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Unsucessfully installed usb devices win 7 64 bit

Q: Unsucessfully installed usb devices win 7 64 bit

Hi Guys
I'm not so clued up about how to use forums but I tried looking for similar problem here for a solution but nothing.
every time I plug on a new USB flash/external HDD or mobile phone it gives me a message "device was unsuccessfully installed" now I cant access any removable device. yet all my old devices still work.

Please help!!!

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Preferred Solution: Unsucessfully installed usb devices win 7 64 bit

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unsucessfully installed usb devices win 7 64 bit

Hello there,
Have you tried to update your USB Host controller drivers? If updating doesn't work reinstall them.

Hope that helps.
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got a pc which wont work, it keeps asking fr the boot disk. this doesnt matter - its an old heap of junk which doesnt need fixing. i dont even know which OS it was using at present. (i will find out tomorrow)

I need to get the data off the the harddrive which it used.

the drive is only 10gb, its a fujitsu MP3102AT drive.

i tried ubcd4win but the pc kept asking for floppy, i set the boot options in the bios to cd, but it still wont load.

EDIT: got it to load the cd drive - ubcd loaded, but isnt recognising the hard drive.

This hard drive just wont be picked up or recognised in any machine i have, is it just fuked completley?
this all adds to experience!

A:Solved: trying to recover data from harddrive - unsucessfully...
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any new USB device that i connect doesnt work, or not able to be installed... tried adding new inf files to windows but no change.
any help would be appreciated.

A:USB new devices are not being installed

Hello NavMan2137 and welcome to the forums

Have you tried using another USB port? Can you tell me the make and model of your computer please?

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Hey everyone i have a problem with my pc and i posted this problem here because i kno this forums is the best because i have been here in the past with all the problems i had with my pc Okay here is my problem with the pc i am currently running Windows Xp Home and because my pc had DEVICES NO :(! Xp Installed soo many errors i needed to reinstall windows when i installed windows Installed Xp NO DEVICES :(! back to the pc i found that i have devices that are needing to install such as - my Installed Xp NO DEVICES :(! network connection will not show inside the folder also my video hardware Installed Xp NO DEVICES :(! needs to be installed and also the sound needs to be installed when i pick a specific device from each of the list e g when installing the video hardware i selected the intel hardware then when i change the resolution it works fine but when i change the colour of the screen to 'True Colours' it comes up all messed up can someone please help me fix this problem because i really need my pc to work for work at home my main concern is the internet i cant connect because there is no connections appearing in the network connections i find it hard to install the devices because i dont have the disks for the hardware e g my video hardware all i have it the windows xp home disk if someone can help me i willl be very greatfull thanks

A:Installed Xp NO DEVICES :(!

Do you have a drivers cd for you computer, they usually come with the pc when you bought it
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Ok well at present I am having problems with internet explorer see my other thread so I have been checking any problems that may be causing this apart from ones I have tried I went into Performance Information and Tools clicked on Advanced and under Resource and Performance Monitor it allows you to generate a health report and this is what it came up are installed....should devices some not they? with Device is not present not working properly or does not have all of its drivers installed MpKsla fe is reporting quot tv ConfigMgrErr quot This device is not available until the issue is resolved The plug and play ID for this device is ROOT LEGACY MPKSLA FE Now I have some devices are not installed....should they? of these kind of messages each one different numbers what shall I do or not as the case maybe I also went into device manager to see if any problem sign alerts but could not see any so I clicked on everyone to see if all was working fine and I did come across that did not have devices installed and was wondering if they should be installed these are as follows Intel r Firmware Hub Device Intel r ICH Family SMBus Controller - Numeric data processor Programmable Interrupt Controller System Timer Appreciate the experts help here guys thanks

A:some devices are not installed....should they?

Hello Angiesluck

It w2ould be helpfull if you were to fill out your system specs including a complete model number. (I believe it is prefixed with NP perhaps?)

You could go to here; Samsung and try downloading and installing the Chipset drivers for your Laptop PC.

I hope this helps

Edit It would also be a good idea to do this as well; SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker Option 2 No.2
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i recently change my windows from XP to windows 7. my VGA also change to a new one. when i test the sound, i cant hear at all !! i go to the contol panel, and check the sound, its say "No Audio Device Installed". i check again through the device manager, in sound,video it seem High Definition Audio Device (not my audio device) and NVIDIA high definition sound. under the other driver, there a ! icon or Unknown Device.
im using Simbadda CST 5000 audio device
Sorry guys for my bad english
Sound Card: High Definition Audio Defice

A:No Audio Devices Installed, Help !~!

Hi, welcome to the forums

You may want to Uninstall the unknown device. Just right-click in Device Manager then select Uninstall. Reboot your machine then allow Windows to try to connect to Windows Update to search for new drivers.

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This morning I turned on my PC and then decided to take a nap. when i awoke i decided to go on my PC. I was greeted with a black screen (and yes i turned it on.) after restarting i noticed i had no sound, after thorougher investigation i noticed that my Sound menu says "No audio devices are installed" I have already tried to reinstall Realtek High Definition Audio, but no luck. any ideas?

 Screenshot_1.png   49.24KB

 Screenshot_2.png   8.78KB

 Screenshot_3.png   16.28KB

A:NO Audio Devices are Installed

Welcome to the Bleeping Computer Community trigga00
Were there any hardware or software changes recently, specifically with the audio/video? Have you tried system restoring to a date before the issue occured? Please post the computer model next time.
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Hi I recently upgraded from XP to and have been stumped by a No are audio installed. help. devices Please problem for over a week No audio devices are installed. Please help. now that I can't seem to find in any other forums I have a Gigabyte GA- P-DS P motherboard with RealTek High Definition onboard sound I'm pretty sure could someone confirm this RealTek High Definition Audio appears in device manager but in the Sound window of Control panel it says there are quot No audio devices installed quot I have the most up to date driver for the RealTek onboard sound from the thread on this website Driver version - yet it still doesn't show as an audio device When i No audio devices are installed. Please help. try to let windows update them automatically they say i have the most up to date drivers Under properties for Realtek HD Audio i have this error quot Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Josh

A:No audio devices are installed. Please help.

In your BIOS, do you have an option for Azalia codec? is it enabled?

Also, did you know you have to install the Drivers twice? The first time removes the old drivers, the second time installs the new driver.

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My audio device has stopped working. When I go into the control panel it tells me there are no adio devices are installed. However when I go to device manager the drivers are there and they say the device is working correctly. I then tried msinfo32 and got the following information:

NameRealtek High Definition Audio
PNP Device IDHDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0662&SUBSYS_101990B5&REV_1001\4&14A93FF&0&0001
Driverc:\windows\system32\drivers\rtkvhda.sys (, 2.15 MB (2,250,272 bytes), 11/06/2009 00:41)

NameIntel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI
ManufacturerIntel(R) Corporation
PNP Device IDHDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2802&SUBSYS_80860101&REV_1000\4&14A93FF&0&0101
Driverc:\windows\system32\drivers\intchdmi.sys (, 109.50 KB (112,128 bytes), 11/06/2009 00:31)
Can some one please help me get my sound back up and running?

A:No audio devices are installed

Try disabling your audio device in device manager, reboot your computer and let the drivers reinstall.

If this does not work, try and download a new driver from your pc manufacturers website.

Hope this helps
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I'm new to Windows 8 and I'm having a hard time managing my way around. My windows automatically installed almost all of my drivers, but failed to recognize the coprocessor. When i open the properties it says:
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

When i try to find the driver automatically,it fails, but i cant find them aswell.

My motherboard is ASROCK 939a8x-m, therefore it has an nvidia chipset in it. I fail to find the neccessary drivers aswell and i don't know what else to do.

Can someone please help me with this?

A:Coprocessor - Devices not installed

You can always use the Hardware ID found in device manager to know the exact driver you need to find. This website will help you find it, based on that info:

PCI Vendor and Device Lists
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Hello all,

I'm new to this forum and new to forums in general. I have a problem with my laptop all of a sudden. I went to you tube the other day and had no audio sound coming from my computer. Using my limited computer knowledge, I went to Control Panel then Sound and I have 3 tabs, Playback, Recording and Sounds. Playback and Recording both say "No audio devices are installed." My little speaker down in the lower right corner of the task bar has a little red circle with a white "x" in it. When I hold my mouse over the little speaker in the task bar, it says " No audio output device is installed". When I right click on the little speaker, a box pops up and the option to "Open the volume mixer" is ghosted out.

Why did this happen and what are my options?



A:No Audio devices are installed

Welcome Mark
Go to search by the start button
Type device manager
In device manager, you may see a small yellow triangle, near the audio driver, if so download the most current driver as iyours is corrupt.
If not small triangle, update to the newest driver as this may be the cause of the problem
Follow the instructions in this tutorial. At the end search for driver, do not go to browse this computer
Device Manager - Install Driver
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I need help. My computer is a Gateway Support - 1015229R*Gateway FX7024 Desktop Computer

I had a misadventure with the original hard drive and bought a new one. Installed Vista on the new hard drive and got things going fine again except for the audio missing.

I had installed through windows update 'Matrix Storage Manager' and having an up and running PC before that install ruined the hard drive. I have no way to get into the recovey tools to make it so much easier so I'm forced to do it all manually. Last thing to do is figuring out how to get the audio going.

Any help would be awesome.

A:No audio devices are installed.

Is you audio card dsiplayed in the device manager and its just a driver issue?

Make sure your On-Board Soundcard is enabled! You could check the BIOS Settings for this first.

This seems to be your soundcard at least when i read the psecs you send:
8-channel audio output using the Sigmatel / IDT-STAC9271 10-channel audio codec
HD audio link header (optional)
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I know this topic has been brought up a number of times before however I have still been unable to correct this issue with previous troubleshooting.

The History-Suspected power surge, replaced hard drive, motherboard, and power supply. Reinstalled Windows, Vista 32-bit.

