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Laptop memory question

Q: Laptop memory question

I want to add memory to a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop it now has DDR2 ps2-3200, I want to upgrade from (2) 256 to (2) 1 GB chips. What is the fast memory this computer will take?

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I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop memory question

Run the test here:
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I will be upgrading my daughter's laptop memory from a 2x512 configuration to 2x1 gb. She is running Vista so another gig should help.

Right now I can get both Crucial and GSkill in 2x1GB sets at good prices. The Crucial is CAS 5 and the G.Skill is CAS 4.

Is there much of a difference between the two that will be noticible in normal application work? Her system is for school papers, online research and browsing, and IMing; plus she'll watch DVDs from time to time. This is not a gaming laptop. She has her PS2 to do that.


A:A Question on CAS and Laptop Memory

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I am trying to upgrade the memory in my laptop.

It says DDR2, PC2-5300s

Does the s stand for anything I am gonna post a link of the type of memory I was going to buy if its ok please say so. Thanks

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. My daughter needs a new memory stick for her year old HP laptop. Can anyone here confirm whether HP requires proprietary ram or will generic notebook ram work? Thanks. - Jim

A:HP laptop memory question

It should accept any type of RAM as long as it is the correct type. RAM vendors such as guarantee your money back if the RAM does not work in the system.
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I have just had an sodimm fail in my laptop so need to replace it. I have a fujitsu amilo li1718 and it did have 2 x 1gb pc 4200. The manual states it is compatible with both pc4200 and pc5300 so am wondering whether to buy another 1gb 4200 or remove the existing one and buy 2 x 1gb pc5300.

Does my laptop have the ability to run the faster memory at its full speed or would they run at the same speed, also if it runs faster would the benefits be noticeable or should i just buy another pc4200. The max memory is 2gb.


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I have an older laptop that uses pc2700 200 pin memory. A friend of mine has upgraded the memory in his newer laptop so he has some chips I can stick in my older laptop. His memory is pc5300 200 pin. Will that blow up my laptop or will the memory just clock back and slow down to pc2700 speeds without a problem?

A:Laptop memory question

No, it will not work, yours is DDR memory and the other is DDR2 memory. It won't even fit in the slot.
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I just bought an Aspire 9300 AS9300-5005 AMD Turion 64 1.6 GHz, it comes with 1gb memory installed

Now the specs says Maximum Memory 4 GB, is it hard for me to upgrade memory and also what kind should i buy, can anyone help me out??

Maybe post a link if possible of the correct memory i need to buy


A:Laptop memory question

Installing memory isn't difficult, but unless you specified how the memory will be currently installed, it's almost definitely two 512MB chips. If you want 4GB of RAM, you'd have to replace both with 2GB chips each.
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I've got a an old Dell Latitutude C600 and I want to add some RAM to it. I just want to make sure that I'm getting the right memory for it.

According to the Dell site, it needs 144 pin PC100 SODIMMs. Looking through some retailer websites who carry the the 265MB size, some say they are 16x16, 32x8, or 32x64. What does the 16x16 mean and does it matter when I'm buying the RAM?

A:laptop memory upgrade question
They will help with the selection and explain it all.
Good products with lifetime warranty.
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just got a pcg-z1wamp sony vaio with a 512 RAM and I have an HP DV9000 with a broken motherboard.

I wonder if I could take the HP's 1gig memory and slap it in the vaio? would that work?

on a similar note, what can else can I salvage from the HP? probably not the hard disk right?

A:quick laptop memory question

From what I found, the Sony maxes out at 1 GB RAM. If the HP has 2 x 512 MB DIMMs, you may be able to add one. You've only got one slot available for extra memory.

You may be able to hang on to the HDD as a spare. You cannot have two running internally, though you can get a case for external use via USB.
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Dear laptop memory. upgrading about Question Sirs I could sure use your help here please I purchased this quot barebones quot notebook system on ebay without memory and would like to add some memory see Kingston link below and am wondering about the compatibilty System Toshiba Tecra Barebones Laptop Model PT U Part No PT U-ECC Fast Intel Pentium III MHz CPU Large inch LCD Good LCD Windows COA Sticker Built in keyboard and easy to use mouse On board modem PCMCIA slots VGA connection that allows you to hook Question about upgrading laptop memory. up your laptop to a desktop monitor if you like PS port to plug in a mouse or keyboard Printer port Input jacks for Headphones Microphone Built in speakers Not included Hard Drive Hard Drive Caddy Ram Ram Cover Battery AC Adapter CD ROM Floppy Drive I would Question about upgrading laptop memory. like to know if this Kingston memory would be compatible The original configuration is PC and this memory is PC Is it backward compatable Do you suggest it http www ec kingston com ecom configurator PartsInfo asp ktcpartno KVR X SC nbsp

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It s been quite a Another memory laptop Solved: question while since I ve been here but I ve always found the help I need so here goes I have an HP - Compaq Pavilion dv nr Laptop Notebook It currently has two MB memory cards in it Solved: Another laptop memory question and I want to upgrade to GB I went to Crucial and they recommend GB kit GBx -pin Solved: Another laptop memory question SODIMM DDR PC - memory module Module Size GB kit GBx Package -pin SODIMM Feature DDR PC - Specs DDR PC - CL Unbuffered NON-ECC DDR - V Meg x They also say that my laptop does not support dual channel I found this at Newegg Crucial GB x GB -Pin DDR SO-DIMM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Laptop Memory Model CT KIT AC - Retail Buffered Registered Unbuffered Cas Latency ECC No Heat Spreader No Voltage V Model CT KIT AC Item N E Here s my dilemma The product at Crucial is - the product at Newegg is BUT it says quot Dual Channel Kit quot Does that mean it won t work in my notebook or does it simply mean that it s two sticks I feel silly but don t want to make any mistakes Any help is appreciated nbsp

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Here are my specs (my model number is HP ENVY Sleekbook 6-1129WM):
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-4555M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7642 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7600G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 278472 MB, Free - 118602 MB; D: Total - 25632 MB, Free - 3013 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 18DE
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

I can't access my computer bios, But that is not my main concern.

