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My laptop HP G61 does not power on

Q: My laptop HP G61 does not power on

my laptop HP g61 does not power on either with battery or when connected to the mains supply(AC). whenever i press the power botton the battery lit in the front of the system will only blink for about 3 seconds without the system been power on(the fan,the keyboard light nor the power botton lit will not on) i try to remove the battery nd press the power button for 30 secs before putting it back,still their is no respond. but i discovered each time i remove the battery and plug it to the Mains,the indicator power light beside the plug of the system will lit for about 3 seconds before it went off again.i have checked it with another charging adapter all to no avail. pls ,help me out.

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Preferred Solution: My laptop HP G61 does not power on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My laptop HP G61 does not power on

Perhaps you have one of those infernal HP laptop motherboard problems? How old is your HP g61, and have you kept the cooling channels free of lint and dust? How old is the hard drive?
Since it doesn't work from a battery or from wall power, you should have an experienced tech take a look.
First thing I would do is remove the hard drive, so you can rescue the data if need be.
Then I would remove the battery, and try again from the Mains. If nothing, then there is some real work ahead. Consider this a major failure in that case, and get expert help to take a look.
I doubt there is a quick fix.
Please keep us informed as to what you learn and what helped get your HP G61 back up and running.
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I have a Dell 8600 about two years old. When I plug in the AC adapter, it intermittently fades to the battery as though the plug was pulled out (its not) and of course the screen fades in an out when every time it swithces--it does it every 30 to 60 seconds or so. I switched to a different AC adapter (I have a Dell 600M with the same AC adapter)-same thing so I know it is something internally. Any ideas?

A:Dell Laptop Power Supply Fading In and Out--power jack is bad or loose?
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Hello, I have a one-two year old Compaq Presario and it has stopped receiving power a couple of months ago. The battery currently doesn't work. I took it in to Micro Center, and they saudered the power port. That fixed the problem temporarily, but, two months later it stopped recieving power. I would really like to get some stuff off the hardrive, but to do that I would have to give power to the laptop. So my question to everyone is, is there any alternate way I can give the laptop power? One more thing, the power cord works perfectly.

A:Compaq laptop wont power, I need an alternate power source

Same problem here

I am having the same problem with my Presario Laptop x1015.

I sent it in for repair once, but it is happening again and I can't find my receipt so they won't honor the warentee. Bought it last Feb. Funny thing is that Compaq told me that this is
not a common problem and tried to blame me!!!!

If you know of an alternate source please reply or email [email protected]
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The tips I got with this Kensington 33197 power adapter have numbers stenciled on them like N3, N5, N19, etc. The tips sold on their web site make no mention of the "N" numbers and have numbers like K20059, K20050, etc. and there is no cross reference.

You can also see a complete reference for "N" numbers to all the laptops they support at the above link. Again, no mention of the numbers Kensington uses on their site.

I need a cross reference for these kinds of numbers.

Kensington referred me to their telephone tech support; but, there is a language or cultural barrier that prevents their understanding what I need.

Does anyone know of such a reference?

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I have had my Hp laptop for 3 years now. It has been working perfectly, up until 2 weeks ago. It would not turn on when I clicked the power button. After clicking the power button, 15 minutes later I noticed it just came to life. Sometimes it doesn't turn on at all for days, but sometimes I click the power button and it boots within 15-30 minutes. When i click the power button, nothing happens at all for that duration. No fans, no lights nothing. The only light on is the power cord button that is always on when i plug it in. I did replace the power cord, and tried cleaning out the insides, it did nothing. Should i just replace the motherboard?

Ps. Hp pavilion dv6-6c43cl

A:Hp laptop takes 15 minutes to power on after clicking the power button

See if your mobo has a power switch on the actual board itself. Power it on that way and see if the problem persists
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Hello, I have a ProBook 640 G1 that will not power on. After pressing the power button, with a battery installed and the AC adapter attached, the Charging LED blinks white 9 times . Unplugging the AC adapter results in 9 amber blinks. The light on the AC Adapter itself remains solid green. With the battery removed, and attached to the AC Adapter, three lights blink continously : The light on the power button (white), the Charging LED (AMBER), and the Power LED (White). The light on the AC Adapter itself remain solid green. In both cases pressing or pressing and holding the power button has no effect. There is no indication that power is actually making in to the MB; no BIOS , nothing at all. I do not have access to another unit with the same battery or AC adapter in order to try swapping those out. Thanks,Shane
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Earlier this afternoon I switched my power settings to power saver as my laptop was dieing.

I shut it down like this.

I hooked it back up to power and switched back to high performance power setting.

However, while playing games the performance is horrible. I even switched back to power saver while playing and it made no difference.

Any ideas?
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Now the laptop DELL 9400 is saying I cannot defrag because the battery is too low. But I dont use the battery at all. I always use the ac adapter cord.
Is there a setting to address this issue, or is this a hardware problem?

A:Using AC power but laptop shows using battery power

Turn off the laptop, remove the battery and then start up again (with the AC power attached of course!). Do you still get the problem? Or does the laptop not turn on at all?


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From many days the battery icon is missing from the taskbar, the notification icon is greyed out even if the laptop is not on AC. i followed the the tutorial System Icons - Enable or Disable but nothing happened. please help...

A:Power Icon Disabled even if laptop is not an AC Power

My computer is Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. I have used system restore, registry cleaner from glary utilities and done sfc / scannow also, but nothing happened.
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Hey, got quite a problem with my laptop.. It's a Medion Erazer X7813, worked well for ~2 years.
I was doing a graphics card benchmark yesterday and it stopped in the middle of it(monitored temperature, it was at ~80 degrees Celsius when it turned off). No bluescreen or anything just off and I couldnt restart after that(no fans nothing). I thought it might be the power supply, so I tested it, but it was doing 19v when not plugged in, but when I plugged it in and unplugged it again it was at 1v. When testing I unintentionally shorted the power supply and it showed 1v after that just as it did after plugging it in, is it shorting inside the laptop? Could it be the battery or something more serious like the MB? Any ideas are welcome!

