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Replacement motherboard needed for HP Pavilion p6226p

Q: Replacement motherboard needed for HP Pavilion p6226p

I am hoping one of you fine people can help me to find a replacement motherboard for my HP Pavilion p p I have gone through the Pavilion Replacement HP p6226p for motherboard needed whole troubleshooting routine -- all peripherals RAM replaced with known-good power supply amp CPU and still can not get into the BIOS setup or boot Replacement motherboard needed for HP Pavilion p6226p past the HP splash screen I m down to replacing the motherboard now This computer currently has Motherboard -- M N -LA Viola CPU -- AMD Athlon II x Quad Core Graphics -- NVIDIA GeForce Integrated I m fine with a replacement motherboard with at least equivalent graphics as I do occasionally game with my boyfriend League of Legends Magicka running on lowest settings is fine with me I Replacement motherboard needed for HP Pavilion p6226p m in the market for a new computer but would like to keep this one limping along for another months or so if all it will cost me is a motherboard I have a Frys amp Microcenter nearby located in Houston and would like to go pick up a shiny new motherboard ASAP so if you could point me to one on their site it would be greatly appreciated Thank you for your time nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Replacement motherboard needed for HP Pavilion p6226p

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replacement motherboard needed for HP Pavilion p6226p

Check here and make sure that you have a PayPal account:
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I have one HP computer left with the proprietary garbage from HP inside. The motherboard has the "HPANEL" plug, which incorporates all of the front panel control switches and lights in one single-sided plug, meaning that the traditional Power, Reset SW, HDD LED, plugs are non-existent. I am trying to install a new motherboard, but cannot, because of the HPANEL plug configuration in the machine itself. Anyone ever conquer this task before? Advice, other than scrap the HP heap? The link to the configuration page from HP is here:

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I hace a Pavilion HPE h8-1360t Desktop PC and the motherboard has died.  For the price i paid for the computer obviously i want to replace the motherboard.  The question is should i get another:Manufacturer: PegatronManufacturer name: IPMMB-FMHP: Formosa OR is there a better motherboard out there that i can plug all my current hardware into? (that will fit in the case)? 3rd Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 quad-core processor [3.4GHz, 8MB Shared Cache]? 16GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [4 DIMMs]? 1TB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive? 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT630 [DVI, HDMI and VGA via adapter]? 300W Power supply? Wireless-N LAN card (1x1)? SuperMulti DVD Burner? 15-in-1 memory card reader, 2 USB 2.0 (front), 2 USB 3.0 (top)
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I have HP Pavilion dv6-6093ex laptop and i am facing an issue with AMD VGA it's not running correctly my problem is since i bought my laptop i noticed that when i run a game with the battery plugged in the game run slow even when i change graphic to use AMD VGA high performance from the catalyst application and when i remove it everything go right , now i reinstalled windows 7 but the AMD driver installation craches and it gave me a black screen that's happening during blinking screen step, i already tried to download many drivers and the same problem appear again, i need a help with replacing the motherboard because i think it's a hardware failure .. motherboard model   ( LLM0517F )
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Dear Community, How can I find a replacement motherboard for my laptop? The model is 15-n247se. I wanted to replace the HDD but I accidentally broke the keyboard ribbon cable connector on the board and I couldn't solder/glue it back.  Thank You,Bijan
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Hello,Recently I had posted a message regarding an HP Pavilion DV6-3210us not booting but just blinking the caps lock. I've just replaced the motherboard & exact processor & when I turned the unit on, the fan sped up very quickly as Windows attempted to boot but within 20 secs, it shut down. When I attempted to restart it, I received a message saying that the unit was overheating & was shut down but it safe now. Once again, the fan sped up quickly & the unit shut down before Windows could come up. I've contacted the MB seller & they said they believed it was a bad motherboard & will ship another one out. Is there an issue with these computers doing this?Any comments would be greatly appreciated.Thank you! 

A:Replacement HP Pavilion DV6-3210us Motherboard Overheating!

If they have a bad motherboard yes. I think your seller knew he sent you a bad one and is willing to replace.
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My current Motherboard has only 2 USB ports that are not working. The network adapter seems to be having some problems too.
I am thinking of replacing the mobo.
How much of an undertaking is this.
I am in A+ Hardware and OS class now and have some background in this area.
Besides the mobo, what else do I need to buy? I have two CD drives, a HDD, Floppy, Video Card.

Thanks for your input

A:Motherboard Replacement? Advice Needed

Are you sure you don't just have driver issues? Do you have updated chipset drivers for your MB?

Personally, Unless I wanted to upgrade memory speed and/or CPU, I would add a USB expansion card before I'd replace a motherboard. It's cheaper and and a lot less can go wrong.

Not sure what you mean by saying your network interface is "having problems". Generally, it works or it doesn't. How are you networked? To a router or modem? If my network is droping out intermentantly, I'd look at the router first. Have you performed any network performance tests?
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I need to replace the motherboard on a Compaq Presario nx specs below and I am looking for some help From all of my troubleshooting I have determined that the MB is dead Swapped out the memory power supply video card flashed the bios and still nothing Should I upgrade the MB and Replacement Needed Advice Motherboard maybe the CPU while I am at it or just get a near identical replacement I don Motherboard Replacement Advice Needed t have much money to spend so the upgrade wouldn t be drastic anyway I have read a few posts about replacing the MB by uninstalling drivers etc so that it would be a clean swap out but that requires me to be able to boot up and I can t even get into the bios What do I have to look forward to when I replace the MB and possibly the CPU Specs Celeron C GHz MHz front side bus Socket Chipset - ATI Radeon Xpress for Intel Processors Motherboard-Manufacturer ECS Name RC ST-HM HP Compaq motherboard name Alhena -GL Vista Home Basic gb memory Thank you nbsp

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My socket AM2 based computer has a faulty motherboard and needs a replacement to get it up and running again. It does not turn on, I have ruled out the other components as the cause of this problem.

The other components are:

AMD Athlon 64 4xxx/5xxx+ X2 series dual core processor
2GB PC3200 RAM
Asus 7900GS GPU

It looks like a replacement will cost around £25-60 judging by what is available on

Any suggestions/recommendations? Anything on par with the old motherboard will be fine. I won't need something future proof as this is only a secondary computer my family uses.

I will be upgrading my own computer next year and passing it down to them so we are only looking at getting this computer back up and running in the meantime (they are currently stuck with the aging laptop!)

Thank you in advance your help will be much appreciated

also, Merry Christmas =)

A:Replacement needed for socket AM2 motherboard (M2N-SLI Deluxe)

You might have made a typo in describing your CPU. Is it an Athlon 64 X2 4600+?

I am surprised how few retailers are selling AM2 boards these days. TigerDirect has two and Newegg has three available. Personally, I would go with the Foxconn one, but I am biased for Newegg. haha
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I need to buy a replacement motherboard for a Sony model PCV-R558DS DEsktop computer. This is a 2 year old computer with a PIII-866 processor and P-133 SDRAM.
I don't have the computer to look at (located in Europe) so I cannot tell..Will a standard size motherboard work in this computer?? Sony wants $300.00 to buy one from them.

Thanks for any help.

A:Sony Vaio Desktop replacement motherboard needed

No, Sony uses a special motherboard manufactured just for them and the cases usually will not accept a different motherboard. It will probably be cheaper to buy a case and a motherboard and transfer everything to it. You could buy a nice case and a good motherboard for 1/2 that.

