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Computer Freezes on Startup, won't boot from Windows CD or Hard Drive.

Q: Computer Freezes on Startup, won't boot from Windows CD or Hard Drive.

I'm using windows haven't had many problems until now I just moved into a new apartment and i worry it's some power related damage Windows boot from won't on or CD Computer Hard Startup, Drive. Freezes i don't know I had the computer running when i moved in Then i went to buy groceries came back accidentally kicked the power strip on off switch beneath the desk with my foot and windows hasn't started since When i start the computer i have full access to my bios if i boot Computer Freezes on Startup, won't boot from Windows CD or Hard Drive. from my HD i am shown a windows error recovery screen asking me to start windows startup repair or Computer Freezes on Startup, won't boot from Windows CD or Hard Drive. start windows normally Selecting startup repair gets me a loading bar then a black screen maybe after min i will get a blue screen like the background of the ui when installing windows If i start windows normally i get the windows logo then a very fast BSOD flash then the computer restarts Booting from my windows install disk lets me choose between install and repair language selection then it freezes and i get the same windows style back slash ad infinitum Thanks guys i really hope i don't have any permanent damage Anxiously awaiting your replies

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Preferred Solution: Computer Freezes on Startup, won't boot from Windows CD or Hard Drive.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Computer Freezes on Startup, won't boot from Windows CD or Hard Drive.

What Brand and Model PC?

Since you can get into the bios look for a PC(hardware) Health page and check the temps and voltage listings(12v, 5v, 3.3v).

If it a stock OEM PC reset to factory defaults save and exit the bios.
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I am little bit worried about my harddrive. Previously I had 80 gb harddrive and then I upgraded it to 320 gb. I have dell latitude d630 laptop with two operating system. Windows 7 and XP. When I use Windows 7 then my computer specially hard drive light stays on and mouse is busy and I have to restart my laptop however in my XP this problem is never seen. I also installed vista and deep formatted the hard drive but the problem still persists in windows 7. The system is normal but when I surf internet via mozilla or chrome. This problem arises. I have done everytrouble shooting I can chkdsk and everything but when I use chkdsk in my western digital harddrive, it says error. I am thinking its harddrive issue what do u say?


OS is Win 7 Prof

A:Hard drive light stays on and computer freezes randomly in windows 7

Run the western digital diagnostic tool, if it says its bad, then time to rma the disk.
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I am little bit worried about my harddrive. Previously I had 80 gb harddrive and then I upgraded it to 320 gb. I have dell latitude d630 laptop with two operating system. Windows 7 and XP. When I use Windows 7 then my computer specially hard drive light stays on and mouse is busy and I have to restart my laptop however in my XP this problem is never seen. I also installed vista and deep formatted the hard drive but the problem still persists in windows 7. The system is normal but when I surf internet via mozilla or chrome. This problem arises. I have done everytrouble shooting I can chkdsk and everything but when I use chkdsk in my western digital harddrive, it says error. I am thinking its harddrive issue what do u say?


OS is Win 7 Prof

A:Hard drive light stays on and computer freezes randomly in windows 7

Can we get some system spec's?
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my old hard drive was getting too small, so, I decided to upgrade it,

I used norton ghost to mirror it and put it onto a larger drive,

I did that and disconnected my old hard drive, then left the new one connected, I started up my comp and it came to the Windows xp normal black background then it came to the light blue background, just before you log in, and it just freezes, and usually it will say "windows is starting up" but it just has a windows logo without those words,

If anyone has any ideas of how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated,

thanks in advance,


A:Hard drive mirror freezes on startup

If i connect both hard drives with the old one as master i can go into the new hdd fine
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Please help The prob started months ago and I just shelved the computer to work on later pulled it computer drive won't hard boot Windows from 98 out again this week and it worked fine Windows 98 computer won't boot from hard drive for a couple of days Now it s back My computer will not boot from it s hard drive searches for bootable drive and can t find one except for A and I never made a rescue disk The BIOS setup progarm can t find the hard drive Drive spins up fine cables in the case seem to be seated firmly sounds from the computer are normal I have a cd-rom drive and a cdrw drive the cd-rom is fine but the cdrw does not have any power at this point in the boot process And now on top of all this my moniter has just quit Windows 98 computer won't boot from hard drive coming on I don t have to have any of the data on the drive but I want to have the computer working I NEED advice I am stumped nbsp

A:Windows 98 computer won't boot from hard drive

In order for me to help you, you have to help me out and tell me some information about your computer.
How old is it?
What hardware devices are in it....etc...

BTW it sounds like the harddrive is going bad. Just cus it's spinning, doesn't mean it's working correctly. but since I have little info on your computer that was all i can come up with...
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Hello everyone My problem occured this morning when I went to turn my computer on Normally it would boot up fine and go straight into windows However this morning when I turned it on the DOS screen came up showed my computer processor name and then froze Nomrally it would display my computer informtion because of the POST however the only thing it displays is my processor then everything Computer RAM, Boot...Windows, Drive, Hard POST? Won't freezes My computer beeps once as it normally does But you don't hear the sound of the hard drive booting up Also it completly freezes delete and F dont work it I have also tried booting off the Windows XP CD but it also doesnt work So I'm not quite sure what the problem is Does anyone possibly know how to fix this or what might be wrong Heres some of my computer info if its needed It's an AMD Anthlon XP with GB of Computer Won't Boot...Windows, RAM, Hard Drive, POST? RAM and a GB Maxtor hard drive Thanks for reading

A:Computer Won't Boot...Windows, RAM, Hard Drive, POST?


Disconnect the hard drive and see if it will clear post and if you can enter bios.

What motherboard do you have?

if you get into bios check your boot order and set to

1st floppy
2nd cdrom
3rd hdd

Now see if you can boot from cd but don't do anything just let us know, if this works we will have you download some hdd manufactuers tools to check the drive
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I have been having an issue with my computer starting up When I turn it on in the morning it freezes at the Vista splash screen so I am forced to manually shut down the computer Then to multiple startup on normally requires and Computer start freezes boot-ups I turn it on again and it brings up the start windows normally or safe mode screen Computer freezes on startup and requires multiple boot-ups to start normally I ve tried going on both options safe mode works without freezing and start windows Computer freezes on startup and requires multiple boot-ups to start normally normally Computer freezes on startup and requires multiple boot-ups to start normally doesn t because it loads until the splash screen and freezes again making me manually turn it off again The second time it freezes and I shut it down and turn it on again it brings up the start up repair screen I have to run the start up repair otherwise it will just keep freezing and I can t use the computer Once the repair ends it says that there are zero errors I am then able to start windows normally and this process only happens the very first time I try to turn the computer on that day I have tried to just keep the computer on I have tried to put it into sleep mode etc but the computer just ends up freezing again I have tried starting it without things like the mouse printer speakers etc plugged in only the keyboard plugged in but it still doesn t work I have also tried to uninstall recent software but that still doesn t work I have searched with my antivirus and no viruses were found This problem has been going on for over a week now I ve researched possibilities but have found nothing helpful If you know what could be causing this problem please let me know Thanks Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC Lancaster Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Computer freezes on startup and requires multiple boot-ups to start normally
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When I let my computer run unattended, usually but not always, it will freeze and I must manually shut it down and reboot. Often the laptop feels very warm as if it is locked in a infinite computing cycle. On two occasions, out of the blue, I have seen flashing lines and a frozen screen requiring manual shut down. The word and excel icons have been replaced with generic icons but work normally. Spinrite finds no hard drive problems and several antiviral programs detect no viruses.

Occasionally, when I must manually reboot, the cursor hangs in the upper left corner and the computer is totally unresponsive to any command including manual shut down. However, if I close and open the lid, windows start up is initiated.

Any suggestions appreciated.



A:computer freezes and requires hard boot

check your memory and be sure to remove any dust inside your laptop to increase airflow
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When i turn on the computer DELL Inspiron it boots and when the logo of Windows XP appears with the black background as usual and the progress bar scrolls well On that stage it stops completely so i cant even get into the welcome screen Also when i turn it off and on again i am asked this quot we are sorry for inconvenicnce and gives my options --- safe mode safe mode networking last good config normal startup and something Windows Startup on XP (boot) Freezes else BACKGROUND computer had not been used for almost years long story my ignorance Anyway while attacking a problem with Windows XP Freezes on Startup (boot) my Vista thru this wonderful board the issue of Windows XP Freezes on Startup (boot) cleaning was brought up while making the requisite mess i decided to clean the XP also Botted it slow took off AVG Free and rebooted and it is like a new machine Armed with all my new found knowledge from my Vista bout I set about adding Avast and Revo Installer then i started removing all the unnecessary or unwanted programs Anyway I removed a program and found out i wanted it back it was not an essential program something from Yahoo I think I could not get it to reinstall for some reason so I was did a system restore to earlier that day After the system restore the machine shut down when rebooting the aforementioned occured Tried rebooting in safemode and get a list of partitions the last one being multi disk rdisk partition windows system drivers agp sys I have no way to do any commands in safemode So just when i was falling in love all over again she jilted me Compared to Vista XP is so much better in my opinion ALSO I have no recovery disc thanks Dell but have all the other discs including the installation CD There is basically nothing on the machine so I don t mind reinstalling but it does not recognize any CD on bootup Sorry for such a long story but too much info is better than too little right Anyway you guys like boopme and Gringo are fantastic If there is any hope I know I will get it here If not oh well this place is still fantastic

A:Windows XP Freezes on Startup (boot)

System SpecsSince it's a Dell, the first thing I would do would be to run Dell Diagnostics, before attempting any recovery/restore operation.Dell Diagnostics - would also replace the CMOS battery as a basic procedure...on any system that has been sitting for 3 years or so. Minimal cost and effort.CMOS Battery Replacement -
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I'm new here so here goes. I have a 1TB WD external hard drive here (USB 3.0) but it recently stopped working. The light blinks every half second. I try to access it with Explorer or 7-zip but they freeze, YET when i unplug the drive everything instantly comes back to normal and Explorer works fine again. I tried WD's Data Lifeguard, same problem. I tried other recovery software, same problem. Tried many USB cables and at least 3 computers, but I've encountered the same problem. What do I do? Should I just look for professional services? (I use Windows 7 Ultimate.)

A:WD external hard drive freezes my computer

sounds like a fault on the WD external harddrive thats causing an issue on the PC
i would get it replaced under the warranty , not sure how long the warranty is - but most drives come with more than 1 year.
the issue maybe getting data off the drive, if its the case thats broken, as some of the WD drives with encrypted using a chip thats on the Case USB circuitry
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Hi, I got two 40Gb hard drives on my system (C and E). I had a problem with drive E which is the secondary drive. The error was: "The file or directory E:\ is corrupt and unreadable". I managed to recover all the data from the drive and then formatted it. But now when i try to copy some data from the drive C into it, the computer freezes for a little while every 1 second more or less as data is being transferred. Any idea?
Thank you in advance for your help.

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It Stops Drive Computer Spinning Freezes/Hard all started when I was running Pro Tools on my computer I was using a lot of CPU not more than normal and suddenly my computer froze The keyboard mouse were useless so I had to restart But after restarting the hard drive was not recognized by my motherboard In fact my motherboard barely could boot up the bios I couldn t access the bios Computer Freezes/Hard Drive Stops Spinning Eventually I let it sit for a couple of hours and when I restarted I could boot up and as soon as Windows loaded I got the blue screen of death So months later and multiple dead ends the ending is the same the computer freezes and then the HD stops spinning I tried another hard drive installed Computer Freezes/Hard Drive Stops Spinning Vista got the blue screen once but it seems to work ok Granted I haven t run any programs that require a lot of memory All my sticks of RAM work I tried updating drivers and that didn t solve it I removed my video card so now am using the on board video card I disabled the sound card just in case what am I missing Um anyone have any suggestions Is this a software or hardware glitch Could it be my power supply The power supply fan is running and so is the CPU fan The case has been off since this happened so plently of air flow I think the case temperature said - degrees F The bios is loaded as FAIL SAFE defaults I ve had the computer for years and never had a problem I know Vista can be unstable but I didn t download any updates since last year I did try to run the windows memory diagnostic and it said I had a hardware problem and didn t get past on the first test I had run it about a month ago and everything passed My computer is Gigabyte GA-G M-DS R S Intel Pentium Core Quad WD raptor GB GB of RAM anything else you need nbsp

