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Need to Enable AHCI after WinXP install

Q: Need to Enable AHCI after WinXP install

I have an Asus P AD -E premium motherboard AHCI is available in the Bios but I did not need it when I installed WinXP install Enable after AHCI to Need WinXP Pro now I need it to run Need to Enable AHCI after WinXP install my external Sata backup drive I have followed many methods none of which work for me I have an Intel Southbridge ICH R chipset Itel FB I have downloaded and followed the instructions for the Reg files and have the correct Iastor sys in the System drivers folder etc when I reboot I am supposed to enter the Bios enable ACHI reboot and when Windows is trying to install new hardware I am supposed to stop it and run the Intel driver installer in my case iata enu exe I can't ever get Windows to reboot I am in a cycle that starts Windows then shuts down and restarts until I return the Bios to what is was Sata I was hoping someone had information that could help me solve this Thanks Jim

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Preferred Solution: Need to Enable AHCI after WinXP install

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Need to Enable AHCI after WinXP install

usually you have to install the drivers at first install of the os but i think i have seen a thread around here were someone suggested to basically do a os repair and just add the ahci drivers, if i recall correctly.
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I did it before on a P5WD2-PREMIUM---see this thread:

but there is no SATA controller listed in the Device Manager under the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller to update--there was one listed in the P5WD2 I successfully converted.
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I have a Dell Studio 1555 laptop. I installed XP SP3 fresh from scratch, and I had to set AHCI to IDE in the BIOS in order for the install to complete. I finished the XP install and installed Dell drivers for video, wireless & LAN. When I go into BIOS again and re-enable AHCI, Windows does not boot up. I get a few lines that flash on the screen that I can't read and it reboots. If I turn AHCI back to IDE it boots up normally. How can I get AHCI turned back on after having installed XP?


A:Cannot re-enable AHCI after install of XP SP3

You cant if you want to stay with xp. to run windows xp correctly it has to be in the IDE mode. in most cases AHCI is used only for the vista and windows 7 operating systems. if you try to change it back and run xp it will blue screen on you or wont boot at all.unless a computers BIOS only has one setting and theres no other choices listed then and only then can you use the AHCI mode to run xp, vista or windows 7 equally well with no glitches.
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I've had some problems with drivers after installing Win 7. Got all that fixed and had a problem getting the pc switched on. Changed WOL settings and it seemed better, but I was getting a checksum error.

I then found this thread-
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

I followed instructions, but now after restarting it is a black screen and stuck with-


A:new Win 7 install enable AHCI - Missing operating system

By pure chance I hit F12 to see if I could get SAFE MODE but it came up with option to boot from CD / HD etc.

I chose HD and then it gave me options from USB3 or something with a long sequence of numbers. I guessed that was my hard drive. It now started Windows.

I guess that is the boot sequence?
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I have a WinXP/Home SP1 system from a client that I have tried everything to repair. (The son downloaded KaZaa and dad hit the roof. He went into Add/Remove programs and starting deleting anything he didn't recognize, and he knows next to nothing about computers). I've cleaned virus's, adware, applied Windows Updates, the whole 9 yards but I have not been able to get around a problem accessing the CD drive.

Before doing a reformat of the hard drive and reinstall I tried to lay down WinXP on top of itself. Worked OK so far. Now I would like to recover/enable anything existing that I can. I can see the folders for users that existed before are still there but my desktop is blank.

Is there a way I can reinstate the desktops and/or the user accounts?

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Hi, I am using a HP Pavillion 180t computer with Window 7(SP-1), IE9 RC. 12GB Ram, Quad Core i7, 3.33Ghz.

I do not have AHCI enabled based upon the Tutorial to do so. Would enableing AHCI be of value to me? If so how? Any help appreciated.

A:AHCI to Enable or Not?

You get some more advanced features with AHCI like hot plugging and better native command queuing. It will improve performance especially on benchmarks. Real world performance is a lot less noticeable.

I used to run my rig on IDE, because AHCI introduced an 8 second delay at boot which I never felt I earned back in performance. On a later BIOS update, that 8 seconds went to 2, and I switched to AHCI at that point. It's going to really depend a lot on you and your exact machine.
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Hi,I have a Lenovo B50-80 EW with Ubuntu 16.04 installed on it and I'm planning on upgrading its HDD to a SDD, in order to optimise my system for the latter I need to enable the AHCI mode, however I don't see the proper option in the BIOS Setup window (the BIOS is InsydeH2O setup utility Rev. 5.0 accessed either from the NOVO button or Fn + F2).Please, can you help me enablign the AHCI mode? Thanks,AB
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I hope I am not Disable Enable and/or AHCI duplicating something here I did look - Honest I ran into an interesting problem and found an easy fix First I Enable and/or Disable AHCI wanted to ENABLE AHCI because supposedly it improves HDD performance It also enables a host of Enable and/or Disable AHCI other interesting features I discovered the trick of setting the START paramater in the registry key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet services msahci from quot quot to quot quot - and then making the switch in the BIOS I tried to switch back and simply resetting this Enable and/or Disable AHCI start value to quot quot doesn't work The issue here is that there are actually TWO keys that control the IDE AHCI interface choice HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet services msahci HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet services pciide When the system is in IDE interface mode the respective start values are msahci's START value is quot quot pciide's START value is quot quot When the system is in AHCI interface mode the respective start values are msahci's START value is quot quot pciide's START value is quot quot It is entirely possible that setting the START value to zero in the key representing the interface type you wish to use may cause the corresponding key in the other interface type to automagically switch to quot quot I do not know this nor have I tested it What works for me is setting both START values to the values that correspond to the interface I wish to use It should be trivially easy with a couple of judicious exports to make two registry files one of which enables AHCI the other of which enables IDE by combining the two keys into one file and setting the START parameters appropriately On a slightly different topic one may ask WHY would someone want to flip back-and-forth between interfaces anyway Shouldn't the interface selection be a quot one-shot-deal quot In my case I am taking some physical system hard drives and converting them to virtual disks vhd's to run them in virtual systems Unfortunately the -R hypervisor only supplies IDE type interfaces for boot devices So - if I have a system configured for AHCI and want to virtualize it I have to switch it back to IDE before I make the virtual image of the drive In the reverse scenerio I may want to take a vhd image and write it to physical media - and if I want to ultimately set it to AHCI I would have to make the corresponding flip in the Registry before swapping interfaces What say ye Jim

A:Enable and/or Disable AHCI

Hi jharris. Welcome.

First: I wanted to ENABLE AHCI because (supposedly) it improves HDD performance. (It also enables a host of other interesting features.)

For me, the reasons to enable AHCI are Native Command Queuing and Hot Swapping, hot swapping being the most important to me.

As far as switching back and forth, I could imagine issues arising from that (including confusion as to what mode I was running in at a given time...).

But if I needed to do it as a utility to convert drives to vhd's, I would consider a dual boot, with the AHCI disabled boot just a simple OS with whatever utilities I needed to get the job done. Keeping it simple would mean a quick boot to desktop and a small partition.

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hi i found several tutorials to enable the AHCI-driver in win vista but the registry keys don't match AHCI in enable 7 Windows mine the tutorial is as following Exit all Windows-based programs Click Start type regedit in the Start Search box and then press ENTER If enable AHCI in Windows 7 you receive the User Account Control dialog box click Continue Locate and then click the following registry enable AHCI in Windows 7 subkey HKEY LOCAL MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Msahci In the right pane right-click Start in the Name enable AHCI in Windows 7 column and then click Modify In the Value data box type and then click OK On the File menu click Exit to close Registry Editor but in my registry key the key quot Start quot does not exist and the Msahci is called msahci though i don't think the capital letter makes a difference it has a quot Default quot value which doesn't enable the driver if set to instead of undefined or something similar should i just create a value named quot Start quot and set it to thanks for helping Edit nbsp nbsp Tip New Seven Forums Tutorial added - AHCI How to Enable in Windows Vista

A:enable AHCI in Windows 7

Better read this thread first:

HOWTO: enable AHCI mode after installing Windows - PC Perspective Forums

AFAICT, you cannot change it - it needs to be set when installing. Then you'll have the correct key there, and will need to simply enable it by changing the value.

if the key is not there and you add it, it may cause your system to hang / reboot constantly / all sorts of other problems.

More details at M$ site: Error message when you start a Windows Vista-based computer after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive: "STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE"
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I just upgraded an HDD to an SSD in a HP laptop. The BIOS does not show any SATA options at all. How can I figure out from within Windows 8.1 if AHCI is enabled?

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Okay AHCI Windows 7...>SSD....Enable B4 Installation I plan on doing a clean install of Windows on my laptop I have an SSD from crucial I know that I need to enable AHCI BEFORE I start the installation of Windows correct Now I saw this Intel website in regards to AHCI Intel Rapid Storage Technology amp mdash Configure the BIOS for RAID or AHCI on an Intel Desktop Windows 7...>SSD....Enable AHCI B4 Installation Board I know that my laptop has a chipset that supports AHCI But I'm worried about the whole quot Enabling AHCI or RAID after installing the operating system is not recommended or supported when a SATA hard drive is the boot drive Enabling AHCI or RAID after installing the operating system might cause an immediate blue screen with an x b error code followed by a reboot If you use AHCI or RAID enable them before installing the operating system quot SO my question is this it looks like enabling AHCI is the absolute last thing I should do before installing Windows As in this is the routine I should follow Back up any drivers files etc that I need Insert Windows Installation Disc Close out of pop up install window Restart Laptop As laptop is restarting enter BIOS Follow Intel's step by step guide for enabling AHCI Change system to quot Boot from DVD Drive quot SAVE new BIOS Settings EXIT At that point my computer should REBOOT and this time it will do so from the DVD drive and Windows installation screen will appear correct After that I should have no problems OR am I missing something Do I need to do anything in Windows itself before I do anything with the BIOS

A:Windows 7...>SSD....Enable AHCI B4 Installation


1) Back up any drivers/files/etc that I need
4) Restart Laptop
5) As laptop is restarting enter BIOS
6) Follow Intel's step by step guide for enabling AHCI
7) Change system to "Boot from DVD Drive"
8) SAVE new BIOS Settings....EXIT
2) Insert Windows 7 Installation Disc
3) deleted.
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Hey All,

I'm purchasing a new SSD next week. I've been reading up on it and it looks like I need to enable AHCI in my BIOS. I can't find any option for AHCI though.

