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Upgrade of HDD/SSD to 500GB on Tecra R950-19E

Q: Upgrade of HDD/SSD to 500GB on Tecra R950-19E

Hi to all.

I would like to know if it is possible to upgrade (buy and then replace) my HDD-SSD (256GB) to one of 500GB/1TB on my Tecra R950-19E.

If yes, you have online stores to suggest to buy?

Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Upgrade of HDD/SSD to 500GB on Tecra R950-19E

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrade of HDD/SSD to 500GB on Tecra R950-19E

I don't see any reason why you could not do this.
Online store? I don't know where do you live but I think you should try to find some online store in your country.
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Hi Buddies

I am having a Tecra R840-13V, Part No: PT429E-01Q01UAR, Purchased at Oman and i'm currently living at Qatar. I am using this laptop since 2010 and i need experts advise on Hard Disk upgrade. The default HDD capacity is 500GB and i planning to upgrade to 3TB and planning to get genuine Toshiba HDDs. The issue i am facing i could not figure out which model of Toshiba HDD will perfectly suits for my laptop. Kindly advise which model of HDD i can go for my Tecra. Thanks in advance.
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I have a Tecra R950-104 and, when I remove the battery, there is a slot for 3G Sim card, just like it says in the manual.

The problem is that Windows (Win 7 64bits) doesn't recognize any 3G modem in the computer.

Thus this mean that only some models have the modem, but all have the slot for the sim card?

I already installed the driver for 3G Modem, downloaded from Toshiba site, the driver was installed without any problem, I have a Sim card that is working - tested in a 3G USB Modem - but still I cant make any connection because Windows cant even find a modem.

A:Can I use 3G Modem on my Tecra R950-104?

You are right, just some models have 3G module inside and, unfortunately your model doesnt have it.
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I have a Toshiba Tecra R950-104 with almost one year.
Every thing works fine except for HDD.

In this period (almost on year) i had 2 hdd failures (2 hdd had to be replaced!!!).
Fortunately issues occours inside warranty period.

Is there any issues with this machine, regarding HDD (It's a 500GB, 7200RPM Toshiba HDD).


A:Tecra R950-104 HDD failure


HDD issues do not depend on notebook but the HDD usage and notebook usage.
The HDD is an wearing part. Sooner or later every HDD would die.

Such issue can happen mostly because the HDD is affected by shocks while moving the notebook. Furthermore there are many different HDDs on the market. Some are cheaper due to low quality and some HDD are more expensive because of good quality.

So you should keep eye on the HDD quality.
But to be honest, I would never purchase an HDD for a notebook. I replaced my HDD with an SSD drive. Its much faster and more durable as an HDD
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I have the Tecra R950 (PT530A-00S001) and find that the fan runs at full/high speed pretty much all of the time.

I am running Windows 8.1 and running on the balanced power setting.

Is this a common issue with this model?

Can anyone give me some info or steps to go about diagnosing the issue or should I just send it to Toshiba as a warranty?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

A:Tecra R950 Fan Speed


I would not say it?s a common issue because the fan activity depends on notebook usage.
The point is that the increased CPU/GPU performance leads to higher temperature due to heat dissipation? and this leads to higher fan activity?

There are no many settings which could be changed beside the settings within the Windows ?Advanced Power Options?. There you can change the cooling method to ?battery mode? and you can also decrease the max CPU performance from 100% to an lower level? lets say 80%-90%
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Tenho um Port?til TECRA R950-186 PT53OE, com o Sistema Operativo Windows 10. Vinha com o SO Win 7, posteriormente actualizei-o para o Win 8 e recentemente para o Win 10.
Depois de o atualizar para a vers?o 10 funcionou muito bem. Significativamente melhor do que com a vers?o 8.1.
H? poucos dias fiquei sem imagem no ecr?. Ou seja com o ecr? preto.
Quando ligo o computador ? perfeitamente vis?vel a mensagem inicial: TOSHIBA Leading Innovation >>>, mas depois do arranque fico com o ecr? preto.
Tenho trabalhado com ele ligando-lhe um monitor externo ? porta SVGA.
J? fiz a atualiza??o do controlador da placa gr?fica, mas o problema persiste.
Agrade?o que me seja apontada uma solu??o.

A:Tecra R950 - Blackscreen

Try this:
uninstall the display driver in Control Panel.
run Windows Update to install the new display driver.
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how long does it usually take to recharge the battery?

I've got a R950-10U and the NB needs 1h for every 10% charge.
This is an alsolutely unacceptable condition! This R950 is now my 3rd Tecra...
and no one had this problem before!

The system is configured in the balanced battery mode, not in the eco mode!
It it possible to setup the settings for the charching, to accelerate the charging?


A:Battery charging on Tecra R950


Usually you need some hours to charge the battery.
If the battery is new, the charging procedure would takes longer?

You should also calibrate the new battery? this mean that you should charge and discharge the battery until its fully empty and this process should be repeated several times in the row.
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The school where i work have a TECRA R950
when i boot the latop i have a password (it's not a bios password) but i don't know him
how can i proceed to reset this password ?
thank's for the answer

A:Password on boot TECRA R950

when i boot the latop i have a password (it's not a bios password)

Why do you think that this isn’t a BIOS password.
Are you able to access the BIOS pressing F2 button?

If not, the notebook is secured by BIOS password and such unknown BIOS password can be removed only by authorized service provider…

If you don’t know the password, you will need to ask the ASP for help
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Having some problems with the win 8 pro dvd included with my laptop.

Bios mode is set as UEFI + Secure boot, win 8 pro dvd starts and i can start recovery, after a while it asks for disc 2 and starts recovering win 8.

After completion and reboot, it won't boot and just shows toshiba logo.

Factory hdd is replaced with SSD OCZ VERTEX 4 regonized by bios.

What could be the issue?

A:Re: Tecra R950-18F: Win 8 Pro does not boot from new SSD drive

>Factory HDD is replaced with SSD OCZ VERTEX 4 recognized by Bios.

Do you have the same problems booting the Win 8 using the original HDD equipped with Tecra R950?

From my point of view it could be possible that notebook does not boot correctly due to the new SSD drive.

I would recommend checking the previous HDD.
If notebook would boot properly, then the problem is related to the new SSD drive.

In some cases it could be possible that the SSD firmware needs to be updated.
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Is it possible to replace my DVD drive with a SSD disk using a HDD Caddy?

My laptop is a Toshiba Tecra R950-104.



A:Tecra R950-104 - can I replace ODD with SSD drive?


I found in internet some UltraSlim SATA HDD/SSD mounting frame which allow the usage of 2nd 2.5? HDD/SSD drive instead of ODD within the Tecra R950 notebook but to be honest I?m not 100% sure if the BIOS would recognize such additional device.

I know that different Toshiba notebooks (Portege and Tecra) series supported such upgrade in the past but such replacement was not supported by every notebook model.

It depends on the BIOS and in case the BIOS would recognize the 2nd HDD/SSD drive, the system should be able to recognize the 2nd HDD
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Hi all,

I have just purchased an Tecra R950, and intermittently the LCD backlight flickers. The effect is similar to previous laptops I have had when the power lead develops a dodgy connection.

With the R950 the screen flickers with power lead connected, or not connected. It does not seem to be related to screen position.

Any ideas as to what is happening? Should I return the unit?


A:Tecra R950 - backlight flickering

Don?t waste your time thinking why this happen. If possible contact your local dealer as soon as possible, explain the situation and ask for replacement.
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Can i install 16GB Ram in my Toshiba Tecra R950-104?

Currently i have 8GB and i would like to replace the existing 2x4GB with 2x8GB.

Best regards,


A:Tecra R950-104 - Memory Expansion


According notebook specification your Tecra can be upgraded up to 32GB and you can use 4 X 8GB RAM modules.
Compatible 8 GB RAM modules have part number PA5037U-1M8G.
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Hi - off by Need deafult switched WiFi Tecra R950-15E all I am new to the forum and would like to ask a question whose answer I was unable to find both on the web and here in the forum at least with my keywords please direct me Tecra R950-15E - Need WiFi switched off by deafult if missed it For some time I own a Tecra R - E running Win Pro bit and am quite satisfied with it The only thing that bothers me a bit is the WiFi mode I know that by pressing quot FN F quot I can switch the wireless modes WiFi and G on and off It seems that by default the wireless modes are switched on after starting the system I'd like to have it all switched off by deafult mainly for saving battery and only switching it on manually when I really need it By now I have to do it the other way round by switching it off manually after Tecra R950-15E - Need WiFi switched off by deafult starting the system and I haven't found a setting to change it to my preference Does anyone have an idea to fix that Thanks tecra

A:Tecra R950-15E - Need WiFi switched off by deafult

I?m very surprised about your question here in the forum because usually the notebook/system should ?memorize? the last Wi-Fi status.
This means that the Wi-Fi should stay disabled, in case the WiFi has been disabled just before login off.