Dell on some systems
Gateway on some systems.
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Well I Just Bought A Broken Emachines I Thought The Capacitors Where Blown But They Look Fine The Problem Is It Wont Post It Has A Via Chipset Thats Probly The Problem I Dont Want To Get The Emachines Replacement Because It Costs 2 Much The Emachine Is A T2200 If Any Body Could Help Me Find A Great Fit Motherboard That You Can Hook Up The Front Usb Port To The Motherboard That Would Be Great It Has A Amd Processor And I Would Like It To Have Onboard Video It Dosent Matter What Ram It Takes

A:Emachines Bad Motherboard Whats A Good Replacement Motherboard

Need a motherboard here too

for the same model that is
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a simple question......will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

help me obi-wan youre my only hope!!


A:will a HP Pavilion 15-n034sa motherboard fit into a HP Pavilion 15-n083sa ?

Actually that's a hard question, generally its not possible to install another motherboard, sometimes it is. In this case one is an AMD platform and the other is an Intel platform, there could be tons of differences in mounting holes, physical design, clearance, connectors, heat dissipation requirements, cooling systems, etc. Laptops are not like desktops that use more standardized designs.
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anyone -- Disassembly & replacement instruction for the cpu fan for a hp dv7 ??

A:hp pavilion dv7 cpu fan replacement

Can you post the exact Model number of your notebook?This information is available on Service and Maintenance Guide, which is available support Page for your notebook model.
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 what type of fan do I need for a  hp pavilion dv7 notebook pc;  product = xw397av;  [personal information removed];   i7 2630qm

A:Re: hp pavilion dv7 cpu fan replacement

 @stardisplays Welcome to HP Forums, this is a great place to get support, find answers and tips,Thank you for posting your query, I'll be more than glad to help you out  As I understand you want to replace the CPU Fan and require the type of fan compatible with the DV7,I will be able to provide support, although, it would be a limited support as HP doesn't recommend replacing the fan on your own as it may impact damage upon other parts, Nevertheless, to answer your question: 640903-001 (This is compatible with your series) You could also find your parts on the HP Parts store: Click here Let me know if you need any further assistance,Happy to help,Regards,
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Hi,I bought a pavilon x2 detachable pc ( k3n12ua ) from the US an would like to know wear to buy a UK replacement keyboard. can anyone help.
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Need a power supply for a HP XT933.Contacted HP and they said it was to old and they couldnt help me.Has to be a replacement that would work,just can't quite put my finger on it.Would like it to be at least 250 watt.

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Hello, Where can I get a genuine original fan for my Pavilion G6 2240sa? It broke last year and I bought a new fan off eBay however this one is louder than the original which was really quiet and makes a humming noise which is annoying! Any sites that stock genuine fans? Not third party. Thanks   

A:HP Pavilion G6 2240sa fan replacement

Did you replace the whole heatsink/fan unit or just the fan? Anything you buy now other than direct from HP is likely refurbished which means the seller has installed a new fan onto a heatsink unit. It requires some skill to rebuild the unit properly and if you get it just a little out of whack it will be noisy.  This is the heatsink and fan unit: For use in AMD UMA computer models 683027-001 HP also supplies just the fan: Fan (available separately) 680551-001 I tried to find the part on HP Partsurfer and could not place an order or get the price to show. However, sometimes you can order from HP through and this is one of those cases: For $29 it is less than I thought.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I have a HP Pavilion DV7 - 4285dx which comes with a Multi DVD +/- DL blah blah whatever drive in it. (no bluray)

I would like to know if I could find a replacement bluray drive for this laptop.

Does anyone know where I could find this or if this is even possible?

I would assume its possible since that I had bought a bluray drive for my PC, and it works.

A:Pavilion DV7 Blu-ray drive replacement

After some more research I found a replacement part that should work.

For anyone looking for similar answers, the part number is 605417-001 CT21L

Just do a google search with part of that number or all to help find the correct parts.

Thanks everyone....
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Hi there The charger is not working for the laptop anymore I was wondering what size it the tip on it if i was to order a universal one instead the hp. The HP part no is 709982-002 replace with HP spare 710412-001any help would be great.
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I am getting error 601 at boot up, and my battery went from working all day one day to less than 10 minutes the next.  Error says battery needs to be replaced - but doesn't give a replacement part number.  After literally HOURS on the HP site I still don't have one.   HELP!  I have an HP Pavilion 13-a113cl x360   notebook and just want the part number or similar that I can use to get a replacement battery.  Ifound the video on how to replace the battery - just not what to replace it with. TIA
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Hi all, Laptop is shutting down when battery is half full (without even warning me). Also the battery never fully charges.I guess it's the time to change it. Any suggestions where I can buy this in Canada?
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I need to purchase a replacement battery for a Pavilion Notebook 15-AB269SA. The code of my faulty battery is 800049-001 but can't find it in the online store. The other code number on the battery is 6EUUB06BB9T373.
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My friend's kid stuck my mouse inside my laptop and closed the screen on it. Then my kid climbed on it. Now the LCD appears to be cracked (but not the glass.) I am able to use it by connecting it to my TV with an HDMI cord, but I need a replacement screen. I need the part number for the screen and instructions for removing the screw covers on the bevel, please.
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Cooling Fan is inoperative.  Receiving 90b error message. I plan to order a replacement fan, but need to determine which part number to order.  Per the Manual:  P/N 666527-001  (For use with computer models equipped with an AMD processor and a graphics subsystem with discrete memory)P/N 666526-001  (For use with computer models equipped with an AMD processor and a graphics subsystem with UMA memory)How do I tell if my laptop uses UMA or discrete memory?  The laptop has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 Series graphics chip.  I understand that it has 512 MB of GDDR3 memory on the card. From this I assume that this system is considered to have discrete memory and therefore I should replace the fan with part number  666527-001. Please confirm the use of this part number or advise otherwise.  Thank you. 

A:HP Pavilion dv7-3078nr Fan replacement - Which Part?

Use device manager and check "Display Adapters" post what is in there please. UMA is on board graphics (on the motherboard) Discrete is an Add in Video card.
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Which replacement cooling fan do I need for my Pavilion DV6T-6C00? I can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere, & I'd rather not spend $100+ to have it done for me, if I can help it. Please & thank you in advance.

A:Which replacement cooling fan do I need for my Pavilion DV6T...

@xBOYLEx? AMD  or  Intel  processor??? REO
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My -month old Pavilion Notebook 's internal DVD Drive Optical Drive has stopped working The button does not open and when I open it with a paperclip insert a DVD it will not play The disc does not spin nbsp I Replacement DVD Drive Pavilion Optical HP 15 removed the drive today to get the numbers off of the part has HP logo Model SU- SU- HB HPMHF nbsp nbsp Y H SB nbsp nbsp F W HH H W A nbsp nbsp Ver HB nbsp nbsp FEBRUARY nbsp HP PN -FC CT FEMV DD X nbsp I have done many searches and cannot find this part for USA I have found SU- FB for sale nbsp Is there a compatible part Can I buy from HP Direct nbsp It is easy to pop out the old one and slide in the new I just want to replace with compatible drive nbsp HP Pavilion 15 DVD Optical Drive Replacement I just found this and I'm HP Pavilion 15 DVD Optical Drive Replacement going to buy one https www amazon com Toshiba-Samsung-Burner-Writer-Internal dp B QF JMA nbsp Fingers crossed nbsp Thanks Sheila nbsp nbsp
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Hello!  I'm just trying to track down a replacement fan for the HP Pavilion 21-h014.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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The cooling fan for my Pavilion dv6 3230 recently stopped working, and I need to find a replacement. However, the part number is not listed on the fan-heatsink assembly itself. I also have not been able to find the part number using the HP Partsurfer website, or by searching third party websites. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to find a replacement fan-heatsink that will be compatible with my laptop? Thank you in advance

A:Pavilion dv6 3230us cooling fan replacement?