I currently have my System setup as RAID0. This was how it was set up in the factory and I haven't changed it.

The only option I have is under SATA operation and I can either set it to "RAID Autodetect/ATA" or "RAID ON".

Is there anyway I can check to see whether AHCI is already enabled? If not will one of the above options enable it?

A:How to Enable AHCI - No option in BIOS.

Some motherboards incorporate AHCI SATA automatically. In the early days of SATA there was a lot of confusion in terminology. "RAID" - "AHCI" - all the same thing.

For your motherboard it looks like you want to choose "RAID Autodetect/ATA" to use a non-RAID setup with AHCI.
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Hi all, sorry if is somewhat of a redundant question. This is a : Pavilion 15-p043cl NotebookRunning : Windows 10 64Bit Home (Upgrade)BIOS: F.43I need to encrypt this laptop with Veracrypt which doesn't support GPT. I am trying to find a way to change my laptop to AHCI mode so that I can do the change once I convert the Disk Volume to MBR. I don't see that option in the BIOS. Questions: 1. Is there a way to change the bootloader settings to AHCI?2. If yes, how or will it automatically switch if I just change the volume from GDP to MBR? Or sould I just forget it and upgrade to windows 10 pro and use bitlocker? Thanks in advanced for taking the time to reply.DM
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I need to enable AHCI on my PC. It's running Windows 7 Pro on an ASUS IPIBL "Benicia" mainboard. I folled the instructions to modify the registry at computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\msahci & iastorv. Nada. When I change the BIOS from RAID to AHCI, Windows goes into endless reboot.The windows logo graphic doesn't even finish drawing one pane. It's a pain in the kiester to have to reset BIOS everytime I need to use the second drive. What gives? The main drive is WD 160GB HDD. I basically trying to make a hackintosh using a second bare drive, which is a story unto itself.

A:Cannot enable AHCI on ASUS IPIBL-LB w/Win7 Pro

If you have any RAID 0 array, you must set SATA=RAID or you're going to ruin your array.
Did you tried to set SATA=AHCI on BIOS then boot in safe mode (F8)? As it boots without drivers, you can look at device manager to check if there is something missing. Then try to reboot normally.
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Hello, I need to change SATA mode to AHCI in bios as I have installed a SSD drive. The original hard drive failed hence why I installed a SSD drive.  When I run the SSD health utility, it is advising the SATA mode is currently set to IDE, and needs to be changed to AHCI. Please can you advise how I unlock bios or how I change the SATA mode to AHCI from IDE on this model? FYG, i have check the BIOS and there are limited features available.. Most other vendors allow this option to be changed, don't understand why it isn't available . I look forward to your prompt reply and appropriate solution to resolve this matter.
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I need to enable AHCI on my PC. It's running Windows 7 Pro on an ASUS IPIBL "Benicia" mainboard. I folled the instructions to modify the registry at computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\msahci & iastorv. Nada. When I change the BIOS from RAID to AHCI, Windows goes into endless reboot.The windows logo graphic doesn't even finish drawing one pane. It's a pain in the kiester to have to reset BIOS everytime I need to use the second drive. What gives? The main drive is WD 160GB HDD. I basically trying to make a hackintosh using a second bare drive, which is a story unto itself.

A:Cannot enable AHCI on ASUS IPIBL-LB w/Win7 Pro

If you have any RAID 0 array, you must set SATA=RAID or you're going to ruin your array.
Did you tried to set SATA=AHCI on BIOS then boot in safe mode (F8)? As it boots without drivers, you can look at device manager to check if there is something missing. Then try to reboot normally.
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How to enable AHCI support under vista famillial premium .
Nothing to do in BIOS.
Do i update to windows 7 8 or 10 ?
best regards.
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Hi all, I searched and was unable to find this specific question answered.

I'm coming from win XP and I've got 3 SATA drives currently operating in IDE mode. I am just about to move to Win7 Pro and I was considering setting the motherboard to recognize the drives as AHCI. I am going to reformat one drive completely for the OS drive.

My questions are:

1. Will this negatively affect my other two storage drives because they had previously been running in IDE mode?

2. Is there a way to determine whether or not my drives support AHCI at all? (They're all SATA drives bought in the last 4 years.)

3. I intend to run XP mode, will AHCI mode pose any problems for this?

Thanks for the help, I've just discovered this forum and it looks like a fantastic resource.

A:Coming from XP, enable AHCI for SATA drives?

ronin688, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Too answer your questions,

1. Not in the slightest. The OS and the driver(s) installed there are what determine whether any attached drives run in AHCI.

2. As far as I know all SATA drives will run in AHCI mode.

3. Won't make any difference as it will be running in a VM, so the host configuration won't affect it.

On the bright side with setting the SATA controllers to SATA/AHCI mode formatting before installing Windows 7, with the motherboard listed in your specs you shouldn't need to install the SATA driver as Windows 7 has native SATA/AHCI support.
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hi all. i just got an asus a8r32 mvp deluxe crossfire board, and it has tons of options in the bios im not used to seeing. one of them, under storage, allows you to run your sata drives in 'emulated pata mode' or 'AHCI mode.' i have read that AHCI is faster, but what exactly does it do, and how do I get my computer to support it, because everytime I enable it my system reboots and will not load windows. thanks.

A:Sata Drives - How Do I Enable My Motherboard To Run Them In Ahci Mode?

answered my own question yet again, i need to install the sata drivers during a windows install, and ahci is not recommended for single machines anyway.
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Hi Everyone I have just installed an SSD into my computer running XP post AHCI installation SSD challenge migration - to enable ATI XP Try with chipset! & migration from mechanical drive to SSD was simple with the Try to enable AHCI post XP installation & SSD migration - challenge with ATI chipset! help of Paragon Migrate OS to SSD Everything is working ok however I would ideally like to set my BIOS to AHCI it is currently set to IDE Towards this end I have been trying to follow the tutorial How to enable AHCI after having installed Windwos XP I am at a loss concerning how to install AHCI drivers on my ASUS M A L-M LX motherboard because it features an ATI chipset on the Southbridge as can be seen from the CPU-Z Try to enable AHCI post XP installation & SSD migration - challenge with ATI chipset! screen capture below - The instructions in the tutorial specifically focus on an Intel chipset and they mention that I should be able to right click on each of the quot IDE Channel quot entries under Device Manager and manually update the driver However whenever I do this with the appropriate driver downloaded from the ASUS M A L-M LX support page Windows informs me that it cannot find a quot better driver quot and leaves the existing one in place I have attempted to enable AHCI in the BIOS without following the instructions provided and was met not surprisingly with a BSOD and a quick computer restart After setting the BIOS back to IDE the computer boots again so I haven t done any damage to XP thankfully I am now at a loss regarding how to proceed if anybody has any advise can you please let me know Kind Regards Davo nbsp

A:Try to enable AHCI post XP installation & SSD migration - challenge with ATI chipset!

Here are some detailed instructions which describe how to change from AHCI to IDE mode post XP installation.
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I'm currently reading the VirtualBox manual and it said there was no support for AHCI in winxp sp2. Is this correct? Was there an MS update that enabled AHCI support or do SATA HDD manufacturers provide the software?

A:winxp sp2 and ahci support

It's the SATA controller that needs the support, so the controller manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer supply the relevant driver.
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Hi all,

i need some advise on the hard disk change with different OS.
Everytime i want to swap hard disk with different OS, WinXp(IDE) to Win7(AHCI), i need to do change some hard disk setting on BIOS. Is there any way that i can do to make both hard disk with different OS compatible on the desktop PC without change any setting on BIOS everytime i change hdd? Is there a way to make WinXP IDE mode to run under AHCI mode?


A:How to make WinXP (IDE) able to run on AHCI mode?

Guide: Enable AHCI in Windows XP After Installation - Bootbeta
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Hey all,
I have a SSD with Win7 Home Premium x64. To boot off it my bios needs to be in AHCI mode.
I also have Windows XP Prof SP2 x84 on a Sata2 drive and too boot off of that I need to be in IDE mode.
Is it possible to get a dual boot happening in this scenario?
Also when I boot into the XP drive it rewrites the boot BCD (*?*) and I need to load up the Win7 install disk and do a repair to get back into Win7. While EasyBCD will allow me to fix that issue I can't imagine it will allow me to do the whole AHCI/IDE combo will it?

Thanks all.

A:Can I dual boot with Win7 on an AHCI SSD and WinXP on an IDE SATA2?

With separate HD's its best to boot via the BIOS, settting preferred to boot first then triggering the other using the one-time BIOS Boot Menu (or BBS) key. Then the HD"s should not be able to interfere with one another, although you can access your files on either.

You'd need to convert the XP HD to AHCI. Back up a system image using free Macrium - Image your system first.

Enable AHCI in Windows XP After Installation - Bootbeta
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Hello, it's about installing WinXP on SATA (AHCI) hdd, by default standard windows xp installer can't detect AHCI, so while install you'll get a blue screen error.

I have found out that problem, and there is 2 available solutions:
1. By setting BIOS, advance, HDD, to compatible mode
2. By install windows XP that has integrated AHCI driver

​If you are using solution #1, then you can install windows xp by using standard winxp installer, but if you are using solution #2, then you need to find AHCI driver for your chipset, and then integrated it to winxp installer by using software called nLite.

Nah, I want to know, where I can download AHCI driver for nvidia MCP75L chipset for winxp pro sp2.

I just found AHCI driver for win xp pro sp2, but it's intended for intel chipset, whereas mine is nvidia MCP75L.

Do you guys know where to download it?


