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Adding USB ports to ExpressCard slot on Toshiba Satellite Pro

Q: Adding USB ports to ExpressCard slot on Toshiba Satellite Pro

I have a satellite pro l300 - only 1 usb port is working the others have been physically damaged. I was wondering I could put a card into the express card slot ..I was thinking one of these

but I am confused, with pcima, express slot converters......would the above work ? - laptop is running vista.

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Preferred Solution: Adding USB ports to ExpressCard slot on Toshiba Satellite Pro

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Adding USB ports to ExpressCard slot on Toshiba Satellite Pro

Yes this adapter should work fine
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I just replaced my old laptop with a Toshiba Satellite CDO4 laptop. The SD card slot (Toshiba called it bridge media slot) is approx 20% shorter in length than the other brand (I had a Compaq CQ45 before). The width of the slot is the same with other brand.

When I insert the SD card with the adapter into the slot, I cannot insert the whole adapter fully into the
slot and I cannot hear a click or anything. Do not force the card in any further. Just leave it there.
Just be patient and wait for a while, it will work. The anti-virus
pops up and read the card and found no virus, I just close the anti-virus prompt and it is OK.

The PC has two memory stick slots which both work fine.
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I have an lap top toshiba satellite c660 with both usb ports phisicaly damaged and after replacement they didnt worked , I mentioned betwen externel pins existe power 0,5 mA but middle pins I m not sure if they work,what should I do?
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I saw a USB to ExpressCard (universal slot) converter which sounds just like what I need, but the documentation says that "only supports USB-based ExpressCards, not PCI Express-based"

How do I know if my ExpressCard is USB or PCI based? It's a Huawei E800, a wireless connection card that uses a SIM card like the ones in GSM phones. I couldn't find anything on the Huawei site.

A:I need to use an ExpressCard, but my laptop has no slot for it.

Hi there,

It sounds like that documentation might have been translated. Haha. it seems that what they meant was that the Express Card you plug in will be detected as a USB device, which may or may not cause problems with programs that will use it. Also, that means that the card cannot be used outside of Windows, such as in DOS or for booting purposes.

Hope this helps.
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My P70 has been updated with all the drivers from the Lenovo software and the relevant driver download page, but the ExpressCard slot doesn't work. I have a simple card that provides 2 USB 3.0 ports. It works perfectly under Linux, which I am dual-booting with, but it's not detected in Windows, so the problem is obviosly not hardware-related. What do I need to do to enable it?
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Hope someone can help. I am using my Elitebook to record music via a Presonus 16.0.2 into a Startech firewire expresscard and into the HP. With the HP running on battery power all works as should - the Presonus shows up and I'm able to record. As soon as I plug the HP into it's 120w wall  power supply, a message appears from HP's smart adapter saying that there is not enough power - the Presonus then disappears from the Device manager. I'm assuming that with the power plugged in the expresscard slot is running on limited power, Is there a way that I can prioritise power to the expresscard slot ? Or any other suggestions on how I can fix this - trying to record live bands on battery power alone makes the laptop next to useless. thnaksPeter
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So I have absolutely no idea what's going on.I'm not the best with computers. Anything I put in the USB ports, HDMI cables, USB's, my mobile phone, none of it will read. There's no notification sound, nothing that pops up and says it can read whatever I just put in, literally nothing. Like no noise, or any sign that the computer read it. I checked the device manager, and all the ports, installed them and uninstalled and enabled them etc. I downloaded new updated drivers for it too, but it says it's already up to date. The ports aren't damaged that I can see. How do I fix it if Windows is insisting that I'm up to date and the ports are there? Please help! Thank you in advance.
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I recently wiped my hard drive and reinstalled windows xp pro. Now, I have an ExpressCard slot that is not picking up my external wireless card (my internal wireless doesn't work). The card is a belkin g+ mimo, for which the drivers and interface program are installed. I reboot the computer with the card attached, and a window pops up and says "we cannot detect the card . . ." So how do I get my computer to recognize this expresscard slot, and what's inside it? my computer is an hp pavilion ze4300 with windows xp pro, amd athlon.


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My old Soundblaster Audigy sound card was great yet now that I switched from desktop PC to my Toshiba L laptop I cannot use this expensive sound card anymore and have to put up with inferior sound cards Since I am still young only and an active creative whistler-musician wwwww youtube com watch v iVrNgrLC c and in the past did all my recordings with that card I searched for the possibility to connect that card to my laptop Today I discovered that it might be possible but chances are that I got it wrong From eBay searches I take that I first need to have this quot Laptop Expresscard quot which plugs into USB http www ebay com itm Express-Car pt AU Laptop Accessories amp hash item c fac which then plugs into this quot Laptop Expresscard To PCI slot adapter quot with PCI slots for the Audigy soundcard http www ebay com itm Laptop-Expr ptop Port Expansion Cards amp hash item c bce My question is Did I understand it rightly Will it work I hate to blindly trust eBay sellers Thanking you for your good advice Warm Regards from Johannes blowing up in slot adapter 2 Expresscard Laptop PCI 34 To in C summer heat of Santiago de Chile and you at - C nbsp

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Hi everyone nbsp I just recently purchased a customized T s with an Expresscard nbsp SD nbsp card nbsp reader However it can not be discovered in Win Pro I pluged the same Expresscard slot SD card reader into my the other notebook and it is working I tried to re-install the operation system from the default recovery drive The not working T420s ExpressCard Slot BIOS setting is untoughed Verion Still it is not working no tone when pluging or unpluging nbsp So this Expresscard slot on my T s is not working at all Is there any driver I need to install nbsp Many T420s ExpressCard Slot not working thanks nbsp B nbsp VBB INTEL CORE I - M PROC nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp M nbsp VBB GENUWIN PROFES nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB GW P E nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB HD LDBCKLTANTGLDSPMBBBRD nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp B nbsp SBB NVIN PNS OPG GICI - MP nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp M nbsp VBB GBPC - DDR SODMM nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp M nbsp SBB KEYBOARDUS ENGLISH nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB FINGERPRINT READER nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB P HD CAM INTGR MCRPH nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB IT GB SLDSTDRV SRATA nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB DVD RCRDBL XMXDLLRULTRBSLM nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB EXCRSLOT IN CRDRD STCRDRD nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB CELL LI-ION BATTERY nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp T nbsp SBB COUNTRY PACK NORTH AMERICA nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB BLUETOOTH nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp M nbsp SBB IN CENT ULTIMATE-N nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp C nbsp SBB INT WRLSSWDAREANTWRK UPGR nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp A nbsp SBB LANGUAGE T420s ExpressCard Slot not working PACK US ENGLISH nbsp

