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XP partially displaying text in Arabic?

Q: XP partially displaying text in Arabic?

Hey everyone,

Working on an Inspiron 6000 laptop running WinXP MCE. It had over a hundred infections that have been taken care of. The remaining problem is that in some system screens, the text appears to be in arabic. I've checked the regional settings in control panel but find nothing wrong. Pics of what it looks like attached. Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: XP partially displaying text in Arabic?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XP partially displaying text in Arabic?

Do you have Office installed? Do you have the Language tool bar near your system tray? If not Right click the Taskbar and choose Toolbar, and put a check in Language Bar. Here you will have other options to toggle between 2 languages or to set it to one language.
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Hey guys. So, a client says she was on her laptop (Asus M50V) and she smelled burning plastic, then she noticed a small flame in the back of the laptop. The flame was put out. She was able to run the computer again, but it would only run on the battery. It will not boot up when plugged in. I want to take it apart to see if there is something that can be replaced.

Do you think it would be worth taking apart, and do you know if the part that could be damaged would be replaceable? I'm guessing there was a power surge, because there was a storm that night, and she was not on a surge protector. It looks like the laptop is still functional, it just won't boot from power anymore. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

A:(Partially) fried laptop

Yes you should be able to replace the part/parts that caught fire.

Replacement parts can usually be found on the manufacturers website if the laptop is still being supported. I took a very quick look for replacements parts on the ASUS site and found nothing other than a replacement keyboard.

You'll probably be able to find used parts on ebay. You'll need to compare part numbers to be sure you're getting the right part.
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When I am typing on my laptop, there is a delay when typing letters. Sometimes I have to go back and retype because the keyboard hesitates or displays letters in a delay mode. For example: if type "help" I may have typed the 4 characters but only see "he"

A:Keyboard not displaying text

Name of laptop, OS, & any more info would sure be helpful.
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Hi I have a u8850 and my texts come through twice each time, anyone got any ideas how to change it back? billy

By the way its a huawei and it goes hot to touch while charging as well and its about 3 month old
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Why would the printer change from normal operation change to printing emails in cryptic
I'm asking this to try help out my neighbor . But I was wondering if the email was the cause ?
regards drecked

A:Printer started printing cryptic text

Open NOTEPAD, type a few lines and the <ctl>P to print it.

If it is reproduced correctly, then it's the goofy email,

otherwise, disconnect power, wait a minute or two,
then go through the printer settings and test again.

Still having a problem, download and install new firmware from the vendor.
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Hello all I recently assembled a computer and all checks out fine except for the video card in my system information I ordered an N GTX PCI Express Graphics Card and when I try launching games my graphics card is instead displayed as an NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA nForce a I tried some of the other tips I ve found when browsing through this site such as disabling the display adapter I have under the Device Manager but to no avail I also went into my BIOS and all I could find that pertained to my problem card Video properly? not displaying was the quot Primary Graphics Adapter quot which is set to quot PCI Express quot I m not sure if there was another option I was supposed to change but to my knowledge I couldn t find anything else I even went as far as taking my computer apart to check if It was plugged in correctly and to my knowledge it is One thing I do not understand is that the box my graphics card came in says it has dual fans and instead the one in my computer only has a single fan I m not sure if I was a victim of fraud or if I just wasn t doing something Video card not displaying properly? right If anyone could offer me any tips to solve this annoying issue I would appreciate it Thank you EDIT Sorry Missed a spot Before anyone asks yes I did update my drivers on the NVIDIA website I still haven t received any visual changes or notifications on the matter nbsp

A:Video card not displaying properly?

nForce is the chipset on AMD mobos. Is this correct? It could just be using the APU instead of the GPU.
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I've just recently bought brand new parts to build a desktop and everything was running smoothly until I installed the video card. The monitor wouldn't display anything anymore. After removing the video card, everything worked perfectly again. However, when the video card was plugged in, the fans were running but the monitor was still not displaying anything. Could this be an issue with the mobo, videocard, psu, or monitor?

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI Bios

Video Card: MSI Twin Frozr iii Radeon 7950

PSU: Corsair 750watts Bronze plus

Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

Processor: Intel i7 2600k

Monitor: ASUS VH242H Black 23.6" 5ms HDMI Full 1080P Widescreen LCD Monitor W/Speakers

A:Monitor not displaying anything with graphics card installed

Did you disable onboard video? sometimes if you use the mobo's video output it gets confuzzled when you switch to a dedicated GPU. also are you plugging everything in correctly? have you updated drivers?
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Issue resolved ^^ Moderator may remove, thank you!

A:Blu-ray drive not displaying in BIOS

It would have been better to have left your question and then posted the solution that you found. That way others might benefit from your experience.
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Good evening
i was playing civilization when suddenly most of the colours turned pink
when i restarted my pc, everything looked blured. then i went to upgrade my video card drivers... restart, same thing.. but after i changed the monitor display settings, it started to look like this: (an image is attached to this post)

if i go to the device manager setup, under the monitor tab i have this alert

"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Home Premium Edition (Build 7600)
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT
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Ok so i just upgraded my monitor from a 24in Viewsonic to a 27inch viewsonic and all the text is either multicolored/fuzzy or both. res is set @ 1920x1080 i reinstalled all drivers for the video card and monitor, tried changing cables(i use the DVI) and still to no avail, cleartype is on and ive gone thru the process of adjusting it several times and blah. any ideas? Currently using W7 64b Radeon HD5670 VC.

A:Text is multi-colored and fuzzy

What refresh rate are you running? Does the old monitor still work correctly? The new monitor may just be defective
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Lookout and wheres my droid need you to have text through your carrier. I do not. What app can I use in case I lose my phone that doesn't need text?

if no one here knows does anyone know the a techspot of cellphones type site ?

A:What app can I use on my Droid to find my phone if I don't have text?

Your carrier should be able to help you with this...
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Hello Recently I changed my old graphics card from an Nvidia GT to a ATI HD I also did the following manipulations to solve a problem I had with my computer mode into going Computer partially sleep side note I have WinXP - Opened my PC case with power off of course and check for connections in it my DVD drive was not correctly connected fixed it - On the motherboard there was a battery looking like a watch battery took it out for secs to restore factory settings on my motherboard - Went Computer partially going into sleep mode inside the BIOS of my motherboard and stumbled upon the fact that USB was not activated so I swiitched from USB to USB Now my problem is that when I go to Start gt Turn off the computer gt Sleep not sure it s the right word in english my WinXP is in French Anyway before when I chose that the computer would go into sleep mode without any problem and that s it But since I have my new card it doesn t It seems to the hard drives etc seems to go to sleep the screen also finds no signal and also goes to sleep but I still hear a fan running in there with as much noise as when the computer is still running normally really weird I was thinking the fan is the new graphics card I didn t install it the vendor installed it for me since i m not really a brain at internal electronics maybe there is something to connect on it to tell her when to go to sleep I dunno Or it s the proc fan Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this please Thanks a lot nbsp

A:Computer partially going into sleep mode

When you removed the CMOS battery, it reset the BIOS to default settings. I don't know what motherboard you have and the BIOS' of different boards can vary but check the Power Management page of the BIOS and see if the suspend type is set to S3 (STR).
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Ok so anout weeks ago i was playing a game on my computer and accidentally knocked it over It was on the ground and i hit it and it fell flat on its side So i figured nothing went wrong picked it up and started it fans were doing a strange pattern faster and then slower continuously without stopping And then my monitor went from the green light to the amber orange light A day or two later i switched out my video card and hard drive with another computer and they worked Then i switched my power supply and anything else i had and they worked However when i switch either the CPU or the mother board from the computer i knocked over with another one its didnt work but when i put another mother board and CPU it still didnt work And the monitor and all the cables work cause i switched those to SO im a little frustrated PLEASE HELP Crash nbsp

A:Monitor not displaying anything

it is possible that when it fell over the motherboard flexed enough to touch the case. It may have shorted out the motherboard.
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Cannon MP530 print,scan,fax. The printer always worked great. I've been out of INK for 4 months. I finally bought the pgbk 5 black ink cartridge so I could print resumes. This works fine as usual. I decided I'd add a page of pictures displaying my work in grayscale. The printer only prints a blank page. I cleaned the cartridge right before trying to print images so I don't know if that did something? I just downloaded the latest drivers from cannons change. I've tried several different image files...still prints text fine...and it will print goodgle homepage image and all. Please help this doesn't make sense...

