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Can I upgrade Windows 7 Starter on EEE PC1015b?

Q: Can I upgrade Windows 7 Starter on EEE PC1015b?

HI all,
I have an EEE pc 1015b 5 months old and have already upgraded the RAM to 2 gigs because it ran soooo slowly when I got it. It came with wondows 7 starter - can I upgrade to the proper windows 7 (would like the media player options) without losing even more performance. It's still pretty slow and freezes if it has to do too much - like use our 32" tv as a monitor to show pictures or videos.
Any advice about the upgrade - or about why it freezes and what I can do about that would be great.

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Preferred Solution: Can I upgrade Windows 7 Starter on EEE PC1015b?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have got myself into a bit of a mess.

I installed my version of windows starter on my mom's PC which was previously running vista. To see if it improved the performance or if the laptop itself was rubbish. It did so I purchased an upgrade to windows home premium. When I enter the upgrade key it says I need the current key is invalid for upgrade and that I need to phone a number. Does this mean the software I brought is useless. I didn't want to buy a disc as I had read that using a upgrade key meant everything was kept. Is there anyway I can use the software I've brought. The computer recognises the key as an upgrade one.

A:Windows upgrade starter to premium current key not valid for upgrade

I installed my version of windows starter on my mom's PC which was previously running vista.

You can not use the Windows Starter from your Notebook on your mother PC.
Doing so would be a invalid upgrade.
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How much will it cost and where do I upgrade to Windows Home Edition? Also, will I be able to run programs like Skype on Starter? What about other popular programs?

A:How do I upgrade from Windows Starter 7?

See this tutorial:
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
Make sure that the hardware can handle more than the Starter edition.

I don't know for sure about running Skype on the Starter edition... but I don't see why you would not be able to do so.
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I recently bought a HP Notebook with Windows 7 starter installed. What will be the best cost effective way to upgrade to either Windows 7 Home or Premium. I have heard so many stories about problems experience during upgrades especially on HP, with pre-installed software.

Your advice will be appreciated.


A:Upgrade Windows 7 Starter

Take a look at this:
Windows Anytime Upgrade - Upgrade your Windows 7 edition - Microsoft Windows

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Anytime upgrade only adds-on the Programs & Features from version to version.
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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Can we use a retail windows 7 premium upgrade key or are we restricted to the WAU (windows anytime upgrade) key to unlock the windows 7 Premium features of the 7 Starter edition?

A:windows 7 starter upgrade options

You will need the WAU key to do what you are describing......
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I bought an Acer Aspire One netbook with Windows 7 Starter on it, and I have a Windows 7 Ultimate installation DVD that I want to use to upgrade my netbook's OS. I put the DVD into an external DVD drive connected to my netbook with a USB cable and started the installation wizard. I chose the "Upgrade" option and the installer said that I need to use Windows Anytime Upgrade for that. The problem with that is that I don't want to buy a new license, since I already have this DVD. How can I upgrade my netbook's OS from Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate with the DVD I already have?
Thanks in advance.

A:Upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate with regular DVD

Use Anytime Upgrade: Type "Anytime" in Start Search box to start the Process, insert your Ultimate Product Key, the extra features will be unlocked in just a few minutes.

Be sure to make your Acer Recovery Disks first, or save a Win7 backup image so you have a path back to the licensed OS on that machine. You may decide you want to move your retail Win7 Ultimate to another machine. You may also find a cheaper Ultimate Anytime Upgrade key.
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I have a Samsung Netbook which came with Windows 7 Starter and I am finding that I miss the extras of Home Premium Retail which installed on my Desktop PC. I have the Home Premium installation disk which I used, but as far as I am aware it is a single use licence.

The Anytime Upgrade is available on the Samsung, but at a cost of ?70 from M$.
Is anyone aware of a more cost effective (legitimate) method?

Having Googled for it, I come up with this:
Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade, Starter to Home Premium (Licence only): Software.
Anyone know of anywhere better?

A:Upgrade Windows 7 Starter to Home Premium

Yes, buy the home premium family family pack- you'll spend more initially but you'll get 3 retail licenses @ about $50 each.

If you do decide to do that, save an image of your starter install first.
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My laptop has windows7 starter installed. i have purchased anytime upgrade to home premium but it won't install. The product key is recognised. Microsoft doesn't seem to offer any support without payment. can anyone help ?

A:windows 7 anytime upgrade from starter to home

Do you get any type of error messages?
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I'm quite sure this is not illegal since the upgrade is automatic and happens without a choice.

I had starter on my netbook and tried upgrading it by using the app on the OS itself but failed.

One day I was searching for TV tuners and came across Media Portal. During the course of the installation it tells you it is better to have windows aero enabled for "tear" effects. I dismissed the dialog and installed it.

I check the OS later and voila it's upgraded, apps such as windows media center and all games like chess titans etc came out of nowhere. Also all the themes etc. I checked SYSTEM and found the OS name changed to home premium from starter.
Try it !
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Can anybody figure out what you get here:
Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade, Starter to Home Premium GBP 61.-
Is it fully functioning OS. why such a weird product title?
Is it crippleware you have to pay extra to upgrade to the cheapest Home Premium?

A:Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade, Starter to Home Pr

I think the link is messed up (if it was a link)...
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I just got an Acer Aspire netbook with w7 starter. Although I plan on using it for just the basics, Im told that 7 Starter doesn't different backgrounds, DVD playback (via an external DVD drive, which I'd have to buy), and Windows media layer.

My question: What do I need to run Windows 7 home? OR can I achieve what I mentioned above without upgrading?

what I got:
OS:32bit win 7 starter
intel atom N270
1gb memory
storage: 160GB HDD

-I don't know much about this little computer, but I got a day or two to take it back of it wont do the job. Any advice would be great.

A:windows 7 starter upgrade?? missing features question

Going to give this a bump. No one is willing to give me even a little help? that's cold :P

-I got more feedback in the Auto thread over what I drove, than actual computer related tech advice lol

I'll admit to being computer dumb, but show me some love. Who knows, your car might break and you'll need tech advice..?? (and it just so happens Im a tech). Help me and I'll return the favor
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Hi guys, I can't seem to find an answer for this anywhere...

Am I able to use the windows 7 family upgrade pack to upgrade Windows 7 starter on my netbook?

I know it will work for my XP desktop and Vista laptop, just unsure about my Windows 7 Netbook.

Any help appreciated

Ayupmiduck ^^

A:Windows 7 family pack upgrade on Windows starter netbook.

The family pack allows for three installations, so if this Netbook meets the system requirements, and you have only installed it on two other machines, then you should be fine.
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is it possible? will my license key be the same? or my future OS will be fake or pirated?

i bought a new netbook with windows 7 starter OS. but im not satisfied with this OS.

thanks for the help!

A:upgrade my windows 7 starter to windows 7 ultimate/professional/home

Stop making double threads, you already asked and got answered in the other subforum.
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So I recently bought a product key for Windows Anytime Upgrade, so I can get rid of Win7 Starter on my netbook and get Windows 7 Home Premium. I start the Anytime Upgrade software and it works great, but fails as the upgrade gets around 90%, at which the upgrade process "fails" and restores the OS to Windows 7 Starter. I've looked at a few guides that gave solutions, but I've had no luck. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this working?

The only thing I can find in the upgrade log that looks suspicious is:

Error: WAU | Failed to create WAU event due to error 0x5

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to work? Thanks.

(I will give more infos if needed)

A:Windows Anytime Upgrade Failure; Starter to Home Premium (32 bit)

Try rebooting to run it again to see if it corrects itself.

Next try a clean boot: In msconfig>Startup uncheck everything (add AV back later), then do the same in msconfig>Services after Hiding all MS services. Reboot several times to make sure nothing sneaks back in, or turn it off in its Program Preferences or Uninstall it. One more reboot, try AU.
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A:Windows 7 Starter to Ultimate.Upgrade/Clean Install Error or stocked.

