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Samsung's new mobile memory chip combines 3GB of RAM, 32GB of flash into a single package

Q: Samsung's new mobile memory chip combines 3GB of RAM, 32GB of flash into a single package

Samsung has started mass producing what's being called the industry's first ePoP, or embedded package on package. By combining two key smartphone elements into a single package, Samsung's solution promises to offer high-end handset makers up to 40 percent more space. ...

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Preferred Solution: Samsung's new mobile memory chip combines 3GB of RAM, 32GB of flash into a single package

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Samsung's new mobile memory chip combines 3GB of RAM, 32GB of flash into a single package

It's the natural progression of tech right now.
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I have a Sony Vaio 32 GB , whenever i put data on it , it corrupt it, if i put folders it change to be icon with no extension !!
I formatted it by windows and by Herin and still the same problem.
It accept the files, and play it well, then suddenly it corrupt it and not accept to add more.

any solution ?!!

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My new Laptop is coming soon. It has ? Windows 8 64bits
8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
750GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive

Questions: Can I use Flash memory card instead of DVD's to make Recovery Factory image? If so, would 32 GB memory card suffice? Is flash card better than keep. I learned from my google/internet research there are all sorts of flash cards. Is this the right flash card for what I intend to do?

Sorry I really do not know flash cards. ZERO. I notice from TV and movies, spies always insert what looks like this product to obtain classified information from PC when nobody is around....and they always seem to finish it just before the owner comes back....few seconds. One whole minute, tops.

A:W8 64bits and CF Compact Flash Memory Card reader 32GB

That is USB flash drive to be exact. But make sure to get at least USB 2.0 for better data transfer speed (3.0 is the best). I don't think there is an option for DVD image recovery back up anyway because the entire image is at least 12GB (dual Layer DVDs is only up to 8GB). But if your laptop has bluray burner, then it's possible. But yeah, you can use the USB flash drive with at least 16GB available storage space to create your recovery backup image.
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Does anyone know where I could access and download the appropriate driver for a 512MB Samsung Mobile Storage USB 2.0 Flash Pen Drive for Windows 98SE. I have exhausted all possibilities (or the ones that I would think of inc Samsung website) but to no avail.

Your help is much appreciated.



A:512MB Samsung Mobile Storage USB 2.0 Flash Pen Drive

Can you post make and model details for your pen drive? Anything useful here?
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To my tablet. Will I be able to down load programs to that micro chip?

A:Added a 32gb SanDisk micro chip

Hello snakeoil,

If the memory card shows up as a drive in your This PC window, then yes you can save whatever you like to it like any other removable drive.
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Hi there I have the hp 15-r031si with 2gb ram and I want to speed up the computer. As there is only 1 memory slot, is it possible to replace this with 4 or 8gb memory chip so I take out the 2gb and replace it? Please advise. Thanks!
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I purchased a Mobile Touro drive about six months ago and all was fine - i had all my phone pictures backed up on it's gig - i guess it was half full Next stop my sons windows laptop started playing up and stated that it needed to store 500GB Mobile 32GB now HDD external HGST Touro a boot drive back up on an external drive So i plugged in my Touro not for one moment realizing that i was about to delete all my photo's as 500GB HGST Mobile Touro external HDD now 32GB for windows to create the boot drive it formatted all gig so it could create a gig partition photo's gone As you can imagine i was gutted but decided to move on fortunately some photo's remained elsewhere a few Anyhow now i want to use the Touro to make a backup of my windows system and files that in my case is about gigs and guess what i can ony get to gigs on the Touro even if i format i still cant find the plus missing gigs Sorry so long - your help would be appreciated

A:500GB HGST Mobile Touro external HDD now 32GB

Delete all the partitions for external drive in disk management then create new single partition.How To Access Disk Management in Windows XP know the real meaning of peace only if you have been through the war.
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Hi have a webcam but I have lost the disk that came with it. The webcam is a
"noganet" webcam. I need to download the Single Cif Chip. Is there a website or a way to download t

A:Single Cif Chip

Yo do yourself a favor and remove your name and email from your post.

Are any of these your webcam?
Relevancy 67.08% another person who has lost the CIF Single Chip for my webcam...i lost it while reinstalling windows xp....i cant find my disk any where.....can anyone help me please?

webcam: Dynex - DX-WC100

thanks for your help

A:CIF Single Chip

Hi, I also need the driver named "CIF Single Chip".
Where can I find it?
Webcam: Go Tec - Mini Web Cam 300

Thanks 4 ur help.
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I have just did a fresh installation of Windows XP on my pc, now I notice in Device Manager>Other Devices I have a yellow question mark next to something called "CIF Single Chip" what is this, is it needed and how do I correct it?


A:Cif Single Chip

Do you have a webcam? Sometimes that can be a webcam that has no driver installed.
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hi! i lost my cd for my webcam. can anybody send me the cif single chip driver? my email is [email protected] thanks

A:cif single chip

wrong forum, I'll move it

not a very good first post, read the link in my signature

googling the name of your webcam and the word driver would have given you much much better results

no way to send you anything because you didn't give any details, and giving out an email address on a public forum would have been stupid

lol you edited to put your address. ok, I wouldn't have done that though. please read the link in my signature, at least you edited to add that rather than posting a reply.
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My SoC PC-Camera doesnt work because i have a new computer but i lost my cd to install my webcam..
it sais i dont have any program for CIF Single Chip .. my webcams name is SoC PC-Camera can anyone help me find the thing i need so i can install my webcam and use it !!!

thank youu,

love Serinity

A:CIF Single Chip??

Hi Serenity and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

Your camera drivers can be downloaded from here (click the word here), the site requires you to join up, theres no cost involved and they dont spam your email address, I know this for a fact as I have been a member for a long time...

When your done downloading that and if you intend to come back again can you read the following threads It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.

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I reinstalled my operating system on an hp pavilion a620n. Everything is working great its just when I go to device manager I see 2 things with yellow exclamations. CIF Single Chip and PCI Simple Communications Controller. Here are the details...

CIF Single Chip - USB\VID_093A&PID_2460\5&3984D498&0&1

PCI Simple Communications Controller - PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1040&SUBSYS_10008086&REV_00\3&61AAA01&0&50

I tried to download the driver on the hp site Driver - Modem (‏1) Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem Driver Update
but I get a message saying Please install the driver through device manager. And have 5 steps to follow to do so...
but the first one says click the + (plus) sign next to modems In device manager but I do not see modems anywhere
in device manager.

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Would this chip be standard on an HP Pavilion a350, or would this be an added but unwanted bonus?? These are used in web and spycams (pinhole) aren't they? I also was wondering if this two year old PC has any wireless factory hardware...

I know it shouldn't, and the config shows no wifi gear....might be getting false readings from a wifi intrusion detector....seems it may be coming from the network cable..same 10 or 15 personal addresses every time...tracerouted them, and IQsniffed around...must be back reading through the network..