P.S. Is it because my bk 8 black cartridge used with yellow magenta and cyan is empty?



A:Cannon MP530 printer won't print images, only text

more likely the heads are clogged.

print Picture in gray scale says printer mechanics are good

same picture in color => nothing ? ==> color print heads.
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So this initially was a problem with my games not playing in a certain resolution without everything being cropped off on the side, and it turns out to be a problem with my resolutions/monitor in general.

I have a Samsung 2333 24" 16:9 with a 1920x1080 native resolution, and whenever i put it on 1280x720 which is the 720p setting for my monitor, everything is being cropped around the edges. The task bar is halfway gone and my desktop icons are off the screen at the top. Any idea what could be causing this?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Well the short of the story is i upgraded my video card(ATI HD26xx 512mb) to a ATI 5670 GDDR5 1024mb amd ever since all my text is fuzzy and cannot use my resolution 1920 x 1080(Preferred by my monitor) and ive redone all the drivers for the video card both from the disc it came with and from their website, And the driver for the monitor( Viewsonic VX2433wm 24in WS) Also i went from a DVI component to a HDMI for the supposed better quality. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.~

A:New video card and fuzzy text!

So i learned today that for computers DVI>HDMI i should have checked that before even posting here(Duh!) thanks all!
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Okay, so my friend has a prepaid cellphone from Virgin Mobile.

Sometimes we'll be having a conversation, and then something happens with the phone service or whatever, and I get the same text message maybe 20 times over the course of 5 hours or so, and during that time she can't receive any texts from me.

Then after a while, it goes back to normal, and her phone gets a flood of texts that I sent over the past few hours.
What the heck is going on?
Why does this happen?
Can we do anything to fix it?

I'm not so sure how cellphone SMS messages work exactly, so I would love some more information.
Is anyone else having this problem or had this problem in the past?

A:Virgin Mobile phone sends same text message over and over again

Did you check with Virgin Mobile?
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I really hope someone can help me with this. My monitor is displaying a no signal message at startup, not even showing the windows boot screen. However, I plugged the cable into the on board graphics card and it works fine, it's only when I try it on my other card that there's a problem. I've cleaned and reseated the card, but no joy.

This is a completely out of the blue problem. It was working fine last night, tried to turn it on this morning, and this happened. Any advice? Or do I just have to get a new graphics card?

Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Monitor displaying "No Signal" on startup

Try to check if it is well plug in the AGP or PCI Express slot in you PC. If yes then you Graphic card is dead you will need to change it.
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Do anyone help me save my sms text message to my desktop computer for backup?
If you can help me read and manager sms in computer will be great thankful
PS:My phone is HTC-p4500 on windows mobile 6.

A:How to save mobile text message to PC?

I'm not sure if this will help:

Says you should have software for it, you will also need the USB cord to hook it up to your computer, unless it has Blue tooth you might be able to get it off that way, but I doubt it. Goodluck.
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Yesterday, my monitor stopped displaying anything. This started happening a few days ago but after a few reboots it would display again. However, it has permanently not displayed anything since yesterday.

I have two spare monitors which I have tried to use. However, the plugs do not match; therefore, I can't test it out on a different monitor.

The possible parts which I think could be causing the problem are the video card, PSU, motherboard, or the monitor. When I boot the computer, the video card fan is spinning so I am not sure if that is the problem.

I would like some suggestions and opinions on this. Thanks

A:Monitor stopped displaying

Take a look at this :

Hope it helps in some way.
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My desktop was working fine up until weeks ago when I was simply surfing on Yahoo and it decided to freeze up on me I waited for not Monitor displaying... Don't working think is desktop a few minutes to see if it would get back to normal but Monitor not displaying... Don't think desktop is working it was just a cold freeze I couldn t do anything and was forced to restart by pushing the power button After it restarted the freezes came every few minutes for every time I restarted it The week after that I monitored my desktop to see it would freeze up like before but would only get the occasional freeze-up every now and then I decided to give it a break up until today when I decided to start it up However this time my monitor just showed completely black as if the desktop was never switched on The cables are all secured and I can hear the hard drive running when I turn the desktop on My friend seems to think that it could be the memory or the memory slot that is causing the problem Also the last major thing I remembered doing on my desktop was updating my graphics card and motherboard I was occasionally getting a blue screen that indicated that there was a device driver stuck in an infinite loop in relation to nv disp I figured that the updates would solve the problem and I think it did I never got the blue screen after that What do you guys think Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Monitor not displaying... Don't think desktop is working

I think it is the power supply.
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Hi guys,
I bought a samsung 2233sw monitor a month ago, and running with evga 8600gt using D-Sub(VGA) connector.
Now-a-days i am noticing a intermittent flickering or text shaking artifact is displayed on my screen only when i run it in its highest(native) resolution that is 1920x1080 full hdmi. In lower resolution there is no such problem. but in lower resolution the display of the monitor is very poor and showing a text/screen bluring or tearing effect like other tfts.

Can u guys suggest some solution to the problem.

Can dvi-d connection wipe out this sort of problem.

A:Flickering/text shaking on new samsung 2233sw monitor

I suppose I'd spring for a DVI cable as a matter of course. It will look better, (assuming everything is working correctly) with the Digital connection

But, I'd really try your monitor on another computer ASAP. >>>(read this as first)<< In case it needs to be RMAed.

It seem's logical to eliminate that first.

The last time I saw anything such as you describe on a computer monitor was with an old Emachines 17" CRT. I think that was due to the degausser. Or maybe RFII.

First, any graphics adapter, even onboard, should be able to display up to 1920 x 1200 even connected via VGA.

So, in no particular order,

bad cable.

Electrical interference

Video driver corrupted or wrong version

Bad video card

Bad monitor.

I bought a Samsung recently, but haven't used it. It has a "driver disc" (?), so much for universal PnP. It was giving me trouble setting the color, brightness and contrast. Don't know if that was the video card driver. But the control sliders were really acting funky.

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I have an HP Pavilion laptop that is about 2 yrs. old. About a month ago I noticed that as I type in ANY program (emails, word, this post) I will type sentences and the
cursor annoyingly skips to another part of the text. It has done it several times as I type this post. It seems to happen randomly. any ideas?

A:Cursor skips to another portion of text when typing


Right click Desktop to open Personalize
Select: Right Handed or Left Handed
DOUBLE CLICK SPEED: I set the slider to the slowest setting ( if too fast, double clicks won?t open files)
Click Lock: Select this if you want it
Select a POINTER SPEED: I set mine at the fastest ? makes the touchpad fly (This technically controls the mouse buttons, but makes also touchpad feel faster)
Check: Enhance pointer precision
Visibility: check: Hide pointer while typing
Click on the SETTINGS tab:
First, click on Overview to open the tree and read the overview of the controls.
TAPPING: If you want to be able to tap on your touch pad, set the controls for Tapping, tap and drag, and tap zones.
BUTTONS: Double click on Buttons to open the tree and set the controls:
Left ButtonAction: Primary Click
Right Buton Zction: Secondary Click
VIRTUAL SCROLLING: Double click on Virtual Scrolling to open the tree and set the controls:
Check: Enable vertical scrolling and/or enable horizontal scrolling
Check Enable coasting, if you want that option, and Enable Edge Motion when scrolling
SCROLLING SPEED: Set slider for scrolling speed. I set mine at the slowest
SCROLLING SELECTION: I checked: Scroll item under pointer (for a broader scrolling area)
EDGE MOTION: Select the Edge Motion you want. I chose Perform Edge Motion when pointing and dragging
Select your Edge Motion Region and Edge Motion Speed. I selected: Control motion with finger and set my slider at medium-slow.
Constrained Motion, Slow Motion and Sticky Borders: Select some or all of these if you want them
SENSITIVITY: Double click on Sensitivity to open the tree and set the controls:
Double click on + to open tree
PALM CHECK: I left my Palm Check at the default spot , near center but a little toward Maximum (if mouse gets irratic, increase toward Maximum) If mouse is not responsive to certain clicks, decrease toward Minimum)
Light Touch ? I set my toward the most sensitive -- all the way toward Light Touch
Click on Apply, and then OK.'
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Hey I recently ordered some new parts to build a better computer and have ran into some trouble.