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I m posting a solution to an issue that took me almost four days to resolve In the Aspire One WinXP ACER to issue Solved: AHCI Home Pro Netbook end the issue cause appears to be a bad downloaded file from the manufacutre site Note I am a huge believer in this Solved: ACER Aspire One Netbook WinXP Home to Pro AHCI issue support site and use it to provide solutions to common or uncommon issues that we all face If you find this thread useful then use this forum to quot post solutions quot in additions to your support requests Issue amp SATA AHCI Controller amp Storage Device Files not being presented only amp SATA RAID Controller amp Files when installing WinXP Pro from CD pressing F to install additional Drivers Requirement Install WinXP Pro on an Acer Aspire One AOD previously loaded Solved: ACER Aspire One Netbook WinXP Home to Pro AHCI issue with factory WinXP Home Steps to Recreate Problem Equipment Accessories i External USB DVD CD Drive used for MS WinXP Install CD ii External USB Floppy Drive used for Additional Storage Driver from ACER Set Ensure Bios SATA amp set to AHCI Set to Boot from USB DVD CD Drive Need the AHCI driver for the Acer Aspire AOD Download SATA AHCI Storage Driver from the Acer ca site Use Netbook Aspire One Product Model AOD - Set Operating System to WinXP Professional - Find SATA Driver and download File Downloaded ZIP File - SATA Intel v XPx XPx A zip File Extracts File Folder - IMSM Intel v XP File Required Folder - f flpy Folder f flpy Contents iaahci cat iaAHCI inf iastor cat iaStor inf iaStor sys license txt TXTSETUP OEM Copy contents of f flpy to Floppy disk Insert Floppy disk into USB Floppy drive Insert WinXP Pro Install CD into USB DVD Drive Choose Boot from CD Press F to install addition drivers Windows Setup displays amp None amp No Storage Device Found - Press S for additional Drivers - A list Storage Devices proposed - Choose - Other on manufacture floppy - Proposes amp A amp Drive files from Floppy Note all RAID Controllers amp no AHCI Controllers quot Intel R ESB SATA RAID Controller quot quot Intel R ICH R DH SATA RAID Controller quot quot Intel R ICH MDH SATA RAID Controller quot quot Intel R ICH R ICH R ICH R SATA RAID Controller quot quot Intel R ICH M-E ICH M-E SATA RAID Controller quot Naive Assumption is made that these are amp Combo amp storage drivers and include the AHCI and choosing the correct one will allow me to continue NOT TRUE Selecting one of the drivers and continuing the install gives a message again that amp No Storage HDD device is detected amp and a chance to amp S amp select another driver Result of trial error selection is Blue Screen amp Stop amp error display x CE file iaSTOR sys Message Driver Unloaded without cancelling pending operation NOTE THIS IS AN INDICATION THAT THE WRONG CONTROLLER IS BEING SELECTED Work Around - Solution What is happening is that the quot SATA AHCI quot files are not showing only the SATA RAID Controllers The issue appears that the TXTSETP OEM file is not proposing the iaACHI inf files for selections correctly In my case I only needed the quot Sata AHCI Controller quot iaAHCI ICH MMDH driver The TXTSETUP OEM file was edited to comment out with a sign the drivers I do not need for my Netbook I only needed the iaAHCI ICH MMDH driver See attached Edited TXTSETP OEM Note No Information was removed or altered only comment amp amp added to file When I commented out the non required SATA AHCI Controller and the SATA amp Raid Controllers amp and reinstalled WinXP Professional Using F again the only Controller that appeared proposed was Intel R ICH M MDH SATA AHCI Controller This time the only driver proposed was the right one Intel R ICH M MDH SATA AHCI Controller Continuing with the install resulted in a SUCCESSFUL install of WinXP Result Action Required Actual problem appears to be an incorrect TXTSETP OEM file Requires follow-up with ACER Text file Copyright c - Intel Corporation Filename TXTSETUP OEM Disks disk quot Intel Matrix Storag... Read more
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I have a motherboard Asus p5k se/epu( intel p35 board). I felt that my sata drive emulated in IDE mode... So i want to fully utilize the sata drive in xp.

Therefore I follow the method provided by other forum's member.

But the problem is that my bios setting only have one option that allowed me to select.. which is IDE mode ONLY!!! Where is the AHCI mode ?

Or any of you have your own standard way to enable AHCI mode? teach me please...?
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Hi all I have just read a very enlightening article in PC Magazine concerning SP Security Center Spoofing Threat - http www pcmag com article asp The article says essentially that the XP Firewall could possibly be spoofed by malicious script which WinXP's - 'Limited' Mode to How Enable? would tell it to quot open the door quot WinXP's 'Limited' Mode - How to Enable? for an attack I am probably not doing the article justice so please read it as well as Microsoft s response I am running XP Pro on one machine only I am set as the Administrator and the only user The article says in part quot The one mitigating factor that we found is that to change the WMI and spoof the Security Center the script has to be running in Administrator mode If executed in Windows XP s Limited Mode it will give an error and not allow changes Unfortunately most home users who will be at risk run in the default administrator mode quot The question s part What are the advantages disadvantages of running XP Pro for a single user in Limited Mode Where do I go to make the changes P S This is my first foray into the world of BC outside of the infamous Privacy Tools thread in the Breaking News - Security Forum

A:WinXP's 'Limited' Mode - How to Enable?

Your question is a good one, Xsara. A part of my present problem is lack of understanding with regards to what I find as a damnable part of winxp pro...the logon feature, and user groups in general. I too use xp pro on one machine only and have found it diffficult to with clarity and foresight manipulate the OS in such a way to accomodate my needs. If you don't mind killin' some time, references to the problems, not the fixes are within this post of mine and links within it:my problems (in particular, the most recent parts of the thread)and this, from a post re: freshly installing windows which kinda sums it up:the questions I had in mind... I've done it a half dozen times (re-installation) and know that variations exist and they do exert influences on the issues of system stability and speed of operation to an extent.Configuring the OS, especially winxp pro can be done well, or not so well. I'm in between with regards to my own experience.I'm convinced, from the very start of it's operation, that winxp is more friendly to a large corporation with multiple PC's in multiple locations with multiple users on each one than it is to the single user who initially wanted the extra security features within the file structures themselves and may have been sorta duped by the thought that it was better to get the most advanced operating system so that preparation for the future was assisted, as well. Naturally, I'd like to hear more from someone about your question...
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losing it about this problem. called mcafee for support and did not resolve. i know it was me, and its probably just a switch, if some one could assist me i would very much appriciate it.

A:Winxp issue-cannot enable mcafee

We are going to need a little more information that what you have provided. Please give more details about what has happened and what you have done that might have caused this problem.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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I have a Toshiba satellite laptop running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 and is only like a year old. Standby was working fine until a few months ago. Now all of a sudden standby and hibernate are disabled. There is NO hibernate tab in power options. I have not done anything to my bios, nor have i formatted my hard drive at all. I have read online that drivers can prevent them from working, but i have no idea on how i can find which one. Other people have said i need an updated display driver, but the only display driver for my model is for Vista. I really want standby because my laptop stays on like all day and gets pretty hot after a while.

A:Re-enable Standby On Winxp Home

I would try deleting the hiberfil.sys file and then re-initiating power options (after rebooting the system). That should take care of possible file corruption as the cause of your issues.
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Hi guyz,

I have 5 mahines on whcih users have restricted access, and they need to access the our data server for which the password cannot be shared to these users, so what i did is that I stored the data server passowrd by using the

user account--->Advance------->manage passoword option.

But on one system when i click the manage password in the new windows where the passowrd can be stored does not have "Add" button enabled. It looks like due to some group policy that option is disbaled. Can any one tell how to enable that option again.
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I can't enable firewall protection on WindowsXP. Here's the actual message printed in the window where the option should be:

"Windows cannot display the properties of this connection. The Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) information might be corrupted. To correct this, use System Restore to restore Windows to an earlier time (called a restore point). System Restore is located in the System Tools folder in Accessories."

The only problem is that I just cleared out all of my system restore points when I turned it off to clean up some ad and spyware remains. Is there anyway to fix this problem without completely re-installing Windows? It's takes a long time to re-install and it's a pain to download all the critical updates and service packs, especially on dial-up! Help!!

A:Cannot enable firewall on internet connection in winXP

No ones knows?

Would re-installing Windows fix the problem?
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Will it be safe to use XP in 2014 if internet & any downloads are always run in Sandboxie , backed up by real time avast8 & mbam pro ,win patrol , vtuploader for downloads check, etc & with java uninstalled.
As I understand, 95% of malware is sourced from the internet/downloads & online email so Sandboxie should isolate & keep XP safe , (combined with safe practices of course) ,despite the withdrawal of XP updates ?

A:Sandboxie to enable safe use of winXP after april 2014

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I cannot enable the (Windows) firewall. (I am behind a router.)

See attachments reflecting my trying to do so.



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I have a very serious problem with my newly bought computer I have just bought I bios If helds HT . 7.1 enable while winxp in system SP2 in instaling Creative Intel Pentium HT GHz mb L prescott Intel Mobo D GAV-L Casing PSU W MSI Geforce GT MB Nx gt TD E and I have some old things which i plug in my new system mention below Kingstone MB Mhz Ram Seagate Gb Baracoda HDD LG Combo drive Creative Live SoundCard Lucent Modem Fly Video TV tuner I assemble my computer and If I enable HT in bios system helds in winxp SP2 while instaling Creative 7.1 . install Windows XP pro SP HT enabled in the bios while installing windows When i completed windows installation and install the driver of Creative Live soundcard Full software instal not only the driver my computer freezes I restart my pc and install other drivers modem If I enable HT in bios system helds in winxp SP2 while instaling Creative 7.1 . Grafics card at If I enable HT in bios system helds in winxp SP2 while instaling Creative 7.1 . this time my system works great When i again install the Creative soundcard softawre driver system again held totaly freez I restart my pc and this time I Disable HT in the bios then i again install my soundcard drivers now system does not freez and the installtion is completed sucssesfuly I resatrt my pc and enbale HT in bios and when windows start and loads the soundcard software at startup the system again frezzes I change the pci slot of the card but it dosent work I reinstall the windows HT enabled in the bios but this time Windows XP Pro not sp install the soundcard software-driver whole cd installation and my PC install the software without freezing I install other softwares and drivers but system does not freeze But when i install the SP Patch SP upgradation after restarting my system again freezes on the loading of soundcard software driver When I enable HT in bios system helds and when i disable it system does not freeze Whats the problem What should i do I am realy confuse about it I want to enable HT but it freezes Plz help me My soundcard drivers are latest If someone helps me i ll be greatly thankful to him nbsp
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Hey guys your help and expertise will be greatly appreciated I m desperately in need of assistance here Recently my comp is totally wrecked up programs doesn t run like they ought to and startup is a total havoc My comp is also stuffed with alot of useless info and programs and I think it is in serious need of reformatting However I m a total comp in this and will need your CLEAR and CONCISE step-by-step explaination sigh This guy set up my comp for me bout years ago and when he installed WinXP Pro i kinda remebered he ed up something regarding partitions Think he made another partition and thus my comp has been running WinXP currently How to again? WinXP using am Hard-drive install I Pro my and Reformat on partitions but actually only in fact i m utilising one cuz its showed i only have harddrive c So right now i m pondering how to totally delete EVERYHING from my comp is tat reformat of harddrives I wanna wipe everything out from my comp like its totally cleaned and then starting from scratch reinstall my WinXP Pro again how can i do that And also considering my problem about partitions mentioned above I would wanna merge them together and fully utilise the partitions as after i reformat How can i do that I really have no idea at all I ve tried searching for similar topics but learned little from those replied suggestions nbsp

A:How to Reformat my Hard-drive and install WinXP Pro again? I am currently using WinXP

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

First go into Bios and find the boot menu make sure it is set to boot from Floppy first(if you have a floppy drive) then your cd rom then your Hard drive.

