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Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game

Q: Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game

Hey So this started a few days ago out of the blue i didnt install anything game of out digital in analog, (shows Monitor the sync when thing) goes or change anything i fired up batman arkham city on my pc i played that Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game game before on my pc this was routine and when going ingame monitor went black and gave me that Analog Digital thing at the upper left corner then it ll play that Hardware unplugged sound im on a xp Screen will stay black and go to sleep mode I ran dmark same thing happened Now i m getting no artifacts no tears no weird visual glitches games will even let me go ingame and play for about minutes before the screen shuts down computer will run fine d is great videos run great gpu Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game temps are between to on idle to on full throttle i was thinking of dust bunnies or dirt in general inside my gpu s heatsink and around my gpu i was gonna open the heatsink but the screws are really tight and i only have one of those handle-less drivers http creamyg hugelaser com Projects CES Log Photo Log CES Log Thin Screwdriver jpg What do i do can t afford a new gpu now nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game

Ok, i opened up the heatsink, it was pretty dirty, so i cleaned everything up.
I reinstalled the GPU on its usual port, and it wouldn't give me an image. So i set it on another port, and voila, image. i doubt it fixed my problem though.

I'm gonna report later if it goes out of sync again
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I have a HP Slimline PC and a SyncMaster 2343(BWPlus/BWXPlus)(Analog) Monitor. The monitor two connection options. It has a standard VGA & DVI-D Single Link. The PC only has the VGA(BLUE)connection. If I use an adapter,(DVI-D single link male 18+1 to VGA female) will my monitor then switch to digital?

A:How do I get digital rather than analog from my monitor

No sorry, only Analog. Your computer needs DVI_D output or HDMI.
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LCD Monitor-analog or digital?

A friend who has a standard monitor now, is thinking about buying an LCD monitor. Should I steer her towards analog or digital? If it's digital, does she need to install a new video card?

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LCD Monitor-analog or digital?

A friend who has a standard monitor now, is thinking about buying an LCD monitor. Should I steer her towards analog or digital? If it's digital, does she need to install a new video card?
LCD Monitor-analog or digital?

A:LCD Monitor-analog or digital?

I would steer her towards digital as there are adaptors available (pretty cheap I might add) that allows you to connect a DB15 connection (Standard ole' VGA) to a DVI connection. That way she will have the benefit of going digital in the future if she desires. Both of the LCDs I bought even came with one of these adaptors. Also, many of the current cards on the market have both a DB15 and a DVI connector.
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I've bought a new samsung monitor and it has ports for VGA (analog) and DVI (for digital?) and my screen resolution was way off compare to the size of my monitor's screen so I thought changing to digital was a way to go but when I checked the back of my PC, it only had VGA port... no DVI port... is there any way for me to change my monitor's resolution to digital? because I heard in order for you to get the digital resolution my PC also need to have DVI port and not just monitor.

Thank you

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This is probably a stupid question yet I must ask it.

I have a new Gateway 4831 with a ATI Radeon HD 5770 video card. I am running two monitors off it -an old CRT monitor and a Samsung 932B flat screen. I have downloaded the Manufacturer's Win7 driver. The Samsung can connect to the computer either with a digital DVI cable (digital) or with a VGA (analog) cable. I am currently connected with a VGA cable and with a DVI-VGA adapter hanging off the video card. This is mostly due to the fact that I don't have a DVI cable and do have the VGA cable.

Question: would the monitor perform dramatically better in digital mode with a DVI cable or would any improvement be minor?



Note: I don't have any major complaints with my monitor - I just don't know what I am missing!

A:Analog or digital monitor selection

Dramatically? No. Would it be a better choice, yes. A Guy
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My Acer G215H is connected to my nVidia GT 430 via DVI, but in every monitor-related settings screen is says it's analog. The driver for said monitor includes both analog and digital drivers. It's actually very irritating to get 1080P but only at 60Hz. Solution?

A:Monitor detected as analog but is digital

Quote: Originally Posted by Fhadso

My Acer G215H is connected to my nVidia GT 430 via DVI, but in every monitor-related settings screen is says it's analog. The driver for said monitor includes both analog and digital drivers. It's actually very irritating to get 1080P but only at 60Hz. Solution?

Sorry but you should read the specs.
PS both my monitors run at 60Hz and I have no problem with this
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Hi sry for the confusing title i myself dont know what to put as this is quite a confusing matter for me hope u guys can help me out here this is the problem Im running on windows vista ultimate on a laptop My graphics card is ATI Radeon X mb I have revently bought a Playstation and i would like to connect it to my CHIMEI CMV D inch LCD monitor On the other hand i would also like to connect my laptop to my external LCD monitor My monitor has a digital and analog port My laptop ONLY has a DVI port I connected the DVI port on my laptop to the DVI port on the inch LCD and it works fine I connected the HDMI port on my playstation to the DVI port on my LCD and it works fine too Wat i tried to do is to connect my playstation to the DVI port convert the DVI port on my laptop to analog and connect my monitor to my laptop using analog The monitor displayed the playstation however when i tried to switch it to to Help: digital monitor:Ps3 LCD laptop Need analog and to analog mode it doesnt display anything and jumps back to my Need Help: LCD monitor:Ps3 to digital and laptop to analog PS Pls help nbsp

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I bought a LCD montior,went home,unplugged the 1999 monitor from
the computer, plugged in the lcd monitor,ran the software.

3 weeks later , i love the picture,but am i done? did i forget a major step?
When the Lcd boots on, i get a square box that says digital...than analog.
My video card(about 4 years old now)-and-my new monitor
ATI Technologies Inc. RADEON 9000 Series - Secondary
SyncMaster 731B/731BF/731BA(Analog) 1280 x 1024 34 x 27 cm 1296380215 June 2006

A:Solved: Just went from CRT monitor to LCD

Did you get a DVI Cable with the Monitor.
It's best to have the DVI Cable from the VGA Card to the Monitor.

If your VGA Card has no DVI output then you might want to think about getting a VGA to DVI Adaptor

Otherwise it will be OK as it is.
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I just purchased the Samsung B2030 monitor. The Geek Squard told me that it should operate in digital rather than analog. When I first turned it on, a box on the screen flashed first Analog and then Digital. I did nothing because I figured that the monitor would be self-adjusting with the PC. (WIN7). Now when I turn on the monitor, the box says Analog before disappearing. My questions are "Should I continue using it in Analog? If not, how do I change it to Digital?"
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I ve had this problem for a while now I have absolutely no idea what s causing it At first it was occasional then it increased in frequency and now it s all it does I m at a point where I can t even use my home computer When I start my pc everything sounds like it s working fine All fans run video card fires up no strange noises But nothing ever comes up on my monitor It stays black with a sign in the upper left corner that flashes between Analog and Digital It does that for a few seconds then it goes completely black and the power button flashes like it s in sleep mode switches and between Digital My while black monitor Analog I recently replaced my motherboard with a new one same board just new also replaced my processor last night Still the same issue Here s my list of hardware running Windows Vista -bit Motherboard - Asus M A-VM AM new Processor - AMD Athlon x new Video Card - nVidia GeForce GX Memory - x G Skill Pin DDR gb gb total Monitor - Samsung monitor Any My monitor switches between Analog and Digital while black help on this issue would be much appreciated I ve been struggling with it for months it would be nice to not think about it anymore lol nbsp

A:My monitor switches between Analog and Digital while black

What model Samsung monitor do you have? I had one of their 22-inch Touch of Color monitors a few years ago and it gave some problems.
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I just dont get it My monitor is currently hooked up digitally dvi to an xbox and vga wise to the actual computer I can run the xbox fine but the computer I am having problems with I came home and for some reason the monitor acted like it was asleep I finally restarted the computer but when it got to the xp loading screen and startup screen there were black lines at some points in the screen Then the startup screen stayed as my background and I couldn t click on anything well I could but nothing would happen for about a minute During this time the screen would flicker I just dont get it I don t think it is the monitor I think it is the video card If it has never acted up in years its an old mb agp computer up on fine analog acting flickering but digital, Monitor on card I did try overclocking it a little bit with riva tuner but that was over Monitor flickering on analog but fine on digital, computer acting up - months ago What is the deal nbsp

