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Trouble recording audio

Q: Trouble recording audio

Hey ya so I'm having pretty much the same problem and I'm not finding anything you guys are talking about. Here's my problem. Like the rest of you I'm having troubles with recording the audio from my computer using the stereo-mix setting in audacity. This occurs only when my usb microphone is plugged in. I understand that it has something to do with changing the inputs or outputs or something I'm just having trouble understanding where those are on my computer. My setup is this. I'm running on a laptop that has windows technical preview. My microphone is directly plugged into my laptop via usb (obviously) and my headset plugged directly into the microphone. If someone could please tell me step by step where to go on the computer and what to do to fix this so that I can have my microphone plugged in and also record my computer that would be great. I know this is over 2 years old but I'm hoping someone sees this and is able to help.

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Preferred Solution: Trouble recording audio

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Trouble recording audio

I am surprised no one has replied to this yet, but no worries, I will do my best to help solve your problem

So from the sounds of it, you are having troubles with Audacity noticing your Microphone to record audio. Now, I have never used this program before, but from the sounds of it the only thing you are missing is setting your headset/microphone to the default in windows.

Now, I have not used Windows Technical Preview either, but based on how window's has operated since Windows Vista I am going to say it's safe to assume I could point you in the right direction to the very least.

To start, in the bottom right hand corner (Near your time) you have icons. One of them should look like a speaker, right click it and select "Recording Devices" In here you should have the option to make your Microphone the Default device.

Another way to get to this option if it's no longer accessible the way I described is to go to Control Panel, if you have the option in the upper right hand corner of the screen that says "View by:" and change it to large or small icons. There should now be one just called "Sound" in there go to "Recording" at the top.

Now in this window, find out which one is your device, easiest way is to make sure the mic is not muted (a lot of headsets have a mute button on them) and just speak into the mic, you should see the bar fill with a bit of green when you're taking, this indicates it's picking up sound. Set the "Default" to the headset you are using and then close and reopen Audacity (most of the time if the program is open when you change the default, it wont pick up on it)

let me know if any of that worked, didn't work, or you have any trouble finding what I have mentioned.
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Hi - I have a RealTek HD sound card in my E-Machines desktop system (new). I'm trying to record streaming audio - basically I want to simply record what I'm hearing through my speakers. But when I try to choose that input, it doesn't seem to be there. My choices are CD Volume, FrontMic, Mic Volume, and Line Volume (see attached pic) - and FYI - I did scroll over to the right - no additional options there.

There is no "wave" or "stereo mix" input choice. Any of the available choices I've tried and they don't record the live audio that's playing on my system. Is there a plug-in or something that will allow me to do this? I just want to record the same stuff that I'm hearing. Help! Thanks -


A:trouble recording streaming audio

don't create two threads for the same question, it's a no no around here
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I have the Full version of FRAPS and I thought this would fix the annoying audio problem.

The problem is there is no audio! When I record in-game videos I can't hear anything! With both San Andreas and Farcry!

I have a crappy Onboard AC'97 Sound that came with my EPOX mobo and I have a DSP-500 Plantronics USB headset, Fraps Detects both of them and I have switch to both of them in default and stereo mix, still no SOUND! I have no SOund Card, do I need one? Iam getting frustrated! I spent $37 on a peice of crap!

A:Having Trouble with FRAPS Audio recording in Movies!

I wouldn't say you bought a piece of crap, more like downloaded one. It's Frapps that is causing the issue here because it doesn't work well with USB. I have the same problem, whenever I record a game the audio never arrives. This is because Frapps puts USB ahead of all the traditional audio sound cards and jack headsets. Stupid I know.

So to solve it you have to take out your USB headset whilst playing, so you'll hear no audio while playing, but you'll get the audio from Frapps that you wanted. If you don't like this then you can buy a super cheap (presumbly rubbish) headset that uses jacks and plug that in whenever you record, this way you'll get the recorded audio and you'll hear it too, unless the headset you bought was so pathetic that your ears started bleeding in which case your out of luck. (That probably won't happen).
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yeah, im trying to record guitar, i have it plugged into the line input, stereo mix is enabled, and im in XP. i'm only getting one channel for sound(left). is there any way to record in stereo?

A:Trouble recording in stereo with guitar (realtek audio HD) is it even possible?
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Im trying to record audio but only record what I hear & not record from my mic. Problem is my mic is my only option. I updated my drivers which are Conexant High Def Smart Audio221 & also NVIDIA High Def Audio. But after I did that I only a 1 single option to choose from when I look under recording devices. And it is showing disabled devices as well. Any idea's on what im doing wrong and/or what I need? Thanks, L

Basically I want to record what only comes out of my speakers & not pic up any backround noise from my mic.

A:Recording Audio but only recording what I hear?

Could you please restate your problem in different (clearer) words? I am willing to help you, but I am sorry, I cannot understand your problem.
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Hello everyone. I am using a old-ish Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista. So, every time I'm playing songs on YouTube, then open FL Studio 10, FLS 10 won't let me play or record any audio. When I look at the "ASIO4ALL" box it has A little red "X" on audio output(I use "Realtek HD Audio" if that helps). Now when I stop the internet audio/YouTube and restart FLS 10, the little red "X" is gone and all the sound works... I was wondering how to play Internet audio while playing or recording audio on FL Studio 10 is there something I can tweak with the laptop audio or some better sound program I can download free(or not free)and not have to get a new sound card??? Thank you for your time. Peace.

A:How to play Internet audio while playing or recording audio on FL Studio 10

Please use the font I've changed your post to above. Otherwise, apart from hurting the eyes of the reader, you'll seem to be like shouting.

Recording from youtube, be it whole clips or the audio track, is against youtube's TOS.

Therefore closing this since we cannot help.
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Hey, I recently purchased a new computer with windows 7. I downloaded a free trial od adobe audition 3 because it is compatible with windows 7. When i press record to put in my vocals the program is recording the instrumental that i have in the first track, so i cant record my vocals. When i had an xp computer this was never a problem, when i drag a beat into the first track and press record on the 2nd track it should be for my vocals and the beat is recording onto track 2 from track 1. Im guessing theres something i have to change in the recording or audio or playback settings but i am not sure what. Does anybody know what i should do?
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Hi all,

I hope you can help, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to record from my Pioneer MiniDisc player to my Windows PC.

I plug the Mini-Disc player into the Line-in of my Creative Labs Soundcard, and I can actually record the sound it makes. However, the sound - even when playing (so not just on playback after recording) - is poor. It is not just of a low quality, but it is distorted and very bad.

I have tried playing with the soundcard settings, etc, but to no avail. I'm really at a loss.

Can anyone help me?
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Hi all, I got a new Acer 5336 laptop recently and I've been having trouble working out how to record through the mic input slot only. I've disabled the built in mic and I'm using my external one. The problem is that it's set to Stereo Mix which just picks up all the sound that's being played on the PC which is not what I'm after, I want the microphone signal picked up only.
There are no other options in recording devices even after ticking show disabled devices.
Any help will be really appreciated.

