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Hardware Upgrade to fix low FPS?

Q: Hardware Upgrade to fix low FPS?

Hi guys, while playing DOTA 2 (on lowest settings), I am experiencing the problem that my FPS is down to 30 almost all of the time. This started about a month ago and is really annoying to me, which is why I decided to updgrade my hardware in order to fix this problem. Now I am facing the problem though that I have no idea which parts of my hardware cause the low performance and thus need to be exchanged, some help would be very much appreciated.

I have the Medion Erazer X6817 with the following hardware:

CPU: Intel Core i7-2670QM @ 2.20 GHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Bit
Some Additional Facts:

I use a LG 24MPHQ Monitor to display the game at 1920x1080 resolution
When playing RAM usage is constantly at about 3,2 GB, CPU Usage pending between 15 and 45
So what part of my notebook do I have to upgrade to improve my FPS?

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Preferred Solution: Hardware Upgrade to fix low FPS?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Hardware Upgrade to fix low FPS?

If you can upgrade your RAM to 8 gigs that might help; it seems to be the sweet spot for gaming. Otherwise Dota 2 is not that demanding on hardware.

As one who is experiencing League of Legends disconnects I have found through the help of jobeard and Rage_3K_Moiz that it probably has to do with my internet connection. Here are 2 that I ran (both are safe) to check for Packet Loss:
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Having read an earlier post, and my DELL manuals, it would appear my XPS-13-L321X circa 2012 is NOT upgradable in terms of SSD Hard Drive, or Memory. 
Why is it that later XPS-13's appear to have such upgrade options (see link to the XPS-13 Tear Down ( 
Is this a turnaround by DELL so the inbuilt obsolescence is no longer a 'feature'.  I don't mind feeling a tad peeved that my glorious and loved XPS-13 is not upgradable.  Am I missing something?   Next is the link to the very graphical (although not for the nervous!) teardown, showing the removable (i.e. edge-connected, NOT soldered) SSD hard drive and Memory.
Hopeful for some clarity on the apparent dichotomy
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Hi, i have a HP 15-ab207nv (i3-6100u, 8Gb Ram, 256 SSD) and some questions to upgrade my Laptop. 1) is it possible to change the cpu to  i5 or i7?2) can i add a GPU in my laptop? for example a 840m or 960m?3) os it possible to remove the DVD drive and put a second HDD or SSD?
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I'm thinking of getting an upgrade for my laptop, but I'm not sure what to upgrade- the RAM or getting an SSD. I do light gaming- Onlive and occasional Minecraft. Also when browsing, I tend to open loads of tabs and because I use Chrome is eats away at my resources. So basically, what would make a bigger performance boost (Also I have gone through the guides about uninstalling programs I don't use, etc.)

Crucial upgrade page: Computer memory upgrades for HP - Compaq Pavilion dv6-2020sa Laptop/Notebook from

My laptop's spec page: Product Specifications - HP technical support (United Kingdom - English)

Any help is appreciated.

A:Hardware upgrade

Get a SSD! =D Then probably dual/tripple channel your RAM
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Hi All Hope you can help I ve been toiling away on this dog of a computer for years now - it s a Pentium and it regularly grinds to a halt Trouble is the office policy is that while the machine is hanging on by its fingernails it is deemed to still be working and yet I m being asked why my reports aren t running in a timely manner etc Obviously in need of an upgrade My boss was told months ago that I would be upgraded when we move offices in about weeks time and thus she could Need hardware help with upgrade not get budget for a new machine - and now we find out that no I won t be upgraded and yet there is only budget to replace dead machines We re both tearing our hair out with frustration So this is where you all come in I need to take advanage of the fact that my machine is being physically moved so that it can stop working I don t really want to go down the switching power supply road but would like some ideas of something a little more subtle ie is there any way that I could disable to keyboard port what kind of components fail the most All help and suggestions would be most appreciated nbsp

A:Need help with hardware upgrade

closing thread, although I feel your pain I don't beleive this is what these forums are designed for
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I have a Pentium 4 @ 2.8ghz

The spec sheet says I can have up to 4gb ram (4 slots available)

It says I have 2 IDE connectors & 2 Sata connectors.

If I upgrade the ram to the 4gb & get a 200gb SATA HD,

will that make a pretty decent computer to use Windows 7 on ?

Thanks for your help.

A:Upgrade my hardware

Yes, you will be alright. I would look into getting a standalone video card as well. Doesn't have to be much but it will help take some of the weight off of the rest of your components.
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I am upgrading a computer from a 500 MHz Pentium 3 to a 2.8 GHz 500 series Pentium 4. I have done this several times with other computers by changing the MoBo and usually the video card. The Win98 O/S picks up the changes and this works just fine. However, in this particular case, the O/S appears to be having a hard time. After a few boots picking up new hardware and not being able to install the video card for whatever reason the boot process locks up. I even tried an XP O/S that worked on another PC it locked up immediately with a blue screen stating that something was wrong with the HD.
So, I don't know if this a hardware problem associated with the Pentium 4 MoBo (I've tried both an Intel 915 and an AOpen 865). Anyone have an idea?

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Hello Everyone,
I will admit, i am not the best tech kid when it comes to the hardware part of computers. With that said, I am looking to upgrade my CPU. With hard times i dont want to spend a fortune and i am looking into a chip on ebay.... I just bid on it so that even if it wont work, i can have a spare around. Could anyone help me and let me know if it will be compatable with my delll inspirion 530....
I would much much much appriciate this and will do ANYTHING i can to make it up to you...
Here is the chip... Intel® Xeon® Processor 3.40 GHz 2M/888MHz SL8P4 - eBay (item 270450839065 end time Sep-08-09 18:58:41 PDT)
Thanks so much!

A:Hardware Upgrade Help Please?

Hello Neverhavemoney,
Your CPU is a 775 socket, and the one your bidding on is a 604 socket, so it wont fit, thats assuming yours is a standard Dell 530.
I can see that Dell has fitted a few, different CPU's but they are all 775 socket, so you need to be looking for a 775 socket CPU.
Hope this helps and good luck in finding another CPU.
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I have a 2gb nvidia 940m installed. Can I upgrade it to an higher version ? Also can I install an ssd without replacing the present hdd?
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Am I expecting too much?

Aging little beast: AcerPower
Intel Celeron Processor; version x86 Family 6 Model 6Stepping 5, 500mhz
Bios version: Acer v3.2 R01-E3 EN
OS: Winxp (from win 98) did a clean install (NTFS)-incase this is true-I find NTFS is zippier than FAT32 is this possible
upgrade: from a 4 gig to an 80 gig hdd, operates very good
upgrade: from 64mgs to 320mgs SDRAM
Running Kodak Easy Share digital system
Running McAffee, GhostSurfer,PestPatrol,Winxp firewall,Office200,entire suite
CPU/DRAM Frequency 100/100 MHZ, 66/100 MHZ
Main Board ID: V76M

Q1: I would like to install a CD writer, WebCam and voice, upgrade my CPU,
will I need to upgrade my BIOS, cooling fan, power supply (power supply is original don't know what it has now but I can find out by taking off the top)
Q2: Can I run DRAM instead of SDRAM- I know they don't run side by side, which is faster


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Hey all,

So basically i have just ordered a new CPU/Mobo combo, so i will be moving from my Q6600 Core2/P5G41T-M LX3 to the new i5 3570k/P8Z77-v LX.

I hope this is a good setup to get, considering my GPU seems to be slightly bottlenecked and the CPU is only a few years old now.
Anyway, as to my post, will i need to run the windows tool that preps the system for HW changes? I know it was possible in Windows 7, but should i really do it for this new setup?

Oh and any thoughts or feedback on the CPU and Mobo Combo?
Cheers all.

A:Hardware Upgrade

Compare the two motherboards. Do they have the same chip-set? If they are the same or very similar you can probabaly get away with just doing a straight swap. Do they have the same sound card, etc. If one is say RealTek and the other VIA you may want to uninstall the sound driver before doing the swap. If it was me, I'd do a clean install anyway just to avoid any glitches along the way. Windows 8 may prompt to activate, not sure if that will be a problem or not.
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Hi guys,

Can someone advise me which peace of hardware I should change to get a better framerate in racing games (like Need For Speed Underground 2)

My current stuff is:
- Athlon 1800+
- Radeon 9550
- 512MB Ram

I'm thinking about upgrading to Intel Celeron D 2.9GH.

What do you guys think?
Thanks in advance

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I found this article while browsing another forum. Very interesting and a very good read on the upgrade to 8.1 with hardware that's not that old. In particular the compatibility with CMPXCHG16b with CPU/s and MOBO's.

New Windows 8.1 requirements strand some users on Windows 8 | PCWorld

A:8.1 upgrade with not so old a no go

Yup, I ran into this with 8.1 Preview. I had 8.0 X64 and could not update to 81. Preview X64. Had to do a clean install of 8.1 Preview X86.

I won't downgrade my computer to a 32 bit OS because Microsoft removed support that was previously in the kernel. Looks like I'm stuck on 8.0 until I can afford a new computer. This is one change I would really like to see Microsoft release an update for so 8.1 will run on all the same processors 8.0 runs on.
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I was looking to upgrade some of my computer's hardware for Christmas, but am unsure where to start. I was planning on a video card, and the video card will probabaly need a better power supply to accommodate it's power needs.

Here is a link to the specs of the computer:
HP Pavilion a6130n Desktop PC - Product Specifications

I hate the Integrated video card, It really falls short of what the sales rep said 3 years ago. Tried playing Quake 4 when I got it and the results were not great.

I'm asking you guys what parts that you think I should get/ ask for. I would try to look for myself, but I am very busy with school.

All help is appreciated!

If you need any info, let me know and I will try to find it.

The installed PSU is 250 Watts.

