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USB Bluetooth adapter

Q: USB Bluetooth adapter

I bought this thinking I could connect a bluetooth headset, I was wrong. What purposes does this do?

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Preferred Solution: USB Bluetooth adapter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: USB Bluetooth adapter

It connects your PC to any other device that is Bluetooth enabled.
For instance, mobile phone. You use it to transfer files, (mp3 .jpg or video) to or from your devices.
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how do i get these to work together one computer has the qwest modem the other the usb and i want to have a wireless connection for internet but they dont connect and see eache other

A:Solved: Bluetooth 2.0 usb adapter class 1 and qwest wireless modem w1000 adapter

Does the bluetooth adapter recognise the modem but can't connect?
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Hi !!
I am having a bluetooth adapter installed on my PC. Now I wanted to connect my Samsung HM1100 headset with it. It paired and everything but during installation of driver it says "NO DRIVER FOUND". I have tried too many times and I have also installed a bluetooth driver "SILICON WAVE BLUETOOTH DRIVER".
Actually its a dongle I'm having. So it didn't require any drivers but it won't connect to my bluetooth headset.
Help will be appreciated.

A:My bluetooth adapter won't connect to my bluetooth headset

Do you still need assistance with this issue?
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Hello I have an issue with my Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter Bluetooth LIT Adapter's USB Is Bluetooth OFF? Light IS When Blue - Version Class Smart Ready Adapter Model No MUA-BA Let me explain Okay I have setup my Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter with the drivers for my Windows operating system USB Bluetooth Adapter's Blue Light IS LIT When Bluetooth Is OFF? Now when I plug this USB Bluetooth adapter into my USB port connector on my desktop computer it automatically lights up with a blue light on the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter itself and on my Windows system tray notification area I get the Bluetooth icon displayed as ON Then I go ahead and pair the computer and my device s example a Smartphone to connect which they do successfully When I am done using the Bluetooth technology I disconnect the Bluetooth connection from each device and then instead of leaving your USB Bluetooth adapter ON with my Windows operating system I go into my Windows system tray notification area and select Turn Adapter OFF I then get the red Bluetooth icon in my Windows system tray notification area demonstrating that my Bluetooth is indeed OFF and the Bluetooth blue light on the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter goes OFF or is not lit any longer Okay so far so good everything is normal However when I shutdown my Windows operating system and then restart the computer at some later point I notice that the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter still shows on my Windows system tray notification area as OFF okay normal BUT THE BLUE LIGHT ON THE MEDIA LINK USB BLUETOOTH ADAPTER IS NOW ON The only way I can turn off the blue light on the USB Bluetooth adapter is to manually go through the Windows system tray notification area turn ON the Bluetooth technology and then promptly turn back OFF the Bluetooth technology in order for the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter s blue light to go OFF again I find this to be a real pain and chore each time to have to go through these manual steps to turn OFF that Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter s blue light when the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter s blue light SHOULD BE OFF TO BEGIN WITH I would assume after the system re- start and leaving the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter plugged into the USB port connector on my desktop computer if the Bluetooth technology is indeed OFF as set with the Windows operating system settings then the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter s blue light should be OFF as well BUT IT IS NOT I have no intention of consistently plugging in and out the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter when I plan on using it or not but instead leaving the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter always plugged into the my USB port connector on my desktop computer at all times and using the Windows system tray notification area s Bluetooth icon to turn ON and OFF the Bluetooth technology when needed I have contacted Medialink Mediabridge and they have informed me the rationale for this issue quot The only reason the light would be lit is if the bus power from that USB port was running I they looked for ways to manage the bus power settings of the USB host but was unable to find anywhere in the Control Panel that would allow you to adjust that particular setting quot Makes perfect sense to me that the bus power for the USB port is ALWAYS RUNNING and the computer starts the USB ports are powered and therefore the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter is always lit at system start until I turn off the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter via Window 's system tray notification area Specifically the Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapter is connected to one of the USB ports on the front of my desktop computer The front desktop USB port connects to one of the USB pin connectors on my ASUS P Q motherboard Further I have an OLDER ASUS P Q motherboard that does NOT support Bluetooth as part of its BIOS settings -- PRE-Bluetooth capability Therefore I installed the software on my Windows Professional -bit and drivers that came with my Medialink USB Bluetooth Adapt... Read more

A:USB Bluetooth Adapter's Blue Light IS LIT When Bluetooth Is OFF?

Hi, can you give a 20 word or less problem summary please, I got lost in those wordy details.

I am no BT expert or anything, but all I read was complaining about a light being on, which a piece of black electrical tape fixes around my house, regularly *cough* fire alarms.

If the maker of the device doesn't have a solve to your issue... that is usually the end of the road with a cliff.
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hey guys,
i got my laptop in store so i didnt have the option to have bluetooth with it and im looking to add bluetooth to it cause my phone has it and its realy useful (who knew) an i was wondering i don't want it sticking out the side prefeibly unseen internal if you have a manual with pictures ( =] ) or a i have onle of these things.
a SD.MS/Pro.MMC.XD slot i wonder can you get a bluetooth one of those but i would prefer to have it internal.

compaq presario CQ6-216TU windows vista home premium 32bit OS
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Im trying to find an Bluetooth adapter thats defiantly working with Win7 64bit. I checked the Win7 comparability page and it only lists two that are compatible so far.

So if you have a USB adapter and Win7, and they are working without you have to have jumped through hoops, will you please let me know what brand and model it is? Thanks

A:Bluetooth Adapter

I can't vouch for 64-bit support, but the Azio BTD-V201 installed easily and works flawlessly under Windows 7 32-bit.
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If I got a bluetooth adapter for my computer could I use the bluetooth headset for my cellphone to talk on skype through my computer?


A:bluetooth adapter

Have a look on there. try the first in the list, I think that had a headset option. If no luck, try the VoIP version.

Great software for bluetooth.
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after installing a Belkin Blueetooth adapter in my PC, it locks up my other NIC that is hooled up to my LAN.
Any ideas as to fix it?

A:Bluetooth adapter

It sounds like a conflict between the two. Have you set your bluetooth up? Jazz
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Hi there i m Brian Asked adapter Bluetooth 4.0 for help few months ago with my laptop which you guys were great with and much appreciated I have a new question I could use some help Bluetooth 4.0 adapter with Desktop I built about - years ago before bluetooth was as big as it is now I m Bluetooth 4.0 adapter looking for a adapter but not exactly sure if there s a better brand to get I know that like HDMI cables a will work as well as a one but am looking for recommendations So far this is what i ve been able to find http www tigerdirect com applic adapter http www pricegrabber com bluet adapter http www ebay com sch i html t amp from R Some are pretty cheap which is great but some are companies i ve also never heard of Paying for a brand name is one thing but i d like someone reputable Any suggestions comments etc is appreciated Thanks Brian nbsp
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i want to buy myself a Bluetooth adapter for my PC to listen to music through my bluetooth headset but i want to make sure that there is correct drivers for that how do i check it up
or maybe someone could just post a good reliable bluetooth adapter
thanks in advance
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I bought a couple of cheap ($7 - $12) Bluetooth 2.1+EDR USB adapters for my Windows desktop and laptop a couple of months ago which came with old, trial or limited bluetooth drivers and software. I assume this is because I both the cheap stuff. Any recommendations on good Bluetooth 2.1+EDR USB adapters (preferably those mini mini nano ones) that supports most bluetooth profiles (including stereo) and packaged with good drivers/software?

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I reformatted my laptop, an Asus k43sj, 2 days ago. And I am looking for drivers over the net. But I can't find a bluetooth module(according to Driver Toolkit which I downloaded to find what drivers I lack). I uninstalled it on Device Manager and reinstalled it and actually hoped it will work but to no luck, it didn't. I need help on how to bring my bluetooth to work again.

A:How do I fix my bluetooth adapter?

Can we have your Bluetooth model, and make.

You should be able to find this in device manager
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I am trying to find a bluetooth adapter that will work w/ a vista 64 bit so that I can use my Palm. I have found some but have read a lot about nothing being compatible. Is this true? Charlotte

A:Bluetooth adapter

Hello Charlotte,

Welcome to the Forum.
Any bluetooth dongle adapter like this should work with Vista. If it's what you are asking for.
I have got build in bluetooth on my notebook and I run 64bit OS without problem.
Hope it helps.

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I got a Bluetooth USB adapter (model number is ES-388, no brand) so that I could use my Bluetooth A2DP headset with my Windows 7 PC, but I can't seem to get it to work. Windows does not recognize the device (the adapter), and won't activate it.

Is there a driver that I need to install? The adapter itself came with nothing...

A:Bluetooth USB Adapter ES-388 V2.0

OK, so I've given up on this adapter. It works now for everything BUT A2DP, so I want to get something else.