A:Trouble recording on Windows 7

Does the built-in MIC work?
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I have noticed that what i suspect have appeared after i reinstalled Win XP latest time Fraps full version have started to no longer record the sound ingame but sound Trouble recording Fraps with it record the video thou i have tested to reinstall Fraps from scratch it doenst help if we look at the settings its the same as when it worked last time V Record Sound Detect best sound input Sound device SB Audigy ZS Audio Sound Input Trouble with Fraps sound recording quot What U Hear quot have visited Creative auto update but as usual there is no new drivers for this model and Fraps still worked with my current driver so exclude all this have tested all kinds of media players not even VLC gets sound in the files have tested old versions of Fraps same nothing have changed but still something obviosly have changed any ideas i must suspect some windows settings even thou its impossible if not you have to learn me how quot Game Cam quot works instead but primary i will not accept that Fraps doenst work nbsp
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Hi all I'm trying to figure out a problem that is keeping me from being able to record from the desktop with the application Audacity v beta which was recommended to me on this site I've already posted recording desktop the Audacity from trouble with this question on the Audacity trouble recording from the desktop with Audacity forums website but I'm not getting any trouble recording from the desktop with Audacity feedback there on this issue so I figured I'd try this question with the real experts here on W F My computer is running on Windows ULT and it has a Realtec ALC Channel audio sound card in it according to the Dell manual I like many others would like to record a streaming radio show broadcast for later listening that is not available as a Podcast I have explored all of the links in the Audacity help tutorials quick start guide wiki page forums quot Click here before posting quot links and done searches on this subject and I'm still not able to get Audacity v beta to show a recording device in the quot Prefs gt Devices gt Recording Device quot drop down menu it still says quot No Devices Found quot I've read all of the info about various settings variations on sound drivers and sound cards line-out to line-in patch cables etc I'm a new Audacity user but I'm pretty adept with new software and within an hour of downloading and installing Audacity v on this Windows ULT machine I was able to import different sound files edit them down to the segments that I wanted to combine and adjust the volume on one part of my new compilation of audio segments combine them and export to various final files sizes of mp s after downloading and installing the LAME encoder so I'm not completely dumb when it comes to this stuff and Audacity seems great to me But I'm still not able to set Audacity to allow me to record desktop sound based on everything that I have read One thing is that the stock quot High Definition Audio Device quot driver in Windows ULT is not a Realtek driver any longer it is a Microsoft v win rtm - audio driver as described in the driver properties panel it is dated and it was installed from a fresh copy of Windows ULT via a full clean installation only about three months ago in mid-October Changing or updating the audio driver to a Realtek driver is not an option based on a terrible experience that I had with Realtek in September when Windows auto update installed a new Realtek audio driver in Vista and the sound was never to return with literally weeks and weeks of troubleshooting re-installing the audio driver or so hours on the phone with MS tech support and continued failures with updating everything and anything in a suicidal Vista OS finally thankfully I was able to install Windows ULT after everything that I went through now I have a very stable clean Windows computer that never crashes not even once in almost months of continued use and installations So after all the hassle and terrible experiences with the Realtek tech support people I will not change the audio driver on this computer for fear of never getting any sound back And I'd rather not do the thing where one runs a patch cord from the speaker output jacks to the line-in input jacks to make this machine able to record from the desktop then I loose my speakers and I can't hear what I'm doing unless I have headphones on and I don't want to have to continually plug and unplug wires in and out of the back of this computer I feel confident that there is a way to do this by way of settings within the Windows system and within Audacity based on everything that I have read I figure that I am just missing something somewhere here I've checked the audio mixer in my Windows ULT and there is nothing called quot stereo mixer quot nor a little wrench icon that allows me to change any other settings as describe in some of the Audacity online info I clicked on the speaker icon in the system mixer but that just takes me to speaker properties and nothing to do with audi... Read more

A:trouble recording from the desktop with Audacity

Do you have something like this in your control panel?

Anyway, this should help you out;


If it doesn't, get back to me.................

Regards....Mike Connor
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over the past two weeks i have trouble Windows Recording Mixer not been able to bring up my windows mixer volume control thing It has not come up in the sytem tray and it is not in quot Start gt gt all programs gt gt accessories gt gt entertainment quot nor is it on the system I didnt attempt to change it Windows Recording Mixer trouble and i did not install anything that would have any effect on the sound drivers for my computer The funny thing is that i can still hear everything perfectly and all my music works with no delays or error messages or anything So i began to think that it was still on the comp but it may have been moved around mby spyware or something of the sort so i opened a music editing program i have lt cool edit pro gt and theres an option to actually open the sound mixer lt and thats how i found it before because at first i could still access it but it just wouldn t come up in the sytem tray so i would have to use cool edit or go to all prgrams etc gt but that didnt work this time an error message came up and said something on the grounds of quot windows recording mixer could not be found Another recording mixer may be installed quot and another recordning mixer is not installed now my question is what happened and is there a way to re-install it lt i have tried to put in the resource cd for my comp and install the audio drivers but that didnt work especially since they seem to already be instaled and i cant do a system restore because there is too many things of great value that is too large in MB to brun it all gt I m stumped please help me nbsp

A:Windows Recording Mixer trouble

have u tried...control panel> sound,audio devices>advanced volume controls?

or right click task bar>properties> the speaker symbol in there ?
is it listed as always hide?

or try uninstalling cool edit pro and see if it comes back
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when i first tried recording my vocals onto cool edit pro it wasnt pickin up and it was a strait line. I played around with the settings and now its picking up my voice but there is a ton of static and distortion in it. I was wondering if anybody knows what the audio and voice settings needs to be set to because i have all the volume up and everything and cant figure this out.


A:Having trouble recording on cool edit pro 2.0 with windows xp

If the voice is distorted, then you have the voice volume up to high. You will just have to play around with the settings for your mic and your voice to see if it is loud enough but not too loud.
Try posting to their forum.
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looking to optimize for low latency audio.
Quad 2400 w/ nvidia Quadro graphics card and RME 52 Channel Audio card... both sharing irq 16 with intel MB network chip. How can i get the audio card to have priority? Is win 7 going to solve the audiophile's problems?

A:audio recording

This might have your answer.
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i am trying to record some audio. I have a eurorack mixer (not high end but not low end by any means) and im plugged into the headphone-sized mic jack on my pc. im getting a hissing sound on my recordings i cant seem to get rid of. in trying to discover the source of the problem i turned the main output on my mixer down to 0 and my mic input on my pc down to 1. when i plug headphones into the mixer i hear nothing (as i should, the volume is all the way down), but when i record and play back the recording (which should be silent) i get the hissing. i have used kristal audio angine and audacity and both suites have had the same problem, so it is not software related. any help?
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I have a Dell Vostro 200, running xp. I have my speakers and mic hooked up to the back, and i have an external recording device (Eventide DIR911t) attached to the front with a regular stereo wire. Is it possible to have all the Audio from the mic muted on my speakers but still output to the recording device.


