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Liquid cooler installation help

Q: Liquid cooler installation help

So I ordered parts for my first-time PC build and unfortunately my liquid cooling unit is arriving last now I assume my PC will run fine without it as long as I don t overclock is there any reason why I installation cooler help Liquid should wait before building Liquid cooler installation help it I do plan on overclocking then although I need help doing that as well Also all the guides about building a PC I looked at made no mention of additional cooling units so I was hoping someone could point me to one or advise me Here is my build and I bolded the cooling unit I am getting Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe MKNSSDCR GB-DX quot GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive SSD Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALX GB RPM SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Corsair Carbide Series R Black Steel structure with molded ABS plastic accent pieces ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ASUS P Z -V PRO GEN LGA Intel Z HDMI SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS XFX HD- X-CNDC Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost LGA W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC HP X Multiformat DVD Burner Black SATA Model i LightScribe Support CORSAIR H CWCH Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX V W ATX V v EPS V v PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Liquid cooler installation help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Liquid cooler installation help

CPU gets hot while it's running, even when it's not over-clocked. You can use the stock cooler until the H100 arrives. Before replacing the stock cooler w/ the Corsair, you'll need to remove residual thermal compound on the CPU. Looks like the H100 has thermal compound pre-applied.

There's a brief installation video on Corsair's site, have you checked it out?
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This ad for Source 530 shows an NZXT-branded liquid VGA cooler - I didn't know they made such a thing. Perhaps it's in the works...
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So what do you guys think of this unit or others like it?

I've noticed my Phenom II x4 965 running hotter and hotter recently. The stock fan with little thermal pad thing doesn't seem to be doing it's job. As a result the fan is ramping up and making a lot of noise. With the hot days coming in to the summer my room is constantly roasting even with windows wide open and the cpu is sitting at 40C idle. I know a good heat sink will cost a decent amount of money so for ?60 can you go wrong with one of these?

A:Corsair H50 Liquid CPU Cooler

Imho, the H50 offers zero benefits of water cooling, yet all the risks of water cooling. Thermalright, Noctua, Prolimatech, Tunique and Zalman all offer better results on air, with no risk of spilling water all over your rig, which the H50 has been known to do. Granted, Corsair has been very good about replacing (for free) all damaged parts, but still...
If you're going to go water, do it right. They're expensive, but they deliver the results: Let us help you be cool!
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Can any one offer help please?
I installed H80i V2 Liquid CPU Cooler, on Attempting to start up received msg on monitor No Video. Tried two restarts, checked all connections I think? I also use a KVM switch(keyboard Video Mouse)I have mains power, and power to fans, Video Card,and KVM and of course cooler. As I switch on the PC The Monitor goes in to Start up and then reverts to the msg No Video.
Any help would be much appreciated Please?
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Current specs
Intel db75en
Intel i5 3rd gen 3450
Gtx 970 amp extreme edition
Samsung evo 120
PSU corsair vs 650
Liquid cooler h50 corsair

Currently they are on LGA 1155 mobo

I just killed my old motherboard
And now I am planning to buy i7 4790k

There are three motherboards I have in mind and all of them are asus z97 series based. Want to buy only asus..
Z97 A
Z97 k
Z97 c

I want to know that whether I should upgrade and get 1150 mobo and new processor or not!

(I have no plans to put dual gtx 970 bt plan to use secondary gfx card (gtx560) as phyx dedicated card)
If yes then
1. Which mobo I should go for and why?
2. Will the old h50 will be fittable on my new board or not!

Any new advise also appreciated!
Thank You
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HI I AM SESHU can i use corsair liquid cooler h80i GT MODEL for asus strix x99 motherboard plz let me know THIS MAIL ADDRESS [email protected]
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Hi Guys,
I myself and a friend manage to change the factory XPS 8900 CPU fan cooler to Corsair Hydro H100i GTX liquid cooler but there is one thing which is bothering us. My system will test the corsair liquid cooling fan in very high speed every time I boot up the system. We manage to get rid the fan not detected screen but we don't know why system is still test the fan without showing us error. Is there any way to bypass or disable it? I need help for this.
Much appreciated.

A:XPS 8900, Issue with non-Dell CPU liquid cooler.

There is no bypass for fan error to use non dell fan.
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Intel shows off liquid cooler DX SI motherboard for Sandy Bridge-E processors Quote It s been rumored that Intel would offer off shows DX79SI liquid cooler, Intel motherboard a liquid-cooling solution instead of a stock cooler with its new Sandy Bridge-E extreme Intel shows off liquid cooler, DX79SI motherboard processors and multiple enthusiast sites have indeed snapped photos of the new cooler on the IDF exhibition floor From the photos we can determine that the RTS LC cooler has been created in conjunction with Asetek which had previously announced it was working on a Sandy Bridge-E liquid-cooling solution According to Legit Reviews Intel reps said it s similar to the Corsair Hydro H kit that Asetek designed but that parts were updated including a mm fan The fan even includes blue LED lights While designed with the LGA socket it will also work with Intel s and sockets Source Quote The X Express chipset is the successor Intel shows off liquid cooler, DX79SI motherboard to the X and will be paired to Intel s upcoming LGA socket for next-gen processors The motherboard seen here is the Intel DX SI obviously based on the chipset As its name suggest the Intel shows off liquid cooler, DX79SI motherboard RTS LC liquid-cooling solution is also designed for said socket Source A Guy

A:Intel shows off liquid cooler, DX79SI motherboard

Thanks A GUY. Over a year ago I was on the Intel site and found a water cooler they were designing with metal tubes. They must of gave up and had Asetek come on board.
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I've got this cooler coming next week to mount on my Z78-A LGA 1150 board are they a lot of trouble to install? and do they mount good and firmly? Thanks!
COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO RR-212E-20PK-R2 Continuous Direct Contact 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler Compatible with latest Intel 2011/1366/1155 and AMD FM1/FM2/AM3+ -

A:Cooler installation question

It's not real hard, just read the instructions carefully. They won't be real descriptive. You Tube has a bunch of videos to show you how. They are good coolers. Get some quality thermal paste instead of what comes with it. This is a different socket, but the same process.
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I am building a PC that includes an Intel i5 CPU and an Asus P8 Z77-V LX mobo. Due to better fitting of the connecting wires. I placed the CPU cooler/fan on the CPU with the top pointing left or to the back of the case.
As the top of the mobo is pointing to the top of the case. The top of the CPU cooler/fan is pointed to the back of the case. Will this work without a problem? Will it damage anything to try it?

A:Solved: CPU cooler/fan installation

That is actually the correct way do install an HSF since it blows the hot air towards the back of the case and through the vents.
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I bought a new cooler and a new atx case after moving my PC to my new case and installing my new cooler my PC wont start... well my PC still runs, fans, gpus, cpu fans, led lights etc. only my monitor and keyboard & mouse lights wont start, I also tried using a different monitor but to no avail... any ideas?

