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My laptop keeps turning itself off

Q: My laptop keeps turning itself off

Its not overheating. I have already taken my laptop in to a repair shop and they assumed it was a virus so they reloaded my Windows. Its only 2 years old and I use Kasperski antivirus. When I took it back to the repair facility, the laptop worked fine with no issues. Made me look like I was crazy. When we got it home ten minutes later, it powered on and lasted about 5 minutes and turned off. For about an hour all we could get it to do was come on for a few seconds and turn right off. Never even completely started. It has already been determined that it is not a heating issue, this computer runs ice cold. Before I take it back for a third time does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this? It happens if its plugged into the wall too. Could there be something wrong with the battery that is causing this? My daughter is disabled and uses the laptop for her school assignments. Its a Dell Inspirion. Please, any help would be great.

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Preferred Solution: My laptop keeps turning itself off

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My laptop keeps turning itself off

Hmmmm. It could be a battery problem among other things. To test to see if it's your battery, I would take the battery out and just power the laptop with the charger. If the laptop stays on and runs normal using just the charger as power. I'd say it's safe to say your battery is the culprit.

Since the problem happens before the machine even boots into windows sometimes. I'd say it's probably a hardware related issue. Usually, it's almost always overheating in situations like this. You say it's not overheating, but, can you provide actual temps for us to confirm that.

Idle and load temps will give us the best idea of the situation. I would also check your RAM. Do you know how to run a memtest?
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Whenever i turn the laptop on, in just 2 seconds it turns off by itself.

A:Help on laptop keeps turning off after turning it on?

Reseat Ram and HardDrive
Disconnect any externals especially USB
Test without the battery plugged in
Check for any build up of dust near where the fan is
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I bought a HP 15-P100DX about almost 2 years ago (22 months) and its not turning on anymore. I brought it to a place so they could check and the guy said to me that it was probably the mother board ,which that means basically that my laptop is not going to work anymore. What can I do to fix it? or do i have any guarantee?
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Just purchased this computer two weeks ago. I turn on the computer, open word, type for 10-40 minutes and boom, it restarted, all my work, poof gone, this has happened the last few days. Yes I know save early and often, this really tests that principle. Computer is not hot, no graphics load, just windows and office running, did a full system scan with antivirus program, it's clean, not actually online when this happens. It is an AMD A10-9600P Radeon R5 processor, I just turned off auto updates for windows, it has to ask me now, just in case that was the issue. Never had issues like this before on an HP machine (this is my 6th), but I suspect it it a windows 10 issue, since it sucks in every possible way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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My daughter was using her hp laptop and it just shut down and from that screen goes blank. I press the power button but nothing came from it. Did the battery pull and hold down on the power button but nothing happen. Whenever I plug in the charger there is a white light beside the charge and a orange one on a button that marks f 12 those are the only lights and no sound from the laptop....please tell me what you think is the problem.
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Hi. My Fujitsu Seimens Amilo Li 1718 laptop will not turn on. I have confirmed that the psu is fine, and there is no short on the power connector on the laptop. The battery has been dead for ages, we always run it from the mains.

There are no lights on the led panel.

I have tried the standard fix - unplug, hold power button for 30 sec, plug back in - this doesn't work for me.

I have made sure that there is not a build-up of dust around the fan and heatpipe assembly.

The power switch still feels ok - it makes a slight click when pressed.

I was wondering if there is anything else that I could try before I open it up to check the motherboard, or take it to the repair shop.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi I recently obtained an older laptop (3-4 years) for simple college school work and such, but I am having a problem of actually getting it to turn on. I've checked the battery and the power cord, also I've checked the power cord port to make sure it isn't loose. Was wondering if I could get any feedback on to why it won't turn on and maybe what I could do to fix it.

A:Laptop Not Turning On

Hi R-Ie, and welcome to BleepingComputer.

I take it there is now signs of life when you turn it on, no a LEDs, no fans?

If you have a volt meter you might want to see what the voltage is coming out of the adapter. If you have proper voltage there then check the battery. Also check for loose connections of the charger.
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My laptop is not turning on on battery or AC power. While its connected to the AC power the red light does not turn on, hence laptop is not getting power. However, I have tested that the power adapter is working. My battery is not working but when I use another fully changed battery, the laptop turns on and works fine. I went to a HP service centre and the technician tells that there is a problem with motherboard which has to be changed. But how come the laptop is working with battery if the motherboard is not working ? Also the technician tells that if he changes the motherboard, he will not give me my old motherboard as its against HP company policy. Is it true ? Thanks for clarifying my queries. ThanksKalyan
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Hi I have a Sony Vaio laptop about - years old running windows xp It Off Turning My Keeps Laptop Help Please! keeps turning off on lately whenever I run something from a usb drive At first it started only doing it when I tried to use the external dvd drive I Help Please! My Laptop Keeps Turning Off have for it so I completely uninstalled that because I thought something was wrong with that but now it does it when I run the printer and we just got an interenet aircard for it that plugs into the usb and it keeps shutting off when we are using that If nothing is plugged Help Please! My Laptop Keeps Turning Off into the usb ports it works fine It has three ports and no matter which one we use it does the same thing I did an adaware and spybot scan and a Mcafee scan and they didn't find any viruses I also have one of those cooling fans that sits under it to help keep it cooler so it shouldn't be overheating It shuts off right after we turn it on if somethings running in the usb port lExcept the cooling fan can be plugged into the usb and not cause any problems and I can plug in my mp player and digital camera just fine Anything else though shuts the computer down Any ideas on how I can fix this problem Thanks Deanna

A:Help Please! My Laptop Keeps Turning Off

Sounds like there's an issue with the USB ports themselves, or the power circuit in the laptop. USB provides power to devices that don't have their own, but just because the device has power doesn't mean the device will work correctly. If it were my computer, I'd see if I could find a USB Hub that has its own power supply and then plug devices in to that. The reason is that the Power USB Hub will provide power to the devices thereby allowing the USB port to only worry about connectivity.
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hello everyone!

My laptop has been having various problems that come and go for a few months now, but most were just small annoyances until recently...I decided to install Ubuntu on my system because I had a really bad virus infection and I liked ubuntu..everything worked fine and I experinced no problems until recently, because now my laptop wont turn on. When I press the power button I hear fans coming on and it souns like its working but the screen doesnt turn on and the fans stay on for a second, pause for 5 seconds and then continue working like im playing a graphics intensive game. I suspect it could be mobo/CPU damage since my computer has always run really hot (almost burned me once). Any advice on reviving/testing my computer? (BTW sorry about my grammar and spelling but Im in a rush)

A:Laptop not turning on

if you want help, tell the model of your notebook.
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Every half an hour my laptop turns off. It has NEVER sat on my bed. It stays on my desk. It only a few months old so no dust is in it. I moved the RAM to the second slot. I updated all my drivers. It does that with and without using the battery. I changed the power options to never. I made sure the CPU has thermal paste. I installed SpeedFan and its not showing the computer overheating. I've ran 3 virus scans. I've fixed the registry 4 times. I defragged the harddrive. I have no clue what to do next. I've done everything I can think of. Can anyone tell me what to do next?