Try to reinstall the WLan driver just to check if this would solve your tiny issue.
You will need to uninstall the WLan driver before starting with a new installation.
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I can not update windows:

1.Run windows update
2.Installed updates
3.I rebooted
4.In the configuration phase to 20% appeared to be the option screen to restart or reinstall
5.I restored the computer to a previous restore point

anyone have the same problem?
Maybe you have to reinstall windows?

A:Tecra R950 - Windows update does not work

>Maybe you have to reinstall windows?
From my point of view the new Recovery process and the final Windows update should work properly but I think first of all you should try some alternative workarounds.

This isn?t a notebook problem?.definitely. Its Microsoft issue and therefore I recommend you to check some fixes provided by Microsoft.

Check this Fix Microsoft Windows Update Issues doc:

In many cases it?s essential to remove some previous installed updates to be able to finish the whole update procedure.

You can also try to install the single updates one by one. This is also an possible option.
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my finger print sensor has long time worked with Windows 8.1. Since 2 weeks the sensor makes problems. It began with the fingerprint utilty - it shows the message "no sensor found". I uninstalled the driver of the sensor and the utility. After reboot, there where no unknown device in the device manager. That was strange. Re-installing the Fingerprint Utility did not work. It always comes the message "Installation failed. Error code 0x80004005" when I start the Setup.

Yesterday I made complete new installation of Windows 8.1 with all the latest drivers from Toshiba site. I still not found any Biometrie Device or any unknown device in Device Manager. When installing the fingerprint reader software there is the same error 0x80004005 ....

I know no longer here on. Has anyone an idea?
Hardware failures?
Thanks for Help!

A:Tecra R950 - Fingerprint doesn't work

>Yesterday I made complete new installation of Windows 8.1...
Have you installed clean Win8.1 version or upgraded Win8 version that you got with your Tecra notebook?
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follwing Problem:
Tecra R950 with Intel 520 series SSD and HDD/SSD password set = always F4 BSOD after wakeup from sleep.
OK with no password set.
OK with hibernate.
Same problem with iastor and msahci driver.

Any ideas? Think that it is a problem with the bios. It drops the ssd when wakeup, even can not write a memory dump (error 0xc0000010), cold boot required.

A:Tecra R950 with Intel SSD 520 and SSD Password set = F4 BSOD after wakeup


Did you replace the SSD drive?
As far as I know many of the Tecra R950 was equipped with an 500GB HDD.

I could be related to the SSD drive?
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I recently bought the mentioned notebook and everything works fine.

if the dynadock is connected to any USB Port the notebook stops booting after a few seconds.
The windows flag freezes ans nothing happens.

The same problem comes up if a USB Stick is connected to any USB Port of the R950.
If the DynaDock or the USB stick is attached to a different Notebook everything works.
So it must be something with the R950.

I already checked the boot device priority and and pushed the USB device to the end of the list without any result.

I hope somebody can help me.
thx in advance!

A:Tecra R950-10V PT530E stops booting if USB port is used


Try to set the BIOS to default (F9) and check if it helps?
Additionally check if the BIOS update (if possible) would solve this?
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Brand New Tecra R950 with Toshiba dynadock.

Installed applications. MYOB, Office etc OK.

Windows updates. Reboot and blank screen. Power OFF / on. Need windows repair to recover. After long time, up she comes. Need to re-install everything.

Install applications, reboot, create restore point ;)

Do updates (windows in groups). Create restore point after each reboot.

Was working fine. Client used without DOCK connected. Shutdown. Connected dock and powered on next morning. OK. Machine went to sleep - could wake up. Power off /on, Windows fails to start once again, wants to do repair - after long time: failure, unknown auto failover, bad patch. Restart and it comes up???

What is happening with this machine?


A:Tecra R950 constantly wanting to run windows reapir

> What is happening with this machine?

Good question?
What do you think?
HDD issue? Microsoft Windows software problem?

Would recommend checking the Event Viewer.
This is an advanced tool that displays detailed information about significant events on your computer.
Usually the system problems should be mentioned too.
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I have an Tecra R950-16L for about 3 months now everything works fine. Now since a few days I have the problem, that sometimes, especially after I transported the notebook before, the internal display stays black after I power on the notebook.

I can blindly type my password and see from the disc activity that windows is starting probably, but no display is shown.

After I move the notebook around and shake it a bit it sometimes works again and the it stays working until I move the notebook again somewhere else (at least this is what seems to make the effect occur).

Seems to me like a loose connector to the display or something like that?

Is there any chance to repair this on my own?
I do need my notebook all the time and do not want to send it for repair if not 100% neccessary.

What do you suggest?

Michael Czierwitzki

A:Tecra R950-16L - Display stays dark on power up sometimes

>Seems to me like a loose connector to the display or something like that?

Yes, it looks like there is a loose connection or maybe something wrong with the lid sensor.

>Is there any chance to repair this on my own?
I don?t think so.
You would need to check what?s wrong exactly. After this has been checked, you would need to disassemble the notebook and this is not easy. Last but not least you would need the compatible parts to replace the affected hardware? I don?t think you can do that?

>I do need my notebook all the time and do not want to send it for repair if not 100% necessary.
Well, you could ask the Toshiba authorized service provider for details and how long such repair would take.

Here you can find all ASPs worldwide:
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My Tecra R950-F0036 touch pad suddenly stopped working (Serial No.4D027959H bought in South Africa).

I have tried all the usual options such as updating the driver.
The driver appears to be there but FN F9 does nothing to switch the pad on.

Any ideas on how to re-activate the touch pad?

A:Tecra R950 - touchpad has suddenly stopped working

I don't know which OS do you use but check please hardware status. Check please device manager and be sure touchpad is listed there and enabled properly.
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I've got several Notebooks Tecra R850 and Tecra R950. Many users are complaining that they have Problems with UMTS and Toshiba Wireless Manager. Much time the Driver is hanging up and is only working right after a reboot.
I tested a external UMTS USB-Card, it worked without any Problems.
So it's very strange, that there are so much Notebook affected with this Problem. Is there any bug or Problem know?
How can I save the Problem? It's not comfortable!
Thank you and
best regards
Isabel Metz
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I'am stuck with installing the WLAN Driver for the above mentioned Notebook on our preconfigured Windows bit image It seems to be a combined WLAN and Bluetooth Card Atheros AR WB-EG Wireless Unfortunately the problem is complicated by the fact that the Modell is NOT in the Support database of Toshiba maybe because it was custom tailored for our organization So neither not working WLAN PT534E-00E00CGR) Driver (Tecra-R950-116 quot autodetect my Model quot or entering Serial number on Toshiba Support works just yields quot Model not recognized quot Not very professional After putting the Image on the Notebook there are unrecognized devices in device Manager One is labeled Network Controller more are unknown I downloaded the official Driver for Atheros from Toshiba homepage It installs without error message but device is still shown as non-functional in device Manager In Toshiba Support Forums I picked up the tip to install BT Filter Driver package first but didn't help I WLAN Driver not working (Tecra-R950-116 PT534E-00E00CGR) tried rd Party Drivers There was an constant error of either quot Access Violation quot or quot file not found quot I didn't save the Image the Notebook was shipped with Ordering recovery media would lead to big administrative Overhead WLAN Driver not working (Tecra-R950-116 PT534E-00E00CGR) because it requires credit Card or payment in advance Anything more I can do Here is the Output of Toshiba PC Diagnostic ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Date PC Information Model Name TECRA R Part Number PT E- E CGR Serial Number XC H OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack BIOS Version Version CPU Intel R Core TM i - M CPU GHz Physical Memory MB RAM Hard Disk Capacity Byte GB Video Intel R HD Graphics version Screen Resolution x Pixels Network Intel R V Gigabit Network Connection version MAC Address E E B B A Modem None IDE Device Hitachi HTS A A FW version ES O IDE Device MAT A DVD-RAM UJ B Internet Explorer PS-MICOM Version quot quot QFE Information CPU TEST DONE PASS NETWORK TEST DONE PASS Intel R V Gigabit Network Connection Host Controller - E D USB TEST DONE PASS Intel R Series C Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - E USB TEST DONE PASS USB-Root-Hub USB TEST DONE PASS Generic USB Hub CD DVD DRIVE TEST F SKIP -

A:WLAN Driver not working (Tecra-R950-116 PT534E-00E00CGR)

To be more specific: in device Manager the message for the WLAN device is: No device Driver installed (code 28).

This is an "approximate" Translation of the german error message, wording maybe different in english language Version of Windows 7.
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Hi all,

we need a drivers package for SCCM, we have different models and series, for example:
TECRA R850-151, TECRA R850-1J5, TECRA R950-11H, etc.

Where do we downloads this package from?


A:SCCM driver packages needed for Tecra R850 / R950 series


For own European notebook series, Toshiba provides the drivers for download on their Toshiba EU driver page:

If you need an SCCM driver packge, I would recommend you to check this Toshiba page:

This package provides the device drivers and tools for your Toshiba business notebook, in order to allow you to deploy Windows images with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) by importing this package.

