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Problem with my hp pavilion dv6

Q: Problem with my hp pavilion dv6

Hello ive had a few problems with my hp after a little downtown with it Problem my dv6 with pavilion hp due to a broken charger so yes when i started my hp up agian i rebooted it and everything and when i enter the game World of warcraft this strange thing happens after a while of playing just fine My computer crashes Bsod and when i start it up im getting this problem report Sorry is in danish ill try to translate it Problem with my hp pavilion dv6 i took the screws out of my computer and cleaned the fan before i used it after my downtime due to the broken charger Nothing happened that im aware of though Cpu specs Hp Pavilion dv notebook pc Processor Amd Athlon tm II dual-core M GHz -bit operative system Windows Home Premium Problemsignatur Problemsignature Navn p problemh ndelse Problem with my hp pavilion dv6 Name of the problem BlueScreen OS-version Landestandard-id Countrystandard-id Flere oplysninger om problemet More information about the issue BCCode b BCP C BCP FFFFF BCP FFFFF E BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Filer der hj lper med til at beskrive problemet Files to help you describe the issue C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Benjamin AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml L s erkl ringen om beskyttelse af personlige oplysninger online Read the declaration about protection of personal information online Windows Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows Hvis onlineerkl ringen Problem with my hp pavilion dv6 om beskyttelse af personlige oplysninger ikke er tilg ngelig kan du l se den erkl ring om beskyttelse af personlige oplysninger som er offline C Windows system da-DK erofflps txt Thanks alot i hope u can help me out on this one

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Preferred Solution: Problem with my hp pavilion dv6

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem with my hp pavilion dv6

if i missed anything in the text above please tell me and ill get it typed rightaway thanks alot
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Hello guys , i have an HP pavilion 15 p010sq and i decide to disassemble and clean my fun (i didn't do that for 1 year ) .
After I opened and put thermal compound , I refitted and turned on . The laptop is working but the screen is black . I think i have broken the flex cable ( image View image: IMG 20160216 001916 ) one of pins is missing . It's normal to look like this ? i can't find my flex cable on google (HD brightview 15.6 inch).
Hope you can help me and sorry for my bad english
PS: I'm useing magnetic screwdriver it's that posible to broke any circuit ?
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Hai. My HP Pc wifi not working after i upgrade windlow 10Wifi status (Turned off)Please provide me solution how to fix.....thanks

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A:Wi-fi Problem HP Pavilion G6

Try reinstalling the network drivers.  They are available to download from HPs website just google hp pavilion g6 drivers.
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For some reason my laptop's display got fuzzy and blurry just now. This happened before and it went away in about 20 mins but this time it stayed like this. I tried connecting it to an external monitor and it seems fine expect the color seems faded with youtube or any other videos. Please let me know if there is anything I could do to try to fix this. Also I don't know how to take apart the monitor.

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can't i install the old video card and deactivate it in control panel and then reinstall the new video card and activate the drivers that way, what do you think.

A:I have this same problem with my hp pavilion HPE

Clarify what your end goal is?Are you wishing/hoping to install a new(er) graphics card?
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Hello HP community , i'm still new to the website and i couldn't find any problem related to mine, I have a pavilion G4 1220ee working on windows 7 OS , i cant seem to detect any wi-fi around though i got 2 routers at home , even when i go to the mall i cant detect all the wireless networks around like lets say there are 10 routers around i can only detect 2 or 3  , i reinstalled the driver , downloaded a new one and updated it but still encountering the same problem, the only way i can manage to make a connection is by changing the router channel frequency when im lan connected  , Ralink RT5390 802.11b/g/n wi-fi adapter is the driver i got , please help me.

A:Pavilion G4 wi-fi problem


Hey Beee, 


I'm sorry you're running into this wireless issue but thanks for providing all of that information! I think this may be a simple fix but I need to know a couple of things first - your current Ralink driver version and BIOS version.


To find your current Ralink driver version

Click Start

Type 'device'

Click Device Manager

Expand Network Adapters 

Double-click on the Ralink 802.11 line

Click the Driver tab

Make note of the driver version number and post it in your reply
To find your current BIOS version

Press FN + ESC

A little window should come up and have the BIOS version. 

Look for 'F.##' like F.64 or F.65. 

Post that F.## number in your reply.
Once I know what versions you have, I can recommend and link you to an update if necessary. Looking forward to your reply
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I purchased HP Pavilion dv6t QE in Dec 2011. Just after the warranty expired in Dec 2012 its fan stopped working. Whenever I am starting laptop I am getting error that laptop fan is not working correctly. and its not advisable to continue. I am ready to get the fan/heat sink changed but I am not able to find the replacement part on HP website. Please let me know from where I can purchase that (link)
Please let me know the HP Fan & Heat Sink replacement number for below model:
Serial : {Personal Information Removed}Product: QJ912AVModel - dv6t-6b00

A:HP pavilion Dv6 Fan Problem - Please help

Hi, Please use the following site: Regards.
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hi, im trying to fix the problem for my hp g6 laptop which end up of confusion at the moment. i don't have any recovery disk for my laptop that is why im planning to clean install it with the same version which i downloaded it here Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO Image Downloads. Now, can i still use the product key which is situated underneath on my laptop??

A:hp pavilion g6(OS problem)

Hello Mervzter,

Yes, you will be able to use your product key number on the COA sticker to do a clean install with.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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Hello i am using My HP pavilion DV6 having sound problem when ever i update my drivers it solved for a week or two. Need help.

A:My HP pavilion DV6 having sound problem

Hi, What is your dv6 ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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I have a client running XP Home on an HP Pavilion 6545C (128 MB RAM). When you shutdown, the computer goes through the shutdown phase, screen goes black, but computer stays running. You have to press the button to shut it off. I've looked at the Power settings in Control panel/display, and CMOS power settings. Also AVG is updated & no viruses, MS anti-spyware reports no spyware...Any suggestions??

A:HP Pavilion shutdown problem

You might get better results if you click the red triangle and ask that your question be moved to the Hardware forum.
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This is an interesting problem.....

My Pavilion 4535 won't start-up when I push in the power switch. It goes into "suspend mode". The lights come on......I hear the fan whirling but no boot. If I turn it on and off a number of times then it may come on. Sometimes it helps to unplug the PC and then hit the "on" button again.

I have disabled any power configuration that there was from within BIOS but still, this Pavilion wants to start-up in "suspend mode" only.

I am running Win98/2nd. with 256Kb RAM. The computer runs perfectly AFTER it finally boots up.

What do you think?

I'd like to be able to turn it on with one push of the switch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


LettuceChat in Florida


A:Pavilion Start-Up Problem

Could be unreliable voltages comming from the Power Supply. Swap it out with a known good/more powerful one and see if that solves the problem.
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Hi,i recently bought a pavilion x2, it works fine, except for one thing: the micro sd card reader. I insert the micro sd, it's ok, it works, i'm able to read and write files. BUT!  After a couple of minutes working on it, it simply stops working: it desappears and if i look for peripherals, i read that it stops working (error 43). WHY? It's not a card fault, because the same card works on other devices and i tried different cards on the pavilion with the same result (exFat, NTFS .... no difference!) Driver is up to date, i already tried to reset the system too. What do i have to do? Greetings, Francesco

A:pavilion x2 micro sd problem

Hi there @Franz19,  Welcome to the HP Support Community! I read your post and wanted to reach out to help you! I understand that you are having an issue with the Micro SD slot on your HP Pavilion x2 - 10-n107nl Notebook PC. You mentioned receiving an error code 43: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.  If that is correct, I found some documentation. There are troubleshooting steps in them that may help. There is a document from HP called Using and Troubleshooting Memory Card Readers.  Card reader drivers can become corrupted or stop functioning correctly, and new drivers and firmware are occasionally released to address issues.  Have you tried to use the HP Support Assistant to ensure that all of your drivers are updated?Have you done your Windows Updates?Have you tried to run the Microsoft Hardware Troubleshooter? If not, please try: Search for TroubleshootingClick on TroubleshootingSelect Hardware and SoundSelect Hardware and DevicesClick NextFollow the instructions.  Did you get the error code from the Device Manager?Have you tried to uninstall the SD card reader from the Device Manager? If not, please try that and then restart your Notebook twice.  Did this reply resolve your issue or answer your question? If yes, then please share the good news! Let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. You can also show your appreciation by clicking the Thumbs Up. If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with the results of the troubleshooting. Have a great day!
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I have a HP Pavilion Dv7, and it has an annoying problem: the F1 key is also the windows help and support button. Certain games and programs require the use of the F1 button, which would be fine on any other computer, but when you press that button on this computer, it minimizes the program and opens the help center. First of all, the help center is crap, and I would never use it if I had a problem, so there is no need to have it enabled in the first place. Can someone tell me how to disable that function on the F1 button, and maybe disable the help center? I have Windows 7 32 bit.