Does anyone know of a good Bluetooth adapter that definitely can do A2DP on Windows 7 RC/RTM?
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Hiii I have recently purchased a Bluetooth Adapter: Bluetooth dongle it's tiny because I lost the st one When I bought first dongle I had to spend hours and hours installing uninstalling drivers etc because there was no driver CD and I had to search myself Also the dongle didn't have any brand mark on it or the packaging I tried BlueSoleil and have never experienced a worst piece of software in my entire life Broadcom drivers wouldn't work either But somehow I managed to get it working and got it connected with my Nokia mobile and everything was great Then I lost it I Bluetooth Adapter: bought this new adapter It isn't the same and again I'm going through the same trouble I've tried BlueSoleil but it's sh t like always doesn't even work properly Broadcom won't find the dongle The bluetooth on the notifications pops up thought but it won't find or recieve from my phone Searched for drivers with no luck The brand name was RTCC or something but I can't remember specifically cuz someone threw the packagaing away again without CD I have no idea what I did to fix the first one and I can't get this stupid thing to work I'm using Windows Windows Update won't find drivers for it also Any ideas Thanks

A:Bluetooth Adapter:

Hi Telefang and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

Are there any identifying numbers on the adapter, such as a Serial Number? Please post back with as much info as you can.
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Have a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones and trying to get them hooked up to the sound of my older TV. Is there some kind of adapter you can buy to to hook up to the audio out of the TV so I can connect the 2 via Bluetooth? I just don't wanna pay for another pair of headphones. I just want the reciever.
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I'm running Vista Home premium. I have a usb bluetooth adapter that works great in xp, but I cannot get it to work in Vista.
It is an ISSC adapter running Widcomm 1.4.3. build 4 software.
It installed in Vista with the disk that came with it, yet it will not show up in the taskbar at all. It does show up in the Device manager.
I tried to install the newest version of the widcomm software, yet it says it cannot find a bluetooth device on my system. Its plugged in and blinking.
any ideas? thanks in advance.
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i went to a computer store,
they told me that my netbook needs an adapter in order to transfer data wirelessly from Android.
Is there another way to do this?

A:bluetooth adapter?

Quote: Originally Posted by fluidmotion

i went to a computer store,
they told me that my netbook needs an adapter in order to transfer data wirelessly from Android.
Is there another way to do this?

Bluetooth is the easiest (read "least hassle") way of transferring data to your netbook from an Android device. I got a "nano" Bluetooth adapter for my Toshiba laptop, it worked nicely. It sticks out approximately 3/8" (7mm) and was under 10 USD.

If you don't want to go that route, then you can use sync software. I use My Phone Explorer (free). Once you have it set up, you can access your Android device as if it were a networked PC on your home LAN.

Another alternative is to use a USB cable. Set your Android device to Disk Drive under Connect to PC. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that this allows access to data on the SD Card only. Not a problem on my phone as it saves pictures and videos to a folder on the SD Card.
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I was wondering if bluetooth USB adapter with problem? anyone help some one could help me out iv just reently bought the anyone help with USB bluetooth adapter problem? nokia and wanted to connect to my pc via bluetooth adpater I have Now i was using this adapter with another phone with the Widcomm drivers installed on windows xp service pack I installed anyone help with USB bluetooth adapter problem? the service pack and still windows recognised the adapter as widcomm so no problems now since getting the new phone you have to use a programme called nokia pc suite ver which says it requires widcomm bluetooth stack version or above otherwise the phone anyone help with USB bluetooth adapter problem? would not connect with the pc hence i cant use pc suite im assumin they mean just mean a newer version of the software So when I downloaded the widcomm software from a website i installed the software but windows would not recognise the adapter and says the drivers are not currently installed also the widcomm software itself says quot bluetooth device not found quot while it is plugged in and used to work before so i keep goin to device manager gt bluetooth adapter gt update driver and Ive asked windows to search for it but to no avail it doesnt find anything ive even asked it to search in the locations where ive downloaded the programme hoping it would locate the driver I dont know what the driver is to be honest as iv looked through the files of the widcomm programme So i dont know what I should be looking for otherwise i wouldve tried pasting the driver into the windows system drivers folder can anyone help any ideas
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So, I have this keyboard/mouse set, I had to send it back because the mouse buttons mucked up, and on my new one, my pc isn't recognising my new bluetooth usb dongle.,en

I uninstalled and reinstalled the mouse software, but its supposed to be all plug and play anyway!

Could someone give me some help on this


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Ugh Okay Soooo A little back story before we start Last computer I had was a Dell Inspiron laptop I was gifted a Adapter, Bluetooth MY OH USB, Vista- wireless pen tablet for Christmas and USB, Bluetooth Adapter, Vista- OH MY bought a Bluetooth adapter to use in my computer so I could actually use it Apparently I bought the stupid adapter Blue Soleil- lots of problems with the drivers so the simple fix was to delete the company s drivers and just use Vista Home Basic s built in Bluetooth driver That worked fine until I bought a new computer the other day It s an HP running Vista s Home Premium I plugged in my adapter and at -first- it read it and the little Bluetooth icon popped up in the tray by the clock and it said it was installing the drivers I figured this was just Vista s built-in driver and that s what I needed for my wireless to work I didn t install ANY of the Blue Soleil drivers I planned on it ready to work-- Wrong After it showed up briefly and quot installed quot whenever I plug in the USB device it doesn t find it Usually a little blue light shows up on my USB adapter saying that it s ready to find devices it has no discovery button or anything just always kind of worked but when I plug it into any of the USB ports on my laptop nothing I can t even find the driver Vista installed and it s not even powering on so I can t hook up my Bluetooth device Is there anyway I can at least FIND the driver for the adapter I checked hardware and devices and I can t find a thing same with the USB hubs or at least get my adapter to power on I tried restarting and all that lovely business but still nothing Help please nbsp
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Installed a Logitech bluetooth keyboard to xp sp3 computer, keyboard works but I cannot see the adapter anywhere in device manager. I am trying to also pair the adapter with my Blackberry. When I enable bluetooth on cell phone it does not see my pc. Any suggestions

A:[SOLVED] Cannot see bluetooth adapter

You are going to need the Blackberry software for it to work I believe.
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I installed windows 8 pro 64x on my fujitsu lifebook ah530 two days ago, and since then i can't start my bluetooth adapter so I can pair with other bluetooth devices. it used to work just fine with windows 7.and the drivre seems to be ok at device manager. can any one help me. image is attached
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Hello all, I'm looking for a thumbnail size Bluetooth adapter compatible with Windows 10. I did a bit of searching on amazon and newegg and there aren't that many. For those that are available, they're not well known brands. I prefer known brands. Any recommendations are appreciated!
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Is it necessary to have one that is a "printer adapter" or will any bluetooth adapter let you use a bluetooth printer with it.
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I have tried paring my Laptop with my Blackberry, but get a service error message when I check the box marked "Turn on Discovery"

My Phones bluetooth is on but will not find devices.
Please Help.


A:Belkin Bluetooth Adapter

Has this worked before OR is this a new installation of the bluetooth adaptor.
Has the adaptor been recognised
See this please

That service error message on selecting Turn On discovery is more than likely a driver issue for the adapator.
Is there a warning on device manager for the Belkin.

On a more general basis if this is a new installation - does this assist
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Can somebody tell me how i can solv a problem with a bluetooth adapter of trust.
i cant install de program because he doesn,t  see de bluetooth adapter.
my windows is windows 8

with kind regard Mike Boogaard
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Hi all,

I recently encounter problem of sending files via bluetooth. I cannot send files using send to> bluetooth option by right clicking on the files.

In addition, I also encounter problem expanding the youtube description when I clicked on "See more".

I have also attached a pdf document that shows the problem that I have encounter.

Thanks in advance.

A:Problem with bluetooth adapter

Welcome Bluking.

First thing to try, I suggest you hold the left shift key down and right click on a file, then check the Sent To menu to see if there is a Bluetooth option.


Very quickly, check the send to folder to see if there is a Bluetooth shortcut.

To do this, click the start globe/button and input the following line into that little search box at the bottom of the menu - replacing the word USER with your username.


E.g., if my username was Seb9, I would put:


Tap the enter key and a new window should open, with shortcuts in it.


If you do not see a Bluetooth one and you have bluetooth software installed, I suggest you run a repair on the installation, just as an idea.

To do this, you'll need to go to your control panel, go to "Uninstall a program", find the bluetooth software and click repair (or uninstall and reinstall).


Another idea is to check the Bluetooth settings for a setting to create a shortcut in the sent to folder.


