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Tecra R950 - touchpad has suddenly stopped working

Q: Tecra R950 - touchpad has suddenly stopped working

My Tecra R950-F0036 touch pad suddenly stopped working (Serial No.4D027959H bought in South Africa).

I have tried all the usual options such as updating the driver.
The driver appears to be there but FN F9 does nothing to switch the pad on.

Any ideas on how to re-activate the touch pad?

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Preferred Solution: Tecra R950 - touchpad has suddenly stopped working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Tecra R950 - touchpad has suddenly stopped working

I don't know which OS do you use but check please hardware status. Check please device manager and be sure touchpad is listed there and enabled properly.
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I have a new Acer Aspire laptop which has worked fine working stopped suddenly Synaptics touchpad for the past few weeks However I turned it on this morning it worked fine last night to find that my Synaptics touchpad suddenly stopped working touchpad no longer works I don t feel this is a hardware issue in the sense that the touchpad has become unplugged from the internal PS port because the touchpad works for about - seconds after I log onto Windows when the desktop loads up That s the only time it works it doesn t even work at the welcome logon screen After those - seconds something obviously happens that s preventing it from working I thought it might be my Wacom Graphire II graphics tablet which is plugged in via USB However my touchpad and tablet have worked fine together for the past few weeks and have never caused any problems I unplugged the tablet and uninstalled the tablet and touchpad drivers I then rebooted and - navigating around with the keyboard - reinstalled the touchpad drivers and rebooted It still won t work Any ideas nbsp

A:Synaptics touchpad suddenly stopped working

Two things:

1. Does the touchpad have an indicator light that shows you when it is activated? The one on my HP does.

2. Is there an On/Off button above the touchpad...there is on my HP. Did you accidently turn it OFF
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I'am stuck with installing the WLAN Driver for the above mentioned Notebook on our preconfigured Windows bit image It seems to be a combined WLAN and Bluetooth Card Atheros AR WB-EG Wireless Unfortunately the problem is complicated by the fact that the Modell is NOT in the Support database of Toshiba maybe because it was custom tailored for our organization So neither not working WLAN PT534E-00E00CGR) Driver (Tecra-R950-116 quot autodetect my Model quot or entering Serial number on Toshiba Support works just yields quot Model not recognized quot Not very professional After putting the Image on the Notebook there are unrecognized devices in device Manager One is labeled Network Controller more are unknown I downloaded the official Driver for Atheros from Toshiba homepage It installs without error message but device is still shown as non-functional in device Manager In Toshiba Support Forums I picked up the tip to install BT Filter Driver package first but didn't help I WLAN Driver not working (Tecra-R950-116 PT534E-00E00CGR) tried rd Party Drivers There was an constant error of either quot Access Violation quot or quot file not found quot I didn't save the Image the Notebook was shipped with Ordering recovery media would lead to big administrative Overhead WLAN Driver not working (Tecra-R950-116 PT534E-00E00CGR) because it requires credit Card or payment in advance Anything more I can do Here is the Output of Toshiba PC Diagnostic ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Date PC Information Model Name TECRA R Part Number PT E- E CGR Serial Number XC H OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack BIOS Version Version CPU Intel R Core TM i - M CPU GHz Physical Memory MB RAM Hard Disk Capacity Byte GB Video Intel R HD Graphics version Screen Resolution x Pixels Network Intel R V Gigabit Network Connection version MAC Address E E B B A Modem None IDE Device Hitachi HTS A A FW version ES O IDE Device MAT A DVD-RAM UJ B Internet Explorer PS-MICOM Version quot quot QFE Information CPU TEST DONE PASS NETWORK TEST DONE PASS Intel R V Gigabit Network Connection Host Controller - E D USB TEST DONE PASS Intel R Series C Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - E USB TEST DONE PASS USB-Root-Hub USB TEST DONE PASS Generic USB Hub CD DVD DRIVE TEST F SKIP -

A:WLAN Driver not working (Tecra-R950-116 PT534E-00E00CGR)

To be more specific: in device Manager the message for the WLAN device is: No device Driver installed (code 28).

This is an "approximate" Translation of the german error message, wording maybe different in english language Version of Windows 7.
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I went to use my laptop today, and I discovered that the touchpad has stopped working. In fact, I was unable to even get past the sign-on screen, and if it weren't for the fact that I got a mouse arrow with a plug-in USB mouse, the laptop would be completely dead to me.

My son uses the laptop for Minecraft gaming, but I don't think that has anything to do with this. Even a reboot didn't change anything. I wonder if a Windows update screwed something up (again)? I'm at a loss. I'm not always where I can set up a physical mouse to use - and frankly I don't want to have to.

Any suggestions?

A:My Toshiba Satellite touchpad suddenly stopped working

Found the solution. When I pressed the F5 button (not Fn + F5), I got a popup that said "touchpad disabled." When I pressed it again, it said "touchpad enabled." I unplugged my USB mouse and tried again, and it's now working. What a screwed up design that allows a user to accidentally disable one's touchpad with an accidental press of the F5 key. Then you have to research the problem before figuring out the problem. Someone in the Toshiba laptop design department should be fired.
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I have a Toshiba Tecra R950-104 with almost one year.
Every thing works fine except for HDD.

In this period (almost on year) i had 2 hdd failures (2 hdd had to be replaced!!!).
Fortunately issues occours inside warranty period.

Is there any issues with this machine, regarding HDD (It's a 500GB, 7200RPM Toshiba HDD).


A:Tecra R950-104 HDD failure


HDD issues do not depend on notebook but the HDD usage and notebook usage.
The HDD is an wearing part. Sooner or later every HDD would die.

Such issue can happen mostly because the HDD is affected by shocks while moving the notebook. Furthermore there are many different HDDs on the market. Some are cheaper due to low quality and some HDD are more expensive because of good quality.

So you should keep eye on the HDD quality.
But to be honest, I would never purchase an HDD for a notebook. I replaced my HDD with an SSD drive. Its much faster and more durable as an HDD
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Tenho um Port?til TECRA R950-186 PT53OE, com o Sistema Operativo Windows 10. Vinha com o SO Win 7, posteriormente actualizei-o para o Win 8 e recentemente para o Win 10.
Depois de o atualizar para a vers?o 10 funcionou muito bem. Significativamente melhor do que com a vers?o 8.1.
H? poucos dias fiquei sem imagem no ecr?. Ou seja com o ecr? preto.
Quando ligo o computador ? perfeitamente vis?vel a mensagem inicial: TOSHIBA Leading Innovation >>>, mas depois do arranque fico com o ecr? preto.
Tenho trabalhado com ele ligando-lhe um monitor externo ? porta SVGA.
J? fiz a atualiza??o do controlador da placa gr?fica, mas o problema persiste.
Agrade?o que me seja apontada uma solu??o.

A:Tecra R950 - Blackscreen

Try this:
uninstall the display driver in Control Panel.
run Windows Update to install the new display driver.
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I have the Tecra R950 (PT530A-00S001) and find that the fan runs at full/high speed pretty much all of the time.

I am running Windows 8.1 and running on the balanced power setting.

Is this a common issue with this model?

Can anyone give me some info or steps to go about diagnosing the issue or should I just send it to Toshiba as a warranty?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

A:Tecra R950 Fan Speed


I would not say it?s a common issue because the fan activity depends on notebook usage.
The point is that the increased CPU/GPU performance leads to higher temperature due to heat dissipation? and this leads to higher fan activity?

There are no many settings which could be changed beside the settings within the Windows ?Advanced Power Options?. There you can change the cooling method to ?battery mode? and you can also decrease the max CPU performance from 100% to an lower level? lets say 80%-90%
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I have a Tecra R950-104 and, when I remove the battery, there is a slot for 3G Sim card, just like it says in the manual.

The problem is that Windows (Win 7 64bits) doesn't recognize any 3G modem in the computer.

Thus this mean that only some models have the modem, but all have the slot for the sim card?

I already installed the driver for 3G Modem, downloaded from Toshiba site, the driver was installed without any problem, I have a Sim card that is working - tested in a 3G USB Modem - but still I cant make any connection because Windows cant even find a modem.