A:Problem specific to Pavilion Dv7

Hi this may be of use Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows 7 / XP / Vista - How-To Geek
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hello.I updated my laptop from win 7 to win 10 home. Bluetooth was working fine when i updated with "keep everything" option. But when i  did a clean install of win 10 again, my pc is not detecting bluetooth devices. now only 2 drives are there in device manager for bluetooth. i.e Generic bluetooth adapter and ms bluetooth enumerator. Bluetooth icon is visible in notification pannel and i'm able to turn it on/off. But my pc is not able to pair with bluetooth devices,  it doesn't show the list of nearby bluetooth devices itself. i just see the scearcing process in the screen.pls help a.s.ap. I'm not able to transfer file though bluetooth.
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Have an old DV5 that I found in a closet. When i booted it up it booted just fine but the screen dosent work properly, it has some lines that keep moving across the screen. Any way to fix? P.S This is the older gen DV5
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I'm trying to repair an HP Pavilion DV2315nr for a friend, but It's kinda giving me hell. Here is the story she gave me: She was on it checking her e-mail and her 3yr old daughter slapped the keyboard and it shut down as if she asked it to and it shut down properly. When she tried turning it on, the lights came on and no video period. Now, I took it home and did a few things like testing the RAM and found that was not the problem. Then I took out the battery and plugged in the laptop with the power supply and it just turns on by itself with the same effect, lights and no video. I took it apart and found that the cpu fan would turn on then shut off leaving the lights on. Tried it with an external monitor and nothing. Any ideas?

A:HP Pavilion DV2315nr problem

How exactly have you tested RAM with nothing on your screen? Have you moved it over to another PC?

In any case, this is a hardware problem (d'uh me). As a first step I would suggest getting another power supply for this model, plug it in and see if the computer turns on with another (working!) power supply.
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I have a HP Pavilion DV6000 for about two years now. Everything has been working great on it until this afternoon. I flashed it up per normal and noticed the wireless light did not switch to blue and that the bottom right taskbar showed no internet connection is available.

After checking the modem and router, which are good, still no luck. I restored the laptop to a previous date and still no go. Did find out that it appears that no driver is detected but that makes no sense as it was there yeaterday.

Help! Anybody?

A:HP Pavilion Wireless Problem

did you check the wireless switch to make sure it's on the ON poistion?
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Ok here is the problem I ve had this computer for about - months it has Windows Vista installed The machine is with HP problem a wireless Having Pavilion an HP Pavilion dv laptop It has a built-in wireless adapter that when I turn from quot left to right quot would change from quot blue to red quot respectively So I would know the wireless card was working Having a problem with HP Pavilion wireless Yesterday my wife bought a Dlink WBR- wireless router and suddenly the thing stops working I set up the router which I believe I ve done correctly but I can only get a Having a problem with HP Pavilion wireless connection Having a problem with HP Pavilion wireless if I physically connect the network cable from the router to the laptop or directly into the modem For the life of me I cannot figure out what the problem is It quot appears quot to me that there is something wrong with the network adapter I can only find one in device manager cannot seem to find the wireless at all and my HP assistant doesn t open anytime I double click I even tried to download the new HP wireless asst drivers and still no luck I have no idea what else could be the issue but I have had more issues with this PC over the past months than I think I ve had with any other In addition to that my CD-Rom drive cannot get its drivers updated and that doesn t even work The laptop came with vista and they didn t give me a disk so I can t even format it which would hopefully solve the problem Maybe I dunno but any help is surely very very appreciated Thanks very much Edit I forgot to mention that the light NEVER turns blue anymore no matter if the router is on off connected not-connected etc Doesn t matter what happens always the same result Just wanted to add that in helps to say why I think its the PC and not the router In addition more edits I noticed people with similar problems asking for ipconfig all so I figured I should do the same C Users admin gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name admin-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List ed shawcable net Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix ed shawcable net Description NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Physical Address - -D - -C -B DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe d ceb b f Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained October- - PM Lease Expires October- - PM Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix ed shawcable net Description isatap ed shawcable net Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe efe Preferred Default Gateway DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - E- DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address e a e fa f ff b Prefer red Link-local IPv Address fe e fa f ff b Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled C Users admin gt nbsp

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My Hewlett Packard Pavilion 4535 computer will not show anything on the screen. If I remove everything but the cpu and fans I get a beep code telling me there is no ram which is correct. The light for the cd-rom flashes on first start up but the floppy drive does not repond. I can hear the hard drive spinning.

I was wondering if I should clear the Bios, and if so how do I do this.

Hope someone can help me.

A:Pavilion 4535 Problem

Here is a forum specificaly (sp?) for HP Pavilions:,,CA767159!2!answers!9,00.html

You'll need to find out which motherboard you have, bios etc. go here:

Have you tried your monitor on another functioning PC? Another monitor on your HP. Could be a video card.
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I have noticed that after quite sometime and after a few updates with the OS my keyboard or some keys on my keyboard aren't functioning as they should be column to be exact the Del Home PgUp PgDn End keys as well as the Left and Right arrow Keyboard HP Pavilion G4 Problem keys But when i go to my BIOS they are working When pressed for HP Pavilion G4 Keyboard Problem a long time or pressed many times since pressing once does not do anything anymore these keys perform different tasks e g Del performs CAPSLOCK Left and Right arrow keys enter other characters nbsp such as eqwt and random letters I thought my keyboard hardware is the problem but when i went to BIOS the keys are doing fine Please tell me how to fix this HP I bought this laptop sometime in and I'm still using it But i have attached an external keyboard - which is really a hassle if you know what i mean Please HP nbsp Hope this problem can be addressed nbsp Thanks nbsp Sincerely
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Hi, I use HP pavilion dm1 . from last night still my laptop shows signing out when i try to open it.

A:HP Pavilion signing out problem

hi, just saying ,if it were mine,done it many time with out ill consequences, i would hold down the power button until it shut down ,and then restart it , totally up to you to try this as there isn't much else you can do .
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I have a Pavilion G7 that is a couple years old. I was playing a game on it when the system shut down. I tried to turn it on and the system said that there was an error with cooling fan (90B). I tried cleaning it without Luck. Please help

A:Pavilion G7 Cooling fan problem

Likely needs to be replaced. Can we have the exact model?
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i have aproblem with hp pavilion g6 wifi  and this is the hardware idPCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4727&SUBSYS_1795103C&REV_01PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4727&SUBSYS_1795103CPCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4727&CC_028000PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4727&CC_0280 please help

A:hp pavilion g6 wifi problem

Dear Customer, You would require Broadcom W/LAN drivers. Please use the below link to download the same: NOTE:If you require any other drivers, please use the below link:    Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Here is my problem I have a a dv7 laptop Pavilion Problem HP on HD HP Pavilion dv vista laptop with a GB Problem HD on a HP Pavilion dv7 laptop HD that is just over a year old and hence out of warranty I was checking the SMART and the drive says there are Current Pending Errors but reallocations I used acronis drive monitor to check this I also have been seeing quot The shadow copies of volume C were aborted because of an IO failure on volume C quot As far as I can tell it aborted doing a backup under system restore shadow copies Now I haven t had any data loss or other problems with it But I did a scan with HDDScan http hddscan com and found two bad blocks Actually I did more than one scan and it is consistent with those two blocks So it looks like I have a problem drive Of course I know that some drives might go like this for years without problems and others die over night you just never know I am backing up So the main question is can I replace the HD on this laptop with a SATA HD of my choice Or am I stuck with ordering a replacement from HP Any thoughts insights appreciated nbsp

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Hello fellow members Well everytime I turn my laptop on I get a black screen that says We apologize for the inconvenience but windows did not start successfully A recent hardware or software change might have caused this Safe Mode Safe Mode with Networking Safemode with command prompt Last knowns Configuration Start Windows Normally Well when I click on any of these options it acts like its starting up then this blue screen pops up for like a second that says stop c Registry File Failure The registry cannot load the hive file system root system Config SOFTWARE or its log or alternate It is corrupt absent or alternate Beginning dump of physical memory Physical memory dump complete Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance Then it goes back to that black screen Does anyone know how I can fix this problem Pavilion Hp Problem Startup For my viao All i had to push was f at the startup and it went to a screen where it recovered itself this goes to this meno called BIOS is that a way to recover the laptop

A:Hp Pavilion Startup Problem

For starters, when you get the boot menu, choose Last Known Good Configuration. If that doesn't help, post back.
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Hi,I recently bought an internal WD7500BPVX 750GB SATA HDD compatible with my HP Pavilion dv7 - 2030eV to be used as a second hard drive, since I already have a 250GB HDD on the laptop. I also bought a SATA cable which I think is compatible and a caddy for the disk. When I connected the SATA cable and pressed the startup button the laptop powered up for about a second and then shut down.  I disconnected the SATA cable and left only the 250GB driver connected. When I powered up again the laptop booted normally. Once I tried connecting the new HDD again the same thing happened. Any ideas what might be happening? I checked twice for the compatibility of the parts before purchasing but I cannot rule it out as a cause.I thank you all in advance for your help.