With your YouTube issue, hopefully closing and reopening the browser and/or system restart should fix that one.
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I am using Windows HP I have a Microsoft Keyboard Elite and Mouse for Bluetooth Both worked flawlessly with XP Since upgrading to Windows they do not work The Device Manager shows the Bluetooth Adapter and says it is working Problem is when I go to Add A Device it just keeps searching and searching and never finds my keyboard and mouse I have been through many forums and tried the following Replacing the batteries in Keyboard and Adapter Issue Bluetooth Mouse and making sure they are discoverable Getting updated drivers Bluetooth Adapter Issue Uninstalling and re-installing Made sure the Bluetooth service is started and set to start automatically Tried Win Driver from Broadcom Tried Bluesoliel driver In frustration borrowed a Bluetooth adapter from work and that didn't work so then I went and bought a brand new IoGear Bluetooth Adapter that says it is Windows Compatible When plugged in to my USB Windows immediately recognized it and installed drivers Still when I go to Add A Device nothing found I then updated the drivers from Broadcom and sill nothing To make sure it is was not the keyboard and mouse to took them over to my laptop with built-in Bluetooth and it would pair with them immediately Based on the above it seems to me that Windows is having Bluetooth Adapter Issue a problem using Bluetooth to pair with devices Any help is greatly appreciated Thank you

A:Bluetooth Adapter Issue

I don't think it is windows 7. I have a phone and a mouse paired to a Bluetooth stick with Broadcom drivers. They paired at first attempt. There is usually a button on the base of a mouse that you have to press to make it discoverable. I don't know about a keyboard though, I have never used one. There is also a checkbox on the options tab of the Bluetooth settings dialog to make the computer discoverable.
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I have a Zoom USB bluetooth adapter (model 4322) installed with the included Bluesoleil software and drivers. I am using this with a logitech bluetooth mouse model v470 and Vista ultimate x64 with SP1 and all updates installed. When the mouse is not in use for about 30 seconds it disconnects. I try moving the mouse to wake up/ reconnect and there is a long pause (@ 15 seconds) before I am able to use it again. The mouse works normally on another system and another bluetooth mouse exibits the same symptoms. I have disable the power management in the drivers of the USB port but still the problem persists. Can anyone suggest anything sle which might help? Zoom Tech support has been responsive but the problem is really getting top be annoying
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Have recently purchased a USB Bluetooth Adapter (D-Link DBT 120) and can't seem to get it to connect to my Nokia 7650 phone.

Have successfully paired the device but get the following error messages when connecting.
On Start up:

Error:Unable to start the bluetooth stack service
Before serial connection:

The bluetooth serial port com0 will be used when connecting to device Nokia 7650.
Applications that use this service must be configured to communicate using com0. It can be started at any time.
When trying to connect:

Bluetooth serial port connection failed. Remote device closed the connection.

Have tried reinstalling the software but each time the above error messages appear. Have also had a look at the D-link website but was no help at all.

Would appreciate any help that can point me in the right direction.

Cheers Jambo.
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I installed an IOGear USB Bluetooth Adapter I run WinXP SP with latest updates on a Adapter USB Bluetooth Issues Lanova R i I can pair my Jawbone Bluetooth headset with the USB Adapter but am unable to use it for Skype calls as advertised Even when I go to control USB Bluetooth Adapter Issues panel and set up the device for USB Bluetooth Adapter Issues use with Skype it is not recognized in Skype options Also - when I open network connections the Personal Area Network appears on the list but it shows it USB Bluetooth Adapter Issues is disconnected There is no way to connect it that I can see I know I have the latest drive stack for bluetooth enumerator and device amp versions But why can't I get this stuff to work All the reviews said plug it in and use it easy hmmm My ultimate goal here is to be able to use my Jawbone Bluetooth Handsfree with Skype on my laptop via the IOGear USB Bluetooth Adapter Appreciate any ideas anyone might have Thanks
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I just bought a Kensington Bluetooth USB adaptor.
I've installed the software but when i plug it in i see this.

Something to do with the driver i'm guessing. I emailed tech support, no help. I"m just wonding what that means and how i can fix it.
I have windows XP pro, I know the thing is in a plugged in properly because the light on it is blinking.

Any help would be cool. thanks in advance!
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I just got a Palm Centro and conveniently (not really) the usb cable to connect to my phone to computer isn't compatable with 64 bit systems. So I was informed that I should simply buy a Bluetooth adapter to "hotsync" my phone..blah blah blah.

after buying the bluetooth I realized that my computer was not recognizing the new hardware b/c IT isn't compatable with, guessed it...64 bit os...and then they say I have to buy another one. Now, I guess this seems like more complaining than a question, but my level of frustration is immense, so I apologize, but does anyone know a way to fix this issue short of the obvious(buying another flippin adapter)? I mean, is Kensington so cheap and lazy that they cannot get their "experts" to write a patch or update for patrons with a 64 bit system?

A:Bluetooth adapter blues

A cable wouldn't have anything to do with 64-bit compatibility. That lies with the device, not the connection method. If the phone doesn't support connectivity with a 64-bit OS, a Bluetooth adapter isn't going to make a difference.
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I have recently bought a new bluetooth adapter and for some reason it doesn't seem to be working. I put it into the USB slot on my computer and nothing at all comes up, no message, no signal that it is in, absolutely nothing. On the user guide it states that the sytem requirements are 'windows xp / vista / 7' and that it also needs 'USB host controller installed on the system'. I am not sure if I have this 'USB host controller' installed. Any ideas or suggestions ?

It also did not come with a CD.

Much appreciated.

A:Recently bought a bluetooth adapter.

Go to the manufacturers site and download the Bluetooth software so you have control of turning it on and off etc.
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I recently bought a bluetooth adapter online (Mini Wireless Bluetooth v2.0 USB 2.0 Adapter, Square Shaped). I just got it today, but when I pluged it in, it did not work correctly. I get a error code 1 and the device is not configued correctly.

It is listed as
MotioninJoy Virtual Xinput device for Windows

The hardware ID is

A:Driver help for a mini bluetooth adapter

Though i don't know too much about your problem, it did lead me to this site.
It is Motion in Joy related, so may be of some help to you.

Of course others here may still be able to assist.

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I used to use my Turtle Beach PX5s with my laptop. They used to work just fine. I reconnected them to the PS3 one day and after going back to the PC the microphone no longer registers sound on the PC.

Everything is as it should be. All drivers have been reinstalled multiple times, all settings have been checked and double checked. Nothing stands out as abnormal except the sound meter next to the bluetooth headset under audio devices (where it is set as default device) does not register any noise.

The headset is working fine with the ps3 and my phone and I can hear my voice through the headset as I talk, but the PC cannot hear me at all.

I have been through Turtle Beach tech support and Targus tech support and have gotten nowhere. It's been incredibly aggravating and I hope some one here might be able to shed some light.

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I have an Insignia USB Bluetooth adapter plugged into a USB port on my WinXP w/SP3 PC and have the drivers installed, the Bluetooth headphones are discovered and connected, but it won't route sound through the USB adapter. I booted up iTunes and WMP and played music but no sound is forthcoming.

Does anybody have an idea as to getting audio routed through the USB adapter?

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I was trying to connect my cellphone to my laptop via Bluetooth and I couldn't so I went in Device Manager to check I went there and I see this So I disable the device double click gt Driver tab gt Disable Then I enabled it again And voila it started to work but befire I could do ANYTHING within seconds the yellow caution showed up again I tried to uninstall the device then the whole Bluetooth section disappeared from the CODE 43 Laptop Bluetooth Adapter device manager 'tree' Then I clicked Scan for hardware changes and Windows started to install drivers for a unknown device After completion Laptop Bluetooth Adapter CODE 43 the bluetooth section appeared BUT then again it was changed from 'this device is working properly' to 'Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems CODE ' I dont know what to do Someones gifting me a Bluetooth Mouse and Laptop Bluetooth Adapter CODE 43 I believe that they would like to see me use it So any help is appreciated I'm using a Vaio E-VPCEH EG intel core i M processor Nvidia geforece m gb of RAM PS i cant do a system restore because I dont know when this problem started plus I have installed a lot of useful things

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I ve been having problems trying to connect my cellphone to my computer I have HP Pavillion DV Windows Vista and I haven t been able to use bluetooth I have used it before on this laptop with another cell I had but now for some reason it is not working I have a blackberry and i ve had the same phone for awhile with my last laptop I had no problems connecting to it and sharing files but there seems to be a problem with this laptop because the on hp dv6000 my bluetooth adapter with Problems cellphone works fine with another devices I went to control panel and then selected bluetooth devices obviously there was none so i went to options and clicked on Allow bluetooth devices to find this computer but when i click on apply or ok i get an error message saying quot an error occurred while Windows was saving your settings The Bluetooth device might be unplugged The following settings were not saved Discoverability settings Connection settings quot I don Problems with bluetooth adapter on my hp dv6000 t really know what to do i went online looking for answers but there isn t really any nbsp
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I never changed the default network card ever since I bought the pc, and I always used a dongle to use Bluetooth, but now I recently found out that my networkcard also has bluetooth. So, to my understanding, I shouldn't need the dongle at all.Although here's the thing. Ever since I bought it I have found no option to turn the bluetooth on, other than the dongle settings of course. And whats even weider (at least to me), that in the adapter settings it is called 'Ethernet 2', as shown here:The second line says: 'Networkcable not connected' Is this how it should be? My device manager shows the PAN Network Adapter, and it says it has drivers installed, so I don't know what I would be doing wrong. Laptop is out of warranty, so sending it to HP is not really an option.
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I've been scouring the internet for a while and have yet to find an answer to this problem Basically when the Adapter Wake Fails Bluetooth on computer goes to sleep upon wake the blutooth adapter does not reinitialize It works fine on hibernate and re-inserting the adaptor fixes the problem but that is a bit of a hassle to keep doing that to continue to use a simple bluetooth mouse I've tried both the default windows bluetooth stack aswell as the manufacturers stack and still get the same issue with both I am at my wits end trying to figure this Bluetooth Adapter Fails on Wake out on my own Bluetooth Device Cirago BTA- Micro USB Bluetooth Dongle Laptop HP Pavilion dv - nr Entertainment Notebook PC Event Log Log Name System Source BTHUSB Date AM Event ID Task Category None Level Error Keywords Classic User N A Computer slacker Description The local Bluetooth adapter has failed in an undetermined manner and will not be used The driver has been unloaded Event Xml lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt lt System gt lt Provider Name quot BTHUSB quot gt lt EventID Qualifiers quot quot gt lt EventID gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task Bluetooth Adapter Fails on Wake gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt slacker lt Computer gt lt Security gt lt System gt lt EventData gt lt Data gt lt Data gt lt Binary gt C lt Binary gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt Bluetooth Adapter Fails on Wake

