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For my next upgrade [Some time around march,Just getting the shopping etc done now] I was thinking of increasing the boot times save times etc. My first thought was. Just get a ssd and plonk it into my system. By then I realised a raid card and Multiple HDD's would be a better option with more storage and more speed [in theory] so I've found a raid card.
My only query is that I wont be able to setup RAID 10 with 320Gb and 300mb/s or RAID 0 with 720Gb and 600mb/s and have my OS put onto this setup. [My motherboard (g33mo3 foxconn board) does NOT support RAID to my knowledge(Feel free to correct me if you know different)] so would this card be able to boot from the HDD's attatched in RAID10 / RAID 0
P.S should I go with a faster and more storage or more reliable and less power etc...

Thank you again

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Preferred Solution: Raid card

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Raid card

If you're going to go RAID don't do it with the cheapest RAID controller money can buy. I can almost guarantee you won't have a great experience if you do. I've never seen a good $10 RAID controller before (unless times have really changed) and the controller you linked only has 2 SATA ports so you won't be setting up RAID10. RAID10 requires at minimum 4 drives.

nevermind - upon closer inspection it does have 4 SATA ports - but I still think if you're going to go with a RAID controller you should get a higher quality one than this.
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I recently tried to install a promise stex4650 for raid 0 on my vista 64, giga p5 ud6 system. Couldn't get it to install the os, tried for a week with tech support. Even when I created the raid on the mobo and ghosted it over it worked for a bit and then would not boot into the os. I'm returning this card and have a question. Will I get superior performance with a card since this mobo has ddr 333 and ichr 10 drivers ? Toms hardware tested cards against ichr10 and ichr10 tested faster....what am I mising ?

Also I need an affordable scsi card 50 pin to work on vista 64 for an obsolete printer and scanner any recomendations ?

Thanks, Bruce

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First time posting blush Situation I have two hard drives main drive Seagate GB w windows xp and second drive WD TB blank Without backing up the main drive ops i went ahead and enabled RAID on both drives and created a RAID volume KB strip Size TB GB NOTE the RAID volume size is only showing the exact space of the TB excluding the GB drive After realizing that I needed to create a backup image of my main drive to use RAID with an existing drive I m left with the quot Operating System Not Found quot message RAID volume disks deleting to RAID non-RAID issue - restore Question If I Delete RAID Volume which is based on the size from the blank TB drive will both drives become available as non-RAID disks and keep the original data on the GB main drive and be able to run windows again I m using software RAID through Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v I understood that quot Resetting the drives to Non-Raid quot will cause all data on the disk to be lost so this isn t the approach that RAID issue - deleting RAID volume to restore non-RAID disks I ll be taking til I find a solution to backup my data However from reading the quot Delete RAID Volume quot option it listed Deleting a volume will destroy the volume data on the drive s and cause any member disks to become available as non-RAID disks so knowing that the RAID Volume is blank then maybe trying this will be the answer When using the Microsoft Recovery Console in RAID mode attached w both drives logically there isn t any directories files found At the moment I m seeing if I can find any data in the MR Console with RAID disabled and accessing only the main drive Just wondering if Knoppix or Data recovery softwares can backup the data Thanks to anyone taking the time to read my post nbsp

A:RAID issue - deleting RAID volume to restore non-RAID disks

sadly, there's no way to do what you want without an existing backup.

Look at it this way;
A disk has a container ~ the partition.
The partition as a structure ~ the filesystem (eg NTFS, FAT32, RAID).
We put our data into the structure.

When we create backups, we are getting only the data itself (unless you use an image program like Ghost or Acronis where you get all three).

Deleting the RAID will give back the two independent HDs, but also breaks the structure so that the data becomes in accessible.
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I need advice about RAID cards...

My uncle wants to boost his hard-drive setup
I built him a new good-spec PC but he didnt buy a new HDD..
he just used the IDE 80Gb 8Mb cache one sharing the DVD-RAM IDE port

now he wants faster....
we want to setup 2 x SATAII drives in RAID O ARRAY but I dunno where to start with RAID cards that support SATAII..

he has a PCI-E x1 slot spare (as im aware in plugs into that)

any advice would be greatly appreciated...please and thank you

A:which RAID card...?

Personally, I like Adaptec among a few other brands. On Newegg you can find some cheaper models if this card is out budget, relatively easy to find.

Here's a Newegg link - just make sure when looking that it is PCIe x1
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Actually do i even NEED one? becuase my motherboard (ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo) supports RAID 0,1,5,10 and im getting 2 hard drives to be in RAID 0 soo do i need a RAID card thats preferably not over ,ike 50 bucks because im on a budget here. whats the main difference?

A:What RAID card should i get?

Don't bother. Remember if you use RAID in one controller, you need another controller for the dvd drive.
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I just bought a Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 PCI Adapter card, it has the Promise PDC20269 chip ver 2.20, is there any way to do a software RAID setup on this card?, it doesn't mention anything about it in the maual, but can I flash it with something else, thanks for any help

A:IDE RAID card?

heemid said:

I just bought a Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 PCI Adapter card, it has the Promise PDC20269 chip ver 2.20, is there any way to do a software RAID setup on this card?, it doesn't mention anything about it in the maual, but can I flash it with something else, thanks for any helpClick to expand...

If you're running Windows 2000 or XP you can set up software RAID (it's built into Windows).
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hey guys I recently bought two ssds with these specs

Sequential Access - Read up to 230MB/s Sequential Access - Write up to 150MB/s
and put them into raid 0 with my on board raid. My average read time with these in raid 0 is only 123mbs, I don't know but i was expecting faster with them striped together. So i came to the conclusion that it is probably my onboard raid controller.

So i was wondering can anybody suggest some raid controllers, preferably in the 75 dollars or less range.


A:Raid card suggestion

Well, it seems like you have some other issue going on here. 1 drive alone should be scoring in the 200+ it seems like you either have SATA 1.5Gbps controllers or something isn't configured correctly. I would expect with a RAID 0 configuration, you would be around 420-470MB/s.

What motherboard do you have?
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My kid did something evil to my computer and he won t fess up to it So now I get an error message that pops up every two minutes saying quot GetDriveLayOut CreateFile fail The system cannot find the file specified quot I also get an quot Interactive Services Detection to trying my Virus over card RAID take quot error saying a program is trying to display a message In the show program details button the program message path comes from Programfiles VIA RAID Virus trying to take over my RAID card vialogsv exeI have a raid card on this system but not for RAID It s so I Virus trying to take over my RAID card can run all of my old IDE drives on a SATA board Any pop up windows in Internet Explorer pop up but don t do anything If I knew what my kid did I could probably fix it but he s got a case of the quot I dunno s quot I ve ran several different virus programs and online checkers and it got almost all of the viruses but there s something hidden below everything that nothing detects The Library section of the GMER lit up red all over the place ANy help from a genius would be greatly appreciated You guys ROCK my DDS txt file is as follows DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Brick at on Sat Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows Extreme Edition R GMT - Running Processes C Windows system wininit exeC Windows system lsm exeC Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunchC Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSSC Windows system atiesrxx exeC Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestrictedC Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestrictedC Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcsC Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceC Windows system atieclxx exeC Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceC Windows System spoolsv exeC Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetworkC Program Files ESET ESET Smart Security ekrn exeC Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonationC Program Files Common Files Nero Nero BackItUp NBService exeC Program Files CDBurnerXP NMSAccessU exeC Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvcC Program Files TomTom HOME TomTomHOMEService exeC Program Files VIA RAID vialogsv exeC Windows system taskhost exeC Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXEC Windows system Dwm exeC Windows Explorer EXEC Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSvcM exeC Windows system UI Detect exeC Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestrictedC Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtHDVCpl exeC Program Files VIA RAID raid tool exeC Program Files Sony Reader Data bin launcher Reader Library Launcher exeC Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exeC Program Files Common Files InstallShield UpdateService issch exeC Program Files Common Files Nikon Monitor NkMonitor exeC Program Files Adobe Acrobat Distillr acrotray exeC Windows WindowsMobile wmdc exeC Program Files ESET ESET Smart Security egui exeC Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exeC Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exeC Program Files TomTom HOME TomTomHOMERunner exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exeC Program Files Infinite Mind LC eyeQ ARLaunch exeC Program Files GIGABYTE ET GUI exeC Program Files SlySoft AnyDVD AnyDVDtray exeC Windows system svchost exe -k WindowsMobileC Program Files Common Files Intuit Update Service IntuitUpdateService exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static CCC exeC Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServicePeerNetC Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exeC Windows System svchost exe -k secsvcsC Windows system wuauclt exeC Windows system SearchIndexer exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeF Downloads HiJackThis exeC Program Files DVDFab DVDFab exeC Program Files Adobe Acrobat Acrobat Acrobat exeC Windows system wbem wmiprvse exeC Windows system UI Detect exeC Progra... Read more

A:Virus trying to take over my RAID card

Hello dischgWelcome to BleepingComputer ========================One or more of the identified infections is a backdoor trojan or rootkit.This type of infection has the capabilities to allows hacker to remotely control your computer, steal critical system information and download and execute files.I would counsel you to disconnect this PC from the Internet immediately. If you do any banking or other financial transactions on the PC or if it should contain any other sensitive information, please get to a known clean computer and change all passwords where applicable, and it would be wise to contact those same financial institutions to apprise them of your situation.Though the trojan has been identified and can be killed, because of it's backdoor functionality, your PC is very likely compromised and there is no way to be sure your computer can ever again be trusted. Many experts in the security community believe that once infected with this type of trojan, the best course of action would be a reformat and reinstall of the OS. Please read these for more information:How Do I Handle Possible Identity Theft, Internet Fraud and CC Fraud?When Should I Format, How Should I ReinstallWe can still clean this machine but I can't guarantee that it will be 100% secure afterwards. Let me know what you decide to do.If you still want to clean it please do the following===================Download TDSSKiller and save it to your Desktop.Extract its contents to your desktop.Once extracted, open the TDSSKiller folder and doubleclick on TDSSKiller.exe to run the application, then on Start Scan.If an infected file is detected, the default action will be Cure, click on Continue.If a suspicious file is detected, the default action will be Skip, click on Continue.It may ask you to reboot the computer to complete the process. Click on Reboot Now.If no reboot is required, click on Report. A log file should appear. Please copy and paste the contents of that file here.If a reboot is required, the report can also be found in your root directory, (usually C:\ folder) in the form of "TDSSKiller.[Version]_[Date]_[Time]_log.txt". Please copy and paste the contents of that file here. ========Download ComboFix from one of these locations:Link 1Link 2* IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your DesktopDisable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our toolsDouble click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts.When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Please include the C:\ComboFix.txt in your next reply.
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I recently got a promise stex4650 raid card and couldn't get it to work on my vista ultimate, giga p55 ud6 sys...spent almost aweek working with tech support...i saw that you guys had recommended promise and highpoint....any particular highpoint model comparable to the promise ??

and 2 velociraptors for raid 0


A:help with raid card choice

This highpoint card should do the job for you. You will also find the highpoint bios easier to use/understand.

