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USB port on external hard drive broke. How can I access it?

Q: USB port on external hard drive broke. How can I access it?

I have a 2 TB Western Digital My Book 3.0. The USB Port on my hard drive broke, so I can no longer access it on my laptop or desktop via USB. Is there any other way for me to access my data? Would I have to open it up?

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Preferred Solution: USB port on external hard drive broke. How can I access it?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: USB port on external hard drive broke. How can I access it?

Short of taking it somewhere for repair, it sounds like you're going to have to open up the case to get inside the drive. Once you've done that, you have two options:

1) If the connector is still functional you can connect it to your computer with the case removed and transfer your data, or

2) You can disconnect the bare drive from the guts in your case and connect it directly to your motherboard so that you can read the data from it.

....or purchase another enclosure of the correct size 2.5inch or 3.5inch
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I have a 2TB Western Digital My Book Essentials, it's filled with tons of old photos, movies, docs, games, and I'm scared to think of what else. The SATA to USB connector broke on it, so I took the drive apart and put it inside my computer. I opened up device manager because it wasn't showing up automatically and the 2TB is showing up as unallocated, I'm freaking out now because I'm scared the data was somehow deleted.

What do I do?

edit: I realize also this isn't directly related to Windows 8 (besides the fact it's the OS I'm on), but I don't know where else to post it. I'd also like to say that I had a really deep feeling the drive was going to break continually for about two weeks before it happened, so if you have a similar feeling about something, don't ignore it!

A:External hard drive shell broke, salvaged internal drive

As long as your hard disk is still spinning & recognized by Windows, the data in your hard disk is still there, just the File Allocation Table got corrupted, You'll have a good chance to recover your data. What you need is a data recovery program, I use this program in the past:

Data Recovery Software Products - Runtime Software Products

In the mean time, leave this hard disk alone, do not initialize or format it when Windows offers to do so.
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I have an AMD box with K RAM with Maxtor One-Touch drive broke access) W2K (external my Installing links! for backup and a Zip drive Tech guy who installed the upgrade from my origina W SE to Windows did a quot clean install quot which wiped out my links to my programs Installing W2K broke my links! (external drive access) on the hard drive AND severed all connection with my external HD and Zip drives The programs that I used to use are still on the C drive -- I can see them by going My Computer- gt C - gt folder - gt program But most of them won t start up when I click on them The installation programs for those I downloaded were Installing W2K broke my links! (external drive access) for security ahahaha placed on the external HD so I can t get at them Anybody know of any way I can a restore the connections to the external HD and Installing W2K broke my links! (external drive access) Zip drives most urgent problem and b re-connect the programs which are on the C drive but not answering when they are called I guess it ll be a while before I can start to call myself a geek if I get into binds like this -- Dick Eney nbsp

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So here is the issue I have an Hp Pavilion dv t or can't remember with an I prcessor anf gb RAM running Win Home pc Hard run I Drive from external? SIMPLE QUESTION: Broke-Can Premium Hard drive stopped working error I have a tb external hard drive WD that SIMPLE QUESTION: Hard Drive Broke-Can I run pc from external? has a SIMPLE QUESTION: Hard Drive Broke-Can I run pc from external? complete backup of my broken hard drive root of external drive has folder called WindowsImageBackup as well as a quot folder quot with my computer name what windows asked me to name my computer and a weird icon like a cd or something instead of a folder I also have the windows install disk ------- So my question is can I get my laptop to run using the external drive Ideally I want to be able to substitute my broke hard drive with the external one running windows with the image backup so everything is just as it was I have tried plugging in the external drive usb and changing the bios bootup priority so that USB is first however when I restart it does not recognize the external drive and skips to the next bootup If anyone can tell me if this is possible I would greatly appreciate it plus give any tips on how to make this work I want to tun my pc before I get a new hard drive Thanks a TONNN

A:SIMPLE QUESTION: Hard Drive Broke-Can I run pc from external?

Easiest fix would be to get a new bare laptop HD from Probably $125.00 or less depend on the storage size (GigaBytes)
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In addition to regularly backing up my Win Home Premium PC on a USB I also copy all of the important files from my PC to an external hard drive which I removed from a non-working laptop about a year or so ago Until yesterday no problem plugging the external hard drive into my pc USB port and copying however yesterday there was the message quot USB Device not recognized quot I plugged the external hard drive into a different USB port and it worked fine However when I use the USB port that the hard drive did not work in that port does work with my other devides camera mouse headset So is there a problem with the USB port though it works with other devices or the external drive which works in a different port And should I be concerned that there might be additional problems in the near future with the external hard drive Thank you in advance for your help Jane
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For Problem Hard Port drive/USB External Christmas I received a GB external hard drive When I got it I plugged it External Hard drive/USB Port Problem into my computer set it up everything worked without a problem At some point not long after External Hard drive/USB Port Problem I had to restart my computer for some reason and I did not eject the hard drive before doing so when I restarted the drive was not recognized and no series of plugging it in or restarting things would make it work in the port Eventually I discovered that plugging it into another USB port would make it work I have one USB port and USB ports That worked until I needed to restart again then the second port would no longer work with the hard drive This has happened each time I have restarted and the last time the hard drive was safely removed before restarting I am down to my last working USB port none of the others will work with my external hard drive I now have to restart and am scared that when I do the last port will no longer work with my external and I will no longer be able to use it on my computer Any suggestions on what I can do or theories on why this is happening nbsp

A:External Hard drive/USB Port Problem

Odd situation. Have you tried looking for a BIOS update for your motherboard or an updated driver for your USB?
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I have an external hard drive but whenever I hook it up it doesn t reconize the port as being a USB so it doesn t operate a top speed I checked in device manager and in BIOS at start-up and both so High Speed as being enabled I have no problem using this hard drive on other computers The driver I have for this is Driver Version Driver Date I found the following driver available Driver Version Driver Date USB Not 2.0 External Hard Port Reconizing Drive I didn t download or install the new driver yet because of the below message Extra Info VERY INPORTANT INFORMATION This is a package utility which installs INF files that inform the operating system how to properly configure the chipset for specific functionality such as USB and AGP Updating drivers may not change driver date and version number Download Location External Hard Drive Not Reconizing USB 2.0 Port is a The Intel Application Accelerator enables faster delivery of data from the hard drive to the processor and other system level hardware you might which to download to your system Second NOTE Periodically Intel releases updates for the Intel R Chipset Software Installation Utility These updates are primarily to address new chipset External Hard Drive Not Reconizing USB 2.0 Port releases From time to time a new version of the Intel R Chipset Software Installation Utility might be released that could contain a bug fix Intel generally recommends that you do not update to the newer version if you are not experiencing issues with the version of the Intel ChipsetSoftware Installation Utility that is currently installed on you system For more information please refer to the following link http www intel com support chipsets inf upgrade htm Any suggestions nbsp

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I am not sure if this is hardware or software issue One of my USB drive is not recognizing my Western Digital external hard drive I have to plug the external drive cable into the other side of my laptop in the combination SATA USB socket The USB drive in question works with other things like headphones For example--today I plugged the drive cable into the uncooperative socket The Unlocker for the WD drive showed briefly Since the WD external drive is password protected and Unlocked drive opens first asks for the password then the file drive will open I put in the password into the Unlocker recognizing USB Hard Port drive not external drive The Unlocker drive disappeared but the file drive which should appear afterward failed to appear There was nothing in Windows Explorer on the left file tree showing the WD drive was even present although it was plugged in Then I plugged the WD external drive cable into the other socket and it worked normally Suggestions for fixing this appreciated specs Win Pro -bit Sony Vaio Dual Boot configuration with Linux on the other partition The internal USB Port not recognizing external Hard drive HDD has GB total split between the two OS's RAM - GB CPU - Intel Core i Q GHz Let me know if anymore specs are needed

A:USB Port not recognizing external Hard drive

Changed title to "USB port" from "USB drive", the drive connects to the USB port/connector.
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OMG! My Maxtor external hard drive was accidentally bounced off the hardwood floor. It is a back-up to my 7 year old PC suffering from the whirr of death. I started to copy files from the ED to my laptop but was not even close to finishing the process when it fell. Years of music, photos etc are all on the drive. It gets even better -- the PC is dead.

The data port has broken off/pushed in and and is rattling around inside of the the casing. Power to the Maxtor appears to be working fine. What should I do now?

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My Seagate 1tb external hd is not recognized by the usb 3 ports,  the usb 2 port works fine.  Had the same problem with the same drive on my ASUS q302la and was advised by ASUS to disable legacy usb support in the bios and that worked, but there is no similar bios switch in the Starwars bios.

A:Seagate external hard drive not recognized by usb 3 port.