A:Bluetooth Adapter Fails on Wake

One more example of why sleep mode in Windows is a horrible idea... Good Luck.
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Okay, so recently my Bluetooth adapter stopped receiving signals, at least form what I can tell. According to the operating system everything is working fine, all the drivers are installed etc. but when I try to connect my Bluetooth mouse it never picks up the signal for it, or my phone. The oddest part is it's only in Windows 7 it all works fine and dandy in XP.
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i plugged in the bluetooth adapter installed the drivers and installed the Widcomm bluetooth software that came with it, and it worked until i restarted the computer and now it is saying bluetooth adapter not detected. :/ i switched the adapter to another usb and its still not working. i tried the driver manager and it found newer driver and its not seeing it, and the light on the adapter is on so i know its getting power
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hi there my USB external speaker and USB bluetooth adapter for my plantronics headset is not working I believe this had to do me removing a critical program from add remove programs about half a year ago - i can no longer do a system recovery to retrieve the program I'm currently operating on windows x -bit all drivers are up to date and working the usb drives work fine - i've tried testing each slot by connecting my external mouse and all seems functional it's only when i plug in the external speaker or usb Working Bluetooth Not USB Speaker & Adapter USB bluetooth adapter that things go wrong - USB Speaker & USB Bluetooth Adapter Not Working see screen USB Speaker & USB Bluetooth Adapter Not Working shots below my internal speaker and internal mic work perfectly fine it appears to be only an issue with usb audio-related devices these devices work with other systems and computers so i know that it is not the device itself i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling conexant audio but that did not work i've gone into the device manager and all looks ok there i've disabled and renabled updated all drivers and still nothing any help would be much appreciated Laptop Lenovo T s thanks so much for any help or guidance you can provide

A:USB Speaker & USB Bluetooth Adapter Not Working

Connect the devices, one at a time. Then go to the Device Manager and display the USB section. There will probably be an Unknown device shown. If there is, RIGHT click on the entry to highlight it and then LEFT click "Uninstall" (do not uninstall any drivers). Disconnect the device from the PC after the Uninstall. Then do the same thing for the other USB device. Restart the PC and then connect one of the devices and Windows should detect it as "new hardware" and install it. If not, run sfc /scannow (run it 3 times) and see if it finds any problem from whatever you may have deleted.
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I have a windows laptop but it does not have Bluetooth So I bought a Bluetooth adapter dongle from local computer shop it has no markings and it seemed to install OK However expecting to see Bluetooth any can't Bluetooth devices installed, adapter see in notification bar but it does not show My laptop can't see any other device I have done the following to try and rectify Been to device manager and the adapter appears to be working Been to services and Bluetooth is set to automatic Been to Bluetooth settings in Hardware amp Sound and tried to tick quot Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer quot but when you apply get error message- quot An error has occurred while windows was saving your settings The Bluetooth device might be unplugged The following settings were not saved Discoverability settings Connection settings quot I have uninstalled the adapter and reinstalled I have checked latest driver updates Still can't see any devices Got my daughters mobile phone to make sure Bluetooth adapter installed, can't see any devices it could see my phone by Bluetooth and it could so Bluetooth is switched on my phone Just don't know what else there is to do on my computer to be able to see other devices

A:Bluetooth adapter installed, can't see any devices

You mentioned that you have no icon in your notification area.... Is the check box for "show Bluetooth icon in notification area" checked??

If this is the case, I also have this issue and have been working at it for hours. hopefully we can both get it resolved
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Is there any bluetooth adapter out there that I can connect to my PC Bluetooth Multi-purpose Adapter PC and that is both able to transfer data as well as be A DP compliant Specifically I want it to be able to fulfill the following tasks transmit Multi-purpose PC Bluetooth Adapter data wirelessly between my bluetooth enabled phone and my Multi-purpose PC Bluetooth Adapter PC pretty basic allow me to listen to music on my PC wirelessly using my stereo bluetooth headset allow me to do the reverse of and listen to audio on my phone through Multi-purpose PC Bluetooth Adapter the speakers attached to my computer I know can be done in a round about way transmit the audio files from the phone to the PC then listen to them using a media player but it would be nice if this could be done directly I ve seen USB adapters that will allow for and and adapters that will allow for through a quot line-in quot port on the PC soundcard or other stereo system but none that incorporates them all I would think a device that could do all three would be out there somewhere Anyone been able to do this nbsp

A:Multi-purpose PC Bluetooth Adapter

Something like these?
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I need to add a bluetooth adapter for Windows 7 64 bit. Any recommendations? Price concerns.


A:Recommend Bluetooth adapter for Win7 64 bit

Quote: Originally Posted by choco

I need to add a bluetooth adapter for Windows 7 64 bit. Any recommendations? Price concerns.


I'm owning a TrendNet TBW-106UB Bluetooth v2.0 class 1 + EDR usb 2.0 dongle:

So a new one on their site:
TRENDnet | Products | Bluetooth? | TBW-107UB
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Agh, this has got me steamed. I had to reinstall winxp2 on my hp pavilion zx5060 and now I can't get my d-link dbt-120 USB bluetooth adapter to connect with my cell phone (sony-ericsson t637) I did this...;en-us;840635

I have just the d-link driver installed, but now I can't get the d-link software program to run! D-link support said something about install human interface, but he wasn't sure, hp support was no help either, should I do something here?....(see attachment)
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hi all Accidently i turn off the blue tooth adapter in my PC since i can't be able to turn it on. Mine is a Asus K43S with windows 7. Pls help me.

A:how to turn on bluetooth adapter in windows 7

If you have a laptop, there should be a button you can hit. The other option would be to find it in the device manager, right click on it, and hit enable.
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I have a mac 2013(early) running win10 (obviously). I have my TV with a auxiliary port. I want to know if it is possible to use some software to turn my laptop into an adapter between my Bluetooth headphones and the TV. I have heard that if the volume is too loud from the TV going into a auxiliary port, it could fry something. I feel like this is something that could be doable, and software exists. But I cannot find any, and I really want to use my Bluetooth headphones so no one can hear my TV when playing games and such.

A:software to turn mac into bluetooth adapter?

If you are using the tv as an external monitor as well as for watching broadcasts you would simply mute that if not Bluetooth capable and then use either the head phone jack on the laptop itself or see the Bluetooth app configure the head set there not through the tv. Does the headset happen to have a usb dongle by chance?

On a quick Bing search for looking a guide for seeing Bluetooth installed on 10 you will also find instructions on how to see Bluetooth already present and accounted for enabled on 10 rather easily. The following was quickly found from the Help From Microsoft pages in the Bing search results itself with an embedded video short.

To connect your Bluetooth headset, speaker, or headphones to your Windows 10 PC, you'll need to pair the device first.

Turn on your Bluetooth device and make it discoverable. The way you make it discoverable depends on the device. Check the device info or website to find out more.On the taskbar, select the action center icon, and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.In action center, select Connect, then pick your device.Follow any additional instructions. Otherwise, you're done.

Help from MicrosoftWas this helpful?

Another quickie on this is the blog seen at How to Enable / Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10? | WindowsInstructed
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Alright so after can't adapter problem, install Bluetooth years of dealing with several throw-away computers as I like to call them those being the cheap computers you Bluetooth problem, can't install adapter pick up for a few hundred from a Walmart or Best Buy I finally Bluetooth problem, can't install adapter put out the money to get a higher end computer built All is pretty good with it but I decided to try and connect Bluetooth problem, can't install adapter my bluetooth adapter to it for use with my wireless headphones It's a Rocket Fish adapter or whatever It previously installed fine on the Windows laptop I had been using However on this computer everytime I've tried to install it the installer spits me out an error that it can't start the Windows Bluetooth Stack It just suggests to restart the computer and try again which doesn't work I've tried googling the issue and nothing seems to provide a solution Anyone here know where to even start to try and fix this problem EDIT Sorry no specs at the moment to post Throwing this up right quick before I have to run off to work figure drum up some ideas while I'm away Any specific information that would be useful when I return

A:Bluetooth problem, can't install adapter

Do you have a driver install disk for the adapter ? . 
Some old Bluetooth drivers are not compatible with Windows 7 64 bit. So make sure the driver disk do have the right driver for your OS.
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I really want to be able to pair my BT A2DP-capable headset with my computer so I can replace my old cheap pair of wired headphones. Has anyone gotten A2DP working successfully on Windows 7 RC/RTM with a USB adapter?

Has anyone been able to use the Plantronics BUA-100 adapter on Win 7 with A2DP? If not, what adapter would you recommend instead?

Open to all suggestions...

- Phil

A:Bluetooth adapter for A2DP on Windows 7?