Reinstalled the router, and that cut the supposed intrusions down to one, the router...duh.

Would like to know if that vid chip should be on this HP piece o crud.


A:CIF single chip trying to install?????

What is the name of the firewall you are using?

ALso I would like to see what and how many infections your system has please run the HijackThis as in the following:

To download HJTsetup.exe To Download HijackThis go to the following:;dl=item5
Filename = 1137518044HJTsetup.exe
Save the file to your desktop.
Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\HijackThis.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialog boxes until you get to the Select Additional Tasks dialog.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialog box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
At the top of the Notepad HJT log screen, hit Edit then Select All then click Edit and then click Copy doing that copies the text to the clipboard, you won't see it yet....
Open a TechSupportGuy forum Reply window under Internet & Networking in Security for this thread, to have ready to paste the Hijackthis log into. Click once to place the typing cursor in the reply window.
At the top of your TSG/browser window, hit Edit then Paste
You should see your copied Hijackthis log appear in the reply space....then, submit the reply and copy and paste the link in the address bar back to the original thread you were in.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.
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Well i got this webcam out of the box and see it wasn't working. can someone please give me the cif single chip for "USB\VID_093A&PID_2468"

Edit: If anyone wants to send me it privately for some reason send to tho_david"
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Hello can any body help me? I have Fujing single chip driver webcam. Driver CD I lost. Can anybody send me the driver. My email is [email protected]

A:CIf single chip driver

Obaidur Rahman said:

Hello can any body help me? I have Fujing single chip driver webcam. Driver CD I lost. Can anybody send me the driver. My email is [email protected]
ThanksClick to expand...

You must really love spam, dont give your email addy in forums.... have you bothered to look at the manufacturers site or sites such as or similar,

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Wondering could somebody help me, trying to install a Philips spc220nc Webcam onto a dell desktop with window xp service pack 2, install with disc supplied but after install & restarting computer it picked up cif single clip & then philips spc220 nc but then came up with the error "the data is invaild", went onto philips website & downloaded most recent driver but also came up with same error, tried a different webcam, a codegen cod 17u but the exact same thing happened after going through the exact same route!!
did windows update & scanned for virus to elliminate both but still no luck!!
Any ideas??
Thanks John
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I bought this webcam CIF single chip from Dubai a few months ago. I have lost the driver disk and instructions. I don't know the make although it say on the back HITECK.

Could someone help me for the drivers and software for this webcam.

Thanks in advance.


A:Driver/Software for CIF single chip webcam

You said you got it from Dubai. Is that an online retailer or something?
hoping to help
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The webcam is an IT Works which we bought ages ago and have lost the driver disk.

I am using a 510 laptop running XP.
The Device Instance is USB\VID_093A&PID_2460\5&144D0F1A&0&2

Any ideas where I can get one? I am a real novice so please explain as basically as possible please.

Many thanks in advance!

A:Webcam driver needed - CIF single chip

Is XP updated to Service Pack 3?
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The Samsung ML is currently being sold for less than bucks looks good and have bought one unlike the ML that I have used and refilled effortlessly for years the ML has a cursed chip chip printer resetting Samsung in it that may or may not be amenable to replacement when there is indication of quot no more ink quot for this laser printer Before I pay someone or dollars for a new cartridge Samsung printer chip resetting I ll throw this one into Samsung printer chip resetting the trash which is where I threw the ML a week ago when it grunted for the last time on the original cartridge Is there a quot reasonably quot reputable source where a replacement chip can be purchased that will enable refilling of the present new cartridge and allow refills once or twice before quot something else quot needs to be done The ML here in the home shop has worked effortlessly and dependably for years with refills or what the vendor calls quot new quot are available for about dollars Great great printer the new ones with the chip destroy a manufacturers reputation as far as I m concerned Oneold man very nbsp
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i need to know where i can get the right driver for this chip set , my laptop has just been reformatted .

trying to play wow but after a couple of minutes my action bar stuffs up and i cant see some talents items etc then the screen goes blue with a scroll of text ( way to fast to read) then restarts my laptop on its own .

i have tried the asus website for drivers but i cant seem to find anything ?
as well as nut also not too sure what i am looking for .

also i have been told downgrading the driver to an older one can fix these types of problems , but like i sed i cant find drivers for my chipset even on the asus site . the model of my laptop is A3Ac and Driver Version is

any help/links will be appreciated.


A:WoW & Mobile Intel(R) 915GM GMS,910GML Express Chip?

These ones are possibly a bit older but its a start.

or here, direct from Asus

From the 3 dropdown lists, select

Product: Notebook
Series: A3000
Models: A3Ac

and click search. That will give you download links for all the drivers you need + manuals etc.
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i need to know where i can get the right driver for this chip set , my laptop has just been reformatted .

trying to play wow but after a couple of minutes my action bar stuffs up and i cant see some talents items etc then the screen goes blue with a scroll of text ( way to fast to read) then restarts my laptop on its own .

i have tryed the asus website for drivers but i cant seem to find anything ?

also i have been told downgrading the driver to an older one can fix these types of problems , but like i sed i cant find drivers for my chipset even on the asus site . the model of my laptop is A3Ac and Driver Version is

any help will be appreciated.

A:WoW & Mobile Intel(R) 915GM GMS,910GML Express Chip

The source of the newest driver
when looking for drivers don't mess around with the pc manufacturer's website,
go to the component's website; in this case Intel:
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I have a HP x702w 32GB USB Flashit only comes up as 10.9GBI try to format it as FAT32and set allocation unit size to default but after I format it i check and the allocation size shows 8192 bytes It will not format to!
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Noticed on the forum some advice to format ALL Flash Drives with FAT32...

I just bought a new 32GB Flash...and noticed on other web forums
stating that you can also use the newer 'exFat' mode...

My questions are: Which format really IS better for this size in storing pictures/audio files
up to the 29.8GB limit it says on the flash...

..and when I use either one: what ALLOCATION UNIT SIZE choice is the best for each mode?


A:Formatting 32GB USB flash with exFat

hmm; normally (especially with FAT) we just specify the filesystem type without any options (like allocation size, sector size ...). If this were a NTFS filesystem, those options would be very useful to set larger sizes for large files.
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Hi I have Brought a new HP USB Drive From Flipkart In India.  I found a Problem that when I Transfer any Data to the USB Drive then Transfer Speed hardly Goes to 2-3mbps Instead of going to 9-12 mbps Bit When I Transfer Files from USB Drive to my PC then It gives Speed From 9-12 mbps. I had Tried to Contact Hp for this Problem But It irritates a lot to contact HP. So I tried to Contact You through Support Forum. I am also having retail invoice i.e Bill of that flash Drive. Please contact me and help me In this Problem
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I bought an HP v165w 32GB USB Flash Drive, unfortunately after a few times of usage, my Win7 says it has to be formatted but cannot complete the format process. I tried on Ubuntu also, it does not even recognize the drive.Should I use a low level partition and format SW?Any recommendation appreciated. Thanks

A:how to format 32gb flash drive

Hi: I have attached the HP USB flash drive format tool. This should work for you. Paul  

 ?1817 KB
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Hi Everyone Good day,
My brother-in-law bought a 32gb USB flash drive, when we try to use it says it is not formatted, but windows was unable to format.
when i tried to look at Disk Management it says its capacity is only 4MB, but we are really sure that it is 32gb, i already used some utility disk tools but no success. i also tried to format on MAC but it is taking so many hours that i cancelled it, it is also unreadable on Linux.
Thank you.

