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Satellite L500-20X - WLAN switch doesn't work after Windows 8 Upgrade

Q: Satellite L500-20X - WLAN switch doesn't work after Windows 8 Upgrade


I have updatet my Toshiba Satellite L500-20X to Windows 8.
Unfortunately, since this update my WLAN Switch no longer works. All function keys work to F7, only F8 (WLAN switch) and F9 (touchpad) no longer work.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500-20X - WLAN switch doesn't work after Windows 8 Upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Satellite L500-20X - WLAN switch doesn't work after Windows 8 Upgrade

Satellite L500 is not Win 8 upgrade supported? so I think the problem is a missing driver or software?

As far as I know in order to use the FN buttons the Value Added Package for Win 8 needs to be installed.
Check other driver area for Toshiba notebook series supporting the Win 8.
Maybe you could use the VAP released for other series.
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I have problem with my wireless switch. Take a look at this [picture|]. It says "bryterstatus: p?" which translates (poorly) to "switch status: on".

Although, when I press Fn + F8, nothing happens. All the other FN + "random button" hotkeys work though. In other words, I can't connect to my wireless. I know that it works, because I can connect with my iPhone. There's also nothing wrong with the connection, I've tried to deactive / active on and off. Tried to restart my laptop. I've even downloaded new drivers. Nothing seems to work. How can I turn on the switch?

Best Regards,
Miguel Rodrigues

A:Satellite Pro L500 - Wireless button doesn't work

Hello Miguel

Has your notebook ?factory settings? or you have changed something?
Have you installed own operating system or notebook still has original preinstalled operating system?
Is WLAN card installed and listed properly in device manager?

WLAN usage is so simple and by ?default? it must work properly. The same principle is on all Toshiba notebooks same. When you want to use WLAN you must move WLAN switch to position ON and use FN+F8 key combination to enable WLAN card. That?s all.

What you can try is to reinstall Value added package?
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Since yesterday my search for wlan-networks doesn?t work any more.

I already tried to switch wlan on/off and restart the laptop. But still the same problem.
Maybe I turned it off with the fn+F8-button, but if I try to reset it, I cannot see what is turned on and off.

The fn-button itself works fine with the other keys, but i can?t see the function on the desktop, but the function is working.

I can only use a network with a cable.

Maybe someone knows an answer.

thanks for your help

A:Re: Satellite P100 wlan doesn´t work, and cannot see Fn-key


Pressing FN+F8, you can see wifi icon and can en/disable it. Maybe, you need to update Wlan driver:´t-work-and-cannot-see-Fn-key
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I have a laptop Satellite L500-1UU, I installed on Windows 8 but, don't work all F/ keys on windows 8.
How it works?

A:Re: Satellite L500 - FN keys don't work on Windows 8

Maybe stupid question at the beginning of our discussion but have you checked if your notebook is supported for Win8?
I mean which drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities you want to install if your notebook is not supported for Win8?
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Good afternoon,

I have just upgraded to Windows 10 on my Satellite L500 and have noticed that none of the FN keys are working.
Is there any driver which; A is available and B where can this be downloaded.

Thank you

A:Satellite L500 - FN keys not working after windows 10 upgrade

Usually the Win 10 drivers can be downloaded here but only for Win 10 supported units

Unfortunately, the L500 isn’t listed a Win 10 supported notebook model.
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Upgraded my Toshiba Satellite A665-11Z from Win 7 to Win 10 a couple of weeks ago. Everything was fine until Windows update ran for the first time. Now, my internal Broadcom 802.11n WLAN card won't switch on, so I can only connect via Ethernet. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest (I think) driver (, reset Windows, even tried a system restore back to when the wifi was working. No success. Device manager says "this device is working properly", otherwise I might think the card had failed - maybe it has? Any other suggestions gratefully received!
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Im looking to upgrade my Toshiba L500-1ZP
Upgrade includes 2 x 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz a SSD 500GB and changing out the current i3 330M with an i5 580M (tdp on both is 35W)

The only problem im walking against is Bios support for the i5 580M
Did Toshiba make 1 bios version for ALL L500 series laptops?
ifso can any one tell me if there is a toshiba l500 series laptop with a i5 580m cpu?

Thanks in advanced?

A:RAM upgrade of Satellite L500

not sure about the bios, but you might wanna make sure that the i3 die is the same as the i5 die (in shape and size). It should be because mobile i3/5/7's are basically all the same 2c4t with different clocks and cache amounts
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I have a Satellite Pro L500-1DO and would like to know if I can upgrade the Graphic Board (now an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 1024 MB) to at least a 2 GB one.

Is it possibile and which model is suggested?
Thanks a lot


A:Satellite Pro L500-1DO - Can I upgrade graphic card?

This was discussed many times here in the forum and no, the GPU replacement / upgrade isn?t possible.
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When powered on charging light flashes yellow.
Battery does not charge and if battery removed the laptop shuts down.

At time this problem does not happen.

Moreover, when power cord is removed, battery charges for few moments and then yellow flashing light comes on and charging stops. When shutdown, the battery charges normal and 100% charged battery gives almost 4 hours time.

Can any one please guide about the problem. Is the problem in power adapter? or the battery? or the motherboard/hardware?

How to verify problem?

A:Satellite Pro L500: indicator flashing amber - battery doesn't charge

It seems that you already posted an thread about similar issue with your notebook some years ago.

In first case it seems that your battery was the troublemaker.

You are talking about charging indicator. I?m not quite sure what LED should it be.
There are 5 LEDs - from left: DC IN / Power / Battery / HDD, ODD / Bridge Media Slot

The first DC IN indicator glows green when power is being correctly supplied form the AC adaptor. However, if the output voltage from AC adaptor is abnormal or if the computers power supply malfunctions, this LED will go out.

The second from left Power indicator glows green when the notebook is turned on. If you turn the notebook into the sleep mode, this indicator flashes amber.

The third battery indicator show the conditions of the batter charge. Green indicates the battery is fully charged, amber indicates the battery is charging and flashing amber indicates a low battery condition.

Are you able to power up the unit without the battery but using just a connected AC adaptor?
Usually this should be possible even if the battery isn?t inserted.
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After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, Wifi internet not working. Wifi not recognised. Seems that the driver for wifi does not work with windows 10. Any ideas please?

A:Satellite L750 - WLAN is not working after Windows 10 Upgrade

Dear Jolgas,

it seems like driver problem. you should installed WiFi driver for window 10.

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i can't install Windows 8.1 (Windows 8 is running successfull). Is this "by design" (maybe missing support for things like PAE, NX or SSE2. see

Thanks for help


A:Satellite L500-1C7 and Windows 8.1

If Win 8 runs on your notebook properly, then it should be possible to upgrade the Win 8 to Windows 8.1 too…

In order to get Win 8.1, install all Win 8 updates and then access the Windows Store to get the Win 8.1 update.

It should be possible to install the Win 8.1 update in case Win 8 is already up to date.
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I changed my operating system to windows 8 64bit , all hardware defined by windows except chipset & blutooth (I defined them once from Windows 7 another time from latest model like L830). but the function key not working (for wirekess/blutooth on/off ).

Is there any drivers for L500-21T for windows 8 64bit or from specific new compatible models drivers?

A:Satellite L500-21T & Windows 8 64-bit

> Is there any drivers for L500-21T for windows 8 64bit...
On you can check if your notebook is supported for Win8 OS.

One more thing: your notebook has Intel HM55 Express Chipset. Interesting is that Tecra A11 with part number PTSE0E has the same chipset and it is supported for Win8 so you can try to use chipset driver offered for this Tecra notebook.
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I have a L500-19X supplied with Windows 7 trial which has now expired. Can I easily load XP Pro to replace?

I would appreciate jargon free replies as I am a computor dummy.

A:Satellite L500-19X - Change from Windows 7 to XP Pro


Before installing Windows xp, check if Win Xp drivers are available for your model:

If there are no drivers, it's useless to install Xp. You have to look for them in the web and most of them are not existing.

By the way, if you use a laptop with supplied Windows, there is no expiration.
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at first excuse my bad english, please. :)

I bought my L500-208 a few years ago, with Windows7 64bit.
My activation-Key is on the bottom, but its not really readable completely anymore. I still got the bill included the bill of the license key (Windows7 64bit).
How do i get my activatino-key back. Is there any way to get it?