Note this is pci express. If you need a pci type card, post back.
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I have added a raid pci card to my xp setup. When I boot up with no hhd's connected it posts fine and shows the raid card info (along with the inbuilt raid on the motherboard) and boots into windows. But if I boot with 2 hhd's attached the system hangs at the point where windows normaly loads.

I'm not sure what to do to correct this, all seems fine if I go in to the raid setup before it boots windows and create a raid array but I still have booting problems.

I have checked in my bios and the hhd with windows is set to be first booted...

Any help would be great, tell me if you need more info.


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I have an old PC that I use as a file and media server for storing backups and streaming FLAC audio files to my Squeezebox devices. It has three identical 250 gig IDE hard drives installed and, at the moment, I'm using Linux on there and using symbolic links. However, what I would really like to do is to put Windows 2000 on it (Linux is driving me CRAZY) and raid 5 the three drives together. In the quick bit of research I've done, it seems that most raid cards are for SATA drives these days. Are there any PCI raid cards still out there that will support raid 5 and work with IDE drives?


A:Raid card for IDE drives?

Google gets plenty of hits on ata raid cards -
(ata = ide).
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I purchased a "Silicon Image" card and it worked for a while but now all of the sudden it does not work. I take the card out and windows xp starts up fine, i put the card in and windows will not even boot up, bad card?

A:Raid card not working?

When you remove the card, is anything attached to the card? If you have nothing attached and remove the card, now the system boots fine. I would say a bad card; something died on it. If there is a drive attached to the card, try booting with the drive disconnected completely from the card.
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I am soon building a small server computer and for this computer, I am getting 2 7200rpm drives. I am going to setup raid 1 for these 2 drives so if one fails, I have the other. I have never used any raid arrays before so I was wondering if it was worth getting a raid card supporting raid 1, or should I just stick with software raid. What are the downsides of using both? Thanks to anyone who helps.

A:Is a raid card worth it?

jobeard Will probably know best, but I can offer the little insight I know. RAID cards tend to be expensive, so that is something to take into consideration. Software RAIDs tend to slow down the CPU since the CPU must spend computing power driving the virtual (emulator) RAID array. I would personally avoid RAID, but for reliability purposes especially on servers, it may be worth looking into.
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I have bought a Maxtor Plus 9 80Gb Serial ATA hard disk drive and as I have an older computer I have also had to buy a PCI ATA133 RAID controller card. Will it matter that I don't have two disks (as normally forms a RAID array)?

A:RAID controller card

Yep. but you need to buy a SATA PCI controller too as ATA133 controller doesn't control it. It should be obvious to you if you take a look at the back side of your new disk.
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I ordered a raid card named Highpoint Rocket 640L Lite version 4-Port PCI_Express 2.0 x4 SATA 6GB/s Raid controller. I would like to know if I can simply use it to connect more data hard drives ( Not Raid Mode), as all the sata ports on my mobo are used up and I want to put my hard drives into my box.

A:Question about Raid PCI-E Card

If it will work with your system (a few people have reported incompatibility issues), then you can use it for individual non-RAIDed drives. Based on Newegg reviews, even though it advertises it's PCI-e x4, it will run at only x2 speed which means you will not get SATA III's full 6Gbs speed. Still, it should be faster than SATA II and, as long as you are running HDDS on it, you are not likely to be able to tell the difference (SSDs might appear to be slower). Be aware that it has its own BIOS that will be introduced into the boot lineup, making overall boot up time a bit longer (my own HBA, an LSI 9211-8i, does the same thing).
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hi all im a bit new to all this.i have just added a 120gb wd hardrive fitted to a pci raid controller card.since then programs take ages to load first time after boot up on my main c drive..something seems to be slowing things down.i have tried stopping all programs from loading but it is still very slow after bootup.any ideas would be well recieved.,i have amd 2800 1 gb ddr ram on windows xp .gigabyte motherboard ga-7n400. raid card is ,sil 0680 ultra 133 medley ata raid controller pci slot 7 (pci bus 1 device 9 funtion 0) i have 2 drives on my main pc and this new one on the raid card.if i disable the raid controller in device manager and reboot everything is fine,aol launches very soon as i enable the raid card driver again and reboot,everything is very slow loading,aol takes ages to load.

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I am trying to find a driver download for a Belkin F5U098 ata/133 raid/ide card. All help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi there techspot people. I have a question in regards a sata raid controller card. Currently am searching for a decent card to allow me to build a RAID 5 array, with atleast 3 disks, expandable on the next few months to more than 4-5. I've noticed that adaptec has a reasonable choice for a sata raid controller with 6 ports, however i would like to know what the experts thing about these cards and this manufacturer. Also is there any alternative to this card? I have no pci-x slot on my mobo, its a common old MSI K8N Neo Platinum with an althon 64 3.4Ghz.
Any recommendations much appreciated, or maybe an ebay listing of the card to check the price too. The one i mentioned goes for 50-70GBP new.


A:SATA PCI card for RAID

Which exact model are you talking about?

Do not buy an Adaptec HostRAID device - those are rebranded fakeraid cards, not real Adaptec products.

Actually, don't buy any fakeraid device - RAID5 on these is slow, 1990s desktop computer kind of slow. Excellent information on SATA RAID cards here:
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Thank you for looking at my problem I put in a a sata card for my friend, and a blu-ray burner. But for some reason the computer seems to see it as a cd drive. I open computer and it says BD drive, and I can click eject. It will open but will not see any dvd I put in. The sata card is Silicon Image Sil3512 2-Port Serial ATA PCI Controller Card, and the blu-ray is LG WH14NS40K. Is this card only for hard drives? Thanks for any help!

A:Blu Ray not working off raid card....

Quote: Originally Posted by stephenstud

Thank you for looking at my problem I put in a a sata card for my friend, and a blu-ray burner. But for some reason the computer seems to see it as a cd drive. I open computer and it says BD drive, and I can click eject. It will open but will not see any dvd I put in. The sata card is Silicon Image Sil3512 2-Port Serial ATA PCI Controller Card, and the blu-ray is LG WH14NS40K. Is this card only for hard drives? Thanks for any help!

If you look under drive properties tab for the LG in the Computer windows and the devices name and model number and type are listed then the SATA card is identifying the LG drive correctly. So the drive will play CD's? Will it do anything when you put a DVD in? Does the drive try to read it? Try a program like VLC VideoLAN - Official page for VLC media player, the Open Source video framework! This will play CD's, DVD's and Blu Ray discs. It is possible the LG drive is just plain DEAD ON ARRIVAL and does not work. Your SATA card will be fine with any SATA device as long as you don't try to boot from them without your main bios giving you the option as add in card.
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argh i been tryin for ages to find someone who can help me i hope you guys can sigh i currently have this card quot PCI ATA IDE Card Raid Optional quot http www sunrichtech com hk PHOTO IO PCI ATA jpg the problem im having is that i runnin win i installed the driver shutdown installed the card plugged the ata cables into teh card i have optical and hdd s with another hdd s ready to be put in Card HELP!!!!!!!! (Raid 100 PCI Optional) IDE ATA im connected to a new w power supply which im pretty sure can handle hdds easy if it wanted to the problem now is that seeming the card has its own bios it takes over the ide ports on teh motherboard this leaves me with teh ide card being primary it works fine being primary mind you the original ports WONT work anymore on teh m b i i have tried every combo with a drive from master on IDE- to slave on IDE- The boot sequence will read the drive and tell me waht it is ive only been testing with just one hdd an gig WD it goes through that then boots the controller bios it THEN will do one of things hang itll just stop and go quot no quot or itll boot into win and the fkn thing will be functioning as though the ide card was the primary in the motherboard it cant find the hdd it found in bootup now in partition magic i can see the drive as well ive tried it with it being active and it being inactive set otherwise else is hopeless HELP!!!!!!!! PCI ATA 100 IDE Card (Raid Optional) i cant find any other way to find out how to get this thing working places are selling this thing and they have no idea how to use them ive scoured the internet and tafe teachers are inept sigh please gimme some help if you got it im dying here weeks of searching for some info is killing me thanks nbsp

A:HELP!!!!!!!! PCI ATA 100 IDE Card (Raid Optional)

did you try the Silicon Image site? (since your card has one of their chips on it)

There product support.

try the ide and raid card support -siI064x-based cards support.

maybe the jumper is not set right.

You can email them too and ask.
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I just won an Adaptec RA1200A IDE RAID card on eBay and, bearing in mind that it normally, as far as I can tell, retails for about 45 and there are cheap ("software" ones I assume) ones available I wonder if anyone knows if the card is any good?
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Will I require a dedicated RAID card?

I have an EVGA 750i board with the nVidia chipset.

I currently have an Mtron SSD as my D: drive which I would like to make part of a RAID 0 pair.
This excellent drive averages about 100 megs/sec both reading and writing.
The UDMA6 bus of the motherboard clocks, of course, at 133 megs/sec.

Query: Assume a RAID setup can potentially both read and write at nearly 200 megs/sec.,
will employing the nVidia chipset's RAID controler limit it to less than 133 megs/sec,
such that I must also purchase a card like the Areca 1200 just to get my RAID off the
UDMA bus and onto the PCI-e bus (even if it is only 1x)? tia

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I have SIIG Ultra 133 Raid Card plugged into my PCChips MC861G MB. 2 WD 160G drives, 1 with complete OS, 1 empty (formatted). No other drives. Without a Raid set machine boots fine off the 1st drive and sees both. If I create a Raid set according to the manual the machine will not see the drive (gives disk read error, tells me to hit ctrl+alt+delete). I sent an email to SIIG but no response yet. If I delete the Raid set the machine again boots fine, so the drive is not corrupted.

Anyone have any ideas or run into this before? I did not try creating the drive offline (the manual says not to). if that were required, then u couldn't run at all if a drive went bad until it was completely rebuilt - that is not what I want.

*** Don't tell me I should have bought an Adaptec, I know that already ***


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Did a clean install with OEM Ultimate to a card based SCSI Raid Formatted drive and windows recognizes without drivers During partitioning windows automatically created two partitions a very small partition and second which is deemed bootable primary Install went fine and can boot without dvd Attached a storage drive to the primary also tried secondary Bios recognizes it and set last on the boot order Now system will not boot UNLESS the dvd is in the drive Installed the OS to that IDE drive and left the OS on the raid - now will boot using the SCSI Also tried installing the raid cards native drivers Card IDE DVD and boot Can't SCSI with without Raid vista based same result - still creates a phantom partition When I looked at the small partition of the RAID it has a bunch of files - bootmgr etc on the partition I'm Can't boot without DVD with SCSI Raid Card and IDE assuming that when the system boots it goes somehow thinks initially the IDE is the start drive Tried all combinations of start drive in the bios - still does the same thing Question How can I Can't boot without DVD with SCSI Raid Card and IDE fix this so that I don't have a copy Can't boot without DVD with SCSI Raid Card and IDE of the OS on both drives Be more than happy to provide more information if needed

A:Can't boot without DVD with SCSI Raid Card and IDE


Try a startup repair. You may need to run it as many as 3 times.

Be sure to have the drive attached when you run it.
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BACKSTORY: Tortuous process here, wanted to put a new RAID card in my main PC because i got a deal on a bunch of gently used 4Tb drives.

