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Z240 internal usb header and updated Maintenance & Service M...

Q: Z240 internal usb header and updated Maintenance & Service M...

It appears that newly shipping Z240 Tower workstations DO NOT have an internal USB header anymore? The System Board Overview graphic in the Maintenance & Service Guide (Oct 2015) shows #7 as a USB 2.0 internal header. However, the location where the header should be on the system board is actually a 1x6 pin header (P150) listed as "MEDIA". The other USB 2.0 Header, #5, is taken up as the front USB cable. So is there an updated manual that shows what is actually on the system board? The Z240 Tower QuickSpec is dated March 2016, so I'm hoping there is a newer manual out there somewhere. Any idea what the P150 MEDIA header is for? Is this for the old media card readers? I have the optional SD card reader, but that is attached to #8 which is the internal USB 3.0 header. Any way to attach deveices that need an internal USB 2.0 header?
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Preferred Solution: Z240 internal usb header and updated Maintenance & Service M...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I m writing this post because this was asked so many internal speakers together your Make external & laptop play times over but nobody seems to have come up with a good answer People suggested Make your laptop internal & external speakers play together some trials of paid programs but that Make your laptop internal & external speakers play together s not really an everyman solution I don t know on how many machines my workaround will work depends on the audio chip I m going to tell you how to do this in foobar My system is Win I think that this will work only if you see something like this in your Playback devices right-click windows audio icon amp select from menu to launch it So if the headphone output is not quot Ready quot when nothing is plugged into it you will maybe be able to use the HDMI output if you feel adventurous or for that matter any output that you have You possibly have no idea why I m talking about that but this will be clear after reading through the rest of my little manual ------------------- download amp install foobar here http www foobar org download play around with it of you don t know the player download amp install the latest ASIO ALL here http www asio all com leave all install options default download ASIO support for foobar http www foobar org components view foo out asio double-click it fb k will install it automatically go to foobar file- gt preferences- gt output- gt asio Check if asio all is visible at the top list You can use the x driver requires foobar restart Add a new channel mapping Don t change the name you won t need it anyway click quot configure quot ASIO ALL window will pop up Enable advanced settings bottom right now there s the icky tricky part Click the next to all and enable all the outputs that you like sometimes the HDMI output is also there What you really need is sth like quot internal speakers out quot and quot HpOut quot On my computer Dell Inspiron R it looks like this IF YOU CAN T SEE TWO OUTPUT DEVICES HERE YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT BE ABLE TO DO THIS Sorry everything depends on how your soundcard handles it maybe connecting the headphones will make it appear Try around Click quot cancel quot this was for other outputs to appear Click quot Add new quot Rename it to quot int ext quot or whatever Map lt channel name gt to the Left channel and lt channel name gt to Right you can play with that even build a faux surround with a bit of luck Play test signals if you re not sure where each channel should be On my machine it s like that Click OK Apply then restart fb k and go to file- gt preferences- gt output Select the output ASIO int ext Click OK Play your favorite piece of audio If you did everything correctly you should hear all the outputs together Meaning your internal speakers and the jack-connected headphones or speakers The sound will work ONLY fb k you will have to stop the music to use any other program that outputs sound ASIO overrides Windows output Most music files will work The method is transferable to any program that can support ASIO Leave some feedback if it worked for you Or if it didn t anything s good nbsp

A:Make your laptop internal & external speakers play together

Props to OP - I've found a somewhat related hassle-free solution for desktops with Realtek Audio.

In the settings, you can 'disable front jack detection'. Therefore, speakers connected to the rear panel won't stop when you plug something else in the front.
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AMD has released an updated statement regarding the noise issues experienced by the initial buyers of its Radeon R9 Fury X graphics cards.

Read more

A:AMD issues updated statement regarding Radeon R9 Fury X noise problems

Are they saying "screams like a banshee until we smothered it in glue"? Does anyone have a more engineered approach to the issue - like decibels at a specific distance?
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Today marked the launch of AMD's new 300 Series graphics cards but truth be told, most everyone is waiting to see what kind of performance the upcoming Radeon Fury X can lay down. Some reviewers already have AMD's latest hardware...

Read more

A:Surprise! AMD shares internal Fury X benchmarks ahead of review embargo

They are 4GB of RAM short of the promise they made, but they are 10 miles ahead in their Red vs Green B.S.

I like green colours much better though
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Does anyone know of a way or download I can use to remove an existing service tag on a Dell system board? Working on a Dell Latitude E7250.

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

A:Dell Service Tag removal on a Latitude E7250/7250 (Late 2014)

WHY? The tag is fundamental to getting parts for that system.
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I get a bit jittery when I'm unplugging cable connectors (these images are just examples, I'm thinking of all types of connectors). What's the best way to safely unplug them?, pull from the cables or from the plastic case. What's your experience?. This pics are just a few examples of connectors. I'm posting this thread about any type of connectors. Thank you.


A:What's the best way to unplug laptop cable internal connectors on motherboard etc?

Many simply pull apart. Watch out for the ones with locking tabs though. I don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you take your time.
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My usb keyboard and mouse stop working for abt 30 sec or so when I put my phone in charging mode with one of my usb ports...will it be safer to get a usb sound card or an internal pci sound card?.I prefer the usb sound card for its portability;especially if I shift to notebook platform. but I am worried about not getting enough juice through the usb port to power the sound amplifier since I have connected quite a number of devices on existing usb ports.. choices are either,'asus xonar DG' internal pci sound card or 'creative sound blaster play 2 usb sound card'.
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About or months ago I switched to a new internet provider whom also sent me a new modem Problem is is that To My Party Modem How 3rd To Connect Provider's New My Service? this new modem prevents my burglar alarm s dial out alert system from contacting my nominated phone numbers during an activation test If I turn off the modem there is no problem the alarm works perfectly This would be fine except that my brother in law lives next door and uses my internet connection so it is inconvenient if I m away and have to switch the modem off to have the alarm fully functional Prior to the provider change over I was using a rd party TP-Link TD-W ND modem with my prior service provider This modem caused no problems at all with the function of the burglar alarm when left on Therefore I would like to use the TP-Link modem again but I can t get it to work on the new service From memory the modem that was supplied by the new provider was basically plug and play and all I did was just cable it in and there was no keyboard work required This is why I don t know why the TP modem doesn t work since I didn t change anything Evidently there are some How To Connect My 3rd Party Modem To My New Provider's Service? configurations that do need altering but I haven t got a clue Any help or ideas Tom nbsp

A:How To Connect My 3rd Party Modem To My New Provider's Service?

Hello there, You need to apply the appropriate ADSL and network settings on the modem so it can connect to your new provider's network. The ISP support should provide those. Hope you get it up and running soon.
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Printer Problems in Windows XP sp3
Dell Personal Printer all in one A940
After trying to speed up an older computer running Windows XP
I may have cut off the Print Spooler (or it was already off ?)
I went back to Services dialog box & selected Print Spooler
I clicked the "Start" link at left of service list & got a message tgat said
"could not start print spooler service on local computer error 1068 The dependency service or group failed to start."
Printer is still not working can anyone help?

A:Could not start print spooler service on local computer error 1068

On Win/7 the dependencies are


Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
DCOM Server Process Launcher
RPC Endpoint Mapper
Manually start each on and set to AUTOSTART as you go.
If one fails, then that is the root problem.
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I have a Dell Latitude D630 and the motherboard died, It's out of warrenty so I bought a Motherboard on ebay. The Bios Service Tag does not match the number on the bottom so I would like to chage it to the correct one. How can I do this?

I read about a DST CD = Dell Service Technician CD that has this option but I can't find one.

It's not a real important thing but when I use the Dell System ID application it reads the Bios Service tag and not the real system tag that Is registered to me.

A:How to change the Service Tag in a Dell Latitude D630 BIOS
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I use google drive as my primary online backup, can anyone suggest a second good online backup service which is both

that way if google loses my data it's still on a second server and my harddrive.

A:Any recommendations for secure online backup service?

None are secure and free. You can pay, but then your 'security' is still not 100% guarantee'd.

But, be assured, Dropbox/Google/Microsoft aren't going to lose your data ...
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I have Windows XP SP3 installed on my desktop and suddenly my LAN/NIC is not receiving and sending packets from my network. The DHCP Client Services and TcpIP services wont start it gives error from the above.

From the device manager of non-plug and play drivers, the tcpip protocol driver, ip network address translator and netbios over tcpip has exclamation point. When I uninstall the drivers and start the services the connection is established but when I shutdown/restart the PC it will came back again the issue.

AFD is running

Below drivers are present in system32\drivers folder.

Any ideas?

A:DHCP Client Service Won't Start - Error 1068


I update the system and the LAN driver but still the issue exist.

I copy the netbt.sys from a working machine and paste that to the non-working machine. Same problem.

Is there other way resolving this issue aside from repairing or fresh install of the OS?
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Hi guys,
My PC Config is:

Processor: i5 4570
Motherboard: Hi-Fi Z87x 3D Biostar
RAM: 1*8 GB kingston 1600MHz
HDD: Seagate 500Gb
Graphic Card: GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB DDR5

Planing to upgrade my internal storage by adding up a new SSD.
Could you please suggest for which SSD brand should I go for.

A:Upgrade internal storage

Samsung is a very good brand and running one in my latest build. Crucial. Intel.
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Hello, My WD 1TB was dropped 3-4 ft I run it but it spin for a bit then this prompt on my monitor.

Then I go to BIOS and this is what appears..

What should I do now? Its not detecting? Is my HDD dead? Can I recover my files? there is more important files and project, presentation there Please help.

A:Help with my internal HDD

m0onmon said:

Hello, My WD 1TB was dropped 3-4 ft
Its not detecting? Is my HDD dead? Can I recover my files?
<snip>Click to expand...

I would say yes the drive is dead and if so no you can not recover your files.

Happened to me once and it is a tough one to chew, knowing everything is gone.
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I live in India. I have 12 computers in two workgroup (9 and 3), also I have two different broadband plans of 2mbps on both workgroup.

Now I want to join two networks which I can do with a switch (I think). the main issue is that if I joined the two workgroup in a single network how I can run internet on different workgroup separately. in other words I want different internet broadband lines to two workgroup and also want them in a single network.

I run a shop have 9 computers as a cyber and 3 computers for working on a government website. and I don't want that cyber system use bandwidth of those three computers and also want these 3 computers to be on network so that I can monitor them from 1 place.


A:Two diffrent Interet service on two workgroup in a network

The key to your issue is where the 9 systems vs the 3 get DHCP replies.
If the 3 systems go to one router, they will get a gateway address of that router AND each system will also get a DEFAULT route pointing to that gateway address.

Here's my IPCONFIG, showing the gateway

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

and the routing table that gets created with that connection; notice the line beginning with - - that's the default.