To obtain service, please contact *[email protected]*
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Turns out the hdd that I picked for this laptop when I first bought it doesn't really suit my needs, and I'm looking to upgrade. I looked around, and the Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500Gb seems a good fit for what I'm looking for. I just wanted to check if my laptop was compatable with this ssd. My initial assumption is 'yes' but before I drop the cash I wanted to confirm this. For reference, I initially went with the 500Gb SATA hdd, and I'm looking to upgrade to the 500Gb Samsung ssd 850 evo. I can provide the SN of my laptop for reference if necessary.
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I want to know weather i can upgrade my harddrive from 500gb to 1tb or not. if yes than which hard drive will support.please tell me as early as possible. I have HP Pavilion 15-e017tx Notebook.

A:can i upgrade my harddisk from 500gb to 1 tb

Hi, Yes you can. Any standard HDD for laptops today can do the job. My suggestion: because HP uses HDD's from few vendors therefore use Device Manager, Disk drives to see which vendor of the existing HDD and buy from same vendor for firmware compatible (note: this is NOT a must). I also suggest: buy fater speed (7200RPM) and big cache. Regards.
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Hello forummembers,Is it possible to upgrade my harddisk to a bigger one. I am planning to upgrade my harddisk to 500GB or more and the manual says 128M2 SSD or 256GB SATA SSD. I was wondering if a 500gb SSD or more wil work both M2 and SATA.Thank you all for the support
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I bought an XPS 15 9550 laptop in October 2015, with a 500GB SSD C: drive.  I need to upgrade that 500GB SSD to a 1TB SSD, but I'm concerned about compatibility with the BIOS, etc.  Can you tell me if Dell sells a compatible 1TB SSD drive or if I can find one at Amazon?  If you know of a source of detailed instructions for the physical upgrade and for moving the OS and contents of the C: drive to the new SSD, that would be greatly appreciated.  With SSD prices appearing to be falling, this sort of thing should be occurring more frequently.  Thanks in advance for your help.
Don Henderson

A:XPS 15 9550 Laptop - Upgrade 500GB SSD to 1TB SSD

The system uses an M.2 PCIe SSD - any will work.  In order to clone your system, you're either going to need an external hard drive (to hold an image of the drive) or some kind of USB to M.2 adapter so you can connect both drives to the system at the same time.  Be sure you turn OFF secure boot in setup (F2 at powerup) before making an image or cloning the drive.
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Hi all - have done some searching but am getting different answers to some of my questions so figured I would start a new thread Have an HP x no optical drive with a gb hd and am upgrading to an gb Crucial MX SSD Need almost no space for user files so this size is more enough for us I made a copy of the installation media on my USB drive already Questions Can I use this USB to put a new install on my gb ssd I see a few mentions that the size is too small If not is there any way to get a fresh install on short of using discs with an external drive I understand cloning makes more sense to avoid reinstalling everything and going from a gb to a gb ssd My used space in C drive is gb used in user folder is gb Will this work and copy everything over including the recovery partition And will I need to quot shrink quot anything Couldn't 500gb 128gb SSD Upgrade to HD Win asstd questions from 8.1 quite get if the used space being gb meant I didn't have to or if the actual drive being gb even if not full meant I DID have to When all is up and running on the ssd how can do a system Upgrade Win 8.1 from 500gb HD to 128gb SSD asstd questions recovery if necessary Via usb files that I made or will this still not work Thanks all

A:Upgrade Win 8.1 from 500gb HD to 128gb SSD asstd questions

A 128GB SSD is plenty large enough for a Win 8.1 installation -- although you should plan on migrating large files and data directories to a HDD.

The term "cloning" means an "exact copy" -- which if the target is 128GB and the source is 500GB, can NOT be true. If you want to "migrate" (as in copy) from the HDD to the SSD, you need to shrink down the OS partition on the HDD to well less than 128GB -- by moving large files and data directories somewhere else (e.g., external drive, large USB sticks).

Once you get the OS partition on the HDD down smaller, then you can "clone" it to the SSD.

I would seriously doubt that copying over the Recovery partition will work, as built-in factory restore services generally expect the disk partitioning to be unchanged -- which will not be the case when you migrate to the SSD.

What I'd recommend as an alternative is to do the following:
1) move large files and data directories from the HDD to something else
2) Use the Disk Management tool to then shrink down the OS partition to well under 128GB
3) Download and install the free version of Macrium Reflect (MR)
4) Use MR to create an image backup of the OS partition to an external drive

Now, you have a restorable image of your OS installation -- and do not need the Recovery partition.
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Hi all!

Doing my homework and making a list of all parts for my new rig,

so far...

Intel C2D E6600
Asus P5B-E
Still deciding on memory
ATI 1950Pro 256MB

I already have one Seagate 500GB,
my question is
would it be better to have one WD 74GB Raptor and one Seagate 500GB
Two 500GB Seagates ?
in any case I wanna setup my new system in Raid-0
Mostly it will be used for data transfer and occasional gaming, the faster the better,

any help is appreciated!

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I was curious if some one might be able to help me please...I have a vaio vpcf121gx. A 500Gb hdd Western Digital hard drive and I picked up a Crucial MX200 ssd 500gb. I took the hdd out and put the ssd in. Tried to do a clean install with win7 pro 64 bit recovery disks. After loading all the disks right after it loads the registry it kept telling me that win 7 can not finish the installation due to new hardware being un compatible. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

A:I want to swap 500Gb hdd with a 500Gb sdd. Hardware not compatible???

How about just "cloning" you existing spinner hard drive to the SSD? Using "recovery media" isn't really a from-scratch install of Windows, even if it worked. It's a way to restore the exact factory image as your machine was initially delivered, with whatever came pre-installed from Sony. I don't know why it couldn't be used although it's obvious your new SSD is not the factory spinner.

But it's very easy to "clone" from HD to SSD, using a number of free products to do that... e.g. Macrium Reflect Free ("clone"), Partition Wizard 9 ("migrate OS to SSD/HD"), etc.

You would need to be able to see BOTH drives at the same time, so you should remove the SSD and reinstall the spinner back into the machine so that you can boot to it again and install the cloning product you wish to use.

Then you can connect the SSD temporarily as an external drive through an inexpensive USB 3.0 adapter like this one from Kingwin.

Then use the desired software product to "clone/migrate" from spinner to SSD. The advantage of this is that you'd immediately have your existing fully customized environment already living on the new SSD, and you wouldn't have to reinstall 3rd-party products or re-customize Windows. The SSD environment would immediately be ready-to-go.

Once the cloning if finished, now you can remove the spinner and install the SSD. I'd say you're almost done. Once you're up and running on the SSD, don't forget to adjust Windows settings for optimal performance. I don't know if Crucial provides special software to do this as Samsung does (with their Samsung Magician to tweak Windows for SSD).
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i bought the Z40 with a 500 GB HDD. As a replacement i bought the following SSD:

Crucial CT512MX100SSD1 - 500 GB

Unfortunately i didn't get it to work. On the BIOS i can see that the system recognizes the ssd. But neither the restored system boots, nor windows 8.1 Retail installs. Are there any known compatibility issues?

The problems persist whether the bios setting is UEFI oder CSM.

I upgraded to the latest bios version to 3.7, but that didn't change the result.

A:Tecra Z40 - HDD Upgrade

If the BIOS recognize the new SSD drive, then the drive should be visible also for the system.
May I ask you how did you try to install the Windows 8.1 OS?
What installation media did you use?

The Tecra Z40 does not support internal ODD (optical disk drive). Therefore I?m wondering about the installation procedure
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After reading a recent article in PCPRO it mentioned about changing the wireless card in you laptop to a quicker one, has anybody done this and if so I would like to know the following things:

1) how and what does it require
2) How much was the replacement and what model
3) what is the situation with warranty and firmware.


A:Wi-Fi upgrade on Tecra M10

I have a few questions for you:

Which M10 do you have exactly (M10-xxx)?
Is maybe Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN WLAN card inside?
If yes, which standard you want to use to get it faster than standard N?
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I wonder whether anyone might be able to answer a question for me.

I have a nice Tecra R10-11B and it has been very good for quite a few years. It runs Win XP and does everything asked of it without a problem.

What I would like to find out, though, is whether it is possible to fit a quicker CPU. I have a suspicion that the installed cpu may be permanently fixed and is not replaceable but I would like to find out.

I had played with the idea of replacing the Intel P9400 Core Duo with something a bit new, to allow perhaps installing Win 7 and more memory. There is 3gb of ram installed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


A:CPU upgrade on Tecra R10

The CPU is socked and this means that the CPU is removable.
But the important fact is that notebook manufacturers don?t support CPU upgrade.
One of the main reasons is the BIOS which is mostly modified by notebook manufacturers.

But let?s start with some basic knowledge:
The CPU has to be supported by chipset and BIOS.