My main one is the fact that I installed an additional 4GB RAM on top of the already installed 4GB (8GB Total) and now I would like to increase my laptops graphics memory to 2GB.

I have AMD Overdrive installed, but i'm not sure how to increase the graphcis memory from there.

I need a detailed explanation on how to increase graphics memory for AMD Overdrive.

Much appreciated!

A:Solved: Laptop Memory Question!

I see you've marked your thread as Solved. What did the solution end up being? It may be helpful to post for other's with the same question.
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so, i'm pretty knowledgable on desktop/towers and such, but don't know jack about laptops. i'm looking to upgrade the memory on my girlfriend's dell inspiron 7500 (p III 600mhz) with a new board of 256mb. i'm having trouble with the fact that it's so old, i don't know what is compatible. do i really need to go with a "low density" module, because i found a site that has both a low and high, and the high is like, half the price...

low density: $92

high density: $58

they say if the high density doesn't work for ANY REASON that they will refund/replace/exchange for another module without question. pretty cool, but who knows...

so, anyone have any answers?

A:laptop memory upgrade question...

check on the Kingston web site, it should list the type of RAM you need.
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I have a fairly old Compaq Armada M700 laptop which does the job except its slow, it only has 2 sticks of 64Mb RAM

I read I can upgrade to 2 sticks of 256Mb which I would like to do, but the sticks currently in the laptop are PC100, all I seem able to find now is PC133 on the net

Will PC133 work? There is also some installed RAM so I don't want a conflict.

Help appreciated before I spend $$ stupidly

A:Quick question about RAM memory for Compaq laptop

Go to Crucial and run a system scan, this will tell you what your options are.
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Hi, I'm looking to upgrade the memory of my Clevo P650RE6 from 8Gb to 18Gb.
Belarc states:
8014 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
Slot 'ChannelA-DIMM0' has 8192 MB (serial number 10211924)
Slot 'ChannelA-DIMM1' is Empty
Slot 'ChannelB-DIMM0' is Empty
Slot 'ChannelB-DIMM1' is Empty
My question is, Channel A is under the keyboard and harder to get to. Could I put the same memory in Channel B - DIMM0 and it would be stable?
Obvious newbie to this so any other info needed will be gradly provided, thx in advance!

A:laptop memory upgrade slots question

Ignore what Belarc says. Visit Crucial's site and run its checker
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Hello All I was wondering if you could help me out here I recently purchased a Gateway MX laptop and would upgrade Gateway Laptop Memory in question like to upgrade the memory from mb x to Gb x Gb My question lies in what kind of memory i can use Here are some of the details straight from Gateway Memory Size MB Memory Type JEDEC -pin DDR-SODIMM Package -pin SODIMM -inch height Speed MHz Supply Voltage V Parity Support No parity bit supported I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade my ram to ddr -sodimm REason being is because i found a cheaper stick of ddr Memory upgrade question in Gateway Laptop gb memory on newegg Memory upgrade question in Gateway Laptop Also it also says that the memory is dual channel Memory upgrade question in Gateway Laptop If i order two of the same models of memory would that be ok Please help me i m quite confused Oh by the way here is the link to the memory that i am currently looking at http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E nbsp

A:Memory upgrade question in Gateway Laptop

ddr2? naw, you've got to stick with whatever your laptop supports. oem builds are generally picky about thier ram timings, so try and puirchase ram with identical timings. i advise running cpu-z to check your timings.
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Memory Riser Question XW8600 Is the HP 449416-001 MEMORY RISER compatible with the XW8600? I am about to recieve 4 of these risers (free from my friend) and would like to know if anyone could tell me if they are compatible with the xw8600 (part# RV726AV)? xw8600 (part# RV726AV) -->URL: Thanks in advance--- J4.52
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I have a computer I built and used since 2010 running well. It has two matched 4GB sticks of DDR3 for a total of 8GB. I have two remaining slots (empty) for ram on the motherboard to add more ram. Do I need to find the exact same memory as the ram I am currently using or does it matter?

A:Question regarding Dual Channel Memory- Mix or Match Memory

If you can get the same kit again it would be best but if you can get a kit with the same timings, speed, and voltage you should be okay. You should use cpu-z to find out your kit model and timings it supports. CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID At the moment your two current sticks should in the white slots.
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I have a MSI K9A2 CF V2.

It supports Up DDR2 1066 and up to 8GB.

I have 2 2GB sticks right now which I will be moving to another computer. I wish to buy 2 sets of 2 2GB 10666. The board support 4 sticks of ram. If I buy 2 separate of the same memory will I have an issue meaning 4 total sticks of the same ram. Meaning will the sticks do there little duel channel thing??


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It seems that I've been getting low memory issues ever since upgrading to Win10, but I'm not 100% certain if thats the issue. I thought about uprading to 16gb ram, but I'd like to know if theres some other fix for this. I can't multitask as I used to be able to. Sometimes problems occur just running 8 tabs on chrome and a game(Blade and Soul). The numbers just don't seem to add up.


Task Manager:

A:High Memory Usage/ Low Memory Popup on Win10 8gb Laptop

Hello svader55 Welcome to the Ten Forums!

On the first impression I would have to suspect the problem is with the upgrade itself where you might end needing to see a Clean Install of 10. First however you can try a few things out to see if this is only a minor glitch. On an older 7 model by HP the upgrade seen last summer was a disaster waiting to happen which I had enticipated and saw an immediate clean install to follow! Of after going from the 32bit 7 Home Premium to 10 Home x86 I subsequently changed that with a second fresh install the 64bit Windows.

The initial tool would be the System File Checker you would run from the Command prompt(admin) option when right clicking on the Start button. You simply scroll down to that option to see the new window open up. At the dos like prompt you then simply type in "sfc /scannow" and press enter to get the tool underway.