A:Recording Audio

I don't think the default windows audio settings can achieve this you will probably need to use an audio mixing software program like audacity or ultramixer to get that kind of granular control.
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im looking for a free kind of program that can take audio that can be played from the internet but had no download option, im trying to fiend some kind of download manager or somthing to get the audio file out of the web. or somthing that records sound that is playing out of the computer but record it in the computer. if that makes any cents lol thank you all

A:help with audio recording

If I understand your post correctly using Audacity would work for you.
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I have found the "Imus in the Morning" show on an internet radio station and am wondering if there are any free programs available which would enable me to record the three hours worth of programming each day onto either a blank CD or DVD?

Thanks in advance.

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How can I record the audio portion of a YouTube video?

A:Recording audio

Hello Dick, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You should be able to use the What u Hear feature along with Sound Recorder to record it.

Hope this helps,
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Hi I use to have Windows 98 and would use a device it came with under Accessories, then Entertainment (can't think of the devices name right now). It looked like a little stereo. Had a section that looked like a CD player, another section looked like a tape player. Anyway, if I wanted to record an audio clip to my PC using a mic I would use this device to capture the audio. Since I have XP all I see that records is the Sound Recorder and that only records for about 1 minute. I need to capture more then a minutes worth each clip. With Windows 98 I downloaded all my albums to my PC with this device and then burned them. How can I do that with XP


A:Recording Audio

Here's a link for a freeware program that will record up to ten minutes of audio.
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Is there a way to record audio from my mic directly as an MP3 file?
Alternantively, is there a way to record wav file that are longer than a minute so that I can convert my recordings to mp3s?

A:Audio recording as MP3

for wave file to be recorded longer then a min use a program like musicmatch ..
for the recording directly to mp3 , ummm from the top of my head don't know
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I have lots of vinal/tape/md that I need to copy and edit etc. to CD.

Not all in one hit but fairly reguilalry.

Now, what I'm using which seems long winded is below procedure. say for 12" to CD, also my PC is in the room next to my DJ room ! (so plenty of running from room to room to start/stop recording of both MD and PC!!!)

1> copy record to MD, eq'ing,.
2> edit MD to exactly how I want the CD
3> play MD, into PC's soundcard.
4> record using creative recorder as a .wav file
5> edit spaces on .wav file
6> convert to .mp3 using a different program
7> copy to CD using NTI pro. programme

the .wav files are pretty big as the mixes are usually around 30 minutes long.

help !

A:audio recording

This is what I've been doing, and if you have diferent types of chord/cable connections, ya might be able to not use the equalizer.
Carry your turntable over to your computer. You don't need an amp. I take the double "stereo outs and connect them into a 1985 radio shack volume equalizer or any thing that will combine your two channels into one plug. and come out of that with one chord to computer, use a pin converter(large plug into small pin) to enter soundbourd. Don't use mic in, but try different inputs to get best input. I use music match recorder, basic, it has a volume limiter on input. You can record the whole side of lp. Then re-record this through "Audacity" its free, and get rid of snap, crackle and pop. It takes a few times to get it right, or just close ur eyes and pretend your sittin next to a fire. Take the recording from Audacity and down load to a file, latter to be uploaded to ur cd. Once in the mood and motivated, this ain't too big of a job and audacity really cleans it up. Can't remove skips though. This is totally basic and I learned how to do it through boredom. Plus nothing blew up.
good luck
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I want to record my sound coming through the computer and say things into my mic at the same time.I watched a bunch of people do this by putting on stereo mix and then unmuting the mic sound level by right clicking on speakers in your sound mixer,going to properties,and unmuting the sound level,the problem is the only sound level I find in there is my speaker's,not my mic's.Is there a way to make it so I can see my sound level of my mic so I can un mute it?
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Hi, I'm looking for a freeware program that records all audio out. I've seen some programs which record streaming audio but do they also record other audio? One of my friends told me about a program that did this but I don't remember what it's called exactly. It was something like WMC Encoder but I've had no luck finding it. Does anybody know what program he was talking about or a similarly good program?

It has to be a windows application. Thanks for your help

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Dear Friends:
I have a problem which I present in front of you for a solution. While listening to some songs from a music site [htp://] I tried to record the same using PCI audio applications. Eventhough recrding was appeared to have been taking place, recorded file could not be played back.There was no sound when the file was played . Kindly let me know the method of recording [in any format] while listwning from the site. Down load option was not available in this site.

Thanking You
Anil Kumar T.I

A:Audio Recording


Most likely the site have made it impossible for the sound to be recorded, to prevent theft of the music, but as you dont say what application you used to try and record it, its a little difficult to say for definate.

I wont say how it can be done as this condones piracy and I dont do that sort of thing.

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So, I've bought Asus K52JT-SX067V and I've got Fraps... Quickly realized it will record only sound from mic... Searched for Stereo Mix in settings, but only mic is shown (I have "show inactive devices" activated)... Installed drivers from Realtek webpage, but still same... Can anyone help?

P.S.: Sorry for my English if I do any mistake

A:Audio Recording

This is what I use, no install or setting needed Audacity Portable.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop with Windows 10, and I want to do some audio recording.  The problem is that I'm getting no sound input either from the internal microphone, or the external.
I think the Realtek sound driver update is to blame, and the settings are misconfigured, since it did work before.  Is there a problem with Windows 10, or perhaps the drivers?
How can I repair this?
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I didn't know how to make this Topic Title short but here goes....

I have a Soundblaster board and a Plextor 12-10-32A CD-R/RW. The SB board has a Line-In jack and I can plug most any audio line into it. From there I can make a WAV file easily.

Here's the problem: To Record audio from the Line-In jack to the CD-R drive, I have to make a WAV file first then record the WAV file to the CD-R. I want to record the audio Line-In directly to the CD-R in the audio format. Any ideas?

As the Line-In is audio and the CD is audio I would think that it should be possible to do this. Does anyone know of software that may do this?

Thanks for all your help, Steve-x8086
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I recorded a clip on my webcam (it normally works), but for some stupid reason the one I did recently only has visuals and no audio. It is in wmv format.

Is there anything that can possibly be done?! like a software that might be able to hear sound on it or conversion etc

A:No audio on recording. What can I do?

Did you try the file on another PC to see if it plays audio. Can you hear audio now for other things on the PC? Did you just forget to record the audio with the video this one time?
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I tried to install Wavepad and it won't work with win7.

Any suggestions for a freebie prog recorder that records free radio streams?

This might be a deal breaker for me for moving back down to XP.

A:Recording audio

Quote: Originally Posted by Dazzler69

I tried to install Wavepad and it won't work with win7.

Any suggestions for a freebie prog recorder that records free radio streams?

This might be a deal breaker for me for moving back down to XP.

First things first

System specs please

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Does anyone have a solution to 4 Channel audio recording.
I have 4 seperate audio channels that I need to store in discrete files, preferrably by writing a pair of .wav files.