A:Laptop gets no power, power supply seems to be working

The charging circuits on the laptop motherboard may be shorted...
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Needing some advice please I have a HP Probook b laptop which a friend wants me to fix again at one point he dropped his disch... HP won't Laptop to LED, Tried on. power flashing power laptop and had the same power fault and when I discharged the CAPS and turned it on it worked however this time trying the technique isn't doing HP Laptop flashing power LED, won't power on. Tried to disch... it I've tried with discharging and only putting in the battery discharging and only putting in the AC HP Laptop flashing power LED, won't power on. Tried to disch... adapter discharging and put in both Ac adapter and Battery I've tried taking out the HDD and RAM and tried discharging I've tried taking out each individual component and testing but to no avail nbsp At this point I'm thinking a motherboard issue as I'm thinking that my friend has dropped it plenty more times as I see more dents on it which could have broken a copper track Does anyone else think this is a suitable diagnostic I've ruled out the battery as I'm getting V output and the AC adapter I'm getting V as it states it should be nbsp I'm asking if this diagnostics seems correct as I don't want to waste money or time on getting a motherboard if it's not the motherboard but I'm thinking that's the best bet nbsp Cheers
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Since i bought a new laptop E7270, is it allowed to use my power adaptor my old Dell E6420 also for the new one?   If so i can use one adaptor at home and another in office and dont need to carry the power adaptor always.
Will this impact the battery performance of the new laptop?

A:If it is possible to use the power adapter of E6420 for my new laptop E7270? Will it impact the battery of the new laptop?

If the connector fits (it may not - the older systems use a much larger barrel connector than many of the new ones), AND the power (wattage) is equal or greater, yes.
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My laptop was fine a few days ago but now when I plug it into the wall ac power the laptop will not turn on at all no noise. However when I plug the power cord in I do get a light for the battery charging,(yet to see if battery will take a full charge and come on) but so far nothing. Any ideas as to fixing this or why this could happen. can I get files from laptop harddrive to my pc? Remove laptop hard drive and connect to my pc? Thanks

A:No Ac Power or Battery power to Laptop

Sounds like a major failure in the laptop.

You can buy adapters for laptop HDD to Desktop IDE drives, quite cheaply. That will allow you to access the files on the hard drive.

USB cases are also quite reasonable for laptop hard drives and give an easy way to access the drive.
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Hey guys,
Im normally pretty tech savvy though i am stuck on a problem.

I often have my laptop plugged in to an inverter, plugged in to the car. I need it to power on by itself, when there is power from the inverter.

Any ideas?



A:ideas: Laptop to power on when there is power

Quote: Originally Posted by cyberrock

Hey guys,
Im normally pretty tech savvy though i am stuck on a problem.

I often have my laptop plugged in to an inverter, plugged in to the car. I need it to power on by itself, when there is power from the inverter.

Any ideas?

Do you mean you need to power it on by pressing such a power button, maybe located in elsewhere on your laptop?
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Hello my Dell Inspiring 15 laptop  is making 4 beeps pause and  makes four more beep when I press the power  button.  Can you please up me fix my laptop.

A:My laptop make 4 beeps when I power laptop on.

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please try with one memory module at a time and check if the system powers on.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell
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A:no power comes on my laptop screen when swich on my laptop

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hey guys I ve posted on here before and there was a good amount of response and it helped a lot so I thought I would try again I have a Dell Inspiron laptop and about a month ago after I had run out the battery and left it over night the next morning when I tried to power it up with the AC cord nothing to no power laptop worked all three of the lights lit on the front up right away when I plugged it in and then there was nothing no more lights no screen no fans no nothing I am usually pretty good with this type of stuff so I took no power to laptop apart my computer and nothing seemed like there was something wrong and I have tried just using a battery that was charged up but there is just no power going through the computer at all I have tried getting it to run and am thinking about bringing it in but I don t want to waste bucks on something that I could solder up just as easy for free but if it is more I would be willing to spend what ever it takes to get this thing working again I have tons of information on it that I really need to get to soon so any ideas will be welcome detailed instructions would be nice so I can price out things and decide whether I think I can fix it or not thank for all your help and any help would be helpful I will check back often and see what you guys have thought up thanks and I hope that whatever you guys come up with works peace out nbsp

A:no power to laptop

If the computer will not turn on even with the AC adapter plugged in, then something more serious is going on. It could be the connector to the power plug is loose, the CPU went bad, the motherboard went bad, or a number of other things (I am not a laptop expert other than that exact thing happened to my old laptop and it never worked again).
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My sister has a 1400 i series laptop. It has Win98 on it.

One night, she had the thing plugged into a surge strip and there was a storm. She thinks that the place she lives in got hit. She says the Power strip still works and other things that were plugged in power up.

I checked out the transformer and it is providing the right power and volts.

The computer just won't power up. When you press the power on button, a light flashes and that is it.

Any suggestions as to what I might have to replace? Or, what to check first?


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I got this laptop, neo, 1 1/2 year in my possession, it so happened that I accidentally hybernate I for a couple of hours, when I tried to open it, the there is no booting taking place., no fan,just the led light for charging/power , I have tried the hard reset as suggested in other forum, but the charging light just blinking as I press the power button( connected with the adaptor and w/o the the battery)
is there any one know my case?

A:Laptop won't power on

Remove the battery altogether; then hit the POWER key, which will drain any power left onboard.

Now reinstall the battery and connect to the A/C charger - - does it show as charging?

Wait a few minutes and then hit power on again - - it should resume from hibernation.
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i have a compaq presario c350ea laptop. it powers on and sounds as if its booting for a few seconds then the led on the power butto just starts flashing and it doesnt display anything. I have checked ram, took out battert and also took out the dvd drive and its still the same. Is my mainboard faulty or am i missing something

A:Laptop won't power on

Pull out the hard drive and see if you get any start up info on the screen
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I recently got this HP laptop from a buddie and he used it to play games. He said the charger might have broke inside the port and the battery was dead but it would no t charge. I had the acdc jack replaced and bought a new battery charge it up and nothing. No power to it and it wont turn on. Please help
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I have an HP power won't Laptop up pavilion ze notebook that is yrs old all original AMD Athlon mem dvd I set the sleep and hibernate settings to shorter times - minutes left and when I came back it was totally dead I don t know if this is a coincidence or if something bigger is wrong I had the power cord checked amp it is OK The battery was at when last checked and even removed it and tried just AC and still no lights or sounds Put battery back in and with ac plugged in the fully charged light comes on then when I hit the power button the blue power on button flashes for a second Laptop won't power up and then nothing I have Laptop won't power up to reset the button underneath with a paper clip to get the ac green light to come on again I push the power button and blue power on flash then nothing again Can it stay in sleep or hibernate Guy at Best Buy thinks it might be done for And one online forum sounds like the motherboard Any suggestions nbsp

A:Laptop won't power up

DId you get this solved?
I have the same problem
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I have an HP Pavillion dv7-1245dx, running Windows7. Its refurbished. I was having trouble keeping it charged and thought it was the DC jack so I had it replaced. This didnt help so I bought a new AC adapter, this didnt help neither. I cant run it on the adapter alone because it shuts off randomly. I bought a new battery and the problem remains. Please help.
Windows 7
Ram: 4.00GB
AMD Turion X2 64 bit
2 processors
ATI Radeon HD 3200
Norton Anti Virus
Motherboard: Unknown
Hard Drive:Hitachi HTS543232L9A300 ATA Device

Sorry I do not know what kind of motherboard I have as I am not able to get into my laptop and look.

