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Asus K8V Motherboard Dead

Q: Asus K8V Motherboard Dead

Asus K8V AMD Athlon 64
Seagate 200GB HD
2 - 512mb PC3200DDR
400 watt ATX Power Supplly
Windows XP

I tried to update the bios using ASUS EZ Flash update, followed user manual to download update to floppy, it read floppy, started erasing, and then failed to flash, then it did nothing. I tried to recover the bios using crashfree bios 2, i inserted my motherboard cd nothing happens, my monitor has no power from motherboard, screen is black. Can anyone help me i am a newbie, probably should not have done this.

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Preferred Solution: Asus K8V Motherboard Dead

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Asus K8V Motherboard Dead

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

As far as I am aware there are only two possible solutions to your problem.

1 Ask the manufacturer of your mobo if they would be willing to supply you with a new bios chip.

2 Get a new mobo.

I`m sorry that I can`t give you any good news but there it is.

Regards and good luck Howard
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I am trying to reinstall xp sp Home edition on my older desk top computer as I wanted to upgrade the capacity of hard disk to GB and to eliminate various PC problems My old disk was only GB capacity Here are the specifications for my desk top Desktop is Mesh for which there is no support in the UK it ceased existing a long time ago in UK Mother Board Asus P R -VM Processor unit Intel Pentium chip IXP My old HD which I am replacing is PM - Maxtor Y PO GB capacity My new HD is Quickview Maxtor L PO GB capacity The installation reaches to the stage when it has to write the system files on to the hard disk and it fails The system BIOS recognises P4R800-VM Controller for Driver XP Re-installation Storage motherboard Mass Asus for motherboard the new disk as it is showing it as L PO in the BIOS I have gone through lots of forums and realise that mass storage device driver is not compatible with the new drive or is missing I have even tried to reinstall the system on to the old hard disk to see what happens but it still fails at the same place I do not have manufacturers disk of drivers for my desk top as it came only with recovery disk and no drivers disk I have found all the drivers chip set vga etc from Asus site but do Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation not know which driver is for mass storage Device there Or should it be from Intel site If so what the name would be Please help to get correct mass storage device driver on a floppy disk as I can only insert the driver in the installation process at RAID drivers insertion point I cannot clon old HD either as the drive is already formatted I was trying to reinstall the system first onto the old drive to correct the errors When that did not work I bought Quickview maxtor drive with higher capacity But still I cannot reinstall on the new drive I have an original XP SP Cd from another PC and I downloaded the installation programme on floppy disks from Microsoft site But even this combination does not install the system In this way the system tells me in the middle of the installation that the system cannot copy the file plugin ocx obviously this particular file is not available on the xp sp CD I have I don t know how to obtain it and from where In the end the system cann not copy the files on the hard drive and fails Sorry for the long post as I wanted to explain where I am at the moment in ths process Would be grateful for any advice in this matter nbsp

A:Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation

Almost a word for word copy & paste from THIS forum post made in 2014
@muckshifter the bus inspector should be along soon
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hi, my asus laptop k55a win7, shuts down every once in a while. Shuts down with or wiithout battery or AC,,all combinations,, and laptop could be cold or warm,, does not matter.
Screen goes black, all lights out, total shutdown. I restart, get message do you want to start normally,," yes" ,starts up perfectly everytime, no loss of data. Been doing this for a long time,, very annoying !!!!
Any ideas where to look for problem ?? or help appreciated, Thanks

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I have a dead asus netbook ..when the charger plugged in,it doesn't show anything lights on...and when i use battery, it doesn't turned on too.. this is the picture..

where I have to check first...
please give me solution..


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I had a power failure while trying to flash update the BIOS.
When I re-booted I kept getting an error message to the effect that "ROM is locked...check that jumper is set properly....." Or something like that.
It then would not boot from any drive.
The only jumper I am aware of is for resetting the CMOS.
I attempted to reset the CMOS and the motherboard fails to POST.
Now it will not do anything at all.
Aside from replacing the motherboard, how do try to resurrect my motherboard?
I was unable to register on the Asus web site.

A:DEAD Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Help!

You can get the mobo manual here ... Deluxe/e2651_m2n-sli_deluxe.pdf
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Hello everyone I gave my PC to my yrs niece she Motherboard or both? dead? CPU's dead? used for only days and boom The whole thing dropped dead I have been using for almost year without any major problems The spec - PIII MHz overclocked to MHz - MB PC SDRAM was on MB but I took out MB when I gave it away - Motherboard is Gigabyte GA- VX - X chipset VT CPU's dead? Motherboard dead? or both? C X VIA Apollo Pro A - VT C A - Inno D GeForce MX MB DDRAM - The rest is just standard CDROM X FDD amp GB HDD - W PSU I have taken the extra fan in the back of the PC out when I gave the PC to my niece - Was running Windows but I installed XP Home Ed coz my niece likes it According to my niece - when I asked her what happened - It was quot working fine last night but not today quot sigh after lot of promises that I won t get crossed if she tell me the true she said she was playing CD music then the machine hang so she put restart done that a few times and then the whole thing gone sighhhhhh Now when it turned on no signal sending to the screen screen stay at black - standby mode although the CPU fan the graphic card fan amp PSU fan still running the orange light on motherboard is on per normal no beeping at all from the m b to indicate that something has gone wrong i e RAM is not working light in the front panel is not light up when I press the quot Reset quot button I can see the green light underneath the HDD is turn on then off I reset the clock back to MHz but nothing changed replace the graphic card but monitor stayed at standby mode I thought based on experiences from the past that the CPU is fried overheat coz I took the back fan out hence system freeze I went to buy another CPU this time is a Celeron GHz Micron FC-PGA replace the PIII MHz but nothing changed the whole thing remain the same CPU fan Graphic card fan and PSU fan start up as soon as I plug in the power cord can t turn off by using the power button the front panel and the LED in the front panel is off What do you think the problem is The motherboard this time Please help Thank you for your time and advice PS Monitor tested on my other machine and it works fine so the problem is not from monitor nbsp

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I have bought Intel 630 Pentium 4 HT 2Mb L2 800MHz LGA775 prescott Processor, Kingstone 512 MB 400Mhz Ram, 40 Gb Seagate baracoda 7200RPM HDD, MSI 6600Gt NX6600Gt TD128E SLI pci-e. I have selected ASUS Motherboard P5RD1-V

I want to ask that does this mobo support EM64bit tecnology? Does this mobo support all my purchased items?

I have one more option
Buy ASUS P5RD1-V or Intel D915GAV ?
Intel Motherboard D915GAV

Does D915GAV support both EM64T and Enhanced Intel speedstep technology?

A:Does ASUS P5RD1-V support EM64T? Buy ASUS P5RD1-V OR Intel D915GAV Motherboard?


I'm not too sure about mixing up the nVidia cards in sli with
I would research this board further.

The Intel® Desktop Board D915GAV on the other hand
seems to have what you've asked for:
EM64bit and sli and the Enhanced Intel speedstep...
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Hi New to this but here goes I have read all the help there is but this has me stumped I have an Asus A N Sli Deluxe mobo AMD with two Ultras and gb Corsair memory and x Maxtor Gb in raid run on a Antec truepower w Psu Have been running for yrs now Recently my power switch seemed to give trouble wont start then does temperamental as hell Now the system wont start at all Tried to bypass switch with reset one tried to jumpstart with screwdriver no luck Used a piece of wire in pins and and psu powers up all pins giving Sli A8N Deluxe board Asus Dead right current Used an old w psu and everything powers up but now no post Cleared the cmos with jumper pulled out mobo and set up outside case with only memory and graphics card plugged in still same Antec wont fire up and old psu works but Asus A8N Sli Deluxe Dead board no post screen I did Asus A8N Sli Deluxe Dead board flash bios a month ago with asus update and the machine has been purring beautifully Only thing i can think that was different was our lovely South African load shedding that crashed my PC during a game I then replugged in antec to mobo and placed the wire clip in from behind forcing power on but it wont post or stay on without wire clip Why can i jump my Antec to work but it wont power up with switch Why no post screen now i know the mobo has something like a crash free bios nbsp

A:Asus A8N Sli Deluxe Dead board

Your psu is failing.
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Back in December of I got a virus on my Asus EEE machine I was still able to start the machine access saved documents etc but when I tried to get on the internet the machine would turn itself off I've let it EEE back dead my Asus from the Bringing sit since then but a recent great experience here on Bleeping Computer lead me to tried to revive the computer a few days ago I ran Malwarebytes JRT and Rougekiller on the machine with some success I also tried unsuccessfully to use a system Bringing my Asus EEE back from the dead restore date of right before I got the virus After all those interventions the computer stopped turning itself off after I clicked the IE icon and I was able to get to a blank IE screen but not to my homepage I then visited this page using a different computer-- http www bleepingcomputer com forums t preparation-guide-for-use-before-using-malware-removal-tools-and-requesting-help -- and attempted to do the preliminary steps before asking for help I was unable to enable to firewall on the ASUS as I could not connect with Windows FIrewall Internet Connect Sharing I have no FRST log to post as I was also unable to download FRST to a thumb drive since my other computer is a bit computer Sorry When I try to troubleshoot my lack of internet access the diagnostics say that I have no IP address I do have the old address written down I also get a message that says The ASUS EEE ACPI Service needs to close I first ran JRT the JRT log is below Malwarebytes found and deleted files after I ran JRT Rougekiller found a bunch of PUM files in the registry which it deleted and replaced The ASUS runs Windows EP I was running Trend Micro Titanium at the time I got the virus I think all I may need to do is put in an IP address and clean up any remaining virus I have to say that I would not have had the confidence to try this had I not had such a wonderful prior experience here Thanks so much JoAnne Junkware Removal Tool JRT by Thisisu Version OS Microsoft Windows XP x Ran by JoAnne on Mon at Services Registry Values Successfully repaired Registry Value HKEY CURRENT USER Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchScopes EE -D - f-A FF-E B B E A DisplayName Successfully repaired Registry Value HKEY CURRENT USER Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchScopes EE -D - f-A FF-E B B E A URL Successfully repaired Registry Value HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchScopes EE -D - f-A FF-E B B E A DisplayName Successfully repaired Registry Value HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchScopes EE -D - f-A FF-E B B E A URL Registry Keys Successfully deleted Registry Key - Orphan HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Browser Helper Objects C C A-E - b - D - CECB Successfully deleted Registry Key - Orphan HKEY CLASSES ROOT CLSID C C A-E - b - D - CECB Files Folders Scan was completed on Mon at End of JRT log

A:Bringing my Asus EEE back from the dead

try booting from a repair cd boot cd is a good one but make sure you get 15.2 as it is the only legal one without any illegal software on it
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Hi all

my computer died and the computer guy says its the mobo.

