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Disable +5v on standby

Q: Disable +5v on standby

Does anybody know a way to disable the +5v on standby for the asus M3N HT deluxe mempipe motherboard?

I have checked the bios, and searched for mobo jumpers with no luck.

The power outlet is hidden behind my tv so is a real pain to get to to switch off at the wall, And my external hd has a very annoying noise when its running at 3 am
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Preferred Solution: Disable +5v on standby

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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so i usually have an external plugged in and i usually put my laptop (a hp dv5t) to sleep mode at night, but the external harddrive still stays on.

how do i disable usb power in standby mode? i already went into advance power options and couldn't find anything. also, in power settings, USB selective suspend is enabled

A:how to disable usb power in standby?

Why not turn it off ...
Then get one of These and shut everything down automatically when you turn off the computer.
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I have gone in to power management and marked everything "never" for standby, turn off hard drive, etc. The computer is putting itself on standby in spite of the settings. I get an error screen when trying to get it to come out of standby.

Can someone direct me to the "inner workings" to permanently delete the standby file or whatever it is? I have the old dinosaur, Win98.

A:Solved: Want to disable standby mode

Change the power options in BIOS setup.
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Windows XP Home, sp2, almost all updates.

On Friday I downloaded and installed the newest version of Spyware Doctor (paid version). Had two problems:

1. My desktop background disappeared. I replaced that, no apparent problem there.

2. My computer now goes into standby even though I have that set to "never" in Power Options. I've thought about removing/reinstalling Spyware Doctor to see if that helps, but wanted to check here first. "Standby" seems to be my only problem, and if there is a way to disable that completely either in the registry or somewhere else I'd rather do that.

Thanks for any forthcoming info.

A:Disable "Standby" in registry???

Actually Spyware Doctor from PC Tools has a Forum of it's own. It might pay of to do a few quick searches in there?
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Hello I have a Dell Desktop with Windows Standby - Manual longer does work Automatic StandBy no working XP Home Edition Service Pack This started about months ago my set time Automatic Standby was working fine then it stopped working - computer will go into standby mode if I manually tell it to Was set to minutes but then that stopped working so I tried out a few other times - a few but not every time setting The only one that seemed to work was minutes but now that has stopped working I ve read that it may be due to something running in the background there s a long list of things and processes in the task manager but I m not savvy enough Automatic StandBy no longer working - Manual Standby does work to identify them or recognize what if any may be the cause I may have installed a new program around that time and I did also read a comment from a person with a similar issue who mentions that they installed the latest update for what Microsoft uses against malware and viruses - sorry not sure what it s called Anyway I kind of remember accepting the Automatic StandBy no longer working - Manual Standby does work update a little before I noticed the standby issue I did think about trying System Restore and going back to an earlier date but it won Automatic StandBy no longer working - Manual Standby does work t let me go beyond January which it has never done before don t use it often but in the past it s let me go back to previous months I ve scanned with Malwarebytes SUPERAntiSpyware and Avast they did not detect anything Panda ActiveScan did detect something so I took it over to VirusTotal and out of Antivirus programs are detecting it as something The file in question is c windows system snjwindows dll Panda Generic Malware Prevx Medium Risk Malware Rising Trojan Win Generic A TrendMicro Possible Virus TrendMicro-HouseCall Possible Virus Any suggestions on what I can look into or try to resolve my Standby issue Thanks

A:Automatic StandBy no longer working - Manual Standby does work

My understanding is that when you set a time to stand by or hibernate, if there is any running process on the system that cause the CPU to use 10% even for a split second (like you would observe in Task Manager), the timer gets reset back to zero.

The system has to be "idle" and that also means no keyboard, mouse, email reading, surfing, etc. Idle means idle.

Knowing that, if you have something running in the background like an automatic scan, updates, something that is running that periodically checks for something to do, updates, etc. that could use 10% of the CPU - even for a split second, that will reset your timer.

In my notes, I have this reminder to myself from past experience of things that can interfere with a timed stand by or hibernate:

Does your system have installed Windows Search, Skype, iTunes, MagicJack, RSS feeds, any kind of Instant Messenger, any kind of malware scanners doing scans or doing automatic updates like MSE, AVG, Norton, McAfee, Bit Defender? Did a cat walk on your keyboard?

To test, set your options so some small amount of time - maybe 5 minutes and see if the system works properly every time. Be sure the mecahnism itself is not flawed. If it does work properly every time with a short timer, and you set it back to 45 minutes and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work you will have to figure out what is going on that resets the timer.

I think I would set it to 45 minutes, note the time of day and find something else to do for a while - don't touch the system. If the system does not behave in 45 minutes, then look in the Event Viewer from the time you wrote down at the beginning of the watchful period until the current time when the stand by was missed.

Look in the Event Viewer logs for the last 46 minutes and see if you can spot what background process might have woken up and done something. Hopefully, when whatever it is wakes up and does whatever it does, it will put something in the Event Viewer log and you can see what it is.
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I tried using standby mode after reading about it in this forum. My computer is useless after waking up. I can't even close xp pro. I even have to use the computer power button to shut down windows. My harddrive light stays on all the time as well. My browser never opens, and after 5 minutes of waiting, I finally decide to shutdown and it can't. Is there something I need to know in order for standby to work. I have already looked at the bios but see nothing to change. I am afraid to try hybernate. Is this a software or hardware problem?
Life is good without using standby mode.

A:Standby Mode-- Can't Open Applications After Using Standby

Good question: The one and only time I tried THAT function, I had to unplug the computer from the electrical source in order to get the monster to work! I've refused to use it since. Hibernate isn't quite as bad, but I find I always have to do a full shut down to get my computer to work anyway, possibly because I use log-in accounts - I don't know. These days, I either leave it on, or do a full shut down .Orange Blossom
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I am an extensive Windows user but this problem has me totally standby Windows away resumes standby goes from to right and confused I have done lot of searching on web but cannot find a good answer Windows home premium -bit HP Envy D laptop with GB memory no custom hardware I have configured a backup job which wakes up the laptop at midnight takes a backup and puts laptop into standby again All this happens with the laptop lid closed The power scheme is configured to put laptop into standby when lid is closed The resume from Windows resumes from standby and goes to standby right away standby backup and suspend after backup is controlled by Windows Home Server console which is installed on the laptop I had Windows resumes from standby and goes to standby right away purchased the HP laptop in October of last year and this job used to work just fine Sometime in March of this Windows resumes from standby and goes to standby right away year the backup stopped working After checking the logs and physically observing the laptop at midnight I found that the laptop resumes from standby at the scheduled time but immediately goes into standby if the lid is closed The backup fails Windows event logs indicate that laptop lid close action is putting system into standby If the lid is open then the laptop resumes from standby stays awake backup proceeds and laptop goes into standby again Here are my problems a Why did the backup work for several months and then stopped working b I have other laptops in the house running Windows home premium on variety of hardware all HP and they do not have any issue Even with the lid closed they resume from standby do a backup and go into standby again The power scheme on all these laptops is set to put laptop into standby when lid is closed I have verified from physically observing the laptops during backup time I have checked all the usual suspects like BIOS updates driver updates run sfc completely deleted the Windows Home Server console from laptop and re-installed after deleting all past backups but nothing seems to help Is there some setting that I have overlooked Any ideas will be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Windows resumes from standby and goes to standby right away