So let?s check what CPU would be supported by Mobile Intel GS45 Express Chipset which is part of the Tecra R10-11B
Here on this Intel Ark page you can find compatible CPUs

But even if the chipset would support new CPU, some compatibility problems may appear because of the BIOS.
However, the Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs ( Montevina Penryn) were equipped in different R10 models, so probably other Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs would be supported.

By the way: the RAM could be upgraded up to 4GB RAM
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Hi all!!!

I'm Tecra A10-11K user and can I upgrade SSD on Tecra A10-11K?

A:Tecra A10-11K - Can I upgrade to SSD

Yes you can :)
You will need to use an SATA SSD drive
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I want to purchase Toshiba Tecra Z40-A1402 - 14" - Core i7 4600U
This item has 128 gb SSD on it. Is it possible to install a regular hdd on this ultrabook?
Anyone has an idea?

A:HDD upgrade on Tecra Z40


Is this the right specification for Tecra you want to buy?
As I can see it has 500GB SATA HDD inside.
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My TECRA A7 has a 100GB HD and I wonder if I can replace it for a larger one.
Is it possible and what should I do?

Thanks for any help

A:HDD upgrade on Tecra A7


Your Tecra has SATA HDD connector so it should not be problematic to use HDD with higher capacity.
I don?t know which one you want to use but HDD between 200 and 300 GB should be good enough for upgrade.

What do you think about that?
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i want't to upgrade my internl msate SSD 256 GB with a SATA SSD 960GB.

I think i need a new SATA cable. But i don#t find any Part Number of this cable

regards Frank
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In my laptop model Tecra A8 # PTA83L-02K014, current HDD is Fujitsu 60 GB SATA (mode# MHV2060BH).
I want to upgrade it to 320GB/500GB.

Please suggest a replacement HDD.
I cannot figure out which HDD I should buy.


A:HDD upgrade for Tecra A8

This old Tecra was delivered with several HDDs (from 60 up to 120GB). God thing is that this Tecra uses SATA HDDs so; generally speaking HDD upgrade should not be problematic.

Which HDD can you use? In my opinion HDD with around 300GB should be enough for this old piece of hardware. Just buy SATA 2,5? HDD. Talk with your local dealer and buy high quality product.

HDD replacement is not complicated and you can do it alone. If you need some help you are welcome.
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Does any one see any problems swapping out the 160GB HDD for a 1TB HDD i have already partitioned/formatted and installed XP PRO on the 1 TB HDD in my Satellite M-105 and it is working fine in there but would prefer it in the faster newer TECRA Laptop.


A:Tecra M10 - HDD upgrade


I think this should not be a big problem since the SATA controller should handle the 1TB HDD.

You can test it using the HDD from the M105? the replacement is not difficult and both units M105 and M10 supports the same SATA HDD.
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i have a toshiba tecra m1 i put windows 7 ultimate in it and when it booted up i had no sound and no wireless connection. i tried to install the drivers from the toshiba website and got a message saying drivers not compatible . so what should i do to get my wireless card and my sound driver for my toshiba tecra m1 running windows 7 ultimate please get back to me asap

Mod edit: remove email address
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Hi there,
i m just fed up with muy tecra and i want to give it a new high tech gaming makeover. I was thinking to change the motherboard cpu and hdd..Can you give me any ideas or advice where to start to find these components and if is it is worth it? Thanks a lot PC community the best ont he planet..:slurp::wave:

PS; OMG i love the smileis there are some really cool....>.::chef::darth: So Awesoooome

A:Toshiba Tecra M5 upgrade

Go new, consider Satellite P500.
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I have a Tecra M5 PTM51E-02S01REN which has a 1.83GHz T2400 dual core processor.

I also have a 'dying' (graphics chip needs 2nd reflow!)
Tecra M45 PTM51E-0NC03JEN which has a 2.33GHz T7600 dual core processor.

Can I swop the processors?
if not, to what can can I upgrade the T2400 processor?

Thanks for any ideas

A:Tecra M5 - CPU upgrade options

Update: Well I googled the chipset and discovered it is supposed to support T7600
I updated the bios to the latest (3.7)
I replaced the T2400 with the T7600 fired it up the computer and . . . . . nothing, zippo.
Very disappointing.

The good news however is that when I put the T2400 back everything worked ok!!.

So, are they really not compatible?
Is there something else I ought to have done?

Suggestions gratefully received
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Hi I have a old Tecra M2 PTM20 and need to update the Bios, have found the bios listed for the M2 downloaded it
but when I try to run the update I get the mesage that this computer is not supported


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A:Tecra M2 bios upgrade


I assume You are upgrading in Windows?
If so certain modules need to be in place before this upgrade.

If You're in WinXP, make sure You have Common Modules installed.
If You're in WinVista or Win7 make sure You have TVAP / Value added package installed.

Hope this helps.

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Hello All,

I am new here so please forgive if I have made a mistake. I was given a Toshiba Tecra M9 PMT90E laptop by a friend. I would like to upgrade it to Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit from Windows Vista Business 32bit.

I have downloaded the drivers for the laptop for Windows Vista and also Windows 7. I was given a copy of Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit by another friend. I am worried about doing a fresh installation instead of an upgrade incase I mess up the boot screen and the BIOS.

Should be worried upgrading from windows vista to windows 7 even though I have the toshiba product recovery disk for windows vista business 32 bit? I would prefer to do a fresh installation

I can be contacted via electronic mail. The address is [email protected]

A:Tecra M9 - Upgrade to Windows 7


If you have the Toshiba recovery disk everything is perfect and nothing can happen. :)

You can start with Windows 7 installation but as you already wrote I would prefer a clean installation because it would faster and more stable. In case it would go something wrong you can restore the original Vista with all drivers and tools every time because you have the Toshiba recovery disk :)

Windows installation doesn?t affect the boot screen (Toshiba) and BIOS. Windows has absolutely nothing to do with that.

So don?t worry about such things. Insert and boot from Windows 7 disk and follow the screen instructions. If something would go wrong use the recovery disk.
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Hi everyone this is my first post here I'm from portugal and I bought a R - J two months ago I choose this model because R840-16J for a Tecra SSD upgrade had all the specs SSD upgrade for a Tecra R840-16J I wanted I run Toshiba laptops since and my first one still works except one it did not have a SSD Since I could not custom make my laptop I bought it with a GB rpm hdd The only upgrade I could make and I made it was to install an extra GB RAM module I would like to install a SSD now with the same capacity My questions - do you recommend me any special brand model - what the steps I need to make to have a proper installation - I have installed lots of sw that I need Office PS and lot of astronomy specific sw I use Do I need to re-install all these or is there any solution to quot clone quot my HDD to the ssd Any advice will be greatly appreciated - Regards paulo

A:SSD upgrade for a Tecra R840-16J

> 1- do you recommend me any special brand/model ?

I would not recommend an specific model or manufacturer? I think it?s always a matter of price-performance ratio. I recommend you to search for some benchmark tests and reading some SSD drive test on different tech websites.
Then you can choose the best SSD drive for you? I mean it does not need to be the best and the expensive one?

> 2- what the steps I need to make to have a proper installation ?

This is the same procedure like HDD upgrade.
Check this nice HowTo from Toshiba:
Tecra R840 & Satellite R840 HDD Replacement Procedure

> 3- I have installed lots of sw that I need (Office, PS, and lot of astronomy specific sw I use). Do I need to re-install all these or is there any solution to "clone" my HDD to the ssd?

You can install everything again on new SSD drive or you will create an image:
You can use an option included in Win 7:
Click on Start go to Getting Started and then select Back up your files.
Next click on the Create a system image hyperlink.
Now you can choose where you want to save the image. You can choose an external HDD, burn to multiple DVD?s, or store it on a network location.
When you would like to restore the image, you will be able to use the System Recovery Options to get the system back. To get system recovery option you have to boot the Win 7 press F8 have to choose repair my computer. In this window you will find option called: system image recovery
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I have installed and working properly 2 module x 2gb (4gb) of Ram in my Tecra A7-237. running perfectly on Windows 7 64b

My question is this:

I can install two modules x 4GB (8GB) on that laptop?
I've located the modules, (CT51264AC667) I only need to know if the laptop will accept.

Thank you very much

A:Tecra A7-237 - RAM upgrade question

I found info that Tecra A7 can be upgraded with max 4GB of RAM so 2x4GB cannot work.
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I have a Tecra A7 (PTA71A-IEU003) and wish to upgrade to Windows 7.

On reading the website I find my machine isn't listed as upgradeable. I see
some people have done this and whish to know if they had any major problems and is machine running ok.

A:Tecra A7 - upgrade to Win7

I have also tested Win7 on some older Satellite notebooks and Win7 installation was successful.
Simply try it. All what can happen is that you will not be able to use some specific Toshiba functions due to missing Toshiba tools and utilities but generally speaking I don?t think you should have some big problems.

Let Win7 search for drivers and what you can also try is to check if you can use some Vista drivers, tolls or utilities.
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I am the owner of Tecra 540.
Full details:
Tecra 540CDT/4.0 SYSTEM UNIT; Model No. Z7013615.

