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How to change the User interface language of Window XP(IS MUI the only answer)

Q: How to change the User interface language of Window XP(IS MUI the only answer)

What I mean is the language of the Window Interface no the typical Region and language User the MUI change Window only answer) language interface the of to How XP(IS to change one For example when you right click on the desktop you would usually see quot Arrange icons by quot quot Refresh quot quot New quot quot Properties quot and others depends on what you have done I need to translate How to change the User interface language of Window XP(IS MUI the only answer) those to another language Like what happens if you boot a Spanish or French version of window My Dad have recently asked me to find away to change the interface language of his computer for him but I have no idea how to do it I know there is a way to do this because I heave heard it from some people in my local computer store Many might say why dont let someone else do it for ya But I dont like the idea of paying someone to do something that I myself might learned from other fellow window users on the web Some might suggest just to buy a Window in the language I wanted but sometimes I need to log into my dad's computer to do stuff or sometimes I need to fix certain problems for him So I need to way to switch between the languages So dose anyone know what to solve my problem Please Help
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Preferred Solution: How to change the User interface language of Window XP(IS MUI the only answer)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My laptop has Microsoft Office installed but everything is in Swedish I want to change it to English I am not a techie do not have access to the installation disc and have tried altering it through quot regional settings 2007 Interface Howto the MO change "User in Language" and languages quot no effect The OS system Howto change the "User Interface Language" in MO 2007 is in English although when Windows starts and closes I get Swedish quot welcome Windows is closing down etc Browsing the web I came across this quot http technet microsoft com en-us library cc office aspx quot which appears to address the issue However it is beyond my capabilities and I don t know if this is correct in any case So please can sks help me I am quot stuck in the water quot and cannot get on with my work Again the user interface language is Swedish and I am in Sweden so I am not able to quot enter quot the various elements of Office Catch Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU P GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard DB Antivirus AVG Internet Security Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Howto change the "User Interface Language" in MO 2007

English Language Pack for Office 2007 costs £20 (UK Pounds) direct from Microsoft:
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I have a laptop that came preinstalled with Windows Vista Home Basic Simplified Chinese. I already know that Home Basic can't use MUI's, and I know that there is no English LIP (or so I think).

HOWEVER, if there IS an English LIP, where can I get it? Obviously Microsoft isn't giving me the key. If there isn't an English LIP, is there any other way to get the interface language changed?

If there isn't another solution I guess I will upgrade to Ultimate, and then download the MUI. But will MUI's completely change the default system language?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'm really desperate!

A:Interface Language Change?

You can use Vistalizator to change interface's language. Take a look here Vistalizator - change display language in Vista Home and Business
Give it a try
And not all MUIs change ALL the interface language, something will stiil be in another language, for example i had a Vista in Russian, but not all was translated in Russian, some things (very few) were in English.
Hope this helps
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I got windows vista 64Bit Ultimate RUSSIAN edition.
It got russian interface, i want to chenge it to English.
I downloaded english language pack but i dont know how to install it.
Help please?
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Hello. I'm an American living in Saudi Arabia. I just bought a Toshiba ultra book. It is very sleek and nice. But everything shows up in Arabic when I use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The default language in the control panel is already in English. The location is USA. The desktop is in English. But browsing is all in Arabic. I don't want it to translate...I want all the browsing to be in English. HELP!

A:Change Browser Language and Interface from Arabic to English

In chrome check Settings > Advanced Settings > Languages (or their Arabic equivalents).
In IE - Internet Options > General > Languages.
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Dear All,
I have a requirement to use different language on one of the desktop, which has OEM Windows 7 Pro as client operating system.
Presently, the language on this Windows 7 is English (India) and, the requirement is to change the complete UI from English to Japanese language.
I have already gone through few of the Microsoft links, according to which the MUI is applicable to Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows 7.
Request if anyone can guide further on how to move ahead to get the required language pack and also guide in exact licensing requirements.
Amit Jogi
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Hi mates,

I have original CD for office 2010 came with my PC when I bought it first time, and wondering since if I can change the language of the interface from Japanese to English!

is that possible?? if Yes, what are the options??

Thanks a lot.

A:Microsoft office home and business 2010 interface language change

I found the answer to my question.

And just for anyone who might run into such issue, here is the solution:

I read at Microsoft office site here that they offer language packs at some charge which is none sense anyways especially if someone bought the office cd/dvd.

I looked up the English pack and found it at here. The steps on how to install the pack are simple, and explained in order on the first link provided above.

it works fine now.

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Hi everyone,

I want to buy a netbook but I would like to know that,is there anyway that I can change the language to English? last time i brought one but the language was in Polish and I couldn't change the language into English,and I asked here the same question but no one was able to give me the answer (yes you can change into English and the options ) and now I have a hope that someone will be able to help this time so if anyone out there is able to help me please give me a reply thanks in advance,and those who read this : Thanks for taking your time to read my request wishing you everyone lot of success in life regards Jo

A:How to change language in window 7 starter

Hello Jokutty,

You could try this it says it's compatible with 7 starter,

Vistalizator - change display language in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Hope this helps,
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hi all i have this problem on two different computers running win a will for language user standard not alt+shift change notebook running x and a netbook running x even though alt+shift will not change language for standard user i am able to install a second alt+shift will not change language for standard user keyboard layout the option to switch languages with a keyboard shortcut is disabled by default i can go through the options and enable the left alt shift shortcut but as soon as i press ok or apply the shortcut setting resets back to quot none quot for the original administrator everything works normaly but when i tried to set the standard account as administrator temporarily i still could not make the keyboard shortcut setting to work one workaround that i found on the netbook was to delete the standard account setup the keyboard options for the administrator account and select the option to copy these settings to any new accounts after creating a new standard user everything works as it should but it would be too much work creating a new account for my notebook and setting up everything from the begining i also tried finding a way to change the shortcut setting directly from the registry but i can't find any information about it either so anyone with more ideas

A:alt+shift will not change language for standard user

i've been away for a while, but i'm still looking for solutions for this.
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Yesterday I added my user account a password (this is the only user account on the computer). the Password was a simple word in Hebrew. After setting the password, I logged off to see if it really works. When I clicked on the fill password field, the selected language was English, and I can not change that. I mean, it's not changing back to Hebrew (by pressing shift+alt, as usual), so I can not type the password and use the computer, because again - this is the only user account on the computer. I have and Windows XP and mini laptop " notebook PC compaq mini". Thanks in advance

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I've done a new user account in Windows Vista Home and now I want to delete it but when Click to change the user account window appears for less than a second and then disappear,

what I have to do

and there there Other Windows do like knowing this (my account is system admin)

A:change the user account window appears

Welcome to you toom2020,
I'm a little unsure of exactly what you mean. However have a look at these tutorials to see if they provide you with the answer.
If they aren't what you require post back & we will try to help you further.