Got a PERC H310 card off ebay, working pull, re-arrange a couple things, and away we go.

so. many. issues! 3 reinstalls of 2 OSes, new RAM and SATA cables, 2 different PERC firmwares and 3 different drivers, I'm at my wit's end.

ISSUE: BSOD when performing file copy operations to the RAID drive. No issue with card disconnected.

QUESTIONS: Is this fixable, or is the card borked? If it's fixable, how?

Dump logs attached per forum instructions. this OS install is only a few days old so it dosnt have all updates.


Hi ZeikHunter,

Welcome to the 7forums

Please ensure that Windows gets up to date a.s.a.p.

Please check your SSD for firmware updates.

Please make sure all your partitions have at least 15% free space to be on the safe side with Windows doing background stuff.

What are the specs of your memory? I cannot find any site with the right model.
I'm asking because you state in your system specs that you are running 2133MHz, but your motherboard does not support higher than 2000MHz which is OC for your motherboard.
The dumps say something else, but that is currently not relevant.

[Memory Device (Type 17) - Length 34 - Handle 0030h]
Physical Memory Array Handle 002ch
Memory Error Info Handle [Not Provided]
Total Width 64 bits
Data Width 64 bits
Size 8192MB
Form Factor 09h - DIMM
Device Set [None]
Device Locator Node0_Dimm1
Bank Locator Node0_Bank0
Memory Type 18h - Specification Reserved
Type Detail 4080h - Synchronous
Speed 667MHz
Manufacturer Undefined
Serial Number
Asset Tag Number
Part Number F3-2133C9-8GB

Diagnostics Test


Run SeaTools to check the integrity of your HDD. SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use - Windows 7 Help Forums
Run following testsShort Drive Self Test
Short generic
Long generic
If the short generic fails, no need for the long generic.

Do not run SeaTools on an SSD as the results will be invalid.

Make a photo of the result and post it.

Run chkdsk
Disk Check - Windows 7 Help Forums

Run HDTune toscan for errors, no quick scan but full scan
check the health,
It may take some time, but please take the time you need to perform it properly.
When above is done please make screenshots of the followingthe error scan,
the health,
the benchmark incl. followingtransfer rate,
access time,
burst rate,
cpu usage.

4: kd> k
# Child-SP RetAddr Call Site
00 fffff880`083a8e38 fffff800`0390f4ec nt!KeBugCheckEx
01 fffff880`083a8e40 fffff800`035383b1 nt!VerifierBugCheckIfAppropriate+0x3c
02 fffff880`083a8e80 fffff800`035b5c73 nt!VerifierFreeTrackedPool+0x41
03 fffff880`083a8ec0 fffff880`012c986d nt!ExDeferredFreePool+0x129f
04 fffff880`083a8f70 fffff880`012a9441 Ntfs!NtfsCommonCreate+0x2336
05 fffff880`083a9150 fffff880`011b5367 Ntfs!NtfsNetworkOpenCreate+0x115
06 fffff880`083a9430 fffff880`011d6aed fltmgr!FltpPerformFastIoCall+0x357
07 fffff880`083a9490 fffff800`037821b2 fltmgr!FltpFastIoQueryOpen+0x15d
08 fffff880`083a9530 fffff800`0377ddb8 nt!IopParseDevice+0x1249
09 fffff880`083a9690 fffff800`0377efd6 nt!ObpLookupObjectName+0x588
0a fffff880`083a9780 fffff800`0375d066 nt!ObOpenObjectByName+0x306
0b fffff880`083a9850 fffff800`03481e53 nt!NtQueryAttributesFile+0x145
0c fffff880`083a9ae0 00000000`7732168a nt!KiSystemServiceCopyEnd+0x13
0d 00000000`05fee028 00000000`00000000 0x7732168a
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Hi First of all I would like to say I have a LSI ware SA- CARD Solved: Broken RAID I Solved: Broken RAID CARD RAID card and yes I understand this is overkill but that s not the point here So I ve just recently Bought a RAID card the one I mentioned above and I m looking to do some nice RAID arrays possibly RAID or RAID Now my question is What happens if I m doing a RAID and the card breaks Would I be locked into that specific card and only be able to use that card for recovering my RAID or even just LSI Can I somehow use a third party program to recover the Files or just use Solved: Broken RAID CARD another RAID card what conditions if so ie same manufacture same Brand etc What if I were to just use RAID mirrored would the first drive be exactly the same as the other so I can just freely take that drive out and use it on another computer without any RAID Also If I had one Array of four drives and then had an extra one without raid where I could store backups Would that drive be affected or could I just easily take that drive out and then plug it into another computer without any problem either I m building a home NAS here and I was curious because I most likely rely on that storage solution for most of my file storage and if that breaks down then I ll be in a very tight squeeze I would be very thankful if someone could help me as soon as possible -Michael L nbsp

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I have win xp and I cannot fined where to fix this error code 10 device will not start is there someone that can help me. ::

A:Raid Card (Error Code 10)

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Did you install Windows on this system or was it pre-installed? Were the RAID drivers installed ? What other devices ar installed on your system?

In the Device Manager, remove the device and reboot allowing Windows to redetect it.
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I have an old ish computer with no SATA plugs. I am wondering whether buying a SATA RAID card meens that I can have SATA hard drives or whether it just meens that I can have extra sockets if my motherboard already has RAID.

Any Help Apreciated

Thanking in advance


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Hi I am running a MSI K9n SLI Platinum motherboard and have set up a four drive RAID on it which I use for my software. I have also tried to add my Highpoint Rocket RAID 1720 PCI SATA II 2 channel controller
Everything works fine except the Highpoint RAID controller. It has the latest bios installed, and it worked perfectly with Vista ultimate 32bit. Now, with Vista Ultimate 64bit, when I configure the RAID I get an error message saying:
"no enough space to copy PCI Option Rom [00:00:00]"
"no enough space to copy PCI Option Rom [00:01:01]"
can someone please help me?
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Hi, I bought a VIA 6421 chipset raid card, apparently it has been sucking for me. I tried booting up my computer today and yesterday, it doesn't detect the card.
Would it be my motherboard or the card? I'm planning on getting a new motherboard anyways WITH sata/ide and raid included.

Also, if I get the new motherboard and put the hard drives in, would I have to format because it doesn't detect the raid? For ex, if I got a new raid card would I have to format the drives because I'd have to make a new array?


(PS im looking for a dfi lanparty nf2 board if anyone has one for sale)

A:A good sata/ide raid card?

Pretty much all integrated SATA controllers suck unless you buy a high end workstation motherboard In my experience, Silicon Image is the worst SATA "RAID" chip maker.

Yes, as a rule, fakeraid controllers have model-specific configuration information and they don't work with arrays created by some other controller.
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I'm a computer nerd with moderate experience in computers(In no way related to IT), I have built, troubleshoot, Quality Control, many computers. However, when it comes to stuff that people are using in business, Virtual machines, Massive server Racks, Infrastructure. I would have very minimal understanding of such things.

(the Computer is a Core 2 Duo with 8GB ram, with 5 WD REDs)

What I want to know is on a topic regarding RAID cards. People use them because of redundancies so all data is safe from hard drive failure. My question is that, How long is the lifespan of a RAID card, and What kind of RAID card replacement (be specific)would one need to look for if their current one fails, (to allow your current array to still be used). Also, is it practical to use it for home file servers when running RAID 5 or should I just use software RAID?

Thanks in advance
: D

A:Solved: RAID Card Practical?

You can check the manufacturer's website for their estimated MTBF but you can have a card fail straight out of the box, to a few hours, to months, years, or even decades. I have some HP RAID cards going over 10 years and I have a failed Dell Perc4 that was closing in on 10 years. I also have several Adaptec controllers that didn't make it past 3 to 5 years. You generally have to stay with the same manufacturer to migrate RAID arrays and many will have a list posted on which cards can be used for migration as well. But migration shouldn't also be a given nor should RAID ever be considered a full safe guard for data or as a substitute for a true and proper backup. You can also have complete data corruption if the controller fails or in some bad cases lose all your data even if a single drive fails. And don't forget that anything beyond RAID-1 makes data recovery harder as you need multiple drives to rebuild the data.

RAID generally doesn't make sense for a home user; RAID is best suited for an environment that requires little to no downtime. RAID-1 isn't too bad as cost isn't that bad and recoverability and migration is easier but you still need a proper backup and for most people a backup is the better and safer solution anyway.

Home RAID solutions, either those built into the motherboard or those cheap RAID capable cards are nowhere on the same level of performance or reliability as expensive RAID controllers. Even if you place an expensive RAID controller into a home system that doesn't guarantee no downtime if you use standard home/off-the-shelf hardware. What makes RAID make sense in a business class server is that the whole server is built to higher standards and offers much higher reliability.
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Hope someone can help.
I am trying to do an XP Pro repair install but I cannot get the machine to boot from the cdrom. I have two hard drives running on a raid card and the cdrom is on the motherboard IDE-0 channel. It seems the raid card is over-riding the bios and ignoring the boot options I am setting.

I should mention that the raid card is not configured as a raid controller, I'm just using it to get extra IDE channels.

A:Raid card and cdrom boot

what Raid card is it?? make/model
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I own a dell dimension 8400 and I just installed a seagate 160Gb sata hard drive. I am having a problem reinstalling windows xp and I think I need the SATA/RAID card driver. I feel like I have tried every other possible solution... Does anyone have the link to the driver, or some tips on loading it? I have access to a floppy drive, which I think is needed. Thanks, I appreciated the help!

A:Sata/raid Card Driver

jd5,Take a look at this link. Also note item # 2 at the very bottom under references. hthBe (RAID) SafeDa Bleepin AniMod, Animal
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Hi guys,

Just picked up an XFX Revo64 SATA RAID card from eBay in the hope of adding some extra SATA ports to my HTPC to add some extra storage.

Plugged the card in and connected a working HDD to it and nothing happened. Had a look at Device Manager which is finding a "Mass Storage Controller" but cannot seem to set it up properly and cannot find any drivers for it.

Upon doing some Googling it seems that XFX didn't make any actual drivers for this card so I am now a little stumped as to what I can try next. I have tried running a program called SlimDrivers to try and find a driver that way but to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Many thanks!