Thank you for your helpp,


A:Win7 Windows key on my Satellite L500 is not readable

Maybe it sounds stupid now but it is not important if this product key is readable or not. It is just evidence that you have bought notebook with preinstalled OS and valid licence key.

This key belongs to original preinstalled OS (recovery image) and this original recovery image must not be activated. You can install it 1000 times and it will be activated every time after clean installation.

In case that you want to install other OS version this key cannot be used for activation. Simply put, this key is useless.
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I've been willing to format my old satellite L500- 1QV but I don't have a dvd so I was trying to download windows 7 from the microsoft web site and i've also downloaded the windows 7 usb/dvd tool. microsoft is asking me for the key product but right after i click in order to accept the key ive put in, then it tells me there is an error with my download and that i have to contact the producers to get the drivers i need.
on the toshiba support part of the website, the are so many divers and i have no idea if any of them are useful for what i need to do.. or if there are any others way to do it, id be greatfull to know.

please hepl!
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Hope I've got this in the right place.

Purchased above and upgraded sucessfully to Windows 7 from XP.
However, the sound is very poor quality - sounds "tinny"

This is applicable to CDs, radio and DVDs particularly when listening to audio books and radio making it impossible to listen to. Have tried changing the settings for the Realtek High Def Speakers, but no difference. Then updated drivers. Windows test 'sounds' are okay and sound coming from both speakers.

I think I've tweaked every available setting I can find but can't find a tweak/setting to change the sound (less bass?). I have seen the volume control and it makes no difference.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Hello WEll i have a little problem VERY big which is very annoying My father has bought a new speed line for our house mbit Then it turned out that our house is too far and they can only make our internet like mbit Okay So yesterday they I think turned off our internet to make it a better one Then they just left us with the same speed But the problem is that doesn't WLAN work My my WLAN doesn t work I cannot connect to my router with my both laptops Though my PC is connected to the router by a wire and works like a charm I have a SpeedTouch ST WLT modem by Telenor I rung rang what ever to the service of telenor but they did not helped me by anything And the service working time has closed before minutes and will only open tomorrow and i do need the internet today badly So is there any way to turn my WLAN on so it will work The lamp lights looks like everything works but it doesn t thanks for any help and ask me for any details i have missed nbsp

A:My WLAN doesn't work


Now i have another problem... I've managed to get my Sony laptop with Windows 7 connect to the WLAN, setting to WEP and shared. But on my other laptop, with Windows XP, that doesn't connect to the WLAN, thought i have set the same settings as in the windows 7 laptop. IS there anything i miss to enter? The code is right, i know that...

THanks for any further help :>
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Hi all. Today I've installed Windows 7 on my Satellite A100-705 and I cannot find drivers or applications to make the FN hotkeys work.
Could someone help me? Thanks in advance.
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Hi everybody
I Installed Windows 7 on my Satellite Pro A200-1S1, retrieved all the drivers on Toshiba site, everything works fine (less than the web camera that didn't work even with previous s.o. XP or Vista...). But my Touchpad doesn't work at all.... No Fn+F9, no driver, nothing works. And in my control panel-device manager seems to be everything ok.
Any suggestion?

A:Satellite PRO A200-1S1 with Windows 7 x32. Touchpad doesn't work


Did you reinstall the touchpad driver?
Check this!

Check also if the option ?Disable touchpad when USB mouse is connected? is not checked. This can be found in the control panel -> mouse -> Device settings
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As the program TEMPRO was informing of a new version for the wLan driver, I uninstalled the current and installed the new one (Realtek Wireless LAN Adapter 8191SE/8192SE)


Since then I have *no wireless detection*. I had:

* installed the previous version
* let Windows7 install automatiquily the driver

Nothing worked out. Does anyone has had this problem, or a solution?

Thank you.


A:After driver upgrade WLAN stops working on Satellite T110

> As the program TEMPRO was informing of a new version for the wLan driver, I uninstalled the current and installed the new one (Realtek Wireless LAN Adapter 8191SE/8192SE)

Have you tried to rollback the driver in device manager? I don't know much about your laptop, are you sure you install the righ driver?
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So i read in the small print that DVD player will not work after upgrade to Windows 10. Ooops to late!
I reinstalled to System image Windows 8.1 But unfortunately that did not recover the DVD.
Does anyone know what i can do to fix?

Many thanks
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I have Satellite Pro M500 with Windows 7 installed.

Detect correctly many USB pen drive (led inside ON) but when use "remove secure device" (right bottom) the led remain ON (never switch OFF). This for every model Keystone I have (2, 4, 8GB).

Last old XP based notebook switch OFF correctly power supply. Why this Toshiba not switch OFF right mode the pen drive?

Anticipated Thanks,

A:Satellite Pro M500 - Doesn't switch off power supply for USB pen drive


Do you really think that this is an issue?
To be honest sometimes I can notice the same that disconnecting a USB pen drive the LED doesn?t go off but Windows tells me I can remove the drive. So I think if Windows tells me that all should be ok.
What do you think?

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if you are running factory settings or your own Windows installation.
Make also sure that BIOS version is the newest.
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My Cd rom stopped working after upgrading to windows 10.  I've read posts that I should go to device manager to update, however it doesn't show up in device driver.  How do I resolve this issue? thanks,

A:CD rom doesn't work after Windows 10 upgrade

Hi: Try the steps listed in Resolution 4 at the link below...
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After upgrading my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the wifi card doesn't work anymore.  I've downloaded the latest drivers for my wifi card, or at least I think I have, but it still doesn't work.  The wifi card is a Intel 11230BNHMW Centrino Wireless-N 1030 WiFi Wireless Mini PCI-E Card.  Does anyone know if this card is compatible with Windows 10.  If so, which driver do I need?

A:Wifi Doesn't Work After Upgrade To Windows 10

Hi, Please try the following discussion: Regards
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Hi After upgrading to Windows 10 the wecam doesn't work. Tried installing the drivers for Windows 8.1 and it crashes on installation. Trying to update the drivers through Device Manager there's also an error. What can I do?

A:Webcam doesn't work after Windows 10 upgrade

 Hi, Try: HP Universal Camera Driver
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Hi, not sure if a thread like this already exists but I couldn't find one.

I took my old laptop to my local pc store for a re-store (it used to run xp) i got the laptop upgraded instead to win 7 to try and make it faster and better. Everything on the laptop now works apart from the sound, there is no sound at all, I've been told its because its incompatible but i was wandering if there is possibly a way of fixing it.

the laptop is a sony vaio vgn-fs485b.


A:Windows 7 upgrade - sound doesn't work!!

What's your sound card?
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Hello I recently upgraded nbsp my Envy product number -k model number F D AA to Windows from Windows and I can't get the subwoofer to work If I plug the subwoofer and turn on the computer I will get no sound at all If I unplug after jack Subwoofer Upgrade work doesn't 10 Windows it and restart I will get sound out of the front speakers but If I plug the subwoofer again while the computer is on I will get a big distortion in sound and leaves the audio controls useless this forces me to restart and again as the sounds are extremely loud and are disturbing When restarting if I leave the subwoofer plugged I will get no sound at all even If I unplug the subwoofer after restarting The only way to get sound again is restarting without the subwoofer plugged in to the subwoofer jack I have tried to update the sound card diver IDT High definition codec reinstall it etc Subwoofer jack doesn't work after Windows 10 Upgrade I have moved all the audio settings and still not able to make it work Beats Audio control panel doesn t seem to be doing anything any changes in this panel doesn't seem to change the sound settings not even the master volume bar I have plugged in the HP Pulse Subwoofer Product number LZ AA ABL using the same cable to another Envy without the windows upgrade and works fine I tried to compare between the two computers the one with windows and the one with Windows and the difference that I can see is the Jack information in the Speaker Headphones properties In the old system I see Jacks as follows L R Front Panel Internal Connector L R Rear Panel mm Jack L R Rear Panel mm Jack C Rear Panel mm Jack And in the nbsp Windows I only see one Jack labeled as nbsp L R Right Panel Analog Jack nbsp I have spent several hours trying to make it work with no success I like Windows but will Roll Back If I can t solve this and other issues I have with an HP Scanner I have used the Find and Fix Audio Playback Problems in Windows with no success I also have used the find solutions in the HP support page but I get No Solutions are available for your product message Any help in solving this problem is greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Subwoofer jack doesn't work after Windows 10 Upgrade

Hi Hector75, Sounds like a driver......or Beats Audio issue.Have you tried using HP Support Assistant to scan for updated software and drivers?
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I'm using windows 8 pro which I upgraded from windows 7 home premium in january. After the upgrade, my e key stopped working. After another few months, more keys stopped working and now, no keys are working. What do I do?