try disabling the "put laptop into standby when lid is closed" option in the power settings. If it works properly when the lid is open, then it seems that the problem is with this option. I don't know why it would stop working all of a sudden after it has been working for a while. Have you installed any new programs by any chance, or deleted any when it stopped working?
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Help please, my standby power scheme option will not hold in standby. The key board option will not hold, maybe a few seconds. The start option does the same thing. I really did use and like this option. Only new change I can think of is the modem. Went to a 4200 Windstream(SpeedStream) because of slow connection on the older ?6200 ? I have many new Indian friends that say it is not the modem.Need a slow walk through,don't understand this problem. Don't understand computers!!
Could be the problem has another source?

A:XP home -standby does not stay in standby

1. First go to the device manager.

2. In the device manager open a device that uses "Power Management", such as a Network Adapter by clicking the plus sign next to it. - An easy way to access the device manager is to use the key combination "Windows Key + Pause/break", go to the "Hardware" tab and click the device manager.

3. Right-click the child icon that shows up under the Network Adapters category

4. Left-click properties

5. On the top will be a "Power Management" tab

6. Make sure you uncheck the box that says, "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby".

* There are other devices that use this power management function. One that I know of is Mice, you will have to figure out which it is.
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Hi I have LG FLATRON W L monitor and recently ive been having some issue with it I think it may be related to Win X i am using My graphic card is GTS with both DVI and HDMI connections while i used HDMI loop > standby Monitor standby > on cable before i am correctly using DVI cable for the very same reason I opened this topic hoped it will help but it didnt Basically when I turn on my monitor at the morning for example it got stuck in a loop where it goes from Standby to Fully On and back to Standby while i hear a sound as if i connected and disconnected a USB device from the computer hub Now usually I ignored it as after like jumps it went on but this morning it got stuck in that loop for Monitor standby > on > standby loop like or times before it turned on Monitor standby > on > standby loop Please help Specs Intel Core i Gigabyte P -US L GB DDR GForce GTS GB nbsp
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How do I disable access to Printers and Faxes in XP Pro or disable access to printer preferences?


A:How do I disable access to Printers and Faxes in XP Pro/disable printer preferences?
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Hi does anyone have an idea how to disable or remove the Windows 7 calculator. I want to disable this feature due to cheaters using the calculator whilst doing maths homework? Bloody desperate here. !!!!!!!!!!!

I find it ridiculous its not that easy to do . - Ijust want to Ditch the Calculator.

Thank you

A:Disable calculator in Windows 7 - Remove, Disable, Delete, Ditch.

A user could just use any spreadsheet application or online calculator so I don't get why you think that this will work.

Yes it can be done either via Group Policy or via a registry edit.
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I have a HP Pavilion dv7, I want to disable the touchpad. I am running Windows 10 64 bit. The options to disable does not exist through any of the mentioned methods in the forums I have researched. It does not show up in the mouse enable or disable as described.This touchpad is very annoying to say the least. I am very close to taking the laptop apart and pulling the ribbon connector off to permanently disable it.Hoping someone has the answer to shutting it off?Thank you for the assistance.

A:Disable Touch pad running windows 10 disable option does no...

Hi Have you tried this? Double tap in upper left corner of touch pad.The LED should go on,and touch pad is disabled.
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Is it possible to command line disable disable USB selective suspend setting? or even regedit it?

I've read this :

Powercfg Command-Line Options

and this : USB Selective Suspend - Turn On or Off

and couldn't find a way to disable that specific option, unless I am missing something. I want to disable it when the computer is on battery, and wall plugged (laptops).

On battery is key, haha. Any ideas?

A:Remote disable - disable USB selective suspend setting

Odd question, I know
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Exactly what the title asks..

Nothing in mouse properties.
Nothing in device manager.

What am i missing? How does one disable the mousepad?!

A:how to: disable mousepad on win8? no 'disable' button

That is not a Windows function so you cannot disable it in Windows without disabling the entire driver, which is not a good idea. Sadly you failed to tell us anything about your computer. Assuming a notebook, you need to look at your key labels or in your manual to see how to disable the pad. It typically is a Function key combination. On my Toshiba, Fn + F9 will disable/enable the touchpad.
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Hi all happy new year for all & working not Disable Disable .exe Reg & Task im new year and i was looking for a solve Reg Disable & Task Disable & .exe not working for my damn it problem from about a week i got a game on a usb flash pro evolution soccer and it was comprassed so i extracted it and started to follow the instructions but at that time my pc didnt Reg Disable & Task Disable & .exe not working have antivirus so i got malwared the game was getting unpacked in that time i was watching a film but i noticed that the pc is lagging and running too slow so i decided to close the film i clicked alt clt delete but i see message i never saw before Windows Task manager has been disabled by Adminstrator i started to search how to enable it but all the ways not Reg Disable & Task Disable & .exe not working working then i tried to open my ccleaner to clean registery maybe it will be fixed but it starts then it closes in about seconds i knew then thats was a virus when unpacked of game end i tried to register its file in registery but i got the same message regedit has been disabled by adminstrator i started to get nervous i formated C and installed new windows then i ran the save mode and tried to setup antivirus but after i finish setup it doesnt open and task manager is closed again i dont know what i should i do with this virus i dont want to format all my hard disk for damn virus i setuped windows many times and differnet versions of windows and differnet programs but no way immediately after setup windows hijackthis log is Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system msiexec exe C WINDOWS system CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS system WBEM WMIADAP EXE C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe O - HKCU Run CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKUS S- - - Run CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS system CTFMON EXE User 'LOCAL SERVICE' O - HKUS S- - - Run CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS system CTFMON EXE User 'NETWORK SERVICE' O - HKUS S- - - Run CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS system CTFMON EXE User 'SYSTEM' O - HKUS DEFAULT Run CTFMON EXE C WINDOWS system CTFMON EXE User 'Default user' O - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System DisableRegedit O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe -- End of file - bytes please help me as fast as u can thank u sry for not perfect english

A:Reg Disable & Task Disable & .exe not working

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

We no longer use HijackThis as our initial analysis tool.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.
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Hello all,

I have a Windows 7 enterprise computer in a Windows domine, the problem is that I'm trying to disable the touchpad mouse of my computer but when I go to Device manager and see the properties of the Mouse Driver the button "Disable" is disable, I think that is something with domain politics and I can enable the button modifying regedit but I am not shoure of this and I do not what key of the regedit I would have to modify.
I add a photo so you can se what is the problem becose my english is not Good.