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 20 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 276 On-link 276 On-link 276 On-link 306 On-link 276 On-link 306 On-link 276
You must make sure that the two routers have different addresses!!!

Then the 9 systems will have their own gateway and route tables.

Assuming the three systems have a router address of and the 9 systems use [the third digit is the number of systems just to make this discussion clear]

then your problem becomes to connect the two networks inside the routing tables of all systems.

MANUALLY, you add a route using
on the 9.system side
route ADD MASK 192.168.9.x METRIC 1​on the 3.system side
route ADD MASK 192.168.3.y METRIC 1​​That makes TCP see both sides but only resources specifically requested cross from one side to the other - - USING IP ADDRESSES. If you need print/file shares using names, you will need
to add them to the drivers\etc\hosts file everywhere and the shared systems need fixed addresses :sigh:

I am reluctant to lead you down this path UNLESS you are very experienced as this is considerable customization and will need to be well documented.
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Is it accurate to say that usb headphones do not use computer internal sound cards, but instead have their own built in sound cards?

I.e. choose between USB heaphones OR headphones with regular jack and an internal sound card?

A:USB headphones do not use internal sound cards

Yes thats right. they have built-in dac or so called soundcard in their usb circuitry. I'd go with usb headphone unless the price difference is significant or I have better soundcard installed.
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I have been driving myself crazy with this issue My main computer out of quot quot cannot bring up the Home Group password to view or leave it nor change the password I have been researching this problem for about a month and know one seems to know how to go about fixing it I tried Microsoft Fix-it with no success and it keeps sending me back to the fix-it download page So I m bring this problem to you guys Now the Peer Networking Grouping controls the features in home group that allow you to see the other systems on your network and also depends on two other services to start the problem is is that I can t and windows can t seem to start them all at the same time or however they are suppose to start it seems to be a catch situation one can t start with out the other and vice-versa Is there anyone who has ever heard of this and tell me how Peer service restarting Networking not Grouping to repair this issue all help would be completely appreciated Page of Windows Peer Networking Grouping service not restarting Network Diagnostics Issues Peer Networking Grouping service not restarting found Either the Peer Name Resolution Protocol service PNRPsvc Enable the services needed for Peer-to-Peer Grouping Not fixed Failed Issues found Either the Peer Name Resolution Protocol service Not fixed PNRPsvc or the Peer Networking Identity Manager service p pimsvc is not running The Peer Networking Grouping service p psvc depends on both these services in order to function properly Enable the services needed for Peer-to-Peer Grouping Failed Network Diagnostics Log File Name ABE - A - A- BED- F Repair Admin etl Detection details Network Diagnostics Log File Name ABE - A - A- BED- F Diagnose Admin etl Other Networking Configuration and Logs File Name NetworkConfiquration cab Collection information Computer Name Windows Version Architecture Time PAULWADE-PC x Wednesday May AM Publisher details Windows Network Diagnostics Detects problems with network connectivity Package Version Publisher Microsoft Windows file IIIC lUserslPaul Wade AppDataiLocallElevatedDiagnostics This is the results from Microsoft Fix-it My Specs are MSI-MS- AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor GHz Gb Kingston HyperX DDR- ram a GB TB HHD Galaxy GeForce GT DDR MB video card Corsair TX PSU nbsp

A:Peer Networking Grouping service not restarting

So I did some more research and found out to repair Peer Networking Grouping svc and how to also restart my HomeGroup that I also had problems with!
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I installed an external webcam to watch the deer in my back yard. My interal cam is now picking up the feed from the external one. So far, the only way I have found to fix that problem is yo unplug the external cam. Is there a way around this?

A:Asus all-in-one internal webcam

The internal camera is showing me what the external one is seeing. I want to keep both cams and use which ever one I want, depending on the situation.

I will try and explain it better. My external cam is looking at my back yard. My internal cam, the one built into the pc, is looking at me. I should see my back yard when I activate the exteral cam, and I should see me when I activate the interal cam. What I am getting when I activate the internal cam, is my back yard. The internal is instead, picking up what the external cam is seeing, which is my back yard.
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For many home users when they connect to a home router there computer is assigned an IP address in class C (in the range - but there external IP (issued by the ISP) is different (e.g. What device is responsible for this translation and how does it not which packet to send to which node on the network?

A:What makes an internal IP external?

The router does it, have a look at this for more detail
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My HDD wont appear in my computer, and then I check disk partittion it's size became 3.68 GB. But it have 500GB size. It is SATA.

A:Internal HDD

Try replacing the drive...
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I have updated all the sound drivers in my device manager, still my pc is not giving out sound. pls help Dell latitude 120L

A:Sound problem, updated drivers

might sound silly but have u checked in your volume control as last week I had same problem then when I clicked on volume icon in task bar volume was down and on mute for some reason
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I need to add an additional USB header for my Gigabyte motherboard, the 2 headers on the motherboard are dedicated to running the 4 USB ports on the front panel.However I am adding an additional device to the front panel that also requires a USB header, so an obvious solution would be a splitter of some kind that would allow one of the headers to pull double duty for the front panel USB ports as well as facilitating the new device. Anyone ever hear of a Y splitter or some other solution that can make this work?,I could always just unplug one of the headers and go with just 2 USB ports on the front but I would rather not make any compromises.

A:Need an extra motherboard USB header

Try this. I've purchased one and found they work really well.

NZXT IU01 USB 2.0 Internal Expansion Hub

NZXT IU01 USB 2.0 Internal Expansion Hub Review


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hi, I have a 2 year old emachine e630 notebook with both usb ports broken. I do not want to spend money replacing ports. I can't find detailed information about the mb except that it is an acer e630 mb. i would like to know if the mb has a socket for an internal blue tooth device or where i can find this information. I have looked at the on line manual but there is no mention of socket.

I would be very grateful for any information, and as this is my 1st post on any forum site i hope its in the right place, thank you

A:Can I put a internal Bluetooth device into a eMachines e630

You could use one of these... If the PCMCIA socket is still working:
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I sent my laptop in to be serviced under warranty because the keyboard would not work. was denied service because of water damage but now my screen doesn't work, can someone help

A:My screen won't turn on after service was denied on warranty due to water damage

Water can destroy a laptop or any other electronic device. Chances are that the water sat underneath the keyboard and flowed onto the motherboard where it dried causing corrosion and damaging the motherboard permanently. You could take the laptop to a repair shop and they could give you a repair estimate. Of course, you will have to pay for this repair. If a liquid is spilled on a laptop in the future, immediately open it and turn it upside down. This allows the liquid not to hit and pool on the motherboard, or in a keyboard
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Hi Recently I added additional internal HDD WD TB SATA MB Green as a secondary storage The original SATA cable connector is SATA - WD TB SATA - Samsung DVD-RW SATA - Empty SATA - Empty SATA - eSATA connector cable from computer s casing - Empty SATA - eSATA connector Cable from Computer s Casing - Empty I rearranged the cables to SATA - WD TB SATA - WD TB SATA - Empty SATA - Samsung DVD-RW SATA - eSATA connector from computer casing - Empty SATA - eSATA not BIOS Internal SATA detecting optical drive DVD/CD connector from Computer Casing - Empty Once done the motherboard BIOS only detects both the HHD It doesn t detect the DVD-RW anymore BIOS not detecting Internal SATA DVD/CD optical drive Before this both the HDD and DVD-RW was working fine I tried changing the DVD-RW s SATA cable to a new one tried connecting the DVD-RW in other SATA port but still same Note I didn t change any setting in BIOS BIOS Setting In quot Standard CMOS Features quot all IDE Channel - is set to quot AUTO quot hardware detection In quot Integrated Peripherals quot - PCH SATA control mode is always been AHCI - SATA Port - Native Mode is always been Enabled Please help me to solve this problem I want the BIOS and Win to detect the Samsung DVD-RW as well My system CPU Intel i - Ghz MB GA-P A-UD P rev - BIOS Ver F VGA Sapphire Toxic HD G RAM Corsair DDR GB MHz OS Win -bit SP Power Supply W Hard Disk WD TB SATA MB Black WD TB SATA MB Green Optical Drive Samsung X SATA DVD-RW Drive Model SH-S C nbsp

A:BIOS not detecting Internal SATA DVD/CD optical drive

Apart from the detection on the screen, does the drive seem to work normally? If so, I would leave it alone.

If not, the drive has likely failed... it doesn't take much for an optical drive to go bad.

Final test? Does it work in another computer?
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My DELL XPS L x laptop was equipped with Samsung Spinpoint MP HM JJ GB rpm hard disk Last month due to noise and auto shut down i gave my system to dell service center for repair but took out my hard disk as it was containing quot sensitive quot data and i don t want to take any risk Also i needed it for my dissertation as detected USB either inside not hard at or disk internal is Laptop my all data was on it In the mean time i bought another Seagate Momentus GB rpm drive as the xps has space for one more hard disk i put the samsung hard disk in usb case which need both side Laptop internal hard disk is not detected either inside or at USB male usb connector i was having an old connector which i tried to use but i can hear a little sound and it is not detected by my home desktop so i got a new usb connector and it was easily detected and i used as usual usb external storage when my laptop was fixed i took back the samsung drive along with the new one to service center and when they tried to place both drive the system didn t responded at all after some tries they announced the samsung drive which was originally shipped with laptop has gone bad and is unable to detect so i asked them to only fix newly bought drive in the system and make it workable by installing OS Now the issue is that my samsung drive can t be detected anywhere neither in laptop nor in my home office desktop though i was able to use it as external storage before but it suddenly stop working leaving me nowhere i have lot of important data on it and i want to recover it myself other choice is that at least i have do low level format so that i make that data unrecoverable by all means and than i claim a new drive in warranty as they offered me free replacement coz my system is still under warranty What i have tried till now Attached it as internal storage in laptop - no reaction rather laptop halt in BIOS and no further activity Attached as external storage - for the first time windows try to detect and install driver for it but fails later no action if tried to connect with either desktop i tried on many desktops Symptoms while attaching with any system as external storage the blue led of box turn on for a while but later it turn off as there is nothing attached and actually there is NO hardware activity as spinning or any sound the hard drive is totally silent What i feel is that there may be problem with its circuitry as in the beginning when i tried to attached it by using old usb cable it may done some damage in PCB but i am not sure Can anyone suggest as what should i do the major issue is to protect the data inside It would be helpful if i can recover it as it is very important for me but in case i can t recover can i destroy that data so that i claim warranty i have less time left for it please give any advice thanks for reading nbsp
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I got my laptop last week and and yesterday the sound stopped working. The laptop is a ASUS G53SX: i7-2670QM 2,2 ghz. 8 GB RAM. GTX 560M.

