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Q: Setting up a home network

Hi All I have a got a very simple query for the experts here as I am not much into networking field My requirement - Personal web server - some laptops PC I have a router modem that terminates my internet connection and my webserver is connected to it and I network up home a Setting want to use my PCs but don t want to directly connect them to the router ports as there are only ports So I am planning to use a port switch for a LAN among my PCs i e I want to connect the switch to the router Setting up a home network and want to connect all the PCs to the switch I am planning to use a gigabit switch so that my lan network is fast and would use Cat cables or would cat e would be ok for me I reuire good transfer rate among the PCs I just want to know in simple steps what all key configuration I would have to do to setup such a network or if there are any tutorial or site for details about this would be good for me Any suggestions would be gr as I have been trying to get some info about this on net and found this forum useful Cheers Hungry Mind nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Setting up a home network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Setting up a home network

trival buddy.


modem=====router-----Web Server
| | | |
(x) PC systems

To ensure all PCs see the webserver at the same address (regardless of the boot sequence),
give the webserver a static IP address.
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Hey all, I just recently put together a new desktop for myself to replace my aging laptop. What I'd like to do is set up a small network of some sort as to allow me to get data from my laptop to my new desktop. I've got dual LAN on my desktop and as for the laptop I can use wireless or hardwire through the router, either is fine with me. Also, I supposed, if needed, I could make up a piece of crossover cable if someone told me how to connect the wires. I have a crimper and plenty of spare cat5e cable lying around. Thanks in advance.

A:Setting up a new home network

You should be able to connect both to the router (I'd use wires for ease of configuration), and just set the laptop to automatically obtain it's IP and DNS addresses. Add in the File/Print sharing client, and you should be good to go.
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hi there I have computers a home up network setting at home that i ve been trying desparately to network together with mixed results What i d like to do is setup the network so that all computers can quot see quot each other setting up a home network share specific folders and printers and most importantly share the internet connection Here s what i have imac running os x pc s running winxp home winxp prof -port wired setting up a home network plus wireless access linksys router printers one of each of the winxp prof comps dialup internet access no dsl or cable where i live the mac and pcs one of the winxp prof and the home are connected to the router via eithernet cable the remaining winxp prof comp connects via wireless i was able to get it so that the printers and folders were accessable from the windows machines but not to share the internet connection using windows ICS I could also see shares on the pcs from the mac but not visa versa nor able to print at this point i basically gave up the winxp prof computers each have a modem and ideally i would like it so that each could connect independently as well as it not making a difference which one was connected to share the internet access BUT if i have to set this whole thing up so that one of the computers acts as the server then so be it anyone have any ideas i ve seen some quot easy quot home networking software packages out there but only for windows machines not win and mac I even tried Network Magic forgoing the mac temporarily but even though i have a compatable router it wasn t able to see it the only monkey wrench in this that i can think of is that a linksys cust serv rep had me change the ip addy of the router to use it with ICS from to thanks Robbie nbsp

A:setting up a home network

If you start from scratch, this should work. Configure ICS on the one machine that has the Internet connection. We'll consider it the "primary" router for this configuration. Your Linksys router will be the "secondary" router for the configuration. Use the following configuration.

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!
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I have a home network that uses three computers. Two use Windows 7 and one uses XP. I have set up the network and allowed file sharing on all three computers. Currently I am having a problem accessing the files from one of the computers (XP) or using that computer to access the other computers.
The computers see each other, but when I try to open the files I get a message that says I do not have permissions to open file. Check with administrator for permission. (I am the administrator)
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Hi ok this might sound like a problem that everyone should know how to do it!


I have a pc running xp pro

I have just bought a new laptop running vista home edition

Im trying to network them both together but just can't! When i plug an RJ45 cable between the both of them the computer recognises it! But i can't find either computer anywhere!

Any help would be great thanks


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I'm attempting to set up a home network on windows xp. I've got a Linksys network hub. I've got the internet cable connected to port one, the first computer in port 2, and the third computer in port 3.

Both computers are connecting to the internet successfully through the hub. I've run the windows network wizard on both computers. I've named one as computer1 and the other as computer2 and both are on the "workgroup" workgroup.

When i click on "add a network place" in my network places and follow the wizard, i can get as far as "entire network\microsoft windows netwrok\workgroup" when i try to browse to the location when it asks me "what is the address of this network place"

It never seems to find anything under "workgroup". What am i missing?

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Hi everyone I want to setup a home network so I can access files between my desktop and laptop but not to sure on how to do it. My desktop is running windows 7 64 and my laptop is running vista 32. I am looking to access things like music pictures and docs etc.

Would be grateful for any help

Thanks so much


A:Can I have some help setting up a home network?

Make sure both machines are in the same workgroup. Then you need to share whatever folder it is you are going to be getting the files from.

Then you can hit start-->run-> and type in the IP address of the machine on which the folder is shared.

Make sure you have file and printer sharing turned on in network and sharing center.
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I have two computers at home. One is a Desktop running WindowsXP and the other is a Laptop running Vista. I want to be able to connect to one from the other. The Desktop is hard wired to the router while the Laptop is running wireless. I have done it a few times using the Network feature on the computer but for some reason it has stopped finding the other computer and now I am unable to connect at all. Any help or is it not really possible due to vista/xp operating systems? Thanks

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I was trying to set up a home network. I clicked on show connections and get a message that mshome is not accessible. How can I not have permissions when I am the sole user (and administrator).

A:setting up a home network

One way is with a 3rd party firewall (internet security) not configured for LAN access.

Perhaps another way is to not have file and printer sharing enabled.
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Hello again Okay I ve been wanting to do this a while for my parents but want to make sure I do it right correct security ease of use etc I want to set them up with a home network for their computers What we have right now is a linksys router that supplies the internet for all the computers As of right now there are laptops PC and Mac that wirelessly connect to the router for Internet Access as well home a Setting network up as my Playstation that is directly connected to the Router I want to use the One Desktop PC as sort of a File Server so that all computers going in will be able to connect to it to save files and such I want to make sure I do it right since I know that wireless can be very unsecure if not configured properly Right now it s pretty much just a open wireless connection Setting up a home network to where anyone with a wireless card can just access the internet through us That is all the wireless serves us for as of Setting up a home network right now since we don t have any filesharing active or anything The laptops have Windows XP Professional SP on them the Desktop that I want to use as the File server has Windows and the Mac has OS on it Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Dear All,

I have a query--apart from the Homegroup there any other way via which files can be shared between my Win 7 32-bit laptop & Win 8 64-bit desktop?

I am looking for something like-- upon clicking the PC name in the explorer, a window prompting for password will pop up and then upon entering correct password (may be the PC login password), the shared folders will be accessible?

Am sure Homegroup is the easiest solution out there. But I would like to know the other way too.


A:Need help with setting up home network

You can complete a peer to peer share rather than a homegroup if you wish:

Create a folder that you wish to share then follow this tutorial - File Sharing - "Share with" & "Stop Sharing" in Windows 8

To enable password protected sharing make sure you follow this tutorial - Password Protected Sharing - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Hope This Helps,
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Ok, so I'm trying to create a network to serve all my media files from my desktop between my laptops.

I have a Linksys WRP400 and as usual linksys tech support is useless... When setting up the router via the wizard, it requests a PIN from me that is supposed to be located on the device or in the documentation, but I can't find it anywhere. So I can't set up my server... Anyone have any suggestions??

A:Setting up a home network

A PIN as in a password?

Ifso, try:
They're sometimes used as the default password, if you haven't changed it...

I'll look into this some more.

EDIT: Hammer Vs. Linksys WRP400
Hammer wins!
PIN is inside... Maybe
Broken Linksys WRP400

An extra note, try looking in the documentation, again, its very easy to overlook things.
The way people and companies are these days, its most likely in 1 font, so you can't read it.
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I have a wireless home network and I have a Buffalo Linkstation Pro NAS connected by wire to my router On the NAS I have a share the contents of which I would like to be accessible NAS home Help as on setting network FTP via ftp from any PC anywhere I am complete FTP Help setting NAS as FTP on home network novice but here s what I have done so far On the NAS s control panel I have allowed ftp support set up access permissions and given an user name password one set for read only and the other for read write I have also allowed ftp on my router s control panel under Port Forwarding I am on static IPs with PlusNET my ISP and I have registered my router s external IP with the DynDNS service so that my IP address can be used as a web address What else do I have to do to access the contents of the NAS via FTP I don t want to have to install any third party software - I want to do it all with Windows Internet Explorer if possible Please help Thanks nbsp

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I am trying to set up a wired home network.
I have:
2 computer - A) Windows XP Pro MotherBoard(nForce 650i Ultra) Processor(Intel Pentium E2160)
B) Ubuntu MotherBoard(EliteGroup A780GN-A) Processor(AMD Athion 64 X2 5000+)
Printer-Epson Stylus NX400
Router-Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL with 4-port Switch
One Montor-Samsung SyncMaster 915n
One KeyBoard- Saitek Eclipse
One Mouse-Microsoft Comffort Optical Mouse 3000
My question is;
How do I set up these part into a wired home network.
As you can see, I'm sure, in network I'm not very smart in the subject of network. I would take any imformation I can get.
Thank you!!!