Operating Systems: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. (Dual boot)

A:Hardware Upgrade

The one upgrade that appears at first glance is memory. With a 64 bit OS and a 32 bit Ultimate Seven, I would suggest at least 4 gb of ram. It will imporve the 64 bit. OS. I think that 6 would be a bit too much, unless you are into resource hungry games,etc.Dont mix and match. Discard what you have. Many may disagree, but I think that my way is best.
I will research a bit early tomorrow to come up with other upgrades, such as video card etc.
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Time to upgrade to and upgrade OS Hardware Win however I have a bit of a Hardware and OS upgrade dilemma Along with wanting to upgrading Hardware and OS upgrade the OS from XP Home to Win Home Premium I also want to perform a hardware upgrade as well which will include new Motherboard CPU RAM and Hard Disc My question is do I upgrade the hardware first then re-activate XP This will most likely require a Win XP Repair install to get the computer working or at the very most re installing XP all together Or do I perform the OS upgrade first then upgrade the hardware Just to note that only have Gb of RAM installed with my current XP hardware configuration which does not meet the min requirements for Win bit Does XP have to be activated to upgrade to Win or just present on the system One more question if I format Win down the road use to do this about once a year to clean out the bugs in XP do I have to install XP again to install Win upgrade Thanks

A:Hardware and OS upgrade

1) Fact is you can do a clean install of win7 using an upgrade disk even on a blank drive with no OS, but this is legal only if you have a previous qualifying version of windows. In your case you have an activated XP now so that should not be a problem.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

2) Upgrade your hardware first, then clean install as per the tutorial above. If you want to format and reinstall win7 later, you can use the same process or just image the install while it is fresh and clean, then restore from the image .

Imaging with free Macrium
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Alright so within the next month or so I ll be coming into enough finances to start toying with the PC I m currently using I was curious just what would it take to run say Warhammer PC Hardware Upgrade Online at max to High settings at a resolution of or Nothing higher then that I ve sitting on gigs of ram atm two sticks and two s I d probably like to pop in two gig high end sticks mhz or whatever it was Uhm Basically whats the best value I could PC Hardware Upgrade get at this point in time for my buck I ll have to replace the PSU atm its some factory w piece PC Hardware Upgrade of atm My Processor is around gigs not the best Its a Sempron I can t seam to get my System Information program to open up at the moment So I apologize for the scattered and vague information provided The board also has support for a PCI E x plug nbsp

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Windows XP does not allow me to upgrade my mother board and processor etc. I understand I have to reload windows XP onto my hard drive. Why cant I keep my original installation of XP, if I reformat I will loose a lot of original programs.

A:Hardware Upgrade

Take a look here.

It's worth a shot. Just be sure to backup anything important before trying this.
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Hi, I am new to this forums, wonder if anyone can help me to upgrade my laptop
It's Compaq Presario R4225, it has AMD Athlon 3500, 2GB of ram (PC2700), it's got 939 socket with ATI express200 graphic card with 128MB dedicated memory. I recently bought a AMD Athlon 4200 x 2 CPU, installed it and it wouldn't post, local computer store suggested to get a BIOS update. I wasn't sure that is a good idea, last time I did a BIOS update on my Dell laptop, it hasn't powered up since. The new CPU is a 939 socket too, just wondering if anybody can help me with this hardware upgrade, or if it's even possible.


A:Hardware upgrade

1 - Is a BIOS upgrade availalbe?
2 - Is the cooling system in that notebook designed to handle the x2 4200.

Notebook makers rather have you buy a WHOLE new notebook, rather than you popping in a new CPU.
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I'm going to replace my mother board soon. I've heard I won't be able to use my copy of XP home again as it is OEM as it will see it as being loaded on a new computer.

Anyone got any ideas of the best way forward on this - except don't upgrade!!


A:XP on a Hardware Upgrade

The OEM versions of windows usually allows for one hardware type only.
That is how the Installation ID is generated, however if you activated and it is after 120 days, you can run the repair installation and just re-activate windows.
There is a grace activation of 2 times, you probably used up the first one so only one remaining.
If however you are unable to activate windows again (Invalid product code)
you might want to give M$ a call even though it is OEM they should be the only ones that can help you in this situation
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I've upgraded all of my computers to Windows 7. Including my wife and children's older computer. I build all of my desktops myself so there's no particular model number or brand name for any of the desktop computers. After loading Win7 on my wife's machine I noticed that Win7 still seemed a bit sluggish. This is due to the fact that all of the hardware in it is pretty old.

So here are my questions. Is Microsoft going to give me a hard time for upgrading this computer after only a month of 7 use? Or am I going to be able to upgrade motherboard, cpu, graphics and memory with no trouble?

I should add that Win7 was installed using an Upgrade DVD if that helps.

A:Hardware Upgrade Questions

Quote: Originally Posted by mechman

I've upgraded all of my computers to Windows 7. Including my wife and children's older computer. I build all of my desktops myself so there's no particular model number or brand name for any of the desktop computers. After loading Win7 on my wife's machine I noticed that Win7 still seemed a bit sluggish. This is due to the fact that all of the hardware in it is pretty old.

So here are my questions. Is Microsoft going to give me a hard time for upgrading this computer after only a month of 7 use? Or am I going to be able to upgrade motherboard, cpu, graphics and memory with no trouble?

Good question. Do your upgrade. When you want to install 7, and at the point that your key is requested, just ignore and continue with the installation. When you are done, try it, be sure your are satisifed. Then install your programs. Try again, be sure you are satisifed. Then supply your key. If it is accepted you are done, just enjoy. If it is not accepted you will be given a number to call. If touch tone installation, using the phone, fails, a person will speak to you. Explain the situation and you will be set to go and enjoy.

follow the instructions and the upgrade v full retail should not be a problem.
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hi guys.... me want advice frm our pro here.which part of my Aspire 4520 can be upgrade other than ram?

Aspire 4520
2.5 gb ram
180 hdd

A:Which part of my hardware can be upgrade?

What can you upgrade on a laptop, internally that is, apart from RAM, HDD and PCiE/PCMCIA cards?

If you need something upgraded surely you'd be aware of where you are needing a boost...
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I just upgraded my PC from an old HP P3 system with 256 MB SDRAM and a GeForce FX 5200 PCI, to an Athlon 3700 socket 939, an nForce 4 motherboard, 2 GB DDR, and a Geforce 6600 GT PCI Express 16x. I have two problems. The main one is that the computer is slower than it was before. There is no malware on the system, and I have the latest drivers for the new hardware. The other problem is that whenever I try to put all 4 sticks of ram, windows crashes right after loading. If I put only two in, the system is even slower. It seems to be the fastest with only 512 MB, which isn't fast at all. Can anyone think of a solution to these problems? I am running Windows XP SP2. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello everybody!   I have few ideas how to upgrade my  Lenovo ThinkPad T400. Just 3 points: * RAM upgrade - I read on some forum that maximum of RAM is 8GB (2x 4GB). It is true? * CPU change - is possible plug into notebook i5 processor? I found:Intel Core i5-4210M. What do you mean? * Graphic card. Has T400 switchable GPU cards? Which one? How can I detect it and what is a best solution for best results? Thank you for all reactions  Have a nice day
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Hi My quot old quot Qosmio X -A- C can't run much of today's games anymore never really could actually hardware? upgrade X70-A-13C it Qosmio to Is possible - The Geforce M isn't that powerful Anyway I want to upgrade it basically replace the current graphic card by a new one Thing is I don't know how to Qosmio X70-A-13C - Is it possible to upgrade hardware? do it I was never able to properly open the computer and I have never changed a graphic card yet Also I want to change the SSD Go is nice but not enough for me I have to switch games constantly from C to D and such I'd like some help regarding such changes I want to put the latest GTX -series and a SSD drive Should I go to some specific shop to make this happen I live around Paris I don't know if that graphic card is supported by the computer processor or whatever May not be due to some voltage intensity requirements I don't know Is there any video tutorial out there about how to open this computer I can do the changes myself if I'm guided I've been fixing computers for a decade now usually RAM HDD though Thanks
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Hi I upgraded my computer majorly to a reboots Hardware Upgrade Mup.sys = DFI lanparty nf ultra-d mb amd processor and visiontek mb x xt pcie graphics card After i installed everything and tried booting into windows xp safe mode my computer starts a continuous reboot cycle with the last thing displayed being quot Mup sys quot I have had SP installed for months now without problems I have tried the windows recovery console using chkdsk p chkdsk r and quot disable mup quot but those have not helped I have tried a new PSU Ocz Modstream W thinking that it was a power problem but that does not affect it at all I have also disconnected all the components of my machine leaving a hd video card kb mouse and ram But nothing helps Any help would be appreciated Thanks Hardware Upgrade = Mup.sys reboots Components of my system are DFI lanparty nf ultra-d AMD VisionTek mb x xt pci-e x Hardware Upgrade = Mup.sys reboots mb Kingston ddr gb mb WD rpm hd mb Maxtor rpm hd Logitech mx duo kb mouse Ocz Modstream W Windows XP SP

A:Hardware Upgrade = Mup.sys reboots

At the screen where you chose to boot into safe mode, did you click "Disable Automatic Restart On System Failure"? When you do this, instead of going into a cycle of constant reboots, you may get an actual error message that may prove helpful.
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so i want to upgrade to vista, i ran the upgrade advisor and it told me that i needed a video card that will support aero it also said i need 1 gb or ram currently i have 512, what should products should i buy to keep the cost low

i.e. what video card and RAM

A:upgrade hardware to vista

First increase system ram to 2 megs. then visit and and you will find many suitable graphics adapters. Once you decide on a board go to and search the internet for the board in question, you will find many places to buy at the price you want to pay.
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Hi everyone nbsp I've had my HP Envy -j ca for nearly two years not and as much as it has its issues I love this laptop Recently it has been working much slower and has become a bit too outdated to run newer programs I suspect it is an issue with Upgrade Envy Hardware HP the hard drive and am therefor looking at replacing it with a new SSD in an attempt to extend the lifespan of my laptop I am however also curious about upgrading some of the other hardware I've seen on the forum that many users have gotten mixed responses on the subject of replacing their motherboards with a new one My warranty has been void for almost a year even after HP fixed the fatal design flaw of this laptop unhinging at HP Envy Hardware Upgrade the base from opening and closing so I'm not at all concerned about voiding the warranty on my machine I have a tech grant with which I can replace components but if all else fails I will just use it to replace the whole machine so the loss of my laptop is not an issue I have backups and installation CDs for my OS as well so this is no issue nbsp nbsp nbsp I understand that I may very well not get the answer I would like to hear about this but if anyone has any information on how I could keep my laptop up to date it would be incredibly appreciated Thank you in advance for any answers you may have for me nbsp Cheers
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I have Windows 10 Pro activated on my desktop SSD. I now plan to upgrade the motherboard, CPU and RAM but keep the same SSD and peripherals. Will my 10 Pro remain activated after the upgrade automatically or is there some process I should carry out before the upgrade?