A:Monitor flickering on analog but fine on digital, computer acting up

It was fine for parts of today but now it is doing it again. I just don't understand what is going on. Do you guys need more information or what? Windows xp sp2.
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Hello people:

I have an oldie, but a goodie, Logitech Momo steering wheel (You know, the ones they made with the real racing Momo wheels, not the cheap plastic knockoffs around nowadays.) that uses the old game port. My Q is if there are adaptors around that will let me use the wheel with a high-speed USB port? If so, will the controller benefit in any way compared to if it were used with the old analog port? Thanks go out to all that reply.
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I am not setting my game shows a crashed on new Old and monitor computer, resolution nothing sure exactly what forum this fits under but here it is I recently switched monitors with my brother he finally moved his ginormous monitor out of the house So now I have a dinky inch any who yesterday when he was over visiting he went into war which has had its resolution set to x from the old monitor when my new monitor only goes to x So the screen flipped out and hours later of rebooting and aimless clicking it still wasn t displaying properly Very seldom would it show anything its just a black screen today i messed with it for minutes and saw nothing at all I tried hooking up an ancient screen from years ago same results anyone have any ideas I bet if I knew how to blindly get into safe mode It would work When I initially put in the new monitor I set the res to its proper size on the desktop and in world of warcraft not war Heres the wopper now when I start it up hoping it will magically fix itself it makes erent Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing erent noise on boot and judging from my interface screen on my keyboard its not Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing getting into windows Because the little screen on my keyboard will light up when windows is loaded I believe this is due to the hours of my brother trying to get i to work So I dont even know if getting into safe mode will help I am sorry Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing I dont have a dxdiag so ill tell you what I can remember about the computer Windows xp sp nvid video card gig dd ram Plenty of space It has no tempature problems If there is any other specific information I need to give ask and I will see what I can do about getting it nbsp

A:Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing

I'd shut down and reseat the video card, all the monitor swapping may have caused it to become unseated.

After doing that, are you getting anything to display on screen at all (like the POST). If so, you should be about fixed. Just before Windows begins to load start tapping F8, then you'll get the boot menu where most people then go into Safe Mode. Do not go into safe mode, choose VGA mode. Windows will then boot normally, just with a crap resolution. But the correct drivers and everything should be loaded, so then you just set the resolution to what you want and you are fixed.
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Hi, guys,
Is there any ways to know if my sound card's Line out jack(also serves as rear speaker jack) producing digital or analog signal?
Well, my wife bought a treadmill that can be connected to internet via sound card of the computer. I tried it but didn't work. I checked their sys requirement and it's said the treadmill requires analog signal from the sound card to operate.

Does anyone know how to change the output on Creative PCI-128 card? Is it possible at all? Is there any software based converter or something?

Thanks in advance.


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I know this is not a computer question, but maybe somebody out there knows?Is it possible to record on a VCR from a digital television running off an antenna?A friend is trying to record programs from such a combination, and so far, cannot get anything he can easily see onthe TV onto his "old" VCR. The only thing that shows up on the tape is the date on a bluescreen background.I'm trying to help him, but so far every hookup from red, white and yellow to super tv cable fails to producea picture or sound on the tape. Any ideas would be appreciated by this newbie to this situation. Thanks.

A:analog and digital TV and VCR - possible?

Check out the user's manual to see what outputs are analog, the VCR won't work on a digital signal unless there is a digital to analog converter.
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what is a good program to to use ? cassette to hard drive, thank you

A:analog to digital

I recommend you check these links first :,24330,2458726,00.html

Then look here for any other utilities to perform this task if you're still not happy with the choices above :
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My new PC has only a digital input in -- it doesn't have an analog connection. Problem is that many of my older camcorder tapes are analog, and the camcorder that plays them doesn't have a firewire or USB out plug of any kind -- just the normal analog plugs. So I can't use my DVD software to copy these and then burn them as DVDs to preserve them.

Is there some kind of analog convertor I can use to plug my analog camcorder into the 1394 plug in my PC? Thanks in advance.

A:Going analog into a digital-only PC

There are a number of solutions to this issue. The thing you need is a video capture PCI card or USB/Firewire video capture adapter. I have the Adaptec VideoOh! and a Dazzle DVC-80 model in the closet, as well as an ATI video capture/TV tuner card.
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Well, I just recieved my Logitech Z-680 5.1 speakers. They support either analog or digital, and if I'm correct, the Audigy 2 supports either analog or digital. So, I was wondering, which is better, analog or digital?

A:Analog or Digital?

I would expect the digital output would be the best way to go, but, personally, I would have to experiment with it both ways, to see if there was any difference in the sound. Besides, after all this time, I bet you've got them hooked up already, I know I would if it was me, I couldn't wait. I've never used or heard those speakers, but everything I've heard about them is good.
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needing advice for hooking up my monitor (samsung syncmaster t190) and a trendnet tk-207k 2-port usb kvm switch.
i want to use a dvi connection from my master pc, but the kvm switch only excepts a d-sub connector (analog?).
can i connect the monitor using a dvi cord to the master pc
and also run the d-sub (analog?) cord from the same monitor to the kvm switch?

the present setup is: d-sub cord from monitor to kvm, then a d-sub cord from the kvm switch (stock cords) to both the master pc and the slave.

I don't care about display quality on the slave pc, but would like the best display possible when using the master pc.
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Hi there, I have just got a new digital box to replace my broken one. Porblem is my old one had the red/white cables (RCA?) whereas the new has a S/PDIF Digital out hole. Haven't come across digital as of yet and I was wondering If I could get a cheap wire convertor that just changed the digital to the red/white cables so I can hook it up to the sound sytem. Can't seem to find any but I'm sure they exist. There seems to be a covertor for everything these days!

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I have a home theater system that displays whatever I am watching on
my primary tv in 3 other rooms via rg6 coax on channel 3. My 3 vcr's
dvd and tape player and onkyo htib are all legacy units using a
combination of analog and digital signals. Also have a laptop wired to
line inputs. All works fine. My primary
tv is failing and I have ordered a panasonic tc-p50st50 to replace it.
I am having little luck deciding how to combine and connect all these
legacy units as well as local broadcast tv to what will no be the
primary tv (panasonic) and still be able to view in other rooms, play
and record vhs tapes, dvds, and use it as a secondary display for the
laptop (both panasonic and laptop are wifi) without repatching for each
unit. What to do? Router, wd network ready media player, ??? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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I have an Intel DG965WH motherboard that has Sigmatel audio hardware and Intel Audio Studio software. When I enable the Toslink optical audio port on the back in Dolby or PCM audio mode, the analog outputs go dead. If I disable the digital output, the analog ports work.

1. How can I get BOTH at the same time? I need to feed my amps digital for DVDs and I need the analog jacks for remote amps when I play mp3's.

2. Is there any (automated) way to trigger the switch between digital/analog other than going into Intel Audio Studio with a mouse and clicking all the right tabs?
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I'm just curious as to why I see the black & white images on the top left corner my Monitor when I shut my W7 pc down? They don't appear together, but sequentially. Its no biggie, just curious,thank you.

A:HDMI, Digital & Analog

No idea. Could be your monitor text saying "no signal, going to sleep". Try and take a photo next time.
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Hi I have a basic IBM Thinkpad model T Out of the headphone jacks I run a splitter and have sound through sets of IBM Infinity speakers speakers in all I recently received a Boston Acoustics BA- speaker setup but I can t get / speakers analog Digital it to work through my PC From reading on-line I believe these BA speakers are digital whereas Digital / analog speakers the Infinity speakers likely are analog or possibly the other way around I can t upgrade or modify the PC itself owned by my employer so new soundcards etc is not an option My question how can Digital / analog speakers I get the BA speaker setup to work with the existing speakers I have in place are there converters etc that I can get from an electronics store that can make them all compatable and continue to drive sound using the headphone jack My understanding is the BA speakers have great sound so I quot m hoping Digital / analog speakers I can somehow add them to the setup thanks nbsp

A:Digital / analog speakers

Hmm; The short answer is you would need a digital sound card and the BA speakers connect to its output.

