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need help getting my A7n8x with xp2400+ configured

Q: need help getting my A7n8x with xp2400+ configured

I can't seem to figure out how to set up my multiplier and frequency without screwing things up. I don't have any experience at all with fsb's and cpu frequencies. I've already updated the bios to ver1007 and checked jumpers but still no luck. When I first bought it. on the first boot it showed up as an XP 1800 and the ram running at 100mhz. I have a brand new stick of DDR400 and cant get the memory freq above 200. I'm not even sure how fast anything is supposed to run. Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: need help getting my A7n8x with xp2400+ configured

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: need help getting my A7n8x with xp2400+ configured

You will find all the info you need in the following threads :

1. Underclocked cpu on the A7N8X-D
2. Tips for builders
3. The ASUS A7N8X-X/A7N8X/A7N8X Deluxe Thread

In summary, you'll need to set your multiplier to 15x & FSB to 133. Run the Ram in Sync with the FSB ( 133mhz / PC2100 ) & you're good to go.

If you have other questions, make sure to use the Search Function in case it has allready been aksed & answered.

PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
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I'm using a Huawei Mobile Broadband E303 and I've been having this problem for 6-7 days now Ples halp
It was working perfectly fine before but now the speed wont go past 60-70kbps.
My current operating system is windows 7 ( V 6.1.7601 )

I've tried using it on other laptops with windows 7/xp/vista as their operating systems still the same problem except for my brothers laptop which runs on windows 8. and dont tell me that this Thing wont work because its not compatible with my operating system, because I've been using it for over a year without an issue.

My ipconfig shows:
Mobile Broadband adapter Mobile Broadband Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::7450:69bc:7a3e:fee8%57
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
And when I try to do nslookup:
Default Server:

The default server shouldn't be that thing. please help. Nor the address

Edit: I've tried Uninstalling the Program which came with the USB.
I've tried calling my ISP, with no problems on their end.
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Hi all First post on this forum and I was wondering if you could help me out with this I m a programmer not Want configured it's know to - optimally if Computer New as much of a hardware tech guy Here are the specs New Computer - Want to know if it's optimally configured for the computer I just built Motherboard Asus P Z -V LXProcessor Intel i k Memory G SKILL Ripjaws X-Series x gb mhzInternal Storage gb primary SSD tb secondary HDD So I installed Windows -bit on the SSD which is a nicer Samsung can t remember for sure I ve installed the latest drivers for everything Since the SSD has limited capacity I ve moved all my quot libraries quot my documents and everything over to the HDD Basically I want to know if I have this setup configured for optimal speed without purchasing anything else yet like liquid cooling etc and efficient use of the SSDs limited storage capacity The only other thing I could think of was moving all program data over to the tb SSD and leaving behind symbolic links I thought for sure this would New Computer - Want to know if it's optimally configured work but I ended up borking Windows BADLY and just ended up reformatting reinstalling Are there any big performance or efficiency related tweaks I could accomplish with this hardware and basic setup nbsp

A:New Computer - Want to know if it's optimally configured

In terms of optimizing speed, putting all core programs on SSD and keeping all non-essentials on HDD is what you want to do. When it comes to tweaks, you won't find many at the hardware level besides overclocking. But, there are all sorts of tweaks you can do within windows 7 to get a little bit of extra speed. Here is a decent guide you can check out.
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Hello: I have a Fantom 2tb external usb drive (MDC2000) made up of two 1tb drives in a radid 0 configuration. When they powerup which the blue light turns on but the drives will not spin. The drives when removed from the case will each spin using another external usb box. Any thoughts?

A:Fantom 2TB USB external drive configured with RAID 0 cannot power up

"Any thoughts?"...
Yes the MDC2000's power supply has failed, blue lights or no blue lights
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Here's a problem that's fairly simple to explain.

I have a laptop with two HDD's in RAID-0 configuration. The motherboard died, and I want to back up the data before I send it to the manufacturer for repair.

Is there a way to do this, or is it impossible?

A:Getting data off HDD's configured in RAID-0

Raid-0 is a big risk as far as data loss goes, if one drive fails you loose everything. After the motherboard is replaced the system should continue to run from the drives you have without any data being lost. You could simply remove both of the drives before you send it for repair.

As far as I know, any back up software will see this Raid setup as one single drive so even if you create a back up you will not be able to restore it to the Raid set up, it will have to go onto one single drive.

To take a back up of the drives you would need to connect them both to another PC and use software like Acronis True Image. I must add that this is only a "may be" as I am not sure if this will work with a RAID-0 configuration when the drives are hooked up to another PC.
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Hello I have this mobo., with a XP athlon 3000+ Barton CPU. Can anyone tell me the exact BIOS setting for the most stable performance. Know I have it at 217mgz 10.5x, 100% memory which puts me at 2.28ghz.
Thank you.

A:A7N8X-E Deluxe BIOS settings for stable performance?

You have to figure this out yourself by just boosting the CPU clock and Core voltage a notch at a time, until the system becomes unstable... Be aware that you may trash the motherboard if you go too far
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Hi. I know there has been some discussion about this before, but I think I'm in some kind of in-between status with this installation:

My motherboard is an Asus A7N8X Deluxe.
I already have 3 IDE HDD's hooked up and 2
IDE CD/DVD drives (w/no issues).

I am now trying to add a Samsung 1 TB SATA
(the jumper is correctly set on mobo), but the boot
sequence stops at this line:

Sil 3112A SATA RAID Controller Bios Version 4.1.50
Copyright (c)1997-2002 Silicon Image, Inc.
Primary Channel: Samsung HD103SJ
Secondary Channel: Drive Not Found

I cannot see the Samsung 1 TB SATA drive in
my Bios. My OS (XP) is installed on another drive (IDE drive) and operates fine when the SATA 1TB drive is unhooked.

What should I do next?


A:Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo not recognizing SATA hard drive

Have you looked it up on the ASUS site?
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I have 3 HDD in my PC which were considered to RAID. Two were configured as a RAID 0 mega HDD with the third being used for my o/s. Not sure if this was RAID or not or if it was what version. The o/s HDD failed and has been replaced, however I am unable to install windows due to not having the RAID drivers or even a floppy disk drive.

Can I install windows on the new HDD as IDE and the RAID still work and convert to RAID later without loss of data on the existing RAID HDDs?

Or is the only option to get the drivers and a floppy disk drive?

PS I didn't install the system!
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Dear SLI tech people I have Inno d GT cards in my computer The only difference is one is a Mb and one is a Gb card I only got the Gb because it was given to me Now with them being slightly different spec I dont get a box to tick in the d settings of my NVIDIA control panel to enable SLI That I get cos the cards need syncing if thats the term Now once upon a time NVIDIA wrote on their website that Coolbits could be used set to value to make my two cards work together so memory SLI with Can two cards configured? be different 9800GT I did the following Enabling CoolBits Step Click on your Start Menu in the Windows Task Bar and select Run When the command box opens type quot regedit quot without the quotes and press OK With the registry editor open go to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE NVIDIA Corporation Global NVTweak expand the menu using the quot quot expansion buttons to locate this menu item Click on quot NVTweak quot in the menu Next right-click on Can two 9800GT cards with different memory be SLI configured? the empty space inside right window and choose quot New gt DWORD value quot Name the value quot Coolbits quot without the quotes Step Within the Registry Editor right click on Coolbits and choose Modify Change the Value data to quot quot without Can two 9800GT cards with different memory be SLI configured? the quotes and click OK Exit the Registry Editor Nothing has changed and with the newest drivers and software from NVIDIA their System Tools addon still nothing My ASUS motherboard must be sli-ready because it came with the bridge which i have slotted in as required The cards are recognised but I just cant get them into SLI Any ideas Oh and do I have to watch which way round the cards are slotted in my PC and with my bridge not indicating which way round it should go am I ok to just put it on any which way Please help because I like games nbsp

A:Can two 9800GT cards with different memory be SLI configured?

Yes they can... Look at the site of the cards.
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A friend of mine is selling his old Alien Ware tower to me. I what the system, but we can figure out why the video is boxy and scramble on boot up and in bios screen. I try two other different graphic cards, and the system will not boot up into bios. The system just sit there and does nothing. I sitting here pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the problem is. Any idea what causing the problem?

A7N8X-E motherboard with AMD Athlon XP 2600+ with 2 GB of DDR333 ram.
Geforce 6300 OC graphic 8x card.

A:Scrambled video on system boot up using A7N8X-E motherboard

Could a CPU chip going bad could cause the odd and scramble video during booting up into bios screen? Any idea's on what could be cause this problem would help. Please help, I'm running out of things to try.
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I putin new proccesor amd sepron 2600 in a7n8x deluxe mob wont boot up is there any jumper settings that need to be changed it a rev 2.0

A:A7n8x deluxe not working with Sempron 2600

Athlon and Duron CPU's only
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Hi guys, has been a while since I last posted over here, but now Ive got a new job in a PC shop so have some time.

Weve got a problem we couldnt solve here.

A PC with the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe mobo and SATA with XP. 2 HDDs, 2 CD drives. The CD drives are recognized in the BIOS but windows XP does not see anything else than 1 C: drive ...

We tried all we could think about.

Thanx for yer help

A:Asus A7N8X Deluxe + WinXP + SATA problems

Stupid question, but are those HD's partitioned and/or formatted?
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Good evening!
I have the asus board in my Vista Ultimate system. I had a couple of 500GB sata drives, and wanted to replace one of them with a 1T drive(Western Digital WD10000CSRTL) . When I connected the new drive, the system just hangs at the point where it's listing the drives right before boot. Strange thing is, it gets the model number, but hangs at capacity. It does the same thing even if it's the only sata drive in the system. Does the a7n8x board support drives that large, or do I need to take back the drive? Asus's website has been less than helpful, and google searches didn't net a hit on this combo and problem. I turn to the gurus for enlightenment... Thanks for any assistance!


A:Asus a7n8x doesn't recognize 1T sata drive?

Your Asus motherboard is too old to support these hi-capicity drives
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First of all I wasn t sure where this belonged a7n8x upgrades Asus in the mobo or gaming section Asus a7n8x upgrades but this seemed right I m sure Asus a7n8x upgrades someone s gonna hate me for how obvious these questions would be to someone who knows all this but I m trying to save myself reseaching time as I have only a few clues as to what I m doing I want to upgrade my mobo for wow Yes I haven t played wow I know Been busy for years just not enough time to commit I need a new cpu ram video card and possibly whatever card I need to make this ancient beast handle broadband and I assume a router for the broadband but I m not really sure I m running XP I can handle installation but compatibility is what s really confusing me I see a lot of different versions of the mobo such quot asus a n x-VM quot -x -e and somewhere I saw mention of quot deluxe quot On my board below what I think is my currently installed boardband card if that s the term is quot ASUS A N X quot No quot - quot So I m just not sure what components it can handle and I don t have the time or money to cut corners I m basing my searches on these quot Recommended quot specs for the lich king expansion Processor Dual-core processor such as the Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon X Memory GB RAM GB for Vista users Video D graphics processor with Vertex and Pixel Shader capability with MB VRAM Such as an ATI Radeon X or NVIDIA GeForce GT class card or better I found this for ram and was going to get g but the quot VM quot made me uncertain as to it s compatibility crucial com store listparts aspx model A N X-VM F For the cpu this was suggested to me by a random person but again no clue if it will work newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E As to the videocard and quot broadband card quot and router I m clueless I d appreciate any help nbsp

A:Asus a7n8x upgrades

The A7N8X is a legacy socket 462 motherboard; you can't install a socket AM2 processor. If you really wanted to meet recommended specs for that game, you would need to swap both the motherboard and RAM in addition the the CPU. The best processor for that board would be either an AthlonXP 3200+ or an overclocked mobile AthlonXP 2600. Both chips are a little hard to come by nowadays. The RAM you found would work just fine; Crucial makes good stuff.
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Hello All -

I'm just getting introduced to the world of oc'ing and I'd like to purchase a decent cooling system to get me going.
I'm having a hard time finding heatsinks/fans that are compatible with my MOBO (A7N8X Deluxe). I'm not looking for the super fancy, top dollar, mega-cooling system. Just something that will substantially drop the CPU temp (especially while under full load). Preferably just a heatsink and fan.
It would be great to get some feedback from all you folks who have had experience cooling and oc'ing the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe.