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You can only upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate by the Windows Anytime Upgrade method.

Windows 7 Upgrade Paths

If your computer is running Win 7 Starter it shouldn't have any problem with Win 7 Ultimate.
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I've been wanting to upgrade to windows 8 but after running the windows 8 advisor it says office 2010 starter is not compatible. I updated the required files for office according to windows but after updating them i ran the advisor again & yet the same problem proceeds. I won't update to windows 8 unless starter works. Need help & or options to resolve this problem.

A:Office 2010 starter not compatible for windows 8 upgrade even after updating files

Google Data On SituationLouis
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I bought a netbook a while back with Windows 7 Starter.

I had an extra upgrade key of 7 Home Premium from one of those 3 pack family upgrades so I upgraded the netbook and put the key in.

I want to reformat the netbook back to Windows 7 Starter and just use it's original Starter key it came with. Home Premium bogged it down too much.

My question is...

Is there a way I can reuse the upgrade key of 7 Home Premium on another computer or did I waste the license by putting it on the netbook?

Thank you in advance for your help,
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Hi there, i have the upgrade for windows 7 home premium, a member of the household has recently brought a netbook which has windows 7 starter. I am wondering if i connect an external dvd drive to the netbook, if i can do an easy upgrade to home premium on this netbook?


A:Upgrade from Starter to Home Premium with Upgrade DVD?

You can do any Anytime Upgrade for which you just need a key, you dont need any disk or external dvd drive.

How to Upgrade Your Netbook to Windows 7 Home Premium - How-To Geek

Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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I want to upgrade my wifes netbook to Home Edition Its running Windows Starter I know how edition Home a using from upgrade starter Upgrade to use the Anytime Upgrade but I have a Family Pack Windows Home Edition Upgrade Retail box disc I have only used one of the upgrades of the family pack Can I use another to upgrade the Starter netbook or do i have to by an Anytime upgrade Seems like i should be able to but it also seems like the upgrade is meant to be from just xp or vista not a lower end window version Also how would i do it if i can Can i simply change the product key or do i have to insert a disk and run the whole upgrade If i do Upgrade from starter using a Home edition upgrade have to insert disk and run the upgrade will i have to do a clean install Plus while typing this i just realized her netbook doesnt have an optical drive so what about that too Just want to get these questions answered Upgrade from starter using a Home edition upgrade before i even bother attempting it I Upgrade from starter using a Home edition upgrade would hate to think i could just change the product key and go about my business cause thats never the case and everything always turns into a few hours of work thanks for the help and i just registered here because im getting back into windows im mainly a mac but i think im both now so hello

A:Upgrade from starter using a Home edition upgrade

Welcome to the forum,

You can just use one of the upgrade keys you have in Anytime Upgrade, no need for the disk.

It will just unlock all the features, reboot once or twice and you're there.

Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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I was thinking about upgrading my daughter's laptop from Vista to Windows 7.

Newegg has a price of 75.99.

This is what they call the upgrade:

"Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Anytime Upgrade from W7 Starter - Retail"

Is this the version that I need. Wasn't sure what a W7 Starter was referring to Vista, etc.

A:Win 7 Upgrade from Starter?

It is the bottom of then line and a lot is stripped out of it.

I would not waste my money on it.
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Let's assume that I have upgraded my netbook from Win7 Starter to Home Premium using the Anytime Upgrade license (i.e. no CD). Later, say a year from now, my netbook has a serious virus infection and the remedy is to completely reformat the hard drive. How do I now recover my netbook to Win7 Home Premium?

A:Win7 Starter Upgrade - What If...?

Do you have the Recovery DVD for starter? If yes
Reinstall starter, than use anytime upgrade.
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Well basically I bought a netbook last week and naturally it came with Windows Starter Edition I find it to be a pretty basic and fast version without any clutter and unnecessary programs ie I don't use MC I do like netbook Pro Starter my Should to ? 7 upgrade on I Win my it but unfortunately I'm someone who sometimes wants quot more quot just for the heck of it P I checked the Windows Anytime Upgrade and it's giving me the option Should I upgrade my Win 7 Starter on my netbook to Pro ? to upgrade to Win Professional for I realize that I don't need all the features offered in it but I would like to be able to change my background without having to use Oceanis and I wouldn't mind Aero The thing is I'm over my Credit Limit on my credit card and I dunno If I should try to see If I could purchase it anyway I'm not going to download a pirated version of Windows because Should I upgrade my Win 7 Starter on my netbook to Pro ? I don't do that Anyway should I try and go ahead and see what will happen lol Now that I have a job I feel a little more confident when I spend LOL Knowing that money will be easily available down the road

A:Should I upgrade my Win 7 Starter on my netbook to Pro ?

Have looked at cost of Windows 7 HP?
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can vista starter sp1 upgrade to starter sp2?

A:Vista Starter SP1 upgrade?

There is no service pack (SP) 2 yet out for Vista. But if you're asking can it be upgraded when it is released then the answer is yes.
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Hi, first post so please be nice!

I have a desktop pc running Vista & a netbook running Windows 7 Starter. Is there an upgrade option that will allow me to upgrade both machines to Windows 7 Home Premium in a single purchse, or will I need to purchase separate licenses for each required upgrade?

Thanks in advance,


A:Upgrade Vista AND Win 7 Starter?

Hello Dave,

If you could find one, you could get a Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack Upgrade that will allow you to install and activate on up to 3 computers at the same time. This can save you a litte bit.

Here's a Google search of some retailers showing that they still have it:
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack - 3 PC in one household

If not, then yes you will need to have a separate license for each computer that you install it on.

Hope this helps,
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I'm buying an acer netbook with windows 7 starter,and an upgrade copy of windows 7 premium,can I do a clean install and avoid all the crapware?

A:upgrade starter to premium

Yes you should be able to do a clean install from upgrade.

More info: Clean Install Windows 7
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i keep getting a prompt to upgrade my microsoft ten starter. because of hacking concerns i want to know if this is from microsoft. i thought updates were automatic

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I upgraded this lunchtime from Windows 7 Starter to home premium via the Windows Upgrade Advisor which said my netbook was compatible, I carried out the upgrade via the windows upgrade advisor. It worked fine for a while but I was having trouble trying to set up my LAN and wireless connection to work together in order to get onto xbox live via BT Openzone. After a while the advice from the microsoft website was to carry out a system restore, so I did and used the recommended date, however on trying to restore the ugrade failed and reverted back to windows 7 starter. Tried again and had the same issue. Please help.

A:Upgrade from starter to home premium failed.

Quote: Originally Posted by Chris1982

After a while the advice from the microsoft website was to carry out a system restore,

A System Restore or a System Reinstall?
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So I am trying to do the upgrade as I 10 upgrade - to Win 2010 HELP!!!! Microsoft won't due Office Starter have had some issues with my desktop for a while Simply will not open Malwarebytes except in safe mode Other programs wouldn't open either So I began mainly using my laptop Needless to say I now HAVE to use my desktop for a few days and decided to upgrade to WIN I have it on laptop and its fine I have tried dozens of times to upgrade only to keep encountering an error Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!! that Microsoft Office Starter needs to be uninstalled but it is NO WHERE on my computer that I can find I have tried uninstalling everything that has to do with Office including version No clcik-to-run items listed in program files Did a search of C drive and came across two items marked Microsoft office starter Deleted them no option to uninstall Restarted Searched the same way nothing Try upgrade Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!! Failed again Same error message About to toss this old Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!! beast out the window suggestions

A:Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!!!!

Hi Dolar,
You could follow these instructions for a clean install of W10.
Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

note Office starter is an APP in W10.

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Hello forum.

On my way to downgrade Win10 back to 7, on my Satellite Toshiba U840, found out that my serial number for windows 7 was for Starter Retail version.
That is odd because i remember that my windows 7 was 64bit and supported all of the windows features,
in comparison to what Starter Retail provides. I ran alot of graphic programs on 3 years ago...