The tool will then scan all the important system files and if finding one or more corrupt or missing will often be able to replace them but not all unfortunately from cab files tucked away on the local drive. With previous versions the rec for having the Windows dvd in the driver was made in case the SFC had to extract something from the Windows media there if the problem was more involved. This is why the suggestion for the possible need to see a fresh clean install of 10 is being made here.

Unfortunately buggy upgrades are all too common regardless of which version is being upgraded over. But you likely saw the option for 10 in the 10 app? or in the Windows Updates perhaps? if not seeing 10 downloaded separately. The appearance from the images you provided suggests the problem is the memory being mapped out to hardwares while that first item being a 32bit app taking upto almost 1tb seems a bit high.
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my laptop uses alot of memory. around 50%. how can i lessen the big usage? i have 2gig ram.

A:My laptop uses a big part of my Memory (physical memory)

This is normal for windows 7, it uses the memory in order to prevent un needed read/writes from the drive. This is actually something you want with a laptop because unless you have a solid state drive, laptop drives are traditionally very slow.

I don't understand why people get so upset when their memory is actually being used, that's what it is there for.
If you open a large program that requires more resources windows will unload nonessential processes from memory to the pagefile while that program is active.

Windows 7 is much better at managing memory than it's predecessors.
1 gig of used ram is pretty much expected.
This is why 1 gig is the minimum required per microsoft's specifications.
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I am thinking of upgrading the memory of my laptop, An Acer Aspire 3023WLMi, which came with 2*256mb of PC-2700 memory. Does this mean that the laptop supports no more than PC-2700 or will it support PC-3200 and, if so, will the higher clockspeed make any noticable difference.

Thanks, Anthony

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I have a Toshiba laptop three years old. Its Windows (C memory used currently 148 GB out of 149 GB available. However the Windows (C memory of other computers for example in the library and in the college used only between 40GB and 60 GB even though they are bigger than my laptop. As a consequence I have problem because I have little memory left in my laptop. My laptop has some applications like all the computers but I think that each application uses approximately 1 GB. Hence I would like to know why my laptop used so much memory and how can I free memory.

A:The Windows (C:) memory of my laptop uses too much memory

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums reading from your post its hard drive space you need to free up ....... How much ram do you have ? The link below will help you clean up your hard drive.

Disk Cleanup - Open and Use
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I want 2 purchase a laptop. and i am confused in shared memory and built in memory.
I want 512MB of video memory.

1. (Video Memory) = Up to 1309 MB Total Available Graphics Memory &(Ram 3GB)
2. (Video Memory) = shared & (Ram 2GB)

1 and 2 are the two spec's avilable in market. suggest me which one i purchase.

A:What is best "shared memory or built in video memory" for laptop

Not knowing which graphics adapters they are makes it really hard to know which to recommend. A ton of video memory on a very low end card or low end integrated GPU isn't going to help much.

What's the purpose of this laptop?
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My friend has a dell dimension 4400 with only 512mb installed pc2100. it has two slots for memory so it can be upgraded to 2gb max , any ideas on best memory to use to upgrade it with?? can i go with pc2700 or do i have to stay with pc2100. Memory Speed MHz: 266MHz is installed. can i go to 333 without having to tweak bios, i dont know how to do that

Thanks all in advance!

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Hi I currently have 2 sticks of corsair xms pc2700. I am about to get a motherboard that support dual channel memory. the memory I have didnt specify if its "dual channel" that a special type of memory or does it just work as long as you have 2 ???

A:memory question

What is dual-channel DDR memory?
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Hi, i bought a 32gb ( ) usb memory stick not long ago, and when i plugged it in it says : 29.8 GB. Now i know the formatted capacity is less because it uses some for software etc but over 2 gigs ? come on ...

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Hi, I have 32 GB (2x16 GB) memory installed by Lenovo on my Thinkpad P70. They are 2133 DDR4. However, when I look at AIDA64 Extreme they show as 1064 MHz memory clock! I'm using Lenovo Power Optimized. Any idea how I can get them to 2133 MHz? Regards, Sepy

A:P70 Memory question

I'm not familiar with AIDA64 Extreme but maybe it's showing the actual clock frequency, not the memory transfer rate?
DDR (dual data rate) RAM runs at 2x clock speed.  2x 1064 ~= 2133.
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i want to add more memory to my newest pc with vista. when i got the pc it said it had
2048MB 5300 667MHz Dual-Channel DDR2 SDRAM 2- 1GB. but when i use cpu-z it say the is only 333Mhz. is that right? how can i find out what i have? thanks for any help


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I've got a MIO P350, and I bought a SD 256MB Kingston memory for it. Now, at first, when I plugged it in, the PDA detected it and had no problems with it. Though, once I plugged it out, I read on the manual that it'd be better to do something before plugging in the SD to the PDA, I didn't really understand. Anyway, I plugged it in again, and the PDA didn't detect it... How come?

A:PDA and SD memory question

Can you tell us exactly what the manual said re:

"I read on the manual that it'd be better to do something before plugging in the SD to the PDA"

Otherwise we would have to find a downloadable version of the manual, read it to try to work out just what it actually said. Which might not even be relevant after all the effort.
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I have to make a choice. 8GB memory and no built in camera, or 4GB and a built in camera for the same price. I7 2.7 processor with W7 Pro 64 bit.

Opinions please.

A:Memory question?

do you have links to these two systems? the difference in price is making me wonder if the specs for the ram or anything else is different or better on one machine or another.
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Can u guys tell me if this kind of memory is gonna wrok for my GA-7VAXP mobo i read something about a specific configuration.

heres the website

A:Memory Question

oh yeah, that will work just fine on that board. BTW, good choice on a board. That series of Gigabyte boards is my absolute favorite. They are the most solidly built board I've ever seen...and...they're not that expensive either.

FYI, your board will support ever incarnation of DDR SDRAM (184 pin) that you can buy on the market. That includes DDR333 and DDR400 (although, I'd stray from the's very pricey and DDR400 is more of a theory than a standard right now).
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Let's say I have an ASUS P8Z77-v Deluxe motherboard which has 4 Dimm slots and is dual channel, I've installed an Intel core i7-3770K Processor which is also a dual channel, if I install quad channel memory, will it work?