Thank you all.

A:The button for "Disable" a driver in Device Manager is disable

Welcome to the Seven Forums David!

I see the same thing on a W7 Pro laptop - the same button that you have highlighted is disabled.

Try this:
Start > Control Panel
In the upper right corner, change "View by:" to small icons or large icons
Locate and click on "Mouse"

See if you can disable the touch pad from there.
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Hello, an annoying issue here.

One of the programs I am attempting to have working correctly works fine when "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" is checked off. However, upon exiting the program, it is rechecked by windows automatically.

I am running Windows 8.1 on this machine and (due to no Local Group Policy Editor) I have already attempted to modify the registry via this link:

Program Compatibility Assistant - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums

However, I'm not 100% sure if it worked or if it is applicable to this specific issue.

Thanks ahead of time for any help/insight

edit: I tried using a different (older) version of the program with no change
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i have the asus a8n5x (standard amd 64 bit mobo (not sli)). It doesnt return from standby. Thats all. I have a western digital 80gig. Also, have the asus nvidia 6800gt, which has a recent driver. What could be causing me to not be able to standby? (or hibernate, which is what I actually use).


Well, hibernate actually shuts down the computer, and physically powers it off. Obviously, you won't normally return from that without turning the comptuer back on. There are BIOS options that allow for power up from the keyboard or mouse, have you checked into those? Return from standby may also be affected by BIOS options. When you go into standby, do the lights on your keyboard stay on? If not, the KB isn't being powered. If you have an optical mouse, can you see the light still on?
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I'm running xp pro, 865PE motherboard and P4(R) 2.54 processor.
Problem: My comp. goes into standby after about 15 minutes. I'm
going crazy typing my password. The settings in power management have NO EFFECT on the system. Read once somewhere that you should input minimal power management in the sys. bios. because it conflicts with windows. I fiddeled with it but to no avail.

A:Log on after standby

Go into the Power Management Setup in the BIOS and make sure that ACPI is enabled.
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My Sleeper key and standby option when shutting down no longer work. I have windows XP and my pc is a HP pavilion. Any suggestions?

A:Standby went bye-bye

Help! I have the same problem!
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For months I have been trying to set my computer to use S3 Standby. I have an ASUS K8V and using ASUS's or anyone else's instructions, the computer will either restart automatically or shut down, requiring 2 depresses of the Power button for several sections in order to start up.

Win XP SP2
1 meg ram
320 meg HD
Athlon 3200
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Computer is in Standby, I click enter, then Internet Explorer but I can't get the cursor
to appear, then I get the Internet Explorer is not responding message. Please help
Thank you

A:Standby, then nothing

Nothing will work in standby. Are you saying after coming out of standby then IE won't work?
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I am on XP and neither places I have searched google and windows help can I find where it tells how to bring the computer out of standby I never used it come of Do out I Standby!!! How but my roommate who is now using the computer wants to We put it into standby and cant figure out how to bring it back How Do I come out of Standby!!! I always thought and figured you would How Do I come out of Standby!!! just push a button on the keyboard or move the mouse like the screensaver neither of these work So what am i missing how to I bring it off standby or maybe I should use hibernate the main reason for this it to save the power consumption roomate is going green a bit lol Most important also is to turn off monitor seems to visually bother him having it on while he watches tv in between messing with the puter and then to be able to simply resume He can and has been just shutting off the monitor but if hibernate or standby would save more resourses and accomplish the same this is what he wants to use Reading on them both I think I understand the differences and when standy or hibernate would be used no documents would be left open etc only possibly web pages or unfinished windows games maybe yahoo messanger etc nothing that if power was to be lost would vital informtion be lost So what do you suggest or simply how do we resume from standy or hibernate Thanks in advance James

A:How Do I come out of Standby!!!

On my laptop you press the power button and it snaps back to life.
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Q: standby

i m almost embarrassed to ask this question but how do you standby know if Standby is working i know when hibernate is working cause i hit the power button to bring it back to its previous state however i am working on writing an application and need to use standby so last night i was trying out standby on my pc i set it to shutdown the HDD after a time period and go to standby which brings me to another question - when using standby should you set the system to go to standby BEFORE turning of HDD or vice-versa meaning i have it set to go to standby in mins and turn off HDD in mins or should that be the other way i come back an hour later standby and the fans are running - which i suspect is due to my USB mouse enabled to bring it out of standby and i ll change this feature this evening so i hit a key on the keyboard and it almost instantly came back to my desktop almost like i only had the monitor go off after a time period so how do you know if standby is working nbsp

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I am having a big problem: When I go to start menu and go to shutdown, and select standby mode, nothing happens. The color is gray, and it does nothing. I am running Winxp pro, any help. Thanks.

A:Win XP Can't Standby

Do you have all the updates?
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I recently did a XP reload. Now, standby is greyed out. I reloaded the graphics driver with no change.

How can I turn it back on?

A:Standby is gone!

goto power and see if it's set on never.
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Hi All,
I am thinking of turning an older machine into a MythTV machine after some upgrades but i take it that to record programs, MythTV will need to pull itself out of standby.

If this is so, what are the implications and hazards of having the computer always in standby? The effects on power consumption...etc.

Also could you recommend a PSU to fit Micro-ATX that is ~250W (UK 230v mains type), and quiet as it will be used in my bedroom?

Have googled it but the only one i can find is at Maplin and that does not state the standby power consumption.

Many Thanks,

A:having a PSU always in standby?

I would be worried about the fire hazard aswell.
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I am using a P4P800 E-Deluxe mobo, and I have been using it perfectly fine for several months. However, all of a sudden after reformatting several days ago, several new problems occured.

First of all, after clicking "shut down" my computer would go to a screen labeled "It is now safe to shut down your computer." I have encountered this before, and I went to turn on APM in power settings. However, I can no longer go to stand by anymore - only hibernate!

I would greatly appreciate anyone's help in getting stand by back! I do not want to hibernate my machine (too long of a start time).


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My computer can hibernate, but it can't go into stand-by. Any ideas as to why not? Is there some hardware or software needed for it?