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I was with intentions of moving my router to the mechanical room and was going to get a phone line from the box where all the connections are and i noticed if i not mistaken that i have cat5 through my house, in that case i was just going to change the phone jacks and have Ethernet and phone through the house and use it as my network
here are the pics

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I am having a little trouble setting up my home network. I have two machines running xp pro connected to a linksys router. On the one machine I can see both computers the other I cannot. When I try to access the other machine it says denied you may not have the correct permissions. I have check all the names and workgroups, everything seems to be correct. Can anyone offer any advice?


A:Help Setting Up Home Network

I figured it out but thanks anyway!
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I have a new dell inspiron 1525 with vista home basic. I also purchased a netgear wireless router. I have internet access with the router, but i would like to be able to network my laptop with my desktop ( a dell percission 220 workstation with windows xp home), and access my desktop and printer from my laptop and visa versa. i would also like to be able to access my desktop remotely i.e when i am away from home. can i do this, and how? i have made several attempts, following windows instructions, but to no avail. your assistance is greatly appreciated. have a great day!

A:setting up a home network

Go to control panel, internet options, connection, and use the

to setup a network connection wizard.
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hey, i purchased a new PC and i plan to set it up in my pool house which is approx. 100 feet from my main computer with the modem and router. I know i cant use another modem for that my question is what can i use to setup an internet connection for my new PC without slowing the download rate? thanks in advance!

A:Setting up a Home Network...HELP!

Well, a second modem wil not work with the first modem at the same time, unless it is setup by the service provider. The best thing to do is to run CAT5e from the router to the new location.
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I have a windows 7 desktop and an XP laptop which I want to link together. I have shared my desktop machines folders by right clicking > properties, creating a shared name and adding the user: Everyone, to my security tabs.

However, I share a house and there is a folder I wish to share but only to my laptop, not to the rest of my house. I can't work out a way of recognising the users on my laptop, if I try to add a new user the location is fixed on Chris-PC and if I try to change no other locations appear.

Any help is much appreciated.


A:Setting up a home network

Quote: Originally Posted by chricholson

I have a windows 7 desktop and an XP laptop which I want to link together. I have shared my desktop machines folders by right clicking > properties, creating a shared name and adding the user: Everyone, to my security tabs.

However, I share a house and there is a folder I wish to share but only to my laptop, not to the rest of my house. I can't work out a way of recognising the users on my laptop, if I try to add a new user the location is fixed on Chris-PC and if I try to change no other locations appear.

Any help is much appreciated.


Hey chris welcome

really easy dont share that foldere with every one just share it with admin or create a new group called something give it rights and have you be the oonly one in it
Ken J+
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Hi All

Spent several hours attempting to establish a wireless network involving a PC running Windows XP and a laptop running Windows 7. All I keep getting is 'Access Denied' on the laptop; meaning it cannot log onto the PC as the host, although it can see the PC in the network.

What is the solution; is there one? Or do I need to replace XP with Windows 7 on the PC?

Any advice, grealty appreciated.


A:Help with Setting Up Home Network

you might need to explain more what you are trying to attempt. Are you trying to loginto the computer using rdp or just sharing files?
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I should have a port gigabit and What up lab- you Setting would network for do? home port fiber switch when I get home As Setting up network for home lab- What would you do? cheap Setting up network for home lab- What would you do? as they were I couldn t pass up getting them both I m a noob to a lot of this and especially when it comes to fiber I m just starting to learn it at work Switches Cisco Catalyst G-GE-TX brocade only supports upto GB SFP Servers HP DL G - xE GB RAM- ESXI No HDDs HP DL G - xE GB RAM- ESXI No HDDs S BC- xE GB RAM- ESXI x GB Server is used as my management host for FreeNAS and the vCenter Server FreeNAS is setup in iSCSI for the two G s My questions -Can I used the brocade as a dedicated storage network I do need to buy the SFP cards for the hosts but read vmware can be finicky with SFP hardware - If above is possible Is it just having to assign the NIC to the VM - I know the brocade only supports upto GB is it worth messing with I bought it because it was really cheap and I assumed I could still use it to learn - Would it be preferred to just use multiple ports from the port I have enough NIC cards x GB that I could use to provide GB or GB connectivity to each host or direct from host to host if possible Ideally I want to wire the house to the port but I won t need all of them I am currently cleaning up some HDDs I have to grow out FeeNAS I d like to have FreeNAS supply storage to the cluster and have a generic media filesystem I assume this would just be another VM for FreeNAS or something like Win Home Server or just a generic windows box with file sharing I m not sure which would be optimal And sorry I wasn t sure if this should be posted in Virtualized or Networking I chose here since my primary questions were on networking Also sorry if this post is a bit messy Any and all input is greatly appreciated If I wasn t clear on something please let me know Thanks Outlaw nbsp
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My server is comcast and I have my router hooked up to my desktop, but I do not know how to set up a network between my desktop and wireless laptop,,, If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.



A:Help setting up a home network?

Hi Niteldy, and welcome to TSG

Does your router have built-in WiFi support? If not, the easiest way to add a wireless connection would be to replace the router with one that has both wireless and wired support. You could also add a wireless access point to the existing router.
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I searched but couldn t find So here is my problem OK so I have my cable internet coming into my modem then router setting network help home up then two computers connected to the internet wired from the router Can I connect these help setting up home network two computers together in a network so I can share files back and forth with this configuration If so how if not how can I set it up for this help setting up home network to work So far I have tried this with the setup I tried the network setup wizard and they are part of the same workgroup From this computer my main one I can go into quot help setting up home network my network places quot and it shows my shared folder When I click on quot view workgroup computers quot it shows the two computers on my network with the proper names and all When I try to select one I get the following error Xxx computer name is not accessible You might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions The network path was not found Click to expand The other computer shows and says the exact same thing I hope this makes sense BTW I have successfully set up the internet on both machines so I know that aspect is working and they obviously recognize eachother as they show up in the folder with the proper names I just can t get into the other computer from the network places folder Any help would be appreciated nbsp

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Hi I had the shop where I baught my new pc set up a home network for network??? up a home Setting me and it was working fine for two Setting up a home network??? days Then I did a windows update on the old machine and gone was my network I struggled but manage to set it up again But for some reason all the settings was lost again after I took both computers to a friends house to play but upon setting the two pc s up I saw that the network settings was lost again After that I could not manage to set up the home network again I am using a crossover cable direct between two lan connections Running xp home on one and se on the old machine Why do Setting up a home network??? the home network settings keep getting lost Was it because both had direct internet access Maybe virus I need step by step help on both the machines please new to the whole network settings I only have a dialup internet connection and don t need the old pc to surf the net Thanks nbsp

A:Setting up a home network???


Try setting up a new network.

Run the Home Networking Wizard on your XP machine, then using the XP CD, run it on the Win98SE machine.

Add your Comp names, descriptions and make sure both computers are in the same Workgroup and that the following is installed on both machines:

TCP/IP Protocol
Client software
File and Printing Software

Also install IPX/SPX Protocol (My network has a 98 machines on it and it need that installed)

Also check the network cards are sending and recieving data, check the lights on the cards and the network connection (once you have made them!)

Are they the same network cards and is your crossover cable definatly a crossover cable?

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Our setup at the moment is simple.

Two PC's with XP SP2 and NG WG311 PCI Wireless card.

One NG D834G ADSL Wireless router.

In Net Con we can't see each other.

Ran the Network Setup Wizard using same settings, now I can see myself but my Dad can't see himself - we can't see each other.

I've checked out all the file sharing stuff etc - still the same... surely my Dad should be able to see his own "Shared Docs" folder like me.

Any ideas here?

A:Setting up home network

Your Dad has a 3rd party firewall that needs to be uninstalled or properly configured for LAN access.

Or one of these services is not running:
Computer Browser
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My son has just got a new PC for Xmas and we are now trying to create a home network Our PC situation is as follows PC - a desktop PC running XP Home with attached printer PC - a desktop PC running XP Pro Both PC s connect to the internet via wireless adapters that connect to a Netgear DG G Wireless Router which is not physically connected to either PC Both PC s have been assigned to the same Workgroup e g OurHome amp the printer has been shared The situation that we need to achieve is that both PC s have access to the shared printer I realise that PC will need to be turned on for PC to use the printer amp that we are able to access certain folders on each others PC We ve tried to create a Home or Small Office Network but are unable to see the other PC from either or connect to the shared printer from PC We re not usually technically challenged but this is causing us a mighty headache Is any able to give us either detailed instructions on how to achieve what we want or even tell Network Setting Up a Home us if its not possible Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered nbsp

A:Setting Up a Home Network

On each machine run the Network Setup Wizard (can be found in Control Panel). Tell it that computer gets internet from "residential gateway," and enable file and printer sharing. Windows XP firewall will be properly configured by the wizard. You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls. Computers must have unique names but same Workgroup.