A:T420s ExpressCard Slot not working

you mean the 4 in 1 card reader doesn't work? does it get detected under the hardware property?It should be automatically detected when you plug and unplug it, well at least this is the case when i tested the T420s of mine friends' when i was showing them how use an eGPU solution.
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As disclosed at slot G2 expresscard non-functional has HP 15/17 ZBook WARNING HP ZBook G has non-functional expresscard slot Tech Infero DIY eGPU area nbsp The ZBOOK G series looked to be the perfect candidate for me HP ZBook 15/17 G2 has non-functional expresscard slot to do EC and TB testing of DIY eGPUs with Unfortunately it looks like the G series has a non-functional expresscard slot Both my own testing with a G and that of hishamkali nbsp with a G here HP ZBook 15/17 G2 has non-functional expresscard slot where he says I have noticed that the express card slot nbsp on my unit seems to not work confirming this to be the case My analysis below points to the introduction of the Z Turbo Drive x PCIe SSD in the G - gt G revision as being the cause of the lost expresscard slot functionality The ZBook G has a working expresscard slot as can be seen athttp www tinhte vn threads hoi-egpu-external-desktop-gpu-for-laptops-mo-rong-card-do-hoa-gan-ngoai Wonder how HP will fix this since they are advertising the G systems with an expresscard slot Will they install revised boards for affected users Otherwise they could transplate a TB chip onto the TB systemboard Though the use of a G systemboard means no Z Turbo drive functionalilty Or else affected users could seek a refund and acquire a Lenovo W instead which does have a EC slot and a TB port Analysis details below nbsp ZBook G QM Southbridge port layout max ports nbsp port c x - Thunderbolt port Running lanes means cannot use port port c x - PCIe bridge hosting the wifi card and cardreader Suspect the missing ports are port c x - When enabled port in Setup it defaulted to x A HP Z Turbo Drive is a x device Running lanes means cannot use port since it's the second lane port c x - expresscard slot The only remaining port it could be That is the only way it could be since the HP nbsp Z Turbo Drive is a x PCIe link REF pg of ZBook G Mobile Workstation technical whitepaper at nbsp http h www hp com V GetPDF aspx AA - ENW pdf The BIOS probably only enabling port when a Z Turbo Drive is detected And that then only leaves port that could be the expresscard slot However it's not enabled by the bios on bootup I enabled that port and configuring it with DIY eGPU Setup software yet still didn't see my video card attached to my expresscard-to-PCIe device being visible Though admittedly there may be more configuration necessary to enable the port for functionality ZBook G QM Southbridge port layout max ports nbsp Now let's compare against the nbsp HP nbsp ZBook G 's lspci output at nbsp http lists launchpad net kernel-packages msg html tells me port c x - Thunderbolt port Running lanes means cannot use port port c Probably x - no device listed Suspect this is the expresscard slot port c x - wifi cardport c x - cardreaderHow HP could make a revised ZBook G systemboard nbsp to provide a functional expresscard slot nbsp If it so happens HP nbsp discover that the expresscard slot has mistakenly not been wired through when the G - gt G architecture changes were made then I recommend HP implement the Macbook Pro PCIe nbsp architecture in a revised board There the Thunderbolt port is attached to the Northbridge along with the GT M nbsp dGPU rather than on the Southbridge That frees up four x Southbridge ports Then can move say the Z Turbo Drive to say port as a full x port in place of using those ports for the TB chip The rest of the port layout can then be like the ZBook G ie port expresscard port wifi port card reader That eliminates the need for the PCIe bridge introduced in the G series to deal with insufficient ports A short term solution of the missing expresscard slot would be to take a HP ZBook G systemboard and replace the TB chip with a TB chip assuming they are pin compatible There would gain the expresscard slot functionality but lose the Z Turbo drive functionality Another quick fix would be to wire the expresscard slot to the Northbridge port That would even better the Southbridge port si... Read more

A:HP ZBook 15/17 G2 has non-functional expresscard slot

?Thank you for using HP Support Forum. I have brought your issue to the appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post ( serial numbers and case details).If you are unfamiliar with the Forum's private messaging please click here to learn more.Thank you,Omar
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Hello all First post so bear with me Thanks Here s the situation I m replacing the internals on a brand new Toshiba Satellite Pro L after it was doused in sweet tea I was able to procure a new mobo and USB ports No power after replacing USB L630 to Satellite and Toshiba mobo Card reader board for about half the price of the laptop and the cleaning replacement went smoothly Here s the rub though -Brand new Mobo -Brand new card reader USB board -Brand new connectors Computer accepts power and shows powered on Even boots However as soon as the USB board is plugged in the entire rig looses power until it is unplugged and reset with the power button Odder still even though the old board acts a bit odd keeps trying to turn the computer on as soon as it s plugged in it behaves the same way Old and new USB boards both cause the board to lose power I ve done full electrical testing and even though the power circuits show full power at the DC in jack the board drops to half power and then loses it completely as soon as either USB board is plugged Both boards behave the same even when nothing else is connected except for the USB board Completely lost at this point Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:No power to Toshiba Satellite L630 after replacing mobo and USB ports

The replacement motherboard is probably bad. Have I ever bought bad motherboards? YES! Both for laptops and desktops...
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My old Soundblaster Audigy sound card was great yet now that I switched from desktop PC to my Toshiba L laptop I cannot for Expresscard Sound Laptop PCI slot 34 adapter card to use this expensive sound card anymore and have to put up with inferior sound cards Since I am still young and in the past did all my recordings with that card I searched for the possibility to connect that card to my laptop Today I discovered that it might be possible but chances are that I got it wrong From eBay searches I take that I first need to have this quot Laptop Expresscard quot Laptop Expresscard 34 to PCI slot adapter for Sound card which plugs into USB Express Card ExpressCard to USB Port Adapter for Notebook Laptop PC mm eBay which then plugs into this quot Laptop Expresscard To PCI slot adapter quot with PCI slots for the Audigy soundcard Laptop ExpressCard to PCI Slot Adapter Express Card to Sound Graphics Card eBay My question is Did I understand it rightly Will it work I Laptop Expresscard 34 to PCI slot adapter for Sound card hate to blindly trust eBay sellers Thanking you for your good advice

A:Laptop Expresscard 34 to PCI slot adapter for Sound card

Any suggestions?
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Okay, I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro 64Bit to windows 10 Pro 64bit.

Everything ran smooth and fine.
But my USB3 ports mounted on a Logilink product (Art. PC0058) PCI ExpressCard 2xUSB3 work only as power supply.
The error indicated by device manager point to USB Root hub (xHCI)
The screenshots are attached.
Can somebody help me ?

Regards Adrian

A:USB3 ports on Logilink PCI ExpressCard are not work

The solution are to download and install the new VIA_XHCI_Driver_V4.70C_AP from Viasite.
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I currently have a PCMCI card and would like to get use with a new Sattelite Pro laptop, unfortunatly it only comes witha ExpressCard slot.
Is there an ExpressCard adapter for PCMCI cards?

A:Satellite Pro M30 Is there an ExpressCard adapter for PCMCI?

Yes, google for "PCMCIA express card adapter"
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My toshiba doesn't want to boot,and I can't press F2,F8or F12.

I tried everything unplugging the battery,taking out the HDD, everything!!

And i can't do absoloutley nothing when i turn it on no button on the keybored does anything.

Please help!

A:Toshiba satellite P300 (-1CD) won't boot past toshiba splash screen.


Perform the following steps:
-Remove the battery and Power adapter
-Press and hold the power button for 30-45 seconds (with battery and power still removed)
-Insert just the battery and attempt to boot the laptop.
-Insert just the power adapter and attempt to boot the laptop.

If still unsuccessful: Remember to remove battery and power before removing/installing components

-Remove the power and battery
-Remove the hard drive from the laptop and attempt to boot with the battery installed. Do you receive any error message?
-Remove the memory modules from the laptop
-Insert just the battery and attempt to start the laptop (you should receive beep error)
-Try inserting just one module of memory and test (swapping modules after each attempt)
-Remove the optical drive and test.
-Try disconnecting the CMOS battery for a few minutes then re-connect and try.

How to take apart a Toshiba Satellite P305 series notebook
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Hello guys. This is my laptop:


If you scroll down a bit, you can see the feature about another HDD/SSD Slot that I can use. I know the whole text is in Korean so most of you here might not understand but I think the pictures are enough to show it. Especially the 2nd link, there's a picture I think in the middle wherein it shows the slot itself and please check if what I'm saying is true, that it supports SSD too not only HDD. Just to be sure.
What's the best SSD that I can buy? I'm planning to get 256 GB one.

A:Adding SSD to my laptop's 2nd HDD/SSD Slot

If it will take another ordinary SATA HDD, it will take an SSD. They use the same connections and cables.

Best brands?? If I was buying tomorrow, I'd get a Samsung 840 EVO or a Crucial M500, whichever was cheaper.

But, you aren't likely to notice the difference among any of the more common brands. They will differ in benchmarked speeds, but that's very difficult to notice in actual use.

They might differ in price, warranty, return privileges, included software, etc. The only brand I'd avoid like the plague is OCZ.

Samsung and Crucial should be among the least expensive, so that's where I'd look.
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this maybe a stupid question, but worth checking i guess, so please bare with me!
is it possible to add another pci-e slot to a motherboard, without it being on the mobo its self? i ask because i have my 1 slot filled with a very large graphics card, and the is not enough space to add a second graphics card into the slot underneath, so i was wandering wether it can be connected by wires to the slot or anything and mounted somewhere else in the case?

thanks for any help

A:adding another PCI-E slot to mobo?

Would something like this work (assuming you have the correct type of spare PCIe slot on the motherboard)?
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Missing Ethernet, Network, PCI Simple Communications, SM Bus and Universal controller drivers. This isn't my laptop, I'm just fixing it for a friend.

Someone on another forum asked for this information:

I don't know if I need more, but I tried downloading plenty of driver to no avail.

