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Realtek HD Audio Manager + 2.1 speakers - not working right

Q: Realtek HD Audio Manager + 2.1 speakers - not working right

I just got a brand new Klipsch Promedia 2.1 system for my laptop.

These speakers have amazing ratings, and my friends who have had them before said the ones they had sounded amazing for them, and yet they, like me, notice the following problem in mine.

The bass is great, but for some reason my system seems too bassy. Like I know I can turn down the subwoofer, but it's as if all the low/bassy sounds are always drowning out the higher/vocals, which always seem to be a bit dulled down.

I have a Lenovo Y560p laptop with Realtek HD Audio. I was thinking perhaps I have this sound problem because it doesn't let me select 2.1 for my settings, and it's stuck on "stereo". I've tried downloading and installing drivers from Realtek's website.

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Preferred Solution: Realtek HD Audio Manager + 2.1 speakers - not working right

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Realtek HD Audio Manager + 2.1 speakers - not working right

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I had my computer for a few months now, and not long ago, i recently found out people can hear through my speakers, it is at random also,i can be using the mic, and all of a sudden people would hear what i'm hearing, as in if i was listening to music, people would hear the music and not my mic, i play steam games alot, and sometimes when i test my mic, my mic would be muted, but it would echo the last sound that my speakers heard, its hard to explain, but its just that people can hear what i can at random, and its starting to bug me, i know i'm not in detail, because its hard to explain this, but if anyone has a vague idea of what i'm saying, please help

A:Realtek HD audio manager - hearing through speakers

Yes, if you mean if what you're hearing through the headphone is transmitted via the mic.

In Vista, go to control panel > sounds > recording tab. right click > show disabled devices. Now, right click on mic and enable. Then, right click on Stereo mix and disable. That should do it.
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Hey For quite a while now i've been using a pair of USB Speakers I had it set so my games came out my Manager Rear Speakers'' Realtek Audio HD HELP ''Mute speakers and my Team speak Voice chat came through my headset I recently decided to swap back to my Creative speakers but now i have an issue When i plug my speakers and headphones in the Realtek HD Audio Manager is only detecting one device Muting my speakers when my headphones are plugged in I've managed to get them both working at the same time but due to the fact it's only detecting one of them i can't organize change which programs use which I remember at one point in the past when using these that i selected ''Mute rear speakers when front pannel is in use'' but now i can't seem to find this Realtek HD Audio Manager ''Mute Rear Speakers'' HELP option I've looked at a few forums that say ''Go into Device advanced settings'' and even seen a screen shot of someone pointing out that it's at the top right on the Realtek HD Audio Manager but on mine that option is not there and nor can i find it Any and all help would be lovely Thanks lt Attached is a screen shot of what my Realtek HD Audio Manager looks like with BOTH Headphones and Speakers connected

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager ''Mute Rear Speakers'' HELP

My RealTek HD manager has a "Device Advanced Settings" option which allows how the headphone/speakers act. Yours does not appear to have this option. Some Vendors include this and others do not, and using the generic RealTek sound drivers instead of the PC Vendor (or motherboard on a custom built system) drivers does not always work or work correctly.

Using USB audio devices is a separate function and the reason it worked with the USB device.

My RealTek Manager:
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Hi all I recently Realtek Manager Audio HD speakers does not auto-detect updated my AMD drivers as Civ Beyond Earth asked me to Since then the Audio Manager has not been Realtek Audio HD Manager does not auto-detect speakers able to detect the speakers automatically I regularly plug in and unplug my headset and previously the system would detect it being removed and automatically switch the sound to come out of my monitor a small TV For some reason it now switches to Optical out which I have nothing connected to Plugging the headset in resets it to Speakers and I can hear sound from the headset I can't re-enable Speakers as my playback device as it's listed as 'Not connected' even though it is The only solution I've found is to completely restart which I shouldn't have to do every single time I unplug my headset I'm going to try disabling all the audio devices on control panel and then restarting to see if it detects the correct ones again I'll edit here if it works

A:Realtek Audio HD Manager does not auto-detect speakers

Apparently a problem with the AMD drivers. I assume you are connecting via HDMI to the TV.
Roll back the AMD drivers to the previous version and see if that fixes it.

When you are using HDMI, the PC sound, e.g. RealTek is not being used. The sound is generate in the Video Card.

When an HDMI cable is plugged in the Video Card detects that and sets a flag for Windows that HDMI is connected and Windows will automatically make the HDMI the Default Playback device.
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built a new comp klipsch cant work on with hd manager asus realtek get to fully audio speakers 5.1 with the asus p w dh deluxe with its channel or whatever audio capabilities installed the RealTek HD Audio manager but i cant get my cant get klipsch 5.1 speakers to fully work on asus with realtek hd audio manager subwoofer to do anything everything comes down to the front speakers in terms of bass ive tried a number of switches but now im thinking maybe they just wont do the last batch of klipsch i had were thx certified older models of the ones i have now so i figure these are as well but the retarded realtek only does dolby im sure that has nothing to do with it but it wont list on its options as a note i get sound out of my center speaker but again nothign out the subwoofer i have a soundcard a soundblaster from way back in that supports but i figured this would do a better job setup is core duo geil gig asus p w dh deluxe HIS x gto trying to get to xl sata ata and a dying gig trying to get as much stuff out of it as possible before i throw it away dvd burner nbsp

A:cant get klipsch 5.1 speakers to fully work on asus with realtek hd audio manager

I could be way off, but the Realtek audio software usually gangs the sub into the speakers. So, 5.1 = 6 speaker config. 7.1 = 8 speaker config.

Not sure how you have things wired back/panel and in the software, but perhaps trying the 6 speaker setting may fix things.. unless it's for Dolby surround only (which expects your speakers to do the crossover/encoding).
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Hello Everyone ,

I recently searching in forums to get solved my problem , but no one fix that issue . I Read many threads so i need the fix because i'm sick to see another posts from fools that they don't know anything about software's or hardware's.

So My Problem Is :

Yesterday i format my pc again , before i format my pc my audio was working fine . after the format i found an issue that my rear speakers don't work . I Check Other Speakers To See If My Speakers Broked but nothing . i connected my speakers to other pc and they working fine . I installed the drivers and everything .


A:Realtek HD Audio Non Working Rear Speakers

Have you checked the levels? Sometimes they get reduced to zero.
Use the slider on the side to scroll.
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I just bought a MSI Z77-G43 motherboard and I did a clean installation of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and when it started up the audio was already working which is normal. Then I installed the basic drivers (chipset,lan,audio).(Ok just so you know the situation)

Now the volume changes on the new Realtek software are working, but the EQ presets, Graphic EQ, Environment settings, Voice Cancellation and Karaoke settings are not working. So basically the whole "Sound Effects" tab is not doing anything to the sound when being adjusted.

What could the problem be here ?

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager Equalizer not working

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums.

Have you the correct version of Realtek HDA ? this is how mine looks.
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Hey, I'm a new member here with a problem!

I have a pair of Skullcandy Crushers with an arguably great built-in mic that turn on with a press of a button. However I built a new computer a few days ago and installed the latest version of the ASUS Realtek HD Audio manager, and while the audio on the headphones work, the mic refuses to work and isn't even recognized on programs like Skype and Hangouts.

I have tried the front two ports and tinkered with the settings and nothing has worked as of now, please help ASAP!


A:Skullcandy Crusher mic not working with ASUS Realtek HD Audio Manager

Yeah thats because Skullcandys aren't really built for computers, just iPhone & Android. I had the same issue with my Skullcandy headphones and decided to buy a legit for PC headset. Sorry you spent your money on them!
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So, the title says it all. The speakers of my Acer Predator 15 (Predator G9-591) are not working and taking a look at the HD Audio Manager says that the headphones jack is plugged in, even though there is nothing plugged in. I already used high pressure air cleaner, but that didn't work. I still think there is something wrong with the port.

I re-installed my drivers (based on the drivers from the Acer site), so I have no idea what else to do.

I'm running Windows 10.
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It's been a year since I migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 which I downloaded Realtek HD Audio Manager R2.70 and audio has been working fine except the only issue it didn't come with 'Stereo Mix' preventing capability to record sound direct from the soundcard. It took me 14 months to restore Stereo Mix as each time I was told to update audio drivers I would update HD Audio Manager so what is the difference between these two Realtek ?

I installed Realtek HD Audio Driver R2.72 last night and it restored Stereo Mix which now enables me to record system sound whilst using screen recorders.


A:Difference between Realtek HD Audio Manager & Realtek HD Audio Driver

Quote: Originally Posted by Swiftkidd

It's been a year since I migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 which I downloaded Realtek HD Audio Manager R2.70 and audio has been working fine except the only issue it didn't come with 'Stereo Mix' preventing capability to record sound direct from the soundcard. It took me 14 months to restore Stereo Mix as each time I was told to update audio drivers I would update HD Audio Manager so what is the difference between these two Realtek ?