The Shared Documents folder will be shared automatically. For any other folder you want to share, right click on it and choose 'sharing ...'. You can optionally give write permission.

To share a printer connected to a computer, go to Printers and Faxes, right click on the printer, and choose 'sharing ...'.

When you first go into My Network Places there will be nothing there. The first time you click on 'View Workgroup computers' will probably result in great disappointment. It takes awhile (20 minutes; even hours) before all the computers in the workgroup get up-to-date and accurate lists of the other computers. Often you can speed up this process via Search for other computers, and a few computer restarts.

On computers that want to use a printer that is on a different machine, when you can see the other computer's shares (shared folders and printers) in My Network Places, right click on the printer and choose "connect ...'.

If you get failure at any step (after allowing some lag time as mentioned above), please tell us exactly what failed and what you were attempting at that time.
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I am trying to help a friend setup a desktop and laptop for a home network using a wireless router.
Both computers are using Windows 7, what she wants is to share files and printer between them.
My own setup is this way but unfortunately it was done for me, so I am in the dark also.
I have looked in the Tutorial section but was unable to find anything.


A:Setting up a Home Network

In Control Panel Network & Sharing Center
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I network!! home need setting up help have one computer already and i need help setting up home network!! want need help setting up home network!! to add another one to make a network I want to be able to access the internet and files on computer using computer I have a cable internet connection using a cable modem computer is already set up to the internet and i am running windows xp computer has a ethernet card used to be connected to cable modem but it is running windows se i want set up computer in another room for internet access mainly i started to read about how to set it up but got confused i guess i need to buy some type of router - or a switch - i don t know the difference is that all or do i also need a hub i am looking for the cheapest solution also does interet access on computer rely on computer being on i am hoping that it doesn t if anyone can help me that would be great - i think i am going to run to radio shack to see what they have so any info i get from here first would be a big help first thanks guys jon nbsp

A:need help setting up home network!!

yep you need a router - should be able to cinnect your cable modem output into the cable router and then plug both computers into the router - you may need a combined modem/router - need more details make and models of modem PC etc etc
just depends onhow you are going to get cables around the house.
You may want to get a wireless router and wireless interfaces in your PC - to avoid cables.

is it going to be easy to cable them both to a router
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I would like to set up a VPN Connection more secure to control my home PC from my laptop PC home Win ultimate bit My laptop Win Vista Business bit Router me with anywhere from network VPN home setting help up to Cisco-Linksys WRT GL Wireless-G Broadband Router ISP DSL Ip home I get from Whatismyipaddress com -XXX-XXX-XXX Hostname I get from Whatismyipaddress com adsl- -XXX-XXX-XXX dsl pltn pacbell net I do not have help me with setting up VPN to home network from anywhere a pubilc static IP address but my home PC is running at with a static IP X I read the Tutorial quot Remote Desktop Connection RDC quot in this forum help me with setting up VPN to home network from anywhere and I went through all the steps However it didn't work I am not sure what's wrong I also tried OpenVPN OpenVPN Server need to be installed on my home PC and OpenVPN client need to be installed in my laptop However for the Acesss Server Software I didn't find the version for Windows then I went through some of the steps here HOWTO It kind of complicated to follow Please help me with setting up a secure remote connection to my home network Thanks

A:help me with setting up VPN to home network from anywhere

Hi, welcome to the forums

You might want to look at the following tutorials:

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Enable Incoming VPN Connections

Hope they help

Relevancy 63.64% I'm going to "network" my home-office. I have 2 pcs (1-xp pro, 1-98se). I went out today for a router. I ask in a previous post, if the routers needed any 'software'. I was told "no". I looked @ a Network Everywhere #NR041-WM for about $40.00. This has software for the router. What do you all think is a good router ?

A:Setting Up A Home Network

Dlink , Linksys or Netgear are all fine.
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Getting ready to network (wireless) two desktops for DSL. We have the modem (haven't signed up with BellSouth yet, still using our old dialup provider)and still have to get the Linksys router and wireless reception gadgets for the two computers (pardon my lack of technical terminology). Both computers already have Ethernet cards. One thing I'm thinking might be a problem. Daughter has two desktop towers linked with crossover cable. Where will she plug in the reception card for DSL since the crossover cable is plugged into her network card. Also, will there be a problem setting up the LAN with the wireless router? Will she just have two networks available and me one (name ours LAN1 or something like that).

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Just received new HP computer with Vista Home Premium 64. My printer is a HP Photosmart 7550, when installing on new vista computer I had to install an alternative driver for HP Deskjet 5550 as HP does not have a driver for the 7550 with Vista 64. Printer set up fine and is working on new computer. Added printer to home network on Vista and had no problem. Tried to print on two 32 bit systems running Windows XP SP3. Both computers recognize network but when I try to add printer they indicate that vista computer does not have proper driver. What are my next steps. Thanks for any suggestions. Russ

A:Need help setting up printer on home network

Hello Reb451 and welcome to the vista forums

you need to locate and then install the XP drivers for your printer (HP Deskjet 5550) on the XP machines.

you could install them on the vista machine (check out the vista printer properties for options) but would probably be easier to install on XP machines
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I have a dsl connection on my main computer. I want to split the connection between my pc and my roomates laptop. I am running windows xp pro and she has windows 2000. I went out and bought a linksys wired router. My roomates laptop has no working cdrom drive or floppy drive.

I have the cdrom to load the router on the machine but not sure how to put the files on her computer. I was thinking about buying a usb cdrom and doing it that way. The only problem i see with that is the usb cdrom may not be picked up by the computer since it's running such a old operating system windows 2000.

A:Problem setting up a home network

Don't need a CD-ROM

You shouldn't need to load drivers on her computer.

Simply make sure she computer is set to automatically obtain an IP address and you should be good to go.

(and Windows 2000 isn't that old... :/ )

To make sure her's is set to automatically obtain an IP, go.

Start -> Settings -> Network and Dial-up Connections -> right click on Lan Connection and click Properties -> Click on Internet Protocal (TCP/IP) -> Click properties -> Make sure the Obtain an IP address Automatically is checked -> Make sure Obtain DNS Server Adresses Automatically is check. -> Click ok -> Click ok

That should be it.
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I am fairly new to networking but I am not a beginner when it comes to some of this stuff. I have a desktop computer hooked up to a cable modem, wireless router, and a printer. I also have a laptop running wirelessly through the router.

I would like to have the computers networked so it is possible to view files on both and also, more importantly, I would like to be able to print from my laptop without having to hook it up with a cable.

I am wondering if this is possible to setup with the router I have (Netgear 802.11g WGR614) or if I have to purchase any other items.

Thanks for the help!

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I am having problems add my XP Home PC to my Home network the network hardware device does exist I did the following for adding a wired Ethernet computer to the network In XP I logged on as Network Problem setting up Home adminstrator Plug the computer into a hub switch or router and then turn it on If your home has Ethernet wiring and you have a jack in the room where the computer is you can Problem setting up Home Network plug the computer into the Ethernet jack instead Log Problem setting up Home Network on to the computer as an administrator Click Start right-click My Computer and then click Properties Click the Computer Name tab and then click Change If the workgroup name is not WORKGROUP change the name to WORKGROUP and then click OK Note If you had to change the workgroup name you will be prompted to restart your computer After you restart click Start and then click My Network Places In the left pane under Network Tasks click View workgroup computers You should see icons for the other computers that are currently part of your network But it does not add nbsp

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I have a desktop pc with a ADSL modem.

My wife has a laptop.

We are thinking og getting a wireless router so that when she and I are both home and want to be on the computer we can.

I dont know anything about this stuff.

What all would I need to do?

If getting a wirless router is the right step, can any 1 recomend a good 1 or does it really matter? lol

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I had to XP Ugh. help home Solved: up to Me network. setting Need do a wipe and reinstall Solved: Ugh. Need help setting up home network. XP to Me of my OS yesterday on my Inspiron Prior to doing so I dusted off the old desktop literally Solved: Ugh. Need help setting up home network. XP to Me dusted off from its home Solved: Ugh. Need help setting up home network. XP to Me in boxes in the attic and set it up to use as a quasi-backup drive for all my files Prior to moving into my new home I had already had these two computers networked and used them regularly as a file printer and internet-sharing combo Anyways after successfully transferring all my files from the XP laptop to the Millenium Me desktop I proceeded with the wipe reinstall on the laptop Now I m trying to get my network set back up and I just can t get it to work When I ping the IP of the desktop from the laptop I get a successful return However when I ping the IP of the laptop from the desktop no dice I just get quot Request timed out quot four times in a row What information do you need from me to help me solve this problem I set up the original network on my own so I really thought I had this process down pat Thanks in advance EDITED TO ADD I m using an Ethernet connection between the two computers and a wireless connection from the laptop for the internet I ve read several dozen tutorials between last night and today on how to create a home network from an XP machine to a Me machine so I m pretty gosh-darned sure I ve got everything set correctly Obviously I m missing something though nbsp

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I have two computers, one running Windows XP Pro and another with Windows Media Center. Both are hardwired to a Linksys router and have internet access. I've turned off all firewall (Windows and Norton), and run the network setup wizard. The problems is that I can't get the computers to see each other. Right now one computer shows them both in my network places but the other computer shows nothing. Don't know what else to do. Please help, thanks!!!