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I've recently changed my old MotherBoard to P4C800E Delux and CPU to P4. After installing all drivers in my old OS every thing was fine. The system had no problem in going to standby. After some days, it denied to go to standby mode automatically. However I could still manually do so.
Searching the web I figured out that in this case the IDE drivers (HD Controller) are the blame. Swiching to another compatible driver temporarily solved the problem. But after some restarts, the same probem is back again. I didn't install any new programs or drivers during this and checking the system, it is still using the same IDE driver I last installed.
Any idea?
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I am running a computer in dos mode (booted from a floppy) and would like to know if there is a way to put the HD in a standby mode say after 5 min of inactivity? The computer is running 24/7/365 (in dos) and never uses the hard drive. I don't want to take the HD out since occasionally I will re boot into windows from the HD to do certain troubleshooting, but the vast majority of the time its running from the floppy so I would like to get the HD to go into standby mode so it won't ware out. Is there a place I can go in the setup mode to do this?


A:Put HD on standby

You might want to check your power management settings in the BIOS. I have never heard of any utilities that will put a drive to sleep in DOS.
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Q: Standby

How do I stop standby from auto-going on after like 20 minutes?


Go to controll panels and click on power options:
then go down to "turn off monitor" and select "never" or whatever you like
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My pc won't go into stanby mode.

If I choose 'standby' from the start/turn off computer menu, the pc 'shuts down' so that when I come to restart it, it goes through its full booting up process. The pc reamins on, with the fans still going.

I've tried setting options in Control panel/power options/power schemes but this doesn't have any effect.

Turn off hard disks, system standby and system hibernates are all set to 'never' though I 've tried changing these but it makes no difference.Under Control panel/power options/hibernates, hibernation is enabled.

Anyone got any suggestions?

A:PC won't go into standby

How are you bringing the computer out of standby?
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Is there a way that i can keep my internet connection when i put my computer onto standby? I like to keep downloading things but i dont want to waste power. Can i just keep my network card on w/out disabling it? thanks.

A:going on standby

not if your hardrive is going into standy . only if you set your monitor to go down .
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Q: standby

I run XP and recently have been unable to keep my pc in standby goes into it for a few seconds then pops out again..........any ideas for a solution?


Do you have to move the mouse or press a key normaly to bring it out of standby mode, I had a similar problem with a wireless mouse behaving erraticly and was making the pc come out of stand by mode, just a thought.
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What exactly do I have to do to keep my pc from going on standby?

I have disabled powermanagement in bios, in display settings under the Power settings they are all set to Never hibernate is unchecked...but it still keeps going to standby

where else do I check?


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I have a Latitude D520 laptop with Windows XP. Whenever I close my laptop and it goes into sleep mode and open it again the screen stays off. I dont know if it has something to do with the button that the screen presses down on or a function, but either way its annoying. Please respond as soon as possible.
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Recently, when I put my computer in standby mode, it just turns off without saving my settings. I used to get the welcome screen with my icon and name each time I put it in standby. Now what happens is when I open up my laptop lid, it goes right to the desktop. I like the speed, but it screws up my mouse and a few other things. I checked my settings in the Power Options and they are fine. Any help would be appreciated, or please ask me any questions or send links to answer my question. Thanks

1. I put computer in standby

2. It shuts down without saving settings.

3. I lift my laptop lid to activate.

4. It goes right to desktop instead of Welcome Screen

A:XP Standby help

Is hibernation still selected under power options?
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Q: standby

i have win xp on one drive and win98 on the other,on both systems in the power tab the monitor is set to knock of after 2 mins the hard dicks after 10mins and the standby afer 15mins. in win 98 all works fine, win xp and the apm tab is clicked to the on position, then the monitor only blanks the screen,there is no option for standby only the hibernate,how do i get standby back help delmec?????


Is this a laptop or a desktop ?
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Q: standby

when u standby, does everything turn off. when i put my computer on standby the motherboard and the powersupply is still on. my other computer when i put in standby, everything turn off.
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Plz help me . I go to " Start , turn off computer, and i have turn off and restart, but my standby botton is fadded and i cant use it and it is the only one i use most times.. Is there anything i can do ???

A:I cant use my Standby

oh PS all i have done on this computer latly is some updates from and i did the same updates on another pc same make and everything like 4 days ago and i dont have this prob on that pc
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When I try to put my computer into standby...the box is grayed out..this is when clicking on the Turn off computer will only let me shut down or log off

Also, when I go into the power properties...the only option I have "when closing lid" is to "do nothing" used to give me the option to go into standby, hibernate, or shut down

any help?


A:Can't go into standby

are you logged in as an ADMIN
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Q: Standby

When I finish using my PC and click on start then standby I get the following message: "The devise driver for the ATI technologies, inc 3D rage PROagp 2X" devise is preventing the machine from entering standby. Please close all applications and try again. If the problem persists, you may need to update the driver".
Clicking OK and trying again gets the same message. I'm not aware that there are any applications open.

How can I correct this?

I'm using Windows XP.

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why i click on stand by and my pc turns off, then i want to put it back on nothing comes up on the screen but the pc starts as normal.?



Have you set Power management in the bios to be "user defined" and therefore enabled power management? Then what settings do you have in Power Options in Control Panel?
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Q: standby

Hi, I am a bit confused. My standby currently does not work. It worked a few weeks ago, then one day nothing. I did nothing different to the puter. I have windowsXP sp3, and use IE 8.0. Thank You! If you need more info, let me know. I ran virus scans, and malware scans, and they came back ok.