A:Problem in PC not booting-up after new cooler installation

Are you getting any beep codes? I'd try reseating the GPUs, memory and check all your power cables.
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Hi guys,

Does anyone know what CPU cooler this is? It is for the silverstone SUG SG07

link to youtube is:

At 1:20

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I upgraded my GPU recently and noticed that my CPU fan was making more noise than I remembered - sort of a droning noise nbsp I checked my CPU temps and discovered much CPU 8900 - XPS cooler upgrade cooler operation quieter and that at idle the CPU was hitting - C I decided to upgrade my cooling nbsp The XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation main limitation besides the fact that Dell has a non-standard CPU backplate setup is the somewhat narrow case on the XPS doesn t allow installation of most of the inexpensive high-performance coolers because they are too tall XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation by quot - quot nbsp Then I found the Cyrorig H which has three heat pipes a huge heatsink and mm fan all in a package that is quot only quot mm high - just short enough to fit in the case nbsp I installed it yesterday and it works GREAT nbsp Very happy with it initially at least I also swapped out the stock Sunon case fan for a Cooler Master Blade Master mm fan which is quieter but similar CFM specs Overall the computer is now quieter at load than it was at idle before nbsp And my CPU temps have dropped by degrees C nbsp Great upgrade nbsp I made a video on how I did it here and here are a couple of pics

A:XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation

Nice !
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Hello all new to this forum I bought a Cooler Master chipset cooler for my Asus P P -E Deluxe I was checking my GPU fan when I with Problem Master Cooler HOT! cooler RUNNING chipset touched the cooler and it was hot Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT! I mean HOOOTTT like cant touch it for more than a second hot The fan is spinning the K revs it runs in but its super hot anyway I gave my stock Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT! cooler away and this is what I have The MB temperature is normal c and cpu c fanless at idle I dont know where that MB sensor is located but the chipset must be over c at least Whats the best chipset cooler out there My MB has an Intel chipset i need an upgrade My Antec P provides great Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT! ventilation with mm fans case is sitting standing up like its meant to be and I was reading in another forum that some heatpipes dont like to be sideways could this be the case nbsp

A:Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT!

chipsets have a higher heat tolerence than CPUs, 40c is a safe operating temp. also, temp sensors are not accurate, so you can't really go by the reading from it anyways. it's not unusual for software based sensor to be as much as 10c off the actual temp.

the cooler you bought should work fine. did you thoroughly clean the chipset and heatsink with isopropyl alcohol and then apply new thermal compound before mounting the cooler?
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hello i am going to purchase a watercooling system and i was wondering if i could put ice cubes in my resivor to make the liquid ice cold and since the ice would float it wouldnt there wouldnt be a problem with the ice cloging the out take tube at the bottom. i was just wondering if this has ever been done before also would this cause condensation since the ice would make the liquid well below room temp?

A:liquid cooling with ice and liquid?

well, in theory it should work but you'd have to keep adding ice cubes in order to maintain cooling. since you are constantly adding ice you also have to continually drain your coolant level. you'd also have the problem of having to keep adding antifreeze or whatever additive you're using to fight molding and whatnot. simply put it would become a troublesome, very expensive, and high maintenance operation. you'd be doing as much work as cooling with dry ice without the benefits. great idea though.

a suggestion along the same lines would be to route your radiator inside a small refrigerator or freezer. a bit expensive also but at least its self-supporting.
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Do you guys think that Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler will fit in a regular full tower case. Its not a branded/famous case, just a normal full tower with handle on top.

Thanks for your answers.

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Alright, so recently my stock cooler for my CPU has been getting really annoying. It seems to get really loud during gaming, with my CPU temps averaging around 43c.

So I decided to grab a new CPU cooler. Ive had my eyes on the

But now after a little of reading up on the cooler, I'm a little concern about size and effectiveness. Here's my case if anyone knows if it will definitely fit. armor gaming case

Also,id like to know if there are any other good CPU coolers out their along the same price range, that performs better.

-Thanks In advance

A:New CPU cooler to replace AMD 965BE stock cooler

The V8 is still a very good cooler, and was top dog for its time. if you want the top performers now , you are going to pay another $30 for them. 50001444&IsNodeId=1&name=Thermalright, Inc.

I have the Silver Arrow (3 fan) cooling an AMD Phenom II x6 1100T @ 4.3Ghz and It's stellar.

Make sure you know the measurements of your case if you are getting a high end cooler.
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I just got the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler today, easily installed and really good. Well better than stock cooler.

Hyper 212 Plus - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply

Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus review

The 1 fan which is mounted is intake.

If i were to install another fan to make it dual fan, would both be intake or would one be exhaust and intake etc. As in going with the push pull flow?????

A:Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler

Quote: Originally Posted by rmw020

I just got the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler today, easily installed and really good. Well better than stock cooler.

Hyper 212 Plus - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply

Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus review

The 1 fan which is mounted is intake.

If i were to install another fan to make it dual fan, would both be intake or would one be exhaust and intake etc. As in going with the push pull flow?????

I have the 212+ as well. You'd want one push and 1 pull. Also, make sure the 2nd fan moves the same amount of air as the 1st, or you'll create a bottleneck of sorts. But with 2 fans that have equal airflow, you will notice a drop in temps. But there will be more noise, unless you change both fans to a quiet fan like Noctua's. A Guy
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I like many others have been a long time AMD user and fanatic and an avid oc er so the solution to the heat is something that we all are constantly working on I myself am on a budget and am a bit those Liquid..... For go that don't weary of the liquid For those that don't go Liquid..... colling solution as I have heard of problems yet still solutions with condensation So in my search for alternatives the best I ve came up with is HeatPipe Technology this technology has been around for more than yrs It is quite simple in design and can be used passivly or actively here is a site that explains the concept and applications http www cheresources com htpipes shtml As a personal testimonial I first used one yrs ago on my Athlon Xp which was running idle at F with the Thermalright SLK- lb of copper and a highspeed mm fan Then with the introduction of the heatpipe H S its idle temp dropped to F Since this discovery all the systems I build for people I know will be stressing them have this type of h s on them The specs for the hardware that I m using now are in my Sig I currently now idle at around F thats with mm fans and mm fan on the h s I took the cover off to do the fan attach and running a small free app called CPUCool I ve recently ordered a CoolerMaster CoolViva VHC-L for my video card and ordered a Thermaltake Extreme Giant III A for my Son Inlaws mb Pro I will let you know ofthe results from these products So inconclusion for someone on a budget and with conserns about liquid cooling the way to go is Heatpipe technology AthlonXP mhz SilentTower CL-P SY-KT Dragon v Elixor PC mbDDR Dual channel Saphire mb HDD s gig CD-RW DVD rom DVD-RW Monitor Gem gl b Case FANS w Dual fan PSU nbsp
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Hey guys,

I've got a brand new core 2 duo stock cooler from my old PC, and it seems much better than the stock cooler I got on my i5: cooper base, twice as much heat sink and pretty much the same fan. I was wondering if it would work better on the i5 than the tiny little I think I got along with it. Place your opinions, I'll test it this afternoon and post the results.

A:Solved: i5 stock cooler vs. 775 stock cooler

Eh, how embarrassing, the 775 cooler doesn't fit on the 1156 socket.
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Let's say you are running a AMD socket AM2+ Phenom 9600 Quad Core processor and a EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 video card and you want to liquid cool it. What would be the best INTERNAL liquid cooling system option? or maybe even a company I could look into as a start? I'd prefer an all in one system that includes vga and cpu cooler, but I am willing to take just the cpu cooler for now and upgrade later. Any help/suggestiosn would be an awesome help! Thanks in advance!
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hello all, im looking into getting a CPU only loop for my computer. but i dont know what brand to go with. can you help me out? =)

A:liquid cooling help

there aren't really "brands" per se for a whole system. We all kind of piece the things together ourselves from different types of components that meet our needs.

I have a couple of different liquid cooled systems, and have used parts from Zalman, Koolance, Danger Den, D-Tek and others pretty successfully. There are always fanbois that will tell you that they read some goofy review somewhere about a specific component, but in reality, it all mostly works pretty well.

The guys are extreme systems in the liquid cooling forum are pretty sober most of the time (not always, some fanbois there too).

koolance and danger den both have pretty broad lines of stuff, all mostly good. Also, has an awesome selection.

Just make sure you get a radiator thats big enough for everything you want to cool. And use at least 3/8" hose (1/2 is overkill most of the time)
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Hey all -- Just a simple question. does anybody have any experience comparing Avid Liquid and Avid DV? I am looking to purchase either for a startup business. I have been using DV Pro w/Mojo at work but Liquid is a heck of a lot cheaper. I understand that Liquid does not provide the same I/O but for now I will be working digital only. I also understand that they are 2 different products. I am concerned about output and ease of use.

