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XP In place Upgrade with XP upgrade disk?

Q: XP In place Upgrade with XP upgrade disk?

I'm doing an upgrade on one of my PC's, taking the guts from a PC with an OEM version of XP (Home, SP2) on it. Which means I'm going to have to do an in place upgrade of the OS.

The OEM PC didn't come with a CD, but I've got an upgrade disk which was used on and the product key activated for an old PC that I no longer use. So two questions:
Will an XP upgrade disk work for this? And is it a problem (i.e. legal) to use a disk that was previously activated on another PC that has gone the way of the dinosaur? I don't want to have to buy another copy of XP if I don't need to.

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Preferred Solution: XP In place Upgrade with XP upgrade disk?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XP In place Upgrade with XP upgrade disk?

As long as XP is only in use on a single PC (ie: the old PC is not in use), then you are fine.

As to whether or not it will actually install, I'm not sure.
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Hi there First of all thanks for the great toturial and the forum I tried to do the in-place upgrade from Windows build in order to quot repair quot my "not space" enough In-Place Upgrade message with fails disk system there are some quirks I want to get rid off using a freshly created USB as per description but it fails with the message quot make sure that there is enough disk space available in your PC quot rough translation from german see attached screenshot without any further information It then automatically cycles back to the question on how to install i e with keeping data and apps or without and then back into the above mentioned error message In-Place Upgrade fails with message "not enough disk space" This is what I already tried or made sure of prerequisites needed I have made sure that there is definitely enough disk space available My C partition where windows resides on is GB large and has currently over GB of free space available The system partition that is supposed to be MB is still MB I read something about this potentially being reduced to MB by other tools I have deinstalled the Kaspersky anti virus tool reinstalled it now after several tries with no success I have disabled i e fully decrypted the disk encryption bitlocker on all disks My partitions as seen from quot Mini Tool Partition Wizard quot and quot Disk Manager quot Do you have any ideas on what else could be wrong What intrigues me most is the fact that there is no further information in the error In-Place Upgrade fails with message "not enough disk space" message on what or where is missing regarding disk space Thanks in advance for your help Mark

A:In-Place Upgrade fails with message "not enough disk space"

Hi, Mark and welcome to Ten Forums.
Have you tried to mount the ISO in File Explore, instead if using an USB stick?
I just download the current ISO here: Windows 10 ISO , mount it in File Explorer and run the setup.exe.
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Interesting issue Have a Win x ultimate oem box lost the original key replaced motherboard cpu bought a retail copy and key used the key no "upgrade" - option Overlay/repair/in upgrade place to Overlay/repair/in place upgrade - no "upgrade" option activate to get the nag screens without using a program to Overlay/repair/in place upgrade - no "upgrade" option circumvent This was a couple years ago Recently I can't do an in place upgrade repair The option for quot upgrade quot never shows up It will allow me to install on any of my hdd or in a new folder on my ssd The system as a whole is usable and has no major issue that I can see other than this one It may also be notable that the installation DOES NOT check for updates before moving on to the license agreement and partition check It will not upgrade to either It gets as far as setting up temporary files then crashes to the desktop The reason behind the reinstallation was to correct any issues with the OS that may be causing the installation issue Any ideas I've done the basics malware free chkdsk my checksur log is pretty f-ed up for windows updates I'm thinking that's probably not the cause however

A:Overlay/repair/in place upgrade - no "upgrade" option

Hello fxdmusic Welcome to the Seven Forums! No upgrade to repair option?

Well I won't recommend a repair of the present installation but seeing a fresh copy of 7 go on and grabbing SP1 required if you are planning to move onto to W10! Presently I have a working dual boot of both 7 and 10 across two separate hard drives where the second first seeing a clone of the previous 7 host drive now set as the second in 10's BCD boot order had failed on the spot to see the upgrade go on! What?

Following the failed first few attempts where the clone was thought to be the problem preventing the upgrade from completion when just after the first restart once the setup files had been copied to the drive from the usb installation key the Media Creation tool first used and later a 3rd party program for seeing another iso single not combination 32/64bit for 10 Pro that went onto a 16gb flash drive but seeing both 32bit and 64bit downloads the 32bit for a planned VM project later it wasn't either usb key or the second fresh install of 7 to the second drive.

But?! it was discovered that two storage and backup drives were what were seeing the newer version's boot files and temporary set up folders placed on them! Do you have any other hard drives internal or external plugged in while trying to upgrade? Unplug those before trying again!

Before I ended up taking a good look at the clean install guide seen at Ten Forums one of the other sites seen at Windows 10 Tutorials[2]=Installation%20and%20Setup where you will find a list of guides there for clean install, upgrade install, how to download and save 10 as an ISO image file, how to make up the usb key, etc. I had even tried seeing the upgrade go over the host drive's original 7 installation there but glad it failed before realizing having any non OS drives plugged during the upgrade or clean install process was a disaster in the making!

One other recommendation for you would be to get over to TF there for additional help as well as review of the guides since that forum is intended for 10 support. I think you will find that a good number of people have found themselves in familiar circumstances when trying to get 10 to go on!
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To avoid the Student Win 7 hassle (upgrading Vista 32 to Win 7 Pro 64 bit ISO burn, etc), can I simply use the Home Prem 32 Upgrade (for my other computer) arriving this afternoon with my 64bit Pro upgrade key & end up with the 64bit Pro installation?


A:Win7 Pro 64bit Upgrade Key w/ Prem 32bit Upgrade Disk

No... you can only update to the same version that you have installed... Home to Home... etc.
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I bought a Win 7 Professional upgrade disk at retail and want to use it to upgrade a new computer that has Win 7 Home Professional installed. The installation stopped and I was directed to use Windows Anytime Upgrade to do the job. Microsoft expects me to purchase a key in order to perform the upgrade. Can I ignore this and use the disk I have? If so, what's the procedure?

A:Upgrade Win 7 home prem to professional using upgrade disk


You should be able to use Anytime Upgrade to do that...just give it the product key on the Upgrade package.

You will not be able to do an in-place upgrade from the disc, to the best of my knowledge.

If you would prefer to do a clean install, try this tutorial: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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Do i have to use the same copy of XP as originally installed?

I no longer have it

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Um i have an Action Pack Subscription From Microsoft and when i try to upgrade it is greyed out. It also says something about recent i forgot sorry. This is upgrade from xp to vista. I also used a different retail key for this since it was an upgrade and i didn't know it was xp to vista.

when ever I open some programs it opens cmd for 1 millisecond then closes it. It asks me for permission and under advanced it would say:
"cmd.exe" /c takedown /f
"C:\windows\system32\sdclt.exe" && icacls
"C:\Windows\system32\sdclt.exe" /grant
administrator :F

the sdclt.exe is replacable with many programs that also do a similar thing

A:In place upgrade help

Were you upgrading xp 32 or 64-bit? Which programs are causing problems?
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I am a strong advocate of clean installs. Having said that, I have too many programs that would require reinstallation, so I'm seriously considering an in-place upgrade from Vista Ultimate 32 to Windows 7 Ultimate 32. I was wondering if anyone here has done this upgrade and can provide some inupt regarding how it went and whether or not there are any ensuing problems.

I'd rather not turn this into a discussion on the pros & cons of upgrade vs clean install. Just interested in hearing from folks who have done the upgrade. Thanks much.

A:In-place upgrade?

I have heard horror stories that the process took hours, that it imported garbage from vista ... in short, it didnt save any time....
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Hi, is it possible to do an in place upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit
to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit using full retail DVDs.
I know I will have to update progs to 64Bit but there is plenty else which will not be affected.

A:32 bit to 64 Bit in place upgrade ?

You cant do an in place upgrade from 32 to 64bit... The drivers are completely different as would be the registry...
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How do I do an in place upgrade from build 7264 to RTM?

A:In place upgrade

What do you mean by Inplace upgrade?
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I had laptop A that came with win7 home premium and I used an in place upgrade key for win7 pro. I used the factory restore software and the restore partition to return it to it's original home premium set up so I could sell it. I now have laptop B and I am wondering if I can use the same pro key to upgrade the new machine? I know you could do that with retail versions of windows as long as it was only on one machine at a time but I'm not sure about the in place upgrades. Thanks

A:In place upgrade ?

Yes, you can reuse the pro key. Upgrade license is retail so it can be moved to laptop B since you have removed it on laptop A.
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This may well be 'old news' for most but I - upgrade Successful -to Place' 'In RTM RC have not yet seen a post Successful 'In Place' upgrade RC -to - RTM verifying this particular 'MS unsupported' upgrade path namely from Build RC to build RTM It requires editing a file cversion ini in the sources folder of the RTM file set The original file contents read HostBuild MinClient nServer If one edits it to a similar number lower than then the RTM install WILL do an in-place ugrade My cversion ini file contents are HostBuild MinClient MinServer With this simple edit Win build did present the Upgrade installation choice and proceeded to do so without a hitch I am posting this for those that choose to do an inplace upgrade from RC to RTM and would oterwise be prevented by MS from doing so I always recommend a clean install and do so myself However through the years I have done many inplace upgrades with no issues Upon final reboot the PC this upgrade was done on several days ago has worked a treat and has had zero issues

A:Successful 'In Place' upgrade RC -to - RTM

Thanks for the post, I think we have seen several RC to RTM upgrades that have gone ok. What the trouble will be is all the folks that have pre-ordered the Home Premium or Professional Upgrade and are currently running Ultimate RC, I think the consensus is that those folks are SOL, they will have to blow away their current 7 install, and then re-install either XP or Vista, activate it, and use the upgrade, there is no upgrading of an unactivated OS anymore unless it is Win2000.
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I am facing a corrupted user profile which does not allow me to open any of the Windows Icons in my task bar (Start menu, notifications, volume, network do not response to left click) Microsoft Edge even disappeared from the task bar when I clicked on it.

I am told one of the fixes is to create a new user profile, but I cannot afford to reinstall and reconfigure all the software in it. I was also told that an In Place Upgrade may help to fix Windows 10 issues, however I have not confirmed if the In Place upgrade (To keep all my files, programs and folders just like I did the upgrade from Windows 7 to 10) would also fix my user profile and leave all of my files intact.

Could someone confirm this please? It is much easier to wait for 2 or 3 hours for the reinstall, than spending days reconfiguring the programs

A:In Place Upgrade (What will it fix and what it wont)

Hi Supertaquito,

I think you might have a couple of options available to you.

To your question, have a look at the below links and see if there's anything that helps.

If you're having problems with Windows 10 on your PC, you can try to refresh, reset, or restore it. Refreshing your PC fixes software problems by reinstalling the OS while preserving the user data, user accounts, and important settings. All other preinstalled customizations are restored to their factory state. In Windows 10, this feature no longer preserves user-acquired Windows apps.

How to Refresh Windows 10
How to Do a Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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Am trying an experimental in-place Upgrade 7>8. I downloaded the MSDN Win8 DVD image, burned to disk, ran Setup as Admin from WIn7 desktop and it only offers to allow me to save Files or nothing.