The Manual is not super helpful. It's one of these: UMA graphics memory 603690-001UMA graphics memory with a processor 633384-001 Your model has the processor soldered to the motherboard and has UMA graphics so I am guessing it is the first one.    I got these from google images using the part numbers and they look the same to me but you can compare them to yours.  Service Manual This ebay auction for the first one looks different: Good luck.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hello,Is anyone my laptop HP Pavilion DM4-3050us have trouble with the cooling fan it run and have a loud noise all the time.I can't find any links that show how to replace the cooling fan for this model.Please advise.Thank you in advance.Oyo

A:Replacement cooling fan for HP Pavilion DM4-3050us

Hello Ruby, Cooling fan is replaceble only in the service centre. But you may watch the following link which would give you some idea, if you really want to disassemble.. since this might void the warranty of your computer. Regards, Ashok

Ashok ... HP..always working
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I own a HP Pavilion 11-h003sa X2 detachable laptop.My daughter spilled milk on the keyboard which seems to have leaked into the base electronics & caused everything to fail.I can find each individual component part number listed here X2 Manual but I cannot find the part number for the full base assembly.I've searched online for a supplier & been unsuccesful.The Tablet still functions perfectly so that's why I'm only looking to source a replacement keyboard base.Can you help ?.
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hi i have a HP Pavilion 23-2301a All-in-one-PC and jujst wanting to know does anyone know the model number to the screen i am wanting to replace it. i have had the number before but unfourtinatly lost it. needing asap please and help would be apprerciated
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So I've been searching online for a replacement keyboard that isn't German or more than $60. I was wondering if any of you would be able to find a replacement keyboard for me that isn't expensive? The reason I ask is because it's for a client who's keyboard ribbon was cut in half and they want another keyboard put in. Can any keyboard as long as it fits the dimensions fit in there (it doesn't screw in, just snaps in)?

A:Replacement Keyboard For Hp Pavilion 17-f042ng

It looks like your best bet is to reach out to HP and see what other models are compatible in a 17 inch model keyboard.

Laptop parts other than RAM or drives are model specific.
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Hi there, My keyboard is broken (backspace and esc keys do not work). I only know the Model number stated above from HP Part Surfer: There, I find that the proper keyboard replacement part number is 666001-001. But, the current damaged keyboard states a different part number: 664264-001 However, I'd like the new keyboard to be the Spanish version and a local part distributor is offering this one to me: 9Z.N2ZUS.00S 634016-071. So my question is: will this keyboard work? Thanks a lot in advance.Mauro Here's my damaged computer label:  My current keyboard label:  My current keyboard back:
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My original 40Gb IBM travelstar HDD failed in my HP pavilion Ze5170. I am looking to replace and upgrade, does anyone know of a 60/80Gb drive that is compatible, looking at a Samsung Spinpoint M40 at the moment.


A:HP pavilion ZE5170 replacement hard drive

I realize you probably already bought and installed a drive, but, to help anyone else, I just replaced the original HDD (it crashed) in my HP Pavilion ze 5170 with a HITACHI Travelstar 5K100 HTS541010G9AT00 (13G1591) 100GB 5400 RPM ATA-6 Notebook Hard Drive from for $70 shipped. It's quieter, faster, and larger than the original 40GB drive and so far it works great.
Side note: when I was using the recovery discs to install the WinXP and drivers (and all the other crap that comes on them) I got a "PXE-E61 Media Test Failure". To fix this I just changed my boot order to read my CD-ROM drive first and the install when swimmingly.
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I need the part number to replace the screen on my hp pavilionThe model # 17-g113dxI need to buy the cheapest please help so i can replace it my selfThanks in advance
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The connectable keyboard of my HP Pavilion X2 10.1 2in1 (32GB) [ at arrival not so funny problem to get turned on, see I still think this is a "construction error" HP should avoid or investigate ] has problems with the space key: Sometimes it will send no space, at other times lots of spaces. To make it short: I searched the HP website, but could not find a replacement. Isn't there any? I just need the connectable keyboard, prefered with German QWERTZ layout, nothing more.

A:HP Pavilion X2 10.1 2in1 (32GB): replacement of the connecta...

[email protected], Welcome to HP Support Forums. Best platform for all sorts of solutions, tips and tweaks to your questions/issues. To have the best experience on HP forum, visit our HP Forums Guide to know more. Unable to turn on the PC. Is that right? Thank you for sharing the issue details. I would like to help you. I recommend you try the steps below and check if that helps you solve the problem. This article from the above link will help you find the cause of the issue. It should either be with the PC or the charger (Adapter). If need to replace any hardware, please use the link below to reach out phone support.  Hope this helps. Let me know for more. Happy posting. Resolv_S Glad to help you. I work for HPPlease click ?Accept as Solution ? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.Click the ?Kudos Thumbs Up" to say ?Thanks? for helping!
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I'm using HP Pavilion 15-P001TX notebook (silver color).  Recently, my keyboard has started malfunctioning. Whenever I press N, B, PRT SC key it takes the input as delete key and that delete continues until I press any other key. Rest of the keyboard is working completely fine. So, I'm thinking to replace this keyboard and get a new one. How much would it cost to get the keyboard replaced at HP service cnetre without warranty. Any alternative solution will be highly appreciated.
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Hi all,I've had a slight accient with my keyboard and I need a replacement. Would anyone beable to tell me where I can get a replacement from please?I have checked the HP parts website and had no luck finding one for my laptop.Many thanks,Phil

A:HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p189na keyboard Replacement

@Phil_M_H? We would need the country of your choice and the color. "Black or White???" REO
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I have a 2.5 years old HP Pavilion dm4 laptop. At first hinges from both sides broke which made it harder for the laptop to close properly and now the frame is breaking apart. Is there a way I can get/buy replacements before other parts get messed up.  Thank you

View Solution.

A:Frame and hinge replacement - HP Pavilion dm4 laptop

Yes, I too have this problem (dm4-1050ea).It started in about about Feb 2015, when my aunt noticedv that my laptop was nt closing properly.  It could be be made to so by pushing the top half (screen assembly) forward from the back when closed.Then the hinges became deective in that the screen wouldn't move smoothly nd wouldn't sit just in the place (angle) you opened it to.Next the hinges beame too stiff to operate, and shortly after the left one came away from the screen/lid assembly, and the bezel broke near the the LH hinge (rather than though the bezel as illustrated in the above picture). Next the right hinge became detached, then the screen became deective (mainly a stripe all down the LHS - was working with detached hinges OK))So, I am left with  working computer, not 100% functional & broken, and needs special care to use; the screen does not function in all areas (a replacement looks like £30 - $50), with the screen virtually hanging off, in need of rplace ment hinges (£10 - $15), and also nees any other bits (?) and the knowledge to repair it.  HP say they don't support this model any more,  and do not have theparts (as of late 2015). It may be beyond the capability of an all-powerful ccompany such as  HP to find parts, but it does not seem beyond the my capacity to obtain the parts - maybe 2nd hand - from other broken HP's !! - but what I lak is the detailed kno ho an skill to effect any repair. Videos - hope some finds these useful -  they must be just a tiny selection of the procedures vailable for repair (probably none authorised by HP who want you to throw it away and buy a new model ftom HP) Woodward1.March.2016
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I need replacement screen hinges for a hp pavilion 15-p088sa. Are they the same hinges for HP Pavilion 15-H 15-G 15-R or HP PAVILION 15N or something different? Thanks
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hey all - prob a very easy answer but im trying to find a replacement screen part/model number for HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC - p264na - L0E38EA#ABU tried a quick SIW and some moniterinfo - didnt gimme what i was looking for serail/part# wise. and i saw u help a few others with this both frm hp parts and offsite links - can you do the same for this model please ?? the most likely ive found is this - is it a likely match ??? - sorry i cant remove bezel as i dont want to damage plastic or void warranty many thanks
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Hi! What models have the same touchscreen as 11-n001tu? I cannot find a third party vendor selling a screen for 11-n001tu and there are no spareparts per HP Technical Support team. Thanks!