Put your windows Cd in your cd drive and save and exit from Bios.

1. Start your computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM. To do this, insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into your CD drive or DVD drive, and then restart your computer.
2. When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press any key to start the computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM.
3. At the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to start Windows XP Setup.
4. Read the End-User License Agreement, and then press F8.
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to select and format a partition where you want to install Windows XP.
6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete Windows XP Setup.

Please note that during setup your computer will reboot. When it does you will be asked to press any key to boot from cd DO NOT press anything otherwise it will just start the setup again from scratch.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I am using the latest extracted Intel Matrix and INF install drivers and no matter what I try Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) will not load the AHCI drivers during install. It will not even recognize the HDD if I enable AHCI in the BIOS.
I have to wait until after the install is finshed in IDE mode, then, apply the reg hacks and copy iastor.sys to the drivers folder, reboot into BIOS setup and enable AHCI mode for AHCI to load.
I've run out of ideas.

A:AHCI will not load during install

Have had similar problems...

ACHI driver issue W7x64

Am trying to find the time to reinstall, but there are a number of links and ideas already in the thread url above...
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I?m going to reinstall Windows 7 on an SSD (120 MB) I just bought. I know I need to set the bios to AHCI mode for the SSD. I also have a RAID (2 x 250 MB 7200rpm) array I would like to use for data storage. I was going to install windows with only the SSD connected and then connect the RAID array. My problem is I can only set the SATA ports on AHCI or RAID. What do I set the bios on to have both installed? The MB is an Asrock 760GM-GS3.

A:AHCI or RAID for new install?

RAID is the same as AHCI but with raid features.
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So I switched over to the SATA setup via BIOS in attempt to improve my SSD performance. I knew I had to reinstall on the SSD but my I am not able to read or even format my second HDD that was also in AHCI. Is there any way to (would be awesome if) read, or at least format my drive so I can use it again? I tried disk management and other options within the OS and couldn't format.

it's an MSI 990xa gd-55 mobo. Which I am ashamed to even own because it sucks.
MSI USA ? Motherboard - 990XA-GD55

A:Is there any way to read an AHCI HDD from ATA install?

You could try booting with a recovery disc which should get you into an off-line mode where you might be able to use the "diskpart" command. Just be careful:
DiskPart Command-Line Options
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Hi Guys I am hoping someone can help I am having trouble installing the AHCI driver when doing a clean install of vista bit The trouble is that I can get to the point of installing the driver but when I click to the next step two Things happen is that I get a screen saying that the drive may not boot correctly and when it goes back the the screen that shows the hard drive that I was going to install to the drive is no longer present Infact not Driver can install with AHCI there are no drives to choose from I was wondering if anyone may have had the same problem or may know the answer Here are the specs ot the system that I am trying to install to M B Gigabyte GA P DQ H D S Seagate G B Sata x Video Gigbyte GTS I have tried drivers from the M B c d that comes with system and also the driver from the web site Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing from you Darren P S Due to the time difference here in OZ I might not be able can not install with AHCI Driver to reply to you straight away But I will when I get to view them Thanks Again nbsp
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Ok so have been searching google for a while and came across a few things but still doesnt answer my main question, so i bought a bunch of new hardware including a new mobo and ssd, now the problem im having is trying to decide whether to run IDE or ACHI as there are mixed responses as to whether it will work.

My current setup is 2 intel ssd's and 3 mech hdds with 1 optical drive, so will ahci work?

My board is a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 with 6 sata 3 ports, it does have marvell controller but that powers 2 esata so thats out of the question, but basically everything is going to be plugged into the gigabyte sata3 ports will this cause compatibility issues or run just fine?

Am going to fresh install win7 anyway as i need it installed on my new intel ssd but will install under IDE until i can get a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance.

A:SSD & HDD w/ AHCI Fresh Install

We deal with this every day here. Try in AHCI mode first as it confers a slight advantage and is more modern. If it fails then use IDE mode.
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I know there is an option in WinXP to recover lost system files using the WinXP CD and choosing the upgrade option while installing. It has worked for me many a time. Is there a way to do it in a non booting WinXP....Here what I mean is an Xp which has got some files corrupted so badly that it wont boot.

Am just trying a new method for it. Will come up with it later. But for now can you people let me know if already there is a option to do that.

A:Repair install WinXP in a non Booting WinXP.

Did you try Disk Defragmenter?
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Hi Guys I am hoping someone can help I am having trouble installing the AHCI driver when doing a clean install of vista bit The trouble is that I can get install vista Driver AHCI cant in to the point of installing the driver but when I click to the next step two Things happen is that I get a screen saying that the drive may not boot correctly and when it goes back the the cant install AHCI Driver in vista screen that shows the hard drive that I was going to install to the cant install AHCI Driver in vista drive is no longer present Infact there are no drives to choose from I was wondering if anyone may have had the same problem or may know the answer Here are the specs ot the system that I am trying to install to M B Gigabyte GA P DQ H D S Seagate G B Sata x Video Gigbyte GTS I have tried drivers from the M B c d that comes with system and also the driver from the web site Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing from you Darren nbsp

A:cant install AHCI Driver in vista

Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) mode is a BIOS option in my computer for the SATA hard disk controller. It lets the OS use Native Command Queuing (NCQ/aka SATA mode) to reorder disk read or write requests to make the reading and writing more efficient, particularly if the disk is very busy.

My BIOS has options IDE, RAID, or AHCI mode. RAID includes all of the ACHI features and Intel recommend that you choose the RAID before you install an OS because changing it afterward can be painful (or "unsupported" if you have an Intel motherboard!).

The process in Vista seems to be less painful than in Windows XP because VISTA includes AHCI drivers by default. However, if AHCI mode was not enabled at the time you installed Vista then the new drivers will not be loaded, and if you change the BIOS setting then Windows doesn't boot.

Simple solution:

Start with IDE mode selected in the BIOS, and boot Windows Vista.
Exit all Windows-based programs.
Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
If you receive the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.
Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci
In the right pane, right-click Start in the Name column, and then click Modify.
In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK.
On the File menu, click Exit to close Registry Editor.
Reboot, and change to AHCI mode in the BIOS. Windows will detect some changed hardware (anything connected to a SATA port).
For good measure I downloaded and (re)installed the chipset drivers for my motherboard. I have an my motherboard uses an Intel G33 chipset and I wasn't sure if I needed to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, but when I tried it told me that I already had a more recent version of the software installed. I guess part of the chipset driver package overlaps with the Storage Manager software
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I have found on different boards if I install in AHCI mode Windows seems to quot find quot the drivers for running in AHCI RAID mode at install If I install in IDE mode it does not and I have no option to switch to AHCI RAID if needed In the past you had to press F or whatever and install them from a floppy I think this is no longer the case with Windows Can anyone confirm this I don't AHCI at Does have 7 Windows drivers install even have a floppy and never will I will install in AHCI so I have the choice in the future Is there any down side to doing this and am I right Also - I know there is a registry quot hack quot you can use to boot into AHCI after installing in IDE but why does everyone not install in Does Windows 7 have AHCI drivers at install AHCI so they have the choice Am I way off here Are you planning to install in AHCI to have this benefit

A:Does Windows 7 have AHCI drivers at install

Quote: Originally Posted by nate42nd

I have found on 4 different boards if I install in AHCI mode, Windows 7 seems to "find" the drivers for running in AHCI/RAID mode at install. If I install in IDE mode, it does not and I have no option to switch to AHCI/RAID if needed. In the past you had to press F6 (or whatever) and install them from a floppy. I think this is no longer the case with Windows 7. Can anyone confirm this. I don't even have a floppy and never will. I will install in AHCI so I have the choice in the future. Is there any down side to doing this and am I right?

Also - I know there is a registry "hack" you can use to boot into AHCI after installing in IDE but why does everyone not install in AHCI so they have the choice? Am I way off here? Are you planning to install in AHCI to have this benefit?

What you are asking in found in the BIOS settings. Read the manual supplied as to how they (manufacture) wants things done.
my MOBO allows (F6) also (F11) and (F12) - (F2) is master access to Bios.