Is it possible to upgrade the retail version to any Win 7 64 bit version?

Thank you for your time!

A:How to upgrade Win Next Starter Retail 32bit To any Win 7 64bit ver

Windows 7 Starter was only available in 32bit.

Most people will be happy with Windows 7/64 Home Premium.
To go from a 32 bit Windows 7 to a 64 bit Windows 7 you will need to do a Clean Install.

We need your system spec to get a idea whether a 32 or 64 bit would be best.

Please use this tutorial by Brink to help you fill in your specs.

System Info - See Your System Specs
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Hi This problem started a week ago when the Acer Aspire One h would not boot Eventually even restoring it using the partition failed I have ordered the Acer recovery discs which will restore it to Win starter But yesterday just on a whim I turned on the netbook and was able to restore it successfully I then installed Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials and have run numerous scans that found no threat - so this does not appear to be malware The unit had avast netbook; Starter 7?? crashing should on upgrade Acer to Win Win 7 I free AV before this trouble started I then spent hours installing Win updates using the Windows Update utility on the Acer However near the end of the Win updates Windows crashed and the screen went black again When this happens the unit's power stays on this is not a fan overheating problem I don't think This a m the Acer booted successfully and Win 7 Starter crashing on Acer netbook; should I upgrade to Win 7?? I then uninstalled Office Win 7 Starter crashing on Acer netbook; should I upgrade to Win 7?? and installed Open Office The unit then quot blacked out quot again During this time I also tried to install Java since I had been getting a pop-up that it needed to be updated Java would not install successfully and the Acer then started quot blacking out quot several more times I was finally able to boot it in Safe Mode to turn it off But it took several attempts Rather than running the recovery discs from Acer for Windows Starter I am considering upgrading to Win Can anyone tell me if this might solve this problem Or should I just proceed to order an external drive to run the recovery discs I would appreciate your advice THANKS

A:Win 7 Starter crashing on Acer netbook; should I upgrade to Win 7??

I would Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

Manual how to use Acer eRecovery Management here:'s%20guide/Acer%20eRecovery%20Management%20English.pdf

Attachment 190275
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I have 2 netbooks with windows7 starter edition on them, I reently purchased an upgrade family pack from Ebay and mistakenly didn't releaze it was software to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows7 Home Premium edition. Before I break the seal, I was wondering if this would work, can I use this upgrade software(Vista to Windows7 Home Premium), to upgrade my windows7 starter edition to full Home Premium or will it not work correctly.
I appreciate any help offered.

A:Upgrade Win7 starter using win7 upgrade software for Vista?

Hello there, wil.

There's no problem at all. follow this tutorial and you'll be able to install them without problems.

Clean Install Windows 7

EDIT: sorry, is this one:

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Although you may need an external USB DVD-Drive or installing your Windows 7 from a USB

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

And that'll be it
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I have a small notebook. It does have a malware that I can't get did of.
Therefore I want to do a clean upgrade. I saw it somewhere on the net
but I can't find it now.
There were 3 methods one with a change in the registry and
another where you do a double upgrade
I do have the win 7 home premium CD

A:upgrade win7 starter to win7 home premium

Hello Mogens, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Here you go.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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is it possible? any guides here?

i have a new acer aspire one D250 netbook. it's OS is win7 starter. i want to upgrade it to win7 ultimate.

will my new OS (if ever) be still genuine/licensed?

A:upgrade win7 starter to win7 ultimate

Do have enough RAM? A lot of the netbooks only have 1GB of RAM and for most versions of Win 7, 2GB is MINIMUM.
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Hello everybody,
please help to upgrade my win7 starter to higher win7 with upgrade key and all.


A:upgrade from win7 starter to higher win7

Windows Anytime Upgrade - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
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the hard drive on my netbook is unreadable,so i can not access the recover partition.
I bought a new hard drive.can i download windows 7 starter from the manufacturer website?.my netbook is a dell inspiron mini.thanks

A:windows 7 starter help

Your all over the place.

1. Are you trying to install windows on the new HD?

2. If you are you will need to make a bootable 4GB or more flash drive to install windows without a DVD drive.
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i have an asus eeepc 1005hab with 1gb ram that i recently installed windows 7 starter on and i noticed that it is having some problems with streaming video. the video and audio stutters horribly until the load bar gets all the way across then it plays just fine. never had these problems when it had xp on it. just wondering if this is a driver problem or not enough ram, or just an issue with the os and if there is anything i do to fix it...

many thanks.

A:Windows 7 Starter

Well, after a look at Asus's website, it appears that they don't have Windows 7 drivers for that particular model, unfortunately. Only XP drivers.

Windows 7 does the best it can to provide basic functionality with the generic drivers it installs, but you really need the proper ones (chipset, audio, graphics, touchpad, etc...) to get full functionality.

Yes, it would possibly run better with 2GB of RAM (I upgraded mine), but without proper drivers, you aren't going to see much of an improvement.

Windows 7 is a great operating system, but it can't be enjoyed to the full extent if you don't have the proper drivers. It's just going to stutter and choke, especially on a netbook.

I would recommend you go back to XP as Asus does not provide Windows 7 support (i.e. drivers) for their older netbooks (as opposed to the new ones coming out with Win7 Starter preinstalled).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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hi Folks,

I hope someone can help with this.

The HDD on my HP mini 110 has died.

I found this link:

But after entering the COA on the bottom of the notebook, I get this Error:

"The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options."

I have done many installs using the COA on the bottom of the laptop with no issues, and I know that it is not the OEM COA that is stored on the hdd(using Belarc Advisor or Keyfinder).

Anyone know of a location for a legitimate Windows 7 Starter iso?


A:Need Windows 7 starter iso

You can use the Heidoc ISO downloader available here:

The ISO's are downloaded from MS servers.
You don't need to enter a key to download.
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hi Folks,

I hope someone can help with this.

The HDD on my daughter's EeePC netbook (Windows 7 Starter) has failed.

Is there anywhere I can get an iso image of Windows 7 Starter to rebuild her netbook after the installation of a new HDD?



EDIT: Found a link:

EDIT 2: Error

The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options.

Anyone know of a location for a legitimate Windows 7 Starter iso?

A:Windows 7 Starter iso

This link is from Microsoft, it`s Windows Starter Service Pack 1 32 Bit, and the link will last for 24 hours.
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My desktop PC has W SE but I am quot test-driving quot a Samsung laptop that has Windows Starter on it And I am having a lot of trouble with it What in blazes is W quot Starter quot Is it a pared-down version The trouble is aside from the fact that W is in Spanish and I have to use a loco touchpad instead of a mouse most problems have a lot to do with the fact that W doesn t have any DOS This is New 7 Starter(?) to Windows supposedly to make the OS idiot proof but I ve found that leaving all the fixing of stuff up to Windows is often a big mistake Apparently the owner hadn t made any backups to fall back on And I ve already acquired some stuff I don t want With no CD ROM there s no way to reinstall the New to Windows 7 Starter(?) OS And I wasn t given any CD with the operating system on it anyway I can t go into DOS and extract a file either I ve had to do such things often Windows Scandisk is often not good enough and I need to do a customized version in DOS which sometimes finds more errors How can I change a file s attributes Or delete a file that is in use by Windows And I find no equivalent of System File Checker How can I get by with no DOS or Safe Mode I wanted to see how certain games and utilities I have had a long time would work on this new system so I e-mailed a bunch to the laptop I d sent zip files and the laptop only seemed able to unzip one or two But the worst part was trying to install anything I obviously don t know how it s done At first I had no idea why the internet would stop working when I took the laptop to my bed to use before sleeping Then I was told I had to leave my modem running How is it that two PCs with different subscribers can use the same modem to access the web I REALLY don t like having to leave the modem on when I m offline I m a bit paranoid because I ve been infected all too often and even hacked How can it be called a mobile device when I can t access the internet except at home Put a bit of distance between the laptop and my modem and it is NOT a mobile device for the internet So IS there anything I can access that functions as DOS and Safe Mode Can someone explain too how the touchpad cursor can just hover over an icon on the PC and then launch it without my asking it to At times it won t do what I asked other times it does stuff I didn t ask for It goes into a quot scroll-bar quot mode but I don t know how it happens or how to get rid of it This is maddening The system is also rather slow even when plugged in and I have no idea how to find the Devices to view their settings and attributes and update them if needed How can anyone think these newer OSs are better They have lots more bells and whistles but vastly LESS flexibility Can anyone help

