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Satellite L850 - Error Code 0xC0000005 during Win8 installation

Q: Satellite L850 - Error Code 0xC0000005 during Win8 installation

Hello, i have a Satellite L850-1v3 Laptop and accidentally i destroyed my Hard drive

Now, i'm trying to install Windows 8 in a new hard drive but it always get stuck on 89% and this error code come up "0xC0000005"

I have tried with different Installation discs, through CDROM, usb etc

What should i do?

Another question that comes up, is "where can i find my Windows 8 serial key?"

Thanks :)

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L850 - Error Code 0xC0000005 during Win8 installation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Satellite L850 - Error Code 0xC0000005 during Win8 installation

Do you try to install original Win8 64bit version that you got with your machine?
Have you bought brand new HDD?
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How do I get my Windows 8 single language product key?
Is anyone got any idea ?

A:Satellite L850 - how to get Win8 product key?

I know it sound stupid now but your question is a bit strange for me. Why?

Every preinstalled operating system is already activated so when you buy new notebook with preinstalled OS you have also bought one valid licence. This licence or used product key belongs to preinstalled OS version and cannot be used in any other case. With other words this product key is useless for you and you cannot use it for other OS version.

My question is: why do you want to have this key?
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I have a client with a refurbished L850 which is currently running Windows 8.0. I ran the upgrade advisor and it found some issues with 8.1 and was wondering if anyone had upgraded and what their experience was like? I also contacted and they seemed to say was Ok but you might have some issues and we won't guarantee it will work as it does on 8.0.

So, it seems like the best thing to would be to leaver her on 8.0 and not bother with 8.1.

Any suggestions?

A:Satellite L850 - Update from Win8 to 8.1


I don't know which L850 has your client but fact is that this model is supported for Win8.1 upgrade. If you visit Toshiba download page on you will see all listed stuff that should be installed.

More about Win8.1 update you can find on

In my opinion you should create recovery media with original Win8. After doing this install Win8.1 update following instructions on Toshiba Win8.1 page. Check the functionality and if everything is OK I hope your client will be very happy.

If there is some problem install original Win8 version from recovery media and notebook can be used with ?factory settings? again.

By the way: check Win8.1 section on this forum to see if there is some issue with L850 model.
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Hi everyone,

I'm using my Satellite Pro L850-1NR for school. I go to a technical school for information technology, and we use windows 8. The Problem is that *Windows 7 is pre-installed* on my Laptop and at home every PC works with Windows 7.

When you buy a Satellite Pro L850-1NR, you get two *Windows 8 installation CDs*, so I want to do a *dualboot Windows 7 and Windows 8*. I know how to create a new volume on my hard disk, but when I start the first disk, the only option is to delete Windows 7 and install Windows 8.

Is it possible to dualboot this and if it's possible, what shall I do? ?:|

A:Satellite Pro L850-1NR - dualboot Win7 / Win8


The Win 7 was preinstalled on your notebook. The Win 8 was supplied on the DVD disks.

In both cases; Win 7 and Win 8 is part of the Toshiba image.
Toshiba image is a package containing all drivers, tools and utilities.

It?s not possible to keep the Win 7 on the HDD and to install additional Win 8 using the supplied recovery disk.
Why? Because this is not clean Win 8 system but as mentioned; its image.

But generally its possible to have an dual boot system (Win 8 and Win 7). The boot menu will be created automatically which will allow you to choose between Win 7 and Win 8 OS.

You need to create simply new partition within the Win 7 system.
Then you have to boot from clean MS Win 8 disk and could install the Win 8 on the new created partition.
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After updating from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 the amber wireless indicator lamp is always on, even if wireless function is off.

The key to turn airplane mode on or off doesn't work.
Wireless is working anyway perfectly and turned on or off with the mouse.
Is there a solution to make it work as before the updating?


A:Satellite L850 - after WIn8.1 update WLAN indicator lamp is always on

This theme was already discussed in another thread and SOLUTION can be found here:

Please don?t start different threads about one and the same theme!
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sorry if these questions seem trivial but I'm a new Windows 8 and Toshiba user.

After the start window and going into the Toshiba window I can see in the add software or unistall
I can see all software loaded but on the page its self I can't see any icons to start any programmes,
as there isn't a start menu as like on my old xp laptop,

how do I see any icons?

Also on on the description on my laptop is says that Nero and Toshiba webcam software should be loaded but again no mention of it anyway!

Help lol again sorry but I'm a user of xp and owner of an old laptop.

A:How to start installed software in Win8 preinsatlled Satellite L850


Since you are newbie to Windows 8 you should check some essential information from Microsoft. Here is a nice page giving you good survey of new system:

The main and important button now is the ?Windows? button (key with the Microsoft sign).
There are some important shortcuts you should know:

Windows Key + C: Displays Charms menu.
Windows Key + D: Activates desktop mode.
Windows Key + X: Brings up a menu of advanced system options, including Windows Control Panel, Command Prompt, Task Manager and File Explorer.
Windows Key + Tab: Brings up the Task Switcher and toggles between Windows 8-style apps.
Windows Key + Q: Brings up the apps search menu that allows you to search your list of installed programs.
Windows Key + E: Opens File Explorer to the ?My Computer? view which shows all your drives.
Windows Key + R: Opens Run menu where you can launch programs by typing in their executable file names.

Here you can find the full overview:
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plz can some one help me to bypass this error code installing my win 8 software

"your computer needs repaired

error code: 0xc0000260

A:win8 error code:0xc0000260 during installation

Hello Henry, welcome to Eightforums!

See if this helps ...

windows 8 Tutorials: Error code 0xc0000260 during windows 8 installation | Windows 8 Forums
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recently I've acquired a new laptop, a Satellite L850-1P9.

The first week of usage the laptop never shown ant signs of problems, but in the last 3 days I'm getting a BSOD that shuts down the laptop.

Before the shut down I was able so write down in a paper something like this "athwx_8". I've read that this kind of error is related to software you may have installed.

The software that I'm using now is the same i was using on my old laptop, so it may be something related to driver software.

Here is a link from what the windows event visualizer could capture: [Errors detected|]

A:Satellite L850-1P9 - Windows 8 critical Error athwx***


I would recommend you to reset the notebook back to factory settings.
Let?s hope it?s just an software issue which could be solved by system recovery.

Do know how to do that?
If not, check this very helpful Toshiba document:

[Windows 8 Recovery & Repair|]

You should choose the option *?Reset your PC?*.
This would remove everything and reinstall Windows option permanently removes your personal files and apps from the PC and returns Windows 8 to its original state. That original state is either a clean install of Windows 8, or the OEM factory default configuration, depending on the media used for the operation.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated***
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I am getting a message Unmounted Boot Volume error on my Windows which I updated to Windows 10. While I am fixing this issue, it requires to insert the Recovery Disc but unfortunately I don't have the disc. I tried to download the recovery media thru Support Service of Toshiba but it is not available since I purchase this in Middle East. Please help me to find or where can I download the Recovery Disc. My laptop model is Satellite L850-B139 Part Number : PSKDLV-0E700UAR


A:Satellite L850-B139 - Unmounted Boot Volume error

You can order recovery discs on the Toshiba website.

Win10 is not supported on this model.
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Hello guys,

I have old Satellite U200-165. I installed windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation successfully after i changed the hard drive to SSD, but the sound did not work. Windows showing that the sound work perfectly, but it does not come out.

Any advise please.

A:Satellite U200 - Sound is not working after Win8.1 installation

Satellite U200 is pretty old machine and not supported for Win8 or Win8.1. I think we don't have any report on this forum how this old piece of hardware works with Win8.

If sound card is properly installed, have you checked all sound settings?
I presume the same problem is with headphones, right?
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I recently updated my os from Vista to I have a problem that is affecting about of the programs I install and it is extremely annoying I have already stated this in two other threads but this thread is about the fix of the problem When I start of the programs on my computer Error code 0xc0000005 my mouse pointer has that circle stating that it is thinking for about seconds Then nothing at all happens The programs don't open either So I decided to go take a look in event viewer and it said that the program I tried to start had an exception code xc BTW this is affecting all my web browsers except IE and IE dosn't work completely either I have tried a few programs to fix this exception error but every time Error code 0xc0000005 the scan is complete it tells me I have to register to remove the problems Please if you Error code 0xc0000005 can tell me of any COMPLETELY FREE program that will scan and get rid of the problems without having to pay As always Thanks

A:Error code 0xc0000005

Quote: Originally Posted by ZJE123

I recently updated my os from Vista to 7. I have a problem that is affecting about 90% of the programs I install and it is extremely annoying. I have already stated this in two other threads, but this thread is about the fix of the problem. When I start 90% of the programs on my computer, my mouse pointer has that circle stating that it is thinking, for about 5 seconds. Then nothing at all happens. The programs don't open either. So I decided to go take a look in event viewer, and it said that the program I tried to start had an exception code 0xc0000005.. BTW this is affecting all my web browsers except IE, and IE dosn't work completely either. I have tried a few programs to fix this exception error, but every time the scan is complete, it tells me I have to register to remove the problems. Please, if you can, tell me of any COMPLETELY FREE program that will scan and get rid of the problems without having to pay. As always, Thanks

The bugcheck is a memory exception. it explains why the apps wont work and all the other problems.

You need to test your memory
Download a copy of Memtest86 and burn the ISO to a CD using Iso Recorder or another ISO burning program. Boot from the CD, and leave it running for at least 5 or 6 passes.

If your memory passes and it wont\
run a system file check
Run a system file check to verify and repair your system files.
To do this type cmd in search, then right click to run as administrator, then

Let us know the results from the report at the end.

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Please can anyone out there help me I am running a sony Vaio desktop pc with Windows XP home edition, with notron int security & Norton system works the problem I have is on two programs Sony Image converter 3 & Windows live messenger when I try to run either of them I get the following message;

msnmsger.exe application error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)
click on ok to terminate the application

or if using Image converter

imageconverter3.exe application error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)
click on ok to terminate the application

I have tried reinstalling both and also without Norton running but I still get the same problem, however I can run both on my Sony Vaio laptop without any issues at all, its just that my laptop is very slow and limited Can anyone help please i am at a loss and its driving me mad.
Thank you.

A:(0xc0000005) error code

There are several articles on the web that cover the same issue. I have listed two articles which explain the problem more briefly than the others.

