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Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus question

Q: Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus question

I am putting together a new build with a hyper 212 plus and some corsair vengeance memory that goes right beside it. The problem is that the hyper 212 extends slightly into the 1st slot of memory. The vengeance memory is way too high with the heatsink on it. What can I do? Can I put the fan on the cooler to pull instead of push or will I lose some cooling? Do I need to get different memory? Can I take of the heatsink on the first stick? Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus question

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A: Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus question

Looking at that memory, it looks like there's a little tab/hole/thing to pry the heatsink off. Don't force it, because you might cause damage. But if you can get it off gently, the RAM should operate fine without it.

I'm not sure about the difference between push/pull cooling, but I think you might lose some efficiency if you set your fan to pull from the other side. I've seen several dual-fan coolers that have a fan on both sides, but every single-fan cooler I've seen has a fan pushing air, not pulling, There's probably a reason for that.

You could also try turning your cooler so it faces another way. This might mean disrupting the airflow though.

But yeah, don't force the heatsink off. If it doesn't behave, you might want to pick different memory, or a different cooler.
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I just got the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler today, easily installed and really good. Well better than stock cooler.

Hyper 212 Plus - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply

Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus review

The 1 fan which is mounted is intake.

If i were to install another fan to make it dual fan, would both be intake or would one be exhaust and intake etc. As in going with the push pull flow?????

A:Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler

Quote: Originally Posted by rmw020

I just got the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler today, easily installed and really good. Well better than stock cooler.

Hyper 212 Plus - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply

Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus review

The 1 fan which is mounted is intake.

If i were to install another fan to make it dual fan, would both be intake or would one be exhaust and intake etc. As in going with the push pull flow?????

I have the 212+ as well. You'd want one push and 1 pull. Also, make sure the 2nd fan moves the same amount of air as the 1st, or you'll create a bottleneck of sorts. But with 2 fans that have equal airflow, you will notice a drop in temps. But there will be more noise, unless you change both fans to a quiet fan like Noctua's. A Guy
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I was very disappointed to find my Cooler Master Hyper 48 CPU fan wouldn't work on an AM2 motherboard. After much searching I found an adaptor. $2.99 for the bracket and $8.54 to ship.

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Hello, i have AMD phenom II x4 955 BE processor. i have replaced the stock fan because of the huge noise and the bad cooling with a new Cooler Master hyper 212 plus(Hyper 212 Plus - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply) i noticed that it is a bit better for cooling but the noise is too high.
it is allowed to have 2 fans on both sides, i have only one fan now i bought it that way so if i buy the other fan and plug it in the other side will increase the cooling and lower the noise or make it worse noise?!
thank you

A:Cooler Master hyper 212 plus?

Two identical fans is going to make more noise than 1 fan.

You should use a single fan that blows air THROUGH the heatsink fins and TOWARD the rear of the case, where you probably have an exhaust fan.

That heatsink is generally well-regarded for cooling purposes, but I'm not sure about how quiet it is.

You may have just had bad luck and got a noisy example of the fan.

Or that particular fan may just be noisier than you like.

My advice: replace with another fan KNOWN to be quiet: low to medium speed Nexus, Yate Loon, or Scythe, for example.

Make sure you have mounted the heatsink and fan to blow air as I described above.
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Hello. I just ordered a new heatsink for my Core 2 Quad Q9550 at stock clocks (2.83GHz), and I was wondering if anybody else had any experience with this heatsink. Any advice would be useful because this will be my first aftermarket heatsink. If you could provide installation tips or stuff like that, that'd be good too. Thanks.

A:Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

Two things. First, understand that if your Intel CPU was a retail version that came with an Intel supplied heatsink fan (HSF) assembly, then according Intel's CPU policy, using a 3rd party cooler voids the warranty! Also note that damage attributed to overclocking is not covered under any CPU, motherboard, or cooler warranty either, regardless any overclocking features or software provided by motherboard makers. Certainly, this is not a concern for some enthusiasts. But it is a concern for many others, and everyone should be aware of it.Intel CPU Warranty Information (my bold added)Intel warrants the Product (defined as the boxed Intel? processor and the accompanying thermal solution)... ... if the Product is properly used and installed, for a period of three (3) years. This Limited Warranty does NOT cover:• damage to the Product due to external causes, including accident, problems with electrical power, abnormal electrical, mechanical or environmental conditions, usage not in accordance with product instructions, misuse, neglect, alteration, repair, improper installation, or improper testing; OR
• any Product which has been modified or operated outside of Intel's publicly available specifications
Note that is NOT my opinion, I am just the messenger making sure you are aware of Intel's policy. For AMD readers, they have the same policies about overclocking and the use of 3rd party HSF assemblies on CPUs that come supplied with OEM HSF assemblies.

Second, the proper use of TIM is essential. Here's my canned text on that:

An often misunderstood and sometimes overlooked critical hardware component is thermal interface material or TIM. TIM is typically seen as a thermal pad on a CPU heatsink, or in paste form. It may also be called thermal grease, silicon grease, heat transfer compound, thermal paste, heat sink compound, goop, and probably more.

The 4 Most Common Heatsink Fan (HSF) Assembly Mounting Mistakes:Failure to use TIM
Used too much TIM
Reused old TIM
Did not clean mating surfaces thoroughly before applying TIM
The purpose of TIM is to ensure all the microscopic pits and valleys in the CPU die and heatsink mating surfaces are void of heat trapping air, maximizing surface to surface contact. Any excess is too much and gets in the way, and can actually be counterproductive to the heat transfer process.

Materials Needed: One clean plastic shaft Q-Tip (cotton swab), acetone or 91% isopropyl alcohol (note - most rubbing alcohol is 70% and leaves a film, 91% alcohol can be found at your local drug store), clean scissors, can of compressed air, and the TIM. I recommend one of the new generations of non-metallic TIMs such as Tuniq TX-2 or AC MX-2, or the venerable silver based TIM, Arctic Silver 5.

WARNING: Keep yourself grounded with the case to ensure there is no static buildup and discharge that might destroy any electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive devices. It is important to realize that the "threshold for human awareness" for a static shock is higher than the tolerance of ESD sensitive devices. In other words, you can shock and destroy a CPU, RAM module, or other sensitive device without even knowing there was a static discharge! Use an anti-static wrist-strap or frequently touch bare metal on the case to maintain your body at the same potential as chassis (case) ground.

Preparation: Power off and unplug the computer from the wall. Cut off one cotton swap near the end. Bend the plastic shaft about 1/2 inch from the cut end to make a nice little hockey stick. This is the working end of your TIM application device. Clean the die and heat sink mating surfaces with a soft, lint free cloth dampened (not dripping wet) with acetone or 91% alcohol. Do not let any fluids run down the sides of the CPU die. Clean skin oils from the working end of your applicator with the alcohol dampened cloth. Blast the surfaces with a quick blast of compressed air to ensure the surfaces ar... Read more
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Need to know why I cant get this to work. Even wathced a youtube video on nhow to do it and it still wont work. I am trying to use it with a Q6600 that I know works. but I just installed the backplate to the underneath of the board, then attached the mounting plate to the HSF and the top of the board. Turned it on and NOTHING. No video at all. Fans ALL whir up and run, but no pic. Any idea why it wont work??

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I have used the stock cooler on my Master vs. Hyper HSF stock Intel 48 Cooler j for some time now I ve had good results but the noise level is bit too much Now I have this very large and heavy copper HSF with a mm fan A Cooler Master Hyper I ran a test with my stock HSF I booted up at Intel stock HSF vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48 my GHz Vcore x and ran idle for awhile then at full load Stock Intel HSF I then Installed the Cooler Master I had to remove the motherboard to install a back plate than the HSF is screwed down too Then I ran the same test It comes with a replacement bracket for both socket and Athlon It will clamp down to the regular bracket but as Intel stock HSF vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48 heavy as it is the back plate is required Cooler Master Hyper After week The noise levels are lower with the Hyper but still much louder than a Arctic Cooling Freezer The Cooler Master s overall performance is a disappointment so far I hope that once the heat sink compound cures performance will increase over the Intel unit I may also replace the Intel stock HSF vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48 mm fan with a more quiet one The Hyper gets ZERO green bouncies nbsp

A:Intel stock HSF vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48

if you're looking for silence, you need to move up from air cooling

i prefer water cooling, but you can buy fan-less heat pipe coolers as well (they are huge though.. lol)
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I have an old cabinet, but I'm thinking of buying Cooler Master Gladiator 600 (it's the only budget option available in my hometown). What I've been thinking is will Corsair VX450W psu's cords be long enough to re-route the wires (The case has system for bottom mounted psu)?