User Account Name

User Account - Delete
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I have installed windows vista home basic which supports English and Arabic languages. I initially shose Arabic as interface language, but now I want to change it into English. I tried to choose English language from (keyboards and languages) but I cannot find any other languages to choose.

Where can I download LPKsetup.exe files to change the language?
Can I use the CD to install English again?
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One of my customers is looking for a way to transform her XP home (english) to Chinese. It should literally if I click on the start menu everything should be in Chinese and nothing should be in English. The same with should happen with all window labels. Does anyone know of a language or interface pack that is capable of doing this?
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what a terrible title, sorry for confusion but needed help in regards to those topics.

issue is, there are a lot of program that comes with multiple languages we can choose during an installation, and there are software thats just in english no matter what, and then finally the software that uses system default system locale. now when im in 1 locale english, everything is fine however as soon as switch, the software that uses system locale changes and I don't understand it anymore. I have emulator that runs old school N64 games on computer and they can only be executed when in japanese locale but when i do that, my intel HD4000 graphics software all becomes in japanese.. along with multiple other things in context menu.

how do I switch all these software that defaults to system locale to just English? pls help, thank you!

A:software default language, window language, system locale

Download VMware (VMPlayer) and run your N64 games in a Virtual Machine with a Japanese language set
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i want to change my windows xp inteface language to russian.
I can't find it on the web... I found just support for russian...
Give me please download fot russian interface language.

Thank you

A:How am I changing interface language

You cannot change the default language of Windows, but you can change the Input language. You will need your Windows disc.
Change/Remove language input in Win XP - YouTube
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I see on Brazillian site, caled they use LIP PT_BR on Windows 7 RC. WHERE I DOWNLOAD THIS...please MP for me...

And, beucase my thread about XP MOD are deleted ??? i put all locations for download of files and how to config.


A:Where i get LIP ( Language Interface Packs )

Try to find MUI, not LIP. I don't know the difference but I was never able to find a LIP working.
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I have Windows XP professional service pack three, but i can`t understand the
instructions inside because the language of the installer is not English, i don`t know what language is it..

Please tell me what to do.
How can i change the language of the installer ?

A:how to change the language of operating system to English language

you can get english version of service pk3 here Windows XP Service Pack 3 Download - Softpedia
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I bought the sony laptop with single language pack. The OS language is in spanish. I need to change the language to english. How to change the OS language in single language windows 8.

A:Change language in windows 8 single language OS pack

Hi Hi thiru79, Welcome to Eight forums,

Check this link.

Display Language - Change in Windows 8

Keep us posted.
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Hi all

Have recently bought a new laptop in Holland and have updated it to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.

I have successfully changed all language options from Dutch to English in both control panel and PC settings, however my right click menu and the occasional page on the 8.1 interface are still in Dutch. Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Have attached 2 pictures to show what I mean.


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I downloaded the hebrew language pack for my version of office, but it won't install. It says I am running the "preview" version of office, and I can't install a language pack on it.
True that I once had that version, but now, I am running an activated professional plus with all updates.

I then tried downloading a full installation file for hebrew office 2013, and choosing the "repair" option instead of "install". It "repaired" everything, but I still don't have an option for hebrew interface in the language tools.

Is there a way to manually install the language interface files I need?

A:office 2013 install new interface language

okay, I installed the hebrew\english version on top of the existing english-only version. It did not mess up anything, and it installed the hebrew interface option that I needed for a certain user account.
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I've changed interface language of Windows 8 to English but parts of the system (including default Metro Apps, like Mail) are still in the language Windows was originally installed with. How can I get rid of this annoyance? I would like to have everything in English.


A:Changing interface language does not affect some apps

Language packs are available for Windows 8 and for Windows RT

Hello and welcome to eight forums ,did you follow the instructions in this link from Microsoft ,good luck
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I recently downloaded a software which interface is written in Bulgarian and when I open it all the buttons and menus instead of appearing in Cyrillic are a string or question marks such as ?????? whose count depends on the length of the word in Bulgarian. Does anybody know how to fix that so they appear in Cyrillic? I've tried everything. I installed a Bulgarian language-pack update, I changed the OS language to Bulgarian and nothing. Please help. I'm attaching a screencap to my thread so you can get a better understanding of what I'm talking about. [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Georgi/Desktop/Speak%20text.PNG[/IMG]

A:Problem with software interface language other than english

I figured it out. Sorry. False alarm.
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I changed language on my Window XP from English to Chinese under the Advanced tab. After I rebooted the machine, My Computer, Window Explorer, and Control Panel fail to start up when I click on it. Other programs on my Window works fine.
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Language Tool

supports the following operating systems:
Windows 7 Starter
Windows 7 Home Basic
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 8 Single Language
Windows 8.1 Single Language
Windows 10 Home Single Language

supports the following languages:
Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian,
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, English (United Kingdom), Estonian, Finnish, French,
French (Canada), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian,
Russian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Swedish, Thai,
Turkish, Ukrainian
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Hi there
Windows Office 2010 running on W8 will work with all the extra Language packs that were released for W7 .

The Windows Interface language packs themselves (The ones that change the standard Windows display language won't work with these extra languages yet. -- These were the extra ones released in W7 where for example you could have Gaelic as well as Standard English).

So you can have Office 2010 in your chosen language on W8 but you'll have to wait a bit for the Windows interface itself.

I'm interested to see if it will automatically translate the Metro tile groupings that you can manually name or will this have to be done manually).

I tried the W7 versions but these didn't install".

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Hi there

If you want to use Office 2010 with Languages other than the ones currently available then the W7 Interface language packs work for Office etc. For example Icelandic, Welsh or whatever. They work for W8 x86/64 and also Office 2010 x86/864.

The Main Windows however is still only in the languages available for W8.

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i have installed the xp sp2 and i cannot change the language from brasil portuguese to english. pls help me

A:changing language interface on xp sp2 2002 from brasil-portuguese to english

Hello chrisbenn ,Try this:Click Start, Control Panel (classic view), and double click on Regional and Language Options.In the drop down box to the left of the Customize button, arrow down and select English (United States), click Apply and then OK.Important: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) is no longer supported by Microsoft. To maximize computer security and ensure that you continue to receive all critical Windows Updates, please update your computer to Windows XP SP3 by going to the Microsoft Update site and selecting the "Express" button (recommended). Please download and install all "recommended" updates including SP3 and all SP3 post updates. Also update Internet Explorer to version 8.0.Good luck.
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Hi, I have two user accounts used by my wife and myself and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) works fine on both user accounts. Very occasionally our daughters visit and use our pc. They use the Guest account. I just happened to log into the Guest account and got a pop up message saying that Microsoft Security Client User Interface has stopped working. When I closed the message I noticed that the MSE icon was missing from the Notification Area. When I tried to open MSE from the Start Menu I just got the pop up message again and MSE would not open.

I would add that I have no other anti-virus software running on my pc apart from MSE.