I have tried to update/re-install the drivers without any luck. I have also tried system recovery and still no sound. The latest software that I have installed is Adobe Production premium 5.5 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I have checked the playback settings and the only device showing is Sony-tv 1. I also checked for deactivated and disconnected devices but still only Sony-tv.
Please help

A:Internal speakers not showing on playback devices

go to asus support website and download sound/audio driver according to your laptop model and OS
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Hello, First of all thanks to anyone who can help.

Here is my problem: I just built my brother his computer for Xmas and everything is brand new and the computer is "working". Yet every time I start a game or try to get the system rating the comp either freezes, restarts, or blue screens. I've updated the video card half a dozen times and It says that it is updated yet problems still occur.

Here are the specs

OS- Windows 7 64bit
Video card- AMD Radeon HD 6900
Processor- AMD 6 core 6100
Motherboard- 990FX Sabertooth
Ram- 8gs
Power- antec 900w
HD- 2 terabyte

A:Drivers are updated, but PC keeps freezing

Although that processor is supported by the motherboard, it's possible that the BIOS is an older version, pre-FX.
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Hi,I want to connect an internal dvd drive out of an old dektop. To a laptop I have got a ide to USB lead but this is not working .is there a lead you can get to give the DVD drive power ?thanks

A:How do I connect a internal DVD drive (out of desktop) to a laptop

I suggest getting a USB enclosure for the IDE drive. I've actually done that with an IDE optical drive so I could connect it to a PC at work that had no DVD writer.
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VNC was working on my internal network viewing between different machines. I just changed the router (netgear wrn3500) and can't seem to connect between machines anymore. Able to access internet from each machine and can see windows shares. I am using the ip address assigned directly instead of using machine names.
Router firmware is stock.
Another thing is that the router is setup to use opendns. Had used opendns some time before and somewhat sure there were no problems with vnc.

Appreciate any thoughts / suggestions to the cause...

A:VNC problems connecting between internal Windows PCs

I am using the ip address assigned directly instead of using machine names.

Another thing is that the router is setup to use opendns. Had used opendns some time before and somewhat sure there were no problems with vncClick to expand...

OpenDNS would be for name resolution and you're using IP addresses - - > not relevant

jmchue said:

VNC was working on my internal network viewing between different machines. I just changed the router (netgear wrn3500) and can't seem to connect between machines anymore. Able to access internet from each machine and can see windows shares.
Router firmware is stock.Click to expand...

The router is not involved in the connection other than routing; if you can ping and use the shares, then I'm sure the router is irrelevant too.

I would suspect your firewall(s) on both ends. The VNC ports need to be opened on both machines.

VNC by default uses TCP port 5900+N,[5][6] where N is the display number (usually :0 for a physical display). Several implementations also start a basic HTTP server on port 5800+N to provide a VNC viewer as a Java applet, allowing easy connection through any Java-enabled web browser. Different port assignments can be used as long as both client and server are configured accordingly.Click to expand...
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I am in the market for a standard 3.5 inch 1TB hard drive. It will be primarily used for storage of music and videos. I am not looking for anything fancy, or expensive. My budget is up to around 80 USD. I have looked on Newegg, but haven't been able to come up with a way to choose between WD, Seagate, Samsung, etc. or choose which line of product from those manufacturers (e.g. Caviar Black vs Caviar Blue). I don't have a SATA 6Gbps connection on my motherboard, so that is of no importance to me. Thanks in advance

A:Looking for a 1TB internal HD

I prefer Seagate... I have 5 installed in my computer
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One of my PC's crapped out, but the HDD is still intact. If I install it into a external hdd to USB enclosure, will I be able to access it from another PC?

A:Internal to external?

I'm sorry but I don't understand your question. If I am getting this right you want to get files from the hard drive right is it IDE or Sata?
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(Title was meant to be NAS HD, i blame the keyboard )

The Lan port on my NAS hard drive recently broke and therefore i have turned this into an internal hard drive.

In doing so i have now plugged it into my computer and changed the bios so that it still boots to my main hard drive. The computer recognises the device but it cannot read it. All the partitions on it are "empty".

A friend of mine told me that i need t download some software so that windows recognises this, but didn't say what! (helpful i know!)

Any help would be much appreciated.

- It was a WD network 1TB hard-drive
- I am running windows 7 64bit
- I am hoping i do not need to reformat as it has important docs on it.



A:Making an NAS GD into Internal HD

state make/model of the original NAS. I fear it had a RAID-X configuration .....
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This is a Dell Latitude laptop with Windows XP
I let the battery die on it and when i plugged it in the next morning to turn it on I get that error message. I tried taking out the hard drive and putting it back in. The BIOS is not seeing any hard drive. It reads "<none>"
I am not sure if the battery discharging has anything to do with it or not.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Internal hard disk drive not found after battery discharge

Faulty HDD Controller but I would have that laptop check out if you can. Most likely it's the MOBO that is to blame. MOBO = Motherboard. See if that was XP not seeing the HDD then you could re-install XP. But you said your BIOS is not seeing the HDD. It could also be your HDD as failed. Normally DELL has a tool that you run to test your system out. This tool is use by DELL Certified Techs to see where your issue is. HDD, MOBO, Battery. Most of the time the MOBO is replaced. Then HDD then the Battery to solve your issue.
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Hello all,
I recently got the Plantronics Gamecon 367 headset, and it turns out my laptop had some issues with microphones, so after spending total of about one day trying to get laptop to recognize my micophone, which it finally did, I now have a new issue.
Whenever I use the headset to talk, I have static sound, however, I use my in build microphone, sound is pure as crisp (it wasn't before, hence the reason for buying a new headset). I have check my headset on different computer, and it's fine, but on my laptop I have static sound. My soundcard is realtek.

Any help would be much appreciated
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my internet connection keeps going off and I have phoned my service provider to trouble shoot but it keeps on happening intermittantly. I have restarted my computer and then it goes back online.

A:My internet connection keeps going off and I have phoned my service provider

We need a bit more information.

Is it wireless or do you connect with a cable to your router.

What version of windows are you using.

Is this a laptop or desktop with a built in wireless card or are you using a dongle.

Please provide the make and model of the PC.

Apart from that you have started this thread in the section for introducing yourself, it should be in Storage and Networking.

You may get moved but help will continue.
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hey ive been having a problem with my external hdd which im now trying to run as BIOS? HDD appears that's now in only External internal an internal one basically yesterday it was working fine as an external then i started to get quot delayed write failure quot or somethign like that and couldn t save E file and everytime it did this more files would disappear from the hd I tried to run a diskcheck on it and it crashed half way through when i restarted the pc the hd was no longer appearing and every now and then if i External HDD that's now internal only appears in BIOS? restarted it i could get it to show up in my computer but the hd was completly empty and also whoing it was now RAW Someone suggested mounting it internally which i did and as soon i startedu up great my xp recognized it and installed it and i thought it was going to work then the delayed write failure hting popped up again and boom gone External HDD that's now internal only appears in BIOS? from my computer and since then its being recognized in bios as a slave driver but cant be found in device manager disk management or by any programs like test disk nothing only in bios is there anythign that can be done as i have like years of recorded music over time built up on it the hdd aint that old but i transferred at some point from pc to it thanks nbsp

A:External HDD that's now internal only appears in BIOS?

anyone got any ideas even if its long shots im willing to try just about anything

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Hi.. I need to know the authorized service centers for Corsair Memory in India(Mainly in Coimbatore/Chennai).

A:Corsair Service Centre locations in India?

If this is to return a faulty product under warranty, go to here:

Fill it out, and they will be in touch with where to send your product for repair.
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I have Dell Optiplex GX620, P4 3.4ghz tower. I'd like to install an internal USB card reader in the unused 3.5" drive bay. The problem I'm having is locating the USB port on the motherboard to connect the USB drive to. Has anyone done this or has a similar machine that has a factory card reader installed. I already have a multi card reader with the pin connectors.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


A:3.5" USB internal card reader for a Dell

There are only so many places for it to hide on the motherboard and if you can't find it, it isn't there. Actually, I looked up the manual and it doesn't appear to have an internal USB header. You'll have to install a PCI USB card with an internal header.
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Hi fellow service unknown status start failed or the Connection to dependency group computer junkies I can see a multitude of difficulties have been overcome by your group effort I hope you ve got another fix up your sleeves My laptop is years old HP COMPAQ C Notebook PC Vista Home Premium purchased with Intel Pentium Dual CPU T Ghz GB RAM bit OS My internet connection is normally T-Mobile USB Internet card Also connect WiFi with built in card Local Disk C NTFS GB Free GB Presario RP Disk D GB Free GB Pc tools spyware doctor w Antivirus Malwarebytes The first indication of a problem began with announcement that new Connection status unknown the dependency service or group failed to start hardware had been found Knowing that I had installed nothing I blocked the new hardware attempt to connect Next day I found I could not reach the internet using T-mobile Among other things Windows Defender and Firewall were not operating I got a message quot Failed to connect to a windows service Windows could not connect to System Event Connection status unknown the dependency service or group failed to start Notification Service This problem prevents limited users from logon on to the system As an administrator user you can review the system Event Log for details about why the service didn t respond quot Of course upon investigating I found I could not open Event Notification log Normally at a time like this I would reach for System Restore But I was informed no restore points were available With help from Brother-in-law Larry and using desktop with the T-mobile connection I was able to get online to find the fix to the problem I started in Safe Mode Clicked start search cmd right click ran as administrator typed quot netsh winsock reset quot enter and restarted Also ran sfc scannow That got rid of that problem Was then able to see Event Notification log But now new error quot Connection status unknown The dependency group failed to start quot I right clicked on that message got option to Diagnose and Repair Got message Network Diagnostics cannot run because Diagnostics Policy service is not running Clicked to open Service Control Manager SCM is in Management Console This opened Local Services which shows full pages of application descriptions status startup type and log on as I found Diagnostic Policy Service Properties set to startup automatic but service status is stopped I clicked start result was Error Access is denied Many other items are in same state When start attempted on some other applications Error was received also Some applications gave Error quot The dependency service or group failed to start I don t know if this is important but After being allowed to view Event Notification Log I looked at Security log which had as earliest date that was days ago Today the earliest date is I noticed several entries throughout from oldest to newest dates the entries were quot Special Logon quot with Special Privileges assigned to new logon On the oldest one it seemed to be given privileges which included among others I can t remember assign Primary token privilege Security Privilege Audit Privilege take ownership privilege TCB privilege load driver privilege backup privilege restore privilege debug privilege system environment privilege and Impersonate Privilege That s it for now bout all I know Send help please Bill Ellison nbsp

A:Connection status unknown the dependency service or group failed to start

Shot in the Dark

Have you tried running MalwareBytes in safe mode? Do you have an antivirus on your computer? Sometimes Virus' know MBAM so you may want to change the name of the program before you run it.