Any info will be helpful. Need to make a decision and purchase soon.


A:Avid Liquid or DV?

Liquid is fairly powerful, but let me tell you, it does things in a different way then almost any NLE I have tried. If you feel comfortable with Avid DV PRo---then definately stick with Avid DV. By the way, I edit for a living and for all my DV work I use Vegas Video---the most stable and complete NLE I have ever tried. The only problem is that they do things differently then both Avid products and there is a bit of a learning curve. If you want to try it, they have a 30 day demo over at the Sonydigital media website.
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In the past - months I have been enjoying my new system that I built completely from scratch It is without else cooling? anyone Does like NOT liquid a doubt the best gaming rig I have ever had and I am Does anyone else NOT like liquid cooling? very proud of it It s my pride and joy but my pride and joy has one problem and I think it s a pretty big problem or at least it potentially could be OVERHEATING I ordered all of the parts of my system off of newegg and when I ordered these parts I also ordered something else that I figured would be very useful considering I was getting a video card and a processor that would probably get pretty hot if used repeatedly and I use my computer constantly I ordered a pretty fancy liquid cooling system Now just from looking at the thing in a small picture on newegg I figured it would be pretty simple to assemble and I wasn t intimidated by it in the least but then I receive it in the mail When I received it I waited to try and put it together until after I got everything else with my system put together After a couple of days it probably would ve taken many of you guys only a couple of hours I know my system was built it looked beautiful But then there was the big elephant in the room my liquid cooling system unopened I sort of looked at it sitting there in the box and then I looked at my computer I looked at it again then looked at my computer again I started thinking to myself quot Have we really come to the point with computer technology that we have to actually install liquid cooling systems in our computers to keep them cool because of the overheating parts quot I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it some more I came to the conclusion that I spent way too much money on my new system to even think about installing a number of tubes with liquid running through them in my system I simply did NOT like the idea of having liquids that close to my precious new video card processor RAM hard drive etc Call me old-fashioned and perhaps needlessly worrisome but I just didn t like it Add to all of this the fact that I had NEVER assembled a liquid cooling system before and by this point I had completely made up my mind After all my computer couldn t POSSIBLY overheat THAT much could it Right Little did I know just how hot these fancy new video cards and multi-core processors could get At any rate I contacted newegg and I sent the liquid cooling system back to them and I got my back Now at the time I had thought this was a good idea But was it I still don t know Since then I have had numerous overheating episodes with my system and it s not getting any better Most of you are probably going to laugh at what I m about to tell you but it s true During extremely cold winter days my system has actually overheated so much that I have actually cracked the window in my office and let below-freezing air blow into the office to help keep the temperature of my system to a minimum Surprisingly this has actually helped a lot When my computer overheats it gets VERY loud and keeping the window cracked to allow the cold air to blow in has been very helpful in keeping my computer both quiet and cool Yeah trust me wearing a heavy sweater and a wool cap in your office gets old and uncomfortable after a while Needless to say I do not want to resort to these extreme measures whenever my computer overheats I mean what am I going to do during the warmer months of the year My system will turn my office into a veritable sauna Am I the only one who has this anxiety in regard to liquid cooling systems Are there liquid cooling systems that are very trustworthy and won t leak liquid onto my expensive computer parts Am I just staunchly old-fashioned and annoying all of you with my banter Please let me know what you guys think about all of this and let me know if you guys have had similar problems with your systems overheating and how you deal with it effectively I really really REALLY need to find a way to kee... Read more

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Allo first post on this forum been lurking quite a Upgrade to Liquid while though Finally it's bugged me enough to want help as I'm not sure where to turn for this Right now I have GTX 's in SLi in my rig along with a Q on an MSI P N SLI Platinum I love this system to death but dear god do the GPUs run hot Right now running FFXI at highest settings minimized it's Upgrade to Liquid sitting at C I'd love to knock them down a bit and water cooling seems to be the best option but I have no idea where to even start I'm not sure if these cards even support a cooling block especially since it's in SLI mode Right now there's an EVGA cooler on them stock and it's absolutely worthless Not only are the cards smoking hot but my room is the hottest room in the house I'm not liking it at all on F days lol Even during the winter my room gets toasty enough that I open the window to let some cold air in I guess my real question is what am I best off doing I was looking at the Koolance Exos- Supposedly it cools W worth of heat I'm not sure if this is overkill as I plan to upgrade one day hopefully to i GTX xxx's Well I hope this wasn't too little much information I'm just seriously confused Also so I don't forget once that is all cleared up How should I go about the route to adequately cool all the neccessary components Doesn't need to be answered right away just for my own reference but if someone wants to answer feel free lol Thanks again

A:Upgrade to Liquid

Originally Posted by KtotheFC

Right now, running FFXI at highest settings (minimized), it's sitting at 64C.

64C isn't hot at all. Newer Nvidia cards will run upward of 95C before you run into any real problems.

My GTX285 peaks at about 85C-86C and it is still going fine.

How hot do they get when they are fully loaded?
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I have Windows XP Home Software. Every once in awhile when I open MGI PhotoSuite III SE this message pops up: Root.html,_Route Call ( ): Rooting Liquid Not Found.
This has happened innumerable times. To get rid of it I must CTRL ALT DEL. Then I reopen Photo Suite without difficulty and it operates without difficulty. Any ideas what this is all about?

A:Rooting Liquid

Hi, Try this: I know the link to the Roxio forums doesn't work...I am looking for a good one,hang on

Edit: I looked at all the posts in Roxio Community for PhotoSuite all versions, and there is nothing...

Most of the posts I found just said to keep on doing what you are doing> and ignore the issue as long as you can still use the program. It's about time to get a newer version, or use something different maybe?

PhotoSuite owned by Roxio and now, by Sonic...and up to version 8.

It's an old thread, I am not sure it would apply to newer versions of PS, but it's a start


Internet Explorer script errors occur when launching or working in
Roxio PhotoSuite 4 Platinum.

I have an ancient version of MGI PhotoSuite III SE.
(Ver. 3.00.0601 ENG)
When I open it I get the error message:
Root.html,_RouteCall{}:Routing Liquid not found
It doesn't appear to make any difference to the program but I would like
to know what it means, please.

This article applies to Roxio branded versions of PhotoSuite 4 only.
This may be caused by one of the following issues.
1.*Windows user name contains invalid HTML characters.
2.*An updated HTMLComponent file may be required.
3. Internet Explorer needs to be updated.
Section 1 - Windows user name contains invalid HTML characters.
PhotoSuite uses java scripting in many program functions.* Characters
such as \ / : * ? " ' < > | are incompatible with the java commands
used by PhotoSuite resulting in error messages.* If your Windows user
name does not contain any of these characters, proceed to Section 2.
If you have used any of these characters in your windows user name,
the only way to resolve this issue will be to create a new Windows
user name that does not contain these invalid characters.* This can be
done from the Windows Control Panel, User Accounts menu. We recommend
the Windows user name contain letters and numbers only.* Renaming your
current Windows user name will not correct this issue.*
Section 2 - Installing an updated HTMLComponent file.
Delete the existing HTMLComponent file from the following folder.
C:\Program Files\Roxio\PhotoSuite 4\Resources
1.*Double click My Computer.
2.*Double click C drive.
3.*Double click Program Files.
4.*Double click Roxio.
5.*Double click PhotoSuite 4.
6.*Double click Resources.
7.*Right click the HTMLComponent file and select Delete.
Step 2 - Download and install the updated HTMLComponent file.
1. Open your web browser and type into the address
bar.* Press Enter. Note: the FTP site does not exist anymore- I tried
2. Double click on Download.
3. Double click on photo.
4. Double click on RoxioPS4.
5. Right click on HTMLComponent and choose Copy To* Folder.
6.*Double click My Computer.
7. Double click C drive.
3.*Double click Program Files.
4.*Double click Roxio.
5.*Double click PhotoSuite 4.
6.*Double click Resources.
7.*Click OK.
Step 3 - Run PS_Clean.exe.
1.*Double click My Computer.
2.*Double click C drive.
3.*Double click Program Files.
4.*Double click Roxio.
5.*Double click PhotoSuite 4.
6.*Double click PS_Clean.exe.
7.*Click YES when prompted to delete the contents of the temporary
Section 3 - Internet Explorer needs to be updated.
Install the latest version of Internet Explorer available from
Microsoft's web site.
If you already have the latest version installed, perform a reinstall
and choose "reinstall all components" when prompted.Click to expand...
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I want to make my PC as quite as possible, now that it's being used more and more for gaming and TV/media things. I built this computer and am very confortable with that kind of stuff, but one area I'm lost on is how to buy the correct items for a liquid cooling system for this rig.what I have is a socket AM2+ mmob and 2 4850's I want to cool at a low cost (max price is 250ish) I need someone to explain what I need and why I need it (just so I can learn about it)

Thank you

A:Liquid Cooling Help!

