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Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't!

Q: Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't!

Hey I have a SAMTRON Samsung brand I think DF X F X DF that is what it says in the Display tab monitor for my computer I have had it for about three years now Just like any other week I go to my Windows Update and install all the latest updates for my computer Now this week I installed some of the quot hardware amp driver updates quot one of which was for my monitor It went fine I downloaded and installed the updates then finished up some things and restarted my computer I have my monitor set at x pixels with Highest bit color quality However when I restarted my computer it turned on like normal but the color quality was terrible set at Lowest bit and the screen resoulution was set at x pixels When I noticed the changes I went to the display and settings tab and changed my screen resoultion and color quality to what I wanted it to be my normal settings First I tried it without restarting my computer It just stayed the same Then I tried it with restarting my computer It doesn't! but updates after worked, Monitor stayed the same also It will just go back to the Lowest bit colors and the Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't! x resolution Any suggestions as to how to get it Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't! back to my normal settings Help nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't!

Okay, a little edit:

I've called my local tech store, BestBuy, and they gave me some useless information. I can get it to 800x600 pixels, but that is the highest I can go. It still won't let me get past Lowest 4 bit color quality. It is starting to make me angry.

I think I am going to go a little in-depth here and give you the whole story. I installed a Windows Update for my SAMTRON 76DF Monitor, and when I restarted the computer, all of my display settings where different. When I went to change them, I put them where I wanted them to be and clicked apply, but it just stayed the same. BestBuy said to get on an internet chatroom/forum and see if anyone else has had this problem.
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I moved I used the laptop a Fujitsu D running WinXP Pro during this time When our stuff arrived of course one of the first things we did was set up worked, It it now doesn't our computers Well the two computers that were shipped can talk surf and share files just fine but the laptop refuses to play nicely with others It can see the wireless connection It can surf the net through the proxy connection BUT it cannot see the other computers to share files - when I try to view the workgroup I get the wonderful quot workgroup is not accessible You might not have permission quot This It worked, now it doesn't computer which is running Win k can see the laptop but when I try to connect to it I get quot laptop is not accessible Network path not found quot I ve made no changes to this the primary computer I ve made no changes that should have affected the laptop However my It worked, now it doesn't tech brain cells are still spinning up after a two-month hiatus Perhaps someone can suggest the stupid little thing I m probably forgetting Thanks nbsp

A:It worked, now it doesn't

Checklist for networking Windows Machines with TCP/IP
- PCs which are not XP must have TCP/IP installed.
- Each PC must have a unique computer name.
- Each PC must have a network share defined.
- ALL NICS must be on the same subnet (e.g. IP 192.168.0.* subnet mask
- XP PCs must have Netbios over TCP/IP enabled (only essential for XP to talk to W9X PCs).
- MS Client and file & printer sharing must be enabled on each machine.
- All NICs must have their node type = anything except p-node (peer to peer, or point-point).
* To check, open a command prompt and type IPCONFIG /ALL.
- XP's ICF firewall is permanently disabled. (Only necessary for pre XP SP2).
- All 3rd party firewalls are disabled, uninstalled and deleted (until connection is working).
- PCs have the same workgroup (helps, but not essential for XP/2K, necessary for 9X/ME).

Allow 15 mins after rebooting a PC for that PC to appear in the workgroup, or
for it to see all other PCs. Or you can search for the PC by its computer name.
Additional things to check if you still have problems:
- Check your Services are Started on all PCs: Workstation, Server, TCP/IP Netbios helper, Computer Browser.
- XP gives access to its shares via the Net Guest Account. (Note, not the same as the local guest account in user accounts which should be off). Net Guest Account is enabled by default in XP, but to check it, open a command prompt and type: NET USER GUEST
Should return a line with 'Account active yes'.
Check XP Security policies:
- Access this computer from the network: add guest
- Deny logon locally: remove guest
- Network access:Sharing and security model... -> Guest only
- Deny access to this computer from the network-> check Guest is not here.
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I wanted to try Microsoft's new XP64bit trail version. It took five hours to download. I forgot to write the product key number down before I started the installation and couldn't get pass where you entered the key number. When I went to go back to the original OS (XP Media Edition) it had partially overwritten the data needed to open it. So I had to do a system restore only to find my email with the product key number erased. Now when I play my Motocross Madness2 trail edition game, all the players but mine act erratically. When I have an accident in the game it freezes up to a stammer and white screen. It worked perfectly before so I know my system can handle the game. I have a HP A1129N Pavilon with an AMD 64bit cpu, 512 ram, ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series (0x5954) 128MB on board video chip.
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I have an ASUS laptop K60IJ.

I have been playing movies in it just fine. Now all of a sudden, it won't play anything. I have no idea what happened. Took a disk out, put a new one in and nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

A:DVD drive worked, now it doesn't...

Quote: Originally Posted by penquin7

I have an ASUS laptop K60IJ.

I have been playing movies in it just fine. Now all of a sudden, it won't play anything. I have no idea what happened. Took a disk out, put a new one in and nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

same happened to me.. i'm still fighting it on a Dell E6500... i have a dvd+-RW, and the pc see's it... device manager... everything.. but i cannot burn cd's or anything.. the burning software doesn't recognize a drive.. says no drive avail.... .. i've tried the matrix storage update... the firmware update.. deleted some reg keys like they said...the reg keys got me my drive back in "My computer".. have fun.. i'm still trying... i'll post here if i get it fixed.. or find a fix...
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Hello everyone first post here I am a college student with a computer that I built myself I currently run a Gigabyte EP T-UD LR MoBo which has Win Ult 64 7 it doesn't? now Audio worked, and the capability to run surround sound maybe better and has some other neat things that I enjoy I installed Windows Ultimate x a month or so ago and everything was working fine until I went home last weekend for Thanksgiving Break I unplugged my logitec surround sound system packed up my computer and drove home When I setup my computer at my house I Win 7 Ult 64 Audio worked, and now it doesn't? wanted to listen to some music but I did not have my speakers so I plugged in my headset After I plugged this in I got a pop-up asking about my quot new audio device quot or something basically a configuration pop-up I clicked through quickly as I have never had to actually setup the audio before and sure enough my audio stopped working kind of For those who are familiar with gaming I was on Ventrilo voice chat program and could not hear anyone even though my mixer showed that there was audio occurring However I could still Win 7 Ult 64 Audio worked, and now it doesn't? hear youtube videos and things like that from Google Chrome I didn't pay much attention to this and I just got back to my fraternity today plugged in my surround sound and now my audio is completely non-existent I've updated all of the drivers I've messed around with the settings I searched high and low and nothing anyone else did seemed to help My card and speakers are being recognized they just aren't working Any help would be monumentally appreciated -Everett

A:Win 7 Ult 64 Audio worked, and now it doesn't?

Did you try the System Restore? That would have been the first thing I would have tried.
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My computer has a drive for CD-ROM's and CD-ROM burning, and then another drive which can play DVDs and also play CD-ROM's. When I purchased the computer I could insert a DVD and play it fine using this InterActual player. But then, my computer had some corruption on it and we had to reload and restore Windows XP Home Edition.

Now, I try to play DVD's with this InterActual player and it has an error message when it comes up. So, I tried to play it in Windows Media Player 10 and it comes up with an error message saying that my DVD encoder isn't compatible. My guess is that when I purchased the computer at BestBuy, they installed an encoder and now that I reloaded Windows XP Home Edition the encoder is gone. Any suggestions as to what I should do?
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I recently purchased an IPod Touch Hubby It now it (wireless). doesn't worked, and s Windows computer is set for It worked, and now it doesn't (wireless). a static IP addy The router was giving the Touch this addy causing a conflict Fixed this by changing the IP address start point - from to and expanded the range This solved all problems until hubby fired up his Windows XP Home computer At first he just had really really slow internet but now he s completely lost connectivity altogether even though the router sees it and gives it an IP in the proper range Information under It worked, and now it doesn't (wireless). ipconfig all seems to be fine He tried doing a repair - it seemed to work but apparently didn t actually Zonealarm has been tweaked to see the expanded IP range of the network We ve tried rebooting the router the computer and both All the other wireless clients work fine In short he s connected to the network yet he cannot see the workgroup or surf the internet I cannot find anything wrong but there obviously is I m missing something obvious Any help appreciated nbsp

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I m new to this website but I found that you had lots of different ways to help so I m hoping you can help me This is going to be long so please bear with me First my dxdiag report ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name PALMERFAMILY-PC Operating System Windows Home Premium -bit Build Service Pack win sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting now Worked doesn't & it Solved: 2 Sims English System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Inspiron N BIOS Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version A Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Solved: Sims 2 Worked & now it doesn't Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Microsoft Corporation - WDDM Manufacturer Intel Corporation Chip type Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family DAC type Internal Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS A amp REV Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model unknown Monitor Id INL A Native Mode x p Hz Output Type Internal Driver Name igdumd dll igd umd dll Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B E - - CF- D -AC A C C Vendor ID x Device ID x A SubSys ID x A Revision ID x Driver Strong Name igdlh inf Intel Mfg NTamd iCNT ci ven amp dev a Rank Of Driver EC Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C ModeWMV B ModeWMV C ModeVC B ModeVC C Deinterlace Caps BF EF - CC - A-BE B- BD CAEEE F Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech EdgeFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend BF EF - CC - A-BE B- BD CAEEE F Format In Out UYVY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech EdgeFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out UYVY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend BF EF - CC - A-BE B- BD CAEEE F Format In Out YV YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech EdgeFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YV YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YV YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess AlphaBlend BF EF - CC - A-BE B- BD CAEEE F Format In Out NV YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY VideoProcess ... Read more

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Does anyone know why this game worked fine at one point and now does not

The game is called Return To Mystery Island. It worked okay except for an occasional reboot supposedly caused by a device driver (according o microsoft).