So I thought it might be a problem with using Win7 Ultimate, decided to extract the ISO to add the ei.cfg file to Sources to unlock all versions as suggested in How to unlock all editions from Windows 8 ISO Image

Now when I run Setup from extracted files with ei.cfg added it gives me this error in the screenshot below (Why can't I shake this link ):

Any suggestions? I want to check performance on an in-place.

A:Error during in-place Upgrade

Hey Greg,

From what I read about that error number, it appears to be related to not having permission. Some have it related to being blocked by a AV or firewall program.

I extracted the ISO to another partition than the one being installed to using step 2 in OPTION TWO below. It was pretty darn fast.
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I am facing a corrupted user profile which does not allow me to open any of the Windows Icons in my task bar (Start menu, notifications, volume, network do not response to left click) Microsoft Edge even disappeared from the task bar when I clicked on it.

I am told one of the fixes is to create a new user profile, but I cannot afford to reinstall and reconfigure all the software in it. I was also told that an In Place Upgrade may help to fix Windows 10 issues, however I have not confirmed if the In Place upgrade (To keep all my files, programs and folders just like I did the upgrade from Windows 7 to 10) would also fix my user profile and leave all of my files intact.

Could someone confirm this please? It is much easier to wait for 2 or 3 hours for the reinstall, than spending days reconfiguring the programs

A:In Place Upgrade (What will it fix and what it wont)

Hi Supertaquito,

I think you might have a couple of options available to you.

To your question, have a look at the below links and see if there's anything that helps.

If you're having problems with Windows 10 on your PC, you can try to refresh, reset, or restore it. Refreshing your PC fixes software problems by reinstalling the OS while preserving the user data, user accounts, and important settings. All other preinstalled customizations are restored to their factory state. In Windows 10, this feature no longer preserves user-acquired Windows apps.

How to Refresh Windows 10
How to Do a Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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Can I do an in-place upgrade from Vista Home Basic to Vista Home Premium? The upgrade would be on a Dell PC and I have a Dell Vista Home Premium CD.

A:Vista In-Place Upgrade

The answer is yes, but dont do it.
Upgrades may not work out very well. Problems from the old install can be carried forward to the new install.
Many have come back with problems due to upgrde
You can and should make a clean install with the upgrade DVD. This is how.
Clean Install From Upgrade Vista
Visit the Seven upgrade advisor and see if you are ready for Seven. If you are you can install Vista.
With a clean install you do have to back up your stuff and reinstall programs. You should back up with either method.
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Hey friends, I have been trying to do an in-place upgrade on my PC because of continual windows explorer crashes, however, when the installer tries to check for compatibility, I get a message that the install cannot continue due to Lenovo ADP composite device. I think it was installed when I installed the software for my Lenovo tablet to connect an Android device to a PC. I am at my wit's end and extremely frustrated. If anyone can tell me how I can get rid of the Android connection software (probably some kind of driver), please let me know. By the way, it does not show up in device manager.

A:cannot do an in-place upgrade on my. Windows seven PC

Do you see any sign of that software when you look in C Program Files or in C Program Files (x86)?

Or in Control Panel/Programs and Features?

Do you reject the idea of a clean Windows install?
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I am trying to carry out an in-place upgrade install to sort the issues out I am experiencing in Windows. Unfortunately, the install, when it carries out the compatibility report, tells me I cannot upgrade because I have a newer version installed?

Can someone help please?

Many thanks

A:Carrying-out a in-place install/upgrade

Sounds like you may be trying to install original windows 7 media on to a system that has already been updated with SP1 (service pack 1)
You can either uninstall SP1 and try again or by far the easiest would be to update your install media with latest version
Have a look at this link and follow steps 1 & 2 to get yourself a new .iso with SP1 already included
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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Hi all got this ram Memory:
DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 PC2-8500
​Memory Type: DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 PC2-8500, DDR2 (non-ECC)
Maximum Memory: 4GB
Currently Installed Memory: 2GB
Total Memory Slots: 2
Available Memory Slots: 0​1GB
DDR PC2-6400​​

thats from I can hold maximum of 4gb so looking to get that . on ebay can get for £35 roughly but seems dear anyone know anywhere cheaper. thanks in advance

A:Help to find cheapest place for RAM upgrade in UK

Since you're in the UK, take a look at
Make sure before you buy anything, to check the compatibility of the RAM with you current mobo.
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Hi Guys having a few problems with my Rig at the moment and have tried SFC/scannow but that has not fixed the problem.

I want top do an in place upgrade repair as to the tutorial as I really do not want to Format and to a fresh install. I have tried the upgrade but is won't let me, see screen shots.

If I uninstall the items I have highlighted in yellow will the upgrade then work?

Also am I starting with a fresh canvas on my desktop? Gonna be a bitch putting all those short cuts back on again.

Thanks for any advice.


A:Advice Please on in place Upgrade/Repair

You don't have to uninstall them. It said it may not work. Do the repair and, if it doesn't work, then uninstall and reinstall.
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From windows bit ultimate sp to windows bit ultimate sp I do have to note I accidently deleted a partition with games some weeks ago which caused some not clean leftovers 7 windows sp1 ultimate bit In-place 64 upgrade in registry but they are only games not a single In-place upgrade windows 7 64 bit ultimate sp1 system application So I don't think this is a cause for upgrade to fail The point of this inplace upgrade repair is to fix all the security settings rights to default Since I have security issues acces denied etc and I had tried to fix them with all sorts of commands Icalcs subinacl etc for full details on security issue view my topic created herehttp forums guru d com showthread php t amp page It said it had trouble with following devices when checking on compatibility AWBN A-HW IDE controller yellow exclaimation mark Alcohol Daemon tools Dungeon siege legends of Aranna But I don't even have any IDE devices Only Sata So I uninstalled the IDE controller and other programs and tried setup again it went through I have also run windows upgrade assistant and gave no trouble other then some videogames that were not recognised or might not work i have of em installed After the upgrade it rebooted and it said it had failed and was reverting back to old This is the setuplog I took from the upgrade folders setupact rar MB - uploaded to Seems to be stopped Could someone tell me why my upgrade is failing

A:In-place upgrade windows 7 64 bit ultimate sp1

I just read about Windows Easy Transfer but I only found a vista/ xp download.. could this combined with a clean install be my answer? I want to maintain functionality over ALL my games, and if possible programs too.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Report

Computer Name:Operating System:Windows 7 UltimateCPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHzMemory:8.0 GB


Most complete Windows 7 is installed

You're using Windows 7 Ultimate, which is the most complete version of Windows 7.

Windows Aero support

Your graphics adapter supports the Windows Aero user interface.Go online to learn more about Windows Aero

CPU speed: 3.4 GHz

Your CPU meets the 1 GHz minimum requirement.

8.0 GB of RAM

Your PC meets the 2 GB minimum requirement.

59.3 GB free space available on C:

Your hard disk meets the minimum requirement of 20 GB free space for 64-bit Windows 7.

High Definition Audio Device

This device is compatible with Windows 7.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570

This device is compatible with Windows 7.

Realtek High Definition Audio

This device is compatible with Windows 7.

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

This device is compatible with Windows 7.

Command & Conquer The First Decade
version 1.00.0000
Electronic Arts

Not compatible
This version of the program will not work on Windows 7.

Fallout 3
version 1.00.0000
Bethesda Softworks

Not compatible
This version of the program will not work on Windows 7.

Far Cry
version 1.00.0000

Not compatible
This version of the program will not work on Windows 7.

Far Cry 2
version 1.03.00

Not compatible
This version of the program will not work on Windows 7.

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

Not compatible
This version of the program will not work on Windows 7.

Titan Quest Immortal Throne
version 1.00.0000
Iron Lore

Not compatible
This version of the program will not work on Windows 7.

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault
Ubisoft Entertainment

Not compatible
This version of the program will not work on Windows 7.

version 1.0.2

Update available
We don't have compatibility information about this version of the program.Get an update to a compatible version

Age of Empires III
version 1.00.0000
Microsoft Game Studios

Update available
We don't have compatibility information about this version of the program.Get an update to a compatible version

Doom 3
version 1.2

Update available
We don't have compatibility information about this version of the program.Get an update to a compatible version

FEAR Perseus Mandate
version 1.00.0000
Sierra Entertainment, Inc.

Action recommended
The publisher has a solution for making this program work with Windows 7.Visit the publisher's website

Microsoft Halo
version 1.0

Update available
We don't have compatibility information about this version of the program.Get an update to a compatible version

Valve Corporation

Update available
We don't have compatibility information about this version of the program.Get an update to a compatible version

The Witcher Enhanced Edition
version 1.00.0000
CD Projekt Red

Update available
We don't have compatibility information about this version of the program.

Titan Quest
version 1.00.0000
Iron Lore

Known issues
You may experience issues running this program on Windows 7. Go online for a solution

Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6
version 5.6.7324.0
Microsoft Corporation

This program has earned Microsoft's Compatible with Windows 7 logo.Learn more about the Compatible with Windows 7 logo

Microsoft Silverlight
version 4.0.60531.0
Microsoft Corporation

This program has earned Microsoft's Compatible with Windows 7 logo.Learn more about the Compatible with Windows 7 logo

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistribut... Read more
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I performed an "in place upgrade" earlier this year to address some Windows Update issues. I noticed recently I have the following folders on my C:/ drive.

1. $INPLACE.-TR (the - is actually a squiggle)
2. $WINDOWS.- Q (Again the - is actually a squiggle)

Any ideas on what these are and can they be safely removed? The dates on these folders are when I did the "in place upgrade". Could they be creating other issues?

A:Solved: In Place Upgrade Question
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I carried out an in place upgrade using my own streamlined SP3 CD. Now screen hangs black after boot. When trying to boot from XP CD & entering Windows Setup, I get this error message:

An unexpected error (-1) occurred at line 1773 in d:\xpsp\base\boot\setup\arcdisp.c.

I take this as pretty severe! If at all poss I would like to save Outlook Express settings & some photos. Would I still be able to browse the non booting drive if I hook it up to my other computer via USB?

A:XP Home in place upgrade, now will not boot

That message refers to your CD...indicates (to me) an error reading the line cited, for whatever reason.

I'd check the CD for cleanliness/scratches and try it again, after using plain water and a soft cotton cloth to clean the CD. Use vertical or horizontal strokes when drying, do not use circular or oval motions.

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I'm new to the forum, so I apologise if this has been asked before. Can W7 Home Premium full version be used to do an in-place upgrade?

I have a new PC with Vista Home Premium that gives me a free upgrade to W7 (but it will still cost 20 euros for p&p). Vista is pre-loaded and the recovery files are on a separate partition on one drive. Worse case scenario is the hard drive dies. I will need the full version of W7 to do a clean install on a new hard drive, but at the moment I would just like to upgrade.

All things considered, I'm thinking of buying the full version while it's half price but need to know if I can use that to just do an upgrade. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.