How can I check this?

On powerup there is no disk activity and screens are blank.

Drives have been removed and r OK.


A:ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Dead 3yrs old

I would first try if it works with a good-known power supply. Although Asus has gone down in quality, I would not yet blame the mobo right on.
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See System configuration below It seems like my IDE controller on my motherboard just died I tried using a different IDE cable unplugging the power to my CD drive checking the bios resetting the jumper and no joy Previously during bootup I would see them listed - now they are not listed - just my hard drives I have a Raid configuration I only use the IDE controller for my cd and dvd drives dead? IDE Controller MOBO ASUS I had considered buying an IDE controllor for ASUS MOBO IDE Controller dead? a PCI slot However since I have a huge graphics card I would probably have to scarifice my occasionally useful fax modem I am reluctant to add another PCI card on top of the huge graphics card - it gets very hot In addition to the IDE PCI controller space issue I am concerned that it might not allow me to boot from the optical drives if I needed to boot Win XP for example I am wondering if I could just buy SATA DVD and CD drives The complication that I am concerned about is that my computer is in a Raid configuration Further the mother board book states that the SATA connectors are for Hard Disk drives So I could I even install optical SATA DVD and CD drives with my MoBo ASUS P B Deluxe LGA Intel P Express ATX Intel The last option is RMAing the MOBO or in the interest of expediency just buying the same MOBO If I do that I am wondering about the setup process re bios and raid I guess I would have to carefully make sure I had the same settings Would I lose all my music and picture files I have a lot of them Anyone have any suggestions I am extremely reluctant to take my computer apart to exchange my MOBO Any work-arounds IDE controller make and model or SATA solution suggestions would be greatly appreciated Any other testing solutions also would be appreciated - I am not certain that my MOBO IDE controller is really dead probably wishful thinking on my part OS Win XP SP DVD Burner LH- A H- CD Burner LH- R P- Case Silverstone SSTemjinTJ CPU Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz M shared L Cache LGA Processor CPU Cooler ZALMAN LED mm Ball Fax modem Encore ENF -ESW-MOPR Motherboard ASUS P B Deluxe LGA Intel P Express ATX Intel Floppy Drive NEC Black MB quot Internal Floppy Drive Model FD H- Power Supply OCZ GameXStream OCZ GXSSLI ATX V W Power Supply - V RAM total GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Video Card eGeForce GTX MB Hard Drves Seagate HD G ST K M SATA ST AS Hardware Raid configuration Thanks for any consideration and help that someone might be able to provide ddc nbsp

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Its just out of the box plugged every thing and when its attached to the mains the green led on the board lights up but when i push the power switch i get a flicker of the pwer led on the outside of the box then nothing No fans going round power or psu Ive tryed reversing the pwr connector on the board http asus but a7n8x-e new it is brand dead deluxe www hothardware com reviews connectors htm but still nothing and i cant find anything else in the manual that may deal with power to the board apart from the main brand new asus a7n8x-e deluxe but is it dead power to the board witch is deffinatly round the right way http www asus com pub ASUS mb socka nforce a n x-e e a n x-e deluxe pdf but to be honest im brand new asus a7n8x-e deluxe but is it dead not that hot on this and if the board was faulty im not shure how i could tell but has anyone else had or heard of similer issues or knows of ways i could test to see if the board is faulty nbsp

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my asus x51rl its dead

A:asus x51rl dead dont start

Can you give us a little more background information other than "its dead".

We'll need a little more to go on.

What lead up to it being "dead"?
Were you experiencing any problems before it "died"?
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can anyone help me solve my problemwhen starting the laptop it start in bios aptio setup utility problem how can i fix this problem It will not open windows at all?Asus X553MA win 8thank you so much if anyone can help appreciate it message edited by ankvarellen

A:asus win8 laptop boot dead

Try system restore for a start.How To Use System Restore in Windows 8 or 8.1 get into > Safe Mode with Command Prompt, use Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition ( SS ) Menu on Lazesoft boot disk to Boot a Computer from a Lazesoft Recovery USB Device to Fix a Windows 7 Loading Crash into the bios & change the boot order to the usb stick.When it boots to the Recovery screen, go to the far right tab > Repair tools.Select Command Prompt.How to Use Windows System Restore from Command Prompt
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I'll see if I can explain this as straight forward as problem ASUS dead notebook K50IJ or not? possible Purchased ASUS K IJ notebook about three years ago K IJ - Notebooks amp Ultrabooks - ASUS Right off I swapped out the default gig for a gig Loved the laptop Used it for two years that way No problems About a year ago I swapped out ASUS K50IJ notebook problem dead or not? the HDD for an SSD Awesome laptop loved it even more Again no problems Now a few days ago while in operation it froze Could do nothing short of pulling the power cable and battery Then it turned off of course Reattached the power cable and reinserted the battery and turned it back on The light in the power button turns on the DVD does the usual zzp zzp as it always does when it's powered up The power light at the front lights up the HDD light flickers as usual but no logo on screen or anything on screen for that matter implying it's starting up Then all goes quiet and the HDD light pulsates very lightly like about every two seconds but nothing on screen If I open the optical drive that still opens and insert a boot-able disk it will spin up as if it's looking at the disk does a few zzp zzp zzp and then just spins there for a long time but still nothing on the screen at all So a few things I've tried is Pulled the battery and power cable then hold down the power button for a minimum seconds Then reattached just the power cable and pressed the power button No change it helps nothing Opened it up and swapped out SSD for the original tried again Nothing on screen Same as before Opened again and swapped out the cmos battery Still no change It has gigs ram built into the motherboard and two gigs added in an open slot I pulled the add on ram stick Still no change I connected it to an external monitor Still no change This laptop stays mostly in my home and is used in my homegroup No problems til this Sorry for the long post but I was trying to explain what I've already tried so we don't repeat things I hope I don't have to replace it but that's life I guess Any insight from you guys is always appreciated Cheers Beginning

A:ASUS K50IJ notebook problem dead or not?

Can you get into the BIOS settings?
On Asus laptops you repeatedly press the F2 key immediately after pressing power on.

Also, if you repeatedly press the ESC key at power on it should bring up the boot device menu, where you can choose to boot from the CD/DVD to test.
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I have a friend who gave his computer to his daughter and moved it into her room. He plugged everything in and nothing would appear on the monitor. After trying a couple of things, he gave it to me to look at. I eventually pulled the CPU fan to reseat the CPU and noticed that it looked "off". Pulled the CPU and that's when I saw the bent pin. Carefully straightened the pin, reinstalled it and put new thermal paste. The computer booted no problem.

Would moving a computer from one room to another cause the CPU to partially come out? It's a stock cooler so it's not like there was a lot of weight.

The desktop is an Asus M11BB (AMD FM2 processor).
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I just got a Asus Chromebox that came with mouse and wireless keyboard. The mouse works fine but the keyboard is dead. Tried several times to sync by pressing the specific key, that is located side to on/off.

A:Solved: Asus keyboard that comes with Chromebox is dead

You need to contact Asus support:!warranty/c22lj
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How do you know if a motherboard is dead because I've had problems with my old computer were it kept on restarting after every 5 seconds.
The CD Drive was making the sound it usually does when I turn the computer on, it just did it every 5 seconds...
The monitor wouldn't even try to come onso I wouldn't even be able to get into BIOS. The lights on the keyboard and mouse wouldn't come on either.
I've already bought a new computer (it was time to get a new one anyways...) but I was just wondering what would cause a computer to restart every 5 seconds like that and what I should do if it ever happens again.

A:Dead motherboard?

Except for the infernal eMachines, Packard Bell, and Sony desktops, It is actually quite rare for a motherboard to fail, unless you have been using it as a gamer, with a lot of resultant heat.
Motherboard failures at our shop, are actually one of these, in order: Bad memory, bad video graphics card, bad optical drive, bad power supply, bad cpu fan, bad thermal paste not allowing adequate cooling (this can be too much or too little thermal paste), bad cable, bad PCI component in a PCI slot (modem, sound card, usb card, firewire card, ethernet card). These should all be checked before you toss out the board...
If you have an eMachines, you can pretty much assume the board is bad, along with the power supply... which is also true of Packard Bell... and once in a while, the Sony.
The PCChips boards are also pretty fragile.
I would start by testing your power supply in another machine, or putting another power supply in your machine... then finding a way to test the memory in another machine if the power supply does not help.
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Hello Recently i was given a better motherboard my dead? Is graphics card than the one i already had I disconnected all the wires from the back of the computer then i opened the case up took the old graphics card out and i also took out Is my motherboard dead? the ram out to check what type i had incase i wanted to buy more ram in the future i then put the new graphics card back in and the ram also I then put the case back on and connected all the wires back into the computer Now nothing is working I get no signal on my monitor i have tried monitors but i know that both of them work I have searched google for explanations but As i am not a computer whiz I do not really know what to do I have seen topics saying take the bios cmos battery out wait minutes and put it back in - but nothing was different I read in a manual about cmos jumper thing but i dont what to do Has anybody got any suggestions Is my motherdead or a case of a simple thing that needs fixing Hope to get a reply soon Thanks KlaSh wave nbsp

A:Is my motherboard dead?