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Intel Core i3 CPU
M 380 @ 2.53GHz
2.53 GHz, 1.86 GB of RAM

A:Laptop Turning Off

Hi and Welcome to TSF!


I've fixed the registry 4 times.

Please do not mess with the registry or run any registry cleaners as it could cause some big damage.

Try doing the following: go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt > in the popup box type: chkdsk /f and restart.

Are you sure your power settings are set to stay on and not go into sleep mode? Has the computer ever shutdown as your using it?
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Hey yesterday when i turned off my laptop it was workong good but today when i tried ti turn it on it wont work its not turning on my laptop is 2 year old with windows 8.1 and the product key is J8B79PA#ACJ
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I have a Toshiba laptop, three years old, with XP. Last night I shut down the normal way and this morning it doesn't turn on.

The on light is on, but the screen is blank. If I press the emergency power button, there's no response. The power on and battery charging lights do not turn on. The fan is working. I have turned off the power, hoping that when the battery dies it will turn off and then we can turn it on again. Right now, it's dead except for the fan and the on light.

A:laptop not turning on

Hi and welcome. Try removing the battery, then power up on A/C.
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Hi I have a Dell Inspiron which I had for about two years My operating system is Windows Vista For the last months I had a pop up saying that my battery is coming to end of its life and I should order a new one However at this this point I carried on as normal and may laptop was working completely fine However about a month ago my laptop just would not turn on even though it s plugged in and my charger has the blue light on There is no sound no light or anything just does not turn on Laptop sometimes on not turning at all Then after a week it suddenly did and it worked completely Laptop sometimes not turning on fine When I tried to turn it on the following day it did not turn on I then ordered a new Anker battery compatible with Dell Inspiron and my laptop worked completely fine Laptop sometimes not turning on for about one week But now I am having the same problem when of the time it would Laptop sometimes not turning on not turn on but the other it does work Also am not sure if I am being paranoid but when my laptop does turn on I feel as if my laptop is quite hot In addition whenever i use my laptop I always have it plugged in i hardly use it as portable Thank you Much Appreciated nbsp

A:Laptop sometimes not turning on

I would have to say either the a/c power cord is bad or theres some sort of a power supply problem somewhere.Or the new battery might not be the exact match for the computer.I wouldnt use it anymore until you are able to have it checked out because of it running hot which it shouldnt be.
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While installing Window on one my laptop.
I forgot to plug in power and it tuned off.
now when I press power button.
It is not runniing

When i plug the power. power light isn't even on.
Have I break it?

A:laptop not turning on

Hard to believe software could break the machine like that.

Let it sit a while plugged in. Perhaps it just needs to charge a bit.
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I recenty got an error saying Nvidia has stopped working while I was playing Minecraft, and I couldnt run Minecraft anymore as every time I ran it Minecraft crashed then it comes up with that error. I then restarted my laptop, but suddenly when it went to the log in page (since my laptop is password protected) my mouse started to get really laggy-like and I couldnt press on anything. So then I had to force shut down my laptop but when now every time I turn it on it goes to the "windows recovery page" (because I have to force restart it every time) and when I click start windows normally it goes to a blank and black screen ive tried waiting for about 1 and a half hours but I got convinced that it wont start up. I've tried to do start up repair but that isn't working. Please help.

A:Laptop not turning on

When I started up Minecraft it started to pixelate in a few parts of the screen and then it crashed. Also the only recent changes I made to my pc was when I did a windows update but it was a few days before and during that time my laptop was fine.
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I have a away on turning not right laptop Gateway M laptop and I used to be able to press the power button and my laptop would turn on immediately but all of a sudden it stop turning laptop not turning on right away on right away I have to press the power button from anywhere between sec to min before it turns on This happens whether the AC adapter is connected or not The light does turn on anytime laptop not turning on right away my AC adapter is connected Once my laptop does finally turn on it works perfectly so I don t won t just get rid of it since it still works great once it is on I m just afraid that at some point it is just not going to turn on I also noticed that it takes longer to turn on when it s been off for a while If I turn it off and let a min or two go by and then press the power button it turns on almost right away but still not like it used to Please help nbsp

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I got a little bit of water on the keypad of the keyboard, I quickly cleaned it up, and when I went to type in word the keyboard was acting strange, W Was Y and U was giving me this, U;;;ES1 I turned it off and let it sit to dry (I also took the back off down to the hard drive), then I went to turn it on a day later and it won't turn on or charge at all, I need some help with this.
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I have just installed a new crucial memory into my laptop so it is now 8gb rather than 4. I ran the diagnostic tests and all good. However my laptop now keeps turning itself off. When i reboot the message i get is --- product information not validthe following product information programmed into the system board is missing or invalidsysem board - system board ct numbersystem board (00A) - system board ct numberenter - continue startup  What do i do, the laptop keeps switching it self off and more regurly the longer i reboot it. Please help!!! Simon
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I have a laptop here. Its a HP Paviliondv4000.

Its specs are Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.13 Ghz 2.13 GHz, 2.00 GB Ram.
Its running XP Professional.

This is my friends laptop. and she hasn't used it in a while due to viruses or something like that. Now its not turning on. I was able to turn it on once in safe mode but it was still running slow. Any idea how I could turn it on? the screen is just blank.... and the lights are on. =[ Ive been charging it for about 4 hours now. and nothing.. =[

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On switching on tha laptop, I could see the first screen  " hp invent and in the  left down corner says press esc for startup menu" . After this next screen is not coming.  Caps lock also not getting the light now. Can anyone help pls.?
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I tried to turn on my other lap top which is an Acer Aspire 5520-5142 and it will only blink the acer screen every few seconds. How do I get past this?

A:turning on my laptop

-What OS?
-Do you have any disks? (install disk, recovery disk, or of the like)
-have you checked the BIOS settings?
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Hi I recently put a Thread on here asking what could cause my laptop to have no power on a morning when it had full power the night before I just found out last night I was in bed when an odd noise woke me up I went towards my desk and my laptop CD drive was spinning so itself ON turning Laptop I popped up the screen and the laptop had turned itself on This only happens when I hibernate the laptop but doesn t do it when I completely shut down I dont want to completely shut Laptop turning itself ON down all the time because Hibernate turns on faster but I dont want my laptop to turn on all the time The laptop only turns on during the night on its own and not during the day I dont have it plugged into the main when it does this or into a network The worst thing is that it is Laptop turning itself ON usually in my laptop bag on a night when it does this which is really bad because it could overheat Laptop turning itself ON so please does anyone know what can cause this problem Thanks Ben nbsp

A:Laptop turning itself ON

Hi, this happened to me once when I was borrowing my friends Apple Macbook Pro.