Thanks again,
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I have a problem with my win Standby =| pro box staying in standby whenever i click standby under the shutdown menue it will spin down the hard drives and then shutdown the monitor etc within about seconds the computer will flash my logitech optical mouse running on the ps port recently switched from usb due to problems then my computer will promptly turn right back on coming out of the standby state back tomy login screen this has been happning ever since i did a fresh install of windows on my custom PC I also know that my computer CAN go on standby because it did so before i reinstalled windows i have not been able to find a solution Standby =| to my problem any where else and being a year old have limited money to take it to a repair shop thanks in advance for any help you might give i have a kind of weird graphics controller and i have hard times looking for good drivers for both games and hibernation and standby support so if anyone knows of some good drivers for the Trident MVP Blade D Card on MVP VIA chipset please tell me here Specs Generated by SiSoftware Sandra System Host Name quot quot User David Fleisch Domain quot quot Processor Model AMD-K tm D processor Speed MHz Performance Rating PR estimated Type Standard Mainboard Bus es ISA AGP PCI USB i c SMBus MP Support No MP APIC No System BIOS Award Software International Inc PG System VIA Technologies Inc VT Mainboard Tekram Technology Co Standby =| Ltd P M -M Total Memory MB SDRAM Chipset Model VIA Technologies Inc VT Apollo MVP System Controller L External Cache kB Pipeline-Burst Write-Thru Front Side Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Total Memory MB SDRAM Memory Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Video System Monitor Panel Gateway EV Adapter VIA Tech VT Graphics Controller Imaging Device Creative PC-CAM Video Imaging Device Creative PC-CAM Still Image Standby =| Physical Storage Devices Removable Drive Floppy disk drive Hard Disk Maxtor B H CD-ROM DVD ATAPI CDROM CD-ROM DVD SAMSUNG CD-R RW SW- B Logical Storage Devices MB quot A N A Maxtor-amd C GB GB Free NTFS CD-ROM DVD D N A CD-ROM DVD E N A Peripherals Serial Parallel Port s COM LPT USB Controller Hub VIA USB Universal Host Controller USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Printing Support USB Controller Hub Creative PC-CAM Composite USB Controller Hub Generic USB Hub Keyboard Easy Internet Keyboard Mouse Logitech-compatible Mouse PS MultiMedia Device s Device Game Port for Creative Device VIA AC Audio Controller WDM Device SB PCI WDM Printers and Faxes Model hp deskjet series Model Brother MFC- CN Printer Power Management AC Line Status On-Line Operating System s Windows System Microsoft Windows Professional Win x Service Pack Network Services Adapter Realtek RTL LAN adapter or compatible nbsp
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Q: Standby

My computer as of late does not go on standby. I have a xe and it says my natural ps2 or 101/102 key is preventing me from going on standby...ok. I can't find any thing in my file folder to update, and i update most that comes on line from micro soft...any idea's?
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when I try to go into standby mode the screen turns off but thats it. I cannot get the system to come back on unless if I hold down the power button to turn it off then back on.

I tried changing the option to "do nothing" when I close the lid on the laptop, then change it back to go into standby mode but no luck

it does it regardless of if I just close the lid, or click start-turn off computer-standby

A:not going into standby

Standby & Hibernate Issues in Windows XP – Kelly’s Corner
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I purchased a new Gateway. It originally went into standby as set through the power options, but after loading a couple of programs and printer drivers, the PC will no longer go to Standby on its own. The monitor does, but not the hard disks.

I have it set to go to standby when I hit the power button, and this works. But the hard drives will not do it on their own after a preset time, as set in power options.

Any suggestions would be very helpful...I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to computers.

Thank you kindly.

A:PC won't go into Standby on its own.

Since you are "not knowlegable" then I feel more comfortable saying whatever stupid thing happens to pop into my head.

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King."

Have you found and can you use the settings at:

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Power Options

If these are set properly, you may have a problem. Please try this & report back.
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Recently I noticed I can no longer put my computer into standby mode. It isn't offered as an option when i hit the power button. It is there but it is greyed out. I have no idea how this happened. I played around the power setttings and I cant seem to find out how to turn it back on.


A:standby gone

Plz post your system specifications

A computer cannot enter Standby Mode or Hibernate if a Direct3D-Based Screen Saver is running
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I run xp and have a HP Pavilion 9600. I've never used stand by before, but I have a standby key on my keyboard that my 11 month old son convenantly hits everytime I am online. I've tried hitting return, space, esc, and so forth but nothing brings it out, and I have to do a cold shut down.

A:How do I get out of standby???

You might try this: Start> Control Panel> Performance and Maintenance> Power Options> On System standby: set to never. On Advanced tab> Power buttons> select Do nothing or Ask me what to do.

Also found this on HP web site after pressing standby:
To make the screen reappear, move the mouse, press any key, or press Standby again. It might take 10-30 seconds before the screen reappears.
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Hi guys,

I have a little problem that I can't figure out... My computer goes in standby after a certain period of time and when i move the mouse, the start page comes up where i put my password...I haven't actually set anything to go into standby not even a screensaver which is why this is so frustrating! I'm using windows XP service pack 2, any help would be much appreciated... Thanks!

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Q: standby

well i'm at college now, and my brother always told me not to use standby, but i find it would be convienent now, is it bad to use? cause its going to get hot in here with my big a** tower, my roommate has a laptop

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Q: Standby

My computer has recently started shutting down when I have it on standby.
So far everything comes back when I turn it on again, but this is annoying and I'm worried that it might be a symptom of something worse.
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A:PC won't go into standby

open task manager, right click on explorer.exe and click end process tree

go to file > new task and type in "explorer.exe" and then attempt to put the computer in standby. does it work?

try to log off and THEN put the computer in standby. does it work?

disconnect the ethernet cable and THEN put the computer in standby. does it work?
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Q: Standby

I have just turned on my pc and found an icon that was not there before, it turns out my son has been playing with my pc, but had no idea how he had done it.He has created a shutdown button on my desktop. C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState

Is it ok just to put it in the recycle bin and get rid of it ? I'm sorry but I have no idea


That is a shortcut to hibernate the PC.

Ok to delete it.
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I just built a new PC (specs listed in profile). The computer won't standby on it's own. If I go to start/stanby it works fine. Is there a setting that I'm missing that would cause the PC not to standby on it's own? I've checked power options, tried power saving as well as a custom plan. Monitor won't shut off either, regardless of settings in power options.



A:PC won't standby

What do you mean, on its own?
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my standy button is greyed out so i cant put it to standby. why is this? do i fix it?

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Since my install of WinXP i do not have any option to put my computer into standby. It shuts down onits own, and APM is enabled, however in the shut down menue standby is greyed out. Someplease help as my computer is on all the time and I like to leave it on standby. Thanks.

A:XP Standby

i have win xp home edition and i have the same enabled but i still get sporatic shutdowns and there is an acpi power management that I can't disable....I could use some help I have tried everything.
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Not sure where to put this....
Last night while i was just reading a web page, my monitor suddenly went into it's power save mode. Neither the mouse or the keyboard will wake it up. If I hit the reset button it won't wake up. If I power completely down and then turn it back on, the screen works fine until the windows xp loading screen goes to change, then it immediately goes into power save, while i can hear everything in my computer running as normal. The screen will work though if i restart into safe mode. It's just as soon as the normal windows comes on, the screen immediately shuts down. Any suggestions? Also, while i was in safe mode, i did go in and shut the power save function of the screen completely off.

A:Monitor going into standby

It's probably a virus, or corrupted drivers if you can get into safe mode.

Boot into safe mode and uninstall your card (through the control panel > system > device manager), reboot into normal mode and let windows reinstall it for you.

If it boots up download and install the latest drivers (from either: ATI if you use a radeon or NVIDIA if you use a geforce) and install them.