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Here is the situation I pressed the not up power will Laptop power button to put my laptop to put it to sleep and Laptop will not power up everything went dark Immediately after this I heard a noise and while looking around I noticed it was my adapter I unplugged it from my laptop and it stopped blinking and making noise like a Laptop will not power up alarm sort of noise I plug it in to the laptop and it starts again I removed the battery and did the discharge thing holding down the power button Plugged the adapter in and it starts blinking the adapter and making a noise i e the alarm sound Laptop shows no signs of life I ve read up and tried the ideas on the net to no avail I would like to not spent tons of money only to find out it s something simple like the adapter or battery PC is a Lenovo Ideapad Z With gigs of ram and so on I hope this is enough info I can t recall any more pc related specs just the current issue info Please help nbsp

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Laptop won't power on - tried to remove battery, tried different adapter cords, no lights when the power cord is plugged in
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ASUS G72GX-RBBX05 Laptop Windows 7

Chain of events:

Shutdown suddenly
I restarted but it shut down again mid Windows boot-up.
I cleaned dust out of fan after removing battery.( fan had been running more than usual recently)
Reinstalled battery and plugged in A/C adapter
Restarted but window showed " your computer was unable to start" and began repair routine.
Then it shutdown again mid repair
Would not power on.
Disconnected A/C & took out battery; pressed power button for 30 sec.

Still won't power on.

A:Laptop will not power on.

UPDATE: checked all connections. Charger cord connection was loose.

Restarted and seems OK now.

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I have a HP Pavilion ze4125.
It shows power when plugged in. Battery charges,when the power button is pressed the keyboard option buttons light up for a second and thats it.
I don't know laptop hardware so I hope this may be an easy and cheap fix?


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I was given a Dell Inspiron 1525 and was told it didnt work. The battery is dead and no longer holds a charge so I plugged in in and it started right up. I messed around on it and it ran like normal and couldn't figure out why it wouldnt start for anyone else. I turned it off and moved it to a different room and now it won't turn on again. I think that it might be the adapter isnt drawing electricity. The light on the adapter stays dark even while its plugged in but it is old and could have just burnt out.Is there anyway to test this? Is there anything else that could be wrong?

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I am having trouble with computers out of the on my home network Suspiciously they began acting up similarly and at the same time so I initially thought a virus was at play After today and trying to get the logs that are required to post to this forum I m not so sure Computer is the laptop and I could not get the GMER program to #1 Laptop - No Power run and get a log to post The computer just went dead Black Nothing I can hold the power button and the green light on teh front of the laptop flashes once very briefly but does not stay on I had it on all afternoon I #1 Laptop - No Power don t know what else to try I removed cleaned and replaced the battery Should this request be posted into a different forum I didn t want to post in different forums as I didn t want to frustrate the technicians if it turns out that in fact I do have a virus on my network nbsp
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I have a Compaq Presario 700 series laptop. My problem is that when I turn it on it cuts back off right away. I hear the fan spinning at first, but then it shuts right off. The screen is okay because I can see the boot up screen fine before it shuts down. I also tried a new power adapter, same thing. Any help would be apprecited. Thank you.

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Dell Inspiron 2200 - just will not turn on... green light comes on for a few seconds and then it just dies completely. Have taken out battery etc. but that does not work. Do I need to press a reset button somewhere in the machine? I know its old laptop ... but really need it to search for work. Any help appreciated. Thanks

A:Laptop will not power up

have you tried taking the battery out and the ac power lead out and then hold the power switch on for at least 60seconds
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My laptop got wet. I took it on a sailing course. It wasn't immersed and in pretty sure the water was from a fresh water source that was cleaning the boat. But it died and I haven't gotten it to respond to the charger or start since. I'm not sure what my options are. I bought it at Best Buy in March. Paid about 1000 for it. Is there anything I can do? I've waited about a month since it happened but no change. It's further complicated by the sailing course being in Spain. Not sure info should just pull out the hard drive and replace the laptop or if there is some way to send it to HP to have them look at it or what. Can someone please give me some advice? Thanks

A:Laptop won't power on after getting wet

Mraymus wrote:My laptop got wet. I took it on a sailing course. It wasn't immersed and in pretty sure the water was from a fresh water source that was cleaning the boat. But it died and I haven't gotten it to respond to the charger or start since. I'm not sure what my options are. I bought it at Best Buy in March. Paid about 1000 for it. Is there anything I can do? I've waited about a month since it happened but no change. It's further complicated by the sailing course being in Spain. Not sure info should just pull out the hard drive and replace the laptop or if there is some way to send it to HP to have them look at it or what. Can someone please give me some advice? ThanksHi, Your only option is by sending the computer for repair. Replacing the hard drive is not a guaranteed fix since this will fall under "Customer induced damage" and theres a cost for that. Accidental damage is not covered by the hardware replacement warranty. The cost will fall roughly $300-$400 plus state tax. HP Support number 1800 474 6836 Just provide with the computer's serial and product number and they will help you send the computer for repair.

"Education costs money; so does Ignorance"If my post has helped you, click the Kudos Thumbs up!If it solved your issue, Click the "Accept as Solution" button so others can benefit from the question you asked!
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My laptop won't power up. The green light comes on, pilot light for the adapter, so long as I don't connect the lead to the laptop. If I plug the lead in to the laptop the green light goes out on the adapter. Any ideas?

