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Speakers not using 5.1 when watching/listening to movies/music

Q: Speakers not using 5.1 when watching/listening to movies/music

My speakers are Logitech Surround Speaker Z506 and motherboard gigabyte z68x-ud5-b3.

I havent got a soundcard but I'm wondering why i cant use 5.1? and what sort of plugins/codecs i need for it? it used to work for my old machine using realtek HD and all 5 speakers work but for some reason my newer machine doesnt work, anyone can help or lead me to find a solution?

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Preferred Solution: Speakers not using 5.1 when watching/listening to movies/music

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Speakers not using 5.1 when watching/listening to movies/music

What media player are you using and does it support Dolby 5.1?
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I just bought these I will return them if need be so don t pamper me http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Question one these Questions about computer speakers speakers plug into my old jack front speaker port on my mobo should I use the center sub-woofer port instead Should I have bought some kind of HDMI or SDPIF speakers instead If so how much better are they My video card nvidia has extra hdmi ports my Questions about computer speakers mobo has a spdif port Should I buy sound card speaker combo Is my mobo and or video card just as good as a good sound card Should I download some software to compliment my new speakers Do I need to change any settings on my computer to take advantage of them In the control panel should I up the quot quality quot from bit hz studio Virturilze sound Boost enhance Will loudness equalization hurt my coolness nvidia g gaming http www newegg com Product Produ e nvidia g gaming- - - - - -Product Mobo z m pro http www newegg com Product Produ amp cm re z m pro - - - - - -Product p s my old speakers were like years old I don t even see where to adjust the bass p s s I use my speakers for music and gaming ps was trying to spend on a speaker upgrade flac is wow nbsp
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I just didn't know where else to post this question.

I'm hearing H.A.M. operators,or people using C.B. radios ( not sure which) over my PC speakers. It's not real loud.I have to put a speaker up to my ear to hear what their saying,and turning the volume up or down has no effect. But. It's like a mosquito
buzzing in my ear.It's very irritating,and I just want it to go away. Please,somebody tell me how to make it go away. Maybe you know of a filter I can buy or something.
Thanks in advance. CB.
EDIT; A few hours later.
I was wrong about the volume control having no effect. I had my remote device ( part of my speaker system) turned way down..
Problems still the same though. In fact their yaking up a storm right now. Wouldn't be so bad if they had something worth saying LOL

A:Picking up HAM or CB talk over PC speakers

I've had this with my TV in the past. It stopped after a few days, so it wasn't major. Anyways, the only stuff i know that can stop radio interference, is a type of wire mesh (sometimes like silk)

Apart from that, i'm not too sure.
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I m writing this post because this was asked so many internal speakers together your Make external & laptop play times over but nobody seems to have come up with a good answer People suggested Make your laptop internal & external speakers play together some trials of paid programs but that Make your laptop internal & external speakers play together s not really an everyman solution I don t know on how many machines my workaround will work depends on the audio chip I m going to tell you how to do this in foobar My system is Win I think that this will work only if you see something like this in your Playback devices right-click windows audio icon amp select from menu to launch it So if the headphone output is not quot Ready quot when nothing is plugged into it you will maybe be able to use the HDMI output if you feel adventurous or for that matter any output that you have You possibly have no idea why I m talking about that but this will be clear after reading through the rest of my little manual ------------------- download amp install foobar here http www foobar org download play around with it of you don t know the player download amp install the latest ASIO ALL here http www asio all com leave all install options default download ASIO support for foobar http www foobar org components view foo out asio double-click it fb k will install it automatically go to foobar file- gt preferences- gt output- gt asio Check if asio all is visible at the top list You can use the x driver requires foobar restart Add a new channel mapping Don t change the name you won t need it anyway click quot configure quot ASIO ALL window will pop up Enable advanced settings bottom right now there s the icky tricky part Click the next to all and enable all the outputs that you like sometimes the HDMI output is also there What you really need is sth like quot internal speakers out quot and quot HpOut quot On my computer Dell Inspiron R it looks like this IF YOU CAN T SEE TWO OUTPUT DEVICES HERE YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT BE ABLE TO DO THIS Sorry everything depends on how your soundcard handles it maybe connecting the headphones will make it appear Try around Click quot cancel quot this was for other outputs to appear Click quot Add new quot Rename it to quot int ext quot or whatever Map lt channel name gt to the Left channel and lt channel name gt to Right you can play with that even build a faux surround with a bit of luck Play test signals if you re not sure where each channel should be On my machine it s like that Click OK Apply then restart fb k and go to file- gt preferences- gt output Select the output ASIO int ext Click OK Play your favorite piece of audio If you did everything correctly you should hear all the outputs together Meaning your internal speakers and the jack-connected headphones or speakers The sound will work ONLY fb k you will have to stop the music to use any other program that outputs sound ASIO overrides Windows output Most music files will work The method is transferable to any program that can support ASIO Leave some feedback if it worked for you Or if it didn t anything s good nbsp

A:Make your laptop internal & external speakers play together

Props to OP - I've found a somewhat related hassle-free solution for desktops with Realtek Audio.

In the settings, you can 'disable front jack detection'. Therefore, speakers connected to the rear panel won't stop when you plug something else in the front.
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I have a Vista Home Premium bit pc sp I have an audio problem The audio usually works perfect This is the second time in monts external sound from No speakers that for some reason it just doesn t get thru the speakers Although they sound like they are working perfect I have external speakers and the LED light is on to show the power is on If I turn the speaker on off it appears the sound is excellent On the speaker icon in the taskbar there is no red line through it All volumes appear fine When I right click speaker icon left click playback devices there is one icon quot speakers quot Realtek High Definition Audio checkmarked quot working quot Everything on the bottom is greyed out There is no yellow warnings under device manager When I click on sound it says quot Realtek High Definition Audio quot Right clicking for properities bring up the device is working properly The light is lit on my networks card is that what it s called My sister used the headphones a few days ago and said No sound from external speakers there hasn t been sound since although when I plugged them in there was no sound thru the headphones OR the speakers Speakers ARE working Attached is the DxDiag file My sister thanks you a million in advance for any instructions we can follow nbsp
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I went back to a restore point .Now I have no playback device other than my headset . It has sound on my headset but not through the speakers.and this comp. has a built in speaker and used to play, when I go to device manager under sound,I see my headset and 4 Nvidia High Definition Audio nothing wrong with any of it..I tried to update the drivers but it said they were all updated ... what am I missing?

A:Sound from headset but not speakers

List any Problem devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so
Generate and attach a DirectX report

Click Start->Run, enter dxdiag and click OK
===> If you?re running 32 bit Windows, dxdiag will launch on its own
===> If you?re running 64 bit Windows, you?ll see 64-bit DxDiag. Click it to launch the 64-bit version of dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save as a text file to your Desktop
Attach it to your next post by clicking the Upload a File button
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I have scoured the from computer, sounds" can speakers "computing my hear my through I internet for a solution to this and have found nothing First my dxdiag is attached I have had this issue for over a year now and I am getting fed up If I put my ear to my pc I can hear computer noises coming from it I can not compare it to another sound as there is nothing else to compare it too it just sounds like my CPU or Hard Drive thinking That doesnt bother me though I expect my computer to make some noise HOWEVER I dont expect to hear it in my speakers too I have a lot of speakers and a lot of headphones no they are not I can hear "computing sounds" from my computer, through my speakers the problem Right now I am using a knappenberger tube hooked up to a GK MB just cuz I can When I plug in any speakers I can hear the CPU sound through them regardless of the volume level I can turn the speaker all the way down and yet the sound will come through This leads me to believe I can hear "computing sounds" from my computer, through my speakers it is a grounding issue or electrical to some degree I would like to try physically grounding my case to see if it would eliminate this God awful feedback However I can not find a guide as to I can hear "computing sounds" from my computer, through my speakers the best way to do this or any other suggestions So here I am Help me and earn my eternal gratitude Some notes If I unplug all of my cables except power and the speaker cable I still hear it if I plug in my speaker cable to my monitor instead of my PC I still hear it Front port still hear it I have yet to try a different sound card as I dont have one Once I find one I will update nbsp

A:I can hear "computing sounds" from my computer, through my speakers

Checked some settings in the Bios, noticed the sound isnt there while navigating it. Static started once windows loaded. Maybe it is some sort of issue with the hard drive
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Hello friends
i am unable to get sound from the external speakers , when the speaker jack is connected to the cpu i hear sound from the internal speakers, how do i get my external speakers working


A:Unable to hear from the hear external speakers

shiv said:

Hello friends
i am unable to get sound from the external speakers , when the speaker jack is connected to the cpu i hear sound from the internal speakers, how do i get my external speakers working

ShivClick to expand...

