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Replace heatsink fan?

Q: Replace heatsink fan?

The stock hsf on my non-overclocked +2500 barton is rather loud, and I would like to replace it. Is it possible for me to simply buy a new 60mm replacement fan without having to buy a completely hew heatsink and fan?

I was looking at some nice 60mm panaflos that make around only 21 dbas but are labeled as case-fans. Would I be able to screw one of these panaflos onto my heastink?

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Preferred Solution: Replace heatsink fan?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replace heatsink fan?

Standard case fans are 80mm X 80mm x 20mm. An 80mm fan will do you no good if you seek to replace a 60mm fan. A 60mm fan may work provided your heatsink has standard mounting brackets. However, be advised this will cause your cpu to rise in temperature (most likely) if the fan is slower.

A better solution is to replace the heatsink/fan entirely. I personally favor the ThermalTake Volcano 9 for low-cost high-effectiveness Socket A cooling. You can pick it up online for only $14, and it has three different ways of choosing cpu fan speed: Automatic speed sense based on a thermal probe, which you can place wherever you wish, a rheostat which you can turn to choose the speed at which the fan spins, or a simple jumper to set it to either low or high speed mode.

Case in point: In my shop machine I have an overclocked Athlon XP Barton. It is a stock 2500+ and is sitting at 3200+. I am using a volcano 9, and have the CPU fan forced to ~1100rpm - Barely audible, even when I am close to the computer. If I'm more than five feet away, the machine is inaudible. The cpu is quite hot, in fact at full load it sits at 64C, but this is fine for me.
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I have a compaq presario SR1010NX. When I upgraded my computer to Vista, the pins holding my heatsink/fan on top of my processor broke. I have to place my tower on it's side in order for the fan to be running. When I place it upright, the cpu shuts down and the fan doesn't work. As long as I have it on it's side, it will work perfectly. I have another compaq presario that was recently given to me (tower only no monitor or keyboard), but it is a model S4020WM, and I don't know if I can use the heatsink/fan on my motherboard. Also, I would like to know if the processors in the computers are interchangable..any help would be greatly appreciated..

A:How to replace a heatsink and fan

You need to buy a new Socket mPGA478 heatsink and fan. These are pretty inexpensive, so try a website like or Make sure that you get one that is suitable for the Celeron 2.8GHz processor (it will tell you the suitable CPU's on the listings).
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I have a PIII 900 MHz processor heatsink fan that needs replacing -- it sounds like a motor boat even after removing dust bunnies from the fan.

I was wondering if I should replace the entire heatsink and fan set since the inside of the computer has not been cleaned in years and ... well ... looks like a huge dust bunny.

My second question is: Can I use Artic Silver 5 thermal paste to do this -- I've only built AMD computers and I'm not sure if it works just as well for PIII processors...

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i want to replace a standard intel cpu heatsink fan, which was applied with a thermal pad. how do i remove/clean this properly without damaging the cpu? also someone gave me an extra heatsink fan, but he didnt know which cpu this was for. how do i know if the fan can be used? if it fits the 4 pegs in the motherboard, can assume that it is an appropriate, fitting heatsink fan?

also the pc is placed so, that in front of it (at about 1cm distance) there is a wall. the front side of the pc has 1 fan, aimend at the hdd's. at the back, left, and right side there is no wall near. i cant move the pc, but i want to know if this may damage the pc due to temperature increase?

A:replace standard intel cpu heatsink fan

First of all, just because the fan fits on the board does not mean it is the correct fan. The hsf must remove an adequate amount of heat energy. Failure to use the correct hsf can result in overheating.

Next to remove the hsf you release the four push-pins by turning counter clockwise. Lift off the hsf. If it will not lift off, then it is most likely stuck on the cpu. To fix this, pw ON the mb for 30sec or so and shutdown. Now you can remove the hsf. Clean parts with 91 or 99% alcohol. Do not use the 50 or 70% stuff you find in the supermarket. It contains lanolin and will leave a residue. Apply thermal compound IAW [in accordance with] the mfg's instructions.

FWIW I always recommend pulling the mb to R&R a hsf on an intel cpu. This is for two reasons;

1 With the board out of the case, you can check the back of the board to be sure all four push-pins are fully seated/engaged. If one of the pins is not fully seated, the system will overheat and shutdown. This is not all that hard for an experienced builder however for an inexperienced builder, it can be a real pain to get the pins fully seated.

2 I dislike having to push so hard on the push-pins when the board is supported only by standoffs. I much prefer having the board sitting in front of me when installing the hsf.
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my system runs anywhere fom 32 to 36 when idle and i had noticed it creeping up a bit. my heatsink fan (stock intel) is only spinning around 1000 rpm and the core temp is now around 48-49. i think the heatsink fan is dying, since both pc probe and my bios agree on the fan speed. So, a few questions.

What is a good heatsink/fan for a socket 478 2.8 gz northwood chip? the mb model is below? I don't have any crazy stuff in the case so space isn't an issue.

How do I know it's really the fan going kaput and not a controller on the motherboard?

A:heatsink fan spinning low on pc probe and bios indicators, replace?

foycur said:

What is a good heatsink/fan for a socket 478 2.8 gz northwood chip? the mb model is below? I don't have any crazy stuff in the case so space isn't an issue.Click to expand...

I know my friend has this little sucker on his 2.8 northwood. Its a cheapie but a goodie.

But you cant go wrong with anything from thermaltake

foycur said:

How do I know it's really the fan going kaput and not a controller on the motherboard?Click to expand...

You could always get a 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter, and run the fan directly off the main line. Or try another fan.
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I'm replacing a motherboard for a HP laptop. I need to replace this backplate for the CPU heatsink to the new motherboard. I've tried to pull it out but it seems to be glued onto the motherboard.
If I manage to pull it out, should I replace the glue, double-sided tape or whatever is underneath?

HP G62-b80SS laptop.
Intel Core i3 CPU.
Thank you

A:How can I remove/replace this CPU heatsink backplate (where the CPU socket is screwed)?

It is probably double stick tape used to insure it stays in place. Replacing it is your call. As long as the heatsink is mounted correctly, it really doesn't matter if the backplate is loose or stuck in place. Sticking the backplate simply makes mounting the heatsink easier to manage.
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Hi, Currently I'm using a dual core 6850 and I'm thinking about buying a quad core. I have a PSU of 500 W as spare.

Can i replace the CPU to a Quad Core without changing the cooling system?

A:replace dual core CPU by quad core what about heatsink? in Mini Tower 755 Optiplex

These are the specs of the spare PSU. Aren't they better than the original Dell PSU?
That power supply is ATX and not EPS12V
Better is not the issue.  Dell power supplys are 80 percent efficient not 70 percent ATX.  The -5v rail is an issue as well as this may cause a motherboard fire or damage your system.  Its a dead giveaway that this is a power supply from 1990 to 2000.
What current is on which rails is not trivial. There is a single 12V RAIL on that unit and its max is 17A
EPS 12V units have multiple rails of 12V @ 18 amps each.  MAX Power on the 12V rails is 264w not 204w
That unit has a lot more on the 5V and 3.3V rails at the expense of the 12V rails and CPU 4 pin connector. So no that spare unit is not likely to work well if at all.

Recommended update or replacement is EVGA 750B1
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I have tried a standard 1366 heatsink on T410. The screw distance does not fit. Can anyone tell me the dimension of the two and also the distance between the screws?
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Anyone know of a heatsink that is similar in dimensions to the stock AMD heatpipe heatsink, but performs better and has a larger fan?


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Real simple here - Plz post links to the Best AMD 3200 heatsink, fan, & chip heatsink for an MSI KT6v with Via kt600 Chipset
oh yes i scrappd the FIC peice of junk MB and use the above for now -

ty & GB,


ty & GB,


A:Plz post links to the Best AMD 3200 heatsink, fan, & chip heatsink
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i noticed yesterday that the fan & heatsink on my athlon xp (2100+) processor is pretty full of dust. can anyone please tell me how to go about
detatching that clip that holds them to the mobo socket so i can clean them out? i built the pc, but have kinda forgotten exactly how the clip latches down & i don't want to exert too much force on anything in that area.
is it correct that i'll also need to regrease the bottom of the sink with thermal grease? is this grease available at places like best buy or circ. city?

thank you!