The main bit of it being that my monitor isn't displaying anything when I start up the system.

Currently I have an old dell monitor plugged into the video card which is a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT( ) , using an adapter to hook up my monitor.

I would have it plugged into the mother board ( ) except that my monitor plug is VGA.

Basically what I was wondering is if there is an adapter out there so that I could plug the monitor into the motherboard, or if there is some way I could get it to display through the video card without changing any software settings?

A:Monitor not displaying anything

I'm assuming that you're using a DVI to VGA adapter? That's the one that you would use if there's no VGA input for your gfx card. Don't plug your monitor into the motherboard (assuming

You aren't displaying anything? Even at the post screen? Or once you boot into windows? If it's the former, then your graphics card isn't working/connected correctly. If it's the latter then drivers are your problem.

I assume you at least get a POST? Check to make sure that your graphics card is inserted properly, that the adapters/cables are connected properly (maybe change ports if you have more than one).


Hmm, I looked at your motherboard, and it's SLI capable, meaning that there are two slots for the graphics card to go. Try moving your card over to the other PCI-E slot. Also, sometimes there's a "card" on the motherboard itself that you have to flip over or switch to enable SLI if you're going to try to do that...
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I am trying to hook up my Pavilion 700 to a Dell CRT monitor. When I plug it in to the VGA and turn it on, the orange light on the monitor goes green (like its supposed to) but nothing displays on the screen. I even removed the add-in video card and just tried using the integrated but with the same results.

I know the monitor is not bad because I just tested it with two other computers and an xbox360.

Any ideas? All help is appreciated.
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hey guys, i just purchased an Acer X1200.. I tried connecting it to 3 montiors but nothing is displaying on the screen.. the PC turns on correctly fans are spinning etc.. but nothing will show up on any of the monitors both VGA and DVI

Thanks in advance

A:Acer X1200 not displaying on monitor?

Try Safe Mode (pressing F8 at system startup)
Then remove any video drivers from Add\Remove programs

Or have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)
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While playing some game a month ago my screen became all green and purple with squares everywhere it was like some terrible mspaint job. I took out my 7600 gt , after restarting multiple times and barely able to see the screen, and it fixed the problem. Is it unsual for 7600s to fry like this? I bought it used off a friend but his still works fine and its not like i played any graphic extensive games on it just call of duty 4 and doom 3 and lesser graphical intensive games. Is there anyway to tell visually if a video card is fried?

A:7600 not displaying proper

"I took out my 7600 gt, and after restarting multiple times, barely being able to see the screen, it fixed the problem"...

You took out the 7600GT and used the on-board video? Video cards can fail any time for many reasons. Somtimes you can see damage, most times you can't
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Hi, I just bought a new monitor (the Samsung 2693HM) and I cannot get my notebook (linked to it through VGA) to display 1920x1200 (the monitor's native resolution) on there. Right now it's running at 1280x800 (my notebook's monitor's native resolution) on the Samsung with black bars on top and bottom.

My notebook (Sony Vaio N110G) runs on Intel GMA 950, which according to Intel, can support resolutions up to 2048x1536 at 75hz, so it shouldn't have any problems with this monitor, but I can only get it to run on resolutions equal to or lower than the native resolution of my laptop monitor (ie. 1280x800 or lower). Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.

I'm not sure if this should be in here or the display section.

A:Intel GMA 950 have trouble displaying 1920x1200

The Intel GMA 950 graphics will display at 1920 X 1200. I know this because I'm sitting here staring at one. Although it's in a desktop with provision for only one monitor, therefore that could be irrelevant here.

Have you gone into display properties yet and identified the monitor? Right click on the desktop, then on the "display properties" click on the "settings". Right click on the monitor 2 icon, and see if it will allow you to set the resolution from there
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Recently bought this monitor and when I try to set it to its 1440x900 native resolution the text is very difficult to read in that it is grainy. I have to set it to a lower resolution but in doing so the text isn't quite crisp. Do I need a new graphics card? My current one is a Radeon X300 with 128 MB. Thanks in advance.
BTW, I have updated the drivers for my current card but it didn't seem to help.

A:953BW Samsung text is blurry

I would upgrade my graphics card anyways in order to run that native resolution, you'd get better performance all around. 1440 x 900 is pretty demanding for an older card with only 128 megs of vRAM. The picture might look "grainy" because the card doesn't support that pixel aspect ratio or something. A more high-end desktop video card is likely to resolve your issue.
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Well recently i didn t touch my computer at all everything was working good Then one night i was on ventrilo talking to my clan Then my mic stops working So then i go and check if it works on my brothers computer and it does So i run back to mine make sure it is plugged in right check the settings on the volume control panel make sure the mic is on i even try it on the voice recorder and still doesnt work so i dont have a mic for a day or two Then later i look inside my computer and unplugged some blue things that were on these spikey things and put this old part that has an audio and microphone port it didn t work so i unplugged not displaying Monitor it Next thing you know my audio goes down I turn off my computer i plug the little blue things back on and then my audio on Monitor not displaying one speaker goes on I go back plug them in different places then Monitor not displaying my audio works and one speaker So i try once more and it detected everything exept for my dvd drive so i turn off my computer after my clan scrim and go back and try and fix it But then everything quit displaying on my monitor I know it isnt the monitor cause iv tried i even tried video cards So i am not sure iv even plugged everything back to normal Any suggestions sorry if the typing is alittle odd im on a labtop S nbsp

A:Monitor not displaying

Nevermind i fried my motherboard :S
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I changed my font for everything on my pc to help me see better on a flat screen tv
but I've decided to change it back because on some games i play it effects the text and i cant see whats being said... I thought i knew how to do (go to display props., settings, advanced and change dpi) but i can't get it to work and i can't figure it out. if anyone can help me pls and thank you.

A:Text and font sizing

What operating system are you using? Sounds like XP. If so also notice on that window the compatibility setting. The DPI setting changes the size of all items displayed. If you are asking about font and size (for text) also see (control panel) Display Properties, Settings, Advanced. Also see Control Panel, Fonts.
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I have been working on a (Text/Graphics) Contents Fit Some Programs of Don't in Software Window strangle problem on my wife s Gateway ROG with Windows XP service pack for quite some time Some programs do not fit inside of the windows For example the Epson printer software graphics and text are cut off by the right side Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window of the window of which they appear and the user can not see the entirety of Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window the contents and hence can not select and click much less see options on what should be the right side of the window SuperAnti-Spyware Free edition also does the same thing Apparently for whatever reason these two software programs display their contents inside a window differently than most other software programs which are not displayed correctly inside their respective windows Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window For the record this used not to be a problem I have tried re-installing the Epson printer software the printer works fine I have also tried removing and reinstalling the video device driver software This does not work either It is a ATI Mobility Radeon Advice is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window

Could it be that your display resolutions are wrong?

i doubt it has anything to do with your epson software, since it happens with others..

The normal resolution you should keep your monitors at is to the highest supported by both monitor and graphics card. DPI however, can be altered, found under the advanced properties (display properties>Settings>Advanced..) of your graphics card. Try altering that to the Normal setting and see if it makes a difference..

have you also tried getting the latest software updates available for your graphics card and others you have problem with?
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My computer has been running perfectly fine for over a year Today I was putting extra hard drives as a secondary drive to see what Drives, Computer While Stops Startup Testing Displaying Hard at Picture was on them I tried the first one and it started up fine I tried the second one and it displayed an error at the boot screen I realized I forgot to check the jumpers on that one I tried starting up with just my main hard drive again and it started fine I While Testing Hard Drives, Computer Stops Displaying Picture at Startup tried the last extra hard drive making sure the jumpers were correct and then the big problem started It powered up fans came on hard drives ran but no picture I tried to start it up again with just my main and the same thing Now whenever the power is plugged in the power light is on whether the computer is on or not When I hit the button PSU fan processor fan spins You can hear the hard drive running Nothing is displayed at all There is a red light now on the motherboard which I believe is usually green I have tried reseating the RAM in all configurations so unless both sticks went bad at the same time I believe that is fine I tried to start with both of the hard drives which worked mins previously so I belive they are also okay Everything is plugged in properly The only thing I did differently the last time it worked properly was I shut it down with the power button being I didn t have the keyboard mouse plugged in My only ideas are PSU problem Processor problem Motherboard problem nbsp