How about some more info about your system man?
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Hey all

My I-trigue speakers gave up the ghost the other day, so I bought a 2nd hand set of Creative A250 2.1 speakers from ebay for ten quid. These arrived this morning. I unboxed them to discover they were brand new: all the original packing, sticky labels, and box itself untouched. Impressed, I wired them up, plugged them in.... result was appalling. Deep hum as soon as I switched the speakers on by their rotating on/off/vol switch located on the right hand speaker. I have ensured all are correctly connected; checked the volume levels; ensured there is plenty of space between speakers etc to no avail. This kicks off immediately the speakers are switched on at the lowest possible volume.

Any suggestions gratefully received. I am running an Alienware X51.

A:Awful feedback coming from speakers

If you have a microphone connected, disconnect it or disable it and see what happens. If that isn't the problem, return the speakers.
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I am creating a small demo software wherein 4 simple mono-audio speakers need to be connected to my laptop, the main program, written in Java will play audio from one of the speakers depending on the input cue.

How do I go about achieving this? Any tips, hints most appreciated.


A:Connecting multiple speakers to my laptop and controlling them individually

First, the laptop audio is not a home sound system and can be easily overloaded with what you are attempting - - don't drive this at high output volumes!

this will show the wiring to get all 4 with output at the same time.

The speakers in parallel like this create a load 4x heavier than just one speaker.
Get 8ohm speakers like these
which will reduce the load to only 2x.

The red circles are individual volume controls. Place a toggle switch between the controls and the speakers and you can play 1, 1+2, 1+2+3 or all four.
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I m trying to configure Surround Sound but Realtek doesn t seem to be installing and it s configuring speakers driver 5.1 Realtek Trouble Sound; issues Surround to driving me nuts I have installed the driver provided by Gigabyte for my motherboard Trouble configuring speakers to 5.1 Surround Sound; Realtek driver issues and it s not doing anything It installs asks me to restart the PC but nothing is Trouble configuring speakers to 5.1 Surround Sound; Realtek driver issues there OS is Windows -bit Gigabyte says that my motherboard supports both and Surround Sound so I don t understand why I can t configure my speakers to run it only lets me use Stereo Device manager only shows High Definition Audio Device and Control Panel doesn t show Realtek at all Realtek Audio Manager doesn t appear either it s not in the system tray icons where I would usually find it Even searching for Realtek brings up nothing other than all the drivers I have downloaded to see if they would work Link to motherboard s Realtek driver as provided by Gigabyte http www gigabyte com products product-page aspx pid dl Link to motherboard s specification http www gigabyte com products product-page aspx pid sp Image showing my device manager gt sound http gyazo com ad b bd e ae a Any ideas as to what the problem is I can t seem to find anything audio related in BIOS either nbsp
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Recently I noticed that my laptop speakers aren't working consistently at all. Sometimes I watch youtube, listen to pandora, and everything will work fine. Other times it won't work at all. I've been getting by like this for a week, but now it seems like now the only audio my speakers will play is a notification sound. I still have the computer under warranty, and I can take it into the store and get the speakers fixed. However, I was wondering if there was a way I could skip all the trouble/paperwork of taking it back in? maybe I just clicked something I shouldn't have?
Any tips are hugely appreciated!
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I have recently built a desktop computer, that had minor issues that I had eventually worked around or found a solution to. This issue is an exception. When I first used my computer, everything was fine with sound, until I found that my graphics card was not inserted correctly, and I was running with terrible resolution. After fixing this issue, I had no sound. This was about 10 months ago. On and off throughout this period I began to try and fix this issue, by disconnected and uninstalling my GPU. I launched skype and trying calling someone, but it alerted me that my sound card was missing. I know this is not true, so I have 3 main theories: 1. The sound card was fried (not likely). 2. My graphics card audio overrode the onboard audio, 3. The two (GPU and sound card) were operating on the same frequency. As I have said before, I had sound before I re-installed my graphics card, so I would either appreciate a solution to switch back to onboard audio, or a way to use both somehow.
Specs: Motherboard: ASUS P8z77
Graphics Card: Nvida Ge Force 670
Processor: Intel i7 core.

A:Cannot use speakers/headphones: Sound card is missing?

Please respond, this issue has been pressing me for almost a year, and I would really like it to be resolved.
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Hi there, I purchased an edifier mh 1370 multimedia speaker a while back it has been working fine. I took it to a mates place for a birthday party and when I brought it back to mine and connected it up, it seems that the right speaker out port does not work.. I've plugged the right speaker into the left port and vice versa and both speakers work so it's definitely not the speakers. I've checked my audio software and properties nothing has changed. I've checked the 3.5mm audio connecting cable. I mean all I did was bring it to a party let it run for about 9hours I think and came back used it and the right speaker port doesn't work Would it be an internal problem? if so how would I fix it? I don't know anything about electronics and I really don't wanna buy a new one trying to be handy here haha....

A:Edifier 2.1 speakers mh 1370 speaker out port problem

Plug some headphones or earbuds into the jack to make sure both channels are working. If it sounds okay, your most likely problem is the wires in your speaker system - usually the 3.5 plug or the nearby wire has separated inside the insulation. I would cut the original plug off and solder in a new one from Radio Shack, if you're okay with soldering, or have a repair shop do it if you're not able to.
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Hey guys, I am going on holiday in early June and am looking for a way to listen to music while I'm in the pool as I plan to spend a lot of time doing so.
The way I can see it is that I have two options:

Buy a waterproof case and waterproof headphones
buy a waterproof MP3 player all-in-one.
Obviously each option has it's flaws - otherwise I wouldn't be there.
Even if I buy a waterproof case how can I be sure that even though there is a waterproof case, where it contacts with waterproof earphones will be waterproof as 'waterproof' to some sellers just means rain-proof.
The problem with the all in ones like the Sony Waterproof Walkman is that they are very expensive for very little space, the 4GB alone being 50 and 8GB is 80.

Does anyone have experience in the matter, anything they can recommend, preferably I'd like to use my phone in a case for my 32GB MicroSD card, but whatever works I guess.

Cheers guys.

A:How can I listen to music whilst swimming?

:big grin: My wife JUST purchase a waterproofed iPad Shuffle from

website is very descriptive and the device is AS Advertised - - she's very happy with it
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When I play windows media player or any other mp3 player my pc begins to slow down a lot and mouse stutters and my internet webpage closes :/ any help please?

I've posted my IRQ

A:When I play music my PC starts to slow down and mouse stutters

What are your system specs?

Some possible solutions: Make sure Windows is up to date. Try updating your sound driver (post your system specs and I will show you how to).
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Hey Guys...

So my Packard Bell Easy Note MX37-S-200 has suddenly started making persistent " Crackling " and " Popping" noises from the moment I boot it. The noise is coming from the speakers and the sound is now distorted. I have very recently got it back from the repair shop after having my AC jack replaced... I would really like to rule everything out before I start pointing fingers at the repair guy

Things I have tried - Disabling sound driver - Noise was still there and laptop just installed it again.

Running avast scan through it - Scan picked up nothing.

Played with the sound setting - Nothing changed noise still there.

Plugged in PC speakers - Noise still coming from laptop but sound came out of the speakers fine.

I have noticed also that when the laptop first starts up the noise is louder and more spaced out. I'm wondering maybe whether it is the fan? But I don't no why the noise would be coming from the speakers.

Would really appreciate any help
Thank you

A:Crackling noise coming from laptop speakers + sound distorted

My guess is that based on the information provided that the wires for the speakers have either been damaged or crossed in some way where they are touching something they shouldn't causing distortion. My advice would be to take it back and tell them whats going on and make sure to have them fix it for free if they opened it and caused this problem.
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Hi there,

Is there a way to use bluetooth speakers as well system speakers at the same time?

Using windows 8 6bit
and bluetooth Jawbone Bigjam speakers.


A:Bluetooth Speakers

I think yes, but you need to use some other sound output manager. Windows built-in one doesn't support multiple output via different type.
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So up until now I have been using headphones with my pc. They still work but I want to get some nice speakers too. I have a budget range of $100 - $150 and live in the continental U.S. What I want is the best bang for my buck at that budget range. Having them be surround sound would be great and my sound card is the Xonar DG. I will also be looking at speakers but anyones expertise is always welcome as I do not know much about sound systems. Thank you ahead of time for any help.

Also, the only other speakers I have had are cheap $20 ones that had horrible echo and just sounded odd. I just don't want to spend that much money and have speakers that do that.

A:Need new speakers

This Logitech Z506 5.1 surround sound kit is ok. It isnt the best, but it is the best for $70.
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Does anybody know how can I take off the speakers from Samsung radio?There is one button by the speaker and I press it and pull the speaker but it won't separate.If anybody knows how to do this,please help me.