A:How to remove athlon xp heatsink/fan for heatsink cleaning

Forgive me, but I find it hard to believe that if you put that machine together once, you forgot how to take it apart now.
It is human nature to never forget something that you did on your own.
That hold's true for computers also.
Maybe it will suffice if you just unscrew the fan from the heatsink and clean the fan and heatsink fins with a 1/4 - 1/2 inch paintbrush.
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Dealing with an slim Dell Dimension 5150c..

Beside main heatsink there another smaller heatsink...which is extremely hot to the
touch...what is this?

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Hi all The laptop in question is a Toshiba Satellite A -S A few weeks ago it got dropped right on its adapter? Replace the replace the or jack power corner Replace the power jack or replace the adapter? with the power plug still in it the little metal plug of the AC adapter is now slightly crooked and the power jack has a little chip off the plastic part of it Anyway after this mishap it worked fine for another weeks and then suddenly this week it s refusing to power up Its battery has been shot for a while can t hold a charge and I ve been using it with the battery out Why the sudden refusal to boot I took the whole thing apart---minus the little chip the power jack looks totally fine and cosmetically sound Put the whole thing back together taking care to check that plugs were snug---still no power Stuck in the crappy battery booted just fine and then shut itself down after like minutes How likely is it that it s the power jack which is broken And why did it take this long to crap out if it IS broken A new one of those silly jacks costs over on eBay so I want to make sure that it s the jack before I just up and buy one Of course if it s the AC adapter that s broken that would cost even more Bah Input nbsp

A:Replace the power jack or replace the adapter?

AND/OR inside the case the the jack is soldered directly to the motherboard. Is also possible that
1) It's already cracked
2) If not yet, it's gonna crack

So look to see what connection looks like between power jack and motherboard, If you feel u wanna/can re-solder yourself or the typically price to redo the whole power thing seems to run $125 parts/labor/warranty if you take it somewhere. So how much is it all worth to you?
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For some reason W7 has decided to change 'Copy and Replace' with 'Move and Replace' when picking a file up with the left mouse and dragging it to another folder where an old version of the file exists.

My Excel SS is in two places: My desktop and USB which I use for backup. I would simply open the folder on the USB pick up the file on the desktop with the left mouse and drag it to the USB folder. Then I would get the message 'Copy and Replace'.. But not anymore it's become 'Move and Replace'.

I know I can 'Copy and Replace' by holding down the Ctrl key but I dont want to.

It looks like there should be a simple answer

Can anyone help? I swear I didnt change anything.

A:How can I 'Copy and Replace' not 'Move and Replace'.

Have you ever tried right click drag and drop ?
There will be a list option after you drop,
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Hello I need Replace in Find Column) different (but Replace & a to Find & Replace (but Replace in a different Column) know if there is a function perhaps a Macro or Query or a more complex Find amp Replace that can accomplish the following cause my database is huge amp I m hoping not to do this manually I keep an Access database for my homeowners association on the condition amp conformity of different exterior attributes for about townhomes The Board of Directors wants to move away from using the term quot Grandfathered quot which is distinguished by the acronym quot GF quot in the database column that shows conformity labeled IAW We use this database to generate annual architectural reports for our residents Our board wants the entry quot GF quot replaced with a quot Y quot they want the GF entry removed from the report completely amp they re serious about it Now I have already created a Query that has located all the GF entries in their various columns of various records which our Board wants me to use in an internal quot in-office quot database in order to keep track of what attributes actually were grandfathered originally as a reference for our field inspector when he inspects the townhomes But we also want to create an unassuming symbol on the report perhaps an or a something that will alert the inspector to an attribute that once was grandfathered on his field report This is to be done so that he will not be flying blind when he comes across a non-conforming attribute i e he will see the symbol amp know that that symbol means there used to be a quot GF quot in it s place BUT we want to move that symbol to a different column a column labeled quot Comments quot I could run the Find amp Replace function find all the GF s amp replace them with a Y but that symbol would go right back in the very same column that the GF came out of So is there a way to find all the GF s in one column amp replace them w a Y in that same column but have a symbol quot quot appear in another column of the same record I know it sounds complicated but can it be done Thanks mark man Access nbsp

A:Find & Replace (but Replace in a different Column)

see attached. But actually getting that data back to the table, if that is what you want, is a bit trickier.
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We have Ecobyte find not replace Need utility and robust Replace - a 2.2 text but Text Like a TON of text based INI files for our companies software deployment scripts We also have a TON of people who use different ways to deploy the same software On one server alone we can have a bunch of different ways people install E G msiexec exe quiet norestart i dfs dfsshare SAV Symant msi msiexec exe quiet norestart i lt qt gt server Need a robust text find and replace utility - Like Ecobyte Replace Text 2.2 but not share WIN Symantec Client Security msi lt qt gt msiexec exe quiet norestart i server share SAV WIN Symantec Client Security msi msiexec exe quiet norestart i lt qt gt dfs dfsshare SAV Symantec Client Security msi lt qt gt and so on down the line I LIKE the abilities of Ecobyte Replace Text but the problem is I have to type in the whole line as it is in the file to then replace it with the new one for the new deployment What I want to do is have a search based on PART of the line so I can then put in Symant msi and Symantec Client Security msi and replace the ENTIRE line with a new line Is there any multi file utility that allows you to search for part of a text line but replace the entire text line nbsp

A:Need a robust text find and replace utility - Like Ecobyte Replace Text 2.2 but not
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Ok now its been a while since my pc has not been working Ive had it for just over a year now One day i turned it on and it would get to the Bios splash page but it would not go any further There were no beeps nothing All fans run and from what i remember hard drives would start spinning too I thought maybe it was a replace that replace.. is the To to or question. not PSU problem as the PSU would have very subtle flickering sounds almost like sparking cables However after taking the PSU to a technician they said it was working fine This cost me AUD What he then told me was that it may be the mobo But before i go and send it to a proper technician and fork out X amount of money id like to get your opinion As i mentioned above The pc turns on doesnt boot past the BIOS splash screen and just stays there There are odd noises from the PSU Here is my setup ASUS A N -SLI Deluxe AMD Athlon PC- x gb CAS To replace or not to replace.. that is the question. Corsair DDR mem Radeon X GTO Iceturbo Thermaltake w power supply Maxtor gb Maxline III WD Raptor GB Creative Audigy ZS I have not had the guts to take anything out and test them individually But has anyone had or heard of this problem before What could it be about the motherboard that would also make the PSU make that noise Is it just a safety mechanism of the PSU SOS nbsp

A:To replace or not to replace.. that is the question.

Hi and welcome to Techspot!!

Test the RAM sticks individually. One of them might be bad. You can use Memtest86 to try them out.

Also, try them in different memory slots. That sometimes helps.

Regards :wave:

BTW, Great thread title
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I have a P b and lately its fan been making some very funny noises heatsink/fan cpu new as though its catching on somthing I took it of looked at it a bit put it back in and it still did it I hit it which made it work ok for a little while but now its new cpu heatsink/fan playing up again It speeds up and slows down a lot but new cpu heatsink/fan thats due to the powersupply giving erratic voltage to my pc getting new one soon I want a new cpu heatsink fan the one i have just came with the p i would like something that would let me overclock in the future and is very reliable and good quality I looked around a bit on www overclock co uk and so far ive seen http www overclock co uk customer product php productid amp cat amp page and http www overclock co uk customer product php productid amp cat amp page are these any good any suggestions on other models would be appreciated new cpu heatsink/fan Thanks nbsp
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Looking for opinions on the latest and greatest heatsink/fan for A64 proc. Mobo will be MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum.