A:Win 8.1 Cannot setup XFX Revo64 RAID Card

What is this computers complete specs, make and model, including motherboard model?
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i got a new intel D GAVL motherboard which has sata slots but only ide slots for the hard drive amp other for floppy drive used the motherboard ide for an older hard drive and have some older dvd cdrw amp cd rom that i wanted to still use so i bought a ultra ata ide raid controller card and thought it would be a easy thing to have them up amp running hooked up everything amp even installed the raid card driver via driver IDE Card RAID Solved: Confusion on external hard drive now the confusion part under quot my computer quot on win xp i can t see the drives for the dvd cdrw or cd Solved: IDE RAID Card Confusion rom have i missed some absolute obvious thing i am going to be completely naive and say i thought with this plug amp play thing the drives would be automatically detected after the hardware and drivers were installed obviously i was wrong anyone have any insights or suggestions thanks jj nbsp

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I need additional IDE support and decided to go the add-on route with a generic card with Silicon Image chip All I want is to be able to switch a Zip drive to the card so I can add a backup hard drive to mainboard I am not wanting RAID option just manual Image card 680 Silicon (non-RAID) backup of system I have an ECS K S A mainboard AMD CPU PC RAM ATI Video card Samsung SV H GB HD External Sport-Modem I installed the card and then the drivers for non-RAID setup shut the system down connected the Zip drive and re-powered The SI BIOS recognizes the Zip drive but Win will not start the card System check shows the infamous yellow quot quot I have also tried the Samsung on the card and tried to bootup using SCSI boot option necessary for an IDE card bootup configuration Different jumper settings were tried but only Cable Select for Silicon Image 680 card (non-RAID) Samsung and Zip will work when used as individual drive connections Only Silicon Image 680 card (non-RAID) individual drives were connected to card at any one time SI help here is minimal since they did not make the card Jumpers on card are hard-wired System will not boot past the blue screen with Mandrake Linux option boot Am I missing something on installation of card or drives nbsp
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Hi I was hoping to avoid an onboard conflict with adding this new PCI Raid card and 4X WD Raptors in Raid 0
The Bios settings I question are:

OnBoard IrDa-Controller- should this be disabled?
OnBoard Serial Port ??
Any Bios recommendation will be appreciated.
Do you think the supplied Bios and drivers will avoid a conflict?
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Last week I purchased of these ssd s http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E It seems my onboard raid controller poops out at about mbs at read in my xssd raid array I know the cards are capable of doing more I ll use the last for my os when i upgrade to win So I m going to buy this raid card today http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I m hoping this will help my read speeds but I have a few questions What s the easiest way to move my os to the ssd s I know vista has a backup option in it but is it possible to mirror my current hdd onto the ssd s before I upgrade to win and just format the original os hdd and pray that when I upgrade win will see the mirrored image on the ssd s Troubles, a SSD buying raid card If I m doing a fresh install and have all my ssd s hooked up to the raid card will the prompt menu recognize the ssd s SSD Troubles, buying a raid card through the pci e lane like it does for the native sata ports Last question Can you add more hdd s sdd s in the future and expand the array Thx to all that gives helpful information nbsp

A:SSD Troubles, buying a raid card

bump, still havnt gotten my raid card, but I want to.
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Hello All- my question is fairly simple I believe with a compatibility question.

I want to buy a SATA / IDE / USB Combo Card RAID for my Dell Dimension 3000

issue is that.. I don't know if it is compatible with my motherboard,
I "downloaded" EVEREST so I can supply a correct information.
Below is an attachment of the information in notepad.

[Can anyone help me with this issue, and give a little knowledge for me too]

~Reason why I want the Card is so I can buy an external HDD for my computer; all new external HDD use only ( USB 2.0, Firewire, eSATA )

Let me know if you need any other information__Thank You in Advance

A:MotherBoard~ Controlers/Raid\PCI Card

DO I Need more Information for a response*
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What would be the best raid card for a raid 5 setup using 4 2tb harddrives?
motherboard is a g41mxe series

price doesn't matter, but not to expensive.

Just confused as to weather this motherboard has the correct pci slots?

Many thanks


EDIT: Just so you know, the specs of it our:

CPU 3.2ghz dual core
8gb 1333mhz RAM
gigabit LAN
win 7 ultimate

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I want to swap out my promise parallel raid card for a silicon image raid card without having to reload my OS.

Is there a seamless way to load the new silicon image raid driver into WinXP, then swap the card itself and boot back up??
Any help is appreciated!

A:How do I seamlessly swap a raid card?

Seamless? Probably not.

Here's something that will probably work, but it's not seamless. Install the Silicon Image raid drivers on the current setup. Do an Image backup with something like Acronis True Image or Norton GHOST to a non-RAID drive. Install the new RAID controller, restore the image back to the new RAID array, and boot up.

I've installed a couple of RAID systems by first installing the O/S onto a non-RAID drive, then GHOSTing it to the RAID array after the fact. Worked just fine...
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I'm wondering if I've made a schoolboy error here...

I'm trying to add more disks to my desktop and have run out of SATA ports the motherboard has 6.

I've just added a SATA RAID card (Semlos 4 Ports PCI Sata Internal Raid Controller Card Sil3114 Chipset with 2 Sata Cables: Computers Accessories) but when I boot up the PC sees the new card but doesn't see SATA portsthe motherboard (so I'm left with 4 SATA ports as opposed to the 6 I had )?

Should I be able to use the onboard SATA ports and the new card?


A:Adding a SATA RAID card

I have no recent experience with this, but I'd expect that you should be able to use both onboard and add-on SATA ports. (Lots of motherboards have third-party SATA controllers. Functionally the same as an add-in card, although the bits are soldered to the motherboard.)

Does the BIOS setup show anything about the onboard SATA controller?

(I'm desperately trying to avoid joking about using a PCI card. I don't recall when I last owned a motherboard with a PCI slot.)
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Just bought a new computer Assembled it myself Windoze ME Operating System ADI quot Microscan P monitor Duron MHz w crappy heatsink Asus V Deluxe GeForce GTS w mb DDR ABIT KT -Raid motherboard mb RAM SB Live MP D-Link TX NIC x Gb ATA Maxtor HDD for Raid array each on own chain With Gb Gb and the rest partitioned CLabs CDROM and AOpen DVD-ROM IDE W AOpen power supply Fans case cpu gpu power supply First problem When the system reboots itself I lose my video I can get it back after turn off the power and turn it back on Second problem When I play a game the system crashes and reboots does not lock up the OS though then things go back to the first problem Most of this stuff is pretty new and probably has its share of bugs If anyone can help me out with bios settings or bios versions and Asus V7700 KT7-RAID card agp w/ drivers it would be greatly appreciated ------------------ spingoogL email protected nbsp

A:KT7-RAID w/ Asus V7700 agp card

I don't know how to fix your problem, but if that sb live works good let me know.I have a biostar m7vkb board which is very similar to yours.Did you disable ALL of the onboard crap?My bios had the sound on two seperate pages in the bios.Does the video card have its own irq?Did you install the agp driver in 4x?Try normal first.You probably checked all of this already but sometimes in the rush to use the new computer something might be overlooked.
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I m hoping someone here can help I m very new to Raid so you ll have to excuse my ignorance here I m using an HP pavilion p Y with x TB WD Caviar Green s trying to set up a raid array I ve reached the Nvidia raid array setup utility and it appears I have successfully loaded the raid drivers After doing this I inserted my Windows x home premium install disc and it sat on quot Detecting storage devices quot After a few minutes of this I was presented with Raid disks reserved Raid - 1 for no disabled use raid an Error stating quot No disks reserved for raid use raid disabled quot Then shortly after switches to a message stating quot Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key quot I m now unable to reach the Nvidia Raid setup and unable to load the windows disc I m certain the CD drive is good as it works fine in another computer BIOS Mediashield ROM BIOS RPT Copyright C NVIDIA Corp If someone would know what to do from here please share your knowledge Thanks Chris nbsp

A:no disks reserved for raid use Raid disabled - Raid 1

Do you have Windows on the drive now? How did you load the drivers? Drivers won't function without an operating system, so I'm a little confused about exactly what you did.

How did you run the setup utility? Does your machine support hardware RAID or are you using software RAID? Are there RAID settings in BIOS?
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I just got a Promise Technology FastTrak Ultra ATA RAID Card as boot FASTTRAK66 card Selecting RAID Mainly Selecting FASTTRAK66 RAID card as boot just a RAID card that fits into a PCI slot and allows for up to four drives two for each ribbon cable The RAID seems set up but I can t get the BIOS to accept it as a boot device With the card taken out I can access the BIOS but I can t see anything about the PCI slot However when I put the card back in the BIOS part where you have to hit F goes away too fast and I am not getting anywhere The system looks at the floppy and optical drive s first but fails at that and stops there In the BIOS it is enabled to search for further devices once the selected devices have already been searched so I hoped it would check the PCI devices for boot devices as well But it isn t saying that it is searching anywhere else Any suggestions nbsp

A:Selecting FASTTRAK66 RAID card as boot

New change. I managed to put it in the list of bootable devices, and it seems to boot from it. But now the computer manages to place itself inside of a loop. It goes to the screen giving you the" safe mode", "last known configeration", and "start normally" sort of options. I have picked all those examples, and the computer just keeps restarting, doing it all over again.
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I am looking for a recommendation/part # for a good Perc 6/I Raid card for my Dell T7400.
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I installed a Rosewell RC-217 Raid card (Silicon Image Sil 3124 SoftRaid 5 Controller-- in Device Manager). The card installed well in Windows 7 64 bit. No problems in device manager.

The problem starts when i plug the drive in then rebooted. The boot stops at the 'Starting Window' and hangs.

If i boot into windows then plug the drive in all work well. Windows sees the drive and i gave it a drive letter. works great.

Problem is i can't boot my system without un-pluging the drive.

Any ideas????

A:Raid card will not boot with drive installed

wondering if anybody could help?
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Hey, I've recently tried to install a new graphics card into a Dell Dimension 9200 pc. However, after booting up it went straight to the bios saying that there was an error with the raid drive. I have no idea how this has happened and what to do. The error isn't being given, it just says error occured.

I tried putting the old card back in but the same thing has happened. Before i installed i didnt shutdown the pc properly and was wondering if that could have caused the problem?

The harddrive in question is a samsung sp2504c


A:Raid error since installing new graphics card

Before i installed i didnt shutdown the pc properly and was wondering if that could have caused the problem?Click to expand...

Yes, it is never a good idea to do that.
Check to see if you have the Intel Matrix Storage Manager software installed, it should be in the Start> All Programs group, if so launch it, the specific error should be in there, you may have to poke around in the software to find it.

If it is not installed, get it here and install it.

Most likely the error has corrected itself.


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Ok I purchased a Compusa IDE Raid card I cannot find anything that mentions any brand on the card Anyway it comes with a CD for WIndows XP drivers When I load the CD it has two folders with one having three driver files The other is a DOC folder for a manual Well I copied all the drivers to a floppy and started a XP Pro New Install The PCI card was recognized without any issues and I entered the Raid Card Bios and Issues...Compusa IDE Brand.... Card Raid setup the array etc through that without any issues When I get to the XP setup I press for the RAID drivers It continues and asks for the driver disk Well I insert it and then get the error that says No txtsetup oem found So I tried something silly and created a blank txtsetup oem Well that didn IDE Raid Card Issues...Compusa Brand.... t work I did some more searching and ended up finding the the page manual mention of quot ITE IT ATA RAid Controller quot Well found their site and downloaded the drivers but nothing works and none of the files are the txtsetup oem Any ideas Thanks nbsp

A:IDE Raid Card Issues...Compusa Brand....

