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Replace heatsink fan?

Q: Replace heatsink fan?

The stock hsf on my non-overclocked +2500 barton is rather loud, and I would like to replace it. Is it possible for me to simply buy a new 60mm replacement fan without having to buy a completely hew heatsink and fan?

I was looking at some nice 60mm panaflos that make around only 21 dbas but are labeled as case-fans. Would I be able to screw one of these panaflos onto my heastink?

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Preferred Solution: Replace heatsink fan?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replace heatsink fan?

Standard case fans are 80mm X 80mm x 20mm. An 80mm fan will do you no good if you seek to replace a 60mm fan. A 60mm fan may work provided your heatsink has standard mounting brackets. However, be advised this will cause your cpu to rise in temperature (most likely) if the fan is slower.

A better solution is to replace the heatsink/fan entirely. I personally favor the ThermalTake Volcano 9 for low-cost high-effectiveness Socket A cooling. You can pick it up online for only $14, and it has three different ways of choosing cpu fan speed: Automatic speed sense based on a thermal probe, which you can place wherever you wish, a rheostat which you can turn to choose the speed at which the fan spins, or a simple jumper to set it to either low or high speed mode.

Case in point: In my shop machine I have an overclocked Athlon XP Barton. It is a stock 2500+ and is sitting at 3200+. I am using a volcano 9, and have the CPU fan forced to ~1100rpm - Barely audible, even when I am close to the computer. If I'm more than five feet away, the machine is inaudible. The cpu is quite hot, in fact at full load it sits at 64C, but this is fine for me.
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I'm replacing a motherboard for a HP laptop. I need to replace this backplate for the CPU heatsink to the new motherboard. I've tried to pull it out but it seems to be glued onto the motherboard.
If I manage to pull it out, should I replace the glue, double-sided tape or whatever is underneath?

HP G62-b80SS laptop.
Intel Core i3 CPU.
Thank you

A:How can I remove/replace this CPU heatsink backplate (where the CPU socket is screwed)?

It is probably double stick tape used to insure it stays in place. Replacing it is your call. As long as the heatsink is mounted correctly, it really doesn't matter if the backplate is loose or stuck in place. Sticking the backplate simply makes mounting the heatsink easier to manage.
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A factory AMD or Intel heatsink is something I simply won't consider when building a computer. I acquired my first aftermarket cooler 15 years ago to assist in overclocking an AMD Athlon 500 (it reached 800MHz with help from a...

Read more

A:Weekend Open Forum: What heatsink / water kit cools your computer?

Mine is water cooled. Except instead of liquid its solid. And instead of water its aluminum. And instead of a pump its got a fan. Its actually a laptop.
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I currently have 2 x 4GB sticks to equal 8GB but I want to upgrade to 16GB total. Initially I was going to buy the same 2 x 4GB sticks again since I have 2 RAM slots spare, but then I read about dual channel/quad channel etc and basically want to know if it would be better to add 2 more 4 GB sticks, or buy 2 x new 8GB sticks. Thinking performance wise, the price isn't too different.
I have MSI Z77A-GD55 mobo, and my RAM is Kingston 8GB 1600MHz DDR3

Thanks in advance for advice

A:Upgrading my RAM, better to add, or replace?

For DDR3 there is no quad channel, either way would work fine, go for the cheaper.
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I have an old router. It's a D-link DIR-625. Lately it seems like browsing on my laptop and tablet have been sluggish. Could it be wearing out or has technology passed it by? I'm wondering if I should replace it.

A:When to replace a router

There are numerous other things that could effect Internet traffic. Of the most common in my area is bad service from ISP (bad lines or equipment).

Resetting your router could help if it is the router causing the issue. Simply unplugging it is not enough to do a full reset of all settings.

What does running state your connection rate is and does it match what you are paying for?
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Hey, I wanted to update my cpu stock heatsink to something new sense this one sucks and I was gonna get
for my cpu
but I wasn't sure if that huge cpu heatsink would fit in my case, could anyone give me advice whether it will or not I am still new to building, Thanks!
This is my case -

A:Cpu heatsink question

You can try to use partpicker (needs a valid email to save parts list) to test your builds. a warning will show for any possible incompatibility. to expand...

based on newegg product, it seems able to handle 'full sized cpu coolers'

Rosewill Line-M
This review is from: Rosewill LINE-M Micro-ATX Mini Tower Computer Case, Dual USB 3.0, come with Dual Fans, Support up to 4 Fans, 12.5" card-Retail

Pros: Size, Appearance, USB 3.0 Front Panel. I own two of these one with fx8350 and one intel 4770 both with r9 280x gfx cards. Cable managment is tough but I expected that with the amount I packed into this form factor. Keeps my gfx cards around 70 degrees on stock settings. Fits full size CPU coolers. This is just about the perfect size for a computer case in my opinion.
Cons: bent the back panel slightly removing cut outs for PCI and PCIe mounts other than that no complaints really.
Other Thoughts: Get a modular PSU for this case.Click to expand...

based on partpicker: to expand...

Compatibility Notes
Unable to verify the Rosewill Line-M MicroATX Mini Tower Case and the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler are compatible.Click to expand...
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I dont think im getitng a CPU upgrade in awhile so i need to know how often should i replace my CPU thermal paste. I dont think i replaced the paste in like 6 years (Day my dad bought)
Any suggestions and will it improve my performance

A:How often should I replace my thermal paste?

As long as the temps are not too high there will not be any performance loss. I wouldn't worry about replacing thermal compound, unless you are experiencing temperature issues.

If you are wondering what your temps are. Download Core Temp and watch your CPU temps.
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Hi, I have an amd fx 8320 with an r9 280 with the stock cooler, it's at 3.5 ghz, no overclocking, and I was playing some Saints Row 4, I left HWMonitor on and when I came off (20 mins later or so), it said max temp 79?!?!?! During gameplay the fans are louder than a chainsaw... I was looking at getting some decent thermal paste and a 212 evo, but I dont know if that will help. The airflow in thecase is quite poor, but im going to try and work on it.. also, it went over 70 max temp when I was just playing football manager 2014 last night...

A:AMD FX-8320 stock cooler/heatsink - crazy rpm/temps

79 on what? CPU or GPU?
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On my hp laptop pavllion. Noinstructions came with it

A:How to replace keyboard

Google: "replace keyboard HP pavillion model_number"
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I have a HP a1020n Pavilion I use to do audio reconditioning on, it's running WinXP. I've maxed the memory and have a terabyte drive installed already. My question is; should I bother to try to upgrade to Win7 and add a DirectX 9 video card and a better audio card to replace the onboard chip or just junk it and buy something newer with Win7 packaged with it? I've read one thread here by someone trying to install an upgraded video (Upgrading video card on HP Pavilion a1020n with ATI Radeon X1600 Pro PCI-e) and it doesn't paint a very good picture of trying to do any of this. Any thoughts/advice are appreciated.

A:To Replace or Upgrade?

It isn't worth the money to upgrade in exchange for the performance increase you would get.

What do you audio reconditioning with? What software? Potentially you could scrap XP, install Linux and use Audacity. Only costs you your time, no money.

I've done a fair bit of audio reconditioning of speeches recorded on cassette tapes with Audacity.
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The model of my laptop is Toshiba Satellite L645.
I have encountered overheat issues recently and I thought it was the dust that clogged around the fan. I did the clean up and up everything back. I manage to boot up the computer and reach the window dekstop but the fan spin up for one or half seconds then stop.. Somehow, after a while, the fan worked and spin for quite sometimes.. Then again, the fan spin up for one or half seconds then stop and eventually my laptop overheat again.

IS the problem arises from the fan itself, or the thermal sensor problem? Im not sure.. pls help me =(

A:Laptop heatsink fan randomly stop working

I would replace the fan first, it is cheaper than a motherboard and laptop fans are known to fail. You can get the fan on EBay cheaper...
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Well I did and pulled out half a fist worth of dust bunnies My computer has had to have a household fan on the side of it for almost a year and now I know why Please check this out on your computer Tweezers would probably be the best way to remove the dust blanket under your cpu fan on the heat sink but I and looked your CPU between ever heatsink? you Have fan used about qtips with my phone flashlight Its the area between your cpu fan and the metal heat sink just Have you ever looked between your CPU fan and heatsink? below the cpu fan I could not remove my fan from this so I used qutip between the fan blades p s went from c idle to c idle checking a game now p s s holy went from - c while gaming to c wish I knew about this sooner who knows how much dmg my comp took p s s s No vacuum or air can could spray out that dirt it looked like a blanket of pocket lint under the fan when inspected closely insane fps boost I can play my games on max again nbsp

A:Have you ever looked between your CPU fan and heatsink?

A 150 PSI air compressor works wonders, on those hard to reach dust bunnies. Some people recommend not using an air compressor, but thats all I've used for over 20 years.
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I have a board that has dual AMD Athlon 64 FX-74s, the fans are incredidbly loud and I searched online but all I found were pretty much the exact same ones that I already have. I don't want to replace the current fans with identical ones that I will probably have the same problem with... So I was wondering if anyone knew of some compatible replacements for these... I would like ones that will give good air flow for the price seeing how I will need 2 of them....


A:Looking for replacement heatsink/fans for my CPUs

No modern CPU coolers support the socket F from AMD. You may have to find older models.
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Cabinet cooler master cosmos2

motherboard:- Asus maximus v extreme

ram:- gskill ripjawsz quard channel memory 32gb

power supply:- thermaltake toughpower 1500w

intel i7 3770k processor

graphic card: asus ares 2-6gbddr5 2 pieces

7.sound card:- rog xonar phoebus

8. water coolin system :- koolence erm-3k3uc-liquid cooling system copper

11. 2nd ssd:- ocz vertex4 -512g 3 pieces

12.Hdd:- western digital 2tb wd green 4 pieces

13.keyboard:- Logitech G19 Keyboard for Gaming and Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

14.Blu ray writer:- asus blu ray writer

15.Monitor:- asus vg278he ultra-smooth enjoy with 144hz rapid refresh rate (3d vision 2 ready) 6 pieces

16.Wireless router:- asus dual band wireless router rt-ac66u

17. thermaltake level 10 gt mouse

A:Going to build a new PC is it ok or shall I add or replace something?

