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User profiles deleted on start up

Q: User profiles deleted on start up

Hey guys every time i restart my laptop it wipes all the user profiles, leaves one and wipes all the custom settings on that profile. I have no idea and any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again

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Preferred Solution: User profiles deleted on start up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: User profiles deleted on start up

This might be caused by a virus or other malware infection, a corrupt hard drive or Windows itself is corrupt... Can you do a destructive laptop restore? This is a way that the laptop is put back just like it was when you turned it on when you first bought it
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I'm trying to delete old user profiles from C but am being told they cannot be deleted as they are protected or in use.
The user folders have been renamed to .old to differentiate them from current user profiles and are therefore not in use.
I have tried taking ownership of the folder and it's sub-directories with no change in result.

OS is Windows XP, SP3

Can anyone offer a solution to how I can get rid of these folders as some are taking up in excess of 40GB!

Thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] Old user profiles cannot be deleted.

Microsoft Corporation

I believe that's what you want.
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Hello all,

At my company, I have had this happen about 3 times so far. Somehow, the user's profile gets deleted and I have to re-add thier profile so that they can access thier "my documents" folder. They all did not mess with thier profiles, (they don't even know how to add/remove profiles), so I am just wondering if there is some bug in XP that causes this. For one of the people, I tried re-adding thier profile, and it would not let me. We actually had to remove the computer from the domain and re-add it before it allowed me to recreate thier profile. Any ideas why this occurs? Thanks.

A:User Profiles being deleted randomly

By any chance were the users profiles under the "Guests Group"? When a user is under a Guests Group the profiles and settings will be completely erased at every logoff.
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I have no idea what is up! I have no access to user profiles, search doe not work. Cannot access hardware settings. I have no viruses or infections. I don't know where to start! I get crackling from my speakers. What is going on? My desktop is possessed!

Dell Dimension Desktop 4700
Windows XP Media
Please someone rescue me.

A:Solved: No access to user profiles, hardware profiles, search.. something is really wrong!
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Hey guys,

My brothers laptop has apparently deleted his user account and so he cannot start it up? Im not sure about the details tbh, hes running Windows 7 on a Dell laptop and he still has the installation disc and stuff. All hes told me is that his account has been deleted and so he cant start it in normal or safe mode.

Any ideas anyone?


A:Cant start Win7, user account deleted?

When logging on try typing in "Administrator" with no password and see if he can log in that way, if yes you can then make a new account.
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Hi all We are having a real issue with local profiles user profile service on our domain Our staff accounts are using local profiles When a staff member changes their password something is happening to their profiles on the machines that their local profile is stored When they try to login the machine is getting stuck at quot Please wait for the user profile service quot It never continues we have left for mins or more and profiles, hanging issue service Big profile and user user's changing :( password local with it doesn't continue We are currently having to use delprof to remove their profiles from ALL machines they have previously logged into which is a lot of hassle nbsp We first noticed this issue when we upgraded our workstations from windows to windows nbsp I was hoping that upgrading to windows would fix the issue but sadly it doesn't This is causing us major hassle on our domain It only affects people with Big issue with user's local profiles, changing password and hanging user profile service :( local profiles our students use mandatory profiles and they are not affected Our DCs are R nbsp I have trawled google but cannot find any information on this At our yearly microsoft meeting i asked our regional account manager and he couldn't believe the issue He had never heard anything like this before From the event log the only thing i can see is that it is not finishing the load of the user profile nbsp Under user profile service events it shows this Event Recieved user logon notification on session Event Registry file C Users USERNAME ntuser dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Event Logon type Regular nbsp Local profile location C Users USERNAME nbsp Profile type Regular Event Registry file C Users USERNAME AppData Local Microsoft Windows UsrClass dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Classes Event This is where it get stucks But then it does not show the final step Event should be Finished processing user logon notification on session No other events are logged We hadn't changed any GPOs before the upgrade to windows Any help would be greatly welcome
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On advice here to keep OS disk space small followed the tutorial User Profile - Change Default Location and moved my user profile from C user name to E user name The problem is Windows upgrade need to run for move do to C:\user back How profiles user I my repair will not accept profiles being on separate partition to the OS Also it will be an issue when I need to upgrade in future Don't move your Windows user profiles folder to another drive ZDNet I need to move my profiles back anybody got any tips for doing this Although user profile is on E there is also some files under same name on C even though they were moved as per tutorial I assume it would be best to merge may How do I move my user profiles back to C:\user be appdata items I tried the copy active profile but when I opted to copy amp merge it with C users name it blocked telling 'file is open in System' Do I need to log on as a different user to allow me to merge the files Any help on steps sequence appreciated

A:How do I move my user profiles back to C:\user

Did you try "Method 2" of the tutorial you referred to.
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I recently deleted a user account, and clicked yes to also delete all associated files...the user was successfully deleted, however, the user's folders/files remain, and cannot be deleted. Is it possible to associate that user's folder with a new user's login? If not, what needs to be done in order to delete the remaining user folder?

A:Deleted user account, but user folder was not deleted.

You will need to be signed on as a user that is part of the administrator account to delete the user account folder.

You can't associate the folder with a new user (well not easily) but you can copy the contents of documents, music etc to a new user.


Sign on as an administratorCreate a new userSign on to the new user and sign offSign on as an administrator againCopy the data you want to the new users folderDelete the old user folder
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I tried combofix to delete malware that had infected two computers running icons, profiles, outlook deleted desktop Combofix Windows XP and Vista respectively -- yes yes I m aware of all the disclaimers and that it should only be used under the supervision of a qualified expert etc -- and apparently I didn t do it all that well I m not sure what went wrong as when I ran it on the computer running Vista it seemed to work better although I got a message on that computer that there were some windows issues needing repair but after I clicked on the option for Windows to look for a solution the basic functionality seemed to work fine Perhaps my mind Combofix deleted desktop icons, profiles, outlook slipped and I opened it not from the desktop but from the downloads folder on the XP machine Anyway the results on the computer running XP were indeed disastrous most not all of the desktop icons vanished and the error message I get is that my quot local profiles quot can t be found Thus my quot owner quot profile and the associated password didn t work although the computer gave me a temporary log on that allowed me to log on and I reinserted my user name as quot owner quot and the same password but after rebooting I get the same message that the local profiles can t be found More importantly the Outlook desktop icon vanished and when I try to open Outlook in other ways it doesn t recognize me and it tries to get me to configure Outlook as if for the first time I ve got years of email contacts tasks calendar items and notes that were all set up and organized in various folders I m now having trouble accessing Stupidly I didn t do the recovery prep that was recommended in conjunction with using the combofix program I checked whether system restore might help but all it says is C monitoring which doesn t mean much to me Any suggestions or am I just screwed Thanks Dumbo

A:Combofix deleted desktop icons, profiles, outlook

Restoring Windows XP to a previous StateHow to peform a System Restore from a command prompt in Safe Mode
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Hello After steam started acting funny I quickly rebooted the PC Since the PC had been running for a few days lots of programs were running and I was too lazy to wait for them to shut down - so I simply reset the PC Big mistake apparently Firefox v was updated to after the reboot and all my profiles were not visible anymore reset profiles after and deleted browser updated suddenly Firefox in the profile manager So I uninstalled and reinstalled Here's where the quot fun quot starts the old profiles are not recognized anymore in the profile manager even though they are still in AppData Local Mozilla Firefox Profiles I also tried copy pasting the contents of a profile into a Firefox profiles suddenly deleted and browser updated after reset new profile Still nothing happens when I restart the browser no bookmarks no addons Firefox profiles suddenly deleted and browser updated after reset no browsing history etc Finally I thought that all of the profiles of this user might be corrupted so I logged in on my admin account and started firefox there also btw This one worked fine though it obviously was - months outdated - not a total loss though So I copied this profile on a USB stick and again tried a copying it into the appdata local mozilla firefox profiles folder and b simply copying the contents into a new profile Again nothing happens with the result that nothing is recognized This is particularly odd since I know that the admin account firefox profile works fine on the admin account AND both firefox versions admin and user account are versions I've already googled quite a bit but couldn't find anything I'm using win ultimate bit if that is relevant Any advice assistance would be greatly appreciated Tom

A:Firefox profiles suddenly deleted and browser updated after reset

Used a month old image and manually backed up some other files. Everything works again.
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Hi All..
My computer is getting slow, so next to usual cleaning with Tune Up Utilities, I went trough Windows System Profiles and discovered that my User Profiles: Notorious\Admin are 645kb and Notoriuos\Notorious are 2.04 gig. in size..
Is this normal? And.. Would that be one of reasons for slugish preformance?
I was about to reinstall the Windows but before I do that I'd like to hear your opinion..