"Access Violation (0xC0000005)" error message occurs when you quit Disk Defragmenter
0xC0000005 - Access Violation

See if they prove useful or not. Good Luck.
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I did a Ccleaner scan after receiving a message to say I had the Zeus Virus and ring Microsoft which I didnt do as it said on the internet it would be Code Error 0xc0000005 a scam I did a Malmarebytes scan and deleted four Error Code 0xc0000005 PUP Optional spigot and a scan with AVG Anti-Virus didnt find anything After the Ccleaner scan I found I couldnt download any programmes as I was trying to download Emisoft and AdwCleaner in case the other programmes had missed anything and Flash Player as I needed it to check my internet speed as it is so slow and wont always let me access a website and my email doesnt always download I did a Ccleaner scan of the Registry as I thought that could solve the problem and Saved a Registry Restore However I am now in a worse position because I cannot now open any programmes as it gives Error Code xc although I can open them in Safe Mode and my files are still there I dont know whether the problems I have had are because of Ccleaner and would appreciate it if you could give me any advice why I struggle using the internet now and also what I can do about the error code I saved the reference for a Registry Restore but I thought I would just click on a restore point in Ccleaner and it would do it but it doesnt show my restore reference only Windows Updates The saved file I open is just a lot of text which I dont know what to do with Sorry to ramble on

A:Error Code 0xc0000005

Try restoring the registry backup that you saved:
Note: Bleeping Computer does not recommend the use of registry cleaners as they can do more harm than good!
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Goody day, need help how to fix Error code: 0xC004C003. i update my win8 pro w/ MC (OEM key) to win8.1 Pro w/ MC through windows store. now i got that error and the watermark. well i thought when i update my OS, i still got the OEM key from my past OS. and yeah. im wrong.. any help how to fixed the water mark and bring back my oem key? any other positive way or suggestion for it before i used activator. Thanks
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I have a problem when I open any file or program in Windows, for example, when I open the Internet Explorer I got message " The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click Ok to close the application"
please help me

A:Error message code(0xc0000005)

Quote: Originally Posted by tigerm

I have a problem when I open any file or program in Windows, for example, when I open the Internet Explorer I got message " The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click Ok to close the application"
please help me

That error is a memory exception. You should download memtestx86, burn it to cd, and run it for 6 passes, to test your ram

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A:Installation error 0xC0000005

Hi barker1337

Check out this link:

windows 7 0xC0000005 code with windows 7!!!
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Please help me..I am getting error code 0xC0000005 while installing fresh copy of windows 8.1 x64When the installation process arrives at 87% every time I get the error code saying that installation can not be done.I can not install windows 8.1 x64 version on my laptop.please tell me how to solve the problem and install windows 8.1 x64 version on my laptop.I tried with dvd-rom and usb as well, but the result is same..just stuck at 87%...can not be to overcome it...please...


View Solution.

A:Getting error code 0xC0000005 while installing windows 8.1 x...

@Achintya-only, Since the hardware all passed, and it would install a different version of windows without trouble, I would suspect a problem with the Windows 8.1 x64 installation disk. IT may be a good idea to contact Microsoft about this issue. I did a bit of searching and found this on the Mcrosoft equivalent of this board.Windows 8.1 Pro (Retail) Installation Fails At Beginning Of Stage 2 With Error Code: 0xC0000005 - are some suggestions on this post that you can try. I hope this helps.
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Attaching here BSOD crash dump file, BTW i am using Windows XP embedded OS, If this is not the right place to ask help for XP embedded then please suggest.

A:BSOD : 0x7e with error code 0xC0000005



I forgot which forum i was on. This is only for Win 7. Try
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Many of my applications specifically games have been crashing to desktop sporadically sometimes after a couple minutes and sometimes after a couple hours with the BEX message and the error code xc According to my event viewer it has occurred over the past year but recently its become more frequent during one of my games I've tried quite a few different things but none seem to work Ran memtest for a couple hours with successful passes Reinstalled my applications Updated my graphics and sound card drivers Updated directx and C redistributable CCleaner to clean registry Defragged my C drive Chkdsk sfc scannow no errors Reset CPU and GPU back to stock settings Created a Games with code and 0xc0000005 applications error CTD new user profile but applications still crashed Exceptions added for crashing applications in comodo and Games and applications CTD with error code 0xc0000005 AVAST Short overview of my specs msi gtx intel i k W antec PSU ASUS P Z V-Le Mobo Coolermaster Hyper EVO CPU cooler x gb DDR Kingston HyperX RAM TB RPM MB Seagate Barracuda HDD AVAST antivirus Comodo Firewall My specs are definitely within the recommended specs of the games i play Now i'm at the point where i'm tired of trying vague generic fixes and want to actually figure out the issue to these crashes I attempted to analyze the minidump dmp file gathered when one Games and applications CTD with error code 0xc0000005 of my games Maplestory crashed but since i'm not very good at debugging i can't seem to find the root of the exception So i'm hoping that someone here can take a look at the minidump linked on dropbox and locate the faulting module i presume or maybe its a hardware issue i overlooked I appreciate all the help i can get And please let me know if i can provide anymore info to make it easier Thanks https www dropbox com s ijhk mnhc dmp dl
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Hi I am facing in-consistent BSOD with error code x e and argument xC on Windows XP SP Pasting WinDbg log as instructed SP3 code Windows 0x7e argument XP on BSOD error 0xC0000005 and : with in BSOD posting instruction I am using Windows XP SP on core duo machine log ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft reg Windows Debugger Version X Copyright copy Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Loading Dump File E AshishS MemoryDump MEMORY Jan MEMORY Jan DMP Kernel Complete Dump File Full address space is available Symbol search path is E mss Executable search path is Windows XP Kernel Version Service Pack MP procs Free x compatible Product WinNt suite TerminalServer EmbeddedNT SingleUserTS Built by xpsp - Machine Name Kernel base xe b PsLoadedModuleList xe bf c Debug session time Tue Jan UTC System BSOD : with error code 0x7e and argument 0xC0000005 on Windows XP SP3 Uptime days Loading Kernel Symbols Loading User Symbols Loading unloaded module list Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck E c f f acfecc c acfec ERROR Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for iaStor sys Probably caused by iaStor BSOD : with error code 0x7e and argument 0xC0000005 on Windows XP SP3 sys iaStor e f Followup MachineOwner --------- kd gt analyze -v BSOD : with error code 0x7e and argument 0xC0000005 on Windows XP SP3 Bugcheck Analysis SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED e This is a very common bugcheck Usually the exception address pinpoints the driver function that caused the problem Always note this address as well as the link date of the driver image that contains this address Arguments Arg c The exception code that was not handled Arg f f The address that the exception occurred at Arg acfecc c Exception Record Address Arg acfec Context Record Address Debugging Details ------------------ EXCEPTION CODE NTSTATUS xc - The instruction at x lx referenced memory at x lx The memory could not be s FAULTING IP iaStor e f f f add ebx dword ptr eax h EXCEPTION RECORD acfecc c -- exr xffffffffacfecc c ExceptionAddress f f iaStor x e f ExceptionCode c Access violation ExceptionFlags NumberParameters Parameter Parameter f Attempt to read from address f CONTEXT acfec -- cxr xffffffffacfec eax ffffffff ebx d a ecx edx esi f d f a edi eip f f esp acfecd ebp acfecdac iopl nv up ei pl zr na pe nc cs ss ds es fs gs efl iaStor x e f f f add ebx dword ptr eax h ds f Resetting default scope PROCESS NAME System ERROR CODE NTSTATUS xc - The instruction at x lx referenced memory at x lx The memory could not be s EXCEPTION PARAMETER EXCEPTION PARAMETER f READ ADDRESS f FOLLOWUP IP iaStor e f f f add ebx dword ptr eax h BUGCHECK STR x E DEFAULT BUCKET ID NULL CLASS PTR DEREFERENCE LAST CONTROL TRANSFER from e c b to f f STACK TEXT WARNING Stack unwind information not available Following frames may be wrong acfecdac e c b f d f a iaStor x e f acfecddc e b b c f f d f a nt PspSystemThreadStartup x nt KiThreadStartup x SYMBOL STACK INDEX SYMBOL NAME iaStor e f FOLLOWUP NAME MachineOwner MODULE NAME iaStor IMAGE NAME iaStor sys DEBUG FLR IMAGE TIMESTAMP cd bd STACK COMMAND cxr xffffffffacfec kb FAILURE BUCKET ID x E iaStor e f BUCKET ID x E iaStor e f Followup MachineOwner --------- kd gt process PROCESS fad SessionId none Cid Peb ParentCid DirBase ObjectTable e c e HandleCount Image System VadRoot fad d Vads Clone Private Modified Locked DeviceMap e c f Token e c af ElapsedTime UserTime KernelTime QuotaPoolUsage PagedPool QuotaPoolUsage NonPagedPool Working Set Sizes now min max KB KB KB PeakWorkingSetSize VirtualSize Mb PeakVirtualSize Mb PageFaultCount MemoryPriority BACKGROUND BasePriority CommitCharge THREAD fad da Cid Teb Win Thread WAIT WrFreePage KernelMode Non-Alertable e bf e SynchronizationEvent e bf ea NotificationTimer THREAD fad Cid Teb Win Thread WAIT WrQueue UserMode Non-Alertable e bf c Unknown THREAD fad d Cid Teb Win Thread WAI... Read more

A:BSOD : with error code 0x7e and argument 0xC0000005 on Windows XP SP3

Please do the following if you will:

Edit your above post and delete the entire log - it takes too much space and isn't what we need. Instead,
Download BlueScreenView:
unzip downloaded file and double click on BlueScreenView.exe to run the program.
when scanning is done, go to EDIT - Select All
Go to FILE - SAVE Selected Items, and save the report as BSOD.txt
Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all of the content, and paste it into your next reply
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Ok whoever can fix my comp is a total geek

Well yesterday i was normally doing stuff on my computer and accidentally uninstalled something i didn't think i needed (and I'm not sure if its causing the problem either) so it said to uninstall the program you had to restart your comp, which of i did of course. Then a error popped up saying explorer.exe the application failed to initialize properly error Oxc0000005 . I know explorer.exe is a process that shows everything like your icons and start menu and wallpaper etc. so i couldn't see any icons and had to use task manager to open FF and now I'm here typing this post.
So can any of you had this problem or can help? I would appreciate it so much

PS: the think i uninstalled was IE 8 from add/remove programs and Internet explorer from add/remove windows components

A:explorer.exe the application failed to initialize properly error code 0xc0000005
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I tried to reinstall my U500. After installtion some of the devices aren't working (code 52 in the device manager).