Holy s*** mate, that is an extremely high end build.

The only thing I can see not working here is the two Ares GPUs. They both have water-coolers, so it might be a bit difficult to install them together.

The only thing I can say is, you better know what you are doing, or have somebody around who knows what they are doing, before you consider putting together such expensive components.
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Hi all got a Hipro 230W ATX PSU Power Supply Unit 5187-4875 / HP-A2317F3HP
its like a smaller one than normal I tried to get replacement but one I got is to big and wont fit in the amount of space there so need like the micro original one found just one on ebay but its £25 2nd hand can anyone help... thanks

A:Trying to replace PSU

HP / Hipro 230W ATX PSU Power Supply Unit 5187-4875 / HP-A2317F3HP
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Hi guys

Hope you can help here. I'm building a box with an I7 CPU and an NH-D14 cooler. The cooler is so big it obscures the RAM stick slots, so I took it off, put the sticks in, put it back on. Given that the machine has never been switched on - it's never even made it as far as the case - and given the components are the same with the same orientation, is it really necessary to clean/remove and reapply the thermal paste?

Thanks in advance all

A:Do I need to replace thermal paste on a CPU that's never been on?

Opinions will vary, but as long as you haven't fully fitted the cooler and the thermal paste is okay then its fine to re-fit it.

It doesn't matter if the CPU has been powered, the issue is whether the thermal paste will still function correctly having been disturbed when you removed it. If you're in any doubt I'd remove, clean and add more paste.
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Do they all fit? Is any of this proprietary? There is a Corsair CX 450 for 30 bucks I can pick up will it fit? The noob

A:Need to replace PSU in a Dell Vostro 200 Slimline

They are not proprietary, however they are TFX form factor rather than the standard ATX form factor which severely limits your options. High wattage units are non-existent in this form factor due to size constraints.

Here are some options:
FSP Group FSP300-60GHT 300W = $35
SeaSonic SS-300TFX Bronze 300W = $43
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I ve gotten several new pieces of hardware replace I mobo, know want can the my but isn't I CPU my to how problem? for my computer recently graphics card PSU to accomodate for the G card and a new hard drive meaning a fresh install of my OS too However some of the problems my computers always had are still happening it occasionally freezes for no reason sometimes for seconds or so at a time sometimes indefinetly and I have to restart the computer Other problems include USB bus power not working at all etc I know these problems are my motherboard and I plan to get a replacement but is there anything I can do to ensure my CPU isn t also a problem I d hate to get a new MoBo only to find the problems STILL persist meaning I need to get a new processor and if I get a new CPU I d get a new mobo to go with it cpu is the only thing holding me back getting a better mobo in the first place as its a socket Can anyone put my mind to rest that a replacement mobo will finally make my problems go away Many Thanks nbsp

A:I want to replace my mobo, but how can I know my CPU isn't the problem?

Yes, replace the motherboard. If the CPU was bad, nothing would work
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I have a Dell Vostro 200. It has a hatachi 80 GB harddrive. It has no OS installed. I want to switch it with a 1TB hard Drive. 1st does it matter who the manufacter is? Dell wants WD. I want Seagate. And do I just load the XP Pro disc in and start? Oh, I don't believe it has ever been used. It was supposed to be a vista...yuck!

A:Is it hard to just replace a SATA hard drive?

ynotbme said:

1st does it matter who the manufacter is? Dell wants WD. I want Seagate.Click to expand...

Brand names are irrelevant especially when you are installing your own OS.

ynotbme said:

And do I just load the XP Pro disc in and start?Click to expand...

That would be the idea if you have it set to boot from disk in the system BIOS. The CD/DVD must have first priority over the HDD to boot.
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I have an HP laptop and I just saw that the fan on the bottom was not spinning at all. My pc keeps shutting off because it gets to hot. Can anyone give me instructions on how to replace it and ehat fan I need to get for it. Also could there be another reason for it not working? If you need more info please ask, I need this fixed ASAP. Thanks to all.

A:Can someone help with how to replace fan in laptop?

What is the model number of the HP laptop in question?
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Ok so lately I've been having some network issues and so the numerous threads. Some of the pc's on the network recently needed repair [formatting options>repair] and so they were done but one of them was accidentally formatted instead of repair...

Thus it is lost from the network and so i need to put it back on. I dont know how to put it back on as it is connected to a server and so it's compliaceted to me ...

Any help Please!!!

A:Replace computer on network

Sounds like you want to add it to a domain controller, your not in charge of that are you, if not just contact the sys admin and they can deal with rejoining it to the domain
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Good afternoon.

I have a system that is a few years old and am looking to replace the motherboard, CPU and ram. the tower has a sata HDD and a PATA optical drive but the motherbaord has fried and im looking to upgrade to a more up to date setup.

Im not after anything extreme as I dont game and im only really interested in having a decent speed for internet use and word processing other than that im not overly bothered about being super fast.

I was thinking of an AMD CPU Phenom II 555 Black Edition Dual Core Processor but would like suggestions on a motherboard that would support such a processor and not cause me a lot of problems with the HDD being compatible

My thanks for any suggestions on this topic

A:Sugestions required to replace mobo and CPU

Here are a few reccomendations:
ASRock A770DE+ (Full ATX uses DDR2) = $54
ASRock M3A770DE (Same board but uses DDR3) = $60
ASRock 880GM-LE (Micro-ATX, DDR3) = $55
ASRock A785GM-LE (Micro-ATX, DDR2) = $59

These are all good boards and have SATA and PATA support it is just a matter of what form factor you want/need and whether you want DDR2 or DDR3 memory. With DDR2 you may be able to reuse your current memory but if you want to upgrade your memory DDR3 is a better option since it is faster and cheaper. If you have not heard of ASRock they are ASUS's budget brand and tend to have allot of Legacy ports (PATA, FDD, PS2, etc.) making them good options if you plan to reuse older hardware.
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I am replacing an old mobo due to constant running and bulging capacitors. But its my first time dinking with anything mobo related. Or really anything that isn't replacing a bad PSU.
The old one is an MSI P965 Neo-7.
The new one is a Biostar G41 DVI.
I have the CPU installed fine and went to put the heatsink on top (Ultra brand). The screw holes are too small. Of course, that's when I noticed that I didn't remove the mounting bracket for the heatsink from the back of the old mobo. But I can't get it off. It seems to be glued in using some kind of foam tape pad. The new mobo didn't come with a mounting bracket.
Is there some kind of way to remove the old mounting bracket and install it on the new mobo OR do I have to find myself a new mounting bracket (or heatsink) somewhere?

A:Heatsink mounting bracket - removal or replacement?

Usually some foam is placed between the mounting bracket and the back of the motherboard to prevent the board from getting short circuited. The foam has probably stuck to the two surfaces and hardened over time, which is why they seem glued together. If you aren't worried about damaging the old board (since you are replacing it), just pry off the old backplate with a screw driver.
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Alright, so recently my stock cooler for my CPU has been getting really annoying. It seems to get really loud during gaming, with my CPU temps averaging around 43c.

So I decided to grab a new CPU cooler. Ive had my eyes on the

But now after a little of reading up on the cooler, I'm a little concern about size and effectiveness. Here's my case if anyone knows if it will definitely fit. armor gaming case

Also,id like to know if there are any other good CPU coolers out their along the same price range, that performs better.

-Thanks In advance

A:New CPU cooler to replace AMD 965BE stock cooler

The V8 is still a very good cooler, and was top dog for its time. if you want the top performers now , you are going to pay another $30 for them. 50001444&IsNodeId=1&name=Thermalright, Inc.

I have the Silver Arrow (3 fan) cooling an AMD Phenom II x6 1100T @ 4.3Ghz and It's stellar.

Make sure you know the measurements of your case if you are getting a high end cooler.
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Hey guys my new computer with I7-960 3.2ghz keeps running pass 90C and the computer auto turns off. I've been using the stock heatsink because the weather was cool. Now that its getting warm I need to get an after market heatsink. Any recommendations for a good heatsink? I dont need anything too fancy n pretty. I just want something cheap but effective. Something around 20-50$.

A:Recommendation for a good heatsink?

If your not going for super high OC's , this will serve you well.
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Built a computer for my son to game on. I have a MSIK8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI mobo. I have been running two Nvidia NX7600GT's. One of them blew the other night. Any suggestions on what to upgrade to? I have a 600w power supply so I think I'm pretty good there.

I'm kind of new to the building and compatibility part; so any help would be wonderful and well appreciated.

Also, probably a stupid question but here goes. I assume that since I'm running dual cards now, I will continue to run dual cards? Would like to stay with Nvidia products.

Thank you in advance!

A:Need to replace video card

From what I can remember you have a few options:

- Run single new card, Nvidia GTX 460 or the 550Ti cards would offer decent performance at a mid to lower end price range. Or spend more for the top end Nvidia offerings GTX 580, not sure their minimum PSU recommendations, but at least require 2 x PCIe Power connectors.
- Run dual cards, 1 new, 1 old 7600GT as NVIDIA® PhysX® processor, offloading that processing from the main new card.
- Bin the old working card and run 2 x New. GTX 460s are nice in SLi but all others above this can run SLi too.

Just because it is an SLi motherboard it doesn't mean you have to run 2 cards. It will happily run one card, it just has support to also run 2.
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Today I burned 3 DVD-R DL and I get theses issues:

data to be burned: total 7.89 GB
all discs same brand
disk 1 just burned 0.47 GB using MagicISO
disk 2 burned 7.89 GB using MagicISO
disk 3 burned 7.89 GB using Nero Burning ROM 10

disk 1 was unable to be read it, obviously, it was an incomplete burn
disk 2 and 3 were readable but when I try to copy them to the HDD
the transfer rate was very low like 200-300 KB/s and remaining copy
time showed 7 hours.
Later I put 2 other DVD-R DL that I burned a long time ago with these results:
disk A copy 100% with transfer rate 4-5 MB/s
disk B copy was almost imposible since the transfer rate was 150 KB/s
and remaining copy time showed 1 day
So my DVD burner is in bad state?
Should I replace it ASAP?