A:My laptop won't power up

Wondering if maybe the battery has gone bad.
Try unplugging the battery and see if it will run from the ac adapter alone.
Also ... Will it run from the battery alone?
What type (make and model) of computer?
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I have an Acer Aspire 5741. I left it on and plugged in overnight. This morning, it was off and would not power up.When I press the power button, the blue light on the power button itself does not come on. The orange power light at the front corner blinks 5 times. I removed batter. Pressed power button for 45 seconds.Tried 2 other AC adapters. Same results The laptop case isn't in the best shape and the AC connector is a little loose. It's been working this way for a while. Any idea? Thanks in advance,158589.0.html
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My Patriot 2410 laptop wont take power from the AC adapter. I have checked the adapter and its fine (19 V 3A).

The power light blinks on and off if you waggle the lead but wont stay on to boot up the laptop. I can also hear a crackle on the speaker.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Laptop Power

The AC adaptor may be fine but it sounds like the connection to the laptop isn't right. My dept bought three new laptops that I had to set up and one had to have the AC adaptor replaced. It happens.
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Hey guys and girls, im a newbie here. In my household we have two compaq presario laptops and neither will power up "all of a sudden". One of them if you plug the power lead in the little ring lights up around it, but still nothing else happens.

With both i have tried taking the batteries out, and holding the power button to drain any excess voltage, different power supplies, and a known working battery a friend let me try and nothing happened to either.

I have had them both apart and can see no obvious faults or anything that has burnt etc.. where do i go from here?

Im not sure if it's worth mentioning, but they have both used non genuine power supplies as the originals both failed a while back....

Hopefully someone can help

A:Laptop won't power up

have the power adapters a slide control onthe side,and are they set to the correct voltag?
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Hey all,
I have an HP Pavilion n5415, which does not power on, at all.
no lights, noises, nothing. I have tried with the plug, without the battery, etc..
It powered on until yesterday, I removed the hard drive (which was dead), to extract some important info, put it back in, and now nothing.
Just a note, it was making some crazy sounds prior to this whole thing, it sounded like the cpu fan was hurting, but still, shouldn't there be some sign of power now?
Thanks for nay help.

A:Laptop has no power ----HELP!

Hi and welcome. Since you were playing around inside, my suggestion would be to check connections and the ram to be sure you didn't bump something loose.

Along the lines of the cpu fan, if you fried the cpu..........
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Hi i have a Compaq presario it simply does not power on only the green LED lights up Before this happend i would have to press the power button several times before it would power on then the only way it would power on would be to remove battery hold down power button and insert a c cable this worked twice then it neve turned back on I tested the a c adaptor and voltage is ok i dont know how to test the power supply i took the thing apart but it is hard to get my test leads to the power supply with a c on i dont want to have to really disassemble not Does Laptop power on it unless i have to I was told that Laptop Does not power on in some laptops when the CMOS battery goes bad they laptop may not power on what can i do i mean i will get a bew CMOS battery and try that but what if its not that what else can cause it not to power on bad Laptop Does not power on mother board bad cpu bad power supply how do i trouble shoot please help nbsp

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I looked up sleep and on laptop Power hibernate I found that when in sleep mode I should just be able to click my mouse run my finger across the mouse pad or press a Power on laptop key to awake the computer Well it doesn't do that I've checked the power options they are correct The only way my computer will turn on after it is in sleep mode for more than minutes is to press the power button which is very difficult to locate on the side of the laptop and does not Power on laptop press well I usually have to press it wait for the keyboard light to come on wait awhile for the blank screen to remain blank Power on laptop click a couple of keys click the mouse and then turn the power off again When I turn it back on again the screen lights up like it should This is quite frankly the worst power button I have ever been associated with It is difficult to find and difficult to press I can't believe I paid for this computer and can't even turn it on quickly
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My laptop won't turn on.  I have removed the battery, plugged in with power cord and hold the button down -- no results.  The tiny light right next to the power outlet on the laptop blinks a few times but won't turn on.  This happened about a month ago and the normal reset fixed it.  The laptop is only 1.5 years old.  Any suggestions?  I upgraded to Windows 10 a few months ago.
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I have a laptop that no longer powers on. It is a Dell D630. I press the button to turn it on, the power light turns on but the screen does not turn on nor do I hear any sounds of anything starting. The Power light after about 10 seconds also turns off. I am thinking it is either the power supply or the motherboard.

I have tried to take the battery out and just plug it in without the battery but that did not work either. I have tried without power plugged in and just battery and did not work.

If anyone has any input on this situation, please let me know.

A:Laptop will not power on!

Does your battery have sufficient power to power on the laptop?

If your battery isn't dead, you should try taking your computer to a store/shop with a known working adapter (if you don't have a spare). Once you rule out the adapter as the problem, you can pretty much assure yourself that it is hardware related (such as motherboard, DC jack..) since a working adapter will still power up a computer with no battery connected to the PC.
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So i was working on that PCG-V505EXP Sony vaio. I finally got the harddrive out and switched it out for one that works.

When i put the computer back together... It would not power on. Most of the time I can see the light turn on for 1-2 seconds and then it dies out. Sometimes i dont even get power! What the heck is going on. I need to get this computer to work. I made a promise...

Any ideas would help.

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Hi Guys,
I have a Latitude D600 that has died on me. I put it to bed one night and in the morning it wouldnt boot up.
When powering up absolutely nothing happens, none of the system LEDs light up, and the power supply`s green LED goes off when plugged in which I think means there is a shortage in the laptop.
I have opened it up and there is nothing obvious wrong (albeit my experience with this issue is zero).
I think i will need some test equiptment as from what i have read this is a motherboard or power regulator failure, but i really dont know what i am doing??

any advise or point at articles that i might have missed would be great.

many thanks


A:Laptop will not power up

It can be your adapter i think; you will need to check notebook's powersupply as well.
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I have been attemptoing to download Windows Updates for over 12 hours.I left the computer on this morning as it searched for updates and had breakfast.When I returned, the screen was blank, as tho the computer went to sleep, tried to wake it and then tried to turn the power on. No luck getting the power on and the only response it the light next to the power light with the lightening bolt flickers when I push the power button.Any thoughts or suggestions?

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A:Laptop won't power on

Hard reset. Remove battery. Remove AC power. Hold down power button count to 10. Attach AC adapter and see if it powers on now.
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Notebook won't power up on battery and switches off immediately if power lead is uplugged.  Reads 50% (pugged in, not charging) and diagnostics confirm battery OK.  Presumably some kind of power management issue but what?