You won't get a decent water cooling for that price. Just get passive coolers for both CPU and graphics cards. Examples: and errr... Not passive choices really.. (passive)
What is your CPU? Athlon 64 x2, Phenom? Which one?
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yeah, so everyone knows I have a Coolit Freezone cooler, my brother just took his apart and bought extra tubing and waterblocks, hooked it up to his 7900 gtx, they're running at 28C, incredible.

A:liquid cooling

Nice set up ! If only.....*looks at own computer and glares* .
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does any1 know about water/liquid cooling

i am interested but dont know much about it ,
websites on it would be helpful

also how much would it cost?

A:liquid cooling

there's a link which seems pretty thorough. hope it helps.
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Hey guys im buying a new pc with a i73820 and i pretend to oc him in the future so my question is : Do i have to put an hydro colling system on it or just a good quality cpu fan would handle the job? And one more thing there`s by any chance a risk of the liquid system (those like h60 , h80...) starts leeking on the boards?Thx for the help
Ps: Where a live have a quite bit hot temp

A:CPU cooling -- air or liquid?

Hi Sucoi,
That depends on how far you want to push your OC. Unless you are going to assemble a bespoke watercooling system yourself, I would not bother with any closed loop cooler below the H-100. The H-60/H80 and the like are discernibly out performed by the high end air coolers like The Thermalright Silver arrow, Phanteks PH-TC14PE and the Noctua NH-D14.
as far as leakage, it is highly unlikely that they will leak unless they are damaged.
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Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys think I should get liquid cooling. Iv just got into overclocking and my over clock on my i5 3570k is at about 4.5Ghz from 3.4. When stress testing I get readings up to 100C. I dont know if my pc fans arnt doing their jobs (it feels like I only have control of 1 of them when messing with my knobs on my case). So I was wondering should I go liquid cooling? If so do you guys have a recommendation on a decent but preferably cheaper liquid cooling system thats compatible with my case, (dont want my fiance killing me)

This is my case

Any input on any aspects of this would be great! =)

A:Should I consider liquid cooling?

You have an NZXT Phantom so I can suggest most liquid cooling systems would fit inside that with ease.

But forstarters, if your hitting 100C, that CPU is throttling and that is dangerous temperature levels for a processor. Are you running on the stock cooler? Because if you are I would turn that back otherwise you may end up burning up the processor.

If you want to overclock that far, liquid cooling would be optimal. Here is my suggestion with the case you have:

Corsair H100i

Very good, very powerful, and will keep your chip nice and cold.
Relevancy 39.99%

I was wondering if the koolance kits are good for liquid cooling

I was looking at the Koolance Exos-2 LX

Any other suggestions?

A:Liquid Cooling

"Any other suggestions?"...

Stay away from Liquid Cooling
Relevancy 39.99%

Will that work good? Should I buy that and a E6300, or a E6400. Ocerclocking both. Does this require anything else?

A:Liquid Cooling

...Yet the water pump is very loud.Click to expand...

WARNING: Over-simplified watercooling may cause your (if not then my) head to explode.
If you're gonna overclock just get the E6300. If not then aim for the E6600.
Relevancy 39.99%

I built my own PC and everthing is good with it except the noise of the FAN. I want to know about liquid cooling, is that only for the CPU or can you get that for the whole case. I know it is the case fan that is making all the noise because the CPU fan is nice and quit. What kind of suggestions to have, or where can I read about liquid cooling.

Relevancy 39.99%

I plan to buy a new graphics card very soon for my machine. I plan to purchase an AMD Card.

The plan originally, was to wait until the 8000 series cards are released on the 25th. I also wish to Liquid-cool the card.

Does anyone know of liquid-cooling kits for gpu's. Similarly like that of a Corsair h100i where everything needed is in a single kit?
Pump, Block and Radiator+Fan?

Without going into lots of money to purchase a limited edition card, are there any cards with liquid cooling pre-installed?

How long after amd releases there cards can I expect 3rd party manufacturers to release liquid looking for them.

How long after they release there cards can I expect 3rd party manufacturers to release there own cards, eg: Sapphire?

A:GPU and liquid cooling

There's no AIO water cooling units for current GPUs, although there was this for the GTX 580. Even if there were they would be costly and totally not worth it. Buy an aftermarket card with a decent air cooler (e.g. Asus DCUII) which will run cool and quiet.

deanlaing12 said:

How long after they release there cards can I expect 3rd party manufacturers to release there own cards, eg: Sapphire?Click to expand...

Straight away.
Relevancy 39.99%

Hi I have had this computer for a while now a year or so and it s been fine and never given me any problems at all Untill a couple of weeks ago that is It seems to have developed a habbit of switching itself off just a complete power cut From what I understand that s commonly associated with heat problems and one thing I noticed about my liquid cooling was that the liquid in the tubes had just stopped moving around Liquid Help Cooling the system when it s active I don t have the first clue how to fix this or whats caused it to happen or anything It seems to work for about minutes if I leave the computer off for a long period of time I mean really long Liquid Cooling Help like days or weeks before it cuts out but once it s cut out if I try and switch it back on it turns on and cuts off within about seconds every time Any ideas greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 39.99%

I need more details of Liquid Crystals ("Used in LCD Monitors) Its chemical property is: "cyanobiphenyl"
If anyone knows tons of details of such please reply.
Relevancy 39.99%

I'm curious about picking up some of this stuff. Is there a certain brand name I should look for?
I have an Athlon Xp 2200 1.8 Ghz processor, if I got the processor cooler how far could I overclock it?

Same with all my other stuff, like my video card?

Relevancy 39.99%

I trying to make a cooling system from scrach and i was wondering what do i need to make one

like what type of pump is good, the size on the tubes, what kind of reservor, and what kind of water block i should and radiator

im try to overclock my system and i want my pc to be very very quite

so can u guy help me out

Relevancy 39.99%

As a newbie to Vista 64bit (Home Premium), please can anyone say why Pinnacle Systems Liquid Edition video editing won't load/run? I can't see why from Pinnacle's site.

Ian M

A:Pinnacle Liquid

I had the same issue. None of the Pinnacle Liquid editions will work with Windows Vista.
Relevancy 39.99%

Hi, I have a Nvidia GeForce 9500GS that came with my computer and is currently fan operated, temperatures idle at 64 degrees celcius and gaming (left 4 dead) go to a max of 90 degrees celcius which causes me some problems and alot of concern. I'd like to switch to liquid cooling.

My case is pretty cramped so i was thinking of taking out my tv card and modem out to make space in it. Even with that done, the wires in there still cramp it up alot. Another solution would be to have liquid cooling outside the case which i'd like as a last resort. What liquid cooling product would you recommend for my card?

Thank you.