A:Memory Question

Quote: Originally Posted by Emoclaw

Let's say I have an ASUS P8Z77-v Deluxe motherboard which has 4 Dimm slots and is dual channel, I've installed an Intel core i7-3770K Processor which is also a dual channel, if I install quad channel memory, will it work?

Emoclaw, it will not. Your motherboard only supports dual channel.
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I am looking at purchasing memory for a Pentium II computer that I purchased a few weeks back. The computer, according to the manual, needs PC100 SDRAM memory. While looking at Kingston for memory, in some of the product names, there is either a CL2 or CL3. (example: 256MB PC100 DIMM CL3 ) What is the difference between CL2 and CL3? Thanks for any info.

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  I opened up the back of the notebook (HP 15-f039wm ) and saw this. This is a 4gb stick, with an identical slot right next to it. This slot however seems to have none of the clips to support a second stick. So is this slot just nothing now then? And if so, is their by chance an 8gb version of the stick pictured there? Offered by HP or otherwise? Thanks

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A:Memory question

That is not a memory slot just the place on the motherboard where higher end versions of the same motherboard have a second memory slot actually built on. Your picture has quite a bit of glare so I cannot read the writing on the white label or on the memory stick but yes it can accept a single 8 gig memory module in the one slot there is. We can help you find one at a reasonable price. Walmart models are special built using components also used in higher end laptops but defeatured so they can be sold at the lowest possible price. Your laptop uses DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM like this:
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I am going to swap from sdram to ddr. I need 2 sticks (256mb each) of ddr 266 PC2100.

I see some Kingston at Newegg but it is out of stock and I need this asap. The price for the Kingston is $33 per stick. Could you give me some ideas on what’s a good name brand mem? Newegg has SimpleTech for the same price but I just have no idea about all this.

I can find Kingston at other locations but the price is much higher than the $33 at Newegg.

Does brand name even matter? Or is memory just memory and they’re all the same?

Thanks for your help.

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What speed of DDR SDRAM will be required for an athion 3200+ processor running on a double pumped 200 mHz motherboard

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if i have a couple 5300 ram sticks, can I add a couple 6400 sticks?
ive been told i cant but i remember on and oold pc i had pc133 and pc100 combined with no problems.

can I?


A:memory question

Yes but will run at the slower 5300
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Im thinking about buying a new mobo and I want to use my existing memory that I have which is pc2100. The new mobo supports-
*Four 184-pin DIMM sockets; supports 4 DIMM single/dual-channel DDR 400 memory with 4 DIMM DDR 400 support up to 4.0GB.

Will my memory work?


A:memory question

yup! It should work just fine.
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Hi everyone,

I am looking to upgrade from my standard cheap low quality DDR 400 ram to a high quality OCZ set.

I have heard that my motherboad ASUS A7N8X-X has not got Dual Channel supported.

The memory I am looking at says it has Dual Channel and I am wondering whether it will run on the motherboad specified above.

Thanks for the help


A:New Memory Question

A dual channel kit is just 2 of the same identical memory
boards for compatability on dual channel motherboards.
Otherwise it's the same as buying them one at a time.
They should work fine.
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I bought a PC133 512MB stick of ram from ebay. I got it today and placed it in one of my computers. It was a Dell Optiplex GX50. When I went to boot it all it did was beep. (Memory Issue) I pulled it from that computer. I then placed it in my HP 505w. My HP computer booted just fine to the desktop but my computer was only seeing ¼ of the computers total ram.

I booted to BIOS and there it said my ram was a 128MB PC100 stick

Can anyone tell me if it is possible that what I have is actually 512MB?

Why would my computer show it as 128MB PC100? They guy who sold it to my said it was a 512MB PC133.



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i have 4X1GB 667 (PC2 5300) in my PC. can i put PC2 6400 or higher in?

A:Memory question

Is this for your Gateway, if so see here:

The board only supports up to 667Mhz for memory, if you install faster memory it will likely work but only at 667Mhz.

If you are not running a 64 bit version of Windows then you don't need more then 4GB, if you are then it may help to go higher but only for very certain circumstances.
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i have been having memory errors mainly from games and a few blue screens both in XP Pro x and Vista x it got me to thinking about Dual Channel mode for my RAM sticks when i got my current computer see sig for specs it came with Gig of RAM about a month ago i upgraded with another Gig of RAM for a total of Gig RAM now my question is do i need to install them in pairs i didn t touch the first two RAM sticks i left them as is when i put the other sticks in memory question... there i used slot and which were the only remaining slots now i am thinking that i may have done this incorrectly but i am not sure i checked on Apacer s site and i noticed at the bottom it states DIMMs must be memory question... installed in matched pairs for Dual Channel mode Maximum memory capacity must run at -bit operating systemClick to expand when i read this i thought pairs hmmm i guess that means each pair much use the colored slots i have yellow slots and black slots as the computer came the first yellow and first black slot was used when i upgraded the RAM i used the second yellow slot and the second black slot now my understanding is that to install them in matched pairs the first RAM sticks pair uses the yellow slots and the second RAM sticks pair uses the black slots is this correct note i do not have it like this at the moment i just have them all as singular at least memory question... i think i do how do memory question... i tell if they are in dual channel mode the RAM sticks are identical down to the specification as listed on Apacer s site under the specification column http ap apacer com ap products se SUSTek Computers amp System Motherboard amp Model P K AP ASUE GB Memory DDR DIMM PC also in my motherboard manual it states If you install a DDR - memory module whose SPD is DDR - make sure that you set the DRAM Frequency item in BIOS to DDR - MHz Click to expand so since my memory is DDR - i must make sure that it is set to DDR - is this correct i have not messed around with memory timings and such in the BIOS and i do not want to go changing anything until i am sure i know what i m doing edit shortly after i wrote this message my computer blue screened and it said PFN LIST CORRUPT i don t know what that means since i had to reboot i went into the BIOS and had a look what the DRAM Frequency was set to it was on auto so i changed it to DDR - i don t know what difference that will make if any nbsp

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Can someone tell me if this memory will work with this motherboard? I don't think it will but want to make sure.