You say you have it in your laptop bag, is it on the floor by any chance?

The Mac Pro would start up again because when walking into bed the floor would shake a little and the Laptop picked it up making it start up again, try making sure the top is securely closed and maybe take it off the floor if is on it
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My laptop is having a problem, Whenever I turn it on it's bottom lights flicker 3 times and then it doesn't boot up. The screen doesn't come on, But it is charged, It I tried removing the battery and putting it back in, But it wasn't successful, I am not sure what kind the laptop is though, Although I'm quite sure that it isn't a Dell Laptop. The laptop has 200 and something gigabytes, And it doesn't contain any viruses, If you have any clue of what is happening to my laptop please explain, I'd greatly appreciate it. :suspiciou

I fixed it I charged it.

A:Laptop Isn't turning on

Thanks for the update, also try here first if it happens again:
Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)
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Ok so I have an acer aspire one the small type of laptop. Last night it was working fine and I fell asleep with of on my pillow. It fell on the carpet with the power cord still plugged in and fell on the top. Now this morning I tried to turn it on it ran for a few mins then turned off. I tried it again, got to where it starts after I log in then turned straight off. I have tried taking the battery out, re plugging the charger into a different outlet but nothing will keep it running. Can someone please help I don't know what's wrong with it considering it was working perfectly fine last night.?

A:Laptop keeps turning off please help

First of all, you should be very careful with laptops, they run too hot...
I can't really ask how it fell, because you weren't watching, how does the DC jack (where the power cords plugs in) feel? Does the charge light come on when it's plugged in? Is the battery charged? If you made it to the log-in screen, I can only guess (and hope) that the battery isn't charging. Some laptops don't work without the battery plugged; I don't know if Acer is one of them...
Let us know what you can come up with.
Since you have just joined... welcome to Techspot!
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My laptop is fifteen months old. In the past three months, there was an issue that once I put my laptop on sleep mode and after three hours, I tried to switch it on but it did not . No power light was on. I pressed power button several times but it did not work. Then when I conncected it to the AC power supply it was switched on instantly. Same problem has occured four times. I can't figure out what"s the issue and how to fix it forever? Kindly guide me

A:laptop not turning on

In the other three times, I did not put my laptop on sleep mode. It just did not switch on when power button is pressed. Too worried.
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I got my laptop about two years ago. It stopped charging around Christmas, then, an hour later, it started turning off when ever I plugged it in. I took it in to be fixed. First they replaced the power jack, it still didn't work, so they replaced the adapter. then, finally, they replaced the mother board. I only just got it back yesterday. I took it home, and it was fine. For the first hour or so, that is. It suddenly shut off. No warning or anything. I turned it back on, it booted up just fine, like nothing ever happened. 45 minutes later it did it again. It has been doing this ever since.

My comp is made for gaming, and has a beastly cooling system. I've been checking to make sure the fan is working. It happens randomly. I can be playing a game, surfing the web, or just letting it sit idle. It never happens right when I boot up. It always runs about 45 minutes to an hour before shutting off. It doesn't have any problems booting up.

Any tips would be nice.

A:My laptop keeps turning itself off

You must have paid a lot to have the motherboard replaced. I would be back to see them about it. If it really is a gaming laptop it will have cost a great deal of money and have high resistance to heat together with a plug in graphics card module. Generally speaking even laptops that look impressive can't stand up to intensive gaming but you mention that the problem can occur when the laptop is sitting idle. You can't afford to let them keep replacing bits in the hope of a solution but they need to do a better job of pinning down the problem.
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hey my laptop keeps going off like power is off
whenever i turn it on for about 20mins
and when i turned it on again i get 5mins before it turns off.
i tried to put a fan under it but it still does the same thing
pls i need answer why.

A:my laptop keeps turning off

Go to Control Panel and look around Power Supply to chnage the settings to Never as first approach...
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hey guys I am trying to diagnose a problem with my old laptop that I am going to start using again and when I try to turn it on it will not turn on its a Toshiba L455D-S5976 all the indicator lights come on just fine, my question is did the hard drive go out or is it another problem and I will note that the battery in this machine no longer holds a charge you have to keep it plugged in all the time and I kept getting the blue screen everytime I tried to use Windows and if its the hard drive I will be replacing It and ordering recovery media from Toshiba

A:Laptop not turning on

Techtitian mate first is there any sound coming from the machine when you power it up?

Mine usually clicks away at the optical drive before cutting to the HDD

If I thought it was the HDD I would be installing a new drive and use this


Forinstalling I prefer a disk to be honest but if you want to try again this isthe one to follow
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 makesure it is the right version ie Home Premium or Ultimate whatever you have acode for and then the language and do not use the ones with a large"N" or "old" beside them. If you are wondering why the N itis because that will not include the Windows Media Player and while it is notmuch to get it it is tedious.
You can use a disk or USB stick with this.
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I know the method for fixing a laptop that does not turn on is to remove the battery unplug power tap or hold the power button plug into power turn on then replace battery. Works everytime but it happens almost everytime on my Acer with Windows 7. I have tried holding the power button for 30 seconds, 60 seconds and what seemed like forever but it still happens again. How can I fix this?
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So, I have a toshiba satellite M200 laptop. Core 2 duo T7250, and has 3G of DDR2 Ram. I was fine while using windows vista. but since I upgrade it to windows 7 ultimate 64bit, my laptop start turning off itself, especially when I do alot of work at the same time, so can anyone tell me what's the problem? Is it because my system requirement is not enough? or I need to install any software to make them compaitble together?

A:Laptop keep turning off itself

Go to search, and type event viewer and locate the reason. Look for errors
You can also use the performance monitor.
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Hello, I have a couple questions:

I am working on a Gateway M305CRV laptop. It will not turn on. When plugged into the wall, the LED light does not come on even indicating that it is getting power. However, the power cord does light its own little green LED light on the box halfway between the wall and the computer. When I push the power button on the computer, nothing happens.

I know my battery is poor. If the battery is completely dead, can the laptop still be powered on by being plugged in?

What are the first few steps I need to take to analyze this problem further?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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I turn my laptop off in the evening (Usualy to Hibernate). I get up in the morning and its off. I get home in the afternoon and its on. Now this has happened a lot. Its realy easy to tell when computers on or off as the TV tuner has a big bright blue light.