A:Toshiba Satellite Satellite L875-S7209 network drivers missing

Hi for what OS is this for. have you been to toshiba support page for the drivers? should install the chipset driver first.

get drivers from here.
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My laptop cannot tell me any post after the Toshiba logo just black screen. Cannot get into the bios or anything... These are the things I have tried:
Taken hard drive out,
Taken ram out and only tried one..
Taken Battery Cmos battery out for a few minutes..
Had a look at the motherboard and fan is not even working when I turn it on..
I have taken the cpu and put it back in..
Defiantly Sounds like the motherboard problem but want to know if its just a chip that needs to be replaced and soldered.. If anyone has any ideas that will be awesome.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop and two days ago all the usb ports and my SD slot stopped working. I went to plug in my external hard drive and an sd card to back up photos and they both stopped working. Not just the usb port that I was using, but all 4 of them are not working. They have not worked since, even with a shut down, or restart. I have windows XP. Not sure what else to put here, but appreciate any help.

A:USB Ports and SD Slot all stopped working

Okay, odd...they are all working now. I guess, is there anything I can do to make sure this doesn't happen again?
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Hello First of all I apoligise if this is in the wrong section so please move it if it is Im having massive trouble with my USB ports I have searched and searched the internet using different search fields and slot ports usb express card with Problems and I keep coming across the same answers My computer knowledge is only that of an ammeture so please excuse me if I have overseen something or am unable to provide more technical information All usb ports where working correctly before this incident It started when I plugged in a quot Y quot cable to use an old HDD as an external storage device My plan was to have old HDD for my music and the other for photos and videos When I plugged the quot Y quot cable Problems with usb ports and express card slot in my laptop turned off Problems with usb ports and express card slot instantly I have since discovered that the protective cover inside the port is missing so the quot prongs quot are un-protected and that one the quot prongs quot had bent over causing a short I have un bent the quot prong quot which has half solved the problem as I no longer get the unknown device message even when there is nothing plugged in and I no longer hear the quot ding dong quot when a device is connected or connected as this was going on and on and on with nothing plugged in to any port I have been into BIOS and USB ports are enabled that took me ages as the BIOS had a password set which I didnt know so I removed the battery to reset it In the device manager I have un-installed all the usb drivers reset the machine and windows has installed them this has been done several times Now anything I plug in to the USB ports Ive stopped using the damaged one is not recognized ive tried all my things on my wifes laptop which all work fine ipod iphone and flash stick so I know the problem is with my machine I bought a USB port express card mm so I could have USB ports but im having trouble with this aswell first of all the express card came with a a USB lead which im guessing supplies the express card with power as on the other end of the cable is a jack similar to that of a Nokia charger I have tried using my USB wall charger to give the express card power through the cable but this did not work had to this as USB ports are not working Secondly when I insert the card i hear the quot DING DONG quot and then nothing else happens it shows up in device manager under the USB section which I find strange as it is plugged in via the express slot not USB so surely it should be in the quot PCI card quot section of the device manager Please please please can any body share some light as to why my portsare not working and why my express card is not being recognized properly and how I can fix them I can make a video if you like and post it on you tube if that helps anyone Thanks in advance Yogi

A:Problems with usb ports and express card slot

It sadly does seem quite likely you have caused a problem with the motherboard usb 'power grid' It is possible the bios has simply stuck the system into a protected mode in order to protect the hardware inside.
The only way I know to check that this is the case is to power down, unplug the laptop and remove the battery for about an hour, then attempt starting back up with no usb devices connected, and see if proper functionality returns. It could simply be as of the moment the laptop has never fully shutdown and been given a chance for the hardware to reset after the fault caused by the faulty plug.

Sadly in your current situation that would probably be the best case scenario.
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My PC running XP-Home currently has MB of RAM I have ordered GB of extra RAM that I will be adding Note The following information was obtained from quot Memory Ten quot checking my PC to match the proper memory my machine needs As you can see from the information below I have three empty slots for additional RAM with MB RAM already installed in one of the four slots I have two questions Will there be a matching problem by installing the new GB RAM with the existing MB RAM Does it make any difference which slot I install the new GB RAM in ---------------------- Computer Make VIA Technologies Inc Computer Model KT - Computer Version Motherboard to RAM matching Question Adding Solved: about - slot and which use Model AT -MAX VIA KT - Motherboard Version x CPU AMD Athlon XP Ghz Solved: Adding RAM - Question about matching and which slot to use Installed Memory slots empty empty empty MB Matched - Machine ABIT AT MAX Motherboard Matched - Model http www memoryx net abat mamome html ECC No ------------------------ MEMORY THAT MATCHES YOUR COMPUTER GB ABIT Motherboard PC DDR nonECC DIMM p n ABIT- GB-PC -D ------------------------ nbsp

A:Solved: Adding RAM - Question about matching and which slot to use
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I need to add another sata port to my HP Compaq. The motherboard has a spare PCIe X1 slot. What kind of card to I need to add. Please furnish name and part number if possible.Thanks
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I want to add an expansion card to a new Tower 3620.  I can get the box open to access to chassis just fine,  but how does this black plastic cover on the expansion slots work.  Looks like it's designed to make it easy to pop open all the slots at once,  but it's way to clever for me to figure out.  Hand me the big pliers!

A:Opening the expansion slot ports on a Tower 3620.

When all else fails, read the manual (page 18-19).
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Would an A60 LCD screen work properly on a Satellite A75? I'm watching a system on ebay and it has a faulty screen. I have a working screen from a Satellite A60, and I would like to use it on the A75 system.


A:Toshiba Satellite A60 LCD Screen Installed On Satellite A75?

Nope, doesn't look like it.
The A75 has a 15.4" WXGA widescreen at 1,280 x 800
The A60 has a 15" XGA regular at 1024 x 768
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I recently bought the Satellite P70-B-10T laptop and I would like to upgrade it with an SSD. Does it maybe have an mSATA or M.2, or even a spare SATA 3 slot so I could add an SSD to speed it up a bit?

A:Satellite P70-B-10T mSATA or M.2 slot?

just adding in an SSD won't speed it up at all, you'll still be stuck with a slow-ass mechanical boot drive. if you want to speed it up, use the SSD for boot. Nice laptop by the way
There will be an mSATA slot, but it will be used up by a wireless card, either that or the slot may be PCI or PCI-E based.

I reccomend getting something like this and using the drive caddy it gives you for cloning the HDD to the SSD for that big 2TB HDD of yours, and run it attached through the USB3.0 Bus, It won't make much of a difference in performance at all, and you then have a speedy and responsive laptop with a large amount of portable storage.

Oh, and battery life, heat output, noise etc improve when you go to SSD. No moving parts, no worry.
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i read in the userguide that there are two ram slots in this model but can't see another slot.
There is no diagram so can anyone tell me where the other slot is?

A:Satellite M100 - Where is a 2nd RAM slot?

Usage of Forum advanced search helps always ;)

*One slot under keyboard and the other underneath base*
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Hi everyone,
Im just want to upgrade my Toshiba Satellite L50-B-2CV type laptop, it has a 1 TB HDD.
I dont want to change the HDD to a SSD, im curious that i have another HDD/SSD slot to put in one SSD?
Thanks for the replies.
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I have a dlink wifi card that I use in my wife's toshiba satellite. It worked flawlessly for quite a while, about 6 months or so, and then stopped working. As far as I can tell, the card slot is functional (nothing unusual in the device manager) but it no longer even recognizes the card. I have tested the card in my thinkpad and it works fine. I have tried updating/replacing drivers and everything else I can think of but am having no luck. I would appreciate any advice or ideas.

Thanks in advance,

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I have recently obtained a Satellite Pro 4200 and want to increase the memory to 320MB.
To start I purchased a 128MB module and have found that with a 64MB module in one slot and the 128 MB in the other the system only recognises the module in slot B.

Does the modules in the two slots have to be the same value for the system to recognise them? i.e. both 128MB or both 64MB.
If this is the case its OK but if it is not I dont want to purchase another 128MB module if the slot is unservicable.


A:Satellite Pro 4200 recognize RAM only in slot B


Wow? Sat Pro 42000 is an oldie? I didn?t think that someone would use this notebook in the future? I mean it was a great notebook but the performance it too low for present-days.
As far as I know the Satellite Pro 4200 was equipped with Mobile Intel Celeron 500Mhz or with an Intel Pentium III 450Mhz/500Mhz.