The only thing I did was to use system restore to load settings from an earlier time to see if the computer rebooting in the game. I reinstalled the game and it will not load at all. The error message is "RtMI.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close".

This game is not very demanding as to hardware.

Windows XP sp2
Nividia 5200mx
sound blaster live
2x512 ram pc3200 new
wd 80 gb new

A:Solved: Game worked now it doesn't

Okay I figured it out. I had to go over all the changes that I did so I could figured what was wrong. Before restoring windows to an earlier setting, I deleted many of the early games that I saved in this game. For this game to boot up I believe I had to have saved game #000 still in the saved games file for this game to operate.
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Everything turns on, fans and everything. It's a completely new build. No input detected from a Samsung monitor.

I've swapped ram sticks to see if one of them is dead
I've reseated the video card

Don't know what to do.

Gonna pop my 4870 X2 into the computer to see if the video card is DOA. If not, the motherboard?

A:New Computer Build: Monitor doesn't turn on / Monitor doesn't initalize

your vga could be causing the issue, but that's only if you dont have onboard video as well.

Next time you post with a problem, make sure you give us detailed specs of your rig, when you dont its like saying "Hey, I have a red car, and it wont start."
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Long story short Received my new laptop on Monday and I installed Windows and the Drivers on Tuesday I was able then to connect to the internet wirelessly in another room in my house My router is a year old wired Linksys G router and in order to provide wireless in my home I set-up a TrendNet Access Point N a year and a half ago Though there are times that I need to periodically reboot we can access the internet anywhere in the house on our laptops The laptop at the beginning connected fine recognizing the TrendNet and the signal was strong I then installed Windows Updates Microsoft Essentials and the latest Adobe Flash By the way the W firewall was enabled from the beginning After a time I shut it down but when I came back this system will not connect at all It shows that the system is connected to the Access Point with a strong signal but when I go to connect to the internet wirelessly Brand at it the start, now worked Wireless doesn't new laptop: it constantly says that there is a problem Diagnosis says it s my modem access point or router So I reset them at least five times but nothing has changed Besides my two PC s have no trouble connecting to the internet Two Lenovo laptops have no trouble connecting to the internet throughout the house I even fired up my year old Toshiba Tecra S using a TP Link USB adapter at the opposite end of the house and it connects Diagnosis diagram shows connection from Access Point to laptop but no connection from laptop to internet I did a system restore as I only installed the Adobe Flash and Microsoft Essentials When it finally rebooted the only thing I reinstalled was MSE I even set things to default But the problem persists The Device Manager recognizes my wireless card and reports Brand new laptop: Wireless worked at the start, now it doesn't that it is functioning properly With one exception the Intel Wireless Pro Drive Software diagnostics tool reports that every test passed including Signal Test which gives an Excellent quality rating What it has failed is the Ping Test I would appreciate any help you can give because I am really out of my element here This laptop is for my son who will be entering college this fall and so I need it to be able to access wirelessly By the way it does connect via ethernet cable nbsp

A:Brand new laptop: Wireless worked at the start, now it doesn't


if it shows the current IP address as 169.x.x.x then the issue is not finding
(or being blocked from sending/receiving ) the DHCP service in the router.

ALSO, if you see an IP address like 0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334
then you have IPv6 enabled on the laptop;
1) google for disable ipv6
2) apply the solution for your {XP,Vista,Win/7} laptop

reboot and reconnect
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hi guys,

yesterday I was going to do some updates win7 found, it was stuck for a long time on 0kb 0% - it worked eventually, I deleted all updates temp files, but that didn't make things any quicker..

anyone experienced that yesterday at all?


A:Windows updates 0kb 0% for long time yesterday, then worked

Deleting all the 'updates temp files' will extend the time taken for WU, since it has then to destroy and rebuild the database it has for updates.

So long as it works in the end, there is no problem. Just leave it to do its thing!
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About amonth ago I was installing updates and suddenly my pc rebooted and I was shown the GRUB boot loader which I don't recall ever using i tried logging into windows using the bootloader but it didn't work so i resulted to the fixmbr and genuine awhiland during fine now rebooted not worked updates is for Pc that did the trick Pc rebooted during updates worked fine for awhiland now is not genuine a Pc rebooted during updates worked fine for awhiland now is not genuine few days ago I needed to check on my properties of my PC and noticed that my windows was no longer activated I have run sfc and that gave me the windows protection message I also ran chkdsk I also looked at buying a new key since I'm running ultimate and considering downgrading to pro if I can't get this fixed which I rather not spend the cash if I need to can anyone help me out In the last year I replace the hard drives cloned the system switched to AHCI while still activated and activated the on board firewire the last install before I checked the activation was was protools which installed a fair bit of hardware drivers

A:Pc rebooted during updates worked fine for awhiland now is not genuine

Are you sure your version was genuine?

Run this to double check

Copy and paste all the contents here.
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My monitor, a 22 inch westinghouse widescreen monitor, worked fine yesterday morning. One of the kids played on it, and now it's messed up. When I go to settings, the highest resolution is 1600x1200, and I don't know what it was set at before, but this is not right. Things are stretched out a bit horizontally. The monitor manual says it should be 1680x1050, which is not an option on my display settings.

Also, it's listing my monitor as a "generic non-PNP monitor." Could the monitor type have somehow been uninstalled?

I have an hp pavilion m8430f pc running vista. It tells me all drivers are up to date. And like I say, it was fine yesterday, so I know it's possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Alright so here comp work on camera Video/web IMs diff. - on Worked before doesn't s the deal I have a Vivicam Dual-Mode still camera with webcam capabilities I recently got a new computer HP Media Center PC m n Windows XP Media Center Edition to replace my old computer Dell Dimension running WinXP home For some reason my new web camera does not work on instant messaging programs MSN and AIM even though it worked on my old computer for both programs Here s all I ve found Both quot Dual-Mode DSC Still Camera quot and quot Dual-Mode DSC Video Camera quot show up under Imaging Devices in Device Manager Neither have a yellow quot quot next to them It had been mentioned that having another imaging device connected a scanner for instance can cause a conflict but the scanner connects via a parallel port and Video/web camera doesn't work on IMs - Worked before on diff. comp appears under quot Other Devices quot with no conflicts I have no other such devices connected or installed except for another much more useless camera which I used for testing and got the same results and no conflicts Un-installing re-installing drivers cleaning the registry of all quot vivicam quot entries does not fix the problem Using the latest drivers does not fix the problem I have tried all three two USB hubs on my computer including one with no other devices connected to it or at least ones which have none connected either laterally or vertically In AIM video shows up as grey in the My Camera tab unless I ve installed it and didn t restart in which case it closes video mode because of quot firewall settings quot and I m positive my firewall isn t on Windows Firewall is off and Norton Internet Security crap is uninstalled In MSN if I ve installed the drivers correctly it shows up as white and if I ve done it incorrectly it shows up as static I am able to record movies perfectly in Windows Movie Maker despite the fact that it does not work with IMs Does anyone have ANY idea what could be causing this problem nbsp

A:Video/web camera doesn't work on IMs - Worked before on diff. comp

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Hi OK so here's what's happening My HDD died Then months later a NEW HDD died Awesome So I got a newer better HDD had a repair shop check my PC ensure that the motherboard wasn't causing the HDD errors it wasn't Then they loaded the OS from their own disks updates OS, Win7 HDD, Prem Home SP1 New then stopped. worked Re-loaded From day Windows updates would NOT work I couldn't even get SP Over a course of weeks I tried about different fixes Nothing So I started from scratch This time I loaded the OS I have a Dell XPS I loaded the OS using my original Dell disks It's New HDD, Re-loaded Win7 Home Prem OS, SP1 updates worked then stopped. Win Home Premium X btw I followed the driver DL order on Dell's site Updates were working great and then they stopped So per your site's instructions I ran the SURT tool After hours of it hanging I closed it using Task Manager I ran the SFC New HDD, Re-loaded Win7 Home Prem OS, SP1 updates worked then stopped. scan and yes I did receive the quot did not find any integrity violations quot message I have not gotten any Windows Update error codes from Windows I do get the red X shield on the Windows Update pop-up but when I click Check for Updates it seems to try -- but it just hangs I've attached a zip which includes My SFC scannow results My Windows Logs folder AND I included a screen cap of what Window updates worked you can see which was the first one to fail I did try DL'ing one of those updates manually and running it Honestly I'm so burned out by all of this see first paragraph above I can't recall what happened but suffice it to say it didn't work Thank you for any help you can offer I'd like to upgrade to Win it worked AOK on my old drive right up until failed
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I m running windows vista and I have a maxtor touch mini external hardrive I ve never had any problems with it But now when I open My Computer the harddrive is nowhere to be seen I m all up to date w windows updates and when I go into Device Manage it says the device is working properly and is up-to-date w it s drivers So what s the deal I know and - forever vista worked doesn't and hard maxtor drive now external it my computer is registering the device is there because it makes the device inserted noise and in the safely remove hardware tab the device appears as USB Mass Storage Device In disk management it shows up as Disk pretty sure it s referring to that anyway It says it is unknown and uninitialized when I try to initialize it an error message pops up that states device is not ready- under properties it says it s working properly and up to date w drivers How can get access to my external harddrive Please help nbsp
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My second monitor is a VGA monitor and worked for several months. Now i moved my computer setup to another room, and i can't get a picture on the VGA monitor. It's on and detected but it's just black.

Everything is connected exactly the same as previous.

When i boot my computer i can see the boot menu flash by for a split second, and when i change the resolution i can see the windows background for a split second. (literally 0.1 seconds).

I already bought a new dvi-vga adapter because some pins were damaged, but it didn't fix the problem.

I have the latest drivers. Already tried uninstalling and re-installing gpu driver.

I can move my mouse to the right (extended desktop) so it definitely detects it.