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A:HP Pavilion dv7 second HDD installation problem

Hobistas wrote:Hi,I recently bought an internal WD7500BPVX 750GB SATA HDD compatible with my HP Pavilion dv7 - 2030eV to be used as a second hard drive, since I already have a 250GB HDD on the laptop. I also bought a SATA cable which I think is compatible and a caddy for the disk. When I connected the SATA cable and pressed the startup button the laptop powered up for about a second and then shut down.  I disconnected the SATA cable and left only the 250GB driver connected. When I powered up again the laptop booted normally. Once I tried connecting the new HDD again the same thing happened. Any ideas what might be happening? I checked twice for the compatibility of the parts before purchasing but I cannot rule it out as a cause.I thank you all in advance for your help.Hi,This series won't boot with two different hard drives. If you want a second hard drive you need the same 250GB drive as the original one to make it work.
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I have an HP Pavilion A6512p given to me by a friend to look at because she said for some reason it won't work suddenly. Well she was right. The issue is when I plug everything in (i.e. power cord, monitor,keyboard, and mouse)the pc powers on but that is all it does. The keyboard lights flicker then shut off and it doesn't seem to function. The monitor reads a signal but all I get is the black screen. It does not show a thing. Not even the hp logo or anything. The pc itself seems like it is loading but nothing seems to work and nothing seems to happen. The only thing I know about the specs is that it is running windows Vista Home Premium and that it has a 500 GB seagate hard drive. If anyone can give me any advice to what might be wrong I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

A:HP Pavilion Start up problem.

I would start with the motherboard power connections, then look to swap out the power supply with a known working one. After that it may be the motherboard.
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Hi I have problem Pavilion Bluetooth HP dv6 a fairly new HP Pavilion dv laptop and HP Pavilion dv6 Bluetooth problem my Bluetooth adapter was working fine up until HP Pavilion dv6 Bluetooth problem two days ago where it just stopped working altogether The system still says it is working except one thing usually when I restart the computer or turn the wireless adapter off and on a notification dialog box pops up saying something like quot Starting Bluetooth adapter quot but that stopped happening as well EDIT My Wi-Fi is still fully functional if anybody is wondering The Bluetooth adapter still works on Ubuntu as far as I can tell so that is another reason why I believe this is a driver OS problem I have searched this forum and the HP forums as well and have found no solution so far Here is some technical information that I think might be useful Primary OS Windows Professional x Wireless Adapter Broadcom GN b g n x Wi-Fi Adapter Other installed OS Ubuntu Desktop LTS - Virtual partition If there is any other information that anyone needs be sure to tell me because I haven t had a problem like this before Please help nbsp

A:HP Pavilion dv6 Bluetooth problem

Hey, Did you install the correct driver for your Bluetooth? and also can you check the firewall? maybe the firewall block it.
and also what kind of anti virus did you using?

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Hey guys, i just installed a power supply in my HP Pavilion a6000 desktop because my computer wouldn't turn on. First time installing one with the help of youtube. The new problem is now that i have my power working and my computer turning on, My monitor doesnt work. Its not a monitor or a VGA cable problem. I made a video, hopefully it cant help.

A:HP Pavilion a6000 problem

first, when you plug in a video card it will disable your onboard video. Only the port(s) on the card will work. if you are plugged into the card and it is still not working, remove the card, and plug the vga cord back into the onboard port and see if that works. if this doesn't work post back and I may be able to come up with other troubleshooting steps. be shure to restart between steps to see if there is any change.
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i have an hp slimline pavilion with windows xp os. a couple days ago i started ripping a few cds and now anytime i use the drive the entire computer slows down. music turns to sludge, even the pointer is sluggish. anytime i rip, burn, or even play a cd or dvd, the whole thing comes to a crawl. i've checked and rechecked my software but at this point i'm at a loss.

any help is appreciated
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It keeps goig to a blue bar that says enter administrator password or power on password and the system disabled code is 59863826 please help
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Recently,I decided to buy a HP Pavilion dv7 with Atheros AR 5007 802.11b/g WiFi Adapter..The issue is that my WiFi won't work.My router is Huawei HG 530, with WiFi 802.11 b+g+n setting..When I bought it and came home,and tried connecting to Home network, it worked for 30 minutes,then all of sudden the yellow triangle appeared,and the laptop connects to WiFi sucesfully,but I cannot open any web pages,I've even tried pinging some pages,without luck,just time-outs..I've installed  driver [ ]But the driver didn't fixed it.Also tried changing settings of router,didn't worked..Can someone help me with this issue? 

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A:HP Pavilion dv7 WiFi problem

Hi: I think you should try a newer driver that that one.
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hello nbsp nbsp History nbsp i have buy a notebook before one year it works perfectly for me till one day One day i turn it on and it shutdown by itself I go to the technician for notebooks before in my country we do not have HP in help me problem Please Pavilion with a HP dv6000 store and he tell me that my notebook has two Please help me in a problem with HP Pavilion dv6000 ribbon cables under keyboard broken One is for quick launch buttons and one is for power button One cable for quick launch buttons i buy by internet in ebay store and i am looking to buy another one that for power button nbsp Problem nbsp one day before those two ribbons cable broke i have chang upgrade the bios version The name of old version if BIOS i do not remmember Please help me in a problem with HP Pavilion dv6000 but the new version that i have upgradet is F D The day after after i do this upgrade i found out that those two ribbons cable are broken The computer does not work correctly i push the power button and when the computer starts after seconds nbsp it restart it self and this thing repeat and repeat and repeat all the time In the time when i change one ribbon cable for quick launch buttons it works very good for a very little time maybe days and after days start to work in that way start-shutdown nbsp Today i tryed to turn on and for the first time it works but first i have receive this data nbsp Phoenix BIOS Release Copyright - Phoenix Technologies Ltd All rights reserved nbsp BIOS version F DCPU stepping Unknown nbsp MHz lt --- nbsp BSP info cpu's Detected M System RAM Passed KB L cacheSystem BIOS shadowedVdeo BIOS shadowedATAPI nbsp nbsp CD-ROM TSST nbsp corpCD DVDW nbsp TS-L MFixed Disk ST ASMouse Initiliazed nbsp ERROR Check date and time settings nbsp WARNING System CMOS Checksum Bad - Default configuration used nbsp Pres lt F gt to Resume lt F gt to Setup nbsp nbsp Realy i dont know what those datas are can you please help me to get a solution for my notebook nbsp Thank you for understanding me Best RegardsBesmir

A:Please help me in a problem with HP Pavilion dv6000

Actually in my experience, those two errors are not serious if this is the first time it booted since you did the upgrade.  Date and Time have been reset so you just need to go in and enter it in again.  The checksum is because some of the settings have changed with the upgrade, others have reverted to a default and they don't match with the last known good setting that was stored in memory (because it was from the old bios).  Going in and making any changes that need to be made and then saving your settings usually gets you going.  However if you boot it again and this error keeps coming up, then you may have a bad CMOS battery that isn't holding a charge or a pooched firmware upgrade.

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I've owned my laptop for about a year and a half now and about 2 weeks ago it started to run pretty slowly and randomly shut off when it was on "High Performance" Battery mode and it is feeling oddly hot underneath my laptop when this happens. When I switch the battery mode to power saver I can hear the fan slow down and it doesn't switch off anymore. I think it might be a battery problem, but I'm not sure. If I replaced the battery will this solve my problem or do I have a cooling issue? Any advice would be very helpful! Thanks so much!
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pc will freeze on HP screen on start up, when you unplug from wall outlet and reconnect it usually will work again. what can this be?, I'll thinking psu other than the fact that i still have video, can video still work with bad psu?

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My roommate is having some problems with her HP Pavilion laptop. She said that around christmas these problems started. The computer will be working fine then the screen will just turn off. The computer to all appearances continues to run, but hte screen is off. Occationally it will come back on when she closes the laptop then reopens it, but this isn't consistant. Often when she restarts/turns on the laptop the screen just doesn't turn on. The laptop seems to be going through the startup process from the sound of it but the screen stays dark. I would guess this is a hardware problem, either a loose cord or a problem with the screen itself. Any suggestions about anything possible to do?

A:HP Pavilion screen problem?

Most likely it is either the screen backlight or the inverter that powers the backlight.
Or the connections or screen switch

The backlight may be of unitary construction with the LCD screen, but the inverter or switch should be service replaceable.