I don't want to lose more DVD-R DL


A:Should I replace my DVD burner?


I put the disks 1 & 2 in another PC
and the low transfer rate remains equals.

It seems my DVD burner is doing bad burnings
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Basically I got a new PC with faulty RAM and after I asked them to replace it, they told me it was fine.
I've decided to just replace it myself, any suggestions on what sort of thing I should look for(price range upto about £120)
I'll post my computer spec later.

A:Faulty RAM, reccomendations for upgrade/replace please?

Give us your make and model of your motherboard. Link us and we will help.

As a side note, never buy from them again. You and I both know it is faulty RAM or that they didn't set the voltage correctly in the BIOS.

Did you ever run Memtest per stick?
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I have a computer case and it has this pretty blue lite fan in the front but the down side is as of recently it makes a lot of noise. A ton on boot up and then it calms to about half the noise but none the less still loud. I'm looking to buy a replacement, hopefully one that is silent, problem is that I don't know the first thing about PC case fans, how to replace them, how to tell which is a good replacement. I also don't know what kind of case I have so I can't look it up and just figure out the fan size that way.

Help would be appreciated.

A:Looking to replace noisy case fan

Fans are really a 'you get what you pay for ' proposition. The key is in the bearing type. sleeve,rifle,ball FDB (fluid dynamic bearing) HDB, etc. generally if you wnt quiet, choose one that is not a 'hyper fan' in that it moves a massive amount of air, or one that comes with a controller so you can adjust the speed a 120 mm fan for example will typically move arounfd 45-60 CFM. For longer life stay away from 'sleeve' bearings.
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I have been thinking about this for awhile. When everyone around here builds or upgrades their desktop, do you ever get a new case?

A:[Poll] How often do you replace your computer's case?

I've bought seven cases in the last seven years. Only two were specifically mine. The others were for family. So that's 3-4 years.
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I did a boneheaded move and damaged my CPU processor while I was cleaning my desktop When I pulled the heatsink out it took my CPU with it and damaged a pin Since it is damaged I am looking to replace it with the same or one that is slightly upgraded Question Since my current CPU is damaged Can I replace it with one that is better This is what I currently have Now don t laugh cause its a very old system I am looking to give it to a friend for him and his family to Want CPU to replace the use since they dont have a computer I Want to replace the CPU have upgraded the RAM added a secondary Hard drive graphics card sound card and wireless adapter Compaq Presario US Watt Motherboard - Intel Pentium Socket SDRAM MHz CPU SL x General information Type CPU Microprocessor Family Intel Pentium Part number RK PC G K Frequency GHz Bus speed MHz Clock multiplier Package type -pin FC-PGA Socket type Socket mPGA B nbsp

A:Want to replace the CPU

I believe that that MB only supports P4's. I have a box full of them in my shop. If you want, i can check and see if I have a replacement in working order for you. IF..I do, you are welcomed to it.
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As you all may know I ve been around this computer forum for a while However I m also a flashaholic particularly LED s Right now I m working on a project LED a How mount an to to CPU star heatsink? with an LED and I need heatsinking for it It won t need to be portable ie a flashlight so I think I will use a CPU cooler The LED will be star mounted on a MCPBC That link may or may not be the LED I will end up using but they will all have a similar aluminum base Note that How to mount an LED star to a CPU heatsink? the largest star size I will be able to find is probably mm Now I already know that I can just use Arctic Silver Alumina thermal epoxy to mount it but I m not sure how think I should be aiming for I How to mount an LED star to a CPU heatsink? personally think that a dab of normal thermal compound and using a washing screws to tighten the star onto a How to mount an LED star to a CPU heatsink? heatsink would be more effective However I don t have access to any milling equipment that I could use to drill a screw hole into a heatsink and that sounds troublesome anyway So I m wondering if I could find a mounting bracket that would fit for this Also what would be the most effective thermal compound I thought I remembered hearing one that beats AS but that was a while ago and I honestly am not sure if I actually did read that or if it was just a dream of sorts One more thing a cheap heatsink I know there are plenty of cheap ones at around - but I really don t know anything about them and I would like it to be somewhat decent What voltage amperage would the fan run on EDIT This sort of heatsink mount might be what I m looking for nbsp

A:How to mount an LED star to a CPU heatsink?

Hi HK,
what is the diameter of the holes? you could use plastic expanding push pins and springs like that of most stock Northbridge coolers. do you have a dremel tool?...of course you do drilll the holes in the HS base.
Also, what is the size limit on the HS you can use? (this is all based on me understanding the project of course
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I am currently running an Intel Q6700 processor on an Intel DG43RK motherboard with the stock Intel heatsink/fan. It runs consistently low to mid 60 deg. C. with Arctic Silver paste. That is under a mild load, onboard video, showing Netflix video. I am using an HEC case:

The present cooler has a diameter of about 88mm., and it stand about 71mm. above the motherboard. It appears that I could increase the diameter to 90mm and the height to 86 mm. I would like to use a throttled fan.

If anyone has a recommendation, I would appreciate any suggestions, especially from anyone who may be using this motherboard and case combination.

Thanks, in advance, for looking.

A:Need CPU heatsink/fan recommendation

What is your budget?
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Budget: under 50 USD, possibly 75 if it really makes a difference.

I need a fan+heatsink combo for an i7-920. My case is not very big, so I will need something that is no taller than 6 inches (~15-16cm). Any help would be appreciated!

A:Need CPU fan+heatsink for Core i7-920

V8 V8 V8

look up the v8 heat sink i hope its not too big for it but its a great one i have it on my i7-920...tho its probably too big lol but i just want to show love for mine

great for overclocking a bit for a great price...have mine i beleive at 3.0 just cause i dont need anymore that$
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Hi I need to replace a screen on the above laptop - however I am unsure which screen I need - there seems to be one with a dual back light - and a 17.3" screen size as wellas the 17" - any ideas how I could find out which part I need ?

A:HP Pavillion DV9000 - Which screen to replace

Look on the back of the screen itself there should be some numbers on the back of the screen type model number from the back of the screen into google or eBay that will give you the correct screen.
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Continued from This troubleshooting thread I recently posted a thread asking which video card brands were better than others support warrenties etc Now I need few replace dead a decide Trying GPUs to budget X300 Radeon my between to some advice I buying a video card because my computer s previous Radeon X died I have a watt generic Dell PSU V A VA A VB A - V A V A VSB A combined max VA and VB A Check my sig for the rest of my computer hardware I should probably get a new power supply but my budget can t really support the extra for a good Antec Corsair or Thermaltake because I am saving up for a new computer My computer has a x slot so I am not looking to upgrade just a repacement of some type same power requirements After checking around I think my PSU could support a GS GS Radeon Radeon Trying to decide between a few budget GPUs to replace my dead Radeon X300 or Radeon - GIGABYTE HD MB -bit - MSI GS MB -bit - SAPPHIRE HD MB -bit - XFX HD MB -bit - ASUS HD MB -bit These are the cards I Trying to decide between a few budget GPUs to replace my dead Radeon X300 have my eye on any thoughts opinions Please don t laugh at me and tell my to upgrade my computer I just want to be able to use the computer again with out spending Thanks nbsp

A:Trying to decide between a few budget GPUs to replace my dead Radeon X300

An Radeon HD 5450 is the best for the money you want to spend. The ASUS HD 5450 is out of stock so get the SAPPHIRE HD 5450
Relevancy 33.54%

I really do not want to be stuck on the phone with some tech guy in India for two hours again so I wanted to ask some professionals I have a Dell Inspiron bought back in - Windows XP OS G of DDR mhz Ram - Mb and - GB Intel Core heatsink, power still computer supply, and issues fans... and motherboard, New having Duo Processor E M Cache GHz MHz FSB GB HD Watt Power Supply NVIDIA GeForce mGPU graphics card M-Audio Fast Track Pro external sound card This computer is my studio baby I New motherboard, power supply, heatsink, and fans... and still having computer issues use it for all my computer graphics and D animation work while my husband uses New motherboard, power supply, heatsink, and fans... and still having computer issues it for all his audio recording work About years ago it did the whole turn itself off and on and off and on etc so we had the motherboard and power supply replaced and it worked like new Just last week it happened again same power off on problem so this time we had the motherboard power supply heat sink and fans replaced It worked fine for a few hours and then suddenly shut itself off again It hasn t done the whole turn itself back on and off thing multiple times yet so I m thinking this might be a new problem Any suggestions Thank you in advance for any help nbsp

A:New motherboard, power supply, heatsink, and fans... and still having computer issues

Is the version of Windows XP 64-bit by any chance? If so, that could explain the intermittent behavior...

You might want to go with a 400w power supply from a trusted manufacturer
Relevancy 34.4%

A couple of months ago when I was buying components for my latest build, I found this great site that had a huge index of cpu heatsinks and indexed them with decibel ratings and thermal ratings. Now my friend is looking for a new CPU cooler, and I was going to point him towards this site, but now I can't find it anywhere!

Do you know of the site I'm talking about, or can you point me towards something similar?

I thought maybe it was frostytech, but I can't find the table I referred to earlier where you can sort the coolers by noise and heat stats...

Any idea?