A:In-place upgrade using full version?

Hi and Welcome to SevenForums

Whilst the ability to install fresh from an upgrade disk is doubtful the ability to perform an upgrade from a full Windows 7 disk is well proven.

Check the tutorials section here for various options
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I have never done an in-place upgrade, so I am a little confused. One very knowledgeable friend told me that the in-place upgrade essentially runs a Windows Easy Transfer, does a clean install, and unpacks the transfer file, all automatically. Is it true? Is there a difference between doing an in-place upgrade and just using Easy Transfer?

A:in-place upgrade vs. clean install

It's pretty simple, not very quick though.

I just installed Win7 Pro 64bit on my wifes machine which had Vista Pro 64bit. It took about 2 hours for the install to complete the upgrade.

On my machine a clean install of Win7 Ultimate 64bit took less than 20 minutes before I was prompted to create a user name.

Personally, I'm able to recover very quickly from a clean install and prefer to do this for myself. My wife has some things she did not want messed up and doing the Upgrade was the easiest way for me to get her setup. For some reason Acronis TrueImage could not see my machine to dump a disk image over the network.

As always, make an image or backup some data before you start.
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Is the in-place upgrade to Windows 7 possible with

a) retail versions
b) OEM / OSB / SB version?

Or do I have to buy this special "upgrade version"?

I only get contradictorily information (very frustrating!) and need advice from your side.

Thanks a lot!


P.S. Yes, I know about the pros and cons in general regarding in-place upgrade vs. clean installation

A:In-place upgrade with retail / OEM / OSB / SB versions?

Yes, in-place upgrade is possible using full retail, or from manufacturer's OEM. Builders OEM is installed to new hardware and then locked in place, but qualify as an upgradable OS to a higher version.

Most economical of course is the Upgrade version, even installed to new HDD as long as you have the qualifying XP/Vista to back it up in case of future elevation to MS phone activation person (rare) during reinstall. But making a Win7 Backup Image makes reinstalls never again necessary.

Hope this answers your question. If not, everything is parsed here: What Microsoft won't tell you about Windows 7 licensing | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report |
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Hi I've been reading threads for hours on Windows 7 installs but I can't find a specific answer for my scenario.

I am looking at buying a couple of Toshiba laptops that have a pre-installed version of Windows 7 Home Premium. I already own a Microsoft Action Pack which gives me 10 Windows 7 Professional licences. I want to be able to upgrade the OS on the laptops from the Home Edition to the Professional Edition. Because the laptops are already setup with all the toshiba software drivers etc installed I am reluctant to do a clean install. Is it possible to use the product key from my Action Pack to upgrade the laptops without having to wipe them and start again?

I'm not concerned about loosing the home premium licence I just want to upgrade to Professional Edition with minimum fuss.

I hope someone can help clarify this. Thanks.

A:In place upgrade on Toshiba laptop

Hi... I have got 2 Toshiba (netbook and a laptop) the net book came with the useless Windows7 starter.. I have upgradrd to Ultimate without any problems .
You will find a facility on your toshiba will enable you just to enter the license key and it is done ..I forgot what is it called but I will look for it .
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nbsp nbsp Note In-place upgrade upgrading Windows to a later version or a superior edition of the same version is the only method to upgrade Windows without losing the installed apps and programs Certain rules apply to an in-place upgrade The bit version must remain the same a bit Windows can only be in-place upgraded to another bit Windows a bit only to bitThe language version must be exactly the same Finnish Vista cannot be in-place upgraded to Swedish Windows US English Windows Seven cannot be in-place upgraded to UK English Windows The Windows edition must remain the same or be superior for example Windows Vista Home Premium can be in-place upgraded to Windows Home Premium Professional or Ultimate but not to Windows Home Basic or Starter If and when all three conditions apply you can in-place upgrade and keep the installed software subject to compatibility with new OS version the upgrade 10 XP to losing In-place apps - without As many other things about and around Windows the in-place upgrade divides us geeks some are strictly against it preferring a clean install whenever upgrading Windows some see no problems in in-place upgrade preferring not to reinstall all software after the upgrade Personally I have never understood why In-place upgrade - XP to 10 without losing the apps in-place upgrade shouldn't be used time after time I have both used it by myself and shown to other Windows users how easy and safe it is I have even written some simple instructions for in-place upgrade at our sister site the Seven Forums The argument most often used by the opposing users is that by in-place upgrading you transfer all possible underlying OS issues to the new OS However these same users are often recommending a so called Repair Install to fix some Windows issues The repair install is nothing but an in-place upgrade to same OS version and edition opposing in-place upgrade while at the same time getting the newer and better OS but advocating it when keeping the old problematic OS this logics I have never been able to understand Anyway each and every user is free to decide whether to do a clean install with a new version of Windows or if at least give in-place upgrade a try My point with this post is not to advocate in-place upgrade but just to show it is a realistic and easy alternative I was interested to see how well the in-place upgrade would keep my apps working if done on the same machine from Windows XP via Vista Seven and Eight to Windows Technical Preview To test this I selected some apps which I first installed in Windows XP a browser Maxthon a media player VLC a PDF reader Adobe Windows Live and MS Office XP My choice for a third party browser was Maxthon because for the first it is my favorite browser after IE and for the second because it allows signing in with a Maxthon account which then automatically syncs settings saved passwords favorites and so on I wanted to see if these were properly carried into next OS version I set up a POP email account in Outlook XP and an IMAP email account in Windows Live Mail interested to see if these emails and their settings would be carried over nbsp Windows XP to Vista Ultimate All set up as I wanted here's a screenshot of the start situation XP set up and Vista in-place upgrade installation started Upgrade was surprisingly fast and after a reboot or two I was in Vista desktop All programs native Windows apps and those I had installed all working fine Outlook and Windows Live had the accounts set up Excel and Word still showed recent documents in File menu Maxthon had all my settings carried over passwords and favorites remembered ready to go nbsp Vista Ultimate to Windows Ultimate Windows Ultimate had only one compatibility warning the Vista Ultimate Extras are not compatible with Seven and would be disabled Other than that there was again no issues I had successfully in-place upgraded Windows XP via Vista to Windows Ultimate nbsp Windows Ultimate to Windows Pro As I had started with ... Read more

A:In-place upgrade - XP to 10 without losing the apps

You are a super geek my friend

A Guy
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I recently did a In-Place Upgrade, and my sound driver didn't install after the upgrade.

My computer is made to run Conexant HD Audio.

Can someone please assist me on which driver version of Conexant HD Audio I should install?

Thanks in advance!
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This - where fails in-place files? are log upgrade is a little off subject but this is where my problems started For some tme I have had issues getting my latest version of Nero installed I finally found a Nero registry fix file and ran it Unfortunately that's where my problems started although I was able to install Nero I noticed some icons were missing but other issues started a few days later Like I in-place upgrade fails - where are log files? was runniing some updates to software that uses Adobe Air and the errors reported that the previous verson could not be uninstalled Anyway I realized I had a major problem Unfortunately by the time I figured this out my image backup before that date had been deleted I can't save but about versions So I thought I would just deal with doing an in-place upgrade and the inconvienence is far better than a reinstall I have so much software installed for my job that it would literally take me a solid week plus to get it all reinsitalled and then I know I would miss a bunch that I don't use often I have tried an in-place upgrade several times and everytime it fails on the last step and it just reboots back to saying there's an error and it can't continue I start up the disk and go into repair and then to command prompt I can't figure out where the upgrade log fiiles are at so someone can see them and clue me into what the errors are Can someone tell me how I can find them so I can copy them somewhere else do a rollback and fix the issues after I know what to fix Thanks for the help I appreciate any and all info
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Hi I need to perform an in-place upgrade from Pro to Pro nbsp These are volume license installations and upgrades I want run the upgrade without user intervention which is why I want to run 8 upgrade Pro Need Pro in-place for 8.1 to from Unattend.xml simple the Pro setup exe with the unattend switch nbsp I have read a lot of articles and forum postings where people say to use a Microsoft deployment tools such as WAIK DMT or SIM to either create the Unattend xml file or valid it however from what I can Need simple Unattend.xml for in-place upgrade from 8 Pro to 8.1 Pro tell there tools are based around deploying an image rather than performing an in-place upgrade I have created various unattend xml files and used Windows SIM to 'validate' them and the only error Windows SIM seems to indicate is quot Cannot find Windows image information in answer file quot which makes sense since I am not using an image as this is an in-place upgrade nbsp I don't know if this really validating the answer file or not I tried modifying various sample unattend xml files on forum but I always seem to get the same error quot Windows cannot read the lt ProductKey gt setting from the unattend answer file quot In the ProductKey entry I used a Windows Pro SLP key of nbsp V C N- W CM-PDKR -KW DQ-RJMRD which works fine when I perform an interactive in-place upgrade nbsp I have a volume license key for Pro that will be used to activate the upgrade Pro installations but that would be done after the upgrade What I need is a simple Unattend xml that has the minimum entries that allow me to upgrade nbsp Does anyone have a simple nbsp answer file with the bare minimum that allows me to do an in-place upgrade nbsp The existing installations are all intel -bit Thanks Greg West
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I am going to be upgrading to Win 7 Professional 64bit Upgrade soon (been saying this for over a year). I am upgrading from Vista Home Premium 64bit. I plan on doing an in place upgrade so I don't have to manually reinstall many programs (which I run in specific configurations ect.).

I have recently been reading that it is not possible to do an in place upgrade of Win 7 Pro over Vista Home Premium. Is this true?

And can someone link me to an updated Digital River .iso with Win 7 Professional 64bit with SP1? Apparently the Digital River site has changed now. Hopefully my almost two year CD key of Win 7 still works.