Since this happened I am informed via control panel that No Audio Devices are Installed. My speaker icon in the task bar has the dreaded red X over it.

I have two different sets of speakers I have tried. Both sets of speakers work on another computer. In device manager I have attempted to update drivers, uninstall and reinstall, disable and re-enable, to no avail.

I have set BIOS to default as per previous threads on this subject.

I am happy to provide any further information sought, I am not terribly technical but can follow instructions like a pro. Thank you.

A:No Audio Devices are Installed

Does your new motherboard have on board audio or are you using a sound card?
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Hello guys this is a problem I ve been dealing with devices audio No installed for quite some time though I never really tried to No audio devices installed solve it until a while ago The main problem is this I wanted to post a pic of the icon but I couldnt due to lack of posts its the speaker icon with the white cross on the red background icon showing up when I right click it and go to volume mixer it tells me there are no audio devices installed I ve tried multiple things to solve the problem I downloaded the latest drivers and installed them didnt work I removed my onboard sound card with device manager and plugged in an usb sound card to see if that would solve the problem didnt work I went to device manager removed the onboard sound card then had device manager look for uninstalled hardware it reinstalled the onboard sound card but didnt change the no audio devices installed thing Is there something left I can try to do I d appreciate any bit of help I can get PS Im using a Windows Vista if there are any specs you need to know about just ask Btw when I look in device manager or control panel -- gt Sound there is never a problem stated I dont use speakers and usually have headphones plugged in Also when I start a game like Skyrim it quits and tells me Skyrim needs a sound card in order to run even though there s definately one onboard not working though nbsp

A:No audio devices installed

List any Problem Devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so
Generate and attach a DirectX report

Click Start->Run, enter dxdiag and click OK
===> If you?re running 32 bit Windows, dxdiag will launch on its own
===> If you?re running 64 bit Windows, you?ll see 64-bit DxDiag. Click it to launch the 64-bit version of dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save to your Desktop
In TechSpot window, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see icon you may need to first click Go Advanced)
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Hi guys,

I'm wondering what the correct procedure is for driver management on windows 8?
I recently setup a new PC (first PC ever) & would like to know how I go about managing
the drivers (or to define what drivers have been loaded etc) for midi devices..

would much appreciate your advice

many thanks
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My house was recently burgled and they took my external hard drive. I've had it for years so have lost all my paperwork for it. I want to be able to give my insurance company accurate details about it but can't remember anything including make, model, or size. Is there any way for me to find some or all of this info on my computer? I have an Inspiron running Windows 7. Thanks for your help.

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Hey guys im new to this forum .I have a problem i dont have any sound.When i click on the volume icon at the bottom of my screen and go to playback it says ''No audio devices are installed''When i open the sound options there are no speakers.
When i go to services.msc and try to start audio and audio enpoint it says there is an error.I downloaded nvidia hdmi audio driver but when i open it ,it says no audio services are not downloaded something like that.Ive tried nearly everything.
Also when i go to device manager and sound there is nothing about sound it just says nvidia hdmi output.

Also i have windows 7 dual boot with windows vista and i logged in with windows vista and it is fine.


A:No audio devices are installed

Quote: Originally Posted by Warlock1

Hey guys im new to this forum .I have a problem i dont have any sound.When i click on the volume icon at the bottom of my screen and go to playback it says ''No audio devices are installed''When i open the sound options there are no speakers.
When i go to services.msc and try to start audio and audio enpoint it says there is an error.I downloaded nvidia hdmi audio driver but when i open it ,it says no audio services are not downloaded something like that.Ive tried nearly everything.
Also when i go to device manager and sound there is nothing about sound it just says nvidia hdmi output.

Also i have windows 7 dual boot with windows vista and i logged in with windows vista and it is fine.


Warlock Hi and welcome to sevenforums

Pretty clear you need to install the audio driver. Can you give us info about your computer mobo, audio chipset, 32bit or 64, etc

Rhanks in advance
Ken J+
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The images attached show this:
My computer before i installed Xp mce 2005 had realtek hd audio drivers
anbd stuff but when I instaled MCE I never got sound and I've tried every possible realtek driver I could find...

The computer model is a Emachine T5026

A:Xp no sound devices installed

Hi and welcome to TSF have a read through here Readme for Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP - Microsoft Windows and run speccy Speccy - System Information - Free Download then get the driver
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Hi, all... I have a Promise Ultra133 TX2 IDE controller card which affords me two additional ATA133 channels, each with two hard drives attached. I also have a single HDD attached to the on-board IDE channel, and a DVD drive and DVD burner attached to the secondary on-board IDE channel.

The thing is, when I click on 'My Computer' it only shows 5 devices - my primary on-board IDE HDD, my DVD drive (not the burner) and three of the four HDD's connected through the controller card. They don't show up in Disk Management either. The drives are lettered consecutively (IDE primary channel HDD, C:, DVD secondary channel, D:, then E:, F: and G: for the (three visible of four) HDD's attached via the controller).

Why can't I see these two drives? Is there a limit on how many physical drives you can install on XP?

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I've tried everything, installing legacy hardware from the device manager. There are no sound devices listed, and I can't hear anything. I've tried following guides and it was just working fine. Then when I did a computer factory reset I couldn't hear anything and it states that no sound devices are installed.

A:No sound devices installed?

I plugged in a usb device for sound and it works but the regular jack inputs do nothing.
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What is up with my laptop all of the sudden no sound at all, devices manager says that there is no sound device installed.. I have deleted all drivers and rebooted still nothing.. Any advice??


Tim O

A:No Sound Devices Installed??

What's the brand name, model name, and model number of your laptop?

Is it running Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit?

What's listed in the Device Manager in the Sound Video And Game Controllers heading?

Are there any entries in the Device Manager with a yellow ? or ! next to them?

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A:Multimedia Devices Not Installed

Sounds like you just need to install the correct drivers.

(Please do not use Cap locks for your entire's considered yelling on the net and I'm sure your really not doing that )

Can you post your system specs please?
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Win 7 can't see installed printers and devices on my pc.
Opening the "Devices and Printers" window resulted in nothing but an empty window and an address-bar that kept indication that it was looking for something. My printer is connected and it prints, but i need to go into it
I need to use my scanner!

Someone please help

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Please help, ive tried everything, It was working now it wont, Please help, it's a home built pc, ive added a pic of the specs

A:No Audio Devices Installed

It looks like you have an ASUS? Go to the ASUS website. Look under Support to find drivers. Enter model number of your motherboard, select the OS and ASUS should give you the audio driver
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i'm fairly new to this forum but i have a problem i need help with,
so i swapped my graphics card and i noticed my sound was missing i took a closer look and there was no driver installed.I don't know how this happened because i didn't touch it, but anyway i have no sound icon on the right side of the taskbar and i tried installing my sound drivers again and everything install's just fine and it prompt's me to restart my PC and when i do everything is just the same no sound if anyone can help it would make me really happy.

A:No audio devices installed

So i managed to fix my issue, the problem was when i installed the AMD driver for my GPU it installed something like a audio driver that blocked my onboard sound card. The fix was to go into the BIOS and enable my onboard graphics.
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So i got a new headset and i found out that the sound works but not the mic.
It works on other computers but not on my because it doesnt show up grey, it doesnt show up at all even thought i did check the show dissabled or disconnected devices. I tried to instal a new upgrade for my sound but the windows 7 said that i have the new upgrade.

If someone could help me it would be awsome

Sound card : High Definition Audio Device

A:Recording: no Audio devices are installed.

Are you using the Dell supplied sound drivers? I do a lot of support on the Dell users forum and we have found that not using the Dell sound drivers can cause problems in some systems.

Dell does not support Win 7 (no Win 7 drivers) for the XPS420 however they do support Vista and the Vista drivers should work without problems. The Vista SigmaTel driver is HERE If you have anything other than the Dell SigmaTel driver, suggest you uninstall whatever you have and install the Dell SigmaTel driver.

FYI the Dell users forum can be accessed You may want to check out the support forums.
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I have a big problem. I usually use the microphone that is bulit into my computer but i wnated to use my headset for better quality. It didn't work so I tried some things to make it work. I went into control panel and under sound to see if I could change anything in recording. Recording showed that I have one microphone installed "realtek". After I figured out i can't change the realtek microphone into my headset microphone I closed the tab and could literally see how the "realtek" microphone disapeard out of the recording box. Does anyone know how to get it back?? I really need my microphone!!! My playback is still working.

Thanks a lot and please excuse my poor English, I'm from Germany.

A:No audio devices are installed in recording

alright i got it back!!! I'm pretty proud right now!!!
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I ve been searching around for what seems like a million Problem Devices No Installed Audio years and it looks like a lot of No Audio Devices Installed Problem people are having this problem Pretty cool because now I have it too Absolutely no sound comes out of No Audio Devices Installed Problem my USB speakers I have onboard sound and my computer is acting like I don t have any way of playing sound at all Most of the fixes I ve found seem to come down to needing to install drivers and such but none of the audio drivers on the Gateway site do anything at all In fact it says they aren t even for me or something to that effect I m running Vista Home Premium and I honestly can t figure this out I should note that a lot of people have said to look in the device manager under quot sound video and game controllers quot or something so to completely remove that as an option that doesn t even exist in my device manager for some reason Any help would be appreciated as I am now slowly going insane nbsp

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When I double click my volume control, I get a message that says there are no active mixer devices installed, and my sound does not work. This just started recently, and I don't know if it has something to do with other problems my computer is having, or if it's just my sound. Is there a way to fix it?