It's related to drivers signing. When I come up with "disable driver sign" in the F8 startup menu some of them work properly.
I've tried to change bcedit to ignore driver signing with no luck.

Please advise.

A:Satellite U500 - Code 52 after recovery installation

Long time ago I had the same machine. I have recovered it several times but I’ve never noticed this issue. have you noticed it immediately after recovery image installation or later after connecting it to the Internet and Windows updates installation?
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Hello guys!

Can I upgrade my :
Satellite L850-188 PSKDGE-01H010Y4

I want to replace my I3-2370M with Intel Core i7-3610QM.
Can I do it?

I want also upgrade my RAM to 8 gb.

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As my Hard Disk is broken, how can I install a new OS on the new hard drive? As I boot with my cd/dvd optical drive the installation of windows won't start! I tried toinstall Ubuntu on another Hard disk and there's non problem. The problem is only trying the installation of windows. Can someone help me? Tank you

A:HD Broken Satellite L850-1PD

Hi Geminy,
let's make sure that you:

1) replaced the broken hard drive for a new one that is working fine

2) tried to install Ubuntu linux using your DVD optical drive, and installation were successful (or you just tried to start system from live-dvd and not finished installation to HDD)?

3) put the Windows installation media in your DVD-drive and – what happens? It will not boot from the DVD-disk, it will not start installing windows, it does not see the HDD drive and says there is no place for install… Does the windows installer raport any problems? Do you see any messages? Does it restart by itself?
Which version of windows you try to install? Is it the same version you had on your laptop before the HDD crashed?

Is the new hard disk mechanical hard-drive or electronic SSD type?

Possible problems are with: the BIOS settings (UEFI / CSM mode, secure boot option and so on), with HDD/SATA drivers (AHCI / compatibility…) or maybe simply you have installed Ubuntu on hard drive and now windows has no space to fit there, nor it sees any space as it is XFS/EXT4 formatted by linux. There are also many other possibilities, so please give as many information as you can.

best regards
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Hi Model Satellite L -Y PSKFWG- F C my laptop specs are i QM with gb DDR Ramand Raedon HD M Gb graphics in bit Windows pro When i purchased it was installed L850 Support for Satellite with Win afterwards i manuallyt upgraded it to Win Everything Support for Satellite L850 was fine graphics is also ok From toshiba's website i found that my laptop is not up-gradable to Windows Anyway i have upgraded Support for Satellite L850 and there is no going Support for Satellite L850 back So my drivers are now auto updated with windows But to find drivers from my OEM's website i checked all toshiba's websites But most of them does not recognize my model except this website In this site also i am not getting any drivers of Windows Only drivers of Windows is available I would like to know where i can get these drivers Win Please check with my model number before replying because i have spent many days for this Again toshiba-india website provides only bios update drivers for my version So i would like to know whether other L model's drivers are compatible with my lap Now i will come to actual problem From intel's website i am aware that my laptop is having inbuilt graphics intel HD So where is it But nowhere in my laptop i can see this display adaptor I looked into bios also to see whether it is disabled in bios And i found that there is no tab in bios regarding display graphics I tried all latest drivers from intel for HD and drivers from AMD for Redon M Everytime intel's setup driver installation fails Add device method results in not working intel HD adaptor in control panel How can i enable if present the inbuilt graphics intel HD Why i want this WiDi Miracast is supported with IntelHD Projecting to another screen Mutiple displays are possible Quick sync can be enabled Which helps fast encoding of videos Switchable graphics can be enabled Some advised me to try modded bios but it may result in bricking your device From these website i found that for my model someone has enabled inbuilt graphics options in bios using modded bios As this file is no longer available for download i am here I am calling all guru's attention to solve my problem

A:Support for Satellite L850

Hi there, I know it's been long and you could of changed your laptop already but did you find a solution for this?
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Hi all,

I really hope somebody could help me please.

I went to turn on my laptop and it wouldn't turn on.
The fans aren't starting up, I have a white mains power light on with no blinking and and also the same with the battery light (white on and not blinking)

I have tried taking the power away completely and held the power button for 30 seconds before replacing battery and mains power to the machine.

I really am getting to a deperate stage as have all my photos of children, family wedding day and honeymoon on my laptop.
Please help if you can.

Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite Pro L850-1EF does not power up

First of all a good news: your personal files on the HDD like pictures, photos should not be affected.

You could get access to the files removing the HDD from the notebook (details here: and connecting this HDD to another computer using an USB-SATA 2.5” enclosure.

Now bad news: from my point of few your notebook developed an serious hardware malfunction; maybe its just an RAM module problem… in such case you would need to replace only the RAM modules but in worst case the motherboard could be faulty and such fix could be very expensive procedure.
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Hi guys I'm having these BSODs with quot DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE quot bug check code I tried updating BSOD Satellite on L850 my BIOS and other drivers but the Microsoft guys say that I need to update my power driver but I can't find any in quot toshiba-tro de quot my specifications are BSOD on Satellite L850 Toshiba Satellite L -B PSKG V with Intel core i - QM here is one of the mini dumps BSOD on Satellite L850 the rest are in this zip file https www mediafire com qhvafd r awzx Dump File - - dmp Crash Time AM Bug Check String DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE Bug Check Code x f Parameter Parameter ffffe eff e Parameter fffff Parameter ffffe dbff Caused By Driver ntoskrnl exe Caused By Address ntoskrnl exe fa File Description NT Kernel amp System Product Name Microsoft Windows Operating System Company Microsoft Corporation File Version winblue gdr - Processor x Crash Address ntoskrnl exe fa Stack Address Stack Address Stack Address Computer Name Full Path C WINDOWS Minidump - - dmp Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File Size Dump File Time AM

A:BSOD on Satellite L850


All drivers for your notebook model you can find on

Your PSKG8V model is listed there. Maybe it sound stupid now but I don't know what the ?power driver? is. If your notebook was delivered with original preinstalled OS I recommend you to set BIOS to default settings and install original recovery image.
After doing this you can test functionality with ?factory settings?.

Post some feedback please.
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Yesterday i have update my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. For the installation i used no key.
Now i need the key to activate windows but i dont have any one. I tryed to reset my windows to an earlier time but it doesnt work.

I called microsoft for help but they only said that i must get my original Windows 8 key from toshiba.
Can aybody help me with that please?

PS: Sorry for my english.

A:Satellite L850-1K1 - Need Win 8.1 activation key


I have updated my machine too but there was no reason for any key activation because original Win8 version was already activated.

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have and do you use original Win8 version that you got with your machine?
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Hi I've got a client who has an L - DW PSKDHE- E EN notebook She keeps reporting L850-1DW start not does properly Pro Satellite that the computer does not start properly from cold She claims the issue presents itself mainly when booting from battery but occasionally when plugged in to the mains I can see in the event logs that BSODs have been registered on start-up and that on more than one occasion her computer was recovered from a Windows Restore point It was also recovered back to factory defaults on Satellite Pro L850-1DW does not start properly a separate Satellite Pro L850-1DW does not start properly occasion too Although I've seen the after effects of these quot start-up quot issues I've yet to experience them first hand whilst testing Satellite Pro L850-1DW does not start properly the device I did notice yesterday that the BIOS was out-of-date as I got a Tempro alert I've upgraded it from to Again I've not experienced any issues I can't find any release notes for the BIOS so I don't know if this is a known issue that has been fixed I'm not sure if this quot intermittent quot fault is just that or whether the user is holding the power button down too hard or for too long and in effect inadvertently crashing the NB herself Any suggestions welcome Failing that I guess I'll have to log a call with Toshiba

A:Satellite Pro L850-1DW does not start properly

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. In my opinion you should ask your client if you can do data back-up and install original recovery image. In my opinion notebook should be tested with ?factory settings? without some additional software installation.

> I'm not sure if this "intermittent" fault is just that or whether the user is holding the power button down too hard or for too long and in effect inadvertently crashing the NB herself.
Who knows? Ask with your client and show how to start notebook by pressing power button. It should be done gently and for one second only.
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Hi guys,

I have a Toshiba L850-1K1 Notebook preinstalled Windows 8. I just wanted on a partition install ubuntu, but suddenly the installation was canceled (i dont know why), and than, when i wanted to restart windows 8, it wasnt gone.

I dont know why and how, but the partition was removed, and the whole winchester was deleted too. I have my produkt key, which I readed earlier from my notebook, but I cant download windows 8 nowhere. I really want to know, can I somewhere windows 8 for my notebook downloading, or I should bring it to a service?



A:How to reinstall Windows 8 on my Satellite L850-1K1?

Original Windows version cannot be downloaded. You have made mistake that you didn't create recovery media (USB or DVD) before you have started to make experiments.

Best option for you is to order original recovery disc for this notebook model.
You can do this under
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Hello One of our schools recently brought Toshiba L and C Laptops As most of the staff use their VGA port to connect to their projector The VGA port needs to be strong Over the last few days we have had Laptops with the VGA Port actually come away from the laptop A simple nudge on the cable while it is connected breaks this port and we are unable to get a repair from Toshiba because it is our fault and is only YEAR OLD Fixing this issue will set us back an entirely new mobo which will most likely be the cost to buy a new laptop Out of the we brought we have had over half with faults within the first year of use under EU regulations regarding the item of being merchantable quality and fit for purpose these issues should be repaired for atleast years of purchase date otherwise the item is unfit for sale Other issues we have had with these laptops within the first year of purchase have been Overheating with Fans stopping We have had a Hard drive replaced TWICE with us having to purchase one our self's because Toshiba refused to replace as it was out of warrenty by weeks warranty being only year And finally a L that will not start It stops at the Toshiba loading screen before even reaching the BIOS faulty CPU or Memory Again this laptop breaking within years VALUE FOR MONEY i think not I am for sure Satellite L850 jack VGA lose - thinking Satellite L850 - lose VGA jack of moving away from Toshiba laptops in the future for our chain of schools which are due laptop replacements We also have over HP Compaq Laptops in schools from Not once had we asked HP for repairs What ever happened to good quality laptops nowadays And what ever happened to the screws next to the VGA port to hold the VGA cable to the laptop to prevent the VGA problem Not impressed at all

A:Satellite L850 - lose VGA jack


As I can see you have already posted identical content on
It is not necessary to start two threads with the same content.
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Hello everyone

I have received an update yesterday from Microsoft update after the update was successfully installed i noticed that my PC account was not working and it says that i have to activate windows!