EDIT: I posted 2 pictures of the inside of my case. The second (red) card is my graphics card and the one on top is the card for my tv options (unused).

A:Liquid cooling

I'd high recommend not getting into watercooling for a 9500gs, If you want lower temps get an aftermarket air cooler, thermalrites are the best imo and by reviews, reducing temps up to 15C on most cards on average.

I recently watercooled my last computer, it cost me 1k usd to do it in the way I want it, if I were to upgrade I dont see myself going back to air. its a bad habit, dont commit to it, especially for a low/mid end card.
Relevancy 39.56%

So last night was pretty crazy until someone decided to place there mixed alcohol drink on top of my mates computer. My mate tried turning it on after some cleaning nothing attached to the motherboard works (eg cha-fans) and cpu. His drives connected directly to the PSU are fine and running but nothing from the motherboard is working.

The 'mixed fruit alcohol drink' landed directly on top of his GPU and slid down the motherboard.

Things he has tried:
Removing ram and trying boot
Removing GPU and trying to boot.
Replacing the CMOS battery (Not sure if that would work anyways)

So what's the best way of going about fixing this problem?

A:Computer liquid spillage.

Most likely you are going to have to start swapping parts ie mb, ram, pw supply, etc. It would really help if you posted your exact system specs. Note do not post "500W pw supply" post the exact brand and model# Do this for all of your parts.
Modern systems have pw applied all of the time; even with the system OFF, pw is on the mb. This can cause problems with any liquid spill.
Relevancy 39.56%

Hey, i was on here a few months ago with my new water system! i dont really overclock, and having to point a moderately noisy fan at my open case isnt somethin ive loved doing, so im gonna move back to air cooling. (need the case open because of the tubes, which cancels most of the airflow through the case)

I was wonderin if anyone had suggestions on geforce7800 aftermarket fans, and amd socket 939 fans.

A:moving from liquid back to air

Why not install the water cooling properly and close the case up? Surely, the kit doesn't mandate you leave the case open, right?
Relevancy 39.56%

if i was to have a computer that had liquid cooling, and at defult clock settings it idles at 25C, can i over clock it untill its tempreture is around 65C? or would the amount of overclockin needed to get that far fry my computer?

A:liquid cooling - max cpu speed

give more specs of your system (cpu, board, case, cooling system). cpu's generally are designed to operate at up to around 80 degrees celsuis. higher temps increase thermal stresses and may shorten the operational life of the components.
Relevancy 39.56%

I would like to upgrade from 16gb to 32gb of RAM. 2 of my 4 DIMM slots are occluded by the liquid cooling radiator in my PC. The documentation for the computer states that 2 of the 4 DIMMs (ie the occluded ones) cannot be upgraded because of the liquid cooling. However, it looks like if I removed 4 screws and the radiator/fan, I could access the 2 DIMM slots in question without disturbing the liquid cooling (pop in new RAM, screw back in the radiator). Has anyone tried this that can verify before I start pulling it apart?
Relevancy 39.56%

I got a decked out pc and need a liquid cooling system because 5 fans just aint cutting it....anyone out there know of any good complete cooling systems or maybe just a good resorviour and some good cooling blocks?I'd appreciate the help because my pc gets really warm...

Relevancy 39.56%


This will probably sound incredibly stupid but I woke up to find sticky goo (I believe cough syrup) spilled by my cat on my laptop. Of course it won't turn on now and I'm wondering if there are any suggestions or am I just up the creek without a paddle now?

Thanks for any help

really bummed

Relevancy 39.56%

Just wanted to know what you guys thought of the EXOS Liquid Cooling System? Just bought one for my pc. The thing works great. It's a Koolance Exos-2. Keeps my system temp down to about 23 degrees C* Just wondered what you guys thought of this brand. Got a pretty good deal on one. Now installed and up and running. Just want some feedback.

A:Liquid Cooling Systems

NEVER ask for opinions AFTER you make the purchase!!!

Now that you own and use it, YOU are in the opinion giver seat.
Relevancy 39.56%

So I was wondering what people thought about the mineral oil submersion technique as a method of aqueous PC cooling as opposed to cooling with fans or liquid coolers of other types. I found this site to be quite interesting. And seeing as mineral oil is non conductive it's safe to submerge your PC in, the only issue being that if you need to work on your PC, well it'll be coated in mineral oil.

-Erik S.

A:Mineral oil liquid cooling

Mineral oil systems are nice, albeit rare. The problem I see with them is that mineral oil acts like an insulator, and does not dissipate heat very well at all.

If someone were to make a low power "net top" computer for browsing the internet and doing basic office tasks I could see where they would work well, while giving your workspace feng shui. They don't seem to be practical at all for gaming though.
Relevancy 39.56%

This is rather far as CPU coolers go. Liquid metal CPU cooler.
You can read about it over at The Guru of 3D
opps, maybe Matthew can move this to "links from around the web" not sure why I put it here.

A:Liquid Metal Cooling with NaK

I remember seeing the prototype a while back and thought it was awesome (looks better than the production kit IMO) and couldn't wait to try it out....unfortunately the end result cooling wise doesn't really live up to the hype (or expense) so far. Not that I'm likely to test drive one anytime soon as they seem to be a Europe only release at this stage.
Relevancy 39.56%

Hi all,
I just bought a new computer a few weeks ago and I was having tons of problems. I currently found out that my new computer is overheating, and because of this, I want to buy some sort of cooling system. I automatically think that liquid cooling would be better but, of course more risky than fan driven. I am interested in overclocking a bit, but from waht i read my mobo is not the most overclocking friendly. I wish i knew that before i bought it, but anyways, I would like some input or Ulrs to which you think is better, liquid or fan, and why? Also is it hard to install? I built my computer from scratch, so could i instal this or should it be takin into a pro?


AMD Athlon 64 3500, Asus A8V deluxe mobo, ATI Radeon 9800 pro 256, 1 gig 3200 duel channel 400 Ram,250gig wd sata HD, 120gig samsung HD, 16x DVDClick to expand...


A:Liquid cooling or fan? Reccomendations please

Because your computer is new it will still be under warranty, so I would suggest that you take it back, as doing anything else will probably void the warranty.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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Hello i got $500 bucks to spend on Liquid Cooling i'm really new to it. I'm completely lost i dont know whats the best to get i need something that will stand up to the heat of 100 ambient temps.

A:Liquid Cooling Kit Or Build?

Check out this stuff:
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My friend spilled a beer on her lap top key board last night. Now some of the keys don't work. A shop says the key board has to be replaced at $160 parts/labor. Is it possible to remove the keys and clean the contacts myself? Any other suggestions?
Thanks much....

A:spilled liquid on keyboard

Well if all that doesn't work are a few keys your friend should consider themselves lucky. I would just buy a new keyboard and replace the one that is having problems. Next to RAM the keyboard is ~usually~ the easiest thing to replace on a laptop.
Relevancy 39.56%

i am currently using avid dv for video editing and DVD It for my dvd authoring.
i was wondering if anyone has had experience with the avid liquid software. from what i have read about it the dvd software works from the avid timeline.

do you find the dvd authoring to be efficient or are there problems? did you find it to be user friendly? i would also like more capability with my authoring.

i am looking to buy new software and would like to stick with the avid line if possible. i have always been satisfied with their products.

i would appreciate any comments.


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Will probably purchase a new desktop PC as soon as W10 is out, and was looking at some offerings
by HP.

I noticed that they mention that some of the Processors use Liquid Cooling.

I seem to remember in the past all sorts of problems with liquid cooled components such as main processors, etc.

Have these problems been pretty well fixed by now ?
Anything to be concerned about ?

Would you buy one ?


A:Liquid Cooled Processors ?

I have a H110GT corsair liquid cpu cooler it works very well so far

A unit which would come preassembled by a manufacture as long as you have a warrantee what is your worries ?