A:"No active mixer devices installed"

Hi there!It looks like the Windows Audio service is not enabled!Please do the following and then tell me if it works! Click on Start and Run
Type the following command and press Enter

Scroll down to Windows Audio in the right-hand column and double-click on it, you should see a screen similar to this one.
Make sure the Startup Type is set to Automatic and click on the Start button under Service Status. The Windows Audio service should restart and the error with the volume control should be resolved.
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I have a windows laptop but it does not have Bluetooth So I bought a Bluetooth adapter dongle from local computer shop it has no markings and it seemed to install OK However expecting to see Bluetooth any can't Bluetooth devices installed, adapter see in notification bar but it does not show My laptop can't see any other device I have done the following to try and rectify Been to device manager and the adapter appears to be working Been to services and Bluetooth is set to automatic Been to Bluetooth settings in Hardware amp Sound and tried to tick quot Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer quot but when you apply get error message- quot An error has occurred while windows was saving your settings The Bluetooth device might be unplugged The following settings were not saved Discoverability settings Connection settings quot I have uninstalled the adapter and reinstalled I have checked latest driver updates Still can't see any devices Got my daughters mobile phone to make sure Bluetooth adapter installed, can't see any devices it could see my phone by Bluetooth and it could so Bluetooth is switched on my phone Just don't know what else there is to do on my computer to be able to see other devices

A:Bluetooth adapter installed, can't see any devices

You mentioned that you have no icon in your notification area.... Is the check box for "show Bluetooth icon in notification area" checked??

If this is the case, I also have this issue and have been working at it for hours. hopefully we can both get it resolved
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so..i restored my windows xp gateway notebook and it doesnt have any audio devices installed now. i talked to gateway and they gave me the audio driver installation thing but it still wont im completely stuck..and it also wont let me insall certain programs like windows live messenger and stuff like that..can someone please please help me out! Thanks!!

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i just bought a new hard drive for my Dell Dimension 9100 and i installed Windows Xp Professional on it..

I have recently found out that i do not have sound at all...

I dont even have volume control icon on the icon tray....

i tried to open up the volume control from the start menu and it gave me the error " There are no active mixer devices availiable. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, then click Add Hardware."

"This Program will now close."

maybe do i have to install drivers for my sound card? i dont even know if i have a card...

Thank you,


A:Cant Figure Out Why I Have No Sound Devices Installed

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Go HERE and download and install all the drivers for your system.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Running Vista on an HP laptop.  Volume icon now has a red X over it and I have no sound.  I went through all the common fixes including trying to download new audio drivers all to no avail.  Any ideas anyone?

A:No audio output devices installed

This is a common problem in Vista and unfortunately it is usually solved by reinstalling the OS. When you said you did all the standard steps, did you follow the steps here. Did you try a System Restore before the problem occurred?
To rule out a hardware failure you could download a small linux distro, Puppy 5.7 is good. Try playing a sound file. If you do not get sound in Puppy then I would say your internal sound card has failed. You may want to look at purchasing a USB sound dongle good for earphones only.
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It's my first post here so please bear with me I'm not a super techie person so pardon my terms Tab in Audio Devices Are Installed No Recording I got a Toshiba Dynabook AX LS laptop with Windows XP before and installed No Audio Devices Are Installed in Recording Tab Windows on it Everything has been working so far except for the microphone I can't seem to perform any recordings or use Skype and other Video Calling plug-ins because I kept getting an error that quot No audio devices are installed quot The speakers are working fine though Again I just recently purchased it and installed a different OS immediately I did not know if the microphone was working fine before But I was thinking if it has a microphone port then I guess it has a built-in mic right Well I performed some TS and here are some of them I checked the devices for Sound and here is what I get I checked quot Show disabled devices quot and quot Show disconnected devices quot but nothing still shows I went to Device Manager gt Sounds Video and Game Controllers and got quot High Definition Audio Device quot not very helpful with that one anyway I quot Updated the Driver Software quot and got So I quot Disabled quot and quot Re-enabled quot the High Definition Audio Device Sound Card quot Uninstalled quot and quot Re-installed quot it yet it's still the same Next I went to Control Panel typed quot Troubleshooting quot in the Search bar Went to quot Troubleshoot Audio Recording quot and got Lastly I performed a step that I found online going to DXDIAG gt Sound to get the quot name quot of my Sound Card because I was thinking of performing a manual search for its updated drivers and here is what I got Still it's not giving me a quot name quot and I don't really know what to do anymore I guess I'm out of options hopefully someone here can enlighten me and help my issue Sorry for the very long post Thanks in advance

A:No Audio Devices Are Installed in Recording Tab

The "HD Audio Device" is a generic Windows installed sound driver. You need the Win 7 (or Vista) driver supplied by Toshiba. In many cases the vendor (Toshiba) supplied driver is needed for the sound to work correctly.

You may also need to install the motherboard chipset drivers first as the chipset drivers define (identify) all the devices on the motherboard.

Here is the drivers from Toshiba Toshiba Drivers Download - Toshiba
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I had Windows XP reinstalled on my computer hard drive. When I got my computer back. The sound was not working. When I went to My Computer/ Hardware Devices, there were 3 yellow question marks on:
SM Bus Controller
PCI Device
Video Controller

Do I need to delete these and try to reload them. If so, is there a process or Disc i need to do this?

Also, (Originally) why would I not have sound?


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I posted this devices installed correctly? Windows 8 no over on Microsoft answers But no one answered so I will paste it here This is Windows 8 no devices installed correctly? NOT plagerism I wrote it Here is the proof Windows no devices installed correctly amp - Microsoft Answers So anyways on to the question I have installed windows via VMware so i do Windows 8 no devices installed correctly? not completely mess up my windows computer It installed but the internet never works and the sound doesn'tI ran a diagnostic to fixing the problem The audio is muted and the internet has an X beside it When i hover Windows 8 no devices installed correctly? over the audio icon i get this message quot No audio output device is installed quot When I hover over the internet connection i get this message quot No internet connections available quot I tried everything to get the internet to work I bridged my internet access to the host computer Windows and tried LAN and host only Nothing worked When i checked Bridged i checked the check box quot Replicate physical network connection state quot When just checking bridged failed So i tried re installing Windows and I gave the installation drive GB because i thought it didn't have enough space to install the drivers Turns out that didn't work either I did not install Windows Consumer Preview I just installed Windows release preview because I could not find the consumer preview download And release preview takes a lot less time to download the iso I am running x bit Windows Ultimate I have Windows XP Mode and the internet works completely fine on that virtual machine The internet on my windows computer is completely fine also So here is the information Host Operating System My Main Operating System Windows x Ultimate Operating System I Am Attempting To Run Windows Release Preview - Evaluation Copy - Build Program I Am Attempting To Run Windows Release Preview On VMware I have already tried virtualbox and windows crashes for no reason Date downloaded Downloaded version Windows Release Preview - English Version x

A:Windows 8 no devices installed correctly?

Hello Creasing, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Did you already install the VMware Tools from step 17 on in the tutorial below? This will be required to be installed before you will be able to share resources on the host.

VMware Player - Install Windows 8

Hope this helps for now,
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Hello I am helping a friend fix his computer A Dell InspironN There is a red X over the sound icon in the task bar and he has no sound Installed Devices Audio No update after he belives this started after the last No Audio Devices Installed after update Windows Update He did have sound before When I go to Sound in Control Panel a message pops up saying No audio devices installed When I go to Services The Windows Audio Properties says Windows could not start the Windows Audio Service on local computer Error The dependency service or group failed to start When I No Audio Devices Installed after update go to Dependencies the Multimedia Class Scheduler is started The Remote Procedure Call is started The DCOM Service Process Launcher is started The RPC Endpoint Mapper is started The Windows Audio Endpoint Builder is stopped When I try to start it I get this message Windows could not start the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Error Error performed in page operation The Plug and Play is started I have ran MalwareBytes CCleaner TDSSKiller I have noticed there are a lot of services stopped but first things first and get the sound going Thanks for the help Here is the Farber Service Scanner report Farbar Service Scanner Version - - Ran by Mike administrator on - - at Running from C Users Mike Downloads Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack X Boot Mode Normal Internet Services Connection Status Localhost is accessible LAN connected Google IP is accessible Google com is accessible Yahoo com is accessible Windows Firewall Firewall Disabled Policy System Restore System Restore Disabled Policy Action Center Windows Update Windows Autoupdate Disabled Policy Windows Defender WinDefend Service is not running Checking service configuration The start type of WinDefend service is set to Demand The default start type is Auto The ImagePath of WinDefend service is OK The ServiceDll of WinDefend service is OK Windows Defender Disabled Policy HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows Defender DisableAntiSpyware DWORD Other Services File Check C Windows System nsisvc dll gt MD is legit C Windows System drivers nsiproxy sys gt MD is legit C Windows System dhcpcore dll gt MD is legit C Windows System drivers afd sys gt MD is legit C Windows System drivers tdx sys gt MD is legit C Windows System Drivers tcpip sys gt MD is legit C Windows System dnsrslvr dll gt MD is legit C Windows System mpssvc dll gt MD is legit C Windows System bfe dll gt MD is legit C Windows System drivers mpsdrv sys gt MD is legit C Windows System SDRSVC dll gt MD is legit C Windows System vssvc exe gt MD is legit C Windows System wscsvc dll gt MD is legit C Windows System wbem WMIsvc dll gt MD is legit C Windows System wuaueng dll gt MD is legit C Windows System qmgr dll gt MD is legit C Windows System es dll gt MD is legit C Windows System cryptsvc dll gt MD is legit C Program Files Windows Defender MpSvc dll gt MD is legit C Windows System ipnathlp dll gt MD is legit C Windows System iphlpsvc dll gt MD is legit C Windows System svchost exe gt MD is legit C Windows System rpcss dll gt MD is legit End of log