My Computer Lady
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HD Audio Header HELP I have a problem I m posting for any suggestions My system specs are viewable to all I have a Xonar DG card I also have a Azza Phantom case The problem is if I hook up the audio header cable between sound card and header it all grounds out so if you try to use usb ports or headphone jacks it will shut my system down Left unplugged everything works except for head phone and Mic jacks I don t really use those two but I don t like it that way I found the specs for the wiring of the Audio Header HD case audio header and also for the sound card I will display them here They dont match HD Audio Header up but contact with Azza they say there designed to work they want me to send the assembly back and they will HD Audio Header replace but I do not see how that will work by looking at the two diagrams Input needed Thank you View attachment TSD Audio Cards Xonar DG ID RWTM - zip nbsp
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please help me, i'm from vietnam, so my english so bad, i'm very need dell service tag utilities version 5.1, please send for me, thank you very much, i need for my job, if not my boss fired me, thanks again for read here

A:Need Dell Service Tag Utilities version 5.1

Call Dell support.
I think you will find that the utility is available ONLY to Dell service providers.
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Forgive any typos as I'm post this via iPod. So after a weekend of horse crap Internet speed on the laptop (and not a hiccup in speed on the PS3). I figured I'd try updating my wireless adapter drivers. Atheros AR5007EG wireless network adapter. After downloading and installing, the computer doesn't recognize any wireless networks. I know mine is working and also know there are at least 4 others in the apartment complex. That being said I know it is on the computers end. I rolled back the driver to the one that worked with no success.

Laptops specs are as follows:
Vista home premium SP2 32bit
Toshiba satellite L355D
AMD Turion X2 dual core mobile RM-72 2.1GHz
Atheros AR5007EG version (new version)
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I have Asus M50Sv with Realtek HD Audio and Vista 32bit SP2.

Once a day after rebooting the sound dissapeared because of Windows Audio service not started.
In events log I see Windows Audio service starting error with code 13 (OxD).
If I try to start this service manually - it also fails to stard whth error code 13.

I read all found threads about Audio service problem whth Vista and didn't found a solution.

All services Windows Audio service depends from are running properly.
I have reinstalled audio device using lates version of Realtek audio drivers.
I have updated all other drivers and installed latest Windows updates.
I don't have rollback points.

Can someone give me more ideas how I could be fixed?
(reinstalling windows is not an option so far)

What it means then service fails to start with code 13?

Please help!

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows Audio Service not starting

I'm assuming the sound card is integrated? Try reinstalling the driver completely. Uninstall the current one and then reinstall it (or the most current one).
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I earlier posted about the Aspire AST -UP A be internal external Can drive hard full used hard drive? for having GB hard drive I since then contacted Aspire chat support Apparently not being tech savy we didn t realize gb hard drive only c drive is able to be used the d data drive holds the programs to run the computer I didn t mean can I use the external hard drive internally I meant if I hook it up externally would it work in place of the internal hard drive Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive? that is nearly full except for around GB So unfortunately the computer Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive? isn t as big as you believe But I wanted to know if I purchase I was looking at Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive? western digital elements TB external hard drive Can we use it for this computer It will not run itunes or anything like that but we can obviously go online My brother wants to buy a new computer but I know that is probably not the way to go Should we get an internal hard drive installed and other memory or something or can we use the external hard drive I would appreciate any informed help on this since we do not no technical info on computers Can t really afford to buy another computer right now Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive?

If you want to take out the drive from external hard drive case and install it in your desktop/laptop, then usually you can. Usually external hard drives are just ordinary hard drives accompanied by some extra controller to make it able to "talk" via general ports (e.g. USB). However I am not familiar with digital elements 2TB , so I can not confirm it. But I do have WD external drive, which I had positively confirm that its real drive is just ordinary hard drive.

Note that if you decide to do this, I suggest to find experience people to work on extracting the drive. If you do it yourself you will risk to damage it, and you don't want that since usually opening the closure means voiding the warranty.
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i recently was given a dell d810 it had no INTERNAL HD i have since got one put it in and all i get is

im stuck here and have no idea how to install anything back on it anyone who could help me that would be great

A:How do I get a new internal hard drive to work

well the HD will need to be formated and it needs an OS installed.

Also did u clear the CMOS?
Have you gone to bios and checked to see if it is listed?
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Hello all I have a somewhat difficult dilemma I need help on I am troubleshooting a Dell Inspiron that was booting into a password authentication where all passwords were not being recognized But that s not the problem When I attempted to re-format the GB Western Digital internal IDE HDD with the Windows installer disk it didn t show any hard drives to install to When checking the BIOS it showed no hard drives either I then took the hard drive out of the laptop on system Unknown HDD internal file laptop and connected it to my HP desktop computer running same version of Windows btw Unknown file system on internal laptop HDD using a quot to quot IDE adapter and Unknown file system on internal laptop HDD had it on its own IDE channel The drive was not recognized in either Wndows Explorer OR Disk Management It IS Unknown file system on internal laptop HDD showing in Device Manager On the quot Volumes quot tab when I hit quot Populate quot it comes back with quot Unkown file system quot Is there any workaround to reformat this drive or make it usable Or is it just dead Any help is appreciated David nbsp

A:Unknown file system on internal laptop HDD

delete the partition(s), define new one(s) and then format

the command prompt FORMAT /? will explain how
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so i was told to buy a sata data and power combo cable and connect the hard drive to my desktop but i don't know what to do after that, is there a certain web site i go to to fix this problem or reformat it is a dell inspiron 1545 and i have windows vista please help

A:Dell laptop says internal hard disk drive not found and no bootable devices

Can you say what happened to your pc, does it boot into Windows?
What do you want to do with the SATA cable you have bought?
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I think I made a mistake.
I replaced the motherboard on a HP Pavillion desktop. The motherboard is made by ASUS. I updated the BIOS (downloaded from HP); then I got the "purple code" ; so I proceeded to reinstall the original os that came with this computer; the message was some thing like "Can not install windows with these discs...etc."
The ASUS website is not helpful at all. I called the ASUS people, explain the problem and the only answer I got was "you should call hp or take it to a hp repair center.."
I would greatly appreciate any advise or suggestions on this frustrating issue. Thanks, Luis

A:Motherboard replaced, BIOS updated, still won't work

What is this Asus motherboard you got? Did it come from HP or did you buy it from regular retail or online sources?
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I was just wondering what the members here at techspot thought about Boost mobile.. I was considering switching to boost mobile and wasn't sure about the service.

SOO, What are your thoughts?!!? Thanks =]

A:Boost Mobile service

did you see ?

Primary service is via Sprint - - how's your coverage and satisfaction with Sprint?
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Hello All,
I am trying to put a 3rd hard drive on my pc, but the strip is made for two hard drives, is this standard for all pc's? if there ia a way to add more hard drive INTERNALLY how would I be able to do? I Do Not want to use EXTERNAL DRIVE.
Thank you for your help

A:Internal hard drive

Hi Jon,

What Motherboard do you have? and what type of HDD do you already have in there and the 3rd one? Are they SATA or IDE??

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I have lost all sound and there is the quot x quot next to my speaker icon on the bottom right I have read what other people have done here and none of the fixes have helped If I right click on the speaker icon I get the quot Would you like to enable Windows Audio quot message If I say yes I do NOT get an error It goes to the screens about my audio But my audio is obviously not working So I go to the Windows Audio in the Services section It Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop is on automatic but not running When I try to run it I get the message quot Windows could not start the Window Audio service on the local computer Error The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process quot I have looked at all of the dependent services Plug N Play Multimedia Class Scheduler Remote Procedure Call Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Those are Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop ALL automatic and Running I saw someone mention something about going to the Registry Editor to remove dependencies but I couldn t figure out the registry looked like lots of gobblegook to me but since all of my dependent processes are running just fine Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop I don t think that would be the answer anyway Any other ideas of what I can try Also All of my sound drivers are working properly and I have no error messages that I can find I am not sure if this is relevant Product Host Process for Windows Services Problem Windows Update installation problem Date AM Status Not Reported Description A Windows update did not install properly Sending the following information to Microsoft can help improve the software Problem signature Problem Event Name Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop WindowsUpdateFailure ClientVersion Win HResult UpdateId DA B A-FD E- EB - -FFC B EB Scenario Install SourceId Environment Unmanaged OS Version Locale ID There is one of these for every day for a week But the sound problem has only existed for days nbsp

A:Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop

I saw someone mention something about going to the Registry Editor to remove dependencies but I couldn't figure out the registry (looked like lots of gobblegook to me) but since all of my dependent processes are running just fine, I don't think that would be the answer anyway.Click to expand...

You're absolutely right. DON'T try modifying the registry for this problem. Is far more likely to do damage then any good

A few thoughts...

1. I'd first attempt to simply uninstall then reinstall your audio drivers. To uninstall, look in Ctrl Panel->Program and Features and look for your audio to uninstall. Locate the driver download from the vendor website for your computer to reinstall

2. If reinstalling doesn't solve it Also, take a look at Reference Guide to Help Setup and Troubleshoot Windows Audio and Sound Cards

3. Tho I'll also mention that SOMETIMES malware can be what interferes with audio service and prevents it from running. I mention this to also keep in mind because you say Windows Update is also reporting errors. Both your audio and Windows update problem might due to malware.

In any case, try reinstalling first and post back with any results
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Hello I checked many websites not Audio running Service is amp forums to solution for my problem before posting the question here A week back my Computer s Audio started giving me problems At first the audio used to stop suddenly during normal working amp wouldn t return Audio Service is not running unless I restart my system So I tried reinstalling my sound driver amp was successful in doing that But now I see an quot X quot mark near the Sound Icon on my task bar amp says quot Audio Service is not running quot Here are the trouble shooting I did Control Panel -- gt Administrative Tools -- gt Services Plug amp Play is ON amp Automatic Multimedia is ON amp Automatic Windows Audio Endpoint Builder is stopped Windows Audio is stopped I tried starting the Windows audio Endpoint Builder amp the following error msg appears quot windows could not start the windows audio endpoint builder service on local computer quot quot Error x The system cannot find the file specified quot Under path for executable I saw that it is looking for a file Audio Service is not running named svchost exe File seems to be present at the location though nothing seem to happen when I try double clicking it Please help in resolving this issue Since I purchased an HP Laptop with Windows Vista they didnt give me a separate Vista DVD to try amp reinstall it all over again Help nbsp

A:Audio Service is not running

1) HP usually includes a "Recovery Partition" on your hard drive. You can use to
=> Restore your installation using their Recovery Partition and
=> I usually allow you the option of creating ONE set of recovery DVDs on your own

2) You only want to focus on Windows Audio service. Do you see StartupType= Automatic or ??? Is it's Status=Stopped? Can you restart Windows Audio?
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Well here is my big dilema any help would so greatly appreciated I have two internal hard drives one my c drive is tb then my f drive which is tb Yesterday i was in the process of transferring some large files from my c drive to my f drive I turned my computer on today and i tried accessing my f drive and it froze then said drive needed to be formated went to properties and it says file system raw and used and free space at So drive gone Internal basically now seems everything is gone somehow no idea how this happened So i ve tried various recovery programs which have brought me no real success mainly i think because my f drive it too large and it gets stuck at percent when scanning The only sucees i have has has been with r studio software for recovery i Internal drive gone clicked on my f drive and it found all of my files with names and everything but it s a total of gb of data it loaded this in seconds though just double clicked on my f drive Is it possible everything is still there just deactivated or something How did r studio find all Internal drive gone my files and data so quickly then Please help i need to find a way to recover my files nbsp

A:Internal drive gone

Sounds like you need to try TestDisk - freeware recovery tool to help recovery lost filesystems and data. Never used it myself, but man y (but not all) have posted good success after using it).