Thanx in advance..

A:User Profiles In Win. Xp

The size may or may not affect your performance. More likely it's either an infection (if something has gotten by your protection package) or a lack of resources.

The lack of resources is usually caused by too many programs running at startup, too many unnecessary services running, and/or too many programs running - but this may be complicated by insufficient RAM and older system components.

So, please let us know the specifications of your system and we can work from there.
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Hello I didn't know where to post this so I just tried here hoping to get some help About a week ago something happened Profiles User to User Profiles my user profile it acts like User Profiles it's got a hidden user profile or account User Profiles I've checked everywhere for a second user but I can't find one I'm the only user and administrator on my computer Here's what's happening First off I'm paralyzed and can't use a keyboard or mouse so I have to use Dragon naturally speaking to operate my computer Now whenever I reboot I get a message pop-up about Dragon needing a headset microphone USB installed but it's already installed so I can't operate a computer because Dragon won't finish loading I know sounds like a Dragon or headset issue but if I get somebody to just logoff and log back in to my user account everything's fine I've noticed that in user profiles settings the user name is different than what my username is somehow it got changed and I didn't do it Below are the differences between the reboot profile and the login profile Here's my self mod box specs Windows Professional SP -bit Samsung Pro SSD GB Hitachi TB HDD Asus SABERTOOTH Z mobo Intel Core i - K CPU Corsair Vengeance GB DDR RAM Corsair Enthusiast Series TX power supply Application data almost empty and not replicating itself as should be Registry ProfileList user profile has a new key named Preference Logoff logon system properties user profiles settings name PC Eric type roaming status local can't change to status roaming unless I change the user preference in the new Preference key to but doesn't stay set to zero changes after reboot Task Manager user Eric ID status active session console Computer Management local users and groups users Eric Restart Dragon message about user needing headset or sound setup System properties user profiles settings name PC Eric type roaming status local and can't change to roaming Task Manager user Eric ID status active session console computer management local users and groups users Eric Please help Thanks Eric

A:User Profiles

Did you check the Nuance forums to begin with, regarding this issue.  I would start there, and also check with Nuance, regarding this issue, by putting in a support ticket with them.  Also make sure that all of your drivers are up to date.  What is the Manufacturer & model# of the computer & headset?
Also have you tried a repair install of Dragon, along with checking the headset on a different computer, that does not have Dragon installed on it?  Are there any Yellow Exclamation marks in Device manager?
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My computer was broken to begin with heh but it's my dad's and a rental so I can't do anything with it hardware wise yaaaay Don't tell me to get a new power supply he is convinced any problem with the computer is because of what I've loaded onto it because all hardware is perfect out of store Anyway This morning I was loading up User Profiles the computer as usual but I didn't know avast anti-virus was updating itself in the background as soon as the system loaded causing everything to freeze when I was trying to start User Profiles msn at the same time There's an issue with the hardware probably the power supply where if I try to do too much at once the computer will just randomly shut down User Profiles and begin beeping at me until I force a restart It did this but before it did so the settings flashed to a windows style menu bar I start to load the computer again and run into the following error Windows cannot load the user's profile User Profiles but has logged you on with the default profile for the system DETAIL - The system has attempted to load or restore a file into the registry but the specified file is not in a registry file format I figure the crash happened while the profile was still loading fully the load light on this hunk of junk dosen't work so I never know when it's done and I can start programs and that has corrupted the file somewhere I click past it and it logs me in as usual No issues to report so far all settings and files intact I've looked the error up and the general suggestion is to save all data and then delete recreate profiles which makes sence however on this computer there is only the one profile the default one I don't use the login screen not passworded or anything So I can't delete this one I could possibly create a new one and delete this one but I'm not sure it's worth it There seems to be no issue except a new menu to click past at startup other than the usual spontanious crashes Does this error actually mean something is wrong is it going to be a problem in the future or is it just as easy to leave it alone instead of messing with a new profile on this system sigh as soon as I have a secure income I'm buying my own computer no one can ever touch and that I'm allowed to actually change My family are computer illiterate in case you haven't already worked that out Oh and I know a scandisk might help but the computer shuts down at of that and with my GB hard drive that is fairly frustrating since it takes a very long time to get that far Anything other than that I can probably give a go

A:User Profiles

Hi and Welcome to TSF -

I will be glad to take a look at this problem from the XP OS side, but a few questions first, please:

1. When do the error messages appear - after logon but before the desktop is in view?
2. Do these error occur for all user accounts?
3. Are you running XP SP2 with all Windows Updates applied?
4. Have you checked the Event Viewer for futher information on the erroe events?

One recommendation that I would make is to moniter the CPU/RAM usage as various tasks are running. I have used CPUMon for this. It will stay "on top" thus giving you a view of CPU/RAM after logon.

CPUMon v1.60 by Denis Kozlov

In addition, some system specs would help.

regards. . .

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hi, i got my windows 7 laptop and the default user name was benjamin. i went and changed it to my name(andrew) but everything is still under benjamin. it was bsically just a cosmetic change to the profile. so i made a new profile with the name andrew and now was wondering if it would be bad if i deleted the first profile (benjamin)? would that ause any severe problems? the only files i have put on my computer is the sims 3 and some music so i could easily move those files over to the new account. thanks for your help!

A:user profiles

Hello Chaos ninja, and welcome to Seven Forums.

No, you will not have any problems copying over your files to the new account, then deleting your old user administrator account while logged in your new "administrator" account.

That would be the only way to change the actual C:\Users\(user-name) folder name.

Hope this helps,
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Having backed up the users folders to an external hard drive Windows utility I installed a shiny new Gb OCZ Vertex SSD to run Win Office and a few other programmes from I then cleaned my existing HDD using Diskpart so as to profiles OS User on HDD, on SSD receive the data restored from back up When I installed Win on to the SSD I created a single user called 'Admin' to allow me to get up and running My problems started when I searched for a way to have the user files on the HDD but still linked correctly to the OS Having read a number of tutorials I created a new user named exactly as one of my backed up ones then copied that across to the HDD D drive I then deleted that profile from C drive and copied all of the content of the old profile my pictures documents etc into the new profile To get things to link I then changed the path through regedit to the D location Trouble is it didn't work I have been trying many variations for the last hours and really think I need help The total size of the user profiles I need to move is around Gb so I simply cannot have them on the SSD What is the correct way to set up User profiles on HDD, OS on SSD and move the profiles and then get the backed up data to link in Thanks
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PC was slow and freezing Uninstalled various programmes and emptied the temp file folders then I noticed that Kaspersky identified one worm which i hope was deleted Cannot to profiles log user on pc was running better but I left it with Kaspersky running a full system scanning Next morning Windows Cannot log on to user profiles XP is starting normal until I choose a profile to log in then I get this quot Windows cannot create a temporary profile directory This may be caused by insufficient security rights If this problem persists contact your network administrator quot DETAIL Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested sequence If I click on OK I get the next screen quot Windows cannot load the user's profile but has logged you on with the default profile for the system quot DETAIL Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service But then the screen is blank and after a while an empty error message pops up and I get logged out of the profile I started in safe mode and created a new account but with all three accounts I get the same error message run chkdsk r but no change chdsk f doesn't work f parameter not specified Have read some other posts but don't seem to help me Anybody any additional idea Thanks

A:Cannot log on to user profiles

I'd suggest you post in the malware removal forum. Read the instructional stickies before posting. You could either still be infected, or there could have been changes to your system that were left there as a result of the infection you mentioned Kaspersky finding.
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How do I make the files for all user profiles private, except the share files etc. When I create user profiles and issue a password xp asks if I wish to make the files private where other users can't see them. Well, this occured on two of the password protected profiles, but xp did not give me that option on the other two password protected profiles. What gives?

Any help appreciated,

A:user profiles

try going into the security tab and give rights to that one user only. If you do that, that should take care of your problem, oh by the way, to make like easy on yourself, add yourself in each profile so just in case you have to get into their pro for some reason. Always make a backdoor for yourself.
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CPU: GenuineIntel 3000 MHz Pentium 4
RAM: 2047 MB
O/S: Microsoft Windows 2000 5.1 Service Pack 2 build 2600


If i go to Control Panel / System / System Properties / Advanced and try to click on User Profile Settings i am prompted with:

End Programme - rundll32.exe

This programme is not responding.

Any ideas?


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i have about 80 users on my lan. most of them create word docs and excel spreadsheets and save them in personal folder. acouple of them have a problem where some files/docs they save are not there the next day or 2 and files they delete come back days later. some other users have no problem till they open a document to make changes. they save changes but a couple days later changes are not there.