I would appreciate any help that anyone could give me
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I just bought a new Chromebook S IBY aka QN US english-language Guide find cannot User User New I've registered it created a gmail acct etc As directed I've gone to the support page to enter the serial number and thus verify my warranty nbsp All looks fine -- the upper RH corner of the page confirms that I'm in the US and speaking English Then I click the User Guide icon and get Yesterday -- I only could only get Polish- or Czech-language manuals Last night -- I saw Russian once and Arabic once Today -- the one-and-only default is the German Benutzerhandbuch nbsp I can read a little nbsp German -- so now I have the first inkling of the contents of this UserGuide I got some really patient help from a technician in the New User cannot find english-language User Guide Tech Service Dept -- but he was stumped too I even downloaded New User cannot find english-language User Guide the Hardware Maintenance Manual just because it's in English nbsp I've been persistent in Googling for it nbsp TIA for any suggestions on where to New User cannot find english-language User Guide find it
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I came to my PC this morning and saw a message advising me that there was a problem.A system file corrupted and I would need to use my recover disk to fix it. I put in the disk and reloaded the software. Now the user ID I had, password protected, does not appear. I cannot find it anywhere. My data, files, etc stored under that are still on my PC, I can tell by the size of my C drive, but all are not accessable to me. Even a search does not locate them. Only files in the new user ID provide after the loading and reboot will show up in the search.
The old ID is not available at C/documenyts amd setting either.
How can I get my user ID back, and regain access to all my private files?
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-No one really seems to be able to tell me how to get rid of the great big white space in add remove programs I have tried the fixes in Kellys Korner and these To remove the white space in add remove programs XP on this add/ to seems Window one SP2-Would in no-White an love space but no answer Start gt Run gt regedit Guys I ve had the same quot big blank space in Add Remove Programs screen quot problem and it ain t spyware It s a hosed DisplayIcon in a registry entry in HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Uninstall The value for DisplayIcon should be a path to an icon file plus an optional comma-followed-by-a-number If the optional number is - you ll get the big blank Just search through the key mentioned above for quot DisplayIcon quot checking the value of each If you find a Window XP SP2-Would love an answer on this but no one seems to no-White space in add/ quot - quot in any of them remove the comma and the - and you ll be OK Freeware http www christensen-software com freeware htm You must go to this site to run the program http www christensen- software com freesoftware cleanup add remove progra htm If you need the Microsoft net installed go to this URL and download it http www microsoft com downloads e -f - - - d e cf a amp displaylang en I guess I don t understand about the odd number in the registry I followed what it said and found where it said to be in the registry but its all just bho s and programs alot of the bhos have numbers and letters and the programs don t have numbers behind them One place said delete the last one well in the case of my buddy it would have been microsoft works if I remember right I tried a reg fix I tried the autocad and one other one from kellys corner the Url--http www christensen-software com freeware htmfor some reason won t run on his computer and he has the Mirosoft net installed I am lost frustrated angry etc it seems like such a small thing but I would like to get rid of it for him I guess really it isnt such a small thing cause no one else seems to know either Anyway if anyone has any info PLEEEEESE LET ME KNOW I would really like to solve this but I have run out of ideas and don t know what else to try Thanks to anyone brave enough to tackle this one my hat is off to you nbsp

A:Window XP SP2-Would love an answer on this but no one seems to no-White space in add/
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I've noticed for awhile now that I am experiencing a slow window interface exit. It is hard to explain. umm... When I click the X button on my browser, it does not respond right away, like instant. Like something is holding me prisoner or I use FF and also IE. It happens to both... when I use the taskmanager to end process of browser, I click okay but does not respond. I usually end up doing a hard boot. It does not happen all the time. if I open my browser ten times in a day, it will happen only about three times that I don't get response... I hope someone understands what I'm talking about.. I'm no teckie, but I learn quick...

Thank you in advance...

A:Slow Window Interface...

Have a look in the Event Viewer for any errors at the time of the problem.To open the Event Viewer go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. Alternately, go to Start > Run and type in "eventvwr.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter.Check in all the categories.If you find an error that occurred at the time right-click on it and select properties. Copy the information in the window and post it back here. This will help us diagnose your problem.How To Use the Event Viewer
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I recently upgraded to IE and I am absolutely appaled at the interface The changes change of IE7 to that possible IE9's interface or IE8? Is to it in it remind me of why I usually hate upgrading my software in the first place To get to the point Is there any way to restore some or all of the interface of IE Items of note that I'd like to alter include -Restoring the Favorites menu to the left side of the page -Having the convienent small Google search bar on the right side as opposed to the full on Is it possible to change IE9's interface to that of IE7 or IE8? Google toolbar which requires its own row -Ensuring tabs are on the bottom of any and all toolbars instead of forced to be right under the address bar My biggest problem is that the only way to get a convienent search bar is to have it BELOW the tabs I tried unlocking the toolbars and trying to move them as has been possible in the past but it was impossible to move them They simply refused to change location Any help on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated I tried looking for similar topics but of the few I found none actually seemed to address the issue of making IE more usable only uninstalling IE and returning to an earlier version

A:Is it possible to change IE9's interface to that of IE7 or IE8?

I am afraid that for all those needs you would have to get some other browser with more customization options.
Firefox is one of those highly customizable browsers.

As for your second concern regarding google toolbar, you can get rid of it in IE9, because you can actually use address bar as google search with no extra search bar required!!! Check out article here.
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So i have an Xp laptop and i had deleted a file (cscogina.dll) from the system32 folder. by using a program... and it was part of a driver for a cisco network card. well it had changed the way a user logged in to the classic veiw. i deleted the file, and when i turned it off, then on, i had a message saing that the user interface could not load. and to contact the administrator. i tried the repair installation but i got the same message. and i can't wipe the hdd cuz all my file on on there, and not backed up. any suggestions? Thanks.

A:No User Interface

Hi & Welcome, SynShinigami!

You're missing a crucial system file, you need this! So, use this guide to get it back, Thanks.
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This question pertains a bit to my other topic, but I'd rather not confuse the people handling it there. If you are on an XP computer at the moment please follow these intructions and tell me what you see:

Go to Start, control panel, network connections, right click Local Area Connection,(may be a number at the end, but you should see what I mean) click properties. Under the general tab, there should be a heading somewhere that says, "this connection uses the following:" I'm interested to know what's under that, as I uninstalled all that it it would let me, thinking it would help solve a problem. I know now that I can reinstall them and would just like to know what should be there so I can connect to the internet.


A:[SOLVED] Very Simple Question, Any XP User should be able to Answer!


I'm not seeing the "this connection uses the following" Dav.
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Hi all, I just encountered a problem with my Window 10 ealier on.

I just started up my computer, just like normal days.

It pop up that my the directory, wacom tablet; no such interface found.

I click on OK and thereafter, nothing going on.

I rebooted my computer 2 times (force sart), and now it is black screen.

What could be the reason? I cannot even get into to my OS now.