Physics 101: A device that transforms one media into another is called a transducer.

From the beginning, a speaker has been a stationary magnet and a suspended wire coil connected to a 'cone'.
When the sound amplifier produces an A/C output to the coil, the fluctuating current causes motion and the cone vibrates
to simulate the A/C pattern that was applied - - not perfectly, but good enough to the human ear.

This is the Analog transducer: current is transformed into sound.
The inverse of this design is the phonograph pickup where motion is transformed into a signal.

Another example is our display monitors; originally these were all VGA (analog) and today a great many are digital.

ALL digital systems transduce 0's & 1's back into an analog signal to make the speakers work - - but the raw input has to be 0's & 1's.

Here's a comment from EHOW.COM
Boston Acoustics Ba735 Speakers are high-performance digital loudspeakers designed for connecting to a personal computer or laptop. The computer must have a digital soundcard to be compatible with the speakers, although this is a standard feature on all new computers. Special software drivers are required to run the speakers on older computers. Boston Acoustics Ba735 speakers can also be hooked up to a DVD player with any digital connection, such as a USB port.​
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I would like to point out that we no longer have to attach a cable to a CD drive to listen to CD audio. You can now simply tell Windows 2000/XP to enable digital audio. To do this:

1. Right-Click My Computer and choose Manage
2. Click Device Manager
3. Right-Click the CD and/or DVD-ROM drive and choose Properties
4. When the drive properties diaglog box opens, click the Properties tab
5. Select the check box labeled "Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM
6. Click OK
7. Close the Computer Management window.

Of course if you like the cable being in there then by all means leave it in there. I don't like it because it used to get caught up in the air flow in my case and I could hear it rubbing a fan or 2.

Have fun!!
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i just wanna see my computer monitor out on a television. pls suggest cheap cards available in south india especially from mumbai to trivandrum
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Hi Everyone

I have just purchased a Dell 660 Series desktop PC. It has analog output to speakers. According to Dell, there is no way to configure this PC to send a digital signal to my 2.1 speaker system. My speakers are Boston Acoustics BA735. They are Digital only and use the old coaxial connection. Dell recommended an analog to digital converter. My question: Will this deliver a clean digital sound or would a sound card with a digital output be better?

Thanks for your guidance.

A:How to use my digital speakers with an analog out PC

Hi, Welcome to Sevenforums.

You will need something like this.
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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way for me to put an 8mm tape onto dvd? I'm trying to make a Proposal DVD for my girlfriend; I will put the prosposal on a 8mm tape and would like to put it on a dvd. Thank you in advance for you help.

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Recently purchased HP Pavil dv2000. To upgrade, I bought tuner and downloaded drivers per instr. It wouldn't recognize the hardware at first, next try it DID recognize the card. I have all hardware, connections in place correctly. Was able to watch 3+ hrs of cable yesterday without probs. Now when I try to open media center to play tv, message appears "no hardware found. You may purchase..." Is the card slot damaged? Is the card no good? I have re-downloaded (overwriting previous) drivers. PLEASE help...I have quickly become disillusioned with VISTA...
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Such a simple question, but Google just isn't doing the trick.

Is there anyway for me to use Analog and Digital(optical) sound outputs at once.

For instance, a while ago I could plug in 3 different audio devices through the 1/8" audio cable in the back. Ofcourse, it was all analog then. Now I'm wondering if I could have the Digital(optical) going to my HDTV(HDCP) while having the Analog going to my computer speakers and my stereo.

Note: I'm trying to do this on Windows 7 Ult dispite what the computer specs say.

A:Digital and Analog sounds

the GA-P35-DS3L uses the Realtek ALC888 Audio controller, it should work just fine but i cant test this to make sure
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Not sure if this belongs here I got a peripheral called quot videoxpress quot I want to use it to transfer video from my Sharp VL-A camcorder Its not a newer model There is video output jack looks like a normal headphone jack I have the adapter that changes that output into the white and yellow audio video jack I plug that into my videoxpress unit It actually came with programs Instant videoxpress and Ulead Video Studio SE DVD to from video analog digital I ve tried both and neither work The video xpress software doesn t do anything and when I run the Ulead software I click quot capture video quot and it freezes up and I video from analog to digital have to reboot I m trying to get my wedding video onto my computer so I can burn it to dvd I know I should just get a newer camera but I don t have the money for that So my question is this What can I do to make the videoxpress peripheral to work and whats the best software to use to capture the video from my camcorder Here is a link to the perhipheral http www digitalproducer com articles viewarticle jsp id Here is a link to the camera http www dealclick co uk product SHARP-VLA php Unfortunately its the only decent link I could find Any help is appreciated TIA -Dave nbsp video from analog to digital

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I know this must have been asked and answered many times but I can't find the thread that works for me I have HD TV as my monitor It has the use 2.1 Analog in Win Want have only External Digital but 7 to usual built in speakers with sound coming through HDMI from the Nvindia Want to use External 2.1 Analog but only have Digital in Win 7 HD audio output driver from the video card No video on MB Want to use External 2.1 Analog but only have Digital in Win 7 I do not want to use that I have a very good analog speaker system I want to use In Control Panel Sounds Speaker Realtek High Def Audio is grayed out RealTek Digital Output is availible Nvdia HDMI HD Want to use External 2.1 Analog but only have Digital in Win 7 Audio is set as default All drivers are up to date Also from Control Panel I have RealTek Audio Manger In that the Analog inputs outputs a grayed out and the digital are ative In the BIOS I only have HD Audio enabled Disabled Nothing about front end speakers Though there is header for those on the MB but is not connected Nothing happens when I plug or unplug the grean mm audio jack in Win x Obviously I can't unplug HDMI cable This is the first time I have used HDMI with this MB I know the sound works on this MB Any fix out there through windows Thanks
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Hi all. This is a stupid question prolly, but bare with me. When recording stuff through my TV tuner card, all sounds are analog. Is there anyway to convert these files to diigital sounds (once saved)?

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I am looking into attempting to transfering my LPs to digital and I would like to know what hardware and software I would need for this task. The moron at radio shack said I needed a $4000.00 system. I know this is not true. I am not looking for a free way , but a good quality way of accomplishing this. I also may be trying cassette tapes as well. Any help will be appreciated.

Zeppfan(It's all in the CODA)

A:Transfering analog to digital?

Horse droppings! You need a quality system capable of playing the media in question and having line-out capability. Buy the $6 cable at Radio Shack, and download Audacity. Connect the cable from the line-out jacks of your stereo that is playing the media, and to the line-in or mic jack of your sound card. You'll probably have to adjust the sound properties for volume and perhaps enable the input you're using. Fire up Audacity and start recording.
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Win7 broke what worked in XP... output to both Analog & Digital at the same time. I need this for my HTPC solution or I go back to XP.

Is there a way to get this working using specific drivers, apps, or hacks?