I have just downloaded the newest BIOS for that laptop (

Two files inside:

Now I am looking for a way to flash BIOS. This machine does not have floppy drive but CD-ROM.
I was looking at Toshiba site where "how-to" for upgrading BIOS is described for any of Toshiba laptops but not my :( IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

Can anyone please let me know what steps do I need to upgrade the newest BIOS ?

A:Tecra 540 - BIOS upgrade ?


On the Toshiba driver page in the Tecra 540 section you can find two BIOS packages.
The one package BIOS 8.00-TRAD contains an BIOS Tecra 540 exe file and some pdf documents which describes how to update the BIOS.

Furthermore the Toshiba FAQ document +?How do I update the BIOS on my Toshiba Notebook and where can I get the latest BIOS for my machine??+ provides a step by step instruction.

Please check the last point *?BIOS Upgrade Procedure 7?*

It says:
For all models except those listed in procedures (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6)
So if your model was not listed in the early procedures then you will have to use the last ?Procedure 7?
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Hi I would like to do a processor upgrade for my Tecra A N from the i - M to a probably much faster i I thought the i - M would do but the laptop did not boot when i installed this processor I reverted back to the M did some research on the internet and found out that the M has a very high FSB speed and that is what probably made it not to work incompatible with my machine http ark intel com products http ark intel com products http ark intel after does CPU boot Tecra A11-11N upgrade not com products and also at http ark intel com Now i went back to the computer shop returned the M and got an Tecra A11-11N does not boot after CPU upgrade i - M as i compared it's specs and saw it would be compatible as it has the same FSB speed with the M I then later on in the day tried to install this cpu as an upgrade BUT alas It STILL WON'T BOOT ALSO I was left dumfounded Processors in the same familly line are supposed to be compatible with one another provided Lithography FSB and socket type are similar Or what am i missing here I have done processor upgrades in many instances for both desktops and laptops and this is the first one that has left me with no words to say please offer some help advice Simon Message was edited

A:Tecra A11-11N does not boot after CPU upgrade


Would recommend checking this Toshiba doc:

+Can I upgrade th CPU, Display or Mainboard in my Toshiba Notebook?+

The CPU upgrade is not supported (officially).
The point is that even if the chipset would support the new CPU, it could be possible that the notebook would not boot up due to compatibility problems between BIOS or other components on the motherboard and new CPU.
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The Sound sounds aweful!!! which speakers could I buy myself and replace in my Toshiba Tecra S11 ?

A:How to upgrade Sound on Tecra S11?

To be honest I?m really surprised with your question. Fact is that Tecra notebooks are designed for business purposes and designed for usage in offices, meeting rooms and by customer visiting so the sound is not so important in the whole ?package?. This is not multimedia notebook so you will probably not find any Tecra with high quality speakers inside.

Ok I can understand you and maybe it is not bad idea to have perfec sound on this notebook model but I think this is the wrong place for your question. What you need is professional advice.

I recommend you to contact nearest authorized service provider and ask for help. They have maintenance manuals and know which speakers are inside and which speakers can be built in as replacement. Maybe some high quality speakers from harman/kardon can be used for upgrade but which one is not easy to say.

If you will do upgrade successfully please let us know and share every useful info with us.
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I just bought a tecra A6 from ebay and it runs pretty slow so i want to upgrade it a bit. Firstly it has windows 7 installed, so I'm thinking of re-installing it back to windows xp professional. Does anyone know if I will find all the drivers support, or will this be a nightmare for me?

Also I want to upgrade to a solid state harddrive but I am a little confused with the 4 pin business poking out. For instance will this HD (see link below) work?

someone said you don't need the 4 pins??..what type of hardrive do i look for? what series..

any help most welcome...just want a reasonably fast lappy that gives me internet, wordprocessing and small graphics...its got 1 gig ram which I shall upgrade..maybe once i upgrade the ram i won't need a new HD??

any advice much appreciated


A:Need advice about upgrade and OS configuration on Tecra A6

Tecra A6 is fully supported for WXP so there is no problem to find all drivers, tools and utilities.
On Toshiba download page -
Tecra A6 is listed in Archive.
In my opinion there is no sense to install old WXP. It is not supported anymore and Win7 runs perfectly on this old Tecra model.

HDD in this old Tecra has SATA connector and, according specification it supported HDDs up to 120GB so I think this SSD can be used in your machine.
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Dear All,

I have a Tecra A9 51G with 160 GB hard disk. Is it possible to replace the existing hard disk with a new hard disk of higher capacity like 500GB or more.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

- Rajamani.

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A:Tecra A9 51G Hard disk Upgrade.

Yes you should be able to install a 320 or 500GB with no problem. I imagine a 750GB should also be fine, but I wouldn't try installing a 1TB just in case there is a Chipset/BIOS sector addressing limitation.
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Here are my laptop specs.

Tecra A2-104: Intel? Celeron? ...
Part Number : PTA20E-07701QEN
Key Features
Intel? Celeron? M 330 (1.40 GHz) processor
Windows XP Professional
40GB Hard Disk Drive. Rotation speed - 4200 RPM. Certification - S.M.A.R.T

Could anybody advise me as to which type of HDD would best suit as current one just isn't big enough. I don't want to go and buy one and realize that it doesn't work.


A:Tecra A2 - Upgrade HDD from 40GB to something bigger

Hi duff321,

Usually HDD upgrade is no problem because it?s no tricky procedure and if you buy a HDD with more rpm (rounds per minute) and something bigger (120GB for example) your computer should work a little bit faster due higher data density.

Anyway, mainboards with IDE controller have 28bit LBA limitation that means you can use HDDs up to 128GB or with other words 120GB would be the maximum HDD capacity and this should be ok because it three times as much as on old HDD.
I can recommend HDDs from Western Digital for example but all other brands should work properly.

Just have a look on some online shops or ask your authorized service provider.
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I have installed W7 X64 Enterprise on my Tecra M5 (PTM51A) , Installed 4Gb of Memory. Now I want to upgrade the WiFi to N300 with a WiFi card that will load the drivers. I tried an Intel 5100 ABGN (not the Toshiba PA3655U-MPC version) but it will not work. I can only conclude the Tecra is looking for their version.

Question for me & others: What WiFi N300 cards will install?

Thanks Johnp4216

A:Tecra M5 - WiFi card upgrade

Problem is that officially WLAN card upgrade is not supported and unfortunately there is no info about that. On this forum you can find many threads with the same theme. If you have some time try to use advanced search option and check if you can find some info about WLAN card upgrade.
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I'm about to by a Tecra R840 with i7 2620M processor. Is it possible to upgrade to a quad-core processor like the i7-2720QM?

A:Tecra R840 - upgrade to i7 2720QM


CPU upgrade is tricky. Nobody can say if your notebook would run stable after such upgrade.
There could be a compatibility issue between the CPU and BIOS or the higher heat dissipation could lead to higher temperature?

But generally speaking you can use the CPU which is supported by chipset on the motherboard.
If the chipset would support the new CPU then you would have good chances to get this CPU running.

It seems that both CPUs support the same socket? so it should not be a problem to fit the CPU on the mobo?

But why do you need new CPU?
The Intel Core i7 2620M is really a good CPU and disasembling the notebook means that you would lose the warranty!!!
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Hello, I have a Tecra 8000 laptop 400Mhz, 128MB Ram, Win 2k pro. I was given a 128 MB RAM chip and I installed it and I had no boot up. I took out the chip and restarted the computer and I still don't have boot up also no display. I pushed the reset button and yes, you guessed it, no boot up. Is there any other tricks I can try?

A:Tecra 8000 No Boot after Ram upgrade

Hi there -

By "no boot up", do you mean it hangs, or do you not even have power? If you have power, have you double checked your original RAM to make sure it is seated properly?

Hope that helps.
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I am currently on BIOS version 2.90. EC version 1.90.
I have downloaded the BIOS update package for
however when I try to upgrade I get the following error message...

Error: Preparing to update was failed.
You have not given permission to execute the update.

I am running as administrator. I am running WIndows 7 64 Bit professional.
Model M11SAU1.

The reason I am upgrading is because I am hoping it will solve my USB wireless headset issue. I have a plantronics .Audio 995 wireless headset with USB dongle that simply will not install using standard windows drivers which the manufacturer has told me should work. This device works fine on my other Win 7 64 machine. Ironically it also installs fine under VMware with XP running on my toshiba.... but refuses to install natively ?

Answers to either of these questions greatly appreciated ;-)

A:Tecra M11 - TBIOS Upgrade not working to

>The reason I am upgrading is because I am hoping it will solve my USB wireless headset issue. I have a plantronics .Audio 995 wireless headset with USB dongle that simply will not install using standard windows drivers which the manufacturer has told me should work.

In my opinion this has nothing to do with BIOS and don't think that the BIOS udpate is a solution for that...
However, did you intsall the VAP (value added package) for this notebook model?

As far as I know this is needed to be able to update the BIOS!!