A:Cannot Format 32gb USB Flash Drive

Where was the flash drive bought from ?
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Hello nbsp nbsp I nbsp have nbsp a HP v w Gb USB Flash Drive I was copying some stuff on it and suddenly it stoped working I've tried to open it but it says that the partition is not accessible and the media is write protected I've tried to format :( USB - HP please Urgent v210w Drive 32gb Flash help it but that didn't work it said that the disk is write protected I thought it HP v210w - 32gb USB Flash Drive Urgent help please :( was damaged but when I opened the Disk Management it was in there healthy and active nbsp I tried to use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool and it detected it but wasn't able to format it nbsp I tried also to use partitions programs such as MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition and EaseUS Partition Master and they detect it as a Healthy and Active drive and I can delete it's HP v210w - 32gb USB Flash Drive Urgent help please :( drive and recreate it but nothing happens after I apply changes nbsp nbsp what's wrong with my Flash drive I'm having it just months ago nbsp is there any solution or hope to fix it and make it work again Solved View Solution

A:HP v210w - 32gb USB Flash Drive Urgent help please :(

Hello Meleha,Try this to see if it helps. Go to fixes HP usb drives that have the Read Only problem (cannot write to the usb because it says its Read Only).The USB Flash Driver Format Tool (Ufix-II) is said to be the most successful fix of the two programs.You might need 7-Zip installed to extract the .rar file if Windows cannot open it.  It's a free program. going to extract "RecoverTool_V2.00.42_M1223 8CE.exe" from the downloaded file and run.
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I have a relatively new Platinum flash drive yellow GB which has been working well for the past few weeks on my Windows laptop and a Windows XP PC at home Not sure why possibly unplugged before it was safe to remove but it is now not opening stored files when inserted into any USB port although the device 32GB Platinum Malfunctioning flash drive is recognised in F drive removable device USB mass storage device and Microsoft troubleshooter is reporting that the device is working properly and it comes up as recognised hardware but when trying to click open the files held Malfunctioning Platinum 32GB flash drive on the device it simply says please insert device in F drive or Malfunctioning Platinum 32GB flash drive similar I am pretty sure it is not a physical fault ie device not damaged The light on the device is pulsating instead of continuous light when it was functioning properly Is anyone able to suggest a way to fix the problem I have looked at the solutions on the current forum but none of these have restored the flash drive Malfunctioning Platinum 32GB flash drive I have tried other flash drives and they work so the problem lies with the flash drive itself not the drivers on the PC or laptop I don t mind losing the files if there is a way to clean the device and re-upload new drivers The drivers incidentally are showing to be up-to-date Some one has suggested that the flash drive is not recoverable in which case I hope some one who has had similar experience can just tell me that I would be wasting time and money trying to open the files on this flash drive Regards Jonathan nbsp

A:Malfunctioning Platinum 32GB flash drive

Have you tried plugging it to another USB port or on a different computer?
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I am looking to buy a new flash drive. I am looking for 16GB or 32GB drive. There is only two requirements: cap-less, and at least 10MBps Up/Down speed. I have hit up all the usual site (newegg, tiger direct, and amazon) with some luck but I am not willing to spent over $100 for a flash drive.

Any ideas?

A:16GB-32GB flash drive options..

I have a Patriot Dash 16GB and it meets your requirements, but barely. Writing to it after several minutes is probably down in the 15MB/sec range after initially starting out at 70+.

Avoid the Patriot Razzo 16GB, I also have it (bought it when I thought I lost my Dash) and it is painfully slow. There is also a 32GB version of it, but I imagine it also sucks.

I don't have any experience with the Xporter XT Boosts, but by the name alone I expect that it would be faster than my Dash. But it is uglier than both the Dash and the Razzo

Don't know anything about other brands because my only other flash drive is a 1GB Sandisk Cruzer Mini and its pretty slow, but at 1GB even slow doesn't take too long to fill. Just be wary of Sandisk because of the U3 crap that is on the new ones (thankfully mine doesn't have it).
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I have a Sandisk 32GB flash drive with some important documents on it. Upon plugging it into my laptop just now it I have the horror of finding it completely empty Has it somehow been formatted? And what are my chances of recovering any information off it? And how would I go about this? The documents have been deleted off the other computer.

A:Sandisk 32GB Flash drive wiped

Before you unplugged that USB thumb drive from the other computer, did you open its window and confirm the documents had been copied to it?

Did you use the "safely remove hardware" function before unplugging that USB thumb drive?

If you copied those documents to that USB thumb drive and then deleted them from the computer, that was a bad decision because you had no second backup copy to fall back on.

A USB thumb drive also isn't a reliable backup media source like an external USB hard drive and CD-R's/DVD-R's are.

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hI,I have purchased  HP x702w 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive by Amazone Sold by MAK_MART  order id is 403-0320961-4285936    . It is delivered to me on 20/06/2016. I plugged it in my PC and checked its storage capacity it was 28.28gb  not exact 32gb. Please suggest me what should i do to get my order  HP x702w 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive.    With best regardsYashwant K MehraRDVV Jabalpur MP)9425669479
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I have a Samsung J700 phone (one month old) and it comes with Samsung PC Studio XP/Vista but it wont work in Windows 7 RC1, downloaded the latest for Vista and that wont work (tried compatibility mode) still wont work ... any ideas please ?

Cindy X

A:Samsung Mobile

Quote: Originally Posted by Cindy

I have a Samsung J700 phone (one month old) and it comes with Samsung PC Studio XP/Vista but it wont work in Windows 7 RC1, downloaded the latest for Vista and that wont work (tried compatibility mode) still wont work ... any ideas please ?