A:Can I use 3G Modem on my Tecra R950-104?

You are right, just some models have 3G module inside and, unfortunately your model doesnt have it.
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how long does it usually take to recharge the battery?

I've got a R950-10U and the NB needs 1h for every 10% charge.
This is an alsolutely unacceptable condition! This R950 is now my 3rd Tecra...
and no one had this problem before!

The system is configured in the balanced battery mode, not in the eco mode!
It it possible to setup the settings for the charching, to accelerate the charging?


A:Battery charging on Tecra R950


Usually you need some hours to charge the battery.
If the battery is new, the charging procedure would takes longer?

You should also calibrate the new battery? this mean that you should charge and discharge the battery until its fully empty and this process should be repeated several times in the row.
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Having some problems with the win 8 pro dvd included with my laptop.

Bios mode is set as UEFI + Secure boot, win 8 pro dvd starts and i can start recovery, after a while it asks for disc 2 and starts recovering win 8.

After completion and reboot, it won't boot and just shows toshiba logo.

Factory hdd is replaced with SSD OCZ VERTEX 4 regonized by bios.

What could be the issue?

A:Re: Tecra R950-18F: Win 8 Pro does not boot from new SSD drive

>Factory HDD is replaced with SSD OCZ VERTEX 4 recognized by Bios.

Do you have the same problems booting the Win 8 using the original HDD equipped with Tecra R950?

From my point of view it could be possible that notebook does not boot correctly due to the new SSD drive.

I would recommend checking the previous HDD.
If notebook would boot properly, then the problem is related to the new SSD drive.

In some cases it could be possible that the SSD firmware needs to be updated.
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Can i install 16GB Ram in my Toshiba Tecra R950-104?

Currently i have 8GB and i would like to replace the existing 2x4GB with 2x8GB.

Best regards,


A:Tecra R950-104 - Memory Expansion


According notebook specification your Tecra can be upgraded up to 32GB and you can use 4 X 8GB RAM modules.
Compatible 8 GB RAM modules have part number PA5037U-1M8G.
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Hi to all.

I would like to know if it is possible to upgrade (buy and then replace) my HDD-SSD (256GB) to one of 500GB/1TB on my Tecra R950-19E.

If yes, you have online stores to suggest to buy?

Thank you.

A:Upgrade of HDD/SSD to 500GB on Tecra R950-19E

I don't see any reason why you could not do this.
Online store? I don't know where do you live but I think you should try to find some online store in your country.
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Hi all,

I have just purchased an Tecra R950, and intermittently the LCD backlight flickers. The effect is similar to previous laptops I have had when the power lead develops a dodgy connection.

With the R950 the screen flickers with power lead connected, or not connected. It does not seem to be related to screen position.

Any ideas as to what is happening? Should I return the unit?


A:Tecra R950 - backlight flickering

Don?t waste your time thinking why this happen. If possible contact your local dealer as soon as possible, explain the situation and ask for replacement.
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Is it possible to replace my DVD drive with a SSD disk using a HDD Caddy?

My laptop is a Toshiba Tecra R950-104.



A:Tecra R950-104 - can I replace ODD with SSD drive?


I found in internet some UltraSlim SATA HDD/SSD mounting frame which allow the usage of 2nd 2.5? HDD/SSD drive instead of ODD within the Tecra R950 notebook but to be honest I?m not 100% sure if the BIOS would recognize such additional device.

I know that different Toshiba notebooks (Portege and Tecra) series supported such upgrade in the past but such replacement was not supported by every notebook model.

It depends on the BIOS and in case the BIOS would recognize the 2nd HDD/SSD drive, the system should be able to recognize the 2nd HDD
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The school where i work have a TECRA R950
when i boot the latop i have a password (it's not a bios password) but i don't know him
how can i proceed to reset this password ?
thank's for the answer

A:Password on boot TECRA R950

when i boot the latop i have a password (it's not a bios password)

Why do you think that this isn’t a BIOS password.
Are you able to access the BIOS pressing F2 button?

If not, the notebook is secured by BIOS password and such unknown BIOS password can be removed only by authorized service provider…

If you don’t know the password, you will need to ask the ASP for help
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my finger print sensor has long time worked with Windows 8.1. Since 2 weeks the sensor makes problems. It began with the fingerprint utilty - it shows the message "no sensor found". I uninstalled the driver of the sensor and the utility. After reboot, there where no unknown device in the device manager. That was strange. Re-installing the Fingerprint Utility did not work. It always comes the message "Installation failed. Error code 0x80004005" when I start the Setup.

Yesterday I made complete new installation of Windows 8.1 with all the latest drivers from Toshiba site. I still not found any Biometrie Device or any unknown device in Device Manager. When installing the fingerprint reader software there is the same error 0x80004005 ....

I know no longer here on. Has anyone an idea?
Hardware failures?
Thanks for Help!

A:Tecra R950 - Fingerprint doesn't work

>Yesterday I made complete new installation of Windows 8.1...
Have you installed clean Win8.1 version or upgraded Win8 version that you got with your Tecra notebook?
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I can not update windows:

1.Run windows update
2.Installed updates
3.I rebooted
4.In the configuration phase to 20% appeared to be the option screen to restart or reinstall
5.I restored the computer to a previous restore point

anyone have the same problem?
Maybe you have to reinstall windows?

A:Tecra R950 - Windows update does not work

>Maybe you have to reinstall windows?
From my point of view the new Recovery process and the final Windows update should work properly but I think first of all you should try some alternative workarounds.

This isn?t a notebook problem?.definitely. Its Microsoft issue and therefore I recommend you to check some fixes provided by Microsoft.

Check this Fix Microsoft Windows Update Issues doc:

In many cases it?s essential to remove some previous installed updates to be able to finish the whole update procedure.

You can also try to install the single updates one by one. This is also an possible option.
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Hi - off by Need deafult switched WiFi Tecra R950-15E all I am new to the forum and would like to ask a question whose answer I was unable to find both on the web and here in the forum at least with my keywords please direct me Tecra R950-15E - Need WiFi switched off by deafult if missed it For some time I own a Tecra R - E running Win Pro bit and am quite satisfied with it The only thing that bothers me a bit is the WiFi mode I know that by pressing quot FN F quot I can switch the wireless modes WiFi and G on and off It seems that by default the wireless modes are switched on after starting the system I'd like to have it all switched off by deafult mainly for saving battery and only switching it on manually when I really need it By now I have to do it the other way round by switching it off manually after Tecra R950-15E - Need WiFi switched off by deafult starting the system and I haven't found a setting to change it to my preference Does anyone have an idea to fix that Thanks tecra

A:Tecra R950-15E - Need WiFi switched off by deafult

I?m very surprised about your question here in the forum because usually the notebook/system should ?memorize? the last Wi-Fi status.
This means that the Wi-Fi should stay disabled, in case the WiFi has been disabled just before login off.

Try to reinstall the WLan driver just to check if this would solve your tiny issue.
You will need to uninstall the WLan driver before starting with a new installation.
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I have an Tecra R950-16L for about 3 months now everything works fine. Now since a few days I have the problem, that sometimes, especially after I transported the notebook before, the internal display stays black after I power on the notebook.

I can blindly type my password and see from the disc activity that windows is starting probably, but no display is shown.

After I move the notebook around and shake it a bit it sometimes works again and the it stays working until I move the notebook again somewhere else (at least this is what seems to make the effect occur).

Seems to me like a loose connector to the display or something like that?

Is there any chance to repair this on my own?
I do need my notebook all the time and do not want to send it for repair if not 100% neccessary.

What do you suggest?

Michael Czierwitzki

A:Tecra R950-16L - Display stays dark on power up sometimes

>Seems to me like a loose connector to the display or something like that?

Yes, it looks like there is a loose connection or maybe something wrong with the lid sensor.

>Is there any chance to repair this on my own?
I don?t think so.
You would need to check what?s wrong exactly. After this has been checked, you would need to disassemble the notebook and this is not easy. Last but not least you would need the compatible parts to replace the affected hardware? I don?t think you can do that?