A:While Testing Hard Drives, Computer Stops Displaying Picture at Startup

My Hypothesis is the PSU, if it's to small, then it can't power anything, but usually it won't even start with not enough power, what are your system specs and PSU wattage?
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Hi there The past few weeks my system is acting a little strange I have an MSI K N Neo Platinum board with a ghz The board supports sata disks but lately I can only use or SATA drives If i have all drives connected then partially... works Help 4xSATA MSI Mobo Please - :) my system always restarts shortly before xp sp has loaded If i use any of the drives in any configuration MSI Mobo - 4xSATA works partially... Help Please :) system may boot up after - tries If i use drives everything works fine or at most tries and system starts fine This is kinda driving me crazy Drives are xwd gb sata and xseagate gb and work just fine on their own This system was working fine for over a years and within the last month it starts acting crazy I haven t installed any other devices on the system or any other application If anyone has come before this or has any idea advice I would really appreciate if you could help me out Thanks nbsp

A:MSI Mobo - 4xSATA works partially... Help Please :)

Do you have the SATA/Raid controllers bios settings correct? Check Boot options too
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HI All Quick question for any web designers out there design vs dreamweaver text editor Web Just wondering what you all use for coding Me and my friend are just starting a little web design business but we argue over coding methods I am used to using alleycode on Windows and now Ive started to use linux I use screem on there - when I first began designing websites I got pointed away from word hehehe and was told to use something more like a text editor because it means you can make really clean code and have everything validated and that most WYSIWYG programs tend to add alot of extra code and go about Web design dreamweaver vs text editor things the wrong way My friend uses dreamweaver and whilst it doesnt code as bad as i had been told it does tend to make heavy work of simple designs Imjust wondering what everyone else uses wheather you can make really good pages with a text-editor and whether you can make W C complient clean pages with dreamweaver nbsp

A:Web design dreamweaver vs text editor

First, Techspot is not focused on coding techniques and you will get a bigger
population (and thus more replies) on some other boards.

However, your question is great as it says you're trying to plan ahead and start
off right. I'll give you my take, but understand, I am a purist and disdain GUI tools.
I what to know what is written so that I can change it if I desire to.
IF you use a TEXT editor, every line is yours and there's no surprises.
The really bad part of a GUI tool, imo, is that if you need to make a change,
you tweek the PRESENTATION, not the code. Sure it's what you want, but compare
the new file to the old -- massive changes result and finding exactly
that line that implements what you wanted is usually impossible.

Another issue with web page generation (as apposed to manual editing) is the
bloat and cruff that they generate. If you've ever see a Word.rtf file (in a text editor)
you'll understand immediately -- tons of stuff that is just not obvious
and sometimes it's not even references (ie: used).

Then too, the HTML,SCRIPTS, and CSS are just merged into one file --
not very effecient and makes the maintenance just that more difficult.
Lots of web designers don't realize that placing each resoruce in its own file
and using the appropriate < script scr="..." > </ script> or
< link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" title="xxx" href="pagestyle.css" />
is a performance as well as a maintenance issue; the browser can be loading
multiple resources at the same time.

Lastly, I'm also a minimalist; less is more. Flash creates great presentations,
but also greatly slowdown the user waiting for all that stuff to load -- ONLY
to be bypassed if the user clicks SKIP THIS INTRO.

The web is about INFORMATION CONTENT; the cute presentations are just eye candy. No customer ever purchases your eye candy.

btw: You should get some kind of Change Management Software to manage
versioning your pages. google for CVS
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I'm looking for some advice /assistance.

I have a Fujitsu lifebook E6180 which will not start up ~ or rather, when I press the power on button there's a little bit of whirring but it doesn't start up properly and the screen remains blank.

I have a feeling (although I don't know why!) that its "locked" in some way ~ the manual advises that a password can be set to prevent unauthorised use, using the 1-4 buttons on the front of the machine, but I have not set a password and it has always started up without one?

Very puzzled, and any help would be appreciated,

Best wishes
Kate K

A:Fujitsu lifebook E6180 will only partially start up?

it can be various reasons if the laptop won't starts.. BIOS,memory modules, broken MB... various reasons...
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A couple of weeks ago my motherboard died because it got a short from a broken front usb port. I replaced the usb and motherboard everything was perfect. Until I returned home this morning and tried to boot up the computer and I can hear my computer startup vista. But no video so I unplug the video card and reconnect still no video. I hooked my monitor up to my laptop and it came on any ideas of what could be wrong with the card. It's a Nvida Gforce 6200 turbo cache.

A:I'm having a issue displaying video

Doesn't sound promising - the Card may have been damaged when the USB incident happened.

Can you beg borrow or steal a card off someone to try?.

May be a blessing in disguise, there's a lot of decent AGP cards going cheap - at least here - as they've been superceded. ie 9600Xt $80 au
Relevancy 30.96%

I just bought a new system that includes a mobo with a DDR2 800 memory standard. The RAM installed is DDR2 800 4-4-4-4-15-1T SLI Ready (mobo is SLI ready as well). I set the BIOS to read the RAM as exactly what it is - DDR2 800, 4-4-4-4-15-1T. When I open up cpu-z and go to the memory area, it shows both of my sticks running at 400MHz!

Something's wrong here... anyone have any ideas? The timings are correct, and it displays PC6400 like it should, but the MHz is all wrong.

A:RAM Frequency Not Displaying Properly.

lol dont panic, everything is fine, remember ddr2 is dual pumped, so 400x2 equals what, lol just kidding, but yeah that's how cpuz shows stuff, your system is fine!
Relevancy 30.96%

I ve been working with my brother s computer which has been having video problems in games The card works fine outside of games and used to work just fine with games The problems started while I was messing around with Oblivion After testing a few other games Titan Quest and FEAR among them I ve started noticing some very specific problems The games listed will not display the opening videos but the sound plays normally stutters in Oblivion but always has The main menu music plays once the logo movies have passed but the menu is completely invisible In Oblivion the menu choices are visible but the text is fuzzy and everything else is invisible as with the others I managed to start up a new Displaying Videos not and Menus game of Fear from memory using the arrow keys The opening CUTSCENES which use in game video are visible as is the in-game play However if I hit escape the menu that normally pops up with options save or load game quit ect does not display Neither Menus and Videos not Displaying does the HUD if I recall correctly This has got to be the oddest problem I ve encountered I ve uninstalled the nVidia drivers used Driver Cleaner Pro then reinstalled Menus and Videos not Displaying the latest stable drivers I ve also repeated the process using the latest Beta driver to no avail I ve tried turning off write combining and reducing the hardware acceleration for the video card Also tried reducing the refresh rate from to on the off chance the monitor was doing something strange Turned off the AGP detection in the BIOS as well as Fast Writes None of those seem to have affected the problem I recently installed a SATA drive to replace his old IDE drive but I don t think that is related I believe the problem started right before I installed the drive Configuration Asus Barebone Vintage AE- system Mobo detects as ASUS A V-MQ in CPU-Z AMD Athlon GB RAM PNY Geforce MB Onboard sound AC I would greatly appreciate any help that someone could give me --Aaron EDIT It is worth noting that if the HD is related that the SATA drive is Menus and Videos not Displaying partioned into two drives The drive used for games is lettered after the CD DVD drives I remember some strange error relating to this with some games years ago but that was in the Windows days I think nbsp

A:Menus and Videos not Displaying

UPDATE: I've tried swapping the cards in my brother's computer and mine. We have identical cards. The problems persist after, so it isn't a hardware problem. At least, it isn't a hardware problem with the video card. Software, perhaps?
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I just purchased a Viewsonic 17" lcd monitor for my computer that im building. The video card(s) im running are BFG tech 6600gt oc's. DVI connections to video cards. The monitor i have is a vga so i went and bought a vga to DVI connector to plug it in. The monitor turns on and works and i have plugged it into my computer which is currently running a vga video card so i know the monitor works. The video cards work because i've installed them into another computer as well. The problem is as soon as i connect the dvi connector to the vga output on the monitor the screen says "RGB No input signal!" displayed. Any help would be appreciated!


A:Monitor displaying RGB No Input Signal!

Problem solved. The video cards that i have don't support DVI-D. My monitor is a DVI-D time to start looking for a 7600 gt
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I've been at this thing for days on end. And cannot get it to work. I am using both Composite and Tuner modes. Tuner does not detect any channels.