A:New to Windows 7 Starter(?)

yes win7 starter is a scaled down version of win7 ,meant for the mini netbook world ,works on less power .less ram ,ect ect ,not a good choice for a more powerful computer . most of you post is bashing win7, i have been using a computer since windows 3.11 and win7 is by far the best Microsoft OS since winxp came out ,its a mobile device as long as there is a ISP within range of the wireless device that you have a password to connect to .sounds like you not quite ready for win7 ,cause it taint go no DOS.With no CD ROM, there's no way to reinstall the OSyou should see a F key option on the bootup screen to boot to the recovery[it f10 ,or f11,-f12 on most laptops] ,or try f8 on bootup and it may be in that list to run the recovery
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So my fiancee's laptop was getting blue screens and huge problems It wasn't even booting up fully without restarting We supposed it was the hard drive We replaced the hard drive The only thing is that we needed from the hard drive was Windows Starter It was a dell inspiron mini so it doesn't have a cd drive so the only solution is installing it through the usb drive I want to re-install windows starter with the key we have use the windows dvd tool and get Windows Starter installed fresh onto the laptop Now from what 7 Starter Windows I understand Windows Starter is included in some of the other iso's You just have to find Windows 7 Starter a way to allow windows to let you choose which windows to install I downloaded the eicfg removal utility I removed it from the iso and then used windows dvd tool to move it to the usb drive But when I booted from windows and started the install it never gave any option of which windows to install I downloaded the Windows Ultimate Premium x So What did I do wrong What should I change to get this laptop up and running with the new hard drive I would appreciate any steps and help you could give me

A:Windows 7 Starter

I'm not sure why that didn't work for you.

I just tried it with the home premium ISO X17-58996 towards the bottom here,

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life

Did you get the confirmation window that it was removed?

Ei.cfg removal tool

After doing the above I was given the option of Starter through Ultimate.
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Hello All,

I'm interested in peoples opinion of Windows 7 Starter.

I'm am undecided as to whether install this or Linux Mint on my fathers PC. Are the requirement lower (and performance better), than Pro?

He has 2GB RAM and a Celeron processor.

Pro was terrible, very, very, slow.

Thanks for your help!

A:Windows 7 Starter

Hey,can you give me a bit more detailed information about your computer?
I have Celeron processor too(2.8Ghz) and 2GB RAM and I've installed windows 7 ULTIMATE and it runs pretty fast.

I'm sure your computer can run more than windows 7 starter.So,if you install windows starter ,than you're gonna have no problems with performance!

But ,before you start installation, you should consider that Windows 7 starter is VERY limited! You won't be able to:
1.Use aero theme(just windows basic)
2.Change windows background,sound scheme,glass colors...
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Hi my girl friend just got a 10" note book ( she spilled coffee on laptop)anyway it has win 7 starter ? i was looking for an external disk drive for her not sure what on is compatable does anyone have suggestions
thank you Michael

A:windows 7 starter

All external drives are compatible.
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So i got this netbook fixed was a HDD problem, i never had windows 7 but this has windows 7 starter, cant even change the background... dumb but ok. I got this program called Oceanis change desktop background. is this a safe program? i scanned it with antivirus

A:Windows 7 starter

That's normal for Win 7 Starter.

I have never heard of Oceanis before, but the reviews I saw look decent and none of my protection alerted me on it's site. I won't guarantee it's safe, but it looks OK.

You can upgrade the netbook to Home Basic or Home Premium if you want to pay for it. I installed Pro on my tablet/netbook. Starter was very silly for it since Starter doesn't support the touch screen features.
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My netbook started crashing after a few minutes all day. When I put it in safe mode & run Virus scan it says there are no viruses. I was on Internet the morning with it. I am now on an iPad as cannot go into netbook. Please help

A:Windows 7 starter

and welcome to the Forum

Suggest you post in the BSOD forum:

BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs - Tech Support Forum
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I have lost my Acer recovery partition for Windows 7 starter on my Acer Aspire Netbook, Model #532h. Therefore I am unable to reinstall Windows 7 Starter. I lost it by being so stupid as to install Ubuntu Linux on the little Netbook and forgetting to save or backup the recovery partition!!!! (BIG THUMP ON HEAD ADMINISTERED!!!!) Is there any way of getting a copy of Win 7 Starter from Acer or am I stuck with the Linux install on this machine. I tried to install another version of Windows from a USB key created with EasyBCD 2.3 and EasyUSB Creator but wound up with a basically blank blue screen. The blue screen tells me a file id missing andsays I am missing the File:\Windows\system32\winload.exe and gives the error code as 0xc000000f. So, am I done for?

A:Where can I get my Windows 7 Starter OS for my lit...

Acer recovery mediaif you are in the US you can buy it: you are outside the US, you must call/email your regional Acer support service:
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I have an Asus EEEpc 1005-HAB. It came with Windows 7 Starter preinstalled. I completely formated the HDD and installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 LTS. I want to reinstall Windows, but linux won't mount my shared DVD drive on my Windows 7 desktop. I still have my OEM disk and my product key, but I dont have an external DVD drive, or money to buy one.

I was wondering if there was a way for me to download an OEM ISO, or to get a disk image off my disk.

Also Im new to Seven Forums so I dont know if I posted this in the right place.

A:Windows 7 Starter ISO?

Hello 55joe4, welcome to Seven Forums!

You can use the information in this tutorial at the link below to put the Windows 7 installer on a USB stick to do the install from.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

Though since you've had Linux on the PC it would be best to do a complete wipe of the Hard Disk Drive using the Windows installer first using the information below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

After you have copied out or made back-ups of the data you need to save to external media, use Step One of this tutorial at the link below to do a wipe (secure erase) to the entire Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive. Then if you do not want to create the new Windows 7 "System Reserved" partition use the outline in Step Two #2 to create, format and mark Active a single 100GB partition to do the installation to.
If you do want to create the "System Reserved" partition use the outline in Step Two #3 to create, format and mark Active the System Reserved partition and then create and format the 100GB partition to do the installation to.
Either way, running the "clean all" then creating and formatting the partition(s) using diskpart will get you the best possible space to do a clean install of Windows 7 to; you can always extend the Windows partition to include the remaining unallocated space on the HDD / SSD or create additional partitions after the installation completes if you choose.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
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Can someone explain what windows 7 starter is, and what the limitations are?

I'm on MS website but its not in the comparison grid with Premium, Professional, and Ultimate.

Is there a good webpage that describes the limitations, or can someone post them here?


