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Tab button doesn't indent, instead formats font/font size/color of font.

Q: Tab button doesn't indent, instead formats font/font size/color of font.

Hi there,
I have recently updated my Mac to the newer Microsoft 2016 and every time I hit the tab button to indent the format of the font, font size, and color change instead of indenting my paper.
Please help this is a very annoying issue.

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Preferred Solution: Tab button doesn't indent, instead formats font/font size/color of font.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Would someone please tell me how to permanently set the font, size of font and font color in MS 2010 Outlook so that I don't have to set it everytime I type an email.


A:How to set font, font size and text color

Quote: Originally Posted by C32C3


Would someone please tell me how to permanently set the font, size of font and font color in MS 2010 Outlook so that I don't have to set it everytime I type an email.


I don't use Outlook anymore, so I can't give you step by step instructions..

Have a look at this tutorial :
Change Default Email Font Settings & Theme In Outlook 2010

***Adding : The website opens slowly, please give it a few extra seconds.
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when I click on the arrow next to the font color button, nothing happens- I get no colors table. Until today this worked perfectly, but this morning Word asked to save changes to I clicked "cancel" but it didn't responded.
How to restore font color button work? I have no installation CD.

A:Word: font color button doesn't work

Could be the template is corrupted. Close Word then search for and delete all instances of the template from your computer. When done, load up Word again and a fresh template will be created automatically, see if this fixes the problem.
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Every time I begin a new message, the same font and size come on, unbidden. I do see how to reset them every time, but how can I can I reset them so that my own choices appear automatically?

A:In Windows Live Mail, how do I reset the default font and font size?

Go to tools>options>compose tab.
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I use many different font in my line of work and need the font in the selection drop-down box to be larger. Is there way to change the default size of the listed fonts?
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Hey guys,
So I'm wondering If I could get help with getting a font to be used in the system. The font I want to use is this:
(traditional) AR Tianniu B5 - Free Chinese Font - Free Chinese Font

However the font name is in Chinese:
called '最新版心形中文甜妞体智能机专用科'

I'm trying to use this font as a system font on my English Home Premium Windows 7 64-bit.

I've tried changing the fonts the normal way via the 'change window colors and metrice' way in the control panel. However, the font I installed doesn't appear as an option because the font name is in chinese?
I tried to change the font name to English, however it makes the font invalid.
Any help?
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Can anyone help I am on vista using word 2007.

My problem is that when I try to increase my font size from 12pt to 72pt it goes really small that I can barely see it on screen. It does this with every size 12pt to 14pt gets a little smaller and so on.

Does any know how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance

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I didn't have a clue where to put this, so please bear with me.
When using Firefox and maybe even in IE, I've observed that
many fonts are a light grey color making it very hard to read.

I have gone into the tools of Firefox and unchecked the
"allow pages to choose their own colors" and that does
give black fonts, but at the cost of losing other colors
on a web page.

How can I get rid of these light grey colored fonts and use
black fonts when on the internet while still maintaining colors ?

Thanks in advance for any help.


A:How to change font color and size in FF using W7 ?

Hello n2gc,

For FireFox, you might want to read this tutorial from their official forum.
For Internet Explorer, I think that the second tab on this tutorial will do the trick
Good luck and keep us posted,
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I am having real trouble with trying to get it so I am not straining, or squinting my eyes on my new w7. It is not a new screen. I have concluded that I have very sensitive eyes to resolution as my old computer was set on a low resolution and I had no problem with vision.
Now it is at 1280x1024 and I have played with the font sizes etc and tried lowering the brightness etc, and I still am having eye troubles. I can't use a laptop or watch 3D movies for very long as I get that same eye problem.
Also, no matter what I do, the welcome page with the user acct icons are so small! I am sure missing the look of xp now. I never had to do anything for it.
Oh and it is a Dell 17" lcd couple of years old if that makes any difference.


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I have an HP4200 printer. I received an Outlook 2000 message with blue, black and grey fonts. When I see it on the screen, it looks fine, but when I print it, the grey and blue fonts print so tiny it looks like a straight line. I tried to print to an HP5Si, and it printed the same. When I forwarded it to someone with an HP4250 printer, it printed OK. It's not feasible to print to that other printer (it's in another building). Any ideas?

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The title says is all.
I'm sure there must be a way to do this.

Right now the color (white) blends in way too much with everything else on the page, so that it is very difficult to even see the category titles.

A:How to change color/font/size of metro category titles?

Some customization can be done from here
Start Screen Layout - Specify Default in Windows 8.1
Start Screen - Set Default Background Image in Windows 8.1
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I am trying to help friend out that just migrated from Outlook Express on Windows XP to Windows Live Mail on Windows Home Premium x She has trouble reading the from and subject lines after the client marks them as read I am aware of how to change the default font settings for the compose window and it is easy to make the text bigger in the reading pane but I haven't had much luck finding any suggestions on how to adjust the size or color of the text in the message list I have already done a few things to make things easier I have decreased the resolution which makes the text a little bigger I have set the DPI setting to I also went in the Windows Color and Appearance Settings in the the control panel and increased the default font size for menus message boxes and title bar to hoping those settings might affect the fonts in WLM but no luck I can drop the resolution a little more Live message size for Windows Changing list on font Mail and color it is Changing font size and color for message list on Windows Live Mail currently at x on a monitor with a native x resolution but I am worried that if I drop the resolution too much lower that I may create more problems than I solve Are there are any other settings I am missing that would help Short of using the screen magnifier or dropping the resolution further I am not sure what else I can do to make Windows Live Mail easier to read The only other alternative I can is to find another mail client where I can adjust that font to be significantly larger I could do that but that is something I am trying to avoid since this person seems reluctant to learn anything new

A:Changing font size and color for message list on Windows Live Mail

Hello and welcome KAugsburger mate in WLM go to > File > Options > Mail > Read > Fonts see pics I don't know if this will work as I have never tried but worth a go.

