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Odd wireless mouse behavior

Q: Odd wireless mouse behavior

ALL I did was replace the almost dead batteries & now its a pita to click on something.
Its like the cursor is on ice, I move it up to click on a bookmark & it slides on by & I have to s l o w l y move it into the area.Its a wireless Microsoft mouse.

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Preferred Solution: Odd wireless mouse behavior

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Odd wireless mouse behavior

Open Mouse by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Hardware, and then clicking Mouse.
Click the Pointer Options tab, and then do any of the following: To change the speed at which the mouse pointer moves, move the Select a pointer speed slider towards Slow or Fast.
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Let me preface by saying, I am not so much trying to find a solution to my issue as I am looking for an explanation.

I have a Logitech M510 wireless mouse that was dropped. Now, whenever it is used, the cursor behaves strangely. First, clicking becomes intermittently working until it stops altogether. Before it completely stops working, some of the buttons act as different buttons. For example, the left click starts functioning as the center click. Eventually (after about a minute) the cursor stops moving altogether.

The weirdest part of it all is any other mouse connected to the computer (trackpad, Bluetooth, wired) does the same thing as long as the M510 is connected. As soon as the M510 is turned off, all other pointing devices act normally.

I am a little lost as to how some obvious hardware damage in the M510 mouse could cause such profound effects in the software. Does anyone know why this happens?
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Troubleshooting a fairly new HP laptop Had been infected with a virus Cleaned it all up but was experiencing erratic mouse behavior The customer claimed the behavior started when he got hit with infection While the pointer itself moves fine the left and right mouse external Erratic HP behavior on mouse laptop or mouse with touchpad buttons intermittently act like they are being held down causing the pointer to drag and highlight everything in site At other times the buttons do nothing at all At other times the Erratic mouse behavior with external mouse or touchpad on HP laptop left mouse button triggers a rightclick menu And at other moments all Erratic mouse behavior with external mouse or touchpad on HP laptop mouse control is fine This occurs equally on the touchpad or when using an external USB mouse I tried disabling the touchpad completely but the problem still occurs when using the external mouse I tried updating the sypatics touchpad driver but that made no difference either I finally resorted to wiping and completely reinstalling windows but the problem still persists For the hell of it I then updated the BIOS firmware but that made no difference either All keyboard function work fine so I have been having to resort to using the arrow keys and alt tab and such to navigate around I ran a Passmark Burn in Test and everything passed A couple of additional points I ran the Hirens Boot CD which is similar to the Ultimate Boot CD I then booted into the Mini Windows XP and the same erratic mouse behavior occured so this is clearly not an operating system issue Also when I wiped and reloaded Windows I used the HP Recovery partition and ran their recovery operation Their recovery GUI also has mouse capability and I experienced the same erratic mouse behavior there Not sure where to go from here Seems to be some sort of motherboard issue Wanted some other opinions in case I am missing something Thanks in advance Adam

A:Erratic mouse behavior with external mouse or touchpad on HP laptop

Try a different mouse?
Uninstall, then replace...mouse/touchpad drivers?
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I am new to Win XP, and am having a problem with my mouse. If I let the cursor rest on a menu item, folder, etc. for a few seconds, it behaves as though I had clicked the mouse button, causing things to happen that I did not want. Is this normal? Can it be changed?

A:Mouse behavior in XP

HI, Got to folder options in the control panel and it will give you a list of options in regard to mouse clicks.

If you are new to XP I would persevere with the start menu as you will get use to it and once you do it is rather neat.

If you don't want to try to get use to it go to the Start Menu, right click, click on properties, then click on advance and once again there is a menu. Uncheck open when I hover mouse box. Peace Mal
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I have an older Microsoft optical mouse. Recently, the buttons on it started acting odd. At first I would have to smash down hard on the buttons for them to work. Then the following day I had to alt tab to a different window and back for them the buttons to work.

So figuring it was just some crud that got under the buttons I poured some rubbing alcohol on to the mouse. After that the right mouse button works fine its just the left mouse button that doesn't work.

I was hoping the forum here had some suggestions on what I could do, or tell me I just killed my mouse by pouring rubbing alcohol on it. Thanks.

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Basically I've been having problems with my computer crashing badly ever since flash I think it was maybe if that was Odd behavior mouse about months ago While an interesting aside it's probably not relevant Basically in that circumstance it will just slow down to being unworkable I turn it off and back on everything back to normal Odd mouse behavior Anyways last night Odd mouse behavior while watching a movie everything went like it was going to crash explorer exe was failing blah blah blah eventually it fixed itself and as the movie didnt stop working I didnt think it was a big deal After that my mouse wouldn't work properly Basically somehow my left mouse button no longer switches windows my right mouse button does which causes massive problems with games any drop down menus or using the desktop as everything on the desktop and taskbar have the left click acting as the right click would Basically to switch windows now I have to bring up that window using alt tab and then right click into the window and then things work normally again left click to move around scroll wheel things work fine It's changing panels windows frames dropdown menus This situation persists into games as well any game where part of the screen is a distinct window of it's own requires a right click to get into it Things I've tried System Restore Different Mice I've also explored all the mice options and nothing seems to be relevant if you go from the control panel- gt devices- gt mouse Deleting and recreating the Page File I've also uninstalled intellipoint because I thought that was what was causing the problem it wasn't working properly but uninstalling it did not solve the problem I'm currently running both Mcafee and AdAware on it to see if it is some kind of virus or malware problem If you've ever come across this problem before I'd love to know the solution googling hasn't been particularly helpful All suggestions appreciated Thanks for the help

A:Odd mouse behavior

Hello Coramoor0 and welcome to TSF,

When you say "Switching Windows"... Do you mean putting focus on that particular window so you can input text, or operate buttons?

Do the other standard mouse functions work properly?

Also, are the mice you used USB or PS2?

One last question, do you have any other pointing devices or HID's installed? (human interface device... keyboard, mouse, trackpad, gamepad, etc.)
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My mouse behaves erratically about 2-3 hours into a computing session then locks up. If I reboot, it is active for a few minutes before lociking up again. I have keyboard access to my computer , just no mouse function. I have not added any new programs before the problem surfaced. Since then I have updated the mouse driver but problem persists. I'm using Win 2000 with >500k ram. Both manufacturer (dell) and microsoft service people have not been helpful. Since everthing works fine for a few hours I'm thinking heat problem. Any other suggestions - fixes? Thanks

A:Mouse Behavior

If it's wireless, there may be your problem. I've been to LAN parties with my wireless stuff and we all end up going back home for wired stuff.

Try a different mouse, if wireless turn off anything that may interfere with it (other wireless stuff). Try replacing the batteries (if wireless).
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New default behavior in Windows 10 bs win8 was that I used to be able to scroll an inactive window by hovering my mouse over it. And this was great.

After thinking something was wrong for a while I've finally realised why my window management is so iffy. I've noticed that the inative window I'm hovering over will now automatically turn into the active window after a few seconds of hovering on it, displacing everything else which overlaps it.

E.G. File Explorer window positioned partly over firefox. before I could scroll down the inactive FF window with my mouse wheel, but now the FF window automatically becomes the active window, hiding the File Explorer window.

Is there a fix for this?

A:new mouse behavior?

Hi, have a look at your setting here:
How To Activate A Window Hovering Mouse Over without clicking it | Next of Windows
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Recently when I use my mouse, the cursor goes flying off in a different direction. I can be right in the middle of creating a mask in Photoshop, or simply perusing websites in a browser and "zing!", off it goes. Now that is my (Old style) wired mouse. My wireless mouse is acting lethargic and, well, for lack of a better word, queasy. It wiggles and acts strange. What in the world is going on?

A:Mouse behavior

Here are a few tips:

Check the surface the mouse is used on. Is it clean? Smooth? Consistent surface texture?

Is the bottom of the mouse dirty? Clean the sensor, and the feet.

Does your wireless mouse need new batteries?

Are these old mice? Even though the last a long time, they don't last forever.

Can you test with a different mouse? Maybe borrow someone elses for a few minutes.
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Okay here's the basics, I logged on this morning and when I clicked on my internet browser my mouse (with the left mouse button acted as if I was clicking on the right button, HOWEVER after I system restored it now when I use the start menu (where the mouse works fine) clicking anywhere on any program just makes it gray out as if i had clicked on another program, and I am forced to use my keyboard alone as my only navigational tool. Also the scroll wheel is not working.

Edit: okay when i go to windows task manager and click on that a few times it goes back to semi-normal but I have to minimize and maximize the window now before anything will respond...... oh and my scroll wheel and my right click won't respond

A:Mouse behavior Weird

What is the make and model of this mouse?

What is the make and model of this computer?

Is your clock keeping proper time?
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I've looked through the hardware forum but I think this is a little different from other problems I've seen regarding the mouse. Anyway the software is Windows 2000, the hardware is HP. HP computer Vectra VL with a HP mouse. The system no longer detects the mouse. Cold reboot or either a restart doesn't work. I tried switching out the mouse with another mouse but that didn't work either. When I restart it boots up but doesn't recognize the mouse. Rebooting does take me to a screen where it says mouse not detected wait a few seconds. Anyone got any ideas?

A:weird mouse behavior

After further investigation, it seems my problem is the connection. It seems that over time the place where the pins are pushed in have receded. So perhaps I can remedy that. Thanks anyway guys.
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Frequently items get selected or activated when the mouse simply hovers over the icon without every purposely clicking on it. How do I turn the 'feature' off.



A:Irritating Mouse behavior

Try reinstalling your mouse driver. That actually has nothing to do with Vista.

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Recently I've been using a vista ultimate x os machine for some gaming however I'm having strange behavior when I need to right click Things go pretty smoothly otherwise but if I right click and right Odd clicking when behavior mouse do not follow up with another left mouse button click then the cursor disappears and things go haywire erratic constant movement in seemingly random directions until I right click again a few times In addition to this the computer starts accepting ghost imputs from the keyboard such Odd mouse behavior when right clicking as shift and spacebar also seemingly at random I then discovered that the strange behavior is not limited to games but that if I right click on the desktop very similar behavior ensues I just tried that again before writing Odd mouse behavior when right clicking this post and the cursor disappeared various icons were Odd mouse behavior when right clicking highlighted on my desktop then a confirmation box came up asking me if I really did want to send an msn shortcut to the recycle bin All sorts of weird stuff and it's starting to get to me I do have AVG antivirus software and have been scanning periodically and I've tried to keep my drivers up to date The only notable thing that I can think of is that there's an unknown device in device manager however I've been unable to discover what device it actually is nor locate a driver for it And yes I've tried switching from the mouse port to just usb ports and tried three different mouses all laser exact same behaviour with all of them Any advice on how I may be able to repair this problem or simply where to get more information on an issue like this would be appriciated if I left out any needed information let me know

A:Odd mouse behavior when right clicking

Try this first: go into your mouse setting by clicking Start, click Control Panel, click Classic View, click Mouse.