2 dell poweredge file servers, pdc-bdc
winnt 4.0 enterprise server, sp6a running in cluster

workstations dell optiplex
winnt 4.0 workstation
office 2000

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On advice here - when I installed W I followed User Profile - Change Default Location and kept OS on my C and put user profile with its mass of video pictures amp music on a separate drive and apps on a rd drive the advice here was have SSD drive for OS only everything else on separate drives Due to some instability I wanted to run Windows repair and it failed as it does not support user profiles being in a separate location to profiles User OS so currently can't repair Started looking around and find this pretty fundamental warning www zdnet com dont-move-your-windows-user-profiles-folder-to-another-drive- Unless anybody knows how to carry out system disk repair upgrade in current setup I'm going to have to move my profiles back and if that is the case may have to look at alternate config if Microsoft clearly do not support this and will not support this configuration when I go to upgrade from W Any thoughts

A:User profiles

Note: The link you posted is messed up, it resolves to:

should be:

See the rebuttal by Keri on page 4 of the responses, near the bottom:

I have to most respectfully disagree!

As far as I can recall, this is the first time I have to disagree with you . Not because I have written a few tutorials on those "third party websites" as you put it to instruct in doing this but because what you are saying is simply not valid and true.

Let's start with this extract from your article:


This setting should be used only in a test environment. By changing the default location of the user profile directories or program data folders to a volume other than the System volume, you will not be able to service your Windows installation. Any updates, fixes, or service packs will fail to be applied to the installation. Microsoft does not recommend that you change the location of the user profile directories or program data folders. [emphasis added]"

That is, to put it simple, absolutely totally not true. Since introduction of Windows Vista all my Windows systems private and business have had the main Users folder relocated on another partition than C: using sysprep and unattended answer file. I have never had any issues with Windows update nor with in-place upgrade installations.

As the method discussed changes the value of an internal windows environment variable, it is so well "hard coded" in system that Windows Update will recognize it and has no issues.

When upgrading I simply run sysprep on Windows first, using an answer file I relocate the Users folder back from E: to C:, reboot, run in-place upgrade and sysprep once again, moving Users back to E:.

Not a single issue. This laptop I'm using now was upgraded in above mentioned way from 7 to 8 august of 2012 and again August this year to 8.1, system files and folders except Users folder on C:, Users on E:, and the machine is working just fine, all updates done, Windows Update working as it should.

As Windows has evolved, so have its tools like sysprep. You did notice that the TechNet article you are referring to is already several years old (for instance it's using Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate as an upgrade example)?.

I can understand that there must be days with nothing new to write. However, scandalizing totally working methods and spreading false information is not a good way to get something published, if you ask my opinion.


16 December, 2013 21:17

Also this thread:

Heads up: Users cannot upgrade to 8.1 Pro if 7 User Profile was moved?
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Well I have no idea how this could have happened Maybe due to the fact that I was places I Profiles User shouldn t have been when I was really really new at this User Profiles I need to try and find a solution but can t find any info It looks like there are accts not including the administrator s one of my names Dell svc tag This is a folder in Documents and Settings MB but not in User Accts another one of my names User Profiles as Administrator MB in the User Accts Same name in User Profiles though they give me an initial instead of my middle name which is in User Accts yet another of User Profiles my names also as Administrator in User Accts Went into User Accts and tho it says Administrator I go into change acct type and the option for changing my account is grayed out In User Profiles there is an Account Unknown MB Service Tag Administrator MB Service Tag my name with initial MBThis is as clear as I could make it It looks a mess and I would like to clear it up once amp for all Also in the Event Viewer Application view I get a warning message every day I m on the system with an Event ID Userenv Log says Windows saved user service tag my name with the initial registry while an application or service was still using the registry during logoff The memory used by the user s registry has not been freed This is often caused by services running as a user account try configuring the services to run in either the Local Service or Network Service Account What I always logoff appropriately I thought--close any programs then logoff and shut down I don t understand what services can be running as a user account and have no idea how I d find that info Can you help

A:User Profiles

Were you turning things off and on in Services at all? Do you use Fast User Switching?
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I need to know when an account was created. I also need to know who created the account if possible. I know there is a Profiles Folder in the C: drive on the server, but is there anymore information ? Thanks !!
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I've noticed that I have 3 User Profiles under Advance Settings for my computer. The first one is Default Profile, 1.5MB, the second one is gilloz PC/gilloz 650MB and the last one is gilloz PC/UpdateusUser, 14.7MB. Should I delete any of them other than the default one? Seems there is more data in the second one than the Default one. How were these created to begin with. I am the only user of this computer.

A:User Profiles

I've just checked mine and have two: Default profile and my profile.

I'd be inclined to run a full anti-virus scan using Malwarebytes.
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as per my previous thread before attempting an over install because my PC would not boot I removed the hard drive and hung it as a sata slave on my othe PC to check the Data was there.

Windows directory is shown as are program files etc

However the users directory is 834mb in size ( right click proporties)

It contains three directories

User -19.4mb in size
Public - 833mb
and Ian ( my profile) which is zero bytes

I've run an undelete program and it finds none of my documents or pictures

Any ideas anyone or have I lost it all



A:user profiles

You have to take ownership and alter the permissions of your profile directory. Explorer does not and cannot get the file size of files it does not have permission to read.
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Hope I can do a decient job of describing my question here...
With XP, you can have multiple user profiles where each user has their own area for files and it seems like certain system configuration settings. Can these user profiles be configured so that certain resident programs load only when that user is logged in and when they log off these programs are exited. For example, my son uses my 'puter to download with Kaaza and some other apps. When I am logged on, I don't want these apps to load. Can this be done? if so, how?

A:user profiles in XP?

When you are logged in,you will need to go into Kazaa program ( or whatever other program you dont want on startup ) and find option to " not startup with Windows "

This will occur on your user profile and should not affect other users.....but all depends on the particular program of course.

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Usually when I load up my computer there are profiles that i can use to log in, either mine or my fathers. Today i was playing World of Warcraft ( as you do ) on full screen and i could not tab out for some reason. I restarted my computer manually using the button on the front of the tower. After this i got to the login screen as usual and there were NO profiles to log into.

So i cant log in... or do anything. Any ideas for what i can do to solve this?
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Hi all,

I work in a very large company and we are making a big push from Novell to Microsoft Exchange and file server.

We will have to migrate approx 3000 user's to a new domain.

Is there a way to remotley audit pc's and find out how many user profiles are on each pc. I know C$ work's fine, but this is very time consuming.

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Hi all, wondering if you could help with a problem I have, I am the administrator of my computer and have found myslef locked out of my own profile, unable to get 'in', i get the conitnued window pop up stating "user profile service service failed teh log on. user profiel can not be loaded" I knwo you're going to say only dip-sticks use user profiles but heh-hoh won't do it again!

A:user profiles

Here you go this should work

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
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Hey Ya ll The guy that set up My puter put in a profile for Me amp My Wife They both have administater privlidges My wife never uses this I had several infections amp Mat helped Me work them out with the hjt logs Ok heres the problem She User Profiles logged on the other night to play cards amp User Profiles all of My virus software programs showed warnings User Profiles that They needed to be updated which I did that morning from My profile So out of curiosity I ran a hjt amp the log showed completely different then the one from My profile Is it possible for some of the nastys to have snuck in undetetected in Her profile Question is can I safely delete Her profile to avoid this problem amp just run off of Mine We dont save anything on our computer so all I would be afraid of losing would be My virus scanners which are all on My profile to She has NEVER been on the net amp theres some stuff that shows up in Her hjt log thats not in mine I hope I m making sense But I still have that about blank problem amp I m thinking it Might be in Her Profile somewhere I didn t want to post seperate logs until I asked Thanks for any help Cowboy

A:User Profiles

You can delete profiles and accounts at will. The choice is up to you.
Doesn't sound like you need two of either in your case anyway.
Nasties also hide in system restore. Normally after malware detection, as part of the cleanup process, you should remove all the restore points. Depending on the infection, you don't have to do an actual system restore to be re-infected again.
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When I start up my laptop (Vista), it doesn't have any profiles to log into. I've tried using safe mode, but it needs a profile, I don't care if I lose files or anything else, I just want to be able to get onto my computer. Help?

A:No user profiles to log into?

Your registry might be corrupt. You might try following this guide to restore it. Manually Restore the Registry From its Backup in Windows (Windows 7 / Vista) - Sysnative Forums
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I am having problems with user profiles in WinK, I created two new user accounts but they don't show up in the directory for the accounts.