A:Vista Home Premium to Win 7 Pro In Place Upgrade

Unfortunately, you can't do an in-place upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium to anything other than Windows 7 Home Premium. For more information, see the two links below.
Windows 7 Upgrade Paths
Upgrade Install with Windows 7
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A simple guide to a successful in-place upgrade You have most likely heard that a clean custom install is the preferred install method when migrating to Windows That is most certainly true However there are situations when in-place upgrade is more practical method to use A to upgrade a simple guide successful in-place Tens maybe hundreds of gigs software installed no install media found for the software and so on You might A simple guide to a successful in-place upgrade have heard horror stories about non-working Seven and how it s all in-place A simple guide to a successful in-place upgrade upgrade s fault or how an A simple guide to a successful in-place upgrade in-place leaves so much unwanted and not used pieces and bits it seriously puts your system in danger at least making it slow Most of these horror stories come from two types of users those who have never done a Vista to Seven in-place upgrade but have heard third hand information and rumours and those who have not prepared installation as it should be prepared I have done a lot of in-place upgrades both from XP to Vista and lately from Vista to Seven I have even successfully tried a one-session XP to Seven via Vista in-place upgrade in-place XP to Vista installing service packs and drivers and then directly in-place further to Seven to show some colleagues how to do a safe and working upgrade I have never encountered any upgrade related problems I do have had my share of installation problems and issues but I ve always found out that after failing to do an in-place upgrade the same issue has occurred also after a clean install Most often the reason is non-compatible hardware You cannot blame in-place if your hardware refuses to work with Seven First let s take a look at the chart about in-place options Click the images to show them bigger As you can see it is not possible to quot downgrade when upgrading quot i e you cannot in-place upgrade from for example Vista Ultimate to Seven Home Premium You need to have the same or better edition notice that you can in-place upgrade to Seven Professional only from Vista Business Your current Vista needs at least service pack to be able to upgrade to Seven Notice please You can only in-place upgrade to Win from Vista Older Windows versions XP etc can not be in-place upgraded to Seven You cannot in-place upgrade a -bit Vista to a -bit Seven or -bit Vista to a -bit Seven The language versions have to match you can in-place upgrade an English Vista only with an English Seven So let s start This guide will show you how to prepare and do an in-place upgrade from Vista to Seven Following these steps you are most likely to get it right first time Check the compatibility issues Download and run Windows Upgrade Advisor Follow any instructions given Uninstall all incompatible software update drivers and software if Advisor tells so Prepare your system Update flash your system BIOS to most current version After flashing BIOS restore it to factory defaults Prepare your software setup Uninstall all applications and software you never use or which is expired test and trial versions software you know you are never going to use like the game you tested but didn t like etc Update AV and Firewall software to the most current versions including virus definitions Turn off AV Firewall and all malware software Remember to turn them on again after installation is finished Check and run Windows Update until it tells you Vista is up to date Clean up your system deleting all unnecessary files like temp folders etc Backup your system Prepare your hardware setup Check Device Manager to assure all devices are working Disconnect all external devices leave only the main display mouse and keyboard If upgrading a laptop be sure it is connected to an AC power source That s it Insert the install media and start doing an in-place upgrade Please notice this is the most boring part of the process an in-place upgrade can take hours as this chart shows An in-place u... Read more

A:A simple guide to a successful in-place upgrade

Thank you, Kari, for taking the time in an attempt to help everyone who have not taken advantage of the greatest OS, to date.

I know that I felt a bit intimidated when I installed Windows 7 and your guide would have helped me, too.
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I've decided to try a repair. It'll be an in-place repair, using this tutorial: Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums

The first step is to ensure my current build/version matches up with the ISO/USB build/version I'll be using. There's even a link about how to check. I have "Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.494)". seems I have:

Version = 1511
Build = 10586.494

Good enough.

Using the embedded tutorial link to download an ISO, I went to the linked MS Tech Bench site, selected "Windows 10" (not the N or the KN versions), "English", and 64 bit... I started the download.

The download shows "Win10_1511_2_English_x64.iso" as the file. How do I check to see if this ISO matches my Build???



A:Repair via In-Place Upgrade: getting the right Version and Build ISO?

Originally Posted by iamc3k

The download shows "Win10_1511_2_English_x64.iso" as the file. How do I check to see if this ISO matches my Build???



Easiest way is to mount the ISO file and run setup.exe in the virtual DVD that appears. If it goes straight into the upgrade choices screen then you have the correct ISO. If it asks you for a product key at any time, then you probably don't have the correct ISO and cancel the install by closing that window.

The ISO files provided by Microsoft do not include the most current cumulative updates. The in-place repair install will roll you back to a previous build. Windows Update will then pull the cumulative update to bring it back to 10586.494.
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Ever after having done an in-place upgrade problem 7 Icon in-place Windows upgrade after of my Windows x installation I've been having some strange icon issues This does not impact all of my icons but it impacted some Icon problem after Windows 7 in-place upgrade of my desktop short cuts and some of the items in Icon problem after Windows 7 in-place upgrade the Start menu These aren't too difficult to fix either by creating new Icon problem after Windows 7 in-place upgrade short cuts or by right-clicking - gt Properties - gt Short Cut tab - gt Change Icon From there I can point it to look in the right place for the icon The pattern I've observed is that Windows will default to looking in the wrong place for the icon When I click on the quot Change Icon quot option in the Properties window it will show an erroneous path to the file in which to look for the icon For example it will have something like quot Program Files quot when it should be looking in quot C Program Files x quot Something like that And I just installed a mouse driver which has a tray icon And the tray icon now appears as a generic white rectangle with the upper right corner turned down blank sheet of paper icon I think I know that's not right Not a huge deal obviously but the kind of thing that bothers me So my questions are how can I correct a tray icon and how can I get my new Windows installation to automatically look in the right place for icons without all of this manual intervention Thanks

A:Icon problem after Windows 7 in-place upgrade

Hi Gumby,

Follow this article. Icon Cache - Rebuild
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Hi ,

I want to do a repair install of windows 10 ( new 1607) with an in-place upgrade using DVD media ( .iso 1607 , engl/us ,all the same ) because of corrupted files although windows operation so far is good .
sfc /scannow ,
command prompt > DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth ,
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /source:WIM:E:\Sources\Install.wim:1 /LimitAccess , using the DVD media
couldn't repair .
In my present installation I don't use password to sign-in , so the welcome screen simply shows my photo and enters desktop normally.
The question is , should the new installation accept this or ask me to enter a password in welcome screen ?

Thanks in advance

A:Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

Hello babis49,

Your sign in settings should remain the same after doing a repair install.

Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

If it doesn't for some reason, you can always set Windows to automatically sign in to your account at startup again.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup
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Hello I have Windows Home currently installed on my Asus X BA I got Windows thru upgrade Original OS is Windows Upgrade went well Reset to PC Keep my Files went well also after a few months However just this month I noticed that every time I would leave my laptop on for a long time it would not wake up from sleep Even pressing Sleep won't show any improvement The same Home Windows 10 In-place Error Upgrade week upon Windows 10 Home In-place Upgrade Error opening laptop it demands System Repair It failed Tried System Restore I can use the laptop but waking up from sleep is still not fixed And then just last week all three ports stopped working One is USB the other two are USB Flash drives are functional upon using it on another laptop Connected my Transcend TB hard drive still the same I always get the 'beep' sound but it won't show on My Computer Even SD Port won't work Here are the steps I've tried so far Used another User Account Ports are still not working Checked Disk Management None of the drives are listed there I even tried changing the Drive Letters of the unnamed drive but it won't let me None of the Capacity is similar with the drives I am using Tried updating USB Root Hub and USB Host Controller Says updated However name of the flash drive would show up under Other Devices Name of the device and USB Controller both has Code The drivers for this device are not installed There are no compatible drivers for this device Updating it proves to be useless Turned off Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power to all USB Root Hubs Still nothing Enabled Disabled USB Selective Suspend Setting Still none Enabled Disabled Turn on fast startup Same Uninstalled USB Controller Nothing Windows Update Up to date System Restore Still not working Reset PC Reset is unsuccessful First Reset stopped at Second stopped at Contacted Microsoft thru chat Technician wasn't able to fixed the issue He suggested In-place Upgrade wherein he mentioned that none of my files and apps will be deleted I'll be fine with apps being deleted Technician downloaded Media Creation Tool Told him I already have an installer He insisted that I still download it and took it from there It took me hours to download the Windows including its creation and what not to be greeted with Setup couldn't start properly Please reboot Windows and run setup again Tried my installer Same error Used another account Same Retried it the following day Same Freed the Disk C for some space Still the same Deleted Windows WS but cannot delete Windows BT The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program Entered Safe Mode Changed permission It won't let me delete WinSxS folder The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program Used CMD to delete it Nothing Tried deleting Windows old You require permission from SYSTEM to make this changes SYSTEM permission is equal with my account Used another account None My user account uses Microsoft e-mail while the other account is a local account Please help me with my concern I just want the USB ports to work And yeah fixing the Reset Issue will also be good without deleting my files But the ports first so that I can transfer them to my external HDD I was busy with school lately and unfortunately that entitled me to download too many files and be not able to back this up Uploading these to cloud will be too time-consuming as I have many files that I have to keep and the other partition is a bit low already Thank you P S I can still charge my Android phone thru the USB cable but it won't show up
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Running Vista HP 64. DL'd the Windows 7 upgrade for Vista 64. The problem is that the instillation wants me to uninstall iTunes because of compatability problems. I have the lastest version of iTunes running on my laptop's W7 HP 64-bit without a problem. I really don't want to uninstall iTunes because I ahve a lot of trouble when I go to re-install my songs and playlists (I'm just dumb like that). So, what I'd like to do is install W7 upgrade while iTunes is still in place and take a chance that iTunes will still be working. And, if it isn't after the upgrade, so be it.

A:Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 with iTunes in place?

As far as I know, iTunes will work after the upgrade just fine. It is advised that you use the "Deauthorize computer" function in iTunes before upgrading, and then you can reauthorize when the upgrade is complete.
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I discovered that my previously working scheduled back-up was no longer working and could Windows install fails 7 upgrade in-place not be reset The task scheduler was reporting errors I tried restoring to an earlier version but Windows 7 in-place upgrade install fails no luck I run system file checker to discover several file problems that were not fixed by the system So I decided to run the in-place windows install upgrade option from the original OEM Windows SP DVD All worked as expected until just before the 'enter product key' page which has never appeared I have a black screen with the right hand bottom message Windows build not a genuine windows version I have tried to re- boot and get to the safe or normal restart screen The safe mode options return 'windows is unable to load safe option set up will continue after restart' but all that happens after reboot is a black screen and message again The start windows normally runs and the windows loading logo is displayed after which I see the black screen and message again Disc activity stops and nothing happens I have a genuine windows disc and product key that was activated and verified on the machine I have now run out of ideas i understand the principals but not an expert Can anyone help please Nigel
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PC was brought to me because it wouldn't run windows updates windows quit installaing will an SFC also not /SCANNOW fails, perform place upgrade.. in them about mos ago Tried the system file checker reports bad files but was unable to repair them then after going round and round with that i said f it and tried a repair install at it tells me that unpacking failed so i burned another disk same thing so i dl'd another image checked md all good burned SFC /SCANNOW fails, also will not perform an in place upgrade.. verified same thing got angry broke newly burned disk made usb verified same thing ran chkdsk f r found orphaned files and some odd descriptor problems says it fixed them all ran install again from usb while booted into windows this time it made it to of transferring files and settings and crapped out on me there i need help please Here is the CBS log and the other files from the dir that i could include while staying under the mb limit thanks in advance for any help provided

A:SFC /SCANNOW fails, also will not perform an in place upgrade..

Hello nsomniac and welcome to Seven Forums.

Until someone else comes along who can look through the CBS log, have you ruled out all hardware issues?
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I'm installing this for a friend and she bought a Windows 7 Pro from digital river. She's using Vista 32bit home premium, and it won't let me do an in-place upgrade. She has a lot of programs and I don't wish to re-install one by one, especially when they're programs in Japanese.

I'm comfortable with any work around as long as it has no problems upgrading.