My windows 8 was already activated out of the box also 8.1 was activated with no problem.. I tried my old CD key which it came with the laptop its shows that my product key appears to be a default product key and cannot be used for activation!

Please i need help

A:Re: Satellite L850-1HP - windows 8.1 activation

I have no idea why your system activation needs to be repeated even if the Win 8 and Win 8.1 were activated properly in the past.

I think there must be some system bug. However, I would recommend you to check the Microsoft ?Get help with activation errors? page and to check the recommended workarounds.
Hopefully you would be able to fix it without recovering the system.

The point is that the preinstalled is already activated (or it activates automatically connection to internet for the first time) and Toshiba does not provide any serial keys in order to activate the system.
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Hi There,

I have a Toshiba Satellite L850-1V8 with windows 8.1 64bit on it.

I experience the following problem: Some times when I boot the system the NT kernel process 'System' (PID 4) starts spinning, taking up 100% of a a single core.

This happens about 3-5 mins after the system comes up, but a few times I have seen it starting hours later.
I have to reboot the system to make this problem go away.

Has anyone experience such problem?
Any ideas where to start looking for a solution?

A:Satellite L850-1V8 - 'System' process (PID 4) uses 100% of CPU

Such process can be related to any software / system application running in the background

But from my knowledge the NT Kernel & system could be generated by http.sys using the port 80.

This would mean that and would mean that some software part like IIS (internet Information services) could be responsible for this background process.
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hello , i want ask about my recovery portition my laptop satellite L850 corei7 .
i got these pc about 3 years ago and my recovery partition was deleted by mistak and i found one partition about 1.46 gb it tiltled by healthy active recovery partition .my question is ,is these the recovery partition ? if its how can make it work agine ,and if not how can reback my recovery partition agine ....if it need to make an order in egypt how much it cost .. and thx in advence

A:Satellite L850 and recovery partition

This recovery partition belongs to OS itself and has nothing to do with Toshiba recovery partition. If the recovery partition is deleted you cannot get it back.
Only thing you can do is to reinstall recovery image and use notebook with “factory settings” again.

In my opinion only option for you now is to order original recovery installation media -
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SIZE I have recently acquired a pre-owned Satellite L -B I have some questions and I was hoping I'd get some feedback It comes regarding questions the L850-B389 Satellite Some with Windows installed and I'm planning on changing to Windows note clean install not upgrade Here are some inquiries I have in mind I saw the drivers from the support page and it says that the drivers are compatible only for Windows and earlier Would the drivers be enough or would work well with Windows If there are updated drivers for Windows where can i find them I've been using DriverPack Solution recently and I noticed its not accurate with some machines in some instances Upon acquiring the unit the internal BlueTooth module is being detected - I can tell because I can see the BT icon on the System Tray But by the time I had it back from repairs I noticed its no longer there I tried upgrading and downgrading the drivers but to no avail I mean the Some questions regarding the Satellite L850-B389 Wireless LAN and BT are just one component right Some questions regarding the Satellite L850-B389 And I can still connect wirelessly What seems to be wrong Any idea that could shed light to these would Some questions regarding the Satellite L850-B389 be great Thanks in advance guys SIZE
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Hi everybody,

I have a problem downloading the amd graphic driver. I've tried it several times, on different days, computers and networks, but the download stops everytime around 120-170 mb.

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks so far,

A:Cannot download AMD driver for my Satellite Pro L850-1NQ

5 min ago I?ve tested AMD display driver for Win8 64bit version 8.982.7-120808a and everything went well.
Which driver version you want to download?

By the way it can be temporary server issue. Test it tomorrow again.
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Hi everybody, my Satellite L850 1L1 is doing strange things after updating Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. My start-menu is no longer available (now I use Classic Shell). Even after going through every advice from the Internet, it is still not working. I also have a new Battery inside now, but every setting of my Eco-mode is affecting a blackscreen after a while. It is automatically switching into eco-mode but I turned it "off" in every setting. The Win10 support says it is because the L850 1L1 is not ready for Win10. Is there a possibility to get that system running again? Is there a driver for Satelite L850 1L1 for Windows 10 or is it possible to get one in between the next weeks / months? Thank you
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Hi at all,
I have this device : Satellite L850-1PD with Windows 10
Before, with Windows 8.1 the function key FN+F2 or FN+F3 it was ok, now with Windows 10 I have problems.
I can't increment or decrement Brightness
Help me !!!

A:Satellite L850-1PD - Utility Function key don't go

good evening,

I also own a Satellite L850-1PD upgraded to Windows 10, it would appear that although Microsoft has provided an update to Win 10, Toshiba does not include it among the notebook compatible with Windows 10 and does not release updates. To me it does not work the pad until it has fully started Win 10, and I do not operate the touch pad.

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We've installed a blank Windows 7 setup on our L850, the added the drivers. We are finding the the Fn-F12 (or F12 depending on BIOS setup) only switches the Bluetooth and not the Wi-Fi on and off.

Can anyone give any guidance on how I can get the Fn-F12 to switch the Wi-Fi as well.

This is the source of a major headache on our school machines

Thanks guys

A:How to enable WLAN on Satellite Pro L850?

Is WLAN driver installed properly?
Is WLAN card listed in device manager?

If not visit Toshiba WLAN portal and download latest driver for certain WLAN card.

Please send some feedback.
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Ive had this machine for almost 3 years, it was fine for the first two but now its becoming a chore.
I only really ever use it to surf the internet and load some photos and its main problem is using the internet.
Images and web pages are extremely slow to load even on a good fast wired connection. Ive had the computer restored by a local shop who claimed they reset the graphics card but in reality they probably just restored it to factory minus the toshiba bloatware.
It worked fine for 2 days and then became slow again, im happy its not a virus or malware related problem.
Just wondered realistically if anything can be done with it or is it best to just forget about it and move on to something new.
Its been upgraded to windows 10 but the problem existed on 8 too.
Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite L850 1LK Very slow to load images

Try a Windows Refresh to reinstall Windows.
Previous drivers or browser plugins may be causing the problem
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hey i cant find windows 8 drivers for my Satellite L850-A848
The short model number PSKACV is but shown in the list.....but upon searching it shows 0 drivers found......why is it so??
are the drivers not available now....??it's a matter of reply

A:Need Windows 8 drivers for my Satellite L850-A848

I?ve also checked Toshiba download page and drivers are still not available.
Who knows what the problem can be but hopefully drivers will be available soon.
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Ive had the above machine for 3 years, was fine for 2 of them but now its become hard work.
When on the internet its very slow to load images etc and also sometimes when typing in the search box the letters are slow to appear and lag.
A local repair shop restored the machine and told me they reset the graphics card, it was fine for a day after this but then returned to the above faults.
I dont think there is much more i can do but it would be a shame to just put it in the trash.
Any advice is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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Hi everybody I recently bought a second-handed Satellite Pro L - P in mint condition and upgraded it to windows Unfortunately there is a problem with the wifi that I don't know if it appeared in the previous windows installation When I press to connect to one of the available wifi networks it fails every time and returns quot can't connect to this network quot regardless the signal shown Windows WiFi issue Pro L850-1P7 10 Satellite - UNLESS I am really close to the wifi router The wifi module is a Qualcomm Atheros AR x adapter AR B and I Satellite Pro L850-1P7 Windows 10 WiFi issue updated the driver to the latest one with no luck I also tried some older driver versions No luck either I chose quot Maximum Performance quot under quot Wireless Adapter settings quot and deselected the quot allow the computer to turn off this device to save power quot box under driver's Power Management tab Guess what nothing happened It still cannot connect to the wifi networks unless the laptop is close to the router My guess was that it is either a driver issue or a malfunctioning wifi module until I booted the laptop in Linux and everything worked absolutely fine It connected to the wifi network in less than a second So it must be a driver issue or a quot bad quot setting Any idea would be appreciated Thank you
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Purchased just under 2 years ago. Came with Windows 8.0 Upgrade DVD.
I now wish to upgrade to Win 8 (then onto Win 8.1).

No matter what I try (BIOS changes) can?t get the DVD to boot. Under CSM boot (default for the laptop) it returns a ?non system disc? error.

I have tried the DVD in other PC drives which also results in the same error message.
Other disks eg Windows repair & Tosh recovery disks all boot OK.

So I think the disk must be faulty.

My question is has anyone else had this problem or even successfully upgraded using the Toshiba supplied DVD?. Getting hold of Toshiba to get replacement DVD seems an impossible task especially 2 years down the line.

Any suggestions?

A:Satellite Pro L850-1L4 - Can't boot from Win 8 Upgrade Disc


First of all please go to BIOS and set it to default (load default) settings.

Then you should switch OFF the secure boot in order to be able to boot from external media like Disk or USB flash memory stick.