Hello @jerryemery, Welcome back to the HP Support Forums! I read your post about the USB port issue, and wanted to assist you! Try reviewing the following resource, and let me know if it helps:USB 3.0 External Hard Drive not recognized in Windows 8.1/10(Not an HP supported Web site). Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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HELP!!!  My external hard drive was damaged in a move and the USB port that attaches to the computer has become detached from the card that has the SimpleSave software on in order to access the data on the hard drive.  I have looked everywhere to find out how I can access this data without it, but no answers.  I need to purchase a new card with the USB port on it but cannot get through to HP Customer Service.  Can anyone help me in order to retrieve my data onto a new external hard drive.
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i know you all work so hard i m sorry to bother you but i m hoping someone will be able to help me my mo old used simpletech gb ext hd w replacement mini b to dual male usb cable i have committed some sins like leaving it plugged in for long periods of time or accidentally pulling out the cord and i want to mention that the other day after that happened i could hear very faintly like the drive was skipping a little and i could not internally stop the drive and had to disconnect it once disconnecting my b external drive hard port? mini damaged keeps - more to make its blue light go off - but after that i plugged it in and it seemed to work okay still and now the mini b connection which i think stayed in place before is now so fragile that literally if i barely breathe while resting my external hard drive keeps disconnecting - damaged mini b port? the drive on my lap w my laptop the drive will no longer be recognized by my computer i have to be PERFECTLY still i can barely get in to look at my files before it happens again do you think i should try a new cable or duct taping the mini b not too firmly though because pushing the plug also makes it disconnect in place or do you think i physically damaged the mini b port when the cord accidentally pulled out do you think my files are toast i know you all work so hard and might not have time to help me but thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read this nbsp
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I'm in deep doggy-doo.

When my 2TB Sata-III drive wasn't being recognized (ported to a new build), I pulled the data cable off to check the connection and off came the little plastic tab that guides the plug onto the pins!

Without it, there is nothing to press contact between the cable & pins, let alone hold the cable firmly in place.

Worse, I can't even plug it in to rescue the data off it! I suspect I must have damaged the connection somehow when I plugged it in. The pins appear fine (within reason considering what happened.)

Gluing the tab back in place is no help if the connection still doesn't work and I need to unplug it again.

Am I screwed or is there a way around this mess (short of paying hundreds to some recovery service)?

A:Plastic tab on SATA drive port broke off

Oh boy do I know the feeling, I once pulled off the same thing from a month old mobo, but I was able to find a replacement in a shop and soldered it back, maybe you can do the same ? Try finding a female SATA and soldering the other end of it to the HDD ?
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I assume I scheduled checkdisk on one of my external drives L Now I cant access any of the data stored on the drive All I can see is a bootex file with the following information Checking file system on L The type of the file system is FAT A disk check has been scheduled Windows will now check the disk Volume Serial Number is - F Convert lost chains to files Y N Yes KB in recovered files Windows is verifying free space Free space verification is hard external Cant my drive access complete Windows has Cant access my external hard drive made Cant access my external hard drive corrections to the file system KB total disk space KB in hidden files KB in folders KB in files KB are available bytes in each allocation unit total allocation units on disk allocation units available on disk When I hover over drive L that listed on quot my computer quot it says I have GB free space and total size is GB How can I retrieve the information stored on this drive Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp
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I have a 40 gig external hard drive which I use for backing up some of my files. I use the "Second Copy" program to automatically backup certain files. It seems the external hard drive filled up without my realizing it and now it will not open.

When I attempt to open it I get a message which says: "Disk G is not formatted - do you want to format it now?"

I've tried disconnecting it from the power source and usb connection and then reconnecting, but it still doesn't allow me to open it.

When I go to properties for the external drive, it shows it is full on the pie chart but shows 0 bytes.

Any suggestions?
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I've been using this hard drive for a while, and now all of a sudden I cannot access it. Under My Computer, it is referenced by Local Disk (H: ). Usually, it says MK HD (F: ) or (E: ). When I left or right click on the disk, Windows Explorer freezes. I have tried changing the letter of the drive by using Disk Management,however Disk Management gets stuck while saying "Connecting to Virtual Disk Service...".

Any suggestions on how I can access my hard drive? Data recovery is sort of important, but if a reformat is necessary, then that is fine.

A:Cannot access external hard drive.

I would try another cable first, or another port. What type drive is it?
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I have a Dell Dimension 8250, 2.53ghz, 768mb memory. When I hookup the external drive the red light LED comes on to show contact but then it continuously blinks in a periodic fashion and I cannot access the hard drive nor does it show up in Explorer. It worked satisfactorily once allowing me to partition the hard drive and install software and files. Then something happened and it now no longer works. In desperation, I took the hard drive over to a friends computer, the same model as mine, plugged it in and the hard drive worked perfectly. Obviously, there is something wrong with this machine that I get this rhythmic, intermittent red light blinking when the external hard drive is hooked up to the USB 2.0 connection. Can anyone help me in this dilemma? Thank you for your answer. The external hard drive iis a Western Digital 80gb USB 2.0 7200RPM.

A:External Hard Drive No Access

What operating system is on the PC?
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Hi Can anyone please help I have a Seagate External Hard Drive holding my business and Hard External Drive? Can't Access home files annd documents Today when I plugged it in to the PC access the files it simply would could not the little green light just flashed instead of beaming constant and the drive just showed as disk F not the usual Seagate Expansion so obviously it can't access the drive I have used another PC and usb lead just the troubleshoot them avenues but it's still the same I can tell you there is no funny noises whatsoever coming from the drive when plugged in I'm not bothered about losing the use of the drive as a matter of fact if I can access the files and folders I will discard the drive I just want to get hold of all the content some of it is very important Is there a way to bypass the problem and access the files so that I can remove all the content is there some product I can buy to do this if nessasary Also there is a small dent on the inner metal casing just above the small socket that accepts the usb lead could Can't Access External Hard Drive? this be the cause It has blimped a few times in the past but with the second plug in accessed the drive until now so again can anyone shed any light on this issue Thanks guys John
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I've windows XP and I can't use my WD My Book 500GB Essential edition. I have only had it a month and it has stopped working.

It isn't visible in "My Computer" or Disk Management but it installs when i plug it in and it can be "safely unplugged" from the safely remove hardware icon.

It's visible in Device Manager as both a WD drive and a "USB Mass Storage Device" and when I double click on either the Device Status box says the Device is working properly.

Any help would be really appreciated!


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Hi guys

I'm having some family pictures on my external hard drive that i would really like to get back...but i'm afraid that the worst could happen...

When i click to open my hard drive i get

"error preforming inpage operation"

I've tried to restore my pc and restore point is telling me that it can't restore drive :L reason it was off or it wasn't there during that desired date...

I've also tried to update my drivers with driver scanner and it is telling me that usb mass storage device is corrupted....

I have no clue does it relate to my external hard drive...

I'm using windows xp media center edition

Any ideas?

Thank you guys and have a great weekend

A:Can't access my external hard drive :(

I would first try removing the drive from the enclosure and installing it in the computer direct. The drive may be fine just a bad enclosure. Also I have had luck running drives at different angles when they don't want to start. If that doesn't work and the drive is spinning up you could download some recovery software, This one is a sourceforge project with pretty good rankings so you may give it a try.

I would avoid running a chkdsk until the very end as it can solve the problem or make data recovery nearly impossible by moving stuff around on the drive and overwriting what you want to recover.

There are other things to try when you come to the conclusion its gone and you don't want to spend the big bucks to send it to a recovery service but they are all things that will make the hard drive unusable after the attempts.
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I'm running Win98SE...trying to attach a Maxtor external 200 GB hard drive.

I was able to partition the drive, but upon restart I get the error message "a device attached to the system is not functioning."

In "my computer" I can see the F: assigned to this drive, but can't open it. I think it still needs to be formatted, but I can't do that yet because all I get is that error message.

In searching online I find a variety of problems with this error message, but none seem to apply to this situation.

I'm having other software/error messages with this computer--just uninstalled Norton Cleansweep and that fixed some of it--but I'm stuck on the hard drive issue.


A:Can't access external hard drive

In My Computer, Right click on it and select "Format".

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Every time I plug my western digital hard drive into my pc, it shows up in my task tray as hardware found, but will not show up anywhere else. I have lots of stuff on it and need to figure out what to do. Not sure what happened one day it just stopped showing up. Oh actually it shows up in my disk manager but cant seem to do anything with it from there either. Any help would be appreciated.

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I recently replaced my old PC with a new laptop that has Home Premium installed. To save my files I bought an external enclosure. I installed the drivers on a laptop with XP installed and I could access the files no problem.

Now however I've installed the same drivers (that were supplied with the enclosure) on Vista and cannot access the disc.

When I open it the bar at the top of the window slowly fills and then stalls out right before its full, meaning I can't access my files.