I am logged on as administrator, and they show up in the MMC but not in the directory..
I'm confused.
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I have spent a good part of the day trying to fix the user profiles for a vista machine. I have tried the reg edit, ran cleaners and anti virus malware bytes, hijack this. I have tried to make new users but when i try to log into them all i get is a blue screen and the hard drive is writing of reading. This is a business machine and not sure if i can do a restore point without losing info for it. I do not have a disk . It is a e-machine W3615. Any help would be welcomed.

A:User profiles

Bronx, welcome.

What is the stop code for the BSOD?

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ok so my computer has a couple viruses in it so i decided to give it a new windows installation
what i did though is just change the defualt windows installation to just window (c:\windows to c:\window) leaving all data intact
now, what i want to know is is it possible to copy user profiles from the other installation over to this new installation. i want the new installation to have those programs running as the original installation without having to reinstall those programs.
any help will be appreciated. thanks

A:User Profiles Help

See if this helps:How to copy user data from your Windows XP profile to a new profile
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Something weird while looking for something else.
Start/Control Panel/System/Advanced/User Profiles/Settings
I am the only user on this lappy computer Windows XP Pro
I have 3 users, Admin, Me, Guest. All are preceded by a JIM\.....JIM\Admin, JIM\Me, JIM\Guest in the System Profiles only..
Who is JIM and how did this get in here?
I recently went to XP SP3 but have no idea when or even IF this changed anything.
This JIM\ only appears to be in the User Profiles and I see it nowhere else as in
User Accounts or elsewhere.
I deleted user profile Jim\Guest but then had to do a system restore to get it back.
Just tell me I'm dumb.

I have a secure system and shows no malware using multiple scanning tools.
I am a computer tech and network engineer but this is a new one on me.

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I have tried to look online for an answer to this but have not with Profiles. folder Roaming Local AppData on Mandatory logout deleted found anything We have many users logging in with a single mandatory roaming profile nbsp We have a new dictation program which saves temporary data to the AppData local folder before uploading it nbsp If there are any Local AppData folder deleted on logout with Mandatory Roaming Profiles. problems with the upload the Local AppData folder deleted on logout with Mandatory Roaming Profiles. data sits in that folder until it can be uploaded The problem occurs when a user of a mandatory profile who is unaware of any upload problems logs out causing the appdata local folder to be deleted nbsp The folder is not actually deleted until the user next logs in overwriting the local profile My two questions are Is it normal for the appdata local folder to be deleted when the user logs off if they have a mandatory profile I haven't got any kind of profile cleanup or the quot delete cached copies of roaming profiles quot GP turned on Is there a way to nbsp prevent this folder or a specific folder within it from being deleted The AD controller is Windows Server R and the workstations are all Windows Thanks in advance
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I just upgraded to a new system with XP and it is the first time that I Profiles understand User I don't have used User Profiles I do not understand how they work I installed most of the software as administrator Then I added User Profiles for different I don't understand User Profiles family members I am having several problems I uploaded some of our pictures but they appear to only be in My Pictures for my user name Where do I put them so everyone can access them Anytime someone logs I don't understand User Profiles in under their username the virus software starts a scan as if I don't understand User Profiles this were the first time the computer was turned on for the day Should it do that I think it should only need to run once when the machine is first turned on All other users but me get error messages from the spyware program saying that it can t complete its updates That does not happen in my administrator account but it does to everyone elses So I guess I am asking How do I install software that is going to be used by everyone so that it is common to all of us Where do I put things that everyone wants to share so that it appears either in their My Documents or on their Desktop etc Thanks for the help nbsp

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After setting up my user profile and being confronted with permission and ownership problem I found out how to ENABLE the admin account. It looks like those problems went away. However, all of the desktop icons have disappeared, the Start menu is not the same, etc.
Is there away to transfer or, preferably, copy the regular user settings (profile?) to this admin account?

A:Transfer user profiles

Quote: Originally Posted by blockie

After setting up my user profile and being confronted with permission and ownership problem I found out how to ENABLE the admin account. It looks like those problems went away. However, all of the desktop icons have disappeared, the Start menu is not the same, etc.
Is there away to transfer or, preferably, copy the regular user settings (profile?) to this admin account?

Have you tried to 'take ownership'? Take Ownership Shortcut
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Under System Properties Advanced, I find 3 User Profiles. I am the only one using this computer so I don't understand why there are 3. Also, if I just type in Profiles on the START menu, it only brings up one (second one listed below). I have been using this computer for 2.5 years and the only "change" is that I needed a new motherboard about a month ago.

The three I have are:
Default Profile using 6.13 MB created 3/1/2013
Secondary-PC\Devin using 16.3 GB created 7/19/2013
Secondary-PC\UpdatusUser using 68.9 MB created 4/30/2013

Why are there 3 and do I need them all? ALSO - I have 3 User Accounts

DEVIN (Administrator)
ASP.NET Machine Account (Standard User)

Can you explain all this and do I need everything?

A:Explain User Profiles

The Guest account is for a Guest (so they don't mess up your account), and the ASP.Net account is part of the .Net framework for an webserver. If don't use either, they can both be disabled.
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I m using Windows XP Home on a standalone computer setup with the following accounts ADMINISTRATOR MY NAME No Password GUEST disabled ASP NET Machine Limited Account Password Protected ADMINISTRATOR and MY NAME have profiles set up in Windows Explorer C Documents and Settings GUEST and ASP NET MACHINE do not have profiles I understand that there should not be a profile set up for GUEST but the ASP NET MACHINE bothers me I didn t set this up and I don t know the password The Website I found on Google looked legit but nevertheless I ve never done business with them Even if I had I would never have granted this kind of access In Windows Explorer I also have two Common Profiles set up apparently by Windows ALL USERS DEFAULT USERS I don t need these profiles -- they re just added complications and wasted space for me Questions Can I safely delete the ASP NET Machine account Will I need to know the password Are the two common profiles ALL USERS DEFAULT USERS safe to delete How would I do it -- they re not associated with any accounts Am I at risk using an ADMINISTRATOR account without a password Thanks John Windows XP Home SP Internet Explorer SP eMachines T GHz Intel Celeron MB RAM GB Hard Drive Intel D AGP Graphics and Profiles Accounts User Mbps Ethernet CD-RW x Write DVD x Play nbsp

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Win 7 Home Premium. Optiplex 755. I have a working user profile with administartive rights which works fine. I also have a working guest user. However when I try to create a new user, standard or administator, the new user is shown in "mange users" but cannot be logged into. This happens in safe mode as well. I do not wish to delete the working user as comments online refer to the possibility that the onboard user profile may not load after deletion ? Thoughts?

A:cannot create new user profiles

Hello and welcome gumtree mate from my limited knowledge of this there has to be at least one admin account and I do believe that to delete accounts you have to have admin rights. So in effect if I understand you correctly you want to delete that other ?third account then just do it if you are logged in as the admin.

Please correct me if I have got it wrong. Just as a matter of interest why do you need so many accounts - in my experience it goes to make a machine really cluttered.
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I have three user profiles on my machine. (I am running windows XP SP2). The Profiles are Mark, Mom and Kids. I have had other profiles over time, some that apparently were corrupted and deleted. some were simply deleted because of changing circumstances. Under Documents and Settings, I show 11 profiles as follows: Administrator, All Users, Andrea, Andrea.MAIN, Default User, Kids, Local Service, Mark, Mom Network Service, and Owner. I know Andrea and Andrea.MAIN were old profiles which were deleted. Why are they still there? How do I delete them? Where did the others come from? Do I need them? Can I delete them?

A:Solved: User profiles

Right-click on My Computer and click on Properties. Click the Advanced tab. Click the Settings button under User Profiles. Delete them from there.
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I noticed recently that on a couple of PCs running 2000 pro had some duplicate user profiles. I never created them, but there they are.

So say for example, one PC is named "Receptionist." A user profile on that computer is named "Kristin." Everything was just fine, until the user on that computer complained that she could not find her docs. So I looked and noticed that her docs were being stored in a user profile called "Kristin.RECEPTIONIST."

I don't know where that profile came from. And apparently that is the profile she logs into now. And when I try to just delete the other profile that is just "Kristin," then it creates itself again when I reboot.

Very annoying. Could someone explain what I did?