When the mouse properties window opens, make sure that under the ?Right button? heading, this shows up in the drop-down: Right-click (default). If there is something else in that drop-down, that might be what?s causing the problem. If it?s already set to Right-click (default), then we have another problem and can address that.

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I have a Thinkpad Yoga bought from BestBuy which I understand is identical to Thinkpad Yoga nbsp I have been using it for the last few weeks and everything was fine nbsp In the past few days the mouse has started behaving erratically nbsp Specifically nbsp When I drag a window to move it behavior Erratic mouse the mouse loses its grip half way through the motion and then re-activates itself nbsp When Erratic mouse behavior it does that the window I was moving stops and the mouse clicks on or selects whatever happens to Erratic mouse behavior be below where the mouse cursor is at that moment nbsp When I try to select some words or a paragraph in an editor the mouse will reset itself and my selection gets reset nbsp I have try over and over again just to select some text so I can do copy paste etc nbsp Again sometimes it will reactivate itself halpfway and select or auto click on random and unrelated stuff nbsp Now normally I am not moving the mouse very fast or very slow nbsp I have varied the speed and movement but to no avail nbsp I see this behavior Erratic mouse behavior with an external USB mouse on different surrfaces with the trackpad and trackpoint as well as the touchscreen nbsp It started recently and it is infuriating to say the least nbsp Lenovo Companion says everything is up to date and I haven't updated anything in the last couple of weeks nbsp Has anyone seen this behavior nbsp I would be grateful for any recommendation to solve this issue nbsp Thanks nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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When I left click to 'open in a new tab' a web page from a link I get the new tab open plus the current browser switching to the url as well! It's very annoying.
Not sure if its the mouse driver, the browser (Chrome) as it seems to have updated , or a nasty (browser hijack?) or the mouse itself.
Malwarebytes finds nothing nasty, i've run a defrag on the off chance that might help but still occurring.
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Occasionally my mouse pointer drifts across the screen without the mouse moving at all. It is a wired ms scroll wheel mouse. Occasionally the scroll feature kicks in and a web page will scroll rapidly up and down when I move the mouse. Multiple clicks and mouse movements usually get it under control.
The drift movement runs right to left and then stops before the edge of the screen.
Sound familiar to anyone? An annoyance mostly. Not in any particular program.

Is there a fix?


A:Odd mouse behavior - moves on its own

See if the thing is plugged in firmly. If you are using a USB-to-PS/2 adapter, try without. Try with another mouse?
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I strongly suspect malware since mouse problems began about same time pc was infected with malware and FakeHDD virus. Avira, Ad-aware, and Malwarebytes all report clean system now, however mouse still acts erratically (a simple click will often act as double-click opening multiple windows wherever the pointer was resting, drag and drop almost impossible to accomplish, etc).

I booted to safe mode, uninstalled mouse drivers, then using keyboard deleted mouclass.sys and mouhid.sys. I then scanned for hardware changes and allowed drivers to be reinstalled. Is this the correct way to reinstall the mouse drivers? Where is the system reinstalling the drivers from? The mouse behavior is still present, so, assuming malware is the culprit, I am not confident that I am performing the reinstall correctly.

Win7 64
optical usb mouse

fyi: mouse configuration doesn't seem to be connected with the erratic behavior.

Any input appreciated, Thks.

A:Erratic mouse behavior

Hello, lets run a few tools.Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it. Checkmark the following checkboxes: Flush DNS Report IE Proxy Settings Reset IE Proxy Settings Report FF Proxy Settings Reset FF Proxy Settings List content of Hosts List IP configuration List Winsock Entries List last 10 Event Viewer log List Installed Programs List Devices List Users, Partitions and Memory size. List Minidump FilesClick Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run. Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.Run RKill....Download and Run RKillPlease download RKill by Grinler from one of the 4 links below and save it to your desktop.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Before we begin, you should disable your anti-malware softwares you have installed so they do not interfere RKill running as some anti-malware softwares detect RKill as malicious. Please refer to this page if you are not sure how.
Double-click on Rkill on your desktop to run it. (If you are using Windows Vista, please right-click on it and select Run As Administrator)
A black screen will appear and then disappear. Please do not worry, that is normal. This means that the tool has been successfully executed.
If nothing happens or if the tool does not run, please let me know in your next replyDo not reboot your computer after running rkill as the malware programs will start again. Or if rebooting is required run it again.If you continue having problems running, you can download iExplore.exe or eXplorer.exe, which are renamed copies of, and try them instead.>>>Please download and and extract it.Run TDSSKiller.exe. Click Start scan.When it is finished the utility outputs a list of detected objects with description.
The utility automatically selects an action (Cure or Delete) for malicious objects.
The utility prompts the user to select an action to apply to suspicious objects (Skip, by default). Let the options as it is and click ContinueLet reboot if needed and tell me if the tool needed a reboot.Click on Report and post the contents of the text file that will open.

Note: By default, the utility outputs the log into system disk (it is usually the disk with installed operating system, C:\) root folder. The Log have a name like: TDSSKiller.Version_Date_Time_log.txt.>>>Please download and and extract it.Run TDSSKiller.exe. Click Start scan.When it is finished the utility outputs a list of detected objects with description.
The utility automatically selects an action (Cure or Delete) for malicious objects.
The utility prompts the user to select an action to apply to suspicious objects (Skip, by default). Let the options as it is and click ContinueLet reboot if needed and tell me if the tool needed a reboot.Click on Report and post the contents of the text file that will open.

Note: By default, the utility outputs the log into system disk (it is usually the disk with installed operating system, C:\) root folder. The Log have a name like: TDSSKiller.Version_Date_Time_log.txt.>>>>Rerun MBAM (MalwareBytes) like this:Open MBAM in normal mode and click Update tab, select Check for Updates,when doneclick Scanner tab,select Quick scan and scan (normal mode).After scan click Remove Selected, Post new scan log and Reboot into normal mode.Please ask any needed questions,post logs and Let us know how the PC is running now.
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I use a KVM to share I O of three computers running Vista XP Home and XP pro The set up has worked without a problem for several years but recently something very odd started to occur On occasion while using the mouse on the Vista computer behavior mouse Weird it suddenly goes nuts -- pointer disappears moves erratically starts outputting s at the cursor Weird mouse behavior point etc If I switch to another computer the mouse behaves normally there When I switch back to the Vista computer the mouse again behaves normally This quot Wacky Mouse quot event happens Weird mouse behavior randomly only occasionally and not on the same program or operation but it is annoying It has not occurred in the past and does not happen on the XP computers KVM problem Maybe I should try switching ports and see if it occurs when I am using one of the other two computers but if it still happens on the Vista could it be software related nbsp

A:Weird mouse behavior

Another thought. Weird mouse behavior only happens on the computer that uses a USB to PS/2 adapter. That computer had no PS/2s for mouse and keyboard. Needed the adapter to connect to the KVM. Could that be the cause of erratic behavior? Have not had the problem since a recent reboot.
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I have just purchased a brand new Ideapad 510-15 15K running W10 with no external mouse. The pad mouse at times is extremely erratic. Before I take the laptop back to the shop for repair or replacement is there a work around to solve this problem which makes the laptop nearly unusable?
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Hello all I m running Vista SP on a Dell XPS Now I get weird behavior every now and then but i have no idea if it s viral For instance my mousepad buttons keep getting switched around left mousepad button now becomes right mousepad button so when i left-click something the right-click menu appears Now this does not happen at random times like I assume would happen if say it was a virus It usually happens when MOUSE BEHAVIOR ET. AL. BUTTON i enter hibernate after leaving the laptop idle or when my wife logs onto her profile and then I log back onto mine after she logs out Could this be a hardware software issue or is it some sort of virus Also I get the whole quot MOUSE BUTTON BEHAVIOR ET. AL. You are at risk for virus infection Something-or-other scan will scan your computer now OK quot kind of alert maybe once in a blue moon I never click on it soon as that crap appears I kill firefox with Process Explorer then restart Firefox and delete all history even saved forms and clear the cache and I also have Root Repeal which I use immediately to verify if anything gets loaded and hidden So far Root Repeal logs are clean from what I can tell - no hidden modules or hidden processes a few allocation mismatches though usually on c temp sqlite-something or on c temp mcafee - always the same items I can run a fresh scan if you need me to and post the results here I hope with your help both issues would be resolved I am very optimistic regarding this Please any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks tekktronic


Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer.Please subscribe to your topic so that you will be notified as soon as I post a reply, instead of you having to check the topic all of the time. This will allow you to get an email notification when I reply.To subscribe, go to your topic, and at the top right hand corner by your first post, click the Options button and then click Track this topic. The bullet the immediate notification bubble. Then press submit.Lets take a look with MalwarebytesPlease download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from here:MalwarebytesPlease rename the file BEFORE downloading to zztoy.exe instead of mbam-setup.exeMBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Double Click zztoy.exe to install the application.* Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.* If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.* Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Full Scan", then click Scan.* The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient.* When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.* Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.* When disinfection is completed, a log will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to Restart.(See Extra Note)* The log is automatically saved by MBAM and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.* Copy&Paste the entire MBAM report (even if it does not find anything) in your next reply Extra Note:If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove,you will be presented with 1 of 2 prompts,click OK to either and let MBAM proceed with the disinfection process, if asked to restart the computer, please do so immediately.If Malwarebytes won't install or runSome types of malware will disable MBAM and other security tools. If MBAM will not install, try renaming it. Right-click on the mbam-setup.exe file and change the .exe extension to .bat, .com, .pif, or .scr and then double-click on it to run.If after installation, MBAM will not run, open the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware folder in Program Files, right-click on mbam.exe and change the .exe as noted above. Then double-click on it to run.
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Right now I have 3 displays sitting side by side. The only way that I know to move the mouse from one to the other is by moving the mouse horizontally from one display to the other. But what if I stacked my displays?