Now either i have a ghost or my laptop is turning itself on some time during the day.

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Hi everyone I'm not sure if this is the place to post but I'm running out of ideas!
My hp envy ultrabook shut it self down randomly and since will not turn back on, the power light is on and the wifi button is on but is orange, when I attempt to turn it on those lights come on and you can hear a fan starting up but nothing else happens and if I don't turn it off by holding down the button it stays as such, with nothing on screen and the fore mentioned lights remaining on.
If anyone can assist me it would be greatly appreciated as I have documents I need to access.
Please and thanks in advance

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When i am encoding video files!!

Is this quite normal for a laptop?

A:Laptop keeps turning itself off...

Sorry, my spec is as follows -

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7
System Manufacturer Acer
System Model Aspire 7720
System Type X86-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz, 2000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 3.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 3.00 GB
Available Physical Memory 1.99 GB
Total Virtual Memory 5.99 GB
Available Virtual Memory 4.83 GB
Page File Space 3.00 GB
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I'm very confused by this. Twice now at my uni house where my computer stays out on the desk it has turned itself on. This hasn't happened to me while I was at home over christmas where it lives in a bag (thank god lol fire hazard).

I told it to hibernate last night, turned off the plug and there were no lights on anywhere, but when I got up today it was on. I went to the event viewer but they only start at 13:45 (about when I got up).

I thought it might mention when it was powered on or when something started but it started with browser.

I'm very confused

A:Laptop turning itself on.

You may find that you have to set to disable
the abilty to wake from
keyboard or mouse or Nic card
Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems - Vista Forums
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Hi All,

I am using HP Pavillion dv3005tx. I am using this laptop since 2 years without much trouble. However recently there were few important updates that i downloaded and installed. After few days i shut down my computer to complete the installation.

But now when i start my computer, i can only see light flashing at the front but I dont think my hard disk is working. So in short my computer does not start at all. Only lights flash at the front near keyboard but nothing is displayed on the screen nor is hard disk running.

I tried to remove battery and start my computer with power cable but it still does not help. Please advice any quick solution. I need laptop for urgent use.

Thank you.

A:HP laptop not turning on

Just re-read your post...

If you cannot enter safe mode, and you are not offered option to enter bios configuration, it would indicate a hardware failure.
Could be several kinds of hardware issue that can do this.
(Including memory failure, hard drive failure, etc)
Do you get a beep-code at power-up? If so, this may help us.

If you can see your option to enter bios, but cannot enter safe-mode, it could indicate a corrupted windows, or perhaps a failed hard-drive.
Try entering bios configuration and see if your bios is finding your hard-drive.
If so, then I would suggest attempting a restore, after running hard-drive diagnostics.
If not, then my first guess is a failed hard drive.

Let us know the answers to these questions.
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could it be static electricity? It was working but then it stopped working the same day I just brought it home took it out to use then it just won't turn on.. :S I tried taking out the battery then plug it in AC nothing pit battery back in nothing its just not turning on period. I'm thinking I need a new battery? The laptop's called; by HP btw nc64000

turns out its my AC Adapter thats messed up, I need to get a new one.

A:Laptop not turning on

Does the battery have any charge at all?
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i have a dell inspiron 15 3000 series core i3 4th generation its running windows 10. it was working fine a few days ago but 3 days back it started to have some power on does not power on when i press the power button
i have to press the power button for atleast 30 seconds then release it and press it again and it will turn on....can someone help me?
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I updated my BIOS and whenever I turn on the computer it just turn off with a beep but start up repair later get it starting again but whenever I remove the laptop battery now(without being plugged in) for some time,when I put it back inside the laptop and turn it on it keeps going off again..After so many turn offs even when windows start up repair is trying to repair later stays onwhat can I do?
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I was just using my laptop and than left it on charge, when I came back to it the screen was blank, so I thought it had gone off. Now it does not turn on, and when I plug the charger into the laptop the power light on the charger goes off. however if it is not plugged into the laptop than its fine. Could anyone advise me on what to do? Is it my laptop or my charger thats the problem?

I have a Dell XPS, M1330, windows vista ultimate.

really hope someone can help, I need my laptop!

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The computer does not turn on Sometime ago I noticed that the white LED light on the power button was not on but turning Laptop not on the computer was turning on and working ok otherwise so I did not pay attention to it One day the computer simply did not turn on at all I removed the battery and kept the laptop connected to Laptop not turning on the wall and I nbsp tried resetting by pressing the power button for up to minutes before trying to turn the laptop on again but it did not work nbsp I let the computer sit for two days and it turned on when I pressed the power button although the LED light on the Laptop not turning on power button still remained off The laptop worked ok for two days and when I tried to turn it on on the third day nothing happened There is only a steady white led light nbsp right next to where the AC cable connects to the laptop There is nothing else No sounds or beeps of any kind no fan turning on just the light next to where the AC connects to the laptop nbsp I tried a different cord and the same thing Is it the power button Is it the motherboard when the computer worked after the two day window I scanned it using the HP diagnostics Laptop not turning on software built into the system and I got a nbsp code indicating the battery was defective so I have ordered a new HP battery nevertheless when I tried scanning for the BIOS I got a response the system could not read the BIOS Please help My laptop is about five yrs old and I do not have money to buy another computer or even to afford an expensive repair Thank you sincerely nbsp Update I tried again a day later and the computer turned on I closed it when I finished working and now a day later the laptop is not turning on again

A:Laptop not turning on

Welcome @G72HP, I understand you're having trouble with your HP G72 Notebook not powering up. I'd be happy to assist. I going to suggest starting with these documents:  HP Notebook PCs - Battery Does Not Power Notebook or Hold a Charge HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does not Start (Windows 7, Vista, XP) Please get back to me with the results. If this helps please hit that Thumbs Up Button below. Cheers,TechSurge.
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i got a trojan downloader gen and now it says this

Spyware Terminator Warning!
We have encountered another wave of trojan Crypt.XPACK.Gen that allows a remote hacker to take complete control of your computer and abuse credit card numbers.

Your computer is protected by Spyware Terminator.