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I m new Check my intro under the Windows user XP profiles and Community Random Discussion forum for info on me Anyway I recently installed Windows XP and user profiles Windows XP Professional on my system My daily driver is a -MHz Intel P system with MB RAM Previously I had Windows installed Windows XP and user profiles on this system Windows XP and user profiles My account has a user profile path so my profile can roam with me With Windows I would log on to the domain immediately with no hiccups Now when I log on with Windows XP it takes to minutes before I get to my desktop I ve tried recreating my user account deleting my user profile locally and the server after making a backup and I ve even disabled syncronization Nothing helps If I log on to the domain from a Windows PC I have no problems The only problem I m having is with this XP-based system Anyone know why this is happening We have a Windows Server SP post fixes running IIS DHCP DNS and Exchange We re using group policies and user profiles for all users Here s a list of the software I ve installed on my system Office XP Pro Microsoft TechNet Roxio CD Creator CuteFTP Microsoft Encarta Microsoft Active Sync for my Compaq iPAQ Microsoft MapPoint Symantec PC Anywhere I m kind of upset that PC Anywhere disabled some of the remote management options within XP but I realize it s a compatibility issue since PC Anywhere was available long before Windows XP was a design consideration Anyway if anyone could help me troubleshoot this issue I d appreciate it nbsp
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I have in the last year started deploying W7 PCs onto our domain generally with very few problems however in the last couple of months I had a few users come back to me with the same problem - their domain login profile is not available and a temporary profile has been loaded. I have tested the network connection and re-joined the PC to the domain and this doesn't cure the issue. I can login with my domain credentials and the user can login to other domain PCs without any issues.

Subsequent search on the Internet as always brings up many solutions; has anybody else come across this before and know of a sure-fire way of fixing it?

Does anybody have any idea what might be the cause of the issue?

Many thanks for any suggestions,

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I'd like to know how to modify my guest (restricted access) profile in XP, so that a certain application doesn't load at start up.

Download Accelerator Plus works flawlessly in my Admin profile but it uses up 90% of the CPU cycles, for no reason at all, in any of the guest profiles. Is there a way to keep it from starting in only the guest profiles?

A:Modifying user profiles in Win XP pro.

So I take that as a no?
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My computer uses Windows XP service pack 3 as its operational system. I recently uninstalled McAffe antivirus. Afterward I did a reboot and everything seemed as usual until the light blue screen appeared. It took over five minutes for the system to load the user profiles. When I selected a profile I again waited a couple of minutes, until the background image for the specific profile (but nothing else) appeared. Finally I waited for a quarter of an hour only to witness the computer doing a reboot by itself.

I can't access the computer at all, not even in Safe mode but that is merely because I never get the chance to press F8. After the, I believe it's called, CMOS ROM screen disappears the Windows loading screen appears directly. This has always been the case.

Thanks in advance
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I have a HP Pavilon with Windows XP Medica Center Edition SP I had to have .HOME profiles in user XP? on Win the hard drive replaced recently and restored everything from the HP CDs It worked fine for awhile until a .HOME on user profiles in Win XP? couple of days .HOME on user profiles in Win XP? ago the computer froze and when it started up again the desktop was back to the original after that the computer came .HOME on user profiles in Win XP? with I ve installed all of the security updates except for SP ran Hijack THis Spybot AVG and it all came back clean WHen I go to docs and settings on the C drive however there is a HP Administrator user who was the default user and the one always used and a HP Administrator HOME user I made a new user with the name of the computer Owner and upon logging in there it made it with her username HOME The HOME folder is the default one but the regular one has all the correct MyDocs and Desktop files Any idea what is going on here I believe the main thing is she runs Adobe design software and it keeps closing because it can t find the Adobe folder under Application Data Thanks in advance for any input nbsp

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Hi and thanks (I hope).
Have just done a complete install of xp and I think Im missing something that I need to do.
I have my administrator profile (in which all programs work a treat) and three other profiles for wife and kids. Unfortunately a game such as Gothic 2 loaded in my profile doesn't even show up on the other profiles desktop (same for Photoshop).
Furthermore when I try to run an office 2000 program from one of the satelite profiles i get :-
"Office 2000 sr1 premium error 1706. MS office installer cannot continue."
If I click thru the various error boxes the program finally surfaces with the required file ready to work on!
Ive tried renaming files and repairing office to no avail and the Gothic thing has me stumped.
Hope someone can help solve this annoying problem!

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Every time I make a new User and log in it loads up with a black screen and the task bar and says that the system as loaded the default profile. This even happens if I log on as the system admin. My original profile loads fine but nothing else. I think It may be because the folder that holds all the basic information to make a new user profile has been deleted from my Users folder. Is there anyway of fixing this? Prohapps a place where I can download and replace that folder? I am using windows 7 ultimate 64bit. System restore has already been tried but the folder was deleted too far back to recover by that method.

Thank you for your time.

A:Problem with new user profiles

Try this first
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If errors are found run 3 times

If that does not work
Report back and we will try a repair install.
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I've recently had to run the recovery console on my PC, which created a new windows XP profile. It kept the same username (and even profile picture) but not installed programs or files.

I found the files in the "document & settings" folder on the C: but in another profile folder. The installed programs in the program files folder in my C:.

Is there a way that I can switch back to this profile? I've tried switching profiles when logging off, but I am not given the option and in "User accounts" in the control panel there is only 1 account present.

Has anyone got any ideas?


A:Windows XP User profiles

I have now tried to transfer the settings from one profile to a newly created one. I still however can't seem to see the old "lost" account in any list to edit??

Is there a way to transfer the programs over?
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Hello All I am a computer application's teacher at a small junior high school I deal mainly with programs so my networking and hardware knowledge is VERY limited I create a user profile in the active User Profiles? Deleting directory for every student that I will have in class They have a specific username and password that allows them access to their own folder on the lab server My students use Gateways with the XP operating system Recently we have added a virus protection program to all computers that is uses up a lot of the free memory the computers had The technology coordinator for our school recommended I free up some memory but didn't give me any good ideas how to start I deleted all unused programs etc but they are Deleting User Profiles? still really slow I delete my student's Deleting User Profiles? accounts from the active directory every year but I didn't realize that their profiles are stored on the computer itself So I have about years worth of student profiles stored on every computer Plus it seems to create profiles at random Obviously there are profiles from students who used the computer but there are also profiles from students that I know never even set foot in my class My question What is the most effective and fastest way to go about deleting these profiles Currently I am right clicking on Start and navigating to the user folders that way I highlight about at a time and delete them This takes Deleting User Profiles? FOREVER and sometimes I get a message that says another computer is using something in the folder and it can't delete the profile I then have to start over and try to figure out which profile cannot be deleted I have student computers that I have to go through this process with I'm wondering if it wouldn't be faster to reformat them all Sorry for the book but my degree is actually in English so I tend to be quite wordy Shiela

A:Deleting User Profiles?

Did you ever find out the answer for this? I'm in a similar situation. I came into a small office with about 12 computers and have taken over most of the desktop support. At one time or another, all the computers have changed hands and each has a user folder for every employee. I wouldn't care, but the doc & settings folder on most PC's are 14-25gb. Most was in the my documents folder, so that content was deleted, though each account still has .75-2gb throughout misc. folders.

My question is if I can just delete these old user folders or if I need to keep them?

I've read in other posts here that if the a specific user installed a program (lets say MS word since all users will use it), then it's settings are tied to that specific users account and deleting it will cause word to have problems.
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Hi all This is my first foray into the NT world me being goodatit doesnt apply to NT I have NT server and workstation I have the two puters talking to each other I have the proxy server letting the workstation go online The problem Im having is with user accounts and profiles thats where the non-goodatit part comes into play I would think that Id be able to set up a group with all the start menu lists user profiles and and apps available favorites and the like so that all id have to do is add a user to the group and the settings would apply Simple huh not for me I want certain starts to profiles and user lists look the same Case in point I have a few online games that I have available for the kids in the house can I set up a group that I can add the kids to that will set the configuration the same for each one in the group Im coming off of win and backed up my favorites which I profiles and user lists want to provide some of the links for different users mainly adults and kids respectively I can make a profiles and user lists user on the w s but get an error when trying to log that user onto the server The account I created has only domain user group in it I loaded all of the apps under the administrator log-on and that user has the apps on his start menu how do I get them to the other users now Do I have to load each app to the w s AFTER Ive created the users on the w s and server enviroments The reason for having users log onto the server is because Im only a two puter show right now Hopefully I have been able to get my questions across to you guys and gals in a way that isnt confusing you as much as it is me thanx in advance ------------------ remember if u cant be good be GOODATIT nbsp

A:profiles and user lists

Ok, for what you want, you must have NT server set up as a domain, not a workgroup.