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My new computer has a CD-RW drive (as well as a DVD drive).
How do I burn songs from the web onto a CD that I can play on my CD player?
I bought TDK CD.R discs - do I have to format them first?
And will I be able to gradually add songs, until the disc is full, i.e. burn one today, and if at some other time I'll like another one, burn it onto the same disc up to a total of 80 minutes?
With my computer came Roxio Easy CD Creator 5; and Musicmatch Jukebox.
I am obviously a complete neophite - please bear with me!
Thank you,

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Hey, I recently purchased a new computer with windows 7 and I am having trouble recording on cool edit pro 2.0. Im not having any problems with my vocals its the headphones. When i plug them into the back of the computer and press record the track is picking up and recording the instrumental that i drag into the first track on cool edit. My old computer had windows xp and i never had a problem like this, so im wondering if its windows 7 and if theres something i have to change in the settings?

A:Im having trouble recording with cool edit pro 2.0 on my new computer with windows 7

Have you checked if the program is compatible with Windows 7? Have you checked their website for an update for Windows 7?
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I am using audacity on Windows xp with A Dell computer Desktop Dimension E510. My recordings from an external source (tape player) are being recorded and viewed as Mono
rather than Stero. My hook up is correct but I am wondering if the Line in is placed in the correct input device. IT is impossible to read.
I would appreciate any advice.
Thanks in advance

A:Recording audio casette

Since you are converting from dual line-out plugs (RCA) going from the recorder to a single stereo mini-plug for the sound card's line-in jack -- confirm that the patch cord you are using really has a stereo plug on the end of it.

This will be indicated by TWO dividers -- not just one.

I think this is the most common error -- I even made it myself, although knowing better, I just did not look as closely as I should have at the patch cord I used.

Also verify that Audacity's settings are for two channel stereo -- although this is the default -- need to mention it anyway. And of course the Sound card's line-in should be present and selected as the input device.

The sound properties/help configuration of your Sound card should assist you in identifying the correct jack.
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Hi so I have looked around but haven't found a solution to my problem. When I record audio it seems the microphone is cutting out at a certain sound level. So if I hold a note on a guitar instead of fading away to nothing about halfway through the note the sound drops out abruptly. It seems like maybe its a noise canceling feature but it makes recording impossible as it keeps dropping out on most notes and missing others. Please let me know if you guys have any ideas. My profile should have all the info you need. It is a mic included in the display of the laptop.

A:Audio fades when recording

I have a small home recording studio. You would be better off either getting a good quality USB mic or a USB connected interface unit that is designed for guitar signals.

The built mic or separate "computer" mics are only designed for speaking voice, not singing or recording music.
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I?m running Windows 7 64 Bit.

I have audio recording softwear, the instructions are:

1. Ensure ?SOFTWEAR? is running.
2. Click Start -> Control Panel.
3. Open Sounds and Audio Devices.
4. Select the Audio tab
5. Ensure that the default device for Sound playback is set to ?Softwearr? Recorder.
6. Close the control panel.

Can someone please tell me how to accomplish this using Windows 7? I don?t see an audio tab or sound playback option.

In addition can I easily switch back to my default settings after I finish recording and if so how?

Thanks for any help.


A:Audio Recording Software

What is the audio recording software?

I have a recording studio (I use Sonar) and my recording devices are automatically detected by windows. I don't have to set anything.
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Hi guys

Does anyone know of a script available in as3.0 or as2.0 record audio from a microphone?

Logeshkumar P.
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I can't seem to figure out how to use ANY program to record my computer other words i want to record the audio of this youtube video because it has epic music i can't find anywhere else. when i use the pre-installed programs "sound recorder" no sound actually records. When i use WMM i cannot choose audio mix, only realtek high definition line in or something like that.

A:Recording computer audio?

Quote: Originally Posted by levelchaser

I can't seem to figure out how to use ANY program to record my computer other words i want to record the audio of this youtube video because it has epic music i can't find anywhere else. when i use the pre-installed programs "sound recorder" no sound actually records. When i use WMM i cannot choose audio mix, only realtek high definition line in or something like that.

Had the same problem. Audacity cured it. Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

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I am new to the group and to attempting to use SoundStage to record live audio (live meeting setting). I don't see anything in the Help or Index that says a microphone can be used. Do the program permit this? Or is it only MS MediaPlayer has this ability. I'd like to record more than 60 seconds at a time.

Any info is greatly appreciated.


A:Recording voice audio

I use a program called Audacity for that kind of thing. It's very easy to use, can save in MP3, wav and OGG formats, and it's free. Also, the length of the recording isn't limited from the start like sound recorder is.
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AOL has a nice feature called AOL RADIO,sorta a takeoff from Satellite radio...channels organized by music type and NO COMMERCIALS. Is there a program that will record this onto the hard drive so I can write to a CD and play in the car? What about SOUND FORGE? Can it do this?

A:Recording Live Audio from AOL
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is there are way to record streaming audio for later.

i would likw to set a program to record tonight @ 2am and listen tomorrow - so simple time shift like you do with videos -

+ I also want to set it to run and capture at 2am - prodcast from a radio station..... I assume i would use the scheduler somehow..

a simple solution i guess would be to go and buy a mains timer for the radio/cassette and set it up that way.

A:recording streamed audio

try using wmrecorder though it is mainly for video recording
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Hey guys I ve got a few questions regarding audio recording or rather the tech involved Right now I m using a laptop asus K E biggest mistake of my entire life I want to do some audio recording but there s an annoying hum in the background I know that this is either because of the Audio questions recording fans buzzing Audio recording questions or the fact that I m using an onboard quot sound card quot hooks up straight to my motherboard I plan to do some podcasting and just some plain fun with audio recordings so I need crisp quality with no negative artifacts Seeing that this is a laptop with a warranty which I do not want to void Audio recording questions I am considering a different take on things I want to get an external sound card Audio recording questions via the method of USB or a USB mic headset I know a few audiophiles not an offensive word and they have told me that every thing related to audio that is done externally sounds a lot better than anything an onboard system could do So any tips I ve got my eye on a soundcard and a few headsets and mics tho I don t know which option to choose So the sound card Probably ganna go with the Creative X-Fi Go Pro it has a lot of nice reviews and stuff but they mainly emphasize on audio output and not input so I could be throwing in the water My second option is a USB headset or headsets I don t know any good ones so any tips would be great Third last but not least A USB mic I d like something like the Blue Snowball vanilla or not makes no difference to me So that s about it any ideas Thank you for your time nbsp

A:Audio recording questions

constant humming may be result of poor grounding. make sure you use 3-pin plug from your notebook adapter and the wall plug supports grounding. that being said, onboard aren't designed with quality in mind so it probably have some low hissing. somehow in my experience noise from desktops' onboards are way worse than laptop ones.

but if you're going to do lots of recording, I'd suggest an proper USB microphone. for the same amount of money as the Go! it'd probably have a better input quality. if you already have a good mic, try X-Fi HD USB instead.
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I need to make a sound recording on to a PC (to create a file to burn to CD) whilst simultaneously the sound coming out of a wireless pair of headphones. Can anyone advise of a firstly a suitable programme that I might run this through and secondly a suitable quality microphone and pair of wireless headphones that will allow me to do this?

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I'm trying to record vocal audio in Apple Garageband on my Apple Powerbook with a Radioshack 33-3030 microphone, but when I record the sound is very quiet, and only seems to come out of the left speaker or headphone if headphones are plugged in. I made sure the sound input is set to use the line-in audio port. I thought the problem might have been with the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter but I got a new one and the sound was the same. Is the problem with the microphone? The computer? Thanks for your help.