A:Laptop keyboard doesn't work after upgrade to windows 8

does an external keyboard work
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Hi everybody,

I used unistalled everything on my Satellite laptop and reinstalled Windows 10.

Now all the toshiba applications are gone.
This is not my problem.

My problem is that scrolling on my touchpad doesnt work.
Synaptics is gone and when I try to install a new driver (Touch Pad driver) he gives an error after the installation.

Synaptics has been installed accept for the mouch uttilities.

Can somebody help me.

Greetings, Jiska

A:Touchpad scrolling doesn't work after Windows 10 upgrade

I don’t know what notebook model you have but fact is that not all notebook series are supported for Win 10 upgrade.
In such case the Win 10 drivers will not be released for such unit….

The touchpad scrolling requires additional touchpad driver…
If your unit supports Synaptics touchpad, you could also use the driver from Synaptics driver page:

But currently driver for Win 10 isn’t available… you could try to install and use the Win 8.1 driver but I’m not quite sure if it will work properly….
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i upgraded to windows 10, and surprise surprise my touch screen is gone.   no drivers, no hint of it anywhere on my pc settings,  i tried finding a link on HP's website to redownload the software, no such luck, you would think for such a common problem hp and microsoft would get there act together and provide a patch.  Any ideas anyone. thanks
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I previously had windows vista installed on my now 7 mic (soundcard Windows problem) doesn't upgrade, work computer and just the other day reformated and installed windows bit Before reformating and installed win my computer worked fine Now after the upgrade to win i am having problems with my sound card I have a Creative Worlds - Sound Blaster X-fi XtremeGamer sound card My sound works fine i can watch movies listen to music play games my sound comes in fine When i use skype or ventrilo to talk my microphone doesnt work and a message comes up that says Cant access your sound card On vent it says quot Unable to activate DirectSound for selected device DirectSoundCaptureCreate failed HR DSERR NODRIVER No sound driver is available for use quot The first thing that came to my mind was installing the drivers I downloaded the drivers from the creative worldwide website for my sound card and from dell com Windows 7 upgrade, now mic doesn't work (soundcard problem) for my model computer When i try to install them it says quot Windows 7 upgrade, now mic doesn't work (soundcard problem) Device object not Windows 7 upgrade, now mic doesn't work (soundcard problem) present please restart and then run setup quot So i thought ok my computer isnt recognizing my sound card so i downloaded a identification model off the creative worldwide website for my sound card Then when i try to run that it says quot Your version of Windows Operating System is not supported by this product Please upgrade to windows or later versions before trying to install quot Anyone have this problem or have any suggestion of what to do

A:Windows 7 upgrade, now mic doesn't work (soundcard problem)

What model Dell do you have? You didn't fill out the System Specs.

However, there are some Dell model SoundBlaster Xfi cards that are not supported by Creative or Dell for Win 7. On these models the Vista drivers do not work, Windows 7 specific drivers are required.
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Can someone give me a link to update the SD Card Reader for my ProBook 4540s?

A:SD Card Reader Doesn't Work After Windows 10 Upgrade

 Hi, Install  Micron Media Card Reader Driver: JMicron Media Card Reader Driver (International)
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Everything functioned just fine and then one day I turned on the computer and the wireless is turned off and can not be turned on The switch remains amber and in Control Panel wireless on off is greyed out and can not even be selected nbsp I found several things on-line regarding this problem but none with a solution that worked It also appears to happen to at least switch Wireless work doesn't other models of Wireless switch doesn't work Elitebook nbsp nbsp Network Wireless switch doesn't work addapters all are working according to device manager I get internet access nbsp when ethernet plugged inAs far as I can tell everything is current as far as updatesOne solution that was said to work on another forum was deleting the HP Assistant but I couldn't find it on my computer at all so I installed it thinking perhaps a current version may solve the proplem or overwrite previos copy of assistant Nothing changed I have not deleted it as I apparently didn't have HP Assistant prior to installing it myself OS is Windows bit Professional Service Pack I have not tried BIOS as this was suggested in every similar post I found but wqs never reported to be successful I have not reinstalled drivers as only was listed on HP website that matched mine which was INTEL LM The other two drivers were not listed in the downloads They are Intel Centrino Ultimate-N AGN and Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport AdaptorWhen rightclicking drivers in Device Manager under Properties all three drivers report Device is working properly nbsp I purchased this laptop just about exactly one year ago Without wireless capability this laptop might as well be a tower as far as portability goes nbsp nbsp Does anyone know how to fix this issue Someone must as it happens to so many different models of HP laptops Your help would be greatly appreciated
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I switch from english to spanish and back again frequently, and yesterday the keyboard toggle (left alt + left shift) stopped working. when I press it the "file" link at the top of the window hightlights instead. What have I done now?
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I have been using electronic KVM switch for my two computers from one year. Today I was not able to connect one computer through switch. Error is no input signal. When I connect my monitor direct to that computer, it works fine. And even both computer lines connected to switch works fine with other computer. I can not figure out what could be the reason as switch works fine with its both connections with other computers. But, first computer show an error "no input signal detected" with both input connection of switch. The only changes I may have done in this computer is may be the resolutions. Does swith has any criteria which not works with certain resolutions or graphic settings ?

A:KVM switch doesn't work for one computer only

Yes the KVM switch will have a maximum resolution it can't go above. See if it works again at a lower resolution.

EDIT : and welcome to TSG
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Just for people who ar facing the same od problem. I have been searching for hoursfor a solution to this problem. If you are facing problems with Cardreaders after Windows 10 Upgrade like SD cards are not recognized, or it is just indicating "local Disk" or in german "lokaler Datenträger"  in Explorer and you cannot access whatever SD/MMC/CF cards you are trying. ACRONIS is the Problem !!!! We are using Acronis for all our customers. So just uninstall Acronis reboot and reinstall it. The Cardreader Problem is gone and everything will work fine.... Hope this helps some folks because it nearly made memad.....
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Hi everyone,

I have a Portege PPM81E and am unable to get the microphone working after having upgraded to Windows 7.

I've tried all the drivers I've managed to find but no luck.

Is there anyone out there with the solution?

Thanks in advance!

A:Portege M800 - Microphone doesn't work after upgrade to Windows 7

Just few questions:
Have you upgraded original Vista version hat you got with your notebook or you have installed clean Win7 version?
Are all hardware components properly installed and listed in device manager?
How do you test mic functionality?
Is Microphone listed in sound properties > Recording devices?
Is mic set as default device?
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I have a friends TOSHIBA Satellite Pro L500 running win7 32bit. It has this boot up problem I have not come across before. When it boots it stops at the screen with F2 for setup and F12 for boot devices and goes no further. F12 brings up the boot device menu and when the HDD is selected the windows boot menu appears safe mode etc, I need to select 'start windows normally' which it then does.

I have tried 'startup repair', updated bios, deleted partitions and did clean install of the OS and also tried a different HDD. Nothing works.

I don't think it is a BIOS virus because no messages appear. is the ROM damaged?
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Hi Forum-User,

Win10 compatibility list from Toshiba for Satellite Laptops without L500 Series! Why?

Look at:


A:Satellite L500-19E - No Win10 says Toshiba

At the moment just newer notebook models are supported for Win10. I am pretty sure that Toshiba will increase the support list and more and more models will be supported.
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I just want to ask regarding the error message of my laptop that appears every time i will open it.

StartRep.exe-Application Error

The instruction of 0xfc66584d referenced memory at 0x00000008 the memory could not be read.

Do i need to reformat it or should i buy a new memory, but i wonder how can i saved my important files on my laptop?

I am also interested to go to your service center, i just want to know first how much does it cost to repair my laptop?

A:Toshiba Satellite L500 PROBLEM!