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Two computers Names are Black and the other Silver Two printers both hardwired to their computer using USB One printer to Black WIFI capable The other printer goes to Silver not WIFI capable Asus router RTN M Super Speed Both computers are hardwired to the router for the internet The router to the DSL modem I have got things all messed up Black computer is on network and the Silver is on network Looking through the Tutorial I discovered at the beginning big problems The Black computer doesn't have Peer Network Grouping running The Silver doesn't have Home Group Listener working I have tried to get them to run unsucessful Problably because I doing something wrong What I would like to do is remove all part of this mess I got and get the proper services running as they should and create a proper network with these two computers and printers One printer hardwired and the other WIFI I have completed up a in my me. killing Setting is home network sfc scannow on both computers Both computers are Windows Home Premium

A:Setting up a network in my home is killing me.

Go to the System page in Control Panel, change the workgroup in each machine to something you like, the same on both machines. Shut each down, turn on both printers, boot each machine, now you should be able to print to both...
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Okay I have my home computer running XP setting network home Solved: a up Help and my laptop running XP Media Center Both have good fairly recent hardware good P dual cores network cards hard drives etc I got both to access the internet through my router the desktop through wire laptop through wireless connection and both work very well But I have tried to set up a home network and I m not quite there On my laptop when clicking quot workgroup computers quot I am able to see both computers there But when I click quot Desktop quot my Solved: Help setting up a home network wired computer it says that quot Desktop is not accessible You might not have permission to use the network resource Contact the admin blah blah quot then one line down quot The network path was not found quot On my desktop when I click on just quot view workgroup computers quot it takes some seconds and then comes up with quot homenetwork is not accesible You might not have permission to use the network resource Contact the admin blah blah quot then one line down quot The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available quot I am running McAfee on my laptop and Norton on my desktop I excluded each other computer on the firewall lists I checked to make sure share files was clicked on each I Solved: Help setting up a home network turned off the firewalls on each and it stills comes up with the same things Windows Firewalls are off and always have been I am thinking that the problem lies with the desktop computer But help please nbsp

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Hey guys, so I recently signed up for Centurylink Prism TV and internet, they use a Cisco DDR2200 (modem+wireless router combo) which I've come to realize is only a "g" router, so I purchased a cheap Belkin N150 (which I intend to use as my main router). I've turned the wireless function off on the Cisco and have an ethernet cable running from a LAN port on the Cisco to the internet port on the Belkin.

The issue I'm having is how do I set up the IP addresses/DHCP servers for both routers? By default, the Cisco's IP address is (I know, weird right?) with a DHCP range of - Whereas the Belkin's IP address is . I guess I'm sort of at a loss on how to set this up to optimize my network. I appreciate all of the help!

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Ok so I have a question about this home a network Solved: Setting up home network setup I have going on I have a Solved: Setting up a home network laptop wireless connection and two desktops Both of the desktops are running Windows XP SP and the laptop is running Windows Professional Also I am using one of the desktops as a print server and these are all connected to the internet through a router So my concern here is that when setting up the network connectivity on the XP machines Solved: Setting up a home network I select the option quot This device is connected directly to the Internet through a hub quot for both of the desktops because they are both hard wired to the router Now after selecting this option it gives me a warning saying that it is unsafe and this and that because it is leaving me susceptible to threats etc It then says I should connect through a Gateway to better protect myself And this is where I am confused because I thought my router acts as a gateway Or what should I do to establish the best and most secure home network with these devices nbsp

A:Solved: Setting up a home network

Select use as gateway. Also that message probably comes up because you're telling it to connect to a "hub". Hubs in general aren't really secure because they're multicase devices, meaning they send information out all the ports, but hubs are fine in a home networking environment. It's jus an inefficient piece of networking equipment.
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I have Verizon dsl svc I have a Compaq Presario with XP dsl modem and Hard wired lan card I was given from a friend who just moved over to the West coast network home Need setting mini help with up a Dell Latitude Pent III also XP laptop w Wifi card and a Linksys wiresell B broadband router BEFW S -ver in return for some previous work I did for him I went through the process of connecting cat cable from comp into router and connecting router into the dsl modem I plugged in router I got continous blinking power light I was told to download firmware upgrade from Linksys hold in reset button Need help with setting up mini home network on router for sec and unplug router for at least sec After doing this I plugged cord back into router ran tftp MFC application put in server admin for password and location of bin file When I clicked on upgrade I get quot unable to get responses from server quot I wish to use my home pc and also the laptop on this mini network if I can get it up and running I had to plug my lan card cable directly back into the dsl modem just to access the internet again so that I could post for help All help is appreciated since this is new to me THANKS nbsp

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I am starting a new post on setting up an Microsoft XP Home Network After reviewing and trying to implement the following TCP IP Home Networking and Microsoft an Network. up Setting XP Home File Sharing Tutorial http www homenethelp com web howto net asp I have created a mountain out of a mole hill For any novices reading this be prepared to put some time into it This is not easy or so far it hasn t been for me hrs later I have the following scenario I am still unable to network an MS XP Home network as well as view my Zone Alarm Security Suite Setting up an Microsoft XP Home Network. Here is my setup Cable Modem Router Linksystem Wireless router Vonage XP Desktop XP Laptop wireless Zone Alarm McAfee I am still not sure where I went wrong and now my Zone Setting up an Microsoft XP Home Network. Alarm Security Suite is not showing up in my lower hand task bar so in retrospect maybe I should have shut this application down prior to implementing tutorial Although after looking in the control panel it indicates that it amp s on and running Than I checked Task Manager but no sign of ZA application running My last attempt to get ZA was to try through start programs ZA No such luck Now I have two problems Ah the joy of technology but thankfully I know someone on these boards can help and in the process I can learn something new In the menatime I am going to see if sytem restore will help me and retry but this time close ZA Any and all other ideas are welcome Many thanks for your time nbsp

A:Setting up an Microsoft XP Home Network.

System restore corrected ZA and network changes I made. However I get caught up when I try to map network drive. When I enter the following from my desktop I get an an error message. \\laptop\shared "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another."
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ok this is why i stick to building computers and not networking or software I have Embarq using a Series modem connected to a linksys WRT G v router for days i have been attempting to get this combination to work i can connect to the internet without a problem modem directly to computer i can connect between the router and computer however i cannot get it to allow me to access the internet if the router is installed i have tried everything unplugging and replugging in everything modem then router then boot pc changing the IP on the router from to in for up Help DSL Desperate setting network!! home to match the modem IP apparantly the modem is default DHCP and thats what the router is set to auto detect everytime id try something and it would fail i would factory reset it and start over so none of that is working and thats the repetitive advice on all the other forums i saw something about bridging the modem but i have no idea how to do that and an embarq tech guy says you dont have to with the because they changed the default IP since the which was apparantly the Desperate for Help in setting up DSL home network!! same as the linksys routers so please someone help me out here I am trying to connect my wired pc s xbox and wireless during this extensive and frustrating process i have only had my computer hooked into the router nbsp

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Had no issues setting up our PC home network in Win Seven Pro But can't seem to get past st base trying to duplicate this in Win So far I have PC MARYANNS WIN visible and setting Stumped at up home in network 10 accessible in PC TIMS WIN but I can not access PC from PC - does not show PC in Networks see jpg attached Which if any tutorial will help me walk through setting up our home network in Win Don't want to use homegroup have network settings setup to use passwords etc Also when trying to get to PC from PC I get the attached login popup is it asking me for PC or PC 's credentials neither seem to work Somewhere here a couple weeks ago I read a number of posts saying 's network setup is weird I have gotten a Stumped at setting up home network in 10 couple error messages saying quot some files are missing quot which I remember reading a few weeks ago have run repair as administrator and so far haven't have those error messages reappear as of yet but still can't connect from to Also read previously that PC needs a user account on PC in have set that up but still no joy Thanks hope this isn't to vague but was really simple in Win stumped in Win TiminAz

A:Stumped at setting up home network in 10

Originally Posted by trinaz

Had no issues setting up our 3 PC home network in Win Seven Pro...But...can't seem to get past 1st base trying to duplicate this in Win 10.

So far I have PC 2 (MARYANNS_WIN10) visible and accessible in PC 1 (TIMS_WIN10)...but...I can not access PC 1 from PC 2 - does not show PC 2 in Networks ?. ( see jpg attached)

Which if any tutorial will help me walk through setting up our home network in Win 10 ? Don't want to use homegroup...have network settings setup to use passwords...etc.