A:Cooler Master Gladiator 600+PSU question

Think you will find that this is one of those that you're just going to have to try it and see. You could measure how long the 24 pin and 4 pin motherboard cables are, and then using the new cases dimensions measure from the sockets to roughly where the power supply will be mounted. If they aren't long enough you will need one of each of these (if you can find them locally), - Athena Power 12" P4-12V (4Pin) connector Extension Cable. Model Cable-AD09 - Cables - Athena Power 12" EPS (24Pin) connector Extension Cable Model Cable-AD08 - Cables

so that they will reach.

Edit: Just found this,

300W to 450W: 20 Power Supplies on the Test Bench - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News

which shows that the cables on your PSU are ~24" long, which should make them more than long enough. About the only thing I can see is you may want one of those 4 pin extensions, as due to the location of the block on the motherboard without one you may find you have to snake it under the video card as I don't think it will be long enough on its own to run it up the front (and out of the way).
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Hello all new to this forum I bought a Cooler Master chipset cooler for my Asus P P -E Deluxe I was checking my GPU fan when I with Problem Master Cooler HOT! cooler RUNNING chipset touched the cooler and it was hot Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT! I mean HOOOTTT like cant touch it for more than a second hot The fan is spinning the K revs it runs in but its super hot anyway I gave my stock Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT! cooler away and this is what I have The MB temperature is normal c and cpu c fanless at idle I dont know where that MB sensor is located but the chipset must be over c at least Whats the best chipset cooler out there My MB has an Intel chipset i need an upgrade My Antec P provides great Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT! ventilation with mm fans case is sitting standing up like its meant to be and I was reading in another forum that some heatpipes dont like to be sideways could this be the case nbsp

A:Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT!

chipsets have a higher heat tolerence than CPUs, 40c is a safe operating temp. also, temp sensors are not accurate, so you can't really go by the reading from it anyways. it's not unusual for software based sensor to be as much as 10c off the actual temp.

the cooler you bought should work fine. did you thoroughly clean the chipset and heatsink with isopropyl alcohol and then apply new thermal compound before mounting the cooler?
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Do you guys think that Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler will fit in a regular full tower case. Its not a branded/famous case, just a normal full tower with handle on top.

Thanks for your answers.

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I have a hyper 48 cooler that only runs at 1500 rpm and my Gigabyte mother board only has 3 wire connection and the fan has a 4. wich means I can not control the fan speed through my mother board, correct meif I am wrong. i have a GA-K8U-939 board. Can i get a power addapter that will allow me to connect it straight to the power supply. I read that if you connect the hyper cooler up to a 4 wire it will run at max RPM.
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Hi my name is Rafael of Brazil, rode a computer gamer very good, the settings I put down. My CPU is theoretically very good, but I can not play with it, the cooler that comes with the processor does not maintains the temperature when the BF 4 game with full graphics of 50 fps, but a few minutes later he shuts down and restarts in the middle of the game I think the manufacturing cooler's fault, because he goes from 100 degrees (HWMonitor), I will put an exhaust fan and I'm thinking about changing the cooler, am among the Hyper 212 EVO and H60. What would be better to cool off without the need for overclocking.

A:A10 6800k processor with factory cooler. Hyper 212 or H60

I would like someone to help me, which of these coolers is better. Hyper 212 EVO or H60?
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On average, a silver compound will hang a few degree's C lower than a compound that is composed of grease. Reason, metal conducts heat better, but its not as conductive, as true metal. In fact, both greases and silver compounds and such conduct alike. But if your temps are a huge issue, get a silver compound, they are formulated to align during bonding, which helps create a much easier transfer of heat. its only a dollar or so more, and its all I use, I'd go for it.

A:Cooler master

Only one

For performance, reliability, and all-around good looks, Arctic Silver is the ONLY contestant. :grinthumb
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Purchased Cooler Master #DP5-6131D and ready to install but instructions are not clear. It says to apply Heat Sink Silicone Compound but not sure if this goes on the whole surface or if you leave the little square in the center clear of compound.

A:Cooler Master

The compound is applied to match the raised area on the CPU called the die. All you need is an extremely thin layer to make contact with the die.
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At the college i am training we have the above desktop which keeps shutting down unexpectedly, all connections are fine and it is not over heating. any advice would be helpful

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Hi all.. im currently using this Cooler Master GX 550W Bronze 80 Plus PSU with my current rig.. I don't know but for some reason people here saying that this PSU sucks and is known for damaging hardware. So tell me should I buy a new one that is better than this? or does anyone have any Good/Bad experiences with GX Series PSU's Please Help!

Reason i'm asking is im worried. I just recently build a new rig and I don't want to fry any of the components due to the malfunctioning of the PSU! Also I heard a strange kind of noise that came only once from the Rig side.. it wasn't a beep but it sounded like thin and sharp noise like pooooooiiiiinnnngg.. don't know if it came from the board or the psu or any other thing... but PC kept running fine.

A:Cooler Master GX 550W

That is a decent psu, but is on the lower end of their models. Looking at your specs you have a good build. I would get a better psu, and keep it as a back up for testing. Corsair and Seasonic are good choices, others will add more. The psu is one component you do not want to cut corners on. I would go for a modular one.
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Is my fan supposed to spin constantly all the time or no?
The reason I am asking is because it isn't. Watch the short 1 minute video I made, explains it all in detail.

Cooler Master 212 Plus Fan Issue - YouTube

Thanks for your help!

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I am using the Cooler Master Aero and I am trying to get the most speed out of the fan possible I am not concerned with Master 4 Aero Cooler noise levels and the website says it can range from rpm According to my ASUS Probe the fan is spinning around How do I increase the speed of the fan The knob that is on the back of my comp that connects to it is turned all the way up hxxp www coolermaster com index php LT english amp Language s amp url place product amp p serial ISB-V amp other title ISB-V Aero MB ASUS P P DELUXE SPRINGDALE RT POWER SUPPLY ANTEC TRUE ATX RTL CPU P CGHz M P K HT RT DDRAM Cooler Master Aero 4 MBTWINX - C COR RT HD GB WD R Cooler Master Aero 4 WD JB MB-CACHE HD GB WD WD GD MB CDRW LITEON X X X LTR- S BK SOUND BLASTER AUDIGY PCI SB CPUFAN COOLERMASTER ISB-V AR RT Raedon Pro MB nbsp

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I was planning to buy this cabinet,then I noticed that it has only 2 USB 2.0 slots(front)..
I was just wondering how people use this case when a mouse and keyboard each takes up one USB slot,thereby leaving nothing for a phone,external hdd,gamepad etc
Any help would be appreciated

A:Cooler Master Elite 431

You would ordinarily use the I/O USB ports that show at the back of the case which are directly connected to the motherboard. So when you choose your motherboard, pay attention to number and type of USB ports the motherboard provides and decide accordingly. If you need more, you can buy a USB hub or install a PCI or PCI-E add on card for more USB ports.
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I am using the Cooler Master Aero and I am trying to get the most 4 Cooler Aero Master speed out of the fan possible I am not concerned with noise levels and the website says it can range from rpm According to my Cooler Master Aero 4 ASUS Probe the fan is spinning around How do I increase the speed of the fan The knob that is on the back of my comp that connects to it is turned all the way up hxxp www coolermaster com index php LT english amp Language s amp url place product amp p serial Cooler Master Aero 4 ISB-V amp other Cooler Master Aero 4 title ISB-V Aero MB ASUS P P DELUXE SPRINGDALE RT POWER SUPPLY ANTEC TRUE ATX RTL CPU P CGHz M P K HT RT DDRAM MBTWINX - C COR RT HD GB WD R WD JB MB-CACHE HD GB WD WD GD MB CDRW LITEON X X X LTR- S BK SOUND BLASTER AUDIGY PCI SB CPUFAN COOLERMASTER ISB-V AR RT Raedon Pro MB nbsp
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I was looking at a Cooler Master CM Stacker this evening at Fry's and liked it except for one thing.

It does not come with a power supply and when I looked at the power supply enclosure inside the computer, it looked like it was very small.

The height is quite a bit smaller than any power supply that they had in stock.

Is anyone using this case that can tell me a good power supply to put in these cases?

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what will happen if you are using a APC Back-UPS RS VA V with Cooler master extreme power w RP- -PCAR PSU the label behind my UPS says it has a A max output where as my PSU s input requirement is A Vac i have been using this setup for almost years but now my UPS has stopped working After powering on the UPS continuously beeps and the red quot overload quot indicator starts flashing the technical support confirmed its a permenant damage and requires replacement the website has conflicting information on the ammpere rating the manual and the 500 Cooler amperage? PSU Master rear www apcmedia com salestools Cooler Master 500 PSU amperage? ASTE- Z V E R EN pdf of my UPS mentions it s A but the technical specs here www apc com resource include techspec index Cooler Master 500 PSU amperage? cfm base sku BR -IN says the output is A now which is right and where can i find the exact details of my UPS tried to contact the online chat support but there is no representative and the email response link is also down so could low ampere ouput cause damages to PSU after the replacement can i continue using the same UPS or should i choose a higher specification model please help Vivek sorry this is a double post i changed the subject which resulted in a duplicate post nbsp

A:Cooler Master 500 PSU amperage?