First off, a motherboard is not a simple thing. BUt i dobt you killed your Mobo.

When you turn on the PC, does any fans lights etc come on?
Any beeps? if it is a dell, check for 5 lights labeled ABCD (i think) what color are they?
Are you sure the video card is in a working state?
Can you put in the old video card?

My guess, you do not have the video card of RAM seated right. Which requires only a second of adjustment.
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I have a Dell Inspiron pretty old yrs with big startup problem The problem occurred in phases I took my laptop camping but never used it and left it in the car When I got home I was having a BSOD at startup When it tried to restart it was giving startup memory errors quot Memory write read failure at expecting Decreasing available memory quot I thought it sounded like memory module going bad so I removed one of Possible dead Motherboard? the memory modules from Slot B MB The Possible dead Motherboard? system now booted up and just ran slow since it put me down to MB in Slot A I then shut down and put the module in Slot A It booted up fine again - eliminating a bad module THEN I inserted the MB back in Slot B with in Slot A and low and behold it worked Worked fine for one week THEN Started getting BSOD in the middle of working on various applications at various times Upon reboot it would give me the quot Amount of system memory has changed quot and or Memory Write Read failure at expecting Strike F to continue I would continue and it would load OK and I would work along until the next BSOD Finally and currently Windows will not load at all Everytime I reboot it gives me the memory changed error and press F I did get the Diagnostics CD from Dell to load and I ran ALL of the tests advanced tests It tested the memory and hard drives along with all systems good On one reboot attempt it ran Scan Disk and fixed a bunch of errors but still didnt load Then another reboot and Scandisk comes up again and runs through just fine no errors but still no load For a while it loaded up this very strange Windows XP login screen that I have not seen before Asked for user password I entered it and I kept getting a bcmwltry exe error It would take my password but all the writing on the windows screens would be strange writing like wingdings and such Couldnt read the error screens It would show my desktop for a second then display a garbled error and go back to the strange login screen Looked up bcmwltry exe and read to remove my PCMCIA wireless adapter After that I never got the strange Windows login screen or bcmwltry exe error Now when I try and load windows it stalls on agp sys upon Safe Mode startup I read that is an error with the Video driver and to use the Windows Recovery Console to disable the service Now my problem is I can not get the Recovery Console to come up at all I insert the Windows XP CD and boot to it It never gets to the screen where you can press R to repair It does start the windows setup program that goes through a series of loading steps where different things are shown in the white box at the bottom But it never does ask to press R to repair or ask to choose the installation to repair What happens is somewhere during the loading process it stops and says so and so file quot is corrupted quot or quot could not be loaded quot OHCI sys asc sys atapi sys vgaoem for all different files each time What else can I try I have a very sick CD Drive Sometimes it does not even go into quot Load From CD quot when I restart with the XP CD in the drive just skips it and starts normally while drive makes a bunch of crazy noises My theory is that since it is laboring so much it causes these errors of either corrupted or could not be loaded files I tried replacing this drive many months ago and the new drive I installed did the same thing so maybe there is something wrong with the motherboard where it plugs in PS - I have tried ALL startup modes please no quot Did you try starting in Safe Mode quot nbsp

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My motherboard is confirmed Dead. my motherboard is a evga Nvidia 590sli.
i hope not to spend too much for one $200.
my psu is 700 watts,hard drive is 500gbs.
my Tower is the Thermaltake Armor.
any thoughts would help thankyou.

A:Dead MotherBoard

Be sure you know the cause of the failure. EVGA boards have been very good for us. Despite your 700 watt power supply, some brands have been known to cause failures of motherboards. It is difficult to comment futher without knowning which CPU you intend to use. We recommend ASUS, Gigabyte, Intel, FoxConn, MSI, BIOStar, and MSI for reliability and long life.
You might want to read some of the motherboard reviews at and
I would go for a FoxConn for Reliability, Intel for ease of install, Gigabyte, EVGA, or ASUS for power gaming.
Tell us more of what you plan to use from the failed board... CPU, power supply brand and model, Videographics.
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Ok here are the symptoms PC powers on amp all the fans run including the psu fan Black screen - will not boot Keyboard lights will flash when powered up but system does not respond to pressing F or F HDD activity indicator does not flash or light up at all Cannot boot from system disk I tried to no avail Reseating the video card and ram Removed ram modules one by one before powering Dead motherboard? up in case one of the memory sticks was bad Removing the battery for a few minutes before reinserting The PC is Dead motherboard? just under years old I have not added nor removed any hardware recently no power failures and it s been running smoothly with no issues According the monitoring software I use the hard drives are in good shape The video card is under year old Dead motherboard? The current motherboard is a replacement issued by the PC maker after the original one had problems after about a year System specs Intel quad core cpu Biostar TP HP Intel P motherboard GB DDR ram GB SATA HDD x Vista Home Premium Thanks in advance Dead motherboard? nbsp

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So my brothers computer one day just wouldn't turn on at all. Tonight, he swore up and down that it was NOT his motherboard because there was a led light that was working when he tried to turn it on. I took it home with me and plugged it in and everything. It makes no noise, and does aboslutely NOTHING when I try to turn it on. But that ONE led light(on the mobo) does turn on when I hit the power button. I believe the motherboard is dead. I figure, if nothing happens(when powered) except for a light turning on that it means the computer is just getting power and the mobo is dead. Am I right? Is the motherboard dead? And is there a way to test all these parts(I'm in school for computers, just haven't learned how to test things)?
Thanks guys.

A:dead motherboard?


Detailed system specs and POWER SUPPLY ?
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I bought a new motherboard and 550 psu yesterday. Got home plugged everything in - LCD on front of tower says no power. The psu fan doesn't spin, the cpu fan is dead - no activity at all. It just sits there like a massive doorstop.

I've tried clear CMOS I've checked all my leads and connectors. Can anyone help me figure out weather this is a m/b problem or a psu problem?

It's a gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2 motherboard with 1gb DDR400 memory. My processor is a AMD Athlon XP 3200.

A:New motherboard - dead???

do you have another psu you could put in there and see if it is that or vise versa. :bounce:
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Hey I need some help. I have computer that wont turn on. It looks like the power supply is dead because it does not power on the fan. I need to know if the motherboard is also gone. It has no capacitor leakage or any battary indicator lights on it. I do not have a spare supply either and dont want to waste my time getting just another power supply only to find out I need a board also. Is there anyway to find out if the motherboard is also dead?????

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My sturdy old backup computer started crashing frequently and randomly last month Thinking that it might be Dead Motherboard(s)? a memory problem I bought Dead Motherboard(s)? some new memory for it which I was able to get quite cheaply as it is somewhat antique by now After cleaning out the CPU fan and installing the memory the computer never came on again The fans Dead Motherboard(s)? come on the hard drive LED blinks the DVD-Rom opens but there is no boot Dead Motherboard(s)? screen or beeps My assumption is that the motherboard is dead but my question is IS THERE ANY OTHER POSSIBILITY The background information that prompts my question is as follows Clearly this computer was due for an upgrade but as I d just lost one of my jobs and a third of my income I sought out a cheaper solution to restore functionality to the backup computer which I use mainly to listen to internet radio and my music collection from the other end of the apartment and to backup information from my main computer I found a replacement motherboard Same brand and version on Ebay from a computer supply store It was described as a quot pull from a working system quot To my great disappointment after it arrived and I switched out the motherboard the computer behaved in exactly the same way Power on fans turn on but no boot screen or beeps at all I contacted the seller of the replacement motherboard and reported that it was apparently D O A and they graciously offered to send me another the company had two of the same type for sale free of charge It arrived today and to my further frustration and disappointment the result was precisely the same Power on fans come on hard drive spins but no boot screen or beeps Just to be certain I have tried switching back to the old memory hooking it up to another monitor to be sure it wasn t somehow booting up silently resetting the CMOS jumper Three dead motherboards Am I just very unlucky or is there a possibility that I am overlooking something The computer s stats are as follows Elitegroup K S A motherboard version AMD XP Socket A CPU W power supply I gigabyte x MB DDR memory Gforce MB FX APG video card Western Digital GB hard drive SoundBlaster X-Fi sound card Any advice on my next step Is there any point in searching for a cheap replacement board No easy choices with my current financial situation Or should I just start saving up to replace the whole system new board video card memory etc nbsp

A:Dead Motherboard(s)?

Sounds to me like all the ram is NG. First of all the cheap ram is most likely high density ram which works on very few pc's and that is not how you add ram to a pc anyway. It is also possible that the cpu is NG. If the mobo went it could have taken cpu with it as cheap ECS boards usually do.
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My problem is, I have rebuilt a comuter using some older parts and some new parts. The motherboard a (Asus K7M ) was working fine when last used, but now installed in a new case does not want to fire up at all. I have power and all the LEDs and fans are all working fine, there is no signal on the monitor and have tried a different one, also I have tried changing the graphics card all without any luck. Would I be right in thinking this is some thing to do with the BIOS or am I missing some thing more obvious.
Thankyou for any help on this matter

A:Is my motherboard dead

Well, you need to rule out some more things. Could be memory, processor, could be your shorting it out in the case (try it outside the case on cardboard or something)...
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Hey Ya'll... I'm wondering if my Motherboard is dead... when I swap around some jumpers on the board, the fan does a half spin then dies again... the drives don't spin up... no lights.... no nothing... should I get a new board or should I try to get this one inspected somehow??

I swapped out PSUs and memory and everything else that would cause it not to power up... So I'm stumped...

Any Suggestions??

A:Is My Motherboard Dead?


Exactly what jumpers are you moving? Did the problem start after you moved the jumpers? When did the problem start - after what occurrence?

Do you have a make and model of the board...?