Also...when trying to get to PC2 from PC 1...I get the attached login it asking me for PC1 or PC 2's credentials...neither seem to work ?

Somewhere here a couple weeks ago I read a number of posts saying 10's network setup is weird...?...I have gotten a couple error messages saying "some files are missing" which I remember reading a few weeks ago...have run repair as administrator and so far haven't have those error messages reappear as of yet...but still can't connect from 2 to 1 ?

Also read previously that PC 1 needs a user account on PC 2 in 10...have set that up but still no joy ?

Thanks...hope this isn't to vague but was really simple in Win 7...stumped in Win 10 ??


Hey Trinaz

Did you have any luck with your issue? I am having the exact same issue as you! The only problem is, I keep fiddling trying to solve the issue and then the one works and the other doesn't, fiddle some more and the other computer can access the other one, but not the other way around! I really hope you have managed to find a solution! I too do not want to use workgroups, and had shared folders working perfectly fine before the automatic updates!
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Just purchased a new laptop with Media Edition. I am trying to network it with my desktop, running XP Pro, using a linksys VoIP router that is being fed by my cable modem. I have run the network wizard over and over again but I can not see the other PC on either of them. I did enter the web based setup for linksys and it does see both PC's there. It is also set up to find the IP automatically. I have done a whack of reading and research today and all things tell me I've done everything correctly. Also, device manager indicates both ethernet devices are working properly. Is this just something simple I'm missing here. Would appreciate the help.


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Hi i am going to try and set up a small home network tonight basically so i can store all my files on my desktop pc upstairs but still access them from my laptops Just wanted to know advice on how to do this ill tell you the current set up at the min Upstairs i have a desktop pc running xp home and it connects wirelessly to the free o router downstairs to get on the setting on first home Advice up my network internet I then hape laptops one running vista home and one running xp pro sp both connect to the Advice on setting up my first home network same free o router what is the best way to get them networked together is it as easy as just going to my comp and putting them all in the same workgroup or is there extra stuff i need to do Do i need to make sure there are the same users with the same passwords on all the machines too once i have them connected i should know how to get Advice on setting up my first home network all the correct files shared One more question once i have successfully got them all networked if i have all the data stored on the machine upstairs to access it from one of the laptops does the machine just have to be turned on or would i have to be logged onto the machine upstairs Hope you can help and advise Cheers nbsp

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I have cable internet service and I just bought a new laptop. I know that I can get a wireless router for networking. What router should i get because I want to link my desktop, laptop and printer on the same network wirelessly. Keep in mind that my laptop doesnt have a slot for a wireless card But has one built in. Also what exacty does a USB wireless adapter do? Please help.

A:Setting up a home network for the first time

I would reccomend a Netgear or Linksys router.
Note: Cisco owns Linksys, so you know they are good.

Wireless USB adaptor is used in the event that your machine doesnt have a Wi-fi adaptor. It provides the ability to move it from machine to machine so install is easy.
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... and it's not going so smooth.

I am trying to network my desktop PC that has Win7 with my old Dell XPS T600 with WinXP on board it.
They are linked with a KVM switch to share the monitor, keyboard, speakers and mouse.

I have followed instructions found online for setting up PC's with Win7 and WinXP in a network using a crossover cable.
The gateway PC is the Win7 setup as:
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: I keep setting it as - . But, it keeps blanking out.

The WinXP is setup as:
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

The WinXP PC tells me that:

1394 Connection
1394 Net Adapter

The Win7 PC says:
Unidentified Network and
No Network Access

Win7 cannot or will not diagnose the problem.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this up and running?
TIA for any help with this.

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Okay, regarding home networking, I'm pretty much a novice. I've linked two PC's in my household; the internet is running of a cable modem and working on both computers. However, I can't seem to network them for file sharing and fax/printer use. Please help! I will be checking this thread constantly, so if you need any of you need more info so you can help me out with this, I should respond promptly.



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Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and just had a question on setting up my home network. I tried using the set up a network wizard but I keep getting an error message that network setup could not be completed. I have a linksys router so both computers are able to connect to the internet the only thing I am having trouble with is setting up a network so I can share files between computers.


Oh, my OS is XP

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I am trying to hook up a home network for my uncle and I'm having some trouble..

Router is : Buffalo WHR-HP-G54
Computer: Older HP w/ XP SP2 (connected to router w/ ethernet cable)
Laptop : Newer Compaq w/ built in 802.11 b/g

Now when i check my wireless network properties I see that i have a strong connection but it is displaying "acquiring network address" and I cannot connect to the internet.

Any advice?

A:Need a Hand Setting up a Home Network

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ip reset reset.log

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reboot the machine.
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I plan on setting up a network at home. It is to be used for playing online games via my PS3 and eventually XBOX360 Elite then PC.

I intend on using over 5 PC's but they do not need to be able to share printers or files etc. They just need to be able to go online and download files esp torrents at a decent rate possible using comcast. I do not have any legit virus protection so I am also looking for help in that area. I have AVG installed on one PC but I heard that Mcafee has one where you can allow exceptions on your network through MAC address so I am looking forward to assistance with that.

Looking to spend about $300 Max on Virus protection, Wireless router(s) and/or switch and Firewall protection. Can anyone help out with advice? The Firewall is for added security if I am correct???


A:Advice setting up a Home network

here's some basics

how to test your settings
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First time post great site Have tried search network setting up server home with but nothing really conclusive anyway What I want to do is set up and connect a server at home into my home network consisting of two laptops vista and with two other people able to get access to the server from two offices in different parts of the country The server will be mostly used for storage transferring setting up server with home network files between computers and working on various files I have a domain name but have never used it so if it s possible I d like to use it so we all have access via the internet to work on the files on the server Can anyone help me get started with what s involved on how to set this up Secondly if it s possible and maybe in the future would be to to set up a web page Would this be possible i e have a web page and a secure file server for our use only using the domain name Thanks in advance for any help Hope I m in the correct section nbsp

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I was hoping I could get some help with setting up a FTP on my home network that I can access both locally and remote. Also if possible I would like to assign a couple users to be able to access the FTP remotely.

I have a D-Link DIR-655. I have a 1TB external hard drive attached to the wireless router that I would like to use for the FTP. I am running Windows XP on my desktop.

If you could help me get this set up I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!


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Hi, newbie here and desperately needing your help.

I got a free wireless access point (ASUS WL-330) when I bought my laptop.
It says that it's a 3-in-1 hardware: Ethernet, Wireless Access Point and Brisge. I really don't know much about networking computers but here's what I wanted to do:
Network my desktop and my laptop - use the wireless access point on the desktop and connect my laptop to the desktop through WiFi. I'm hopinh through this set up I can share my DSL connection on my desktop to my laptop.

Do I need to purchase another hardware (hub or router) to make this set up work? Or will the Wireless AP suffice? Also, how do I go about networking my Desktop and Laptop (wireless).

A:Setting up a wireless home network

No need to shout..

That 3-in-1 is just buzzwords. AT most you can say you have a 2-in-1 device that supports wifi and ethernet.

No, you don't need any extra hardware. Set up the AP as described in the manual. Once the wireless works you configure the network just like you would for a wired connection - there is no difference.

For intrenet you will have to use the Windows internet connection sharing. Or buy a wired broadband router (those are cheap now that the wireless is the all the rage) for a more robust solution.
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Well basically our main computer is on vista My computer is on xp Before everything was working fine internet was working on both computers But my computer a up small home Setting network has had a lot of problems recently so I used Setting up a small home network the operating system disc to delete everything on my computer taking it back to how it would have been when i first bought it Now I cannot access the internet on my xp computer We remember before using a networking wizard to tell the vista computer that my computer existed I cannot use this wizard on my computer because quot some hardware is not installed quot but we have no idea what this could be - and we can't even find the same wizard on vista or anything that would allow us to connect the two Both computer also have the same workgroup name So what do I do to properly connect these computers together as the cables are in place and the workgroup name is the same Thanks

A:Setting up a small home network

meh nobody answered yet

basically just telling me how to add an xp computer to my vista's computers workgroup would help a bunch
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I'm probably asking something has been asked before but since I don't know anything about networking I don't even know the right buzz words to do a good forum search.

I have what I think is a very simple network need, like this:

network diagram.jpg

One person told me the box with the question mark just needs to be a switch, another that it needed to be a "firewall router", and another that it needed to be BOTH a switch and a firewall router, and another that it needed to be "managed switch".

I've looked all those up but being totally new to networking I find it all very confusing.

Any suggestions?


A:need help setting up a very simple home network configuration

What is the overall objective for your laptop and desktop?
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I am trying to set up a home wireless network consisting of 3 home computers. This is the first time I am gonna do something like this, so what am asking is for advice on the devices I should get (which router, pci wireless card, ect). Can someone help me out please, am checking for quality and also good pricing. Thank you :approve:

A:I am setting up a wireless home network and need advice please.