Lets say I got a 4th display and stacked them by 2's. Is there a way to get those 4 displays to act as one large display in the sense that I could move the mouse horizontally and vertically to get the cursor to where I want it to be?


A:Mouse behavior with multiple displays.

You can set that up in the Vista display properties... The monitors in that tab can be dragged anywhere you wish... I only got 2 screens, 1 and 3, but you can see I moved 2 and 4 above them.

Now the 1 hugh screen, with 1 large wall paper, i'm unsure off...
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Hi I m just desperate now I m about Strange Keyboard?) Mouse (and Behavior to buy new ones but what if it doesn t help These are compaq mouse and keyboard that came with the computer PS both corded mouse with a ball two button and a wheel Windows XP Media Edition It started a couple of months ago only related with Internet browsing Worst affected was Firefox WHen I clicked to write in a field the cursor behaved as if I pressed the wheel and turned into the cross arrows to move the page around The page was thus scrolling up and down depending how I moved the mouse In IE the cursor seemed quot not working quot clicking had no effect whatsoever Most of the time it would quot pass quot by itself Just leave Internet for mins or so and do something else Then it stopped I had no problems for maybe a month Now the same problems came back with an exception IE is fine Only FF and it s rare My problem is that now one of my favorite apps seems to be affected by these weird Strange Mouse Behavior (and Keyboard?) problems And it s even weirder When I open Photoshop not any other part of the suite ImageReady works fine certain parts of the screen are un-clickable It looks as if the mouse click on them you know the mouse-over effect but nothing happens Sometimes keyboard shortcuts work sometimes they don t but there s no shortcut for some important functions that I need to do Is it my Photoshop suite not working Is it mouse Is it OS

A:Strange Mouse Behavior (and Keyboard?)

I would uninstall all of your Firefox add-ons, then uninstall Firefox. Then install a freshly downloaded copy to see if it fixes your problems. Add the add-ons one at a time and test to see if the problem returns.
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Greetings About a month month and a half ago I started experiencing my Logitech G mouse just turn off and then after a random amount of time turn back on Doesn't not make for a good scenario when gaming especially in clutch moments The mouse is five years old and the fabric around the cord has frayed away and some of the plastic sheathing has stripped away as well I'm figuring the the cord had a short in it So I order a new mouse My new mouse a Cyborg R A T I must have gamed with the mouse for about a week week and a behavior turns and Mouse on erratic .. off half and then it started exhibiting similar behavior It Mouse turns off and on .. erratic behavior would turn off and not turn back on I'd have to unplug the USB plug and then wait a few seconds and plug it back in Some times it would work sometimes it would not I've done the following Full virus scan with nothing foundMove the mouse both of them to the other three ports on the back of the PC and even the front two ports Same behavior up to date drivers and softwareSearched fruitlessly for a solution Any of the other devices plugged in act fine And those devices would be a web cam not in use printer not in use and my keyboard I've attached my msinfo Mouse turns off and on .. erratic behavior file I had to pair down the windows errors and program hangs back to December If you need the whole file just let me know msinfo txt I'm super grateful for any help Cause this is really un-nerving

A:Mouse turns off and on .. erratic behavior

Here are a few suggestions, hopefully one will work.
Optical mouse turns on and off
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I have custom mouse pointers that refuse to start when Windows starts.
Let me explain.

When Windows starts up, I have my default cursors. If I go to personalize->mouse pointers, my custom pointers are already up. Apply isn't even an available option, as if the computer thinks that my cursors are in use. When I click 'ok' my cursors come up.

I made a YouTube video. CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT.

I think that the video should clearly explain what's going on. I'm on Vista Home Premium. I don't have SP1.

Thanks for the help

A:Strange Mouse pointer behavior

I knew it was strange, just didn't know that it would stump so many people.

Thanks for the help
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I purchased a bluetooth mouse yesterday for my Dell Studio 15 laptop. The problem/issue that I'm having is the primary mouse button. In order for my touchpad to allow the left mouse button be primary, I have to set the mouse properties in Vista to reverse the buttons. Then my bluetooth mouse buttons are reversed. This doesn't make any sense to me. Anyone know why this is happening?
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Every now and then, my mouse goes haywire, becomes uncontrollable, and then my computer freezes. Nothing will help but a shutdown. The mouse acts like this: It lags behind when I drag it. Soon after this, the little circle thing starts going, and then it's over, I have to shut down. Anyone have any idea what's going on here? thanks, Mike
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I have just purchased a brand new Ideapad 510-15 15K running W10 with no external mouse.
The pad mouse at times is extremely erratic.
Before I take the laptop back to the shop for repair or replacement is there a work around to solve this problem which makes the laptop nearly unusable?
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A:510-15ISK - Erratic mouse behavior

Hi there, Man  -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Please click here for better understanding on erratic behaviour.
Update us how it goes.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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In the last 48 hours or so, my optical mouse is showing bizzare behavior, especially if I am playing free cell and I try to move cards by clicking on them. Also, when I click on certain menu buttons on some web sites, it also takes several attempts to open the menu with the mouse. Is this a hardware problem or is it in windows settings? Should I try replacing the mouse or could it be something else. Any help with this issue would be most appreciated. Thank you Kevin

A:Erratic Optical Mouse Behavior

Sounds like the mouse may be dying. Can you at least borrow a replacement to see if it's as simple as bad switches?
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I have an old IBM PC300GL with Windows NT4 and as soon as I login the mouse flickers and moves from top to bottom and the keyboard also be comes unusable. These actions stop when the task manager is opened and they do not occur before I login. I'm thinking there is a process running that is causing them to act like this. The problem is I can't tell a good process from a bad one. Anyone have any ideas?
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I guess this is hardware related Bear with me I don t have a lot of quot scientific quot data here Major odd mystery mouse behavior - very but please read and tell me if you have any clue as to what may have happened This is a long story I reinstalled Windows XP on a friend s Dell Dimension last weekend I started out by wiping the Major mystery - very odd mouse behavior HD using DBAN and then running SeaTools to check the HD for errors I also ran Windows Memory Diagnostic to check the RAM Both checked out just fine The Major mystery - very odd mouse behavior Windows installation went just fine I acutally installed three times as I used the Dell CD XP SP first and when it did not install drivers for the Intel Extreme graphics network or sound I thought that maybe it was watered down for Dell so I tried an OEM CD Major mystery - very odd mouse behavior instead I had installed another using this OEM CD and for some reason thought I remembered at least basic drivers installing for at least one of these devices I was wrong So i installed once again with the Dell CD Anyway I followed my usual routine by installing Windows installing drivers in the Dell recommended order installing antivirus Avast Home and then going online and using Windows Update to install the updates where the heck is Service Pack After XP was installed and fully patched I installed Office Dell OEM and ran Microsoft Update to update Office I believe I was done with all of this by Sunday evening I then spent the next couple of evenings installing some of my favorite freeware apps that I thought she might be able to use along with some quot essentials quot CCleaner Faststone Image Viewer FileRenamer Basic Recuva Foxit Reader Quicktime Java SyncToy TweakUI Powertoy Zip Firefox Gadwin PrintScreen PC Wizard Trillian and LogMeIn installed but disabled Everything installed perfectly and I continued to use the system Monday and Tuesday evening I left the machine on pretty much all the time On Wednesday I ran Prime for about hours just to stress it out a bit My friend was going to pick up the machine on Wednesday evening When she came by we sat down and I showed her the apps that I had installed I was demonstrating Faststone which as an interface where the picture takes up most of the screen and you move your mouse to the edges to open up windows with options and tools However in my demonstation when I moved my mouse to the edge nothing happened After looking around for a setting that may have been messed up I decided that I would probably need to uninstall and reinstall the program When I returned to the desktop I realized that I was unable to move anything from the desktop into the recycle bin Nor could I relocate any desktop icons I thought that a restart would quot shake out the cobwebs quot On restarting at the login screen I could place the mouse pointer over the icon and it would change colors like it recognized that the pointer was there but the pointer did not change into the finger and when I clicked nothing happened I told her that I would need a few more days and would just reinstall Windows again This is where I got frustrated and then just started trying a bunch of stuff I thought maybe her user profile was messed up somehow so I created a new one I could switch between the two and sometimes the problem persisted and sometimes it did not There did not seem to be a pattern When i could not click the icon on the Welcome screen I could hit crtl alt del and go to the old style screen and either log in from there or click Cancel and then things would work OK At one point I booted once into Safe Mode and things worked fine I removed some items from Startup using msconfig but the problem remained Next I tried rolling back the system through System Restore I tried every point back to the first one and each time the problem persisted Finally on a whim I removed my mouse from the KVM switch USB connected to PS port and plugged directly into the machine I only tried on... Read more

A:Major mystery - very odd mouse behavior

Some KVM's just will not work with some mice.
I have 1 mouse that will not work at all on a KVM,
but works fine when directly connected.
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I have a HP Presario laptop.When I get very close to where I want to go (with a Logtec mouse or with the inbuilt mousepad ) the cursor will suddenly shoot away,usually to the bottom left of the screen ?
Example: I am about to close a window.So as I go twords the top right of the screen,when I get a few centremeters away from the cross the cursor will suddenly shoot of to the bottom left of the screen.This will happen around 3-4 times out of every 10 times ?
It cant be a virus or malware or anything like that as my laptop is not connected to the internet.

Any help with this strange problem will be much appreciated.

A:Strange mouse/input behavior

I would suggest you connect to the internet and download all the latest updates from MS and then check and make sure you have the latest drivers for your mouse pad on laptop and for logitech mouse.
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Running win all updates current I've been noticing something that seems really bazaar to me I've never seen it before I haven't figured out what confluence of circumstances cause it but what I see is shown in the two sets of images attached In these images the scheme I have set is the windows inverted extra large scheme' In the default scheme windows aero system scheme not in the image it is not near as ugly but I think mainly because its quite a lot smaller In that scheme it appears as a bit of a double image but still quite noticeable aero scheme not shown below I did before and after in the images top row after the bazaaro thing started bottom normal I first tried to do the screen grabs by taking a short video with camtasia and then save out the appropriate frames in order to capture the cursor but oddly enough in the video the problem just disappears or rather it cannot be seen so I had to resort to taking the shots with my cell mouse Bazaar behavior cursor phone Those are the Bazaar mouse cursor behavior top row below Since the bottom row is in plain mode I was able to grab them with my little cheapo screen grabber I did shots against different backgrounds so it would show better what I see What in the heck would cause something like this happen

A:Bazaar mouse cursor behavior

From the images, it looks like something easy we can fix:

Click -control panel. Hardware and sound. Mouse-pointers tab-UNcheck allow themes to change mouse pointers. Click ok and restart.