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I bought an HP v w GB USB flash drive off of Amazon and when I plugged it into my USB port and tried to transfer files to it my computer froze and I had to hold the power button to shut it down This happens every time I try to access the flash drive Additionally I have other external hard drives that has always Drive Accessed Computer External Hard is Freezes When worked for me for years and now those too are freezing my computer when I try to access them It seems like the HP flash drive affected my computer in such a way that it is preventing other devices from working properly I have gone into Device Manager and uninstalled the USB Host drivers and restarted my computer That did not solve the problem I have tried using different USB ports on my computer and that has not made a difference I have tried uninstalling the drivers for the individual external hard drives and then have them be reinstalled the next time I plug them in That has not worked For some reason though when I connect my old external hard drives through a powered USB hub I do not experience the freezing What sucks is that I think my USB Hub is USB so it takes forever for anything to transfer Every time I plug in the HP flash drive into the USB Hub I get a message saying the driver could not be properly loaded or that I don't have access to the drive et cetera I am pretty sure the HP flash drive is no good and needs to be returned but does anyone know what I can do to prevent my old external hard drives from freezing my computer without the use of a USB hub

A:Computer Freezes When External Hard Drive is Accessed

Hello and welcome Ben mate a little more specs would help mate because to see what speed USB the machine supports we need at least the model and more inportnatly the motherboard.
Use this to find those details out.
Using HW Info
You can test the volts on the PSU with HW Info HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download < download the right bit version and close the right hand window select Sensors and scroll down to the power section where you will see what the volts are doing see my pic.
The original right hand window shows the machine running and is handy for that but for looking at the components in some detail close it and use the main left hand side panel
Open each + down into the component itself and then click on it - in the right hand side will appear all sorts of details including brands speeds and other essential info that device. See pic for example.
Use the lower part and find the model of the motherboard please.
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My problem My computer stopped booting up for no reasons There was a error about hard disk failure or something like that I couldn t figure out what was the problem so drive my won't hard computer Second startup let i brought it to a Second hard drive won't let my computer startup repair store the guy changed my Mother Board and my power supply with a good reason Second hard drive won't let my computer startup my power supply fan was almost dead and my mother board was almost fried I brought back my computer home but the problem was Second hard drive won't let my computer startup still there I found out that my second hard drive was the problem First hard drive is SATA second hard drive is IDE First hard drive has windows on it second hard drive has all my personnal stuff How can my second hard drive prevent my computer from booting If I set it to slave computer hangs I I remove the pin computer boots but don t show the secopnd hard drive I have notice smoething else Since they changed my mother board my second DVD drive IDE wont show in my computer So I m guessing that all IDE peripherals do not work anymore How can I fix this Than you nbsp

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Hi, this is my first post on this forum. This problem has occured after I closed my gateway laptop while hurrying to school. Windows can boot into safe mode but it cannot make it past "Starting Windows" and I cannot enter Startup Repair. I've tried booting the repair disk on CD and Usb and it does the loading windows green bar thingy and the screen goes black. Since I cannot enter any repair services from boot, I can't reset it to factory settings. Is there any way you guys can help?

A:Windows freezes/hangs during startup repair and during boot. Any Help?

Quote: Originally Posted by Copewk

Hi, this is my first post on this forum. This problem has occured after I closed my gateway laptop while hurrying to school. Windows can boot into safe mode but it cannot make it past "Starting Windows" and I cannot enter Startup Repair. I've tried booting the repair disk on CD and Usb and it does the loading windows green bar thingy and the screen goes black. Since I cannot enter any repair services from boot, I can't reset it to factory settings. Is there any way you guys can help?

Hello there!

Could you try this option? Advanced Boot Options then click on Repair option by here System Recovery Options then Startup Repair
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New custom computer running working. cold Hard Randomly Computer to boot New requiring Freezes get windows pro New Computer Randomly Hard Freezes requiring cold boot to get working. with SP I installed the Os and drivers from the Asus motherboard disk on the first day I got it and from the nd day the computer started having random freezes that vary from - times per day The first time was while watching a video after that freezes would occur during virtually anything Sometimes even just from leaving it on without being used These are hard freezes and a hard reboot is the only way to get the computer working again During the freeze the mouse cursor disappears audio stops if on and the keyboard and mouse produce no response whatsoever I can still open the dvd drive but that's it I've dealt with a lot of PC problems over the years using different computers but none like this When I check the Windows event viewer logs there's nothing I've been able to find about what's causing the freezes Just the error message of quot unexpected shutdown quot from me having to do a reboot I have quot WhoCrased quot installed on my computer and that reports nothing about the freezes either My temperatures seem to be fine I have quot CoreTemp quot installed and quot System Information for Windows quot I ran Memtest with no errors I flashed the Bios and there were less freezes for a few days Then they started reoccurring I ran a stress test with no problems I updated all of the drivers from the manufactures website My computer is Intel i rd Generation k Samsung Evo SSD as primary Harddrive Seagate TB HDD for storage an Asus H M-A Motherboard Crucial DDR Ram GB mhz Onboard graphics and Orion watt power supply I can post more specs about my computer In Bios settings it looks like almost everything is set to default and to automatically detect Other troubleshoots I've tried Troubleshoot Went on Intel Asus and Realtek player's site and updated all of the drivers Troubleshoot Checked computer for errors with sfc scannow None were found Troubleshoot Turned off all unnecessary services and start programs Troubleshoot Changed my Power setting to quot High Performance quot Troubleshoot Installed Windows Hotfixes for freezes Troubleshoot Installed all Windows updates Troubleshoot Resat The Ram in a different slot Troubleshoot Tested my Drives with Seagate fitness Troubleshoot Checked and replaced all of the cables connected to the Harddrives and tried different ports I can have the motherboard Cpu or whatever replaced but I'm trying to figure out what's causing the problem first All of the hardware is new As far as the SSD I used it for weeks before getting this computer so I don't think it's that

A:New Computer Randomly Hard Freezes requiring cold boot to get working.

Did you substitute another power supply? Did you reseat all connectors?
Another thing -you say that you Flashed the BIOS and that produced a temporary fix. You might want to contact Asus about the issue based on this alone.
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So for some time now my computer has been freezing randomly Truly randomly I don't have to be doing anything at all I can just be at the desktop or sometimes I return to find it frozen Although most of the time it isn't frozen just REALLY SLOW You have to wait a minute for the mouse to move and inch I have a setup where I have a freezes Computer randomly, drive hard help replugging it. Need fixes hooked up to my monitor I can press the input switch to go between the two However if I turn off Computer freezes randomly, replugging hard drive fixes it. Need help the without switching to the PC manually usually happens automatically when the turns off then it will be frozen when the screen returns to it And yes it IS frozen or rather really really slow like I described before Now here's the thing If I try to restart it usually gets to a point where is says quot loading IDE drive quot or something and stay there BUT if I replug my hard drive it boots up fine and won't freeze for a certain amount of time Sometimes an hour sometimes a week The problem always returns though I was wondering if anyone knows a more permanent fix I recall reading somewhere about a year ago it had to do with some setting Some frequency of megahertz or something
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I have a Windows 7 computer, and occasionally when I turn it on, it will use 100% of the hard drive for several minutes. (I have a Drives Meter sidebar gadget that shows drive activity). How can I troubleshoot this and find out its cause? It really makes everything else lag like crazy.

A:Computer uses 100% of hard drive for a few minutes after startup

Does it go down after start up?
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I've suddenly been having this problem for the past week or so. Sometimes when I boot up my computer, my other internal hard drives (B and E) are not detected; only the C drive is. The disks don't appear in my computer, and the space doesn't appear to be available in disk partition (all of the files saved on those disks also cannot be accessed obviously).

Usually the problem fixes itself after a few reboots, but it becomes really inconvenient to reboot like 3-5 times every time I want to restart my computer. Does anyone have a possible solution? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Computer does not detect hard drive on startup

Completing this tutorial by Golden might tell other members some needed information.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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My computer was running ok but i had to test a new hard driver that i got and it worked when i plug back my hard drive the computer said that there was no hard driver and give me a option to "Setup" by pressing F2 and so i did but then it asked me for the password which i don't remember setting up. Now without the password it wont let me change the settings. i had to install windows on the other hard drive that i was testing so i could get to this website for help because that hard drive has my life in it.

If Any one can help me please do

Thank you In advance

i also tried removing the battery but it didn't work.
i dont have a floppy drive.
I have desktop DELL dimensions B110

A:Computer does not recognize hard drive on startup

reseat the hard drive.

Do not call it a "driver" that is something completely different. A driver is a program that tells a program how to use a device.
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I had originally posted this issue on this forum but it was moved to the "Am I infected? What do I do?" forum.  We ran ESET online scanner, Malwarebytes, CCleaner, AdwCleaner, and Junkware Removal Tool.  We deleted or disabled start up items and scheduled tasks but computer still freezes up.  Only a reboot gets it going again.  Task Manager shows "Disk"  stuck at 100%.  There is 40 gigs space left on the drive.  It was recommended that I start a new topic on this forum.  We did find a suspicious file ... conime.exe, but I could not locate it to submit it to for evaluation.  Not sure if it is important or not but the on-screen keyboard keeps popping up. Stays gone for a while after closing but pops up again after a few minutes or whenever I open a different app. I ran FRST.  The files are attached.

A:computer freezes until reboot. Hard drive stuck at 100% but 40 Gig free space

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Press the windows key + r on your keyboard at the same time. This will open the RUN BOX.Type Notepad and and click the OK key.Please copy the entire contents of the code box below to the a new file. 


FF DefaultSearchEngine: Google (avast)
FF SelectedSearchEngine: Google (avast)
FF Homepage: hxxps://
FF Keyword.URL: hxxps://
FF DefaultSearchUrl: hxxps://
FF SearchEngineOrder.1: Google (avast)
FF NewTab: about:newtab
FF SearchPlugin: C:\Users\Heather\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\o1visahr.default\searchplugins\google-avast.xml [2015-09-30]
CHR Plugin: (Widevine Content Decryption Module) - C:\Users\Heather\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\WidevineCDM\\_platform_specific\win_x86\widevinecdmadapter.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Chrome PDF Viewer) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\47.0.2526.106\pdf.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Adobe Acrobat) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AIR\nppdf32.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Google Update) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\\npGoogleUpdate3.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Java Deployment Toolkit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_25\bin\dtplugin\npDeployJava1.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Java(TM) Platform SE 8 U25) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_25\bin\plugin2\npjp2.dll => No File
CHR Plugin: (Windows Activation Technologies) - C:\Windows\system32\Wat\npWatWeb.dll => No File
CHR Extension: (Avast Online Security) - C:\Users\Heather\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\gomekmidlodglbbmalcneegieacbdmki [2015-11-24]
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CustomCLSID: HKU\S-1-5-21-186936371-685096657-845075952-1000_Classes\... Read more
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My friend and room mate has recently run into a major problem with his computer As of this morning it will not startup it was running completely fine until now He would turn it on and everything inside the machine would work except the hard drive We could hear it work for a small amount startup hard problem issue drive Computer - of time seconds at most but the indicator light on the outside of the chasis does not turn on at all and it seems to emit a quot paper crinkling quot like noise The computer would only run for exactly seconds each time he counted and would then shut off Nothing would be output to his monitor so I couldn t see any possible error messages pop up to help hone in on the problem We opened up the case and tried running it with the case open to check the Computer startup problem - hard drive issue parts and everything seems to be running fine minus the hard drive We even went as far as reconnecting everything to make sure no Computer startup problem - hard drive issue wires or parts were loose and it still Computer startup problem - hard drive issue has the same problem I m pretty certain it is his hard drive but I ve heard it could also be his PSU failing It s troubling to know thst this problem has come up and he hasn t had the computer for more than three months and he has run into this problem I ve Googled for the past two hours trying to come up with a diagnosis to no avail I have not run accross this same problem anywhere on the internet I hope that this thread may help some other poor soul including my room mate in the future if a diagnosis can be made nbsp

A:Computer startup problem - hard drive issue

Welcome to TSG.
If that computer is only 3 months old, it should still be under warranty, I would bring it back.
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So, I'm not exactly sure what I did. I was clearing up some space on my computer after using the Norton Removal Tool to get rid of this Norton trial popup that came up everytime I booted my computer. Now, after it told me to restart, it seems to be stuck in an endless boot cycle that resets itself after showing the Windows logo. I've since tried running startup repair, which freezes as it shows the progress bar for 'Windows is loading files'. Safe mode will not work, either. It just sends it back into the boot cycle. Not sure what to do at this point. My computer came pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, so I don't have any startup discs. Help?

A:Windows 7 stuck in endless boot cycle, startup repair freezes

Run Startup Repair 3 times. If that doesn't work, then go into a Command Prompt and use these 3 commands (pressing Enter after each one):

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /rebuildbcd

If none of this works, try the bootable CD's listed here (hard drive, memory test, and antimalware): Hardware Diags
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My Computer freezes and stops working only when im downloading a torrent or try to stream!
The Red Blinking light (Which im sure is for the Hard Disk) stops blinking once these freezes happen
When it freezes sometimes i cant even restart it with the restart button on the case and have to take its cable out.The problem has been on my computer for a year but i havent tried fixing it.

I had a blue screen of death once but that was months ago.
Havent ReInstalled Windows even once since ive got it last year.