A:Help me find heatsink review site

se if this one can halp you...
Relevancy 29.24%

I am planning on buying HP p6550z series with AMD Athlon(TM) II 245 dual-core processor [2.9GHz, 2MB L2, up to 4000MHz bus] with integrated graphic card
I want to replace only the graphic card with Radeon HD 5570 1GB 128-bit DDR2
Would there be any power or graphic card support problem?
Please consider that i have little detailed knowledge about computers
Thank you

A:Want to replace integrated graphic card on a HP desktop

as a rule of thumb, i like to use at least a 450-500w power supply for any video card that requires external power directly from the power supply (minus the enthusiast grade cards of course, which will require more). you may be able to get away with a 400w unit with the 5570 but i don't know the power requirements off the top of my head. is there any specific reason you are looking to upgrade the graphics?

i would like to point out though that for an extra ~$75-90 you could get a 5770 which would be much more powerful than the 5570.
Relevancy 34.83%

Hi I m trying to help my dad build his new PC but we re having a major problem with the heatsink We looked at the little stupid manual telling us how to install it and it looked as straight stock in going 650 Problems with i5 heatsink not forward as any other heatsink so my dad puts in one of the four pegs then the diagonal one to it won t go in we both try for a very long time trying Problems with i5 650 stock heatsink not going in to get them in but they won t go After deliberating at what to do next and thinking about removing the heatsink my dad tests one of the other two pegs and it goes in by mistake as he s testing the tension on it we think we should probably put the other one in that Problems with i5 650 stock heatsink not going in isn t giving us a problem and that goes in without next to no pressure also So right now we have three out of four of the Problems with i5 650 stock heatsink not going in pegs in but the last peg just doesn t want to know it does seem that it has tapered a little already so maybe that s stopping it going through the hole first at which point it should taper to make it secure but now we really do not know what to do We can t find any help on how to remove it except for the rubbish pictures in the intel manual showing the heatsink with four up arrows and so the building has ground to a halt Anybody got any ideas or advice on what to do next Thanks for your time Tom nbsp

A:Problems with i5 650 stock heatsink not going in

here you go, this is for LGA 1366 but it still should work for you.

DIY Guides: How To Install/Remove Intel Socket 1366 CPU and Heatsink
Relevancy 34.4%

I hear everyone saying that the stock fan that comes with the Intel i7 quad core processor is trash. I am looking for suggestions on which one to possibly upgrade to. I would like to slightly increase performance from 2.8GHz to around 3.2GHz. Nothing major but i would much rather be safe then have a melted CPU and short-circuited motherboard.

A:i7 processor stock heatsink inadequate?

This Cooler Master has received some rave reviews;

Unfortunately Newegg has persisted in jacking up the price since that occurred.

Microcenter has this at a walk-in price of about 30 dollars, if you're fortunate enough to live near one.

I actually bought one of these from them, but never hung it, as my i3-530 runs so cool at stock speed, there doesn't seem to be much point. Keep in mind the 530 is only 73 watts TDP max (idles @ about 26 watts), your CPU is a bunch more. (130 Watts TDP).
Relevancy 28.81%

I was experimenting with my brothers desktop It seemed need find corrupted motherboard? new chip or do replace to BIOS a I like it was running well Still one of his drives an SATA Samsung wasn t displaying it s icon on the my computer screen that shows you which devices are attached Either he accidently shorted the drive cause he refused to use a surge suppressor Still the main drive worked o k Sadly his desktop was purchased used So the seller had no recovery disks or an original Vista Pro operating system disk in the event the files became corrupt I recall his system started having problems after I installed HandBrake to convert video to mp I also installed DVD to decrypt movie discs I m not sure if those warez were compatible with Vista My brother had installed an EVGA gtx PCI-e graphics which BIOS corrupted do I need to replace chip or find a new motherboard? I updated the drivers for it He mainly wanted it for gaming and editing video I BIOS corrupted do I need to replace chip or find a new motherboard? had read that updating the bios chipset drivers could increase performance and eliminate hardware incompatibilities I think his OS was an OEM version which sucks Finally using my neighbors Wi-Fi I went to the chipset maker to update his motherboard chipset drivers and or bios update or firmware i m confused The site had an BIOS corrupted do I need to replace chip or find a new motherboard? online updater to assist with the install The motherboard developer was MSI so I went directly to their site I knew there was risk updating the firmware but I decided to take the risk It started updating it automatically backed up the current bios firmware Then cautioned to proceed with the install It then went into a very awkward GUI screen the program initiated After that happened all functionality was lost no way to exit Some status bar was filling up So I let it run it s course for several hours I noticed on-screen some cheap colored bars some program text and the status bar seemed like it froze up I wasn t sure if it was still connected to the wifi network If my neighbor turned off his router or the adapter was still communicating Reason why I tried this method of updating Was because my brothers PC lacked a fully functional floppy drive There was no floppy drive installed I somehow felt that if I shutdown the PC it would be bricked I was right in bricked no video or post messages or DOS like screens I could turn it on but not shut it down I had to switch the power supply main switch to off So then I thought would replacing the mother board with the exact same model and connecting the hard drive and other components allow the PC to boot into Windows Vista or can the bios chip be reprogrammed The board no longer is sold by MSI it s a P Neo MS v Is it any easy task replacing the seated bios chip And if I managed to replaced or have installed by a skilled technician would the OS recognize the motherboard and bootup Since it s an OEM it could detect the chip and unauthorize access unless someone hacked the system That I could never do myself nbsp

A:BIOS corrupted do I need to replace chip or find a new motherboard?

Sounds pretty bad...You would need to swap out the bios chip with a working one temporarily.

Read this and this.....
Relevancy 29.24%

I have a linksys cable modem thats really old. Probably close to 8-10 yrs old. Would a new modem speed up my download/upload speeds?

A:Time to replace cable modem?

Likely to change performance on 0.001% after the time and effort.

make sure you have the latest firmware in the modem and your router
get the latest driver for your NIC & WiFi adaptor
google for TCP Tweeks
Relevancy 29.24%

I have 5 capacitors that popped on my mobo, there 6.3v 1800uf. No computer shop around here has any. One guy looked on atleast 25mobo's he had and not one, all he had were ones that were 6.3v 1500uf.. Will they work or am i gonna have to buy some on ebay?

A:Can I replace 6.3v 1800uf caps with 6.3v 1500uf?

It is worth the time and money to get quality Caps made in Japan... buy them from a company that sells electronic goods... use the caps described for the job, unless your replace every one.
Relevancy 28.81%

Um first specs I guess NVIDIA Vanta Vanta LT Antec SL out and help replace working, what need Computer stopped to figuring what happened S -Watt Power Supply I think Case looks like this http www antec com Believe it product php Type Mg amp id Njcw Samsung SP N GB No clue Computer stopped working, need help figuring out what happened and what to replace about the rest instruct me on finding out Ok so here s what happened It was running fine Computer stopped working, need help figuring out what happened and what to replace and then it shut off Descriptive I know The first time it crashed was on Saturday after a Realtor came in and had a look around the house I was on it for a couple hours Computer stopped working, need help figuring out what happened and what to replace and then I shut it off for dinner I went back on and I think about minutes later it shut down By shut down I mean sudden no warning Power outage kind of thing I think I waited a while and then I tried it again and it worked for the rest of the night The next day and after that it got worse lasting anywhere between seconds lol died half-way through the start-up beep and I guess hours Now today the longest it would run is about seconds I have no idea why it s doing this Help with diagnosing the problem is greatly needed For a little background information This is not the first time it has randomly shut down like this Before at night I would shut off the power bar for the computer because all the little lights irritate me I love total darkness when I m sleeping The next morning it would run for a little while and then shut off unless I waited after turning on the power supply again I have since stopped doing this so unless it s coming back to haunt me I don t think it s the problem even though the symptom is the same Actually the last time I ever did that was not-so-recently now about a couple of weeks ago and when I turned it on it very nearly literally exploded The first morning I heard cracks and snaps and I figured they were coming from somewhere else no hearing aids on in the morning and they stopped and it ran fine The next morning I had my hearing aids on this time and I realized that the noise was indeed coming from my computer I peeked inside it I leave the one side off because the fan gets too noisy with it on just in time to see a horrific flash accompanied by an especially loud crack I can t remember exactly what I did I was too startled to remember but I think I switched off the power bar to turn my computer off it stopped loading but was still running turned the bar back on but didn t touch my computer for a couple hours o o In case you re wondering the flash came from somewhere in the top right corner of the inside of my computer which I now realize is where the plug connecting the motherboard and the power supply is I have since had a peek at this and it seems completely undamaged Another possibility why this is happening the other one being something is shot is a virus Well I honestly don t know Do viruses randomly shut off your computer I do admit I probably could use an upgrade in terms of anti-virus I currently only have had the free Avira My brother suspected over-heating but it crashed after seconds this morning after it had been off all night and nothing ever felt hot in there before and I leave the side off Um that s all the relevant incidents information that I can think of I ll gladly try and get you more information since I realize this probably isn t enough especially in terms of the specs Just realize that if it requires running the computer I ll be lucky to get minutes out of it If I had to guess I d say something is up with the motherboard or the power supply So I realize that fixing this probably means replacing some parts something I was planning on doing soon anyway If anyone wants to suggest products I need the input I for sure want to replace the case My current one will have the fan going nuts within minutes of running so I have... Read more

A:Computer stopped working, need help figuring out what happened and what to replace

AT this point, it could be anything... and you have not yet told us the brand, model, and configuration so it is difficult to guess as possibilities. Need hard drive brand and age, etc. as well.
Is your 1 GB of RAM in one module or two... if two, remove one to test, then change, and remove the other module and test.
Why did you suspect the video card?
Relevancy 29.24%

Right now im using a modem that i got from AOL.

SpeedTouch ST585 v6

Every so often is will randomly reset, a hardware fault which ivsearched all over the internet. Upgrading the firmware makes no diffrence at all. Recently, my internet cuts off but all the lights are still light at normal, i tried dissabling the adaptor and yet the ethernet light stayd light. So my problem is deffinatly in my router.

My questions are...

If i buy a new modem on my own, will it still work for my ISP?
What is a good modem to replace my current one?