I don't even have a floppy and never will.

then burn to a CD or DVD or USB. your choice. but some manufactures demand that you install there xxxxxx via floppy disc.
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i am asking the question for a friend he has only GB hard disk space left so he choose install windows xp not windows seven Opera System Windows Experience Service Pack Mother Board MSI South Bridge Z he followed tutorial to do http forums pcper com showthread php t Only changed the registry Windows Registry Editor Version HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Control Cr iticalDeviceDatabase to xp? install in Intel windows AHCI how PCI VEN amp how to install Intel AHCI in windows xp? DEV C amp CC quot Service quot quot iaStor quot quot ClassGUID quot quot D E A-E - CE-BFC - BE quot HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Servic es iaStor quot Type quot dword quot Start quot dword quot Group quot quot SCSI miniport quot how to install Intel AHCI in windows xp? quot ErrorControl quot dword quot ImagePath quot quot system drivers iaStor sys quot quot tag quot dword quot DisplayName quot quot Intel AHCI how to install Intel AHCI in windows xp? Controller quot HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Servic es iaStor Parameters quot queuePriorityEnable quot dword HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Servic es iaStor Enum quot quot quot PCI VEN amp DEV C amp CC amp SUBSYS B amp REV amp c b c amp amp FA quot quot Count quot dword quot NextInstance quot dword i help him edited this registry after enable Intel AHCI in UEFI it give him BLUE SCREEN i not sure he is using EFI or UEFI so please tell me what is wrong nbsp
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I have the GA-EX58-Extreme Board and have just installed the pre release of Win7 7600 64 bit. Normally i have experience to get the BSOD when in staling with AHCI active in bios so i change to IDE mode. Installation went flawless and also the change to AHCI mode on Intel ICH10R controler went normal. As always i got problem to change the J micron controller to AHCI and of cause i got the BSOD again. I installed the latest R1.17.48.16 driver and tryed again but no luck. Can some tell me what i am doing wrong. ? I have a hardisk and a dvd drive attached to the J micron Sata connection.

A:Intel Sata controler ICH10R AHCI + Jmicron AHCI error

You may not be doing anything wrong...or at least, you're doing the same wrong thing that I am. I've never been able to get that jMicron deleted to work in AHCI mode.

So, I hang the optical drive and the port for the e-SATA connection to the external backup drive off it and run it in IDE mode.
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see second post.

I have a 3TB drive D: for data formatted with GPT.

Had BIOS OnChip SATA Type set as "RAID" "As SATA Type" from back in the day. When I took out the RAID, I forgot to change this to AHCI when I reformatted and got rid of RAID drives!

Changing to "AHCI" "As SATA Type" as shown in image in second post, causes Windows 7 x64 to lose / not see the GPT on my drive D: and it wants to "initialize" it as MBR or GPT-- no way!!

A:cloned C:, installed AHCI drivers, changed BIOS to AHCI, D:'s GPT gone

ok, returning to BIOS and setting back to RAID, as AHCI typeenabled me to view the drive D: again
C: drive seems to be running much more slowly again.
these drives are plugged into the OnChip SATAWith AHCI as SATA typeno drive D:

With RAID as SATA typehave drive D:
but C: definitely dog-tired-slow
I really should not have fiddled with this at 3AM on a Sunday morning!!! Bah, I'm a pro, what could go wrong???

I'm not sure why changing to AHCI causes windows to miss the GPT on the D: drive.
Can I back this GPT up and restore it? Detect it after changing to AHCI? this is my only large drive, I can't back up the entire fricking thing.

The other question this makes me ask is how do I keep my GPT when I move to another motherboard? I don't trust the GPT like I do MBR hm....

edit: changing back again, it does not seem any faster. Doing more reading, it's ok to leave it as RAID because AHCI functions are still available no? So I really shouldn't gain/lose any performance?
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I reformatted the HDD on my pre-built Acer Predator G5900 (think that was the model). I had to download the Realtek Lan drivers from the Acer site to get internet access. On the site were two other drivers which I haven't yet installed and am not sure if I need:


I've been running Win7 without these drivers for a couple of weeks now, but I do feel that performance is slightly lower than it was before, though I could be imagining it. Are these safe to install like any other driver (gfx drivers for example), and would they have any benefit?


A:Install Intel AHCI & Chipset drivers?

when u reload windows you always load the drivers from the mfr......... in your case u would load the chipset drivers (your version of win' 7 32 or 64 bit???) then reboot....... then u would load lan,sound and onboard vga drivers .......... reboot between each
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TLDR I'm unable to install an OS without setting drives to IDE and not AHCI and I cannot successfully change it to AHCI retrospectively Hi I've been struggling for days with getting a stable installation of Win Pro bit or Windows Pro Version N bit working on an OCZ Arc gb Backstory I AHCI Unable install to 8.1 with N Windows 64bit help!! Pro bought a new SSD an OCZ Arc GB to replace an existing Plextor GB I Unable to install Windows 8.1 Pro N 64bit with AHCI help!! had had a Windows Pro install running solidly with no problems for a couple of years note though it was not a UEFI setup With the new SSD I tried for days to clone and then create from scratch a new Windows UEFI install but failed constantly and all of the information I found seemed to suggest it was all around a secure boot problem I spoke to OCZ and they asked me to RMA the drive I then got a replacement I then decided to bite the bullet and invest in Windows in the vain hope it would relieve the issue however it turned out to be just as bad and really it was an AHCI problem all along In both the Win and Win installs I had been setting CSM to UEFI Only Secure Boot to UEFI only disabling fast boot but without any success it was only when SATA was set to IDE I could finally complete an install this time on Windows However later setting it back to AHCI would then stop it booting I read various guides on how to change it and switch it to AHCI but everytime I tried to start again it would not start up I concluded there must be some kind of storage driver issue however there doesn't appear to be any SATA AHCI specific drivers for my mobo on the Asus site for so are presumably inlcluded however I even tried similar mobo R Evo and R LE and chipsets and presenting the drivers during install but that came to nothing Getting thoroughly sick of it all I settled for having IDE only and successfully did a clean install of and went about installing all my stuff happy days at last a working PC I would say though that it didn't seem the most stable OS install ever as occasionally it would freeze on the logon screen or freeze randomly during use sometimes it would come alive again and sometimes not That was yesterday but for the majority of the time it was good Current situation Today in the hope of finding an answer to the stability issues I was going through the usual series of driver updates and I updated the Asus bios from to this morning and that set my sata to AHCI I spotted it and set it back however it now won't boot at all and gives me an xc error I've now been round the houses again repairs and recovery disks messing with EFI settings and boot managers like this Qlik Tips Fix a Windows boot issue but nothing seems to work I am sadly resigned to likely having to start again however if I do that I will need to fix this AHCI IDE boot issue once and for all as it's clearly been a problem in all my attempts If I could get into the current OS first it would be a bonus as then I could copy out every download I'd just made to reinstall everything would save me time when I presumably have to rebuild Tech Specs Asus M A R mobo OCZ Arc gb Corsair XMS GB x AMD FX XFX HD X-Fi SB Seagate GB SATA Hitachi GB SATA I've genuinely put days and days into this now I just want it to end and go back to using a PC like normal can anyone help Thanks Mat

A:Unable to install Windows 8.1 Pro N 64bit with AHCI help!!

just to add to this I can currently get in via Macrium Reflect Free so it's all still there. If anyone can direct me as to what might help in getting my files out that would be good. This software can't do it but I imagine there are others that can. If my drives are squiffy as well then let me know. I tried the fix boot problems option in here but when it reboots I still get the 0xc0000034 error.

During other investigations today I have learnt that my XFX HD7850 card is not UEFI compatible so that may be something causing a problem too.
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I'd like to be able to install just the driver and do it during the installation of Windows rather than after which would just mean upgrading from the default microsoft driver. I can't find the download on Intel's site for just the driver without the whole RST package and I also need information on exactly how to do the install during the Windows installation.

Sorry for my noobness and thanks in advance for any help and information anyone can provide.

A:Installing Intel AHCI driver during a Win 7 64 bit install

What's your motherboard make and model?
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I installed an Akasa sata front panel Akasa PC Front Panel with SATA Data Power to Gsata only device all other drives on sata connectors including boot drive In the bios Gsata was set for IDE mode I plugged a sata drive into the sata front panel started the machine and all is well the drive is fully functional I would like to be able to hot swap to the Akasa so I changed the Gsata setting in the bios to AHCI and restarted but it seems to still be running in IDE mode Dev Mgr shows ' port Serial ATA storage mode AHCI Install 64 After Vista Verifying controller - A ' Questions How do I verify AHCI mode for the drive plugged into the sata front panel If it is still running in IDE mode how can I force AHCI Is it advantageous to 'force' AHCI for the drives including boot on the other controller sata and would stability issues arise Relevant Specs Vista Ultimate GA-EP N-UD Verifying AHCI mode After Vista 64 Install R mainboard P Q sata controller Seagate sata HDs DVD Gsata controller Akasa Front Panel with sata drive plugged in Thanks James

A:Verifying AHCI mode After Vista 64 Install

An update to the issue:

After doing a little more research, I found this link:

Error message when you start a Windows Vista-based computer after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive: "STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE"

It relates to enabling AHCI after Vista is already installed. No need to go through the process for XP, as is demonstrated here:

HOWTO: enable AHCI mode after installing Windows - PC Perspective Forums (for XP, not Vista)

All one needs do in Vista (and only if enabling AHCI for the system drive) is one registry change.

At any rate, I decided to try plugging a sata drive into the Akasa front port with the system running and, lo and behold, auto-play popped right up and offered its options. I opened an explorer window and could see and manipulate the contents of the drive.

So, if anyone wishes to enable AHCI after a Vista install, it's quite simple. Just do it. But remember, if you enable AHCI for the boot drive, you must edit the registry (as in the 1st link) to tell Vista to load the AHCI driver (Msahci.sys) **before** you enable it in the bios.

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Want to pick up a ssd for my XPS 8000. Noticing that there is no AHCI in the bios. Is there a way around this?

I was hearing that I can set the BIOS to RAID and that will force AHCI. Is there any info on this?

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

A:SSD install on XPS Studio 8000 ( no AHCI in BIOS )

Hi Domchin,
Your system supports the use of an SSD (at SATA II speeds), but does not support AHCI.
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Hi I bought my laptop last year and it came new on on a SSD HP install my Mode ENV... Problem AHCI enabling with these stats Operating System Windows Processor Intel Core i - U with Intel Problem enabling AHCI Mode on a new SSD install on my HP ENV... HD Graphics GHz MB cache cores Processor family Intel Problem enabling AHCI Mode on a new SSD install on my HP ENV... Core i processorMemory GB DDR L- SDRAM x GB Storage TB rpm SATA nbsp I upgraded to Windows straight away Now I realised Problem enabling AHCI Mode on a new SSD install on my HP ENV... the only thing holding my system back was the HDD Last week I bought the Samsung EVO GB It's great but I have one problem Before replacing the hard drive with the SSD in device manager it came up IDE ATA ATAPI gt Standard SATA AHCI Controller Now after doing a clean install of windows it comes up nbsp IDE ATA ATAPI gt Intel R Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller When I open the magician software it comes up in red writing AHCI Mode Deactivated IDE OR RAID and it also says SATA Interface N A beside it See attachment My problem now is I have no idea how to enable AHCI mode and there is no option to do it in the BIOS How do I stop this problem from coming up in Magician I can find no option anywhere to enable AHCI mode Also can someone explain the difference in the two different things under IDE ATA ATAPI in Device Manager Thanks in advance
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Is there anyone able to help me with changing the SATA Controller mode from RAID to AHCI (in BIOS) after install without having to re-install Windows 8?