A:Activation and hardware upgrade

The board change will be an immediate dismissal of the present activation status. You should plan on treating the new board as if you were moving the SSD into another system in that regard. To see 10 reactivated if you should decided to follow the advice given in another thread I can point you to where the discussion was on moving the OS drive into an entirely new build with the same copy of 10 on the SysPrep tool is utilized to prepare Windows by stripping things down to the basics as well as seeing all board drivers for that make and model board removed first in preparation for the new board. The thread is located at: Solved Moving HDD with Windows 10 into Complete new PC. - Windows 10 Forums

You can try to follow the steps in the guide mentioned on the thread there or plan on seeing full clean install of 10 which if only the board is changed and not the same with any expansion cards and other devices could only require a fast call into MS to see the existing copy of 10 reactivated. Remember you are still seeing a major hardware change and the call could easily prevent the need to buy a new product key for 10 if you had originally gone with the free upgrade offer.

If you had already replaced the upgrade install with a clean install or followed the Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First guide board drivers being removed and later replaced along with calling into MS is the quick way. For insuring the absolute best results with the new board in however many would opt to start over fresh with the clean install bonding with the new board.

If you are still working with an upgrade install however the clean install would simplify things except for the reactivation part. The reactivation route you take however will be your choice there as to whether or not to call into MS or simply go out and buy a new key to see 10 properly activated to the new MB.
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Im currently running a Core Duo at ghz and a EVGA Advice Hardware Upgrade gts I am trying to play gears of war and I get some intense lag issues sometimes Im wondering what the best way to go would be I m thinking of either getting a new processor Hardware Upgrade Advice or another video card and using sli I cant overclock because I m not confident enough and I cant get into my BIOS anyways So if anyone could please lend some sound advice I would be extremely appreciative I m also looking to fix a monitor issue I have problems with games sometimes where lines go through my screen I believe its because the monitor isn t fast enough or w e I believe it s called screen tearing I ve tried turning VSync on but it is a no go Hardware Upgrade Advice I know I m not really a Hardware Upgrade Advice big poster here I m just more of a reader it s just getting tiring having to dumb down my graphics all the time Thanks in advance C D at ghz EVGA gts mb G SKILL GB DDR PC - Gigabyte GA-N SLI-DQ Those are my full specs Please lend any hand that you can I have tried multiple sites and can t get any answers nbsp

A:Hardware Upgrade Advice

i think your cpu and graphics are fine. it's your RAM that could use a boost. 2 gigabytes is standard now. so you'd probably need closer to 4 to run smoothly.

as for the screen tearing, it might not be the vsync, but the refresh rate. sometimes adjusting it to a proper frequency gets rid of such problems. for instance, in call of duty 2, it was defaulted to 60mhz. and the monitor i usef runs at 75. so i adjusted it and visual quality improved. maybe something to try and look into. the additional RAM might help greatly as well.

a core 2 duo and an 8800gts can't be beat really...there aren't too many processors better than yours other than the q6600 processor or the 8800 ultra 768mb. the specs you have are fantastic enough and don't need to be changed in my opinion. just the RAM needs an upgrade.

and one other thing to check. sometimes graphics problems can be attributed to viruses and other things. mayhaps you should perform a check and make sure your hard drive isn't fragmented, and all that other wonderful stuff. i didn't think they made a difference, but i think otherwise now. maybe you should look into it too.

don't worry about not being a big poster or anything. nobody really cares i guess. we're all friends here so it doesn't matter. i'm 90% sure you'd post more if you had a really close friend that posted on here somewhere.

anyways. take care. i hope i helped :3
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I have an old Pentium III based computer and I am planing this year to upgrade. I am thinking of INTEL Core 2 Duo, but not sure yet what motherboard will be the best choice. I will be using Windows2000 Professional OS because I have too much German and Portugese software that will not work on Windows XP or Vista. Any suggestions for a motherboard? I already have new Microsoft keyboard and Intelli-mouse, plus flat screen monitor and IDE-HD, this is why I only want to upgrade the motherboard, processor and memory. I would like a motherboard that supports IDE and SATA HDs.

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Alright, so here's the deal: I spilled some acidic drink on the top of my computer and it leaked down to mess up and fry 1 of my graphics cards, motherboard, cpu, and tv tuner. So, I replaced them all and upgraded the cpu and graphics card.

When I came back into Windows, I had to reactivate it, and DRM is all messed up to where I can't even stream Netflix movies. I tried resetting the DRM folder, did not work. Tried reinstalling Silverlight, did not work.

I'm not sure what else to do here. Anyone know how to fix this?

A:DRM Issues after hardware upgrade

Welcome to Seven Forums Izzmo. Here is a link that may help you fix this problems.

You may be unable to play protected content after your computer hardware changes

A Guy
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I own an XPS 400 desktop that I would like to upgrade its hardware to make it run like a new "current-gen" computer. I would like to enable it to run newer games like Black Ops II or maybe GTAV at around a 30 FPS at least, if I have to lower the graphics to allow it to run I do not mind, as I would prefer not to pay a lot of money because I simply do not have a lot of money. My XPS 400 has 2.50 GB of RAM, a Intel Pentium D processor, an ATI graphics card, and a 2.80GHz power supply.

A:XPS 400 Hardware Upgrade Advice

Update the Bios to Latest.  And look for a cheap pentium D 900 series UNLESS you already have one.
The reason for this is that with the pressler 900 series pentium D you can run 64 bit windows 8 or windows 10.  The 915 is as low as $9 on ebay.  You can use 915 all the way to 960.
Games will require a better GPU.  Geforce GTX 750 TI is the sweet spot for price vs speed so this is where you would spend some money.  And this is also not good money after bad because you can always get a newer system and move that card to it.
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Well I had a P GHZ a AGP GS Geforce video card the same HDD seagate MB just GB RAM now I have GB RAM Soundblaster Creative LIVE a TV Tuner Xpert TV and a Gigabyte upgrade... rebooting PC keeps after hardware intel P based mainboard Everything was going fine until this upgrade when the excruciating pains began PC keeps rebooting after hardware upgrade... I bought a Intel Core Duo E MHZ GB Kingmax of RAM a ASUS EN GeForce GT SILENT with MB DDR and a Gigabyte GA-EP -DS Intel based motherboard I did this because in the past I didn t had an PCI express port only the old AGP one so I PC keeps rebooting after hardware upgrade... was forced to upgrade big time When I reinstalled the OS Windows XP SP september version the problems began when I installed the motherboard drivers After the usual reboot the pc was keep rebooting The tech guy from the store advised me to install them separately the soundcard and the tv tuner one by one I did that starting with the soundcard but after the usual sound drivers install reboot the pc was keep restarting by itself over and over again without PC keeps rebooting after hardware upgrade... any error of course After a while the pc entered into windows like nothing happend and the soundcard was running fine and no error was reported in device manager at all It did the same problems with the tuner card but finally after a few annoying and freaky reboots the tv tuner was installed and was running fine After this periodically from time to time the pc was keep rebooting itself when entering windows starting the pc I meant from the button or if I needed to restart it because of some program installed So please keep in mind that only in this TWO condition the pc rebooted itself randomly Well today those reboots were how to put it well they were quot out of line quot making me swear and evoke the days of my old P when nothing of this happened I went on net and made some readings about similar cases I read the event log in admin tool and I found the repeating checked the other occasions of reboots errors DCOM and error I tried hard to understand some of your explanation in almost similar cases but they don t match my case exactly if you know what I mean because ALL it s NEW procesor motherboard RAM and videocard and their drivers are ok and I installed them duzins of time for recheck I don t suspect the old parts also HDD soundcard etc because they work fine with the old hardware the one replaced I checked that AGAIN to be sure losing a lot of time changing motherboard screwing and tweaking etc this is what is stated in event log explanation quot DCOM got error quot The system cannot find the path specified quot attempting to start the service winmgmt with arguments quot quot in order to run the server BC F E-D B- D -A - C FB quot Please HELP ME and tell me what should I do nbsp

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Hello Everyone!

As most of you know I am trying to become an extreme gamer. I need a little help. The specs. of my PC are not that great.

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3000+
2.17 GHz, 448 MB of RAM
NVidia gForce 4
2 Disk Drives

Please tell me what I need to upgrade to. My current price budget is $200.00. I want to upgrade it so I can run Call of Duty 4 smoothly.

I am thinking my main problems are the graphics card, memory, and processor.

Thank you so much for your time!

Relevancy 44.29%

I currently have an Alienware rig thats starting to get old with the current games being released. I have been trying to play the new Oblivion Elder scrolls IV for the PC that is running on bare minimum requirements. I had to use several tweaks to get it to run with my current set up which killed the graphics since my card is unsupported.

Any suggestions for an upgrade would be appreciated. I am on a budget so I don't want the best upgrades available. Enough to be able to keep up with the times would be sufficient. Looking to spend around 300-400$ if its possible.

Thanks in advance

Configuration:AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+, 2.08
Memory: . . . . . . . . .512MB
Hard Drives(s): . . . . .80.1GB, ST380011A
Bios & Motherboard. . . . . ASUS A7N8X2.0 Deluxe ACPI BIOS Rev 1Nvidia - 42302e31
Vid card . . . . NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 (256MB)

A:Hardware upgrade assistance

I'd go for the bump up to a gig of ram, get myself a new graphics card (AGP) and OC that 2800+. That's what I'd do.

How about a 6800GS $219.00

2 sticks of 512mb PC3200 $66

That would get your system to a decent level, your CPU would be the only thing holding you back, but if you OC it to 2.2Ghz you'll be happy ..... happier.

Other than that, you could upgrade to a socket 939 board but that is going to dig a bit deeper into your budget.

DFI nF4 Ultra-Infinity Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra $91

Athlon64 3200+ $154

Or if you can afford it, this is a great deal: the 3700+ at $212

Note, you'd also have to change the graphics card above to the PCIexpress x16 version if you go for the mobo upgrade, in which case this is a great deal at under $200.
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Hello Techs,
This may be a silly request, but I would like to have an expert opinion on hardware CPU upgrade compatibility options my old C may have.I wish to install a Plll 700 mghz or better.I have attatched a system info file.If you could Please look at it and give me a better idea as for what CPU I may upgrade to.Also I would like to let everyone else know about this system info program-loads of system info-ITS FREE at Lavalys\Everest home edition.exe
Thank You- nontronic

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Hell I have a
Motherboard X59A-UD3R
Processor: Intel Core i7 930 @280Ghz (8CPU) ~2.8GHz
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX460
Power Supply: 750 Watts

Now I was looking at upgrading and wanted to know if this is better as I'm still new at all of this stuff
Case:CM Storm Scout Gaming Case SGC-2000-KKN1-GP
Motherboard ASUS P6T SE Core-i7 Motherboard
Processor: Intel Core i7 920 or CPU Intel Core2 Quad Q9400
Video Card: Something better but don't know yet.
Power Supply: 750 Watts

So my question is there a lot of stuff here and I'm trying to make sure I have it right can anybody give a little light on if this is okay or bad then what I have.