The 6A rating you see as part of the technical specs is for the connectors, not for the output power of the UPS IMO.

Insufficient power will not damage your PSU as much as it will damage your UPS via an overload. This is probably why it is not working anymore and the "Overload" light is flashing. Your PSU will try to pull as much power as it needs to convert to DC, and nothing more. Have you recently upgraded your system with a more powerful GPU, CPU or more HDDs? That may be the reason for the overload.
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hye.,i need some advise on choosing the cooling system for my cpu,.need something that is quite at full speed and can keep my cpu cool as im going to overclock it later..any idea which one should i choose between these cooler master v10/v8/v6R/v6GT..
if theres any other glad to hear it from you guys..

A:Cooler master v10/v8/v6R/v6GT

What are your computers specs? CPU, motherboard, memory type and speed and power supply?
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While I don't have a problem with the CM HAF case that I bought years ago I can't say the same for the fans that came with it So far the rear mm exhaust and the mm top blow hole fans have failed and also a mm fan that came with my CM Hyper TX CPU cooler I'll never buy a CM fan again I know that fans don't last forever but I have fans far older that these that are still spinning I'm replacing these with Noctua fans in hopes that they live up to their reputation and last much much longer Unfortunately that is somewhat expensive so if they don't I may consider water cooling not that that is cheap either Fans Master Cooler I just went through the product list at Noctua and it appears that they don't make a mm fan so I need a good one from some Cooler Master Fans place else is there any My only alternative is to replace the mm with dual mm fans which Noctua does make I imagine that these would be somewhat noisier than the single large fan but how would the CFM compare

A:Cooler Master Fans

Review - What's the best supersize case fan? |

Antec Big Boy!
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How does one do this? I have a cpu fan error on bootup so I cleaned the inside of the pc w/compressed air but still got the error. The heatsink is huge and CM's site doesn't say how to replace it. I've been told that, in general, you just remove 2 screws but then read somewhere else you need to actually remove the cooler from the motherboard, which is hard to believe to just get to a fan.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4093 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series , 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 220825 MB; D: Total - 715401 MB, Free - 636440 MB; L: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 282938 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Crosshair III Formula, Rev 1.xx, 101600350000502
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated and Enabled

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What is everyone's opinion on this case?

I need it to fit an ATX mobo, which I know it will, a GTX 660, and a Cougar 1000w PSU which I already own.

A:Solved: Cooler Master Case

Its a very good and popular case, 82% of the 1,410 reviews/owners gave it full 5 eggs on Newegg too.
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COOLER MASTER Hyper Plus RR-B - P-G amp Heatpipe Direct Contact amp Long Life Sleeve mm CPU Cooler Compatible with Intel amp amp and AMD FM amp FM Replacement? COOLER Cracked MASTER fan. amp AM amp - Newegg com COOLER MASTER Hyper Plus RR-B - P-G quot Heatpipe Direct Contact quot Long Life Sleeve mm CPU Cooler Compatible with Intel and AMD FM FM AM Last night i was putting together a new rig and accidentally cracked the mm CPU fan attached to my heatsink After searching on newegg for a fan replacement not an COOLER MASTER Cracked fan. Replacement? entire heatsink fan combo I found myself unable to locate a mm fan that is meant for CPU ONLY Can someone help me find a mm CPU fan that definitely has the clamps that attached to a heatsink I don't want to waste on something that I'm just going to have COOLER MASTER Cracked fan. Replacement? to RMA I had a bad mobo and had to RMA it and I don't want newegg getting upset with me Thanks guys Bryan

A:COOLER MASTER Cracked fan. Replacement?

Look at this one:
EVERCOOL F-EC12025H12BP 120x120x25mm High Speed Double Ball Bearing Fan - Retail -

See if the specs. are similar to the cracked one you have.
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ok so im thinking of buying a new powersupply because i later need to buy a new GOOOOOOD graphics card i found this one and im wondering if its enough for a GOOOOD craphics card and w is enough for me Cooler Master PowerSupply GX Master 650W Cooler sufficient? (PSU) PSU GX W But for Cooler Master (PSU) GX 650W sufficient? some reason its extremely cheap for being W compared to the other ones i found heres some specs Compliance with the latest Intel standard ATX V V Single V rail for the most demanding SLI configurations High Cooler Master (PSU) GX 650W sufficient? efficiency design that meets Plus requirements typical Ultra-silent operation with intelligent mm Cooler Master (PSU) GX 650W sufficient? fan speed control Multiple protection design OVP UVP OPP OTP SCP High reliability MTBF gt hours Double Layer EMI Filter restrains noise and injury to end-user Huge bulk capacitor for hold up time gt ms at full loading Integrating Active PFC with PWM combo controller not only make PFC higher than but also raises efficiency Efficient transformer for reducing Vsb power loss when the system is at turn-off and sleep modes Why so cheap and another thing is will it fit in my HP p sc computer Here is its hardware website with computer information http h www hp com ewfrf wc ol amp query hp p sc amp product amp key null thank you for any help provided nbsp

A:Cooler Master (PSU) GX 650W sufficient?

Should fit fine, but there might be better PSUs, and you might not need so much power either.

Can't comment on why its cheap, but where are you located, and what is your budget?

Also, what graphics card are you wanting to power from it?
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I plan to buy new PSU for my build I5-2400+GTS450
Is this cooler master good?
anyone has it and can tell is it reliable? Is one 12v rail good or bad.. i was reading some reviews and still am confused

A:Cooler master GX-450W good?

That will run $60- at newegg. - COOLER MASTER GX 450W RS450-ACAAD3-US 450W ATX12V v2.31 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply

Ironically for the same price I just picked up a pair of Corsair CX600 model 600w supplies onsale until last wednesday one now in use on the old Antec 900 Vista case running Vista there and the second for a new 7 Pro mini tower case about to be fired up later today. Still waiting the last two items to finish that one up.

As for a 450w model it will mainly depend on how much hardware and what hardwares it will be used for. For a minimum stock case it will meet the minimum requirements. But for any ocing or placing heavy demands on it you may want to consider a larger model supply with more then one rail as well as more connections.
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Looking for a new power supply for my grandson's computer. Am looking at this one.

Price is right. Anyone have an experience with Cooler Master power supplies? I have always used Antec but have had a few problems with them lately. Thanks.

A:Cooler Master Power Supplies???????

CoolerMaster is an OK PSU as long as you don't load it too heavily. That unit has about a 70% efficiency rating so if you're needing no more than 300-350 watts continuous it should be fine
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I have a Cooler Master Centurion 5 CAC-T05 case ( and I've never managed to get the lights on the front working properly. There is a hard drive light and a power on light, and I'm just not sure where they are supposed to be plugged in on the mobo. The mobo is an Asus M2NPV-VM.


A:Lights on Cooler Master Case

See page 1-38 (Page 50 in Acrobat Reader)
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My specs are

Pentium 521
ECS PF4 extreme
2 x 512mb Syncmax ddr2 533mhz
Forsa 256mb 6600
Samsung 160gb Sata
Seagate 60gb Pata
Nec 2500a
Cooler Master Rs-430-PMAR

Recently built the above system and every thing is all fine. I do a lot of video/audio conversions + downloading continuously for 24hrs and have the computer on for many days even wks without ever having a problem.

However, recently i notice some funny readings from speedfan v4.25 on the 12 read:

Vcore: 1.33v
+12v: 5.65v
3.3v: 3.34v
Vcc: 4.99v
Vin2: 0.00v
5Vsb: 4.93v
Vbat: 0.00v

does that mean i have a faulty psu or is it normal cos the 12v is on 2 railings and speedfan is only reading one of them?

i also read that theres a software that can stress test a psu....i cant recall the name but i think it begins with the letter o, any one has an idea?