A:No Audio Devices Installed after update

First of all, welcome to BC !
As a first step I would go to the Dell web-site and download and install the audiio drivers for your Inspiron and see if that solves your problem. Your Dell probably has a barcode on it somewhere. If you copy the barcode number and type it into the search box on the service page on the Dell web-site you will normally be taken to a page which has all the drivers for your computer - I wish more manufacturers would do this !
If this gets you your sound back, great. If it doesn't, post back.
As for your non-running services, if you go into 'Computer management' you can decide how services you want to run startup. To get there, clcik 'Start', RIGHT click on 'Computer' in the start menu, then click 'Manage' in the drop-down menu that appears. Services are at the bottom of the dialogue box. If you click any service you want to change the startup for, click on the service, then RIGHT click and in the dialogue box that appears you will find the option to change the startup type. Your choices are 'automatic', 'Manual' and 'Disable'.
Chris Cosgrove
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I reinstalled XP and I get a whole bunch of PCI type device errors listed under quot Other quot after finishing Re-installed devices Solved: XP installing not Many - the install I got bucnch of prompts to install things like VGA sound ethernet but they aren t found on the windows CD VGA controller would be generic I believe but Solved: Re-installed XP - Many devices not installing anyways the biggest source of confusion is Solved: Re-installed XP - Many devices not installing the fact that I try to put my CD in with the drivers I downloaded from another computer and it gives an error saying it can t read the disk and is corrupted yet I can pop in my XP cd and it reads no problem I can t get internet going can t read USB or CD yet I can plug in a USB mouse I ve re-installed it a couple of times now complete installs and I have done it with this computer before using all the same driver files the only difference is this is a new drive nbsp

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Hi there I Computer PCI freezes devices when are randomly installed ve been using this computer for months without problems yet whenever I put a device into a PCI slot it will start freezing randomly The mouse will seize up any sound that is playing will loop a very Computer freezes randomly when PCI devices are installed tiny section and sound horrible and jagged and ctrl alt delete or any other keyboard shortcut does nothing Restarting the computer seems to be the only solution Sometimes it works for hours sometimes it will freeze shortly after start up It is an issue now because I am using a wireless network PCI card I have had Computer freezes randomly when PCI devices are installed other PCI devices and they cause the same problem so I am sure it is not just the wireless card My theory is that any device in a PCI slot causes it to have errors I have checked to make sure I have the latest drivers for all my hardware Heres my specs OS Windows XP Home SP Motherboard Asrock Dual-VSTA CPU Intel Pentium D GHZ RAM MB sticks mhz DDR GFX Nvidia Geforce FX PSU watt unsure of model And the wireless card is a TP Link TL-WN AG Thanks for any help nbsp
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>Have windows XP
>upgrade to windows 7 pro
>works fine, except no audio driver.
>install audio driver IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver, but it doesn't work.
>in device manager, no sound under 'sound, vid, & game controllers'
>under 'other devices' 'multimedia audio controller' is there, with an error.
Mobo is ASUS Emery2 (ancient, i know)
Onboard sound

ALSO: To be clear, it isn't that i'm not hearing sound, there ISN'T sound, meaning i can't turn it up, mute, etc...on the taskbar.

All help always appreciated.

A:No audio output devices installed, after new boot of 7

There is no sound icon in the notification area? Did you upgrade to windows 7 or did you do a clean install? With doing an upgrade you can run into problems like this. It's just part of it. It's recommend to do a clean install and then install all updated drivers then install all the MS updates including any SP if available.
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So, I have these wireless headphones that I got from Brookstone. The device driver is called E-Core wireless audio. Its installed and ready, but it's not listed as a default playback device in volume control. How to fix?
It worked ok before. There's no driver to install on my wireless headphones.

A:One of my audio devices is installed, but not listed as a default dev

Apparently another device doesn't wanna show up either..
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Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public on July 29 and within 24 hours, the operating system had already been installed on 14 million devices. The Redmond-based company's momentum has shown no signs of slowing down as Windows 10 installations...

Read more

A:Windows 10 now installed on more than 75 million devices around the globe

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Hi, I have a Dell XPS 420 running Windows 7.
When I first tried plugging in some speaker they were not detected so I changed the BIOS to use the on board audio (from auto select to on) and my speakers have worked ever since.
Yesterday I tried using a microphone (turtle beach x12 headset, speakers worked) and it is not detected (front and back panel). I tired a different microphone encase the headset was faulty and it wasnt detected either. So I tried my headset on my other computer and it worked straight away).
I've been reading forms etc but cant find a solution...
Any ideas?


PS. I tried another headset of mine which is only usb (no speaker or mic jack) and it works.
Also as the XPS 420 isn't sold with windows 7 drivers can be a bit of a bind

A:Microphone not detected (no audio devices installed)

Device detection is a function of the drivers (ie: audio drivers). So if it's not working properly, I'd suspect the drivers. If there aren't any Win7 drivers, then your best bet would be to get an addon sound card with Win7 support.
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Hey I'm new, and I disabled my internal microphone by: Control panel>hardware and sound>manage audio devices>recording tab> and disabled it. I would like to turn it back on now. but it's saying No audio devices are installed please help

A:Disabled internal Mic/no audio devices installed

Hi GuyWithProblems,

Could you please Fill Out Your System Specs? It would really help. Also, are you using a desktop or a laptop? What sound card are you using?

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Hello I have an Acer Aspire One AS laptop which I upgraded to a retail version of Windows Ultimate For many months everything worked great About a week ago I installed some updates that Microsoft pushed out After those updates finished installing my audio device was no longer recognized by my machine Specifically when I try to turn on the volume I get a message stating quot No Audio Devices Are Installed quot Similarly I cannot find any audio devices through the control panel or through Start- gt Run- gt msinfo I first tried downloading the latest drivers from Acer's site and installing them That did not correct the problem and I've tried several times I then tried restoring the system to an earlier date when everything was fine and that too has not solved anything I have read in other threads about changing some settings in the BIOS but I will admit that I am unclear on how to do this Any additional hypotheses theories would be greatly appreciated Acer's default reply is Audio (No Acer Devices Are Installed) 1410 to pay for them to send me a new OS and reinstall that I'm less than thrilled with the idea Cheers Bryce

A:Acer 1410 (No Audio Devices Are Installed)

Check device manager to see how audio device looks (yellow warning).
Try deleting the audio driver and reinstalling.
You could also roll back windows to a date when the audio worked. Then selectively upgrade MS Windows, making sure not to install any audio drivers.
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I have a Samsung V25 laptop with windows XP home edition SP1 installed and there is no volume icon in the taskbar.
I went to Contro Panel/ Sounds and Audio Devices to see that all the controls are greyed out and on the Audio tab it shows that there is 'No Playback Device'. It is the same for Sound Recording and MIDI miusic playback... No devices.
I have made sure that Windows Audio service is running and is on Automatic, and all the drivers are installed with no yellow exclamation nor question marks in Device Manager. I am at a loss and now don't know what do do next.

A:No mixer devices installed WinXP Home SP1

I have decided to do a re install of xp, but when I tried, it complained of not having enough memory to format the HD. The machine currently has 256mb installed so I am going to put at least 512mb in.
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Hello when booting I receive the following message No devices found no BIOS installed This error message appears even without XP installed so one would suggest it is a BIOS setting but I can t solve it So here is my situation - MSI P Neo-FISR PCB mainboard with A BIOS version - harddisks on Primary and secondary devices BIOS not installed S-ATA no found NEO MSI 875p Promise harddisk controller with DVD players as slave - On the third IDE controller IDE HDD s - S-ATA drive on the Promise controller BIOS settings Integrated Peripherals - On board Promise Promise S-ATA no devices found BIOS not installed MSI NEO 875p IDE as S-ATA On Chip IDE configuration - P-ATA only - S-ATA keep enabled NO wouldn t know what this means - P-ATA channel selection Both - S-ATA ports defintion P - th P - rd standard setting - Config as RAID NO Also I have the Promise drivers installed within XP a WinXP Promise SATA IDE controller is being recognized Did a fresh install of XP including installing the WinXP Promise SATA drivers from a floppy disk by hitting F What I am wondering now is Is it true the Promise controll controls the rd IDE controller as well as the S-ATA HDD And if so can someone please tell what would be the correct settings in the BIOS when having IDE HDD s connnected to the third IDE controller and S-ATA disk on the Promise controller Because the strange thing only IDE HDD of the rd IDE controller is being recognized by XP the other IDE HDD and S-ATA not Hope you can help me out cause I m totally lost - nbsp

A:Promise S-ATA no devices found BIOS not installed MSI NEO 875p

You have two separate controllers,the message is saying that no devices are attached to the Promise controller.The manual I looked had no mention of the Promise controller,so I'm taking this info off of the 875P Neo Series specs.Hopefully your manual has the correct info,all the connectors should be colour coded.

The Intel controller has 2 SATA ports(use these first)and 2 IDE ports,the IDE ports are only ATA100 ports,use these for the optical drives.

The Promise controller has 2 SATA ports and 2 IDE ports,these IDE ports are ATA133,use these to connect the IDE hard drives.

In the BIOS you need to have the ATA configuration=PATA+SATA,SATA keep enabled=yes,PATA channel selection=both.Also if you're putting 2 IDE(aka PATA)drives on the one cable they have to be jumpered as master and slave,with the master at the end.Hope you can make sense of it.
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hello peepz,
We are about to roll out a group policy to stop people installing USB devices that are not approved. All that is very easy to, our issue is finding already installed devices on a computer.  I can manually roll through the registry entries and try and
manually delete them but given we have hundreds of users, that is going to take forever.  Is there some software that people use that easily identifies if say a Samsung or Apple phone have been connected and delete them. Same thing for most USB sticks
except the ones we specify??

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I have a 64 GB USB flash drive that is not recognized on the USB 3.0 ports but is on the USB 2.0. I have 2 USB 3.0 external drives that work fine on those ports. When it is plugged in the light flashes but doesn't install the drivers.

Wondering if the thread title might be the problem?