A:Audio Recording Problems

I don't know how your Mac does this, but PCs have two recording sockets, line-in and microphone-in (which boosts the recording level). Do you have a microphone-in you can use instead? Your microphone is mono, whereas your line-in is stereo, this is why you're only getting sound out of one speaker, you need to tell it to record as a mono file rather than stereo.
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hey i need to record audio from my speakers without a mike
is their a program that can record whatevr is going through the speakers?

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I have Windows Yesterday out of nowhere my microphone stopped working completely when it was working perfectly a couple hours before After checking that my settings were appropriate and finding it still not working I thought I would try restarting the computer but when I restarted the computer the computer sound stopped working completely I checked the cord tried the sound with different not old either headphones checked all of my sound settings but the nothing worked I tried Troubleshooting the audio but it told me that everything was functioning there Recording Not Work Audio Does was a list of green check-marks next to everything on the list that it checked When I went to Control Panel gt Systems gt Device Manager gt Sound video and game controllers and checked for updates everything was updated So I deleted my sound drivers Audio Recording Does Not Work after checking that I could re-download them I redownloaded them and restored the sound However there are now a couple current problems However my microphone still doesn t work at all and - more strangely - when I used Teamspeak again I tried reinstalling Teamspeak already and it did nothing and went to Settings gt Options gt Capture there is no option for my quot Capture Device quot except quot Default quot whereas in the past there was at least a quot Stereo Mix quot option that allowed me to relay my computer s sounds music etc to other people on Teamspeak Does anyone have any idea what is going on and if I can fix it Thank you so much for any time and effort you spend on this I ll appreciate it and do my best to follow any suggestions directions that are given Edit I plugged in the microphone headset again and the Microphone Capture Device option popped up but the microphone doesn t work nor in Skype elsewhere and still there is no quot Stereo Mix quot option in Teamspeak this is the most unnerving thing imo I m guessing my sound recording isn t working at all Edit I clicked both quot Show Disabled Devices quot and quot Show Disconnected Devices quot and Stereo Mix pops up now in Teamspeak However my recording does not seem to work at all and I suspect that this is the source of my current probem Any suggestions nbsp

A:Audio Recording Does Not Work

Hi there

Right click on the sound icon in the task bar (Right).
Select Recording Devices.
Right click on a black space in the opened windows and select: Show disabled devices.

Hope this helps
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Now I've never seen this anywhere else on line which is why I am asking here. For some reason whenever I try to record video the audio is kind of odd. I've used CamStudio and Camtasia and both are the same with this glitch.

I guess the best way to describe it is that the audio goes up and down at times and then it acts fuzzy. I don't know if it's my soundcard or what. It's just I'd like to get this fixed.

A:Audio Recording Problem

Go back with system restore and see if that helps
if not
Go to device manager make sure driver is up to date and now yellow warning markers are shown.
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I'm using Nero 6.6, and I was wondering if there was a way to record a portion of audio from a DVD onto a CD so that it would play on a standard CD player? I tried what I thought might work, but it recorded the scene as an .mp4 and wouldn't work on the CD player. I know it's not a copyguard problem because I was able to record the DVD onto another DVD. Or if Nero won't do it, can anybody recommend a program that would work?


A:Nero: Recording DVD audio onto a CD?

is a previous post on the subject.

and here is one featured in the latest music software weekly.

hope this helps..good luck
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I am using Windows 7 professional (Think Pad).

I usually attend webinars. I tried to record the same with webex record from my laptop.

I observed that the sound from speaker is not getting captured by laptop Mic.

Do I need to do some configuration to direct the speaker output to Mic ?

i did some googling and some understood that it is not possible to record audio output from speakers.

I need your suggesion..

Thx in advance.


A:Screen recording with audio.

In most cases, you need to have the Stereo Mix (also called System Mixer) set as the Default Recording device. Then whatever is heard on the PC's speakers should be able to be recorded. (The Stereo Mix is also needed if you want to record streaming audio from the internet.

Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel, Recording Section. If the Stereo Mix is listed, enable it and make it the Default Recording Device. If its not listed, RIGHT click in a blank area in that panel then Click to Show "Disabled" and "Disconnected" Devices. The Stereo Mix should now be listed and you can enable it and make it the default Recording Device.
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I've had a lot of trouble recording audio from Youtube but have achieved it after installing a new sound card and Audacity. However, some of the recordings are badly distorted and it's not a level problem. In fact I can record the same Youtube clip 3 or 4 times changing nothing and then suddenly it's a perfect recording. I was wondering if some Youtube clips are copy protected although why it works sometimes and other times it distorts I don't know.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions please?

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Has anyone experience of using Magix Audio Cleaning Lab or Audacity with windows 7.

I used a free version of Magix on windows 7for a long time and it was fine but following a reinstall of windows 7 it will not record audio input from the via stereo mix. It will still record CD's though.

I have had a long email exchange with the Magix support but they have been unable to trace a problem.

I have just downloaded Audacity and find that also will not record sound output by my on board sound system.

Any ideas of what to try or check would be most welcome.


A:Recording audio input

Have you right clicked the speaker icon and checked everything there?
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I'm trying to record an audio stream playing from my PC into Soundforge.

I used to do this by going
Start > Volume Control > Recording Properties, and then selecting the stereo output.

My new computer only has three options, none of which are stereo output (Line In, Rear Mic and Microphone). I've got the most updated drivers for my soundcard, any ideas why I can't select the Stereo Output?

Thanks, luke.

ps. should probably mention that the stream i'm hoping to record is legal.

A:Recording an audio stream

Strart with sound forge, push red cirlce on toolbar (new window will be open) and choice device (recording input). After that push circle at prepare (on the new window) and that is it.
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i've been using audacity to record music to my pc. i was getting sound out of both left and right channels. but now, no matter if i plug in to line-in or mic-in, i'm only getting left channel. is this a hardware problem and what can i do to fix it?

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I've been using Windows XP for a long time and using the sound control system I've been able to switch the setting sound (which was realtek) to recording and set it to recording > stereo mix. I'm just wondering if there's any way of changing that for Vista because I don't have them options, infact the only ones I can change are my microphone, my default volume settings which is no good but there's an input called "digitalin" which again, i can't change the settings to, but I'm sure this is what I can use to stream my music on an online site like stickam.

Any ideas?

A:Vista Using Recording Audio

Hi xspudx,

The "stereo mix" or "what you hear" recording function is an advanced setting that is added to certain 3rd party sound drivers, It would appear that this was added to the XP drivers you were using but not to the drivers you have for Vista,

I can only suggest that you check the supplier of your Sound card or system, for on-board sound, to see if they have a vista driver which provides the function you require.

Unfortunately a lot of manufacturers only developed basic sound drivers for vista, for older cards, ( a very relative term ), so you may find that these are not available .