Try it out. Then let us know
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Hello Everyone Well Here is the topic I ve taking the liberty of buying a new hardrive that I thought would make my computer run faster because the old one was in No adding (internal) drive signal new hard when monitor basically corrupted so after buying it from Futureshop I came home No signal in monitor when adding new hard drive (internal) and detached the old one and attached the new one that I bought Put the jumpers in the right place and turned on the computer and then theres a big problem I ve got no signal on my monitor Here is what I ve done so far -Taking out the battery for an hour to rest Put it back in -Taking One Stick of Ram out and Turned it on Nothing Happened -Taking out all the Ram Beeped continuously Nothing Happened So put it back in -Turned on computer with amp without hardrive Nothing Happened -Held Delete button amp F for Bios Only one beep and nothing happened after that Thats all I ve done so far now here are the system specs Windows Xp Home Edition GB Hardrive Western Digital RPM Mb Cache PATA IDE New One GB Hardrive Hitachi Deskstar RPM ATA IDE Old One Mb Ram Dell Extreme N D-Link Wireless Adapter Cd DvD drive Floppy Disk drive Toshiba Lithium Battery v That is all Please help I ve gone to different sites and nothing seems to help Thanks If you can please send me replies within the Hour nbsp
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Hello I am new here and came across this forum while googling for tips on getting my Dell Inspiron fixed This forum seems very helpful from what i ve read and so I thought I should post my problem to see if anyone can suggest a solution to me I recently was watching a video file on my laptop when the computer just shut down When I try to reboot now I get an error message saying quot Internal HDD Hard error Strike the F key to continue F to run the setup utility quot When I hit F with my windows install disk in the CD-rom drive I get an error saying that there is no Hard Disk Drive recognized and to make sure that the Hard Drive is powered on etc I thought that maybe my hard drive had died on me so I purchased a new hard drive and it is the same exact problem still occuring Any tips or links on what I might need to do would be very helpful Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 - internal HDD

Most Dells have a diagnostics program (F12 at boot).
Run the tests and see what they say.
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Being accursed with a best buy gift card of ~$75, I chose to peruse their selection of CD/DVD RW, since my desktop lacks one. Unfortunately, their variety is meager; a HP 1260i and a LG GH24 are the only internals among the plethora of externals. Both have similar price, ratings, and + & - CD/DVD compatibility, which most are superfluous to my needs. The LG, however, has lightscribe, which is superfluous as well. I haven't had enough experience with either company's hardware to winnow the choice to a singularity, so hopefully you guys might know. On the other hand, should I look elsewhere if both prove to be inferior? Thanks for your consideration.

A:Internal CD/DVD RW dilemma

Good, but loaded question. I'll try to address some points.

I've never seen or heard of any DVD burner having any problems reading/writing cds. So if that was of any concern I'd dismiss that.

Not sure if HP builds their own or if they rebrand others (likely rebrand, but I don't know), but LG drives IMO are pretty decent (I actually had one die, but I've known several other people that swear by them). HP pretty much started or was a frontrunner on Lightscribe though, and I think if you plan on doing any of that having an HP drive might be better. I recently saw a video review of an older Lightscribe drive (one I have) and apparently, at least for CDs, the media you lightscribe onto makes a big difference in the quality.

$75, if either of those drives (I didn't check BB) are close to using up your gift card, maybe you should spend the money on bluray disks or something. You can buy a cheap burner from Newegg for less than $30 that will work great. Maybe spend the gift card on the lightscribe capable disks which are expensive everywhere.
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Hi everybody I need change the Service Tag of my Dell D There is always threads regarding this but they are all closed So that s why I open a new one I d read a lot of FAQs into the web and I have try to change it Tag and Dell Service with ASSET ASSET A SVCTAG SVCTAG I always boot on DOS and I execute the command I precise there is no Password defined for Admin security and HDD The bios is the last one available on Dell Site A of but nothing I have the following error with the svctag quot Do you want to erase and or change this service tag Y or N y Dell Portables EEPROM Erase Program - D-Family Version - Dell Computer Corporation Dell INTERNAL USE ONLY Cannot run under a protected environment EE-CPB exe Error quot it looks I need to have a newer version of SVCTAG Why it returns quot Cannot run under protected environment quot If someone know where I can find it it would be helpfull thanks a lot cheers nbsp

A:Dell and Service Tag

Go to and search for Dell Laptop Bios Master Password Passwort Unlock.
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Hello I have a IBM Think Pad T laptop with Win XP sp installed and i don IBM No drivers installed,ThinkPad T42 updated all and are labtop sound t have any audio I use to have win but then one day after turning the PC off i got en error message no ADI codec is installed i tried everything and nothing worked i also looked it up on Google they know it at and No sound and all updated drivers are installed,ThinkPad IBM T42 labtop i see cases like this No sound and all updated drivers are installed,ThinkPad IBM T42 labtop but no results and top of that most of the people don t have there drivers i do and win is telling me that its working fin so i seed its win that s when i installed win XP and the same issue came up only this time i was able to get the error code off now win claims that every things working fine but i still don t have audio I got a DxDiag No sound and all updated drivers are installed,ThinkPad IBM T42 labtop attached for better assistance Please HELP If any more info is needed then please feel free to ask PS im new at this nbsp
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Ok so the motherboard i m getting has the following pin CPU fan header labeled CPU FAN I already know this is where the fan from the heatsink goes pin power fan header labeled PWR FAN pin system fan labeled SYS FAN the mobo manual states that there are two of these when in fact there is only one I think they accidentally included the PWR FAN pin system fan labeled SYS FAN Anyway my questions is this is there really any difference between the system fan header and Mobo header question fan the power fan header On the manual the specs for the SYS and PWR fan are the same so something must be different I plan to have fans rear output front intake and side intake I m still looking at cases but after seeing this i m wondering how i m supposed to know how many pins the fans that come with the cases have The case i m settling on right now only has a rear fan which is fine with me The motherboard i m talking about is the GIGABYTE GA-P -USB The three fan ordeal is assuming that I can take the cone or ventilation shaft I guess its called off of the inside panel which I may need to do anyway as i m sure it will get in th way of the heatsink which will either be the Cooler Master or the Arctic Freezer Pro Don t know if it s attached using screws or those annoying pins you can t take out without a hammer and I don t know what size fan I can replace it with if any I REALLY like the case and wouldn t mind having to buy two more fans to put in it and looks like it ll leave me room for adding a custom Window i ve designed I d prefer not to get a different case but will do so if I have to lol COOLER MASTER ELITE Anyway my first build is coming along nicely and when i m ready i ll post the specs in a new thread just to make sure i m not getting things I don t need i have a habit of going overboard sometimes Thanks for the help PS actually while we re talking about this mobo the manual shows that of the SATAII connectors are controlled by Gigabyte SATA and the remain six are controlled Mobo fan header question by the P H chipset what s the big difference Ok i ll stop adding questions now sorry lol nbsp

A:Mobo fan header question

All the fan headers should be rated at the ATX spec (1.0A for 12v). I think the differentiation is mainly for the monitoring in the BIOS and the Easy Tune software, since whatever PWM fan is plugged into the CPU_FAN header will be reported as CPU fan rotation.

The side panel duct is a holdover from the bad old days, usually associated with making the chassis "Pentium 4 compatible". It should be easily removed.

THe southbridge (ICH10R) SATA ports will most likely offer better performance than the Gigabyte (JMicron JMB363 ?) GSATA ports. Some comparitive numbers here- different boards but the same hardware.
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Please someone help. I have 2 WinXP machines. Both were recently infected with a virus. Since the virus removal both machines boot up fine with no problems. However the DHCP client service will not start automatically on both machines even though they are both set to start automatically in services. All dependencies are starting. I've tried the winsock repair via dos command, application and registry and each time I restart the computers, the DHCP client still does not start automatically. I have to start it manually after the restart and it works fine after that. I have to fix these machines for clients and can't expect them to start this service each time they restart their computer. I really need help fixing this. Someone please help! Thanks in advance!

A:Need help! DHCP Client Service will not start automatically

Assuming the machines are malware free now, you're probably best to try a repair install (after you first create a backup image clone of the drive)
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This is my first post I read through the post labeled D is not accessible Incorrect function and did everything people suggested there but I am still having the same problem except mine is a little different I don t know if it is a hardware or software or driver or what internal My not error accessible giving me G&F:\is external message & burner are the problem is My external and internal burner have error G burner in the computer amp F external burner is not accessible Incorrect function My other internal player works though My internal & external burner are giving me error message G&F:\is not accessible It plays music but I can t view pictures I have an external burner hooked up thru a USB port and I have a cd dvd burner on my computer Both drives are giving my the same error message I don t know what to do I have tried different usb ports plugged the external burner into different ones I tried buying a different usb cord for the burner nope I have tried different cds and dvds different brands and types I have tried support microsoft com fixit website which helped a lot I couldn t even play music until I used that website Now I can at least play music I just can t burn anything btw that website is awesome for a lot of things I have tried unistalling Roxio because someone said that might be my problem Nope I have tried updating my drivers I have tried going to device manager and seeing if there is any exclamation points but they say everything is working properly lol I don t know what else to do or what the problem could be because it is happening on both and internal and external burner I thought I might have to replace my internal burner but now I don t think that is the problem at all BTW I have a Sony Vaio PCV- with a Toshiba DVD-Rom SD R and a Samsung CD-Rom SC- C And I have been to all three of their websites looking for driver updates or firmware or something to help and have downloaded everything they had and nothing has fixed my problem I am running XP Pro I am completely out of ideas Please help me I really don t have the money to spend and get my computer fixed and I don t think that would fix it because it is having trouble with the external one too Any help would be sooooo appreciated Thank you in advance nbsp

A:My internal & external burner are giving me error message G&F:\is not accessible

See CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters to see if it might help
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I've just recently re-installed Windows Vista.. I installed all of my drivers, ran all of the updates, and my sound was working completely fine. Until two days ago, out of nowhere.. It says that my audio device is working properly, but in my taskbar, the audio icon has a little red x over it, and when I scroll over it, it says "The Audio Service is not running" a friend of mine told me to run "services" and scroll down, and when I found windows audio, to right click, and start it.. but Windows Audio is not showing up, just Windows Audio Endpoint Builder.. I'm so confused and everything I'm trying is not working, I uninstall-ed and re-installed the audio driver, restarted, still didn't work. I checked to see if it was up-to-date, and it is.. can someone please help me?