I installed Realtek HD Audio Driver R2.72 last night and it restored Stereo Mix which now enables me to record system sound whilst using screen recorders.


Realtek HD Audio Manager is a software driver used on Windows computers. It handles recording and playback of audio programs. It is required for many audio programs to operate.

While Realtek HD Audio Drivers is a tool that allows you to listen to audio in HD on your PC.

Stereo Mix is used to transfer audio that the PC is playing to recording software such as Audacity, so that you can record what you?re hearing.

When one upgrade their OS like in your case from XP to Win7 with the same motherboard and sound card it is always advised & recommended to download the latest soundcard driver, because the only thing that had changed was the operating system.

The advice is not to go to windows for it, but to go to the motherboard manufacturer, because it would be specialised for the system rather than a generic driver, which might not be as good, or even cause problems.
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Hello this is my first post here on this forum About a week or two I Downgraded my Computer Dell l x from Windows to Windows Ultimate Bits installed the drivers from the Dell Page and everything worked good except for the Realtek HD Audio Driver Version Recommended for my PC on Dell Website This is the problem When I Start my computer a message shows up with the stopped Audio Startup Manager HD at working" has "Realtek Windows following error quot Realtek HD Audio Manager has stopped working quot and then I Have to close the message and open Realtek HD Audio Manager again from the Control Panel I Have already tried re-installing Windows and the error keeps appearing After I Install that driver I Was wondering if maybe that version of the driver is faulty or something It would be weird since it's the one Dell recommends for this computer on the page I Have visited many forums including this one looking for a fix to this issue but I have not found a solution yet So I was wondering if someone had this issue before and has a solution to this annoying problem any Help would be appreciated Thanks Here's a picture of the issue im having when I start Windows It's in Spanish but I think you will "Realtek HD Audio Manager has stopped working" at Windows Startup understand it

A:"Realtek HD Audio Manager has stopped working" at Windows Startup

Try the R275 version on the RealTek site. Its the latest version and will work on your PC. When you run the Realtek installation the first thing it will do is uninstall the current version you have installed and then restart the PC. After the restart it will continue and install the R275 version. This is the version I have on all my PC's for both Win 7 64 bit and Win 8 64 bit.

Download the High Definition Audio Codec R.275 64 bit OS version.

BTW, here is the info on posting screen shots on this forum. You con't have to upload them to a host.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
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Help. I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 64bit (on my HP Vista 32 machine). Life is grand! My problems started when I tried to listen to the microphone input through my speakers. The front microphone inputs did not work so I downlaed the Realtek HD Audio Drivers (recently updated) from the realtek site. The inputs now work and I can record from the microphone through the Sound Recorder app in Accessories but can not hear the microphone through the speakers while I am recording. After searching the web I noticed a lot of chatter about setting things up in the Realtek HD Audio Manager. This app does not show up in my control panel. Does anyone know where I can get it (if I really need it). The Realtek site only has the driver download (not the manager). Am I missing something, am I confused, or both?

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager and Realtek Audio Driver

Quote: Originally Posted by NTexan

Help. I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 64bit (on my HP Vista 32 machine). Life is grand! My problems started when I tried to listen to the microphone input through my speakers. The front microphone inputs did not work so I downlaed the Realtek HD Audio Drivers (recently updated) from the realtek site. The inputs now work and I can record from the microphone through the Sound Recorder app in Accessories but can not hear the microphone through the speakers while I am recording. After searching the web I noticed a lot of chatter about setting things up in the Realtek HD Audio Manager. This app does not show up in my control panel. Does anyone know where I can get it (if I really need it). The Realtek site only has the driver download (not the manager). Am I missing something, am I confused, or both?

Welcome to SF!
Realtek HD Control Panel is in the Windows notification area. See image below. I hope I helped!

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Hi all,

I'd be grateful for any advice to my problem....

Last month I bought a new PC, a Dell XPS 8500 with an Intel Core i7-3770 processor. The PC has onboard audio (Realtek High Definition Audio).

I didn't buy new speakers as I have a perfectly usable set of Creative 6.1 speakers.

My problem is that although my computer plays Windows event sounds through all the speakers, applications such as iTunes only emit sound through the front pair.

I have googled the problem and as a result have configured the Realtek to use 7.1 audio but without the side pair.

Also, I have disabled the Realtek driver and have reloaded by asking Windows to select the best available.

But still the problem persists.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


A:No audio except front speakers (Dell, Realtek Audio)

First, for proper operation you must use the Dell supplied sound driver. Non-Dell will either not work or install or will not work properly, and that includes the basic function Windows installed HD Audio Codec.

6.1 is an oddball speaker configuration for current technology systems, its either 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1.

I used to do a lot of support on the Dell users forum (community) and recall that certain applications will only play audio through "stereo" speakers only. My experience on the Dell forum (I had over 37,000 posts and am still registered) also is the reason I note the Dell supplied sound driver.

You could also post on the Dell community Desktop hardware section and one of the user experts there may have more suggestions.

Desktop - Dell Community
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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and I have a problem with sound. When I plug my speakers in front panel I have output audio, but in back panel I don't.

My Audio Manager looks like this, but front panel is enabled and back panel is disabled. It does not recognize back (ANALOG) jack.

I tried with settings in this manager but without success, I cheked Control Panel > Sound and followed instructions but still no sound if speakers is in back panel. What to do?

Sorry for bad english

A:No sound in back audio panel jack - Realtek HD Audio Manager

What is set as the Default Playback Device? If "Digital" or "HDMI" is set as default you will not get any sound from rear audio connections. "Speaker" must be set as Default Playback Device/
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Recently, I started getting problems with my audio on my alienware X51 R2 (I'm on windows 10). After a long time of searching for solutions all over the internet like on forums, I've come to the point where the only possible solution to my problem is using the realtek hd audio manager. The problem is: I can't access it on my alienware device since it is completely replaced by your poor version of it "Alienware Audio" wich does not have any of the options I need. How could I restore the original version of this software or at least disable the alienware audio version?
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Hi folks. I'm at my wits end on a problem here. The sound on my computer is not working because the Realtek driver (or the motherboard, not sure which) is not recognizing my speakers that are plugged in. I get this:

I have tried to re-install any and all drivers that may be affected with no success. Tried restarting, messing with the BIOS, to no avail. What should I do now? This is seriously holding up my work (I'm a music composer).

A:Realtek HD Audio not recognizing speakers.

I see the HDMI output is set as Default playback device. Do you have an HDMI cable connected? If you do, disconnect that and then see if you can get your speakers back working.
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Hi there,
I have a small problem, with my dvd speakers. It's all connected with my computer but it seems that all speakers won't work! Just two speakers are playing (with the woofer, three), but the rest 2 won't work! It's freaking me out!

My sound card is Realtek High Definition Audio, the driver is rtkhdaud.sys, working with Windows XP. What shold i do? It's spmething to do with Sound and audio devices (in control panel) or something with Realtek Manger!



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Have reinstalled Vista and Realtek HD Adio drivers. From the realtek panel I can test the speakers and get sound from my 5 speakers. I can't however get any sound from any software WMP, youtube etc.

A:No sound from speakers - Realtek Audio

I can also hear audio if I plug in headphones. My computer (MD 8833) manufacturer Medion can offer no help.
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Pardon me if this question has been asked before, but I'm asking this on behalf of my friend. She has recently acquired a Desktop with Windows 7 Ultimate installed. The problem is, even though the speaker's 3.5mm jack is plugged in the rear panel, the Playback devices show that no speaker is plugged in. The front panel doesn't help either. She updated the Realtek driver, but that didn't help.

Here are screenshots illustrating the problem. Sorry for the bad picture quality, but as her PC doesn't have a net connection, she had to take pictures of the desktop instead of PrntScr.

A:Realtek Audio shows Speakers not plugged in

With the digital set as default, the speakers would never work, even if a speaker was attached.
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This is driving me mad now also as soon as I google it there seems to be hundreds of similar problems..

New custom PC and cant get any sound from the rear speaker jack of front headphone jack. Sound is playing as the volume leve indicator is moving up and down and is green yet no sound outputted.

Tested speakers and headphones on another machine.
Re installed the hd audio driver.
Disabled and enabled driver.
Disabled the nvida hdmi sounds drivers.
Made sure the realtek driver is default.
Checked bios has onboard sound turned on.

Now i dont seem to be getting anywhere very annoying. Please help

Many thanks,


A:Realtek HD Audio - No Sound through speakers \ headphones

I just went through this with another user and a Gigabyte motherboard. Never really resolved it as the user didn't want to do a complete reinstall. Everything else had been done and the user still had the problem.

However, lets try on yours.

First thing, go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the RealTek sound and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound.

If that does not fix it, uninstall the RealTek in the device manager but ALSO Uninstall the drivers. Then restart and when Windows starts, it will install the sound but it should be with the generic Windows "High Definition Audio Driver". See if the sound works with this configuration. If it does, it sounds like the RealTek driver you have may be corrupt. Download the R2.75 High Definition Codecs driver direct from RealTek and see how that works.
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 All of a sudden my sound from the internal speakers stopped working on my Acer Aspire S5.  In device manager I see this message: Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.     Has anyone encountered this?  how was is resolved?