A:Output on both Analog & Digital at same time?

yes it is possible..

just download the latest realtek audio driver..
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My apologies if this thread is in the wrong forum I thought my issue would be better suited to Hardware rather than Gaming Last night I swapped out to Digital Solved: Analog Video: my analog video cable to a digital one I noticed after playing a few games COD and WOW that there is a definate loss of FPS I havent had these issues with the analog cable even with video settings on high within Solved: Video: Analog to Digital these games I have thought about updating Solved: Video: Analog to Digital the video drivers but havent been able to do that yet something which I will do tonight if time allows Any other thoughts or suggestions Perhaps the digital cable is maxing the settings within these games by default and my video card cannot handle it scratches head I have bumped down some settings and still get the FPS loss plus when I turn at times the FPS loss is Solved: Video: Analog to Digital so great that I lose the video for a few seconds and then everything is back to normal Hardware specs EVGA Nvidia GT MB GB OCZ DDR PC quot Flat panel with MS refresh Athlon ghz ABIT KN SLI Socket NVIDIA nForce SLI ATX AMD Motherboard Seagate Barracuda ST AS GB RPM SATA nbsp

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Hey guys. I was wondering if there is a way to change windows 7 digital clock to analog clock

A:Windows 7 digital clock to analog

If you mean the clock in the notification area, there isn't enough room. There are analog clock gadgets for the desktop. You can click on the digital clock and it will open a calendar with an analog clock. A Guy
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I've got 2 monitors, a 24" samsung on dvi & a 15" dell on vga. I have an nvidia gtx275 with dual dvi outputs, so I use a vga-dvi adapter for it to work on the dell.
All was working fine but the other day I opened by case up to plug a fan back in (didn't touch the graphics card) and then when I put it back together neither of the monitors work...
When I just have the dvi monitor plugged in it works, but as soon as I plug in the vga one then both of them go off (it won't even work in the bios with the vga plugged in) but then when I unplug the vga the dvi monitor will come back on.
I've updated the drivers, put the graphics card in a different pci-ex slot & made sure the vga monitor & cable work.
Thanks for any help you can provide

A:Dual Monitors analog + digital

hi blux, welcome to the forums , here is a quote from fellow forum member fishnbanjo

Never say never, I would shut down the PC, remove the power cord, hold the power button in for 30 seconds, remove the video card, place the power cord back in and turn the PC on. Shut down the PC and repeat the process then insert the video card when you get to the point where I said remove it. Put case cover back on and secure, put power back on and boot the PC with a connection ONLY on your DVI and let us know if that restores the video out problem.

this might be what you need to do
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I have seen numerous posts asking if W7/Realtek/Gigabyte supports Analog (Mini- Plug) and Digital (RCA) at the same time but I have yet to get an answer I can understand or make work. Is it possible and if so how do I set it up. Help would be appreciated.

A:Realtek ALC889A Analog and Digital?

In all systems, I've seen, it's either the analog or digital but not both. There may be a system that does allow both, but I haven't seen one. I've worked with RealTek and Sigmatel/IDT Integrated audio systems, SoundBlaster and HT Omega Striker 7.1 sound cards and none will allow both.
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What is the best device if using a laptop to capture analog video and take into the computer through firewire? Thanks

A:converting analog video to digital

You can get a USB Video Capture card rather inexpensively. Or I believe there are some PCMCIA cards that plug directly into your PC Card slot.
such as this one from newegg
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Thats my question. Any replieswould be appreciated.



A:Difference between analog and digital LCD monitors?

All LCD monitors are digital internally. It is the accepted input that may be analog, digital or both.

I would say, that in normal use, there is no visible difference between an analog or a digital ouput from your video card.

Over long distances or through splitters, digital signal will not lose quality, whereas the analog VGA signal may get worse. This is not an issue for you unless you work in a very noisy environment and/or send the video signal over 20ft away.

You should get a display that supports both kinds of input, so you would have some flexibility.
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Help please.... tell me about the differences of Analog and Digital sound cards... my cpomputer has a ADI 1885 audio (integrated)..... that's analog.... right? and how does that effect my sound output and my ability to chat online etc... conversations totally break up when I try to chat with MSN Messenger.

How do I solve the problem?

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I bought a new digital camcorder Canon Loading Analog Digital my Camcorder via and have been very impressed by the quality I can load it to Loading Analog via my Digital Camcorder my computer or play it on my TV without issues One feature of the camera is that it can convert my old VHS-C footage to digital though of course the quality is still VHS I would like to load this into my computer to create DVDs but I am running into a problem I set up both cameras per the manual and have the new camera quot playing quot the old footage The preview screen in Windows Movie Maker shows the old footage as well The Problem When I press record WMM starts the digital camcorder Loading Analog via my Digital Camcorder stopping the through transmission Loading Analog via my Digital Camcorder of the VHS footage If I remove the digital tape from the new camcorder WMM won t record saying there is no tape in the device I tried an ARCSoft product that came with my DVD drive and got the same issue A third product from MYDVD also does this but I managed to fool it once to get most of a tape into the computer I couldn t repeat the trick to get more Does anyone know how to get WMM to record footage without driving the digital camcorder I tried it in the quot live capture quot mode but WMM insists the camcorder must be in quot camera quot mode and I have to have it in quot playback quot mode to use the digital passthru feature Worse case I can record the old footage to DV tape in the digital camcorder then transfer to computer but I have hours of this and would like to avoid re-work if I can nbsp

A:Loading Analog via my Digital Camcorder

It could be you have too many b/ground progs on which pc can cope with on digital but not on the conversion too. Or it may be down to capture software not being good enough to handle it. This is a free dv editor with a capture tool
Also try capturing to another drive/partition.
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Just about every CD-ROM drive has outputs for analog and digital. Sound cards have inputs for the same. Is there any advantage to using one over the other. My CD-ROM drives were always connected to the sound card via the analog connection, but now I have a brand new sound card and wondered if connecting up using the digital connection would be better. There seems to be no info out there addressing this issue.

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I'm using Nuendo 3 to record analog music files (with analog console) but I want to convert them afterwards or at the same time, to digital ones. I can't afford to buy a digital console yet. Is it possible to do it by using only software?

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I want to put cassette tape music onto CD's or my IPOD. I tried Audacity but am not having any luck. I do not mind paying for a program that will do this. Is there any commercial software on the market written for this that can be used by dummies? I suspect there is but do not know any names. Perhaps someone can help with this????

A:software for analog to digital sound

find and download the free version of MusicMatch Jukebox, probably easy to find with Google. It will record any audio tapes, vinyl, whatever through your "line in" jack in your sound card.
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I tried a search, but I didnt find what I was looking for so...

Is there a sound card out there that has the capability to have a set of analog and digital speakers hooked up at the same time?

I would like to have the ability to play through the small digital speakers when doing homework, and have the ability to play through the home stereo when I want the music loud (without having to manually connect and disconnect on or the other and reset the card).

Is it possible to hook up 2 sound cards? I would prefer just one card, but I have a few old sound cards laying around.

Thanks for the help

A:Digital and analog output at the same time?

I actually had my soundcard hooked up to both my stereo receiver and my small PC speakers simultaneously. When I wanted to use the stereo, I just turned it on.

I just used a splitter at the soundcard, then went to a Radio Shack and bought audio cables that had the stereo plugs on one end and the PC pin plug on the other. I plugged the cord into the Aux plugs on the receiver and when I wanted to listen to the PC, just set the tuner to Aux.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Besides cable internet access we have been using basic cable for TV reception which offered us enough channels for the last analog converter Digital cable to years Recently our cable company has changed about half of the channels from analog to digital and our TV can no longer displays those channels We do not yet want to move to a HD TV but would simply want to receive these quot lost quot channels in an analog version To do that the cable company suggests to rent us a quot digital cable box quot and we have to upgrade to a digital package as well So we would need to double our current cable Digital cable to analog converter tv costs to receive the same original channels Does anyone know whether I can buy such a digital cable box anywhere converting the digital signals to analog There is a lot of electronics available on the internet but I don t know what the technical description Digital cable to analog converter is of what I need and whether what is offered would really work Based on Digital cable to analog converter the channel list under Basic Cable there are about digital channels So I assume that these digital signals simply need to be converted into analog signals or is more required I don t assume that the cable company will scramble the digital signals in order to force me to rent their cable box if these channels are part of the Basic Cable package I already pay for or would they I have DVD players for TV display of which one is also a DVD recorder and two were bought about a year ago Would those be able to receive digital signals and would it be possible to use one of these as a digital analog converter Anyhow your advise is very much appreciated Thanks for your help LowCableCosts nbsp