Quote: Originally Posted by destiny24

I am also interested to go to your service center, i just want to know first how much does it cost to repair my laptop?

This "Service Center" is called
Help is offered free of charge.
We are volunteers from all parts of our world who endevour to help you in our spare time.
All we hope for is a "thank you" if we have assisted you in any way.

Please be patient & someone should be able to assist you soon.
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I just bought this laptop on Amazon, and to be frank did not consider the operating system.
I have programs that will only run in XP, and frankly cannot find myself in Vista.

Is there any possibility of downgrading to XP? Do I have to buy the software? There was a leaflet with the laptop promising me a free upgrade to windows 7, but online I found that it had expired. Would Toshiba downgrade me to XP for free and if so, where in their site?

Please help.

A:Bought a Satellite L500-11V with Vista, but really want XP


I have checked Toshiba support and download page under > Support & Download and your notebook is fully supported for WXP. That means you can download there all necessary WXP drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities.

What you need is to install own WXP (SP2 or SP3) and later install all this stuff additionally one by one.
As far as I know you cannot get download for free so what you need is Microsoft WXP installations disc with valid licence key.
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Hi, I am a new member and just wonder if anyone can help me.

I have the above Satellite, and courtesy of a Microsoft upgrade last week, suddenly I am not able to access any of my word processing stuff, I believe it was Works 9.

Is there any way up re-loading the system, the laptop came pre-loaded and the DVD I got with the machine says, if you reload Works , you will have to upload another disc, but there is nothing on the disc and no other discs.

I now cannot do any of my work, I have a Works 8 disc from an earlier computer but this will not work.

Hope somebody can help me.

Thank you. Keni
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My Satellite Pro L500 is playing up!. Device Manager tells me I have problems (hence I write on a different laptop).

I will list what the problems are, and hopefully someone can tell me which drivers I might need.

a) Realtek PTL 8101 Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (DDIS60). It asks for installation disc. I did not get one with the laptop, I only have a Restore Disk I made. Will that be okay?
b) SM Buscontroller (code 28) No Driver
c) Network Controller (code 1) Not configured correctly.

These words are just as they appear when I click the yellow triangle.
Can anybody help me sort the problem?

A:Missing drivers for my Satellite Pro L500

All missing drivers you can download from Toshiba download page -
Please check it and install all missing drivers. If you still need some help you are welcome.

Restore disc cannot be used because using this disc you can reinstall whole OS only. It is not possible to use it for certain drivers installation.
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My new and virtually unsused laptop is discharging its battery at the rate of 10% in 48 hours when switched off and not in hibernation mode. When removing the battery it is loosing 2% in 48 hours.

I have fully charged the battery to 100% and shut down whilst still on charge.

There is no doubt in my mind that the battery is discharging when fitted, and only loosing a small amount of charge when removed from the laptop.

Have any other users experienced the same problem. Result is that in one week the battery will discharge some 35%, which I find unacceptable.

A:Satellite L500 19X Battery discharging when not in use


I think this is nothing wrong buddy
The battery will always s discharge a little bit even though the notebook is not running.

Take a look into the user manual.
I did it and found this:

When you turn off your computer with fully charged batteries, the batteries retain data for the following approximate time periods;

Battery pack 12 cell; 2 days (sleep mode); 20 days (Shut down mode)
Battery pack 6 cell; 1 day (sleep mode); 10 days (shut down mode)
Battery pack 3 cell; 0,5 days (sleep mode); 5 days (shut down mode)

You must always check following software/ bios settings in order to decreased the battery discharging:
- standby/ resume mode, hibernation etc. will reduce the time until the battery is empty dramatically
- always check wether Wake On Lan or Wake on HDMI is enabled
- always check wether USB sleep and charge is enabled
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Hi, I bought Toshiba Satellite L500 -00W and it came with Windows Vista. I tried to downgrade to XP, but it doesn't allow XP installation. Do you know how to downgrade?


A:Toshiba Satellite L500 -00W downgrade to XP

Hello & Welcome, toshibaquestion.

Downgrading from Windows Vista to Windows XP is actually a very easy thing to do, BUT, I must warn you; it's the smartest of ideas since Windows XP and Windows Vista differ in driver capability and efficiency. So when you want to you use your MIC or Webcam, they may not work, this goes for your Audio, Network and even Display.

Also, Toshiba's a popular brand, and also a very updated** one, meaning they'll most likely be packed with a webcam, nice wireless card, hi-def monitor, etc - meaning, lots more drivers for you to fuss about and have to replace - which, believe me, isn't fun at all.

Downgrading would require you to actually make a partition (D), then install XP on your partition (D), and then delete your previous partition (C) - This is how I would do it, but I'm sure there's many many many other ways.

Dabble into it abit, and see if you find anything interesting. I'll be here to answer any further questions you may have.

Undocked Windy
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Hello everyone,

I need some help regarding Windows.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro that came with Windows 7 pro preinstalled and the recovery DVD to downgrade to Windows XP Pro.
I had to change the hard drive so I try to reinstall Windows 7 from the recovery CD but it doesn't work. It say that it is not possible to install this on this machine.

So I tried with the recovery CD of Windows XP and no problem
I prefer to have windows Windows 7 but I don't know how to get it back
One last information, the recovery CD of Windows XP came with the laptop as the one for Windows 7 was made by the shop that sold me the computer.

Thank you for your help

A:Satellite Pro L500-1W4 - Cannot install Win 7 Pro after changing the HDD

As far as I know there is no some kind of limitation and if there is no problem with original recovery disc for Win7 you should be able to install it on any HDD that you use with your machine.
I have upgraded HDD to SSD on my machine and recovery image installation worked without any problem.

To be honest it is not easy to say what is wrong there but this Win7 installation disc is somehow suspect for me. I don't know which notebook model do you have exactly but somehow I feel you didn?t get original Win7 disc. Best evidence is WXP recovery disc. The prinziple with Win7 is the same and it must works.

When you use this disc you should have menu as described on

This document explains how it works with original recovery installation disc.
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I have this laptop with 3 Partitions

The main partition got corrupted and apparently wiped so all windows folders have been deleted and a low level format carried out

I still have the recovery sector

Just wondering how to reinstall it back onto the main partition

I tried F8 and it took me to a screen to choose language but after that it said "You must log in to access system recovery options"

I guess user data has been wiped from the main partition ?

Are there any other keys to press on startup to access the Recovery partition ?


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Laptop: Satellite L500
Part Number: PSLS9A-025012
Screen: LG Flatron E2350V, using a HDMI cable

Operating system: Clean install to Windows 8.1

Screen shows a 1cm black band round the edge of the "window".
According to various web searches, it is something to do with the OS thinking I am using a TV instead of a monitor.
I need to update drivers etc.

WHERE are the drivers for 8.1 for an L500?
I looked at the 8.1 update page, but the L500 is not listed.

A:Driver updates for Satellite L500

> WHERE are the drivers for 8.1 for an L500?
You must check if your notebook model is supported for Win8 or not. Please visit and check Toshiba Compatibility Matrix
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Moving the lcd screen-cover (more opening or closing) causes black out the screenpicture. The problem becomes worse. an extra LCD screen gives a normal and good picture. I'm afraid there is anything wrong with de videodataconnection somewher around the movingparts of the screencover?
Anybody any idea? Thank you.
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My wireless switch in my hp probook 4530s won't turn on. The amber light stays on, and I can't connect to my wireless network.

A:wireless switch doesn't work on 4530s

i have the same problem last week. Luckily, I was le to solve to problem. Maybe it was also disabled in our BIOS system. Restart your laptop then press F10 in order to go to your BIOS system. Just Press the defaults and SAVE . Press ok,close then restart. Hopefully this will help. Goodluck!
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My L500 fan is no longer working correctly

I am getting this message

Warning:a problem with the cooling system has been detected. please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.

The fan runs inconsistently (always for a few seconds on start-up, very sporadically the rest of the time, but it is completely stationary for the most part.

The computer is currently in pieces, and I am ready to replace the fan with a new one, however im not sure that will fix the problem (as the fan still seems to sometimes run).