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Hello i have had this problem for about days now and motherboard dead? is my i is my motherboard dead? can't seem to find an answer for it or no one else has the same problem i start up my computer newer one there's a red quot x quot over the connection even though my internet is fine if not excellent i troubleshoot it says quot you need to install drivers for your network adapter quot i click on update drivers then this new message appeared quot Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device quot quot windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it quot network adapter name here quot the system cannot find the file specified quot i load is my motherboard dead? the drivers and utilities disc for my motherboard MSI GF M-P nothing happens all of it is installed i try MSI website nothing happens i tried resetting my CMOS battery and nope still will not install the drivers any ideas thanks

A:is my motherboard dead?

A lot of times if you have a windows updated driver, it will only be able to install or update from the same set of driver signatures.

Try running windows update.
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Can anyone tell me if this sounds like I've got a dead motherboard? CPU lights (green & red) come on when I turn it on and so does the light on the CD rom but nothing else happens - monitor never comes on, eventually the red light on the CPU goes off and the green one stays on. I tested a working monitor from another computer but it does not come on with this one. The fan is running fine. I took apart all the connections (HD, CD, etc.) and reconnected everything to make sure nothing was loose. I also checked the video card - it's fine. I never got any beeps before it went totally dark. I am going to try the HD on another computer tomorrow but I thought I'd ask first about the motherboard. Is there a way to check them? If it helps it is an ASUS P4SDX.

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This is what i will explain after the information and tests i've gathered. I try turning on my pc with no pci cards, no graphics card and no ram inserted into my motherboard and i read that there is supposed to be some "BIOS beeps" without those things connected and I don't get ANY beeps at all. Is that a sign there's a motherboard problem?

The board is an Intel D865PERL.

A:Motherboard dead?

If the Intel BIOS has a beep code for CPU only then I'd say yes. I thought Award based BIOS's were the only ones that had a CPU only beep response.

Apart from that, you seem to have walked in halfway through the movie...why are you trying to get a beep code from a board with only a CPU ?
Normal procedure for testing a POST would be to have CPU, RAM, graphics and of course a PSU attached. The beep code would then narrow down the troubleshooting options a little.
Have you gone through the troubleshooting options already ? If so, what was the outcome ?
Basically, more information required.

A motherboard model + no beep code isn't a lot to go on you understand.
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Hello everyone my dell xps laptop is not working i dont know what happens when i shut down the laptop it updates and when i turned it on after hours it shows me a blank screen The the dead? Is motherboard fan is working and the disk drive is fine as well but its not booting i think there is no POST I already try to Is the motherboard dead? remove the battery and use the adapter nothing happens i hold the power button for seconds and minute and no progress I was wondering maybe my board is dead due to overheated because i was playing games too long I contact dell and i got no answers from them they want me to charge for talking with them over the phone before proceeding to diagnose Im using intel core duo mghz gb ram nvidia M GT I dont wanna buy a new one coz i spent on this laptop Hopefully i got helped on this matter Thank You nbsp

A:Is the motherboard dead?

Did you ever get this resolved?
There are a few more options in this guide:
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Hello my friends,

my friend gave me a old CPU but he say that the problem is only PSU, so I buy new one. the problem is I can boot from 4-5 seconds after that it turns off. any one help me to where is the problem? thank you

A:How do you know if it is a dead motherboard?

mike081682 said:

Hello my friends,

my friend gave me a old CPU but he say that the problem is only PSU, so I buy new one. the problem is I can boot from 4-5 seconds after that it turns off. any one help me to where is the problem? thank youClick to expand...

The CPU is a specific component within the computer, its no bigger than a cell phone.

What reasoning did your friend give, for thinking it was the PSU?
Have you tried trouble shooting the issue on your own yet? If so what have you tried?
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well, my computer won't turn on. it's been up and running for about 1 month with no problems. i have not made any hardware changes since then.

when i press the power button nothing. i pulled apart the system, tested hardware and came to the conclusion that my mobo was toast.

however, if i plug in my wireless USB adapter i do get lights on it, meaning it is getting power. same goes for my ipod shuffle.

does this mean that my mobo is not toast and it could be another issue?

if the mobo was fried would the USB still get power? i wouldn't think so.

any help would be great.

A:dead motherboard?

May be it's a bios issue. When you press the power button, your motherboard power up but if there is nothing in the bios, what action will it take? May be its a bios issue?
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I have the same problem, it seems like a bunch of us are getting dead motherboards around the same time... approximately 15 months after manufacturing. I'm guessing this is a systematic issue. HP really needs to fix these boards without changing customers that gave their product a chance. Customer service said it would be $500 to fix.
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I recently gave my motheroboard into a repair shop to solder on a new power jack.
I've reasembled my laptop but now, when I switch it on, it gets to the DELL boot screen then crashes.

I took the motherboard back out and hooked up the ac adaptor. when i switch it on, the light comes on for a few seconds, then switches it off.

I'm wondering, does this mean the motherboard is completely dead?

A:Motherboard Dead?

Motherboard repairs are a bit of a tricky business. Because of the way they are constructed it takes special tools and skills when desoldering, installing and resoldering components onto motherboards. Most through the board solder connections actually have othr connections layered between the layers of the motherboard. If one of these connections has been damaged and no longer makes connection then the motherboard will at the least be of only limited use if not unusable. To repair a connection such as this is possible but would be beyond 99% of a local shops capabilities, and be prohibitively expensive. That being said, I would take the laptop back to the shop that reapired the power connection and have them make it work on thier dime not yours. After all, repairs such as these should come with some warranty.
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my computer wasnt booting up with no beep sound everything fine fan ,hard drive like a idiot i changed the setting on power supply from 230 to 115 and now nothing no even the motherboard light comes on i have just got my hands on a brand new power supply and now this please help desparet

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today i was using my comp and all of a sudden it shut down(no warning just a black screen on moniter) i tried t turn it on the fans would spin for about 5 seconds then its dead again i have to turn the power supply off for 10 secs and i power on and same thing can anyone help (using xp) (its not the moniter)

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Hi, I have a 1 yr old emachines et1161-05 running windows 7. Currently it is totally dead. No response when power button is pushed. No clicks, No whirs, No lights. Nothing. Power supply has been tested as OK. Is it a dead motherboard? bios? battery? CPU?

A:Dead Motherboard?

xvv99 said:

Hi, I have a 1 yr old emachines et1161-05 running windows 7. Currently it is totally dead. No response when power button is pushed. No clicks, No whirs, No lights. Nothing. Power supply has been tested as OK. Is it a dead motherboard? bios? battery? CPU?
thanksClick to expand...

How did you test the Power Supply?
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My boss asked me to upgrade his son's CPU. It would never start. I checked the battery, the power supply, memory chips, and the cables. I finally pulled the 2 HD's hooked them to another computer and upgraded the OS. I put them back in the original CPU, nothing. The fans come on and I have a light, but there is no attempt to boot the HD at all. Would this mean the mother board is toast? I've replaced one other MB, but that was years ago when I was working for the school. I am limited on tools I have now. Is there anything else I should try?


A:Motherboard dead?

I need a little more info...when you say a fan comes on, do you mean the Power Supply fan, or the CPU fan? Same thing with the light which light?
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Well, while re-seating one of the PC2700 ram chips. I mistakingly put it the wrong way, when I re-started the PC, I saw a small black chip start to burn. after turning off the PC, I corrected the position of the ram, re-started the PC, now nothing happens! The CPU fan spins but that about it. My un=educated guess, is I must have fried the M/B!

Any idea if that can be fixed? My father is going to be pi#$ed, when he sees that the PC he so kindly gave me, no longer works!!!

Duh me..

A:Dead Motherboard????

I suggest looking up the manual for your Motherboard and finding out exactly what this chip does or use to do from there perhaps you can get a better idea of why it's not working and how to fix it (or if it can even be fixed!)
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I have the aforementioned computer with a motherboard (da0u81mb6c0 rev c) that is not powering on. I think the fuse has blown because their was a spillage on it which blew a capacitor. I'm just wondering if somebody can identify the part no.s as there are no markings on them, so that (obviously) I can order the parts and hopefully fix the motherboard. Any help much appreciated. Thanks beforehand. Regards Sev
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how about a hard drive that doesnt beep and unable to get a display... but is set to boot from the floppy.. the monitor works on other pcs

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I built my daughter s computer years ago and now am having problems I think may be related to the motherboard In the process of adding memory and wireless networking the computer started acting up First the monitor would come on and it would boot but the mouse would freeze Dead Motherboard? up I changed out the mouse for one I knew worked Same thing After that when turning the computer on it would get quot stuck quot right after the memory check After that happened the monitor would come on but its just a blank screen I removed the wireless networking and removed Dead Motherboard? everything else but the monitor Still I get the same thing So now I have no mouse and no monitor The drive light stays Dead Motherboard? on but as far as I can tell nothing is happening Is this indicative of a bad motherboard If so should I just upgrade Or should I replace it with the same The case is ATX The motherboard is M LMR Its running an AMD K - Any help and or suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Linda nbsp

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My neighbor's computer is booting up, memory is OK, it lists the HD and then says CD Rom is found.
Then the following error messages occur:
Keyboard is locked out- unlock...
CMOS checksum error-defaults loaded
CMOS battery failed.

So, is this a motherboard problem, HD problem or CMOS battery problem?
And if it is any of these, is a 5 year old computer worth replaing any of the above mentioned?? It has a Pentium S 166 mhz processor so you see my point here.
Thanks is advance!

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I have a laptop that was fine until i shut it down. It shut down but didnt start up. when turning it on the lights come on indicating power is fine but nothing appears on the screen or on an alternative monitor via VGA cable? i think.

IF this is the case is it always the case of just buying a new one or is there a nak to fixing this?