A:Digital cable to analog converter

Sad to say, it's not that simple. They have you, and there's not much you can do about it.
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I ve been using Ulead to edit video - its fabulous Very easy to learn so now editing home video is a sinch So the problem is I ve been using a friend s Mini DV camera but mine is an MM Samsung Its a great camera but its not digital so I need a converter to Video 2 Analog Digital Converter put videos on my hard drive for editing in Ulead I ve been looking at the Plextor PX-AV U seems like the best value for the buck and I have the right processor to handle it I have a couple questions though Analog 2 Digital Video Converter - since this convertor comes with some editing software called DivX - which I already know I don t want to use can I still Analog 2 Digital Video Converter capture video with it Analog 2 Digital Video Converter and edit in Ulead Also what am I sacrificing here since the price is so much lower than other models Picture quality Transfer speed Is another product worth paying the extra cash for Thanks for your help much appreciated from a video editing novice Oh one more question The Plextor site says that this devise quot automatically compresses into the MPEG- Video CD or MPEG- DVD format while it is being recorded to your PC saving you lots of time and hard disk space quot Well that s great but I import AVI files to Ulead now so is MPEG- going to work in Ulead nbsp

A:Analog 2 Digital Video Converter


Well, I for one am not terribly familiar with video editing nowadays, ,but I can answer a couple of the questions that you have asked. :giddy:

about the Plextor:
This is a quick overview/review of the product, ,and based on the description it looks like youo will be getting MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 regardless when you convert using this product.

As for Different products, I'm really not to sure. The general assumption is that you get what you pay for, but tis is not always true. Nowadays with technology so fast and rampant, good things do come at inexpensive prices if you can find them. Now for some questions...
Picture quality? Transfer speed?

We'll start with transfer speed. The brief review cites a USB 2.0 interface. While this is a pretty fast way to transfer files, it's really not optimal for large streams of data. I wuld suggest looking into a Firewire (IEEE 1394) capable version of this Plextor, or any brand for that matter Video Converter if your computer motherboard has the option. If your motherboard does not support Firewire, and you have an extra PCI slot, grab a ten dollar IEEE 1394 interface card and get rolling!

As for picture quality, the initial conversion would be very high, ,since it would be DVD quality. The problem lies in converting to AVI so that you can edit it using Ulead. Basically the more times you convert something, ,the lower the quality goes... and you can only convert upwards in quality based on the highest quality capable in the current file. That statement i a little cryptic, so here's an example: I have a 362KBps bit rate MP3, but it takes up waaay to much space. I convert it down to a 128KBps and save me some crazy space. However, now that it's been nerfed to 128, the other data that was in the 362KBps file is now gone, and while I can technically convert back to 362 with my 128 file, the quality will not sound any better because it's missing data, and missing quality.

This example also answers your third question. You can convert so yo can use an AVI in your Ulead, but quality loss may become an issue. In addition, uuncompressing will take up a ton of harddrive space, so be sure to have a massive drive if you plan to do this. Most film editor people that I know won't stand for less than 200 GB nowadays, as real estate is precious when video editing.

Hope you found some of this useful! and good luck with your projects! :grinthumb
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My 89-year-old father-in-law got a 24-inch wide screen monitor and I am having trouble finding a resolution that works well for him. The problem is that many of the resolutions produce text and icons that seem to have some blurred pixels, making them unclear and difficult to read.

The two video cards we've used so far are analog only and I'm wondering if a digital card might clear this blurred pixel look. The video cards we've tried was first his old one which had no resolutions for wide screen and then an new analog nVidia FX5500. I hate to buy a card just to find it has no effect on the problem.

The resolution that is proper for his 89-year-old eyes as far as the size of the icons and size of type in the menus is 960 x 600.

Other suggestions welcome.

A:Video card has digital & analog--what difference will I see between them?
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I think of a digital picture as being so-may pixels high and so-many pixels wide. Scan lines is something I associate with analog devices.

Now I'm seeing digital camcorders that are designated NTSC. I fully understand NTSC uses scan lines and, to me, this analog protocol is foreign to my understanding of a digital camera.

I thought that with the advent of digital television, scan lines were supposed to become relegated to antiquity. Why not the same with digital camcorders?

How do I reconcile these seemingly incompatible formats?

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Hey guys

First of all: This is my first post here and I?m really happy to have found a site that might help me with my problems. ( I really love your tutorial section )

Now my problem:

I was used to be able to use the digital as well as the analog output of my soundcard at the same time. (Soundcard is an onboard one with the AC?97 sound chip).

But now running vista I can only use one.

(Sorry for the german language)

Either I choose the analog output to be "standard" (then it has the green tick) or the digital output..

Only the one chosen works then.

Is there any way to get both working simultainiously?
Thanks a lot


A:Windows Vista Audio => Digital and Analog

Welcome Maxi,

I'm glad you love the tutorials. Feel free to post one of a tip you have as well.

I do not think you can have both. It is pretty much a one or the other option. You can go into you "Realtek Audio Manager" in the Control Panel (Classic View) and make audio quality adjustments in the advanced options.

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Have a lot of old Cassette Tape recordings and before these are lost forever I would like to download these to my hard-drive and hence to CD as required.
Does anyone have experience of the procedure involved?. I have my stereo system interfaced to my sound-card and use it as my computer sound system but I am not sure of procedure to make this work in reverse or indeed if an analog tape can be made into a digital recording. Would welcome any advice on this subject.


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I've got a Dell Latitude D600 with an ATI Mobility Radeon sound card, and I'm interested in digitally capturing audio signal from both some analog tapes (what other kind of signal could it be but analog, right?) and maybe some vinyl albums. It that process just as simple as locating the audio output jack and hooking that into my sound card input?

I've noted some reference to a freeware program (Audacity). Is that something that would help me with this process? Someone suggested that Windows Media Player could also accomplish this. Is this easier (or harder) than I'm trying to make it?

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Hi everyone, New to the forums.

Everything was fine when I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 until upgraded to latest nVidia driver for my 8500GT - the problem is that randomly every 10 to 40 minutes (varies greatly) there is an error sound and my monitor goes to power saving mode. If I then press the "source" button and switch to analog (both analog and DVI are connected to one monitor) then I can see whats going on but the resolution is all wrong. and it keeps switching back and forth between the two at random intervals - very annoying as you can imagine.
*I have tried rolling back the driver - same problem.
*I have tried completely removing the 8500GT from the device manager, restarting, and reinstalling it. Letting windows choose the most appropriate driver - Same problem occurs.

any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

A:W7U/x64 + nVidia8500GT Random switching from Digital to analog

Animus1539, welcome to the Seven Forums.

First thing would be to roll back the driver update. Unless the driver update addresses a problem you may be having, I would just leave it alone.


both analog and DVI are connected to one monitor

Stupid question time, but why? Use one or the other, not both.
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I've had my eye on the 17" Samsung Syncmaster 740 LCD monitor. I can get the 740N (analog only) for about $65 cheaper than the 740B including a DVI cable. Is a digital connection really that much better? I've read comments in both camps - some say the difference is like night and day, others say signal conversion is now good enough that you can hardly tell the difference.

I use my computer for gaming and photography, but not DVDs (why bother when the video card is hooked up to the TV?). And the vid card has a DVI input. Any opinions? Thanks.

A:LCD digital vs analog: is DVI worth the extra cash?

It is your eyes that will be looking at the picture..

Analog VGA over a long low quality cable can look very bad, but you may also not be able to tell the difference in better circumstances. The DAC in your video card may be really low quality, you may be using interference-prone resolutions, the ADC in the monitor may be pure crap.. there's a lot of variables.

The only way to be sure is to try
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I'm trying to find a way to get my daughters videos onto DVDs. Her old camcorder is a SONY CCD-TRV46. My camcorder is a digital Canon VIXIA HF M300. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to connect these camcorders so I can get her films in a format so I can burn them to DVDs using my iMac 10.6.8?