What happens if you just run the install from windows? ATA133 Controller

Here's a link for a rather detailed manual: MANUAL
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hi everyone I hope someone can help me out here and I m posting to the right forum I m completely stuck My setup Intel Core Duo E GHz Gigabyte load New etc RAID can't card, motherboad, RAM WinXP GA- GM-S V Generic x GB DDR MHz RAM Gigabyte NX G D-RH video card Skymaster Ultra ATA PCI IDE RAID controller card Seagate Barracuda GB Ultra ATA HDD Western Digital WD Caviar GB HDD slave Sony DVD-RW All but the hard drives and DVD-RW are new - I want to use my existing WinXP Pro install which is on the GB HDD For every configuration I ve tried I cannot get it to boot succesfully to the point where I can run a Windows repair install or load Windows at all I m not using the slave HDD until I can get it to boot successfully So far I ve tried Connecting the HDD to the motherboard IDE and the New motherboad, RAID card, RAM etc can't load WinXP DVD-RW connected to New motherboad, RAID card, RAM etc can't load WinXP the RAID controller Result BIOS shows HDD as primary IDE master I can boot off the Windows CD and it says windows is checking your hardware configuration It then loads all the drivers in the blue Windows setup screen It says setup is starting windows before giving me the blue screen of death New motherboad, RAID card, RAM etc can't load WinXP with the following stop codes x B xF D xC x x This is before I have the option to select install or repair Connecting the HDD to the RAID card blue connection as well as the DVD-RW white Result Neither drive appears in BIOS but show in the RAID config screen which loads after BIOS I can boot off the Windows CD and it says windows is checking your hardware configuration It then loads all the drivers in the blue Windows setup screen It says setup is starting windows before giving me the blue screen of death with the following stop codes x B xF D xC x x This is before I have the option to select install or repair Connecting the DVD-RW to the motherboard IDE and HDD connected to RAID blue Result BIOS shows DVD Rom as Primary IDE Master HDD shows in RAID config screen Loads to PCI devices listing then goes no further - removed WinXP CD with above config - same result hangs - loaded fail safe defaults in bios re-enabled USB keyboard support reboot same result Connecting HDD to motherboard IDE no DVD-RW connected Result Get windows black screen stating windows did not shut down properly last time choose safe mode etc - chose safe mode gives code then reboots - chose last known good config - BSOD flashed then reboot - chose start windows normally - same again Connecting HDD to RAID blue no DVD-RW Result same as above - hangs after PCI devices listing Connecting HDD and DVD-RW to motherboard IDE Result BIOS shows HDD as primary IDE master after PCI Devices listing gives error disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter changed BIOS boot sequence to only boot from CDROM - again reaches PCI devices then hangs Does anyone have any ideas thanks Rodney nbsp

A:New motherboad, RAID card, RAM etc can't load WinXP

You DO know that when you change your motherboard you MUST reformat and reinstall windows. You cannot use the copy currently on the HD because it self-configures for your old system and motherboard serial #. You will need to reformat and reinstall and re-register your XP.
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Hi there Alright So the plan here is to card New GIGABIT RAID and bulid Port 4 with NAS build a NAS Powerful but with a relatively small footprint I have a rough idea of what I want but nothing set in stone for what I m going to buy So here s a draft of what I m planning on purchasing http ca pcpartpicker com p SKe CPU Intel Core i - S GHz Quad-Core Processor Newegg Canada CPU Cooler Cooler Master Vortex Plus CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler Amazon Canada Motherboard Asus GRYPHON Z Micro ATX LGA Motherboard Vuugo Memory Kingston XMP th Anniversary Series GB x GB DDR - Memory Amazon Canada Storage Western Digital Red TB quot RPM Internal Hard Drive Canada Computers Storage Western Digital Red TB quot RPM Internal Hard Drive Canada Computers Storage Western Digital Red TB quot RPM Internal Hard Drive Canada Computers Storage Western Digital Red TB quot RPM Internal Hard Drive Canada Computers Power Supply SeaSonic X New NAS bulid with RAID card and 4 Port GIGABIT Series W Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply NCIX Total Prices include shipping taxes and discounts New NAS bulid with RAID card and 4 Port GIGABIT when available Generated by PCPartPicker - - New NAS bulid with RAID card and 4 Port GIGABIT EST- Click to expand So the problem here is that I am looking for a small and compact case to house all these components I m looking for something hot swappable and close to the size of a Bitfenix prodigy Seeing as how these requirements are a bit too narrow I m open to suggestions that have a bit of compromise The two specifications that need to be absolute are it must be able to hold in hard drives and it must be compatible with a mATX motherboard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some additional info At this point I can see people questioning my decisions on parts That is understandable So to address some of the possible concerns I d like to say first of all I chose a mATX for expandability Because I know that I am going to be re purposing this computer as a small home server with multiple virtual machines later down the line when I have more money to expand One of these virtual machines is going to be a NAS and the other a custom home router So I am going to be adding a QUAD NIC High Performance Wireless NIC as well as a RAID controller I chose a x Set of RAM and an I CPU because to my knowledge a CPU and the memory are the most important components for a server Servers need a lot of parallel processing power thats where the QUAD CORE i comes in and reliable high capacity ram which is why I used x instead of x I chose the motherboard because of its reliability The TUF series from ASUS is quot aim to use that server grade mentality by use of features to help manage the longevity of a system coupled with a longer warranty quot -Anandtech com The compromise here is that it doesn t have all the special features that come with a consumer board Sooo hopefully this is enough information and if you have read up to this point I give you my genuine thanks for showing genuine interest in what i have to say Thanks in advance Michael L nbsp
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I recently upgraded my computer with a serial ata drive after my ide drive died I also have a Belkin F U V ATA raid controller card Raid and Card Serial ATA Contoller Confict with two GB drives striped for a total of GB When I first booted to install my serial ata I had a ton of problems For some reason my motherboard Intel Serial ATA and Raid Contoller Card Confict D PEBT w gHz was not booting the serial ata bios I decided to begin eliminating things to see if that worked it did As soon as I unplugged the drives from the raid controller the serial ata bios came up but what s strange is that the controller card s did as well but without any drives I was able to install windows fully but not able to boot up with my raid drives Whenever the drives are plugged into the raid controller card the serial ata essentially does not exist I have raid on the motherboard but when I hook up the drives to it it doesn t recognize the mirror Does anyone know how I can boot to my serial ata drive while I also have my drives hooked up to my belkin controller card I don t care if it s a temporary solution because all I need is the data off the drives then I can just redo the mirror with the motherboard s raid Thanks for any help nbsp

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I currently have harddrives installed in my computer of which are SATA the th is IDE this one isn t actually plugged in right now I also have a SATA BluRay drive making SATA connections which uses all of my SATA expansion / card for Need suggestions RAID motherboard s available ports I m quickly running out of storage space imagine that and am looking into a PCI SATA card I ve Need suggestions for RAID / SATA expansion card found a few that have external ports but I need then to be internal Can anyone recommend me a decent affordable SATA expansion card with at least internal ports RAID capabilities might be nice but it isn t something I m looking at using just yet so it isn t a requirement I also understand that I ll need a more powerful PSU I m looking at an W with modular cables to reduce clutter Right now I m using a W Also I know someone might want to suggest external drives I d like to stay away from them I ve just never liked external drives and the last thing I need is something else to clutter up my desk So does anyone have any suggestions nbsp

A:Need suggestions for RAID / SATA expansion card

Do you have any PCI-express slots available on your motherboard? Unless your PSU is really poor quality you don't need to upgrade just to support additional drives.
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I am new to FreeNAS and this is my first jump into building my own network server I have succesfully installed FreeNAS onto a USB flash drive and it boots and works fine through the webgui I am using TB drives and have set up a raid array using the ware sxu LP sata raid card s bios I have added the disk the array shows as one disk in FreeNas 9950sxu the Raid Card and 3ware the freenas FreeNas and the 3ware 9950sxu Raid Card webgui formatted it and mounted it I am able to read and write files to the array from my two windows xp machines on my network All sounds good quot EXCEPT quot i can t seem to figure out how to monitor my raid array I unplugged one of the drives to simulate a failure and i was given no warning through freenas webgui that this had occured It is my understanding that the ware raid card has it s own software for monitoring the raid array but how do install it onto my freenas server Any help would be appreciated I might just be missing something simple here but i am at my wits end Thank you in advance Newbie to NAS Anthony nbsp

A:FreeNas and the 3ware 9950sxu Raid Card

There should be drivers for your RAID controller that you install into FreeNAS so it can monitor the controller. I believe all 3Ware controllers use the same drivers, but the driver escapes me right now.
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I just bought a Via sata card to use with my disks. The problem is that i can't get it to work.

When i install the card it seems to get installed fine in the device manager and with the raid configurerer application that went with the driver.

But the card just doesn't recognize any harddisks. There's no change when plugging a harddisk in it. The application also seems to think that there's 4 channels on the card(there are 2) and they all show as a big red "?".

I've looked everywhere for a driver, and the newest one is a part of the old via chipset driver: 'VIA_HyperionPro_V524A'

Is it a proper Win7 driver i need ? and are there such?

Extra: chip: VIA VT6421

The attached is the raid configurerer software with the question marks and 4 channels.

A:PCMCIA Via sata1 raid card 7driver?

How does the fake raid controller look in the device manager? Any errors?

What about in disk management? Can you assign a drive letter?

If you want to be running in RAID mode with the drives, you have to set that up before Windows loads. See the documentation that came with the card.

Most cards have two versions of the driver. One for use without RAID and one for with. You can still use the RAID driver if you want to use drives as simple volumes (without RAID.)
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Guys, when I start to load XP from the boot disks and it
prompts me to hit F6 so I can load the driver for my RAID
card,...I do, but it ignores it. It continues on as if I
never pushed F6???? Help? email me - [email protected]
Thanks - Josh

A:Problem installing XP on promise RAID card.

Hiya and welcome

Are you pressing F6 before the splash screen comes up? Never installed RAID, but do you have the option of installing Via Add/Remove hardware wizard in Control Panel?


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I'm looking for an inexpensive hardware RAID PCI E x16 or x1 card. It seems that they are at least $100 for one with 2 ports, anyone know of anything cheaper? Refurbished cards would be fine too.