Sidenote: I sometimes have Administrator problems and cant do some stuff when i am the administrator could that be the problem?
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Hi there new here I have searched for about - hours on this topic I have updated as many drivers as I could and I have changed my SATA cables out I cannot figure out this problem When I am on my computer the red hard driver indicator light on the top of my case will blink constantly When I start playing a game fast, it? freezes. causes computer drive solid, What and Hard light stays then blinks it will blink really fast and then you can hear a Hard drive light blinks fast, then stays solid, and computer freezes. What causes it? quot beep quot sound The light stays red for a few seconds Hard drive light blinks fast, then stays solid, and computer freezes. What causes it? then goes back to blinking intermittently When it beeps everything freezes up for a bit - seconds Then it will come back and resume like before Sometimes the beeps and freezes are minutes apart sometimes they are minutes apart Its really annoying and I dont want to take it to a shop just yet Anyone ever heard of this happening Is the hard drive overheating maybe Cause it gets worse when I have things like music and games going at the same time If anyone would like to know more about the computer I will list it all

A:Hard drive light blinks fast, then stays solid, and computer freezes. What causes it?

Go to Start/Search and type CMD Right click the CMD icon in the Search Results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type chkdsk /R and press enter. Now type a Y for Yes and restart the computer. The Check Disk Utility will check the integrity of the drive.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature, and burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and run the Quick and the Extended diagnostic tests on the HDD.
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I had an GB Seagate IDE hard drive in my Dell Dimension that was clearly dying I have been using a Dell How new get computer? hard to to drive I boot with in do drive flash boot CD to connect to the Internet for days now I have replaced the old hard drive with an unused GB WD IDE drive and with difficulty gotten the computer to recognize it I intended to boot to flash drive and use the boot CD How do I get Dell to boot to flash drive with new hard drive in computer? to execute the transfer of an image of the old Seagate drive from its location on my external hard drive to the new internal hard drive But the computer will only boot to flash drive when the new internal hard drive is removed When the drive is in and I click Enter on quot USB Flash Drive quot I How do I get Dell to boot to flash drive with new hard drive in computer? get the quot quot Strike the F key to continue F to run the setup utility quot message over and over When I take the hard drive out I can boot into flash drive again I have A BIOS and it appears to me from the Dell website that is as far as I can go How can I start booting into flash drive with my new hard drive in place just as I did with my old hard drive in place Computer Dell Dimension Desktop CPU Intel Pentium - Northwood D MHz x MHz x Motherboard DELL G Chipset Intel GEV Brookdale-GEV ICH Memory MBytes MHz - - - - MB PC DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K Graphics Intel G GL GV Graphics Controller DELL Intel i G L Integrated MB Old Drive ST A GB E-IDE ATA- New Drive Western Digital Caviar SE WD JB GB MB Cache RPM ATA http www goharddrive com ProductDetails asp ProductCo Drive HGST HTS A E GB Serial ATA Gb s lt - gt USB Drive SAMSUNG CD-R RW SW- S CD-R Writer Sound Creative Technology SB Live Series Audio Processor Network RealTek Semiconductor RTL PCI Fast Ethernet NIC A B C Network Broadcom Integrated Controller OS Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Build SP Antivirus Advanced System Care Ultimate Bitdefender engine Firewall Windows Firewall nbsp
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Computer Specs Windows XP Home Edition SP Intel Quad Core Processor GHz I believe GB RAM NForce i SLI Motherboard Nvidia GeForce GTX One fine day a few days ago my PC started to freeze at the Windows XP startup screen I didn t make any hardware or software changes prior to this The PC booted just fine in Safe Mode but didn t boot in Safe Mode with Networking Since then I ve tried the following -Starting from a previous configuration that worked -Replugging power cord to the hard drive startup Computer at Windows screen freezes XP -Replugging SATA cord switching to a new SATA cord and plugging into other SATA ports -Running dskchck p and fixing some errors -Checking bootlog and finding that most drivers don t load -Running Windows Repair on the installation which couldn t copy a single file called quot danim ddl quot appears to be part of Direct X At this point I m stuck without access to Safe Mode although it Computer freezes at Windows XP startup screen still successfully loads but won t run setup after Windows Repair and the PC still freezes at the startup screen unable to complete Setup after I ran Windows Repair It s my understanding that at this point I can t Computer freezes at Windows XP startup screen undo the effects of Windows Repair but what can I do to get my machine to at least load into Setup

A:Computer freezes at Windows XP startup screen

chkdsk /p Performs an exhaustive check even if the drive is not marked for chkdsk to run. This parameter does not make any changes to the drive.The /p function will not do what you want - You need to use the /r function to check and repair any problems for you -When in doubt always use this method to run a Disk Check - - - -Run a Disk Check on your C: drive in Windows XP:?Click Start and open My Computer?Right-click on C: or your Main drive letter) and select Properties?Click on the Tools tab?Under Error-checking click the Check Now... button?Mark the 2 boxes next to Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors?Click on the Start button?When the message box pops up, click the Schedule disk check button and >>Restart<< your computer?Once your computer restarts it will check the drive, don't press any keys so that it is allowed to do soThis should take about 1 hour (on average) to run all 5 stages, then it will reboot back to Normal Mode for you -
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o o This is kind of weird Computer Windows at Freezes Explorer startup. now Windows explorer freezes up my computer and takes up of my CPU but most of the time I can just open the task manager and right click on explorer exe and click on quot End Process Windows Explorer Freezes at Computer startup. Tree quot and things will unfreeze Explorer closes but I can reopen it and things work normal Until I try to open a program for example AOL Internet Explorer seems to work just find and most Windows-Based programs Windows Explorer Freezes at Computer startup. But Windows Explorer Freezes at Computer startup. everything else freezes my computer as soon as I open it I ve tried running a repair installation on my computer and that didn t work And I m desperately trying to avoid losing all of my files I have way too many to back up all of which I really would rather not like to part with If there s anyone who has any idea what s going on and further more if there s any way for me to go about fixing the matter it would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Windows Explorer Freezes at Computer startup.

Have you tried the standard troubleshooting measures? Defrag, Scandisk, Update drivers, Windows update....etc?
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i have a sony VGN-FJ170 however lately my computer has been freezing on startup...right when it shows the vaio screen before the windows xp loading...also my cd drive disappears after a while when the computer is on... im wondering if the cd drive is begaining to be faulty or loose and its freezing the computer at startup or what...

it took my 30 min or more to get past the freezing today

also i cheaked for virus and spyware and found none
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I bought an external hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent) and it was working fine up until one day where I couldn't find it anymore in My computer or Device Manager. If I plugged it in while windows was running, my whole system would just freeze, Ctrl Alt Del wouldn't even work! I re-installed windows XP and started from scratch but this didn't work. I took the hard drive back and replaced it. This then worked on a family member's laptop but back on my computer it's the same old story.

Any help would be greatly received!


I have just plugged in my ipod too and it froze so it may be a USB problem! However it doesn't freeze with a cheap mp3 player, i'm really confused, can anyone help??

A:External hard drive freezes windows

A friendly and needed bump to this question.

I am also having a similar problem as this. A while ago I installed a second hard drive and everything works fine on it currently. The problem is that afterwards whenever I try to plug in an external hard disk of any kind, through a USB port, the computer will immediately freeze. Now this includes ipods, cameras with memory disks, and others of that nature. I have tried searching all over the web and have yet to find an answer. It would after all be nice to update my ipod playlist .
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Well now what do I do Was restarting my laptop when it froze up so I had to push the power button to turn it off and then turn it back on Just as I did though it hung at the logo screen and then it said quot Internal hard disk drive not found To resolve this issue try to reseat the drive No bootable devices--strike the F key to retry boot F to enter Setup menu F to enter PSA quot So then I get into the pre-boot diagnostic screen Guess what it shows me there No seriously WAT If anything I made sure to take extra care not to bump the laptop too much I tried plugging it into my PC tower running Windows and I tried using a hard hard drive detected. ... 8 freezes, Windows then No disk enclosure and Windows 8 freezes, then ... No hard drive detected. they don't work This hard drive Newegg com - WD Blue WD LPVX GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Notebook Hard Drive Bare Drive I was hoping to RMA it but seeing as how it's well over months since I ordered it they can't take it back Might as well go straight to the manufacturer and complain
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Hi I m kinda new and any help is appreciated My computer lately for the third time now been about month have begun freezing on the first boot when startup at or BIOS. Windows XP freezes Post Computer I turn on my computer It usually freezes right after I log on to windows a few seconds after my desktop is loaded up and right Computer freezes at Windows XP startup or Post BIOS. before all of my startup programs are loaded With this my cursor will be frozen and my computer will not react to cap locks or numlocks when i press Computer freezes at Windows XP startup or Post BIOS. them and I would be stuck on my desktop with a frozen cursor And then usually I would have to restart the computer once to a few more times before the computer can successfully start up without freezing Sometimes when it freezes it would freeze right after the Windows XP logo on a black screen Sometimes when it takes me too many times to restart in order for the computer to start up it will end up loading up the BIOS right after restart With this I will simply either save and exit the BIOS to continue to boot to windows However most of the times my computer will just freeze on a blank black screen right after I hit quot save changes and exit bios quot or quot discard changes and exit bios tried both quot as it would not load to windows With this I would have to restart again and once again takes me to the bios screen I would do the same and it would freeze again after I exit the BIOS It would only be after a dozen painful tries it would finally load up windows successfully Once my computer boot and started up successfully in one of those very lucky days then it would run smooth without any problems for the duration the computer remains on until after i shut down and the next time I rebooted With this I would constantly think twice before shutting down my computer and would let it run for days fearing that next day I turn it on it once again wouldn t boot I have also check my device manager for any yellow exclamations and errors in which I found none I ve then look at the direction of booting where I looked at my jumper settings to my only hard drive installed which is set as the primary master in which I ve set at cable selected Also switched my IDE cable for another one Didn t fix the problem I m now wondering could it be something with my primary master and slave where primary master is my HD but my slave is not plugged into anything My secondary master is my cd-rw while my secondary slave is my dvd-rw Could it be that my primary slave isn t plugged into anything while my secondary slave is As for the previous two times hope this will help as well st time I ve installed another hd on my computer so it ran on dual hd And then the computer began freezing on start up for a few minutes right after the computer started up successfully With this I suspected the new hd since that was the only major change to my computer before the problem occurred I removed the new hd and then the problem disappeared So I thought the new hd was faulty nd time Even with my new hd now gone and running only one hd old one the problem came back But only difference was that it only freezes during start up if it does freeze Once it starts up successfully with all of the start up programs loaded it will run smoothly for the duration the computer remains on I then found out after many trial and errors that the start up freeze would happen whenever my external hard drive usb is plugged when I turn on my computer From then on I never turn on my computer with my external hd connected and the problem went away But then later on the problem came back the third time the problem right now even when my external hd isn t connected Anyone got any ideas suggestions on what is causing this and how to fix this Or is it hardware or software cause Maybe even virus Should I reformat As for reformatting I ve done so before between the st time and the nd time the problem occur Thanks again in advance

A:Computer freezes at Windows XP startup or Post BIOS.