2 or more ethernet slots for my keyboard and my pc.
dsl compatible
windows 7 compatible
AOL compatible]

A:Modem randomly resets, can I replace it?

Dose anyone know if all modems are compatible with all isp's?
Relevancy 35.26%

I'm upgrading an old pc from a socket A athlon processor which i believe is an 1800+ to a socket A Athlon 2400+. Can i use the same heatsink / fan?

A:Heatsink fan query

Most probably. You'll have to clean the bottom of the heat sink of any thermal paste that it might have on it from the old CPU. Usually a citrus based cleaning agent does the job well. Then apply new paste on the 2400 and away you go. It would be wise to watch temperatures and if Bios settings or motherboard software allows for it adjust the fan speed if needed. But from memory, the heatsinks rated for 1800+ should be sufficient for 2400+ too. Can you tell or do you know if its the OEM heatsink that comes with the processor or a after market one? As I've answered assuming that its the stock OEM one that you have.
Relevancy 29.24%

I have a seven year old presario 2511EA laptop. She works but she is slow. Norton 2010 running on it does not help. Is there any to speed her up such software, changing cpu speeds ( currently 2.4Ghz P4) or replacng either memory, cpu or whole motherboard ?

A:Should/can I replace motherboard/memory/CPU Presario 2511EA

Motherboard replacements that fit that case are also slow. You are limited by the maximum of 1 GB of pc2700 memory in two 512 MB modules... and it is the memory that makes the biggest difference... Not the CPU speed.
You cannot find a motherboard that will be faster and still fit all the ports and plugs on the case... There are some mighty decent laptops that will be much faster and run at least 2 GB of memory that would be a better choice... Dell, some Acer, Lenovo, Asus... as well as newer Compaqs or HP's.
Prices will be low for the rest of the summer after high school and college graduations are over... and some sellers will give you a significant discount to reduce inventory. The prices will go back up, but with new models that are faster and run 4 GB of memory or more.
Treat yourself to a Windows 7 machine with the potential to run 4 or 8 G B of memory... a quality build will last you anlother seven years.
Relevancy 33.97%

Hey everyone so here s the deal Built my computer and it ran fine for about three months Then it would start crashing in the middle of games a lot Fallout and DA O For the first few days it either rebooted itself or I would do it manually Then it would boot up and get to the windows bar I and Computer clean down unless won't boot shuts heatsink in dos and then freeze Then it would power on but the screen stayed blank I tried replacing the Computer shuts down and won't boot unless I clean heatsink RAM and Computer shuts down and won't boot unless I clean heatsink the power supply but that didn t work Finally replacing the processor did the trick Out of curiosity I took the old processor cleaned off the heatsink and replaced it with fresh thermal compound and voi la It worked My computer ran fine this way for about another month and then one day it wouldn t boot up anymore I went straight to the processor cleaned and replaced it and it worked just fine Anyone have any idea what is going on here At first I figured the processor must be overheating but I ve been running a monitor and it hasn t risen above C so I don t think that s the problem I m not sure if it s the processor the heatsink I ve looked at it and the fan spins or the thermal compound Any help would be greatly appreciated Specs AMD Phenom II X this is the original processor that has failed twice but works when I put new compound on it GB G Skill DDR ASUS M A T-E mobo Gigabyte GB Radeon Windows Vista Home Premium nbsp

A:Computer shuts down and won't boot unless I clean heatsink

Get a new heatsink.
Relevancy 30.1%

Running XP Pro, If I replace the motherboard, will I have to reinstall XP? I am tyring to do this as painless as possible. If there is a way, Please help.

A:Need To Replace Motherboard

It's always best to do a clean install of your OS when changing the motherboard in order to prevent any sort of driver / hardware conflict.

However, there are ways to avoid a full install of the OS. Read through the following links:
Relevancy 34.4%

Hi ..

I just cleaned only the heat sink ( I didn't remove and touch the processor either) of the processor due having heavy dust on it, Since we do not have a vacuum cleaner I decided to use small paint brush and it actually really soft then eventually after I cleaned it I put back the heat sink including the fan properly and connected all devices on it and I on the computer.

the problem is the computer unfortunately didn't work.

but the keyboard is working i think b'coz what i have noticed the numlock, scroll lock and caps lock is lighting. and the DVD ROM.

what do you think is the problem ??

thnx. .

what should I do to fix it.

A:Cleaning the heatsink cause the computer is not working

can you provide more detail? does it power on,boot up and shut down? specs would help also.

BTW did you plug the heat sink fan back into the motherboard? and did you re-apply thermal compound?

It sounds obvious, but go through all the connections one by one and re-re -re check them. its usually something dumb like 'forgot to turn the switch back on the power supply'.
Relevancy 27.52%

is the p5k premium/wifi-af compatable which Intel Core2 Quad processor can i upgrade to from the one i have

A:Core2 Quad processor to replace CPU Type DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 3000 MHz (9

You already asked this here:, try to keep it to one thread.
Anyway, yes it is and I personally don't think its worth upgrading your processor, nor buying a gtx 480. Probably be cpu choked either way.
Relevancy 34.83%

like all hardware, does the heatsink efficiency at cooling the cpu deteriorate?
how can i slow this process?

A:Heatsink efficiency Deterioration?

Of course heatsink efficiency will deteriorate.

Dust would be the main source of deterioration. The obvious way to slow this process is to install fan filters at all your INTAKE fans. And good news! You can even REVERSE this deterioration by blowing away the dust! Awesome!

Also, thermal pastes can deteriorate and dry up. Not much can be done about it. You can change your paste to something that won't dry up too fast, or just reapply every few years.

Fans can also deteriorate. You can oil that, or change the fan entirely.

Other than that, there's nothing else I can think of that you can do. Other sources of deterioration would include heatpipe deterioration (if you use heatpipes).
Relevancy 35.69%

Hi, I have an Intel Quad core processor with a very noisy fan. I would like to change heatsink and fan as I use my PC for recording music. recording audio through a microphone is impossible due to the noisy fan. Is it possible to cool the cpu using only a heatsink such as the Prolima Megahalems which has good reviews?
Can anyone recommend a very quiet (silent if possible) heatsink and fan for under say £60?
Any help appreciated.

regards Russ

A:Heatsink without a fan possible?

It is very possible to build a PC completely silent.

So yes, of course the Prolima Megahalems would be the heatsink of choice, and if you're not going completely fanless, couple it with the smallest CFM 120mm fan you can find. The smallest airflow will make a huge difference....
Relevancy 29.67%

Well after much screwing around with my second computer system I have concluded that the GeForce 7200GS I bought a year ago is dying. So I'm looking to replace it.

I don't need anything spectacular, I don't even use the computer. Just let me roommate use it and the most demanding thing she does is play some WoW.

Looking to spend no more than $50.00. Its going in a PCIe slot. And I would prefer something with a fan. Not big on passive cooling, at least with the case its in. Not the best airflow. I don't need dual monitor out or TV out or anything fancy.

the PSU I have is a 500w Antec.
right now I'm kinda eying this card:

MSI N94GT-MD512 GeForce 9400 GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready Video Card - Retail

Any thoughts for ppl who know more than me??

thx in advance

A:Need to replace video card

You could also look at the older 8600GT. It will net you marginally better performance than the 9400GT.

Another consideration could be the Radeon HD 4650.
Relevancy 35.69%

Hi i have had fitted a Phenom quad core together with a heatsink fan in from the same box,thing is is it possible to buy a fan only to replace the existing one,which i find noisy. Regards Martin.

A:CPU heatsink fan is this possible

Do you want to buy stock heat sink that comes with your processor? That might not be possible.

However you can always buy an aftermarket HSF. In this case you have a large number of options such as Xigmatek, OCZ, Scythe, Zalman and the likes.

What is your budget?
Relevancy 35.26%

Hi Folks,

I'm finalizing my new setup and just need a heatsink+fan recommendation. CPU is going to be core i5-750
I'm still trying to decide between a gigabyte p55M-UD2 and Asus p7p5dd (although leaning towards the asus), but maybe I can at least decide on the fan? I know that fan+heatsink size creates an issue for motherboards and not all heatsinks will fit all mobos but i looked at the thermaltake silent clp0552 ( and coolermaster rr-h101(
TT has more reviews but my current system has a TT and the fan is quite loud. For the record, I don't plan on overclocking much if any at all.

help and suggestions appreciated.

A:CPU Fan and Heatsink recommendation

I would recommend the Xigmatek HDT - S1283. It's cheap and performs very well.
Relevancy 34.83%

Hello everyone,

I just purchased a new mobo and cpu (e7400) to upgrade my p4 3ghz. i have noticed the cooler that comes with the 7400 is well...small. i was wondering if i could use the bigger p4 heatsink to cool it as i don't feel like shelling out the money for an aftermarket cooler and maybe having to worry about fitment issues?

thanks in advance

A:Pentium 4 Heatsink On e7400?

The E7400 consumes less power and runs cooler than the Pentium 4 CPUs, so it doesn't need as much cooling. The new stock heatsink is perfectly fine, and you can probably even overclock it a little if you have good airflow in your case.

But to answer your query, yes, you can use the older HSF if you want, and it probably will cool better than the new one.
Relevancy 29.24%

Ok so my computer doesn t emit a monitor signal and turns itself off most of the time after seconds this is after reapplying thermal paste because it shut itself down a couple of times from overheating Done a couple of tests and I think the cpu is dead or the motherboard I have or replace processor sure completely? - Not upgrade Asus p b-vm se corsair gb ram ati hd xt intel q Should I replace the broken cpu bearing in mind it could still be the mobo possibly Or should I just replace the cpu mobo and get Not sure - replace processor or upgrade completely? some new ram while I m at it to be up to date I m just thinking that if i replace the cpu i might find out that it s actually the mobo that s broken and also if it is the chip and I replace it how long before I upgrade anyway What processor would be a good upgrade I ve been using tomshardware charts but not sure really what kind of scores in what areas I m looking for I ll be using Not sure - replace processor or upgrade completely? cpu-upgrade com anyway to find out what mobo I need to get if I upgrade Thanks in advance guys nbsp

A:Not sure - replace processor or upgrade completely?

try this:
Download this bootable CD image:

boot the cd, go to Hardware test section and run the eurosoft tests.
its a comprehensive set of tests for all your hardware. you will then know what is causing the problem. (use winrar to extract the image, you only need to download the three parts from one of the sites)

I reccommend that you only perform the Non Distructive tests.
Relevancy 35.26%

I honestly want a legitimate choice between every person who replies.