The main problem is that, when I go to play NTSC PS2, GC games etc they show up black and white. I've been switching to NTSC mode constantly, but I get the same thing. And when I try it with Tuner mode, it still doesn't work, even though I have a SCART lead in. The closest I can get to colour is by playing PAL games (duh) or by displaying NTSC/JAP games in PAL_60 mode, however PAL_60 flickers alot and has a huge black bar on the left hand side of the display. Not good.

So I ask of you, would anyone be kind enough to help a n00b like me out? ;_;

A:ATI All In Wonder 9800SE not displaying NTSC.

Hi News Bot, welcome to techspot and happy new year

One simple question, have you updated your driver from
Also why don't find a program like catalyst to manage your AIW? It'll be easier if you have it.
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Ok, Today I installed a new CPU fan and case fan to replace failing ones. After the installation I turned on the computer it displayed bios and then all the fans quit and the screen went black and it started making an alarm type sound. I checked everything and it was all installed properly. I turned it on and it made the sound again but bios would not show up. I thought maybe I had to much thermal grease on so I removed some with a plastic bag (read to use something like that to keep from leaving lent). Now the fans work but the monitor still does not display. I hooked it up to a different monitor it displayed bios then made the noise again and that monitor will not show anything now. If I unhook the monitors they say check the connection so I pretty sure they are not blown. Any Idea what is wrong?

A:Monitors quit displaying

hi welcome to techspot.

I have exact experience on my computer, and this problem usually under "overheating". If you have install a new chassis fans, please check the cable firstly and then check your CPU thermal gels.

In my computers, it will get overheating (though at 50*C) if the gels are paste in the CPU, so i try a workaround, which is pasting it in the heatsink. though in the end the gels touch the CPU, my computers still be able to work a week perfectly rather than if i put gel in the CPU itself.

by the way, in my bios, it says System shutted down due to thermal event (overheating) PRESS F4 to continue. if i did not press F4 all the way everytime i turned on my PC the alarm sound will rang.
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Got a canon i860 printer. The print head stopped printing regular black. I have soaked it overnight with ammonia/water mix as well as alcohol.

Still no text. It wil print other colors. The automatic alignment has also stopped working. Should I replace the print head?
I think I have done all I can with this head.

A:Canon i860 won't print black text

Doesn't the Canon printer utility have a "clean print head" option? I seem to remember seeing that for my i550.

My nozzles tend to clog bec. I'll go a month or so between printing photos. I usually just print a full color draft on plain paper, which unclogs.

Have you tried printing a photo, rather than a text page?

If that doesn't work, and after all the things you've tried, it may be time to send this one on to the print cartridge graveyard.
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I have compaq nx9010 laptop. My Hard Disk was crashed and I got new one from Toshiba. So before starting the fresh install I thought start with bios flash. I did the flash but now keyboard workd partially and F8 is also not working hence I'm unable to install the windows. I opened the laptop , cleaned the keyboard wire with alcohol still no luck. What could be the problem?Any suggestions please?


A:Keyboard Partially work

Try another reflash.......
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I am attempting to help a friend with her computer. Here's her problems

She can place a CD in the drive after a fresh boot and view/use the contents.

Upon placing a different CD in the drive, it still displays the same content that it did for the previous disk.

Opening and closing the drive along with using Refresh does nothing to change the content.

If she reboots the computer, the drive will display the new cds content so the drive is reading the disks.

Any help would be appreciated.
Relevancy 30.53%

Below are screenshots of what's happening, Can someone tell me if this can be fixed? As far as I know how it happened is two morons tried hooking up S-Video without knowing what the hell they were doing, next thing they know, this happened.

A:Toshiba Display only displaying 5/6 of screen

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Right click the desktop, select properties.
Click the "settings tab". What do you see?
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Ok so I recently assembled my own computer.

msi motherboard
intel p4 processor
radeon 9800 pro

It worked fine at first but would crash to the blue screen every 10 minutes or so saying something about the IRQs. A few days later it stopped booting all together. When I turn it on now the monitor says no signal but the fans work and all that with no beeps. So at first I thought bad graphics card but the onbaord video didnt display either. I tried the ati card on another computer and it worked fine and I tried a nvidia card and nothing. So next I tried resetting the bios with the jumpers and taking out the battery. This didn't work either. So I'm thinking now its a bad motherboard but I was just wondering if anyone else had any suggestions before I send it back.

A:Monitor not displaying, bad motherboard?

try reseating the ram and other devices

go to basics [mobo, cpu, hdd, psu, sound, video], all other devices and PCI cards taken out. try booting now. if yes ok, start adding components one by one untill you find the culprit.

try and put your hdd into another pc in slave mode, and make your way to the %windows%/minidumps folder on that hdd, then zip 5-6 recent ones and post here.

look for physical damage on the boards, including leaky/poped capacitors, scorch marks, shorting etc... check that your psu has enough juice and if it is a noname brand/alcheapo, take the figure and take out 30% of the wattage. use a psu calculator to do this - google.

swap parts with another pc thats compatible -> mobo-mobo, psu-psu, etc etc.. and also the monitor as well, making sure the cable is on properly.
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I have a canon multifunction printer / scanner mp360 and run canon's mptoolbox software for scanning. Ocassionally when scanning a single page (this means i should have one image transfer to the computer) I have several images transfered to the computer which usually comprises bits of text and parts of pictures being sent to the computer. Has anyone experienced similiar problems and could tell me what the solution to fix this.

A:scanner gives multiple bits of text and images

you might have your OCR (text recognition) software turned on.. are you using the buttons on the machine or scanning it throught the software?
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I have a 110gig hard drive with 37gig free. Is it possible to partition a drive that is in use without having to format and start again?

I've had a look around but all seem to talk about partitioning a new drive.


A:Partition a partially full drive

Advanced partitioning utlities like Partition Magic or Partiton Commander or Partition Expert can resize, split and merge your existing partitions and create new ones in the unused space. You'd still need to reboot the machine if you make changes to the system partition.
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I wasnt sure where to put this thread so sorry if its in the wrong board.

Had a bit of a hard disk problem last week that seems to have sorted it self.the only problem is now when I go in to my music/my documents ect all the text is blue?anyideas why this might be?

also on two occasions since the hard drive problem I've had a "No NFO found"message come up,once when going in to system info and the other updating adaware.

A:Blue text?

I believe those indicate compressed files done by the OS. You could have gotten them that way from the disk cleanup tool, 'compress old files to save space'.
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My parents have an "OLD" compac computer. None of the monitors we hook up to it will display. We know one of the monitors worked on that machine before and the other monitors work on other machines but not this one. What possibly is the problem and how can I fix it? Thanks....

A:Monitor not displaying

Not all of todays monitors are "backwards compatible". Newer monitors have "minimum" and "maximum" resolutions. If it is a really old computer, It might not meet the "minimum" resolutions for your monitor. Hope this helps.
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The case for my new computer has a built in cardreader. the light on the card reader says that it is on.( get a yellow light) the usb ports on it work along with the mic/headphone jack on it. But any card like MS or SM card i put on it i cont see it on the screen. and i cant acsess it. I cant figure out why. I really am comfused since everything but the actual card reader in it works (it has front usb, firewire,headphone and speakerjacks) those WORK, but the stupid card reader in it DOESNT!!! :hotbounce can you help me? please. thank you
my board:

EDIT: now it doesnt even show the ports in my computer!

A:In-Win Card reader not working (partially)

Are you sure it is a real cardreader and not just a slot you can install one behind?
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At my work, I use Now-Up-To-Date calender to keep my schedual. Different event types are color coded. Some are red, yellow, orange.

My printer (hp 4050) is a black and white printer. It has always printed all the different colors as solid black. I just reformatted my computer (XP-Pro) and reinstalled my NUTD calender, but when it prints, the yellow and orange entries are almost impossible to read.