I will be overclocking and noise is not a problem

Any suggestions appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

A:Best heatsink/fan for A64?

thermaltake and other fine brands make great heatsinks. good board, btw.
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I am going to buy a new heatsink/cpu fan. What makes a good one?
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Greetings everyone I have a computer I use to game It s really far from being a super computer but it satisfies my needs I m not an extreme gamer or anything like it This is a picture of the quot insides quot of my computer regarding Help heatsink High res Mb jpg file gt gt -- Click to maximize I have a mm fan sucking air in on Help regarding heatsink the front of my case another mm fan on the side sucking air in you can see it a mm fan blowing air out on the back and the PSU fans Now sometimes when I run heavy CPU-usage tasks the heatsink s fan starts to run really loud which worries me I don t want my processor to be ruined It s a Pentium D Ghz - See the heatsink air duct Am I better off unscrewing the duct and placing an mm fan on there sucking air in - See the video card that s a PCI-E Nvidia GeForce GT -- It has it s own fan I have a PCI-E sound card which is normally placed just underneath my video card But recently the video card s fan seems to have quot loosened quot out of position causing it to get stuck on the sound card thus preventing it from spinning Everything was ok for like months and this started to happen just recently so I had to remove the sound card as a temporary measure You can see the unused opening on the back of Help regarding heatsink the case Any ideas on what can I do Thanks in advance for your help Happy Holidays Coxis nbsp

A:Help regarding heatsink

I can't see any pictures. If you have a CPU heatsink air duct, remove it. Is this computer a Dell or HP?
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Hi all members,
just reading a previous post on incorrectly attached heatsinks.

i am about to build my first system; asus p4s8x-x/intel p4 2.4ghz.
i noted that the adhesive strip is raised a little on the heatsink.
it sounds as if this may cause a problem.
can somebody explain in great detail the correct procedure for removing the tape and applying thermal paste.
i hear less is better. should you blob it on in patches or use a thin line.

thx a lot.
ps any other tips appreciated,


For applying the thermal paste go here Thermal compound installation. If you are using a noname thermal paste I recommend you pick up a tube of arctic silver because it can shave several more degrees off your cpu temp compared to any other thermal paste.

Instructions for removal of the thermal pad are step 2 on that page.:grinthumb
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What heatsink should I get I ve been thinking for a while about putting a new heatsink on my T-bird Right now I have the stock AMD heatsink on it and the temperatures are fine get? should What heatsink I but I want to do some serious overclocking with it I ve read that the Swiftech MC I believe is a prime candidate and I like that fact that it is mounted to the motherboard and not clipped like my current one is I m not too concerned about noise for I have a box fan blowing directly on my motherboard I would perfer a heatsink with fan speeds in the area of - rpm s or higher if possible Also I ve been thinking about trying to cool my onboard raid controller chip I believe its giving me problems when I try to overclock because of heat issues One What heatsink should I get? last thing I ve never taken a heatsink off an Athlon What heatsink should I get? before and I hear it is a real pain Can anyone recommend a safe and effective way of removing it with minimal chance of damaging the processor Thanks for any help nbsp

A:What heatsink should I get?

Re: What heatsink should I get???

I've read that the Swiftech MC462 (I believe) is a prime candidate, and I like that fact that it is mounted to the motherboard and not clipped like my current one is. I'm not too concerned about noise, for I have a box fan blowing directly on my motherboard!!! I would perfer a heatsink with fan speeds in the area of 5000-7000 rpm's or higher if possible.Click to expand...

I got myself the GlobalWin WBK38 with the 7000RPM Delta black fan. If you don't mind the noise, that fan will do its work just fine. But I replaced the fan with an 80MM fan running at ~3000RPM. The temp rose by ~3 degrees celcius. And I can hear myself think again! The WBK38 is rather old. Check this site out:

There's a list of heatsinks reviewed. Hope you can find a good one there

Also, I've been thinking about trying to cool my onboard raid controller chip. I believe its giving me problems when I try to overclock because of heat issues.Click to expand...

Sorry dude, can't help you there. Perhaps you can use a normal chipset cooler to do the job?

One last thing, I've never taken a heatsink off an Athlon before, and I hear it is a real pain. Can anyone recommend a safe and effective way of removing it with minimal chance of damaging the processor? Thanks for any help! Click to expand...

It's really not that difficult. I did my first installation 1 month ago and it still made me break sweat even though I've meddled around Intel CPUs b4 Make sure you don't drag the heatsink around on the core once you've clipped the heatsink properly. And make sure the CPU is properly slotted onto the mobo socket. I stumbled upon the following article:

Hope it helps, but I haven't seen it yet though. Good luck!
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Hi, I want to overclock my 9600EZ, I know how to overclock, but I?d like some info on which heatsink/fans to buy. I want to overclock it pretty well, since the EZ doesn?t really cut it when it comes to today?s games, but I don?t think I?ll volt mod it just yet. I?ve looked around and so far I?ve seen

Are any of these decent? I want a heatsink/fan that will leave me some room for reasonably heavy overclocking, any advice on what to buy would be greatly appreciated.



I've read of a few people at another forum who have had good results with the artic cooling solutions which you can get at

Make sure you check out the compatibility. If the EZ is 9600/XT based I think the Revision 3 version is your best bet.

half the noise of the reference ATI 9800 Pro GPU cooler but it will also lower your core temperatures by approx 20°CClick to expand...
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A pc's heatsink here has a totally crummy connection to it's mobo - and a replacement
is needed.

Its a socket 775 - there are four holes around the processor - will any heatsink
that specifies 775 on the box fit?

A:Heatsink - will it fit?

yes.... as long as it specifies that the heatsink/fan are for a socket 775 cpu, then any should be fine.
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Hey guys;

My Specs:
WD 80GB 7200rpm hard drive

I am stuck between three heatsSinks. Please help me decide:



These were recommended by most people. If there are another heatsink for the same price ($30), please let me know.

Which is better cooling system from these 2? I have a stock heatsink and I want to cool my cpu which is running very hot about 62-65 degrees Celcius. I don't mind the noise. Just want a better cooling system. Also, do these include fan, thermal greese or pad?

Is there any other good heatsink in the same price range?

thanks guys...

A:Which heatsink can I buy?

Both are overkill unless you are going to overclock. Id go with the Thermaltake though. I had the Vantec and it was extremely loud.
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I’m seeking a heat-sink and fan for a P4 socket 423. My motherboard has a black plastic bracket on each side of the socket with a metal connector on each plastic part. There are no holes in the MB for screws so it MUST be held in place by the metal connectors. I presume there is a place on the heat-sink for these to conncet. Can anyone help? I don’t know the brand of the MB.

A:heatsink & fan

You might want to go to and use the Belarc advisor. It may tell you more about your board; then we can go to find the manual on-line.
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Currently my cpu temp stays around 60C when in normal operation. I know that is to high, so I'm looking to upgrade the heatsink and fan. I've been told the ThermalRight SLK-800 is one of the best, if not the best heatsink. I was think of a 80mm fan that pushes about 80CFM. I also plan to add Arctic Silver 3 to the chip.

<b>Is this an overkill for my use?</b> I don't have any plans to overclock. I've been told by someone that I don't need anything that big, and that the AMD supplied heatsink should be good. <b>maybe the supplied heatsink is installed improperly? Could I go to a 40 CFM fan, which has the lower noise?</b>


I use a volcano 6 [not even the + model] with an XP2000+ it runs at 36-40C under load. I would look for a quite fan since I do not like to noise made by the 7000RPM + fans.
Your temps really should be cooler than 60C with a stock hsf. When you install the fan make sure that it is fitted correctly. They are easy to get on incorrectly. Use either thermal paste or the pad that comes with the hsf. If it does not have a pad then be sure to use thermal compound. Follow directions carefully and you should have a cool running pc.