I'm on Windows 7
i5 2400
radeon hd6850


A:Second monitor black screen, worked earlier

It would seem that you have damaged the connection in some way. You mention bent pins in one of the connectors. It's possible that you have damaged the socket on the GPU. Have close look at it & see if there is any damage.

Have you tried changing the lead to the monitor.
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I have computers that I connect to the Internet with Desktop HP Windows HARDWIRED directly to Arris TG modem router Laptop HP Windows ON and work COMPUTE 1.5 weeks Internet for Left ONE Doesn't worked; Solved: returned; Wireless Laptop Dell Windows Wireless Numbers and connect to the Internet just fine so they are not an issue I can even connect one of the laptops to the Ethernet Solved: Internet worked; Left for 1.5 weeks and returned; Doesn't work ON ONE COMPUTE cable and it WILL connect directly to the modem Yet number will NOT open browser web pages even when the status says it is connected to my network Here s the deal I left home the Sunday before last and right before I left the Internet worked PERFECTLY on Number I made no changes to the computer and I simply shut it down leaving the modem on I returned last night and turned on my computer and discovered the problem I can t imagine what happened in the meantime My wife and I are the only people with access to the home and we were both gone together No one has accessed my computer and made any changes Yet my ISP is convinced it is on my end and since my laptops can be hardwired to the modem and access the Internet they have a point I have read other posts on this forum and elsewhere but none of them seem to address exactly what is happening on my computer and I am reluctant to make changes that are designed to address someone else s problem until I know I have a similar problem since I left home with it working perfectly and returned with it not working and my computer stayed off the whole time I attempted several things but I am ready to start back from the beginning and follow instructions I have run Windows Diagnostics and it repeatedly says quot Investigate Broadband Modem Issues quot or something like that I ran the HP utility and one of the suggested possible problems has to do with IP configuration I have opened the properties in the LAN connection and there appears to be a problem I also ran IPCONFIG renew but ran into an error and then I ran IPCONFIG and ALL don t remember the exact command and came up with some information that did not look good Yet I am not sure how to interpret the information and before I dig myself in too deep of a hole on the basis of a different thread or problem-solutions elsewhere dealing with somewhat different problems I wanted to seek help from the beginning I don t want to make the problem any worse or more complicated Also if there is any way that the ISP is to blame and the modem router is causing the problem I don t want to needlessly alter my computer that was working perfectly as far as the Internet before I left home Thank you so much for any help you are willing and able to provide Sincerely A Stupid Question nbsp

A:Solved: Internet worked; Left for 1.5 weeks and returned; Doesn't work ON ONE COMPUTE
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Hi Whilst playing - Previously Has Stopped Outputting Suddenly Worked Secondary Monitor a browser game on my primary monitor Samsung SyncMaster S B and watching a YouTube video on my second monitor Samsung S D the second monitor S D suddenly stopped displaying output The monitor is still powered on still has a blue light etc and it's also NOT on Secondary Monitor Suddenly Stopped Outputting - Has Worked Previously stand-by but it doesn't display Secondary Monitor Suddenly Stopped Outputting - Has Worked Previously anything Interestingly whenever I go into screen resolution and switch between primary monitors the right monitor which isn't Secondary Monitor Suddenly Stopped Outputting - Has Worked Previously displaying output does show the HDMI logo at the top left of the screen which shows that it's acknowledging changes I make The monitors have been working side by side for several months and this is the first issue I've had with it The primary monitor is connected via HDMI directly to the graphics card NVidia Geforce GTX TI GB and the secondary monitor is connected via HDMI to the motherboard ASRock Fata ity Pro I understand ideally they'd both be going to the GPU but my GPU only has one HDMI port and it's been working for several months without issue up until now All specs are up-to-date Things I've tried All cables are securely attached I've rebooted I've rebooted the monitors themselves In Device Manager both monitors are recognised In Device Manager I've disabled and re-enabled the monitors I've checked the settings on the monitor in question which works as expected again I can change source to HDMI but I only get a lit up black screen - no actual display Edit Please also note that I can still drag windows over to the second monitor I just can't see anything displayed Any and all help much appreciated Cheers your Typical Nerd
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Ok, now I have a new build that has All new parts, brand new case and everything, it works fine when it's partially screwwed in or outside the case, but once I put everything else in (pci devices) it doesn't turn on? What could be the problem?

A:HELP!! The new build that worked fine out the case doesn't work in the case!
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I ve been out of this for years so please bear with me A BT TCP IP static peer-to-peer consisting of one box three systems amp a single XP station The box covers print sharing duties the entire purpose of the network Everything worked to now 95 peer peer worked, - Stumped & XP, 98 doesn't fine for YEARS now only the XP box can see the box and it s shared devices I can successfully ping any machine from any other But again only the XP system can see the system I m informed that NOTHING has changed on any machine - No installs no hardware added I ve tested cables swapped the hub uninstalled amp reinstalled I ve even enable sharing on a the boxes that didn t share before - They don t see each other Brought in a new system - Can ping all others can t see any shared devices systems on the network I ve virus scanned I ve been away too long XP, 95 & 98 peer to peer worked, now doesn't - Stumped and am sure I m missing something fundamental Kicker is The system in question is miles from where I live - The trips down to try to solve this are killing me Thanks for any ideas nbsp

A:XP, 95 & 98 peer to peer worked, now doesn't - Stumped

its not a firewall that has reset - I have sygate firewall on a PC and every now and then it seems to reset itself and I have to allow everything access
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Hey i have bought new monitor since my old one sometimes work , sometimes doesn't.When i plugged in my new monitor which is LG TV 24MS53S Smart monitor the mouse has unnatural movements they sluggish and slow and hard to control same whit my tablet.After 2 days i noticed that under Device manager under Monitors it says Generic PnP monitor which is the monitor of my laptop (lenovo y510p) if i am not mistaken.While my monitor is under Audio inputs and outputs as LG TV-C NVIDIA High Definition Audio.I dont know if that what the problems is but i need help to fix my mouse.Also my monitor is connected via HDMI and also when i connect my mouse directly to my monitor it works fine but it can only be used for TV and apps, etc.

A:It doesn't detect my monitor as a monitor

The audio is referring to the audio signal for the TV. I want to make sure I understand you correctly, you are using the external monitor (LG) as your primary display, not dual monitors...?

If this is the case, go back into Device Manager, the Generic Monitor and choose "Update device driver". As long as the LG monitor is the primary display, and your laptop screen is off, 'Generic Monitor' is referring to whichever monitor is active. If you are using both monitors, then you should have two monitors being shown in device manager.

As far as the mouse feeling 'sluggish', do you mean it's just very slow? What is the screen resolution of your new LG monitor? Is it the same as the laptop monitor? If the resolution is higher, sometimes the mouse will seem sluggish when using a higher resolution, which means you might have to turn up the pointer speed in the mouse's control panel. Before you update the device drivers for the monitor (which may or may not be able to be updated), try reducing the screen resolution of the LG and test the mouse that way.
Relevancy 44.29%

I have had problems with Windows Update Standalone Installer in Windows 8.1, so I hoped WSUS 10.2.1 would solve the issue. First few runs - "w63 glb" error after a few seconds when using my PC desktop as target. Switched to USB as target; ran for 30 seconds, got "success" message. When I opened the installer, nothing I had chosen had downloaded and boxes were grayed out.There was an ExcludeList.txt, which listed 30 or so of the 70 updates I need to install. Tried twice; same result. Need to update is reaching critical mass.Thanks.

A:WSUS doesn't download updates

1: Go to Administrative Tools/Services, and stop the Windows Update service. 2: Then go to the folder C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete ALL of the files and folders. 3: Then go back to Services and restart the Windows Update service which will recreate ALL of those folders again. 4: Then manually run the Update Service and everything should work. If you don't know how to manually start updates, reboot & Auto Updates should kick in.
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Hello SL -D U (from... various Doesn't to seem - SL510 hold Updates nbsp Windows Professional -bit Intel Core Duo CPU SL510 - Doesn't seem to hold various Updates (from... HDD should be but seems to show GB nbsp nbsp SL510 - Doesn't seem to hold various Updates (from... GB RAM memory Internet Explorer nbsp General Problems When online I receive requests almost daily to Update programs like Adobe Java even my AOL software NOT Windows Updates Those seem to take hold fine I think I allow the Updates and then the next day I'm asked again Again and again day after day It seems that the updates don't take hold Is this normal to receive so many so frequently Using Datamask program from AOL interferes with various functions of the SL So I deleted the program I would like to use it And sorry can't give example of a problem since it's been so long since deleting program It might include a problem in using Internet Explorer maybe not Is Internet Explorer compatible with the SL and specifications above Or which version of IE is best Or which IE is best with Windows Prof nbsp Should I be adjusting anything nbsp I appreciate it so much Massachusetts
Relevancy 44.29%

Yeah, this stupid os is still trying to install SHitty crush saga by itself (200mb) stalling all the critical updates on qeue and saturating all the bandwidth (1mbit) available. WTF, who the hell is developing this, how is possible everybody dreaming AI and the biggest software company in the world is not capable to write an update manager that is able to decide when and which component has to install first. FY MS, sincerely