If the problem persists boot up into safe mode with networking and run an online virus scan (unless you have an up-to-date scanner already installed) at TrendMicro
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I have an issue with coming out of standby with windows XP pro, when I come out of standby 2 of my 4 partitions does not reconize that they are formated, (E: and F: drives) They are all about 20gigs on the same drive, with a totall of 80gigs. Please Write back ASAP thank you
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My computer has decided it will no longer go into System Standby automatically no matter how many times I set it up in Power Options. Anybody got any suggestions? Running XP.

A:System Standby

My only guess would be that you have wake on lan enabled, but that's just a guess.
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Using windows xp I had a problem with a backweb error. I solved the problem by doing a systems restore. I had to reload a bunch of my programs and think I have done so correctly. But one problem has shown up since. Whenever I try to go to standby mode the computer goes into the mode but within 30 seconds comes out of the mode. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance
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I have a new IBM Wireless keyboard which has 7 programmable keys. There is a default for each and a general setup for each. But, I would like to have one to be used for putting the system into Standby Mode. Does anyone know of the commands that will put the system into this mode. I have another wired keyboard that has this facility, and would like it to be included in the wireless keyboard.


A:Standby Mode

I'm assuming the keyboard came with some IBM software? If so see if you can reprogram any one of the keys to do a different tasks.
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Hi I have been having some problems with my PC lately and after doing some research it was suggested that i should run a chkdsk r f I started the chkdsk after restarting my computer and it was running fine for about a min until the monitor all of a sudden went into standby mode and i have not been able to get it to turn on again byy moving the mouse or pushing keys on the keyboard Some of my problems of late have been related to my monitor going into standby either during Windows boot or even while in BIOS Things that i have tried clean uninstall reinstall of GPU drivers Tried latest versions as well and older versions standby into Monitor goes Clean install of Windows Reset BIOS to default Reset C MOS Switched monitor cables from HDMI to DVI Switched Monitors Switched GPU This seemed to Monitor goes into standby have fix it at first but after about a week the problem started again Boot system in VGA mode This eventually gets me back into desktop but it will not do so on the first try System specs CPU i Motherboard P A-UD GPU gigabyte RAM Corsair Gbs PSU Corsair tx Monitor goes into standby HDD WD caviar black The system seems to work fine when the monitor doesn t go into standby mode during system boot or like now while trying to run a chkdsk Any help in trying to fix this problem or at least finding out what it is would be great Thanks nbsp

A:Monitor goes into standby

Typical causes would be the monitor or gpu. As you have swapped both already, I'd suspect the motherboard or power supply.
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I keep my Windows XP on Standby on and off all day, shutting down at night, but I cannot "wake up" the pc from Standby.. Lights on modem flicker, screen stays black. I've gone into Control Board and checked through everything there 10 times. Everything is connected and should be working properly. Have taken suggestions from many, eg hit the shut off button on monitor, hit escape, Ctrl, Alt and Del, pressed mouse button several times, CLEANED mouse, nothing helps. I am forced to manually shut down computer and reboot each time I want to use pc. Has anyone had this idiotic problem or know how to help? TIA

A:Solved: XP won't go off Standby

Unfortunately it is not at all uncommon for a PC to die in its sleep in that manner.

Not much PC desktop hardware is actually very compatable with Standby, and something as simple as an updated OS or new driver can make it go comatose rather than standby. Laptop hardware tends to be only a little better.

You could try rolling back any recent driver updates, but in the interests of reliability perhaps just leave the PC going and set the monitor for sleep mode after a period of idleness.
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Hello All Mode Standby No Thank goodness for No Standby Mode this forum I enjoy it No Standby Mode SO much I m trying to find an answer for a friend of mine that recently upgraded his computer from windows se to windows xp prof One problem I can t seem to solve for him is that I can t get his system No Standby Mode to go into standby mode I receive this error On a computer that has an ATI Rage Pro accelerated graphics port AGP X video adapter installed when you attempt to put the computer into Standby mode you may receive the following error message The device driver for the quot ATI Technologies Inc D RAGE PRO AGP X quot device is preventing the machine from entering standby Please close all applications and try again If the problem persists you may need to update this driver This behavior occurs because Windows XP does not provide power management support for this video adapter I ve already updated his driver to this one Windows XP Display Driver version And I still receive the same message I m really wondering if it s something else causing it Does anyone have any suggestions Thanks SO much David nbsp

A:No Standby Mode

I really thought someone in here might have had an answer, suggestion as to how to correct the little problem on my friends computer. The first place I checked was @ the microsoft support center. They acknowledge there's a problem, but they don't suggest a 'fix' for it. Have a safe holiday weekend.
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my monitor has started to go into the standby stage even if I leave it for a couple of minutes. And then it wouldn't powerup on pressing any button, I had to reboot . Its not very regular but it has happened twice today.
even when I activate the standby mode it goes into standby properly but to powerup same problem.
sometimes i just switch off the monitor and backon it works??
I'm running win98
monitor viewsonic e-641

any help would do.

A:Monitor standby ??

Hi Faiz,

Two things you might want to try

1) Update the drivers on the monitor. Go to website and get the latest driver for that particular monitor

2) If you can live without the monitor going into standby, disable it in control panel. It is under the " Power Management" mode in control panel. There are two drop down boxes middle of the dialogue box. One is for the monitor, One is for the HDD. Change the one for the Monitor to "NEVER". That should keep it from going into Standby.

On a side note, Win 98 and the BIOS Power Mangement don't get along well. You might also want to disable Power Management in your BIOS

Hope that helps
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Ok, lately I have been having some standby problems. I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 notebook computer. Recently, when I put my computer on standby it works but when I try to get out of standby mode by pressing the power button, the display doesn't come on, its just a blank screen. Everything resumes except the display screen. Anybody know what's wrong with my computer? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks alot in advance.
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Hi, could anyone help me with this problem....

I can be working on my machine, and typying some letter online, then the text on screen with have a line through it, and then my machine goes into standby, or appears to be, the monitor goes to standby by the machine continues to appear running. I've tried moving the mouse when it does this, but nothing makes it come back, apart from a reboot.

Any Ideas welcome.

A:Standby problems

Hi Starman,

Is this a laptop?

Have you checked your Power Management Console, have you got a hot key enabled to force standby.

Silly question, but if a laptop on Battery power, have you set it to enter Standby at a certain battery level, are you moving the lid ....

Please provide more info?


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I have Windows XP Home Edition. Ocassionally I put the system into Standby but when I click the keybaord to get back into Windows (usually the shift key or esc) it does not come out of Standby. The screen remains black and the monitor light keeps blinking. To fix this I have to hit the reset button on the tower but then it freezes in mid-boot during the post. To finally correct the problem I hit the reset again and windows comes up. As I mentioned, this problem is very intermittent.