Go to Solution.

A:my realtek audio speakers are not emitting sound

  I reinstalled the driver and it is working.  thanks!

View solution in original post
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I have an Asus M A TD pro usb that has Realtek audio onboard I have just finished my build and have never been able to get any sound from any of my IO ports None of the ports recognize anything that I plug in i only have sets of speakers one uses a single light green jack and the other uses the light green jack and a black jack I DO get sound from some old usb headphones The integrated Realtek audio does not detect any analog connection tried with mic speakers headphones in any of the jacks I removed the not audio speakers detecting headphones. realtek or current drivers through uninstalling from device manager rebooted then installed the latest drivers from Asus then Realtek directly Additionally I disconnected the front audio jacks realtek audio not detecting speakers or headphones. from the motherboard in case that was causing a problem Windows detects the audio device and there is no problems in device manager I've gone through every available option in realtek audio not detecting speakers or headphones. the Realtek sound control options but I'm at a loss I have a USB headset that works without a problem but I can't get these analog speakers to work Any advice The quot set default device quot is grayed out as an option for the speakers as well as saying they are quot not plugged in quot I went through all the above several times with different drivers uninstalled my graphics card completely removed it from the motherboard during one setting RMA'ed my motherboard spoke to Asus support who state it is a driver software issue to no avail over about a week period How can I get on with overclocking this system when I cant even get the sound ports to work Please help

A:realtek audio not detecting speakers or headphones.

Unplug all your inputs.
Plug in one device at a time.
If the Realtek software is functioning properly you should see a pop up after plugging in the green main speaker plug.

After confirming by pressing OK, you should get the following.

You should then plug in the black input and go through the confirmation process, again.
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When I plug in my headphones to the back of my computer where my onboard soundcard is located, it seems that realtek detects my headphones as speakers, and as a consequence, the volume is way too low.

When connected to the front of my computer however, realtek detects my headphones as headphones, and the sound is much louder, however for practical reasons I prefer to have my headphones plugged into the back of computer, but the low volume is a bit of a problem.

A:Realtek HD audio recognizes my headphones as speakers

The rear GREEN speaker jack is for amplified computer speakers. When something is plugged in to that jack, the PC will assume its speakers, since that is what the jack is designated.
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I own dell xps 13 with win 10 and latest audio driver(25jul Realtek High Definition Audio ALC3266 Driver) fixed my problem with autoswitch to headphones but it steel do not see seperate device in Sound(where i can pick default device) so it is not possible for me to turn on MaxxSpace in Dell Audio even though in Advanced/Jack information is headphones
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Hey! I am desperate for help, my sound stopped working suddenly - I don't even get the windows start-up sound anymore. I have tried upating drivers and that did not work, i think i see my problem: I have attached a capture of my sound screen from the control panel. It says my speakers are not plugged in but i use an HDMI cable to my monitor which is also my speakers and my monitor works fine.


A:Speakers: Realtek High Definition Audio not plugged in

Hello lisa0922,
Can you go to Device Manager, and check to see if there are any yellow triangles anywhere.
Take a look and post your results.
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Hi there, I've noticed that out of the blue, when I play any sound through the Dell speakers on my system, the vocals and some of the music sounds like it's echoing or very distant. I've played the same music through a pair of USB headphones and it sounds fine so I can only deduce that it's a problem with either the speakers or the sounds card/driver. I have turned off all presets/effects and the issue is still there. I hope someone might have some clues as to why this is happening. The driver is the latest available from Dell. Cheers, Pete

A:Inspiron 530 - Realtek audio - Echo when playing through speakers

peteri,Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.In the audio software under the sound effects tab what do you have set for environment?
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I m hoping someone might have a good idea how to fix this problem or at least a good idea what to scream at customer support so they actually work out how to fix it This is a new computer the problem has persisted since I got it at Christmas Basically the speaker feed out is going directly into the microphone line in The microphone works if it s isolated like in the first stage of the hardware test wizard it works perfectly but if there is also speaker output it will go into a feedback loop This happens loop with mic Realtek problem speakers audio HD in Serious - with feedback whether I use the front or the back ports if I unplug all speaker jacks I can still setup a feedback loop on the windows microsoft setup screen and it basically renders the microphone unusable I was using it for voicecomms while gaming and whenever I pushed to transmit it sent a burst of game music instead Current driver details are Realtek High Definition Audio Driver provider Realtek semiconductor corp Driver date version Ideally I d like to get it set up so I can have my voicecomms on the headset and my gamesounds on my speakers sadly only stereo not atm but the microphone not subjecting everyone to jpop instead of my voice will do Thanks EllieCat nbsp

A:Serious problem with Realtek HD audio - speakers in feedback loop with mic

I just started having this exact issue. New drivers don't help. Front panel inop and when the mic is plugged in to the rear panel my voice and any other audio is fed into an internal loop. Any help?
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I just bought a pc, windows 7 32bit. I tried to use my headphones but couldnt hear any sound, also tried speakers still no sounds. The green bar goes up on the volume control tho.

I have tried downloading some drivers, but they didnt work.
Im a novice when it comes to things like this, can anyone help?

if you need any information about my pc let me know.

theres some audio ports at the back of the pc and at the front. both dont work.

Thanks if anyone can help, i really dont know what to do

A:Realtek AC'97 Audio - Cant hear any sound from headphones or speakers.

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Everything was working fine until about 9 months ago. I have tried switching settings on realtek and the windows control panel to headphone mode, but no matter what settings are on, my computer fails to mute the speakers when playing through headphones. There are absolutely NO troubleshooting topics on windows or realtek websites about this. Help!

A:My Realtek Audio Driver Plays Headphones and Speakers

I think I remember in the realtek settings on my old computer it said something along the lines of "disable front audio when headphone is plugged in" with a check box to toggle on and off.

-- do you see any settings resembling that?
If you have already found the on/off and it does not work, try uninstalling and re-installing the audio drivers and software.
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My laptop's speakers aren't working at all, and when my headphones are plugged in only the right side works. The only way I can hear out of both sides of them is if I pull the jack halfway out, like you would with faulty headphones. But there's nothing wrong with the headphones and I've tried various different ones. The speakers themselves aren't working at all despite the settings telling me they are. And yes, I've tried turning it on and off and looking for updates but nothing seems to be working.
Please help!

A:Realtek HD. Speakers not working, headphones half working.

Originally Posted by jessw96

My laptop's speakers aren't working at all, and when my headphones are plugged in only the right side works. The only way I can hear out of both sides of them is if I pull the jack halfway out, like you would with faulty headphones. But there's nothing wrong with the headphones and I've tried various different ones. The speakers themselves aren't working at all despite the settings telling me they are. And yes, I've tried turning it on and off and looking for updates but nothing seems to be working.
Please help!

That pretty much leaves jack on the laptop being faulty.
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I am having some weird issues when trying to use my microphone on my laptop (Rog G551, Win10). Basically, when I plug in a pair of headphones and I check "Headphones' in the Realtek HD manager I can't use the microphone at all. On the other hand, if I check "Headset", the mic works, but I can only hear from the left cup.
Any input is appreciated. Cheers!

A:Realtek Audio Manager mic/audio issue

Tried updating your audio drivers from Asus or Realtek's website?

What headphones / headset are you using?
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A:No 2.1 Audio option in Realtek HD AUdio Manager

A 2.1 speaker system uses "Stereo". There is no specific setup for 2.1.

A 2.1 speaker system only uses the Green speaker jack, which is 2 channel (stereo). Other systems such as 5.1 or 7.1 use more than just the Green speaker jack and have setups for those.
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I'm hoping someone can help me I'm working on a custom pc that my brother built for me The specs are in my signature I recently upgraded from Service Not sound/No speakers/Realtek problem Running/No Audio bit to bit Windows home premium I know it's not the best but it's what I could afford I did a drive reformat also Initially everything was fine But Audio Service Not Running/No sound/No speakers/Realtek problem for some reason all of a sudden I have no sound my plugged in speakers are not detected at all and the audio service is not Audio Service Not Running/No sound/No speakers/Realtek problem running Everything else is fine I assumed it was Audio Service Not Running/No sound/No speakers/Realtek problem as a result of an update so I did a system restore I guess my restore points didn't go back far enough No change -According to my motherboard specs I have the realtek ALC onboard audio So I thought I'd just be able to install the latest hd audio driver for my os from realtek's site I tried several times It prompts me to restart and when I do it says that the device driver did not install correctly and it defaults to the microsoft one every time -In device manager I have a yellow triangle next to one of the quot high definition audio controllers quot with a code error device cannot start Under sound video and game controllers I have quot High definition audio device quot microsoft driver version I have seen a few of these realtek problems in the forums but i haven't found anything that has worked for me I tried manually installing the driver from the zip file by directing the update utility to it's extracted location It always says that my driver is up to date I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to be updating one of the hd audio controllers or the hd audio device or both I've tried both so I suppose i could be doing it wrong I've tried uninstalling the hd audio controllers and the hd audio devices and rebooting the same thing happens I've tried a repair install from the disc No change The only thing I haven't tried is reformatting my hard drive and doing yet another clean install I really don't want to have to do this again because re-downloading my programs and music docs pictures is a chore So I'm asking if anyone has any idea what else I can do before I go to the last resort Thank you for your time completely reinstalled windows and still don't have any sound I'm completely at a loss