The units equipped with Pentium 450Mhz CPU can be upgraded up to 320MB. All other units can be upgraded up to 576MB.

I think the 64MB module should not be removed!!!
You have to use 64MB + 128MB or 256MB or 512MB (only for models with 500Mhz CPU).

Hope this helps you
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Hello all,

I spent my whole day to find a built in RAM to replace with new 1 but unluckily and unfortunately I can't find built in RAM.
I removed the keyboard but there is only wireless card I can see here. Apart for it I cannot find RAM. Can someone help me to replace my RAM please?


A:How to find RAM slot on Satellite Pro M40x?

As far as I know some notebooks have just one upgradable RAM slot and it is placed at the bottom under the RAM cover. Other module is always placed under the keyboard. On your notebook must be the same.

The WLAN card must be placed in the middle but RAM is probably on the left side. Maybe it is under the small plastic cover (not fixed with screws). Check it out.
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How can I upgrade my laptop memory? There isn't a memory slot at the bottom of the laptop.

A:I can't find the memory slot to Satellite S70-B-10V

Memory slots on this notebook model are placed under the bottom cover so when RAM modules must be exchanged or upgraded bottom cover must be removed.
Please note: on some notebook models RAM upgrade is supported by notebook owners and RAM upgrade steps are described in user?s manuals document.

I your case such upgrade is not supported and RAM upgrade should be done by authorized service provider.
Generally speaking bottom cover removal is not complicated but you should not do it alone. This will cancel valid warranty.

In my opinion, before you do anything contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help. Simply pick up some info about price and compatible RAM modules.
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I have a Toshiba A S running Windows Vista Home Basic the max memory upgrade is X GB which I purchased via no card 2nd memory recongnition Toshiba A135 slot, newegg com and installed When I turned it on black screen and no boot up Basically it will only reconize one GB of memory doesn t Toshiba A135 2nd card slot, no memory recongnition matter what slot as long as it is only one I tested both memory chips both work in the computer and in either card slot just not both chips in both card slots What Toshiba A135 2nd card slot, no memory recongnition the heck Even stumped the Geek Squad guy at Best Buy he seemed to think it the mother board issue It runs much better on the GB then it did with the MB cha Computer Toshiba A135 2nd card slot, no memory recongnition should be able to run both GB card in each slot and reconize about to of the memory if it would run both cards at the same time I did upgrade the BIOS from to as most of the blogs suggested-still won t recognize the nd GB card nbsp

A:Toshiba A135 2nd card slot, no memory recongnition

cant find your lappy on toshiba site , same thing happened with me and was the bios update i needed so re check its the correct update
have you tried 1x2gb and 1x what you took out??
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I have a Satellite Z930 which I would like to open in order to replace the original SSD with one having a higher capacity.

The thread
was very helpful.
But my PC has a SIM card slot on the right side (side opposite to the microphone and the headphone)

Even after taking off all the 14 screws (including the torx one right in the center), the back cover can not be lifted up on the side of the SIM card slot. Something is holding it back.

Has anyone in the community already succeeded in removing the back cover for this confiuration ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Instructions for opening a Satellite Z930 with a slot for SIM card

Did you manage to remove the cover?

There is no other method to remove the cover? if your notebook is equipped with SIM card, remove firstly the SD card (bridge media dummy card), then SIM card (you will need to insert a slender object into the hole of the sim tray) and then the 14 screws from the cover at the bottom of the unit.

That?s all?
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I have a problem with my wireless pc card.
It works in one slot but when plugged in the other one it gets stuck on acquiring network address.
Is there any way to fix it, or are the two ports different.

A:Satellite Pro 6000 - wireless pc card works only in one slot

Hi buddy,

According the user manual both slots are normal PC card slots so usually the WLAN card should work in both slots.

But why is it so important that the PC card works in both slots?
Do you have another PC card that you can test in second slot?

What operating system you are using and what WLAN card is it exactly?
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I have a Dell Dimension PC Adding USB More Ports To 2.0 Upgrading & that s a little over years old that has a gigahertz processor and gig of memory It is Adding More USB Ports & Upgrading To 2.0 running Windows XP Home service pack Adding More USB Ports & Upgrading To 2.0 I currently have USB ports on the back panel and on the front I need to add more ports and figured I would upgrade to at the same time I believe I currently have the info I can find says I have a generic hub I ve been doing some research on the Internet and I m getting conflicting info as to whether I can upgrade Some info says I can t upgrade to because of a hardware limitation which I assume is referring to the motherboard I decided to check with Dell Support and they also said I can t upgrade to However they gave me this link http e se wD and it describes a USB PCI Controller Card that enables desktop PC s without a USB port to emulate transfer rates comparable to USB It delivers data transfer rates up to Mbps So if I had a PC without any USB ports I could add this card to get data transfer rates up to Mbps but I can t upgrade my generic USB ports to to go from Mbps to Mbps This doesn t seem right to me If I can t upgrade to I want to at least add more ports Would I just need to buy a hub to do this Any help will be greatly appreciated Thank You nbsp

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hey all - i have just built an addition to my home and need to connect three more network drops so the new rooms will have Internet home network access to my port Linksys WRT G router i have purchased this Port switch to install in the new addition that i m going to connect to one of the ports on the Linksys router in my living room but i have questions for all you terrific helpful smart folks router ports Adding to more i understand that since there is no Adding more ports to router uplink port on the switch i need to use a crossover cable to connect switch to router to enable full connectivity correct and if so i m unclear if it needs to be crossover cable all the way from switch port to router port or can it just be crossover from router port to wall jack which is wired to new part of the house via cat with the switch plugged into a jack in the new part of the house thanks for any who take the time to read this and answer nbsp

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Hello everybody,
I play a game called Warcraft III. I like hosting games but to do that you need to forward ports. I just upgraded to Windows 7. I used to have Windows XP and I did everything to host a game. Now I have Windows 7 and I don't really know where anything is. First of all, where can you add ports? Secondly, when you do add them you're supposed to add External Port: 6112-6119 and redirect Port:6112-6119. I think. Lol. need to add a port called 6112 which is the port for hosting. And another 6119. You do it for DCP and for UDP. If anybody knows anything about hosting on Warcraft III can you tell me exactly what to do?

A:Help with adding ports on Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by KoreanNinja17

Hello everybody,
I play a game called Warcraft III. I like hosting games but to do that you need to forward ports. I just upgraded to Windows 7. I used to have Windows XP and I did everything to host a game. Now I have Windows 7 and I don't really know where anything is. First of all, where can you add ports? Secondly, when you do add them you're supposed to add External Port: 6112-6119 and redirect Port:6112-6119. I think. Lol. need to add a port called 6112 which is the port for hosting. And another 6119. You do it for DCP and for UDP. If anybody knows anything about hosting on Warcraft III can you tell me exactly what to do?

Portforwarding is done in your router/modem. the OS has little to do with it.
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Hello there,

I hope someone can help me on this. I have a Belkin N Wireless Router and have now set up remote access using remote desktop connection to connect to a machine in my local lan using port 3380. This works fine and I can connect to the IP address I initially entered.

The problem is the virtal lan settings (or forwarding) in the belkin router does not allow me to add another IP address where I could to connect to another machine across the lan.

How can I add more than one IP address? It does not even let me add a range. I suspect the belken router's firewall will not allow any more connections on that port.


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Want help adding ports to my Fairpoint provided Westell Rev D DLS modem router adding ports Need to 7500 Westell help Fairpoint using a Linksys SE gigabit smart switch Want to have an NAS and WWin Ultimate computers on the smart switch other wired devices WinXP AT amp T Cell tower amp DirectTV whole house SWM interface and wireless on the router I know how to access router but not how to setup so its one network of devices on switch and on router Before going to new Westell DSL router when I was on much slower more expensive satellite Hughesnet all devices could see one another and my DI router Fairpoint will not provide custom help unless you buy months quot specialist quot service seems intended for small business network support Retired household setup for my wife and me Not part of this problem is setting up the software on the NAS for disk Need help adding ports to Fairpoint Westell 7500 image backup But this is why we want the two prime laptops and the NAS on the gigabit switch Win ultimate Browser normally run Chrome have installed Firefox IE and for remote access Avant nbsp

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I have a Toshiba Satillite P50 and none of the USB ports are working. I tired finding Utilities controller Bus in the device manager but it doesnt exist- please someone help! I just turned it on this morning and none of them were working I really have no idea what to do or how to do it.
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Recentally purchased Motorola SBG6580 Gig cable modem/router combined. With comes with 4 NIC ports, I was wondering if is was possible to put a 4 or 5 Nic port hub n this is give me extra NIC ports? or any insight on what I would need to do to get extra ports to use. Thanks in advance.