With a torch on the face of the screen you may just be able to make out the image to confirm that the laptop is still running, or plug in an external monitor and use the toggle keystrokes for that model laptop to enable it.
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Hello Display zv6233nr Pavilion HP Problem everyone I m having a problem with the monitor of my HP Pavilion zv HP Pavilion zv6233nr Display Problem nr laptop I bought my computer brand new about two and a half years ago I ve never had any display problems before this current problem I put my computer on Stand By then woke it up an hour later to find that the screen had a bunch of thin colorful horizontal bars I then shut down my computer and booted it back up again with no problem This continued to happen off and on after either putting my computer on Stand By Hibertating or Shutting Down but would always go back to normal after another reboot That is until a few days later The thin colorful horizontal bars appeared again right after the Windows logo appears during boot-up and ever since then I haven t been able to see anything but that unless I plug in an external monitor The only time I can use my laptop now is if I plug another monitor into it thus eliminating the portability of my laptop Everything works like normal except the display Can any of you help me out I ve searched long and hard for any help for this but I can t find anything I even chatted with an HP representative but they won t help because my tech support warranty has expired I would take it to a repair shop but I m currently in Brazil and the repairs are super expensive I won t be going back to the United States until after March of next year My PC information is below If you need any other information about my PC I d be happy to provide it to you Thanks for checking out my post Here s my computer info HP Pavillion zv nr laptop Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP AMD Athlon Processor GHz MB of RAM Display Adapter ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress Series nbsp

A:HP Pavilion zv6233nr Display Problem

So thanks for all the help, everyone. I haven't fixed the problem yet, but here's an update:

Well, I opened up my computer in hopes of finding the problem and fixing it, but all I found was a looooot of dust. I cleaned it all out but that didn't help the problem. I intended to find some loose wire or something, but I realized I had no idea what exactly I was looking for. Can anyone help me out as to what exactly I need to find inside my computer that relates to the display? I saw the graphics chip, but it was seated well in the board.
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Some days back I was viewing some images on my Laptop HP Pavilion dv series enriched with nvidia graphics and Windows Vista OS There HP dv2000 Problem NVIDIA - Pavilion - all of a sudden the screen of my laptop started blinking and I had to shut it down forcefully Then I restarted the system and the laptop window was divided into small windows each showing the same data Then again I restarted my system forcefully and this time my system started normally when I selected start windows normally option Again after using the system for hours the screen blinkered This has been the case with my laptop since last weeks and when I visited the laptop repairing shops in Nehru Place NOIDA I was told that the problem is with the display card and I was advised to - Get my nvidia display card repaired by spending - INR HP Pavilion - dv2000 - NVIDIA Problem with month repairing warranty but the same problem may again be encountered after - months - Get my nvidia display card replaced by spending - INR with month repairing warranty but the same problem may again be encountered after some time - Get my mother board replaced by spending HP Pavilion - dv2000 - NVIDIA Problem - INR with month repairing warranty which will be a permanent solution to my problem Now please advice me whether my laptop s problem has been diagnosed properly and which option is the best I have decided to replace my motherboard And if I replace the mother board then should I expect any compatibility problem in future My laptop is years old Please advice nbsp

A:HP Pavilion - dv2000 - NVIDIA Problem

The nVidia chips found in that series laptop are known to found problem, even some replacements could experience the same problem.

It's a 4 year old laptop, possibly 6 from original release and they are generally poor quality and low spec'ed laptops so I don't think it's worth putting in much money into it at all.
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Here is a pic of the display on my HP DV5000 laptop.  Hooked up to an external monitor it works fine.  I've seen posts that say stuff like inverters, motherboards, etc. go bad.  Any idea what to look for on this one?  thanks. 

A:HP Pavilion DV5000 Display Problem

Have you found out what the problem with your system is?  I have an HP Pavilion DV5000 doing the EXACT same thing, but since the hard drive went out, I can't reinstall Windows XP on it because I can only see the top 1/3 of the screen.  See, even with an external monitor, this system won't recognize the monitor until it's in full windows mode.  Installing windows on this thing would be like flying blind.  Very frustrating.  If only I could get xp reinstalled on it, I do believe using an external monitor also.  Unless I can find a way, this laptop is finished.
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I also have a newish pavilion x360. It worked fine for two months but now we have the white light no screen caps lock light blinking problem. From other posts this is quite common. I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed at the factory yet.I need to buy five more notebooks for a small business. The x360 seemed perfect but am now reconsidering. Is there anywhere you can get robustness information for notebooks and laptops?

A:hp pavilion x360 hardware problem

Hi there @nickyrbainbridg,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, both from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are experiencing a blank display and a flashing caps lock LED. I am happy to help you with this. The  flashing LED is a way the system can inform you of an issue preventing the computer from starting properly.The number of flashes in the pattern tell you which part it is that is causing the condition, and depending on what it is gives you an idea of what needs to be done. In actuality the problem is not as common as you believe, although it does happen.  It is the cause that is relevant. Sometimes it is just something that has worked loose inside the system. This could be due to handling, or an accident, it is hard to say. In answer to your question about robustness, it is possible to research that. The types of tests that any device is subjected to depend on the product and normal working conditions it is intended for. When dealing with any electrical device common sense tells us of hazards or things to avoid. In reality, some users still use hardware in ways it was not intended for. The types of specifications you will find are things like operating temperature ranges, battery life and handling, etc. Anyway, back to the flashing LEDs,  please check through this page. It will guide you to the error codes so you can identify the issue. HP Notebook PCs - Computer does not start and the LEDs blink or the computer beeps After that please post what you find, and I will happy to help you with it, or if you prefer, you can always call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region.
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When I push the power button, the screen remains blank & I get a LED light from the caps lock button that flashes three times, pause, three times, pause, three times.  I also get a audible sound of three beeps, pause, three beeps, pause, three beeps.  I have tried a "hard reset" & the other things suggested in the HP troubleshooting guide.  Usually after I turn the computer off after several times of dealing with the flashes & beeps, it will finally boot correctly.  I bought the notebook in 2014 & this is the first problem I have had with it.  Any help is much appreciated.
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Dear Sirs,
I m having problems with my Hp TX1217cl notebook, when i switch on it does not show any thing but power supply is always on. if i try to switch on several times i shows display once.... what is solution and what is problem ?? please help me
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Hello : ) I need help to find drivers for my laptop (Hp pavilion 15-p252nu).I downgrade to Windows 7 64bit.I found some drivers install it for the usb host controller , but when i connect anything to 2 ports (usb 3.0) it says unrecognized device. This is Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9CB1&SUBSYS_2296103C&REV_03 Thank you : )  p.s. sry for bad english : )
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I recently started to experience Problem dv6000 HP Pavilion Sound a sound problem with my Laptop nbsp I am not sure if the computer was in hibernate or standby but when I unmuted the sound via the touchpad nothing happened nbsp the touchpad changes colors like its unmuting and onscreen it says mute but the speakers are not working at all nbsp I pluged some headphones into the computer and they worked just fine nbsp i get no sound what so ever from the speakers HP Pavilion dv6000 Sound Problem nbsp I tryed updating the drivers and disabling the sound card and enabling it again i also tryed the standard avti-virus stuff de-frag disk check nbsp HP Pavilion dv6000 Sound Problem I also HP Pavilion dv6000 Sound Problem went and reset all the speaker settings to defalt nbsp I checked all music video players and made sure they were not muted restarted the computer shut it down and took the battery out nbsp still no sound from the speakers nbsp Anyone have a fix or any idea the issue nbsp the computer is like a year and a half to two years old so unless its a known issue its not covered nbsp Any help with the matter would be greatly appreciated

A:HP Pavilion dv6000 Sound Problem

Go into SOUND option in control panel and check the playback devices. Even if you uninstall the driver, it will somtiems remain disbaled in that menu. If you don't even see a playback device in there, r-click on the background and tell it to "show hidden device". If the speakers are enabled, and the levels are turned up in that menu also, and it still doesn't work, then you probably have dead speakers.

The First Sacred Law of Computers: Fast, Reliable, Cheap.....Pick Two The Second Sacred Law of Computers: Ask not of others that which may be easier found by Google The Third Sacred Law of Computers: Thou shalt not ask about an error message one did not bother to write down
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Something is wrong with my monitor.  It looks like not all of the pixiles are lighting up on the left side.  It looks like there is a gradient effect on my computer. Sometimes it goes away at random, but it is usually there.  I tried switching monitors and it only happens on this HP Pavillion 23bw.  Is there a way to fix it or send away for a new one? 