Thanks, Ken

A:Device Manager - Other Devices USB Controller driver not installed

Hello Rocky I am assuming you have done the drivers for those ports but if not download them again
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I recently got a PS and being stupid as I am I wanted to try and get my PS controller onto my PC to PS3 now Installed work.. don't Solved: devices USB controller drivers, play some PC games So I did some searching up on Google and found some drivers Some people have reported the same Solved: Installed PS3 controller drivers, now USB devices don't work.. problem The thing is is that I Solved: Installed PS3 controller drivers, now USB devices don't work.. installed the drivers but they didn t work so I had to run an application for quot libusb quot and now after I restarted my computer my Solved: Installed PS3 controller drivers, now USB devices don't work.. keyboard it s a USB and my mouse it s a USB do not work as well as anything that s plugged in that is USB I also tried to uninstall the application but I removed two files that was suggested to get the controller working before I tried to uninstall and when I tried to uninstall it failed and said I would have to remove it manually now I cannot find the application anywhere in my computer So I m completely lost at what to do Here is the name of the program installed libusb-win -filter-bin- Any suggestions would be highly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Installed PS3 controller drivers, now USB devices don't work..
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The Realtek ATI HDMI Audio device in my machine works perfectly when the machine has got 2Gb of memory installed in it, but when I put another 2Gb in and reboot the audio devices vanish from the Device Manager and I get a red X in the little speaker icon on the taskbar.

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit

Has anyone seent his behaviour?

A:Realtek audio devices vanish with 4Gb memory installed

I'm having this exact same problem. Any Solution?
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HP Notebook Split x2, started with Windows 8, then 8.1, now 10. Everything works fine except for Beats Audio, which never seemed to work. It's installed but not recognized. The HP default speakers do work but it's lame, I was hoping for the snazzy Beats Audio. In the screen shot, I tried "find and fix audio playback problems", but Beats Audio isn't a device, should it be ? you can see Beats Audio Control panel. How do I get Beats to become operational ? Also, I don't see how to test Beats in the Control panel. I've looked around on this forum and find lots of similar questions but not exactly this.  Here's the playback devices, shouldn't Beats Audio be one of them ?

A:Beats Audio installed but doesn't show up in devices

Well, I found where to "turn on" Beats Audio, but it's grayed out . . .  So how do I get it to work ?
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I have a bluetooth headset that already paired but it is unable to use because there is no audio services to work with. When I run the troubleshooting for my sound, it couldn't identify the problem. In my device manager, the bluetooth audio is gone (it used to be there) and i also have many unknow device that related to bluetooth. I used to played with registry when i was trying to fix something else, maybe that the cause, but when i run the Sfc /scannow, notthing seems wrong. I have been searching solution for this problem for a month and yet, notthing works. Please help, im using sony vaio Model # SVS15116FXB. I also tried to download some drivers from the sony sites, but they are useless.

A:No Audio Output Devices is Installed- Sony Vaio

I would uninstall all the unknown and Bluetooth devices listed in the Device Manager. Leave that off until you get the basic sound going again. Restart the PC after uninstalling all the Bluetooth and unknown devices.

If the PC's sound device is enabled in the BIOS, Windows should detect it and install either the regular drivers or at least the generic, basic function, HIgh Definition Audio Drivers (Codec). If its not being detected and installed, the first thing is to check the BIOS. If its disabled in the BIOS then Windows will not see/detect it. If its enabled in the BIOS, reinstall the Intel motherboard chipset drivers. One of the things the chipset drivers do is define (identify) all the devices on the motherboard. This too affects whether the sound can be detected.
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I just installed ECS IC780M-A0 2 1.mobo and now no pci devices are showing up. What do I do?

A:Solved: Just Installed new mobo ECS IC780M-A2 1.0 and no pci devices are showing up

Are there missing devices in Device Manager? Has the board's chipset driver (platform driver, or Intel Inf Utility) been installed?

Are PCI devices disabled in the BIOS?
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quot ASPI is not properly installed Tape and CD DVD devices will not be accessible under Windows Me quot I have a dual boot system Windows XP Home Edition and Windows se I also have two cd rw drives One is a Hewlett Packard i the other a Samsong SW- F which came with this E-Monster and is properly will installed, devices Tape CD/DVD ASPI be not not accessible... B computer Both devices in this partition show Microsoft drivers are installed and working with no problems Also Device Manager shows no problems with either drive I have had a problem with slow-downs and freezes after using this system for a reasonable ASPI is not properly installed, Tape and CD/DVD devices will not be accessible... period of time usually a little over an hour The only way I can prevent a complete freeze-up at some point is to keep the ASPI is not properly installed, Tape and CD/DVD devices will not be accessible... -bit box checked under the Troubleshooting tab in My Computer s quot Properties Advanced Settings quot section This solves the freeze problem but renders the two cd rw drives useless Hp com no longer ASPI is not properly installed, Tape and CD/DVD devices will not be accessible... offers drivers for its cd rw device although I do have their old downloads which do not contain drivers The freeware driver site offers no hp driver downloads and only one download for the Samsong cd rw Unfortunately the unzipped exe file will not open claiming it cannot find the cd drive As a result neither drive is recognized and I have the freeze-up problem with which to contend The error message comes from my external Maxtor hard drive log after a C drive system backup is performed I searched and found an ASPI exe program which I clicked on and installed or reinstalled but nothing changed I hope these drives are not too old to use The surprising thing to me is that I never installed any of HP s or Samsong s drivers in XP and the both drives work just fine apparently because of their Windows XP drivers Any suggestions Need more information quot This operator depends upon his friends Help Help quot To paraphrase Arch Ward s quot Wake Of The News quot slogan used back in the old days when the Chicago Tribune Sun-Times Herald-American and Chicago Daily News were the only places in which to surf and ITs only meant the possesive form of it nbsp

A:ASPI is not properly installed, Tape and CD/DVD devices will not be accessible...

In the english used by the people that write motherboard manuals.

Please to install and download ForceASPI.
Please to use instruction:

Must to be aware, virus and malware should cuase problems, must clean.

If do fail, please to use SFC /scannow and scanreg /restore from CLI (commanded line interfaces) run command may fix.
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I'm audio devices no realtek installed, are error 0xc0000374 running windows on Toshiba Qosmio X Q My computer kept crashing after trying to install Sabrent display adapter no audio devices are installed, realtek error 0xc0000374 I booted into recovery and did a system restore Everything works fine now except the sound I have visited Toshiba's website and downloaded the most recent Realtek drivers When I install I get the error quot HD Audio Driver Failure no audio devices are installed, realtek error 0xc0000374 error code xC quot If I go to device manager it shows realtek but with an error next to it If I look under playback devices nothing is listed I have deleted the drivers and tried letting the computer install them automatically but that doesn't work either Two solutions I have seen were to disable and delete Microsoft UAA HD bus driver but that is nowhere to be found on my machine and the other solution was to enable on board audio in Bios but that optioin doesn't no audio devices are installed, realtek error 0xc0000374 appear in UEFI After my first system restore I no longer have any additional restore points so another restore is not an option Any idea how I can fix this issue Thanks

A:no audio devices are installed, realtek error 0xc0000374

Hi, try to install the generic drivers from Realtek.
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OK so last night I was trying to get a microphone to work and I was drunk and some how I guess I've deleted something that allows my computer (Dell Inspiron 1525) to produce sound. I don't any thing about computers! Please help! I've also included a screen shot.

Thanks in advance!

A:No audio devices installed - Dell Inspiron 1525


Originally Posted by JJJJORDAN

OK so last night I was trying to get a microphone to work and I was drunk and some how I guess I've deleted something that allows my computer (Dell Inspiron 1525) to produce sound. I don't any thing about computers! Please help! I've also included a screen shot.
Thanks in advance!


What you need to do, is to click on this link:
Download Audio Drivers for Dell Inspiron 1525 Notebooks

This will 'download' the audio driver file, R170217.EXE, to your computer. This file (R170217.EXE) will probably end up on your Desktop.

Double-click on this file, to run it. This should re-install the 'audio driver' for your computer.

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I have the same problem as this guy,
He said he fixed the problem by installing some sort of chipsets, my question is how do i get that? I have an asus intel motherboard.
Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 no-audio-devices-installed-problem, How do i get a chipset driver?
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Hi, can someone help?

Recently installed windows 7, works fine, but in device manager under other devices, have unknown device and I can't find the right driver as I am unable to identify the device.

Details are

manufacturer - unknown
location - on microsoft ACPI-Compliant system
status - drivers not installed, code 28
hardware ids - ACPI\TOS6205 and *TOS6205

I have also replaced the battery recently.


A:Satellite U400-217 PSU44E - unknown devices - no driver installed,

Please check this HowTo:

How to identify an unknown device?
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hi all, im new to this site. I have problem with my sound. There were no problems before but now whenever i try to put the volume higher an error alert saying no audio devices are installed comes on. i have looked around and tried going to services.msc but it didnt work. I really cannot stand having no sound!

thank you all.


A:Sound Error: no audio devices are installed - hp pavillion dv6500

What did you do to cause the problem, if you know? Did you do a complete reinstall? Have you disabled the audio in the BIOS? Did you run a "Registry Repair" program?, etc.
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Hello I searched before asking but none of these devices audio problems (Fujitsu) reinstall and No are Win7 installed solutions helped me Three days ago my Fujitsu Siemens Pi suddenly crashed - the screen went crazy and I pushed my laptop's power button off Then I turned it on and everything went okay - then I realized I have no audio drivers anymore No sound nothing http i tinypic com eb jpg - 'No audio devices are installed ' http i tinypic com hlqw jpg - Windows can't detect a problem or automatically update I tried to reinstall them Realtek but this didn't help me Tried every possible way to make things work Uninstalled them reinstalled them installed them over the old ones disabled and enabled Still nothing Of course after that I decided to reinstall my Windows clean install I never had problems with installations until now I boot from DVD and it loads the files No audio devices are installed (Fujitsu) and Win7 reinstall problems but then black screen comes with a cursor and restarts after seconds So it's kinda a restart loop Burned Win on five different DVDs - none of them work It's the black screen with cursor over and over again I thought it may be a problem with my Graphics For example it can't change resolution or something but I don't know how to resolve this I know these DVDs work because I tried them on my other laptop and they start with no problems So I still can use my laptop but there is no sound And I cannot reinstall my Windows I'm stuck and I'm going mad now Don't know why but I also don't have any recovery points Do you guys know any solution I'd be sooo thankful Just tell me if you need more info about my laptop I have Fujitsu Siemens Pi Processor Intel R CPU T GHz GHz RAM GB -bit Operating System I currently use Windows Ultimate

A:No audio devices are installed (Fujitsu) and Win7 reinstall problems

How long was your system working correctly with 7? According to the official driver site, only Xp and Vista are supported:
Downloads - Support - Fujitsu

Having said that, drivers by manufacturer can be found here: • Topic - Drivers for Windows
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Hi i have a hp pavillioin dv 6000 with a model number of dv 6605us and am with a vista home basic operating system and am having problems with the audio when i play music it plays but no sound is outputed but now i have an error message saying no audio output devices have been installed i have tried all possible solutions like re installing the audio drivers but none is working and i now cant even see sounds listed in the device manager please help me solve this am really frustrated thanks.