PS Forgot to add just try the different options in there for fonts and sizes
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I have no idea how it happened but the font type and size of all the captions of controls like tab, button, form text etc had changes and has gone too small.

My window color and appereance is all set to size 9 Segoe UI.

The Setting seems to have affected some windows and seems to not affect others.

For Example in the windows below, the first one is completely affected and you can see the state of the font there.

in the second one there is no affect of the setting whatsoever.

in the third, notice the TAB caption, and it is my Window Color and Appreance window and you can notice the font is set to default Segoe UI for all here.

Requesting assistance to solve the issue


A:Windows Font size for Tab Control /button caption or form too Small

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Run Option 2 of this tutorial SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker it will not harm any data or programs you have installed it will check for any corrupt system files and try to repair them if possible.
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Coolpix 5900 or Canon Powershot SD300, need advise please

I am torn between Nikon Coolpix 5900 and Canon Powershot SD300. There are both nice compact digital cameras, prices are comparable. I care about the macro function as I am going to shoot a lot of close up pictures. Coolpix's macro is 1.6 inches, and Powershot SD300's macro is 1.2 inches, not too much differences.

So which one should I get? Anyone has any experiences and opinions?

Thanks a lot.

A:[FONT=Arial][B]Coolpix 5900 or Canon Powershot SD300, need advise please[/FONT][/B]
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Hello, Some application or something has changed my internet explorer 6 fonts. Now all of my web pages have some lame dull font for the text. Right now my settings are

Encoding: Auto Select / Western European (ISO)

Language Script: Latin based

Web Page Font: New Times Roman

Plain Text Font: Courier New

Im just looking to have and use the default font, ....I see with win xp for ie6 "out the box" so to speak, on 99% of any computers i have ever seen.

Thanks for any tips.

A:Default Font for Internet explorer 6? Help to restore original text font

I believe those are the stock fonts for IE6. Have you tried changing them using Tools/Options/Fonts settings?
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When I try to send e-mail attachment I receive an error message (connection to your mail server was interrupted)
Using Outlook and Norton Antivirus Enterprise Edition 9.0
When I disable Email Virus Protection attachments go normally
This just started happening - it used to work fine and nothing has changed on the computer

A:[FONT=Arial]undefined[/FONT][U]Unable to Send Attachments[/U] [B]Norton[/B]

You probably have certain file extensions blocked in Norton or have attachments blocked period....Are you trying to send .exe files?
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I've been struggling with an issue that I hope someone here can help resolve. A few weeks ago, I suddenly started seeing this ugly font (see images below) on many webpages.

I think this issue began right around the time I installed some other fonts, but I am not sure. Initially, I figured it was a Chrome thing but have since confirmed the issue extends to IE and Firefox, leading me to believe this is a Windows issue. By the time I tried to revert the changes via System Restore, it was too late (restore only went back a few days; maybe I need to adjust settings there?).

I tried to reset the default font but Windows does not seem to respond to that. When I click "Restore to default font settings" the button greys out but nothing else happens. No dialog box and no change in the issue.

Any ideas?


A:help! weird font on all browsers but can't reset win7 default font?
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I having issue where font size in cmd window too small....and the worst is font tab at cmd properties cannot be open....if i click on that font tab i will close the whole cmd window...
I already chdsk,sfc /scannow,scan for virus...still not solve.... also i already try copy cmd.exe from other computer to my computer.....
I try to search for cmd registry,but i only found font type registry...

Anyone have any idea...?

A:cmd.exe Font too small,and unable to open Font tab from cmd properties

Try running instead and trying to change the font in this command prompt.

If this works, good
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Recently, i downloaded a font called helvetica nueue and then it basically messed up all my windwos font. In my browser, when I go to facebook, yahoo, and more, the font is changed to that. I tried deleting the font, it gives me error sying, "the font is in use" cant delete. I even used safe mode, it didnt work. how can I fix this? please help! it is making me frostrated. and also its hard to read. please help!! (

HERE's how it is:

A:Can't delete font, it messed up my windows font and Browser

Hello betocheagha and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think I'd try restoring my computer to a date/time prior to downloading the font.

System Restore
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I recently woke up a few days ago to find what I researched as the Marlett Font on my computer EVERYTHING looking like symbols making it near impossible to read unless I spent hours deciphering the symbols I also noticed I had the Win Alcan Worm which I finally got quarantined Well after a few days of fighting and persistence I took the Default Fonts off my other computer and installed them into my Default Font Folder which was missing everything Everytime I left out of the folder and reopened it they were missing again But the computer would font missing.. annoying marlett Default Font be back to normal all but the top blue taskbar which is still under Marlett Font symbols even at this very moment If I reboot the entire computer goes back into Marlett Font This is very annoying It also does this for my backup external drive as well Default Font missing.. marlett font annoying Can someone who's familiar with these issues direct me on how to get the default fonts to STAY PUT

A:Default Font missing.. marlett font annoying

There may still be harmful stuff on your computer, which keeps deleting these files... Go through these steps: and then post a HJT log here:
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If I start command line via run and cmd shortcut and actual font set was Consolas not using bold the font is set to default (bitmapped font at the smallest size). If I use Consolas with bold or other font the settings are kept in.
What is the problem? How to inspect it? How to fix it?
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This is my 1st post, and English isn't my native language, so pardom my grammar etc,
My windows font frustated me all this week, basically its look like these

Its happening after i updated my os
i use native resolution at my laptop, 1366x768, My Laptop is Asus A46CM with nVidia Geforce GT635M and running Windows 8.1 Enterprise
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Hi guys, I'm a graphic designer who recently got a bunch of fonts, opentype files, and when I installed one ("Helvetica Neue Light Condensed") it somehow changed my browser default font. So unless there is a specific font used by a site all defaults are now Helvetica. I run Google Chrome as a browser and though I checked all of the font settings on it it seems that all is normal.
I tried to delete the file but it tells me that it is in use in another program. I can delete other font files though.
Any help would be appreciated, Helvetica Neue Light Condensed has awkward kerning that mesh letters together in all the wrong places.