Here is an very interesting thread which provides an solution to similar booting issue using the Win 8 image.
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I'm running the Satillite Pro L PSKG A- that is just over months plays Pro 1 L850 headphone Satellite through only audio out of the box and at first audio ran smoothly when headphones were plugged in A few Satellite Pro L850 plays audio through 1 headphone only weeks ago that changed and now when I plug in my headphones I only get audio through the R headphone I have tried different pairs of headphones with the same result When I use the headphones in other devices they work perfectly Importantly audio plays in stereo through the laptop speakers when there are no headphones connected I have tried reinstalling the realtek audio drivers from the included cd but am unable to find and driver updates on the toshiba website I have also checked to make sure this isn't a Satellite Pro L850 plays audio through 1 headphone only settings issue and am unable to find a cause I really would like to be able to hear audio from both channels and after trying everything I can think of and isolating the issue to just the audio jack have a feeling there might be a dry solder issue on the audio out jack But I thought I would open up the issue to see if anyone else has any ideas I haven't thought of yet that might quickly fix the issue before I look the assumed long process of submitting a warranty claim

A:Satellite Pro L850 plays audio through 1 headphone only

I agree with you. This issue can be related to audio out port, especially if there is no problem with internal speakers and if they are working properly.
Let?s see what other people will post about that but what you can do at the moment is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider, explain the situation and ask for help.
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I PSKDGE Win driver L850-1D5 download Satellite - 7 bought a 'refurbished' L D from a CEX shop on eve of departure from UK Unfortunately it kept crashing and autoreinstalling Windows too frequently for me to even start loading backed up user data from other pc and eventually the HDD stopped working completely kaput not long after purchase I discovered the SDslot didnt work and Windows reported only half the GB memory stated on the paper label description on the lid and in the Toshiba spec While away I logged onto Satellite L850-1D5 PSKDGE - Win 7 driver download Toshiba Forums to enquire where the driver set is for my SKU Before you suggest I throw more money after bad by add even more to the cost of what has been a rotten ndhand purchase buying a Toshiba Windows Media DVD I have already lost for a laptop unusable from the start and so need to minimise any further expenditure repurchasing the Windows I already paid for Fortunately I made a note of the Satellite L850-1D5 PSKDGE - Win 7 driver download MS Registration KEY soon after Satellite L850-1D5 PSKDGE - Win 7 driver download purchase Had it not been on eve of my flight I obviously would have returned it for refund Unfortunately all attempts overseas using variousPC's to download drivers failed It turns out I guessed correctly Toshiba downloads are region locked as now I am briefly back in UK downloads now appear possible only now realised default Forum I registered on US only As CEX been of no help I urgently need advice on the following I have only a slow G connection with a low datacap during my short stay so all file downloads must be done at a Public Library When I visited the library computer I expected to find just set of Toshiba specific Windows Home bit Driver files for ether Part No PSKDGE- C NMD or L D but all I could find was a long list of drivers and it was not clear to me which ones I should use I had hoped the relevant drivers required for the PN and Windows version should all reside in a unique folder to prevent customers accidentally installing wrong drivers Failing that is it possible to receive a list of the fileset names used for the PSKDGE- C NMD for both bit and bit Windows The Library limits the time allowed on their computers If I can have a list of filenames particular to that PN and Win version in absence of all files in one folder maybe I can use that list to copy paste into the Toshiba Driver download area to rapidly download the required set The laptop had installed a 'CEX' branded Windows Home Premium I kept a safe note of the OEM Registration KEY Someone thought simplest way of reinstalling Windows is to download a Windows Home Premium image from the MS site burn to DVD or USB stick install and when prompted to enter the KEY enter the KEY value I noted I have not had to go through this procedure before Does anyone more familiar with it know if this method will work Reason I also ask for a list of a bit version is somewhere I had a bit version of Windows Obviously I would prefer to install a known good bit version of Win but if above won't work then bit nd best I have not added any 'tags' as I could not see where on the site to access list and it wont allow me to type my own Thank you in advance
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I have just learned that because win 7 home premium was preinstalled on this laptop, all my efforts to fresh reinstall windows for the past month were doomed to failure, and that I must contact Toshiba. So please help with how I can get an install disc for this laptop.
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I keep getting this message:-

Reconnect your Drive - You files will be temporarily copied to your hard drive until you reconnect your File History drive and run a back up.

I have a Satellite L850-1LK

A:Satellite L850-1LK - message - Reconnect your Drive

It's more of a Microsoft issue.
Have a look at the Microsoft Answers website
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I just bought an L850 laptop but because I have little strenght due to disability it is hard to click my mouse buttons. Is there a way to soften them up (maybe even by opening the laptop and removing the spring)?

Thank you.

A:Re: Satellite L850 - mouse buttons are too hard

As far as I know you cannot change anything. On some machines touchpad buttons are simply harder and it depends on construction. I?m afraid you must live with it.
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I would prefer one-finger scrolling along the right and lower edges of the touchpad (like my old Toshiba Satellite) but this Satellite Pro L850-1MJ has two-finger scrolling in the middle of the touchpad which is counter-intuitive (push up to scroll down) and more importantly means I have to hold my hand in a position which is killing my wrist.

If I go into mouse settings, I can switch on/off the various 'multi-finger' options relating to two-finger scrolling, and there is a separate option 'scrolling' - if I tick the box on I get a little graphic demonstration of one-finger scrolling, but it doesn't actually turn on the one-finger scrolling.

Can I get one-finger scrolling on this laptop? If so, how?

'Settings' tell me I have Synaptics TouchPad v7.5 on PS/2 Port and Synaptics Pointing Device v16.2.10.3 14 Aug 12

Any answers gratefully received, preferably before my wrist drops off!


A:Satellite Pro L850 - Synaptics one-finger scrolling

I don't know which version and settings do you have but if Synaptic settings on your machine looks like this than don't use ?Two finger scrolling? and enable option ?Scrolling?.
Click on this option and on the animation you will see how it works.
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Hello One of our schools recently brought Toshiba L and C Laptops As most of the staff use their VGA port to connect to their projector The VGA port needs to be strong Over the last few days we have had Laptops with the VGA Port actually come away from the laptop A simple nudge on the cable while it is connected breaks this port and we are unable to get a repair from Toshiba because it is our fault and is only YEAR OLD Fixing Satellite and issues C850 on L850 Multiple this issue will set us back an entirely new mobo which will most likely be the cost to buy a new laptop Out Multiple issues on Satellite C850 and L850 of the we brought we have had over half with faults within the first year of use under EU regulations regarding the item of being merchantable quality and fit for purpose these issues should be repaired for atleast years of purchase date otherwise the item is unfit for sale Other issues we have had with these laptops within the first year of purchase have been Overheating with Fans stopping We have had a Hard drive replaced TWICE with us having to purchase one our self's because Toshiba refused to replace as it was out of warrenty by weeks warranty being only year And finally a L that will not start It stops at the Toshiba loading screen before even reaching the BIOS faulty CPU or Memory Again this laptop breaking within years VALUE FOR MONEY i think not I am for sure thinking of moving away from Toshiba laptops in the future for our chain of schools which are due laptop replacements We also have over HP Compaq Laptops in schools from Not once had we asked HP for repairs What ever happened to good quality laptops nowadays And what ever happened to the screws next to the VGA port to hold the VGA cable to the laptop to prevent the VGA problem Not impressed at all

A:Multiple issues on Satellite C850 and L850


Sorry to hear all this. Of course it is not the best opinion about Toshiba notebooks but the first thing I?m asked myself after reading your posting was: why they have bought these L and C models?

As every other notebook manufacturer Toshiba offers different models with different hardware platforms and different prices. Following my logic notebooks used in school must be pretty robust and designed to be more in use. If you compare notebook from series L and C with notebook series P for instance you will notice big difference in design, quality and workmanship.

Of course there is big price difference and I can imagine school have limited budget and must look to obtain machines but also save some money.

What else to say? It is really annoying to have such problems especially if you need those machines for work. My only advice for you is to pick up more info about notebooks next time. It can be Toshiba or any other notebook manufacturer. Best thing you can do is to contact your local dealer and check several different models. Pay attention about quality and design.

Bye and good luck
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Hi I L850-P13 no - backlight replacing panel Satellite after have cracked panel Sister felt on cauch and sit on screen while computer laying on couch fully opened lid and machine was working Cristal leaked under the glas layer His soul left to heaven Sister is OK Brief inspection Satellite L850-P13 - no backlight after replacing panel found Satellite L850-P13 - no backlight after replacing panel that NB is still alive not a screen connected to external vga panel everything was working OK New panel was Satellite L850-P13 - no backlight after replacing panel ordered After reinstalation got no backlite Screen is dark but it is posible to see the content on screen if backlighted with torch or lamp It is working just all is on quot dark side quot First I can't get POST while external screen is connected It shows the picture when windows already starting For this reason I dare not to upgrade BIOS which is asked by Toshiba control center or what else is called that thing running on system It also asked for video driver update as well what I did but no difference At the Computer- Hardware list at the Display I can see two devices Both are recognised as Generic Display Other one should be external screen Is this normal I mean does at least LCd panell should be recognised as something else then quot generic quot Before replacement panel was ordered it happens to have another broken L this one was washed with water while ON Repair service send it back as quot total damaged quot I tried to put panel from this one in hope that will work and it did Panels were perfect matched type and model And it did worked Brightness was not the best and there were some distorsion at screen picture and flickerings So it was not useful for repairment I did switch PC off and on couple of times Every time the brightnes drop down Finally I gave up on trying and order wait for new panel When new one arrived got no backlight at all as mentioned above I wish to know how to get external screen to show POST from the very begining how I would be able to enter BIOS or BIOS update utillity Any other idea what may cause missing backlight having in mind described behavior of backlight during test with panel from quot water treated quot notebook

A:Satellite L850-P13 - no backlight after replacing panel

Ok I got external screen to start with bios. I need to disconnect local LCD only.
Bios is up to date. Cannot see anything clever there I may set. Still don't have backlight .
Need advice here.
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Hi everybody,

I just would like to know if the drivers available for Satellite L850-16D under the title "windows 8 upgrade" are good also for a total fresh installation of windows 8 64 bit, or if they are only good for an upgrade to it from windows 7 64 bit.


A:Question about Windows 8 drivers for Satellite L850-16D


The Win 8 Upgrade Assistant connects to an driver server and downloads the Win 8 drivers for the notebook.
This should function also with clean Win 8 installation.

But don?t forget to create a Toshiba Recover disk before switching to Win 8.
The recover disk allows you to go back to Win 7 if you would like to use the Win 7 in the future..
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Hi I just wanted to know what is the size of the dvd drive size of this ^ laptop because i want to relpace it with a tray for ssd. Is it 9.5 or 12.5?
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My display has stopped working all of a well on the external/secondary display..I am not able to find a new display in india..kindly guide me as to where can I order it in india..
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Since I upgraded to Windows 10 the following occurs:

The laptop battery shuts down unexpectedly without warning the minimum level, although the battery is charged
I bought a new battery and it is exactly the same as the previous battery

What can happen?

Regards and thanks

A:Satellite L850-150 shuts down even if battery is charged

More details
The initial computer operating system was Windows 7
I created two partitions
In the second partition I installed Windows 8
After a while I installed Windows 10 on Windows 7 and have also installed Windows 10 on the partition with Windows 8
In both partitions so does
The computer turns off when you do not have the power cable connected
Earlier in Windows 7 and Windows 8, this did not happen
Please help
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Hi guys

please can some help.

I have recently bought a Sat Pro L850-1DV laptop of the following spec

core-i5 2.5Ghz
WIN7 64bit with SP1
video driver =
Directx version 11.0

The problem is that every time i insert a USB device, the screen goes blank. I then have to move the
mouse or tap a key to bring back the screen..... it is really annoying.