Thread Name - 'My Toshiba Satellite l500 cooling fan has stopped working'
This closed thread had a post at the bottom by kristain, has anyone else encountered and resolved something along these lines

Please excuse the lack of link/PM (new member restrictions)

A:Toshiba Satellite l500 cooling error

Are you going to replace the fan or the entire cooling heatsink and fan? Was the heatsink clogged with dust? Keep in mind, this also may be a motherboard issue
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I've found a number of threads with similar issues, but none of the solutions worked for me, so here it goes:
I have an L500-1GE, which is about 6 years old, but hasn't been used much.
Since yesterday, it won't charge when plugged in, and when I pull the plug, it immediately shuts down (everything goes black suddenly), although it shows the battery to have about 25% power.

I have just installed the newest bios (2.10) from Toshiba's official site, but I don't know if this has anything to do with the aforementioned issue.

Should I just buy a new battery, or is there something to try before that?
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I have this laptop with 3 Partitions

The main partition got corrupted and apparently wiped so all windows folders have been deleted and a low level format carried out

I still have the recovery sector

Just wondering how to reinstall it back onto the main partition

I tried F8 and it took me to a screen to choose language but after that it said "You must log in to access system recovery options"

I guess user data has been wiped from the main partition ?

Are there any other keys to press on startup to access the Recovery partition ?


A:[SOLVED] Toshiba Satellite L500 Recovery


If the computer is running, shut it down by clicking start, then shut down again.
Press and hold "0" (zero) key on your keyboard and then depress the computers power switch. When the computer turns on, the Toshiba HDD Recovery Uitlity Screen will appear, presenting 3 options, just choose Restore Original Factory Image.
Press 1 to restore your hard disk drive to its original factory default. A confirmation message will appear, indicating that all data will be overwritten and lost during the restore process. Be sure to back up all important files before proceeding.
Click Yes to begin restoration, A message will appear once the operation is finished, indicating that the HDD has been restored.
Press any key to restart the computer.
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A few days ago my Notebook crashed when I was starting it and showed a BlueScreen with the code x xFFFFFA AF xFFFFF AC D C x x atikmdag sys Address FFFF AC D C base at FFFF AB After that it and Display L500-1T5 Satellite BlueScreens Pro disturbance was impossible to start the OS Satellite Pro L500-1T5 BlueScreens and Display disturbance Windows regularly The PC was very slow and had a lot of disturbance in the display a few columns with horizontal stripes all over the display Starting the Computer in the safe mode was possible but the disturbance was still there My first idea was to deinstall the video card ATI Radeon Mobility and it first worked I could start my OS normaly But the Notebook kept crashing into a BSOD after a few hours The report after that was BlueScreen OS Version ID BCCode BCP FFFFFA A in a later Crash it was FFFFFA BB BCP FFFFF A F F later FFFFF AA F BCP BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Data to descripe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp bzw - - dmp C Users Myame AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml I sent this to the Toshiba Support on the rd of January but I didn't get any answer until now So I hope somebody here could help me I tried a lot of things updating drivers updating windows malware tests and a lot more but nothing really kept working Sometimes the disturbance vanished for a few hours just to return back again When I started a game the notebook crashed immediatelly So I suspected a defect of the Memory I did a memtest witch proved my Computers Memory to be working perfectly and in a hardware test my hard disc seemed to work also - but I'm no expert at this When I did a full hardware test with a test version of EVEREST the tool crushed always when the test reached OpenGL I deactivated my video card and the test passed After that I could use my Notebook regularly but without video card Yesterday it all worked perfectly - there was no crash and no disturbance of the display When I wanted to shut down the computer I noticed that windows wanted to install a new update for ATI Radeon Mobility which in fact was very old That has happened a few times in the last days and never did anything good And of course it would reactivate the video crad So I tried to prevent it by deactivate the updates But that didn't work WIndows installed the update and it came as it had to be This day my computer crushed when I started it and since that hour I have the display disturbance again And this time it seems to stay deactivation of the card doesn't help this time I don't know what else to do Does anybody have an idea I suspect a drivers problem But I can't install the drivers with the official catalyst software I have my Toshiba Notebook since Summer and never had problems like that

A:Satellite Pro L500-1T5 BlueScreens and Display disturbance

It's sad, that nobody seems to know anything to solve my problem.

I can't blame the forum - but I definitely blame Toshiba for not even reacting on my request-email for almost two weeks now.

That is really bad service and if one thing is certain after that: I won't buy a Toshiba notebook again, as they seem to help only if you have guaranty left.
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cannot access my files, just keep being logged on to Toshiba temporary files. Av run diagnostic tool and it failed on hard disc.
Not a computer buff ..

can I solve this problem ?

A:Satellite L500 - logged on to Temporary File

Sorry mate but to be honest I don’t know what you are talking about.

If there is some kind of system problem, I would recommend you to login using the “safe Mode” (while powering on, press F8 → then choose: safe mode)

Running the system in Safe Mode, you would be able to get access to the system files as well as other personal data…
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Hi I am experiencing issues with my notebook My Display had been casuing problems for quite a while I had black issue Satellite L500-20X black screen and white Satellite L500-20X black screen issue lines and patterns all over the screen and always had to change the angle of the screen I opened the notebook once and magically the situation changed for the better without me actually doing much of anything It stayed like that for about a year Well recently it got worse again and one day me screen stayed black when I tried Satellite L500-20X black screen issue to start the notebook I tried an external monitor using the windows button P and Fn F but neither worked Then I tried closing the Notebook right after pushing the power button It worked I had a clear image on the external monitor Then I opened my notebook and - magically to me - had an image on the internal screen too It worked until - after several hours - I had to restart the notebook Now I am back with the same issue I had before and even the once successful tactic seems to no longer work Long story short I thought I might as well try a hard power cycle https www youtube com watch v GFehLaJP fQ before opening the notebook again And anyway I don't know if opening it will do me any good My questions here are Does anybody have an idea what might be going on here Will a hard power cycle leave my data on the hard drive intact This is not the same as a factory reset is it Actually this is much more about the data then about the notebook I'd rather sacrifice the notebook than the data Thanks in advance
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Hi, I want to replace thermal paste and thermopad in my toshiba L500-12V. I dont know thermopad thickness and thermal conductivity. I can buy thermopad with 0,5 mm , 1 mm or 2 mm thikness. Which one will be right? Thanks for help.

A:Toshiba Satellite L500-12V - Thermopad thickness

Hi, I want to replace thermal paste and thermopad in my toshiba L500-12V. I dont know thermopad thickness and thermal conductivity. I can buy 0,5 mm , 1 mm or 2 mm. Which one will be right ? Thanks for help.
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I need to get to the option "Recover to factory default software with user's data" but I'm having problems getting to this stage.

I've tried power + 0 with no luck, same with power + f12.
When the boot menu comes up, HDD Recovery is not there as an option to select.

I need the exact option above but I have no clue how to get it. I have the option of selecting "Toshiba HDD Recovery" at startup repair, but will it have that option if I go further into it?

So far I got up to the screen that warns about unpacking the system image partition but don't want to go further in case that option is not there.

Can anyone help? :/

A:Satellite L500-1ZC - cannot start the HDD recovery menu

I have the option of selecting "Toshiba HDD Recovery" at startup repair, but will it have that option if I go further into it?

Toshiba HDD recovery sets the notebook back to factory settings! This means that your system partition will be deleted and you will get the same HDD state like at the first day of purchase.

Therefore you should backup the date before performing the recovery process.
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Since few days ago can hear an eek/whistle from the HDD of my L500-22R which remains permanently.
Should I think about changing the HDD?

Thaks for your support.

A:Satellite L500-22R - High pitched noise from HDD

Sounds like it might be starting to fail.
I would replace the HDD or upgrade to an SSD.
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Hi there, I'm trying to upgrade the ram in a Satellite Pro M50, I bought a stick from crucial but although it fitted in the slot (and was deemed the correct product) the machine didn't post with it, I have bought another stick (different brand) and installed this but get the same problem. On closer inspection I noticed that the notch in the existing 256mb stick is slightly (couple of mm) out compared with the new stick and of course although they fit in the slot the actual pins on the stick don't line up correctly.

Is this a known issue? Do I have to buy a specific brand of RAM in order to upgrade the system? Crucial guarantee their RAM to work, very unusual that it didn't work out that way for this tosh system.

Thanks in advace to anyone who can shed some light!