I guess I'll add I also have a 980 Hybrid gpu that is also liquid cooled.
Relevancy 39.56%

just to give you an idea of my setupi just put together my Thermaltake Kandalf Liquid Cooled Case with the CPU block and additional GPU and Northbridge Chipset blocks made by swiftech My flow goes from CPU block gt GPU block gt NB Block gt radiator gt reservoir gt pump So as i said i Question Set Those Up Who Liquid For Cooling Have just set it up and filled the reservoir to the HIGH line and turned it on dont worry i didnt burn out my system what happened was that it wasnt enough to fill the system and i didnt notice that it started to sputter and push air up into the system so now my system has a bunch of air bubblys Question For Those Who Have Set Up Liquid Cooling in it and the radiator isnt even filled up with water at all So i pour the rest of the bottle into the reservoir and turn it on but the Question For Those Who Have Set Up Liquid Cooling pump doesnt want to pump the water just Question For Those Who Have Set Up Liquid Cooling bobs about inch and falls back down all where it was how the hell can i fix this i tried syphoning the water by hooking up a super long hose and suking into it but it doesnt work the bubbes stay where they are and it still wont pump although i might have exeeded in getting some water into the radiator also my computer is only turning on for about seconds and shutting off no beeps what is this all about help nbsp
Relevancy 39.56%

hi all,(sorry for bad english)i have an hp lcd monitor its 2310ei.While i cleannig the screen, i came up against something,Lcd cleaning liquid got in to screen.Primarily confusion is accreted, then deterioted.since two days its stable.its warranty period finished and i cant send it to service because has no more what can i do on my own?is it solve in the length of time or do i disassembly and clean?
Relevancy 39.56%

a semi hard liquid was dropped on yhe keyboard which made few keys are hard to use
Relevancy 39.56%

So I have been using a Swiftech liquid kit to cool my CPU for about months now and it s great but there s something that s been bothering me for awhile Ever since I rid myself of that miserable nvidia board swapped the kit into a new setup there has been this kind of quot popping quot sound in the radiator that happens quite often At first I thought it was just a bubble trapped in there somewhere but it s been doing it for a long time and hasn t gotten any better I ve tried the standard rocking tipping method of trying to free a stubborn bubble many times but that hasn t changed anything The flow is good and there are no leaks so I can t debunk that noise Sometimes it s louder than usual and sometimes minutes will pass before it happens again It doesn t seem to be causing any physical damage though it is a little annoying to the ear so I ve just been ignoring it Any ideas what it could be nbsp
Relevancy 39.56%

My problem is my monitor won't display anything when I turn the computer on. The only thing I've done to the computer is I installed an H20-120 Compact liquid cooling kit. Now I don't know what's wrong, I have 2 graphics cards X1650 Pro and I can't get either one to work the computer powers on just no video. The power button won't shut the computer off either.

A:Just added H20-120 liquid cooling kit

The motherboard or processor may be damaged... Try resetting the CMOS, or as a last resort, install another power supply
Relevancy 39.56%

I just bought a compressed air duster, and i flipped it upside down when i was spraying it, and some liquid came out, onto my hand. It was extremely cold. So i looked on the can to see what the liquid was, apparently it was Difluoroethane.
Aparently very cold, and is also known as Freon 152a. If you made a completely sealed liquid system with a brushless motor pump (the vapors are flammable), and made sure everything was airtight, you could make your system very cool, and overclock very high.

A:Extreme liquid cooling

hmm...didn't think of thatd

but if it is kept under pressure, it dosen't (or there would be condesation on the outside of this spray can.)
Relevancy 39.56%

I was wondering if anyone has a liquid cooled system and what type they have? Also, what brand kit does everyone recommend?


Relevancy 39.56%

Does anyone have a strong opinion on who is best liquid cooled case provider on the market? I am looking at re-vamping my system and changing out my current Koolance case. Does anyone have a recommendation?
Relevancy 39.56%

The next frontier in liquid cooling -- laptops | ZDNet

A:Liquid cooled laptop

This will make it thick and the weight with it...interesting system cooling anyway, i'd love that!

Perhaps could they make neon blue color liquid tuned pipes & ventilation hatch with.
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I want to have liquid cooling on my next computer with these parts cooled:
CPU; Intel Q6600

I'm going to have the

and the

Which can also be said as:
Thermaltake armor LCS
and their water block made for 8800gtx:s
My question is:
How do you line them up?

is it like:

or like; pump-cpu-pump-gpu-pump??

How? :O

If you know anything else that's important to know when you're buying your first liquid cooled computer?

This is a HUGE problem for me and I can't seem to find any solution, so THANK YOU for all help

Relevancy 39.56%

What do you guys see as better, liquid cooling or fans.

Relevancy 39.56%

Hi there i have just ordered the thermaltake bigwater 745 liquid cooling kit because i have recently overclocked my amd 6000+ from 3gig to 3.3gig and its running a little hot.My question is in the package i get some anitfreeze uv reactive solotion to fill it up with,but if this was ever to leak will this kill my pc parts the reason i am paranoid about it leaking is i have recently just got me 2x 8800gtx cards wich was not cheap and i dont want to kill my pc.I want to know if there is a safer liquid i can use.I know that they shouldnt leak if it is assembled correctly and not rushed but nothing is 100pct :/ many thx guys

A:liquid cooling question

Any liquid leaking onto a running computer is a bad thing. I think the best thing to do is test it for leaks before installing it into the live system if possible.
Relevancy 39.56%

Hello I am seeking rd party thoughts opinions solutions for an overheat issue that has started for me recently past days for this system I have owned happily maintenance free for years after the cooled overheating liquid CPU initial RMA with the PSU Specs at bottom with more relevant items toward the top The Symptoms Massive and rather liquid cooled CPU overheating sudden CPU temp spikes - C that tripped system safety-restarts You guessed it the first event happened liquid cooled CPU overheating when playing a game after of these I became suspicious and went easy on the system The windows auto-shut error was kinda vague The Post CPU overtemp error was not I installed HWmonitor to keep track of things Overheat shuts then began happening when I was away from my desk for less than mins Norton idle scans were tripping it I temporily uninstalled that but it seems now that ANY total sustained CPU load over or so will quickly overheat the CPU within minutes and modern games are suicidal In case it does not stick out this has a closed loop liquid cooling system CPU only -What I know suspect and have researched already- I have a active ticket with CyberPowerPC But I want some rd party viewpoints This system is getting old And this may just be some components hitting natural End of life That Liquid cooler pump for instance Perhaps the CPU thermal compound AMD CPU s run hot I could not get it above C no matter what I tried when I monitored temps when the system was new I then stopped monitoring up till this incident I am not and have never overclocked this machine There was no need to AMD has not released any Windows MoBo chipset drivers that I could locate Found a forum post that windows can monkey with VCORE voltages and indeed my HWmonitor reported a Max VCORE of I don t know enough about this to know if its related to overheating but sounds like it could be The fan cooled Vid card handles fine C idle and max C during intense games The CPU temp resets the system first The only major change to this system in the past month was windows gt Windows free upgrade I want to discount this as a software issue and so does CyberPower but b c of this fact I cannot I did make a pass at removing bloatware from Win Issue persists did make a cloneZilla image of my Windows OS partition before upgrading This HWmon screen demonstrates the ridiculous state Note the utilization vs current temps I All case amp radiator fans are doing their job The entire CPU Water block is physically HOT this is not a case of a bad temperature sensor The LCS liquid cooling system hose connecting the CPU water block to the radiator gets warm The LCS hose connecting the radiator back to the reservoir is at room temp The LCS hose connecting the reservoir to the CPU block is at room temperature I honestly cannot determine if the pump is running There is no vibration distinct from what the chassis fans may produce Instinct tells me that the heat is being trapped in the CPU gt Radiator hose since it goes vertically upward and slowly being cooled by the radiator fan Others say that since the other hoses are room temp it means the fluid is flowing I have not a clue where the pump lies within the LCS The LCS fluid level indicator is above the blue LED light and about to the top of the transparent opening CyberPower support did not seem immediately alarmed by this If the LCS pump turns out the problem can it be replaced or am I doomed to buy an entirely new LCS This case is nightmare-ish I d rather exhaust all easy options before having to take it apart System Specs CyberPowerPC Gamer Ultra BASE PRICE Apr Item Values Redacted CPU AMD Phenom II X T Six-Core CPU w HyperTransport Technology GPU AMD Radeon HD GB GDDR X PCIe Video Card FAN CyberPower Xtreme Hydro Liquid Cooling Kit MM w Dual Fan CPU amp GPU Closed Loop Liquid Cooler Gfx Card incompatible amp remained Fan cooled MOTHERBOARD Asus M A GTD Pro USB AMD GX Chipset Hardware Core Unlocker CrossFireX Support DDR Sckt AM ATX w Bui... Read more