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Basically a friend of mine has a system ( XP ) where the whole thing starts up ok , you log on etc etc but the minute it logs on the screensaver comes on then the whole system reverts to the log on screen again!!. The system will not clear itself despite numerous " restores ". The system can be started in safe mode but any clues would be most helpful.
I thank you in advance

A:Windows non starter

Did you try disabling the screensaver while in safe mode? Make sure it is not on at all and is not loading at startup either in the startup folder under Program Files or, though not likely, in the registry.
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When I click to open my documents/yellowish orange now, MS is wanting to sell me software.  My question, when I do the purchase will that action reopen existing folders?  I'm on fixed income so if there are any savings due to age or whatever, can that help me, and what's a FAIR price.  Appreciate your input.   Anyone have questions about billiards or auto/truck/motorhome repair....I'm your guy.
Moderator Edit: Save Your Money, it is a scam
Moved from Windows 7 to Am I infected forum

A:Windows 7 Starter

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Bought 4 New laptop notebooks for my kids 9 year old decided to change password now can't remember. Is the a way to get in the laptop? Operating system Windows 7 Starter

A:Windows & Starter

I am sorry but it is against the policy of BleepingComputer to provide information on methods to reset or bypass the Administrator password. Though your question is most likely legitimate, there are others who may read this topic and use the information for less savory reasons. It is for these reasons we do not provide this type of information.No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. This would also mean encouraging the use or continued use of pirated software is not permitted, and subject to the same consequences.If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message or an email. Thank you for your understanding.garmanmaBleepingComputer Forums ModeratorReference: BleepingComputer Board Rules
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Hello guys,

i just pick a new netbook with Windows 7 Starter on it, but im a bit confuse how can i put the desktop icons there (my computer, network, my docs).
personalize isnt there and i dont find nothing in control painel about it.

Just make shortcuts for all that or any other solution ?

Thanks for help

A:Windows 7 Starter

If you right click on the desktop you'll pop up a menu, click the personalize tab.

A box should pop up, on the left of the box there is a option, change desktop icons. Click that and you can change the icons on the desktop.
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Can I remote desktop from windows 7 starter to any computer with XP or 7, without upgrading to 7 Premium? I am looking to buy a net book that has 7 starter loaded on it, but if it can't remote connect then I need to rethink it. I know most net book's do not have enough RAM to run 7.

A:Windows 7 starter RDT

Starter has remote desktop, but you can only connect from that computer and not to it. So, you can remote from your netbook running starter to another computer running 7 Pro, Ultimate, or Enterprise (or XP Pro), but you can't connect from 7 Pro, Ultimate, or Enterprise (or XP Pro) to your netbook running starter.

It's all covered on the Microsoft website.
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my girlfriend just bought the new mini 10 v from dell with what we thought was windows 7 home edition but ended up being starter. It seems stupid. it cant do shake or the windows pop up windows for viewing your open programs. I only received it a couple hours ago but we are really upset with it. She is the most bummed about not even being able to change the background image at all. Should we send it back and just go for a full upgrade or is there something that is worth the 300$ we paid for the mini.

A:windows 7 starter

Don't take this wrong, no offence intended.

You get what you pay for. You could return it and buy a different computer, or you could upgrade it yourself. If you're a student, you can pick up a copy of Home Premium or Professional for $30.

My point is, you are asking a question that nobody but yourself can answer. Personally, I could not survive with the Starter, but each user has different needs.

Sorry I can't be of more help,
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I hooked up a Velocity Micro #101 to my ASUS Eee PC 1005HAB-RBLU005S and it came up just like it's suppose to, so I slipped in the driver disk and installed the software. When it was done I closed the program because I not going to be using it at that time. When I looked into Windows Explorer it was not there. I cannot seem to get this thing to work on my computer. It works fine on my desktop but not my mini notebook (for which I bought the darn thing). Can anyone please tell me why it's there and then it isn't there? I have played around with this for so long I am about to throw the darn thing right out the window. I'm deadly serious!! I've used my neighbors external drive and had not one problem so I know it's not that my system can't handle it. HELP!!! HELP!!!

A:Windows 7 Starter

When it was done I closed the program because I not going to be using it at that time.What exactly is meant by, "closed the program"?Usually, the safest method to installing external hardware is to run the setup media first and connect the device when prompted. If you would like to try this method, uninstall the driver(s)/software for the device from Add/Remove Programs (if it is listed). If there is nothing in the Add/Remove Programs; uninstall the device from within Device Manager. Reboot the machine after removal of driver(s) and try to install the device by first running setup media. If still no joy, we can try something else.
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My son bought a EEEPC 1001 or something like that.
It has W7 starter as OS.
Is this netbook capable of running any of the higher spec W7 Os's without to much of a problem? Without getting back to him I don't know what the ram situation is.
Any hints or advice on that?

A:Windows 7 starter

As long as he has at least 1GB it should be able to run 32-bit Windows 7. All he should need is Home Premium. If he can upgrade the RAM to 2GB, that would be better, but it can run on 1GB fine. If it's less than 1GB, I would definitely upgrade straight to 2GB.
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hi i have a samsung netbook and i want to reinstall windows
does any body now where i can get a disc ?

i have an external dvd drive to do the reinstall + i can get the drivers from samsung web site i just need the windows disc or some thing i can down load to do the format

thank you

A:windows 7 starter

You should be able to restore the default OS that shipped with the netbook using the recovery partition. Try tapping F4 repeatedly at boot, it should launch recovery. Check first under Start menu- All programs for something called Samsung Recovery Solution (or something similar) and try to launch recovery from there. See this page for a guide.

How To Use Samsung Recovery Solution 4 my samsung

Factory restores are usually destructive, so back up critical data before attempting this. This process will recover your computer to the condition it was in when you unboxed it, including all Samsung bloatware. If you want just the OS, you'll need a disk, google for a clean iso.
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i have a samsung netbook n210.

when my netbook was returned from the repair shop, my hard drive is already partitioned into two.
it's bothering me so i combined them.
i searched for it before doing it, its safe they said, just make sure the other drive is empty.
it was a success. but after i turned it on again.. an error appeared.

BOOTMGR is missing
press ctrl+alt+delete

since i dont have a disk drive 'coz its a netbook..
i have a spare disk of windows 7 starter 32bit.
i copied it's contents on my usb.

then, i changed the boot order so i can boot my usb.

then another problem appeared again,

no bootable partition in table

oh no. i dont know what to do now T_T

thank you for reading this and hope u can help me out...

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I've heard of some limited version of WIndows 7 called "WIndows 7 Starter". I'm wondering where I could download it, as I can't find it...

The reason I want one is for the purpose of me using it in a VM.

A:Windows 7 Starter ISO?

You'll need a license key for it.
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Just bought this netbook and was wondering what OS I should put on it? Windows 7 or XP?

What OS is better for performance/battery life.


Made up my mind...

A:Windows 7 Starter Or Xp...

Did you notice that they're benchmarking against the 'Release Candidate'? This was release early last year and there have been significant changes since it RTM'd
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I have a Samsung notebook with Windows 7 Starter edition. I put a password on my windows startup not long before I went on holiday but when I came back I forgot it.

I have searched Internet for help and so far this is what I've done -

Says I should put reboot disc in but doesn't have disc drive.
Says I should try bootable flash drive, changed Bios startup but won't boot from it.
Tried complete restore, still boots up with my user
Tried booting in safe mode, just boots as normal

Can anyone help?

A:Windows 7 Starter Help

We can't really help bypass a password since we have no way to know this is your computer.

I'd consider Reinstalling Windows 7 from booted DVD
or running full Factory Recovery from its partition at boot(which may also require a password) or from Recovery Disks you already made or order from Samsung.
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A full-featured Windows Aero to Starter and Windows Home Basic nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by hb My friend Mr dUSHA who helped me with Personalization Panel found a way to include the full personalization of Windows Starter and Windows Home Basic With one click you turn to any of these systems of digits Aero transparency and buns like Win Tab Flip D Aero Peek and Aero Shake - will work Application theme files themepack files and msstyles files Change of wallpaper including the automatic change of wallpaper 7 and Windows Basic Home Windows A full-featured 7 Starter to Aero The full color design Support for third-party themes - you can install any topic what you like In short you can transform your Windows Home or Windows Home Basic to a full Windows Ultimate A full-featured Windows 7 Aero to Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic Further instructions on using and demo video of Windows Initial unlocked with Aero How to enable Aero and personalization on the Windows Home Basic and Windows Starter If you have a panel of Winreview ru remove it and Personalization Panel DWM Controller if you have it installed - it will hinder you Download the patch from Mr dUSHA Install it then the computer automatically restarts Everything You will select quot Personalize quot from the context menu and all of the above functions The video below demonstrates Windows Start with personalization unlocked Winreview ru - Microsoft Windows

A:A full-featured Windows 7 Aero to Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic

In english

Windows 7 Starter Aero Patch

Vishal-Gupta on deviantART

A Guy
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I tried to set my acer aspire d257  1814 back to factory setting but it ended up going to windows setup then shuts down saying windows could not complete settings it will shut down to start over. It keeps doing this over and over and no matter what I do it will not read my portable cd or flash.
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I have just purchased a new pc that came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, which wont run my company software, which was made in 1995, 16 bit.