You should have two case fans; one blowing air in from the bottom front and one blowing out from the top rear of the case. In addition make sure that wires, cables etc. are tied up and out of the way so you get good airflow. There is more to a cool running AMD than just the hsf.
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i know this question gets asked alot but i wanna be careful....i got a ecs motherboard for a pentium came with the intell fan and heatsink.....i always hear to be careful with the heatsink.....i always see people talking bout a glue or paste but all mine as is like a black square...i wanna make sure i dont need anything else please help me

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I need a new heatsink/fan for my phenom II 955. I originally purchased the Xigmatek Dark Knight but I think it's going to cover 2 DIMM slots on my mobo so I'm looking for something else instead. I've checked around on the forums and on different websites for different heatsinks but I'm curious as to what others on here would suggest.

A:Looking for a new AMD heatsink

What RAM and motherboard do you have? The Xigmatek might cover 2 RAM slots but depending on your memory you might still have enough clearance to install modules in them. (They have to be installed before the HSF is fixed.) The Dark Knight is a very good cooler.

In case that doesn't work you might try out the OCZ Vendetta II. I have it installed on an ASUS M4A78T-E mobo with the X3 720. It covers my first DIMM slot but I still can use ut as I installed the HSF with the RAM in in its place.
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I've seen many article in this forum that talk about heatsinks. I was wondering, what everybody thinks is the best. My CPU temp now is idling around 50C, and I'd like to get it <= 40C.

I already have plans to use Artic Silver, so that will be 5C of my CPU temp I can eliminate.

Is the Volcano 9 the best? Is there something better or comparable?

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Hi guys I have AMD Athlon XP processor with SOLTEK HEATSINK came in a package MB DDR RAM ATI RADEON I a heatSink? Do new need LE MB AGP X video card I have mm fans the front one inhales air and the two back one exhale My computer used to get degree C temperature but I took out heatsink cleaned it and put it back using quot Heatsink Compound quot Silver Grease It lowered my computer s temperature about - degrees C This was about a year ago However now my computer Do I need a new heatSink? did the same thing As I play quot Battlefield quot online and used to freeze after only playing for minutes I took out the heatsink again cleaned it and used the same compound again My computer s temprature when started is degree C but after an hour or two hours use it gets to - degrees C knock So my question is Do I need new HeatSink if do what kind of should I get I don t want to spend lot of money Or putting more fan will solve my problem Do I need to do anything to keep my VIDEO CARD cool Any suggestions guys Thank you blush nbsp

A:Do I need a new heatSink?

Look around for CPUIdle from
Lowers the temp. by about another 7-10 degrees C.
As I don't play games, I don't know how this program hold up under load.
I have an Athlon XP1900+ with Zalman Flower CNPS6000-Cu, and CPUIdle Extreme, average mobo temp. is 28C, CPU 31-32C, never over 35C.

Using Arctic Silver II or III thermal paste can lower temp. by another 5C.
Zalman also do a very good graphics card cooling system, but it needs lots of space (2 slots)
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I'm building a computer and I am not sure if a heatsink is required. The case I'm getting has fans in it so my question is do I need to buy a heatsink separately?

Case: Thermaltake Spedo Advance
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400



A:Do I need to buy a Heatsink?

Most definitely you will need at least the stock CPU Fan/Heatsink. It will not run more than a couple of minutes without one. It is a good idea to also have additional cooling via the case fans and such. Remember unless you live in the far north the ambient temperature will also affect the system. Depending on how you buy the CPU (i.e. retail packaging) it may include the fan/heatsink. If not a decent one can be had for about $25 USD.
Relevancy 35.69%

hi i am building a new pc cosmos case q6600 and a evga 122--cknf67-t1 mb i am looking for suggestions on good heatsink . some i had preference to were thermaltake v1 thermalright hr-01 and zerotherm nv120 nirvana.which of these will cool the best and up for any suggestions all new for me .thanks.

A:Cpu heatsink

The best would be the TRUE (Thermalright Ultra 120-Extreme).

Many others do come close though, things like the Noctua NH U12P, scythe ninja2.... None really come to mind right now. The nv120 should be pretty good as well.
Relevancy 35.69%

is there a difference between a heatsink and a cpu fan or are they the same exact thing?

A:heatsink vs cpu fan


The heatsink is the chunk of metal with fins that is pressed against the cpu, the fan is mounted on the heatsink to cool the heatsink after it absorbs the heat from the cpu. Usually a heatsink and fan are one unit.
Relevancy 35.69%

i was thinking about getting the ZALMAN CNPS7000A-AlCu at newegg

but im not sure if it will keep my cpu cooler than the stock because with stock cooling and the help of 4 fans intake and outtake my 2.8ht oced to 3.4 is running 33 degrees celsius idle is that good?

Relevancy 35.69%

I have a compaq presario notebook that I have took apart to with a can of air I have taken it apart about times before to clean it and all went well but this time I took off the heat sink and fan so i could get at it better now I cant get the heatsink to set right on the heatsink cpu When I turn the computer on it instantly overheats and shuts off I read the manual and it said every time you change the cpu you have to change the thermal pad but I do not see one on there and dont really know what one is I orderd a tube of artic silver and aplied that but that did not help either a couple of times I pressed down on the heat sink as I powered up computer and it ran fine now I cant even do that When I look at heatsink the heatsink I can clearly see where the cpu core was touching and it was about of it any help will be great nbsp

Relevancy 35.69%

Ive recently bought an asus a8n-sli premium motherboard with coolpipe , will I still need to buy a heatsink or wil the collpipe alone be enough ?



the heatpipe cooler is a great feature!! it's completely silent and you don't have to worry about a fan dying on you.

what makes you think it wouldn't be enough?
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I recently started overclocking a pentium III 1.1 gig CPU up to around 1.2 gig.

I don't have anyway of knowing what the CPU temps are because the mobo doesn't support that function.

At the moment I have just a generic aluminum sink on it with a fan. Would it be alot better for the cpu if I threw 20 bucks at it and upgraded to a sink with a copper core?

What are the facts behind heat dissipation, aluminum vs. copper........

A:cpu fan/heatsink......

Copper absorbs more heat, aluminium dissipates heat better. This is why it's common for heatsinks to have a copper core or base with aluminium fins. Heatsinks made entirely of copper need significantly faster/louder fans to cool them properly. A P3 doesn't generate much heat at all, half that of an Athlon, so heat isn't your problem. The problem you are more likely to run into is the fact that P3s are not stable above 1.1GHz due to powersupply issues, this is why they needed a new design (Tualatin core) to reach speeds above that, and why the 1.13GHz Coppermine P3 was withdrawn.
Relevancy 35.69%

Hello everyone I m Where's heatsink? my a victim Where's my heatsink? of the notorious Toshiba Satellite heating problems and I ve decided to attempt a few repairs of my own before seeking costly professional help I know little about the insides of a computer but I m out of warranty and don t feel like shelling out the money for a professional repair I ve heard it s relatively easy to clean the heatsink and paste it back together Though if I have to ask where my heatsink is I should probably just let a professional do it eh But I d like to try anyway That being said could anyone point me in the direction of the location of my heatsink I m running using a Toshiba Satellite A I attempted to find it earlier tinkering around here and there which resulted in a lovely humming sound to accompany my overworked fans I m running Panda Titanium Antivirus and Firefox and my fans are working to the max I think it s high time for a nice cleaning don t you think On another note I attempted to use the thermal adhesive pads to cut down on heat Though I was unsure of where to stick them so I just stuck them on the RAM Was that a bright idea I m so inept at the little bits and pieces of the computer It s quite sad If anyone can decipher my ramblings and help me out I d greatly appreciate it Thanks nbsp

A:Where's my heatsink?

Disassembling a laptop is NOT the place to start your computer repair career! Judging from your experience level, I strongly suggest you find someone to do any necessary work on that machine, unless you were itching for a new laptop anyway.

Remember: If you think experts are expensive, wait until you see how much amateurs cost you.
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Hello, Im planning to get a new heatsink, because im planning to overclock my cpu.

Btw, i have a socket 939, amd 3800+

What brand do you guys recommend?

Will most Heatsink fit my mobo?


A:Need help with new Heatsink

"Will most Heatsinks fit my mobo?"