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I m in the process of building a new HAF a Cooler for Master 912 Case airflow help PC I have all the parts on order and they should arrive today I was looking at the case and a few other parts and got to thinking exactly how I should setup the airflow in the case Normally I would just do top back exhaust and side front intake The problem is I m Case airflow help for a Cooler Master HAF 912 using Corsair liquid cooling so that will take my Case airflow help for a Cooler Master HAF 912 back exhaust My question is with the case I have what type of fans should I use and where Also which fans should be exhaust and intake ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The case I m getting is a Cooler Master HAF The Liquid Cooling I m using is Corsair H I d link them for you but I currently cant link urls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The case has the following slots in it for fans Cooling System -Front mm fan x or mm fan x -Top mm fan x or mm fan x -Rear mm fan x -Side mm or mm fan x It comes with two s obviously and I m putting the liquid cooling fan radiator in the back fan slot The problem with that is the radiator blocks one of the top slots so I can either go x mm on top or a mm on top I m putting a mm on the side of the case as well The case also comes with a mm in front and has room for another or you can swap the two mm s for a mm Here are my current thoughts on air layout -Rear Has to be intake for the liquid cooling radiator -Top Exhaust with a mm -Side Exhaust with a mm -Front Two intakes with two mm Oh I m also getting a RAM cooler G Skill Turbulence II FTB- C -D I dont know if that will affect how I m supposed to cool the case with the fans either hence the question here Any input as to what I should do with the fan slots I have left to fill and which ones should be intake exhaust would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Case airflow help for a Cooler Master HAF 912

The stock fans should be enough, but I have a feeling you are going to do a massive over-clock, so every piece of hardware will be affected. The rule is:
front fans blowing in
top fan blowing out
side fan blowing in
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I was debating between a laptop docking station and a high-power cooling pad rigged as a docking station Well after some searching I found the Cooler Master SF with USB and decided to get it I've already noticed huge temperature drops while gaming Whereas my Sandy Bridge i would hit - C while gaming it's now only hitting - C while pics/review Master Cooler - SF 19 gaming Anyway here are some pics with a storyline review The box itself was a testament to the word quot massive quot which is what I would use to describe this cooling pad Opening the lid of the box I noticed there are three velcro quot tabs quot as if the box is meant to be used over and over Hmmm Maybe the words quot arming the gaming revolution quot were meant to actually mean something The cooling surface itself is massive measuring about inches across The entire cooling pad at it's widest is just over inches wide The lights though you can change the color are more annoying than cool if you ask me because they quot pulse Cooler Master SF 19 - pics/review quot and there is no setting for a steady on Despite weighing over lbs this thing feels extraordinarily flimsy when you're holding it though I am sure it's actually well-constructed The raised grey areas are rubber the mesh is some sort of metal and the rest is plastic Off to the right you see the included USB A to micro B cable in it's bag The SF makes use of two mm fans with a stepless speed controller to run them anywhere from rpm to rpm While it's running hard it does generate a lot of noise so I wouldn't recommend running it Cooler Master SF 19 - pics/review hard late at night if you have roommates who are sleeping However the fans are fully replaceable and Cooler Master SF 19 - pics/review moveable Also there are hookups for up to fans so I'm sure that if you were absolutely determined you could perform mad scientist surgery and somehow squeeze four mm fans in there not sure if you would want to though I'm thinking of getting quieter fans that have LEDs built in for some cooler lighting effects but I'm not sure if I would be compromising cooling power to do so The SF includes a built-in -port USB hub with a micro B-cable port for going between the laptop and the hub Now I'm ready to set it up like the docking station I want it to be Setting the laptop on the pad I start to hook up cables I had a -port USB hub left over from a while back that I decided to incorporate into my design just for sake of finding a use for the hub Here the quot dock quot is complete at least for now This totals ports USB available and ports USB available I may include a HDMI splitter at some point but since I have nothing to hook the HDMI up to I'm fine for now All in all I'm impressed by the SF so far I'll see how well it holds up in the long run but considering it's going to be sitting on my desk permanently I doubt anything will happen to it The SF comes in two options USB and USB I got USB which costs a fair amount extra because my laptop has USB and I wanted to maximize the use of it Behind the laptop I have a plug strip for powering the cooling pad laptop and -port USB hub The SF uses a V AC adapter that plugs into your wall or plug strip I find that it elevates the laptop in such a way that is more erganomic for typing as well Anyway feel free to add in your own comments to this thread ask questions etc I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a great cooling pad for at home something they're intending to leave set up in one place For anyone who is a hardcore gamer this is your cooler and if you don't mind hauling around a beast of a cooling pad to gaming conventions then this is for you This won't fit in a messenger bag or backpack unless you go to bigbadbags com and pay a rather exorbitant amount for one of theirs If you do get this for home use I'd recommend also having a smaller cooling pad that you can take with you on the go That's what I use my Thermaltake Massive LX for Cheers Also if you found this rev... Read more

A:Cooler Master SF 19 - pics/review

Thanks for taking your time for reviewing this kbronski!
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I'm a complete noob when it comes to computers Background on my issue I was running 330 Cooler drivers? Master Elite on Windows Vista Home basic I think when AVG detected a virus I closed my other applications as I was about to go out anyway and ran a scan full scan with malwarebyte's anti-malware I then went out and walked my dog When I returned my computer had rebooted I logged on and for some reason explorer did not load I opened malwarebytes again via the task manager whilst it was scanning I also decided to look for a process that may have previously caused the reboot I noticed there were TWO coppies of crss exe running so chances are one was the virus As processes run in RAM and neither had any info I decided I'd end the first one if it wasn't that I could restart and end the nd next time I kill the process get BSOD and then my computer rebooted however wouldn't load It loaded to an empty command line with no text I waited a small while nothing changed I rebooted again nothing I asked online and was told I needed to format and re-install OS However I had lost the installation disc for vista vista sucks anyway so I got myself a copy of Windows ultimate -bit I've got GB RAM My problem Upon loading the disc booting from disc obviously as I could not boot from the HDD I accept the terms blah blah blah select quot custom install advanced quot You coulda just put quot fresh install quot btw and it takes me to a form where I have to select the driver Except it's blank and can't find anything As I said I'm a complete noob with technology however I do believe drivers are the software required to run hardware My computer model is the title thread but I have no discs for that I really don't know what I'm supposed to Cooler Master Elite 330 drivers? do can someone please help me out Thanks

A:Cooler Master Elite 330 drivers?

We need your system specs please....Cooler Master/Elite 330 is your case.
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I've recently acquired a Cooler Master Seidon 120v and am currently trying to install it on my ASRock Fatal1ty z97 Gaming motherboard. I've connected the pump to the first chassis fan and the radiator to the first CPU fan slot. Upon booting to the BIOS my CPU temperature keeps rising, I've seen it go as far as 80 degrees, at which point I just turn the PC off. I set all fans to full speed. Thermal paste is applied well. Either the pump doesn't work or I just can't hear it. Any suggestions?

A:Cooler Master Seidon 120v not cooling

To add some information, my stock Intel fan worked well and reduced temperatures to about 60 degrees under load. Now it increases without any limit in the BIOS screen.
Relevancy 65.36%

Wondering if anyone has tried a non-Nocona, E-ATX dual Xeon board in the HAF 932. I'm talking one of the newer Dual-Xeon boards. I know I lose the single-CPU ATX back opening, but I'm more concerned about if it actually handles a dual-Xeon E-ATX board.

Thanks for any help.
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So basicly the title says it I have my cooler master case w o the side window and ive been wanting to add some more fans to it I was wondering how much would if benefit if I added more side fans mm as in cooler temperatures for my pc mainly I want to add these to the case will I benefit from them at all http www coolermaster com product Detail cooling case-fan sickleflow-x-non-led html or with the led probably and another question I have my cpu which is oced to and the temps arent that hot as I never rly go that intesive unless im playing cpu bound games like gw in the heavy parts on wvw I was wondering if there was a good air cooler for my intel i - k it currently runs on but I w/o window Cooler Master 431 Side Cooling wish Cooler Master 431 w/o Side window Cooling to push it abit more could u list some good air coolers on the euro margin the hyper evo is in my mind but will it be enough nbsp

A:Cooler Master 431 w/o Side window Cooling

That is a good cooler, but I personally like at your budget range the Thermaltake CLP0575 Frio

But either will do you fine for 4.0ghz on a 3570k

As for more airflow, adding more fans can help, but make sure to just focus on having a good overall flow through the case which will be a huge benefit in general.
Relevancy 65.36%

will any version of the ati 5870 fit in my coolermaster scout case without any modification to the case itself, e.g cutting up the hard drive bay. I have measured a space of 27.8cm but that might be inaccurate so i need to make sure. this asus edition is apparently 10.5 inches which would fit.
(can anyone confirm this?)


A:ATI 5870 fit in a Cooler Master Scout case?

Hi Alster,
I do not think it will. The scout (storm) has a divider that extends below the HDD cage all the way to the bottom of the case.

opps scratch that, I have 5970 on the brain
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i want to install cooler master V10 in mid tower case..but im confused which one to pick between Cooler Master Storm Scout Black and Cooler Master HAF 912

does anybody have any idea which one should i pick.??

A:Cooler Master case recommendation needed please

The HAF 912 would be my pick... more of them out there... more in service for Cooler Master to learn from.
Relevancy 65.36%

Edit: The color scheme will be red, to match ROG Formula VI, changed it after wanting the above mobo over Gigabyte z87 X OC (WC features of ROG, yes pls! )

Project Name: Furnace
Why? Well because Haswell CPUs tend to run quite hot, which is great for the winter time ^^
The whole color scheme is orange and black/grey as well as the case on its own looks rather like a Furnace.