I don't have one yet, but on a recommendation from another forum, I'm going to be buying the Azio BTD-V201, USB Micro Bluetooth Adapter (Class 1, V2.1 + EDR).

Windows 7 driver:

From the driver release notes:
- Supports Windows 7 RTM
- Supports A2DP protocol (source & sink)
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I just updated my laptop to Win and my recognized Internal adapter not Bluetooth bluetooth stopped working I looked in the Device Manager and there was no bluetooth driver installed so I thought that I just had to Internal Bluetooth adapter not recognized install it I ran Windows Update to see if it would automatically find and download it for me it didn't So then I went to my manufacturer's page and downloaded the driver from there The installation went fine and it said that it downloaded and installed successfully After a quick reboot Device manager still said I didn't have any Bluetooth drivers installed My manufacturer's site had different bluetooth adapters for my laptop so I thought I downloaded the wrong one After installing the rest of them and rebooting Device manager still said that I had none installed this leads me to assume that somehow the operating system isn't recognizing that I have any bluetooth hardware at all So now I'm out of Ideas and thought I'd throw away my pride as a tech-savvy person and ask for help I am using a Dell Inspiron model running Windows recently upgraded from The manufacturer's site I got the drivers from is here Product Support Dell US Edit Forgot to mention that it was a clean install

A:Internal Bluetooth adapter not recognized

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Set the OS to Windows 10, first, then download the Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Bluetooth Driver.
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Hi, I have purchase an Insignia Bluetooth Dongle, I have installed it with the suggested latest Broadcomm driver but it is giving the Code 10 error under the "Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter" device. I have tried many uninstall/install/reboot without success. What could be the solution to fix it? Thank's in advance.

A:Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter Code 10

Dear Customer, Please try installing drivers from the below link:   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Hi I am having trouble getting my Bluetooth adapter to adapter wont Bluetooth work work Notes The drivers install fine on both Windows Pro and Windows Pro The Bluetooth adapter is correctly installed on the motherboard and should be working because it shares with the wifi card and I have wifi Windows update fails to find the drivers for the device Windows acknowledges the presence of a SM Bluetooth adapter wont work Bus Controller Bluetooth adapter wont work but says the drivers are not installed correctly Drivers were installed from the motherboard manufacturers website http www gigabyte com products product-page aspx pid ov EDIT The drivers on Windows Pro don t actually install Upon completion of the installation the installer then prompts me to reboot I do and when Windows starts up again I can install the drivers again as if they were never installed Also at the beginning of the installation Windows makes the device connected disconnected sound as if I it disconnects the Bluetooth and then reconnects it This is really annoying me I would like to connect my phone and tablet but alas cannot Oh and there s all this stuff to help you guys The Windows is a fresh install from minutes ago OS Version Microsoft Windows Pro bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX - Mb Its meant to say MB Hard Drives B Total - MB Free - MB C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd Z X-UD H Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled nbsp
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Hello, I have this issue that after updating to Win 10, my bluetooth completely disappeared. There isn't any Bluetooth section on the Device Manager, nothing on the "Install and uninstall programs", nothing on the Apps, nothing when I try to search through the Windows search.

I tried installing a Qualcomm atheros bluetooth driver, but it didn't do anything. I installed the Atheros because I've found a Atheros Bluetooth bus somewhere on the Device Manager.

I really hope you can help me! Never needed bluetooth on the laptop, now for the first time that I need it, I don't have it
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Hi I am having trouble getting my Bluetooth adapter to work Notes The drivers install fine on both Windows Pro and Windows Pro The Bluetooth adapter is correctly installed on the motherboard and should be working because My adapter Bluetooth wont work it shares with the wifi card and I have wifi Windows update fails to find the drivers for the device Windows acknowledges the presence of a SM Bus Controller but says the drivers are not installed correctly My Bluetooth adapter wont work Drivers were installed from the motherboard manufacturers website http www gigabyte com products pro px pid ov The drivers on Windows Pro don t actually install Upon completion of the installation the installer then prompts me to reboot I do and when Windows starts up again I can install the drivers again as if they were never installed Also at the beginning of the installation Windows makes the device connected disconnected sound as if I it My Bluetooth adapter wont work disconnects the Bluetooth and then reconnects it This is really annoying me I would like to connect my phone and tablet but alas cannot Oh and there s all this stuff to help you guys The Windows is a fresh install from minutes ago OS Version Microsoft Windows Pro bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX - Mb Its meant to say MB Hard Drives B Total - MB Free - MB C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd Z X-UD H Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled nbsp

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Hey everyone I purchased an ASUS bt bluetooth adapter and am having some issues I was previously using it on my desktop which is still running bt21 Asus bluetooth USB - adapter windows xp service pack The mouse I am using is a amp quot Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse amp quot It works perfect on my desktop but I recently attempted to use it on my newer laptop and it would not function I visited the ASUS website and downloaded the windows bit drivers beta however it does not detect my mouse when searching for bluetooth devices to add I should mention I did hit the sync button and the light on the mouse flashes between green red when attempting to link the devices I really Asus bt21 - USB bluetooth adapter want to use my wireless mouse with my laptop but have had no luck troubleshooting this on my own Unfortunately I do not own another Bluetooth device so I cannot determine whether or not the driver is functioning at all or it is simply incompatible with my mouse Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can get my mouse to work Asus bt21 - USB bluetooth adapter with my laptop

A:Asus bt21 - USB bluetooth adapter

Is this the Asus device you purchased?

Please provide the link to the Asus site.

Regards. . .


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Hey there!
I use a HP Pavilion dv5-1004nr Notebook PC that came with Windows Vista (64 BIT) installed on it. The Bluetooth adapter worked fine till I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (32 BIT). From then on, the device manager doesn't show any Bluetooth Devices; 'HP Bluetooth software' [ downloaded from HP website for my Laptop Model and Windows 7 (32 BIT) ] won't install saying something along the lines of 'No Bluetooth Devices found...'
I tried installing the 32 BIT driver manually through "Add a Legacy Device" and still had no luck. My BIOS has no options similar to turning the Bluetooth adapter on/off.
Furthermore, I upgraded my BIOS corresponding to Windows 7 (32 BIT) and my Laptop Model from the HP website- still no luck!
All other devices work fine after the upgrade though and there is not a single "Unknown Device" shown in the Device Manager.
Any help would be really appreciated.
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I have laptop with Ralink bluetooth adapter and the driver is installed successfully.

I can receive from other mobiles also.

My question is everytime i have to click to accept or to receive, this i dont want.

The files are to be stored in my computer automatically. what should i do for this?


A:Bluetooth dongle software for Ralink adapter

Its the Software design i think so.. You cant change those !!!
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I have previously bought a Dell XPS15 in may 2016 but had to return it due to faulty Bluetooth adapter. I did really liked the laptop though. I planned to purchase another one but it seems the issue is not resolved yet as there are lots of complaints about it! Is there any update on this?


A:Dell XPS15 9550 Bluetooth adapter

What issues were you having with Bluetooth? I got my 9550 last December and had one Bluetooth issue with it. I am using a Bluetooth keyboard. A couple of months ago the keyboard was suddenly dropped and I had trouble getting it recognized again. Eventually I had to re-pair it and it has worked well ever since.
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Hi I just acquired a Belkin mini to use with my headphones Step is to install the BT adapter on help mini Belkin with Need F8T065 Bluetooth adapter the support website it says that because I use Windows I shouldn't have anything to install But things don't happen like they're supposed to it seems that when I plug the USB adapter something happens but then nothing Need help with Belkin mini Bluetooth adapter F8T065 else So I install anyway the setup program on the CD again when installation is over nothing happens no desktop icon no special tray icon Need help with Belkin mini Bluetooth adapter F8T065 At this point I should point out that my ACER predator desktop PC has an inbuilt Bluetooth device but for some reason it too can't seem Need help with Belkin mini Bluetooth adapter F8T065 to connecto to headphones hence the purchase of the belkin adapter So in my tray there already was a bluetooth icon So what I did was check the device manager to see if it recognized hardware And apparently there is a problem but this is where my skills end and where I hope to get some help from you guys Imageshack - yza jpg -- gt sorry windows is in French -- gt the second row under bluetooth section has a yellow exclamation mark and it says that this device could not be started code Many thanks in advance

A:Need help with Belkin mini Bluetooth adapter F8T065

Did you try disabling the onboard bluetooth device and then restarting the PC?
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I'm tried to used Bluetooth SD adapter which from Marvell(Marvell SD8688 BT) into Window 7. The driver has been installed and shown at the Devices Manager, but i can't found the service that available for the adapter. I need stack for my bluetooth adapter and i don't know whether Window 7 compatible with Marvell product. I also tried the Toshiba Bluetooth stack, that im got from Window 7 compatibility Center and Broadcom Stack

Broadcom link->

Broadcom License Agreement

The result also same for both stack.I can't connected with other devices.Do I need the Bluetooth profile to connect with other devices?