I am suspecting Intel RAID controller to be causing some problems with system stability and would like to move to software RAID (storage space) in Windows 8 and give it a try.  When I change the BIOS settings from RAID to AHCI in the SATA controller
mode, Windows 8 wont boot and running a system repair will not do neither.

I found this KB, but it is for Windows 7 and wont run on Windows 8? Anything similar for Windows 8?

A bit of details about the system:

System: Windows 8 pro 64
Primary HD (OS Only + bitlocker): Intel SSD 520 ? 240 Gb
Data HD (user files +bit locker): 2x WD RED 2T running in RAID 1
Motherboard RAID Controller: Intel DP55WB -  latest BIOS and Intel RST 11.6?.1030 driver

Thank you.

A:Changing from RAID to AHCI after windows 8 install

In Win8, the key MSAHCI is renamed to StorAHCI. Look at this key and set the value there."A programmer is just a tool which converts caffeine into code"
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I bought a brand new SSD, installed it in Windows 7, and there is no option in my BIOS for the SATA controller (to switch between IDE and AHCI Mode). How do I determine whether my computer's sata controller is using IDE or AHCI?

I want to make sure that my AHCI controller is enabled and not IDE when using TRIM.

If anyone can look at the picture below and determine whether my computer is default in IDE or AHCI, then I will mark this as Solved.


A:No AHCI option in BIOS, is my computer default in AHCI or IDE?

Run this tool and see what it says,

AS SSD Benchmark 1.7.4739.38088 Download - TechSpot

It will show you what mode it's running in.
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I have a Dell inspiron 5342 and want to install windows7 x86 ( 32bit) on it.
When i start to install OS,  the step 2 (where it extracts the files) goes till 57% and stops.
I checked google and found that it is dur to the AHCI controler and i would need to chage the bios to IDE support.
When i chekced the laptop BIOS it does not have support for IDE, and ONLY AHCI is in the list.
So i want to know how can i install a 32bit windows 7 with just AHCI support.
( I tried to install 64bit version and it install fine. I have a software which will work only on windows 7 32 bit so that is why i need windows 7 32 bit )
PLz Help

A:how to install win7 32bit on laptop with only AHCI support

I think the problem is your media and not Windows 32bit which should install because it also has native AHCI drivers. You can download an iso from here that matches your version. Burn the disk and see if it installs.
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I have a PC that is all SATA, including the DVD drive. I prefer to set the SATA controller for AHCI for the bit of extra performance. However, build 7000 will not install from the DVD drive set like that. So I changed the SATA controller to IDE and was able to install build 7000. I then manually changed the SATA driver to AHCI, rebooted and changed the SATA controller to match. That works, of course. With build 7057, however, I was able to perform the install with the SATA controller set to AHCI. A nice improvement.

I also noticed two other things. The magical 200MB hidden partition is now 100MB, and I think I saw a speed improvement copying HDD to HDD. At one point I saw 130MB/sec copying back files to the C: drive (new 500GB Hitachi) from the V: drive (year-old 750GB Seagate). This PC has an ancient 3.2 GHz P-4 on a new motherboard.


A:Build 7057 Fixed AHCI DVD Install Problem

Sorry but, my built 7000 x64 was installed on a SATA in AHCI mode without any problem.
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GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-P61-S3 (rev. 2.0)

Ive installed the rest of the drivers provided by manufacturer except the SATA RAID/AHCI ones.The Intel Rapid Storage Technology gave me an error that I dont meet the system requirements so I no longer insisted with the others. Hmmm, why are these listed for my motherboard then? or what exactly are they?
I was thinking I need to instal first the "Intel SATA Preinstall driver(For AHCI / RAID Mode) Note: Press F6 during Windows setup to read from floppy" -the last item on the list -but dont know how , there are just some "sytem files, security catalog, setup information". You can fast download and checked them.

A:Unable to install SATA RAID/AHCI drivers

If you have install the Chipset drivers, Sata drivers are part of the chipset.
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I wanted to make a new thread and mark the old one solved with great help from Kaktussoft so that I can continue to fine tune the progress I've made I will also write up what I did to get this to work so that people can benefit from it but I want to first get the finishing touches in So Install After On Windows Configuring Progress AHCI Made 7 in my mad dash to download anything that looked remotely like an AMD AHCI driver I found the following downloads and really hope to get some clarification I've pasted the driver syntax into some pastebins so if someone feels up to the challenge to figure out which one actually did the job First I installed one of the following and not sure which And then when I rebooted I checked Device Manager and saw that one of the ATA channels actually called quot AMD SATA Controller quot I selected it and chose to update drivers and it found something on the internet and upgraded itself again This is Progress Made On Configuring AHCI After Windows 7 Install great and all but I expected a nice boost in the performance of my OCZ Vertex which boasts of MB s Sequential Read and MB s Sequential Write Here's before and after Don't get me wrong I'm glad I managed to get AHCI working post install but such a small increase tells me something is still wrong No

A:Progress Made On Configuring AHCI After Windows 7 Install

Personally I would start from the beginning and reinstall Window with AHCI already enabled rather then spend days/weeks trying to make the existing one better. Just use the below tutorial which applies to retail also and all should be fine
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I have a Samsung 840 Pro SSD (256 GB) and I installed windows seven on it, but not in AHCI Mode. I was going to change that now using this method: GUIDE - Enabling AHCI mode AFTER Windows 7 Installation - Forums

It says that it works for all Intel SSDs, I assume this would work with mine as well, but I want to be sure before I accidentally mess something up. Also, is there any disadvantage to doing this as opposed to just installing Windows Seven in AHCI mode to begin with?

Lastly, I have all of my user folders on my HDD, and I'm wondering if it's safe to change these settings which Samsung's Software recommends without interfering or causing trouble with the HDD. Here's images of the recommended changes:

A:Questions About Enabling AHCI Mode After Windows Seven Install

ROBO731, follow this tutorial

AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista
As far as Samsung Magician, I am not sure. Someone else with a Samsung can answer that for you
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Hi Everyone I have just installed an SSD into my computer running XP migration from mechanical drive to SSD was simple with the help of Paragon Migrate OS to SSD Everything is working ok however I would ideally like to set my BIOS to AHCI it is currently set to IDE Towards this end I have been trying to follow the tutorial How to enable AHCI after having installed Windwos XP I am at a loss concerning how to install AHCI drivers install XP AHCI (and drivers migration) Trying post to installation SSD on my ASUS M A L-M LX motherboard because it features an ATI chipset on the Southbridge as can be seen from the CPU-Z screen capture below - The instructions in the tutorial specifically focus on an Intel chipset and they mention that I should be able to right click on each of the quot IDE Channel quot entries under Device Manager and manually update the driver However whenever I do this with the appropriate driver downloaded from the ASUS M A L-M LX support page Windows informs me that it cannot find a quot better driver quot and leaves the existing one in place I have attempted to enable AHCI in the BIOS without following the instructions provided and was met not surprisingly with a BSOD and a quick computer restart After setting the BIOS back to IDE the computer boots again Trying to install AHCI drivers post XP installation (and SSD migration) so I haven't done Trying to install AHCI drivers post XP installation (and SSD migration) any damage to XP thankfully I am now at a loss regarding how to proceed if anybody has any advise can you please let me know Kind Regards Davo

A:Trying to install AHCI drivers post XP installation (and SSD migration)

You might try the instructions from the Superuser forums (I'd try the green checked one first).

AHCI drivers for your motherboard:
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I installed a clean win xp professional OS on a new rig (quad processor), no issues. Then I did a Acronis recovery from a uniprocessor pc, and installed the correct mobo drivers. Still no issues. The I did a restart and a repair install to load the mobo sata and AHCI drivers. The pc restarts, but everytime I open a program from windows, for example Windows Explorer, or Software from the configuration screen, or Network Connections, I get a window with "Windows Installer", waiting for something to load.

The version of windows on my old pc is sp3, after the repair install (I used a win xp slipstreamed with sp2), I see sp2 on my info screen of computer properties.

What should/can I do to solve this Installer window?
Relevancy 49.88%

As the title says I just can't install 7 on it, I've tried compatibility mode and it just get's stuck half way and stays that way. I'm fixing this for a friend and have never come across this before. I've taken out the hard drive and checked it on my PC and the drive seems fine as I checked it with crystal disk, I formatted it and still the same results. Any ideas would be helpful. I might try Xp and see will it install that.
Relevancy 49.45%

So I downloaded the driver updates cause my computer has been having BSOD and what not and the folder name is "Intel_RAIDAHCI_XPVistaWin7" But theres no .exe to install it? How do I install it? And would this not being up to date cause BSOD?

A:ICH10 Family 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller -How to install?

You should get the updates from the mother board manufacturer. Click the Downloads tab select OS.
Get the latest by date. They are designed to be compatible with your brand and model mother board.

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1366 - GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 1.0)

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I am installing a clean windows7 for my acer laptop. But i found that the driver provided include Intel iAMT , SATA AHCI and wimax Driver which i didn't use before. Do i have to install it ? Because my friend told me once only install those that you are using,for exp if 2 wifi driver provided.... only install the one I am using.