Many thanks for the help
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Vista system is slow... how do i turn off the Aero user interface to save on resources, what are the steps to do that?

A:Aero user interface
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I have a dell computer which I can't do a thing with, I can't restore, can't do anything as I keep getting this message that the Logon User Interface DLL msgina.dll failed to load. Contact your system administrator to replace the DLL or restore to the original DLL.

I am not brilliant with computers but have a go, and I have tried everything, and read all suggestions but to no avail. Pressing the F8 key works, but when I try to restore it does nothing other than bring this message up. Everything I have tried just keeps bringing up this message, on a black screen.

Is it beyond repair and am I going to have to give in and take it to be fixed??? Your help is greatly appreciated.

A:User Interface Failure

Hello monkmead22

I am assuming you have an XP installation CD from Dell, not a recovery CD.
We can try to replace the missing file

Configure your PC to boot from CD if it isn't already set up that way. You may need to enter the BIOS to configure the PC to boot from the CD.
Set the boot order to
Floppy (if present)
Hard Disk

Start your PC with the XP Setup CD in the drive. When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD..." prompt, do so and let the CD-based boot process begin.

When the Recovery Console option is offered ("Press R to start the Recovery Console"), do so. You may be asked which Windows installation to enter, in which case type the number of the Windows installation you wish to work on (usually "1").

When prompted, enter the Administrator's password for that Windows installation. If you did not set a password just press ENTER

At the command prompt, type
expand d:\i386\msgina.dl_ c:\windows\system32
Press enter

d: is drive letter for your CD drive. Your drive letter may be different.
Be sure to include _ (underscore symbol) in msgina.dl_
Put one space between _ and c:\windows\

When that's done, type EXIT

Remove XP CD and reboot normally.

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Hi all, hope someone can help,
l decided to run defrag, but could not analyze, got message something like :

task chkdisk /f scheduled.

I reboot computer and chkdisk ran automatically on start up!!

Since then l have this dialogue box:

Winlogon. exe - Bad Image
The application or DLL C:\Windows\System32\MSGINA.DLL
is not a valid windows image. Please check against your installation diskette

When l press OK l get the following:

User Interface failure
The Logon User Interface DLL msgina.dll failed to load.
Contact your system administrator to replace the DLL, or restore the original DLL.

Help please!! any suggestions??

many thanks geoff

A:user interface failure HELP!

Hi all further to my last:
os is Win XP home and with this prob it will not start windows at all,
am having to use anothere computer

many thanks Geoff
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I know some of these are done in a Linux Gui. I am trying to make a nice user interface for my kitchen PC. The user portal I am trying to get is something like


Currently I have a Via C3 933, but I do not think it has enough horsepower. Even Ubuntu is fairly slow. I just ordered a ion board and prob will pick it up later this week, so that will give me more than enough horsepower for that.

So what is the best platform/OS/aftermarket addition to create something like this?

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hi i am using a dell optiplex sx280, i have bought from a friend, the computer as a net time client software which as a log in password, i have remove the net time client software now the computer shows me :
the logon user interface DLL:\PROGRAM FILES\Net Time Client\ntlock.dll failed to load.
contact your system administrator to replace the DLL, or restore the original DLL.
i have tried to get on safe mode but nothing happenning.

how can you help me?

A:user interface failure

So it doesn't boot at all? If it does boot try start --> run --> msconfig look for the net time client in the list and uncheck the check box next to it. Reboot.
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Hello I recently started having this problem on when Failure using Interface RDP User an XPsp machine The RDP screen comes up but instead of the credentials box I get the following error User Interface Failure You cannot initiate a Remote Desktop Connection because the Windows software on the remote computer has been replaced by incompatible software ntgina dll As requested I have pasted the contents of DDS txt amp zipped amp attached ark txt amp attach txt The error box is also attached Any help would be appreciated Thanks DDS Ver - - - NTFS x Internet Explorer Run by Administrator at on - - Microsoft Windows XP Professional GMT - AV Sophos Anti-Virus Enabled Outdated F C - CBE- DE - BF - E CA BD Running Processes C Program Files Sophos Sophos Anti-Virus SavService exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system mnmsrvc exe C Program Files Sophos Sophos Anti-Virus SAVAdminService exe C Program Files Sophos Remote Management System ManagementAgentNT exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C Program Files Sophos AutoUpdate ALsvc exe C Program Files Sophos Remote Management System RouterNT exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client Launcher VpxClient exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-remotemks exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-remotemks exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D Program Files User Interface Failure when using RDP VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-remotemks exe User Interface Failure when using RDP D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-remotemks exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-remotemks exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D User Interface Failure when using RDP Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-remotemks exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-remotemks exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-remotemks exe C WINDOWS system mmc exe E autorun exe D Program Files Adobe Reader Reader AcroRd exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-vmrc exe D Program Files VMware Infrastructure Virtual Infrastructure Client vmware-remotemks exe C WINDOWS System rundll exe C WINDOWS system wbem wmiprvse exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k netsvcs C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k WudfServiceGroup C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k NetworkService C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k LocalService C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k LocalService Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www google com uProxyServer proxyva utc com uProxyOverride lt local gt BHO Adobe PDF Link Helper DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - c program files common files adobe acrobat activex AcroIEHelperShim dll BHO Sophos Web Content Scanner EA -B F - C -A BC- ADA FD - c program files sophos sophos anti-virus SophosBHO dll BHO DriveLetterAccess CA D E- - CF- E - - c windows system dla tfswshx dll uRun ctfmon exe c windows system ctfmon exe mRun Osa NTOSA EXE mRun igfxtray c windows system igfxtray exe mRun igfxhkcmd c windows system hkcmd exe... Read more

A:User Interface Failure when using RDP

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

If you haven't already, please Subscribe to this Thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant notification by email, then click Add Subscription.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.


One or more of the identified infections is a backdoor trojan/rootkit.

This type of infection allows hackers to remotely control your computer, log keystrokes, steal critical system information, and download and execute files without your knowledge.

If you do any banking or other financial transactions on the PC or if it should contain any other sensitive information, please get to a known clean computer and change all passwords where applicable, and it would be wise to contact those same financial institutions to apprise them of your situation.

Please refer to Microsoft's Online Safety article for tips on creating a strong password.

Do not change passwords or do any transactions from the infected computer until it has been cleaned.


Please note that these fixes are not instantaneous. Most infections require more than one round to properly eradicate.

Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seemingly abate.

Kindly follow my instructions and please do no fixing on your own or running of scanners unless requested by a helper.


Please download ComboFix and Save it to your Desktop.

**Note: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**

Disable all antivirus and antispyware programs. Get help here

Double-click ComboFix.exe and follow the prompts to run it.
As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed.
With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have this pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal.
It will allow you to boot up into a special recovery/repair mode that will allow us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware.
Follow the prompts to allow ComboFix to download and install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.
When prompted, agree to the End-User License Agreement to install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.
**Please note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will continue it's malware removal procedures.