Issue still exist?
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In the last 48 hours or so, my optical mouse is showing bizzare behavior, especially if I am playing free cell and I try to move cards by clicking on them. Also, when I click on certain menu buttons on some web sites, it also takes several attempts to open the menu with the mouse. Is this a hardware problem or is it in windows settings? Should I try replacing the mouse or could it be something else. Any help with this issue would be most appreciated. Thank you Kevin

A:Erratic Optical Mouse Behavior

try unplugging and replugging in your mouse.
you may want to try cleaning up your temp. files, cookies and defragging your system.

then again it may be time for a new it very old?
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I built a pc a few days ago. It has windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Today when i started it and i clicked on start it also right clicked on its own. As i was typing in MS Word in the middle of a sentence when i clicked the space bar the pc acted as if i right clicked on my mouse. I ran CCleaner it did not help. I uninstalled the usb drivers for the keyboard and mouse using USBDeview that didnt help either. I uninstalled naturally dragon 11 because it was the last install i did before i noticed the problem but that didn't help either. Anyone have any ideas?

A:Sporadic behavior right mouse click?

#1. Check for viruses in your PC.
#2. Try a different mouse to diagnose whether the fault is with your PC or the mouse.
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So this is just weird.

1) When I come out of sleep, the keyboard acts like my ALT key is depressed. If it press alt a few times normally it clears up and behaves as normal. No UAC and sleep works fine

2) When playing games, if I have UAC turned on the mouse gets stuck accelerating further and further until a mere tap of the mouse results in the game's camera spinning wildly 360 degrees over and over. When I disable UAC the mouse behaves just fine

I recently upgraded my computer and I am using the same kb/mouse as my old one. I have 2 sets of both actually and swapping between the PCs doesnt help, never had this on my old win7. My old pc never had UAC on, but I was giving it a another try this time around

Logitech MX518 with setpoint 6.32
MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with IntelliType 8.2

A:Weird Alt key sleep & UAC mouse behavior

Well for #2 I'm not sure if you mean that weird mouse movement happens if you have UAC turned on at all or if as you're playing the game and the UAC window pops up, THEN it starts acting strange. Assuming you have the latest drivers for the mouse, I'm not sure what could cause that. And it happens to all games whether they're in fullscreen or not?

#1 is extremely interesting. If it isn't wireless, maybe something's just wrong with it, heh. Try it on another computer perhaps and see how it works?

Sorry, forgot the bottom part of your post altogether. So you have two of those mice and two of those keyboards, and each act up in the same ways? Also, could we know what you upgraded exactly? And even if you turned UAC off, you say that the keyboard would still do that regardless, or am I misinterpreting you?
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I have a Logitech M305 wireless mouse plugged into a USB port. The pointer is accompanied by the blue, circular, busily spinning icon which is flashing continuously. I have never seen it flash before. Would anyone have any idea why this is happening?

A:Strange Behavior of Logitech Mouse

Check your running programs in Task Manager. Make sure there isn't an app "going crazy."
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Extremely annoying mouse behavior Lenovo T GB memory W SSD by Intel Wireless MS mouse Wired MS keyboard Wired HP printer Sometimes a wireless mouse will work just fine and then it Erratic Mouse / T520 behavior Lenovo will get erratic Moving the mouse is very laggy like you're playing an online game and the server is being hammered Erratic Mouse behavior / Lenovo T520 Actually clicking something on a page is very difficult and very very annoying as it is so time consuming It doesn't happen all the time and I can't pinpoint anything that is taxing the system and making the CPU crawl At this point I have a wired trackball and it appears to be working fine but if history proves itself my wife will start working and it will staring messing up again Main applications that are run are Firefox gmail Quickbooks Adobe Acrobat X Internet connection is wired Maybe some sort of driver problem I have uninstalled and installed the mouse This happens with ANY wireless mouse It's not happening right now w this trackball but I expect it to

A:Erratic Mouse behavior / Lenovo T520

I would try re downloading the software for the mouse and reinstalling it that way and see what happens.
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Okay this is a strange one I have included all the behavior time restart deteriorates over Mouse after troubleshooting steps I've tried so please read through before making suggestions Last night out of the blue after always working perfectly my mouse pointer started to randomly freeze for a second or two When it did move it moved smoothly and normally but every few seconds or so it would get stuck for a moment you can check out what kind of mouse it is in my specs The mouse wheel and buttons are fine no problems at all just the pointer Mouse behavior deteriorates over time after restart is messing with me The touchpad works perfectly as well It works perfectly after a reboot But over time it starts to break down again In fact I left it alone overnight and this morning the pointer would barely move at all I rebooted again and noticed that at the blue quot Restarting quot screen the mouse pointer was instantly back to normal But again after reboot it would be fine at first but then start acting up getting Mouse behavior deteriorates over time after restart worse as time went on Troubleshooting I have already tried Replaced the mouse battery Removed the USB receiver and Mouse behavior deteriorates over time after restart put it back in Uninstalled the drivers rebooted Windows installed generic HID-compliant driver Malware scan Tried a different mouse Oddly after trying a different mouse and then switching back to the original it worked fine for much longer before starting to break down again At the time of this post the pointer is sticking but not as badly and taking longer to deteriorate I'm about to try a system restore but really don't like going there if I don't have to So if anyone has any other ideas please share Thanks

A:Mouse behavior deteriorates over time after restart

dUDE CHECK YOUR task mangaer and see system interrupt usage(cpu) is it going up and you have the same problem as me i still can fix it though
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Hello I have noticed this in the last few days Mostly on FaceBook and reddit When Behavior/Chrome Erratic Mouse Issues I am viewing a FB photo in an album and click the left Erratic Mouse Behavior/Chrome Issues or right arrow to advance to the next image the next image displays Then the mouse cursor flashes briefly and the folder advances to the next image On reddit when I click the plus sign on the box that expands the image the image enlarges for a few seconds and then closes again I'm also noticing some strange activity in my browser Chrome I sometimes have to click the back button several times before the previous page will load Erratic Mouse Behavior/Chrome Issues When viewing links at Amazon com I have to double click the back button to view the previous page Single clicking only refreshes the same page I notice this only seems to be an issue with Chrome I've updated to the most recent version and also updated Windows I've disabled any plugins that might affect mouse functionality as far as I know I've also tried several different mice both wired and wireless These are just a few issues I'm having right now My system has been running very slow with long load times and strange surfing behavior But the mouse problem is the most annoying Not sure if this is a Chrome issue a browser bug or an infection I would love to have my system scanned to see if this or any other issues turn up I'm running Windows SP Chrome Version m GB DDR PC - Ram Thank you for your time - Dean -

A:Erratic Mouse Behavior/Chrome Issues

Hi Mate -
Step 1 - If you can, remove Chrome, and use Internet Explorer, or Firefox browsers ...........
Report back after that only -
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Awhile back I had to replace my mouse on my Win 7 Pro 64bit PC. My issue is with the old mouse...if you high-lighted a word or text phrase I could immediately replace the highlighted word or phase with the paste command.

Also...while online...if I highlighted a word or phrase on a web page...I could simply right click and launch a Bing or Google serch from the right click pop-up menu.

With the new mouse...I highlight my target as before...but now...I have to click once on the highlited items and then porceed. Previously all I had to do is highlight the item(s) and left click neccessary

Is this a particular setting in the MS setup screens...or just a factor I can't modify with this mouse ?

MS Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0


A:can you modify the behavior of an on-screen MS Mouse selection ?

Quote: Originally Posted by trinaz

Is this a particular setting in the MS setup screens...or just a factor I can't modify with this mouse ?

MS Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0


Get this program.....
LINK: Software Downloads: Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0

I DL'd the Mouse and Keyboard Centre for my Arc Mouse. The program is a real benefit, its totally customizable.
The attachment only shows you the 'Basic Settings', not the 'App-Specific Settings.
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Hi everyone

I'm trying to find a way to bind my middle-click mouse button to the Delete function. It really will be extremely helpful to me.

Anyone know how to do this?

It'll be mainly for Firefox usage.

It may be something simple but I just don't remember and search is being fruitless... for now anyway

Thank you for your time.

A:[SOLVED] Re-working mouse click behavior?

Hi Kalim ! How are you ?

I've never tried them with my mouse but Microsoft's intellipoint drivers can do that and they should work with non-microsoft generic mouses.
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Joe Rockhead here. I've tried anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-perspirant... Whatever has got me won't even allow me to Restore to a previous date. The mouse pointer gets stuck in a corner or goes right when you want it to go left. All while opening, closing and disabling files and other applications. It is soooo frustrating. I wish I could just reformat the hard drive(s) but I have too many software apps. that I would not be able to replace or re-install. Help, please! It was attacking me while trying to post this distress call. I have attached a HijackThis Log file.

A:Desktop Erratic Mouse Pointer Behavior

How about trying...a different mouse?

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Hey all I ve got a Razer copperhead that for some time now the factory software has been unable to find on my desktop but the mouse worked fine otherwise I took it with me last weekend Very Behavior Copperhead) (Razer Mouse Strange to use with my laptop and EVERYTHING worked the configuration program the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment everything Unfortunately I got spoiled and decided I Very Strange Mouse Behavior (Razer Copperhead) wanted that level of functionality using the mouse on my desktop so I upgraded the firmware having already tried everything I could think of on Very Strange Mouse Behavior (Razer Copperhead) the desktop Nothing changed while using the Very Strange Mouse Behavior (Razer Copperhead) mouse on the laptop but when I plugged it back into the desktop it lit up but did nothing Clicks movement everything gets no response Any ideas I ve upgraded the mouse drivers which fails because they can t find the mouse I ve upgraded the motherboard drivers I ve upgraded the bios In the device manager it says the drivers are not installed but every time no matter what else is plugged into my USB ports the wizard says it was unable to complete because quot the name is already in use as either a service name or a display name quot To compound the issue I installed a VPN client Hamachi just before the mouse failed which I have since uninstalled Suggestions TIA y all Oh yeah the laptop is a Dell Inspiron and both it and the desktop are running XP Pro nbsp

A:Very Strange Mouse Behavior (Razer Copperhead)

It was a firmware/software conflict. By updating the firmware, somehow the computer thought it was a different mouse, but was still holding its name available for its old self. Deleting a few regestry keys, slaughtering a chicken, and standing on my head got things squared away.
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I have these light colored circles in the upper to middle left part of the screen and my mouse keeps jumping to these dots and I have virtually no control of my mouse. Is there a real solution to this problem as I have already hundreds of posts about it but no apparent actual fix.