A:Standby problems

Could be any number of reasons -- display or monitor drivers would be prime suspects. Is the monitor recognized by model number when you look at Display Propeties?

A lot of "standby" problems were also fixed in service pack upgrades for XP.

You might want to run eventvwr.msc and look at the systems log for errors corresponding to when this happens.
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Hello all My first posting - due to fighting this issue for a couple weeks for a friend Windows XP Home SP Originally when the family went out leaving the system on and allowing to go into Standby they would return home to use the system and find that while come out Peripherals don't of Standby the system proper would fire back up several of the peripherals won't come Peripherals don't come out of Standby back on printer mouse etc I nailed these down to USB devices and checked the USB settings in Device Manager - turning off power mgmt for all hubs I then changed the system Power Options to turn monitor off after mins and Never shut the system down These seemed to do the trick as updates from the family let me know everything was working perfectly again - no hangups Until this week when they fired off a text to tell me the problem was back I had them check the Power Options to make sure something didn't get reset reverted and they are where I left them So having a hmmmmmm moment and wondering if anyone out there knows of something Peripherals don't come out of Standby to look at I'm thinking next step may be checking updating drivers for the peripherals and or the mobo drivers as they would run everything else Anyone else run into this Thanks much

A:Peripherals don't come out of Standby

My standard response to any USB to uninstall the USB controllers in Device Manager (only the items with "controller" in the description) and then reboot the system.  This should provide new USB controllers, which may be necessary because of corruption.
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hey there

i havent put my computer on standby in a while but last week when i went to start>>turn off computer>>standby, the computer wouldn't wake up from it. the monitor's LED kept flashing green indicating the computer's still sleeping. tried pressing the power button but doesn't work. i have to reset the computer everytime i put it on standby. anyone know what's wrong??

thanks ppl

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Hi guys! I haven't been here for a while...
the computer scene has been pretty uneventful around here (thankfully).

I'm using a new Dell Dimension 4700 with a
Pentium 4 3 Gig XP Home Edition version 2002 Service Pack 2.
Recently Windows update ran automatically and ate my computer!
I called Microsoft Support and apparently fixed the problem which
was a double installation of video drivers from Dell.
(Which made my screen go black with a white statement
"Cannot display this video mode".)

After we got the silly video thing fixed
my Standby option is grayed out
and I can't figure out how to get it back.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I'm having a problem with my computer entering stand by mode. Pressing either the power button on my notebook (Dell Inspiron 5150 running Windows XP SP2) or going through the start menu does not work. The machine will enter the standby mode, but after a few seconds, it will come on again by itself.

Also, when it does that, the fan starts operating on high, and a look at the Task Manager reveals that the CPU usage is at 100% but with no specific process using the resources. Sometimes explorer.exe spikes, but i dont know if that's what hogging my CPU.

could this problem be related to the "req" files (and other such files that have been attacking computers this and last week)? A discussion about that is here:

I wonder if anyone knows if there is a correllation. Any help on either of my problems is greatly appreciated.


A:Standby issue


Obviously you have some program on there, which you have allowed to interrupt your standby mode. Recommend a virus check and spyware/adware check on your machine?
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Whenever I go into the "Standby" or "Hibernate" modes in XP, I lose the ability to connect to the internet (either wirelessly or through ethernet). I have to reboot in order to reconnect. Anyone have a solution? Thanks!

A:Can't Connect After Standby


Some hardware will not work correctly after hibernate or standby, and in most cases the CPU has actually gone to sleep so the modem or wireless router has also gone comatose, it will disconnect as nothing is keeping it alive and awake.
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Can someone tell me what happens when your computer goes into standby mode? Is it to save power consumption somehow? Thanks.

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Hi All,

I am currently streaming video from a Dell Dimension 4700 Rev A05 to Dreambox DM500s using vlc. I want the PC to go into standby after 10mins of no use but my problem is that the pc goes into standby even when it is streaming, is there a way of changing the setting to not go into standby if there is traffic over the network???

I'm new to this setup and still learning any help woll be greatly appreciated???

A:Standby Issues

Usually just going into the power options, network adaptor settings, then setting the network to maximum performance will keep that from happening.
Control panel>large icons>power options.
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well i posted a problem i was having when playing certain games in the game section the solution i WAS using to that problem was putting my computer on standby by pressing the power button on my pc then when standby problems i took it off i could close the game from my desktop but bs advanced power management crap on my worthless computer kept popping up some nonsense about my computer not responding to stanby and asking me if i wanted to prevent it from going on stanby i ignored it for awhile but then one day thinking i could just change it back i clicked yes well i was wrong i can t put my computer on standby AT ALL now and there is no way to get it back that i can find so i end standby problems up having to turn off my computer a few times a day an screw it up more and more if it helps i use windows on a compaq deskpro with a pentium III nbsp

A:standby problems

try this troubleshooter from microsoft, it may shed a little light on the problem;en-us;Q185949
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How long can you have your computer in standby mode I would like it for a day at a time I am having a start problem with I guess the power usage It sometimes come on then shuts off after or seconds Sometimes only once but sometimes more than once Cannot afford right now to get it fixed or to buy something so maybe if I can keep it in standby it would not use the initial startup surge of power Also I though my mouse would take the system out of standby but it don t I have to use the power button on the computer even though the mouse information says to use this device to take standby mode the computer out of standby it is checked Are there other areas that I should check to see if something standby mode is marked wrong for using the mouse to take the system out of standby I have an optical mouse incase its needed to know nbsp

A:standby mode

May I suggest using the PC's Hibernation mode...

Instead of clicking Stand By, then you click Start > Shut Down, on this screen hold down the Shift key and Stand By will change to Hibernate. The click Hibernate.

You can turn the PC off at the wall, move the unit and when you plug all back and hit the power button, All is restored as you left. Works the same as Stand By but powers off the machine.

If Hibernate is not available when you hold the shift key down, you need to activate this feature from here.

Press Start > Control Panel > Power Options > Click the Hibernate Tab > Click Enable Hibernation and click OK. Then follow the steps above.