A:Bluetooth Stack for Marvell SD8688 BT adapter

If you fill these in - System Specs - we'll have a better idea of how to help you. Re-install the Marvell driver, and post a screen shot of your Device manager and Devices and printers
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My motherboard has an Intel BT driver but is not certified and therefore not accepted by Windows. (code 52). I followed the advice of "disabling driver signature enforcement" alternatively enabling the option 'ignore' for code signed drivers at User Config/Admin.Template/system/Driver installation.
Nothing works and the device manager still shows the yellow triangle labeled 'Generic Bluetooth Adapter' and under Name: Bluetooth Server and Type: Bluetooth Auxiliary.
Can someone help me to get rid of the yellow triangle - thank you!
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Hi can you please help me out how should i change my Ralink RT3290 Adapter with any Atheros Compatible Adapter. It doesn't work as expected , whenever i try to connect to my home WiFi Connection it connects for 2-3 minutes and disconnects and never connects after that. I need to shutdown my computer to reconnect again to my WiFi and I have a high speed WiFi and as i connect through my Laptop the speed in it is very very low. I have a Laptop of HP i3 2000 Model is: 2D28TU and currently it is working on Windows Ultimate 7 OS. I need a quick help how could i manually change it and fix this miserable problem. I also want to know how could i manually change the adapter of this laptop and please let me know the most compatible Atheros Adapter for my Laptop that can work 100% perfectly in my Laptop. Thanking YouSandip Singh Sarwan
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I'm not tech savvy by any means, I'm a graphic designer but my laptop (Pavilion dv7) has 'lost' its wi-fi and Bluetooth abilities... was working, then suddenly has disappeared!?The f12 (wi-fi button) light stays on orange... does nothing when pressed except a warning saying 'The wireless devices on your computer are turned off. To turn on the wireless devices, press the wireless button'... but on pressing it again another window pops up in bottom right saying it is disabled?Device manager shows '!' next to network adapters, but no Bluetooth shows in the list at all.I am online via my iPhone, using as a hotspot... it is picking up my NBN connection fine, as is my iPad and my wife's smart devices, so it isn't a connection issue with the router.Any help would be most appreciated. 

A:Missing network adapter? No wi-fi or Bluetooth. Dissappeared...

Hello Dev77, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.  I understand that the wireless adapter is reported missing from the Device Manager on your notebook, and I would be happy to help you in this matter! For more assistance, I will need to know:  The Product and Model Number of your notebook computer.The version of Windows you have installed on your computer.If your computer has completed all of its important Windows Updates.If you have updated your HP drivers using the HP Support Assistant.If this is an on-going, or recent issue.Please re-post with the necessary information, this way I will be able to research this further for you. I look forward to your reply!Cheers!
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Goodmorning everyone I did not now wether to post this in hardware of windows or another category please move this post or let me know if I choose wrongly TSG SysInfo At the Bottom I am just a girl who has moderate 7 v4.0) on (Trust Bluetooth not working Windows adapter understanding of computers and Bluetooth adapter (Trust v4.0) not working on Windows 7 just want to get my bluetooth working I had a bluetooth adapter from DealeXtreme http dx com p super-mini-bluetooth- - -adapter-dongle-vista-compatible- yes the really cheap one It wasn t Bluetooth adapter (Trust v4.0) not working on Windows 7 exactly plug and play on my windows but with some hard work an the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack I got it working even with skype However audio quality to and from my Headphones sucked and I Bluetooth adapter (Trust v4.0) not working on Windows 7 believed the cheap bluetooth thing was the cause of it so I bought a Trust bluetooth adapter v http www trust com products product aspx artnr to give my laptop wich has no bluetooth build in bluetooth and connect to my Headset http www philips co uk c cell-phone-accessories over-ear-black-shb prd my phone LG-P with android and tablet Samsung galaxy tab inch Problem I can t get it to work When I use the installation mini-DVD that came with it and do exactly as it says offcourse i uninstalled every bluetooth fthing from before like bluetooth adapters and toshiba stack and so on and then rebooted It installs only half couse the peripheral drivers keep showing the famous red cross What i ve tried allready I then downloaded the drivers from BROADCOM It turns out the Trust adapter is just a broadcom thing and also when installed it shows under Bluetooth Radio s as a Broadcom bcm http www broadcom com support bluetooth update php and that got the peripheral drivers going Now I have the bluetooth icon in the task tray when I right click it and do add a device it won t find anything not my headset not my phone not my tablet wich I ensured have bluetooth on and are recognisable cause they recognise eachoter So pretty unusable I then uninstalled everything rebooted and tried again with the Toshiba Stack however this won t recognise my little adapter when your re asked to connect it and then click ok it just keeps repeating the please connect you bluetooth device now and then click ok So the best I ve got so far is with the downloads from broadcom I spend all last night on it at the end out of frustration I uninstalled everything So lets try again with a fresh start and a little help please Please tel me what to do TSG SysInfo Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II Dual-Core M AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Mobility Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB I Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard TOSHIBA NTWAE Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

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Hi!I just reinstalled Windows 7 and can not get Bluetooth to work. There are 3 different setups at the drivers page and not one of them is working. Also, if I use the Hardware Vendor Detection, it does not even show me the device. The thing is, about half an hour ago, I was running Linux Mint and it worked fine. So there definately is a Bluetooth Adapter in this machine.Can anybody help? Thanks. 

Go to Solution.

A:TravelMate P653-M Bluetooth Adapter "missing"

Well, if anyone else runs into this problem, just install the "LaunchManager Applikation" by Dritek, this will also enable the FN keys. After that, you can enable the BT-adpater via FN+F3.  gl hf

View solution in original post
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Originally Posted by RWOne WLAN/BlueTooth Realtek troubles adapter my with Update The wuhideshow tool works as advertised thanks I still have a strange issue A number of pages back I was able to set turn on automatic device driver installation from Windows Update First the option was greyed out but now it is set to quot Yes quot So far so good According to quot Check for updates quot no updates are available so I assume also no driver updates troubles with my Realtek WLAN/BlueTooth adapter are available However when I run the wushowhide diagcab tool it reports troubles with my Realtek WLAN/BlueTooth adapter many drivers are available I am having troubles with my Realtek troubles with my Realtek WLAN/BlueTooth adapter WLAN BlueTooth adapter so I would like to try a driver update Anyone any idea how to install the drivers mentioned above As Windows Update does not 'see' them It looks like the installation of drivers is still blocked although the quot Device installation settings quot are set to quot Yes quot Could it have to do with the fact that under Device Installation Settings only quot manufacturers' apps and custom icons quot are mentioned but no drivers I hope someone knows how to resolve this Thanks

A:troubles with my Realtek WLAN/BlueTooth adapter

"Anyone any idea how to install the drivers mentioned above? As Windows Update does not 'see' them."
It does not see them because that is your list of hidden updates. You can simply check the ones you want to go thru and the next Windows Update will see them but auto install, so be careful if you don't actually want them.

"I am having troubles with my Realtek WLAN/BlueTooth adapter, so I would like to try a driver update."
Best thing to do and not screw up the list of Hidden Updates you already have, is go to Device Manager (Win+X), expand Bluetooth to see installed drivers. Then r-click the driver/Update Driver Software/Search automatically ... If there is a newer one, it will auto install. Test, if not happy roll back by doing same steps except click Properties and use roll back option. Good Luck
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Hello I just installed a Bluetooth USB adapter that is supposed to automatically install the driver in Win when plugged in This did not happen It showed the device as unknown and quot no driver available quot I know my system is updated and scanned for system issues I was then able to install the driver from the CD The device showed properly Anyway I have questions into the manufacturer but there are some questions I could get answered better here Note that I have had Bluetooth with send/rec? new and Issues driver--no Adapter problems trying to pair the Win laptop with another laptop when testing I will be testing it with other devices as I have time My questions Once Bluetooth is installed in Windows is there supposed to be a Bluetooth icon in the Control Panel Also unlike where I've seen it on other systems with Bluetooth why does the menu that Issues with new Bluetooth Adapter and driver--no send/rec? appears when I right-click the Bluetooth icon in the notification area not have options to send or receive files Is this because a device Issues with new Bluetooth Adapter and driver--no send/rec? compatible with that feature is not connected via BT or is there a driver issue etc Also if I want to reinstall a driver program for it should I just uninstall it as normal first Control Panel gt Programs and Features gt Choose gt Uninstall It is listed as WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software The driver is apparently Broadcom Any reason to do a system restore as I haven't noted any others issues as a result of the above Thanks

A:Issues with new Bluetooth Adapter and driver--no send/rec?

Still testing some devices. But I reinstalled the software and driver. It seems to work now. My question about the software was answered: Just a Broadcom design in software that could use improvement, not an error.

Though I do have another question if anyone knows the answer to this: When I use the Broadcom software that get installed to add a device (right-click the Bluetooth icon in notification area) and choose "Add a device," the "Windows 8" style PC Settings app opens (Devices section). When I add a device through the Win 8 app-style PC Settings>Devices as just noted, it adds the device to the DEVICE list in the Control Panel, and the Bluetooth window does not show any devices. Note: This is Win 8, not 8.1, so there is no separate Bluetooth section in the Win 8 app-style PC Settings. Is there anything I'm missing about the Win 8 version of adding a device? Any way to have control of the added devices from that page (PC Settings>Devices)?

Also, if I want to get the control panel for "controlling" the bluetooth devices (connect, disconnect, send, etc.), I have to go through the Control Panel and Devices and find the device name (like headphones or a phone). From the Win 8 app-style PC Settings>Devices, the only "option" is to remove the listed device. Again, this is a bit annoying as the software opens to this page.