I appreciate the responses!
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Hello everyone I am new here My name is Julie but everyone at the the place where I volunteer calls me GeekGirl I build desktops and servers for a non-profit org I recently purchased an intel server from a computer website It s pretty decent My big problem is the scsi card It s a adaptec s scsi raid card It s really nice or at least it was really nice I saw that the bios was out-dated and raid 3400s scsi adaptec card tried to update it adaptec 3400s scsi raid card I followed the instructions to the letter Everything seemed to go fine It said the new settings wouldn t take hold until I rebooted so I did that And then nothing The computer was clearly booting but there was nothing on the screen Fans running and all the hard drives were spinning up I just couldn t see anything So I pulled the card and now it s fine but I would really like to use this card Does anyone know what I can do to fix it Thanks Julie nbsp

A:adaptec 3400s scsi raid card

this is a commen issue with raid cards. i once had an issue with a scsi raid card with an IBM server. what u can do is get the drivers for the scsi raid card for your server & put in floppy disk & boot to it, that should fix it.
please feedback
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below describes what I m dealing with To set the boot device on the Syba ATA I reboot the system in which the card has been installed During the boot cycle the card will post and show IDE PCI Controller non-RAID Sil0680 Card SD-ATA133I the following message Sil ATA Controller Bios Version Copyright - Silicon Image Inc Press F to enter Configuration Utility Press F to enter the BIOS The card will then display the devices attached to the card and will show the following lines Press F to assign first HDD set Sil0680 SD-ATA133I non-RAID PCI IDE Controller Card Press F to remove first HDD set Press Sil0680 SD-ATA133I non-RAID PCI IDE Controller Card ESC to exit Press F The screen will then show Enter the Set number selected Press ESC to exit Your Selection Enter the set number of the drive that you want to become the boot drive Press ESC to exit the utility Your selected drive will now become your boot drive In addition to these settings you will also need to adjust the motherboard s BIOS to boot from the Syba SD-ATA I IDE controller Please refer to the motherboard s documentation on how to choose a boot device in the BIOS Note gt b gt The process of assigning a boot device would not need to be utilized for attaching non-bootable devices such as DVDs or CD-Burners my DVD-ROM is connected to the IDE Controller Card BIOS detects it but my computer doesn t I went into BIOS gt BOOT gt BOOT DEVICE PRIORITY and disabled the DVD-ROM then I went thru Configuration Utility and pressed F to remove it no effect I m using an ASUS P GZ-MX motherboard with Intel Celeron D Ghz I m running WinXP Home Edition SP nbsp

A:Sil0680 SD-ATA133I non-RAID PCI IDE Controller Card

Try this driver. I read a few reviews that simply stated to use the driver provided by SYBA and that the controler card would not work with some devices. That's the best I can do!
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Hey guys I just bought and I was wondering how I get it to Legacy or Native Mode instead of RAID mode.
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Hi, I've just installed one of these:

Eastern Computers - SATA & IDE Green PCI Desktop Driver: Electronics

(Eastern Computers - SATA & IDE Green PCI Desktop Driver Controller Card).

The card installed fine, but when I connect some disks to it I get an error is device manager:
"This device cannot start. (Code 10)". I'm running Windows 7. I've refreshed the driver (windows says it has the latest driver installed). I've also tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling. The driver version is 7.0.9600.6352.

Any ideas please?

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First post.. I just installed Windows 7 and for the most part all went ok. The only issue I seem to be having concerns my Rosewill RC-200 IDE raid card. Card works fine as an IDE card. However, I cannot get the raid functions to work.

The card uses a ?Silicon Image SiI 0680 ATA-133 Medley Raid Controller? chipset. The only thing I found a bit odd about the install was that W7 recognized the card and installed its own drivers instead of asking for drivers supplied by the manufacture. Not sure if this is an issue or not, but I have had to remove the raid set for now until I figure out what is wrong

Most of my hardware is new, MSI 770-C45 mobo, EVGA 9500GT video, Rosewill RC-200 PCI card.
I plan on calling the manufacture on Monday but thought I would check to see if anyone else has had this particular problem.

A:Rosewill RC-200 raid card issues with Windows 7

Bump... Anyone... I noticed that the driver version reported by W7 is while the manufacture shows only as being the latest.

Any thoughts...

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Hey Guys So long story short a friend of mine plugged in a hard Card Raid SCSI working/Bios? Not drive to my raid array while the computer was on There was a spark Raid card lost its bios Ive been running the computer M Board Exc is all fine but want to get my raid controller and a raid array back up and working Ive got a HP SCSI Raid Card Not working/Bios? netraid m controller mb Its a pci card Every time I try to power up with harddrives attaches to it i get quot Fatal Error Controller kernel Panic quot w o the hard drives attached the kernel starts but it states no bios is installed So I go to hp download the firmwear install it on floppies try to run it at boot and nada Any ideas Edit O ya on a additional note the computer only recognizes gb s of the gb s of ram The ram is gb sticks that has to be installed in matching pairs to run Running windows nbsp

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I have the following components Thermaltake Silent PurePower w psu Asus K V SE Deluxe mb AMD Athlon cpu gb Kingston PC DDR memory GB Maxtor DiamondMax IDE mb RAID PCI K8V Deluxe Adding SATA SE to card Asus a hd Sony DRU- Internal DVD CD Burner Sony mb Floppy drive I initially built the computer with a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus GB SATA hard drive and installed amp ran it fine for several months I ended up having some software conflicts and other problems so I decided to reinstall Windows Adding a PCI SATA RAID card to Asus K8V SE Deluxe mb XP Home After I got through using the quot F quot and entered my SATA drivers and it got to the quot Windows Setup quot it said setup could not find any hard disks installed WHAT Adding a PCI SATA RAID card to Asus K8V SE Deluxe mb There are four possible SATA connectors on the board SATA amp SATA and a Primary and Secondary SATA located beneath the first two and beside each other I have tried both the SATA and the Primary SATA ports installing both the VIA and Promise SATA drivers using the quot F quot during installation but setup still says it doesn t detect any hard disks I have even bought a new Maxtor DiamondMax Plus GB SATA drive but it is not recognized either Can someone either explain what has happened perhaps how to overcome the problem or give me an alternative Also if by chance ALL the SATA connections on the mb are bad can I purchase a seperate PCI SATA card to use my drives Thanks and sorry for being so lengthy nbsp
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okay i never had to get outside help but this is killing card Computer Raid booting 9750 while lsi crashing me main machine Computer crashing while booting lsi 9750 Raid card crashes during every other boot win either freezing different types bluescreen before logon or crashing processes at logon explorer event notification themes gpedit this happens when my lsi raid controller card is installed has been working for years no problem have swapped raid controller card for identical one have swapped raid drives for different enterprise models tried disabling services one-by-one no effect computer boots fine in safe mode with raid available have reinstalled three times swapped almost every piece of hardware Mobo asus p x ws - rma'ed swapped os disk corsair force gt swapped for samsung pro swapped bluray drives swapped different corsair hx PSUs quadro gpu swapped for geforce gpu ware raid card swapped for identical unit wd tb raid drives swapped for seagate tb ones haven't swapped cpu xeon core ram kingston ecc certified for the system Lsi support is fresh out of ideas kinda eating my hat here

A:Computer crashing while booting lsi 9750 Raid card

and what's also really wired, is that the machine boots fine in safe mode, but not with all services disabled.
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Finally got a used Z in a slightly used condition with (later Raid Mega LSI recommendation suggestions) Model Card a good portion of origional Hardware being stripped LSI Mega Raid Card recommendation (later Model suggestions) away as arranged by seller to reduce price glad to arrange that nbsp Intended to upgrade CPU to a pair of X G of ECC Ramalso interested in running entire HD rig with LSI Raid controller move all of the HD outboard running SAS Gb s Bus nbsp instead of on nbsp LSI Mega Raid Card recommendation (later Model suggestions) board SATA Bus nbsp Checking Quickspec ver did mentioned raid card able to run SAS Gb LSI Mega Raid Card recommendation (later Model suggestions) s speed LSI - I However power supply and HD rack seem to be a nbsp serious problem impossible to mount all HD inside Z nbsp All of HD will running outside mainframe using nbsp external HD cage save mian power supply and reduce heat nbsp My eyes fall on LSI - E which is very attractive choice nbsp Therefore my question will be - nbsp is it possible to run LSI - E on Z Mine is C Board nbsp Currently i am running on a LSI E HD running internal controller card bus nbsp Expect reply soonest nbsp Regards nbsp Pm
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Hey everyone.

I have a spare ATA66 Promise Raid card, and was wondering if I'd have any speed problems hooking up a 52x32x52 Lite-on CDRW / 48x24x48x16 Lite-on Combo Drive and a DRU-500A sony dvd burner to the card. If I remember correctly, ATA100 and ATA133 are useless for CD/DVD drives, but if I'm wrong, I'd rather get a ATA133 card.

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I recently bought a PCI ATA RAID Card from Scsi Drives, Two Pci Booting Dual Raid Ide One Card, Compusa so I could add an Iomega ZIP drive to my computer without loosing one of my other drives I learned that it wouldn t work that way so I connected my primary slave hard drive to the RAID card and made the ZIP drive the new PS drive Everything works fine But what I want to do now is somewhat complicated I currently run Windows XP Pro SP on Two Ide Drives, One Scsi Raid Pci Card, Dual Booting the Primary Master drive hereafter quot drive quot and I use the second hard drive which used to be the PS but now is connected to the RAID card for storage hereafter quot drive Two Ide Drives, One Scsi Raid Pci Card, Dual Booting quot Both drive have a single partition formatted in NTFs I want to setup a dual boot with Windows SE XP Pro I know that Windows must be on the first partition of the boot drive So I want to move Drive to the RAID card then create a FAT partition on Drive where I will install Windows What makes it so complicated I really really do not want to have to reformat repartition or otherwise damage the data on either drive though the data on Drive could be burned to a CD and restored after any such formatting Additionally my experience with RAID setups is extremely limited Any help would be appreciated My head starts hurting even when I m just thinking about this

A:Two Ide Drives, One Scsi Raid Pci Card, Dual Booting

First off, don't add the Zip drive to the primary IDE channel as it probably works at only 33MHz. This will force your primary IDE master device, the boot hard drive, to slow down from 100MHz to 33MHz. You didn't say why you didn't hook up your zip drive to the secondary IDE channel, but I suppose its because you already have 2 optical drives occupying it.

You might try moving what is now your slave optical drive to the RAID controller and configure it to be a master, then configure the zip drive to be the slave device on the secondary IDE channel. You also didn't say why the zip drive didn't work on the RAID controller. It should have worked, other than for the fact that zip drives have always been problematic to hook up.

As for creating a dual-boot setup, you may have to bite the bullet and be prepared to wipe drive 1, create 2 partitions on it and format the first physical partition to use FAT for 98SE and the second to be NTFS for XP. This can all be done by using an XP install disk without actually installing XP into the first partition. Once the partitions are set up, install '98 onto the first partition. Then install XP onto the second partition. XP is smart enough to detect the existing '98 OS and pop up a screen at boot time to select which OS you want to boot up.

Note that this configuration keeps drive 2 unchanged as the slave device on the primary IDE channel. I hope this helps.
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Hi All I'm running a Tyan K WE dual opteron system with Windows Bit I have a HORRIBLE Highpoint RAID card installed in a PCIe slot which has caused me headache upon headache in the last card replacing raid for horrible a advice highpoint Some couple of years Fortunately I have always kept another backup of the RAID system so when I have had failures which have been plenty of times I've always been Some advice for replacing a horrible highpoint raid card able to retrieve the data I needed I'm looking at replacing the highpoint card that is currently running two RAID arrays at TB apiece which are running TB Hitachi drives in each array I have TB total filled on the arrays and I don't forsee filling up the second array for a couple of years photo raw files so I'm looking for a card that is actually reliable in keeping my data safe and I'm fine with switching to RAID if necessary since I keep an additional backup at all times The plethora of options is simply over the top and I'm not seeing a lot of cards that explicitly say that they're Windows bit compatible I currently also backup to Backblaze online and I've seen from their descriptions that they use an Addonics card in all of their storage pods so I was thinking that maybe if they have good luck with those I might also I'm totally open to options though but nothing to do with highpoint because their card sucks and their customer service is even worse Thank you for any assistance you may have to offer Cheers steve

A:Some advice for replacing a horrible highpoint raid card

Hi semillerimages, welcome to Seven Forums.