A:How can I do an in-place upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Win 7 Pro?

Hello, Dmak welcome to the Seven Forums.

You can not in-place upgrade Vista Home Premium to Seven Professional. From Vista Home Premium you can in-place upgrade to Seven Home Premium or Seven Ultimate; in-place upgrade to Seven Professional is possible only from Vista Business.

In this post you can find a chart about various in-place upgrade options. This tutorial shows then how to do in-place upgrade.

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Hello Once in awhile I check my system files using SFC I just checked it but found problems and wasn't able to fix them So I ran the DISM command but then upgrade to Windows10 Unable repair using SFC/DISM in-place or again couldn't fix it Code DISM Online Unable to repair Windows10 using SFC/DISM or in-place upgrade Cleanup-Image restorehealth The DISM command gave me this message quot Error x f f The source Unable to repair Windows10 using SFC/DISM or in-place upgrade files could not be found Use the quot Source quot option to specify the location of the files that are required to restore the feature For more information on specifying a source location see Configure a Windows Repair Source So I downloaded an ISO with the same version and build as my current OS windows pro x - build to use the option quot Source quot by mounting the ISO But same error as mentioned above showed up So my last idea was to do a in-place upgrade and I did by following this tutorial of yours it all went smoothly but after the in-place upgrade finished it seems nothing had change since the SFC found problems Im out of ideas here Attached CBS and DISM logs

A:Unable to repair Windows10 using SFC/DISM or in-place upgrade

Any chance you have a NVIDIA Graphics card ?
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I have a Win7-64 box that works perfectly. Except that I cannot install any driver past 270.61 for my nVidia GTX-580. nVidia said this is a known problem with many users due to "The install failed because a control panel binary is failing to register because of a missing dependency." In other words, one of their installers/un-installers has removed a dll that's needed. I don't have a free week of my life to re-install everything on the box from scratch. It was suggested on the EVGA forum that I might: " in-place upgrade install of the OS. In other words, insert your OS disk. Start the install and select 'Upgrade'. What will this do to me? I have high end software like Maya, CS6, SQL Server - and many others (but no games, this is a business machine with no extra software). Thanks!!!!

A:Will in-place upgrade of working win7 destroy my programs?

Hello mate.

Have a look through the information in this tutorial at the link below for some additional ideas and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

How to Do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7
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I'm trying to upgrade my Windows 7 to fix some system errors. However, every time I try to upgrade, it tells me to update my TP-Link Wireless USB Adapter. We had this before but we're currently using a different router now. So this driver is completely useless. However upon checking the device manager, I can seem to find it there. Maybe I'm missing something. I've checked the version of the broken wireless router. It's TP-WR841N v.5.3 I've downloaded the drivers as well. The thing is, I can't update it since I can't find it. I don't think it even exists in the first place.

A:Cant upgrade Win 7 in place, tells me to update a non existent driver.

Device manager only shows active devices try clicking view then "show hidden devices" and see if your old device appears, if it does then you should be able to remove it
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So as many have done I did an in-place upgrade to windows 10 from 7

For about 21 days now I have been trying to figure out what to do. Basically every single drive I have doesn't allow for me to do anything. They are all marked read only and changing them back looks like its doing something then it reverts to the prior settings.

So far I have taken all the steps shown here, including doing a name check for the user in the security tab and trying to take ownership there. That looks like its working and goes through the motions then resets back.

I have tried both the elevated admin command for taking ownership as well as the shortcut for taking ownership in my windows tab. Nothing works.

Changing permissions manually in the security tab or just clicking the "full" box and so forth also does nothing. It looks like its doing somethinn then resets.
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Hi I am attempting to perform an interactive in-place of Win Pro to Win Pro nbsp The computer was installed using volume license media and activated using a MAK key nbsp I have now have a Win Pro ISO upgrade license) Pro 8.1 ugrade (volume to in-place Pro - 8 Can't apps? downloaded from the VLSC website just as the original Pro ISO was downloaded from The problem is that when execute setup exe from the Pro ISO and go through the steps I only see the following options Keep personal files onlyNothing nbsp However I was expecting to see Keep 8 Pro to 8.1 Pro (volume license) in-place upgrade - Can't ugrade apps? Windows settings personal files and appsKeep personal files onlyNothing nbsp According to this link the upgrade should be able to upgrade windows settings and apps https technet microsoft com en-in library jj aspx I have read in other postings on the net that if the languages are different there won't be an option to keeps apps and windows settings nbsp The volume license ISO that was used originally to install Pro SW DVD Win Pro BIT Eng Intl MLF X - ISO installs as English United Kingdom and then I change it to an Australian local nbsp The Belarc audit tool reports Install Language English United Kingdom System Locale English Australia The volume license Pro ISO is named SW DVD Win Pro BIT English - MLF X - ISO which is still an English language ISO Is the problem related to language or is there some other reason Thanks
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hello everyone Before i start i just want better upgrade--Need a post) place (couldnt find PC Ideas to to say im sorry if i posted this in the wrong place i just dont see a forum board to ask about a complete system upgrade after recently planning to purchase a guitar amp i d a lot of money left over aus and since i d have nothing else to fix up ive decided to fix up my pc so here s my problem i wanna get stuff that s better than what s in my pc now but i dont really want to go over i can go a bit over like maybe heres my pc specs giddy AMD Athlon XP Gig DDR- Dual Channel RAM GB Total H PC upgrade--Need Ideas (couldnt find a better place to post) D D Space Normal Primary ATA RAID Secondary ATA DVD-ROM Drives CD-R-R W Drives Nvidia MSI Starforce FX VT DR Sound Blaster Live Gigabyte GA- N Pro Rev Motherboard I D rather to focus on just the motherboard graphics card and the CPU The rest is fine and yes i know the SB Live could be upgraded but it sounds fine to me and plus I wouldnt have any money left over Here s what im thinking on getting AMD Athlon Pin MSI MB NX GT-TD PCI-Express Gigabyte GA-K NXP-SLi I realise i would need an extra for these PC upgrade--Need Ideas (couldnt find a better place to post) but i can fork out the money somehow Also please tell me would this upgrade be any good i know it will be fast i just want to know if it would be worth the money and if its any different to installing parts Another q since its a bit processor would i need a bit windows to run and would all my other software and games run on a bit pc or would i be able to use my bit windows xp Also say i didnt purchase the other item guitar amp and i have - to blow on a pc what would be good choices to buy think complete system upgrade except for h d ds and ram and CD Drives Regards Neo P S Also for the graphics card It would be fine with one just a little better than my current one i hope you can understand this post as i dont think im making much sense id rather now waste so much on a graphics card also sorry for such a long post nbsp

A:PC upgrade--Need Ideas (couldnt find a better place to post)

the msi k8n neo2 board would cut your costs and it gives the best performance currently available for a socket 939 based system. it uses an agp slot so you can keep your old card if desired. here it's going for about $120 (USD). read a review and see benchmarks against other 939 boards at:
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I have several corrupted system files that System File Checker cannot repair and everything points me toward repairing my installation using the upgrade option, so I don't have to make a clean install.

Problem is that the compatibility check says I can't upgrade towards an x64 version, despite my system already being x64 (checked in configuration panel, also has Program Files (x86) and SysWOW64 folders).
Some of the corrupted files might make that check fail and prevent the reparation. If I'm using another DVD, it outright says that Windows 7 Professional cannot be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional, despite it being the very one DVD I used to install my system. (but I'd rather use the .ISO that contains SP1 with it)

I'm in search for a solution to pass that compatibility check so I can run the repair-upgrade.


A:Win7 repair (in-place upgrade): compatibility check fails to see x64

Please use this tutorial by Brink to help you completely fill in your System Specs.

System Info - See Your System Specs
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Hello This will be my first post on this forum A couple of weeks ago I bought a Toshiba the OK" hangs Windows "place external on press Upgrade 10 and storage SATELLITE CL -B- for my son This CL -B- had Windows installed This evening I planned to do the installation of the Windows Upgrade because Windows announced it was ready for the upgrade The proces went slowly but smooth Windows 10 Upgrade hangs on "place the external storage and press OK" and with no issue until Windows 10 Upgrade hangs on "place the external storage and press OK" now Since the laptop is equipped with only a GB HD the upgrade proces informed I had to stick in a USB Stick After this the proces continued smoothly but slowly but that was no issue because I had the whole evening However after the first restart of the system when it was at about or of the installation proces this error message showed place the external storage and press OK This is very strange since the USB stick was not removed at all and was still in the system The more strange it is is that both the OK-button as the Cancel-button are not selectable Not via the touchpad and not via a Tab or an Enter Some online Windows community post mentions that via the BIOS the system should be booted from this USB Stick I have tried to restart the system with DEL F or F but I could not get into the BIOS and was not able to change the boot sequence After each 'restart' the same error message appears It does not matter whether the USB stick is in it or not So my conclusion is my CL -B- is hanging is in a loop I do not know how to proceed Please I really can use some help Many thanks in advance

A:Windows 10 Upgrade hangs on "place the external storage and press OK"

Since it seems I cannot modify/change a post I reply to my own post now.....

The issue seemed to be solved. When I was able to use the touchpad I could push the butten OK and the upgrade proceeds now.
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Dell Inspiron Laptop G Ram Vista Home Premium bit SP added I am a novice with computers forums Had a 0x80070002),In Install(error SP2 Repair Install not Upgrade Vista will Place lot of problems mostly blue screens from day one but finally got Vista running fairly well that is until trying to download SP through Update It crashed computer erased restore points and Restart Repair would not work until I got lucky and did full reboot and finally got message errors Files Can't Be Found x and on other occasions x D Microsoft Help Vista SP2 will not Install(error 0x80070002),In Place Upgrade Repair Install gave the usual list of solutions that I had already tried from using Update Readiness Tool running SP from Disc that they were nice enough to send to complete Uninstall of rd party Software turning off services etc Then they said to run scan now from Command Prompt which failed to fix problem and said some files fixed but others were moved to Found After running Scan Now again as Administrator it still would not let me view files but somehow I got Notepad to open and it said something about CBS logs So Microsoft finally said they will send Windows Vista Disc with Sp at no charge which quot surprise quot Dell would not do so I can do something called an In Place Upgrade Repair Install Has anybody done this and does anyone have full instructions for doing an In Place Upgrade Repair Install this is only link I found Repair Install For Vista is old and not for bit and gives me pause and a million questions is my product key really still good will reactivating work how long will this Install take do I need to watch whole install for prompts what reconfiguring is needed will my wireless connection be oK I am new to this quite nervous and wondering if I should just skip SP as everything else is now at least working is it just a bigger headache but then every couple of days I still get a bad crash and would like some stability Sorry for rambling post but that's just how I feel now after constantly working on this Dell Vista nightmare since I got it Mad Hesitant and Confused Any links suggestions or personal solutions about Vista In Place Upgrade Repair Install would be greatly appreciated Thanks for the help and patience Steven

A:Vista SP2 will not Install(error 0x80070002),In Place Upgrade Repair Install

Hello Steven, and welcome to Vista Forums.