A:hp pavilion 23bw Screen Problem

Hello GreenCherries, On the left side of the monitor you state it looks like pixels are not all lighting up, is that correct? I will try to help you. Have you tested this monitor to a different video cable, or does that cable work fine with other monitors?  Please respond back at your earliest convenience.Thanks
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HiI have a HP Pavilion Notebook PC and it seems I have a problem with the graphic It started months ago when the computer suddenly started saying The graphics card ADM Driver stopped answering and recovered or something like that I solved the problem by looking for updates and installing them but now I have problems again First of all it seems that I can't ever update the graphic or display adapters it just doesn't happen Now I have bought an expensive VHS converter 17 Notebook PC Graphics HP Pavilion with problem programme to digitize VHS videos but the programme doesn't work because there is something wrong with the Graphics problem with HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC Graphics or the display adapters nbsp At the device management I can see that I have two display adapters AMD Radeon HD G and AMD Radeon HD M Series The first Graphics problem with HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC one has an exlamation mark and it says The device has been stopped because it reported an error - code nbsp Is there anything I can do to fix the graphics and display adapters I have heard that these kind of errors are typical for HP Pavilions What is the difference between graphis and display adapters anyway nbsp nbsp
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i have a problem using bluetooth on my hp, i tried to install all the drivers, i have the button bleutooth in Parameters>Wireless but it's desactivated and i can't enable it. what are the essential drivers that i need to insatall.
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i am new to the forums and am sum what computer literate meaning that back when win was the system i knew how to fix pretty much anything on it though now with xp i have no idea what i am doing i haven t kept up any ways here is my problem i have a friend who owns an hp pavilion ze laptop she was installing sp from windows upgrade site the computer crashed during the installation and now when she starts it up it shows the xp splash screen while loading but then goes to a black screen with no icons no start menu nothing but a mouse pointer my mouse works but ctrl alt del does nothing we have tried sys restore safemode system restore when going into safe mode the words safe mode will appear in the corners of the screan and information about the current service pack sp will appear at the top center of the screen but still no icons or access to anything successfully updating the bios to no positive effect booting up with knoppix linux on cd this only so that we could access the files and save something knoppix did not load all the way either we cannot get to a command prompt a boot disk did not work and calling the psychic friends network in hopes that they could divine the answer to our problem from the stars this also failed to help us though it did help my sister find her car keys and i found out that my soul mate whom i have not yet met has already passed away and is now reincarnated as a hairless winxp ze4600 pavilion hp problem goat in Guam all that we really want to do is recover all of her personal picture files from her hard drive before we format and reinstall thank you for your help and concern chris nbsp

A:hp pavilion ze4600 winxp problem

You could try a repair install . . should get her up long enough to salvage files.

This is a good guide to performing a repair install

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I have just installed Vista Ultimate 32 bit on my HP Pavilion a1200il (Intel Pentium 4 2.99GHz) It already have a 7.1 audio with realtek Highdefinition audio. But my
problem is when I play MP3 or WMA music the sound quality is really bad. I have no problems at all when use XP. I need ur help. pls.Few of my fiend now facing this problem. pls. help me.....

A:Sound Problem HP Pavilion a1200il

Hi Jaimoen,

Checkout this Thread:

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Ok, i'm working on a friends pc, he has a whole bunch of crap on it, viruses, spyware...ect.. I told him I would fix it now the problem is, I want to format the hard drive and put XP back on it. The problems are, the cd rom is broke, so I am using the dvd drive, and the floppy is broke. I put my XP cd in and it dosnt boot, I know its bootable. So I was going to edit the bios but when the computer boots, most computer say press [f whatever here] to go to bios. Well his just goes automaticly to boot from hd after showing the HP logo stuff. No bios. Any ideas?

Please reply,

A:Bios problem with HP Pavilion 7966

arieder said:

Ok, i'm working on a friends pc, The problems are, the cd rom is broke,, and the floppy is broke. Any ideas?

Please reply,
ThanksClick to expand...

time to get a new computer. they are cheap enough nowadays.
Manuals for that computer can be found here.

here is the help page for that computer.

to get to bios, you have to tap F8 upon booting to enter it.
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A friend gave his HP Pavilion dv9700, he said it would not turn on.... He was right, it will not

Now, if i plug the power lead in, the little light around the power connector comes on, and so does the battery charging light. then when full the charging light flashed, as it should.

Push the power button and nothing happens (even if i leave the mains supply in). I checked the normal things. As i took the back panel off the CMOS battery fell out, and for some reason has no way to stay in there (i tried Blue-Tack which worked lol). I even tried another CMOS battery in case that maybe a cause. I have tried re-seating the Memory modules, and also tried it with 0,1 or 2 modules in there, but still nothing.

Anyone any other ideas ?
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Hi,I bought Hp Pavillon V4P33EA,it came with windows home, but I was format and setup windows 64bit Enterprise.I was download hp drivers from hp site..wireless driver setup correctly. but although very fast in the wireless home version (1 mbs per sec), extremely slow in the enterprise version..(100 Kb or under per sec)I was look device manager..Broadcom 802.11n network adapter.. I saw "This device is working properly."I installed several different driver... but still very slow...What could be the problem? or whick driver would you advertise to me...or Where can I find the FULL driver package file?thanks
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hello, i have an hp that is about 7 years old. it just started freezing about a year ago. the stats of this are, 512mb of ram with 2x256, and 80gb of memory. it can be on for about 2 or 3 hours on average without freezing and then i have to wait about 2 hours to go back on it again.there are no viruses on the computer and i know this because i am running mcafee. thanks for your time and please reply.

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my hp has a very strange problem. the pc displays a lot of colors like the ones that show on the xbox 360 when it frezees. everything works fine. when i try to play games, i cant before i could do it. and it only works if i install windows 7 it wont work on windows xp because it shows me hard disk error (blue screen). i tried to download a nvidia driver but when i reset the pc it shows me hard disk error and i have to intall windows again. what should i do?

A:HP Pavilion dv8000 display problem

Since this is a laptop, try testing the memory and hard drive using this info:

Laptops run hotter than desktops so there is a lot more stress on these components. The "the pc displays a lot of colors" usually means a bad LCD Panel, or motherboard. We hope it is not either of these, at this point
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Hello! Does anyone experienced a problem with the green side tint and pixelation on Hp Pavilion 23xi monitor? Is there any solution to fix it? Its happened recently and I have checked all the connections - they are fine, I have tried o restart the monitor to factory settings and problem is still here. It happened only to one side of the monitor (right hand side) and is really annoying. Thanks in advance for your help

A:HP Pavilion 23xi problem with screen

Hello @Carssi, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how your monitor is displaying a green side tint and pixelation, and I would be happy to assist you in this matter! To further diagnose the pixelation issue with your display, I recommend following the steps in this document on Display Quality Issues.  If the issue remains, I suggest following the steps below to correct the issue of the green side tint:Step 1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the monitor and the wallStep 2. Hold the power button down for at least one minuteStep 3. Plug the power cord back into the monitor and then into the wall outletStep 4. Press the Menu button on the monitorStep 5. Navigate to the Factory Reset option and select itStep 6. Try a different cable connecting your monitor to your computerIf the above steps did not resolve your issue you can try the monitor on a computer or other device to see if the issue persists. Please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region. you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!
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ok heres the problem when i go to start my computer up it goes to a black screen and says the following:

we apologize for the inconvenience but windows did not start successfully
a recent hardware or software chance might have caused this

then it says either
safe mode
safe mode with networking
safe mode with command prompt

last known good configuration

then finally
start windows normally

I have tried every possible way to fix it but it just loads the screen then goes back to that screen again can anyone help me Thank You

A:problem when starting my hp pavilion 720n

Hello TakeNotes

You will need an XP installation CD to fix this error. If you don`t have one try to borrow one the same version as your machine (eg XP Pro SP2)

Configure your PC to boot from CD if it isn't already set up that way. You may need to enter the BIOS to configure the PC to boot from the CD.
Set the boot order to
floppy (if present)
Hard disk

Start your PC with the XP Setup CD in the drive. When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD..." prompt, do so and let the CD-based boot process begin.

When the Recovery Console option is offered (Press R to start the Recovery Console), do so. You may be asked which Windows installation to enter, in which case type the number of the Windows installation you wish to work on (usually 1).

When prompted, enter the Administrator's password for that Windows installation. If you did not set a password just press ENTER

At the command prompt, type
Bootcfg /Rebuild

The exact wording will depend on your setup, but after a few moments you'll see a prompt that says something like:
Total Identified Windows Installs: 1
[1] C:\Windows
Add Installation To Boot List?

Assuming the information you see is correct, enter
Bootcfg will start the process of rebuilding the boot list to include the indicated Windows installation

After a moment, you'll be asked to "Enter Load Identifier."
This is the name of the operating system that will appear in boot menus.
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Next you'll be asked to "Enter OS Load Options."
For normal installations, enter

to leave the Recovery Console and reboot the PC, which should then start normally.
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I just recently swapped out a motherboard for a HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop. After getting the whole thing put back together, I plugged in the power cable and hit the power button, and it seemed to start spinning for maybe 1.5 seconds. Then it powered off.

I looked at the power jack and the blue LED that forms a ring around the jack was still on. I removed the power cable and plugged it back in, then tried to turn it on again. It spun for maybe a second before turning off again. Now the circular blue LED does not light up when I plug in the power. Nothing happens anymore.

Did the board just fry?