A:Satellite Pro M50 - RAM upgrade doesn't fit


Let?s talk quite clearly ? for RAM upgrade you should use compatible RAM modules. I hope you know what the work compatibility means.
So if you want to be sure that you use right and compatible RAM modules I recommend you to use PC2700 1024MB RAM modules with part number PA3313U-2M1G.

You can upgrade your notebook up to 1 GB RAM and using two of these modules you will be able to use maximum RAM and also be sure the RAMs will be right for your system.
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I have an Asus U50F Laptop and the external wireless switch to turn the WiFi on/off isn't working. The splash screen will show up indicating I turned off my WiFi but then nothing happens and I still have a wireless connection.

A:External Asus WiFi Switch Doesn't Work

I managed to fix this by installing the Asus wireless console 3. Delete this thread please.
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The tittle about says it all. I initially thought this was a virus or malware, so I formatted my harddrvie and re-installed windows.

It initially worked, but after a day of re-installing my programs it now doesn't work again...

The sound works all other times though. For example if I log in on my user account 'Kairyun' I can switch users but it makes no noise. if I log into my mother's account 'Roxanne' when she switches users the sound works just fine.

If I completely log off of 'Kairyun' and log back in the switch user sound will work fine.

A:Switch user sound doesn't work for first person to log in.

Hi .

If your account is the only one experiencing this...I'd say that your profile is damaged.

If you log into a different account and then switch to yours...and it works...probably not a profile issue.

The other plausible item would be defective/damaged sound won't hurt to uninstall them (using Device Manager) and then reboot and reinstall them.

It also would not hurt to run the chkdsk /r command (Start/Run...type chkdsk /r and hit Enter...type Y in new screen and hit Enter...reboot system) before doing anything regarding reinstalling audio drivers.

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running XP Pro on a Toshiba M35X. Fn+F5 seems to have no effect. I've tried two different external monitors. No response whatsoever.

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The tittle about says it all. I initially thought this was a virus or malware, so I formatted my harddrvie and re-installed windows.

It initially worked, but after a day of re-installing my programs it now doesn't work again...

The sound works all other times though. For example if I log in on my user account 'Kairyun' I can switch users but it makes no noise. if I log into my mother's account 'Roxanne' when she switches users the sound works just fine.

If I completely log off of 'Kairyun' and log back in the switch user sound will work fine.

A:Switch user sound doesn't work for first person to log in.

Don't know if my theory holds any water, but the sounds only play during the first login, not when switching to (already logged in) users.
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I have Win 7 and Win 8 dual booting on my brand new Dell Vostro laptop. The wireless works beautifully while using Win 7, but when I switch to Win 8... the actual Fn+F2 wireless switch has no effect whatsoever!! So I know the machine is OK, the network is OK, but what could be making the machine act differently under Windows 8??? Device manager and details say the driver is up to date.. What do I look for next?? I don't think I'm going to be able to get a call through to Microsoft!!

A:Solved: Wireless works in Win 7 but the switch doesn't work in Win 8

Dell Vostro laptopClick to expand...

do you have exact model and service tag number- should be on a label on the PC
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The HDMI port on my Satellite L500 laptop is not sending information to my sony bravia tv. All was working fine up until a couple of days ago. When i plug the hdmi lead into the port, it seems as if the laptop is aware it's plugged in as the screen flickers. The fn +F5 keys do as they should, but no picture appears on the tv. The tv shows a lead is plugged in also and again the screen flicks to say a source is there but then remains black. I can't see an issue in device manager and all drivers are saying they're up to date. I have also tried a new hdmi lead but nothing. Can anyone help with this?

A:Toshiba satellite L500 HDMI no longer works.

Try running a System Restore back to a previous point when it was working.

If still not working uninstall and re-install the graphics drivers from the Toshiba Support site for your model.
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Hi -- have just bought laptop for my son (Satellite L500-19X with Win7 Home preloaded) and am getting it ready for Christmas.

The logon screen is the Toshiba logo with white background. This makes the drop shadow font very difficult to read that is used for usernames; and the 'switch user' list etc after <ctrl alt del>.
What is the name of the file that produces this logon screen background please so that I can replace it to make the text readable?

n.b. the same issue arises on the desktop but this can be prevented by unticking the 'drop shadow' box in visual affects & changing the wallpaper.

Many thanks

A:Change welcome/logon/splash screen on Satellite L500


I have googled a little bit and found this:

The procedure is a little but tricky.
You have to change the registry.

- Start registry (Regedit.exe)
- go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Authentication \ LogonUI \ Background

- Create a new DWORD value named OEMBackground
- Double-click OEMBackground and set 1 as its value data
- access registry

This allows you to include the wallpaper image (jpg)

In C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds you could include the jpg file.
The file should be named +backgroundDefault.jpg+

Note: info and background folders don?t exist by default. You have to create these folders manually. Furthermore the images must be less than 256kb!!!!
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I have a Notebook Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1T8 and its hard drive has been damaged, so I cannot recover the special partition (I've tried also with the 0-key bootup).

I haven't create a restore disk from windows 7 because nobody told me to do so!

I'd like to re-install my windows 7 licensed copy (at the moment I've installed an ubuntu linux).
How can I do?


A:Satellite Pro L500-1T8 - How to install Win 7 if recovery partition is damaged

No way to recover a genuine Toshiba laptop? Is it true?
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try as I might, I cannot find a link to drivers for client's machine. Suggestions welcome.

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i have a toshiba satellite and on the back it says the model name is satellite l500-1dt.
i am new to this website and using forums, the message that comes up on my computer is

system warning
Warning:a problem with the cooling system has been detected. please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.

i am currently working in the alps and do not have an english speaking computer shop near by.
could any one help me and advise me what to do, i do not know much about taking a laptop apart to clean or change parts.

A:My Toshiba Satellite l500 cooling fan has stopped working

I would purchase a can of compressed air or use an air compressor (with a light gentle nozzle) and blow the dust out of the inside. If you have a failed cooling fan, then it will need to be repaired or replaced. That model I think is rather old, it may not be worth it to repair.
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I'm looking at PC for a friend. The power supply was obviously dead so I grabbed another one, matching the wattage. When I plug power into the PSU and turn on the switch on the PSU the computer boots. I try to turn it off with the power button on the front bezel but it has no effect.
Figuring it might be a problem with that PSU I tried another one, but with the same effect. Any suggestions would be helpful!


A:Solved: Changed PSU, front power switch doesn't work?

Since it's not the P/S, it's either the MB or the power switch. Disconnect the power switch from the MB connection, then plug the system in. It should NOT power up by itself, unless the BIOS is configured that way. In any case, short the two pins for the power switch briefly, and it should act just like you pressed the power switch. If so, the switch and/or wire is bad. Otherwise, it's probably the MB that has the problem.
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Hello nbsp My laptop is HP Pavillion DV se with Windows OS It was working great before a month but all of a sudden the following issues came up The power button of the laptop doesn't turn on off the laptop I have to use a detachable remote to turn the laptop on I don't see blue light on the power key once the remote turns the laptop on The quick play 2. 1. Power work no... Multiple issues switch doesn't Pad Touch touch sensative keys above the laptop key board have blue light in most of them But its flickering red for volume and no indicator on the volume increase decrease touch region Though some have blue indicator red lights none of the touch sensative keys function at present The laptop touch pad is unresponsive It has Multiple issues 1. Power switch doesn't work 2. Touch Pad no... its blue light which doesn't turn red even if the touch pad is locked I use a USB mouse as of now Laptop has audio jacks One for microphone and for headphone The external speaker doesnt have any sound so i have to plug in earphone everytime to listen anything In control panel -- gt under sound -- gt playback --- gt i see speakers and realtek digital output --- gt both show green oscillating bars when an audio is played But the volume key in quick play tab is flickering red all the time nbsp The laptop is fully functional But it would be great if the problems mentioned above gets fixed nbsp Sincerely nbsp
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Function key for wireless off and on doesn't work 

A:Turn off/on wireless switch doesn't work inspiron 7737

I would check the BIOS click restart while holding ctrl and then choose BIOS / advanced tab / Function Key behavior and make sure that it is set to enabled. If that doesn’t help, try downloading and installing Dell Quickset here for the wireless button to work.
Please let me know if you continue to have problems.
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I've got my DVDROM not working at all. I've no idea why. I open device manager and there're two exclamation marks for CD&DVD-ROM drivers accordingly. So I digged through the whole Interenet and haven't found any drivers! I would appreciate if you could help me, please.