Please can someone help as to why this happens and kindly suggest a fix.


A:Satellite Pro L850-1DV - screen goes blank upon USB insertion

Hmmm..... never heard about it. Does it happen when you connect any kind of external device using USB port? I just want to know if this is some kind of ?general problem?.

Do you use original preinstalled Win7 or your own version?
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Hello everyone!
I have just bought new Satellite Pro L850 with windows 7 64bit on recovery partition.
I have a big problem cause internal keybord doesn't work under the windows. Under the bios i can do everything i want. But from windows first configuration ( i cant even set computer name and user name) , keyboard doesnt work. I have clean windows version ( with toschiba programs - recovery partition).

It seems that is not a hardware problem cause under the bios keybord working.

Extra i have update the bios to newest version 6.50, but didnt notice any change.

Please help me with this issue, cause i dont have any more idea what to do now.

Good day and w8 for answers


ps. external keybord on usb working!

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A:Satellite Pro L850 - keyboard/ touchpad doesnt work

The whole story sounds unbelievable. Brand new notebook and keyboard is not working???
Install recovery image again and check if the situation is the same. If the problem persists contact your local dealer, explain the situation and ask for exchange.
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Very slow while setup any Windows on a Toshiba Satellite device L 850

What is the cause of this problem and I hope you reply Solution

A:Windows runs slow on Toshiba Satellite L850

Is it while the system is booting up or while windows is active, what is your system's CPU usage and do you see anything from system interrupts in task manager?
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Hello I have a Toshiba Satellite L - j PSKG E- D KCE working with i - QM and a AMD Radeon HD M The problem is I'm not able to install the Display Driver from AMD When I try to install the software and drivers this problem appears https youtu be AOiPq WVz M The first time this happen I was using Win I did the update to win one month ago and Satellite problem Display Toshiba - L850 Driver everything was ok until days ago I was working with my laptop Toshiba Satellite L850 - Display Driver problem with a external screen connected by HDMI and suddenly the screen started flashing with some green lines and a black backgroud something as you can see in the video I saw in internet that some people had problems doing the update to wion so I installed again windows to see if was something related with win but the problem persists I tried install the GPU from the intel CPU a Intel HD graphic card but is not possible use it as a main GPU I got this problem quot This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device Code quot I need help please to understand what can I do to fix this problem I took a look through internet and until now I did find any solution that could fix my problem Thanks for your help

A:Toshiba Satellite L850 - Display Driver problem


any solution?

Anyone knows if toshiba will make a bios update where I can switch the graphic card? From AMD to Intel...
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I am having problems installing Update KB2887069.

It appears to install okay ... invites me to restart ... when I do it says it is configuring ... gets to 7% then starts the restart ... shows it is configuring again ... up to 7 or 9% ... then reports it is failing and restoring ... restarts again ... and that's it ... not installed and reference to Windows Update confirms it has failed.

All the other updates I had today installed okay once I realised KB2887069 was the problem and omitted it from the update.

I'm running Win 7 Prof Serv Pack 1 - 64-bit on a Toshiba Satellite Pro L850 1DR. I use Microsoft Security Essentials as my AV software.

For now I have had to hide the update ... but anyone any bright ideas how to overcome the problem. I have tried Microsoft's site but as yet there are no answers that have provided a solution for me.

Thanks in anticipation!!

A:Satellite Pro L850 1DR - Problems with Windows 7 Update KB2887069

I googled around for KB2887069 update and it looks like you are not alone with this Microsoft update problem. I found also your request in MS forum.

This means this is not a notebook issue by this needs to be solved by Microsoft.

I read in MS forum about this issue and this issue is still under investigation.
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Someone gave me an l - L850 motherboard and issue lifespan Satellite short - v which has a dead mainboard I can see that the DC jack awareness light stays off when the DC plug is inserted and that's enough to confirm to me that the mainboard is defunct as an IT service had the same conclusion for that laptop and me and the IT service both tried to fix all the screen molexes So I checked online for this l I can find alot of people selling them with the same problem quot mainboard defunkt quot or quot wont switch on no display quot actually i find alot of brand new looking l with that Satellite L850 - short lifespan and motherboard issue error I checked the ebay for the mainboard it costs dollars and there is one working mainboard listed and FAULTY mainboards for it So i can only conclude that Tosh had some bad luck with that PC and that the mainboard outsourcing or whatever is causing them to fail very early I Iam writing this email on a cheap dell my mum bought years ago and i also had an inspiron prior to this cheap dell which can still switch on years later mobiles can hit the floor and are solid state and it's not difficult for mainboards to survive similar rigors to mobiles lenovo and dell can both make them i loved the design of the toshiba l i was given perhaps toshiba should get in the habit of binning developers work if they deliver products with bugs in it ONLY QUALITY is the kind of company i like in fact samsung binned copies of the first phone it made because the bosses found bugs in them and destroyed all the work of the company tosh i can't justify buying a mainboard for the l because for the same price i can have a new dell or lenovo which have slim chances of surviving years even if tosh products can be very good the l has SERIOUS MAINBOARD DESIGN HISTORY
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Hello I have some problems after - after BIOS version Satellite issues L850-1G8 Some upgrade Pro last last bios upgrade to version First of all I want to note that HW setup is not functioning for me I have tried to use this tool to change bios settings without success This has been Satellite Pro L850-1G8 - Some issues after last BIOS version upgrade also done by running this application with administrator privileges without success The initial problem appeared after I wanted to disable quot Panel Open -Power On quot setting This was enabled before the bios update and at some moment I wanted to disable it because it gave me a nightmare while carrying it because it would power on the computer while in a bag No matter how many times I tried to disable it it still appears enabled within HWsetup Another function there that I cannot alter is Boot Speed It remains on Fast even though I have tried to change that to normal I am running Windows x The case right now is this PANEL HWsetup reports PANEL Open - PANEL On as enabled while Bios shows it disabled It is in fact enabled and I have not managed to disable it I even tried enabling it in Bios and then trying to disable in HWsetup no change BOOT SPEED Boot Speed in HWsetup reports at quot NORMAL quot but is in fact quot FAST quot In Bios it reports its in NORMAL but its easy to tell its in FAST My questions are What can be causing this How can I reset all values in Bios to see if it fixes anything for a start Is it possible to flash the Bios with an older version to see if this corrects the problems I have I also need to mention that quot System settings quot never worked for me I get a message quot Checking supervisor password failed quot Please note there are no passwords installed I will be grateful for any given solution Thanks in advance

A:Satellite Pro L850-1G8 - Some issues after last BIOS version upgrade

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have exactly (full model name)?
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My son's Toshilba Satellite L50-B-1DV hasn't successfully run a Windows Update since last October - I only discovered this yesterday.

When I had a closer look the updates, and just about every kind of troubleshooting I try, is failing with the error message "0x80070057". I've rooted around online but can't see any obvious fixes.

We'd prefer to fix this ourselves but as the machine is only six months our next step is to take it back to John Lewis for repair - which would be a pity as he uses his laptop every day.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


A:Satellite L50-B-1DV Win8.1 - Windows Update Error Message 0x80070057


You have mentioned the error 0x80070057 while update installation.
This error occurs due to multiple reasons and therefore it?s not easy to say why this happens exactly. But the most common cause could be the missconfigured registry or damaged system reserved partition.

My recommendation for workaround:
Try to repair the system and the registry using CCLeaner. You could use this freeware software for registry cleaning as well as to remove the ?system garabage?.

If this does not help, try to repair the OS using the system?s own options.
The "Automatic Repair" option attempts automatically to diagnose and fix problems that may cause Windows 8 not to start or having a different wrong behavior.
Automatic Repair will start automatically when Windows is unable to start properly. If it detects any problems, it will automatically attempt to fix it but it can also be started manually.

Access to Automatic Repair can be found on the Windows 8 start screen. Now "Advanced" in the search box. When the search results appears click on the "Settings" category.

Now click on the option "Advanced startup options" and you will see the "General PC Settings screen". Look for the option "Advanced startup". Click on the restart now button and Windows 8 will restart your computer to access directly the Advanced startup menu.

Click on the "Troubleshoot" button and then the "Advanced options" button. Click on the "Automatic Repair" option. Your computer will now reboot and Windows is preparing the Automatic Repair. When it is done, you have to log in to an Administrator account.

Click on the "Continue" button to continue with the Automatic Repair. Automatic Repair will now start and attempt to diagnose the problem with your computer.

During the Automatic Repair process your computer may reboot. This is normal behavior. Once the Automatic Repair process has completed it will report if it was able to repair anything. If not you will be shown a prompt asking if you wish to shutdown or use some other tools.

If your computer is still unable to start, you should click on the "Advanced options" button, then select "Troubleshoot" and finally "Advanced options". For a failed automatic repair please try the integrated Windows "System restore" by using the recovery media or the "Reset" option.
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Hello out there,

since seven days i try to update my system to WIN8.1. from the first try i get the errorcod 0xc1900101 - 0x30018.
I have already made a reinstallation of WIN8 and deinstalled everything exept the networkdriver. Allways get the same message. The installation seems to work fine till deviceconfiguration 64%. Then it restarts and sets back to WIN8.
My system is Satellite Pro C870 -1EJ
Need some help, or better an solution.



A:Satellite Pro C870 - Win8.1 update - Error 0xC1900101 - 0x30018

Just solved it myself,

and for anyone else with the same Problem.
It has been the Catalyst suite. Just deinstalled it and voila
It now works.
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I am getting constant messages to upgrade from my Windows8 to 8.1.  Yet whenever I do this I get the error code Ox80070005. I have tried the fix recommended but still unable to upgrade. I notice that many others have had the same problem. Why do Windows
ask us to upgrade and then make it impossible to do so?!!
thanks for any advice
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I have a Satellite XC 250895Q. Windows 8 keeps giving me message my graphics card isn't working properly.
I go on the Radeon site and click on the appropriate boxes and let Radeon check my system to see if the drivers are current. It tells me I need to download something (?New driver) but when I do it tells me there is a problem with compatibility with my system.

I haven't noticed any problems with graphics.
It may be a Radeon problem, but what I got on my system is what got installed at the factory.