With the problems that you are having, I would recommend that you backup anything that you do not want to lose and do a clean install instead. This way you will not have to worry about remnants of your previos installation messing with your new installation. After installing Vista with SP1, I would recommend installing the SP2 also. It may be best to only install a few updates at a time, or one a time for the ones that require a restart, to avoid them possible conflicting with each other during the restart.

Hope this helps,
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I was just curious is it possible to upgrade from XP to W7 without Windows 7 Software disk? Thank you!

A:Upgrade from XP to W7 without Disk?

Will your PC run Win7?
Download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to see if your PC is ready for Windows 7. It scans your hardware, devices, and installed programs for known compatibility issues, gives you guidance on how to resolve potential issues found, and recommends what to do before you upgrade.
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Is there a way to force the XP Pro full version to upgrade my Win 98SE box instead of having do a separate install. Trying to keep from having to reinstall all my apps, etc.


Relevancy 60.63%

I am currently running XP 32-bit OEM. I had intended to buy the Win 7 OEM, but understand that the Upgrade Disk can be used to do a clean install also. Is there any advantage to buying one over the other? If the OEM is more straight forward in the install, that would be the deciding factor for me. I have not seen any discussion on here comparing the two. This leads me to believe that the Upgrade is the way to go. Help me out on this please.

A:Win 7 OEM or Upgrade Disk

The upgrade still requires an activated, qualifying OS to be installed on the computer already, before allowing you to do the clean install. The OEM, does not, but then you are subjected to the OEM licensing restrictions, which are getting foggier and foggier all the time.
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Alright here is the situation. I bought two Windows 7 upgrade disks and upgraded both of my computers to Windows 7 (one from the RC and one from XP).

One of the computers is a new home built i7 rig and everything runs great and it has no problems. The older one seems to be having some problems with some failing hardware and is really in need of big update.

So I was thinking of building another computer instead of replacing a bunch of parts on it. If I go this route and build another computer will I be able to use my upgrade disk again or will I have to buy another one since it was already activated?


A:Can You Use the Upgrade Disk Again

Quote: Originally Posted by Shine

Alright here is the situation. I bought two Windows 7 upgrade disks and upgraded both of my computers to Windows 7 (one from the RC and one from XP).

One of the computers is a new home built i7 rig and everything runs great and it has no problems. The older one seems to be having some problems with some failing hardware and is really in need of big update.

So I was thinking of building another computer instead of replacing a bunch of parts on it. If I go this route and build another computer will I be able to use my upgrade disk again or will I have to buy another one since it was already activated?


Hi shine and welcome

you can use the current disk but it may not activate online and may require a phone call to MS.

Good luck

Ken J+
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HelloI wanna buy this laptop HP Pavilion 17-G152NWThey have 1TB disk but i have my own 256GB disk SSD from old laptop.My question is this laptop have 2nd free slot to plug in 2nd disk in sata 3 mode for SSD disk? I wanna 1TB +256GB for OSSorry for my eng Regards.
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My original OS was vista but up-graded to w7 home premium.

Currently I need to affect a repair to the system.

1 How do I use the up-grade disk to do a repair (Real w7 Disk)

2 I dont want to a complete re-install

3 I should change the boot order to cdrom hit F10 and enter

4 What should I do then???????????

I havent used an install disk as a repair before so I dont want to screw up


Hello Birdulike,

What kind of repair? what is the problem you are experiencing?
Also, is this a full Windows 7 installation disk?
Be very helpful if you filled out your system specification in your user cp.

Cheers, John
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I am planning on buying a Dell laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

I just found out UF (where I will begin grad school in August) has a deal with Microsoft so that students can get Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit upgrade DVDs for a mere $15.

I was wondering, can an upgrade DVD be used with Windows Anytime Upgrade?

A:Can a Win 7 Ultimate upgrade disk be used for WAU

If you have the upgrade ddisc, you would not need to usethe anytime upgrade . . just upgrade from the DVD
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Well starting today, (well its after midnight here, so technicially yesterday) Microsft has started a thing where you can get win7 home premium for $50 if you preorder it sometime before july 12th I think it is. But its only the upgrade disk, the full disk is like 100 if you preorder. My question is, will I be able to preform a clean install with the upgrade disk? I've heard that with vista, if you upgraded xp, you would boot into xp, then run the disk, and it would ask you if you wanted a clean install rather than just replacing the xp files. Can anyone confirm this, or even perhaps tell me if that sounds plausible to be the case with the windows 7 upgrade disk? Cuz I'd really prefer to have a clean install, but sh**, $50 is damn good. Thanks guys

EDIT: I meant the deal runs out july 12

A:Win 7 upgrade disk questions

Well, i guess ur **** outta luck cause it's June 27 today.
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Further to my previous post (corrupt registry) I now have English Vista running on a French laptop.

Question - Can I now use a French Vista Upgrade disk to change the OS to French Vista or can this only be used to upgrade from XP/2000?

A:Vista Upgrade Disk

Originally Posted by AlexH

Question - Can I now use a French Vista Upgrade disk to change the OS to French Vista or can this only be used to upgrade from XP/2000?

Yes you can!
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Hello all,
First off, hopefully everyone's not too "Windows 7 student upgrade" questioned out (I've been lurking and reading for a while)... I sort of have one more, which I haven't seen addressed here or elsewhere.

My download and installation of Windows 7 worked just fine, but I neglected to create/burn an ISO boot disk before running the upgrade. I ran a backup and created a system disk DVD in Windows 7, but I've been told that's different than a boot disk and I should make one of those too.

My question is, can I just burn a friends copy of the Windows 7 Upgrade DVD and if so, how? (again, 7 is already installed on my computer and running great...)

Many thanks for any and all help.

A:Copying Upgrade Disk

Just Copy his/her DVD...

The Windows Disc has no protections on it so it really is that simple

If they only have an ISO...and they are running Windows gets even simpler. Right-click the ISO->Burn Image to Disc. Windows 7 will burn the disc and also make it bootable at the same time

If XP/Vista that I would use PowerISO, UltraISO, MagicISO, etc to do the burn...just make sure that they are set to "Make the disc bootable"
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i was having massive boot issues, Windows was hanging at "Starting Windows"

fixmbr, bootrec, bootsect, repair, system restore, run from previous good config.. nothing worked.

so i completely wiped my HDD clean to do a fresh install and the install hangs on the last phase (completing installation)

is this because i'm retarded and only have the upgrade disk or is my HDD hosed?

A:Reformatting with upgrade disk

You can clean reinstall with Upgrade version. If you install to new or wiped HD, leave the Product Key blank initially then use the quick registry workaround given here after install to activate: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Boot the DVD, select Custom Install, use Drive Options to Delete all partitions, Create New ones as you wish, then format before installing Win7 to first partition after 100mb boot partition installer will create: Clean Install Windows 7

Sometimes the installer will hang on last phase while loading drivers. Try entering Device Manager using this method to uninstall Devices in error (likely the display driver - try it anyway) to complete install, then Update driver from Desktop: Device Manager - Access During Windows 7 Installation

Next reset your CMOS, while in BIOS setup set SATA controller to AHCI to try install, unplug all other HD's and peripherals: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

Test your HD using maker's diagnostics/repair extended booted CD scan: HD Diagnostic.
Next from the HD CD Clean the HD.

Next test your RAM for 5-6 passes or overnight. RAM - Test with Memtest86+ Remove all but 2gb to try install, swap RAM sticks.

When I run out of time to troubleshoot installs, I move HD to another computer to installed with all other HD's unplugged, then SysPrep to remove all drivers before moving back to problem machine where it will start like a new install: SysPrep to move HD to another computer
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I tried burning an .iso disk of the files I got when I downloaded the 64-bit version of Windows 7 from the official student discount "It's Not CHeating" page, but when I try booting off them, nothing happens and it boots into normal Vista.

I want to reformat my C: drive before installing! How do I do this?

A:Upgrade Boot Disk

Hi zythyl

Go to this posts:

How to make a bootable DVD from Upgrade download

How can I make a .iso of Windows 7 Professional
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I will be upgrading form windows xp to windows 7 soon. I know there is no direct upgrade option from xp and that I will have to perform a clean install. I have created a couple of True Crypt disk partitions to store private data. Will those partitions be erased after the install or will they remain? Also, can I create another new disk partition to store the data I want to transfer over to windows 7 or will that be erased durring the install as well? I want to know if I need to go and get an external HD.


A:Win 7 upgrade and disk partitions

Having another drive is always a good idea, for backing up your files and system image for example, in case of HDD failure.

But your partitions will not be deleted during the installation unless you do it yourself. Just boot into the Installer, choose Custom install and keep the partitions you want, wipe and format any others.
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So my pc was bring really crappy and slow so i decided to reformat it when i accidentally put in my old windows Vista install disc. the problem is I have my Vista cd key at my parents house and i have my Windows 7 key psychically on my computer. Is there anyway i can upgrade from vista to 7 without any disc?

A:Vista upgrade to 7 no disk help.

You need installation media of some type--either a DVD or a USB stick.

You could download a legal Windows 7 ISO. But you'd have to get it onto a disc or stick. I'm not aware of any way to install directly from the ISO.

Not sure what you mean by "I have my Windows 7 key physically on my computer". Keys are normally on a sticker or written down somewhere.

Could you write the 25 characters in the Windows 7 Product Key down on a piece of paper right now?

The key is what you pay for. The discs or the ISO are a dime a dozen. Or less.
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This compaq presario v3000 is 160gb hdd and 3gb ram.Is this laptop can support 750gb hdd or 1TB hdd ?
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I always format my hard drive ever year so I get a fresh operating system to work with.

I bought a new laptop in August and am eligible for a free upgrade to W7, but I am apprehensive to do because I'm not sure how I will do a reinstall. My computer did not come with restore disks and I don't want to buy them from the manufacturer. Do i need to reinstall xp or vista first in order to reinstall? If, theoretically, i used an activated version of vista, that isn't exactly...genuine (just to reinstall).... would it record that serial key and put my 7 installation at risk?


A:Reinstall with an upgrade disk?

Windows 7 has a flawless Image Backup utility that will copy your entire HDD (including any dual boots) to a primary partition (which it views as a drive) or an external drive. I do both in case the HDD fails. Once you get your Vista upgraded to Win7 and configured perfectly, create a Backup Image which you can use to do a restore of the current HDD or a new one in about 20 minutes. This is a much easier annual reinstall.