A:"The Audio Service Is Not Running"

First, double check as i would think Windows Audio should appear. If not
1) Download Serviwin (very handy tool for viewing and managing Windows Services and Drivers). Run it and click View->Services
2) Click Start->Programs-Accessories-Notepad to open a blank text file
3) In Serviwin display, click Ctrl-A to select all the Windows service display rows, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into the notepad txt file and attach to next post
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Don't know if this is the right place for this question but I didn't see any other forum that might fit this question.

Does anyone have a RELIABLE hi-speed internet svc. that they can recommend for a rural area? My son lives in the San Antonio, Tx. area and is trying to move out to a rural location but is having difficulty in finding a reliable internet svc. He has to have the hi-speed svc. for his job requirements.
I know quite a few people use satellite but from what I hear they're just not that reliable.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.


A:Rural hi-speed internet service

Most good ones simply will not serve rural areas unless they can serve them well and take care of the repairs and maintenance. We like BlueSky for very rural areas...
In southern Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Texas, and New Mexico, there are no truly high speed services.
Just avoid Qwest, and avoid any contracts that require a one-year or two-year minimum. Sometimes you have to switch around to fix what is broken, and the long term contracts are awful. They turn you over to a collection agency if you attempt to protest the inadequate service. Qwest is one of those.
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whenever i start to run the webcam, the internal mic will be turned off to mute by itself. i've tried all kind of setting and configuration but couldn't help. does anyone have any idea? is it the driver program problem or have to deal with system registry?
the computer is Toshiba Satellite A200-AH5
using Vista Home premium SP1

A:Internal microphone mute by itself

Try keeping up with the Vista service pack updates. Vista is up to Service Pack 2 and you are probably missing other critical updates as well
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Hi all.....this is my first post. I bought a cheap ac power supply for my Dell inspiron 6000 when the original died. Yesterday, it failed. Upon inspection, I realized the power supply was shorted out. I replaced it and nothing light no sign of any power to the computer. I think I may have shorted out the computer and was hoping there is some sort of internal fuse that could be switched out. thanks for any help!

A:Wondering if there is an internal fuse in my Dell Inspiron 6000

most likely when the psu died it took the motherboard or cpu or ram or the battery with it. the only way to tell what parts are still good is to test each part is a working computer
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I built TB or reviews? Need internal drive, ones 1 SATA have don't good new 1.5 my desktop about or so years ago don t Need 1 or 1.5 TB internal SATA drive, new ones don't have good reviews? put all that many hours on it used WD drives Recently had to unplug one before it quit altogether and one of the other is getting pretty noisy Started researching for a good dependable drive with new models coming out so frequently what was a good drive last year may not be true any more I had looked at Seagate Barracuda LP rpm drives but have read some user reviews that say they haven t lasted long for some users Haven t read any reviews of the WD LP drives yet Seek time isn t as important as drive dependability - don t want to have to buy drives just to Need 1 or 1.5 TB internal SATA drive, new ones don't have good reviews? ensure I don t lose data I know drives can fail but being you folks probly have a good read on what s considered the most reliable Need 1 or 1.5 TB internal SATA drive, new ones don't have good reviews? new drives in the to TB size I m asking Thanks EDIT Kept reading reviews WD Green or Blue or Black didn t exist yet last time i got into this in depth Read a bunch of reviews decided on the Black because of the warranty amp reviews Wanted a TB but they don t make a Caviar Black in that size But a good price at I ll probly add another one sometime later nbsp

A:Need 1 or 1.5 TB internal SATA drive, new ones don't have good reviews?

We have several hundred Seagate, Western Digital, and Samsung drives out there with nary a problem. Failure rate in the first year is lower than our old numbers on 80 GB and 160GB. It is true that there were a few problems on the early 1.5 1 TB drives, but since the advent of the 3.0 devices with 1 TB up to 1.5 TB, there have been no issues. 2 TB drives are a different issue, however.
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Hi there

I have an Acer Aspire laptop and bought a little bass speaker that will enhance what I currently have on my laptop.

Only problem however is that when plugging this speaker into the headphone jack my internal speakers don't play anymore.

How can I play through both my internal laptop speaker and through this external speaker at the same time.

Your help would be much appreciated!

A:Play sound through internal speakers and headphones simultaneously

For most systems dual sound is impossible. Actually I'm not sure if that is possible at all on any card at all...I've browsed around the internetz, and this is what everyone seems to say on this subject.
My advice would be if you are using your laptop for home use only, just go buy external speakers as well, as long as you have 2 sound ports. If not you can get a splitterand plug both the bass and speakers in that.
Sorry I couldn't be of much more help!
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hey guys whats up
I'm having a bit of trouble finding a service manual for a gateway m320
gateway no help
i need to get a disassembly diagram as i have ti replace the power jack
I've never really taken a laptop apart before and am afraid of ruining a good laptop
ts a mpc but I'm sure that its the same general laptop as another gateway
no Sn# pn# stickers are too faded go figure
if you could help me out i would be grateful

A:Service manual for Gateway M320

You likely do not need a service manual, nor would you benefit from one... if they existed... which they don't. Your Gateway m320 doesn't work any differently than a thousand other laptop computer models...
What you need is the correct part, and a great deal of skill using a cold solder technique, or flat soldering... most techs cannot do it, so somebody who asks for a service manual will not.

Get a GOOD and exprienced electronics technician or anybody very skilled in soldering techniques who also has the tools.
Otherwise, buying a new board will be faster and less costly.
If not in a living location where there are good techs, there are services to which you can mail it and get the repairs performed for $90 including shipping.
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I'm sure many of you have seen posts about the Maxtor 3200 and have heard horror stories. I only have one question.

I took my Maxtor 3200 apart and installed it directly into my tower because of the problem with the power supply. Now for some reason it's asking me if I want to format the drive. I definitely don't want to do that and I was wondering if there was any way to recover the data on the drive?

I know that Seagate has told me directly that they will be glad to get my data for me for a hefty fee, but I don't want to pay that either. Is there any other way of doing this or am I pretty much up the creek on this one?

Thanks in advance for any help.


A:Maxtor 3200 External now Internal still having problems

See Troubleshoot: Windows Won't Recognize Your USB Hard Drive. Skip to the end to try the Data Recovery tools it mentions. You might also try Recuva (just google it)

/* edit */
use the tools even tho the drive is internal. they all still apply
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Hello ? Techspot.
I am looking for "Desktop: Internal harddrive".
But I have several questions regarding upgrade my harddrive:

Story will following....
Someday, I will upgrade my OS(WinXP) into Win7. However, I have to choose between retail and OEM version of Harddrive because my motherboard is "ASUS P5B Deluxe". I am not sure it will support Win7 and if it is not support Win7, I might buy the new motherboard.

Which version should I buy ? Retail or OEM.

I am prefer:
SATA 3.0
7200 RPM 32MB Cache
Price range: $50 -$75
Brand: I am not sure but anything that must the best brand.

My computer spec will following:

Intel Core 2 CPU: 6400, 2.13GHz
Asus P5B Deluxe
2GB Ram
Harddrive: WDC WD800JB-00JJCO
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT


A:Desktop: Internal hard drive questions

Seagate hard drives are my favorite drives, but it is a choice you must make in your area of the World
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I have had my custom built pc for nearly a year now, as of yesterday it has decided to not start up correctly after installing windows vista updates.


intel core 2 duo e8400
asus p5qpro motherboard
ocz reaper 8500mhz i think 2gb each
seagate barracuda 500gb sata drive
windows vista 64 bit

Bassically what happened was i installed the updates for the computer restarted ut and updates where completecontinued playing online and then switched off. I have tried to switch the computer on now but no luck i get this stupid message saying

reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key.

Like i said everything was working fine and has been since building the computer almost a year ago.

Help would be very much appreciated and sorry if the post is in the wrong place.

Thanks Baltan

A:Updated now wont start correctly

A quick update it seems that the computer is not recognising my hard drive anymore.