ComboFix will now automatically install the Windows Recovery Console onto your computer, which will show up as a new option when booting up your computer. Do not select the Windows Recovery Console option when you start your computer unless requested to by a helper.

Once the Recovery Console is installed, this blue window will appear:
Please click Yes to continue scanning for malware.
Your desktop may go blank. This is normal. It will return when ComboFix is done.
ComboFix may reboot your machine. This is normal. For some infections, it may do this multiple times.
When the tool is finished, it will produce a log for you.

Please post that log, C:\ComboFix.txt, in your next reply.

Please re-enable your antivirus before posting the ComboFix.txt log.

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Computer was left on over the weekend and someone was apparently playing, so I walk in to a Blue screen that has a box that says

User Interface Failure

Contained in the box are two lines

The Logon User Interface Dll
C:\WINNT\System32\awgina.dll failed to load

Contact your system administrator to replace the DLL or restore the original DLL

The only option is Restart

I am the closest thing there is to an network administrator and I am clueless on this one.

any one have any ideas?

A:User Interface Failure

Do you use Symantec's PC Anywhere?
Relevancy 54.61%

please can someone help me!!!
I need to find documentation or website or any information that explains or compares the two user interfaces NT 4.0 and Windows XP, things like what has changed and comparing the start menu etc...

Any help would be appreciated


A:Comparing NT4.0 and XP user interface
Relevancy 54.61%

When I turn on the laptop HP Pavillion Failure Interface User dv the following occurs The HP symbol appears Then the Windows screen appears The computer appears to be logging me in and going to the desktop as normal but before doing so encounters the following error message User Interface Failure The Logon User Interface DLL msgina dll failed to load Contact your system administrator to replace the DLL or to restore the original DLL The box has a button at the bottom the says quot Restart quot When I try to close the box the message does not disappear I have attempted to start the computer in safe User Interface Failure mode safe mode with networking and safe mode with command promt I ve also tried Last Known Good Configuration directory services restore mode and debugging mode None of these allow me to go past the error message I am currently on the first day of a two week vacation and do not have any of the software or reboot discs that came with my laptop I appreciate any help that you can provide in this matter

A:User Interface Failure

Worth reviewing:
Relevancy 54.61%


i want Multilingual User Interface greek for windows vista


A:Multilingual User Interface


any body here
Relevancy 54.61%

This is my first posting and it concerns W K I'm not sure if you support it but here goes I have a W K machine running SP getting the following error quot User Interface Failure The logon user Interface DLL msgina dll failed to load Contact your System Admin to replace Failure Interface User the DLL or restore the original DLL quot The Windows logon screen will not come up I just get a blank blue screen I have tried replacing the msgina dll file by renaming the original to old in the two places that it exists Winnt System and Winnt System dllcache this User Interface Failure did nothing Used Recovery Console Microsoft says that this is an SP problem and that it was corrected with SP but this machine is running SP After I replaced the msgina dll file and it still did not work I thought I had better register the dll Upon attempting to register I got the follow message quot msgina dll was loaded but the dllRegisterServer entry point was not found DllRegisterServer may not be exported or a corrupt version of msgina dll may be in memory Consider using Pview to detect and remove it quot Before I User Interface Failure go any further I would like to hear what you all have to say if indeed you have anything to say about W k Thanks BDM
Relevancy 54.61%

I hope someone can help with this.
While updating Belkin wireless drivers my computer started acting strangely.
First it shutdown in a different way. i.e. not the usual standby,shutdown restart buttons but a dropdown, then on restart it asked to be logged on-something i have never been asked before.

Now it wont restart, all i get is: User Interface Failure.

The logon user interface DLL C:\Windows\System32\bcmlogon.DLL failed to load.

Where do i start to fix this?


A:User Interface Failure

Have you tried starting in safe mode which is usually tap on F2 as it boots and try system restore from there.


or uninstall the updated driver from there
Relevancy 54.61%

My husbands computer in the back bedroom has XP home edition. I was trying to stop the sign in on the computer when the computer finish the opening up computer. The message said that it had to do with GTGina.dll was why I couldn't make the change. I tried to delete it and the system would not let me. when I looked for it again in the system, I was unable to locate the file again. I shut off the computers at night. When I tried to turn on this PC.
"User Interface Failure"
"The logon User interface DLL GTGina.dll failed to load."
"Contact your system administrator to replace the DDL or restore the original DLL.
When you click the restart it comes right back to the above message.
There is a linksys involved.

A:User Interface Failed

THIS forum's answer may be of some use to you.
Relevancy 54.61%

What are some of the features on the interface of a software that would appeal to both the novice and the expert users

A:Features of a user interface

What do you mean?
Relevancy 54.61%


I recently started having this problem on an XPsp3 machine. The RDP screen comes up but instead of the credentials box, I get the following error:

User Interface Failure

You cannot initiate a Remote Desktop Connection because the Windows software on the remote computer has been replaced by incompatible software ntgina.dll.

The error box is also attached.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:User Interface Failure when using RDP

From what I've read, the remote PC may have a worm infection. We aren't allowed to give malware advice on the Windows forum so someone from the malware team will reply to you on this thread. Please be patient.
Relevancy 54.61%

HI, Could anybody help me please?
The other night i was using my pc as normal, no downloads or new software added and I defragged the machine and when finished shutdown.
The next day I started the PC up and this error message appeared:

My boyfriend is good with computers and he tried the repair feature on XP Professional but it did not work. He has also copied the original dllmsgina from the original XP cd which the PC said was successful but this does not work either.

Any ideas please ??


A:Help - User Interface Failure!

Try this:;en-us;324765

It's pretty much what your boyfriend tried. Perhaps he skipped a few steps? Try following the exact instructions from that site. Good luck.
Relevancy 54.61%

Hi - I'm trying to reinstall the Windows Journal Viewer, as my new Adobe Acrobat won't launch without it for some reason.

I receive the message "This advertised application will not be installed because it might be unsafe. Contact the administrator to change the installation user interface option of the package to basic."

How do I do that?

Thanks in advance..... Jo

Relevancy 54.61%

hi ppl I ve been looking and searching and reading still confused I d like multilanguage user interface to be able to switch between languages when using XP home or multilanguage user interface pro more particularly chinese and english One idea was to intall an entirely chinese version of windows and set up a dual boot but then I can t switch fast and it brings along some problems another way is also a dual boot but both english windows and one of them with a chinese interface core files still in english another thing that i ve heard that chinese people do is set up different user accounts and switch between them I really don t know which one is best and how to do it I m now running XP home with SP and got a XP pro cd that I could use and I already downloaded the files for a chinese MUI and also have the files for using chinese input please help me if anyone has a clear idea of how to do this thx nbsp

A:multilanguage user interface

I recommend you use a Virtual PC product, such as VMware or Microsoft Virtual PC, for details see:
Relevancy 54.61%

in windows 7 how do i disable creating a new user account and password
what should i stop/remove/ or what???
give me an instructions pls

the reason im doing this cause my little bro keep creating an account, then my windows settings are screwed up and files are moved

A:how do i disable creating a new user account & password (answer pls)

open registry (regedit)
follow the following tree
in the right of the window you will find EnableLUA. Open it and change its value to 0.

that's all.