I myself use raid10 on the onboard controller of my motherboard at the moment
but i've been looking at a seperate raid card as well.
As I understand it the best way to go is to have a complet hardware controlled raid card
that's platform independent (has it's own cpu and onboard memory)
What I read is the best one's are from Areca, 3ware or LSi.
It also depends on what you can afford because good ones are quite expensive.

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i just bought this card because my motherboard has only one ide port, and i have a lot of ide drives. so i connected 2 dvd drives to the ide port on the motherboard, and i want to run my 2 hard drives through the rc-212 card. it will work fine when i only have the master drive in, but then i plug the other in, which is set to cable select (it doesnt have a slave setting) and my pc then doesnt boot all the way to windows and it doesnt see the 2nd hard drive. any suggestions to get this working right?

im running asus m2n-e, amd athlon 64x2 4800 2,5 Ghz, 2 x 1 GB ram, evga nvidia 8800gts 320 MB, maxtor 200 and 160 GB ide hard drives.. thanks for any help!

A:rosewill rc-212 raid sata card trouble.. IGNORE!!!! SORRY

switched the retarded cables around and its fine...
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hi guys i m new here I ve just bought a new system but have kept my existing hard drives and DVD CD-RW As my motherboard only has one IDE connector I bought a IDE Raid controller card SIL -XXX After doing a clean install of XP and installing the raid card drivers I have now tried to connect my DVD-RW to the card Solved: card adding to Problem RAID controller DVD-RW IDE but can t boot into windows So I have my hard drives connected to the motherboard IDE and the DVD-RW to the IDE raid controller I ve tried connecting the DVD to the blue connection and the white connection and also changing the master slave config on the DVD with no luck What happens is the BIOS loads normally the RAID config screen then loads showing my DVD as drive then it just reboots and does the whole thing again I ve tried Solved: Problem adding DVD-RW to IDE RAID controller card stripping back to my master HDD connected to the blue IDE connection on the raid card with the DVD connected to the white connection but I get quot a disk error occurred quot Any ideas I really want to connect the DVD only to the card thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Problem adding DVD-RW to IDE RAID controller card

in case anyone comes across this thread with a similar problem....
I ended up leaving the master HDD and DVD on the motherboard IDE and adding the second HDD as a master on the blue connection on the IDE raid card.
Finally ,it's all working.
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I installed the High Point Rocket Raid 2314 (AKA G-Technology 0G00042 High-Performance eSATA PCIe 4x RAID Controller) to use with G Speed ES RAID enclosures. However my computer hangs on bootup as it seems to want to boot from those drives instead of system ssd.  I have to hit F1 to finish bootup. I also have two internal drives configured as RAID. Could this be the issue or is it strictly the pcie card that's the conflict? System boots fine without it. Is there a way to change boot order? I can't find it.  HP system BIOS is v.03.12 Thanks!
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I've found that a once usable PCI card with SATA ports is not recognized by Win7 discovery. This discovery is necessary before drivers can be installed.

These cards are old and may need setup by some sort of Raid discovery as in the old F6 option
for Windows XP.

I have the Startech x64 drivers from the company which should work for an x84 installation. Is there a way
to get the SATA four port card "discovered" under Win7 x64?
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I card? Onboard IDE an I Ultra PCI Failed! How controller ATA install IDE can RAID 133 have a Gateway G - Onboard IDE Failed! How can I install an Ultra ATA 133 IDE RAID PCI controller card? computer whose on Onboard IDE Failed! How can I install an Ultra ATA 133 IDE RAID PCI controller card? board ide chips failed This was verified when I called Gateway tech support and they had me go into the CMOS and look at the drives that were detected Nothing was detected They Onboard IDE Failed! How can I install an Ultra ATA 133 IDE RAID PCI controller card? told me to buy a new mother board and get on with life A friend told me that several years ago he had the same problem He bought an IDE controller card and plugged it into the PCI slot amp got it up and running He can t remember all the details about what he did though So I bought an Ultra ATA IDE RAID PCI Controller Card for cheap including an installation manual and installation cd This is where the problem comes in The old IDE doesn t work None of the drives are recognized except the floppy I can boot into a dos window with the emergency boot disk The RAID card is uninstalled and requires an up and running operating system as well as a functional CD to install I need to install the RAID card from a dos window from floppy So what do I do now Best regards nbsp

A:Onboard IDE Failed! How can I install an Ultra ATA 133 IDE RAID PCI controller card?
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I had installed a LSI 9260-8i SAS Raid card in Slot 2 (PCIe x16), a graphics cardsin slot 4 (x4) and a Intel 750 PCIe SSD card in slot 1 (x4) and all worked great. I took out the Intel PCIe SSD card and installed a Fusion ioDrive card in Slot 1 and it worked but the ioDrive works best with x8 bandwidth. So I swapped the LSI SAS card to Slot 1 and put the ioDrive card in Slot 2.  When I restarted the LSI SAS card won't load it's BIOS.  This is consistent no matter what arrangment of cards - if the ioDrive is in any slot except Slot 1 then the LSI SAS card won't work. Why is this?  Is there any way around this problem? Thanks
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So I have had RAID Controller HighPoint III Problems Host Card SATA / a HighPoint SATA III GB host card in my system for some time now and yes it was a total pain to set up when I initially installed it I recently picked up a new TB SATA HighPoint SATA III Host / RAID Controller Card Problems III GB drive newegg had uhm on sale and I HighPoint SATA III Host / RAID Controller Card Problems had a spare HighPoint SATA III Host HighPoint SATA III Host / RAID Controller Card Problems RAID Controller card laying around and a spare PCI-E slot to boot so I dropped the card in mounted the drive and wired it up using a SATA III GB cable of course I then tried to boot it up - lt insert facepalm here gt - yea I got nothing Has anyone else successfully gotten a HighPoint and a to co-exist on the same board It'd be even more ideal if said board was a Gigabyte MA FXT-UD P I've noticed that during boot up the system is seeing the newly installed card before the primary card since the bootable disk is already on the primary card the next step will be to switch the ports that the cards are installed in and see if that makes any difference There's nothing in the board docs about one PCI-E slot being initialized before the other but it's worth investigating Will post follow ups especially since I have read that HighPoint support is non-existent Using the onboard ports so that I can still use the new drive but sure would be nice if I could take advantage of those fast I O rates that come with SATA III

A:HighPoint SATA III Host / RAID Controller Card Problems

I have one but have not used it yet. I read in reviews on Newegg that you install it with nothing connected then startup and see if windows recognizes it and installs the drivers or go through the finding new hardware part. After it is recognized and installs drivers, then shutdown and install the hard drives to it. Guess we'll have to see if that works. If it needs drivers, I believe they are the Marvell 91xx drivers.
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I have recently bought a Precision 7910 with three 2Tb hard drives.  I originally ordered it with a MegaRAID SAS 9341-8i RAID card to set up RAID5.  The RAID card was missing, but has now been delivered. 
Our IT guys could attached two of the HDs to the RAID card (via a double headed mini SATA cable... see attached photo), but the third drive was connected to the mother board.  They need to know what the model number for the cable is to connect the third drive to the RAID card.  I am considering getting an other HD, so I guess another double headed cable is required.  Anyone know what this cable could be?
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Hi all I need some major help at the moment I MAJOR cont.. broke HELP driver card ! RAID sound NEEDED have been using win bit for around weeks now MAJOR HELP NEEDED ! sound card driver broke RAID cont.. and it had been working perfectly untill i decided to install a sound blaster sound card I installed the drivers for win bit and restarted once it restarted i noticed that my onboard Intel ICH R raid controller didnt start up after the bios booting sequence and i then got the error message quot opperating system missing quot I have tried all sorts of things and cannot get anything to work I have a seperate pci-e raid controller which i had used for mirroring storage drives i have tried to use this to create a new RAID array for my SSD's but i cannot install windows onto it I have now tried to keep the drives separate and to install windows onto just one of them but windows install is giving me the error message quot Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition See the setup log files for more information quot Guys i really dont know what to do I have formatted each of the drives using my pci-e controller but nothing is giving me any luck i am really really really stuck please does anyone have any ideas i cant believe all this has happened just because of a stupid sound driver got installed if i didnt have all of my important info on the storage drives i would be majorly upset please help thank you

A:MAJOR HELP NEEDED ! sound card driver broke RAID cont..

would be interested to see if changing slots would fix this issue
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I m building a computer at work to deal w some huge data files GB I m using an Areca ARC- - I R SAS Stata RAID controller card to run a RAID setup w Seagate Barracuda SATA III TB hard drives The card has a single SAS port on it so I also purchased hard Solved: drives controller RAID recognize card doesn't a cable w SAS connector on end and SATA connectors on the other I ve installed the latest driver for the controller card I m running a fresh installation of Win Enterprise -bit on an SSD boot drive that connects directly to the motherboard Solved: RAID controller card doesn't recognize hard drives ie not connected to the RAID card When I access the card s BIOS menu at boot-up it says that there are no storage devices available Thru a process of elimination I know that the drives and the power cable to the drives are all good So that leaves the SAS-to-SATA cable a hardware issue w the card or a configuration problem w the card There are no troubleshooting instructions in the manual and knowledge base on the Areca website wasn t helpful Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this nbsp

A:Solved: RAID controller card doesn't recognize hard drives

Turns out that the SAS connector has a double clasp on the end. So it felt like it was pushed in all the way, when in fact it was only pushed part of the way in. It's building the array right now...
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I have two 120 GB IDE drives and want to configure them in a Raid 0. I bought a 250 GB Acomdata External SATA drive that included a pci SATA/Raid card. I can get everything to boot up ok, but when i try to raid the two ide drives with the Promise 20276, then the system hangs on the Dura Micro S/ATA adapter, never detecting the external drive. I have a Gigabyte GA-7vaxp MB. Does the Promise 20276 use an extra IRQ when the raid function is enabled? I would really like to raid these drives to use to edit video.