Does anyone know what the setting is to get my printer to print it all the same shade black?
Relevancy 28.81%

Hi If anyone can give me info or suggestions for solutions on this it would be greatly appreciated since none of the manufacturers seem to know My Machine Pentium GHz Processor MSI Neo- PFS Platinum Mobo Hercules D Prophet XT MB Ram GB HDD x LG DVD-ROM CD-RW drive Cant remember the speeds not that it matters quot ms BenQ LCD Monitor Windows XP Professional The Problem I run the graphics on AGP x as per the recommended setting I have being struggling for sometime now trying to figure out why my machine performed a memory dump or rebooted when even Hercules memory 3D 9600 (Radeon) dumps XT displaying causing Graphics Prophet the smallest amount of graphics was used this ranged from Windows Media Player Visualisations to the graphics is FarCry or UTK I had Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 XT (Radeon) Graphics displaying causing memory dumps contacted Hercules MSI especially ATI and even Microsoft and none have come back with any solutions or suggestions I then took a chance and disabled the Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 XT (Radeon) Graphics displaying causing memory dumps AGP Fast Write AGP Write Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 XT (Radeon) Graphics displaying causing memory dumps and Read as well as PCI Read and Write via the Control Center Thus my problem was resolved BUT now i cannot view DVD Movies re-enabling the settings allows me to view the DVD for about Minutes and then it reboots or performs memory dumps I have tried different combinations but it does not seem to help Does anyone have any sort of suggestion or solution for me nbsp
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Hi all I have Audigy Platinums that when used Audigy Partially Soundblaster dead on an abit bh or VA cannot be installed because the Creative CD says there is no Soundblaster present One of them is also not recognised on my BX Both cards function when the drivers are forced in Device Partially dead Soundblaster Audigy manager but obviously I cannot use the couple pieces of SB software that I want I have installed the software on the BX with an quot acceptable quot Audigy Platinum replace the card with one of the two that have problems and get errors only with the EAX software The Diagnostics report wave failure in the worst of the two cards and midi soundfont failure in the other I repeat bith cards function fine Wave failure I have been reading for the last four hours and can find no reference to this other than the XP problems Add l info Retail SB Audigy cards BX is WinME BH VA are Win SE The biggest problem is the fact that the Software does not recognise them as SB cards I feel like if I could get Partially dead Soundblaster Audigy past that one the others would probably be solved as well Is there a component on a Retail card that sets it apart from the non-gold oem variants that is Partially dead Soundblaster Audigy prone to fail -- waiting with little remaining hair left to pull out -- nbsp

A:Partially dead Soundblaster Audigy

Have you tried going to Creative and downloading drivers for the cards from there. If you somehow got the wrong disc, you might have the wrong drivers for the version of the card you have. Creative's support page will help you with that.
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I have a radeon 8500 and connected it to my tv the first time using the S-video out. Everything is great, my divx movies, and video games look good but I could barely read any text from the tv. If the text are large then I could see some of them, but blurry. I think I adjusted every possible setting on my video card, and on the tv. IS this the was it is suppose to be, or are there any other options and hidden sitches I can configure? Thanks to anyone that can help.

A:Blurry text on video out, from radeon 8500

This is normal, because the highest resolution a regular tv will do is 800x600, and generally 640x480. So it will always display text very very bad. Unelss you get a high definition tv that has the capabilities of doing 1024x768.

Sorry but there is nothing you can do about this.
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I'm using an ATI 9600 PRO with a 23" Apple Cinema display @ 1920x1200. While it seems to work fine after Win2K boot-up, it doesn't show the text during boot-up. Any ideas?

A:Help - ATI 9600Pro Not Showing Boot Text

:wave: Hello & Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

What text is it that doesn't show?

The BIOS text, or just the graphic card's BIOS text?

If it's the latter, then I wouldn't worry too much, as it's most likely too fast for the screen to have turned itself on...

Does the problem only happen when you turn the computer on, or does it happen when you reboot?

If you answer that, we'll be able to better understand the problem..
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I just noticed this problem a couple of days ago... my computer no longer autoplays CDs. Instead, it pops up a Explorer windows showing the contents of the root of the CD. I don't know what the hell is wrong, and trying to re-enable Autoplay through Device Manager is useless, as the Settings tab in my CD drive's property window is not there. I've tried updating the firmware of my CD writer and my DVD drive, but to no avail. Is my copy of Windows screwed or something? (Also, I have the problem of my DVD drive now being listed as "CD Drive" in My Computer. Is that related to my problem?) Can somebody help me out with my problem? Thanks.

A:Need help displaying autoplay...

Try removing the CD/DVD devices in Device Manager. You may want to remove IDE controllers too. Reboot and let Windows install fresh drivers for everything. Even better, download newest drivers for chipset (maybe drives doo) and force Windows to install these.
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This is my first time posting here, so I apologize in advance for any faux pas in my postings. I'm in hopes that someone out there can help with this problem.

We've had several users in the office run into the problem of the message text disappearing from an e-mail when they send it. (No, it isn't user error.) No error messages appear, everything seems fine. However, when the user looks at the message in the Sent folder (to print it for reference or whatever), the text of the message is gone. The addressees receive blank messages. Any attachments are still attached, but the text of the message is not there.

What causes this? How do we fix it? Any ideas, anyone?


A:Outlook 2003--message text disappears when e-mail is sent

have you checked for a virus/spyware?
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Installed the Add On, everything I can find says there is supposed to be
a button in the very bottom right of the FireFox screen to active the app
when a word is selected.

It doesn't show up.

What do I need to do?

Windows 7 Home Premium

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I have somehow lost my shortcut to a text file that is somewhere within the MS system or perhaps within the FIREFOX browser system. You add the address of the website to the list, give it a unique IP address from the others in the list and it keeps that website from coming up when someone tries to get to it.

What is the name of that file and where can it be found???

I hope this is enough information and that someone knows what I'm talking about.

A:Trying to ban a website by adding it to a special text file..

Hosts File

@tepeco, I think you are looking for the "Hosts" file, which, in a Windows installation, can be found here: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc. The file itself has no extension.

By-the-way, etc is the actual name of a folder.

Hope this helps.
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Hello guys,

My English teacher has given us two .MP3 files. They are small stories in English language. We should first write a summary about that then translate the whole text into our native language. It is an exercise!
If it was a text I could write a brief text about it and also translate it into our native language immediately. But the problem is that since the speed of the English-language narrator man is very quick I can't completely understand what he says.

I tried to find some apps to convert voice to text and installed some of them but no one worked properly!

Is there any idea how to convert those .MP3 English files to text?
It's an emergency and I'll be very thankful if someone can help me.

A:Difficulty with a .MP3 English file and Voice to text converter

I don't think there is any way of doing that. A trick that I've found useful in my efforts to learn a foreign language is to play the mp3 file in Apple's Quick Time Player (Free). You can alter the playback speed. There are several slow speed options. At the extreme it all sounds zombie like but things are much easier to follow.
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I have a video on my iPhone I made & would like to know how to put the words on it into text so I can email it?
I've already tried the program built into Vista & W7 but no luck yet. Any ideas/suggestions?

A:Video words to text

Clarification; I want to put the words in the video into text so I can copy/paste the text ONLY into an email. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
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I've been using this software some time now, but (I think) after installing Win 8 or 8.1, the text to speech feature does not work. Babylon acknowledges that the software uses the Microsoft Windows engine for this purpose and I know this feature works perfectly in Windows as I have tried it.
I haven't been able to find any answers any where.
Please advise.
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Hi guys I have a slight problem after my first data scraping session Basically I have around k of lines and around k quot www domain com username quot urls that are in this text file However the only part I need is the url and everything else is redundant The URL is dynamic so it s different username everytime as well as on a random line rather then continuous every lines or so Is there a software out there or maybe a notepad sublime algorythim that takes out all the data or simply extracts the data I want Here is what it looks like Code http www youtube com watch v RiVKDn kyfo Landon Austin - Armor - Official Music Video Download on iTunes - lt a href quot http goo gl aaIY E quot target quot blank quot title quot http goo gl except URL Removing data scraping help) from file text (data specified aaIY Removing data from text file except specified URL (data scraping help) E quot rel quot nofollow quot dir quot ltr quot class quot yt-uix-redirect-link quot gt http goo gl aaIY E lt a gt Download on Amazon http www youtube com watch v z KJ I j s Download on iTunes For more information smtown hompage lt a href quot http www smtown com quot target quot blank quot title quot http www smtown com quot rel quot nofollow Removing data from text file except specified URL (data scraping help) quot dir quot ltr quot class quot yt-uix-redirect-link quot gt http www smtown com lt a gt smtown EXO-K http www youtube com watch v oJrdLhXlE Watch the official music video by Kerbera for their hit single amp quot Counterpoints For more information on Kerbera check them out on http www youtube com watch v B hGd EfSwM Just a little video I put together cuz I was bored as hell Trying to brush up my skills Video is scenes from the movie and music http www youtube com watch v qOaqiCBum w it All Honest Final Exam Version Music Video Like the video Facebook lt a href quot https www domain com Leendadproductions quot target quot blank quot title quot https www domain com Leendadproductions quot rel quot nofollow quot dir quot ltr quot class quot yt-uix-redirect-link quot gt https www domain com Leendadproductions lt a gt http www youtube com watch v AT WU- Py I Music video for the song amp quot Pink Print amp quot by Antillectual taken from the Removing data from text file except specified URL (data scraping help) album amp quot Perspectives amp Objectives amp quot Order the album at http www youtube com watch v tmDMiUDm rY From amp quot International amp quot available June th on Sacred Bones Records Directed by Cali Thornhill Dewitt Shot and Edited by I am using a Youtube scraper to get description from specific videos music covers and the descriptions have urls that I require for instance let say Soundcloud Now the Scrapper pulls in the WHOLE description however all I need is the Soundcloud link nbsp
Relevancy 63.21%