Thank you all in advance!

Chud -

p.s. any thoughts on northbridge cooling for this particular mobo?

A:Tight squeeze. Need help cooling A7N8X Deluxe

Never owned a A7N8X board but I did have something similar. My Abit NF7-S build used a Zalman CNPS7000B copper cooler to cool my AthlonXP. The cooler is a bit on the large side but did the job quite well. I had to trim one side of the bracket to clear a row of capacitors but other than that it fit in there just fine. You'd need to install two retainers onto the board before installation but it wasn't hard.

Attached is a pic of what the cooler looked like in my case... gives you an idea of what to look at anyways. I also used a copper fan/heatsink for the Northbridge, which is also visible in the pic attached below. I forget the actual make/model but this little cooler works very good as well. I am actually using it to cool my 650i in my new setup.
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Trying to upgrade cheap. Holding out for a new comp, someday.

I've got an Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo with an AMD Athlon Xp 2600+. Can I safely upgrade to an AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+ ? Socket should be ok... but what about my mobo, would it support the new CPU?


A:Asus A7N8X Deluxe with AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+?

Sorry, you won't be able to do that. Your motherboard has socket type A, while an Athlon 64 X2 requires an AM2 slot.

It does however support AMD Duron, Athlon and AthlonXP (3000+). Processors from those lines should be fine.
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The ASUS A N X-X A N X A N X Deluxe Thread This thread I hope will help those having problems with this board amp those who are considering it as a next hardware upgrade Let s start with the ASUS A7N8X-X Deluxe Thread / A7N8X / The A7N8X High-End version of this board - The A N X Deluxe - Link to The ASUS A7N8X-X / A7N8X / A7N8X Deluxe Thread the ASUS Webpage Processor Socket A for AMD Athlon XP Athlon Duron MHz Thoroughbred Barton core CPU ready Chipset The ASUS A7N8X-X / A7N8X / A7N8X Deluxe Thread North Bridge NVIDIA nForce SPP Ultra South Bridge NVIDIA nForce MCP-T FSB MHz PCB or earlier version need BIOS update The ASUS A7N8X-X / A7N8X / A7N8X Deluxe Thread Memory Dual-Channel DDR x -pin DIMM Sockets Max GB unbuffered PC PC PC PC non-ECC DDR RAM Memory Twinbank Expansion Slots x AGP Pro X V only x PCI IDE Ports x UltraDMA Serial ATA Silicon Image Sil A Controller with ports Support RAID Audio Realtek ALC CH w built in HP amplifier Integrated APU Audio Processor Unit SoundStorm Dolby Digital AC- Encoder LAN Ports MCP integrated NVIDIA MAC Realtek BL PHY MCP integrated Com MAC Broadcom AC L PHY Ports MCP-T Integrated IEEE a Realtek PHY B Special Features Post Reporter Power Loss Restart Q-Fan Technology STR Suspend-to-RAM C O P CPU Overheating Protection CPU Throttle Back Panel I O Ports b x Parallel x Serial x PS Keyboard x PS Mouse x Audio I O x USB x S PDIF out x Surround L R audio jack x CNTR LFE audio jack X RJ Internal I O Connectors x USB connector support additional USB ports CPU Power Chassis FAN connectors Game Connector pin ATX power connector IDE LED connector power LED connector x Connector x SATA Serial ATA Connector WOR WOL Chassis Intrusion SM Bus SIR Headphone optional Front MIC CD AUX Modem audio in Front Panel Audio connector optional BIOS Feature Mb Flash ROM Award BIOS TCAV PnP DMI DMI Green Industrial Standard PCI USB Manageability DMI WOR WOL Chassis Intrusion SM Bus Support CD Drivers ASUSR PC Probe Trend Micro PC-cillin anti-virus software with Windows XP support ASUS LiveUpdate Utility Accessories I O Shield SATA Cable -port USB Game port bracket User s Manual UltraDMA cable -Port Bracket FDD cable UltraDMA cable -pin COM cable InterVideo WinCinema optional WinDVD WinRip WinCoder WinProducer software Form Factor ATX Form Factor quot x quot cm x cm Click to expand Pictures Top View Back View Bundle View PS Please refrain from posting in this topic until the description posts are finished nbsp

A:The ASUS A7N8X-X / A7N8X / A7N8X Deluxe Thread


There are 1.01,1.02,1.03,1.04,1.05,1.06 & 2.00 revisions of this board. 200FSB AthlonXP's are supported by the revision 2.00 ( or by the 1.xx revisions starting from the 1004 BIOS -> Link ).

How to tell which revision you have.

The revision number can be found between the 2nd & 3rd PCI slot.


This board is very picky when it comes to Ram. Although you can get it to work with some generic Ram, it's not advised.

The nForce2 chipset performs best when the Ram is running in sync with the FSB. If your FSB is set to 166, in the BIOS set the "Memory Frequency" to [Sync]. Make sure the Ram is capable of running at that speed, of course. You do not want to run PC2100 Ram at 166mhz. This applies whether the board is running in Dual-Channel or Single-Channel mode.

Performance is also much better when running the Ram with very aggressive timings. You can get some no-name PC2700 Ram & run it at PC2100 speeds & get better performance ( & eventually better stability ).

Running the Ram in Dual-Channel will only bring a small performance extra due to the aging K7 architecture, but if you can get extra performance for free, why not ?

If you happen to use it in Dual-Channel mode, setting the "T-Ras" or "Row-Active Delay" value to high values such as 9/11 will result in better performance ( this only works in Dual-Channel mode ).

In order to get the best performance in Dual-Channel, it is better to have the same amount of memory on borth channels. For example, if you have 256mb on the DIMM1 & 256 on the DIMM2 ( Channel 1 ), you'll get the best performance by installing a 512mb module on the DIMM3 ( Channel 2, the furthest from the Socket ).

This table is taken from

If your BIOS is version 1004 & up, setting the Ram modules correctly will result in the mention Dual Channel Mode being posted on the system's power-up.

Here's a list of Ram modules that have been approved by ASUS to run in PC3200 mode with this board.

[b]DIMM Vendor | DIMM Part No. | CL | Size | Side | DIE Vendor | DIE Part No.[/b]
Samsung | M368L6423DTM-CC4 | 3 | 512MB | Double | Samsung | K4H560838D-TCC4
Samsung | M368L3223DTM-CC4 | 3 | 256MB | Single | Samsung | K4H560838D-TCC4
Adata | BDMA83A | 2.5| 256MB | Single | Winbond | W942508BH-5
TwinMOS | MDoubleTTUF08108L294K4FW0/T | 2.5| 256MB | Single | TwinMOS | TMD7608F8E50B
Winbond | W9451GBDB-5 | 2.5| 512MB | Double | Winbond | W942508BH-5
TwinMOS | | 2.5| 512MB | Double | Winbond | W942508BH-5
TwinMOS | | 2.5| 256MB | Single | Winbond | W942508BH-5
Kingston | KVR400X64C25/256 | 2.5| 256MB | Single | Winbond | W942508BH-5
Corsair | CMX512-3200C2XMS3202 v1.1 | 2.5| 512MB | Double | |
This table does not mean other brands/types of ram will not run at PC3200 with this board.

Update : list of ram modules known to show stability issues

Kingston ValueRam PC3200 CAS3 -> KVR400X64C3A/512
Stability issues when all 3 memory slots are populated & even 2 slots in some cases.
Send me a PM if you know other Ram modules known to have problems with these boards.
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Hello all i'm new to the forum and would like to say hello to all
I need help with two problems
The first is this: The post reporter continualy repeats over and over again cpu failure and theres nothing wrong with the cpu.I have disabled it in bios but she won't stop also iv'e tried to delete it in winbond but it continues
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it?

Question two the system was set to 200 fsb with a multiple of 11 but the bios has reverted to 100fsb if i change it to what it was ie 200 it won't boot The board has been working flawlessly for over two years.The only thing i changed is i removed one stick of ram to put in another board could that be the cause

cpu amd 2500 barton

twinmos 512mb pc 3200 ram
If you need more info just ask


A:Asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard

How is the post reporter telling? Beeps? How many and short/long?

Swap the ram you took out with the ram you left in - I'd bet on a bad module.
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Asus A N X rev XP Hi all my first time here so top of the morning to ye all Bit of a tech dunce so please bare with me Looks like I may have had a corrupt bios sting as m b on boot still said E and cpuz beta I flashed to bios Duel Channel as I could not get some new OCZ PC Platinum to run on my board although it always has ran OCZ PC basic Something is definitely seriously weird with this Duel Channel bios bios A7N8X XP2600 1008 1243Mhz reads No matter what I change CPU external or A7N8X bios 1008 XP2600 reads 1243Mhz Mhz CPU frequency x x auto Bios on boot says I have a cpu Mhz cpuz reports the same and I don t seem able to get out of the duel channel mode any ideas how I can I am A7N8X bios 1008 XP2600 reads 1243Mhz not a regular bios flash expert so is it possible advisable to get rid of this Duel Channel and revert to a lower one Any ideas nbsp

A:A7N8X bios 1008 XP2600 reads 1243Mhz

Please forgive my inexperience in not understanding Duel Channel boot

I have now understand this?.duh!

But no matter what setting cpu frequency/external/memory frequency I use XP2600 still shows 1250Mhz on boot
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I m sorry to bring this up as I read a thread with about the same problem as I am experiencing now but it just didn t really hit the wont work on SATA A7N8X spot for me I have a A N X deluxe MB and recently bought a SATA HDD from Wester Digital The drive is meant for storage purposes I have win XP sp on another non SATA HDD SATA wont work on A7N8X and that is all working out just fine The problem is that the drive isn t recognized anywhere in XP and basically I therefore can t make any good use of it I connected the SATA HDD with the MB through the quot PRI SATA quot port on the MB and supplied it with power the problem lies not here as the drive does spin up when I turn on the computer SATA wont work on A7N8X After some reading I have made the following adjustments The HDD is SATA MB s so I stuck a jumper on it to make it SATA MB s as nothing higher is supported by the MB I think The jumper is on pins - the so called quot OPT quot On the MB SATA EN jumper is set to - SATA EN - so thats enabled I guess In BIOS I can find nothing mentioned about SATA what so ever In the RAID configurations though the drive is listed and marked with a star as quot Drive quot quot primary drive quot or something similar But I have no real options in RAID configs All I get is quot no problem detected quot or messages like that I can t find a way to activate any SATA-controller as I have been encouraged to do in another forum I have not installed any drivers in connection with the drive and have been told that it shouldn t be necessary either Any help would be deeply appreciated as I am sincerely annoyed by the fact that I can t use my new HHD Thanks in advance zoloft nbsp

A:SATA wont work on A7N8X

you will need to install the drivers.
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I'm using the onboard sound for the Asus A7N8X and all is working great, except that when it's idle (no sound is being played ie. mp3's or games or the 'navigation' sound).
After about a minute or so of being idle, i hear a high-pitched whine with headphones on. It's extremely annoying & agitating. And i'm sure that if i'de turn up the volume with speakers connected, you would head the same thing.

I have the latest drivers for the board & all the service packs etc.
Please, any input would be appreciated

A:Asus A7N8X audio *problem*?

Did you try to have a look at your BIOS config on PowerSafe ?