Not sure what info would be necessary for any help, but even another site where I might be able to find out if this is possible would be helpful.


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My WMP has been working just fine. Suddenly it won't play my CD's. I receive the error message that it can't read in Digital mode, switch to Analog, then when I try that it still won't work. I've tried reinstalling, all my audio drivers are updated, to no avail. Is there someway to totally delete WMP and reinstall? I don't see it in my Add/Remove Program List. Thanks!
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When I was building my system a year ago from now I made a small mistake, I bought a analog monitor (D-sub) because it was cheap, the monitor is fine but I would like to put a graphics card in it at some point and most don't have a analog output.

My motherboard supports Lucid Virtu which is a program that switches between the integrated graphics (HD 3000) and the graphics card depending on the situation. You keep your monitor plugged into the motherboard not the graphics card (I think).

I can buy the Gigabyte GTX 650 2GB which has a D-sub connector, but I would like something a bit more powerful. So I though I could plug something like a 560 Ti in with no analog output and the Lucid virtu could convert it to analog.

Would this work?

A:Solved: Does Lucid Virtu convert digital to analog?

you need one of these
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We recently purchased a HP Expresscard Digital/Analog Tv Tuner Card (SN: 439130-002,  P/N 438587-002). The CD that comes with the hardware is not working. I've manage to download the drivers from the HP website but it didn't come with an application to scan for TV channels. Is there any software to do this, if yes, Kindly let me know how you can get me a copy of it. Best regardsEmmanuel
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I just installed a TV tuner, but I can only pick up a single digital provider, that's 6 digital services (specificly BBC on frequency 546 MHz), and with analog I get all 4 channels but with very poor reciption. I have tried to connect my television using the same coaxel cable and same connection point in my house and my television has excelent analog picture and picks up 20 digital channels (I'm not sure how many providers that is spread over or what frequencies they are) so I conclude it's a problem with the card.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Motherboard: Asus P5KC
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4 GHz)
Tuner: Leadtek WinFast DTV2000 H

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
TV: WinFast PVR2 - (2007/8/15)
Tuner Driver: (64bit) (2007/1/18) Windows Vista 64 bit WHQLed driver
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I want to set up the box to use an older (Vista) computer solely for TV recording.
When trying to get MCE to recognize the signals from the box's remote control, none of the 13 code numbers work, nor does the manual process.
Although the setup states that the MCE remote may be used, the codes do not work with it, either.
I can get the analog channels, without the box, so MCE is OK, and the box worked a couple of weeks ago (on another computer), so I do not appear to have a defective box.
Oh yes, new batteries in the remote.
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Basically what i want to do burn old video tapes onto CDs/DVDs and also if possible burn 'live' feed from Analog Camcorder to CDs/DVDs.

If you have a product in mind let me know, i am in Canada.

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I purchesed a conversion box a few years for Hardware Analog Converting What to Digital? Video Tape ago for about and never used it even once before I was fool enough to loan it to someone who moved hundreds of miles away who also says now he doesn t have it It was an ADS What Hardware for Converting Analog Video Tape to Digital? Tech box I don t remember the model Now I m up against the task of buying another and I want some advice on what to choose how why to choose and what features specifications to look for I ll be converting What Hardware for Converting Analog Video Tape to Digital? some old VHS and Hi to a digital format and I understand there are devices that have different rates megs per minute I guess FPS and color depth I ve seen some What Hardware for Converting Analog Video Tape to Digital? cheapies on e-bay for under dollars but it seems too cheap to do the job Surely there are plenty of gotcha s in one that cheap I saw this one at ADSTech com http www adstech com products USBAV- -EF intro USBAV intro asp pid USBAV- -EF Would it be as good for my limited needs as this one http www adstechnologies com index php main page product info amp cPath amp products id Then there are these one with and one without software and http www adstech com products API- -EFS intro API- intro asp pid API- -EFS https www adstechnologies com index php main page product info amp cPath amp products id Advice and technical understanding will be appreciated nbsp

A:What Hardware for Converting Analog Video Tape to Digital?

Since its VHS and Hi8 you don't need anything too expensive for more than 720x480 (or 576) capture. Because Hi8 is good quality, I would probably go with the $90 device since it looks like it does harware conversion as a stand-alone, whereas the cheaper option relies on the computer's transport and processing power. That's an important consideration when using USB 2.0 as the transport protocol in both cases. With hardware conversion outside of the computer, it can be fed down the USB cable as a digital file at leisure, but if the raw video is just converted and fed down the USB cable, there's a chance either quality will suffer or frames will get dropped if the USB transport speed is not consistently fast enough to handle all the data.

To utilize the power of the computer its usually best to get a PCI capture card, thereby bypassing the bottleneck that USB 2.0 can impose.
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I have a KWorld MCE201 capture card which had been an aging but still important part of my Win XP home theater PC. Specs here:

I upgraded the PC to Win 7 Home Premium x64 and I'm struggling to get this card functioning, mostly due to driver issues.

The XP drivers I have fail to install, even with Admin privileges and running under compatibility mode.

I finally resorted to using one of those driver services (drivermax) and it seems like the drivers were accepted, but the card still fails to function and provide a video signal. There are no error messages related to this card under device manager anymore.

Any one else with a Conexant Cx23880 Video/Audio Decoder + Conexant Cx23416 MPEG-2 video and audio encoder card running on Win 7?

A:Older analog to digital converter card not working, Conexant 2388x

Be aware that a 64 bit OS must use 64 bit drivers exclusively. There is no provision of any kind for using 32 bit drivers in a 64 bit OS. There are technical reasons why this is necessary.
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Yesterday, while ripping a CD using WMP9, it stopped. It gave me an error message (that I didn't write down and now can't replicate) about the computer having changed something automatically in the devices menu and it changed it from digital to analog. Now, the computer is not recognizing any CD's I put into the drive (even from the d:/ drive in My Computer) and neither iTunes or WMP is not recognizing that there is a CD in there either. Also, when a CD is in the drive, the light is flashing yellow, but it ejects just fine.

How do I fix this?
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I have a ton of old cassette tapes of conversations and parties that I want to make MP s of before they bite it just for nostalgia The original quality is amateur and crummy and some are beat up and decades old But I m not looking to tweak the sound now only to create a digital set that retains all existing audio data and volume When I say quot retains all quot I don t mean to the extent of saving in a big lossless format However I ll be using Audacity and will also keep the raw aup versions of a few in case I do want to voice Solved: digital: Ancient to options advice? Quality analog tapes tweak someday Q I m thinking recording in kbps khz mono will be more than enough to Solved: Ancient analog voice tapes to digital: Quality options advice? duplicate the existing quality Those parameters even sound ok to me on other talk recordings like podcasts And I m guessing anything higher better would just be a waste of space in this Solved: Ancient analog voice tapes to digital: Quality options advice? case Q If I do make mono recordings would using my laptop s internal microphone jack with a standard mm audio cable be just as good as using the stereo line-in jack on my desktop PC If it Solved: Ancient analog voice tapes to digital: Quality options advice? doesn t matter the laptop would be a lot more convenient I made a couple test recordings the above way and I think they sound the same as the originals However I didn t and would rather not take the time to do more extensive comparison tests e g also making stereo versions and versions of higher quality moving them around to listen on good audio equipment etc I m assuming that given the crappy mono originals it couldn t really matter -- that later tweaking could of course but not the capture part beyond kbps anyway Thanks much for any guidance nbsp

A:Solved: Ancient analog voice tapes to digital: Quality options advice?
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Thought if anything, I probably wouldnt be able to connect- go and figure - I can connect, just cant hear the darn thing connect nor a dial tone, but I'm definately connecting @ 50.7kbps....speaker selctor is switched-on in both modem and audio stages-what do i need to do to get the modem (analog/dial-up) to become audible?