A:Inquire about adding NIC ports to combined cable modem/Router

NIC means network interface card. I think you mean LAN port or Ethernet port, correct? If so then yes you can add a switch or router to augment the number of ports available to your network. I recently needed additinal ethernet ports so I used a extra router I have. You need to do some reconfiguring of the router ( many good online tutorials) or you can buy a switch pretty cheap 20-30 usd. They are plug and play.
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Hi all.

I have a x200-15k and would like to know if it's possible to add another 8700m to it, like in the SLI variants of the x200. Can it be done, anybody did ?

I also have to replace the hard drive, the old one is nearly dead. Can i put in any random SATA drive into the laptop or does it have to be a fujitsu manufactured, like the old one ?

A:Adding a second GPU in the Satellite X200-15k


Such graphic card upgrades are not possible. Only the preinstalled graphic card will be supported and no other models or something else. So just check this:

Regarding the HDD: It?s indifferent what HDD manufacture you choose. The only important point is that you buy a model with SATA interface. :)
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I have the netbook mentioned above running W7 Starter 32 bit.
With pretty much nothing installed other than a software I use to do taxes
U file is the name.
Since I am busy now and just for comfort I tried to work with an external keyboard and a Trackball mouse targus PAUM008 and of course I need a printer
I have three installed a Brother MFC-7440N an MF7220 and the default is a HP deskjet 460. ( all have drivers installed)
My problem is that I have one usb port on the left side of the netbook and two on the right, the ones on the right would not recognize any device and if I plug them on the left port they work! properly.
I been trying to disable the usb devices and rebooting with no success, I hope somebody can help me, thanks!
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I am new to this site so I will say hi to everyone and hope my nearly total lack of computer knowledge won't offend.

I picked up a couple of old Toshiba laptops. One is a Satellite 105Cs and the other is a Sat. Pro 420 CDT. They work great but I can't find a ethernet port.

Can anyone tell me about this style of laptop? How would you hook it up to use on the internet with no port? Anything I learn here will be more than I currently know and will be
most appreciated.
Thanks for your help.

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Hello to everyone -- anyone!
I have a 2 year old Toshiba Sattelite laptop A105-S4134. I updated the BIOS last week to Version 5.90 and since then my two front USB ports are not working (the ones in the back are working fine). In the device manager it lists 5 USB host controllers and 5 root hubs - all say working properly.
Any ideas on what to do? I hate to uninstall anything incase it stops them all from working!
Thanks for any assistance

A:Toshiba Sattelite USB ports not all working

As a guess, you need to enable Legacy USB (1.1) for the front USB ports.
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I'm supposed to be enjoying the weekend in on not L55-B5276 working ports Toshiba USB Palm Springs but one of the PC's I reinstalled out here is giving me trouble I've spent a USB ports not working on Toshiba L55-B5276 day on this and am hoping some fresh eyes for our driver detectives can save my holiday weekend It's a new Toshiba L -B USB ports not working on Toshiba L55-B5276 he wants Win to replace Not possible to install to UEFI in CSM mode which is all that will allow it so I installed Legacy Toshiba Chipset doesn't seem to really install just races through and says its finished but nothing changes in Device Manager The Problem seems to be USB hub which wouldn't start with the driver I found for it via Hardware ID IUSB ROOT HUB amp VID amp PID C amp REV USB ports not working on Toshiba L55-B5276 amp SID F so after uninstall it is now Unknown Device I tried Intel Driver Update Utility which only seems to find the display driver package and for some reason can't even detect the i CPU Speccy attached I really appreciate any help I can get on this as it's ruining my holiday weekend

A:USB ports not working on Toshiba L55-B5276

Hi Greg .... Did you Install the Second Driver in the Link below ... If that can be Installed should be easy enough to get the USB 3 Driver ...
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my hp laptop broke so i took its 4gb ram and put it in another toshiba laptop

now this toshiba laptop has an extra hdd slot but when i opened it up and looked around, i could not find a SATA connection. (what im trying to achieve is add the hp laptop hdd to the toshiba one)

i read on another forum that if there isn't a connector on the toshiba hdd slot, then it's probably not meant for another hdd to be there..

is this true?
if not, can i find this port anywhere??

The toshiba is a Satellite P200 PSPB0C 380C

A:adding a new laptop hdd to a toshiba computer

See here
Toshiba Support Forums: Satellite P200/300 - Second HDD bay has ...

You apparently have one of the ones that don't actually support the second drive. I would suggest getting a usb enclosure for it, you can get it for that type of drive for like 10 bucks.
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I just bought a Sat Pro C850 yesterday. It has 4G RAM, and I have an almost-new RAM of 4G from another computer I want to use in the Pro. The problem is I can't find the second slot.

In fact, contrary to Toshiba specs and to my Speccy system info program, even though the slot appears to be there, it doesn't appear to physically exist. Even the clamps are there, but no slot.

Can I upgrade the RAM in this or not??



A:Solved: Toshiba C850 adding RAM

Is it not set up so that one memory module would somewhat overlap the other? Sometimes the slots are set up that way. Like one in front, one behind it. Here's a photo example.
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Since today I'm having problems with USB ports after several months of flawless usage. I started pc and everything was working normally for first 10mins.

Than i got system message: "USB Port 1 stopped working.
Please disconnect device attached to it." (something like that), and I only had OK option which I pressed.

After that all (of 3) my ports (i had only mice and keyboard) stopped working. I tried troubleshooting, disconnecting devices and plugging them back, disabling and than enabling again in device manage nothing.

Only thing that helps is restarting laptop to get same error after 10 - 20 mins.
I haven't been doing anything unusual on laptop today. :S

A:Satellite R850 2R - USB ports issue


I found some interesting advice from Microsoft regarding the similar USB issues.

+Disable and re-enable the USB controller+
+To disable and re-enable the USB controllers, follow these steps:+
+1. Click Start, and then click Run.+
+Note If you are running Windows Vista, click Start, and then use the Start Search box.+
+2. Type devmgmt.msc, and then click OK. Device Manager opens.+
+3. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.+
+Note You might have to scroll down the list to find this item.+
+4. Right-click the first USB controller under Universal Serial Bus controllers, and then click Uninstall to remove it.+
+5. Repeat step 4 for each USB controller that is listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers.+
+6. Restart the computer. After the computer starts, Windows will automatically scan for hardware changes and reinstall all the USB controllers that you uninstalled.+
+7. Check the USB device to see whether it is working.+

The other advice:

+You can disable the USB Selective Suspend feature as a workaround by editing the registry. The USB device may become unresponsive because of a race condition in the Selective Suspend feature+
+1. Click Start, and then click Run.+
+Note If you are running Windows Vista, click Start, and then use the Start Search box.+
+2. Type regedit, and then click OK. Registry Editor opens.+
+3. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:+
+HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servi ces\USB+
+4. If the DisableSelectiveSuspend registry entry is present, double-click it. If it is not present, create the entry. To create the entry, follow these steps:+
+a. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD.+
+b. Type DisableSelectiveSuspend, and then press ENTER.+
+c. On the Edit menu, click Modify.+
+5. In the Value data field, type 1 to disable the Selective Suspend feature, and then click OK.+

Restart the unit and test it again
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I recently bought a toshiba satellite s-series and the usb ports are not working - usb xhci compliant host controller code 39
things I have tried:

- searching the internet for any related issues
- searching the support site for drivers but they don't provide usb drivers for my laptop.
- updating and uninstalling the driver.
- "add legacy hardware" via device manager

any help is greatly appreciated

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A:Re: USB ports on my Satellite S series are not working

If you need some help you must post exact notebook model name and OS you use.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A660 PSAW3A-07P00R.

I accidentally dropped an external hard drive on the ground.

I plugged it into my computer to see if it would still work.

Following this none of my 3 USB ports on the laptop are working.

I'm not sure if this was caused by the faulty/damaged hard drive that I plugged in.