System Components:

CASE: Coolermaster Cosmos 2 / MOBO: ROG Formula VI / CPU: i7 4770k / GPU: EVGA 780 3GB / RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400Mhz (?) /
/ PSU: OCZ ZX Series 850W 80+ GOLD / BOOT: Samsung 840 256GB /

Outer Design:



To be my first modding project, well at least large one as this.

A:[Casemod] Cooler Master Cosmos 2 - Project #1

That is awesome.
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What are your thoughts on this new case from CM i like it but am not sure weather i should get it or not.

A:Cooler Master CM Storm Series Trooper

no thoughts on this case?
Relevancy 65.36%

I'm curious if there are any places around the internet where I can buy some Cooler Master SATA power cables? I went to Cooler Master's site, and although it's $4 if I remember correctly, it was about $20 in total to bring it here to Calgary. Kind of expensive, I was looking for something cheaper.

I guess when I had my system built, the store forgot to give me the power supply box. They told me it didn't come with a box, which most power supplies do come in one with all the accessories.

A:Cooler Master SATA power cables

From looking at your system specs it says that you have a Corsair PSU and a Cooler Master Case. So, I'm going to assume you are talking about the accessory box for the case. I believe you can go to their web site and do an online chat. Just tell them you bought one of their cases that was missing the accessory box and ask them if they could send you one. You may get lucky. But, be aware that Cooler Master is not known for quick customer service.
Relevancy 64.5%

Need really quick answer-because i make error(or whatever ) So thing is i had buy cooler master seidon 240M
cpu cooler. My case is cooler master HAF912 it is good,but too small for my new cpu cooler.
I have found Cooler master CM Storm Trooper case.Good price.
So is it really compatible with cooler master seidon 240M case???
Any suggestions?? thank you

A:Cooler Master Seidon 240M and compatible case

Have a look at some of these

Corsair Obsidian Series PC Cases ? Rugged steel meets the subtle elegance of brushed aluminum in these world-class computer cases designed to be the foundation of amazing systems
Relevancy 64.5%

My last questions have not gotten ONE reply on this site so I ve pretty much been posting on another tech support site but thought I d give this ONE more try I don t know if I ve been blackballed or something I used to come here for everything -------------------------- I m putting in a Corsair H and have Removing in cooling--HELP Solved: to Master water put V8 Cooler never done this before The system came w the Cooler Master so I obviously didn t put it in and don t know how to remove it All the tutorials I find are on removing the fan which helps me NOT I assume after I remove the whole thing and it s huge that I have to clean off the cpu of the thermal Solved: Removing Cooler Master V8 to put in water cooling--HELP paste What do Solved: Removing Cooler Master V8 to put in water cooling--HELP I use And the instructions that come w the new cooler are just pics I m so pissed off right now I could kick a kitten and I love animals Could someone please have the patience enough to walk me through removing this thing and putting on the new one The ppl I ve called that may be able to help can t due to distance or schedule My system is overheating which is why the new cooler This is my info OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Phenom tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB L Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC Crosshair III Formula Rev xx Antivirus Avira Desktop Updated and Enabled nbsp

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I have a cooler master storm scout case.
I have a 750 watt Power supply.

I live in institutionalized living conditions, (kong term medical recovery), where the air here is very very dry in the winter.

Lately I have been having issues with my computer turning on.

I press the power button and it goes up and down, but no power starts up.

I've checked the plug, even unplugged it at both ends. No good.

Only after I start moving the case around, to get access to the insides, does it start up.
Any ideas what might be causing this condition? Thanks.

A:cooler master storm scout will not power up issue

It sounds like you have a loose connection or are grounded to the case.
Relevancy 63.64%

hello to all,
I am the proud owner of a new Cooler Master Storm Scout computer chassis.
Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use the LED fan lights! I thought I connected everything. But, the front panel button does nothing for the lights. I am supposed to be able to turn them on and off. The manual is useless. I have searched the internet but to no avail! Please help,
Any questions? Ask!

A:Solved: Cooler Master Storm Scout Chassis LED Lights?

How many fans have lights? Also how many chords come out of the fans? Because I have a cooler master tower too w/ one blue 120mm LED fan that I plugged in and was perfect.
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So im planning a PSU upgrade for the future.

I have read some reviews on the Corsair HX series and also Coolermaster Silent pro Gold series. Both seem like pretty awesome PSUs only major differences I have read is rippling is lower with Corsair.

At this moment the Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 1000W goes for $229AUD, and the HX-1050 is $265AUD online prices of course.

Anyone have any preferences between the two?

A:Thoughts? on Corsair HX-1050 vs Cooler Master Silent pro Gold 1000W

I've been using Corsair power supplies for years and have always been happy with their performance. That's a pretty good price on the Coolermaster and both are modular, tough call.
Relevancy 62.35%

Hi guys,

I am trying to locate somewhere online where I can purchase one of the rubber feet for a
Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Mid Tower Case as one has fallen out during a recent move. The only places I can find online will only sell the whole case and not the parts.

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: New rubber foot for Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Mid Tower Case
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I can't RDP from my host to my VM in Hyper-V,I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro. I have enhanced session mode enabled,all integration services running,I'm allowing RDP connections in System Properties,RDP is allowed through Windows Firewall,and I can ping the VM from my host. I'm stumped. Any clues?

A:RDP Hyper-V question

You are allowing RDP sessions within the Guest, right? Shouldn't really require anything more than that.
Relevancy 54.18%

I had a desktop with window 8. I upgraded to window 8 PRO. I enabled virtualization in the BIOS and enable Hype v in window 8 pro. i ran COREINFo -v and everything checks out.

I go into Hyper-v manager but do not see any option to install Vm or Virtual switch, etc

Can someone helP
Thank you

A:HYPER-V question

Hi Nolandpete, welcome to the Eight Forums.

A good place to start learning Hyper-V is our Tutorials section. Check out these tutorials:
Hyper-V - How to Use in Windows 8Hyper-V ? Create Linux Virtual Machine in Windows 8Hyper-V Virtual Switch Manager
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I am thinking about purchasing a Vantec"Copper X"CPU Cooler. My current heatsink and fan are a oem make. My AMD XP 2100+ is at 45 to 50 degrees celsius at idle and the fan is spinning at 4963 rpm. I also have a NVidia GeForce FX 5200 card. I thought a new Vantec fan and heatsink would help the cpu temp out. The Vantec fan is louder but it spins at 6800 rpm. Any input would be appreciated. My other question is about replacing the heatsink and fan. I have never done this before and was wondering if I sould attempt it or seek a technician to do it?

Thank you

Relevancy 53.75%

i purchased this cpu cooler and it came yesterday. i installed it on my new rig (witch is yet to be completed ...still waiting on video card and psu) and ran into a question about it.

it has a seperate fan speed control that i can either use in a 3.5" floppy drive bay or a pci bay in the rear.

my question is, do i have to use this control? or can i just let me mobo tell it how fast to spin the fan?

in the instructions, it says to disable the mobo function in bios while using the extra control that came with the cooler, but it doesnt say i have to use it or if it is optional.

any advice on this matter i would love.
thanks in advance.

A:Question about my new cpu cooler

The control knob is optional. You can plug the fan directly into your motherboard, and have it control the fan.
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Hello and thank you for your time. I'm wondering if there is a way to force my host operating system to use a specific network card? Here is my story. I recently enabled Hyper-V on my Windows 8.1 desktop. When enabling Hyper-V it created a network switch. This switch is an external switch with access to my host's network card. I also created an internal switch for a different subnet. See the screenshot for a little more details
What I notice is that when I'm browsing to websites on my host OS, it pauses for maybe 10 seconds saying resolving host. The web page then loads as expected. This did not happen prior to Hyper-v. So I'm thinking that maybe traffic is being routed through the Hyper-V switches and back out? Is there a way to verify this, or maybe force the host to use a specific NIC card?
Relevancy 53.32%

I have a Pentium D 3.4Ghz HT cpu in device manager it shows 2x CPUs but in taskmanager it only shows one. Not that this seems to be a problem in anyway but I wanted to make sure the settings are correct...

Is there a way to fix this?

I am running Windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit

A:Hyper Threading Question

There is a change you need to make in the Task Manager.
Please look at picture attached for instruction.
Let me know if this helps
Apparently I'm having trouble attaching...
Open Task Manager,
under view, select CPU history, and then "1 graph per CPU"
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I am putting together a new build with a hyper 212 plus and some corsair vengeance memory that goes right beside it. The problem is that the hyper 212 extends slightly into the 1st slot of memory. The vengeance memory is way too high with the heatsink on it. What can I do? Can I put the fan on the cooler to pull instead of push or will I lose some cooling? Do I need to get different memory? Can I take of the heatsink on the first stick? Thanks.