Thanx for those who are reading
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Hi people got a slight problem a friends computer would not motherboard the Is dead? start up switched off at back of PSU then unpluged the mains cable then after putting the cable back in and switching on the PSU went BANG big sparks and computer was dead susspecting the PSU had gone a bought a replacement w one now then plug in Is the motherboard dead? all cables to test and powered up the computer and all was well puter started up okay played around with it for half hour then switched off to refit PSU propally and replace panels after doing this the computer wouldnt start up again im stumped ive checked all cable im positive I didnt damage anything putting the PSU back in any ideas power supply is defo working because I gave it Is the motherboard dead? to a friend to borrow and it starts his computer up fine have I damaged the mobo is there any test i can do any help would be great cheers people nbsp

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I was adding some memory to my computer and without thinking didn't unplug the computer from the outlet. After I added the memory I attempted to start the computer up. The light turn on and I think it is making it through post (no beeps) but nothing is appearing on my monitor. Monitor is good, changed video cards with old one that I assume is good. still nothing. wondering if it could be a bios problem that could be flashed to be fixed or if I blew the motherboard.

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Hello everyone I have Asus Eee PC P Netbook and I ve been told it s a fancy or motherboard not? Is dead computer to have but Is motherboard dead or not? I ve been using it for about years now and it s just a computer that suits me Anyway few days ago I was working on a research Is motherboard dead or not? when I noticed that my battery is almost empty The charger was plugged in the socket so I just connected it to my charging port but the red light that indicated that the laptop is charginig didn t come on The laptop wasn t charging either but the battery block was showing blue light which means that it was getting the power The battery was already empty minutes to shutting down automatically so I took out the battery tried again to charge and got the same result I took the laptop to the tech support in my town I live in a really small town so I don t have many choices and the guy said he ll look at it He didn t even listen to me when I was explaining my problem or what happened Yesterday I went to pick it up and his assistant gave me the laptop with message stuck on a post-it that said quot Motherboard dead - replacement not recommended due to price quot Now my main question is I tend to ramble a lot I am not a tech person but as far as I know when motherboard is dead you cannot even turn your PC on And I remind you that I actually did the shut off my windows before the battery was all gone Is it possible that the problem is in the charger or in the charging port I just thought I d ask for a second opinion any help would be nice blobfish nbsp

A:Is motherboard dead or not?

most laptops will run without the battery - does it work with just the adapter plugged in and the battery out

it maybe a problem with the charger
Do you have a volt meter at all (Multimeter) this will read the output from the charger to ensure thats working

The motherboard maybe faulty and not charging the battery - in which case , the message would be faulty motherboard, not economic to repair
But he may just have put dead

Have you spoken to the repair shop and asked what was wrong and why they think the motherboard is dead ?
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Recently I lost display while using my pc It went from running normally and fine to black screen and no sound out of the speakers Everything pretty much went dead No beeps no error nothing Specs Foxconn M VMX Crap motherboard Intel C D E Radeon HD Apevia W http www newegg com Product Produ amp cm re apevia w- - - - - -Product At first I figured it was my videocard So i unplugged the hdmi and went vga into the onboard display still nothing The monitor doesnt recognize the video card or the onboard and the red quot No power quot light Dead motherboard? on the is always on This led me to believe it was the power supply However when I turn the computer on all fans are running the led power light turns on in front of the computer plus i hear the hard drive turn on and it has power So in a nutshull I need to determine whether the mother finally died The ethernet port stopped working about months ago or if my PSU from is dead I don t think its the videocard nbsp

A:Dead motherboard?

Have you changed the settings in BIOS to tell the BIOS to POST using the on-board graphics?

If you haven't, and its set to boot using the PCI-EX GPU it isn't going to display anything. In my experience if a motherboard fails, it doesn't work full stop. It acts totally dead - thats not to say yours is fine, but I would certainly check your BIOS settings to make sure the default video is set to on-board.

Also, remove the graphics card if you want to test if that is the problem, leaving it plugged in will likely just cause the computer confusion.
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Hi guys i have an Asrock Fm2a58 +btc and i tried to update my bios to 1.60 version .. when i pressed update i took a message on screen that it was successfull and another one message to press enter for restart .. after restart my pc didnt post cpu and case fans was running but nothing more i tried to reset cmos and bios jumper but no luck .. i went my pc to the store that i buy it i told them that after bios update it didnt post and they didnt check my mobo for bios failure .. they tried to put another cpu and ram in my mobo and they said that my mobo is dead from a short circuit between my case and screws can you help me pls ? and sorry about my engish !!!
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I have a Uwave motherboard from a compaq and I thought I would try to see if I could get it going. When I turn the computer on it initializes the drives but it doesn't give me a POST beep or turn on the video? Is the motherboard junk or maybe the processor? Or I am just silly for even bothering to try?

A:dead motherboard?

Try to post in a barebones configuration by removing all addin cards, video card, disk drv signal cables to MB. Disconnect the mouse and keyboard, all pwr connectors to ur disk drv's too. Boot the pc with just the MB, CPU, and Ram installed. See if it will post and beep. Shouldn't be a single short beep cuz u'll be gettin a kybrd error beep signal, or somethin. If it doesn't post at all the only way to determine if it is MB at this point is if u know ur cpu and ram are good. If u don't u'll hav to test cpu and ram in another MB.
Post bak here and let us know.
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Hi guys and gals,

I've got a issue with my PCs and I can't seem to work out what's going on..


Old gpu: nvidia gts 8800 6 pin to psu
(Suddenly stopped working)

New gpu: Sapphire R9 280 (2 x 6 pins to psu)

Old psu: silencer 910watt

New psu: cooler master v650

Mother board: ASUS: P5N-E SLI

Ram: 4 x 1gb

Problem:No display no beeps


1. Tested a gpu that uses no psu power, pc boots normal, Purchased new card that needs psu power ,same issue pc won't boot.

2. Purchased new PSU still same issue.

3.Removed ram and checked 1 by 1 then replaced in different orders and one by one no difference .

4. Reset cmos battery. No luck.

5.Disconnected other components one by one hoping for beep.. No luck..

Question: has the motherboard gone? And if so would it still boot up normal with a non psu based gpu...!?!?


A:Is my motherboard dead?

I'd think of an issue with the two PSUs that you've tried, since it was working normally with the one that is non PSU based. Check on compatibility issues on those.
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Hi....a computer I am working on will rarely boot when I power ON and if it does it will not load Windows....I tried a new memory stick, video card, PSU, took out all unecessary cards, and even tried a new CPU and CPU fan and it still does the same thing....all the fans spin (PSU and CPU)....Does a motherboard slowly die or does it die quickly ?? any advice on this situation ?? any help is appreciated...

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Hi..I have this computer when you press the on button there is no activity at fans spin nothing its like there is no power connected...everything is fine on the computer..the PSU tests fine (even tried a different good PSU), all the devices are fine they work on another its either the CPU or motherboard...any one know what it could be ?? any info is appreciated

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Hi, My motherboard died a little while ago (i think a week)  and then i decided to upgrad ewhile im at it but can/will acer give me a new copy of windows or is there still windows on the harddrive?

A:dead motherboard

Hello, The Windows version of your desktop is an OEM pre-installed version (erecovery media). It works only with your Acer motherboard. They are linked.That will not work with another motherboard. You can order the Acer spare part from your Acer store. Microsoft OEM Partner Center: "Generally, an end user can upgrade or replace all of the hardware components on a computer?except the motherboard?and still retain the license for the original Microsoft OEM operating system software. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created. Microsoft OEM operating system software cannot be transferred to the new computer, and the license of new operating system software is required. If the motherboard is replaced because it is defective, you do not need to acquire a new operating system license for the PC as long as the replacement motherboard is the same make/model or the same manufacturer's replacement/equivalent, as defined by the manufacturer's warranty."
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Have an off-brand PC (Systemax) that died after 18 months. Won't boot. PSU and other fans come on. Hard drive spins. DVD drive seems dead, won't open. Video posts "no signal." Nothing after that. No warning signs of problem.

Tried swapping in a different power supply. Same results.

What else should I try?

A:Is my motherboard dead?

try taking the battery out of the motherboard for about 5 mins and put it back in and try to start the pc
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Hi folks When I switched dead? Is motherboard my :( my PC on this morning I m getting no signal to the monitor whatsoever not just a blank screen - the monitor doesn t recognise that anything is attached I am getting no POST beeps I don t remember ever having got any but the manual suggests I should and it s the sort of thing I wouldn t notice anyway Everything else happens as it should i e fans run hard drive spins up I had the Is my motherboard dead? :( exact same issue with my other PC a few months back and solved it by reseating my RAM This didn t Is my motherboard dead? :( work this time I ve had issues with my RAM causing infrequent BSODs before so I know at least one stick is faulty I have but I don t know which one I ve tried with just one stick at a time and no luck so presumably the RAM isn t the problem either Trying without any memory in at all still results in no POST beeps I tried the monitor with my laptop did work and tried a spare monitor with the PC didn t work so the problem is clearly with the PC and not the monitor I use a graphics card but my mobo also has onboard graphics although I ve never tried to use them I took out the graphics card after having tried to simply reseat it first and plugged the monitor into the onboard VGA - no luck I ve reset the BIOS no luck Upon physical inspection everything inside the case looks fine Have disconnected and reconnected all cables Is my motherboard dead Any help at all or suggestions of anything else I might try would be greatly appreciated The board is a Gigabyte S-series MA G-DS H Many thanks Steve nbsp

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A family member has a two-year-old HP G - DX that she uses for her college work The battery gave out spring and we put off buying a new one as we couldn t afford it at the time So she has continued to run the PC with the AC adapter About two weeks ago the computer quit on her during an assignment I checked the AC adapter on another HP G also with a dead battery and it worked there just fine Her PC had been running hot as I ve heard HPs tend to but she would shut it down when she noticed this A friend who is more familiar with PCs than I am can motherboard? it's a dead How if tell I I use Macs but the basics are the basics right suggested from my description of the problem that it could be one of three things the DC In board the power supply or the mother board I borrowed How can I tell if it's a dead motherboard? a good battery of the same sort and tried to start up with just battery power but still no go This should rule out the DC In board correct I then plugged in the AC adapter but the PC still wouldn t start I d rather replace a part myself at a cost that I can control rather than turn it over to some geek squad and have it repaired at a to-be-disclosed-later cost I have a copy of the quot HP G Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide quot and the replacement procedures are straight forward and well within my abilities How do I tell now what component is causing this problem Is there a clear way to tell whether it s the motherboard at fault or not Thanks nbsp

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Hey I am a beginner in tech world so pls forgive my ignorance Few days back I moved to my Motherboard? Dead new home and in the process of Dead Motherboard? arranging the furniture I accidentally touched my motherboard circuit with my bare hands dont ask why I was walking on carpet with my socks on so I think there was static that passed through and fried my MB Now i cant get my desktop to turn on I didnot have any issues with it till date I would like to rule out if there is any other cause to it before heading to a tech store and spending any money on it If it is the motherboard I have looked online and my model is no longer in production I would like to know what is the next best replacement for a GA G M E SL gigabyte motherboard Thank you P S - I am a beginner and I am not that good with computer terminology Please explain in detail Thank you nbsp

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Hi, My motherboard died a little while ago (i think a week)  and then i decided to upgrad ewhile im at it but can/will acer give me a new copy of windows or is there still windows on the harddrive?