A:Ghost circles and erratic mouse behavior

Hello @awksone, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how ghost circles and erratic mouse behaviour appear on the screen of your desktop computer, and I would be happy to assist you in this matter! To correct this issue, I recommend following the steps in this document on HP All-in-One PCs - Troubleshooting Touch Screen Issues (Windows 8). This should help return the functionality to your touch screen. I also suggest following the steps in this document on HP PCs - Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Troubleshooting, which should help correct the intermittent cursor behaviour. If the circles still appear, and the mouse still behaves erratically, I recommend returning your system back to a previous restore point before the issue occurred. This can be done by following the steps in this document on Using Microsoft System Restore (Windows 8).Should the problem continue, I suggest performing a backup and recovery of your operating system. This can be done by following the steps in this resource on Backing Up Your Files (Windows 8), as well as Performing an HP system recovery (Windows 8). This should return your system back to factory defaults.If the issue continues, please contact our technical support for further assistance in this matter by clicking the link below to get the support number for your hope this helps!Regards
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Windows bit I think this started the other day when I accidentally dislodged the power cable to my hard drive I don't have the side back on my tower yet I had to do a repair which sort of fixed the problems I caused but not quite Now my mouse only intermittently works Sometimes I'll be able to minimize maximize close windows click in text entry windows click on buttons in other words normal behavior then without warning the mouse will be unable to do any of the above I can still navigate between windows with alt-tab and tab and enter works sometimes to activate buttons but the mouse has no effect on text entry windows buttons I have to ctrl-alt-del and the mouse usually will work there to restart the computer I ran a Malwarebytes scan and scanned my whole system for viruses Panda AV Free I did a checkdisk tried to repair with the Windows disk I am working to back up my computer because I fear I will have to reformat Is there anything else I should try before getting that drastic I'm pretty sure it's not a mouse issue like dead battery or something because the mouse moves Windows (mouse behavior strange won't click) around the screen clicking the button just has no effect Sometimes if I wait a few minutes it will start responding normally for a few minutes
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I ve had my laptop for a little over months I primarily use a wireless mouse with it and every so often the mouse will take on a mind of its own I can be typing or even trying to use the mouse and it will start jumping all over the screen on its own selecting things even switching moving windows as Inspiron Behavior 5447 Mouse/Touchpad Erratic on 15 if buttons are being pressed as well At first I thought maybe it was interference with the touchpad so I Erratic Mouse/Touchpad Behavior on Inspiron 15 5447 ve tried both disabling the touchpad when the external mouse is plugged in and disabling the touchpad altogether and the issue still occurs So then I thought maybe the mouse is the issue so at one point when it wents nuts on me I turned it off and switched over to the touchpad but the erratic behavior continued The only thing I can do to fix it is to reboot and then things are typically okay for several days before the issue starts up again Any thoughts on what the issue maybe or troubleshooting tips

A:Erratic Mouse/Touchpad Behavior on Inspiron 15 5447

This worked  -  DELL  has  a terrible touchpad  - this is  a hardware issue ONLY that affects  the 3000 , 4000, 5000 and 7000 series .  I bought a screen protector from the dollar store for a dollar, this worked where all software solutions had failed.

Posted byalpha-onezero
on 28 Jul 2014 1:41 PM
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Hi everyone!
Like you I have been having all the same touchpad issues. At first I thought it was ESD and troubleshot that for a few days. I finally concluded that it had nothing to do with ESD and moved on to possible driver issues. I installed every driver pack I could find, modified them, turned off driver signing in order to install the OEM drivers, used Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Ubuntu etc... but to no avail.
From the onset, some sort of physical problem seemed to be the most logical conclusion. The question was just what! I couldn't believe that synaptics could make such an aweful touchpad that was incapable of actually working. I made the assumption moving forward that the issue had to be caused by something small. During my last clean install of Windows 8.1 I noticed that the default windows driver caused the touchpad to be EXTREMELY sensitive. You'll notice that once you install Dell's latest driver the cursor movement calms down considerably. The touchpad is still extremely sensitive, the driver is just taking all that raw input and generalizing it into a more manageable cursor. Conclusion, the touchpad is too sensitive.
I compared this premise with my previous experiences and found that in large part they supported each other. My touchpad would typically freak out after a lot of 2 finger scrolling or a lot of gesture movements.  In fact it would stop working entirely if I blew hot breath on it. Conclusion, I needed to desensitize/protect the touchpad... but how!?
In my first attempt I simply took clear packing tape and completely covered the touchpad. Not expecting anything I ran my finger across it and found that the cursor movement felt much more controllable. I used it for 30 minutes like this with only a few minor issues. (My touchpad ALWAYS freaks out within the first 15 mintues so for me this was a big deal!) I laid a few more layers of tape down and the functionality kept getting better and better. Since I was getting better performance with more layers of tape and because clear packing tape doesn't look great stuck to your laptop I wanted to find a better solution. I needed a thick tough plastic that I would stick to the surface of the touchpad and that didn't require me to use multiple layers of it. Conclusion, use 3M Laminating plastic.
In this second attempt I disassembled the laptop and removed the touchpad from the palm rest area. I used a Magic Eraser pad with a little water and very little soap to clean the surface of the touchpad. After it was clean and dry I cut an oversized square piece of laminating plastic and placed the touchpad face down on the sticky side of the plastic. I then took a razorblade and carefully trimmed off the excess by tracing around the edge of the touchpad. The result was a perfectly sized piece of plastic on top of the touchpad. I reinstalled the touchpad in the palm rest and reassembled the computer. (Please take note that there is a bit of grounding wire tape on the rear of the touchpad that must be reapplied during installation.)
I've been using it like this for 3 days now with ZERO problems!!! I hope Dell takes notice of this post and comes up with an actual solution. The black surface of the touchpad is itself just plastic stuck onto the touchpads circuitry using an adhesive. It would seem like the simple solution would be for them to replace it with a thicker more robust piece. One thing I did notice is that the 3M plastic is more rough than the original touchpad surface which makes it hard to drag your finger a... Read more
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When I Strange behavior/Mouse video problem/Freeze-up turn on my computer the graphics are not normal in the sense it lacks background colors and the fonts are larger than normal After about hour Strange video behavior/Mouse problem/Freeze-up everything returns to normal size and colors It does this to internet as well as program screens It Strange video behavior/Mouse problem/Freeze-up is not fatal just very annoying I am using XP Home on a HP Pavilion XL with M monitor I use MyIE but had the problem before adopting it I recently upgraded my onboard video to a card and I still get the same effect Another problem I have is that I cannot reboot after a crash without disconnecting my USB mouse I use a Microsoft USB Optical Intellimouse I tried different USB ports without any success Final problem My system is pretty stable except when I use the mouse to scroll down the screen using a window s scroll bars Sometimes the system will freeze up and I have to reboot and experience problem if I do not disconnect the mouse None of these problems are life threatening Just bumps on the highway of life Any help will be appreciated nbsp

A:Strange video behavior/Mouse problem/Freeze-up

Take a peek in Display Properties and make sure the resolution and refresh rates are set correctly.

As for the USB mouse mouse problems, get a USB - PS/2 conversion plug and run the mouse from the PS/2 mouse port. For some reason(s) USB mice seem to cause a lot of problems for many (not all) people. Or, you could say to yourself, "Now is a good time to invest in a cordless optical mouse."
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Hello Today as I was browsing around the internet I found firefox starting to behave behavior, functions mouse button changed browser Odd strangely Each time I went to open a new tab firefox opened a new window instead My mouse scroll wheel also started to control the 'forward' and 'back' buttons in the browser so if I scrolled down I would return to a previous page The scrolling function on webpages also seemed to be disabled the scroll bar on the side did nothing I did not think Odd browser behavior, mouse button functions changed much of this thinking perhaps my settings in the Odd browser behavior, mouse button functions changed browser had changed perhaps after an update of some sort however upon checking the settings none had been modified I closed down firefox at this point and decided to restart it at which point I was given the option of resetting firefox or starting it in safe mode I chose first to start in safe mode however the behavior I've described persisted anyway Safe mode seemed to function fine otherwise it reset my homepage to the default firefox page and so on but the abnormal behavior with browser functions continued I then closed it down again after taking another look at the browser settings they had not changed from before I then tried 'resetting' as the prompt came up when I restarted firefox and firefox went through the reset process backing up the old data from the browser importing some bookmarks and so on and then resetting everything else The reset completed however firefox did not start after the reset process Again I was prompted to either 'reset' or 'start in safe mode' whenever I clicked the firefox icon At this point I thought I may have picked up a virus or piece of malware or perhaps a malicous script or something lingering in the browser I tried clearing data manually from firefox with CCleaner a third party cookie and miscellaneous file clearing program however this did not help the issue I then went on to see if this was purely contained to firefox Upon trying Internet explorer the same exact behavior firefox exhibited began to come about in IE I closed down internet explorer and went back to my desktop I then noticed that whenever I clicked an icon on my desktop ten or more other icons would also highlight This was rather strange as the only key I was hitting was the left mouse button Similarly icons and folders would not deselect when I clicked on them I decided at this point something was wrong and began a quick threat scan on malware bytes antimalware It came back negative nothing suspicous found Even so my mouse and browsers were now all acting strangely so I decided to disconnect it from the internet and restart it in safe mode I will note that before starting in safe mode my computer began to behave rather sluggishly taking quite a long time to even open the start menu or register that I had clicked restart Booting into safemode seemed to alleviate things the computer was responsive again and my browsers have exhibited none of the behavior I've described My mouse is also not selecting multiple items on the desktop when I click on a single icon nor is it having trouble deselecting items as it was earlier I then began a scan with Malwarebytes Antimalware Microsoft Security Essentials and Spybot Search and Destroy although then paused them to run Rkill exe After running Rkill which found nothing running I restarted each of the scans Currently Spybot has completed its scans and the other two are still going with spybot only finding minor problems little tracking cookies and so on of no real threat Spybot has since fixed the issues it found What do you suppose is happening and how can I fix it Thanks for suffering through my wall of text I'm on Windows Home Premium Service Pack I can post more specs if you need them