The memory is OCZ DDR2 PC2 4200

Motherboard is a MSI K7N2GM2-LSR

Thanks for any help

A:Memory question

Nope ... website says DDR266 or DDR333 ... No DDR2 support ....
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i am trying to find the right mem for my computer. i have found everythig but i cant figure out wether it high density or low density. also does it matter what brand i get. if it does what would you recomend. i have a gateway model 507gr. thank you for any help.

A:memory question

hello have you ran the scan here ...
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Hi there, I have an old Intel PII 434 MHz, 256 mb sdram pc100, 15 gig HDD. Anyway... my question, is that but a simple one to answer if your knowledged in memory chips...

I have 2 memory chips that are 128 mb each and are pc100, I have found in my possession 2 more, 128 mb but are pc133.

Question: Can I put pc 100's with pc133's without conflict? I know that this, my motherboard says that it will except the faster pc133 memory chips, but can I mix the 2, or will I have to put one or the other?


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I was wondering is it better to get a one gig stick of ddr or is it better to get 1 gig 2x512? I don't know what the differnce would be. Someone enlighten me please.

A:Memory Question

that depends on whether your motherboard supports dual channel memory. If it does, then you get a huge performance boost by running 2 matched 512MB sticks verses a single 1GB stick.

With dual channel, the system uses both memory sticks at the same time, doubling the memory bandwidth, this is clearly a much more efficient setup

With single channel, the system doesn't use the second stick until the first one is fully utilized, so with a single channel setup, it really doesn't which setup you choose

hope this answered your question
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I have a quick question about the use of memory strips. Somewhere I read that when using DDR2 memory strips you have to run them in matcheed pairs. In other words, if you have two matched strips of 1 Gbyte each which would give you two Gigs of memory, in order to achieve a desired 3 Gigs of memory, you have to insert a matched pair of two strips of 512 Megs. Or, can you just put another DDR strip of 1 Gig in the third slot without having to put another strip in the 4th slot?

I hope I've made myself understood. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Got a question I was looking over my current memory usage trying to see what program is sucking up the most overhead (because I'm a little board) anyway at the top of the list was my IE taking up 36,311,040 !! Is this normal? Xp IE6.0

A:IE Memory Question

How many windows do you have open?
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I have a computer with a speed of 300mhz and 64 mb sdram memory. With this speed,is it enough for me to play a movie on my pc?

A:Just a memory question

Depends of the movie.. If you view a movie in avi or quicktime, yea you can get away with it ( not the greatest but.. ). On the other hand if you are looking at DVD's well that's a whole different story...
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I currently have 512MB DDR RAM installed to my AMD 2100 XP PC.

If I install a further 512MB of RAM would I notice much more in the speed, or should I upgrade, which would cost me more in the way of a new processor and motherboard etc?

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I have 512 MB on my computer right now, and I am thinking about upgrading to 1G. My question is, what is 1G minus 512MB equal to? Thanks.

A:Memory Question Help

1GB = 1024MB

So if you take 512MB out of a Gig, you are left with 512.

What is the context of your question?? Does your computer only have 1 slot, so you are wondering about the actuall increase if you replace the 512MB with a 1GB??
For performance issues, having 2 (512mb) sticks dual channeled, would be better then 1 (1GB) stick.
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I have a Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra-939 mobo that takes DDR400.
My question is will it run with higher speed PC-4000 RAM and would this
be an advantage in overclocking or should I just stick with the PC-3200?

A:memory question

Yes and yes, just make sure to buy high quality RAM to avoid any compatibility problems. Check the motherboards list of recommended RAM and get RAM that closely matches that list only faster.
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I'm planning on getting a core 2 duo 6400 which has a fsb speed of 1066. Will there be any issues with getting ddr2 800 memory to work with that?

A:CPU and memory question

no, im running ddr2 800 overclocked to 900, u wont have any issues as long as the mobo supports it natively
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I recently bought a 256MB upgrade, put it in the open slot, etc, and the system seems to run much faster, but the computer still says that I only have 127MB of memory. What's up with that?

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A couple of years ago, I built a computer with an Intel D975XBX motherboard. This board will hold 4 gig of memory with 4 slots available. I installed two 1 gig Kingston DDR2 (PC2-5300 chips.

Now, I would like to increase the memory and have found two Kingston 1 gig chips that appear to be about the same as the ones I installed but I also found these Crucial brand memory chips

4GB DDR2 PC6400 Kit
(2x2GB), 800MHz
$39.99 Store Price
$19.99 After Rebate

This is about $10 less for twice the amount of memory that I would be buying and they appear to be more than twice as fast as my existing memory and the additional Kingston chips I was looking at.

Will these chips work on this motherboard?

They appear to be similar physically (240 pin).

Obviously, I have forgotten how I knew that the Kingston chips would work so am helpless right now in deciding which ones to buy.


A:Memory question

Almost sure way to see if they would work is to compare the voltages. If they're both 1.8 or 1.9, or kingstons 1.9 and crucial 1.8, they will quite surely work. If you want to be 100 % sure, go to crucial's site, and run their computer scanner and see if the kit you're going for appears as a compatible model for your PC.
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I have installed in my motherboard GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 775 - GA-X38-DS4 (rev. 1.0) the Kingston hyperx 2x2GB,in dual channel,2GB in yellow slot 1 + 2GB in yellow slot 3
(KHX6400D2B1K2/4G 4GB kit DDR2 800MHz Non-ECC (kit of 2 - 2GB) CL5-5-5-15 1.8V)
Kingston Technology Company - HyperX blu -
Today in my store room i found a box of Geil 2x1GB memory ram
(2GB 800MHz CAS4 (1GBX2-SKU#GB22GB6400C4DC)
GeIL Black Dragon DDR2 800 MHz CL4 Review - Page 1/4 | techPowerUp
So i installed also the Geil ram in dual channel,1GB in red slot 2 + 1GB in red slot 4
And now i have 6GB of ram,so far so good.
Is that a good or bad idea?
Is there any better combination,between these ramS?