A:The most used OS in the world doesn't know how to install updates

You are addressing wrong crowd, you should take it to MS !!!
Relevancy 44.29%

Hey there So I was trying to update my Windows Home Premium on my rather dated a boot after doesn't tried Updates, Windows lot... Asus A JA notebook but after installing updates through Windows Update the system fails to boot anymore it simply freezes just before showing the Windows boot logo or text thus a black screen just after BIOS check it freezes with no message displaying NOTE The system works flawlessly after installing W Home Premium with SP Windows doesn't boot after Updates, tried a lot... error only happens when updating packages through Windows update afterwards It's over updates so I cannot really pinpoint the culprit alas Things I've tried so far - Trying to boot in Safe Mode gt same freeze Halts Windows doesn't boot after Updates, tried a lot... after loading displaying CI dll - Trying to set an earlier restore point before the Updates took place via Recovery console but I get an error x FFFF that the system failed to restore to a previous point - Ran sfc scannow through the Command Prompt in Recovery console but I get a quot system repair pending which requires reboot quot message thus failes since I cannot successfully re boot the system - Ran bcdboot C Windows bootrec FixMBR bootrec FixBoot gt didn't help boot freeze remains - Tried booting with log files enabled but Ntbtlog txt is NOT being created to check - Did a full wipe and format fresh Windows install with only SP installed again system boots and works flawlessly at this point but once hitting Updates and rebooting system freezes again - Updated BIOS and Mainboard Intel Chip drivers updated graphics drivers etc to the latest versions and trying updating Windows updates afterwards again same freeze - Tried Startup Repair through Recovery says it didn't find any boot errors - Ran a chkdisk with all possible flags no errors found - Checked for faulty RAM and HDD no errors found I know for certain the ASUS A JA does work with Windows but I don't know what I'm doing wrong I figure a particular Windows update is messing with the drivers but I don't know how to pinpoint it I didn't install any software just a clean Windows install incl SP nothing more Any ideas

A:Windows doesn't boot after Updates, tried a lot...


a "DISM.exe /image:C:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions" run via Commant Prompt does allow me to reboot the system successfully afterwards but of course, reverts all Windows Updates again, so I'm back to square one :/

I guess I'll have to update the packages one by one and see which one prevents the system from restarting?
So there goes 110 reboots, ha!
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I am used to windows notifying me in the system tray (and/or popups from the system tray) when there are new updates. But my windows isn't doing that.

A:Why doesn't windows notify me about updates?

It might be that Windows Update is turned off to re-enable it do the following:
Step 1: To turn on the Automatic Updates click "Start" and type "Windows Update" in the search box, then click "Windows Update" in the program list.
Step 2: In the left pane, click "Change Settings"
Step 3: Select the Option you want.
Step 4:
Under "Recommended Updates", select the "Give Me Recommended Updates the Same Way I Receive Important Updates" or "Include Recommended Updates When Downloading, Installing or notifying me about Updates" check box and click "Ok"
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So, this is a major problem that my website coder just realized no one else is aware of.
We went to search for the list of updates done to my computer & they weren't there. Some were, but not all. He checked his computer & same issue.
I can't believe all these years this has been a problem & no one is aware of them.
I need to remove this update - Prolific - Other hardware - Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port
I have an old mouse I use & it caused such problems, that it gave me blue screen & I couldn't get my computer to boot into Windows until I unplugged the mouse.
I have to shut her down now so I'm very nervous it's going to happen again.
How can I remove that update & stop it from reinstalling in the future?

A:Microsoft doesn't show all updates

Try this:Unplug the converter.If you're running XP, click Start > RunIf you're running 7, click the Start orbthen in either type in appwiz.cpl and press [Enter].
Look for something like "P... USB to Serial" - the publisher will be Prolific Technology INC and remove/uninstall it.If you're running XP, click Start > RunIf you're running 7, click the Start orbthen in either type in devmgmt.msc and press [Enter].
In Device Manager you will find an unrecognized item shown with a big yellow question mark or exclamation point - right-click it and select uninstall.
Reboot the system.
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I updated Windows 7 64bit and it installed IE9 64bit. I used to be in IE8 64 or 32bit. I'm not sure.

When on IE9 I had so much problems with flash player. So I uninstalled the updates to IE9.

Now my IE8 doesn't fully work anymore. I updated Flash player, thinking that was the problem. Some thing with Internet Explorere (non-64bit)

I play a lot of those Facebook applications like farmville and cityville. I can get to the game ok, but any popup within the game to ask request, don't work anymore.

I am already using firefox for my other account, so I need IE working.

A:IE8 doesn't work properly after uninstalling updates from IE9

is there a specific error? perhaps a screenshot.

When I installed IE9 on this machine and then removed it,. the only noticeable problem I have is I get the new welcome box everytime I fire up the first session.
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HELP! My warranty expired just couple weeks ago and guess what, problems started to appear.  My 11e ThinkPad doesn't download windows updates, I kept it on for about 5 hours - nothing! I've tried window's update troubleshooter and that thing would run for hours with no results. Lenovo solution center just freezes everything, even Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Had to hold power button couple times. Kind of tempted to delete everything "Lenovo" on that machine. Could not download/ install windows 10 because it would try to download installation program to Lenovo recovery disk and of course, there is not enough space there.
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I've got the HTC One M8 for Windows, currently running OS build 10.0.10586.164 and am on the Insider Release Preview ring. When I attempt to "Check for updates", it's not finding anything (even though there are more recent builds available - i.e. Anniversary Update). How can I force it to update? Do I have to factory reset it for it to be able to find the new updates?
Relevancy 43.86%

Hello, it's been almost a year since my computer stopped searching from updates and when I try to fix it says an error occured: Error found, Code 80070424. It tells me how to fix it but it never does. I tried to download Windows Fix it, but it says there is something wrong and something about a trobleshoot? :/

The other thing is that my computer does not let me download and install anything at all. The other day I tried to install avast but it my computer and when ever I tried to scan something a dialog box appeared:this application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuation is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail.

It does not let me install anything and I am freaking out. I do not know want to do and I desperately need help.

Thank you.
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Windows says all my drivers are up to date. But for example i was going to install the Intel WiDi and said that my wireless driver needs to be updated. What are the chances that its just different type of driver it needs or the worst part a lot of my drivers are not up to date?

A:Driver updates showing up to date but doesn't look like it

HP laptops some with an HP utility that allows you to check for newer drivers from HP -- don't know if yours does, but you should check for that.

The only way to tell is to see if (1) your laptop supplier has newer version drivers for your OS, and (2) the hardware suppliers for your components have newer drivers.

I would not trust any of these online services that claim to check your drivers -- mostly, they just want your money to install the same thing your already have, or worse, the wrong drivers.
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I have windows 7, I“ve tried to update windows, but keeps looking for updates for mo than 12 hours. I've tried some options to download fix“s alone, but they also look for updates, same thing.

Please help me!!

Relevancy 43.86%

This is my first post, so I would like to use it to say Hi to you all.

However I have a problem with my Win8.1. I can see possible updates in Windows Update, but I can see their names or check/uncheck them.
Still I can install them and they normally get installed, but I would prefer to now what I install on my computer.

I tried to "refresh" Windows Update by deleting SoftwareDistribution folder from C:/Windows, but that doesnt change anything, nor reboots helps.

First time I found about it yesterday, coz I didnt updated my OS for sometime and thought that is time to do it.

Maybe someone of You have any idea or had similar problem?

Thanks in advance

A:Win Update shows possible updates, but doesn't show them

Got it. Using some magic in cmd (thanks to Microsoft Community) and restarting explorer.exe did it
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My laptop has crossed it's warranty period. One fine day After updating drivers when it chose the option to restart again, the notebook never restarted.. I've done everything to get it started.. I guess it'll just remain a black dumb box. What should I do?
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Hello all I've got an -year-old Sony Vaio laptop Intel Ghz GB RAM that's running for updates doesn't Windows checks but Vista find any Vista SP I don't use it very often these days as I use Mac OS both at home and at work now However I've recently had to do some work in Serif Page Plus and I've been using the laptop again I updated MBAM and installed Kaspersky on it for AV protection I used MSE in Windows Vista checks for updates but doesn't find any the past but had a spare licence for Kaspersky Total Security and decided to make use of it I've been trying to update Vista It usually just shows 'Checking for Updates' but doesn't do anything This morning it did report in the taskbar that it had downloaded updates up to but when I clicked on the 'New Updates Available' message in the taskbar it just went back to 'Checking for Updates' It's been hours and nothing has changed According to the list of updates the last install was in That sounds about right as that's probably the last time I used the laptop As far as I'm aware sorry I'm really out of practice with Windows these days it's not possible to manually download updates via Internet Explorer like it was with XP Any help on this would be much appreciated I'd really like to get it updated so that it is as secure as it can be while online ETA Sorry In my haste to post this while working I've just realised there's a topic a little way down the page about the same issue I'll read through it and report back
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I just installed the latest updates for win 7 and after restarting my external HDD doesn't get recognised.

This is the Error in device manager:

"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

Any ideas on what to do?


A:External Drive doesn't work after latest updates

I reinstalled my chipset drivers and now my WD Elements is recognised and works.

I don't know how this happened but sure it had something to do with these last lot of updates.

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windows updates doesn't continue downloading when rebooted, is it really normal or do i have to do something. it was 70% but when i rebooted my box it goes back to 0%.

A:windows updates doesn't continue downloading when rebooted

I guess that I have to ask...why would you reboot the system...when you are trying to download anything?

Logically, it should go back to initiation of the download....there are only a few updates that allow for interruption and resume activity...and I believe those are all SP downloads.

Relevancy 43.43%

After tha last automatic update of Microsoft Windows 10 the bluetooth doesn't work. I can turn it on and off, but it doesn't recognize other devices and is not detected its presence from other devices, such as smartphones, so it is impossible to put them in communication and exchange files. Please, may anyone help me? Thank you, very much.
Relevancy 43.43%

HP support said I needed to update some things so I did and now my computer only gets as far as the sign in page. I enter in my pin and it starts it all over. What do I do?
Relevancy 43.43%

I'm wondering if anyone here can help me. Whenever, I'm installing updates my computer doesn't shut down and it hangs there. It goes up to installing update 2of 2 or 1 of 2 and it just hangs there and does not shut down. Sometimes I try to install the update manually and it still does the same, just hangs there. I can shut down my computer while installing the updates and start it up without losing any information. This started last week but before last week it was installing updates just perfectly. It doesn't cause any major problems but it is a nuissance to deal with. Thanks.