I have uninstalled the USB drivers in the Device Manager and restarted to see them reinstalled, but it still doesn't work.

Does anyone know what else I could do?

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Which DVD drive fits the L830-172 and where can I get one?

A:Adding DVD drive to Satellite Pro L830-172


I found similar thread about L830 model and adding ODD. You can read it here .

Good luck.
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HI there,

I have recently purchased the Satelitte S50t-B laptop and have a few question about upgrading:

1. What is the recommended RAM to add (8GB)

2. What is the recommended SSD to add?

3. Are there any instructions to add RAM and an SSD to my laptop?

4. Will I void my warranty by installing more RAM and swapping the current hard drive for an SSD?

Thank you for your help

A:Satellite S50T-B - Adding RAM and swapping HDD for SSD

Can you please post full model name of your notebook? (S50T-B-xxx)
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I'm new to the forum. I'm having major issues with this computer that I need for work and I'm trying to figure out what went wrong

My Toshiba Satellite L305 (which is running on VISTA) got the blue screen when I restarted it today because my wireless was not working. It was showing there's no wireless signals available but there are. On top of that my USB ports aren't being recognized. There's no error message or anything it's like I'm not even putting anything into them.

Please help

I just realized I posted this in the wrong section. It belongs under VISTA instead of XP.

A:Toshiba not recognizing USB ports or wireless signals

Sounds like the drivers aren't installed. Do you know how to get into the device manager and evaluate it?
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can anybody tell me if its a software/driver problem or a hardware problem and how do i go about checking?

A:i have 3 usb ports on my toshiba laptop and two arnt working?

First check in Device Manager >> go down to the bottom of devices list and expand (click) the "Universal Serial Bus controller" section. Are there any error symbols showing there?

If yes, re-post telling us which items have an error against them.
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I'm new to the forum. I'm having major issues with this computer that I need for work and I'm trying to figure out what went wrong

My Toshiba Satellite L305 (which is running on VISTA) got the blue screen when I restarted it today because my wireless was not working. It was showing there's no wireless signals available but there are. On top of that my USB ports aren't being recognized. There's no error message or anything it's like I'm not even putting anything into them.

Please help

I accidentally posted this under XP instead of Vista so I just moved it.

A:Toshiba not recognizing USB ports or wireless signals

would you post back an image of device manager

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here

It would also be useful to see any images where the device has a yellow ! or ?
in device manager
show hidden device
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I can use 2.0 devices in the 3.0 ports fine, but my 3.0 device Flash Voyager USB3 8GB will not work. It connects then disconnects once, not showing up in device manager at all.

I've tried installing the USB driver off this site version for my model. That made no difference.

Install system Windows 8.1

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Satellite M50D-A : USB 3.0 devices not working in USB 3.0 ports

Are you able to use this USB memory stick in connection with USB 2.0 port?
Check it out.

But at this point its not easy to say if its USB device issue or USB port issue.
If other external USB 3.0 devices would work properly in connection with your notebook, the issue is related to the Flash Voyager USB stick
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I have just bought a Satellite Pro L830-17T which does not have an optical drive. I would like to add one but I noted from a video about replacing as ODD on similar models that there is a fixing bracket for the drive.

Is this needed and if so where would I get one?

A:Adding Optical Drive to Satellite Pro L830-17T

Optical disc drive is fixed with one screw. For this you need small metal part that must be fixed on ODD directly. To be honest it is not easy to buy it so simply. What you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. I hope they can order it for you.

You can also pick up some info about such upgrade.
I just found info that some L830 models offered with ODD have Matsu****a UJ862ABTJ-M ODD inside.
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Hallo I am DESPERATE for help please I have a Toshiba Laptop Equium A series with Windows -bit My USB ports are giving me major problems I use a USB Internet Modem on several computers and it works fine on all computers including Toshiba A month ago the USB Internet would suddenly and continuously disconnect itself from the Internet when I use it in USB port one When I use it in USB port two it doesn't register anymore The port simply doesn't register the device Both USB ports work stopped have Ports Toshiba working USB A200 Equium fine when used by other USB products I had always used USB Internet in USB port one with a cooling fan for my laptop in USB port two Now when Toshiba Equium A200 USB Ports have stopped working I insert the cooling fan USB Internet disconnects itself and won't register unless i remove the fan and remove and re-insert the USB Internet I have done the following Run an anti-virus Uninstall re-install and update all drivers for USB ports chipset famlies Internet Modem EVERYTHING I've checked with my Internet provider the problem lies with my PC not them I don't know what to do I am fed up PLEASE help

A:Toshiba Equium A200 USB Ports have stopped working

Riff have had a bit to do with Toshibas and have an A200 myself now where did you get the drivers from??
What we need to know is the PART NO see pic

Now being quite an older machine it might be down to wear so lets hope it is drivers though I can get some disassembly guides for you.
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I have a Toshiba Solved: not USB ports laptop Toshiba working L505D L d laptop that I use with my Logitech wireless mouse I have had this setup for quite a while Last week I noticed my mouse was starting to lag or get stuck as if there was a problem with the Solved: USB ports not working Toshiba L505D laptop connection between the mouse and Solved: USB ports not working Toshiba L505D laptop receiver Well tonight it just completely quit on me Here s the mystery I was able to get it briefly working again by removing my USB headset which has been working fine and plugging my mouse receiver into it This however only worked for a short amount of time and went right back to not working When I moved the receiver back to it s original plug and plugged my headset back in IT no longer worked as well I have tried only having one of the two plugged in at a time as well as switching the plugs but they haven t worked since I haven Solved: USB ports not working Toshiba L505D laptop t changed or downloaded anything new I have tried clearing all of the USB data out of the Device Manager forcing Windows to reinstall the drivers for the usb items This again only worked for a few mins and then it went right back to not working Windows does recognize when I plug unplug an item from the usb ports because it will make the sounds with the laptop s onboard speakers it just seems that no data is transferred It does also recognize when I plug my mouse receiver in because my mouse touchpad stops working until I unplug the receiver I have no idea why this is happening but I use my mouse and headset all the time I really hate the touchpad because I bump it while I type This message took a while to write because I kept quot clicking quot on stuff Please help EDIT Ok well I seemed to get my headphones working again I went under Audio in the control panel and for some reason the default sound was set to my speakers I set it back to my headphones and they now work I then plugged my mouse receiver back in and my mouse worked for about seconds I unplugged it and am now looking at the Mouse settings My only options are the Touchpad or Other Pointing Device When I have the receiver plugged in the driver it says it s using is quot HID-Compliant Mouse quot and that the device is working properly However under the Device Settings tab the only one showing is my Touchpad nbsp

A:Solved: USB ports not working Toshiba L505D laptop

It sounds as though your mouse's USB dongle has died and is killing the USB port until you re-install it.
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Hi can someone please tell me how to fix this.All usb ports don't work anymore.They had worked for year and half and all of a sudden my computer doesn't recognise when a usb is plugged in.I have tried all the fixes online and none seem to work.Getting ready to fix it for good.This has been unusable for weeks.Please help as I have a lot of important files on this laptop.

A:Toshiba Satelite U50D-A Lost all USB ports.Very Frustrated

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... What was your Original OS ? ... I think you should Update your Windows ...

The Model Number of the Laptop you have Posted is incomplete ? ...
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I have a toshiba satellite and the screen goes blank, sometimes its ok. Is it a fault of the power management? How do you adjust the power management on this type of machine. Control panel is a dead end, is this particular to Toshiba notebooks?

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The hard disk of my toshiba satellite series laptop crashed following an amateur attempt to partition the disk using 'Partition Magic'.

Since then, I have formatted the disk but am unable to get full use of the laptop since all the drivers are gone.

I got the Satellite A 60 'Recovery DVD Rom' but am unable to use it since the drive is unable to read DVDs (CDs are being read fine).

Where can I get all the drivers in one place, in preferably one file (dunno if thats possible!!) ?? Please help..

A:Toshiba Satellite

You might be able to find them at the Toshiba website - but I would try putting the DVD in another computer and look for the DVD driver. Then copy it to a floppy.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite 1905-s301. Need to find out how many ram slots I have and to be able to put some in, but I cant figure out how to get to the damn motherboard.
Unscrewed about every screw I could find but nothing even seems to come close to bugding. Has about 3-4 slots which you can unscreen and look into but none for the ram.
Its like pandoras box
Anyone have any idea? I've never worked with a laptop before.