A:liquid cooled CPU overheating

You may have a hose that is deteriorating or other problem impeding the flow of water/heat transfer.
Honestly I have NEVER been a fan of water cooling. IMO it is a leak or problem waiting to happen. If this were my system, I would remove the water cooling and install a coolermaster 212 hsf. I use those on all systems here and right now a VERY overclocked amd 6core cpu is running @30C. It will get up to 55C when stress testing with prime95.
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My buddy is using water cooling using the open bucket method and i was wondering if there would be any change if instead of H2O he used beer if there would be any major change in cooling?:chef:

A:Alternate liquid cooling

From :

Cooling effect (Pc = W) required to cool down within a given time (t = s):

c = specific heat of object (Ws/g C)

m = mass in grams (g)

DeltaT = temperature difference (C)

Example: To calculate the effect required to cool 5 l of beer (m = 5,000 g) from 20C (which is also ambient temperature) down to 5C (Delta T = 15) in 2 hrs (t = 7,200 s).

Beer is mostly water, thus c = 1 cal/g = 4.18 Ws/g C.
Click to expand...

But if I find you or your buddy wasting good beer I will be round your house with a lynch mob quicker than you can say "The beers are on me". :evil:
With beer being brewed in a process that involves sugar amounst other things I think the density of the beer would be significantly different from that of H2O. It will probably be slightly more difficult to cool, and probably also not draw the heat out of the water block as efficiently...
Relevancy 39.56%

I was just wondering is liquid cooling worth the money? And if I was to get it is it easy to install with limited maintenance?

Relevancy 39.56%

I just saw a pc with huge tubes and fans...inside connected together. I asked the saleman, and he said that keep the pc cool. Anyone know about this? It's scary when you see all those in the pc.

A:Liquid Cooling Thing...

You just need them for extreme overclocking. They use water to cool the main processor.
Relevancy 39.56%

I recently purchased a Thermaltake Big water cooling system Problems after cooling liquid seeing as my case is a POS and has no air ciruclation I overclock often usually when gaming and I have never had problems However after painstakingly installing the liquid cooling system I discovered that my computer was acting senile When I d power up it would do one of the following -The Problems after liquid cooling computer would power on but nothing would appear on the screen -It would power up to that Problems after liquid cooling black screen where it scans the memory etc and then restart -It would let me sign in but after that restart -It restarts whenever I plug something in even headphones -It restarts if i move it Systems specs Mobo-Abit AA XE-Fatal ty Processor-Intel P GHZ RAM-Corsair gb Vid-Radeon X XL Hardrive-Western Digital gb rpm SATA Power- Watt At first I thought it may have been the temp but I finally got into the BIOS and discovered it was hovering around degrees Celsius The only other thing I can think of is the power supply Maybe it can t handle the liquid cooling The only way I got it to start up for a long period of time is when i cleared the CMOS I ve ran a few diagnostics with Checkit and all of them have passed Anyways any input would be greatly appreciated seeing as I am in quite of a bind nbsp

A:Problems after liquid cooling

Band of power supply?

There's a thread somewhere around here which says that most cheap power supplies don't get anywhere close to the rated power, as the conditions needed to get to the rated power is at impossible temps (and probably theoretical rates).

Another problem MIGHT be that while installing the W/C system you might have loosened some connections or something. Probably not the case, but might help.

Better check there is no leakage too.... but if you had installed it properly leakage shouldn't be a problem.

Can't think of any real problem though....
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Hello everyone I attempted to post this thread already but I think the site automatically logged me out while I was writing it then I lost the thread when I clicked post If there is a thread nearly exactly the same with Fan cooling liquid monitoring as this I apologise I have just built a Fan monitoring with liquid cooling PC and I have incorporated into it the Tt BigWater Liquid cooling system The motherboard is an Fan monitoring with liquid cooling ASUS A N-SLI Deluxe which has fan connections on it CPU FAN CHIP FAN Chipset POWER CHA FAN chassis fan and Fan monitoring with liquid cooling CHA FAN chassis fan These fan connections seemed perfectly accomodating at first however the pump for the liquid cooling system required a fan connection so I used the connection CHA FAN the connection I had originally used for the front mm fan The radiator also required a fan connection it does have a fan however I used the connection CHA FAN which originally housed the rear mm fan since this fan was removed to make room for the radiator there was no contest for this connection Since the liquid cooling system uses a waterblock instead of a heatsink and fan there was no CPU fan connector however there was a blue LED in the waterblock that required the same -pin fan connection so I put that into CPU FAN When I first turned on the system I got a warning about CPU FAN FAIL Since there was no CPU fan I expected this The LED in the waterblock was lit My first question is how to disable the CPU fan check I have been to the hardware monitor section of my bios and I can t find anything to turn it off Is there any way to disable this besides the BIOS My main question though is about fan control The BIOS is equipped with something called Q FAN technology which smartly adjusts fan speed in reaction to system load Howver the technology works only with CPU FAN CHIP FAN and CHA FAN since I don t have a CPU fan and a pump is connected to the CHA FAN connection I don t think I can use this feature Now there is a user control knob that speeds up or slows down the radiator fan in the form of an expansion slot but I really wouldn t know when to turn this up I have in my possesion a Lian Li Temperature Monitor and Fan control device that fits into a inch bay and is capable of monitoring three temperatures and controling three fans however there is no documentation included with it and I have yet to find anything on the internet The fan control leads end in the same female -pin connectors as the fans so where am I suppose to stick them The sysyem seems to be cool at the moment but I am worried when I start installing an operating system the fans will not react to the increased activity remember the front mm is not connected to anything now it is only powered it is spinning however Any advise of anything in this post would be greatly appreciated Regards nbsp

A:Fan monitoring with liquid cooling

I'm an *****

On closer inspection of the Lian device, it seems as the fan control connectors had little male female adapter caps on them. Okay I could probably get that set up now but I'd apreciate any comments. Is this a good way to setup, where should I place the temperature monitors etc (anything really.)

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I spilled fluid onto my Dell Inspiron vista a few months back and had no problems for awhile until about a month or two ago when it started to Spilled on keyboard liquid behave erratically The thing would be bringing up the right click menu constantly the mouse pointer would move all over the place by itself and clicking on desktop icons wouldn't do anything I managed to stop this from happening however by turning it Spilled liquid on keyboard off and removing then reinserting the battery Then earlier today I was playing League of Legends and completely lost control of everything I had to hold down the Spilled liquid on keyboard power button to turn it off I did the battery removal but it's not fixing it anymore The laptop's behavior is different this time as well The mouse pointer doesn't move by itself anymore the right click menu doesn't appear by itself and there is a beeping sound like the one you hear when certain key combinations are pressed Also when I click a desktop icon every icon in that row is highlighted and pressing keys only sometimes has any effect never the intended one edit I forgot to add activating the on screen keyboard from the control panel does nothing as well Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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So I am new to liquid cooling and I was thinking about getting it for my CPU. I'm posting because im not sure what exactly I need for it to work right. I was hoping someone could go on and get my one link (or a couple links) of everything that I would need to do the liquid cooling.
This is my CPU:

Thanks everyone ahead of time!