A:Problems Installing Updates (My Comp. Doesn't Shut Down)

*Have you checked in Event Viewer ?
Event Viewer - Windows Logs - System & Application.
Check for any red error messages to do with this problem.
Re your update settings -
*I suggest you change them to notify you but let you choose to download.
*Do a few at a time only.
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Hi all I ask for any pointers to start looking at this if you can This week after some MS work mouse doesn't this week after updates Middle some button updates from MS in my W OS I noticed that clicking the middle button is not working at all Normally in a browser you can open in a new tab or close a tab etc I have a Microsoft Middle mouse button doesn't work after some MS updates this week wireless mobile mouse Whet I get this mouse and connected for the first time windows at the time some driver was installed and also quot Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard center quot was downloaded and installed Everything worked fine I upgrade to W and no problem with this until earlier this week Testing the options in the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard center none of them works when I click the Middle mouse button doesn't work after some MS updates this week middle button I just download and installed the version from the site Installed in a regular fashion and in compatible mode for W can you believe this is not for w The scroll function works fine even the Flip scrolling direction Later I went to a DELL desktop W and I tried the MS mouse there and works fine Maybe I have to quot tell quot W to forget his is a MS mouse and to have the default driver If such how Also I tried the mouse from that desktop here in windows and works fine dell mouse without installing anything myself Middle mouse button doesn't work after some MS updates this week Any ideas are welcome and appreciated Best regards and thanks for your time
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I just spent the last 30 hours downloading and installing all the update for 8.1 on my new Acer Laptop. Now the system will not shut down, update will not open and restore does not work. Also the sound system does not work. I've tried the recovery options but all I get is unending aero. Shutdown produces background apps still running and will only work if I physically turn off the power.

I'm at a loss to know what to do next. I did not expect to have these problems with a brand new system and by following all the proper procedures for updating.
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How's that for a Topic?

I first noticed the problem while trying to install QuickBooks.
It complained about the .NET framework.
When I went to Add/Remove Windows components, it was blank.
I googled and studied more.
I tried SFC /scan now. "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation."
Notice Application log is full of 1001 - Windows Error reporting with the following:
WindowsWcpOtherFailure3Not available06.1.7601base\wcp\componentstore\storelayout.cpp

SURT appears to install, but really doesn't run.
There are more symptoms, but that's enough for starters.

CBS logs attached.

I appreciate any help you can offer.

A:Updates loop, SFC won't run, SURT doesn't work, Can't System Restore

The CheckSUR reports this...

Checking Packages
(f) CSI Unable to Query Store Version 0x00000002
This means that there is a major problem with your registry.

I need to have a look at your COMPONENTS registry hive

Please copy the C:\Windows\System32\config\COMPONENTS file (no extension) to your desktop and then compress it - upload the compressed file to your favoured fileshare site (preferably Dropbox or OneDrive) and post a link.
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I have an older PC with Vista Business on it. The RAID chip was having a problem so it just sat for about 9 months until an update to the bios allowed me to change the RAID properties. I am able to get to the windows logon screen but it would not accept my password (same password I always use on all 4 machines I have). So I went ahead and did the pending updates, and it still won't take the password. I even use the Password Hint to help so that I don't forget my password, and still no luck. The funny part is there is a reset password link that is useless if you didn't make a floppy. Well, I didn't even know that function was available or I would have made one...
So anyway, how else can I get in, or is there another solution to why my password is not working?


A:First boot in 9 months, 15 updates Logon doesn't work anymore???

Problem Solved -
I finally was able to word my search properly and located a post referencing a website detailing how to burn a bootable cd that would allow you to change the information in registry. I am unable to find the post but a search using Lost Password seems to pull up a bunch of relavent posts.
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Well, I just built my new computer and i plugged just a monitor and a keyboard in and turned it on. All the fans were spinning including the video card one and everything looked normal but the monitor didn't do anything? It just stayed at the "orange color" mode, instead of displaying anything it just stayed black? And the keyboard doesn't work either... I think the motherboard might be off? But that doesn't make much sense since i have the power plugged into it. Any suggestions?

Relevancy 43%

Ok my monitor goes to sleep sometimes and it won't wake up. I have to unplug it for the video card and plug it back in until the next time I want to use my computer.

A:My Monitor doesn't work right!!

Have you tryed just turning the monitor off and on? Also go to start,settings,control panel, power management, power schemes, set it to AlWAYS ON, then set turn off monitor to NEVER. BOL
Relevancy 43%

I have a Gateway GR desktop that I purchased in August This weekend all of a sudden the monitor stopped receiving a signal from the PC The monitor has power and all I get is the screen telling me there is no signal I have checked all the connections and they are fine This particular computer has two monitor ports in the PC One has the video card and the other doesn t I obviously have the monitor plugged into the port with the video card Unplugging it from the port get a Monitor doesn't signal with the video card and plugging it into the one without isn t working I couldn t remember if I had to go through my Control Panel to switch the monitor port or Monitor doesn't get a signal not It s been too long I have also replaced the power supply in this computer about a year and a half ago and it has worked every since until now Is there a way for me to trouble shoot the problem I can hold in the power button on the tower and turn off the PC and when I push the button again it always reboots but I never get a signal Is it the video card The RAM The motherboard Please help nbsp

A:Monitor doesn't get a signal

Either your graphic card is broken, you could test it if you replace it with another known-good card. Or you have set windows to run from the other card which I don't believe but it could be so also. Windows usually finds automatically the aviable card. It could also be that you shut it down in BIOS but that's also unlikely.
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Hey guys, just recently i decided i would start using a different computer, but replace its current with my ram, HD and video card. Unfortunately, to my disappointment, the monitor didnt turn on after installing all this. So, i took it all out, put in the old, and it still didnt work. It was working just a week ago, but now not?
I know the monitor works because i plugged it into my original computer and it was fine...
Could the MOBO on the other computer be damaged/ready for the scrap?

Relevancy 43%

I have been using an old CRT monitor for years I recently bought to monitor, old it now went I doesn't look right. but back my an LCD monitor but didn't like how it looked So I switched back to my old CRT The problem is now the CRT has some of the LCD's settings I changed all the settings I know of Screen Resolution AMD Vision Control Center settings monitor brightness contrast settings back to the correct settings I went back to my old monitor, but now it doesn't look right. for the CRT But now it has ugly quot digital-looking quot for lack of a better term text just like the LCD did My old CRT used to have beautiful very readable text But now it has the thin pixelly text that I had never seen until I got the LCD especially on web-pages Also all the text on my CRT now looks a little blurry before I got the LCD it always looked as sharp as a pin And I can't put my finger on it but some things look a little darker than they used to and some things look a little too bright some white web-pages look too bright some photos look too dark even though I have set my monitor brightness and contrast settings back to normal and didn't and still don't have any brightness and contrast settings from the software end of things It can't be that my eyes got used to the LCD because I didn't use it long enough for that to happen The only thing I can think of is that some of the drivers for my graphics card an integrated ATI Radeon HD may have somehow locked on to certain settings optimized for the LCD screen and just won't let go of them now that I have started using my old CRT again Does anyone know what this problem could be or how to fix it

A:I went back to my old monitor, but now it doesn't look right.

I don't know what brand of LCD monitor you bought but to compare a LCD to CRT is like 10 to 0 for color, clarity and contrast. But folks choose what they like. Did you run the Clear Type routine for LCDs? It's an option on the Display menu. This should be run to adjust how the text appears on the screen.

But, I would suggest removing the ATI drivers, reboot then install them again with the CRT attached.
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Since my monitor doesn't display red, what all hope is there of me fixing it?

Is there maybe a place I can go to download drivers that can fix the problem, or is my monitor blown?

A:My Monitor doesn't display red...

I doubt it's a software problem. First shut off the computer. Then try disconnecting the monitor from the computer. Look at the end of the cable. Do you see any bent pins? Try connecting it again. Turn the computer on. If you still don't have any red, then the red gun inside the monitor is probably shot. You'll have to replace the monitor.
Relevancy 43%

Hi, so today I have turned on my PC, but the monitor did not detect it.
I have unplugged and re-plugged all the cables and it still did not work.

I have then tried a different cable and monitor to but again it did not work.

Finally I decided to unplug my graphics card and plug the monitor into the integrated graphics card but once again it did not work.

The monitor does turn on and so does the PC but the monitor does not detect it being plugged in.

Any ideas on what can be the problem? (It all worked fine yesterday)


A:Monitor Doesn't detect PC

Try this instructions are for a laptop but will work for a Desktop too: Black Screen Issues and Troubleshooting
Relevancy 43%

Ok, I have it set up just like I did with Win7. Screen saver set for 10 minutes, monitor power off set for 15 minutes. The problem is, the monitor doesn't turn off! To be more accurate, it DOES turn off at the 15 minute mark, for about 1 minute. Then it turns back on and the lock screen shows. Then after 1 minute, the display fades out to black, but the monitor itself is still on.

I've dug through every possible thing trying to fix this, even disabling the lock screen, but nothing helps. I've never been able to get the monitor to turn off for more than 1 minute.

A:Monitor doesn't turn off

You might have ticked the "Put computer to sleep after" ten minutes...

Try finding the "Choose when to turn off the Display" in search.

Put it to ten minutes (I assume you already did this, but just in case, I wrote it out)

I have a dumb bug in my desktop that causes it to come out of sleep randomly at crazy hours of the night or day.

Even if I put it back to sleep, after a minute it wakes up again.

I'm guessing it has something to do with windows update, but I'm not sure.
But This might be a different problem... If there's a running program on your pc then it might be what's causing it to wake up.