A:Audio Service Not Running/No sound/No speakers/Realtek problem

Try the previous Realtek driver 2.67 or the Asrock 2.31 driver.
Download Realtek High Definition Audio 2.67 Vista 64 - Technical Details -
ASRock > Products > Motherboard > G43Twins-FullHD > Download
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Evening Gang wow havent had to post here for a LONG time I searched and while I found a few instances of very similar nature none of them were ever solved The problem is this my PC s sound was all working fine for me the other night I watched a movie online due to bad sound I had to use the headphones to hear it decently so I did enjoyed the movie but now my Laptop speakers no longer work Did all the usual stuff Hardware manager checked all the levels no mutes turned on nothing This is strange as hell I cannot see the jack going the PC is very mildly used an ACER TravelMate BTW running XP dont HD Realtek Speakers work, Audio ? problem, Heaphones Pro Does anyone have any ideas anything I might try I mean aside form the regular things I would normally do checking all the properties I did update the Realtek HD driver today no help Totally Befuddled Thanks for your time -Mike PS I joined in this site taught me so much about PC maintenance how to solve problems install XP keep XP clean and running fast and on and on Thanks for all the support all you Tech Guys always give it is much appreciated nbsp

A:Realtek Audio HD problem, Heaphones work, Speakers dont ?

Okay not getting any play on this, can anyone suggest where a might get help, is this just the black hole of computer problems, or should I post it in another section. Seemed most likely an OS problem, but perhaps another sectioon might get some results.
Not trying to be pushy, just really enjoyed hearing sound come from my PC.
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Hello Techspot,

I have just built a new PC using the GA-P55-UD3P motherboard, I have tried almost everything to get my Microphone working correctly, I have been over many threads and possible solutions through various websites, nothing seems to work!

Problem: My mic is plugged into the rear pink socket, If I leave the "Rear Pink" option muted I have no microphone sound whatsoever, yet if I unmute the "Rear Pink" option the sound going into my microphone comes directly out of my speakers rather than being recorded/used correctly on communication/recording software..
note: the windows/realtek audio options all have "microphone" greyed out.. the only way to control my microphones mute/volume/boost is through the "pink rear" option!

I hope this makes sense.

It shouldn't make any difference but im using the default software which was included with the motherboard!

Thankyou for your time,

A:Realtek HD Audio Problem - Mic flowing through to speakers, wont record!

Have you taken a look at your device manager to assure there are no red or yellow flags indicating an incorrection connection... Good place to start.
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To start Hi I am a first time poster to sevenforums and registered here because of the wealth of information threaded out over the years Well done to all Right now down to the serious I as many others have experienced the sadness of upgrading to Windows only to find that my rear surround sound speakers do not work I have - Checked conectivity of rear speakers - replugged to let HD Audio acknowledge and give options to what speakers are involved - swapped plugs to different colour ports - changed from to and diddled the side speakers settings - changed volume levels as per speaker - reconfigured registry - UPDATED the Realtek Audio drivers and Creative xtreme when soundcard inserted drivers as of Sept Audio/Creative No Realtek HD Soundcard rear Xtreme speakers. the list of to do's is tasking so will stop at none of the suggestions either worked or there was front speaker sound rear sound available The apparent behaviour that I experienced is channels even though da dah da dah has been inputed reinserted and reconfigured into either the Realtek onboard Sound Manager or the Creative Xtreme soundcard Audio Manager when the card is inserted I am a very experienced systems Realtek HD Audio/Creative Xtreme Soundcard No rear speakers. builder by profession but was gobb smacked by this little gem Why does Surround Realtek HD Audio/Creative Xtreme Soundcard No rear speakers. Sound Speakers Realtek HD Audio/Creative Xtreme Soundcard No rear speakers. Logitech work with XP with onboard Audio and with Soundcard straight out of the gates Why does the sound test from Windows sound off all the channels correctly and yet when playing music or videos does it revert to when same songs and videos on xp audio were surround Why does it appear that Realtek and Creative are aware of the problem and even though there are updates it still persists Gob smacked yes so I tested my system hardware and speaker setup and decided to Dual Boot the system with Windows and XP on it The result being that my surround sound was back with XP dead with W It relieved me no end that I was not going crazy and that the Windows audio is screwed somewhere so I conferred with collegues and we are going to test a theory that it may be the CPU make of the board that is - a My system is AMD oriented with Realtek Audio Manager b we will test this weekend with a Intel equivalent exact spec version with VIA Audio Manager Please if someone has an Intel motherboard with Via Audio and have had this problem with the rear speakers please let me know else will continue with the testing

A:Realtek HD Audio/Creative Xtreme Soundcard No rear speakers.

There are some differences in audio between XP and Vista/Win7/Win8. Some audio functions are handled differently.

Not getting full surround sound can happen with some media.

It has nothing to do with having AMD or Intel CPU systems. Its back to the OS, from what I've seen over the years. I used to do a lot of support on the Dell Community forums and sound was a major complaint when Vista came out and users were upgrading from XP to Vista.

Many older Creative (SoundBlaster) hardware are not Win 7 compatible or not fully compatible. Read - vendors want to sell you new hardware.

I probably just ranted and didn't really answer your questions.

As an off subject comment. I see you list 2GB of RAM but have a 64 bit OS. That is self defeating as a 64 bit OS requires more basic memory than a 32 bit OS does and leaves less RAM for programs. The 64 bit doesn't really do anything for you since the main reason to have a 64 bit OS is the ability to address more than 4GB of RAM.
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v 1607 just installed
it has placed an icon in the system tray for realtek audio
I cannot see the way to remove it from system tray
How do I do that

A:realtek audio manager

Open the Realtek HD Audio Manager. Click on the "I" on the lower right of the screen just above OK. It will bring up another panel and the option for the tray is in that panel. See my screenshot.
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Hi all.

I have Realtek HD Audio Manager installed, but the option buttons don't make any sound when I click them.

Under the Sound Effects tab there's a range of choices: 'stone corridor', 'bathroom', etc. There's no sound when I click them. But if I click the graphic speaker units under the tab 'Audio I/O' - I get sound.

I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you.

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager - how do you set it?

Hello Here's the link to contact Tech Support for Realtek: are three different choices listed:Taiwan HeadquartersChina ContactUSA Contact
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couple of problems seem to be occuring with this programme. firstly the front mic port is highlighted pink even when no mic is connected. is this normal?

mic and headphones work fine but every now and then. in particular if i have speakers switched on it will pop up saying i have either connected or disconnected a device. can this be resolved?

finally, i'm guessing i should keep my drivers up to date. is there anyway i can check if it is the latest version and if not where do i go to get an update? motherboard website or realtek.

thanks in advance

A:realtek HD audio manager

Easiest place for the drivers,

You don't list your motherboard, but I would assume you will need the HD Codec driver and not the AC97 one.

As for you other question you'll have to wait for someone that uses their Realtek onboard sound.
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My computer has Realtek HD Audio Manager installed on it as the main audio manager. I have 4 speakers plus a subwoofer, so I set it as 5.1 speakers and unchecked the button for a center speaker in the manager so that it won't make my sub act as a center. However, on the back of my desktop, the jack for the sub is also the jack for the center speaker. So, whenever I listen to my music, it won't use my sub, but if I check the option for having a center speaker, it tries to make my sub act as a center speaker, which makes it sound awful. Can anyone help me?!!

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

BTW, if this helps, when I plug my iPod into my line in input and have it set to no center speaker, it will use my subwoofer as a subwoofer and not as a subwoofer and a center.
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Well I re-formatted the other day and have a problem that I ve never had before so here goes I currently have my Hi-Fi and Manager HD Realtek Audio my headphones plugged into my machine they used to work perfectly together I mean that the same sound off every program played into both of them at the same time If I didn t want to use my speakers I d simply Realtek HD Audio Manager turn the volume down on the front of it Now after re-formatting I can t get them to combine in Realtek HD Audio Manager I don t know if this is to do with RHDAM or if it s a Volume Mixer problem It s seriously starting to annoy me Even if I could just choose the programs that each device used So that I could put all programs onto both of them that would be great I m using the front Headphone and Mic socket for my headphones Pink amp Green For my Hi-Fi I m using the back black and pink sockets There are other sockets that I could use but I ve tried them all and to no avail The other colours just in case it s relevant are blue black green and bronze Can someone help me please Thank Realtek HD Audio Manager you P S I searched and couldn t find anything that related to this exact problem P P S I ve found that the same as before if I blow into my mic or move it the sound comes through my Hi-Fi speakers nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

have you tried the 'connector retasking' by right click the jack in the RHDCPL, also the additional options :
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Hi All,

Hopefully you can help me, I have updated my Audio drivers and now i no longer have the HD Audio manager application

I have searched my entire PC and even tried my old drivers but still no HD Audio Manager.