>I do need my notebook all the time and do not want to send it for repair if not 100% necessary.
Well, you could ask the Toshiba authorized service provider for details and how long such repair would take.

Here you can find all ASPs worldwide:
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Brand New Tecra R950 with Toshiba dynadock.

Installed applications. MYOB, Office etc OK.

Windows updates. Reboot and blank screen. Power OFF / on. Need windows repair to recover. After long time, up she comes. Need to re-install everything.

Install applications, reboot, create restore point ;)

Do updates (windows in groups). Create restore point after each reboot.

Was working fine. Client used without DOCK connected. Shutdown. Connected dock and powered on next morning. OK. Machine went to sleep - could wake up. Power off /on, Windows fails to start once again, wants to do repair - after long time: failure, unknown auto failover, bad patch. Restart and it comes up???

What is happening with this machine?


A:Tecra R950 constantly wanting to run windows reapir

> What is happening with this machine?

Good question?
What do you think?
HDD issue? Microsoft Windows software problem?

Would recommend checking the Event Viewer.
This is an advanced tool that displays detailed information about significant events on your computer.
Usually the system problems should be mentioned too.
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I recently bought the mentioned notebook and everything works fine.

if the dynadock is connected to any USB Port the notebook stops booting after a few seconds.
The windows flag freezes ans nothing happens.

The same problem comes up if a USB Stick is connected to any USB Port of the R950.
If the DynaDock or the USB stick is attached to a different Notebook everything works.
So it must be something with the R950.

I already checked the boot device priority and and pushed the USB device to the end of the list without any result.

I hope somebody can help me.
thx in advance!

A:Tecra R950-10V PT530E stops booting if USB port is used


Try to set the BIOS to default (F9) and check if it helps?
Additionally check if the BIOS update (if possible) would solve this?
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follwing Problem:
Tecra R950 with Intel 520 series SSD and HDD/SSD password set = always F4 BSOD after wakeup from sleep.
OK with no password set.
OK with hibernate.
Same problem with iastor and msahci driver.

Any ideas? Think that it is a problem with the bios. It drops the ssd when wakeup, even can not write a memory dump (error 0xc0000010), cold boot required.

A:Tecra R950 with Intel SSD 520 and SSD Password set = F4 BSOD after wakeup


Did you replace the SSD drive?
As far as I know many of the Tecra R950 was equipped with an 500GB HDD.

I could be related to the SSD drive?
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Hi, hope there's someone who can help me with this.
I'm using an acer aspire laptop, and my touchpad stopped working suddenly for a while - and after some time - until now - I can't scroll using two fingers (I have synaptics installed and it was working fine). Also the UP key in the keyboard isn't working. When I restart the system, tapping on the touchpad doesn't make a click unless I press ENTER first. This happened suddenly out of nowhere. Any help will be much appreciated.
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I've got several Notebooks Tecra R850 and Tecra R950. Many users are complaining that they have Problems with UMTS and Toshiba Wireless Manager. Much time the Driver is hanging up and is only working right after a reboot.
I tested a external UMTS USB-Card, it worked without any Problems.
So it's very strange, that there are so much Notebook affected with this Problem. Is there any bug or Problem know?
How can I save the Problem? It's not comfortable!
Thank you and
best regards
Isabel Metz
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Hi all,

we need a drivers package for SCCM, we have different models and series, for example:
TECRA R850-151, TECRA R850-1J5, TECRA R950-11H, etc.

Where do we downloads this package from?


A:SCCM driver packages needed for Tecra R850 / R950 series


For own European notebook series, Toshiba provides the drivers for download on their Toshiba EU driver page:

If you need an SCCM driver packge, I would recommend you to check this Toshiba page:

This package provides the device drivers and tools for your Toshiba business notebook, in order to allow you to deploy Windows images with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) by importing this package.

To obtain service, please contact *[email protected]*
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Mouse pad working fine this morning now can't find the cursor at all. Tried turning off and on, double tapping etc, but no joy. It actually won't even turn off. The power button slowly lights blue sporadically off and on. Please help me!
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I have an Acer Aspire One D with a synaptics touchpad bought on March th which hasn t given me any problems till days ago Friday when I turned the computer on the touchpad wasn t working I tried Fn F and nothing The usual synaptics animated icon wasn t beside the clock I went to the control panel gt mouse gt device settings and no device was listed there while all the options were greyed out I went to system gt device manager and no quot Mouse and suddenly working stops Touchpad other pointing devices quot was listed I went to Acer pt I m from portugal and downloaded the driver and installed it The instalation went without problems and when I restarted the computer the touchpad was still not working and nothing was listed on the device manager I called the Acer support line and the told me to restore the OS I spent friday doing backups and I reinstalled Windows XP from Acer eRecovery Management After all that the touchpad wasn t working still Saturday was spent going to the store where I bought the netbook and trying to find a solution Just as when I was going to give the netbook to warranty a guy turned the computer on and the touchpad was magically working again I went Touchpad suddenly stops working home all happy and warm and fuzzy inside Today when I was copying my backups to the netbook again I hit quot cancel quot and the icon next Touchpad suddenly stops working to the clock disappered and the touchpad stoped working again Went to check and nothing was listed on the device manager or on control panel gt mouse gt device settings I restarted the netbook and voil touchpad working Then when the pc restarted after ScanDisk the touchpad wasn t working again Checked everything again no touchpad was listed on devices Opened the Task Manager and the process SynTPEnh exe was there as usual Then the computer freezes I restarted and the touchpad was still not working Restarted again and nothing Restarted once more nothing On the forth time the touchpad started working again I m going crazy over this I can t seem to figure out what s responsible for this I can t even figure out if it s a hardware or a software problem I Touchpad suddenly stops working have exams in a week and I can t be wasting time on this I have college papers to present next week and I really need this netbook Can somebody please help me nbsp

A:Touchpad suddenly stops working

If the Acer Factory Restore failed to fix it and it intermittently comes and goes its likely a hardware issue. I'd be contacting Acer again and sending the unit in for warranty service.
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I can no longer scroll by pressing the left and right buttons above my left click button. It was working fine until one day it just stopped doing anything. Any solutions?


A:Tecra 9100 - scrolling stopped working on the left and right buttons

Why you don?t try to configure the touchpad settings again.
Did you check the settings in the control panel -> mouse ???
There should be a option and some touchpad properties which could be changed.
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Hi there,The touchpad on my hp elite x2 1012 suddenly stopped working. I checked the upper left corner and there is no orange light... normally if I double tapped it, it would enable/disable the touchpad. I am not great with computers so googling solutions have been difficult for me to follow.  Please help if you know a solution! Thank you so much
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A couple weeks ago while using my laptop, the keyboard and mouse pad suddenly froze up/lost power. No response to usb ports or cd drive. The screen stayed on, fan, power, even wifi connection stayed on, but couldn't get anything moving. The power button didn't respond so I had to unplug power and remove battery to shut it down. Worked fine after I restarted it.

Now, the same thing just happened again, on a DIFFERENT laptop with a different OS, browser, everything.



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I currently have a HP pavilion tx ae laptop and now and again whilst im am working on stops working touchpad suddenly synaptics it i suddenly get the message synaptics touchpad has stopped working with two options saying close and check for a problem online and close after this message appears the touchpad still works however the scroll bar for the laptop does not this is an inconvenience as i do alot of my school portfolios on my laptop some of which are nearly pages long and i am constantly editing it so i need the scroll bar to save me time and effort When i restart the laptop however this problem is corrected but after a while it appears again and constantly restarting the laptop every minutes is just too much effort to waste on fixing a simple scroll bar When the message appeared I had tried to go onto the mouse options on the control pannel and i got an error message saying unable synaptics touchpad suddenly stops working to connect to the synaptics pointing device driver if you have installed another PS pointing driver please unistall the synaptics driver by clicking on the yes button you then need to reinstall your pointing divce driver for your external device again Do you want to unistall the synaptics driver now I have not installed any synaptics touchpad suddenly stops working PS pointing drivers but I decided to try and reinstall it again just to be sure but when I reinstalled it i had to restart my computer and when i came back on it was working fine for a while The message appeared again and reinstalling it was just a complete waste of time seeing how i needed to restart my computer anyway Any suggestion on how to fix it would my much appreciated nbsp

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hi everyone. please forgive if this is an ignorant question... seemingly out of nowhere my keyboard and mouse/touchpad stopped working. seems a couple keys airplane key for example. i saw another person post about this but saw no response. anynhelp greatly appreciated. this touchscreen is killing me! thanks!