Many thanks in advance

A:analog dial-up modem works super, but I can't hear the bloody thing dial-up!
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I just bought a new pc with a flat digital monitor and GeForce 5200 card. The guy at the store said I should connect both the regular VGA cable and the DVI cable (although I don't see why).

Here's the problem:

When I go into the Nvidia interface it seems that there are more settings for the analog monitor than for the digital. For instance, the analog settings allow for greater resolution. When I set the digital settings at a resolution of 1280x1024 - the screen has flickering spots. And the refresh rate on the digital monitor is fixed at 60 hertz while the analog allows the choice of 60, 70, 72 or 75

My question is did I waste money for the more expensive DVI? Is there a noticeable difference between the two? Am I missing something in the setup?Why do the analog settings offer more options?


Pentium 4
Windows XP Home
512 RAM
GeForce 5200
AOC Flat DVI Monitor

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Hi, what type of LCD monitor should i get?
DVI or Analog? I've heard that the DVI creates a better, crisper image.
Can anyone confirm this?


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Hello and thanks in advance,

I just saw a pretty good deal on a new computer with a 17" monitor. The monitor is analog. I don't know the difference between an analog and a digital monitor. ... Is an analog monitor good enough? Is a digital monitor much better?

(I will be doing basic things -- spreadsheets, and accounting software -- and not intensive graphics work.)

Thanks again ... RB

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I changed my computer's screen resolution. All of a sudden, i get an error message: Analog out of range 74.1 Khz / 60 Khz whenever i boot my computer (after the log on screen) what do i do to fix this ? I'm running LINUX-Ubuntu so going safe mode and changing the resolution there won't work - help?

A:Analog error message on my LG monitor !

Pulling out your motherboard battery (after you unplug power cord) may set your bios back to a default setting that will allow your monitor to operate again. Good Luck. (Wait about thirty seconds before you replace battery).
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I can find many references to problems with quot analog out of range quot but none with answers that have worked for me Scenario I have an Intel G video card in a Dell Dimension B I know I know crappy computer non-upgradable video card PCI only However that notwithstanding I have an LG TQ quot widescreen monitor that I hooked up about two weeks ago It worked fine for about a week and then all of a sudden when I start my computer I get past the BIOS screen and Analog - LG Out Of Monitor Range... Solved: then it all goes black and up pops a blue dialogue Solved: LG Monitor - Analog Out Of Range... box that says quot analog out of range - Khz Hz quot and then nothing If I shutdown and go into Safe Mode and then to device manager there is NO monitor at all If I shut back down and hook Solved: LG Monitor - Analog Out Of Range... up a Dell quot LCD monitor it detects as a standard plug and pray Solved: LG Monitor - Analog Out Of Range... and works fine I updated ALL of my drivers and then got this cool idea to disable the small Dell monitor I restarted thus creating a second plug and pray Dell monitor I updated one of them using the LG driver and then disabled the other Dell monitor leaving ONLY the LG widescreen available I shut down and reconnected the widescreen I started up and it worked beautifully until I restarted my computer and then back to the quot analog out of range quot error I have been through this several times - if I update the LG driver and then disable the Dell pnp and restart the widescreen works fine until I shut it down and restart it The LG widescreen works fine on other Dell computers so I feel fairly sure that the monitor is fine it is only two months old Any idea what else I might try or what the problem may be Thanks in advance nbsp

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I just bought this Acer - S Series quot Widescreen Flat-Panel LED Monitor - S HL It supports VGA DVI and HDMI I but DVI, up hooked via New Win7 analog? Monitor says updated my specs I have it hooked up using the DVI cable rather than the HDMI because I didnt feel like looking for my HDMI gt Mini HDMI adapter plus at only x hz there wouldn't be any difference anyways right I don't plan to use HDCP stuff right now so Anyway hopefully this doesn't really mean anything and well the display looks incredible to be honsest but this is what I see that bothers me http i photobucket com albums y X TI DVI jpg It says Analog just for kicks I updated reintalled the driver makes no difference it always says 'Analog' next to the panel model Does this matter Should I dig out my adapter to use HDMI to be sure I'm getting the best quality possible Thanks for any help I'm usually decent with this stuff but this is just a bit confusing I can't imagine why it would say Analog

A:New Monitor hooked up via DVI, but Win7 says analog?

I have the exact same monitor and it shows the same thing. It is likely a typo/misprint in the driver INF, which if you're feeling real adventurous you can try and find the line in the INF for it and change it manually. And no it doesn't affect how the monitor works or is detected, just in how it is listed in Device Manager and Windows display settings.
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I have just bought a new card for my pc. Its an XFX 7900GS 256MB (PCI EXPRESS)

It has two DVI outputs. My monitor has both analog and DVI connections

When I connect my new card via the DVI cable, my monitor doesn't turn on.

However when I use the monitor analog cable and use the dvi to analog converter my monitor works fine.

Previously I had an NVIDIA 6200TC card and it was connected to my monitor via a dvi cable with no problems

EDIT: I have connected the monitor to my other computer which has an NVIDIA 6600 256MB via a DVI cable and it works with that computer too.

Is the problem the Monitor or the Card?

A:Monitor only turns on using Analog cable.

Well if it works with another DVI card then it likely isn't the monitor. Will the monitor litterally not turn on (as in, no power light, no nothing) or will it simply not recieve signal or display something?
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I have a 1994 Sony Handycam . I was going to unload it because I thought I could not transfer video from the Handycam to my PC. Then I happened upon a site that said:

"It is perfect for transferring your 8mm videos to DVD or VHS, PC or Laptop, or just viewing them. To transfer to DVD recorder or VHS, just use the included AV cable. To transfer to computer, you will need a video converter (analog to digital) such as the ones made by Dazzle(cheap on Ebay)."

So if this information is correct, I have two questions. One-which converter would work with my Handycam and PC (details below). Two-where would be a good place on internet to find one.

If any video experts out there have some info/suggestions I would be very grateful

PC info: Emachines T5226, Windows Vista
Handycam info: CCD TR82

A:Solved: Analog to Digital converter for video transfer: Handycam Video 8 CCD TR82 to

I decided to go with Diamond VC500 One Touch Video Capture Device. It has the hardware I need to hook my camcorder up to my computer (A/V to USB cable), plus it has video editing software.
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i have an audigy 2 zs card and i like to listen to music on my computer. basically, what would be the best way to listen to my cds? digitally? or using the analog cable? pros/cons?

what would sound best? i am going for more of an "lp warm sound."

thanks for any info.

A:Question concerning "enable digital cd audio.." or regular old analog

Digital is the best. Always select the digital. It reads the data digitally off the cd and sends it out digitally through the flatcable at the back of the drive and through the MB to the soundcard where it is converted to Analog. Analog mode is read digitally off the CD, converted to analog by who knows how cheap of a converter(probably less that 20 cents worth of parts), sent to the sound card over 2 thin wires (subject to electrical noise inside the case) connected to the inputs of the anaglog output section of the soundcard directly. Usually some hiss is heard with the latter method.

And you won't need that "CD audio to soundcard cable" if you go digital mode.
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Hello: I hope someone can help me out. Here is the subject my fathers laptop Toshiba Satellite A60-SP159 video card ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7000 IGP in display configuration do have 1- multiple monitors as default but the 2-multiple monitors options should have analog tv option but it says default plug and play and default at monitor 2 options how can i add without the video card drivers cd the analog tv option for me to see desktop on any tv with rca video in?

A:s-video analog tv monitor type problem

hmm my toshiba goes something like this...Display properties...settings....advanced...display device...battery just died on it so I can't test it.Need a new power cord,stuck using one that has 1/2 the req amps so its a little hard on it. Good Luck Hmm just reread your post maybe you can download drivers from the toshiba website
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Lately i changed my computer's screen resolution (Linux ubuntu) all of a sudden the screen goes black, with the error message "Analog out of range 74.1 Khz / 60 Khz" in the middle. I can access the log-in screen, but after that its nothing. Does anybody know how i could fix this? help much appreciated!