Anyone know what it could be????

Thanks in advance


Fixed it now found a post further down saying to run install twice and it worked
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I have spent a lot of time browsing around the threads here I have found a lot of very similar threads but not what I am looking for If there is one I would be happy if someone pointed me in the right direction I am using Vista Ultimate x I have a Gigabyte M SLI-S Rev Motherboard It has integrated Realtek HD Audio Chipset ALC Again) (Yes Realtek Manager Audio I would like to know if I can get Realtek HD Audio Manager running on Vista x again I was using XP x in the past but ever since I have moved to vista it is not there Now yes I am aware that without installing the driver because I am using the one built into windows the Realtek Realtek Audio Manager (Yes Again) Audio Manager is not going to be there I am more wondering if there is anyone who has gotten this to successfully work I have tried the driver from Gigabyte's Website with no success However I have not Realtek Audio Manager (Yes Again) tried any directly from Realtek Any help would be appreciated Thank You More Information Not Necessary I would like to have my computer do a few things that it used to do in XP where it asks what I just plugged in to the slot instead of assuming I only have speaker and Microphone I would also like the ability to record from what is sometimes called quot Stereo Mix quot or quot Wave Mix quot Basically record without a Mic I have gone into the vista control panel and selected quot Show Disabled quot and quot Show Disconnected quot but with no avail Again Thanks

A:Realtek Audio Manager (Yes Again)

Hi, bretzero, and welcome to the forums.

Use the Realtek driver. It works well in Vista x64.

They just released 2.10 a couple of days ago.

I built my rig in April, and my eVGA mobo has the same one, I believe....I am in Windows 7 and haven't tried installing the drivers for it in here yet so I cannot be 100% sure....
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I know I have it because it's opened right now. But the reason it opened was because I plugged in an audio device. So where do I open it manually? There's nothing in the Program Files folder.

A:Where is Realtek HD Audio Manager?

go to start / control panel all control panel items and its in there
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My computer uses Realtek's HD Audio Manager, and I have 2 front speakers, 2 rear speakers, and a subwoofer. So, I set the manager to 5.1 and unchecked the box labeled center speaker to indicate that I don't have one. However, the center and subwoofer output use the same jack, and my subwoofer receives no signal when I uncheck the center speaker. If I leave the center speaker box checked, it tries to make my sub act as a center speaker, making my music and videos sound horrible. If I plug my iPod in and have the center speaker option unchecked, then it will use my sub. I run Windows Vista x64 and I do not use an external sound card.
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Can someone tell me how you set it up to be able to play mp3's in paltalk chat rooms. I was using a usb headset , but thought maybe the usb wouldn't work that way , so i picked up a stereo headset with the standard mic and headphone jacks and i still couldn't get it to work in the paltalk chat rooms . any suggestions at all from anyone .... I miss my xp audio settings , they were simpler . this realtek audio manager is ticking me off..
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Help, I accidently disabled my speakers in the audio manager. How do I enable them again
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Hi there everyone,
I have a bit of an annoying problem with the Realtek HD Audio Manager.
When i have left my computer turned on and i've been away from it for an hour or two, My screen is set to go into a standby mode but the computer will stay on.

When i wiggle the mouse to have the display turn back on, Realtek HD Audio manager is always opened up and displayed in the middle of the screen. Does anyone know how i can stop this doing it or why its doing it? I haven't opened it or anything but it seems to just randomly open upon itself.

Thank you for any help.
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i've been installed the realtek hd audio manager in my pc. but the thing is I still cant hear anything when i played music or movies, even when im having a convo in skype.

I reformat my pc and then afterwards boom i dont have any sounds at all even after i download the realtek.

in my control panel the realtek is installed but when i go in device manager under sounds,video and game controller i haven't seen the realtek hd audio manager.

please help me i've been dying to play loud musics. thanks.

A:Help! Realtek HD audio manager cant run in my pc!

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Sounds, in the Window select you device, then Properties. Make sure the drop-down menu has "Use this device" selected.
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So I have Realtek Audio Manager HD Realtek HD Audio Manager and when i built it with my computer tech at his house the sound worked through his speakers When I brought my computer home I hooked it up to my sound system My previous computer was hooked up in the same way sans Realtek I have no sound The problem doesn t seem to be with realtek but with my sound system that I have it Realtek HD Audio Manager hooked up with When I look at the settings sound is being played but just not relaying through my speakers which are connect to the sound system What I m looking for is plain and simple I do not want to buy separate speakers for my computer so I want it to work on what I have When I say sound system I am talking about a glorified cd player with Realtek HD Audio Manager all the amenities and big speakers attached to the main hub which is where my computer is plugged into I m just trying to figure out if maybe there is something in realtek that I just haven t turned on yet nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

Quick update. So I click the "test audio" button and I can hear the sound coming through my speakers. So now it comes down to, why isn't any sound, from programs outside of realtek, being heard?
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I have the Realktek HD Audio Manager.

Audio Driver Version:

DirectX Version: 11.0

Audio Controller: HD Audio

Audio Codec: ALC885

This is my issue:

I use a program called ventrilo. Sometimes the audio comes through crystal clear perfect everything, then randomly it will become softer and quiet or like I am underwater and you can't understand what I am saying.

Version: 3.05 win-x64

Can anyone help me?


A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

was this prog for xp or vista originally?? might want to check on the vendors sight for the info you need. if it's a "slim shady" version.. you might want to run it in compatability mode. right click it and go thru properties to make it so.
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the 4CH and 6CH configurations have side speakers instead of rear ones,anybody has the same problem?

A:Realtek HD audio manager

The side speakers can be placed in a rear position, can't they?
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Hi there Someone pleeeeease help me This is driving HD Audio Realtek Manager me nuts I have an Acer TravelMate Notebook running Windows XP Professional It came pre-installed with the Realtek HD Audio Manager For the first few months all was well and then I started having Realtek Audio HD Manager problems with sound The on board speakers work well but intermittently I would experience problems when plugging either the headphones or external speakers in Sometimes it would Realtek Audio HD Manager work sometimes it wouldn t The on board speakers do cut out mute when externals are plugged in which is correct but no sound is heard from them externals If I then unplug the jack the on board speakers work Initially I thought it was a hardware problem with the actual headphone socket but too many people in forums scattered around the net have had the same problem that I seem to feel it s a software issue I followed a lengthy piece of advice this afternoon which involved completely uninstalling the Realtek program and drivers from the system including the registry and re-installing the latest version which I downloaded but I am still experiencing the same problem Is this problem familiar to anyone and does anyone know of a solution I need good quality sound for the work I am doing and the on board speakers are not sufficient Thanks nbsp
Relevancy 72.24%

Hey this morning i put in a new video card xfx radeon hd and installed the software and drivers from the ati website It seems that the hdmi audio driver Audio manager Realtek HD gone! has screwed up my realtek audio I had the problem when I went from xp to win and installed the newest driver v it did not work so i found the cd that came with the computer and installed the old one v it was fine I ve tried to do that again by uninstalling the driver from the device manager but the problem is that the hd Realtek HD Audio manager gone! audio manager is never installed and not even seen in control panel I ve done the same in safe mode and no luck When i try to manually add hardware Realtek HD Audio manager gone! and select the version i get a blue screen of death the installs fine but there is no audio and no audio manager i used to be able to get the audio manager at least when i did this a year ago I ve system restored to a couple days back and still no luck this is driving me insane for hours now Any help will be appreciated Thanks dxdiag shows no audio the droidcam is for my android phone had that for a while that s not the problem Thanks img imageshack us img png nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio manager gone!

its a problem with the radeon video card, it disables onboard audio. in bios settings change onboard audio from auto to enabled, save and exit. it will work.

what a waste of 5 hours
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I have realtek hd audio manager, the sound on flash player mutes voice and plays only other sounds than voice.(mute 80% voice) I downloaded and reinstalled the codec and flash player v.10. It still doesn`t work. Please reply with answer. The settings on the prg were reset also.
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hi I've been looking for a program similair to Realtek HD audio manager, i have realtek on my stationair and because of my sound card on my laptop it isn'nt able to install the realtek software since my sound card on my laptop is Conexant. so i was wondering if any one knew a similar program??

A:something like realtek HD audio manager?