A:laptop power

Dear Customer, Welcome and Thank You for posting your query on HP Support Forum It looks like your Notebook is not charging the Battery, We will surely assist you with this issue Please perform below shown steps to resolve the issue:Step 01. Click on the Start ButtonStep 02. Type "Device Manager" in the start search box & open the Device ManagerStep 03. Look for Batteries and expand it by click on the + symbol on the leftStep 04. Right Click on "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery" & uninstallStep 05. Please Shutdown the NotebookStep 06. Please remove the Battery and unplug the Power AdapterStep 07. Press and Hold the Power Button for full 1 MinuteStep 08. Go ahead and put back the Battery and connect the Power AdapterStep 09. Look for "Plugged In Charging" message on the Battery icon After performing all the steps if you are facing the same issue still, please perform three more steps: 1. Run a Battery Check in HP Support Assistant[Install the Software if it's not available]Note: Replace the Battery If Health Check Status shows Replace 2. Update the latest BIOS for your Notebook from HP Support Site 3. Please check your Notebook with a known good Power Adapter & Battery from a different Notebook Note: If a known good battery is also not charging we need to replace the system board How to improve the life of a Battery:1. It is not advisable to use the Notebook when the Power Adapter is connected2. It is not advisable to keep the Power Adapter plugged in even after the Battery is fully charged3. You need to let the battery drain completely before charging again4. Power Plan should be set correctly for extended battery life5. Please keep the Screen Brightness at lower level6. Please turn OFF Wi-Fi Connection when not in use7. Please remove the CD/DVD's from the Optical Drive when not in use   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Dear All,My HP G62 won't power up A year ago I stopped using it - I had some problems with screen flickering (probably damaged LCD cable) so I switched to my second laptop. Today I've decided to start using my HP again, but it doesn't want to cooperate with me.When I plug in the AC adapter the power button blinks every second (it blinks pretty fast, all other lights are off). When I push the power button nothing happens, only the network light blinks, when I hold the power button the network light blinks every second.I've tried pulling out the battery, disconnecting the AC and holding the power button for 20 sec/1 min, but without any results.Any solutions will be appreciated!Thanks
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Laptop- Sony Vaio VGN-S How it happened- Attached USB not will laptop power up from digital camera lower right balloon window opened that said something like quot The attached USB device exceeds the power requirement disconnect the device quot Then another small center window opens quot Pick yes to laptop will not power up restore the USB to original if you pick no the USB port will be disabled quot I picked yes removed the camera software re-booted re- installed the camera software and tried to attach the camera again because it worked before- dumb move The exact laptop will not power up same thing happened then poof- the computer just powered off like I had pulled out the battery I have a volt power supply but do not recall if it was attached when this whole thing occured Volt meter reads volts from power cord no response when pushing power button either with battery only or power supply only Question- Power section for start up fried on mother board maybe If I let it sit for a week with battery out will C-mos possibly correct it Is there a fuse inside Am I an idiot Laughing here Thank-you for reading- Steve nbsp

A:laptop will not power up

If it won't POST, it's usually either PSU, motherboard or CPU. Sounds like you've eliminated PSU.
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So I recently took apart my Dell Inspiron 1520, thinking I would be able to upgrade the video card. Unfortunately I realized my current one is soldered to the motherboard, so that was unsuccessful.

Anywho, after putting the laptop back together, it will no longer power on. When I plug it into the wall, the battery light will light up, but pressing the "on" button still does nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I may have screwed up?
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Hi, I have dell inspiron laptop. My laptop does not power on. When I connected charger to laptop, t he charger led goes off. I have tried to put off the battery but still there is no power in the laptop. I need help.

A:Laptop No power

There's a short in the system somewhere.  Several possibilities:
1.  The DC jack in the system is faulty.  On most newer system, that's the place to start - but we'll need to know exactly which system you have to determine whether the jack is replaceable.  That is, Inspiron N5110, 5531, etc.
2.  One of the USB ports has shorted pins (check inside the USB ports with a flashlight for pins making contact with both sides of the port.  If one or more of the ports is faulty, it may be a matter of replacing a small board -- or it may require a mainboard replacement.
3.  If neither of those is the cause, it's the mainboard that's bad.  On low-end models, or systems over 3 years old, it's really not worth replacing the board - the system should be replaced.
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My laptop is Dell Latitude D531.
For some reason my laptop just did not startup with the AC adapter in it.
You'd see the battery light symbol and the power symbol come on, but the monitor
would stay powered off.
When me and my friend pull out the adapter and powered up the laptop it run normally.
Even plugged back in the adapter and the charged laptop charged normally, and it would repeat this process.
Could it just be a faulty AC adapter or is it the battery?
Thanks in advance for your help.:wave:

A:My Laptop won't Power up with the AC

I would say that it is a faulty AC adapter but have it tested to be sure before buying a new one.
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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-NR38E which I have been using fine for years. Today I tried to set up cloud print on my Kodak Office 2170 and installed the software on to my laptop, but when it finished it suddenly powered down like the battery had been pulled out. I have it on charge so it's not low battery and when I power it up it says "Windows failed to start, recent changes in the software or hardware may have been the cause". It then says to launch startup repair, which I do, only to have it power down a few seconds later. Any ideas?

A:Laptop Power Down

Does the laptop charger still work? They do fail and then the laptop drains the battery and powers off. Are there any lights on the charger? Is the charging light coming on on the laptop?

Try this;
1) Unplug the charger from the wall
2) Unplug the charger from the laptop
3) Remove the laptop battery
4) Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds
5) Re-connect the charger to the wall and see if any lights come on on the charger.
6) Connect only the charger to the laptop, see if any lights come up to indicate its plugged in or charging or if the charger's light goes off.
7) Attempt to power on the laptop and watch for any activity
8) If the laptop does nothing, disconnect the power adapter and plug in the battery. Attempt to turn it on again.
9) If nothing, reconnect the charger and let the laptop attempt to charge for a while before trying to turn it on.

Report the results of each of the testing stages.
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I have a P twinhead laptop it was hit with The CIH virus a couple years ago They ended up replacing my Motherboard for big Dont know if up power Laptop won't that is related to the present problem The laptop screen shortly after turned all red like some of the colour guns arent working Laptop won't power up Then the quot floppy was recognized as a quot so its unuseable now The final coup de gras is that while I was on it the power went off went to power up again and nothing Nada Having tossed a pile of at it I diint want to give up on it put it aside for a few months then one day tried it again and voila it powered up all normal after a couple days it did the same thing no power again This keeps on and each time it will work again for a shorter time I have pulled the batteries CMOS and main thinking that power may charge it and make it not work Anyone ever heard of this prob Last night I tried it again after a few months and it booted twice got a message Checksum for hard drive bad and windows woulndt even boot Why would it need to quot cool off quot for weeks before it would boot again Should I just toss the sucker I ve got a total of near into it for one year s service out of it Is this some remnant of the CIH virus nbsp

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have an older laptop with windows 98.......cannot afford a new battery for it, my question is......Can I power it from the cigarette lighter in a vehicle?? And if so, do you know where I might find such an adapter ?? I have a 100 Watt converter to convert DC into AC, but that wears the vehicle battery down much faster than if it is run from DC.