Please pick from this pre-obtained search (It is a power search with every fan and heatsink combo that will be compatible with the LGA 775)

I want a Combo that not only provides great cooling but also looks amazingly awesome for $60 or less

LED's or other lights are a major plus.

If you want to suggest 2 or three then it will still help and will help me narrow it down.

A few that have caught my eye so far are these:

This one due to the lights, I am very strongly attracted towards this one

Slightly this one because of lights also

This one due to dual fans

This one just looks like a beast
As always, you guys are just awesome.

A:Heatsink + Fan Suggestions

The Tuniq Tower is nice out of those that you've selected.

However, take a look at the ones mentioned on this page and make your final pick.
Relevancy 35.69%

I need a new heatsink/fan for my phenom II 955. I originally purchased the Xigmatek Dark Knight but I think it's going to cover 2 DIMM slots on my mobo so I'm looking for something else instead. I've checked around on the forums and on different websites for different heatsinks but I'm curious as to what others on here would suggest.

A:Looking for a new AMD heatsink

What RAM and motherboard do you have? The Xigmatek might cover 2 RAM slots but depending on your memory you might still have enough clearance to install modules in them. (They have to be installed before the HSF is fixed.) The Dark Knight is a very good cooler.

In case that doesn't work you might try out the OCZ Vendetta II. I have it installed on an ASUS M4A78T-E mobo with the X3 720. It covers my first DIMM slot but I still can use ut as I installed the HSF with the RAM in in its place.
Relevancy 30.53%

HI iv noticed recently my psu fan does'nt spin on start up, despite the pc starting up normally and working fine.

Sometime i turn off and on then the fan will work also.

Do you think i need to replace my PSU or could it be something else?

A:Should I replace my PSU?

What is the make and model? This is not sounding good what you describe. A good working PSU is the backbone of any system.

Give us the rest of your system hardware including make and model of your motherboard, amount of RAM installed, harddrive and video card. This will help us help you if you feel you need it.
Relevancy 30.53%

Should i replace my 3 month old power supply? I have no issues with it, but am a little worried because it was a "cheap" one.

Its a HEC/ winpower 850 watt.

Ive read a few reviews about HEC power supplys in general and they seem to get pretty good reviews. My pc needs around 575 watts to run according to my gpu manual. Does anyone have any experience with this brand??

Thanks in advance!

A:Replace new PSU?

If I remember, it is not all that good.
Relevancy 29.67%

This is a PURELY physical problem - up until I dropped my laptop on it's side on a table the other day, my DVD/CD drive read disks beautifully.

It opens and shuts smoothly and fine, but when I try and start up sims or play a DVD, it says there is no disk. I restarted my computer, and it is not responding accordingly. I will attempt this again, but first I would like to know if fixing it without replacing is even possible. I examined the disk holder bit and nothing seems crooked or broken. If it's misaligned, how do I tell?

If I can't figure out how to fix the damn thing, how would I go about ordering a new part?

The laptop is a Gateway M-1626 with a AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 with 2.00 GHz. 32 bit processor and 4GB of ram

A:Broke my Cd-Drive Fix/replace?

with most laptops the type of connection to thte board is via one plug affixed to the back of the drive (not like a desktop with power and then data) so if you're getting power to open the drive you probably have the connection you need. The lens that reads the disc is probably broken or way off line. Surely someone has a broken one of those laptops that you can get the drive pretty cheap used off ebay
Relevancy 29.24%

hello I have a Acer Aspire 4730z that was preloaded with vista and i would like to put XP on it. I have reformatted my desktop pc a hundred times sucessfully but when i booted from the XP disc on my laptop, it will not allow me to install.(option is greyed out). So i downloaded a hdd wiper, switched the cd-rom to first in boot order, and cleared the hd's. now when i boot from xp disc it loads all the way up to the "starting windows" message and then an error screen.

Technical infromation

stop: 0x0000007b

I realize this means it isnt recognizing my drives. apparently i deleted something i shouldnt have.. please help

thank you

A:Replace Vista with XP on Acer aspire

You probably need to install SATA drivers but without a floppy drive you'll have to make a slipstream CD. Google for the procedure as well as for the SATA driver. There are a number of guides that tell you how.
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What heatsink should I get I ve been thinking for a while about putting a new heatsink on my T-bird Right now I have the stock AMD heatsink on it and the temperatures are fine get? should What heatsink I but I want to do some serious overclocking with it I ve read that the Swiftech MC I believe is a prime candidate and I like that fact that it is mounted to the motherboard and not clipped like my current one is I m not too concerned about noise for I have a box fan blowing directly on my motherboard I would perfer a heatsink with fan speeds in the area of - rpm s or higher if possible Also I ve been thinking about trying to cool my onboard raid controller chip I believe its giving me problems when I try to overclock because of heat issues One What heatsink should I get? last thing I ve never taken a heatsink off an Athlon What heatsink should I get? before and I hear it is a real pain Can anyone recommend a safe and effective way of removing it with minimal chance of damaging the processor Thanks for any help nbsp

A:What heatsink should I get?

Re: What heatsink should I get???

I've read that the Swiftech MC462 (I believe) is a prime candidate, and I like that fact that it is mounted to the motherboard and not clipped like my current one is. I'm not too concerned about noise, for I have a box fan blowing directly on my motherboard!!! I would perfer a heatsink with fan speeds in the area of 5000-7000 rpm's or higher if possible.Click to expand...

I got myself the GlobalWin WBK38 with the 7000RPM Delta black fan. If you don't mind the noise, that fan will do its work just fine. But I replaced the fan with an 80MM fan running at ~3000RPM. The temp rose by ~3 degrees celcius. And I can hear myself think again! The WBK38 is rather old. Check this site out:

There's a list of heatsinks reviewed. Hope you can find a good one there

Also, I've been thinking about trying to cool my onboard raid controller chip. I believe its giving me problems when I try to overclock because of heat issues.Click to expand...

Sorry dude, can't help you there. Perhaps you can use a normal chipset cooler to do the job?

One last thing, I've never taken a heatsink off an Athlon before, and I hear it is a real pain. Can anyone recommend a safe and effective way of removing it with minimal chance of damaging the processor? Thanks for any help! Click to expand...

It's really not that difficult. I did my first installation 1 month ago and it still made me break sweat even though I've meddled around Intel CPUs b4 Make sure you don't drag the heatsink around on the core once you've clipped the heatsink properly. And make sure the CPU is properly slotted onto the mobo socket. I stumbled upon the following article:

Hope it helps, but I haven't seen it yet though. Good luck!
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My girlfriend recently dropped her laptop while the dvd tray was out which bent it and it won't open now. Is it possible to change the DVD-Drive on a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5874. If so where I can purchase the part from so I don't have to pay the heinous repair costs. I have done a lot of work with desktop computers and some with laptops I just don't know where to locate this info.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

A:Can you replace a DVD Drive on this Laptop

Yes. There are several available on eBay... Most of the drives are of equal quality and work well, but you may have to change the peripheral hardware to fit... If handy with small tools and logic, you can do it yourself... otherwise find a talented tech friend.
You should totally remove the optical drive and partially disassemble the Toshiba to make sure nothing else is damaged that will make repairs difficult.
Any impact damage great enough to bend parts in an optical drive, could have done other very severe damage.
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Hey guys i just want to know if i would be able to overclock my amd phenom II 810 2.6GHZ to 3.00GHZ with a stock cooler by amd.???

A:Stock heatsink for OC Phenom II 810

It is aways good to use a quality 3rd party cooler in any computer, not just for overclocking abilities, where it is very necessary
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I've been working with this Dell Inspiron laptop for a few days. I took the machine apart and applied thermal compound to the base of the heatsink (which rests on top of the CPU) and put a minimal amount on the top of the CPU itself.
The main problem with this model is that it shuts-off after less than 1/2 hour of work. It seems that an overheating problem is common with this model.
To get to the point:

Do you think upgrading to a better heatsink fan will take care of the problem?

The Motherboard seems to be working O.K., BIOS was updated, but the PC shuts down fairly quick.

I wonder if Volcano makes a good heat sink that would be compatible with this Dell model, which I.M.H.O., is a total piece of garbage.

Thanks for any input.

A:Dell Inspiron 1150 / Heatsink problem

does it just shut off or does it lag then turn off like there's something overworking the cpu? if it's a heat problem that's gonna be a tough one, try using some arctic silver 5 on the stock heatsink that stuff is known to drop a few degrees centigrade even on stock heatsinks.
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Hello there

I'm in the need fo some help. My laptops heatsink/fan packed in today and I am wondering where i can get a replacement part from and how costly this is to repair?

I have managed to get the notebook down to a local computer engineer who was going to test the hardware before letting me know the full scale of what is wrong.

Does anyone have any form of advice for this?



A:Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A1667G Heatsink problem?