Best regards, Alexander

A:Satellite R830-13D - ODD doesn't work

ODD (optical disc drive) uses standard Microsoft driver so you cannot find driver for ODD.
What you can try is follow:

Check it out please.
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I bought my toshiba Satellite S50-B-12R this saturday but from the moment i couldn't use my webcam.

I've looked everywhere for drivers for my webcam but i can't find them.
Also when i look in my configuration window it doesnt find a webcam.

But one time my webcam did work i was on skype and it detected my webcam so i used it and then when i tried to use it later it wasnt detected anymore.

So i want to know if there are missing drivers or maybe the webcam isn't correctly connected inside the device. And what i need to do to be able to use my webcam



A:Satellite S50-B-12R - Webcam doesn't work

First of all the notebook was already preinstalled with Toshiba image and all drivers and software were installed too.
Therefore additional driver installation isn?t necessary.

Secondly the preinstalled Win 8.1 system contains the webcam driver. The driver is designed by Microsoft and part of the system.

The Win 8.1 provides an webcam app which you could find on the Win 8.1 surface.
But before using the app, you have to add the webcam access and change the privacy settings.

Open charm bar (Win key + C) -> settings -> permissions -> enable webcam & microphone

Now close and open the webcam app again. You should have your camera app working fine now
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hi all.
i deinstall some firmware and fn key for some options doesn't work now. icons with options at the top of screen also doesn't appears.
what module or driver i need to reinstall to make FN key operatable?

A:Satellite T210 FN key doesn't work


Seems you have removed the software which controls the Fn buttons.
I would recommend setting the OS back to the point before you have removed this software.

Usually the system point should be created automatically before the software has been removed.
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Been through internet trying to look for an answer for my problem; how do I apply scrolling, pinching etc. on my touchpad?

Scrolling has never been working with this laptop (2 months old), and before now, even moving cursor was unreliable, since sometimes when launching the laptop the touchpad was completely dead and didn't react to anything.

Now there doesn't seem to be problems with that since I uninstalled touchpad driver and restarted my computer, but still scrolling doesn't work.

Troubleshooting for this problem has been no good.
They all lead you to first search for mouse in start screen -> mouse properties -> advanced and from there you can adjust mousepad settings.

I don't even have this tab on my laptop, while all other ones are there (buttons, pointers, pointer options, hardware).

How can I adjust touchpad settings on Satellite z30-A-1DJ?

A:Scrolling doesn't work on Satellite Z30-A-1DJ

The mentioned touchpad features should be supported by software as well as hardware.
There are different touchpad standards like Synaptics, Alps as well as Elan which support different features and different software.

In case such software isn?t installed or does work properly, the touchpad scrolling as well as other features would not be available.
It could be also possible that the built-in touch module would not support additional features.

From my knowledge the Satellite Z30-A-1DJ should be equipped with an Alps Electric touchpad and this touchpad is different and does not support the same settings liek Synaptic or ELAN touchpad.

However, as you mentioned, the additional settings for Alps Electric touchpad can be found in
control panel ? mouse ? last tab (Advanced)

If you want, you could try to install the Synaptics touchpad driver which was released for other notebook series like Portege Z10T-A

I?m not quite sure if this Synaptics software would work properly in connection with the Alps electric touchpad but its definitely worth a try.
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Just a while ago i was playing a game with some friends but suddenly my screen freezes and the sound to. Pressing the powerbutton or holding in didnt do anything. I just opened my Toshiba Satellite L50-A-1C7 and unplugged the battery because it didnt power off.

It doesnt boot anymore now !
Can someone help me quick?

A:My Satellite L50-A-1C7 doesn't work anymore

I plugged the power cord in and now when i press the power button it lights up but i see
nothing on the screen
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Laptop screen goes black when I unplug the Mains cable, even though the battery says 100% charged. Plug it back in and the screen display comes back up. Is it the battery or something else?
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I have a Notebook Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1T8 and its hard drive has been damaged, so I cannot recover the special partition (I've tried also with the 0-key bootup).

I haven't create a restore disk from windows 7 because nobody told me to do so!

I'd like to re-install my windows 7 licensed copy (at the moment I've installed an ubuntu linux).
How can I do?


A:Notebook Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1T8 - Recover Win7 without partition

Any help?

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Pasting in contextual information from another post OBconflicker Bi nf worm keeps reappearing windows defender monitor stops working slow computer windows search protocol windows pop up Malware virusPop up windows keep appearing quot Windows search protocol host stopped working stopped, protocol search work, doesn't firefox work microsoft host windows slow, itunes doesn't and was closed quot Itunes occassionally doesn t work Media Sync doesn t work Hard Drive keeps working microsoft windows search protocol host stopped, slow, firefox doesn't work, itunes doesn't work in the microsoft windows search protocol host stopped, slow, firefox doesn't work, itunes doesn't work background Windows Defender no longer monitors the running programs End of added information microsoft windows search protocol host stopped, slow, firefox doesn't work, itunes doesn't work OBLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows Vista SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode NormalRunning processes C Windows system taskeng exeC Windows system Dwm exeC Windows Explorer EXEC Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exeC Program Files Digital Media Reader readericon G exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC Program Files Intel IntelDH CCU CCU TrayIcon exeC Program Files Common Files Intel IntelDH NMS Support IntelHCTAgent exeC Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager IAAnotif exeC Windows WindowsMobile wmdc exeC Windows System hkcmd exeC Windows System igfxpers exeC Windows sttray exeC Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exeC Windows ehome ehtray exeC Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp nkapg r exeC Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exeC Windows system wbem unsecapp exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp smss exeC Program Files BullGuard Ltd BullGuard BullGuard exeC Windows system igfxsrvc exeC Windows system WerFault exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp win exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp csrss exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp system exeC Program Files Intel IntelDH CCU CCU Engine exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp Low services exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp Low smss exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp Low notepad exeC Windows system wuauclt exeC Windows system taskeng exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp Low Low win exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp Low Low win exeC Users Owner AppData Local Temp Low Low login exeC Program Files BullGuard Ltd BullGuard BGScan exeC Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXEC Program Files Internet Explorer ieuser exeC Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http home mywebsearch com index jhtml pt amp n ce dR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride localR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName F - REG system ini UserInit C Windows system winlogon exeO - Hosts localhost Inserted By STOPzilla O - Toolbar McAfee VirusScan - BA B -B - c -B - F F - c progra mcafee com vso mcvsshl dllO - HKLM Run readericon C Program Files Digital Media Reader readericon G exeO - HKLM Run Recguard WINDIR SMINST RECGUARD EXEO - HKLM Run Reminder WINDIR Creator Remind XP exeO - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Progr... Read more

A:microsoft windows search protocol host stopped, slow, firefox doesn't work, itunes doesn't work

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results.Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note: You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run. After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection. Run the scan, enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet. Information on A/V control HERE
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I bought a *Toshiba Satellite Pro Model L50-B05D psktaa-05d001*.
I needed a new machine as I was starting a new job the next day.

During an install off office 2013 the machine in one of its reboots had a catastrophic error.. and refused all recovery attempts. around 19:00 at night...

I needed an operational machine for work...the next day

I pulled out my Windows 7 and proceeded to reconfigure machine and install Windows 7.. The Machine is operational BUT I cannot get the Wireless LAN functioning... for the Model I have there does NOT appear to be a Wireless lan driver...

The network card functions BUT not wireless LAN..

Can anyone please advise what is the correct Wireless LAN driver for the machine...



A:Satellite Pro L50-B05D - need WLan driver for Windows 7


Your notebook Satellite L50-B05D belongs to the PSKTAA series and this series was released in Australia only.

But the similar notebook series Satellite L50-B PSKTAE was released in Europe.
Therefore the drivers from Toshiba EU driver page should be compatible.

Visit this page:
Here choose.
Satellite L
Satellite L50-B
Win 7 64bit

Note: there are three different Wlan drivers: Intel, Atheros, Broadcom
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Hello i'm new here :)

i bought a new Toshiba Satellite C70D-B-108 but the Fn button doesnt work. Does somebody know i can fix it? The laptop runs on Windows 8 with a "classic shell".