A:Installing a font somehow changed my default browser font.

In google go into tools -> options
Type font into search options.
Click on customize fonts
Is your font listed?
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Ok so I am working on a friends' computer and it obviously has some system corruption going on. The system's default font is now Wing Ding, which if you know is nothing but a bunch of symbols. I have tried to do a system restore past the date when this problem started but nothing changes. I've done a lot of searching on google but nothing has worked thus far. Can anyone help?


A:Windows font is messed up and is now set to Wing Ding font

Did you try this ?
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I have a font with two subtypes; Solid and Outline. At some point, solid has disappeared, and the existing copy of outline cannot be deleted - thus, it cannot be replaced.. I know several of the fixes out there, that the program that is using it cannot be forced to close without crashing the OS, I've tried deleting the existing files via NexusFile, with apparent success - however, upon trying to re-install these fonts afterward, Windows asks me to replace the existing fonts, which no longer appear on the list at this point. I'm out of ideas, and really need some help, as I've found a file I created with the font needs to be adjusted, but cannot be without access to the font.
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So I know how to install a single font in Windows 7 and in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder I can see a font family and when you double click it opens up the font family and then you can see the different font styles for that family (i.e. bold, italic, etc).

But I am trying to install multiple font styles for one font family. The file names are all different. It is for the font TrumpetLite and here are the file names:

So it's Bold-Italic, Bold, Italic, and Normal. But when I highlight all 4 and right-click and say install it keeps asking me if I want to replace each file. So it will only install on style, not all 4. It does the same when I drag n drop the files into the fonts folder.

So how do I install all 4 of these font styles for TrumpetLite?
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Windows XP home SP Several months ago I experienced an unusual problem with my computer in that Font folder Font Marlett and issues all fonts had been changed to Marlett a font that is non-readable and all other fonts had been removed I spent a lot of time making corrections to Marlett Font and Font folder issues Windows settings and found some info on these boards but was not able to find a permanent solution One of the recommendations was to import fonts to the Windows Font folder which I did via a thumb drive This helps and gives me fonts but not permanently In fact after import the fonts show in the folder only until I close Marlett Font and Font folder issues it and if re-opened there is nothing to see and the folder locks up requiring a task manager close Every time it is necessary to shut down the computer the font resets to Marlett so I have to re-import the fonts Recently I began to run in Marlett Font and Font folder issues to memory problems with Windows repeatedly advising I was running dangerously low on memory I spent a lot of time deleting non-essential files and moving others to an alternate drive but memory usage continued to be a problem I finally spent time finding where the memory was being used and in looking at the fonts folder from the quot my computer quot area found that the supposedly empty fonts folder has gigs of material in it However when I open the fonts folder it shows an empty folder I tried going through the quot First Steps quot series but was unable to due to memory shortage I am at a complete loss on what to do now short of a complete re-install Any ideas Thanks
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I downloaded a font (helvetica neue ) for a new logo treatment an it changes all my web pages to the italic version and its hard to read. I tried to delete the font but it tells me it's in use and will not let me delete it. The font is changed only on web pages on all browsers. Does anyone have a solution for this?
Thanks in advance.
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I deleted a few fonts from my font folder the other day and it seems that a few OS fonts were deleted in the process Usually Ive got a message saying something along the lines of quot this is a OS font quot or quot in use quot Question I noticed that my default calculator font is missing and was curious if anyone knows what font the calculator uses I got a substituted font from the deleted one but it looks terrible If Missing How Font 7 Font Calculator / change Win to nobody knows the above Then would anyone happen to know how to change the calculator font ----- I went into a font deletion frenzy because I had some non-OS fonts that made my font list bulky and it took a How to change Win 7 Calculator Font / Missing Font while to scroll to the more used fonts So I deleted some to combat this Photoshop loads a lot faster as well due to less fonts my little takeaway tip from all this ----- Thanks for any feedback

A:How to change Win 7 Calculator Font / Missing Font

This site has the default fonts in a download. You would only have default fonts again.

How I restored my Windows 7 default fonts | With Steps

A Guy
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I want t o know which font is Windows system font - for filenames, menus, window captions and all written text in Windows.
So which is it?
And is possible to change it?

Thank you for everything!


A:Which font is Windows system font? Is possible to change?

Originally Posted by MIRKOSOFT


I want t o know which font is Windows system font - for filenames, menus, window captions and all written text in Windows.
So which is it?
And is possible to change it?

Thank you for everything!


Hi Miro,

In Windows 7, the default theme font for Windows Aero is Segoe UI.

In Windows 8, the default theme font for Windows Metro is Segoe WP.

You can change the font by editing the theme in Windows 7 (right-click on the desktop → personalize).

You can't change the font in Windows 8 as the feature was removed.
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I installed a Font Manager program as a trial to see if it would help me organize my collection. Once I uninstalled it, when I double click the font it says such and such font is "not a valid font file". I used to be able to right click the *.ttf and the drop down would list an "Install Font" option...that is gone too . Do any of you have an idea on how to fix this? The default settings would be great.

Running Windows 7...of course.
Thanks in advance!