Hi .Since the system does boot...I would take a look at Event Viewer, looking for errors which might provide clues.How To Use Event Viewer - If it is a drive problem of any sort, there may be an error generated...referring to Disk0, Disk1, or something similar.Louis
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Today i open my Laptop and Use it Not too). Responding Suddenly Windows Freezes Drive (Hard for Hours But when i watching a Movie in the Middle Movie Stuck at the same point and Mouse freezes and Hard drive Light is not Blinking Too My Hard Drive is Hardly an year Old And SMART Showing No Errors So my question is is this hardware issue or software related issue i found an Windows Suddenly Freezes (Hard Drive Not Responding too). Post in thi Forum in which exact same problem is discussed and one of them ask him to Post Minitoolbox Log So Someone Help me to understand This Log and Help me To understand it And Also Help me to Fix resolve the Errors Freeze occurs around http www bleepingcomputer com forums t hard-drive-stops-responding MiniToolBox Windows Suddenly Freezes (Hard Drive Not Responding too). by Farbar Version - - Ran by Machine administrator on - - at Running from C Users Machine Downloads Programs Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack X Boot Mode Normal Event log errors Application errors Error PM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name BatmanAC exe version time stamp x f Faulting module name BatmanAC exe version time stamp x f Exception code xc Fault offset x aaa Faulting process id x f Faulting application start time xBatmanAC exe Faulting application path BatmanAC exe Faulting module path BatmanAC exe Report Id BatmanAC exe Error AM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name amswitcher exe version time stamp x c cdf Faulting module name libstdc - dll version time stamp Windows Suddenly Freezes (Hard Drive Not Responding too). x bc cae Exception code x Fault offset x bd d Faulting process id xdbc Faulting application start time xamswitcher exe Faulting application path amswitcher exe Faulting module path amswitcher exe Report Id amswitcher exe Error PM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name amswitcher exe version time stamp x c cdf Faulting module name QtCore dll version time stamp x c c Exception code x Fault offset x fe Faulting process id x c Faulting application start time xamswitcher exe Faulting application path amswitcher exe Faulting module path amswitcher exe Report Id amswitcher exe Error PM Source VSS User Description Volume Shadow Copy Service error Unexpected error querying for the IVssWriterCallback interface hr x Access is denied This is often caused by incorrect security settings in either the writer or requestor process Operation Gathering Writer Data Context Writer Class Id e - f - -a e- ae Writer Name System Writer Writer Instance ID bbc - - a - - c b dfb a Error PM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name amswitcher exe version time stamp x c cdf Faulting module name QtCore dll version time stamp x c c Exception code x Fault offset x fd f Faulting process id x Faulting application start time xamswitcher exe Faulting application path amswitcher exe Faulting module path amswitcher exe Report Id amswitcher exe Error AM Source Chrome User NT AUTHORITY Description Chrome has encountered a fatal error ver lang guid C A E A F BA E A E DC is machine oop upload minidump C Program Files Google CrashReports dfb a - - b - -ca afff c dmp Error PM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name amswitcher exe version time stamp x c cdf Faulting module name QtCore dll version time stamp x c c Exception code x Fault offset x fe Faulting process id xdcc Faulting application start time xamswitcher exe Faulting application path amswitcher exe Faulting module path amswitcher exe Report Id amswitcher exe Error AM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name amswitcher exe version time stamp x c cdf Faulting module name libstdc - dll version time stamp x bc cae Exception code x Fault offset x bd d Faulting process id xab Faulting application start time xamswitcher exe Faulting application path amswitcher exe Faulting module path amswitcher exe Report Id amswitch... Read more

A:Windows Suddenly Freezes (Hard Drive Not Responding too).

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:    List Installed Programs   Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
Louis NOT make any more attempts to post this topic, I have deleted all those.  Respond to this topic.
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Hey there Neither of my hard drives work drive clicks, windows in freezes when GPU Hard plugged in normal windows with the gpu in On a fresh reformat they work for a short while before starting to click and freeze up On an older installation this freeze is instant as soon as the desktop loads It works as it should in safe mode leading me to believe that it may be a software problem but I haves no idea The hard drives work as intended in normal windows without the GPU I don't think it's my PSU as it's watts Hard drive clicks, windows freezes when GPU plugged in If Hard drive clicks, windows freezes when GPU plugged in it's software I have no idea where to begin It may be worth mentioning my mobo MSI z gd g was sent away to get a BIOS update for compatability with ivy bridge but I have installed the drivers for the update I just need to find the source of the problem if it's the hard drives I'll be able to replace them soon and same with the GPU Thanks in advance

A:Hard drive clicks, windows freezes when GPU plugged in

Hard drive clicks? Thats a sign of a failing hard drive. Try backing up as much data as you can before the hard drive completely dies. *removed arrogant post* Its not your PSU.
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System locks up needs time before it can be restarted I have a newly built computer that locks up usually to min after booting usually I am browsing the internet then pages to Freezes, reset, until hard can have Windows 10 I 7 back then wait min Solved: boot won t load then my browser freezes and I can t Ctrl apt Del Then everything freezes and I have to hard reset but the computer won t boot up unless I Solved: Windows 7 Freezes, have to hard reset, then wait 10 min until I can boot back let it rest for min Everything in the computer is brand new I have it running the bare minimum stick of memory The hard drive I noticed in the bios that the v and v are low The v is running around The v is around I ve spent days trying different things any help would be greatly appreciated I have tested the CPU and even re installed it I have tested the memory it seems fine I have checked the wires I have reset the bios Its a new ultra watt PSU a new asus m a l-m lx plus mb An amd HD phenom ll x processor a wd blue gb hard drive hyperx red gb ddr memory modules a radeon hd GPU Running win nbsp

A:Solved: Windows 7 Freezes, have to hard reset, then wait 10 min until I can boot back
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I've got a Western digital 250g drive with win7 on it, and a western digital 500g with data on it. computer boots fine with just the OS drive, but won't boot when I add the data drive - hard drive failure. BIOS has the right sequence, i've tried all manner of jumper settings, using different ports, etc. I just realized that the BIOS doesn't and won't recognize the data drive when i run the auto detect. I'm thinking this is the problem (or at least part of it), but don't know where to go from here. How do I get the bios to recognize the drive?

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My except Drive off anything Computer boot of Hard Won't computer crashed Computer Won't boot off of anything except Hard Drive the other day while I was working it pretty hard It would not boot It kept telling me quot could not load OS quot I figured my hard drive was shot We tried to boot off Computer Won't boot off of anything except Hard Drive of windows cd as well as other boot CD s Removed HD and tried in different computers and it would not boot XP Anyway took mother board out and installed in a nother computer After workin about half a day finally got it to boot off of HD HD working fine The problem I don t understand is It will not boot off of anything but the Hard Drive If you place any device before the hard drive it will not boot It stays on that device whether or not a cd in loaded It will not boot even if a bootable cd is loaded We are talking different dvd cd drives You can t set one of the drives as first boot because it can not find OS if you do This is the same mother board that after about months decided that it would hang at bootup if you used more than stick of memory Don t know if problem is mother board or something else Computer self built AMD Gigabyte MB MB memory Maxtor boot HD Western Digtal HD Seagate HD BenQ Liteon Liteon S Liteon LTR S nbsp

A:Computer Won't boot off of anything except Hard Drive

Good Afternoon redneck572, that problem can happen sometimes if the IDE lead is reversed or damaged.
Check that the longer end is toward the M/B.
Also check your BIOS to ensure both IDEs are enabled if both M/B outlets are being used.

Confirm drive bridges are properly set.

Obtain and run memtest86 Ver 3.2 this is a memory test program that gives a good idea of memory problems. Accept no errors. Let it run for an hour or so if possible.

You could obtain this HDDRegenerator program and give it a run, it has a nice little scanner in it and gives a good idea of drive condition without causing any effect to it.
It makes a nice useful bootable disk and may be rerun.

There is a good chance your hard drive has a problem and is affecting the IDE Buss in such a way as to kill other devices, but other odd things like odd problem ethernet cards can also do the same thing, so don't get too focussed on logic.
Take the PCI cards out also if the problem persists.

Your description of memory hangups is symptomatic of mismatched memory, it might be an idea to investigate matched memory for that particular M/B if you have problems, that can be a real pain and can also be an intermittent problem.
It is best to begin with the best matched memory set and avoid problems like that.
Cheers, qldit.
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My system runs Windows bit OS Replaced Socket Mother board and CPU with Socket ASUS was Secondary system Hard before Windows freezes Drive launch manufacturer of Secondary Hard Drive freezes system before Windows launch both Secondary Hard Drive freezes system before Windows launch old and new mobos Kept all hard drives and reinstalled them x Seagate Gb Sata one is the boot drive with OS x Western Digital Caviar Green Tb Sata PROBLEM System would freeze at post just before Windows launch Isolated to the WD hard drive as problem When disconnected Windows booted normally and all other drives appeared I did a Clean Install of Windows bit I reinstalled latest mobo bios and all chipset device drivers but problem continued Tried to Hot Plug the WD drive after windows launched and it worked It booted and loaded drivers When Hot Plugged it operated normally and was visible in both My Computer and Disk Management I could see files and transfer to and from the disk HOWEVER when I shut down and restarted I was back to square one Drive caused system to freeze before Windows launch The only way to access the drive is via Hot Plug which is not realistic for an internal drive Anyone have a solution Help Please Thanks

A:Secondary Hard Drive freezes system before Windows launch

Does the main drive and the WD drive both have the OS loaded on it? Next question: What SATA port do you have it plug does make a difference? It should be plugged into sata ports 1 - 4. The other ports require either AHCI driver loaded to activate those ports or the RAID driver to use all port at the same time. It's a limation of the mobo do to the controller responseable for the remaining sata ports.
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So, my external worked fine the other day, but now it just won't work. I connect it, try to open it in My Computer, and the window freezes. The rest of the computer is fine. It doesn't show up in the My Computer folder either. I have to disconnect it to unfreeze it. It unfreezes immediately when I do, and says "You must format this hard drive to use it. How'm I supposed to format it if it's not in? Plus, I have important stuff in it, so I really don't want to.

What can I do, what's the issue?

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Hello I've been having a problem with my Lacie TB external HDD for some time now I'll just precise that it's a USB disk and has an on off switch I apologize if the post is long but I'm gonna put in everything I can think of The disk worked fine for a few months then at one point it started hard clicking and soon after I external when drive. freezes Windows accessing explorer hard was unable to transfer any data in or out of the disk without causing the transfer to hang after about s I sent it back to Windows explorer freezes when accessing external hard drive. Lacie for repair and Windows explorer freezes when accessing external hard drive. long story short after they quot lost quot my disk they sent me a brand new one but apparently the repair centre wasn't informed so I received my old disk too repaired So I now have similar HDDs My problem is - at first when I tried to run the format tool preloaded on Windows explorer freezes when accessing external hard drive. the disk to format the disk before use it hanged and the progress bar didn't move The only way to close the window was to shut down the disk That happened on both disks and they were then listed as RAW in disk manager - I tried to format or delete the volume using window's built in tool but when I select my format options and click ok it just gets back to the disk manager with the hourglass mouse pointer as if it's doing something although there is no progress bar or anything It just stays there for hours although it should be super fast as the disk is empty I tried different softwares like partition magic but they just hang on quot detecting devices quot as soon as I turn the disk on Same thing for disk manager if I open it after having turned on the disk it just hangs on quot connecting to virtual service quot Again same with both disks - I then tried to format the disks using my dad's xp laptop and the software Partition Wizard and it formated both disks into NTFS in seconds That leads me to believe that the fault comes from my laptop I partitioned one of the disks with GB of FAT and the rest in NTFS to see if it would change anything on my laptop - For both disks and both NTFS and FAT when I try accessing them from quot Computer quot I sometimes can get in the disk folder but when I try to copy a file in it the tranfer bar just stalls on quot transferring file quot without even starting the transfer If I try clicking somewhere the transfer windows blanks out and freezes followed by the quot Computer quot window then windows explorer itself If I turn off the disk then everything returns back to normal Sometimes just trying to access the disk folder freezes everything and that can affect wmp or any other program open they just freeze until the disk is turned off This happens every time Not finished - At one point it kinda started working if I had the little software Lacie USB Boost activated which is supposed to boost your transfer speed Here's a copy of what I sent Lacie I spent months with the support team and I'm not closer to resolving that They replied to this post by saying that there is no known issue with the usb boost quot If the USB Boost is activated I can now transfer files to the disk however I get the exact same error message xd as the one I described in my very first post if I try to transfer large files to the disk although it did that for a Mb file This problem is the same as the one experienced by this person BSOD when transfering Large files to external HD He has the same disk as me and it was suggested that he uninstalled the USB boost or changed the extension of the FNETURPX sys to make it unusable I did that which brings me to the nd problem If I do disable the USB Boost I revert back to the message saying that the file is no longer in its folder and I can't create a new folder on the disk either I have tried to reenable the usb boost and transferring works again but for large files I get the stop error message again quot I have now uninstalle... Read more

A:Windows explorer freezes when accessing external hard drive.

Hi welcome back wolvo7,
Sorry to hear of your problems.
If you have sent the repot of BSoD using this method it is OK:_
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
If not please download this & upload report with next post.
I will inform a member of the forum BSoD experts, who when available will comment on your thread.
Meanwhile I ask you to be patient.
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I have been having a problem recently. I've just installed windows vista ultimate sp1 x64 on my PC. It installed without a problem, but when the computer resets, all I get is DMI update suceeded, then the computer stays there for awhile and then attempts to boot from a CD, and I have to reinstall vista to bring back the computer.

I have gotten the computer to come back up occasionally, and I already checked the BIOS settings to ensure it boots from the hard drive first, and reinstalled vista on a new hard drive in case my old one died on me. I even tried running a vista recovery disk but it unable to even see my OS.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Any help would be greaty appreciated.

A:Computer refusing to boot from hard drive

Specs please.... Also, I know you have it set right in the boot order sequence, but have you checked so the hard drive is listed FIRST in the Hard Drive Priority or Boot drive priority?

Boot Order:
CDRom - 1st
Floppy - 2nd (if you have one)
Hard Drive - 3rd (boot drive)Hard or Boot Drive Priority
Hard or Boot Drive Listed FIRST.
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I decided to built a new custom made computer and would like to know if I can just attached the old sata hard drive to the new motherboard?

I read that I have to have the same motherboard for the hard drive to work or else it will reformat the hard drive, is this true?

A:How do I get files out of hard drive if computer will not boot...