Over the last year or so I have only seen one realtek driver which included this functionality so it may be a case of using a slightly older Vista driver
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I ve used Nero WMP and iTunes to burn audio CDs from my library of MP and M p iTunes files They always skip and stutter more or less depending on the player The skips are not necessarily always in the Cd Recording Problems Audio same spot I tried burning at slower speeds but at x they still skip The data and MP CDs seem to work okay I ve never had trouble copying DVD movies but haven t done that in a while I have tried different brands of CD-Rs I learned the hard way not to use any other resources while burning CDs The drive has had an easy life and is dust-free which was my first thought Maybe the drive is shot I d like to know what other BC members think about it Is there anything I should especially look for or avoid if I buy a new one For my light use I would prefer to get an inexpensive internal drive The computer is an emachines AMD Athlon Gb RAM and the CD DVD is a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW- S

A:Audio Cd Recording Problems

Well darn, I thought this was going to be a quick and easy one.
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I recently upgraded to Vista (something that I still don't know if I regret) and I am having problems with recording. I am using audio recording software to record in real time through the mic i/p. However only one channel is recording. I know that the problem is not with the software because I used "sound recorder" in applications and that had the same problem.
I tried both the front and the rear mic i/p and checked everything in:
control panel>>Sound>>recording
and it seems fine.
Any ideas?
I would also like to hear what is coming through the mic through the speakers. anyone know how I do that?
Thanks guys

A:Only one audio channel recording?!

Is this software made for XP or Vista?
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What would be the cheapest, easiest, and best way to record music from our audio tapes onto CDs? I would be using my G4 iBook, running OS X 10.4.11. Thanks.
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I want to record a radio program that runs for three hours nightly, from midnight to 3:00A.M. on the internet. The program is the classics from the "Golden Age of Radio" that I hope to copy for a senior in the hospital.

The plan is to record it as a low resolution MP3 (32 or 64 bit), burn it to a cd that would be played on a discman.

I know I have to purchase a recording program such as Total Recorder or Super MP3 Recorder.

I have tried the trial version of TR that allows only 40 seconds. It is hard to determine how large the file size of the would be. The instructions seem to be slanted more to song recording length, not three hours.

Before I buy I would like any some advice. Has anyone done this? Are there any recomendations?


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I recently purchased a ASUS G750JX-DB71 laptop, and updated from 8 to 8.1
I am having one problem, most likely user error.
When I record either audio such as yotube, or itunes radio with either Sound Recorder, or Audacity. the playback is very "tinny" (low level, poor quality, very little bass) I also have the same problem with the audio on a screen recording program, Bandicam, when recording youtube, or an MPORG.
I've tried various applications to play the audio/video , with the same result. I'm not recording through the built -in mic, I checked.
An imported audio file, from my Win 7 desktop sounds fine, and an audio file recorded on the laptop, still sounds "tinny", on the desktop.
Does anyone have any ideas ? I'm reasonably sure, it's a setting I need to fix.

A:Audio Recording Issues

There have a few reports of problems with sound in 8.1 and even some recording issues due to drivers needing update. I have a recording studio and see problem posts of needing updated drivers for many recording studio devices. I have a Roland Octa-Capture USB connected recording interface unit and Roland issued an update for 8.1.

Whether this is your problem? Did it work OK before installing 8.1? If it did, reinstall the ASUS supplied driver for your PC.

Have you tried recoring something with the built in mic or a line in, to see how that is?
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im trying to record some games and their sounds amoungst other things, the problem is that i cant select HD output as default capture source, also there are no sliders for HD input. in the windows windows sound recording property i cant select HD output and i cant change the slider positions of all but the master record slider, although i can mute all of the options

p5kc, 8800GT, q6600 stepping g0, 570w PSU, 2GB RAM PC6400, 160GB hard what i have

realtek audio driver version
i've read around that the driver version is specific to the chipset, though that sounds to be inaccurate and the audio codec is ALC883

A:HD audio in-game recording

I had this problem and it ended up being different to what i thought it would be. E.g it isnt HD. Try another option and keep going.
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(I originally put this under "Other Software", but it might get a better response here. If you've already read it over there, I apologize for the repetition...)

I'm using Nero 6.6, and I was wondering if there was a way to record a portion of audio from a DVD onto a CD so that it would play on a standard CD player? I tried what I thought might work, but it recorded the scene as an .mp4 and wouldn't work on the CD player. I know it's not a copyguard problem because I was able to record the DVD onto another DVD. Or if Nero won't do it, can anybody recommend a program that would work?


A:Nero: Recording DVD audio onto a CD?

If you have an audio card and software in the system, just open the recorder, select the input and settings in the recorder setup. Start the DVD playing on the PC and click the red recorder button. It most likly be an uncompressed .wav file record, so you would want to use another audio program, to manage the file size or not. has a workable demo for this.

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OS - Vista Ultimate 32-Bit

Realtek HD Audio
Driver Version -
Audio Codec - ALC885

Problem - Well the problem is when I'm recording a song(in Audacity) with the background music playing in Audacity , the music also gets recorded and it ruins the whole recording . This should not happen as I'm using headphones while recording. The same problem used to happen when I was using XP . But I got rid of that from the Volume Control of XP. But in vista there are hardly any options to customize the sound mixer .

So in short I want that when I record the song there should be only vocals and not music. Please help!!
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Me and my band got together some material and are looking to record it. I have 2 main questions.
1.I apparantly have Realtek AC97 audio. Im not sure if this means i have a soundcard or if its integrated in my mobo. This is a new computer that was a gift and i know very little of whats in it at the moment.
2.We have Reason to help us get effects etc, any recommendations as to recording software. We are thinking Sonar or Cubase.

Thanks in Advance

A:Audio Recording Questions

Realtek AC97 is an onboard stereo chip. Both Sonar and Cubase are cool but you'r gonna get frustrated with only 2 inputs (stereo L & R). You'll wanna get into some multi-channel hardware. DigiDesign is the most common. M Audio makes some good stuff too. This hardware almost comes with some flavor of usable software.
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Ok what software do i use to record internet audio, my audio always seems to open in the quicktime thingy but i cant save is unless i buy quicktime 7, is there any free good software

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The pastor at a church I work at wants me to record his sermons each Sunday (not video it, just the audio). After recording the sermon I will need to place the audio file in their web page so people can click on a button and the sermon will begin playing. I have limited funds to spend on such a device, about $150.00.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Let me begin by saying when it comes to recording audio, my knowledge is very elementary. So please respond in laymen terms.

I have an HP a520n, running XP-SP2 (with current updates), sound card RaltekAC'97 Audio.

I am trying to copy some of my old music tapes & records to MP3 files so that I can burn them to CDs. I have tried Audacity, Absolute MP3 Recorder, and Audio Recorder all of which appear to work good.

However when I play the files back on my PC the sound is a little deeper and there is some background noise (static) when moderate to heavy bass and/or volumn increases in the music. I've tried using line-in & Stero Mix, no change.
What am I doin wrong? and how can I remove the static????