A:Install Font and Preview font options.. gone..

Hello colonelmustard, welcome to Seven Forums!

I would do a system restore to a point before you installed the font manager, then if you want to give it another go see if installing it in compatibility mode will help it do what you want; see the 2 tutorials at the links below.

Be sure to post back to let us know how it goes.

System Restore

Compatibility Mode
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Hello XP Pro general question For a couple years I ve had ComicSans as my chosen Font style Not in any particular program but rather every window file amp folder title possible on this particular quot Limited quot User Screen Problem for some unknown reason this font setting choice recently reverted back to XP Pro s default font Ariel I ve looked high amp low amp can t recall how I originally accessed this setting Microsoft s HELP say s quot To change the font On the Options menu click Font In the Font dialoge box click the options you want quot I guess I have to live with the frustration of quot NO RESULTS FOUND quot in Micrsoft s Help database when queried for quot Options menu quot or quot Font dialoge box quot But since their HELP quot doesn t quot I was hoping someone here could specifically-exactly direct me to this setting s location The only quot Options quot I have under quot Tools quot is quot Folder Options quot which gives me no Font options The ComicSans font I want reinstated still "style" Font NOT challenge- Font "size"... exists in the quot Font quot folder in my Control Panel The only recent change I ve Font "style" challenge- NOT Font "size"... made to my computer was to upgrade to Internet Explorer ---the only other change I ve noticed amp not appreciated since this new IE was installed was IE s hiding removal of my quot History amp Temporary Internet Files quot from my quot Local Settings quot I don t think IE had anything to do with my Font change-- the font change happened Font "style" challenge- NOT Font "size"... several days after the IE install Please direct me to my font STYLE options settings Thank You Chris nbsp

A:Font "style" challenge- NOT Font "size"...

Right-click on your desktop, then go to Properties. On the Appearance tab, click Advanced at the bottom. You can scroll through the available options and make your changes there.
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I am trying to complete an online form. I know I have done this on computers in the past! But I am getting the following message when I open the form.

"Cannot find or create the font 'WP-IconicSymoblsA'. Some characters may not be displayed or print correctly.

I need to complete this job application ASAP and print it out. I can still print it and complete it by hand but that does not look very professional to me!

A:Need Help FAS - Adobe Font WP-IconicSymbolA font

May you are working on something that was started with that font but now your on a computer that does not have it so your get that message.

Found it at link above and it is WPIconicSymbolsA (Wphv05na.ttf).
Another place that only had a readme file said "WordPerfect Symbol TrueType fonts" and it had "WPHV05NA.TTF WP IconicSymbolsA" listed.
So guess thw WP in the name is for "WordPerfect"
But the file is there to download.

Look here also
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My PC is running superslow Task manager shows that explorer exe is using up to of CPU usage- even though I have no programmes running I [FONT=Garamond]Super PC[/FONT] Sow ve included a hijack this log below not sure if it helps though Thanks matt Logfile of HijackThis [FONT=Garamond]Super Sow PC[/FONT] v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system LEXBCES EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system LEXPPS EXE C WINDOWS System cisvc exe C Program Files Network Associates Common Framework FrameworkService exe C Program Files Network Associates VirusScan mcshield exe C Program Files Network Associates VirusScan vstskmgr exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared [FONT=Garamond]Super Sow PC[/FONT] VS Debug mdm exe C Program Files Network Associates VirusScan SHSTAT EXE C Program Files Network Associates Common Framework UpdaterUI exe C Program Files Thomson SpeedTouch USB Dragdiag exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C WINDOWS System ctfmon exe C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C WINDOWS System cidaemon exe C WINDOWS explorer exe C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Documents and Settings user [FONT=Garamond]Super Sow PC[/FONT] Desktop Spyware Programs HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http news bbc co uk R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www wanadoo co uk R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Wanadoo O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - Toolbar Wanadoo - B D- FD- -B C- A F EE - C PROGRA Wanadoo WSBar WSBar dll O - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - HKLM Run ShStatEXE quot C Program Files Network Associates VirusScan SHSTAT EXE quot STANDALONE O - HKLM Run McAfeeUpdaterUI quot C Program Files Network Associates Common Framework UpdaterUI exe quot O - HKLM Run SpeedTouch USB Diagnostics quot C Program Files Thomson SpeedTouch USB Dragdiag exe quot icon O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS System ctfmon exe O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Extra context menu item amp Google Search - res c program files google GoogleToolbar dll cmsearch html O - Extra context menu item Backward Links - res c program files google GoogleToolbar dll cmbacklinks html O - Extra context menu item Cached Snapshot of Page - res c program files google GoogleToolbar dll cmcache html O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS Office EXCEL EXE O - Extra context menu item Search with Wanadoo - res C PROGRA Wanadoo WSBar WSBar dll VSearch htm O - Extra context menu item Similar Pages - res c program files google GoogleToolbar dll cmsimilar html O - Extra context menu item Translate into English - res c program files google GoogleToolbar dll cmtrans html O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C WINDOWS System msjava dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C WINDOWS System msjava dll O - Extra button Create Mobile Favorite - EAF BB - F- D - - C FAE D F - C Program Files Microsoft ActiveSync INETREPL DLL O - Extra button no name - EAF BB - F- D - - C FAE D F - C Program Files Microsoft ActiveSync INETREPL DLL O - Extra Tools menuitem Create Mobile Favorite - EAF BB - F- D - - C FAE D F - C Program Files Microsoft ActiveSync INETREPL DLL O - Extra butto... Read more

A:[FONT=Garamond]Super Sow PC[/FONT]

nothing there that I can tell. What is your computer specifications?
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Anyone know the name or where I can get it?
Ive been obsessed with this font for my entire life lol.