Go to Solution.

A:flex 15 keyboard and touchpad suddenly not working...

Are you in Kiosk/Flex mode?
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My HP Pavilion x360 just forced an update a couple days ago and ever since then I can't move my cursor. It shows up on the screen when I first start up my laptop but disappears when I'm forced to use my touchscreen because the cursor doesn't move. This happened when I first got my laptop back in december too but the problem eventually went away on it's own. However, it only took two days, I haven't been able to use the touchpad in about a week. I love the touch screen on my laptop but I would like to be able to use my touchpad too... Someone help me out please!

A:My touchpad stopped working

Hi @The_Fellix,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the touchpad. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit?Please get back to me with above information, so I can help you better.
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Hey everyone this is my first stopped working. has Touchpad post here I m hoping to get some guidance to resolve and Touchpad has stopped working. issue I ve been having with Touchpad has stopped working. a laptop I am trying to refurbish It s a HP Pavillon TX I got from a friend I put in a new Western Digital scorpio Blue HD and installed Vista Home Everything seemed fine but after installing drivers from the HP site and antivirus and malwarebytes the touchpad stopped working It had been fine beforehand I had to plug in a USB mouse which works fine So far I ve tried these things In control panel looking at the mouse settings the Synaptics Touchpad is greyed out and I can t enable or disable it I can only remove the usb keyboard driver I system restored but it hasn t helped I download the Synaptics Touchpad driver again and reinstalled it but it didn t make any difference There is a button above the touchpad which is supposed to enable and disable the pad but pressing it makes no difference the blue light shows it s enabled but it s not I am trying a windows reinstall but even during that I am having to use the usb mouse Any ideas what I can try next The laptop specs are The laptop specs are AMD Turion x Mobile Technology TL- GHZ GB DDR RAM HDD Western Digital Scorpio Blue GB RPM Windows Vista Home Premium bit Thanks nbsp
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Hello, I've just done a windows update and my touchpad has stopped working.I've tried a system restore before the update but it didn't help.Ive checked the mouse properties but there was nothing listed under devices and i've looked at device manager but there's no category for mouses and other pointing devices.Can anyone help please?Paul

A:touchpad has stopped working

What is the make and model# of your laptop?
Boot into Setup (Bios) go to Integrated Peripherals and look for Touch Pad, if it is Disabled, Enable it.
boot normally, and go to the computer manufacturers Support/Download drivers site and type in your make and model # or your service tag # and download the touchpad driver for your model.
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I have a Sony Vaio and the touchpad and buttons just stopped working out of nowhere. Any idea what I can do to fix this? Maybe reinstall drivers? But from where? I didn't change anything; it happened totally randomly! Right now I have an external mouse hooked up and it's a pain! Please help.

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Hello, i've just done a windows update and my touchpad has stopped working.I've tried doing a system restore before the update but it hasn't helped.I've checked the mouse properties but theres nothing listed under devices and i've looked at device manager but theres no category for mouses and other pointing devices.Can anyone help please?Paul

A:Touchpad stopped working

Please post the computer model next time. Example for touchpad settings/software installed are HP synaptics and a click to enable or disable is found under Mouse settings - Synaptics tab.
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Hi All,My touchpad no longer works.  It is no longer in the device list via control panel.  I used to run with the touchpad disabled if I had a mouse attached but this option has disappeared as I have no touchpad properties.  Obviously fn+F7 has no effect. Any help most gratefully receieved.Barrie JUST NOTICEDPursuing another similar discussion I saw a reference to HID Driver I2C being a cause of the problem.  This is list as a problem by Device Manager on my machine. The driver is the latest version but the following is listedThis device cannot start. (Code 10)A request for the HID descriptor failed. Can anyone interpret this for me?Barrie
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2 days ago my touchpad stopped working...
I've tried to reinstall drivers... Still don't workin..

What can possible be wrong??

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i have stopped touchpad working a compaq us with a synaptic touchpad it has worked great until tonight something has got changed somehow somewhere i have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers i am using windows xp pro the one thing i have noticed is this if i go into the control panel system hardware device manager mice or other pointing devices synaptic touchpad in the general tab where you can normally select quot enable quot or quot disable quot this device it is grayed out with nothing in the box and i cannot select it at all all of the other devices in my pc allow me to select this option i can plug in my usb mouse and it works just fine but it s not very useful while traveling wich i do several times a week usually any help would be great i have just spent about two hours on chat with hp compaq doing all of the stuff they tell me to do even though i did most of it before i called them the touchpad does not work in safe mode it does not work in selective startup mode using msconfig i give up HELP thanks jimmy nbsp

A:touchpad stopped working

Please don't double post.
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i have a compaq us with a synaptic touchpad it has worked great until tonight something has got changed somehow Working Stopped Touchpad somewhere i have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers i Touchpad Stopped Working am using windows xp pro the one thing i have noticed is this if i go into Touchpad Stopped Working the control panel system hardware device manager mice or other pointing devices synaptic touchpad in the general tab where you can normally select quot enable quot or quot disable quot this device it is grayed out with nothing in the box and i cannot select it at all all of the other devices in my pc allow me to select this option i can plug in my usb mouse and it works just fine but it s not very useful while traveling wich i do several times a week usually any help would be great i have just spent about two hours on chat with hp compaq doing all of the stuff they tell me to do even though i did most of it before i called them the touchpad does not work in safe mode it does not work in selective startup mode using msconfig i give up HELP thanks jimmy nbsp

A:Touchpad Stopped Working

i downloaded the latest drivers and then deleted from devce manager and let windows find the hardware again and re-installed.
this was after a few days of problems - one of which was that it would only work when i put an external mouse on the PC.
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I bought a Lenovo laptop 6 months ago - 100-15IBD Laptop (ideapad). The touchpad (Elan Smart-Pad) has suddenly stopped working. I can move the cursor but I cannot right click, left click or double click. This has nothing to do with the Fn F6 toggle used to activate and deactivate the touchpad. The touchpad is activated and the device manager says that the device is working properly. I tried updating the driver and got a windows message saying that the best driver for the device is already installed. Please help!
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suddenly mt touchpad stop working, i could move cursor,but i could not click on touchpad, i had to use left button instead of using touchpad,i was unable to enable or disable touchpad by doubble clicking on left corner.then i visit ur support forum,i download touchpad driver. By following ur suggestion , now i am able to use touchpad, but the only one problem i am facing now is , i am unable to disable my touchpad, and my touchpad light is always lighting
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So one day I was using a laptop wirelessly when the internet just suddenly turned off. I checked my modem and it was working fine but when I checked my router, the lights were on but not blinking. it was just a steady light. when I checked for a wireless network the name of the network I usually use didnt show up.

I tried unplugging everything and plugging everything back in again and I tried pressing the reset button on the back of the router. Can anyone help?

Thanks so much

P.S. my router is a linksys WRT300N Wireless-N Broadband router

A:Wireless router suddenly stopped working (Lights still working though)

what devices do you have connected the router anything else wireless
make and model of the pc

does the PC work if you connect to the router by a cable ?
if not
try connecting directly to the modem and see if that works OK

we need to see some details, which will mean you need to copy to a working PC
{run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector} Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Direct link to the program is here
Then run and install the program
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

Run the program

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here
{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
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S7-392I installed the upgrade to the Synaptics driver to no avail.FnT and Alt.7 don't work.Any ideas?