Just an idea poping to my mind....
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i recently installed an SPDIF module and connected it to the correct header (module made specifically for this board. my device manage and applications don't see it. ASUS tech support suggested:
"Once the connection is in place, you will need to uninstall and then
reinstall the onboard AUDIO drivers. The drivers for your SPDIF will then
be loaded and the port activated. Thanks."

in add/remove I have entries for;
Nvidia display driver
Nvidia Nforce drivers
Nvidia Nforce utilities
Nvidia WDM drivers
Nvidia windows 200/xp Nforce drivers

I understood the Nforce drivers were unified and not too excited about uninstalling all the display and audio drivers, as I have seen some reports about difficulty reinstalliing after SP2 which I have installed.

any suggestions appreciated. the module is used for digital input from my son's home recording efforts.dave

A:Spdif module added to asus A7N8X deluxe board

You should be able to uninstall just the audio drivers via the device manager. Click start, settings, control panel. Double click system. Select the hardware tab and then click on device manager. Scroll down to the audio device, right click andd uninstall. Save out and reboot. windows should refind your audio device and reinstall the drivers.
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I recently upgraded my PC. I now have an A7N8X-X (Rev 2.0) running an AMD 3200+ and also a pair of 512MB DDR500 memory sticks. My OS is XP Pro. The system runs fine but....
When I try and switch my system to stanby, windows goes to standby (expected), my monitor switches off ( expected ) and I can hear my hard drives power down ( expected ). The problem is, my power pack does not power down and although the system is in standby the power and all my fans stay on. I have selected the STR option from the BIOS (1010). Are there any jumpers I need to enable / disable ? I'm going crazy here !!

A:A7n8x-x Suspend To Ram Problem

There are usually two suspend modes with most boards. S1 and s3, use s3 if you want the fans off. S1 leaves the fans on.
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Hi all,
My home built PC consists of ASUS A7N8X-E deluxe MoBo which has an onboard audio:MCP-T southbridge integrated audio processor unit, Realtek ALC650 6-Channel Codec. My OS: Win XP, SP2. I am going to install a PCI audio card on this MoBo. Do I need to disable the onboard audio first? And if yes, then is it done thru BIOS? ASUS manual does not say anything about disabling audio.
Any help is very much appreciated.

A:Installing audio card on ASUS A7N8X-E motherboard

Yeah, in the BIOS {in Integrated Peripherals - from memory} there'll be Onboard Audio, or something similar - AC97 perhaps.

It only has 2 settings, enable or disable. Disable it when u use a soundcard, or audio will go to Onboard, and not your nice, new Card!
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I have an Asus A7N8X-E dlx mobo which has been working perfectly with an Athlon XP2400 and an XP2600 CPU.
I picked up an XP3200 CPU recently but cannot get it to work properly.
Initially could not see anything on video but by setting the AGP speed to 66MHz instead of AUTO got video (I had to put the XP2600 in to adjust this).
Problem now is that the CPU will not even complete the BIOS boot-up phase. I have tried at 200MHz FSB and even at 166MHZ using manual versus AUTO setting for most mobo and memory settings but always the same and the CPU freezes after about 30 seconds.
Does not matter whether I leave at the boot pic, press tab and watch full memory test (gets about 20% of the way thru 2GB DDR memory) and go into the BIOS settings.

would be greatly appreciated any help/ideas

A:XP3200 Not working on A7N8X-E

hi westaust55 and welcome to Techspot

since the XP3200 is the fastest processor available for socket-A, is was most likely made after your A7N8X-E was made. for this reason you may need to update your BIOS to properly recognize the CPU. have you downloaded and flashed to the latest BIOS?
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Hello I am trying to add a second HDD Maxtor IDE GB on my ASUS A N X-E Deluxe Mob A7N8X-E adding ASUS HDD SATA existing to IDE with Problem which has an GB SATA HDD The OS is WIN K SP Before adding the IDE BIOS reads Primary Master None amp Primary Slave None Problem adding IDE HDD to ASUS A7N8X-E with existing SATA yet the PC boots Problem adding IDE HDD to ASUS A7N8X-E with existing SATA up just fine Also under advance BIOS page SATA appears as HDD- The boot order is floppy CDROM HDD- IDE jumper is set as slave before adding it to the Mob As soon as IDE is added the PC wants to boot up to it which of course has no OS causing the boot to halt I then set the jumper as master the PC still wants to boot up to the IDE Please note the IDE HDD has been formatted logical using Max Blast software Can anyone shed a light on this I m getting very frustrated hating to give up on a perfect GB IDE HD Thanks very much Soheil nbsp

A:Problem adding IDE HDD to ASUS A7N8X-E with existing SATA

Which IDE controller and which connector (end or middle) and where is the cd/dvd and connected how also.

edit: Have you looked at boot settings in Bios after connecting the IDE - it seems that last drive added gets to the front of the line sometimes -
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Usb Wire Help Needed Very Much !!!!!!!

I have an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe MOBO .....I'm trying to hook up FRONT side USB ports using the internal usb56 header.. The wires are labeled from the usb cable i have as follows.

data+1 (white)
data-1 (green)
data-2 (yellow)
data+2 (blue)
vcc 1 (Black)
vcc 2 (red)
gnd 1 (brown)
gnd 2 (orange)
shield (gray)

It was hooked up prior to me getting it.....took it all apart to clean and thought it was one solid plug until i removed it and found out the hard way.I have searched for hrs and I am stuck.

The Asus manual says for the header like....usb+5v, usbp5-, usbp6+.etc...None of them say what I have for wires .
Please help my noob azz..........thank you for your time...


you'll need a pin out diagram on the mobo.
Generally though,

your vcc 's are positive power for 1 and 2 usb ports
ground shouldn't matter but pair it up as well.
data +1 is for USB 1
data -1 is for USB 1
data +2 is for usb 2
data -2 is for usb 2
gray is neutral usually on pin #9

But seriously this should be easy if you have a mobo pinout. Consult the maker.
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I want to upgrade my memory for my Asus A7n8x-x board. Right now it has 2 sticks of consair 256 value select 3200. I am not sure, but I want to add 512 to the last slot. I just don't know if there is certain memory it can or can't take. I see info about a single channel mode, does that mean I can only run single channel memory or can I run dual channel memory? I would be thankful for any help.

A:Memory for Asus A7n8x-x

Here is what you need to know-memory speaking...

First, to add memory to already existing memory in your Motherboard, the memory needs to be of same size and speed. So at best, you can only add more 256 sticks at pc3200.

I would assume that your current memory sticks are what they call "Double Sided." That means that the magnetic chips are on both sides of the stick. Nothing to do with DDR or anything like that.

You need to check your user manual. I believe this board is one of those that can be finicky with memory. There should be a guide for configuring your board to use all 3 memory banks. Some banks will support Double, some will only support single.

Give you an example. My motherboard has 4 memory banks. The motherboard will number the banks. On my mother board, for me to use 4 memory sticks, I had to configure it like this:

Memory Slot 1: 512MB PC 3200 (Double-Sided)
Memory Slot 2: 512MB PC 3200 (Single-Sided)
Memory Slot 3: 512MB PC 3200 (Double-Sided)
Memory Slot 4: 512MB PC 3200 (Single-Sided)

Now-what would happen if I placed a double-sided chip in slot 2? Well, nothing really. But my MB would not read or recognize slots 3 and 4, so I would still only operate with 1 GB of Ram instead of 2.

Consult your user manual to see how you need to map out the 3 banks to be able to use them. The memory type is the same, only difference is if it has the memory chips on 1 or both sides...
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as noted in the thread name I am the pround new owner of an asus a n x-e deluxe motherboard and I have some questions because I know you guys here on an A7N8X poor guy with Another techspot have had a lot of experience with these boards first I am wondering how exactly to get quot dual-channel quot ram to work exactly I didnt see anything in the manual Do you have to se something in the bios What slots do I put the ram in both blue Second I got a few errors during installation that after looking up the BSOD error numbers lead me to believe one of my ram modules might have something wrong with Another poor guy with an A7N8X it I was just wondering if there was a utility out there that I could use to maybe test the ram or something I would like not to be out of commission sending good ram back to newegg if there is a way to find out here at home if its garbage both appear to work in the system info screen Third I cant seem to get to the internet I am on another comp now When I look on the LAN that the cable is in there is a yellow light Isnt it supposed to be green I cannot connect to my network either I ran the network setup wizard no results THe lower LAN port does not light up at all when I put the cable in there Whats up with that And here s what happend during the install Installing windows was a pain because the damn thing kept crashing with the BSOD or an error would halt installation saying it couldnt copy a file to the drive Some of the errors suggested updating the bios didnt do yet disabling cashes done by default and replacing my video drivers well I was installing WinXP so I dont think that was it But I looked up some of the errors and they said there might have been problems with the NTFS file system or the hardware Ram specifically I thought maybe I had them in the wrong configuration so I moved the Ram into both the blue slots and then installation seemed to go fine until the very end when I got another BSOD with some Page Fault error which again made me think I have the ram in there wrong or the stuff is faulty see above now everything seems to be okay installation restarted but when I got to windows it said the system had recovered from a serious error I dont understand what caused all that and I dont know if there may be something wrong with the way I have the board set up or what any thoughts Sorry I know thats a lot but I am trying hard to get this thing up and running and I seem to keep coming into problems on my own this is what I have so far Asus A N X-e Deluxe Motherboard mb corsair Ram value pak blush AthlonXP Ati mb Video card HDDs GB amp GB both maxtor Standard DVD amp CD-RW No really thats it stop laughing I probably wont be able to check back until this evening but any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Another poor guy with an A7N8X

Don't use bad language in your posts or post titles again please.
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hey im kinda new but more importantly ive got a problem i think i kno how to solve but im not so sure im capable You see my nForce audio card was working fine just days ago i loged on started playing music and half way through the song it just stopped and said that the device was unavailable naturally i was like WTF but then i nForce2 component issue OnBoard A7N8X-Deluxe audio figured i should just OnBoard A7N8X-Deluxe nForce2 audio component issue reinstall the drivers because i checked the the default installation mixer for the nForce component and it said the same thing so i did but the same thing happend and i was still like WTF i browsed around on my other hunk a junk DEBIAN linux based comp and found a few bugs so i tossed old drivers and redownloaded some more recent ones and now the media plays fine and the OnBoard A7N8X-Deluxe nForce2 audio component issue mixer as well but theres no sound so it appealed to me to check the audio device in control panel and it was set to NOTHING once again im like WTF so i tryed setting it to random sound devices listed under the addhardware and it still didnt work Bottom line i dont think my onboard audio is being reckognized by windows and im not sure what to do about it becuase i tossed the old mb drivers because they didnt work can any help because i really dont feel like rewriting the awdflash of the mb with DEBIAN linux to be compatible with homebrew drivers i like programming but not that much please help nbsp

A:OnBoard A7N8X-Deluxe nForce2 audio component issue

i found the solution

well instead of reprograming the bios to boot up the drivers with system start up, ive found a solution, iv found a way to fix the sound problem by, going to add hardware and installing a "RANDOM" audio component from the list, then just
check your audio devices to make sure 1 is being used "this is tweak and will
need to be done evry time u logon or reconfigure sound settings"
As you guessed it thats the down side, but hey it works i also found a great site
to redownload the drivers from:
just clik the sit under the authors section to go to official download site,
(for those with the same problem)

Questions and more Email to
[email protected]
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I've been searching for hours today and I just wanted my new 400gb
SATA Seagate to work I was even started singing the "get
perpendicular" song when it came!

Alright, here's the problem like many other A7N8X-E users have faced
in the past:

I've had recently fresh install of windows XP Pro running for a few
months now, and I installed the SATA hard drive. It shows up under the
SiliconImage boot screen (the small one after the main POST) but once
windows loads up, nothing shows up.

I have installed the driver for the SiliconImage SATAraid software,
and it does not show the little yellow question mark in device

I have found many threads with this problem, but no clear solution.
Most of the threads were circa 2005, so I'm hoping that somebody knows
a solution.

Please help! I want my storage!