Also wake on LAN could be a problem.
Relevancy 43%

I sent pc over to repair and got it back today but when I put the monitor end into the pc I notice that the slot to put it in is gone and instead I think there are new ones that are much bigger so what are my options because I just wan't my pc working asap.

Relevancy 43%

Hi everyone as the subject says I have a problem with my computer the display doesn't turn off after the configured time set in the active power plan The screensaver works fine so it's not that for example a mouse is giving random input Also when I shut down the computer the display jumps to powersaving so the display works fine I've already tried a lot of things to solve it doesn't Monitor power off and I hope that someone can help because I don't know what to do know Things I've tried - Set a different time in the power plan set time time to disabled and enabled again - Disable all wakeon devices by using powercfg - Install a generic monitor driver instead of the Samsun B one - Use the secondary DVI port - Update to the latest Nvidia drivers for my GT - Run Vista with Monitor doesn't power off all programs disabled both tried msconfig and safemode - Use the latest BIOS for my motherboard S mode is set to enabled according to powercfg - Installed the latest Intel INF Monitor doesn't power off files - Create a new power plan - Tried a different screensaver So what can I try now thanks

A:Monitor doesn't power off

Hi Peekstra,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

Double check to make sure that the monitor is set to shutdown at least 1 minute before the computer is set to sleep in Power Options.

Hope this helps,
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A friend of mine is in Texas I am in MI and she just snatched a computer on Ebay http cgi doesn't the work???? monitor why So ebay com ws eBayISAPI dll ViewItem amp ssPageName ADME B EOIBSAA US amp Item She So why doesn't the monitor work???? called me and asked me to help her set it up She powered it up and and it just stayed on the Compaq splash screen I told So why doesn't the monitor work???? her that maybe the previous owner removed the operating system but they did provide the installation CD s and she just need to put Windows back in Well I started to talk her through some of this stuff but she told me that her monitor which is a Dell was like in quot sleep quot mode the amber light stayed on even though the computer was on After a few minutes it would pop up but every time she tried to do something put the Windows CD in or hit an F key at bootup it went out again I told her to connect her monitor from the other computer she had That one although a little quicker to respond did the same thing I have no idea what is causing this as I have never come across this issue before I told her that we couldn t do a thing if we couldn t see what was going on LOL So I really have two questions what the heck is the deal with the monitor thing and also even if the OS had been wiped out shouldn t this computer still boot to SOMETHING like a DOS prompt maybe It is totally just sitting on the Compaq splash screen Thanks in advance nbsp

Relevancy 43%

Hey, When i turn the computer on, the monitor doesn't display anything on the screen. The little display light by the monitor power button will go from green to orange then to nothing.

I know the hard drive and processor are working because there is a beep sound after the computer is on. I checked all the power cables on the monitor and the cpu and all of them are well connected. I also change another monitor but still having the same problem.

If I turn off the computer and restart the computer after 20-30 minutes, the monitor will work fine. But this doesn't work all the time because sometime even been waiting for 45 minutes and I still don't get anything from the screen.

Any suggestion or helps? Thanks

A:Monitor doesn't work

klnaj said:

Hey, When i turn the computer on, the monitor doesn't display anything on the screen. The little display light by the monitor power button will go from green to orange then to nothing.

I know the hard drive and processor are working because there is a beep sound after the computer is on. I checked all the power cables on the monitor and the cpu and all of them are well connected. I also change another monitor but still having the same problem.

If I turn off the computer and restart the computer after 20-30 minutes, the monitor will work fine. But this doesn't work all the time because sometime even been waiting for 45 minutes and I still don't get anything from the screen.

Any suggestion or helps? ThanksClick to expand...

probably a gfx card problem, if you can try your monitor on anothe rpc or try a different monitor on your pc just to take that out of the equation
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I'm running two Nvidia video cards with 3 monitors (SLI). Most of the time the monitor on the 2nd video card (only one on this one) won't load the screen. It does an odd thing where it sort of is flashing on and off in a regular pattern (sort of like it doesn't have data feed). Sometimes, however, it does load and works fine, and it seems that this is usually right after a start up.

Most recent video card drivers, Win7 up to date, etc.

A:Monitor on SLI doesn't (always) work

You can only run two monitors when configured in SLI:
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So today when I woke up I turned on my monitor and surprise Nothing So I said to myself quot Again that f king monitor get Monitor signal doesn't showing nothing quot So I did what I do habitually when this happen unplug and re-plug the DVI cable Nothing Yay gt gt So I also tried re-pluging it at my video card Nothing Tried with the VGA cable I had Nothing Monitor doesn't get signal Tried un-pluging and replug power Nothing I had no more time so I left for my last day of work During the day I had thought of two things The video card fried The display port of the monitor somehow fried So when I came home I unplugged it and plugged it back on a old Celeron MHz with a very old graphic card on VGA Nothing So I decided to take it to my dad's home and try it out Plugged it on VGA on the DVI adapter the DVI adapter was too difficult to remove so I only tried VGA It worked So I can take that the monitor still works fine Also I don't see the BIOS or anything when it's plugged On both my PC or my dad's When Windows starts I have to turn off and turn the monitor back on and it showed my dad's WinXP It started after I installed Win RC in French last night I forgot to turn off the quot turn monitor off after 'x' time quot and after I closed myself the monitor and went to bed and left the PC open Also forgot to remove my USB flash drive - leaving the LED on In the morning the LED was off The monitor still shows the messages that it doesn't receives signal I think of - Monitor going bad - Graphic card defective Monitor ViewSonic Optiquest Q wb quot x My dad's PC Asus Mobo don't remember which one Core Duo E GHz GB of RAM nVidia GeForce GTX x Western Digital GB k RPM x Western Digital GB k WinXP Pro SP legit The old PC Celeron MHz MB MB MB of RAM DDR Voodoo III MB GB of Hard drive Hacked WinXP with no graphic drivers Mine is below

A:Monitor doesn't get signal

Hi Lebon,

If the monitor shows the no signal bit, then probably not that. Have you tried your Dad's monitor on your computer? If it works, try booting into safe mode (info here if needed: Advanced Boot Options) and reinstalling the cards driver.

Hope this helps.

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i turn on the computer but it doesn“t gives the initial beep, my monitor doesn't receives image and i don't ear some usual sounds (i only ear the vents). i cheked the ram, the grafic board, the hard disk, and tried ouit the computer in a friend's house(to check out if it was a monitor or voltage problem) . Anyone can help?

A:My monitor doesn't gives signal

How did you check out the RAM, hard drive, and video card? Did you try them in another system? Or was it the completely assembled computer that you brought to your friend's house.
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Hey guys, I've built my computer and the motherboard (ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, 2.08 Athlon 2800+ chip) turns on and gives power to the hard drives, but the monitor doesn't turn on. The one problem that I can think of is that my motherboard doesn't recognize the video card I put in it and since the motherboard doesn't have an onboard VGA slot, I don't know how I can get the monitor to turn on. Any ideas?

A:Help: CPU turns on but monitor doesn't

doesn't have onboard VGA slot?? I'm not sure what was meant by that statement, so I'll just run throught some basic things to check and some additional info you need to provide.

What is the rating of the Powersupply you are using in the machine. Wattage as well as rail current ratings are important.
what are the full specs of the system?
Is the video card well seated in the AGP slot?
Is the monitor cable properly connected?

Without having that additional info, its difficult to go any further
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Hi! Newbie here. Hope you guys can help me.

We just got a new 19" flat screen monitor - LG L1932TQ. The desktop picture does not fit the screen properly. It recommends setting the screen resolution at 1280x1024 but when I do that the desktop extends off the edges of the screen, and there are still black areas at the top and bottom that aren't being filled. There doesn't appear to be a way to manually adjust the size like on our old monitor, you can only move the picture up & down or right to left, you can't stretch it. I'm running Windows XP.

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I've recently been having slight issues with my monitor which is the LG22261and I've had this for over 5 Years and It's never missed a beat.
Now It's always worked as it should be, but when I switch on my Computer usually the red light on the right croner of the screen should flicker then you "swipe" behind for it to come on. But on a few occations nothing happens.
I have a Surge Protector Plug for all my devices and checked that they are all secure and sometimes the red light on the monitor will appear by luck.
Has anyone had a similar experience?
Thanks Rob

A:Monitor Problem Sometimes doesn't come on

While you have done the obvious, the flickering of the power light suggests that there is an intermittent power supply.
This may not work, but is cost free. Unplug everything > Take the Surge Protector Plug out of the Circuit > Plug everything back in > If possible using different Sockets for everything that you can.
Anti Surge Bars/Plugs are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace
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Hi there. I have a problem that when I turn on my computer the monitor doesn't come on. I thought it might be the monitor so I connected another and the same problem occurs. Could it be something with my computer that it isn't communicating with the monitor. Any help would be appreciated.

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So problem is with monitor.When i started my computer the monitor screen was black after like 5-10 min itshows display normally but now suddenly when i started pc in morning my monitor didnt display anything i try to wait like half hour but nothing please help me!!!
my monitor is samsung syncmaster 2220lm and my pc s hp pavilion slim graphics card:gefoce 210

and after like 2 days i left my pc on and about like half hour or more the screen was back on but on another morning i waited more then hour and nothing strange isnt it what should i do!!!!

Oh and it started like this one morning my bro started on pc and it didnt start because power supply needed to rest so another day i started it and it was going but the monitor didnt display anything we buyed new power supply week ago but still it doesnt show anything help

A:monitor doesn't display anything!!!