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A:touchpad stopped working after windows 10

Following a thread from earlier Microsoft forums, this worked for me yesterday to restore trackpad function. Go to the Acer driver page for your computer. Download the intel IO chipset drivers for Windows 8.1. Run the setup for the driver in "compatability mode" and install. You will need to restart the computer. The computer will then recognize the trackpad as a valid device. Then download and install the Synaptics (or Elan) driver for Win 10 from the Acer support page and restart. If the trackpad is not immediatley active on the restart, hit Function F7. At least this fixed it for me.

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I have a Dell Mini computer with Win Starter It's a great little machine but all of a sudden the touchpad stopped working The computer was on and when I came back to it the touchpad would not respond I rebooted but that did not resolve my issue I did a hard reboot unplugging and removing the battery while it was running and restarting but that did not affect my issue I tried that Fn F and Fn F but that had no effect I scanned with AVG but no virus was found I scanned with Malwarebytes but no virus was found I ran sfc scannow but no missing or corrupt system files were found I am using a usb mouse I located the usb mouse in device manager but the touchpad was not there I found the touchpad by clicking show hidden devices The touchpad has a yellow error notice on it Windows could not find a better driver I uninstalled the touchpad appreciated. stopped Touchpad help Any working. and rebooted and windows reinstalled it but it is still hidden in device manager still has the same error notice and does not Touchpad stopped working. Any help appreciated. respond Please help Thanks

A:Touchpad stopped working. Any help appreciated.

Does Dell have a separate driver listed at its support site...for the touchpad?
If so, did you download such and install it?
Do you have your Drivers CD for that system?
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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and have not been able to get the scrolling feature on my touchpad working again. The device is listed as Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad. I have already downloaded the latest drivers and software, I have tried deleting drivers, and reinstalling drivers. Nothing seems to work.
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S7-392I installed the upgrade to the Synaptics driver to no avail.FnT and Alt.7 don't work.Any ideas?

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A:touchpad stopped working after windows 10

Following a thread from earlier Microsoft forums, this worked for me yesterday to restore trackpad function. Go to the Acer driver page for your computer. Download the intel IO chipset drivers for Windows 8.1. Run the setup for the driver in "compatability mode" and install. You will need to restart the computer. The computer will then recognize the trackpad as a valid device. Then download and install the Synaptics (or Elan) driver for Win 10 from the Acer support page and restart. If the trackpad is not immediatley active on the restart, hit Function F7. At least this fixed it for me.

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I have been running windows 10 for almost a year with no problems to my touchpad. Today it stopped working completely. I went into the device manager and it showed the touchpad still connected. I restarted my computer and now it is as if my touchpad does not exist at all. The drivers for the touchpad are installed and I checked for updates. Could it be that the connection inside the laptop has come loose?
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So one day, all of the sudden my laptop's touchpad started acting its own life, it didn't respond my touches as it should've, and this continued few times I used my laptop. Today when I opened the laptop again, the touchpad wasn't working at all. Driver issues? (This has nothing to do with win10, as I downloaded it like half a year ago and this problem started just today)

A:My laptop touchpad stopped working?

Hi @Oodi ,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the touchscreen. I will be glad to help you. Step 1: Shutdown your PC.Step 2: Install Windows Updates.Step 3: Perform a touch screen diagnostic test     a.1: Plug the AC Adapter into the computer.     a.2: Press the power button on the computer for 5 seconds.     a.3: Turn on the computer and press the F2 key repeatedly.      a.4: When the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic UEFI screen displays, click Component Tests.      a.5: Click Touchscreeen.      a.6 There are two interactive touch screen tests. Start by clicking Touch Pointer Test.       a.6 Read the on screen instructions, and click Run Once.       a.7:  Touch each block to erase them the test ends when all blocks are erased or after three minutes have passed and results are displayed.     a.8 Click the main menu to return to the UEFI Screen and click the second test.      a.9:  Click Compenent Tests, and then click Touchscreen  again.      a.10 Click Drag and Drop Test.      a.11: Read the on screen instructions, then click Run Once again.      a.12: Drag and drop the the blocks according to the screen. The test ends after all the blocks are repositioned, or after three minutes have passed. Press the Windows logo key + X.Select Device Manager from the list.Click the little arrow next to Human Interface Devices to expand the list.Double-click the touch screen driver.In the window that opens, click the Driver tab.Click the Update Driver button.In the Update Driver Software window, click Search automatically for updated driver software.If updated driver software is available, install it.Restart the computPlease keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.
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Hello, fellow HP-ers! Hoping someone's expertise can assist me. I decided to clean out my fan by opening up my laptop keyboard. Unfortunately, I must've snagged a power strip or something because suddenly, the mouse stopped working. Does anyone know which power strip is for the mouse? Or if there's something to resecure in there? I've provided a photo for reference. Thanks in advance for the help!  - Mr. Horrible DIY-er
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Okay this is the weirdest problem I ve ever hard with computers Here s what happened I had a few years old Pentium D GHz processor running on Asus P VDC-X mobo PQI MHz DDR and GF GS mb PCI-E W power I updated the mobo to Asus P L-MX to support faster PCI-E cards Everything worked fine despite the processor stopped working, working suddenly old mobo mobos New ran too hot C on high use Because of the overheating I replaced the thermal paste but it New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working had no effect on the temperature I thought I used too much paste so I replaced the paste again --- Bang no video when I turn on the computer I tried taking off everything part by part but nothing worked It didn t work even when I only had processor and used the integrated graphics port Tried resetting the bios too Nothing worked so I put back the old P VDC-X and it worked like charm I thought it was logical that the problem was caused because of the mobo so I bought New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working a new one Asrock G M-S No video Did the same steps to this one too It also had integrated gfx but it didn t work either The old P VDC-X still works So I have no idea what s causing the problem Is it the CPU Mobo PSU RAM I have no speaker on my case so I can t hear any beeps but it won t start loading the OS from the hardrive and my USB mouse won t turn on Tried using a differen t monitor too The main point is why it stopped working suddenly on new mobo s but still works with the old P VDC-X Any ideas Let me know if I forgot to mention something important nbsp

A:New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working

Two new motherboards tells us you made the same simple install error in both of them.
Tell us more about power supply, memory, cable.
Did you make sure the memory was correct for both new boards, and what is the memory on the old board. Would also like to know the power supply and other hard ware.
What happens with the most basic, simple install. Does everything light up?

If you used the same hard drive with the same Windows install on the two motherboards, that is the problem. Windows has detected that you have changed the motherboard and will not operate unless you reinstall Windows on the drive on each new motherboard... One install for each motherboard.
My guess is that you will be fine if you change hard drives or do reinstalls or repair installs of the Windows on the new motherboard.
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As the tiltle suggest.

My laptop is a Satelltie Pro A300 2C4.

The Touchpad no longer responds,

I have tried FN F9 - nothing happens.
I have tried pressing top left corner of Touchpad - nothing happens.
I have tried going to control panel mouse and looking for an enable Touchpad bit can only find the mouse defined.

The O/S is Windows 7

A:Satellite Pro A300 Touchpad has stopped working


Did you try to install the touchpad driver?
You can find the touchpad driver on the Toshiba EU driver page.

Additional tip: in some cases its possible to enable and disable touchpad in BIOS.
Please check this!

By the way: is an external USB mouse attached to the notebook? if yes, disconnect this and try to use the touchpad
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my daughter received the above from f. christmas. the touch pad and associated buttons have stopped working - no cursor. how do we get it working again? Rod+

A:Satellite C50-B-189 touchpad and buttons stopped working

Hi, this is due to the pad driver (which is bugged), just kill the process using CTRL+SHIFT+ESC AND THE TAB plus DOWN ARROW to navigate to the target process. I have to do this each starts.