A:SATA Problems with A7N8X-E Deluxe in Windows XP

Go in the disk management console, create a partition, format it & it will show up in Windows. Reading the hard drive manual (or even Windows help) every once in a while can work wonders.
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well i bought a new hard drive MAXTOR L S MAXLINE III GB RPM MB CACHE SATA ROHS and tried to install it i put it plug the sata red cable into the HD and into the nd slot on my mobo the first slot on XP load A7N8X from HD wont SATA is my Western Digital Caviar WD JD GB Hard Drive start up the computer it shows both the hard drives after the XP wont load from SATA HD on A7N8X press f to enter raid utility and it goes into windows like normally however the nd hd is not there it is under device manager tho So i try shutting down and switching cables and then switching the jumper XP wont load from SATA HD on A7N8X on the WD HDD and in the end now i XP wont load from SATA HD on A7N8X cant even start my windows XP at all I screwed around in bios settings and still nothing the computer right now is exactly how it was before the nd HDD was tried to put it except i might have changed bios settings The WD HDD is showing up after the press f to enter raid utility message and then it just sits at the black screen saying quot Verifying DMI Pool Data quot and wont start up My bios settings are set to SATA for first boot device Im stuck here i have no clue whats going on below are my system specs any help or suggestions are apprecited I also tried starting up with just the SATA hDD connected and no IDE drives no luck Asus A N X Deluxe Athlon XP OCZ DDR PC MB Windows XP SP Maxtor Maxline III L S GB Hard Drive Serial ATA- RPM MB WD JD gb Hard Drive Serial ATA- RPM MB Maxtor Y L DiamondMax Plus Y L GB Ultra ATA RPM Hard Drive IBM Deskstar GXP DTLA GB HDD Pioneer DVDrw dvr- nbsp

A:XP wont load from SATA HD on A7N8X

Put the WD jumpers back the way they were, you're not supposed to mess around with them. Sata HDDs no longer use the master/slave system so there's no need to fiddle around with the jumpers.

As for the HDD not showing up in Windows, did you partition & format it ?
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N b post here Deluxe A7N8X-E weird VGA problem System XP A N X-E Deluxe ver BIOS Corsair C Approved RAM for MB WD GB SATA Artic Cooling W PSU X Pro AGP PS Keyboard USB Mouse Built this system about A7N8X-E Deluxe weird VGA problem years ago and built it from scratch during the build I did encounter some issues with the SATA drivers and XP but this was just inexperience all resolved Issue started about months ago when all of a sudden the Pro card went pop or as I thought So I purchased the installed x Pro card and all was very well A7N8X-E Deluxe weird VGA problem Impressed by the upgrade The machine now refuses to boot Fans OK internal LED OK no keyboard lights NUM LOCK etc flash at start as per normal boot I have an original Geforce card x which I installed the ASUS woman borg voice tells me that I have a VGA issue but and doesn t boot Now I have an issue it now seems that I now have a second AGP card that has gone on the blink Odd I think so now I am reduced to a Mb AGP Vanta card just to be able to type this post Help I m struggling with this one machine has not be OC d or modified in any way the case and all items have not been disturbed Reseated all the components and reset CMOS values even changing the CMOS battery I did have a spare I am at a loss the machine now seems Perception I know to be running slower but I am putting this down to the VGA card Help Please I ve also read almost every A N X post on this board and googled the lot Can any of the guru s out there hazard some assistance nbsp

A:A7N8X-E Deluxe weird VGA problem

replace your PSU. If you're still having issues your motherboard is bad - it very well could be. I would replace both.
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I recently bought a nforce 590 SLi and 2x GeForce 8800GTS's and I swapped the nforce2 out for the nforce 590 not realizing that I didn't have a power supply that would handle the board and cards. I swapped the A7N8X back in and then magically my on-board sound didn't work and my DVI port on the back of my AGP GeForce 6600 didn't work either. ( I fixed the DVI problem which was a pain in the @$$) but I can't seem to get the on-board sound to work at all. The speakers and sub work find I hooked them up to my Zune and it plays fine. Any help getting it back to working condition is greatly appreciated. Thanks~!

A:ASUS A7N8X On-Board sound problem

reinstall your sound drivers.
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So i read through the boards here and no one seemed to have a solution I own an Asus A N X DELUXE board version i am running an amd athlon fsb and gig of ram x i have a radeion pro all in wonder and two hard drives i reinstalled windows which for some reason now resides on a harddrive labled G and not C and my sound does not work my speakers do work since i tested them by plugging them to my mp player I have them plugged into the lime green middle plug in the back the one in between the microphone and line in jack sound is detected via the taskbar but no sound comes out i conntected a front panel audio to the motherboard via the pins near the AGP slot and i am A7N8X sound problem deluxe able to get sound via that so my question is why doesnt the lime green output jack A7N8X deluxe sound problem work i dont want to plug in my speakers in the front in A7N8X deluxe sound problem order to receive sound it was working fine before i reinstalled windows just to let it be known i upgraded from an athlon fsb any A7N8X deluxe sound problem help or links to answers would be appreciated nbsp

A:A7N8X deluxe sound problem

more information

more information: i did transfer my motherboard to a new case. i hope i didnt damage the jack.

i also tried many drivers, and no luck. i also tried not connecting the front panel audio, thinking maybe i wired them wrong. but no luck.

i remember a while ago i had the same problem, the audio just didnt work. my solution was to reinstall windows and NOT use the windows given driver. i dont want to do this this time. so for now, i'll use the front panel auido as my main source and plug in the speakers via that area if need be.

how can i test if i damaged the headphone jack?
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Hi Guys,
I have tried everything and still cant manage to get this to work, I have an Athlon XP 3200+ that I have to run at 2800+ because otherwise my computer randomly reboots, I have: Format and reinstalled, Changed to a bigger fan, Tried fan supplied with the cpu as well as an akasa and coolermaster one, applied several types of thermal compound and tested each, reseated cpu, flashed bios... I know 90% says its the board fault, but asus want me to pay 24 p&p to send the board to them for 4 weeks for repair which is a bit ridiculous, wouldn't you agree??

A:A7N8X-E Deluxe

Yeah ridiculous, what exactly are you trying to do? Keep the processor running at a 3200+?
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So I've got a a7n8x deluxe and i really dont feel like im fully optimizing this great mobo.
ive got 2 256 ddr sticks in it with an AMD 1.2gig processor and a Geforce 4 TI 4200 with agp 8x video card, im really lagging behind when it comes to playing games and even lately running programs gets slower and slower, i havent upgraded a thing on this baby for years now and i think its dire time for me to upgrade.
Anyway my question is, what would be the cheapest and easiest upgrades I could get/you would suggest i get to help bring me back to my gaming glory days.

-P.S- I'd especially love to be able to play battlefield 2 on high settings flawlessly.

A:ASUS A7N8X Deluxe - Need some help guys.

If running programs seems slower, maybe you have too much spyware etc running? As for playing BF2 (and other games) flawlessly, I would recommend selling ur processor, video card, RAM and motherboard and getting a brand new mobo like the ASUS P5B, an NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT, a minimum of 1GB of DDR2 RAM (2GB dual-channel kit recommended), and a Core 2 Duo E6300 or E4300. Shouldn't cost you more than $800. And that PC would be more than capable of playing BF2 maxed out quite smoothly. Here are some links:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Conroe 1.86GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E6300 - Retail

FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX450-PN, 12cm FAN, version 2.2, 2 SATA, PCI Express, 450W Power Supply - Retail
(for that new video card)

EVGA 256-P2-N615-TX GeForce 7600GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail

ASUS P5B LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

OCZ S.O.E 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ2SOE8002GK - Retail
Grand Total= $610 after rebates
I hope it helped!

P.S.-> I assume you will be using the HDD, keyboard etc. from your old PC so I haven't linked you to any. But if you want, I can do that too.
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ive been paranoid about timings and voltages on memory moduels ever since i build my buddies core 2 duo system. i want to get a dual channel kit for this board, im looking at ocz 2 gig dual channel kit ddr 400, should i worry about the voltages and timings or does it not matter on amd systems?

also do i want a low latency? i dont play games much i just need the extra power to make photoshop, premeire, and flash work smoother.

i would also like to put the same kit in my k8t neo v board, but at 140 bucks it will have to wait.

A:a7n8x memory

hi OSI,

onesmart***** said:

ive been paranoid about timings and voltages on memory moduels ever since i build my buddies core 2 duo systemClick to expand...

paranoid? why?

onesmart***** said:

should i worry about the voltages and timings?Click to expand...

should you worry about voltages? no, your mobo should be able to run any standard DDR voltage. should you worry about timings? with an older system like that, I would say no.

onesmart***** said:

does it not matter on amd systems?Click to expand...

it affects all systems regardless of the manufacturer. benchmarking will reflect the difference, but chances are you won't notice any significant real world difference.

onesmart***** said:

also do i want a low latency?Click to expand...

latency and timings go hand and hand. (the tighter your timings, the lower the latency. the looser the timings, the higher the latency). the best timings you can get on DDR is 2-2-2-5/1T. my advice would be to give yourself a maximum budget, then go for the tightest timings you can find (stick to reputable companies )

onesmart***** said:

i dont play games much i just need the extra power to make photoshop, premeire, and flash work smoother.Click to expand...

if you need more power, have you considered investing money into a newer, more powerful processor/mobo? or if money is tight, you can squeeze some more power from that CPU by overclocking it.

onesmart***** said:

i would also like to put the same kit in my k8t neo v board, but at 140 bucks it will have to wait.Click to expand...

your Athlon64 3000+ / K8T NEO is socket-754. the memory controller on a socket-754 CPU does not support dual channel memory mode.

cheers :wave:
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Hi I have a home built computer that is a few POST (help) beginning locking Mobo of A7N8X at the up years old Recently I put it in a new case and it was working fine for a few weeks Then all of a sudden it stopped recognizing one of my RAM chips so that I only had mb instead of gb So I took it apart and reseated the ram thinking maybe A7N8X Mobo locking up at the beginning of POST (help) I knocked it or something when I changed cases Well when I went to boot up It decided to lock up at the splash screen of the POST I tried unplugging everything and trying different RAM combinations on the motherboard and it still did the same thing I even reset the CMOS but still no luck I recently bought a new stick of memory gb and it seems to be doing the same thing Is it my mobo psu memory or something completely different SPECS mobo - A N X Deluxe cpu - amd athlon xp mem - mb pc elixir original mem gb pc pny new mem Graphics - geforce PSU - WATT Ultra x-connect HDD - GB EIDE GB SATA Let me know if you need any other info nbsp

A:A7N8X Mobo locking up at the beginning of POST (help)

Is there any post beeps
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Attempting to run Seagate sata hard drives non-raid configured with this motherboad has proven a nightmare I have done fresh WinXP installs updated all drivers established both my Deluxe Sata Problem E A7N8X- sata drives under the SiL Rev controler in Control panel showing both drives running DMA ultra mode the issue is although the read rates on these drives are exceptable it takes forever to write to these drives A7N8X- E Deluxe Sata Problem I have reflashed my bios to using both the Asus and uber I have the latest SIL drivers for the SIL controller I can install my operating system on either of A7N8X- E Deluxe Sata Problem these drives and successfully boot I can run them in conjunction with an ATA boot drive the issue is in the slow writing to these sata drives System details ArhlonXP Barton Mhz Memory - Kingston KHX AK DDR G - also have tried Ultra ULT DDR - Graphics ATI NP - Hard Drives Seagate St as amp ST as Power Supply W Disk Drives Asus CD X S A amp Benq DVD LS DW I have scanned for spyware and viruses defragmented run Seagate utilities contacted Asus support which was no help Anyone run across this before nbsp
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I am pulling my hair out. I bought a new motherboard because my AGP slot was bad on the previous one. Then i messed up thinking my CPU was way overheating, so i bought a new CPU (Sempron 2800). Now, my PC Still reboots everytime i try to load a game.

Looking around, I tried various combos on memory. I have 1GIG (2x512) DDR 2700. FInally, this morning I took one stick out, and now i can play my game, but the asus voice still tells me "Error due to overclocking". Does my ram just not work for this mobo? Why cant i have both sticks in, and how do i tell that person to shutup, im not overclocking the machine.

Very troubling Can anyone help?