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I have read almost all the answers to this problem I tried a number of the suggestions until I Pavilion problem. HP dv6120us sound no got tired of it and did my own troubleshooting Here is what I found First make sure the sound is not muted or the volume is on low I recommend that you verify that the correct sound drivers are installed Go into the device manager and scroll down to the sound drivers and make sure you do not see any yellow If you do go to the HP web site and download the correct drivers for this laptop Second Take a pair of external speakers and attach them to the laptop Play some music or sound and to your surprise you will find that the laptop is putting out HP Pavilion dv6120us no sound problem. sound Thirdly having done the above you may now have to go to the next level to fix this issue Do the following Turn the laptop off and over with the bottom facing up Remove the battery and in there you will find five screws that you will need to remove and secure in a cup for reinstallation Three of the screws are easy to see and two are not so look closely The two that are hard to see are for the removal of the keyboard Now there is one other screw to remove and that screw is in the memory compartment It is not easy to see but if you look closely you will see an impression of a small keyboard Remove the screw and put it in the cup Now that all the screws are removed carefully HP Pavilion dv6120us no sound problem. turn the laptop over and pull up the screen to view the keyboard Pull up the top panel a little and then pull up the keyboard Be careful to not pull the panel too hard as there are three wires that you do not want to damage on the left side I found on the laptop I was fixing that the speaker ribbon was detached from its port I reinstalled it and put the laptop back together If your speakers still don t work then they are blown You will have to order the part from a computer parts supplier Well this is how I resolved this issue for me I hope this helps all those that could not get any help before Feel free to contact me with any questions on this nbsp

A:HP Pavilion dv6120us no sound problem.

You might want to click "Report" and then request to have this transferred to the "Tech Tips & Tricks" section so it'll be readily available for others to see and read.

You might also want to edit the title to say How To Fix HP Pavilion dv6120us "No Sound" Problem.

It's going to get lost in this section within a day or two as more threads are posted and it gets further and further back in the pages.

And remove your personal E-mail address, unless you want to get inundated by spammers.

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I am at a loss. My HP Pavilion 5155 failed to start this morning when I attempted to turn it on. I have changed batteries, removed and reinstalled the hard drive and pushed the reset button. Nothing is working. When I push the on button nothing happens. I am not sure if I have a software or hardware problem. Help!!! Suggestions???

Thank you.
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Hi folks Upgraded the ram recently from GB to the max GB and now Pavilion upgrade ram x360 11 problem the touchscreen doesn't work Everything else works fine and the machine is much faster than before so at least that part of the operation was a success Double checked all internal connections nothing to note In Device Manager the C HID device is marked as a problem nbsp and it reports that 'this device cannot start Code device returned an invalid HID descriptor' Driver is from but there seems to be no newer version Tried updating uninstalling reinstalling disabling the problem device to no avail I've since updated all nbsp the drivers that have an update available relevant devices or not Pavilion 11 x360 ram upgrade problem Rotation Lock is greyed out and if I do rotate the machine it sometimes gets stuck in portrait mode System info 'Pen and Touch - no pen or touch input is available for this display' I've run out of ideas so I'm hoping that someone here may have a suggestion or two Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Pavilion 11 x360 ram upgrade problem

Try running the hardware device troubleshooter from Microsoft  Five things to try if your touchscreen does not work after an update
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When I started up my HP Pavilion N laptop this morning which has Windows XP SP installed it took longer to start up than usual I was surprised to hear the startup music play which I always keep Pavilion Laptop N5495 HP With Problem turned off Most of the icons were missing from the desktop and extra entries were in the Start menu or had been rearranged I did a system restore and successfully restored back to January st and got everything back to normal I decided to run Disk Defragmenter since it had not been Problem With HP Pavilion N5495 Laptop run in over a month I turned off the antivirus and firewall programs as I usually do and started the defragging process When it got to about - I started hearing a clicking sound sort of like a clock doing a slow quot tick - tock quot After it continued to do this for about minutes without stopping and with the defrag process not continuing any further I hesitantly clicked quot Stop quot and stopped the defrag process The computer then rebooted on its own During the restart a blue screen appeared with the following message A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated There were a few paragraphs after that that basically said to restart the computer and if the blue screen appeared again to check the hardware and software and to disable caching or shadowing in the BIOS At the bottom of the screen was the following STOP x F x x B DA x B F ox FA a Beginning dump of physical memory After watching this screen for several minutes and nothing else happening I did a hard shutdown waited seconds then did a restart During the restart the quot tick tock quot started again then it stopped and Windows loaded normally I turned off the antivirus and firewall programs and started the defragging process again At this time it is at and is running normally and without any quot tick-tock quot sound Is it possible that the hard drive is going south or am I dealing with another problem ---------------------------------------------------------------- I will post back shortly and advise if the defragging process completed and if there were any problems nbsp

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I have a laptop that I am trying to repair for my friend. I have opened it up and reseated all the connections for the screen including the one on the lcd. The laptop has been hooked up to a computer monitor and it looked normal. Do you have any idea what part I will need to fix this problem?

A:pavilion ze5000 screen problem

hmmm... it does look like a dead-pixel...
but the number of pixels that shows up are large...
perhaps those pixels are stuck???

use this program to check how many more pixels were affected:
frankly i don't know exactly what happen cause i nvr see such problem before...
anyway welcome to techspot
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I didn't know where to post this but here it goes.
I have a older desktop from a relitive I finnaly started up and got what you see in the pic.
I tried pluging in differant key boards and I could not do anything, The keyboard would not even turn on. 
At one point the pc did work and ran on windows vista.
I think it is ether the bios or a hard drive crash, but I really have no clue.
thank you in advance.

A:Hp pavilion a4600f bios problem

Pressing F9 will let you perform hardware diagnostics on the computer.
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Hello all. I am having a very frustrating problem with the audio my HP Pavilion dv5139. Any and all audio skips about every 2 - 3 seconds and YouTube videos skip and freeze, then resume, also about every 2 - 3 seconds. I have downloaded and run the most recent version of AVG, SpyBot - Search and Destroy, and ZoneAlarm, both anti-virus and spyware checkers, all at LEAST 2 seperate times. Also I have updated the drivers, the audio drivers, ran dskchk.exe (twice), and defragmented my harddrive (twice). Also I purchased some brand new RAM for my computer, 2 1GB sticks.

What else, if ANYTHING, could I possibly do to my computer to alleviate this problem? PLEASE help, ANY advice and help is greatly appreciated.

You may respond directly to my e-mail, or comment here


A:HP Pavilion dv5139 audio problem

Hi kurtyworld and welcome to TSF !

I've removed your email from your previous post since bots will have no problem reading through your "code" to spam your address.

First of all, never install more than one antivirus, firewall or resident anti-spyware on a computer or they may conflict with the others and cause such problems. If you only installed the firewall part of ZoneAlarm and the antivirus part of AVG it should be ok, else you'll have to tweak these programs so that only one firewall, one antivirus and one anti-spyware remains. I would suggest that you uninstall spybot and ZoneAlarm for now and use XP's integrated firewall.

My first guess would be that some program running in the background uses some of your CPU ressources. Press ctrl+alt+del to access the task manager and go to the processes tab. Expand the windows and post a screenshot of the processes listed there. To take a screenshot press the printscreen (or prt scr) key on the keyboard once, go to start => all programs => accessories => paint, click edit => paste, save the image as .jpg then attach it to your next post using the manage attachments button from the advanced mode. If you have lots of processes running you may have to scroll down and take a second screenshot so that we can see them all.

Watch those processes when you're playing some media file. See if there's one particular process which uses some CPU ressources when an audio file skips.