Hi! jakob, welcome to W7F

Would this be what your looking for?
Conexant High Definition Audio Driver HP Pavilion dv6000 CTO Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)
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Hi there Someone pleeeeease help me This is driving me nuts I have an Acer TravelMate Notebook It came pre-installed with the Realtek HD Audio HD Manager Realtek Audio Manager For the first few months all was well and then I started having problems with sound The on board speakers work well but intermittently I would experience problems when plugging either the headphones or external speakers in Sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn t The on board speakers do cut out mute when externals Realtek Audio HD Manager are plugged in which is correct but no sound is heard from them externals If I then unplug the jack the on board speakers work Initially I thought it was a hardware problem with the actual headphone socket but too many people in forums scattered around the net have had the same Realtek Audio HD Manager problem that I seem to feel it s a software issue I followed a lengthy piece of advice this afternoon which involved completely uninstalling the Realtek program and drivers from the system including the registry and re-installing the latest version which I downloaded but Realtek Audio HD Manager I am still experiencing the same problem Is this problem familiar to anyone and does anyone know of a solution I need good quality sound for the work I am doing and the on board speakers are not sufficient Thanks nbsp
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Hey there everybody!

I have a problem.. I have my drivers installed and everything is ok, but.. I want to get realtek HD Audio Manager because there is some options to get the mic gain down.. I'm currently using Realtek High definition audio device but it doesn't have the gain when I open the mic options..

I've already tried to install but he gets always the same drive after...

Hope you can Help me,


A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

not sure exactly what you are asking,
have you looked in control panel for the realtek audio manager ,
that is where he lives,
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Hello, I'm having a problem with the audio manager listed above.

Because that audio manager offers things that my current one does not, I tried to install it to my computer. I went through the process, and restarted the computer as the process told me to, however I was unable to successfully install it, and it does not work on my computer. It will not install. can anyone help me with this?

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

It would be helpful if we knew what computer you had. Please finish filling out your system specs in your User CP (link in upper-right hand corner of the site). When you put the info in there it is viewable on all of your post on the site. It is extremely helpful when we know what you are working with.
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So basically my Mic aint working...

This has something to do with the wonderful invention that is Realtek Sound Manager.

but I dont know what.. or how to fix it...

and it's driving me nuts.. this comp is like 3 months old, a bit early for it to start acting up...

Thr problem is that when I use the push to talk button in either counter strike source, teamspeak or messenger, it just relays my computer sound from the speakers threw the mic (or something like that) so instead of my jammering the other players only hear Game sound or themself.

Can anyone help me??

- Sach
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I have an HP-15 laptop running windows 8.1. It has the Realtek High Definition Audio.
I have the driver installed, updated and all, but I don't have the manager.
Can i download this somewhere? Thanks.
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I have a Gigabyte P -DS L mobo that uses the program call quot Realtek HD Manager Audio Realtek HD Audio Manager quot Several months ago after several hours of Realtek HD Audio Manager trying I was able to cchange some of the settings in the program allowing me to use my front audio ports on my computer as a nd audio Input output device This allowed me to use a headset in games and vent similar to the way a Xbox headset works Only voices comes through your headset s Realtek HD Audio Manager speaker and all game sounds come through your Tv Comp speakers I recently reformatted my computer and since then I am unable to figure out how to change my settings where before I uninstalled it I figured out how to enable a nd audio output in the quot Realtek HD Audio manager quot program but the only sound input that I am able to adjust are Wave SW Synth and CD And I am so far unsuccessful in adding any other Input types Realtek HD Audio Manager I know it is the same program because It was installed from the same CD and it is upto date Any advice would be helpful Thank you

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

Have you checked for ADVANCED buttons there, or in Control Panel SOUNDS, or in Start/All programs/Accessories/Entertainment?
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Hiya all,

Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster P2250
Motherboard: XFX nForce 780i
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Memory: Corsair 4GB Kit
Graphics Card: 9800GT (512MB DDR3)
Sound Card: Not got one.

Yesterday i reinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit again, and I'm missing my realtek audio manager... Since the reinstall this HD audio program has not come back, and i have no idea how i can re-attain it. I've gone online and got the latest nForce 780i drivers for vista and such but still no luck?!

Help me get my Realtek Audio Manager back please!!!
Thanks in advance, Jon.

A:Realtek Audio Manager, where have you gone!

Hi Jon and welcome to Vista Forums

Vista only has a basic audio driver included. To obtain full functionality, including the audio manager, you need to install the latest Realtek driver. See Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for details on the latest release and Device Manager - Install Driver for my recommended method of installation.
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I have Realtek HD audio manager for 5.1 suround sound speakers. When I play music from online,, I only get music from my front side speakers and sub, but if the music is saved on my computer all the speakers play.

Is it called upmixing, to get all the speakers to play? Can I get all the speakers to play all the time?

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ok i have a problem. i have Realtek HD audio manager on my computer. i dont now how it got here and just noticed it. i aparently messed something up because nothing on my computer sounds right. it sounds like song are scratchy and other noises sound far away. i tried to uninstall the program and i tried to set everything to default but there is no default for everything and i cant find how to get rid of the program. someone please help asap

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

You could try updating your sound card drivers, and software. Also make sure you havn't messed with your media players equalizer.
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Having some issues. My friend just downloaded it onto my computer that he made for me, and I've never used it before.

It's not letting me have a headphone. I'll plug in the headphone and microphone jacks but it still plays through the main speakers and I can not figure out how to get my mic to work and how to get it to go to do the headsets.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager

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Before building a new in Can both working & speakers Win RealTek? headphones have 7 I + PC I had a simple solution in having headphones with a MIC and my speakers working at the same time I put a - splitter in the back of my machine and had the speakers headphones running off one connection Now I Can I have speakers & headphones both working in Win 7 + RealTek? have built a fancy new system which has headphone MIC jacks at the front of the case which Can I have speakers & headphones both working in Win 7 + RealTek? I connected onto the motherboard via the Digital Audio Connector So now I only have my speakers connected in the rear and have plugged in the headphones into the front of the case My problem is that I have not been able to configure RealTek using the latest software that when I speak to someone in Skype so that I can hear them both on speakers and the headphones at the same time It has to be either hearing the other party via speakers or headphones In the advanced settings of RealTek I have selected Make Front and Rear output devices play back different audio streams simultaneously Since I always have the headphones plugged in unless I take them out every time my speakers would Can I have speakers & headphones both working in Win 7 + RealTek? be muted unless I selected the option above Am I missing something Any advise is appreciated

A:Can I have speakers & headphones both working in Win 7 + RealTek?

Wow - never thought that no one knows how or possibly, is there no solution for this?
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The laptop is a compaq presario with a amd turion 1.8ghz processor, 512mb memory, 40 gig hd with 20 free.
The problem:
Sound stopped working some time back. Trying to fux now, the speaker in the notification tray has an x next to it. I've clicked it and it tries to find a solution but never finds one. In device manager, there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point unit next to the Realtek AC 97 speakers, I've tried updating the driver, but it says the best driver is already installed, I've disabled and re enabled it, ran windows update, safe booted to see if it would work. Looking for any ideas on how to proceed. TIA.

A:Realtek ac97 speakers not working

Delete the item with the exclamation and then re-scan, would be my next move.
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My new PC has a Blu Ray drive: HP BD RE BU2ON.  Will it burn 50G blu ray discs? I have to know before I blow the money for a spindle full of them.

View Solution.

A:reinstall Realtek HP Audio Manager

Hi, All I can say is that I would be really suprised if it didn't support burning to a dual layered bd - but I can't find any documentation that explicitly states it does. Regards, DP-K
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Hi all,

Well.The headphones works and all which is great but the Realtek Aduio Manager and Windows sound is detecting Speakers.Does anyone know how or if I can change it to Speakers?.

I would really appreciate the help,

Thank You.

Windows Sound

Realtek HD Audio Manager

A:PLS Help* Headphones realtek Audio Manager

If I'm understanding what you're trying to say, it sounds like your headphone port is not recognizing that the headphones have been plugged in. I would first try plugging in another set of headphones to see if the problem is the port or the headphones.

Also, did your headphones come with a CD, driver, or any other installation help? What about an instruction booklet from the manufacturer? Can you call the manufacturer's tech support to ask for help?