what is going on please help thanks..
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Hi to everyone again I have made the changes to the computer with some slight alterations I planned to wait with my computer to update it to DDR ram with DDR compatible mobo with the i nm processor I wanted to wait for this rather than update using the DDR with DDR components but I had no other choice advice need updated, Computer I brought my computer in because it kept shutting off by itself as Computer updated, need advice I posted in another thread So I had to go with option which was DDR ram mobo for DDR processor heatsink powersupply and I got windows as well I know this was not what I intended to do but when I brought my computer in and opened it up the motherboard was burnt in some obvious locations around the graphics card I was a bit disgruntled but I made the changes necessary for now so it is still amazing I still plan to go with option with the DDR and the new i nm processor when it comes out but I now have time to wait until the price comes down I would like for anyone to show me what I can do with it for now and when I should look at updating it again Should I wait a year Any way I wanted to thank everyone who helped me with this computer and those people know who they are so THANKS FYI I am at work right now so when I get home I will add in the specs for the new parts if anyone has any further information or advice or any type of opinion about this computer please feel free to post For the people who have not seen the computer before its update you can check this thread out and read up on what has been done and look at the picture to see old to new in regards to its transformation gt http www techspot com vb topic html Best regards Gord Thanks again to everyone you guys rock nbsp
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I m aware that there was a thread about this before but reading it didn t solve my problem After restarting my computer I found that my audio service would not start After investigating the services I found that the Multimedia Class Scheduler service wouldn t start because of quot Error file not found quot After researching I found that a possible solution would be to replace my audiosrv dll After doing that and restarting my computer the Audio Endpoint Builder service did not start and under the description it read quot Failed To Read Description Error Code quot I could not find any information about this specific error so I felt my only option was to go to command prompt and type quot sfc scannow quot for a system scan It said that some files are corrupted but it could not do anything about it The most relevant information I could find was this particular paragraph quot - - Info CSI b SR Repairing components - - Info CSI b SR Beginning Verify and Repair transaction - - Info CSI b Hashes for file member SystemRoot WinSxS x microsoft-windows-audio-audiocore bf ad e none fc e fbfda audiosrv dll do not match actual file l quot audiosrv dll quot Found l b ea wlQHasueSUBaetzWrnGH HTykkp LxEZnD atVA Expected l b E t TAm YCrs T FHZ FZ BVOmU ronAKYvWX nHs - - Info CSI b SR Cannot repair member file l quot audiosrv dll quot of Microsoft-Windows-Audio-AudioCore Version pA PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE INTEL Culture neutral VersionScope nonSxS PublicKeyToken l b bf ad e Type neutral TypeName neutral PublicKey neutral in the store hash mismatch - - Info CSI b Hashes for file member SystemRoot WinSxS x microsoft-windows-sidebar bf ad e none cedcabbd a ad settings ini do not match actual file l Not Running Audio Service quot settings ini quot Found l b ntPb a owMmbzl TXFHogrOTUqnXgzASIdBVmJptaGE Expected l b v OQf AJO FVbRBJuIwXxkdkCoOaSk y ol uTH o - - Info CSI b SR Cannot repair member file l quot settings ini quot of Microsoft-Windows-Sidebar Version pA PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE INTEL Culture neutral VersionScope nonSxS PublicKeyToken l b bf ad e Type neutral TypeName neutral PublicKey neutral in the store hash mismatch - - Info CSI b Hashes for file member SystemRoot WinSxS x microsoft-windows-audio-audiocore bf ad e none fc e fbfda audiosrv dll do not match actual file l quot audiosrv dll quot Found l b ea wlQHasueSUBaetzWrnGH Audio Service Not Running HTykkp LxEZnD atVA Expected l b E t TAm YCrs T FHZ FZ BVOmU ronAKYvWX nHs - - Info CSI b SR Cannot repair member file l quot audiosrv dll quot of Microsoft-Windows-Audio-AudioCore Version pA PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE INTEL Culture neutral VersionScope nonSxS PublicKeyToken l b bf ad e Type neutral TypeName neutral PublicKey neutral in the store hash mismatch - - Info CSI b SR This component was referenced by l quot Package for KB bf ad e x - neutral GDR quot - - Info CSI ba Hashes for file member C Windows System audiosrv dll do not match actual file l quot audiosrv dll quot Found l b ea wlQHasueSUBaetzWrnGH HTykkp LxEZnD atVA Expected l b E t TAm YCrs T FHZ FZ BVOmU ronAKYvWX nHs - - Info CSI bb Hashes for file member SystemRoot WinSxS x microsoft-windows-audio-audiocore bf ad e none fc e fbfda audiosrv dll do not match actual file l quot audiosrv dll quot Found l b ea wlQHasueSUBaetzWrnGH HTykkp LxEZnD atVA Expected l b E t TAm YCrs T FHZ FZ BVOmU ronAKYvWX nHs - - Info CSI bc SR Could not reproject corrupted file ml l quot C Windows System quot l quot audiosrv dll quot source file in store is also corrupted quot Can some wizard out there decipher this message or am I forced to do a reinstall of Vista If so I m screwed because my OS disk is missing nbsp

A:Audio Service Not Running

Get into Control Panel, System, Device Manager and delete the offending sound device. Restart and see if normal sound returns
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Ive got an Acer 7250g and it was working fine until today.When i turn it on i get "User profile service failed the logon" i cant sign in or do anything-help please.

A:User profile service failed the logon

Welcome to Techspot
If you haven't already done so, this may be a grat place to start and get the 'feel' of this forum,
The following link may help solve your login problem,
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Ever since loading Windows Vista service pack 2, the sound isn't working.

This is on board sound, Asus M2N SLI NVIDIA nForce 560 motherboard.

Speakers work (tried on another computer.)

Control Panel --> Sound --> Properties - indicated everything is working properly.

--> Update drivers - indicates I am using the most updated driver.

C-Media website had nothing and I couldn't find anything on the Asus website.

Could use a little help.


A:C-Media 6501 sound not working since Vista service pack 2

Remove or disable your old drivers in the Device Manager, then download and install the new one from the ASUS or sound device site.
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I have just notice that my computer is no longer outputing any sounds whatsoever. It says that the Audio Device is not running but yet under Device Manager it says that the High Definition Audio Device is working properly and up to date.

I would appreciate any help I can get.... Also the USB port dont seem to recognize any external devices - Im not sure why that is.... Any help on this would be great as well.



A:Audio Service is not working on my WinVista PC?

Hello Aaron,
your computer may be infected with a virus or other malware. Go to the 8-Step Virus & Malware page and perform and post the scans asked for
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I have a SATA TB Maxtor drive that is giving me issues When the drive is plugged in it prevents Windows from booting even though there is no OS on this drive I am running Windows RC from a Raptor Drive When I take the drive out my computer boots up with no issues at all Now normally I would assume there is a problem with the drive but I had been using the drive fine up until about days ago when this started happening but the drive still spins when I turn my computer on and in the boot menu my computer still recognizes the drive and can read the drive s size My computer just stops at quot Verifying DMI Pool quot Sometimes it makes it past Windows booting SATA from Internal Prevents Drive that and will make it to the Windows screen then it will go to black and say quot Checking Disk quot and it will start to scan but eventually the progress will stop and it will just sit there Any ideas UPDATE I put the drive in a SATA enclosure When plugged in my computer recognizes there is a new USB device plugged in but the Hard Drive still does not show up in My Computer or in Disk Management Drive still spinning though Re-formatting or accepting the drive is lost is my last option I have a lot of important data on this drive If I have to I would find a way for someone to fix it nbsp

A:Internal SATA Drive Prevents Windows from booting

I do hate to be the bearer of bad news but it does sound like the drive is dying,

you can try the old trick of freezing the drive connecting it quickly and seeing if you can get it to be read enough to get the data off it.

im sure other TS members have their own ways of recovering dying drives, but that one works for me.

Also try and download the makers test tool for it and use that to test it with, if its under warranty you may be able to get it replaced, however the data is gone.
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After updateing the drivers on my GeForce 7600, my computer crashed and restarted. Now all i get is a black screen. I removed the card and tried using the onboard graphics, still nothing. I also put a much older trident card in and still got nothing. My moniter works with other computers, the graphics card works in a old win 98 computer i have lying around. I have no idea how to get a picture so i can try and fix the drivers...Any one have any idea?

my setup:
mainboard: MSI 915G combo
Memory: 2x 1 Gig kingson DDR2
power: AGI 500w
HD: (1x 120G) and (1x 80G)
graphics: MSI geForce 7600 (nx7600gs-T2d256EH)
And I have 3 case fans so I'm farly sure The card was nice and cool, case temp stays between 65 and 75 degrees F depending how warm it is in the house

A:Black screen after rebooting with updated drivers

Try resetting the motherboards CMOS by removing the silver button battery for a few minutes with the computer unplugged
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Hello everyone!

I have a Dell Studio XPS 1640 laptop and have just run into some major problems. When I boot up it will get as far as the opening loading screen (where it displays the XPS within the circle) and it will freeze up. I then ran the diagnostic and it showed that my system has no hard drive. (meanwhile the hard drive is making some pretty crazy sounds). When I tell the system to boot from the CD it makes it to the loading screen with the side-scrolling green bar at the bottom and it gets stuck in the loading cycle I.e. It keeps going going and going. What might this be caused by and is it a simple fix?

Thanks foe all your time! Any answers/help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Dell Studio XPS 1640 will not recognize internal hard drive

youve pretty much answered the question yourself, the HDD is buggered
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Let me preface by saying sorry if this is a stupid question and or I do not provide enough information I have a Dell Precision desktop that was running XP Pro until I switched it over to Windows to test it out I in Internal Up 2nd Showing Windows Not HDD have two WD GB SATA drives inside of it When I start the computer and go into the setup to look at 2nd Internal HDD Not Showing Up in Windows what drives are enabled it recognizes the 2nd Internal HDD Not Showing Up in Windows two different drives Once I boot into windows it does not recognize the second drive I have tried switching the 2nd Internal HDD Not Showing Up in Windows second drive to different ports to no avail I used a new OS Install disc to see if it would show the drive in case it needed to be formatted and it still did not show the second drive I can hear the drive spinning just fine I have a Sabrent Cable Converter that I can plug into the USB Port to see if it shows up that way using Active Recovery Partition software if anyone thinks that might help Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciative The people at Dell told me to send the whole thing in Let me know if you need anymore information Thanks nbsp

A:2nd Internal HDD Not Showing Up in Windows

do you have the jumper settings correct? I would hope that this is not your only computer as windows 7 is a beta version. this could be your problem. does the secondary drive show up in bios?
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Hello, i need help to get these drivers installed!

1) Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)
This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

2) Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

i have Realtek HD Audio with driver

Cant find a way how to get them installed, reinstalling Realtek drivers gave nothing

Thanks for helping!!

A:Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)

1) If you are running XP you should apply all updates and make certain you running xp sp3
2) To find your Driver files
Click for the driver page listed by System Vendor Find your System Vendor, click for their driver support site. Enter your model number, then download your drivers as needed
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I can't access my desktop because less than three seconds into the boot it starts shutting down. After the boot I get an command prompt message that leaves too quickly to read. Then My computer shuts down but it leaves me a timer of five seconds. Am I completely screwed? Any help would be.... well helpful.


A:Dell Inspiron 2200 keeps crashing due to an internal error

I've also found that Task Manger stops the crash. This is really confusing me.
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I m using a laptop Runs on windows internal 2nd not Vista functioning partition of HDD vista The internal HDD is split into partitions- it was this way when I purchased the laptop The partitions are as follows- C OS and D Data The first partition contains the operation system and had initial programs upon PC purchase as well as drivers and such This partition is very small with only enough room for such as described above The nd partition is the larger remaining portion of the HDD- where the Vista 2nd partition of internal HDD not functioning user would install additional programs and store data files Both partitions are equally accessible by the user Last night I was running partition doctor on an external TB HDD This is not the issue at discussion but may have been part of the cause The external HDD uses an external power source- requiring an outlet to run Given my current location I am unable to have both the external HDD and the laptop plugged up- during part of the partition doctor operation the laptop battery was running low so I stopped the operation and shut down the laptop for the night However when I booted up the laptop the next morning I was prompted with a quot system resume quot option This has not not been the first time I had to start up my computer with a system resume due to a battery drain or unexpected computer shut down When the system booted back up the vista prompt was up- quot The following programs are still running- Shut down Cancel quot indicating that the laptop didn t shut down the previous night but instead the battery had died causing the laptop to power off incorrectly I proceeded with powering up the computer- I clicked cancel Immediately I noticed some things out of place Some programs that were scheduled to start upon system start up failed to do so Also my taskbar and windows were in the classic windows view MSN messenger proceeded to reinstall on it s own As well a new device was found window popped up and a disk drive was ready for use As I was thinking a moment gathering what was going on the computer came up with a blue screen and rebooted I went to my computer only to find out that the Data partition was missing I then went into disk manager to see if it was recognized there- and it was but as unallocated I also went into device manager it appears there too However there is a SCSI RAID host controller failure My next step I took was to reboot the computer This didn t help I then used a system restore point This didn t work either I have options I can live for- fix the issue that is causing the partition to fail to show up or recover all the data from the partition store the data on an external HDD and then format the currently failing partition then place the data back onto the partition Any help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Vista 2nd partition of internal HDD not functioning

hi there

maybe im not reading you correctly but you might have screwed your data partition although i thought that 2nd partitions on systems from OEM's where for data recovery / restoration. maybe not.

if you have a backup of the data partition then i would recreate the partition as it was. put the backed up data onto it and then use something like Acronis True Image (FREE version available for Seagate / Maxtor drives) to image the whole drive (both partitions) onto your external drive.

that way, if a system or partition failure occurs in future, you can restore both partitions quickly

hope that helps
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I have this rig:

I haven't found any bios update to it, but i always wonder why i have 139GB, but i have a Hitachi (160 GB). Same as my external hd, 500GB but only shows 465GB.
Not that 139 and 465 aren't enough, because its perfect haha, i was just curious.
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I have removed a Seagate IDE HD from a Maxtor One Touch external enclosure and installed it in my computer as the primary slave HD. The computer recognizes the drive and it shows up as "Healthy" in Disk Management. However, when I try to access it in Explorer, it says,"F:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." Also, in properties it says the file system is RAW. Any suggestions?