If you build a new computer and use a new hard drive, set it up as usual - but without the old hard drive with your data being installed. Once it's up and running, shut it down, attach the old hard drive, then copy your data over.

If you build the new computer and do not get a new hard drive, I would let it boot and detect all the new hardware. 95% of the time this will work and your data will be right where you left it. (The other 5% of the time leaves you in trouble.) I would recommend that you back the data up and do a clean install afterwards.

For future reference, either of these scenarios involve some risk. You are taking the chance that the sole location of your data will survive a major change in the system. Do yourself a favor and put a good backup plan in place so you never have all your eggs in one basket again.
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I built a new computer a bit ago, and I had used my second hard drive from my old one.

Now I am unable to boot up my old computer, and I cannot even get anything to display on a monitor.

The computer starts, and it appears everything is running.

What mistake did I make?

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Long time no post which seems to be a good thing since my computer wasn't acting up till now I cannot seem to troubleshoot my Windows installation I'm using Win Pro bit that was to my knowledge completely up to date until it started acting up - days ago I remember my computer freezing up in which case I did what I usually do and I force closed some programs None of the programs were integral to the operation of Windows After restarting my computer was able to POST to the BIOS and start to load the OS At this point it would just sit at quot Starting not drive boot and up booting (both CD) Computer hard Windows Computer not booting up (both hard drive and boot CD) quot and never move on no matter how long I sat in front of it I tried safe mode with and without networking and the file it would freeze at was a driver for my on board Computer not booting up (both hard drive and boot CD) graphics card I assumed since Computer not booting up (both hard drive and boot CD) it had ATI in the filename Since it wasn't booting properly I thought I might have to do a fresh install So I booted into a Live Boot CD of Ubuntu and moved my files I needed to a different Hard Drive I then booted into my install disc of Windows Pro bit and never got past quot Starting Windows quot Does this sound familiar to anyone I was still able to access my hard drive and copy files off of it so I don't think it's a bad hdd I ran Start Up Repair and it couldn't find a fix I tried System Restore and that didn't work I do have earlier restores I could try but they are weeks old I also tried the Memory Card Diagnostic tool I didn't actually see the results since I assumed the results would stay on this screen until I did something with it I was using my monitor for something else at the time so I don't know if my RAM is bad but I'm assuming since I can move past the BIOS and I can boot a Live boot of Ubuntu my RAM is OK I'm on the verge of installing Ubuntu so I can at least get online with it but I still have Windows programs that I need to run Any insight would be appreciated Thank you okami

A:Computer not booting up (both hard drive and boot CD)

I clean installed Ubuntu over my Windows installation. I don't have time tonight to try booting the Win7 CD but I can successfully boot Ubuntu without a disc.

This still baffles me so any insight would be helpful.
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Hello I currently have two hard drives and run a dual boot into Computer hard boot doesn't drive(s) setup On my main hard drive I have a partition for Windows XP and a partition for the rest of my crap On my other hard drive I run Ubuntu Normally I have been using Ubuntu and have had no virus issues whatsoever Today Computer doesn't boot into hard drive(s) I seemed to have gotten an quot antivirus scanner virus quot I have had great Computer doesn't boot into hard drive(s) success using Malwarebytes in the past so I kicked Computer doesn't boot into hard drive(s) off a scan of that and left my computer alone Turns out this virus shut down Explorer and eventually gave me hard drive error messages I don't remember exactly what it said but they were along the lines of this Cannot write to disk Hard drive clusters failed Hard drive is running out of space not true I decided to let my Malwarebytes scan continue figuring these might be bogus messages trying to scare me Anyway Malwarebytes finished scanning found some infections and needed to restart to complete the removal process I reboot and find out that it goes through trying to boot from my CD drives and then just hangs when trying to boot from my hard drives Neither hard drive appears to boot up Both are visible in BIOS I can boot from a Live Ubuntu CD and access data on both hard drives as well Is there anything I can do Or should I just try and use the Live CD and reinstall everything I'd prefer not to do something that extreme If you need any additional information let me know Thanks for any and all assistance

A:Computer doesn't boot into hard drive(s)

When you say it hangs when trying to boot from your hard drives, do you get any kind of message? Or just a blinking cursor in the top left of your screen?

Also, I'm assuming you are using the default boot manager to choose which OS to boot?
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Downloaded Windows 10 upgrade and now my computer won't boot at all all I get is blinking light on the caps lock button and the f12 internet light is on
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I have to switch the computer of at the mains. When i came to switch it back on i get an error bootmgr is missing, so i put the windows 7 dvd in drive and windows starts.
I have three hard drives two internal and 1 external, what the pc is doing is looking on the HDD that does not have Windows on (J = Disk 0) but windows is on (C = Disk 1).
How can i change these around so that i do not need the DVD in the drive all the time.
I think i can use Disk Management, but i have forget how to do this

A:Computer looking at wrong hard drive on boot

Start your computer and press F8 to access the Advanced Boot Options menu. Select Repair Your Computer.
Select the Command Prompt option.
Type bootrec /rebuildbcd and press Enter.
The scan should identify your correct Windows installation and you will be asked to Add installation to boot list?  Type Y and press Enter.
You should see the message The operation completed successfully.
Restart your computer.
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I m having a couple of problems that started at the same time Sorry in advance for this post being so long Problem I restarted my computer with a disk in not drive. Computer up automatically hard boot from will the floppy disk drive I forgot it was in there It popped up and error telling me that the floppy was not a bootable disk and asked Computer will not automatically boot up from hard drive. me to insert a bootable floppy I took the disk out and tried to ESC out of the error message which didn t work I restarted the computer thinking that since the Computer will not automatically boot up from hard drive. floppy wasn t in there it would just boot up normally but it popped up another error saying that the computer was unable to boot up and to insert a bootable disk into the floppy drive I can t ESC out of this error either The exact error message is Boot Failure Insert BOOT diskette in A Press any key when ready The only way I can start windows is by hitting F and starting windows through the menu that comes up I tried a few things to fix the problem -I went into the bios setup program by hitting the DEL key at startup and looked at the boot order It had the floppy drive first I changed the order so that the hard drive was first and the floppy disk drive was second but it didn t fix the problem -In the F menu I tried starting with the last known good configuration That didn t work -I used system restore to restore the system to a point before the problems started but that didn t work either -I ran CHKDSK F R but no change Problem I also noticed that since this happened that windows will glitch up and I can no longer drag and drop icons on the desktop or in folders and one time the right-click menu and the start menu stopped working Everything else still works I can run programs browse the web and even drag program windows around with the mouse but the icons won t move I can temporarily fix the problem by restarting windows but the fix doesn t last long I don t think it s a virus or anything like that because everything was working fine until I tried to boot up with the floppy in the drive Anyone have any ideas on what might be causing these problems Any help will be greatly appreciated I m running Windows XP Service pack and everything is up to date up to the last few updates which were released after the problems started so I didn t want to install them while the computer is on the fritz I haven t recently installed any new software Thanks -PhilD p s Unfortunately my Windows XP disk is packed away in a box somewhere at the moment and I can t get to it I don t know if this ll matter to any fixes or not but I thought I should mention it

A:Computer will not automatically boot up from hard drive.

Let's start with the boot problem. IF the hd is the first item in the boot device order in bios and IF the drive and boot sector are good, the system will not even know there is a floppy drive during the boot process. I'm guessing you did not save the boot order when you made the change in bios - please check and see if the hd is still at the top of the device boot order. Also, just fyi - the /f switch in checkdisk is redundant if you use the /r switch. Just boot to the recovery console and run chkdsk /r
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I'm sorry this might be a long story Basically I need a list of all the possible causes for a computer not reading a hard drive on boot up It's hooked up properly and it was reading that it was there before About Boot-up. Computer Read Hard Won't on Drive a year ago my PC started acting suspicious I moved across the country with it It took a while to get here I plugged it in and it wouldn't read the hard drive I assumed the drive had failed I Computer Won't Read Hard Drive on Boot-up. didn't have any money to replace it so I had to wait until Christmas to get a new drive But I also couldn't afford to buy a Computer Won't Read Hard Drive on Boot-up. system disk I had to wait until today to get one Now I have the disk I disconnected the extraneous drive checked the connections on the new drive and booted up the computer with the system disk in place It started installing but then the install program said that there was no drive I rebooted and pressed F The BIOS program-a-ma-bob said the drive was there It listed the serial number and everything on Channel It said Channel had no drive Not a surprise since there is no Channel I only have my new drive hooked up I called my brother who used to work in a computer store We figured out that I had the cable hooked up to the wrong SATA input on the mother board Oddly I'm pretty sure that I was running my old slave drive off that connection just fine I hooked it up to the one marked PRI SATA I booted the computer up again and it no longer had the BIOS error and appeared to be booting up just great Then all of a sudden it gave me some clock error My brother told me what it meant but I forget Basically the computer had been doing too much at once or something So we powered it down and I pulled the watch battery of the motherboard for a minute Then I snapped it back into place This was supposed to reset something in order to fix the error We booted the computer up again This time it wouldn't read the drive at all It doesn't give me an F option If I press TAB at the right time I get a menu that lists the drives It isn't on there Just my floppy and my DVD drive I have no idea why All the cables are connected I'm starting to wonder if it might not be the hard drive at all I tried rebooting a million times and I keep getting the same result I can't figure it out My brother lives kms away so he can't actually look at the computer He threw his hands up in the air I desperately want to get this computer running so I can set up a recording program on it and finally record some music But I just can't afford to take the thing into a computer store Any help advice

A:Computer Won't Read Hard Drive on Boot-up.

As for the drive not being recognized now, you either don't have the power plug plugged in or the CMOS battery is not plugged in properly. Check you power connections and reset the battery. The computer looks to the Prim SATA channel first to boot off of, so you must have the SATA cable plugged in. You may need to look for a setting under Drives or SATA or something in the Bios that is set for Legacy or IDE not AHCI. Once that is set, the install disc should recognize the drive. If not then you will have to slipstream your SATA drivers for your motherboard into your XP Disc using nLite.
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This problem has been persisting for a few weeks I did a fresh re-install of windows genuine and it is still happening so I thought I would ask for help When I first turn my desktop on everyday within minutes of starting up it freezes no mouse or keyboard response sometimes before 5 mouse within freezes startup, minutes on freezes restart Computer on I even have a chance to login I have tried unplugging and plugging them back in to no avail If there is anything animated like a game on my screen at the time of the freeze it will also be frozen I have also tried waiting to see if it will unfreeze even after hour there is no change Fans are still spinning and all lights in tower and on headset keyboard mouse are Computer freezes within 5 minutes on startup, mouse freezes on restart operational So after the initial freeze I restart the computer and every single time within minutes of starting up again the mouse will freeze But only the mouse keyboard and programs on screen are still Computer freezes within 5 minutes on startup, mouse freezes on restart operational This is easily fixed by unplugging it Computer freezes within 5 minutes on startup, mouse freezes on restart and plugging it back in Then the computer is good to go for the rest of the day At first I thought it was a problem with my mouse Steel Series Sensei Raw so I swapped it out Logitech G and uninstall the Steel Series software with Revo uninstaller but even after that the problem persists and that was before I did a fresh re-install of Win Enabled Startup programs nbsp Avast AntivirusNvidia BackendNvdidia Capture Server ProxyRealtek HD Audio ManagerusbmonitorI have attached my Dxdiag file as well Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Computer freezes within 5 minutes on startup, mouse freezes on restart

Did you remember to re-install ALL proper Win8 drivers after the clean install ? ?Neither of those NVidia apps need to be in the stsrtup group BTW though thats likely not the issue...,151919.0.html
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I am unable to boot up my computer without the windows 7 installation disk. If I try without an installation disk, an error message comes up saying that there is no bootable device and a bootable disk must be inserted. However, when running the computer with the windows installation disk, it goes directly to the windows setup screen without prompting so. Then, to top it all off, when asked to select an existing drive to work with, no drive appears and thus, the selection box is blank. When trying system repair, the problem cannot be identified and system restore cannot fix the problem either. But, I am certain that the drive still works because it can be heard within the computer when it is working. What should I do? Nothing seems to work...


A:Computer will not boot up and does not recognize the internal hard drive

Can you check your BIOS whether the hard disk are showing up or not?

it is the only way to tell whether your HDD is detect by the BIOS after the POST
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i recently had blue screen error due to memory ram. i bought a new ram installed it now when i start my computer the hard drive light stays solid red i get no signal for my monitor. and the cd & cdrw (both are seperate slots) lights keep blinking even though i have no cd in them. please help!