Where abouts r u?
Australia? If so ... (very good prices)

You really only need a router & some cabling, or for ur wireless u need cards for each (obviously!)

even on E-bay they have good rpices on routers ... but get a good 1!
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Good Morning Everyone I am in need of some help I tried to install Microsoft Home network on my two computers HP Desktop and Dell Laptop Both are running XP here is where I think things went wrong When I was installing the network setup on the laptop it showed the Modem but could not quot connect quot to to well that is because I was connected via wireless network My LAN Card was disable this could have been a problem Well I was able to connect to the network Able to share files back and forth YEA Yet up setting Home Network getting up (UGH!) after Dial Keep a Request now when I am on line for a little while I get a quot Dialup quot window asking me to dial or connect I am lost I also have the sprint Broadbad card for this laptop Keep getting a Dial up Request after setting up Home Network (UGH!) external don Keep getting a Dial up Request after setting up Home Network (UGH!) t know if this is messing things up I ask for your help because I am unable to find a solution on my own Thank you nbsp

A:Keep getting a Dial up Request after setting up Home Network (UGH!)

Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections, and check Never dial a connection.
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I have an Epson CX7800 All in one printer that I would like to setup to be used by all my computers including my laptops. I want to retain the ability to scan documents on this printer to one computer. I have a home network that is just for all my computer to access the router to get online. Two of my computer are connected to the router using cable. Those two computers are using Windows XP home edition. One laptop is connecting to the router wireless using Vista 64 bit. The other laptop is connected wireless using Windows 7. Please help.

A:Setting Epson Printer up on Home Network

Here is a pretty complete tutorial on Vista and XP network resource sharing as well as some general tips on network sharing.
Hope it gets you started
Network XP and LAn with generic networking tips,courtesy of Johnwill,Networking Forum..

Here's a place to start: PC Chuck's Windows XP And Vista On The LAN Together
Also, here's some generic networking tips for all networks.

Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debugging your network connection.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:
&#8226; COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
&#8226; Computer Browser
&#8226; DHCP Client
&#8226; DNS Client
&#8226; Network Connections
&#8226; Network Location Awareness
&#8226; Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
&#8226; Server
&#8226; TCP/IP Netbios helper
&#8226; Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations)
&#8226; WLAN AutoConfig (Vista wireless configurations)
&#8226; Workstation

Note: You can check the services in Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.

All of these services should be started, and their startup type should be automatic.

If a service is not running, open it's properties and check the dependencies. Check each of the dependencies and see which one is preventing the service from running. Checking the event log is also a good idea here, there may be clues to what is failing.
All computers should be in the same workgroup for computer browsing to function properly. File & Print Sharing has to be enabled on any computer you wish to share files or printers from. You also need to actually share the resource in question from My Computer, right click on the drive/printer/folder, and select sharing.

If you encounter difficulties accessing computers that are visible in Network Places (Network and Sharing Center in Vista), make sure the computer being accessed has an account with the same name/password as the system connecting to it uses to login. NOTE: Vista's default is to require a password on the account to enable file/print sharing.

While the default NetBIOS setting is correct for normal network configurations, it's possible for it to be altered, and it costs nothing to make sure it's correct. NETBIOS over TCP/IP must be enabled for normal network browsing. You can open a command prompt as described above and type the following command: nbtstat -n. This will display the status of NetBIOS or indicate it's
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Oh Boy do I need some help I have read through several other threads on these forums and followed many many sets of instructions all to no avail Here's the deal sorry I'm not terribly tech-savvy but Ill try I setting so up network home a share printer I can help need my best Desktop PC running Windows XP Home connected I need help setting up home network so I can share a printer to and printing to a Canon PIXMA MX Also connects to ADSL through a router DELL Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium can connect to the net wirelessly through the PC's internet I need help setting up home network so I can share a printer service Question Because the laptop can connect to the internet through the PC does this mean we should be able to share the printer through this 'network' or do I need to set up another home 'network' I have tried setting up a separate work group many times and I can't get them to talk to each other The printer has sharing enabled in the printer properties Question Does the printer need to be somehow added to the network If someone could please come to my rescue with some easy step-by-step instructions I would be eternally grateful

A:I need help setting up home network so I can share a printer

I've just answered this same question, check your firewalls to see if they are blocking anything.
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Hi all,

I am new to this site its looks very good. Here is my situation I hope you can help. I have broadband at home and wanted to make it wireless.

I have bought a linksys WRT54G wireless router.

I have connected up my broadband router to the wireless router set the ip address of the broadband router to and the wireless router to

I have enabled DHCP on the wireless router and disabled it on the broadband router but there doesn't seem to be a signal transmitted from the wireless router as I am sitting beside it at the minute and I cannot see it when I search for wireless networks.

The signal is visible and everything seems to be set up ok. Is there anything I am missing as this is really bugging me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Hi all My home Solved: in setting Assistance a up network dad recently got a laptop an Acer Aspire LMI with WinXP Home SP and a wireless router a D-Link DI- so that we can share an Internet connection and we can share the printer Everything is set up dad can access the Internet and doesn t cause interference with my connection Solved: Assistance in setting up a home network Anyway I m up to setting up printer sharing The desktop see specs above is connected to a HP multifunction and set to be shared However something strange is going on My desktop can t see the laptop at all and the laptop can see the desktop but can t connect to it They both have the same workgroup name so I know that s not the issue Can anyone provide tips to getting the setup working smoothly Thank you in advance PS this ll be a damn sight easier if it was WinXP Pro Simple File and Printer sharing is a piece of s in my books nbsp

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I am trying to add my laptop to my home network. I've ran wireless network wizards on both my PC and my laptop and I can't seem to get anything working.

Here is my setup:

PC with usb attached External HD
Wirleess modem
Cable modem

I want to be able to access my home PC while on my home wireless network and also be able to access the External HD.

I'm running XP Pro on the laptop and the PC is Vitsa Home Basic.

CAn someone please walk me through this?

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Hi - I tried to set up a home network using my laptop Win with my home PC Win HomePrem X On my laptop it recognizes my PC perhaps because I already plugged in an Ethernet cable or due to it being already set up by my router or wi-fi I don't know which Anyhow on the Win it says I can join my PC and then going through the process it asks me for a password BUT no password exists I never set one up network home Setting a is never..... pswd asked even & up though I with my PC so I can't understand why it is insisting on one Basically I want to send files through and fro the fasted way possible The fasted not the Setting up a home network & pswd is asked even though I never..... best In other words if its through my Ethernet good if it's better via a USB cable so be it Setting up a home network & pswd is asked even though I never..... Back in the Win XP days I used to do it via a special USB cable USB on both ends and on one side it had a fat processor or something- I no longer have such a cable given away when the XP was given away Thank you

A:Setting up a home network & pswd is asked even though I never.....

Hi Could it be that it is looking for the Routers Password ? ...
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I Solved: some issues network: up home Setting have three PC Solved: Setting up home network: some issues s that are part of a home network using a D-Link DI- Wireless Router All Solved: Setting up home network: some issues PC s running Windows XP w SP One of the PC s can be quot seen quot by the other two one only shows a quot Shared Docs quot folder one shows nothing However when I click on Solved: Setting up home network: some issues quot View Workgroup Computers quot I can see icons for all three Double clicking the one that can t be seen by the other two shows a printer and a quot Shared Docs quot folder Double clicking on the quot SharedDocs quot folder gets this message kens sharedDocs is not accessable You might not have permission to use this network resource The network path was not found I re-ran the network setup wizard on all three computers and it really didn t fix anything If I click on the printer icon it correctly quot sees quot my printer so it works at least partially There must be some setting I m missing somewhere Not only that what s with these quot SharedDocs quot folders I want to be able to see everything including the root quot C quot drive from any of the computers It just seems to want to display a quot SharedDocs quot folder and not much else There s no third party firewall programs at all other than the built-in Win XP firewalls Thanks for the help nbsp

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Hi - I tried to set up a home network using my laptop Win with my home PC Win HomePrem X On my laptop it recognizes my PC perhaps because I already plugged in an ethernet cable or due to it being already set up by my router or wi-fi I don't know which Anyhow on the Win it says I can join my PC and then going through the process it asks me for a password BUT no password is Setting home asked network though..... & even a pswd up exists I never set one up with my Setting up a home network & pswd is asked even though..... PC so I can't understand why it is insisting on one Basically I want to send files through and fro the fasted way possible The fasted not the best In other words if its through my ethernet good if it's better via a USB cable so be it Back in the Win XP days I used to do it via a special USB cable USB on both ends and on one side it had a fat processor or something- I no longer have such a cable given away when the XP was given away Thank you
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Hi, I have two pc's connected by ethernet cables to a 2wire 2700hgv router.

No1 pc runs win2K pro sp4 and has a zone alarm firewall.
No2 runs xp pro sp2 etc behind the windows firewall.
I have a printer (HP840c - 6 years old) on No1 pc which i want to use from No2 pc as well as being able to share file etc between pc's.

No1 pc doesn't seem to locate No2 pc in my network places and visa versa. I did create a network disc from No2 pc but understand this won't work with win2K.