Please I can,t read my email in Arabic , I have message im my email from 2004 in arabic and it,s shown to me as langue I don't understand ????? please help me ?

it show like this " انية "

A:I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

For starters, what operating system are you using?
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I tried searching a pdf for a word and it didn't find it. I then realized it's not actually text just an image of text. How can I convert the pdf to have text and be able to search it?

A:Convert PDF images to text

Try Foxit Reader
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Hello all,

I have created an application with D3DX9. My application displays text on the faces on 400 cubes using Textures. The heights of the cubes are changed every 100 milliseconds (in OnTimer call). I display text using the following sequence of calls (pseudocode is below):

for (I=0 to 399)
if(texture != NULL)
texture = NULL

MyFont->DrawTextA(texture, word)
CreateMeshObject(cube) //Cube height changes for every OnTimer call.

This code hangs after a few calls to OnTimer. My VRAM seems to be hogging up. Calling the Release for texture does not seem to be really releasing the memory in VRAM. Am I doing anything wrong here? Is there a better way to display text on the cube's face? Does D3DX11 have a better way of doing this? Any suggestion is welcome.

Relevancy 24.94%

Do you know of a software program that will pronounce words for you either free or purchase? I know there are web sites I can go to but I'm not always online in fact, I'm off more than on but my computer is on and I just wanted a program that would do this for me. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time!

A:Any suggestions for a text-to-speech/screen reader software?

If you're running windows XP you can just use windows narrator, i've never tried personally, but it is built right into windows so you won't have to install.
Just press and hold the windows key and press "U".
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At work, I know the company blocks some things and doesn't have the most up to date software but things were working OK for quite some time. This morning, without any notification that anything had been changed, Yahoo Mail for myself and 2 others lost the rich text capability and the toolbar.

A search hasn't turned up any help.

I did find something that says Yahoo Mail has limited capabilities under IE7, but it was working fine until this morning.

The "rich text / basic" option under the Subject bar in the email isn't there now, either.

Thanks for any tips on how to restore email editing ability!

A:On IE 7, Yahoo Mail rich text / toolbar disappeared

You may need to update to IE 9 or 10. Looks like Yahoo is not supporting much for IE 7
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OK some of the websites I go to are showing text only, the biggest one being facebook, I am using firefox browser. how can I fix this problem?
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Where can I get quality digital audio transcription service? I'm looking for quality digital audio transcription services that are professional and affordable. I want them to be able to transcribe any audio formats, MP3, WAV, DSS, WMA, etc.,and be able to upload files by dropping them in a free dropbox. I also want a quick turnaround.

Thanks In Advance.

A:Speech to text, How to do that?

UNKNOWN9122 said:

Naunce Dragon isnt worth 180 bucks. Wait for Windows 9 which I hope will have it built in.Click to expand...

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Apparently when logging into Yahoo once, I didn't succeed in clicking down to the password space before typing my password. Now when I go to type in my username it not only shows the correct username but also the incorrect one with my password included.

I've tried to find how to delete that one entry but can't. Also could only find how to stop showing my username at all by removing all site usernames & passwords from the memory. As my wife also uses this computer, I don't want to do that either for myself or for her.

Is there any way to delete just the one incorrect username that also contains my password?


A:How to stop Yahoo email from displaying my username on login?

I've sometimes entered at my Email login page my email address then not Tabbed to the next line and typed my password. To delete the incorrect version I start to type and the type assist brings up the selection (I have now have three two correct and one mistake). Using the down arrow I highlight the mistake then press 'Delete'
Hope this helps
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I have a problem with adobe flash player not displaying anything. My OS is Vista 64-bit and i'm using IE8. I click on something and it tells me that it's done loading but nothing comes up. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it doesn't work, any suggestions? I might also add that i've tried a different browser and that hasn't worked either.

Also it's only with one website that won't display anything in adobe, all the others I have tried all work with the flash player. This is so damn frustrating.

A:Adobe flash player not displaying anything

Try re-installing it
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Windows live mail 2011 will show that I have new emails and when I go to click on them it would normally show the message in the preview window. Instead, it shows nothing, just blank. I noticed by cursor has an hourglass next to it too. I actually tried double clicking the message to open it in a new window and it still displays a blank email. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Im running win 7 64-bit

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 not displaying emails

Try updating to the 2013 version:
I tried Mail when it was released in 2011 and hated it, I never got it to retrieve messages. Use thunderbird if the 2013 version still doesnt work, it is much simpler and is open source .
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I'm not sure what the correct term is here (icons, logos,applets??)so have attached a screen grab. This problem occurs in many instances, not just word. For instance, AVG toolbar has missing icons. Kind of annoying having to guess what the missing buttons actually do!


A:'icons' not displaying xp

Use this link

and download the fix labeled
.ICO ? ICO File Association Fix for windows xp (To Restore all the setting to set as default)
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Hi; I am an author and print index cards with data on how people can get my book that I distribute on the street in my village. I can set a margin of 0" on all four corners of word 2007 on the index card image of the word processor. The problem is with print preview, the right border is missing the ending text on landscape view. It shows headers and footers when I have a margin of 1/2 inch on all corners. Is there something I have to set on word options with the advanced tab (maybe layout options?) so the data can print near the edges of the index cards? Whatever shows on print preview shows on the printed index card. I have an HP 4360 printer. I have vista 32 bit.

A:Print preview does not show whole index card text

Try 'View' mode, then tick 'ruler' option, then drag the 'first line indent' and the 'hanging indent' to the page edges. This does make the margins 0" but I can't prove if it will print with a similar effect. Hope this helps.
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Hi everyone,

We are currently running Outlook 2007 on all of our machines. Does anyone know if Outlook has the ability to add text to a message that is autoforwarded? We have email that comes into one mailbox, hits a rule and gets forwarded off to another mailbox. I want to know if there is a way to automatically add text into the body of the email when the message is forwarded. I have run through the rules and it does not look like Outlook 2007 has that functionality. If anyone knows if and how this can be done, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance..

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I want to add text to my videos as a watermark before I upload them to Youtube.
I just want my username to appear for a few seconds.
I can use Sony Vegas 8 to add subtitles. This works but the video is re-encoded. I cannot see a way to pass through the source video.
Can anyone advise how I can add my text while keeping the source video as is - ie not re-encoded. Is there a way to do this in Sony Vegas or can anyone recommend any other software.



A:Overlaying text onto video

Sony Vegas 8.0 looks like a very nice piece of software... You should be able to do anything you want with it. Have you checked with Sony support?
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If I wanted to make some text link to a page in something like a signature or on a forum post, etc... How do I do this?

Most of the time forums, especially with signatures, don't allow HTML either.

A:Make text into a link

You would use a hyperlink:

The code for that is:
<a href="">Text you want to see</a>

But for most forums and signatures, there is what is known as BBcode that will take care of that for you, so as not to confuse the HTML within the PHP of the forums.
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To my own stupidity I was writing a paper inside an active web page. I had saved the text to the clipboard, but inadvertently copied over it. Then in what amounts to even greater stupidity I hit the back button in IE and lost all the text in the previous window. My question is, if I have not closed IE since this happened, is there anyway to recover the text? Does it reside somewhere in memory, temp file, cookie etc? I have tried going back through IE history etc but when the same window appears the text is missing. I know it's a long shot but I have to try....