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I have a Gateway Laptop that, all of a sudden, won't power up. I have it plugged in and am getting power to it. However, it has been plugged in for over 24 hours and the light is still red and the battery shows no charge. I have taken the battery out and tried to turn it on. I have unplugged it and tried it but still nothing. If the battery is bad, shouldn't I still be able to use it with just the 110v? Help!!!!!

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No Power

The power supply has a green light that lights up, but no lights on the computer light up. I think I will try to get a new battery and see if that helps. The computer is 2 years old and the battery has never been replaced
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I have an Asus EeePc 1015PED which cannot power on when I press the power on button. The laptop starts up for about 1 second then dies. How can I tell if this is a motherboard problem? Tried it without battery but also encounters same issue.

A:Laptop cannot power on

Try different power supply (can be hard) and also try reseating the RAM if possible.
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I own a Dell Inspiron 5520 laptop and a night that I was streaming, my laptop suddenly shut off and wouldn't turn on. Nothing happens when I press the power and when I plug in the charger the light doesn't even come on, though the charging brick light does (my computer was plugged in when this happened). I have looked this up and I have tried the only suggested solution which is to remove the battery and all connections and press the power button for 30-60 seconds, then putting the battery back in and attempting to power on. I have repeated this multiple times, even doing it with only the charger connected and battery out or both charger and battery connected but nothing seems to work. I am hoping that someone can offer me a solution before I have to carry this to a technician or replace it.
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To whom it may concern, I am experiencing a power issue where the laptop will not turn on, with or without the cord. What can I do to trouble shoot the problem!
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Have had my 15-f271wm  laptop since April 2016. Everything was fine until a few days ago. It was charged up but wouldn't come on. I tried to start it by taking the battery out and unplugging the power cord and holding in the start button for 1 minute, then leaving the battery out and plugging back in , I pushed the  start button. The light came on the side to show it had power, but nothing happened. Any suggestions? I use this computer for work and I'm hoping it doesn't have to go out to get fixed.
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My Sony Vaio PCG NV170 laptop will not power on. It was working AOK then when I tried to turn it on the next time nothing happened. When I push the Power On switch, I get a green light but that is all. I mean ZERO. No fan noice, no hint of the monitor going to power on, etc. DEAD as a door nail.

Any suggestions as to what to check. It has the correct power supply, etc.

Thanks, bjh

A:Laptop will not power on

its usually either the battery or the power pack
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laptop amilo Li 1718 shuts down eventually Norton Internet security 2008 runs clear spybot S&D runs clear I have the minidump files but i cant read them event name : BlueScreen please help

A:laptop power down

So exactly what is the problem...? Shuts down too slow ? and now you have a blue screen. Has it worked before and now doesn't ? Have you changed something and now it doesn't work ? What kind of Vista / OS do you have have ?

Tell us more information....
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Hi.... my laptop is a 2 year old Fujitsu Lifebook and I have never had one single problem until now. It just shut down on me without warning and I am getting nothing. No lights, sounds or anything. It is completely dead. I checked the cord/charger and am getting 14.5V as per the transformer out of it.
I am wondering if it is the battery or the machine. Would anyone have any idea?
Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop- No Power

Take the battery out as the laptop can run on ac charger supply.
If you still have no power, something in the laptop, probably power supply
voltage regulators or in of that circuit, is shot.
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My Gateway laptop running xp will not turn on. It is plugged in and has its battery. Came on for a few moments this morning then turned off. Could it be the power supply or what else could be wrong? any suggestions.

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Hello everyone
I have inspiring N5110 and I am facing the problem since last 2-3 Weeks. The problem is that the laptop is kind off dead. even if i press the power button 100 times it doesn't wakeup. Sometimes though in between these 100 times it does wake up but that is completely random and I think it's gradually increasing.
I am using a new battery since 3 months.
My charger is perfectly fine.
On other forums I saw a solution to press the button which is in a hole near the ram cover I am not able to find the hole.
Please help!

A:Laptop won't power on.

What "hole near memory" are you referring to? Could you kindly post the links of forum threads, so we could review the same?
Please check if there is any damage on the machine. Check if all the ports on the machine are fine or misaligned. Sometimes if the pins in the USB ports are touching each other, they are known to cause many issues on the machine.
Are you using a Dell Adapter? Does the light on the adapter stay on and stable when connected to the system or does it go off / flash? 
Remove both the memory modules and try powering on the system and see if it comes on and beeps.
If there is no response from the machine, I would suspect the motherboard might have failed.
Assuming the system warranty has expired, you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call here -
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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I have a Sony VPCF136FX. The battery stated it was 100% but would not run the computer. I bought a new battery and it worked with the battery power it had but would not charge. The strange thing is if the battery and AC adapter or plugged in, it thinks its on battery but wont charge. If I take the battery out, it recognizes that its on AC. I have tried deleting the Battery in the Device Manager. Is this a hardware issue and can it be repaired?

A:Laptop power help

The battery is most likely bad and just needs replaced. Check Amazon or eBay for a replacement (an OEM replacement is best, try to avoid the cheaper Chinese batteries).

Edit: I re-read your post and see you said you replaced the battery already... have you checked the voltage output from your AC adapter with a multimeter to see if it's putting out the right amount?

Is it possible you also got a bad replacement battery? have you checked to make sure the battery is fully making contact with the battery terminals? Does the laptop run fine without the battery in it, and only on AC power?
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To whom it may concern, I am experiencing a power issue where the laptop will not turn on, with or without the cord. What can I do to trouble shoot the problem!
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i have a laptop whose power key doesn't seem to be working properly. i'm facing this problem for the second time and it made a hole in my pocket getting it repaired. so i'm trying to do all i can to prevent the same from happening the second time around.

i'm wondering if there was a way possible to assign any other key on the laptop (keyboard) as the power key to turn it on?

any kind of help is much appreciated.