Be also sure that you have disabled any Antivirus software and other security software and options!!!
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Hi, I have Tecra M5 PTM51E model with T2600 Yonah (2.16ghz,667fsb) core duo processor, few days ago I just replaced this cpu with core 2 duo - T7400 Merom (2.16ghz, fsb667) and all works almost fine... cpu is properly recognized, I was able to install win7 64bits.

The only problem i have is fan speed, it is going full speed from booting laptop till shutdown, i have latest BIOS 3.70, Toshiba Power Saver - no matter what i set fan is going 100% speed, temperatures are ok, HWmonitor shows 28-30C in idle and 60 in stress, and fan was cleaned during cpu replacement.

I assume i need toshiba diagnostic/maintenance cd to set proper values for fan speed to this processor?

I appreciate any suggestions, thanks!

A:Re: Tecra M5 PTM51E - CPU upgrade issue

I tried upgrading the CPU in my laptop and ran into the same problem.

If the BIOS doesn't support the CPU model, then the CPU speed and fan speed will be incorrect.

You will need to use one of the CPU's that are available in the Tecra M5 range for the calibration to work properly.
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How to reinstall Windows 7 pro after a 500 GB HDD upgrade? How to access password protected data after reinstall? How can I get a Windows 7 professional install DVD?

(I do not installed new HDD yet, but I am planning)

A:Tecra S11 - How to reinstall Windows 7 after HDD upgrade?

Hi buddy,

You have created the Toshiba recover disk? Perfect!!!
After HDD exchange you need this disk you to install Windows 7. The Toshiba recovery disk contains an image of factory settings and that means you will have factory settings on the new HDD after using this disk. You have to boot from it and follow the screen instructions.

> How to access password protected data after reinstall?
It would be interesting to know which data you mean exactly.
Before you reinstall Windows you should backup all data on an external HDD for example.
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Greetings Gurus,

Pleeeaase help...

I recently upgraded my M10-PTMB1E to 8GB RAM from 2GB.

My bios sees 8GB, Windows tells me I have 8GB installed but 3.8GB usable, double-checked this with a boot-CD. I then pulled one of the 4GB chips out and put the 2GB back in. Windows sees the 6GB.

I tested the RAM with memtest and both chips passed (even though memtest only sees 4GB)

I thought it might be a case of updating the BIOS but whether I run the .exe files in bios-20091103164158, bios-20091104152403 or bios-20091104172541 I get an error saying "This computer is not supported"

Could someone please tell me:-
1) Does this machine truly support 8GB
2) If it does, what change do I need to make to get it to use all 8GB (excluding VGA of course)
3) What BIOS update do I need

Thank you for your help

A:Strange issue after RAM upgrade on Tecra M10


I don?t have this notebook model but I will try to help.

# Yes this notebook model supports RAM up to 8 GB
# Maybe this document will help you
# Generally speaking you don?t need anything. Just if you want you can update BIOS but with old one everything should be OK. Just be sure you use compatible RAM modules.
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can someone help me with the procedure to update my win7 to the oem win 8.1 which was delivered with the laptop? I tried booting from the first dvd and there is only option to recover the laptop, removing everything. I wonder isn't there a standard windows upgrade that doesn't touch other than OS files and preserves accounts, passwords etc?

If I download from microsoft site - where do I find the OEM serial number?

Thank you in advance

A:How to upgrade my Windows7 to Windows8.1 - Tecra Z50-A-15W

According notebook specification your notebook was preinstalled with Win7 64bit and Win8.1 installations DVD. Before you do anything make Win7 back up and create Win7 recovery media (DVD or USB).

I don?t have this notebook model but if I understand the situation right Win8.1 DVD that you got is installation disc that you can use for clean Win8.1 installation. With other words it is not an upgrade disc that you can use to upgrade preinstalled Win7.

Create Win7 recovery media, back up all your all your important data and use Win8.1 recovery disc to make clean Windows installation.
> If I download from microsoft site - where do I find the OEM serial number?
Both versions that you got with your machine are activated and you don?t need Windows product key. By usage of any other version Toshiba has nothing to do with it and you must obtain and buy valid product key.
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Hi, i want to upgrade my Tecra M10 with the max. CPU supported. Actually i have the Core Duo Prozessor T5670 installed. Can anybody give me an info about the capabilities of the M10?

Thank?s in advance.



A:CPU Upgrade for Tecra M10-13Z PTMB0E-01400LGR


Theoretically you could use a CPU which is supported by chipset.
As far as I know the notebook supports the Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset.
So you can check the Intel page for Intel Mobile Gm45 properties and what CPUs would be supported.

But generally speaking the CPU upgrade is a tricky thing because stronger CPU produces more heat dissipation and could lead to overheating.
Furthermore it?s not 100% sure that BIOS would support the new CPU.

I found also this nice Toshiba doc:
Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba Notebook?
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Hi guys i m new here and really not that good in the pc world but i recently purchased a new toshiba laptop tecra really good stuff but recently i ve encountered a problem when i installed quot call of duty quot i complete the installation the card? possible to Is it upgrade tecra 8. Toshiba video successfuly but when i try to play the game a message comes on my screen saying that there is an error with the directx The directx in my pc is the latest cause Toshiba tecra 8. Is it possible to upgrade the video card? i checked and just to be sure i installed it again but no use Then i asked a guy about it and he said most probably its with my graphics card i then checked the specs of my laptop and found out that is an intel built in card the type is quot mobile intel r gm express chipset My question is can i upgrade my laptop card to a stronger one or because it is a built in card then i will not be able to change it The other question is will this card play this game or any other game with similar graphics If not then should i just sell it now and buy a new one even though i payed about for Please somebody help nbsp

A:Toshiba tecra 8. Is it possible to upgrade the video card?

Laptops don't have video cards, they only have on-board video chips. These chips are part of the motherboard. Your options are to upgrade the video driver or buy a better graphics laptop...
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Is a X9000 compatible with this laptop ?


A:Question about Processor Upgrade on Tecra A9 (PTS52E)

It should be Tecra A9 right?
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I've got a problem using Windows 7 on a Tecra S4 notebook:
After installing of all the available drivers (most dedicated for Windows Vista 32 bit, but working) there's still a problem adjusting the brightness of the display:

After Installing the value added package, th Fn-buttons are working, but not Fn-F6 and Fn-F7 for adjusting the brightness.

Pressing this button, there is a reaction in moving the slider on the screen (only 3 positions 0% - 40% - 100%), the brightness 'sun' displayed in Windows XP when changing brightness had 8 positions), but nothing happens. Moving the slider by mouse action, it's exactly the same behaviour. Slider can be moved, but nothing happens. The monitor backlight is always maximum powered.

Does anybody know what to do?
I'd like to change from Windows XP to Windows 7 completely on this device, but this requires for me all the basic functions have to work.

A:Tecra S4-128: No Fn+F6-F7 function after Win7 32Bit upgrade


What version of VAP did you install?
It seems that Win 7 drivers are not released for Tecra S4.

Possibly its driver / software problem.
Would recommend updating the graphic card driver and to use the latest VAP released for Win 7.
You can find the VAP in other Tecra or Satellite series
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I need to upgrade BIOS v 1.60 to latest BIOS version. I downloaded from Toshiba's site bios file ( -> P0065v300.exe) but when i try to upgrade come this issue:


My notebook:
Windows 7 32bit

A:Tecra A10-12H - BIOS upgrade: 'this computer is not supported'


Did you install the VAP (value added package)?

The VAP is necessary in order to run some Toshiba tools and to update the BIOS.
I found a threads with the same error message but the user used Win XP.

The issue could be solved by installation of Common Modules (only for Win XP).
But the VAP is released for Vista and Win 7 and common modules are within the VAP package.
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Hi TOSHIBA TECRA S - Serial number Tecra Hardware questions for S10-183 Update/Upgrade xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Model Number PTSB E- YR KGR BTO code P G G WBT DS L M B W G Preinstalled Software Yes R GR Date of purchase I use above Hardware Update/Upgrade questions for Tecra S10-183 notebook mobile professionals use for CAD programming and also for Office applications GB of RAM standard I can increase to GB Kingston a tie on purchase Hardware Update/Upgrade questions for Tecra S10-183 With the GB HDD I had an awful lot at the beginning of loss of speed So I had let a month later to a GB OCZ Vertex switch from second And ran for almost months without problems Now I have not so much free place in my SDD So I would like to quot Intel SSD Series GB SATA III quot Jump leave My question would be I would get this problem In theory SATA work perfectly well that GB SSD right In manual it is up to GB SATA SSD in it However the handbook of So the information is very old And at that time were not yet GB free for end users SATA SSD hard drives Are there any Windows Professional Ultimate Business for as this laptop Original I have Windows Ultimate bit I wanted my memory that is extended to GB CAD program running on bit operating system much better Is the graphics card soldered onto my laptop or can I let it replace it So it's a plug-in card Can I move to a higher processor CPU To what size the Mobile UMTS and HSDPA HSPAU LTE is capable I still can not get on the Toshiba support site http de computers toshiba-europe com innovation generic SUPPORT PORTAL find when entering the serial number or the model number is not my laptop About an answer I would be very happy Sorry for this bad English My Main Language is German So i hope somebody can help me by my questions With kind regards Etem Basoglu

A:Hardware Update/Upgrade questions for Tecra S10-183

>1) In theory, SATA3 work perfectly well that 240GB SSD right?
>In manual, it is up to 120GB SATA2 SSD in it. However, the handbook of 2009. So the information is very old. And at that time were not yet 240GB free for end users SATA3 SSD hard drives.