A:Lost Text In Web Page. Can I recover?

As far as I`m aware, you`ve lost it for good.

I know it`s a bit late now, but the Windows clipboard is very limited. I recommend you use the DzSoft Paste & Save, it can hold mulitple clipboard entries and won`t lose them.

I do a heck of a lot of copy and pasting and find the above programme very handy.

Regards Howard
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Hi guys, my wife is having probs with her hotmail. Sometimes she can read an email that is sent to her in hebrew as hebrew, and other times she can't, it just appears as gibberish. Also, an email that she could read has now become gibberish again!
Anyone any ideas?
Does hotmail resolve hebrew by default, or does it have to be configured...and if so, how?
Thanks guys

A:receiving hebrew text hotmail

Do you have the language packs installed? Does the sender (s)
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I have a THINKPAD x60S running Windows XP. All of a sudden I am unable to right click on text and get the menu for copying/pasting in OWA. I also can't drag text around. However, I can do it in the preview panel! When I right click I get the extended menu, not the copy/paste menu. I can use Ctrl Keys to cut and copy but again can't do it with the right click.

I have been seaching sites for possible solutions. The only thing I found was that it might be a virus. So i did a full scan with Norton and found nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's a total pain...

A:Can't Right Click Copy or Drag Text in OWA

I don`t know anything about OWA,but reinstalling

is usually the first thing to do with broken software.
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Can anyone explain what might be going on here? When the wheel on scroll mouse is used to scroll up and down a Word 2003 document occasionally it copies lines of text. These copied lines are not permanent, is you stop scrolling the duplicates disappear and is you save a document the duplicates are not saved. If the scroll bars are used instead of the scroll wheel there is no problem at all.
So far a new mouse has been tried and Word has been reloaded, neither has resolved the problem. No software has been loaded for the 2 mice used, just windows drivers. This problem seems to be intermittent as it doesn't happen on every document, sometimes the same document exhibits the problem, sometimes not, its weird.
Anyone any ideas?

A:Word duplicating text when using scroll mouse

May be an issue, that either your Video card memory or Ram is not catching up quick enough.

Confirm all drivers are updated, and run Memtest
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SysExporter - How to grab text data when Windows doesn t let you COPY Did you ever see text in doesn't grab How - you Windows window when from let text to SysExporter data a a window SysExporter - How to grab text data from a window when Windows doesn't let you that you wanted to copy But couldn t When you tried you discover Right clicks are disabled in the window You can t get a context menu to Select All then Copy Windows doesn t even allow you to click and drag your cursor to select SysExporter - How to grab text data from a window when Windows doesn't let you text in the window Frustrating An example Device Manager You open Device Manager and see a list of devices but you can t copy the device list So now download and run this SysExporter Figure below shows Device Manager on the left SysExporter on the right SysExporter has an upper and lower pane display Use column info in the upper pane to find the window you want SysExporter - How to grab text data from a window when Windows doesn't let you Click any column header to sort that column Upper pane columns include Title Window Title Items - of items grabbed from the window not including constant items In our example we re interested in Windows Title Device Manager as it s what appears in the upper left hand corner of the window Items We know there are a lot of device item entries so appears like the right number We click the entry in the upper pane and then see the items in the lower pane And that is exactly what we want Figure - Device Manager SysExporter In lower pane use the right click context menu to select the items you want to copy see Figure below You can the decide among several formats when you save the items I prefer Copy Selected Items Tab Delimited as these are saved in a text file with file extension txt I can later import it to Excel to get the columnar data back to work with Figure - Device Manager SysExporter A couple notes and you can experiment with the rest of SysExporter s options If the Windows on your screen change click Options- gt Refresh to refresh SysExporter s list When looking for text to grab one might just hunt in Window Title order But try clicking on Items column header Now the items in each window are numerically sorted such that those windows with most items appear toward the top Focus your attention on entries where items not equal zero Note the indent column in lower pane Use this to re-establish any indented relationshiop between items As one last example Note the device instance id in Driver Details in image on left In SysExporter image on right we select in upper pane the window title with the item and we see the Device Instance ID displayed now in lower pane so we can copy paste it elsewhere nbsp

A:SysExporter - How to grab text data from a window when Windows doesn't let you

highlight text, CNTRL-C to copy and CNTRL-V to paste.
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Hello all-
I have just gotten ms office 2003 on my computer - i am familiar with ms word, but i think this newer version did something annoying: i wanted to email a set of info from home to work email. i have these in text files. i uploaded these as attachments to an email. when i opened the email, ALL the text from the text files was IN the email, with NO text file attachments.

i also had ONE ms office document ".doc" attached, and it acted like it should: just attached to the email.

is this text file thing something that ms word 2003 does on purpose? i have never had this happen before with my web-based email acct.

how can i turn off this function?

A:ms word and text attachments? in email not attached?

It might be something your work is doing. I have sent .txt documents fine before. I would ask your IT department how they have it setup.
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With almost every Linux distributions I've tried (Fedora 3 & 4, Suse
9.3 and a Portuguese version of Linux "Caixa Magica") if I don't have the
option "pci=nosort text" at boot I get a "Kernel Panic: not syncing,
attempted to kill init" and a system freeze. With Suse 9.3, which I have
installed on my system, this option is already included in the boot
sequence, so there is no need to put it by hand. However, if I choose the
safe mode, I get a system freeze if I don't write it at boot.
Does anyone knows why this happens? Is it a kernel bug, or hardware
My guess is that it has to do with the video card, which in my case is ATI
Radeon X600 PCIE. Is this true?
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Two small problems I noticed while using Firefox:

1. On boards that use prepared UBB-Tags (or something like that) whenever I click one of them it's inserted at the very end of the reply and not behind the cursor, like it should.

2. When the end of a line is reached, pressing space key doesn't produce any actual spacing...the cursor is still next to the last typed letter, which means you can't really see whether you spaced or I said, it's minor, but seems to be a Firefox problem (and probably Mozilla, too, for that matter).

Is there a way to fix those, yet?

A:minor text editing problems in Firefox

I found that if you click twice at the cursor-position, it will insert at that position.
As to spaces, the TS board ignores more than 1 space anyway, so pressing an extra space for good measure does not interfere. While you are typing, spaces do 'show' unless at the very end of the message window. Once submitted, as said, anything over 1 space will be suppressed.
That's not a Firefox problem (or any browser for that matter).
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FireFox not Displaying page correctly (IE too) *fixed*


When I try to go to this page:

It doesn't display correctly, this is how it looks when I open it:

The page showed correctly once because it has a black background not white.
I'm using Firefox 1.0.4 and went back to 1.0 but that didn't work, I also tried
using IE but that did not work either.
I have deleted my cookies but that doesn't work.

Since the problem is with Firefox and IE, I guess the problem is with me because
Friends using Firefox have no problem displaying the site correctly.

Thanks anyway, bye :wave:

A:FireFox not Displaying page correctly (IE too)

could it be java?
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XP Pro sp2, latest Firefox

(gearing up a new laptop)

I found how to adjust text size i.e. the pages on this forum, but the text
in the bars at the top and bottom are still so tiny I can hardly read them.

I'm sure there's a simple fix, I just can't seem to find it.
I played with display settings and got the height to width ratio
looking pretty good, but I can't find anything to make the various
status bars any larger.

Appreciate any tips!

A:Have adjusted screen text size but headings still tiny

Use the zoom feature in Opera? It won't be too pretty, but at least it is readable.

If a web page is made using static pixel counts as measurements, then everything will look tiny on a hi-res screen and AFAIK only Opera is able to zoom everything, including graphics and multimedia content.
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Does anyone know of a Notepad-like program in which I can set the background to black and the text to white? Preferably, the program should be low in resource usage and should have the basic Notepad functions (eg, search, word wrap, etc.) I am currently using GetDiz but it doesn't render some of the characters well (probably lack of character support or something like that.)

A:Notepad-like program in which I can set the background to black and the text to white

EditPad Pro, my favourite Notepad replacement can do that (and a whole load more)