A:Hardware Upgrade 7, Is Good?

Going from a i7 930 to Q9400 would be a backwards step. They came out in 2010 and 2008 respectively. Actually I upgraded FROM a Q9400 to a i7 930 several years ago and noticed a boost in performance. The 930 is 1st generation - Intel are now on the 4th gen. I still use the 930 and, as well as being slower than the newer versions, it runs kinda hot when overclocked (80C). My advice is have a look at the latest Intel chips.
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I just got my new Radeon X XT PE AGP card today and now I m wondering what else I can do or get that will boost system performance Here are my specs MSI KM M-V Socket A AMD Athlon XP GB Kingston DDR RAM ATI Radeon X XT PE AGP I here some people say the OCZ ram is really good and performs great Also I noticed the MHz FSB Hardware Tweaks/Upgrade in my system bios Should I crank it up from to Not to mention I Hardware Tweaks/Upgrade have a crapload of programs running in the background Which ones can I remove Name PID Memory Usage DMark exe MB alg exe KB AOLacsd exe KB AOLDial exe KB AOLHostManager exe MB AOLServiceHost exe MB AOLServiceHost exe MB AOLSP Scheduler exe KB ati evxx exe KB ati evxx exe KB CCAPP EXE MB CCEVTMGR EXE MB ccProxy exe MB CCSETMGR EXE MB CDAC BA EXE KB CLI exe MB CLI exe MB CLI exe MB csrss exe MB daemon exe MB explorer exe MB IEXPLORE EXE MB iPodService exe KB ISSVC exe MB iTunesHelper exe MB lsass exe MB LVComS exe KB msmsgs exe MB navapsvc exe MB NSMdtr exe MB nwtray exe KB PortAOL exe MB realsched exe KB services exe MB smss exe KB SNDSrvc exe MB SPBBCSvc Hardware Tweaks/Upgrade exe MB spoolsv exe MB StarWindService exe KB StyleXPService exe KB svchost exe MB svchost exe MB svchost exe MB svchost exe MB svchost exe MB svchost exe MB svchost exe KB symlcsvc exe KB System KB System Idle Process KB UAService exe KB VTTimer exe KB wdfmgr exe KB winlogon exe MB wmiprvse exe MB xtagent Hardware Tweaks/Upgrade exe MB nbsp

A:Hardware Tweaks/Upgrade

You should be able to run the processor and memory at 400mhz. Check It will tell you which services you can disable and other tweaks. Ive gotten a big performance boost by making a seperate partition and Windows installation just for gaming. That way I could turn off most of the extra crap.
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Hello everyone I am looking to upgrade my hardware but I'm not sure on certain parts so may I have some of your advice before going out to buy them thanks I'm looking to purchase additional HDDs and have come down to these choices Seagate TB WD TB Green WD TB AV-GP Green The price difference isn't that much and I don't need the fast WD Black drives because I'll only be please. upgrade Hardware advice, using them to store my files However I'm not sure which to choose from Personally I do not like Seagate products because I previously have issues with their HDDs failing thus I switched all my HDDs to WDs However I would like to know of Hardware upgrade advice, please. your experience with them and I also understand that they are faster but given my previous experience I would rather have a stable drives than a fast drive Also if I were to choose the WD ones which one of the two should I choose from AV-GP seems to be more reliable but I'm not very certain about that because it is my first time buying a Green drive My GPU is pretty weak now and I don't have much cash left to spare So should I wait for the older gen GPU to hit lower price and buy them or SLI them because at my country I can get another TI for about USD Is it worth the upgrade or I will be better off waiting out Sorry for the long text of wall and thanks in advance

A:Hardware upgrade advice, please.

Personally, I'd go for the Seagate. Overall I've found them to be a little more reliable than WD drives, and better performers.

This might also give you some insights.. PassMark Software - Hard Drive Benchmark Charts

I've never had a Seagate drive fail on me, but I've had over a dozen WD failures.

I'm sure other people have had different experiences.

The WD green drives are the budget drives. Noisier from my experiences. WD dropped their warranty on green drives from 3 years down to 2 years.
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Hey guys I'd like to see what you guys think of my system and where you think I could improve on my set up with out buying a new mobo and cpu.

ECS N2U400-A :
Specs: Nvidia 2 chipset
FSB 400
Dual Channel DDR400
6 Channel Audio
10/100 LAN

AMD 2700+ XP
256MB DDR 2700, WD 80GB IDE 7200 8mb cache, WD 8GB 5400,
ATI Radeon SDR 64mb, Creative Labs PCI 16 4.1, 52x cdrom, Toshiba 4x DVD-RW, Creative Labs 56k v.92 modem. Generic Mid-Tower with 480mm fans intake, 1 80mm fan side exhuast, 1 60mm rear exhaust fan. 350w PS.

Thats what I have. I would like to know where you think I can greatly improve system performance. While keeping the same board and processor. I'm running Win XP prof SP1.

A:Hardware Upgrade Recommendations

Definitely more RAM. Another 512MB of RAM would make the most difference.

Not exactly relating to your physicial computer, but if you're still using that 56k modem, broadband is a great upgrage

[Edit] If you intrested in gaming, a new video card is in order.
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Hi all I am wondering if some of you might be able to help me I am going to be upgrading my current system specs in bio to the following hardware Motherboard Asus M A L-M USB mATX CPU AMD FX- FOUR-CORE GHZ MB W Memory Kingston GB -Pin DDR SDRAM X for a total of gig What I am wondering is if I can just upgrade the hardware install the hard drive and boot up normally Will Windows recognize the new hardware and automatically load the drivers I really do not want to to a re-install of of Windows and loose all of the other applications Hardware Question(s) Upgrade on the machine I have roughly gb of programs and data on this hard drive I do have a new hard drive that I can use but it currently has Windows installed on it but nothing else just the operating system It was also installed with my current configuration That hard drive that I want to keep is running a retail Hardware Upgrade Question(s) version of and then upgraded to Windows Thanks for any help you Hardware Upgrade Question(s) can offer and I can post more information if needed Thanks in advance

A:Hardware Upgrade Question(s)

Welcome to TenForums!

If you're changing out the motherboard (and it's different from the one you activated Win10 on) and CPU as well, the MS activation servers will see that as a differnt machine and will not re-activate - this assumes you have OEM license - if you have a retail license you could change what you want by gong rolling back (if that option is still available, or you have a full disk image to restore into that state) to the older retail licensed OS and redo the Win10 upgrade. Memory and/or disk drive upgrade will not impact Win10 activation status, based on what MS has said and others' experiences discussed here.
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Hi, I built a very good PC for running games in 2003, but its apparently time for an upgrade. New games only run smoothly on very limited settings, and some of the newer ones (Lost planet and its 2.0 shader requirement) don't run at all. Anyways, I dont want to rebuild it or anything and don't have too much money so i was just wondering what the best upgrade would be for games.

I currently have:

Pentium 4 3.0Ghz processor
1 GB of ram
120 GB and 250 GB hard drives
Radeon 9800 Pro 256 mb graphics card
400 Watt power supply

Obviously i need a new graphics card, but will that be enough to help newer games look their best?

A:Hardware upgrade advice

A new graphics card... perhaps new power supply [500 watts or thoise recommended for gaming] and if possible the new Intel Core 2 Duo..... The Ram also need some upgrade perhaps 2GB minimum...
Relevancy 44.29%

Intel Core Duo E4600 2.4GHz
ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro 256MB Dedicated
HDD Mem: 455GB
Model: Dell Inspiron 530s
Monitor: 22" LCD Widescreen Display
Above are my current computer specifications. If you have any advice on how I could upgrade my system, please let me know. I was thinking of getting a new processor, but it's not going to do me any good since it's just going to run at 800MHz anyway because of my board. A new graphics card would have to fit inside a slim case, and therefore I am very limited in choices. An upgrade to my RAM seems the only practical thing to do to me. If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know they would be greatly appreciated.

A:Advice On Hardware Upgrade

You'll need to contact dell and ask them whats the fastest supported CPU that the computer would support.

3GB should be fine on that computer. If you want more speed, upgrade to WindowsXP... or wait for Windows7.

As you say, you have a slim-line so you are always limted to lower-end video cards. With that said, there is a SLIM-LINE 9800GT - but you'll need to make sure the videocard can be powered by your PSU.... which should be 250watts. gt

You should research that card.... note: it'll improve your game performance but not make the PC itself any faster.

The ATI 4550 is about 3x the performance of your 2400Pro: (includes a free game)

ATI 4650 $60

9600GT, less power than 9800 $95 :

performance chart:,745.html

9800GT = 74fps (guess)
9600GT = 59fps
4650 = 32fps (guess)
4550 = 20.5fps
2400 = 6fps. <----- You are here

Whatever card you choose, it needs to be able to work with your little PSU.
The 4550 should be a safe bet... above that...
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I currently have a desktop running Win XP Pro bit I am getting ready to do a full hardware upgrade and changeover to Win Pro bit I have been reading thru threads regarding install issues and dual boot issues I am hoping for tips to make the process go fairly smooth Current setup Intel mobo of Hardware change 7 & Pre-upgrade to Win and cpu gig ram hdd as follows C drive is gb WD Pre-upgrade of Hardware & change to Win 7 with XP and installed programs D drive is gb WD with data pictures some backups etc Third drive unlettered by Windows is WD with Hackintosh setup to dual boot via F boot menu when desired OSx Snow Leopard and I will probably need to redo after hardware change not addressing here New setup will be Win Pro bit on Samsung gb SSD and then things get tricky I want Pre-upgrade of Hardware & change to Win 7 to keep XP as secondary OS and keepthe Pre-upgrade of Hardware & change to Win 7 gb drive for data etc The new hardware is Asus P Z -V mobo i - k unlocked gb Corsair Vengeance Mhz Cooler Master Hyper EVO Since XP drive is currently listed as C and I gather that during install the SSD where would be installed would need to be C instead What recommendations suggestions instructions do you have to smooth things along Thanks in advance for the help

A:Pre-upgrade of Hardware & change to Win 7

Do you want a dual boot menu for both XP and 7?

Is your copy of XP an OEM copy, or Retail?