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My friend gave me a laptop (Gateway M210) for free...he said that it was turning on and all of a sudden never turned on again.......i was taking the laptop apart and everything seemed fine, exept the power buttton cable....the metal on the end looks broken.....i'm not sure if that is the problem or not, but the light that tells you it is pluged into the outlet comes on and the battery is fully charged (cuz the charge lit went off). it don't have a hard drive in it at the moment.......could it be a dead Cmos battery?

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To whom it may concern, I am experiencing a power issue where the laptop will not turn on, with or without the cord. What can I do to trouble shoot the problem!
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When at home, or at school, is it ok to have a laptop plugged all the time? Unplug it to go to library or class but most of the time it is in the room and plugged in nonstop. Does this affect the battery and power supply/source.

A:laptop power

The ideal charge/discharge cycle for most laptop batteries is a full cycle, discharge/charge. OTOH, many people leave them plugged in with no ill effects, except perhaps slightly reduced battery life. I guess the real issue is, how badly do you want to maximize the life of the battery to the absolute possible degree?
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laptop cap lock flashes
I have a Inspiron 1720, I had hd problems (so I thought). It came with Vista.
I installed a new HD and installed Windows 7.
Worked fine for about a month, now when I power it up the Cap Lock light flashed 60 times (1 minuet) then shuts down.
I took out memory, battery, HD and reinstalled, ETC.
No luck, Would it be right to assume the 4 gigs or ram is bad?
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I have a Hp Amd Turion 1.59 GHZ and 1.96 GB of RAM. I do not know if this is a hardware problem because I' am a computer clue less. But here it goes....
When I turn on my laptop it stays on for 5 seconds, then it goes off for 5 seconds and it keeps on doing that until I push the power button and hold it down till it goes off. When I say my computer goes on/off the lights on my computer go on but the screen never does. It goes on for hours and hours, then try again and it comes on normally. Someone please help.

A:Laptop power on/off, on/off and so on.

see if it will boot up in safe mode
as it boots tap F8
a menu should appear
choose safe mode
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Hi i hope this is in the correct place never posted here before afew days ago i was using my laptop as normal running on AC power but after it being on for about mins the Laptop on not will power backlight started to dim and brighten quickly and the icon in the system tray was Laptop will not power on also quickly changing from the Ac icon to the battery icon after about seconds of this it automatically switched off backlight was changing because its set to dim during battery usage i left it alone for a good hour or so when i tried to turn it back on it would not power on when the power button is pressed the power light sometimes flashes on for about a second before turning off again also when the battery is connected and the power cable plugged in the battery charge light is lit it is a HP laptop and nothing new has been installed changed recently its maybe years Laptop will not power on old any help would be great or even ideas what it could possibly be if you need any more information please ask nbsp

A:Laptop will not power on

your cheapest place to start is with the charger, then the battery. Make sure that your charge indicator is blinking when you have the cord plugged in. It may not be charging the battery properly. Having said that, if the battery is not functioning as it should, it will not charge. No charge = no power. and also some laptops do not even power up even if the cord is plugged in if the battery is not in good condition.
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I have a HP Pavilion dv6000. It was working fine for me up till about a week ago. Now when I power it down or reboot it even, it just shuts itself completely down, and when I try to turn it back on nothing happens. No beeps, no fans turning on nothing. If I leave it, for awhile it does eventually turn itself back on. Now I have never sat there and timed it as to how long it takes as it is never the same amount of time. But have gone a whole night and part of a day. It is almost like it has a mind of its own or something LOL.

Any idea why this is? I am usually pretty computer savvy, but this has gotten me confused. The last thing I really want to hear is that it is the power supply or something lol.

A:Laptop Will Not Power On Right Away

It may be related to the very common failure of HP laptops with nVidia chipsets, see here:
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All of a sudden my laptop will not start, earlier it was completely fine?!?

It is a HP DV6000 series running Vista 32.

I never have the battery connected as a rule so as to preserve it, just running from the power cable.
All that happens now when i press the power button is that the indicator lights above the keyboard, (volume, play, pause etc..) light up for about a second, (as they normally would) & then just go off again. That's it!!

I've tried the 'hold the power button for a minute then plug in' but no change.

Please help, i'm lost without it!!!!!

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I have a dell 1545 and it stop charging. Thought it maybe the power cable so replaced this to no luck.
So then replace the small power broad but its still not coming on.

What else could this be.

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I have a acer aspire 5100 laptop that's been put up for almost 2 years, I stop using it cause the charger had a shortage in it, now 2 years later I finally got a new laptop charger and its still not powering on, its not even lighting up,and before the shortage I had bought a new battery 6months before the charger stop working.
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Is there any harm to a laptop if a battery is removed and AC Power is used exclusively or is it just as productive to leave the battery installed? The laptop battery would be charged on a monthly basis.

A:AC Power on Laptop

no harm - only issue will be if you lose power , you will lose anything you are working on

and if you keep the battery charged each month - then you can always pop it in to use on battery - after another recharge
dont expect the battery to hold charge for a month
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Dear sir,During "restart and update" which was in progress 35%. I slept off my laptop went off due to low battery. When I woke up, I plugged to power and put on the laptop. It continued from 35% but within 5seconds, the laptop went off by itself and uptil now. Not coming on.Only white light on the charging pot and when I try to power on, white light will just blink from the power switch and go again. Meanwhile the WLAN and SD ports will blink same with the power button and go off same time like 1second.Please help.
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there is the acer laptop which the battary is weak and can only sustain for abt 10min. i hibernated it last night and since then when u press the power button to switch it on, the light come on and it goes off again. i have removed the battery and connect it directly to the wall socket and it is still the same. can someone help me out

A:laptop can not power on

batterys do not give much warning they fine one minute knackered the next, suggest (assume comp not booting) remove battery try dirct to laptop without battery, and/or, rub terminals on battery with rough cloth, re boot comp pressing f8 to acess recovery console ....last good config
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I was upgrading the CPU in a a Toshiba Satellite M115 laptop for a friend. I put it back together, and wanted to power it on...and nothing.I made sure everything was connected and still nothing. The power and battery LED come on on the PC, but nothing happens when I press the power button. It's like turning the key on a car and not even hearing it crank. Even if the CPU were bad, it would power up and give me some sort of error, but I get nothing. I tried putting the old CPU back in, and I still get nothing. Could someone please give me some sort of input?