A:Memory ram question

That looks OK to me. You have the memory installed correctly, and the channels are correctly populated so that CHA SL0 = CHB SL0 (Yellow) and CHA SL1 = CHB SL1 (Red).
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If you have a CPU that runs at 2 GHz this is 2,000 MHz.

And this means it will take in an Process Data 2,000 Million Times Per SEC.

Now when you Buy Memory they come in all different Speeds up to 1333 MHz.

Now if my DDR2 memory says 1333 MHz this is because it is telling me the Dable Data Rate. My 1333 MHz DDR2 is going at 5 something MHz.

So my CPU is going to be going fatsr then the Memory can give and put out Data am I right?going Half that

A:Memory Question

RAM speed is much slower than the CPU and has been for many years. Producing RAM that could match CPU speeds would be prohibitively expensive. That is why computers have a first, second, and sometimes a third level data cache that contains a copy of the most frequently accessed data in RAM.
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forgive me for my joke post about the cooling paste. i wonder if any of you good guys could tell me which would run faster on an abit kn8. 2 sticks of 512 ddr400 matched or
four sticks of 256 matched.

A:memory question

I'd get the 2 x 512MB sticks. Some Athlon64 processors will lower the memory speed if you fill all four slots, especially with double-sided sticks and with earlier Athlon64 processors. Using only two also allows you to add more memory at a later date if you need more then 1GB. Its also cheaper to buy 2 x 512MB sticks then to buy 4 x 256MB sticks in most cases.
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have an NT4 server just updated the network to run on 100mg, all users have problems saving excell files to the server, "insufficiant memory to complete this action" when you say OK, it closes down, when you reopen the file it says it is still open.
The Page file size is 180 and 180
Mem is 128k


A:Memory Question???

Add memory!!! At least 512MB and your page file should be at least 600MB. You are running on a minimum configuration. That only allows the system to boot and not crash sitting still. Hope this helps.
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What does this mean:

3 x DDR DIMM Sockets
Max. 3 GB unbuffered PC2100 / PC1600 non-ECC SDRAM Memory (PC3200 Max. to 2 banks only / PC2700 Max to 4 banks only)

I know I can use 3 sticks of PC2100 memory, but what about the others? Here is the mobo: ASUS Mobo

A:Memory question

Importantly what that means to you is:
1. You have three "spots" to put memory sticks in.
2. You can put in those three spots up to a total of 3 GB of memory.
3. You should buy PC2100 SDRAM memory.
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Setup : Toshiba notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo, 2x 2GB RAM, ATi HD2600 Mobility Radeon, Vista business 32 bit

Memory : Total = 3096, Cached = 2175, Free = 0
Graphics : Total Available = 1535, Dedicated = 256, Shared System Mem = 1279

Question : I have installed 4GB of ram and in "basic information about your computer" it shows 4.00 GB yet in task manager the total shows as 3096, why is this that it doesnt show the full 4GB in task manager?

A:Memory Question

You're operating system is 32-bit, meaning you can only have 3.2GBs of ram. Source.
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I have 4 modules on my comp, 4x512 (Kinkgston DDR2 @ 667mhz)

When i use CPU-Z, it says the frequency is 333.3 MHz ?

Is that normal or Frequency and the 667 MHz that each module says it runs at is different?

A:Memory question...

Its because DDR, Double Data Rate, runs at an real clock that is multiplied by two for an effective clock, hence 333.4Mhx x 2 is 667Mhz.
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I just got me a hot deal on a new laptop. It is a Core i5 that comes with 6 GB of RAM. It has a 4 and a 2 stick. The fact that the channels are uneven, does that do anything to hinder the performance of the laptop? Thanks,

A:Question on Memory

No, it will not affect performance if they are the same speed, timing, etc. Intel processors have what is called Flex Mode, that allows miss-match capacities to function under Dual-Channel Mode.
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I just installed Windows 7 64 bit. I have 4 Gig's of Ram installed and it's telling me I have 4 installed, but only 3.5 usable.

Why? How can I fix that? My graphics card is a Nvidia geforce with a gig of ram, so I know it's not stealing it....

Can anyone help me get that 1/2 gig of memory back?

I attached a screen cut out of my system info if it helps.

A:Memory Question...

When you are running Windows, the OS need to use some memory, you have task manager open that uses memory, any program that starts when you boot your pc, installs in memory. So considering all that, 3.5 is pretty good.
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I have a Dell Optiplex 360 that I just upgraded to windows 7 64bit. It only has 2 memory slots and when looking it up by service tag # it says it only will take 4 gb total. I was advised by a computer shop that it would run that OS. Now I need to know if it will take 8 gb RAM. They also mentioned maybe installing a better video card. It is to be used for streaming video to you tube. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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i just memory question about purchased the following motherboard CPU combo pentium D dual core ghz mhz FSB asus p vdc-x mobo i also purchased sticks of pc - mhz memory however it s in a separate order and won t be here today with the mobo cpu so in question about memory order to get my machine running i decided to run to fry s and get some memory to use for the day they have a day return policy so i could return it if i wish i went to fry s and they did not have any pc - so i got a pair of sticks of pc- ddr mhz memory now i realize that it s not the exact same memory but will these sticks be compatible to run together i realize they will run at the slower bus speed but isn t much different than question about memory what do you recommend i m not really desperate for more than gig of memory so it s not a requirement that i keep this extra memory should i get rid of the mhz mem and go with this stuff i just got nbsp

A:question about memory

Won't hurt anything to "try" running them together. Though if it works it will use the slower speeds. And if it does work, run it on memtest for a good LONG time for stability. And then run it through its paces within Windows when the time comes.

Otherwise, it is best to stick with RAM of the same make and model.