A:Convert Maxtor One Touch ExHD to Internal

Have you formated the HDD? The file system should probably be NTFS, not RAW. Did you use it normally before installing it in your computer, or is it a new drive? If it's new, you need to format it, if you used it before taking it out of it's external enclosure, something else could be wrong.
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My internal HD is total 10GB, last night it was 1.80GB, which is correct , but when i turn on my computer today, it reads this:

I check the temp folder, no large files there. I did a clean up, nothing. I notice it does this sometimes, but haven't done it in a long time, sometimes my internal hd will just disappear and come back a few hours or when it wants too.

I also notice in safe mode it says i have 2.30GB left, but when i get out of safe mode it says 1.80GB, but right now, it reads 900MB ????????????

Should i do a check my hd for errors?

A:Internal HD space disappeared

Do the below cleanups

Run CCleaner (get SLIM at bottom no Yahoo toolbar)
Run twice or more on Cleanup temps, then on left click Registry then Scan for issues also repeat till clean. You may have this from the 8 Steps.

Run ATF-Cleaner Temp and Registry, repeatedly until no more found.

Fantastic cleaner. (When installing uncheck Relevant Knowledge do not install)

Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk- System Restore and create a new Restore point. Name it "Cleanup at TechSpot". Or something meaningful to you.

Then Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Cleanup
Click OK to accept C:
Select all Boxes
Then click More Options
Here click System Restore and OK to "Are you sure" and the OK to Run.

As this runs it clears all but the most recent Restore Point but it does one other thing that can contain infested files and a huge amount of disk space.

It clears what is known as Shadow copies which are used by specialized back up programs.

This is if you have the Volume Shadow Copy running which is the default.

If you have not already done so go into System properties-Performance settings-Advanced-Virtual memory (the Page/Swapfile) and note your current setting. Then set c: to no pagefile and click OK. Then add it to d: and save.

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Hi again,
I've got a Seagate external 500GB HDD and it has a load of stuff on it that won't fit on my internal one. Now, my friend has me wandering....if you take it apart and take a looksie inside, it should be and MAYBE it wil be an internal SATA. If this is true- I might just have to try this out. If someone could correct me or confirm my thoughts, please reply.

A:Are external HDDs Internal secretly?

Yeah external hard drives are exactly the same as internal hard drives but with an enclosure surounding them for protection and connectivity.

You could take it apart and put it inside your PC if you wanted, but depending on how old the External drive is you might find that it is an IDE drive and not SATA.

You can make your own external hard drive if you wan't by buying a regular hard drive and an enclosure and installing the drive in said enclosure. Any decent online computer store should sell hard drives and enclosures.

Anyone else feel free add more information or correct me if I am wrong.
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Hi Guys,

My sister runs a HP laptop with a built in broadcom wireless adapter. Shes having problems with the wireless disconnecting. Its definately not the router, its her her adapter. It disappears from the computer, cant be found on device manager etc.

Any ideas what the problem might be?

A:Problem with internal wireless adapter

Reinstall the wireless driver, and check the computer for Viruses or other malware
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Hello Windows Sound not Audio issue "could service" start the everybody I have a Sound issue "could not start the Windows Audio service" difficult but interesting problem A few days Sound issue "could not start the Windows Audio service" ago after a system crash I lost all sound the volume control was gone and error saying no mixer is preset would appear every time I tryed to play a sound Onboard sound is turned on in BIOS in device manager it displayed as woking properly I reinstaled the drivers and uninstalled the onboard sound from hardware manager and manualy reinstalled it none of it did anything In control panel gt Sounds and Audio devices is sais quot no audio device quot but in Winamp or Ventrilo I went into the options and is output device it was set to some defalt generic item I changed it back to my onboard sound and now winamp play mp s just fine as well as ventrillo So this is not a driver or hardware problem this is a windows problem I have researched it quite a bit and found a few poeple with exactly the same problem It apears that Windows Audio service is dissplayed as quot stopped quot even tho it s set to Automatic Alot of people were able to solve their problem by simply clicking the start service button and it all worked fine onse again How ever few I m one of these guys the service would not start instead we get this error quot could not start the Windows Audio service on local computer Error The specified module could not be found quot now ever forum post I saw actuly get this close to solving the problem either just died or gave up I have a back up windows XP on my comp which does nto have this problem and I have a windows XP CD so if any particula files needs to be expaned from the CD into my windows to get this fix I can do that or even just copy them from my other windows all I need to figure out what are the files I need lol lets see if anyone is up to the task and can finaly crack this problem nbsp

A:Sound issue "could not start the Windows Audio service"

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Try doing a Windows repair, as per this thread HERE. Hopefully it will solve your problem.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I ve made this guide and been updating it quite often What do you think I need to know if there s any card missing and just some feedback on the ranking DirectX Performance GPU - DX Generation - Core Mem - Price Geforce GTX SLI - - GPU Updated 14/11/05 Ranking dx c Geforce GTX SLI - dx c - Geforce GTX - dx c Radeon X XT MB - dx c - - Radeon X XT MB - dx c - - Geforce GT SLI - dx c - Geforce GTX - dx c - Radeon X XL MB - dx c - - GPU Ranking - Updated 14/11/05 Geforce GT - dx c - Geforce GT Dual - dx c Geforce GT SLI - dx c Radeon X XT PE - dx b - Radeon GPU Ranking - Updated 14/11/05 X XT - dx b - Geforce Ultra Extreme -dx c - Radeon X XT PE mb - dx b - Geforce Ultra mb - dx c - Radeon X XT mb - dx b - - Radeon X XL - dx b - Geforce GT - dx c - - Radeon X XT MB - dx c - - Radeon X XT MB - dx c - - Radeon X GTO - dx b Radeon X Pro - dx b - Radeon X Pro - dx b - - Radeon X XL - dx b - Radeon X - dx b - Radeon X GT - dx b - Radeon X XT - dx b - Geforce - dx c - Radeon X SE - dx b - GeForce GT - dx c - GPU Ranking - Updated 14/11/05 Radeon XT mb - dx b - - Radeon Pro mb - dx b - - Radeon Pro - dx b - - Radeon X Pro - - X Pro MB - dx c - X Pro MB - dx c - GeForce FX Ultra mb - dx b - - Radeon Non-Pro mb - dx b - - Radeon Non-Pro mb - dx b - - Radeon Pro - dx b - - Radeon X - dx b - GeForce FX Ultra mb - dx b - - GeForce FX Ultra mb - dx b - - Radeon Non-Pro - dx b - - Radeon X XT - dx b GeForce FX Non-Ultra - dx b - - Radeon X Pro - dx b GeForce FX Ultra - dx b - - GeForce FX XT - dx b - - Radeon XT - dx b - - Radeon Pro - dx b - - Radeon se bit - dx b - GeForce - dx c GeForce FX SE - dx b - Geforce Ti - dx - - GeForce TI - dx - - GeForce FX Non-Ultra - dx b - - GeForce FX Ultra - dx b - - Radeon Pro mb - dx b - - Radeon Pro mb - dx b - - X Pro MB - dx c - - X MB - dx c - Radeon se bit - dx b - - Geforce Ti se - dx - - X MB - dx c - GeForce TI - dx - XGI Volari V Ultra - dx - GeForce FX Ultra V - dx - - GeForce FX Non-Ultra - dx - - X Hyper Memory MB - dx c - GeForce TI AGP x - dx - Geforce Ti - dx - - Radeon Non-Pro mb - dx b - - Radeon Non-Pro mb - dx b - - GeForce FX Non-Ultra - dx b - - - - Radeon Non-Pro - dx b - - Radeon X Pro - dx GeForce FX XT - dx b - - Radeon X SE Radeon - dx - Radeon XT - dx - Radeon - dx - - GeForce TI - dx - Radeon Pro - dx - Radeon - dx - - Radeon LE - dx - Radeon LELE - dx - - Geforce -dx c Matrox Parlehia - dx GeForce Classic - dx - - Geforce FX - dx b - - GeForce TI - dx - - Radeon pro - dx - - Voodoo mb - dx - Radeon - dx - - Radeon - dx - - GeForce FX Ultra - dx b - - GeForce MX - dx - Radeon SE -bit - dx b - - GeForce Ultra - dx - - Radeon - dx - - GeForce FX Non-Ultra -bit - dx b - - GeForce MX mb - dx - GeForce MX mb - dx - GeForce FX Non-Ultra -bit mb - dx b - - Radeon SE -bit mb - dx - - - GeForce TI mb - dx - - Radeon mb - dx - - GeForce GTS mb - dx - - GeForce MX -bit - dx - - Kyro dx - - Voodoo mb - dx - GeForce DDR - dx - Kyro - dx - GeForce MX -bit - mb - dx - - GeForce MX mb - dx - - Voodoo - mb - dx - GeForce - dx - TNT Ultra - dx - - Voodoo - mb - dx - SIS - dx - Voodoo - mb - dx - GeForce MX mb - dx - - TNT - dx - Voodoo - mb - dx - Voodoo - mb - dx - Voodoo Banshee mb - dx - TNT - dx - Riva ZX - dx - nbsp

A:GPU Ranking - Updated 14/11/05

I like the guide, its very good for like, reference to see the stats between cards easily.

Oh, one side question on one of the cards on your list, or rather two. I keep seeing reviews online for the 6800GS that show it "blowing away" the X1600XT. But heres the thing, your guide says its mem speed is like 1380 (and also the stats on anandtech in their real-time pricing), but on the reviews comparing it with the 6800GS it says 690. Is there something I'm missing here? Im confused haha.