Your local computer engineer will do fine as long as he has experience repairing laptops
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Hello Yesterday I moved my computer to a different room and heard something sliding around inside We took the cover off to find the motherboard heatsink had come off somehow It has two arms on either side that are quite stiff and seem to be there to spring it back in place- there are four croquette like metal hoops on the four corners of the mount on Heatsink What reattach? use do I off! glue fell to the mother board One of these had come off aswell and is currently residing in the hover bag we can get it out again if need be didn t realise what it was before it was gone The heatsink has two adhesive strips along the sides as well as the remains of glue in the centre in a small square I went into a shop and the techie bloke in there was totally useless was going to charge me Heatsink fell off! What glue do I use to reattach? for Heatsink fell off! What glue do I use to reattach? his time searching the internet for the glue Can anyone tell me what the glue is called and where I can get it from I m in Ireland UK so a EU Heatsink fell off! What glue do I use to reattach? shop would be great Do I need adhesive strips too And how best to reattach said heatsink Do I need to use the arms too or will it work well enough with just the glue Any other tips please would be greatly appreciated I m new to this whole DIY PC malarky Thank you nbsp

A:Heatsink fell off! What glue do I use to reattach?

there should be no glue mate... what you need is just a proper security for the heatsink so that it wont fell off. usually the "leg" is quite weak, plastic or carbon based material. u just need to snap in the "leg" and all will fit. however if yours is damaged, might think of getting new one.

i think the middle one is not glue,,, its a cooling gel for your CPU..
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Hi I'm not really to into hardware of a computer. But I'll try to make this clear as I can.

I own a stock Hp a810n Pavilion.

My Northbridge Headsink fell off and the thermal paste is pretty used.
My question is basically. If this happens would that be cause for my psu to rapidly blink?

I checked everything unplugged all power connections and I know my psu is good. once I plug everything in it blinks. I took out my ram and it still blinks (incase the ram was misplaced in there).

Thanks for anyhelp Will check this quite frequently for any questions. For exact mother board specs here is a url.

Asus K8S-LA (Salmon) I believe >__>

- Entropy.

A:Northbridge heatsink fell off

You need to put the heatsink back on. Buy some thermal paste cleaner and some thermal paste. Clean the old thermal paste off, put some new stuff on and re-attach the heatsink.
It may unfortunately be too late and the northbridge may be dead.

What's blinking on your power supply? The LED on the back of it?
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I'm building a computer and I am not sure if a heatsink is required. The case I'm getting has fans in it so my question is do I need to buy a heatsink separately?

Case: Thermaltake Spedo Advance
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400



A:Do I need to buy a Heatsink?

Most definitely you will need at least the stock CPU Fan/Heatsink. It will not run more than a couple of minutes without one. It is a good idea to also have additional cooling via the case fans and such. Remember unless you live in the far north the ambient temperature will also affect the system. Depending on how you buy the CPU (i.e. retail packaging) it may include the fan/heatsink. If not a decent one can be had for about $25 USD.
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I have a Dell inspiron 1150. I have been having problems with the OS not booting up. After running a diagnostic on the laptop, I got the following failure .....DST short test FAIL.......code 1000-0146. A google search leads me to believe that this is a hard drive problem.

1. What type of hard drive do I need to replace it (found many on ebay) the original is 30 gb.

2. Is there any problem with replacing it with say a larger hard drive (60 or 120 gb)?

3. Will it come with windows xp already on it or can I simply load it from the disk that came with the computer?

It seems fairly simple to replace......or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


A:Replace the hard drive?

Sounds simple enough, thanks
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Hey Tech Spot! Well im making up my cart on newegg and i've come across a problem. Im getting ASUS P5Q SE PLUS LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard Mobo and im looking at the Thermaltake CL-P0257 Blue orb II CPU Cooler for LGA775 & K8 as my heat sink. The Only problem i see is that ill be using the CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB. Will all that fit, if not what Heat Sink with Blue LED lights could i use. BTW ill be using the Antec 902 Case.

Thanks in advance.

A:Will This Heatsink Fit! Important

The Orb will fit
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I will be installing an Intel heatsink on a motherboard GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS4P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX. I'm reading about the generic Intel heatsink with the twist lock downs as not being well designed. I've done a moderate amount of research for an alternate bolt through configuration to replace the lock down design (on the Intel provided heatsink). I would appreciate anyone that has feedback on what I could use or where I could purchase an alternate lock down (screw down) bolt through configuration.
Naturally if the experts were to way in on the obvious concern of the 'design' of the twist down configuration (Intel 775 socket) would also be welcome ie: are there issues with this type of application?

A:Issues Installing an Intel Heatsink fan

Una Mas Tiempo......

I have installed several Intel HSFs in several different boards over the past couple of years. None of these installations have given me any problems whatsoever, either with the actual installation OR overheating issues. These installations have been both with Intel stock coolers, aftermarket coolers, and 2 different Arctic Silver products. They all turned out fine.

If the installation of an Intel HSF assembly continues to plague you with uncertainty and self doubt, might I suggest you bring the motherboard / CPU assembly to a qualified computer repair location. The task should should take all of ten minutes, most of which would be either waiting for a "customer service representative/ associate", and/or explaining what you would like to occur to the technician involved.

Since there are millions upon millions of these HSF fans installed and working properly, both stock and aftermarket variations, I can only surmise operator error or incompetence on the part of the people who have attempted the, (I think small percentage), of failed installations.

Since this is an extension of a previous topic initiated by you, I can only speculate that the amount of "handholding",(qoute BillAllen55), required to either accomplish the appointed task, or further theoretical discussion regarding your woes, wants, hopes, and wishes has reached the point of futility.

Perhaps, others in this forum will continue to further patronize you with this little excercise, I don't intend to.

Your were given a link to an Intel page(s) the subject of which was building a computer. At that link, there is also video about installing the HSF to the CPU/board. Those links should be sufficient for even the most ploddingly slow among us.

I have read hundreds of Intel socket 775 reviews, and the loudest whining about installing comes from people who feel obligated to pubulish their technical prowess as "very high". Yeah, well, maybe, maybe not.

As I pointed out earlier, we should start some sort of poll along these lines

A: "Do you think you know more than Intel about their OEM HSFs?

Or, the more productive;

B: I have designed a BETTER HSF for Intel socket 775 CPUs, what do you think?

The design of the Intel HSF fan "is what it is", so unless you decide to get an engineering degree and go to work for Intel and thereby change the manufacturers corporate "mind", offering a "better" solution of your own creation, we should probably let the subject go.

During the course of our previous discussions you seem quite preoccupied with announcing you must deal with very affluent people in your line of employment. I suppose that somehow we you believe we should show you a great deal of deference regarding your obviously important position. Good luck with that.

I have very low standards regarding the "gravity of issue" with respect to starting a new thread, but this little effort has, IMO, ventured into the realm of trolling.

And have a nice day!

PS; Anyone who believes this topic hasn't been sufficiently discussed, or that Mr Allen's concerns, (physical, or emotional) haven't been adequately addressed, should visit; , before passing final judgement
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I have a Celeron Computer. Can I put a P4 chip into it. I went to the Compaq site but there were no details about it there.

My system is Old. All I'M trying to do is get a little more life out of it..

Thank you..

A:Can I replace a Celeron Chip with a P4?

Actually it really depends on the Motherboard specifications

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

If you have a proprietory computer like Dell; HP; Acer etc, please manually write this in the mobo field (ie Dell Dimension 3100 - as an example)

Also try here to get all your computer info, ie your Manual:
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I need help with info on a fan. I have a Dell 170L mobo wit h a prescott 3.0 guz cpu. The Cpu number is Intel SL7PM. I need a fan to keep it cool. The one i have is not the right one and it overheated. Will the fan and heatsink that is recommended for the 170L be enough to keep it cool if I try to oc? I found a fan and heatsink at Electronic discount but it does not come with a base. I found some bases on ebay but i am not sure what to get. Is the base the same as a 2400 style or is it the optiplex model. Thanks

A:Fan and Heatsink Information

Get your heatsink and fan as a package. Be careful so as to assure they will fit in the case with lots of breathing room. Zalman is our preference for the best... they offer more choices. Also like Dynatron, Tuniq, Thermaltake, and SuperMicro...
Just watch the space available so it will fit easily.
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I fried it!!---and my Psu!!
The mobo is an Asus P4S8X cpu is 2.4 I would buy the same card again--if they made it!!
What current card is compareable ? 500/900 core/mem on 6600gt
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Hi all The laptop in question is a Toshiba Satellite A -S A few weeks ago it got dropped right on its adapter? Replace the replace the or jack power corner Replace the power jack or replace the adapter? with the power plug still in it the little metal plug of the AC adapter is now slightly crooked and the power jack has a little chip off the plastic part of it Anyway after this mishap it worked fine for another weeks and then suddenly this week it s refusing to power up Its battery has been shot for a while can t hold a charge and I ve been using it with the battery out Why the sudden refusal to boot I took the whole thing apart---minus the little chip the power jack looks totally fine and cosmetically sound Put the whole thing back together taking care to check that plugs were snug---still no power Stuck in the crappy battery booted just fine and then shut itself down after like minutes How likely is it that it s the power jack which is broken And why did it take this long to crap out if it IS broken A new one of those silly jacks costs over on eBay so I want to make sure that it s the jack before I just up and buy one Of course if it s the AC adapter that s broken that would cost even more Bah Input nbsp

A:Replace the power jack or replace the adapter?

AND/OR inside the case the the jack is soldered directly to the motherboard. Is also possible that
1) It's already cracked
2) If not yet, it's gonna crack

So look to see what connection looks like between power jack and motherboard, If you feel u wanna/can re-solder yourself or the typically price to redo the whole power thing seems to run $125 parts/labor/warranty if you take it somewhere. So how much is it all worth to you?
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Okay, I am a collector of parts. Through no fault of my own I have acquired a Pentium 4 640 Prescott from an old Dell XPS machine. I'm now using that processor to build an internet computer for my wife who has been using an old AMD Athlon 2200+ for many years which is now threatening to die. The problem is I don't have a beefy heat sink for the Pentium 4, but I do have a stock heat sink from a Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 that will fit in place on the motherboard, but I doubt that it will do the job properly.

Will the stock heat sink from an Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 do the job?

Please chime in if you wish to speculate or have any experience with this problem.