A:TouchScreen Replacement HP Pavilion 11x360 - LTN116AT07

Hi, Part number is 755730-001. Please bookmark the following link for future references: You can buy from that store or try online: Regards,
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Hello, Long story short, I accidentally spilled a good amount of Mountain Dew on the right half of the keyboard and it still functions most of the time, but it is sticky beyond belief. Is there any way to clean the keyboard or get a keyboard replacement? I just got off the chat service with HP and they were charging me $299.99 to fix it which is a ludicrous deal. I am considering self-repair at this point. Thanks.
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I NEED TO KNOW THE RIGHT PART NUMBER FOR THE FAN COOLER. I'M RECEIVING AN ERROR WHEN STARTING THE LAPTOP. HP Pavilion dv6-6c10us Entertainment Notebook PCModel #: A6Y49UAProduct Number : A6Y49UA#ABAThanks in advance.
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Hi guys,

I have a friend who asked me to replace his laptop hard drive a HP Pavilion N5445 model. I tried scowering the Internet and HP site for this specific model and cannot find any instructions on where and how-to remove and replace the hard drive for this laptop?

If someone can provide me a link or something to guide me in the right directions I would be greatly appreciated!!


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Hi,It looks like the hard drive in my almost new (just past warranty) pavilion 500-420qe is going out.  When I turn it on, I can hear it but the screen goes to black. I ran diagnostics and got a FAILED for Hard Drive Short DST for hard drive 2.What size hard drive to I need to replace it?  I cannot find that specification.Any suggestions on where to buy one?Thanks!
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My cooling fan on my HP Pavilion DV6-3370ca rossignol edition is about to fail, I would like to know the replacement part number please?
I only want to take the laptop apart once and would prefer if I had the replacement fan to fit so the reassembly is fresh in my mind.
Any help on which replacement fan I need would be very much appreciated, I have a 11 year old who is gutted his laptop is about to fail.
Product number: LU930UA#ABC
Serial number: [personal information removed]
Model number: dv6-3370ca
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Hello ,  I need assistance from HP to tell me the cost of replacement of the  HP Pavilion 15-n010tx. The screen has been damaged, and i need to get this replaced. I have purchased this Laptop in Dec-2013.  I am staying at Vaishali, Ghaziabad & would like to know any nearby Service Center were i can get the screen replaced.
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Hiya I've been trying to make improvements to an old laptop of mine - A Pavilion DV EA with an Intel Celeron M CPU Bios version F laptop issues CPU replacement Pavilion with DV5000 After going through the manual the forums and gathering info I tried replacing the Celeron CPU with an Intel T and then an Intell T which by all accounts are supported and should have worked But in both cases the laptop wouldn't get as far as the boot screen - the power would come on when the power button was pressed all the lights would light up but that's it no beeps or anything CPU replacement issues with Pavilion DV5000 laptop else The fan would start once the power came on but turned off after a few seconds and the laptop would stay like that indefinitely Once I switched back to the Celeron it was back to normal as though nothing had happened nbsp Is there something else that needs to be done besides the BIOS update that might get one of the replacement CPUs to work I also have a Core Duo cpu i haven't tried yet - is it even worth the effort given the results with the and nbsp Thanks in advance

A:CPU replacement issues with Pavilion DV5000 laptop

Hi, Did you buy the RIGHT part number from HP or from other shops ? Normal retail CPU's won't work. Please don't ask me why but believe me, it's simply won't work. Regards.
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Some of the errors:  Your PC Device needs to be repaired.  Status: 0xc0000185
Smart Check - Not Available
Long DST - Not Available 
Hard Disk (3F0)
s/n [Personal Information Removed]
prooduct # J4V83AA
Looks like a defective hard drive.   Any information on Hard drive replacement would be nice.  Do not want to break the touch screen.   It does boot at times but looks like the hard drive is failing with these error codes.  Any help on the error codes and or hard drive replacement would be helpfull.
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I need to replace full body of my laptop model mentioned in subject. My laptop's body is broken. Can u help? Reply me on my email.Damodar DasDamodara dot bvks at gmail

A:hp pavilion dv6 - 3121nr laptop's full body replacement

Hi, Please check the following list: If NO available part that means you have to try from eBay. Regards.
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Hello everyone, hope we're all well! I'm hoping someone can help me! I recently got a HP Pavilion 15-aw065sa and I love it. I decided to upgrade the SSD, and sadly in doing so, have slightly cracked the underside plastic (about an inch along from the middle of the rear towards the centre of the case). It's not a biggie, but I'd really know if there is anywhere (be it HP or someone else) where I can PAY MONEY (to a limit, lets not go silly, it's just a piece of plastic) to get a replacement. I'm also looking at getting an optical HDD caddy, so a DVD drive front replacement would be useful too! If anyone can help please let me know, it's a great laptop! EDIT: Should mention I checked the part surfer, as well as ebay, and sadly can't find anything
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My HP Pavilion dv7-3028ca laptop needs a new battery. The current battery won't hold a charge, so the machine cannot operate. I had the problem diagnosed by the Geek Squad service at Best Buy. I went to the HP parts website to search and order the replacement but the website generated a message that the replacement battery was no longer available. Help!!! I need to get the laptop up and running again. Do you know where I can order a replacement battery online (e.g a website with the battery in stock)? If the battery has been discontinued, is there a compatible battery on the hp parts website that I can use as a replacement? Thanks for any help or advice you can provide!! Peter

A:Finding Replacement battery for HP Pavilion dv7-3028ca Lapto...