A:Odd browser behavior, mouse button functions changed

After those are done please do these. Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.Checkmark the following checkboxes:Flush DNSReport IE Proxy SettingsReset IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsReset FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Users, Partitions and Memory size.Click Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run.Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed. Download TDSSKiller and save it to your desktop.Extract (unzip) its contents to your desktop.Open the TDSSKiller folder and doubleclick on TDSSKiller.exe to run the application, then on Start Scan.If an infected file is detected, the default action will be Cure, click on Continue.If a suspicious file is detected, the default action will be Skip, click on Continue.It may ask you to reboot the computer to complete the process. Click on Reboot Now.If no reboot is require, click on Report. A log file should appear. Please copy and paste the contents of that file here.If a reboot is required, the report can also be found in your root directory (usually C:\ folder) in the form of TDSSKiller_xxxx_log.txt. Please copy and paste the contents of that file here....ADW CleanerPlease download AdwCleaner by Xplode and save to your Desktop.Double-click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Vista/Windows 7/8 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.Click on the Scan button.AdwCleaner will patient as the scan may take some time to complete.After the scan has finished, click on the Report button...a logfile (AdwCleaner[R0].txt) will open in Notepad for review.After reviewing the log, click on the Clean button.Press OK when asked to close all programs and follow the onscreen prompts.Press OK again to allow AdwCleaner to restart the computer and complete the removal process.After rebooting, a logfile report (AdwCleaner[S0].txt) will open automatically.Copy and paste the contents of that logfile in your next reply.A copy of all logfiles are saved in the C:\AdwCleaner folder which was created when running the tool.-- Note: The contents of the AdwCleaner log file may be confusing. Unless you see a program name that you recognize and know should not be removed, don't worry about it. If you see an entry you want to keep, return to AdwCleaner before cleaning...all detected items will be listed (and checked) in each tab. Click on each one and uncheck any items you want to keep (except you cannot uncheck Chrome and Firefox preferences lines).. Please download Junkware Removal Tool to your desktop.Shut down your protection software now to avoid potential conflicts.Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista, 7, or 8; instead of double-clicking, right-mouse click JRT.exe and select "Run as Administrator".The tool will open and start scanning your system.Please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications.On completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your desktop and will automatically open.Post the contents of JRT.txt into your next message.....Last run ESET.Hold down Control and click on this link to open ESET OnlineScan in a new window.Click the button.For alternate browsers only: (Microsoft Internet Explorer users can skip these steps)Click on esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe to download the ESET Smart Installer. Save it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Check "YES, I accept the Terms of Use."Click the Start button.Accept any security warnings from your browser.Under scan settings, check "Scan Archives" and "Remove found threats" Click Advanced settings and select the following:Scan potentially unwanted applicationsScan for potentially unsafe applicationsEnable Anti-Stealth technologyESET will then download updates for itself, install itself, and begin scanning your comp... Read more
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OK I see there are a myraid of battery warning Erratic behavior, mouse keyboard low posts concerning this issue but no fixes Even the HP employee gave a link that does nothing and appears broken I purchased and Erratic mouse behavior, low battery keyboard warning installed GB RAM and that didn't fix it What a waste of money And for HP to ignore all the posts about the problem is frankly disingenuine reckless and bad business Erratic mouse behavior, low battery keyboard warning There simply MUST be a fix or workaround for this nbsp nbsp IF I HAVE TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER IT WILL NOT BE AN HP nbsp Are Erratic mouse behavior, low battery keyboard warning you hearing me HP My statement says a lot I have been computing for years and only ever bought HP or Compaq I use the computer for business and the state my computer is in currently is far from a shining example of streamlined productivity Double triple quadruple clicking on single click stuff no response clicking clicks bring up multiple duplicate windows click for new tab and tabs pop up insert or remove SD card nets low keyboard battery warning and on and on and on nbsp What's going on WHAT IS THE FIX nbsp EDIT as with most users this all started with the Win upgrade last Fall
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Hello thank you in advance for the community's assistance I'm experiencing unusual behavior when trying to hold down keys or buttons Specifically while playing a PC game My issue is sporadic and doesn't apply to all keys and persists despite switching out my accessories for backups lying around just to test on buttons/keys behavior mouse/keyboard Unusual down holding and Unusual behavior holding down buttons/keys on mouse/keyboard check My issue is when I hold down the ctrl key or specific buttons on my mouse the game or my PC does not register them as holding the key but rather just pressing it a single time The issue doesn't apply to the primary rt click left click mouse buttons for example though and only to these secondary buttons on the left side used primarily for back forward web browser navigation The problematic buttons keys are ones that I have customized in the keyboard customization via the in game options which could play a large part in this For example I did not like a certain mapping for a function or action and added ctrl as the secondary or primary button press for this action Wanted to see if there was something I could do in the control panel or in one of the mouse keyboard setting programs I have as I don't see anything that jumps out to me in the game settings Logitech mouse is controlled by those settings keyboard is controlled by the Razer suite but as I said I tried different accessories Perhaps something is conflicting or I activated a setting with an unintentional key combo and didn't notice Apologies for the length I try to provide a lot of info in case it helps Thanks

A:Unusual behavior holding down buttons/keys on mouse/keyboard

EDIT - posted on game forum as well, where other users identified the issue pretty quickly as they had the same problems.

Thanks for any considerations, but the matter has been resolved.
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I've been invaded!!! The mouse cursor is quite irratic. When performing a single click on a form, it is sometimes interpreted as a double click. When dragging a form the form doesn't respond or it will respond to the drag sporadically. When attempting to highlight text, image, etc., the highlight doesn't happen or only a partial highlight will occur. It is very annoying which is what I'm sure is the mission of the designer of this bug, virus, trojan, whatever. Also, at the same time this invader changed the format of the system date/time form standard time to military and month/day/year to year/month/day. I've ran the AVG anti-virus program and AVG root toolkit - they've both came up without finding any foreigners. I've ran Spybot and it to came up empty-handed. The operating system on this computer is XP sp3.


A:Abnormal Mouse Cursor Behavior, Date/Time reformatted

System manufacturer and model?

FWIW: System problems such as have (so far) described...may occur for various reasons...malware may be among them, but let's try a few things.

First...I'd like you to run the chkdsk /r command. Start/Run...type chkdsk /r and hit Enter. Type Y in response to onscreen query and hit Enter. Reboot the system and let the command execute, the system will boot into XP when the command has completed.

Second...I'd like you to enter the BIOS and check the time/date reflected there and ensure that all settings are still as they should be.

Third...if your mouse still behaves erratically, try a different mouse.

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Just upgraded from vista to windows 7 on a laptop.

Now when I visit certain wireless sites that are unsecured (such as my home belkin n network)
it asks for a password. If I plug in my belkin g wireless, no asking for password.

What gives? I have never assigned a password to either the home belkin N or the airport express N that I set up at work or the other network at school.
So I can't connect to these wireless nets. I can only connect to the belkin g routers at work or home.

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I m having some odd net behavior on my Windows XP Pro SP computer We have a wireless setup and my PC seems to be the only one having trouble staying connected It works maybe of the time but the other is marked by an inability to connect an inability to stay connected and massive packet loss if it is connected I m talking or higher packet loss No other behavior network wireless Strange computer Strange wireless network behavior on the network has these issues When the issues start I Strange wireless network behavior have some interesting things on the event viewer Under system an error called Am gets cycled over and over Event It states that the description that the description for event ID in Source Am cannot be found The local computer may not Strange wireless network behavior have the necessary registry infomation or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer You may be able to use the AUXSOURCE flag to retrieve this description See help and support for details The following infomation is part of the event name of wireless card Shortly after I see the event Tcpip which states that the system has detected that the network adapter was connected to the internet and initiated normal operation I then see a DHCP warning staing that my computer was not able to renew its address from the network for the network card The error is that the semaphore timeout has expired It says it will continue to ty and obtain an address on its own from the server It keeps up like this indefinitely until it decides to stop at random connects for a while drops tons of packets disconnects etc Then at some point it becomes fine Does anyone know what this is nbsp

A:Strange wireless network behavior

2 of the best network guys on the planet;

Moderator with 77,668 posts.
Distinguished Member with 18,023 posts.
for trouble shooting purposes, I would try a LAN wire/cable to see if that solves your problem, until one of the network Pros is here to help you.
I am reading and learning how they do things but there is no substitute for experience.
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Last night I setup an old AirLink AR W wireless router I have as a wireless access point The router functioned fine as an wireless and about behavior router Question strange a ping access point except I noticed some strange ping behavior when connecting to Question about a wireless router and strange ping behavior the LAN through it from a desktop PC When the PC was connected wirelessly through this access point I could intermittently ping quot www yahoo com quot I would ping it once and get replies back Then I would ping it again and get a quot host not found quot kind of message Then I would ping it again and would get replies back When the PC was connected hard wired through this access point the AR W has a -port Ethernet switch I would be able to ping Yahoo reliably and repeatedly Once I switched back to the wireless connection the pings were intermittent again I did have the AR W configured in quot SuperG quot wireless mode and the wireless adapter in the PC is a D-Link nano USB N adapter I forget the model It was late so I didn t think to change the AR W from quot SuperG quot mode to regular g mode Any clues as why ping would work intermittently when connecting wirelessly and then work reliably when connecting hard wired through Question about a wireless router and strange ping behavior the same device the AR W I m just asking the question The AR W is no longer in service and I figure there s something wrong with the wireless part of the AR W but I wanted to pose the question in the event there might be something else going on I wasn t aware of Thanks Peace nbsp

A:Question about a wireless router and strange ping behavior

Only a guess, but I'd suspect the "SuperG" mode, as those turbo things are problematic when the AP and adapter are not a matching set.
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I have a customer who swears up and down that of the time during the day when he is working the left click function of his mouse does not work To make this even stranger it only occurs in the upper right hand corner of the Mouse Issue Weird Left Mouse Wireless - Click screen when trying to close applications or minimize Weird Mouse Left Click Issue - Wireless Mouse I have not been able to reliably duplicate although I have had it happen to me but I do not sit in front of the computer all day Weird Mouse Left Click Issue - Wireless Mouse either He has a Logitech wireless mouse which I have updated the drivers for We also tried new batteries At this time we are trying a standard corded Microsoft Mouse to see if that solves his issue I will post back in a few days if that resolves the issue Has anyone else ever heard of this issue have a solution I told him to drink after work not before not sure if that will help or not Any input would be appreciated Thanks John nbsp
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Lately I have been having an annoying problem with my wireless mouse. For some reason the pointer will lag, and be very sluggish and jumpy. I've had this mouse on this computer for about a year and I've had no problem. Out of nowhere this problem is happening. I've tried re installing drivers with no luck. I tried uninstalling intellipoint and re-installing it, but when I tried I got the BSOD, and then it completely disabled my mouse and keyboard so I had to use wired peripherals to go in to safe mode and do a system restore. Now everything is working again, except my mouse is still jumpy.