A:How to take off speakers from the radio?

Alex0 said:

Does anybody know how can I take off the speakers from Samsung radio?There is one button by the speaker and I press it and pull the speaker but it won't separate.If anybody knows how to do this,please help me.Click to expand...

I'd take a WIDE slot screw driver & put it between speaker & where its connected & gently wiggle it around the perimeter tiill it came off.
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Hello all, this is David!

I'm having a problem with my laptop speakers. When the PC arrived they were all magic and the sound was great but now there's a buzzing sound when the PC volume goes 50%+ or even lower. I can't really tell much more. I only happens with some songs, not all. And it's really annoying. This are supposed to be good speakers, but it happens everywhere, with or without ac adapter, home not home... I don't know what to do since I don't know very much about audio.

Thank you very much, I hope you can help me!

A:Dell XPS L501X JBL speakers 2.1 buzzing sound

The audio driver may have become corrupted. Make sure you run Windows Update over and over again until ALL updates have been installed...
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I've recently bought a laptop online with no OS installed on it. I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate Edition and downloaded all drivers from the manufactures website. Everything works fine except there is no audio coming through the headphone jack or built-in speakers. I have spent majority of today looking online for answers on how to fix this issue and have found nothing that works.

The laptop model is a HP Pavillion dv6-1007tx.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: When I plug in a HDMI cable to the laptop, sound comes through my TV.

A:No sound through headphone jack or laptop speakers

Do you see any yellow (!) in the device manager? Are you sure you have installed the proper audio driver for Windows 7 64 or 32 bit?
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My speakers work fine when plugged into my gf computer, but when plugged into mine, I get nothing but buzzing. No music or anything else. I have not made any changes to my computer. I tried rebooting the computer didn't help. Not sure what to do.

A:No sound other than buzzing noise from my PC speakers

Try other speakers or headphones. The audio jack might be broken.
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Hi there, I've been having some real frustrating experiences trying to get my speakers to work. it all started when I replaced my hard drive after the old one died. The speakers I plugged in via audio/ headphone jack stopped working. The computer doesnt recognize any playback devices through the jack. But it will recognize my usb headphones no problem. I've tried every possible solution to this problem already listed on other sites (updating drivers, checking sound to enabled disabled audio devices,ect.) and none of them have worked. Any ideas? Also please dont post the whole "go to device manager and update drivers, or check sound to enable devices", I;ve already done that and it didnt work. Im looking for some real insight, not just a "solve all" solution.

A:Windows 7 will not detect speakers via audio jack.

I remember having a similar issue years ago and it turned out my speakers were analog and the card was digital. When I swapped something out, I had to correct the settings on the speaker.
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It started a few days ago. To my knowledge,I've made no changes to sound settings. No caution/exclamation marks in Device manager under sound.I've run full scans,clean. Rebooted & even shut it down completely. It does not happen ALL the time, just sporadically. Any ideas? TIA.
W7 Home Premium
Sound Cards
ATI High Definition Audio Device
Realtek High Definition Audio
Microsoft LifeCam Cinema.
Playback Devices
Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) (default)
Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Recording Devices
Microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Desktop Microphone (13- Cinema - Microsoft LifeCam.) (default)

A:Unwanted static/sound from speakers

Im guessing you may need a ground loop isolator (, but am not sure... What speakers are you using?
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Can Anyone help me find wireless speakers for better listening...? I am checking online and found speakers from Jawbone ( recommended this site) are getting applause now a days. Are they really worth buying??

A:Need help for wireless speakers

Wireless =/= better. Wired will give you the best quality. Wireless should only ever be used if you really can't use wired due to circumstances.

I haven't heard the jawbone personally, but they seem like smaller personal speakers from the website.
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Hi -
Sorry but I don't know the correct term for this jack.

We have a notebook computer - HP, 4 years old, Win 7 - that requires the speakers to work and be loud enough to hear at the other end of the house. For whatever reason the jack that comes out the front of the computer and runs to the speakers (the built-in speaker is barely audible) has stopped working. Sometimes it works a little, especially if I sit there and jiggle it and don't let it go or walk away. It's a long jack.

Is there a way I can plug this into something else so that we can hear the speakers?

Any help will be appreciated.


A:Problem with plug-in jack for speakers

This may be a better option for you:
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Ok title says it all, as far as speakers go I really never pay attention to whats best or whats a good deal until recent times and im not really sure whats the best options. Im really looking for some nice surround sound 5.1 audio speaker sets (Money is not a problem, but I would want to spend no more than lets say 400 and less if possible). Im really trying to optimize everything for BF4 and that's the last thing im really looking for. Does anyone have any good advice on sets to pick, I was looking at these Logitech Z906 set, but was not sure because I had heard mixed reviews on them. I really wanna optimize the full power and outputs of my sound card as possible (Meaning no single, dual, or triple port hookups, I want full head on surround sound).

Any help is appreciated!

A:Good Computer Speakers with 5.1 Surround?

Those speakers you linked are the new version, however the older one Z5500 is a higher quality system (if you can find it). There's not too many 5.1 PC systems floating around.

What's your audio card? I don't see it on your profile. If it supports Dolby Digital Live encoding, you can purchase a home theatre system that supports DDL decoding to have one heck of an audio system.
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Hi, I'm looking for some good gaming speakers. I was going to get the Microlabs solo 6c but they are a bit fat to go on my desk. SO I thought I'd go for the 7C's instead as they are thinner but it turns out they aren't that good if you are really close to them ie they are on your computer desk. Plus they are still slightly humongous.

What speakers do you recommend, I would like to pay around the price of the SOLO 6C's.


Edit: I'll be using a Soundblaster Z with these speakers. I'm thinking of going with the Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II.

A:Good gaming speakers?

Those are audiophile speakers, not gaming. You want something with a subwoofer for the best impact in games.

Consider a Creative 5.1 system... if not, 2.1. They are a good brand.
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I've heard its best to turn the volume ALL the way down on ANY sound pruducing item whether it be a tv,stereo,computer etc,etc before turning it off. Any feedback , good or bad

A:Speakers in general

Yes , I have heard this . It is suppose to be easier on the speakers. Plus easier on the ears when the device is turned back on.
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This happens to me when im watching a video on all sites exept on youtube(its working fine on youtube).
When I start to watch a video I've got sound fully working and then at random I start to lose it.And to get it back I need to rewind a video a bit or pause/unpause it.This happens to me 5-6 times atleast while watching a video.Can someone tell me what this is and how to fix it cuz I cant really watch videos anymore cuz I when it happens for the first time then I nned to pause/unpause a video every few mins or secs for like 10 times before the sount become fully working again.

A:Sound problem when watching a video

What browsers are you using? Can you post your system specs? Also, what is your internet speed? Check here: and post the link to your results.
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Recently bought a new headset, Gioteck Ex-05 to be exact. Everything looks fine considering the product and all, but when I FIRST plugged it in it automatically did it's routine with installing the headset driver. Afterwards, my speaker icon in my tray got an X.

Solutions that I've tried but ended up failing:

Reinstalling Headset Driver
Restarting my computer
Reinstalling my Realtek Codec
Reinstalling my NVIDIA High Definition Audio Codec
System Restoring my computer
It's literally just the headset when I plug it in, my earphones work perfect. I have yet to use another headset, this is my first one for this computer.

A:Bought a new headset, plugged it in, no speakers or headphones plugged in?

What OS is it? Have you tried going into the control panel>sound & make sure MUTE is not checked?
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Hey guys, I've recently ordered a new PC and it should be here in a week. I'm a gamer and I like to write music and will finally be able to record with my new system. I'm just lacking a sound card. So basically I'm looking for a card that will be awesome for gaming and music. Any suggestions out there? I know I will need a PCI-E card. I'm looking to spend $150-200. Any help would be much appreciated

A:Sound card for gaming and making music

This is probably the best one out there:

That is the best of both worlds. There is a better card for gaming, but the Essence above is much better for creating music and phenomenal for gaming.
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Hey people,

So I've got myself two external speakers for my laptop.

The first speaker is a soundbar that just connects with a simple usb plug & the other is a normal usb speakers that connects with a usb & a 3.5mm jack, & my question is how could I get them to work all together at the same time if it's possible?!!