A:Analog out of range error message on my monitor

Did you try pushing the monitor pass it limit of RES?
Did you try changing out the Video card or overclocking it?
Did you change something in the OS driver for Video?

Pretty much that's the cause of why you see that message.
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I just bought a new dell XPS 400 desktop with a Dell E196FP monitor. I've had it for 2 days and have been battling headaches the whole time I've been using the monitor. I'm sensitive to refresh rates and getting migraines. This is the first LCD monitor I've used other than my laptops that I use all the time.

I was told to use a DVI cable instead of the analog cable. My video card has that connection but it doesn't look like the monitor does. Any ideas or am I just stuck with analog?

Is there anything else I can change with the monitor that might help? I keep seeing on the web that the refresh rate on LCDs is not the same technology as the CRTs and its not that helpful with this issue.



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i have a Acer Aspire M5800-U5802A and on start up i went into its settings by pressing delete.

i set the settings to default and now i cant see anything on the monitor.

so i attached my desktop to my hdtv and it auto synced with it fixing the problem both on the monitor and hdtv (hooked up seperatly)

but then i went back to the same settings while booting up computer i pressed delete and it opened up a list of options that i reset to default.

now its black again, both on my hdtv and monitor.

my question is; is there a way i can get my desktop to auto sync with my hdtv or monitor so that it can recognize it?

computer is fine and not broken, no beep problem no ram problem just a settings problem.

id appreciate any help. thanks.

A:Solved: analog power saving mode LG Monitor

im going to try and use another monitor tomorrow and see if it automaticcaly syncs and resets the settings so something shows up on the monitor. looks like im on my own.
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I have used the Western Digital Passport GB External drive to sync up my Dell Dimension hard disk also a Western Digital Unfortunately as it seems Digital Western sync - and Copy in Passport please help function now I have used the quot Sync quot option to get all the data on the external hard drive My Dell Dimension hard disk drive got corrupted and I am not able to use it as a secondary drive Copy and sync function in Western Digital Passport - please help as well to retrive the data the system is not recognising it during bootup My only option is to use the synchronized data in the external drive to retrieve the data However when I try to sync the data from the external HD into the new internal HD I get an error message saying that the disks not match not the same disk where I had synced the data from Is there any way I can work around this Would appreciate any help I had contacted Western Digital as well they say that the SyncData function should not be used as a backup mechanism nbsp

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I have this 'Intel GMA 4500M' video card. I am trying to connect it to my analogue TV. It has a VGA output on the laptop which would mean it would send an analog signal. I have to connect it to the TV through an VGA to RCA adapter on the TV. When I plug it into the TV with a vga to rca connector I do NOT get a picture. So I really don't know if it doesn't support analog or if I'm using the wrong adapter. Is there an analog signal coming out of the video card?

It says on the WEB it also supports dvi but i don't know if that's DVI-D, DVI-I or DVI-A.

Laptop is toshiba L305 S5933

I haven't been able to get my question answered on Google so I am asking here.

A:Will My Intel GMA 4500M Integrated Video card send an analog signal to my analog TV
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About six months ago while playing WOW my monitor went black and lost monitor signal Strange with problem shutting and analog losing down. its analog signal My first thoughts were that it had simply overheated as the fan on the power supply had Strange problem with monitor losing analog signal and shutting down. gone out a while back I could reboot the computer and it would work for a bit lt anywhere from minutes to an hour gt then black out Strange problem with monitor losing analog signal and shutting down. again I replaced the Strange problem with monitor losing analog signal and shutting down. power supply Booted the computer worked fine for a few hours went back on WOW and black out again Next I replaced the video card nope still would go black and lose the analog signal So I finally figured it must be the monitor so I replaced the monitor This seemed to work fine I had no problems for about four months I have NOT been on WOW for four months other than a few quick log ins The first monitor that I thought had a problem I kept I have since tried it on other machines and it blacks out on other machines as well so I was convinced that I had fixed the problem I went on WOW earlier this week and all was well I ran a raid and everything seemed fine Last night however black out again Same thing as the first monitor I am stumped here because the first monitor does not work on ANY machine now Is there anything that the motherboard can be doing that actually damages the analog signal to the monitors and breaks them It is not the video card that too was replaced Is there anyway that WOW can actually break a monitor That just sounds kinda far fetched to me Any ideas would be appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Strange problem with monitor losing analog signal and shutting down.

What is your GPU, and mobo?
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Before you ask yes I did contact WB Digital Copy support several times and they were no help at all I have been trying to the Phoenix digital MP3 Can't my Player copy Samsung of Order my to sync of sync my mobile version of the free digital copy Can't sync my digital copy of Order of the Phoenix to my Samsung MP3 Player of Harry Potter amp the Order of the Phoenix to my Samsung MP Player for months The file for some reason says it can Can't sync my digital copy of Order of the Phoenix to my Samsung MP3 Player t be synced but WB Digital copy support says it should be able to I ve got Windows Media Player and the Can't sync my digital copy of Order of the Phoenix to my Samsung MP3 Player player I have Samsung T- IS a Plays for Sure player It acts like it syncs but then it gets an error I m not sure what to do Media Usage Rights Info You do not have the rights to play this file Collaborative play for this file is not allowed This file can not be burned I can understand THIS one This file can not be synchronized But this is the mobile one and it is supposed to be able to be transferred to portable media devices EXCLUDING the iPod The Media Usage rights for this file can not be backed up What confuses me is the can t be synced -- but this is the mobile version specifically designed for syncing to a portable media device Sorry if I repeated myself there nbsp
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everytime i use the flamethrower it points towards the ground and not at the enemy, its getting on my nerves plz help

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I use Google Chrome at both my office and home I honestly had no idea about what google chrome sync is or does I logged on from work simply to check Gmail emails and once I home Chrome pc work on Sync . shows Search up Google from did that it just automatically logged me on to my chrome account A few days later Google Chrome Sync . Search from home shows up on work pc I am home using my google chrome on my personal computer and a site gets visited that is not appropriate for work The less said the better but I m sure you all know what i mean The following day at work I log on to chrome and sure enough right under the search engine is a box with the site I visited the night before at hime Sure enough it appears on my search engine at work I deleted the browsing history and cache and then disconnected my username from the work chrome account and created a new one for work Should I still be looking for a new job Would the search history have disappeared when I disconnected the account Can the search history be found even if the computer was never physically used to search nbsp
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Hey, This is happening and no bios, anything, all I get is Intel logo on the bottom right then a blank screen, tried a few hds. anyone know what could be up? Thanks for any help

A:dell pp20L starts, shows Intel logo in corner then not a thing

Could be a lot of things such as flaky motherboard, scrambled CMOS settings, got wet, bad RAM, zapped (static or surge), dropped, ...
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I have just installed aoe2 and the conquers expansion pact on my 2 pcs, and patched them both.

When I go to play a multiplayer game it will work for a few minutes and then It will kick us off saying that the game is out of sync. When i had win 98 2nd edition on the pcs I never had that problem.

I have read post after post but have not seen to many fixes for it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this??


A:game out of sync

hey, with XP, there is a built in firewall, try and disable that, both in your computer(s) and if you have router, in that as well.

when i first heard game out of sync, it sounds kind of like 'connection interrupted(CI's)' where you and the server(game host) have lost connection with each other. what kind of internet connection do you have, and if you download and play that soaks up bandwidth and can inhibit 'CI's"
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My WD600bb HD (60GB supposedly) Only shows 33.8 GB total. I formatted, fdisked, used the WD utility, and it didnt change anything. What can I try? It works great other than that!

A:Western Digital WD600bb shows less than it should

Depending on which os you`re running will determin how much of the harddrive will be recognised.

I.E Windows 98 only shows about 33gig while 2000 and xp with the correct service pack installed will show all of it.

Regards Howard :grinthumb