However, did you know that 70% of all computers are not protected?

and this is when i scan it

Threat Files
<Trojan.Downloader.Gen> : C:\Windows\system32\Upgrd.exe

A:my laptop keeps turning off

Your PC has trojan,TR/Crypt.XPACKThis Trojan allows for its author to control a computer by using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). The Trojan can update itself by checking for newer versions on the Internet.Tracks installed security program, inactivate anti-virus and firewall applications Crypt.XPACK.Gen logs and sends out operating system information, user names, keystrokes, passwords and other sensitive data Tracks windows activity and system registry, generates popups that match browsing actions Use system security leaks to infect pc with new trojan entriesYour PC is very likely compromised and there is no way to be sure your computer can ever again be trusted. Many experts in the security community believe that once infected with this type of Trojan, the best course of action would be a reformat and reinstall of the OS. Even though the infection has been identified and quarantined all financial,password and account numbers that were stored on this PC should be considered stolen.When Should I Format, How Should I Reinstall?We will help you clean this PC but that would be a decision you have to make and there is no promise of future security without the format. Let us know how you wish to proceed.
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Hi ,
I have dell inspiron N5040. While trying to turn on my laptop its continuosly beeping but not getting turing on. I did try by removing battery as well but no luck and same continuos beeping. Could you please help to understand what will be the issue??
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I purchased an Acer Aspire 5742 laptop and a problem caused it to hang up just a flashing cursor and no keys worked, the only way I was able to turn it off was unplugging the battery.
That problem has been resolved but I would like to know if there is any way to turn it off without doing that.
I cannot see any mention in the on-line user guide.


A:Turning laptop off

I know that you said that no keys worked, but perhaps the WIN key might: When the system freezes and you cannot move the cursor, you can press the WIN key on the keyboard and navigate with the right-arrow ? key – then scroll up or down to Restart or Shut Down. There is always one letter underlined for the various actions in the pop-up window - e.g. "R" for Restart or "U" for Shut Down. Just hit that letter and the action will be performed.
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Hi there,

I have an old laptop Sony Vaio PCG-V505BP and the problem is that it won’t turn on. Battery is dead.

Using AC it wouldn't turn on but when I changed the HDD the green power light and charging light came on and I heard HDD start spinning...but there was nothing on the screen so I decided to switch it off and back on. So I did, except the green power light and charging light came on but no HDD activity and once again nothing on the screen.

Any idea's on what the problem is and how to solve it?


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Hi Folks,  Today morning I tried to reset my HP laptop chosen the option Removes evrything my files and apps settings etc. but it failed at 48% - and I tried couple of more times but had the same result when it reaches at 48%. After that I looged off and when tired to turn on only hp logo showing but failed to turn on. Unfortunately i have not taken the back of my recovery and  the warranty of the product is also expired 5 months back - so I am extremlyworried about it . Also please note when i bought this product it was windows 8.1 built later i upgraded to windows 10. Please suggest how do I trouble shoot and what are the procedure i should take to get rid of these - many thanks in advance   Thanks, Adi.

A:Laptop not turning on

Well - I even tried the system testing and all of them have been proved pass.
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hey guys I am trying to diagnose a problem with my old laptop that I am going to start using again and when I try to turn it on it will not turn on its a Toshiba L455D-S5976 all the indicator lights come on just fine, my question is did the hard drive go out or is it another problem and I will note that the battery in this machine no longer holds a charge you have to keep it plugged in all the time and I kept getting the blue screen everytime I tried to use Windows and if its the hard drive I will be replacing It and ordering recovery media from Toshiba

A:Laptop not turning on

Not turning on, meaning it has a black screen?

Test AC Adapter output. Check the AC Adapter jack.

When you first turn the PC on, can you hear the HDD to spin up?

If you hear the HDD, turn off the power, then try to Power Cycle. Remove AC Adapter and battery. Hold down the power button for a minute or two. Install battery, AC Adapter, and try to power up.

If screen is still black, try in Safe Mode. Anything yet?
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From last two months i am facing the problem while turning on my laptop.
Only on continuous pressing POWER BUTTON for 10-20 times it turns on.
Its completely on its mood.
What to do for this
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Hi, my laptop is having this same issue. But now it goes off immediately after I turn it on. Here are the HWmonitor readings on high performance. its a Hp probook 4330s, switchable graphics, intel and amd; but the amd hasn't functioned for about 1.5 years now since the hard drive that came with it crashed. installing the drivers just makes windows not boot.

A:My laptop keeps turning itself off

The motherboard has probably failed...
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Hi my HP Stream keeps turning on and off and its really annoying ive checked for viruses on Malwarebytes and nothing was detected and sometimes it dosent happen so one day it wont happen then the next it wont and the day after and so on

A:My laptop keeps turning on and off

Hi @Anthonylivvy111,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the computer restarting. I will be glad to help you. Please look at the following documents.The Computer Restarts Unexpectedly (Windows 10, 8)Computer Locks Up or Freezes (Windows 10, 8)Reducing Heat Inside the Laptop to Prevent Overheating Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.
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I initiated a recommended "re-start" of my Toshiba computer and walked away. I returned to find it off. I turned it back on and saw the message alerting me it hadn't shut down properly. After Windows opened, a message bubble appeared with the alert "Failed to connect to Windows service." Within 30 seconds, the computer turns itself off again. Several months ago, I was receiving a message that I wasn't using authentic Microsoft Windows, but I know for a fact that I am. Not sure if the issues are related. Am computer illiterate; please respond accordingly.

A:Why is my laptop turning off by itself?

Sounds like it was doing a Windows update. Try restarting the computer. If that doesn't help do this (which sometimes unsticks computers):Turn off computer and remove power. Remove main laptop battery. Hold Power Off/On button down for about 20 seconds to discharge motherboard components. Re-assemble and hope you are lucky.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I have just installed a new crucial memory into my laptop so it is now 8gb rather than 4. I ran the diagnostic tests and all good. However my laptop now keeps turning itself off. When i reboot the message i get is --- product information not validthe following product information programmed into the system board is missing or invalidsysem board - system board ct numbersystem board (00A) - system board ct numberenter - continue startup  What do i do, the laptop keeps switching it self off and more regurly the longer i reboot it. Please help!!! Simon
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I would be grateful for any help with this. For some reason yesterday my laptop just decided to cut out & turn it self off. When I restart it in safe mode with networking it seems to stay on but if I try to load it with normal windows it just cuts out.

I think it must be some kind of software issue but I don't know where to start trying to fix it. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

A:Laptop keeps turning off

Well, there could be quite a few causes for this.

First thing I would suspect is a driver issue since the PC works in Safe Mode. Usually you would see a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death), but if your system is set to restart when this error occurs, you won't see it. I would first check to see if you have this set up to show BSoD's: Dump Files - Configure Windows to Create on BSOD

In that tutorial make sure that the computer is not set to automatic restart.