If nobody knows Ill just make my own!

Its like the default mac system font.

This is the closest ive found:
but its still not very close, its too squared.
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Hey everybody I m posting this in Digital Photography amp Imaging because I use my font browser mostly for Photoshopping maybe I m better off in another forum but I d like to hear your opinions first OK here s the deal many programs floating around free or not that allow you to view and thus get an impression of the various font files you have on your system However I have been unable to find a good one and / Viewer best Font Font Browser The trust me I ve been googling and asking around like you wouldn t believe In my point of view for people who are active in graphics and digital imaging a decent font browser is an absolute must is it not I ve tried many many programs to do this but found them all lacking at least some things that I wanted them to do A checklist is in order It should allow you to browse other directories than just the WIN FONTS obviously you haven t got all your fonts installed It should be able to view all font types like TTF TYPE OTF and so on It must be able to show the WHOLE character map including ALL special characters that are in the font file It is oh so handy to find the corresponding ALT nnnn code and hexadecimal code for any character in that map It should also have a copy option I d like to hear if you have had any good experiences with a particular program that I could try As The best Font Viewer / Font Browser a matter of fact all input is more than welcome Cheers NL nbsp

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i saved few files in my documents.Initially the file name's font colors are in black in color.After few days those colors are changed to blue.Why like that?How can i change back to black color?please help me

A:font color

Looks like the file is compressed.

Try uncompressing it by doing the following:
Right click the file in question
Click Properties
At the bottom, where it say "Attributes", click "advanced"
Uncheck the box that says "Compress contents to save disk space"
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I have windowblinds on xp. I want to change the color of my fonts on my desktop. They are white. I've tried to change it on the appearance tab but to no avail. With or without windowblinds, I can't change it. I want to change the fonts to black or some other color. Thanks in advance.
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Hey all,

I have a question regarding the font/background colors on the Windows 7 log screen. I just accepted a position with a school and a few computers have customized log screen font colors/backgrounds. The Windows 7 classic background is there, but the username and password boxes have been changed. For example, one computer has green text that sits on a black background for both username and password. Another has a different combination of colors. I've searched related topics but am having trouble finding a good, clear cut solution. I basically just want to reset the log screen back to the default white background with black text for each box.

Anyone advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


A:Windows 7 Log Screen Font Color/Background Color

Hello, try this below

Logon Screen - Change Text Color in Windows

Also, make sure you don't have your settings set to high contrast black/green theme
Theme - Change or Save

To change logon background
Log On Screen - Change
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I recently upgraded to Windows 10. I kept the same desktop, but the text under the icons which used to be white turned black, which makes it hard to read on the dark background. If I point the mouse at the icon, then a white square appears behind icon and text. But I'd like the text ALWAYS to be white, in which case I don't need those white squares.

Also. as I am typing this, I find the font hard to read; I'd like to change it to Arial or similar font, and a bit bigger.

Thank you.
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i don't know what happened but whenever i try to rename or make a folder in my c: the font color of name is blue. but in all other drives or user folder there is no can i change it?

A:cannot change font color

hello ajan & welcome....
See if Brink's tutorial helps you out... good luck...

Fonts - Change Default
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Can someone tell me why my menu font is blue? It is supposed to be white. If I change it to pink or purple it looks fine but as soon as I change it to white or gray it just goes blue.

Nevermind. Figured it out. Duh, it's monday what can I say.
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The font color in e-mail replies or new mail is red. Even though I can change it in Format>Fonts the color always reverts to red. How do I change what seems to be a default color.


A:stuck font color

It's a little hard to even offer a guess when you have not told us what email program you are using - there are dozens out there, after all.
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I've had this problem for awhile now, and no one seems to know how to help. When I click on the "A" in the toolbar in my email to change the font color, the drop down color palette doesn't open.

I've emailed MSN about it, and they've told me on different occasions to uninstall and reinstall MSN8, turn up the contrast, hit CTRL+SHIFT+F9 on the welcome screen to delete all my mail and the address book, and to delete my account and add it again.

I've tried everything except for deleting my account because that scares me. I thought I'd post my problem to see if anyone has had this happen and might know how to fix it.

BTW, everything else in the toolbar works. Thanks.

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The fonts under my desktop icons are hard to read. How can I change he color to black and also to a diferent font?

A:Desktop font color

right click on taskbar and follow the customize areas.
Attachment 132812
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yeah,my ie display the word in a blue color.It should be black color default,i can't change it back.
I found that a file named in c:/windows/fonts/directory ,but i can't delete it using my antivirus software.
Any brother got good ideas?

A:help! FONT COLOR problem

Read: FYI... post just above your post!
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I have a black taskbar with dark gray basically can't see anything at all... not real familiar with changing settings, how do I change this? Thanks.

A:Taskbar font color

Same problem here. Can't read anything from the taskbar!

I didn't have time to try AeroGlass yet... it xcould solve this problem. But why isn't it possible on W10???

Originally Posted by dalchina

The whitetext in the title bar is achieved by using a tweak tool from AeroGlass's site, and I use Aeroglass (set a bit too opaque to be clear in that).

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Hello everyone new here.

I want to ask a question, do anyone know how to change the font color in the toolsbar

for example i download this theme today and i wish to change the red font for a black one but i dont know how or is if possible to change it

if anyone can helpme i would appreciate very much, or if there is a theme like that one but with other font color

Thanks, and sorry for my english

A:Change font color

It is not quiet clear from the pic, coz it's just a thumbnail
But as far as I know, it is Ave's Windows7 Style Builder that changes the theme elements like color, font, texture, sounds, etc
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i have a pc running windows xp professional and running ie 6.0.2900.2180. when i go to a website, just the text appears with no color. everything is in the right place, but there is no color around anything. i would appreciate any help!