Am I missing a trick? Is there a secret method of accessing my files on the disc in Vista?
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I'm running Windows XP. My 500GB (ST350032 OAS USB device) external drive always worked fine. All of a sudden I can't access it. Doesn't seem to boot up. Says the F: is not formatted. I have loads of music and games on it. Disc Management reports the following: Layout: Partition, Type: Basic, File System: Blank ??, Status: Healthy, Capasity: 465.76GB, Free Space: 465.76GB, %Free: 100% Please Help! Thanks, Edmund

A:Cannot access external hard drive

You may be able to access this drive with a Linux Boot disk like Ubuntu:
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I had to 'dismantle' my sons external hard drive. The usb socket was fixed dirctly to a circuit board. He managed to unfix it. To get in the case was brute force. I disconected the circuit board from the drive and connected power and usb cables directly to the drive. Part of a proper kit. I have used thios many times with ide drives. This is a sata. There is a ticking for moment each time I connect the power, and no more. It is not visible as a drive on the laptop. My questions are...
Should it be possible to read the drive directly or does the circuit board within the casing have to be connected?
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Western Digital external harddrive connected to a USB port
It was working fine
It is listed in Device Manager
When I go to Device Manager ang click Properties, message says it is working properly
I removed it an rebooted ang got the new device found message
The system must see it on boot-up as the activity light flashes
I am running Win XP Pro
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi All,

after plugging in the external hard drive after a while I get you need to format the disk in F:\ do you want to format?

After a while throws another warning saying F: is not accessible, Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

It was working well until last week but then suddenly started giving this error message.

Anyone has an idea how can I go about this?

Thank you for your time.

A:cannot access external hard drive

Discs do go bad and that may be the case here. I suggest you download the diagnostic utility from the HD manufacturer and run it.
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I have a Western Digital external hard drive, 360gb, that I can't get into. It lights up, spins like its supposed to, no strange noises...everything seems ok. But when I plug it in, my computer won't recognize it. It's always been plug and play, but apparently not anymore. Under device mngr it shows up with the ellusive question mark. It's only a few months old, only been filled to about half of its capacity, never dropped or damaged, just turned it on and can no longer get into it. I've also tried it on 2 other computers with no luck. Is there a way to recover my information without spending $200 and hour (rates I've seen) or allowing strangers acces to extremely personal info (tax records, photos, financial info, etc.)?

A:I Can't Access My External Hard Drive

If you go to "my computer " can you see it? If so rightclick and than propperties. What do you see there?
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Hi everyone I'm having trouble with my external hard drive a TB Western Digital My Passport I error-checked my hard drive via My Computer it? I hard external How drive my to access do fix - gt Properties on the external hard drive - gt Tools - gt Check Now under error checking It took incredibly long left How do I access my external hard drive to fix it? it for about hours How do I access my external hard drive to fix it? and it had only scanned maybe of the hard drive so therefore I cancelled it After I did this it no longer appeared in My Computer any more however it did pop up once or twice and hasn't since I've checked and updated all of my drives using Device Manager so I'm confident that there is no issue there I can see the disk in Disk Management but it says unallocated or that it needs to be initialised I can't really do anything there without running into an error such as quot The request could not be performed because of an I O error quot I've used tools such as WD Lifeguard Minitool How do I access my external hard drive to fix it? and WinHEX but I cannot access the disk in order to scan it I am confident that this is not a physical issue with the drive but instead maybe the beginning of the drive has been corrupted Can anyone help me I'm really desperate Thanks so much in advance

A:How do I access my external hard drive to fix it?

Do you have data on that disk that you want to keep.
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Please help! I can't open my external hard drive . It shows up in device manager and devices and printers as working properly but when I open explorer -my computer it doesn't show up anymore. There is something different showing as removable storage (h instead of the usual freegate drive. I have a lot of files on this drive and need them.

A:Can't access my external hard drive

see if you can take ownership
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I've just installed windows 7 today, so it's my first time using it.

Currently, I have a problem with my external hard drive because I can't access it in My Computer. It's being detected in the driver manager and computer management, but I don't know how I can get it to show up in my computer.

I MAY have accidently formatted it during windows installation, but I'm unsure. I would really like to retrieve my files!

I've attached a few screen shots to help with the explanation of my situation.

Thank you in advance for your help!! :D

A:Can't Access External Hard Drive

I am assuming Disk1 298gb unallocated is the drive you are talking about ?

Can you right click on it & initialize it ? Not format it ! And assign it a drive letter.
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About Hard Can't Access my External Drive a week ago I purchase a SimpleTech GB External Hard Drive It worked fine on my old laptop a Toshiba Satellite I bought a new laptop yesterday a Sony Vaio and now when I plug in my HD it will show up on my computer but when I try Can't Access my External Hard Drive to click it to open the files it says quot Location is Not Available H is not accessible Access is denied quot The weird thing is if I go to search and search for the title of a song that s saved on my HD it will find it let me click it and play it But when I try to open the drive itself to look at or use any of the content itself or move a file so that I can transfer it to my MP player etc it won t let me My laptop operates on Vista if that makes any difference Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Can't Access my External Hard Drive

have a look in computer manager
on XP its here - not sure of vista
control panel
admin tools
computer management
disk management
then look and see how its been assigned and what condition its in
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I have recently had to ditch my old computer windows xp, and bought a new Dell running windows Hoem repmium 7 (64 bit). I had a 32 bit ide external hard drive and had backed up my files there. Having got the enw copmpouetr set up I am trying to access my archived files on the 32 bit to transfer to new hard disk, but am unable to do so. Windows explorer locks up. HELP

A:How do I access my 32 bit external hard drive from Windoews 7

32 bit external hard drive means? Is there a 32 bit OS installed?
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I made a mistake by changing something I should not My system is dutch so I must translate which is probably not always clear sorry for that Here is what happened I opened filebrowser and I external access changed to hard drive saw a little icon with two heads under my external hard drive I thought that has something to do with sharing I right clicked on this external hard drive and chose 'sharing with' Then on 'advanced sharing' and a new window opened I choose the label 'security' and there I saw three user groups to have acces to my hard drive The first was EVERYBODY or everyone which surprised me so I changed it Now I do not have acces to my harddrive at all and I can not change it back either It says 'you should have reading permission to see the properties of this object' or so changed access to external hard drive Can anybody guide me through the process to reverse my misstake looking for a sollution I found out that I never enabled the possibillity to restore the last systemchange Well they say one learns from ones mistakes
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I have a problem with an external hard drive with some fairly important bits and pieces on it. First windows wanted to check it for consistancy, it got one percent of the way through and crashed with a message saying something about a bad region. now when i connect the hard drive it recognises it but windows explorerer wont show the files and freezes when i try to view them, eventually telling me that the hard drive is not formatted and would l like to do that now. there is about 100 gig of data on there that i would like access to, would it be better to find a way to transfer it off or is there any possibility of getting the thing working again?

A:Cant access my external hard drive,bad regions?

Some of the best data recovery software out there

you need to know if the drive was formatted NTFS or FAT

if the hard drive is failing (most likely) this may not get all the data.
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Hi, everyone.
I have a samsung s2 500 GB hard drive. It was working until yesterday, now I can't seem to access this.
Here's the problem. When I plug it in, it doesn't show the SAMSUNG(P but only "local disk(P". It shows that I should format it.)
Also, every time I try to right-click the local disk(P, it only ends up to not responding.

I tried changing renaming it, but still nothing. I checked if it is installed properly, and it does.
There is also no ticking sound in the disk inside, and the light is also lit up.
Please help me, there are so many important files inside and I hope it will not end up being formatted.

A:I can't access my samsung external hard drive. please please help

Hi, everyone.
I have a samsung s2 640GB hard drive.Now I can't seem to access this.
Also, every time I try to right-click the local disk(L), it only ends up to not responding
please helip me
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Hi all here's Win access USB in adapter hard external via drive Cannot 8.1 my problem I recently bought a Cannot access external hard drive via USB adapter in Win 8.1 new Lenovo laptop after spilling a little water in the touchpad keyboard of my old Toshiba Satellite I think it fried the Satellite's keyboard as I couldn't get the keyboard to respond and the computer was stuck in BIOS mode As far as I know the broken laptop's hard drive had no water damage I took apart the whole thing and inspected everything and there was no water inside the machine imagine my disappointment when it was dry inside but still broken Anyway I bought a USB to IDE SATA adapter with the hope of recovering the data from the broken laptop Unfortunately I cannot get Windows to access the hard drive It registers the drive in Device Manager and says it's working properly but no autorun will pop up when plugged in I checked in Computer Management - gt Storage which also shows the drive but when right clicking it every single option is greyed out except Help I can't assign a drive letter open it explore it etc The drive is listed as Healthy GPT Protective Partition The drive also had a Windows install on it It's a gb Hitachi SATA drive I tried using the adapter on ANOTHER Toshiba Satellite not the broken one - a slightly different model which is running Windows not and I get the exact same problem - device shows up in device and storage manager says it's healthy but again every single option is greyed out and I can't browse any of the folders or access it in any meaningful way Before anyone asks yes the adapter is hooked up properly and powered Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this I Googled different search terms but I'm coming up empty handed Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

A:Cannot access external hard drive via USB adapter in Win 8.1

Did you try setting the bios and try to boot off the "bad" drive? If it works, just copy the info you need onto another backup device. Reinstall the info on your new HD after rebooting. You can change your boot order back, but it isn't essential as long as no USB device is plugged in.
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Hi, everyone.
I have a 320gb samsung s2 external hard drive. I have this for only a few months.
All the time, it is working the it should be, but today, I can't seem to access this.
Here's the problem. When I plug it in, it doesn't show the SAMSUNG(P but only "local disk(P". It shows that I should format it.
Also, every time I try to right-click the local disk(P, it only ends up to not responding.