This 16bit software ran fine on my previous pc, which had Windows 7 Starter 32-bit. But the 64 bit Windows 7 version wont run it, I cant use Windows XP Mode on my version of Windows 7, need Pro - Ultimate Version.

I want to install and run the Windows 7 32-bit I have, on my new pc (I still have the installation disk) on a seperate partition and keep the 64 bit version to.

Is this possible to install both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 and then select which to run when the pc boots?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, James

A:Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit & Windows 7 Starter 32 bit (partitions)

YES, take a look at this tutorial, replace vista with Windows 7.

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and Vista
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Since my son no longer uses his Asus PEM I was going to start using it myself Agent Windows 7.6.7600.320 7 Windows Update Starter Keep WU breaking This laptop has always been kept up to date with MS updates the Browser AV amp Flash About a week ago I noticed Windows Updates would no longer work It just keeps checking for updates for hours with no results amp no error codes I tried fixing it using suggestions I've read on line amp using tools from MS However the problem was never resolved About days ago I decided to start fresh since my son was not going to use this laptop again amp I did a System Recovery to bring back the laptop to it's original start day When I do a System Recovery everything works well again until MS Updates updates my Windows Agent automatically to Windows Agent to At Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.320 Keep breaking WU Windows 7 Starter this point everything breaks down amp Windows Updates runs constantly without ever finding any results or giving me any error codes I've also tried suggestions online at this point amp have used MS tools amp the only thing that works temporarily is doing another System Recovery This works temporarily Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.320 Keep breaking WU Windows 7 Starter until MS Updates updates my WU Agent again automatically to amp the issue starts again Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.320 Keep breaking WU Windows 7 Starter I've already done a System Recovery x already amp everything works well again until MS updates automatically the Windows Agent to Can anyone here please help me Thanks Bill
Relevancy 43.86%

I bought Home Premium 32 bit update (at Office Max) to install on my ASUS 1015 PEM Notebook (upgrading Windows Starter). I'm not having much luck. The program loads, but then stalls at a screen that says something like "Windows compatibility file (on desktop)". It goes no further. Any help?

A:Unable to install Windows 7 Home update to Windows Starter

Try using Anytime upgrade.

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Anytime upgrade only adds-on the Programs & Features from version to version.
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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Hi, Everyone this is my 1st post, I had been reading Sevenforums before i actually join it. Eversince then i got most of my doubt solve.

I just bought a Sony Vaio Y series come with Windows 7 Starter.

I got a bad deal form Malaysia giving windows 7 stater and 320gb hd, whereas S'pore giving Windows 7 home premiun and 500hd. Anyway i like the design and portability of this model.

I got a Year Warranty, But i'm wanted to upgrade it to Win7 Ent. and also wanted to upgrade my ram to 4GB max. my existing one is 2GB. but i afraid this would void the warranty.

Let get my question i wanted to update to Win7 Ent with out and not keeping my starter. but i afraid of driver issue, i plan to boot by USB setup.

Any advice?

A:Install Windows 7 Enterprise on Netbook Replacing Windows 7 Starter

Yeah -- warranty advice can only properly come from the warranty holder (despite what others here may tell you). So, you need to check with Sony support to see if performing such a Win7 upgrade will compromise your warranty in any way. My guess would be that it would not -- but (like everyone else posting here) -- that is only a guess.
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Hello all,

I have a new sony vaio with windows 7 starter. i do have a folder that contains a movie that when i try to share i am able to see it from my other windows xp machine but when i play the movie it doesnt start.

appears for some reason that my windows 7 machine is not allowing other machines to stream anything of it. please help.

ZeeZ from dubai

A:windows 7 starter not allowing other windows machine to stream video

It could be that your Windows XP machines do not have the correct codec to play the movie. is the movie trying to play in Windows media player? If so you may want to use VLC media player. It will play anything.

Also, you may want to check the permissions on the shared folder. users will need the read and execute permission.
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There is a netbook that has Vista home premium installed on it but I'm looking to upgrade it to windows 7. I've tried a demo version of 7 perfessional but it's just way to slow on it. Am I able to upgrade from Vista home premium to windows 7 starter?

A:Upgrading to Windows 7 Starter

I think this will answer most of your questions...

Upgrade Install with Windows 7

And - Welcome!!

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Help trying to do a fresh install on this but can't seem to find the recovery console or what ever I do the F8 for advanced start up but recovery is not an option try F11 but no recovery management. anyone have pointers? I am not too familiar with Windows 7

A:hp mini with windows 7 starter

You must press F11 as soon as you switch on the computer - if you miss the right moment it won't do anything.

If that doesn't work, switch off, switch on again and try F10 instead.
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Okay so I'm sure people here have heard of Jolicloud If not it's I Starter my back.... Windows Want HELP!!!! PLEASE 7 would say a wonderful operating system because it let me do Want my Windows 7 Starter back.... PLEASE HELP!!!! everything i wanted to do that windows wouldn't let me do BUT Just recently i have decided i want my Windows Starter back Now I have posted a thread on Jolicloud's forums asking how to do so But it has now been over a day and a half and I'm getting a little worried they won'y reply So Want my Windows 7 Starter back.... PLEASE HELP!!!! i have resorted to asking help on how to get my Windows Starter back A little info on my netbook ORIGINALLY had Windows Starter it's a bit or was idk what it means The type of netbook is an Acer One Aspire h- no dvd drive so i would need a iso file and write it to a usb stick which i have gb I also have another computer which i could use if i needed it's a Windows XP Home Edition i don't think any other info about it would be needed if so just ask Please help me get my Windows back And trust me If u ever get another operating system DUAL BOOT I highly regret not doing so

A:Want my Windows 7 Starter back.... PLEASE HELP!!!!

Hello chrisneedsHELP, welcome to Seven Forums!

Does the netbook have a factory recovery partition or did you delete/remove it to install that other, whatever it is, OS?
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I've just bought a netbook with windows 7 starter edition its a HP mini 110-3500 which i was assured by the sales assistant has a good processor (intel Atom N550) anyway it seems to be quite slow respinding to commands i.e. opening up explorer etc. My first question is do all netbooks perform like this running windows starter and would upgrading the OS help performance?