Hi, No longer supplied as you said: Please try: Regards.
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Hi When starting the computer the following error appears on the screen The system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly Continued operation is not recommended and may cause unpredictable behavior that could result in random shutdown data loss or possible system damage The system will shut down in seconds To prevent shutdown and continue operation press the Enter key now I followed all steps in this document to fix this error except the final one which is replacement Code This document pertains to HP and Compaq notebook PCs When starting the computer the following error appears on the screen The system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly Continued operation is not recommended and may cause unpredictable behavior that could result in random shutdown data loss or possible system damage The system will shut down in seconds To prevent shutdown and continue operation press the Enter key now System Fan b In addition to this error the system fan may spin faster and become louder This error indicates that a problem exists related to the heat removal system One of two possible events is occurring The system fan is not spinning or not spinning properly The temperature inside the case is too high and the fan cannot spin fast enough to remove the heat This error message occurs to help prevent costly damage to the computer To fix this error use the following steps If you notice that the system fan spins and is blowing warm air from the computer clean the exterior vents to remove dust buildup by blowing air through the vent openings Do this while the computer is off Dust can accumulate inside the vent opening and around internal cooling components preventing the removal of heat After dust notebook Cooling replacement for Pavilion fan dv6-6093ex advice HP has been removed try turning on the computer to see if the error goes away if not continue to the next step For more information on reducing heat inside your computer see Reducing Heat Inside the PC Cooling fan replacement advice for HP Pavilion dv6-6093ex notebook Perform a hard reset Performing a hard reset can reset recorded thermal values in memory and enable you to use the computer again even if only for a short time to access and save any important files before service For information on performing a hard reset see Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Cooling fan replacement advice for HP Pavilion dv6-6093ex notebook Issues In some cases updating the BIOS may help prevent this error from occurring For information on how to update your BIOS see Updating the BIOS Have the computer serviced to clean internal components and replace the system fan if necessary Ensure that the following items are addressed during servicing Thoroughly remove dust from all internal cooling components Ensure that wires from the system and CPU fans are connected to the motherboard securely The spare parts need care when purchasing since they must be compatible with my HP Product name HP Pavilion dv - ex Entertainment Notebook PC support Product number LM EA A N I was told by HP forum member that my Cooling fan replacement advice for HP Pavilion dv6-6093ex notebook notebook's 'Cooling Fan CPU fan heatsink' should be replaced with this HP Spare part number - Discription Cooling Fan CPU fan heatsink For use only with computer models equipped with a graphics subsystem with -MB discrete memory However this information written on a sticker on the Cooling Fan CPU fan heatsink' sent by a person claiming that he is computer technician Sunon MagLev MF V -Q -G P N HFMH Rev-A DC--- A BR FAW A EP CFM KCL When I have made comparison between the information on the Cooling Fan sent by that computer technician and the information on the Cooling Fan in my 'HP Pavilion dv Notebook PC-Maintenance and Service Guide c below I found there is no relevance at all between the two cooling fans There is no spar part number typed on the fan sent by that person Also When I tried taking ... Read more

A:Cooling fan replacement advice for HP Pavilion dv6-6093ex notebook

I would say the components are (in order): thermal compound - heatsink and then the fan

You would need thermal compound too. And an appropriate cleaning solution to remove previous compound.

I wouldn't know how handy you are, do you end up with spare screws when you try fixing stuff?

Any fan is operated like that, some differences apply depending on fan specs and controlling hardware.
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Hi, i found this Hard drive in Amazon to replace my Hard drive because original and official HP part is backordered in US. Someone can check if it fit properly to my computer? Thanks!
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Hi my pavilion fell to the floor yesterday and shattered. I am familiar with replacing some parts and feel I'd rather replace myself than spend a fortune to get it done. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a new bezel? HP pavilion 23-p149 bezel thanks!
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I got a Sony Vaio PCV-RS 420 it wont beep or boot.
Think I need a new Motherboard ASUS P4SD-VX or alternative.
I have 4 2GB total 333MHZ PC-2700 DDR DIMM RAM. (need 4 slots)
And a Intel pentium 4 Processor.
Need onboard ethernet port.
can someone direct link me to something on newegg or anything.

A:Motherboard Replacement?
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pc info:

asus A8N-E socket 939
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
EN 8400gs silent
Kingston 2x 512mb value ram
win xp

I may need to replace the motherboard or CPU. If one of these 2 needs to be replaced, is it still possible to maintain all other parts? Are there still (new) parts available that would fit in this setting? The price does not matter, the cheapest one that fits in this system would be ok.

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Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if any of you can redirect this for me id appreciate it. Recently my HP Pavilion Media Center m8000e had its motherboard died... ASUS: M2N68-LA. I do not know enough the subject, but i would like to know what i can replace this board with, since i can not find another one of the same type. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please post back.

A:Motherboard Replacement

It's a trap. You can probably use almost any Am2 motherboard but if you don't buy it from HP where it will be at least 4 times what it is worth, then you will wind up buying a new copy of Windows because your restore disks will only work with an HP supplied motherboard. So you can see what they have but most likely you will be better off using the components, buying a new case, motherboard and copy of Windows.
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Where can I buy a replacement Joshua H61 motherboard and I7 cpu. The board was manufactured by Foxcomm

A:Replacement motherboard and cpu

Hi, The Joshua H61 that is supplied in HP PCs is an OEM model made to HP's specifications. You can try the HP Parts Store or Ebay for the exact motherboard. Even if you buy the exact motherboard, I would suggest that you that it to an authorized HP repair shop and have the motherboard prep'd. This is a list of the HP approved processors for the Joshua motherboard. The UEFI BIOS for the Joshua can be found here.
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I am wanting to upgrade an old AST advantage adventure 575 which is an old flat style box. I like the flat box because it saves space by fitting under my flat screen. The processor and MB are P133mhz and deminsions of 8" x 13". The PNP devices such as modem and lan are plugged into a seperate unit which vertically plugs into the MB. I want to upgrade the whole thing but finding a MB is tops. Thanks

A:Replacement Motherboard

youre going to need more info, is pc running?, if so download and run Everest Home Edition, do a google, this will tell you info you will need to look for stuff. what are you planning on upgrading?, that old case will not support new hardware.
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The Motherboard in my Gateway is burned, according to BestBuy Geek Squad. It is the KTBC51G-LF. I would like to replace it myself and have found a replacement on-line for over $200. That seems too expensive.

My question is; do they make replacements for the original manufactored part? that would be cheaper. Or maybe used, refurbished parts? Does anyone know where I can find such parts?


A:Motherboard Replacement

You need to look at the motherboard you have and find out the manufacturer and model number. It should be silk screened on the motherboard. It is very possibly an ECS or PcChips motherboard, as Gateway and Emachines (same company) are famous for using. And see if you can find one new at New Egg or some place like that.

Taking a computer to the Geek Squad is not a recommended thing. Often they do inferior work and frequently talk people into letting them make repairs that are not necessary and sometimes do not work.
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hi there i m trying to replace the motherboard in my computer it s an hp replacement motherboard for looking pavilion a rs i ve attached a couple of pictures of the motherboard i ve searched around the internet for replacements but i m having a looking for motherboard replacement problem if you look at the photos you can see that the heatsink on this unit is quite large and it s the type that you can t just unscrew from the top or the bottom of the board it s got plastic pegs that poke through the bottom of the board but i can t figure out any way to dislodge the heatsink from the board looking for motherboard replacement i tried to move them and maybe push them through and they don t budge at all so i guess that s the main question do you have any ideas about how i looking for motherboard replacement can get the heatsink off this motherboard and also the replacements i ve seen for this board online all have the holes around the cpu thing where you can attach the heatsink to the board but those holes form a perfect square the holes on the bottom of my motherboard definitely form a rectangle geez now i m more confused than ever i ve replaced these things before so i know how to do it but this oversized heatsink that s like stamped onto the board is giving me grief please help i m desperate thankyou nbsp