A:Computer won't Boot, hard drive light stays on

clear the CMOS (best to unplug the system and pull out the battery on the motherboard)
Do that for 30 minutes then connect back and turn on the system. If you still have issues then the RAM Voltage is not compatible with your mother board.
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Hi I believe this question best fits here rather than in the security section so here it goes I have a Dell Inspiron laptop which was running Windows XP service pack or off Hard Computer Cannot Boot Start Disk! Drive Two days ago my laptop began running extremely slowly which I believe to be the side effect of a virus The slow running happened immediately after I approved a program - I don't know which one- for outbound internet access Also I had not installed any software or hardware recently I had resolved to install some anti-virus software to correct the problem as the software I had was Cannot Start Computer off Hard Drive or Boot Disk! out of date but I found that my computer was running so slowly that I could not install or run programs anymore I decided I would reformat the disk I restarted the computer one last time to see if I could get a few word documents off that I want to retain and was given a blue screen which reads quot UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME Cannot Start Computer off Hard Drive or Boot Disk! quot then at the bottom of the screen reads quot Technical Information STOP OxOOOOOOED Ox F EE Oxc OxOOOOOOOO OxOOOOOOOO quot I have tried starting windows on subsequent attempts using the following options -Safe Mode -SafeMode with Networking -Safe Mode with Command Prompt -Last Known Good Configuration Each time getting the same quot UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME quot error I figured I should try and boot the computer off a bootable CD i e my Windows XP disk however when I change the boot sequence and try to boot off the CD I get the error quot No bootable devices--strike F to retry boot F for setup utility quot I have also tried going into the bios and loading all the default values for the startup fields without any luck Anyone here have any ideas
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I have an emachines T-2798 and the techs say the mother board is bad which they are replacing. In the meantime I bought a used HP Pavilion a350n. I have a backup hard drive that I made with XXClone that works perfectly on the emachine. Is there anyway to get the backup to work with the HP? I've got it working as a slave but I would like to have it as the boot drive but it doesn't seem to do it. I guess the different processor and computer does that?
I thought I had the downtime covered with a backup hard drive and then...the board goes bad.

A:Solved: Boot backup hard drive to new computer?

Way too different hardware configurations.
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Hi all,

First post here, trying to fix my sister's computer.

Everything powers on, hard drive, fans, dvd drive etc, but will not boot. The hard drive makes 3 quiet clicking noises but that's it. The red 'working' light is not flashing.
I would have thought that the hard drive is dead but i have put it into another computer, wiped it and reinstalled windows and everything worked perfectly. However, once i put it back into my sister's computer it goes back to the 3 clicking noise, which makes me think it's another component.
Any ideas?

A:Computer Won't Boot - Hard Drive clicks 3 times

What brand/model PC is it?

Try unhooking both the CD/DVD and hard drive and see if it will post to the Bios setup screen.
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OK this has happened before but I overlooked what was causing it I posted a from Hard Solved: drive Computer boot wont thread about the previous problem here To make a long story short I added RAM into the computer and then it wouldn t load XP I was mixing ECC and non-ECC I thought that had something to do with it I reinstalled XP and it worked fine so heres the quot new quot problem I think I only shut down the computer once after reinstalling XP But I shut it down over night then when I turned it on the next Solved: Computer wont boot from Hard drive morning it wouldn t load XP It just hangs on the screen just before the Windows logo Solved: Computer wont boot from Hard drive screen is suppose to pop up The screen that says quot verifying DMI pool data quot I know it doesn t freeze because the cursor is still blinking at the bottom left I don t understand why this is happening I cant afford to reinstall Windows again because I have files on the HDD that I need to save Worst comes to worst I can slave the HDD on another computer to rescue them but I still want to try and get this HDD to work as normal on this machine I m thinking could it be some kind of driver problem Firmware or something Although I don t know why for two reasons everything else works fine and the motherboard is older then the hard drive The computer ran fine when I was using it The HDD is recognized in the BIOS Maybe this HDD is screwy Maybe some sort of incompatibility with this computer Any way this is a huge problem for me since this IS my backup computer Dell E Because of Microsoft s activation codes and what not I m forced to use Windows SE on an older HDD I have It took me forever to install my network card then because of the old browser it took forever to install everything else Windows update site couldn t even work on the version s browser Took me over an hour to install the audio drivers So I ve been enjoying blue screens of death and error messages like quot AOL has performed an illegal operation and has to shut down quot Haha remember those I didn t even have everything set up yet and I had start up error messages Damn Well I took care of all these problems this is all besides the point Any way I can t think of any more relevant information for this problem My computer stats are listed below I ll list all the info I can on the hard drive Thanks for any and all input DFI WT -EC MB RDRAM P CPU nVidia GeForce FX CD-RW DVD floppy drive XP w SP all up to date GB Seagate HDD Barracuda ATA V model ST A serial KCOH W Firmware edit I was just reading on the Seagate website that you don t need any special drivers and that the drivers are updated via Windows update nbsp

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Hi all,
Windows 7 doesn't boot while external drive is plugged in. The moment I take it boots up.
Could anyone help me out?
Thank you in advance!

A:Computer doesnt boot external hard drive

When you say it does not boot up do you mean it does not power on or it boots to a blank screen. I am not sure this would be your problem but do you have USB set to be the first boot device in BIOS? 
Try the following steps here.
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My hard drive light is amber and my computer will not power on. Battery light is white when power cord is plugged in. Ran updates earlier today and now computer will not power on.
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I'm using my laptop using Windows 8 and install on drive C. After that, by some reason, I hard reset (press turn off button for long time) to restart my computer. From that point, every time I turn on computer, at start up screen, will appear a text : "Scanning hard drive D 100%" and waiting for another long time, it will go to windows.

When going to windows, everything from that drive D cannot run. And almost my softwares install on that. Everything run too slow. Moreover, right click on desktop doesn't work.

I start Safe Mode , and run System restore, but it notifies that no restore point found, although I have make some restore points before. (and some software such as Visual Studio SQL Server has created one too). I start command prompt, and type : D: /F, but waiting too llong without anything ...

With my situation, how can I fix this


A:Error on WIndows : show scanning hard drive on startup

System Specs

Filling in the specs using above link should save a lot of time.
In the meantime I suggest running a disk scan from Explorer.
Right click on D drive, select Properties, Tools Tab, Error Check.

See if it shows clean.
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Hello repair Reinstall hard loop or Startup get new - Windows drive? I have a Dell Inspiron N that ran like a dream for the whole months I've had it--until last night when it froze I forced a reset and it got Startup repair loop - Reinstall Windows or get new hard drive? stuck in the Startup Repair loop At first Startup Repair said the problem was a corrupt registry but now it says it can't figure out the root cause at all I tried this tutorial but the computer couldn't copy a couple of the files due to an I O error so it's still stuck in the loop System Restore wouldn't work--it told me there were no restore points Then after spending hours getting my personal files off with Paragon Rescue Kit I ran the Dell diagnostics from the boot menu and the hard drive failed the test with error code - Finally I decided to run chkdsk for the heck of it and it's been stuck on Correcting error Startup repair loop - Reinstall Windows or get new hard drive? in index for file for four hours now What should I do now I'm not especially technologically savvy obviously and this is Startup repair loop - Reinstall Windows or get new hard drive? my first encounter with the startup repair loop so even though I've now read tons of threads and articles on it I still have no idea what to do with my computer I've read a lot of stuff that says reinstalling Windows is the only way to fix it but now I'm wondering if the hard drive is the root cause and can't be fixed Is there any way to tell for sure what's going on or should I just get a new hard drive and be done with it I'm definitely not happy at the prospect of needing a new hard drive on a year-old computer Thanks in advance for any help I'm really losing my mind here

A:Startup repair loop - Reinstall Windows or get new hard drive?

ERROR CODE :2000-0142 from the Dell Forum - Also From DellYour worst fears are true. HDDs can last 1 year or 15 years, I have found it is just luck and care that makes it longer or shorter. Have you dropped or crushed the unit, as this can also shorten the life - Thank You - and Sorry -
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Well, I recently had an accident and broke one of the two CD drives that came with my computer. (The comp. chair hit the draw of the CD burner and snapped it out). I went to buy a new CD burner and was told (after several attempts) that the face board of my computer was stuck and that they could not remove it without most likely breaking it. So, instead I bought an external CD drive. So now, I have a broken CD drive/burner in my computer, a normal cd drive in my computer, and an external CD Drive/burner.

So here in lies the problem. With the new cd burner switched on my comp. freezes constantly which it never used to do before. And also, I heard possibly reinstalling the windows files could help (supposedly), but I can't even manage to get the CD to boot from either drive I have on startup.

Any solutions? Thanks
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I was on my desktop I think with not even a browser opened then suddenly lots of window error messages popped up saying a problem with a file in system folder I got pretty scared at that point and Virus or failed drive? Computer boot. hard wont planned to take a Computer wont boot. Virus or failed hard drive? screenshot but when I Computer wont boot. Virus or failed hard drive? went to start menu the paint program I usually go to wasn t listed so decided not to That s when a new error popped up but only once saying your hard drive has crashed or something like that I turned off my computer at that point and turned it back on but now it would only go to black screen thing that says something like Sec Master Disk LBA GB DDR at Bank s Sec Slave Disk None IDE Channel Master Disk HDD S M A R T capability ENABLED at first it said disabled but I enabled it not sure what it does PCI Device Listing bus dev fun vendor device svid ssid class device class C USB Host Cntrlr etc lots of stuff similar to the last lineAfter trying to turn off and on my computer a few times I tried to enter safe mode by pressing f but it wouldnt go to that screen like normally just would go to that same black page with all that text Then I tried going to the bios and changing the boot order to different things Then tried changing any settings in the bios that might make it work In the bios I also did the auto detect HDD and it was able to detect the hard drive After that I opened up my computer to listen to the hard drive to make sure it was making weird noises like it was damaged it sounded normal like the rest of the stuff running in my computer Then I asked some people what they thought was the problem and they said it wasnt a hard drive failure like I thought but some virus that corrupted system files or something I then tried to use avg kaspersky booting from a flash drive but I got some quot syslinux no default ui or configuration error quot so wasnt able to test that They suggested I use my windows CD to repair but I lost that CD so wasnt able to do that and not sure what exact windows version I had I just know its windows vista x What I am planning on trying next is to try to format my USB or whatever to be able to boot properly some free OS to maybe try to repair my system files with some anti virus no idea if that is possible Anyway still not sure if its a harddrive failure some really bad virus or something else I also want to know do I have to have the exact windows version to repair properly Like would I be able to repair with a windows vista x when I have windows vista x OR will windows vista x home premium work with home basic not sure which I had OR would windows laptop repair cd be able to repair my windows vista x I already tried and I couldnt get it to work but still wondering I wont be able to buy a new cd for like a week so would rather do something else to fix it faster

A:Computer wont boot. Virus or failed hard drive?

Hello and to the BC forums.

Please sit tight and be patient.

I have requested that an experienced helper who specialises in malware-related un-bootable computers respond to your topic.

Thank you.
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Alright guys here's my question:

I am running a Vista Premium laptop and I would like to boot XP Pro from an external USB hard drive. This is a very important problem as I'm having compatibility issues with some of my programs.

I cannot partition my hard drive because the last time I tried it damaged essential system files and I had to reformat. I will not risk going through that process again. Besides, I'm already running low on space spending 10gigs on XP files won't help.
Any thoughts on how to do this?

A:Dual boot XP on a Vista computer using an External hard drive.

You can NOT run and Windows OS from a USB external drive.
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I just restored my computer to factory settings and it had me do an asus update (its an asus laptop) and now when ever I press the power botton I get a blank black screen no cursor or anything and my fan spins at full speed. I've had this problem in the past,but I do not remember how to fix it. I've tried unplugging everything and holding the power button for 30 seconds to a minute but that did not work.