A:No audio output devices installed windows vista home basic

In device manager You've clicked VIEW/put a dot on Device By Type and you do not see Sound, Video and Game Controllers? And if you do see that and click its dropdown menu, there is no entry for Realtek High Definition Audio Controller? Where and how did you install the drivers then. Was realtek uninstalled by accident. Do you see anything in Control Panel as in Realtek HD Audio Manager??
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I recently bought a computer in december last year Dell Intel R Xeon R CPU GHz GHz GB of RAM Running on Windows XP professional and with blue restarting devices No screen BIOS and AHCI not problems issues installed, found, an ASUS EAH silent GB graphics card and yes all drivers are installed and up No devices found, AHCI BIOS not installed, blue screen issues and problems restarting to date The problem i have is that when i turn my computer on it says no devices found and that AHCI BIOS is not installed and when i am on my computer mostly when playing games No devices found, AHCI BIOS not installed, blue screen issues and problems restarting my screen which is an Akura quot LCD TV DVD combi goes to blue screen and says no signal and any music that was playing becomes a loud repeated thumping like when a cd gets stuck The only option i have is to turn the computer off via the on off button by holding it in until it turns off After this my computer wont restart for - tries and instead when i press the on button a small lights up on the front and it makes a second buzzing noise repeated with a second inbetween and does not load up so i have to turn it off via the button Any ideas whats wrong and what does AHCI BIOS not installed actually mean nbsp

A:No devices found, AHCI BIOS not installed, blue screen issues and problems restarting

Do you have a single drive or multiple drives setup in a RAID configuration? The message you are seeing is fine (and normal) if you have no RAID. It usually will just pass it so quickly that you didn't notice it was there. How long have you let the pc set at that error message?
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Recently I have had a problem on my PC where in the lower third of the left hand of my screen a tooltip keeps popping up. The tooltip says "Display Devices and Installed Apps." This tooltip seems to override everything because if I'm full screen in another application it will still pop up. When I play a fullscreen game it will keep me out into windowed mode and show the tooltip. It's fairly annoying and it even prevents me from clicking on my shortcuts or things on webpages. The thing is, there is nothing there to display that tooltip. I moved all icons away from the area and it still shows up.

Does anyone know why this is occurring and how to stop it from occcurring? At this moment I'm thinking I may have to install a new OS and see if that works.

A:"Display Devices and Installed Apps" tooltip keeps popping up randomly

Welcome to SF.

I suspect you have install some bad software. Please respond so we know you still have this issue. Once you respond, I will require more qualified members assist you. Sorry for the delay in responding to your request for assistance.
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At some point in the last three months, a number of machines have stopped being able to add new USB devices.

These can be USB headsets, mass storage devices, anything. This includes devices which previously have installed fine and been working without issue.
In device manager, the devices show as "No drivers are installed for this device". However, if you click update drivers, and then manually select the Mass Storage (for example), you can install the device without a problem.
This has nothing to do with any vendor specific drivers - This is a Windows 7 issue.

Has anyone seen anything similar?
Is anyone aware of a recent update that may have had an impact on the USB stack or the operation of PnP?
Any other ideas?

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I m trying to fix an hp pavillion dv and No installed devices audio device show wont in error Device Manager nr laptop running windows vista home premium It has the little red No audio device installed error and devices wont show in Device Manager x on the speaker in the lower right hand corner The owner said it has been there for some months I have tried downloading the current audio drivers for the computer but every time I try to install the driver I get an error that says the device couldn t be found The first time i restarted the computer after the driver installation failed the audio came back and worked fine until I had to restart the computer Now I keep getting the same error and nothing i have found so far online has helped There are no yellow triangles in the device manager and the device list isn t showing the category for quot sound video and gaming etc quot at all Please help I did a search but the other threads didn t solve this problem for me Thanks in advance

A:No audio device installed error and devices wont show in Device Manager

I see three different audio driver packages at need to find the right one to install. If you install one and the system doesn't work properly...please uninstall it before trying the next one.Installing the wrong one won't do anything harmful to your just won't do any good to leave it installed.Louis
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I had this same issue with Win Pro N about year ago as well and I somehow fixed it but I can't recall what I did at all besides that it was big headache to figure out Now yesterday since I got a SSD I installed Windows again and that problem is back What I checked first Nothing to see here Then I tried troubleshooter quot Hardware changes might not have been detected quot That's not very useful Let's check out Device Manager Shouldn't it be in sound Pro devices 8.1 Windows audio N are "No installed" Realtek devices category with some other entries I have that category missing altogether Properties quot This device cannot start Code quot I tried uninstalling drivers and restarting many times already Let's let Windows search for new drivers Outside of that I've tried to install two different versions of Realtek driver packages Multiple times One from Asus site that's latest for this particular laptop but officially has support only up to Win I had that driver before Windows 8.1 Pro N "No audio devices are installed" Realtek so it works with and other is from Realtek site that officially supports Win as well No success I even restored BIOS factory settings even though there aren't any sound related settings there Windows Audio service is running Checked that I re-installed Windows times One of them was just old Win Pro with no updates included second was latest Win preview and finally I installed Win Pro N back None of them had working audio Windows didn't have that issue and I know that my hardware is fine because everything works under Ubuntu

A:Windows 8.1 Pro N "No audio devices are installed" Realtek

Also I just discovered that when I installed either versions of Realtek drivers they removed all the files they copied to program files/realtek/driver folder just before finishing the installation. So they didn't even install properly.

Probably due not finding actual audio hardware it can use? Then it's entirely Windows problem.
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So one day the sound i thought wasnt working (later i relalised i had the earphones plugged in ) so i went to the control pannel and clicked sound, and i decided to disable the "playback device" in the hope that maybe if i disable it and then enable it again itll work but i disabled it and now it says "No audio devices are installed" and i have absolutely noooooooooo sound, the speakers are ok since once in a while i get a loud beep when i get messages from windows so um any help?

A:HALP ! No sound "No audio devices are installed"

Have you tried updating you sound card driver? Or, you can uninstall and reinstall it to see if it helps.
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i have installed the correct driver for this belkin bluetooth usb dongle model F T XX but in device manager it has the belkin device and microsoft bluetooth enumerator which is great but when u get further down the list it has a tab named quot other devices quot and then a subtab with quot bluetooth peripheral device quot which has an exclemation mark on it i have searched for driver software using the update service but it cant find no update i have looked for the name of the manufacturer but found nothing i then disabled the unknown device and sent a picture to my mobile phone which confirmed that it was not the belkin bluetooth device so i uninstalled the one multiple only manager, device device installed????? but in bluetooth devices unknown device restarted the computer then when i logged in it said that it had found a new device and wanted me to find the CD that came with it i would be greatful if any could help me on this thanks in advance

A:multiple bluetooth devices in device manager, but only one device installed?????

What type of keyboard have you got?
Have you got any remote control devices around.
Have you got a headset for your phone.
Have you got anything that may be bluetooth that you dont know about (headphones etc).
Have you had a look at ghost devices on the tutorials;
Ghost Devices & Drivers
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Ok this is going to be a long post but I'm having a common problem with uncommon issues Two days ago "not Audio devices suddenly installed" my desktop audio worked fine through USB headphones onboard HDMI whatever I move my computer back to my apartment and suddenly I have no audio or audio devices I'm not new to the dance of fixing problems on the computer but this seems to be extremely troubling Basically Windows reports that I have no available playback or recording devices even with the quot show disabled devices quot option enabled it only says quot No audio devices are installed quot along with the more general quot No Audio Output Device is installed quot However Device Manager reports them being operational just fine I have done the whole dance with uninstall reboot disable reenable scan for hardware changes and still I have nothing I have double checked the services for audio power and everything seems to be working dandy Audio devices suddenly "not installed" SFC reports no integrity violations Dxdiag reports that there are no sound cards present even though clearly the device manager seems to report them fine I had the correct driver for onboard installed but when I uninstalled the driver for testing purposes it went away I don't think that should be Audio devices suddenly "not installed" the primary concern here Here's some screenshots If anyone can provide some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it Thank you all

A:Audio devices suddenly "not installed"

Have you tried a System Restore, back to a date when it all worked OK? If not give that a shot.
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Hello fellow meh I don't know OS Windows Pro Processor AMD FX- Quad Core RAM GB Storage TB of "No installed" audio 8.1 devices Windows are TB available System Type -bit Operating System x based processor I don't know if any of you read my last post on audio errors but I decided to do some revising so maybe people would actually read as my last post was quite a mess A while ago my PC was having some lag issues that made the computer practically unusable I found out in msconfig that I had almost all services running I disabled many of the services and I made sure not disable the necessary ones i e Windows Windows 8.1 "No audio devices are installed" Audio I restarted my computer and there was a red circle with a white quot X quot over the audio icon I clicked on the icon A window named quot Playing Audio quot opened On the window was a bar similar to the one shown while loading downloading something Above the bar said quot Detecting Problems quot and then quot Scanning for hardware changes quot This went on for about seconds After this the window changed At the top in blue was quot Troubleshooting has completed quot Under that was quot The troubleshooter made some changes to your system Try attempting the task you were trying to do before quot In the center of the window was quot Problems found-Hardware changes might not have been detected quot In the search bar I typed quot Manage audio devices quot When I opened it up the window told me that there were no audio devices installed I have checked in Device management under quot sound video and game controllers quot That I have sound drivers installed AMD High Definition Audio Device amp High Definition Audio Device I have tried multiple times to uninstall reinstall the drivers to no avail Any and all help is appreciated accepted Have a nice day

A:Windows 8.1 "No audio devices are installed"

The Device Manager listing for sound devices, you list, show AMD High Definition Audio Device which would be the HDMI audio. The High Definition Audio Device indicates you only have the Windows installed basic function sound driver and not the correct driver.

