - which I didnt even need becauase it told Softpaq - Installs updates [and flashes bios] only to reboot... me you already have this BIOS do you want to do it anyway and when I go to reinstall I guess the softpaq downloads - they all tell me You already have a newer version on this computer So why in gods name is it still saying their not installed How can I fix this How do I know that when the newer updates come out that it won't erroneously think I still need to install the older ones before the new ones thus leaving me unable Softpaq - Installs updates [and flashes bios] only to reboot... to update What's going on and just a little constructive criticism - You can buy a dollar laptop at best buy and have the geek squad update everything and get rid of all the bloatware before you nbsp leave the store for nothing You'd think a close to dollar Workstation ones NASA use or are updating on the ISS I know mines the base model but still would come with the newest drivers updates bios installed just doesn't make a lick of sense to me To each his own Wouldn't be an issue if Softpaq worked the way its supposed to unless I'm missing something I need to figure this out Anyhelp would be MUCH appreciated nbsp Thank you -AMKR

A:Softpaq - Installs updates [and flashes bios] only to reboot...

Your post is not that clear but in any case we are just forum users (and not HP support) so we don't need constructive criticism ' Frustrating as it is, for some, consumer gear can sometimes provide a better user experiance than much more expensive corporate gear that seems more locked down and less often updated... Consumer motherboards for example see more micorcode and BIOS updates than worksation motherboards (and thus can take the latest CPU's with ease - big OEM's just expect corporates to replace their stuff often)... Anyway, as to what BIOS version you actually have installed on your workstation, look when booting as it should display it during POST (or go into BIOS and look). This should clarify the actual BIOS version you have. Then, if a later BIOS version exists, fetch the appropriate softpack from HP and run it. HP downloads for your system can be found here. Latest version in your case is sp76244.exe (BIOS 1.54 Rev A) and updates some UEFI vulnerabilities that as i understand are not being currently exploited (and can only be exploited with physical access to the system). It's critical according to HP but hardly a case of the sky falling. In any case, double clicking the HP softpack within windows will create a c:\swsetup\sp76244 directory containing the contents of the softpack and also autorun the update executable. The update executable will then check the BIOS version and indicate if it is the same as the softpack version or later than the softpack version before continuing. If the update is run within windows, it requires a restart to complete it's task (since it needs to put the CPU into 16bit mode to load BIOS into NVRAM, hense restart needed to get CPU into that mode)... If for some reason the update is failing, try the direct BIOS update method by placing the DOS BIOS found within the c:\swsetup\sp76244 directory on a FAT32 formated USB stick. Then insert the USB stick and during POST jump into BIOS and perform a BIOS update pointing to the USB stick. Not sure the exact menu worrding but it should be obvious. But if your confusion is related to the "HP tools" that tell you when new updates are available, then i can't offer much as i always manually update my systems and don't use the HP tools to automat it for me (i keep tight control of what i allow on my system)... It simply maybe that HP tools has not detected the latest BIOS and this sees a new varsion available - uninstall and resinstall HP tools may or may not resolve such issues... Or simple refere to the HP update site periodically and see what you consider worth updating
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I ordered an AMD Phenom ll x 4 (AM3) for my PC with a Pegatron Corp NARRA5 Motherboard (AM2+) and I've heard that you need specific BIOS updates to support AM3. Since I've never updated the BIOS for the motherboard that is in a PC from April 2010 and Pegatron is probably dead, can you find any BIOS updates if I need them? (PS: the splash screen is a Compaq logo and says the version # is 5.55. Will that update support AM3?)

(PPS: Will changing the Graphics Card resolve my 640 x 480 startup screen resolution dilemma?)

A:Any BIOS updates for the Pegatron Corp NARRA5 to support AM3 prossesor

never mind. the bios update was released after am3 so i am fine.
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I have a Dell Latitude E5430 and when I run"Automatically detect driver updates for your system"it down loads the 5530A16 BIOS which fails during the install with a,

Error: Unsupported System ID Found.

Cannot update a 'Latitude E5430 non-vPro' with a BIOS for a 'Latitude
E5530 non-vPro'
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Dell will soon be releasing updated desktop docking stations that are compatible with Type C and Thunderbolt systems.   These docks may require that you update your system's BIOS and install docking station drivers before they will function properly.   Older BIOS versions or lack of docking station drivers could result in the dock not being recognized by your system or not working as expected.   Once released, these docking station drivers and updated BIOS versions will be available on for supported laptop systems.

A:Soon to be released new Dell Docks may require BIOS and driver updates on your laptop before use!

what's the real release date for the TB15? It was announced to be released on January, 28th. But I've read in a few places, that it maybe would not be released until end of March... What's the truth?
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I m In a dilemma to need Dead 2 T2792 Supplies Ressurect Power Emachine Dead Help with An Emachines T I received the pc from a friend whom knows I work on PC s on the side when I plugged it in I found it to be stuck turned on The green indicator light was lit like 2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help it was turned on but no signal was stated on the monitor then after 2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help trying unsuccessfully to press and Depress many times did nothing so I unplugged and replugged in the same so I unplugged again and messed with button some more then replugged in nothing no green indicator light then i noticed a soft whistling and clicking sounds from power supply so I got another brand new power supply correct power supply when I plugged tower in it lit the green indicator light on tower then softly went out I tried pressing in power button nothing no response Now my question is I am pretty sure I need to buy another power supply now But I need some ideas on what to replace to get the pc up and running again would it be the switch or the motherboard nbsp

A:2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help

I had a similar problem with an emachines T2825. When I plugged it in, it automatically came on, and wouldn't turn off unless I unplugged it. It wouldn't POST or anything. After testing everything, I found out that the motherboard was bad. So that would be my guess, is that it could possibly have a bad motherboard.
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Nothing happens if I hit WinX, and if I right click START cursor moves up and right a bit but nothing happens. Right click an icon, very poor response, yet shellexview shows nothing odd. Had separate issue - couldn't log into to other IDs, fixed that by copying clean DEFAULT from other Win 10 PC. I've done everything I can find, the DISM stuff, the reinstallation of 'window' apps. This appears to be a common problem. It used to work fine some weeks ago, don't know exactly when this started.

System is a laptop with 16gb ram, I7, HP with hybrid graphics, build 10586 / 1511 up to date HOME.