If it is built for a socket 939 and you choose one that will fit your case? What is your case? A mid tower?
Relevancy 35.69%

This is my motherboard

Using a Conroe 2.66 dual core processor.

The problem is that there is this orange cylinder sticking out of the motherboard right next to where a heatsink must be screwed onto the board, which gets in the way when i try apply cube-shaped heatsinks. Has anyone encountered this/know what fans to use? Thanks

A:Trying to put a heatsink on a CPU...

Link not working try Everest:
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This is a simple a basic question about this Heatsink and fan:


I know its good and effective. I know its huge! But I wondering if I need to worry about the weight. My case pretty much sits on the floor under my desk and I don't move it to much other than when I'm taking out or putting in components, which isn't all that much.

Do I need to be concern about the stress this monster will put on my motherboard will the computer is just sitting there. Or is the real concern when transporting and moving the unit around?

Thanks and I'll also take any other suggestions for heatsink fans to cool my CPU that ya'll have found to work great. I'm still researching....


A:CPU Heatsink

As long as it is just setting there no need to worry. When transporting the PC lay it on its side so the sink isn't pulling down but laying flat. I have a big old copper volcano that has been hanging in place for over a year and it doesn't even use screws just mounting clips.
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Windows Xp Pro-

Hey I'm getting the SAPPHIRE 100557-RD Radeon 9800PRO 256MB DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card - OEM...

And i was wondering if these heat sinks would work

If so how do i put them on or were? on the lil black things?


i dont think they are needed the card works fine with out them.

and any labor and effort to overclock it and combined with price it is better to go next size up.
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hello im upgrading my stock intel haetsinc that came with my core 2duo(775)
for a better heatsink so i was wondering which one to get i need you guys to find the heatsinc off this site: becuase im not allowed to order it off the web and the closest shop for me is tigerdirect thx in advanced

A:which heatsink should i get?

This one:

or this one:
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After i upgraded everythings running great!!!

I have a question though. How do I know if i put my heatsink on the right way round?? I dunno how to check, got an arctic copper silent 2 one.

Its just that i ran spped fan and my case is at 40c max, my processor 62cmax, but the temp sensor seems to think my processors at -62c, yup minus numbers. Somehow dount that very much.

Could be a software bug with speed fan right enough. OR a dodgy sensor but maybe i did something wrong...doubt it would do taht tho.

Relevancy 35.69%


I have a K7VT4A PRO SOCKET A motherboard and have just bought an thlon xp 2200+ processor socket 462?

i was wondering what sort of heatsink and fan do i use?

im really stuck any ideas????

A:Which heatsink and fan????

Here's a link to an assortment of Socket A fan/heatsink combos:

Basically, just read the reviews until you find one that looks cool, has good performance, and fits your budget.
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Hey All I am looking for a new heatsink fan for my CPU I think I will probably just replace the stock one I have instead of just re-seating it I have ASUS Striker II Extreme LGA NVIDIA nForce i Ultra SLI DDR ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Core Quad Q Yorkfield GHz MB CPU HeatSink/Fan L I dont really care how much it costs I want the best for my setup I am seeing temps around c idle CPU HeatSink/Fan and roughly - c under medium load I ran Prime last night and watched the temp skyrocket to c b i shut it down the CPU quot safe operating range quot ends at C I have not really clocked this thing higher than factory as it gets too hot at only ghz approx c idle I dont want to go liquid cooling just not ready finincially yet for that SO What is the absolute best heatsink fan combo I can install on this machine Anyone have any suggestions nbsp

A:CPU HeatSink/Fan

Carefully measure the space available for a new heatsink and fan combination, then look at the Zalman brand which is easier to install, and better at cooling than most.
It is always better to install as a set of heat sink and fan combo... but be very careful and patient during the install. Be sure to use neither too little nor too much thermal paste
It is likely you have another problem with a temperature that high.
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Hey guys My PC Specs Operating System Windows XP Professional Service Pack installed Case NETLINK IN W ATX CASE W FRONT USB PORT P READY Motherboard SOLTEK KT -A ATX SOCKET A DDR AGP X PCI ATA USB W SOUND CPU AMD ATHLON XP K FSB SOCKET A RETAIL BOX CPU Heatsink VANTEC AEROFLOW SOCKETA cpu cooler TMD RPM CFM Memory MB PC DDR SAMSUNG RAM Video Card ABITR - CDT RADEON MB DDR AGP X Hard Drives X WD CAVIAR GB INT ATA HD LP MS MB RPM OEM Anti-virus Kaspersky Antivirus Personal Firewall Zone Alarm Pro cASE FANS FANS INFLOW OUTFLOW I need CPU I a new Do heatsink? have installed Ventec Aeroflow SocketA heatsink as I have mentioned earlier I bought this heatsink from quot NCIX quot few months ago to replace my stock heatsink I used the quot Thermal Greese quot that came with this cooler I used only small amount of this Do I need a new CPU heatsink? greese and spread it evenly on the CPU die I read the instructions online Also the heatsink is seated properly as I checked it few times However my CPU temperature is too high at the moment Here is the quot EVEREST quot summary Field Value Sensor Properties Sensor Type ITE IT F National LM ISA h SMBus Ch Temperatures Motherboard C F CPU C F WDC WD JB- JJA C F Cooling Fans CPU RPM Chassis RPM Voltage Values CPU Core V V V V V V V V V V Standby V VBAT Battery V As you guys can see my CPU s temp is degrees C and I just started my computer after it been off for whole night I have only few things opened right now for example quot Mozila browser EVEREST text file Zone Alarm Kaspersky MSN HP printer they are on in startup window quot My computer crashes when I try to play any music or video in windows media player or any other player Also it freezes when I try to play NHL What should do Do I need to buy new heatsink Help guys thank you nbsp

A:Do I need a new CPU heatsink?

The cpu fan is running little on the slower side, before buying a new check with the cabinet open whether this cools the cpu a little bit (might come down a couple of degrees) also check if u can increase the cpu fan speed by increasing voltage to that.

if u wana get a new cpu fan check the stat for that see that the fan speed is some where in 4500 + range.

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Hey guys My PC Specs Operating System Windows heatsink? need Do new CPU I a XP Professional Service Pack installed Case NETLINK IN W ATX CASE W FRONT USB PORT P READY Motherboard SOLTEK KT -A ATX SOCKET A DDR AGP X PCI ATA Do I need a new CPU heatsink? USB W SOUND CPU AMD ATHLON XP K FSB SOCKET A RETAIL BOX CPU Heatsink VANTEC AEROFLOW SOCKETA cpu cooler TMD RPM CFM Memory MB PC DDR SAMSUNG RAM Video Card ABITR - CDT Do I need a new CPU heatsink? RADEON MB DDR AGP X Hard Drives X WD CAVIAR GB INT ATA HD LP MS MB RPM OEM Anti-virus Kaspersky Antivirus Personal Firewall Zone Alarm Pro cASE FANS FANS INFLOW OUTFLOW I have installed Ventec Aeroflow SocketA heatsink as I have mentioned earlier I bought this heatsink Do I need a new CPU heatsink? from quot NCIX quot few months ago to replace my stock heatsink I used the quot Thermal Greese quot that came with this cooler I used only small amount of this greese and spread it evenly on the CPU die I read the instructions online Also the heatsink is seated properly as I checked it few times However my CPU temperature is too high at the moment Here is the quot EVEREST quot summary Field Value Sensor Properties Sensor Type ITE IT F National LM ISA h SMBus Ch Temperatures Motherboard C F CPU C F WDC WD JB- JJA C F Cooling Fans CPU RPM Chassis RPM Voltage Values CPU Core V V V V V V V V V V Standby V VBAT Battery V As you guys can see my CPU s temp is degrees C and I just started my computer after it been off for whole night I have only few things opened right now for example quot Mozila browser EVEREST text file Zone Alarm Kaspersky MSN HP printer they are on in startup window quot My computer crashes when I try to play any music or video in windows media player or any other player Also it freezes when I try to play NHL What should do Do I need to buy new heatsink Help guys thank you Edit Delete Message nbsp

A:Do I need a new CPU heatsink?