I tried changing renaming it, but still nothing. I checked if it is installed properly, and it does.
There is also no ticking sound in the disk inside, and the light is also lit up.
Please help me, there are so many important files inside and I hope it will not end up being formatted.

A:I can't access my samsung external hard drive. please please help


Can you please post a picture/image of your Disk Management?

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Okay, basically, all the information..I have external casings for my old hard drives from my old laptop. I let my mum borrow one of the old drives, and unfortunately, it would seem as though she has broken it, when it was working perfectly before.

I have it so it's partitioned, one which is FAT formatted, and one which is NTFS formatted. It's total size is 250gb.

When I plug it into my previous laptop it makes a different noise (kind of like an alarm) as opposed to the usual fan type noise it makes. And this is what I get as far as it being recognised;

But it does not show up where it would do usually as a drive (e.g. (F: ))

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I really need the files on this drive asap!

A:External Hard Drive seems to be recognised, but no access :( PLEASE HELP
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The quick amp dirty I have the same laptop the same external hard drive but a new enclosure and I can t access the hard drive Before I was successfully running a New hard enclosure: access can't external drive store-bought external USB hard drive on a laptop with XP New external hard drive enclosure: can't access Details before New external hard drive enclosure: can't access Hard drive is WD JD quot IDE ATA enclosure by Acomdata There was no jumper set on the hard drive Then external hard drive wouldn t connect After some troubleshooting it was determined that I needed a new enclosure Now I bought a new enclosure and followed all instructions The computer recognized a new USB mass storage device but it won t show up in My Computer and I can t access Details now Enclosure by Nexxtech Same hard drive but with a jumper in the master setting per instructions Using the same laptop The hard drive shows up both in Device Manager and Computer Management but not in My Computer In Computer Management it shows up as healthy and active but quot not initialized quot I right click to initialize and the resulting window comes up empty I have also tried updating the drivers but they are currently up-to-date Thanks nbsp

A:New external hard drive enclosure: can't access

How is the drive powered?
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I recently bought a new laptop and tried accessing files on my external hard drive which i had already had for around 6 months and used with my previous laptop. However, although the external hard drive was visable in My Computer, if i clicked on it i simply get a message saying access denied. Im pretty sure this is because i origionally formated the hard drive with my old laptop with an XP OS, and my new laptop is Vista home basic. i was just wondering if there is a way i can re-format without loosing all the data?
many thanks.
(i realise this may be a re-post, but i just wanted to put up my own problem so i could get replies specific to my needs)

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I recently bought an SSD for my netbook, and took out the HDD and put it in an enclosure. When I connect it to either of my computers, it does not show up in my computer. I can see it in disk management and device manager, but I am not given the option to format or even partition it. I can change the driver letter, which I have, but nothing has changed.

The light on the external drive is on, so I don't think it's a hardware problem. Anyone have any suggestions?


A:Cannot access/format external hard drive, please help

Did you assign it a drive letter?
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So it denies access to my external hard drive if you dont understand image is available with this link ( c6893eac99d66bab1f347168afd05335.png ) Need Help ASAP

A:Access Denied To My External Hard Drive Why ???

Q: drive isn't your external drive - its the default drive assignment for the pre-installed Microsoft Office installation.

Post a screen capture image of your Disk Management screen here - attach it directly using the paperclip icon (see image below), not a 3rd party site please.

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So, I rebooted my computer with an external hard drive connected. Upon reboot (of which I walked a away during) my computer in DOS mode said "one of your hard drives is performing inconsistently". It then went onto to scanning it then "recovering orphaned files". This went on for a long time.
It finally rebooted and I got into Windows (Vista). Now, I cannot open the external hard drive - F:/ access denied etc.
I tried changing the security setting and allowed Administrator and user and all of that, still cannot access.
I need access to this hard drive, it's got a lot of important stuff on it and all my back up files.
Someone please help me.

A:Access Denied External Hard Drive

Open your Computer and right click your External Hard Drive.
Go to Properties.
Click Security.
Click Edit under a quote "To change permissions, click Edit."
Click Add.
Type in "everyone" in the white box.
Then check in the box "Full Control".
Press OK.

right click the F properties error checking tick both boxes

also try access via safe mode
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I have an 1.1 under USB Drive access No my Win98 external to using Hard external Hard Drive Freecom Classic GB my Laptop is running under Win and the USB is If I plug in I see that there is some activity on the the No access to my external Hard Drive under Win98 using USB 1.1 hard drive - if I go into the explorer I cannot see a separate drive and therefore I have no access to the No access to my external Hard Drive under Win98 using USB 1.1 external hard drive I did load all drivers successfully - if it is plugged in I see in the system environment that the hardware has been accepted and is valid - but I don t see a drive on the explorer I have the same problem if I plug in a card reader in the USB slot I have no problem if I plug a digital Camera or a Scanner - this is working OK Is there anything to be configured in Win All equipment is working fine on an other Laptop under WinXP Would be very nice to find someone who can help Thanks nbsp

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Hi, I have a Maxtor External Hard drive and Windows 7 Premium 64 bit. I have a user setup for each member of my family on the computer. The maxtor drive was working fine uptil I decided that I wanted only myself to be able to access it only. The drive appeared as my K drive. I went to sharing and added myself as read/write access and removed the everyone share thinking that only I would be able to use the drive. I restarted my PC and now nobody can access it. When I plug the drive into the usb slot the drive whirs up as normal but there is no drive letter for it and it does not appear in device manager etc. I plugged it into my old XP machine and that cannot read it either.

Please Help.


A:Cannot access re-shared external hard drive

Add Everyone back, can you access it then?
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Hi My external hard-drive seagate stopped working when I plug it in I get this message quot You need to format the disk in drive F before you can use it Do you want to access to Unable Hard External Drive format it quot For a long time now whenever I tried safely unplugging it I got the message that it is still being used even though no program was open so eventually Unable to access External Hard Drive I Unable to access External Hard Drive ve been unplungling it not in a safe mode for quite a while Needless to say it hold valuable information I ve tried using Recuva and testdisk which I read on in other posts of the same problem in this forum without success it does not manage to access the folders that were on the disk I d appreciate any help with recovering the files Thanks Merrav Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Unable to access External Hard Drive Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - M CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Sony Corporation VAIO Antivirus AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Updated and Enabled nbsp

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A friend is bringing me her ACER laptop (Vista) around for me to have a look at tomorrow evening to attempt to resolve her external hard drive problem.

What kind of issues, please, should I be examining?

I have asked her to connect the external hard drive to a PC and she tells me she still cannot access her files.

When I receive her laptop tomorrow I will do a thorough anti-virus check, and I will also check to see if I can access the drive in Safe Mode. Failing that, are there are other things that might be worth checking?

Thank you in advance.


A:Can't access files on external hard drive

To ascertain if its the drive or the laptop that's the issue, see if you can access the files on the external drive on your pc and if you can't then issue the drive is the problem. If you can then the usb ports on her laptop are the issue.
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OS Windows Pro denied to Access Hard external Drive x WMC Access denied to external Hard Drive External Hard Drive Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex No external Power Required Problem I Access denied to external Hard Drive can't access my External Hard Drive See The Screenshot Below Solution Applied Drive letter changed Not Worked Also tried Properties - Security - Advanced - Owner to Everyone Not Worked Checked the HDD in another PC Windows x Not Worked I connected the HDD then I installed the quot Better-Explorer quot through that i can access my external hdd normally but If I Reboot my PC then same Problem with the quot Better-Explorer quot amp If I install The quot Better-Explorer quot Then if I connect my HDD Then from the beginning i can't access the HDD In Tune-Up Utilities Their is Disk Explorer through that I can explore my Ex HDD Drive I right clicked on my drive from Tune-up amp checked the disk for error and then repaired it Windows Error checking tool and then reboot my PC but it is still the same I will really appreciate any assistance as this is really starting to annoy me I am also not very proficient with this matters so please bare with me Thanks in advance

A:Access denied to external Hard Drive

Hello rijurocker, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You set the owner of the O: drive to Everyone, but did you also set access permissions to give "Full control" to Everyone as well?