Relevancy 53.32%

Hey guys,
So I wanna update my CPU cooler because the one I have now doesn't cool down my cpu enough. So I was wondering, What is a good cpu cooler I could get? My socket type is a Socket AM2+. I want to get the best CPU cooler for my quad core proccesser but there are so many of cpu coolers, I really don't know which one to choose from! Please help! Thanks
(PS. My budget is only 100$)

Relevancy 53.32%


I have a question about hooking up a Vantec CCK-6040H Cpu Cooler. The heatsink and fan comes with a 3 to 4 pin optional connector. I have been told I should use this instead of mounting the 3 pin connector right to my motherboard. They continued to explain that because this has a high powered fan (6800 to 7200 rpm) it should not be directly connected to the 3 pin connector on my motherboard. Is this true and if so would I connect this 4 pin connector to 1 of the leads coming of my psu? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,


A:Vantec CPU Cooler Question

Usually high powered fans such has this one gets connect to your PSU (Power Supply) and your 3 pin fan connector so your able to montior it's speed.

I suggest you do not install this fan for it creates way too much noise and has no fan speed control! I highly recomment a Thermaltake Volcano 9+ or higher. They have easy installation and can control the fan speed. They are made out of you copper based Vantec fan, but I'm sure you'll receive better result with an Thermaltake. I currently have a Thermaltake 11+ and it's very good! It cools down my CPU even at the highest clockings. It includes a fan speed control unit either for a CD-ROM slot or a PCI slot at the rear. It's fairly quite for it's power unless that is you boost it full speed. Then it's makes just has much noice has your Vantec. I suggest you do some shopping first!
Relevancy 53.32%

I've got this cooler coming next week to mount on my Z78-A LGA 1150 board are they a lot of trouble to install? and do they mount good and firmly? Thanks!
COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO RR-212E-20PK-R2 Continuous Direct Contact 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler Compatible with latest Intel 2011/1366/1155 and AMD FM1/FM2/AM3+ -

A:Cooler installation question

It's not real hard, just read the instructions carefully. They won't be real descriptive. You Tube has a bunch of videos to show you how. They are good coolers. Get some quality thermal paste instead of what comes with it. This is a different socket, but the same process.
Relevancy 53.32%

Hey guys, will the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO work on a MSI Z78-G45 motherboard? (links below)

I saw a few people saying the cooler will not attach properly but I don't know if that's just them getting a bad shipment or if it's actually not compatible. If it doesn't, can you recommend one that will work on that motherboard? I'd rather not spend too much on a cooler if possible, so the cheaper (but not bad quality), the better.


Relevancy 53.32%

I have a 3 year old, unused Kraken X40 Liquid Cooler and i was wondering if its still usable? I am wondering if it sitting unused that long will affect anything.

Also, it says on the box that it supports Intel 1155, 1156, 1366 and 2011, but would it fit on a Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake LGA1151?
Relevancy 53.32%

Waterblock Question

I was woundering if this Waterblock was any good. Is it better or worse then Danger Den Block Maze 2? I have a Duron 1 GHZ and I'm gonning to overclock for sure.

A:Waterblock (cpu cooler) Question

Not familiar w/ that brand, Gemini Cool, High Volume CPU Cooler, or the site but it looks ok .

Product Reviews - Cooling Stuff
Speeze Coolers
CPUfx Water-Cooling system
Leufken Water-Cooling system

Search Feature is Your Friend when it comes to similar topics.

More cooling resources on this thread-->
Relevancy 53.32%

Hi guys its been a while since question compatablitiy Cpu cooler I ve been on My computer died by lightning a few Cpu cooler compatablitiy question weeks back and I m going to upgrade in the upcoming weeks Asus M A T-E AM AMD GX XFX HD A-ZDDC GB Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALS GB Corsair TX watts OCZ Special Ops Urban Elite gb x gb I only wanted gb as I think a gb kit is more than needed AMD Phenom II X ghz Microsoft Vista SP bit inclused a upgrade coupon for windows I don t know if I should stick with my copy of xp untill comes out and buy or upgrade to vista bit and then get windows but I do want I choose these parts to try to save some money and be able to play anygames at x with great frames and I m an amd fan how ever if I had the money if I had I would switch over to intel Anyways Sorry I like to get sidetracked lol I use a Thermaltake Ultra Extreame for a cpu cooler What is the difference between the Socket AM and AM because this cooler included an adapter for the AM and I just wanted to know will this work or will I have to buy a new after market cooler because I hate and don t trust stock coolers Please help -Nick Lee nbsp

A:Cpu cooler compatablitiy question

The cooler Thermaltake Ultra 120 Extreme with the AM2 adapter will fit the AM3
Relevancy 52.46%

Well i have problem with cooler but im not 100% sure... anyways i get a feeling that my cooler not working. The Fan works but cooler no(they same, just when cooler starts my pc much louder cuz big fan gets more power then) but its all the time like normal fan.. so i get a feeling cooler not starting..

A:Solved: Question Bout Fan(Cooler)

Buying new pc in end of summer mostlikely.
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Is it possible to install Windows server 2012 Hyper-v on windows 8 Hyper-v? or should I use Wmware Workstation.


A:Virtualize for test Win2012 Hyper-v server on Windows 8 Hyper-v?

You can't run hyper-v (any version) inside a VM so neither would work,
and even if you could it would be so painfully slow as to be unusable.
Bob Comer - Microsoft MVP Virtual Machine
Relevancy 51.17%


I haven't been insiding for a while, just built a new Win 10 Pro 64Bit Box which I dont want to Inside Build. How can I get the ISO images so that I can create a virtual machine?

Is this still possible?


Relevancy 51.17%

I am using Windows Insider Preview upgraded from Windows fully updated I had installed remove - feature Hyper-V running not Hyper-V Hypervisor can't the Hyper-V feature in the latest Windows but had not used it before I received and installer the Insider Preview edition The Hyper-V Manager was configured OK but when I tried to Hyper-V Hypervisor not running - can't remove Hyper-V feature start a VM I created in this case Windows Server TP since I want to explore the new nested Hyper-V feature I got the message that the Hyperrvisor was not running Indeed when Hyper-V Hypervisor not running - can't remove Hyper-V feature I created the services admin tool the HV was not running although it was set to staRt automatic Hyper-V Hypervisor not running - can't remove Hyper-V feature I could not start it - failed immediately Most annoying I could not remove the Hyper-V feature Windows started the removal process after rebooting but then rolled the changes back because it could not apply them I restored Windows from a recent image I created using AOEMI Backupper The restore worked flawlessly and instead of trying to remove Hyper-V I've disabled all its processes Now I can install VMware Workstation and Virtualbox but I really wanted to try Hyper-V Has anybody got Hyper-V working on Windows - what version if so Is there a workaround for the Insider Preview or if not how I can I file a bug TIA V

A:Hyper-V Hypervisor not running - can't remove Hyper-V feature

Yes, quite a few have se it up and used it without issue. have you read the tutorial?

Hyper-V virtualization - Setup and Use in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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I am using Windows Insider Preview upgraded from Windows fully updated I had installed the Hyper-V feature in the latest can't - not remove Hyper-V Hyper-V feature Hypervisor running Windows but had not used it before I received and installer the Insider Preview edition The Hyper-V Manager was configured OK but when I tried to start a VM I created in this case Windows Server TP since I want to explore the new nested Hyper-V feature I got the message that the Hyperrvisor was not running Indeed when I created the services admin tool the HV was not running although it was set to staRt automatic I could not start it - failed immediately Most annoying I could not remove the Hyper-V feature Windows started the removal process after rebooting but then rolled the changes back because it could not apply them I restored Windows from a recent image I created using AOEMI Backupper The restore worked flawlessly and instead of trying to remove Hyper-V I've disabled all its processes Now I can install VMware Workstation and Virtualbox but I really wanted to try Hyper-V Has anybody got Hyper-V working on Windows - what version if so Is there a workaround for the Insider Preview or if not how I can I file a bug TIA V

A:Hyper-V Hypervisor not running - can't remove Hyper-V feature

Yes, quite a few have se it up and used it without issue. have you read the tutorial?