To have the start menu things is in the Profile. There is a Profile editor, but I find for start menu it is easyer to just set it by hand. Goto Windows Exployer, Profiles, All Users, you can set it there for all users. Also you will see each user that has loged on the server with their Settings as well. If you want it to remember your settings from computer to computer, you will need to have roming profiles, otherwise it will only effect the computer you make the changes on.

Hope that helped, Think I said that rather confusingly,

Infinity Networking and PC's
[email protected]
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Hello everyone I recently 'cleaned' a friend's PC of over viruses trojans spyware entries honest using a combination of Spybot Spy Sweeper adaware kazaabegone ewido etc The machine runs XP Home and was upgraded to SP just before User Corrupt Profiles? I got my stickies on it I think The machine now works and has a firewall but the user profiles appear to be completely messed up Having got rid of some of the mess I defragged the hard drive but it would not defrag some of the user account Documents and Settings nor those in System config systemprofile Corrupt User Profiles? There are accounts that are not accessible even in safe mode It is possible to create new accounts but the process does not recognise the presence of any Corrupt User Profiles? existing administrator account so expects one to be created The total file size of the accounts is GB yes GB How can I reduce this I assume the default user profile is the baddie here Is this a case for reloading the operating system again or is there something I can try before giving up I did take a hijackthis log before I gave the machine back but I have promised to try and sort it out this weekend A rash promise or what ANY advice would be most welcome Thanks Palomap simply the best perfume in the world

A:Corrupt User Profiles?

I would just reformat and totally wipe that sucker clean. A fresh set of accounts and a nice fresh O/S might do it some justice. But see what everyone else thinks before you make a decision.
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Hey All,

I'm having a problem on my parents' computer. They each have a separate user profile, but for some reason flash player only works on Internet Explorer on one of them. What could cause this and are there any possible solutions?

Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Why does Windows 7 Home Premium have dual user profiles ? I have the old style <Documents And Settings> and a new profile directory called <Users>. They are identical. Just wondering why I have both. Sure is a waste of hard drive space, not to mention maintenance headaches.

A:duplicate user profiles

You cannot open the C:\Documents and Settings folder, this is a system folder. You access your user account files from C:\Users\[username]
Documents and Settings in Vista and Windows 7 - 4sysops
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Is there anyway to undue changes to profiles in XP?

I was trying to add an user account and it will only add an adminstrator account. Now the original admin account is gone.


A:Undue changes to user profiles?

When you say "gone", do you mean the original admin account won't show up on the login screen, or has been removed from the "user accounts" screen in control panel?
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I have several PC's running Windows 7 and was wondering whether it was possible to create a single user account for a user over all the pc's rather then have a seperate user account on each of the pcs. For example, when using a server you can be assigned a login and then no matter what pc you use, when you login your files, permissions etc are the same...

Can this only be done with a server?

A:User Profiles without Server

Quote: Originally Posted by Scud89

I have several PC's running Windows 7 and was wondering whether it was possible to create a single user account for a user over all the pc's rather then have a seperate user account on each of the pcs. For example, when using a server you can be assigned a login and then no matter what pc you use, when you login your files, permissions etc are the same...

Can this only be done with a server?

You can look at creating a homegroup with Windows 7, but you'll still need an account on each PC unless you have a server.
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I am only able to use my account which is the original one. I have 3
other accounts set up that quit working all of a sudden. When trying to
switch to them there is just a curser and blue screen and nothing else. I
tried deleting all the accounts manually as well (c:\users) and then tried
adding accounts again. The same thing just a blue screen. Did a system
restore as far back as I could no luck! Please help!



A:User profiles corrupt

Hi Brian. . .

I would suggest that you add another admin user account immediately - but do not use a user name that you have used before. Those 3 other accounts are probably corrupted by now - including the names because of registry entries and hidden folders.

Please go to the c:\windows\minidump folder gather all of the files that you can find in there and run msinfo32, I will take a look at the dump files that should have been left behind by the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

To run msinfo32 - click start, type msinfo32.exe into the start search box, a viewer will appear, save the file in NFO format (very important - you will see it) - then zip everything up and attach to your next post.

Regards. . .


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I have a laptop that I need to set up user accounts for differant lans with differant workgroup names and ip addresses. I'm planning to set up user acct's with the separate ips and gateways. My problem is that as admin acct I set up a user and it either doesn't allow me to change the ip's or as admin I globally change those settings.
Is there a workaround to this?
When I log on to the limited acct I have no access to the network side of Xp.
Thanks for any help.

A:User profiles in XP home

hi jghost

hope this helps
dont know if its what your looking for
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Hello, just one annoying little problem here.

I'm running Windows XP Home (SP1) and recently the computer I'm using became officially "mine", so now I can get rid of other peoples' profiles on here.

All the accounts I'm trying to delete are administrator accounts, and the account I am trying to delete them from is also an administrator account.

I deleted my Dad's profile first, no problem (his was the "owner" account), but now the User Account window locks up (sits and does nothing until I close it and then it says not responding) when I try to delete any other profile. What is the problem here, and how can I delete these accounts?

Thanks for any help you can offer, I couldn't find anyone else who has had this kind of issue before.

A:Can't Delete User Profiles?

Ok First thing - The owner account that you deleted if it was the Adminisrators account you might have a problem.The best thing is this article from Microsoft KBase and please print it out so you have a reference.How To Create and Configure User Accounts in Windows XP;279783&sd=techYou will have to have the password for the administrative account (original) on the computer to do any of this.Good luck.
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About two weeks ago, I started receiving an unable to load profiles error. It was happening on all user accounts including the administrator account. I tried two or three virus scans from different sournces with no viruses found. I restored back to 2 days earlier with the same result. The only around it was to create new accounts, including the administrator account. Once I did that, all the desktop images that I had came back as they were. All was good for about two weeks. All of sudden it started happening again, but just on the administrator account. Ran 3 virus scans from different sources with no viruses found, but still am getting the same results. The computer is not even 5 months old. Really getting aggravated here. Any thoughts.

A:Can't Load User Profiles

Hi...I have no answers for you , but I think this might help understand what may be happening.

[post=""]User Profiles, Causes of Corruption[/post]

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I know how to delet old user profiles, but I am confused as to why my Documents and Settings folder has so many subfolders. Here they are:

12/18/2002 08:27 PM <DIR> .
12/18/2002 08:27 PM <DIR> ..
08/15/2002 06:41 PM <DIR> Administrator.CANADA.008
11/23/2002 12:26 PM <DIR> Administrator.CANADA.009
11/23/2002 12:34 PM <DIR> Administrator.CANADA.010
06/18/2002 04:09 PM <DIR> All Users
08/15/2002 08:13 PM <DIR> All Users.WINDOWS
12/18/2002 08:27 PM 0 dir.txt
12/15/2002 11:02 PM <DIR> Edit System
11/18/2002 08:33 PM <DIR> Home Theater
12/15/2002 11:02 PM <DIR> Home Theater.CANADA
1 File(s) 0 bytes
10 Dir(s) 2,190,696,448 bytes free

I only have two profiles: Edit SYstem and Home Theater. Why Do I have Home Theater and Home Theater.CANADA (Canada is my computers name by the way). Why the .008, .009 and .010 folders under administrator? Now, even beyond what you see, there are more hidden directorys that are .001, .002 etc etc. Why so many folders?

A:Delete Old User Profiles

If you change the computer name or delete some of the files in the profile windows automatically creates a new one. What you might want to try is to create a file on the desktop named something unique. Then you can search the desktop folder in each profile folder for the file you made. Then delete all of the directories that are no longer used. Make sure there are no files in them that you need though.
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I have one user account, however I seem to have acquired more than one user profiles.  How do I remove unwanted user profiles?
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Why would my user profiles not be the same size when I view them with different user accounts?
If I log into user A and it shows user B as being 10mb, should it not be the same size if I were looking at it while logged into user C?

A:User Profiles Sizes

User A is an administrator and has full read permission, whereas user C is a standard/restricted user and cannot determine the file sizes within the directory.
My guess... easy to test that theory though.
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Just got new laptop with Vista home
opened three profiles :1 mine Admin, 2 wifes, 3 daughters
Loaded 2007 office: created shortcut to word my profile and worked on other 2 profiles ok.
Went to wifes profile and craeted word shortcut: Dissapeared from daughters profile and although icon in mine unable to find file:

Can i load programmes and edit independantly in each profile without messing up other profiles?

A:user profiles and word

Hello Clally, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Yes, you sure can. The Start Menu actually has two versions. One shared by all user accounts (Open All Users or Explore All Users), and one for only the current user (Explore or Open). You can place the shortcut in the Start Menu version for how you want it to be shared or not. Option Two in this tutorial below will help show you how to do this if needed.