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This is my motherboard specs They do ot make this board any more Can I use a differant board to replace this one or am I looking at a new computer My problem is the USB Contoler is gone in mine and they can t fix it Garry email protected HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications K S-LA Salmon Motherboard specifications table Motherboard layout and photos Clearing the CMOS settings Clearing the BIOS password Motherboard specifications table Form factor Micro-ATX form factor in x in System BIOS Replacement Motherboard Supplier Award Processor AMD Athlon processor with HyperTransport support Processor socket type Socket Processor front side bus frequency MT s MHz Motherboard Replacement Maximum approved processor Athlon AMD Motherboard Replacement Athlon Chipset quot North Bridge quot SiS Chipset quot South Bridge quot SiS Memory type PC or PC DDR Memory sockets x -pin DDR DIMM Maximum Memory GB Graphics None Graphics configuration Up Graphics connector AGP AGP x Audio Integrated AC AC CODEC Device Realtek ALC C -channel CODEC Audio Jacks Legend below M F B LI F B LO Headphone connector Ethernet LAN supplier Realtek RTL CL LAN PHY Fast Ethernet LAN controller Ethernet configuration Integrated Down IEE VIA VT IEE Front Back Options F B SATA connectors SATA connectors supports a total of drives serial ATA- disk drive on each connector IDE UDMA modes x UDMA Expansion slots AGP PCI Exten AGP PCI USB ports Up to USB Front Back Options Up to F B Serial parallel floppy PS keyboard and mouse S P F PS K M Available manufacturing options Legend below ULE Manufacturing options Legend Legend Meaning -Channel audio A Audio down on motherboard C External L cache on motherboard E on motherboard G Graphics down on motherboard or in chipset L LAN on motherboard Ethernet P - PCMCIA slot LI Line In LO Line out M Microphone M G Midi Game S S power management support S O Speaker T TV-out on motherboard U Graphics card up not on motherboard W Microsoft Windows XP hardware compliant Motherboard layout and photos Figure Layout Figure Photo Figure View of back panel connectors - PS mouse - Parallel port - IEEE connector - RJ- connector - Line in jack - Line out jack - Microphone jack - USB connectors - USB connectors - VGS connector - Serial connector - PS Keyboard Clearing the CMOS settings CAUTION Do not change any jumper setting while the PC is running Damage to the motherboard may result The J jumper allows you to clear the Real Time Clock RTC RAM in CMOS You can clear the CMOS memory of date time and system setup parameters by erasing the CMOS RTC RAM data The onboard button cell battery powers the RAM data in CMOS which includes system setup information Turn off the PC and unplug the power cord Move the J jumper cap from pins - Normal to pins - Clear CMOS Keep the jumper on pins - for about seconds then move the cap back to pins - Plug the power cord and turn on the PC Clearing the BIOS password The BIOS password protects the BIOS from undesired changes If password checking is enabled and you need to disable it use the following steps CAUTION Do not change any jumper setting while the PC is running Damage to the motherboard may result Turn off the PC and unplug the power cord Move the jumper from pins - Normal to pins - Clear Password Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer As soon as you see the first logo screen turn off the computer Move the jumper from pins - to back to pins - Turn on the PC and enter the BIOS to verify that the password is clear nbsp

A:Motherboard Replacement

If the sole problem that is making you consider all of this is the USB controller, you can buy a good, 4-port USB PCI card for less than $20.
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My motherboard is died. Have an HP A724n and want to replace the motherboard. It has an LGA 775 socket set with a Micro-ATX form factor. How do I know I am picking the equivalent or better motherboard from different manufactures? Are there recommend sites you world have me look at? How do I translate the different speeds and specifications?

Thank you for your help

A:Motherboard replacement

Basically any socket 775 micro Atx board will fit but will it boot? You have to see if the front jumpers (power, reset, hard drive led etc are one plug or a series of loose wires to attach because if it is one plug, you will never get it to start. The other issue is change the board and you have to buy Windows as you cannot use the HP restore disks on a new motherboard which won't contain the bios switch to allow that and is illegal anyway.
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Hi all.

I need to replace my current Asus P5ND2-SLI Motherboard which died recently. I have already spent what seems like endless money on other components recently, so need a reasonably priced replacement to get up and running again.

My CPU is a Intel 3Ghz Dual Core (D) and the RAM is DDR2 6400. Board is LGA775 socket for IntelĀ® Pentium 4/Celeron CPU
Compatible with IntelĀ® 6XX, 5XX and 3XX processors.

It needs to be PCI-E as well. Now, I am clueless with most PC hardware, and there seems to be a ton of options on somewhere like, so some advice would be really helpful!


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Hi all,
I have recently had hardware failure in my DIY PC (most likely the motherboard).
I have taken it to a repair shop to have it diagnosed and was wondering if I could get some suggestions for a new motherboard if it turns out to be that.
I use my PC for heavy gaming as well as geometric map design and need a reliable (relatively cheap) board that is capable of supporting the hardware I am currently using (9800gt asus overclocked) pentium 2 2.8ghz processor.
asus Xonar D2x Audio (pcie).
It should also be noted that my old motherboard was a socket 775. (and the new one should be the same).
Can you reccomend one without an nforce chipset as well as these seem to be useless.
Thanks for your responses

A:Looking for a replacement motherboard

Something like this would do the Job
(I am assuming that you mean Pentium 4 2.8GHz)
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I have old Dimension 4600 having E210882 motherboard and AA label says C23438-404. The board has been dead and I am going to replace it. But on eBay I could find few mobos with C23438-502 or C23438-500. Are they valid replacement? What is difference?

A:Motherboard replacement

Those are not Dell part numbers so I cannot speak to them. The Dell motherboard part numbers for the 13 year old Dimension 4600 are =HY008, Northwood CPUsXM970, Prescott CPUs
But finding them on the internet may be an issue.
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I have tried to obtain replace my defective mobo with an identical mobo for my machine but can't.
What are the issues if I get a motherboard which has the same form factor and processor socket and swap into my machine using the same peripherals I currently use. I don't want to have to re-install operating systems etc. Are there any issues that I may encounter in doing this?? Many thank AL..

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hi i currently use a 15 inch hp g6 1b79dx andi wanted to replacemy motherboard and cpuy and was able to locate both parts when finally recieving the motherboard and trying to instal it it did not fit into the bottom case. there arent any alternative repolacement parts for this can you plase help?  the motherboard is replacement part 636375 intel hm65cpu i5-2540m if you could refer me to model that had this configuration  it would help me find that case easier

View Solution.

A:motherboard replacement

Hi, The following links shows specs of your machine: And it uses PC board (motherboard part number   653087-001 as shown: Now you are trying to use a TOTALLY different motherboard and different CPU that why it won't fit .  636375 is not a complete part number. Asuming it is 636375-001,  there are 98 models/products use this board including many g6's: Regards.
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I have Which motherboard? replacement an old Time TOWER TYPE PC The capacitors were the type that exploded This has been well documented The mother board was an Albatron KM PRO I Which replacement motherboard? replaced the caps and tried to re-load XP Pro OS It hangs at Setup is loading Windows Advice was that it may be a HD problem so I Which replacement motherboard? replaced that Still XP will not load It seems that the Motherboard must be damaged beyond just the caps so I have decided to change it I need to know which would be a compatible board and will I need a combined board CPU or just a board and use my existing CPU The existing spec as I remember it is as follows - Albatron KM Pro January Product Info FiringSquad Article Web Reviews User Review Image Gallery Discuss Description Feature AMD Athlon amp Athlon amp XP Duron amp Processor Socket with FSB MHz DDR Memory Sockets channel AC Audio ATA Channels up to ATA IDE Devices USB Ports ports by optional cable Integrated D Graphics Engine Processor Socket AMD Athlon amp Athlon amp XP Duron amp Processor FSB MHz Chipset North Bridge VIA KM VT South Bridge VIA VT I O Chip Winbond W HF Memory DDR sockets DDR DDR unbuffered ECC none-ECC DDR SDRAM up to GB Expansion Slots x AGP X slot V Only x PCI slots PCI compliant x CNR slot AMR Type IDE Connectors ATA channels up to ATA IDE devices Onboard I O Connectors x Floppy Connector x USB header ports USB cable optional x CD IN header x COM serial port header Optional COM cable x S PDIF in out header S PDIF in out cable optional x CPU fan header with fan rotation detection function x System fan headers with fan rotation detection function x pin system panel header Intel spec x Front audio header Intel spec x IrDA header x Case Open detection header x Wake on LAN I O via Back Panel PS keyboard mouse x USB xVGA x Com serial x Parallel x Game Line-in Line-out MIC Power -pin ATX power connector BIOS Feature Mb Flash EEPROM Award BIOS with ACPI DMI PnP WfM Green Suspend to RAM S Suspend to Disk S Wake on keyboard Wake on LAN RTC Timer Hardware Monitoring FAN sensors CPU System voltages and temperature monitoring Special Feature Form Factor Micro-ATX mm x mm I just want a cheapish motherboard to get it up and running for my daughter to use Regards Chris Arnfield STOCKPORT nbsp