And I understand you can add devices from the Bluetooth Devices (Control Panel location). However, there isn't a Bluetooth icon in my Control Panel, and I found Brink's instructions after pairing.

Though, thanks again to Brink, I did add a shortcut to the Bluetooth folder (control panel version as I still haven't upgraded to 8.1). However, as previously noted, the devices paired (using the method above) do not appear there, but in the "regular" Devices window of the control panel, if I'm making sense.
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Hello forum, I am looking for some help / suggestions.

I recently purchased the above ORICO Bluetooth Adaptor with the hope of being able to stream music from my PC to my BT speaker. However, I do not think the device is installing correctly as I do not seem to have any BT profiles in order for me to do this.

My installation process was as follows:

Uninstall old MS BT Adapter from Device Manager.
Remove MS BT Adapter from system.
Install your "ORICO Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter driver".
Plugin your BT Adapter.

After taking a while to install, Device Manager Installs a "CSR Bluetooth Chip" driver. However, this driver has no profiles at all, and no icon is the system tray and no way of even pairing devices.

Any help with this would be very gratefully received.

Harold Clements

A:[SOLVED] ORICO Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter on Windows 7

Sounds to me like the driver is bad. I've found these nonamed Bluetooth adapters are more trouble then they're worth.

I'd recommend returning that device and getting this one:

ASUS USB-BT400 USB 2.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter -
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I recently got a Bluetooth mouse. While it's been a great addition to my hardware family, it also has the same tendency as every other wireless mouse I've ever owned, to wake my Surface Pro 3 from sleep. I want to disable that property, so I tried to do what worked on previous versions of Windows: open Device manager and try to configure the mouse, then the Bluetooth link associated with the mouse, and finally the Bluetooth adapter itself, to stop waking the tablet from sleep.

When I tried to make that setting under the appropriate HID-compliant mouse (the only one reporting its location as Bluetooth), there was no Power Management tab. Same story with the entry for my mouse under Bluetooth. Furthermore, the adapter itself had a Power Management tab, but the option I wanted to change was grayed out.

Is there another workaround I could use to prevent unwanted power consumption?
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Please Is HP Pavilion 15-b137tu Sleekbook having a bluetooth adapter?I want to know so I will stop waisting my time searching for bluetooth drivers. I'll be very much grateful if i get a response as soon as possible. 

A:Is HP Pavilion 15-b137tu notebook having a bluetooth adapter...

@eawuah What is the model number of your WiFi card. REO
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Hi all Bought a Bluetooth Wi-Fi combo adapter for my Desktop paired my MS sculpt Bluetooth mouse to it and all was fine auto-installing Mouse adapter with bluetooth Until the adapter decided it didn t want to work anymore thought I d give it one more go as it is a cheap enough adapter so bought another plugged it in and it installed ok Then as I tried to re-pair the mouse the mouse is already there tried moving mouse no-go Tried add device but the PC thinks it s already paired so I couldn t pair it proceed to remove and add device no mouse go to device manager no mouse Unplugged the adapter and re-plugged and mouse magically shows up again straight to device manager uninstall the mouse drivers deleting software attempt yet again to repair still no mouse showing up so I go and just blitz the lot uninstalling adapter mouse and deleting drivers so it would get new ones After rebooting plug the adapter back in starts installing the adapter and the MOUSE installs too It s turned off so it turned it on not working as per so I start over after unplugging my internet disabling uninstalling deleting drivers Reboot plug adapter in and it manages to install with the mouse again with no internet so I m thinking it didn t even delete the drivers Anything I try just loops back to uninstalling the adapter and mouse at the same time as if it s permanently paired the mouse to the adapter Any help I d really like to have my mouse back If not giving up on the adapter and buying a separate Bluetooth one
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Hi!I just reinstalled Windows 7 and can not get Bluetooth to work. There are 3 different setups at the drivers page and not one of them is working. Also, if I use the Hardware Vendor Detection, it does not even show me the device. The thing is, about half an hour ago, I was running Linux Mint and it worked fine. So there definately is a Bluetooth Adapter in this machine.Can anybody help? Thanks. 

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A:TravelMate P653-M Bluetooth Adapter "missing"

Well, if anyone else runs into this problem, just install the "LaunchManager Applikation" by Dritek, this will also enable the FN keys. After that, you can enable the BT-adpater via FN+F3.  gl hf

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Hi good day Please i need your help to refix my bluetooth which neither showing nor working This ocurred after i restored my system and all effort to uninstall and install a new Ralink bluetooth Adapter was possible but it still show unknown device on the Device Manager and presently i can't find it again there and there is sign BLUETOOTH PCle RALINK ADAPTER NOT WORKING that the diver is still there in the system The WIFI is stilling working nbsp MY RALINK BLUETOOTH PCle ADAPTER NOT WORKING SYSTEM PROPERTIES HP BIT INTEL PROCESSOR RALINK BLUETOOTH PCle ADAPTER NOT WORKING WINDOW SINGLE LANGUAGE BLUETOOTH DEVICE WAS RALINK nbsp BLUETOOTH ERROR MESSAGE IS Ralink Bluetooth PCIe Adapter has a driver problem Not fixed Not Fixed There is a problem with the driver for Ralink Bluetooth PCIe Adapter The driver needs to be reinstalled InformationalDevice information Name Ralink Bluetooth PCIe Adapter ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS EC C amp REV amp B C B amp amp E nbsp Error code Reinstall device driver Completed There is a problem with the driver for Ralink Bluetooth nbsp Thanks nbsp Godbless Ukoukgodbless yahoo comNigeria


Hi: See if installing the latest W8 BT driver works for you... This package contains the driver installation package for the MediaTek/Ralink Bluetooth in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system.
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Hi!I just reinstalled Windows 7 and can not get Bluetooth to work. There are 3 different setups at the drivers page and not one of them is working. Also, if I use the Hardware Vendor Detection, it does not even show me the device. The thing is, about half an hour ago, I was running Linux Mint and it worked fine. So there definately is a Bluetooth Adapter in this machine.Can anybody help? Thanks. 

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A:TravelMate P653-M Bluetooth Adapter "missing"

Well, if anyone else runs into this problem, just install the "LaunchManager Applikation" by Dritek, this will also enable the FN keys. After that, you can enable the BT-adpater via FN+F3.  gl hf

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As the title would suggest, I have a Rocketfish Micro-usb bluetooth adapter. I'm having real issues with my Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

My Problems are:

- The Bluetooth device installs correctly but cannot find any devices
- Searching will go on forever and I have tried over 12 different bluetooth devices
- When opening up "Show Bluetooth Devices" windows, it never loads
- It works fine on the Windows Developer Preview (minor bugs)

Things I have already tried:

- Updating the drivers
- Updating Windows 7
- Running the drivers in compatibility mode for all other versions
- Searched Google

I'm out of ideas and am in serious need of help. I'm trying to mainly use the adapter with the Turtlebeach Delta Force Headset, but it will not read any other devices as well as the headset.

Here is the image of the "Show Bluetooth Devices" Menu. This is after loading for about an hour or so.


A:Rocketfish Micro-USB Bluetooth Adapter Not working.

Welcome to Seven Forums MMFQ DEATH. Found this tidbit on the Rocketfish forum:

Right Click the BT icon in the tray, and select "Open Settings." After that, check mark the box that says "Discovery- Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer." Then click apply and try to connect your headset again.


Hopefully some help until someone with more experience with BT comes along.

A Guy
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Hello guys I can't seem to run my bluetooth devices proprely anymore I'm under a windows bits OS Vaio laptop internal wireless adapter which is Atheros AR Okay so here's dissapearing from Panel Control & Bluetooth problem, Adapter the weird thing the bluetooth is working the pc detects it but whenever I go looking into the control panel there's nothing here's the pics don't mind if it's in french just look for bluetooth icons - http i imgur com Bluetooth & Adapter problem, dissapearing from Control Panel EX ufb jpg gt gt gt Main control panel there's nothing it's classic view - http i imgur com Bluetooth & Adapter problem, dissapearing from Control Panel XLLWGLE jpg gt gt gt Okay now I went into Hardware amp Sound gt Devices amp Printers There should be the bluetooth adapter where is it Every video I've seen everyone got his bluetooth adapter there - http i imgur com Ns vPH jpg gt gt gt This one is from the down right bar and what I circled is quot Parameters Options of the Bluetooth devices but when I click on it nothing happen No Bluetooth & Adapter problem, dissapearing from Control Panel window popping or whatsoever It stays numb and as you can see the bluetooth adress is null - http i imgur com dfPsabc jpg gt gt gt This is from the Control Devices window and as you can see the wireless adapter is activated and seem to be fine I have downloaded every single update I could have missed restarted my PC retried again without any success Okay so I recently plugged my PS controller and it needed some new drivers bluetooth also and since then I it's been numb but the controller works wireless Before I installed the package I had an ip adress for my bluetooth and I could access to the options but there was no device in the control panel it was still empty Here's the package I installed XInput Wrapper for DS and Play com USB Dual DS Controller It's calle SCP Driver Package Please help Thank you