A:Cant take apart my Toshiba Satellite

This was posted somewhere on the forum not too long ago. Your laptop isn't listed, but maybe it will help.
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Hi guys, iam brand new here so i hope this is where this goes...I have a toshiba satellite notebook that has something wrong with the driver. When i go to burn a dvd now or even a cd it tells me to attach an external drive, or the area where you choose which location to burn to is greyed out. I can't seem to look up the model number on the Toshiba website, the number on my receipt is A70wb200e, while the number i brought up using the system itself is mfwt020acp08. Any help would be great, thx!

A:Help please (Toshiba Satellite)

Hi and welcome. Look at the bottom of the laptop -- I think they put the model number there.

Also, did you get a user's manual, it should be listed there as well, and I do think that it's on the laptop too in a .pdf format.
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I have a toshiba satellite 2545xcdt w/amd k6-2 333mhz, with 66fsb. was wondering what is the fastest cpu that i can replace it with?

A:toshiba satellite cpu

Well you need a laptop version of the CPU which is harder to find then a normal one. On top of that, K6-2 CPUs in general have become something of a rarity. & finally when you take into account the fact that laptop CPUs aren't meant to be swapped with newer ones, you'll notice you have a lot going against you.

If you insist on looking for one anyways, I guess you could pretty much take any K6-2 all the way to 500mhz & adjust it to a 66mhz FSB. The Socket CPUs before the Slot 1/A era did not have locked multipliers so you could play around with it & the FSB, provided the laptop's BIOS / Mainboard lets you do so.

Just bring the new chip down to the same speed as the old one & gradually raise the speed while keeping an eye on the temps. If your laptop was designed with a certain CPU speed in mind, it might not react very well with a faster, hotter chip.

I still think it might be a better idea to start saving for a newer laptop though.

PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
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We have a toshiba satellite L305-S5893. It was working fine and I used to the shut down option to restart the computer. After that it never restarted. It says toshiba innovation and then black screens. Eventually it says what operating system would you like to start and lists vista. After doing that it says a system32 file is corrupt or missing and cannot start windows. We do not have the windows starting disk and I cant get into safe mode. The only thing I can get into is the setup utility manager. Can I download this file somewhere or how else can I get to safe mode? I think its vista 32 but not positive.

A:Help with Toshiba Satellite

After other options are exhausted, if you find any, you can try to go back to factory specs. You will lose all your programs, etc, but you can reload them.

Here are instructions on how to try.
Laptop Recovery Instructions - Tech Support Forum

Wish you good luck. Sorry about this incident.
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A while back someone brought me a computer to try and get into it. It's a Toshiba Satellite A505. She had been sick and not used it for about 6 mo. When she tried to get into it she had forgotten the Toshiba password to get into it (not the Windows Administrator password). She had tried numerous times with different things she had used before on things. Since you must take the computer completely apart and remove the motherboard to get to the battery, which is soldered on the bottom of the board, I couldn't remove and try that as I usually would do. I talked to a couple computer shops and they wanted around $150.00 to do all that. Where I am now with it is I have tried 2 other motherboards in it and neither of them has any video. It powers on and that's all I get.
I would be very appreciative of any suggestions.

A:Can't get into Toshiba Satellite

When she tried to get into it she had forgotten the Toshiba password to get into it Click to expand...

we cannot help with by passing passwords on this forum - please re-read the rules you signed up to when joining
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

so NO assistance can be given here for the password issue -

Where I am now with it is I have tried 2 other motherboards in it and neither of them has any video. It powers on and that's all I get.Click to expand...

laptops can be quite difficult to replace components without problems - where did you get the two motherboards from ? are they the exact model and revision

usually windows software OEM is locked to the motherboard - so you will need to also purchase another license for the software.
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My Satallite A-200-1HU will not start... The DC-IN symbol flashes contstantly when i put the power cable in....

Can anybody tell me what is likely to be wrong?? - I have read somewhere that something may be fried??

Please let me know if you need more info.


Rhys ([email protected]

A:Toshiba Satellite A-200

It may be a problem with the battery which may be wrongly place or fried as you say. Remove it and check it.
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Hi, I joined today and thank anyone and everyone in advance for any help he/she can give me. Here is my first problem - with my laptop screen. A vertical red line on the right hand side of the screen suddenly appeared a few days back while I was online and will not go away. I tried changing the screen saver already. It's still under guarantee but I have no faith in the shop where I bought it (they told me to bring it back as it means serious screen problems) but as I'have just had some bad experiences when I returned other electronic equipment I'd like to check if anyone else has ever had this happen and what was the solution. Again, thank you!

A:toshiba satellite m60

test with vga out?

I had the same computer with the same problem, when i contacted toshiba support they gave me a local repair site and i brought it in, they tested it and replaced the screen in 2 days. The guy at the repair facility said all they did was to hook up an external monitor to verify it was indeed the screen and not the system and when they knew the problem was the screen they proceeded from there. If you have a vga monitor you can plug in and test it, if it is the screen it's one of the easiest fixes, so unless the shop you're dealing with is totally inept, or totally corrupt, it should be no problem
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I have just replaced the screen on my Toshiba Satellite U50D-A laptop myself as they as it was not covered under warranty.

Now when I power it on it comes up with PXE messages which indicate it is trying to boot from the LAN instead of the HDD.

HDD is the first boot device in the BIOS

Possibly the HDD was wiped when it was in for repair and therefore it cannot find a boot partition on it to boot from.

My initial questions are:

1. How can I tell if the HDD has a bootable partition on it?
2 How can I reload Windows 8 onto the HDD if I do not have a CD/DVD drive on the laptop?

Mant thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Toshiba Satellite

make sure your HDD is detected on the BIOS if not try to press del or f2 to go into bios then select your HDD as primary HDD press f10 to save changes,,try if you can boot it.. if not then you will have to re install your operating system via bootable flash drive.
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Hi Gang

I have my neighbors Lap Top a Toshiba Satellite P205-S7469. She was in the middle of an e-mail and the screen froze up, she shut it down and turned it back on and now it will go through the Toshiba Intro, and goes to a blank screen. The cursor will still move so it is not froze up. I have tried the repair and it goes through that and says everything is ok, ha ha ha I tried to do a restore and it will not let me do that. It will not do anything in safe mod either. You click on safe mode and it goes to the blank screen and sits there. I have tried a recovery disk and that does not thing.

It acts like the boot sector is bad. and ideas.? She has a lot of pictures and bank stuff on the HD, so I don't want to lose that.


A:Toshiba Satellite

Hi Gang...Just remembered I also ran a Avira scan on it, no change. I also pulled the HD from it and used a cheater cable on it, and the HD runs and I seen all the info on it. All seems intact that way.

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Ok, I got a used laptop from work, always worked fine.

brought it home, and it worked fine. then all of the sudden it would get through the toshiba screen and go nowhere.

then the next day, it started up fine 2 times.

I tried to boot from the XP CD, and it does the whole blue screen thing until 'starting windows' then it just hangs up.

When I boot in safe mode, or attempt to, it gets stuck on system32\drivers\agp440.sys

any ideas?

A:Toshiba Satellite M35

Ok... well it seems to be royally f;ed up.

I attempted to install windows again, after booting up. So it could not delete the partition. I had to install over it and erase it. In the process, it ended up with an error and cant complete the install. So now it keeps hitting some error about text.

I did have a ghost boot disc, and now it wont even finish booting up to the ghost program, it just gets to an a: prompt.

Anyway to wipe out the HD with not much access to anything and start over?
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I only turn on and use my computer in the evening and have noticed my pc does not automatically make restore points, i think this is because of the time of day i use it, is there any [U]EASY[U]way i can change when these are made? I am not very computer literate so an easy explaination required!!

A:Toshiba satellite pro

System Restore points really only happen if there are software changes. Like Windows Update or installing a new program.

If you wish to create your own follow this link: Create a Restore Point for Windows 7 or Vista’s System Restore - How-To Geek
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Hi all,

I am totally lost.Can't connect wifi. There are two routers. The first a model/dsl router second a linksys that is connected by cable.
Don't have a problem with other laptops so problem with this PC.
LAN connects no problem. on CMD - it always shoes media disconnected. It detects and connects to the network but no IP.

I am totally lost. Re-installed broadcom adapter. Any thoughts please?
Windows 7 Home premium.