Help please


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I am wanting to set up an adhoc network at home.
I am using a Dell 1545 Dell Inspiron laptop with Win 7 SP1 and an older Dell Optiplex GX150 desk top. running XP pro SP3.
Would appreciate if one of you could instruct me on what is needed to do this.
Thanks in advance for what ever help you can give...

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Ok so its been a while since i set up a network.

I have the broadband box from time i have that coming into my NETGEAR router. Its NOT wireless. So then from the router, i have 2 cat5 cables going into 2 computers. All the right lights are blinking, so then i go to control panels, network connections to set up my network....what am i exactly supposed to do?

I tried twice, both options that come up and it did something but i have no internet connection.

Can someone take me through the steps of what to do, i know it should be really simple. I'll try to post some screen shots of what happens but at the end it fails for some reason.

A:Setting up a home network...initial stage

Reset router to factory default settings. Unplug modem and router. Connect modem to router's WAN (internet, modem) port and connect computer(s) to router LAN port(s). Plug in modem. Plug in router. Boot or Restart computer(s).

If you don't have internet, post an ipconfig /all here. Also login to the router and see if the WAN (Internet) status show a connection to your ISP.
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I am new to this forum and need help badly.

Setting up home network. Can see computers but cannot access them. from two of them I can ping the third computer but from the third computer cannot ping the other two. Can someone help.

I will appreciate your help.

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A colleague at work would like to set up either a SHN or a SBN. What is the best way to go about this? Would it be best to be safe to be cloud based? What equipment is needed etc...?

This will take some discussing, so please ask any questions you need. The intention would be for two/three people to access the information on the network initially. A printer will be shared on the network, allowing scan to email. Laptops would be used to access the network from external sites, this is why I'm thinking of going the cloud based route, so they can log on and access the server from anywhere in the world...

Any help/guidance is appreciated.
Thank You!

A:Setting up a small home/business network

Yes, you can consider the Cloud as a solution for access, BUT . . .
it also brings with it issues like:

You should start reading about these issues before committing to this solution.

One alternative would be a NAS device connected to your router. Putting your modem, router and NAS on a UPS power system would allow (with proper configuration) external access and you have total control, of all of the issues above.
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I am trying to set up a small network but having some difficulties it does not problems setting network home a XP/Vista up work - I have done everything I think I problems setting up a XP/Vista home network should have done but still it does not work OK what I have is two desktop machines DT and DT running XP Pro I think with SP dont think I have SP and a nice four port O wirelessrouter which seems to be a Thomson Telecoms product and lovely new and shiny New Toshiba Tecra M running Vista Business I am running ZoneAlarm as my firewall At the movement my main DT PC is the only XP PC connected - obviously using Cat cable and the Toshiba Laptop is also connected using Cat cable I did the XP set up a home network wizard and that seemed to be OK I have set both the DT and the LT to be on the same workgroup and on the DT when I go to My Networks and then workgroup I can see icons for both the DT and the LT I have multiple LARGE drives on the DT and this is why I want the other DT machine on the network to use as a fileserver i have what must be close to a trillion pictures that i want to sort out - the work of a lifetime and a lifetimes work and i still have years of negatives to scan and sort I will then move all apart from one HDD s to the second DT When I click on the DT icon I can see the drive that I set up sharing on and i can expend that and see all the folders and files When I click on the LT icom I get a time out and an error message LT PC is not accessible You might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator of this server to see if you have access permission The network path was not found When I go to the LT PC and look at my network I can only see the LT PC in the top section workgroup name and two icons for the router that is identified as a SpeedTouch in the next section unspecified As I have set two drives for sharing I can see them OK when I click on the LT icon SO I can see the LT on my DT but cant access it on my LT I cant see my DT I can see network drives but only on the local machine not across the network HELLLLLLLLLLLLLP Please Thanks in anticipation David

A:problems setting up a XP/Vista home network

This should get you started.

Ultimate Router Guide: How to Optimize Security and Performance | Maximum PC
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Here what I'm aiming for:

Two desktops(Win7) connected to swtich+connected to internet.
One laptop(Win7) connected to switch via lan cable.

Now, I want to share my internet connection+files over a wireless network to a second laptop(winXP) using the laptop(Win7) which is connected to the switch.

I'm able to setup the wireless so that it connects but thats where it stops, files don't wanna share neither the internet.

How do one do this the right way?

Hope you can help me.


A:HELP NEEDED:Setting up wireless home network

type home group in the start menu search box and click on choose home group and sharing options

**If all computers on your home network are running Windows 7, create a homegroup
By far, the easiest way to set up file and printer sharing on a home network is to create a homegroup. A homegroup links computers on your network so that you can share pictures, music, videos, documents, and printers. You can help protect a homegroup with a password, and you'll always be able to choose what you share with the group. If all of the computers that you want to network are running Windows 7, creating a homegroup is the recommended method.
HomeGroup is available in all editions of Windows 7. In Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic, you can join a homegroup, but you can’t create one.
the guide while you set the home group up explains as you do it. if you use all windows 7 on the machines its easy
**quote from microsoft
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I am attempting to printer small home and setting network up set up a home network I have done this before a number of times this time oooooooo setting up small home network and printer I ran the wizard in xp on setting up small home network and printer computers then tried to connect a shared printer no good I get on to internet ok on each pc but setting up small home network and printer I cannot ping around them as it should be I have just installed a new board and cpu and changed isp all within days It is a netgear dg g modem router it is slow but working I have had your help before with printer and network problems I am exasperated trying to fix this Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings joe gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Documents and Settings joe gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms C Documents and Settings joe gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings joe gt Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings Dean gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Documents and Settings Dean gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms C Documents and Settings Dean gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings Dean gt Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings ann gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Documents and Settings ann gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss C Documents and Settings ann gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings ann gt nbsp

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Hello , I am new here and I'm also new to Vista so please bear with me. I recently installed Vista Ultimate x64 and when I tried to set-up my Home Network with Internet i bumped on a "Unidentified Network" message. The network settings and map are like this : Internet -> Broadband Modem -> PC ethernet card 1 ( IPv4 - automatically assigned by DHCP, internet connection shared ) -> PC ethernet card 2 (IPv4 - , no gateway , same DNS as IP ) -> Switch -> My other 2 PCs at home ( IPv4 ,, Gateway: , DNS: ) . This are the settings i was using prior to installing Vista when i was still running Windows XP, and they were working fine. Does anyone knows what am i doing wrong and how can i get rid of the "Unidentified Network" message? Any help would be appreciated.
Also, i am running Windows XP on my other 2 PCs.
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Hey Guys,

Just tried to set up a wireless network at home, and I changed some settings on my origional Desktop computer (changed the workgroup) and when I reset the computer it logged me into some other account on my computer with no way of accessing my origional Administrator account.

I'm truely gutted, as I wanted to move accross some of my photos etc onto my new laptop and now I can't even access the files that I had on there..

Any help would be much appreicated.

Cheers, Dave.

A:Tried setting up home network, now locked out of Adminstrator account

Just to update, I tried a system restore and it comes up saying it will change back to the origional workgroup settings, but everytime I try a restore it seems to fail and asks for me to try another date...Any suggestions guys? I'm desparate here...
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Hello guys-- Happy Holidays.

A few years ago my parents wired the house using ethernet ports dispersed around the house. Since now my sisters use laptops with built in WiFi, I recently bought and installed a Wireless Router/4 port switch to enable the laptops to connect without having to buy wifi cards for the pcs (they are using hard wires).

I want to set up a Home Network (file sharing/printing) between 2 PCs and 3 Wireless Laptops.

First--this is possible right? I don't think i need ALL wireless components or ALL wired components for a network to work.

Also I have been trying to use the XP (all computers have XP) network set up guide but my computers won't show the network nor be able to see other computers connected.
What should i do?
Thanks in advance for your help,

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I was wondering if someone could help me with my two laptops to set up a home network.  Life would be a little easier if we could have access to both computers on a network.  Or is it not possible???