A:Two external speakers, one laptop

Did you try plugging each into 2 USB ports? If that doesnt work try plugging 1 in through USB and the other in the 3.5MM jack.
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Okay so here s the history The other night I came home to a high pitch noise coming from my turtle beach headphones Upon removing the headphones from my computer I the sound started coming from my speakers I then shut off my computer I removed everything except the power cord I could hear a different yet similar whine Upon opening my computer I heard the noise coming from within I then took out the video card and started the beast back up Same thing After hours of browsing forums on my phone I decided it was either my CPU or PSU I then removed the PSU and jump started it to check whether or not it was making the sound Whining coming speakers from and headphones noise It ran fine and made no noise However upon connecting it to the motherboard and starting it I then heard the noise again When I listened closely to the CPU I heard nothing then I listened to the PSU which was outside of my case this time and I could hear not only the high pitched whine but also a slight crackling noise It was then that I jumped on newegg and ordered a new PSU http www newegg com Product Prod After long unbearable night and into the morning the PSU was here and I spent hours carefully setting it up and organizing the cords in and around my computer NOW THE GOOD STUFF Upon turning on my computer everything seemed fine I quickly jumped on youtube and started a video no sound coming from my headphones I then pulled out my headphones from the jack No sound coming from my speakers It was then I realized I could hear the ever so dim whine coming from my speakers As far as I can tell there is no noise coming from my new PSU I can hear the sound JUST fine when I plug in my samson go mic and plug my headphones into THAT microphone yeah I know it sounds weird but think of it as a little mini external sound card or something When I play youtube videos with my speakers plugged in I have Whining sound coming from speakers and headphones to crank the volume up on both the speakers and the computer and even then it s super quiet When I play videos with my headphones plugged in in the front of the computer it makes no noise until the volume is around but the sound is just a crackly distorted version of whatever I have playing I have never had an issue with my computer so far so I m honestly not too sure what s going on The sound seems to start when Windows starts loading I have run a CPU stress test and the sound remains the same throughout I have also tried switching which outlet I am using for my computer Here are my computer specs Intel i - k CPU GHz GB DDR RAM -bit Windows Ultimate Fatal ty Z Professional Gen http www asrock com mb overview asp Model Fatal ty Z Professional Gen Updated BIOS NVIDIA GeForce GTX GB OCZ Vector SSD with OS installed on it TB WD Drive TB External WD Drive COOLER MASTER HAF X http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E - Not that it really matters Here s my -bit DxDiag http pastebin com sF B rrJ So yeah aside from knowing my motherboard is failing what can you tell me to convince me otherwise lol I refuse to believe that it could be my motherboard because well its been a good board thus far and I haven t seen anything like this when searching google so I feel like it can t be so isolated The only thing I can think of is I just bought a Doctor Who levitating tardis which uses a magnet to make the TARDIS well levitate The magnet is inside the tardis itself and isn t really powerful at all The stand does something that keeps the magnet from reaching the top somehow Nevertheless this thing was on the top of my computer for a week before my computer started making these noises I don t think it s related to the issue as it wasn t exactly all that close to any of the parts nor do I believe it to be any stronger than magnets you might find in a speaker that sits near your computer If anything it s a lot weaker than that So I m guessing its not that but I figured I d at least add that in nbsp

A:Whining sound coming from speakers and headphones

Does it sound 100% like whining or maybe an interference type sound?
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Just few days ago I upgraded my laptop from windows vista to windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. Everything works fine except audio. When I plugged the headphone it sounds, but without headphones I cannot hear any sound from my laptop.I followed these steps:
List any Problem devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
and my problem devices are listed out.
Base System DevicePCI\VEN_1180&DEV_0592&SUBSYS_01F31028&REV_12\4&20402523&0&0BF0 THE DRIVERS FOR THIS DEVICE NOT INSTALLED.

please help me. Thanks in advance.

A:Sound from headset but not laptop speakers

Well im guessing outdated drivers that dont work with W7 and Also just a tip Please don't steal topics!
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Hi, does anyone know if these speakers will fit on these stands?


A:Will these speakers fit on these stands?

Recommend you to contact TechSol themselves.
Relevancy 27.09%

Hi, has anyone used these speakers before? The Auna MM-5.1-J.

I'm trying to find some good 5.1 surround sound speakers for my pc that will fit on speaker stands, I'm not having much luck but these definitely fit on the stands I'm after.

Relevancy 25.8%

I recently purchased a GTX and after installing it and rebooting my computer once windows fired up I noticed my speakers were making a high pitched noise along with fluctuating static Upon further investigation I realized my audio was also not working Here are some things I have tried to remedy the situation - Checked the speakers They work perfectly on another computer likewise I still get install new audio buzzing, no video after card Speakers the noise when I tried a different set of speakers and a set of earbuds in the problem computer - Tried changing the video card out with the old GTX didn t work - I have tried uninstalling reinstalling both audio and video drivers using these instructions http www Speakers buzzing, no audio after new video card install evga com forums tm aspx m amp mpage with drive sweeper again to no success - Speakers buzzing, no audio after new video card install I have swapped out PSU s and still get the problem - I have tried doing a fresh windows install with a spare HDD and I still get the noise as soon as windows boots I have figured out that if I go in to Device Manager under System Devices and disable one of Speakers buzzing, no audio after new video card install the High Definition Audio Controller there are two but the other is associated with my video card then the noise will stop At this point I am pretty perplexed as to what is causing this Could something on my board have been zapped I m out of ideas for a fix any help ideas would be greatly appreciated ASUS x Sabertooth mobo Intel i - Bloomfield GHz Quad Core EVGA GTX GB Corsair Vengeance DDR RAM Kingston SV GB SSD WD Black TB RPM HDD Corsair HX Watt PSU nbsp
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Hi I have a basic IBM Thinkpad model T Out of the headphone jacks I run a splitter and have sound through sets of IBM Infinity speakers speakers in all I recently received a Boston Acoustics BA- speaker setup but I can t get / speakers analog Digital it to work through my PC From reading on-line I believe these BA speakers are digital whereas Digital / analog speakers the Infinity speakers likely are analog or possibly the other way around I can t upgrade or modify the PC itself owned by my employer so new soundcards etc is not an option My question how can Digital / analog speakers I get the BA speaker setup to work with the existing speakers I have in place are there converters etc that I can get from an electronics store that can make them all compatable and continue to drive sound using the headphone jack My understanding is the BA speakers have great sound so I quot m hoping Digital / analog speakers I can somehow add them to the setup thanks nbsp

A:Digital / analog speakers

Hmm; The short answer is you would need a digital sound card and the BA speakers connect to its output.

Physics 101: A device that transforms one media into another is called a transducer.

From the beginning, a speaker has been a stationary magnet and a suspended wire coil connected to a 'cone'.
When the sound amplifier produces an A/C output to the coil, the fluctuating current causes motion and the cone vibrates
to simulate the A/C pattern that was applied - - not perfectly, but good enough to the human ear.

This is the Analog transducer: current is transformed into sound.
The inverse of this design is the phonograph pickup where motion is transformed into a signal.

Another example is our display monitors; originally these were all VGA (analog) and today a great many are digital.

ALL digital systems transduce 0's & 1's back into an analog signal to make the speakers work - - but the raw input has to be 0's & 1's.

Here's a comment from EHOW.COM
Boston Acoustics Ba735 Speakers are high-performance digital loudspeakers designed for connecting to a personal computer or laptop. The computer must have a digital soundcard to be compatible with the speakers, although this is a standard feature on all new computers. Special software drivers are required to run the speakers on older computers. Boston Acoustics Ba735 speakers can also be hooked up to a DVD player with any digital connection, such as a USB port.​
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Im currently using a decent dolby pro logic setup, with 5 speakers. through my PC to the reciever.
However, its just way too big.
I was looking to downgrade to a basic 2 speaker and sub setup. However, most of the speakers are really small. I dont know if there is anything like this, but I would like some slightly bigger speakers (Like, a foot tall is nice). please let me know. thanks.

A:Best PC speakers, $50

There are the Creative Inspire T10 set, fairly big speakers but no Sub/W, might just get under your budget level.
No problem with sound quality, I've heard some, very good.
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I was wondering if some of you might be able to add some facts to a discussion I have been having with some friends They say that it is possible that someone can watch quot you quot through the webcam of your computer There was a CSI one of those cop Webcam: me? someone watching Is shows anyway episode that had the murder watching people like that It was even suggested that employers might do this on company owned computers My friends keep paper over the cam when not in use I say that it is possible but the watcher would have to Webcam: Is someone watching me? access the computer and install a software program to do the job This program would be found in your drive somewhere Is this true Is there some way to verify my system is clean if it is true Is there anyway of doing it remotely without accessing the computer I m guessing that I ll be told this is ridiculous thinking If it is true may I suggest that in your answer you leave out how to do it and focus on protection nbsp

A:Webcam: Is someone watching me?

A good hacker can use Remote Desktop to access the device, SO - - disable it until you need a Skype session and disable when done.
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I have a Dual XPE2700 400 Watt 2-channel amplifier, and am currently running two 6x9 polk audio 125 watt rms and 300 watt max speakers.. As of now, the amp is plenty powerful..can my amp I power an MTX TM1004 10" 200w rms 600 watt peak power subwoofer in addition to those two speakers??