Download the correct RealTek High Definition Audio driver from the MSI site and install that.
MSI Global ? Motherboard - 970A-G46 64
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I have installed the following printers:
Epson LX-300+II, HP Laserjet 1010, HP Colour Lasterjet 1515, Canon IP5200.

The printers work and are all displayed from Word, IE, etc, but only one printer shows up in Windows 7 Devices & Printers - usually whichever is selected as default printer. If I remove the displayed printer, it shows me another one. When I first installed, it showed me all the printers, but problems started after I had to remove and reinstall my printers.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

A:Installed printers not displayed in Devices & Printers

Quote: Originally Posted by LadyAth

I have installed the following printers:
Epson LX-300+II, HP Laserjet 1010, HP Colour Lasterjet 1515, Canon IP5200.

The printers work and are all displayed from Word, IE, etc, but only one printer shows up in Windows 7 Devices & Printers - usually whichever is selected as default printer. If I remove the displayed printer, it shows me another one. When I first installed, it showed me all the printers, but problems started after I had to remove and reinstall my printers.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Hi and welcome to sevenforums.

the best place to start would be for you to tell us all abt your computer, etc. we can help more quickly if we have more info.

waiting for info

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Hello I have a Windows XP and have recently been having some virus issues I have used Avira AVG Malwarebytes Spybot etc to scan my computer and remove a lot of the corrupted files The problem I am having now is that any external device I plug in to and usb card computer. readers my in memory external devices not are devices showing my computer hard-drives thumb drives iphone ipod and memory cards through any of my external usb devices and memory card readers are not showing devices in my computer. usb and card external usb devices and memory card readers are not showing devices in my computer. reader slots are not being recognized in quot my computer quot The slots do work in the sense that the external hard-drives light up and the disc spins I can charge my iphone and ipod through my usb but my computer does not find them so I cannot access the external hard-drives memory cards or sync iphone and ipod Also I can hook up these same devices to other computers without any issues I have uninstalled and reinstalled all of the usb drivers tried safe mode and multiple other things I ve read from other forums I was also getting the quot windows no disk exception processing error quot that I was unable to resolve by any of the proposed methods such as renaming drives etc I ended up downloading a patch to make this error go away but it just stops the error from popping up it doesn t actually fix the problem I am guessing this might be related to my current problem but it may also be a result of some of the spyware and trojans I have had and what I deleted from my computer to clear up these viruses Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I really want my computer to be able to read an external hard-drive so I can at least back up the information on my computer Please let me know if you need more information from me in order to help and thank you very much in advance nbsp

A:external usb devices and memory card readers are not showing devices in my computer.

Scan you computer with "Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard". It will scans your computer devices to find defective AutoPlay settings, and attempts to fix those it finds.
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Symptom 1: Xonar D2 Audio Center does not behave normally -> Speaker test does not function. The speaker test function included in Windows under "volume\PlayBack Devices" does function normally.

Symptom 2: Devices within "Playback Devices" are incorrectly named.

How it should look:

How it looks on my computer:

I have tried to install this countless times.

A:Asus Xonar 2D/PM - Playback Devices - Devices Incorrectly Named

Only difference between the D2 and the D2X is one os PCI (D2), and the other is PCI-E (D2X), so you're not missing anything that way. The speaker test not working is something else. You using the latest driver from Asus (Version:, or the one that came on the disk with the card?

Might be worth giving this modded set a try,

ASUS XONAR Unified Drivers 1.64 (post periodically updated) | brainbit

and see if that fixes it. I have a DGX and have only ever used the above since the day I got it as I had seen the reports of how flaky the driver from Asus could be.
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Hi there

Not sure whats happening here but getting multiple displays for the same devices !!!!

Any fix, or is system Broken.


A:Devices and Printers - devices being displayed multiple times

Looks like Ghosts of DLNA devices. Start by taking offline any DLNA capable gear, reboot the Gateway and also clear its IP Table.

Also clear out those ghosts from Devices and Printers.

For some reason this started in Windows 7, when Microsoft started to play games with DLNA and media Shares.
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When going into my Microsoft account, then under 'Devices', there are 4 devices linked.
The number of devices is correct, but that's it.
All other data is incorrect, or outdated.

I have 2 'real' PC's and 2 VM's using 1 single retail Windows 10 Pro and 3 upgrades from 7/8->10
However, 'devices' show 1 'real' PC (n?t the one with the retail W10 version, but the one running on an upgrade) and 3 VM's.

I assume it isn't but if at all possible..., how do I get that in sync with what I am actually using.

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A USB detecting showing devices Some ports devices + not Duplicate little background info I had a friend of mine build this PC for me Some USB ports not detecting devices + Duplicate devices showing a few days ago its custom This is the motherboard I bought new Z- A I did a lot of upgrades so we had to do a custom install I chose the default location to the same drive as my original W OS was on I installed all the drivers that came with the motherboard and all windows updates Even if they are not recognized the devices still get power like my phone will charge but the PC doesnt know what it is or even see it as unknown While gaming nights ago one of my presumed dead USB ports that didnt read my Sennheiser headsets randomly began to read it amp automatically installed drivers for it after I was initially unable to get it to detect before So it just kinda came alive on its own you could say I've attached screenshots of my devices and printers and device manager nbsp Control Panel JPG nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads nbsp devman JPG nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads weird things about the devices and printers list You will see in devices and printers it says I have Keyboards I only have the one on the far left I Only have Playstation controller When my Sennheisers were detected I immediately installed the drivers for them from their website but now it shows up as Unspecified Before my reinstall of windows I am pretty sure it listed in the devices category with a picture of the headset The JAYUP-PC is my computer name of my current and previous PC not sure why it shows up in device manager at all It says its an ASUS device and is unrecognized when trying to have windows identify it or assign drivers to it Its kinda weird There are dead ports on the front and back I am more concerned with the USB devices not being detected rather than duplicate weird entries but I am thinking they may have something to do with one another Would greatly appreciate any help from you tech gurus out there before I spend a fortune at a tech shop Sorry if this was too long just wanted to give as much info as I could to help you guys in helping me and all Thanks

A:Some USB ports not detecting devices + Duplicate devices showing

FWIW:  Duplicate devices may appear...if one device is used to install...and a different one is used later, IME.
The ximple way to remove any apparent to delete them via Device Manager (including the use currently installed)...then reboot and reinstall the drivers if they are not automatically reinstalled by Windows.
Device Manager typically reflects such items on a given system, see Remove Unused Drivers and Devices - .
I have no answer for your USB questions, it appears that the right drivers are installed.  You might take a look at

USB port may stop working after removing or inserting USB device -

USB Problems, MS FixIt -
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Hi I have two USB audio devices that I cannot seem to properly install drivers for Focusrite Scarlett i amp KORG MicroKONTROL I am in communication with both product tech support teams but so far they have not offered a successful solution As the same issue is occurring with multiple devices I thought it might be an OS issue I run Win Home Premium x The problem is as follows The product drivers install Audio Devices USB in Device Manager Devices under showing Other correctly without error However instead of showing up in the Device Manager in either USB Controllers or Sound Controllers they both show in Other Devices with a yellow exclamation mark I have tried the following fix from this site USB Driver - General Fix for Problems and this actually enabled me to access a portable HDD that wasn't working but it didn't fix the issue for my audio devices I have also Audio USB Devices showing under Other Devices in Device Manager tried right clicking on the devices in Other Devices selecting Driver Update I then find the correct drivers listed but when I hit install I get the following error message on both quot Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while Audio USB Devices showing under Other Devices in Device Manager attempting to install it One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time quot Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:Audio USB Devices showing under Other Devices in Device Manager

Could it be the two devices are competing with each other and the driver installer gets confused? Details on the devices and the needs to use two of the same type probably would be helpful.
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i have one main HD (IDE) and my OS on it

i added 2 new SATA dvices one HD and one DVD Burner everything work fine

but i dont understand why it apears on my removal dvices (just like it does when i conect USB dvice)

i think its because the new technology SATA uses (unlike IDE i can plug unplag it when the Pc is on) therefore it is shown as removal dvice

maybe its normal thing i dont realy know i see it only on my Pc

anyway i would like to fix it , if there any way to

here is the pic:

A:Sata devices problem apears on removal devices

I'm not sure that is a normal happening.. I have a sata harddrive myself and it does not show up in the remove devices. Only thing i can think of is make sure your drivers are completely up to date.
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After upgrading to 8.1 all of my previously listed devices are no longer listed under devices... in fact there are no devices listed. I can also not add a device. If I look in device manager they are listed there and if I go to print the printer shows up and I can print. The screenshot below shows what I see when I open "Devices and Printers" in control panel. The biggest issue is not being able to add devices like Bluetooth speaker. Anyone have an idea how Tom resolve??

A:Windows 8.1 upgrade no devices now listed under devices.