From tomsguide (november 2014):

These fixes don't help, all that happens is, after some time, the touchpad fails again. While Toshiba works on this, I have figured out a quick, effective workaround. This is for my new Windows 8 Toshiba.
Press CTRL ALT SHIFT to get your processes to come up. Find the Touchpad "enhancer" process. End the process. Your touchpad will work fine until next restart at which point just repeat this step.
If you are struggling to end the process without being able to use your touchpad, I found a curious thing out. If you hold a mouse click down, you can move the mouse arrow with the touchpad just fine. Its a bit... inconvenient...but all you need to do this for is to end that process and after that you can use the touchpad normally.
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Hi Acer, Today I saw a driver update through acer center app so I also checked Bios update if any on acer US download website. I was previously on Bios V 1.09 "Fixes PXE ROM Issues" and then updated to V 1.10 "Supports Elan Touchpad" which was released two days ago. Now, after this bios update, my touchpad has stopped working completely. Please fixx this asap and let me know the resolution. I am using Acer Aspire R14 (R5-471T-71W2) model ThanksNilay
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My keyboard and touchpad stopped working out of nowhere (i think it was after windows updated???) and i can't seem to be able to fix it, i tried to reinstall the touchpad drivers and nothing changed, also i couldn't find the keyboard drivers.

is there anything someone can recommend me to do? I'm going insane with this laptop!

(The model is Satellite M50-A-118)

A:Satellite M50-A - ELAN touchpad stopped working

Identical problem here. Satellite M50-A-11Q. Allowed windows update and touchpad and keyboard drivers are disabled.

Using an external mouse to access - currently doing a system restore to before the latest update. This looks like a fault at Microsoft's end.

Will update once I have a definite solution.

UPDATE: Restore has temporarily fixed the problem. Disabling windows update for the time being.
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Yesterday out of the blue the screen on my Yoga 700 went blank and I had to hard-reboot it when it didn't respond to anything. After that the keyboard, Touchpad and the charging doesn't work. External keyboards and mice work fine but not the inbuild ones. Does anyone have a solution for this?
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can u plz s solve it out.mouse pad is working properly but when i want to copy something  copy list is coming nd go way.. i can't click on the copy... the option is coming nd go way.. i cn not prfrom some action. wil typing on keyword also i hve a problm..continue typing nd it stop agin i hve to click on that page then its workin..
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Hi Acer, Today I saw a driver update through acer center app so I also checked Bios update if any on acer US download website. I was previously on Bios V 1.09 "Fixes PXE ROM Issues" and then updated to V 1.10 "Supports Elan Touchpad" which was released two days ago. Now, after this bios update, my touchpad has stopped working completely. Please fixx this asap and let me know the resolution. I am using Acer Aspire R14 (R5-471T-71W2) model ThanksNilay
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I have an Acer Aspire ES1-711-P14W, When I initially reinstalled my touchpad wasn't working so I installed these drivers from Acer it worked fine until I updated to Version 1607 Build 14393.10:
Chipset Intel Chipset Driver Drivers Intel Serial IO Driver 604.10135.1001.53001MBI Intel Sideband Fabric Device Driver 1.70.305.16316TXE Intel Intel TXE Driver ELANTECH Touchpad Driver

A:touchpad stopped working after 1607 update

Touchpad is unresponsive as well as Acer support! HELP!!
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Hi there,

Yesterday my touchpad just stopped working, although a external USB mouse does. I have restore my computer to an earlier point, ran a virus scan and uninstalled and then re-installed the synaptics driver. It still isn't working and I'm not really sure what to try next.


A:touchpad on asus laptop stopped working

Hello and welcome Vicky mate some machine specs would be nice model etc etc

Try this and post back a screen shot or just some specs and how old is the machine? < download from piriform
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I have an HP Pavilion dv5215us running the Windows 7 RC. When I first installed 7, the touchpad worked fine, it wasn't until I downloaded the synaptics driver from the HP web site that the touchpad stopped working. I try to use the touchpad and the cursor jumps all over the screen and "clicks" the mouse buttons at random. I have an USB mouse, but I'd really like for my touchpad to work.

A:Touchpad stopped working after driver install

unintall the hp driver from add and remove programs
go here
save the file..dont run it
go to properties and run under compatibilty mode for vista
now run install the file
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My netbook is a Samsung n145plus and has 8.1 installed with all updates. (even if it's not officially supported but it works amazingly fine)

I've installed the officia Samsung Elan touchpad driver as it seemed to work fine (it's for Win 7) except when scrolling with the edge of the pad because a Elan window appears on the taskbar and was annoying so I installed a newer driver but for a gateway laptop it installed fine but it wasn't detected by Elan in control panel so I removed it.

Now both the keyboard and touchpad stopped working and Windows says code 19 for keyboard and code 10 for touchpad. A USB mouse works fine. I've reinstalled both with Device Manager without success. Now the netbook is almost useless

A:Netbook keyboard and touchpad stopped working

Reinstalled twice the Elan driver and now both it and keyboard work I don't know what does the KB have to do with the touchpad...
Now I will try to fix the aforementioned bug when edge scrolling
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Hello all, im writing this on behalf of a freind, he have a laptop on wich hes touchpad stopped working correctly, when he presses hes "touchpad on/off" button on off mode a "?" shows up, wich seems correctly, but now he turned it back on and the "?" is gone, but hes dubble click function on the touchpad is gone.

It is a Hewlett Packard,

Can anyone help?

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I have a Satellite Pro P300 running Vista and the scroll function has given up the ghost on my machane too.
I have also lost the touchpad icon in my task bar and the function to configure the touchpad.

I have unistalled and re-installed the drivers to no avail.

If I had more hair, I'd probably be tearing it out. Please help.


A:Touchpad on Satellite Pro P300 stopped working

Have you in device manager under ?Mice and other pointing devices? listed ?Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad??

Is anything else listed there?
Is maybe touchpad disabled (FN+F9)?
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My Qosmio G50-133 lost suddently it's touchpad, it's not working anymore, the mouse panel control shows the synaptics tab without any information in it.
I uninstalled it, restarted my windows 7 with no luck and I just can't find any driver for it on toshiba site or anywhere....

Does sosmeone have a clue ??

A:Synaptics touchpad stopped working on Qosmio G50-133

Solved !

Went to synaptics, downloaded their latest driver for my OS, installed it.

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Hi! I was using normally my Ideapad 310 15ISK.One day, when I woke, the gestures of my Ideapad 310 stopped working. Everything from scrolling to showing cortana, notifications center, desktop stopped. I went to Lenovo's website, choose the model of my computer, downloaded the updated Synaptics driver and rebooted.The scrolling, cortana and notifications are back on, but the gestures stopped working.The gesture with three fingers, all of them except Cortana, stopped. There isn't a newer driver in Lenovo's site. How to proceed?Here's a printscreen of the settings of the Synaptics (it's in Potuguese, but you can compare with your Synaptics control panel):?  Thanks!
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After the latest chromeos upgrade (installed today) my trackpad works for a short time (minutes) then stops.  No response and pointer disappears.  USB mouse works fine.  Have powerwashed twice and the issue persists for both my account and guest. It was working perfectly before this update. Is there a way to fix it or remove this update?
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My keayboard and mouse pad stoopped working suddenly. My computer has touchscreen so i have been able to use the onscreen keyboard and also have an external mouse but the physical keyboard and mousepas are not responding.  i noticed that the led on the caps key turns on when i activate from the onscreen keyboard.  HELP!
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I literally opened the box of my brand new custom HP Envy 17t laptop, went to 2 websites, walked away to find my flash drive, and came back to a touchpad that stopped working. I chatted with someone online who just sent me to a "resolutions" 800 number, and I have been on hold 1 hour 30 minutes. I watched the online video about hard resetting the computer when the touchpad stops working, but surely I wouldn't need to do this with a brand new laptop?!? (all the people with this issue in the support forum had the issue more than four years ago, and I am reluctant to try the hard reset since prior support requests on this issue are so old.)
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My 4 mth old laptop touchpad clicks have suddenly stopped working. I've tried re-installing the relevant software although when opening I get a 'software not found' message. I've reset the Elan options to default too. The touchpad works fine for mouse scrolling but neither the left or right click pads nor the main pad clicks are working. I'm out of ideas now and am hoping it's not a hardware related thing. tbh the touchpad has never been brilliant. It would open a right click menu by itself although that stopped a while back. I'm going to try a system restore next. I'm just thankful I managed to find an old usb mouse  Just wondering if there is anything else I should try before ringing Lenovo technical support. Thanking you all in advance
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Hello people
I have a Dell Latitude E6410 running on Windows 7, I installed some windows updates and after that the cursor just froze, upon restarting the problem still persisted. Right now my touchpad is dead. I have uninstalled all the security updates of windows except for one because it is not uninstalling, I tried uninstalling the touchpad driver and re-installed different drivers but nothing seems to work here, I even tried the troubleshooter.
The Dell touchpad software detects the touchpad and even shows that it is ON.
In short I have tried all the methods posted on the forums online but I cannot find a solution. Please help me out here!
Thanks in advance!