Cindy X

You running 32bit or 64? Im not gonna recommend you go to samsung for win 7 driver cause im sure you have and samsung said "we dont support win 7 yet"

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I m not sure if this is the right forum to address the problem I have with the speed of my computer but since I just upgraded from Windows to Windows I figured quot I MEMORY, SLOW 32GB BUT QUITE HAVE COMPUTER IS why not quot but please let me know if a different forum is better I m not a quot techy quot person but I do know that my computer has an i processor with GB of memory also TB of space and everyone tells me that it should move from screen to screen application to application like at lightening-speed Unfortunately I HAVE 32GB MEMORY, BUT COMPUTER IS QUITE SLOW and even when I used Windows the speed just isn t there and it s as slow as any other computer with just or GB of memory I called our local Computer repair shop and they said that I HAVE 32GB MEMORY, BUT COMPUTER IS QUITE SLOW I need to totally clean out my ENTIRE system which means backing up all files AND removing all programs and doing a total re-install of everything Could someone suggest some alternatives that may fix my problem without my having to wipe my computer totally clean to the point of there being ZERO in it and then re-installing programs files etc Also would this mean that I also have to delete my Windows that I just upgraded for free I m not sure how I would even re-install Windows given that it was a free upload and I have no actual disk or ANYTHING for it I hope someone can PLEASE suggest a very effective solution that enables me to avoid especially removing programs as I am not even sure that I still have all of the original installation disks Thanks for your time I m a quot Tech Support Guy quot virgin and as I mentioned above I m not a quot techy quot person but I do kindly ask for any EFFECTIVE guidance that you might be able to help me get my GB speed back Kindly Rickster nbsp
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Hello I adapted - HP 32GB Upgrade 4GB Memory to Workstation to GB long ago however with Adobe applications bridge photoshop loading slowing and so forth I elected to increase the memory to GB DDR - or DDR - Fully Buffered First in Cmos - the memory was recognized then in windows bit the memory was recognized And the difference Memory Upgrade HP Workstation 4GB to 32GB - upon booting and logging in was remarkable - until I began to open application For example - all Adobe applications lauch - and then hang - with 'not responding' In short after upgrading I am unable to work because of hangs not responding conditions To work I may have to remove all but one memory leaving GB At least I could work - in very slow processes - which is better than no working with GB Is there a fix that will allow correction so that I can use GB memory without encountering multiple not responding conditions Office works fine - very quick Let me know how to fix a harmless memory upgrade - following all conditions expected of HP upgrade methods If this needs to be inserted the graphic card is FX recommeded by HP for this pc Thanks

A:Memory Upgrade HP Workstation 4GB to 32GB -

Did you use old and new mems together? If so are they the same spec?

Please take a screenshot of Memory tab of Resource Monitor to post here.
Try loading defaults in BIOS (clear CMOS).
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I found the Dell System Owner's Manuals on this page.  Is that mean the 7040 micro can support max 32GB memory?

A:Optiplex 7040 micro 32GB memory possible

HI Kychiu, 
Thanks for writing to us. 
The system supports max of 16gb (Dell tested). 
The link you provided is taking us to Dell 16gb memory and the compatible system list doesn't list optiplex 7040.
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Hi, I bought the Idepad Z710 model with 16 gb of ram (default) and the seller told me that the notebook has 4 memory slots ram and upgrade is possible up to 32gb. I install and run the CPU-Z program to collect hardware information and the program confirmed that the laptop has 4 slots. I opened the notebook but I identified only 2 slots for memory ram. I wonder if the laptop really has 4 memory slots ram and upgrade to 32GB is possible. Additional information: the CPU is the Intel I7 47700MQ. Thanks in advance!

A:Ideapad Z710 Memory Upgrade up to 32GB RAM

Your seller must be thinking that he is selling a desktop. Which do you trust, your seller, CPU-Z or your eyes? Refer to page 41 of the hardware maintenance manual there are only TWO slots available.
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This is being used on PSP (Fyle System is FAT32, was formated on PSP itself)
and had 26% fragmentation (6,6gb size of it)

After copying all stuff i wanted to it (leaving 22% space)
left all this fragmentation so decided to do a normal defrag (using defragler)
since its going to need only 1 time as i dont plan to delete that stuff or replace it.

What is your opinion about if i could have gained any litle performance
on the memory stick doing this or not? also didnt check yet
if CCleaner can delete free space on this memory stick or not
(not sure if this memory sticks store data like an HDD do so enlighten me lol)

Just doing a normal defrag on this memory stick took some good hours
so im glad its only 1 time im ever doing it xD

A:Memory Stick Pro HG Duo 32gb Fragmented Question

Defragmenting a memory card is not generally recommended since it can shorten its life.

However, defragmenting and making a file contiguous increases the potential for recovery should the data be accidenatally erased/formatted, or the card gets corrupted.

So, I would consider an occasional defragementing is quite in order and a good practice.
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Hi I would like to know whether it is possible to put GB of memory as x GB DDR SODIMMs into the Kaby Lake version of the ENVY Kaby memory of Lake laptops 32GB in specifically the as na http store hp com UKStore Merch 32GB of memory in Kaby Lake laptops Product aspx id ECC BUNDLE The documentation suggests that GB as x GB SODIMMs is the maximum but it's unclear whether this is actually accurate or has just been copied from previous-generation documentation - otherwise-inferior competing products using the same processor and chipset such as http www dell com uk p inspiron- - -laptop pd oc cn amp model id inspiron- - -laptop clearly advertise 32GB of memory in Kaby Lake laptops support for GB of memory as x GB SODIMMs I can see that there are similar answers around for previous generations of the product such as http h www hp com t Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions Is- GB-RAM-possible-in-an-HP-E but does this answer continue to be true on the new versions If so can you offer some explanation as to where this restriction comes from For example if it is really a testing certification issue rather than some sort of hardware deficiency and therefore actually will likely work without being explicitly supported then I would be happy to take my chances with that setup

A:32GB of memory in Kaby Lake laptops

32GB is not tested and may cause unexpected results.HP ENVY Notebook PC (model numbers 15-as100 through 15-as199) support 16GB Maximum.Two memory slots, non- accessibl. Which means that RAM is not upgradable.Support for DDR4-2133 Dual Channel Support for up to 16-GB maximum on-board system memory16384 MB (8192 MB 2)Link to service manual:
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Have tried to connect my Samsung GSH-J700 to my PC, am getting '' problems installing this device'' with the driver.
I installed via Samsungs PC Studio disc then also from Samsungs download page but always with the same problem. Can anyone help, I have sent them an email but no response.
My system
Window XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
Toshhiba Sat p10
System Type X86 based PC
Processor x86family15 model 2 stepping 9 genuineiNTEL ~306mhz
BIOS version/date V1.00, 10-3-04
SMBIOS Version 2.31
System Directory C:\windows\system 32
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I would like to block mobiles from being connected to my PC and copy files.
How do I achieve this?

I have disabled pen drives but the issue persists with mobiles.
Enable or Disable Write Access on USB Ports - Prevent Copying Files

Mobiles seem to be using a different connection.