2 options:

1) faulty vga card
2) faulty monitor

Try the monitor on another machine, if that works, then there's something wrong with your hw.
I also assume you checked the vga cable that goes from the monitor to the pc...
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so problem is with monitor.When i started my computer the monitor screen was black after like 5-10 min itshows display normally but now suddenly when i started pc in morning my monitor didnt display anything i try to wait like half hour but nothing please help me!!!
my monitor is samsung syncmaster 2220lm and my pc s hp pavilion slim graphics card:gefoce 210

A:monitor doesn't display anything don't have anything in system specs about the computer model number or the monitor model number... so boot the computer from your install disk, remove the driver from the video card and reboot, hopefully the driver will reinstall without corruption...hopefully it is not the gpu going south...
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recently, I bought 3 optiplex GX280 and a LCD ViewSonic VG700b, from the companny where I work.
they had to remove the OS before they sell these computers to their employees.
when I tried to connect the monitor, all I could see was "no "signal.

the optiplex has an integrated video card and I need to install the OS.
but how can I navigate the installation if I can't see anything on the monitor.

I feel very lost and I would greatly appreciate any help that you can provide.

A:My monitor doesn't work

Have you tried the monitor on all the machines? Have you tried the monitor on any machines other than the optiplex's? Could be the video card on the optiplex. Make sure you have a good solid connection to the video card. Make sure it's not loose. Make sure the fan is turning on the video card. If the fan is not turning it could be dead.
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Hi guys so i have computers with the same problem the nd is an old comp so I m not too bothered about I noticed my computer was getting a little noisey so i thought i PC Monitor doesn't detect d clean all the dust out of it st comp i took the CPU and graphics Monitor doesn't detect PC card off to blow the dust out also Monitor doesn't detect PC i blew air into the PSU fan The computer boots up sounds perfect but about minutes uptime it will still be powered but my monitor just goes into standby i tried with my TV too and the same issue nd comp I hadn t used for about year i tried hooking up to monitor and it just doesn t respond i ve tried with another monitor too and still the same also tried using a different VGA cable monitor remains standby But unlike my other computer this one doesn t even display for minutes Any ideas on what can be causing this suspiciou nbsp

A:Monitor doesn't detect PC

i took the CPU and graphics card off to blow the dust out...Click to expand...

What do you mean you took the CPU off? Do you mean the heatsink? The heatsink fan? If you removed the heatsink from the CPU, did you clean off the old thermal compound and apply fresh compound? If not, the CPU is overheating.
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I am running Windows XP home version. I have a flat panel monitor by Norwood. All was fine until a week ago, when I took the pc out of stand-by mode, the monitor automatically came on, now it does not. If this is a driver problem, what do I do? Also, the sound was fine, now no sound comes out of the speakers, just the monitor. I don't remember loading anything on to the system lately. Help!
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Lately my monitor will not wake up when it goes to sleep. I have to turn my monitor off then on via the power button to get it to wake up. Anyone know why it keeps doing that?

My monitor is a Hanns-G 28" LCD and my video card is a Radeon HD4680 1GB.
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Hi I ve the following problem My laptop Acer Aspire S Windows doesn t see my external screen anymore Samsung doesn't computer see monitor P connected with HDMI- gt DVI It used to be computer doesn't see monitor fine with plugging in and out when needed copied or shared screens and all Now the computer doesn t see that there s an external monitor connected - when I try to switch between them Function F I only get the laptop s screen as a choice No plug amp play dingaling when I plug the cable in or out The external monitor does see a difference though when the cable s plugged in it s black and when it s out I get the floating quot check signal cable quot Sometimes very rarely it does work without any problems Sometimes also rather rarely the laptop shuts down when I plug the thing in or out forgot I updated the graphics driver through the device manager and there actually was an update no difference All of this might have started around the time of the latest Windows update but this could be a coincidence only Where could the problem be - cable plug socket Windows I ll see if I can try another cable and screen somewhere nbsp

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Hi i recently forgot my password to my computer and my bro was trying to fix it he is the geek not me i have no clue SO we tried a number of techniques I can t remeber from the internet and he did some crap that i coulnd t figure out as i said im technicly retarded when it comes to this stuff SO we tried to display Monitor anything? doesn't remove the battery out of the MB he said it would reset the memory or some crap So we did that but to get to the battery i removed the Graphics Card we succesfully removed the battery and replaced Monitor doesn't display anything? it after seconds We put the Graphics back in and i plugged the computer with all cords in and turned it on It turned on alright no weird sounds but the moniter didn t diplay anything the LED was amber so i turned the monitor off and on and the LED came up blue but it said No Signal - Digital I tried my screen on my bros pc and the screen worked so i no it isnt the screen btw we used the same cord and everything I don t know what the problem is and i was thinking since it isnt the screen it might be the GFX card or the MB My specs are gig HDD GT nivedia GFX card M N-X Asus MB that thingo with the fan as i said im retarded at that crap and a w Extreme Coolermaster PSU If someone could help me i would GREATLY and i mean GREATLY Appreciate it im a WoW nerd and i really dont want to waste my game time nbsp

A:Monitor doesn't display anything?

Hi as my post said im a retard and yes the battery is + side up. ive taken out the GFX card and i have pressed it in firmly till it locked. Ive tried taken out everything wireless card unpluggin the CDROM incase it wasn't getting enough power but that didn;t help . "You may also want to reseat your memory and any other PCI cards you have installed." What does that mean. My bro is cominghome in 10 minutes ill ask him but if you reply quicker that will be great. I also read on other sites that i should change some settings in the BIOS but how the **** do i do that if i can't see anything!!
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Heres TV doesn't as second right. monitor work a the TV as a second monitor doesn't work right. problem I have a Gateway GZ notebook with integrated Intel Extreme graphics I have had a second TV as a second monitor doesn't work right. monitor hooked up before with no problem at all but when I try and go from my laptop to a TV the desktop on the TV has no color is stretched Vertically and squeezed horizontally making my desktop appear to be a couple inches wide and as tall as whatever screen I try it on It also shows seperate desktops on the TV like the image is repeating itself I have tried everything I can think of from updating drivers trying component instead of S-cable I even installed Powerstrip to see if it might help Nothing fixes it Anyone know how I can get the TV to work correctly as a second monitor Is there a driver for that chipset that will allow me to fix the problem I hooked up my nieghbors notebook the same way and it works just fine It s a mac but has the same Intel graphics utility as mine does Please help I m sitting behind my TV cramped with my laptop on my lap hahaha Thanks in advance guys NIck Reynolds email protected nbsp

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i have a pc that i was trying to update when i updated the drivers everything was fine until it rebooted when it rebooted the screen went to sleep mode i have tried another monitor but still the same thing is there anyway i can put the hd in to another pc for it to work so i can maybe change what i can to get it to read or atleast see on the other pc?

A:No monitor after updates?

You could hook your drive up to another PC and try to boot from it but I doubt it will be any different. Sounds like you have downloaded a bad driver.

Can you get it to boot in safe mode and then use system restore to take it back to before you installed the driver.

What driver was it?

What OS are you using?

Do you have the OS disc?
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Hello I would appreciate any advice Dell PC Windows XP Home IE Normally rely on AVG Free and ActiveSystem Care First issue came up weeks ago - internet explorer hung up and reported a missing dll file I think - I didn t note what it was After a forced shut-down PC would not restart - stopping after the Windows down at blocked, Redirects, AVG MBAM shuts start 8.5 or Random all. doesn't updates XP logo leaving a blank screen albeit with a fully movable cursor arrow Same Random Redirects, AVG 8.5 updates blocked, MBAM shuts down or doesn't start at all. problem in Safe Mode After googling on another PC I found I could get in via quot Safe Mode with Networking quot - and used ActiveSystemCare to retrieve a restore point That allowed me to start the computer normally again Since then AVG Free tells me my definitions update failed because quot Access is forbidden by the server quot I started by manually downloading updates at work and transferring them home on CD First run after updating found quot C System Volume Information restore B B -BA A- E D-BF - E C RP A exe quot quot Trojan horse PSW Generic APUR quot quot Moved to Virus Vault quot Random Redirects, AVG 8.5 updates blocked, MBAM shuts down or doesn't start at all. However I still cannot update the definitions because quot Access is forbidden by server quot I have since found I can manually download updates onto the infected PC and update manually but there are no infections found Intermittently my browser redirects me to alternative sites usually marketing or price comparison sites I sometimes get asked to type in codes to quot confirm I am not a machine quot when visiting commonly visited pages again I ignore these and shut down IE I tried updating to AVG Free but when installing it needs to check my internet connection but tells me there is no connection detected and that I need to check my proxy settings At this point I cancel the installation I tried running MBAM - The copy I had already would initialise but after seconds just shut down After re-installing it will run once to say there are no issues found but will subsequently revert to either shutting down after seconds or not starting up at all Last resort I tried using windows system restore but it failed on both occasions I think I m at the stage of posting logs etc but thought I should wait to be invited to do so and properly directed Thanks in anticipation

A:Random Redirects, AVG 8.5 updates blocked, MBAM shuts down or doesn't start at all.

It sounds like you may have something running which is preventing you from being able to install/run security software. What I normally do is use Rkill to stop the malware processes that start when the computer comes on. Then I run the Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware. Here are some DL links for the Rkill....LINK 1LINK 2LINK 3LINK 4Once you get it downloaded double click to launch it (With Vista you need to right click and select run as administrator). You should see a little black window open and then close. If you see that box then it worked. If you don't see the black box then delete the file and use another download link and repeat the steps.Once it runs I would uninstall and then re-install the AVG and MBAM. After re-installing try runnig them. If all else fails go to Safemode. I realize that MBAM isn't as effective there but if you can atleast get it installed and run a scan you will most likely be able to get rid of some of the malware process initially. If you have problems with the AVG try safemode for that as well. Bare minimum you may be able to get it installed and updated so that when you go back in to regular Windows mode you can run it.
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I own a Gateway GT5228 Desktop PC with a 64-bit version of Window 7 Home Premium installed and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find driver updates for my PC? I've been receiving an error (Event 12, HAL) in the event viewer indicating that "The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. Please check for updated firmware for your system" My PC originally came with a 32-bit version of Windows XP preinstalled but I recently upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit about a year ago. I've already checked but they don't offer any driver updates for PC's with Windows 7 installed so what other options do I have concerning device driver updates for my PC if Gateway doesn't offer them?