Thanks for any replie

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A:Graphics Card isn't working properly on Satellite L850 PSKFWA

Just a bit more info after I tried again:
Radeon tells me: AMD Catalyst Mobility is the best driver for my system. After downloading and trying to install I get the following message:
AMD Catalyst Mobility cannot be downloaded due to incompatible hardware/software on your computer.
The version of your graphics adapter is not supported.
Please contact your notebook manufacturer for a graphics driver update.
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I really appreciate if you can provide me with the Windows License for My Laptop since the windows Recovery Partition was Formatted by Mistake

here is the laptop specs

Satellite L850-B757
Part Number : PSKG8V-05M002AR
thanks for your support

Anas Shamasneh

A:Lost Windows Recovery Partition - Satellite L850-B757

Essential recovery medium can be ordered here:
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I need to activate virtual machine support in the BIOS so I can runVirtual PC XP mode under Windows 7 professional 64 bit.

I have tried all the usual things but can not get the BIOS menu up.

Can someone help?

A:Satellite Pro L850-1P8 PSKG7E-00C002EN cannot access BIOS on startup

To access the BIOS you have to press F2 while powering On the unit.
Press F2 several times in the row to ensure the key has been detected.
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Hi everyone I have a problem with Toshiba System Settings program I have to start with a short explanation I have polish version of Win upgraded from win I can't find the option that could make my Satellite L to don't turn on automatically after I raise it's cover It's really annoying In the control panel I suppose that's how it's called in english versions of windows in the power management section there isn't such option There's only quot choose the result of closing the cover quot and i have there quot shut the computer quot I have also the fast starting system option enabled In the BIOS quot Panel Open - Power On quot is DISABLED I remeber that there similliar option in Toshiba System Settings and before returning the system I solved this problem in that way But there's a problem with access to Toshiba System Setting When I try to run it I receive the notification quot Pr panel opening starts Satellite automatically display L850 ba sprawdzenia has a administratora zako czy a si Satellite L850 starts automatically opening display panel niepowodzeniem quot what means quot The try to check the administrator password ends with failure quot and there's only OK button Does anybody know how to fix the Toshiba System Settings Reinstallation doesn't work Thank You for any idea and I'm sorry for my bad english I'm not sure also if I wrote it in the right place Didn't know which forum should I choose Toshiba Tools amp Utilities like it's a problem with the System Settings or the forum associated to my notebook's model

A:Satellite L850 starts automatically opening display panel

I guess you are talking about the ?Panel Open - Power On" feature

You said that you upgraded the system from Win8 to Win 8.1.

Well, after such system upgrade its necessary to upgrade the Toshiba tools and utilities to Win 8.1 version too because the Win 8 software isn?t fully compatible with the Win 8.1 system.

I guess the Toshiba software was not updated and this is the reason why the Toshiba System Settings program does not work properly.
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Hi guys,

Have a problem with my Toshiba Sat Pro L850 PSKG9A-00C001

Every time i close my laptop screen and put computer to sleep and Then Wake it up again,

My screen is at MAX brightness (Blinding nearly) and i cant change it with my keyboard shortcuts and it says brightness is at Level 1!?


A:Satellite Pro L850 PSKG9A: cannot change brightens after wake up from sleep

Can you change it in certain power plan settings that you use?
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Please help I purchased of these laptops for my boys for high school They came loaded with Windows although I received an offer to update to Windows for a special price which I did In the process of doing this it instructed me that there were some conflicts with some before upgrade 8 tools which were Win Toshiba L850 Need removed PSKDLA: Satellite programs that I had to uninstall and then reinstall afterwards The programs I had to delete were Toshiba Satellite L850 PSKDLA: Need Toshiba tools which were removed before Win 8 upgrade Disc Creator Toshiba Face Recognition Toshiba Health Monitor Intel USB Extensible Host Control Driver Toshiba LAN Indicator Toshiba Recovery Media Creator Where do I find these programs to download I did look up Toshiba and entered the computer model but it didn't recognise the last part of the model PSK DLA I just want to make sure I am downloading the correct programs again I am also now having a problem with playing videos after downloading WIndows I can hear the sound but I don't get the picture This is also happening on my HP laptop I am using the Radeon Graphics AMD sorry I know this is going to show that I have a computer with no idea Can anyone point me in the right direction

A:Satellite L850 PSKDLA: Need Toshiba tools which were removed before Win 8 upgrade


All Windows 8 drivers are available on Toshiba EU driver page.
If some tools are missing then this means that such tools don?t exist for Win 8 at this time.

>Toshiba Recovery Media Creator
This is only a part of Toshiba image. The recovery disk creator creates recovery image from the system preinstalled by Toshiba. If you upgraded the system to Win 8, you will need to use another tools to create an system image.

Here also a nice documentation - Windows 8 Upgrade - Notes and Restrictions

By the way: Some drivers for Win 7 are compatible with Win 8
So you can also install the Intel USB 3.0 driver which was released for Win 7 on Windows 8 preinstalled notebook.
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Hi all First post and charger issues, the issue... L850 Satellite / normal battery - Mains not all that I have Satellite L850 - Mains charger / battery issues, not the normal issue... had a look through to see if I can find my particular issue and I don't think I can I posted this in a different sub-forum but then realised it belongs here d'oops An L It will work fine on battery but will not power from the charger cable Usefully a colleague also has another L I bought two together so I can charge my battery seperately in his machine If I start the machine on a charged battery it works fine If you then plug in the mains adaptor the lamp will light on the front of the machine but it's clearly not charging as the machine works until the battery is flat and then turns off and will not turn back on until you independently charge the battery and put it back in Every time the machine is powered on it also complains that the RTC battery is flat and you have to set the time in the BIOS This is the CR coin cell internally on the motherboard isn't it what I cannot understand is that the unit clearly understands that the charger is plugged in as the LED lights to say it is charging the battery Except it isn't and it's not keeing the unit on either Battery works for about mins these days after that machine dead Any ideas I'm assuming there is something wrong with the charging circuit internally but the fact that the LED lights when it is plugged in suggests otherwise Thanks for any ideas David

A:Satellite L850 - Mains charger / battery issues, not the normal issue...

Bit more information on this. When plugged in, the icon on the screen says "Plugged in, charging", but the battery icon animates charging only for about 10 seconds, then stops, and the battery is clearly not charging as the % drops away slowly.

I found from a google that one fix is the "remove everything, hold power for 30 seconds, reconnect". This has made no difference. I've also found advice to uninstall the battery driver software from the device manager and allow it to re-install. Done this, still no different.

I've had the hard-disc out and in a USB caddy to recover all my files, and am now doing the "factory restore" option which I think is from a restoration partition on the hard disc. This is working away, but I think is still running on battery only, so not sure if it's going to complete!
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After Wireless Win8.1 Error Intel 12 3945ABG after update Code the most recent update from Windows Store for Windows Pro my Intel Wireless drivers got busted I could only connect to the Internet via the Ethernet cable and no matter how hard I try re-installing uninstalling the drivers for the wireless drivers I still get the same outcome In Device Manger I checked the listing for Intel PRO Wireless ABG Network Connection In the Properties menu I get this message This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use Code If you want to use this device you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system I went to install software from Intel's website for diagnosing the wireless driver connection status so I ran Intel PROSet WIreless Tools and after clicking Diagnose Intel Wireless 3945ABG Error Code 12 after Win8.1 update gt Run Tests for Hardware Test I get this message Wireless Hardware is not bound to transport driver My wi-fi switch on the Intel Wireless 3945ABG Error Code 12 after Win8.1 update left side of my laptop is already turned on I switched it off uninstalled and deleted the driver and restarted the laptop to see if I could reinstall Upon turning back the switch on after logging into my Windows account I still get the same outcome code I have also searched on Google and the Microsoft forums for similar topics all point towards uninstalling deleting the drivers and re-installing I did those and none of them worked I would appreciate if someone can post a working solution

A:Intel Wireless 3945ABG Error Code 12 after Win8.1 update

I have the same problem
I resolved somewhat...please search onthe intel website "" or ""

But the drivers have some issue:

each time I powercicle, even the driver is full installed the support for wpa+tkip disappears, so the adapter will not works on those networks and I need to reinstall it again

waiting an update you may use this solution

kind regards
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Ever since this new update with 8.1 I can't install any new apps.. I first noticed when my Mail app stopped working and froze my computer. So I uninstalled the app and when I tried to install it back I get the screenshot below.. So I tried Yahoo Mail, some games, some other apps.. Nothing will work. Mail finally said it installed, but it's not on my computer and the app store says it's already installed. It's just really f'd up and I'm running out of ideas to try.. I have my own custom built computer, if you need the specs look under the specs drop-down, it's all there

A:Win8.1 Update Killed Apps, Error Code: 0x80073d0a

One of the solutions from Microsoft is to turn on/off Windows Firewall.. I use another Firewall so it's been disabled, but I no longer have the option to turn it on or off or get into any settings.. I get this error instead.. Microsoft seems to have screwed up my OS..
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On my computer there is a pre-installed Windows 8 which works fine for
UEFI boot (Secure boot not necessary).

Now when I switch in UEFI setup at boot time the UEFI mode into the CSM (BIOS) mode
and restart then Windows 8 is not starting any more.

As far as I find out an UEFI-based Windows 8 can only boot with UEFI mode enabled.

So my question is: Can I turn an existing UEFI based Windows 8 installation into
an CSM/BIOS based installation (=a Win8 which boots successfully even when I enable CSM in UEFI setup) ?

If yes: How do I do that?


A:Can I turn a Win8 installation for UEFI into CSM-Mode Win8

What OS are you trying to install?