A:dead motherboard

Hello, The Windows version of your desktop is an OEM pre-installed version (erecovery media). It works only with your Acer motherboard. They are linked.That will not work with another motherboard. You can order the Acer spare part from your Acer store. Microsoft OEM Partner Center: "Generally, an end user can upgrade or replace all of the hardware components on a computer?except the motherboard?and still retain the license for the original Microsoft OEM operating system software. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created. Microsoft OEM operating system software cannot be transferred to the new computer, and the license of new operating system software is required. If the motherboard is replaced because it is defective, you do not need to acquire a new operating system license for the PC as long as the replacement motherboard is the same make/model or the same manufacturer's replacement/equivalent, as defined by the manufacturer's warranty."
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I need some serious help The other day i was sitting by my computer and it was on then all of the sudden Dead It just turned dead? Motherboard Is My off my apartment complex seems to have power issues and i am dumb and do not have a surge protector at first i figured it was my Is My Motherboard dead? power supply and i took it to best buy to get it checked and they told me Is My Motherboard dead? it was dead so i bought a new thermaltake watt power supply and put it in nothing Did i not connect it right there are no lights even on the mobo i made sure all of the connections were tight i also took out my ram video card sound card disconected my ide cables to the cd drives disconnected my hard drive and nothing also i tried to jump the power switch to the motherboard but not sure if i did it right specs gigabyte K S ultra- geforce gt amd somethin gigs ram also my nvidia graphics drivers kept crashing for months before this happened and i would have to reinstall them alot dont kknow if this will help i dont really have money to get it looked at so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Is My Motherboard dead?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I`m afraid it does sound like your mobo is fried. It`s not uncommon for a psu to fail and take the mobo with it.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I think it just might be For the past month it s had a problem of getting a BSOD every hour or so that it was on and then it d restart itself Well I reformated my system and that seemed to fix the problem This morning we had a gigantic thunder storm what with lightening and all that jazz When it woke me up I realized that my PC had just restarted I went over to it to see if it was alright and the monitor didn t come on So I turned it off and hours later when I was much more awake I turned it on again All the fans are running and I can turn the lights on inside of it Also RIGHT when I first turn it on all the lights on my keyboard come on for Is my motherboard dead? a brief second and they never come on again Nor does my mouse That is it Even when I leave it on for minutes I get no signal and I can t even open the DVD drive When I turn on the monitor all I get it quot no signal input quot and then it goes back to sleep So at first Is my motherboard dead? I thought video card but based on it s previous antics and now seeing as how even the DVD drive wont turn no either is it suffice to say that it is probably the motherboard nbsp

A:Is my motherboard dead?

Could be the motherboard or the power supply. You might want to try replacing the power supply first (it's cheaper). If the computer still isn't working, then it's probably safe to assume that the motherboard is shot.
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Systemax Celeron DC Intel Celeron Dual Core e ghz k GB DDR Memory GB Hard Drive Sata RPM MSI Motherboard My mom called me to tell me she got the dead? tell if How to is motherboard BSOD and cant get computer to come back on Said it made a weird noise before going out I start to troubleshoot and I cant even get computer to Post or boot up Power comes on but that is it Screen doesnt come on only the fans So first thing I assumed it was a video card We Purchased a new PCI - E video card It did not work The CPU Fan Video Card fan Back vent fan all come on However the computer doesnt do anything else I swapped out the hard drive with one from my system No How to tell if motherboard is dead? luck My question is where do I How to tell if motherboard is dead? start to look now It is getting power so its not the supply I am afraid it might be a fried motherboard How can I check this or rule How to tell if motherboard is dead? this out What else can I check Thank you for any and all help She purchased this computer new from Tiger Direct com about years ago On her budget she cant really afford a new one so I am trying my best to find a solution other than buying a new system If it is the motherboard would it be worth the trouble to replace it I have built systems before and I am somewhat comfortable with doing that nbsp

A:How to tell if motherboard is dead?

It is getting power, so its not the supply?Click to expand...

Incorrect. The pw supply has three different voltages or rails. You can have one fail and the others work just fine. The very first thing you do with a no post system is to swap in a known good pw supply. Note you do not have to fully install the test unit; simply connect the atx, aux, and video pw [if used] and hit the ON button. If the board completes post, you now know the nature of the problem. If it does not post with a known good pw supply, then you have to swap parts with known good units; ie mb, cpu, ram.

One other thing. Known good does NOT mean new; it means a unit pulled from a working system that you know works. A new pw supply can be DOA just like any new part and that will really mess up your troubleshooting.
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Hello all,
My question is, I have a desktop comp., I builded it myself in 2010. Couple a days ago I went to turn it on and nothing happens. Already check for power and is getting power from the outlet, replaced the power supply and still nothing. Checked the power button on the case and nothing. I have a green light on the MB on when is connected to the outlet, but, it won't turn on. I believe is the Motherboard but how would I know to make sure?. The MB is an Intel motherboard, I don't know if is a good MB, anyways, the computer already have almost 6 years. Any advice will be appreciate.

A:Motherboard dead?

The only way to be a 100% sure is to have it tested by a computer repair shop.

You didn't post any model numbers so we don't even have a clue as to what you have or if the motherboard is good or not.
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Hi sorry my first post is a problem Any advice or opinions are very welcome weeks ago i upgraded my ram from gb ddr to gb ddr and i installed a new GeForce GS Things Is motherboard my dead?? were going well till days ago when it crashed and wouldn t fully start up I am getting two beeps at BIOS AMI so I figured its either the motherboard or the new ram Right Wrong Reinstalled the old components then it rebooted but crashed mins later and again wont Is my motherboard dead?? fully startup Tried reinstalling windows and it worked again for mins or so then crashed and again now wont fully start up Tried reinstalling windows again but now it wont complete that just freezes I have scanned both sets of RAM with Memtest and it showed no errors on both sets I have tried starting up with no RAM installed and there were no beeps or warnings from bios So is the motherboard dead Would buying a new motherboard fix everything My specs original AMD Athlon MSI ms- motherboard gb ddr ram Geforce FX gb hdd x w psu win xp HELP PLS nbsp

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We had a 10-15 second power blip a couple of mornings ago. My desktop computer was on and of course shut down when the power went out. When I tried to turn it back on it would do nothing - no fans, no lights, no POST. I replaced the PSU hoping that was it, but still no activity. I have checked the on/off switch and it seems to work fine. I have checked all of the connections. Is this most likely a zapped motherboard? Is there anything else I could check before I replace it?

A:Dead Motherboard?

Can you open your computer without touching anything and take a look? if you see any damaged capacitors or circuits, you can google for bad capacitors pictures to compare them... capacitors must be plain and silver on top, not inflated or ... i dont know the word... no spots or liquid or burn look over them... it happened to me some time ago that an electricity cut damaged some of them (though mine were hidden under micro´s slot) and my mother stopped responding... maybe some technic person would be better to check it out
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Okay let me ramble a second here I fired up or attempted to an old PC with an Intel D PECE motherboard in it A green LED was lit but otherwise nothing else fans etc were alive I changed out Motherboard? Dead the PSU CPU RAM all to no avail I ordered a supposed new Intel D GVHZ on ebay and it did the same thing So I have this old MSI E Max U motherboard With the same components it fires up and runs fine until I added some more RAM It started up fine the first time the new RAM was recognized in Win XP Pro SP but at the first reboot there was no video and MSI s D-Bracket hung at quot Early Chipset Initialization quot I also got a series of short Dead Motherboard? beeps which on an AMI BIOS supposedly indicates a video problem I have swapped out the PSU the video card times the RAM using only stick at a time all sticks work fine in another CP and am now at a loss Am I the grim reaper of motherboards I ground myself each time prior to touching anything or does anyone have any suggestions Thanks for your help and patience nbsp

A:Dead Motherboard?

may well be your the Grim Reaper...LOL, but it's more than likely something a little easier than that.
You've made sure to streamline the process by running nothing but exactly what the needs? You've cleared your bios, and setup your boot process? If the system has been sitting around doing nothing for a long time - you've checked that the CMOS battery itself is up to par. You've swapped it out for a new one? You've checked on line for a manual for jumper settings on the board? You've checked the boards to make sure there are no leaking parts?
You've gone on line to see if you can find the Chipset for the boards and downloaded them and installed? There are a lot of small things with older boards that you need to take into consideration before you take their problems as a personal slam. Let us know...Jazz
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Hi Had a couple of systems in last couple of weeks where either the cpu?? or motherboard Dead motherboard or cpu has died and often come up against this same problem One system came to me dead Replaced motherboard amp cpu and all is working fine now The second system had intermittent lagging probs when running windows Did all the usual things to fix the prob did a Windows repair defragged cleaned up system and Dead motherboard or cpu?? registry ruled out Dead motherboard or cpu?? virus Dead motherboard or cpu?? malware issues etc etc but finally determined that the probs were most likely hardware related No warning beeps or anything else to help in diagnosis Replaced the power supply and RAM but probs continued Ran hardware diagnostics and stress tests etc Hiren s Boot CD but after days and before testing completed the system died totally I suspect the CPU may have been the problem but as testing was not completed can t be sure My question is is there any easy way to tell whether its the motherboard or the CPU that has died If I m not sure I generally replace both which is what I did with both these systems However I am finding I now have a few motherboard cpu combos where most likely it is only one or the other component that has died but I m not keen to spend money unnecessarily I d like to be able to utilize the cpus motherboards that are still OK instead of trashing the whole combo Rather than going to the expense of buying a suitable cpu to test a motherboard and vice-versa I figure there s just got to be a way to test one or the other and figure out which one is dead Is there Any thoughts would be appreciated nbsp

A:Dead motherboard or cpu??