A:GA-7VAXP, added acomdata SATA pci card and having conflicts trying to make a raid.

what external drive are you referring to?
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Hello sorry if the tittle sounds confusing What i am trying to do exactly is take my HD with my win os on it and plug it in to my raid card I currently have HD's on my raid card set to Raid I have another HD Bootable Trouble sata 1210 HD with Raid Card existing IDE ARCA making plugged into my MB sataport in IDE mode this drive has my win OS on it I want to take this drive and use it with my raid card When Trouble making ARCA 1210 Raid Card Bootable with existing sata IDE HD i plug it in to my Raid card I can set up the Raid set and Volume set via the Raid bios I also make this raid set boot-able via MB bios When i try to boot up windows i get the black Trouble making ARCA 1210 Raid Card Bootable with existing sata IDE HD screen asking to find a proper boot device Im not Trouble making ARCA 1210 Raid Card Bootable with existing sata IDE HD sure what i am doing wrong Im using a M A T-V EVO ASUS MB Am I missing a step Im kinda a noobie with raid ect I've self taught my self everything pc related with lots of help from forums just like this one This is my third pc build and everything has gone smooth except this Any and all help is most appreciated

A:Trouble making ARCA 1210 Raid Card Bootable with existing sata IDE HD

Quote: Originally Posted by reeseman

Hello sorry if the tittle sounds confusing ,
What i am trying to do exactly is take my HD with my win 7 os on it and plug it in to my raid card. I currently have 2 HD's on my raid card set to Raid 0 .I have another HD plugged into my MB sataport in IDE mode, this drive has my win 7 OS on it. I want to take this drive and use it with my raid card. When i plug it in to my Raid card I can set up the Raid set and Volume set via the Raid bios. I also make this raid set boot-able via MB bios. When i try to boot up windows i get the black screen asking to find a proper boot device. Im not sure what i am doing wrong. Im using a M4A88T-V EVO ASUS MB. Am I missing a step? Im kinda a noobie with raid ect. I've self taught my self everything pc related with lots of help from forums just like this one. This is my third pc build and everything has gone smooth except this. Any and all help is most appreciated .

I can still not get windows to boot when i plug my HDD into the raid card. Ive read the manual. One thing i may be having trouble with is in the MB bios ,i have no otion to make the raid card bootable.....but the drive does show up in the boot priorty options
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc RAID load RAID<input when on windows to tries driver no with BSOD system type= U CN B BJ Antivirus Norton Internet Security Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled Originally every - mos now every - wks during windows startup I get a blue screen quot A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer quot I disconnect power wait a couple of minutes and restart It restarts normally then I get quot The system BSOD when windows tries to load RAID driver on system with no RAID<input type= has recovered from a serious error - please tell Microsoft quot I send error report Windows error reporting responds quot Download and install driver for RAID controller from Intel website quot I follow the link and download iata env exe but when I try to run it I get quot BSOD when windows tries to load RAID driver on system with no RAID<input type= This computer BSOD when windows tries to load RAID driver on system with no RAID<input type= does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software quot This doesn t surprise me since I do not have a RAID controller on this system My question is - how do I stop Windows from looking for RAID drivers to load at startup There is no RAID controller listed in Device Manager so I can t disable it there This started some months after I upgraded some Intel drivers about yrs ago but I do not know what they were or how to un-upgrade them nbsp

A:BSOD when windows tries to load RAID driver on system with no RAID<input type=
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Hi there Yesterday my computer was shut down when I returned home nbsp I may have lost power but with as different shows reads RAW, RAID 5 RAW RAID duplicate software Windows drive letter? I am connected to a UPS that Windows software RAID 5 reads as RAW, duplicate RAW RAID shows with different drive letter? should have kept me safe from any surges nbsp Turning the computer on my RAID drive drive letter M is gone and a mysterious new drive has appeared labeled as drive E also showing as a RAW drive In disk management I can see that drive M is its normal size GB nbsp I am using x TB drives nbsp Intel Rapid Storage nbsp Technologhe shows all four drives as healthy and functional nbsp Drive E shows in Disk Management the same as Drive M and I have no idea how it ended up there and what I should do with it nbsp My C drive shows up and works normally where I have my Windows software RAID 5 reads as RAW, duplicate RAW RAID shows with different drive letter? OS and programs installed Not sure where to start but hoping it is just an issue with the MBR nbsp
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Yesterday I woke boot question disk issues RAID Solved: RAID - disappearing - up to find my computer had bluescreened overnight scsiport sys was in the bsod message Solved: RAID boot issues - disappearing disk - RAID question and the stop error code was a --------------- x A KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR Click to consult the online MSDN article A page of kernel data was not found Solved: RAID boot issues - disappearing disk - RAID question in the pagefile and could not be read into memory Solved: RAID boot issues - disappearing disk - RAID question This might be due to incompatible disk or controller drivers firmware or hardware Windows NT Setup Troubleshooting Guide KB NT Recommendations for the current error message are buried down inside this article which isn t necessarily limited to NT Connecting a Hard Disk Drive in Slave Only Mode Leads to System Halt During Resume From Standby KB Win XP SP Windows installed on a slave drive BIOS Manufacturers Should Not Clear the IDE Decode Enable Bit in STM ACPI Method KB Win Win XP Server Vista via http aumha org a stop htm -------------------- The system has preformed fairly flawlessly up to this save for a CPU fan error which I may have caused in testing note to self never detach a system fan while the computer is running JUST to see if the fan readout warning system works and bluescreens a while back because I had both DVD drives set to cable select I rebooted several times and the system did not find a bootable drive - it would just hang at the cursor that displays before the XP splash screen appears Once my raid utility reported my RAID failed I have two Seagate GB RPM drives in RAID and a as a standalone drive I use for backup My board is an ASUS M V FULL SPECS SilverStone Temjim TJ case ASUS M V Socket AM VIA K T ATX Motherboard AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz Zalman Heatsink G SKILL GB x DDR PC SAPPHIRE Radeon X PRO MB -bit GDDR RAID Seagate Barracuda GB RPM SATA Hard Drive x Seagate Barracuda GB RPM SATA Hard Drive x SAMSUNG X DVD R LightScribe Black IDE w Powertek PSU OPTI-UPS Voltage Stabilizer SAMSUNG BW Black in ms DVI Widescreen LCD SAMSUNG NW Black in ms VG XP Pro SP The GB drives are in SATA ports amp and the GB is in the port labeled as RAID there are only available SATA ports The GB array is partitioned into a GB windows parition and a GB storage partition with some unallocated space on the disk Finally it booted to windows and I began to verify my data had been backed up which was not the case I use NovaBackup as an automated solution So I began to manually backup and the BSOD appeared again I rebooted and it once again hung on the cursor before the XP splash Rebooted several times and it finally went back to windows same BSOD after about - minutes Rebooted several times no go I booted to a live ubuntu CD and received error ata port failed to respond along with a slew of other errors I rebooted and it went to linux - no hard disks were found I disconnected the disk drives booted shutdown reconnected and booted again - same error Reseated RAM whynot - same error Long story short - after no less than reboots XP finally booted stably and I backed up my data The system has not had the same issue since yet I would not be surprised if it happens again However Last time I booted the GB disk had disappeared It was not in My Computer or Disk Manager Rebooted and it was available I am just looking for some information and advise on this issue My diagnosis is a failing raid controller on the board or a failing disk I ve listened closely to the drives and there is no audible sign of failure Perhaps I m using the RAID SATA port incorrectly I m looking for a disk utility to verify the integrity of the disks ---- Also I have a question about drives in RAID -- if I were to detach my RAID drives insert new drives and change the raid configuration would it be possible to reinstall the old drives change the raid config back to RAID and boot from the drives or would the RAID need to be rebuilt re... Read more

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I ordered a 3620 with 2 hard drives configured for RAID 0. It has already shipped. I realize now that I made a mistake and should have ordered the RAID 1 configuration. I realize this will reduce my total drive capacity.
Also, I'm planning on adding a 3rd HDD that I do not wanted to be included in the RAID. Any help on switching RAID levels and adding the 3rd drive would be appreciated. I'm expecting the machine to arrive tomorrow.
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I am running 7 pro 64bit on a ASUS p8p67 deluxe mobo and I copied all data from my 1tb storage D: drive to a backup external and proceded to install raid 5 with 3 single 1tb drives and the raid is up an running. However using Intel Rapid Storage Technology to setup the raid inside windows I had to use the drive letter R: because D: was not available in the list option. When I start some programs, the program is looking for the data on D: drive. Is there any way to change the letter of my raid storage from R: to D:?


A:RAID 5 switched from single storage to raid 5, lost drive letter

It's possible the cd-rom/dvd drive assigned itself as d: before the new raid was created.
This should be solvable using the windows disk management tool if that's the case.
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Is it possible to use a separate hard disk for your OS and programs with data storage on a RAID Array consisting of two (or more) identical hard disks?

Would the system disk need to be the same size as the disks used for the RAID Array?


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could I add an internal non-raid hard disk drive to my computer and leave my other hard disk drives in a raid configuration ASUS tech support said that I could add optical DVD CD drives to my SATA connections on my mobo is that correct The mobo manual does not indicate that I can so I don t know if I should believe the tech guy or not unless the information is buried deeply and briefly in the manual - I sure can t find it in the manual My IDE controller on the mobo seems to be failing so I want to replace my IDE dvd and cd drives with SATA optical drives DVD Burner Lite - on LH- A H- CD Burner Lite - on LH- R P- Case Silverstone SSTemjinTJ CPU Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz M shared L Cache LGA Processor CPU Cooler ZALMAN LED configuration? Non Solved: Disk 5 Drive Raid in Raid mm Ball Fax modem Encore ENF Solved: Non Raid Disk Drive in Raid 5 configuration? -ESW-MOPR Motherboard ASUS P B Deluxe LGA Intel P Express ATX Intel Floppy Drive NEC Black MB quot Internal Floppy Drive Model FD H- Power Supply OCZ GameXStream OCZ GXSSLI ATX V W Power Supply - V RAM Corsair total GB x GB -Pin Solved: Non Raid Disk Drive in Raid 5 configuration? DDR SDRAM DDR PC Video Card eGeForce GTX MB Hard Drves Seagate HD G ST K M SATA ST AS Raid configuration nbsp

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I have a computer running XP which was built with a pair of GB hard drives which have met their limit in terms of free space so the user is wanting to upgrade These drives appear to be running in some kind of RAID setup via the motherboards built in RAID feature not a PCI card running this setup This is the first time I ve encountered a RAID setup in a home-based PC One other minor problem I have is this motherboard an Asus ABN-VM only has two SATA ports which are both used so I m going to have to clone to an external drive as an image file and then connect the new single GB drive and clone back drives) clone Need RAID to mirror non-RAID, a single to a HD (two from that image to the new drive However come to think of it I have an adapter that Need to clone a RAID mirror (two drives) to a non-RAID, single HD would allow me to connect the new drive to the PC via USB so scratch that concern I guess I decided to take the plunge and see what Clonezilla would do with the external USB drive I Need to clone a RAID mirror (two drives) to a non-RAID, single HD have and the two GB drives in the PC When the main menu appeared I told it that I wanted to work in device to image mode and then told it to mount all drives It then asked me Need to clone a RAID mirror (two drives) to a non-RAID, single HD to select the drive I wanted to use as the source but it presented both drives as individual drives not a single mirror as I was expecting the motherboard to present it as So don t know what to do from here Perhaps there s another cloning utility out there I could run from within Windows or could boot from a disc that would recognize this array and clone it to a single drive properly Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advanced nbsp

A:Need to clone a RAID mirror (two drives) to a non-RAID, single HD

If the drives are mirrored then imaging one drive should be all you need. If the drives are striped then the two drives are being combined together to make ~160GB drive.

I guess to determine this, what is the capacity of the main 'logical' drive? 80 or 160'ish?
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I keep trying to migrate it using minitool partition wizard but whenever the action has been completed it won't boot from the SSDs windows recovery comes up. Any suggestions?