JUST for the hell of it leave your door panel off let it run and see if you see a big drop. . make sure the 2 fans near the CPU blows in let the other pull the air out. also you did not mention your temp with the other Heatsink.
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Im new to making computers, and have no idea. Im going to buy a barebone computer from tigerdirect. It says it doesnt come with a Heatsink fan. Would the Silent Knight fan from newegg be fine? The barebone Computer is...

PCChips A13G+ Socket AM2 Barebone Kit - v3.0
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.60GHz Black Edition Retail
160GB SATA HD, 2GB DDR2 PC6400
ATX Mid-Tower Case
450 Watt Power Supply

A:Heatsink fan help

Any socket AM2 cooler should be fine... as long as it physically fits in the system. I recommend a ZALMAN "cnps" product, can't go wrong. They make several different models for that socket and are super-quiet. Newegg usually carries a bunch of their products in stock so I would check there first.
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I was thinkign of getting a Zalman CNPS9700 and it goes upto 35 dba, and i was wondering what does 35dba sound like? if you could say some items that are as loud as 35dba so i can see how loud/ quiet it is. thanks.

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I am purchasing a new cpu fan/heatsink. I don't know what to do about the grease left on the cpu. I thought I was supposed to clean it off and apply new grease with the new heatsink. How do I clean off the cpu? Do I take out the cpu or leave it in the socket? What do I use? Dry paper towel? Wet paper towel?, or something else?

A:New CPU fan/heatsink

Here's the removal and application instructions for Artic Silver 5, which is probably the best compound, but it applies to most pastes:
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Hello! I'm new to the forums someone told me to come here and ask this.
Well my Prescott P4 3.0 gigs is running pretty hot (Idled 55c, load 60-70) with the stock heatsink and fan, even with Artic silver 5 in it! So I was planning to get a new fan and heatsink for it but don't know which one is better for it.

Or this:

Which one would fit my case better too lol

Oh yeah those temps are from the bios, but when I use the program AIDA32 it says 50 idled lol

A:Which cpu fan/heatsink to get?

I run a P4D 940 and use an asus VR cooler. It has really impressed me.
1 It lowered the cpu temp by approx 10-12C.
2 It is quieter than the stock cooler.
3 It uses real screws to secure the hsf rather than the push pins.

One small issue, you must pull the mb to install this hsf due to the mounting plate.
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I was wondering if i could replce my heatsink fan combo with a really solid copper heatsink no fan. I ask this because my pc is pretty loud and im looking for alternatives to fans.

A:Is it ok to go with no fan heatsink

There are some nice and quiet heatsink/fans on the market these days, check out

But I would never use the heatsink without the fan. Danger!

If you have the cash, you could also look into liquid cooling options. Info on the link I gave you above.

Other big noismakers are case fans and PSU fans. I just finished building my computer, and that was my priority was a little peace and quiet. My previous one almost drove me insane it was so loud.
Relevancy 35.69%

I have this heatsink but not happy with it. into buying one of these.
Wondering if I could get some opinions? Im idling @ 41-43c in bios with my voltage @ 1.225. I wanna run a lil cooler. Once I o/c to 3.4 I have to turn voltage up to 1.38 and idles @ 50c. I'm o/c to 3.1 with 1.225.
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The heatsink fan seems to be making a lot of noise. I removed the fan itself and it worked fine, when I put it back on it sounded as if it was scraping/starting/stopping etc.

I've removed and put it back several times but it always sounds like that.

This computer has not been moved in months, never mind opened. I don't know why it's doing that.

I tried to remove the heatsink but it won't come off. It's a weird round one and the clip won't open because the heatsink is on top of it. I don't want to just pull it for fear of breaking the mobo.

Why would the fan all of a sudden start doing this? It obviously works fine still outside the heatsink.

Anybody have any suggestions?

A:Heatsink fan...

lola2001 said:

The heatsink fan seems to be making a lot of noise. I removed the fan itself and it worked fine, when I put it back on it sounded as if it was scraping/starting/stopping etc.

I've removed and put it back several times but it always sounds like that.

This computer has not been moved in months, never mind opened. I don't know why it's doing that.

I tried to remove the heatsink but it won't come off. It's a weird round one and the clip won't open because the heatsink is on top of it. I don't want to just pull it for fear of breaking the mobo.

Why would the fan all of a sudden start doing this? It obviously works fine still outside the heatsink.

Anybody have any suggestions?Click to expand...

Yes--get the heatsink off and replace it. Every heatsink comes off. Try taking the MOBO out where you can get a good look at it to figure out how it comes off.
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I am working on an HP nc that has an overheating problem Originally the fan was not heatsink Can bad? go really a blowing so I figured that was Can a heatsink really go bad? the culprit Once I pulled the fan out I realized that a fairly large dust clump was preventing the fan from spinning So I cleaned up the fan and used a dry toothbrush to clean out the fins on the heatsink I reinstalled the fan I did NOT remove the heatsink and booted up The fan of course was now spinning and cool air was coming out where it should I left the unit running for a while and noticed using a couple of different temp monitors that it was still a bit on the high side C so I decided to see what would happen if the processor was taxed at all I loaded up a tv network website and started playing a full episode video and within seconds the CPU temp shot up to C and the laptop turned off I did notice that the fan speed increased but not until around ish C Unfortunately there is no fan monitoring or control settings in the BIOS and Speedfan and other tools don t even see the fan so they can t control it either The weird thing is the copper portion of the heatsink where the fins are and the fan blows through was fairly cool to touch the copper potion of the heatsink above the CPU was decently hot but did not feel near C The really hot part was the gray metal that sits under the copper bar but on top of the CPU Even the screws that hold the heatsink down were extremely hot So to me it seems that the gray metal is pulling heat out of the processor but not transferring it to the copper bar of the heatsink If this is the case I can t imagine putting new thermal paste under it would help as it seems the problem is between the gray part and the copper part So this leads me to my question can a heatsink really go bad Was this one just maybe defective from the factory or is this just a really craptastic design and replacing it will be pointless For reference below is a picture of the heatsink in question The fins that the fan blows through are at the bottom of the picture Thanks for any answers nbsp

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I purchased a SilenX Effizio EFZ-92HA2 - 92mm Spiral Heat sink for my AMD A8-5600k APU because the seller said it had a universal bracket so it would fit most AMD processors. Well, can someone please explain to me how the heck I install this thing? The screw holes on the bracket are configured in a square not a rectangle which is how the mobo screw holes are set up. Do I install it without the bracket or what? Pleeeeeaaaaassssse help me.

A:CPU fan and heatsink for FM2

The cooler was released in 2011, whereas the FM2 socket was launched in 2012, so that's the problem here, it's just not universal enough.
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Hi for couple of days I saw taht the preformance of my desktop the fan heatsink? or is a bit slower than b and when I checked the fan and eerything was running fine So i thought I would check fan or the heatsink? the temperature so I ran speedfan and at first I was suprised fan or the heatsink? that the temp was degrees for my cpu So I turned it off immidietely and cleaned the fan and heatsink as both were dusty and I do a lot of gaming so after I cleaned I check back the temp is speed fan even tho it was lot lower than b the temp is still higher than normal it was running at a - degrees average but the thing is that the fan is working foine also I reput the thermal grease on cpu when i cleaned the fan and stuff still its pretty hot So I was thinking is it my fan or my Heatsink thats not working properly But seemed like fan was working But still I m not sure and want suugestions Also my processor is Intel D Ghz and it also seemed core was hotter than core My other question is that if its the heatsink I ll have to buy one but do all heatsinks work with my processor or is there a specific type size of heatsink for my processor And which kind of heatsinks are the best Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 35.69%

I recently brought an old
DDR2 PC and I took the motherboard out and the heatsink didn't have any of those springs on the screws. Anyway I went to undo them but they won't come out! Help needed!