The SATA controller is not size limited? you can use 250GB, 500GB or larger HDDs. The same should be possible with SSD drives since the controller is the same.

> 2) Are there any Windows Professional / Ultimate / Business 64 for 7 as this laptop?
> Original I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. I wanted my memory that is extended to 8GB. CAD program running on 64 bit operating system much better.

Not sure what you mean exactly but if you want to installed Win 7 64bit then you can do it without big problems? the 64bit drivers are available on the Toshiba European driver page.

> 3) Is the graphics card soldered onto my laptop or can I let it replace it? So it's a plug-in card?
The notebook seems to be equipped with an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 150M graphic chip. This is external chip which is plugged/soldered on the motherboard. But even if you could remove this chip, the upgrade is NOT possible.

> 4) Can I move to a higher processor / CPU? To what size?

Generally speaking the CPU upgrade depends on the chipset on the motherboard.
You could upgrade the CPU, if the chipset would support the new CPU.
There are still questions about BIOS support but I read here in the forum that some people were able to upgrade the new CPU.

> 5) the Mobile UMTS and HSDPA / HSPAU / LTE is capable?
The 3G support modules seems to support HSDPA standard

> 6) I still can not get on the Toshiba support site:
> find when entering the serial number or the model number is not my laptop?

Maybe its not inserted in the database but your Tecra S10-183 belongs to the PTSB3E series? you can search for other models belonging to the PTSB3E to get the details?
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My laptop was working fine until I upgraded the BIOS to 3.00. It takes a long time to boot whatever the boot support was (HDD, CDROM, ...) . After I select the boot support the screen goes black with a blinking white cursor for about 5 to 10 minutes, then windows loads normally and everything works perfectly.
I am thinking of downgrading the bios , but I can't find older versions.

A:Re: Tecra S10 G11, Extremly slow boot after BIOS upgrade to 3.00


Only a newest BIOS version is available on the Toshiba European driver page?
So if you need an older version; get in contact with an local ASP?

However, I recommend accessing the BIOS and to set the settings to default.
Possibly this is needed to get the notebook booting faster?

Good luck
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There are many wanted but 3, - BIOS upgrade supported" Tecra A10-12Z "not 1.6 to to W7H32 problems with this Tecra A As Windows Xp is off I tried Windows which is too awkward so Tecra A10-12Z BIOS 1.6 wanted to upgrade to 3, but "not supported" - W7H32 I wanted to try different OSes from eSATA Although i could install Lubuntu to the eSATA it didn't want to boot no hard disk inside anymore from eSATA but booted from USB Read in the forum and put the Windows Home disk inside again and downloaded the BIOS update only to get a quot not supported quot answer The A has a Windows Vista Business sticker beneath is that the only OS from which this Tecra can get it's BIOS updated We don't have any Windows Vista disks Installing Windows or XP is really time consuming same for x The latest beta demoCD with eComStation todays OS Warp works fine on this Tecra it has Windows integrated will that do Installing Windows to an SD card should also be swift and possible If there are drivers available ReactOS freeWindowsXP is usually capable of booting but it's still in alpha stage What about plain DOS There are liveCDs with DOS One can also find Vista LiveCDs socalled VistaPE CDs on the net but their origin is unknown What is the best option Is there only one option

A:Tecra A10-12Z BIOS 1.6 wanted to upgrade to 3, but "not supported" - W7H32


>Although i could install Lubuntu to the eSATA it didn't want to boot (no hard disk inside anymore) from eSATA, but booted from USB
I assume the BIOS does not support the booting from eSATA port but just from USB port.
But this is just an idea... this should be checked once again within the BIOS settings.
Maybe an BIOS update would help too.

>Read in the forum, and put the Windows 7 Home 32 disk inside again and downloaded the BIOS update only to get a "not supported" answer.

BIOS update can be executed from running Windows system only. But the BIOS update requires also some additional Toshiba software which depends on the system.

In case of Win 7 or Vista, the Toshiba value added package has to be installed. In case of the Win XP, you need to install the Common Modules package.

To be honest I don?t understand what you want to do?
The Tecra A10 is a great unit. I?ve got the successor called Tecra A11. I use Win 7 and its really great OS. Much better than the early Win XP
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My Tecra R850-1CL (with Ericsson 3G modem) has 2 led indicators for network : a yellow LED for WiFi, and a blue LED for 3G.

Under Windows 7 64-bit, everything was working OK, and Fn+F8 allowed to switch on or off WiFi and 3G.

Since I upgraded to Windows 8, Fn-F8 does only switch to plane mode, yellow Wifi indicator is always on even in plane mode, and blue 3G indicator is almost always on, even when 3G is not connected or when adapter is disabled.

I have done W8 upgrade with Toshiba upgrade utilities, and computer is up to date (BIOS and Drivers).

How cant get correct behavior for network LED indicators ?

A:Since Win 8 upgrade Fn-F8 does only switch to plane mode on TECRA R850

And WLAN and 3G are working properly, right?
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I tried to upgrade my Tecra R840-16V (Part Number PT429E-05M00KGE) form windows 7 64bit pro to windows 10 pro thru windows update. When the the upgrade procedure finished everything looked ok but after a while the system froze (even the mouse). I did a reboot in my system via power button, the system worked well for about 1 hour and froze again. I did a reboot via power button once again and I had the same problem after while. I did a system restore back in windows 7 and everything works ok without any freeze at all.
Is it a known problem? Is there any solution or suggestion to upgrade my system without problems in windows 10 pro?

Relevancy 50.74%

I run a Toshiba laptop Tecra 8100 with a video driver version of 4/16/2002 for the S3 Graphics Savage MX in Windows XP Pro.
I discovered that there seem to be upgrades for this driver. However, I do not know if I have to use the PCI or the AGP upgrade for Win XP. Also, will this upgrade work on a Toshiba laptop?
The Toshiba forum is extremely slow to answer.
Thank you for your help,

A:Toshiba Tecra 8100 video driver upgrade

Well I just looked up the specs on that laptop
8100 Specs

And it says your S3 Graphics Savage MX is AGP, so use the AGP upgrade. Hope I helped!
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Dear all I have Tecra A constantly After - CPU A9 runs upgrade on power Tecra full fan Notebooks that came with a T Core Tecra A9 - After CPU upgrade fan runs constantly on full power Duo CPU running at Ghz with MB Cache Upgraded all to Tecra A9 - After CPU upgrade fan runs constantly on full power a T running at Ghz having MB Cache According To Intel the TDP of both CPUs is at W Notebooks don t get hot not even warm actually The CPU FAN switches itself to full power right after displaying the BIOS screen with the Toshiba Logo Running Bios Version on all systems having same behavior on all systems CPU properly recognized under WinXP Win and Win Is there Tecra A9 - After CPU upgrade fan runs constantly on full power any way to get the CPU fan adjusted back to normal The system isn t any hotter than before the CPU Upgrade just for some reason the BIOS now decided the fan has to run with full power I even exchanged one of the CPU Fans with the one from a Tecra A Notebook but had the same effect than with the original fan Having no Idea what I could do Hope for your help Best regards Bornchiller

A:Tecra A9 - After CPU upgrade fan runs constantly on full power

I believe calibration needs to be performed to set up the fan speed table.
A Toshiba Service Center can do this.
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Dear Forum

I am enquiring please about a Tecra A10 which, upon purchase, had Windows Vista Business Installed.
At a later date the owner upgraded to Window 7 (free of charge I think but I am not sure).

The Windows 7 installation became corrupted, and in need of fresh install, but a backup wasnt made.

Please does anyone know if the owner has a means of re-downloading the Windows 7 without further cost, bearing in mind the existing Windows 7 installation is a legal one .

Yours with thanks in advance

A:Tecra A10 - Win7 upgrade from Vista Business edition

I don?t know what earlier owner has done but if somehow possible install clean Win7 version and not Vista to Win7 upgrade. I have done this on several Vista machines and now all machines work perfectly with clean Win7 32bit version.
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After upgrading to Windows 10 I find holding the function key down no longer invokes the function key utilities.
Will there be a fix for this?
Is there an alternative means of accessing these functions?
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I have an old Tecra 8100 an I want to upgrade the BIOS. Who know which Harddisk is supported (20 GB, 40 GB) and where can I find the specifications?

Thanks for your information.


A:Tecra 8100, upgrade BIOS, whitch Harddisk is supported (40 GB?)