A:Overclocking Error (ASUS A7N8X-E Delux)

one more thing

i never found a cable to plug into the chassy fan and the other fan right next to it, from the psu. i plugged in my main power cable, my CPU fan, and thats really it. The mobo told me to plug in the cords for those two cables as well, but i had nothing to plug into them with. This relevant?

i have a geforce 5200 ultra (AGP), and everything else is pretty standard. Do i need to trick my mobo in the bios with this ram or something? i'm so frustrated. Does the RAM need to be registerd or something?

I am on bios 1012 as I flashed last night.
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i'm having problems when iam installing windows xp on my mobo asus, i have a seagate barracadua S-ATA, a friend of mine tell me that i hav to download some short of drivers for my mobo and press f6 when windows star to install

its that true and where i can find those files ??


A:asus a7n8x-e deluxe and seagate barracuda

The driver is on the cd that came with the mobo just like mine is.
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Some help... A7N8X Deluxe

Hey my mobo's a A7N8X Deluxe model but lately ive been having some problems, i thought when i switched over to xp i wouldnt get the blue screen of death anymore, but as of late its happening quite often, i keep getting the "System Dumping physical Memory" blue screen lately and in the blue screen it tells me i should maybe update my bios? problem is i dont have a floppy installed... anyone have any ideas what causes this blue screen and what i can do to fix it if maybee its not a bios problem after all? i just did a fresh format and reinstall of windows xp so i dont think thats the problem but hey, maybe im wrong, any help on this matter wuld be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance guys.

A:Various problems with A7N8X Deluxe

Ok after your reinstall of windows did you reinstall the motherboard drivers? are there any devices in device manager with a yellow question mark or yellow triangle next to them? you either have a some hardware, like ram etc going bad or you have compaitability issues. a bios update can sometimes solve the compaitability issues. you can test your ram with memtest, or if you have other ram just try different modules.

And welcome to TechSpot.
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I have the front panel audio connectors on the A7N8X-E Deluxe connected to the front speaker and mic jacks of my case. I love this feature because I have speakers connected to the back audio jack and when I want privacy, I plug-in my headphones to the front audio jack and the speakers go silent. However, I recently noticed that the right audio channel from the back motherboard jack was mute. I don't remember this ever being an issue as I have used this configuration for some time. When I plug in my headphones in the front, both channels are present. I thought this was a motherboard issue and got my it replaced from Asus, but again ended up with the same problem. Is it possible that the Return R and L audio leads from the case audio jacks might be defective? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
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Before I begin I ll say this I m about certain that the problem is a short in the CPU socket - so I RMAd the motherboard and they sent it back unrepaired So before I call them and chew them out I want to make sure there s no other possibilities I put the CPU Athlon XP w MHz bus RAM PC DDR and video card ATi Radeon Pro in so I could boot up it up and see the BIOS and make sure it ran Well it didn t It stayed on for maybe three seconds then shut off not even enough time to display anything However the power light on the mobo not on the case Serious problem Asus A7N8X was on So I ran the necessary tests and it came down to the CPU no matter what other hardware was installed it never works with the CPU in place and always works without the CPU So I called Asus and Serious Asus A7N8X problem they assured me it was a CPU problem so I RMAd the Athlon XP I got the new CPU and the problem persisted So I RMAd the mobo and it was returned with assurances that it was in perfect working condition Serious Asus A7N8X problem But the problem persists The test result sheet they gave told me to check the add-on cards RAM CPU etc all of which I have done and all of which are in perfect working condition So it again comes down to the motherboard I am of course open to the possibility that it s a power supply problem MT- W V meets all of the mobo s power specs got mostly good reviews But if it is a power supply problem why does the system work when I take the CPU out This has GOT to be the fault of the CPU socket in the mobo but they won t replace it for me Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Serious Asus A7N8X problem

How much ram do you have?
I know for a fact that some ASUS boards have trouble with a gig of ram...
If it isn't the ram, you should try another PSU... what brand is it?
I had a problem with starting up my PC, and it was the PSU... the mobo light came on and everything... i know 400watts should be enough for all that... but that's how i fixed my problem......
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My System Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack xpsp sp problem SATA with A7N8X-E rtm - System Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC System Model A N X-E BIOS Ver Processor AMD Athlon tm XP MMX DNow GHz Memory MB RAM DirectX Version DirectX c Adaptec Serial ATA SA Host Controller Ailicon Image Sil SATARaid Controller on motherboard DRIVE Maxtor Y M DRIVE DiamondMax GB SATA HDD My problem I have Maxtor Y M SATA drive and wanted to add a bigger drive a DiamondMax A7N8X-E problem with SATA GB SATA HDD I added the new drive to the nd SATA port on the motherboard booted up computer went to computer management to format the new drive and what I discovered is the drive did not show up in disk management I looked in device manager to see if the drive is there and it shows up there but not in disk management So I picked up Adaptec Serial ATA SA host controller thinking that the SATA ports on the motherboard did not work right I installed the card with the latest drives I plugged in the drives to the Host Controller and boot the computer everything worked ok I formatted the drive and rebooted the computer got to the windows XP logo with the scrolling bar and the computer rebooted by itself I cant get pass the windows XP logo with the scrolling bar All the drives and the Host Controller seem to work ok when I use MaxBlast to copy the partitions to the new dive But when I try to start windows XP I cant get passed windows XP logo with the scrolling bar using Adaptec Serial ATA SA Host Controller I disabled the SATA on motherboard to see if host controller conflicts with the A N X-E SATA That did not help and still got the same problem not getting passed the windows XP logo with the scrolling bar HELP nbsp

A:A7N8X-E problem with SATA

any one can help me with this?
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Problem with Athlon XP on ASUS A N motherbaord XP with ASUS on A7N8X-E 3200+ Problem Deluxe Athlon X-E Deluxe motherboard Hi I have an ASUS A Problem with Athlon XP 3200+ on ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe motherbaord N X-E Deluxe motherboard with mb of kingston ddr ram I recently put in an Athlon XP Barton FSB and when I try to play any game for example battle for middle earth or Half life it crashes shortly after i start and it has reset itself a few times as well I had a AMD Sempron in it and it worked fine I checked the ram with microsoft ram checker and it had no errors All drivers are up to date the bios is the latest version and I set the bios to optimal The Athlon XP Barton is displayed correctly in the bios and when booting I even tried changing the cpu setting to instead of so it displayed cpu at it did not help though The same Athlon XP Barton works fine Problem with Athlon XP 3200+ on ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe motherbaord in an Abit AN motherboard with playing games as well Could someone help please Im thinking of putting the sempron back in PC Specs Windows XP with SP ASUS A N X-E Deluxe motherboard Athlon XP Barton FSB Arctic cooling copper silent heatsink fan mb of kingston ddr RAM Maxtor GB harddrive mb cache master Maxtor GB hardrive mb cache slave Liteon dvd cd-rw Q-tec W triple fan nbsp

A:Problem with Athlon XP 3200+ on ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe motherbaord

Similar problem


I've got a very similar configuration (only with Corsair memories) and the same problem. My solution was to reduce the FSB to 396. Eventually you can increase the core voltage to 1.675 or 1.7.
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I recently installed an Asus a n x deluxed motherboard My old motherboard and processor died so I picked up this motherboard for cheap and am using an old mhz Duron Everything is fine except one thing can t get online I m on my girlfriend s PC right now I got the nVidia nForce drivers updated to service pack I m running win k installed directx c still nothing There is a yellow led light where the cat is connected I run ipconfig and get the following Windows IP Configuration Host Name dirk-diggler Primary DNS Suffix Node Type Broadcast IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffx Description NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Physical Address -E - -FC- F-A Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration IP Address Yes Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS Servers It looks to me like theres a lot of missing a7n8x = lan/ethernet... Installed Asus Please no Help!!! info no Primary DS Suffix no Default Gateway no DNS Servers I m definitely pretty networking illiterate so if this looks familiar to anyone please give me some step-by-step instructions on what to do I ve searched all over the net reading forums about ethernet problems on the a n x s but nothing answers my problem Thanks nbsp

A:Installed Asus a7n8x = no lan/ethernet... Please Help!!!

i assume its a broadband/adsl connection you want to go to..

sorry i'm not realy familiar with win2k but my instructions should be close to the function you want etc...

if you can find the network wizard in win2k then run it, and it will set up nicely by itself (theoreticaly)


if you have one of those installer cds taht came with your ISP/modem etc maybe run that..

otherwise, goto [control panel>Network connections]
find the adaptor that connects to the modem and [(rightclick)>properties>Internet Protocols (tcp/ip)>properties]
check that its on automaticaly get IP address etc

next step is to find out how to configure the connection to your ISP like login etc..

hope this helps
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Asus A7N8X-VM/400 Mobo Problem/ Random Rebooting

Got this new mobo , Running a AMD 1800+ XP CPU . clocks at 1.55 Gig, and running 768 Megs PC 2100 DDR RAM.
This thing has a bad habbit of shutting down when I try to do something like install a program or click on a web link,
Has anyone had the same problem as me?
ASUS tech support would not call back of coarse...
thanks in advance...

A:Asus A7N8X-VM/400 Mobo Problem

Welcome to TechSpot

Looks like you may have a weak powersupply. Please provide us with your PC-specs, especially the PSU.
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Hello let s see if I can do this in point form for easier analysis - boots off up seconds then A7N8X-X shuts 2-3 only now for Built the computer years ago has been working fine with supplied Athlon thermal pad - The other day I shut down the computer normally and the next morning when I tried to boot up it only ran for - seconds then shut off - I flipped power supply switch to quot quot and back to quot quot The computer now turns on when I just plug in the power cable I don A7N8X-X now only boots up for 2-3 seconds then shuts off t even have to press the power button - I tried unplugging my drives and even took out a stick of RAM before powering up but no go - I suspected COP CPU Overheating Protection so I took out the CPU and heatsink removed residue and applied Arctic Silver which I had A7N8X-X now only boots up for 2-3 seconds then shuts off lying around No go - Power supply fan seems to be broken I m using standard case power supply Antec W with Hdds gb Please help nbsp
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Need some help I recently bought a Plextor PX- A an internal recordable Digital A7N8X connection SPDIF Delux -> DVD and CD writer and I would like to connect this unit to the motherboard A N X Deluxe However I have no idea where I can get the proper cable The Plextor has a -pin Digital Digital SPDIF connection -> A7N8X Delux Audio Output connector The board has a -pin SPDIF connector only pins are active The pins Digital SPDIF connection -> A7N8X Delux are SPDIF In Ground v SPDIF Out Ground Are there special SPDIF cables that allow me to do connect these units If so Digital SPDIF connection -> A7N8X Delux where and what are they called If not what do I need to connect do I only need a -pin cable to connect the Plextor to the SPDIF In pins on the motherboard or do I need to connect the v also Am I right in thinking that I have to make this digital connection in order to have my DVD player pass the digital audio signal to any SPDIF output nbsp

A:Digital SPDIF connection -> A7N8X Delux

The SPDIF connector is external only. If you are trying to play cd's or dvd sound from the drive, you will have to buy a sound card with a digital imput because the A7N8X doesnt have one. (I own the board too) the drive should have a 4 pin analog output on the drive too. Use this one instead. There is not difference because it comes out the SPDIF connector the same digital or not. If you really want to use it, you should buy a sound card that supports digital in instead of forcing it through the SPDIF connector, because it is coded.
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My first post so be gentle I m having problems with my computer and it seems to be stemming from the fact that my motherboard Asus A N X-E Deluxe Doesn t like talking to you my SATA harddrive Here is my story I was attempting to format my harddrive to get a clean start and I a onto Asus Deluxe Installing SATA Drivers A7N8X-E Problems loaded my window s setup Problems Installing SATA Drivers onto a Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe disk into my computer set the bios to boot from CD and began the process However after the install program had loaded it said it could not find any harddrive on my system I left the install program and returned to windows and started searching the internet for help After looking for a while I found that I needed to load the SATA support files Problems Installing SATA Drivers onto a Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe drivers txtsetup oem si sys etc onto a floppy and press f at the beginning of the windows setup so that it could load the necessary drivers to see my drive I did so and it found my drive huzzah However after that I got error messages saying that it could not copy the drivers to the new harddrive I went ahead with installation anyway mistake and to my dismay found that it apparently never loaded any support for my harddrive It just loaded to a x b error Anyway so I went back to the internet other people have had similar problems and found that I might have old drivers I formated my disc and loaded up the new drivers How when I tell the windows text setup program to read my disk I get File txtsetup oem caused an unexpected error at line in d xpsp base boot setpup oemdisk c and now I m stuck Please help me Do you need more info Anything Anthony nbsp

A:Problems Installing SATA Drivers onto a Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe

Try downloading another copy of this file. It could be either the download was corrupted or the files from where you got them were bad to begin with. A good option would be to seek out a new source for the drivers and download them form there.
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The pins on my Asus A7N8X-E MoBo on-board SATA connection literally fell apart on one of the connectors so, rather than buying a new MoBo, I bought a PCI SATA board with two internal connectors. Now when I boot up, it gets to the point just before recognizing the SATA fdrives and then the screen goes blank and I get a blinking dash in the upper left corner. If I pull the PCI board, It goes all ther way to Windows using my IDE HHD. Before the MoBo SATA connector went south, It recognized my IDE & both SATA drives with no problem. Any Help???