A:Windows 7 Starter Edition

Updating from Starter to Home Premium may help once you get access to Windows Aero, the full glass transparent window frames. Running Aero will offload a lot of the GUI work onto the GPU in turn greeing up a bit of the CPU. Should help to make it a little more responsive.
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My son received as a Edition 7 Windows Starter gift a Dell Inspiron Mini laptop with pre-inatalled Windows Starter Edition according the My Computer Properties I think he answered a kind of No to a security question Windows 7 Starter Edition maybe related to Windows Firewall because now he has an annoyng problem He tries to Windows 7 Starter Edition make Windows Updates number of important updates were already made but the last updates are in status of downloading I'd say quot perpetual downloading quot For Windows 7 Starter Edition example now the system reports important updates of MB from two days ago more than hours were downloaded of this amount only So I think the downloading is quot working quot but extremely slow Some notes Windows Updates are enabled and set as automatic All other kind of downloading are working very well for example I downloaded Avast Personal Edition MB at MB sec Adobe Acrobat Reader MB at KB sec so there are no problems with my connection or downloading - generally speaking My son tells me that at the beginning - days ago when he received his gift updates were downloading reasonnably as he can remember he didn't notice anything strange Now I am a specialist in informatics programming using trainings I work in this area from more than years ago But I'm not a specialist in configuring operating systems like Windows I tried to see settings under Windowsd Firewall which can imply such a behaviour all downloading work fine excepting downloading in Windows Updates But many of settings I don't understand of this point of view I think Windows Vista and Windows are quot double-troublers quot Too much security settings can be counter-productive I even turned off the Windows Firewalls - with no effect and then I turned them on You realize I am angry with this situation I've downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials MSE which I use on my desktop and I am very satisfied of it downloading the program was OK somewhere at MB sec but after installing the first update was not finished yet So I've downloaded Avast Personal Edition which updates automatically without any problem of downloading speed I've uninstalled MSE So it seems that only downloadings for Windows Updates signatures for MSE are Windows Updates too Maybe - I hope so very much - there is someone which knows what the hell happened to Windows Updates on my son's Dell Inspiron Mini TIA John

A:Windows 7 Starter Edition

Here's what you should try first. Set Windows Updates to ask before downloading and installing updates. Then do 2 or 3 at a time. It might take a little longer, but it usually solves problems like the one you are experiencing. If it doesn't work let me know. I have a couple other tricks up my sleeve.
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My netbook (Samsung N150) is running on Windows 7 Starter. It suddenly crashed today.

Here are the details of the crash:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 18441

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 24
BCP1: 001904FB
BCP2: 9197C960
BCP3: 9197C540
BCP4: 882B2186
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Please find minidump.

Would deeply appreciate any help provided.


A:Windows 7 Starter - BlueScreen

Wld appreciate if someone cld help with the above mentioned problem.
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Although Windows Starter Edition will likely be the least used version by readers of this site its artificial limitations do have our attention Windows Starter Edition will be the el cheapo Windows 7 3 Peek Cap A App at Starter's option aimed A Peek at Windows 7 Starter's 3 App Cap at low-cost PCs and netbooks perhaps paving the way for A Peek at Windows 7 Starter's 3 App Cap more of the latter products to hit This makes sense but A Peek at Windows 7 Starter's 3 App Cap what has many concerned and curious is the artificially three programs running at once Early tests of Windows Starter Edition beta versions show that the three-program limitation is already in place Microsoft clearly has some sort of criteria as to what counts towards that three and we would hope that mostly background running applications such as anti-virus programs don t hog a spot but we won t really know until the final version is in our hands Microsoft details in its help section With Windows Starter you can open up to three programs at the same time For example if you start WordPad Paint and Calculator and then you try to open a web browser you ll see a message telling you that you already have three programs open With such limitations in place users will either want to pony up the cash for the upgrade to Home Premium or rely heavily on web-based applications such as Google Docs or webmail We can t see anyone being happy in being forced to shut down a program just to do some math on the calculator For now though check out these images courtesy of WinSuperSite of Windows Starter Edition hitting the app cap If I helped solve your time give me some Rep Thanks Be Nice Read the Forum Rules

A:A Peek at Windows 7 Starter's 3 App Cap

I think that this should go in News....

Interesting thoughts though, thanks.

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Hi all, (Forgive me if ive posted this in the wrong section.)

Basically ive got a hp mini 110 and it got stuck in a loop a while back I managed to get it working again but now im stuck with another problem.

When installing windows 7 again I cant put the product key in as the sticker on the bottom has become warn and some letters/numbers are not recognizable, ive contacted hp and they are refusing to help me and I don't fancy paying to get a replacement key from Microsoft.

ive check the box the netbook came in and theres no product key on there or any of the documents so is there any other way I can retrieve my product key?

if not what happens when I go past the 30day activation period?

thanks in advance and sorry for the bad grammar.

A:windows 7 starter product key help

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can Order HP Recovery Disks from here:
Country-Language Selector | HP? Support
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I have a little question. Is it possible to have in windows 7 starter display signal
on monitor and projector on the same time? I know there is an option
in the system (Duplicate) but no one (in shops) could tell me if this will work.


A:Windows 7 Starter + projector

Quote: Originally Posted by myorek


I have a little question. Is it possible to have in windows 7 starter display signal
on monitor and projector on the same time? I know there is an option
in the system (Duplicate) but no one (in shops) could tell me if this will work.


Hi Myorek! Welcome to SevenForums! Yes it should work, as I regularly use my VGA cable to connect my laptop to my TV and it shows on both. From my viewpoint Windows has a fantastic dual-monitor interface.

If I helped, click the scales above my post and click I Approve.
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Hi everyone,

I really need your help... Being the blondie I am, I bought a netbook today, the assistant said it had a 6cell battery, of course it has 3 cells... I wanted to take it back to the shop as the battery life is poor, and buy a different type, however they said its impossible, if I already installed windows 7 - have my name, password, language. Is there any way to restore the factory settings? So if one opens it, it will do the first run - ask them to type their name, choose language and so? Please help

Thank you in advance x

A:Windows 7 starter restore to first run

If it helps - I have an asus netbook with a built in windows7. Please help if you can, I am soooo upset by the whole situation
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I have a Gateway netbook that has Windows 7 Starter on it. Since I only use it lightly, I thought it would be perfect for trying out Windows 10, but I want to make sure I can go back to 7 if I don't like it. Last time I tried to download an ISO for Windows 7, the site asked me for the S/N and then said, "Sorry, it's OEM, go to the manufacturer". Well, that's great, but I'm hoping there's a trustworthy site that has the ISO anyway. Maybe I can even get one for my other computer, whose builder, a local person, died a few years ago.
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Has anyone with a Windows 7 computer using the Office Starter had to pay to continue using Microsoft Office?

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Hi Chaps I have a problem with Windows Starter on a brand new ACER Netbook I am using the netbook soley to run a powerpoint presentation in a care home The VGA output goes to a PC TV convertor then the composite goes to an Windows Starter 7 2nd Display RF modulator then its distributed throughout the TV network When the netbook is open and the screen shows the presentation then the TV pics Windows 7 Starter 2nd Display are great Windows 7 Starter 2nd Display Yippee However When I close the net book the remote pictures degrade to an unrecognisable mush Ive tried setting the power so that when the lid is closed quot DO NOTHING quot but for some reason the screen still goes blank and the remote screens again goes to mush I dont need to access the screen so burn is not a problem if I can get the quot DO NOTHING quot control to do what it should To test this I used my VAIO with the same settings and all was OK The picture on the slave sets was good and stayed on Windows 7 Starter 2nd Display cloned from the main net book screen Only other thing Ive tried is to look as the RES on the nd monitor but because its a PC TV converter I get no options Any help would be appreciated Even if someone knows how to bypass the hard switch on the ACER NET BOOK Thanks in advance GJW nbsp
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I have been doing looking into these different versions which obviously isnt doing what MS said they would do and limit the number of versions although it looks like Home Basic and Home Premium are all people will really need and home premium will probably be the standard But my real wonder lies with this Windows Starter Edition the main fault is that it only allows simultaneous applications to run now im Starter edition Windows 7 not sure how microsoft Windows 7 Starter edition will decide to limit them will it be just items that have a window on the taskbar If so I can see about a million tweaks to move your applications to the system tray to get more running this doesent seem like a viable way to limit or maybe will MS just limit the number of non os processes to this is my worry because anyone who encouters any type of malware could easily hit applications just at that and be blocked out of their own machine preventing them from even running tools to fix itor maybe theres a better way that im not seeing anyone have Windows 7 Starter edition any real insight or ideas on how this is being done

A:Windows 7 Starter edition
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I would like to know if I install Windows 7 Starter Pack to be installed on a desktop PC, will there be limitations in playing video and audio of high quality?