Seems like a difficult problem to diagnose easily. Can you describe the "lagging" in more detail? What were you running when the lagging occurs?

As far as CPU vs. motherboard, if your CPU is dead, then the motherboard won't POST. However, if certain things are wrong with the motherboard, then it will cause the computer to cease to POST as well. The easiest way I can think of is to find another CPU that is compatible with your motherboard and to test your computer with that CPU installed. If it boots, then it was your CPU; if not, then it wasn't your CPU, though it might also not be your motherboard.

Did you get both systems from the same place? If so, might be time to find a new supplier
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so I guess thats my que thats its time to get a new mobo/cpu. I am looking into AMD 64 CPU's, but I cant seem to find any boards that support them that don't use PCI-E. I have a radon 9800 pro and would like to not have to go spens $500 on a PCI-E card because my 9800 satisfies me plenty. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any boards that supported AGP 8x and are compatible w/ an AMD Athlon 64 3200+.

Thanks in advance

A:My motherboard is dead.....

AMD info site

AMD 64
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Hi all,

I am trying to build my son a PC (i've built a few in the past and touch wood they are all working )

But nothing seems to happen with this PC, the motherboard fan & CPU fan spin continuously but i get no beeps, no monitor activity.

The motherboard is a Soltek, and has a red light that stays on near the CPU.

I've pulled the battery for a few minutes to clear cmos, but that hasn't helped, any advice welcomed.

Thanks Adey
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I is Motherboard dead my originally had this problem quot I bought a new computer in component form an abit raid MB an XP CPU x mb ddrram and put it together i have done this lots of times when i started up the computer i got no video yet i also got no beeps or anything else apart from the drives and fans all starting up Another strange thing is to turn the computer off i have to gold the power button down for seconds the motherboard is one i have used before and is a straight press once to turn off normally quot To try to fault find and see if it was a dodgy motherbord i took the memory and cpu home to tyr there is my Motherboard dead and as soon as i put the memory chips x mb DDR chips in my computer it did the same thing to my motherboard Now even putting the old memory back in i can no longer get video and my computer too has changed from push of the power is my Motherboard dead switch to having to press and hold to turn it off it is unlikely to be cpu as i have had a is my Motherboard dead working one in the computer that does same thing and then works when put back in it s original machine nbsp

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I own a home built PC rather old specs are in my signature below been running smoothly and one day I came home to find the PC dead Last it was seen alive my son was playing a video game and the screen went out but the computer sounded my it is my dead? PSU or motherboard that Is like it was still running I came home from work turned it off to reboot it When I went to start Is it my PSU or my motherboard that is dead? it again I got nothing Unplugged the PSU plugged it back in flipped on the computer hit the start button on the front of the case nothing I have an brand new power supply W still in the box so I took that out switched out PSUs and again nothing I Is it my PSU or my motherboard that is dead? watched the fans in the case and when I hit the start button the fans looked like they wanted to come on and still nothing Not even a weak attempt to start I m assuming that since I tried a brand new PSU out of the box that it s probably NOT the power supply but where else is the problem Is it likely the mobo CPU I d like some guidance before I commit to the new mobo and quad core processor My mobo s over three years old so i won t be RMAing it and the processor is slightly over the three year mark nbsp

A:Is it my PSU or my motherboard that is dead?

I would go with a bad motherboard, but one of the PCI cards like a NIC or modem might have failed... even the video card can cause this
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Good Morning afternoon or Motherboard Dead evening depending Dead Motherboard which hemisphere you are in uk here so Good Morning I have some experience with pc s amp microsoft but struggling with putting together a couple of computers from several old ones I have had a good motherboard which isn t Dead Motherboard responding when put into a new case I ve checked the power as in put the power pack into another computer and it worked I can t see a fuse on the motherboard then again don t know what I m looking for as have not been able to get hold of the manual Can anyone suggest what I can do next to test it Also My sons computer keep throwing wobblies I m sure there are evil little pixies in computers that dissapear when I open the case just to find there way back I got the message Verifying DMI Pool Data nothing Eventully managed to ghost hiis hard drive can t remember what stages I went through but got it up and working shut down and bang back to square one He has a second hard drive set just to save data no operating system Any help gratefully received Gail nbsp

A:Dead Motherboard

System specs? also, make sure your motherboard wasnt somehow shocked with static electricity. That could be the problem.
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Hello I have been given an HP s Computer so I don t know the history The PSU was dead so I hooked up a good Antec Power button light and Asus M2N68-la no dead? MoBo means beeps cooling fans work but that s all Have systematically removed all hardware connections to the board including the ram keyboard amp mouse leaving just the PSU connectors there is no sign of life no post or video signal it has never beeped at all Having read countless posts I have come to the conclusion that since there are no beeps the Motherboard needs replacing As the original power supply was dead perhaps it took something else with it Before changing the mobo I thought I d see if anyone has an alternative suggestion I did read that there is a known fault with this mobo Plenty of Asus M2N68-la MoBo no beeps means dead? folks have video problems but it should beep Asus M2N68-la MoBo no beeps means dead? or spin up the HDD The specs are standard for this HP off the shelf The asus M N -la MoBo is rev Dual core Athlon x GB Samsung DDR Hope someone has a suggestion thanks Tony nbsp
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My Gigabyte K NS Pro motherboard Athlon is totally unresponsive First after I had swapped the graphics card to another computer and back again I got a long beep followed by two or three shorter beeps sounded more like a stutter and a completely black dead motherboard gigabyte screen I tried disconnecting and reconnecting various items and even completely disassembled cleaned and reassembled the computer Now nothing happens at all when I try to power up Not even a mobo led lights up nor does any fan start up even a bit I crossconnected the power supply and power switch with the other older computer and starting that one up with this computer s power supply worked so the power is ok the other way around didn t work of course although I should add that the other one is an older ATX with just one -pin connector dead gigabyte motherboard while this yr old computer has both a -pin and a -pin V connector I also tried resetting the bios by removing the battery for a few minutes but to no avail I can t remember exactly dead gigabyte motherboard but I believe the total unresponsiveness came after I tried to boot without the GB ram installed dead gigabyte motherboard but I don t believe that could cause any permanent damage Any thoughts nbsp

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Hey all My main computer is pretty largely forked That much I know What I don't know is what the specific problem is The general problem is Dead Virus? or Motherboard that my desktop computer running WinXP SP will not boot My monitor will say quot no signal Dead Motherboard or Virus? quot and just be black My keyboards numlock light won't be on as normal Nothing happens just blackness If the computer does manage to load Windows it only lasts a few seconds before going all black Not restarting or shutting off the monitor says quot no signal quot again and the mouse and keyboard stop working Example Windows loaded up just fine I open Windows Media Player Double-click In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda and in the time it took WMP to load the song the screen went all black and no music ever started playing I hit enter on the keyboard and nothing I do a hard shutdown I believe is the terminology I turn the computer on again and the following is the first thing my monitor displays

A:Dead Motherboard or Virus?

Hi welcome to the forum.

Did you try booting into safemode? by tapping F8 right after pc is turned on.

What happens in safemode?
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I m having problems with my pc Fans fire up sounds like hdd is doing something dvd cd drives open and close but no display on monitor No post beeps at all Although if I leave it off for a while and start itll post get into a Should motherboard report cpu? dead a grub boot loader ok but in memtest it goes mad Windows wont boot says some file is corrupt Haven t tried booting linux If it manages to post and I reboot I won t be able to get it to post unless I leave it off for a while I m certain its a faulty mobo or psu so I m gonna change both As far as I understand a working motherboard will report and hardware errors Should a motherboard report a dead cpu? bad memory no video bad cpu through beeps I m reading contradicting information Some say the pc won t beep without a cpu others list beep codes for a missing cpu So unstable posting is a bad mobo or cpu I just wanted an opinion of people on this board I have a P Northwood so I doubt ive cooked it I don t overclock I m just hoping my cpu is ok and all I have to do Should a motherboard report a dead cpu? is change the board nbsp
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Hello everyone just need to confirm on a problem and maybe get any ideas Day before yesterday my PC just won t boot at all I press the not Motherboard dead? does boot. PC start button nothing at all The night before that the PC was running without any problem I had shut it down normally and had even taken out the mains plug before going to sleep The next morning I plugged it in connected via UPS and the PC just refused to boot at all I checked all connections I then took out every bit of connection from all devices including power chords too On the power connector on the motherboard I noticed two of the contacts are a little black so it seems like something might have happened there I hoped that just the SMPS might have gone bad But I PC does not boot. Motherboard dead? swapped the SMPS from another PC and the PC still fails to boot Does it mean for sure that the motherboard is dead and my worst fear is confirmed I also tried shorting the power-on pins on motherboard manually in case that the start switch might have gone bad but there too no luck The small light on the motherboard comes on though when the power is on Considering that is there any hope for the motherboard at all I am thinking of getting the motherboard checked at the shop in case they can fix problems Should I try or is it gone for good I also haven t tried my SMPS to see if its working or not did not want to fry motherboard of another PCs just in case I am thinking of getting it checked at the shop too Motherboard is Intel D GAV purchased in and the SMPS is of UMax purchased two years ago in case this information even matters Thanks nbsp