Also, have you checked your IDT Audio settings? Go to the Control Panel and open the IDT Audio Control Panel? Under "Speakers and Dual Headphones? go to the Playback section and then click on Settings. Check: 'Set as default.'
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I recently purchased the new Logitech G headset The headset came with the default x mm inputs However it also came with a USB adapter After downloading the Logitech software for the product I Realtek Problem Manager Audio HD was told that you need to use the USB adapter in order to access most of the headset s features notably the surround sound So I switched to the USB adapter but when I did the left earphone stopped Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem putting sound out and the right earphone barely put out sound I took the USB adapter out and plugged the x mm inputs in and I was prompted by a Realtek HD Audio Manager popup As I always do if I plug any headset in that has a list of different devices I might be using I select headset and click on The sound then returned to normal coming out of both ears It appears in order for the sound to come out of both my earphones and at regular volumes and quality I need to click that quot Headphones quot option or any option on that popup The issue is the popup is not quot popped up quot if I use the USB adapter It is like my sound card driver is having an issue with the USB over the x mm input It seems like a Realtek HD Audio Manager problem not a Logitech problem Any thoughts help Thanks nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem

BUMP, help?
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After accidentally closing the HD Audio Manager from my taskbar a few days ago my computer's audio stopped working entirely So after researching my problem online a bit I checked in the Device Manager and Realtek HD Audio was still installed as an audio driver Taking the advice of another forum I Cannot Manager Realtek GUI/settings HD Audio un-installed and then re-installed it and I restarted my computer several times first time it showed up but no sound second time I had had sound again This is where my problem comes in the audio works through my speakers as it should and the volume mixer reports that it is using the Realtek HD Audio as it's output device as it should but when I plug my headphones into the front audio jack the sound comes out of both Cannot Realtek HD Audio Manager GUI/settings my headphones and the speakers I've seen others with the same problem advised to either re-install the driver or Cannot Realtek HD Audio Manager GUI/settings find the small orange Realtek Cannot Realtek HD Audio Manager GUI/settings symbol in their taskbar and change settings there I do not have the symbol as you can see here and I have already re-installed the latest driver twice more since the problem developed Please advise Thanks in advance Jordar

A:Cannot Realtek HD Audio Manager GUI/settings

I haven't changed any thing since my most recent re-installation, but when I put my computer to sleep mode for about half an hour and then woke it up again, there it was! The HD Audio Manager was back in my task bar and plugging in headphones muted my speakers as they should.
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Where do I download the HD audio manager? It doesn't come with the Realtek drivers and I can't find it anywhere on the Realtek web site

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager Download

Try over at the boards home page. Download section. Pick from a drop down list.

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 775 - GA-EP45T-UD3LR (rev. 1.3)
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hi, i have a MAJOR problem!!! my realtek stopped making any sound, 'cept for msn sounds... atfirst i was using a online talking program and i was fiddling with the sound settings like enviroment etc etc and i clicked on sound suppression and then i clciked ok. then everything started to sound i like people were on straight helium and i went back in and returned everything back to its orginal seetttings and it wouldnt go away and i pressed all the default buttons now no sound.... PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!! I CANT LISTEN TO MUSIC !!!!!!...

thanks, Ajjjax

A:realtek HD audio manager!!!! HELLPPPPP!!!!!!!

Do a system restore will bring back all settings for your sound card ....
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Where can you download the realtek hd audio manager? It doesn't seem to be included in the driver package you find at the site, and there aren't any other downloads. I need EQ so badly.

My motherboard is a P7P55D if that's any help.

This is all I got:

A:Where can you download the realtek hd audio manager?

Hello Quano,

From the specs of your motherboard at the link you posted, you have a VIA VT1828S 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC chip instead, and not a Realtek HD audio chip.

You can get the latest VIA VT1828S series audio driver version v8700a_20100923 at the link below.

VIA Drivers Download - VIA Technologies, Inc.

Hope this helps,
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k hello everybody I just got a new computer Realtek HD Manager Problem!!! Audio yesterday it s a E-Machine with Windows XP and all that good stuff Now I had another E-Machine computer before this and I record using Cool Edit Pro and everything was great but I needed a new comp so now I got this and to my suprise it has Realtek HD Audio Manager on it and wow I have no idea what I am doing so anyways I open Cool Edit and record to see how good it would sound and at first I got nothing then I got bad audio ect I was on this forum last night and seen a topic about this sorta problem but I just need to know what steps to do to get my mic recording the mic Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem!!! is a standard mic nothing that great but it worked fine on the other comp without the Realtek I am lost I thought Realtek would make my sounds sound better Maybe I am missing something If somebody could help me figure this out man I will be happy lol but ah theres alot of problems with my cool edit now had the program for years and never had this problem into now PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem!!!

Are you say you get no sound at all??? Or just no sound with the mic?
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Hello All I have an alienware X with windows and I tried hooking my surround sound system to it But for some reason when I set it up as surround sound only my front speakers are working yet when I actually test it using the realtek driver all the speakers work After days of research I found out that I needed the updated driver for realtek which has additional settings to fix the surround sound conflict So I downloaded the driver installed it and now for some reason when I try to open the audio manager it does not open I checked my control panel and it shows that the driver is installed I also have the icon on the bottom left But when I try clicking it it doesnt open SO please if anyone can help me out Id really appreciate And if not (Does Manager open) R2.67 Realtek Audio you tell me to wait for the next update for driver can you please give me a guestimate when it should come out Thanks and I hope this thread helps others in need like myself -Andres

A:Realtek R2.67 Audio Manager (Does not open)

Best option would be to post it on the special users forum section Dell has setup just for Alienware users. There are people there that are familiar with the Alienware systems. Alienware Club - Dell Community

One note, we have found on the Dell users forum that in most cases you must use the Dell supplied sound drivers. Non Dell drivers in most cases either do not work or do not work correctly. I do a lot of hardware support on the Dell forum, but not in the Alienware section. I am listed as one of the Dell "Rockstars" as I have been giving user helping user support since 2002.
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I am fairly sure I had this manager when I started with windows 8 . I have also done a clean reinstall after hard drive crash. it shows the in and out sockets on the back of the board(gegabyte GA-970A-DP3) AND ALOWS ME TO RE ASIGN THEM.. Can any one tel me how to get it back. very greatfull for any help

A:Realtek audio manager missing

Originally Posted by derekwyoung

I am fairly sure I had this manager when I started with windows 8 . I have also done a clean reinstall after hard drive crash. it shows the in and out sockets on the back of the board(gegabyte GA-970A-DP3) AND ALOWS ME TO RE ASIGN THEM.. Can any one tel me how to get it back. very greatfull for any help

Re-install the driver vR2.75:
(click on 'I accept' and 'Next')

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Realtek audio Manager appears on screen every time I boot up. It does not appear in startup file and I don't remember downloading it. I don't want to uninstll it in case it comes in useful but how do I stop it appearing each time I turn on my PC?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 437263 MB;
Antivirus: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.0, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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Went into my Realtek's folder and the only thing in there I found was MaxxAudio..
I think I found the actual Realtek HD Audio Manager but it doesn't open.
If I run it as an administrator, it asks me if I'd like to open it. I hit yes, but nothing comes up.

It runs as a process in my task manager. I'm not sure if this is just part of the drivers or the actual application for configuration.

Went to the site and installed the newest drivers. Still the same problem.

My Realtek folder and the file I was referring to:

I just want to set up my two audio outputs on my PC to be listed as separate devices. All over the internet are posts saying you can do it through Realtek HD Audio Manager.
That'd be great if I could even use it.

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager won't open.

Not sure if this will help Realtek

Oh and to post pics Emcitement try the snip feature mate it is much easier to use.
Start > type snip ad a window at the top will say Snipping tool > right click > pin to taskbar. When ready with screen you want to capture click on the snip tool the screen will go milky > left click hold down and out line the part of the screen you want (let go of the click) > File > Save as (pick a destination I put mine on desktop) give it a title and OK. When posting use the Manage attachments under the reply window > Browse > desktop > pick the snip you want > upload when the ref disappears > post your reply.

Sounds complicated but it really is easy no mucking around
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I have installed the latest drivers from the realtek website but I dont have this HD audtion manager (see attached)? Is this a separate install?

A:I have Realtek HD driver but no HD Audio Manager?

Are you sure you looked in the hidden system tray icons?...See attached
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iam using windows7 ultimate in my lenovo laptop. i installed the drivers using the driver cd came along with the laptop. i installed and reinstalled the realtek audio drivers many times but iam unable to get the realtek audio manager in system tray. unable to open it. realtek is present in control panel in installed programs and also in program files x86. but not in program files. i have both folders in C drive named as program files and program files x86.

now iam unable to manage sound through realtek audio manager. please help me...
waiting for your help...

A:problem with realtek audio manager

If it's present in program files x86, then theoretically, you installed the 32 bit drivers, yeah? Are you running a 64 bit version of Windows 7?

We won't email solutions on this board, you will have to keep us updated here (well, some may, but most of us won't, sorry!)

EDIT: Can you post back your model number, or more info on the unit itself?
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I have the asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo and when i originally installed it it had realtek audio manager on it, but after a while and upgrading to windows 8.1 it doesnt seem to be on my system anymore. I have gone through my files and downloaded the newest drivers to no avail, if anybody could guide me through the steps to fix this, i would greatly appreciate it.