A:How to block mobile connections on Windows 8.1 Single Lang

Oh, I forgot to mention it doesn't not have Group Policy Editor because it is Single Language.
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Hi, I am an oap with little pc knowledge. My friend has kindly downloaded some small video clips from my phone onto a SanDisk Cruzer Edge 32GB memory stick. He put a note with it to open with quicktime player. When I load the stick it goes straight to windows options for opening which of course gets me nowhere. I do have quicktime installed but can't seem to get the connection in order to open these files. Now the pc is saying it is not recognising the Sandisc.
I there a kind hearted soul out there who can give me very easy instructions re how to just open these videos onto my pc. Many thanks

A:sandisk cruzer edge flash drive 32GB will not recognise to read files

Quote: Originally Posted by victorsj

Hi, I am an oap with little pc knowledge. My friend has kindly downloaded some small video clips from my phone onto a SanDisk Cruzer Edge 32GB memory stick. He put a note with it to open with quicktime player. When I load the stick it goes straight to windows options for opening which of course gets me nowhere. I do have quicktime installed but can't seem to get the connection in order to open these files. Now the pc is saying it is not recognising the Sandisc.
I there a kind hearted soul out there who can give me very easy instructions re how to just open these videos onto my pc. Many thanks

Hi victorsj,

Welcome to Seven forums.

Please let us know what happens when you connect this USB drive to this system or any other system. Kindly post a screenshot of my computer and device manager so we can check the same:

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Kindly update your system specs here by following this.
Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.
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Hi all this is a bit of a long story sorry Turned on my computer the other day to be presented with a checksum error and and INVALID SYSTEM DISK error when trying to boot Windows XP In terms of the Bios i reset it changed the battery and loaded defaults In Chip! Bios HELP Flash My Can't terms of the HDD boot error i figured the Boot sector had corrupted Anyway I decided to first flash my bios and then reinstall Windows Xp on teh HDD I ran the AWDFlash exe utility as part of BIOS on my motherboard - ASus A n X-E Deluxe and put the lastest BIos version v on a boot disk to install off This seems to work it finished and I reset When I reset the following happened Award Boot Block ran It searched for AWDFlash exe So I downloaded that put it on a floppy and it rebooted It happily found it a ran it I also put the BIOS version on the HELP Can't Flash My Bios Chip! floppy too The screen came up where you can enter a bios to flash but I couldn t enter a file name and I get the error SOURCE FILE NOT FOUND The bios is on the same disk as it Now when i reset i get a checksum error and an INVALID SYSTEM DISK ERROR Also I get two descending beeps THis has got me HELP Can't Flash My Bios Chip! Can anyone help Anthony ----------------------------------------------------- All file downloaded are from the Asus Website Athlon MB cosair ram stick WD D HDD GB WD d SATA GB HDD HELP Can't Flash My Bios Chip! nbsp

A:HELP Can't Flash My Bios Chip!

Try using uniflash instead of the award flash program.
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Hello All and THANKS for your time help and advise It s been a long time years since dealing with Firmware and Chips Last time was when there was no such thing as FLASH types and you had Chip) Flash (New Bios to use a window on the chip to erase - In this case the MotherBoard Flash Bios (New Chip) is a Packard Bell PB and has the following BIOS chip Intel Flash P F BX-T which is no longer available from Intel However Catalyst Inc has a cross reference to a Catalyst Inc chip CAT F P- T Thing is Catayst no longer has the T chip in any of Flash Bios (New Chip) it s inventoried areas plus after contacting Catalyst they specifically say it is no longer in the corporate inventory even though it is still listed on their WEB Site Data Sheet pages But they do have a faster chip which is the following CAT F P- T The question is related to my understanding of speeds between the MB memory and the chip and will the T chip be usable If so will the setup have to be activated during boot time to reset BIOS settings for this Bios T chip Thanks again for your time help and advise Jerry nbsp

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I have a Precision M4700 which has been working fine with 2 x 8gb PC3 12800 (Dell SNP8H68RC/8G).
Just added 2 more of the same memory units into the additional memory slots under the keyboard (to bring it up to 32gb) and it won't boot.  Powers on, but no fan and screen black.
It's a core i7 quad core and there was no sticker in the additional memory bay stating that the slots should not be used.  When running at 16gb the BIOS reports slots C and D as available but empty.
Tried loading the BIOS back to defaults and running diagnostics (at 16gb) but makes no difference.  I have tested the two new memory units in the primary slots and they work fine.
Any ideas?  Is the motherboard faulty?

A:Precision M4700 - additional memory slots & 32gb

Hi Mark,
Please remove the system memory and connect the new memory modules in the first two slots and check if the memory is getting detected in the BIOS.
Also interchange the memory modules, connect the new memory sticks to the first two slots and the memory shipped with Dell in the 3rd and 4th slot and check.
Revert with the status.
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Also if you have 32gb in your computer but use only 8gb in day to day activities does it still cost more electricity because all 32gb are running?

A:What would be affordable 32gb memory capacity desktop models?

First off it very hard to use up 8 gigs of ram unless you do things like CAD, video editing ect. Having extra ram that isn't being use doesn't use any more electricity that can be measured in any ordinary fashion. (Electric bill) Their is probable someone in a lab environment that has measured it to the power of 10. I have 12 gigs of ram and seldom use more than 3 gigs. 32 gigs of ram is a extreme amount.
Their are some that need that amount with what they use their computer for.

If you completely fill in your spec and tell us what you use your computer for we could give better advice.
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Hey Guys.

I recently got a new phone which is a Samsung D900i. With it came the Samsung "Pc Studio" so that I can transfer files from the computer to the phone and vice versa. However, I have just gone to install it and when i clicked on "Install Samsung PC Studio" it said:

-Close all programs
-Clear your temp
-Check internet-based connections.

I closed all open programs, cleared my temp folder and my connection is fine. And tried again and it didn't work. I'm a bit confused as to what to do now!

Thanks for all help

p.s Sorry if this is in the wrong place!
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How do I unlock my at&t windows mobile 6.1 without calling at&t support?

A:Unlock Samsung AT&T Windows mobile?

I noticed that no one has responded to this post, and one good reason is that, in most cases, unlocking a phone is against the carrier's Terms of Service, or ToS, and many members would rather not give the know how to break the rules, so to speak.

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I have just received a replacement cell phone from Verizon.Samsung gusto sch u360.Need a usb cdma driver so I can download pictures to my laptop(XP Pro)
The Samsung site did not appear to be to helpful.
Anyone have any ideas on how to get the proper driver ?