Take Ownership of a File, Folder, Drive, or Registry Key in Windows 8

Permissions - Allow or Deny Access to Users and Groups in Windows 8

To make doing both easier to do:

Take Ownership - Add to Context Menu in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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Ok, here's the issue.

I got a new computer when my old computer's motherboard died. The hard drive was still good and has some files I need to get off it, so I got an external hard-drive kit and now I have access to it.

The issue is that I can't get back into My Documents under my old account. It says access is denied. I think there is some kind of fix for this, but I can't remember it exactly. Could someone let me know how to go about gaining access to the My Documents folder on my external hard drive? Thanks.

A:Gaining Access on External Hard Drive

This should do the trick.
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My computer was infected with a couple of Trojan viruses. I was able to rid them from my C drive, where I store my program files, but I keep the majority of my personal files on an external hard drive and I can no longer access it. My computer doesn't seem to recognize it at all - I suspect that the virus has messed with settings that are making it undetectable to Windows. Does anyone have any trouble shooting suggestions or advice, short of bringing it to someone who can get in via another operating system?

A:Cannot access external hard drive due to virus - help!

With the drive hooked up, can you go to My Computer and see the drive? If not, go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter. In the Disk Management do you see your Drive? Can you post a Screen Shot of Disk Management?
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I have a Toshiba 2TB Canvio USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive, it was working yesterday but I am now having problems with accessing it today.
I connected it today and in my computer it shows up as Local Disk (G:), when I click onto it to try and access it file explorer crashes and only sorts itself out when the drive is unplugged.
I tried uninstalling the driving and had no luck with it, can't access anything that involves the hard drive to format it either

Is there anything else I can try?

A:External Hard-drive crashes when i try to access it

Hello and welcome to the Tenforums!

Interesting problem. I, too, have the same external drive but when plugged into my USB3 port it shows up as TOSHIBA EXT (E: ).

This suggests to me that your registry has got corrupted in some way because it should not be showing up as a Local Disk. Can you check how it appears in Disk Management (right click on the start button to access this)?

To restore your registry the simplest way would be to restore your system to a restore point before this happened, but that all depends upon whether you set up W10 to create restore points or not. Hopefully you did.
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My Sengate T external HD it access initialize Can't -- won't external drive hard has been working for years It has vital back ups files movies docs etc I CANNOT AFFORD TO LOOSE ANYTHING I am a DJ and also have over tracks on there I was using the external HD on a Windows laptop and accidentally pulled the USB cable out of the port while it was loading and changing the quot Permissions for SYSTEM and Authenticated User quot on a specific file on my external HD When I plugged it back in the drive showed up on my computer as normal but would Can't access external hard drive -- it won't initialize not open After reading a few posts I went to the device manager deleted the drivers for the external HD then when I Can't access external hard drive -- it won't initialize plugged it back in it updated the drivers and told me me my device is now working properly and ready to use and my drivers are up to date But now it wont show up on my Can't access external hard drive -- it won't initialize computer at all I went into disk management and the Disk had an icon with a picture of a HD with a red arrow facing down in a white circle under Disk it says Unkown empty line Not Initialized I then right clicked and it said offline When trying to get it back online it says quot The system cannot find the file specified quot In the properties under Volumes it says Disk Disk Type Unknown Status Not Initialized Partition style Not Applicable Capacity MB Unallocated space MB Reserved space MB When I try to Initialize Disk it says quot The system cannot find the file specified quot I have tried it on every port and on a different PC running Vista as well as on my TV which now says quot no USB device plugged in quot PLEASE HELP I NEED TO FIX THIS or at least find a way to BACK IT UP and transfer ALL the data onto another drive nbsp

A:Can't access external hard drive -- it won't initialize

Similar thing happened to me.. I'd love to hear an answer on how to recover the data as some of it is rather important.. Good luck DJC, I'll check back in and hopefully we will have our files back!!
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Yesterday for no apparent reason my external hard drive became suddenly not accessible When I click on the Local Disk F icon in MY Computer I get an error message that reads F is not accessible The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable My external hard drive is a Western Digital Essential Portable GB USB drive My OS hard my to drive access external Unable is Windows XP w SP I have used this drive for Unable to access my external hard drive the last years with no problems I have had it plugged into a USB port on the back of my PC I tried a side port and another USB cord with no luck I have tried using PC Tools Disk Suite to see if I could use it s repair function but it does not seem to be able to access it either and only sees my C drive There is nothing absolutely essential on this drive being filled mostly with my music collection and some movies but it would take a great many hours to restore everything Is there a way to recover access to this device If I can t is it possible to reformat the drive and start over Or is the whole thing just toast Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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I have a Buffalo Drive Station TB External Hard Drive I ve used it for three months w o having any issues w it until yesterday As usual I plugged it in my pc and waited for it to automatically run my os is an xp pro servicepk btw While i was waiting my I E Unable external access to hard drive froze and i got the blue screen of death After restarting my computer I tried plugging it in again and it will read but i Unable to access external hard drive just can t access it It shows up on the bottom right corner where i could safely remove it and when i open up my computer the icon appears as a normal drive it usually has its specific icon and name but i can t click in to it When i attempt to click it my computer goes in to a long lag I tried everything i could possibly think of unplugging the cables reinstalling the driver using different ports etc Any other ideas nbsp

A:Unable to access external hard drive

The Master Boot Record (MBR) may be corrupt. You may have to format the drive again, loosing any data on the drive
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Hi guys, this is my first post, hopefully I'm in the right place and everything!

Ok, this is my problem. The other day I installed Windows 7 onto my PC, and now I'm having issues with my external hard drive. The PC reads it fine and everything, but when I try to open it get an error message that reads, 'I is not accessible. Access denied'. I'd assumed it would work as I'm the admin and sole user of the PC. I've tried giving permission for myself to access the files through Properties (Yeah, I know, figure that out), but it doesn't work. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks a lot!

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Hello Hoping that someone can help me out here and that I did cannot computer hard drive access my external My not lose everything off my hard drive This started just last night I have a gig external hard drive I forget the brand if that is relevant When turn the hard drive on it starts running and my computer recognizes it in My Computer However I cannot access the hard drive in any way When I try to there is a response about minutes later saying quot F is not accessible Error performing inpage operation quot The LED on my hard drive enclosure remains lit and is red or green I do not know the relevance of that either If I left out any relevant information please let me know and i will try and obtain it Please let me know if there is any suggestions to getting my hard drive to work again Or if there is any possible way for me My computer cannot access my external hard drive to get the information off of it if it is otherwise dead Thank you nbsp

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Hello, I changed windows from xp to win7 and now when I try to enter to my external hard drive (which was working perfectly on win xp) I get an error "F:\ is not accessible. Access is denied." Win7 doesn't have access to that hard drive, it even can't run error-check. Any advice?

A:[SOLVED] Can't access external hard drive

Hello and welcome to TSF, wedegnar!

Are you the owner of the drive?

Right-click and select Properties. Select the Security tab. Click Advanced. Select the Owner tab.
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I have a WD GB external harddrive can't drive, Clicking hard external access. I ve had it for about years now which I believe is unusually long for these HDs Anyway here s the story I turn on my computer this morning to find my external hard drive clicking It clicks about times then I hear it stop spinning I read up on it and found that none of the methods to fix it worked Clicking external hard drive, can't access. so I proceeded to take the thing apart I got the harddrive out of its casing and plugged it internally into my computer So I start up the computer and I hear that horrible clicking sound Same thing clicks then it stops spinning I got to My Computer and it s not there I goto devicemanager to see if it is detected and it is I then goto Computer Management and I see that it has detected my harddrive there However it shows it s got GB When it stores GB and it is not initialized I go to initialize it then it hangs for seconds and then I get the error quot The request could not be performed because of an I O device error quot I desperately need those files stored on there I ve got about years worth of files on there along with a music amp movie collection that I couldn t live without nbsp

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Have just installed Windows 7 on a dual boot with Windows XP. Can not seem to get to display the material on that external HD. See this HD indicated in Devices and Printers and can click on the properties for this. How do I display the partitions, folders, etc. on this HD as I can in Windows XP???