A:Dell E6410 Touchpad Stopped Working

I have a Latitude E6410 rnning on WIndows 7. Recently after a couple of windows updates my laptop's touchpad just froze. I restarted the system but the problem still persisted. 
I have tried all the solutions mentioned on forums online. These are the things I have tried
1. Ran the troubleshooter
2. Uninstalled and then re-installed touchpad drivers.
3. Uninstalled all the windows security updates except for one which does not uninstall
The Dell touchpad software recognizes the tpuchpad, even the device manager says that it is functioning properly but it is still stuck. even the buttons aren't working.
Please help me out here!
Thanks in advance!
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I just updated my Acer ES1-511 notebook (Win 8.1 x64) and my touchpad stopped working after restart.I went to the Acer driver website and reloaded the Elantech driver, rebooted, and same problem.I went to the Acer driver website and reloaded the Intel I/O driver chipset, rebooted, and reloaded the Elantech driver.Still no success. Help. Laptop is of limited use without touchpad.

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A:Acer ES1-511 Touchpad stopped working after latest...

Go to the Acer download site for ES1-511 and get the I/O Drivers from Intel and reinstall;-;Aspire %20ES1-511Be sure to select Win8.1 64-bit as OS.

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I have been using both the touchpad and usb mouse together successfully for many months then first the touchpad stopped responding then 30 minutes later the pad buttons quit working.

I have been in control panel and made sure the touchpad is turned on, tried it with the mouse unplugged, nada.

Any ideas?

Toshiba Satellite M-100 1111e

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I have a just over one year old (~14 months) Dell Inspiron 17 laptop with Win 8.1 (no touch) and of course it's out of warranty. The mouse simply stopped working, no cursor. I was able to use the touchpad but then that quit too in quick order.
I spent hours searching here and the interweb looking for possible fixes, so far no luck.
The worst of the issue is now I can't get past the splash screen to the login screen to access the repair/restore functions in Windows.
How do I access these when I can't even login to the computer?

A:Mouse stopped working, then touchpad, then keyboard

I called Dell and they want almost $300 to send it back so they can 'look at it'!
Any thoughts or suggestions to solve this issue?
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i have read about similar problems on here but none of the solutions worked for me the keyboard seems to work just fine until the quot starting windows quot screen appears then absolutely nothing i've tried reinstalling the alps pointing device drivers i uninstalled then installed the newer version nothing seems to work the computer was stopped after resart working and touchpad keyboard working just fine until keyboard and touchpad stopped working after resart i came home from work and turned it on this same problem happend about months ago and it magically fixed it self i just never turned the computer off again i have identical sony keyboard and touchpad stopped working after resart vaio VPC-EB FM BJ models and have compared all the drivers and settings they are the exact same except the newer version of Alps on the broken one i ran one of those quot scan for keyboard and touchpad stopped working after resart new drivers quot programs that ask for money to update drivers that it says are old and it said that the HID keyboard device driver is way out of date along with several others but once again they are the same as the ones on the computer i am using now and this one works like a champ anyone have any ideas would be truely grateful for all input thank you

A:keyboard and touchpad stopped working after resart

Hello looman16,

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I suggest you Uninstall the Newer Drivers and then restart your computer.
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I have the keysonic ACK-340BT keyboard with touchpad and left-right buttons, i was using with an acer tablet and win 8. After upgrading to 8.1 the touchpad and buttons stopped working, rest of the keyboard works. tested on another 8.1 machine and same issue.

So something changed from 8 to 8.1 that made the touchpad not working, any idea what?

edit.. it uses the Novel Smart-Touchpad
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My ps2 just suddenly stopped working, it wasnt at all gradual and it just makes a lot of clicking/loud/grinding (not very nice!!) sounds! i tried the solution that involved rotating the white clog in my ps2 which just changed the sounds - at one position it doesn't make the sounds but then doesn't seem to be able to read any discs. i marked the original position so i've now returned it to its original state but i would be very grateful for any suggestions on how to solve the problem!! (i've also tried cleaning the laser)
Cheers, Rich

A:ps2 suddenly stopped working

call sony and descirbe ur problem. chances are they may fix it for free
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Good morning everyone and a Merry Christmas I m going to try to make this as brief as possible while still including every detail I possibly can Today I received a few cool gadgets for Christmas that I wanted to install on my PC I realized I was short on USB slots so I tried to install a secondary set of USB slots I plugged it in wrong twice in a row due to me misreading my motherboard After stopped suddenly working USB a few restarts my computer wouldn t boot I attempted to clear my CMOS which didn t help I then turned off my power supply s switch then turned it back on After I did this my PC booted but I USB suddenly stopped working was fronted with a boot screen that said the CMOS settings were wrong I was confused as to what this meant and my options were F to Bios or F to default settings and continue After booting my Razer Deathadder quit working Now at this point I m not sure why exactly I did this but I reinstalled Windows I am using Windows XP Pro - bit After reinstalling all my drivers I realized that NONE of my USB ports were working My keyboard mouse webcam nothing worked I updated my Windows BIOS drivers everything is new In the screen for Hardware all my Root USB kits have exclamation points and it says they aren t functioning properly I have NO idea what the hell is going on and if anyone has any ideas or comments please please share them with me I m thinking that when I reset the CMOS perhaps something malfunctioned on my mainboard and now I m left with flawed USB ports Perhaps I m completely wrong I really hope I don t have to buy any new hardware or a new computer all together money is extremely tight Please post if you have any helpful information THANKS Sincerely John

A:USB suddenly stopped working

if you dont have service pack 2 install it then reinstall the usb drivers that come with sp2
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Hi all I working LAN stopped suddenly run a network at home computers both running xp One connecting directly to cable broadband modem computer with the two computers linked by a single crossover cable For the past year or so I have happily shared the internet connection as well as the printer and numerous files but today when I booted them up computer - the one not connected to the modem - simply gave me a quot Limited or no connectivity quot I d had the problem before and had in the past easily fixed it by repairing the connection however now it simply hangs on renewing ip address LAN suddenly stopped working I ve tried restarting computers disabling and enabling connections nothing I do seems to work Any help is greatly appreciated and any more information I need to provide just ask Thanks in advance Andrew PROBLEM SOLVED I just went to check on firewall on host computer when I tried to open up firewall settings i recieved something along the lines of quot Windows firewall and internet connection sharing are not currently running would you like to start running them quot Ridiculous i could spend hours LAN suddenly stopped working on something and solve it like that gt lt Out of curiosity how did my internet connection service just quot turn itself off quot seems strange to me nbsp

A:LAN suddenly stopped working

Could be from an error to spyware
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hi folks,
my wife tried to install a labtec webcam last night and all of a sudden the mouse, printer and webcam stopped working (all connected to USB ports). i tried checking the device manager and it says USB is working properly. i even restored my computer to friday's date to no avail. all devices were connected to the computer last month before we moved to a new apartment and mouse and printer were ok last night before the installation of the webcam.
thanks a lot for your help.

hp pavilion 510c
windows xp service pack 2

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Hi, one day I started my laptop and the SSD in it (MZ-7PC256D) suddenly stopped working.

What options do I have to get it working, or atleast recover the data in it.

I tried putting it in another laptop or checking in BIOS, it's simply not getting detected.

The SSD gets super hot when I connect it to the laptop and start it.

A:SSD suddenly stopped working.