Hope this is a better solution for you.
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I am running XP Professional. It must have glitched because it will now not go into standby mode. I get an error message which states that the standard keyboard driver or natural keyboard driver is not letting the system enter standby. I have uninstalled and re installed the keyboard without success. What do I do next? Is there a way to reinstall the driver from the XP disk or do I need to reinstall the entire operating system? All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

A:Standby Problems

Have just read a bunch of horror stories on putting your computer in hibernation or standby, as many computers as I've built I've never put one in either, really never had to and was aware of all the problems you can run into doing so. Have you thought about checking your error log to find out what its telling you?
For those who don't know where the error log is located.
[1] Start Menu
[2] Help and Support
[3] Pick a Task
[4] Tools
[5] Advanced System Information
[6] View the Error Log
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I hibernation/standby know nothing about hibernation or standy but what I want to do is not shut off my computer I want to hibernation/standby let it run but not have to use the on button to start it up I have an HP n tower After about minutes the screen goes into screensaver Not long after the screen goes blank I guess it goes into standby Is it safe to leave it in standby all day or should you put it into hibernation Remember do not want to use power button am having problems with it right now Does the mouse bring it out of standby and hibernation/standby hibernation When you go anywhere like an office the computer is on and their screensaver is running constantly that is about what I want but not all the power usage Any help would be appreciated Went into help on the windows program XP home edition and read hibernation/standby about it but did not quite understand it nbsp


Well, hibernation turns the machine totally off after saving the RAM contents to a disk file, so the power button would be required to turn it on. You can adjust the settings by going into Control Panel, Power Options, and setting the behavior on the Power Schemes tab. If you don't want hibernation, turn off that option on the Hibernate tab.
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Hi:i haven't been able to get my computer (running windows xp home) to go into standby mode for some time. I gave up trying. As far as i can tell, the problem may have started when i loaded Zone Alarm's firewall on my computer. I'm not exactly sure this is the cause, but i can't go into standby now. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Has anyone experienced not being able to go into Standby regardless of having Zone Alarm or not? One other thing, when i hit the start button and then 'turn off computer'...the Standby option is grayed out. Thank you

A:XP & Standby Mode

Have you made sure all your drivers are updated most importantly your chipset and video card?
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When I try to come out of standby, my computer turns back on but my monitor reports no signal. I've got a usb keyboard, mouse, XP Home SP2, GeForce 6600LE PCI-E graphics. Anyone have similar issues?

A:Standby Issues

did you go into your power options properties in the display folder in your control panel?
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Unable to put laptop in standby. Standby is grayed out when I try to click on it.

A:Standby mode

supply details it will help, make and model etc, version of xp etc

shot in the dark:
if you have just installed XP you might need to run Motherboard driver CD (depends on OEM setup) but for some th at loads appropriate drivers for AGP, PCI, USB etc to tell XP of power saving features your MB has
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Hello all I'm having a bit of trouble when trying to get my PC out of standby sleep mode I would leave my computer on and go to work When I come back and try to wake the of to Crash out come Standby trying computer using my mouse or keyboard the computer would respond but my screen would stay blank the monitor lights stay orange then my computer would just reboot Here is my current build Core i Nehalem GHz Newegg com - Intel Core Crash trying to come out of Standby i Nehalem GHz x KB L Cache MB L Cache LGA W Quad-Core Processor - Processors - Desktops Patriot Viper GB x GB DDR Newegg com - Patriot Viper GB amp x GB Crash trying to come out of Standby amp -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR amp PC amp Desktop Memory - Desktop Memory OCZ Apex GB SSD Newegg com - OCZ Apex Series OCZSSD - APX G amp GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk amp SSD amp - Solid State Crash trying to come out of Standby Disks EVGA E -TR motherboard Newegg com - EVGA E -TR -Way SLI amp x amp x amp x amp LGA Intel X ATX Intel Motherboard - Intel Motherboards EVGA GTX Newegg com - EVGA -P - -AR GeForce GTX Core MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics Video Cards Corsair CMPSU- TX W PSU Newegg com - CORSAIR CMPSU- TX W ATX V amp EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Active PFC Power Supply - Power Supplies Attached USB devices WD MyBook TB external drive Razer Death Adder mouse Razer ProType keyboard Any help would be appreciated Please let me know any additional information is needed Also attached is my WEI My graphics score is kinda disappointing Any recommendations Thanks

A:Crash trying to come out of Standby

are you using the latest bios for the board?
looks like SZ2E is the latest, but a lot of the previous bios's mention S3 fixes or improvements

the x58 chipset based boards seem to have all had problems with sleep at the beginning, but i think most manu's fixed it with bios updates

also, have you set all the voltages, mem timings etc. manually yet?
some boards can be slightly unstable with auto settings
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My Gateway laptop computer is only a couple of years old and now I am experiencing a problem as it doesn't want to go into the standby mode. I am running Windows XP on this computer. I have tried turning off all of the programs via CTRL/ALT/DELETE and msconfig. I even disabled the touchpad but the problem continues.

Every week, I clean the computer by running disk cleanup, disk defragmenter, as well as scan my computer for viruses and adware.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks.

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I reinstalled windows xp pro and the standby mode option is grayed out in the shutdown box and in power managment it is not there, I have a Gigabyte 8knxp motherboard and I have all the drivers for it installed.

A:Standby Mode

This person resolved their issue updating their chipset driver. I don't necessarily know that it will resolve your issue; but worth a read.
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I was on myspace(firefox) and all of a sudden the machine shut down and rebooted itself up. After that, it had trouble going into standby mode. when I tried restart or shut down, it stayed on the "windows shutting down" screen forever. Also it won't recognize the external HD. Everything looks normal on the desktop and the native HD seems to be in operation.

does it sound like a "crash"? was it myspace that did it? i noticed recently that whenever i go to myspace music page the CPU fan gets really busy.

machine is Acer Aspire AMD sepron 3100+, 1G RAM, HD space: 15G/160G

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When I set the standby time to 20 minutes and do not check the hibernate box, my system still shuts down instead if going into standby. Am I missing something obvious?

A:Standby causes shutdown

Hi MD, Just a thought. Do you by chance have the hard disk setting under power schemes in the power mngt icon in the control panel set to turn off after so long of a period. If so, set it to never. Having it set to turn off might cause the computer to shut itself off after so long. ERRRRR....... I think LOL. Let me know. Oh and by the way is this a laptop we are talking about here, as if it's not why bother with power settings anyhow. I have all my stuff set to never because when I have the computer on I don't want anything to shut off and I shut mine down anyhow when I'm done with it for the day. It's all personal prefrence.

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Hi, I have two problems. First, I was having trouble sending email, and the admistrator thought it was because I was running XP Home, and the rest of the computers are running Pro. I upgraded to XP Pro and saw an immediate decrease in speed. My cpu is an AMD 64. Does anybody know if Microsoft is still giving out free trials or whatever of XP64 to AMD 64 users? I seem to remeber hearing something about that back in the beggining of the year.
The problem I have more of a priority fixing is the standby. When upgrading to Pro, the standy option on the shut down menu became disabled. It's not litup and you can't choose it. How do I re-enable it?