A:Toshiba satellite

can we see the ipconfig /all - see below

What firewall / security suite or anti-virus do you currently have on the PC - or you have ever had on the PC in the past - any trial ware - like Norton, Mcafee , AVG etc

Is your wireless security enabled - if so - log into the router and remove the wireless security - now see if it will connect - if it does - log back into the router and try the wireless security again

try a tcp/ip reset - see below

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results into notepad and then automatically open the notepad and display on your screen.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results into a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will now be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy

Now go back to the forum - goto the reply and then right click in the reply box and paste the results.
The results from the notepad should now appear in the forum reply.

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Vista/Windows 7

Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on the screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following commands:

Note: Type only the text in bold and red for the following commands.

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog and press enter

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log and press enter

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log and press enter

ReStart (reboot) the machine.

If you receive the message
The requested operation requires elevation.
Then please open the command prompt as administrator - as requested above
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

Please note and post back - if you receive the following message :-
Access is Denied

please post back the results in a reply here - its important we know that these commands have worked correctly and not produced any errors
right click in the command prompt box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Details also here
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I need help my Toshiba laptop keep restarting and won't boot.

A:Toshiba satellite

can you try safe mode
as the PC starts keep tapping F8 - a menu appears - choose
safemode - see if that works
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OK This might be a really dumb question and all of you are gonna laugh but here goes. this is a a80 series laptop. My question is does this laptop ave only one memory slot, cause i took off the panel to test the memory and all I see is one slot. It does not seem logical that they would place the other slot in a different location. Or am i totally wrong, and the other slot is just somewhere else. The reason i ask is because if i dont have to take apart the case, good. i usuall break things like this.

A:Toshiba satellite mem?

Please note it says 512 Mb x 2.

Many laptops have an easilly reachable second slot for expansion and an internal harder-to-get-at slot.
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So my girlfriend bought this laptop probably three or four months ago. She uses a Verizon flash drive for her internet. All of a sudden her windows store won't open, none of the apps on her computer will open. the store says there is no internet connection but both browsers work fine. I've tried the ws.reset but it does nothing, the store just tries to load. I've messed with the proxy settings in IE even thou she user firefox. Any help is appreciated. Thought about just resetting it to factory settings and selling it!

A:Toshiba satellite help

Check if necessary services are enabled for windows store to work properly.
run->services.msc look for Windows Store Service. Also check DNS service.
Run windows troubleshoorter to check for any related issues.
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hey guys well a few weeks ago my laptop stopped working The one in the title I obviously was depressed because I have a lot of things on my laptop The problem is that I get to the boot screen where it allows me to go into safe mode start windows normally etc etc Then it will do the countdown til it starts windows normally but as soon as I hit Enter or the countdown is done it freezes on that screen I tried editing my BIOs maybe there is more I can do in there not completely sure I blew into the vents and tried to blow out any Satellite M40/M45 help Toshiba dust I opened some of the computer and sprayed Toshiba Satellite M40/M45 help some aerosol to clear out any dust on w e I did open I couldn t figure out how to open the whole bottom back of the computer I also tried using the recovery disc but it is not recognizing the disc drive By this I mean that it is not loading anything from the disc drive I also tried to install another operating system Mandriva Linux DSL and Ubuntu Linux All help will be appreciated Thanks -CJP Toshiba Satellite M40/M45 help P Toshiba Satellite M40/M45 help S If someone can help me with also opening the whole laptop that may help as well nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite M40/M45 help

Hmm... from what I am reading I think this thread should be moved to the "Windows OS" Forums, so if it is supposed to be moved, I do request and admin/moderator move this thread.
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I am having problems with a Toshiba Satellite Laptop L305D-S5881 Model # PSLC8U-00D010. It will boot up and i can hear the fan working but i have no picture on the screen. I removed the memory sticks and installed one that is on good working and still no picture. Could it be the video card or something else. please help.


A:Toshiba Satellite


Not too sure what was up with the large space and the odd characters at the bottom, but I've edited them out.


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I've been given a Toshiba Satellite M70 Laptop.. I've been given this laptop because the internal screen isn't working.. so wanting some opinions.

The screen lights up, but doesn't display a picture - instead just random vertical & horizontal lines. I think its probably going to be the LCD panel, I've reseated the cable at both ends but didn't make a difference.

Just wondering what other people think.. I just don't want to order a replacement panel if someone thinks it might be the mainboard for example.

A:Toshiba Satellite M70

Well, the first thing I would do is plug an external monitor to it and see what comes up. Toshibas have a diagnosis function that you can run if you hit F8 at startup. Choose the test and let see if it finds any problems with the onboard screen.

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I sign in to my lap top which takes forever then I don't see any Dixon's loaded either so I cue up the task man. And it's blank also & tells me there are no programs e.g. running! I need some help guy's?
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MY friend has a Toshiba Satellite A75-S209 laptop, the hard drive has died, I have found one online for him, but we have no recovery disk from Toshiba to install the OS on the new hard drive, question is where can I find one? If he has to buy Windows, he might as well buy a new laptop. Also how difficult is a hard drive installation in a laptop. I have done this in a desktop.

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Toshiba Satellite

You might be able to order the Recovery discs from Toshiba for a small fee.

Most laptops now require the user to make their own discs when they purchase the system and the re is a recovery partition on the drive.

P.S. Windows is considerably cheaper then a new laptop. And you should have a Windows license number on the bottom of the laptop so the worse case scenrio is that you have to get a regular Windows CD, do an install and download all the drivers, but you'd lose some of the Toshiba pre-installed software.
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im using windows vista but since i have format my laptop it seems i cant get any wireless connection. i have tried with a cable and again theres no connection to the internet. windows Network Diagnostics refers that my computer does not have a wireless network adapter installed and configured. but i have been using wireless before i format? Any help pleaseeee?

A:toshiba satellite A-300

Welcome to TSG.
You need to ensure you have the correct chipset and Wi-Fi driver installed. you should also check your WLAN AutoConfig service is set to Automatic and Started.


Configuring Services;
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when i switch it on all the led green and the fan but no picture .cheers

A:Help for Toshiba Satellite l20

Zenosincks said:

Does an external monitor pick up a display signal?Click to expand...

thenk you for your reply
no i tried to connect external screen the same no picture.
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I have a Toshiba Satelite l305d-s5900. I turn it on and it immediately goes to the toshiba leading innovation screen. It doesn't do anything if I press f2 or f12. I've tried pressing f8 while powering on as well as 0. It does nothing. I'm at a complete loss on what to do.
It makes no sound when trying any of the above or at start up. I took it apart earlier and there's nothing disconnected and no damaged wires that I can see. Ive also tried taking out my battery and turning on with just power supply because someone told me to try that, nothing. Please help!

A:Toshiba Satellite

how old is it, when did this start, is there a cd/dvd in the tray? remove all usb stuff that plugged in..try unplugging and removing the battery and holding the power button for 10 seconds, then plug it in and put the battery back in and try it..

if the 0 (zero) key works you will lose all data!
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I'm having a problem.. I was opening one of my games on my computer when all a sudden my screen went black.. It wouldn't go back to the regular desktop screen.. So i shut it off y holding down the power button.. Then when i tried to turn it back on it goes to the locked screen like it always does and then i enter my password and when it goes to bring up my desktop it takes forever and signs me on to a temporary profile.. I can't figure out why, or how to get back to MY profile.. It doesn't have any files i've saved or anything.. Also my internet runs really slow while logged on to this temp. Profile.. Any help would be very welcomed.. Thanks in advance.

A:Toshiba satellite help

Sounds like you have a virus or other malware affecting the Windows log on. What happens in Safe Mode?
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135 notebook. It has four USB ports that all do the same thing. Anything I plug into them it just says "device not recognized". I have made sure its not a driver OR software issue. Tech support tells me I have an issue with my systemboard. I have also even tried flashing my bios to a new version and still the same problem. My question is this!

I recently bought a PCMCIA card with 4 extra USB ports on it but it has to be powered by ONE usb cable. Will this card work? Even tho my ports don't recognize should it power the expansion card I'm about to install? Any suggestions? This is a nice notebook and I just need some USB support before I junk it. Thanks.


A:Toshiba Satellite HELP!

Not sure what PCMCIA card your talking about the one I had worked because it had a separate power supply