A:Computer will not boot bios/hard drive wont spin up

Make sure the monitor cable and adapters connected securely. Can you login to BIOS setup utility screen, does the computer display any image or text on the monitor soon as you start the computer. Can you remember name of the update was is BIOS firmware update.
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The Problem I have a Fully Functional USB External Hard Drive that does not appear in quot My Computer quot when my Laptop is quot Cold Booted quot It is identified in Device Manager under Disk Drives and under Universal Serial Listed in Hard Not My Computer Drive After External Boot Cold Bus Controllers as USB Mass Storage Device It also External Hard Drive Not Listed in My Computer After Cold Boot is listed in Disk Management with the status of Healthy Active and the correct Capacity However it does not show a letter assigned to Volume does not show the File System and is External Hard Drive Not Listed in My Computer After Cold Boot indicating that the entire External Hard Drive Not Listed in My Computer After Cold Boot capacity is Free which is not correct If I Unplug and Replug or Turn it Off and Back On every thing is as it should be i e The Drive Volume indicates quot I quot The File System is NTFS the Free Space is correct and the drive is identified in quot MY Computer quot Various things I have tried Un-installed the Drivers and let Windows reinstall them again Move the USB Cable to a different port and confirmed that no other devices are listed under quot Generic USB Hub Properties quot - gt quot Power quot - gt quot Attached Devices quot Un-Installed all items listed under quot Universal Serial Bus Controllers quot and let Windows reinstall them Changed all USB Root Hub - gt Power Management - gt Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power options to Unchecked Used a different cable Verified Bios Settings regarding USB and Plug and Play Attempted to search every Internet posting possible that had USB or External Hard drive associated with it Applied all Microsoft Updates several times Various other things but do not recall at this time Additional Comments I have several External Hard Drives that I have connected to my laptop at one time or another but I am only using one on a regular bases and leave it always connected Previously I have Cold Booted my Laptop and the external hard drive was listed with all other Drives in My Computer This has been going on for many months and I have not been able to find a solution I do not know of any changes updates or events that seem to have occurred around the time that I first noticed the drive was not being listed and I had to disconnect and reconnected it to make it work As I said before I am positive that my External USB Hard Drive has not required me to reset it before it would be fully recognized by the Operating System System Details OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack Build System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Precision M System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping Genuine Intel Mhz BIOS Version Date Dell Inc A SMBIOS Version Total Physical Memory MB Mouse Logitech USB Wheel Mouse Keyboard Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard Connected via Standard PS cable Additional Monitor Dell FP Digital Dock Dell Docking Station which is always powered on with all devices attached If I have missed a detail which I am sure there may always be something please feel free to ask Thank you in advance for you help nbsp

A:External Hard Drive Not Listed in My Computer After Cold Boot

If it shows in Disk Management, try right clicking on device and select change drive letter.
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First off, I'm using Windows 98 SE. I have just installed a new 120 Gb Western Digital Hard Drive as my primary slave drive. BIOS successfully detected the new drive. I used the bootable diskette (as supplied by WD) to run the installation software, formatting and partitioning the drive as an additional device. This went successfully. However, when I reboot, I get the message:
"NO OS found. Insert OS setup disk and then press any key." Everything in BIOS seems to be okay, but I cannot get the computer to start up Windows from my original drive. When I unplug the new WD drive, everything works fine and the system boots up as normal.

A:computer will not boot after installation of new hard drive as primary slave
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I recently received the blue screen of death I restarted it and it continuously gives me the error quot windows-delayed write failed quot and this happens for multiple quot folders quot or something files computer (when up) drive boot Backing on wont hard up Anyway after restarting again or just turning it off because I cannot click on Backing up files on hard drive (when computer wont boot up) anything it fails to boot up at all I cannot even do it in safe mode And when I could I couldn t do anything anyway I CANNOT lose my files and I was told to use the program UBUNTU to get the files off of my hard drive and then continue to reinstall windows to wipe everything out However I am very confused on how to do this They said that UBUNTU is a watered down version of windows and I should be able to get my data and save it somewhere else even though I cannot even get on my computer right now How will I be able to get this program off my CD when I put it in my CD drive if I can t do anything on my computer AHHHHH HELP PLEASE nbsp

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I managed (don't know how)
a, to get my 8100 to fail to boot.
b, try an incorrect restore disc (that created an invalid partition)
c,then enable a hdd password i can't remember or bypass(using DELL)

If that lot doesn't seem unlucky enougth after loosing my mobile i now realise my (lil millenium bug) is the only HD with my childrens pictures on it.

Been diviorced with a real bunny boiler of an x i would be grateful for any asssistance in getting to the stored data...(that can't be replaced)

I aplologise if this thread isn't writen the best but is first forum i've ever visited...

Can anyone offer assistance as i would really like to be able to retrieve the pic's some taken 10yrs ago that can never be reproduced

Thanks in advance (a stupid beginner)......

A:Computer will no longer boot, how to retrieve data off hard drive ?

I'd suggest paying someone to do it professionally as then it will get done properly, as opposed to someone here telling you how to DIY.

Just my 2 cents.
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My computer won't boot I took it to Geek Squad just this week and they said it's not a hardware problem and that it boots fine in safe mode Now that I have it home it won't boot at but docked laptop drive boot, won't hard Computer works to when all which is what it was doing before I took it to them I have no idea how they got it to boot Sometimes when I power it on it immediately powers off Most of the time the power stays on but nothing happens i e I can hear Computer won't boot, but hard drive works when docked to laptop the fans turn on or the drive spin Computer won't boot, but hard drive works when docked to laptop for a couple seconds but nothing happens on the monitor which is on and works I know this because I've connected the monitor to my laptop and it works fine So I'm unable to do anything with the function keys I've tried booting from the Windows CD a repair disk and a bootable hardware diagnostic tools CD and nothing happens i e the monitor remains black So I can't even run a system restore However I took the hard drive WD EADS out of the computer and using a docking station connected it to my laptop That worked fine and I was able to see all the files on the hard drive Is it possible for me to fix the hard drive while it's docked to my laptop Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:Computer won't boot, but hard drive works when docked to laptop

I'd like to know what's wrong with the computer and how to make it boot again. Of course I'd rather not erase everything on the hard drive (I know that, if need be, I can use the docking station, my laptop, and a new hard drive to back everything up). Thanks!
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Very confused here and not a hugely experienced IT person.

I decided to lean out the dust from inside my Alieware Aurora R3 today and so disconnected my hardrives (2 1tb drives in Raid 0) before putting them back after removing the dust. However I must have either connected the Sata cables to the wrong drives or put one in the wrong place or something, because now I can get past the boot screen on the computer

I have tried every combination of wires and putting them in this way or the other but still I get the Alienware bios boot screen, then it shows me the Intel information screen followed by a black screen with a cursor for a second...then just blank. THe computer continues to make noise but instantly turns off by pressing the shutdown button on the front.

What am I doing wrong here or what have I done wrong :/
Any help appreciated!!

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Hi I am having serious problems with my desktop computer The problem started when the computer all of a sudden out of new hard old Windows drive drive won't SSD boot with AND nowhere restarted one day while I was using it From then on it would only log on to a temporary profile After googling I concluded that it was a corrupt profile issue and I backed up all my files But soon after doing this the computer shut off again and would not reboot at all I was using Windows So I decided to get a new SSD hard drive I installed it into the desktop today and installed a Windows Vista I couldn't find my Windows CD After this I tried to upgrade to Windows I purchased a downloadable exe from online However when the computer would restart during the installation process it always ended saying that the installation was unsuccessful Windows won't boot with old hard drive AND new SSD drive I did all the updates on Vista and got SP but Windows would not install During my last attempt the computer ended up giving me another Blue Screen and now Windows won't boot I am so incredibly frustrated because I got a new hard drive and a new clean installation of Windows Vista Does this mean there is something wrong with my motherboard I do not know much about computers and am clueless where to even begin tracking down the root issue I am so overwhelmed Please help with advice Thank you so much

A:Windows won't boot with old hard drive AND new SSD drive

First, make sure that your system is compatible with Windows 8 -- many Vista computers, and even some Win 7 computers are not.

Windows 8 system requirements - Microsoft Windows

If your system us compatible, rather than trying to upgrade to Win 8 from a Vista install, you may be able to just do a clean install of the Win 8 upgrade. I did this and it activated just fine, having already proven to MS that I had a legitimate copy of Win 7 and was eligible for the upgrade.

How To Clean Install Windows 8 (Part 1 of 2)
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Please help with a strange problem If I start Windows with only one drive attached a Terabyte SATA with Win on the st partition it sits for minutes on the 'Starting Startup Drive Windows Takes on Boot Depending Ages the Windows' screen then opens as normal the event viewer 'performance diagnostics' doesn't even register a 'Event ID ' so it is of no help There Windows Startup Takes Ages Depending on the Boot Drive seems to be little or no HDD or CPU activity during this long waiting period Windows Startup Takes Ages Depending on the Boot Drive If I boot with my second hard drive also present and use it as my first boot device my old XP installation that is on the st partition of that drive begins the boot process Windows loads in less than a minute and Disk Management flags the XP partition as 'system' So it seems to me that all the usual trouble-shooting approaches for a slow startup de-frag clean-boot disable security software check disk errors check for faulty RAM remove all peripherals etc do not apply though I have tried all this My bios is up to date I have rebuilt my BCD using Bootrec exe I have tried the start up dozens of times and without fail I get the same outcome Less than minute with HDs minutes with HD OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD MS- REV A Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Disabled

A:Windows Startup Takes Ages Depending on the Boot Drive

I think you need help from member Cluberti.
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I have windows XP installed on my not hard drive does no XP boot, Windows GB WD Scorpio Blue PATA hard drive on a DELL Latitude D One day I wake and my laptop doesn't boot My computer starts leaves POST but the hard drive doesn't boot It just sits there I try pressing buttons but it Windows XP does not boot, no hard drive starts beeping so I have to turn it off Normally if there are no devices that my computer can boot from it displays something along the lines of quot No primary boot devices found press F to retry boot or F to enter the configuration utility quot but the screen shows nothing I ran chkdisk and a number of other diagnostic tools on the hard drive but nothing helped I have Ubuntu on a flash drive and with it I can access the files on the hard drive - all files are intact and I can read write without problems It just doesn't boot How would I go about fixing this Any help is appreciated This is the third hard drive that failed inside my D my second WD I've had enough of this

A:Windows XP does not boot, no hard drive

Repair Install would be the easiest approach.
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Hello all,
I have been running windows 7 off of my solid state drive and now it seems to be going out. I have windows 7 installed on a standard spin disk drive as well, and would like to boot to that instead but am unable to. I have selected to boot from that hard drive in the bios, but it goes straight to trying to boot off of my broken solid state drive (even if the ssd is unplugged). Also, I cannot choose the secondary (backup) version of windows 7 on my spin disk drive; the screen that allows you to pick your OS flashes by way too quickly and automatically chooses the first installation. I just need to force boot to my other hard drive. All I need to do is slow down the boot select screen somehow.

Any help is much appreciated thanks!

A:Cannot boot onto other hard drive, Windows 7

If you can get into the BIOS you can set the time that it shows the OEM screen, I set that to 5 seconds. If you can get into the BIOS you should put a delay on it, then you may be able to choose the MB Boot Menu and choose the correct drive.
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I stated my problem in the hard drive section first but i have found out it's not the hard drive so my guess is its the OS. I simply cannot boot windows, everything is working fine, its detected by the computer as the master hard drive but won't boot a brand new copy of windows i just installed.


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I just rebuilt my pc last night I re used some parts like hard drive, optical drive, powersupply, and video card. Eve thing else is new like motherboard, cpu and ram. The pc turns on fine like it should but as loading windows 7 it freezes and blue screens the restarts loading over and over again the pc dose not crash or turn off I believe it's a hard drive or operating system failure just not sure. As all computer store around me are closed or there techs arent in. Pls help

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When i power up my lap top, i have to run my media player or my lap top freezes up in like 5 minutes, and it gets slower and slower the longer im on it so i have to reboot and then start media player all over again untill it slows down again....this is getting old and very annoying

A:My computer freezes if im not running windows media player when i first boot up

Hi and welcome to TSF have you tried running sfc /scannow SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker - Windows 7 Help Forums
or if you have a install or recovery disc you could try a repair Startup Repair - Windows 7 Help Forums
and lets us know the result
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Hi so I have an HP Pavillion Elite HPE that I bought about drive takes coming strange from to sounds hard whirring minutes 8-10 boot, Computer two years ago new For the past few months what I assume is the hard drive has been making a strange loud whirring noise at odd intervals not necessarily when I m opening programs or doing something I assume is processer Computer takes 8-10 minutes to boot, strange whirring sounds coming from hard drive intensive Computer takes 8-10 minutes to boot, strange whirring sounds coming from hard drive I ve attached a recording of it so you can get an idea it sounds Computer takes 8-10 minutes to boot, strange whirring sounds coming from hard drive like different cycles are phasing and the tone oscillates up and down until it peters out i ve noticed my computer seems noticeably slower these days with explorer often crashing the most disconcerting part is that whenever i restart it actually takes about - minutes to boot back up It gets past the Windows splash screen and just goes blank there for a long time then shows the desktop wallpaper and hangs there for forever too Any ideas here s a link to the sound http www zippyshare com v file html Oh and I tried running TSG SysInfo and it says it s not a valid Win application Thanks nbsp

A:Computer takes 8-10 minutes to boot, strange whirring sounds coming from hard drive
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How can I Boot Windows from my external Hard drive?

What do I need to do? And how do I tell my PC to then boot Windows from the external hard drive, and not the internal one?

Thank you

A:How can I Boot Windows from my external Hard drive?

You would need to transfer the files from your internal hardrive onto the external one, then when you computer boots enter the BIOS ushally F2 or something... it's different on differnet machines. Then when your in you will need to tell it to boot from the external one. If it's a USB external hardrive then you may have to enable USB Device Support or something... As I said it's different on every machine. But thats some basic steps.
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Recently I had a drive failure and I need to have an extra Windows 7 x32. The remaining drive a WD 320gb drive has a dual-boot Win7 and XP. How can I triple boot in just one hard drive?