A:Bluetooth & Adapter problem, dissapearing from Control Panel

Oh my god. I'm not even sure it's an bluetooth adapter the Atheros. xD Good lord, I don't even know. Please help
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Hello . Just a quick question: is it possible to use a wireless Xbox controller adapter as a universal Bluetooth dongle on my PC? I doubt that it will work, but its worth to ask.
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My Bluetooth is not working on this laptop.   When I tried to troubleshoot it I got this message: "There is a problem with the driver for Ralink Bluetooth PCIe Adapter. Reinstalling the driver might fix this problem." When I click "Apply this fix" I get this message:"Troubleshooting was unable to automatically fix all of the issues foundRalink Bluetooth PCIe Adapter has a driver problem Not Fixed"

A:Ralink Bluetooth PCIe Adapter has a driver problem

Hi, I can't find your machine actually. Did you upgrade/downgrade it ? Please try the following driver: Hope this works Regards.
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I've updated my B575 on windows 10, and some time all was great. But than wifi and bluetooth adapters are disappeared.Please help me ASAP.
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Good day Guys I am owning an ASUS K V laptop bought years ago and occassionally have some problems with my ethernet-bluetooth bundle in the past Bluetooth Ethernet disconnected Connection adapter 2: Media but solved them with system restore and it worked The problem now was after hibernating my laptop today and opening it again it failed to restore several times and I DUMPED MY RESTORE DATA and proceeded to full startup When everything has settled I noticed that my ethernet-bluetooth bundle is not working i e the ethernet cable cannot be detected but my wireless networks are working I tried sytem restore Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Connection 2: Media disconnected several times and it does not help this time In summary here are the combo of problems Atheros Ethernet software cannot be found in device manager Blutooth Peripheral Driver is not installed the common windows bluetooth peripheral problem I typed Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Connection 2: Media disconnected ipconfig in the command prompt and here is the input Ethernet Adapter Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Connection 2: Media disconnected Bluetooth Conneciton Media State Media Disconnected Connection-Specific DNS Suffix Hope to hear from anyone and advance thanks for the help Regards tsokolate

A:Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Connection 2: Media disconnected

Quote: Originally Posted by tsokolate

Ethernet Adapter Bluetooth Conneciton 2:

Media State..............................:Media Disconnected

The "Media Disconnected" usually means it is Disabled or the Device/Driver was not started up. Try re-installing the Driver, which should be in Windows Update by default if not, then I am not to sure, I need more information before I can actually tell you things that may help.

I need to know when the last time this was working (specifically), when it stopped working, if it stopped working if there was anything connected in the port, and lastly how often do you put the laptop in "Hibernation Mode?"
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I have a Dell vostro 1220. I recently upgraded from XP 32 to 7 64. Everything is working fine except the bluetooth adapter. The drivers are installed, it appears in the device manager but not in Control Panel > Network and Internet. I've tried different bluetooth stack software but the problem seams to be with the hardware. It just won't switch on.

I did some hardware upgrades as well more ram and HDD to SSD, all working fine. OS install went well, back up was fine. I'm out of ideas other than I broke it when opening up the laptop. I hope this isn't the case.


A:Bluetooth adapter issue - it exists but it doesn't work

Quote: Originally Posted by nyler

I have a Dell vostro 1220. I recently upgraded from XP 32 to 7 64. Everything is working fine except the bluetooth adapter. The drivers are installed, it appears in the device manager but not in Control Panel > Network and Internet. I've tried different bluetooth stack software but the problem seams to be with the hardware. It just won't switch on.

I did some hardware upgrades as well more ram and HDD to SSD, all working fine. OS install went well, back up was fine. I'm out of ideas other than I broke it when opening up the laptop. I hope this isn't the case.


Hi nyler,

Welcome to Seven forums.

Please let me know which wireless/bluetooth network card you have on the system. You need to update the application and driver for the system.

Let us know the model so we can provide you the exact link to get it updated. Check this video which would be helpful in updating all the drivers:

Updating Dell Drivers

Kindly update your system specs here by following this.

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.
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I certain its a hardware issue but i was just curious. don't they both broadcast on the 802.11 band (is it called a band?)? so why wouldn't they be capable of either or? (i know bluetooth uses smaller wave lengths and wifi larger, that much i do know) it would probably be impractical to try wifi on bluetooth band as you would get severely reduced performance. but why not bluetooth on wifi band?

A:Why isnt a wifi adapter capable of bluetooth transmissions?

wouldn't work and in the US the FCC wouldn't allow it. antenna length is a function of frequency so wifi and is abt 6" bluetooth is abt 1" thats one reason wifi has a longer range

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Okay I have quick questions the first one might be a bit difficult to answer but hopefully with a little help I can get to USB issues, mouse Bluetooth and question. questions. adapter 2 the bottom of this I have a Dell XPS L X I got it about a year 2 questions. USB mouse issues, and Bluetooth adapter question. ago and it has given me absolutely no trouble I simply love the machine However there is only one issue When I use one of those wireless mice with a dongle they ALWAYS skip around lag stop working for a second I'll describe it in full but let me first tell you that I've covered most of the bases -other USB devices work fine Such as external hard drives Ipod Sync cables fans etc -I've tried it both with the Official logitech software installed and without -I've tried multiple wireless mice all result in the same effect -I've tried them on other systems and they work fine Now if I was to describe what it looks like well If I was to hold my left click down and draw in paint it would be fine but every or so seconds it might randomly just stop moving completely when it does start to work again it sort of jolts across the screen This is INCREDIBLY frustrating when playing any games or especially when photo video editing which are the main uses of this machine I thought maybe there was some software out there that can test connectivity of a USB device to ensure it has a constant connection but any other thoughts of course are welcome Lastly I'm guessing the answer to this question is yes but I wanted to know exactly how important the quality of a bluetooth dongle is in terms of audio quality I primarily use a cheap bluetooth dongle I got from one of those chinese manufacturers on ebay and it does work fine Although when I'm speaking with my friends on skype they say that every now and then it crackles and if I play my voice back to myself I sound kind of muffled and just all around bad I'm using a Turtle Beach Earforce Delta It's a headset so I'm hoping the quality could be better if I upgrade the dongle to say something like http www newegg com Product Produc E but at the same time I don't want to waste my money if it won't do anything

A:2 questions. USB mouse issues, and Bluetooth adapter question.

finished. I also want to add about the mouse issue that I also tried enabling and disabling nearly every single feature/option in the logitech software. such as letting the OS attain settings, and such.
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I have an HP presario v6000 with hp bluetooth latest driver installed ,but the silicon wave adapter when pluged it says the driver failed to be installed . appreciate any help

A:Silicon wave bluetooth wireless adapter Driver

I could not find your HP presario v6000, at HP the need some more information about your type to show which drivers to download.
Product search results

We like to help you ;-)

Best regards,

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Unable to install Belkin Mini Bluetooth v4.0 Adapter on my Sony VAIO 64bit Windows7 pc, model number PCV-A1112M
My problem is that having (unwisely) uninstalled Bluetooth from my pc and unable to re-install it, I am now trying to install a Mini Bluetooth V4.0 Adapter to replace it, but when I load the cd-rom and it asks me to run the software, firstly it doesn't request whether my pc is Windows7 or Windows8 etc, but simply sits there doing nothing. I have tried loading the mini dongle first, but get the same result. The dongle does light up blue when I put it in
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A couple of weeks ago I was messing around with using a PS controller as a computer controller through Bluetooth This of course required a lot of messing with drivers I tried both PPJoy and Motionjoy I wasn't having any luck with PPJoy so when I got MotionJoy it worked like a charm I remember doing something like registering a 'psudo' driver in order to let the controller work properly Sometime after getting it all working I rebooted the machine and my Bluetooth driver no longer worked I tried reinstalling from the manufacturer disk which has always worked before with no luck Is there any way to fix this because now my computer doesn't even recognize it under Device Manager although Linux sees it and uses it just fine so I know it's not dead hardware Any suggestions I have an ASUS F A -I Deluxe mother board from which I don't know exactly what type of Bluetooth I'm running Win -Bit The text file included is one generated from Speccy which provides more verbose information about my machine

A:Built-in ASUS Bluetooth adapter refuses to install

otacon239, welcome to the Seven Forums.

If you haven't instead of what is on the motherboard disk, try the latest from Asus,

ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS F1A75-I DELUXE
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I have Probook s Laptops They have i CPUs USB and ports along with bluetooth and HD display The WiFi adapter speed nbsp is mb on gz band At this time they all have g RAM and Tb hhd installed I like the units as all of them were built in May and June nbsp What I need to do is increase the internet connection speed plus add the band to the band I would not like to have anything sticking out windows 4530s to wifi adapter ... bluetooth in upgrade what use of the side of the computer that needed to 4530s what wifi bluetooth adapter upgrade to use in windows ... be removed that might get lost 4530s what wifi bluetooth adapter upgrade to use in windows ... Can I replace the internal WiFi Bluetooth adapter to pickup the speed and both bands If so can anyone tell me what adapter I need to me looking for and what driver I do not want to loose the bluetooth in all of this as I know the kids will want to use it This nbsp whole building nbsp project I guess is my way of telling them that I'm with them if they need any help Our time means more to them then money these days Any help or nbsp guidance would be greatly appreciated Respectfully