A:Ie Font And Color Problem

Hi dpawlaczyk
No colors or no images?
If it's a color only issue open IE.
Click Tools>Internet Options. On the "General" Tab, click the "Colors" button.
Make sure there is a check in "Use Windows Colors".
On the same tab, click the "Accessbilities" button.
Make sure there are no checks in any of the options there. Ok out.
If it's images you can't see, different story.
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Running windows 7 home premium.

The other day I was messing around with printer settings trying to enlarge what i was printing. Now my browser experience has taking a turn for the worse. My font seems out of whack from web page to web page. Giant bold headers on some and overlapping links on others. I am constantly having to use CTRL -or+ to adjust it depening on what I am looking at.

Not sure if I accidentally changed a setting that affects my everyday browsing while I was messing with the printer settings.

Any ideas?


A:Font size?

Hello there,

A few questions for you.

1) When you were adjusting printer settings, what were you printing? Something on a website?

2) What browser do you use?

3) Do you have this problem on all browsers are just one?

Orange Blossom
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When i move cursor with Touchpad the font changes size all browsers have to keep using cntrl + & - to adjust.---Any fix?


Mine has shown a bit of a distressing tendency to do that since they added the new touchpad features they're quite proud of, to emulate some of the features of a touch screen. Check your touchpad settings. I don't know how your device is set up, but mine's under Synaptics>Properties>Device Settings> on the Settings button. There may be something you can change or untick under there. There was mention of it in the introductory app, which I seem to have temporarily misplaced, possibly because I can't remember what it was called...

Failing that, report it through the Feedback App.

Edited to add: I do suspect it has to do with the pinch/spread fingers feature to enlarge or shrink picture/text/etc. I'm trying to be more conscious of how I move my fingers on there. If you un-tick some of those features, it may solve the problem.
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My sister in Richmond emails me about once a week. Frequently when she is typing the letter, the font size changes from a large (about this size) to a smaller size and the rest of her letter will be in the smaller size. Next time she boots up, things are back to normal.
Do you have any idea what is causing that?
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I have upgraded to Windows 10 and am liking some of the added features but cannot change some of the fonts sizes. I have changed the font size in all areas available in the settings area but still need to change font size in other areas of programs but cannot find where to change them Please see attached picture. Thank you.
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When I open my home page (Yahoo), the font size always reverts to "larger".If I set it to " smaller" , it will revert to "larger" when I revisit my home page. I change it at ;VIEW >TEXT SIZE > SMALLER. How do I get it to stay the size I set it at ?

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For some reason the fonts are all small on my computer. The name of the desktop items on my desktop, those fonts are all small too. I went to properties and changed the font size to large, and nothing happened, their still small. I even changed the screen resolution on the 'properties', their still small. Here is what I am talking about:

See how small the fonts are? Someone please help me!!!!

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Hi, I had larger font on icons and wording until I installed Adobe 9.1 The icons remain large but the text has reverted to small. I have checked the setting and it is set to the larger font. I then removed Adobe 9.1 I changed it to small, logged off and on again and both icons and text small. I changed it back to large, logged off and on again and the icons are now larger but the text is still small. Help.
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]When I send an email I can't change the font size. I have tried going to tools and changing the size and I have tried to change it in the format box of the send screen. The number in the font size box will change to what I have set it to, but when I start to type in a message, when I hit the first letter the font size goes back to 12. That is the only size font that will work. I have tried everything I can think of.
Any suggestions. I just noticed that I can't change the font size in this box, either.
Very strange.
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How do i change the font size for iternet explorer?

A:Font Size

From the menu bar, View->Text Size
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For some strange reason my font size when I access many sights is huge. It's no problem when I'm offline(or on this sight) I also have some Zwax bug found by Spybot(I just can't figure out how to get rid of it). I can usually solve any problem alone or just by reading all you guys answers to others problems. This is just frustrating me to no end.

A:Font Size

Hi, darrinlane, and welcome back!

Let's start at the beginning and work our way forward. Follow the instructions below. In the meantime, I will move your thread to HJT Help, so the Analysts will find it faster.

Please download Ad-aware SE and install it if you don't have it already. Make sure it's the newest version and check for any updates before running it. Also go here to get the plug-in for fixing VX2 variants. To run this tool, go into Ad-aware->Add-ons and select VX2 Cleaner. Then click Run Tool and OK to start it. If it's clean, it will say Status System Clean. Otherwise, you will have to click on the Clean button to remove the VX2 infection. Also make sure to customize the settings in Ad-aware for better scan results. Run the scan and fix everything that it finds.

Download CWShredder and run it. Click on 'I Agree' button if you agree with it. Click on 'Fix' (it will automatically fix anything it finds for you) and OK. If it asks if you want to delete a certain random file, choose No and post that filename here. Let it finish the scan and then hit Next and Exit.

Please download HijackThis - this program will help us determine if there are any spyware/malware on your computer. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Double click on the program to run it.

1. If it gives you an intro screen, just choose 'Do a system scan and save a logfile'.
2. If you don't get the intro screen, just hit Scan and then click on Save log.
3. Get HijackThis Analyzer and save it to the same folder as the hijackthis.log file. Run HijackThis Analyzer and type in 'y' if you agree. The 'result.txt' file will open up in Notepad. Copy the whole result.txt log and post it in the forum. You don't need to post the original hijackthis.log (unless we ask for it). Do not fix anything in HijackThis since they may be harmless.
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Not all of them just in programs like Ccleaner, SAS , MAM and Revo. Seem like any program that isn't on demand. I went to restore point and got things right again. Can't seem to find a way to change the font size in those kind of programs. Is there a way using Windows 7 Home Premium that one could change the font size in programs I have listed? They all went very small. Those programs don't have a (view) to change font size.