A:Will my car amp power my speakers and subwoofer?

Yes the amp you have will power the speakers but only provide 400W shared between all of them. By adding extra speakers to the circuit, your 6x9's may not be as loud as they were previously.

You should pay close attention to the resistance level of how you wire the speakers. A 4 Ohm stable amplifier will not drive speakers wired for 2 Ohm. A 2 Ohm speaker configuration will pull too much power from a 4 Ohm amplifier. I've not looked up the specifications for the amp you mentioned, just remember to keep the speaker resistance above the capabilities of the amp.
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im in the market for a speaker system for my computer and I found the Creative A520 for a good price

link below:

im just wondering are they any good as in quality cos there is only one review on the site and any other speakers that are good and not to expensive

A:Are the Creative A520 speakers worth getting?

I would say they are average. briefly listened to the 2.1 version one sometime ago. but if you can get them very cheap, just go for it... with proper placement 5.1 is going to be huge upgrade compared to identical 2.1 in gaming and movies.
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I have a DP67BG Intel Motherboard and just recently, all of a sudden, my mic stopped working. It works on other computers, just not on this one. Curiously enough, it shows that there are noises that it is receiving only when something plays in my speakers. Such as, if I'm in a skype call, only when someone ELSE speaks, does it show as if my mic is picking up a sound. It's as if my mic is mirroring my speakers. I have the Realtek HD Audio manager if that is any info that is needed.

Any help with this odd issue?

A:Microphone mirroring my speakers

What version of Windows is installed?
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I was listening to music and my JBL II (2.1) speakers stopped working all of a sudden (they didn't make any special noise before they went dead), and their lights went off.
The light on the Sub-woofer is on, however.
I tried unplugging and replugging all power cables from and to the system, and all of the related computer cables. Also tried restarting the computer.
Nothing seems to work.

I've read on a similar thread that it might be the fuse blown out or the amp overheated.
How can I find out what's the problem, and how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

A:JBL speakers stopped working

ok check the fuse in the plug I think it should be 5amp so take another one from another lead somewhere to test . also leave for 20 minutes let amp cool down then try if works then amp over heating .. make sure unplugged both ends when checking fuse.. if still not working then look in device manager make sure these is no yellow exclamation marks .. go to start computer system properties hardware device manager if there is let us know .. hope this been helpful but someone more experienced might be able to offer better advice
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i am having a new dell inspiron N5110 which i bought about a 6 months ago. Its a core i5, 6Gb ram, 640 Gb hard disk, srs premium, etc.
all of a sudden my speakers are no longer producing any sound and its not mutted.
can anyone help me revive this p.c with any decision.
Thanks a lot

A:Laptop speakers no longer work

if you where to plug in some headphones do you still get sound???
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I just reformatted and reinstalled windows, totally updated all my drivers and everything is like it was before -- no change in hardware configuration either, but now I notice a buzzing/scratchy noise coming from my speakers all of the time.

Under inspection of the volume board, I see that under Realtek Audio output, the entry "Front" is the one controlling this sound, when I lower the volume the sound goes away. However, all other sound is lowered too.

I don't know what this problem could be since I never have experienced it before and I did not do any hardware changes that could have resulted in any kind of wiring issues.

A:Constant 'dry noise' coming from speakers?

Try getting the latest driver from the manufacturer of the sound card, or if its onboard sound, from the motherboard makers website.
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I am using my computers recorder to record audio that comes out of the speakers. It is a rather long recording. In order to be sure the volume of the recording is loud enough, the speakers need to be turned way up.

Is there a way to not hear it on the outside? Because there are other people around and they don't want to hear it.

Thanks for any help.

Just a thought: If I plug headphones into my computer would that do the trick?

A:Can I mute speakers while recording the audio?

EvasAudio said:

I am using my computers recorder to record audio that comes out of the speakers. It is a rather long recording. In order to be sure the volume of the recording is loud enough, the speakers need to be turned way up.

Is there a way to not hear it on the outside? Because there are other people around and they don't want to hear it.

Thanks for any help.Click to expand...

I'd think you could crank it up as loud as needed but UNplug the speakers.
Ignore that. I mis read your post.
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i recently had everything on my computer deleted, and now that i have it working again my speakers will not work, i went to the hardware wizard to try and re-install them, but it says that the proper software was not detected, what do i do?

A:My speakers won't work

"i recently had everything on my computer deleted"

Who did this for you?
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hello everyone !

im having this problem with my fairly new computer, my speakers work on the front panel, but when i insert the 3.5mm jack in the back panel it wont work.
in the realtek program im trying to change config. where it says

back panel

the jack is registered but i cant change it from line in to enything else , it sends error

playback/recording resource has been fully occupied!

can i even plug it in in the back or it must be in front ?

and here is the pic of back panel just for some more info.

and this is my pc

A:Speakers back panel

cmon people ! nobody has a solution ?
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Or dvd player? Like a wii? I want to grab a 1 tb external hd so I can bring my media with me and play it at my girls house.

A:If I buy a external USB HDD can I play movies off of it on a console?

yes you can. I do it on the 360 all the time. What I'm not sure about is if the Wii can recognize the whole 1TB.
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Hello, i have had my laptop for a year almost and i have had this problem most of the time. when i try and watch videos(youtube) the screen goes blank for a few seconds then it comes back on telling me that the "desktop driver stopped working and has recoverd". it also says "desktop manager stopped working and was closed." can someone please help?

system details:
Pentium(R) Dual-Core
CPU T4500
2.30ghz 2.30ghz

64 bit operating system
3gb RAM

A:My laptop crashes whilst watching videos

Please tell us more about computer brand and model, opeating system, etc.
You are missing software or drivers, usually free, than will enable proper operation when downloaded and installed from the maker of your computer, or your operating system.
It could also be resources limits such as memory.
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So I installed windows 7 and ever since my speakers and jack don't work, I tried deleting the devices in device manager and they still don't work, also I have a somewhat old computer which may be part of the problem? Oh and my usb headset does work.

A:My jack and computer speakers don't work

Have you tried setting the speakers as your default playback device?
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My brother just asked me to help him setup the audio on his computer, he wants only the game audio to play on his 2.1 speakers and he wants only ventrilo chat to be heard over his headset. I've never tried to setup something like that before as I've always been more into console gaming where this issue doesn't come up so I'm hoping someone here can give me a quick instructional on how to do this.
Relevancy 24.94%

Having dredged the internet, I came across this forum amongst the many with questions relating to cd drives working but dvd not etc, but my issue is slightly different, i think.

CDs seem to play ok, and so do DVDs, but I seem to have a problem with my laptop reading a disc with DS games on it that it used to read no problem. The discs can be used in my other half's laptop, so it is clearly a problem with my laptop.

I'd appreciate if anyone could advise where I can start to solve this problem

A:Music and video play on laptop CD/DVD drive but not data files

You need to have the CD/DVD drive replaced. Internal lasers fail in strange ways. The drives are not too expensive and they are easy to replace
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I just got a brand new Klipsch Promedia 2.1 system for my laptop.

These speakers have amazing ratings, and my friends who have had them before said the ones they had sounded amazing for them, and yet they, like me, notice the following problem in mine.

The bass is great, but for some reason my system seems too bassy. Like I know I can turn down the subwoofer, but it's as if all the low/bassy sounds are always drowning out the higher/vocals, which always seem to be a bit dulled down.

I have a Lenovo Y560p laptop with Realtek HD Audio. I was thinking perhaps I have this sound problem because it doesn't let me select 2.1 for my settings, and it's stuck on "stereo". I've tried downloading and installing drivers from Realtek's website.


A:Realtek HD Audio Manager + 2.1 speakers - not working right

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I got my laptop last week and and yesterday the sound stopped working. The laptop is a ASUS G53SX: i7-2670QM 2,2 ghz. 8 GB RAM. GTX 560M.