A:Solved: Gateway doesn't offer any device driver updates for Windows 7??

Have you tried one of these sites?

1)The first site comes with a: Download Hardware Vendor Detection Utility

Read this one carefully to double check if is legit:


Good luck
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i tried inserting a new hard drive and a geforce4

then i hooked up everything properly and put everything back together... and now my monitor doesn't even turn on!!!!

i took out the hard drive and put back the geforce2 (which i originally had) now the monitor doesn't turn on!!!

i made sure everything was hooked up properly and now nothing happens on the screen.

the only other different thing that happens is now it makes a lot new beeps when it starts up... as though it's recognizing all new parts except the monitor.

so the thing i want to know is if the hard drive is broken, the monitor is broken (the light of the monitor shows) or if the motherboard is broken but i doubt it becuz wouldn't everything be broken then??

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Good day everyone So a few days ago my desktop computer started restarting for no reason no bsod or any other errors Then I stopped the computer so it can quot rest quot over the night At the recognize pc/more. Can't boot/monitor doesn't morning when I tried to start it it wouldn t start http www youtube com watch v T -vd d XQ amp feature youtu be This is what was happening Then after cleaning up the whole computer case every little fan and making sure that everything is in place the cables in my computer case are really messed up though the computer started But the monitor didn t It just didn t recognize the computer So I left it like that for some time Then I noticed that there is a second VGA slot in the back of the PC and plugged the monitor cable there It worked but I guess it was an onboard card or something In Preferences it was recognized as quot Default Monitor quot So I couldn t play any Can't boot/monitor doesn't recognize pc/more. game and the resolution was bad Could only watch movies and browsing So I thought that I can just watch movies for the rest of my life Or wait until we can get the computer Can't boot/monitor doesn't recognize pc/more. to an IT specialist Well due to some issues I can t get the computer to anyone So I thought that you guys might be able to help me out So I was browsing Can't boot/monitor doesn't recognize pc/more. the internet when suddenly a wild BSOD appeared in front of me I thought that I should just restart the computer and it ll work Well it didn t work The monitor would go quot No video input etc etc quot like the cable is not plugged into the computer This happened two days ago since then I haven t had the chance to use it I ve tried with both VGA slots nothing happens Sometimes the computer would boot normally the monitor wouldn t work though next time it would start for second like I ve shown you in the video then the fans stop boots again for seconds everything stops keeps on going until the world ends Well that s basically all that s to it Here is some information on the PC CPU Intel Dual Core E x GHz RAM MB GB DDRII HDD GB SATA II VGA GF GT MB DDRII PCI-EX DVI TVO I ve had problems with the motherboard before I think it s a hardware problem now as well Monitor should be fine and working with other computers I hope that you guys can help me out I would really appreciate it Much love nbsp

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Hi all,

Im having problems.

Yesterday my comp was all working fine.

Then suddenly my monitor went black.

CPU, etc are all running fine, but my monitor keeps showing me the black screen. (as if it is turned off) and the green light on the monitor keeps blinking.

I restarted my comp, did every possible things, but no luck.

When i remove the monitor plug from my display card, it shows "NO SIGNAL".

Can someone tell me what's the problem and how can it be solved?

Thanks in advance

A:Monitor doesn't displays anthing

yo problem is abit wide,first u hav to know that its a hardware problem.key areas u should check first,find out whether it passes POST,does make that sound at the begining?2. remove and reinsert yo ram and cpu,(make sure blow dust first using compressed air or a blower).if nothing happens then use a seperate vga card.if stil nothing,check psu,if stil nothing,then replace ram.then keep us informed of your progress.Robin
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Hello I am new to these forums Yes I have never seen anything like this before and have no idea how to fix it turn Monitor doesn't on when restarting. or what to look up Basically when I restart my computer the monitor goes straight to power saving mode This doesn t happen when I shut down and start it that way So far I ve taken out my CMOS battery on the motherboard and I ve set my Monitor doesn't turn on when restarting. BIOS to default Unfortunately this didn t fix it Before this happened I had Windows and I recently switched over to another HDD containing Windows Home Premium Even then the problem still persisted Before doing that I tried installing drivers for my GPU and monitor resetting my monitor settings to default and even tried booting with onboard graphics At this point I m at a loss Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Thanks Extra Info I m using a DVI to HDMI adapter Intel i k GHz - GB of RAM -Windows Home Premium Bit -Zotac GTX -Dell S M Monitor nbsp
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Sometimes when I turn on my computer although computer starts but the monitor doesn't show anything. I unplug the power cable from back of computer and then replug it and after that monitor starts responding (it starts showing desktop), how can this problem be fixed. thanks

A:Monitor doesn't get signal from computer

You haven't by chance upgraded the graphics card recently have you?
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Hi All,

I need help. My laptop is Toshiba Satellite M - 40 model psm40c-jm800e. I don't know what the problem is but when I turn it on the monitor does not show up anything. I connect the external monitor but still had the same problem. I bought the new motherboard from Ebay and it has the same problem. Nothing display on the screen. Everything else appears to be working such as the LCD is on, the fan is running, when I press the function key to switch between external and internal the LCD on keyboard was responding but nothing show up on internal or external monitor. Please let me know what could possible wrong with it.


A:Satellite M40 - Monitor doesn't show anything


Fact is that?s a serious hardware malfunction and it could be another part as well like mainboard, RAM modules, etc. It must not be the mainboard or internal LCD.

You should contact an authorized service provider for professional help. They can make an exact diagnostic what is wrong and sort this out for you. :)
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This is an issue that I ve been having with my computer since I built it summers ago Basically the monitor won t receive any signal when my room is warm particularly during the summer months This come doesn't too room warm on Monitor is when also means if I ve been running my computer for a while and then shut it off or even just restart Monitor doesn't come on when room is too warm it it won t turn on again initially This only happens when I turn my computer on Once it s on I don t have any issues The only way I really know to fix this problem is to leave it off for a while and blast the air conditioning till I can restart it without any problems Otherwise I just have to leave my computer on all the time My motherboard is an EVGA P series and my graphics card is an MSI N GTX Way back when this issue first happened I tried using another graphics card and still had the same result so I would assume the issue is not with the graphics card Has anyone encountered this problem before or know what the underlying problem could be Any help would be great and I can try to provide more information if needed nbsp

A:Monitor doesn't come on when room is too warm

Does the back of your monitor feel very hot, when you are having issues?

I know they may get warm but they shouldn't get so hot you can't hold your hand on them.
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I invested a couple of bucks in a used Dell monitor at a garage sale. I did not expect much but I figured WTH, it was worth a try.

A 17" flat screen Model172FP, on power on, the screen gives a display for a few seconds then goes black.

Self test on power on - no connection to computer:
Feature Check' dialog box appear on-screen (against a black background) for a few seconds then screen goes black.

Connected to computer with computer powered up.

Computer brand flash screen appears for a few seconds then screen goes black. I tried this on both an HP and a Compaq computer. Their respective logos appeared for only a few seconds then nothing.

Think this display is worth more investigation or is it ready for deep six ?

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I installed the P6S5AT motherboard, the intel 370-pin CPU, 2 IDE hard drives, 2 CD-ROM drives, 128 MB SDRAM and 64 MB SDRAM, a floppy drive, and 3 PCI cards. When I turn it on, it makes many of the sounds that it normally makes starting up, but the monitor never turns on. It continues to make these starting up sounds, but nothing else happens. Since there is no on-board video card, I am using my ATI Radeon 32MB PCI card, but the monitor is recieving nothing. The fan on the graphics card does turn on, but that's it. Is there a problem with something else I've hooked up, is it expecting an AGP graphics card, or what else can I do?

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Hi Windows XP is my OS.

When i boot my machine, the monitor does not turn on. I have to press the reset button, wait, and see if it will turn on. If it doesn't I try again, and sometimes i have to turn off the power suply altogether. When the monitor eventually turns on, I sometimes get the error message "CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad".

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 200 video card...

This problem started a few weeks ago , although when it started the monitor came out of standby for a few seconds and then went back into standby, now however it just remains in standby.

Thanks a lot guys.

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I have a Dell E310 with XP in which I just installed a VisionTek X1550 PCI graphics card. The card seems to work fine. My issue is that since I installed the card, the monitor will not turn off when my computer tries to go to Stand-by mode. Instead, the Dell Self-test Feature Check just slowly migrates across the screen. I believe the OS is sending the signal to turn off the monitor because the STFC would only appear when the monitor no longer detects the graphics card. So it's like the OS is shutting down the graphics card, but the signal doesn't reach the monitor to power it off (change the power button from green to amber and set the screen completely black). I would really like to get this working again. Does anyone know how to correct this? Thanks!
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Hello, I have a Acer Aspire TC-710, with 8 GB RAM, and an Intel i5 processor.  I have a 2008, Acer, LCD monitor. It does not have HDMI, so I have to use an adapter. The model number is, ETLAN0802481807F924200. It seems the monitor will restart randomly. I very, very highly doubt this is the computer's fault, as it is a few days old, and, when restarting, the monitor has a different font/layout then my computer would use while powering on. If I am playing music and it restarts (or whatever it does) I can still hear the music. Any way I can fix this?
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I'm building myself a custom computer, everything is put together, but now it seems something is wrong with the video. The monitor works, it just doesn't respond to the computer. It's an LCD monitor and I'm using a Radeon Sapphire X800 256mb (AGP). Not sure what to do, everything is BRAND new

A:Monitor doesn't respond to computer?

Put a CRT monitor on it and check the Display/Resolution. LCD monitors only work on certain resolutions, so you'll need to find out what your works on and set your card to that.