As easy as this is, I would still use your laptop's utility to burn those recovery disks to keep in case you need to restore your Vista to factory condition. Acer will mail you disks if you call within 90 days of purchase. Then you can delete the Recovery Partition which will become inoperable after Win7 upgrade anyway.
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I bought an HP laptop with Vista Home Premium but have since had disk 7 HP? using Can my on from Vaio to I upgrade an it stolen I sent off for the Windows Upgrade disks before that happened and just got them in the mail I have a Sony Vaio desktop that also has Vista Home Premium and figured I would just Can I upgrade to 7 on my Vaio using disk from an HP? use the disk to upgrade that instead Several problems though - the upgrade came with disks - one of them being an 'HP Upgrade Manager' which figured out that I did not have an HP computer The second problem is that I then just put in the upgrade disk Home Premium but I got an error message that said that the version on the disk is not compatible with Can I upgrade to 7 on my Vaio using disk from an HP? my system Looked on the disk and on it is stated 'this disk contains -bit software only' and my desktop is a -bit system Anything I can do Or do I just need to sell off the disks on ebay and then buy a retail version of the upgrade Thanks in advance for any help

A:Can I upgrade to 7 on my Vaio using disk from an HP?

I am sorry but I have bad news for you. Even if you somehow could find a way to use those discs on other than a HP system, there is absolutely no way you can install a 64-bit OS to a 32-bit machine.

Selling those discs can be tricky; if the set is like a normal HP installation disc set, it can only be used on specific HP computers.

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Hi,I'd like to upgrade my Envy 15-ae107nl hdd with an ssd and the replace the memory with a couple og 16 gb banks.Does this affects in any way my italian warranty on the remaining part?Is there any on line tutorial or document that explains how to do it? (I want to unscrew only the needed screws).Thanks in advance.Luke

A:Upgrade Disk and Memory

Hi, From its Maintenance and Service Guide, it only supports 16GB of memory max, can't be a couple of 16GB banks and the bad news is: Two non-accessible/upgradable memory module slotsDDR3L-1600 dual channel supportSupport for 16-GB of system RAM in the following configurations:? 16384-MB (8192-MB◊2)? 12288-MB (8192-MB◊1+4096-MB◊1)?  8192-MB (8192-MB◊1, 4096-MB◊2)? 6144-MB (4096-MB+2048-MB) Source: Maintenance and Service GuideLink: Also you can't replace HDD with SSD, this work is for Authorized Service Provider parts which implies void warranty if you do this yourself. Regards.
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Hi all,

I have a friend who is not a student, so I bought a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade through for him. They will be emailing me tomorrow with information on how to download the file to perform the installation, and I didn't purchase a physical disk to save an extra $13 or so.
I was wondering if I can burn the file that I download tomorrow (hoping it's an ISO) and use that plus the key they'll email me to do a clean install on his computer. Does anything think this will or won't work? And if so, why or why not?
If not, would I be able to get a download somewhere of a Home Premium ISO image and use the valid key to finish his installation?
Also, does anyone have info as to what type of file this will be, ISO or not?

Thanks in advance!

A:Upgrade key, no disk question

The key will work with any valid installation media - all the media contains all the files to install all Editions.

The product key you enter determines what Edition is actually installed to the HD.

Probably be an .iso. In the unlikely event it is just a d/l of the installation files - you can make a bootable .iso easily.
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Dear All,

I have a Tecra A9 51G with 160 GB hard disk. Is it possible to replace the existing hard disk with a new hard disk of higher capacity like 500GB or more.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

- Rajamani.

Message was edited by: rajamani.kandasamy

A:Tecra A9 51G Hard disk Upgrade.

Yes you should be able to install a 320 or 500GB with no problem. I imagine a 750GB should also be fine, but I wouldn't try installing a 1TB just in case there is a Chipset/BIOS sector addressing limitation.
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I upgraded a 32 bit Win XP to Win 7 Pro a while back. I am having major issues with a program and the only solution right now it to reinstall the OS. Ive backed up my files already but not sure if I can reinstall an Upgrade over the same Upgrade version.

Can I simply download a Win 7 Pro 32 iso and use my Upgrade key?

A:Need to resintall Win 7 Pro Upgrade. Cant find disk...Can i use an iso

Yes- you can do a repair install..
Repair Install
Make sure that you enter the Key on request, or you'll have to do it again.

If you want to do a clean install, then you'll need to do the double-install method -
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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I purchased a Win7 upgrade (both disks 64 and 32bit) and I installed a custom upgrade using the 32 bit on an old WinXP computer that crashed and has been since been destroyed ....(parts used for other computers....except the HDD which was bad)Can I put the Win7 upgrade on another WinXP computer that is working it is 32 bit as well (my wife's WinXP Pro)?Or am I out $119 bucks for the Win7 DVD....BTW: I have never used the Win7 64bit DVDThanks in advanced.... I searched the Internet and prior posts but could not get a straight answer

A:Reusing win7 upgrade disk

If I wanted to know...I would just try it.

I have both disks also (family pack) and plan to try such eventually, since I had one install on a system I gave away (after removing the Win 7hard drive/install).

The answer should be pretty clear quickly.

Relevancy 59.34%

I just upgraded from premium to pro in 7. The 7 came with the computer, but not on a disk, bought the key online, messed something up and would like to reinstall the anytime upgrade.
How would I do this? Can I assume I cannot upgrade to pro from pro right? So how would I do this?

A:Can you reinstall an anytime upgrade with no disk?

More info, I did an anytime upgrade to get to professional. I want to go back to premium(I have the disk) then re-do the NYTimes upgrade. It's gives me no option! Only says "upgrade or custom"
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I have the Aspire ZC-606 desktop. After I upgaded from 8.1 to windows 10, my drives NOR my ports are visible. Ive googled it and read in many forums that this is an ongoing problem for many computers.  Most of them say the drives are too old although they are the ones IN my desktop that is only 2 years old. They worked just fine before upgrade. I am still loking for a solution myself. My 31 days is up so I can no longer go back to 8.1. I really need my disc drives as this is a business computer... PLEASE HELP!!
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Hey, I'm trying to do a new install on my computer (hard drive is wiped). I only have a upgrade disk for win xp and thats it. Is their a way to get around the whole "Inster one of the following disk" during installation with ought one of the disks? Im running ubuntu till i can solve the problem.

A:Windows xp UPGRADE disk installation help

You need a previous installation disc of Windows 2000 or 98.
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If you registered forr the Windows 7 Upgrade option disk and your manufacturer is supposed to send you a voucher that you can redeem online to microsoft to get them to ship you a disk, can you download the disk as an option? because I have no cd drive.

A:Download Upgrade option disk?

As far as I know, manufacturers ship out an Upgrade Kit containing a clean copy of Win7 DVD and a drivers/apps CD you can pick what you want from. No bloatware. Very nice.

What you would need to do is borrow a computer or use one at school or the library, put in a 4gb+ USB flash stick, format it primary FAT or NTFS in Disk Management, copy the files from the DVD drive directly into the root of the flash drive exactly as they appear in the DVD explorer.

Now take the flash stick back to your computer, plug it in and reboot, at bootup look on the first screen for Boot Menu F-key to tap repeatedly, then select the flash stick in the Hard drives given. It should boot, unless there are BIOS settings (enable USB) or Updates (check your manufacturer's Support Downloads page for your model).

The installer is driver-complete, meaning you might not need anything off the driver/apps CD, but if you do you can browse it later and copy those to the flash stick, which can hold other files besides the installer.

The other way is to connect your computer to a network and copy the files from the CD drive of another computer to your desktop where you can run Setup to install over your XP/Vista or to another partition or drive. But you need a bootable installer for possible repairs, anyway, so go for it!
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Hey Guys, this is my first post here.

Today I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. For some reason, after upgrading, my hard disk usage is always hovering at around 60% usage and my CPU usage is always hovering at around 50%. This is when the PC is idle. When I was using 7, the disk would rarely jump over 30% usage and the CPU would never go above 7% when idle. The sound of the hard disk constantly working away is doing my head in, not to mention it's at around 50 degrees as opposed to 45 degrees previously.

Any help is greatly appreciated guys, thanks in advance.

A:High disk and CPU usage after upgrade.

How long since you upgraded? There is a lot of indexing and optimization that goes on after upgrade. Will be a lot of background activity for awhile.

And welcome!
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If this has Schools disk upgrade Agreement been covered elsewhere I'd appreciate a link to that forum here's my problem I work for a school they're running XP SP bit I ordered the Win bit Schools Agreement upgrade disk upgrade Upon inserting the DVD i get the obvious error - quot unsupported edition for upgrade yada yada quot The Schools Agreement upgrade disk disk doesn't boot either tried on several different PC's different hardware dvd first boot device When I check the bootmgr file using notepad on the disk it reads in one section quot BOOTMGR image is corrupt quot - I think Microsoft have done that on purpose because it's a school licensed disk volume license why else I booted into amp installed my copy of Vista bit left the key blank and then installed the Win upgrade on top of it Registered ok over the phone - but now many files don't install or work Office Thunderbird among others How do I get to install a fresh copy of Win bit - as the disk doesn't boot The bit version has the same problem Disk contents - green disk with silver border says quot not for OEM or retail distribution quot boot efi sources support upgrade autorun inf bootmgr bootmgr efi setup exe Not sure if this version will work if i try to make a bootable flash drive please help

A:Schools Agreement upgrade disk

First, as you learned, there is not a direct "UPGRADE" path from XP to Win 7.

I'm having a little difficulty with what you want to do.

Do you desire to install Win 7 on one or many computers?

The new windows activation procedure will rise up and bite you if you try to install a single-license version of Win 7 on more than one computer to use on more than one computer at one time. Essentially - one computer = 1 license.

There are several tutorials here on using upgrade discs which also explain the qualifiying conditions. If you are trying to migrate and retain your data when going going from xp to win 7 then you will be using a different procedure.
Download details: Windows 7 Upgrade Paths

also of probably interest is:
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows
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Having cleaned the dust from my cooling fins my PC is working well again (is not overheating) and I am considering upgrading the hard disk to a SSD. In looking online it seems to suggest that there is an SSD module already in the machine and I wondered if I will see much benefit? Also the disks I see are all SATA, is that OK to be put into this machine? Lastly I see hybrid SSD/HDD devices....are these worth considering? Sorry for the dumb questions, but any help/insight is gratefully received. Ian.

A:I am looking to upgrade the hard disk of my z5610,...