A:how to access data on external hard drive

First, is the drive connected via USB, eSATA or Firewire?
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I have an external hard drive I was hard external drive Gaining access to trying to cut off permissions to view it under any account but mine I went to quot security tab quot and must have done something Gaining access to external hard drive wrong because then when I would look at quot My Computer quot it would show my external hard drive but wouldn t give any information all it said was NTFS If Gaining access to external hard drive I d try to open or anything it d say access denied although i am administrator I went back to security tab and the users it shows is quot SYSTEM quot and quot ADMINISTRATORS quot both say full access but I can t Gaining access to external hard drive view the hard drive files I went in under safe mode and tried to view it and it let me open the hard drive to view all folders in it but I could not open any of the folder beyond that point Now back in normal windows mode when I view quot My computer quot I see this Computer management - gt Disk management now shows this Before I mess this up more can someone please help nbsp

A:Gaining access to external hard drive

I tried opening command prompt as administrator and typed
cacls ?Path to folder\folder name? /E /T /C /G Administrators:F
all still says access denied
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My gf got me this Seagate HD for Xmas and my external access Can't hard drive Solved: new brother got me this external enclosure for Xmas So I installed the drive in the enclosure and hooked up the USB cable to the computer When I did that it made the same chiming noise it makes when I connect my flash Solved: Can't access new external hard drive drive and the quot Safely remove USB device quot icon pops up in the system tray The drive even shows up in the Device Manager both under quot Disk Drives quot and under USB as a mass storage device and says that the device is working properly But the drive doesn t show up under My Computer so I can t copy files to it format the drive etc I looked for updated drivers for the enclosure but all they have is a driver for Win To make it even more confusing there s a firmware update for the drive that u can see in the link above But how can install it thru a USB connection I do have a SATA connection on my mobo but my internal drives are IDE and hooking up a SATA drive will cause all sorts of conflicts The other issue is that I m not sure if the enclosure can handle a TB drive The site says GB the box that it came in says TB and the manual says unlimited capacity So what should I do I forgot to mention that I tried it different computers that are both running WinXP and it did the same thing on both computers and that I can feel hear the drive spinning up when the turn the enclosure on off nbsp

A:Solved: Can't access new external hard drive

Assuming Windows XP: Start> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management> Disk Management.

Right-click the drive and create a partition. Then format it. Do it all in Disk Management.
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I have lost my external hard drive, so i am trying to check in my laptop when was it last connected to my laptop. Please help me with the step or location to search for external hard drive details...Last access details of my 500gig hard drive

A:last access date of external hard drive in win 7

Event Viewer (System) might have logged it.
Control Panel > Admin Tools > Event Viewer
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I have an external hard drive that I can not access. I get the following message when I try.
Not accessable
Access is denied.
I know it has to do with permissions. I had the google redirecting virus which while I was trying to fix I restored the computer back to default. Which did not fix the problem. I came here and found my answers to fix that problem.
Then after windows was reloaded I can no longer get in. I have Windows 7. I tried a bunch of different settings for the permissions and it all looks OK.
If I add "Everyone" I can then get into the hard drive but I can't access any of the files.
So At this point I'm not sure what to do.
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Im a musician I got a corrupted hard external my hard halp !! cant drive !! access drive about years ago and lost tracks sounds samples beats everything I was inconsolable I pulled myself together and bought a GB western digital my book so i could backup everything onto it and wouldnt be putting all my cant access my external hard drive !! halp !! eggs in one hard drive so to speak My system is an acer aspire running windows vista home basic which came shipped on it Everything was fine until one day about weeks ago the sound cant access my external hard drive !! halp !! disappeared the windows default sounds and things like winamp and windows media player although my music software was still outputting sound through my M-Audio fasttrack pro audio interface and my M-Audio BX a monitors so i cant access my external hard drive !! halp !! decided that i wanted to do a fresh install of windows vista as i was having stuttery playback through my music software too and needed that clean fresh feeling lol I put in the acer quot set to factory default configuration quot disc unplugged the hard drive i m having problems with and everything went smoothly despite being peeved at the number of restarts it had to do I seen the nice clean desktop and felt a new sense of freedom I plugged my hard drive in where all my songs sounds data photos etc are stored and to my horror it wasnt showing in quot my computer quot I thought quot thats really really strange quot I have a laptop in another room and i decided to unplug the drive and stick it in the laptop as i knew it worked on that its running XP but when i plugged it in there it was the same I dug furiously in windows help for hours and discovered the quot disk management quot tool which shows me a display of all the drives Mine is showing Its called quot samples quot which is what i named it Its also says its online that its healthy and that there is still a sizeable chunk of data on it but there is no drive letter or drive path When i right-click the drive the only option available to me is quot help quot unlike the rest of the drives which have format partition assign a drive letter etc Also what i thought was strange was that when i inserted my drive into the computer after the fresh install of vista it didnt install the software which was on the drive Windows detected it and loaded a basic driver but the inbuilt western digital software didnt run Thats all the information i can think of but i would really appreciate anyones help in gaining access to my data otherwise ive lost years of work staying up until am often working on tracks trying to perfect my art where does it end do i need to buy a backup to backup the backup of the backup of my backup I am truly truly gutted and i would totally appreciate the help Please bear in mind that im in a library and dont really have access to an internet where i can download repair quot tools quot oh one more thing i ran the western digital diagnostics tool to check for bad sectors etc It passed the basic test and the extended test which lasted hours halp nbsp

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Hi I'm having a helluva time with getting my Lenovo Y P to recognize any USB flash drives or external HD Laptop is virtually new Came with Win but I installed Windows Pro Service Pack Immediately downloaded and installed all Windows updates From Lenovo I installed all of the latest drivers and updates including BIOS Genesys USB mass storage device Intel chipset driver and Intel rapid storage technology Laptop works great except for this issue I can see the flash drive in device manager but nothing in Computer folder Same goes for Disk Management no flash drive appears I have no virtual drives installed so currently no Daemon Tools or similar When I plug the drive into any of the USB ports are is the laptop makes the typical sound that you've connected something These flash drives and external HD work fine in my other computers here at home laptops and desktop Some run Win the other Win I tried going to Device Manager and uninstalling all USB controllers and hubs including drivers then hard can't external access flash drive drives or restarting My OS reinstalled everything as soon as I plugged in my mouse and or flash drive if I recall correctly but same issue persists I also ran can't access flash drives or external hard drive DriveCleanup claims to be quot command app that helps to can't access flash drives or external hard drive remove orphaned entries of various drives from the device tree of your system quot Same issue persists In case useful I'm posting a few photos including one of the flash drive properties from a working computer and one from this problematic laptop Obvious differences are that on the working computer the flash drive can't access flash drives or external hard drive properties under General tab the status says quot device is working properly quot and location is quot USB mass storage device quot under Driver tab it displays the specific model of the flash drive and the MS driver information On the bad computer the general tab says quot No drivers are installed for this device quot and location is quot Location quot but under the Driver tab it shows has correct model and MS driver information as when connected to the working laptop Any ideas or troubleshooting tips are greatly appreciated Thanks for reading Josh

A:can't access flash drives or external hard drive

FYI here are pix of BIOS main page and configuration info (USB legacy is enabled).
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system info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows external Can't reformat? my hard Solved: drive, access Home Premium bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc VFX Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled Hi I have a LaCie Minimus external hard drive which shows up in the Device anager but not in Computer and I can no longer access it To own up I think I may have Solved: Can't access my external hard drive, reformat? disconnected the USB cable when the hard drive was attached to another computer we were having trouble with and it was still running Other computer fine now thanks for help from another forum The original error message I had was E is not accessible Parameter incorrect I have run Checkdisk on it and some files have been corrected but still no joy Is there anything else I can do to recover the files or is reformatting the only option Fortunately we re reasonably sure the files are all available elsewhere If I have to reformat is it sufficient just to respond to reformat request or will I have to anything further to enable me to use it again Thanks for any help and advice you can offer nbsp

A:Solved: Can't access my external hard drive, reformat?

Hi, Problem solved! I looked in your wiki and found a reference to HDD health at, downloaded the software and clicked on it in the list of programs. Immediately I had the 'upload your pictures to Dropbox' window, and, lo and behold, I could suddenly access the hard drive again. Coincidence or what? Many thanks to your website for help with solving two problems.
Incidentally the I found this YouTube video helpful for running the checkdisk sequences . I had already done this when I downloaded the HDD health.
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Hi All I ll try to be as clear as I can while explaining this A friend of mine at work has problems sharing external usb hard drives connected to his laptop He is running XP pro and when he attempts to share a drive connected through usb giving everyone full control it lets no one in Not even he can and he is the creator owner of the share I m pretty sure its not a permissions issue since it gives the same error when I try to browse it and I have domain admin rights This has happened with three separate drives all of which can be shared when connected to any other pc than his I have tried all three on four separate computers making the share the exact same way with full access The computer can see the share just fine it just denies permission to access it either from the computer that created the share or from any other computer on the network Any help on this would be appreciated edit the spell checker told me I spelled usb wrong hard access. refusing External share drive nbsp

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I'm at my wits end I have a WD My passport GB hard drive that is read as bytes and RAW filesystem when I try to open it I get quot F is not accessible access is denied quot But in the Disk Management console it appears healthy and says the filesystem is NTFS I've tried everything I've ran chkdsk I've tried fixing permissions at least three times is denied) Access not (F External Hard Drive is accessable I've reset the attributes to all the files chkdsk says it didn't find any problems with it and KB in bad sectors and I don't know what else to do I can't access the drive at all I have too much important data to reformat my drive External Hard Drive (F is not accessable Access is denied) Please assist Recently my hard drive got hit with the autorun virus and it set a lot of my folders to hidden and the checkbox to undo the hidden properties was greyed out and I was unable to unhide them I removed the autorun virus and my hard drive was working fine after

A:External Hard Drive (F is not accessable Access is denied)

External Hardrives have an autorun feature and some firewall suites such as mine (outpost security suite) won't allow autorun to execute until you configure the suite to do so. Autorun virus protection is starting to find it's way in antivirus software..I don't know but you may check that, it seems you've done everything else..
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Bit Locker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion.
This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being write-protected
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I just bought a LaCie USB external hard drive. It appears to be working correctly and shows up under "My Computer" as an E:\ drive, but when I try to access it, it either says that the "parameter is incorrect" or that there is an "I/O device error".