I have tried to update/re-install the drivers without any luck. I have also tried system recovery and still no sound. The latest software that I have installed is Adobe Production premium 5.5 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I have checked the playback settings and the only device showing is Sony-tv 1. I also checked for deactivated and disconnected devices but still only Sony-tv.
Please help

A:Internal speakers not showing on playback devices

go to asus support website and download sound/audio driver according to your laptop model and OS
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Am getting new speakers so am getting rid of my old ones my old ones are called ( AV 20 - Portable "Desktop" Speaker System) so am thinking of using them as my pc speakers but I don't know how? The speakers are RCA Red / White

My pc does not have this so how can I add them? Or cant this be done

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 AMD 770 Socket AM3 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard

Realtek ALC888 codec
High Definition Audio
Support for S/PDIF In/Out
Support for CD In

Hope someone can help


Ps if there is a add-on I need can you make sure its from UK (GBP's)

A:RCA speakers to PC?

are the speakers self powered? I would think all you would need is this.
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As a part time DJ i spend a lot of time playing the same laptop a Recording music from music in the same order so i was thinking what if i Recording music from a laptop could just sit down and record the tracks that i play Recording music from a laptop directly into one Recording music from a laptop big MP and then it would save me having to load and cue each track I use a program called ClubDJ Pro its a twin deck system with a predefined playlist i can usually just load a playlist and tell it to cross fade during the last quot X quot seconds of the song X being a set time between and seconds However i find some songs have an extended silence at the end that can when i first played them mess up the auto cross fade facility and as anyone will tell you silence is deadly when your doing DJ ing So is there a program i can use to either record directly from my program or use another PC or laptop to record onto i assume i would use the earphone out on one to the Line In socket on the other PC Laptop and then record onto that It would be good as it then means i can use different mixes of my own nbsp

A:Recording music from a laptop

you might use WavePad Sound Editor to remove the trailing silence
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I bought sound system and JVC receiver connected to PC via S PDIF All components work play sound speakers problem-rear 5.1 front sound through surround but the problem is that for example in game when i must hear something behind me i hear it from the front speakers left cntr right balance works fine but rear front the receiver adjusts the mode to LINEAR PCM automatic and the mode goes to DOLBY DIGITAL only in sound options where i can test the DD when i test it everything s great i can hear every single speaker playing alone for itself but thats only from the test in the applications i hear the sound not but the rear speaker work but they work at the same time with the front And so any ideas how 5.1 surround problem-rear sound through front speakers to adjust the thing correctly to have a nice surround sound is it from soundcard or maybe some codecs driver s are the latest btw or maybe some options on the receiver i dont know can i make somehow the receiver to work in DD mode all the time or it make s it only automatic i don t know I just want to hear sound from behind when someone talks behind me sound Realtek HD audio pls help nbsp

A:5.1 surround problem-rear sound through front speakers

what game was it?
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I think my computers speakers are dying after being in service for than 8 years. I need your helping finding good, affordable, gaming speakers.I say gaming because I don't know if regular speakers are to low or just don't cut it.

My HP computer I bought 2 years ago had free speakers with it but they were sub-par, and are very small and low quality in my opinion.

I currently have Insignia Speakers, any good ones you guys know about?

Also, I have a question. Do sound cards make a difference in desktops? I don't know anything regarding speakers, other than you plug them into the hole with the matching color and they produce sound lol

A:Time to get new gaming speakers

check this out,
Creative have the best speakers and they are usually very affordable, i would check around your local tech stores and look for random deals if you want to save even more, i got my 7.1 system for $200 and its still going perfect 6 years later
Relevancy 29.67%

So the problem is on my laptop When I view videos on youtube it s fine untill i switch to fullscreen My mouse working videos well not AMD playing when 6630m DX11 watching games or will be unaccurate and i will have to place it to the left of the button i wish to press there is also a line usually down the right side of the screen asif the video has been pushed to the left and my mouse doesn t know this The same thing happens with games on DX or and The Sims I tried finding solutions on the internet but couldn t find any I found one which was to disable Hardware acceleration in flash and it fixed it but then I downloaded a video in Itunes and bam the problem reoccured I can t download videos drivers because i m unsure which to download and when I went onto the AMD site i got an erorr message saying contact your dealer as it s not compatible My question is simple AMD 6630m not working well when watching videos or playing DX11 games How do i fix it Btw my laptop is a Sony Vaio VPCCA with Intel i and Win Oh and I know there is a switchable graphics feature but that wont do any good as I play quite heavy games Help please nbsp

A:AMD 6630m not working well when watching videos or playing DX11 games

Try re installing Windows 7 fresh. Most laptops have a restore feature accessed during a start up. Laptops do tend to get bogged down with a lot of unnecessary stuff slowing things down and affecting other programs
Relevancy 26.23%

I first noticed this a few days ago when I was playing a video in VLC player At the time I figured the audio of the avi was card fades Audio sound and out speakers, in from not either encoded badly or VLC was acting up so I dismissed it as an anomaly However I started noticing it more as I watched something else later that day on files that usually play sound and video perfectly I still thought it was VLC player though so I restored all the default preferences which didn t work and I reinstalled and fully updated it but that didn t make a difference either Today though Audio fades in and out from speakers, not sound card I realised the problem isn t VLC player because I noticed it while playing back a video on YouTube and now I can hear it just playing audio through Foobar which I couldn t before I ve tested playing the audio through my headphones and there is no fading in and out or jumps up in volume but there is when I play through the speakers which makes me think it s down to the speakers I also checked all the connections cleaned and rewired them back up Still no difference I checked whether I had any stupid audio effects on that might mess things up too but I don t so that can be ruled out too Anybody have a differential diagnosis I suspect that my speakers are sort of dying and they are pretty old so it s not a surprise although it is a pain in the I accidentally had the speakers so loud the output audio distorted today too which could have made it worse and led to it becoming more noticeable The sound doesn t distort when it happens though just turns itself down and up at seemingly random intervals so I don t think I blew a speaker Could it be a faulty connection in the hard-wires of the speaker setup I m running Windows XP with service pack a Toneport UX soundcard AMD Phenom II X processor GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GT graphics card Thanks nbsp

A:Audio fades in and out from speakers, not sound card

I will say that replacing the speakers would be the next thing to do
Relevancy 26.66%

There is no sounds from my speakers .
went 2 control panel :sounds and Audio device
Speaker Settings :change spkr settings
Sounds and Audio Device Properties
volume settings : it says no audio device .
I have checked my speaker connections all r fine .pls help

A:I have no sound from my speakers, though my connections look fine

You need to install your sound drivers correctly, try and find them online or on the cd you would have gotten from the computer manufacturer
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Hi everyone im glad to be a part of this community Just a quick problem that Ive had since yesterday which id like to get fixed as soon as my speakers have decided to stop working Yesterday i was moving my PC about and i had to unplug the speakers from the back red pink green and blue ports I didn t see which colour port it was in but i assume it was the green one as the end of the speakers that plugs in has a green casing around it Anyway i have tried all different colors and i can t get the sound to work I have restarted my pc several times but nothing has worked It seems odd and rather stupid really that all i have done is unplugged them as i had to and now they won t turn on whereas a keyboard mouse etc are fine The speakers have an on button you press to turn them on then you can see they re working as a small red LED lights up now they won t even turn on as in they aren t getting any power My pc is pretty old but i only mainly use it for small purposes and am working not speakers Labtec suddenly hoping to get these back to working what do you guys recommend I have windows XP nbsp

A:Labtec speakers suddenly not working

ColdFeet said:

Hi everyone, im glad to be a part of this community. Just a quick problem that Ive had since yesterday which id like to get fixed as soon as, my speakers have decided to stop working.

Yesterday i was moving my PC about and i had to unplug the speakers from the back (red/pink, green, and blue ports). I didn't see which colour port it was in, but i assume it was the green one as the end of the speakers that plugs in has a green casing around it. Anyway i have tried all 3 different colors and i can't get the sound to work. I have restarted my pc several times but nothing has worked. It seems odd and rather stupid really that all i have done is unplugged them as i had to, and now they won't turn on, whereas a keyboard, mouse etc are fine.

The speakers have an on button you press to turn them on, then you can see they're working as a small red LED lights up, now they won't even turn on, as in they aren't getting any power?

My pc is pretty old, but i only mainly use it for small purposes, and am hoping to get these back to working, what do you guys recommend? I have windows XP.Click to expand...

Are the speakers plugged into an AC outlet ?
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I delete the drivers of my multimedia audio controller I to try to fix it but there's no sounds but i try to download the Realtek AC'97 and I when to the device manager i saw a yellow exclamation point I try to uninstall but it's the same I have so much to download I don't know how to do already it's more than 1 week that I fix it but still is not working my os is windows xp professional 2003 service pack 3 (build 2600)
Relevancy 25.8%

Looking for the best headphones for gaming and music... Noise canceling preferred so I can use them in a work environment also. Planning on spending no more than $100. Don't need a mic I can just use a separate one.
What do you guys think?

A:Choosing the best headphones? (gaming/music)

I'm considering using a few more dollars to get the Audio-Technica ATH-A700's, hmm what do you guys think.
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Hi everyone,
I'm not sure if this is the right place for this as i'm new on here,
I turned on my comp the other day and i couldn't get my laptop speakers to make any sound, i plugged in ear phones and i can get sound through them just not the main speakers.
After mucking around (i cant remember what i did) I managed to get a song to play through itunes, but no other programs.
ive turned my laptop on 3 days later to no sound at all not even through itunes. Ive looked through device info and all seems fine, nothing is muted, and i dont know what else to do.
The computer is a 13 month old hp pavillion dv7

please help!