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall all the video and audio codecs you have there. Restart the computer and then download and install the K-lite codec pack (use the standard version). This codec pack is made so that none of the codecs it contains will conflict with each other. See if it helps.
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I have a a n HP Pavilion OEM until last month I upgraded the video card to If I can remember correctly an nVidia card I Video Card Pavilion Problem!!! was experiencing random reboots so I went out and replaced the power supply from Pavilion Video Card Problem!!! a W to a W It still kept rebooting I returned the nVidia card and now have an ATI Radeon same problem keeps rebooting I updated to the lastest Intel Chipset and upgraded to the lastest and only update for the BIOS I turned off the automatic restart option in Windows so I now get the blue screen of death When the computer restarts and I send the error report MS cannot determine the dirrect cause of the problem but recomends it may be a driver issue The big problem now is I downgraded to an old PCI video card to make sure it is not the mg Video card Same issues Anyone know does it sound like I need a new motherboard I cannot think of anything else but I would hate to replace the board and find out its not the problem cause I have to order it from HP I have dissconnected everything I can from the board and it still crashes ie CD drives Card readers Floppy Also thought it may be an overheating issue so I installed a rd fan in the case CPU runs under a full load under deg and the case doesn t get above degrees I used Everest Home edition to get the temps Voltages also look good Specs HP a n Motherboard ASUS P SD-LS Pentium ghz k ram Please help if you have experienced this problem I am going nuts nbsp
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Hi All nbsp Here is my problem nbsp HP Pavilion laptop nbsp Model -P US nbsp This problem was intermittent before but is all the time now nbsp The Pavilion Problem Power HP 15-P066US light next to power plug does not come on any more when plugged in nbsp Windows does not detect AC HP Pavilion 15-P066US Power Problem adapter but will run when plugged in nbsp Here are the situations nbsp If battery is removed machine is turned off and ac adapter is in computer will not boot nbsp I press the power button and the led next to the power plug blinks times but does not boot nbsp I tried hard reset steps as found on the web but nothing changes If battery and ac adapter are in laptop will boot not detect ac adapter but will run on HP Pavilion 15-P066US Power Problem ac power since battery does not drain nbsp However battery will not charge when computer is on or off nbsp nbsp If I run the battery check at this time it displays the battery stats but says it is not plugged in no HP Pavilion 15-P066US Power Problem ac power nbsp If I reboot the computer once turned on without the battery it will reboot on ac power If I boot into windows using method then remove the battery the computer still runs nbsp Windows will then recognize the adapter and change the taskbar icon to indicate that it is plugged in nbsp Putting the battery back in makes it switch to battery power again I tested the motherboard battery terminals connections in the battery bay and there is power coming to them I tried updating the BIOS but since it doesn't detect the AC adapter it wont let me update refresh the BIOS software nbsp Questions Could it be the charging circuit on the motherboard Could the adapter be bad but still producing power Could the battery be bad causing these problems nbsp When I called HP Support yesterday I was transferred to the Smart friends service but was disconnected multiple times nbsp Given that this is for a non-profit organization I could use any help this forum can provide nbsp as the machine nbsp is out of warranty nbsp Thanks very much nbsp Joe
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Hello all, My sister's HP Notebook has a problem, and I haven't got a clue.I ran the hardware test in BIOS and everything passed without problems. Video of problem: soon as the password is entered, the above happens. Would really appreciate your help with this. Thank you!

A:HP Pavilion Notebook Problem - Keeps Crashing

I had the same problem with a computer I was working on. It turned out to be a Norton shell extension that was crashing explorer.exe. So at the login screen, at the bottom right there is the power control icon, reboot the computer but hold the shift key, this will bring you to the recovery console, go to troubleshoot, then startup options. Start the computer in safe mode and remove Norton.
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Hello After Paul Tikkanen helped me about my WIFI I thought my HP Pavilion p su-J T EA OS Windows has no more problems but there are still few problems It seems like bluetooth Pavilion HP Bluetooth problem p000su 15 wont find any devices or be found by other bluetooth devices The BT icon is on my tray I can turn it on off or try to search for devices but cant find any even if i have - turned on around him I was reading here to find some solution and saw that someone have the same problem as me http h www hp com t Wireless-Internet-Home-Networking Bluetooth-not-working-Wifi-works-Fine and the guy who helped him gave him a proper driver and it worked for him So can anyone help me to find that driver because I cannot find it by myself nbsp In device manager under Bluetooth i have drivers installed by Microsoft from lol nbsp Generic Bluetooth Adapter USB HP Pavilion 15 p000su Bluetooth problem VID BDA amp PID B amp REV nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp HP Pavilion 15 p000su Bluetooth problem nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp USB VID BDA amp PID B Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator BTH MS BTHBRB Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator BTH MS BTHLE I also saw theres a not installed driver PCI Device PCI VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV HP Pavilion 15 p000su Bluetooth problem PCI VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS CPCI VEN EC amp DEV amp CC FF PCI VEN EC amp DEV amp CC FF I hope someone can help me again nbsp nbsp Solved View Solution

A:HP Pavilion 15 p000su Bluetooth problem

Hi: You need this BT driver... For the card reader (5229), download and install the first driver on the list...
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My HP Pavilion ze5600 laptop is not turning on properly.

when using the power switch the screen remains black, sometimes with a minor white dot flashing in top left corner for a second or two. the fan comes on for around two seconds before stopping. at this stage it remains with a black screen and zero happening.

has had brand new screen fitted and serviced. one individual has suggested that "the motherboard is fried". however no smells of an electrical mess appear.


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screen image turns psychedelic....lots of irradecent colors....I have to move the panel back and forth in order to get the proper background and then, be very light touching the laptop in order to keep it in the proper background color.

What could be the problem?...The trasformer between the laptop and the screen?! Please, any help will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


A:HP Pavilion dv9700 Problem with screen

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Have you tried to connect the computer to another monitor?
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Hey there, i m facing some problem in HP Pavilion DV2000 display. My Vista was working good and suddenly the screen got strange types of lines on it. I upgrade the video drivers but nothing went fine. So last night, I upgrade Windows to 7 and still got that same problem. I want to know whats the problem I cant understand whether its display card problem of screen problem. Please guide.

See the video

A:HP Pavilion DV2000 display problem

It looks like the LCD panel is damaged. It's quite easy to determine: take a screenshot and post it here and we'll see. (Screenshot with Paint)

If the screenshot does not show these lines, it's safe to assume your LCD is damaged because screenshot shows exactly what your GPU is sending to display.

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I m having a very unpleasant problem I decided to help out a friend with his hp pavilion he wanted an upgrade from win me to hp pavilion 6835 bios problem win xp pro the machine wouldn t even boot properly taking an hour to hp pavilion 6835 bios problem get to the desktop because it was so full of junk so instead of fooling around with it i stuck a floppy in with an ME start up disk and did the fdisk thing but didn t format yet i did this later on though it would not install now when i boot up it gives an error message about the time not being correct and that s it it won t go any farther oh and I left the battery off over hp pavilion 6835 bios problem night hoping it would reset the cmos now when i go to the bios setup to try and correct the problem it responds to the keyboard commands for about - seconds then just quits responding altogether it doesn t give me time to set the time hp pavilion 6835 bios problem clock or anything it just freezes up and I don t know how else to clear the cmos settings the hp site tells me there are no jumper settings what does a guy do I don t want to buy my friend a computer for this thinking that i may have screwed up something any ideas clear cmos settings etc nbsp

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Hi all
i have a problem in my notebook (HP Pavilion 5000). it has Microsoft windows XP Home Edition. i need to join this machine to the domain in my work so , i had to install windows XP professional.i used partition magic to part the hard to three drives c, Dand E. then i start to install windows XP professional , but i have message tell that. windows can't find any hard drive. press F3 to Quit.
that is all
untill now i can't install my my operating system(XP professional ) or any other OS.
please try to help me

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i downloaded all drivers from,nothing work,try to do search from the internet dident find,what to do?

A:driver problem in hp pavilion dv6510ej

What drivers you downloaded? Not seeing a Windows 7 option for drivers for that laptop.
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hello, yesterday i formated my hp pavilion dv9000 laptop with xp and now i have some problems. The hp wireless assistant tells that LAN is disabled and i can't way where can i enable it. i have installed all the drivers and stuff but still in device manager it tells that some internet drivers are missing T_T Can somebody tell me what to i have to do next? T_T
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My new HP Pavilion Desktop 510-p024 w/OS Win10 will not print with my old Laserjet 1022. The computer recognizes the printer, but will not print. The printer works fine on my old computer w/OS Win XP. I have tried running the troubleshooter but that doesn't show there's a problem. My other printer (Officejet 6500) works fine with the HP Pavilion. I've tried looking for a driver to update on the HP website but there doesn't seem to be anything available. I'd appreciate advice. Note: The printer is connected via a cable to a USB port on the computer. The printer doesn't have wireless capability.
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What the hell is wrong with my Monitor?

Was working fine then yesterday boom i get this!


A:Monitor Problem with HP Pavilion dv9700t

What does an external monitor look like when you attach one?
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Hello everyone, i am new here.
I would be most grateful if someone would take a moment to advice me on the following:
i have an hp Pavilion 8284 with 17'' wide. All works fine when resolution is 1440*900.My problem is when i try to play a game and change resolution to reduce requirements(set lower than 1440*900) cursor movement pauses for a split second every 1-2 seconds - creating a lag or choppy movement . This problem is for all games. I have downloaded the latest drivers from hp 84.54 but nothing. I have tried old drivers, newest drivers but the same. I really need your help, thanx in advance.

A:Serious problem Hp pavilion dv8000 series Xp Sp2, really need your help.

Welcome to TSG....

What is the operating system on this notebook?

If it is Vista you have to make sure the game is Vista ready and compatible with Vista.
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I bougt the DV6515 a year ago and i had to replace the motherboard twice .
the computer is very noisy and heat.
I think this related to the nvidia 8400 card.

I extend the warranty for additioal 2 year just because of it .
is there any policy of nvida or hp to fix the problem or to replace the notebook ?.
Please help ..

A:Solved: HP pavilion 6516 problem

Depending on where you live, and how much HP is willing to go in fixing the beastie will determin what course of action you could possibly take. Yelping enough at HP may get you a new machine. BUT, you may also have someone in your local government that can help as well.

Here in the States, most states have a Lemon Law - now in many, it only covers automobiles. But in some, it covers all household appliances and devices, and can include computers. It would depend on which state or location you are in. If you can't get satisfaction from the manufacturer, contacting or searching your local Attorney General's web site might prove fruitful.