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Windows 7 Laptop.
I plugged in a Samsung mobile phone to the laptop using the USB cable supplied with the phone and it did not appear in Windows Explorer. It appeared as an "Other" device in Device Manager and so I then downloaded and installed Samsung's Kies program which included a driver. The phone appeared as a device in Device Manager (removing it from "Other"). When I plugged in the phone to a USB slot I heard the "bleep" that I expected, indicating that the phone connection had been recognised by the laptop. However, the phone still did not appear as an entry in Windows Explorer OR the Kies program. All I could access were the folders on the laptop. Any advice please?
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i have only put this thread here because i couldnt find anywere else to post it i do appologise if it is in wrong place.
does anyone know why i can t send texts , everytime i go to send text message it comes up with a message saying service not available i can receive text messages & and use phone to make calls on .
i would be greatful if anyone knows what might be the problem.thankyou

A:Samsung sgh-v200 mobile phone

You will need to have a texting option opened by your cell provider...
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Hi and I'm not technical I am trying to restore some pics I took on my Samsung SGH-F mobile phone and then deleted On the phone's own memory not extension card There's plenty of data recovery software but I need a drive letter for the phone on my PC or the software can't see it I can connect the phone to Connecting mobile Samsung phone my PC Connecting Samsung mobile phone via USB and Samsung PC Studio Phone Explorer sees my PC but I can't make the PC see the phone There is no conflict with any other drive letter I think - there is no other USB device attached If I go into Windows Explorer there is no sign of attached device If I go into Windows Explorer Computer Manage Storage Disk Management I can see C drive D drive Hewlett Packard recovery and E DVD drive but no sign of anything else not even with no drive allocated But if I go into Computer Management Device Management USB controllers I can see a Samsung USB composite device driver Can I somehow make use of the fact that there is a driver there to allocate a drive letter
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I have just received a replacement cell phone from Verizon. Samsung gusto sch u360. Need a usb cdma driver so it can interact with my laptop w/ XP Home. The Samsung site did not appear to be to helpful.Their suggestions range from "can't be done" to "it can be done via memory sd card". Neither did the Verizon site. The Samsung PC Studio 3 worked with my T-Mobile T429 but no help on the Gusto. Samsung PC Studio 7 is Verizons suggestion to solve this one but it doesn't work. Windows thinks the phone is a CD-Rom.
Anyone have any ideas on how to get the proper driver ?

A:USB Driver for Samsung mobile phone

The phone appears not to have any USB interface except for charging. It is a Blue-Tooth device.
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memory card 32 gb withaut formet to opan my best and best data so my help fufj stkc sifu eivu skbzrgih sgvkfk shjdh syjdt dhhdu dkcfg hahdj ifji ficju

A:32gb sandisk memory card withaut formeting to opan

The memory card is no longer usable because it's memory chips are corrupted.Buy a new one.
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im kno this has nothing to do wiv computers but anyways...

wen i want to send tx messages i always have to change the settings of predictive tx to normal abc....

id like also to have small font without having to change the settings of that too.

any ideas?
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I have a Samsung SGH-E250 mobile 'phone and would like to be able to print some pictures that I have taken with it. Unfortunately, I don't know what software I would need, and all I have at the moment is a data cable to connect the 'phone to my laptop. I am using Windows 7 (64-Bit) if that is any help. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
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Hi, am also having trouble connecting phone to pc. I have downloaded the pc3 and am still having trouble connecting - help

A:connecting samsung E2510 mobile phone to pc

describe what happens exactly

you are connected via USB and you have loaded the samsung phone CD programs
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Hi all. I newly joined this forum.

My problem is I wanted to install mobile witch remote control application on my pc as well as my samsung corby gts-3850 mobile phone. I could install it in my pc but I cant do it on my mobile phone. I cant directly download it to my mobile hence i transferred it to my mobile from my pc by bluetooth. The application doesn't run on my mobile and it says unsupported file format. Please help me.

A:Mobile witch application for Samsung corby

Somehow the application opened in my mobile but still when I try to connect my laptop to my mobile it says,'Error connecting to the specified server javax.bluetooth. Bluetooth connection exception:Error in btspp::connect()' Please help.
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I've a Samsung SHG-E200 Mobile. I first had Windows Vista on my PC but now I've upgraded to Windows 7. Mobile's Vista compatible drivers were successfully installed on Vista but now Windows 7 isn't supporting these drivers.

I went to Samsung SHG-E200 official site and they gave Vista Compatible drivers on that site, I downloaded those and installed but still windows 7 isn't supporting those drivers and Windows 7 drivers are not given on the site and I think Vista and 7 should have same driver but I don't know why are not here. So What I do for installing my mobile's driver in Windows 7?


A:Samsung SHG-E200 Mobile and Windows 7 Drivers.

Anyone plz help me. My thread is still not replied yet.
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i cant able to find bios HXE file to install manually in chip .its gigabyte manufactureM3970AM-HP (Angelica2) can I flash bios chip using USB bios programmer with Rom file because I cant find any bios file from hp/GigabyteI just extract SP60605.exe and found An2_810.rom fileplease just tell me
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Downloaded and installed SonicWall Mobile Connect on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet so I can access my work network. When I attempt to connect, I get the message "Cannot reach server". Is there something else I need to download.

A:SonicWall Mobile Connect and Samsung Galaxy Tablet

If you are trying to connect to the server using your mobile network, you need a strong network signal. You may be in a weak signal area.
If you have a wireless router with internet access, set up your phone to use that router instead of using the phone network.
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Hi I have recently bought Samsung galaxy S device When I driver failed mobile mtp device samsung load to tried to connect it to my computer I nothing happend what should have happen is that it will pop up the quot What do you want to do Go to folder quot menu So I tried another usb socket still the same problem I have Ubunto install as a sperate OS on my computer and there everything is working fine - so the problem is not in the cable USB on my samsung mobile mtp device failed to load driver computer I went to Device manager and under quot Portable devices quot I see the quot SAMSUNG Mobile MTP Device quot icon with a yellow mark I open it and I see samsung mobile mtp device failed to load driver quot this device is not working properly because windows cannot load the drivers required for this device code quot I also have quot SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem quot under modem in device manager but it says that this device is working properly I tried to remove the quot SAMSUNG Mobile MTP Device quot and double click it and choose quot update driver quot - gt quot search online quot It found the driver but was unable to install it got a quot access deined quot screen This is not a problem of registry quot UpperFilter quot quot LowerFilter quot problem I saw it online while I was google a soultion and this is not my case I also tried to install the driver by installing quot samsung KIES quot It didn't help When I connect the decive and go to Windows Update - gt a new update for samsung mobile is showing but when I choose it and click update it fails everytime I run antivirus and this is not a case I am pretty lost I know that if I will format my computer and install Windos it will solve the problem but I don't want to do this drastic step Can someone please help me Thanks

A:samsung mobile mtp device failed to load driver

I don't know the answer to this, but I see you've had many views and no replies.
I'm sure that you've googled this and it isn't to patronize you, but here are a couple things I've found that MAY help.