On that particular system I am using Neosmart's iReboot/EasyBCD so when I want to boot to either of the former arrangment I can do that easily and not be bothered by the boot selection.

Now I am using ATI Home 2011 and I was planning to make recover an image from the drive that failed to a 3rd partition on the WD320gb drive. How may I do that? Any ideas please...I really need to get this one going in the meantime I do not have the money to buy a new one.

Please help

A:Triple boot 2 Windows 7 and 1 XP in one hard drive help

Post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk Mgmt drive map and listings, using Snipping Tool in Start Menu., if you'd like our advice.

Easiest would be to shrink Win7 partition enough to reimage in the shrink space. You would then add it using EasyBCD to multi-boot menu. It may require Startup Repair run on the new image a few times to start it. Keep only the WD HD System partition Active and do not include Track 0 or Active flag in image.

I would use WD's free Acronis premium imaging or cloning app. The Manual is easy to read and on the downloads page: WD Acronis free cloning app
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THE PROBLEM I have not been able to boot into or use Windows XP SP for almost years I have been using Linux instead for years and am using it now The Windows Recovery process only half works it works up drive? I XP, Windows hard boot replace into should Cannot until you have to boot up the computer from the hard drive Then it no longer works The computer will load the files from the TOSHIBA Recovery and Applications Drivers DVD that came new with the computer onto the hard drive But when Cannot boot into Windows XP, should I replace hard drive? you get to the point of booting off the hard drive with newly added Windows amp Toshiba files nothing happens It does not boot up into Windows XP In fact I can see the newly added Windows amp Toshiba fileson the hard drive when I Cannot boot into Windows XP, should I replace hard drive? boot into Linux using a Linux live CD in the CD drive I would like to be able to use Windows XP at least some of the time THE HARD DRIVE Specs below I ran a SMART Data check using a Linux Ubuntu Disk utility on the hard drive and it passed everything except for Reallocated Sector Count There are bad sectors I called the Toshiba on the DVD and they told me that the problem may be the hard drive A new TOSHIBA Recovery and Applications Drivers DVD costs Toshiba also said there is no Windows XP Recovery Console on the DVD CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM I think and TOSHIBA agreed it is either the hard drive or corrupteD files on the TOSHIBA Recovery and Applications Drivers DVD POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS I have found a couple of sites that seem to have instructions for making Cannot boot into Windows XP, should I replace hard drive? a Windows XP Recovery Console CD And I have thought I might try to run some Windows XP Recovery Console commands from such a CD such as fixboot fixmbr etc The try to see if I can boot into Windows XP from the hard drive If I can then that might suggest he problem is corrupted files on the TOSHIBA Recovery and Applications Drivers DVD If I still cannot boot into Windows then maybe I should replace the hard drive This should be very easy to do QUESTION S Does anybody have any comments or suggestions Does my approach sound good Do you have any other suggestions I have a TOSHIBA Satellite L S that I bought new in early It has a GB RPM Enhanced IDE ATA- mm height hard disk drive in it User removable i e it is easy to replace Thank you Bob nbsp
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Hello I would be grateful if anyone would help me with the following problem I hard Windows drive, boot won't After moving have recently moved my hard drives from one computer to another because my normal one has hardware trouble and probably needs repair But Windows will not boot on the new machine I get to the loading screen then it crashes with a Bluescreen of Death I can boot in Safe Mode though I've done some googling and most people seem After moving hard drive, Windows won't boot to recommend the quot system restore quot feature to restore the system to a previous configuration that was After moving hard drive, Windows won't boot known to work But I am thinking that this probably won't work since I've never had a working configuration with this hardware I've tried booting in safe mode and installing a driver for my video card see below but this didn't prevent the crash I also tried to find a driver for my sound card but couldn't find After moving hard drive, Windows won't boot it I have also tried running the Recovery Console I can get into the console easily enough but I couldn't figure out what to do there I've used the console before long ago but I must have forgotten how I am running Windows XP Service Pack My video card is NVIDIA GeForce FX My sound card is VIA Technologies VT A AC Audio Controller at least that is what the Audio Configuration in Linux tells me Can anyone advise me Thanks in advance

A:After moving hard drive, Windows won't boot

you need to format the hard drive and reinstall a clean windows system, and have your chipset drivers on the motherboard disk available.
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I recently installed Windows Professional on a new Western Digital gb hard drive I had my not removing boot 7 after will hard Windows HELP! OS) (non 2nd drive. old gb hard drive left over so I formated it as the quot D drive quot Windows 7 will not boot after removing 2nd (non OS) hard drive. HELP! so it could be an additional storage drive Soon enough I realized I needed a bigger hard drive to back everything up on so I now have a tb western digital hard drive that I am trying to install After I uninstalled the gb hard drive from quot device manager quot and booted up the computer again with the new drive in its place the computer will quot verify DMI pool data quot and always ask for a boot disk I have changed the boot order in the bios to quot hard drive first quot and have even disabled the DVD drive as a boot option The gb hard drive is the master and the one with all OS software on it yet the computer will not boot without the gb hard drive installed I have tried to uninstall the gb hard drive and just boot with only the gb OS hard drive which made no difference and I've even put in the OS dvd and run the startup repair process which made no difference Basically my computer will not boot without a completely blank nd hard drive installed Please guide me on how to get my OS to boot without the gb hard drive connected

A:Windows 7 will not boot after removing 2nd (non OS) hard drive. HELP!

Welcome to TSF.

What has happened is that the boot records are on the old 160 GB drive. What you need to do is only connect the hard drive with Windows 7 and boot from the install DVD and select repair. It will do a start-up repair and write the boot record on that disk.
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I just installed a new WD 500 GB hard drive into my DELL computer. I am trying to install windows 7 from a dvd but it will not boot. Does anyone know what the problem is. Thank you.

A:Installed new hard drive - Windows 7 won't boot from CD

Quote: Originally Posted by rambo

I just installed a new WD 500 GB hard drive into my DELL computer. I am trying to install windows 7 from a dvd but it will not boot. Does anyone know what the problem is. Thank you.

Hi. It depends on the type of drive it is. IDE or SATA. If IDE, the jumper is set incorrectly.
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Windows XP SP About months ago my computer froze up and I had to force it off with the boot drive Windows prevents Hard power button When I restarted it would get to the Windows screen but it would Hard drive prevents Windows boot be stuck with the bar scrolling across After - min I would get a blank screen but no functionality I tried reinstalling Windows but still had the same problem After messing around for a bit I found the problem to be one of my hard drives If it was connected the computer would not boot If it was disconnected everything worked normally If I booted the computer without it connected then tried to connect it the computer would freeze while trying to initialize it I formatted the hard drive and everything worked great till last night I opened a video file on the hard drive in question with Media Player Classic the program froze and I tried to close it The entire computer ended up frozen and I had to shut down using the power button again and now I am in the same situation With the same hard drive connected the computer gets stuck at the Windows startup screen then goes to a black screen after - min With the hard drive disconnected everything works perfectly I assume I can just format the hard drive again but I would rather try to figure out what the problem is and fix it if possible Any suggestions Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Hard drive prevents Windows boot

Sounds like either a faulty HardDrive (ie bad spots) that requires replacing
Or you need to run CheckDisk (hopefully in Safe Mode

To run CHKDSK (in Safe Mode I suppose)

Open My Computer
Right Click on C drive
Select Properties
Select Tools tab
Select Check Now button
Tick "Automatically fix file system errors"
Start YES OK
Restart your computer
Wait for Check Disk to start/finish

If you can't get into Safe Mode you can run CheckDisk on a command line using your bootable Xp CD, and the command: chkdsk volume:/f, and then press ENTER (substituting your volume name to the Drive letter ie C )
More info here:

If you don't have your Xp CD, try one of these free CDs

Ultimate Boot CD

XP Recovery Console
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I found another old hard drive, a Seagate 250 GB, and when I plug it to the pc, Windows is stuck at the Windows 7 logo at the boot, and the logo itself lags.
the hard drive is detected in the BIOS.
what could be the problem? (can it be a virus on this old hard drive?)

Thanks everyone!

A:Second hard drive - Windows stuck a boot

Does the old HDD have another Windows installation on it?
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HI everyone. My hard drive failed a bit ago, so I took it to a trusted computer shop to have the work done since I don't have the time or patience right now to work on a laptop. Anyway, I had a new HD put it, as well as a RAM upgrade. I just got it back, and was expecting to be able to just insert the windows vista installation disc that came with my computer and have it work. However, the screen just remains blank and the computer makes no attempt to boot anything from the disc. I tried turning off and on the computer with the cd in the drive, to no avail. The computer does run, it just never gets past a blank screen. I tried googling to see if there was an easy solution, but I couldn't find anything relevant. Thanks in advance for the help.

EDIT- Disc is Vista Ultimate sp1

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Background I Windows hard boot removing 7 won't drive. a after just finished putting together my new PC Intel Core i nice video card etc I'll throw all the specs up Windows 7 won't boot after removing a hard drive. later I Windows 7 won't boot after removing a hard drive. don't have them nearby It was running great Not a single problem I had two hard drives installed a TB and a GB The GB was carried over from my previous build as it is my data drive movies music documents etc Windows 7 won't boot after removing a hard drive. My OS installed lives on the TB I remember looking at the disk management console and seeing the as disk and the TB OS as disk I thought that was a little strange but it was working with no problems so I let it go I have a small Dell server PowerEdge T which I decided to put to use as a media server for the Xbox or PS Running Tversity - Free version works great I decided to pull the GB drive from my PC and place it in the server since that's where I'll be storing a bulk of the media moving forward Installed it powered on assigned a drive letter all is well I attempted to boot my PC which now only has the OS drive and nothing The BIOS tells me to insert boot media I checked the startup settings the drive was set as the first boot device Tried again Nothing What I've done so far -Changed the SATA ports it was originally in port tried port put back in port -Booted to Win DVD -Attempted recovery mode -Could not detect my OS -Opened a command prompt window -Able to Cd to C all files look normal -Ran bcdedit commands It almost seems to me like the boot record was placed on the data drive rather than the OS drive I would assume I need to recreate the MBR on the OS drive but I've been unsuccessful so far If need be I can place the data drive back in the PC and I would assume it would boot fine I'd prefer to avoid doing that because then I'm just back where I was I'd also like to avoid doing a clean install because I work in IT and I'd like to actually figure out a solution but if it comes down to it so be it Thanks in advance I'll post more specifics and try out any possible solutions when I get home from work tonight

A:Windows 7 won't boot after removing a hard drive.

Put the data drive back in.

Boot into 7.

Rt click and RUN AS ADMIN on sisparv6.cmd

Select the 7 drive letter as new system partition

select N to including existing boot menu entries.

Select Data partition drive letter to make Inactive.

That's it.
Then you can take the data drive out , and restart normally.
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So I ve added a second hard drive to my Windows machine and now it will windows Added now boot hard drive not will not boot up I added the new hard drive on SATA The original is SATA and my DVD is SATA This is how it s always been I ve changed nothing else I don t have any idea where to start fixing this I have a dual boot with Ubuntu on the same SATA drive and that boots just fine I switched on the new hard drive in the BIOS and flipped a few other options on and off to no avail When Added hard drive now windows will not boot the computer boots I choose the Win install Then it will take me to a screen that asks me if I want to start windows normally or do a disk repair Starting normally gets Added hard drive now windows will not boot you nowhere it will just end Added hard drive now windows will not boot up resetting the computer Starting the disk check will do a scan for a few minutes and then ask me if I want to send an error report Clicking yes or no doesn t seem to matter because after that the only option is to shutdown or reboot When this first started I at one point had the option to do a system restore but I didn t think it was necessary so I didn t I no longer receive that option or I would try it at this point Any help or suggestions are appreciated Thanks Dell XPS Intel Quadcore GB RAM Nvidia GTX

A:Added hard drive now windows will not boot

I did a factory restore on my BIOS and Windows now boots. I think it may have been that 'Virtualization' was switched on. Not sure, but it works now.
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....Hi please please can someone help. Can't access any files. Need it urgently as it has all my uni stuff and need it to submit before deadline. In tears please help.

A:Hard Drive Failure Windows 7 won't boot up

If it's a full on harddrive failure, then you're fu..dged. Are you sure it's a harddrive failure? Does it say anything on screen? Does it make any sounds? (if so be very specific about what kind)
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Suddenly yesterday, my laptop would not boot into Windows.. runs windows xp normally. It would also not boot into safe mode. I took the hard drive out and took it to a colleagues office to get the data off with an external hd connector. He advised that my partition table had been damaged, and the data was not accessible via normal means. Wants to charge $150.00 to get the data off. At this stage, I am wanting to make sure I get my data back, so I authorized this but...

I am wondering, if anyone can speak to what might have caused this to happen. I do not remember installing any programs or doing anything subject prior to this occurring..