The reason the XP drive is the C: drive while you're inside of XP is that's the letter that Windows assigns to the drive that it's installed on by default. When you install Windows 7, the drive it's installed on will be the C: drive. When you switch over to XP, the XP drive will be the C: drive and the drive that you have Windows 7 on will be given a different letter by XP (like D: or E: or F or something). When you're in Windows 7, your XP drive will be given a letter by Windows 7 (like D: or E: or F again). They'll be completely independent of each other. So, the drive letter is not a concern at all and one won't (and can't) affect the other.

I recommend leaving the Hackintosh drive disconnected during the installation. I would even recommend leaving the XP drive disconnected so that you have an easier time moving away from XP. I mean, you'll just use the F10 boot menu to boot into XP drive like you do with the Hackintosh drive. That way, when you're finally ready to let go of XP completely, you won't be left with the task of getting rid of a dual boot menu. On top of that, and this is the bigger issue, you won't have the boot sector on your XP drive or the Hackintosh drive because they won't be connected while Windows 7 is being installed. When you install Windows 7, any drives that are connected could get the boot sector placed onto them instead of the drive that you're installing Windows 7 to. This means that the drive with the boot sector on it must be connected in order to start Windows even though it's on a different drive! So that means that if you were to ever get rid of the XP drive completely and if the boot sector were placed on it, then you'd have the task of fixing this problem (which isn't difficult, but it's still irritating).

Also, when you boot to the XP drive with this new motherboard, you will need to switch your SATA mode over to IDE mode first. Its default setting is AHCI mode. Otherwise, XP will blue screen during startup.

Then when you go back to Windows 7, you have to switch it back to AHCI mode first otherwise Windows 7 will blue screen during startup.

Of course, you could just install Windows 7 in IDE mode and deal with the slightly inferior performance of IDE mode until you're completely done with XP. At that time, there's a simple change you can make in the Windows 7 registry to prepare it for switching the BIOS back over to AHCI mode so that when you go back into Windows 7 after making that switch in the BIOS, it won't blue screen during startup.

Getting back to XP: there's also a possibility that it will need to be reinstalled clean in order to continue working. So, prepare for that possibility.

That's all I can think of right now.
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Im planning on getting some upgrades:

Athlon 64 3000 -

512 x 2 Ram -

Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro -

Motherboard -

Just wanted to ask if these are all compatible with each other.
I was also wondering if they give a good 'bang per buck' or if there is something better in terms of performance per dollar. I'm also on a slight budget, around 300-400.

I mostly use my computer for games but I'm looking for something that will last me a 3-4 years in the future.

Any comments would be great
Thanks !

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Just a quick question please, is there any way of reactivating a digital entitlement license obtained by upgrading from Win7 for free, on upgraded hardware, without having to link a MS account? Privacy issues and all that...I know phone activation worked for me with Win7 once after I've overhauled my PC in the past.

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Hi there,

I purchased my Qosmio xmas 2008. a great laptop . was wondering though if its possible to update the sound card or video card, RAM or any other thing to improve it in line with todays higher standards. not much of a tech wizard so any advice would be appreciated.... cheers

A:Hardware upgrade on Qosmio G50-115

Short answer to your question: you can upgrade HDD with fast SSD and of course upgrade RAM to the maximum.
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Hello All We have an old NT server farm that runs a single MSACCESS database application terminal servers connecting via Citrix Windows Upgrade Hardware NT file and print server and a backup server The hardware that runs this is nearly years old it runs Upgrade Windows NT Hardware ok but we need to move the servers to another location rather than risk them failing in the move we thought we would updgrade the hardware to modern Xeon servers - reloading Windows NT and rebuilding the farm We need to keep costs down and upgrading the server hardware would allow us to keep existing licences Is this a feasable option - I understand the best long term plan would be to upgrade to Server but this is a short term plan to get us over the next months when a long term plan will be initialted to migrate the data onto a new network Anyone with any experience of a project like this Any oppinios would be appreciated Regards Roland nbsp

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I still have my Pentium III MHZ with Windows I want to upgrade the hardware and install Windows BUT I not feel encouraged because I don t want to lose all my software collection that won t run in Windows nor my printer and scanner My printer is Okidata ML dot printer and the Scanner is Genius Color Page-HR x slim Ah also I want to keep my floppy drive because of my version of Ghost from Symantec I guess that I can install a quot shell windows upgrade hardware and quot virtual machine in Windows where I could install my Windows with all the softwares hardware and windows upgrade that I have Theoretically I could then use the drivers of the printer and scanner in Windows hardware and windows upgrade inside this quot shell quot is there a chance this to work Which processors allow virtualization If I choose a bits processor I can use Windows or bits If I chose the bits Windows will my Windows run inside the quot shell quot installed in this Windows I am kind of afraid to upgrate and then find out that this and that not works nbsp

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Hi there upgrade after hardware 0x000007B I have recently replaced my motherboard 0x000007B after hardware upgrade graphics card and dvd drive I am getting a blue screen with the hard-drive connectivity stop code x B I have tried to resolve this by checking that the jumper on the hdd hasn t dislodged the sata cables are connected properly and these are all fine Is there anything I am not checking I try to boot the computer up in safe and it still gives me the same error My hdd is available in the 0x000007B after hardware upgrade bios so it can 0x000007B after hardware upgrade be seen by the computer I just wondered if anyone has any ideas as to how I can go about fixing this issue I just dont want to bite the bullet and buy a new hdd and re-install windows then get my data off of the old hard drive Which isn t the end of the world just time consuming Thanks ps If you need any other information then please let me know nbsp

A:0x000007B after hardware upgrade

Windows typically does not work well when switching out so much hardware without doing a fresh install. You can try some of the articles online about changing a motherboard without reinstalling windows and see if that works for you.
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Hi all.
I have just installed a new motherboard new CPU (Intel P4) new RAM, GRAPHICS CARD (ATI Radeon 7800), but I have kept my old disks. Now XP won't start, and I don't know how to get around it. It comes as far as to suggesting to boot in safe mode, but that won't work either.

Hope anyone could give me some hints on how to fix it.

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So I just bought a new Laptop and received it in the mail recently. Now I want to Upgrade some hardware items ass an SSD stick and faster RAM modules. My question. How well does HP play with hardware add on's and the warranty/care pack provided by them? Will it void it? Any info please.
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gidday fellas. first post so bear with me
decided to give myself a m/b, cpu, ram upgrade for my birthday. i5 2500k to i5 6400. nothing wrong with what I had, just felt like an upgrade. 5Yr old system
So I change everything over and start it up. Had a little trouble to start with but I sorted that out. Installed win7 home and went online to activate. thinking it wouldn't activate because it's an oem version and I had already upgraded to win10 on previous hardware, I was waiting for the phone number to call.
Win7 activated straightaway. Upgraded to win10 and activated. Did a clean install and activated. I thought BONUS, I don't have to buy a copy of win10.

A:my hardware upgrade experience

The Windows 7 activated because Microsoft didn't track product key usage very well. They would allow a certain number of online activations in a certain period of time before blocking it from online activation - even OEM product keys. There is a difference between what MS will physically allow and what violates the EULA. What the OP did was violate the EULA - but for the most part Microsoft is trusting the user to be honest.

Originally Posted by coneman

thinking it wouldn't activate because it's an oem version and I had already upgraded to win10 on previous hardware, I was waiting for the phone number to call.

Win7 activated straightaway. Upgraded to win10 and activated. Did a clean install and activated. I thought BONUS, I don't have to buy a copy of win10.

This forum does not condone violating the you might not want to brag about doing it so much on here.
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Ok. I've been wanting to upgrade my computer for while but didn't want to because I've heard that you need to reformat your harddrive when upgrading Pentium 3 to a Pentium 4 processor. I also want to upgrade my video card so I be able to go and buy the newer computer games out their since alot of them need better computer specs. My computer is like 4 years old.

Do I need to actually reformat my computer. Is their anything I can do so I don't have to do it so I can keep everything I have on my pc and can upgrade my hardware.

Current Computer Specs:
Intel Pentium 3 Processor 866 Mhz
512 MB of Ram
Geforce 3 ti200 Video Card
Window XP Pro ServicePack 1

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So I upgraded my computer lately swapped to a newer LGA socket motherboard Core i processor GB DDR RAM and ever since the upgrade I have been since hardware freezes upgrade Random having random freezes These freezes seem to occur whenever I am using it most of the time they happen when I am running a lot of flash applications or playing a game and when they do the computer just freezes entirely no movement of any kind no sound and the screen just hangs at whatever was on it Even pressing the hard reset button on my case after it freezes doesn't reset it right away - after I press reset it waits for about - seconds and then does a cold shutdown I've run memory test applications the standard Windows one and one called MemTest I've also checked my CPU temperature right after these crashes using the AI Suite II software that came with my mobo and it is never higher than C Random freezes since hardware upgrade Are troubleshooting methods anyone has in mind I honestly have no idea what might be causing this right now

A:Random freezes since hardware upgrade

Are you sure you used the correct Megahertz numbers? If it boots up it's in there correctly, but I cannot come to any other conclusion.
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I upgraded my Mobo, CPU, installed a new SSD and new data drive.

I own an upgrade Windows 7 Premium disk. I had been running Windows 7 Premium 64 on my previous machine.

Now when I do a clean install, it says my product key is not valid.

Is there anything I can do to be able to use this, or will I need to purchase full version of Windows 7? I hope that is not th answer.

Thanks for your help.

A:New Hardware, Upgrade Product Key Invalid. Please Help!

To clean install with upgrade media, use this workaround.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

If you did that and still get the error, you need to use the phone activation method.

Activate Windows 7 by Phone
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I'm hardware upgrade! after problems Computer not that good in english but I'll try my best because here in Finland we do not have too many good Win forums Okay problem question is that I just recently upgraded my computers motherboard cpu and memorys I did not make any changes to Win Ultimate x after the upgrade and was amazed that everything worked like a charm just after the first boot But recently there have been some problems for an example Silverlight Computer problems after hardware upgrade! netstreams does not work and they just give me some errorcode can't remember exact code right now but it meant that streaming ain't working because of some DRM-problems and such because of 'changed Computer problems after hardware upgrade! computers parts' so all in all my question is that is it wise to run Win just like that after HW upgrade or should I do clean install I know that clean install is wisest thing to do but I have SO much stuff installed etc so that it wouldn't be such an easy task I remember that when I had Win and for an example upgraded motherboard cpu it was enough to remove some things from device manager and after that everything worked like a charm But is there any that kind of solution when upgrading Win machines hardware

A:Computer problems after hardware upgrade!

Uninstall Silverlight.