A:Pemtium 4 640 vs Core 2 Duo heatsink

It will fit, but I do not recommend using it due to the Pentium 4 having a significantly larger TDP than a Core 2 CPU. You would be better off buying an el-cheapo heatsink like this one or a stock P4 HSF from eBay.
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Acer M1100
3.5gb ram
currently 250 stock power supply.
(current video card nvidia 7300gs)
Tv tuner card
wireless card.
ipod camera
external hd
wireless keyboard mouse.
this is a link to it Desktop Computer:1995122767:page=details

I already know what card im getting this is the one.
This is what i was looking at will it work(PSU)?
its a small form factor case but im not sure what kind of power supply will fit in it only micro atx or will regular atx work as well there in no little switch in the back and it has the little 115 number in the back.

A:Replace/Upgrade psu on Acer M1100

That power supply will work fine
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Greetings everyone I have a computer I use to game It s really far from being a super computer but it satisfies my needs I m not an extreme gamer or anything like it This is a picture of the quot insides quot of my computer regarding Help heatsink High res Mb jpg file gt gt -- Click to maximize I have a mm fan sucking air in on Help regarding heatsink the front of my case another mm fan on the side sucking air in you can see it a mm fan blowing air out on the back and the PSU fans Now sometimes when I run heavy CPU-usage tasks the heatsink s fan starts to run really loud which worries me I don t want my processor to be ruined It s a Pentium D Ghz - See the heatsink air duct Am I better off unscrewing the duct and placing an mm fan on there sucking air in - See the video card that s a PCI-E Nvidia GeForce GT -- It has it s own fan I have a PCI-E sound card which is normally placed just underneath my video card But recently the video card s fan seems to have quot loosened quot out of position causing it to get stuck on the sound card thus preventing it from spinning Everything was ok for like months and this started to happen just recently so I had to remove the sound card as a temporary measure You can see the unused opening on the back of Help regarding heatsink the case Any ideas on what can I do Thanks in advance for your help Happy Holidays Coxis nbsp

A:Help regarding heatsink

I can't see any pictures. If you have a CPU heatsink air duct, remove it. Is this computer a Dell or HP?
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Ok here is my problem I had just bought an Inspiron back in april about a month after i bought it i noticed it starting to heat up quickly even with perfect ventilation through the fan I had it shut off on me a couple times because of it over heating Finally one day i came home from work and my laptop would not turn on heatsink? leak in Possible at all tried taking the battery out and unplugging plugging back in still did nothing so i had sent it away because it was under warranty They went and replaced the motherboard and sent it back to me about days after i had sent Possible leak in heatsink? it away fine it was working and then a week later the same thing happened i could not turn it on call them and did some troubleshooting Possible leak in heatsink? still did nothing so then i sent it away again and they then replaced the memory in Possible leak in heatsink? it and then sent it back to me a few days later it was working again and then not even weeks later the exact same thing meanwhile the thing was still heating up once in a while happened i came home from work and it would not turn on how ever somehow a couple days later it starting working again so i thought it was fine and then about weeks after that it was off again totally fed up and frustrated by this time i didnt even want to send it back again but the tech convinced me to send it away one more time so i did waited and waited couple weeks after i had sent it back to get fixed was wondering what was taking so long so i called them to find out they then told me that it was on hold because they are trying to tell me that there is liquid spillage on the motherboard bulony is what i said i then had them send me pictures that they took of the inside of the laptop because i could not believe what they were saying to me looked at the pictures and there is places in the laptop that have rust on them there is what appears to be a burn mark on the motherboard you can see on the outside of the intake for the fan condisation white spots can you tell me what might have happened because now they want me to pay for e new motherboard when i have not damaged the laptop nbsp

A:Possible leak in heatsink?

Obviously Dell have been helping you a lot, so I'm not sure why you think they haven't

Regarding paying for service, you must only have hardware c\o support only, you are best to contact them on this, because warranty usually means free (except for postage)

There's nothing we can say, except contact Dell, and ask why you have to pay. Otherwise wait for the return.

Remember though they are helping you, if you abuse their help, they may be less than helpful, ie don't show them this post, with that name!
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For my E6420 Core 2 Duo processor, two of the clips that attach the heatsink to the mobo are broke, but I hung it in a way so the heatsink doesn't fall off. The temperature is 103 F idle and about 128 F during a VERY intense operation. What do you guys think about the risks of it going bad?

A:Broken Stock Heatsink, working fine

I read that at first and thought those were in Celsius. That would of been very toasty. But if those are in Fahrenheit, then that is not too hot. A bit on the hot side for my comfort level, but you should be ok.

Here is a huge thread about CPU temp. Before asking 'Is this too hot'
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Well, i finally decided on my new gaming rigged but i need to know if anybody knows if there is a good heatsink out there that fits my motherboard link

and also the case link

i'm not sure if you need to PSU cause sometimes i read about people heatsink taking up the motherboard space. here is my PSU link

now i know how the motherboard is crap cause it's just like a 680 but since i'm getting the GTX260 216 core, the combo deal from newegg pretty much lowered the cost of a nice motherboard to an affordable price.

A:Heatsink that fits evga 780i

What did you find out?
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Before i start ill state my hardware ATI X GB mb Core s GFX Card AMD Phenom GHZ -- gt Overclocked to GHZ Corsair GB running in dual Channel GB sticks MHZ - - - Phenom Heatsink? 9500? Overclocking AMD an Asus Motherboard M R -MVP Chipset Upgrading to Asus M series Chipset OCZ Watt PSU That should be it Ok now to my query Im still running on stock for my CPU in terms of Heatsing and though my current temps Overclocking an AMD Phenom 9500? Heatsink? for my CPU is at degrees i will be overclocking my CPU bit more but would like to get a new heatsink to compensate somewhat for the extra heat What do you guys recommend Also i was reading elsewhere that the has multipliers unlocked for ease of OC but mine doesnt Curently im upping via FSB as explained in that Basic OC guide stickied here great guide for beginners by the way and the disclaimer ROCKS FSB at stock is im currently running Could this be due to my motherboard that its locked out or is it that they are naturally locked in which case how is his unlocked Thanks for your time thought i would add that i used memtest for stability testing Is that software ok or is another recommended nbsp

A:Overclocking an AMD Phenom 9500? Heatsink?

Any good quality 3rd party Cooler for the AMD Phenom would work fine
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Hi I have a GB Control Board? fried HDD's Replace internal Seagate Replace fried HDD's Control Board? hard drive which I removed from my PC so that I would have it with me since we just moved from South Africa to Cali USA I purchased this adapter set intending to be able to connect the hard drive to my laptop http www amazon com Sabrent-USB-D ie UTF amp s electronics amp qid amp sr - I had read many of the reviews and none had mentioned that anyone had fried their drive so I had hoped it would be fine I hooked it up and smelt a funny burning smell I immediately ripped the power cable out hoping I had been fast enough but alas the drive shorts out and won t work anymore I took it to the campus IT department here to see if they could hook it up to a PC there and it just shorted and wouldn t work So my predicament is basically that the control board on my hard drive is fried and I need to get a new one of the same model and serial as explained by this video I found http www youtube com watch v aUnmcbfagLA The data is still obviously on the disk too the only part that fried was the control board So my question is Where can I get another drive with a matching control board I certainly don t want to spend thousands of dollars trying to recover data off of the hard drive as I m a student and could never afford it anyway The data includes a lot of my graphics design which I m into and it is the only backup I have of years of my work which could never be replaced Hard drive information Seagate Barracuda Gibytes S N QM T ST AS P N BX - Firmware SD Date Code Site Code KRATSG nbsp

A:Replace fried HDD's Control Board?

Search ebay>harddrives>ST3500320AS

31 matches as of this reply: my search results
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hi i am building a new pc cosmos case q6600 and a evga 122--cknf67-t1 mb i am looking for suggestions on good heatsink . some i had preference to were thermaltake v1 thermalright hr-01 and zerotherm nv120 nirvana.which of these will cool the best and up for any suggestions all new for me .thanks.

A:Cpu heatsink

The best would be the TRUE (Thermalright Ultra 120-Extreme).

Many others do come close though, things like the Noctua NH U12P, scythe ninja2.... None really come to mind right now. The nv120 should be pretty good as well.
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Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read this. I want to replace my OEM MSI MS-6577 mobo that came with my HP for another version of the MSI MS-6577 mobo but the new one would have an AGPx4 slot and the current one only has PCI slots. I read that replacing the motherboard on OEM systems with Windows XP like mine has, will cause big problems unless it for the exact same make and model motherboard. In my situation, it is the exact same make and model but a different version of the mobo that would have an additional AGP slot. Would this give me BSOD or would the swap go smoothly? I am also hoping not to have to reinstall Windows XP without having to go buy a copy as I read you can't do that off recovery discs with OEM Windows XP builds. Thank you everyone again.:grinthumb

A:Can I replace my OEM mobo with the same make & model but different version?

The problem would be with Microsoft

I believe you could put a different version of motherboard on there, heck, you could put an entirely different make of motherboard if you wanted as long as it fits the case's form factor. Simply, the screw holes on the motherboard have to align with the holes on the case.

The trouble you will run into is with Microsoft. Your copy of XP is associated with the serial number, model, and make of your present motherboard, and it's recorded in Microsoft's database. That's what happens when you activate a Microsoft product. The operating system or software will get your motherboard's information and record it. Now here comes the problem...

If you put in a new motherboard, the operating system on your hard drive is going to look up your previous motherboard's information when it boots up. If it sees a new motherboard, it will say, "I'm not associated with you, so I must not be licensed with you!" and it will tell you to contact Microsoft or buy a new copy of Windows.

What you have to do then is call Microsoft and ask them if you can associate your copy of Windows with a new motherboard. They will want to know why. Usually, they will only do that if your motherboard failed, exploded, or somehow became destroyed so you had to replace it. I don't know about motherboard upgrades. To Microsoft, each and every motherboard is a separate computer, and you are only licensed for one computer.

So, what I would do if I were you is to call Microsoft and ask them if you can move your license to a new motherboard before you do anything else.