.... Was this helpful?
Relevancy 54.18%

Hi fellows!

I?ve succeeded somehow to install Slackware Linux, but much more tough job still remains ? X Window System (now I face black screen with ?$? sign). So I daresay I?ll need your help soon. The first thing I would like to know ? is it *really* difficult, as it is said in Volkerding?s manual? What?s your experience?

Thank you.

A:Slackware Linux, X Window - graphical interface

No, it's not.

Assuming you did a full install of slackware, when you're on the command line, just type "startx" and KDE (most likely) will start.

Some good sites to get you started:
Relevancy 54.18%

Is How internet... do default interface the change I for there a way to get Windows to use a specified adapter as How do I change the default interface for internet... the default internet connection interface I have tried How do I change the default interface for internet... editing the routing table and made some progress but the problem is that if I use the command quot route -p add MASK metric if quot but if I unplug the adapter that was set to be default specifies my wireless adapter that I want to use for internet by default if will not allow me to connect on my wired connection adapter number If I have both the wireless adapter and the ethernet cable plugged in I will by default get my internet access from the ethernet port The problem with this is that I live in a dorm where wall connections get rate limited if we exceed GB in a hour period I have managed to get a reasonable connection to a campus wifi network across the street these are not rate limited but if I have both plugged in it will default to the dorm connection I want to make the wifi connection the default connection and if I have to use the dorm connection as the fall back in case I loose the signal I have a theory that if I can make the interface number of the wifi adapter lower than the interface number of the ethernet connection I will be able to get the computer to use the wifi connection by default Am I right in this thinking and if so how do I do it EDIT Figured it out It doesn't matter what the interface number is Windows will pick whichever connection costs it the least this is defined by the metric So all you have to do is change the metric of the desired interface to something that is lower than the metric of the undesired connection and you are good to go What I wonder is if this means if you made the metrics equal could you double your speed ie load balancing

A:How do I change the default interface for internet...

the question is what is ?
is it the IP gateway from your wireless ? If it is, so you're right.
check your computer routes using "route print"
and if you want to make it as default set with lowest metric

eg :
route add -p mask <wireless gateway IP> metric 0 -> default route
route add -p mask <wired gateway IP> metric 20 -> secondary route
Relevancy 54.18%


This is my very first post in this forum. I recently bought a Surface Pro 3 and I like to costumize my desktop as much as possible. That said, I wanted to ask if somebody could tell how to change the Metro interface color to white :

As you can see, there is no white option, the brightest option being light grey.

So is there anyway to change that, or does anyone know of any software that would make me able to do so ?

Sorry for my bad english. Anyway, thanks for your help !

A:How to change Metro Interface to white

That's a good question.

Seems impossible by official ways but before attempting any hacks, which of course aren't recommended, why not try the 'High Contrast White' theme.

Then you'll get an idea.

This is a stripped-down theme compared to the default one but should do the job.
The only drawback is that not only Metro but all UI elements are white, including desktop, control panel, apps, etc...
As you can see, High Contrast disables the colors from customisation. In this case only Black texts & White backgrounds remain.

For more High Contrast variations check this thread.

Good luck.

Relevancy 54.18%

Hi, i'm new at this site and have the same problem, that HomeBoy91a had in this thread

But i think it is more complicated,cause i've tried F8 (doesn't work ) went to BIOS(F2) tried to change samething there still nothing , so i'm just wondering if there any solution for that. And yes i loaded recovery disc still nothing : the CD-ROM doesn't respond ,like there is no disk at all. ........BCMLogon.dll User Interface Failure. Contact your system adminitrator,or replace the DLL with new , - I did download the DLL file from Broadcom and tried to load it in to system don't know how to ...So PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Relevancy 54.18%

Hey guys,
This thread is kind of important to me as i am in need of skype.As you have read the title , there is no user interface in skype software except for the blue background.There is no Username and password field in the software.I am currently using the most recent skype update.The picture explains the rest....

A:Skype User Interface error

Please try this and report back if it worked or not.

Reboot, run Skype. When it shows you the blank blue background as shown in your screenshot, leave it open. Now open the Run dialog (WIN + R) and type or copy & paste the following:

On a Windows x64 system:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" /secondary

On a Windows x86 system:

"C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" /secondary

Press Enter or click OK:

This opens a second Skype process in a new window. If this second instance does not work either, it tells something is wrong with your Skype installation and you should completely remove it from your system and reinstall. If the second instance works as it should we need to look for the error somewhere else.

Relevancy 54.18%

Hi techies..

I'm developing a application in 2008, I would like to have a stylish and "look and feel" appearance but 2008 has only the dull windows XP interface. The GUI I would like have is similar to Win 7 glassy & Transparent interface or Android interface. Is it Possible have such Interface in my application, atleast is there any other way change my normal winXp Ui.???

Thank you

Relevancy 54.18%

Is there a way to add a task which work like this:
* IF (the user is logged on) THEN: run and show interface.
* ELSE: run with no inteface.

My main "worried" that if i choose: Run only when user is logged on (which i preffered - see an inteface),
It's migth be an auto-restart of computer by auto-update or any other reason,
so, after restart there no be any "logged on user",
and the rule above: Run only when user is logged on, will break.
and no running will make. this is worst case then showing an inteface.

TX, Moti.
Relevancy 54.18%

please help with above problem windows xp /ibm vaio. cannot access anything with this msg window up. have tried "last known" and no help
neophyte here and frustrated  thank you

A:logon user interface dll msgina dll

Can you boot via Safe Mode by hitting F8 just after the POST Screen?
Relevancy 54.18%

I am using Windows Defender.
In task manager, I see both of these processes running.
the two of them are also in startup.
Is this normal? can and should I disable one of them in startup?
Relevancy 54.18%

Which security application has better user interface ?
SpyShelter Firewall
NoVirusThanks Exe Radar Pro

Please explain why one is better than the other...

The purpose of comparing the two is think about which one offers better ease of use, easy for new user to figure out, provides relevant infos that are connected and clear, can easily access important functionality, fast\clear navigation, etc.

Purpose is not to compare functionality.

A:Better User Interface - SpyShelter Firewall or NVT ERP ?