Re-activate your Windows 7 (it is likely not activated after those hardware changes).

Re-install Silverlight.

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Hi, I want to upgrade my laptop (fujitsu amilo Li3910),but I have some questions. First of all, I have......

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2908 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 2 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 141402 MB, Free - 64928 MB; D: Total - 163739 MB, Free - 84800 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

I want to upgrade those in order to play video games. I want to buy intel i7 740QM and Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1G&#914; GDDR5. The question is that, should I buy a new motherboard, I mean will this motherboard support i7 and radeon hd??
Please answer soon. Thanks anyway.

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I have an old hp pavilion dv 6000, I recently upgraded to windows 7 and everything is working fine but I would like to make hardware upgrades as well.I wish to upgrade to maximum capacity, specifically : processor, display adapter, hard drive, and wireless network adapter.If anyone can provide me with a list of best known hardware compatible with my system that would be awesome, I will also be open to any additional hardware upgrade suggestions if anyone has any to offer
Relevancy 43.86%

I have Windows 7 64 bit Ent
I am looking at replacing the mobo CPU and boot drive (SSD).
I am happy with my software install. So I would like to "recover" it after the hardware build.
So what methods do I have available of replacing the above items
and then installing Win 7 on the new SSD then "Restoring" my current software suite

Will I be able to use a Server image?
if yes what is the dark side of doing so?

Will I be able to use a Software transfer?
if yes what is te dark side of this option?

or is it best to just man up and do a total fresh install of all the software?


A:Recommended Method of Hardware upgrade

A clean install is always a good idea until you are up and running with a purrfect install when you can capture it with Win7 backup imaging and then never need to reinstall again: Clean Install Windows 7

However if you'd like to keep the same software image you now have on your HD, as a final step on the old hardware you can SysPrep your HD: Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

Transfer HD to the new hardware to clone/image the old HD to the SSD using Win7 or your favorite imaging utility, or excellent free Acronis cloning/imaging utility which is included with any WD or Seagate drive - manual included on Download page below.

| Seagate
WD Support
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
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I ran the scan to upgagde to win 10 and it said that I needed to upgrage my graphics card after doing so and rescanning my system the report still showed the old graphics card and the same date as the first time that iran the first scan. I need to somehow delete the old report and download and run a fresh one.
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WHat hardware can i upgrade in my laptop it has:1.9 ghz 4030u core i34 gb RAMnvidia 820m 2gb and can you help me how and what hardwares will fit into slots or what correct hardware pieces can i buy to replace stuff?

A:I have an HP-r025tx What hardware can i upgrade for my lapto...

Here is the Service Manual: Manual See the long list of system boards starting on page 21? Each also lists a processor so your processor is fastened (soldered) to the motherboard and cannot be removed and upgraded. No slot in other words and the same is true for the video.  That leaves memory. See p. 55. You have a service cover and the memory slots are under there and you could install up to 16 gigs: Supports up to 16 GB of system RAM in the following configurations: ? 16384-MB total system memory (8192×2) (19) Memory module (PC3L, 12800, 1600-MHz): 8-GB 693374-001 4 GB 691740-001 This is a compatible 8 gig module on US If you need help with buying outside the U.S. let me know. Another option is to install a solid state drive. This would speed up general operation a lot but has almost no effect on gaming if that is what you are trying to do. Same with memory. Upgrading from 4 to 8 gigs will help a little but going beyond to 16 gigs will not help gaming any more than 8 will.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hello! I recently upgraded my computer with a new motherboard (msi z87-g43), cpu (i7 4770k), psu (corsair 750w) and ssd (seagate 600 480gb ssd).

A few days later I started getting bluescreens since then I've been getting at least one almost every day. I've ran Prime95 for 18 hours with no errors, 2 sessions of Memtest86+ for 20 hours each with no errors, and multiple runs of Seatools checks and Windows DiskCheck with no errors. I have also updated my BIOS and reinstalled the system twice. The bluescreens happen at completely random times, when I'm gaming, browsing the web, watching movies or doing nothing at all.

I have uploaded all the minidumps I've saved here:

A:Random BSODs after hardware upgrade

I got 2 more BSODs today, I've added the minidumps to the link in the OP.
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Had a customer that installed a stick of memory, and upon first boot it would hang on the XP splash screen then reboot, and continued on that loop until shut off. Tried safe mode and it did the same thing showing loading all modules to a point, hanging at the AGP module then reboot. They then tried a reinstall using original cd, which was back a couple of support packs and it does a memory dump trying to load the setup screen. After messing with it a bit more, they gave up and brought it to me.

Memory tests fine, all hardware seems to be working, but definite corruption on HD. Ran chkdsk /f /r which found some errors, but didn?t resolve any problems. Simple fix will be to wipe and do fresh install, however I?d like to try and salvage what I can before losing all data ? any thoughts on possible work arounds?

A:XP memory dump after hardware upgrade

Have you tried taking out the stick of memory they added, or switching the memory around?

Also, check that it is the right speed of memory that they added to the system. Mismatched or incorrect memory can prevent a system from starting.
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Hi everybody,
I wish to completely upgrade my toshiba satellite U300-140, mounting VISTA and default technical features, posted above.

I need your help to choose best (and economical) SSD device and RAM slot. It is very important for me to know what is surely compatible with my device. Please, could you help me according to your experience?

And... an SSD disk is worthy, to speed my notebook? I was thinking to kingston 120 Gb or 240 Gb V300

A:Satellite U300 - hardware upgrade help for SSD and RAM

According notebook specification you can upgrade RAM up to 4GB so you can use 2 x 2GB RAM. Compatible RAM modules have part number PA3513U-1M2G.

I think with SSD you should not have some problems. I have upgraded my old P500 with 250GB Samsung 840 SSD and it works perfectly.
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I'm 7 to upgrade Windows Hardware Changes with Vista currently running Vista Home Premium bit OEM on an Asus P QL Pro mobo with E chip I'm planning to upgrade my hardware to an AMD chip core T and a Gigabyte GPA-UD H mobo with gig of DDR ram Since I'm running an OEM Vista I should be buying new Windows with Vista to Windows 7 upgrade with Hardware Changes this change so I will be getting the Windows Home Premium bit OEM as well My question how do I Vista to Windows 7 upgrade with Hardware Changes do this upgrade so I will preserve my software installations Don't want to lose my multitude of registered software I have installed over the past years Do I run the Windows Upgrade first and then change the hardware or do I start the Windows Upgrade and during reboot change the hardware Or change the hardware and then try to get Vista running before upgrading to W OEM Any help would be appreciated Please don't bother suggesting doing a CLEAN install since that is not a realistic option I might not get all my software back again Thanks

A:Vista to Windows 7 upgrade with Hardware Changes

just run the upgrade and have win 7 do a update and hopefully it will have everything in order i did do a upgrade off of vista but later changed my mine to clean install if you have programs that are not to old with in 2 years then you should be ok

I never had problems upgrading from vista to 7 just keep in mind drivers might be a problem other then that i think you would be good

the hardware changes i would think should be done first that way win 7 can reconize what needs to be installed DO HARDEWARE CHANGES FIRST THEN UPGRADE
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So for the longest time I was on my Bloomfield i processor and with a sale on newegg for the new Haswell i k I decided to take the plunge and upgrade I reformatted my SSD and reinstalled everything however ever since I have been getting BSODs almost every day Sometimes it is the KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED message but mostly it is the IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL message It Daily Since BSOD Hardware Upgrade Near has happened in all Near Daily BSOD Since Hardware Upgrade circumstances be it active gaming active web browsing or an idle state with just a web browser left open meaning I left the computer on went downstairs to water plants and came back to a rebooted machine minutes later with power savings features disabled Processor i k Mobo Asus Z -Pro GFX EVGA GTX gb PSU Corsair TX All the motherboard drivers are up to date and the motherboard released a BIOS update which I installed to still continue to see BSODs before and after the update Everything worked perfectly fine before the hardware upgrade so hopefully the dump data can shine a light on the cause Thanks ahead of time for any help

A:Near Daily BSOD Since Hardware Upgrade


I'm not going to be the guy that provides the ultimate soultion for you; however, your plight has raised some curiosity on my part. Anyway, I looked up your specs and I see that Intel lists the i7 920 processor as being compatible with DDR3-800/1066 memory and the new Processor: i7 4770k is compatible with DDR3-1366/1600 memory. So, given that you have not mentioned anything about a memory upgrade that was coincident with your CPU upgrade, and given that your BSODs could point to a memory management problem, how did you handle the memory requirements for the new processor. Specifically, did you just overclock the old memory? Did you buy new memory and just forgot to mention it? Did you just leave the old memory running at 800/1066? I suspect that trying to use the old memory could be causing an issue for your new processor.
I see your mobo starts support at 1333Mhz memory so I assume all of my previous assumption do not apply
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Hello, I have a Pavilion 17-f151fm, product number K6Z65EA#BED if it's any help. I am looking to upgrade hardware a little bit but I am finding different information about hardware so I'm in a little doubt what to do. Does this laptop have two ram memory slots or only one? I would also like to replace existing HDD with SDD, more precisely Samsung Evo 850. Are there perhaps some hardware incompatibilities? And would I gain some noticeable improvements in performance? Laptop is running Windows 8.1 x64.Thanks for reply.
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Hi all im thinking about upgrading my ram :) about help hardware Solved: thinking need upgrade, and gpu and just need a clarify a few things My motherboard is the P N E-SLI i believe but can double check this and ive got some Solved: thinking about hardware upgrade, need help :) basic ddr ram and the nvidia GTX Im thinking about just upgrading my ram to say ddr mhz prob gb and getting the ATI HD gpu Do i simply just buy some good ram and Solved: thinking about hardware upgrade, need help :) the ATI gpu and put them in my comp or do i need to worry about the ram Solved: thinking about hardware upgrade, need help :) and gpu being compatibly with my motherboard im thinking sticks of this ram http www eclipsecomputers com product aspx code ME-D - - and this gpu http www eclipsecomputers com product aspx code GCX-XR A Also im going to upgrade to windows as ive currently got vista is there any real difference between bit and bit as i know there were problems gettin stuff to work on vista to begin with Is that the same with windows or any help would be greatly appreciated Andy nbsp

A:Solved: thinking about hardware upgrade, need help :)

You definately need to check compatibility between your motherboard and any CPU you buy. If you do have a P5N32E-SLI that is a LGA775 socket motherboard which means it will only support Intel CPUs which are socket 775, even then it may be limited a little. Your best bet it to check the motherboards website as they will have a compatibility list for the board.