Not to be harsh, but when you get it working again thru what ever means you might have to do, make an image on a flash drive or what ever you choose and then, if the SSD has failed completely, install a new one and use the image to bring you back to the time of your last backup.
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I've been using the Microsoft Wireless Broadband router (MN-500) to connect to the internet. This afternoon, while I was away, the wireless connection was suddenly lost. The internet is fine, because when i plug my computer directly into the router (via ethernet), i am able to access the internet. However, the router does not seem to broadcast a wireless signal for the LAN.

I've reset the router, both manually and via the software and reconfigured the network. After this process, the Wireless Network sometimes appears momentarily in Windows...but the connection drops before it can connect.

All the lights on the router light up as normal and it indicates that both the wireless LAN and the WAN are working properly. I have no idea why I can't connect to the network wirelessly though...

Any thoughts?


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Hey guys So I put together a new PC running suddenly working stopped Mic Windows Pro around months ago and everything was working perfect till days ago when my mic suddenly stopped working I use a Steelseries Siberia V headset and the headphones work fine Mic suddenly stopped working but the mic is not picking up any noise at all I tried plugging in both the back and front ports and my realtek always detects that a mic has been plugged in but it simply won't work I thought maybe my mic got busted so I also tried using an A Tech headset that I had lying around in the office but it has the same issue the mic won't work I looked around online for possible solutions and tried the following with no luck Ensured the mic was set as the default device and that its volume settings were maxed out Tried disabling all sound effects noise suppression acoustic echo cancellation etc Uninstalled all audio drivers and reinstalled the latest realtek drivers on my motherboard's webpage GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket - GA-Z MX-Gaming rev Uninstalled all audio drivers and reinstalled the latest realtek drivers on realtek's own webpage RealtekUninstalled all audio drivers and let Windows auto-install drivers I even uninstalled all realtek drivers and tried using the standard quot high definition audio device drivers quot Basically tried everything in this link Microphone Not Working in Windows Win FAQ The conclusion was the same with everything I tried the sound worked fine in both my speakers and headphones but the mics simply didn't work What's strange is that it just stopped working out of nowhere I didn't install any new software or hardware or make any changes prior to the issue Just turned the PC on one day and boom mics not working I am completely stumped now and have no idea what to try next I've attached screenshots of what my mic settings looked like with the realtek drivers and without Really hope someone can help me figure out what went wrong Thanks in advance

A:Mic suddenly stopped working

Hi, try Settings, search Sound, Find and fix audio recording problems.

Otherwise sounds suspiciously like a hardware issue.. internal connector?
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My IDE CD R/RW has suddenly stopped working. I can eject the tray but when I close it the LED stays on constanly and i can't hear the usual whirring noise when the CD is just starting up.

I've had my computer for around 10 months now and everything has been alright up until now.
I've scanned for viruses, nothing.
No settings have been changed.
So what could it be?

P4 1.9
256Mb RAM
NEC DVD drive

A:cd-rw suddenly stopped working help!!

Can you boot with a Windows bootable disk, choose w/cdrom support........(the cdrom drive letter will move one letter ahead from where you know it to be now) then put a disk in the drive, change to that drive letter, and type

and get a directory of the cdrom?

Also, in device manager, does the drive appear there without any yellow exclamation marks on IDE controllers?
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My wife has Win7 on her laptop. Last night IE 32 bit was working fine. Now when she clicks on the IE icon it does nothing. If i go into the start<all programs<IE 64 bit....then IE 64 bit works.

What has happened and what should I do to fix it.

A:IE 32 bit suddenly stopped working

I'm not trying to be rude really that is not my intention this is just a suggestion

STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER it is the most vulnerable virus prone browser out there I know it's the world standard .... but it's junk .... sorry .... just get Firefox
and you will never have these problems again
(granted you have to set Firefox up the way you want )

Someone will help with the IE issue but that's my two cents, 2? <<<< check that out
here's how, hold alt and type 0162 (alt+0162)


***the shortcut proly lost the path go to program files find IE and create a new shortcut on the desktop you can then drag that to the start menu or whereever******

Cheers Again
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I am helping a friend who has an HP Pavilion dv t Synaptic stopped Pavilion Touchpad HP scrolling working laptop with Windows Pro x installed The laptop has been running fine until recently when the Synaptic touchpad's scrolling ability stopped working The touchpad has not been exposed to excessive heat or subjected to liquid damage and no changes have been made to the Synaptic Preferences or the Mouse options HP Pavilion Synaptic Touchpad scrolling stopped working in Control Panel A HP Pavilion Synaptic Touchpad scrolling stopped working different driver hasn't been installed over the existing one He asked me to help him determine why it has stopped working but I can't figure it out The only thing I can think of that may HP Pavilion Synaptic Touchpad scrolling stopped working have caused both the horizontal and the vertical scrolling to stop working could possibly be a Windows update but trying to determine which one is the culprit if any is almost impossible I've tried disabling and re-enabling the scrolling options and I've deleted and reinstalled the driver but no luck Should I roll back to a previous version or try something else The driver version is and the Synaptics Touchpad version is V if that helps at all

A:HP Pavilion Synaptic Touchpad scrolling stopped working

Hooray! Great news! I figured out what was causing the problems. It turns out that my friend had broken off one of the laptop keys, and in an attempt to get it to remain on the laptop, glued it back on to the keyboard, without telling me. I discovered this when I opened Wordpad to write some notes, only to find the 9 key displaying in an active line, like this: 99999999999999999

The key had been glued so firmly that it was permanently pressing as though someone were holding it down. As a result, the trackpad wouldn't scroll (as the 9 key also doubled as the right arrow key) and the BIOS would remain stuck on the initial boot screen until another key was pressed.

After removing the key, I scraped the dried glue off of it, reattached the plastic switch to the metal brackets on the keyboard so it snapped firmly back into place, and sternly lectured my friend about why superglue and keyboards do not mix.
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Have checked usual: Fn F9 hasn't been accidently hit. Device Manager says it's working. No yellow ? or ! Also the driver is upto date.

Suggestions please?

NB Windows 8 System

A:Solved: Touchpad toshiba C850D stopped working
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Hello I want to thank in advance for any responses I get to this thread I Gateway stopped MT6840: Touchpad working Synaptics have a Gateway laptop model MT It has a Synaptics touchpad A couple of days ago the touchpad stopped working completely I took my laptop out of sleep mode and the icon for the touchpad in the system tray was simply gone I checked Control Panel Mouse Device Settings for the Synaptic touchpad but all options are merely grayed out and the device does not register on the computer anymore I believe I have tried almost everything I first tried Gateway MT6840: Synaptics Touchpad stopped working rebooting I then tried disconnecting my external mouse and then rebooting Then I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver from the Gateway website I looked on Google but found nothing of use Alas none of these things Gateway MT6840: Synaptics Touchpad stopped working have worked This is a bit frustrating because although I do have an external mouse it is much more convenient not to have to bring the external mouse around when I transport it And since I m a college student I need to get around with my laptop quite often I don t believe it is anything related to the hardware because it stopped working when the software apparently magically disappeared I would really like to solve this problem If anyone knows of anything please let me know If there is some detail I should mention that would help please also let me know Thanks Minus nbsp

A:Gateway MT6840: Synaptics Touchpad stopped working

Well, I decided to reboot again and go into the BIOS. I did, changing absolutely nothing (even choosing the "discard changes" exit option), logged onto Windows, and the problem was solved.

I have no idea how that worked, but it did.

I can't find a delete thread option, so if an admin is reading this, go ahead and just delete this.
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For no reason at all. (as far as i can recall). I was just doing random stuff on pc (like every other time), surfing the web, while I just recognized my scroll on touchpad isn't working. I tried rebooting pc, turning touchpad on and off, but didn't hepled.

I have Satellite R850 2R notebook with win7 on it.

A:Satellite R850 - scroll on touchpad stopped working

Try to check if Windows update has installed something today and roll back OS to earlier time (two days back if possible) using system restore tool.

I don?t know if this will help but you can try it. Several times I saw that synaptics driver update is offered by option windows updates.