A:Help my heatsink won't come off!

make and model?
can you post a picture?
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i want to buy a new cpu fan for my cpu (Pentium 4 3Ghz socket 478 prescott core). what are the important things i should look for when shopping? i want something ultra quiet as i want to use this computer in the future as a HTPC. I don't do any overclocking either, but would like to see if it would be possible to overclock to 3.5ghz. any good brands i should be on the lookout for? any suggestions much appreciated

A:Want To buy a cpu fan/heatsink. what should i look for?

Customer reviews on the net are a good source of information. Be sure to look which device are they cooling with the cooler in question.
This is almost zero noise, as I have experienced recently(not exactly, I used the next, better version of this CNPS9700), with low speed. Here's a cheaper and one dBA more silent one, that'll suit p4 just fine, even with overclocking Still can't really recommend any specific passive CPU cooler, there are too many out there, just read reviews.
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im building my very first computer by myself and i got enough money to build it properly. ive gotten everything mobo to case to video card to sound card.

but im stumped on the cpu. when you buy a cpu does it have a heatsink & thermal paste in the box or do you have to purchase them

this is what im getting would it have a heatsink & paste
it would be very helpful

A:cpu heatsink

Yes, it comes with stock cooling. You'd get it a bit cheaper here:
Relevancy 35.69%

I have an Intel D processor and would like to get an inexpensive fan heatsink for it I saw two on Geeks com one with copper head and quot fan for Pentium D series up to G which is what fan/Heatsink Which CPU this Which CPU fan/Heatsink processor is and the other with aluminum head and quot fan for Core Duo also up to G The latter is actually cheaper Should I assume the second one will also work with the D and is a better choice or shuold I stay with the first one designed for the D series Which CPU fan/Heatsink http www geeks com details asp invtid D - amp cpc SCH http www geeks com details asp invtid E - amp cpc SCH Then there is also a CoolerMaster one with copper head and mmx mmx mm fan for Petium up to G I am not sure if it will also work with Petium D as the Petium Ds are also P series I believe http www geeks com details asp invtid XI - IDSF-U -BULK amp cpc SCH nbsp

A:Which CPU fan/Heatsink

The latter won't work, C2Ds are cooler than pentium duals.
Relevancy 35.69%

I have the Vigor Monsoon III LT and it seems that the rear fan has went out. The fans are 120mm and I'd prefer to just replace the fan rather buy an entire new heatsink. What fan should I use and how does the process of replacing said fan work? Thanks.

A:CPU Fan/Heatsink

If it's just the fan then you can buy a normal 120mm fan and use the screws from the current one to attach the new one.. (remember to attach it with the blades spinning in the same direction.) Problem comes from power.. Looks like the current set up id two fan on one power cable, correct? If so you will either need to have a spare fan power connector on your motherboard or buy a splitter for the current connector.

Other option is to try to find a dual fan set up and replace both... Most likey something like a second hand unit that you got but it will probably come with the heat sink which you don't want.
Relevancy 35.69%

I know the AMD Athlon xp is a bit out of date now but I am trying to over clock mine and I need some advice on what heatsink is best. It is an athlon XP 3200+ and I will hopefully be over clocking from 2.2GHz to around 2.4 or 2.5. I am just wondering if you have any sujestions on which heatsink and fan I should use.

Relevancy 35.69%

I have recently built a computer but the cpu kept getting to hot. 64c
I went to take the heatsink off to check the thermal paste but it pulled the cpu out with it. do you think that this has damaged the cpu. It fits back in and clips down but I haven't been able to run it yet since the heatsink is off and I have only just ordered the thermal paste.
Do you think this could have damaged the CPU?

Relevancy 35.69%

Looking for a new heatsink unit for an i7 cpu. I stupidly got a 775 one, so its going back. I had hoped to use my old wc unit on it or possiblt a vapochill ( oh, that would be so good with an i7...) but I cant get anything to fit. they seem a bit thin on the ground in the uk, any ideas or recommendatins? cheers all

A:i7 920 heatsink

All you need to do is get and adapter bracket like this and you can use the 775 heatsink
Relevancy 35.69%

I have an older MoBo (M2N-SLI Deluxe), can anyone suggest a quality heatsink/fan that is compatible?

A:Need a new CPU Heatsink/Fan
That one is nice.
Relevancy 35.69%

I'm building a computer and I am not sure if a heatsink is required. The case I'm getting has fans in it so my question is do I need to buy a heatsink separately?

Case: Thermaltake Spedo Advance
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400



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I'm trying to get a new heatsink + CPU fan for my desktop and its a bit confusing because i don't know what socket type to get it for. I got a AMD Phenom II x4 955

And it says this:

See how it says Socket AM3 (938) and on the other Socket AM2+ (940 Pin)

Its a bit confusing and also could anyone suggest a good brand to buy? I'm looking for the best fan for this socket type.

EDIT: Sorry fixed the link it was broken.

A:Need help with CPU Fan /Heatsink

They both use the same type of mount,so either type would work.
Might check out some water cooling if you have a 120mm fan mount
for the radiator.
Otherwise,there are so many different types of air coolers
that you would need to find one you like that will fit your setup.
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lm Heatsink looking for some reviews on heatsinks rather than look through random sites lm more interested in some users accounts of users that actually use them in any case ideally lm looking for a reasonably inexpensive heatsink lm currently using a stock AMD heatsink which Heatsink is rated for a higher chip than l already have regardless while my temps arent bad l would like to see how far l can get them down without loosing performance as well as have a heatsink for future upgrades to faster chips as my spec dictates which is added to my profile lm running a Heatsink AMD Athlon II x and l had looked at the local comp shop at a few heatsinks however the engineer recommended that l ask around for user accounts as he has not exactly built many overclocker type systems tbh lm not planning on overclocking Heatsink this is just purely a bit of hardware that l can use for future upgrades and sort of something l want to do in the interest of how much temp l can get it down to in any case anyone have any recommendations so l can see if l can get my hands on a good cpu cooler


Check this:
FrostyTech - Best Heat Sinks & PC Cooling Reviews
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I am going to buy a new Heatsink for my AMD 965 Black Edition and i was going to get the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 then i found this 1: Akasa Thermal Solution
And was wundering what 1 would cool better and would make less noise as the stock 1 now sounds so loud.

A:Which Heatsink is better?

the artic freezer is quite noisy in use but very good on cooling, so go with the akasa if you want less noise
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Hi i have a sony vaio 64xp laptop and I think i need to replace the heatsink and fan as laptop making really bad whirring noises and gets really hot ..does anybody know the model number of the fan i need to buy as tried vaio suppport and still not recieved any feedback ( whicjh is not unusual lol ) also is it best to get qualified person to fit it or is it easy ????? hope this is right forum thx too any replies ...Harty

A:Heatsink and Fan

you can prolly do it yourself, but this will likely void any warranty you have. Ifs its still under warrently, get a sony guy to do it
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With this mobo

and this processor

Which heatsink do you think would be better?



I'm thinking I want this silver knight because it isn't as heavy and big as the other one. I don't think the other would fit in my case.

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I am currently looking at a friend's computer, took off the cpu fan, and there was no heatsink, just the fan jammed on top of the cpu with some grey cement-like gunk. (It is a socket 7 zif 200 mhz pentium)The bottom of the fan is cracking off this grey stuff. ??Obviously, this is not good. Can I just put a new fan with a heatsink over the cpu? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx, dstrand

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greetings all,

i have been looking for a good FSU to cool my cpu and have not been able to find one that is better than the stock. i have a P4 3.2 ht on a MSI 865 PE NEO2 P 478 MoBo. i play some multi player games online that are real taxing to my system and cause it to get real hot. it gets up in the high 60C's sometimes...not good. it's never shut down but i am worried what the heat is doing to the system's future. anyhow i've purchased a couple new FSUs and sent them both back one wasn't compatable and one sucked. anyone know of a good one to get for my issue?