A:Which replacement motherboard?

You are not going to find any new socket A type boards any longer. If you want to stay with that cpu, then you would need to buy one used. You might find a deal on an old board from a local shop OR you can try ebay. One big problem is that boards from that era, almost all used the same bad caps. If you do find one, you may have the same problem down the road.

FWIW I would just get a modern motherboard, cpu, ram, and pw supply and be done with the issue. Note unless you buy a board with onboard video, you will need a new video card as well.
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Hello All,
Requesting assistance in replacing a Foxconn 45CM-5A Motherboard.
Unable to find another one online and want to replace but be able to re-use
both CPU and RAM from the old board.
Does any one know of a board that will enable me to do this ?
Thanks in advance.
Mick C.

A:Replacement Motherboard

Your spec's say you have a Asus, not a Foxconn.
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i need to replace an ibm motherboard for ***

ThinkCentre M50 8189-MEU
Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz (512KB), 800MHz FSB, 512MB, 40GB 7200RPM IDE HDD, PCI Tower (4x5), Intel 865G, 48x CD-ROM, Intel 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Windows XP Professional *******

ibm wants $300 for motherboard is there any other inexpensive compatible motherboard i can replace it with.

thanks in advance for your help


A:IBM p4 motherboard replacement

any Intel based 865PE board should work. the kicker is the IBM provided XP is not going to install on a regular Mobo since it is going to look at the bios on the board see it isnt IBM and refuse to install. but for the price IBM is asking you can buy a nice Asus P4P800 SE (Intel 865PE chipset) AND a OEM copy of XP pro for about 230.00
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Hi all,
I am having to replace the motherboard on an old HP M8417c AMD Athlon 64 x3 Asus M2N68-LA GLE Narra3 motherboard which died without warning. I am replacing with the same motherboard as original, unfortunately. Will I have to reinstall windows? I did not get a disc with system only on hard drive. Running Vista 64 home premium. I do have backup disc on secondary drive but am hoping I don't have to use it, not real sure how reliable software used to backup is and hoping not to have to find out. Thanks for the help.

A:Motherboard Replacement

If the motherboard is the same, then it shouldn't require a reinstall, or re-activation, although a change in MAC address can trigger the latter anyhow
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I have Windows XP and the Motherboard is described as Eveshamvale - no other model number or info given I am getting an intermittent dual tone beep and I think this is caused by the fan failing to run full Motherboard Replacement Fan speed Motherboard Fan Replacement Is this a correct assumption first of all Do the beeps appear when perhaps the temperature rises because of the slowing down on the fan blades I have undone the four screws that keep the fan blades attached to the rest of the fan housing and have oiled it sparingly Although the beep will often go away for hours at a time they do return I am not conversant with motherboards at all although I have installed DVD Drives etc How difficult is it to replace the fan with a new one and how would I go about getting one My system is getting on in age years old but I want to keep it going until next year if poss when Windows will have been out for some time Any advice would be greatly appreciated you tech guys Wen nbsp

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Hello Everyone I am taking advantage of Christmas Motherboard/HD help please replacement lol and gonna treat myself to some sort of upgrade to my PC Problem is I have no clue how to tell which part needs it the most gt lt my Motherboard or Hard drive and if i should even bother if they are not broke Like they say quot Motherboard/HD replacement help please If it ain t broke leave it alone quot lol My Pc is a HP Pavilion a y today i saw a Seagate Barracuda GB Hard Drive - Motherboard/HD replacement help please MB Serial ATA- for I currently have a ST- A Barracuda GB Ultra ATA I have no clue on differance between Ultra Ata and Serial Ata- or whats even compatible Motherboard/HD replacement help please or what i need to look for My motherboard is currently a ASUS P SD-LA which i think HP calls it a Yale-UL E Heres the link i found for more specs http h www hp com ewfrf wc document docname c amp lc en amp cc us amp man lang zh-hant amp dlc amp product amp printable no Any help would be appreciated to give me a clue on how severly outdated these are and if they could surely use a upgrade or are they ok for another year or two One question i had is is there a way to move everything from HD to a new one or will i have to reinstall everything including OS And will i have to do the same with a new MB Well thank you again nbsp

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To make a long story short, I have a Gateway computer in which I found to have a bad motherboard. I have purchased a used Asus P4 motherboard/2.4 mhz CPU combo to breathe life back into her. The hard drive already has Windows XP Home installed on it and I would like to continue using everything currently installed on the hard drive, as well as the operating system already in place, as is. Realizing that Windows XP Home is going to find LOTS of new hardware installed when I finally boot this thing up, what is the best approach to this upgrade? I do have the driver disk for the board on hand. Should I simply boot it up and let it search for the drivers on the CD, or is this going to be a much more difficult upgrade? Does anyone have any suggestions outside this approach? Thanks, a bunch, in advance!

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My friend has a Compaq SR1000 that uses a 939 socket motherboard. The motherboard stopped working a while ago. My question is, can I pick out any 939 socket motherboard that I can find on Ebay to replace the non working motherboard?

A:Motherboard replacement?

Most likely no. Big box systems like dell, hp, etc use proprietary parts. That is they are made to the system builders specs NOT standard atx type specs.

While a standard atx type board might "work" it may also have problems lining up with the existing case.

FWIW socket 939 is pretty old technology and IMO NOT worth putting any money into. In addition ebay is about the last place to buy parts.
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decided to replace the motherboard of my old pc just to keep it alive...confused if the old intex cabinet support any type of motherboard or not ?

this is the current cabinet :
CPU : Intel Pentium 4
RAM : 1.00GB DDR @ 166MHz
Motherboard : Intel D845GVSR
Model : D845GVS1

This is the replacement motherboard with apu... plz review it :
MOTHER BOARD MSI AM1I + CPU AMD SEMPRON 2650 Duel Core 1.45Ghz Combo
and do i need to install other Fan for the above mb ?

Plz Help!!!

A:Motherboard replacement help !