You'll need updated chipset drivers from your computer manufacturer.
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Windows Professional bit Gigabyte x PC Windows bluetooth discovery is not finding any devices On my android phone I can turn on discovery and locate the PC and it prompts me to enter the passcode on the PC However no devices show up I have tried three different USB dongles and installed the generic Windows bluetooth driver One of the devices prompted me for a different driver which was downloaded and installed but then the radio was not recognized I've tried three different devices as well a mouse a trackpad and the android phone I've but found, devices bluetooth other find PC. devices the No installed quot Bluetooth Command Line Tools quot and it tells me that the radio is installed and working properly as does the Windows device manager Bluetooth icon shows in the system tray when the dongle is plugged in I've changed the settings in services msc as detailed in other posts changing to local account with my username and password I've turned off firewall and antivirus no change Constructive ideas suggestions and opinions No bluetooth devices found, but other devices find the PC. are welcome I can't just throw it No bluetooth devices found, but other devices find the PC. out the window though as this is a work computer All I want to do is add a Bluetooth trackpad

A:No bluetooth devices found, but other devices find the PC.

I've just installed BlueSoliel (trail version which will expire in 30 days) and now all my devices can pair and connect.

At this point it appears to be a Windows software / driver issue. I'd really like to track this down and fix it myself, I don't mind actually paying for the BlueSoliel software but I'm stubborn about 'stupid computer problems'.
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I have a Dell XPS with a in card reader I also have a DVD and a Blu Ray drive installed in the computer But in the descriptions in Computer I get this BD-RE Drive G SD mini-MMS RS DVD RW removable devices? storage Devices with combining Drive H CF MD I have even moved the two drives off of the SATA ports built into the motherboard to a Startech SATA III PCI card but this behavior continues I have even deleted the drives in device manager and had windows reinstall them I have also unassigned and reassigned drive letters to the card readers Nothing I have done fixes the situation completely The only progress I have made is that after moving the drives to Devices with removable storage combining devices? the PCI card ports I can put a disc into either drive and it will read it and the description will change and drop the card reader description But the other drive will keep the wrong drive description What can I do to Devices with removable storage combining devices? fix this

A:Devices with removable storage combining devices?

That is supposed to be colon and a closed parenthesis on the drive letters, not smilies.
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Usb 3.0 devices wokr any slot, but usb 2.0 not works at usb 3.0 ports. I test with flash drive 3.0 and  flash drive 2.0 FD3.0 works at all 4 slotsFD2.0 works only in one slot (usb2.0) Help pls.  Devices
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I have been unable to connect to anything on my wired network for about the last week I don't remember making any changes however I just became unable to connect I having done a little troubleshooting I can connect to Wifi to Connect Wired Devices Can't Devices the shares of my Windows Home Server if I use the IP address The name does not resolve Flushed DNS and restarting DNS server Flushing DNS works on one client to allow Can't Connect Wifi Devices to Wired Devices browsing by the name amp restarting DNS works on the other However neither works after a restart Only my Wifi clients are experiencing this issue My wired clients desktops PS Xbox and Boxee can connect perfectly This issue is not limited to my server I can't connect to shares on my desktop nor print to my wired printer Some network background I have DSL through CenturyLink and have a Linksys E router Sent a test page from one laptop to the printer at pm it finally printed at pm

A:Can't Connect Wifi Devices to Wired Devices

What security software do you have on your wireless machine? Is it part of the same workgroup as the rest of your machines?
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My friend happened to look in Devices and Printers and in the Multimedia Devices section he had about devices showing up that he never heard of Six of them were computers with names that he had never heard of the others were devices that we could not tell what they were I expect that these entries mean that at some time they were on the same network that he was on Would that be correct If so then it is a matter for concern because he never goes on public networks He only goes on his network at home and a network in a small office that he rents and shares with one other person They have their own router with security set up on it and that devices Unexpected in Printers Devices appear and router is connected to Unexpected devices appear in Devices and Printers an Ethernet jack that most likely goes to a switch on a network that also provides internet service to some other offices in the same building This computer is only about months old so these entries can't be too old When I looked at his computer he was on his home network and all those other devices showed as Offline I right clicked on them all and removed them Would it be a good guess that perhaps the security Unexpected devices appear in Devices and Printers of the network at his office was compromised and those devices were connected to that network at some point I told him to monitor and see when they reappear but he won't be back in that office for weeks Thanks

A:Unexpected devices appear in Devices and Printers

I occasionally see seemingly random devices show up as well on some of my herd here. I can always sort out what they are though since I know my network well.

Having said that;
Windows found these devices over the network at some point. From what you've described, it sounds like the office is where this happened. I'd see about swapping out the router there if they continue to show up since some older cheap routers actually allowed traffic from their WAN side to pass to the LAN. Haven't seen that in some time, but I'd still consider the router to be the prime suspect.
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I recently installed Windows on a laptop I have a bunch of computers on the network to include a WD can Cannot Devices, Open but see Networked I Devices MyCloud and a shared printer The Win computer can 'see' the devices in Network file explorer When I attempt to open a computer or the MyCloud I get an error message that the device cannot be found But printing to a standalone networked IP printer works fine Also printing to a printer hosted on an I can see Devices, but Cannot Open Networked Devices iMac acting as a print server works fine too I tried connecting from two PCs on Windows and they can see and open the other computers and MyCloud I can see Devices, but Cannot Open Networked Devices without any problems I logged into MyCloud's website and the drive is visible I can see Devices, but Cannot Open Networked Devices from outside the router I did restart router and other network equipment a few times just in case Something with the Win settings I am sure - I tried turning file and print sharing under Advanced Network Settings On and Off and still no access I turned the firewall and virus software off still no access Why can the PC show me all the icons along with their network names but I cannot open anything
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I have Win7 RC1 installed on three machines. Two are 64-bit and one is 32-bit. On the 64-bit desktop and the 32-bit laptop, everything seems to be running OK in the Devices and Printers window. However, on the 64-bit laptop, the Devices and Printers page doesn't load. The green bar moves across, then stalls after several minutes. I can install a new printer or device, but I can't configure or delete an old device. Any assistance is appreciated. The two laptops are identical Dell Latitude D830s, except that one runs 32-bit Win7 and the other runs 64-bit. It's the 64-bit one that's having problems. At the very least, if there are other ways to install, configure and -- especially -- delete printers and devices without using the control panel applet, I would greatly appreciate learning how to do it. Ths...

A:Devices and Printers page takes forever to load & doesn't show my devices or printers

The issue occurs if your anti-virus or firewall blocks this action. Please temporary disable the firewall and anti-virus, and then check the result.
If the issue persists, please boot in Clean Boot Mode. This method will help us determine if this issue is caused by a loading program or service. Please perform the following steps:
1. Click the Start Button type "msconfig" (without quotation marks) in the Start Search box, and then press Enter.
Note: If prompted, please click Continue on the User Account Control (UAC) window.
2. Click the "Services" tab, check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box and click "Disable All" (if it is not gray). 3. Click the "Startup" tab, click "Disable All" and click "OK".
Then, restart the computer. When the "System Configuration Utility" window appears, please check the "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts" box and click OK.
Please test this issue in the Clean Boot environment, if the issue disappears in the Clean Boot environment, we can use a 50/50 approach to quickly narrow down which entry is causing the issue.Arthur Xie - MSFT
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Hey guys,

I just went out and bought a mic from bestbuy and I plugged it in, I had a small bit of trouble getting the headphones to work, but eventually got them working.

Now I am having trouble with the microphone part of the headset. It is plugged in properly to the back of the computer in the correct jack, but for some reason under "Recording" it is giving me the message of "No Audio Devices Are Installed."

I have no clue what to do and was wondering if anyone out there could be of assistance to me?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!



A:Devices>Recording: "No Audio Devices Found"

I just plugged in my old headset which IS a USB headset and it recognizes it but I am unable to speak, I dont know if its because the mic doesnt work anymore or if its another problem.

My new mic is NOT a USB headset, it has two different plugs, 1 for the headphones and 1 for the microphone jack in my computer. So is it because of that feature that my computer is unable to recognize the new microphone?
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hi peoples

i have installed my media centre for the 3rd time in a month. Due to various issues. (1 being sleep) Now i have installed the same drivers as the first build for HDMI audio and video, which i had perfect dvd playback and tv on, however i am faced with errors about video drivers not properly installed.

Last time it was the HDMI driver which i have installed and reinstalled 3 times. It seems every time i follow the exact same process at rebuilding vista 64 i get a different result.

Is there a way you can reset media centre so it checks the drivers all over again. I am interested in resetting audio and video if possible

A:Vista x64 media centre video drivers not installed or installed incorrectly

Hi, audiophile, and welcome to the forums.

It would help to know your Graphics card and setup - I have installed Vista Ultimate x64 twice - once for testing, and then a format and reinstall as I changed the partition setup - since then (2 months now) I have not had a single issue with WiMP / WMC.
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XPS13 with Windows 10.  See screen shot below.  Dell Support Assist program says the two driver updates are recommended.  clicking "install" it shows progress to install, then says installed, but on refresh or re-entry to the program it still shows them as needing to be installed.  No errors generated.  Other driver updates done the same way without issue.  Suggestions?

A:Dell SupportAssist - says driver updates are installed but still showing need to be installed after refresh?

Don't use Dell Support assist with windows 10. Windows 10 will install generic drivers if Dell doesn't have win 10 drivers. You should mention the full model name of the computer. Does Dell support your model for upgrading to win 10? If so, get the win 10 drivers from Dell Drivers and Downloads.
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Hello and thanks in advance for your time Earlier this afternoon I noticed that the sound on my Thinkpad W was no longer working I hadn t really done anything of note with my computer- just updated Adobe Reader to v that I can think of When I checked the notification area I saw this However when I right click and click quot Playback Devices quot I get the following I immediately checked Device Manager and found that everything appeared to be fine I tried uninstalled Device card error, be when Installed" to Audio Output "No installed is appears sound even correctly and "No Audio Output Device is Installed" error, even when sound card appears to be installed correctly reinstalling the Conexant and NVIDIA drivers as well as updating BIOS Nothing seems to help When try to use the mute volume buttons on the keyboard the speaker mute button lights up when pressed but the microphone mute and volume - buttons don t appear to do anything I ve also tried plugging in headphones and that does not make any difference When I boot from an Ubuntu CD however sound works fine so I don t think that it s a hardware issue Anything that you folks could do to point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated Thanks