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I installed windows 10 and since then I have not been able to download AMD radeon HD 7600m and AMD Radeon 7520G driver. I tried installing it through device manager but I get this reply :windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems .(code 43).please help me with a solution .thanks .Regards .
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My problem is as follows I have a HP Pavilion dv us with Broadcom on Wireless dv9730us problem Pavilion AG a b g draft-n wireless card and Windows Vista installed The wireless seemed to work at first but after a day I started to have problems with connecting to my wireless network at home It looks like this I m sitting with my laptop in my room upstairs while the router is downstairs The system says there are wireless networks Wireless problem on Pavilion dv9730us available Ok I click Connect to a network and I see my home network with an excellent signal strength Great I click on the network then Connect It thinks for a while and fails to connect When I tell it to diagnose the problem it says the system didn t receive any response from the router or access point It isn t a problem with the router though because right next to me is my old laptop and it Wireless problem on Pavilion dv9730us has no Wireless problem on Pavilion dv9730us problems connecting to the network It isn t also a problem with interference because the same things happen when the second laptop is turned off It seems to be some kind of problem with range though When I took my computer downstairs to the room where the router is it is usually able to connect I say usually because not always - sometimes the same issue appears but restarting WLAN Autoconfig service helps Recently I also found out that disabling IPv might help so I tried this and the situation is a little bit better but still far from perfect It is able to connect while I m in the router s room and when I leave it it stays connected most of the time but disconnects randomly for periods varying from few seconds to few hours So here is what I tried to fix this problem in close-to-chronological order -Turning the card off and on -Reinstalling drivers -Installing some older drivers helped for about a day -Reinstalling the system -Restoring the computer to the factory state -Switching channels on the router -Changing security settings on the router -Disabling IPv Current situation It works almost perfectly in the room where the router is and way worse anywhere else Do you think it can be fixed by changing some settings in the system or does it look to you like a hardware problem I will greatly appreciate any help nbsp

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Hello guys, could you help me with my problem?

I have a HP Pavilion dv6000 with Windows XP.
After some guy connected a pair of speakers into the microphone slot last night, the screen displayed some weird error message and since that the on-board speakers have been stuck in a loop, making some strange fart-like sound. They do it all the time the laptop is turned on, even before Windows boots. Attempts to change volume or to mute them do not work. System restore did not help either.

Is there anything I can do or do I have to turn it in for repairs?
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I upgraded my daughter's RAM tonite and had to disconnect two pins: a flat gray cable that I know where to replug - and a white one with 4 wires that I can't remember where I unplugged it from to reach the memory slots!! It is labeled P4 on the white connector but I can't for the life of me find where to plug it back in!! Any Help Out There? It is an HP Pavilion 750n!!

Thank you!

A:HELP! HP Pavilion Memory Upgrade Problem

The P4 one sounds like the power plug required for a P4 board, and there will be a socket on the motherboard. Its quite unique, so nothing else will look exactly like it.

The motherboard is not that huge, so it should be findable!
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Hello Group I ve had sound since pavilion Sound HP notebook problem, the purchase but today suddenly no sound Tried all the diagnostics Control Panel gt Hardware and Sound problem, HP pavilion notebook Sound gt Sound shows SPDIF Interface Conexant High Definition Audio Working Then Properties General shows device usage Use this device enable Adjust system volume shows everything at Nothing appears to be muted - all speaker icons show operational Sound problem, HP pavilion notebook state when WMP plays a wmv video the video shows the bar chart on the SPDIF shows activity but no sound when WMP plays a mid audio again SPDIF bar chart shows sound activity but no sound plays Have pressed the on the external sound control above the keyboard times no apparent effect Note at one point I did a Restore defaults on the SPDIF - could that have caused a problem Under SPDIF Properties gt Supported formats only Dolby Digital is checked Tried checking DTS Audio and also Microsoft WMA Pro audio the only other formats listed KHz is checked for sample rates properties gt Advanced shows two exclusive modes checked No enhancements are checked under Properties gt Enhancements Properties gt Levels shows SPDIF with speaker icon operational No sound also when same files are played from a dvd Some setting with WMP I am worn out and frustrated from this - probably something very simple but cannot find it Hope someone can help Thanks for looking in Chuck nbsp

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I am setting up a HP Pavilion a700n tower for my room mate. XP Pro is installed and everything works fine. But I stumbled on something that I haven't seen before. Look at the Dropbox picture link letter problems.jpg Drive (E) and (F) are cd/dvd-rom drives. Drive (J) is listed as a cd-rom drive also. But there is only 2 cd-rom drives in the tower, not 3. Also why is there 3 removable disks listed when there is no other drives connected other then the 2 hard drives and the 2 cd-rom drives and no flash drives plugged into any usb port.
Steve kc7byp

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HelloHP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p107ne - Windows 10 64BitBut after three months he bought USB3 ports stopped working I changed even though it would not work on Windowsnotebook cooler pad attached to it that I can not (I think not electricity)Please advise me what I should do?

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I received free zv laptop from a friend Initially the sensitive responding of the Keyboard zv6000 Pavilion problem HP keyboard and touchpad is weir I checked My Computer properties I saw HP Pavilion zv6000 Keyboard problem that bunch of hardware with quot quot in front HP Pavilion zv6000 Keyboard problem of them I thought the OS XP Home had a problem I purchased a brand new Western Digital hard drive and installed a fresh OS XP Pro SP Then I downloaded all the drivers from HP website and installed them As a result the touchpad completely does not work The keyboard is in the same boat I tried to un-install the keyboard driver then re-start the OS The OS detected the keyboard and installed it After second time re-start the keyboard works normally but the touchpad is still not working Now here is the problem the keyboard will not work when I shut off the laptop and turn on again after a period of time So does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it currently if I want the keyboard works I have to un-install its driver then re-start the computer Thanks CT nbsp
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The installation is just right until the installation is on "Expanding Windows activated files(0%)...." it takes too long n gives an error message bellow....."windows cannot install required files.the file may be corrupt or missing.make sure all files required for installtion are available, and restart the installation. error code: 0x80070017...."

A:Problem Installing windows 7 on Pavilion dv7

The error 0x80070017 translates to "CRC Error" which means that the files that are being copied from the disk are not making it to the hard drive with the same structure, meaning that the "original" files on the disk are being modified/changed/corrupted while being copied to the "destination" location on your hard drive during the install.
This usually means either a bad DVD, or a read error on the DVD drive.
The easiest thing is to make a USB drive to install Window s7 (and it's WAY faster than DVD too!)
Installing Win7 using a USB Stick | TechNet Edge
I hope this helps.
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Hey I own a HP Pavilion dv AMD My problem is that my wireless had suddenly stopped working This had occured about weeks ago and I have tried to fix it since then and there is no luck I am planning to get Geek Squad to try to fix my problem but I thought I would ask around on different forums first My wireless indicator Left Off Orange and Right On Blue Now when I flick it right it stays Orange Therefore I do not receive any wireless signals I had checked the drivers on Device Manager and HP my wireless Pavilion Problem dv2000 with it is not there SOMETIMES when I scan for Problem with my HP Pavilion dv2000 wireless Hardware Changes I pick up my WLAN card which is a Broadcom b g WLAN But it shows a Yellow Triangle Exclamation mark next to it as well I scan for Updates and it say mine is up to date Whenever I restart my computer it would be ORANGE Problem with my HP Pavilion dv2000 wireless again RARELY Problem with my HP Pavilion dv2000 wireless whenever I turn my computer on out of hibernate it would work The switch would be BLUE Whenever it is placed into hibernate or off then is turned on again it will be ORANGE again Therefore not working MY ATTEMPTS OF FINDING THE SOLUTION Scanned for viruses Re-installing the drivers needed It would ask to reboot and after its done rebooting it still does not work Any help is appreciated nbsp

A:Problem with my HP Pavilion dv2000 wireless

Welcome to TSG!!!
Go to device manager, click on the network card, select properties, remove.
Immediately reboot the computer and let Windows find and reinstall the card.
This should take care of the problem.
Before you go to the "geek Squad' post back and let us know how this works. If it doesn't there are probably some other things we can suggest and save you the $$$$$
good luck
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Hello everyone, i just formatted my hp pavilion g6 laptop and i installed all the drivers and everything , but , before i format it , i was able to use Bluetooth in it's all features ( sorry for bad English ) however , i could manage my mobile phone files , use the laptop as a headset , and make calls and other stuff in laptop via Bluetooth , but now after i formatted it , i can't do it anymore :( and when i connect my mobile all drivers start to installing and become ready to use unless one driver which is ((bluetooth peripheral device)) it says not found . i tried to download it from update driver software in device manager and windows update but i couldn't and i can't use the features that i said before i can send or receive files only ..what should i do ???

A:Bluetooth problem in my hp pavilion laptop>>

oh and by the way i have win7 ultimate version.