Thanks for any help.

A:Annoying mouse lag - Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

Erratic behaviour from wireless peripherals, especially keyboards and/or mice, particularly where they were working correctly before, generally points to a dying battery in the peripheral. Have you tried replacing it? If it is rechargeable, it may no longer be holding charge and will also need replacing.
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I purchased an Asus ET2410IUTS-5 All-In-One PC. It came with a wireless full keyboard and mouse combo. The keyboard works fine but the mouse does nothing. All properties say both devices are installed and working properly but the mouse still does nothing. Model number on each device is as follows:
Keyboard - AK1L
Mouse - AM1L
Receiver - AR1L

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I got a wireless mouse Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse | Posturite. It is supposed to use generic windows 2.4 Ghz adapter. However, windows 7 is unable to find any drivers. The screenshot of device manager is appended. I tried various other ways e.g. take out other USB devices, reboot etc. I tried sfc /scannow . But the error persists. There is no usb.inf file in the C:\Windows . It works in Windows 8 machine but not in windows 7. other 2.4 Ghz mice work. The manufacturer says that they don't provide the drivers because the mouse uses generic drivers
Please advise what can be done.

A:2.4 Ghz wireless keyboard mouse driver not found (Penguin mouse)

Did you do a Search of the Windows Folder including subFolders and hidden Files? My Win7Ult has several such files but only 2 that are usb.inf only in subFolders of Windows, others have longer names but most appear to be associated with my AMD CPU/Gigabyte Motherboard setup.
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I am still experiencing system freezes possibly triggered by mouse movement Still reading a lot here but asking for KB freezes MS & BSOD, &reboots possibly mouse mouse wireless new after help New zip attached as Whiskey a grr system froze while typing here and moved mouse I have tried system repair sfc scannow to no effect All drivers just checked Below type in italics is the original post Been experiencing some BSODs mouse freezes and reboots Reading lots here in the forum thanks and trying to understand what is happening and why Read 'before posting in BSOD, mouse freezes &reboots possibly after new MS wireless KB & mouse the BSOD forum' and hope I got it right I got a new MS wireless KB amp mouse for Christmas and I can't be sure but I think problems started about then I reverted to the old wired ones and problems still evident I really think I experienced a mouse freeze in safe mode New Samsung SSD a while ago and bit OS amp will provide any info that may help I have been searching reading to no good and looking for help please I was reading about PC freezing up and discovered Event Viewer screen attached In event viewer see lots of errors and warnings that I don't think are quite right and not at all sure if they are causing BSODs WLAN Extensibility Module has failed to start Module Path C Windows system Rtlihvs dll Error Code I initially tried Malwarebyte and AVG software but no improvements I tried Driver Verifier and got a BSOD but don't seem to have a dmp file so will continue reading here and please let me know if you need other info

A:BSOD, mouse freezes &reboots possibly after new MS wireless KB & mouse

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa800858c028, b2000040, 800}

Probably caused by : GenuineIntel

Followup: MachineOwner
Start by completely uninstalling AVG and replacing with MSE.

If system still BSOD's after change, then please follow this:
Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try
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Hey all I just Logitech wireless mouse left - button crazy mouse installed Windows earlier today The install went fine until right near the end I had to click 'next' to a question which I had already done a few times but this time the tab was not responding I tried again and again then finally just hovered over the tab and pressed enter on my keyboard which did the trick Now that the OS is up and running everything is working fine but I just have one problem My left mouse button is doubling up as a 'back' button So if I am in a folder and want to double click a new folder or even if I just left click on empty space it will take me backwards Logitech wireless mouse - crazy left mouse button one folder A nightmare in internet explorer aswell For the time being Ive switched the two buttons around so I have an action button but no right click on the left mouse button now anymore Ive tried installing the original drivers and in compatibility for Vista but nothing seems to fix the problem Anybody have any suggestions Id be real grateful to hear them Cheers Oh and the mouse is a Logitech LX wireless Thanks Mikes

A:Logitech wireless mouse - crazy left mouse button

Have you tried the mouse on a different machine?
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Mouse is flashing orange only when idle for approx 45 seconds & then light goes off.also it has just started to power its self off intermittantly which requires me to turn the on-off switch on&off twice to power it back up. Please help??
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I'm just wondering if there are any differences between the two. I have integrated bluetooth on my laptop, so I won't need a dongle for it. I also know bluetooth is slower than wireless usb, but does this have any effect for a mouse?

In terms of performance and accuracy, are there any advantages or disadvantages to either format? Why are bluetooth mice seemingly much less popular with manufacturers?

Thanks a bunch.

A:Any difference between a wireless usb mouse or a bluetooth mouse?

Here's some advantages and disadvantages

Bluetooth you can expect 30 feet distance from the EEE. Wireless IR you can expect from 4 to 6 feet.

Easy to setup and configure
You plug Wireless in and it just works. With Bluetooth , you have to use the command line to set things up, and you have to script it or else every time you boot you'll have to give it all the commands.

The Bluetooth wins this one. The wireless keyboard and mouse use a USB port and do not give you anything else. The Bluetooth adapter uses the same port, but also lets you connect Bluetooth stereo headphones, your mobile phone, etc.

It really depends on what your needs are. If your living room is 12 feet and you want to hook your EEE up to your PC and surf from your lazyboy at the other end of the room, infrared won't do it. If you want the keyboard in front of the standard EEE screen and just want a better one, then the wireless IR is fine.
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I have been on what seems to be an endless quest searching for a wireless mouse that can compete with my wired usb optical compaq mouse from about 7 years ago to no avail. Is there just no wireless mouse that is as responsive as wired? It seriously effects my gaming. I have gone through about 7 Logitech mouses and a gaming one with four adjustable dpis and my compac from 2001 beats them all. Please help me cut the cord. Here are some pics of the champion. Also preferably looking for something full size like the one I have pictured no mini mice.
Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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Yesterday I bought a Wireless Internet Keyboard And Wireless Laser Mouse from the Brand:Micro Innovations and I did everything it said but when im about to install the software I leave the non wireless mouse that I used to have plugged in to install the software... so I install it and the wireless keyboard works great but the wireless laser mouse doesnt work... any suggestions....PLEASE HELP
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I had to replace my keyboard after 3 1/2 yrs since the keys were sticking and the letters worn off. I bought the Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000 Mouse with the wireless keyboard. It works great with one problem. If I enable "allow this device to bring computer out of Standby" for either the mouse or the keyboard, the computer never goes into a full standby. The fan is always running and so are some other parts of the computer. If I dont configure the mouse or keyboard that way, the computer will go into regular and complete standby but will need to be turned on with the power button to bring it out of standby. The Receiver is USB so Im thinking the reason the computer doesnt completly power down is due to the receiver needing to be active. Is there a work around or do I just stick with using the power button?

A:Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse and Wireless Comfort Keyboard

I'd stick with using the power button
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MS Wireless Comfort Keyboard mouse combination Model A - is malfunctioning in the operation of the keyboard The mouse is working so my thought is that the receiver is okay The keyboard stopped working today I replaced the batteries reset the button on the bottom of the MS to mouse keystrokes/wireless works not wireless keyboard responding keyboard and the button on the MS wireless keyboard not responding to keystrokes/wireless mouse works receiver ensuring the proper sequencing Still no joy Removed all of the screws on the bottom of the keyboard carefully checked the membrane inside ensuring cleanliness before re-installing Still no joy I visited the MS support website Unable to locate my brand Thinking that downloading a new driver might help i checked my settings for device drivers in My Computer All drivers seem to be okay according to My Computer gt Devices gt Keyboard Searched a couple of other forums and found that others have experienced the same problem I've misplaced the software that came with the set-up MS support website no help in trying to find software for this particular model Any ideas from you Win gurus Many thanks in advance

A:MS wireless keyboard not responding to keystrokes/wireless mouse works

Have you run Windows Updates and see if it offers a new driver.
The keyboard is very old. Just might be time for a new one. You could also go to Device Manager and select update driver for the keyboard.

I have 6 or 7 old keyboards. Also gave a few away. I have never wore one out. Just kept buying them looking for one I really liked.
Years later I found one I like.
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I have been working on my laptop this morning. After a one-hour break, when I came back to work, my wireless mouse and my wireless keyboard were no longer working on my laptop Pavilion 6g. I check the Parameters, and these two accessories appear to be undetected by the laptop. The operating system of  my laptop is Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit).
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I bought a new wireless internet keyboard and laser mouse yesterday but when i install the software in the computer only the wireless keyboard works but not the wireless laser mouse.....when I install software I leave the other mouse in to control you think it is because of that...but if I dont leave the other mouse in how am I going to control things to install software....Could Somebody Please help
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I have a Logitech 450 wireless mouse that runs at 2.4Gigabit. I also have a Belkin wireless router that supports a desktop PC and a couple of laptops - that I think runs at the same frequency. Mouse works fine. When I am using the mouse, and one of the laptops tries to log in on the router, "sometimes" the router tries to assign the same IP address from an existing laptop to the new laptop and it errors out. If I stop using the wireless mouse, I never encounter this problem. Can the wireless mouse be causing the router problem? Or is this just a coincidence?