A:Do I need to Install Intel iAMT ,SATA AHCI and Wimax Driver

The first two are not a must, but if you dont install WiMax, your WiFi connection/Proset will not work.
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I hope someone here has a solution to my problem I did a clean install of Win Pro bit to a computer with an AMD G chipset Everything went smoothly until I tried to update to the AMD SB AHCI driver The AMD driver seemed to install without error but on the reboot there was a BSOD People who run AMD systems with the series south bridge might be familiar with previous problems with the AMD AHCI driver when AHCI Driv AMD 64bit Install BSOD on Clean but after reboot installing Windows where a line in the amd sata inf file had to be edited to prevent a BSOD I thought I might be dealing with the same problem but that file doesn't seem to have that same error I've 64bit Clean Install but BSOD on reboot after AMD AHCI Driv been searching here and with Google but I haven't stumbled across a solution so far Edit After 64bit Clean Install but BSOD on reboot after AMD AHCI Driv running AMD's installer a log is generated that reports successful installation of the AHCI driver but with the BIOS set to AHCI there is a BSOD Switching the BIOS to IDE allows the computer to boot
Relevancy 49.45%

I had to change the motherboard to another brand and restored an image from the older Windows7 installation which used AHCI. I can boot using IDE in the BIOS and I noticed that the 'standard ahci 1.0 serial ata controller' is missing in the device manager. The registry for msahci.sys is fine and set to 0.

When I switch to AHCI in the BIOS, Windows doesn't boot. It's stuck at "starting Windows" screen. I get the same problem when I try to boot from the DVD and do a repair.

How do I install the AHCI driver so that 'standard ahci 1.0 serial ata controller‏' shows up? I have all kinds of boot disks like Erd Commander, BartPE, Ultimate Boot CD, Active Boot CD which could help?

A:standard ahci 1.0 serial ata controller‏ is missing. How to install?

From what you say, it doesn't sound like W7 was actually installed in AHCI mode on the old machine.
To change from IDE mode to AHCI you could follow this tutorial:
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

Hope that helps.
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Dear drivers to Advice IDE xp switching - - (post Frustration install, AHCI) updating SATA all I d be grateful of some clear advice I have Frustration - Advice - updating SATA drivers (post xp install, switching IDE to AHCI) intalled XP pro on an Acer Aspire The label says G but in the F menu it hasn t got it To do so I switched SATA mode to IDE as in Frustration - Advice - updating SATA drivers (post xp install, switching IDE to AHCI) AHCI it could not detect the harddrives dban nuked prior to this Frustration - Advice - updating SATA drivers (post xp install, switching IDE to AHCI) Before I install SP or anything else I would like to switch back the AHCI As far as I know to do this I need to install the correct SATA drivers Acer provide only Vista drivers I found a Russian acer-dedicated site that listed drivers for xp Therefore I believe this to be my best shot at having the right drivers However despite lengthy reading I cannot for the life of me work out how to install the new SATA drivers My device manager reads this IDE ATA ATAPI controllers -Primary IDE Channel -Primary IDE Channel -Secondary IDE Channel -Secondary IDE Channel -Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller -Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller I have no idea which of these to update what file is relevant to each and of course when instructions refer to fding AHCI or RAID drivers this is not present In the file of SATA drivers I downloaded I have files including iaStor setup information iaStor system file iaStor security catalogue iaAHCI setup information iaahci security catalogue TXTSETUP OEM Can anyone make sense of this for me and advise me as to how to perform this procedure Alternatively if someone has a different source of drivers has already done this has another straightforward way then I am all ears The russian site looks comprehensive but is very hard to follow I am not a computer genius I simply learn what I have to as I go along so please advise me in simple step-by step terms that I can follow I can provide more system information if required Thanks Eddie T nbsp

A:Frustration - Advice - updating SATA drivers (post xp install, switching IDE to AHCI)

is this what you d/loaded
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Can someone hit me with a link for manually installing the AHCI driver and switching the OS mode for the storage controller.

If I remember right, this is just putting the driver in /sys/drivers, running a script, and making a registry change. Then you reboot, change the motherboard setting, and then install IMSM after the OS comes back up. I don't remember the script, or if it was just a reg edit, etc.



A:change storage controller to AHCI mode post install (win7 64-Ultimate)

Normally this is done in your BIOS, once you have the driver downloaded and installed. When that is done, reboot, go in to bios change settings, save and exit and complete the reboot.
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Thank you in advance for any help here is the situation so bear with me I have two computers one I use for gaming the other for school Both computers had gb Maxtor school with lots Solved: Install locking end up at of install Fresh Home, WinXP of room gaming with about gb free My school HD took a powder the evil clicky noise of doom but I was able to back up my files prior to that Me being a quick thinker I decide to upgrade my gamer puter to a gb don t Solved: Fresh Install WinXP Home, locking up at end of install wanna go too nutso as I am considering building a much superior computer and put the good gb in my old Athlon Problem I cannot get Windows XP Home to complete install on my gamer computer Athlon installed just fine with good gb Gamer Computer Athlon MB DDR Ram KR A Raid MOBO GeForce Ti MB DDR RAM SB Audigy AGP It is a RAID mobo but i do not use the raid functionality I did not have a problem before I have my HD and my roms on ide now I go through the install steps and I get to the very very end where it states you are about to start Windows XP and then it hangs and thats it I have tried to ensure there are no conflicts I pulled out my sound card as well as my network card and re-seated my video card and RAM I have tried looking at using a winxp bootup floppy booted into safe mode the only error it detects is the missing RAID no conflicts detected there Heck I even swapped out mouse and keyboard I tried putting back the good gb back in the pc and reformatting but still get the same thing sometimes the screen is black sometimes the icky blue of xp but that s it I have no idea now I did make sure that my bios was up to date before taking down the system originally and it was so no change was made there Even swapped out the ribbon cables to ensure nothing was damaged on original removal Help greatly appreciated nbsp

Relevancy 46.44%

Hey Gang, just wondering if its possible to enable LBA via the BIOS "without"
re-fdisking or reformatting? Can I enable it via the CMOS/BIOS? Thoughts please and thanks for your reply

Relevancy 45.15%

I built a computer back in 2009 with an Intel DP55KG motherboard running Windows 7. So, I am getting for a fresh Windows 10 install and I noticed that back in 2009 I never enabled the UEFI boot mode. Would it be recommended to enable it this time before the Win 10 install, or will it bring about some issues?

Here is the definition of the setting according to the motherboard manual:

UEFI boot
OPTIONS: ? Enable ? Disable
Enables or disables Unified Extended Firmware Interface (UEFI) Boot. UEFI Boot must be enabled in order to boot to a drive larger than 2 TB (terabytes). Enable: BIOS will attempt to boot via UEFI before using the legacy boot sequence. Disable: BIOS will use the legacy boot sequence.
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I m a Newbie XP sp a w sp unable or Automatic XP to enable install Updates SP3 IE8 update AMD athlon xp Abit VA- ver MOBO gb Ram IE Where to start when I had my system XP SP up and running prior to a xp sp recovery console repair I noticed that I couldn t find McAfee AntiVirus TimeWarner RR which was installed and working prior RR support XP SP3 unable to enable Automatic Updates or install IE8 took access of my PC and attempted to remove CA Firewall that was installed amp removed yr prior using the uninstall tool XP SP3 unable to enable Automatic Updates or install IE8 downloaded from CA hr I was told to reinstall McAfee - attempted amp attempted amp I kept getting an error about an issue w McAfee security platform shrtcut icon kept searching for mcagent I then contacted McAfee which resulted in a hr session that XP SP3 unable to enable Automatic Updates or install IE8 had a level tech on my computer playing with my registry He finally gaveup and told me that All I had to do was uninstall CA Firewall and reinstall McAfee which didn t work when I later contacted McAfee inquiring where the level tech had saved my registry backup prior to making any changes all that I received for an answer was that McAfee could resolve my problem guaranteed for I had done scans for malware viruses using Kaspersky Rescue Disk TDSSKiller MalwareBytes MS Safety Live Viper etc with nothing found Also I was not able to start in SAFEMODE - only the BSOD w error STOP x B I now believe that some of the problems were caused by the fact that my gb harddrive was full AHHH Hindsight Ok so here s what I have done since XP Recovery Console repair - recover from a corrupt registry Part MS article KB At the Recovery Console command prompt type the following lines pressing ENTER after you type each line md tmp copy c windows system config system c windows tmp system bak copy c windows system config software c windows tmp software bak copy c windows system config sam c windows tmp sam bak copy c windows system config security c windows tmp security bak copy c windows system config default c windows tmp default bak delete c windows system config system delete c windows system config software delete c windows system config sam delete c windows system config security delete c windows system config default copy c windows repair system c windows system config system copy c windows repair software c windows system config software copy c windows repair sam c windows system config sam copy c windows repair security c windows system config security copy c windows repair default c windows system config default Type exit to quit Recovery Console Your computer will restart Installed SP update Cloned my gb HD to a gb HD and installed as master HD needed to enable my onboard adapter in Bios even w failsafe settings - device manager had my network adapter hidden I can now startup in SafeMode I have not been able to update install Internet Explorer error during install I can t turn on enable on my Automatic Updates using the automatic update console The system showed my CPU as being ghz actually is AMD Ghz - I changed the DEC to and now is displaying correct CPU info when trying to use MS FixIt I get an error PLEASE set registry key HKML softeware microsoft NetFramed installRoot to point to the Net Framework install location wHen I attempt to install Net Frameworks I get error - quot error when intializing fusion Setup could not load fusion w loadlibraryShim Error quot - have seen other message in past referring to another install initiated There is probably more that I m omitting but this is a start Any ideas THANKS nbsp

A:XP SP3 unable to enable Automatic Updates or install IE8

In my opinion Trying to revive corrupted Windows, mainly Windows XP isn't worth it. I'd say to just do a clean install.
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Hi Guys Recently my Sophos Anti-Virus wasn't running properly I had a red shield in my system tray saying my anti-virus was not enabled I tried to enable it however I was unsuccessful So I decided to uninstall and reinstall Sophos However when I tried install the software in only installs the auto-update program and not the actual anti-virus program So I tried several system restores back to when Sophos was running perfectly but this didn't work I then completley removed Sophos again and installed avast free edition so I had a working anti-virus program running It found a trojan named JS-downloader if I remember correctly when performing a rootkit scan I deleted this and avast found nothing else during the rest of the rootkit scan and during quick scan I thought that maybe the Trojan that avast found was preventing me installing Sophos So I attempted to reinstall Sophos again however the same thing occured and only the Auto Update was installed I have also ran a scan with Malwarebytes' which found nothing I'm suspecting there is something lurking Sophos enable or won't install Anti-virus on laptop that is preventing me from installing enabling Sophos however I am not an expert at these things and would be grateful of your help Thanks for any Sophos Anti-virus won't enable or install help Regards Tom Edit I think this may be better suited in the Anti-Virus software section If a moderator feels it is suitable to move it to that section I would be very grateful

A:Sophos Anti-virus won't enable or install

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Currently, my Insyde BIOS (version F.0C dated 3/30/2010) does not allow for NX/XD capability, thus not allowing me to upgrade to Windows 10 (from W7 SP1)Will BIOS upgrade F.0E Rev (01/07/2011) listed on the HP website for my machine (running Intel Core i5 M430 @ 2.27Ghz) upgrade my particular BIOS to enable XD?  Details of this BIOS upgrade state: Enables the Intel CPU "Execute Disable Bit" functionality automatically, which helps to prevent some classes of malicious buffer overflow attacks when combined with a supporting operating system.
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Hey guys,

I just installed Windows 8.1 from disc. I am using an ASUS P8Z77VLX Motherboard for this.