A:The FN button doesn't work on my new Satellite C70D

Check please settings for ?Function keys mode?. There are two ways to use F keys:
-Special function mode ? use F keys only
-Standard F1 ? F12 mode ? use FN+Fx key

Check the settings please.

By the way: do you use original preinstalled Win8.1 that you got with your machine?
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Hello i have a Toshiba Satellite M - with Windows - speaker Satellite work Right doesn't M100-191 Ultimate bit installed it's all working fine except for the right speaker on the laptop the same happens when i plugg the headphones no sound on the right I haven't done any BIOS update or hardware change I'm using the latest sound drivers from Realtek HD Audio Driver Codec version codec ALC wich i downloaded using this download link http www realtek com tw downloads downloadsView aspx Langid amp PNid amp PFid amp Level amp Conn amp DownTypeID amp GetDown false but no changes I even tried to play with the sound managing options in the windows control panel as well as the special function keys related with sound to see if the problem got away but it didn't solve the problem Maybe the sound card has some problem with it's chipset and needs to be replaced I have two more laptops an Travellmate and a eMachines e all with Win Ultimate and have no sound issues Any help or sugestion you guys have would be very apreciated

A:Satellite M100-191 - Right speaker doesn't work


Did this problem appear in the past using other Windows system like Win XP or Vista?

> Maybe the sound card has some problem with it's chipset and needs to be replaced?

The sound card/chip malfunction would be the worst case because in such case the motherboard should be replaced? so hopefully it?s not a hardware problem.

Check this.
Go to control panel -> sound
In Playback tab click right on Speakers.
Now new window called Speaker Properties should pop up.
Here choose tab called Level and click on button Balance.
Now check if both controls are set to right.
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On dec. 24th, 2013 i bought the laptop with Win 8.1 pre-installed.

Yesterday I had to use the recover procedure to reinstall the laptop (long story about apps not working)..
From yesterday on, Microsoft constantly asks me to activate Windows 8.1.

When I want to do this in 'PC Settings', I get the message that this is not possible.
When I click 'details' to see what is wrong, I get an empty message screen.

Can somebody please help?

Thanks in advance,


A:Activating Win 8.1 on a pre-installed Satellite C55-A-1N8 doesn't work

>Yesterday I had to use the recover procedure to reinstall the laptop
How did you recover the notebook?
Did you use the HDD recovery (Reset the PC) or did you use the Recovery medium (disk or flash memory stick)

Generally speaking there system should be activated by first notebook system boot.
In case this is not possible, you could check this Toshiba FAQ how to do that.

This describes the procedure for Win 8 but its should be similar to Win 8.1
Sometimes the issue might be related to missing internet connection.
[Windows 8 has not been automatically activated after the first boot of your new Notebook|]
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Hi First of all thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you to anyone who wants to contribute their thoughts Now the problem in more detail Summary Laptop shipped with Vista Clean install of XP amp drivers - all okay for over a year XP became problematic re-installed XP - same problems exist with clean install Prelude I have a Toshiba Satellite L which came with Vista installed After some disappointment with Vista Clean used now install work, XP L30: it to - Satellite doesn't I decided to quot upgrade quot to XP The installation of XP went without a hiccup Trying to Satellite L30: Clean XP install - used to work, now it doesn't find drivers for everything took some time as Toshiba no longer distributes the drivers for the L model at least not on the UK version of their website I kept and still have copies of all of the drivers I eventually installed to get the laptop with XP working successfully and all was well The Problem Begins I had been using this set-up for over a year until recently and suddenly the laptop became problematic i e hanging at certain situations being slow and generally unresponsive I concluded that the laptop had probably lost power during installing Windows updates or the update had problems and had become unstable After trying various techniques to try and recover the system system restore chkdsk etc with no success I decided I would do a clean install of XP Get Your Head Scratching Fingers Ready Using the same XP CD I used for the first install I begin to re-install XP All goes well until the installation reaches quot Registering Components quot where it hangs Pressing the power button to restart the laptop re-initiates the installation and the installation completes through to the end possibly because the installer has flagged whatever caused the hang to be skipped the second time around This behaviour is now repeatable every time I format the drive and install XP Anyway XP is now installed and boots up - but guess what It's showing the exact same behaviour as before the clean install It's hanging at the same things and being generally unresponsive I continued to install all of the drivers I used the first time around but still the same problem may be worth noting that safe mode doesn't exhibit any of this behaviour and works fine The Plot Thickens So now I'm thinking it's likely to be a hardware firmware problem as it's the exact same software set-up In the course of spending a long time trying to figure it out I get around to using the Toshiba recovery disk which re-installs Vista and lo and behold everything works fine no problem with anything well except that it's Vista I installed all the available Windows updates and updated all of the drivers and then ghosted the hard disk so I can at least return to a working set-up relatively easily Thinking that this procedure may have restored equilibrium to the hardware settings I re-install XP but it's still being problematic in the exact same way I'm stumped What To Do Now Personally I would rather use the laptop as an expensive paperweight than use it with Vista installed I've ordered some RAM so that it will be capable of running Windows but I still wouldn't really be content with that workaround By far XP would be the OS of choice but I don't know what path to take next to get it working again I would love to hear your cents Thanks for reading the above I know it was long Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Ian

A:Satellite L30: Clean XP install - used to work, now it doesn't

When it reaches "Registering Components" and freezes, can you press ALT-TAB to view any errors in the background?

Maybe it is waiting for someone to press OK to an error dialog.
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Satellite L50D-B-136
Trying got get web camera to work, without success.
Apparently web camera initialization failed according to Toshiba Web Camera Application.

A:Web Camera doesn't work on Satellite L50D

Check please BIOS settings. Under advanced > system configuration you can find option to enable/disable webcam. Check please if your webcam is enabled properly.
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I have a 6yr old Satellite P500-16T laptop (serial: 3A037753W) on which I installed windows 10 64bit as soon as it became available. I didn't need to use the webcam until now, so I don't know if it worked after I installed the new windows, but now it definitely doesn't work. I searched for the driver, but when it asked me about the OS I have there was only up to win 7 (32bit 64bit). I tried installing both but nothing happens.
I was instructed by someone else that it might have something to do with the windows 7 anniversary edition bug, but I followed the steps to fix the registry and I didn't have the registry entry they mentioned here:
Is there anyway to fix my webcam or is it not compatible anymore with win10?
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My touchpad has suddenly stopped working. I had the laptop on sleep mode for a few hours and when I came back the touchpad wasn't working.. The touchpad had a habbit of deaktivating itself for no reason but now it is activated and not working. Highly annoying!

I wanted to download the driver again to reinstall it but it is not listed under the driver section for my laptop??

Any ideas?

A:Touchpad doesn't work on my Satellite Pro L870-18G

Found the driver and reinstalled it. No luck
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First at all, sorry for my bad English.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-153, the problem is his Touch pad, doesn't work correctly, the mouse doesn't move and when i move the finger on the pad, it seems like if i were rolling the bar "or the mouse wheel".

Sometimes, the "mouse" works correctly for a 20seconds, and after, again the same. External mouse works fine.

There's not the problem of "Fn" functions. I tried to shutdown, put off the battery and press the power button for 50seconds. I tried too to uninstall the Drivers from the Touchpad, and i think i have tried to change all the properties on the "Control Panel - Mouse".

Anybody can help me with that?

Thank you.

A:Satellite Pro C50-A-153 - Touchpad doesn't work correctly

On most Toshiba notebooks is installed Synaptics touchpad driver. With this driver there are available additional touchpad settings. try please to change these settings and disable all functions that you don?t need.

How to do this you can read on

Check it out.
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i bought SATELLITE P50-A-144 toshiba laptop a couple of months ago with windows 8, that became 8.1 with w. update.
Since that moment, fn+z key doesn't work, it only says keyboard light deactivates whenver i press it.

How could i fix it? it makes my ocd tingle.

Thanks all for replies :D

A:Satellite P50-A-144 - FN+z key doesn't work after Win8.1 update

Strange. Something like this should not happen. I have updated my machine but everything works properly.

I don't know if this will help but try to reinstall Toshiba system driver and Toshiba function key utility.

You should find it on Toshiba download page -
Check it out.