A:setting up a home network w a vista and windows 7 laptop

Start here to set up a home network in Windows 7
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Hello all I am starting with you because I need some help My wife and I recently bought a house Its about yrs old so I am not sure what the previous w/ Need setting network home wires up help newer installed in owners did but the house came wired up with COAX and Cat cabling in all the rooms I would like to get them up and running so I can plug in wherever I have some links below to check out what I am facing but basically there is a rack mounted in my coat closet It looks like pic the wires that run down the right side and at the bottom are all the COAX setup for my Directv so no worries there For the networking and Cat cabling its all in Need help in newer home setting up network w/ installed wires the upper left pic and pic The two black boxes they are plugged into are the OnQ x Basic Telecom Unit and On-Q Port Telecom Expansion Module I believe those wires all run back to each wall outlet pic in every room I am trying to hook up My question is how do I get my internet access to them all I am on Comcast with an Arris TM G Cable Modem which goes to my Netgear WNDR wireless router There is a power outlet wired into the closet rack Knowing all this do I need a new switch or hub to go with this or can I plug my mode router into those quot black boxes quot somewhere to span my internet to all my wall outlets Let me know if you have any questions about this or need better pictures of anything Woud love to be able to plug my BluRay player or XBox directly to a wall port by the TV or plug my laptop into the wall for faster access nbsp

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I am building a new house right now and really would like it wired for ethernet so that I can network my computers. Ethernet is Cat5e right? Anyways, how does it work when you have a wired network? Is it like that a separate wire much go each separate location while they all meet at one location where the router is? I mainly just want to share dsl/cable connections. So, basically what is a simple way I could explain to my electricians to wire my rooms and house for ethernet. Thanks

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Hi I have recently purchased a HP Laptop and its running Windows I also have a HP Desktop running XP My internet connection is through a BT Home Hub with an attached remote hard drive which I can see from both computers cable on desktop and wireless on laptop I'm pretty green when it comes to technical set ups I have just purchased Microsoft Office Home and business and have installed on both machines I would ideally like to start using Outlook currently use Thunderbird on the desktop to download my Bt Yahoo emails family email accounts I have heard Up Setting access for 2010 home-network Outlook that I can set up outlook on my remote hard drive so I can use outlook on both the desktop and the laptop and sycronise all of the different email accounts i e I can look at my emails on the laptop without the desktop being on Is this achievable and if so does anyone have a step by step guide Many Thanks John W

A:Setting Up Outlook 2010 for home-network access

It is achievable, if you have the proper kind of e-mail account. What you want is an IMAP connection. POP3 is dead, comfining, and to the best of my reasoning, I can't understand why anyone would stick with it anymore. IMAP works nearly like a corporate Exchange setup, where your e-mail is resident on the mail server, and each of your client systems can connect in and manage it. I use my own domain for e-mail, and I access it through Windows Live Mail on three separate computers.

It sounds like you just need to enable the option in Outlook to leave a copy of the messages on the server, if they are POP3. I don't know if Yahoo allows IMAP, but if it does, I'd use that. Outlook also doesn't handle multiple accounts as well as some of the other products out there.
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I just received cable modem access in my area and am enjoying the tremendous speed. One question I have is how to network my computers to share the cable modem so two computers can surf the web at the same time?

A:{Advice Offered} - Setting up a home network with a cable modem

What I did was went out and bought a Linksys Router. It cost me $100 that is with one network connection. If you want one with 4 connection it will cost about $150. That would mutitple IP so you could have up to 255 different connections. You could also communicate with the other computer. In a since it is your very own network. It is very simple and very easy to setup. There are other ways of doing it if you want. You could also buy another IP. but in the long run it would be cheaper to buy a router. It could also act as a proxy server. I am not sure if it act as a firewall or not.
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Hey there everyone Hoping you guys can give me a hand here and tell me what im missing or doing wrong Basically theres of us in a house and were hoping we can share files with each other Weve SKY broadband UK ISP and they give you a netgear wireless router as far as i know theres people on XP and on vista all connecting wirelessly to the sharing network up setting home on a wireless file/folder wireless router for internet access What I want to know is how to allow us all to share folders with each other we can do the sharing part so the files are visible on our own machines however we cannot see each others machines What else setting up file/folder sharing on a home wireless network on top of all joining the same workgroup do we need to do to be able to see each others shared setting up file/folder sharing on a home wireless network folders Ive tried using the wireless network for home or small office set up wizard in XP but get to the stage asking me to shove a flash drive in the back on my setting up file/folder sharing on a home wireless network router there are no usb ports on my router so I cannot do it this way Does this stop it being possible kinda outta ideas Any help is much appreciated cheers Alex nbsp

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Hi everyone I hope you can help me. I have a laptop and a PC at home and I would like to be able to share information between them across the wireless network. Also I am looking to run Input Director to share one mouse and keyboard between the PC & laptop, and a requirement of this is that the laptop and PC are visible on the network.

My problem is that I am clueless when it comes to networking. The configuration, as I understand it, is as follows:

Wireless router: (Netgear router from Sky)
Laptop: (running XP Home SP3)
PC: (running XP Pro SP3)

The wireless network is fine, both machines can connect to the internet and can ping the router

However when I try to ping one machine from the other, the requests time out.

How do I make it so that each machine can see the other one on the network?


A:Problems setting up Input Director on a home wireless network

What is "Input Director"?

Failure to ping is almost always a firewall issue.
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I guess I'm not as computer savy as I thought cause I can not seem to get this network set up. I want to be able to access files and such from my DeskTop on my LapTop. My Desktop runs windows2000 professional. My Laptop runs WindowsXP. I have cable net hooked into a d-link DI-604 Ethernet Broadband Router. Although my laptop is wi-fi enabled, both my computers are wired to said router for internet.

Every time I try to set up a network using the network wizard, it trys to connect to my neighbors wi-fi. I have disabled wi-fi on my laptop, and it still gets hung up here. It doesn't give me the option of setting up a network from the wired LAN hookup, however in network connections it does acknowlege the LAN connection, so it is there.

Any ideas? Am i totally getting this wrong?

A:Solved: Help with setting up a home network - 2 computers, XP, 2000, and a d-link
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Can someone give me some advice on how to set up a basic network using two 2600 routers and a 2900 Cisco switch ? Not as far as commands but do I need to use NAT ? I have Comcast as my ISP. Please help me !

A:Setting up a basic home network with 2 Cisco 2600 Routers and switch

we always need nat.

Most of the time the connections look like

modem----router --- other devices and/or switchs --- still more devices
There are a FEW cases where the modem needs to be set to BRIDGE mode, but
don't go there unless it all fails.

Keep it simple to start with [ modem---router---one system]

see this for testing your ISP connection
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For some reason the active network shows "Public network", so I wanted to change it to "Home network", but the changed setting could not be saved or the "Save Changes" was grayed. This happened on my home network. What could be wrong?

A:"Home Network" setting cannot be saved

Usually you can click on the picture of the park bench and then have the option to change the network. If you can't, then you can use the group policy editor to change things. You will also be able to change the default behavior - it sounds like you might have accidentally picked public and then picked the box that says don't ask again.

Click the orb, then type gpedit.msc. Under local computer policies -> computer config -> windows settings -> security settings -> network list manager policies, you'll find your network, unidentified networks, identifying networks, and all networks. If you double click on your network, go to the network location and change it to private. Then, go to all networks and make sure that all of the settings are set to "not configured". That should fix your problem.

This can also be caused by not having a default gateway. For example, if you have two computers (or a computer and another device) connected via ethernet, and you don't give the Windows 7 computer a default gateway, by default it will be a public network. If you edit your IP settings and enter a default gateway (use the other computer/device's IP address), the network type will change and you can pick the one you want.
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I am trying to add a refurbished HP system Windows System 7: change setting network Properties Can't > ID setting to my menagerie It had Windows Pro bit installed when I got it I went through the setup without any problems created a user account for myself Lewis set the system name Windows 7: Can't change setting System Properties > network ID setting to TestPC and started installing and testing some software Simple internet access Windows 7: Can't change setting System Properties > network ID setting web page browsing is working fine Today I connected and external disk drive from a Windows XP system and I was able to successfully read anything on it But when I attempted to delete a file I was told I needed permission even though I am the administrator I found some instructions at Microsoft for changing ownership of the files on the external drive so I did that It was then that I noticed the user name shown was Lewis TestPC Lewis and I was still not able to delete files on the external drive Being primarily a Unix person I have been fumbling around looking for something that would indicate why Windows felt the need to attach the system name to user names In Computer gt Properties gt Computer name domain and workgroup settings gt System Properties gt Computer Name gt Network ID I found a selection with the following description quot This computer is part of aa business network I use it to connect to other computers at work quot Since this is not true I selected the other option and worked my way back out to restart the computer After the restart that erroneous setting was still there I have tried several more times to change it but they have all failed Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Lewis

A:Windows 7: Can't change setting System Properties > network ID setting

Hi Lewis, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The \\DOMAIN_OR_PC_NAME\USERNAME combination is not erroneous, it's how Windows keeps track of users in your network (even if said network only has one Windows PC).

For Windows, when a computer does not belong to a domain, the PC name is used instead of a domain name. I am currently typing this using a laptop with name AGM-W8LAP02 (my own naming policy, my home network is called AGM and this is Windows 8 Laptop number 02). My complete username for this user profile I am currently using on this computer is \\AGM-W8LAP02\Kari. This combination \\DOMAIN_OR_PC_NAME\USERNAME does separate my user profile Kari on this computer from user profile Kari on other computers. User \\AGM-W8LAP02\Kari is not the same user than \\AGM-W7DESK01\Kari.

For Windows it's easier and more logical to use this naming policy even if your PC would be the only one in network. If you now add computers to your network which also contain user profile Lewis, Windows does not have to change the system to be able to separate users not only from other users on the same computer but also from same users on other computers.