A:No sound through main speakers

Take a look in the device manager and see if there are any yellow exclamation points in the list. Tell us what you find
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Hey everyone is there anyway to boost the sound a a laptop? My cousin just got one and he barely can hear his DVDs? is there an amplifier or sumthing in a program i can download? Thanks 4 looking.

A:Any way to make laptop speakers louder?

Anyway to make LAPTOP speakers louder?

That's pretty common for laptops. But as long as you checked all the "volume" locations, that's about it as far as I know.

From the speaker icon in the system tray. To control panel audio section, make sure the pan is in the middle, that the speakers are set to stereo speakers, and the main volume slider is all the way. All this can be done from in there. But there is more then one location for volume. Also use the laptop's function keys to up the volume, as this can sometimes be sepparate from Windows control. And lastly the volume of the DVD playing software itself, may also be sepparate.

But as far as I know, there is no such thing as a software amp.
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My Dell inspiron e1505 laptop crashes and shows a black screen whenever I watch a video online on fullscreen for a few minutes. It is still running but stops responding completely and I have to force shutdown and restart and redo what I was doing. This problem also happens when I am talking on skype with videos on and also when I am on a website that has lots of animation or requires constant use of adobe flash player. I am guessing this to be a graphic card problem inside the laptop but I am not sure.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you.

A:Laptop crashing when watching video on fullscreen

How much RAM dose the laptop have?

You may need to reinstall windows OS have you tried this or are you capable of doing this?
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Hi, my DVD drive on my laptop plays up while watching movies. During the first half of watching a movie, it runs perfectly fine. But when the movie is within say ten or even maybe 20minutes sometimes towards coming to the end, it starts making some kind of clicking noise and it stops reading the disc. Even after pressing stop, the DVD drive carries on making that noise. Until I press the eject button it finally stops. Is there anyway I can fix this? Or would I have to get a new DVD drive?


A:My DVD drive stops working while watching movies

It might be cheaper to just order a new optical drive to be honest, it sounds like its probably hardware related by the noise.
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So I just bought this asus vh242h monitor from and it has built in speakers. When i plug it into my comp with a HDMI cable the only sound i get comming out of my comp is through those speakers within the monitor.

My question is how do i disable or turn off the speakers so I can use my usual headphones with my comp instead of just getting sound through those speakers?

A:Need help with new monitor speakers!

go to sound control panel, select your soundcard / onboard sound (i.e. Realtek), right click, select as default device.

if you're running winxp, then it would be changing the default sound device, also in sound control panel.
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Hello people I see a nice work on your site I have a question you could help i suppose I am not very good on computer and technology stuff but i can do the basic things So thats my watch to disk Need PS3 my hard from in movies problem I have a Playstation and i bought a hard disk of T so i can move the movies i download in my desctop to the playstation So i filled up the usb hard disk with movie but the PS doesnt recognise it Need to watch movies from my hard disk in PS3 at all So i searched in the internet and read in general that i have to convert my hard disk to FAT and some other people said that in Windows XP thats what i have in my desktop as well cant do this for more than GB So my question is Do i have any chance to make the entire disk work at my PS by any way If yes can you please write me the steps to do that thanks in advance Lefteris nbsp
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DMA is enabled...

The sound is synced to the voices, but the music seems to be playing slowly. Like in slow motion.

Have tried playing with several different audio players... VLC (VLC default codecs) and k-lite codecs as well...

Any suggestions?

Thanks much..
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Yesterday I bought Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506 and I have the CM6501 Sound Card (with the lastest driver version.)

The Subwoofer, Left and- Right-front speakers produce sound.
But I found out my Rear/Center Speakers doesnt produce any sound. But they can produce sound!

When I do the 'sound test' there isn't any sound coming from it expept the fronts speakers.

I installed everything correctly, I have put all cables in the right port.
(I got the wrong cable dilivred in my package I got two Sound-Card cables and no Audo IN cable but that shouldn't be the problem because I did heard sound from rear speakers but the doesnt anymore.)

What am I about to do?

A:Rear and center speakers doesn't produce sound

Did you switch 5.1 sound on?
On your speaker icon in the taskbar, right-click and choose 'playback devices'.
In the new dialogue that appears, right-click on your speaker icon, and choose 'Configure speakers', then select the option that is nearest to your set-up.
Click on the 'Test' button to check all speakers are working.
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I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good sound card/speakers. Right now I'm using the built-in audio from my motherboard and the built-in speakers on my monitor (audio wasn't my biggest concern when building my desktop).

I'd like to upgrade to a 2.1 speaker setup, but I don't know too much about sound cards or speakers. Any suggestions would be great.

Budget: $80-90 max for sound card, $150 max for speakers
**Canadian dollars, not U.S.
**will be purchasing from Tiger Direct, Canada Computers and Newegg... although the first two are preferred

A:Recommendations for sound card/speakers

Have a look at the Logitech LS 11 speakers. They are just stereo, plug into your audio out socket, they have a mains transformer you will need to plug in, but will be a big improvement on what you have.
If you want a lot more bass sound, then 2.1 is far more effective, and I bought the Logitech X230 for my PC, but now use them on my TV !
In my opinion, the bass can be too much, but if you roll up some paper and push it into the bass port, it reduces the bass output quite a bit, and with that mod I am happy with the sound I get. These still plug into the audio 'out' socket, and no mods needed to your pc.
If you want better sound than that, then you will need a 5.1 sound card, there are many, Trust, Genius, Soundblaster, prices vary greatly and could depend on where you live as to what choice you have.
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So, I set up two sets of speakers to my computer, one jack in the front, the other in the back. The problem is that the two speakers aren't in sync. It sounds like an echo, or maybe like im at a concert.

I'm wondering if theres a program or something I can use to adjust the latency for my speakers. Or, maybe someone knows something I can do with the cords.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, I look forward to any help.

Oh, and I'm using windows 7: 64 bit, on the mobo that comes factory with Hp s5306w inside the case of, and using the audio device for an HP a6109n

A:How would I modify latency or reduce lag in my speakers?

"one jack in the front, the other in the back"... Why have you connected them this way?

Aren't there 5 or 6 color coded audio jacks in the back of the computer? This is where most sound systems or speakers are connected and configured by the audio software...
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I'm going to be completely honest here and tell you that I only registered so I could get the answer to my question. My friend bought a new computer off of ebay and the sound didn't work. The speakers were making a fuzzy noise it wouldn't stop unless I unplugged them or turned the volume all the way down. I checked the bios to see if his sound was on, yup it was. So I went to check his soundcard and it says all his drivers are installed but it says no audio device. Can anyone help me out here?

Also, unfortunately, his mom bought it for him so he has no idea any information on it. For all I know, he may not even have a sound card.

A:No audio device and speakers are fuzzy?

It sounds (!) as if the wrong drivers are installed,
First, uninstall the device and restart the machine. It should reinstall the drivers automatically.
If this does not sort the problem, see if you can see the make and name of the motherboard. from the opening boot menu, If not, take the lid off the box and look at the board itself ,
Once you have that detail you can search on the net or the maker's website for downloadable drivers.
If all else fails, buy a sound card and install it as a daughterboard, remembering to disable the on board card at the same time.
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ok, I'm attempting to set up sound for my mother's pc. problem is she doesn't own speakers, she does have a microphone headset but i can't seem to figure out a way to use them instead. Is it even possible?

A:No speakers


Yes, you can use your Mother mic/head set combo without the presence of computer speakers.

Normally, when setting up (on-board) sound off of a motherboard, that jack connection for a headset or head phone will be located on the front of the computer case. If your case and system are real (old school) that connection jack might not be in the front, you may have to plug in the head set in the back of the unit, where the regular computer speakers would jack into. The jack will most likely be color coded in (green). The (green) jack is where you will want to plug in the head phone portion of the head set into. That is if your Mothers head set has (two) plug in's on it, one will be colored (pink) and one will either be colored (black) or (green), that black or green one is the plug you want to jack into the computers on-board sound adapter.

But if your Mothers head set is kind of on the (new school) side, it just might be an (all in one) and connect via a USB 1.0 or 2.0 port. If that is the case, just make sure all your Mothers on-board sound drivers are in order, plug in the USB head set and rock out!

Departing, it might be a good idea sometime in the future to purchase her an inexpensive set of basic computer speakers, they can be found anywhere!