In some ways the same goes for RAM, the motherboard manufacturer will have a QVL (Qualified Vendor List) for RAM in their boards, this is a list of the the specific RAM types that they have test and confirm work OK. You can get different RAM to that and it may well work perfectly but if there are issues it can cause problems, I always try and stick to RAM types on the motherboards QVL, just makes life a little easier in the long run.

Also, I believe that motherboard only supports up to 800Mhz DDR2 RAM, so you may have compatibility problems trying to install DDR3, even if it did work you wouldn't get the DDR3 performance!

From what I have read Windows 7 is a vast improvement over Vista (I haven't actually used it myself though). As for the 64bit, there are still some problems getting drivers but nowhere near as bad as it was. It would always be worth confirming 64bit driver availability and Win7 compatibility before buying anything if that is the way you are planning to go.

The 5870 is a decent card and ATI definately have the edge in performance at the moment, in my opinion. I wish I could afford an upgrade for my PC, mine is slower than yours
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Hi Guyz,
I have Toshiba Satellite C660-195 with Celeron Dual Core CPU T3500 @ 2.1 Ghz and 4GB ram. I want to upgrade my CPU for a better speed and performance (not videos and games!! ) because usually i have to run many virtual machines and heavy softwares. Are there any suggestions? would it be compatible with Corei 7 or something ? Is this possible anywayz?

A:Toshiba Satellite hardware upgrade

Most likely not, and it certainly won't work with the new generation (i5/i7) CPUs. If you're running VMs all the time I'd recommend replacing it with a laptop that has a 4 core, 4 thread (8 in total) CPU with lots of RAM (6GB+).

You current CPU is far from ideal for running VMs, given its lower performance characteristics.
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Hi First off I'm a total noob so you might need to explain in step by step format when upgrade whea_uncorrectable_error bsod hardware after there is something you want me to try to solve this issue I recently upgraded my desktop by buying a new motherboard cpu and a ram kit After changing the hardware I booted up without formating and reinstalling windows and installed some of the software drivers CPU-Z and some other stuff that came with the motherboard and then i started getting bsods First i used the quot SET DEVMGR SHOW NONPRESENT DEVICES quot so i could see the drivers for the old hardware and i uninstalled that but i still kept getting bsods so i tried to run a windows memory diagnosis and it said that whea_uncorrectable_error bsod after hardware upgrade everything was fine But i still kept getting bsods so i tried quot sfc scannow quot and got the message quot SR Verify and Repair Transaction completed All files and registry keys listed in this transaction have been successfully repaired quot and it didn't fix a thing So i tried quot Dism Online Cleanup-Image RestoreHealth quot and got the message quot The restore operation completed successfully The component store corruption was repaired The operation completed successfully quot but the issue still remains unsolved and i still get bsods This might just be a coincidence but it seems to only happen when i watch video on youtube or twitch i almost always do that tho so might have nothing to do with the issue I'm sorry if my grammar is terrible but English isn't my native language Lastly pleas tell me what info you need and how i get it and ill try to do it as quick as possible thanks in advance VIKINGPC- zip

A:whea_uncorrectable_error bsod after hardware upgrade

I started testing to see if i could recreate the bsod at will, first leaving the pc on, with nothing happening but some light web surfing over a period of 12-14h, and no bsod. I then loaded a 1080p youtube video and let it play for about 5h, sopped because of an add that wouldn't load while i was sleeping, no bsod. Then i tried showing a 1080p youtube video on full screen on both of my screens (dual monitor, same video but in different browser windows) and i then finally got a bsod, got bsod by doing this 3 more times, takes anywhere from 5 to 45 min for it to happen. So i can now force the bsod, but since I'm a noob i still have no idea of what is causing it..
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I have a Toshiba model C55-A laptop. After taking advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade, the internal CD/DVD quit working. According to the control panel, it is a TSST corp CDDVDW SU-208DB. Checking the properties of the device, I get this msg: "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"
I checked for a driver update. The response was the driver is up to date.
What should be my next action?
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Hello friends My sparable savings now sum up to and it s about time I need an upgrade I know this is a really tight budget but it s the best I Hardware RAM GPU upgrade needed for or opinion could muster up for this seemingly urgent upgrade My Current Rig Only parts concerning upgrade are mentioned ASRock N -S AM AM Socket DDR - MHz GB Max Dual Channel Nvidia GeForce Integrated Graphics nForce a PCI-e x Support Single Slot Here s a link for more details www asrock com mb overview asp model n -s AMD Sempron GHz x Single Core nm Max OC GHz x KB L Cache MB L Cache Here s a link for more details http products amd com pages Deskt amp f amp f amp f amp f amp f amp f amp f amp f amp f amp f Kingmax Semiconductor DDR - MHz GB occupies one slot Western Digital Caviar Blue GB SATAII My Usage Moderate gaming Counter-Strike Source Halo Fable Transformers Mortal Combat V etc I ll get Crysis and BF soon Compression decompression hash tables etc Immediate Plans To install Windows Ultimate -bit I have already prepare all the necessary drivers and programs I just need to make sure all my games are working perfectly stable and Hardware upgrade opinion needed for RAM or GPU equally fast if not a bit superior to -bit I dont t want to end up downloading the -bit versions for all if any of the games and I doubt they will be available anyway The Dilemma As you may have already noticed I have a very entry level rig for my usage In the pursuit of performance I stumbled upon overclocking but I m afraid I have hit the hypothetical quot wall quot I realize that whatever I do and upgrade was imminent So after saving up for a long time I now have just enough money for either a RAM or a GPU I may loosen up the budget a bit if the deal is satisfying enough But the dilemma is which is the more worthy and possibly quot future-safe quot by my position investment that I should make Replacing the mobo is out of the question because that ll mean I ll have to replace qiute a few things The Candidates RAM Most likely A twin of my current Kingmax Semiconductor DDR MHz GB will occupy the second slot on the mobo GPU A little less likely i Radeon HD ii Radeon HD iii Radeon HD iv Radeon HD v Any Nvidia below Any one of these the most affordable one will take over the responsibility from the soon-to-retire Nvidia GeForce CPU least likely Either an Athlon II of Phenom II Let s see After years maybe Haha SSD The price tags made me giddy Sometime later maybe Motherboard Out of the question Years later Or until it s fried Summary Will upgrading RAM give a better performance boost for -bit or should I go for GPU I ll upgrade my CPU later most likely on an exchange offer Reduce Reuse Recycle I ll need an SSD in some time so maybe I ll get it before the CPU Any major upgrades Mobo CPU will be done no sooner than years from the time of writing this thread Thank you in advance for your time and effort Any help is truly appreciated Marnomancer nbsp

A:Hardware upgrade opinion needed for RAM or GPU

Looking at your current rig, you definitely need the best DX11 video card you can afford to ditch the on-board video. You could probably get by with 4GB of RAM for the 64-bit OS
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Hello again it's been a while In my last thread here I clarification. H-50-50 Hardware/upgrade Lenovo asked what I could upgrade my graphics card to and the person who replied mentioned an upgrade to a GTX I did some heavily assisted digging and I came across the EVGA GeForce GTX FTW Lenovo H-50-50 Hardware/upgrade clarification. GAMING ACX nbsp Would this card still be compatable and if so do I need anything like pin adapters or a new backplate for my case I know already that I need to nbsp obtain a new Power unit and I wouldn't mind reccomendations for that as well if there is a preference among the community I think W should be enough nbsp On another note how will this affect my ability to use two monitors nbsp Finally is it possible to upgrade the RAM of the PC as well It's not a neccesity but another - GB would be a nice addition nbsp Thank you for your time and I apologise if I seem quite noobish I'm not the most knowledgable when it comes to computer hardware
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Probably not the best place to pose this question... but it just seems right to do it here.

I plan on upgrading to Vista ultimate before its impossible to get, then I plan on buying a new motherboard/processor/ram/new faster main drive. I wanted to change my boot drive while keeping my licenced product intact.... Would I be able to upgrade then migrate into newer hardware?

I have things like visual studio, and other expensive software that I want to continue to use without trouble.

Also, could I transfer just the OS to a SSD or small drive/faster drive... and the rest to a large drive like a 1.5TB samsung or something comparable?
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Satellite Pro M70-199 : PSM76E

How much can i UPGRADE ? ( HW )

A:Satellite Pro M70-199 (PSM76E) - Can i upgrade the hardware

Everything what you can do is to upgrade the HDD and the RAM.
If you need more space on the HDD you can upgrade the HDD. This shouldn?t be a problem.
The RAM can be upgraded to max 2GB using the DDR2 PC2-4200 memory modules

The CPU or graphic card upgrade is not possible.

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So I upgraded my computer lately swapped to a hardware since upgrade freezes Random newer LGA socket motherboard Core i processor GB DDR RAM and ever since the upgrade I have been having random freezes These freezes seem to occur whenever I am using it most of the time Random freezes since hardware upgrade they happen when I am running a lot Random freezes since hardware upgrade of flash applications or playing a game and when they do the computer just freezes entirely no movement of any kind no sound and the screen just hangs at whatever was on it Even pressing the hard reset button on my case after it freezes doesn t reset it right away - after I press reset Random freezes since hardware upgrade it waits for about - seconds and then does a cold shutdown I ve run memory test applications the standard Windows one and one called MemTest I ve also checked my CPU temperature right after these crashes using the AI Suite II software that came with my mobo and it is never higher than C Are troubleshooting methods anyone has in mind I honestly have no idea what might be causing this right now nbsp

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Emachines desktop T with mb ram running win xp media center bit Want to upgrade to win I ran some sort of MS analysis can't remember the name on 32 adviser 64 to bit, bit Win7, says says upgrade XP hardware win the machine and it said it would run win Invoice from machine and hardware scan using CPU- says the machine has a bit processor Amd XP to Win7, hardware says 64 bit, win upgrade adviser says 32 bit Athlon t Win upgrade adviser says quot You'll need to perform a custom installation of bit windows and then re-install programs Back up files before beginning quot I have windows home premium upgrade which has both the bit and bit discs in the box This machine is XP to Win7, hardware says 64 bit, win upgrade adviser says 32 bit in my shop and I use it for listening to streaming radio and surfing the web It has some pictures I need to save but beyond that the only program that I use is firefox When it was used as my primary desktop in the house it's had a boat load of stuff loaded on it over the years and I'd like to format the drive during the win upgrade process Iv'e been reading around on the MS website about making the leap from xp to win and understand that I will need to do a custom or clean install and that I will lose all of my files programs settings in the process I'll use the win transfer utility to pull the picture files off and then re-install under win I have printed off the page upgrade process from the MS site so I'll have when I do the deed I have run into what may or may not be a conflict that I'd like to get some input on before I get into this thing I'd like to do the win bit upgrade if possible and the processor appears to be rated for it but the adviser says I have to do a bit install Is there something else hardware wise that's preventing a bit upgrade or is the adviser maybe just seeing the bit xp OS and saying a bit upgrade has to be done Thanks

A:XP to Win7, hardware says 64 bit, win upgrade adviser says 32 bit

I use 32 bit for any installs with 4gb or less RAM. It seems to perform better. With 3gb I would definitely go with 32 bit.