Your other thread is about dualing booting Windows 7 & 8,
Can I boot with one Bootmanager Win 8 and Win7?
Windows 7 & 8 will dual boot in UEFI mode.
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M'y computer is blocked: error code 0xc000000d. No Windows 8 CD, what can I do ? Thanks
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Laptop does not boot up BUT displays this page
I would appreciate relavent help
I dont have a windows instalation disk
BUT I did create {when new} recovery disks
assuming windows would be included with that


Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
To fix the problem

1 Insert your windows installation disk and restart your computer
2 Choose language settings and then click next
3 Click 'repair your computer'

If you do not have this disk, contact your systems administrator or computer

maintenance for assistance

Status 0xc0000185
Info a required device is not connected or can not be accessed

[Enter=OS solution Escape=UEFI firmware settings]
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Windows will not boot Win does boot not 8.1 Error C850-1NU 0xc0000098 - Satellite Code Laptop is Toshiba Satellite C NU as from Saturday it will not boot up Error states quot The Satellite C850-1NU does not boot Win 8.1 - Error Code 0xc0000098 boot configuration Data File doesn't contain valid information for an operating system File BCD Error Code xc I have transferred recovery tools from another laptop to a USB stick and then enter bios of the Toshiba Laptop to make the USB drive to boot first It then comes up with the recovery tools I clicked on quot Refresh your pc quot it then reports quot The drive where Windows is installed is locked Unlock the drive and try again quot I clicked on quot Reset your pc quot it then reports quot Unable to reset your pc A required drive partition is missing quot I have also tried quot Automatic Repair quot and it reports quot Repair couldn't repair your PC quot I am at a loss as to get my sons laptop up and running again Advice would be much appreciated Thank you

A:Satellite C850-1NU does not boot Win 8.1 - Error Code 0xc0000098

Further to my question, *I have now resolved the issue.*

Thanks to phanlon7 on this link


I used a usb stick and copied recovery from another windows 8 laptop.
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Upgraded Satellite C850 to Windows 10 64 bit. CD drive has dreaded code 19. Plugged in external USB CD drive, initially OK but Code 19 when rebooted. Have done the registry upper and lower filter trick but no go. Any ideas
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I have a laptop of a friend and it crashed. It is a Toshiba satellite L755D - S5106. He wanted the hard drive wiped and a new version of windows 7 put on. I have a hard drive dock hooked to my desktop comp, and when I plugged in the laptop drive, it will not do a full format. When I put the hard drive back in, it gives me the error f3-f200-0002 and will not load Windows 7 off of the disk that I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:need help with toshiba satellite error code f3-f200-0002

Error:F3-F200-0002 - TOSHIBA FORUMS

The FalkTech post seems like it worked.

Edit: If nothing works I'd do a diagnostic on the drive. See if it went bad. At least if that's what happened you have the diagnostic results to show you did nothing wrong.
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I am after a little help please. I have a Toshiba c850 satellite laptop. It started displaying an error code.
I have purchased a re boot disc off the internet as I did not have a one.
When turn on my laptop and Toshiba start screen appears, it is saying automatic repair, then I get a message saying can not complete automatic repair as a partition is missing. Can anybody help me with this issue please?
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Hi all I have this game and I like it a lot but after playing some hours with it it frequently crashes under Windows It worked well under XP and Vista Usually when I am about to win the kingdoms of the map the computer cheats and quits with access violation I already set the Windows ignore access violation from this particular software but it does not want to listen to me The company neither responds to my asking for help nor disponibilizes a patch I bet this is a dead case but there might be some clever computer gurus out there who can figure out something Thanx anyway This is a typical event Faulting application name s tdl exe version time stamp x c f Faulting module name s tdl exe version time stamp x c f Exception code xc Fault offset x f Faulting process id x e Faulting application start time x cc e a Faulting application path C Program Files Mascot Entertainment Strategy - The Dark Legions s tdl exe Faulting module path C Program Files Mascot Entertainment Strategy - The Dark Legions s tdl exe Report Id c e -f db- e - - e b f

A:Exception code: 0xc0000005

When searching the web I find that most versions of this game were released in early 2007. I'd have to wonder if the game was compatible with Win7 (and maybe not even with Vista).

I would contact the game manufacturer to see if there is a patch or an adaptation to make the game work with Windows7
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WINDOWS BIT Hi all nbsp nbsp I would like to shim one of my application It installed and run fine with local admin rights but getting error message when user without admin rights run Event Viewer record following Faulting application name zzz exe version time stamp x cb b Faulting module code: 0xc0000005 Exception name abc dll version time stamp x cb ad Exception code xc Fault offset x d Faulting process id x d Faulting application start Exception code: 0xc0000005 time x cd b ac ff Faulting application path C Program Files x zzz zzz exe Faulting module path C Program Files x zzz abc dll Report Id f -dc - e - a - b b now if i give full permission to users of zzz exe file and it works when user without admin rights Like to shim this software so which compatibility fixes i can apply i had tried localMappedobject and give path to this file didn't work I have tried to run as administrator or run as xp mode no luck thanks in advance No automatic settings

A:Exception code: 0xc0000005


From your description, the zzz.exe application?s issue should be more related to the incorrect permission not compatibility. For this type problem, please configure the correct permission of the user account.

If some applications can run properly in the previous system but failed in Windows 7, it is the compatibility issue. We can try to launch it as compatibility mode or test it in
XP Mode.Kim Zhou

TechNet Community Support
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Howdy Thanks for taking the time to look at my issue I have been building computers for a while but this one code: 0xc0000005 Exception has stumped me and I would love any feed back you could provide Specs NVIDIA GeForce GTX Intel R Exception code: 0xc0000005 Core TM i - GHz ASRock H M-ITX ac LGA x GB DDR Windows -bit Professional Example Error Faulting application name igfxCUIService exe version time stamp x df f Faulting module name igfxCUIService exe version time stamp x df f Exception code xc Fault offset x eda Faulting process id x Faulting application start time x d dd a c Faulting application path C Windows system igfxCUIService exe Faulting module path C Windows system igfxCUIService exe Report Id f d- fd- e -af b- cbb b c This issues only seems to present it self in bit applications Strangely though plenty of bit applications run without fault Steps have taken to resolve the issue Flashed the BIOS to versions and Validated the RAM speed to be Removed the video card and used the on board chipset Replaced the RAM with a rd known to be good stick Ran quot sfc scannow quot with no errors Ran a memory diagnostic with no errors Ensured all drivers are up to date chipset video etc Ran Intel Diagnostic Tool with no errors From what I can tell I have narrowed down the issue to - a bad driver that I still haven t resolved - a bad Windows installation unlikely considering some -bit apps work - a bad motherboard I have fired off Exception code: 0xc0000005 an email to ASRock asking for any additional help they could provide but no response yet Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Exception code: 0xc0000005

Another example error once I removed the Intel Graphics driver:

Faulting application name: TESV.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x51437ce5
Faulting module name: TESV.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x51437ce5
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00b52e8a
Faulting process id: 0x41c
Faulting application start time: 0x01d0dd2d4e5037f8
Faulting application path: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\TESV.exe
Faulting module path: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\TESV.exe
Report Id: 8d07b302-4920-11e5-945b-4cbb58b5c356
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I'm running a Windows XP Pro system, 2gb good RAM, AMD Athlon 64 3500+, nVidia GeForce 9800 GT. I attempted to install a copy of Oblivion (which I have had and used many times in the past). The disk is in very good condition, and can be used on another machine. I have tried it on multiple drives for this one PC, but now, it will not complete the loading of the InstallShield Wizard. It gives me this error:

Error Code: -5006 : 0x80070001
Error Information:
>SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1194)
PVENDOR:Bethesda Softworks (

I have searched for a solution online, but have not found one that works yet. Any suggestions?
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Does someonw know which boot key combination is working for the L850-1k0 ?
I flashed a modded bios, that first worked, then changed settings for the graphic card, shut down and now the laptop is with black screen (also at external monitor on VGA or HDMI).

Now I try to reflash the original BIOS (InsydeH20 6.8) with wincrisis ( which should boot from usb, which would be indicated by the flasing light on the usb), but this needs certain key combinations held during powering on, that differ: I tried with the ones I found googling for similar models, Fn + Esc, Fn + Esc, Windows + F, Windows + B, Fn + B - but nothing worked, no activity at the usb.

So does someone know the working combination f?r this model L850-1k0?
I did not find something searching for it online!

Help would be very appreciated!

Thank You!
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Been trying all day to install Windows updates (all 8), but continuously get *Error Code: 8024200D unable to action*

Never had this problem before on Satellite L955-108

A:Error while Win 8 Update installation on Satellite L955-108

In my opinion it is Microsoft related issue so check please this page.
I hope you will find answer there.

Any feedback is welcome!
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I have a satellite A65-S126. model no. PSA60U-02KO15. the laptop is failing to boot. When l power it up, Iit requires me to pick last known good configuration or us the safe mode options.
I have tried to reinstall the operation system and when the installer tries to copy files to the disk, it gives the following error message, "file ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. the error code is 7. setup cannot continue, press any key to exit"..
l have checked my dvd rom by way of installing it on another similar laptop and it has worked. Have also checked my memory modules and they again proved to be working.
Your assistance on this matter, team, will greatly be appreciated.

A:Satellite A65-S126. File ntkrnp.exe could not be loaded. Error code is 7

See this link:
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I've been working on this for a week now HELP Setup Windows Ultimate bit HP Pavilion dv Laptop - Intel i GB RAM GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD dedicated video card Chauvet X-Factor DMX interface USB powered - seperate USB bus M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB audio Interface - seperate USB bus ShowXpress including current windows Fix Cakwalk Sonar Professional Usage Using Cakewalk Sonar files to control ShowXpress via MIDI linked with LoopBe virtual MIDI driver I've used this combination for our shows for the past year on an older Compaq running XP with no problems whatsoever Running Sonar and ShowXpress -something That computer is w/ 0xc0000005 Exception code: APPCRASH done with so I've upgraded Problem While playing through song files in Sonar thus triggering MIDI to ShowXpress I APPCRASH w/ Exception code: 0xc0000005 get ControlBoard exe APPCRASH errors Sometimes I can go hour Sometimes not even one song Here's the complete error - - - - - - - - - Faulting application name ControlBoard exe version time stamp x cacade Faulting module name ControlBoard exe version time stamp x cacade Exception code xc Fault offset x cce Faulting process id xa Faulting application start time x cb cda a e f Faulting application path C Program Files ShowXpress ControlBoard exe Faulting module path C Program Files ShowXpress ControlBoard exe Report Id e da - APPCRASH w/ Exception code: 0xc0000005 d - e -b a-b b e cf - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Exception code is always the same xc Through msconfig I've disabled AVG Antivirus as well as many other services and programs In device manager I've disabled the wireless networking device as well as the internal audio devices analog mic speakers amp HDMI audio device I've disabled Windows firewall and disabled DEP for ControlBoard Live and ScreenControl Nothing has stopped the problem I'm am at a loss A beast of a laptop and I'm stuck Am I missing something TIA Patrick

A:APPCRASH w/ Exception code: 0xc0000005

I've also ran the latest mem86 3 times from the ISO provided on their website - no memory problems
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I have just bought a satellite click 10 but I cannot activate windows. The error code is 0xC004C008 which is the product key has exceeded its unlock limit. Can anyone help.