Good luck.................
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Hi, my internet was good when i got it, but slowed down systematically. Now it looks like it has gone to a complete stop. Tried to download a doc from my email acc., was 450Kb, it took over 5min to download!CRAZY! any help would be appreciated! Thanx. I have a 2.8Ghz celeron,1gbram,80gb hdd (45gb free), Xp Pro sp3. got trend micro antivirus, ran cclean, im busy updating malware bytes 6.36Mb( still busy after 30min,only 75% complete now).

A:Internet is like watching paint dry!

let the updates finished and reboot.

get a command prompt (start->run->cmd) and enter tracert

here's what mine looks like

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms localrouter []
2 11 ms 12 ms 13 ms xxxxx
3 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms
4 72 ms 17 ms 13 ms []
5 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms []
6 25 ms 22 ms 23 ms []
7 13 ms 15 ms 16 ms []
8 15 ms 15 ms 16 ms []
9 15 ms 14 ms 15 ms
10 79 ms 79 ms 15 ms
11 20 ms 19 ms 18 ms
12 25 ms 25 ms 33 ms
13 26 ms 25 ms 25 ms
14 25 ms 24 ms 25 ms
15 27 ms 25 ms 25 ms
[B]Trace complete[/B].
Notice column 4 has very small times (this is time from prior node to the current node).

If you see anything like
n * * * timeout​then there is a node in your path that is failing - - you should always see the Trace complete

the other test is ping -t and it looks like

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data

Reply from bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=24ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=25ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=25ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=25ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=53
Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=53
that Time=xxms should be relatively constant (ie +- just a few ms) and any large
variation tells you that there is a system in the path from you to google that is suffering
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I have a Acer laptop, and my speakers have stopped working. about 3 days ago I was listening to some music and my speakers got really staticy......the static calmed down after 30 min or so and then they worked fine. Now they have stopped working all together. I cant even get sound when I plug my head phones in. I have checked all of the volume levels and everything is normal. I even ran a scan to see if it cound diagnose the problem and everything came back "no issue to diagnose".

is there anything I can do?

A:Can I fix my laptop speakers?

If you go to youtube or any website with sound, can you hear anything then? If no, I'd think your sound card may of died.
Have you gone into the Control Panel to check Sound & Audio devices?
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I'm using a Packard Bell laptop, Windows Vista and a Realtek sound card.

I've searched a lot to find how to NOT mute my laptop speakers when I insert something in the audio-out-jack.

The next threads say it's not possible by the hardware:
They're closed, so I can't comment on them.

BUT when I dual boot to Ubuntu (using the same hardware), I can easily choose to mute the internal speakers, or the jack, or none at all. So why can't it be possible on Vista?

A:Same audio through laptop speakers and external speakers

You answered your own question... It's a software/OS issue. If Vista's Realtek options in the Control Panel don't give you the same options as in Ubuntu, you're out of luck
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A:Weird green stuff when watching video

Make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash, Shockwave, and Sun's Java installed. Also make sure you have installed all the Windows Updates and service packs for your computer's operating system
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Hey everyone sorry to use up your time but I ve problem with Possible speakers Inspire grounding t7700 had a really strange problem with my Creative Inspire T speakers It s a setup but I just use six speakers with splitters set up on the front side and rear inputs my laptop only has one output THE FAIRLY NORMAL PART I d unplugged the input cable a -to- mm stereo jack cable to use for something else Possible grounding problem with Inspire t7700 speakers and when I plugged it back in the speakers were incredibly quiet and the bass had completely dropped I usually put a splitter on two of the jacks using same ones as before and plug the other ends into the front and side inputs I ve now found I had to put the one usually reserved for the side input into the direct subwoofer input in order to get any bass Even with this setup however it is only the lowest bass that comes through The whole upper-bass low-mid-range section is as quiet as before THE WEIRD PART I had the splitter plugged into my iPod and noticed that if I touched the metal casing of the iPod the speakers buzzed in the same way as if you touch a bare jack the hum if it gets pulled out partway or if you touch the strings on a guitar plugged into a cheap amp Plugged into my laptop it buzzed even worse drowning out music even at full laptop volume I ve never come across anything like this and couldn t find anything on the internet I m aware I m probably just going to have to replace the speakers but I m curious to know what could have caused this Many thanks Jack nbsp
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I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with vista and every time i try to play a song from my external hdd i get an error message that says "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set associations control panel.

A:Unable to play music from external HDD

This is the normal instruction for setting up a file association.

1. Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button, typing "default programs" and then clicking Default Programs in the pop up list.
2. Click on Associate a file type or protocol with a program.
This opens a list of extensions.
3. Choose the extension of the files that you wish to open then click on change program button.
4. Select the program you wish to associate the file with and click Ok.

If you have already done this try right clicking on the file and selecting open with then choose the player.
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I have a set of Altec Lansing FX 4021 computer speakers and I'm looking to buy a replacement control pod and attached cable. The control pod is about 3-4" square and has a rotating adjuster for the audio levels. The "cable" is attached to the circuit board of the pod and the other end requires a male 7pin Din plug to attach to the subwoofer. I'd like to buy the pod/cable intact, if anyone has one. If not, I need the wiring diagram for the 7 pins, allowing me to solder replacement plug correctly. Thanks
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So last week i jumped online to watch a clip on the BBC website and as i clicked play my screen froze for about seconds the screen then proceeded to turn black - displaying quot entering power save quot The PC still runs i can hear it and see the power lights on etc I thought it had something to do with the video card but reading through several of you threads i deduced that if this were the case then the issue would apply to all video clips games played I know very little about PC s i may be wrong But this issue does not occur when i play games nor does it occur when i play movies on vlc media player or on sopcast or any other external video application Only when i am in a browser does this happen I have tried reinstalling my browsers i mainly use chrome and firefox as well as explorer I downloaded Safari just to see whether it would somehow avoid the problem But it doesn t I would really appreciate some thoughts Its frustrating not being able to stream watch online Cheers nbsp

A:My Dell monitor goes black only when watching videos online

yaniktissera said:

So, last week i jumped online to watch a clip on the BBC website, and as i clicked play, my screen froze for about 5 seconds, the screen then proceeded to turn black - displaying "entering power save".Click to expand...

Try turning off your power saver mode:
(o/s XP this is mine yours may be similar)
-> right click your mouse button when the mouse is on open desk top space
-> navigate to "Properties"
-> select "Screen Saver"
-> in the lower portion of the window there is the "Monitor Power" section and select "Power" button
-> at the heading "Turn Monitor Off" from the drop down menu select "Never"
-> click "Apply"
-> click "Ok"
Hope this helps
-> Cheers
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Hey guys,

Do any of you have a recommendation for a good monitor for gaming as well as watching movies and such?

My budget for that is $100-$200 a little over is fine.
Also my computer desk can only fit a monitor no more than 22 inches WIDTH due to the wall and other stuff. So any size monitor less than 22 inches by width will be good. And I would definitely want a full HD monitor with HDMI.


A:Good monitor for gaming and movies?

anyone? plz? lol
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I recently moved my LG LH-SW5100 home theatre system and lost the screw that attached the earthwire for the rear speakers. I replaced it with an ordinary woodwork screw and now the transmitter just clicks and flashes its blue light. Should I be using a particular type of metal screw?

A:No sound from wireless 5.1 rear speakers

Fnutz said:

I recently moved my LG LH-SW5100 home theatre system and lost the screw that attached the earthwire for the rear speakers. I replaced it with an ordinary woodwork screw and now the transmitter just clicks and flashes its blue light. Should I be using a particular type of metal screw?Click to expand...

perhaps the 'earth wire' act as an antenna? photos would be useful.
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I purchased a refurbished HP blank DVD-R on music not 11 Windows Player will Media burn DC Core Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R Duo E GHz with a DVD -RW drive I am able to write music to a blank DVD-R using ImgBurn but Windows Media Player and will only write to a blank CD-R It will playback the DVD-R that I create on ImgBurn The DVD Device is HL-DT-ST Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R DVD RAM GH L The Operating System is XP Pro I had to purchase a DVD Decoder from Roxio in order to play a DVD movie in Windows Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R Media Player Is there something else that I need to purchase to write music on a blank DVD-R Or is there some setting that needs to be changed Someone suggested that WMP does not write to DVD-Rs but I have WMP on a PC with Vista and it writes to a blank DVD-R with no problem I wrote to the DVD-R on the Vista PC and I was able to read it on the XP Pro PC I just cannot write it on the XP Pro According to Microsoft WMP is supposed to write an audio file to a Data Disk nbsp

A:Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R

1. I would check current firmware version for the DVD and look for a firmware update
> Use Nero Infotool to see current drive info incl. firmversion and look if updates available

2. See if this might apply CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters

3. You might also try a DVD+R disc

/* EDIT */
Oh! i also just noticed you posted in the Introduce Yourself forum. Next time please post in the forum for topic