A:PCI Sata w/Asus A7N8X-E MoBo Problem

Did you install the driver for the card?
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I have been very happy with my Asus A All-In-Wonder ATI video on won't A7N8X-X MOBO Asus run 9600 card N X-X MOBO but recently I have become frustrated I bought my wife a ATI All-In-Wonder video card for Christmas and I can not even get a boot up signal ie BLACK SCREEN from the Card during POST Can t even get into Bios I put my old card in and can troubleshoot but can t figure it out I uninstalled pervious ATI rage drivers and software updated GART AGP driver and other Geforce drivers per ATI instruction to v from the Nvidia website updated Mother board Bios to ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 video card won't run on Asus A7N8X-X MOBO v and ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 video card won't run on Asus A7N8X-X MOBO contacted ATI and ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 video card won't run on Asus A7N8X-X MOBO they claim that the something isn t configured right on my display settings in Bios but can t tell me what it is I ve been looking all over google trying to find others who may have had this same problem but no luck I have made sure that AGP X is enabled in Bios verified that Bios AGP voltage is set to V per video card specs and even tried running the card with AGP disabled but still just get a black screen on powerup If anyone has any ideas or articles that they could point me too that would be AWESOME nbsp
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I have a an ASUS A N X Deluxe I am trying to buy a gig ram card for it and am not sure if the motherboard supports x configuration this is my motherboard specs - x -pin DIMM Sockets support max GB PC PC PC PC non-ECC DDR SDRAM memory - Dual Channel Memory Architecture these are the specs for the ram im looking at GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS PIN Memory A7N8X RAM ASUS Deluxe HELP! GB sec ASUS A7N8X Deluxe RAM HELP! Mhz Volt Module DIMM DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY X HIGH DENSITY Non-ECC Non-Parity Unbuffered GB DDR MHz PC V Non-Parity Non-ECC -pin Cas Latency DDR memory or Double Data Rate memory is an evolutionary new memory technology that doubles data throughput to the processor As an evolution of today s PC SDRAM DDR leverages the existing production and environment to provide unrivaled PC performance at an affordable price Specifications GB MHZ PIN DDR Memory No-ECC Higher performance over mainstream PC or PC memory Up to GB sec of peak bandwidth using PC DIMMs with DDR memory chips JEDEC Standard pin DIMM non-ECC DIMM Lead pitch mm Volts SSTL- I O Interface SPD Support Support for Memory Chip Stacking nbsp


ASUS motherboards are VERY picky about RAM. Only use RAM brands recommended and also configured according to the manual. RTFM.

DO NOT mix brands or types of memory.
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I have a an ASUS A N X Deluxe I am trying to buy a gig ram card for it and am not sure if the motherboard supports x configuration this is my motherboard specs - x A7N8X Deluxe ASUS HELP!! RAM -pin DIMM Sockets support max GB PC PC PC PC non-ECC DDR SDRAM memory - Dual Channel Memory Architecture these are the specs for the ram im looking at GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS PIN Memory GB sec Mhz Volt Module DIMM DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY X HIGH DENSITY Non-ECC ASUS A7N8X Deluxe RAM HELP!! Non-Parity Unbuffered GB DDR MHz PC V Non-Parity Non-ECC -pin Cas Latency DDR memory or Double Data Rate memory is an evolutionary new memory technology that doubles data throughput to the processor As an evolution of today s PC SDRAM DDR leverages the existing production and environment to provide unrivaled PC performance at an affordable price Specifications GB MHZ PIN DDR Memory No-ECC Higher performance over mainstream PC or PC memory Up to GB sec of peak bandwidth using PC DIMMs with DDR memory chips JEDEC Standard pin DIMM non-ECC DIMM Lead pitch mm Volts SSTL- I O Interface SPD Support Support for Memory Chip Stacking nbsp
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I ve got a cold start problem with a new Asus A n X-E board and Corsair Twin X LL running dual I ve been having to clear CMOS or BIOS to get the thing to post and boot from cold since day one or pull a stick of memory and put it back or not as the case may be - Switching off or unplugging power and back on doesn t help I have flashed Bios from supplied ver to ver to see if it would help It didn t If computer s warm it posts and boots from A7N8X-E DL start prob cold Asus fully off or re-starts ok but if stupid voice post is enabled it tells me system failed due to overclocking and then continues to boot even though I m not overclocking but I will when I get this sorted Turn it off overnight or for two or three hours and it won t post and boot At all Fans turn Led s work HDD turns but no post and boot Clear CMOS if clearing BIOS with jumper doesn t work and away we go again So I ve disabled Voice Post Asus A7N8X-E DL cold start prob Ha Ha Looking at other threads last night on other forum I ve adjusted frequency to match at set DDR voltage to v and set mem timings to T and increased AGP voltage to v Ram Guy two days ago the sytem started at the third push of the on button Although I didn t expect it start at all I must admit Today it was back to normal not posting or booting Is there anything else I can do to give me confidence and stop clearing the CMOS or BIOS or pulling memory I might add the sytem is stable fine temps good in fact all absolutely great when it is working It s purely this post and boot problem Ran M emtest -faultless ran SiSoft Sandra tests all fine It s a new case but only mid range with PSU included watt but I m not sure of it s quality So I think that s my next change Anybody think the mobo might be at fault I m suspicious of Corsair compatability too Regards AMD XP Barton Thermaltake Extreme Volcano very noisy fan Asus A N X-E Deluxe bios Asus Radeon XT Corsair TwinX LL Seagate gb Liteon CDRW Liteon DVD Rom nbsp

A:Asus A7N8X-E DL cold start prob

Seems very simular to the problems I have been having. PC runs fine once started, but is a pig to post and boot i=f the power is switched off at the socket. Have found that leaving power connected to PSU when PC is shut down seems to work. Now asuming that this relatively new 400W dual fan PSU of mine is not providing the start power when cold and needs a little warming to get it going??
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Please Help I have the same problems that so many ASUS A N X-E Deluxe owners have Random blue screens followed by reboots I ve RMAed all components including the board itself the BIOS chip the CPU Reboots a7n8x-e Random deluxe memory video card All were either replaced or returned as ok I have been on phone support with ASUS and Corsair for countless hours discussing BIOS settings and other possibilities Microsoft recommended F Disk Format and clean install because each blue screen was different Assuming it is memory related I tested each stick individually with the memtest org utility In the process I ran each stick one at a time in the far right mem-slot and couldn t get the system to crash no mater what I tried I d like to run both mem-sticks they are dual channel and expensive I have ran the second one in both slots no help Corsair told me to run DDR voltage vlots no help Suggestions Please Motherboard A N X-E Deluxe Memory Corsair XMS TwinX PT DDR BIOS Video Card Radeon Pro Power Supply Antec TRUpower CPU AMD xp Case Antec Sonata UPS Style battery backup Sony DVD Drive Two Gig Maxtor SataDrives RAIDed nbsp
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Hi im kinda new to this am im unsure whether i can install 2 x 256 (pc3200) with a 1 x 1024 (pc3200) together can still get the same result (1.5 gb). I have installed them ram and the computer has booted i was just curious to wether it is a good idea or not? please if anyone can help me it will be greatly appreciated! if you could email me instead it would be a great help! email: [email protected]

ps) i have cpu-z if any details are needed!

A:a7n8x-e deluxe ram installion?

i dont see why not all it is doing is uping your ram and there all pc3200 so its not underclocking them. i would just put them in and if you start to have problems then take them out.
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I have struggled quite a while to find the offender on this and it happened after installing SP2 from Windows Update.

Symptoms: System starts normally, and after a few seconds task manager shows the CPU go to 100%. From there it will never go down. No specific process is using the CPU, this is all kernel time.

Of course, the PC becomes nonresponsive and after a while (usually less than 30min) it just freezes and a hard reset becomes the only alternative.

This is after a fresh XP install from the CD and Windows Update. Nothing else installed (but my NIC drivers from my Mobo original CDs)

Mobo: Asus A7N8X-XE (BIOS up-to-date)
Mem: 512MB
CPU: AMD Sempron 2500+
GC: Asus V9520

Any idea?

A:A7N8X-XE Problem with XP SP2

try disconnecting the Internet and booting, booting into Safe Mode.

you can then empty
\documents and settings\$your_login\Local Settings\ Temp and Temporary Internet Files​
reboot normally (Internet still disconnected) and see what gives.
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Hey all

I have my A7N8x mobo for a year now and i have trouble with my memory

My cpu is a 3000+ barton 333fsb ive set the bois (R1007) to 166cpu external frequency and multiplier to 9.0x-13.0x. wich give me 2178Mhz wich is normal
but my memory is kingston 1024(2x512) PC3200 DDR 400Mhz and i cant get it to work faster than 166mhz wich is very slow !! if i go to user define in bios and set it higher and restart i just get a constant beep and need to tur off my pc then boot.

Can anybody help

Tanks Neojt

A:A7N8X memory frequency problem

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

The fsb of your cpu is 166mhz(333mhz effective) this means that your ram should also be set to 166mhz(333mhz effective).

Because you have pc3200 ram which can run at 200mhz(400mhz effective) it can only run at 166mhz(333mhz effective) due to the speed of your cpu.