A:wireless mouse interferes with wireless router

If I stop using the wireless mouse, I never encounter this problem. Can the wireless mouse be causing the router problem? Or is this just a coincidence? Click to expand...

I would change the channel the Router is using wirelessly
Log into the router - goto the wireless setup page
you should be able to change the channel used - try channel 1 or 6 or 11

see if that makes a difference
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I had been having issues with Dell desktop computer and had asked for advice on this Forum in the past..I ended up taking the Tower back where I had bought..The Ram was cleaned and a tune up was done if you will..Now with the unit home I've hooked the wireless mouse and it responds as it should...My problem now is with the Wireless Keyboard, I've put in fresh batteries and tried a different USB wireless port...To no avail W/Keyboard does not respond...Any ideas what could be wrong or what I could safely do to correct this issue ?? Unfortunately the only Keyboard I have is Wireless... Thanks

A:Wireless Keyboard & Wireless Mouse......

well assuming that your keyboard has been working fine before i would ask if it is the kind that installs drivers from usb or from disk. Surprisingly i have had both.

Please go to device manager. (Get there by right clicking on computer then clicking manage and than clicking device manager tab in left window.) On right window it will say Keyboards. Please expand that and tell me what it says.


Edit: Could you tell me what kind of keyboard you have? Model?
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Hi Everyone! Love this place, everyone is so helpful. I was wondering if any knows if there are wireless mouses that can work with your internal wireless cards on your laptops. I know they have wireless mice that work with radio frequencies with an adapter. What I was wondering if there are mice that can actually work with your wireless cards like bluetooth devices work with devices. Any ideas, please let me know...Thanks!

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I am looking for a wireless mouse to use to navigate through a Power Point presentation that will be displayed using a projector. We will be using a Laptop running Win 98, but I'm not sure what brand the projector is yet. Any suggestions?


A:Wireless Mouse?

I use a Logitech Cordless Optical mouse that ROCKS!
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I have the same problem. Two different mice. They work fine on another laptop. I have scanned using AVAST, Malwarebytes Anti-malware, Super Anti-Spyware, JRT Junk Removal Tool and Hijack this.
When I ran a clean reboot the mouse worked fine, but with all the services gone, I had not internet.
I started the services a few at a time until I got my internet back.
Everything seemed to work fine for about a day, and then I started getting the double clicks again.
Only now, when I scroll with the wheel, it will advance 2 or 3 lines and then jump back 3 or 4.
It is very irritating to say the least. It has to be a software conflict, but have no idea how to correct it.

A:Wireless Mouse

Have you disable the on board mouse?
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Every time I put the USB into the port on my wireless mouse, Windows has to reinstall the driver. Is anyone else having this problem? I use the same type of mouse on my other laptop, which is running XP, and this has never been an issue.

It's a Logitech V450 laser mouse.

Anyone have any suggestions?

A:wireless mouse

Quote: Originally Posted by jamieresearch

Every time I put the USB into the port on my wireless mouse, Windows has to reinstall the driver. Is anyone else having this problem? I use the same type of mouse on my other laptop, which is running XP, and this has never been an issue.

It's a Logitech V450 laser mouse.

Anyone have any suggestions?

What driver is installed in device manager? Is it a win 7 driver? if not was it installed in compatibility mode?

(to get to device manager type device manger in search and go to mouse tab)
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My Dell wireless mouse to brings whatever page I am looking at to the top of the page. It actually fights me when I use the down arrow keys. I notice the red light inside the mouse when this happens. Can I fix this problem ?

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I just bought a new usb wireless mouse but seems to only work on my laptop when it is in safemode.. the new mouse works fine on other laptops and other mice work fine on my laptop. only my newly bought mouse doesnt work on speciffically my laptop....

A:usb wireless mouse

Hi mhanstz, what mouse is this? Have you installed the driver for it?
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Hi all, sorry new here

I have a micro innovation wireless mouse and kb, after a reboot I have to unplug the usb plug then plug it back in to get the mouse and kb to work


A:wireless mouse

Did you install the drivers for your mouse and keyboard.
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i just bought a wireless mouse
for a buck
it looks like this
and i was told it works with plug and play on vista
but when i plug it in
it fails each time to install the driver
does anyone know how to work around this
there is no company name on the mouse
so i have no clue where to begin
sad part is it works on my girlfriends laptop which is also vista

A:No Name Wireless Mouse

i checked my girlfriends computer when it works
and it comes up as a Human Interface device or HID compliant mouse
but not on mine
it comes up as a unidentified device- ready to use
but does not work
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Recently bought a $10 mouse at a computer show. She no work! Red LED lights, but I switched batteries anyway. I plugged the transmitter into several USB ports or three different computers. No mouse pointer response in all cases. The blister packaged mouse did not come with any instructions, manufacturer's name or website. Only information is a label on the mouse which reads:

Wireless Optical Mouse
Tested to comply with FCC standards
for home or office use
Made in China

Well... it was blister packed and no useful information was visible from the outside so I guess I could expect a "pig in a poke".

I bought a Logitec M305 for about $15 and it works just fine.

A:No Name Wireless Mouse

I was going to advise you to buy a "Logitech" or "Microsoft" one, but you were already thinking ahead.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

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Hi i have an acer aspire 5715z running windows 7, my laptop has been running great but had a problem with my charger so i bought a new one, since i plugged it in my wireless mouse is playing up, it has a mind of it's own i have tried changing settings, have even tried a different mouse but still the same, if i unplug the charger it runs ok, the new charger is the correct voltage; this problem is driving me mad, can anyone please help me with advise or any ideas has to what is going on Thank you Jackie x

A:Wireless Mouse


Have you tried the mouse in the other USB ports?

Possible there is a problem with the new power adapter that is causing the issue.
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Have pc hooked up to TV as monitor. Will be sitting about 9 feet away from TV and computer. Can anyone recommend a wireless KB and Mouse for this distance. Would like brand and model if possible. (my man in Office Dep says his Microsoft products are only good for 6 feet. Can't find anything in specs about distance). Aloha- uracus

A:Wireless kb and mouse

I currently have the Logitech Wave Pro Desktop laptop and mouse combo ( wave pro). IMHO, They are really comfortable and worth the $$$ i have paid for. I highly recommend to at least consider these as well.

According to the specification, they have a maximum operating distance of 33 feet.
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"Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 v2.0" I have the above mentioned Keyboard and Mouse combination that is working fine with windows 7. Now that I have Windows 8 64 bit version, it does not detect them. Please advise as to the right link to get the driver for download

A:wireless KB & Mouse

Check on these Software Downloads | Microsoft Hardware
Windows Compatibility Center: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads for Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows 7
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I have a case logic wireless mouse which will not work. After plugging the receiver in and pressing both buttons on the receiver and mouse all seems ok. The receiver is getting the connection from the mouse as the light flashes faster when i move the mouse yet the mouse icon (on-screen) will not move. After trying this on my computer i immediately tried it on my girlfriends laptop which is the same OS as mine and it worked perfect, so its obviously something wrong with my laptop and not the mouse. What is wrong?

A:Wireless mouse

Hello Jim,

Did you already install the drivers for the mouse? Sometimes right clicking the mouse, or restarting the computer afterwards helps as well.
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I have this mouse

Mircosoft wireless intelimouse explorer.

The problem is that sometimes it loose signal for 1sec or less,enough to disturb you.I may work it for 2weeks without a problem,but when it starts it doesnt its not the place of the adaptor cuz i dont have this pro b often,and in properties it shows both battery/signal are in very good level.
I tried many usb ports but everywhere the same.
Well,just to mention,when i m browsing my routers web interface and make a few changes it starts to lag.
Also yesterday changed sth in my royter,and the mouse just freeze in a shows the light that the signal is ok,but nothing.
In the 1st case,the light is off so its ok,but in 2nd place the light is on but no mouse.
Any further nfo i ll help.

A:Wireless mouse

i have the Mircosoft wireless multimedia keyboard and mouse and i cant use it in a usb port at all, i have to have a usb to ps/2 converter
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I have a Sony Laptop Windows 7 with 3 USB ports one in use with a TV connection and want to add a wireless mouse BUT not using the USB is this possible? if so what is model/make and sources.

A:Wireless Mouse without USB is this possible

I dont think this is possible as the antenna/receiver for the mouse has to be connected to your computer via a USB port.... if you are concerned about not having enough USB ports, you can add a USB hub for around $10.00...
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I pressed the NVIDA control panel on my screen and this Tech Support Forum appeared on my screen Did I see the words quot We Mouse Wireless do not answer questions about NVIDA quot in my search of your site MY problem Mouse is slow Have to press it hard to get a response and keep clicking Wireless Mouse it to get a response It seems incompatible with the keyboard which does not respond each time I press the mouse I have changed all batteries in mouse and keyboard I have checked the USB connector for the mouse I have just clicked the mouse seven times just to get the cursor back to this line My computer is a Wireless Mouse HP Pavilion Elite m nPC The monitor is a HP w The keyboard is a HP Model kg-o This is probably useless information This is the worst keyboard and mouse system I have used Everything keeps falling off it Keys are so worn I can't read them Sincerely Winter

A:Wireless Mouse


Originally Posted by Winter Bird

This is the worst keyboard and mouse system I have used. Everything keeps falling off it. Keys are so worn, I can't read them.


have you considered replacing them.........?
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hello...i have a problem because i bought an optical wireless mouse and my pc can't recognize this. my SO is windows 7 professional x86...and i need my mouse. Sorry for my english because my language si spanish...pleas help me

A:mouse wireless

did you load the driver for the mouse?
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I have a new laptop with logitech NX80 mouse. How do I stop it from searching for other networks. I just want to use my in house set up?
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is it possible to use my logitech wireless mouse w/o the usb?

A:wireless mouse without usb


Not if the wireless mouse uses a USB transceiver to receive the wireless signal. Does the mouse and transceiver look similar to that shown below?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4400 @ 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 61949 MB; E: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 179944 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., P35-DS3L, x.x,
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

My Microsoft wireless mouse, 5000 V1.0 which I did like has had to be replaced. I now have a Logitech Wireless Mouse M215. My question is, can anyone please tell me how I change my computer to register in the Mouse instructions, how to change them from the old mouse to the new one??

Looking forward to your possible answer. Many thanks in advance!