A:Windows 7 Starter Pack

As long as you have windows media player, or can download it, you should be able to play high quality audio and video.
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I have a windows 7 ultimate disc but when I try to upgrade it says I need to use Windows anytime upgrade. I just got the laptop and don't care if I have to delete everything on the computer. How can I put ultimate on without having to pay again and use anytime update.

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helo everyone..

i got a problem regarding my netbook.Its getting slowly and i think it have a viruses. i would like to format it but i don't know how because i'm using windows 7 starter. Please give me a guideline to solve my problem.. Thanks

A:how to format windows 7 starter?

Hello there,you can repair your Windows using this tutorial
Repair Install
or do a Clean install of Windows 7
Clean Install Windows 7
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i bought a computer a while ago and it was with w7 starter,with cd key and everything but i have 2 questions : 1. is the cd key one time use (i use it on one computer and i reinstall w7 i can use it again or no) and 2. is there anything i can do if i cant read one letter on my cd key ? (i can see all but i cant read the last letter or number cuz its blurred (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX*) the * i cant read it.Is there anything i can do or i have to deal with it ?

A:Windows 7 Starter CD Key unreadable

Most likely the key (COA sticker) on the computer is what is called a OEM/SLP key. The sticker is put on the computer at the factory.
It can only be used on the computer it is installed on.

I don't really know how to read a COA sticker you can't read.
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My son issue SP1 Starter 7 Windows has an Acer Aspire one with the Intel Atom processor running Windows starter SP The computer seems to function normally boots runs app s etc HOWEVER If I try Windows 7 Starter SP1 issue to open functions such Windows 7 Starter SP1 issue as Device Manager or msconfig as theadministrator I get an error message the says quot this funtion is not aninstalled service quot I tried both command line and via Control Panel When I try to open Windows 7 Starter SP1 issue Devices and Printers or network adapter settings it willgo to that screen but never load any information Same thing for systemrestore The Acer recovery management function also does not work so I can t returnit to original config As it is a netbook I have no CD s Everything was on drive C It does have McAfee Internet Security and Malware Bytes installed They both quot appear quot to function normally but do not detect anything wrong I have never had a root kit issue but this makes me think of that AnyIdeals Robert nbsp

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My emachines MiniNetbook laptop has been giving me issues lately (not a surprise since it's been trouble from 4days now). I decided today I couldn't deal with it anymore and I started a system recovery. Everything seemed to go off without any issues until it decided to start up again and now I get the error:

Windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation".

I've restarted several times and even tried to start it in safe mode. Nothing is working. I can't get it to start up no matter what I do. I do NOT have any disks for it (if you needed to know that). It is a MiniNetbook.

Can anyone help me with what I need to do from here please? Any help much appreciated. BTW, my technical skills are low so please, take it easy on me. Specs are: HDD--160GB, RAM:1GB PROCESSOR:1.66

A:Windows 7 Starter --emachines

It is a Windows 7 Starter OS
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I have a question...i'v mini netbook with windows 7 starter...and i dont have the powerpoint in i cud get it???plz reply soon

A:powerpoint in Windows 7 Starter?

Quote: Originally Posted by jokutty

I have a question...i'v mini netbook with windows 7 starter...and i dont have the powerpoint in i cud get it???plz reply soon

PowerPint is part of the Microsoft Office Suites.
Microsoft Office suites do not come in free. You have to purchase it.

Some computers will come pre-installed with a TRIAL version of Microsoft Office, good for 60 days, after which users will have to buy the full version.

Bear in mind that your Windows 7 Starter is the lowest end of Windows 7 versions. It may NOT have a Microsoft Office trial version included at all.
At best, it may include a Microsoft Office Starter version which does NOT include PowerPoint.

excerpt from ......
Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Microsoft Office Starter 2010, a new base productivity suite that replaces Microsoft Works, consists of limited-functionality versions of Word and Excel and includes advertising. It does not include PowerPoint or Outlook.
Office Starter 2010 is available only on new PCs in conjunction with preloaded Office 2010 suites and is designed for home users who are not ready to buy a full version of Office 2010. It allows users to upgrade easily to a complete Office 2010 suite whenever they are ready.
What end users can do with Office Starter 2010
Create and edit basic Word documents and Excel spreadsheets with 100 percent file fidelity
Open existing Word and Excel documents
Manage a simple home budget
Write letters
Create newsletters with photos and easily send them out
What end users cannot do with Office Starter 2010
Create PowerPoint presentations
Manage email with Outlook
Organize notes, media, and project resources in one place using Microsoft OneNote
Add comments or track changes to documents
Analyze data with pivot tables
Enhance documents with SmartArt graphics
Automate and accelerate repetitive tasks using programmable macros
Customize the quick access toolbar
Connect to an external data source in Excel
Create a report with a table of contents, footnotes, and bibliographies
Turn off the advertisements
This is just a partial list of the functionality missing from Office Starter 2010. However, end users can activate the missing functionality by purchasing a Product Key Card for an appropriate full Office suite.
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My name is Dylan, and I recently bought an HP Mini personal computer with Windows 7 Starter. As weird as it may sound, I mostly use it for gaming purposes. That being said, MOST of the games I play require in-game hotkeys of their own, generally being f1, f2, etc. However, the only way I can get the in-game hotkeys to work is if I use fn + function hotkeys, shift + function hotkeys and ctrl + function hotkeys.

I've read upon some of the Win 7 starter threads and tried disabling my hotkeys once or twice, and it doesn't seem to work for me.

Is there anyway that I can COMPLETELY disable all function hotkeys?

I'd really like to play the games that I used to be able to play, but they become aggrevating and extremely difficult.

If anybody has any info, assistance or links I may have missed about disabling hotkeys, please reply.

Thank you in advance, Dylan.

A:Windows 7 Starter: Hotkeys

Here's the link to the Tutorial for doing this:

Windows Key Shortcuts - Enable or Disable
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Hello Well I purchased an Acer Aspire One that has Windows starter on it From all that I had read before I purchased starter Need please, help About badly 7 windows it I didn't see any of the problems I'm having so I have no clue as what to do I have an administrator account on it everything seems to be like it should But I tried to download flashplayer into a file of a browser I use instead of enternet explorer As enternet explorer has totaled some of my past computers but it said I could not save the file there as to ask Admin to do Need help badly please, About windows 7 starter so Also another completely annoying factor the mouse auto clicks on everything if held on a link past say what seconds At the most I can't find anywhere to change this I've gone through over and over and still can't find the problem I'm an admin on it Why won't it let me do admin stuff Need help badly please, About windows 7 starter PLeaase help me I've own many desktops in my life and now that I work and travel alot I wanted just a simple little laptop and the acer one had simply sounded perfect from my research but It's annoying the snot outta me and won't let me Need help badly please, About windows 7 starter do what I would think be completely normal things Please help Thanks in advance Tyz Edit No ones replyin so If no can help me change this I understand But if you can at least tell me if it's fixable or not would be helpful so I'd know to return it or not

A:Need help badly please, About windows 7 starter

are you using firefox, chrome? it should let you download flash with no problems. You say this is a new laptop right? What i always do is a clean install with any new pc, laptop etc. There are several steps to take when doing a clean install but it should be your last option.

Auto clicks? i don't understand, but it can help to know what kind of software your acer is using to enable the touchpad.

check this:
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I have two browsers the installed Internet explorer which shouldn't have any problems as I haven't done anything and I have google chrome,

Google Chrome has sound working, Ie does not.

I need to find out why as I really don't want to end up getting into mega trouble for not having sound working.

I'm not thinking this as a major sound problem,

I have tried the multimedia tap in internet explorer, the mute is not on, so yeah?

Any ideas?

A:IE8 - No Sound In Windows 7 Starter

Try resetting IE.

Internet Explorer - Reset

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