If you get a BSoD when the computer shuts down now, we will have a place to start from.
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I went to open my laptop yesterday (it was plugged in overnight) and it notified me the battery was nearly empty and then the computer turned off. I unplugged it, plugged it back in & turned it on again but it still told me the battery needing charging.I went to do the same again and now it will not turn on since last night. I have tried the hard restart (unplug the power supply, take out the battery, hold the power button in for 30+ seconds, plug in the power supply again & press the power button) but it will not work & every time I press the power button the hole where the power supply connects to the laptop blinks 3 times.Help - I'm supposed to be doing summer school & now can't do anything!!!
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My inspiron dell laptop wont turn on. I hold the power button then press the middle shortcut button in the top right of the keyboard and the laptop turns on for 1 sec even the fan starts and then the laptop clicks and turns off. Need help!

A:Laptop not turning on.

If your laptop's battery is easily removable, you can removing the battery after removing the ac adapter. Then disconnect all the peripherals and the then press and hold the power button for 1 minute. This should release any static electricity buildup that may have accumulated. Then try powering on the computer with only the ac adapter connected.
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I have an EiSystem 4405 laptop 2.4 Ghz Celeron processor with a 30 Gb hard drive, 256 MB DDR RAM.
One night i was on it then it just shut down
I thought it might have been a cooling issue
So I left it off overnight and tried turning it on the next day and it didnt come on
I opened it up and tried cleaning out the fans as I heard this might improve cooling but that didnt seem to do much
The battery by the way is dead in it so I have it out
I left it off for a few weeks and tried a new power cable and it turned on
I put the old one back in and that worked too
So i thought maybe it might be the connection that connects the power cable to the laptop

A:Laptop not turning on

Remove the power adaptor (and battery if it was in)
Hold in the On button for 30secs (dispersing all internal power)
Put the power adaptor back in
Try turning it on

Otherwise Yes, hardware issue, with connector or adaptor
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My computer just shuts off by its self, no warning or anything. It is not the power save feature. Norton Virus after being updated does not catch anything. Do you have any ideas?

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My sisters sony viao stopped working the months ago because my nephew poured milk on it. They took it to a shop but it couldn't be fixed.

The other day i thought i might aswell try it. I took the battery out and tried to turn it on, and it worked!

I turned it off once it loaded up. Today i tried to turn it on but it wouldn't turn on!

Does anyone know why this is happening?


A:Laptop not turning on

There is a possibility that the liquid spill on the laptop has not dried up properly, this is the reason after several months and you tried it and it work but after shutting it down ity no longer works again. There is a possibility that corrosion on the parts of the motherboard is causing this problem. I woould advise to have the motherboard checked by certified technician or contact Sony to have it fixed or replace the motherboard (you will be paying for the repair since the damage was customer induced).
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HiMy pavilion x2 won't turn on, it had been on charge but as soon as you plug it in the light turns red and immediately go back to white? When you press caps lock the light comes on however the screen is dead

A:Laptop not turning on

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum.   These 2 articles are general ones but covers pretty much any scenario in the case of Computer cannot start. Here they are>>>> Please, read them and follow the appropriate step for your case.  Let me know if this works for you. Looking forward to your reply.
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I have got the same issue.

Here is a screenshot of my HWMonitor results:

Moderator note: Removed from this thread to avoid confusion from too many posters in one thread:

A:Laptop keeps turning itself off

I don't see any obvious problem there. If the laptop shuts down when you're using it that's a problem but if you are inactive for a while and it shuts itself down in the meantime it may be because of the Power settings that have been selected under Control Panel.
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I got a new laptop for my birthday/christmas, so i have had it about 2 months. Sometimes when I shut it down, it doesnt start back up. to get it to start back up i would have to take out the battery and put it back in (sometimes i had to do this multiple times). I bagan hibernating it so i wouldnt have this "turning on " problem. I would keep updating and restarting on a regular basis. But yesterday i hibernated and it wont turn on at all today. =( I tried taking out the battery and putting it back in. I plugged it in and the charging light turns on, but when i press power no lights turn on. Any advice on how to fix this?


A:Laptop w/ windows 7 not turning on

Try unplugging the power cord and removing the battery. After you do this open up your computer and hold down the power button for about 30 seconds. Might be a static issue.
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Compaq Presario F700 laptop not turning on or booting up. No lights, no sound, no luxuries. Thinking it was the power adapter, purchased repllacement. Removed HD, Removed RAM on stick at a time. Held down power button for 30 seconds after removing all power sources. Checked Google only to find out that this a common problem with this model of laptop. I apologize for not having any other specs for this model of laptop as It will not turn on. This is one of my clients laptop and would like to get it going. Have a feeling it is a MOB issue or graphics card. Does any one have any further suggestions. Thanks Curtis

A:Laptop Not Turning on or Booting up

I think you should remove the battery for a few seconds including the mobo battery and reinsert afterwards to reset settings.
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Hi, I've had a browse of the internet and have had no success in getting an answer.

My laptop will not run without being plugged in to a power source. The battery is 100% charged, connected and the laptop was brand new 2 days ago. It ran off the battery the first day I got it, but since yesterday it decided not to run off the battery, and turns off as soon as I unplug the power, and will not turn on until plugged in. The battery light doesn't come on but did on the day I got the laptop.

I'm running windows 8 and this is the laptop I am using -

I have checked all the power settings but there is nothing regarding this.

A:Laptop not turning on without AC Adapter

Brand new? Call the place of purchase and return it, that's what warranties are for.

Unless the battery is slightly loose you have a broken laptop.
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BSOD everytime I turn off the computer or opening google chrome. It's Windows 7. I can't find the "manage attachment" button.

A:BSOD when turning off laptop

It's called "upload a file" now. What is the make and model of this sick laptop?
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I have a Toshiba A200-MR5 laptop
with 4gb of ram (only 32bit though)
320gb hard drive
centrino core 2 duo t7250
wireless n
ati radeon hd 2600n

anyways! recently after blowing my laptop out with compressed air my laptop has been shutting down randomly, i only owned the laptop since april. I am wondering what can be causing this error, also how does Toshibas warranty work! It will randomly power off when even plugged in.

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My PC keeps turning off every 10-20 minutes without any warning or anything and I can't turn it on for 5 minutes after it turns off and it doesn't save anything, I don't get the BSoD or the overheating message so it's not crashing or overheating, I don't know what to do please help me. PC Specs:

OS Name Microsoft Windows 8.1
Version 6.3.9600 Build 9600
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model HP ENVY dv6 Notebook PC
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, 2401 MHz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Insyde F.28, 7/25/2013
SMBIOS Version 2.7
Baseboard Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 6.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 5.89 GB
Available Physical Memory 2.00 GB
Total Virtual Memory 8.89 GB
Available Virtual Memory 4.41 GB
Display adapters, Intel (R) HD Graphics 4000, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M
Batteries Microsoft AC Adapter, Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery

A:My Laptop keeps turning off every 10-20 minutes

Have you checked your power settings? Also either download Speed Fan or Hwmonitor. In order to check your temps. Sometimes you will not see a warning for your laptop over heating. It will just shut it's self down.