Has this happened to anyone before with this kind of hardware? What can I do to fix it?

A:Windows XP won't let me access LaCie USB external hard drive

Do you have access to another computer that you can plug it into? You need to find out if it is your computer or the new HD? Have you successfully used that USB port for other hardware?
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Can somebody please help , I recently run window washer like I have done plenty of times without a problem then I tried to gain access to my Sumo
500 GB External hard drive and a box with a red X popped up saying not accessible access is denied , I have tried everything within my limited knowledge of pcs IE system restore , checking the drivers and security settings everything is telling me the hard drive is working but I canít gain access to it , I can gain access through safe mode but as you all well know having to go into safe mode every time I use my pc is not very practical .
I am running Vista home premium with Norton 360 antivirus and addware.and my entire backup is on the sumo PLEASE HELP.
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My computer shows all the files on my External hard drive, but I cannot access them. I get an error message that says the files are not found. I tried a data recovery, but the program cannot access the hard drive. Whats next?

A:Cannot access external hard drive ( Western Digital)

I would run CHKDSK /R driveletter:

If that doesn't work, I would remove the disk drive from the enclosure, install it internally to a desktop computer and try CHKDSK /R driveletter: again.
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Hi. I use a 1tb external hard drive to store music, photos and movies. I use it on my Imac, also on my Asus e-book. I see that the external hard drive is partitioned into two. How or why I don't know. What I do know is that the first part is now full, and I cant see the second part when plugged into the USB on either computer. Could anyone help me by suggesting how I can access the second 500gig? Id appreciate answers in plain English, I really dont understand more than the basics, and the clearer ans simpler the answers the more I will learn, and thanks to all those about to read this !

A:Unable to access both partitions on external hard drive

Back-up all your data on the first partition.​
Right click on "My computer" and click "manage".This should take you to the computer management screen.​
Look at the left, you should see an option that says "Disk Management"; Click on it.​
You should be able to see all the disc partitions, find your External HDD partitions.​
Right-Click on the 2nd partition and delete it.​
After that right click on your first partition and select the option to "Extend Partition"​
​If you are confused, or need confirmation for anything please don't hesitate to ask.​
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Hi all,

I have a WD external hard drive. Yesterday, when I connected it to my laptop, it was detected but when I tried to access it through my computer, there was no content available. When I looked at its property, I found out the following;

Used Space: 0 bytes
Free Space: 0 bytes

I then went to My Computer > Manage > Disk Management. I found out that the drive is not available in the list.

Is my hard drive corrupted?

Would appreciate if anybody out there can help me on this. Thanks

A:External hard drive detected but cannot access content

"Is my hard drive corrupted?" Most likely yes. Please learn to back up important data on CD, DVD or Blu-Ray media. These type media are non-volatile and are better than solid state memory flash drives
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Well (error Can't is access bad) drive table 100, hard external here's what happened I was doing some repartitioning of my internal hard drive using Partitionmagic While I was doing it external hard drive was plugged in When I rebooted my internal hard drive partitions were fine just as I wanted them to be but I got some error messages can't remember exactly which saying some data on external hard drive partitions was lost Now when I open 'My Can't access external hard drive (error 100, table is bad) computer' I can't see any of the partitions of the external hard drive although I can see hard disk itself in Device manager under 'Disk drives' Also if I open Partitionmagic while external disk is plugged in I got this message error init failed partition table is bad and after that Partitionmagic crashes I also tried few data recovery applications like 'PC Inspector' or 'Data Doctor Recovery NTFS' but none of them wasn't able to do anything I might be wrong since I'm not expert for this kind of stuff but it seems data is still on disk but it's not accessible because of the table problem Anyway do you have some advice or can suggest me what to I borrowed the external drive from my friend's father who has some really important stuff on it so I'm dead if it's lost Thank you in advance

A:Can't access external hard drive (error 100, table is bad)

Hi bokiopaki, welcome to TSF..

have you tried running chkdsk on the drive...probably an idea to add /r /f switches.

Are you able to plug the device into another machine to see if the file structure is intact there?
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I was trying the Bitlocker on my WD My Passport Portable last night. It was already encrypting when all of a sudden it went error. Now I can't access my hard drive. How do I solve this?
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I am using Windows Seven ultimate x64 and I started having a problem when trying to access user's folder under documents and settings or users on any attached external hard drive on my computer.
i didn't have this problem before, it started on the same installation of windows and without any changes to my system settings or user settings.
I am a computer tech and I use my computer to backup data before repairing computers so I attach the hard drive to my computer using a USB enclosure.
This is limiting my work since I didn't find any solution yet.
It's giving me the error below: "you don't currently have permission to access this folder"
This is happening on any external hard drive I want to access the user's data.
Please help

Thank you

A:Can't access user's folder on any external hard drive

Hello Fadsnet, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It sounds like you may need to take ownership of the folder, and "Allow" your user account "Full control" of the folder before you will have access.

How to Take Ownership of a Item in Vista and Windows 7

Take Ownership Shortcut

Hope this helps,
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Guys, I messed up real bad. I have an external hard drive partitioned in 3 partitions. I use these partitions to backup my 3 computers to. For some unknown reason I started playing around trying to add an autorun.inf and an ico to the partitions. I was trying to change the icon of each partition. Long story short now when I plug in the external hard drive, Windows will not recognize the partitions. Windows does give an audible sound when I plug the hard drive in and keeps giving the sound over and over. How the heck can I access this drive to reformat it and start over? HELP!!!!

A:[SOLVED] I Screwed Up & Now Cannot Access External Hard Drive

Hey Guys, Never mind the post. For some reason after 3 restarts the external hard drive was recognized and I was able to delete the faulty autorun and ico files. WHEW! I was really scared I had a 1 tb brick. Thanks
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I've had an 80GB ATA Maxtor drive spare for ages and bought an external USB case so I could use it for backups. On first connection it took a bit of searching to find the correct driver, but eventually XP SP3 recognised it, and it showed up in My Computer and Disk Management as the D: drive. (Various creations and deletions of partitions have left D: vacant).
All seemed well until I noticed my Linksysy WAG54GS ADSL Gateway had dropped the ADSL link to my ISP. After the usual trial and error I discovered that when the USB drive was active i.e being read from, or written to, the Linksysy ADSL connection would disconnect.

The USB drive enclosure uses the "USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge" driver and I was wondering whether this clashes with the ADSL connection in some way. Anyone come across before or got any ideas for a fix?

A:USB external hard drive disconnects internet access

Thread opened as requested.
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i was sick of auto play running when i plugged in my external drive, so i turned it off, then when i went to access the drive, it was missing from 'my computer'.

i went to computer management, and it shows that it is there, but is not initialized.i tried initializing it, but nothing happened.

device manager says it is working fine- it picks up the disk and security, but does not recognise it as a mass storage device.

what the heck happened, ive never came acrossthis before. the drive is full of stuff i need.

its a 300GB Maxtor one touch II.


Now in computer management it says the disk is online, but the 279GB is not allocated.

My only option in computer management is to create a new partition. Im afraid to create the partition in case i lose everything, dammit, how did this happen!

A:turned off autoplay on external hard drive, now i cant access it...
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Hi i took out the hard drive from my laptop that had a BSOD and can't boot. I boutght an enclosure n plugged it using usb to another laptop so i can get my files, but when i click on the disk a window pops up saying disk is not formatted..i dont want to lose my files si i downloaded tesdisk. When i choose "Analyse" it seems that it finds four partitions, but above each one there's a warning "Incorrect number of heads/cylinders 255 (NFTS) ! =240 (HD) or Bad sector head and Bad Ending Head and Bad Starting head..I dont know what to do next..please help!

A:Cant' access files on my external hard drive from another laptop

Here are a couple of links that could save you :

Dell Inspiron 1545 - Won't boot. Error code 2000-1042. Any fix?

Another solution although it maybe the same program you used, perhaps incorrectly or should be used with the disk in the original laptop :


if you have the message

'The disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? … '

you already have a solution

1- DON'T format the drive ...