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My windows vista doesn't have an audio recording device. My sound device only shows speakers and it doesn't show any hidden devices. How can I enable my audio device without a microphone?
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I somehow lost my audio recording driver for my Windows Vista computer. How can I get it back...I look for it in sounds menu and under the recording tab, no driver exists. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.
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so im trying to boardcast my computer audio output on a webstie like stickam and justin tv. But when i start the stream it doesnt pick up my audio. so i go into sound and see that spakers are pumping out sound but in the recording playback tab my speakers are not listed. and YES i did right click and pick show disabled devices. still not there...


A:No audio playback recording ?

Ok, This Could be a Number of Problems so I am going to help you trouble shoot it.

Make sure there is no switch on the speakers or something that makes you have to turn it on before playing audio. One way you could found out is by trying the speakers on a different machine, Have you tried that yet?
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I am going to college Fall 2010 and need a laptop that I can use as an on-the-go "studio". I have Finale, M-Audio Session, and Sonar Home Studio 7. (Though I would be willing to switch from sonar to Logic as it is giving me much grief). I know that macbook pros are good, but they are expensive and I only need something that's good with audio, nothing fancy. Any suggestions?
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I am using Camtasia to create screen recordings and videos etc but like to do my audio recordings separately and then import them into my project I use to use Audacity but when I go to their web page and try to download the program on my Windows machine it takes me to their download page but it has a BIG really have like? one recording software you you - Audio MALWARE warning so of course I bail out Funny but when I try to download it from my Windows XP machine it doesn t give the malware warning Anyway when I Google for free audio recording software I get a million of them Audio recording software - you have one you really like? and it is just too time consuming to figure out what is good and not If you have been using a free or near free audio recording program that would behave on my Windows machine I would see appreciate your advise Doesn t need to be full of a ton of features just easy to use and works well with Windows Thanks nbsp

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I am having problems recording and with my speakers.

The other day the power went off and I am not sure but this may have caused the problem with the speakers. Its all 'crackly' sounding now when I turn on the speakers.

I try recording something and it doesnt seem to record anything, a day or so ago I tried recording and for some reason I just could faintly hear my voice when I played it back, but now it doesnt seem to record at all.

Can anyone help with this please? I'd really appreciate it! I am trying to write a book and I found out it helps to just talk into a recorder as if Im explaining something to someone, then play it back and start typing what I said, and this is my Book Chapter. It makes the writing seem more 'natural' and I just discovered this, then now my recorder wont work!


A:Audio Recording Problems

How are you recording ???
Have you tried Audacity
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Hi. I'm recording audio, and I'm having this problem where when I record, after I stop recording, the recorded audio gets sped up slightly (but not raised in pitch) so that it's at a slightly faster speed from the way it was recorded.

I've tried recording in audacity and also in Sony Acid. I've also tried using three different microphones. Does anyone have any idea why this could be happening? Does anyone know how I can fix this? It's absurdly frustrating.

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I am running the following motherboard: Asus AT3GC-I which has the VIA VT 1705 6 -Channel High-Definition Audio CODEC device.

Windows does not find the microphone. When I connect a logitech webcam, the camera and mic show in device manager but the MIC is not shown under "Recording Devices"

I have tried almost every driver imaginable. Any Idea what are my other options?

A:No audio recording device

Take a look at the "recording" tab of your sound control panel.

I'm guessing you don't see "microphone" there.

Right click anywhere in the white space within that tab.

Put a checkmark beside "show disconnected devices" and "show disabled devices".

Does microphone now show up?
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So I have 3 questions:

1. Where can I find Microsoft Anna, Sam etc.. download

2. Can i just record audio from my gameing headset with a software (im useing camtasia)

3. What if I want to record both sound and video. will camtasia do that?

A:About audio recording (windows 7)

at point number 1; is this possible (Speakonia - CNET + Text-to-Speech Voice Download Guide) ??
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OS - Vista Ultimate 32-Bit

Realtek HD Audio
Driver Version -
Audio Codec - ALC885

Problem - Well the problem is when I'm recording a song(in Audacity) with the background music playing in Audacity , the music also gets recorded and it ruins the whole recording . This should not happen as I'm using headphones while recording. The same problem used to happen when I was using XP . But I got rid of that from the Volume Control of XP. But in vista there are hardly any options to customize the sound mixer .

So in short I want that when I record the song there should be only vocals and not music. Please help!

A:Audio Recording problem

you need to play the music from another source, playing it AUDACITY whilst RECORDING from MIC in the same program is bound to do that,

try playing the music from WMP and record your AUdio in AUDACITY
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I'm recording on my PC from my stereo. I've got an audio line run from the headphone jack on the stereo to the line in on the PC. Now here's the weird part. While I'm recording in Enhance/CDR, I can watch the VU meters and see the sound reaching the PC, but I can't hear anything through the speakers. When I play back the file, though, it sounds fine. All the other PC sounds are fine. I've checked all the recording and playback settings, and so far they seem OK. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Can't hear audio while recording

This might be by design but most likely you have the Line-In muted in Playback volume(not the same as Recording) Open up your volume control - double click on the little yellow speaker in the system tray and go to options -> properties and make sure Line-In and MIC are selected. Then make sure the Line-in is not muted and the volume is down at the bottom in playback volume.

Note: the Playback and Recording Volume controls are for the most part independent in most cases.
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Hi, me again.
I installed Vista 64 Ultimate not too long ago and now I have a problem with sound.

I use Fraps to record and make game reviews, and now I can't record input and output at the sametime.

Meaning, I can't record in-game sound and my microphone. I'm not sure what to do. I'm telling Fraps to record sound, and to use the Windows Input. I tried using the Detect best sound input feature, but it then it only records the sound, but not microphone. So only using Windows Input will it record my mic, but no ingame sound.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Also: I am using on-board sound with a Realtek HD Audio driver. (Completely up to date)
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About a month ago my microphone suddenly stopped working Up until today I assumed it was a problem with the mic itself however the new microphone I bought has not resolved the issue and I discovered by sheer accident I was playing music in the background while trying to use ventrilo that my microphone was for some reason transmitting system sounds instead of my voice I ve gone through the basic steps I understand checked to make sure my drivers were up to date made sure everything was plugged in correctly tested the microphone outside of ventrilo used the microsoft sound recording Microphone system audio recorder which recorded system sounds too plus a ton of static I m really not sure what went wrong or what to check here to fix it so I m looking for help and I hope this is the right place I m running windows XP If there s any information I can provide you with that would help you let me know and I ll get it I m not sure what people might need nbsp
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I have weekly meetings with a group of people, and need to record the audio for minute taking and someone else takes minutes of text, then everyone gets a copy, well we are trying to record who says what, on voice, the person doing this did not have much success.

Are there free or reasonable priced programs that will record audio while in chat having a meeting? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Audio recording on computer

Audacity is free and should work fine.
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Just signed up. I am looking for help for a little audio-cassette recording problem I am having. My band is in the process of making copies of our demo tapes (audio cassettes). The problem is that the album is approximately 43 minutes long, which makes it way too long for a 30 minute cassette tape. If we record on a 60 minute cassette tape there is too much extra space left over on the tape. Is there a way get the tape to end, or flip over at a certain mark like professional recorded tapes do???

any answers would be more than appreciated


A:****Audio Cassette Recording Problem ****** Need Help***


use 45 minute audio cassette tapes
do a search in google for them & you will find them quite easily available
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Hi Guys,

I am facing a problem when i was trying to record the audio from 64 bit system using our product(it was developed on 32 bit application) i am unable to record the audio. it was working fine in a 32 bit system. and when we change the target to 64 bit system and installed on a 64 bit system the entire application was working fine except the audio recording. as it is very important for our application i am unable to move further tto release to client. Please do the needful ASAP. thanks in Advance ...
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Hi, A musician friend of mine wants to transfer some old audio tapes onto CD.