A:CPU heatsink and fan help

These are nice
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Hi i have had fitted a Phenom quad core together with a heatsink fan in from the same box,thing is is it possible to buy a fan only to replace the existing one,which i find noisy. Regards Martin.

A:CPU heatsink fan is this possible

Do you want to buy stock heat sink that comes with your processor? That might not be possible.

However you can always buy an aftermarket HSF. In this case you have a large number of options such as Xigmatek, OCZ, Scythe, Zalman and the likes.

What is your budget?
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Hi, I have an Intel Quad core processor with a very noisy fan. I would like to change heatsink and fan as I use my PC for recording music. recording audio through a microphone is impossible due to the noisy fan. Is it possible to cool the cpu using only a heatsink such as the Prolima Megahalems which has good reviews?
Can anyone recommend a very quiet (silent if possible) heatsink and fan for under say £60?
Any help appreciated.

regards Russ

A:Heatsink without a fan possible?

It is very possible to build a PC completely silent.

So yes, of course the Prolima Megahalems would be the heatsink of choice, and if you're not going completely fanless, couple it with the smallest CFM 120mm fan you can find. The smallest airflow will make a huge difference....
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I have a ASUS A8N-VM Mobo, there is a small heatsink on the geforce 6150 chip, at the moment the CPU is running at 69c, mobo 43c, but the chip is VERY hot to the touch, is that saying the chip is damaged?.

The computer just switches off after so long (about an hour) it as only just started doing it in the last few days. Then it's off again after about 5mins.

I've taken out the graphics card, 4in1 usb and a capture card, but that has made no difference at all.

I have'nt configured anything,everything is at default settings.(Not a puter whizz kid)

Any ideas?.

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I have an asus p6t deluxe v2 motherboard, and im trying to install a thermalright true black. Its my first time building. The spring screws dont seem to be able to go down all the way so i can screw them in, what did i do wrong?
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Bought a connect 3d ati radeon x1300 pci express card for a budget build.The thing runs ok but i have never in my life heard such a noisy fan on it.Been looking for a replacement but havnt found anything yet.Not exactly sure what would work on it.Anyone know of one that is compatable and quieter? since we are kinda on the subject of fans.

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Hi -
I'm in the process of buying a heatsink/fan from newegg. I did a search for only socket A types. My search can back with a fan I like but it says Athlon xp up to 2.6G for the compatibility. That should fit my 1gig thunderbird socket a processor correct? I have an Asus a7m266 board.

Thanks for any help!

A:heatsink and fan question

Here's a few more:

This one doesn't look bad:
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I'm looking to upgrade my heatsink on my AMD 64 X2 4400 from the stock one. As the 4400 hundred is a socket 939 processor, can i get any heatsink that it compatible with 939? Or do i need to makle sure its compatible with X2's? Everywhere i go, it just lists the Athlon 64 and 64 FX, but never the X2.

Sry for the noobish question, but i just dont want to order one and find out it wont even fit :dead: And does anyone have any recommendations on a good heatsink for an X2?

A:Heatsink Question

Shadowrane said:

can i get any heatsink that it compatible with 939?Click to expand...


does anyone have any recommendations on a good heatsink for an X2?Click to expand...

Not really, but I'm thinking about getting Scythe Ninja or Thermaltake Sonic Tower myself.
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I put together a dell Optiplex GX520 from parts obtained from dell and ebay. I have everything needed but didn't realize it didnt have a heatsink and fan shroud. I had to order it and it will take a few days. It does have a big fan in it. I have a Celeron D 3.33GHz Processor in it. Can I turn it on long enough to check out the bios without damaging anything until I get the heat sink? I just want to make sure it starts up at this point. I'll turn it off as soon I see something. Let me know if I will do damage. Thanks!

A:Can I start PC with no Heatsink?

Don't do it!! The processor will have thermal protection, but there is no guarentee that it still won't fry. Without a HSF setup you may only get a few seconds before burnout.
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Hi everybody.

I am trying to fit a Celeron D processor and heatsink into this motherboard. The proccessor is compatible according to the specs but the heatsink is designed to fit onto a motherboard with holes about 3" x 2 1/2" away. However, the motherboard has holes for the heatsink around the processor that are in a square, all being 3" apart.

The heatsink is fixed to the proccessor so i cant easily seem to fit a new one.

Any ideas?


A:Heatsink wont fit

What is the sSPEC number for the Celeron D processor? It should be on the processor.
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I've never had this problem and im stumped . I bought a cheap barebone comp from tigerdirect to use for some basic DOS programs. I built it and all that and booted it, it ran its POST etc than the PSU burned out(bright flash from the PSU, the works). I had tigerdirect send me another PSU, this one also turned out to be baddown, So i put a PSU from an old comp in, I only had the mobo plugged in, nothing else. When i flipped the switch on the PSU(not the button on the case) the heatsink fan spun up and the monitor went from stand-by to active for about 5 secs than went back to standby. Now for the question, why the heck is the comp booting just from hiting the switch on the PSU and importantly why isn't it booting!?


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I have the Intel Rock Lake D865PERL motherboard in my system. I just bought a Zalman ball bearing ultra quiet cpu cooler as a replacement for my processor heatsink and fan. I have a slight problem. My northbridge heatsink is in the way of the new HUGE heatsink fan combo. I have a small fan I got off an older motherboard, thats specifically made for the northbridge chip. Can I take off the heatsink and use the fan instead?I know how to install the new heatsink, but I'm just not sure if its possible to switch the northbridge heatsink for a fan, since I've never tried it, I thought I'd ask before I go and ruin my mobo. I really don't want to return the new heatsink/fan. Its pretty sweet.

Thanks for any info!

A:heatsink/fan question

If the HS is removable without damaging the NB, I don't see why you can't use a different cooling configuration. The real question is does the old HS come off, and will the new HS/fan mount properly on the NB.
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One of my co-workers has a question regarding hooking up his cooler fans to his motherboard and can't seem to communicate with the tech support.

I have a Noctua NH-UB9 SE2 Heatsink/fan. This heatsink uses 2 fans in a push/pull arrangement (12V/0.11amp EACH).
I want to know if I can connect both fans to the CPU Fan header or only one? I'd like the mobo to control the fans on the heatsink.
Model Name : GA-890GPA-UD3H(rev. 2.1)
Click to expand...

A:Noctua NH-UB9 SE2 Heatsink/Fan.

I checked the mb manual and cannot find a wattage rating for the cpu fan header. I have emailed gigabyte a few times with questions and I have always received an answer.

My guess is that yes you can connect the fans to the single cpu header using the supplied splitter however do check with gigabyte [since the info is not in the manual]
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I've recently got some Arctic Silver. The stock thermal grease that's already on the stock heatsink is there and I've whiped it away. Is there anything more I can do to clean the heatsink and cpu. So far I've just whiped them clean. Is there some sort of cleaning liquid I can use before I put on the Arctic Silver? Or should I just go on and just put the Arctic Silver?

A:Heatsink Question?

rubbing alcohol on a good clean rag should do ya just fine
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I have a medium size case I'm assuming. I haven’t measured it lol. Basically my issue is my temp seems rather high in comparison to other stats I've seen. 52-54C on average just pulling up webpage’s. Randomly higher when playing lame games like Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 lol.. I read somewhere the max temp should be 62C and I've passed that a couple of time. The thing is just in my bedroom with a ceiling fan always on so I don't think this is normal. The CPU fan error was a good indicator as well lmao!

All of the fans I've seen are gigantic and expensive. Anyone have any suggestions? The fan I have now is ultra quiet but also ultra inferior it seems. I don't really want it to get much louder.

Dell Inspiron 570
AMD Athlon II x4 630
Windows 7 Premium 64bit
AMD 785G chipset
6G Kingston Hyper DDR3 1333mhz

A:Recommendations for a CPU heatsink and fan plz

i think something like a xigmatek scorpion s1283 is quiet and good, have it fitted to my phenom II x4 it should fit, but i think the last dell i tinkered with had a rubbish heatsink, then again it was a rubbish computer...