A:Font size

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts\Font settings see if clicking restore to default will work.
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I am having problems with the font size changing when I open documents and websites. I physically have to go to the toolbox and click on the Zoom feature to enlarge the font. It will show the font as being 100% but actually it looks to be about 50%.

What can I do to assure the font remains at the default setting?

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Is there a font size smaller then font size="1"? I want to make some words a bit smaller then that but I'm not sure how. I tried a "-1" but it still doesn't go smaller then a "1". Thanks.

A:Font Size

I think that the only way that you are going to achieve this is by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), using relative font sizes
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I went in and changed the font size for my computer and now its to big and i can not get it smaller I tried to go back into display under settings but the box is two big for me to change it and it wont let me move the box up and down how can I get the font back to its original size

A:Font size

jasondunn said:

I went in and changed the font size for my computer and now its to big and i can not get it smaller I tried to go back into display under settings but the box is two big for me to change it and it wont let me move the box up and down how can I get the font back to its original sizeClick to expand...
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When I was trying to make my XP SP3 look like Vista, I changed something for the font.
I used Movefile and a script. When the computer restarted, the font had changed, but is far too big and looks terrible.
I didn't save a system restore point
And I have tried changing the font size in 'Display Settings', then 'Appearance'. And I have tried changing the DPI setting and the 'Display Settings', 'Settings', then 'Advanced'.
Nothing. I really want everything put back to normal. How do I reset the fonts back to the standard XP size and style?
Or if possible, just to reduce the system font size.

I used these instructions:

A:HELP! XP Font Size

heeaar05, You should have set a System Restore point like the instructions stated before you made the change. You could try the reg file fix line 249 (left column) "Set Default XP Font Back to Tahoma" at the link below. Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt.

Can't guarantee that it will fix your problem so it's your call.

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When compiling a email in Hotmail/Outlook and I set the font size to 12 say and at the end of a line I don't  place full stop then start a new lower line the font size will change to a much lower size namely 10?
Any ideas please.
for eg
How are you today
tomorrow I am off to

A:Font size

Have you tried changing the default font settings?
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Can you please tell me how to increase the size of the words in the yahoo chat rooms? They are normal everywhere else. They are so small i can barley read them. I have tried everything but it remains the same. Even the names on the users list is normal size but very tiny in the chat area.Thank you

A:font size

Welcome to TSG!!
I found the following information here.

How do I change fonts?
You can change the type and size of the font used for the messages in chat. You'll find these settings under the "Preferences" button above the chat message line.
Click "Preferences," choose the font and size from the two menus, and then click "Save."

Note: The recommended font size for normal vision is between 10 and 14. Click to expand...
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Hello,...I removed and reinstalled my Monzilla Firefox, and I forgot how to set the font size on my pages,...any help anyone?

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I'm unable to change the font size in Outlook Express. Every time I change it to a highernumber then 12, as soon as start typing , it reverts back to size 12.I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP2, OE 6.Your answers are always highly appreciated.Thank you.(Moderator edit: topic moved to more appropriate forum. jgweed)

A:Font Size

In OE go to Tools > Options > Compose tab and click the Font settings button.
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hey everybody im a new member w/ a new computer(pentium d xps400) about a month old. my font size for internet applications recently grew larger and i dont know why. anyone got anything on this?

A:Font Size

Have you tried changing it using View / Text Size?
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How can i increase the text size of my PC for web pages?

There are certain sites I have visited where the text is near impossible to read because it is so small.

Is there anything I can do to change this?

A:Font Size......

You don't tell us what operating system you are using.
But, if it is XP, hold down the "Ctrl" key and rotate the wheel
on your mouse to increase/decrease print size.

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Internet Explorer 8 - How do I increase the size of the text in the address bar
(http//: line)?? I have a WIN 7 Home Premium, 64 bit PC. The text is tiny & I have vision issues. Firefox is great - I can change the font size in the address bar with no problem. But not using Internet Explorer 8, WHY - HELP!!
Thanx, peteandallie

A:Font size

IE doesn't have this feature. The only solution is to change you screen resolution (lower pixels). Negative of this is everything is larger and more stuff goes off the page.
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Is there a way to make my font size bigger when I browse example gmail and facebook as i could not do it. They are very small and I tried from the resolution but to no success. any help please? Thanks

A:Font size.

Try holding down the CTRL key and scrolling with the wheel. This is a shortcut to the Zoom function, found in all major browsers.
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My kids just played on my computer. I walked into the room, and everything seems to be "zoomed in" on my computer. I have adjusted the font size on my Word Document, but it is still huge. I cannot seem to find out why. Please help?

A:Font Size

Just hold the control button then scroll your mouse down.
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Is there a way to set just the font size without windows trying to enlarge everything? In windows xp selecting a bigger font size only affected window's fonts and icons. In windows 7 selecting a bigger font size zooms everything, including other applications like open office and opera that cannot handle it and look blurry. Am i the only one with this problem?

A:Font Size

It depends on the application and how they want to react to DPI increases.
There may be options available in the applications to configure that.
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my ie font size is to small how can i increase it

A:ie font size

Right click anywhere on your desktop. Click properties. Select the "Appearance" tab. Font size options appear!!!
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I would like to increase the font size on my W7. On everything. I don't want to go here an there to accomplish this but to just change the default font style and its size. My eyesight is getting worse as I get older. The picture you see was taken in 1974 when I was 44.