Could anybody inform me of the best way to go about this, and is there some suitable free/shareware you could recommend?


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Hello I my find not recording an Laptop on audio Can do the multi media at our church and we just started recording our service on computer I recorded this last Sunday service And all went well and then the program went down and now I can not find the file The program I used is Music Editing Free also known as MEF with a Griffin iMac USB microphone sound card device on a Compaq Can not find an audio recording on my Laptop Presario V Can not find an audio recording on my Laptop US Running win XP home SP I recorded the Praise team with the record panel clicked keep Recorded a guest singer clicked keep By the way it moved both recordings to the main window Then I recorded the Pastors sermon which was very good by the way stoped the recording hit keep went to main page to edit the recordings was called away Can not find an audio recording on my Laptop and I came back Closed the record panel then clicked on save so I could save the whole file as a wave file and the program closed Now I can not fined the file that was sent from the record panel to the edit panel when you click keep says it s saving at a data file but I did a search and did not find it Also when you close the program it asks do you want to replace the untitled file Can some one Help me find this file I need it so I can save it to CD and also FTP to podbean com where we host our podcast for our church I hope this is enough info to get HELP with this For now on I will use WildVoice Studio to do my recordings Thank you so much for your help Frank nbsp

A:Can not find an audio recording on my Laptop

Try searching for ".wav" files in your search box. without the " "


There may be quite a few of them .. so listen through till (hopefully ) you find your missing files.
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Last night I recorded a DJ set, 2 channels in 24/96 and the computer failed about 3 hours into it. I?m not completely sure why. I was using a new app for recording Vegas 9.0. I have used SF 10.0 and used it to complete the night. The computer should be able to handle it. Back in 05 I recorded multiple times never an issue with a single core P4 4 channels at 24/96, 7 plus hour sets (different audio interface) .
I know there a number of professionals as well as hobbyist that might know of ways to tune a windows computer by turning off any unnecessary windows apps or other tweaks so I can have more resources for recording.

A:need to tune windows 7 for recording audio

I have a recording studio (using Sonar X2 Professional 64 bit version).

I doubt that its a Windows OS issue. Other programs running can eat into memory and CPU time but I doubt that it would cause the PC to bomb out. Either a problem in the recording program or a hardware issue would be my guess.

I had one of those low cost Rosewill cases. It didn't last long and was replaced by a much better Coolermaster.

Overheating comes to mind as the first possibility. My recording studio system is an Intel i7 3770 CPU with 16 GB of G.Skill Ripsaw RAM, but I've never used over 6GB and that was with several midi channels along with several analog audio channels. I have a Corsair H80 liquid cooler for the CPU, for both cooling and to reduce fan noise. i'm using a Coolermaster case with plenty of (low noise) fans. I record at 24 bits, 44.1Khz (which is mixed down to 16 bit, 44.1Khz CD standard).
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I have the ATI All-in-Wonder 9600 Pro video card and for some reason its not recording audio. I am able to hear everything fine while the TV show, DVD or VHS is actually playing, but whenever I record something and play it back, theres no audio at all. I checked all my connections and everything appears to be OK, (and everying I've tried in the users manual just isn't working)

Has anybody else run into this? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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I've been trying to record some gameplay (in this case, of Batman Arkham City), and while the graphics look ok, the audio sounds sooooo bad. Here's a video I just uploaded: click here compare it with this other one: click here tried recording with Action Mirillis and Bandicam, and it sounds pretty much the same. Do you guys know what it could be?
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i am having a problem here and it seems that no matter what i try i cannot seem to fix it i downloaded teamspeak yesterday because i wanted to chat with some gaming buddies while playing in a game server fps though when i started it up my mic was disabled checked in the recording devices and have both show disabled and disconnected no - recording device installed. is audio devices checked though there isn't any device there i can listen to music hear in-game sounds alright through the speakers on my headphones though cannot use the microphone i have done the following troubleshooting exploring additional options resetting all settings in msconfig un-installing the audio driver and restarting computer checking for an update the driver is up to date looking for solutions on google none of them worked at all and nor had i found anything of relevance i have no options left as i do not know what to do i could try to re-install win though that may not work what should i do i recording - no audio device is installed. am running win ultimate bit its a stone computer and its got a HD audio device recording - no audio device is installed.

A:recording - no audio device is installed.

Not much to go on, for system model/specs.

Have you reinstalled the PC vendor's sound driver? If not, that is the first step. If you only have "HD Audio Codec" that is just the generic basic function Windows installed sound driver, and not the actual sound chip vendor's driver.

Did the sound and recording work before installing Team Speaker? If it did, use the System Restore function and restore the PC back to an available restore date that is PRIOR to installing Team Speak.
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When recording, I am only getting the right track in the stereo setting. I am getting both left and right when listening to the actual stream, but unable to record the left track. Does anyone have any ideas?

I am using Audacity 1.2.6. I have the settings at "stereo mix".

A:Recording Streaming Audio with Audacity

Have you clicked help>contents? Should get help there.
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Hello, I've been trying to make videos using Camtasia, Hypercam, and Camstudio but I have come across a very serious problem. Whenever I go to the options for the first two, I can't record the system audio as it's disabled; Camstudio can record system audio though. Camstudio has horrible quality (no offense) so I wanted to use one of the other two, but I can't and have tried looking for a solution.

Here's some info about the computer:

-Compaq Vista
-Conexant High Definition SmartAudio221
-Fallen several times and has had the screen repaired
-Sound is muffled and warped sometimes
-Latest Windows Updates installed
-All disabled and hidden audio devices are visible but only Conexant is there

I've spent hours trying to fix this problem, but no progress, any suggestions?

Thanks for your time.

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So i got a new headset and i found out that the sound works but not the mic.
It works on other computers but not on my because it doesnt show up grey, it doesnt show up at all even thought i did check the show dissabled or disconnected devices. I tried to instal a new upgrade for my sound but the windows 7 said that i have the new upgrade.

If someone could help me it would be awsome

Sound card : High Definition Audio Device

A:Recording: no Audio devices are installed.

Are you using the Dell supplied sound drivers? I do a lot of support on the Dell users forum and we have found that not using the Dell sound drivers can cause problems in some systems.

Dell does not support Win 7 (no Win 7 drivers) for the XPS420 however they do support Vista and the Vista drivers should work without problems. The Vista SigmaTel driver is HERE If you have anything other than the Dell SigmaTel driver, suggest you uninstall whatever you have and install the Dell SigmaTel driver.

FYI the Dell users forum can be accessed You may want to check out the support forums.