Set your bios to optimal default settings.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have an ASUS A7N8X motherboard and I cannot get the sound to work on my speakers. I checked the manual and I cant seem to find any jumpers for the rear line out jacks. I am also trying to get the front audio panel to work as well. I have front audio wires that are labeled Ear-L, Ear-R, Mic Data and Mic Grd. Any idea where they get attached to on my motherboard. Sound is working fine in device manager and sound is not muted. Speakers are on and plugged in correctly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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A N X-X Deluxe AMD M ram Adaptec A-R no no - Asus nada post, A7N8X Deluxe boot, bios x G IBM x G Fujitsu M -XP SP- Award Bios Life has been good for about a year Got a virus couldn t shake it Reinstalled XP on a drive that Asus A7N8X Deluxe - no post, no boot, nada I thought was empty becaus XP install indicated it was available It was originally formatted by Partition Magic not XP Lost months work Purchased a g SATA to store recovery of data Screwing around trying to get XP re-installed on one of the SCSI drives and getting SATA Asus A7N8X Deluxe - no post, no boot, nada running In this freaking process the entire system became flakey i e system hangs on quot verifying DMI Asus A7N8X Deluxe - no post, no boot, nada quot So I play the plug and unplug game for days Installing drivers updated the Bios to thinking maybe SATA had something to do with it Over some time the scsi s refused to boot The SCSI bios sees them correctly Reduced to one scsi drive known to be bootable Sata will run ok Unplug the scsi cable and now the DMI will verify and boot floppies Removed the scsi controller and then I could boot floppies Put the controller back in and now the system hangs on quot DMI verification quot I reset the BIOS with the jumper battery trick System begins to boot and I can enter the BIOS and change the boot sequence and it saves it Reboot- and the known to be good floppies won t boot quot not a system disk quot Removed the SCSI card made sure sata was jumpered off Turn on the power and the fans go on but the system will not post The CD and floppy seek but no post No Bios messages Re-flash the bios with and set the FSB Spread Spectrum to disabled No particular reason No joy Now I have a CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded Go in to see that they are the defaults yes they are Save and go Starts to reboot then the screen is blank Nothing Wait while I write this and turn it back on the CD and floppy seek but blank screen Nothing Can computers have cancer In hind site it s just been a bad ride since I began installing XP over the top of a previous install via slipstream Any help would be appreciated nbsp
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Using x Crucial mb ram A7N8X Failed Test 2.0 System Memory Deluxe with my mobo During start up will randomly get quot system failed memory test quot voice error I A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 System Failed Memory Test ve read many posts on this subject and figured it was just some kind of glitch with my mobo ram Maybe due to a bios bug using rev now Well some people have brought up it might just be the bios back when I had rev I would think it would of been fixed by now As for the ram I had x Crucial mb when I first built my system that I accidently order instead of the the I got the same error with the ram My system runs fine with or without the error messege The other day though I got scared when I booted up and got the error again I decided to restart and see if it came up again for some odd reason and bam there it was again and again and again So I m think ok somethings screwed I d l memtest restart with no error and start testing Run for about an hour and a half with no errors So I was just wondering if anyone knows what exactly the problem is nbsp

A:A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 System Failed Memory Test

I myself used to randomly get "CPU Has Failed". I just turned off the Speech Reporter in the BIOS. I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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ok here is the deal i got this computer that works good but i took the hard drive out and deleted everything that it had on it. I got it from a company that was going out of bussiness. so when i deleted everything i put windows xp pro on it and then i connected it back to the A7N8X computer and now it wont boot up not only that it tells me that the primary and secondary controller or somthing like that is not connected when it is please help me what do i do

A:I need help big time with the A7N8X-Deluxe

if I am reading you correctly you removed the hard drive and put it on another computer and installed windows there? Why on earth would you do that? when windows installs it installs the HAL which is Specific for the hardware on the machine that windows is being installed on. so if the computer you installed windows on isnt the same as the one you moved the hard drive to your gonna have problems.

first, check the cables the one you have may be defective, second how is the hard drive jumpered? if it is a newer hard drive then you might try removng the jumper altogether as long as the IDe cable the hard drive is on has no slave drive attached.
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I currently have an ASUS a7n8x-vm mobo, and want to use two 512mb kingston ddr pc2700 ram.

After installing them, my computer automatically reboots after loading in the OS. I get as far as seeing my desktop, but then it reboots.
I checked the kingston website, and it suggested that the ram is compatible with my motherboard.
The ram's model number is : KVR333X64C25/512
If anyone has used the same memory and mobo combination and had experienced this problem before, please help!


A:ASUS A7N8X-VM Mobo Ram Problem?

I have used kingston memory and it failed in my computer. Both sticks. They honored their warranty. I have since switched over to crucial with no problems. Alas, I cannot recommend that brand athough many others do.
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yeah.. i would really like to use this slot but it is like it is nto enabled. i have check my bios and it is enabled... i am not really good with computers so.. can anyoen help me? :S

A:i Am having trouble with my 3Com lan on my Asus A7N8X Deluxe

check for it in device manager. if it doesn not come up in windows, you need to install the drivers for it (available from asus's website or the cd that came with your mobo. if you see said device listed, make sure it's enabled (right click to enable)
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Hey I ve been using my motherboard and ram for a couple of years now but only just realised that using dual mb PC along with a really old mb stick is actually slower than using just the two high quality sticks Someone on another forum says the following - Ram please the - and some help A7N8X Asus RAM has a speed as well The motherboard will use the speed of Ram and the Asus A7N8X - some help please the chip with the lowest speed available If your mb stick is slower than the other chips the other chips will more or less slow down to the speed of the slowest chip It s a Ram and the Asus A7N8X - some help please permance loss but probably less than having MB ram Is this Ram and the Asus A7N8X - some help please correct If it is then I could be making it faster but I just looked in my motherboard s manual and it states it has Dual Channel DDR The -bit TwinBank DDR Memory architecture doubles the DDR PC bandwidth System bottlenecks are eliminated and traffic improved with peak bandwidths of up to GB s On the ram page of the manual it states - To enhance system performance utilize dual-channel feature when installing additional DIMMS You may install the DIMMs in the following sequence Sockets and or Sockets and or Sockets and Trouble is I don t understand what it means by socket My motherboards ram sockets are situated like this - http img photobucket com albums v ThalinRPG mobo jpg So whether they mean socket is socket the second socket i m not sure Anyway I tried putting the ram sticks in Socket and the second Socket the one on it s own and I didn t really see any speed difference and nothing about a Dual Channel DDR feature So my questions are firstly is that person correct about it being faster with just the two high quality sticks what sockets is the manual on about and what is this Dual Channel DDR Twinbank feature Does it need to be enabled in the BIOS or something Anyway sorry if this post is confusing please help if you can nbsp

A:Ram and the Asus A7N8X - some help please

Search Feature is your friend.
The ASUS A7N8X-X / A7N8X / A7N8X Deluxe Thread
Everything about memory on this motherboard is explained in the Ram section.
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For the last little while I have been having lots of problems with my computer Regular ASUS IDE Del Problem?? A7N8X reboots problems with rebooting Can t find hard drive error messages regular clicking sound and whirring sounds from hard drive access often followed by a system freeze or reboot At times when I restart the system I have to do a WinXP R repair or it will not reboot At times I am forced into a Chkdsk situation which generally generates a bunch of errors in index files Even when I do get ASUS A7N8X Del IDE Problem?? it to reboot it takes several minutes to get up and running Thinking that maybe I had some hard drive problems I ran the Western Digital diagnostics software and found no problems I opened up the case and changed the IDE cable with no impact I also moved the hard drive ASUS A7N8X Del IDE Problem?? IDE cable to the secondary black IDE connector on the Mobo with no apparent improvement I am currently running Spinrite software to test the hard drives but all looks okay so far Interestingly this software which runs under a DOS operating system has been running for the last hours without any reboots or other problems I am wondering if the Mobo IDE connectors are the problem Any ideas on this problem Is there any way to test the IDE connectors The other thought I had was that maybe the Antec power supply was the issue again what do I look for to check this out Any help or thoughts would be appreciated nbsp

A:ASUS A7N8X Del IDE Problem??

that particular motherboard is notorious for being flakey. I had one that wouldn't recognize the memory I put in it. I quickly got rid of it.
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I purchased an used A7N8X-X mobo. Windows XP will not install. When you start install, it loads all drivers and when it says "loading windows" on the bar, it stops and will not go any further. I have used two different xp disks. I can install windows 98 and works great. But no XP. I am using memory, cpu, and video card from previous board. I have used several different video cards and memory sticks.

A7N8X-X: Bios ver 1010
AMD Athlon 2400+

Any ideas, anyone.

A:Win XP will not install on Asus A7N8X-X MOBO

Had same problem when building a computer out of old spares, I changed to a different old motherboard and everything was fine.
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I am trying to install new sticks of ram into my A [HELP] A7N8X-Deluxe ram on Matching Mix N X-Deluxe mobo I currently have x gigs of DDR OCZ ram and i also have stick of Kingston DDR value ram I am trying to figure out in what order i should be placing these sticks Like which sockets should my x gigs of OCZ and which socket should my kingston sticks go to It looks like DIMM Mix Matching ram on A7N8X-Deluxe [HELP] and are blue color coded and DIMM is black color coded but DIMM amp are close together while DIMM is further away from both DIMM amp I am very confused I want to use my x gigs of OCZ DDR ram in dual channel while my Kingston DDR dosen t interfere but is still being used in my PC as additional ram Any help is much appreciated Pic of the Mobo I tried calling technical support but he didn t say much and left my even more confused because all he literally said whenever i asked him a question was quot yes uh huh quot Mix Matching ram on A7N8X-Deluxe [HELP] I don t think he was even listening to me nbsp

A:Mix Matching ram on A7N8X-Deluxe [HELP]

DON'T mix-match memory - particularly on that motherboard. In general, don't mix-match either.
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I am building a computer from some old parts and new stuff from offline. I have the asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard(new), AMD xp 1700+ processor(new), 512mb of pc2100 memory(new), and a 20gb Western Digital Harddrive(taken from old pc). When i got everything installed and booted up the pc, the computer said that the processor speed changed and to update the BIOS settings. SInce i do not know much about BIOS i looked for about 15 minutes and could not figure out how to update the bios settings. I had screwed around with a couple of things so i set all the settings back to default then exited and saved changes. Right after i pressed enter to exit and save changes the pc just shut off. Now when i start the pc i can hear everything running but nothing shows up on the moniter. help please.

A:Asus A7n8x Deluxe Bios Settings

turn ur machine on - and straight away hold down 'home' until the machine posts (this resets the bios) then hit delete and enter the bios settings. move along until the option advance bios settings (i think that whats it called) appears and select that. one of the first options will be CPU FSB or something similar - set this to 133Mhz, hit F10 save and exit - the machine should now boot fine

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I built my computer using an Asus A7N8X-X MOB, Sempron 2800+, Samsung 512 single stick. I also have a Diamond Stealth PCI video card. When I have Win XP installed and before installing the Asus MOB drivers the computer shuts down fine. When I install the drivers for the board, it reboots instead of shutting down. I have reimaged and started troubleshooting to find the problem arises after the asus drivers are installed. The BIOS is 1010 which was the latest one.
I'm not sure where to go from here.
Any help would be welcomed
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A N X-X and cpu problems URGENT HELP I have recently encountered a problem while updating the bios on my asus A N X-X motherboard I flashed the bios to the newer version i previously had version I also changed the position of one of my stick of RAM in order to get a slight performance increase now using slots and I had cpu A7N8X-X problems previously installed nvidia system manager and looked at my system info after increasing my fsb and agp bus settings after flashing my bios and changing my ram modules around My cpu is an AMD Athlon XP runing at ghz When i went to check the system info using the nvidia system A7N8X-X cpu problems tools i noted that my cpu was now registering as an AMD Athlon XP ghz dxdiag was also registering this same cpu I did not even touch my cpu or bios settings i only A7N8X-X cpu problems changed the ram module and flashed the bios I thought that if i changed the bios version back then it would fix this cpu id error so i downloaded and flashed my bios to as this added the extra stability for the hynix memory modules and also other ram modules which i happen to have This did not fix my problem my comp is still detecting my cpu as an athlon ghz How could this have happened what can be done about it Could sum plz help me with this problem asap THanks nbsp
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I am running Windows 98SE with an AMD XP2200+ processor. I just installed the asus motherboard, and am having a problem with my ide being reset to compatibility mode by Windows, which of course totally kills my cd rom drive accessiblity.

I have a hard drive set up as primary master, cd burner as primary slave, and dvd player as secondary master. I changed the "cd" cable send with the mother board to an 80 pin cable in hopes that would help, but it doesnt.

Every time it happens I go into the registry in safe mode, delete all the references to "bad" ide 's and reboot. It then will work for 6 to 8 times and it all starts over again.