As I?m not mistaken the Tecra 8100 supports an IDE HDD controller.
In such cases it should be possible to use the 2.5? IDE HDDs.

I cannot say much about the supported sizes but fact is that the supported HDD size depends on the HDD controller. The older IDE controllers until ATA-5 (also called Ultra ATA/66 or Ultra DMA/66) supported the LBA 28bit which allows you to use max 120GB HDD.

Since ATA-6 (also called Ultra DMA mode 5 or Ultra-ATA100) you can use IDE HDDs bigger than 128GB.

So if you want you can check your IDE HDD controller using an hardware diagnostic tool (i.e Everest home edition). Then you could find out what IDE controller it is and what HDDs are supported.

Relevancy 50.31%

Hi I am considering upgrading from the K2100 to a nvidia K4100 or K5100 and I don't know and can't find anything on the internet about that:
- Can the graphics adapter k2100 in the w50 be changed/ removed?
- Does either the K4100 or the K5100 fit in the laptop?
- Are either of these these cards compatible with the w50?

Thanks for any info you may have and getting back to me.
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Here is my plan.
I purchased Acronis True Image Ver 2010 which is supposed to let
me install the new drive as a slave in the computer and clone
the disk 1 drive data into the disk 2 new drive and make it bootable.
Then I can remove the original disk 1 drive and make the new
drive disk 1.
Then I purchased the Acronis Disk Director 10.0 which will allow
me to create extended partion and logical drives E, F, G H
in the new disk while leaving all system and boot files on drive C.

Drive D is the CD-rom.

I guess I will spend about $79 dollars on this software
and I know there are probably lots of free software utilities
that can do the same thing. Does anyone know of one single
product that will do all that I want to do described above ?

A:Upgrade XP fm 37gb drive to 500gb drive

All software is free
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Hi im using win vista ultimate 32b, maxtor sata ii 500GB, but it only shows 465GB, where is other 35GB? what do i need to do to get the max out of it?

Relevancy 44.72%

I possess a tecra A10 complete with Windows Vista Business installed (and backed up to an image file using Easeus Todo backup

However I also have access to a Tecra M10 which came with no operating system, although the COA sticker (product key) is likewise for a windows Vista Business.

My question is: would my Windows Vista Business back up from the A10 work on the M10 (ie would it load onto the M10 hard drive and then work properly

If anyone can advise on this matter I would be appreciative please

Best wishes

A:Can I use Tecra A10 OS disk to install OS on Tecra M10?

At first I must say that Toshiba recovery image is created for each notebook model separately and it is 100% created to work on specific model. Why?
Every notebook model has different hardware platform and all drivers, tools and utilities for certain model are part of recovery image. These recovery images are also tested.

Generally speaking if both models have identical hardware platform (hardware parts) it can be used.
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Dear forum
The above says it all really.

I see the two look similar, but one is smaller. Are these two models different in other ways please.

A:Difference between Tecra A10 and Tecra M10

Of course the both notebooks are different.
There are different Tecra A10 models and there are different Tecra M10 units.

For example:
Tecra *A10-13B* supports an Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2,26 GHz CPU and Intel GM45 chipset.

Tecra *A10-1D2* supports an Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 2.80Ghz CPU and Intel GM45 chipset

You can find details about different discontinued notebook models here:
Then you can compare all the hardware parts.
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I'm trying to install a 500gb IDE drive in an old HP (800 MH, 250mb Ram). When I try to install XP from the CD it would would return an error massage that there is no hard drive installed.

I Checked the power supply and the cable all seems to be working. I formated the HD and the system only see 130 GB , but when I try to install XP, it prompts me to formate the drive and after the formate is done, XP starts the install, and I get the massage saying there is no HD installed!!!!!

Any help wlil be greatly appreciated.

A:PC does not see 500Gb IDE HDD

Is this an HP CD that you refer to?

Is it a Microsoft Genuine XP CD?

In any can check the BIOS settings to see if the system properly detects the hard drive. It really doesn't matter if the BIOS sees the drive as 137GB or not...once XP is installed and updated thru at least SP1, you will be able to get full usage of the entire drive.

FWIW: I do not suggest formatting a hard drive that you intend to install XP on, using a Genuine XP CD...before using the CD. My experience is that the CD may not properly detect such, since it's looking for a bare drive...particularly so, if the XP version is MS OEM/System Builder.

I should also add that the existence of any other partitions on a drive for which a person is trying to install an OEM/System Builder version of Genuine XP...will probably fail, IME. Again, it's made to be installed on a clean drive, devoid of any partitions.

Relevancy 38.27%

I seen a 500gb for $831 hdd but i can't remember from were.Does any one know any company that makes that kind of high capacity hdd's.I tried lookin for IBM,WSD,Maxtor and i can't find any thing over 250 gbs.

Relevancy 37.84%

hi all,
i bought a acer laptop,it had 500 gb in one drive c...later i i used volume mgmt to shrink it,i created 3 more drives...the problem is i cannot find them after i restart my laptop.i se only c drive with 230 gb....whn i check the volume manager,it shows some eisa config on the remaining drivers i created.please help fish out the remaining part of hard disk.....
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Well form the beginning that I got my WD 500GB it's been acting weird. But now it simply can't read most of the files, I use TeraCopy to copy my files and I seed the copy speed at witch it is copied and it falls from let's say 20MB to 120kb then it just says the file was not found on the device and it skipes it. I got a reply from WD to just do a low-level format and supposedly everything will be OK. But my other question is is there a way to get the files TeraCopy couldn't get off the HDD somehow using some different software?


A:WD 500GB HDD with bad sectors?

try recuva before formatting. It's free. If your drive keeps developing bad sectors replace it.
A low level format is a short-term fix.
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Hello, any one know how i can go about fixing a 500gb External HDD it just stoped working randomly a few months ago i tryed changing the case but dident work fan inside the actual HDD makes strange noice is there any way i could take apart the HDD and maby get the fan inside working or something like that? As i would rly like the data which is on the HDD? Any ideas thanks.

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On my portable 500gb hdd, only 465gb show up. I use Windows XP. Is this common practice to advertise one capacity, and provide lower one? Yes, I am aware that actual HDD capacity is lower because of cluster size, FAT 16/32 or NTFS, etc. Thus, why not just state what the buyer actually gets?
DVDs state 4.7gb, but are 4.38gb; BD is 25gb, but really 23.3gb, DVD DL state 8.5gb but are 8gb.
However, CD-Rs are 700mb.

A:500gb hdd is 465gb

As wikipedia informs us, since year 2000 most manufacturers starting to use this principle what 1GB = 1 000 000 000. Some of them give you more, = as promised. I saw one hitachi 80GB drive which was actualy 80GB = 85,899,345,920 not 80 000 000 000.
Relevancy 37.84%

as above, is it do-able?
in the asus c90 to be more correct


A:500gb in a laptop?

yes. it is possible though not plausible.

Humungous drives are the rage today. I suppose there might be a maker of a 1/2 terabyte laptop hard disk drive that is internal. I haven't run across one myself though and I really see no reason to have one except to store movies.

There are plenty of these size drives that are external.
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hi, i bought this hdd for my xbox360 and formatted it with macdrive to hfs+, when i connect it to my pc i can read/write files but when i hook it up to my 360 it doesnt get recognised, i have media sharing through wmp11 enabled also but the 360 wont recognise anything from the hdd thats getting streamed, i dont know what to do, any help???
Relevancy 37.84%

something really weird happened and my startup disk got funky and took hours to boot Something was corrupted or something so i just dragged my iphoto gone help data need of my 500gb is before I library and itunes library files off it and wiped it clean with a new install of leopard Everything was working fine on both the startup disk and the external drive for hours Then when i tried to copy the iphoto library that i got off the corrupted drive from my external to my new fresh leopard install it seriously screwed something up on the external drive Now the external drive mounts but whenever i try to copy anything off of it it starts to copy then before mb can go the copy stops and says insufficient priveleges I press ok then try to go back into the external and each of the folders contents appear empty and the drive wont unmount I need help before my 500gb of data is gone after i unplug it and then plug it back in it shows up fine again though WHAT CAN I DO nbsp

A:I need help before my 500gb of data is gone

Instead of copying it all at once, try copying each folder over one at a time, or a couple of folders at a time.

It sounds like one or more of the files may be corrupted and causing the transfer to crash.

So if you do only a few at time, you should be able to narrow down the problem.
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Hey! I installed a new HDD, made sure to install it nice and secure, and I've begun running programs and anti-virus and other programs and I occasionally get a quiet grinding noise or a clicking. I'm unsure as to whether this is normal or not. I cleaned out my computer case and a TON of dust and dust bunny corpses so the case is empty as hell. Is the noise normal and I'm just hearing it more than usual now that the case is empty?

A:New WD 500GB HDD Noise

Contact the folks at Western Digital support. They are very helpful. There are also diagnostics available at the site that tell you more.
Hard drives can be damaged in shipment to the retailer or the installer, and returning the drive to Western Digital will get you a replacement quickly.