Possible Solution 1:
"Access Denied" Message During USB Device Installation - National Instruments

Possible Solution 2:
When installing the driver(s),

Even though you allowed admin in your user profle and allowed it to run in admin, this does not give you full control for all users. Do the following below. Then, Logoff, login with the new admin owner. Only the owner of this pc has full user rights.
Its worth a shot

How to enable the hiding admin account for login
1- In the run type: secpol.msc
2- Find and click on, Local Policies,security options,
3- Over to the Right in the policy setting, (accounts: Administrators account status) Enable
Close tht and got to
1- Run, lusrmgr.msc
2- Create a new user, or use Administrater, Built-in account for administering.
3- Right click, Properties
4- Uncheck, Account is disabled
If you chose you can change the name and add a password, now when you log off you can have the options to log in as admin, owner of this pc and have controll over all users. its better to have th admin login the the below

Or this but sometimes this method has failed and sometimes not

net user administrator /active:yes ,you have admin until reboot, or you go no.
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I am trying to find out how to transfer some music tracks from my PC (I use Media Monkey) but am getting stuck as to how to go about this. I have tried highlighting the various tracks in MM, and attempting simply to drag and drop them into the Samsung icon in Windows explorer, but it doesn't let me do that. I'm sure it should be easy to do this, but I can't find a way. Any help much appreciated.
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Hello First Portege (Flash R830 Cards) Package Added 8.1 Win Value - I'd like to say that I've used my Toshiba Portege R with all operating systems since win and I have never Portege R830 - Win 8.1 Value Added Package (Flash Cards) installed fresh OS That said I couldnt use Intel WiDi on Win and had to go back to Win DVD of which I have luckily bought along with upgrading I have installed all toshiba software using upgrade assistant and for the first time since ' there was no Flash Cards available dropdown menu shown with use of Fn keys I have used it for like years on Win and now its gone and is not available to install WTF After a week I found out that Flash Cards isnt present in VAP only in X X and earlier Unfortunately I cannot install only Flash Cards standalone or can I And here comes my question If I install VAP with Flash Cards can I ANYHOW upgrade some elements like system driver without uninstalling previous version of VAP From my experience when I run VAP installer first thing it does is complete uninstall of previous versions Please help me I cant imagine who thought that removing flash cards from would be a good idea

A:Portege R830 - Win 8.1 Value Added Package (Flash Cards)

Toshiba EU driver page provides the Toshiba Function Key Utility v1.00.6626.03 for Windows 8 Upgrade.

So if you installed Value Added Package 1.6.0130?. you have to install also the Toshiba Function Key Utility
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I disassembled the laptop in order to test some components of an other C which is not booting at all When I reassembled the system I made a test without some peripherals HDD sound system boot to flash trying the C610 bios not DELL - does chip CD battery I entered BIOS-setup in order to set Time and Date I leaved setup by powering off When I had completed reassembling the laptop does not boot without the HDD which is password-protected When I start it with DELL C610 does not boot - trying to flash the bios chip the protected HDD it is shutting off The DELL splash screen is showing for a short moment with quot BIOS revision A quot and corresponding messages quot Preparing to enter setup quot or quot Preparing one-time boot menu quot when the F - or F -key was hit It seems to an issue with the bios I think the first step is flashing the bios to A However the diskette-drive is recognized but the flash program does not start The service CD does not even start The HDD does not start Next I will try with the USB-flash program Unfortunately the flash binary data are built in the bios-flash exe-file In order to flash the bios externally I need the binary data Can anyone help Klaus nbsp

A:DELL C610 does not boot - trying to flash the bios chip

It was the standby switch/reed contact

risck said:

When I had completed reassembling, the laptop does not boot without the HDD, which is password-protected. When I start it with the protected HDD, it is shutting off. The DELL splash screen is showing for a short moment with "BIOS revision A05" and corresponding messages: "Preparing to enter setup..." or "Preparing one-time boot menu..." when the F2- or F12-key was hit.

KlausClick to expand...

The system did in fact boot with an external display. In the DELL Community Forum I receiced the hint to the standby switch. It is the reed contact on the Power LED assembly, the glass had been crashed and the contacts where closed.

Exchanging the assembly solved the problem. The contact is even available in local electronics store.

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I try to connect my mobile to my laptop. the phone starts to charge but i cannot find it anywhere in my computer.
when i look in devices and printers it is there highlighted with yellow icon. i right click and select troubleshoot.
the problem is the driver is not installed. so i select install new driver.
then another pop-up appears saying "driver for cdc serial is not installed" so click install the driver.
when i try to install this a final pop-up says that neither my phone driver or this cdc serial driver were found or installed.
please help i have had this problem for a while now

A:Driver not found samsung mobile mtp on toshiba windows 7 64bit

What kind of phone? Android Samsung?

Check out PdaNet+ and FoxFI.
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When I plug my Samsung Galaxy S into my computer it installs drivers After that just about every time I try to shut the computer down it hangs for or minutes Then it reboots The only way I can get it to shut down is to do a hard stop with the power button Happens regardless of how I set the Galaxy connection e g files transfer charge only Ironically this started a few months shutdown restart issue mobile and causing Samsung drivers ago when I attached a kindle fire to the computer to transfer files When I go into device manager and uninstall the kindle drivers there is no change However when I uninstall the Samsung drivers the computer boots normally even with Kindle drivers installed When installing uninstalling Samsung and Kindle drivers there are some cases where I try to restart from the start menu and it will shut down but hang on reboot comes up with bios screen but the Win quot circle Samsung mobile drivers causing shutdown and restart issue quot doesn't come up and it just hangs indefinitely Any ideas would be appreciated thanks FYI System restore was quot off quot during the initial problem timeframe
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My husband is having problems with his Samsung Jack, which is running Windows Mobile 6.5, with the Mobile Windows Media Player. When he plays a song, it plays for a while, stops, and starts again, over and again.

The menu commands do not respond well, either not at all or very slowly and sluggishly. He found a button set area under Options, but you can have the enter button play, pause, start or stop, where before the enter button would go through those commands in sequence. Music just keeps playing, and the start/stop does not work. The overall program performs poorly and is unacceptable.

Previously, he had a Motorola Q in Mobile 6.0, the Media Player worked just fine.
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GET YOUR your 23-patch Surprise: protection released package Flash a has for Adobe UPDATE HAT ON Adobe has released a Flash patch package that really deserves your attention This is the latest salvo from the firm and the advice so far is to drop everything and apply it immediately Out-of-band releases are Surprise: Adobe has released a 23-patch package for your Flash protection always interesting and the suggestion is that the fix is a rush job to deal with some particularly nasty threats If you're running Adobe Flash on your Windows Mac or Linux computer - it's time once Surprise: Adobe has released a 23-patch package for your Flash protection again to make sure that you're running the latest version of the software Adobe has issued a security patch for the Flash Player tackling critical security holes that could allow a malicious hacker to gain access to your computer infect it with malware and steal your data said security guru Graham Cluley Most of the nearly two dozen vulnerabilities patched in Adobe's latest update could be exploited to execute malicious code on victims' computers and relate to buffer overflow flaws memory corruption and stack corruption Windows and Mac users are advised to update at the earliest opportunity Article Chrome has already been updated to the latest version on my computer

A:Surprise: Adobe has released a 23-patch package for your Flash protection

23 more reasons to kill Flash Player
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When I had my computer built, I had a 128mb memory chip installed. I've tried to upgrade several times, 2 at 256mb and 2 at 512mb and each time the new chips come up with problems (the one beep at start up and infrequent crash problems). Is there a way to check the slots on the motherboard to see if there is a problem there?