Both softwares can be download here at Techspot. Under downloads.
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I bought my ASUS s550C laptop a couple of weeks ago and have found that it randomly turns off as though the battery has died or cut out.

I've tried to search other posts but haven't really found anything that can help.

Can someone please help me

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my laptop suddenly turning off every time i switch it on..
i think its not blue screen of death...what may cause this?is this over heat? becoz i left my laptop around 2 hours then its back to normal..

full scan of SUPERantispyware=clean
full scan of AVG =clean.
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Dear reader nbsp I've received a laptop from a good friend of mine a HP G He asked me to export all the data from the internal HDD HP on G72 laptop turning Problems because he bought a new laptop Also he wanted to use it as extra laptop Problems turning on HP G72 laptop nbsp The G laptop had a lot of dust so I tried to wip out the HDD first exported all the data to Problems turning on HP G72 laptop the new laptop and put it back after that I vacuumed the dust from the G it had a lot of that in around the GPU nbsp Now after putting all the things back the laptop won't boot tried everything nbsp nbsp Hard reset nbsp With modules memory nbsp With another adapter nbsp Checked all the cablesIt's still giving the same issues the fan starts just a single LED blink and then it shuts down the power Again again and again So to me it seems something like Problems turning on HP G72 laptop a short circuit nbsp Anyone know what to do nbsp Short vid about what happens nbsp https vid me B wz
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so my friends computer started acting weirdly a few days ago. When power is turned on, the screen stays black and cd reader makes a weird sound (check the video and make sure you have volume turned up)
I'm not sure what is causing this but if I am able to repair it at home it would be great.


PS: Computers Specs

HP Compaq 6735s
OS Windows Vista
CPU AMD Sempron Processor for Notebook PCs SI-40 (2.0 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache)
GPU Integrated UMA Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 with shared system memory
DISPLAY 15.4 inches diagonal WXGA BrightView (1280 x 800 resolution)

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Hi, my laptop (dell Inspiron 15 7000 series-7537) is not charging, tried the charger with another laptop and it works , so it's definitely not the charger wrong, it also has been discharging sometimes when I charge it " like it shows not charging" on the screen ..... Any ideas on what to do or do I have to send it in for repairs and how much will it cost me??

A:Laptop Not Charging and not turning on also

Does the system power on at all?  If not, unplug, remove or disconnect the battery and hold the power button for 30 seconds.  Remove the base cover and remove and reinstall both memory modules.  Plug in the AC adapter and see if it'll power up.  If it will with the battery disconnected but not with it connected, the battery is bad.
If it still won't power up, check the USB ports for damaged pins that may cause a short-circuit.  Failing that, if you've already tried a new Dell AC adapter to no effect, the power jack is the next possible suspect -- that's about a $35 part:
If replacing that doesn't solve the problem, you're looking at a mainboard replacement - on the order of several hundred dollars for the part, plus labor to install.
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Please would someone mind telling me how to turn off the touchpad on an Asus laptop when using an external mouse.


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Some of my keys on my laptop stopped working so i updated the drivers but still the same problem, so i opened up the laptop and reincerted the ribbon which fixed the problem, but then the mouse pad wouldnt work, so i then took all 3 ribbons out, the power one, mousepad and the keyboard one and put then back in, and have tried this many times, but each time the computer turns on and then off after a few seconds, the fan turns on aswell as the cd drive light. I have taken the battery out and only used the charger etc still doesnt fix it, laptop turns on to a black screen and then back of, anyone have any idea thanks???
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When i push the power button all that happens is the lites across the top of the keyboard come on then go out. I have checked the charger and battery and even tried without the battery and get the same result. Hp had me to remove the battery and push and hold the power button for 15 secs the retry with the battery installed. Got the same result as before. Any suggestions?
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I am currently running with a HP quot Envy Laptop PC Midnight Black dv - wm - Walmart com I have not had problems before While I was playing Diablo on medium settings the thing just cut out The first time i didn't think anything about it I turned it back on and it turned off again twice during the HP boot logo So i took out the battery waited a little and started playing Diablo again and in about half an hour it turns itself off again Each time it turns off there is the pop laptop 8 turning itself Windows off. of the audio going out So i turned MSI after burner on I have Windows 8 laptop turning itself off. not over clocked this system I just have MSI to watch the heat when I was messing around one day Anyway here are the last three temperature logs from MSI afterburner before it turned itself off Code - - GPU temperature GPU temperature GPU temperature GPU usage GPU usage GPU usage GPU core clock GPU core clock GPU core clock GPU memory clock GPU memory clock GPU memory clock GPU memory usage GPU memory usage GPU memory usage Windows 8 laptop turning itself off. - - - - - - The log isn't coming out how I wanted to but it was about - for all of it Any suggestions help I am playing on a table As level as a table can be on a year old brick floor with Windows 8 laptop turning itself off. nothing anywhere near the laptop

A:Windows 8 laptop turning itself off.

If that 99 is in Centigrade, thats too hot..

100 C = 212 F boiling point of water.

Here are the electrical specs for your processor

Electrical / Thermal parameters

V core ?
0.8125V - 1.3V

Maximum operating temperature ?

Thermal Design Power ?
35 Watt

CPUs, related to AMD A10-4600MIf it draws its cooling air from the bottom, you will need to add larger bumpers to raise it higher or use a laptop cooler underneath it.

I use a cooler on mine but i dont need to power the fans, just the gap from the surface is enough..

My HP draws its air from the bottom, and unfortunately when it expels the hot exhaust some of it comes back into the intake because of the downward angle of the exhaust..

thoughtless design from HP who work in a 65 degree air conditioned testing lab!

If you just bought it, return it and get a system that does not intake from the bottom or has a higher TJ MAX than your model HP which is 100 C....
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WiFi keeps turning off. Every time I turn it on. It immediately abuts itself off. I'm dying!
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The laptop is about 7 years old and is a Toshiba Satellite A210. It will random turn off when it is in use but if it's idle, nothing will happen. I have recently upgraded the laptop to windows 7 and in the process, erased anything on the hard drive. I have also just replaced the battery and purchased a cooling pad but the problem persists. It will also turn off even when it is charging.

Anything I can do to fix it or is it time for a new laptop? I have considered opening up the laptop and using a compressed air can to clean it out but have yet to do so.

A:What are the causes of a laptop randomly turning off?