You probably have 4GB of memory and you can upgrade that to 8GB. Asfar as the HDD, go to System Information/ components/Storage/ Disks and you will see the Model of your HDD. See this video (ignore it's for video card upgrade) and you will know how to uograde it. on the left and HDD on the right.
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Hello, I'm here to find some information about Windows 10 because I would like to upgrade my system, now it's Windows 7 Pro (64bit). I've yet downloaded the ISO of Windows 10N Pro and before doing the upgrade I will create a complete backup of my disc using Macrium Reflect. I have now four partitions:System NTFS Active, 500Mb(:C) NTFS Primary(: D) HP Recovery - NTFS Primary (:E) HP Tools - NTFS Primary In which partition does Windows 10 install?Have I to choose or it's an automatic installation?Should I erase some partitions?Does W10 upgrade will eliminate one or more partitions? Thank you for your help! PS: how to verify if the driver are compatible with W10 ?
Relevancy 59.34%

I've seen some conflicting responses and many people worried about whether or not an upgrade disk is good enough For the upgrade everyone concerned about buying disk for them to buy I'm not going to cover installing win unactivated and then upgrading from that because that will more than likely work I'll just tell you what For everyone concerned about buying the upgrade disk I learned I called Microsoft a few minutes ago and they said that yes clean install is the recommended way of installing from an upgrade disk In the setup you can format the partition of the previous OS and perform clean install Also you For everyone concerned about buying the upgrade disk don't necessarily need the previous OS installed They told me that you can Start the process and if there is no previous OS installed on your system then it will simply ask you to insert For everyone concerned about buying the upgrade disk the previous OS's DVD and that is enough to confirm that you do have the previous OS Doing even doing this will ensure that the upgrade activation key will still work They also told me that upgrading goes Pro to Pro or Ultimate Home premium to Home premium pro or ultimate and ultimate to ultimate EDIT- I called back You can upgrade Vista Home Premium to Professional but not vista professional to Home premium They said you can go up levels if you choose but not down levels Just posting this because so many people are having questions about it including me before I called Microsoft EDIT- XP upgrade concerns A third call to MS says that Since a clean install is REQUIRED for xp upgrades xp users can choose any of the levels of windows regardless of the level of their current XP EDIT- Here is the upgrade paths from vista in print from the upgrade path test matrix - No upgrade options for Windows Vista Starter SP SP not even to Windows Starter - Windows Vista Home Basic SP SP -bit x and -bit x can be upgraded to Windows Home Basic Home Premium and Ultimate -bit x and -bit x - Windows Vista Home Premium SP SP -bit x and -bit x can be upgraded to Windows Home Premium and Ultimate -bit x and -bit x - Windows Vista Business SP SP -bit x and -bit x can be upgraded to Windows Professional Enterprise and Ultimate -bit x and -bit x - Windows Vista Enterprise SP SP -bit x and -bit x can be upgraded to Windows Enterprise -bit x and -bit x - Windows Vista Ultimate SP SP -bit x and -bit x can be upgraded to Windows Ultimate -bit x and -bit x - No upgrade options for Windows Vista Home Basic N SP SP not even to Windows N or E - No upgrade options for Windows Vista Business N SP SP not even to Windows N or E It is also possible to upgrade to windows from the RC as confirmed by Fishdoc on page of this thread For everyone inquiring about doing a Clean Install with Upgrade media here are some step-by-step instructions by Lordbob Quote Section Installing Windows Seven Insert your Windows Seven Upgrade DVD into your DVD Drive and reboot into the DVD If you do not know how to do this read THIS tutorial by Brink After the preliminary Loading screen click on the Install Now button to start the Windows Seven Installation Setup In the first screen that comes up it will ask for your Product CD Key DO NOT ENTER IT Deselect the Activate Windows When I'm Online as well In the next screen you will be asked which version of Windows you would like to install Make sure you select the version you purchased Accept the End User License Agreement EULA to verify that is the version you purchased Now Setup will install the version of Windows Seven you purchased Let it do its thing It will reboot multiple times just let it sit and don't mess with it until the next window comes up to ask for input The last step here is to enter in all of your information such as user name location date and time and password Let it reboot one last time and test itself At the end you will be presented with the log in screen and an unactivated Windows OS Section Deals with the activation process whic... Read more

A:For everyone concerned about buying the upgrade disk

Quote: Originally Posted by grouchpunk08

I've seen some conflicting responses and many people worried about whether or not an upgrade disk is good enough for them to buy. I'm not going to cover installing win7 unactivated and then upgrading from that, because that will more than likely work, I'll just tell you what I learned.

I called Microsoft a few minutes ago, and they said that yes clean install is the recommended way of installing from an upgrade disk. In the setup you can format the partition of the previous OS and perform clean install. Also, you don't necessarily need the previous OS installed. They told me that you can Start the process, and if there is no previous OS installed on your system, then it will simply ask you to insert the previous OS's DVD, and that is enough to confirm that you do have the previous OS. Doing even doing this will ensure that the upgrade activation key will still work. They also told me that upgrading goes Pro to Pro or Ultimate, Home premium to Home premium or ultimate, and ultimate to ultimate.

Just posting this because so many people are having questions about it, including me before I called Microsoft.

If I read that correctly (and you translated what you heard correctly ), that would mean that the whole "double-install" process is not necessary. Wouldn't that be cool! Worst case, you slick the HDD and do it the second way - insert the disk from the previous version. Tooooo cool!
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I try and steer clear of XP, but I have this guy who put the windows XP upgrade disk on three different computers.

Since he used the same disk and key on three didfferent computers, won't he have a problem in 30 days or when he tries to validate them?

I'm a tech who uses Win98SE and Win2000 Pro, but without the experience to advise this particular user, I thought I'd come and ask the experts.

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I bought a ASUS that had a failed c-mos from the factory. only 2 months after i bought it. Before that happen i ordered the asus OEM win7 upgrade disk then my computer crashes now today the disk came. Can i use this asus oem upgrade disk to upgrade my dell vista to win7? Will it change my needed drivers for my dell and install asus drivers. Or is this simply just an upgrade disk similar to the one you buy retail expect for the key restrictions and will work to upgrade my other computer? both are x64 my dell vista and the asus win7 upgrade. Thanks!!

A:Non activated OEM upgrade disk win7

I notice Acer is sending clean copies of Win7 upgrade with keys attached, then another disk with drivers/apps which is surprisingly bloat-free.

It would be interesting to know if the keys are OEM coded to the Vista OEM being upgraded.

It seems highly unlikely that MS would allow manufacturers to mail out free Upgrade copies with no OEM restrictions on the key. But I'll bet that there are some who are testing it already.
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Hello, Model: 2522-DM1 I'm looking for new hard drive for upgrading my exisitng 320GB HDD but i have one question thatwhat will be the maximum hard drive capacity support in my system?? In lenovo site it has mention max 500GB HDD and 250GB SSD but when i go through forum and other online utility where it has mention that it can support upto 1TB HDD,SSHD and SSD. see below link someone please clarify this.. if 1TB is supported then i would intereset in seagate SSHD 1TB 32GB NAND (P/N:ST1000LX001) and also i have seen Toshiba SSHD which is also good but i need expert's suggstion on this.
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Please point me to a thread if I missed it ...

I have Vista Ultimate installed today. I intend on buying Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade. I would like to install 7 on a new WD Caviar Black I just ordered as a clean install.

1) Is this possible or will Win 7 flag this as a new install because of the new HD and not let me proceed since I plan on buying an upgrade disk?
2) If not, what options do I have?
3) If I can do this, can I plug my old drive in as Drive D: or E: to transfer the data over?

Thanks in advance,

A:Clean install, new HD, from upgrade disk

You won't be able to install from the upgrade disc unless a previous version of the OS is installed and Activated. That is my understanding until I hear from somebody with the actual media who can say otherwise.

Yes, you can plug in your old drive as a secondary drive and copy over your data.
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After a failed hard disk, I'm trying to reinstall W7 from my upgrade disk and I keep getting a "the product key is not valid" error. I read a MSFT support article saying you have to install Vista first, then upgrade to W7.

However, how do I now boot from the Vista disk? I've put in the Vista disk, restarted my computer, but every time it just boots to the W7 install screen asking for the product key.

I feel like I'm missing a very basic step but I'm stumped. Any help greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Trying to reinstall W7 from Upgrade Disk

I checked the boot priority in my BIOS and changed the boot priority to CDROM first and my problem is solved.

Here is the article that explained the solution:
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I have an Aspire Switch 12 which only has a 32Gb SSD. That was fine when it was running Windows 8 but I upgraded to Windows 10 and it now has no space left. I've done everything I can think of to free up space but it's not enough. So, my question is - is it possible to upgrade the 32Gb SSD to a larger SSD? If so, how? I realise doing so will almost certainly invalidate the warranty but if that's it takes then I'll take the chance. Thanks.
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My computer has 2 hard drives and win 7 files currently live on 500GB c:\drive. I want to do a clean install from Win 7 home Premium 64-bit upgrade disk. However I would like the win 7 files to be installed on the 250GB e:\drive. Not sure how to do this without formatting both drives first.


A:Clean Install win 7 using upgrade disk

Unplug the other HD to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 to the target HD. Everything you need to get and keep a perfect install is in the blue link, including the latest official Installer.

If this is a reinstall of the licensed version which came with the PC use the Product Key on the COA sticker pictured in the tutorial. If it's an Upgrade version of an older OS and there's no OS on the target HD for the installer to see when booted to do the install, then leave the key blank during install and afterwards do the quick Option 3 workaround in Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

After install plug other HD back in to copy over your files, then delete the old Win7 partition in Disk Mgmt after Marking Partition Inactive, or wipe the HD to get it cleanest with Diskpart Clean Command
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While I wait to see if I get an answer on how I can fix my current problem thought i would check on how I might completely relaod computer just with Disk Reloading Home Upgrade XP in case I Reloading with XP Home Upgrade Disk don t get a fix I have a HP Pavilion P it originally came with Windows ME at a later date i installed an upgrade to Windows XP Home Edition I have the original disks ea system recovery and application recovery I also have the original XP Home upgrade disk with product key I have already tried this once but it would not work-- I inserted disk hp system recovery and booted the computer after only a second or two the screen went blue and informed me the hard drive could not be found I thought maybe it was because I was not using ME so I installed the upgrade disk and booted It began doing its thing then after loading several files it informed me of a windows error and it shut down windows Guess my question is can I reload with the disks I have if so what do I need to do if not what do I need to acquire I really hope I can get my CPU problem fixed so I don t have to reload but just in case any shared wisdom is greatly appreciated nbsp

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Is it possible to do a fresh installation from a Windows 7 Professional Upgrade disk? I pre-ordered it, not thinking that I would be upgrading from a Windows 7 Ultimate RC. I really want to be able to start fresh and stuff. Is this possible in anyway?
I do have a recovery disc from HP, but I *really* don't want all of their crapware on my computer. Using the recovery is the worst possible scenario in this situation
Thanks in advanced!


A:Fresh Install with an Upgrade Disk

Hello GreenKman, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes, you can.

Doing a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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hi all, a freind has just got himself a new pc and he got himself a vista upgrade disk not the full version...i know that if i use my vista disc in his pc it will give him a 30 day trial which will atleast let him know that the pc will be working as it dosnt have any windows installed my question is will he then be able to use the upgrade disc and code to make it a full registerd copy of vista?

Point to note
i have vista ult' 64bit
his upgrade disc is vista home 32bit

A:Solved: vista upgrade disk

He can use the upgrade disk so long as he has the media (CD) from the former operating system that he can insert when asked to prove that he is actually upgrading from something.

Why would you not install his version in case he decides to keep it?

If the machine comes with recovery disks and has a recovery partition, any changes to the partitions, or installing Vista to the machine, will make recovery back to XP difficult or impossible.