Start Menu - Shortcuts

Hope this helps,
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Can we know the passwords for other user profiles (domain accounts) in a system ?? OS: Windows Vista Enterprise

Plz suggest.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,

A:Passwords for other user profiles

Not even an Administrator knows the passwords or can find the passwords. An Administrator can change his/her own password or the password of any other user and a Standard user can change his/her password, but neither can get the system to reveal the current password. Here's the procedure: Reset User Account Password. Also, an Administrator can access any user's data folders and files directly without logging in as the user (but a standard user can't do this) - though if the files are encrypted, even the Administrator won't be able to read them. If the files are stored on a domain server or domain permissions and group policies are in effect for the servers and the computers in the domain, depending on the setup, even Admininstrators may not be able to do this or what I said an Administrator could do above - it may need to be done at the server level by a Domain Administrator. Even then, I don't believe the Domain Administrator can access the current password, but merely change it.

If you need access to files in another user's account, then ask the administrator to grant you rights to access folders in that account (presumably with permission from that user) - then you don't need the password.

Of course, the easiest way is to ask the user to provide you with his/her password if they are comfortable giving it to you. The fact that you are trying to find a way to get into those accounts without asking them for permission suggests you want to do so without their knowledge - and that isn't right and I will not help you do that.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!
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We are running windows XP SP2 on a large domain. We have recently had several users login in that are somehow getting new profiles. This seems to be affecting only the XP machines. Roaming profiles are not being used. We have been editing the registry and repointing to their original profiles, deleting the newly created profiles and this returns their original desktop and solves the problem temporarily, but it continues to happen. Any ideas? I am new here and not fully familiar with this company's setup at this time , but will find out the answer to any questions posed that can help me discover a permanent fix.

A:Multiple user profiles

Make sure the users are logging into the same domain each time, versus logging into the computer itself.
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Trying to set up user profiles with XP pro. I have 2 set up, both administrators, with full rights. Both password protected. But when pc boots, it boots to my profile, without any options to log on to the other account. Any ideas please??

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Guys opening this as separate thread as previous one took a move profiles user Can't direction of its own Scenario As per Tutorial moved my profiles off the C User Profile - Change Default Location In order to Can't move user profiles use Windows Repair Upgrade Disk I need to move them back Preparing for move back have pared them down dramatically in size by putting my docs my pics my music etc on locations off the C Although I have been using PC with profiles moved off somehow a couple of files have been created by some apps on C I can live without them just a few Adobe amp wondershare historical But I can't delete this profile even though logged into to another account as admin It shows 'user' with a padlock against it I have tried Taking ownership - no change I have tried using Unlocker - if fails In properties it shows that I have full permissions and for example it will allow me to rename the folder but not delete it I tried moving my profiles opting to move amp merge but it got messy amp failed as it could not copy across some files due to permissions Therefore having recovered back - obviously need to delete this C users name before I try this again How do I 'unlock' this file so I can delete

A:Can't move user profiles

Did you perform Method Two of the very same tutorial which shows how to move the files back? I asked you this in your previous thread and didn't get an answer. I was prepared to ask the tutorial's author to assist.

If Method Two does not work or is unclear I would address the author of the tutorial in its comments section, or ask him via messaging to look in here.
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The Goal I want five domain controller s to hold copies of every user profile in the agency no more than profiles and when a user travels between sites would like the copy of the profile on the local domain controller be the one that is downloaded instead of a profile traversing the VPN The Setup Five separate sites connected to the Internet via DSL or Cable connections connected to the main site Site A via VPN using Cisco based firewalls There are no issues with the VPN it functions perfectly at every site Each site Roaming Dfs/FRS via User Profiles has a domain controller to handle local logins A domain-based Dfs Roaming User Profiles via Dfs/FRS root was established Roaming User Profiles via Dfs/FRS at Site A with a replicated link target on the domain controller at Site B The Test I created a single test account John Doe to use In Active Directory the profile points to mydomain org roam profiles username which will end up being doej I fill the profile up with enough files so the profile size is between - MB This way I will know for sure if the profile is traversing the VPN as it will take about minutes or more to log in Replication has been set up and no errors reported I go to Site A and test it seems to work fine though this is where I set everything up I log out then try a login at Site B Login seems slow it appears that it is still pulling the profile from Site A The Question Has anyone used Dfs with FRS to handle roaming profiles I m hoping to get this to work then incorporate a few Folder Redirection target s to really shrink the roaming profile size Any input would be helpful Mohenjo nbsp

A:Roaming User Profiles via Dfs/FRS


You are one step ahead of me. I cannot get FRS to work on our remote server. We have a cisco pix 506e here at the main site. Our remote site has a cisco pix 501. The site to site vpn is established and working fine. I created a domain-based DFS root on a domain controller here at the main site. I made the remote server a target but it will not replicate. I get no errors either.

Just to be sure I added another local server as a target and replication works fine between the local servers. All servers are running 2003 ent ed. I'm stumped. Any thoughts?
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When I click User Accounts in control panel, and then configure advanced user profile properties, there are 3 Account Unknows at the top.

A:Mysterious user profiles

Hi Mike,

What are the names of these accounts? can you take a screencapture of them and post it here please?

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So yesterday I was trying to update Java and had no success. After deciding I was doing more harm than good I used a system restore from about a week ago. When I logged back on, my desktop was set back to defaults like I had just made a new profile and it popped up a notification that I was in a temporary account and all my data would be lost when I log off. After resetting to find that it wasn't a fluke, I made a second account named "Temp" and used it to backup, delete, and recreate my original profile "Tim". Problem being that when I went into C:\Users to try and put the files back, I found it like this
 User Profile.png   127.56KB

For fear of messing things up too badly, I've opted to ask here rather than push forward. Any thoughts?

A:User Profiles Corrupted

I made a second account named "Temp" and used it to backup, delete, and recreate my original profile "Tim".I'm not sure why TIM folder looks like a shortcut.Modified date of TIM folder is 2/3/2012. Did you delete the old one and create a new TIM account?
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Just been browsing in relation to a network connectivity problem on another computer, and I found a short program to list User Profiles. I ran it on my laptop and found that I have several User profiles from the hotels I visited on a recent holiday (see below):

User profiles
All User Profile : corali_rooms pass
All User Profile : Wise_Advice
All User Profile : Tasana2
All User Profile : Safta Residence
All User Profile : chic
All User Profile : Caprioara
All User Profile : Telekom-40BA
All User Profile : HotelDecebal2
All User Profile : CityLuxe
All User Profile : anda3
All User Profile : Guest Rooms 1
All User Profile : SpitiSepposZTE
All User Profile : OTEf37990
All User Profile : KENMAGS
All User Profile : linksys-g
All User Profile : caprioara
All User Profile : BISSER-2

I don't want these now but have no idea how to delete them, and would appreciate some guidance please.

A:How do I delete User Profiles?

those are network profiles > Wireless Network Profile - Delete in Windows 8
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Hello all,
I have a question about user profiles. We have a lot of computers that have up to 200 user profiles stored on them, mostly for policemen and firemen who share computers. What I am wondering is if there is a simple way, or a utility that will help us put all of those profiles on to a different PC in case we need to replace a hard drive or install a new computer. I know XP has the files and settings transfer wizard but that only seems to work on one profile at a time; what I am praying for is something that will take all of the profiles and copy/move them at once.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


A:Multiple User Profiles

It would be a lot better if you just have a central server handle all the user profiles. What could work is backing up the c:\documents and settings folder. That holds things like favorites, desktop icons, documents and other stuff. Is that what you want?
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We started up the computer this morning and it started up in a "Temporary Profile". Every time we restart it, it starts up in a Temporary Profile. When we log off or try to switch profiles, it shows our correct logon button, but our desktop looks like it is halfway reset! Some of our icons are still there, but most of them are gone... It is not completely reset, because we have our superchips software still on here, norton still on here, etc... And also, when I go into My Documents, NOTHING is there. But I go into the C Drive, and all of our stuff is there.

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I often switch from an Internet-using environment to one where I don't want any Internet-related apps to be running - usually to facilitate watching a DVD or playing a game with the minimum of applications running in the background Normally I have to shut down all the Profiles User Re: XP Confusion applications AV firewall defrag downloader etc Confusion Re: XP User Profiles manually I had the idea that I could set up a different User Account that would not include any of these things and then simply switch profiles instead of shutting down each program individually I created a new User Account with Administrator privileges then logged into that account Some of the same apps I had been running AV firewall were Confusion Re: XP User Profiles also running in this new account and I found that if I shut them down or deleted a desktop icon these changes also affected my main User Account That is if I shut down my AV on Confusion Re: XP User Profiles the new account's desktop it would also be shut down when I logged back into my main account How can I create a completely autonomous user account where what I change in that environment does not affect my normal everyday account I want to keep them completely separate so the new account has the minimum of processes running but also be able to switch back to my more full-featured environment easily Thanks for any help
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I want to test roaming user profiles to see if the will help a few issues with our network.

when i go to change a profile type the roaming option is disabled.

does anyone know what i have to do to enable RUPs?