Active Process real-time list shows user Process, Path and Command Line; it is clear how each is linked for each process.
Right-Click gives user immediate access to all needed functionality\actions from within Active Process and all other lists.
Tabs - ease of navigation.
Very convenient layout that is easy to learn and use.
Easy to implement wild cards by double-clicking line item in command line lists (* = any string of characters & ? = a single character).
Relevancy 54.18%

I am trying to use a GPO to set a users Custom User Interface just like I did for Windows 7 but it doesn't seem to work the same way.
The new interface does launch just fine but as soon as they close the application it reverts to the normal explorer.exe desktop instead of a black blank background.
So, how do you set a Custom User Interface so it launches as soon as the user logs in and then doesn't let them get out of it? GPO, Registry, login script, any method is acceptable as long as it works for Win8.
Relevancy 54.18%

The following message appeared.

The Logon user interface DLL msgina. dll failed to load

Contact your system administrator to replace the DLL or restore the original DLL

thank you

A:Logon user interface failed

Here is what Microsoft has to say about this message. Good luck
Relevancy 54.18%

I have an Inspiron 1000 with Win XP. I had the BSOD and did a reinstall. As it was reinstalling it wouldn't read several dlls. I could never get it to work after the reinstall so I tried to reinstall again and now I can't do anything. During starup I can press any "F" key and it goes to a blue screen with this message. "User Interface Failure. The logon user interface DLL msgina.dll failed to load. Contact system Administrator to replace the DLL or restore original DLL.. Is there any hope for me. I can get into the menue listing Safe Mode but what ever I press it still goes to this error message. Is there anyway I can just erase everything and just start over?

A:Solved: User Interface Failure

Well by accident I hit the "R" key and it started the reinstall. Before I was using the Service Pack 3 and it wouldn't download all of So I am back in bussinthe DLLs. This time I used Service Pack 1 and it worked..
Relevancy 54.18%

Hi there.

Could someone please direct me to a thread showing how to reconfigure XP Home so as to by pass the user accound interface. I noted the content of a thread on this subject a little while back and attempted to impliment the fix but with no success and now I can't find the thread. Did a search and a manual scan of the XP threads, but I cant see it anywhere.

Any clues?


Relevancy 54.18%

I have a Dell Inspiron 4100 notebook. When i turn it on it loads windows and then gives me this error
User Interface Failure
The user Interface DLL
C:\WINDOWS\System32\BCMLogon.dll failed to

Contact your system administrator to replace the
DLL, or restore the original DLL.
The only button that i can click is "Restart" and that does the same thing. Please help my because i dont know what any of this means.

A:DLL ERROR! User Interface Failure. PLEASE HELP!

Have you recently installed any software?
How are you logging into Windows? Are you entering a password?
Can you boot into Safe Mode?
Relevancy 54.18%

Desktop: Gateway with Windows XP SP2
Laptop: Toshiba with Windows XP SP2
These computers are networked by wireless broadband.

Yesterday when laptop turned on, the following error msg. appeared:

User Interface Failure:
The log on user interface DLL msgina.dll failed to load. Contact your system administrator to replace the DLL or restore the original DLL.

This msg. only appears on the laptop. Desktop working fine.
How do I restore laptop to normal?
Thanks, rkhnav

A:Solved: User Interface Failure

did u recently install a patch? and then the error occurred? you can do a system restore to an earlier date

the only article i found
Relevancy 54.18%

This computer was acting like it might have a viruse. It had a program running (sorry I didn't write down the name), and it was using 80 - 97% of the cpu. I ended the process, and the computer cleared up. About a half an hour later I was working on something else, the computer slowed way down, there was nothing like that in the processes so I started ending programs that were not responding. T
he computer finally shut down, and now it will not restart. I tried going back to the last successfull start, but that didn't work. Then I tried safe mode. The computer tried to install some missing files, but it still didn't work. It is stuck in a continuous restart loop. Each time it tries, it comes up with a Logon user interface error. It says it cannot load msgina.dll.

Please help

A:Logon user interface won't load

Sounds like this problem:

Did you try booting to the last know good configuration? I'm not sure if that's what you meant by "last successfull start".
Relevancy 54.18%

I was trying to install Driver San Francisco game and had quite a lot of problems.  This installer works with previous Windows. But failed with following error message while installing 'Install Anywhere'.

Installer UI Mode Error
The installer cannot run in this UI mode. To specify the interface mode, user the -i command-line option, followed by the UI mode identifier. The valid UI modes identifiers are GUI, Console, and Silent.

 The supported platform doesn't include 'Windows Server 8'.

What could be the issue?

A:User Interface mode for windows 8

Try run it in compatibility mode, right click on installer file and select troubleshoot compatibility.
Relevancy 54.18%

Hi I tryed to upgrade to win XP from windows 98 today.
I get this message poping up... the logon user interface DLL EPGINA failed to load says contact system admin to replace the Dll or restore the original Dll...........when I start in safe mode I see XP is installed ok.....I have tryed 2 more times but still the same.....

thanks aly

A:upgrade to XP ...user interface


I've seen this on other forums. Some say it's down to a faulty or dirty installation CD. However, below is the URL where I saw it a while back. I can't vouch for it, but there will be others on this forum who can if the info in the link is no good.
Relevancy 54.18%

I deleted the mrvgina.dll file like a dummy. Now when I start my computer I get an error message that say's (user interface failure could not find mrvgina.dll please see administrator to restore dll). All I could do from there is hit the restart button in the error message box. I can't get to safe mode it gives me a floppy disk error hit f1 to continue or f2 to setup utility. I can't get to my desktop, and I can't load my operating system cd. I am rendered powerless and frustrated. Please help.
Relevancy 54.18%

I installed a program that disengaged my welcome screeen & fast switching log on screen so I deleted the particular file that caused the problem. Now I can't log on to my system at all. WHAT DO i DO???
Relevancy 54.18%

Hey, please can anyone help me?!
My windows 7 has suddenly started crashing, sometimes randomly, and always when i right click.
it won't let me use firefox or internet explorer but i did manage to get on internet explorer but not by using a link on a help page.
It also keeps saying that windows explorer has crashed.

Is there anything i can do??

A:Windows 7 User interface crashing

What was the last piece of software or driver you installed?
Relevancy 54.18%

I have an issue with windows 10.
It always mess all my windows opened when came back from sleep or logoff.
I use UltraHD monitor and besides of loosing windows positions and sizes Windows 10 also has some strange problems with scaling, fonts ets.
Relevancy 53.75%

Hi. I have Windows 10 Anniversary Edition 1607 ISO Spanish from MSDN. I have an answer file with ProfilesDir=D:\USERS. It worked in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (1511). But with this release, the start menu shows some icons/folders in spanish and other in english.
I tested another answer file without this modificaction (standard profiles dir in c:\users) and the start menu shows completely in spanish.
I will try to upload a screen capture where you can see folders, and icons in this two different languages.
Can you help me to get all the star menu in spanish again?
Relevancy 53.75%

I know how to make oobe Windows Setup using answer file and automatically join to domain with specific OU.