Hyper-V virtualization - Setup and Use in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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Hi guys,

Does anyone know what CPU cooler this is? It is for the silverstone SUG SG07

link to youtube is:

At 1:20

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I upgraded my GPU recently and noticed that my CPU fan was making more noise than I remembered - sort of a droning noise nbsp I checked my CPU temps and discovered much CPU 8900 - XPS cooler upgrade cooler operation quieter and that at idle the CPU was hitting - C I decided to upgrade my cooling nbsp The XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation main limitation besides the fact that Dell has a non-standard CPU backplate setup is the somewhat narrow case on the XPS doesn t allow installation of most of the inexpensive high-performance coolers because they are too tall XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation by quot - quot nbsp Then I found the Cyrorig H which has three heat pipes a huge heatsink and mm fan all in a package that is quot only quot mm high - just short enough to fit in the case nbsp I installed it yesterday and it works GREAT nbsp Very happy with it initially at least I also swapped out the stock Sunon case fan for a Cooler Master Blade Master mm fan which is quieter but similar CFM specs Overall the computer is now quieter at load than it was at idle before nbsp And my CPU temps have dropped by degrees C nbsp Great upgrade nbsp I made a video on how I did it here and here are a couple of pics

A:XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation

Nice !
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Hi everyone!! Just wondering if it is possible on Digimax Master 1.0 to make color photos into black and white with a little color(to exaggerate something in the photo)?? If so, how do you do this?? I know in order to make your photo black and white you go to "Hue/Saturation" and put Saturation to -100, but how do I get the color in my photo to highlight an object in it?? Can you do this?? Thank you!
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I currently have a 40 g drive with xp pro , I was going to add another 20g drive as a slave for backup and data storage. Im assuming all I need to do with the slave drive is have the bios recognize it and format it . I dont need an OS on the slave drive correct ? xp will detect that as an empty drive ?

A:master and slave question

yes that is correct
just make sure the jumpers are set on the harddrives correctly
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I just recently bought a DVD/RW drive for my computer and it says if possible, make it the master drive....I'm swapping a cd writer out for this and my writer is the slave drive......does it make any difference if I keep these the same, or should I make the DVD-RW drive the master.......if so, would my solution be to move my cd-rom drive from the top slot to the bottom and put the new dvd-rw drive on top......this to eliminate the need of rearranging any of those ribbon cables.

Thanks, Mike

A:master & slave question

I dont think it will makes any differents I have my dvd rw as slave and I dont have any problem
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Win The symptom is adapters in Device Manager that I can't remove From uninstall adapters Hyper-V Hyper-V or itself Network Can't time to time this problem interferes with the Ethernet card on the PC Can't uninstall Hyper-V Network adapters or Hyper-V itself and I lose all connectivity for the host OS nbsp So I really need to fix this nbsp I've currently recovered connectivity by deleting my VM and the virtual switch in Hyper-V manager but I'd like to resolve this problem properly by eliminating these 'unattached' adapters I've read many posts and still am not convinced I know which steps to take nbsp Many of the posts seem a little dated so I'm concerned I'll create additional problems if I follow old stuff nbsp Here are a few of the solutions I've seen on the boards edit the registry up to times nbsp This doesn't sound like a great idea but if that's what it takes https social technet microsoft com forums windowsserver en-US e af-b - d -ac -c e c cc fd cannot-remove-ms-virtual-network-switch-adapter-leftover-of-hyperv nbsp and nbsp https social technet microsoft com Forums windowsserver en-US f b e-f dc- c - ff- db b hyperv-networking-woes forum winserverhyperv remove the adapter in something called the Administrative Website nbsp I don't really know what that is nbsp Is that a current piece of software for use with Hyper-V on Win nbsp I have been using the Hyper-V manager nbsp Is that not good enough nbsp If Administrative Website is relevant where do I find a copy for Win https technet microsoft com en-us library cc v ws aspx f amp MSPPError - I tried to uninstall Hyper-V and couldn't nbsp I went through Control Panel gt Programs and Features gt Turn Windows features on or off and unchecked Hyper-V nbsp When the process was over I could still run Hyper-V even though the checkbox is cleared out nbsp in the Windows Features panel nbsp I wonder what's going on there Other suggestions were to go to a restore point or even worse refresh the system thereby removing everything else as well nbsp There must be an explanation for what's happening here that doesn't involve nuking my workstation So if someone could get me started on fixing this I would appreciate it nbsp I had this problem once before and was able to remove Hyper-V which cleared the adapters from Device Manager but I can't do this now because of item above Thanks for your help in advance
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I have heard that every comptuer has something called a master file table. This is source of restore deletion programs power, this is where these restoreing programs bring back files that have been stored once delted. This i know. What i dont know and am wondering is is that "secure deletion programs" are a quack then, becuase they fail to clean your mft files, which makes guttman passes full of bolongy. I hope i got this concept wrong. Explain this to me and tell me if there is a way that this can be wiped, if not then just explain to me how this drive works????
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I am in the process of adding an additional Sony CD-R/RW to my new HP Pavilion A1102n computer. I was told by the computer guy at the store that both CD-R/RW's jumper settings could be set as master. Will this cause any problems. Also will I have a problem putting a Sony product into an HP product. I have never done anything like this before and I am a little concerned that I will crash my computer.

Any help and other instructions would be very appreciated.

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Hi all,

I have a laptop that is configured to connect to my network thru VPN.

Why is it that when it's logged on VPN, the only machine that appears in the browser list of other machines is the remote one(laptop). And when it's logged on local, I can see all the machines on the network.

I think it's a master browser thing. How can I make sure the servers always act as Master browsers and not individual machines.

Or should I look into remote access config?

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~ My desktop crashes overnight ... sometimes. It attempts to reboot, but halts at 'Verifying DMI pool data'.
(No idea why it crashes - it isn't consistent - it doesn't crash during daily use, and most likely a power flicker issue.)

~ I reboot using MiniTool Partition Wizard boot disc, rebuild the MBRs, re-order the HD boot priority and it usually fires up on the restart. PITA but there is no data loss (so far) so it's just a chore not a debacle.

~ I have 3 HDDs; 2 appear as masters and the other as slave. (I haven't checked the jumper settings).

The 1st question is: should I have more than 1 MBR?

The 2nd question is: why does the system not boot (when the mobo is supposed to scan all 3 drives for the boot info)?

A:Master Boot Record question

From what I see, your motherboard has one IDE connector to which you can connect two IDE (PATA) drives. The one you boot from should be Master and the other one has to be a Slave. Most probably you haven't changed the jumper to Slave in the second IDE drive. Check.

( You haven't specified the model number of drives and to which connectors these are connected. In SATA drives there is no Master/Slave since each drive is connected to a singular port..)

( In all hard drives SATA or PATA the first sector is conventionally called the MBR Sector. It carries the boot code (in case of the HDD on which the OS is installed) and the partition table)
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Alright, so recently my stock cooler for my CPU has been getting really annoying. It seems to get really loud during gaming, with my CPU temps averaging around 43c.

So I decided to grab a new CPU cooler. Ive had my eyes on the

But now after a little of reading up on the cooler, I'm a little concern about size and effectiveness. Here's my case if anyone knows if it will definitely fit. armor gaming case

Also,id like to know if there are any other good CPU coolers out their along the same price range, that performs better.

-Thanks In advance

A:New CPU cooler to replace AMD 965BE stock cooler

The V8 is still a very good cooler, and was top dog for its time. if you want the top performers now , you are going to pay another $30 for them. 50001444&IsNodeId=1&name=Thermalright, Inc.

I have the Silver Arrow (3 fan) cooling an AMD Phenom II x6 1100T @ 4.3Ghz and It's stellar.

Make sure you know the measurements of your case if you are getting a high end cooler.
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I did a search and found just a little bit if info. Basically what I am doing is getting a much smaller case, new internal cables, and a new HD. I want to be sure everything is connected right as far as IDE channels. Here is what I have (or will have):

40GB Maxtor
120 GB Maxtor
32x CDRW

I want the 40GB to be by main drive, master 1, and my 120GB to be the secondary drive, master 2 (?).

Now my question is, what is the best way to arrange the slave drives and why? I have never really understood the whole master slave thing.


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Is it OK to have a newish DVD drive as Primary Master, the CD combo drive [there when computer was set up] as Slave and the HD as Secondary Master?

I noticed this in Bios setup and just wondered....?

Also, how do you make the CD combo as Master and DVD drive as Slave or is there no point to changing the status quo?

It's just that the CD drive was originally Master and would appear before the DVD icon in My Computer, then I had to reinstall Windows and get a new HD and now the order of appearance in My Computer window has changed.

A:Solved: [B]It's a Master & Slave kinky Question....[/B]


As the saying goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I've seen this more than once and haven't encountered any problems from the main drive being secondary master. I believe you will encounter problems if you change that though.