A:Roaming user profiles

have a look here it might be of use to you
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Does anyone know why, when I click a user name, I get an error message "windows can not load users profile settings. But will load default settings because the file is being used by another process"? Was recieving error message about virt mem last week. Couldn't increase paging file (maxed-384mb). But, changed settings to 1000/1000 max/min to stop virt mem message. Now, I'm the only one who can log on without the computer freezing and that's the message I get. I'm the administrator. The default settings are set to my daughters user name. My user name is password protected and my family all use the computer. We only use it for surfing-email and IMing. Don't run many programs. Why is my memory being used up?!?? Ran adaware, SpyBot. Have Spyware Blaster.Mcafee firewall/virus protection. All clean. I'm pretty lost! Any suggestions?

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After doing a system restore, (which was reccomended) I now can by no means access any 1 of 4 user profiles on my computer. It gives me a message saying; "The User Profile Service service, failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." Please assist!

A:Locked out of user profiles

What were you trying to fix with a restore and does Windows boot?
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After a HDD faillure, carried out a clean install ..

Now however I have ended up with some 'odd' account naming.

I have in C:\users (Jack is administrator and PC is named home-pc

W7 is putting my files in the last entry .."Jack.Jack-home-pc"

How I rename this to be just 'Jack' and delete the 'unused 'Jack'

A:user profiles ? odd after clean install

Go to Control Panel>User Accounts and change the name. IS there more than one User account?

However if this is the owner account set up during install or OEM setup it will likely not change the name in Explorer until after reinstall for security reasons.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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I am trying to delete user data files and folders from the user profile folder on the server side. I don't know why they are saving to the profile to begin with and they reappear after deleting them from the profile. I removed the files from the documents and settings profile folder on the client and they have not returned, however the server copy of the profile keeps coming back with the user data files and folders. Also wondering what files should be saved to the profile so I don't remove something that should be there.

A:xp profiles have user data files in them

hey, well the profile folder in the server is shared and here user can safe their profile setting known as "roaming profile" if you go to your user then right click and choose properties and it will have some text there about user profile make sure there is nothing written there.

also i don't think you should delete these files because these are used to structure the users background and other settings.
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This is actually my coworker's computer experiencing this problem. When he described it to me, I wound up scratching my head:

Over the past week or so, his XP machine has suddenly produced several new user profiles with strange extensions on the end, like Administrator.WINDOWS and Bob.WINDOWS. The original profiles have remained in place, though. Should I be leery of a possible trojan, or is there some optional XP update that does something like this?

He hasn't brought in the computer yet for us to look over it, but I thought I might stop by here first and ask for you guys' advice.

A:Strange extensions in user profiles

Nope this is actaully very common this can occur for a variety of reasons the main one being the user has 2 accounts with the same name on 2 different networked PC's.

I.E. my machine has a local account called Me then I have a domain account Me.Domain
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I run a biy windows XPsp machine w AMD cpu and gigs mem Machine configuration not relevant here I recently reloaded XPsp on the machine that has been running XPsp for quot years quot I notice in the System documents and setting directory that I now have many quot users quot They include all users all users windows default user default user windows localservice localservice NT authority Robert from somewhere in the installation process Robert Strickland also from the installation Robert Strickland ANTECHOME computer name during network setup installation and how profiles multiple them and delete why user to Robert str I also note that the at-the-moment START menu on the screen doesn t correspond to the START menu of any of these why multiple user profiles and how to delete them quot users quot Question Can I get rid why multiple user profiles and how to delete them of any of these quot users quot and if so how Can I designate the user name that I want to represent me And why doesn t the START menu agree with the START menu as documented under any of the quot user quot currently listed I d sure like to simplify this installation and also understand why this happened Thanks much Niky aka robert nbsp

A:why multiple user profiles and how to delete them

Hiya Niky/Robert and welcome to TSG.

When you reload (or re-install) the operating system, make sure you`ve previously taken anything off the hard drive that you want to keep and format the drive so that you start with a clean disk.

It sounds like you installed over the top of the existing system without formatting first therefore giving you multiple users.

As it stands, you could go into the User options in Control Panel and delete any that are in there apart from yourself although I reckon you`ll probably only find you and a Guest account in there and a re-install will eventually be the cleanest option when you have the inclination.

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Hey all!

Was wondering if anyone can help me into creating user profiles in win server 2003 to deploy on xp pro machines.

i want to be able to make desktops saveable onto each machine, like if login to PC 1 as User1 and add something to the desktop; log out and goto PC 2 and login as User1 again see that on the destop, along with favourites etc...

also i want to disable the rights of installing applications and access to the control panel etc.

any easy way about this?


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We just got this machine (see my user profile), and I set up multiple user profiles on it.

For now I am an administrator, but my dad (Default) isn't.

The problem is that the screen resolution apparently can't be saved within our profiles.

When we switch users, whichever resolution the previous user had, the next user gets.

Dad is on in years, and his eyesight is worse, so for now I've had to leave resolution at 800 x 600.

Is there a solution? Thanks.
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Does anyone know how I can create multiple user profiles templates that will install applications, setting, etc? Say we have a Sales group, Customer Service group, etc... when we get a new user, I want to be able to choose the template and have it automatically setup the profile we need.

A:Creating custom user profiles

Are you against a fresh install whenever you get a new employee? You can create your custom installation with everything you need then use Sysprep to save and deploy the image with ImageX.

Build a Windows 7 Image - Sysprep, ImageX, Deployment | TechNet
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SORRY--just realized this should be in another forum Not sure how to move but checking with admin now I would like to create two administrator user profiles one with complete control and one configured with at least two user it administrative Is to possible profiles? create two limitations the inability to move delete or otherwise modify executables or other files as needed plan on doing that through making the primary administrator control a given file and then assigning lesser rights to the secondary administrator the inability to enter safe mode modify the registry or change the time I want to give the primary administrator complete rights so if something happens backup etc is accessible First need to know if it is possible and won't screw up my system If it is can this be done safely and through group policy Also Is it possible to create two administrative user profiles? can both users share the same programs file settings etc I currrently have Win x Home but am planning to upgrade the free fully functional--but nagging Win Pro to use group policy--it has it right I read that older versions of Windows allowed you to create Is it possible to create two administrative user profiles? a quot superuser quot profile with advanced properties if I can't do this in Windows would it be advisable to go back to Win or whatever version supported that feature Thank you
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I have just obtained a new machine, which will also be used by some children for basic learning. I would ideally like to restrict use of the machine under their profiles so that they cannot, for example, change system settings, change the registry, change display settings, create shortcuts to programs for which I have not given them access via the start menu or desktop, etc.

I used to use a program called poledit.exe in order to restrict individual profiles, but that only functioned under Windows 95 and Windows 98 SE1. I am currently using Windows XP Pro. Does anybody have any suggestions of an alternative program I would be able to obtain in order to restrict individual profiles in the way I have suggested, or another method for receiving this same result? Many thanks in advance for your responses.


A:Restricting user profiles in Windows XP Pro

You can, under your administrator account, add a new user, and choose the limited account option. Under Control Panel>Admin Tools>Local Policies you can look through there and disable/enable functions from there.
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Hi there, I am runing a domain network with roaming user profiles, and am having problems accesssing user profiles on my system.

When they are created, their rights are set for the user who created it, but I need read write access to them too; (Can't get into them at current)

What securty, and share settings should be emplyed on the root user profile folder to allow me to do this?

Many thanks.

A:User Profiles - Quick Question

Here's a detailed description I 'googled'.
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Hello All

i am wondering if it is possible to export the user profiles and policies from windows nt 4.0 terminal server edition in order to import them to another windows nt 4.0 terminal server. Thank you in advance.

A:Export user profiles and policies

What if you made the other server a BDC. Wouldn't everything replicate to it. Or are they standalone servers.
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i'm IT engineer working in a school and it is requested to create 300 accounts for students on the active directory, if the students use their credentials and log on one computer, at the end of the year there will be one computer with 300 profile
my quesion is :
if 300 profile will affect the windows 7 profissional wich is installed?, and what are the disadvantages to do that?