A:font size

Right click on an empty part of your desktop and choose Screen Resolution. Then on Make Text and other items larger or smaller.
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I'm using the newest version of Firefox on an XP system. I just installed a widescreen LCD and to me the font size on the tool bars is too small. I know how to change the font size for the web page, that's easy. Is it possible to increase the font size on the tool bars as well. Firefox doesn't seem to have an add-on for this. Thanks for any help.

A:Font Size


What size screen did you upgrade to, the bigger screen can make thing look different. Also, what resolution are you running at? If it is different than the last resolution that you had on your other monitor then everything will look different. For a rule the higher the resolution the smaller the icons, and the lower the resolution the the larger the icons, toolbars, etc.

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Hey there. my laptop won't let me go to any font size smaller then normal. Tried changing my screen res and everything else. some1 help plzhttp://

A:Font size

if you are talking about on your desktop, right click on the desktop pick properties, settings, advanced, you can change it there.
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Hello All
How do I increase the font size
when I type?
Thank You

A:font size

Richard, try\alertbox\20020819.html.

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For some inexplicable reason the font size in OE messages that I print suddenly gets larger. I do not know how to restore them to their previous size except by using System Restore. I'm sure there must be a better method than this. I'm using XP.

A:Font Size

To change the font sizes in Outlook Express, you make the changes in Internet Explorer

If the font is too large or too small, change the text size in Internet Explorer by clicking View | Text Size | select larger or smaller as required, and then try printing again.

System Restore is not needed for this fix, which should be much simpler
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Why on earth won't my font size on my internet explorer home page stay where I set it on larger? I know how to change it but it won't stay there. After I restart my pc it reverts back to small size. XP Home

A:Font Size

Why on earth won't my font size on my internet explorer home page stay where I set it on larger? I know how to change it but it won't stay there. After I restart my pc it reverts back to small size. XP Home Here is a solution if you are using IE 5. If not i would suggest type in at Google your problem. Find just about anything there.;EN-US;q242984
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I have a new Hp thsat for some reason I had to do a system restore now all my fonts are large .I went to system and changed font size to custom everything is stll big .. Also I had to reset my e-mail and now It won't let me log on to outlook express unless i use a pass word . I wenyt to account and entered my password and x automatically remember but still have to do it. help

A:font size

What is the screen resolution? Display properties ,settings?
What is the font size under the appearence tab in the display properties?
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Hi Guys,

I have a weird problem. I have a user who when she types an email(new or responding) using Outlook 2007, when she hits enter to start typing in the body of the email, the font changes color. The hearder is fine, it's just the body for some reason.

I have checked all the settings and the fonts and color are set the same for new, replying and composing emails.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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For some reason, each time I boot up my computer it automatically changes my Icons font color to black instead of white. I have to manually change back to white each time. So can someone tell me why it is doing this and what I need to do to fix it?

Acer Aspire XC603G Desktop & Acer Aspire 5749 Laptop.
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I'm an Access Newbie.

I have a report for a project status. What I need is an expression to change the font color of an entire row based on a date difference. If the Install Date is less than 12 weeks from today then I need each item in that row to turn orange.

Something like this?

if DateDiff (w,[Install Start Date_Label],Date (),2) then

I'm not sure where to go from here. Once I have the date difference expression right how do I change the font color and where do I place the complete expression?

Any help is appreciated.

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if this is in the wrong place, please tell me where you put it.
I recently put a fresh copy of Windows 7 pro 64-bit on my puter.
In doing so windows update was not in manual mode. So all the
Nvidia updates were installed. I find navidia very complicated and
What I want to seen (for Example) in the "Control Panel" is an off white
background with black text.
Can Nvidia be completely removed? Or can I remove the last couple of
How can I accomplish this.
Thank you

A:display color and font management

I would ask the Mod to move this to the Customization forum. Their specialty is this type of thing.
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I think I can in a stylesheet I change in font javascript? the and Can color I a m still trying to learn Can I change the font and color in a javascript? that I came across this to put the date on a page lt script language quot JavaScript quot gt lt -- var now new Date var days new Array Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday var months new Array January February March April May June July August September October November December var date now getDate lt quot quot quot quot now getDate function fourdigits number return number lt number number today days now getDay quot quot months now getMonth quot quot date quot quot fourdigits now getYear document write today -- gt lt script gt It seems very simple and basic which would be good to learn from The first thing I tried was to get it in the middle of the page It just stays on the left side Also can I change the font and or color of it Not a big deal just trying to learn about it Thanks Carrie nbsp
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microsoft word 2010 font color stopped working today. all text is displayed in black regardless of the font color selected. i have been advised to uninstall and then reinstall. however, i am concerned that if i uninstall and then reinstall i will be prevented from doing so because the software will say you had already installed this program. i have a new product key that i microsoft extorted $40.00 from me in order to get it. microsoft said that my original product key was out of warranty and thus i had to buy another one. the point is, i am concerned about uninstalling and then reinstallling because i don't know if i will be allowed to do so in spite of having a new product key only two months old.

A:word 2010 font color

Where did you get this copy of Word that you installed?
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how do change the desktop font(under the icons) color and size in detail

A:desktop font color for winXP

Hi joebob1963, Welcome to TSG !!
Right click the desktop, select properties. Click on appearence tab. In middle open drop down box and scroll to icons.
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Is it possible to easily change the taskbar's font color (buttons + clock)? I can't believe I can have a solid white background with white fonts on it.

A:Change taskbar's font color?

Rt Clk Desktop
Windows Color
Advanced Appearance Settings
Icons (I think)
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I just installed a new theme on my computer. The background is lighter than previous themes. Contrary to instructions, the Font color remained white, which makes reading the icons difficult. I have performed a search, but I have been unable to find a way to change the font color to black.

A:Change Icon font color

Post a link to the theme you installed and I will look at it.
Where does this white text show up at?