Be sure to delete all partitions using the Drive Options in Steps 7/8 of Clean Install Windows 7 to get the cleanest install.
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Hello I recently hardware BSOD reformat and upgrade after reformatted my system and installed Windows Ultimate x About a week after that I installed a new video card Shortly after installing the video card my computer started to lock up and BSOD I removed the new video card w drivers and still had some issues So I took the whole system apart and reseated everything double checking connections just in case when installing the video card I had knocked something loose I went ahead and left the new video card out of the system for troubleshooting It was going great for a day but just decided to crash again and lock up While looking for a way to open up the error files I found you guys I would be extremely grateful if someone could look over my logs and inform me the best route to take If I missed a single thing please let me know Basic System Information Windows Ultimate x Custom System first OS was Windows XP Home Edition Full Retail Ages CPU PhenomII - Years old Maybe a little less Motherboard Gigabyte MA GM-S H rev - years old Video Card- IGP so the same age as the MB Power Supply Thermaltake w - years old purchased it same time as the CPU Memory DDR Gb x - Years old Hard Disk - year old OS was just reinstalled about a week ago

A:BSOD after reformat and hardware upgrade

Is there some information that I did not add that I should of?
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Hi everyone

I will install new hardware into my pc this weekend. I will replace the HDD, motherboard and CPU.

Windows 7 Home premium, retail is currently installed on my pc, which I purchased in December 09.

What I would like to know is what is the procedure when reinstalling my retail windows onto the new hardware? Do I have to deactivate on my old hardware before installing on new hardware?

Your help would be greatly appreciated


A:Reinstall windows 7 after hardware upgrade


No, you do not need to deactivate the old license. Just clone the hard drive, or whatever you want to do, and it will probable ask you to reactivate.

Just give it your product key.
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Hey there, I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the graphic card, sound card and processor on this laptop? Please tell me need to know

A:Satellite Pro C660-2JE - hardware upgrade

Mobile units are no build like desktops and such upgrade is not possible. Hardware upgrade on notebooks is very limited and can be done with RAM and HDD.

If you need machine with more performance either upgrade RAM to maximum and change HDD to much faster SSD or you must buy new notebook.
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Hi everyone, I want to upgrade this Hardware pieces of my Laptop (HP 1000), but I need to kwon if my Motherboard supports them. I want to have the best hardware  for a nice (or excellent) gaming experience and performance. The pieces that I want to change have a (*) at their left. Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard 1854 (U3E1)*CPU: Intel Core i3 3110M @ 2.40GHz  |  Ivy Bridge 22nm Tecnology*RAM: 4,00GB único-Canal DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)   <-- (¿What is this)*Graphic: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 (HP)*Storage: 465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000LPVX-60V0TT0 (SATA) And a last question: Can I change my Motherboard?, just say, if have one that doesn't give me troubles with the Case of my Laptop (HP 1000). I'll be very greatful with you.  

A:Need to upgrade some Hardware, but I didn't know about compa...

Not sure where to start here and this is going to be a disappointment to you. Here is the Service Manual: Manual The processor could theoretically be upgraded to an i5-3230M. The RAM could be upgraded to 8 gigs. It uses DDR3-1333 memory. The numbers you ask about are timings for the memory; too hard to explain but they help identify the chip you need.  The video cannot be upgraded at all in any way. The video "card" is a chip on the motherboard. Soldered on and not removeable in any way. The hard drive could be replaced with a solid state drive. These upgrades would cost hundreds of dollars and would not provide "a nice (or excellent) gaming experience and performance". There is an alternate motherboard that has "discrete" video but it would bring you up to a very low end video card. Better than the Intel HD but still by no means a gamer and the cost of the motherboard would be very high. With parts and labor, to upgrade to the better motherboard, the top processor, 8 gigs of RAM and an SSD I estimate around $600 which would be a bit silly to invest in that computer. You could buy a better new one for that price and a real good new one if you sold yours and added $600 to the proceeds.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba M60 Laptop just after some info to upgrade it for online gaming (if its worthwhile) specs as follows -

[PC Information]
Model Name Satellite M60
Part Number PSM60A-02F00D
Serial Number
OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
BIOS Version V1.20
CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz
Memory 1024MB RAM
Hard Disk Capacity 79,826,342,400 [Byte] 74.344 [GB]
Hard Disk Free Space Capacity 61,610,532,864 [Byte] 57.379 [GB]
Video NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 ver=
Screen Resolution 1680 x 1050 Pixels
Color Quality True Color (32 Bit)
Sound Realtek AC97 Audio ver=
Network Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC ver=5.709.1121.2008
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection ver= MacAddr=
Modem TOSHIBA Software Modem ver=
IDE Device 2 None
IDE Device 3 MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-840S Firmware=1502
IDE Device 4 None
IDE Device 5 None
IDE Device 6 None
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702

EC/KBC Version ""
PS-MICOM Version ""

A:Satellite M60 Hardware Upgrade question

What you can upgrade is RAM or HDD.
With more RAM notebook will have better performance in general but I dont know if this will help much for online gaming.
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I've done some searches and couldn't find a similar thread. I apologize if I missed something obvious.

Goal: to get internet back up

Background: In the past few days, I've upgraded most of my computer (new motherboard, processor, video card, power supply, memory). I kept the same hard drive. Initially, I couldn't get Windows to come up on the new hardware. So I reinstalled Windows XP, followed by my SP2 disk. After Win XP was working again, I then installed the new motherboard and video card drivers, including those for the ethernet hardware.

Problem: I have no internet access of any kind. I'm on broadband (Roadrunner). Everything is connected in the same way as always. When I double-click my IE icon, instead of opening anything, it simply makes a copy of the icon on my desktop. Windows Update cannot connect to anything.

Advice welcome.

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I just got a new Compaq Presario S6000CL-B and it won't initialize my old HP ScanJet 2100C. I really like this scanner and I have things that I need to get scanned in right away. Can anyone tell me how to get this thing working.

A:Computer Upgrade Hardware not Detected

Have you installed the drivers and software for the scanner? The original software might not be XP compatible in which case you shouldn't install that but download the latest from teh HP website. Windows XP&sw_lang=en&pagetype=software
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I have decided to upgrade my pc, which was put together by me in 2004, with a new mobo and cpu. I am looking at a deal on newegg which includes an Athlon 64 and a Biostar mobo. I am wondering if my old RAM, pc2700 Kingston HyperX will be compatible with a ddr 400 mobo. Can I just set the fsb to correspond to the new ram, or should I buy new ram?

I have a Toshiba Satellite A15-S129 and I would like to upgrade it's RAM too. It has one 256mb, 266mhz DDR RAM stick. I do not have the money for a two 512mb sticks so can I buy one 512 stick and the laptop will run just fine? I thought that DDR RAM should have the same amount of MBs. So should I buy a 256 or a 512 to run DDR ram, which would give me better performance?

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Hello Seven Forums I am in need of I am assuming a new Processor and more Memory RAM for my motherboard P C The reason I ask of this is because I have very little knowledge of hardware and am last night I purchased a new graphics card and power supply The Power Supply supports up to W I have a Radeon HD GB DDR Graphics Upgrade For Hardware Motherboard? Compatible My Card which recommends Watts Will I also need to upgrade my Power Supply again To see what my motherboard can support and what it already has please redirect here Motherboard Specifications M N -LA Narra Compaq Presario CQ F Desktop PC - HP Customer Care United States - English I have no idea what I need what's good and how much I may be spending if my gaming can get a serious change with upgrading my RAM that would be sweet I also am running Windows Home Premium -bit so I am pretty sure I can support more than just GB Thank you for all of the future help you will give me Thank you Seven Forums for Compatible Upgrade Hardware For My Motherboard? all of your help now and all Compatible Upgrade Hardware For My Motherboard? of your help in the past Aaron

A:Compatible Upgrade Hardware For My Motherboard?

If your planning on upgrading the cpu and ram you might as well make the move to Socket AM3 or Intel Socket 1155 by upgrading the motherboard also, as DDR3 ram is considerably cheaper than DDR2 ram which is what your computer is running you will see better results from upgrading to more recent computer hardware and it will cost the near the same if not less than upgrading the few pieces of an older system but i cant really tell you much more if your not knowledgeable enough to build the computer yourself.

Also the Power supply should be good enough to run all you need unless you have 4 hard drives etc
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Hey people I m doing a bit of hardware upgrading and I m also upgrading my OS from Vista Home Premium to a -bit Windows Home Premium I recently went from gb of RAM to On to what I need help with I ll only be able to acquire one thing at a time because heck I deliver pizza for a living I can t decide if I should purchase a new video card The GTS looks like a good upgrade from my GT or if I should go for the -bit OS first so that I can utilize Upgrade Advice Needed Hardware/OS the Hardware/OS Upgrade Advice Needed full gb Hardware/OS Upgrade Advice Needed of RAM available Which will give me a greater initial performance boost Just to make all the details clear I just ordered two gb sticks of ram going from gb to gb total I m using a Core Duo E CPU and I m using Hardware/OS Upgrade Advice Needed a Geforce GT with Gb memory Which turns out is just a tweaked older card go figure in Windows Vista Home Premium Thanks nbsp

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New to the forum, eager to get any and all imput. I got ahold of a used HP pavillion N5495 for my apartment in Mexico way. It has 1066mhz processor 256 ram, 30gig hd. Its not a bad beater laptop for lugging around mexico but it leaves much to be desired. The cd-r just took a **** on me and I was interest in upgrading the , Ram, processor and possible the hardrive. Its so easy to get cheap used parts of ebay. I keep getting mixed answers on what I can upgrade to. I want to upgrade to a gig of ram, and like and something like a 2ghz processor and maybe 60 gig hardrive. Anyway I want to knock it all out in one shot because I am not in mexico year round. Any input welcome. Thanks