It is using Windows standard dual pci driver. I can't find any other on the asus cd or on their web site.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Asus A7N8X-E IDE Problem

A7n8x-e drivers provide IDE controller drivers. have you tried the drives on different cables, removing the CD from the HD cable? try to isolate things. I'd put CD on secondary with DVD also. Go to nvidia and downloade the latest drivers too. then again maybe win98 is different. I haven't dealt with '98 in 4 years.
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My specs are as follows A N X Deluxe Athlon XP Barton Core Ghz GB DDR PC PNY ATI X Pro I am Overclock Issue. Temp Deluxe A7N8X using a Thermalltake tower heat sink with fans link Here and I installed it last night Before I was on A7N8X Deluxe Overclock Temp Issue. the old non over clocking fan I believe a Speeze brand up to and had a overclock to GHz it was stable and decent temps for that like ish C Idle and - Load Quite high but I was A7N8X Deluxe Overclock Temp Issue. willing to live with that till the better heat sink arrived Also during this Asus s PC Probe Temp monitoring program always gave me a temp about ish degrees lower than the BIOS hardware monitor if I rebooted to bios i also trust the BIOS temp Now that i have the new fan installed I was fiddling getting more overclock on and had it at GHz and it seemed stable BIOS was like C and PC probe was degrees lower so i was doing my thing constantly checking PC probe and adding degrees and stayed around ish till i rebooted and found it C so I immediately put to GHz and it lowered to ish and i have had it at that since and its been wavering from that to All reported as C in pc probe Another thing is if i touch the copper base of the Tower Heat sink see the picture in the link its not even warm same with the rest of the heat sink I applied the right amount of the good PCM Thermal Paste that i bought with it and install went fine I m wondering if there is some size incompatibility with my motherboard making it not touch the CPU properly or if i should trust the PC Probe and not the BIOS or if i should assume the temp is good and ignore both and think a dead temp monitor ive noticed no problems in games or any typical signs of overheating I belive i should be able to overclock more than what i could with the old fan right nbsp

A:A7N8X Deluxe Overclock Temp Issue.

You could hit higher with mobile chips. Then again, not every chip & board are created equal.
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1st time flash - Windows XP wouldnt load. Saw lots of reports on Forum's of problems so put 1009 back on (not original got off net). If on A: prompt doesnt show C: and if I load windows disk to repair page and press R (for repair) it says no drive. Got Maxtor sata drive. Its only 30 ish for new MB. All was working before just fancied a few days of torment. Any thoughts need to get working again.

A:ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Rev1.01 Flashed 1009 to 1013 No Windows & Now NO drive C?/

Solved problem. If anyone has same problem follow link below for some information that may be useful.
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When i compared my mainboard (A7N8X-X) with the Deluxe variance A7N8X Deluxe i noticed that on my board are also some places for SATA pins next to the BIOS batterie (left side, blue jumper) and 2 places for the 2 SATA connector (black) ... you can compare the two board with the pictures ...

Can I solder some pins on my board, so that i could have Serial ATA ???
Does my chip (nForce 2 400) support SATA?

A:Asus A7N8X-X with Serial ATA ???

No. The A7N8X-X does not have the Silicon Image SATA IC on the PCB of the motherboard. Without that it doesn't matter if there was a SATA connector or not.

You can, however, purchase a PCI SATA controller for around $20.
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I hope someone can help. I have a (cheap) case with front audio. The shop assistant said I would not be able to connect it, as motherboards do not have the right connections, so I am hoping to prove him wrong.

The a7n8x deluxe mobo has a 9 pin section near the AGP slot with 2 jumpers attached labelled:



And I have a clutch of little plugs attached to the front audio of the case labelled:



Can anyone help me match them up? I am more concerned about headphones/speaker than Mic, but I guess it would be great for it all to work.


A:a7n8x motherboard - connecting front panel audio


For anyone interested in my dilemma, a friend solved the problem.

AGND connected GND (either one)

MIC2 connected MIC (the one next to the GND you used)

LINE_OUT_R connected R OUT

LINE_OUT_L connected L OUT
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I installed the catalyst 5.6 and multimedia center 9.08 . I unplugged the in line from the 9600xt to the sound card and the echo is gone. That's fixed but now the tv & fm radio are skipping when playing music. My motherboard is an Asus A7NAX-E Deluxe with a built in sound card by Nvidia - Sound Storm which uses Realtek ALC650. Has any one had this problem?
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Replaced old ecs mobo with the asus and it proceeds thru standard boot up, including making bios changes to the "insert CD" prompt. When this is done I get a message that its checking hardware. After that -- nothing just a blank screen. CPU "duron" 1.3 GB, 40 GB HDD, @ CD_ROMs, Floppy, 512 MB RAM 1 Stick, And TNT2 AGP card is all that are connected. Can someone help me??

A:ASUS A7N8X-E replacesment Boot-up Problem

Are u trying to run the new setup using the previous installation of windows if so then do a complete re-install, it will solve the proble. :grinthumb
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I can get the CPU to work but it seems to run at half speed. I changed the jumper. Updated the Bios to 1008. changed the Bios to 200Mzh. Need some help please.

A:Problems installing Athlon XP 3200+ to a Asus A7N8X rev 1.04 motherboard.

hello and welcome to techspot :wave: :wave:

u have not mentioned what clock speed it is running now please do mention that
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Hello, I installed xp home a while back and had no problems with my build in ethernet card on my mobo. I recently reformmated and put windows 98 SE on and installed all the drivers from the mobo disk. I plugged in my cord into my ethernet and nothing happened at all. I couldn't get online at all. I do although have a bunch of unknown devices when i boot up my computer.

Unknown Devices:

PCI System Management Bus
PCI Universal Serial Bus
PCI Ethernet Controller
PCI Multimedia Audio Device
PCI Communication Device
PCI Raid Controller

I searched for hours on google trying to find drivers or whatever is needed for these.. and I can't find anything at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:HELP! ASUS A7N8X-E DELUXE Ethernet problems

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Go to input your mobo model into the model search, and then in the catagory search click drivers. When the drivers page appears click on the drivers tab. Make sure you only download drivers that are Windows 98 compatible.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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hello peeps
i have a a7n8x deluxe rev 1004 with 333 memory
i am thinking of getting 2 matching pairs of corsair ddr400 ram so i can use the dual memory function on the mobo.
however i keep reading about problems using the dual ddr400 ram, that it causes instability and that there are problems with clocking the processor to
200 fsb, my processor is capable of 200fsb by the way.

do any of the bios updates work for these problems?

can some kind person advise me on what i should do?

thanx in advance

A:Help With Ddr400ram For A7n8x

That revision of that board does not support the 200mhz FSB. You can either get a 2.0 revision or try modded BIOS files. For the BIOS files, have a look HERE & make sure to flash with a file made for your revision of the board otherwise you will render your board useless.
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Hello I have recently upgraded my processor to an AMD Athlon XP 3200 CPU and my 2 sticks of 512 DDR 333 kept making my computer restart all the time espically when I run a game. But it works fine with my 2200 CPU so I can only run my CPU with 512 RAM

At first I thought it was just because my RAM sticks werent duplicate, but then I used my m8s stick in which was the same as myn and it still restarted ?

I've reformated and used Registry Merchanic etc.

System Specs:

AMD Athlon XP 3200
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
Nvidia N-Force 2 Ultra 400
Radeon 9800Pro 128
512 DDR 333
Q-Tec 550WAT PSU
4 System Fans

A:A7N8X-E Deluxe MB RAM Problem

You need PC3200 Ram to run properly with your CPU. Right now you are probaly running the Ram out of sync with the FSB (running them at different speeds) which will make performance decrease terribly or you're actually running the Ram at 200mhz which is quite a bit above its rated speed of 166mhz.

If they're not matched pairs you should run them in single channel to help lower the chances of instability (install them in slots #1 & #2, the ones closest to the CPU).
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How do I set alarms for critical CPU temperature? I want it to alarm when the temperature hits 60 Celsius and shuts down the PC when the temperature hits 70 Celsius.

Is it through a BIOS setting?

Thanks in advance.

A:CPU temperature alarm for A7N8X-E mobo

what company MB are u using if u r using ASUS then u can use asus PC probe it does exactly what u need, there other 3rd party software also like Mothernboard moniter an dstuff, between u can also set these in some BIOS's :grinthumb
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It might be that this thread is aslready posted. but still I need some advice
I bought a WD120 SATA drive and tried to install XP on this. It goes as far as loading the files and then it reports that no HDD was found. Now can any one tell me howq to configure the MB so it will detect the SATA . just to be clear on this ; I only use 1 SATA drive

please advice, Thanx


Ok , edited the Profile.
yesterday I found out I needed to Load the SATA drivers during set up, they were on the cd included with the MB. all working fine now. System seems to be a bit faster .


A:SATA on A7N8X- Deluxe

Go and fill out your user profile so we all know what we are working with. This will help to get you the answers you need.
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Just bought a new case and tried putting my previously working Asus Mobo iin the case hooked everything up per the Asus manual and can not get the computer to power up. I've even tried my old Power Supply to no avail.

THere are 7 wires on my new case 3 Hdd led, 1 PWR SW, 1 Reset SW, 1 Speaker, and 1 Power LED. I've hooked these wires up exactly as instructed to no avail. This Mobo was working in my old case just last night. Even the LED on my Mobo that indicates power is not lit up. Does anyone have any ideas or advice as to how to remedy this situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated. In fact, I'm willing to send anyone who can resolve my problems a free Motorola Surfboard Modem. Thanks and feel free to correspond via email for a quicker response.

thanks again!

A:Asus A7N8X Deluxe Mobo and Antec SLK1600 Case Issues

What you need to acertain is if the mobo works outside the case, what i do in that situ is place the mobo on top of the antistatic bag it came in then plug in the psu and use a pwr switch from an old case. If the mobo works fine like that then u need to check for shorts in the case. Check that the metal spacers align with the holes in the mobo properly and that the heads of the screws dont touch any of the pins on the components.

Hope that helps. Rik.
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I decided to change the case of my computer because the temperature in the old one were getting to ridiculous levels like 110F. So i got a new case, put the board in the new case and yahoo! it wont post now. what could have happened? where do i go from here? any input would be appreciated. thanks.

A:A7N8X-X Wont Post

My friend had a similar problem, but thankfully he had 10 motherboards to work from. Turns out that you are suppose to insert a bolt to the case to seperate the motherboard from the case. I did not realize this, neither did he. I thought about it for 2 seconds but I didnt know you had to do that because the case came with only 3 of those bolts and I assumed you didnt need them. at least i learned something today, do not mount ur motherboard to your case without leaving the gap between the case and the board.
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I have an Asus A N X-E Deluxe motherboard and two sticks of Corsair DDR PC- ram The problem is when I installed windows the first time I got multiple BSODs and after looking up the error messages determined the problem might be with the ram I still have problems with Strange Deluxe Ram A7N8X-e problems on the system rebooting programs crashing randomly I get the same error message on the BSOD To see if the ram was faulty I got microsoft s quot Strange Ram problems on A7N8X-e Deluxe windows memory diagnostic quot ram testing utility and ran it getting some strange results I have tested the Corsair ram separatly getting errors on the first pass every time which would mean I have faulty ram here So to be sure I took the Infineon ram from my wife s computer and tested it in mine and there were no errors reported Strange Ram problems on A7N8X-e Deluxe I expected as much but here s where things get wierd I then took my two Corsair which tested bad in my machine and tested them separatly then together in her computer and there were no errors reported Whats going on nbsp

A:Strange Ram problems on A7N8X-e Deluxe

Check the RAM timings in your BIOS. Let SPD do the work for you.
Could be that your mobo does not like Corsair memory. Compare the CAS of the Corsair wit the recommended CAS by Asus.
If you are overclocking, more settings could have gone amiss.
As a last resort, set your BIOS to Optimum or Best performance, or whatever your BIOS offers.
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Hey guys, this is my first time using Serial ATA 150 HD. I plugged it in my mobo, etc. It is detected and such by my POST but then when I try to run Windows XP install, it won't go because it "didn't find a hard disk drive".

When I go to set up third party RAID or SCSI drive or whatever, it wants me to put in a floppy disk, my hard drive and motherboard didn't come with a single floppy.

A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
Athlon XP 3000+ 400Mhz FSB (set properly)
1GB PC3200 RAM (set properly and in DC)
120GB Serial ATA 150 HD 7200RPM 8MB Cache
More cooling than necessary

Please help out, I don't know how to install with a Serial ATA drive.

Please provide all logical explanations or solutions. I don't want to be disccussing for 5 days until we move on to the point.

A:Serial ATA 150 HD, A7N8X Deluxe, WindowsXP QUICK QUESTION

Most users here don't have Serial ATA yet, but a good place to start would be to look in your bios for any Serial ATA settings that might help (e.g. set your Serial ATA drive as the first boot device etc.). Sorry I can't help much more than that, as I don't have Serial ATA yet.