It is a faster configuration compared to your current Pentium 4 PC and the graphics support is light years ahead compared to your old Intel 845 graphics controller. You can use the stock heatsink/cooler that comes with the APU which is sufficient. But one thing you should keep in mind that the configuration is pretty basic and wont perform great on demanding applications and can be used best for light load usage like word processing, Internet browsing etc. Since the AMD APU had good graphics hardware you can enjoy HD videos too without issues. For such a low price it is a worthy replacement if you cant go with a more capable hardware like Core i3 platform which costs close to 3 times than the Combo you said. Also add 8 GB of DDR3 RAM to make sure every thing perform maximum possible.
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Wondering if anyone has come across this motherboard before:
"Kobian PVM890M 1.0"

I purchased a number of clone PC's in an auction for schools in Africa, and some of them have been diagnosed with Faulty Motherboards, and these PC's are fitted with this motherboard.

Running Windows XP Pro

I would like to replace these motherboards, using the same Processors and Memory that came with the PC's.
I am told the Processor fitted is "Socket Type", and the Power Supply that goes on the motherboard has "10 pins".
Could anyone help identify the type of MotherBoard, which replacement type should I be looking for, and if anyone can point me in the direction of a source of supply for this,

Grateful thank you.

A:Replacement MotherBoard

Would this be the one?
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Hello friends, love your very informative forum. I have an issue i believe you can help me with, i am setting up my old desktop computer for a family member, but its motherboard is not working. The motherboard was Gigabyte Ga-m68m-S2P and they are long out of the market. Since a DDR2 motherboard is very expensive in my country (about 110 euros) could i just buy a new motherboard and new rams and swap them? It would save me half the money but i am not sure what happens about compatibility. The cpu is an old athlon II and the gpu was an old geforce i dont remember the right model. Can you inform me about the subject and answer me if this is doable?
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My computer is giving me problems with random freezes/restarts and POST failures. I tried the stuff mentioned in the POST failure guide, but still have problems.

Replacing the PSU didn't work, I considering replacing the Motherboard, but don;t know which one to get. My old Board was an Intel 865GBF which had an P4 @ 2.4 gigahertz.

Any suggestions on which board to get so I can transfer the ram graphic card etc.. to the new board?
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Hi I currently have an HP 255 G1 with an AMD E2 - 1800 APU and I know that this can't be upgraded without replacing the motherboard, so I was hoping I could get some possible motherboard replacements as I wish to upgrade to at least an i5 or the AMD equivalent.  Thanks

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A:Possible motherboard replacement

Here's the Manual: Service Manual If you try to go Intel you will need to buy a motherboard, and a processor and a heatsink/fan.  If you go AMD all you need is the motherboard since your cooling fan/heatsink can be ported over, and the processor is soldered to the board.  This is the motherboard you want: System board (includes replacement thermal materials): For use only with models with an AMD A6-5200 processor ? Models with Windows 8 Standard 730670-501 ? Models with Windows 8 Professional 730670-601 I am going to assume you have Windows standard.  HP does not have the A6 AMD board in the store....they only have the A4 board and it is stupid expensive: Since you do not have one to exchange, it is going to cost close to $500. I can find you a good used Intel 250 G1 for that price.  You can find the board for $67 on eBay: I know you wanted something a bit more powerful but the A4 will be a major improvement over what you have. The seller laptopaid, is one of the best on eBay for this kind of thing. I can't count how much stuff I have purchased from them.  Post back if you need any more help. The Manual shows just how to replace the motherboard. Port your fan, memory, wireless card over. You will have to reinstall original Windows but the motherboard has a Key Code embedded in the BIOS and will just activate. If your hard drive still has the original HP install it should activate itself when first connected to the internet but be prepared if necessary to do a system restore. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hey guys, I'm gonna replace my motherboard in the near future and I was wondering if anybody knew a way of not needing to reinstall windows from scratch.

A:Motherboard Replacement

Unfortunately you will probably need to. If you replace your motherboard XP will reconize this as a new piece of hardware and you may even be required to purchase a new license. Microsoft may see this as a new computer. You will probably not even be able to boot with the current o.s. installed on the drive.
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Ok, so recently I bought an EVGA 9400 GT vid card, and with some research found out that my Dimension E310 Mobo is crap. In the BIOS I can't directly select which card to use. Also when I set it on auto detect the EVGA freezes and gives me errors and a whole bunch of crap. Anyways, I need to replace my motherboard but I am not sure what to get.

Compatibility Needs:

Pentium 4 Processor
DDR2 800MH Ram

The only real question I need answered is that say I find a mobo on newegg that says it supports DDR2 1200 memory standard. Will it support my 4GB of DDR2 MH800?

A:Need Replacement Motherboard

Hockeydude said:

The only real question I need answered is that say I find a mobo on newegg that says it supports DDR2 1200 memory standard. Will it support my 4GB of DDR2 MH800?Click to expand...

For your only real question, DDR2 800 Should work on mobos supporting DDR2 1200. As for whether it supports 4GB or not the specifications page of the product you choose should answer the question.
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Can you tell me the motherboard part number for my machine and how I can order a replacement?
Product #:   A3G47AV
Serial # :   [personal information removed]
OS :   Win 7 Pro 64bit
Proc :   Intel i7-3610 QM
Memory :   DDR3 2 Dimm
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I have a Dell XPS/Dimension XPS Gen 2 computer that needs a motherboard. I have contacted Dell support and they will sell me a new one for $170 that is an exact replacement. Is there a way to upgrade the motherboard or am I stuck with having to replace it with the original? I am running Windows XP. The processor is 3.0G, 512, 800FSB.

A:motherboard replacement

You will have to do a lot of research on that current motherboard in order to make sure you get one that is compatible.

I would call back DELL and ask them if the one they are offerening you is a refurb or is it brand new? Dell has a habit of selling refurb parts.

Also ask them for the make/model number of the motherboard and I can help you do some research if you like?
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Hello!  i want to replace my motherboard and i am from greece! I would like to know where i can find this VX958EA model and how much will it cost!!! 

A:motherboard replacement!

Hi, This is a very old computer, its cost can be very cheap but can be very expensive. Please use part number on page 4-37 of the 14th manual on the following link:   You can buy from: or try Amazon Regards.
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This is very basic question, but I am not too knowledgable about motherboards.

I am replacing my motherboard this weekend due to dead L2 cache and was wondering if I had to get the exact same board, or if I could use something comprable. My board is a DFI K6bV3+ Rev A+ for a K6-2 300mhz - AT Socket 7.

Can I just use any AT Socket 7 board? Of course, I would also make sure that it takes the memory that I already have, plus has the correct slots for all of my cards.



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I got a used Dell XPS system with a blue case It was sold as is w o any warranty Got it real motherboard Replacement cheap Got it home and plugged it in and all the fans start running the network connection light comes on but don t get anything on the monitor Reseated all the cards no luck Replaced the monitor card with a known good one and no luck Finally noticed there Replacement motherboard are little lights on the back that I Replacement motherboard think are for the Replacement motherboard POST None of them come on so I figure the mobo is dead I need help identifying the motherboard and what I could use as a replacement Service tag is mangled so no way to read it to get info from Dell The mobo has some numbers on it Here they are AA-C - D S N My- u - - v- br C O MY The CPU has the following on it P GHz v SC VH Costa Rica A - The CPU socket has this on the plastic MPGA B Appreciate help identifying this board and what other boards I could use as a replacment Thanks nbsp

A:Replacement motherboard

the only way to find that board is used, or direct from Dell, si i would just find a pentium 4 board that is as close to your board as possible, and replace it with that?

other than that im not quite sure, but feel free to message me and i will get ahold of some people and see what we can come up with...