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Hello everyone,

This afternoon I am faced with a bit of a problem... Recently purchased a new memory chip for my PC and am now pretty sure that I have done something wrong and will need to back track a bit. Its a Dell Computer, will hold up to 512 MB pc 133 SDRAM. Did some shopping on ebay to try and score a deal on some memory, and unfortuantely, the chip does not seem to work, unless I am doing something wrong. My original chip is a 128 mb chip, this new one is a 256 mb, chip that I am pretty sure the system is supposed to support. Do you simply slide the new chip into the motherboard, put the case back on and turn the machine on, or are there more sohpisticated steps involved.. Please help, Please,please, pretty please...! Thank you...

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I have a e-machine computer working with windows 98se. The computer only has 64mb and I just bought another 64mb of PC100. I do not know how to install it. I opened the CPU and placed the board in the slot and it seems to be to big. I know it is the right kind because someone from here had me coopy some screen and it said pc100. I can not get it to fit where the clips close.
When I thought I had in correctly and turned the machine back on it didnt work AT ALL. The monitor wouldnt connect with the computer or the power was on but the computer would not "turn on" properly.
Everyone has said this is a simple procedure including the guy at Best Buy. But it isnt.

any help???

A:How do I install memory chip???

Make sure you are inserting in correctly - there are 2 notches on the chips that have to fit with the slot - is there two notches in both the Ram Chip and the slot? If not then you have the wrong memory. Try going to and putting in your E-machine make/model and see what they say you need. Does the machine turn on with only the old ram? Make sure you unplug the computer from the A/C and press the power button to drain all the power from the motherboard before installing anything.
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I have a Compaq Presario, 17xl360. (win98ME) It has 64 megs of ram in it. I would
like to install a 128 chip in it. Can anyone give me some instructions as
to what I have to do and what precautions I must take to install the chip. I have been told that laptops are super sensitive to static electricity.
Also, will the computer recognize the ram increase on its own or is there
something I must do to tell the computer that it has more ram.....Any help you can
give will be greatly appreciated....(win98ME).... thanks Herbie
.... [email protected]

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I have a Toshiba Sattelite a135. It had 1 G memory. Now it only recognizes 512 mb. There are two chips of 512 each. Is there something that could cause this? If so, can it be fixed or does it definitely have to be replaced. Also, how do you know which one isn't working?


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Need some ideas on what is within safe temperature for mem chips I have a Leadtek A DDR T and I am attempting to find what I can run the mem chips at safely This is what I have done Attached the probe of an in out door temperature gauge electronic type temperature chip Memory to one of the mem chips of the card using some Blu Tac So I will allow a tolerance of - celcius Proceeded to run D Mark se default bench at different mem speeds and record highest temp reached core was at default of The room temperature was varied between - celcius during testing These are the readings I observed Memory chip temperature stock settings --- celcius --- celcius --- celcius anomolies noticed So my question is are these in acceptable readings for a memchip There are no ram sinks on Memory chip temperature this card which has Samsung ns chips which I believe should be rated to mhz Thx in advance for your input nbsp

A:Memory chip temperature

I think you found the limit of stability for your ram.
I would be impossible for me to say if the instablity on the last one was due to heat or timing, BUT all electronics, run better /last longer if kept cool. try the same test, with a big fan aimed at it.
does it work better? If so go with ramsinks, otherwise it may be it can't OC to those timings.
I'm sure ramsinks wouldn't hurt.
BTW if you go to the samsung site and lookup the parts spec, it will tell you Max. operating temp. Which will not match your numbers, as I doubt your themomitor setup is that accurate
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I have also memory of 256M of DDR 333MHZ.
I want to upgrade to 512M MEMORY.
What is the best choice?
I heard that it is important to choose manufacture which suit this chip set of Intel


A:Ddr Memory For Chip Set Of Intel

I don't think you can go wrong by using crucial memory.
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where is my memory chip at

A:Memory Chip Location

Andrew, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.  Once I have this information, I will show you where the memory modules are located.
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An estimated 600 million Samsung mobile devices maybe be impacted by a security flaw relating to a pre-installed keyboard.

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A:As many as 600 million Samsung mobile devices vulnerable to keyboard update flaw

My 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 S4 didn't come with a Swift keyboard.
Says it has a 'Samsung Keyboard'.
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I inserted a 64Gb memory chip which shows as: Secure Digital Storage Device (D on Desktop. I removed all my 'Pictures' from 'This PC', and installed than in the SDSD. Now of course I find that when I select the 'Photos' app on the Start Screen the menu appears, but no pictures. How do I resolve this?
I am using Windows 8.1
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I need to install a new SODIMM chip for my NEC Versa 6050MH laptop.
I've checked the technical manual and do not see where it goes.
I've even partially disassembled the unit to find it and I don't see it.
Need some help if anyone knows.


A:Memory chip installation- NEC 6050MH

there's usually a access door on the back or you have to remove the keyboard, on laptops.
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Happy may day all,
quick question: can anyone recomend a good anti-virus/ anti-spyware etc package that has a low memory footprint. was trialing f-secure 2007 but takes up some 45+MB, want to reduce it to free up memory for engineering apps (memory intensive).

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Hi. Can someone please tell me what the symptoms of Memory Chip failure in Graphics Cards are?

A:Memory Chip Failure In Graphics Card

Symptoms of faulty Vram usually show up as artifacts
Some examples here
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I got an extra gig of memory and it says it works on pc-2700 which I have but the majority of the time when I try and boot up, the screen has a bunch of colored lines or dots and doesn't do anything. I've got it to properly load twice but upon restarting had the same situation. The chip is a Corsair DDR and says compatible with all HPs. Any ideas?

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How do i install or upgrade the memory of this printer??

A:Kyocera FS-C5100DN memory chip installation

Most Kyocera's use a special memory configuration. You gain access to the slot to it is beneath the top part of the case, usually on the right side... which sometimes has to be accessed by removing screw drivers. If it is accessible, there is a diagram or photo on the Kyocera website for each model.
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Can anyone help me with this? when i copy a folder A to a larger folder where there is an "old" copy of A, it used to be that the old A simply got totally replaced by the new one I'm copying.
Now, it seems one cannot do that, because the only option is to "combine" both folders...
...which is fine sometimes, except when you really want to replace the whole thing: HOWD'YOU MANAGE THAT?
(besides the obvious workaround, erasing the old file first)

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Mrning all,

Could any one tell me whether it would be ok to mix memory chip sizes on my mobo.

currently i have 4gb of ddr2 in one slot. would it be ok to add something like CORSAIR 4GB (2x2GB) XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz, in memory slots 2 and 3, leaving slot 4 free for when i can possibly afford another 4gb memory chip.

Will mixing ddr2 and ddr3 cause me a problem, or is it best to stick with ddr2 across the board?

Thanks in advance

A:Mixing memory chip sizes on ASRock M3A770DE mobo

It's physically impossible to place a stick of DDR3 into a DDR 2 motherboard.