A:Liquid Cooling System

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I've always used fans for cooling and just installed a new liquid cooling system. I don't know why but it's not working. The water is circulating through it but it's not well....cooling. Help please.

If I need to replace it tell me how please. I don't wanna screw it up.

A:Liquid cooling question

Please give us your full system specs, as well as the temperatures you are getting.
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I'll be starting my pc build soon but I had a question for you guys. Do you think water cooling is worth the money? I was looking at the Corsair H100 cpu cooler on new egg - People have said good things about it on the reviews. Also I have read on other forums where people claim they were able to overclock thier cpu higher because water cooling does a better job cooling then aftermarket fans. If this is true then it seems like its not such a bad thing to have.

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So I am new to liquid cooling and I was thinking about getting it for my CPU. I'm posting because im not sure what exactly I need for it to work right. I was hoping someone could go on and get my one link (or a couple links) of everything that I would need to do the liquid cooling.
This is my CPU:

Thanks everyone ahead of time!

A:Liquid Cooling System

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What liquid is best to run through a liquid cooling system? I have a Thermaltake Aquarius Pro III that I use to cool my 3GHz LGA775 P4 CPU. It registers 25-30c when idle, and 45-50c underload. I know that these are acceptable temps, but I want to go even lower. So what liquid is best for a liquid cooling system?

A:Liquids for liquid cooling


I've heard it's the right stuff.
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Ok I dropped my 13 inch MacBook Pro into a small bowl of water 3 days ago. I did the normal stuff like power it off, leave it upside down for a cpl of days, however several days afterwards when I tried to turn it on the screen still does not light up. I need to repair it as soon as possible b/c I am leaving the country this wk and have to stay connected to my online classes. Can someone please help me repair it or tell me what parts I should replace such as the logic board.

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Hi!I spilled juice on my desk and the juice traveled to the bottom left of my laptop where the vents are. I powered it off immediately and unplugged it. The battery was not attached to the laptop at that time. After wiping away the liquid on the case with tissue and a bit of isopropyl alcohol, I opened up the bottom and inspected to see if there was any leakage. There was no liquid found inside the laptop. To be sure, It's now drying in front of a fan. Any recommendations or advice to possibly salvage my laptop?

A:Liquid spill under laptop

Katara93 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about liquid spilled on your laptop and wanted to help. Best thing to do right now is NOT turn on the laptop.Here are some steps you should take:  You Just Spilled Water Or Coffee On Your Laptop - Here's What You Should DoGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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hi im new to all this liquid cool systems i got just got the evercool wc-202 i have not installed it yet and i was just wandering, would u lose cooling performance if u used regular water insted of distilled water

A:liquid cooling system

No. But tap water contains minerals and other impurities that not only make the water conductive (bad if you get a leak, even though that is rare), but also make the water more corrosive. Over time this can lead to rust or mineral buidup in places.

I would not suggest using tap water.
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I've been hearing about liquid cooling for a computer. Is liquid cooling better than air cooling? If so, why is it better? Is liquid cooling for all computers ? Do only gamers use liquid cooling? Why aren't computers manufactured with liquid cooling?
My new computer was bought in Sept.2005 Can I have someone add liquid cooling to an OEM (Compaq Presario)computer bought at a retail store, while
it is under warranty? With my last computer= the hard drive & power supply burned up, and I never saw the problem coming. Now we are worried.

A:Is liquid cooled for all computers?

Liquid cooling is mostly used for overclocking the processor and video card. It works well but is complicated to install and a leak can ruin your system. Its not really for the casual user.
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Hello everyone I am looking to either upgrade my case to water cooling or to just buy a new one If i Systems? Liquid Cooling were to buy a new one it would HAVE to be through NewEgg and under This is the case i currently have http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E If it is suggested to stick with my case can someone tell me EVERYTHING i would need to buy in that case Because i read some things on water cooling but i m still a complete noob If you need more information just ask i respond quickly Any guidance Liquid Cooling Systems? will be very much appreciated Note I also prefer to buy a pre-done liquid cooling system i don t trust myself to mess up and leak on my board My desire is to just upgrade nothing is getting hot my system is cooled fine But i just want the liquid cooling for future proof just an upgrade i had in mind to do I have a video card If problems do occur with the liquid cooling i more than likely would be able to repair it the install is what scares me But i simply just want it I would prefer not to add to my current case since it has taken some damage and i lost some screws here and there But i like the size i don t wanna go bigger is there bigger lol anyways size is fine where its at I guess CPU and video card would be the biggest things i want done but if i have to install seperate components just for one i wanna do it all ya know nbsp

A:Liquid Cooling Systems?

1) that link doesn't work, so I can't see the case
2) if you aren't having cooling issues, then upgrading is a waste of money.
3) there is always a chance of leaking, even with a prebuilt system. hardware fails, it's a fact of life.
4) most kits include a single heatsink for just the cpu
5) they can also create more noise and/or heat (outside the case). You are replacing the fans on the cpu/gpu with larger fans on the radiator to keep the liquid cool
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I know this has to be one of the silliest questions ever asked but seeing being that I have never really had the chance to mess with liquid I feel I should ask this...Whould a processor need thermal compound on it before adding the liquid coolant or should that even matter I've been looking for manuals on that stuff and can't really find anything and I plan on uppin my friends athlonxp 1.18 to a sempron 1.83. Well reality is he's gettin my old semp 1.83 while I'm gonna waste a little bit more money and get a Sempron with a barton core at 2ghz

A:A question about liquid coolant

Yes, a water block still needs thermal compound.
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I was at work when some one spilled liquid in my desktop. they said there was 3 loud pops and now i get no power. the power supply doesn't work as its fried. the mother board had some spots in it. if the power supply fried what else could it have taken with it?? i want to buy a new power supply and put it in and try to turn it on but i don't know what if any thing else is shorted out.

i need help to start a trouble shooting solution to it. would pics help anyone. i will clean the spot off the MoBo due it can cause shorts. i would use a Multimeter but i don't know what the range is for Ohms. any help would be nice.

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I wanted to try out liquid cooling my cpu so i went out and bought a thermal take liquid cooling system..though i heard that liquid cooled cpu's can accumulate 'condensation' and cause some unwanted side effects such as condensation on the cpu itself/ rusting of pins. I was wondering if anybody experienced this and/or if they have any ways to remedy this from happening?
- Thanks For Any Info

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Good Morning to one and all... First post, working out how the forum works I have quick question, hopefully quick to answer as well! I have a notebook that's failed the warranty water damage test. to be honest.. much to my suprise, as the notebook failed over night during a rebuild in a locked IT office after being soak tested for 3 days. (apologies for the pun!) So my question is the water damage test a visual scan of components for signs of corrision or other discoloration or does the laptop have a built in litmus test? or both? And also can historical water damage cause a complete catastrophic failure from fully functioning, say 12 months later due to corrision? Doombadger
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Recently, I've accidentally spat water on my friend's LCD monitor after coughing while drinking. I've wiped the screen, but for the past couple of days, the display is seriously messing up.
There are lines of dead pixels, and dark patches of faded-out liquid.

Do you know how this problem can be fixed or minimised?

I don't have the money to buy a new one or get it repaired at the moment, but I'm willing to give it my best to try to fix it.

This is roughly how it looks like:


A:Liquid in LCD monitor is getting messy

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do appart from replacing the lcd screen (repair which will cost more than buying a new monitor) or buy a new monitor from someone like amazon or ebuyer which have very good deals - or risk buying used on ebay.