And I've never heard of someone running to Frys to buy RAM temporarily for ONE day! You must be really impatient!
If you need more RAM then what you ordered, then order some more of the same.
That's my advice.
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Please define what 1R x 16 and 2R x 16 is on ram.

(Thank you)
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Can I use PC3200/2700/2100 DDR memory in my Dell 4550? My system currently has 512MB 2700 DDR and has a 533MHz clock speed.

I know 2700 is listed in the memory, but I wasn't sure if running 400 vs. 333 would be a problem.

P4 2.4 512MB Ram on a Intel 845PE Mobo

A:Memory question

It shouldn't be a problem. The faster memory will just run slower. As long as the memory supports your 133Mhz bus (533/4) it should work fine. If you already have PC2700, just get more of that.
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I have 2 GB of memory in my desktop right now
This memory to be exact:
newegg doesn't seem to have any in stock.
If I wanted to upgrade to 4 GB (add two more 1 GB sticks) would I have to get a hold of the same memory or can I safely use different memory?
I'm not sure when I will upgrade but I know I want to eventually.

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I have a quick question on this memory:

Kingston Technologies 512MB DDR SDRAM Desktop Memory (KVR400/512R)
PC3200/PC2700/PC2100 DIMM

It's listed as DDR400, but also has the PC2700 & PC2100 speed noted. Does that mean it's DDR400 but will also run at DDR333 ?

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Hello people

i used to work with 2G memory and while working with graphic programs
i have always reached to 98% usage of memory

so few days ago i installed 4g more (2X1G kit & 2X4G kit)

Now whats strange here is

1. when windows up it started with 20% which is 1.2G i dont remember that with 2G i started with 60%

2. when i use many program together and push my memory to the limit then when i close them my memory doent get back to the low percentage that it had before run the prgrams

3. what should i do with the pagefile do i need it now ?
Thanks a lot

A:memory question

1) I would put 1.2 gb at startup as normal. It really depends on the no. and kind of apps and processes running. Offhand, I remember startup usage on 2 of my machines- one is about 1.25 gb, another around 1 gb.

2) Win7 is no stranger to memory leaks (apps not freeing memory when closed or memory usage just climbing on prolonged system usage).

Microsoft details Windows 7 memory leaks, hangs, freezes

A specific hotfix is described in that article, but generally speaking, keep windows and drivers updated- that may help. Other than that, rebooting the computer is the alternative.

3) Keep the pagefile at the windows managed size, esp. if you have large, memory hogging apps like Photoshop, WMC etc. running simultaneously.
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I doubled the RAM my ASUS P5B-E was using by installing 2 Kingston KVR800D2N5/1G sticks (identical to first 2, except these were much smaller), from same vendor too. Now the strangest thing - I install a third stick, windows says I have 3 gigs. Install the 4th, windows says I have 4 gigs with 2.94 usable. Web page navigation is really choppy.
I decrease installed RAM by removing one stick, now windows says I have 3 gigs. So apparently I now have more RAM by using less RAM. So far web pag navigation seems to be smoother.
Well, that's good. But I really want to use all 4 gigs of RAM. I am using Win 7RC Ultimate. Any ideas?

A:Memory Question

Motherboard northbridge is unable to handle the load of all memory slots being occupated for some reason. Swap to 2x2 GB of RAM if possible, or deal with having 3 GB.
FWIW, you may get better performance with just 2 GB installed, as you get dual channel. 2 GB is sufficient for basic use, and with dual channel your memory operates faster.
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Can I take my old memory out of my pentium 2 and put it in my new amd sempron p.c ?


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How can a person tell the difference between a SIMM & DIMM chip? Is it that a SIMM uses a single slot and a DIMM is divided into 2 slots? I have seen chips that would be divided into 3 sections, but not a clue what that would be.

Thanks for your help.

A:Memory question....

Probably more than you wanted to know.
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Can I put PC 100 memory cards into a computer with PC 133 cards at the same time?


A:old memory question

Sure can. But you may want to look in BIOS setup to see if there is a timing setting. Some good brands of 100 will run at 133, but you may need to reduce all to 100. You'll hardly notice the difference. If you get errors, try reducing the timing. Otherwise, you should be all set. Try it.
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I currently have a desktop which has 8gb memory. I have no problems multitasking, but when I get on my laptop (4 gb mem) things are rather slow. I'm beginning to think memory is the key for running large programs or running programs that have large files, but I'm not sure. I just saw an ad for a 12gb mem desktop and I wonder if it would speed things up furhter.

Could someone clarify?

A:Question about memory

You cannot go only by the amount of RAM a computer has to determine how well it runs and multi-tasks.

Do the following in BOTH computers so we can view both logs and compare their hardware and operating systems.


Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe) to the desktop.

After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.

Information about your computer will appear.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.

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What is the difference between pc100 and pc133 memory? And can they be mixed?
Also, is there any way to find out (without installing it) which type of memory and how many megabytes a stick is if it doesn't say on the outside?

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Currently i have
Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Cas Latency 4
Timing 4-4-4-12
Voltage 2.2V
Well currently with my motherboard (GA-M55SLI-S4) i did my best to make into that settings but I dont think I did it correctly. Right now on CPU-Z it says my frequency is 2001MHz but jumps to 320MHz time to time, my CAS Latency is 4, and my timing it at 5-5-18-24(im guessing thats what things below cas latency means) i have also set my voltage to +.3(max). I heard that my default voltage was 1.8V so with .3 it would be 2.1v. My question how do I change the timing and is there a way to make voltage 2.2v?

A:memory question

There should be. First of all read your manual as to bios settings and how to change them. Now see if there are any bios updates that address memory voltage and or overclocking settings. If so install the newer bios. Next it is common with memory to default to slower settings. The faster timing usually only work with higher vdimm ie ram voltage. Once you set the correct vdimm, you can then set the faster timings.