The challenge now is how to have a single answer file but need to apply it to many PCs with different PC name and OU?
The requirements are:
1. PC name is base on Serial Number of the PC.
2. Selection list of department where each department has its own OU.
What is the best solution to achieve this?
Thank you.
Relevancy 53.75%

Hi. I have Windows 10 Anniversary Edition 1607 ISO Spanish from MSDN. I have an answer file with ProfilesDir=D:\USERS. It worked in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (1511). But with this release, the start menu shows some icons/folders in spanish and other in english.
I tested another answer file without this modificaction (standard profiles dir in c:\users) and the start menu shows completely in spanish.
I will try to upload a screen capture where you can see folders, and icons in this two different languages.
Can you help me to get all the star menu in spanish again?
Relevancy 53.75%


Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Language Interface Pack ensures that Office 2003 performs with complete functionality when you use an Office 2003 Language Interface Pack.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP
This update applies to the following programs:
Microsoft® Office 2003 Language Interface Pack


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указанная выше машина стала очень медленно работать. пожалуйста посоветуйте что можно сделать? (очень нужно решить проблему) The computer "thinking" more than 30 min. for shut down. What it was mind? Win XP Home. Memory 1Gb. HDD 120Gb.

Thank's for reply.

A:Sony Vaio spending very long time to answer for user

The above machine has become very slow. Please advise what can be done? really need to solve the problem The computer "thinking" more than 30 min. for shut down. What it was mind? Win XP Home. Memory 1Gb. HDD 120Gb.

Привет, сколько свободного места на жестком диске нужно не менее 15%, когда вы в последний раз диск выполнения очистки и дефрагментации жесткого диска вы запустите CHKDSK или SFC / SCANNOW
How to use CHKDSK (Check Disk) - Windows 7
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker - Windows 7 Forums
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In windows 7 how do i disable creating a new user account and password
what should i stop/remove/ or what???
give me an instructions pls

the reason im doing this cause my little bro keep creating an account, then my windows settings are screwed up and files are moved

A:how do i disable creating a new user account & password in windows 7 (answer pls)

Create a password for your account and lock the desktop when you're not using it. If he doesn't have access to Windows he can't change anything.

If he needs access to the system, create a limited account for him. This type of account won't be able to create new accounts.
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i have installed both windows and ubuntu on my laptop.
first it was windows and later i installed ubuntu.

everything was fine. my booting screen shows both OS windows n ubuntu but the screen looks like old interface.

how can i make it look like windows interface.
someone help me who knows it

A:how to change back boot screen interface

I don't think you can. You are likely using a Linux-based boot loader, so that's the interface you'll see.

Unless you have some unique hardware that needs Linux access, my suggestion would be to update your methods to a virtual machine. Only in unique situations does a person need to multi-boot anymore. You could run Windows native on the laptop, then run Ubuntu in a VM, using something like VMWare Player. One distinct advantage is, you don't need to reboot to switch OSes, as you can use them both at once.
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When I'm using an user interface system with Adobe and Javascript included, I encounter error messages by using Firefox 14.0.1 from my laptop as below:

1. An error has occurred - rootCause is null

But I don't encounter any error messages by using IE from my laptop and Firefox from other PC. Why?

A:User Interface System Error Messages

Since version 15 arrived today, see if that fixes the problem.
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I just got norton internet protection 09. When I open the user interface the cpu usage for norton fluctuates and spikes. when it does my mouse cursor movement is really choppy or jerky if you will. Everything is fine when I close the interface window and I couldn't find anyone else having the issue. Also from what I did read people were saying the cpu usage meter wasn't going above 5% and mine jumps all over the place. Mouse cursor moves fine when window is closed. I don't know if anyone has any thoughts maybe it's normal I don't know.

A:mouse is jerky when user interface is open

Few questions for you:
1.What Graphics card do you use?
2.How much RAM do you have?
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user interface freezes up on me whenever i have audio playing from any source i e- internet explorer firefox When Is Interface User Playing Audio Freezes windows media player winamp itunes sometimes if i hit User Interface Freezes When Audio Is Playing the nifty mute button on the front on the laptop it will clear up immediatly other times it is to far gone to stop and i regain control of the computer as soon as the audio completes it freezes when the song starts and unfreezes when it stops ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio driver ive upgraded the audio driver ive downgraded the audio driver to generic dos i went as far as reinstalling the operating system it worked fine for a day or then all of a sudden it starts again somebody help before i smash this thingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AlexMod Edit E-mail address was removed for your safety Please do not post your E-mail address in an open forum This could lead to a lot more SPAM in your inbox than you may want tg

A:User Interface Freezes When Audio Is Playing

Is it just the user controls for the player in use or the entire system freeze?
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Hello Folks a user interface old my iPhone Metro to want i similar My purpose is the following i want a Metro user interface similar to my old iPhone The background became black with the theme's parameters modification Then i had to make some adjustments for the icons to make them a little bit smoother and now i would like to find a technic to transform the ico into a bigger one like the icon small objects delivered by microsoft Let me show you a screen capture The restyled icons of Microsoft standard Office apps like Access Word Outlook or Excel are i want a Metro user interface similar to my old iPhone not as big as the way they are on the slide above I just replaced some x icons delivered in the C Program Files Applications like C Program Files Applications microsoft bitbox neutral neutral wekyb d bbwe images logo png by a similar x logo corresponding to word Now the first question is several plug-ins like ICOFormat- b -win for Photoshop are available to produce fresh icons with a x pix size ready to be used in replacement of the small Microsoft icons but how can we replace the small Word one with the square tile including the full text Microsoft Word and it's small icon by a big one The second question concerns the text written inside the tiles For instance i'm not able to mask the text quot Tile Puzzle quot linked to the Tile Puzzle Application at the bottom of the restyled icon Sharepoint third form the left at the bottom line of the above slide I tried several modifications inside the texts configuration files but found no good solution Thanks a lot for your response
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Hi How are you I have a strange problem with my windows interface At random moments it starts to flash or to be blank I've attached an gif showing it In this gif i'm using Windows User Interface Blank/Flashing Reaper audio software because it was when i could capture this issue but it happens with a lot of softwares About anything that uses the windows interface like the SpeedCrunch calculator setup executables and actually any open file choose folder Blank/Flashing Windows User Interface dialog as you can also see on the gif I've tried changing themes but it didn't worked What did worked once with reaper was going to computer Blank/Flashing Windows User Interface - gt advanced configurations - Blank/Flashing Windows User Interface gt performance - gt configuration - gt visual effects then i disabled everything and enabled again But then i tried a second time after that and it didn't worked Also it didn't worked for some other software like roadkill's password manager This is not an virus malware problem or anything like that because my pc was new like week old when i've first got the issue I'm out of ideas I need help on this one Thanks for your attention
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Description of Problem:

It happens at random, but frequently. The user interface of me being on my computer will freeze, but I can still mouse around. I cannot click on applications, links, X out programs, anything. I hit CTRL ALT delete and bring up the tast manager, I can simply X out the manager and everything is normal again, until the problem happens again. Any ideas? questions for me?

I find it weird that I can simply X out the task manager and everything goes back to normal again.