Just remember this though, you only learn through making mistakes

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Whenever I click on a hyper link in an email (to unsubscribe from an email) I get the following message: "Your organization's policies are preventing us from completing this action. For more information please contact your help desk." What
do I need to do in order to open links? I am also getting a message from SILVER LIGHT. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hi just hoping someone can help me out I have been running my pc with XP Proffesional Edition - MHZ AMD Athlon I think Mb RAM GB HDD MB Graphics Card DVD Rom Not sure what the motherboard is my HDD has the old IDE connections Anyway everything has been running fine so I decided to install a DVD RW unit instead of my CD DVD unit That s when my problems started PC now won t boot asks me to install the boot device or something like that and when I check the BIOS it says that the Pri Sec units not installed Even when I run the auto detection it still says the same thing I ve tried re-installing the old CD DVD unit 'Not and Master Installed' Pri Master Solved: Sec but it keeps coming up with the Solved: Pri Master and Sec Master 'Not Installed' same message Also for whatever reason it s only showing MB RAM instead of the MB it used to show I don t really have anything worth saving on the HDD as I tend to save onto CD or external storage so Solved: Pri Master and Sec Master 'Not Installed' it s sounds like a good time to upgrade to a better HDD is that is the problem Thanks very much in anticipation Wayne nbsp

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Hello Emulator Hyper Hyper 10 How To Install - Won't V V Install And Windows i am having trouble installing the Windows mobile emulator for Visual Studio First I got this message when I attemped to install the first time see screenshot Dropbox - install microsoft emulator st try PNG So I went to the bios menu and seen Hardware Virtulization was disabled See Screenshot Dropbox - CAM jpg I then enabled Hardware virtualization See Screenshot Dropbox - CAM jpg I then went back to install the Emulator again and then I got this message See Screenshot Dropbox - install microsoft emulator nd try PNG So I then went to the website suggested on the first error message How to enable Hyper-V for the emulator for Windows Phone to find out what went wrong and it said to a SLAT Check I download the software and I performed the check and the results were good See Screenshot Dropbox - install microsoft emulator screen PNG It then said to perform the quot Checking BIOS settings required by How To Install Emulator And Hyper V - Hyper V Won't Install Windows 10 Hyper-V for Data Execution Prevention quot Went to How To Install Emulator And Hyper V - Hyper V Won't Install Windows 10 the performance option and the message said my computer supports hardware based DEP So I should be able to use Hyper V See Screenshot Dropbox - DEP screenshot PNG Next it said to perform quot Enabling Hyper-V in Windows quot and THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS Hyper V is not showing up in features See Screenshot Dropbox - no Hyper V screeshot PNG So I searched on google to find solutions and came across a few websites to check more enabling options One was to see if Hyper V is in System Information It is and everyting is marked quot yes quot See Screenshot Dropbox - System Info-Hyper V screenshot PNG I Then went to a over everything again and found something on installing Hyper V and tried it and still not Showing up in Features Another article said see if Hyper V is in System Configuration and enable See Screenshot https www dropbox com s czd el wb PNG PNG dl So I unticked one quot Wallet Service quot so I could quot Enable All quot and clicked enable all restarted my computer Still Hyper V on Features Another article said Try turning on Hyper V on from services so I did that and got this error message saying quot it stated the stopped quot See Screenshot https www dropbox com s z uyyqeh t PNG dl Still can't get Hyper V Here is the version of Windows on my computer Windows Home See Screenshot https www dropbox com s lui l ih eshot PNG dl Now some sites say I have to have Windows Pro or Enterprise My response would be why would my computer have everything else in place with Hyper V and I would not be able to use it

A:How To Install Emulator And Hyper V - Hyper V Won't Install Windows 10

Simple: you have Windows 10 Home edition, it has no Hyper-V. Hyper-V is only available in Pro, Education and Enterprise editions. There's no way you can run Windows Phone emulators because the only way to run them is Hyper-V, which you don't have because of your chosen edition.

You can use Windows 10 Home edition to connect to Hyper-V virtual machines on Pro, Education and Enterprise editions, therefore even the Home edition has parts of Hyper-V to offer this so called Virtual Machine Connection to another Hyper-V server.

In screenshot, green highlight shows the parts of Hyper-V you have in Home edition. They allow you to to connect to so called Hyper-V servers (Windows 10 Pro, Education, Enterprise) and use virtual machines like for instance Windows Phone emulators installed on them over the network.

The parts required for a computer to act as Hyper-V server for virtual machines is highlighted red. That's the parts your Home edition is missing.

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Hey guys,

I've got a brand new core 2 duo stock cooler from my old PC, and it seems much better than the stock cooler I got on my i5: cooper base, twice as much heat sink and pretty much the same fan. I was wondering if it would work better on the i5 than the tiny little I think I got along with it. Place your opinions, I'll test it this afternoon and post the results.

A:Solved: i5 stock cooler vs. 775 stock cooler

Eh, how embarrassing, the 775 cooler doesn't fit on the 1156 socket.
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Q: Hyper V

Yesterday I decided to see if Hyper V worked on my windows pro build Having never used it before i looked on the internet for it and eventually found out that it is included in windows and that I didnt need to download it Well I think I dont need to download it Anyway I found out I needed to go to the Windows Features section in the add remove programs to enable it I opened the Windows Features found the feature I wanted to enable screenshot attached I enable Hyper V Management Tools The progress indicator green progress bar said it was applying my changes then I thought that this is strange because it didnt ask me to restart - I remember from other times Ive used it I have always had to restart Ive never used it in windows but in other operating systems I V Hyper also thought that the option for Hyper V platform is probably the one that I needed so I enabled that one it would not let me click in the box next to hyper v platform I had to first open the option with the sign but I could only choose Hyper V Services and not Hyper V Hypervisor because it was greyed out I though that strange because it seemed like the Hyper V virtual machine was what I needed After I clicked the green bar returned and then I was asked to restart my pc I let it restart and went away from my laptop for a few minutes When I came back the laptop screen was black and there was a mouse pointer on it I waited a while and then when nothing happened for about minutes I pressed CTRL ALT DEL hoping that it would work all of a sudden the screen came alive no text in the centre with the spinning balls This lasted a few minutes and then the screen went black again I waited about minutes and then pressed CTRL ALT DEL again again the spinning dots and then blackness I pulled my laptop battery out and started the laptop with the power button It r took a few minutes saying something about enabling features during this time I decided that I was going to turn off the Hyper V options I had chosen When I had logged in I went to the windows features and unenabled Hyper V and then restarted The Hyper V computer started normally after enabling disabling I Hyper V assume features Tonight I switched on my laptop and got a BSOD caused by DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION - I looked it up on the internet and it seems that it is to do with fast start up the article I found said to disable fast start up but I left it enabled because I dont remember an issue with DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION ever happening before On a side note - Im on the slow ring for insider builds currently on when is a new build going to happen for us slow ring users Nick

A:Hyper V

My HP desktop doesn't seem to support hyper-v in UEFI even though I have VTx enabled in the BIOS
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Q: Hyper-V

I can't run this computer in Hyper-V because the Hyper-V platform is grayed out? This is a snip from the computer and it says I can run in VT-x so why is that?


Originally Posted by lostsoul62

I can't run this computer in Hyper-V because the Hyper-V platform is grayed out? This is a snip from the computer and it says I can run in VT-x so why is that?

The reason is simple: Hyper-V 3.0 requires SLAT - a feature, that only the newest processors supports (AMD from K10 onward, Intel iCore i5/i7). I've addressed it a few months ago in [1] (unfortunately in German). It's a penality user has to pay due of a design decision Microsoft made in the past.

Use Virtualbox, they implemented their virtualization engine in a different way, so VT-x is sufficient.

1: Windows 8: Hyper-V braucht SLAT f?hige CPUs ? Borns IT- und Windows-Blog
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Q: hyper V

Hello Win 10x64
Should hyper be enabled in Windows features when you are to build a Virtual machine?

A:hyper V

Originally Posted by maranna

Hello Win 10x64
Should hyper be enabled in Windows features when you are to build a Virtual machine?

If you wish to create a virtual machine in the Hyper V platform, Yes.

Our resident "Virtual Guru", @Kari, could elaborate much more on the subject; check Hyper V in the Tutorial section.
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Q: Hyper v

If I want to make a v.m. in Win 8.1 should i have hyper v checked in Windows features under programs?

A:Hyper v

Yes, under turn features on or off there is a check box. Will require reboot. I personally prefer VMware Player for the average user.
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Q: Hyper-V

I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I am trying to get Hyper-V to Provide the Capabilities that XPMode did in Windows 7. I cant find the
option to turn it on in the windows features. Please help, what should be do to get the Hyper-V.
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I wanted to use Hyper-V virual machine. In selection of Windows features I wanted to check all option of Hyper-V, but one was problem Hyper-V Hypervisor.
I know how it looks, but I mean my CPU has features for Hyper-V:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 Conroe
instruction sets: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, EM64T, VT-X (here's VTx for Hyper-V)
Only VTd I don't know if has and feature SLAT (Second Level Address Translation)

Can anybody explain me this problem?

Thank you for all!


A:Hyper-V and VTx

Sorry I don't quite understand the problem? Are you able to enable the Hyper-V service?