I just installed all of the drivers for my motherboard but the Ethernet connection was not detected. I went into network settings to find there were now two Ethernet connections, one enabled, the other disabled. The disabled one apparently was added by my motherboard drivers. I attempt to enable it, it says its enabling, and then nothing happens. The windows says its enabled, and it isn't. It doesn't ever appear to actually change.

I ran an sfc /scannow and got no errors.

So, at that, I'm out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I do not have a Wifi adapter on this desktop, only Motherboard Ethernet available.

A:Unable to enable Ethernet connection after fresh install

Welcome to the forum!

Did you try uninstalling the adapter(s) in Device Manager then reboot and let re-install?
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my computer dell desktop optiplex gx1 w xp32 bits. Please I look for help all my friend here.because I need to intall
windows vista but when I try to intall said I need to install or enable acpi file and I need help from a friend tel me how
solve this issue appreciate from the button off my heart. thank you and have a great day.

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last night i decided to add to the tweeks on my machine disabled WMP feature, Failed re-enable install, WMP (LONG) cant skin and attempted to install a custom WMP skin the skin came packaged in a zip with wmploc dll files since i use -bit windows i installed one in the system and one in syswow after i rebooted my machine i tried to open WMP but got the error quot Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled Do you want to install the Player from the Microsoft Website however there is no option to download WMP on the site ive tried these methods so far without success replaced the files with the backups i made before installation Failed WMP skin install, disabled WMP feature, cant re-enable (LONG) repair problem with startup windows recovery enviroment repair problems with memory regsvr Failed WMP skin install, disabled WMP feature, cant re-enable (LONG) wmp dll in elevated command prompt unregmp exe updatewmpversion in elevated command prompt sfc scannow in elevated command prompt all with restarts before and after the last solution i tried was to disable and re-enable media features through the windows features menu it worked fine disabling and after restart when i tried to re-enable them i get quot An error has occured Not all of the features were successfully changed quot i know that windows media center will not install without media player and have tried to install them separately and in every order and combination i cant do a system restore beacuse every time i restart my computer i lose restore points completely different problem i have dics for my computer but have no idea what is on of them i used file explorer and there are folders with quot zzimage quot on all of them so i'm guessing their system images the other are just drivers and windows recovery environment i would like to do this without wiping all of my files clean install i dont care much about the tweeks beacuse it's only a windows them that i can reinstall quickly i had found a workaround to access WMP by going to quot view network devices quot and clicking on my computer but after my last restart that is no longer there and it appears to have broken my quot devices and printers quot menu too beacuse that is now blank i know all of this is probably beacuse of how fragile w is sorry i wrote a novel XD

A:Failed WMP skin install, disabled WMP feature, cant re-enable (LONG)

Welcome to the Seven Forums
With what you have tried already and the fact that you are having troubles with system restore I would recommend doing a Repair Install
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I am trying to install SP3 but after it is downloading for 10 minutes I get a POP UP which says.

Windows- Delayed Write Failed
Windows was unable to save all the data for the file C:\\windows\inf\oem 110.inf. The data has been lost. This error maybe caused by a failure of your computer hardware or Network Connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.

Before downloading from Windows Update I shut down my anti-virus and Firewall.
I can download different programs from another site with no problems.
I have tried several time with the same result.


A:Trying to install WinXP SP3

You could try this download and install it yourself, after downloading it.
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I was given this computer with little information on it, other than it is an 80 gb hdd with 512 (some letters I cannot read as they are so small), and 3000+ AMD Athlon.
I am trying to install a Windows XP OEM version with SP2 on a partitioned hard drive, the second partition has Puppy 4.00, a Linux OS, but that should not be interferring with the install.
The first partition is formatted as NTFS.
When I try to install with the new software it loads to the blue screen that says at the bottom "Setup is starting Windows" then it stalls. I was getting the same problem when I tried to use my setup discs for my other computer. It will only exit to the BIOS, no other keys or commands are working. ??? Help? Thank you!

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can i install winxp in my pc....currently im using win7 ultimate 32bit. plz help

A:can i install winxp???

First check for all the Win XP drivers for your hardware.
If your Win XP CD, does not support your Sata Controller, you will need to load drivers to uses at F6.
Load Sata Controller drivers with a floppy disk is the best way.
SATA Drivers - Load in Windows XP Setup on Dual Boot
SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD
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I did a complete format on an gig drive through my WinXP CD the format went well but during the setup theres a message about a missing file it cannot load dll I did this times and every time it a different dll file so who know what that could mean It gives me the option to Skip file so I skip it but help! will WinXP not install - after complete installation and when it says it's has to restart for a final time the system WinXP will not install - help! never boots to Windows keeps booting back to a restart over and over again I did other attemted installs got a little further this time but error messages on the Windows desktop regarding missing files and complete unstable system HELP HELP I just baught this older computer for the kids last night but the guy I baught it off had WinXP Black Edition installed and I wanted to do a clean install Now I'm really thinking WHAT A MISTAKE Anyone know whats fried here motherboard hardrive Anything fried or is there something that will quick fix me out of this It worked at his house with XP Black edition unless he had it rigged for me PS cant get my money back Please help thnak you

A:WinXP will not install - help!


I am pretty sure the Windows XP cd is your copy and I want to know, does it work on other computers? If the cd does then your copy of windows xp is not the problem.

Have you tried swapping out the cd-drive and see if the computer you bought has a defective cd-drive perhaps? Good luck and let us know the results.
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We are trying to install Windows XP but it will not see our SATA hard drive. What would cause this and how should we go about fixing it?


Relevancy 43.43%

So I finally got WinXP to install and everything went fine. But when the computer reset to boot up with the new OS, it just keeps coming back to the error screen where it lets you select to start windows normally or safemode, I use star windows normally and last known good configuration and it just keeps rebooting. I have no idea what is going wrong or anything, please help I need files off of this machine. If you can tell me how to revert back to my old win2000 install that I upgraded to xp i would be very grateful.

did you upgrade from 2000?

Did you change anything else or just the OS?

Before it restarts does it flash a blue screen real quick? ( i had this problem and it would flash it so fast all you could see was a blue flash before it restarted)

Also, do you have another machine you could hook the HD up to as a slave? if so you could do that and just back up your files that way (last resort sort of thing)
Relevancy 43.43%

My hd recently died, so i purchased a new one. When installing win xp my setup always hangs on "setting startup configuration..." which is the step after doing all of the inital file copying before it reboots and starts installing in the "light blue stage". If I manually reboot at this point, the boot.ini file is invalid, for which it proceeds to show the windows xp screen, then runs some sort of chkdsk fixes some errors, reboots Gets to the point where it should load windows install, and hangs. Have tried this several times, and keeps doing the same thing. Ran mem test and found no errors(2 times).
Asus mobo, p4
Relevancy 43.43%

okay this is what i got when i tried to format my disk using winXp pro bootable install Cant pro winXP disc To install Windows XP on the partition you selected Setup must write some start up files to the following disk MB Disk at Id on bus on atapi MBK However this disk does not contain a Windows XP-Compatible partition To continue installing Windows XP return to the partition selection screen and create a Windows XP-compatible partition on the disk above If there is no free space on the disk delete an existing partition Cant install winXP pro then create a new one Click to expand well i did what it told me to deleted my C and D but not E i have stuff in there and tried to create new partitions but Cant install winXP pro still it doesnt allow me to install windows in it quot To continue installing Windows XP return to the partition selection screen and create a Windows XP-compatible partition on the disk above quot how am i suppose to create a Windows XP-compatible partition any ideas i got this problem after some fondling with Partition Magic thanks in advance nbsp

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Folks, I screwed up. In the process of trying to get past the "login virus" I accidently let WinXP installation disk go to Install rather than Repair. Unfortunately, someone, who will remain nameless although I have my suspicions, threw away the plastic CD case with the Key taped to the back, so I can't just run through the setup program until it finishes. Now, no matter what I've tried I can't get out of install, even tho' I cancel when the software asks for the Key.

Firstly, can anyone help me get out of the Install loop? Secondly, what can anyone tell me about getting rid of the login virus, if I can't log on? Alternatively, can anyone tell me how to get past the virus so I can log on and get rid of it?



[email protected]

A:Can't Get Rid of WinXP Install

There are ways to recover the product key from an unbootable Windows installation.
usually you boot into an alternate media (rescue cd for example) then retrieve the file(s?) for the registry.
google product id unbootable
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hello all has anyone encountered an error like "error: d: xpsp1\base\boot\setup\arcdisp.c. in line 1768" when reinstalling windows. hd has been fdisk'd and no scratches on cd. Please help!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

A:?????????Winxp install help???????????

Are you installing from the original cd? What are the specs of your computer?
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Where can I find instructions on formatting my c drive and doing a complete install of Windows XP

L. David

A:Install WinXp Pro Sp2

Pictures on the left column.
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I followed the instructions for a clean install of XP Home Ed. Everything goes as described untill the last screen where it says 'system will reboot in 15 seconds to complete installation', I then get the dreaded blue screen after system startup. What did I do wrong? BTW, I've tried many times to no avail.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Can't Install Winxp

We would to know what the stop error is, here is an example: Stop: 0x0000000A (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4) IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL*** Address x has base at x - filename