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I ve just built a system using a gigabyte GA-K NSC- motherboard amp an AMD X chip socket when i turn it on there are no lights or LED s on dead gigabyte motherboard? the motherboard amp the the CPU- amp chassis- fans just spin periodically ie - they both spin for a second then cut out spin for a second then cut out amp so on i ve swapped PSU s three times of the times using firstly a W thermaltake PSU that dead gigabyte motherboard? powers a much bigger Athlon X system amp also a brand new dead gigabyte motherboard? OCZ W stealthstream both of which produce the same stop-start-fan-spinning behaviour i ve swapped the RAM for another stick of DDR that works in another system i ve done the jumpers on the CMOS so all i can think is it s either the CPU or the motherboard not knowing whether the GA-K NSC- motherboard is supposed to illuminate in some way to indicate its getting power from the PSU i can t pinpoint the dud component any help much appreciated nbsp

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The motherboard is a MSI FM-L the cpu is HT P gb pc ram and sata drives connected to a sata card I just bought another gig of ram and a TB drive I already had a second SATA card connected to the motherboard and I connected the TB drive and the extra ram The booted the system into the bios menu Motherboard? Dead Solved: and while Solved: Dead Motherboard? i was navigating the screen went out I tried to turn off the pc by holding down the power button but it would not turn off so I unplugged the power cord and plugged it back in Turned the pc on still a black screen had to unplug it again to turn it off So i tried disconnecting the new ram and drive still same issue Then I tried disconnecting everything the vido card the drives and all the ram to see if the system would beep no beeping same problem I have no idea what has happened or how to fix it nbsp

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Hi Everyone Just recently I decided to buy a few new components to go with Dead presumed Motherboard spares I had Motherboard presumed Dead to build a new second system Parts I bought were - A new case with w PSU Gb Excelstor HD Mb PC DDR memory Aopen x CD Rom Speakers Parts I already had were Machspeed Venom V DP m board AMD Duron MHz CPU Cooler FDD Monitor Keyboard Mouse When I put the system together and switched on for the first time I got the single beep to indicate a successful POST however the Hard Drive was not detected but the CD Rom was both on IDE Hard Drive as Master CD Rom as slave I then tried both on separate Cables both as Masters Neither was recognised I tried both on same cable CD Rom as Master Hard Drive as Slave Neither was recognised I tried a Bios Flash this did not help either I tried another Hard Drive pulled from a working system This was not recognised either I tried three different IDE cables none of which worked Since then I tried another motherboard and everything booted first time I can only assume that the V DP is dead and needs to be laid to rest unless there is some way I can get the IDE ports to function Thanks nbsp

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Hi I have think dead Solved: motherboard my I is OS X and Win both installed on the Solved: I think my motherboard is dead same ssd It s a Windows PC by the way Yesterday I ised GParted cd to remove the Mac partition and then Windows didn t boot So I used the bootrec buildbcd command to fix it and it booted fine Then within Windows I copied some files from a Mac partition in my tb hdd to an NTFS partition within the same hdd It went fine Then I had to restart to go back to GPARTED CD and do more deleting but the computer didn t boot It was stuck on mhz memory or something like that So what I did to fix that was unplug the ssd where win is installed Then the boot succeeded and it asked me if I wanted to revert to quot last known good quot bios settings I selected to do that and it booted fine Then I restarted win installed updated and since then the following happens when I turn the PC on It powers on The lights on the motherboard turn on The cpu fan is running However there s no image on the screen - it stays on power saving mode There s no beeping from the motherboard whatsoever as well I removed everything from the motherboard ram gpu audio cases and the ssd and hdd When I turn it on it sounds no beeps at all not even an error beep like the long one you d get by removing the ram Is the motherboard dead I tried removing the cmos battery for a few minutes to no avail nbsp

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I have an ABIT BP6 dual socket 370 motherboard. It doesn't boot up, though if I unplug it, then plug it back in, some of the LEDs on the front flash for a second as if it starts to boot up but then stops. I got it from my dad's work, so I'm not sure if it could be dead or not. My PSU is set to 115V, but can be changed to 230V. I was wondering if there was any way that I could find out if it is really dead or not, and if it isn't dead, how I could get it to actually boot up. Also, should I change my PSU voltage to 230V, or leave it at 115V?

I have installed in it:
2 Intel Celeron Socket 370 500MHz CPUs
nVidia GeForce4 MX4000 64MB PCI graphics card
a floppy drive (unsure of brand)
and a Western Digital Caviar 2GB HD

I appreciate any help!

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I have a BIOSTAR TForce SLI mobo and it has caused me problems from day one. Well now I think it's finally dead. It takes forever to get past the POST screen and many times just frezes there. If by chance I can get it past that screen it trys to detect a RAID and wont go any further. I dont have a RAID and hav turned the option off in the BIOS. The HDs are set up as IDE so it's not even possible.

I have had to reset the mobo many....many times but switching that jumper out and i dont know if that has been contributing or not.

I did a Window Diagnotic a while ago because I keep getting the blue sceen of death and it said that I have a motherboard porblem...yes...i know that WINDOWS...thank you.

What other info do you guys need?

Thank you for any help!

A:Dead BIOSTAR motherboard?

What help do you need??
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Hi there OK so I have had this motherboard for about a year and a half P N SE Delux Last night there was a power outage at my place My PC was under a quot old quot surge supressor anyway may computer lost power the next morning I booted it up everything was fine however when I plugged in determining a motherboard help Need dead my external hard drive through the USB windows could not read it and it prompted me with errors on Need help determining a dead motherboard the USB Bus Ones I havn t seen before The error just said device was unreadable So i turned off my External hard drive a little worried thinking that it was the external hard drive that was bunged now about half an hour later i had to swap USB ports in the back so I unplugged a USB cable that goes to a camera no camera connected then all of a sudden my computer just shut off FROM REMOVING a device from a USB port I couldn t believe it So I powered it back on and its not starting I suspect a short somewhere or the Motherboard is fried or powersupply Processor I don t have too much experience diagnosing this kind of problem and im sure someone on here does I know its not a configuration jumper issue this isn t a new Mobo and it was working perfectly fine previously What pretty much happens when I turn it on is the Power supply turns on for a split second Fans and LED also case fans turn on then it just goes cupput I have to flick the off switch on the PSU and turn it back on for it even attempts to start up again NOTE Green Mobo light is on the whole time the powersupply is powered and the switch on PSU is on The Key symptom that makes me think its the Mobo is the fact that the USB related errors spoken above Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Need help determining a dead motherboard

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)
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My MB supposedly is not working (was having warning lights on vid card; geek squad said the MB is the problem). I can't boot up so I can't tell you much more about the system than what my system spec drop down says.
It's an AM3 socket; AMD Phenom 2 x4 955 3.2 GHz
Asus Crosshair 3 Formula AM3 790FX mb
2 Gig DDR3 RAM
ATI Radeon 4890 1 GB DDR5

A friend of mine recommended either ASUS or MSI. Assuming I can still buy the older model motherboards, are there any specific recommendations? I doubt I'll do any OC'ing and I'll only have the one Vid card and one monitor. Just something similar or better than what I have that supports all my hardware.

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Hi one and all On Wednesday I had a phone call from my wife saying motherboard ? maybe Solved: Dead PC, the PC at home was dead I work away mon-fri Solved: Dead PC, motherboard maybe ? She explained that it was fine the night before shut Solved: Dead PC, motherboard maybe ? down as usual Came to switch on the next day and it was totally dead no fans no activity at all She changed the plug fuse etc and still the same quot Sounds like the PSU has popped quot I told her quot Ill sort it on Friday when I get home quot Friday has now come I came home and it is certainly dead Checked PSU and thought I could smell a bit slight burnt electrics type smell and thought yup seems like the PSU is shot Have now tried it with a brand new PSU and its still the same I didnt notice before but have now that the anti-burn LED on the motherboard between the RAM slots still lights up so apparently power is getting throught the PSU new one and to the board but it just wont start up at all Absolutely no other signs of power not even a twitch in any of the fans Although I did plug the ATX power lead in at one point during investigation having left the PSU pluged into mains and when it was plugged in the CPU chipset fans had power enough to spin then a few times before slowing to a halt Would this be indicative of a fried motherboard Any thoughts greatly appreciated nbsp

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hi guys,

I recently installed a new sata 2 drive at my computer. I installed the OS and everything ran smooth.
Today I started my computer. On the frontpanel all lights came up like usual but inside nothing happened. The fans ran, the light on the mainboard is on but no beep and no boot.
I tried:
- reset cmos
- with and without graphic card
- removed ram
-checked all connections

everytime the same thing: no beep no boot.

any help

Asus P5LD2
Intel PT4 630 3.0 GHz
Asus EAX 300
Seagate Sata 2 80 GB
Kingston dual ram 1.0 GB

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Ok--friend gave me an older computer to look at. I tried powering it up and nothing--not even the fan on the PS. So I threw in a different PS and the PS turns on but that's it--nothing on the MOBO. Popped out the CMOS battery and popped it back in. Still nothing. I think the PS when it went bad probably fried the MOBO, but how do you know for sure?

Its an older MB so there isn't any extra 4 pin connector or anything like that.

A:Motherboard Dead? How can you be sure? Johnwill--this one's for you!!!