From your description, it appears that the voltage regulator circuit on the motherboard is failing. Even if the machine didn't have any overt problems, I'd still have to say it is past time to replace it. I mean, it certainly doesn't have the horsepower to run most current applications, and I find it hard to believe that Win 7 installed and ran on the computer with anything like accpetable performance. Hardware is really cheap these days, and it's hard to imagine a valid reason not to replace the machine.
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I have a HP pavilion dv5 laptop with a broken monitor, so I took apart/disconnected the lcd panel with my laptop. I am running on an external monitor without having the actual lcd panel (from the laptop) connected right now. I was wondering if this will cause some electrical problem? Any advice would help thanks.

A:Turning Laptop into desktop ?

I personally don't see why it should, you should be able to run from an external monitor permanently on a laptop if you want to.

You may be able to replace the LCD anyway, have you checked ebay and the like for the same model, possibly going cheap as spares / repair or even looking for replacement new LCDs?
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I was sitting using my laptop,When it just completley shut down,Turned off and went completley blank,It will no longer turn on,There is no lights going on when i push the switch,Its not the screen as I hear nothing when i turn it on,I have been using it on the mains since I bought it off of ebay as it needs a replacement battery,Its an HP Omnibook 6000,I had a look at the manual and it said to push the reset switch with a pin so I did so with no luck,Any help would be appreciated,As i said nothing when i switch it on just Blank,Thanks for any help.

A:Laptop,Broke Down and Now not Turning On

Hi I don't know if it burned out as it gets extremly hot sometimes,It is not the mains poower which I use it on as the light on the charger cable still goes green when plugged in but flashes when in the laptop so I dont thin it's the laptop mains plug.
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Hello. I have a Toshiba Satellite e55 and the power button light goes on for 2 seconds and with a click shuts off and goes back on again off again and so fourth. This model does not have a removable battery. I tried holding the power button and the light will stay on but still nothing starts up or anything on the screen. Thanks!
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My laptop has been working fine until earlier today - but now every time I turn it on almost instantly I get a message pop up saying 'windows must now restart because the power service terminated' and turns off in 30 seconds. I can't get onto the laptop long enough to run any scans. Can anyone help me?? Thanks!

A:Help - laptop constantly turning off?

What is the Operating System??
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Hello I have just recently got a Lenovo C and it has worked fine for about weeks But recently it has off randomly turning is Laptop developed a very anoying problem when you try to do anything cpu heavy the laptop dies no shutdown no message just cuts out the cpu fan will start to run its fastest and stay its fastest till it cuts out I preusmed overheating and i cant get any software i know of to read the cpu temp So I took the top Laptop is randomly turning off panel off Just above keyboard and felt the heat sink Most of the time it is warm and normal But sometimes it is hot and I mean very very hot this is were it cuts out I have re-done the silicone paste on the cpu clean all the fans and heatsink To rule out XP I booted from xp boot disk and once it started the inital screen it did the same and died I have also re-flashed the BIOS to check that Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks Chris

A:Laptop is randomly turning off

As soon as the PC shuts off, go into the BIOS and check the temperatures there.

You can also try SpeedFan to check the temperatures before the PC shuts off. A download link is available in my signature.
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My laptop is not turning on. Day before, i just upgraded the bios recommended by HP assistant and it was working fine. Today, i just removed the battery to note down the product name and placed the battery back. Since then my laptop is just not booting (not even with charger) no light seen at the charging point, tried different sockets. There are no sounds is just not working...What could be the possible issue? Any suggestions please.Thanx
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I have a Samsung NP E A-A UB with a broken screen I Laptop Turning on Issue m trying to get it on and connect the external monitor but I can t because it won t turn on all the way After I turn it on the hard drive indicator light in the front is on Laptop Turning on Issue solid for a few minutes then goes off completely Since I can t see the screen I try clicking enter key tab and enter etc to see if I can get through whatever process it going on behind the screen But when I press Enter ESC DEL probably a few others it just restarts the laptop and does the same stuff hard drive indicator is solid for a few minutes then blank So it seems no matter what I press it just restarts does whatever it s doing for a few minutes then stops So does anyone know what the issue is What is happening How to get through it Remember I can t see the screen I have an external monitor that has always worked til one day I turn it off through the power button and couldn t get it back on It would always start up normal and monitor turn on automatically after it started to login to my user nbsp

A:Laptop Turning on Issue

EricIsMe said:

I have a Samsung NP300E5A-A02UB with a broken screen. I'm trying to get it on and connect the external monitor, but I can't because it won't turn on all the way. After I turn it on, the hard drive indicator light in the front is on solid for a few minutes, then goes off completely. Since I can't see the screen, I try clicking enter key, tab and enter, etc, to see if I can get through whatever process it going on behind the screen. But when I press Enter, ESC, DEL, probably a few others, it just restarts the laptop and does the same stuff, hard drive indicator is solid for a few minutes, then blank. So it seems no matter what I press, it just restarts, does whatever it's doing for a few minutes, then stops.

So does anyone know what the issue is? What is happening? How to get through it?

Remember, I can't see the screen, I have an external monitor that has always worked, til one day I turn it off through the power button and couldn't get it back on. It would always start up normal and monitor turn on automatically after it started to login to my user.Click to expand...
Are you getting any beeps from the machine itself when it starts?
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My Acer laptop has been overheating lately amp shutting off automatically I called Tech Support w MaxAssurance because I bought a yr warranty Laptop & Turning Off Overheating only yrs old amp they told me run a Task Manager He asked me how many processes were running amp there over of them running He said on a Win laptop I should only have about processes running He then told me I need to reformat my laptop I d rather not do that but if I do reformat amp it doesn t work then maybe they will have to replace some hardware or the entire laptop Is there any way for me to get rid of some of the processes that are running My system info is below Thanks OS Name Microsoft Windows Home Premium Version Service Pack Build System Manufacturer Acer System Model Aspire System Type Laptop Overheating & Turning Off x -based PC Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz Mhz Core s Logical Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Laptop Overheating & Turning Off Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB nbsp

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Hi nbsp My son is asking for his own computer or laptop nbsp for his birthday next month nbsp so he can play Minecraft I've been trying to read up online what would be best but I'm NOT that techie that I don't even trust myself to make a good decision In my research nbsp majority of the websites suggests that building a nbsp PC would be best however I prefer him to have a 10 old kid turning year my Laptop for laptop or a netbook because I can confiscate it if his grades slip or he has discipline issues Also he and his friends nbsp like to take their laptops to each others houses and play Minecraft in the same room together nbsp Anyway I came across this link right Laptop for my kid turning 10 year old here nbsp http www consumertop com best-laptops-for-kids and found Lenovos on their list I am just not sure what is the difference between Thinkpad and IdeaPad Which is more reliable Any nbsp suggestions nbsp Are these a good choice or there are other options aside from these I prefer buying online rather than buying on a local computer shop so your opinions are needed for this purchase nbsp Please help Thanks nbsp Dwyane