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My laptop is acting up. When i close the lid it gose to standby. I know u can go to control panel and power options and you can set the poewr schemes to always on and go to advanced and set the power buttons but seem like an hour later it gose back to the first settings and start going back to stand by ***. I have windows xp and laptop is an HP Well be a year old next month, just redid windows about a week or 2 ago

A:Need some help with laptop power

Well... It may be your monitor going off... Check those settings... also... if you unplug your laptop.. the settings will automatically go to power save mode.. to fix this just so to the power options when it is unpluged and configure them to how you want...
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I have a 3 year old AST laptop. I push the power button and nothing happens. I've tried removing and reinserting the battery. I've tried with the AC power plugged in and unplugged with no difference. Any suggestions?

A:Laptop - No Power up

Make sure the plug in the wall is working eg. try something else in it and see if it works.

If it is possible check the fuse in the Power supply plug.

Test the power supply with a multimeter.

Suggestions: the power supply has gone and requires replacing
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Have been given a Toshiba Protege R400 Mod No:PPR40A-01000L to look at for a friend who is very ill and the machine just will not switch on.

Have tested the adaptor and battery voltage and there is plenty.

Now I don't have much experience with laptops as such and so cannot rule the PSU as the culprit.

When plugged in the blue power light is on and the small yellow battery indicator flickers at random speeds - but quite fast.

I have Googled it but cannot come up with a definitive answer.

Now I have the maintenance manual for it and I can probably get the LCD mask off to look at the power witch itself. But before I do I would like some opinions on the most likely cause and would prefer to avoid this if at all possible.

So any Toshiba / laptop folks out there any suggestions please.

A:Laptop will not power up

The power button is a likely cause and fairly common. The switch is a simple contact switch: it makes momentary contact between 2 wires to signal the motherboard. If you can find and get access to the 2 wires you can physically touch them together, or use a flat blade screwdriver to momentarily connect the 2 contacts, and that will test whether the power logic circuit is good and the switch is bad. If you make contact and it does not start then you can assume the switch is OK and there is something wrong on the MB side of things.

Before you start disassembly it is always a good idea to do a simple test (perhaps you've done this already):
First, reset the BIOS defaults: Remove power adapter and battery, press and hold the power button for 20 or 30 seconds, then connect everything again and try to start.
Then try with just the battery - no power supply.
Then try with power supply - no battery installed.
If none of the above works then you next want to remove the hard drive, CD-DVD drive, and RAM and try to start (it won't) but you may get some indication it is alive (beeps, info on screen).

Then add one stick of memory and test, then the hard drive, then the CD-DVD drive.
See what you find.
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I went to turn on my computer one morning and the power button doesn't work.  It won't power on. I tried taking out the battery, unplugging the computer, and holding down the power button for a minute, then plugging it back in, and turning it on, but still nothing.  The light on the left side does come on momentarily when I plug it in.  I just bought it a few months ago.  It has a 3 year warranty.  Could it need a new powercord?
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I have a customer laptop won't power on.

The report from the customer was that he went to plug the power in and put it in the wrong port and he said that he heard some sort of craking noise.

The laptop will not power on doesn't matter if the power cable is in or not.
I have tryed removing the battery for 5 min's.
Removing the RAM
Then Removing the hard drive.
In all cases the it didn't power on,

All that happens when you press the power button is that the light will go on for about 5 seconds and then turn off. There are no beeps. No sign of damage anyway.

The laptop is a dell latitude D600.

A:Laptop won't power on

If he heard crackling, my guess would be that some part of the laptop's motherboard is fried. Have you opened it up to inspect it yet?

I don't get how you could manage to jam the AC adapter into the wrong port though...
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When my power level hits 17% my laptop completely powers down. Upon starting it up i receive a message that my laptop did not shut down properly. When windows starts, after lets says 2 min, I receive a blue screen.

Normally at 7% my computer gives me a message saving I should plug it in. At 5% my laptop will forcefully go into standby.

Under event viewer it says, "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."

"[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power..."
"- EventData

BugcheckCode 24
BugcheckParameter1 0x0
BugcheckParameter2 0xfffffa80099e0060
BugcheckParameter3 0x2
BugcheckParameter4 0xffffffffffffffff
SleepInProgress false
PowerButtonTimestamp 0
If you need more information I can provide it, i'm not sure why this is happening all of a sudden for no reason.

Im on an hp dv7-1285dx, Windows 7, any ideas what i can do to fix this problem?

A:Laptop power problem

You most likely need a new battery...
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New poster here I m afraid I ve tried using the search but not really got an answer to my specific problem Also not sure this in in the right section but here we go I have a year old Dell Inspiron Laptop it s been great until the last few months when it started getting extremely slow at times unusable slow new IE windows taking seconds to ope etc etc Eventually I realised that it was a problem ONLY when on AC power but even then it s not consistent about when it happens though seems more regularly now than ever I tried registry fixing programs reformatting new battery non OEM new charger non OEM disabling all the startup stuff in system config this is Slow laptop when power AC on the limit of my tech understanding cleaning out cooling etc etc Non of which has helped I ve also realised that when it suddenly starts to be very slow if I reboot it does NOT fix it and makes the whole boot process VERY slow which suggests to me it is not a windows problem but hardware Also to note with both OEM and non OEM power supply sometimes my computer tells me on startup Slow laptop when on AC power I have the wrong power supply which may cause computer to run slowly it Slow laptop when on AC power s not wrong It s very frustrating as when on battery the computer works great and does everything I need it to nothing very taxing Could do without the expense of a new one but it s driving me mad now as if battery flat and computer goes slow it s unusable until I ve turned it off and charged the battery Please help Dan nbsp
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Hey people,

I recently posted about my laptop laptop ac mains adapter as it was flicking on and off and diagnosed it as a dodgy cable. Went out and bought a new one to try and fix the problem but the power still switches between mains and battery when cable is inserted. Have concluded that the connection in the laptop my not be working correctly and was just wondering is this a common problem and is it easily fixed.


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I buy Broken Laptops and Repair them ( not all ! ) as a hobby , the question I have at the moment is that I have a Laptop repaired and ready to fire up , but I do not have the correct charger / power supply for it .

It requires a 19V 4.5A supply , now I have a couple of chargers but they have a 19.5V 4.5A output , would that extra 0.5 V make such a difference as to blow the Laptop ! .



A:Laptop Power pack

No. That will be fine.
I bought a multi power supply with loads of different tips and voltages for fixing customer's laptops - they always forget the power supply and present them with flat batteries and then wonder why it takes a long time to fix them.