A:realtek audio manager missing

Try this link---


Maybe Realtek will help.
I Googled it a lot & could not find a good answer.
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I m currently using Windows Vista and have Vista Audio HD Manager Realtek on trouble using the Realtek HD Audio Manager It s quite unbelieveable that I tried quite a few things but still no solution Not only is there no response to when I plug in Realtek HD Audio Manager on Vista the speakers Realtek HD Audio Manager on Vista and the microphone no noticifcation if jack is plugged or unplugged the speakers do work Things I ve tried Update the Driver itself Checking if Playback and Recording is disconnected or disabled Fully doing a System Unit Recovery and when I checked the Realtek HD Audio Manager it suggested an update because the driver is unsuitable for the Vista And searching on the internet but the only conclusion I can come with this is that many people have the same issue as me Information Windows edition- Windows Vista Home Premium Copyright Microsoft Corporation All rights Reserved System Manufacturer ZT Group Int l System Processor quot Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz System Memory RAM MB System type -bit Operating System System Devices System Speaker Driver Provider Microsoft System Speaker Driver Date System Speaker Driver Version System Speaker Digital Signer Microsoft windows Resource type O Range - System speaker Location on Intel R GB GR ICH Family LPC High Definition Audio Controller Manufacturer Microsoft High Definition Audio Controller Location PCI bus device function Resource type Memory Ranger DFEF -DFEBFFF Resource type IRQ x Intel R PCI Bridge- E Intel R G ICH Family PCI Express Root Port- D Intel R G ICH Family SMBus Controller- DA Intel R GB GR ICH Family LPC Interface Controller- b Intel R Firmware HUB Device Intel R G GZ P PL Processor to I O Controller- Sound video and game controllers Realtek High Definition Audio Manufacturer Realtek Realtek High Definition Audio Location Location Internal High Definition Audio Bus Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Provider Realtek Semiconductor Corp Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Date Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Version Digital Signer Not digitally signed Unimodern Half-Duplex Audio Device Manufacturer Microsoft Location on PCI Soft V Modern Driver Date ASUS R Motherboard P GL-MX Series Intel GL Chipset Support CD Rev -bit Computing Support M nbsp
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I got a new computer this Christmas and inside it is the RealTek HD audio manager as my sound, and currently when I am in vent or Battlefield 2, people can hear themselves AND my game over my mic even though I'm using a headset and speakers aren't even plugged in to my comp. There is another guy as well who has the same exact problem, is it just that realtek sucks or is there some sort of problem that can be solved? Please help if possible, thanks.

A:RealTek HD audio Manager mic problems

yes this is my problem 2

does any1 have any solutions
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I have a PC with a Gigabyte G M-ES C motherboard running Windows Home Premium bit with the Realtek HD Audio Codec ALC I normally have stereo speakers plugged into the rear green jack and they have been working fine up Manager - HD Audio sound Realtek No until today For first time today I tried to use the front audio out green jack I bought a headphone mic headset Firstly I played a music track in WMP and swapped the speaker cable from the rear jack to the front green jack but I didn t get any audio out of the front jack I think I then returned the speaker cable back to the rear green jack and then discovered that I had lost the sound from the rear also To work out what was going on I went to the Realtek HD Audio Manager Realtek HD Audio Manager - No sound in Control Panel The driver was Ver The Realtek HD Audio Manager wasn t recognizing the headphones plugged into the front or rear green jacks The only tab available in the Audio Manager was the Digital Output tab In an initial attempt to resolve the problem I uninstalled the Realtek drives through Control Panel Programs amp Features After rebooting and playing another track I got the speaker sound back from the rear jack but the front still didn t work Then I installed the latest Realtek HD Audio System Software Ver R incorporating driver Ver downloaded from Gigabyte After rebooting and playing a new tune I still had no sound from the front headphone jack But when I plugged the speaker cable back into the rear jack I had sound In the Realtek HD Audio Manager quot Speaker s quot tab I noticed that if the mouse was placed over the ANALOG quot Back Panel quot green jack icon which was highlighted it displayed a text box with quot Front Speaker Out Speakers quot Right-clicking on this quot Back Panel quot green jack icon allowed selection of the quot Connector Retasking option This brought up a list of options to indicate which jack the speakers were plugged into However it showed incorrectly that the speakers were plugged into the front jack After changing the selection to quot Rear Speaker Out quot and clicking OK the sound was cut off from the rear jack to which the speakers were plugged into Changing the selection back to quot Front Speaker Out quot and clicking OK reinstated the audio from the rear jack Plugging the headphones into the front jack did not produce sound and did not mute the rear jack audio as it should given the other settings Has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution Lampet
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Hi guys I see in the Realtek enter Manager Cannot Audio treads that there are many entries similar to this but none have matched my situation exactly or provided a solution for me Cannot enter Realtek Audio Manager My problem right now is that I cannot get Realtek Audio Manager into the tray in the bottom right When I click the arrow to view hidden icons and go to quot customize quot i can find it in there and set Realtek to quot Show icon and notifications quot but it will give me a message saying that quot This notification icon is not currently active it will Cannot enter Realtek Audio Manager be shown the next time it is active quot At first I assumed restarting my computer would help but it still has not moved to the bar Additional info I have tried everything listed above and below with both the latest Cannot enter Realtek Audio Manager realtek drivers from their site and the realtek recommended drivers from my MOBO's site Both got identical results I can find the Realtek folder in Computer gt Programs but the RAVBg file will not load even when run as administrator The Realtek audio manager DOES NOT appear in my Control Panel The reason I want to get into the manager is because my computer is not detecting my analog Logitec speakers and I had read that there was a fix that I could try in the manager When I open quot playback devices quot only my sound card is listed my speakers are not there Thanks in advance for any help

A:Cannot enter Realtek Audio Manager

Thought i would add some screen snips of the problem.
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So, I have Realtek HD Audio Manager installed, and the latest drivers. My sound is now working fine, but my microphone isn't even being picked up. I don't know what kind of problem this is, but I was looking for help. My motherboard with on-board sound is a ECS Elitegroup GeForce7050m-m. Thanks for the help

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem!

Welcome to Seven Forums Glurft. If you have 2 channel sound, make sure it is set that way. Open Realtek HD Audio Manager, under the Audio I/O tab changed the 6 channel speaker settings to 2 channel. When it's set to 6 channel it uses the mic port (the pink one) as a center speaker and sub output. Also make sure if you are using the pink, back panel connector, that the disable front panel jack detection is checked. This is done through the Connector settings which is the little icon in top left hand corner of the window.

A Guy
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Hi I don't know if you will be able to help me but I will try and explain my problem Please bear with me and I will try and put it as clearly as I can I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi laptop with Windows Vista bit home premium installed Missing HD Manager Audio Realtek When I got the laptop there was an icon in the system tray near to the clock which when you clicked on it opened Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing up a nice looking graphic from which you could alter the realtek sound settings and choose things such as concert speech room etc It had graphics depicting speakers and other things I have now found an image of it on the web at http www mydigitallife info wp-con k-hd-audio jpg It is was called the Realtek HD Audio Manager That has now completely disappeared and I cannot seem to get it back or find it anywhere on my computer It made making adjustments to the sound settings so much easier and I miss not having it Is there anyway to restore it back so that I can alter my sound settings more easily I do hope I am making sense with this Look forward to hearing from you

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing

Hi well if it is still on the system you will see it in the control panel. If not check in add remove programs to see if it's there, if it is there maybe it got disabled from startup. Go to start where is says start search type in msconfig and push enter, next choose the startup tab do you see it listed there if so and there is no check mark beside it put a check mark and reboot it will then start.
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Hi I am having a problem setting up my new audio connections I have a simple speaker desktop system that also comes with a sub The two speakers have jack connections to the sub unit and then the sub has a green cable connection that use to always hang out in the green port in HD Manager Problem Realtek Audio the back panel of my computer But i recently bought a Razer Lycosa keyboard and that comes with a headphone and mic port on the keyboard itself So i connected the green and pink cables from the keyboard to the green and pink connections on my back panel headphone and mic and plugged in my green cable from the sub to the black port of the back panel So in the Realtek HD audio manager ports are used The green port is set to headhpones for the keyboard the pink port is set to mic for the Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem keyboard and the black port is set to front speakers The front speakers and sub work perfectly fine they play audio as always The headphone jack on the keyboard also plays audio when i plug my headphones into them however when i plug my headphones into the keyboard it doesn t disable the desktop speakers they both play at the same time I ve been in contact with Razer to see if there are keyboard settings that are meant to resolve this but there is no option in the keyboard for any of this Razer say this is an Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem audio driver issue So is there any way that i can set the Realtek manager to understand when headphones are being plugged into the keyboard Or is there a way i can manually disable the desktop speakers when i plug in my headphones nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem

its not a driver problem. if you tell me what version of windows your using i can help you more. here is a simply solution, open Realtek HD Audio Manager right click on black port on the right and go to Audio Device Settings then from there move the slider on the top to mute the desktop speakers when you want the muted
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This issue has been on here before but I am having problems with the answer due to my lack of knowledge. I have Realtek HD Audio Manager with Windows 7 (32 bit OS), and I understand that I can download the latest version from as the equalizer settings on the current one sound poor (eg vocal, classical, pop, etc), but the update has much better tweaking controls. However when I open the link and look at the choices for Windows 7 (32 bit OS) I am confused as to which to choose. I don't understand the options. Please could someone guide me here. Many thanks.

A:Upgrading Realtek HD Audio Manager

try this site
important note..... To be sure you obtain the full features/customizations provided in your original audio product, please download the latest drivers from your system/motherboard manufacturer's website.