I would test for errors with either memtest or prime95 [set to test ram] Having faster ram timing does no good if the system is not stable.
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Hi all, I've got a Dell Dimesion 8200 with the PC800 RDRAM. It only came with 256MB and the PC800 is really expensive. My other computer has the PC2100 ram. I have shopped around and found that the price for the PC800 is outrageous and the PC2100 is more affordable. My question is, does what type of ram I put in it matter, can I swap the PC800 ram for the PC2100 without hurting anything? Thanks for your help in advance!

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I just bought a new computer, but it only has 256MB of memory. I'd like to upgrade to 512, but I've never done that before. Is there anything specific I should look for? For example, do I need to buy the same speed memory as my other memory? Same manufacturer? Is there a noticable difference in manufacturers?

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Hello Question about Question Memory Virtual Memory I just had a gig of RAM installed in my computer I had already Now comp prop says GB When I right click my computer then click advanced then click performance settings Memory Question There are options for settings The dot is in Custom on my machine Then I click advanced tab again It says Virtual Memory total paging file Memory Question size for all drives Memory Question mb Then I click Change and there is a dot in Custom Initial size mb in white box Maximum size mb in white box Then at bottom of box it says Minimum allowed mb Recommended mb Currently allocated mb Since I added new Ram should these settings be changed If so what should I change Initial size amp Maximum size to I did do research and it seems to be put in a number times the RAM But I am not sure which box to put that in it seems I need numbers initial and maximum Thank You Evenflow

A:Memory Question

Don't you have the option to let Windows configure your settings?
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Is fast memory speed a must for gaming, or can a large amount of memory make up for slower memory speed?

A:Memory Question

It makes up for it, but what exactly are the speeds and sizes?
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hey i would like to replace the memory i have in the machine . i am running
512DDR @ 266
my motherboard supports up to 3gb and supports dual channel @ 400

so i would like to know if its possible to change this to gain performance or does it have something to do with my processor as well , AMD 2400+ @ 2.0

i would like to get 3 sticks of this ->512MB DDR PC3200 400MHz
can i do this .. i know *jack* about memory .
thanks for the help !!

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Just a quick one.........

I have some PC133 memory and would like to install it in my new PC which is a 2.8Ghz Athlon with an FSB of 133Mhz.

Can I use this memory in my new pc or not. The old memory and the new both look the same, but I'm just not sure whether to try it or not.

Will it damage my new machine if its not compatible or will it just refuse to start until I change it.

Please help


A:Memory Question

Probably not. New system do not use PC133 SDRAM. Your system would take DDR RAM, either PC2100, PC2700, or PC3200. DDR is Double Data Rate, its real clock is multiplied by 2 to get its effective speed. Hence 133 x 2 would be 266Mhz or PC2100.

SDRAM and DDR use different slots and voltages, any attempt to use SDRAM in a DDR would result in damage - there are notches in the RAM and slot to prevent you from doing so.

Also I think you have the clock speed mixed up with the model number of your CPU. You probably have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ with a true clock speed of 2.25Ghz on a 333Mhz FSB (166Mhz x 2).
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does anyone know a good simple way to find out what is taking up so much memory that i dont need and can stop, or somehow make use less memory? i just start my computer its already using 3.4 gigs of ram

A:Memory question

hi there
type resmon in the start menu search box and click on the result a window should pop up showing resource monitor (as in my snap shot) you will now be able to see what windows has allocated your ram. please post a screenshot to the thread.
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Somebody told me that you can put PC 3200 memory in a PC 2100 mobo. Is that true? He said that the mobo will automotically slow it down so it will work. I am asking because currently PC3200 is cheaper than PC2100 and it will also be a better buy if I ever upgrade my mobo. Any help is greatly appreciated.....

A:PC memory question....

I wish I could give you a difinitive answer, but I can't.

My answer is "probably". Usually it works, and as your friend says your board will automatically downclock the ram to the speed it likes..... usually. Sometimes the older boards just don't like the newer ram and won't start up.

What motherboard do you have?
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I had a friend ask what would question? What's better? Memory be better running Dual Channel Memory question? What's better? and a single MB stick PC or MB Dual Memory question? What's better? Channel PC s I m going with the s Dual Channel Either configuration would have a latency of He stated that he thinks I m wrong In my experience running IDENTICAL chips have always stomped mixin -n matchn I really don t want to post his explanation because it sounded stupid enough to be true and one of you might agree with him I will post his crazy a opinion after a few of the old dogs like Tripple ACandy JohnWill and the rest of you old dogs post You re only as fast as your slowest component right Or is my entire belief system going to change If this happens the world may actually stop moving causing the atoms of my monitor to instantly fuse with Memory question? What's better? the atoms of my face I don t want this to happen nbsp

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memory frequency's

I have an Asrock p4v88 socket 478 motherboard and a stick of generic 256mb 333mhz and also a stick of kingston 512mb 333mhz. Everything was all fine and well untill I discovered that both CPU-Z and Everest home were clocking my ram at 100mhz which was far from what it was suposed to be. So I took out the 256mb generic thinking that was the problem. Then it went up to 133 and CPU-Z said FSB : DRAM 1 : 1+33mhz. but with both RAM sticks in it said FSB : DRAM 1:1 (my FSB is 100mhz). So I go to the BIOS and change all memory from AUTO to 333mhz. Still no good its the same.... anything im missing? What am I doing wrong?
Thanks Alot,

A:memory and fsb question

Now that I have gone back into the BIOS and reset the memory settings back to AUTO it has gone back up to 266mhz (FSB : 1+33mhz)again which still isnt the 333mhz both sticks are made for but its better than 200mhz. Anyone have any clue whats going on here? Or any idea how to make it do FSB : 1+66mhz ??
Relevancy 39.56%

A few years ago, I added more RAM to my Gateway 650 Select desktop. With the Everest Home edition I can see now that I installed pc133 memory into my system which is set up for pc100. The thing seems to work fine with no problems. Should I take out the 133 and put in a 100 or is it okay to mix and match 100's and 133's?
(I currently have one slot with the original 64MB pc100 and the other slot has the 128MB pc133 in it.)