2- WATCHES this Web (

...and download “testdisk” for your operating system of “main page” everything very well before using it…

I had that same problem and this free software solves it in minutes …


greetings dino

TestDisk : TestDisk - CGSecurity
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After installing a windows update I can t access my external hard drive When I plug in the USB cord the laptop recognizes it and installs the drivers However when I go to My Computer all I see pertaining to the ExHDD is quot Removable Disk hard to Solved: external Unable drive access D quot and quot Removable Disk E quot instead of the old quot Maxtor One Touch quot like it did before Clicking on both D and E results in quot Please insert a disk into Removable Disk D E quot I ve tried doing a system restore back to a week ago and then to weeks before Solved: Unable to access external hard drive that with no luck I ve also uninstalled all the USB drivers in device manager restarted and plugged in the ExHDD again After plugging it back in the drivers were reinstalled and it nothing else happened The ExHDD doesn t make any Solved: Unable to access external hard drive abnormal sounds it lights up properly too so I don t think it s damaged at Solved: Unable to access external hard drive all It s filled with data so I want to avoid having to erase any of it Any suggestions on what I should do Running Vista on a HP laptop The external hard drive is a Maxtor One Touch GB nbsp

A:Solved: Unable to access external hard drive

Have you tried a system restore to see if you can get back to where you were?
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I have been using a Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS- GL High Speed NAS Wireless External Hard Suddenly Can't Access Wireless Drive - External External Wireless Hard Drive - Suddenly Can't Access Hard Drive and all of External Wireless Hard Drive - Suddenly Can't Access a sudden I can t network with it It has worked fine for over a year on my primary XP SP laptop until recently and other laptops I own both XP SP have no problem accessing the hard drive and its files I can actually access the LinkStation Drive through its web interface and I can log in and change settings it won t let me access files I can ping the drive and have no problem finding it but it just doesn t show up as a letter drive I have no problem with other wireless connections to other devices just this one I have done the following Uninstalled the LinkStation program then re-installed it Downloaded the latest LinkStation firmware Deactivated Norton Antivirus Turned off Windows Firewall Tried to re-map the drive Spoke to tech support for LinkStation and Norton both said it s a Windows issue Hit reset button on the LinkStation also shut off and re-started it Re-booted the laptop several times I have been in contact with BuffaloTech support as well as Symantec Norton and both insist that something changed in Windows to cause access problems I have disabled and re-enabled Norton Antivirus and uninstalled and re-installed the Buffalo LinkStation software and updated their firmware to no avail I haven t used the external drive for a month maybe months and I don t know if I could even rollback far enough to a system restore point to see if that would solve the issue Any ideas as to why how this happened Could it have been a Windows Update that caused a conflict nbsp
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My Laptop recently died and I have some important info on the Hard drive so I bought a 2.5" IDE external caddy enclosure for it so I could access my files. I connected it up and can access other files and folders on the hard drive.

My problem is that I cannot access the "My Documents" folder where all my important info is stored. When the hard drive was in my laptop the "My Documents" folder was set to "Keep the folder private" mode.

So now when I try to access the "My Documents" folder it says"access denied".

Does anyone know what I can do to access this folder?
Thanks for your time...

A:Access to folders denied on external Hard drive

Yours is a routine situation , there's an easy resolution.How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP - Louis
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My laptop just recently had the mobo fried, and I managed to salvage the hard drive. I bought an external enclosure and plugged it into another laptop to get the information I wanted off of it (music, etc). However, access is restricted to the hard drive. How can I access it?
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I had a Toshiba laptop which experienced adapter power supply problems Versus purchasing a new power supply and adapter I simply bought a new system The hard drive which was in the Toshiba is a Hitachi gig SATA The OS is Windows XP The hard drive is password protected and I of course have the password I purchased a hard drive case and USB cables My new HP laptop chimes when the hard drive is plugged in and unplugged and the hardware icon appears in the systray The hard drive does not show up in My Computer but does appear in Disk Manager as an unknown drive While in Disk Manager I am given an option to initialize the drive which I do not want to do as all of my old data and pictures are on that drive How can I access Hard Old (Vista) new Access System on Can't - Drive (from External laptop XP) the drive or boot from the drive and maintain the integrity of the data Can't Access External Hard Drive (from Old System - XP) on new laptop (Vista) While I am familiar with windows Vista and XP I don t have a lot of experience with screwing around with the BIOS Is there any software which is user friendly which will help me interface with my old drive What are my options for resolving this dilemma Any assistance would be appreciated nbsp

A:Can't Access External Hard Drive (from Old System - XP) on new laptop (Vista)
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Ok massive tale of woe here I was using my computer last week when it shut down unexpectedly I couldn't get it too boot back up properly and when I tried to access system recovery and startup repair I couldn't use them either I worked out that I had an unmountable boot volume problem I fixed it by reseting the computer back to factory default and planned to load back my last system image once I could get into Windows Unfortunately Partial on Image external drive access system hard I didn't realise that my last system image wasn't complete and I don't have any earlier ones This basically means that Windows doesn't recognise is as a full image and I Partial system Image access on external hard drive can't restore it I have a vhd file that is a copy of my C drive and another partial vhd of the boot partition I need to get some files of my C drive vhd file but when I mount it in Win it just says that it is a RAW drive and I can't access it I've tried mounting it in Parted Magic to no avail Does anyone know any way I can either access the image or just restore the whole think to where my C drive is now I've already tried to recover lost files but that just left me with over misplaced files what I would have to traverse through trying to find what I need I'm at my wits end can someone please help me

A:Partial system Image access on external hard drive

A long shot:

I assume that for a valid system image, it needs to be in the original folder (WindowsImageBackup) on the ORIGINAL drive it was on AND the associated shadow storage entry ("vssadmin list shadows" command) must be around.

Here's what you could try. Save the C: vhd somewhere safe. If you have a working version/image of Windows, take another system image (reserved/boot partition and C). Do a TAKEOWN of the WindowsImageBackup file and delete the larger of the 2 .vhd files (in \Backup YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS folder) which will be your C partition image. Then copy your older C .vhd file into that same \Backup directory.

This is probably unlikely to work as there may be stuff in those xml files or the \Catalog folder that won't let things be missing or switched. Or something within the Shadow entry information that is used to double-check that all the pieces are there. But it's worth a shot.

I've never tried mounting a .vhd via Disk Management, but they're supposed to mount just fine from what I've read.

It looks like the GUID-thingy in the .vhd file name is the same for a drive every time a system image is taken.
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I have a hard drive that has some hidden folders. Is there a file I can rename or a way to access and change the security on this disk. It's a windows XP disk with basic password logon, picture and doc folders hidden.


Long Beach, CA
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Probably a common issue but can't find an answer existing in the forum. My notebook was running XP using a primary user/administrator password.

The laptop's dead and I've put the hard drive into an external case to retrieve the data. No issue with any data from secondary users but cannot access my primary user data - presumably as the data is still password protected. How does one access/retrieve this data?

Thanks in advance.

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I purchased an external hard drive from a second hand store Toshiba Canvio Connect GB USB and I have a General Hard Access Questions - and External Drive Reformatting few questions on it Background When I first plugged in an error popped up saying the USB drive needed repair I clicked OK and it External Hard Drive - Reformatting and General Access Questions failed I opened the properties and the disk space claimed used I tried scanning the disk for viruses and malware before I tried opening it and that also failed Then I attempted to open the folder it prompted quot Access Denied quot I clicked around in properties but wasn't authorized to change any settings After about minutes it opened I then tried the virus scan again and it worked scanning the files I later found plus a bunch of recycle bin files that I couldn't find Inside were videos for a project the prior owner had apparently been working on I tried to delete these files and it wouldn't let me No option for it and I got the red cross of quot not happening quot when I tried dragging to the recycle bin So I right clicked the folder and selected format I code quot Restore Device Defaults quot and quot Quick Format quot and it failed I then tried unchecking quick format and it started but the process bar made no progress I tried to cancel and it wouldn't let me - my options were retry the cancel or press cancel to cancel abruptly I canceled abruptly and the disk under my computer disappeared I unplugged and replugged the USB adapter and a prompt saying I need to format came up I clicked OK tried Quick Format again with no success and resorted to the full format probably better anyway It's been running for nearly hours and isn't quite to yet It also says GB capacity when the drive is rated at GB My ultimate question - is this all normal Should reformatting take this long Are the accessibility problems a consequence of settings from the previous owner Does it sound like the drive may be damaged I'm not computer literate I'm proud I got a far as I did on my own and I have days to return this if it was a bad buy Please help clarify these issues

A:External Hard Drive - Reformatting and General Access Questions

yes; I do believe formatting can take awhile depending on how large the disk is. It is possible the drive may have some sort of internal hardware issue(s). If after the full format completes you still cant access the drive properly, etc.; then yes i would say there is a internal hardware issue and you should probably try and get a refund on it and get a new drive instead of a second hand drive if possible.